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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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I 3, ' 1 if 4 N M 4 5 I 1. 4-.I f v 4 1 v w A an 1 aq 9 ii Q Q: ,. 5 E fi Q ,. 2? T5 '4 K, 'S Qi 71 S 3 5? an C9 5 Za 1 2, 3 K L 6. , 74455 i - g-" A . N WWW cs.-KN T tri'-Y 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS N amc Indian Trails .A.. Table of Contents ..... Our Staff ,.,,.a.... Dedication . i . Mr. Burke ..... Mr. Wrightson .,.., Our Medicine Man ..,. Our Council .i.,., Our Tribe , . . Papooses ..,..., Achievements .... Class Song ...4. Ivy Poem ...,.. Class History .i... Smoke Signals ..., Class Will ,,,., Candid Shots .,,i.,i...,., Tops on the Totem Pole ....i Thoughts of a Senior i... Activities ,.......,... Our Warriors ,.,. Our Scouts , . . . 693: 1 ' B' -' 'vq,..in iff? fy, V 5 .Y gf-' .ff -"" 2 OUR S 3 A FACUI M EDI' Jao EDI'1 Richard Dinsmo Samuel Taylor Louise Kelleher William Beves N . Nancy Judd Dale Cadran Sylvia Pluta Carolyn Fortin Beverly Adie S AF Helen Delpha G4 SPOI Robert Murphy BUSINl Gerald Kuklewic. Anthony Blassbei John Charron Neil Tompkins Bai jean Thompson A I , v I 5 Q X-X w "'NVy,0 XXXXXNXX A .KN Naam? 15 .ff iq xxgjnjy vdg NX ,amyfihblmy M 62? gf -h:N.,NN yyqyxv. fy ,qv A Aivfg ff fl!!! Il,,l!,f7!6:f ffffv 1 'Wk' ' I I ' 1 w , qkbz , gn A .A W fh '11--vf' s -5 . Mr. Arthur E. Burke UM, ,o...wM ' V va, ,af ' li Yf B r i l . Q Never have we lacked your constant support of any enterprise we ha' You have blazed for us our "Trail" through our four years of high schi experience gained during a career devoted to the young men and womei munity. This devotion will forever rank in importance with the proud Turners Falls Indian as an inspiration to guide us along the rest of our "Ti achievement. 6 e Mr. George F. Wrightson 1? RL --.'. - J K -, . ' - . . .-H55 55 A ' '- X to ' L f" L ii L if' V - K wit .- vfiff How difiicult it is to find a man who has integrity, competence, and 1 in oneg and yet, we have found that man. What you have given us is more than mere discipline. You have give for success, and a willingness to accept responsibility. So to you, Mr. George F. Wrightson, we, the Class of 1957, wish gratitude for all you have done for us. May all who enter Turners Falls benefit from your unending patience and understanding, and leave with minds, and your qualities in their hearts. 7 Mr. Frederick B. Cakes To Mr. Oakes, our patient guide who has helped us to overcome tl high school years, we extend our humble thanks. As our teacher, you exen a leader should beg and as a friend, you inspired us with your understa us your willing hand in time of need. As the trails of the class of nineteen hfty-seven wind into the furu: ways have our gratitude and be remembered forever as our "Medicine M: pm ww " 51 ? fi 4-1, . rw mm- -Q ,HYQEL-A f 1, MISS CLARK MR. CONNELLY MRS. BARCLAY MR. CAOUETFE MR. WEINER MISS ARGY MISS O'BRIEN Miss MR. OAKES TO THE FACULT1 The guiding spirit of th. councils of the tribes were cc the community, to whom fi society along the path of pn function -in that it molds the MR. SI-IEBELL MRS. 10 ISS MCGILLICUDDY MISS REUM MR. PUTNAM MISS LINDSAY MR. BOURDEAU MRS. I members of our society - the youth of the town of Montague, tomorrow citizens of the world. Our future achievements cannot but mirror the years of patient, un- derstanding effort they have devoted to making us better members of the age in which we live. My MR. GARRAI- MISS Ll'I'I'L HSS WITHINGTON MR. GALVIN MR. RUSSELL 'I'l OIOVI pllfk We FIG IUCZVI iam H MQHQ: 'X'01'W mn ". , V as VR ' ' 'Wx '?'.-:ww w '11 4 Q, 1. .w,.,.u waw qwy 6 S I 2 L 4 v K , A 4 11- 52345 ' ' 2 1 . 4 , X L 3. .- R L Z STM? . , , xx' 0 Q , Q S I s 5 is: D- D Q 'IIIII 1 ROBERT CLIFFORD LA ROCHE "Rochie" "If you have great talents, industry will improve them, if you have but moderate abilities. indurtry will .rupply their deficiency." "Rochie" was one of the Business Man- agers who made our Netop and Yearbook possible. He sang with the Boys' Glee Club, ushered and was head usher at several class dances, and was a member of the "T" Club as a result of his two years of track and four memorable years of football. He also acted the part of the father in the Christmas play, "The Goose Hangs High" and the role of "Uncle Poodgie" in our Senior Play, "Janie". That's our "veep"! ii ag' I 1' RICHARD G. MARTINEAU "Dickie" "I am wealthy in my friends." To head "Dickie's" list of achievements is a Pro Merito rating. Musically speaking, he was in the Band for two years, Boys' Glee Club, presiding over the latter during his senior year, and was in All State Chorus. At junior Prize Speaking he gave "Listen to the People" by Stephen Vincent Benet, and portrayed "Mr. Todd" in "Love Is Eternal". His striking portrayal of "Scooper" was one of the high points of "janie". He was vice-president and then president of "Le Cercle Francais" and belonged to the Art Club a year. Also, he held office in the History Club as treasurer. "Dickie" gave a great deal of his time as general chairman of our class dances to make them the suc- cesses they were. SAMUEL TAYLOR "Sam" "Make two grim grow where there was only a grouch heforef' "Sam", our class historian and class wit, had four very active years in high school. He showed his athletic powers by playing football for three and by managing the basketball and baseball teams for two years. His organizing ability was revealed in help- ing to put on all of our class dances. This included being an usher at the Sophomore Social and the Freshman Hop and a dec- orator at the Prom. "Sammy" sang tenor in the Boys' Glee Club for two years and was a member of the History Club for two years, being elected president of it his senior year. He displayed acting ability in the part of "Mr. Day" in "The Goose Hangs High". We were all amused by his portrayal of the decidedly taciturn "Dead Pan Hack- ett in "Janie", He was a member of the "T" Club and was an editor on the Netop and Yearbook Staffs. During his junior year, he was elected homeroom captain for the magazine drive and was selected as alternate for both Prize Speaking and Good Govern- ment Day. "Sam" accomplished all this and still managed to keep his Pro Merito rating throughout his four years at T.F.H.S. 'I4 twwgwwwiiiiwiiil 3 uf! , U52 S Ihfllu' 5-'O :QEEQQC Y her long Pri: Sun Hi 5 Sen sup pla' it 5. fi i ,gd ,f S 5331: Igsi S .53 l E Y Me1 Var ber mei Clu two Bes tool sop and Hip iun war Do' PFXSGY JOAN ABBOTT "Peg" "Good nature is the -very air of 4 good mind." "Peg," the quiet girl of our class, was in the Home Economics Club her freshman year. As a senior, she was a Bank Day Cashier and gave of her time and willingness as a Q member of the refreshment committee for the Freshman Hop. fx ROBERT LOUIS ABBOTT "What should a man do but How well known is "Cochise" for his suavity ar four years, he participated in baseball, track, and ba also lent his voice to the Boys' Glee Clubg was an us, ticket committee for our Senior Play. BEVERLY LORRAINE ADIE "Bev" "Here': a heart for any fate."' B "Bev" is well liked because of her wit and vivacity. She has been active in the Glee Club, and History Club during her junior and senior yearsg the Art Club her sophomore year, the Community Service Club all three years, and served as president of the Camera Club during her last year. "Bev" wrote for the junior and Senior Netop Staffs. Her love for sports was manifested by her participation in J. V. basketball and softball. "Bev" assisted with the make-up for the Senior Play and her acting ability won her the role of "Tamar" in "Love Is Eternal," a one act play presented for Veterans' Day. GERTRUDE AREL "Not much talk-a great, Ju "Gert" was in the Home Economics Club during the Softball Team she showed her athletic prowess. We support of our class projects, such as her contribution of "janie." 15 JOHN AVBRY "Johnny" "Oh, give ur the man who .fingr at hir work." "Johnny's" athletic interests were manifested by his membership on the Track Team. As a musician, he was male vocalist with the Swingsters for two years, and was a faithful member of the Boys' Glee Club, serving also as its librarian during his senior year. As a parliamentarian, he was one of the most active members of the History Club. A popular boy, "Johnny" will long be remembered for his clever quips. JAMES BAIRD "Truth is the highert thing that man During his freshman year "Butch" played on the foo' worked on the decorations for the Sophomore Social. H decorating committees for the Junior Prom. "Butch" alsc ANTHONY MARTIN BLASSBERG his last two years. WILLIAM SPENCER BEVES "Bill" "I will :truly how to give account of my little, rather than how to make it more." One of our class musicians, "Bill" played in the Band for four years, the Orchestra for three years, and the Swingsters for two years. He sang in the Boys' Glee Club, was in the Art Club, and enjoyed History Club meetings during his junior and senior years. "Bill" served on the music committee for the Junior Prom, and was a member of our "Sanctum Sanctorumf' He was not only on the committee for the tickets of our Senior Play, "Janie," but creditably performed in a supporting role. "To live long is almost everyoneir with, but to live wr Q "Tony" displayed his interest in sports by being Tr: 'fy He belonged to the History, Art, and Camera Clubs, act ' in his senior year. He was a capable business manager for and Netop, was a stage manager for our Senior Play, "Jan Day play as "Cassius Clay." "Tony" ushered at the Juni gymnasium for our Sophomore Social. A willing and effe1 16 S L DALE RICHARD CADRAN "Nothing ir impossible to a willing heart." Dale won second place in Junior Prize Speaking with his unforgettable performance of "Winterset" by Maxwell Anderson and he played the part of "Scott" in the Veterans' Day Play, "Love Is Eternal." One of our four sport athletes, Dale played football and basketball for four years, baseball for three, and was on the Track Team for three. He was a member of the History and "T" Clubsg wro.e for the Netop and Yearbook, and served on the Decorating Committee for the Sophomore Social and Junior Prom, and represented our high school in the Voice of Democracy contest. A Job well done! JOHN ARTHUR CHARRON A 'Talent is that which is in a man'.r power: Genius is l This distinguished looking gentleman may have found with a cheerful smile assisting on committees ft many clubs in which ,he participated including the Ai the History Club of which he was vice-president durin basketball and pitched his way through three years of l business acumen by procuring ads for Netop and Yeal "Hugh" in the Christmas Play. JASON EDWARD CLARK "Jay" "Soul of libre, heart of oak." as Although he worked after school, "Jay" was basketball manager for two years. In ' addition to being an usher 'for our Junior Prom, "Jay" was an active member of the Art Club and the History Club, giving these organizations some of his contagious cheerfulness, and made use of his Wednesday night training by acting as a soldier in the Senior Play. SYLVIA ELAINE CLOUGH "It matters not what you are thought to he "Sylv" was a member of the Glee Club and the J As a Freshman, she belonged to Miss Reum's Home l two years she collected money for Bank Day. She served Class Day, and Graduation. As a Senior, "Sylv" becamn Netop StaHs, and helped out the rnake-up committee for ber about Sylvia is that beautiful blush that so easily su 17 3 ROSE MARIE COLLETTE "Rose" "If 4 good face is 4 letter of recommendation, 4 good heart is 4 letter of credit." In her senior year Rose Marie was a member of the History and Camera Clubs and in 2 addition, was a Bank Day Cashier. Rose proved an invaluable member of the refreshment committee for the Junior Prom and by her consistent dependability and mature judgment endeared herself to many. RAYMOND ERNEST COSBY .E CAROL ANN LORETTA CORBIN "In quietness and in confidence shall he Carol, through her perseverance and sincere natui in our class. She blended her soprano voice with others o for our Junior Prom. She was also one of those on the the Senior Play. We know whatever "Corby" attempts in until she succeeds. "cob" "Man is complete and upttanding only when he would he more than man." "Ray" played football in his freshman year. Musimlly speaking, he was a member of the Band and Swingsters as a junior, and later was a free-lancer in that field. He also was a member of the Art Club. JOYCE ELEANOR COSSETI' "Modesty is the citadel of beauty 41 "Joy" was on the J. V. Tumbling Team during I Team for two years. She was J. V. Cheerleader for one Varsity squad in her senior year. Joyce belonged to Community Service Clubs. She also was an usher for t and Junior Prize Speaking. She was Miss Teed's valual liked and admired by everyone because of her mod sweetness! 'IB THOMAS FRANCIS COTTER "Tom" "What wisdom an you find that ir greater than kindness?" "Torn" displayed his athletic ability by participating in basketball and track for four years, football for three and baseball for one year. Versatility on his part was shown by belonging to the Glee Club for three years, the History Club for one and the Netop Stal During his junior year "Tom" was an alternate for Junior Prize Speaking and an usher for the Junior Prom. He ably assisted as a Stage Manager for the Senior Play, and portrayed 'Q -1 E "Noel", a friend of the family in the Christmas play, "The Goose Hangs High". "Tommy's" got a great sense of humor, but don't ever "kid" him about the Yankees! Oh, that ardent Yankee fan! JEROLD WILUAM CROWIJEY "Tb: liberal .tonl :ball be rm One of the more likeable boys in our class, "Jerry extra-curricular activities. He did, however, participate meetings during his senior year, and played with skil "Janie". W - WOODROW LEROY CUTLIER "Woody "A: large as lile and twice ar natural." "Wwdy" started out his freshman year with a bang-as a charter member of the Ride Club. In his succeeding years he belonged to the Art and "T" Clubs and the Track Team. "Woody" also worked on the ticket committee for our Senior Play, "Janie", and rounded out a full schedule as a most effective tackle on the football eleven GLORIA MARY DAUPHINAIS "A joy tbafs rbared is a ioy rruu As a Frosh, "Glo" ioined the Home Economics Cl Squad during her Sophomore year. She also helped with member of the imaginary "Working Girls' Club"! I9 HELEN FRANCES DELPHA "Butch" "Ambition has no ren." Busy, busy, busy! Twirling, being Lieutenant her senior year, planning and decorating for our Sophomore Social, Junior Prom, and Freshman Hop gave Helen the needed outlets for her ideas that always seemed to be popping up. She sang in the 'Girl's Glee Club for two years and was a participant in Art, Camera, Community Service, and History Clubs. She was on the costume committee for "Janie" and her artwork in Netop and "Indian Trails" will be remembered, as will the old "Grandma Parker" in "Love Is Etemalf' RICHARD WILLIAM DINSMORE "Who learn: by finding out ha: seuenfold the :kill of h "Dick's" exceptional acting ability won him third p contest, and made him a contender in the American L4 Democracy contests. He belonged to the Band, Glee Clu and was General Manager of the Magazine Project. Desp a Pro Merito rating. He won the coveted Harvard Prizn played the role of "Doctor Ward" in the Veterans' D Cobum", the long-sufering father in "Janie." "Dick" i and responsibilities of writing important articles for the ' accepted the task. It is through these we have found ow Dinsmore! 2?-s xl- g, -ei. ,si 1 assi RICHARD HENRY D1oN "What people my you cannot do, you try and ind that you can." Richard's voice blended with the Glee Club for three years. He was in the Art Club his sophomore year, and was a very capable usher at the Junior Prom. Q15 JOHN JAMES DONAHUE "A merry heart maketh a cheerful 4 "Huey", in blue and white, was seen on the footb manager in his sophomore year. He was active in baseball in the History Club - especially around election time - zo PAUL JOSEPH BMERY "F.metalds" "We mam laugh before we ere happy, for fear we die before we laugh." Paul effectively characterized "the auctioneer", heard, but not seen in the Veterans' Day presentation, "Love is Eternal". But we did see "Emeralds" as a member of the French Club and as "Carl Loomis" in "Janie" and heard him singing in the Boys' Glee Club. THOMAS GERALD FINCK "Patience is a remedy for every One of our class musicians, this quiet but friendly by being in the Band for two years, and playing with tl SUZANNE ALICE FISK "Sue" "Genero.fity goes with good birth." "Sue" wore the blue and white of the Band for three years. She was in the Art Club for two years, and largely as a result of this training she was elected to the Decorating Com- mittee of the Sophomore Social. She attended the History Club meetings her senior year, and belonged to the Community Service Club for three years. "Sue" was also a capable usher at the Junior Prize Speaking contest and in her senior year she served on the costume committee of "Janie". "Susie" was a friend and companion as well as a classmate. An asset to any class! CAROLYN LOUISE FORTIN 'They ere never alone, that are accompanied A Hash of a blonde "pony tail" - and "Carrie" we Room 3 - Netop and Yearbook StaE headquarters. 1 Secretary of the Camera Club. She also gave of her tix and to various dance committees. "Carries" hard work resulted in a varsity position and she gave us "Mrs. Tod: is Eternal", and "I-lortense Bennington" in the Senior Play 21 F H rgqewfff 'w Xe MARY ANN GAGNE "A faithful friend is the medicine of life." Mary' Ann, as a Bank Day cashier, decorator for the Junior Prom, and one responsible for the refreshments at our Freshman Hop, labored willingly and with friendliness. She also participated in the activities of the Home Economics, Camera, and History Clubs. M it fe' E iw A wi JOHN CHARLES GAIMARI "lt become: 4 young nun to be 1 "Thumper", in contradiction to his nickname, proved ber. As a Freshman he matched his shooting skill with Club. John aided us immensely on the Ticket Committee Q MAB GIGNAC "Jeanne" "Sinurity and muh are Ibe basis of evefy virtue." For four years, "Jeanne" was an interested member of the Art Club. She was an usher for Junior Prize Speaking and on the decorating committee for the Junior Prom. "Jeanne" 'also displayed her domestic talents in the Home Economics Club during her freshman year and as a make-up crew member for our Senior Play. l fl ii, ,tl I5 iii 5 vi au, , DAVID BUCKLEY GMYRBK "lVbat.rower thy band lindatb to do, do it Being more than mildly enthusiastic about sports, years and was a member of the "T" Club for three. D1 nature, he was an active member of the History Club durii DAVID ALLEN GONYER "Dave" "A workmen that needeth not to be ashamed." M5352 In addition to a steady iob, "Dave" was a member for one year of the Color Guard and represented our High School in the Jaycees' Road-E-O in his Junior year. He portrayed the city-bred "Frank" in the Senior Play. His hobby was cars and we remember how we enjoyed his enlightening us on the subject in Public Speaking. LYNNE LOIS GRANT "H er thought: are many, her wot Lynne, the young lady with the very sweet smile school in order to earn a little towards her college educa she has managed to serve as a Bank Day Cashier. In h of the Home Economics Club and in her senior year sh the History and Art Clubs. ROGER ROBERT GRANT "Rog" "Great boper make great men." "Rag" was a participant in many fields. He managed the 1954 football team and in his second year as a member of the Color Guard was promoted to Captain. As assistant treasurer of the Art Club two years and as a publicity manager for the Magazine Drive two years, "Rog" was active, business-wise. He performed as "Joe Jerome" in "Janie", our Senior Play. He spoke in the American Legion Oratorical Contest and made several sports posters - all with initiative! JEANEITE HOUSMAN "A: merry as the day is lc Petite Jeanette played a big part in extra-curricu writing for the Netop and Yearbook Staffs, and holdi Home Economics, Art, French, and History. Her talent i for our Junior Prom. 23 if NANCY RUTH JUDD - "Manner, not gold, ir woman'.r bert adornmentf' Nancy, being interested in music, was manager of the Distaffs, a vocal sextet, for three years and was accompanist for Boys' Glee Club for one. She also belonged to the Band, was chosen student director during her senior year, and was a member of the Girls' Glee Club and Swingsters. She was an alternate for junior Prize Speaking and a delegate to Girls' Stare. Nancy also belonged to the History, Camera, Art, and Community Service Clubs. She played "Margaret" in the Columbus Day Play, served on the Properties Committee for the Senior Play, and was an asset to the Netop and Yearbook Staffs. LOUISE ESTELLE KELLEHER "To win that wonder of the world, 4 :mile fro Where there's activity, there's "Mickie"! A cheerleac and performance won her the co-captainship in her senior was a member of several clubs including the French, Art, Glee Clubs of which she held the office of secretary. As a Jun in "Love Is Eternal" and as "Thelma Lawrence" in the S4 dramatic talents. A tireless worker, "Mickie" devoted many and Yearbook and our many dance committees. Believe iw activities "Mickie" managed to maintain a Pro Merito rating JEANNE KELLYHOUSE Good nature :J stronger than lomabawk: Jeanne, the little girl with theworried little pucker between her eyebrows, as a fresh man, wasted no time in getting into our extra-curricular activities. She joined the Home Economics Club the Girls' Basketball Team, and the Tumbling Team. In her junior year Jeanne became a "working girl", and had ro give up many'of her activities including twirling. During this busy year, however, Jeanne managed to hnd time to usher at the Junior Prom. ' PETER FRANK KOSCINSKI "For truth halh better deeds than words "Pict" demonstrated enthusiasm for sports by turnin the football team and a year as Freshman Manager of th of the "Patch Gang" was also instrumental in the success o STANLEY HERMAN KOSCINSKI "Stash" "All thing: are difficult before they are easy." "Stash", one of the most athletic members in our class, belonged to the "T" Club for four years. He earned these letters by playing two years of baseball, four years on the basket- ball team, and two years on the football squad which he managed during his Junior and Senior years. Besides singing in the Boys' Glee Club, he ushered at several class projects and helped sell tickets for the Senior Play, "Janie". A boy who has often lifted the morale of our football players when he himself could not play, we're proud to claim "Stash" Koscinski as a "warrior" of the class of 1957. , WILLIAM JOHN KOSTECKI "Everything comes to bim who bustle: One of our active farmers from Montague Center, " many school activities. He did, however, show up in t "janie". Remember that side-splitting five minutes when the stage of the T.F.H.S. auditorium was serving as an sa JOSEPH KOZIK "Elvis" "A carefree and 4 jolly way be bad." joe, as an outhelder on the diamond for three years and as a Frosh member of the track team, displayed his sports enthusiasm. And "Elvis" wouldn't be "Elvis" without - you guessed it - his guitar! STACIA ALICE KROL "Na wealth ir like the quiet n In addition to being a valuable member of History 1 as a Bank Day Cashier. Her co-operativeness was also ver! while ushering for junior Prize Speaking and as a men Staffs. She also took part in the Community Service Economics Club, and was in charge of Junior Prom and Fr was also one of the properties crew for the Senior Play. 25 1m'H'f'f'W'cr Q l A JOAN ANN KRUZLIC "Joni" Q "Speak boldly, and :peak truly, shame the devil." ' In "Joni's" freshman year she joined the Home Economics Club serving at various sports' banquets. Her tumbling ability was highlighted for two years in the Variety Shows c 3213 and she was one of the make-up crew behind the scenes of "Janie," our Senior Play. "Joni's" gay and outgoing manner did much to dispel tension in times of stress. GERALD KUKLEWICZ "Liberty of tbougbt is the life of t "Gerry" our ''man-in-the-gray-flannel-suit" was most the Netop and Yearbook Stalfs, and as a business manag which he was also chosen alternate. "Martin Keele" of "Si and so was smooth "Dick lawrence" of "Janie." History 1 included him among their members for two years, and i Unity Park on a spring afternoon you no doubt saw "Gert I, W,,.. apr. E -1 PAUL JOHN MICHAEL LAPINSKI 'The feurler: man is hir own salvation." One-half of Paul's spare time was spent working and the other half in school activities. He checked for the Junior Prom, was a member of the Camera Club, belonged to the very active History Club, and was the electrician for the Senior Play. it - r f' HAROLD RICHARD LEETE , "A thing seriously pursued afar: tru As a sophomore "Bucky" was elected vice-president 1 bered as the left-handed slugger on the T.F.H.S. base three-year basketball-court-man. 26 BRIAN JAMES LETOURNEAU "Lits" I "Speak low, if you :peak love." Q "Lits" played football in his freshman year, but since he worked every afternoon in his last two years of high school, "Lits" was unable to participate in extra-curricular activities. He did, however, attend our school dances and ushered at the Sophomore Social, the Junior Prom, and the Freshman Hop. A "smoothie" on the dance floor! ROSEMARY MAHNOWSKI "A good reputation ir more valuable "Rosie" may not have been heard much, but she year she belonged to the Home Economics Club, and in She attended History Club meetings for a year. Many 1 Prom were made by our quiet Senior, "Rosie", who adds "Janie," by serving on the make-up committee. A worl school responsibilities and activities "Rosie" baby-sat fo: admired! CANDACE ANNE McCARTHY "Candy" "A good women if a hidden treasure, be who discover: ber will do well not to boast about it." If there were a working girls' club at T.F.H.S., "Candy", would no doubt, be among its numbers! She managed, however, to be a clarinetist in the Band for three years and to participate in the activities of the Art, History, Camera, and Community Service Clubs. Perhaps she ushered you in at our "Soph" Social and "Hawaiian paradise". Besides these she found time to help the costume committee for "Janie", A truly busy girl! CONSTANCE ANN MILONAS "Be of good cheer." "Connie" was one of the "tops" on the Tumbling T in the Glee Club, debated in the History Club, spoke F, years and was a member of the Home Economics Club du was one of those responsible for the delicious punch sen but not least, "Connie" was a make-up artist for the Sen 27 EDITH REGINA MOLONGOSKI "Yai" "Her ncatnur is outstanding: but her :mile is hotter still." Our "Yai" played her "sax" in the-Band for four years, Orchestra for two, and Swing- sters for three. She sang in the glee club two years, was in Camera Club, Art, Community Service, and History Clubs. "Yai" was also an alternate Prize Speaker, was adorably carry aa "Jane" in "Seventeenth Summer", and made an excellent assistant to the coach for the Senior Play. She ushered at the Sophomore Social and Junior Prom and she contributed a great deal of time as a member of the business stalis of the Netop and Yearbook. Another of the "venatiles"i :fi 5 ANTHONY JOSEPH MOSCA "I: not life 4 hundred time: foo short for as "Andy" could always be found in there "lighting played football, baseball, and basketball and was on the president for a year and ushered at the Junior Prom and also among those in the History Club, Glee Club, and ' any class! DAVID NEWTON MOSHER "Dave" 'Truth is mighty and will prevail." One of the ticket salesmen of "Janie" and a popular member of the Boys' Glee Club, "Dave" also attended the meetings of the History Club and the Arr Club, joining the Camera Club as a senior. "Dave" still maintained his active participation in basketball which be began as a junior. ,f !, is , ht i r 215' l Qs., .M 5 ROBERT MICHAEL MURPHY "Truth, whither it is in or out of fashion, ir the Baseball for four years and captainship his last two w "Bob", also known as "Murph". He was on the Freshman basketball for two years. The Boys' Glee Club, "'l"' Club him as an active member. Sports writer for the Junir ushered at the Sophomore Social and Junior Prom. And trayed "Ronnie," the "hen-pecked" son, in our Christmas SARAH MARGARET MURPHY ' Sa y 'True humor springs not more from the head than ffom the heart! . U .. I 1 With the same peppiness that made her our outstanding Drum Majorette, "Sally" par- ticipated in a large number of activities. She tumbled for three years, was a twirler for two, sang in the Girls' Glee Club and All State Chorus, and was a Chmera, History, and Art "Clubber." "Murph" was also on the news staEs of Netop and Yearbook, and was an Ofhce, Girl during her junior year. She was chosen as an alternate Prize Speaker and ushered at ,Q several class functions. We'll remember her "Margie" in "Seventeenth Summer," "julia" in "The Goose Hangs High," and "Paula" in the Senior Play! CHRISTINE MARIE PARENTEAU "Young in limbs, in judgmen "Chris" was the clever author of some of the news also on our "Indian Trails" Staff. Her other afternoons we Camera, Art, History, Community Service Clubs and " acted as "la secretairen her senior year. "Chris" made her "Rhoda," the maid, in "The Goose Hangs High" and al for "Janie" Usheting at our Sophomore Social and Juni schedule. iff? , KENNETH RAYMOND PATNODE "Mort" 'Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." Using his artistic talents, "Mort" has done a tremendous amount for our class aiding the decorators for the Sophomore Social and acting as co-chairman of decorations for the Junior Prom and Freshman Hop. Athletically, he was a member of the basketball, track, and football teams his freshman year, being manager of the latter in 1956. As a senior, gi , "Kenny" belonged to the History and Boys' Glee Clubs, played the part of a soldier in our Senior Play, and was an able art editor of the Netop and Yearbook staffs. Whenever a "worker" was needed, "Mort" was always a willing hand. is ill , il FRANCIS PAULIN "The most useless day of all is that in which u Francis was a part of the unbeaten Freshman Footbu our "After-the-Prom" clean-up committee and for two yeai Club - naturally! 29 rt ,Y it , Ms. as ., J. Faux PAULIN, Jn. "Let us work without disputingf it is the only way to render life tolerable." Because Felix was employed during the hours devoted to extra-curricular affairs, he was unable to ioin any organization. His popularity was insured, however, by his friendliness and good nature. , SHIRLEY JEAN PEASE "It is character that makes bca An industrious worker, "Shirl" was an active member and Community Service Club for two years, and the Came basketball and tumbling for two years, and was a bank c Senior years. She aided our biggest senior activity by sell think of "Shirl" we think of "pizza". How she liked thosi ANN bolus Pnnvslua "Life without mirth is a lamp without oil." The lovable "Mummy Sally" of "Love Is Eternal", our Veterans' Day Play, was Ann, who was also a Bank Day Cashier and Office Girl. During her four years she was a member of the History, Camera, French, and Community Service Clubs. Not only was Ann an usher and a willing committee worker for many high school activities but she also managed to maintain a Pro Merito ratins. The make-up on the players of "Janie" was also her handi- work. And where would our Netop and "Indian Trails" have been without Ann's typing? 1 , l BERNARD STANLEY JOHN PLAZA "A man without ambition is like a womar A member of the Prom Checking Committee, "Be Guards for two years. Being a man of many talents, he v ager on our Netop and "Indian Trails" Staffs, and excelh On the academic side, "Bern" belonged to "Le Cercle Fra sYLvrA MAY PLUTA '-svr' "All succeeds with people who are of sweet and cheerful disposition." "Syl" belonged to the Girls' Glee Club and Camera Club for three years, and she par- ticipated in the activities of the French and History Clubs for two years. "Syl" wrote for the Netop and Yearbook and served on the make-up committee for Senior Play. She also took part in the Art Club for one year, the Community Service Club for four years, and main- tained a Pro Merito rating. "Syl" willingly accepted the responsibilities of being our Ex- change Editor which is iust one example of her co-operativeness and sportsmanship. Always time to help - that's our Sylvia! . ,::!1,f: 5 EDWARD FRANCIS POWERS "There is no hetter looking-glass than One of the quieter members of our class, "Eddie" friendly smile and constant helpfulness. "Eddie" u-Ianien. PATRICIA LEE REIPOLD "Pat" 'The greatest admiration gives rise, not to words, but to silence." "Pat" was a most responsible Clptain of Twirlers after two Years as a line twirler her- self. She served as a Bank Day Cashier and as a Community Service Club member. "Pat" ' sang in the Girls' Glee Club and, as an offshoot of that, was one of the six well-known ' "DistaHs". Being on the make-up committee for the Senior Play, "Janie", was another of her numerous jobs. also se .,,,. f2,g:,.iE1' . is ROBERT RICHARDS "This world belongs to the enm "Bob" played "Jack" in "Seventeenth Summer," "Brad and "Rodney" in the senior play, "Janie," and as a junior s of which he was also a business manager. He was an ed "Bob" was a four year Track Team member, and a His: Being a Pro Merito did not mean "Bob" was by any mean and joking - we're proud to say he was a member of ou 31 I i if Q H nf. EUGENE O. RICHOTTE "Brush" "Let him write on the door: that he ir bury." To return to classes after serving in the Armed Forces must be quite a change. "Brush" however, acclimated himself to it and became a friendly, active member of our class. To him our admiration! CAROLYN ANN RIEL "S be, that was ever fair and never proud, had tongue at Carolyn, a willing worker, was in many activities 1 Economics Club for a year and the Girls' Glee Club for t ment committee for the Sophomore Social and as a junio Graduation and Class Day, as well as being on the in Because of her eiliciency and willingness to work she wa years and an office girl for one year. Carolyn was a mem Netop and Yearbook Staffs. ln addition, she portrayed " "Seventeenth Summer" and won the coveted part of "Tin spite of, or perhaps because of, a very full schedule Cars rating. 5 ROBERT EDWARD RIVET "Riv" "Silence is the perfectett herald of joy." During his freshman and sophomore years, "Riv" was one of our busiest athletes, play- ing football, basketball, and baseball. He ushered at the Sophomore Social, the Junior Prom, and the Freshman Hop and served on the decorating committee of the Sophomore Social. "Riv", a popular member of our class, was also a member of the "T" Club and the French Club, and helped on the ticket end of "Janie". DAVID RUSSELL "N 0 one is really beaten until be is Three years found Dave working hard as a tackle positions on a football team. He played basketball four Club the same number of years. He was a decorator fo year Boys' Glee "Clubber". 32 ALBERT L. SAULNIER "Albie" "Entbuxia.rm is Ibe greatert axret in fbi: world. It bean money and power and influence." "A1bie" was in all key spots during his four years at T.F.H.S. and was always ready to lend a helping hand. He was a member of the basketball team for four years, the baseball team for two years and the track team for three years. "Albie" ushered at the Sophomore Social and the Junior Prom. He was a member of the "T" Club for two years, sang in the Boys' Glee Club for three years, was a member of the Art Club for one year and attended History Club meetings for three years. He was also a member of the "Indian Trails" Staff, a sports editor for both the Junior and Senior Netop, and a Stage Manager for "Janie", our Senior Play. We've listed his activities, but the one thing we'll always remember about "Albie" that you'll never find in a list in his sincere manner and keen sense of humor. NANCY ANN SCHAB "Her wayr are way! of pleaxantnesx and all lf Nancy put in four full years at T.F.H.S. She was a munity Service Club, a three year tumbler, guard on the G ber of the Art Club and Girls' Glee Club. Nancy was alsi remembered decorations at our Sophomore Social and jui her contribution to making our Senior play "what it was", CHARLES LEROY SELL "Charlie" 'There it no man living who cannot do more than he tbinkx be can." "Charlie", the mechanic of our class, devoted much of his time to automobiles, but as a Senior he was a member of the ticket committee of "Janie". Although he was not in many activities, "Charlie" gained many friends as a result of his friendliness and sincerity. RONALD CHARLES SICARD "Tbey're only great who are truly "Ronnie" was one of the most outstanding athletes of 1 ing varsity football for four years, track for two years, basl for one year. "Ronnie" ushered at the Sophomore Social, J Prom, and the Freshman Hop. He will be remembered as Senior Play, "Janie", Besides this he also found time to b and to sing with the Boys' Glee Club for one year. "Ror by the Class of '57 as the athlete with the gentle manner. 33 5 ,K 1 LEON LEONARD SIRUM ANN MILDRED SILVER "Praise ir deeper than the liprf' Ann was one of the quiet members of our class. She was interested in sports and man- aged to play on the Girls' Basketball Team for two years. She faithfully served with the Community Service Club for four years and regularly attended the meetings of the History Club for one year. And let's not forget her help as an enthusiastic member of the ticket .K committee for the Senior Play! "An honest man? the nobler! wor Leon was a quiet and respected member of our class work during most of his four years at T.F.H.S., yet he s Club during his Junior and Senior years and to give a junior Prom decorating committee and as a stage manag BARTLEY GERARD SMITH "Bart" "The only way to have a friend ir lo he one." "Bart", from Millers Falls, was one of the line members of our class. In his final years at T.F.H.S. "Bart" proved to be an enthusiastic member of the Boys' Glee Club and sang tenor in the double quartet. He was also one of the busy ushers at the Freshman Hop. "Bart" ably portrayed the part of father in the play "Seventeenth Summer" and the under- standing "John Van Brunt" in the Senior Play. As far as driving went, his ability was shown when he captured third place in the Junior Chamber of Commerce's Road-E-O contest. It was for these reasons we are proud to have "Bart" as a member of the Class of 1957. PATRICIA ANN TETREAULT "Beauty it the gift of Goa "Tate's" musical appreciation was evidenced by the for four years. She ushered at the Sophomore Social, th Hop. She was a member of the Netop and "Indian Trails tory and French Clubs for two years, and clicked with tl' place in the Community Service Club was held by her fc Art Club for two years, and as a junior, "Pat" was an al at that function. Let's not forget "Lorraine" in the play " portrayed by our "Tate" on Columbus Day, nor her a Veterans' Day Play and the Senior Play. 34 l CLAIRE DIANE THIBODEAU "A Jolt answer turrxeth away wrath." One of the musicians of the class, Claire devoted four years to the Band, three to Girls' Glee Club, and was accompanist for the Distaifs. She regularly attended the meetings of the Art, French, History and Camera Clubs and was the Victorian grandmother of "The Goose Hangs High", our Christmas play. Claire was one of the charming ushers for the Sophomore Social, Graduation, and Class Day and was partly responsible for the properties for "Janie" A full schedule Claire -- may you continue your many interests long after high school is but a memory. JEAN MARIE THOMPSON "A good example is the bert re Jean's activities in high school have ranged from me Club in her freshman year to being one of the valuable t1 Sta.Hs. She was a J.V. cheerleader and an usher for our and worked back-stage on make-up for the Senior Play. as a Bank Day Cashier and still had time to work at the forget little Jean with her tireless energy! GERALD EDWARD TIBBETTS "Jerry" "Friendship is a world without end." "jerry" was a baseball player during his hrst year in high school, but devoted his atten- tion to the Boys' Glee Club for the remainder of his stay here. In addition, he served on the committee for the class ring and decorations for the Sophomore Social. "Jerry" was also an art editor for Netop and Yearbook. Lest we forget, "Jerry" was the Arthur Murray of the class - what a ballroom dancer! NEIL BAKER TOMPKINS "A good heart is better than all the heads Neil, one of our best athletes and a member of the our football team in his senior year, and also took part He contributed much time and effort as a member of t Junior Prom, as a Stage Manager for the Senior Play, a Netop and "Indian Trails." Neil proved his versatility by a Club and a Prize Speaker. His comic interpretation of " enthusiastically received. Neil was not only the best loved entire school. To know Neil was to love him! 35 CBCILB VBRRIBR "Ceil" "G4iety without eclipse." "Ceil" belonged to the Home Economics Club and the Community Service Club in her freshman year. During her sophomore year she became a J.V. Cheerleader and was elected captain a year later. During her senior year "Ceil" was a Varsity Cheerleader and also man- aged to participate in the Art and French Clubs. Remember "Ceil" as the girl who strained her vocal chords to such an extent while cheering that nothing remained but a whisper for her classes. However, she did 'manage to regain enough volume to make her quite a capable ticket seller for our Senior Play, "Janie". JACQUELINE JEAN VERRIER "The mildert manner: and the gent, "Jackie" played the clarinet in the band for one year, of music as a member of Girls' Glee Club and Distaffs for h club member, she has participated in the Art, Camera, l chosen secretary of the latter in her senior year. "Jackie and the Girls' Softball Team in her sophomore year. In at the Netop and Yearbook, she has found time to belong capture first prize for her moving "Portrait of Jenny" i Todd" in the Veterans' Day play, "Love ls Eternal", and still maintain a Pro Merito rating. IEONARD EARL WHITE "Lenny" 'tlli i 'The kind of work I like is the kind of work that I should do." 'F Outside responsibilities kept "Lenny" from participating in any activities. He was, how- ever, well liked by all for his friendliness and sincerity, and we are glad he is a member of the class of "S7". FRANCIS STANLEY WOJTASIEWICZ "Nothing endures but personal qq Working every afternoon as a clerk and stockboy has of us and has given him experience - plus! 36 BARBARA ANN WYMAN "Barb" 'Through ber expressive eyes ber soul distinctly spoke." This Lieutenant of twirling was a Bank Day Cashier and Library Aid. She belonged to the History, Art, and Community Service Clubs and was the treasurer of the Camera Club her senior year. On the decorating committee for the Sophomore Social, she was also co- chairman of the ushering committee for our Junior Prom. A member of the Girls' Glee Club, of which she was librarian, and the Netop and Yearbook Staffs, "Barb" also was in the Christmas Play in her sophomore year, and tickled our funny bones as "Bernadine Dodd" in "Janie". We'll always remember those big, beautiful brown eyes, "Barb"! FRANCIS JOSEPH ZAK "Trouble, like the bill ahead, stmigbtens out wb. "Vicious" did not take part in a great many activitie for himself a place on the tennis team during his last tl on the ticket committee for the Senior Play. If you ever ses look on the T.F. tennis court, it will probably be our "Vicio BERNARD JOSEPH ZEWINSKI Manners make tba man. H Il Q Q was a member of the Freshman Football Team. An usher for the Sophomore Social, he also served on the committees for the nomination of Junior Class OE1cers and for Q the Junior Prom. "Zoo" also managed to be a faithful member of the Camera and History Clubs, and sold tickets for "Janie". "Zoo" has endeared himself to both young and old because of his gentle mien and kindly ways. sg: Q . . ,Z .Q I Q fall!!! ff? is p I I . .V ' 37 poose C vi j- s wil' J. CHARRON A. PERVERE C. MILONAS J. CROWLEY P. TETREAULT , ' :Q '," f f f 4 f Q "' i YE 'if f" i M , i 1 f .L 4 g Q f ra ' Z WH E f , .6-2-7....:.."......i1-L i -f . R. MURPHY E. WALLENIUS D. CADRAN 2' ig ' 4 ff SA PLIITA B. REUM W. BEVES 'X P. EMERY S. MURPHY R. MARTINEAU I... E. MOLONGOSKI R. RIVET S. FISK ix ' x .A- C SELL C RIEL TAYLOR ' - Q S I' 1 fi . Q a... ' 1. HOUSMAN R. ABBOTT L. KELLEHER R. COSBY N. SCHAB L. WHITE W A E s 'i v I M M S s. Kosc1NsK1 J. GIGNAC J. KOZIK " 1 if 5' 1 . 'if . if Q' if 4 M QQ ! F Av 1 , f fn vm sf t - X ' f - f ' Sf A Klialfji . HUDSON C j. KUKLEWICZ A. SAULNIER B. LETOURNEAU S. PEASE B. SMITH 2 1311 HE? 5 . v .-. ,- Q . ' Q , S. KROL P. KOSCINSKI R. MALINOWSKI A MOSFA W, CIITLER K. PATNODE 'XM im lilass Sonq J .J J 'A-JJ A L 1 J 4 'nnronzgk U12 gears H1513 ke akfaacl, Should qoocl or QJJJJIJJJJQ-J-10? an Mme words which wfaxwave Said Que! :leeds Uxat u J 'I JHJJ IIJJ J JI vnemorit-.S Q60 have Qvevn Us 'We Xessous nixou have come. otnr insfnratiovu, Rnd pevvade our sveq EJ J ,1 J QU if J J J if as we onward folbw 'bke P6015 Urxaii new are J QJ J 5:4 J J 5 .I J J it uhm be quideex in our Kfves, B5 QOU, ouf-Y-QiY'fkEY Um-ds Q -:Q MuQc : u 4 I Pfffffiiviftl Ivy IDOQVVI EHS we Planjc. Mins blk of 'wg msc Pbrrk our hopes and cX-reams, Dorff lose S?3l'El'L'1TLG'Od or COUKIBYT,-x Dorff .forget wxsaf Srr'xevLcXsHximEar 5395 lows iv3'HmrXve 5 in sykndor Mau our rfukure Srxoux-RSM 400, Mag our Pragevs be akuags an swers Maxi our skies be ever Hue. gas Jokis Ng 5'kV.NVES'X'DUJ6Y'A X-xeave Mmiour Hear-E aw! sod Slvkve flzoo, Mag OUF'k'Y'USl61KWmbE sxvevwrfclwfnf Nag our Kove gov Wm be true. Tlicm ,.'-ff'w.,f,fJhQ,m4ik.21 Cbvw 5 1 J pf ' f J X f , yi l If l 3 X x J k l 1 A vw' vm: "AWfvv1,,,,rN S x R lass lisli Freshman, Sophomore, junior, Senior - just four proper no memories that they shall never be forgotten. On a brisk Septemb as Freshmen, entered the Turners Falls High School. Though v burning desire to become engaged in its numerous activities, rr spent learning the basic functions of the curriculum, including, rr our immature minds, detentions and help slips. Wild excitemen dragged through out first receiving line at the Freshman Hop. of the class of 1957 sprang into evidence early as we cheered out ov team and runner-up Western Massachusetts basketball squad, wh our class became important band members. Though completely u begun our ascent up the steep steps towards graduation. With the satisfaction gained through the success of our first we looked towards our Sophomore year with great anticipation z our class oflicer elections resulted in the choice of capable leaders whose talents were clearly evident in bringing about the splendi class project, the Sophomore Social. The intensive pride in a job s operation that stemmed from this dance was to follow our class clo: of our enjoyable years in high school. Y Y X tix XX X 'N f w 'nxt lx RTM ,vm-JR WJ J " X u-'J1AJ-t A- Aa -WX,-g,15,,Z 615 X"".N,, Zi - gy! X X Now we had moved from our third floor homerooms to the second floor and 1 made our presence as juniors obvious to the entire student body, by one methoc another. junior year, highlighted by Prom and Prize Speaking, found the class of 1 assuming some responsibility and leadership for a short period, a task we hap accepted. Our jittery Prize Speaking tryouts brought out our class's dramatic ab and versatility, and our gifted Prize Speakers represented the class of 1957 with a markable performance and display of talent. Before we knew it, our shiny shoes soft colored gowns were twirling to and fro on the sea side, veranda of a distant Sc Sea Island resort, while actually, we were at the junior Prom with its Hawaiian b drop and theme. Our prominence was short lived, however, as we again took a l seat and watched the seniors make room for us. We were Seniors now, ready to assume our place as school leaders in neatly e' extra-curricular activity. Only now did we fully realize that high school was so sl Promptly we started our Netop and Yearbook tasks, and our countless duties bee smoothly forged into the crowded schedules of the class of 1957. Then we, "Old Han had our chance to usher the giggling, half-frightened "Frosh," to their first Hop as were once reluctantly escorted. Daysflew into months, and soon it was Senior Play ti with the late rehearsals, packed house, and shaking knees. Then we again became terested spectators until the class of 1957 proudly donned its graduation caps gowns, our job was finished. High School was now a short chapter in Life's book. were now ready to take our places in the wide, wonderful world. We turned anoi page. Would it hold as much as those before it? Only time, the enigmatic judge cc answer. 1 45 x Jyni. rxmvn -- NXN ,-1 Y 3 diffs SM 5?- gl 3 .-. S Q 1 NAME MY CHIEF Peggy Abbott James Dean Robert Abbott Bob Murphy Beverly Adie Red Sox Gertrude Arel John Avery James Baird William Beves Anthony Blassberg Dale Cadran John Charron Jason Clark Sylvia Clough Rose Marie Collette Carol Corbin Raymond Cosby Joyce Cossett Thomas Cotter Jerold Crowley Woodrow Cutler Gloria Dauphinais Helen Delpha Richard Dinsmore Richard Dion John Donahue Paul Emery Thomas Finck Suzanne Fisk Carolyn Fortin Mary Ann Gagne Jean Gignac David Gmyrek David Gonyer Lynne Grant Roger Grant Jeanette Housman Christina Hudson Nancy Judd Louise Kelleher Jeanne Kellyhouse Peter Koscinski Stanley Koscinski William Kostecki Joseph Kozik Stacia Krol Joan Kruzlic Gerald Kuklewicz Paul Lapinski Robert LaRoche S. G. C. W. Aunt George Lover Boy Casper C. Milktoast Adlai and Estes ..Yai., Mickey Mouse Porky Randy, U. S. N. W. L. Jerry Lewis A clarinet player My little sister Tanya Pork Coach Russell Fats Domino Donnie, natch!! Benny Goodman Marilyn Monroe Eisenhower Clem Kaddiddehopper Peanuts Garry Moore Beowulf A. E. and J. B. Tabby Hiram Holiday Alan Ladd S. F. and B. S. "Miss Orange" 7 X 10 "Joe" and his guitar Yul Brynner "Long Sam" J. M. Beetle Bailey Mitzi Greene F. D. Roosevelt Chris and her brains ACE Harry Belafonte Bugs Bunny Jonathan Winters Otto Graham MY DREAM Assistant in any job Owner of Sneaky Pete's Meet Elvis Executive Secretary So who's ambitious? Rich Journalist Law er Y Beat Greenfield in basketball To have nothing to do Barber Secretary Nurse Wife Commercial Artist Pediatric Nurse Merchant Marine Cop Lumberman Air line hostess A good housewife Medicine Service Career Politician Test pilot Pilot in U. S. A. F. Teacher To get married Bookkeeper Stewardess Engineer First class mechanic Teacher Lawyer , To marry "my hero" Hairdresser College Millionairess Dental Assistant Plant shipper of the U. S. Fruit Co. Air Force Engineer Sing and play in a band Dental Assistant Telephone operator Millionaire Truck driver Bachelor 46 B1 Jacki Hom Peop na Dry Hon? Teac Too Dog: The Beari Ford Boys Horr My v Rept Neil GRE The Mon N0 4 Diet Mr. Stup Den Hon Boss Gres F ing Hon Cart Clas Colt Too Be ir Wis Jeze "Gm Big Thai Losi Hot Earl Waf Por: Elm Moi Mat SIG NAME Harold Leete Brian Letourneau Rosemary Malinowski Richard Martineau Candace McCarthy Constance Milonas Edith Molongoski Anthony Mosca David Mosher Robert Murphy Sarah Murphy Christine Parenteau Kenneth Patnode Felix Paulin Francis Paulin Shirley Pease Ann Pervere Bernard Plaza Sylvia Pluta Edward Powers Patricia Reipold Beverly Reum Robert Richards Eugene Richotte Carolyn Riel Robert Rivet David Russell Albert Saulnier Nancy Schab Charles Sell Ronald Sicard Ann Silver Leon Sirum Bartley Smith Samuel Talor Patricia Tetreault Claire Thibodeau Jean Thompson Gerald Tibbetts Neil Tompkins Jacqueline Verrier Elinor Wallenius Leonard White Francis Wojtasiewicz Barbara Wyman Francis Zak Bernard Zewinski MY CHIEF Mickey Mantle James Dean Boys on the team when we win Grendel Walt Disney Hamlet D. C. Bourbonstein Nancy "Whitey" Mr. X My brothers Joe's CAtholJ Fats Domino "Yogi Yorgeson" Marlon Brando J. R. J. Jingles R. Y. Jayne Mansfield Jack George Gobel "Smokey" the bear Rock Hudson "Moose" The Hound Jason Clark Albert Einstein Harry Bellefonte M. G. ZOOMBA James Dean Superman Girls Abbott, Rivet and Mosca Rock Hudson Yul Brynner Elvis Presley Mickey Mouse State Cops Marty Little Lulu Pat Boone Grandmother - Mrs. Tranowski H669 Wonder Woman Pa Kettle AL MY DREAM Artist or Baseball player Navy man Nurse Harem master Have a family Mother of four Wife Get out of school Horticulture To be another Elvis Doctor Teacher To be like my father Helicopter pilot Electrician Psychiatrist To leave A. T. a printing press Engineer Telephone operator Millionaire X-ray technician To bop like Sam To drive a Jaguar Construction worker Secretary Jet Pilot Industrial Artist Success Nurse Wealthy Fireman Coach Secretary Own an oil well Swabby Own Ed's Store Laboratory technician Teacher Secretary Beautician College Boy Nurse B. A.g Mrs. Machinist Machinist Laboratory technician Barber Electrician BAD D Anything Milton Bc People wl Fingernail Report Cz Two-facec Loss of ca Jezebel The Army The guys Popcorn l- B. J. Cold French T.V. Cowl Slow drivi Dames Tests on ll Rog's prai English Curfews "Torchy" Cold weat Smoking Ding Dot Physics Girls Long-facet Blondes Bossy peo Liberace Getting u Masculine Gideon People wl Book rep: Long telel When my Working People wl Botch Homewor Cold weat Greasy ha Dogs Cooking a Qzff-ffxf'Wi'll'.LXA'xrv"fNQi 'A r X, z ass Wi We, the chieftains of the class of '57, do hereby commi upon our fellow warriors at the Turners Falls High. Abbott leaves his girl-chasing ability to Harvey Atkins and Joh for twob. "Bev" Adie wills her Elvis Presley Fan Club to Susan Zmuda. "Bart" and "Bob" leave the open road to Turners to Ralph Semb a "Bill" Beves and "Ray" Cosby leave their vibrating tom-toms to ug The "Kats of Casino 23" leave Mr. Oakes with clean black boa ferin. "Murph" and Mosca leave june's dog in Millers Falls, instead of o jason Clark leaves his Ford to any Juniors who want to start a jun See that car on Montague City Road? Dale left it there as a ha City "steadies." Neil would leave his muscles but he coundn't get along without tl Helen Delpha leaves to hear wedding bells real soon tif: 1 of the Paul Emery leaves the lights off for two Juniors to find the switch Gloria Dauphinais leaves her Room 23 "Miss Rheingold" title to "Dick" Martineau leaves his brother, "Billy," to the mercy of I trucks to future lumberjacks. "jerry" Kuklewicz and Carolyn Riel leave their taxi service to gas station. "joe" "Elvis" Kozik leaves his guitar. fE1vis has intentions of gett "Charlie" Sell leaves his M.G. to Lee Ward. "Sammy" Taylor leaves movin' 'n groovin' with "the Hound." "Slinkey Sal" leaves her baton to anyone who has the muscles 1 l-o-o-o-n-g parades. "Dave" and Nancy leave the perfect schedule for those sneaky locl- "Connie" Milonas saddles her bronco to rope Louie out West. "Rochie" leaves his reserved room at the Farren to "Lenny" Dotc are coming. john Charron leaves a can of tomatoes and a bucket of golf balls. "jerry" Crowley leaves with Uncle Sam to buck for General. The "Grants" leave to attempt future promotion at the Grand Un "Barb" and "Bev" leave a more peaceful "Slippery Gap" to "Barb" "Deac" leaves behind his campaign stickers, and eagerly awaits elections. "Peggy," Mary Ann, "Gert," and "Rosie" leave "Barb" Durant in p ette. "Albie" leaves his ability to flirt to his sister, Linda. Brian Letourneau, "Woody" Cutler, and "Bob" Rivet leave th conduct in history to Gary Plante and "Bob" Sweeney. "Jackie" Verrier finally leaves her gilded seat in Room 3. "Tony" and "Bernie" leave ad-hunting to any juniors who think tl Jeanette Housman and jean Gignac leave their telephone line buz iiix X "N 'X-. .-fx! 9. v x-"J ,IN,,. jean Kellyhouse leaves the "5 8: 10" empty. , "Lenny" White leaves with the gas pedal to the floor. Claire Thibodeau leaves, finally at peace because "Mort" won't be around. "Dave" Russell leaves for his garage on Deerfield Street. "Brush" Richotte leaves his friendliness and ambition as a credit to the Class of '57. "Patty" Reipold leaves for jack and church bells. "Eddy" Powers leaves his typing ability to anyone who can match it. Sylvia Pluta gives her ability to go steady to Jeanette Robert. Felix and Francis Paulin make room for the future Paulins. Stacia Krol, Ann Pervere, and Jean Thompson leave broken nails and battered ty writers to future courageous typists of the Netop and Yearbook Staff. "Susie" Fisk leaves T. F. H. S. to her brother, Pete. Sylvia Clough leaves - still blushing. Carol Corbin leaves her "bomb" to anyone who dares to operate it. Shirley Pease and Nancy Schab leave "Ozie" and "Bob" to no one. "Stash" Koscinski, "Rosie" Malinowski, Francis Vlojtasiewicz, Paul Lapinski, and "E Kostecki leave their names to anyone who attempts to spell them. "joanie" leaves her book, entitled "How to Win Friends and Influence Men." "Dick" Dinsmore leaves his Pro Merito rating to Carmen Deprete. Richard Dion, "Tom" Finck, and "Dave" Gonyer leave their hot rods to the car fic of '58. "Vicious" Zak leaves his tennis racket. "Bernie" Zewinski and "Pete" Koscinski make tracks for Duda's. "Carrie" Fortin leaves her house for future senior parties. "Yaj" leaves her Cheez-its to whoever can afford to buy three boxes a week. "Butch" Baird leaves his dry humor at the Recorder. Ann Silver may give up her captaincy, but she refuses to leave her Red Sox scrapbool john Avery and "Gerry" Tibbetts leave their crooning ability to john Dion and "J Mayrand. "Ronnie" Sicard leaves a map of Montague City and his "other places" Cahemb to vu ever wants it. "Tommy" Cotter leaves "Chink." "Candy" and "Chris" leave munching Garden Theatre popcorn. Pat "Tate" leaves for G. H. S. and R. R. "Bucky" Leete leaves for the wide, blue yonder. Joyce Cossett leaves with her sweet personality. "Elly" Wallenius leaves her Indian headdress to next year's Turners Falls queen. Leon Sirum leaves his friendly smile to somber people. "Dave" Gmyrek leaves his sister to cheer on for Turners. "Mickie" Kelleher leaves the Basketball Team. lAnyone interested in buying a pai slightly used knee guards?D Kenneth Patnode leaves his unique chuckle to Ralph Faulkner. 'Til f Mari fi licmdud Sho! V 1 Q is T W 955' 4 ag Y .NNN 5 SSE Z E W . .. I X x 5 X Q Q Agrf X 1 N X - Q . M we rxzkgsv-5 7 1 'Q i an QQ wX Q js NN .gs W M me yk 559' Rfgywx FN X' Y X Q f-fy Qi ' t ifi b -i ' , M X . -M :EE 115 5' ' " f .1 vfi. . A A -is X 4 5 R 'Cl rift Wi' f-1 ty I - FX .1- MOST POPULAR Rxchard Martmeau JACK OF ALL TRADI Robert Murphy CUTEST Anthony Mosca BEST ATHLETE Nexl Tompkms BEST APPEARANCE Brlan Letourneau HARDEST WORKEF Eugene Rlchotte VIITTIEST Samuel Taylor Nell Tompkms BEST ACTOR AND ACT Richard Martmeau MOST SINCERE Leon Sit-um MOST DEPENDABLI Bernard Plaza CLASS COMEDIAN AND CON Kenneth Patnode DONE MOST FOR THE 4 Richard Mattineau MOST CREATIVE WRIT Richard Dinsmore MOST MUSICAL Willimn Beves BEST DANCER Robert Abbott MOST ARTISTIC Kenneth Patnode CLASS FLIRT Robert Abbott MOST LIKELY TO SUCC Richard Dinsmore ft? I f . . FRIENDLIEST iff! yn -rf ' F v I ya l f' 4 W 52 bouqhls of ct 5 at eff? uv? 499 I can see them now, those stacks of books, And all the teachers' puzzling looks When noticing some of your childish quips That sometimes led to detention slips. The cheering stands at a football game, An honor roll proudly bearing your name. The crowded dances in the gym With receiving lines and the lights turned dim. The Glee Clubs and the one-act plays, And the way you waited for Saturdays. The struggling you had in learning math Or the times you walked the beaten path To the oliice for some bad deed, And the principals advice that you would heed. The times you memorized "an entire page" Or watched a performer on the stage. The leadership offered by your guidance adviser, That planned your moves and made you wiser. The homeroom with its eternal chatter And "good ole teach" wondering what was the matter Room Three with its "secret" door And the tiring walk to the third floor. The recess scramble for the cafe, To have a snack and an occasional laugh. The crowded halls and one o'clock bell, And the hope your teacher was feeling well. Senior English and Shakespeare's quotes, And how you passed those sneaky notes. The Netop and the Yearbook staffs, Lots of work and lots of laughs. Yes, I can see them clearly, The memories we will cherish dearly, Of your first day to the very last High school with its wonderful past. Q lj IT Rx R 1 7 . i..i......-.....,- Q--...M .......... -'Q A ,,,,.-j--- .,...--f"""I--' .-7-----,. -+- S if 5 Y 4- la t 1 if ,- HISTORY CLUB Headed by an outstanding slate of officers - president, Samuel Taylorg vice-president, john Charrong secretary, Jacqueline Verrierg treasurer, Richard Martineau - Mr. Garrahan's History Club enjoyed one of its most successful years. As this was an election year, the energies of the mem- bers were devoted, at one meeting, to a discussion of the relative merits of the various candidates and their re- spective parties. The Republican interests were upheld by ,Jawa 4104 Y it Richard Martineau and Rich ones by Albert Saulnier and l At the january meeting was Resolved: "The Unitec is an effective instrument of stand were john Avery and berg and Gerald Kuklewicz z is LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Under the able guidance of Miss Porter, faculty advisorg Richard Martineau, presidentg and Richard Dinsmore, vice- presidentg the members of l.e Cercle Francais held many enjoyable and informative meetings, highlighted by the annual, fun-filled Christmas Party. At this time refresh- ments were served, songs were sung, and gifts were ex- changed. French movies and games provided ideal en- tertainment for the monthlv meetings which were caoablv recorded by Christine Part Paulin, treasurer, managed These hard working officers bers at the re-organization 1 The other senior members Verrier, Elinor Wfallenius, E Cecile Verrier, Jeanette He stance Milonas. Beverlv Adi 3 ' n i Y l 2 if -- . 'NN C i an CAMERA CLUB The growing Camera Club is the ideal organization for the ardent photographers of the future. Highlights of the group, under supervision of Mr. Oakes, are the annual photograph contest, an educational trip, and instructive lectures by various guest speakers. Officers of this years club are Beverly Adie, president, Tony Blassberg, vice- presidentg Carolyn Fortin, secretary, and Barbara Wyman, treasurer. Other senior rr Krol, Constance Milonas, Mary Ann Gagne, Rosema ueline Verrier, Ann Perv lenius, Claire Thibodeat Parenteau, Thomas Finck Kuklewicz. 2 E Z l ., s , 1 ART CLUB Miss Mery O'Brien, the new supervisor, and Raymond Cosby, this years capable president, kept the Art Club busy with interesting projects which included decorating the stage for the Christmas Concert and Variety Show. Roger Grant, jean Gignac, David Mosher, Nancy Judd, David Russell, and Cecile Verrier made up the senior members, but the feshmen, sophomores, and juniors backed up the groups work also. Besides these students, they can al and statewide contests. All to this club, for their mee furnish both fun and inspii the Clubs artistic enterpr Commendation. I ,l COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB The Farren Memorial Hospital has been one of the major projects of the Community Service Club. Under the super- vision of Miss Mciiillicuddy, the members have decorated the hospital windows with wreaths, arranged center pieces for bedside tables, and made favors for the patients' dinner trays during the holiday season. These energetic club mem- bers also held a house to h donations for this worthy in Among their other eomrr for the Polio and Heart fun successful as the hospital pre tion and willingness to wor plishments have been made. mv LIBRARY These girls have voluntarily given up their study periods to serve as library aids. Under.the supervision of Miss Mcliillieudy, these students cheek in-coming and out-going books, locate material for bewildered students, and gen- 57 -mms? AIDS erally aid in the numerous ras The entire body is grateful t keeping our library running 1 OFFICE GIRLS Under the able direction of Mr. Wrightson's secretary, Phyllis Nelson, these girls willingly gave up their study periods to help with various duties in the ofhce. Each girl applied her business training to the many tasks occuring each dayg signing passes, typing, or rushing around with a notice in time for the second bell. The combined efforts of these girls helped to rr organization that it is. Silver, Sandra Rugg, Cari Gignac, and Carol Desau Phyllis during the year. a 5 3 1 Q BANK DAY CASHIERS We have seldom had a group of girls who have been more capable in handling their respective jobs as Bank Day Cashiers. The girls have enjoyed helping other students save their money for future use. Shirley Pease and Ann Pervere have proved to be two fine leaders in the organi- zation who unselfishly gave up their time in order to be of service to their classmates and townsfolk. To them we offer a note of thanks frc bank books. The hard working sen are: Sylvia Clough, Nanc Fortin, Patricia Reipold, 1 Abbott, Rose Marie Co Gagne, and Helen Delphz gli Ill I t t , .Sa-dll! Mx. DRIVER-ED Patient, pleasant, and persevering, is our capable driver education teacher, Mr. Fugere, who has once more made it possible for a number of students to receive their precious drivers' licenses. Between the near-collisions and the quite poor memories of certain pupils, it is truly a miracle that not one of them has failed Fugere had not utilized his many situations, we would r or not some students would HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Miss Reum and the girls of the Home Economics Club have done a splendid piece of work with many different projects throughout the year. One of the biggest events on their schedule was the annual football banquet. A full course turkey dinner was successfully prepared and deeply appreciated by the boys and their guests. In addition, at all home games, hot coffee z these girls and their most cat enthusiastic fans. Without the aid of Miss Rc Club, many of our social acti They are indeed to be congi 1 Q Q, 1 fi M- 11 T' .I"'t ,- -H-Ls 6 BAND Boasting the largest membership in the history of our school, this years High School Band, under the guidance of Mr. Weitier, has enjoyed a very successful season. Stepping proudly out in crisp, new uniforms, this organization has ahly represented our school and traditions of sportsmanship at its many appearances. The seniors who proud Student Conductor, Nancy ard Dinsmore, Edith Mo Thibodeau, William Beves reason to be proud of tl foremost student activities ORCHESTRA This thirty-six member organization although composed entirely of underclassmen, was a part of the seniors' activi- ties. Many afternoons were devoted by this group, and its director, Mr, Weiner, in preparation of its performances at Prize Speaking and our sional and recessional ma ation. Ill! - J X :'. - .Q . 6 Q I Aksti! ?",' .. A 1- g GIRLS' GLEE CLUB A club which possesses a great deal of talent and en- thusiasm is bound to be successful. The Girls' Glee Club is a striking example of this. Under the direction of Miss Argy, the girls held rehearsals every Tuesday afternoon. The meetings were opened by the president, Beverly Reum, who called for the secretary's and the treasurer's reports, which were read by Louise l After the music was passe brarian, the club memben Concert, Variety Show, and work and diligence was cel ances. BOYS' GLEE CLUB 1956-1957 proved to be one of the most successful sea- sons for the Boys' Glee Club, due, in no small measure, to the fine leadership of Miss Florence Argy and the rapid growth of interest in choral groups. Rehearsals for the club were held two days a week be- fore school. By showing excellent spirit and by making good use of the time, the club was able to turn out many interesting and varied programs. The first was the Rotary Football Banquet which w Assembly and the Christma During the quieter wintm to practice diligently and mr Variety Show and the Mus ists this year were john A the able accompanist was IN VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Matching the same spirit that marked our teams for recognition, our ten Varsity Cheerleaders backed the boys consistently and with their enthusiasm bred enthusiasm in others. Rallies, highlighted by speeches and inter-class vocal competitions, reached their acme with the one pre- ceding the Thanksgiving Day Football Game and the high- est spirits from that rally were carried over into the actual playing. Co-captained by our "v Joyce Cossett, Carolyn Fo Clancy, june Denkiewicz, ski, sophomore Bonnie L: Verrier and Barbara Dzei ning and practicing which ing from a job well done. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS The junior Varsity Cheerleaders added novel routines to their peppy cheers which resulted in an "energy-packed" squad brim full of school spirit. Fine talent and sheer spunk were the qualities these girls had in order to make them "top-notch" performers now, and trophy winners in the future. By sacrificing their recess periods and afternoons in order to gain precision, these underclassmen showed their willingness to help victory. Because they have di: early in their high school "up and coming" teams a ments and honors. o YN TWI' A forward march co. whistle antl our snappy 'l accompanied by the bar Drum Majoretre Sally l Patricia Reipold and our . Wyman and Helen Delp way to football games, l local activities. Credit is many hours spent in pc appealing" routines as tl band shows. o wi - x X t ,- mitxlkgifggb n I t ,A .rf- ! A. W A S , 1 nn I 4: fa 54. up ,,, J' GUIDANCE "Guidance" proved to be one of the most valuable organizations during our school years. ln the compact, but neat guidance room, we searched through numerous book- lets and pamphlets to gain information about different careersg whether it be the armed services, college, or com- mercial work. Here we r Oakes, to discuss and f Now as we are taking t known and hopeful futu final decisions to the "pr Q' i x , f -'iv' 5 r Q I L PRO MERITO SOCIETY Although this organization has no regular monthly meet- ings, its achievements rank among the highest of all extra curricular activities. lt's goal is a B average throughout four years at T. F. H. S. and only self-discipline and per- severance can help acquire and maintain this average. Its only rewards are a tiny gold pin and the complete satis- faction of a job well done. To these scholarly members: Ann Pervere, Jeannette I ueline Verrier, Samuel ' Plaza, Christine Parentez Richard Martineau, Shi Kelleher, and Sylvia Plu success in whatever aims future. OUR JUNIOR PROM On a certain spring night in May, under the spell of a danced happily under a most sunny beach and clear blue water' backdrop, we were magi- deed, few nights will be as joyi :ally transported to romantic Hawaii. Yes, this was the will be more cherished. 1ight of our junior Prom. For three wonderful hours we fri Q s Q M X t -sf 5556-wg '35, , i Q4 FORTY-FIRST ANNUAL 'Junier Prize Speaking Contest MISS ALICE TEED, Dramatic Coach Friday, May 4, 1956 - Turners Falls High School PROGRAM F1010 l. The Terrible Miss Dove ,,, ,,,,,,i ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, Frances Cray Patton ELINOR WALLENIUS 2. Listen to the People., ,,,, , ,,,,,,,.,, ,.,.,N,,StepIzen Vincent Benet RICHARD MARTINEAU 3. Meet Me in Saint Louis ,,,,,..,,,,,,i..,. ,,,.,,, .,,,,,..,,,, Sally Benson LOUISE KELLEHER 4. Winterset ,,,,,,,,,,-,,-,. .,,,,,,.,,,, ,W ,.,.,,,,, Maxwell Anderson DALE CADRAN Piano Selection: Rustle of Spring..-Christian Sinding NANCY JUDD 5. Her Twelve Men., ,,.,i,,,, - ,,..,,, ,., .... .,-,..-,,.-,.,.,...Louise Baker BEVERLY REUM 6. When the Nenroses Bloom .........., ..... .... - - ...,. W eare Holbrook NEIL TOMPKINS 7. Portrait of Jennie, ,.........,..... .......-.. ........... -,. Robert Nathan JACQUELINE VERRIER 3. Cyrano'z4 Point of Prominent? ...,....... .., ....,.,, Edmund Rostand RICHARD DINSMORE lil! Business Managers Anthony Blassberg Thomas Cotter Gerald Kuklewicz Bernard Plaza Robert Richards Judges Kay Greene, W. H. A. I. Harold I.eVanway, Editor - Recorder-Gazelle Woodbridge Brown, W. H.A. I. Orchcstran, .,..., ,... . ,,.. - ..,..,.,-.--,.- ...... Benjamin Weiner, Director IUNI1 sPr After weeks of intei picked contestants awai on that magic evening Speaking. The house nervous contestant m forty-first annual junic begun. As the evening had been treated to talented juniors, whose of a nineteenth centurj novelist, and many at tremes. Jacqueline Verrier for her flawless interpt by Robert Nathan. Da terset' by Maxwell A prize. Edmund Rostan Richard Dinsmore's sei prize. There is no dt and the other perfc Richard Martineau, L1 and Neil Tompkins - tional contest establislt . xi f p: . -. .. gg.:- . ,. .QQ Q 5 ww.. .er5i?...., ,,S...... - Q. .. 5 . - K-.SH .591 :Nw E. . . :kgs-v-.-w ww .. . - .. X --gm. :X x 4. . f - .- ,Q Q - - . j gl xv, Y r , . x. . .A K is - -X .M Q - ' 4,2 MX A ef 1.5 X . Qi, F ggkk .- i .3 . :gp-N 'pk rfiffivw .L .ee tif gl. .- ..gag -'mi .-112 K ws, .. ., Q., -..s., -. W A 13.5 .213 ...k, .f'am.. . 5-5. .. .. S x X Y 'ww Q . . .M..gt,x . .b . .k qw -. .w.wbsw- W - ,wg ,. Sr i-r-.. ' .3 'Saws .. . xii? m . ss: ff .X A W 1 ,- ,,' s., . Q FV If v 4 if W . M ff' , IK' Q rf K f' 'f M -' . ., ,,. L I I 11 O hi? A 2 71315 ONE ACT PLAYS HSEVENTEENTH SUMMER" This year's first production, "Seventeenth Summer," dealt warmly with the multiple problems of the adolescent Angie, who is not only busily preparing for the breathtaking experience of her very first date, but is also confronted with the task of ex- plaining the situation to her decidely "tom-boyish" younger sister. The members of the cast were Elinor Wallenius, Robert Richards, Edith Molongoski, Sally Murphy, Gerald Kuklewicz, Beverly Reum, Patricia Tetreault, Nancy Judd, Bartley Smith, and Carolyn Riel. "THE GOOSE HANGS HIGH" Our Christmas presentation, "The Goose Hangs High," concerned itself with the Christmas holidays and their effect on Mr. and Mrs. Ingals, portrayed by Elinor Wallenius and Robert La Roche. Their self- centered children, Beverly Reum, john Charron and Robert Richards, turned in equally fine performances. Others in the cast were Claire Thibodeau as Grandma Bradleyg Samuel Taylor as Mr. Day, Sally Murphy as julia Bradley, and Robert Murphy as her son, Ronnie, Tom Cotter as Noel Darby, and Christine Parenteau as the efficient maid, Rhoda. "LOVE IS E "Love Is Eternal," the V presented a segment in the prior to her first meeting Lincoln, and demonstrated h together with other outsid course of her life in order contact with this future pre cipator. An outstanding Mary 'I was assisted by: Dale Cadrar Kelleher, Ann Toddg Carc Ann Pervere, Mammy Sally, Helen Delpha, Grandma Pa Doctor Ward, Richard Marti Blassberg, Cassius Clay, Be' OUR UARRI K: 'I THE FOOTBALL TEAM The splendid record of our football team cannot be expressed in scores or newspaper clippings. To completely understand this point, one must have witnessed the labori- ous hours spent on the practice field by the thirty-four squad members. Eflieiently displaying a new split-T system, Mr. Russell's team manifested at all times the will to win and pride in a job well done. Because of a spirit well worthy of emulation the F son will long be rememb Captain Neil Tompkins, l Robert l.aRoche, Thomas Abbott, Peter Koscinski, Samuel Taylor, Wfoodrow Koscinski and Kenneth Pr 3 5 s 3 THE BOYS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Mr. Russells basketball team, while not always display- team certainly deserves m ing the highest point total, gained the satisfaction of com- The active senior mem pleting a season clear of "letdowns" in team spirit and over- Mosher, Dale Cadran, St: all sportsmanship. Constantly showing ability and the prod- John Charron, and Thom ucts oY a coaching job well done, this year's basketball BOYS' j.V. BASKETBALL TEAM The Boys' junior Varsity Basketball Team, with their the able coaching of Mr. E tremendous amount of competitive spirit and team play, ship and fair play at all i showed their ability to win their share of games. Under Varsity thrilled many fans 72 GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM The feminine counterpart of basketball at our high school had an outstanding 1956-1957 season, both from the stand- point of games won and even more important, from the standpoint of sportsmanship and diplomacy. It was such a combination that made this "extra" so rewarding to both those participating in it, and to their coach, Mrs. Reidy. Co-captained by Nancy Schab and Ann Silver, both Grade-A guards, the teams efforts and victories were boosted by the work of its all-around menace to forwa top-notch guard, "Sally" Mui and guard, and "Barb" Wyn any guard. And with the experience g sophomore team members ar successful season. l GIRLS' j.V. BASKETBALL TEAM The triple combination of team work, good sportsman- ship, and the guiding hand of the coach, Mrs. Helen Reidy, provided the Girls' AI.V. Basketball Team with the neces- sary qualities to achieve a fairly successful record. The squad, made up of underclassmen, demonstrated their basketball skill by easily learning the basic plays, practicing rebounds, and whooping" in athletic young "misses" dribbl sure to get fun as well as ex As they total up the points fo the ability of future winners. 5u.gf 'T T CLUB Proudly wearing the blue T's of Turners Falls High School, the members of the T Club exemplify those who have achieved sportsmanlike qualities and skill through hard wark and perseverance. Deserving of the wholehearted appreciation bestowed upon them, the T Club has honorably displayed the high standards of the Turners Falls High School. Senior member Saulnier, Stanley Koscir Ronald Sicard, David 1 LaRoche, David Russe john Avery, john Ch Murphy, and Anthony ll TUIN Tumbling, as a sport, only noncompetitive oi School. Its purposes thei girl tumblers, usually in Senior Varsity, have par riety Show and last year of a football game and ment at the Small Schoo the University of Massa are done with partners, angel," "quick flip," ant sult, and another purpo: balance yourself, to relal round co-ordination and Senior members have bi Milonas, Sally Murphy, joan Kruzlic, and Elinor who are slim and trim, Team, under the most Reidy. SKI CLUB Old fashioned winter may bring dismay and even despair to the fireside group, but for the Turners Falls High School this continuous white carpet made for an extremely active season. Every Tuesday, weather permitting, the squad would be found on the slopes of Holland Farm in Greenfield, practicing their slalom, down hill, jumping, and cross- TENNIS The Power Town's Tennis Team under the fine guidance of Mr. Garrahan had a very successful sea- son by capturing second place in the Valley League race and only losing the coveted first position after a hard battle with their arch rivals across the river. Due to the increasing interest in the sport, tennis in Turners Falls is rapidly coming into its own as a major sporting event. Mr. Garrahan was well pleased with the team's record and by the fact that he was able to form a Junior Varsity Squad that will provide a nucleus for the future teams. Senior members this year are Gerald Kuklewicz and Francis Zak. country under the ,watchful c man team competed in the Massachusetts, and they par try hikes. The one senior rr Richards. . 11.11 HM .,,. .f :J ,if L t, wtf' twin ABR 5? 7 is Eplatoffi it KX! ik l S lilfslll El . 3- Nl 'Tr' X if K I Q XIV' x A pin-43' SWR Fifi . t-ia ta yflws A v 'N-uw ' 'hu i 'W' 9? THE BASEBALL TEAM Baseball is one of the three major sports at the Turners Falls High School, and although past records do not always indicate a winning season, the intense spirit and sportsman- ship, characteristic of our school athletics, are ever present. Turners Falls High School teams have always been respected for their conduct both on and off the field and have con- 1"1"7"R I 'Vi 'W 4 on I A ,X 5 A . i 7-2 N44 , , 'mi A snr '. 1 , .a . ,QW tinued to uphold the pr point of last year occuret Championship chances v mined Indians. Senior Anthony Mosca, Neil ' Rivet and john Charron. I i sg kd. K A i Aff' was all QC 'si .,., , THE TRACK TEAM The Track Team will be found practicing immediately after the snow disappears until the day before the Western Massachusetts Track Meet. Mr. Putman, the team's coach, trainer, and walking encyclopedia on matters of high school records in distance, height, and time, will be found on the track every afternoon from 2:30 until the last man leaves. Although the squad is not large in size, the members al- ways have tremendous cc to win. The seniors on t ter, Anthony Mosca, Rc bert Saulnier, John Avei ards. These boys compel League and the Western UR SCOI E Q Sf 1. S I ! f gf f X f , -f ' ff, iff ' , 7 KF Q Z wt - V tae ' f -rv if ' K' , iyflj N Jw-f,"gV "" 2 ' , 4 , jd I n up ,fi -IVA? f 1 , - A 12 A-- , kgfn ,Q Ae.,.gr 45, 4'. . ILL' flffiz, 1 ew , F' '12 ' 2541? WAX, 414' X is , 1 - , f , ., .U N x ,Q ff' ff ,Z ' A ' G4 229, , i f -5- vw .f - -3 rl ' f '7 ' X 'xvjx .J . Aj-.Z --' -' ' Q' -i", f' M? fy X X' ' ' '4 f ' ff X 1 "' 'C , , K 1 hx' X , r , f I ff , 015.2 ? '- ' -If , r' f Z I 4, .'5E":4ll4- . Y, -' Z- -Q f Q ' I ' A11 1, N g A ,SIT-'f -3"""'L:.. , N - ' -4 ' 'L ---1--llf-ff " wa my wg ,Q 4--v l f0"7'-0-f0"0'0'40'-"01'6lC A0'Y0'0A0N7'040'70-'0"0'040Y70-6N0'04?7'0J0V?'040'0K040'0l0 X7 4 0x0f0"0"0K0"0"-0 401'0N7G0'G01'?r0'r0M-0K?10N0f'-0"0l'6V0'G-0"0A0'fW1M B W' fa he CLASS of 1957 THE RGCKDALE CO TURNERS FALLS, MASS. 540547" 7 "'7'0"947W05'?90"'95555N0'5"-0'90N6'955'0'49'C07W05G04'6 MONTAGUE MACHINE CO. -PAPER MILL MACHINERY- Maintenance Work for Neighboring Mills TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS FLORISI TELEGI DELII CADE'S FLOWER 54 Avenue A 'l THE ROYL CLEANERS, Inc. LICENSED SANITONE CLEANERS "Sanitone ix lncomparablen Dial UN 3-2043 123 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Compliment: of HAWLEY PHARMACY MILLERS FALLS - OL 9-3327 HAWLEY PHARMACY, Inc. TURNERS FALLS - UN 3-2473 CONGRATULATI C L A S S o f 1 5 Ben Wixbex for the VALLEY STUI "Everything Pbotogr 74 Avenue A 'I' WILLIAM'S GAN - FOR SMOOTH DRI -Specializing in BEAR WHEEL ALIG SUN SCIENTIFIC TI 147 Second Street 'I ARBEN APPLIANCE and TRADING CENTER, Inc. FURNITURE and ALL MAJOR BRAND APPLIANCES TURN ERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS M C C A R T H -- THE CLOTHIE Tailor-Made Suit: A S Dial UN 3-846 TURNERS FALLS M '90'45"Q74Q796"f57907!?C5390'6"'Qf65 f95'6'46'7f6' GUUD JosEPH v. I Pwwvwv P 13 HEATING and PLUA PLUMBING F "7 AMERICAN STANDAJ Telephone UI 26 Fourth Street T 0 Complime Best Wubex to the CLASS of 1957 W. L SWEENEY FORD SALES AGEN TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS TURNERS FALLS Complimentx of PLEASANT lNSl GENERAL IN. HAROLD B. MYERS REAL ESL - GULF - Phone UN AVENUE A MONTAGUE CITY ROAD 76 Third Street So Long - Happy Days sEN1oRs of 1957 L. A. KOHLER CO., Inc. PHILCO TELEVISION - R.C.A., DECCA, COLUMI and CAPITOL RECORDS 75 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASS! so SE 9'01'7 4050'0-'0I1?'01H?f0vf0r?1010f0'0'6W'0f Qifeeniielh llefnfhef-Qiazetie SINCE 1792 FRANKLIN COUNTY'S OWN NEWSPAA All the N ew.r of Tumerx Fall! and Other Montague S ection "A COMPLETE HOME NEWSPAPER FOR ALL THE FAA Telephones: UN 3-4441 or PR 4-4331 TURNERS FALLS BUREAU 74 FOURTI Compliment: of CARLIS TEA I and RESTAU ROSEN'S QUALITY SHOP l D H ome-Made Ice I Deliciou: Sandwiehe: -- Fm 265 Main St. GREEN FIELD MASSACHUSETTS Tel. PR 2-66. Compliment! of Compliment of FRANK'S SERVICE STATION FRANK KERSAVAGE, Prop. THE SNACK MILLERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS GREENFIEI-D ALWAYS SOMETHING GOOD LUC- "NEW" AT To The C L A S S 0 f 1 ,Am GRlBBON'S MUSI Tumen' Leaduhe Way - 465 4 - h ' 5, Nu: A I I -I H, 1 f . Q V . .'4'?:" N ' Aw " ' " DAIRY if .,. v.-xx . ' ' L Q. har- k BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1957 PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM - ALSO HOMOG1 SOCQUET J. I. CASE TRACTORS AND SERVICE Telephone UN 3-2375 HILLSIDE ROAD TURNERS FALLS, MASS. PARTRIDGE-ZSCHAU S INSURANCE AGENCY - R E A L T O R S - INSURANCE -- SURETY BONDS "Consult Us as You Would Your Doctor and Your La Telephone OLdfie1d 9-5 3 18 12 MAIN STREET MILLERS FALLS, MASS. 6 lC9"6ff0"0110'101f0'K02r02'-01f-0N020K0K0Y-0'f0"10"-0K0 B2 '05t0,'0A0' 't07 TUUL5 MILLERS FALLS HIGH QUALITY TOOLS that are used by Difcrimimzting Mechanic: and Cmftfmen the World 011 A FRANKLIN COUNTY PRODUCT SINCE 1868 MILLERS FALLS COMPANY GREENFIBLD MAssAc THE FRANKLIN SAVINGS INSTITUTIC WE OPERATE TO SERVE YOU! Savings Accounts, Life Insurance and Real Estate Loans OVER 120 YEARS OF SERVICE IN THIS COUNTY GREEN FIELD, MASSACHUSETTS TENNEY FARMS DAIRY MILK-CREAM-I CE CREAM Telephone PR 3-5258 338 HIGH STREET GREENFIELD, II Telephone 996 NORTHFIELD, MASS. A X9-0wf0+f0w0w zovaxovowa as Comphmemj "PRICES You LI. PFERSICK BI FAMILY SHO ALEXANDER -FEAIUR . V. URGIEL Style Shoes for All Occasio MUNN'S FERRY ROAD HI' Pm To Walk D0 GILL, MASS. Dia1UN 3 TURNERS FALLS Complimentf of YETTER - Th QUALITY FLOWEF M. 0. CUTLER 8. SON Phone PR 4 -WOOD and LUMBER- GREENFIELD E. M. GULOW 8 C omplimenn of 1 N c o R P o 1 5 WATROBA I.G.A. STORE -HARDW. MILL and ELECTRI1 MILLERS FALLS, MASS. 5 Phone OL 9-3552 Dia' UN 3' TURNERS FALLS in MILLERS FALLS in CARROI.l'S SUPER MARKET "OUTSTANDING FOR QUALITY FOR OVER 30 YF 6 X9-0'w0r 0"01S0110K0'f0'01'0N0K0K0K0"0"0I10"-0ff0'K0N0K- 84 7'0G? '00I610f'7f70vf0f-00v'?0f0fW'65G?65040P050 for the best tire deal in Franklin County Trade Ar ART'S TIRE SERVICE 10 SILVER ST. GREENFIELD MMIQW K ,ll-Y 'rmss C omplimentx of Compliment! 5 BAmo's BARBER sHoP THE MODERN ' FRED and ED TURNERS FALLS Q Avenue A Turners Falls Te1ePh0ne UN 34 All the Luck in the World to The CLASS of 1957 WHITE SWAN BEAUTY SHOPPE Telephone OL 9-3309 51 MAIN STREET MILLERS FALLS, MASS Q x9K0G0l?f720'0f170f'-?02Q?014?0'04G?G?010 85 SlNGl.EY'S FURNITURE and APPLIANCE STORE 168-172 AVENUE "A" TURNERS FALLS, MASS. ' 1 ' C ooulio l ioshio 25 Federal Street Greenliclt With a School Girl's A. H. RIST Insurance Since 1888 56 FOURTH STREET Fire-Bond-Cafualty-Automobile Life-Marine-Notary Public-Burglary TURNERS FALLS, MASS. Real Ertate Saler and Appraixalx When school is over they g FOURNIER as Always the popular place the students of the scho their Sundaes and Ice Cre A GREAT PLA1 They have the larges' ALSO THE BE! STRATHMORE PAPER CO. 5 Mills at West Springfield, Woronoco and Turners Falls, IN 9 -Manufacturers of- Bond, Writing and Thin Papers - Book, Text and Cox Artist Papers and Boards - Blue Print Base Stocl Wedding Papers and Bristols - Greeting Cards and Spem PAPER IS PART OF THE PICTURE Q x :aw-uaaovaro--aaono Congratulationx and Beit Wixlaes TO THE 1957 GRADUATES OF TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL WHAI - AM + FM GREENFIELD MASSA1 W. S. CASSIDY, Inc. Compliment LARRY and P01YllAl'... OF CLOVER FAR!! YOUR NEXT CAR Strata-Flight - Hydra-Matic High Street TURNERS FALLS and GREENFIELD Compliment Complimentx of THE MARY ELLEN Q I Q GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS 6 x9'00 00000000000 87 281 IAIN STREET . GRE! Cnrtainx - Window Shaq Venetian Blind! - Ready- 40f01'6X 40Y0w0 101'-010 402010 1740 X7"01f0'W'0f0' 9"0K01 ff7 9K0N01 5 f VE BETTER A 150131059 ' '61 Q-gif F. J. MALONEY ATHLETIC OU TFI TTER Teleph 3 3400 COpposite Tel ph Buildingb 346 DWIGHT STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASS 0N0N71?L0R0'-7654010v'0'6Y0P0140'2702'0'WN?10X0'10N05'0"- THE CROCKER INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS "THE BANK WITH THE CHIMESU 52 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASSAC BRAFF 8. RICH, Inc. COMPLETE OUTFITTERS FOR MEN and BOYS Ignition and Starte: I.EO'S JENNEY 1 LEO M. GOLY, TEICPIHOHC PR 4-4344 At FEDERAL and KENT 120 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Tel- PR 3,9028 am C omplimentx of HARRY SPUNGIN Furrier 28 CHAPMAN STREET GREENFIELD, MASS. A xv-owofowa :0"0"?' 89 WAITKUS BRC GREENFIELD RUE New Tire: - Spoi Electrical Appla 63 FRENCH KING I GREENFIELD, I 3S9'0'910v0'0N70'W117'Q10"?0401'01W1Q0110f0'0S1?6W'011?f0f7474 H. S. RUDDOCK W A I N Sl, - I E W E L E R - .. GREENFIELDCS DIAMONDS, WATCHES and SILVERWARE FURNITURE Telephone PR 2-6580 Phone PR 3 291 Mem Street Gfeenaeld, Mess. 577 Main SUCH ,Ln- ef -+1 A saws W I L S O N ' S S Franklin Conntyif Friendly Family Store GREENFIELD MASS CLEARY'S JEWELERS "Established 1928" JEWELRY - GIFTS - CARDS RED and WHITE E R ' ' xpen epdmng 58 Third Street 248 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. G xT0'r0f0w0f0K0f0N0'-?WN?10'?0v06w01f76210'05'04G0'1?4?40N0 90 S 40'f'0"0f0N0'b'?40W0R01G0lf0N0'-40'W"4"10I'0N040N02'6 SHADY REST Bent Regards A Compliments of S C L A S S o f WALLY 84 RACHEL NEIPP SHOE MILLERS FALLS ROAD Avenue A TURNERS FALLS, MASS. For Smart Feminine Apparel Ben Wixb I I If s ALIBER S to the in C L A S S o f GREENFIELD, MASS. Compliment: from Judea NEW IDEAL MARKET yum WE MANUF' TURNERS FALLS, MA 3rd Street Turners Falls, Mass. Ben Wixbex to the Complimen CLASS of 1957 of G. Kocl-I a soN A FREN 9"0N0'f0N0' 17'006'f0f6i00Y0 91 Is '6719"07405l0YQ540'C9517'-?"05'Q' f?'9'405'05H You SAVE MORE AT THE Cvmplime ARMY 8. NAVY STORE I-A ROCHE FUN WE GIVE s at H GREEN STAMPS COMPLETE HOUSE 239 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. 15 Davis Street CHARRON'S P Compliment: Franklin County's l of Drug Str Juuus BLASSBERG, Inc. PRE5CR'PT'0f' 10 Federal Street FRANKLIN COUNTY X X "'S -' -A " - rrt't 4 tf,,:M,. I E X .Mx .N -1 xy E 'Z '-.N 'gl' ' x 'x 49 Q- tif ty QUALITY LUMBER and MILLWORK for OVER SEVENTY-1 Dial PR 4-4324 GREENFIELD MASS, 6 x9I0N0"0l'0vr01f0K0vf-0"0'0V-010K0N0"0"0N7'0K0 92 g?0'47 '0'102G026"?'0Q0I'02r00r17101'0'10v656rf7'0401l7'0v DELUXE BEAUTY SALON GEO. STARBUCK 81 JOSEPHINE KROL, Proprietor Established 14 QUIET MAY OIL ALL KINDS OF Steam, Water and Plumbi BEAUTY CULTURE SHEET METAL . Flue Lining, Clay and Or: D131 UN 34651 General Kitchen Fu TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS TURNERS FALLS ESLEECK MANUFACTURING COMPAI . . THIN PAPERS . . TURNERS FALLS MASSAC W0 Your Car Demandf I 3009 DRIVE IN 1 I COP F E E KEl.LEHER's sum Home-made Ice Cream - Sandwicber and Luncher For Premium Quality P: AT Competent C ourteou. I Q G O U I' D S Telephone UN 3- Telephone OL 9-2275 . T MILLERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS 152 Thnd sneer ' C omplimentx of I ARCHITECTURAL STONE COMPANY TURNERS FALLS MASSACI 6 x9"0N0v-05'0v'05'0"0N0f0f'0K0v0'0N0'-0"0"0f0K0'f0I7'00 93 IC 40'40'?'-0'N0'1020'l01c01'-0N0'N040'20f'4W10110v'0-f0fC0N4 9 DEPENDABLE SERVICE BONNETTE COAL CO. G. sc J. BONNETTE Prop. Coal - Range - Fuel Oil! Phone UN 3-4581 6Q SECOND STREET TURNERS FALLS Complimenlf : of 1' s:AumEN's F2371 senvlcs smno Telephone UN 3-4335 101 THIRD STREE'I TURNERS FALLS FRANKLIN COUNTY PRESS, Inc PRINTING OF ALL KINDS . . . Dial UN 3-4625 60 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASS. BUY YOUR SCHOOL SUPPLIES AT THE 5 conuen Book srone Telephone UN 3-4569 116 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS 9 gc wuofwvaawwowaxo 94 551 DEA GAS -- OIL - RANGE ANI BOTTLE Serwce You N1 '0'N0l'040N- C 1' GRAVES BAKERY "mp "mm H A R T W I P -Specializing in- to the WEDDING and BIRTHDAY CAKES SENIOR CLA 14 Federal Street Greenfield, Mass. of 1957 H. A. KNAPP 8. SONS . C omphment: c GREENFIELD WALLPAPER AND S S PAINT COMPANY, Inc. GREENFIELD IV 53 Bank Row Greenfield, Mass. CONGRATULATIONS to :he C L A S S 0 f 1 9 5 7 C A S U D I N E R AVENUE A TURNERS 0' 95 A. M. GAMELIN Clam P19010 gmplaer for 1956 - 1957 .. . SENIORS . .. MON TAGUE CITY and GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSET1 96 ns. 'RNA 1 253 E. ,353 ' 'ysf-.,-Q, , f ff -H421 ,Q--s-3-w NX ff 4 4 f 12 -r-K fi QF' . A " ' . i y f -an -x V k A f , .Vg me, .ww ,Tiff Q 5775-2,9 . A: eg, . 3. ff ' Jffff 4 I 1 A 1

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