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5' F, 9 'a S 5? gi 5. 5? fi 'Fi ga ,ii 3 Vx .av HE pi U56 WONGQQ 011 Rx URNQRS Pnl 15 1Qw 'M' 4 T Hush Echo l XX of Cibhfenfg he Faculty Che .Seniors Hctivities Sports N 2 Andvtrfzs ng V V A gb xl,-df x Cf- C ' QQQM -L " ' XV mb, OM L74A,,feet1Mz, , gi gg, 1? .,,,' ' H "W x 13 - A 14- is x I r 'U ""-X ' " FW-"-nee--N ' fu:-v I i I 1' I , 1 .,Qx'-ijt: fi J- 1 i 11' 1 F lim 1 , lg ik Y ' 1-22 "Ll VJ li L' . ' K ,N 7. JA' a,I ,Q ,f X any L, .f - '11 aff! ,J 2 Q wg M -f . ',u i jf xt A ' . XJ fr X f if Z x X ml NETOP STAFF EDITORS . . 7 . HAD Vlillul lf 1 V ff 7 NETOP STAFF Here is pictured the Netop Staff, in their work and in their play. We had our lighter moments, but there were also long hours of grueling work and of heart-rending near failures, but always, the rich com- pensation of a job well done. We learned to work together as a unit, submerging our personal feelings to attain our common goal. We've made mistakes - we would be among the first to admit them - but we've always tried to overcome them. We received criticism, and taking it in the spirit in which it was given, strove with our utmost that it might be changed to praise. We worked hard throughout this year - on the Netop, Our Wonderland, and our radio show - but because of the things we've done and the good times we've had, the hours we spent will be remembered by us all as among the happiest of our High School memories. F' ,. '?sz.ff4ii?H!!"3yS'A.?'Wf!f XX t 4 NNN 1 X-r1iiii2""f'j Aibv AA r4A QA . I X Ax 17" "'- -yu., N' ,. n F X 1' ' I - f . x V Q . , X, . QA vs A W , W' 0 DGJDIGIIGIOH X itzq 3 A 'fif J 'n -- A I gr-afzlfivcde eizsjozifczn 'fyy fi-Tse 33530 X EXW ' attr-Lfudes, so .str-angf Prera-Ant in you, " Q we dedicate fzfifi, 6,5 :tary of Our-f Q, 1 G O CUon3e:-fa.n6, to Ku , ef 'NX J Ho JR: N 7 -J . ' 0 9 :lr-auglau-6 has fast year' 42:5 4. :eaff f 1 of our .sajbur-11. at ffgb CUPHGPJ Ffzffs 'K 'V'- A Eigfl Scrfoog our- every activity, our-f crery deeb, was fer-.ear-med wifi you.. in x 'minig an3 wifi you. -in our-' vqearfs. b Fffiougi many mirfts separ-4.te3 us, your 0 Q. + Q i 94.7461-:af :fir-'if reacrz-63 out a.c:-ass fnase, X X mifis am? fer? us 'fo tie -94573. ' af. 13' tier, more fQf'fvL-'17, C'e66y, f:4a.'n, , JI "1 N. fu , H A, wid offff' fits , ow- -foof , our rezcor-6 , Eff' . fo you., an au'C,s-ta.n61Lnj memfer of f-Ze cfass of 1955, ow- insjsir-4.-tale-m Q J ana our-' fl-'5en.6 . ix V . 1 f'ff'f"if . A Q5 lf' ' if 1 , 1 2 E If f X Q9 , f , . f :fs 1 The Class of 1955 salutes you, Mr. Arthur E. Burke, our superintendent. It is an old adage that enthusiasm begets enthusiasm and if it is true as has been said that the graduates of the Turners Falls High School exemplify to the fullest extent that intangible known as school spirit, it is due in no small measure to men like you who have given much to the cause of youth and education. We, the newest members of the Turners Falls Alumni Association, offer you our heartfelt gratitude. MR. ARTHUR E. BURKE null A6 lflfgcllofl Before the word came the unuttered thought, before the work, the dream, and behind every noble impulse has been the man. Because you, Mr. Wrightson, have been, in turn, that thought, that dream, that man who held us together when much was hard, who pointed the way when the light was dim, because you made us believe that we could and would win, we call you today and for all our days - sincere, good friend. MR. GEORGE F. WRIGHTSGN li' MISS EVELYN LINDSAY For your understanding and wise guidance, for the splendid principles so much a part of you, which in turn have become ours through aspiration and inspiration, for your deep-rooted integrity and loyalty to our cause we thank you, Miss Lindsay. Believe us, so very grateful. DBZ fA,0.56 IVAO guilt MISS MARGARET CREAN The duties of a class advisor may often prove tedious. There are the endless details to be seen to, the decisions to be made and the conferences on every major event to be arranged for. You, Miss Crean, did all of this good-natur- edly and even graciously. In this, the record of our little life at the Turners Falls High School, we wish to acknow ledge our debt to you and to offer our sincerest thanks. ' . ,Qs pig - WAWM, s 'ISI W M' iff-if N dnl FACLJIT .2 SCIENCE DEPARTMENT These gentlemen of the science department, Mr. Galvin and Mr. Putnam are here observed earnestly scrutinizing a rare specimen. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Miss Teed, Mr. Oakes, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Connelly, our English teachers, proponents of the full life through the study of the best in literature and in speech have whole- heartedly thrown themselves into the teaching of their sub- ject. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT In our language department, Miss Clark and Miss Porter employ audio and visual aids as well as the standard methods of teaching languages. ARE- kt. K ' if 'i n 2 in , 'Q .. . .Stat Ji A ' . .- ,. -i' Ad- 1 ,se if -, We va? 5 X if i qt it 'sf 1, , t sg. 5? t i I I cf HISTORY DEPARTMENT In off hours, Mr. Garrahan and Mr. Sullivan can be found discussing world affairs. The film strip pro- jector is used as part of their visual aid program. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Our mathematics instructors, Miss Lindsay, and Mr, Bourdeau have taught us not only the fundamen- tals of mathematics, but how to think clearly, method- ically, and rationally. Through their efforts our stu- dents are prepared for any walk of life. 1 '25 R :,,.E 3 2' I .1 iii? ' I ' . x ,fri nl 'SHIV .5- r L B . - 'W xg a K . ,, I I .,,,,.,,,..f- ' A-L S? x s A ., Xu 5. . Q -as f 5 . Cm - i I. XS , MANUAL TRAINING DEPARTMENT Mr. Pike, in his usual shop attire, is seen exam- ining the work of one of his students. f--Q-. if . I . rj 3 LIBRARY SCIENCE DEPARTMENT In the newly organized Library Science classes, Miss Mcllillicuddy teaches the proper use of the li- brary and inspires students to pursue a cultivated road through more intensive reading. is ,Q p, if . 'X Q is I 4 an ART DEPARTMENT Miss DesOrmeaux, ever-patient, ever helpful, in- stills in her pupils a love of art and in addition inspires them to develop their latent artistic talents. MUSIC DEPARTMENT Our music supervisors, Miss Argy and Mr. Weiner are often seen discussing, as they are here, various phases of our musical organizations. Through their efforts our band and glee clubs have become well known for their excel- lent performances. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT We are very proud of our Commercial Depart- ment. Not only do we boast of our up-to-date equip- ment, but also of our truly capable teachers, Miss Little, Miss Witliington and Miss Crean. 3 I l , , ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Our three athletic directors, Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Reidy and Mr. Putnam, stand in admiration, in front of the trophy case - symbol of past glory, and serv- ing as an inspiration to oncoming teams. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT ' Under the guidance of Miss Reum, the girls in the Home Eco- nomics Department learn sewing, cooking, and other household arts which will be of immeasur- able value to them in later life. DRIVER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. Fugere, is seen standing beside the new driver- education car, while one of his students exhibits the "on the road training" part of his course. if VW5, , MAINTENANCE DEPARTMENT Our maintenance men, Mr. Puhala and Mr. Courte- manche, are caught here in an inspirational moment. if 5' . N g ., CA FETERIA In the cafeteria, Mrs. Ahrweiler, Mrs. Galvin and Mrs. Dilorenz provide well balanced meals for both the high school and grammar school. 5,3 Wm O offo-Y frermgt C mg mt our Q o ons. 1' an e Uxufmiie , 5 t 'Z ' h :, ,.i,..,g,w L ,, ,. , ., J. - ,' ' .J 1 'T"- .'44'.4"A' ,, .- - ' . . .ff J . .1 .- 1 J -KI' nf. ' X " , "f -, , 4-MS-1531-ff , ' U 1. " wiuf'-r ye'-',1g :QM-'L3k - -N vw U5 - - IOLUGI' C 31 H 64iCA of IIA SEWIGHS MW if X SENIOR OFFICER JAMES ROBERT PEASE "Jacques" Ie that if thy friend indeed a will help thee in thy need." "Jacques", our Vice-Presi- nt, was in the field of sports ing on the football, baseball, d ski teams for three years d he participated in intra- ural basketball. Besides orts, "Jacques" also be- nged to the History Club, f" Club, and French Club, which he was Vice-President s junior year. He was an her for the Sophomore So- ll and Junior Prom, and lrtrayed the part of Mr. rady in "A Portrait of Nel- n Holiday, Jr." For the big oduction of the senior year, 'ather of the Bride", he lent s invaluable assistance as lge manager. MARY ANN ROBERT 'A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Mary Ann, our efficient asurer, has proved herself great value to the class. : was a loyal member of Glee Club for three years I became secretary this year. addition, she was an agile nbler for one year, in the story Club, a pleasant ofhce l, and on the decorating nmittee for the Sophomore' :ial. Mary Ann was a Prize :aker, stage manager for the lumbus Day play, on the rtop and Yearbook Staffs, l on the make-up commit- for our senior play "Fa- er of the Bride." She was o honored by membership the Pro Merito Society and climax these many and var- ! activities she was chosen '. A. R." Representative. FRANCIS JOSEPH WARYAS 1-J-unien "The hill: of manhood wear a noble face." "Junie" released his ener- getic nature in the field of sports, displaying his talents in basketball and baseball for four years, football for three years and track for one year. He was the President of the Class of "SS", the Secretary of the History Club, compe- tent member of the Netop Staff, and a qualified member of the "T" Club. Junie was also an alternate Prize Speaker and appeared in the play, "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." In addition, he contrib- uted to the success of our se- nior play, "Father of the Bride", by his energetic parti- cipation in the ticket com- mittee's sales campaign. 19 CONSTANCE LOUISE KOCH "Connie" "I newer met a man I didn't like." "Connie", our class Secre- tary, held the important posi- tion of Co-editor of the Netop and Yearbook during her se- nior year. Gifted with a vari- ety of musical talents, she played in the band and or- chestra for four years, was a member of the Girls' Glee Club and in the Swingsters for two years and accompanist for the Boys' Glee Club. She was also a Tumbler and an alter- nate for Junior Prize Speak- ing. She played the part of Jeannie in "Time Out for Gin- ger", the Columbus Day Play, and "Peggy" in "Father of the Bride". A member of many clubs, she was elected Secre- tary of the Camera Club in her Junior year. JANET GALE KALINOWKI "Graciou:, Willing and Kind I: Ianet with an ever-thinking mind." Our class historian and Girls' State representative play- ed in the band for four years, orchestra for three years, and in All State Band. Janet, a Pro Metito, was a Junior Prize Speaker and was on the Netop and Yearbook Staffs. Her acting ability was further demonstrated when she so ably portrayed "Kay Banks" in our Senior Play, "Father of the Bride." Her various activities also included four years of Art Club, three years in the Camera Club, and three years in the Glee Club. I7 FRED EDWIN ALDRICH "Ollie" "He ir as full of velour ar of kindne.u." We keep reminding "Ollie" that good things come in small packages! "Ollie" has been quite active in sports, playing football and baseball his first two years, basket- ball for three years and track his junior year. He was our baseball manager his first two years and football manager his junior and Senior years. He also took part in intramurals and was our Senior track manager. Freddie ushered at many of our dances and belonged to the "T", French, History, and Glee Clubs, being a section leader his Senior year. He was an alternate junior Prize Speaker and a member of the Netop and Yearbook Staffs. "Ollie" portrayed "Tommy" in "Time Out for Ginger", and "Buzz Taylor" in "Father of the Bride." In spite of or perhaps because of his many activities he managed to maintain a Pro Merito rating. ELIZABETH ANN BORDEAUX "Betty" "A thing of beauty if a joy forever." "Betty's" skillful hand was responsible for her being art editor of the Netop and Yearbook Staffs. A twirler for two years, she became our outstanding majorette her Senior year. "Time Out For Ginger", a one-act play, gave us a taste of "Betty's" acting ability, in her portrayal of "Joan". Her invaluable aid as assistant to our coach, Miss Teed, during the many long and arduous hours of rehearsing for our senior play, "Father of the Bride", will always be remembered with gratitude by all who were connected with the production. "Betty" was a strong member of the Glee Club and was Treasurer her Senior year. Further demonstrating her artistic ability, she served on several decorating committees for dances and shows. "Betty" was one of those brave, back-bending Tumblers for three years. Further interests found "Betty" active in many other school clubs. EUGENE L. BORDEAUX "Sonny" "Afoot and light-hearted, I take to the open road." "Sonny" played football his freshman year, and baseball and intramural basket- ball for two years. As electrician, he was responsible for the excellent lighting effects in our senior play, "Father of the Bride." Aside from this, he ushered at the Fresh- man Hop and sang in the Boys' Glee Club for two years. ERNEST LINCOLN BROWN "Spuddy" "Believe me, every man bar hir Jecretsf' "Brown's Taxi" will always be pleasantly and happily remembered by the Netop and Yearbook Staffs, for "Spuddy" with characteristic business acmnen saw that the school publications not only did not put the class in debt, but that they actually paid. The biggest thrill of "Spuddy's" high school career came with the announcement that he was to play the title role in "Father of the Bride". Needless to say, his performance was superb. He was in the Camera Club for two years - his senior year honored with the presidency - in the Art Club for two years and in the History Club. As for the dances, he was on the refreshment committee for the Sophomore Social, and ushered at the Freshman Hop, and on the decorating committee and an usher for our junior Prom. "Spuddy" was also a smart-looking color guard for three years, and ably portrayed "Mr, Wilson" in the play, "Time Out For Ginger". CLOVIS BOUCHER, JR. "Billo" "Patience ir e flattererf' Clovis, a quiet, unassuming boy, was tied up with his duties at home, and was therefore unable to participate in many school activities. However, he did find time to be a member of the decorating committee for junior Prize Speaking and a ticket collector for the Senior-Freshman Reception. EILEEN DORIS BURKE "The gentle mind hy gentle deeds ir known." Eileen belonged to the Art Club and was Miss DesOrmeaux's eflicient sec- retary. She also was an active member of the French Club, and in our commercial department had the important job of Bank Day Cashier. She graciously lent her support to the ticket committee for the senior play. JANICE MARIE BYK "Jan" "Gentle of speech, henefieent of mind." "jan", with her bright smile, played in the band for four years, and sang in the Glee Club three years. She was in the Art Club for two years, putting her talents to good use. She decorated for the "Cabaret", for the Christmas Concert, and for the Junior Prom. "Jan" was a member of the Home Economics Club, and the Community Service Club for three years. She was Secretary for Mrs. Dilorenz, and played Intramural Basketball for two years. "Jan" also served on the ticket committee for the senior play. JOSEPH ANTHONY CASTRONOVO "Joe" "On him and on hir high endeavor, The light of praise rhall shine forever." "joe" came to the T.F.H.S. for his senior year from Saint Leonard's, a commercial high school in Brooklyn, New York. He quickly won a place in our hearts by wholeheartedly entering into plans for our very first activity, the Freshman Hop, and it pleased everyone to find he had won the part of "Pete" in our senior play, "Father of the Bride". 19 PHYLLIS EILEEN CHOLEVA "Sla" "Her friend: there are many, Her foe: - are there any?" Phyllis, one of the liveliest members of our class, played on the basketball team and also on the intramural team for four years. She was also a Bank Day Cashier, secretary to both Mr. Bourdeau and Mr. Pike, and a Pro Merito. "Sla", in the one-act play, "Time Out For Ginger", portrayed "Ginger" and captured the hearts of her enthusiastic audience with her hilarious antics. She was a willing typist for the Netop and Yearbook Staifs, decorated and ushered for several dances and proved invaluable on the property committee of the senior play. JOHN COUTURE "Jack" "Silence ir the gratitude of true afectionf' "jack" participated in tennis for four years, basketball, football, and track, two years, and became a member of the "T" Club. He has been an active member of the Camera Club, Art Club, and History Club, and also ushered at our Freshman Hop. In "Father of the Bride", our senior play, "Jackie" gave a creditable per- formance in his interpretation of "Tim's man." ELAINE REGINA DAVIS "There ir no wisdom like franknerrf' Elaine participated in various activities during her four years, playing in the band for one year and belonging to the Home Economics, Camera and History Clubs each for one year. She was also a vigorous member of the Glee Club and the Community Service Club for three years. Elaine also served on "properties" for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." She tried her luck at basketball for one year, and also ushered at the Freshman Hop. EMIL JOSEPH DEMERS "Emo" "Gay and carefree ar everyone know: He creater laughter wherever he goeJ." "Emo" found it necessary to work throughout high school and therefore had little time for school activities. He did, however, find time to sing with the Boys' Glee Club his junior and senior year. He served on the ticket committee for the big production, "Father of the Bride". Because of these contacts he made many friends. 20 REGINA DAWN DENKIEWICZ "A Joft armver turneth away wrath." Regina, a quiet, willing worker, a member of the Community Service Club for two years, was in the Girls' Glee Club for one year. She was secretary for Miss Crean in her senior year, and also assisted Mr. Pike as an office girl. CATHERINE DESAUTELS "Cathy" "Tall, rtately, and very trim Our Cathy ir noted for vigor ami vim." "Cathy", one of out busiest class members, has belonged to a number of organ- izations, including the Camera Club, Glee Club, Art Club, History Club and Tumb- lers. She demonstrated her athletic ability by being a member of the basketball team and playing intramurals in her junior and senior years. Her artistic ability was shown by the fact that she was selected to serve on the decorating committees for various dances. "Cathy's" acting talent was early recognized when she so ably portrayed Nelson's mother in the play, "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." Her histrionic ability was fittingly climaxed in the senior play, "Father of the Bride" in which she played "Mrs. Banks." CHARLES HENRY EMERY "Charlie" "Magnifcent .rpectacle of human happinesd' "Charlie's" chief characteristic, according to his classmates, is his eternal hap- piness. He played football his freshman year and was a member of the track team for two years. He ushered for the Sophomore Social and the Freshman Hop, was in the Boys' Glee Club for three years and the French Club for one year. ANNETTE CORINNE EMOND "Frenchy" "Great thoughtr come from the heart." Annette played the French horn in both the band and orchestra for three years. She was one of our capable Bank Day Cashiers and a member of the Corn- mercial Club. She also served on the refreshment and decorating committees for the Freshman Hop. 21 DAVID FARWELL "Dave" "Hit greatnen not hir littleners, concern: mankind." "Dave", one of our musically minded classmates, has played in the band four years, the orchestra four years, and has sung with the Glee Club for three years. He attended the All State Chorus last year. He was a member of the ski team for four years, the Rifle Club and track team for one year, intramural basketball and also served on the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." With a thrilling performance of Tolstoi's, "The Horse Race", he won second place in the Junior Prize Speaking Contest. "Dave" belonged to the French Club and was a member of the Pro Merito Society. ALICE MARY FUCHS "A1li" "In quietnerr and in confidence :hall he your strength." "Alli", a quiet, petite girl, was a member of the Home Economics, Community Service and History Clubs She was also a tumbler for a year and secretary to Mr. Galvin her senior year. Alice, for our senior play, "Father of the Bride," worked unceasingly as a ticket seller. She ushered at Class Day, Graduation, and served on various dance committees. ELAINE FERN GAMACHE "Laney" "Fair and roftly goes far." Elaine, a petite, dark-haired girl has been a helpful member of the Community Service Club, the Girls' Glee Club, and the History Club. In the Art Club for three years, she has shown her potentialities as an artist. "Laney" ushered at the Senior Social, was on the decoration committee for the Junior Prom, and assisted with tickets for our production, "Father of the Bride." BEVERLY PATRICIA GAUDRY "Bev" "My good will ir great, though the gift is rmallf' "Bev" has taken an active part in the Glee Club, and the French Club. She is one of the artists in our class and has three years of Art to her credit. She served on the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." The Community Service Club was fortunate to have Beverly to help, but of course she did it with a willing hand. She was also an usher for the Sophomore Social. 22 PAUL GMYREK "Speed" "The reward of a thing well done if to have it done." "Speed" acquired his nickname and showed his fondness for sports by parti- cipating in football, basketball and baseball for three years. He was a member of the History Club and Art Club for one year and sang with the Boys' Glee Club for two. FREDERICK GRALENSKI "Freddie" "The pen if the tongue of the mind." "Freddie", our very quiet and modest classmate, has proven his brilliancy in his writing. He was a valuable member of the Netop and Yearbook Staffs, a Pro Merito, Boys' State Representative and a stalwart member of our Track and Bas- ketball Teams. "Fred", a member of the Art Club for two years, helped to decorate for the Sophomore Social and belonged to the History Club. In his senior year, "Fred" was selected by his classmates as Good Government Day Representative. BEVERLY LOIS GREENE "Bev" "Next to sympathy, love ir the dioinert passion of the human heart." "Bev's" spare time has been taken up by outside work, but nevertheless she was a very active member in the Community Service Club for two years. NOREEN BEVERLY HALE "Variety ir the mother of enjoyment." Noreen was one of those ever smiling ofhce girls for two years. In the Glee Club for two years, Noreen fulfilled her duties graciously. Much enthusiasm was displayed by Noreen in clubs such as the Camera Club, Community Service Club, French Club, History Club, and Home Economics Club. She offered a helpful hand during four years of girls' intramurals. Noreen served on many decorating commit- tees and ushered at the Freshman Hop and in her senior year she lent her support to the ticket committee of the senior play. 23 ,, CHARLES EUGENE HALL "Charlie" "A good heart it better than all the head! in the world." "Charlie's" ever smiling face and cheerful disposition leaves a warm spot in the heart of every Senior. "Charlie", not involved in much activity, put his whole heart in whatever he did do. He played basketball for one year and was a member of the History Club. "Charlie" served on the refreshment committee at the Sopho- more Social and was truly a "find" as electrician for senior play. EDWARD CHARLES HOLEWA "Nug" "Silence if more elegant than wordff' More the quiet type of person was our Eddie. His spare time he spent working but found time to participate in some of our activities. He played intramural basketball, played football two years, and was on the Track team three years. NANCY ELLEN HOUSMAN "Shorty" "Infinite richer in a little room." Nancy was a member of many clubs, including the Art Club, History Club, Community Service Club, and Home Economics Club. "Shorty" ushered for the Freshman Hop and also for Graduation and Class Day. She served on the decoration committee for the junior Prom and was a member of the ticket committee for senior play. Her scholastic standing won her a top position on the list of Pro Meritos. ALAN HURLBUT "Punky" "Be not ignorant of anything in a great matter or a small." "Punky", an outstanding scholar and athlete, played football for three years, baseball for four years, and basketball for one year. He was a member of the "T" Club for three years. In spite of a busy schedule he maintained a high scholastic standing, and was a member of the History Club. His acting ability was shown in his portrayal of "Eddie" in "Time Out For Ginger", and as in "Father of the Bride." 24 PATRICIA ANN KELLEHER "Pat' "Full of knowledge, full of fun A truer friendg there it not one." "Pat's" friendly ways and infectious good humor made her a friend of everyone. A member of many clubs, she belonged to the History Club, the Community Service Club and Girls' Glee Club for two years, the Art Club for four years, and the Camera Club, of which she was vice-president her senior year, for three years. By her membership on the costume committee, she contributed to the success of our senior play, "Father of the Bride." Her artistic ability was put to practical use in her participation on decorating committees for many dances, and she served as an usher at the Sophomore Social and Junior Prom. "Pat" was also an industrious business manager for the Netop and Yearbook. PHYLLIS JOAN KOCH "Cookie" "We find in life exactly what we put in it." "Cookie" was a member of the Girls' Glee Club, Home Economics and Com- munity Service Club. She played intramural basketball, was a Bank Day Cashier, secretary to Miss Clark. In addition she was a member of the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." She also ushered at Junior Prize Speaking and helped on several committees. LILLIAN DONNA MARIE KOSCINSKI "Lil" "Ar free as a leaf in the breeze." "Lil" has been a capable Bank Day Cashier. She was a willing member of the Community Service Club for three years, and in the Home Economics and Camera Clubs for one year. Her enthusiasm and spirit of co-operation was demonstrated in her whole-hearted support of the ticket committee in our senior play. She also served refreshments at the Freshman I-Iop. JANET MARIE KREMSKI "Jan" "Elegant ar simplicity and warm at eatery." As well as being Treasurer of the History Club, "Jan" was Bank Day Cashier, a member of the Commercial Club and secretary to Mr. Sullivan. In addition to being in the Home Economics Club her Freshman year, she ushered several times and served on the Sophomore Ring Committee. Janet sang with the Glee Club for three years and was a member of the Community Service Club. During her senior year, she was a member of the Netop and Yearbook Staffs and proved to be a valuable asset to the property committee of the senior play. BRADLEY LANFAIR "Brad" "For lair heart ir like the rea Ever open, brave, and free." "Brad" showed his prowess on the football field for two years, and harmonized with the Glee Club for three years. As a stage manager for the senior production, "Father of the Bride", he was of invaluable assistance. But his noteworthy mon- ument is his character, the laugh that brought chuckles to the whole classroom and his sincere efforts to do his best at all times. NATALIE MARIE LAPINSKI "Nat" "The more the merrierf' Natalie, who brings laughter Wherever she goes, was a member of the Art Club and the Community Service Club for three years. "Nat" enjoyed sports, as her participation on the basketball and softball teams proved. She was also an usher at the Sophomore Social. In her last year at our Alma Mater, she served on the make-up committee for "Father of the Bride." ELIZABETH ANNE LaROCHE "Betty" "Grace war in all ber Jtepr, heaven in ber eye, In every gerzure dignity and love." "Betty" was Mr. Weiner's secretary, an office girl, a Bank Day Cashier and a typist for the Netop and Yearbook Stalls. Her Sophorome Year she was on the ring committee and has served on various dance committees, ushering at the Soph- omore Social and the junior Prom. "Betty" placed third in our Junior Prize Speaking and showed her all-aroundness by acting as stage manager for the play, "Time Out For Ginger." "Betty" ably portrayed the role of "Mrs, Massoula" in our senior play, "Father of the Bride." Taking active part in the Glee Club for three years, "Betty" attended All-State Chorus her senior year. Her other musical activities included band four years and orchestra three. DOROTHY MARY LaSHIER "Miggie" "Nothing endurer but penonal qualitierf' "Miggie", a flaming red-head, was very active musically. She was in the band four years, orchestra four years, Swingsters three years, and Girls' Glee Club for two years. "Miggie" was in the French Club, Art Club, and Community Service Club. The successful sale of tickets for "Father of the Bride," our senior play, was aided immeasurably by her membership on the ticket committee. She was also on several dance committees. 26 DOROTHY LOUISE LETOURNEAU "Dottie" "She had a voice af will and yet war never loud." "Dottie" was an active member of the band and orchestra for three years, and the Swingsters for two years. She served on the refreshment committee for the Freshman Hop and was a member of the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." "Dottie" was also one of our competent Bank Day Cashiers. BRENDAN GAIL LONERGAN "Gail" "Warm heart, rparkling with fun She'r Jure to win you before Jhe'r done." "Gail" came to us in the middle of her junior year from New York. Since that time she has become active in band and orchestra. She was a member of the French and History Clubs. "Gail" was a Pro Merito and on the Netop and Yearbook Staffs. She also ushered at class day and graduation. She still found time to serve on several dance committees and in her senior year captivated a large audience with her inimitable interpretation of "Delilah" in "Father of the Bride." ELIABETH MADELINE LONERGAN "Silence more musical than any Jong." "Betty's" chief activity was the band, in which she played the clarinet for four years. She was also a Tumbler for four years and played Intramural Basketball in her Sophomore year. She was a member of the Art Club, Community Service Club, and Home Economics Club. In addition, she served on the ticket committee for the senior play. On the social side, she ushered at the Freshman Hop. JEAN EDNA LOWELL "Jeannie" "A woman of charm ir ar rare ar a man of genius." "Jeannie," who took the commercial course, was secretary to Miss Reum, and also a Bank Day Cashier. She belonged to the Home Economics Club, the History Club, served on the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride", and was on the decorating committee for the Junior Prom. 27 RICHARD ARTHUR LYMAN "Dick" "He that bath knowledge :paretb bi: wordrf' "Dick" is one of our quieter boys, but he is well liked by everyone. He was one of the outstanding members of the ski team and he contributed much to the foot- ball team. "Dick" also was a capable stage manager for our senior play, "Father of the Bride" He was on the decorating committee for the junior Prom and also decorated and ushered for the Sophomore Social. During his last year, he was an active member of the History Club. DOROTHY ELAINE MARLOWE "Dottie" "A joke often settler things better than acrimonyf' "Dottie" played basketball for two years and was a Tumbler for three. She was a Bank Day Cashier and ushered for the Freshman Hop. As a member of the property committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride', she worked will- ingly in the gathering of props which contributed in no small measure to the success of the senior production. "Dottie" participated in the Camera, History and Home Economics Clubs. She was in the Glee Club for three years and became a section leader in her senior year. PATRICIA MAY MESIC "Pat" "Honerty giver wing: to Jtrengtbf' "Pat" was a member of the Home Economics and Community Service Clubs. She was also on the decorating committees her Sophomore year and she did an ad- mirable job as a member of the make-up committee for the senior play, "Father of the Bride." KENNETH JAMES MINER "Ken" "Your role contribution is that of yourrelff' "Ken" is exceptionally sports-minded, having displayed his good sportsman- ship by playing four years of baseball, basketball and football. He was elected captain of the football team his senior year and was on the track team for three years. "Kenney" was in the "T" Club and History Club and ushered at his junior Prom. He blended his voice with the Glee Club for three years and did his bit in the selling of tickets for the senior play. 28 CAROLINE SHIRLEY MITZKOVITZ "Mitch" "Her heart ir like a .ringing bird." Caroline has been rather active during her four years, displaying her ability as a Bank Day Cashier, secretary to Mr. Connelly, a member of the Netop and Year: book Staffs and chairman of the ushers at the Junior Prom, and has played intra- mural basketball, lending a helpful hand to the basketball team her senior year. "Mitch" also found time to be in the Girls' Glee Club, a section leader her senior year, Home Economics, Community Service, History, and Commercial Clubs. She played the part of "Jennifer" in "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." and of "Mrs. Pulitzki", the loquacious dressmaker, in our senior production, "Father of the Bride". "Mitch", one of our snappy twirlers, was appointed captain her senior year. To top all these activities she is a Pro Merito. MARION LEDA MARIE MORIN "Good manner: and raft wordr have brought many a dijicult thing to pau." Marion belonged to the Glee Club for two years, Home Economics Club and History Club for one year. In addition to being on the refreshment committee for the Freshman Hop, she ushered at graduation and class day, and lent her able sup- port to the property committee for the senior play. Marion was secretary to Mr. Taylor, a Bank Day Cashier and she took part in the Community Service Club. CLAIRE THERESE PAULIN "Claire" "For manner: are not idle, but the fruit, Of loyal nature and of noble mind." "Claire" was one of our very conscientious students and because of this she attained a place in the Pro Merito Society. But still "Claire" found time to be in the Home Economics and French Clubs, the band and the Girls' Glee Club. She did an excellent piece of work as business manager for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." She was a Bank Day Cashier and secretary to Mr. Oakes. In the athletic field, "Claire" put in three years of animated basketball playing and also played intramural sports. She was in the Community Service Club and decorated and ushered for various dances. DUANE DOROTHY PAULIN "The eye: ray the .tame in any language." During her freshman year Duane was a member of the Home Economics Club. She also belonged to the French Club two years and the Community Service Club a year. Her other activities consisted of being a librarian for three years and ushering at the Freshman Hop. Duane displayed her secretarial capabilities by being a Bank Day Cashier and secretary to Miss Porter. She also served on the ticket committee for senior play. 29 ELIZABETH MAY PAULIN "Betty" "Nothing is impouihle to a willing heart." "Betty's" four years at T.F.H.S. have been full of activity. She was a twirler for three years, becoming a Lieutenant her senior year. She was a member for one year of the French Club and the History Club. For three years she was a member of the Community Service Club. "Betty" was a capable Bank Day Cashier for two years and was secretary to Miss McGi11icuddy her senior year. She was on the dec- orating committee for our Junior Prom and also ushered at the Freshman Hop. In her senior year, she served on the make-up committee for "Father of the Bride". PHILIP PAULIN "He who it willing to work findt it hard to wait." Philip played football one year and was on the ski team two years, thus show- ing his interests athletically. He also was a member of the History Club one year and of the French Club two years. Phil sang with the Boys' Glee Club two years. rounding out his activities by serving on the ticket committee for senior play. JAMES DONALD PELLETIER "Let every man look before he leapt." "Jim" was a member of the football squad his freshman year. He was an usher and on the decorating committee for both the Sophomore Social and Junior Prize Speaking. His senior year he became a member of the Boys' Glee Club and History Club, and was especially helpful as a stage manager for "Father of the Bride". He also joined the track team and the ski team, besides playing intramural basketball. JOYCE ESTELLE PERVERE "Joyce" "She'r quiet, precite and oh, to neat, and there't load: of fun underneath." "Joyce" added many harmonious notes to the Glee Club for three years. She played girls' basketball in her freshman and junior years and this year was a mem- ber of the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride". She ushered at the Sophomore Social and belonged to the Community Service Club for four years. "Joyce's" quiet manner is pleasing to everyone. 30 MARILYN MARIE PETRIN "Pete" "Your life .rhall never lack a friend." "Pete" has been a star guard on our basketball team for four years, has played girls' intramurals for three and was a tumbler her sophomore year. Dramatically, she was an alternate Prize Speaker and ably portrayed "Liz", the maid, in the Col- umbus Day play. Active in the Community Service and Camera Clubs, "Pete" was elected secretary of the latter and belonged to the History Club her senior year. In addition to this, she has been a dependable member of the Netop and Yearbook Staffs, and served on the costume committee of the senior play and moreover at- tained a Pro Merito rating. WILLIAM A. PIOTROWSKI "Red" "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." For five years "Red's" familiar figure has taken part in various activities at Turners High. Every year he played baseball, was outstanding in football and in basketball, being captain of the 1955 basketball team, besides being a member of the track team for two years. "Red" was a member of our Netop and Yearbook Staff his senior year, and also portrayed "Burns" in the one-act play "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." JOHN PAUL PLAZA "Johnnie" "We have been friend: together in runrhine and in shade." John has made quite a name for himself dramatically speaking at the Turners Falls High School. He was awarded first prize in Junior Prize Speaking and played one of the leading roles in the Columbus Day play, "Time Out For Ginger". His outstanding job was, dramatically speaking, the interpretation of "Ben Banks" in our senior play, "Father of the Bride". He played basketball for three years and intramural basketball for one year. "Johnnie" was a member of the Netop and Yearbook Staffs and ushered for the Sophomore Social and for the Junior Prom. John was a member of the high stepping Color Guard for three years. JAMES F. POWERS "Jimmy" "And now the matchlerr deedir achieved, determined, dared, and done." "Jimmy" one of those indefatigable people, was a diligent co-editor of the Netop and Yearbook. He showed his acting ability in his portrayals of "Peter" in "The Birds' Christmas Carol", and again as "Nelson" in "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." He was also a Junior Prize Speaker. His inimitable performance of "Tommy" in the senior play, "Father of the Bride" will long be remembered. In addition, "Jimmy" has proven an invaluable asset in the weekly radio program spon- sored by the members of the Netop Staff. "Jim" has been in the band for four years and has been an enthusiastic member of the Camera Club, History Club, Rifle Club, Ski Team, and participated in intra- mural basketball. He also ushered at the Sophomore Social and for the Junior Prom. He was chosen to go to Boys' State last June, was the worthy recipient of the Harvard Prize Book Award, and attained a Pro Merito rating for four years. SHIRLEY GLADYS RAU "Shirl" "For though with judgement we on things reflect, Our will determines, not our intellect." "Shirl" belonged to the Home Economics Club her freshman year, the Com- munity Service Club her freshman and sophomore years, and the History Club her senior year. She was on the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride". Shirley showed marked interest in the commercial lield and because of this was made Miss Lindsay's secretary and was appointed a Bank Day Cashier. ROBERT ROCK "Rocky" "Pleasing punishment that women bear." "Rocky" became a member of out class during his junior year and was wel- comed by all. An enthusiastic baseball fan, he was a credit to our baseball team for two years. He also belonged to the History Club and was elected President of the club his senior year. RAYMOND SAULNIER "Lob" "A man of strife and a man of contention." "Lob's" school activities centered primarily around the sports world. He ex- hibited his skill and good sportsmanship by playing basketball for four years. "Lob" played football for two years and was baseball manager his freshman year. He was an active member of the History Club for two years. RAYMOND L. SAWIN "Ray" "An enlightened mind is not hoodwinkedf' "Ray", a quiet, studious boy, showed his ability by being a Pro Merito. He belonged to the French Club and ushered at the junior Prom. 32 CAROL ANN SCOPA "Carol" "Tall of stature, fair of face Among our girly the holds her place." "Carol" blended her sweet soprano voice with the Swingsters for two years and the Girls' Glee Club for three, being section leader for the Glee Club her senior year. She portrayed "Miggie" in the play, "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." She was on the decorating committees for the Sophomore Social, the junior Prom, and the Variety Show. She was in the Home Economics Club and History Club for one year, and Camera Club, Community Service Club, and Art Club for three years, being Vice-President of the Art Club her senior year. "Carol" was also an efhcient business manager for the Netop and Yearbook publications. Her invaluable assis- tance on the costume committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride", was deeply appreciated. LORRAINE I. SEYMOUR "Rainey" "Virtue is bold, and goodnerr never fearful." Lorraine, hailing from Gill, has taken part in the activities of several clubs. She was in the Girls' Glee Club for three years, in the band for one, and the Art Club for two. "Rainey" was a member of the ticket committee for our senior play, "Father of the Bride" and was also a helpful member of the Community Service Club. JOYCE A. SOPOLLEC "Joyce" "And lightly war her rlender nore, tip-tilted like the petal of a flower." "Joyce", with her cheerful smile has been Miss Withington's eflicient secretary and last year was Mr. Pike's. For two years she played first-rate basketball and was captain of Freshman intramurals. She belonged to the Art Club and History Club and the Community Service Club for two years. "Joyce" was also on the refresh- ment committee for the Sophomore Social and served on the ticket committee for the senior play. EDMUN D ARNOT SPENCE "Spencie" "Eddy ir like the men of old With the women he if brave and hold." "Eddy" has been well known for his acting ability. He displayed this talent by partaking in three one-act plays and in Junior Prize Speaking. His stellar role was that of "Buckley Dunstan", beloved of Kay Banks in the production, "Father of the Bride." "Spencie" was fairly active in sports, being on the track team one year, and the baseball and basketball team two years. He also sang with the Boys' Glee Club for three years becoming librarian his senior year, and was a member of the Camera Club and Art Club. 3 , 3. sf' Satish? RALPH SQUIRES "A true man hates no one." Ralph was a worthy member of the Boys' Glee Club and in the Camera Club for three years. He played football in his freshman and sophomore years, baseball in his freshman year, was a member of Mr. Connelly's fine ski team his sophomore and senior year, and played Intramural Basketball. He was also a member of the History Club and served as a hardworking stage member for our senior play, "Father of the Bride." CHARLES CALDWELL STEWART "Charlie" "He was the sunshine of our souls, and like a flower we lived and flourished in his light." The radiant beam of the sports' spotlight shines on "Charlie", never to be for- gotten for his outstanding performances on the football squad for four years. He also played baseball one year and was a member of the track team. "Charlie's" por- trayal of the bespectacled "brain", "Travis Arnold", in the one-act play, "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, Jr." will always be remembered. He was a member of the Boys' Glee Club for three years and was section leader of this organization his senior year. In between these major activities, "Charlie" took part in such clubs as the History Club and "T" Club and ushered at the junior Prom. JAMES E. ST. GERMAIN "He is 4 great observer, and he looks Quite through the deeds of men." "Jim" is always around with a willing hand and a broad smile. He has been active in football and baseball for three years and has tried his luck at basketball for one year. He has contributed his tenor voice to the Glee Club for two years, being section leader while he was a senior. Jimmy was an usher for the Junior Prom and the Freshman Hop and displayed his acting ability in his portrayal of "Red" in "Father of the Bride." We're sure we all will remember him for his pleas- ant manner toward everyone. SYLVIA ANN STRATTON "Syl" "The secret of success is constancy of purpose." "Syl" was one of our lively cheerleaders. She ushered at the Sophomore Social and the Junior Prom. She was a member of the Girls' Glee Club for three years and was elected president her senior year. In her junior year, Sylvia won a place on the coveted Prize Speaking list. The following year she portrayed "Miss Bellamy" in the senior play, "Father of the Bride". In this same year she gave her enthusi- astic support to the school publications through the medium of the news department. 34 PAUL V. SULDA, JR. "Nothing great wax ever achieved without enthuriamf' Paul has been an industrious member of our class, participating in basketball for four years, football three years and baseball two years. He was sports editor for the Netop and belonged to the "T" Club for two years. Besides being prominent in sports, Paul found time to attain a Pro Merito rating and joined the French Club and History Club, becoming Vice-President of the latter his Senior year. In the same year Paul was an invaluable member of the ticket committee for "Father of the Bride." HELEN LILLIAN THOMPSON "Far away there in the :umhine are my highert a.rpiration.r." Helen is one of our reliable Commercial girls. She did all of Miss Little's sec- retarial work and is a dependable Bank Day Cashier. Helen also served on the ticket committee for our senior play "Father of the Bride." She participated in the activities of the Home Economics and History Clubs and for three years she rend- ered her services to the Community Service Club. HELEN ROSE URGIEL "Holly" "Honey labour hear: a lovely face." Helen was a pretty busy girl during her four years of high school. She was in the band and orchestra for three years and was one of the lucky persons chosen to participate in the All-State Band, held at Worcester, Massachusetts. Helen was an alternate for Junior Prize Speaking, was on the Netop and Yearbook Staff and played "Agnes" in "Time Out For Ginger." In her senior year she graciously gave of her style acumen to the costume committee. She was in the History, Art, Camera, Community Service, and Glee Clubs, being section leader in the Glee Club during her senior year. She was also an office girl for three years and decorated and ushered for the Junior Prom. JOAN CAROL WELCOME "Joni" "Eye: too exprenive to be blue, too lovely to he grey." "Joni" was an energetic cheerleader for two years, and was appointed captain her senior year. She played four years of spirited basketball, was captain of the J.V.'s her junior year, played girls' intramurals, and was a nimble member of the tumbling team. Joan was on the Netop and Yearbook Staffs, and was a member of the Pro Merito Society. "Joni's" acting ability was displayed when she played the part of "Katherine" in the Armistice Day play, and because of her dependa- bility and all-around helpfulness she was much appreciated by a harassed coach during the long, arduous rehearsals of "Father of the Bride." In the commercial department she was a Bank Day Cashier, ofiice girl and secretary to Mrs. Reidy. "Joni" belonged to the Commercial Club, History Club, Community Service Club, Home Economic Club and the Glee Club for two years. It 'Mx JANET CAROLINE WELLER "Jan" "She if a gallant creature, and complete in mind and future." "Jan's" energies are extended, primarily, in the various clubs of T.F.H.S. She was secretary of the Home Economics Club during her freshman year, a member of the History Club in her senior year. She was in the Art Club for four years and an industrious member of the Community Service Club her last three years. In pre- paring for dances, "Jan" proved herself a willing helper, she not only decorated for the Freshman Hop, the Sophomore Social and the junior Prom, but she also ushered at the Freshman Hop and served on the ticket committee for senior play. "jan" also was a bank day Cashier for two years, secretary to Mr. Burke, and a Pro Merito. MARION LOUISE WELSH "Her way: are way: of plearantnerr, and ber path: are peace." Marion was a prominent member of our class. She participated in the activ- ities of the Art Club, Glee Club, History Club, Community Service Club, Home Economics Club, and Camera Club. She was in the band for two years, and played basketball one year. She served as a Bank Day Cashier and acted as secretary for Mr. Putnam during her senior year and during the same year, lent her enthusiastic support to the property committee of the senior play. Marion also ushered at var- ious school activities and dances. She was Chairman of the Christmas Play C1953D and played the part of "Miss WakeHeld" in the play, "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, jr." In addition, she was a Pro Merito. MICHAEL JOHN WHITEMAN "Mickey" "Our Mike ir tall and rhy Bat there never war a nicer guy." A shy boy, with a heart of gold, is "Mickey", a member of our small world. Since outside work keeps him well occupied, "Mickey" has had little time to parti- cipate in school activities. "Mickey" did play excellent football and baseball for two years. He was also an active member of the French Club. PATRICIA WOJTASIEWICZ "Pat" "A :mile that glowed celestial rorey-red." "Pat" was a member of the Girls' Glee Club for three years. She also ushered at the Freshman Hop this year and was a capable Bank Day Cashier for a year. In addition "Pat" served on the ticket committee for our Senior Play, "Father of the Bride." She will be remembered for her quiet nature and pleasing smile. 36 ,..o1" -1-" H 51 kr -, I gl V JOHN ZADROGA "Who can mirtake great tbougbtrf' Because he attended Turners Falls only in his senior year, "jack" was not able to engage in extra-curri- cular activities. He did manage to obtain a place on the ticket com- mittee for the Senior Play "Father of the Bride" and we appreciated his splendid attitude and whole-hearted cooperation of all that was worth- while at the Turners Falls High School. I P' r e. .gr D E 1-if 13 l ....-- Y . 2, ,IIT ,y NANCY JANE ZIMNOSKI "Benny .teen ir never loft." Nancy was one of our snappiest twirlers for three years and was cho- sen Lientenant her senior year. She took part in the Glee Club for two years. Nancy contributed to the suc- cess of our senior play, "Father of the Bride," by offering her service to the ticket committee. In addition, she ushered at the junior Prom and Variety Show and was on the ring committee her Soohomore Year. MQX J 'Baby Fox f W K x gg D O 1 EQ, Q ZXAQ , mfg li 452- ,f ei t'l' f . lm.. v- G NSR . S59 H .Q 4. 'Eg . R X ? W Vx ff 'Q KX M""n"2'TJl V-T546 .K . If , 1 Qc-vw . an 77-Yiii ' - x "Q-'Q ' 'l .45 Q Re fi iq ' QM S fly J. Uvk H. Urgiel lf. Wzaryans C, Snopn li. Gumache I ff lag 'I :F ,. k Elf 21" f i' ?fE'TTi 13213 1 1 ' 44 ,,.......-W x, . 4 . Paulin C, Boucher G. Lonergan . Desautels R. Saulnier M. Perrin Kalinowski C. Mitzlcovitz Brown Koch E. LaRoChc E. Bordeaux . Kelleher 40 j. Kremski -I. Lowell Q, ' ' fe L ' -'X' W ' kr gint, , 4 - 'J' L - i , Q' Ng- , lk ,Rt A I. Y. -, by Q. rg-.. , pg NAME Fred Aldrich Elizabeth Bordeaux Eugene Bordeaux Clovis Boucher Ernest Brown Eileen Burke Janice Byk joseph Castronovo Phyllis Choleva John Couture Elaine Davis Emil Demars Regina Denkiewicz Catherine Desautels Charles Emery Annette Emond David Farwell Alice Fuchs Elaine Gamache Beverly Gaudry Paul Gmyrek Frederick Gralenski Noreen Hale Charles Hall Edward Holewa Nancy Housman Alan Hurlbut janet Kalinowski u u u THEME SONG IN SPIRATION 'Cut it" Superman 'Oh!! Well" Cliff 'Hi Doll" Jan "Gosh" Marilyn Monroe "That miserable piece of junk" Carole "Gee whiz" Janet Weller 'Yah! " C. 8: P. "Is that so" Mother "Oh! Baby doll" Certain boys "Who - me?" Candy "Somebody goofed!" Haji Baba 'Hi doll!" Miss Muflit 'Who me?" R.R. 'Hi kids!" Boys! "I'll be ding-danged!" Marilyn Monroe 'jiggersn Teddy "Track! ! " Pogo "For Pete's sake" Captain Video "Beez well" junie "What a weirdie" Take it from me" 'Potrzebie" Aw, ma" Fine, yes indeed" Wiz er sider a fe" "What a riot" 'On to Barci's" "Whoops" Jerry Rock Fearless Fosdick Liberace Everybody Caesar Teachers with patience Myself A million stories 724 VLBWEJ . ASPIRATION Basketball star 6' Artist Husband Ditch Digger Taxi Driver Wife Musician Engineer Be just like Joni joe Castronovo Range Rider's side-kick Hot rodder Superior wife Pharmacist Hot rodder Frog woman Chemist Be like Miss Dowd Model wife Model wife Collector of social security Hobo Secretary G. hole digger Drifter Teacher A Dartmouth Indian Bug extetminator NAME Patricia Kelleher Constance Koch Phyllis Koch Lillian Koscinski Janet Kremski Bradley Lanfair Natalie Lapinski Betty LaRoche Dorothy LaShier Dorothy Letourneau Elizabeth Lonergan Gail Lonergan Jean Lowell Richard Lyman Dorothy Marlowe Patiicia Mesic Kenneth Miner Caroline Mitzkovitz Betty Paulin Claire Paulin Duane Paulin Philip Paulin James Pease James Pelletier Joyce Pervere Marilyn Petrin William Piotrowski u an "I don't know" u "Quite all right" nn n u u .1 u -- .- u THEME SONG Oh-mother" More fun 'n a barrel of monkeys" That's a hummer" Gee whiz" That's right, that's true" "No kiddin' " n pn Whatcha wearing "Okay" Holy cats" For heaven's sake" "I don't know" UNO., How nasty" What goes?" I don't care" Gun it! Z-o-o-m" "No foolin' " "Geez, I don't know" "Geez o man" Your what hurts?" Bull-tweet" Is that so" Heavens!" Oh well, I suppose" "Where's Lob?" INSPIRATION Andy Ezekiel Horatio Powers, Esq. Sailors A drummer N. M. Pat Mr. Sandman Stan Gail Frankie Bung Father Mickey Mantle Superman jerry Lewis Dave Yaj Strawberry George Gobel Archie My Bill J. R. Patch Janet Miss Teed Sla 8: P.J.N. Tom Gola fl ASPIRATION Nurse Senior English Teacher Secretary Secretary Inventor of striped paint Barber Telephone operator Teaching Nurse Airline Hostess Beautician Teacher Secretary Engineer Space Cadet Manager of 5 8: 10 Mechanic Muscle bound Farmerette Millionaire Wife Housewife 8: mother Chemical Engineer Counter-spy F.B.I. Uack Webbl Teacher Basketball coach U. S. President Zami . . NAME john Plaza james Powers Shirley Rau Mary Ann Robert Robert Rock Raymond Saulnier Raymond Sawin Carol Scopa Lorraine Seymour Joyce Sopollec Edmund Spence Ralph Squires Charles Stewart James St. Germain Sylvia Stratton Paul Sulda Helen Thompson Helen Urgiel Francis Waryas Joan Welcome janet Weller Marion Welsh Michael Whiteman Patricia Wojtasiewicz ' John Zadroga Nancy Zimnoski "Right here" n u u u "Real cool" "Where d' King?" THEME SONG "One of these days" "Awright" "Oh gosh!" "Heavens! " Come on now" You like that, huh?" Oh, shoot a pick1e" Such a pity!" "Sugar" R-r-r-f-f" Pardon" Dig that!" What's new?" Well, for heaven sakes!" Honestly" "Oh, my gosh!" "Where's Sla?" av n Holy toledo! u n What a riot! Heavens! " 'Cheezl !" Gr-r-r" Dig that crazy -" 43 INSPIRATION Mona Greenfield Woolworth's new store Junie Fanny Girls Spooky Ray B. Zippy the monkey Liberace Willie Sutton First National Otto Graham Mother Georgie Gobel Tom Gola My family You don't know, do Togo jerry Lewis Gene Eddie Fisher Native Dancer Welly George Gobel Goose you? ASPIRATION Lumber jack Retired Millionaire Secretary To own a bottle of Channel :f:,i:5 Coleopterist Rendezvous To get out X-ray technician Nurse Teacher Quien sabe? jet Pilot F.B.I. Millionaire Get married G-man Telephone Operator Nurse Dentist Deep-sea diver Wife Marry a millionaire Draftsman Nurse Man Old maid k I W f 5 646 X L n . KVDTAIIIA7 till!! V!H7ll t I W CLJISS SONG zfizw tie waffs gf Cu,-n,e,-5 we fave, .spent four- jfor-z,'0u.s yea,-5, we CXEPLSA rfxem. wiffzlm our Jaeaf-is, tiff'-cuff, our .smvl-fee and t-if-nuff, aw- 'tear-.5 Cie inspir-a.zfz'on, we, fare, fauna' Jfluv us fo our yoaf w f af e re rf wa,-716 of zu e of aas 6 we affy 79-fa? tie FOJG I.IeQzvz.'nj our friends fefind ma-ffes pa.:-fziziy -lard fo -fear- Bai' tie vnemar-z'e.s wzlzicl wel!! fave wifi us to Its f4f-eweff Jaifma. mafer we La ovftained afar-e, . O n, '51 is o uf- -fans t day f ef-6 Ai'-4 we 9-zPr'e.s.s aw- deepest ffanfs CL 31024 , auf- 5 ciao-,f .sa de af-. + CD af-zl-gym Igezfr-:Irv fogefief r N mg 190600 1 oiave .9-1-own, for scores of yea!-s, Szfanci and fecal-Cy on, rfiese zuaffs. I fave seen, your fo es and fears, I have weatiered aj your 5Y?,4d.!7p5, Four- years a.-fo you, endef-ed ke?-6, Suppfzieal anti, jrenctf, -foo-rg. and pen. Bopefafrfy Jreaminj fiat ffais year-7 gone! 'fave 'lfo join 'Cage -feaafue of men goufre 'gauzfnf now hr- jqlfjer' fJQz,'n-fs, Info Cage 'Aff-y Zlldffd you jog ga-rdf ,af fope your conscience 2-z'nJas J 4-ime witf. Jaawkdye your face wzlffjfnw. For af! fxzb fuZ'dlQh.C6 .Z favg fivgn, Ar Jfaffl of ig m jr pay. It .via-ff jf-ow from yrouna To -faeaven, Aera' in years to come muff .say--f I fave frown for- .scores of years, Stancfu and fear-ty on ffese zaavifs. I :fave .seen your- fgpgs ana fear-5, I fave weatfer-ea aff your siua-ffs. Davia Par-we-fa! 'Q 1 4110! f 7 U -I if 2 , , 'Y " I N CLASS HISTORY Down, down, down, into what seemed a confusing whirlpool, we arrived at T. F. H. S. as baffled Freshmen. Seeing the Seniors hurrying along the corridors, we knew we must follow them, so we proudly joined all possible clubs and teams. When june came we realized we had lost the Seniors. A hopeless and sad class we were, looking up to see diplomas beyond our reach - forever, if our minds didn't grow to the necessary level. As Sophomores, we began on the right track by working together on our first very important event, out Sophomore Social. Our class rings were ordered and we had elected ofhcers. We chose Larry Conway as our leader, Francis Waryas, Vice President, Connie Koch, Secretary, Mary Ann Robert, Treasurer, and Janet Kalinowski, Historian. Our President moved shortly after his election and welcomed into oflice was our Vice President, "junie" Waryas. We had been having such a good time during our first two years, we almost forgot for what we were in High School, but as Juniors and upper classmen, we were soon reminded. Re-elected were the same group with the addition of a new Vice President, james Pease. Junior Prize Speaking began a new era. We were now to assume full respon- sibility for the dramatic department. We were on our own. junior Prize Speakers were John Plaza, Dave Farwell, jimmy Powers, Edmund Spence, Mary Ann Robert, Betty LaRoche, Sylvia Stratton, and janet Kalinowski. As their contribution to Montague's Bicentennial Celebration, each contestant was given a first prize winning selection from a former year. Truly it was a challenge. The winners were john Plaza, with his "Afraid of the Dark" by William Callahan, David Farwell, with "The Horse Race" by Tolstoi, and Betty LaRoche, in her inimitable interpretation of "Hungah" by Ruth McKenney. Then, before we could catch out breath, the junior Prom was here and amid silhouettes and irridescent pastel streamers and flowers, symbolizing colonial days again in honor of our flmylmf ILT Aft!!! . . jx town's 200th Anniversary. We danced the night through as colored spotlights played tag with flowing, swirling skirts. Yes, this was our Junior year - the year we really began to be a part of our Alma Mater. We had found it -- our Wonderland! Thus, we entered our Senior year fully aware of our responsibilities, our hopes, and our rewards. We gave the new Frosh a royal welcome and, immediately after, rushed into a mad Hurry of writing radio scripts, newspaper articles, getting our yearbook published, ordering caps and gowns, exchanging pictures, and right in the midst of all the commo- tion - Senior Play try-outs! The happy cast of "Father of the Bride" comprised the following: Ernest Brown and Cathy Desautels as Mr. and Mrs. Banks, Kay and Buckley, the future bride and groom, janet Kalinowski and Edmund Spence, brothers Ben and Tommy, John Plaza and Jimmy Powers, with Connie Koch, Fred Aldrich, Gail Lonergan, Sylvia Stratton, Betty LaRoche, Alan Hurlbut, Caroline Mitzkovitz, jimmy St. Germain, joe Castronovo, and john Couture. Its success was in no small measure due to Miss Teed and her assistants Betty Bordeaux and joan Welcome, not forgetting the wonderful back- stage gang. And, of course, the after-the-performance party was the traditional success! Graduation came all too soon, and from the moment our diplomas were in our hands we felt proud, very proud of what we had contributed and what we had gained during our four short years. But even the bravest of us had tears in his eyes for we were going through the doors for the last time as students. We were leaving behind our Wonderland, never again to be a part of its glorious fun and frolic. And now, as we emerge into the world, we find that the determination, the will to work and the love for our fellow classmates which we acquired during our stay at Turners High has become an integral part of usg is now, and forever will be, an inspiration to future success. CLASS We, the Class of 1955, being of no mind whatsoever, sound or unsound, do hereby bequeath the following items, which we are sure will be of no use to everyone: Mary Ann Robert leaves Nellie - I mean Miss Nelson - with no one to run errands for her. Rocky leaves his capability to go steady with three girls at once to Bobby Rivet. Betty Bordeaux leaves her seat on the band trips to Sheila Crocker. Lob Saulnier leaves his excellent conduct in history to Dave Wfentworth. Charlie Emery leaves his name on the absentee list from force of habit. Fred Gralenski leaves his modesty to Joey George. Sla and Joni leave school but they refuse to leave Fournier's. Spuddy Brown leaves in his taxi, amidst a cloud of dust, smoke, and flying parts. Charlie Hall leaves his love for polkas to janey Zewinski. Janet Kalinowski leaves her dolls to someone who can certainly use them, Bobby Newton. Punky Hurlbut leaves his collegiate clothes to Howie Lindsay. Speed Gmyrek leaves his punctual arrival at geometry to his brother, David. "Ollie" leaves his job as time-keeper at basketball games to anybody who can tell time. Sonny Bordeaux leaves his job to any jerk Csoda jerk, that isj who wants it. Jack Couture leaves his acting ability to anyone who can remember "Who? -1 Me?" Paul Sulda leaves his practice of collecting 'girlfriends to Don Maclntyre. joe Castronovo leaves his telephone book to Bobby Abbott. Red Piotrowski leaves his calendar in his desk in Room 3 to Pete Saulnier. He took with him the picture that was on it. "Mitch" leaves her hay-loft for future senior parties.- The four Paulins leave their family name to the rest of the clan. Jim Pease leaves his gas tank empty, as usual. john Plaza leaves his ability to lift up Connie Koch Cwhich is quite a featl, to any other boy who is strong enough. Jimmy Powers leaves a book entitled "How to Play Pididdle" to Dicky Marrineau. "Pete" leaves her book on "Ten Easy Ways to Catch a Male" to Ricey. Ray Sawin leaves his cute little sister to the mercy of the males at Turners High. 48 led, Ying tml M.. WILL "Sunshine" Sopollec leaves Mr. Bourdeau under a cloud. Ed Spence makes like a tree and leaves. Charlie Stewart leaves his practice of standing on chairs to the Public Speaking Classes of 1975. Perhaps it will be in style then. Junie leaves his unfinished volume on "Life in the Patch" to Alan Gallant and john Bialecki with the hope that they will carry on the saga of the glorious South End. Connie leaves Ellie Clark to sing her silly songs by herself. Bradley Lanfair leaves his 42-inch chest to be divided evenly among john Chappell, Squeaky Holden, Leslie Smith, Bobby Murphy, Donald Savage, Pete Koch, Doug Starbuck and John Pelis. Carol Scopa leaves on a wild dash to Greenfield - with Pat Kelleher close on her heels. Nat Lapinski leaves her seat on the Montague bus to anyone who wakes up in a happy mood. Betty LaRoche leaves the telephone company S50 a week richer. Dotty LaShier leaves the path to Ma Lonergan's to Helen Delpha. Gail Lonergan leaves her Brooklyn accent to da Bowry Boys. Ken Miner leaves his name on the long list of illustrious football captains. To Mr. Garrahan the students of Per. 3 history leave a new practice teacher for next year. Sorry we wore out the old one. David Farwell leaves his broken skis to Mr. Connelly for use as firewood. The members of the A. C. C. Club leave to Mr. Oakes a room full of burned-out Hash-bulbs. The Five Females in Physics class leave a book entitled, "Why Girls Should Take Physics" to Mr. Galvin. To the very first president of our class, we leave a gold plated water bucket. Witnessed by: Signed by: Sylvia Ann Constance Pauline Louise Fred Edwin james McGrill Phyllis Eileen Carol Ann Patricia Ann 49 I ll 4'-1 P Z f-xJ I nl J JY CLASS PERSONALITIES Most Popular Charles Stewart Phyllis Choleva Done Most For The Class james Powers David Farwell Fred Aldrich james Powers Fred Aldrich William Piotrowski Charles Stewart Most Talented Most Talkative Best Actor Peppiest Best Athlete Cutest Most Businesslike Betty Bordeaux janet Kalinowski Dorothy Marlowe Sylvia Stratton Marilyn Petrin Phyllis Choleva Mary Ann Robert james Pelletier Janet Weller Most Courteous Bradley Lanfaif Jean Loy Most Dignilied Raymond Sawin Betty Pal Class Clown Charles Stewart Phyllis Chol Most Likely To Succeed Fred Gralenski Gail Loner Most Pleasing Personality james Pease Sylvia Strat Quietest Michael Whiteman Joyce Pen Most Musical David Farwell Carol Sc Most Reliable john Plaza Marion W1 Best Looking Robert Rock Carol So lL'll10TLL'.1 0 -,f F' CANDID 7' SNAPS WJ!" fx 'W-5" .. fix 4, 9-l Y ..- -4 ' v x 3 x A .Al 7 lee R. is Q9 .X 'X 51 .Q rn ' JAP: . ' A f-4? ....L, N' D iliyi X ,3 I . 'Q 14 ,r N L "' il , 3 L H ,- M1 Q"" M if -' " I W A A A,n. if Q 'W' 'M I A '1' ,, 7 In OIIZ' JCAICVCI1 ll CO Q I W 'BB , N W' 1 -' I-,X , K ,K 1 ' . . . . .Y ,,:. f ., L .K , , . A K I K 1' 517 KL K, 5 H ., '. ., 1: . " , - ' ,f mx , ' - ip . ff Q. K, fi: K .K A. 5 , A ,. if K- W K l I qs' , N 'v 7 if V fig, wi' Agfa K ,gn ' .. -- -uv N vurvf Q-1' -' V ., , V . . .7 5 jf 3 .. KT, gg, ,K xp , ,, MVK ' fb UQ ,K v qv 1: .I ,. 1 v .Q Ki was h HK K QV aw iw A bww V, 1 "":r'f's.""m 5 'f 12 W :X Kr L 'Z ZF' Va, 3 31 ..., 'u A Q, jg 5 Q '49 , if 'Y f .,l. J V lv v Q U-'ng f"3"i 5 3 5 8 is ' , i x 'L Q 5: . ' :I K K ' 5 y Q g K kd il i . W 5 34, 1 K we 1 J " 9 .V . K F? K f. f iii' Q. , W . 9 I -vfg w "fi f wg 5 'Qf qs fl ,,.,f i K ., . ag biz 1 , 'Q' 1 X h r wg if "x ' 'W fb , , , 5. Q Q if M v '1 4 b , Q 5' w , :A VA, if -gg, Af? Y ' :Je nv W , f' U fm if if f Q rl U5 wf S X 2 5 K A, 3 Lx .. g r O THE BAND The band is a musical organization of which we are very proud. They, as usual, were featured at all football games, even when it, figuratively speaking, "poured pitch- forksf' Then there was the Christmas Concert where our student director, janet Kal- inowski, made her tirst ollicial appearance. They also made a line showing at the music festivals and at the variety show. THE ORCHESTRA These members of our recently developed orchestra offer their services to the many musical outlets with double generosity. Beside participating in our regular band, they have spent extra time playing for junior Prize Speaking, Senior Play, Class Day and Graduation. This organization is now being promoted more and more by its director, Mr. XVeiner, lts members include Eleanor Clark, Alice Wfelsh, Barbara Gignac, Geri Pucci, Betsey Busha, Lorraine Fiske, Marguerite Podlenski, Francis Konsevich, Stanley Kopec, Elsie Busha. Kearin Thomas, Barbara Paulin, Nancy Humphrey, Carole Nicewicz, Mary Ellen Rice, Raymond Dubreuil, Roy Slatkovitz, Christine Parenteau, Edith Molon- goski, and Xvilliam Beves, 'I'WIRI.ING STAFF As the forerunners of our marching unit, these charm- ing young ladies became known for their skilled twirling ability, their original dance-steps and routines, In reminisc- ing, we pleasantly recall the note of gaiety they added to many football games with their bright uniforms of varied colors, The executives, Majorette Betty Bordeaux, Captain Caroline Mitzkovitz, and Lieutenants Betty Paulin and Nancy Zimnoski, lent a marshal air to the ranks of the band, commanding the attention of all its members. 5 ,J Q. E5 X . X N if PRO MERITO SOCIETY Beaming with joy, these students have sincerely earned their places on the honor list. Their proud faces are a symbol of four years of diligent study. These are the senior members of the Pro Merito Society, who averaged a scholastic record of 8559 or better. Congratulations to: james Powers, Constance Koch, David Farwell, janet Kalinowski, Caroline Mitzkovitz, Mary Ann Robert, Raymond Sawin, Marion Welsli, james Pease, janet Weller, Paul Sulda, Fred Aldrich, Nancy I-lousman, Alan Hurlbut, Phyllis Choleva, Frederick Gralenski, Claire Paulin, Marilyn Petrin, and Gail Lonergan for the time and effort put forth by you in order to maintain this standing, May this record be indicative of future success. THE HISTORY CLUB One of our most popular and informative organizations is the History Club, led by Robert Rock, President, Paul Sulda, Vice President, Francis Waryas, Secretaryg and janet Kremski, Treasurer. Witlm Mr. Garrahan as advisor, the group held numerous debates on world affairs and viewed film strips and movies on current events. ,Q t . J .E .tg ,. ,gg lvl' - ,i .E . SENIOR BANK DAY CASHIERS These senior Bank Day Cashiers, namely, Eileen Burke, Caroline Mitzkovitz, Lillian Koscinski, Carol Scopa, Phyllis Choleva, Joan Welcome, Duane Paulin, Claire Paulin, Elaine Davis, Phyllis Koch, Annette Emond, Janet Kremski, Betty LaRoche, Dotty Letourneau, Shirley Rau, Helen Thompson, Janet Weller, Marion Morin, Marion Welsh, Pat Wcmjtasiewicz, Dotty Marlowe and jean Lowell spent part of every Tuesday morning recording our weekly savings. In their quietly efficient manner, they indicated their knowledge of good business training, graciously imparted to them by Miss Little. LIBRARY AIDS These eleven students are acting as assistants to Miss McGillicuddy, school librarian. During the periods when she is teaching library science, they aid those who may need help in locating material. In addition, they keep the library shelves in order, charge books, and in general, supervise until the librarian is free to take over. These girls: Pat Kelleher, Duane Paulin, Annette Emond, Jeanne Momaney, Jane Zewinski, Judith Burnham, Beverly Stone, Dorothy Wysk, Ann Pervere, Helen Delpha and Mary Maclntyre volunteer their services and are most helpful. 'Q S , gf wig pg an n 0 Q ,. 532 -LJ W W f Q , l Qu 4 :f ' 1 1' -41 ' W , H -Y ' 3 Q' lg W.:-'r.ly f 1. ,v Q, , Q :M --J xg, 'u Qu 'U 5 1 Nl' 'li - 'Kiki s .f . w . , 5. . ,,., 5 W U.. I is S E 'f 3 .wwf as X3 . O. S 2 N i THE COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB The Community Service Club is one of the oldest organizations in the high school. Many members have lent their willing support to town projects. As its name indicates, the members are on call for almost any worthwhile undertaking. This club, under the direction of Miss McGillicuddy, has, for over twelve years, been doing an excellent job for our community. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Miss Reum and her versatile girls of the Home Economics Club have proved of invaluable assistance on many and varied occasions. The full course dinner eagerly anticipated by a famished football squad was the result of thorough planning and well timed efficiency on the part of these, our Freshman girls. Again, it is these young lassies who furnish the delicious coffee and hot-dogs to cold and hungry spectators at our home games. Indeed, there is scarcely a dance or high school social affair which is not enhanced by the presence of these young ladies. ,Q 'L- www-M r,Q gig l . JV 4. L! - 1 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS The French Club, which was first started twenty-one years ago, has been a popular organization in T. F. H. S. It has held its high standards first because one must have a I3 average or better in order to qualify as a member. Meetings include such activities as the playing of French games, the showing of French movies and, of course, the annual Christ- mas party. The club boasts a membership of forty-three. Out of these there are eight senior members, They are: Fred Aldrich, Claire Paulin, James Pease, presidentg Beverly Gaudry, Philip Paulin, David Farwell, Charles Emery, and Gail Lonergan. OFFICE GIRLS Miss Nelson, the new secretary to Mr. Wrightson, is ably assisted by these ten girls, who may be seen every day scurrying hither and yon, bearing notices, make-up cards, and upon occasion, summons to the office. These young ladies aid immeasurably the efficiency of our office work. Y f 4 1 4' T X ,S 35 V rx- M ,J . . 'U , 3? ig x L, is i 552 1, Ax 1 Q .L ' S , Q 'S kg gr - ,g , M 2 . gigs 3 X X aw may is-, .V fx E S gi, JE A -sf xf if f W1 .af , -L, x u 1- : N' 41. cg . S' 9 ip M ' I 39' N is 3 A 4 Y if N X: YN S xv , K . Q- Mg.-rs X S, Mx, Q Qi gg ., X N wk, , v X Ns img Q 1: ,ii Q A Hs' S - M is N k S5 Sa fy - sf v X Q. X, :Pm 3 A I 2 .,..,-...-.... , . . , .M . i S , tw OUR PRIZE SPEAKERS As a part of our eontribution to the 200th Anniversary of the Town of Montague, we dedicated our junior Prize Speaking Program to all the Prize Speakers of the past 39 years. That night of April 50 was a night we will hold close to our hearts forever. Our eight Prize Speakers were John Plaza, who won first prize with his rendition of "Afraid of the Dark" by Willizlin E. Callahan, David Farwell, winning second prize with "The Horse Race" ifrom "Anna Kareninanb by Tolstoig and Elizabeth LaRoche, third, with her "Hun-gah" written by Ruth McKent1ey. The other outstanding speakers were Mary Ann Robert, Sylvia Stratton, Edmund Spence, Janet Kalinowski and james Powers. May the future of our seniors be as successful as was the night our Prize Speakers performed. NETOP STAFF PRESENTS RADIO PROGRAMS This year inaugurated the first in what we hope will become an annual series of radio programs featuring events and ideas from the Turners Falls High School. Sponsored by Couture Brothers and aided by Station WHAI, the members of the Netop Staff prepared and presented informative and enjoyable weekly programs. These reporters of the air waves deserve great credit for the really professional job which they did throughout the year. W nnw'9"9'-ggw-W A -'tr atv X ,hlgjf Y 1 I 'PV elf! as lima of 146 gizffg X9 SENIOR PLAY The atmosphere of make-believe, so prevalent throughout our stay in Our Wonderland, was enhanced even further in the two nights of comedy portraying the trials and tribulations of "The Father of the Bride." On opening night, a whis- pered prayer preceded the opening of the curtains, and then in a blur of nerve- tingling, breath-taking action, the play sped by. The second performance was identical to the first except that this time the closing curtains brought the realiza- tion that the days of rehearsals, sometimes long, sometimes tiring, but always enjoy- able, were ended. g K ,awe it ,mf . Mrs. Pulitski and Miss Mas- oula, who were ever so help- ul as Kay's dressmaker and aterer, respectively, also add- d immeasurably to the suc- ess of "Father of the Bride" ty the fine acting of Caroline litzkovitz and Betty l.aRoche, who portrayed them. - l' -yi' vi' vi fn ........ " Aer? r WJ' Calm and unrumed despite the strenuous pre-marital ac- tivities, the wedding party reflect the spirit of love and happiness prevailing through- out the play. The Thespians with leading parts, Ernest Brown, Catherine Desautels. janet Kalinowski, and Ed- mund Spence, as well as the other cast members, provided outstanding perfomances. rr j-J Miss Teed, leader of the backstage crew as well as the actors, joins in the jubilation following a job well done, a job done even better because of the assistance of these will- ing workers. Their work with the lighting, properties, make- up, costumes, and other neces- sities, although not gaining the spotlight, was received with sincere appreciation by all connected with the pro- duction. 67 "TIME OUT FOR GINGER" The initial performance of the year, presented at the Columbus Day Assembly, was "Time Out For Ginger", a hilarious comedy involving a football mind' ed tomboy. The members of the cast were Phyllis Choleva, Helen Urgiel, John Plaza, Betty Bordeaux Alan Hurlbut, Fred Aldrich, Ernest Brown, Connie Koch, and Marilyn Perrin. HCATCHING UP WITH CHRISTMAS" The Christmas play, "Catching Up Witli Christ- mas", was performed entirely by the underclassmen. The story was of a cynical young woman who, much against her will, became infused with the Yuletide spirit through the efforts of her family. One amusing situation after another unfolded before the delighted audience. Members of the cast were Elinor Wal- lenius, Kearin Thomas, Geraldine Pucci, Marguerite Podlenski, Carol Looney, Mona Gendreau, Judith Burnham, Eleanor Clark, and Barbara Wytnan. "A PORTRAIT OF NELSON HOLIDAY, IR." Second in the series of humor-filled productions was "A Portrait of Nelson Holiday, jr", an entertain- ing picture of one day in the life of an extremely active teen-ager. The many riotous scenes convulsed the audience at Visitors' Night and at the Armistice Day assembly. Members of the cast were jimmy Powers, Cathy Desautels, Francis Wttryzis, Red Piot- rowski, Charlie Stewart, Caroline Mitzkovitz, ,Ioan Wfelcome, Carol Scopa, James Pease, and Marion Welsli. sf K gtg x " . al' xi' ---f" X ,Tx , aim v ,A A5 as . 122, t AK, 1 w 'tr 'fig v 3 N4 ty' GC. C Ii ,Q w FOOTBALL The varsity football squad had its most successful season since 1949 as they finished with a modest 5-4 record. The Indians defeated Orange, Am- herst, Classical, Drury, and Holyoke Catholic, while defeats were suffered at the hands of Athol, Adams, Gardner, and Greenfield. Seniors playing their final season were Captain Ken Miner, Paul Sulda, Punky Hurlbut, jim St. Ger- main, Jim Pease, junie Waryas, Charlie Stewart, and Red Piotrowski. Coach Sullivan brought football out of the doldrums with his fast, tricky style of play, which was carried out by the skill of the players. X 'N .0 6 If QW X: ,,,, f N E533 :N . A . fix X QSFXiWNifQSQSELgQmfmYL X, Q. X . ,N K -sm asv UE 1' if Q aiw 54 M," M if :NVQ ' X-Q Q.: in - E Him? -N-A vm . fi "uv .Q . hx rkkq M .13 3 .. S Y ' 1- -i as . I rid 1 ' ai am Q M X V 5 4 5 g 19 5 ,' 1 i s ff 5 . i 2- 9 .2 , 1 . BOYS' BASKETBALL The basketball squads, under the eoacliitig of Mr. Sullivan and Mr. lionrdeaii, displayed their skill in every game. They played well against county teams, in the Valley l.CllgllC, and in the tournament at U.M. Senior members are Captain Red Piotrowski, P11111 Snlda, Francis Wfaryas, Ken Miner and Ray Saulnier. -L Y, ,Q efgxff' wg f A4 k , F' ,X 4 r J J 1 Y ig: r ,SKM xp 's J u X ! 1 ' r 4 2" .xx . u , B 0 . u . , 5 +, ,w E sxrw 1- I 11.7 T T T 3 A. I U, 'QLQ' c S 'Is' sn? S K V MM, , , V 1 3,14 wg N Q . x M ,, ? I-x 'N get X? X T S 1 yy . f- ,I fr I' T . - f X K M ,H f 3 X . " " 2 f 4 ' ' ,sg xix if ' ff-X 5 We I l Y ?. i 1 I A , 'YNER N WEKNEM We W Nm' 3. .l 5.1-'NL 'ff A LBRQIAS ff 559.34551 J ,. 'Qt THE BASEBALL TEAM The baseball nine, coached by Mr. Sullivan, was among the finest in the area. They showed, in every game, their determination to win, as well as the sportsman- ship characteristic of all Turners teams. Senior members of the 1955 squad are Alan Hurlbut, Francis Waryas, Paul Sulda, and Bob Rock. T. F. H. S. The team placed second in the Valley League last season, no mean THE TENNIS TEAM Tennis, under the guidance of Mr. Garrahan, has become a major sport at "SA achievement. We are proud to call to your attention jackie Couture, senior repre- M sentative on the team. lql 3 'RW aid.. 'Qt' I 5 Q Ha.. THE TUMBLING TEAM Though the Tumblers, ably directed by Mrs. Reidy, just make two appearances throughout the year, their efforts and showmanship are thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all. Neither the Variety Show nor the annual Field Day would be complete without their performances. As do their shimmering uniforms, these girls shine whenever they appear. The most rewarding part of tumbling is that while they work, they are having fun. THE TRACK TEAM The track team was, as usual, one of the most energetic but least publicized of sports at Turners High. Under the competent coaching of Mr. Putnam, they parti- cipated in various dual meets with teams from the surrounding area and showed their keen competitive spirit and sportsmanship in the Valley League and the annual Western Massachusetts track meet. SX 1- 0'-by N I5 I fix QAig Xl, U9 DO YOU REMEMBER? Junior History period six Bradley's roaring laughter "Keep quiet, Cup in room sixteenj Or you'll have to stay after!!!" Those typing class frustrations Had to say we tried "Trig's" complications 'N Hamlet finally died The "Hoc-ers' " and the logic club Made headlines for awhile Swapping shoes around - Banned - "Out of style" "Deacon" breaking windows He was hard to keep in tab . . . Scorching fingers on a burner In the brand new lab "junie" as our signal caller The team: Miner led The signal called to everyone A lateral to Red. Those post-rally speakers As they rose with a grin "If you're all set behind us, We're surely gonna win." Prize speaking tryouts Sure gave us a scare Charlie Stewart's speech Standing on a chair 'N all those Netop meetings Remember? - You will try, 'N all the rooms and teachers In our own Turners High . . . I J ' .Lv 'T 6' 7-11 4 A W' 5 6 . ,K V 1 , I m A QLYJUS fn W wi A gy 4 I W - - f j , , naMl""'f1Jr xW If V 'Oi Y 'f N A 4010101011010 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1955 G. KOCH 8m SON Complimentx of THE MARY ELLEN A GREEN F IELD A Complimentf of HAROLD B. MYERS - GULF - AVENUE A - MONTAGUE CITY ROAD 78 Compliments o lout' . f ' Eglin-5 40'0'01000'01 40 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1955 THE ROCKDALE CO., INC. TURNERS FALLS, MASS. Always Something C omplimentx of "NEW" At RCSEN'S QUALITY SHOP GREENFIELD Roonng 8: Siding Combination Windows Insulation l'sPainting OVER 35 YEARS OF DEPENDABILITY Aluminum Clapboard SABIN 81 MCDONOUGH CO. GENERAL REMODELING "One Call Does It All" 315 DEERFIELD ST. GREENFIELD, MASS. Tel. PR 3-3577 Tel. PR 2-0380 "Ask Your Neighbor" HOME FURNISHING CO. 122 MAIN sT. GREENFIELD 40'K0l?s7'0N0'f'0'20N-0"0K0'040"-9'4'K0N0Y0 WARREN KAY NEW ENGLAN T H E VANTINE STUDIO, INC. D SCHOOL AND COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHERS 132 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. RICHARD D. SMITH INC. Wholesale Distributors of PAPER AND PAPER PRODUCTS 33 RIBBELL STREET GREENFIELD PETRIN'S AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE GENERAL REPAIRING Generators Starters Carburetors Batteries Ignition Tune-Up PR 5-8.227 106 WELLS ST. GREEN F 010101 CHARRON'S PHARMACY Franklin County's most modern Drug Store Prercriptiom Filled 10 FEDERAL STREET GREENFIELD C omplimentr 0 f FRANK'S SERVICE STATION MILLERS FALLS IELD FRANK KERSAVAGE, Prop. 80 CE 2 5 2 5 5 5 Q 2 6 3 E 5 5 -010' ECQA0 P-I Q :U Z U1 :U CD '11 af K" I" UJ W gf! fb U: R 3 Pm- S S N1 G- Kb gm 9 S. ga S :- CD 53 CD w O m c: CID IT! P-I -1 CD TUDLS mums sms High Quality Tools that are used by Discrimirmting Mechanics and Craftsmen The World Over A FRANKLIN COUNTY PRODUCT SINCE 1868 MILLERS FALLS COMPANY GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS S 3331: 5 I Ig ll I 9 4 'iff Mr. Girard and Mr. zamojski THE CROCKER INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS 81 4-0'f0f'0H0N0'0 40"-0N4'f6N0l0 Bef' Wifhef OLD DEERFIELD Your DODGE-PLYMOUTH Dealer FERTILIZER C0-I 'NC- in Greenfield OLD DEERFIELD EERTILIZERS SOUTH DEERFIELD, MASS. MURRAY F. I'IAI.I., INC. Tel. Normandy 5-2115 Complimentx Compliment: FEI.TON'S CITIES of SERVICE STATION 21 LESTER STREET M. 0. Q MILLERS FALLS, MASS. phone OL 9,3553 WOOD AND LUMBER FRANKLIN COUNTY PRESS INCORPORATED PRINTING OF ALL KINDS DIAL UN 3-4625 60 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS Compliment! Of A FRIEND 82 X7'0HQ011026f0H0f6'f0Y?W14?100'f010v0217'0f0'0'6W0v6'0401 x 9 W. S. CASSIDY, INC. C 0 nz plinzcfntf Of w. L. Gooonow co. 'W'W'-- Your Next Car GREENFIELD TURNERS FALLS and GREENFIELD BarfWi.rbar1o1bc BARRETT gt BAKER SCHOOL SUPPLIES - BOOKS CLASS OF 1955 ROYAL TYPEWRITERS 5 Sales and Service SWEENEY FORD SALES Dial PR 4-4525 510 MAIN STREET TURNERS FALLS, MASS. GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS W Mm. 5121 i A Q Q El .,., ,,,....fn'W NH ,-.- U 9 A A f' 5 Q S U C T A I A Lg 5 U1 I LS U N'S S Franklin Conntyk Friendly Family Store GREEN FIELD MASSACHUSETTS gi?-f0ff0'ff0v01 0-f0w.a'0-wwawoxo 010555400 83 9 in MILLERS FALLS iff CARROLl.'S SUPER MARKET "OUTSTANDING FOR QUALITY FOR OVER 30 YEARS." DODGE PLYMOUTH H, 5. RUDDOCK DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS j 13 W 13 L E R MONTAGUE GARAGE Diamonds, Watches and Silverware SCHQQL STREET GREENFIELD, MASS. MQNTAGUE, MASS' 291 MAIN STREET , Everett S. Martin Tel. Gfld. PR 2-6067 Tel. PRescott 2-6580 INSURANCE AGENCY 2 REALTORS INSURANCE -- SURETY BONDS 12 MAIN STREET MILLERS FALLS, MASS. PHONE OLdfield 9-3318 5 "Consult Us As You Would Your Doctor And Your Lawyer" 5 gram wwaxafano-10:0-L0 nov 84 5 2 5 2 6 2 9 2 2 2 40" 40' 0-20 ARBEN APPLIANCE C0mPhme"'f Uf and TRADE CEN-I-ER HAWLEY PHARMACY MILLERS FALLS - OL 9-3327 5 All Major Brand Appliances HAWLEY PHARMACY, INC. TURNERS FALLS, MASS. TURNERS FALLS - UN 3-2475 TENNEY FARMS DAIRY A MILK-CREAM-ICE CREAM 5 Tel. PR 3-5258 338 HIGH ST. Tel. 996 GREENFIELD, MASS. NORTHFIELD, MASS. Your car demandy the bex!! , , THE CONE SHOP 5 Drive in to KEl.lEHER'S suPER ssnvlcz HOME MADE 'CE CREAM 5 ICE CREAM PIES - CAKE ROLL Q 5 For premium quality products - TARTS - S And competent courteous service 132 THIRD STREET Luncheonette - Fountain Service 9 TURNERS FALLS, MASS. - Magazines .- Tel. UN 3-4315 Complimemx Of Q A F R I E N D scwouofwwo- 10K0'v0'0'5N95'-010 85 xmma-aofwowwiofasaomofmsasaeaownawwaawwi 9 Y DELUXE BEAUTY SALON CLEARY'S .IEWELERS JOSEPHINE KROL, Proprietor JEWELRY - GIFTS - CARDS ALL KINDS OF Dial UN 5-4651 248 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS "Established 1928" I fni, '- McCARTHY Q6 -. ELoR1ST TELEGRAPH THE CLOTHIER I DELIVERY Tailor-Made Suits A Specialty 5 CADE'S FLOWER sl-lop , Dial UN 3-8461 54 AVENUE A -. TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS "PRICES YOU LIKE TO PAY" WAlNSHAl'S Q PFERSICK BROTHERS " Family Shoe Store GREENFIELDS LARGEST t -. FEATURING - FURNITURE STORE 5 Style Shoes for All Occasions for D Boys and Girls Phone - R 33013 Q "It Payf 10 Walk Down Third Street" 377 MAIN STREET Q DIAL UN A4675 GREENEIELD MASSACHUSETTS Q TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS me novl. CLEANERS, mc. ' Sl LICENSED SANITONE CLEANERS . "Sanitone is Incomparableu We service all makes of typewriters Dial UN 5.2045 We are exclusive agents for SMITH-CORONA 9 123 AVENUE A pEMgNp15 ' TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS gfpxiuiesffgzif GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS ?C910't010f00'100'0K710'S001f?S?'001100v0f0'010'W' 86 59810101 4020391055540 -iii xv XX 41 iff! A - R Xt, f5!Q.1,'l X ,, W l' we K . 4.1 wi--.R Wherever you wet your line Montague wishes you good fishing MONTAGUE ROD and REEL CO. MONTAGUE CITY MASSACHUSETTS GAS - OIL - GREASING RANGE AND FUEL OIL BOTTLED GAS SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT COUTU RE BROS., INC. TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS GEO. STARBUCK 81 SONS, INC. E, M, GULOW 81 COMPANY Q ES" 1872 INCORPORATED Quiet May Oil Burner S Steam, Water and Plumbing Contractors - HARDWARE -' Sheet Metal Work Flue Lining, Clay and Orangeburg Pipe General Kitchen Furnishings Q TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS MILL and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES Dial UN 3-4486 TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS HAROLD B. ALLEN, INC. INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Sales and Service 409 FEDERAL STREET MONTAGUE MACHINE COMPANY - PAPER MILL MACHINERY - Maintenance Work for Neighboring Mills Q GREEN F IELD MASSACHUSETTS TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS LN K 0f04'0' 87 x?'-0"0'0f0f0'0v04710"?10v'0N7f?f0v'040N01'0f61W145'01'0N0 Y C ongmtulatiom to the SENIORS OF 1955 L. A. KOHLER CO. INCORPORATED PHILCO TELEVISION R.C.A., DECCA, COLUMBIA and CAPITOL RECORDS 75 AVENUE A TURN ERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS THE FRANKLIN SAVINGS INSTITUTION GREENEIELD, MASS. WE OPERATE TO SERVE YOU! Savings Accounts, Life Insurance 8: Real Estate Loans OVER 120 YEARS OF SERVICE IN THIS COUNTY! FORBES CAMERA SHOP DEVELOPING - PRINTING - ENLARGING 350 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD FOR SMOOTH DRIVING WILLIAMS GARAGE 147 SECOND STREET TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS Specializing in Bear Wheel Alignment SUN SCIENTIFIC TUNE UP BILl'S LUNCHEONETTE FOUNTAIN SERVICE and LIGHT LUNCHES W- ' ewcgooo 'corpse Home-Made Ice Cream Sandwiches and Lunches SEALTEST ICE CREAM AT GOUl.D'S Phone OL 92672 Telephone OL 9-2275 MILLERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS MILLERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS A x 000 :5ma-a:of0-:a-o-'04af0xaQ0n0u0+0w0u0vafaf04awww0wa-o 10-fo-anaawx DAIRY PRODUCTS -Q ,-H , 'A ff , 7zmezam 4 -gf' I ITN .,.... .,., T -, .N- BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1955 PASTEURIZED MILK and CREAM SOCQUET 5 J. I. CASE TRACTORS and SERVICE 5 TELEPHONE UN 3-2375 HILLSIDE ROAD TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS F. .I . Maloney . . . ATHLETIC OUTFITTER . . . 9 TELEPHONE 3-3400 Q Opposite Telephone Builclingj 346 DWIGHT STREET SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS Q Q x 01.00,- 89 X9b0I0'1?'0f70H040'17s00'0'10401W10S4002G0f40'1?f0W40l?0f01 x 9 ' N Gunn JOSEPH v. mel, lNc. FLORENCE RANGES X 4 k 9 HEATING and PLUMBING ld SUPPLIES PLUMBING FIXTURES LYNN and YORK ,V Q g OIL BURNERS 3 XS 26 Fourth Street E Turners Falls Massachusetts X TELEPHONE UN 3-8892 GREENFIELD RECORDER-GAZETTE SINCE 1792 FRANKLIN COUNTY'S OWN NEWSPAPER All The Newx Of Turner! Fallf and Other Montague Sectiom "A COMPLETE HOME NEWSPAPER FOR ALL THE FAMILY" Telephone UN 3-4441 or PR 4-4331 TURNERS FALLS BRANCH 74 FOURTH STREET Congmtulatiom and Beit Wiyhef 3 to the 1955 GRADUATES S of 3 TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL WHAI - AM + FM GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS Q 0-fo-fofoxowwaxo 90 5C?'0'0' 470001G?'0"?0"0'f0f0I10"0 l0'l0 x C o mplimentx Of THE SNACK BAR GREENFIELD, MASS. GOOD LUCK ro the CLASS OF '55 GRlBBON'S MUSIC HOUSE Turneff Lead! the Way - Otlaen Follow H. A. DORAN PLUMBING - HEATING ir MILLERS FALLS, MASS. PLEASANT INSURANCE COMPANY INC. GENERAL INSURANCE - REAL ESTATE C omplimentf Of W. l. SALMON INSURANCE AGENCY I. KRAMER 81 SONS Est. 1921 STEEL SUPPLIES SCRAP 8: WASTE MATERIALS Phone UN 3-2082 76 THIRD ST. Tel. PR 3-5489 225 WELLS STREET 5 TNRNERS FALLS, MASS. GREENFIELD C omplim ent! ARCHITECTURAL STONE COMPANY TURNERS FALLS 910' 0'40K0Y0v0vG0'0v-0 MASSACHUSETTS N62 10'-'0"'0H9 0 DC? 4010810000 I-0N0"6"'01'-0'-0 K We hopE you'I.l Enjoy Continuing good fortune as you Travel thRough llfe . . . and that suCcess, happlness, and good healTh will be Yours always egg MASSAQHU YOUR DEPENDABLE FRIEND 4-5 -'ed S Q 2 m M . medcfy gfclowatt f0uoAN'4 ESLEECK MANUFACTURING COMPANY 5 - THIN PAPERS - S T URN ERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS KEITH PAPER CO. Manufaczurerx of HIGH GRADE PAPERS, BONDS, and LEDGERS TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS 10"0"0"0"0'l'7H0'-0 92 5C9"'-0"0N0N0b'0N0"040X0'40402'-01'0'f0N0N0H0"0"-0 ? When school is over they , always find where to go POPUI-AR MARKET FOURNIER Bnos. E ' E RED 84 WHITE FOOD STORE R XALL STOR Always the popular place where a large part of the students of the school meet every 58 THIRD STREET day for their Sundaes and Ice Cream Sodas. A great placer to meet. They have the largest soda TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS fountain in town. Alto the bert candier. HILLSIDE DAIRY BII.l'S RESTAURANT MILK PRODUCTS Franklin County's BIGGEST AND BUSIEST Tel. Greenfield PR 3-9622 RESTAURANT 99 ELM STREET FEDERAL STREET GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS CONGRATULATIONS! CLASS OF 1955 Bert Wirber for the Future Complimenu VAI.I.EY STUDIO of 5 "Everything Photographic" TelePh0ne UN 3-2184 JULIUS BLASSBERG, INC. 5 74 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS Your Television Headquarters DEPENDABLE in Turners Falls SERVICE 7 JAcKsoN's BONNETTE 5 RADIO - APPLIANCE CUM CO' E971 G. 84 J. BONNETTE, PROP. 86 PROSPECT STREET Telephone UN 3-2152 "WE SERVICE ALL WE SELL" 6 xv-0-fowawar 0-0-toy 60 SECOND STREET TURNERS FALLS Tel. UN 3-45815 C oal, Range, and Fuel Oils FRANKLIN CUUNTY ' 1 ' xRM':..1"" "W MN". N' fl ' 'll Q 1 V xx 'gf '. xg-4' if JL '25 QUALITY LUMBER and MILLWORK FOR OVER SEVENTY-FIVE YEARS 5 DIAL PR 4-4324 GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS YETTER - The Florist 5 QUALITY FLOWERS SINCE 1907 BUY YOUR 5 SCHOOL SUPPLIES 5 5 Phone PR 4-4305 at the OREENEIELD Q MASSACHUSETTS CORNER BOOK STORE TQI. UN 3-4569 BEAUBIEN'S co ' SERVICE STATION l TE 1 116 AVENUE A 101 THIRD STREET f TURNERS FALLS . .-- TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS gf' Range and Fuel Oil MASSACHUSETTS Telephone UN 3-4335 ?C9K0'S0"0H?6K0'0520'?f0'0'0"0"9' 94 9N0'9 4010'0400P10'9W1401?f0'0f0'W"6W0h100 x Complimentf i C omplimenlf Of ALEXANDER NIILLERS FALLS A.G. stone v. URGIEL CHESTER E. WATROBA, Prop. MUNN'S FERRY ROAD GILL, MASS. OL 9-3552 LAROCHE FURNITURE, INC. C omplimentx of COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS C G 15 DAVIS STREET PAINTING and GREENEIELD PAPERHANGING Complimemf 0, GAS LIGHT COMPANY 3 WHITE-SWAN BEAUTY SHOP 9 C""'f'1i"'e"'f 10 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE Of 395 MAIN STREET Mll.l.ERS FAl.lS 5 sn 10 GREENFIELD MASS gc 5740f'QY 95 X?'70'010H?'0'040'01'?401?'-0L0N0'4740N7f00'WN4W10N71040P x 40110216 -'05'0f0 4011056 K7-f0v0 A. M. GAMELIN CLASS Pl-IOTOGRAPHER for 1954 - 1955 ...SENIORS... MONTAGUE CITY and GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01?0"0'f?1?'0G0 96 S .. KH ? W5 'li a I Wye' X X , I. -'19, . - 1. Ji

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