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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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PESKE-TUK A stream flows weak, un- certain. It winds its way and as it flows it gains strength. Tributaries nourish it and give it power. At last, as a river, it flows with force into the sea. A class is formed weak, un- certain. It follows its ap- pointed course and with time gains confidence. Education, guidance, and activities enrich it and give it a sense of direc- tion. Then with certainty the once weak class moves to meet its destination — Life. But un- like the river’s, its goal is not an end but a beginning. INTRODUCTION MOTTO-FLOWER DEDICATION MR. BURKE MR. WRIGHTSON MR. OAKES GUIDANCE FACULTY NETOP AND PESKE-TUK SENIORS DOCUMENTARY ’65 ACTIVITIES SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS J ' u vf € 3 The Stream of Unity is Our Strength 3 II DEDICATION Our river flows in a path of beauty and grace, instilled with delicate shad- ings and rippling motion. The brush that gave it soft lines and exquisite color was held by a true artist. She knows how to shape the beauty of a river, the strength of a class. She has molded our course with hands which produce masterpieces, with a mind which professes a deep wisdom, and with a heart which gives understanding and encouragement. Her advice and guidance, criticism and praise have given us a sense of direction, a determined path to the sea. Her interest in our progress has been continuous, her loyalty unflinching; her devotion, a never ending gift. Through the efforts of Miss Mery O’Brien we leave the river, prepared to enter the sea with confidence. Mr. Arthur E. Burke An underlying current initiates and strengthens the steady flow of every river. It is an intangible force, ever surging, pushing the river on- ward, yielding to it a power of motivation which promises the attainment of a destination. Flexing with the river’s course, it speeds its journey and exerts steady influence on its progress. A presence seldom seen, but always felt, Superintendent Arthur E. Burke is the current which has speeded our journey. 6 Mr. George F. Wrightson A river flows swiftly, it passes quickly by, hardly noticing those standing on its banks. So we passed through our high school years without time for a second glance at anyone. People and events thus passed so quickly might soon be forgotten. One person, however, will remain a part of us. We shall not forget the words and the guidance — we shall not lose the memory of Mr. Wrightson. More than a figure or a face, we will remember his pride in our school and the high aims he has in- stilled in us. Because he did more than stand on the banks of our river, because he taught us as only he knows how, he is now a part of us . . . and most important, he is the part that will lead us to our greatest achievements. OUR GUIDE The course of every river, from its source as a trickling mountain brooklet, to its end as a mighty current feeding the sea, is shaped and guided by some in- tangible force. Without the hand of fate to chart a path of majesty and power, the river would lack direction and purpose; it would never reach its destination. Throughout our high school years, our course has been directed not by fate, but by the respected advice of a teacher, counselor, and friend. As we entered high school, a tiny brook, insignificant and weak, he prepared the way for us, guid- ing, encouraging, shaping us into the pow- erful river we are today, and leading us into the ocean of life. At every set of rap- ids, or steep falls, he was there, to answer our questions and chart our course. With- out the help of Mr. Frederick Oakes how could our course to the sea have been so fruitful? 9 Just as engineers dam the wildly-rushing rivers and guide them to a more productive course so have our guid- ance counselors turned our exuberance and enthusiasm toward realistic and worthwhile goals. We greatly appre- ciate their insight, patience and the time they have spent with us. As our course branched into many tributaries they helped us choose the routes we would follow to the sea. GUIDANCE Along its long and twisting journey to the sea, the surging river encounters countless snags before it emerges into the gulf. Strong currents are needed to wash away the obstacles that hinder its steady progress. Strong currents such as those exerted by the TFHS faculty. Their guiding hands chart a secure course to the sea of the world. Without the strength of these cur- rents, the river would remain stagnate, its course unfulfilled. MR. GEORGE FRANK BUSH B.A. — Williams College M.E. Ed. — University of Massachusetts Ancient History, Medieval-Modern History, Assistant Basketball Coach. MR. ROBERT LEON PLAISTED B.A. — Bates College L.B. — University of Maine Law School U.S. Government; Debate Club Advisor, Guidance Counselor Class of ’66. MR. ROBERT ALLEN AVERY B.B.A. — University of Massachusetts Bookkeeping MISS MARION ANN NADEAU B.S. — Salem State Steno, Typing, Office Practice. A.B. — American International College U.S. History MR. WILLIAM EDWARD ROBERTS A.B. — Brown University Ancient History, Government, Social Science MR. THOMAS PAUL QUILFOIE MEEHAN MR. ALBERT JOSEPH ROUTHIER B. PH. — University of Montreal, M.A.T. — Boston College French I, II III; French Club Advisor, Guidance Counselor — ’67. MISS LOUISE MAY CLARK B.A. — University of Vermont Latin I II MRS. VIRGINIA MARY CALL B.S. — University of Massachusetts Typing 1; Shorthand 1. MISS MARGARET PATRICIA CREAN B.S. — University of Massachusetts Commercial Arithmetic, Geography, Law, Business Training. MR. FLORIS VAN DEN BERG B.A. — University of Amsterdam Latin I, II, French I. MRS. MARY ELIZABETH LEWELLYN B.A. — University of Massachusetts Spanish I II MR. RICHARD CHESTER KOSSAKOSKI B.E. — Keene State Teachers College Manual Training, Mechanical Drawing. MISS ALICE H. REUM B.S. Ed. — State Teachers College of Framingham Home Economics t MR. WILLIAM JEREMIAH THOMAS CONNELLY B.A. — Amherst College M.S. — University of Massachusetts Spanish II; English I. MR. FREDERICK BARNES OAKES B.A. — Tufts University M.S. — University of Massachusetts English IV; Camera Club Advisor, Alter Ego; Guidance Counselor — ’65. MRS. CHARLOTTE ZELUMA POTTER B.A. — University of Maine Guidance Counselor — ’68 English I MR. MAURICE FRANCIS DONOVAN B.A. — Boston College English III; Dramatics Coach. MR. WILLIAM STEINECKE, JR. B.A. — Brown University English II Faculty Advisor for Netop- Yearbook 14 MR. JOHN FRANCIS BASSETT B.S. — Arnold College Biology; Head Football Coach, Track Coach. MR. CHARLES HOWARD GALVIN MRS. JEAN N. MARTIN B.S. — Platteville State Teachers College, Wisconsin Algebra II. te MR. EDWARD JOSEPH BOURDEAU B.S. — University of Massachusetts, M.S. Ed. — University of Massachusetts Algebra I, Applied Mathe- matics; Assistant Football, Baseball Coach. B.S. — Norwich University College Chemistry, College Physics MR. RICHARD MICHAEL FARLAND B.S. — Boston University Science, Practical Chemistry Practical Physics. MR. RAYMOND LEONARD GARBIEL B.S. — University of Massachusetts Plane Geometry; Review Mathematics. 15 MRS. MARJORIE ETHEL SLOCOM University of Maryland University of Massachusetts Gi rls Physical Education Director MISS MERY CATHERINE OBRIEN B.S.E. — Massachusetts College of Art Art Supervisor, Art Apprecia tion, Freehand Drawing, Art Club Advisor. MR. CLIFTON ALLEN SYMONDS MR. HAROLD RENE FUGERE B.S. — Arnold College M.S. — University of Massachusetts Physical Education, Driver Education. MISS FLORENCE ELIZABETH ARGY MISS HELEN ELIZABETH MC GILLICUDDY B.A. — Connecticut College For Women Librarian B.S. Mus. Ed. — University of Massachusetts, Master of Music — North Texas University Instrumental Music Supervisor Band Director Eastman School of Music, Gregorian Institute of America Choral Music Supervisor, Glee Club Advisor, Director of Vocal Music. EDITORIAL BOARD — Left to Right: Gary Sutton (Sports Editor), John O ' Riley (Sports Editor), Mary Shea (Feature Editor), Paula Dubie (Typist E ditor) , William Nagle (Co-Editor) , Karen Sibley (News Editor), Mary DeMeo (Co-Editor), Paula Whiteman (Re-Write Editor), Robert Aitken (News Editor), Robert Trudel (Co-Editor), Jerry Sears (Feature Editor), Peter Rogers (Managing Editor), David Tela (Man- aging Editor) . FACULTY ADVISOR — Mr. William Steinecke, Jr. MANAGING STAFF — Left to Right: Peter Rogers (Managing Editor), Robert Trudel, David Tela (Managing Editor). ART STAFF — Left to Right: Mary DeMeo, Linda Waynelovich, Jerry Sears, Linda Crowell. SPORTS STAFF — Left to Right: Gary Sutton (Sports Editor), James Cade, Mary Boulanger, Robert Brown, John O ' Riley (Sports Edi- tor), David Tela, Albert Siciak. NEWS STAFF — Seated Left to Right Maria Plaza, Carol Borkowski, Karen Sib ley (News Editor), Robert Aitken (New: Editor) Mary Boulanger, Cheryl Christian Standing Left to Right: Virginia Potosek Andrea Karpinski, Patricia Kirk, Karir Koldys, Christine Perry, Kathleen Jarvice Ardice Dube, Anne Hilliard, Jean Kelly Jane Galipault. 18 CIA 3 5 50H6-I%5 7 SL T r — u 4 _ p — 4 — - U A A _z_ t — H a — A 5trcAm- W »d 8. f A nci no oJ t -e Ut u in -t _n e r - 7 e. W - ajn oar course rxe.rx our M.reur» We ” cume iv tr5 reac-Wed +We oceuw ' " 1 lr " r r —A. .15 0T w r C A n d 0 - v er IrC A SmootW- f 6 u_t tVx e yy e m - ' r y c Hrs We s 3W - ing ta s a. - UJ | t C r i v - e ive. .d r 7 C J J .H? - C £ M 4 1 4L J ’ Be - And TWe Wind US U OkS Cx. vym Vx — t ij| Force. ru.r - »un Swi?t.- towards X s cxiwx f»v- tr was TWe mo - t. io n oF — W — J -“y— C 4 1 :■ ». J -I £ 3 • — A T V o.t ypusWiJ us To -ward +We world. All cut-irents Joined to- l+W- e r . TWe c cxss 0 -f ! ix — ty Five. 64 One September day in 1961 a small stream emerged from the mountains and began its long journey to the sea. It was on that day that we, the class of 1965, first entered the halls of Turners Falls High School. We were at first overwhelmed by the swift current of the new curriculum, the activities and, in fact, by the whole new world of high school. But we were immediately made to feel a part of this new world when we were officially welcomed at the Freshman-Senior Reception. I The months passed with surprising speed and it seemed impossible that this course could have ever been strange to us. As our freshman year ended we were impatiently awaiting the next bend in our journey. ice i tin men :re: :ginr The second bend came into sight and it proved to be all that we had anticipated. We found the current more turbulent as we were drawn into many activities. But we had acquired strength and we as- serted it when we first elected our own class officers: John O’Riley, president; James Cade, vice-president; Paula Garrand, secretary; Linda Chisholm, treasurer; Virginia Potosek, historian. As a river has many separate currents, so our class had as many individuals, each with his own interests and objectives — yet unity pervaded. It was a co-operative effort that made possible our Sopho- more Social. The gym gaily decorated with a Christmas decor made our first dance a memorable affair. With the flow of events decisions had to be made, one of which was the selection of our class ring. We proudly wore them as a symbol of our unity and purpose. We were fast approaching the third bend and our goal became more real to us. spon kc irrar stori unt! T :oduc »nai T » r thf a: F, arne V li k 4a IJ % (JOURNEY As we progressed, we encountered new whirlpools of activity. With the re-election of our class officers, we continued under our pre- H vious leadership. We ceased to merely flow with the current and began to assert a of hi force of our own. This force was first channeled in the direction of the t’W( 49th annual Junior Prize Speaking. Our course veered from drama into don. dimensions of beauty — our Junior Prom, " Tender is the Night.” With the announcement of the new Netop and Yearbook staff we eshi w ere given a preview of what lay around the next bend. At last we were beginning to exert the force of a powerful river. Rushing with greater strength towards our goal, we assumed the responsibilities and enjoyed the privileges of seniors. Under our class officers, John O’Riley, president; Robert Brown, vice-president; Paula Garrand, secretary; Linda Chisholm, treasurer; and Virginia Potosek, historian, we welcomed the freshmen and made them feel a part of Turners Falls High School. The river cascaded into a waterfall as the class surged into the production of our Senior Play, " Take Me To Your President,” by Leonard Wibberly. Then the months flowed by with startling rapidity until, at last, our goal was almost tangible. As graduation approached we were hurled for the last time into a whirl of activity: Yearbook Day, Senior Fare- well, and Class Day. For so long we had heard the ocean’s pounding and sensed its nearness, then, finally, we were there. Virginia Potosek V 7 65 CURRENTS RAPIDS SNAGS MURMURS Leonard Adams Industrial English III " Don’t let it worry ya!” Robert Aitken Spanish II Advanced Math " Who knows !” Katherine Alber Getting the keys to the car. Not getting the keys to the car " What’s new !” Richard Albright Pontiacs Fords " Ya ! Right away, come off it. William Aldrich Room 24 Oral Talks " Mornin’.” John Arial My Girl friend English " Imagine that!” Dennis Banash Blondes French " That’s swift!” William Barry Mr. Bassett’s homeroom Monday mornings " That’s big a’ ya!” Karen Bartlett J. A. W., Twirling Slippery fried clams " Dat’sa breaks !” Rodney Bergiel Allen Ginsberg Too numerous to mention " Well — you know!” Clayton Bezio Precis Homework " Oh no!” Anita Bordeaux Bob Mr. Meehan’s history tests " You wait!” Carol Borkowski Happiness and music Pizza and " Fascination” ”1 didn’t do it!” Katherine Borthwick Harry Getting grounded " I guess!” Mary Boulanger Hampton Beach Homework " Ask me if I care.” John Bourbeau Fridays Mondays and losing games against Greenfield " ???” Elmer Brown The Beatles The Snobs " Yea! Yea! Yea!” Robert Brown Jimmy Brown and Tarzan New York Giants " Bueno bueno!” Richard Bugbee Kathy History " Hi there little fella!” Brian Bulman Skiing Rainy days ■ ' ???” Kathryn Bushway D. M. C. Week nights " Junior, shut up!” James Cade Betsy, football, and Boris Greenfield " Oh me gid!” Robert Caouette Jean Chevrolets " That’s Life” Joseph Chagnon Writing Know-it-alls " Get out of here!” Louis Chappell The river Getting up in the morning " So what?” Fred Chase Hunting Homework " You know it” Linda Chisholm Suey New football rules " M m m!” Cheryl Christian Joey A sleeping boyfriend " School” " He ain’t too swift” Nancy Clark Doug " You’re kidding” Patricia Colbeth Music Shakespeare " For Pete’s sakes !” Mary Conway Peter Fists " Really!” Christine Coutu Dick My " community” locker " I’ll take your word for it!” Diane Croteau Bobby Oral book reports " Darn” Linda Crowell Happy people Liars " Frumpy” Dawn Dauphinais A certain boy Hot fudge sundaes " Are you kidding me !” Mary DeMeo The " Stones” Getting up before noon " Huh?” Barbara Demers Dave B. Study hall with Mr. Garbiel " You’ll get over it!” Philip Desbien Mr. Bassett’s homeroom Geometry " Forget it!” Martha Drinzek Bowling Commercials " You dip” Ardice Dube " Rile” Nosey neighbors " Who, me? ! ? !” Paula Dubie Park Villa ? ? Bikinis " Yes, Boss !” Raymond Ducharme Nance Review Math " I guess!” Cheryl Duncan Records Clines " I don’t know.” Mary Dymerski Band Pizza fights " Don’t get shook!” Betsy Fiske Troop 17 Blanche " Yea, blondes do have more fun !” Robert Flagg Big instruments Small band rooms " How about that!” Carla Fowler The Beatles Mr. Meehan’s rules " That’s what you think!” Sandra Fritz Talking on the phone Molly " You think so !” Carol Gadreault Ronny Homework " That frosts me.” Jane Galipault A junior, Reip People dirtying dishes that I have to wash " Oh, my God !” Charles Garbiel Farming, Navy English III " Go fly a kite. " Rosemary Gardner Music Fighting " Cool it you two!” Paula Garrand Yellow, stained sweat shirts Blushing ! ! ! " Woo, woo, woo, woo !” Linda Gibson South Deerfield boys Staying home " Does this look funny?” 66 CURRENTS RAPIDS SNAGS Robert Giknis White sweat shirts Dogs ;Carol Gloski Long week-ends Taking history notes Nancy Gmyrek Coca-cola Unreasonable people David Grader 1 o’clock Ford lovers Robert Harbourt Dances Long assignments Donna Hardy Don R. Homework Wayne Hastings Girls English Susan Haynes Remo The eight o’clock bell Anne Hilliard Billy Ban on girls during football season Sandra Hoar Locker 59 Infatuations Gloria Huber Mount Hermon Quiet studies John Isles Sports Food Elizabeth Janos Guitarists People who don’t like me Kathleen Jarvis My own submarine Old people with hot rods Wayne Jefferson Week-ends Hypocrites Madeline Jones Week-ends when I’m not working Working on week-ends Janet Karasinski Ham on rye Boys with bermudas Andrea Karpinski Bob Mount Hermon Edmund Kawecki Bathing suits Monday morning Nance Kells The haunted house The wolf-man Jean Kelly Jerry Recess during football season James Kelsey A car that runs Navy Ronald Kenny Sharon Work Patricia Kirk Troop 17 Mobs Jo-Anne Klowan Blue People who tell fibs Karin Koldys Troop 17 Tear gas Sandra Kostecky The Red Rose Tea Band Work David Krejmas Boston Red Sox New York Yankees John Kuczek Cindy Chevies Walter Kurtyka Typing Compositions Carl Kuzontkoski Girls Homework Charles Laczynski Mr. Bassett’s homeroom English and history Jean Laczynski Bob The farm Gary Lambert Bob Petit Yankees Linda Lambert Mrs. Llewelyn’s slick Spanish II classes Review Math Patricia Legere Troop 17 People Teresa Lemoine Bernie G. U.S. History Cynthia Lenois Be Be Booie Volkswagens Kenneth Long June 17 Review Math John Mackin Mr. Bassett’s homeroom Woman drivers Beverly Magdycz P.M. G.H. J.L. R.S. People with superiority complexes Mary Makarewicz Salami on Rye Early Buses Jeanne Martin Talking Taking notes in History Brian Matherson Hunting English Francis Meyer History Exams Bernard Monkiewicz Italian food Work Rosemary Nadeau Troop 17 Dumb People William Nagle " Mad” Magazine People who leer over their Lynda Neault Bruce Jackman glasses Homework Timothy Norwood Days gone by Blatant people Gary Oberg Linda Liver Margaret Olson Vacations Term Papers John O’Riley Ardice Fighting with Ardice Robert Parmenter Week-ends School Linda Parsons U.S. History Alarm clocks MURMURS " Can’t win ’em all.” " That’s right!” " How are ya?” " Fords don’t go.” " Ask me if I care” " Oh, my God !” " Say breathe!” " Can I have a ride home?” " Oh Kelly, what should Ido?” " Line up, you Peabrains !” " Dang it.” " How about that!” " What now?” " Like meow, Hi cat.” " Look at that one!” " I’m hungry!” " Oh, crumb!” " Hit the ground !” " Got your homework done? " Don’t try any of your five- bar-gate jumps and all that sort of stuff ! !” " You’re so dumb!” " I don’t know.” " ooohhh!” " Your kidding me!” " Not too swift.” " Me too !” " You’re kiddin?” " Wait till next year!” " Look at that rompin’ Ford. " What’s your problem” " Oh, no !” " I don’t know.” " Don’t say that!” " Shezam” " Who knows?” " How sexy !” " I’ll never tell.” " What will Bobby say?” " Get serious.” " Don’t sweat it!” " Tough ! isn’t it?” " Oh great!” " I kno-o-ow” " ???” " Hi!” " ???” " Nobody tells me anything. " Aw, meatballs !” " You’re kidding me!” " Unbelievable” " Oh yea ! !” " What’s the scoop?” " Ya, you!” " You’ll get over it.” " Here we go again.” 67 9B RAPIDS SNAGS MURMURS Homework Washing dishes Short hand Cooked carrots Crabby parents Geometry classes Homework English Exams History Fords Fords Conceit The Beatles CURRENTS Arthur Paulin Karen Pelletier Linda Pelletier Christine Perry Kirkland Perry Jean Pervere Lorraine Peters Maria Plaza Virginia Potosek Stanley Potyrola Francis Remillard David Riel Peter Rogers Joseph Rozecki Muriel Rubin Patricia Ryan (7th) Patricia Ryan Karen Sibley Phyllis St. Germain William St. Germain Brian San Soucie Jerry Sears Mary Shea Albert Siciak Francis Simanski Linda Siteman Diane Slaunwhite Linda Stevens Dawn Strange Judith Strysko Gary Sutton Bernard Tatro David Tela Robert Tencati Barbara Thompson David Thompson Edwin Traceski Robert Trudel Linda Tuttle Carlene Viens Arnold Waldron Katherine Walsh Gordon Walsh, Jr. Edward Wasielewski, Jr. Linda Waynelovich Jeffrey Webster Evelyn Welcome Virginia Wheeler Paula Whiteman Catherine Wirth Jacqueline Zabko Gerald Zywna Girls, hunting, fishing and skiing. Butch Sanders Men Water-skiing No comment G.H.J.L.R.S.P.M. Saturday nights R.G. Troop 17 Drag racing Girls Judy GSWCH A broken radio, and a screwdriver Going to Israel Rivieras Fran D.C.’s poems Don 1 o’clock Chiz Good jokes Walter and Zelda Money High Billowy Clouds ’65 red Mustangs and G.P.O. Mommy and Daddy Mr. Avery Boys Steve Dachczyn Vicki Vetts and drag racing Easy Exams Anita R.B. plays Frany Sports Week-ends " Spirit of 48” " Spirit of 48” Getting out at 1. Richard Good marks Hunting Anything with six strings KAB Ricky Rebel and Rip Summer Vacation " The Riverside Gang” Troop 17 Jean Good-bye’s Popcorn Homework Interrupted recesses Homework Review math Charley’s hamburgers Cathtillion Thponith " Morris” Homework Pretentious people Math Quizzes Mr. Goodfield United States Marines Chaperones Washing dishes Incomplete passes Ford lovers and girls who hate cars. Lazy people Being broke Indecision Snakes Opponents Glory seekers String beans Sunda Getting up at 7. Work Homework School during deer hunting. Snobs Cement guard posts Staying home Alarm clocks Math Tests Boys with bleached hair. Slow drivers Greenfield " You gonna get it.” " Could be tense.” " You bug me.” " ???” " I don’t know!” " You fink !” " Help!” ”Je ne sais pas” " I can’t believe it!” " Oh, yea!” " Swing it.” " I’m thinking about it.” " Dropped something” " Son of a gun!” " Definitely” " Cut it out!” " Who knows?” " Forget it!!” " I could care!” " Definitely !” " What’ch got to eat, Ma!” " What’s up?” " Absolutamente !” " Ah ha!” " Unbelievable” " That’s life!” What’s life? " Wicha!” " Who do you think you are?’ " IF you say so!” " Cut it out or else!” " Just for kicks!” " Ford’s don’t go (At all) !” " Ten to one . . " Sure enough!” " You’ve gotta be kidding!” " I kid you not!” " Censored !” " You know !” " Boys! Are they worth it?” " Rats! ! !” " Big deal, big deal !” " I like it!” " Now . . .” " ???” " C’est la vie” " Cement guard posts” " Ducky !” " Isn’t that the sweetest . . " I ain’t hey!” " you’ve gotta be kidding! ? !’ " Lovely!” " How’s the baby?” 68 CLASS WILL Leonard Adams leaves his book on " How to Get the Most Out of Homeroom Period.” Kathy Alber leaves for Millers. Rich Albright leaves gladly. Bill Aldrich leaves coaching the freshmen to Mr. Farland in hopes he can handle it. Bob Aitken leaves his place on the yearbook staff to anyone who can fill it. John Ariel leaves Mr. Galvin with an unguarded room. Dennis Banash leaves his seat in French to anyone who can stand it. Bill Barry leaves his whistle echoing in the halls. Karen Bartlett leaves her place at twirling practices to anyone who enjoys directing gossip. Berge leaves for Provincetown and Ginsburg. Clayton Bezio leaves his art to anyone who needs messy paper. Anita Bordeaux leaves in sadness — no more roaming the halls with Kathy Walsh. Carol Borkowski leaves her broken drum sticks to the fink who broke them. Kitty Borthwick leaves to meet Harry. Mary Boulanger leaves — ask her if she cares ! ! ! John Bourbeau leaves his gym skipping know-how to the lower classmen. Elmer Brown leaves his gym classes to his two brothers. Brownie leaves his Tarzan call to anyone with a lotta lung power. Richard Bugbee leaves his history book to any Junior who thinks he’s smart enough to use it. Kathy Bushway leaves gladly ! Jim Cade leaves his stone age Jeep to the original Jeep driver, Ching. Bob Caouette leaves the golf team to Chi Chi and Leo. Joe Chagnon leaves as the only boy in his English class. Louis Chappell bombs off in his convertible. Fred Chase leaves Mr. Galvin’s chem lab with regret. Chiz leaves without ever getting on the stage. Chrish leaves for the Waves. Nancy Clark leaves — gladly ! Pat Colbeth leaves the soda pop at football games to Miss Reum. Mary Conway leaves watching " What’s My Line?” 69 Kris Coutu leaves Mr. Garbiel in peace. Diane Croteau leaves her locker to any Junior who can stuff more in it than she did. Linda Crowell leaves Miss O’Brien a bulletin board and a new supply of paper. Dawn Dauphanais leaves her gym sneakers to anyone who wants them. Mary DeMeo leaves still arguing with Mr. Oakes about — everything ! Barb Demers leaves with lots of stationery. Alou leaves finally finished with G.I.Q.’s. Martha Drinzek leaves helpful as always. Ardice leaves for South Dakota, but thinking seriously of Assumption. Paula Dubie leaves for Park Villa, as usual! Cheryl Duncan leaves her good resolutions to Eleanor. Ray Ducharme leaves his Deer Hunter’s Manual to anyone who needs it. Mary Dymerski leaves her seat in band to Sue Mayrand. Betsy Fiske leaves for a coffee. Bob Flagg leaves his book, " Proper Care and Treatment of Your Band Director,” to the Junior band members. Carla Fowler leaves her bottle of " Light Bright” to Trina Frederick. Sandy Fritz leaves her book " How to Cheat at Chess” to Alison. Jane Galipault leaves the cafeteria hungry. Charlie Garbiel leaves to wait for his little Duchess. Rosemary Gardner leaves her piano accompaniments to Ann Courtemanche. Paula Garrand leaves an empty gas tank to her rich brother Bill. James Gessing leaves his size 12 shoes to another healthy brute, as long as he can fit the shoes. Linda Gibson leaves for South Deerfield. Gig leaves a mustard-stained sweatshirt to anyone foolish enough to take a lady to Laurel Lake. Carol Gloski leaves cheering to her sister. Nancy Gmyrek leaves a tape recording of our talks in the cafeteria studies to anyone looking for juicy scandal. Dave Grader leaves to fireproof his new house. Bob Harbourt leaves his peroxided hair to Dennis Brunelle. Donna Hardy leaves all her make-up cards. Wayne Hastings leaves for Wilson’s. Sue Haynes leaves the " Wall” with an empty milk bottle. Anne Hilliard leaves her latest edition of " How to Get That Man” to Pam Brunelle. Sandi Hoar leaves searching for smoke signals. Gloria Huber leaves wishing her sister would transfer to Turners. John Isles leaves for the Boston Marathon. Betty Janos leaves still hunting up news for Teen Scene. Kathy Jarvis leaves all her double CG,QSL cards to divide between Wayne Pierson, Gary Scott and Bob Ebeling. Wayne Jefferson leaves his track shoes to anyone else who is late for classes. Madeline Jones leaves with a Florida tan. Janet Karasinski leaves her determination to get 100 on her NOMA tests to Rusty. Andrea Karpinski leaves with Bob following close behind. Ed Kawecki leaves homeroom 23 — reluctantly! Nancy Kells leaves for England and Keith Richard. Jean Kelly leaves for Millers. Jim Kelsey leaves his brother Mike to the big boss of shop, Mr. K. Ron Kenny leaves a seat for some other loafer. Pat Kirk leaves still trying to get into Norwich. JoAnne Klow ' an leaves two split clarinet reeds to Louis Pagoda for future band rehearsals. Karen Koldys leaves her place in the syndicate to Lyn Maddern. Sandra Kostecky leaves. Dave Krejmas leaves still cheering for the Red Sox. John Kuczek leaves his gym shorts to Mr. Fugere. Walter Kurtyka leaves quietly. Carl Kuzontkoski leaves his crash helmet for his brother who will start riding on the Gill bus. Charles Laczynski leaves his motorcycle to Ronnie. Jean Laczynski leaves her brother Ron to all the girls. Gary Lambert leaves to join Cheryl in the outside world. Linda Lambert leaves her 5th row ' , second seat in Math to anyone who has the misfortune to sit there for a year. Pat Legere leaves Jon. Teresa Lemoine leaves her wild pajama parties to anyone who dares! Cindy Lenois leaves her wild parties to anyone w ho can stand them. Kenny Long leaves his locker to anyone who has a crowbar or who knows a safecracker. John Mackin leaves all his lost pens to anyone who finds them. Bev Magdycz leaves — happily! Mary Makarewicz leaves Math — confused ! Jean Martin leaves managing the Girls Basketball Team to anyone who wants them. Francis Meyers leaves his history reports to the highest bidder. Monk leaves without Dawn. Rosi Nadeau leaves her sister on her own now. Bill Nagle leaves his desk in room 23 in front of Mr. Donovan to anyone who can bear tension. Lynda Neault leaves her father’s car at home for a change instead of in the school parking lot. Tim Norwood leaves one pair of studly sox to be fought over by next years basketball team. Garry Oberg leaves his drum to anyone who’s tone deaf. Margaret Olson leaves for a nursing career. Ringo leaves for Assumption, but thinking seriously of South Dakota. Robert Parmenter leaves happily on his little red scooter. Linda Parsons leaves Spanish reluctantly. Art Paulin leaves Mr. Fugere with the Driver Ed. car still in one piece. Karen Pelletier skates off with " Butch.” Linda Pelletier leaves still rearranging bargain counters. Chris Perry leaves for Africa and the Peace Corps. Kirk Perry leaves Mr. K’s shop classes with all ten fingers. Jean Pervere leaves her interesting morning chats with Jean Martin. Lorraine Peters leaves still confused about Bank Day. Maria Plaza reluctantly leaves her front seat in math class. Ginger leaves still wondering if blondes really do have more fun. Stanley Potyrala leaves his footsteps. Skip Remillard leaves with his sax on wheels. Pete Rogers leaves with a " duzen” broken eggs. Joe Rozecki leaves his slightly worn crutches. Mimi Rubin leaves her cough syrup in English class. Pat Ryan leaves in a sadly cracked-up Volkswagen. Patty Ryan leaves in a little white car. Bill St. Germain leaves his cross country shoes to Jeff White. Phi St. Germain leaves for Bob’s Auto Body. Brian San Soucie leaves for Cards’n Candy. Jerry Sears leaves his velvet collars to anyone who has a royal neck. Shay leaves her ripped stockings one in Brownie’s car and one in the " Jeep.” Sibs leaves still wondering what happened to those Senior Play tickets. A1 Siciak leaves as a colonel. Fran Simanski leaves Fay, saying " Be Good!” Linda Siteman leaves her broken reeds to her sister. Dee Dee Slauenwhite leaves with her twirling hat. Linda Stevens leaves Miss Nadeau’s steno class to anyone who can stand another full year. Dawn Strange leaves with her own clothes. Judy Strysko leaves to be with Steve. Sutts leaves for " Laurel Crest”. Bernie Tatro leaves his cheater slicks to Ching. Dave Tela leaves his darkroom work to anyone with a malfunctionary nose. Bob Tencati leaves with Anita. Barb Thompson leaves to be with Richard Burton. Dave Thompson leaves Mac. Peachy leaves unshaved. Bob Trudel leaves finally meeting a deadline. Linda Tuttle leaves Kathy Dunican to watch over certain members of the Class of 67. Carlene Viens leaves the Room 3 picnic area to Geri Bonnette. Arnie Waldron leaves his broken down locker to anyone who wants it. Gordon Walsh leaves all his erasers to juniors taking senior math. Kathy Walsh leaves her typing record — try to top it. Ed Wasielewski leaves his cross country position to Danny. Linda Waynelovich leaves for her island. Jeff Webster leaves a vacancy in the presidency. Evee leaves still trying to be more satirical than Mr. Oakes. Virginia Wheeler leaves with her knitting needles. Paula Whiteman leaves Teen Scene still arguing with Mr. Oakes. Cathy Wirth leaves still looking for the key. Jack leaves for points unknown. Jerry Zywna leaves for Millers. V , ♦ m j M 9 ? sJtZm | fli! pi JUNIOR PRIZE SPEAKING 1. John O’ Riley — With Malice Toward One. 2. Ardice Dube — A True Story. 3. John Kuczek — Thirty Pieces of Silver. Anne Hilliard — The Doctor in Spite of Himself. Francis Simanski — Reflections Before the Lincoln Memorial. Robert Giknis — Bloodless MacBeth. Paula Garrand — The Fountain of Youth. Susan Haynes — Jane Eyre. 76 On the night of May 1, 1964, we whirled into one of the most important and breathtaking events of our Junior year. A stately, columned mansion and a flower-covered arbor provided a colorful background for the traditional Junior Prom. This setting was accented by the music of Dick Perry’s Orchestra. " Tender is the Night” is truly the phrase which best describes our Junior Prom. HE O -■ ' Z w E H I I i ! i i Pro Merito Society Every river has a set of rapids, strong, swift currents which push with greater force and momentum toward the ocean. Like these currents the members of the Pro Merito Society have ex erted their energies to gain outstanding scholastic achievement. They have maintained an 85% or better average in all their subjects throughout the four years of high school. The members of the society are: Francis Simanski, (President); Karen Sibley, (Secretary); Karen Bartlett, Robert Brown, James Cade, Mary DeMeo, Martha Drinzek, Ardice Dube, Mary Dymerski, Betsy Fiske, Robert Flagg, Paula Garrand, Nancy Gmyrek, Susan Haynes, Wayne Jeffer- son, Patricia Kirk, Linda Lambert, Beverly Magdycz, William Nagle, John O’Riley, Christine Perry, Lorraine Peters, Maria Plaza, Peter Rogers, Patricia Ryan, Mary Shea, Robert Trudel, Linda Waynelovich, Evelyn Welcome, Paula Whiteman. I 78 THE CLASS OF 1965 presents " Take Me To Your President” A Comedy In Two Acts Leonard Wibberly " U tfje toorlb’S a Stage anb all tlje men anb toomen merely players. . Shakespeare — As YOU LIKE IT — Act II, Scene VII Turners Falls High School Auditorium February 18 and 19, 1965 " Take Me To A-l Francis Simanski Miss Manners Linda Siteman Mrs. Manners Karen Sibley Reverend Reems Gary Oberg Greene James Cade Mr. Beamish Peter Rogers Miss Bury Rosemary Nadeau Miss Peters Virginia Potosek Aide Maria Plaza 2 American Wacs Judy Strysko, Nancy Kells 2 Soviet Wacs Susan Haynes, Nancy Gmyrek Sam Big Hat William Barry 2 Indian Elders David Krejamas (1), Clayton Bezio (2) 4 Indian Girls (1) Cindy Lenois, (2) Kathleen Jarvis, (3) Patty Ryan, (4) Squaw Andrea Karpinski Lieutenant Brian SanSoucie Major Kirk Perry Colonel Albert Siciak General Albert Siciak Prime Minister John O’Riley Mr. Jones Walter Kurtyka President Jeff Webster Premier Petrovitch Robert Giknis Tourist rl- 2 Karen Bartlett, Jean Kelly Mrs. Finch Linda Tuttle Somers Francis Meyer Cabinet Minister 1 Francis Remillard Cabinet Minister 2 Gerald Zywna Your President” Sentry 1 Sentry 2 Columnist Larkin Assistant Yuslav Thorton Sergeant Commentator Editor Messenger Girl 1 Telephone Operator American Radio Announcer French Radio Announcer German Radio Announcer Polish Radio Announcer Reporters Student Director Costume Committee Tickets Property Committee Dave Tela Arnold Waldron Cristine Coutu Dave Tela Virginia Potosek John Kuczek Gordon Walsh Gerald Zywna Gary Oberg Dave Tela Sandra Hoar £2 Betsy Fiske Carol Gloski Mary Shea Paula Garrand Karen Bartlett Mary Lou Makerewicz Robert Aitken, Barbara Demers Karen Sibley Paula Garrand, Albert Siciak, Mary Demeo, Bar- bara Demers, Rosemary Gardener, Linda Pelletier, Evelyn Welcome Peter Rogers, Linda Stevens, Lorraine Peters, Phyl- lis St. Germain, Barbara Thompson, Paula Whit- man, Patricia Kirk, Diane Croteau Linda Lambert, Elmer Brown, Linda Crowell, Jane Galipqult, Pat Legere, Theresa Lemoine, Jean Mar- tin, Lynda Neault, Margaret Olson, Jean Pervere, Linda Chisholm, William Nagle, Muriel Rubin 81 The Old Lady Shows Her Medals As the first dramatic production of the year we presented " The Old Lady Shows Her Medals” for the Columbus Day Assembly. The setting is war-time England where Mrs. Dowey (Muriel Rubin) seeks to impress her friends and fellow scrub-women, Mrs. Haggity (Evelyn Welcome), Mrs. Tully (Sandra Hoar) and Mrs. Mickleham (Karen Sibley) with stories about her " son” Kenneth. The Reverend Mr. Willings (Jerry Sears) interrupts her tea and an- ounces that the real Kenneth Dowey (David Grader) is arriving home on leave. When Kenneth meets Mrs. Dowey they are cold and hostile at first, but soon they grow to care for each other very deeply and Kenneth adopts Mrs. Dowey as his mother. The World Tomorrow " The World Tomorrow”, a one-act play presented at our Veterans’ Day Assembly, was concerned with the anxieties of youth over the maintaining of inter- national peace. After replacing his girl friend (Jean Kelly) on a school panel concerned with post-war relations, Bert Hothrop (Gordon Walsh) is faced with a difficult decision whether or not to follow the strict policy of his grandfather, Senator James Lothrop (Albert Si- ciak) or the lenient advice of his father, Stanley, (Francis Simanski) who died in the war. When the dead Stanley pays a visit to his family his son’s inde- cision is dissolved. The apparition helps strengthen the path of Stanley’s wife Kay (Paula Garrand), daughter Amy (Cynthia Lenois), and his shell- shocked brother Malcolm (John Bourbeau). Dramatics Coach: Mr. Maurice Donovan. Light Competition At our Christmas Assembly, " Light Competition”, a delightful satire on yuletide home decorators was presented. Mr. Benton (Robert Judd) and his neighbor Mr. Reynolds (Edward Craig) have long been competing for the prize given for the best Christ- mas decorations. Mr. Benton’s son (Robert Bray) and daughter (Linda Markol) decide that the annual feud has persisted long enough and bring the two together by forging letters. The situation is resolved much to the relief of Mrs. Benton (Priscilla Chisholm), Mr. Benton’s sister (Char- lene Golonka) and the handyman (Robert Parker) and Bobby’s girl friend (Laurel Crowell). Student Director of " Take Me To Your President” and " Light Competition”: Karen Sibley. A hard-driving staff advised by Mr. Oakes and under the editorship of Paula Whiteman, kept the Recorder-Gazette up to date on T F H S activities. Editorials, features, per- sonality sketches, and news items written by Teen Sceners were augmented by photog- rapher Dave Tela. 4 7 The waves surge and splash on the sandy beach, revealing hidden treasures. Like these waves, the fourth volume of our literary maga- zine " Alter Ego” revealed much talent among the student body. With the advice of Mr. Oakes, the editors: Paula Garrand; Betsy Fiske; Robert Trudel, and Patty Ryan, together with staff members, selected short stories, poems, essays, and literary criticism from contributed material. This year’s edition was the first to contain samples of art work submitted by students. 87 FRENCH CLUB HISTORY CLUB — Francis Meyer (President), Linda Lambert (Vice- President), Barbara Thompson (Secretary), Linda Tuttle (Treasurer), Mr. Thomas Meehan (Advisor). FRENCH CLUB — Paula Garrand (President), Peter Rogers (Vice-President), Marcia Halliday (Secretary), Jeremiah Sullivan (Treasurer), Mr. Albert Routhier (Advisor). SPANISH CLUB SPANISH CLUB — Francis Simanski (President), Fay O’Riley (Vice-Presi- dent), Ardice Dube (Secretary), Natalie Grant (Treasurer), Miss Berta Nunez and Mr. William Connelly (Advisors). HISTORY CLUB CHESS CLUB CHESS CLUB — David Bordeaux (President), Dennis Couture (Vice-Presi dent), Nancy Gymrek (Secretary), Mr. Raymond Garbiel (Advisor). ART CLUB ART CLUB — Robert Parker (President), John Fowler (Secretary), Muriel Rubin (Treasurer) , Miss Mery O ' Brien (Advisor). CAMERA CLUB CAMERA CLUB — David Tela (President), Robert Aitken (Vice-President), Linda Stevens (Secretary), Paula Whiteman (Treasurer), Mr. Frederick Oakes (Advisor) . 91 GIRLS GLEE CLUB — Paula Garrand (President), Nancy Kells (Secretary), Carol Gloski (Librarian), Miss Florence Argy (Director). BOYS GLEE CLUB — John O ' Riley (President), Jerry Sears (Vice-President), Raymond Ducharme (Librarian), Miss Florence Argy (Director). 95 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Captain Sandra Hoar J. V. CHEERLEADERS ut; ' willing led by Cap- lin Karen Bartlett. TWIRLERS Captain Katherine Borth- wick commanding color guard formation. COLORGUARD BANK DAY CASHIERS OFFICE GIRLS LIBRARY AIDES COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB 99 HOME ECONOMICS MANUAL TRAINING It TUtm HUS HIGH SCHOOL WWW EDUCATION COUKTESV OF . to w SALES DRIVER EDUCATION .4 M wam wI k THE CANON NOVAK TROPHY was awarded to Gary Sutton and Edwin Traceski for outstanding ability in football. Turners 14 Holyoke Catholic 6 Turners 14 Athol 12 Turners 20 Wahconah 12 Turners 20 Adams 14 Turners 6 St. Joseph 20 Turners 6 Drury 14 Turners 8 Northampton 32 Turners 19 Pittsfield 14 Turners 0 Greenfield 20 Five wins, Four defeats BASKETBALL Turners 83 Turners 72 Turners 53 Turners 46 Turners 56 Turners 65 Turners 69 Turners 63 Turners 57 Turners 45 Turners 55 Turners 53 Turners 56 Turners 61 Turners 60 Turners 55 Turners 46 Turners 56 Turners 56 Turners 79 15 Wins, 5 Losses Mahar Frontier Chicopee Greenfield Westfield Holyoke Catholic Frontier Northampton Holyoke Chicopee Comprehensive West Springfield Chicopee Greenfield Westfield Holyoke Catholic Northampton Holyoke Chicopee Comprehensive West Springfield Mahar TENNIS O O i-j ph Jr JHiLl ac Ul n ' V I - - ; wrj t. 5 m m -JE2M ' Trttrwt r « i : :«PPPF r m J BASEBALL Turners 5 Arms Academy 5 Turners 4 West Springfield 2 Turners 6 Northampton 3 Turners 1 Chicopee 12 Turners 11 Holyoke 18 Turners 4 Westfield 11 Turners 6 Monadonack 5 Turners 5 Mahar 3 Turners 4 Holyoke Catholic 6 Turners 5 Greenfield 12 Turners 7 St. Michaels 0 Turners 9 West Springfield 7 Turners 7 Northampton 1 Turners 7 Holyoke 5 Turners 5 Chicopee 14 Turners 6 St. Michaels 3 Turners 3 Westfield 8 Turners 7 Holyoke Catholic 6 Turners 6 Greenfield 10 10 Wins, 8 Losses, 1 Tie 112 TRACK Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Falls won the Valley League Track Meet Three wins, Three defeats. 67 Pioneer 32 47 Drury ... 62 57 South Hadley 38 45 West Springfield 54 70 Athol 31 66 I 4 Greenfield 671 4 CROSS COUNTRY COACHED BY MR. ROBERT AVERY, cross country team in its first year of existence at TFHS, ran to a winning season. For his ability and enthusiasm in Cross Country, John Isles received the Most Outstanding Competitor Trophy. Turners 22 Turners 36 Turners 38 Turners 46 Turners 20 Turners 29 Turners 45 Turners 45 Turners 36 Turners 41 Turners 41 6 Wins, 5 Defeats Arms Northampton Williston Academy . Amherst Drury Deerfield Academy Arms Holyoke Williamsburg Wahconah Frontier BASKETBALL Turners 24 Mahar 40 Turners 19 Pioneer 36 Turners 22 Frontier 66 Turners 14 Arms 53 Turners 23 Greenfield 40 Turners 26 Hinsdale 20 Turners 27 Williamsburg 30 Turners 71 Hopkins 23 Turners 12 Pioneer 44 Turners 19 Mahar . 37 Turners 12 Arms 82 Turners 4 Frontier 87 Turners 27 Greenfield 39 GIRL’S VOLLEYBALL SOFTBALL THE STREAM OF UNITY IS OUR FOUNDATION £ RECORDER GAZETTE Since 1792 Franklin County’s Own Newspaper £ All the News of Turners Falls and Other Montague Sections § “A Complete Home Newspaper For All The Family” £ Telephones : 863-4441 or 772-0261 | £ Turners Falls Bureau 69 1 2 Avenue A Compliments of Compliments of | | FRANK’S SERVICE STATION POLISH CO-OP STORES | Frank Kersavage, Prop. 96 Fourth St. 39 Eleventh St. | $ Millers Falls, Massachusetts Turners Falls, Massachusetts PARTRIDGE-ZSCHAU, INC. INSURANCE — REALTORS Telephone 659-3318 12 MAIN STREET MILLERS FALLS, MASS. Telephone 863-4331 ? 106 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASS. | x Indeed we do ! ! Sell Life Insurance 120 Compliments of BARRY FLOOR WALL COVERINGS William J. Barry, Jr. 177 Avenue A Tel. 863-4409 Turners Falls, Massachusetts Good Luck To The CLASS OF 1965 GIBBON’S MUSIC CENTER Turners Leads The Way — Others Follow RUCKI’S GOODYEAR AND GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS “The most of the best for the least ” Tel. 774-4791 19 Federal St. Greenfield, Mass. Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1965 CORNER CUPBOARD SNACK SHOP Corner of Chapman and Main Sts. Greenfield, Massachusetts rjq FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY CADE’S FLOWER SHOP 54 Avenue A Turners Falls CHARRON’S PHARMACY Franklin County’s Most Modern Drug Store PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED 339 Federal St. Greenfield, Massachusetts La PIERRE’S, INC WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES ‘You Can Be Sure If It’s Westinghouse” 59 Federal Street 42 Federal Street Tel. 772-0296 Tel. 773-7714 Greenfield, Mass. Greenfield, Mass. ☆ ☆ ☆ BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1965 ☆ ☆ ☆ THE ROCKDALE STORE ☆ ☆ ☆ TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 122 The Day You Buy A Diamond A Happy Day For Your Loved One “Come in and see our fine selection of diamonds.” STANLEY’S JEWELRY STORE SINGLEY’S FURNITURE APPLIANCE STORE 173 and 169 Avenue A Turners Falls, Massachusetts BAUCH’S ESSO STATION 193 Avenue A Turners Falls, Massachusetts Lubrication, Esso Oil, Tires Custom Washing Tel. 863-4378 AVENUE A SNACK BAR Featuring Complete Meals Delicious Foot-Long Submarine Open from 6 a.m. - p.m. 152 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. MILLERS FALLS BOND OLD DEERFIELD BOND MILLERS FALLS ONION SKIN GIBRALTER ONION SKIN MILLERS FALLS EZERASE BOND and ONION SKIN MILLERS FALLS OPAQUE PARCHMENTS MILLERS FALLS PAPER COMPANY MILLERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 123 II YETTER — The Florist Quality Flowers Since 1907 Tel. 774-4305 Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of BILL’S RESTAURANT, INC. 30 Federal Street Greenfield, Massachusetts THE URGIEL FARM Potatoes and Dairy Munns Ferry Road Gill, Massachusetts Compliments of JUREK BROS., INC. 53 School Street Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of HALLMARK STUDIO, INC. 314 Main Street Greenfield, Massachusetts CLEARY’S JEWELERS Oldest Established Store In Area Selling and Servicing Diamonds — Watches — Silver Jewelry — China — Gifts 248 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of SPORTHAUS Ski Shop — SportsWear 320 Main St. Tel. 773-3876 Across From The Common Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of FRENCH KING BOWLING CENTER 16 Modern Lanes and Snack Bar Reservations Tel. 659-3047 French King Highway Millers Falls, Massachusetts v iy5 v ' $ Compliments of WELLS TOOL COMPANY Greenfield, Massachusetts EASTERN TEXTILE COMPANY Distributors of Cotton, Silk and Rayon Dress Goods Tel. 773-7516 Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of FRANK’S “Fine Foods” 271 Federal Street Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of CHALET BARBER SHOP ‘Hairstyling For Men” SIGDA FLOWER SHOP 284 HIGH STREET Greenfield, Massachusetts Colonial and Early American RUSSTELL’S COLONIAL SHOP Routes 5 and 10 Old Deerfield, Massachusetts Compliments of GREENFIELD SAVINGS BANK 400 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. 125 £ Smooth Sailing Ahead y So Long — Happy Days | SENIORS OF 1965 | L. A. KOHLER, CO., INC. Like You Were Tops In Everything We Sell 75 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. ESCOTT’S SUNOCO Minor Repairs Tel. 863-4028 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of GRIMARD’S SHOE SERVICE PAUL GRIMARD, Prop. 103 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. PLEASANT INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. General Insurance — Real Estate 77 Avenue A Turners Falls, Massachusetts Congratulations and Best Wishes TO THE 1965 GRADUATES of TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL WHAI — AM plus FM CBS RADIO NETWORK Greenfield, Massachusetts 126 WAINSHAL’S Greenfield’s Largest Furniture Store 377 Main St. Tel. 773-3015 Greenfield, Massachusetts THE CORNER BOOK STORE INC. Blank Books and Stationery Newspapers — Office Supplies Periodicals — Greeting Cards 116 Avenue A Tel. 863-4569 Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of BILL’S LUNCHEONETTE Millers Falls, Massachusetts Tel. 659-3556 DORAN, INC. Plumbing, Heating and Appliances “We Sell — Install — Service and Guarantee” Millers Falls — 659-3543 Turners Falls — 863-4323 Congratulations Class of 1965 TRANSCRIPT PRESS Printer of the Netop 26 Exchange St. Tel. 249-4010 Athol, Mass. Compliments of TURNERS FALLS COAL CO. Phone 863-4321 Fifth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Congratulations ! Class of 1965 Best Wishes for the Future VALLEY STUDIO “Everything Photographic” 74 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. A. H. RIST — INSURANCE Since 1888 Fire — Bond — Casualty Automobile — Life — Marine Notary Public — Burglary 56 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Massachusetts Real Estate Sales and Appraisals 127 For Safe and Courteous Service VETERAN’S CAB Call Tel. 863-4393 Office : 78 Avenue A Turners Falls Massachusetts CASUAL COIFFURES Tel. 863-2833 Carol Biano 168 Avenue A Patricia Letourneau Turners Falls, Mass. ELLIE S LUNCH Home Cooked Food and Home Made Muffins Booth Service Air Conditioned 63 Third St. Turners Falls, Mass. § Compliments of JOSEPH RIEL HEATING — PLUMBING § THE CROCKER INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS “THE BANK WITH THE CHIMES” 52 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 128 ? y y Compliments of LAWRENCE SHOES | | HARRY SPUNGIN Shoes For All The Family | | FURRIER 220 Main St. jj 4 28 Chapman St. Greenfield, Mass. Greenfield, Massachusetts 4 For The Best Tire Deal § In Franklin County y Trade At . . . § § Best Wishes To t CLASS OF 1965 4 4 1 ART’S TIRE SERVICE, INC. y OLD STONE LODGE t | | 10 Silver St. Greenfield, Mass. I | ALIBER’S WILLIAM’S GARAGE § For Smooth Driving £ ) “Where there is no § — Specializing in — x Bear Wheel Alignment y 4 Compromise with Quality” Sun Scientific Tune-up y 147 Second St. Turners Falls, Mass, y y Compliments to the Compliments of y | CLASS OF 1965 THE HUB RESTAURANT | | GOODNOW’S Banquets, Weddings and Parties 4 | DEPARTMENT STORE Greenfield, Massachusetts ? 129 § Congratulations to the CLASS OF 1965 BARBARA S BEAUTY BAR 111 Avenue A Tel. 863-4000 Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of ST. KAZIMIERS SOCIETY Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. SHADY GLEN Featuring Grinders Clams and Scallops Turners Falls, Massachusetts GEO. STARBUCK SONS, INC. Established 1872 Quiet May Oil Burner Steam, Water and Plumbing Contractors § Sheet Metal Work | § Turners Falls, Massachusetts In Greenfield it’s . . . WILSON’S FRANKLIN COUNTY’S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE — Since 1882 — Where your Mother and Grandmother shopped. 1 Coffee Home-made Ice Cream Sandwiches and Lunches At GOULDS Tel. 659-3052 Millers Falls, Massachusetts McCarthy — THE CLOTHIER — Tailor-made Suits A Specialty Turners Falls, Massachusetts BARRETT BAKER Stationers — Office Supplies Typewriter Sales and Service 306-310 Main Street Greenfield, Massachusetts 1 -HZ - - THE WELDON Complete Dining and Banquet Facilities Greenfield, Massachusetts COMET CLEANERS Licensed Sanitone Cleaners “Sanitone Is Incomparable” Tel. 863-2043 Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of S. W. HAYNES DENTAL LABORATORY YOU CAN DO BETTER AT CARROLL S SUPER MARKETS Millers Falls Gill 131 Gateway to better Yearbooks T. O’Toole Sons, one of the first printers in the nation to pro- duce yearbooks by offset, bring to you progressive ideas tempered by experience and a reputation for painstaking workmanship. Per- sonal service to advise you on: • Yearbook Production • Themes • Layout • Use of Color • Fitting Copy • Line Drawings • Advertising • Proof Reading • Photography • Production • Personal Service At All Times t. o’toole sons builds a new plant to aid yo t. o’toole sons, inc. Main Office and Factory Keeler Avenue, South Norwalk, Connecticut Tel. TEmple 8-4761 -62-63 Tel. New York City MElrose 5-4112 I Compliments to the 1 Compliments to the § CLASS OF 1965 CLASS OF 1965 | £ From the From the $ CLASS OF 1967 CLASS OF 1966 I FORBES CAMERA SHOP § § § Compliments of § | Everything Photographic THE ATHENS RESTAURANT t $ “Where Friends Meet’ | Greenfield, Massachusetts Montague Road Turners Falls, Mass. § Good Luck To The Compliments of | | CLASS OF 1965 AMERICAN HOUSE ! | LIONEL’S BARBER SHOP Fine Foods 4 ? 110 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 25 Fourth St. Turners Falls, Mass. | FRANKLIN COUNTY LUMBER CO. A Complete Line of Building Materials 4 Dependable Merchandise Finance Accommodations § 54 HOPE STREET GREENFIELD, MASS. £ 133 $ ESLEECK MANUFACTURING COMPANY — THIN PAPERS — Turners Falls Massachusetts For Repairs — Bring ’em To Us ! ! AL’S BODY SHOP Compliments of Fender and Body Work Wrecks A Specialty CARROLL TRAVEL BUREAU Jet. Montague City Road and Ave. A of Tel. 863-4835 Greenfield, Massachusetts Turners Falls, Massachusetts MILLERS FALLS COMPANY FINEST HAND POWER TOOLS MADE Band, Hole, Power and Hand Hacksaw Blades Hand and Precision Tools Power Tools Industrial Electrical Tools Router — Plane — Shaper Greenfield MILLERS FALLS COMPANY Massachusetts Compliments of DOLAN DOLAN 77 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Massachusetts ROONEY’S SHOES Turners’ Only Shoe Store For The Entire Family Tel. 863-2451 166 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. CENTER PHARMACY Open Daily 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tel. 863-4879 Free Drug Delivery 131 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of GODIN 5 10c STORE 151 Avenue A Turners Falls, Massachusetts COUTURE BROS., INC. Painting and Decorating Contractors Painting and Wall Paper Supplies Picture Framing — Glass Tel. 863-4346 Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of BOSTLEY MOTOR COMPANY Lincoln Mercury Comet 38 Hope Street Greenfield, Massachusetts THE FRANKLIN SAVINGS INSTITUTION “THE BANK ON THE CORNER” ☆ ☆ ☆ A. M. GAMELIN CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 1964— 1965 SENIORS MONTAGUE CITY and GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS ☆ ☆ ☆ 137 Compliments of STRATHMORE PAPER CO. Best Wishes To The CLASS OF 1965 BOARD OF SELECTMEN COMET CLEANERS Licensed Sanitone Cleaners “Sanitone Is Incomparable” Tel. 863-2043 123 Avenue A Turner Falls, Mass. Compliments of Window Shades — Venetian Blinds EDWARD STOTZ, INC. Electrical Contractors Tel. 774-4257 Serving Franklin County Are You Looking For . . . Printing that will compliment your message — help win the attention of your customers and prospects ? Drop in and let us show you the fine printing we do. FRANKLIN COUNTY PRESS, INC. 60 Avenue A Tel. 863-4625 Turners Falls, Mass. 138 Compliments of HAROLD B. MYERS — GULF — Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of NADEAUS CLOVER FARM STORE Quality Meats and Groceries Open Daily 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. High Street Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of DR. ALBERT B. GIKNIS Compliments to the CLASS OF 1965 CLARA’S BEAUTY SHOPPE Tel. 863-4517 15 Maple St. Turners Falls, Mass. Best Wishes To The CLASS OF 1965 CAMILLE A. PAULIN Registered Barber Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of BOB’S AUTO BODY 24 Hour Wrecker Service Tel. 863-2112 303 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of DR. FREDERICK MILKEY Congratulations To The CLASS OF 1965 WARD’S STORE Millers Falls Peg and Morgan Browning 139 9 Compliments of THE VILLA Pizza — Grinders Clams Scallops PIPIONE’S SPORTS SHOP Bicycles — All Bicycle Repairs Parts and Accessories Full Line of Sports’ Equipment 104 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. DELUXE BEAUTY SALON Josephine Lrol, Prop. All Kinds of Beauty Culture Tel. 863-4651 Turners Falls, Massachusetts LUNT SILVERSMITHS Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments of FA LLS THEATRE Compliments of " GARDNERS” 108 L Street Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of MACKIN’S Greenfield Millers Falls Compliments of HAWLEY PHARMACY Millers Falls Tel. 659-3327 HAWLEY PHARMACY, INC. Turners Falls Tel. 863-2473 140 Compliments of SHADY REST Wally and Rachel Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Massachusetts SKIBISKI INSURANCE SERVICE INC. SKIBISKI REALTY Insurance - Appraisals - Real Estate Tel. Sunderland 665-2191 Greenfield 773-7176 Compliments of ATTY. RAYMOND M. TRUDEL Compliments of RITA’S BEAUTY SALON Rita Tuminski, Prop. 80 High Street Tel. 863-2663 Compliments of JUNES’ HAIR FASHIONS June Escott Hair Stylist 74 Prospect St. Tel. 863-9077 Turners Falls, Massachusetts HANLEY’S LTD. Greenfield, Massachusetts Good Luck To The Class of 1965 WHITE SWAN BEAUTY SHOPPE Tel. 659-3309 51 Main Street Millers Falls, Mass. 141 $ ARBEN Quality Furniture at Low Prices Franklin County’s Largest and Most Modern Furniture Showroom Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of GEORGE H. REED AND CO., INC. General Contractor Diamond Core Drilling 24 Franklin Street Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of CHAPIN SADLER Bus Transportation School and Charter Service Montague Massachusetts Compliments of ST. STANISLAUS Turners Falls, Massachusetts LIVE BETTER Q xiMc 0$. 142 Compliments of JARVIS WELDING MFG. CO. Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Massachusetts Compliments of GREENFIELD MOTOR CLUB Francis A. Farrell 240 Federal St. Greenfield, Massachusetts Compliments To The CLASS OF 1965 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Compliments of SHEREMETA PONTIAC INC. | Franklin County’s New Pontiac Dealer § Bringing You § Service First As Always f TFAC TFAC TURNERS FALLS ATHLETIC CLUB SPORTSMANSHIP SCHOLARSHIP FELLOWSHIP Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF 1965 143

Suggestions in the Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) collection:

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 1


Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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