Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA)

 - Class of 1974

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Cover

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' n-f- We left with happy memories 1 We ' ve only just begun to live -•■r V-r- ' . . ■ " - ' j - ’ -v ' 1 Sharing horizons that are new to us m ij6 r a ' »3i ' v " 3.1fltT3 • ' • • ' Mm Working together day to day I m on the top of the world looking down 1 FN »» ■- on creation •. •w.fy a .. i ■3Sl ■• t ’!,- m. So many roads to choose, so much of life ahead J O lO Nuclear rx GoWW ? , Record X V - • Ej o E • 3 DistrvAf 4x ®Pe % • Cfi S s dj O 0 CO uoes d} a til CO ®4rf — - irust Rev Sto ® V cr; ' ;v " -:;;: vV ' " ■, J Luxury Car? Health x« a?»jf Buiu’j ' Missile j ill Gains o’C ' ' 4 ' ' ' % C s . gl Anoth£f " Ttuinhs CGtuiduin %y EXOROST 16 . . . And yes, we ' ve just begun. SENIORS Tim Gould, President Cyndie Leveille, Vice-President Chris Reum, Secretary Karen Collins, Treasurer Nancy Garrand, Historian Robert Avery, Lawrence Dean, Advisors MARY RUTH ELIZABETH ARNOLD " Let what is natural say what it can. " GERALD G. ASTELL " Jerry " . " What ' d ya do that for! " . . . likes music . . skiing . . working on cars . . money . dislikes homework lab reports . . . loud mouths . . . 2 . Band Ski Club . Football. MARY RUTH ELIZABETH ARNOLD GERALD G. ASTELL MARK BRIAN ADDISON ROBERT EDMUND ALDRICH MARK BRIAN ADDISON " Cossack " . . likes parties on the plains Schlitz . hot cars . . . fast women . . . dislikes Railroad Salvage working Chemistry . . . school lunch. ROBERT EDMUND ALDRICH " Boner " .. " Get on it. Easy haul we haul ' em all, you haul ' em we stall ' em, you pack ' em we stack ' em. The spectrum must go on " likes Minnesota Vikings . . Senator Russ . professional wrestling . . Popov Vodka dislikes painting houses . . school lunches. DONNA ELAINE AMBO JEANNETTE MARIE AMBO DONNA ELAINE AMBO " Amboski " " Oh yeah! " . likes Snoopy Polish food CD in Vir- ginia bugging the secretaries in the office dislikes tobacco . . snotty people being broke . getting caught doing something wrong. Volleyball . Basketball (manager) GAA Girls Track . Yearbook Staff Office girl Pep Club . . Class Committees. JEANNETTE MARIE AMBO " Jen " " Good Lord " likes horses music . camping hiking dislikes very sarcastic people killer statements. Yearbook Staff . Class Committees . . . Walk-a-thon. J9 RODNEY FELIX BEAUCHESNE Big Rod " " Neat! " likes fast cars girls dislikes the Ragged Edge. NORMAN J. BLAIR " Joe " . " Music and love makes the world much easier. " likes a certain special someone (K.C.) Elderberry Wine . . Gibson guitars a walk in the rain with her dislikes fake people bad dreams dirty sneakers . unpatched jeans. Madrigals Chorus Yearbook Staff Art. RODNEY FELIX BEAUCHESNE NORMAN J. BLAIR ROBERT JAYE BONNETTE " Bob " " Why don ' t we go ahead and do it anyways. " . . likes riding motor- cycles . . good hooch . Fall foliage . . The Grateful Dead . . . dislikes get- ting busted Greasers . . . " The Jocks " . Football Track . Ski Club . . T Club I.S.S.A. . . Yearbook Staff. VIRGINIA BLANCHARD BROWN " Gini " ROBERT JAYE BONNETTE VIRGINIA BLANCHARD BROWN MARTIN EDWARD BOULANGER " Marty " . " What can I say? " likes good parties . The Dead . . the Pine Grove L.A. . . dislikes boring classes a hill in Gill getting up early. Track . Football Student Council . . Pep Club T Club I.S.S.A. MICHELE O. BOURBEAU " Michele " " Your ' re kidding! " . likes sports . . weekends friends beaches dislikes long classes . spiders noise . . . crowded places. MARTIN EDWARD BOULANGER MICHELE O. BOURBEAU 20 SUSAN MARIE BREAULT RAYMOND DENNIS BURNHAM SUSAN MARIE BREAULT " Sue” " Oh yea! " . . likes laughing progressive rock talking horses . dislikes tonnatoes . . . snobby people . walking to school getting up early. Band Brass Ensemble. RAYMOND DENNIS BURNHAM " Ray " . " That which was wrong in the beginning does not become right as time goes on. " . . likes girls . The Grateful Dead . parties good whiskey Land Rovers dislikes getting busted . . warm beer . Jocks. Madrigals . . , Chorus. ALAN BURTON CADE " Spacey " " What the hay. " . . likes a little bit of beer . girls . . . cars . . music dislikes Marching Band . hangovers music theory . . giving people rides home. Football . Golf Band (pres.) . . En- semble . . . Ski Club. JAMES BERNARD CADRAN " Bernie " . " The future is not a gift, it is an achievement. " likes J. Geils Band . . . M.G. . . . Bert ' s Mad Magazines . Pine Grove meetings . . . dislikes the Red Sox . . . " The Hornet " . . getting up before 10:00 concussions. Student Council . . Pep Club T Club I.S.S.A. . Football . . . Baseball . . . Golf . . Track . Basketball (co-capt 4). ALAN BURTON CADE JAMES BERNARD CADRAN MICHELLE ANN CADRAN " Dusty " . . . " Cute " . likes Michael pizza nice weekends . . winter- time . . . dislikes tobacco . . sprained ankles . . . bees . . . groovy people. Volleyball Track . G.A.A. Of- fice Girl. MICHAEL JOSEPH CAMPBELL " Mike " . likes Kung Fu . baseball little kids . . The Old School dislikes football practice . Beach Wa- gons . big crowds . . . meeting people. Football . Basketball . Baseball . T.Club . . I.S.S.A. MICHELLE ANN CADRAN MICHAEL JOSEPH CAMPBELL 21 THOMAS DANIEL CARLISLE " Wadic " likes The Grateful Dead Miller clear light Sugaree dis- likes Jocks ' 72 Football season Yankees Baseball Football l.S.S.A. EILEEN PATRICIA CICHANOWICZ " Leenie " " Yeah, right. " likes having fun Canada music weekends . . dislikes conceited people winter say- ing good-bye being bored. G.A.A. THOMAS DANIEL CARLISLE EILEEN PATRICIA CICHANOWICZ DAVID WILLIAM CHERWA Crazy " " I don ' t know " likes girls . . sports cars dislikes teachers , . school . gym class . . homework. Football Yearbook Staff. PATRICIA ANNE MARIE CHERWA " Pat " " Oh, I don ' t know " likes Tom Campbell, Jr. not getting bust- ed parties . weekends . dislikes conceited people being sick bos- sy people . being broke. Color Guard G.A.A. Student Council National Honor Society. DAVID WILLIAM CHERWA PATRICIA ANNE MARIE CHERWA DONALYN JO CLARK LAURENCE DONALD CLOUTIER DONALYN JO CLARK " Mona " " Oh boy! We ' ve got a big one! " . likes the weekends standard drive Switzerland McKendry Spring dislikes hot peppers Monday mornings boring teachers bigots. Band Track G.A.A. Woodwind Ensemble. LAURENCE DONALD CLOUTIER " Pig " " Once a peach, always a peach, unless you ' re a fuzz ' likes sports cars good movies beer dislikes 7th graders school lunches. 22 PAUL EDWARD CLOUTIER " Pigmy” " Do you know what I like about school . nothing.” likes sports girls . dislikes Bill ' s Restaurant stuck-up women boring classes . kids who think they are really cool by picking on smaller kids. KAREN ANN COLLINS " Karen” . " Love all, trust a few, do wrong to no one. " . likes peppermint ice cream cones . the ocean . laughing with Alice . . bike riding on a sunny day dis- likes hairnets ads thunderstorms. Class Treasurer (4) ciety (vice-pres. 4) . Yearbook staff Chorus . Class Committees. making decisions National Honor So- G.A.A. Tennis T Club Band . . . PAUL EDWARD CLOUTI ER NANCY ANNE COMINOLI GERRI LEE COTE CAROL SUSAN COVEY " Carol " . . . " Be yourself” . likes Au- tumn contemplations . . friends . . . Indians . dislikes hypocrites . bigots regulations . . hospitals. STEVEN MICHAEL CROTEAU " Lew” " " And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul. When all is one and one is all. To be a rock and not to roll . . . ' L.Z. ' ”... likes sports eating, sleeping, and drinking Tull and Led Zeppelin . Laurel Lake . . dis- likes being asked stupid questions . . . worrying " The Hornet” . stubborn people. Football Basketball (co-capt 4) . . Base- ball . TClub . I.S.S.A. CAROL SUSAN COVEY NANCY ANNE COMINOLI " Nancy " . " Life is just one big dutch jump. " . . likes winning snow storms Switzerland dancing dislikes peanut butter quitters practice centipedes. Cheerleader Future Nurses Track (co-capt.) . . . G.A.A. GERRI LEE COTE KAREN ANN COLLINS STEVEN MICHAEL CROTEAU 23 MARY ELIZABETH CURRIE Maidy " " Look for a lovely thing and you will find it. It is not far. It will never be far. " . . . likes Mike the 1950 ' s . . talking with friends " Se- attle " . closeness .53 Millers Falls Road dislikes awkward silences , . disappointing someone. Cheerleader (co-capt) . Class Histori- an (1) Student Council . Class Vice Pres. (2,3) . Jr. Prize Speaking . . . Yearbook Staff. LORI JEAN CURRIER " Lor " Tell me about it " likes Al- len listening to music summer green dislikes boring classes . . two-faced people snakes rainy days. Office Girl. MARY ELIZABETH CURRIE LORI JEAN CURRIER DEBRA CAROL DAIGNAULT " Debbie " . " The longer you live the more you will realize that forgiveness, considera- tion, and kindness are three of the great se- crets of life. " . . likes hard apples . for- eign cars . . horror movies . snow storms dislikes wearing glasses chewing gum History gossip. ALAN JAMES DARGIS " Darge " " Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to. " . . . likes the Dallas Cowboys weekends . little towns . good times . dislikes Jocks rain . . being bored N.Y. Giants. Yearbook Staff . . . Pep Club Baseball Basketball . Cross Country. DEBRA CAROL DAIGNAULT ALAN JAMES DARGIS JOHN CHRIS DAVIS " Howard " " Hi guy-Cut it out. " . . . likes Jeannette, very much . crisp fall days . music . . . snowy, cold evenings and a warm fire dislikes lazy people hot, humid summer days large parties having to say, " I ' m sorry " . CHRISTINE ANN DAY " Babe " " Suffer, Baby, Suffer! " . . . likes Bob New Hampshire . St. Bernard pups . drinking parties dislikes school . hospitals doctors people who have to have their own way. Softball. 24 JOHN CHRIS DAVIS CHRISTINE ANN DAY DAWN CAROL DELANEY “Now it is time that we were going, I to die and you to live; but which of us has the happier prospect is unknown to any- one but God. " Socrates likes being alone . the mountains . au- tumn . freedom dislikes insinceri- ty homework being afraid conformity. MELODY A. DEMARIA " Mel " " Too bad. " likes motor- cycles . understanding people par- ties . whiskers . dislikes spiders hamburgs . rumors being alone. ROBERT L. DICKERMAN BARRY KEVIN DION " Bare " " Think of the good times, not the sad times. " . . . likes leaving school early well dressed girls . no homework . Monday night football . dislikes looking for someone to talk to being ignored teachers who go by the rule book . people who threaten you into things. Football Basketball Baseball T-Club . I.S.S.A. BETH ELAINE DOBIAS " Betty " " There is no cure for birth or death, but to make the best of the in- terval in-between. " likes Tommy Harper the ocean . Holland Ethel B. dislikes Trig functions ads bed pans . . . orthodontists. National Honor Society (pres. 4) . Stu- dent Council (tres. 4) . . Band Cho- rus Yearbook Staff . Volleyball Pep Club . Girl ' s State Represent- ative G.A.A. . Net op (associate- editor). JODY ANN DESAUTELS BETH ELAINE DOBIAS MELODY A. DEMARIA JODY ANN DESAUTELS " Jade " . . " This time like all times is a very good one if we but know what to do with it. " . . . likes dogs . . sports , . . full moons life . . dislikes homework . . insinceri- ty lima beans . boredom. Volleyball . Basketball (co-capt) . . Soft- ball . . . G.A.A. . . National Honor Society Jr. Prize Speaking . . . Girl ' s State Alter- nate . . Pep Club . Yearbook Staff . . . Outing Club School Play . Class Committees . . T. Club. ROBERT L. DICKERMAN " Dick " . . likes Ham Radio . . riding . . . hockey . . music . dislikes tobacco . . . lab reports . . . floundering . Kung Fu. BARRY KEVIN DION DAWN CAROL DELANEY CHRISTINE FRANCES DUBREUIL RANDY ANTHONY DUDA CHRISTINE FRANCES DUBREUIL " Chris” " I love everything that ' s old- old friends, old times, old manners, old books, old wine. " likes football games winter the ocean swimming dislikes lobsters thunderstorms bor- ing, rainy days . . tobacco. Cheerleader G.A.A. Chorus Pep Club. RANDY ANTHONY DUDA " Randy " " Where are we going? " likes to hustle sports reading tranquility dislikes leg lifts iron laps tobacco double sessions. Football Baseball Basketball Track. KIM ROBERT ELLISON " Tetna " " What are we doing? " likes bicycling . shooting guns elephants dislikes school lunches parties Montague Center Lock Jaw. Gymnastics. JUNE ANNE EMERY " June " . " Never let yesterday use up today. " likes roses " Chicago " Boston summer days . dislikes getting up early in the morning bats. Color Guard (co-capt.) Teen Scene (editor) National Honor Society (sec.) Future Nurses (president) Yearbook Staff G.A.A. KIM ROBERT ELLISON JUNE ANNE EMERY MARILYN ANN EMOND " Mari " " Eve always preferred to believe the best of everybody-it saves so much trou- ble " likes hot fudge sundaes . navy blue football games surprises dislikes making important decisions changes boring Sunday afternoons root beer. Band . Brass Ensemble . Chorus Track Future Nurses Chess team . G.A.A. MICHAEL FARRICK " Mike " " Have a nice day " likes music wrestling . writing music dislikes reading fakers. Chorus National Honor Society Madrigals . Drama Club. MARILYN ANN EMOND 26 MICHAEL FARRICK MARLENE ALICE FELTON " Marlene " . " I ' m sorry " . likes Peter fall days . Clint Eastwood happy people . . dislikes conceited people long hair on guys taking the bus to school being introduced as the " baby " of the family. Volleyball G.A.A. Yearbook Staff Jr. Prize Speaking Pep Club Se- nior Play . Class Committees. KATHLEEN ANN FIELD " Kathy " . . " Don ' t let a good thing die, life is too beautiful " likes rocking chairs . . . the Beatles . . riding bikes . Cape Cod dislikes ants . staying home . argu- ing . . getting up. Band . G.A.A. Yearbook Staff Track . French Club. MARLENE ALICE FELTON KATHLEEN ANN FIELD ROBERT FLOOD CYNTHIA JANE FRITZ " Cin " " Hey Aldrich, where are we goingi’ friendly people people from Green- field . parties dislikes being bored not having money getting in trouble being pushed around. Twirling Drum Majorette (4) Basketball . Yearbook Staff Band G.A.A. German Club Class Committees. ROBERT FLOOD CYNTHIA JANE FRITZ MARY LOUISE FUGEREE " Mary Lou " . . " Oh baby " likes Spar- key a winning season . " 74 " . the ocean dislikes 3-5836 . . . waiting mosquitoes . making decisions. Volleyball (co-capt) Softball Chorus Future Nurses . French Club . Pep Club . . G.A.A. GARY MICHAEL GADREAULT Stiffy Rugged " . likes high per- formance cars the new school par- ties traveling . dislikes slow cars conceited people getting in trouble accidents. MARY LOUISE FUGERE GARY MICHAEL GADREAULT 27 KARL WARREN GABRIEL " Chipper " " Don ' t put off " til tomorrow what you can do TONIGHT! " likes " T week " Harley Davidson motorcycles having fun The Big H dislikes work getting busted Deadly ' s and Punkey ' s weird people. NANCY VIRGINIA GARRAND " Nanc " . " Don ' t worry about it. " likes Lenny . the New York Giants peppermint stick ice cream . five p.m. on Sunday dislikes spiders elevators . snobby people being in high places. Netop (editor) Class Historian (2,3,4) Colorguard (capt.) Jr. Prize Speak- ing . Yearbook Staff National Honor Society . Track G.A.A. . Student Council . . Chorus. KARL WARREN GARBIEL NANCY VIRGINIA GARRAND LYNN MARIE GIRARD " Lynn " " If everyone would light just one little candle what a bright world it would be. " likes David . happy people spring afternoons . meet- ing people dislikes thunderstorms confusion . uncomfortable feel- ings being between obstacles. Cheerleader (co-capt 4) Chorus Yearbook Staff . . G.A.A. Class Treasurer (1). TIMOTHY JAMES GOULD " Tim " . likes good times . . " Ol " Plymouths the Dead . dislikes football " 72 " greasers a hill in Gill. Student Council . . . Senior Class Presi- dent . Track I.S.S.A. LYNN MARIE GIRARD TIMOTHY JAMES GOULD KATHLEEN ANN GRIMARD " Kathy " " The great end of learning is nothing else but to seek for the lost mind. " likes spring laughing stuffed animals weekends dislike getting up early short fingernails . loneliness high places. Twirling Yearbook Staff G.A.A. LAURIE F. GUILBAULT " Lori " " Smile, it makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to! " likes driving Fords Period G Office practice the classes with Arnie and DeeDee dislikes study float- ing bubbles listening to Mark F. laugh quiet study halls. KATHLEEN ANN GRIMARD LAURIE F. GUILBAULT STEPHEN MICHAEL GUNN ALICE MARY HMIELESKI STEPHEN MICHAEL GUNN " Gunner " " Hi guy " likes camer- as going to Boston playing the guitar baseball . dislikes " New York Fans " working overtime unloading trailers. Basketball Pep Club. ALICE MARY HMIELESKI " Alice " . " For they can conquer, who believe they can. " . likes summer va- cations at the beach . . ice cream laughing with Karen . spare time dislikes when people say " Huh? " or " What? " driving . greasy and or rude people . waiting. Class Vice Presrdent (1) . G.A.A. (sec.) T. Club . Tennis Stu- dent Council Rep. Student Council Vice President National Honor So- ciety . . Yearbook Editor Class Committees. DORIS ANITA HOLMES " Dorri " . . " Nothing great was ever achieved wthout enthusiasm " likes thoughtful people . long walks . au- tumn . . . laughing with Debby dislikes bossy people . . having nothing to do. Cheering . Track . . G.A.A. . Nation- al Honor Society . . German Club Class Committees. WALTER EARL HOSMER " Tex " . . " No way " . . likes Southern Comfort . concerts . . music . build- ing hot rods dislikes rowdy people . . . detention . boring studies. DORIS ANITA HOLMES WALTER EARL HOSMER THEODORE WALTER JABLONSKI " J " . " Knock it off. " . . likes Ann dirt bikes . jamming . . Grand Funk dislikes competition prac- tice . being yelled at or ordered around what Rabbit has in his pocket. NANCY JEAN KELLEY " Nance " " Don ' t put off for tomor- row what you can do today because if you enjoy it today you can do it again tomorrow. " . likes Paul Newman . red roses . riding in the morning San Francisco . dislikes colds waiting . . worrying . getting up. G.A.A. . Track . . . Pep Club Class Committees. THEODORE WALTER JABLONSKI NANCY JEAN KELLEY 29 KIM KELLYHOUSE RONALD PATRICK KENNEDY " Clipper " . " I wuv it! Get d-o-w-n! " likes sports girls cars . booze dislikes school bow-legged girls weird people being called Kennedy being caught. Baseball. KIM KELLYHOUSE RONALD PATRICK KENNEDY BRIAN JAMES KINNER " Kinner " " Think so. " . Patriots " 64 " Mercury " s harness racing . tobacco Schlitz Basketball (manager) ager) . Basketball surer). likes N.E. parties dislikes Jocks warm beer. Football (man- Pep Club (trea- JOSEPH JACOB KLAUS " Santa " ' " Shut up and deal " likes blood hunting fishing Scotch dislikes Math. BRIAN JAMES KINNER JOSEPH JACOB KLAUS WILLIAM KOELHER DONNA MARIE KOSEWICZ " Life is made up of snobs, sniffles, and smiles, with sniffles predominating. " . . . likes Washington D.C. . snowstorms . the ocean ice cream . dislikes split pea soup . getting up early . blue nail pol- ish . cigarette smoke. Future Nurses . G.A.A. . Pep Club . Class Committees. WILLIAM KOELHER DONNA MARIE KOSEWICZ BARRY MICHAEL LAPEAN FRANK STEVE LAPACH NSK SUZANNE JEANETTE KRETZENGER " Kret " . " Huh? I ' m in a fog. " . . likes unusual plants . . to be alone . horses soft music . dislikes not being under- stood loud people . people with accents. Band ... Jr. Prize Speaking . . G.A.A. DEBORAH ALICE KUZDIZAL " Spade " . . " Will ya just shut up! " . . . likes Storky . . the Pumping Station . . . 13 . . . the song, " Color My World " . . . dislikes quitters . people with gas dialing the wrong number. Chorus Twirling . . Softball . Year- book Staff. SUZANNE JEANETTE KRETZENGER DEBORAH ALICE KUZDIZAL DARLENE ANN KUZMESKUS FRANCINE LOUISE KUZONTOSKI FRANK STEVE LAPACHINSKI " Oh come on " . likes good music . girls driving . boogying . dislikes home- work . rednecks . Monday morning F.M.H. Cross Country. BARRY MICHAEL LAPEAN " Peni " . . " Think so. " . . likes J. Geils . . . parties . . . talking with Smitty . . dislikes Yankees . . . use me ' s . . . being called Vince . . a hill in Gill. Baseball . . Track . . French Club . . Ski Club. DARLENE ANN KUZMESKUS " Cherokee " ... " 1 don ' t know, what do you want to do? " likes a certain someone Fall and Winter . being on the go all the time . friends . dis- likes two-faced people . curfews fights being alone. Twirling . . . Basketball Softball Yearbook Staff . Chorus Office Girl. FRANCINE LOUISE KUZONTKOSKI " Chena " . . " You ' re crazy too! " likes Mike . memories . . . laughing Vodka . dislikes the month of June . saying good-bye . lies being late. Twirling . . Softball (co-capt. 4). JEANNE ELIZABETH LAPIERRE " Jack " . " Be yourself, but be your best self. Dare to be different and to fol- low your own star. " likes running in the rain blizzards dawn to be different having long discussions withgood friends . to be alone dis- likes being embarrassed . beer not being understood boredom. Track (co-capt. 3) Cross Country (tri-capt. 4) Chorus Madrigals G.A.A. DEBRA ANN LAPINSKl " Lips " " You fool. " likes A-Roo- Roo . hot fudge sundaes . parties . Peyote Button . dislikes a bluenose hangovers a muddy Buffy . . Wayne ' s pipe. JEANNE ELIZABETH LAPIERRE DEBRA ANN LAPINSKl DEBORAH CLAIRE LEHMAN THOMAS ANTHONY LEVASSEUR DEBORAH CLAIRE LEHMAN " Dubi " likes Mister Peanut Fran ' s cooking . alcoholic beverages . . Mus- tangs . dislikes babysitting . Cindy ' s fangs being straight boozeless parties. THOMAS ANTHONY LEVASSEUR " Levister " . . " Really? Hey? " likes the Pine Grove . motorcycles . . . J. Geils dislikes M.G. ' s . . short hair warm liq- uids . oregano. Football. JEFFREY LEE LEWANDOWSKI CYNTHIA R. LEVEILLE " Cyndie " " If the future holds for you a life that has dignity and meaning, then the particular balance of success or failure is of little account. " . likes being alone to think things out . rap- ping with Chris . originality Cat Stevens dislikes being asked dumb or unimportant questions . elevators 11 12 70. Senior Class Vice-President . Model Congress . . Junior Prize Speaking . National Honor Society Yearbook Staff Student Council Class Committees. JEFFREY LEE LEWANDOWSKI " Lewall ' " " The people might know, but the people don " t care. " likes Grateful Dead concerts . Jerry Garcia Clearlight in the woods winter dislikes getting busted the Jocks teachers giving irrelevant or- ders arrogant people. Football . . Student Council. CYNTHIA R. LEVEILLE JAMES LIVELY SUZANNE LORRAINE LORTIE JAMES LIVELY " Deadly " . . " 1 came, I saw, I con- quered. " . . . likes hockey . . . reading . . . football Fridays . . . dislikes Mondays . . little squirrels . . losing . . . bookkeeping. Tennis . . Hockey. SUZANNE LORRAINE LORTIE " Sue " . . " Life meant nothing, til you " . . . likes Carroll . . moustaches and beards . . . being happiy and having fun . . . togetherness . . . dislikes people hol- lering at one another when there is no need to . being embarrassed . . . cold mornings . . decisions. JOSEPH PETER LUCAS " Crazy man " . . " If I don ' t do it, you know somebody else will. " . . likes sci- ence fiction . . . tennis . . . Lake Cham- plain . . water skiing . dislikes Eng- lish 1-2-3-4 . Jocks . . liars . solv- ing fig(x) = 3x Tennis . . . Cross Country . Band Pep Club. CYNTHIA ANN MAJEWSKI " Cindy " . . . " The lived moment of life is the only reality. The past is finished, the future not yet. Past flows into pre- sent and both shape the future. " . . . likes orange . . violets . . . puddles . . the ocean . . . dislikes liver . . . snakes goodbye ' s. Colorguard . . . G.A.A. . . . Future Nurs- es (president 3, vice-president 4) . . . Pep Club . Basketball . . . Track Year- book Staff. CYNTHIA ANN MAJEWSKI JOSEPH PETER LUCAS DAVID EUGENE M ARGOZZI " Wop " . . " What ' s happening? " likes Marilyn . . . parties Berg ' s camp . . . skiing . . . dislikes stuck-up people Physics . . . homework warm beer. Baseball . . . Football. DAVID R. MARTIN " Flame " . . " What are you talking about " . . . likes Nancy . . . Elderberry Wine . . . Grand Funk . fender jazz bass . . . dislikes " The Green Hornet " . . . 7th period Algerbra II . . Jocks Bach ' s Hallelujia Chorus. J.V. Basketball . . Madrigals Boys ' State Representative. DAVID EUGENE MARGOZZI DAVID R. MARTIN 33 KEVIN PAUL McCarthy GEORGE A. MINER LINDA JEAN MARTINEAU LINDA JEAN MARTINEAU " Frisk " " Our race to learn has just begun " , likes laughter Cat Ste- vens . winter ham grinders dislikes mushrooms . . summer . Jr. Highers two-faced people. Basketball . . Yearbook Staff G.A.A. Tennis . . . Chorus . Class Committees. BRIAN THOMAS MATUSZ " China " . . " Wondering aloud-will the years treat us well? " likes partying Ranger Ken . . wrecking tobacco . giving shotguns . dislikes getting shotguns ... a hill in Gill . . . The Green Hornet. Golf . . Football . . Pep Club I.S.S.A. . . . T-Club. MARY ELIZABETH MLECZKO SHEILA ANN MINER " Stella " . . . " Live each day to its fullest so you can look to tomorrow with confi- dence and backwards with no regret. " . . likes sleeping late . . weekends avocados . . skiing . . dislikes nursing homes . . decisions . . . waiting sun poisoning. Student Council . . . G.A.A. Health Careers . . Chorus . . Ski Club Volleyball . . . Class Committees. MARY ELIZABETH MLECZKO " Mimi " . . . " I ' m almost sure. " . likes Bill J. . . . 1 17 72 . . Clint Eastwood . . . Walt Frazier . . . Santana . dislikes rain . . getting up . . snobs not doing anything. G.A.A. BRIAN THOMAS MATUSZ SHEILA ANN MINER 34 KEVIN PAUL McCarthy " R adar " . . . " Is that right? " . . likes roast beef . . sleeping . . Sept. — April Saturday nights dislikes being burnt by boiling water . . Jocks . . . Monday morning . Elvis Presley . Baseball Basketball Manager . . Football . . . Student Council Pep Club (secretary). GEORGE A. MINER " Jegg " . " I got my own world to look through and I ain ' t gonna copy you. " J. Hendrix . . likes Mad Dog . . Colt 45 . . . some kind of gold, I forget . . . mucho party dislikes roaches . . . work . . Zig-Zaga getting busted. DAVID PAUL MOMANEY " Mahogany " . . " Think big " likes basketball . . talking to people Co- lumbian . . The Grateful Dead dis- likes . having no one to talk to . . getting ripped off . . Jocks boring weekends . Cross Country . . Track . Pep Club . School Play . . T Club. DEBRA LYNN MURLEY " Debbie " . . . " What can 1 say? " . . likes Alan . . 8 19 71 . autumn nights . . . hot fudge sundaes dis- likes staying home decisions arguing with parents . . . dentists. G.A.A. . . . Basketball Manager . . Home Ec. Club. DAVID PAUL MOMANEY 1 . DEBRA LYNN MURLEY THOMAS JAMES MURPHY " Murph " ... " I don ' t get it. " likes Hardee ' s . . apples . . Weasel ' s tape- deck . getting hurt in gym . . dislikes trig . Randy ' s driving . stupid Jocks . . . spaceman ' s hat. Basketball . . . Tennis. CHARLES E. NEVEU " Chu ck " . . . " Got a dime? " . . . likes " Turk " . . . hockey . . . L. . . . tennis . . dislikes Sugar Ray classes . . . Jocks . . . greasers . . people who follow others. Tennis . . . Chess Club. THOMAS JAMES MURPHY MARTHA SUE NEWTON " No pleasure is complete . . unless it is shared " . likes snowstorms the ocean . . . Cat Stevens . fall days . . dislikes cliques . . . riding the bus . . fingernails on a blackboard. Pep Club . . Yearbook Staff . . Class Committees . . . Chorus. GARY BRIAN NOGA " Nog " . " Today is the continual of yesterday and tomorrow is what you make it to be today. " . . . likes studies sports . . dislikes homework . . . sprints. Football (tri-capt. 4) . . . Basketball . . . Track . . Yearbook Staff . GARY BRIAN NOGA CHARLES E. NEVEU MARTHA SUE NEWTON 35 ROBERT DENNIS PARDA " Bob” . . . " Let ' s boogie " likes V.W. ' s . Pine Grove . Music Boogieing dislikes warm beer Jocks homework . boring days. WILLIAM JOHN PARDA " Wild Bill " . " Not bad " . . likes sports . . X-rated movies . summer vacation . . dislikes terrible weather lousy television shows . . flat beer. ROBERT DENNIS PARDA LESLIE ANN PERRY MARY BETH PETRIN FLORENCE EMMA PHILIBERT " I know it " . . . likes Rick . . sleeping dogs . . . " 74 " . . . dislikes snobby people . . . school. Health Careers Club. DEBRA JOAN PODLENSKI " Deb " . . " In the darkest night, there ' s a light beyond. " likes Martha ' s Vine- yard getting tan . . a certain night in December . laughing with Marilyn going barefoot Christmas dislikes getting old loneliness. G.A.A. . Health Careers Club Cheering . . . Ski Club , . National Honor Society . Chorus . . Drama Club . . " Don ' t Drink the Water " . . . Jr. Prize Speaking Student Council. FLORENCE EMMA PHILIBERT WILLIAM JOHN PARDA LESLIE ANN PERRY " Pez " ... " I don ' t know where I ' m going, but I ' m on my way. " . . likes Alice Cooper reading . Woman ' s Liberation parties dislikes Jr. High kids . . being hassled . Bobby Riggs plastic people. G.A.A. . Class Committees. MARY BETH PETRIN " Bethie " . . " Unless you give love, nothing else makes any sense. " . . likes closeness between people . . watching the sun rise and set ... good times . . caring and people who care . . . dislikes feeling lonely . . . having to make big decisions . . . being nervous . . . hurting anyone. Chorus . . Madrigals (librarian and treasurer) . . G.A.A. . . Home Ec. Club. DEBRA JOAN PODLENSKI EDWARD DONALD POGODA “Ted " “Hey, over there. " . . . likes the beach . . . music . . . sports . . summer . . . dislikes homework . . Mondays . . . winter. Cross country . . Track , . Winter Track. GARY KEVIN PORLIER “Earbender " . . “Put some sense into your head. " . . . likes street hockey . cars . . . harness racing . . boogieing dislikes homework . . Monday mornings . . . Big Mouths. Tennis . Pep Club. EDWARD DONALD POGODA DEBORAH JEAN PREST " Debbie " . " It ' s always wise to keep your mouth shut unless you know the facts. " . . . likes friendly people . . . sports . . . school . . Jay . dislikes snotty people . . . open class rooms . . . loud people . . . crowds. Softball. CHERYL ANN PROKOWICH " Prok " . . " Live a day at a time, but be sure this is the day you are living. " . . . likes a certain orange Subaru . . . parties at Berg ' s . . . talking about old memories Jason imitating a sandcrab . . . dis- likes boring nights . . being run over by the Jr. High being pushed into awk- ward situations . . . saying good-bye. Volleyball . . . basketball . . . Softball G.A.A. (vice-pres. 4) . . . Yearbook Staff . . . National Honor Society . . . Pep Club (pres. 4) . . . Office Girl . . . Class Committees . GARY KEVIN PORLIER MELISSA JO RASTALLIS DEBORAH JEAN PREST CHERYL ANN PROKOWICH MELISSA JO RASTALLIS " Dodie " . . " Absence makes the heart grow fonder. " . . . likes mustaches . . . Peaks Is. ... Cat Stevens . . . Barcardi dislikes spinach . . trailer trucks . . thinking . . . factories. Outing Club . . G.A.A. . . . Softball . . Volleyball . . . Chorus. CHRISTINE MARIE REUM " Chris " . . . " What a pain. " . . . likes pink . . . rapping with Cyndie . . . work- ing for the V.l.P. ' s downtown . . Laurel Lake . dislikes making decisions . . . shots . . . hassels . . . surprises. Cheering . . . G.A.A. . . . Health Careers Club . . . Ski Club . . . Chorus . . . Na- tional Honor Society . . . Madrigals Band . . . Class Secretary . . Student Council . . . Yearbook Staff . . . Model Congress . . . Class Committees. CHRISTINE MARIE REUM DEBRA JEAN RUDINSKI " Debbie " " Hey Pat, where ' re we going? " likes Steve parties horses going out dislikes getting busted conceited people being broke . getting up in the morning. Yearbook staff Future Nurses G.A.A. MARK FRANCIS SABATO " Mark " ' If you don ' t know, who does? " likes riding country roads winters good parties Summer " 73 " W.G. dislikes Jocks (F.R.) a hill in Gill boring classes people who use others. Golf . . Student Council . . T Club. DEBRA JEAN RUDINSKI MARK FRANCIS SABATO ALAN SANDMAN GEORGE ARTHER SARGENT " Nap " " Huh? " . likes all sports the ocean . camping rock . . . dislikes tobacco crowds loud mouths . . . braggers. Crosscountry Basketball Track. ALAN SANDMAN GEORGE ARTHER SARGENT COREY MICHAEL SAULNIER BARRY STEPHEN SAVINSKI COREY MICHAEL SAULNIER " Clarence " " We can share the wom- an we can share the wine. " . likes good ol ' Grateful Dead Clearlight and the country . skiing . good boogies . . dislikes " The Jocks " the fall of ' 72 . getting busted loud- mouth Rednecks. Football Track Ski Club Stu- dent Council I.S.S.A. BARRY STEPHEN SAVINSKI " Vince " " No, ya. " . . likes driving . . hockey harness racing gam- bling dislikes losing money all New York teams . work Jocks. Basketball Baseball Pep Club. SUSAN BROOKS SEAMANS " Sue " . . " I like Humanity, It ' s people I can ' t stand! " likes solitude at times wilderness . animals fishing dislikes dishonest people noise schedules time. Volleyball . Basketball (co-capt. 4) . . Softball Track National Honor Society. MICHELLE SEXTON " Mitzy " . " Oh well. " likes motor- cycles sunny days J. Giels . . leaving school early dislikes waiting detentions. SUSAN BROOKS SEAMANS MICHELLE SEXTON MONICA SHAW " Nikki (Rebel) " . " I didn ' t do it! " likes Jimmy horses baseball good parties dislikes school read- ing formal parties prejudiced people. DEBRA ANN SHERIDAN " Deb " . " Get out of here. " likes water skiing going to parties having fun freedom . dislikes Bob getting busted . two-faced people . . crashing. MONICA SHAW DEBRA ANN SHERIDAN PATRICIA ANN SHINER " Pat " " I ' m sure. " . likes Don 8 6 71 . . . being alone , . . spring . . dislikes school storms . Monday mornings winter. Basketball Manager Home Ec. Club G.A.A. DENISE MARIE SINGLEY " DeeDee " " The road twisted and curved; the trees were shadows in the black memory of my mind. The mist was heavy as it swirled around me. I was aware of centuries past and a world of memories. " . likes parties down at the beach . . to cause trouble . Poco the good times up Bear ' s Den dis- likes snobby people . getting busted cleaning the barn in the winter . . . boring studies. PATRICIA ANN SHINER DENISE MARIE SINGLEY ALBERT RICHARD SMITH " Bert " " Don ' t bug me none. " likes smarties L.S. . scabbing out N.E. Rats dislikes New York teams . people who never stop talking. Basketball . Track Pep Club. MIKK! DARLENE SPAULDING " Mik " " Hi, sweetie! " likes the beach parties . Brazil traveling dislikes nosey people . . getting busted crashing . know it all people. Home Ec. Club. ALBERT RICHARD SMITH MIKKI DARLENE SPAULDING ELIZABETH ELLEN STEVENS " Libby " . . . " Does anyone want a kitten? " likes Fenway Park . . Val- ley View Farm wild flowers T,M, and S. . dislikes reptiles . fleas cigarettes . baked beans. Girl ' s Track . Pep Club Class Committees. LAUREL JEAN STEWART " Laurel " " Love is the only strength which makes things one without de- stroying them. " . . likes Mike sun- ny days . . August 13th . little kids . . . dislikes darkness . . . Sundays being alone . broken friendships. Yearbook Staff . . Teen Scene (asst, editor) . . G.A.A. . . Ski Club. ELIZABETH ELLEN STEVENS LAUREL JEAN STEWART DOUGLAS EDWARD SUTOR " Doug " . . " If you can ' t be with the one you love, love the one your with. " likes Firebirds Mohammed Ali and Julius Erving parties at U. Mass Jethro Tull Dallas Cowboys . dislikes boring summer nights in Turn- ers Falls . being used greasers having to say no. Football . Basketball . Golf Pep Club. MARY KELLY SWEENEY " Kelly (Queenie) " " Goes to show you don ' t ever know. Watch each card you play and play it slow. Wait until that deal comes around. " — J. Garcia. Student Council . Student Advisory Board Chorus Basketball Tennis Booster Day Queen. DOUGLAS EDWARD SUTOR MARY KELLY SWEENEY 40 MAVERETTE ANNE TATRO LINDA LEE TAYLOR MAVERETTE ANNE TATRO " Granny " " Hey man, what ' s happening? " likes anybody that can understand me walking in the woods sleeping late in the morning boogieing dislikes snobby people staying home at night not having anything to do . rainy days. LINDA LEE TAYLOR " Linda " . . " I almost literally looked down into my open grave. " likes Yaz being alone . . being liked . the Kennedys dislikes alcohol pho- ney people . decisions Chemistry. Jr. Prize Speaking National Honor Society Track . Student Council (sec. 4) Yearbook Staff . School Play Class Committees Pep Club . G.A.A. PATRICIA R. TESSIER " Pat " . . . " It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. " likes argu- ing with Dolan . . . skiing Keewee fruit hot fudge sundaes with pepper- mint stick ice cream . . . dislikes ham- burger patties . apathetic people lab reports. Tennis . Basketball Student Council . . . Student Advisory Council Chorus . . National Honor Society . DEBRA JEAN TETREAULT " Debby " " I can give you the few possessions I have . but when I give of myself is when I have truly given. " . . likes Dave walking along the ocean laughing with Kathy . watching sunsets in a special ' 63 Chevy . . dis- likes being cold feeling lonely . worrying . . . saying good-bye. Twirling. PATRICIA R. TESSIER DEBRA JEAN TETREAULT MARK ROBERT THOMAS " Puffer " " Oh really? What d ' ya mean? " likes Jerry Lewis movies airplanes . Miss Kosakowski foot- ball . dislikes warm beer wise guys gym . getting up early . Football (manager) . . Tennis . Cross Country. MARK EDWARD URBAN " Bunz " " Sure ya did. " . likes sleeping . bull sessions parties Track practice dislikes the N.Y. Yankees . Monday mornings being bored long bus rides. Football Track . T Club I.S.S.A. MARK ROBERT THOMAS MARK EDWARD URBAN 41 VIVIEN ROSE VENSKOWSKI " Viv " " Nothin ' . " likes blue Mercedes Benzs butterscotch sun- daes Burt Reynolds having a driver ' s license dislikes the problems that come with owning an older car peaches dojiggers. Track Chorus Health Careers Club Class Committees G.A.A. DANIEL PAUL VIENS " Munchkin " . " You ' d better not stop here, Tim. " . . likes company stock Grateful Dead mellow music pol- iticians of the 1700 ' s dislikes a hill- top in Gill football pravice stu- pid teachers. Football (Captain) Student Council (pres.) Model Congress Class President (1,3) Track I.5.S.A. . . . " Don ' t Drink the Water. " VIVIEN ROSE VENSKOWSKI DANIEL PAUL VIENS DAVID JOHN VIENS " Sid " " Keep it up " likes hockey Gerry Cheevers Jethro Tull Sam Penkinpah movies dislikes dou- ble sessions . . Grateful Dead Green Bay Packers . a hill in Gill. Football Baseball Tennis T Club Senior Play I.S.S.A. DONNA CATHERINE WAIDLICH " Deano " " And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. " Beatles likes Route 2 east right time Mustang ' s the U.S.A. dislikes spiders school. Booster Day Lady in Waiting class committees. DAVID JOHN VIENS DONNA CATHERINE WAIDLICH RICHARD PAUL WARY AS LINDA ANNE WARYASZ RICHARD PAUL WARY AS " Buzz " . " No? Ya! " . likes having a good time . beaches . sports weekends . . dislikes Jocks . acci- dents boring days stuck up people. Baseball Football . T-Club I.S.S.A. Pep Club. LINDA ANNE WARYASZ " Eeah " " Procrastination gives you something to look forward to. " . . likes Jim a certain group of friends Ford trucks driving a Buick Electra 225 . dislikes coldness people who get kicks out of ridiculing other people rules and regulations getting caught skipping school. Cheering Colorguard. 4 ? LUANNE WONSEY " Lucy " . . . " Oh! Man. " . . . likes the Dallas Cowboys . . . sports . sleeping late people . dislikes crabby peo- ple .. . getting up . . boring movies. Softball (co-capt.) . . G.A.A. (pres.) . . Band. MICHELLE ANN WHITEMAN DANA MARK WOJTKOWSKI JOSEPH A. WASELESKI " Weasel " . . " Come on now! " . . likes " 72 " Mustang ' s . . trucks . . . P.H. . . hunting , dislikes taking a bus . . parking in the back row . . going to the hospital . . orders. Football National Honor Society . KATHRYN MARY WELCH " Kathy " " Hey! You know what? " likes Richard July 13 , 1974 . . Conn. . . school vacations dislikes fights . being alone . getting up at 6:30 . misunderstandings. Band . . Twirling (co-capt.) MICHELLE ANN WHITEMAN " Oh my God " . likes Jeff . sleeping late . warm spring days Pizza a snowy Christmas Eve . dislikes nursing homes on the spot decisions . . . conceited people. G.A.A. Yearbook Staff Chorus Health Careers Club . Ski Club. DANA MARK WOJTKOWSKI " Oh yeah, I ' m sure. " likes sports collecting old bottles movies hunting . dislikes homework on week- ends sore losers. Basketball. JOSEPH A. WASELESKI KATHRYN MARY WELCH LUANNE WONSEY Class History In the fall of 1970, we entered Turner Falls High School as FRESHMEN. Everything was new and different. Exciting days were ahead of us. Remember our Freshman Welcome? All the girls bought new dresses to wear. Do you remember our first rally? The cheerleaders yelled, " Let ' s hear it from the Freshman! " , and the whole balcony became quiet. Our first Booster Day, we worked for weeks on our float, " The Scale of Victory. " It was so big until we took it out of the garage. We showed our superiority as a class later in the year as we led the school in magazine drive returns and also won the hall decorating competition. Remember our first class trip? In May two busloads of Freshmen made the trip to New York City. It was worth the hard work, topping off a great year. In June we looked forward to another exciting year as upperclassmen. SOPHOMORES. Finally we were established in the High School. It was a great sports year. Remember " Ho, Ho, Ho, 9-01 " ? We worked hard on our second float " Stampede the Senators. " It was the best float we made. Remember how proud we were that day? Remember how disappointed we were when it didn ' t win? The big event of the year was getting our class rings. Our class showed its originality by chosing barrel shaped rings instead of the traditional round one. Remember the Cardiac Kids? Our basketball team made it to the state semi-finals. The baseball team went to the Western Mass. Championship. We organized early as a class preparing for another trip. Remember the firs t annual Class of ' 74 International Smorgasbord? We took our second class trip to Montreal in May. We looked forward to another great year. JUNIORS. With only two years left, we worked hard to make our Junior year a success. Remember our float " A Whale of a Victory " which didn ' t get finished? It was the Cardiac Kids all over again as the basketball team advanced to the state finals. Breaking with tradition, we made tuxedos optional at our prom. " Moments to Remember " at the Northfield Inn was a great success. Remember the second annual Class of ' 74 Interna- tional Smorgasbord? Remember the fine performances of our Prize Speakers? As June rolled along, we said goodbye to the graduating seniors and also to the old Turners Falls High School. We looked forward to being in our new school for our last year. SENIORS. Remember the first day walking into the NEW school! It was like being in first grade again. Remember your embarrassment when you couldn ' t find a room? Our Booster Day Float, " Skunk ' em " , won the competition. Our class worked hard to produce a better yearbook. Teen Scene, and Netop. Remember how anxious we were to show off our new school? Remember Senior slave day? It was a good way to earn money and it was a lot of fun too. As the months went by, we began to split in different directions, planning for the future. We would leave as the first graduating class at the new high school. In its halls are left happy memo- ries and good friends to be treasured in the years to come. 1974 — It was a very good year! Nancy Garrand Class Historian 44 Float History For They Can Conquer Who Believe They Can Class Will Mark Addison leaves his nickname “Cossack " to Mr. Ellis. Bob Aldrich leaves Barney ' s room. Donna Ambo leaves before the office staff kicks her out. Jen Ambo leaves the stairs to the underclassmen. Jerry Astell leaves his timpani sticks to anybody skillful enough to conquer them. Rod Beauchesne leaves his " Ragged Edge " to Mr. Bassett. Norman Blair leaves a half written song about when he thinks back on " all the crap he learned in high school. " Bob Bonnette leaves school to start a better life without it. Marty Boulanger leaves for higher times. Michele Bourbeau leaves wishing the best of luck to all, hoping the wish is returned. Sue Breault leaves her trumpet to anyone with strong lips. Ray Burnham leaves Mr. Slattery still trying to catch someone ripping off chemistry equipment. Bernie Cadran leaves heading towards Bob Bonnette ' s house for Steve Croteau ' s stag. Michelle Cadran leaves Blonski and Lourie lying about taking a shower. Mike Campbell leaves everybody wondering if he ' ll ever like The Grateful Dead. Tom Carlisle leave knowing no one can match our Junior year. Leenie Cichanowicz leaves to start living. Dave Cherwa leaves a penny to all the teachers for their thoughts about the students . Pat Cherwa leaves to join Tom. Mona Clark leaves Stalag 13, the Gestapo, and Hogan to the next group of prisoners. Larry Cloutier leaves his gym suit to unaware 7th graders. Pigmy Cloutier leaves Mr. Bassett looking for him and the teachers wondering where he ' s been. He also leaves his gym clothes to the gym teachers for the kids who forgot theirs . Karen Collins leaves Mr. Garbiel and Mr. Slattery to decide where north is. Nancy Cominoli leaves track practice to whoever wants to stay and fight it out with Mr. Dean. Carol Covey leaves not a moment too soon. Lew Croteau leaves Millet asking, " What year is this ? " . Maidy Currie leaves " Broadway ' s " flashing lights and Barbara Streistand to Barb Duffney . Lori Currier leaves to be with Allen. Debbie Daignault leaves with best wishes for all, eager to start into a new career. Alan Dargis leaves his speed to the track team. John Davis leaves to the underclassmen the thought that four years slip by very quickly. Chris Day leaves once and for all, never to return. Dawn Delaney leaves with a sigh of relief. Mel Demaria leaves Mr. Bassett with his suspensions slips. Jody Desautels leaves her size 2Vz sneakers to anyone who thinks they can fit into them. Bob Dickerman leaves in a daze. Barry Dion leaves wondering if Doug Sutor will ever become superstar in anything. Betty Dobias leaves Mr. U pton anxiously awaiting another trip to Boston Museum of Fine Arts . Chris Dubreuil leaves Mrs. Dorrance a thousand page detention pad. Randy Duda leaves " Animal " and " Machine " to whomever and whatever want them. Kim Ellison leaves going, going — gone! ! June Emery leaves hoping the underclassmen have as great a Senior year as she did. Mari Emond leaves those high notes still hanging for anyone in the brass section who can reach them. Mike Farrick leaves Uncle Ray to next years trig class to see if they can figure him out. (Hint: 27 = 13 Vi ) Marlene Felton leaves wearing a dress for Mr. Zywna. Kathy Field leaves riding bikes to school in the rain to Barbara Jacque. Cindy Fritz leaves her headdress to next years drum majorette, wishing her luck on a windy day. Mary Lou Fugere leaves Donna with another happy year with Baldy and her flock. 46 Gary Gadreault leaves 15 feet of rubber in front of the Senior entrance. Chipper Garbiel leaves the holes in the parking lot. Nancy Garrand leaves gladly. Lynn Girard leaves her platform shoes to anyone else that needs them to reach their locker. Tim Gould leaves ROACH to four more that can match up to the four daring derelicts. . Kathy Grimard leaves DeeDee to tease B. Allen. Lori Guilbault leaves wondering whether Viv will get a new rubber band engine for her car. Stephen Gunn leaves Mr. Haley with all those Bookkeeping I students. Alice Hmieleski leaves yearning for a sense of direction. Dorri Holmes leaves still looking up to everyone. Walter Hosmer leaves all his pencils to Mrs. Brenners psychology class. Ted Jablonski leaves his parking space in the back row for Albert. Use it in good health! Nance Kelley leaves Mr. Wanczyk sniffing strawberries. Ron Kennedy leaves his brains to all the people that will need them. Brian Kinner leaves the Senior class to " Keep on truckin ' " . Joe Klaus leaves a burnt teapot in 308. Donna Kosewicz leaves still trying to think of a good line to put in the class will . Sue Kretzenger leaves not understanding and not being understood. Debbie Kuzdizal leaves her brain to the biology dept, to see if they can figure out why it didn ' t function. Darlene Kuzmeskus leaves Mrs. Dorrance a new wig. Chena Kuzontkoski leaves Jane B. a pack of cigarettes for all the ones I Borrowed. Frank Lapachinski leaves a bottle of Pepto Bismol to those people who eat in the cafeteria. Barry Lepean leaves the rubber glove he stole from Capt. Ken Slattery last year. Jack LaPierre leaves Mr. Dean with no one to argue with. Debbie Lapinski leaves in January with Granny and Dubi to find a better place. Dubi Lehman leaves in January with Lips and Granny to find a better place. Tom Levasseur leaves in a cloud of blue smoke. Cyndie Leveille leaves the mysteries of emptiness that yesterday left behind. Jeff Lewandowski leaves all the hassle and conformity that go with school. Jim Lively leaves Miss Lyman to future students. Sue Lortie leaves Mrs. Dorance to anyone. Joe Lucas leaves hoping there will be clay tennis courts . Cindy Majewski leaves many happy memories of TFHS to her sisters, Debby and Laurie. Dave Margozzi leaves his blisters to the next gym class that plays crab walk soccer. David Martin leaves a Di-gel capsule to anybody who can remember " Gorp. " Frisk Martineau leaves Sue still wondering if she ' s on the second or third floor. Brian Matusz leaves wondering if Munchkin will ever stand up. Kevin McCarthy leaves wondering if Buzz will ever tell the truth. George Miner leaves nothing — which is mostly all he says he has. Mimi Mleczko leaves with pleasure!!! David Momaney leaves with the scales in the chemistry room. Debbie Murley leaves to be married. Tom Murphy leaves Mr. Conselletti a contract to rub out Mr. Garbiel. Chuck Neveu leaves an oxygen mask to the poor Juniors who have to last through Slat ' s chem classes . Martha Newton leaves Mr. Wanczyk still smelling like strawberries. Gary Noga leaves hoping Mr. Garbiel may speak English instead of square roots. Bob Parda leaves Mr. Alexander a club for his period G class . Will Parda leaves high school and hopefully won ' t come back. Pez leaves a lot of good friends behind. Mary Petrin leaves Mrs. Brown 3 pieces of cloth, Mr. Oakes 1 senior candid, Mr. Upton 1 chicken bone exca- vated in the caf. and Mrs. Lilley her own purple eyeshadow. Florence Philibert leaves Valeda another year of gym. Deb Podlenski leaves wondering if Marilyn will ever make the ice capades. Ted Pogoda leaves after finally getting a new school. 47 Gary Porlier leaves still wondering. Debbie Prest leaves T.F.H.S. to her brother knowing that he will get a good education. Prok leaves with Happy Jack headed for the Bridge to see who can drink the other under the table. Dodie Rastallis leaves munchin George with his calculations. Chris Reum leaves still liking the old school better. Debbie Rudinski leaves Mr. Oakes still wondering how to make her pay attention in class. Mark Sabato leaves with hopes of finding bigger and better things. George Sargent leaves Donald Duck in Mr. Plaisted ' s History class. Corey Saulnier leaves certain underclassmen hoping that by the time they graduate they will realize that he was right. Vince leave the intercom for enyone who can stand listening to it. Sue Seamans leaves her track shoes to the track team. Mitzy Sexton leaves school for good. Monic Shaw leaves Charlene Senn with another year to go through. Good Luck! Deb Sheridan leaves her two brothers and sister wandering in the halls looking for the right classroom. DeeDee Singley leaves Head walking around the halls saying " You got a butt?” and searching for " Emily.” Albert Smith leaves waiting to see who will be the first person to drown in the swimming pool. Mik Spaulding leaves everyone at TFHS looking for a dirt pile at noon to hide behind. Libby Stevens leaves without a word. Laurel Stewart leaves anticipating the many happy years to come. Doug Sutor leaves wondering If Dave Shea will really get accepted at Notre Dame. Kelly Sweeney leaves on the jet to the promised land. Granny Tatro leaves in January with Dubi and Lips to find a better place. Linda T aylor leaves still trying to figure out Mr. Slattery . Pat Tessier leaves not knowing what she has accomplished. Debby Tetreault leaves smiling with Dave, but has tears in her eyes. Mark Thomas leaves D.S. and D.B. hoping to get out of their shells. Mark Urban leaves Frank Cadran the scale in the nurse ' s office that goes up to 69 lbs. Viv Venskowski leaves still not being able to get to school on time. Munchkin leaves " wondering aloud” if he will ever go " over the hills and far away.” Sid Viens leaves his great goal tending ability to the next Boston Bruins ' prospect. Rick Wary as leaves all the Junior Jocks singing in the showers . Linda Waryasz leaves three sisters to go througy the same punishments. Weasel leaves Monkey to bring his bananas to school in his own car. Kathy Welch leaves Turners to be with Richard. Michele Whiteman leaves Mrs. Tobin to fight the intercom system. Dana Wojtkowski leaves to George and his gang Miss Lesueur and Miss Douvadvian. Lucy Wonsey leaves bari sax to anyone who can carry it. 48 Dedication As the first graduating class of the new Turners Falls High School, the class of 1974 wishes to dedicate this yearbook to the future generations who will contribute to the value and true spirit of this school. As each class eventually passes through the corridors of this modern building, may they take with them the many memories and valuable knowledge that they will have gained from their six years in education. May each individual learn to set his own goals for living and may he attain the skills necessary for a produc- tive and self-satisfying life. 50 UNDERCLASSMEN Class Officers President — Mike O ' Connor Vice President — Jo Ann Zayac Secretary — Linda Naida Treasurer — John Gamelin Historian — JoAnn Hawkins 1975 V mmtm niariywwj ROW 1. B, Jacque, M. Galvin, D. Kopinski, F. Kaltner, E. Crosby, C. Jablonski, D, Bonnette, S. Kozloski, D. Inglis, P. Keller, J. Konvel- ski. ROW 2. L. Lanthier, C. Emond, K. Campbell, J. Hawkins, D. Dobosz, K. Currie, L. Dresser, D. Dobosa, D. Gardner, D. Kaspura, M. Lund, L. Dargis. ROW 3. L. Brown, J. Gamelin, A. Bonnette, P. Bourbeau, C. Emond, T. Kosakowski, M. Kujala, M. Cadran, A. Kuklew- icz, I. LaPointe, T. Legere. ROW 4. F. Cadran, A. Bordeaux, J. Cichanowicz, R. Bastarache, D. Lankowski, M. Morin, R. Kelley, W. White- man, M. Kendrick, D. Grybko, D. Brunelle. ROW 5. M. Lehman, P. Golonka, J. Boguslawski, R. Bourbeau, A. Ghiz, T. Kostecky, C. Gal- lison, D, Cardinal, W. Micheltree, E. Bocon, H. Furtado. ROW 6. D. Lavalley, D. Ben, J. Lavasseur, D. Arsenault, R. Guy, R. Golembeski, M. Crowell, L. Bordeaux, M. Billings, L. Christian, R. Gallison. ROW 7. M. Dalton, F. Hanley, M. Fairbrother, M. lezzoni, S. Gamelin, J. Cyhowski, T. Kendrick, W. Connor, R. Baird, P. Vassar, L. Williams. ROW 1. E. Novak, B. Polier, D. Virgilio, D. Shebell, C. Resnik, V. Smith, S. Ryan. ROW 2. W. Whiteman, K. McCarthy, L. Naida, J. Zayac, D. Tibbetts, C. Thomas, M. Mankowsky, T. Smith, P. St. Germain. ROW 3. M. O ' Connor, E. Millett, E. Voudren, B. Mathey, S. Simkus, C. Tuttle, R. Parenteau, D. Ouellette, D. Majewski, K. Zimmerman. ROW 4. C. Scully, W. Sicard, C. Powers, M. Wonsey, S. Rubin, A. Rastallis, Y. Venskowski, C. Wissman. ROW 5. W. Perry, T. Wasielewski, C, Senn, C. Rau, R. Poirier, C. Parenteau, D. Sears, B. McComb, D. Williams. ROW 6. B. Smith, L. Terlikoski, T. Viens, D. Pluta, R. Piecuch, W. Robinson, M. Pearson, L. Martin, S. Riel, S. Maddern. 1976 Class Officers President — Doug Couture Vice President — Joan Riel Secretary — Karen Finck Treasurer — Jody Miller Historian — Doni Scarborough tOm ROW 1; K. Lapan, J. Lesenski, R. Laramie, R. Ellis, G. Holmes, G. Lapenta, M. Gilmore, ]. Desmarais, N, Lund, L. Cousineau, J. Desmar- ais. ROW 2: J. Emery, C, Kellyhouse, L. Croteau, K. Laroche, B. Duffney, C. Emond, M. LaMountain, D. Dion, S. Batchelder, S. Con- stock, W. Hunting. ROW 3: J. Duda, S. Escott, L. Kendrick, D. Emond, M. Gulo, P. Deskavich, M. Lamoureaux, E. Ambo, S. Brown, D. Beauregard, K. Drumgool, M. Fargo. ROW 4: R. Cooper, R. Boulanger, J. Croteau, V. Little, S. Campbell, M. Banash, K. Finck, D. Cou- ture, K. Lamaire, Y. Gruszkowski, D. Fugere, C. Balboni. ROW 5: J. Dolan, D. Gavin, F. Boucher, M. Aleksiewicz, K, Hurd, L. Kopinsky, A. Fritz, D. Kosakowski, A. Harrington, S. Bezio. ROW 6: G. Bourbeau, T. Bassett, F. Kopec, D. Guy, J. Klepadlo, B. Delaney, D. Inglis, D. Kennedy, M. Bourbeau, P. Gates, L, Cenzano. ROW 7: P. Cloutier, K. Grimard, R. Kidder, J. Fitzpatrick, R. Gardner, M. Kelley, M. Kovalsick, M. Kendrick, M. Connor, G. Cole, J. Linscott. Row 8: R. Ducharme, D. Day, C. Dodge, F, Heath, P. Demers, P. Aubrey, S. Dickerman. g Jr |S ® ' ’! W ' “ -i Jt. ROW 1: R. Urban, R. Parenteau, J. Sojka, N. Vitalis, K. Smith, M. Tatro, A. Morin, M. Tatro. ROW 2: T. O ' Connor, F. Wasileski, D. Stone, P. Terault, S. Waryasz, D. Robinson, R. Miner, A. Napikoski, P. Miner. ROW 3: R- Russell, S. Powling, D. Stratton, N. Morows- ki, S. Sadler, B. McCarthy, L. Thompson, C. Stewart, S. Miner, J. Miller. ROW 4: F. Rau, J. Riel, L. Makarewicz, K. Robert, C. Trewhella, S. Stebbins, R. McConnell, M. Watroba, D. Scarborough, D. Shab. ROW 5: C. Sabato, L. Senn, C. Cardinial, D. Mullen, G. Socquet, K. Reckard, P. McGrath, C. Tibeault, D. Stewart. ROW 6: R. McComb, M. Matusz, K. Smith, M. Wallace, D. Stone, M. Tatro, S. Scully, B. Niemiec, C. Richotte, K. Waryasz. 1977 Class Officers President — Sarah Brown Vice President — Kevin Bonnette Secretary — Donna Shiley Treasurer — Karyn Connor Historian — Dale Welcome ROW 1: R. Chaffe, M. Gilbert, J. Kaltner, R. Kostanski, T. Carlisle, J. Currie, D. Denofrio, D. Dresser, M. Duda, W. Colleran, 5. Con- nelly, D. Fritz, J. Delaney. ROW 2: F. Blood, D. Bourbeau, D. Duda, K. Bonnette, 5. Ambo, M. Johnson, J. Coyne, J. Leveille, E. Fredette P. Cloutier, E. Cadran, D. Deskavich. ROW 3: M, Gilbert, J. Kopinsky, R. Dion, E. Boguslawski, B, Allen, B. Bergeron, S. Brown, P. Kellyhouse, K. Bristol, D, Jacque, K. Connor, K. James. L. Cichanowicz, D. Andrew. ROW 4: A. Bastarache, D. Bordeaux, C. Kennedy, R. Hanrahan, R. Harrington, J. Hale, C. Fiske, D. Harris, S. Konvelski, C. Downs, J. Cardinal, D. Deso, L. Gagne, L. Kobera. ROW 5: D. Bak, G. Broderick, K. Burns, N. Currier, M. Fronkus, D. Kopinto, S. Grimard, C. Dobosz, C. Hutchinson, R. Cannon, M. Koscinski, D. Hawkins, K. LaPierre. ROW 6: C. Fugere, A. Englehardt, C. Kulch, S. Cronen, S. Jarvis, D. fuller, B. Fortin, S. Croteau, B. Hosmer, G. Gaines, D. Kozma, M. Timberlake, J. Gray. ROW 1: D. Thompson, P. Stewart, F. Snay, C. Therien, D. Serrell, T. Pleasant, T. Vitaliis, D. St. Germain, R. Parenteau, D. Nadeau, D. Welcome. ROW 2: T. Wasielewski, C. Strysko, J. Viens, N. Wong, G. Sargent, R. Molongoski, G. Williams, M. Stafford, W. Roberts. ROW 3: K. Reardon, M. Wozniak, D. Morse, S. Singley, L. Powers, C. Osowski, R. Sawin, T. Rau. ROW 4: F. Olson, A. Woodrow, M. Virgilio, S. Maddern, L. Richotte, K. May, E. Milewski, L. Tetrault. ROW 5: N. Pearson, M. Morse, L. Sazama, J. Stebbins, M. Waryas, L. Savinski, N. Stone, L. Sicard, H. Seager, M. McComb. ROW 6: K. Momaney, S. Thompson, D. Shiley, K. Varilly, J. Putala, D. Schacht, J. Thompson, R. Mongeau, J. Smith, M. Timberlake, T. Massee, J. Thompson. 1978 1979 Student Council Officers President — Raye Denkewicz Vice President — Sheri Shilley Secretary — Lori Bonnette Treasurer — Tina Foley Parliamentarian — Jacqueline Ryan ROW 1. D. Abbott, M. Kidder, S. Shiley, B. Cominoli, S. Trewhella, L. Dale, D. Arsenault, R. Wickline, T. Russel, B. Carroll. ROW 2. P. Fugere, T. Pleasant, C. LaChance, R. Kidder, C. Dodge, D. Urban, R. Wasielewski, J. Girard, R. Herzig, E. Martin, M. Brown. ROW 3. K. Shanahan, A. Dolan, L. Bonnette, J. Ryan, J. Sojka, N. Tessier, D. Allenby, E. Mcveigh, M. Patnode, C. Silvieski, D. Choleva, M. Allan. ROW 4. P. Bourbeau, R. Denkewicz, K. Sabato, M. Desautels, A. Riel, P. Zewinski, S. Felton, M. Bezio, V. Dobias, T. Rudinski, P. Pat- node, C. Miner, R. Wasielewski. ROW 5. D. Bruno, V. Shea, M. Kostanski, ]. Bassett, M. Margola, L. Stewart, F. Williams, K. Sheridan, K. Anders, A. Perry, M. Waryasz, S. McComb, L. Annear. ROW 6. B. Delaney, B. Bourbeau, J. Coyne, D. Smith, P. Przybyla, K. Smith, G. Spaulding, M. Smith, L. Ambo, K. Gibson, M, Prevere. ROW 7. M. Cenzano, Fi. Dawlett, K. Cole, M, Zimmerman, E. Pelis, L. Fritz, K. Lively, J. Martin, T. Foley, T. Murley, R. Whiteman, 1. Tetreault, L. DeNofrio, D. DeNofrio. ROW 8. R. Newton, M. Brown, M. Prevere, A. Thompson, B. Escott, J. Letourneau, C. Ben, B, Gaffy, J. Elliot, P. Weis, D. Kozma, B. Compton, J. Jablonski, B. Cowan, D. Whitney. ROW 1. M. Canon, W. Aldrich, D. Routhier, M. Gallison, R. Thibeaut, C. Douglas, J. Gallison, P. Seager, L. LaMountain. ROW 2. M. Scott, T. Fisk, J. Buckmaster, P. Markol, B. Kretzenge r, P. Field, K. Clark, S. Kuklewicz, L. Gaines, E. Dodge, L. Linscott. ROW 3. J. Kosa, L. Fortin, K. Routhier, C. Spalding, S. Cadran, D. Scrypek. ROW 4. D. Welcome, K. Smith, J. Richotte, K. Flood, C. Smith, C. Cadran, S Broderick, C. Naida, D. Wasileski, S. Sullivan. ROW 5. K. Lonergan, B. Milewski, J. Lund, J. Sears, M. Fitzpatrick, D. Newton, C. Wa- troba, D. Fredrick, D. Downing, L. Jacque, C. Clark, J. Parzych. ROW 6. B. Taylor, W. Smith, R. Wallace, J. Peterson, M. Momaney, S, McConnell, M. Parenteau, D. Holmes, K. Clark, P. Kusac. ROW 7. J. Drumgool, B. Pourier, L. Currier, D. Rien, M. Fronkis, ]. Russell, M. Furtado, S. Prest, J. Mason, J. Waitkus, R. Boulanger. ROW 8. K. Sherdan, J. Sears, M. Taylor, P. Wickline, B. Stafford, J. Annear, D Seredejko, W. Kovalsick, D. Johnson, J. Croteau, K. Kruzlic, J. Wissmann. -v- - ROW 1. M. Aleksiewicz, J. Guy, B. Collins, M. Thompson, M. Robinson, D. Colleran, D. Sauter, E. Tuttle, G. Inglis, D. Faulkner, R. Holt, D. Barnes, E. Phillips. ROW 2. L. Sicard, M. Bocon, P. Bellemare, L. Fowler, M. Sullivan, K. Russell, D. Kuklewicz, L. Smith, S. Lehman, A. Fritz, E. Barry, P. Koscinski. ROW 3. S. Murray, J. Ferland, B. Cadran, J. Hale, A. Drumgool, P. Cronen, T. Fuller, P. Lanfair, K. Margozzi, S. Wong, G. Pogoda, T. Terault, Z. Kosakowski. ROW 4. L. Smith, J. Scarborough, G. Morgan, K. Welcome, M. Cloutier. ROW 5. T. Ducharme, R. Beauregard, K. Rau, K. Lapan, D. Kells, J. Stafford, T. Wonsey, J. Ellis, D. Kells, K. Morris, S. Delaney, M. Stennis, T. Koblinski, T. Hardy. ROW 6. V. Kobera, R. Sicard, K. Wheeler, D. Sazama, D. Savinski, D. Roberts, J. Mankowsky, M. Cro- tea, T. Richards, T. Wickline, L. Demers. ROW 7. B. Ahearn. J. Rosewarne, B. Watrous, J. Folley, P. Guenette, B. Smith, M. Ambo, C. Blanchard, P. Thayer, K. Kaltner, J. Emery, M. Norwood, D. Matusz. ROW 1. J. Smith, E. Galipault, E. Clough, P. Sheridan, M. Bordeaux, B. Taylor, W. Duffney, C. Waryasz, H. Cichanowicz, C. Williams, C. Jablonski, D. St. Germain, P. Emond, L. Wieprecht, T. Whitney. ROW 2. D. Lund, G. Stevens, M. Little, G. Billiel, C. Smith, D. La- Mountain, E. Boucher, K. Piscuskas, L. Yukl, R. Godzinski, P. Gilbert, J. Choleva, T. Thompson, S. Marvell, R. Whitney. ROW 3. J. Timberlake, D. Chartier, R. Dunn, C. Pelis, L. Skole, M. Urban, L. Demeo, M. Farrick, J. Astell, J. Kelley, J. Walker, T. Cummings. ROW 4. D. Pecor, R. Rau, J. Kendrick, J. Taylor, D. Seager, J. Stafford, J. Whitney, K. Prevett, L. Miner, C. Jacque, P. Boulanger. ROW 5. K. Rau, T. Wonsey, J. Haskell, G. Rickard, C. Reum, R. Bostley, S. Lachance, D. Naida, A. Togneri, J. Flagg, D. Moore, D. Lamphear, L. Bristol, J. Kenney. ROW 6. T. Linscott, H. Phillips, M. Patnode, M. Grybko, B. Koscinski, N. Sazama, S. Zewinski, R. Denkewicz, T. Socquet, T. Sweeney, T. Croteau, D. McCarthy, D. Carroll, K. Newton, M. Luippold, P. Gamache. ROW 7. S. Haigis, P. McComb, R. Lesenski, B. Ouellette, T. Greene, J. Koshinsky, B. Fitzpatrick, C. Williams, T. Gray, L. Demars, N. McCormick, L. Wasielewski, K. Chiapputi. FACULTY Mrs. Rosemary Maddern Mrs. Rita Kersavagi 73 ENGLISH Mrs. Michelle Marantz Mr. John Zywna Mrs. Linda Johnson Mr. Frederick Oakes Mr. Barry Coppinger 74 Mrs. Patricia Campbell Mr. Raymond Garbiel Mrs. Susan Keegan Mrs. Jean Martin MATH Mr. Edward Bourdeau Mrs. Evelyn Hausnecht Mrs. Phyllis Hardy Mrs. Velma Bazar Mr. Michael Wanczyk Mrs. Sophia Libby SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Joanne Hadlock Mr. Steven Upton Mr. George Bush Mr. Robert Plaisted VJ Miss Nora Ryan Mr. Gerald Perkins Mrs. Judith Brenner T ' Trrn SCIENCE Mrs. Pamela Waldo Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. Charles Galvin, Jr. Mr. Rollas Batten Mr. Kenneth Slattery Mr. James Koldis Mr. Wayne Baker, Health BUSINESS Miss Barbara Lynch Mrs. Elizabeth Dorrance Mr. Carle Ellis Mr. George Haley Mrs. Sylvia Tobin Mr. Albert Consoletti 79 Mrs. Marcia Smith FOREIGN LANGUAGES Mrs. Irene Phelps Mrs. Diana Simpson Mr. Albert Routhier INDUSTRIAL ARTS 80 Mr. Richard Kossakoski Mr. Wilmar Johnson Mr. Steven Macaulay Mr. Joseph Alexander PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Charlotte Robinson Mr. Paul Cournoyer Mr. Edward Winseck Miss Shirley Banford 81 MUSIC ART Mr. William Roberts Mr. Robert Simonetti Mrs. Patricia Lilley Miss Jeanne Lyman Mr. Paul Ciechomski HOME ECONOMICS Miss Marie Lesueur Food Services — Mrs. Jeannette Gray, Manager; Mrs. Antoinette Aitken; Mrs. Lorraine Cadran; Mrs. Rita Gilmore; Mrs. Marjorie Naida; Mrs. Blanche Martin; Mrs. Carol Martin; Mrs. Betty Gleba. Mrs. Sally Doyen Library Mrs. Patricia Thompson Library Mrs. Christine Stebbins Library Mrs. Anna Sabato School Nurse Mrs. Pamela Simanski Special Education Mr. Elmer Morgan School Psychologist Mrs. Patricia Edwards Library SPECIAL SERVICES ACTIVITIES T wirlers Color Guard Brass Ensemble High School Concert Band Madrigals High School Chorus 7th 8th Grade Concert Band 7th 8th Grade Chorus 91 Junior Prize Speaking Participants Just A Little One . . Dorothy Parker Nancy Garrand — Third The Night the Ghost Got In . . . James Thurber Deborah Podlenski Way in the Middle of the Air . . . Ray Bradbury Cynthia Leveille— First Sentiment . . . Dorothy Parker Mary Currie — Second The Last Thirty-Six Hours . . . Kristi N. Witker Linda Taylor The Waltz . . . Dorothy Parker Suzanne Kretzenger Alternates Jody Desautels Marlene Felton Student Government 7th 8th Grade Sr. High Officers President — Danny Viens Vice-President — Alice Hmieleski Secretary — Linda Taylor T reasurer — Beth Dobias Parliamentarian — Cyndie Leveille Jr. High Officers President — Raye Denkewicz Vice-President — Sherry Shiley Secretary — Lori Bonnette Treasurer — Tina Foley Parliamentarian — Jackie Ryan Model Congress Advisor — Mr. W. Shapp Laurie Brown Bill Robinson Danny Viens Cyndie Leveille Chris Reum Cary Stewart National Honor Society German Club G.A.A. Pep Club 98 f Publications TEEN SCENE Editor — June Emery Assistant — Laurel Stewart NETOP Editor — Nancy Garrand YEARBOOK STAFF Associate Editors —Beth Dobias, Donna Ambo Editor — Alice Hmieleski Cover — Norman Blair Ads — Karen Collins, Beth Dobias Photo Essay — Mary Currie, Marlene Felton, Karen Collins, Lynn Girard Senior Section — Cheryl Prokowich, Cyndie Leveille, Chris Reum, Jody Desautels, Sheila Miner Underclassmen — Cynthia Majewski, June Emery, Linda Taylor Activities — Nancy Garrand, Michelle Whiteman, Beth Dobias Boys ' Sports — John Davis, Alan Dargis, Gary Noga Girls ' Sports — Donna Ambo, Debra Rudinski, Linda Martineau Faculty — Robert Bonnette, Martha Newton, Jody Desautels Division Pages — Mary Petrin, Laurel Stewart Publications Advisor — Mr. Fred Oakes ALTER EGO Editor — Marilyn Emond 100 ' 74 Yearbook Photographer and Editor Medical Careers Club Home Economics Club II- Track 106 Volleyball Baseball tor 113 SCOREBOARD Lee 6 Turners 30 Pioneer 0 Turners 21 Ware 12 Turners 30 Mt. Greylock 25 Turners 6 Mohawk 21 Turners 6 Mahar 18 Turners 0 Amherst 22 Turners 6 Frontier 20 Turners 14 Greenfield 36 Turners 6 I ' m Freshman Junior High 116 Basketball 74 • ' • ' ■ ' M Sp ' 4||nQ9k £ ] Hv ' ' ' X V ' ! !B ' ' affi45yfciw ' i M tr- m BWj j |7 ■H R»«l9r ' J ■3‘- . iL A p. ' i 1 i» Hf ' ( ADS PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Dr. Albert E. Giknis, M.D. 75 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. F. A. Milkey, O.D. 72 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. James H. Bolton, D.D.S. 78 Federal Street Greenfield, Mass. Dr. Warren D. Thomas 77 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Raymond F. Higgins, M.D. 76 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Drs. Wadman, Cummings, Nicolai 486 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Dolan Dolan Attorneys At Law 54 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. John H. Caloon, D.D.S. 108 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Arthur W. Charron, D.M.D. 58 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Francis A. Sabato, D.M.D. 62 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Schaff Opticians, Inc. Med-Optic Center Montague City, Mass. Dr. Arthur E. Burke Jr., D.D.S. 73 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. John R. Bykoski, O.D. 54 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Simons Morse Attorneys At Law 122 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. St. Stanislaus Society Best Wishes to the Class of 1974 P.R.C.U. No. 549 6 KSt. Turners Falls, Mass. Congratulations! Athens Restaurant 196 Montague Rd. Montague, Mass. Best Wishes from The Country Craft Shop Crafts and Gifts for all Ages Featuring Macrame, Decoupage, Needlework and Many More Crafty Items 192 Montague Rd. Montague, Mass. 01351 Tel: 863-4338 Compliments of ' ' Ye Olde Turners Falls Inn " Dining and Dancing Parties a Specialty 175 Ave. A Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 : SUNOCO r Heating Oils 66 ' L ' St. Turners Falls, Mass Compliments of Kostanski Funeral Home Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Escott ' s Service Station Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. General Repairs Complete Auto Body Service Glass Replacement Compliments of Brownie ' s UNOCO Mobile Homes Sales 42 Adams Rd. Greenfield, Mass. 01301 SUNOCO , IBB Beaubien Bonnette Fuel Co., Inc. ST. KAZIMIER ' S SOCIETY President: Steve Savinski Vice-President: Walter Bialecki Secretary: Donald Parda Treasurer: Frank Traceski Manager: Paul Deskavich Congratulations to the Class of ' 74 Come see us for all your , banking needs ! Grocery Products Beer Wines NADEAU ' S INC Open Daily 9 AM - 8 PM High Street Turners Falls, Mass. NATIONAL of Northampton Franklin County Banks I lybi 1 ...Al Lii I a Compliments of Winslow Radiator Route 2 Gill, Mass. Compliments of McCarthy ' s Funeral Home Prospect St. Turners Falls, Mass. Barbara ' s Beauty Bar and NewLeafe Boutique Corner of 3rd Ave. A Turners Falls, Mass. 863-4000 Yetter ' s Florist 525 Bernardston Rd. Congratulations Greenfield, Mass. to the Graduates 1 Goodnow ' s Department Store ■ Compliments of Pioneer Music Service Main Street " Far or Near, Finest by Pioneer " , 1 Greenfield, Mass. ; Greenfield, Mass. 773-5300 I. 129 rjrjtp We Built the Foundation for Education at T.F.H.S. li FOIMTAIIME BROS. GENERAL CONTRACTORS SPRINGFIELO. MASSACHUSETTS FOIMTAINE SERVING NEW ENGLAN D SINCE 1333 I ! Compliments of Montague Mini-Mart and Staff Montague Mini-Mart Main St. Montague Center, Mass. Compliments of Garbiel Farms Montague 130 The New Fireside 160 Ave. " A " Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863-2921 Lou Sue Grader Parties of All Kinds — Banquets, Weddings Showers Dancing Weekly With the Finest Bands in the Area! 33 Turners Falls Coal Co. Phone 863-4321 Ave. A Turners Falls, Mass Beneficial Finance Company 275 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Tel. 773-5472 Greenfield-Montague Transportation Area Compliments of Deerfield Street Greenfield, Mass. 01301 «it 4 Best Wishes from Edward L. Kelley, Inc. Gill, Mass, affiliated with E.B.A. Lumber Inc. Bernardston, Mass. Will America run out of forests? No! One reason is that we are making every I09 work hsrdor 134 Congratulations from MILLERS FALLS PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of fine business and technical papers MILLERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01349 Idlenot Dairy of Mass., Inc. 80 School St. Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of Congratulations 50 Federal St. Greenfield, Mass. Clark ' s Hardware Co., Inc. 289 Main St. Greenfield, Mass. EBI Lit UtkCO Bicycle World 104 Federal St. Greenfield, Mass. We Feature a Full Line of: Cycling Clothing, Touring Equipment, Racing Accessories Open Mon.-Thurs. 9:30-5:00, Fri. 9:30-8:00 Sat. 9:00-5:00 Congratulations from Jarvis Welding Manufacturing Co. Millers Falls Rd. Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Castine ' s Hair Creations Compliments of Prospect St. Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863-2022 Everything for the serious not-so-serious Cyclist! Compliments of Bob ' s Auto Body 24 Hour Wrecker Service Tel. 863-2112 303 Ave. A Turners Falls, Mass. SPniMCFIELO TIRE SERVICE INC. TIRES " THE MEN WHO KNOW TIRES BEST " • WHEEL ALIGNMENT BALANCING • FRONT END WORK • SHOCK ABSORBERS - MUFFLERS, ETC. 10 SILVER ST. GREENFIELD 774-4349 Wishes the Class of ' ' 74 " Wisdom to Discover Darlene Kuzmeskus, Frank Kuzmeskus, Joyce Kuzmeskus, Emma Nadeau, Beverly Kosakowski, Rachel Pease, William Whitney, Edgar Oberg, Arthur Lehman, Francis Guilbault and Robert Fritz. We transport you now as we did before, We hope your plans all come through In everything you want to do. " Good Luck, " from all the bus drivers. 138 Looking for a good place to have some fun as well as relax? Come over to the French King Bowling Center. Enjoy bowling in comfort and style, goodies from the snack bar or your favorite cocktail from one of our two lounges. We ' re Number 1 , but we still try harder. 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