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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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,H . . A ww f f -M 'H 'A ,.,f ,, M 'il g A N .2 1. . :br Jqzf fr f ,.L:1' .- 52 '7' 'Y2l""'f ' -UT 1 Ah, r7' i" 'T7 K ,Y 'Zi ' .Eff eq, 2- '- Y I!! - V! 55' -ff 1 .fflff - : Q-:.f.!,-65-,vliif1.5, mt, V - L iT::x?1g:lI5:fJf+'i- .1 Q7 V-:LQ rj.- 1 ,,',,,l.U?E,53: 3,161 , . , , K'-1 O v ' - , L G h . ,m--.,3- -. - 1 ...,....-,.-........, , .. 'X ,V ., .1 :ff . . E , . N' 34" dj f 'Fff ff' .4 r ' V -,,-251,31 - f.,.-,WM . . - . . ,-. g,N" -1, 1:,l..,5. , A -EV. if Si-f , - ffgi, , . 1-'-x yu E new " J A 'lv H . YV-. L 1 fx. H, 4 va vfazm . , ,W -nz . - ff. , ' wg H -1 ' 'M Q ,gf "im i ,wggctw H K , , . .. V , .,. ,. , X ,, ,,.f . ,ff , ' 1 . f ,1 f .n -4 ,sf 'f vm-- igv J", N5 QL, :,. : swim., M , 1 . 2' 4isms1:"'v-W L , ,J gi--L'-1i,.g,,', mf, ' -fs , Vi' '5lA'g353u?L7T3ff , , at 517515 ' Q , 2 I mfmfvx. e ,,...5. . y . V . HQ -.. w f. ,. ,i ' , ,, .A 551-14: f V 1,12 - A 1' x-ww ' 1 ,.. -. ,W ,V W f. . - V. 1 Evert Mnnk 1545 "c If I' 1,, ft QW !1 ' 'f 'Ji' 5 El-l 6 ' . C 1-Iigh Srhnnl iilurnvrn 5Hal1z, Hlmnmrhunvtta "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Designed and Printed by The BROWN Printing Co., I nc. Printing and Ofset Lithography 41-45 BANK ROW TEL. 4544 GREENFIELD, MASS. Pfintefs af School Publications Page Tivo WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Editorial Staff Faculty Advisor-Miss Welcome Ayer Business Managers-Lawrence McAllister, William Spar, Richard McClary, Henry Malek Editor-in-chief-Sylvia Cossett Nancy Blood Goldie Cohen Barbara Slate Valda Iillette Arthur Housman Raymond Watroba Gloria Banash Pauline Waidlich Q Edgar Mullins Lawrence Cadran julia Kozloski Helen Sennott Ernest Milonas Donald Tooley Carolyn Donovan Marilyn Reipold Anne Farnsworth Barbara Richards drtist-Kenneth Clark Secretaries-Goldie Cohen, Pauline Renaud, Theresa Whiteman Molto-We Hold The Future Flower-Violet Page Three "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 MR. BENJAMIN WEINER Page Four WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Dedication' Since your appearance in 1947, at our school, Mr. Weiner L You have opened the doors of various opportunitiesfor us You have helped us to understand better the world of music and to afull enjoyment M it. You have brought our band from one s Of a few gloryied horns to an ei ghtygfve piece fflass A band. You have made it possiblefor the band to make many trips that before seemed out M the question. ' These trips besides being educational were also a lot zy'fun. You started .something new 'and diferent this year Our band had its jirst student director Withoutyour encouragement many mf our class would not have planned to gofurther in thefeld Q' music You have been a teacher and advisor But most important, a friend to our class, ana' so I we dedicate this yearbook to you ' MR. BENJAMIN WEINER Page Five O "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Dedication . . 5 Biographies . . 10 Our Choices . . . . 30 As We See Ourselves . . 31 Class Song . . . . 36 Class History . . 37 Ivy Poem . . 39 Class Will . . 40 The Prophecy . . 43 Senior Play . V . . . . 47 Community Service Club . . 50 "Some Day" . . . 58 Random Thoughts . . 59 Musical Organizations . 61 Athletics . . . . 71 Our Advertisers . . 83 Page Six HOLD THIS FU'l'URIC" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 SUPERIN'I'ENDEN'I' ARTHUR E. BURKE For your Z'llf0Il7'HgL'll16'7Zf and wire .mpervisiofl Timm pax! twelve ymrx, llff wixlz lo vxprv.v.f our fffepcnrf appmiazion lo yon, SIlj7t'7'i7Il67lI1,871f ffrfhur E. Burke. ,indfor your kim! inlfrvxl and lh0lll2'llffIl!ll6.f,f llfu flze flax: of nimflawz lzzmdrea' fnzdforty-nine, IV!!! always 1'w11e111bery011. +mn., ----,. Mi, , , ---, . , ...rw , ,,,. 4. A , ,--,,,,, Page Seven 'h"WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 PRINCIPAL GEORGE E. WRIGHTSON W e, the members zyf the Class of '49 wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to you, Mr. George Wrightson for your kindness and understanding in guiding us through our four years of high school. Page Eight WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 MISS MARGARET CREAN We, yournelass q' '49 wish to thank you, Miss Margaret Crean for the eounsel and sympathy you have given us through these four years. Mayyour influence remain with us through all the years. Page Nine "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 All OF Us EDGAR JOHN MULL1Ns,Jr. "Hippo" Edgar Mullins is quite the guy, At sight of him, all girls do sigh. Ed, our class president for three years, was a three letter man playing four years of baseball and football and three years of basektball. In his senior year he was captain of our football team. In dramatics Hippo did a fine job in junior Prize Speaking and as Papa in "I Remember Mama." Besides this Edgar was a member of the Latin, T, and Glee Clubs for two years. In his senior year he was elected representative from our district for "Good Govern- ment Day." College KENNETH STUART CLARK "Butch" Butch, with cartoons and gags is just dandy But with the girls he's a lot more handy. Kenny has been our vice-president for the past three years. He was in Spanish Club two years, Latin three years and drew in the Art Club for a year. Butch banged away on the bass drum in the band for two years and sang in the Glee Club for one year. In sports, Ken was on the track and baseball team and played four years of intramural basketball. He was the "Bell hop" in the senior and Columbus Day plays and rolled 'em in the aisles as a junior Prize speaker. Also to top this off he drew the neat year book cover. Go into busine s JOAN MARY COUTURE "Couch" Our Joan, who is full of pep, When playing basketball, is really hep. Couch has been occupied with solo flute and piccolo in the band and orches- tra for four years. Music is her big interest but sports have claimed her also. She played three years of girl's basketball and four years of intramural basket- ball, and was elected co-captain of the team her senior year. She had time to be in the Latin Club one year, Spanish Club two years, Community Service Club for three years. Couch is our very efficient secretary and has been in the receiving line of several dances. Nursing JANE ELIZABETH ALLEN "Just Jane" Blat! Blat! Toot! Toot! There's Jane's trombone In the rniseries of practicing, she's not alone! Jane has been quite an active member of our class. Besides being the treasurer and a prize speaker she was the first student director our band ever had. She played in the band, Swingsters and orchestra and sang in the Glee Club. She was a member of the Latin, Spanish, and Community Service Clubs and contributed her dramatic talent to two of our Christmas plays. jane served on several dance committees and not to be outdone in sports, she played basketball and was on the drill team. Ithaca College GLORIA MARCELENE BANASH "Peanut" She's full of pep, although she's small, T hat's our Peanut, liked by all. Peanut, too, has been a Very busy girl during her four high school years. In her sophomore year, she was elected class historian, and every year after- ward she was re-elected. She was a tumbler for four years, played basketball for one year, and was manager for the girls' basketball team for two years. Peanut has been a very active club member, being in the Community Service, Commercial, and Spanish Clubs. She was president of the Commercial Club, and treasurer of the Spanish Club. Peanut has been one of our peppy cheer- leaders for the past year. Gloria ushered for the sophomore social, and junior Prize Speaking, was on the reception committee for the Prom and also ushered for the variety show. She has shown her acting ability as Brace in the Christ- mas play, Dagmar in the senior play, and as a contestant in the American. Le- gion Oratorical contest. Peanut was an office girl, secretary to Mr. Weiner, cashier for Bank Day, and in addition to all this, is Pro Merito! Enter Civil Service Page Ten HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 RICHARD ANNEAR "Bungears" Never a dull moment is there around, When into the room, Bungears doth bound. Bun ears pla ed football and baseball his freshman year. He was in the Latin Club for three years, the Art and Glee Clubs for one year. He also played intramurals for four years. Bungears was a faithful stage manager for several plays and was very good at it. Besides this he was on the decorating committee for the junior Prom and he ushered at the sophomore social and took the part of Arne in the senior play when Charles Bourbeau became sick at the last minute. Work JOAN AUDREY BARTLEY "J0anie" Tall, stately and very trim, Our J oan is noted for vigor and vim. joanie is one of those musical girls. She has played a cornet and marched with the band for four years. Music is not her only interest for she played intra- mural basketball and helped the class of '49 girls win the intramural champion- ship our sophomore year. The refreshment committee of the sophomore social claimed her, and she ushered at our senior-freshman hop and at Prize Speaking and found time to be in the Spanish Club two years and in the Art C ub two years. Laboratory Technician BUELL LYMAN BASSETTE "Bill" The biggest boy in senior class by haU, Buell is famous for his hearty laugh. Buell had already acquired quite an education when he enrolled here as a junior as he had completed four ears of Hi h School: three years at Mount Hermon and a year at Newton School in South Wyndom. Buell ushered at the freshman hop and played the roll of the real estate agent in one of our plays. Veterinarian or Mining Engineer NANCY ELAINE BLOOD "Nan" Just as nipe as she is fair That's our Nan, a gem quite rare. Among Nan's many abilities are music and dramatics. As a member of the band for two years, and the Swingsters for one year she did some excellent playing on the trombone, especially in the Christmas Concert of 1947 when she was one of the featured soloists. Moreover, we all remember her excellent portrayal of Katrin, one of the leading roles in the senior pla , and her splendid presentation of "You Can't Go Back" that gave her the first-prize award in junior Prize Speaking. Nancy was also a member of the French Club for two years, the Latin Club for three years, and the Art Club for one year. She was a twirler her sofphomore year, an usher at the junior Prom, and on the yearbook and Netop sta s. To top this fine record oFf Nan is also a Pro Merito and honor essayist. University of Massachusetts CHARLES LOUIS BOURBEAU "Pat" Though very small He is a pal to all. In his freshman year Pat played basketball. He was in the band his sopho- more year. He has been in the Art Club for three years and played intramurals for four years. Pat was on the decorating committee for several dances and ushered at the junior Prom. Pat also won the part of Arne in the senior play. Navy Page Eleven "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 LAWRENCE CADRAN "Larry" He's always friendly, good and kind No other person like him will you find. Larry was very active his four years in high school. He was captain of the track team his senior year. In athletics, he was very active, three years of track and three years of strenuous football. Larry was one of the electricians for our senior play. He was on the yearbook and N etop staffs. Larry rounded his four years out by ushering at many of our dances. Navy ROBERT CALL - "Bob" I f you want to see our Bobby Look for him in Allen's "All-ey." Bob has been musically inclined his four years. The band and Boys Glee Club have claimed two apiece and the Orchestra and Swingsters one. In sports, he has played two years of basketball. His junior year, he had the part of "joseph" in the Christmas play. Also ushered at the sophomore social and Junior Prom. Work WALTER DANIEL CARLISLE "Wadic" Quiet, shy and rather reserved, 1, Wadie is never extremely disturbed. Wadic played hard clean football for four years, baseball for two years, and basketball for one year. Wally Monroe sang with the Glee Club and was a member of the "T" Club for three years. He ushered at many dances and played intramural basketBall. Texas A and M RAYMOND ROY CHAPPELL ' "Ray" There goes Ray, so quiet and witty, Headed where Why, Montague City. Ray was in the Art, Latin and T Clubs for three years. He played basketball during his sophomore and junior years. Ray did some fine acting in "Christmas for the Duchess." He was Pro-Merito for four years. He played intramural two years. Ray was a long distance runner on the track team for three years, an usher at the sophomore social and a decorator for the junior Prom. He was head stage manager in the senior play. University of Massachusetts ADELLA TERESA CI-IARTIER "Brown Eyes" Lovable, peppy, hard working, quick, With all her friends Adella seems to click. Adella started her activities by usherin at the freshman hop. She belonged to the French Club for two years, during her senior year was secretary. Adella also belonged to the Commercial Club for two years, and Glee Club for three years while during her senior year she was a section leader. Adella was also soloist for the Swinsters. Last but not least Adella was one of the hard- working business managers for the senior play. Work Page Twelve 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 JULIANNA FRANCES CHOLEVA "Babe" Athletic "Babe," who is always gay Wins the game in her smiling way. Babe was our fast moving center guard on the girls' basketball team for four years, bein captain one year. She was also in the Home Economics Club for one year, Commercial Club for three years and Community Service Club for three years. Babe was an assistant cashier at Bank Day and she also ushered for graduation and class day. Work LORRAINE ANNE CHRISTIAN "Chris" Thoughts of Bender Really send-her. Lorraine was a member of the Home Economics Club and served at both the football and basketball banquets her freshman year. She was a member of the Glee Club for three years and its secretary her senior year. Chris was also a member of the Community Service Club for three years, an usher at the sophomore social and junior Prom, in Commercial Club for two years, Assist- ance stage manager for the senior play, vice president for the Commercial Club, clean-up committee for junior Prize Speaking and cashier for Bank Day. Last but not least Chris was one of those oiiice girls who buzzes around the school with the notices. Off ice Work GOLDIE COHEN "Goey" Goldie's motto is to do and say The kindest thing in the kindest way. Goldie took part in the activities of the Home Economics, Glee, Spanish and Commercial Clubs for two years, acting as secretary of the Commercial Club in her senior year. The Community Service Club also received her services for three years. She ushered at the junior Prom. Goldie was also a secretary for Netop, and she worked on the yearbook staff. Dramatics claimed part of G0ldle's time. She took the art of "Evie" in the "Confessional" and "Aunt Trina" in the senior play. Cgoldie was also secretary to Miss Des Ormeaux. With all her activities Goldie still found time to be Pro Merito. Salem State Teachers College WILLIAM CONNOR "Billy" Gay and carefree as everyone knows, He creates laughter wherever he goes. Billy was in the Glee Club of which he was president his senior year. Bill didn't have too much time for athletics, but he did find time to play freshmen football and one year of varsity baseball and basketball. Whenever you went to Millers you would see him working in his father's store. Billy also ushered at many of our dances and Christmas recitals. Navy SYLVIA MYRTLE COSSETT "Socie" Socie is not a noisy lass And yet you know she's in the class. Our ambitious yearbook editor-in-chief, who didn't have too much time for extracurricular activities, managed to participate in several. Socie belonged to the band, tumbling team, and Art Club for two years, and also the Latin Club. She ushered at the sophomore social and at various other entertainments, and was on the decorating and music committees for the Junior Prom, and on the decorating committee for the freshman hop. Sylvia was one of those efiicient office girls for two years and was both on the Netop and yearbook staffs. The nursing profession will gain much by having Socie among its number. Franklin County School of Nursing Q Page Thirteen "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 ALICE BEATRICE COTA "Al" Laughing Alice, smart and witty, From her, expect a funny ditty. Alice joined us in our sophomore year and has been active ever since. She was a member of the Art Club for three years and a member of the Spanish and Commercial Clubs for one year. She was an usher at Junior Prom and has been Miss Teed's competent hair dresser for all her plays this year. In com- mercial work Alice has been an office worker at the grammar school and assistant cashier for Bank Day. Work DORIS ELIZABETH CROTEAU "Dodo" Our Dodo, cheerful, generous, kind, A nicer girl it would be hard to jind. Dodo has been busy these last four years. As a member of the Home Eco- nomics, Community Service for three years, Commercial for two years, and Art Clubs for one you can see she was never idle. She served at the football banquet and ushered at the senior-freshman hop. The Junior Prom decora- tion committee and being secretary to Mr. Pike were among her duties. Fi- nally, Doris was one of those petite cashiers for Bank Day. Office Work DONALD CHARLES CROUSE "Red" Red's the boy with curly hair And he gives it lots of care. Red's interests centered around athletics. He played basketball, football and baseball in his freshman year. The sophomore year found him playing football and basketball. Red managed the football team in his junior year. The T Club claimed him as a member. Navy WALTER CYGAN "Cyg" In basketball and track he finds his joy But with the girls he's quite the boy. Cyg was a member of the track team for four years. He played four years of basketball, two years of football and one year of baseball. Cyg played in the band for one year, and was a member of the "T" Club for two years. Navy HERBERT PAUL DAVIS "Herbie" When it is help you may need Herbie is always ready to do the deed. Although Herbie joined us in our junior year he managed to participate in our extra-curricula activities. He belonged to the Glee Club and was on the Netop staff. Herbie won the American Oratorical contest in his junior year. He did a good job as "Father" in the "Confessional" and was a very efhcient hand back-stage, too, as he proved to be our able electrician at senior play and on other occasions. Herb will reach the goal in the fields of his choice, teaching or forestry. Union New York College of Forestry or Bridgewater State Teachers College Page Fourteen WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 BERNICE ELIZABETH DeGRAFFE "Bernie" A friend you will always find here, ' One who is kind, good and sincere. Bernice was very active in the music department. She sang in the Glee Club for three years, was the accompanist for the Boys' Glee Club for two years. Other departments also saw her service. She was in the French, Art and Com- munity Service Clubs and she belon ed to the tumblers for two years. Bernice ushered at the junior Prom and sopliomore social. Bernice also found time to be an assistant coach to Miss Teed in the senior play and to tke the part of Martha in the Christmas play. Train at Mercy Hospital DAVID LAWRENCE DODGE "John" David may always talk of Art, But someone in Millers has his heart. Dashing David has been very active in school affairs. Whether it be in music, dramatics or art one can always find a trace of the Dodge touch. David has been a member of the Glee Club and the band. As a member of the track squad, intramural teams and the T Club, David proved his talent for sports. The Art Club claimed him as its president his sophomore and junior years. He also designed the decorations for our Junior Prom, Class day and the Variety Show in his junior year. He was a member of the Latin Club for two years and ushered at several dances. As a prize speaker he won second prize. David has also taken part in several plays and took the part of "Dr. johnson" in the senior play. He is a good all around guy, our David. Art School ELLEN VERONICA DODGE "Ellie" We can tell at a glance That Ellen's happy at a dance. Of Ellen's outside interest her favorite is dancing. She has been one of our faithful ticket sellers at football and baseball games for four years. Her fresh- man year she was in the Home Economics Club and went from there to the Commercial Club for two years. She helped usher for our junior Prize Speak- ing and the freshman hop, and was on the decoration committee for the junior Prom. Time Clerk CAROLYN MARY DONOVAN "Lyn" In all this world it's hard to win A friend as good and true as Lyn. Lyn has certainly proved herself scholastically. She is on the Pro Merito list and in her junior year she was one of the American Legion oratorical con- testants. She is also an office girl which is quite an honor and we mustn't forget that she is on the yearbook staff. In the dramatic held Lyn is also quite able. She was an alternate prize-speakerg Mrs. Rand in this year's Christmas play and Nurse in the senior play. On top of all this Lyn has been a member of the Spanish, Home Economics and Commercial Clubs. She was an usher at Prize S aking, chariman of the Prom invitation committee and a member of the clioratxng committee for the sophomore social. Framingham State Teachers College HENRY C. DUDA "Monty" In school our M only is so grave, But his grin doth make us all rave. Henry played football for three years and basketball for one year. Monty was a member of the Glee and T Clubs. He served on many dance com- mittees and played in the intramurals. Work Page Fifteen "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 JULIA BEATRICE DYER "Julie" I bet she'd jump if someone hollered , The name she likes, Eddie Pollard. In her freshman year Julie was a tumbler and a member of the Home Economics Club. Part of her sophomore year she sang in the Glee Club. She was a member of the Commercial and Art Clubs. She was an usher for Class gay and the Christmas play. She was one of the capable decorators for junior rom. Air Line Stewardess ELIZABETH THERESA EARLEY "Betty" Fun-loving and gay, that's our Betty, Alert, quick, and always ready. Betty was an active girl in her four years of high school. She was in the Home Economics, Spanish, Commercial and Community Service Clubs. Betty ushered at several school activities, Junior'Prize Speaking, junior Prom, and Variety Show. She was on the costume committee for senior play, refreshment committee for freshman hop, decoration committee for sophomore social and chairman of the cleanup committee for the cabaret. Betty was Miss Crean's secretary. She was also one of our snappy twirlers and she played basketball for one year. Secretarial Work JEAN EMOND "Turkey" Turkey handsome, big and tall, Is our hero in football. Turkey played four years of hard strenuous football for Turners High. He was a member of the French Club. Turkey ushered at our junior Prom and some of the other class dances. He also was a member of the T Club. On Sun- daiy afternoons you would always see Turk taking oil' over the trail to North A ams. Navy ANNETTE THERESA ENGERMAN "Butch" Armette's gift is a smile For she is happy all the while. Annette belonged to the Home Economics Club in her freshman year, French and Commercial Clubs for two years and the Community Service Club for three years. In her junior year Annette joined the band where for two years she played the clarinet. Annette was in the midst of the social whirl, too, for she ushered at the senior-freshman dance, Graduation and Class Day, and she was chairman of the flower committee for the Junior Prom. She was also an assistant stage manager for the senior play. Train at Franklin County Hospital ANNE FARNSWORTH "Farms" She is lovable, studious arid quick, With all her friends, Arme seems to click. Anne has been one of our busiest girls in high school. She began her activ- ities by ushering at the sophomore social and other dances. Her interest in clubs has been shown by becoming a member of the Glee Club for three years, Section leader this year, Community Service Club two years, French Club one year and secretary of the Latin Club one year. Anne was a third prize winner at the Junior Prize Speaking contest and does a swell job as a nurse and as Assistant Coach to Miss Teed in senior play. She has been a peppy twirler for two years, being a lieutenant twirler this year. Farns, has also found time to be one of Miss Kelly's office girls. Harcum Junior College Page Sixteen WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 SHIRLEY ANNE FORTIN "Shirl" Shirl is our out-of-town girl, A nd is always in a whirl. "Shirl" Came to Turners Falls High School from Greenfield in 1948 to join our senior class. She is one of the energetic Bank Day girls. Work SHIRLEY ANN GEORGE "Shirl" " Here comes our Drum Maior, hep, hepl Tall, pretty and full of pep!" Shirl began her high school activities bv decorating for the Cabaret her sophomore year. She also ushered at the sophomore social and other dances. She has shown her interest in club work by being a member of the Spanish Club two years: Glee Club one year: Latin Club one yearg Art Club one yearg Com- munity Service Club one year. Shirl was also on the nominating committee for the senior class officers and was on the costume committee for senior play. She also found time to be a lieutenant twirler her iunior vear and Drum Ma'or her senior year. i i ' J University of Massachusetts ROSE ANN GOLEC "Rosie" Friendly, cheerful, and dependable, Rosie proved she's inexpendable. Rosie was one of Miss McGillicuddy's able Community Service girls for three years. She was also a member of the Home Economics Club and the Commercial Club. In her freshman year Rosie was a waitress at the football banquet. She ushered at junior Prize Speaking and was a property manager for the senior play. Rosie was one of Mr. Pike's competent secretaries. Office Work ELIZABETH GREENLAW "Betty" Smiling, friendly, so petite A nd incidenlly, very sweet. Our Betty has been a very busy girl. She belonged to many clubs, the Latin Club for one year, the Community Service Club for two years, the Spanish Club for two years being secretary both years. Betty belonged to the Com- mercial Club for two years and in her senior year she was treasurer. In her sophomore year she designed the decorations for the Variety Show. Betty also belonged to the Art Club for two years and was treasurer her sophomore year. Betty was on the ticket committee for Hallowe'en Pumpkin Prom and ushered at the Junior Prom and other dances. Betty was one of our peppy cheerleaders for two years and was the captain during her senior vear. She was chairman of the 1948 Christmas play and played the part of "Madeline" in the senior play. She also helped Miss Parks in the oiiice this year. Hairdresser LORRAINE CLAIRE GUILBAULT "Papa" As a friend, she's really tops, Thafs Lorraine who works at "Pops" Lorraine was an active member of many of our clubs. She was in the French Club and Latin Club for three years, the Community Service Club for two vears, and the Art Club for one year. The Home Economics Club also claimed her abilities her freshman year. "Paps" also was on the decorating committee for the Junior Prom and the Pumpkin Prom and was an usher at Class Day. Physiotherapist Page Seventeen "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 ARTHUR CHARLES HOUSMAN "Artie" Here's the boy that's always gay, For Artie is fun in every way. Art has played football and basketball for four years, baseball for two years, and track and intramurals for one year. Artie was in the French Club for two years, being elected Vice-President his junior year. He was in Latin Club for two years and also in the Art and Glee Clubs. He was Editor-in-chief of the Netop his senior year and was also on the yearbook staff. Artie ushered at the junior Prom and several other dances and was on the decorating com- mittee for the Junior Prom. He also took part in junior Prize Speaking and was a Pro Merito. Artie was a very good actor, appearing in several plays and was an electrician for the senior play. Math Teacher VALDA RUTH JILLETTE "Val" Val is our very jolly lass Who never lets a good laugh pass. Val, the gal with the hearty laugh, has been very active during her stay at T. F. H. S. Val was a member of the band for two and a half years: Glee Club for three years, part of which she served as librariang Spanish Club for two years: Latin Club one year: Commercial Club two yearsg and Community Service Club for three years. She was also an Outdoor Girl and ushered at the sophomore social. She was on the Netop and yearbook staffs and three teachers claimed her as their capable and efficient secretary. Val did an excellent job in the Columbus Day play and the rest of her time was claimed by senior play as "Jessie" With all this Val still kept up in her studies as she was Pro Merito and an honor essayist. Policewoman MARIAN KENDROW "Mickey" A little shy toward some, 'tis true But not when Mickeys' fond of you. Mickey is a quiet girl who hails from Gill. Still, she found time to lend her voice to the Girls' Glee Club for two years, and to Miss Clark's Latin Club. She was also in the Art Club for one year, and the Commercial Club for two years. Marian was on the decorating committee for the sophomore social and ushered at Graduation and Class Day. Besides all this, she still found time to be a very able secretary to both Miss Clark and Mr. Pike. Air Line Hostess ELEANOR KOBLINSKI "Cobb" Blonde, charming, and quite petite Our Eleanor is very, very sweet. Eleanor was in the Home Economics Club for one year and in the Com- mercial Club for three years. She was assistant cashier for Bank Day and a secretary in Mr. Pike's office. Cobb was on the refreshment committee for the sophomore social and was also one of our faithful ticket sellers at baseball and football games. Work JULIA ANNE KOZLOSKI Julie Her smile is known everywhere N o gloom prevails when Julie's there. julie played basketball in her freshman year. She was a member of the Latin Club for one year, the French Club for one year and the Art Club or two years. julia was one of the gracious ushers at the sophomoze social and at Junior Prize Speaking. Besides this, she was on the yearbook staff. Nursing Page Eighteen WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 DOROTHY J OSEPHINE KUMINSKI "Dotty" She wears a smile the whole day through She's got a sense of humor, too. Dotty was in the Home Economics Club for one year, the Commercial Club for two years and the Art Club for three years. She decorated for several dances includin the junior Prom and ushered at Graduation and Class Day in '48 and at the freshman hop. Dotty also played basketball her freshman year and sold tickets at our football games. Secretary CARL KURTGIS 'flung Karr' Karl was the man of the hour, In athletics, he was a man of power. Carl came to us in our freshman year. He missed freshman football but played three years of varsity. He was a member of the "T" Club for three years. Besides playing football, King Karl ran track and played freshman basketball. His spare time was spent helping his father in the restaurant. Nichols Junior College JOAN GERTRUDE LANFAIR "Joanie" Our Joan as typist is really jine, For her future 'tis a very good sign. Joanie, formerly of Greenfield, joined our class our junior year. Although she had a rather late start she was active in many of our clubs. Among them were the Commercial and Community Service Clubs in which she was a mem- ber for two years and the Art Club that claimed her abilities for one year. Her main interest, however, centered around the typewriter. She certainly can pound out some neat letters on that machine. Miss Little and Miss Lindsay, moreover, were very fortunate to have Joan as their secretary. She was also on the decorating committee for the Junior Prom and a member of the girls' hockey team. Travel JEAN EILEEN LEMERLIN "Jeanie" J eanie's the girl with the reddish hair, Just go to the Riverview, you'lljind her there. Jeanie spent a very busy four years in high school. Among her activities are the Art Commercial, Glee, and the Home Economics Clubs. She also ushered at last year's Class Day and Graduation exercises as well as the freshman hop. We often found our Jeanie selling tickets at the football games. Topping oil all this Jeanie was one of Mr. Weiner's snappy twirlers. Secretary ROBERT LITCHFIELD "Bob" Crash, rattle, bang-What in tarnation! Nothing but Bob's poky, ventilated contraption. Bob came to Turners at the start of our junior year. In spite of this, he and his jalopy contributed greatly to our class. Litch played two years on our light weight football team and was a member of the "T" Club. In dramatics, Bob did a line job in "Over Night Guest" and was an alternate in Junior Prize Speaking. Also he sang in the Glee Club. Undecided Page Nineteen "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 HENRY MALEK "Henu" Our Henu is tall and shy, But there never was a nicer guy. Henu was left tackle of our great freshman football squad. He was a member of the Spanish and Art Clubs for three years and the Latin Club for two. In the dramatics department, Henu was the soda clerk in the senior play and played the part of "Bill" in "Christmas for the Duchess." He also ushered at the sophomore social and was on the yearbook staff. Worcester Tech LAWRENCE EDWARD MCALLISTER "Muckles" M uckles is neat, shy and tall, He carries a word of good cheer lo all. Muckles was a member of the Art, Latin, and Spanish Clubs for two years. During his two years in Spanish Club he was vice-president the first year and president of the second. Larry ushered at the sophomore social, freshman hop, and the Junior Prom. Muckles was on the Netop and yearbook staffs. He was also on the production staff for the senior play and on many nominating com- mittees. Photography School RICHARD CHARLES MCCLARY "Archie" A friendly guy, but not too bold, Yoilllfind he's gol a heart of gold. Archie was quite a busy boy. He was a member of the Latin Club for two years, the Spanish Club for three years, the Glee Club for one year and the Art Club for three years. He was elected as treasurer in his senior year. His freshman year he played in the Intramurals and in the band. Archie was also quite proficient in sports. He played baseball for two years, track for two years, basketball for four years and served as manager of the football team for two years. He ushered at several dances. He decorated for the Junior Prom. A member of the yearbook and Netop business staffs he was also a stage manager of the senior play. Aviation ERNEST MILONAS "Tossie" He's full of laughter, and full of cheer, A good friend 'who will always be near. Tossie was originally a member of the class of '48 but because he moved to Manchester, N. H. in October of 1946 and later returned to Turners, he lost a year. Ernie played varsity football for three years, baseball for one year, and intramural basketball for four years. He was a member of the "T" club for two years and the Spanish and Latin Clubs for two years. Tossie was also on the yearbook and Netop staffs. Mount Olympus University HENRY MLECZKO "Spike" Basketball and baseball claim his speeds These are the best of his many deeds. Spike has been very active in sports. He has devoted four years to playing basketball and was co-captain his senior year. His last three years he played baseball. He was ticket taker at the junior Prom and is a member of the "T" club. Work Page Twenty WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 LEON MOMANEY "Leo" Here's our Leo reserved and quiet, But get him going and he's a riot. Leo arrived at 'l'. F. H. S. his sophomore year, coming from Mt. Hermon but found time for plenty of activities. He was in the Spanish and Art Clubs for three years and the Latin Club for one. His senior year he was in the Glee Club. He was an usher for the freshman hop and the junior Prom, plus being on the decorating committee for both. Besides this Leon played the part of Mr. Hyde in the senior play and is one of our l'ro llleritos. General Electric School LORRAINE DOROTHY NADEAU "Lorraine" Helpful, kind and oh xo prelly ls Lorrainefrom .llonlogue City. Lorraine has shown her talent in music by playing in the band four years and orchestra one year. She was a member of the Home Economics Club in her freshman year and also the Commercial Club one year. She ushered at many dances and at Graduating exercises. Lorraine spends her spare time doing typing for Mr. Galvin for whom she is secretary. Secretarial Work ANNE PATRICIA O'HARA "Bubbles" In Room 21 you willfind our A nn, Who is ready to help whenever she can. Anne belonged to the Home Economics Club, Commercial Club for two years and the Community Service Club for three years. She ushered at the sophomore social, senior-freshman dance and junior Prize Speaking. Anne was on the decorating committee for the junior Prom and was cofchairman of the refreshment committee for the Pumpkin Prom. For one year Anne was also one of our snappy twirlers. Office Work ULABURL MAY PALMER "Ula" Quiet,friendly and petite, Our Ulaburl is very neat. Ulaburl has had many outside activities to take up her time. She partic- ipated in the Latin Club, one year, the Home Economics Club, one year and the Art Club, two years. Her main interest is in art and clothes designing and while in the Art Club she helped to decorate for the junior Prom and the senior- freshman hop. Dress Designer ROGER PARENTEAU "Rujay" Roger is cheerful, gay and sincere, A success wilh the girls, neverfear. Roger has the distinction of being one of our four letter men. Rujay played three years of football, thrw years of basketball and three years of baseball. He was also track manager for three years. Roger was in the French and HT" clubs' for two years. He also ushered at our junior Prom and senior-freshman socla . Navy Page Tweniy-one "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 IRENE MARIE PAULIN "Rene" Irene is quiet, pretty and sweet, And music follows at her feet. Irene was very musical during her last two years. She played the piano for the Swingsters, clashed the cymbals in the band, and sang with the Glee Club. She was a member of the French and Latin Clubs. Irene belonged to the Home Economics Club and basketball team her freshman year. She was also a mem- ber of the Outdoor Girls' and Community Service Club. She was Pro-Merito. Boston University JEAN VIOLET PIERCE "Jeanie" Jeanie is quiet but can say, Nice things to all in every way. Jeanie has been a very busy girl her four years of high school. She was on the nominating committee for the sophomore and senior class officers, member of the Girls' Glee Club three years, section leader this year, Commercial Club two years and Community Service Club two years. She ushered at several school dances and was on the decorating committee for the Hallowe'en Pump- kin Prom. Jeanie has shown her talent by being pianist for the Girls' Glee Club and playing for the orchestra. She was on the make-up and costume committee for senior play. Oh, yes, we must not forget, Jeanie was one of those "busy" office girls in the office for two years. Hairdressing School STANLEY JOHN PODLENSKI, Jr. "Pod" Toot that trumpet Stanley can, He's our nomination for a one-man band. Stanley was one of our famous musicians, playing in the band throughout his high school days. Stanley is a bit of an athlete, too, having played intra- mural basketball for two years. He ushered at the senior- freshman social and at the sophomore social. General Electric Apprentice School MARILYN TERESA REIPOLD "Lyn" Serious but always with a smile, Marilyn is friendly all the while. Marilyn was an active member of the Home Economics Club her freshman year, member of the Community Service Club for three years and Commercial Club for two years. She ushered at the Junior Prom, was co-chairman of the refreshment committee at the Pumpkin Prom, and was on the property com- mittee of the senior play. Lyn is also an active member of the yearbook staff. Nursing or Business EDWARD BERNARD REMILLARD "Ray" With words he may appear at a loss, But he certainly can ride a "hoss." Ray joined our class his sophomore year after serving in the navy. 'He didn't take part in many school activities but spent most of his spare time riding horses. Equestrian Instructor Page T 'wenty-two x A WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 DOROTHY PAULINE RENAUD "Polly" Polly is that dark-haired lass, Liked by all in our class. Polly is one of our little busy-bees. She has spent most of her time in high school singing in the Glee Club but in her freshman year she was in the Home Economics Club. She was in the Community Service Club for three years, the Commercial Club for two years, was usher at junior Prize Speaking and at the freshman hop. During her senior year she was a cashier for Bank Day, secre- tary for the Netop, and was business manager and usher for the senior play. Hairdressing School BARBARA EDITH RICHARD "Barb" A flashy player on the court: Everywhere she's quite a sport. This little firl is quite an athlete as you can see. Barb played basketball and softball for tihree years and held hockey for one year. She has been in the Glee Club three years, was a twirler one year. Barb was also in the Commer- cial and Community Service Clubs and was on the Netop and yearbook staffs. She played the part of Miss Moorehead in the senior play. She was on the decoratin committee for several dances including the junior Prom and ushered at the sophomore social. Horse-Trainer HELEN ROXANNE SENNOTT "Red" Our Helen is pert and eute, And she has red hair lo boot. Red was a very busy girl during her four years stay at Turners High. She used up plenty of energy playing basketball three years and strutting around with the band for three years the last year of which was spent as a Lieutenant. She belonged to the Commercial and French Clubs two years, ushered at the sophomore social, was on the decorating committee for both the freshman- senior hop and "Radio Shown Cabaret. Hen is also a writer for she wrote our class lvy Poem and Constitutional essay for sophomore year. Red is a mem- ber of the yearbook staff, has been secretary to Miss Porter and worked in Mr. l'ike's ofiice for two years. Also she was "Aunt jenny" in the senior play. Helen is now employed as bookkeeper at the Montague Inn. Office Work BARBARA GAYNELL SLATE "Barb" A sparkling member of the band, At acting, too, our Barbsjust grand. Barb's musical abilities are known to the orchestra, band, Swingsters and Glee Club. For three years she has been band librarian. Barbara was in the Latin club for one year, the Community Service Club for three years, and the Commercial and Spanish Clubs claimed her membership. She was on the clean-up committee for the cabaret, the decorating committee for the sopho- more social, and ushered at the Prom, in addition to being one of the alternates in Prize Speaking. We have seen her dramatic ability as chairman of the Christmas play, the maid in the Columbus Day play, and as Mama in the senior play. She was on Netop and yearbook staffs. Dance Musician STANLEY JOSEPH SOBOLEWSKI "Stosh" A quietfellow, he is by gosh, But what a record has our "Sloth," And when I say record I mean just that. Do you know that Stosh had never once been absent in all his four years in high school until he got the mumps this year. And on top of all that he has never been excused either. I think that is a pretty nice record for a senior and I bet no one else in our class Can boast as much. He was a checker at the freshman hop in 1948. Work Page Twenty-three "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 WILLIAM CHARLES SPAT "Bill" "Wit puts an edge on sense" Is true of Bill, not a bil dense! In spite of his outside job Bill has managed very well in getting exercise as a member of the basketball team two years. The band claimed his musical ahility for two years and the Latin and Spanish Clubs captured his language abilities also for two years. He has been usher at practically every class dance and I might add he is a very good dancer himself, also he was a stage manager in the senior play with the part of the Intern, he was a member of the cast in "Overnight Guests." The Netop put him to work on its business staff and the yearbook made nim a member of its staff. He was alternate in junior Prize Speaking and is Pro Merito. Worcester Tech. PHILIP JAMES STARK "Baron" Philip is the class clip, And in physics, he's a pip. Philip played football for two years, basketball for one year, intramural basketball for two years and baseball for one. He was a member of the French Club two years and Glee Club for two years. He played Nels in senior play and ushered at the freshman hop. Draftsman JEAN ANN STRANGE "Jeannie" "Full of knowledge, full of fun, A truer friend: there is not one." jean was in the Home Economics Club in her freshman year. The Art Club, too, claimed her talents, as did the Commercial Club. She was in the Spanish Club for three years. Jeannie ushered at the Prom, and at junior Prize Speak- ing. We saw her as the Duchess in the Christmas play during her senior year. She was on several dance committees, besides being chairman of decorations for the sophomore social. As secretary to Mr. Putnam and Mr. Bourdeau, we find her busy in the typing room during much of her spare time. To top all this jean is Pro Merito. Salem State Teacher's College ROBERT TIBBETTS "Bob" Bob is quiet and shy, But he is a real nice guy. Robert didn't enter into many school activities. He ushered at several school dances. Bob's hobby is photography and he plans to take up carpentry. Carpentry DONALD TOOLEY "DOH" The girls all say, "Don's just dandy," And as a manager he's really handy. Don has played football for three years and baseball for two. He played basketball as a freshman and was manager of the varsity for the remaining three. In his senior year, Don was on the yearbook staff and was stage manager in the senior play. Besides all this he was an usher at the junior Prom and three years a member of the T Club. Navy Page Twentyfour WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 JAMES LEONARD VIENS ' 'J immy" Gay and carefree, as everyone knows, Jimmy is welcomed, wherever he goes. jimmy our outstanding athlete, played four years of football and was chosen Western Mass. guard his senior year. He was also an alternate captain of our football team. james played four years of baseball and four years of intramural basketball. He was a member of the French Club for two years, the president his senior year, and was two years on "T" Club. Navy PAUL ARTHUR VIVIER "P.V." Not only athletic but handsome, indeed, Our Paul is like a gallant, flashing steed. UP. V." hails from Montague City and was in the French Club for two years' T and Glee Club for two years. He played football four years, basketball and baseball two years and track one year. Paul was also on the refreshment committee for the junior Prom and stage manager for the variety show. Navy PAULINE WAIDLICH "Cos" Cos, reserved, obliging and petite, Can sweep you right of your feet. Pauline was a member of the Art, Latin and French Clubs for two years. She was an usher at our sophomore dance and also at Prize Speaking. The Glee Club claimed her voice for two years and the band her snappy step for one year. She took part in the Thanksgiving Play and was a member of the yearbook staff. On top of all this she is a Pro Merito. College RUTH LUCILLE WALDRON "Celie" Our little Celie from the City Sure is small, but oh, so pretty! Celie was a member of the Home Economic Club her freshman year. She was also a member of the Spanish Club two years and Commercial Club one year. Celie ushered at the sophomore-senior social and helped on decorating committees for several of our school dances. She was one of Miss 'l'eed's make- up artists for senior play. Hairdressing ELAINE BESSIE WARD "Babe" What a fine world it would be, If all the people were as nice, as she! Among her many activities Babe was in the Latin and French Clubs for one year, and the Community Service Club for three years. She also was on the refreshment committee for the sophomore social and an usher at the senior- freshman social, Class Day, and Graduation. Moreover, Elaine played the Eb Clarinet in the band for three years. Nursing at Franklin County Hospital Page Twentyjive "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 RAYMOND CHARLES WASIELEWSKI "Wasiel" Wasiel is a cheerful guy And a friend who'll always stand by. Raymond ushered at the sophomore social and at the senior-freshman re- ception. Because he has worked afternoons at G. Koch and Son grocery store for most of his four years in high school, he found little time for extra-curricular activities. Although he was inactive in sports Raymond has never missed a goo-ltball or basketball game. He finds much enjoyment in swimming and s mg. Work RAYMOND WATROBA "Rumchu" "Rumchu is a carefree lad Who is usually smiling, and never sad." Rumchu was a member of the Latin Club for three years, the Spanish and Art Clubs for two years. He was a member of the Netop and yearbook staffs. Raymond played intramural basketball for four years and ushered at the jun- ior Prom and other school dances. During his senior year he was elected by his class as a candidate to be senator for a day at the Boston State House. Rensselaer Polytechnical JOAN PATRICIA WELSH "J0anni" Warm heart, sparkling with fun, She's sure to win you before she's done. joan was a member of the Commercial, Community, Spanish, Art and Glee Clubs. She won a letter playing basketball for two years. Joani was the business manager and an alternate for junior Prize Speaking. Her decorating designs were used in several dances including the junior Prom. She acted in plays during her junior and senior years. Joan did some great acting as "Aunt Sigrid' in the senior play. She was Mr. Graeber's private secretary and head cashier for bank day. joan was Pro-Merito four years. Personnel Secretary and Art Work WINSLOW CLARENCE WENTWORTH, Jr. "Winny" Winslow, our mad frenzied chemist, With both talent and personality is blessed. Vllinny has had his finger in every pie. Whether it be music, dramatics, or athletics he was always one of the first. As a freshman, he was a member of the Latin Club, freshman football manager, and played in intramurals. His sophomore year he was assistant varsity football manager, played basketball, was a member of the Art and Latin Clubs, ushered at the sophomore social and was a member of the band. He ushered at the Junior Prom and was a member of the band his junior year. Winnie took part in many plays and played Mr. Thorkelson in the senior play. He played in the band, Swingsters and sang in the Boys' Glee Club his senior year. After all this he finds time to persue his hobby of photography. Navy or U. of M. in 1951 TERESA MARY WHITEMAN "Tessie" Tessie is so sweet and sublime, We're glad she belongs to "49." Tessie is our quiet little girl whom we can always depend upon for a favor. In her freshman year she was in the Home Economics Club. She was in the Community Service Club for three years and the Commercial Club for two years. Her senior year she has been busy as a secretary for the Netop and on the costume committee for the senior play. She ushered at the freshman hop, Class day, Graduation and at the senior play. Plans-Hairdressing School Page T wenty-six HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 WILLIAM JOSEPH WHITEMAN "Bill" Bill is a shy and care-free lad Who seldom, if ever, gets mad. Bill was on the football squad for four years and was a manager of the fresh- man basketball team. He sang in the Glee Club for three years and was a mem- ber of the "'I"' club. William did a swell job as Uncle Chris in the senior play, "I Remember Mama." He also played intramural basketball. Texas A 8: M J OAN NE MILDRED WOJTASIEWICZ ' 'Joani' ' A ready laugh, a lively air, J oani is an addition anywhere. Our happy-go-lucky joani spends most of her time as a soda jerker at Fournier Brothers, but she still finds the time for her school activities. She belonged to the Home Economics Club in her freshman year, Community Service Club for three years, Commercial Club two years, and was also an Outdoor Girl and an usher at the Junior Prom. Joani was Miss Maguire's siificient, little secretary and she made a good "Christine" in "I Remember ama.' Nursing DONALD F. WYMAN "Donny" In sports, rough and rugged is he, But everywhere else, he's as gentle as can be. Donny played four years of football, and he usually made his tackle because Shirley was on the sidelines urging him on. He played two years of baseball, one year of basketball, one year of track and intramural basketball. Donny was a member of the "T" club for two years, and sang in the Glee Club for two years. He was an usher at the Junior Prom and ushered at many other school dances. Donny was on the ticket committee for the senior play. Southem Methodist University ligggi Page Twenty-seven "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 The Good Old Days Page Twenty-eight WE HOLD THE FUTURE" 'VURNI-IRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 School Snaps ,v,- x.. iq . l ,II ge Tmrnty-nine "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Nancy Blood Betty Greenlaw Shirley George Barbara Slate Joan Welsh Joan Couture Julia Kozloski Jane Allen Carolyn Donovan Barbara Slate Valda Jillette Helen Sennott Ioan Couture Jean Strange Elaine Ward Qur Choices MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED Raymond Watroba MOST POPULAR Edgar Mullins BEST LOOKING Walter Carlisle BEST ACTORS Edgar Mullins BEST ARTISTS David Dodge BEST ATHLETES Edgar Mullins BEST DANCERS Raymond Watroba BEST MUSICIANS Robert Call GREATEST CHATTERBOXES David Dodge CLASS CLOWNS Ernest Milonas GREATEST GIGGLERS Ernest Milonas BEST CAF ETERIA SUPPORTERS William Whiteman TEN O'CLOCK SCHOLARS Roger Parenteau NEATEST Raymond Watroba MEN AND WOMEN HATERS Stanley Sobolewski Page Thirty "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNER S FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 As We See Ourselves NAME PET PEEVE MY HERO HANGOUT BY WORD Allen, Jane Gossips Bob Band room "It must be the horn" Annear, Richard Work Archie Rivervu "By Gosh!" Banash, Gloria Shootin' rats Hon My parlor "F ix the radio, Paul" Bartley, Joan Per. 4 study My Schmoo "Toughies" "Sho Long" Bassette, Buell School in general "Fearless Galvin The Black Peril "Eat-a-bun" Blood, Nancy Writing themes Mike T. F. H. S. "Oh, quiet" Bourbeau, Charles Being late Doc Bowladrome "Natch" Cadran, Lawrence Peter Irene Taxi "Hi, Kid" Call, Robert Relatives Janie Jane's "Aw, heck!" Carlisle, Walter Rujay Bill Ding Greenfield "Get out of here" Chappell, Raymond Party line joani Montague City "Wait a minute" Chartier, Adella Navy Eddie Lil's "Be good" Choleva, Julianna Gloria 8: Betty N. 8: K. Room 21 "What!" Christian, Lorraine Keeping still Bender Koscinski's "What!" Clark, Kenneth Out of dough Corporal Dick 88 Prospect St. "Hi Baby" Cohen, Goldie Homework "L'il Abner" T.F.H.S. "Oh Crumb" Connor, William Work Aggie Kei-vian's "I-Iey! You Baby!" Cossett, Sylvia Deadlines Piccolo Pete Dufiies "Heavenly Day" Cota, Alice History class Spike jones Dyer's Ranch "For the love of Phoebe" Couture, Joan usonrl Walter Pidgeon Band room "Gee Whiz" Crotmu, Doris Baby sitting Robert Mitchum Movies How exciten" Crouse, Donald The Yankees D. B. T. Bills "I don't know" Page T hirty-one 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 NAME PET PEEVE MY HERO HANGOUT BY WORD Cygan, Walter School Finky Hanover Club "Ah, come on!" Davis, Herbert Radio Commercials General Eisenhower State Armory "Hi" De Grahfe, Bernice Getting up Eugene Fournier's "Gol-ly" Dodge, David No busses to Millers Burt Lancaster First National "Boy!" Dodge, Ellen History Charlie Northampton "Are you kidding" Donovan, Carolyn Barb "Elvie" Jean's "La-dee-da" Duda, Henry "Stan" Bottles Stark's pool room "Ah! Heck!" Dyer, julia Germany Arrowsmith Alice Cota's "That's a laugh" Early, Elizabeth Waiting for people Eddie Shea Theatre "Jeepers" Emond, jean Intelligent teachers Mr. Galvin Taxi "Hi Kid" Engerman, Annette Selling chances and Little Lulu T. F. H. S. "Golly!" tickets Farnsworth, Anne Gossips Bull Greenfield "That's bully!" Fortin, Shirley Homework Sonny Greenfield "Yes" George, Shirley Suky Donny Pierce's "You know sumpin' Golec, Rose Reipold Joe Millers "Are you kiddin" Greenlaw, Betty Nosey people Rumchu Pierce's "You know what" Guilbault, Lorraine Rubbers and umbrella Ted "the kid," Williams Pops "Holy Cow!" Houseman, Arthur Kid brother T. G. Library "No kiddin!" jillette, Valda Work Uncle Elizabeth T. F. H. S. "I-Ia! Ha!" Kendrow, Marion Homework Ed Clint's County Store "Oh no!" Koblinski, Eleanor Studying Bing Crosby Rosie's "Oh Dear!" Page Thirty-two "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 NAME PET PEEVE MY HERO HANGOUT BY WORD Kozloski, julia Women Mr. Galvin The Grove "Tim-ber!" Kuminski, Dorothy Gabby people J. K. Cecilia's house "Guess what?" Kurtgis, Carl Ballerina skirts Steve Van Buren Carl's tearoom "Hi Kid" Lanfair, Joan History Bug's Bunny Montague Road "Sure!" Lemerlin, Jean A liar D. L. Riverview "Oh no! ' Litchfield, Robert Flat tires The garage mechanic M. D.'s house "What ya say?" Malek, Henry j. The Rebel jane Russell Ralphie's "Put up ya money" McAllister, Lawrence State Cops King Carl Montague "Where're we goin?" McClary, Richard Work Bimbo A' 36 Ford "Great" Milonas, Ernest The boys Bill Ding Manchester "Catch on, we'll grease Mleczko, Henry 7 a. m. Joe Dimaggio Drago's "Come on!" Moma.ney, Leon Paper hanging Superman Montague "Cut it out!" Mullins, Edgar Waiting for Bill Ding Rumshu Sz Puner East Africa "What'dy say Kid!" Nadeau, Lorraine Cracking gum Mike Movies "I'll diel" 0'Hara, Anne Men L. G. South Deerfield "If you say so" Palmer, Ulaberl Arguing P ? ? Home Oh, goodness me! Parenteau, Roger Rebels Wonosftosslio On the Road "Yea! Take off" Paulin, Irene Waiting for a taxi Larry Piano bench "Here Peter" Pierce, jean Cowboy music Muckles Pierce's "Inkspots" Podlenski, Stanley Homework Moonbeam Montague "OHl" Reipold,VMarilyn Women Ben Greenfield "Anything you say" Remillard, Edward Poor jokes Miss Lindsay Gill Navy Yard "Hal" Page rhmy-um "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 NAME PET PEEVE MY HERO HANGOUT BY WORD Renaud, Pauline Answering questions E. R. M. Chagnon's "Be Good!" Richard, Barbara Knuckle-crackers R. N. Fournier's "I'll see to it" Sennott, Helen Indecision Bills Montague "We'll see you" Slate, Barbara "Son" Butch Band room "The music must be wrong" Sobolewski, Stanley Gym The Phantom Shea's theatre "Anyways" Spat, William Henry's driving Muckles Kervian's "Now, you did it" Stark, Philip Julia Bart C. S. "I don't know" Strange, jean Short skirts Lyn Lyn's "Oh gee!" Tibbetts, Robert Giggling El Bingle Shea theatre "I wouldn't say that" Tooley, Donald Shaving J. S. Kervian's "Oh Cripes" Viens, James Greeks Turkey Drago's ? P ? Vivier, Paul Fixing the radio Gloria Gloria's parlor "Ya! Why shore!" Waidlich, Pauline Waiting for Ploxie The great educator The Grove "Where's Ploxie?" Waldron, Lucille Heels and Socks Bob Gay's living room "jeepers" Ward, Elaine kid brother Bud Vermont "Gee Whiskers" Wasilewski, Raymond Homework Stosh Shea's Bowladrome "Huh!" Watrobe, Raymond Porch lights Brother Chet Montague "Hey" Welch, Joan Show people Ray Greenfield "F 'r Heaven's sake" Wentworth, Winslow Homework Harry James Valley Studio "Here" Whiteman, Teresa Homework W. B. Shea Theatre "Let's eat" Whiteman, William Women drivers Tossie Rica's parlor "Come on you guys" Wojtasiewicz, Joanna Pokey people G. W. F ourniex-'s "Talk to me" Wyman, Donald 'Freddie jake Montague "Yah" Page 'Thirty-four WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE FACULTY C. 2 5 3 E 5 'C :ii V2 .2 E E-f 5:2 .. win .2': 23 9:1 QL Da. .2-g E2 qu 2.2 .32 2: C... Q54 ig, ,-3 gi? 'DDU fini.. 252 .-m.- EEE ED 'E E Page Thirtyjivl WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 CA? 5 57 -' l?'7'9 . M-JS Ay 5 an! x iff..-10 Ay T53 C4q,.,ZZ -1,fL-ffffviqf-l fLn' iiI1rt1t!7x.t1 lS'.:'4 2-'i-'IS -'J-271:21-"-In . l i flgg C-I 0 his ton: fo SAY 'sul- yQtl Tyr pk, I-Ii,h I0 JCAR. oh we Shall l-wAy1R'-l4fH- blk Hw 1-mt the time did J-ly as Q9 Q pq S q p ag 5 1 I . Jr'-4 '-f JQHEFQJQWEEE ' -'hw 74940-'P 4-ffrwf 'ffl f- J.. we will ,mu-f-1 sm.-..x few. Wdve Ayub, 0-AR 5 't t'n"'1"""t 'A' YY!!! Full Kwon-luljf we Jil 'tal' w'.V' siege. Luis Erik an-up MA :Mk ggi: and HNKCCQLJAYWLA1 at :ball E A luJe 7n45qaf.ni. .mt Apiiplny heh '6nICHveJ.n,Eu-yyea enk J y 3 v 1 . jgiifggrgfsiiz-2,4551-H':':f - Dun Afru we Shall lull 'mill B'-'C 'W "KN 54Y 9"3 ' We-x LH iam? FQCQFQE 91 agus: w i fbi 52 g g 5 5 5 is Hrktas 4. ...R Al-HA H4-L-ee Sf true A by-A! jmbvub aiu 15f:fJFF?fQg?fg,WQ'f V, I ' V . , " gi K 1 1 A R wnshxllpl-"TS me-:L-ben y.,n 300101-vclziiylg PM feng L .fage T hirty-six WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Class History On a beautiful autumn day early in September in'1945, boys and'girls walked cheerfully toward the high school. The students hailed from all parts and sections of Turners Falls, Gill, Millers Falls and Montague. Overfiowing with bewilder- ment and timidness, we, freshmen, were about to begin the four best years of our lives. We weren't afraid, but curiosity swept over us as we wondered what was expected of us. Fortunately, our freshman year was a quiet year, for we had much to learn. First we had to become accustomed to the many rooms and corridors so that we should not get lost. We were on our own now, as young men and women, seeking a highway which lead into the future. The annual senior-freshmen dance, introducing us to our classmates and wel- coming us as a part of the student body, was a festive affair. VVe met many new friends and felt more at ease after taking part in the first social event of the year. Our freshmen football team, The Winless Wonders as we called ourselves, excelled in spirit and sportsmanship, if not in scoring. Mr. John Welch assisted by Emil Paulin, capably guided our team with patience and understanding. It was said by Mr. Welch, and Mr. Paulin that our freshmen team was the first team ever to use "smoke signals." Our Winless Wonders were made up of muscu- lar recruits such as: Paul Vivier, "Wadic" Carlisle, "Turkey" Emond, James Viens, "Hippo" Mullins, "Rujay" Parenteau, Walter Cygan, "Red" Crouse, Donald Wyman, "Monty" Duda, Larry Cadran, and William Connors. Anyone could see them scrimmaging on sunny September afternoons, always using their favorite play, "Pile drive to the right, on three, now to the left, on three." VVe played two games with Greenfield and two with Deerfield. Our basket-ball team profited by Mr. Foley's capable instructions and sug- gestions, playing Northampton, Mt. Hermon, Deerfield, and Greenfield all twice. The team consisted of Paul Vivier, Donny Wyman, Henry Mlecko, Walter Cygan, Roger Parenteau, William Connor, Richard McClary, Edgar Mullins, Walter Carlisle, Arthur Housman, and Carl Kurtgis. They displayed their talent, and looked forward to next year when they could carry on what they left behind them this season. In baseball we beat Eaglebrook. . Another September rolled along and we again saw ourselves strolling up the walk and entering the high school. As sophomores, our first task was to elect our class ofiicers. When the votes were counted, we learned that our class ofiicers were as follows: Edgar Mullins, Presidentg Kenneth Clark, Vice Presidentg Joan Couture, Secretaryg Jane Allen, Treasurerg and Gloria Banash, Historian. Miss Crean became our class teacher. Our sophomore social was very successful and we were proud that our first contribution to the years' events was a success, indeed. This year fiew by faster than we imagined and along about June when final exams were over we started another vacation. Page Tlnrty-seven WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Our vacation went by just as fast as our school year, and there We were back again, but this year as upper classmen and juniors. We were happy to welcome another boy to our class this year. Bob Litchfield, who was well-liked and well-known by all as a friend and fellow classmate. Again, as the year before, We voted for our class ofiicers and the same students were selected to represent our class: Edgar Mullins, President, Ken Clark, Vice President, Joan Couture, Secretary, Jane Allen, Treasurer, and Gloria Banash, Historian. As juniors, we welcomed to our faculty, Mr. Garvin Graeber, athletic coach and history teacher. Under his sympathetic and understanding guidance, we not only learned the facts of our government and history, but of sportsmanship and school spirit as well. As the months went by, we carefully studied and gained the knowledge and education we shall use in the years to come. Later in the year, Junior Prize Speaking tryouts were held, and the following were chosen to participate in the contest, after careful deliberation, Laverne Langille, Edgar Mullins, Anne Farnsworth, David Dodge, Nancy Blood, Ken- neth Clark, Jane Allen, and Arthur Housman. All our prize speakers did an ex- ceptionally good job and the highest honors were given to Nancy Blood, first,.for her presentation of "You Can't Go Back" by Francis W. Quinlan. Second prize went to David Dodge for his presentation of Fitz-Simon's "Four on a Heath." Third prize went to Anne Farnsworth for her presentation of "Dickens the Menace" by Ruth McKinney. Our prize speaking contest was a great success under the capable instruction of our dramatic coach, Miss Alice Teed. Our Junior Prom, a gala affair, was held on May 14, 1949 in the high school gym. The motif of the decorations was "Fiesta," the central figure being a danc- ing silhouette of a ballerina girl, highlighted against a large moon. This figure was placed in back of the receiving line. Florist's palms were used here, whilejust in back of the orchestra, a large moon was placed. Multi-colored festoons of paper streamers were strung along the rails, both sides and balcony, while a large blue flower was used on each post. The basketball backboards were decorated with the same paper and fiowers and the two classes ,initials "48" and "49" were used. Our Prom was a tremendous success and everyone had a wonderful time. Entering our senior year we began to feel the days and the months go by and we felt that each and everyone of us had begun to pave the right way into the future. Now more than ever our decisions counted on seeing through the finish of our highway. Again this year, as the year before, we elected our class officers. The same stu- dents were voted in as the year before. Next, we welcomed the freshmen at our senior-freshmen dance. We hoped they felt as happy and as contented as we did. Our football season was a grand one, and although we lost a few games, we never lost our school spirit and fine sportsmanship. The senior girls on our girls basketball team were: Julianna Cholova, Betty Earley, Joan Couture, and Bar- Page Tlnrty aghf WE HOLD PHE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 bara Richard. These girls kept up their school spirit also, by playing fair games, whether they lost or won. Then, came our senior play, "I Remember Mama." With eighty seniors trying out for parts, competition was keen. The cast consisted of the following students. Katrin, Nancy Blood, Mama, Barbara Slate, Papa, Edgar Mullins, Dagmar, Gloria Banash, Christine, Joanne VVojtasiewcz, Nels, Philip Stark, Mr. Hyde, Leon Momoney, Aunt Trina, Goldie Cohen, Aunt Jenny, Helen Sennott, Aunt Sigrid, Joan Welsh, Jessie, Valda Jillette, Dr. Johnson, David Dodge, Arne, Charles Bourbeau and Richard Annear, A Nurse, Carolyn Donovan, Another Nurse, Anne Farnsworth, Soda Clerk, Henry Malek, Madeline, Betty Greenlaw, Dorothy, Joan Couture, Florence Dana Moorehead, Barbara Richard, Bellboy, Kenneth Clark, Scrub Woman, Bernice DeGraffe, Doctor in White, William Spat, and Orderly, Raymond Chappell. The play was a huge success with a sellout both nights. The credit goes to Miss Alice Teed, director, and to the whole cast for their hard work and cooperation. We must not forget to give much credit to all the managers and committees for doing their parts to help make our senior play a success. During our four years of high school, we as a student body, learned to trust, have faith and self-confidence in ourselves, and to contribute slightly toward making our world a better world in the years to come. As a student body, gradu- ating eighty-eight in number, we wish to extend our deepest gratitude especially to Miss Margaret Crean, our class advisor, who has with her faithful sympathetic patience and understanding, guided us and lead us like little helpless lambs through four happy years of school. We also wish to express our sincere thanks to all of the faculty for their guidance in helping us to prepare for the future, and to remain unforgettable Cwe hopej to our Alma Mater as the class of "49". IVY POEM Grow, Ivy, Grow, And may your roots draw from this earth strength To climb these walls as we, in these halls, Obtained help to meet life's obstacles. Climb, Ivy, Climb, And as you stretch far upward may we Serve our community and our country By being better citizens. ' Live, Ivy, Live, And as you obtain food from this earth, May we obtain courage from our school . . To live our lives in peace and service. Helen Sermon Page Thirty mnc "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 The Class Will LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT OF THE CLASS OF 1949 We, the Senior Class of 1949, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make and truthfully declare this to be our Class will and testament revoking any will or wills heretofore made by other senior classes that have preceded us. We hereby will leave then, to Mr. Burke a new tuxedo to wear to the school dances in the next few years to come. To Mr. Wrightson, who has guided us successfully through our four years of high school, we leave a safe in which to put the profits of the Class of '49. To Miss Crean, our class advisor, we leave a check for 5199.99 so that she may take a quiet and peaceful trip on a slow boat to China. To Mr. Galvin we leave just a "Wolfing Badge." To Miss Ayer we leave Macbeth. May he rest in peace! To. all the remaining teachers we leave a raise in salary so that they can take a vacation any time they want to. Carolyn Donovan leaves her "gift of gab" to Raymond Paulin. Stanley Sobolewski leaves his own work entitled "How To Woo and Win a Girl by Remote Control" to Bruiser Kurtyka. Don Tooley leaves his favorite record, "I Love You Tooley" to- What! No one will take it? I guess you'll have to keep it yourself, Don. Jane Allen leaves her baton to Betsy Galvin with a pair of ear plugs so that Betsy can have all the pleasure of directing a band and none of the pain. The senior members of the band leave quiet and orderly band rehearsals to Mr. Weiner. Incidently, Betty Greenlaw does not leave Raymond Watroba to any under classmenl Romeo Podlenski leaves his Cadillac cow truck to his brother "Dimples" with the hope he has as much charm as Romeo did. CWith the cows that is.J "Butch" Clark leaves his distinction of being voted "most likely to go to seed" to "Pres." Shanahan. Bill Spat and Henu Malek leave their version of "Ten Nights in a Bar room" to Donny Stratton and Johnny Strysko. Buell Bassette reluctantly leaves the road to Keene, N. H. open to anyone who knows his way around in "no man's land." Betty Early leaves Jeanne Woodin to Miss Maguire to help her Senior Shorthand Class to have a little more liveliness than it had this year. Robert Tibbetts, Mr. Putnam's right hand man, as far as taking gymiis con- cerned, leaves his capable ability of checking up on boys who should be in gym Page Forty WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 but are usually elsewhere, to Cue McCarthy who we know takes gym every week as a good little boy should. Paul Vivier, Herbert Davis, and Ruj ay Parenteau leave a pamphlet entitled "How to Avoid Detention" to Del Allen and Eddie Slate. Bernice DeGraH'e, Anne Farnsworth, Helen Sennott and Betty Earley leave their military ability as professional twirlers to the new squad of twirlers who will be lead by- Just wait and see! Shirley Fortin leaves a quiet study hall to Miss Little if she would like it' Anne Farnsworth leaves her size ten twirling boots to anyone who wants to go swimming. Nancy Blood leaves to Millie Cate and Joyce Escott the job of keeping the band in tip-top shape. Babe Choleva, Gloria Banash, and Joanna Wojtasiewicz leave Miss Little peace and quiet and the hope that next year the seniors will be as punctual for class as they always have been. - I Adella Chartier leaves her vocal cords to Patty Hahn. Goldie Cohen leaves her escalator in the sand bank to Eileen Frawley so that she can get to school on time. The thirteen senior. members of the band leave Mr. Weiner ten boxes of "control that temper" pills and four pairs of ear muH's so that he will have little trouble with next year's band. David Dodge wills his artistic ability to that great artist of the junior class, Maurice Emond. Tossie "Giggles" Milonas and "Wild" Bill Whiteman leave the cafeteria for more profits. Jean Pierce and Bernice DeGraH'e, those two great pianists leave a new piano to the cafeteria. King Carl Kurtgis leaves his crown and a bottle of brass polish to Chet Watroba. Donny Wyman gives to "Pooner" George a book on "How to Get Along With Girls." Betty Greenlaw and Shirley George leave the little "red date books" to Shirley Kozik and Dorothy Hayde. "Muckles" McAllister leaves his permit to speed on the Montague Road to "Moo" Riel. joan Bartly and Lorraine Nadeau leave the two seats facing Mr. Weiner Page Forly-one "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 in the band to anyone who is capable of receiving those positions. They may be had only by the very best musicians. Walter Cygan leaves his long jumping legs to "Jumbo Housemanf' Julia Kozloski and Pauline Waidlich leave to any "daring" juniors their profitable nightclub "The Cozical Grove." To Therese Parks, Mr. Wrightson's eflicient secretary, her five senior oHice girls leave a Rapid-write-all machine to make all the report cards out and do her typing. Now, Therese. we'll have to try out our new telephone answering machine, the newest invention the office girls have created. Smart girls, aren't we? Sylvia Cossett and Arthur Housman leave their book entitled "The Trial and Tribulations of an Editor" to serve as a warning to any future senior who wants to attempt the job. That handsome fellow, Walter Carlisle, leaves his secret on "How to get sick in the morning and get well at night" to Norman Schneider. Those two energetic cheerleaders, Gloria Banash and Betty Greenlaw leave all their pep, vigor and enthusiasm to the future cheerleaders. And of course we know Turners Falls will win both cups for the next thousand years because of their bequest. The senior members of the Girls' Glee Club leave their music ability of rating excellent to the remaining members in hopes that they too can rate excellent when they are seniors. Marion Kendrow leaves her latest invention, "The Shorthand Mimeograph Machine" to those juniors who take shorthand so that they can do their short- hand by mimeographing It instead of writing their daily lessons. Just to be different Bob Litchfield isn't leaving. I-Ie's taking a P. G. After all Mary might get tired walking to school every morning. In witness whereof, We, the Class of '49, the testators have set our hands and seals this twenty-second day of June, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty nine. Cl949j Edgar Mullins, President Kenneth Clark, Vive-president WITTNESSES: Barbara Slate Betty Greenlaw Raymond Watroba Page Forty-two WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 The Prophecy Town of Montague June 23, 1949 It is the year 1949 . . . The year of the Atlantic Pact and Jet Propulsion. It is the year in which future graduates will find out what happened to t e class of '49 of the Turners Falls High School. Why does a prophecy deal with the past, you ask? Listen carefully, and you will learn. On the night of graduation Leon Momaney suddenly went mad. Vowing vengeance on his fellow classmates, he hid himself away from the world. After years of experiments and mad ravings, he perfected a time machine that would send all the students of the class of '49 back a hundred years. In spite of this sad and cruel event, we, thelclass of forty-nine, promise that our reunion would be the gayest and most hilarious one that any class had ever had. With unanimous decision, and with the. approval of Mistress Crean, our class advisor, it has been agreed to have the reunion at the Montague Inn. Innkeeper Edgar Mullins has spent many weeks preparing for the great event. He ordered his hunters, Charlie Bourbeau and Monty Duda to kill the largest deer in the forest. His cooks, Lyn Donovan and Shirley George, were making such dishes of arsenic custard and strychnine souflie, to tempt the palates of their honored guests. Our innkeeper hired the greatest band in the land to furnish music for our leasure. In the band, fiddlers Bob Call, Irene Paulin, and Stanley Podlenski are led by Jane Allen. Jane had an im ortant engagement for the day, but when re- quested specially for the class of liirty-nine, she cancelled her previous engage- ment that we might all have her company and band. Elaine Ward, and Joan Bartley, talented s ueeze-box players, have consented to accompany the fiddlers. At the banjo will qbe Nancy Blood, Lorraine Nadeau and Winny Wentworth, assisted by Jeanie Pierce at the piano. At last the long-awaited day has come. Soon, the guests will arrive, and the entertainment will begin. The doors are thrown open and the guests begin to a pear. At the hitching post, Eddie Remillard, and Dickie Annear are seen tying tfiieir famous mounts, Beedle Bomb, and Jet Pilot. Waitresses Betty Earley, Rose Golec, Lorraine Guilbault, Marian Kendrow' Anne O'Hara, and Doris Croteau are making last minute checks of their tables, while Robert Tibbets and Muckles McAllister are setting up their tintype equip- ment. Arriving on a bicycle built for four, which was designed by Henry Malek' are Buell Bassett, Stanley Sobolewski, Joan Lanfair, and Shirley Fortin. Oh' wait a minute . . . Who's that on the handle bars? Why, it's Joanne Wojta- siewicz. Where's Herbie? There is Mr. Herb Davis himself bringing up the rear in his horse and buggy. Seated in the back of the buggy are Joan Couture and Annette Engerman. Hostess Helen Sennot greets them, and directs them into the coatrooms. There we hear Lorraine Christian, Alice Cota, Red Crouse, and Theresa Whiteman gossiping about the sudden success of our former classmate Billy Spat who has just been elected president of . . . the Seneca Convention for "Woman's Rights."-Then the subject changes to the current heart interest of our favorite Don Juan, Donald Wyman. Last but not least, arriving in Bob Litchfield's famous "Surry with the Page Forty-three "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Fringe on Top" are Paulie Vivier and Lucille Waldron, Ray Chappell and Ioani Welsh, and Betty Greenlaw and Ray Watroba. Finally, everyone has arrived, and the entertainment begins with a song by Adella, "The Voice," Chartier. Roars of laughter are heard as clowns, Barb Slate and Tossie Milonas, begin their antics. The act was interrupted suddenly by the breathless arrival of Larry "Mercury" Cadran crying "Gold in California." Out run prospectors, Wadic Carlisle, Billy Connor, and Cyg Cygan. Followed by the rest of the class, who gaze a little longingly at them, they mount their horses and start off for the land of sunshine. Adjourning to the lawn, the group watch a thrilling game of croquet played by those brawny athletes, Carl Kurtgis, Jean Emond, and Don Tooley. They are urged on by cheerleaders Jean Lemerlin, Pauline Renaud, and Elinor Koblinski. Babe Choleva and Jean Strange are warming up for the tennis Finals which will be held later in the after- noon. Shouts of "Ice cold lemonade" can be heard from Archie McCleary and Spike Mleczko, who have a booth under a shady tree. Rujay Parenteau and Phil Stark havejust finished their Fifteenth glass, and assure us it is good. Caller Billy Whiteman rounds up a group for square dancing, including Butch Clark, Sylvia Cossett, Ray Wasilewski, and Pauline Waidlich. All those who don't join in the dances stand at the sidelines giving instructions. The new spring floor at the Inn is surely having a work-out today! David Dodge can be seen meandering through the crowd cutting silhouettes. Among his sitters are Gloria Banash, Goldie Cohen, and Julia Dwyer. At the request of the guests, an amateur program will be held immediately following the dancing. Julia Kozloski, who has just learned a new dance routine tries to teach Artie Houseman with the able assistance of her comrade, Ulaberl Palmer. Bernice DeGraffe has just learned how to play the piano, so the entire group is urged to sing "Oh, Susannah." Then, strains of "ln the Good Old Summer- time" are heard, and that seems to remind some of the people of the summer following graduation. Bits of "Did you kids come out on the rabbit hunt," or "Did you go to the husking bee" can be heard. Ellen Dodge is particularly inter- ested in telling Dottie Kuminski all about the taffy pull the Millers gang had the night after graduation. Seems that the party was crashed by a certain someone by the name of Jimmy Viens. Barb Richards has 'ust told a joke that amuses Val Jillet, for her giggle can be heard throughout the room. Anne Farnsworth and Marilyn Reipold, as spokesmen for Mistress Crean, advise everyone that it is getting late, and, that, since many have to ride their bicycles home, it is better that we adjourn for this vear. But, not until everyone has promised to return the next year, does our in- ventor press a button on his machine, which sends us back to graduation night. The speaker is saying "You, the class of '49, hold the future." SIGNED: Anne Farnsworth Lawrence McAllister Sylvia Cossett Carolyn Donovan Page Forty-four WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 STUDENT ACTNITIE 4? Q- .. 4. '5 A 2- 21 QH 0 0-J I f Wifi ' X .Aff , ' 4 - SEL . XX? W ky 1 CA f lx K ivilf I' Page F ortyjive "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 "I REMEMBER MAMA" Left to right K B. Slate, E. Mullins, VVojt:1siewicz, P. Stark, N. Blood, G. Bnnash Standing - D. Dodge, A. Farnsworth, L. Momnney, H. Sennott, P. Stark, B. Slate, B. Whiteman, E. Mullins, VVelsh, G. Cohen, VV. YVentworth, V. Jillette, B. Richard, C. Donovan Sittingk K. Clark, N. Blood, VVojtz1siewicz, G. Banash, R. Annear, Couture, B. Greenlaw Page F orty-six WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 ll l Remember Mama " It was 7:50 P. M. Thursday, February 10, 1949. The last touches of make-up had been applied to the cast by the expert make-up artists. Miss Teed led the way from the gym onto the stage. There were the last minute good lucks. Then we took our positions for the opening of the play. Five minutes remained until curtain time. Questions began to arise in our minds. "Would the platform work?" "Would the lights back stage be put off at just the right moment?" "VVould the cast remember the lines ?" For weeks the stage crew had practised moving the platform onto the stage, opening the curtains, and drawing them around behind the platform at the very moment when the lights on stage were turned off. If this operation did not go off like clock-work, the whole scene that took place on the platform would be spoiled. While the crew had been busy practising with the lights and the platform, the cast, property committee, costume committee and business managers had been working very hard too. Many members of the cast had to learn to speak with a Norwegian accent. In fact after a few rehearsals the whole cast acquired the accent, and "Is goot" became a by-word. The costume committee had a very difficult task. They had to find one suit of clothes for every member of the cast and two costumes for the main characters. Any morning before school or during recess you could see the committee rushing in and out of Room 3 asking, "Will this do, Miss Teed?" The five minutes were up. The orchestra had finished playing. The lights in the auditorium dimmed and the senior play, "I Remember Mama" began. The scene was in San Francisco. The time was 1910. The play told about Mama, Barbara Slate, and her family consisting of Papa, Edgar Mullins, Nels, the oldest boy, Philip Stark, Katrin who narrated the play, Nancy Blood, Christine, Joanne Wojtasiewicz, and the littlest sister, Dagmar, Gloria Banash. Mama continually had trouble with sickness, and trying to make both ends meet without taking money from the bank. One amusing scene was the one in which Mama explained to her sisters, Aunt Sigrid, Joan Welsh and Aunt Jenny, Helen Sennott that Aunt Trina, Goldie Cohen, wanted to marry Mr. Thorkelson, and undertaker, played by Winslow Wentworth. Uncle Chris, William Whiteman, another member of the family, disliked the aunts and frightened them. In fact he frightened everyone except Mama. The other members of the cast were Mr. Hyde, an Englishman, Leon Mo- maney, Dr. Johnson, David Dodge, Arne, Richard Annear, A Nurse, Carolyn Donovan, Another Nurse. Anne Farnsworth, a Soda Clerk, Henry Malek, Madeline, Betty Greenlaw, and Dorothy, Joan Couture, friends of Katrin, Florence Dana Moorhead, a celebrated novelist, Barbara Richard, and Bell Boy, Kenneth Clark. We were all sorry that Charles Bourbeau could not play his role as Arne be- cause of sickness, but we were very happy that we found a good substitute in Richard Annear. Richard did not have very long to learn his part. I think we all agree that the best actor was "Snowball" Banash who played Uncle Elisabeth. He never once forgot a line or missed a cue. When "Snowball" was not on stage, he was ably taken care of by Valda Jillette who played Jessie, Uncle Chris' wife. Our play was different from others because we used a platform, the ramp and another platform to the left of the stage for many of the scenes and because Miss Teed was forced to take a well-earned curtain call at the Friday night performance. Page Forty-seven "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 AFF ST YEARBOOK D THE NETOP U ,E -C41 UI g- QS mi? ex.: 1.20 21. cn? EAS -go nc' w.' QE C: mc: Z has :E 30 V714 oo UQ rg. 35 JTJS CHU fin.: 5,2 go mc: 5- . 3 is Us: La 'U Q12 -:SCD 'F .Eff .215 Mm E - jg? has NS ma: E. O25 c.- CT: J-gm D-4 r: 3-6 U... o me 54' EDS CUC gs. 4:2 323 N2 VJ EI YU PE IM q0'U C5 E3 cncn aj U u ru il. ld E 45 P vc.. u 1- O 3 va CI 1- K! Ln jul a Kozloski. Spar, Richard McClary, Edgar Mullins, IH 21 Willi onald Burke, , D Donovan YH 'E L- N O an J-V ra :IJ :wx In su .D In cu CQ l a O cc 'U I1 LE 2-1 HHS. sie Milo an O E-1 J. L.. ed G .c U GJ L: : GJ M f. L.. an 4.1 2 Ayer, Lawrence MeAl Malek, Ravmond VVatroba, Miss an, Henr if. Larrv Cadr OW Fourth R Page Forty-eight WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 PRIZE SPEAKERS Top Row- D. Dodge, K. Clark, A. Housman, E. Mullins First Row - Miss Teed, A. Farnsworth, J. Allen, N. Blood THE PRO MERITO Top Row - A. Housman, R. Chappell, I.. Momaney, W. Spar, E. Milonas Middle Row-J. Allen, G. Banash, C. Donovan, J. Welsh, I. Paulin, J. Strange, H. Sennott, G. Cohen, A. Engerman Sitting- V. Jillette, N. Blood, Miss Crean Page F arty-nine "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB THE COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB This group of 80 community-minded girls have been most active this year. On October 29 they began their busy schedule by sponsoring the Pumpkin Prom. This successful Halloween Dance provided an enjoyable evening for many stu- dents. Four door prizes were given away, and the several special dances and novel decorations added much to the entertaining evening. In December, the girls folded and placed in envelopes all the Christmas Seals sent to this area, and they were right on the job at the Community Sing passing out carol books. Moreover, all the members of the club contributed financially toward the Christmas decorations for the Farren Memorial Hospital, and many spent several study periods and afternoon sessions making wreaths and other trimmings. A great number of the girls also helped the Infantile Paralysis Drive by can- vassing the town. This club was iirst organized as a War Service Club and during the War con- tributed much to aid the war effort. Now, however, the girls have converted to peace time, and they are ready at all times to serve their community. The Com- munity Service Club is under the splendid supervision of Miss Helen McGilli- cuddy. Page Fifty WE HOLD THE FUTURE- TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE SPANISH CLUB Page Fifty-one "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE ART CLUB addern, R. Ripley, D. Coullette, L. M0- urlburt, H. VVys, D. Lamoureaux, D. M K. Caouette, D. H aY1 Row - P. John, A. D Top nell maney, H. Soloman, M. Emond, D. Dodge, J. O'Con L2 U1 r: U .. N I- CD v-R E. Keough, A. U7 T. 3 -A ier, K. Leonard, M. Dodge, D. Poll sf -cz -U Ll-1 vi 2. . 2 T US U LE VD 3 o .c :A U A L. .2 '5 LY-4 A V l 3 o Di -cs :: o U CU cn F. Chappell, A. Kelly, P. Fredette Ta 3 in ee LT-4 Z :Q L1 L' U U Eu ..:: 953 'Ci ae 5.3 U. Eva ew ,,,:1 .uw Q2 mi .29 25 ::..: RSM .598 :E 'Jus QN mli .EZ Q -. if 93 Fl-' 5'5- Ez: evo QE '55 UAS-4 ". find :--. ,562 23 QE ii E. -32, Que A5 2-U ES M53 2:5 3 O Q5 bf W .'.Z' F-I4 Page Fifty-two WE HOLD THE FlI'l'URli" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 FRENCH CLUB First Row Krol, P. Vivier, lfmond, I. Frawley, C. Prunier, I. Paulin, M. Fritz, D. Mad- dern, K. Cadran, N. Farwell, D. Burke, O'Connell, G. VVolfington Second Row - K. Caouette, R. Graves, Viens, A. Fngerman, D. Brown, S. Fddy, Gelinas V. Williams, R. Beaubien Third Row f-- D. NVallenius, B. Jackson, Kozloski, Y. Lavign, Claire Rivet, J. Gralenski, J. Doherty, D. Porlier, C. Maclntyre, Guilhault, L. I.aRoche, Pipione, J. Socquet, M. Byers Fourth Row -B. Deflralfe, I.. Guillmault, B. Nlullins, Vivier, Anne Farnsworth, N. Blood, L. Campbell, S. Baron, A. Kelly, P. Hahn, V. Banash, C. Bourdeau, M. Schwarcz J. Wrightson, I.. Bartlett, Mary Carlisle, Hughes Sitting ' Betty Riel, A. Chartier, Miss Porter, Viens, M. Fmond HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Top Row - M. Koscinski, L. Krusiewski, N. Powers, H. Engelhard, Sierakoski, N. Ncwson, N. Newton, Banasiak, B. Smith Third Row H- E. Fiske, R. Lenois, Guillmault, P. Cray, M. Bertrang, L. Corteau, Croteau Second Row e- F. Atkins, F. Gillette, A. Rudolph, P. Mullins, Nadeau, S. Eddy, P. Kaminski, A. Ariel, T. Paulin First Row -- Cyhowski, Fuller, B. Sopollec, Miss Reum, S. Gallant, P. Fredette, D. Bellemare Page F :fly-ihree 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE TICKET SELLERS Back Row- Dottie Kuminski, Jean Lemerlin, Mary Dodge, julia Serikowski Front Row - Julia Dyer, Ellen Dodge, Eleanor Koblinski OFFICE GIRLS Back Row - Betty Greenlaw, Rita Graves, Betty Riel, Miss Parks Front Row A Jean Pierce, Carolyn Donovan, Gloria Banash, Lorraine Christian Page Fifty-four WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 MR. PIKE AND MANUAL TRAINING CLASS MISS MAGUIRE AND SENIOR TYPISTS Page Fzftyqfive "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE COMMERCIAL CLUB Dyer, A. Markol, J. Lemerlin, M. Kendrow, A. Dale. B. Richards, lette, T. Kosevitz, J. UC Fourth Row - S. Rittal, E. Gignac, M. O P. VVirth, J. Welsh, A. Cota B u .Ei Z P-. .5 man, A. Chartier, R. Golec, M. Reipold, A. O'Hara, hite J. Gay, M. Klos, L. Bartlett, C. Matherson, T. W L: 2 - 8. ui S0 D. Croteau ski, A. Patterson. I. Pierce, L. NVal- leski, P. Little, J. Bitzer, R. Koscinski, J. Sierapo SSC - B. Earley, E. Dodge, J. W OW Second R Lavigne nfair, Y. La P. Renaud, A. Engerman, J. Wojtasiewicz, J. inski, dron, E. Kobl - G. Cohen, B. Greenlaw, Miss Crean, Miss Little, Miss Maguire, G. Banash, L. Christian Seated Page F1fty-six WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 The Junior Prom Our Junior Prom, a gala affair, was held on May 14, 1948 at the High School Gymnasium. The gymnasium was decorated by students under the supervision of decorating committee chairmen, Ulaberl Palmer and David Dodge. The back wall of the gym had the silhouette of a ballerina girl ascending steps in a garden. The side rails of the gym all had a smaller silhouette of a ballerina with colorful streamers hanging on either sides. From their openings, the baskets had streamers which were hanging at the bottom. All in all the decorations were beautifully designed and carefully put up. In the receiving line were the patrons and patronesses, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Burke, Mr. and Mrs. George F. Wrightson, Mrs. Austin Blood, Mrs. William Connor, Mrs. Raymond George, Mrs. Edgar Mullins, Mrs. Raymond Welsh, Miss Margaret Crean, class advisor, and Joan Couture and Edgar Mullins, class secretary and president. After everyone was introduced to the patrons, and patronesses, the grand march was started, being led by senior and junior class presidents and secretaries, Kenneth Little, Edgar Mullins, Audrey Webster and Joan Couture. During the grand march programs were given to all by Shirley Baron and Dorothy Gallant. Music was amply supplied by Ray Black's orchestra and at eleven o'clock everyone left exclaiming "What a wonderful time I had!" faer y 21? TTER? H .gif 1- "' 5 ta' T Page Fifty-seven 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 Some Dey Some day When this book is worn, Marked by the prints of many fingers, Its Tyrian hue Faded, Turn its pages carefully For, between its covers Lie the memories Of four wonderful years. Some day When on your shoulders Lies the burden of the world Turn these pages carefully. Remember When you were a freshman, Awkward, Uncertain of the future, But so proud to be a part Of Turners High. Some day When success has carried you Higher than was ever dreamed Remember The dances, The fun you had decorating the gym, Those baud trips, The football games with icy winds But a warm feeling inside - As you cheered the team To victory. Oh, so proud you were to be A part of Turners High. Some day When the memories of other things Bring pain Remember The carefree days, The night of senior play The little fears and thrill of applause, The struggles with "Macbeth," The time you had learning "What is so rare as a day in June," The friends you made. Remember And be proud. That you were a part of Turners High. Sylvia Cassatt Page Fifty-eight 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 1949 Random Thoughts T-is for teachers who know the answers but won't tell us. F-is for failures which we wish to forget. H-is for high people you know, who get straight A's which are very rare. S-is for Seniors who feel pretty good. -Elaine Ward The stars that night The sky is like a mirror Shone small and bright. As clear as it can be. They dotted the sky What do the angels sit on Like the spots on my tie. When there are no clouds to see? --Philip Stark -Barbara Slate I wish I may, I wish I might Get through a test without some fright, I tremble, I shake, I cringe with fear, And breathe a sigh of relief when teacher says, "Stop here." --f7oan Bartley A volcano is an angry woman Rain! Rain! Rain! Rain! Letting off steam and throwing things Get your raincoat out And just as destructive. So as not to catch the gout. -Alice Cola -Ann Farnsworth Picture, picture on the wall You don't look like me at all There was a man from Leeds Why, oh why don't you fall? Who ate a package of seeds -Ray Chappell , l . And instead of having hair, Flowers grew everywhere. Our minds are sagging floors -Donny Wyman How often they get warped. -Alice Cola Page Fifty-nine "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 1949 Random Thoughts Last week in Texas a rattlesnake bit a man sitting under a cactus, so the man bit the snake and they both died. The spider in the kitchen corner Is weaving his silken web But I don't see for the life of me Where he gets the thread. When summer comes to town once more, And Mom flings open wide the doors. It'll bring with it the bumble bees, And I see them before they see me. I hops that all the summer long, God will fill my throat with song. -Barbara Richard Winter comes but it soon goes Then Spring creeps in under your nose. -Raymond W asielewskz There's an ant house Sitting over there. I wonder what the ants use For tables, beds and chairs. I have never seen a pink cat. I never hope to see one, But I can tell you anyhow lid rather see than deflea one. - Nancy Blood Dolls in the corner where for years they have stayed Don't they wonder where the little girl is with whom they played? Under the tree there sits an old toad He dreams of the lily pad boat he once rode. -Pauline W aidlick A pine tree in the wind is like a brush dusting the sky. Helen Sennotf Page Sixty MU S 5 C A L w 1 oReANm ATsoNs "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE BAND Page Sixty-two WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL BAND An organization of which we are all very proud is the Turners Falls High School Band. And we have every reason to be proud because since 1946 it has grown from a small group which didn't make very many appearances, to a 60 piece class A band which is seen and heard everywhere that there is something doing. The band started OH' its season this year at the dedication of Sheff Memorial Field. Then came the fair at which it helped win the cheering cup for Turners in a tie with Greenfield. Our band attended all of our football games whether at home or away. We think this is something to be especially proud of because we helped to raise the money ourselves by doing all sorts of things. There is nothing like the band spirit when it comes to lending a helping hand. Next on its program the band had its annual Christmas Concert which is always played to a full house. It was at this concert that our student director Jane Allen "49," was introduced. It would take pages and pages to list all of the activities of the band during the year, but here are a fewg Franklin County Music Festival, Variety Show, Field Day, Western Massachusetts Music Festival, Parades and Field Days. We can't write an account of the band without mentioning our snappy squad of twirlers and the little lady who determines the fate of the band, our drum majorette, Shirley George. They have all constantly been on the job and we couldn't have done without them. We, the senior members of the band, hope that the freshmen who fill places will get as much fun and enjoyment in those positions as we did. Jane Allen Joan Bartley Nancy Blood Robert Call Joan Couture Annette Engerman Valda Jillette Lorraine Nadeau Stanley Podlenski Barbara Slate Elaine Ward Winslow Wentworth Page Sixty-three "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 SECOND ANNUAL MUSICAL FESTIVAL HELD IN GREENFIELD Saturday, April 30, 1949-Today six musical groups under the supervision of Miss Florence Argy and Mr. Benjamin Weiner left Turners about 8:15 A. M. to attend the Franklin County Music Festival in the Greenfield High School Auditorium. This festival was held last year for the first time at our school. . Student Musicians from Greenfield, Charlemont, Shelburne Falls, South Deerfield, Leverett, and Deerfield also participated in this fine musical program. At 9:00 the festival was opened by the playing of the National Anthem by the Greenfield Public Schools Band. This was followed by an address of welcome from Mr. Frederick W. Porter, the Greenfield Superintendent of Schools. Then a splendid program of music was presented. To start things off was the Greenfield Public Schools Band, then the Charlemont High School Girls' Choir and The Montague City Fifth and Sixth Grade Chorus. The program continued with the Shelburne Falls Elementary Mixed Chorus, The Turners Falls High School Boys' Glee Club and the Arms Academy Band. Miss Martha Ward then directed the Greenfield Fifth and Six Grade Chorus, followed by the South Deerfield Ele- mentary Chorus under the direction of Mrs. Ruth Decker, the Leverett Tonette Groups instructed by Mrs. Clara Cook and the Turners Falls Elementary School Glee Club. The Turners Falls High School Band then played, "Service," "Hori- zon," and "In A Persian Market." Next were the Greenfield Junior High School Girls' Glee Club, the Arms Academy Mixed Vocal Groups, The Greenfield High School Girls' Glee Club, and the Turners Falls High School Girls' Glee Club who sang "When You Wish Upon a Star," and "An Offering." The program ended with the Turners Falls Elementary Band playing "Colosseum." Both Mr. Deland and Mr. Gribbon had musical displays in the corridor and near the end of the festival Mr. Gribbon gave away many prizes to the persons who happened to hold the correct ticket. Many of these winners were from Turners Falls. A This festival made it possible for student musicians from all of Franklin County to meet together and enjoy listening to each other's musical selections. The green, red, and blue uniforms and the pastel colors worn by the Turners High School Girls' Glee Club plus other colorful groups, indeed made it a colorful as well as a successful festival. - Page Sixtygfour WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 ORANGE MUSIC FESTIVAL May 14 - The fourth annual Western Massachusetts Music Festival was held in Orange today. The purpose of the festival is to encourage youth in music. Instead of being rated each organization received constructive criticisms from the judges. -A F 'z QQPLEBZ' The Girls' and Boys' Glee Clubs, the High School Band, David Maddern and the Elementary Band represented Turners Falls. All the Glee Clubs' audi- tions were held in the Congregational Church where H. Augustine Smith of Bos- ton University was judge. The bands auditioned at the Town Hall under Judge C. Paul Herfuth, and David Maddern played his piano solo at the Orange Theater where Miss Mary Lane wasjudge. After their auditions our groups had avchance to hear a few of the soloists, bands and choral organizations of other schools. At 2:00 the colorful grand parade began with the Northampton High School Band leading. This parade consisting of fifty-three units was divided into eight divisions. The Turners Falls organizations were in the fourth division. The parade started below the armory and ended at the Town Park. Upon entering the park each unit was announced and passed before the reviewing stand. After the reviewing of t-he parade well-executed drills were presented by the Northampton, Athol, Palmer, West Springfield and Orange high school bands. Each band received a good hand. ' Immediately following the drills the bands massed under the direction of C. Paul Herfuth to play the S. I. B. A., Service, Indiana State Band, Westener and the Thunderer marches. Mr. Herfuth tried to keep the tempo of the marches slow, but the bands continually picked up the tempo. Aside from this one fault the massed bands sounded very good. This section of the program was concluded with the playing of the National Anthem. While the massed bands were playing, the massed chorus was held in the Central Congregational Church under the direction of H. Augustine Smith. They sang, "One World," "Cindy," "The Lost Chord," "You'1l Never Walk Alone," "Beautiful Saviour," "Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring," and "O God Our Help in Ages Past." During the parade, drilling and massed bands, a film was taken which will be shown in the participant schools in the fall. Tape recordings were made of some of the auditions. These recordings were played on the radio the next day. The parade and description of the bands was also broadcasted on the radio directly from the Town Park as a public service feature. For the past two years the festival had been held in West Springfield. This year it was held in Orange, and next year Northampton will be the host. The festival ofiicials hope that the festival will be held in other towns, too, in order that the value of music may be spread. Page Sixtyfvc "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE SWINGSTERS Second Row - W. Wentworth, W. Reum, N. Farwell, D. Gunn First Row- Mr. Weiner, M. Cate, J. Allen, N. Blood, R. Saulnier, J. Gay, B. Slate, M. Reum, P. Swella Piano - I. Paulin Vocalist -- A. Chartier, C. Miner Along with the rest of the instrumental organizations the Swingsters also have proved their worth. They now number sixteen including two vocalists. They have grown so in popularity that they were asked to play at one of the school dances, the Freshman Hop, dedication of Hibernian Hall, and the Amer- ican Legion buffet and dance. This was outside their regular appearances which areg the Girl Scout dance, the Grammar School Graduation dance, the Variety Show and the Cabaret. At the Cabaret this year they put on an entertainment that ranged from a croon tune that was really solid to a real Dixie Land band arrangement that rocked the house. Page Sixty-six WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 TWIRLERS Top Row - P. Little, M. Schwarcz, I. Doherty, J. Vivier, B. Mullins, M. Thompson Second Row - B. Earley, B. Richard, L. Guilbeault, J. Lemerlin, A. O'Hara, F. Webber First Row - A. Farnsworth, B. DeGraf'fe, H. Sennott This is a story of our senior twirlers from their entrance in our sophomore year through this year. At tryouts, those chosen were Shirley George, Betty Earley, Nancy Blood, Pauline Waidlich, Bernice DeGraH'e and Helen Sennott. The girls did not do much this first year because the band was not large and we did not have uniforms. The outstanding features ot this year were the football games. At the first annual Christmas concert ofthe band and Glee Clubs, the twirlers presented an exhibition. At the end of the year, Nancy Blood was changed to playing trombone and Pauline Waidlich changed too. The only new addition from our class was Anne Farnsworth. During the summer, our uniforms were ordered, but did not arrive until the fall, and so we had to go to the fair and to Everett without them. A first this year was the Open House, at which the twirl- ers acted as ushers. The cabaret was sponsored by the band and as "women of the Band" we served refreshments. Although the team was not invited to ,the Western Massachusetts tournament at Amherst, the band was and the twirlers accompanied them. The tournament at Assumption College was the next high- light of our year. On April 18 and 19, the opening of the "Lion's Roa1"' saw the girls in greasepaint on the stage at the Victoria theater. On May 1, a new "An- nual" was begun at Turners. It was the Franklin County Music Festival. Each group was assigned a room and a hostess, from the twirlers. With the usual parades, this ended our second year of twirling, but realizing that we would lose some of our older members, tryouts again were held and for the eight places vacated by seniors, thirty-five tried out. The new recruits from the senior class were Anne O'Hara, Jean Lemerlin, and Barbara Richard. This year the "Staff" as the Drum Major and the Lieutenants are called, consisted of Shirley George, Bernice DeGraH"e, Anne Farnsworth and Helen Sennott, respectively. Page Sixty-seven "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 GIRLS GLEE CLUB IIIIOII merlin, M. Mc Ki Le P. Renaud, M. Kendrow,T. Matherson, M. Carlisle, -. -CI 4-I .': 3 ai l, Maddern, Bitzer, G. Cohen, A. Dobias, M. Stuart, S. Baron, Wasielewski, E. Rie M. 15 .E nc L5 uf C .2 9 Row - C. Fourth E .1 :- U .D .D 0 B Ld m.. E i 2 :ri E as u C D O Wrightson, G. 14. H. .2 T. O D-4 ci uf .E .54 CL E C .:: I-1 14. :J .E D- ui 'E 2 Tvs CD ci 3. 55 Qs :E 0.2 .-3. .S-2 as 32 dm QU .E',, '14,-I 'fd E26 cu? 6.2 .-C. al-' f:i"i gi' ss 1-1. B-'CD L5-4. 3 S2 Ti' LE E' Carignan, uellette, B. Lavigne, L. O ahn, G. Damon, E. Mallat, P. Little, R. SanSoucie, Miss Argy, Y. - J. vivief, P. H OW Second R wski V. Banash, G. Galipault, M. Sobole C L1 -z: aulin, L. Chris P . Peirce, I Greenlaw, J 'E. Front Row - V. Gillette, A. Farnsworth, A. Chartier, Page Sixty-eight WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB One of the most popular organizations for girls in the Turners Falls High School is the Girls' Glee Club. This year it consisted of 70 members, 13 of whom were seniors. Their Presi- dent this year was Betty Greenlawg the librarian, Valda Jillette, the secretary, Lorraine Christian. The group was divided into live sections, the leaders of which are: Section 1, Adella Chartierg Section 2, Anne Farnsworth, Section 3, Jean Pierce, Section 4, Irene Pauling Section 5, Beverly Jackson. Every year they attend the Franklin County Festival and the Western Massachusetts Music Festival. The first was held in Greenfield and the second was held in Orange this year. The girls sang, "Ora Pro Nobis," "When You Wish Upon A Star," and "The Offering." The Girls' Glee Club also took part in the Variety Show. They sang, "Noc- ture," with Bernice DeGrafTe singing the solo, "Ora Pro Nobis," "When You Wish Upon A Star," and "The Gypsy Choral Fantasie" with Phyllis Mentor doing an incidental ballet dance. There were also some instrumentalists in the organizations. Marian Kendrow and Dolores Porlier played their accordions in this number while June Doherty, Mary Ellen Schwartz and Virginia Banash played violins. Irene Paulin accompanied on the tambourine. Our piano accom- panists were lrene Paulin, Jean Pierce and Bernice DeGraH'e. Page Sixty-nine "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 BOYS' GLEE CLUB Back Row - R. Chappell, M. Emond, L. Momaney, Dale, R. Stratton, R. Annear, M. Byer, P. Casey, P. Vivier, W. Connor, D. Dodge, R. Call, F. Rosenwarne, R. Litchfield A. Rastallis, D. VVyman, G. Schulda, R. McClary, H. Duda, W. Whiteman Front Row - K. Couette, K. Clark, W. Wentworth Jr., W. Reum, Krol, B. DeGrafFe, Accom- panist, Miss Florence Argy, Director, F. Welcome, A. Housman, N. Farwell, J. Samoriski The Turners Falls Boys' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Florence Argy, has had a very successful year. We sang at the football banquet and in the Christmas program in our auditorium. We also went to Greenfield on two occa- sions, first to sing for the Daughters of the Revolution and second, to take part in the Franklin County Music Festival, which was held at the Greenfield High School. Then we made an appearance at the Western Massachusetts Festival in Orange. Our last recital of the year was heard at the Variety Show in our high school. We have a freshman soloist, Charles Miner, who has a very good voice. At the Variety Show he sang the solo part of the song, "Were you There?," accom- panied by Bill Whiteman, Paul Vivier, Mike Byer, David Dodge, William Reum, Joe Krol, and Phil Casey. Our accompanist was Bernice DeGraH'e who has been with the club for three years. The songs we sang this year were, "Scandalize My Name," "Climb Up the Mountain," "Adoramus Te," "Upon the Mountain," "Busy Doing Nothing," and "Dry Bones." Norm Farwell sang, "Busy Doing Nothing," with the boys singing the chorus in the back ground. "Dry Bonesn was another hit at the Variety Show with its many sound effects to accompany the boys. Page Seventy WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 ATHLETICS , ,ill-,, Page Seventy-one "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE CHEERLEADERS Back to Front A Jean W'0odin, Ruth SanSoucie, Germaine Galipault, Sylvia Thistle, Betty Greenlaw, Gloria Banash, Barbara Kellyhouse, Chella Lyman Standing- Germain Galipault, Sylvia Thistle, Jean Woodin, Chella Lyman, Ruth SanSoucie Kneeling - Gloria Bnnash, Betty Greenlaw Page Seventy-two WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE CHEERLEADERS On a bright, sunny May morning in 1948, cheerleading tryouts were held. Quite a number of candidates tried out and seven were selected by the student body. The candidates waited over a weekend, for the votes to be counted, before they knew who had obtained the much-wanted position. The suspense was terrify- ing, and at recess the notice was put up on the bulletin board. Each one, holding her breath, longingly looked at the bulletin board, and the following walked away with a sigh of relief: Gloria Banash, jean Woodin, Sylvia Thistle, Ruth SanSoucie, Germain Galipault, Chella Lyman and Barbara Kellyhouse. The one cheer- leader, Betty Greenlaw, remaining from' the year before, was elected captain of the cheerleaders by the group of eight girls. During the summer months, they spent a few mornings each week at the high school and under the capable assistance of Miss Reum, they made their new uniforms of a blue skirt, which was made very full and flared. The front part of the tops of their uniforms were white with inserted blue points. The back part of their tops were all blue. Their uniforms were decidedly different and looked very attractive on all of them. Every Monday night, the cheerleaders would meet at the high school and practice the cheers, learn new ones, and prepare for the forthcoming events. After all their hard work preparing and learning new things for the coming events, they certainly displayed their ability during the year. The cheerleaders did a marvelous job at the Franklin County Fair, and with many new cheers and ideas, they led the student body on to victory, winning the cheering cup for the first time in ten years. The group of eight girls traveled with their pep, vim and vigor to all the foot- ball games and cheered for our team whether they won or lost. They also cheered at all our football rallies before every game. The cheerleaders also attended all of the basketball games and cheered our basketball team to victory. Page Seventy three "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE FOOTBALL TEAM , I Page Seventygfour WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SC HOOL 1949 Football 1948 On August 16, 1948, Coach Graeber began practise with 40 promising boys. It was his second year at teaching T-formation and Mr. Graeber drilled his squad morning and afternoon to get them prepared for the first game which was with Adams at home on the newly dedicated Sheff Field. The Powertowners won 13-0. Next week found an open date and after two weeks of constant rough scrimmage, the Indians lost a heartbreaking 13-6 thriller to a powerful Holyoke eleven. The next week the Indians engaged a small but tricky and fast Drury team to a score- less deadlock. The following Saturday the air was full of Meon-to-Murphy aerials which resulted in a 26-0 upset. The "promised last year's team" sparked the Indians to a 27-0 revenge over the Tech Tigers. One week later the Indians played host to Gardner and were defeated by the Wildcats 13-0. During the next week the Powertowners practised extra-hard so that they might redeem themselves against Westfield, but Gallo again led his Bombers to a convinced 31-13 trounc- ing over the Blue. The dejected Indians again took to the road to face a favored Agawam eleven. During the first three quarters of this game Turners looked destined for a victory as they outclassed the hometowners. But in the last quarter a screen-pass backfired and was intercepted for Agawam's winning 6-0 score. At the next engagement Turners finally broke its slump by conquering Holyoke Catholic by 15-0. This victory gave the boys added courage in the preparation for Greenfield's game. The big day came when the two teams met on the new Veterans' Memorial Field, Greenfield. The underdog Powertowners started off with a terrific attack against the overrated Greenies. Both teams clashed into a deadlock until late in the second quarters when a safety cost the Indians two points. Several lucky breaks would have resulted in an Indian tally right after. During the "between-halfs" the two high schools put on a colorful demonstration. The two teams came back with great determination. The spirited Greenies immediately commenced a touch-down drive. Later in the quarter the Green Wave tallied again to place themselves on top 14-0. The hopeful T. F. fans wildly cheered the hard-fighting Indians as they made their first and only touch-down of the classic. Paul Vivier's educated toe placed the pigskin squarely between the uprights. The final score was 14-7. The seniors on team were Hippo Mullins, Co-Captaing Jim Viens, Co-Captaing Wadic Carlisle, Turkey Emond, Don Wyman, Rujay Parenteau, Don Tooly, Bill Whiteman, Carl Kurtgis, Bob Litchfield, Arty Houseman, Pauly Vivier, Larry Cadran and Tossie Milonas. The seasons' standings were three wins, six losses and one tie, but the boys received helpful training in sportsmanship which they can always put to good use later on in life. Page Seventy-five x N.. WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row-Mr. Putnam, A. Rastallis, F. Kochinski, H. Mleczko, NV. Cygan, R. McClary Front Row - R. Parenteau, VV. Sawin, G. Riel, M. Szihareski, Hogan This year the basketball team enjoyed only two victories for the season. With no veterans on the team, and a tough schedule to meet, the Indians never lost spirit throughout the season and played their best even with the Valley League. In the Valley League, the fastest of all High School Basketball Leagues, Turners finished fifth. The Greenies, our rivals from across the river scalped the Indians by a score of 41-24. In the Indians' camp, the team lost by a score of 46-33 which proved to be a close game except for a last burst of strength by the Green who climbed to another victory. Turners showed its ever present spirit by whipping Arms and Chicopee. The high scorer for Turners was Co-Captain Spike Mleczko, who compiled a handsome 144 points. Other seniors who comprised the team were Co-Captain Archie McClary, Roge Paranteau, Artie I-Iousman and Walt Cygan. Second highest scorer for the Indians was Andy Rastallis, a junior who attained 101 points. The basketball team hopes that Coach Putman has enjoyed working with the team as much as they have enjoyed working with him and we sincerely hope that he has a great deal of success in the future. Page Seventy six WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 TRACK TEAM Top Row - J. Nadeau, A. Zak, E. Kochinski, R. Letourneau, R. Pollard, F. Rosewarne, R. Drago, J. DeWolf, Coach Putnam, D. Choleva Bottom Row-D. Lamoreaux, W. Naida, F. Welcome, L. Cadran, W. Sawin, G. Riel, R. Chappell The Powertown track squad opened its season last year at the Franklin County Fair. Turners just barely nosed out Greenfield 405-41M to capture the annual track meet cup for the eleventh consecutive year. The first Spring meet took place as the Indians competed against the Deer- field Varsity. Even though we lost to these college equivalents 8949, it was good practice for the new boys on the squad. The track team met another varsity squad at Mount I-Iermon. Their brave efforts proved in vain as the Hermonites ran away with the meet 98-9. At the Massachusetts State Relays, Turners took 5th place in class D with 9 points. The Indians shot put andjavelin throwers were second and third best in the state respectively. All four seniors on the track squad scored. They were: Captain Larry Cadran, Ray Chappell, Dave Dodge and Walt Cygan. Coach Putman will take his squad to Westfield this Saturday QMay 285 to compete for Western Mass. track honors. Since the field-event men have cap- tured most of the honors for Turners, Coach Putman is relying upon them mostly. His dash men are Dave Dodge, Bill Sawin, Fran Rosewarne, Moo Riel, and Fran Welcome. In the "distances" Ray Chappell shines alone. In the field events, his eight-throwers are Capt. Larry Cadran, Dave Dodge, Don Lamour- eaux, Dennis Choleva, Gimme Naida and Walt Cygan. The jumpers are Walt Cygan, Larry Cadran, Dave Dodge and Nic Gralenski. Page Seventy seven 5 WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 "T" CLUB First Row - Mr. Graeber, F. Welcome, Krol, F. George, Samoriski, R. Nadeau, W. Burnham, D. Choleva, W. Sawin, D. Dodge, R. McClary, W. Naida, Mr. Putnam Second Row- L. Cadran, Emond, R. Litchfield, W. Carlisle, H. Mleczko, Shanahan, P. Vivier, K. Caouette, D. Wyman, A. Rastallis, R. Chappell, P. Casey, G. Riel, C. Watroba, D. Lamoureaux, J. Nadeau, D. Tooley, E. Kachinski, Donald Crouse Sitting- E. Milonas, W. Whiteman, R. Parenteau, E. Mullins, J. Viens, C. Kurtgis, A. Hous- man ATHLETIC MINDED What, you ask, is that humming in the halls? No, it isn't bees-it's the girls of T. F. H. S. It seems that more and more girls have become athletic minded --everybody wants to get into the act. As you will recall, there were many girls out on the very little field last year for the practice of Field Hockey. However, a good number of girls turned out for the practices, when the football team wasn't practicing, enough so we had a good-sized team. Even the basketball team seemed to swell into a new high this year. So many turned out for it that the team had to be cut down. We did, however, manage to get the gym twice a week for practice. As for the intramurals, I never before saw so many girls take part. Now that spring is here there has been the chattering of the eager girls playing soft ball. So you see, boys, that's the humming noise. Not only about softball, but where are we to play and when, as the boys are so busy with their events on the field. The gym is also filled with the pride of Turners-the tumbling team. The opposite sex seems to think that the athletic-minded girls will soon fade out. By this time they should know that when a woman's mind is made up nothing can change it. So boys, don't be too surprised if you see the T. F. girls playing new games in the near future--or when the field problems have been solved. Page Seventy eight WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Tow Row Standing- C. Bourdeau, C. Lyman, R. Graves, B. Gamaria, D. Porlier, C. Palmer, A. Dobias, S. Sopollec, U. Palmer, M. Kochinski, B. Jackson, M. Squires, B. Carignan, Mrs. Reidy, M. Malden Sitting-- C. Maclntyre, J. Vivier, M. Ouellette, F. Webber, J. Choleva, Couture, B. Early, J. Woodin, G. LaMountain The Girls' Basketball team was sparked this year not by points, losses or vic- tories, but by outstanding sportsmanship. The girls' spirit never faltered even though each game ended in a loss. They reported to practice each time with more spunk, and eagerness to learn and fight. Indeed, some of these games were pretty close and no excuses were made by any girl. The girls who didn't get a chance to play in the games showed sportsmanship by offering no comments to the coach. After many years we got new uniforms. They are blue with white stripes. To keep us looking smart some of the girls got together and ordered sneakers which were also blue and white. Page Seventy mne 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 TUMBLERS TUMBLERETTES Page Eighty WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 THE BASEBALL TEAM Top Row - H. Bialecki, F. Rosenwarne, W. Bialecki, J. Dale, D. Burke, E. Slate, D. Hurlburt, Mr. Graeber i b Middle Row-W. Naida, D. Choleva, E. Zewinski, G. Riel, M. Scaraceski, W. Burnham, J. Nadeau, R. Hogan Q Front Row - W. Sawin, A. Rastallis, F. Welcome, P. Vivier, H. Melecko, H. Mullins, W. Car- lisle, W. Whiteman Although we had little veteran material to start with, Coach Graeber man- aged to produce a scrappy baseball team. This year's team was composed mostly of sophomores and juniors competing for first team positions. Walter Carlisle, Edgar Mullins, Paul Vivier, Henry Mleczko, and Bill Whiteman, as manager, helped the Indian cause a great deal. After winning five exhibition games, the Indians started their regular sched- ule by thumping Athol 17-11. The Powertowners dropped their lirst Valley League game to their arch- rival Greenfield by a 12-5 score and then their second to Westfield by 10-7. Turners then lost a heartbreaker to Holyoke in the closing innings by an 8-6 score. Thus far, when we go to print, the Indians have shown fine spirit and are bound to finish with a good record. Page Eighty-one 'WE HOLD THE FUTURE", TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 We, the class of ,49 wish to extend our deepest appreciation and sincerest gratitude, to you, Our Advertisers, who, through your loyal support and eo-operation have inade this, our yearhook, possihle. Page Eighty-two Wh HOLD THE FUTURE TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 QUE? ADVVOSQTHSERS fig 125 .L PgEghtyh 4 WE HOLD THE FUTURE FURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTIZERS Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN F. MARTINEAU 8: SON GODIN STORES Dial 2012 A A T F ll T F11 Massachu tt Complimmtx of DELUXE BEAUTY SOLON Josephine Krol, Proprietor All Kinds of Beauty Culture Dial 65 I Turners Falls Massachusetts Page Eighty-four HOLD N S S IG C 0 49 A. M. GAMELI CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 1948-1949 - SENIORS xx J: :Ev Jer MONTAGUE CITY MASSACHUSETTS "WE HOLD THE FUTURE TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 ., More Power to the Class of 94 XJR wxss4f,1US L, I .X V, XJ, af ' " ' cONi'ANf TUDLS TAFE MILLERS FALLS HIGH QUALITY TOOLS That Are Used By DISCRIMINATING MECHANICS AND CRAFTSMEN THE WORLD OVER ' A Franklin County Product Sincef1868 MILLERS FALLS COMPANY GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS Page Eighty-six "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 L. A. KOHLER CO., INC. 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A TEL. 2184 TURNERS FALLS Complimenls ey ARCHITECTURAL STONE - COMPANY - 'YP fy - AL Turners Falls Massachusetts Page Eighty-seven "WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1949 BEST OF LUCK TO A THE CLASS OF 1949 ' from the KENDALL MILLS -Congratulations CLASS OF 1949 from the TOWN TAXI Third Street Turners Falls Dial 488 Massachusetts Complimenls fy' WILLIAMS' GARAGE Full Line of Accessories Rear Wheel Alignment Service Electric and Acetylele Welding Most Complete Up-to-date Equipment 147 Second Street Turners Falls Dial 8091 Massachusetts The Best of Luck to the Class of 1949 Compliment: of KU KLEWICZ'S MARKET For Daily Delivery Dial 427 Quality Meats and Groceries 106 Fourth Street Turners Falls Dial 427 Massachusetts J. A. 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GULOW 8: COMPANY Incorporated - HARDWARE - Mill and Electrical Supplies Dial 486 Turners Falls Massachusetts DRAGO'S FOR RADIOS CANDY - CIGARETTES Electrical Appliances Avenue A Turners Falls Dial 775 Massachusetts GOTTLIEB KOCH 8: SON ' -GROCERIES- Ajine line W' BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOODS - Try Them - Also S. S. Pierce Canned Goods 169 Avenue A BARRETT 8: BAKER SCHOOL SUPPLIES - BOOKS - Typewriters N- Sale.: and Service - 310 Main Street Greenfield Dial 4525 Massachusetts FOURNIER BROTHERS The Rexall Store COW lj the 10,000 from Coast io Coastj THE HOME OF CYNTHIA SWEETS Kemp's Fresh Crispy Assorted Nuts Hood's Quality Ice Cream For the Friendly Service Call on Clovis N. B. Fournier - Paul Fournier Proprietors Turners Falls Dial 387 Massachusetts Complimenlf of HB. P. S." 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Incorporated RITA'S Luncheonette PONTIAC - Your next car I'-d .l St r 'L em ree Turners Falls and Greenfield, Massachusetts Greenfield Massachusetts Dial Tvrners Falls 306 A Bite - A Lunch - or a Banquet FISKE and STRECKER Prescriptions TEA ROOM and RESTAURANT Clarence S. Strecker, Reg. Phar. .Quality Fond: For One Hundred Fifty-Six Years Pleasant Atmosphere t Tel. 5002 265 Main Street Greenfield Dial 6622 Massachusetts 353 Main Sf- Greenfield, M353- Phone 4305 W A I N S A L ' S YETTER - The Florist Ouamy Flowers Greenfield's Largest Furniture Store Sinrr 1907 226 Main Street Phone 3015 377 Main St. Greenfield Massachusetts MONTAGUE MACHINE COMPANY PAPER MILL MAcHlNEnY Maintenance Work for Neighborhood Mills TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS Page Ninety-seven IGH SCHOOL 1949 WE HOLD THE FUTURE" TURNERS FALLS H NEWTON'S CHEVROLET Dial 625 FRANKLIN COUNTY PRESS SALES AND SERVICE INCORPORATED Montague Massachusetts JAMES A. BARTLEY , PRINTING OF ALL KINDS General Merflzandzse Fountain Service Cigarettes and Candy 60 Avenue A Dial Greenfield 9303 Turners Falls Massachusetts Montague Massachusetts C A D E ' S FLOWER SHOP THE CROCKER W I gf ll f L' 'K WP f7"wm INSTITUTION Fon sAvlNc.s 54 Avenue A "The Bank with the Chimef' Turners Falls Dial 8551 Massachusetts Complitnenls Q' NEIPP BROTHERS W ' W Shoes - Rubbers Hosiery Turners Falls Massachusetts Turners Falls Massachusetts Page Ninety-eight Jll IHI PUTURIL IURNERS FXLLS HIGH SCHOOL 194 Naioqwfaha GOOD LUCK to Class of 1949 The Cafeteria Page Ninety-nin .er w 4 X-. 'SE . ., ,xlilyff-2, . . Y , , 'fl'- -4 ,V A -V,--, .V iff". ' ' ' 'Q ' ' z53ff.L-5 vs g- . fm 1? 'f i V .VV 45 . V . A f 3 V ,f' 'VV J, - V.-1-' , H .. g.. , 'E Q '11"V A ,.. I L f . f t ,561 f ' : , r -'a'.: :rd 7 .37 5, - .. 'Ff' ' Q ' ' " - "1 ' 'fl 'WE HULD .THE FUTURE" ' ' V .5 jjbi. - V ' - V - V TURNERS FALI.SfHIGl'l- , ,... Y - V VV V ' ' V ' ' YV 1 V. V ., .. -. .-. ...,, ,.-.., ..., -..N Q VV V V . A R . V . , .. V.. V, V fag? V-,. V' EXT.,-' V- 1 Q... ,- ' .. v .,v . . - . ' em 1 . , - . f . ,Q - 1' ' W E, A . J' "V my -1 , .V 1 . 'vii' 1 ' I 2 4 V., V V , r . . W m--- . ,VV V , . V j ..VVV A 1' A f v ' W - -. 5 W V Q55 V. I Egg. , . , . wif . - , ' Q' ' TFL' f ' . eff J . .gi MV' . n 'V f re ' , nfl?" lr JIT' .' A' iff,-, VT-1V I 1 . !gT.f1V- F371 . MA . Fvlml V f ' ., , 'f' . V. we V E226 ifffvl-A fi! , icflgf .V -V4 . if- Q5 H H51 - il.: A ' 753, f ,V . X 'E : 5 f ' ?4"i 1. - ' l .gy 'H ,z .- Ffa. we-"aa"-"""""' M' '- U' ' A" "" ' " X "- 'A . .,'A44V. f K :if I Q V if rr ' . K f" V'i." VT 1 'i' 1i4Jf4V ec ' V, , B K fig- Q. , . .A fi.. ' ,. A 551 ' , . V ,fy V . V ., gi5,f-Vw V .. gf., V '3,gV', VV "V SV ' e3'i.T3,' ' " .a,A 'i ' Q-. . ' , 'ai ' - S ' V m. ' . 1 H ' , V. ' - 'Li-:xx-,':w,, .Y 'i , ' H I I TVA V: V, E A 1 I I-VV I' ' I" .. V 599' V., 5 VM l. VV I V V 1 V 1 ua-nan-nnxn4:f,.n-we-,V-'.Vm.1 v -xx . V .Bags V ' V' V -V ' 'VV 5 5 f,g.V.., Viiffiw.-R V Q V 1 ,V " -if:--E-" . f. L .f"VwT3e, ,ffzwmr , V ' ,g'ayiqV2" 54 W ' ' I 'if 2 f ' S1 V- v V . V . V V 'i'Q.Qf- -V 4.1 V A VV - 4 V .gs H Qu' . . 1 V, V . V V V., A . V V V V, Q V 1 fe V , .w?,.f.VV- VV AV V VV V VV A 7 , 47 V V VV.. V., . WA V. V .V J, , N V V V V V , JV V, Ry , , .-MK' L, .' :V,, "V , ' in V, if - ' .. . .' Y' ' .51 V ' -' ,. k ,. V , .K w f ' 4.5551 - -V-My-V V V- .V V:f4a1S..z' ff ffm V .ng ff V gf... ,.,, -qi, af: 1 I I A if 'A E

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