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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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-a-,- 5-" ' -.:-V. -+--lr' " ' - f ' , 3 M v 1- 4' r-.. " R x W' 5 ' 1 s ff .f Q , 1' K F! A, A 321 '55 S I-32 , .- -1: 1, fl 1.1! . "ju .Q 1 'fi 4, ' :AZ ff ' 1 , 1 . H. Q, k, . ! T2 T , W , - ' 3 ' -Z ag 2 1. 5' ' - , V4 ' - f . 4 .- ' 5 f gs ,' F 5. I, if ,. , ,X A fy - H . l A. E, 35 f - A 31 A A Egg -f ,, 4 , .. ' N ng. - . Q ik, 'P b . K f"'1iQfy' - .J ' I A " ' ' vf4g,5j- V Q ' g . , - ' A- . ' 'sf -..- -1.1: 1 . 9' 5 E 3 1 3 2 E 5 3 ! S ,. E 5 i 1 i 5 1 i V2 5 , 4 Q ? 2 s T 5 i S 3 2 5 4 Q 2 A 1 4 3 2 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 3 2 3 1 1 E E E Q 3 3 1943 1 QYHT Bunk B A RS E W '52 f' SN xx e, -1 A? ff W W 5 af ,lt 6 ' M 4 0Zi4 SJ s U High Svrlguul W Glurnvra Halls, illiammrhunettn "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FIXLLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Ileaigneul and Pnnled by The BROWN Printing Co., Inc. Prinling und Ojfkzl Lithography A 41-45 BANK ROW TEL. 4544 GREENFIELD, MASS. FfffifvCf!-Wh00l,!i2'!!fiiQ?'f Page Two "KNOWLl-IIJGE IS THE KEY 'I'O SUCCESS" 'VURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Editorial Staff fidilor-ill-z'l1iej'f slcssicu Hyluml Business Jlzmagers HQ-rln-1't Escoll, livrwin Slum Arlists - Muriel May, ixllllltjllj' Wzlsiluski 1"ru'ult'v Advisor Miss Wclcmm- ,Xy or Astlliff Mary .Icnks Muriel May a 'lxhUIIlilS Lown- Hclcn Sujlm Marion liaumm I' A AA . Q gy ' W .H 4 , x 1 New E Paul Mathieu L V XP SAS ' . Arthur Ncipp Q, l IA' .4 N ' Plz ll' -""' ' - ' ' ' .N ornm ll L b Kcrwin Slulz X Grzncu l'uulu11- Q X bqlq 'N Joan-ph G1115 I'L'Ii 1iL'l'bL'l'l' liscul l. Alfrcd Vw.-rrii-1' A Claire Kuuiuski Ruymoml Iim'LlclL n Mary Lou Busgcu LUl'L5Llil Bouuetlc Flower-Rose lilllllL'1'illC Greene Dorothy Kuklcwicz Alltllljlly Win-silcski M otto--Knowledge Is The Key To Succves Elizabeth Plcasunl Slillllkfj Sl1li3.l"UWSki Page Three UKNOVVLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 MISS ALICE TEED Page Four KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Dedication For excellent guidance and worthwhile rulviceg For time nnseMshly given to ns: For making days bright with your cheering smile: For filling classes with thrilling rnornents, For teaching us life and life's flranmtics: For showing us how best to live- We, the class of 1048, thank you, Bliss A lice Teezl. Page Five "KNOXN'I.liDGl-I IS 'l'Hli KICY 'IU SI'CC'liSS" 'ITRNIZRS F.Xl,I.S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 SITPICRIN'l'liNDI-INT .XR'I'Hl'R li. IRVRKIC For ilu' 'zvixf .v11fJ1'rr'1'.w'nr1 rim! 1101107711710 exrlnlpfrf 'vnu luzw lI17l'll-VS g1'W11 us, Fife, ffm ffluxx Qf 1048, wish fo exfvrexs our .Y1'7lI'P7'P II fDfJ7Pl'7.IIf1'07'I fo yon. Szzfuerinlfmlenl A rllzur Ii. Burfee. W0 xlmll long rffmember your kind 7Hlffl'7'SfII77ff7'1'l,Q ami ll7lP7lffZ'1l.Qf7'I'P7Ill.Yfl'Z'fJ .S'lll7'7i'll flzrnnvglz ull llmw' lwflw Avmrx vwfrvr xpfnf in xrlmnl. Page Six KNOWLEDGF-I IS THE KEY 'I 'U SUCCESS" 'VURNI-IRS F.XLI.S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 PRINVIPAI, GICURCIIC I". XYRIGlI'I'SON We, file 1Il6Hl!267'S Qf llle Cluxx Qf '48 W ixh fn Pxleml our zleepesl gmfilzule 117111, 1lfJfJfHI"I'lIff0H To yon, Hr. M',f1fghf50?1, For fhe lime and energy lluzf you .vo willingly fleffolerl To Sl'flI'f'I'7lAQ ns tfff01'fl'7'f?l.V on lim II1.-Qll7UIl,V Qf life. Page Seven 'KNOWIJSIJGIC IS THE KEY 'IU SITCCICSSU TITRXICRS I"AXI,I.S HIGH SCHOOL 10-IS 1 f K N199 H NTIS!-i VIA RK IVP, lho firms of '31, wish In 0.vjnre.vs our rlnffnfsl appreciation to you, ,Miss Clark, For lhe kind and umlerslanding way you have grliflwl 11x through High School: Von have given mzseZ7?sl1Zy of your time ami mforxqlv in 115 'wheriewer 'we were in nofzl. Alrro 'morris rarmol o.vfJre.v.v who! wafer! fovrvnvl mn, ll lrnllv vwmflorfrrl f7'7.l'HIl1. Page Eight KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Roll Call KENNETH RICHARD LITTLE "Bunny" Keen Reliable Lillie Bunny has been president of the class for three years. He has played football and track for four years. He tried basketball for one year and played in intra- murals the next three. He played baseball for three years and has been a member of the Glee Club for three years. Bunny was in the senior play until be htlrt his leg in praetiee. He is a member of the 'I' and Latin Clubs and he was ehosen by the sehool to be a senator at good government day in Boston. liunny has also ushered at junior prize speaking and the Christmas reeital. College or Navy DONALD HARRY CIRARD "Donny" Dynamis Happy Genuine llonny, our viee president, was one ol' our talented musieians who played in the band, orchestra, and Swingsters for four years. He also belonged to the Boys' Glee Club for three years. He was a member of the Cchow houndl rather Cafeteria stall' for four years as well as the Latin and Art Clubs for four years. He played intramural basketball for four years and was an usher at junior Prom and other soeials. He showed his talent for acting by playing the diftienlt role of "Raiinund Brown" a feneer, in the senior play "Stardust." Navy or College AUDREY JEAN WEBSTER "Web" .-Imbiiinux .lmfial Willy Web was eertainly kept busy during her stay here. Besides being elass see' retary for three years she belonged to the Girls' Glee Club and Community Serviee Club for two years and the Freneh, Latin, and Sophomore Sport Clubs for one year each. Audrey belonged to the Commercial Club also and could be seen laboring ponderously as Mr. VVelch's secretary. She was play chairman for the Armistice Day play, "The Valiant." Web was originally in the senior play east when due to illness she had to give it up but then she returned in time to usher on opening night. In between times Audrey found time to play in the band and as a senior gave her energy as one of our loyal cheer leaders. Salem Teachers' College ' PATRICIA ANNE LYMAN "Pat" Pmisewnrlhy .flthlelic Likable ' l'at was a very versatile student participating in many activities. She was an etlieient elass treasurer and an ofliee worker. lfat belonged to the basket- ball team, tumblmg squad, Netop stall and the Latin and Spanish elubs. She Y took part in prize speakmgg ushered at the junior Prom and was a member of the senior play make-up committee. Nursing School at Cooley Dickinson Hospital PAUL WILLIAM MATHIEU "Pauly" Polite Willing Merry Pauly, our historian, has been on the Netop stall for three years. He is also quite an actor, for he was alternate for junior prize speaking and played "the Warden" in "The Valiant." He has done much work backstage at. all the plays. He was also in the Latin Club for three years and French Club for two years. Undecided . i Page Nine "KNOWl.l-IDG!-I IS 'l'Hl-I KEY ',l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 AGNES MARIE BANE "Peachy" .fl miable tlferry Bright' Peachy began her activities as a freshman in the Home lieonomies Club- ller musical ability has been proved in the band for four years, Glee Club for three years, and the Swingsters for two years. The Community Service Club, Spanish, Art and Commercial Clubs have taken much of her time. Having served as business manager and usher for junior prize speaking, and stage manager for our senior play, Agues is not without dramatic ability herself, for she has held roles in the Christmas plays in the sophomore and senior years and also played Miss Freeman in "Stardust," The decorating committee for the junior Prom and sophomore social claimed her attention. Her athletic' talent has been displayed in the tuntblers for three years and her secretarial ability as Mr. VVeiner's secretary for this year. Despite her busy schedule, "Peachy" has maintained a high standard as l'ro Merito. Secretarial School DONALD JOSEPH BARON "Don" Delumrzir Jnrulrtr Hlilhe lion hasn't had mueh time for activities at sehool because his utusie has kept hun pretty busy. XVL-'ll never forget "Ht Ho laverybody, Ht Ho." lle dtd, however, find time to be tn the .Xrt Club for one year. Continue with his music RAYMOND ALPIIONSO BARTLET'l' "Clem" Rugged .llllttmilttrrmx lirighl Holding up his end of the job in being a graduate of '48, is Clem llartlett. .X member of the football and basketball teams for four years, he was also iu baseball for three. He went out for track in his senior year and won the shot- put. He was an usher at the sophomore social, and was a member of the Spanish Club for one year, and of the Latin Club for two, Cletn says he wants to attend the "W'oreester Polytechnic Institute of Mechanical lingineeringf' Engineer MARY LOUISE BASSETT "Lou" M ixtth iewmx I. flea ble lieu ultlful Mary Lou was a busy girl, belonging to the Girls' Glee Cltlb four years and the Community Serviee Club four years. She was llrum Majorette of the band her senior year, and a twirler her sophomore and junior years. Lou ushered at the freshman hop, sophomore social and senior play. She demonstrated her acting and speaking ability in junior prize speaking and "Happy journey." In her freshman year she belonged to the Home Economies Club. 'l'here's just no stoppin' this gal. .Xs a junior she was on the entertainment committee for the Cabaret and as a senior she served on the refreshment Committee. Lou was one of those busy assistant stage-managers for the senior play. She was one of those ambitious O.G.'s who followed Miss 'l'eed around on Sundays and also a member of the year book staff. Laboratory Technician ROBERT JAMES BASSETT "Bull" Rnugh Jumbo Big-hearted Robert is one of the most active students in the high school. He was thc vice- president of the Latin Club his junior year and eo-captain of the football team his senior year. He played basketball, baseball and was on the track team and also took part, in the Boys' Glee Club. Among other things he ushered at the junior Prom, and was on the decorating committee at the sophomore social. He was the youngest: starter in the Turkey Day Classic and was a member of the 'l' Club. Michigan University Physical Director Page Ten "l NOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 ETHEL MAY BELL "Butch" Energetic Jvlirthjitl Blushing Ethel is a lass who'd be the pride and joy of any Class. She joined us in our junior year, and thus missed out on many of our Class aetivities. However, she soon beeame a member ol' the Community Serviee Club, and served on the senior nominating committee. We will always remember "Butch" for the grand job she did as Mavis Moriarity in "Stardust" Her pleasing personality has lent us all many a pleasurable moment. Fashion Designing LAURETTA MAY BONNETTE "Pee Wee" l.mw1 ble Merry Bon ny l'ee Wee was a forward on the girls' basketball team lor four years and was captain in her senior year. She played in intramurals and was one of our exeellent tumblers for four years also. She ushered at junior Prom and at senior play along with planning refreshments and deeorating for other soeials. She was also one of our busy stenographers who was secretary of the Freneh and Commereial Clubs to which she belonged for three years. Pee VVee was also seeretary to lVlr. Galvin and did a great deal of stenographic work for lVlr. Burke. ln her sophomore year she played the role ot "Kitty" in "Bird's Christmas Carol" and took the part ol Caroline in "The Happy journey" her senior year. Besides all this she is l'ro Merito. Northampton Commercial ROBERT ARTHUR BOURBEAU "Borh" Robust A nriable Brixk Borb has showed his athletic' ability by being on the football team bis lirst two years ot high sehool and by playing intramural basketball. Navy PAUL RAYMOND BOURDEAU "Pauly" Peareful Ready Believable Paul was eaptain of the track team in his fourth year, running hard eaeh time. He played four years of baseball, basketball and was eo-captain for the last in his senior year. He also played two years of football. Pauly was active in elubs, too. He is a l'ro-Merito, as a member for three years, he was viee- president in his junior year and president in his senior year ot' "La Cerele Francais." He was a member ot' the Latin Club and three years in the 'l' Club. He took part in "The Bird's Christmas Carol" and "Happy journey," doing a line job in both. Coach at U. M. ELVIN GEORGE BRAMAN "Bozo" Enthusiastic Good-natured Benign Bozo played intra-mural basketball for two years. and belonged to the track team. He was a very etheient stage manager in the senior play and ushered at the freshman hop. Northeastern University Page Eleven "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 EUGENE MARION BRANTNER "Gene" Entertaining Mischiezfous Brisk Gene has a list of activities as long as your arm. He played freshman foot- ball, intra-mural basketball and baseball for two years. He ushered at the junior Prom and was in the Glee Club. During his junior year he won first place in junior prize speaking with his excellent interpretation of "Abie's Irish Rose." He has acted in several one act plays and played the part of Phil Ford in the senior play. Northampton Commercial College RAYMOND STANLEY BROZ0 "Ray" Reliable Sincere Busy Ray spent most of his extra time in the musical organizations of the school. He played his trombone in the band, Swingsters and orchestra all four yearr. However, between rehearsals he took part in intramurals for three years. Ray ushered at the sophomore social and helped decorate at the cabaret. Navy or Marines LUCILLE MARIE BRULE "Lucy" Lovable Jllodext Blithe - Lucy was a member of the Girls' Glee Club for four years and a member of the Commercial Club for two years. A lover of the out-of-doors, she was active, in her sophomore year, in the Sophomore Sports Club and, in her senior year, in Miss Teed's Senior Outdoor Girls. She has also been a member of the Home Economics Group and the Community Service Club. In her senior year, Lucy ushered and was on the costume committee of the production staff for the senior play. Telephone Operator LEONARD JOSEPH CADRAN, Jr. "Len" Llkeable folly Carefree Len was in the Glee Club for four years. He was on the football team for four years, and track two years. He was a member of the T Club for two years. In his sophomore year, Len was assistant manager of the baseball team. He ushered at the junior Prom and was a waiter at the Cabaret his sophomore and junior years. Len did some hne acting as the father in "Charity Ball." He also brought on many laughs as Jerry Flanagan in the senior play, and was an alternate in junior prize speaking. He played intramurals for four years, and was in the band for two years. Navy SHIRLEY THERESA CARE "Shirl" Sweet Tolerant Cheerful Shirl was an active member of the Home Economics Club in her freshman year and served at the football banquet. She belonged to the Spanish and Community Service Clubs for two years. Shirl ushered at the variety show, senior play and the junior Prom. She was elected treasurer of the Commercial Club in her senior year and was also Miss Reum's devoted secretary. Secretarial Work Page Twelve KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 I NORMA JOAN CARIGNAN "Mimi" Nimble Joculur Cooperative Mimi was a member of the Home Economics Club and the Sophomore Sports Club for one year. She sold tickets at our games and was a member of the O.G.'s, Community Service Club for three years and the Commercial Club for two years. She ushered at the freshman dance, and served at the sophomore social. Mimi was property manager for the senior play and ushered. Mimi did some wonderful work for the Art Club beiugon almost all the com- mittees and doing' each job to the best of her ability. Typist MARIE ETHEL COBURN "M'ry" .llerry Exciling Cheerful Our M'ry was the class's talented artist and spent a good deal of time and look advantage of every opportunity to develop her talent. She was one of our peppy cheer leaders for three years and was also in the Community Service Club for three years. She showed her perpetual energy by being a tumbler for two years and a fast charging guard for one. She was also in the Art, Com- mercial and French Clubs for two years. Our M'ry also did a grand job on the costume committee for senior play. She was Mr. Vinten's secretary as well. Nursing RAYMOND THOMAS COLLINS "Mixie" Rugged Temperamental Comdncjng Mixie was chosen president of the Boys' Cvlee Club his senior year. He played football for three years and basketball for one year, is a member of the l and the Spanish Clubs. He was one of the Checkers at our junior Prom. Navy GRACE PAULINE COUTURE "Con teh" Graceful Pretty Charming Grace has been a very busy girl during her four years of high school, being in the Latin Club for four years, French Club for three years, Sophomore Sports Club, and the Conununity Service Club for three years. She has blended her voice with the Glee Club for three years, and has been a member of the Art Club for two years. Grace was an alternate for junior prize speaking, in addi' tion to being business manager. She ushered at the Prom, and served on the decorating committee for the sophomore social and Prom. During her junior year she was stage manager for the production, "Blackout," and in her senior year took the part of Aunt Mary in the play, "Charity Ball." Grace played the part of Stella Brahms in senior play and was on the yearbook staff. Inciden- tally, Grace isa Pro Merito, too. She was an O.G., also. New Jersey College for Women CHARLES CARROLL CRAVEN "Speed" Calm Courleuux Caulioux Charlie played football for one year and tried his hand at basketball in his senior year. He was a. checker at our freshman hop. He played baseball for one year and intramural basketball for two years. Navy I age Thirleen "KNOWl,l'llDGIi IS 'l'IIli KIQY 'VO SIICCICSSH 'IXURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL I0-I8 RICHARD THOMAS CRONIN "Dick" Reserved Terrljic Courleuus Dick was in the Latin Club two years, the Spanish Club for one year and played intramural basketball for three years. He was an usher at the freshman hop, a checker at the junior Prom and assistant stage manager for the senior play. Further education YOLANDA DOROTHY CZARNECKI "Lundy" Young Del'z'ghU'ul Carefree Lundy was a member of the Spanish Club for three yeals and a member of the Latin Club for three years also. In her sophomore year she was on the decorating committee for the sophomore social. In her junior and senior years Londy was on the decorating committee and ushered at the junior Prom and was a make-up artist for the senior play. She was an active member of both the Sophomore Sports Club and the Senior Outdoor Girls. Nurse MARION ROSE DAMON "Maimi" Merry Ready De!ighU'ul Marion has been active in musical organizations as she was in the band for four years, orchestra three years, and "Swingsters" two years. Maimi, a Pro Merito also was Editor-in-Chief of the Netop. She ushered at the freshman hop and was on the refreshment committee for the sophomore social. Marion was a member of the Latin Club for four years, and the French Club for three years, and one of the honor essayists at Commencement. Missionary NORMAN ARTHUR DESAUTELS "Des" Nice Amiable Dynamic Iles was on the football team for four years and participated in track for two years with four years on intramural basketball. He was in the Glce Club for two years and in the Latin Club for two years. He was a member of the Boys' tumbling team and is a member of the 'I' Club. Des was a member of the vast of the senior play. Butcher JOSEPH GLEMENT CONRAD DION "Joe-beans" .ltruiel Cansoienliuus Cunxideralc Dynamic Four letter man joe, has been a member of the football, basketball, base- ball teams for four years. He has been in track for two. Joe has been a member of the French Club, and of the Boys' Glee Club for one year. He was an usher at' the sophomore social and a member of the T Club. As could bc guessed front his very fine record in school, joe wants to play sports after he leaves. Undecided Page Fourteen HRNOWLEIJGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 CHRISTINE FRANCES DUDA "Chris" Cheerful Hzithjlll Dependable Chris was another one of our busy members. She belonged to the Home Economic, Conununity Service, Sophomore Sports and O.G.'s Clubs. Chris warblcd in the Girl's Glee Club for tour years and was a tumbler and on the drill team for two years each. She was secretary of the Commercial Club and viec-president of the Spanish Club, holding both othces during her junior year. Chris was manager of the girls' basketball team and ushered at prize speak- ing and senior play. An alternate for prize speaking and business manager for senior play, Christine also took part in the Armistice Day play, "The Valiant" and was a typist for the Netop. She was also on the othce force. And with all these outside activities she still managed to become Pro Meritzo. Secretary ALICE RITA ENGLEHARD "Al" .blmiuble Reliable Energelic .Xl was in the Glee Club four years, the Community Service Club three years, the Spanish and Commercial Clubs two years and the Home Economics, Art Clubs and the O.G's. She was a cheer leader, one of the student secretaries, and our representative at Cirl's State. She was an alternate for junior prize speaking, chairman of the Columbus Day play her senior year, and assistant coach for the senior play. She was Pro Merito, and one of the honor essayists at Commencement. Secretary MARILOU ENGLEHARDT "Lou', Qllugnelif' Energetic Our Lou was a very busy girl during her four years of high school. She used up some of that energy playing basketball for one year. Lou sang many a tune- fnl note in the Girls' Cvlee Club for four years. She was in the Spanish Club two years, the Commercial Club and those ambitious O.G's. Lou ushered at the junior Prom and other dances, and was a high stepping twirler for the high school band for two years. Everyone knows that smile. tFrom Everett to Adamsj Our Lou was an actress too, if you have seen her as a nurse in a one act play, or as the unforgettable Janet. Ross in the senior play, you'll under- stand just what we mean. Lou was also on the office force for two years, that explains the hustling. Hairdresser HERBERT HARRY ESCO'l"l' "Herbie" Hamlsume Helpful Enthus1'a.vll'r Herbie has been active in all the branches of our school. He has been at member of the football, baseball and basketball teams for four years. He has appeared in two plays: "Blackout" and "The Valiant." He was also an alter- nate in prize speaking. He was a two year member of the Latin Club, and treasurer of the Spanish Club. He has ushered at the freshman hop, was on the dance committee for the junior Prom and on the decorating committee for the sophomore social. Herb was also the Boys' State Representative to the University of Massachusetts. For the future Herb has an eye on a course of Electrical Engineering, at Rensselaer in Troy, New York. Rensselaer THEODORE A. FARWELL ' 'Ted ' ' Tactful .lIlIIIl.fIi0ltS Friendly 'fed was a valuable cog on Mr. l'utnam's track team for three.years. He was a member of the band for four years, Swingsters and orchestra tor three years. Ted proved his ability as an actor as Earny in the Columbus Day play and by doing a swell jobhin the Christmas play. He ushered at the junior Prom. Ted established the tirst 'l'urners Falls High School ski team, which competed in the Interscholastic Ski Meet this year. Ted competed while in his sophomore year and proved his ability as a skier, but we knew he could do it. Forestry School 1 l t t t Page Fyleen "KNOWLEDGE lS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 .,,. .. D..--1-.. . --- ..... ,Y.... .. -.,..-, 4 . DONALD ERNEST FUGERE "Fudge" Fudge, between soda jerking at Fournier's and school, was basketball man- ager for two years and played baseball his freshman and senior years. He belonged to the French Club for three years and ushered at the sophomore social and Junior Prom. Fudge also took part in intramurals for three years. Work ' VERNON ALEXANDER GILLETT, Jr. "Crusher" Venturesnrne Arniable Cond-.Valurezl junior has been in the Boys' Cvlee Club for two years as well as the Aero- nautics Club. He played football in his sophomore year and helped check coats at the junior Prom. One year he played his Hawaiian guitar at the varieties and he also was on the entertainment committee for -the cabaret. junior played a pretty good game of basketball every year during intramurals. Dental Technician JOSEPH FRANK GMYREK D "Joe" J ovial Fairminded Good-natured joe was outstanding in draniatics appearing in three assembly plays and giving a delightful performance of "lVlr. Bach" in the senior play. He was a member of the Latin, Spanish, and Glce Clubs. joe won second prize in junior lirize Speaking and he also ushered at the Junior Prom. Cornell University LEONA MAY GOODRICH "Cookie" Lovely Mischievous Gay Leona, another member from Greenfield, has been a member of the Girls' Glee Club for two years and a member of the French Club for two years. In her senior year, she was an assistant stage manager for the production of the senior play. Leona ushered at the junior Prom and was an active member of the Community Service Club for two years. Beautician KATHRYN MARGARET GREENE "Kay" Kind Merry Gracious Kay was one of our more athletic class members. In school she played on the girls' basketball team for three years and was one of our snappy twirlers for two years stepping up to the rank of lieutenant as a senior. She belonged to the Latin and Community Service Clubs for two years and was a member of the very efhcient oliice staff. She had a hand in decorating for our junior l'rom and the cabaret and was an usher at prize speaking. Kay also had lun administering grease paint at the senior play. Train at Cooley Dickinson Page Sixteen KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 EUGENE JOHN GULO "Sonny" Efficient Jolly Generoux liu 'ene is at very musical minded boy. He has played in the band, orchestra, and the Swingsters for the past four years. He was also a member of the Boys' Glee Club. He has served on various dance committees. Navy School of Music SHIRLEY THERESA HEBERT "Shirl" Shy Talented Happy Shirl belonged to the Commercial Club two years, and the Home Economics Club for one year. She showed her artistic talent by a four year membership in the Art Club and her work on the decorating committee for the Junior Prom. She ushered for the senior play. Shirl has been a busy secretary to Miss Crean and Miss Des Ormeaux. Hairdresser JESSICA IIYLAND "Jacks" J acund H ustllng jacks was a member of the Glee Club for four years, French Club two years: Art Club two years, Community Service Club three years, and was elected president of the Latin Club her senior year. She served on the Prom decorat- ing committee and ushered at the sophomore social and freshman hop. jacks won second prize in our junior prize speaking contest and played the female lead in "Stardust." She also took part in a Columbus Day presentation en- titled, "Charity Ball." She was a member of the senior O.G's. In addition to being a member of the Netop and yearbook staffs, she is a Pro Merito. Emerson College DOROTHY EILEEN JACOBUS "Dot" Delightful Exhilafating Jaunty Dot is a veritable live-wire. She was a member of the Home Economics' Sophomore Sports, Community Service and Commercial Clubs. She sang in the Glee Club for four years, layed basketball two years and ushered at the sophomore social. This year siie was a member of the make-up committee for the senior play. Secretary TIIERESA LAURA JARRY "T, J." Terrific Lively Jaunty ' 'l'. J. is one of our commercial girls who hails from Millers Falls. She was in the Home Economics Club her freshman year, the Glee Club for two years and also the Commercial and French Clubs. Besides all this T. j. was Miss Porter's secretary this year. She ushered at a couple of school affairs and was on the entertainment committee for the cabaret last year. Work i l i r r I I i i ,S i X .t tt? . li .32 i Page Seventeen "KNOWl.l-llltjli IS 'I'Hl-I KEY 'I'O SUCCESS" 'l'URNliRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 MARY LOLA JENKS "Amber" Mild Llkable .luxf Mary has been in the Connnercial Club for two years, the Community Service Club one year. She served on decorating committee for the junior Prom, refreshment committee for the sophomore social, and as usher for Class Day and Graduation last year. Mary became office girl for Mr. l'erl-:ins in her junior year. She has displayed her writing talent on the Netop and yearbook stalls. Work CHESTER JOSEPH KABANIEC "'l'eter" Careful Jnrulrlr K1'ncl-heurlell 'l'eter played intramural basketball with the Yets. He entered service with the Seabees October l3, 1944 and was discharged May 24, 1946. "'l'eter" resumed his studies as a junior. Business College DOROTHY ANN KUKLEWICZ "Dody" Daring .flrlizte Kiml llody. a very prominent member of our class, was a charging guard on the girls' basketball team for two years. She belonged to the Home Economics, VVar Service, and Commercial Clubs, as well as the Spanish Club for which she was secretary in her junior year. She ushered at junior prize speaking and senior play. llody showed her energy by trudging along with the Sophomore Sports Club and the senior O.G's. Along with cheerleading in her senior year she did a grand job of selling tickets and arranging properties for senior play. She belonged to the yearbook stall, to which tnost ol her extra time was de- voted. Nurse CLAIRE THERESA KUNINSKI "Cookie" Cheerful Y 'uclful Kind Claire has been a very busy girl her four years, singing in the Glee Club for lour years, was a member of the Commercial Club for two years, being l'resi- dent of it her senior year, and a member of Community Service Club for two years. She was also one ol those energetic senior Outdoor Girls. During her freshman and sophomore years she was on the drill team. She ushered at the sophomore social and senior play and was on the decorating committee lor the jnnior Prom. She was one of the property managers for the senior play and was the stage manager of a play her sophomore year. She was one of those busy girls on the yearbook stall and was the efficient secretary of M r. Foley as well' Secretary JEAN THERESA LaCHAPELLE "Bodey" .lmiial Tfmitl Loyal liodey was another member of the Home Economics club her freshman year. She was a member of the Commercial and Comnmnity Service clubs and spent some of her spare time in the Sophomore Sports Club and O.G.'s. She ushered at the sophomore social and junior prize speaking. .Xlso Bodey was one of the girls on the make-up committee for the senior play. Nursing Page Eighteen KNOWLEDGE IS '1'HE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 ROBERT JACK LAPIDUS "Bob" Rnllicking Jofund Lively Our Hob was a pretty busy fellow during his high school years, but he found -time to share a wealth of might with the football squad for four years. Hob played freshman basketball and proved to be a valuable player when intra- murals time came 'round. Everyone knows Bob for his quiet smile and easy manner. This package of dynamite of the class of '48 is also a recipient of the T. Travel RICHARD ARLEN LEMAIRE "Dick" Roaming Aciive Lankey , 'l'all, curley-haired Dick, has been a cheer leader for two years, and one of the foremost first tenors in the Boys' Glee Club for three. He has been a stand- ing member of the Latin Club: a member of the Netop staff for one year: and was on the decorating committee for the junior Prom. He was also an usher, and chairman of the cleangup committee for the same dance. He did a very nice job of handling one of the leading roles in our senior play. His plans for the future are to attend "The Leland Powers School of Theater Dramatics and Radio Announcing," in Boston. Dramatics DONALD JOHN LeMOlNE "Don" Dependable Joyjiil Liberal Donald was on the varsity football team his senior year. He played as a guard on the team. He was on the basketball, baseball, and track teams through his high school career. Don was in the Boys' Glee Club, ushered at the junior Prom, and was stage manager at the senior play. He was also a member of the 'I' Club. Boston College-Y-Athletic Director WILLIAM ARTHUR LETOURNEAU "Bill" Willing Ambitious lazgitzal Bill entered the Navy March 9, 1944 and was discharged May 20, 1946. He took part in junior prize speaking and did a wonderful job in a short play. Bill is well-known at school for his easy manner. Engineering SHIRLEY BERTHA LOWE "Shirl" Sober Buxliful Likeuble Shirl's spare time has been taken up by work, but nevertheless, she gave up enough time to become a member of the Home Economics Club her freshman year, a member of the Commercial Club for two years, and the French Club for three years. She has been one of the Netop secretaries this year. Secretary X i l r Page Nineteen 'IQNOWLEDCIC IS 'l'Hli KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 THOMAS CHARLES LOWE "Boy" Thoughtful Cheerful Loquacious lioy belonged to the French Club for three years as well as to the Latin Club. He was on the tiel-:et commit tee for the senior play, and helped out back-stage. He was on the decorating committee for the freshman hop and the junior Prom. Boy also took part in the intramurals every year. He is on the year-book staff. Although he worked outside of school, he found time to be l'ro Merito. Doctor ROBERT EARL MaclNTYRE "Mac" Ruguish Eager .lli.rrlziez'nux Mae, as everyone knows, was a pretty handy fellow to have around. .Kny- thing Mae tries, we know he's doing his best. He was a member of the Latin Club for two years and warbled in the Boys' Glee Club for two years. Mat' was a valuable package of 'lf N. 'lf on the football held for four years, and Cer- tainly proved his skill out in center held during baseball season. Intramurals time found Mat' scoring honors for his home-room team. Fair day Came 'round and so did Mae, to Chalk up more victories for .Xlma Mater. All this and more, for our Mat' is also a recipient of the 'l'. University of Massff Chemical Engineering CHARLES PERCY MADDERN "Charlie" Cheerful Pol ite .lladesf Charlie was a quiet boy in high school, but a friend of everybody. He was on the football team his freshman year and has ushered at the junior Prom. He also has played intramural basketball for four years. University of Massachusetts TIIERESE -EILEEN MANN "'l'weese" Tulkatiite Energetir .llerry Tweese has done mueh in high school. She was in the band three years, in the Latin and Commercial Clubs two years, and she played basketball two years. She was in the Art Club one year and in the Glee Club four, being li- brarian her senior year. 'l'weese ushered at junior prize speaking and the senior-freshman dance while the junior l'rom found her on the deeorating eommittee. XYe'll Iltlt forget the swell job she did as Dean of XVomen in the senior play. Secretarial Work SHIRLEY JEAN MARLOWE "Shirl" Shy Jolly .llulchless Shirl was a member of the Glee Club for four years, Commtmity Service for two years, Spanish Club two years and Home Economies Club. She was treasurer in her junior year and vice-president in her senior year of the Coln- mereial Club. You may have seen Shirl sirutting around as she was a twirler for one year. She ushered at the junior Prom. Shirl was a member of the senior play east and took part in "The Bird's Christmas Carol" and "A Child is Born" and also was chairman of the Armistice Day play. Hairdresser Page Twenty "KNOWLEDGE IS Tl-IE KEY TO SUCCESS" 'ITRNIQRS l",Xl.l.S HIGH SCIIUOI, 1948 MURIEI, ELIZABETH MAY "Moo" Mirlhful Easy-going Magnelir Our Moo sang in the Girls' Glee Club for four whole years. She was an active member of the French Club, being secretary her junior year: and was in the Latin Club for three years. She proved her artistic abilities when the Art Club claimed her lor two years. She was on both the Netop and yearbook stalls, and showed her undying energy by trudging along with the Sophomore Sports Club and the senior O. G's. Moo ushered at prize speakingg served on various dance committees and was business manager and makeup artist for the senior play. She came through with flying colors in the Legion oratorical contest' in her junior year, and claimed third prize. She was chosen DAR Pilgrim of the class. Besides all this, Moo was a Pro lVlerito. Bridgewater Teacher's College! ' CONSTANCE ELIZABETH MCCLARY "Connie" Capable Efficient Mngnifrenl Connie was a member of the Glee Club for four years, Latin Club for three years, French Club for three years, Art Club for three years, and the Com- munity Service Club for three years. She served on the decorating committee for the sophomore social and the freshman hop, and was chairman of the Prom decorating committee. She ushered at the 1947 Class Day and Graduation exercises, and was a member of the O. G.'s. Connie was one of Miss 'l'eed's able assistants for senior play, in addition to taking part in "Blackout" an Armistice Day play. To top all of these activities, Connie is a member of the Pro Merito Society. University of Massachusetts FLORENCE ELIZABTII McCORMICK "Betty" Fa illiful Eager Mhdmp Betty was in the Commercial Club for two years, the Spanish Club for two years and the Home Economics Club for one year. She was a member of the sophomore Sports Club and was one of those nimble Outdoor Girls. Betty was on the refreshment committee for the sophomore social, ushered at several dances and was a waitress at the cabaret her jtlnior year. She ushered at the senior play and was on the costume committee for the play. She was also one of our vivacious twirlers for one year, Nursing MABEL JOAN MINER "Mahelle" .ll-iid Just Memorable Mabelle was very active in clubs. She was a member ot' the Glee Club for four yeat s, Commercial Club for two years, Community Service for two years, Spanish Club for one year, and the Home Economics Club. She was property manager for the senior play, and also ushered at the play. Mabel was on the decorating contmittee for the sophomore social and ushered at Class Day 1047. She isa member of those energetic 0. G.'s. Secretary JEAN DOROTHEA MORSE "Jeannie" .7m'1'aI Dqff Jllamferly Jeannie was a quiet girl who didn't have a great deal of time for school activities, but she did become an active member of the Home Economics Club, and the Commercial Club for two years. Our Jeannie did a wonderful job of ushering at the freshman hop and the senior play. jeannie showed her wealth of secretarial abilities as secretary to Miss Lindsay for one year. She did an adtnirable job at Bank day every Tuesday, Jeannie is the type of girl who will do all for others and isa really trite friend. ' Secretarial work r'-"1 l l ! g l I t i r 1 W r f i 1,4 -.., 2 i ff l 1 5 1,751 . ,,,.. .4 Page Twenty-one KNOVVI.l2IlGE IS THIS KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS F1Xl.I.S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 ARTHUR EUGENE NEIPP "Slim" Apprer1'at1'1fe Efffrfent Neat A Art has collected tiekets at various school dances and served as electrician for the senior play. Besides these things, he played intramural basketball and went out for baseball during his senior year. He was in the Spanish Club for one year. He was on the year book stall. Tufts College or VermontAUniversity DAVID ROBERT PAINE "Dave" Direct Reliable Pleasing Dave came here from Pawtucket, R. I. ati the beginning of his junior year. He was a valuable replacement on the basketball team this year. Dave was also a member of the track team for two years. Agriculture RICHARD EDWARD PARTENIIEIMER "Dick" Reserved Earnest Personable Dick played intramural basketball for two years. He was a member of the 'I' Club. Dick was on many dance committees and was coat-checker for the junior Prom and the senior farewell. He also took the responsible task of base- ball manager in his junior year. Dick is fond of outdoor sports and likes to spend his afternoons in the woods. Armed Forces JOSEPH ANTHONY PARZYCH, Jr. "J oe" Jocund Ambitious Polite joe has only been with us our senior year since january S, and is already well-known and well-liked. Previously he was here during his freshman year. He played intra-mural basketball. He went to Mt. I'ICI'I'Il0Il after his first year. He entered the Army july 3, 1946 and was discharged November l2, 1047. He taught' classes in Troop Information while in the .-Xrmy. Boston College Advertising LAURA MARY PARZYCH "La La" Logical Modest Plucky La La is a member of our class who hails from Gill. She was a member of the Home Economies club her freshman year and the Community Service and Art Clubs for three years. She was on various deroration eommittees during her four years, and ushered for our senior play. Commercial Art Work Page Twentjv-Iwo u KNOWLEDGE .IS 'THE KEY TO SUCCESS" 'VIIRNI-IRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 ALMA MARIE PAULIN "Al" .-lltrrzctiw .llrrry l'1'lil .Xlma was a member of the Girls' Glee Club for four years being the presi- dent of it her senior year. She belonged to the Home Economics Club as well as the Commercial Club. In her sophomore year she belonged to the Sophomore Sports Club and in her senior year the O. G.'s. She is Miss 'l'eed's and Miss .-Xrgy's secretary. She ushered at junior prize speaking and was on the enter- tainment committee for the cabaret in her junior year, and on the refreshment committee for a few dances. Alma helped to decorate for the junior Prom. She was also the vocalist of the Swingsters. Alma was in the French Club and the Community Service Club and ushered at the senior play. Secretary ROLLAND JOSEPH PAULIN "La" Rioloux Joyful l'nmki.vh Brace yourself, girls, here comes that fellow who's always smiling and never has a care. Our boy, La, was a great lover of French, for he was an active mem- ber of the French Club for three years. He showed his perpetual energy by playing intra-mural basketball for three years. He was one of those dynamic bombshells on the boy's tumbling team. La was also on various dance eom- mit tees. Carpenter NORMA MARIE PLANTE "Myrt" .Valuml rllixrhieztnus Poetic Norma was in the Glee Club four years, the Community Service Club three years, the French and Latin Clubs two years and the Art, Club for one year. She was an usher at the junior Prom and also at the sophomore social. She was a twirler her senior year and she was in the senior play. She was also on the yearbook staff. , Training at Cooley Dickinson Hospital ELIZABETII ANNE PLEASANT "Liz" Exriting .-lrlitte Popular Liz, one of our accomplished artists, spent a good deal of time developing her talents and taking advantage of every opportunity to increase her knowl- edge of art. She began her whirl of activities by being an active member of the Home Economics Club in her freshman year. She was a member of that active organization of perfect secretaries, the Commercial Club, for two years and also a member of the Spanish Club for two years. Liz ushered at the variety show, senior play and the sophomore social. She also served on various dance committees. As a twirler, she was one of our snappiest steppers. She was also secretary to Miss Ayer, an assistant at Bank Day and a member of both the Netop and yearbook staffs. Fashion Designer EDWARD STEPHEN PODLENSKI "Eddie" Energetic' Smarl Poised liddie is one of our very talented musicians. During his four years, he played in the band, the Swingsters, and orchestra. He played intramural basketball and belonged to the Spanish Club. Besides these activities he found time to work at the First National Store. Undecided Page T-wenty-three 'KNOVVLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 EUGENE SIGMUND PODLENSKI "Genie" Earnest Smiling Patient Genic is a fellow with a perpetual smile. He played tackle in football for three years and he also played intra-mural basketball. He is a member of the T Club. During afternoons he worked at the Kendall Mills as a cloth in- speclor. Work THOMAS JOHN POLLARD "Tommy" Tiny Jovial Peppy Tommy played baseball his freshman year. He also was manager of the freshman football team. Every one of Tommy's four years of high school found him doing a swell job at intra-mural time. He also helped out checking coats at the junior Prom, as well as at many other dances. Although Tommy is a "little" boy, he is a very popular one. His main interest lies in the Algonquin Club, a club which he helped to organize. Navy JOSEPHINE THERESA RASTALLIS "Jn" Joyful Trustworthy Rare We are proud to have had in our class such a talented girl as jo. She has enriched the Girls' Glee Club, by being a member for four years: has been in Swingsters for threeg and in the orchestra for one. jo ushered for the '47 graduation, has been a. member of the Spanish and Latin Clubs, a member of the O. G.'s and was on the drill team. She appeared in a play called "Charity Ball" and took one of the leading female roles in "Stardust," She was also in prize speaking and served on the refreshment committee for the sophomore social. Boston University College of Music LEONEL ROBERT RENAUD "Bob" Laennie Restless Ready Bob's voice will always he one of the finest assets of our class. He was in the band, Swingsters, orchestra and Glee Club all of his four years. He was presi- dent of the Art Club and he ushered at the freshman social this year and also at our sophomore social. Music School RODNEY BRUCE RICHARD "B" Restless Business-like Reliable Bruce came here from Searles High School at the beginning of his junior year. He participated in the intra-murals two years and was Mr. Galvin's special laboratory assistant. Mechanical Eigineer Page T wentyzfour " IWLICDGIC IS 'l'IIl2 KICY 'l'O SI'CClCSS" TIIIQNICRS F.XLI,S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 BERNICE JEAN SAULNIIER "Bern" Hfgu fl ing J ofly Snffrililf' Our Bern was in the Glee Club for four years, the Community Seryiee Club for three years antl the Comuu-reial Club two years. Slu- was also one ol those vigorous Outtloor Girls her senior year, Slu- serverl on many various rlauee eonuuittees also. Work JANE ANN SAULNIIER "Janie" .lm'n.w' .lmlvilfnnx .S'1'r1r'fra' Our -Ianie was a yery aetiye stutleut in high sehool. She was in tlu- Ilouu- lfeonomies, Community Service, Sophomore Sports, anrl the Comnu-reial Clubs. She took party in the Girls' Glee Club aiul playerl in the banrl. She was also on the cleeorating Committee lor the sophomore soeial anrl various other Llanee eommittees. jane usherecl at the junior prize speaking eontest, ancl the variety show. Sho played the part of "Cynthia Keene" in the senior play zuul also took part in the IIIIIQIIIIQSQIYIIIQ Hay program. .lanie was an etu-rift-tic: nu-tuber of the O. Gfs aiul seeretary to lXliss l'orter. Cooley Dickinson Hospital Nursing S'I'ANI.ICY ALICXANIIICR SMIAROWSKI "Stash" Spiriletl ,lntlrflianx .S'lm1'1'o1fx Stash partieipatetl in lresluuan baseball atul two years ol -I. Y. basketball' He was in the l.atiu Club for three years ancl in tlu- Spanish Club two years' H0 was on the class ring Committee atul on the cleeorating committee for the .lunior Prom, zuul assistant stage manager for the senior play. Stash is on the yearbook stall' aucl also a l'ro Xlerito N. Y. U. Meteorologist IIICLICN MARII-I SOJKA ".Iunie" llznunralo' .ll'1'1'1'-V .Y-r4'fr'l Our .Iuuie began her high sehool eareer by being presulent of the llonu- Ifeonomies Club her lresluuau year. She showetl her great energy by being one of our best eheer lezulers for three yearsg by trutlging along with the Sopho- more ancl junior Sports Clubs, aiul she mlicl some pretty fancy stepping in the clrill team for two years. The girls' basketball team lor two years elainlecl her as one of their fast eharging guarcls. She warblerl many a sweet note for the Girls' Glee Club when a junior. Slu- mleyotetl three years to tlu- Community Serviee Club anal was an aetive member of the Spanish Club lor two years. klunie usheretl at Class llay antl Cratluation. Slu- also hafl a try at clramaties, playing the part of "Ma Kirby" in the 'l'l1anlcsgix'inQplay, .Is Claire Carter in senior play, she showefl her great aetiuq ability. luuie was also a metuber ol tlu- yearbook stall. Secretarial Work WALTER JOSEPII SOKOLOSKI "Walt" II'ill1'11g .fnrular Sllllflj' VValter playetl on the football team lor two years. He was an usher at the freslluian hop this year. Iyalter spoke Spanish with the Spanish Club for two years. Engineering Page Twentygive 'KNOVK'I.I-IIJGIC IS THE KIEY 'VO SUCCESS" 'l'I7RNl-IRS If.-XI,I,S HIGH SCIIUOI, 1048 MARIE IRICNIC STARK "Starki0" .llnriwnlrf lmpixli .S'n1il1'11Q Marin- was a nu-inlu-r ol' ilu- Girls' film- Cluli Iior four yt-ars autl llu- Coin- munily St-rvivc Clulm for thrvi- yt-ars. Slu- also In-longt-tl to tlu- Coinnu-rvial Cluh Io: two years. tlu- Spanish Cluli for Iwo yt-ars, anrl llu- Honu- lfroiiotiiivs Group. In tht- lit-lil of sports, Marii- playa-rl on tlu- girls' haski-tliall tc-ann in lu-r fri-shinan yt-ar, aiul was a un-tnlu-r of tht- Sophoinort- Sports Clnli arul tlu- st-uior Outcloor Girls in lu-r sophoinorm- aiul ss-nior yt-ars. .Xs a junior, slu- was on thi- cla-rorating vounnitu-c lor tlu- -Iunior l'roin aml uslu-rt-tl at Gratluatiou aiul Class Day 4-xi-rrist-s. Slu- was a ss-ri't-tai'y for tlu- Nt-top :nul was a props-rty managt-r of tlu- prothu'tion stall' for tht- st-nior play. Nlarit- is also on tlu- l'ro IXIQ-rito lisl. Waves l,l+3I,AND EDWARD S'l'l+ZVl+1NS "Lee" Lilzrzhlf liftzgw Sfflfile Lf-Q is an agrivultural miurlc-tl nu-mlu-r of our vlass. I'It- has lu-I-n in tlu- haiul for four yt-ars making swf-t-1 tnusic- with ilu- hass horn. Ht- show:-rl his i-nthusiasin ln' IIUIIIQ a Iliu- jola on ilu- tit-In-1 i'ounnitu-t- for tlu- valwart-t his sm-nior yt-ar. Farmer IIARDING .IAMICS STI-ZWAR'l' "Red" llrzrrl-a-nrlehlg .lokfug Shy lit-tl vanu- into our vlass a rouplt- of yi-ars ago aiul was a vt-ry wi-lt'onu- zulrli- tion. His li-ngth of tinu- in thc school limiti-tl his avtivitit-s, hut llrtl tht- ini- portaiuw- of tht-tn. H0 playm-il lmaskctlmall for two yt-ars, arul was in ilu- Boys' Glu- Clulm for oiu-. In his st-nior yi-ar, lu- appt-are-ml in ilu- plav, "'l'lu- llappy .Iourin-y." I-Iv was rhost-n an uslu-r in tlu- Irt-shnian hop. Northampton Business School .IOIIN CHARLES STOTZ "Jackie" ' Jimi C1II'P7ffIll .Snappy hlavkit- was a stagi- inanagt-r in tlu- sm-nior play. 1'Startlust." llt- has playt-cl footlmall for thru- yt-ars anrl hast-hall tor four yt-ars. Ht- has playi-tl lxaskt-thall for om- yt-ar alul ht- is a nn-tnlu-r ol tlu- Spanish Clulr alul tht- 'I' Clulw. .XI our sophomore social lu- was oru- of tlu- uslu-rs. Ht- has playa-tl intramural lmas- lcc-tlwall for thrvt- vc-ars aiul has lu-t-n a uu-lnlu-r ot tlu- Hovs' film- Cluli lor a yt-ar. Work KERWIN CLYDE STOTZ "Buddy" Keen Ulf:-fr .hlfl'I"Plflil,Il' Igllflflf' was in tlu- 'I' Cluh two yt-al'S, lhf' lillirt Vlul- two yr-ars arul two yi-ars in tht- Spanish Clulm, of whit-h lu- was pri-sult-nt his st-mor yt-ar, aml tlu- Glvo Club l.hrt-t- ya-ars. Ht- playa-ml footlvall tltrt-0 yi-ars. aiul was on tht- trawl: loam two yi-ars. Ht- was in junior prim- spt-along, took tlu- part ol tlu- junior vlass at last yt-ar's1'lasstlay, atul playt-ml ilu- part ol .Xrthur St-ott, jr. in tlu- st-nior play. Ht- was on thc- Nc-top arul yr-arlioolq stalls, llc- also foulul tlnu- to ntakt- l'ro Mt-rilo. Engineering after Mount Ik-rmon Page T wenly-six JWLICIXZIC IS 'I'l'IIC KICY TO SIICCICSSH TIIRNIZRS F.'XI.I.S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 DOROTHY LOU SWEHLA "D0tty" lleliglllful l.1'ke11ble Skl'lUul llolty is our earrot-topped sweetheart from the Commereial Club. Our llotty added many sweet notes to the Girls' Glee Club for four years. She ushered at Graduation her junior year and played an aetive part in the Coins munity Service Club. llotty served on the decorating eommittee for several danees. She is sure to make some lueky person a wonderful sevretary and if you should doubt us just ask Illiss Maguire who employed her services during' senior year. Tuesday mornings found llotty busy at her work for bank day tat whieh she is a wizard, natnrallyl. Nurse I"I.ORIiNCli MARY 'I'IIISTI,IE "This" lfriemlly .llrrry Tr11.rl1enrll1y hlary was in the Glee Club and the l.atin Club four years, the Community Serviee Club and the .Xrt Club three years, and the Freneh Club twovyears. She was in a one aet play her sophomore year and was a property manager for the senior play. She was an usher for junior prize speaking and also for the senior play. She was on the deeorating Committees for the sophomore soeial and the lreslnnan hop and was ehairman of the deeorating eommittee for the Alunior Prom. Simmons ICIDWARIH FRANCIS TRICMI, "Eddy" fthe Nutl lQfjir1'm1! Ifricmlly True liddy one of our athletes, played second base and did a good job ol' piteh- ing lor the baseball team lor four years. He tore up and down the gym floor as one of the dashing forwards on the basketball team. He will long be remem- bered as the faithful manager of the football 1021111 for three years. Eddy also belonged to the l.atin Club for four years and was sports editor on the Netop staff. Ile ushered at several danees ineluding the junior Prom. Eddy is a very well liked person and eau be seen on any athletit' Iield playing the sport in season. Pharmacist ALFRED .IOSEPII VERRIER "Al" .sl ihlelir .llllllilll l'I'7'lll'I'lI1l.Y .Xl was very aetiye here even though he spent his sophomore year at a military aeadeniy. He played freshman, bl. Y., and intra-mural basketball, varsity football, and was a member ol' the traek team. .Xl belonged to the Netop and yearbook stalls. Ile also plared seeond in this year's oratorieal eoulesl. Law School ANTHONY HENRY WASILESKI "Tony" , .-lrlixlir Hnnexl l'l'vl'Nlifl,ff Tony has been a metnber ol the Art Club for four years and was treasurer during his senior year. He has also been in the Spanish Club for two years, l'le ushered at the freshman hop and on numerous other danee eommittees. Tony designed our yezu book eoyer, and was also a l'ro hlerito. Florist ATKM Page Twenty-seven "KNOWl.I-IIJGIC IS 'l'lIIC KEY TO SUCCESS" TITRNERS FAI.LS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 s '1 DORIS EVELYN WELCOME "De" lloris was in the Club for one year . Y it her junior year. flanee committees. was one of those senior play anrl w' etiieient seeretary. Work During Enr'rg1'l1'f IfI'1'.v1' Glee Club for three years, Latin Club for two years, Freneh Commereial Club for two years and was Vice president of She ushered at the junior Prom, and was on various other She trutlgetl along with the Sophomore Sports Club, aml nnbitious Outtloor Girls her senior year. She ushererl at is on the Costume Committee too. She was Miss Clark's BEVERLY JUNE WICKENS "Wickcy" liewiffhing Jolly IIvIA7l.i'lJIIlF VViekey is a little lass who eame to 'liurners High from aeross the river at the beginning of her junior year. Still she managed to be a member ol' the Spanish, Community Serviee anrl Glee Clubs, aml usher at the junior l'rom and senior play. 'lihe girl's basketball team anal the tumblers elaimetfl her as one ot' their peppiest members. XViekey was a property manager for senior play, anrl of eourse she was one of our group of snappy anrl peppy Cheer leailers. Syracuse University BEVERLY MAE WILLIAMS' "Bev" lienewalenl tlleflihlliw' Ilvlilllillg Bev hails from Montague and in her freshman year was a member of the Home lieonomies Club. She usherecl at Class Day anil Cracluation exereises anrl was a member of the Commeretal Club for two years. Secretarial Work Xi! x .J 05:9 L Y ,, ,.,-.1 4 9' we Page Twenty-eight JWl.lilJlZli IS 'l'lllC liliY TU SlfL'L'lCSS" 'ITRNICRS l+'Al.l.S lllilll SCIWIOUI. 1948 Well! Well! Page Twenty-:zine 'KNOXN'l.lilJl2li IS 'Hlli KICY 'l'U SUCCESS" 'IQURNIQRS lf.Xl.l.S HIGH SCHOUI, 1048 In Our Lighter Moments 1 Page 1 xllifly NH I IM S il S H11 li SC H 1948 A 1. . L I P. C1 L V C -I 41. '1 4 x..f U 'Z A. .- 1. . 1: 2 L1 . 'Z : CL W 4 -1, . 2 .- 4 :Q L- E LJ 1, '1 2 E 7: .-1 -C .29 L L, f L. .- Z 5 :Z 1 I- L1- 1 ugr, l'h1rIy nm, NOXX'l.IiIJGIi IS Ixllli KIQY 'IU SlVi'l'li5S" 'I'l IQXIQIQS I".Xl.l.S IIIHII SVIIUUI, IU48 FFS A ST RBOOK EA D Y P AN ETO j N .ll P I L2 1, 3 ld I P f 4 IT .LZ C :J '1 f LJ L.. S I O LJ Lf, 6 6 J .. 1: A UC H L' . f . Gr K 1 2 -L' .:: E- LZ JT I E i. -1 E Z A Z S C , i .LA 3 'f A Q , .Z : L. L1- c' l'!n'r1,v-I-fm lx DWL!-llfli IS THE KEY TO Sl'CCl2SS" TIFRNIQRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 1 Holt-n Sojka Nluricl May' Slrrlcy fXlarlowc Lnln'ctta lionncltc -lcssica Hyland Marin- Fobnrn Marion Damon lXlaryLon lingclharcl Nornia Farignan Dorothy Knlclcwicz Alma Panlin Ht-lun Sojka Dorothy liulclcwicz Mary Lou Bassett Marion Damon Norma Carignan Elizabeth Pleasant Gallop Poll MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED BEST LOOKING BEST ATIILETES BEST ACTORS BEST ARTISTS BEST MUSICIANS BEST DANCERS DETENT ION MAGNATES IIARDEST GUM CHEWERS MOST BASHFUL GREATEST HUSTLERS CLASS DREAMERS GREATEST CHATTERBOXES MEN AND WOMAN HATERS MUTT AND JEFF Ka-nnctll Littlt- Kcrwin Stotz lidward Podlcnslci Raymond Bartlvtt .losvph Ginyrvk .-Xnthony XVasilt-wski Rolmcrt Renaud Ricl1ard'LQKIairc Thonlas Pollard Paul Bourdcau Leland Stuvcns Thomas Lowe Raymond Collins Bruce Richard Leland Stevens Thomas Pollard Arthur Neipp P age Thirty-three "KNOWLEDGE IS TI-IE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 I Believe It or Not! NAME HE, SHE, IT BUGBEAR PASTIME PET SAYING Agnes Bane "B" 'Tall people --I Roller-skating Y0u're'so young" --N Donald Baron "She" Math Horseback-riding W Are you kidding?" Mk Raymond Bartlett "Patty" jack Armstrong School Street Ya gotta tink a dose tiimsng MaryLou Bassett "j. N." Wolves Skating - That does it" l Robert Bassett "Olive" 8:15 Ann's Parlor Hea-Yea" mi Ethel Bell "Herby" -1--M Southerners Playing records "OH! Brother" H-TT--M Lauretta Bonnette "Ken" - Homework Doing homework Hey! I'm not kidding" Robert Bourbeatt "FiFi" The Hollywood Trouble W "Let's" -M- Raul Bourdeau Hjoltin joe Ted the kid Sports Told olfhHe's Bawlin' " Elvin Braman "Lyn" il-Bo" Hudson T-HDates iv You'reVcrazy" Eugene Brantner "Muscles" T Pud -Q l- Parking - Y "What do you mean?" R.y....,..d I I 1-'I-0m...fH0.sQ7M-S.Q.QQfWT T..-,...t,Qfimm7EQ2iQfQ.QQf--B' Lucille Brule - "Wiggles" History The Mardeiim "How sad" A--ml Leonard Cadran "Cookie" W You-all 83 Second St. A "l'm hungryz kill T YA Shirley Care The Navy Five 8: Tens Movies A "OhT No!" Wi ---W A Norma Carignan California Men teachers Roller-skating "jeepers" U -nz Marie Coburn YT- R. C. Too few holidays Singing T "l've got to Tvgte a letter" T Raymond Collins I "Daisy Mae" Monty Algonquins M "Whistling" T- mv Grace Couture "Oscar CID" Getting up Stamp collecting "Oh! that's Rich" Charles Craven D. T. Mike Highland Park W "Aee-Ah" Richard ,Cronin I "Superwoman" Fords Driving "I feel for you but I t'an't reach you." Yolanda Czarneeki "Believe it or not Talkers Dlwing Y "I-Iey! Hey!" V T Marion Damon - Don Monday ,morning Tooting the trumpet "Ah Fiddlesticksn Norman Desautels Ann Skunks V I Hitch-hiking to Millers "Row de Dow" Joseph mo.. Audrey 'T'M"i'7i1i.2'ftIQtf.I.Q1Q.I""Q.fl.f'l"'A''Wiki'-IXQQIQQQT MMTM-W' Christine Duda "Larry Parks" Gossipers Eating "Holy Cow" Page Thirty-four "KNOWLEDGE is THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 NAME HE, SHE, IT BUGBEAR PASTIME PET SAYING Alize-Englehard N--i'Dancing" Coffee Telephoning "You can say that again" Marilou Englehardt "Hon" That's right Closing boxes- "Check that" Herbert Escott "Dottie" Ashes Greentield "Da-a-a-a-a" Theodore Farwell an--I "Art Devlin" English Skiing Moly" PM -A Donald Fugere "Yankees" - Getting up N Gym "just checking" - Yernon Gill?---i- "Ruth" Getting' up in the Skating ' "My word" --MW morning Donald Girard PM "My trombone" Period 2 Typing Playing Ain't that awful" Elph Grnyrek 'Slella" Long hair Good Music "You bet" Leona Goodrich "Donna" A B. T. O.'s Knitting . "Holy cow" liathryn Greene "Frosty" Gum chewers Riding up Taylor Hill "lt's a hummer" Eugene Gulo Playing pool School Hanover Club "Rowdy dow" Shirley Hebert Ellen Gum chewing Eating "'l'hat's tough" - ,lessica Hyland - L'il Wolf I Gossips Nu- Reading "Hul-lo" Sdrothy jacobusw - ilioston Braves Navy crew cutsm H Movies ' A "Hi Handsome" Theresa jarry An Irishman History N. N. "Oh yeah" Mary jenks "Doc" History Talking "Nuts" Chester Kabaniec "'Any girl" The Rebel Dancing One more time for the boys? Dorothy Kuklewicz Allan Ladd Cracking knuckles Dreaming "Mind 'ja -Mamee" Claire Kuniski "Len" People who don't Reading "jeepers" like G.G. Al-can La Chapelle "Donald Duck" Petrillo Playing records "Oh Gwan" Robert Lapidus - "Fish pole" Work Outdoors "T'aint Easy" Richard LeMaire "joe Schomoe" Southerners McClary's "Brudzeaire" Donald LeMoine Montague City Too much school Loafing How do you do" XXI-illiam Letourneau "Could be" Make-up A Work "Take it easy" lienneth Little "Gwen" P. B. Riverside U I don't know" gmirley Lowe "It" Make-up Rollerskating ' Geekers" Thomas Lowe "Any Blond" The Southerner Pinocle "Aw heck" Page Thirty-five f'u'l'T'i ' ' "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 NAME HE, SHE, IT BUGBEAR PASTIME PET SAYING Patricia Lyman "Tootsie" Gum snappers Loafing "What a dip" Robert Maclntyre "The Nut" Yankees Baseball "Where's frog?" Charles Maddern Hlilern. E." Homework Greenfield Wow" - Theresa Mann TBill" 3 to ll shift , Patch-work Call me up" Shhley Marlowe "Gerald'l History Baking "Hokay" -- Paul Mathieu "First National" New Look Bum-ming to Greenfield Oh my aching back", Muriel May L'il lvry Hey ShooShoo Knitting "Ayeah" Constance McClary "Betsie" Peppermint Knitting -D "Wait a sec." Florence McCormick "Patch" U. S. History Rollerskating You crumb" Mabel Miner "Cab" History Movies "OH my aching back" Jean Morse "Louis" Homework Reading Magazines "l'm hungry" Arthur Neipp Any girl New Look Greenfield By George" David Paine Any redhead French Sleeping My brother George" Richard Partenheimer Arthur Neipp 'English Loafing "I'hat's what you think joseph Parzych Washington, D. C. New Look Homework Oh tyou look just like my ' sus er Laura Parzych Navy - - New Look Drawing "Cut it out" Alma Paulin Music Waiting for buses Singing "Gee whizz" Rolland Paulin "T, j." Elvin Bramen Loafing "Hi Kid" Norma- Plante Whimpy iltudrey? Bothering people "Crying out loud" Elizabeth Pleasant "Mighty Mouse" Homework Skiing "Don't feel bad" Edward Podlenski U38 Chevy" New Look First National "No kidding hey" Eugene Podlenski "Blondes" New Look Wolfing "Hi, Sugar" il'homas Pollard "Fifee" Dogger Lapidus Homework "Your fa.ther's mustache Page Thirty-six "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 NAME HE, SHE, IT BUGBEAR - PASTIME PET SAYING - josephine Rastallis "Music" Southerners -Dancing HA Matko" Q-W--Wm-M Robert Renaud "Music" vw-WvFAwVVriting Wm-W ----g1ggw-54-vnwYTCQEEQLTTM-iii Bruce Richard 'lou A w4The Rebel mv Trouble --1 Can't see it" -H I - john Ryan "Peggy" U Homework Bill's l'lliblast ya" - Hernice Saulnier "Camp" Staying home nights Driving You crumb" nw - jane Saulnier Brown-eyed brunette Pain ' Sleeping You know what l meaii M Stanley Smiarowski "Any brunette" Typewriting Polish dances No kidding?" Helen Sojka "Yans" D. K.? Sleeping Come on YO" -'I I Q- - Walter Sokoloski Modern Design Homework Hunting - This is a snap" 7 W illiii W -M Marie Stark "jim" V Picayune Playing Records-----M -Y NVhat do ,WMS ligand Steveilww--WWYiwVermonI English V My Farm work-W--1 Viilniir Ni'Oh yeah"----mm--M gym Harding Stewart "Chicopee" Small town gossip Brantner's What the Sam Hillrf -PM john Stotz joe Dimaggio All American Monarchs ZI'll floor 5'a"AAAYi-Ww Qin Stotz CYAAA-AW "Lassie" I Girls?? Travelling "Ship Magi mn'-im W- CRiverside-Turnersl Dorothy SweMa "L'il Lulu" -- Gum chewing Reading "Egad" ---in NM' Mary Thistle "Bonnie" Writing letters Reading -- Honestly" AMAA Edward Treml "june" Pd. 2 Typing - Sports Let me see" -i MMM, Alfred Verrier Any blonde Chryslers Traveling t'l'o Gfld.J Okay Pardneriili- --in--H -Rnthony Wasielski Any blonde New Look U Drawing "Oh my aching back"-I---M .Audrey-Welmster "joe" "Norma?" ----- Riding on buses Christopher" I -M Doris Welcome Superman U. S. History Roller skating My foot" ---4 'mm--S june Wickens Burt Lancaster Staying in nigh ts Listening to records . -L You know" Beverly Williams "Alden" Skating Piano playing Don't be silly" Page Thirty-seven "KNOWI,liIJGE IS 'l'Hli KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SC.HOOl 048 Music W, 5 Class Sovy H1777 I - 1 ki' W f 3 S 3 -3- :- V I- Gvgvg - lam VIA? ' les ca.5+ 155, SLM, :tl 4,Cn.+ has Lean 'FLY fav- gr qla-- ry Eg 2:11211 14 W.:-25 F F F . A I - Eh:--ze '2 :E . .-E:: 1: w -' :. ' igq an du- L+! v-ev 5 -al 'vm km-avg A SH: 1-hi f:'t-11 qeeen-I-f-Ly-075 522:-W1 'l'T1A2u'v Nile, ff! F gf 7' F 1 ET ' 3 5 5 5 '15 fd X vOl,- - ner.: OL Wy- neu Hugh Om- S ' 5 if 5 if i H HI- 'Wi ""4+""' Ju' Rv deaf wma 'in ous- Haj, well! gI,.g,,Q5 v " I melnafv elm, :F Y F Hr-IIP V4 'fo pvc - sew: 11,1 p,m4,, -ITTYDU 1 fs-jiri, I .fl Mt , M- M., ,M Page Thirty-eight KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 CDde It is with much regret that we must say good-bye To the happy hours we've spent in dear old Turners High. The knowledge gained and memories dear. 1 That we have shared through many a year Will give us strength to find our way Through all that happens, day by day. .-Ks we go forward to face the world, I'm sure each heart recalls, The' joys we've shared and friends we've made within your VVe shall always have you as a lasting friend, And the lessons you have taught us, we'll cherish to the end It is impossible to think of the right words to tell The thoughts that come to mind as we bid Thee farewell. lvy Poem Tiny slip of ivy, VVe plant you with the hope That you will send your roots Far into the ground: And grow strong and beautiful Against the sturdy brick. Cling to the wall and to life, Fight the weeds and the cold bravely. By doing this, teach us To send our roots deep into knowledge: .-Xnd teach us to grow strong and beautiful in spirit As we grow old in years. Help us to cling to the truth and to upright living, To fight the weeds of hate and intolerance, And to emerge from evil NVith clean hands and brave hearts. This we ask of you, tiny slip of ivy, And we hope that you can hold your own Against nature, here in the midst of other Tiny slip of ivy, grant our wish. ivy plants. vine-covered walls. June Wickens Jessica Hyland Page Thirty-nine "KXOWl.l-IIIGI-I IS THE KEY TO SI'K'K'ICSS" 'ITIQXICRS If.XI,lS HIGH SCHOOL I0-L8 BLY EM SS NA 1 Page Furry ENOVNIPDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 This Class Won't VVe, the Class of '48, being in a very weak and feeble condition, having pon- dered and taken everyone into consideration, mostly ourselves, have decided to keep our valuables. We aren't able to leave actual things because we have ex- hausted our faculties studying here during the past four years. 1. To Mr. Wrightson we don't leave a lie detector because we feel that the undergraduates will be as trustworthy as we weren't during our four years. 2. To Mr. Burke we don't leave a sum of money to be used for new curtains in the auditorium so that future seniors can't enjoy movies without being bothered by sun light. 3. VVe don't leave to Miss Clark two cases of champagne, four car loads of uoisemakers and a wad of bubble gum so she can't celebrate our departure. 4. VVelll well! To Miss Ayer, well--well, we don't leave an unpledged promise never to use our pet word "well" again. 5. The Class of '48 doesn't leave to Mr. Galvin an indexed book of his practical jokes so in the future they won't be timed precisely as always. 6. Dicky LeMaire, Ted Farwell, "La" Paulin, Leona Goodrich, Shirley Marlowe, "Ed" Treml, and Lucille Brule don't leave to Miss Crean a little relief in study hall Period 5, because they know she still has "Jake" Wyman, Art Houseman and Henry Duda. 7. To Mr. Graeber we don't leave a Hood light system for his early evening practice sessions in football. 8. To Miss 'I'eed twhen she isn't busy elsewherej and Mr. Putnam the students in Room 3 don't leave an automatic absentee pad that will record every- one who walks in and out of there before 8:00 A. M. This is to make sure they ean't get the absentee list right. Sure hope it doesn't work. 9. To Miss Reum, we don't leave Myrna Strange behind to keep her com- pany in the dismal hours. 10. To Mr. VVelch we don't leave a new supply of A-M--"I had a buddy once." ll. We don't leave a Stanley Steamer equipped with an automatic pilot to Mr. Putnam so that the undergraduates won't get lessons in reckless driving. 12. Art Neipp, Ed 'lireml and Bob Lapidus don't extend their deepest sympathies and don't promise to pay for the two weeks hospital rest Miss Maguire will have to take starting the day after graduation. 13. PeeWee Bonnette doesu't leave her magic touch to open lockers to Babe Choleva because then Babe by some miracle might get up on the basketball court on time. Page Forty-one 'KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" 'FURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 14. To all the beautiful girls Audrey doesn't leave ,Ioe Dion. 15. "Liz" Pleasant and "Stretch" LeMaire don't leave their elevated shoes to "Cooky" Cook and Barbara Carrignan. 16. "Don" Girard doesn't leave Mrs. VVhiteman a chalice to make a little profit with "Tossie" as an employee. 17. Marie'Coburn doesn't leave her scholarship to VVilliams College to any beautiful girl of Turners High because she is planning to use it herself. 18. "Genie" and Eddie Podlenski don't leave to future students of T. F. H. S. that live in the "Patch" their car so that they can't have a good excuse for being late on cold mornings. 19. Paul Bourdeau doesn't leave his basketball technique to Edgar.Mullins along with a book entitled "How To Wink At The Girls In the Grandstand and Still Make a Basket." 20. Bull Bassett doesn't leave his "speed" to VVadic Carlisle. Oh! I mean "speed" in driving class. 21. Tommy Pollard doesn't leave his warm seat in detention every after- noon to Don Carpenter, that dashing Romeo from the Patch. 22. Esmarelda Sojka and Ermatrude Kuklewicz don't leave their priority on Richard Podlenski, better known as "Dimples," to Lorraine Campbell, because they want him themselves. 23. Eddie Treml doesn't leave a book to Mike Byer entitled "How to Gain Perfection in Basketball in Only 9999, 9f10 easy lessons so Mike won't be able to bounce a basketball next season. 24. Bob Lapidus doesn't leave his Dick Tracy badge to "AI Capone" Linscott so he can't play cops and robbers anymore. VVe hereby won't appoint the junior Class executors as we didn't leave any- thing. VVe hope you don't enjoy everything we haven't left you. SIGN ED- - - Kenneth Little, President Donald Girard, Vice President W ITN ESS ES: Helen Sojka Dorothy Kuklewicz Thomas Lowe Stanley Smiarowski Page Forty-two lxNOWLl' DGE IS THE KEY TO Sl'CCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Class Prophecy The Metropolis of Turners Falls june 18, 1058 "The Metropolis of Turners Falls, Massachusetts" The wings of the jet-propelled airliner are seen glimmering in the early morn- ing sun as the Mayor, Kenny Little: his right hand man, john Ryang the world famous debater, Buddy Stotz5 and the radio commentator, David Paine glide up to the airport in the Mayor's sleek limousine. Bill Letourneau, the pilot, taxies the plane to a, stop and the stewardess, Mary Lou Bassett, who still has her head in the clouds. opens the door. john Stotz, manager of the air field, steps forward to greet Marie Coburn, a renowned sculptor: Mary jenks, a historian: jessica Hyland, the world's most famous dramatic teacherg and Robert Renaud and josephine Rastallis, the famous opera team, as they alight from the plane. VVith their motorcycle sirens screaming, Marie Stark and Christine Duda, the police escorts, clear the way for the party as they race to meet the luxury liner US. S. Clark," which has steamed up the widened Connecticut River from the Atlantic. The Captain, Claire Kuninski, together with her first mate, Leland Stevens! and the second mate, Leonard Cadran, are seen standing on the bridge as joe Parzych, the world traveler: Marion Damon, the remarkable missionary and Doris VVelcome, a business woman, arrive on the pier. just at the last minute Lucille Brule, the noted monologist, and Admiral Robert Bourbeau join the greeting committee. At Bell's Hotel, the party is greeted by the proprietor, Ethel, who conducts them to the desk clerk, jean Morse, to register in the hotel guest book. After dining, the party leaves hurriedly for a tour of the Million Dollar City, conducted by Arthur Neipp. head of the advertising committee. The sky-scraper on their right as they leave the hotel is owned by Elizabeth Pleasant who designed the costumes for tonight's "Mardi Gras." Her latest fashions are now being modelled by jean LaChapelle and Shirley Care. Next they approach the "Research Build- ing." .-Xfter entering it. they notice fumes escaping from the laboratory where Bruce Richard, the mad scientist, is experimenting with synthetic coal. Next they pass the office of Bob Lapidus who is testing what he claims is the softest mattress ever invented. It also has an attachment which, when the button is pushed, serves breakfast piping hot. .Ns they leave the building, they drop in on Elvin Bramen who is perfecting his invention of a better mouse trap. Directly across the street we see the library, where Betty McCormick can be seen regis- tering books in the files. Further along is the "Professional Building" which con- tains the offices of Eugene Podlenski, the distinguished banker, Thomas Lowe, the eminent doctor: Norman Desautels, a stock broker, and Robert Maclntyre, the celebrated lawyer. Next the party passes the newly improved Farren Memorial Hospital, where the efficient supervisors, Mary Thistle and Dorothy Swebla are seen strolling on the lawn, which was designed by the well-known landscaper, Charles Maddern. Page Forty-three "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 948 A A few blocks down the street they observe Clem Bartlett, the able manager of the Turners Falls Sluggits, the only major-league mixed baseball team in the world, putting Loretta Bonnette, Paul Bourdeau, june Wickens, Pat Lyman, Edward Treml, joe Dion and Agnes Bane through their paces. On the opposite side of the baseball park they notice Helen Sojka and Donald LeMoine conducting the play- ground program. Teresa Mann, the principal of the high school, Connie McClary, the super- visor of the English department, Grace Couture, the supervisor of the French department and Audrey Webster, the supervisor of the commercial department, wave to the party as Rolland Paulin, the city's transportation supervisor, leads them back to Richard Cronin's fieet of taxi cabs. Arthur Neipp then points out Paul Mathieu's modern grocery store in front of which Yolanda Czarnecki, the store detective, and Donald Fugere, the floor walker, are standing. Right next door is the 110 story candy store of Bernice Saulnier, who has devised a method for making candy without using any sugar. The museum with Norma Carrignan as its efficient director, is seen on the left as they go by Professor "Bach" joe Gymrek's dramatic academy. Further on they catch sight of Norma Plante, the noted poet, who is talking earnestly with Stanley Smiarowski, the famous meteorologist, on the steps of Harding Stewart's publishing house. As they ride along swiftly toward the outskirts of the city, they see the court- house, where judge Alfred Verrier holds Federal Court: the nursery school, run by Mable Miner, and the "Gorgeous Beauty Shop" which is owned by Shirley Marlowe. Walter Sokoloski, the forest ranger, and Ray Collins, the game warden, are seen strolling along the side of the boulevard as the party proceeds to the beautiful estate of Alice Englehard the richest widow in the world. Beverly Williams, who has revolutionized housekeeping, and her assistants Theresa CT. J., Jarry, the unbeatable morale builder, and Laura Parzych, CBlondie to youj have just finished decorating the inside of the entire mansion. Further along the route, the party visits Dorothy jacobus' worm farm, the first of its kind in the world, and the party is shown around the grounds by Charles Craven, the man- ager. Right in the center of Greenfield, which is now one of the suburbs of Turners Falls, they stop at Donald Baron's dude ranch where they see Bob Bassett, the famous cow-puncher, riding a nervious stallion. While they are crossing the T urners Falls Bridge, which was designed and built by Herbert Escott, the renowned engineer, to span the mighty Connecticut River, they notice Chet Kabaniec running his amphibean swan-boat from the shore into the water amid the shouts of the excited passengers. Two competent nurses, jane Saulnier and Dorothy Kuklewicz, who are a couple of knock-outs themselves, are always on hand in case anyone should faint. just before returning to the city the party stops at Katherine Greene's horse breeding arm, and Vernon Gillette, the trainer, shows them the stables which are occupied by gleaming horses. Page Fortygfour IxNOWLl+lJGli IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Muriel May, the director of the publicity campaign for the "Mardi Gras" then leads the party to Donald Girard's Night Club where they are greeted by Leona Goodrich, the gracious hostess, Shirley Lowe, the well-knowntaster of food: and Shirley Hebert, the dietician. While the party is dining, they gaze at the picturesque murals, which were painted by Anthony Wasileski. Raymond Brozo, the band leaderg his soloist, Alma Pauling Marilou Englehardt and her troup of professional dancers, and Ted Farwell, that "hep" drummer are then introduced by Eugene Brantner, the Master of Ceremonies. After watching the "Mardi Gras" parade, which was lead by the United States Navy Band under the direction of Eugene Gulo, the party splits up. The music lovers go to the city's auditorium where Edward Podlenski, conductor of the Turners Falls Symphony Orchestra has Richard LeMaire the pianist, as soloist on today's program. The sport lovers go to the city's gymnasium where Tommy Pollard, the heavyweight champion of the world is lighting to keep his title. Finally the entire party ends the day by dropping in on Dick QSpeedj Par- tenheimer while he is giving his 2 A.M. broadcast over the Turners Falls Radio Network, 'l'.F.S.I.P.R.N. QTurners Falls Solar and Inter-Planet Radio Networkl. To anyone who is pessimistic about our star-gazing, we send an invitation to join us at the "Mardi Gras" in 1958!i SIGNED: Mary Lou Bassett Elizabeth Pleasant Jessica Hyland Claire Kuninski Grace Couture -www- 4.1 I A Page Forty-five "KNOVYI.lilJGIC I5 'l'Hli KEY 'IU Sl'L'C'l-BS" 'ITRXICRS I-',Xl.l.S HIGH SCHOOL 1048 A Q Office Girls A 'llmp Huw fhrialim' lyllllil, -Il'Alll l'iul'u'm-, c.1ill'Ulf'I1 llnmuvun, l'z1lric'izl Lylllilll l,mvcr Row 7 l,Ul'l'ZlHlC cthl'iSIi2ll1, 'I1l'lL'l'l'Sil Parks, Shirh-3' Nlawlmw-, li1llhl'j'llfQI'l'L'Ilk Junior Prize Speakers Top Row - juwpll flIllyFi'k, Kcrwin Slolz, Misw 'lk-L-rl, Hllgcm- Brunlm-r Luwvr Row 'jessica Hyland, jose-phinv Ruslzxllif, l'z11ri1'i11 Ly man I 'nge Fnrly-.six KNOWLLIJGE IS THE KEY 'I'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 GUI' RCCOFA 142 eager, wide-eyed students entered for the first time the large Turners Falls High School building. It was the first Wednesday of the month of Septem- ber in the year 1944. The warm, clean air of the day was filled with the excited voices of the thronging, expectant pupils. We, as all of the other classes of fresh- men that have preceded us, wandered about the corridors like helpless lambs lost in the deep, dark woods. At the Senior-Freshman Hop we made ourhfirst entrance into the extra- curricular activities of the Turners Falls High School. It was at this dance that we caught the Hrst good glimpse of the "high and mighty" seniors. This year our freshman football team was coached both by Mr. Welch and Mr. Prondecki. 'lihe regulars of the team were John Stotz, Robert Maclntyre, Eugene Podlenski, Charles Maddern, Alfred Verrier, C. Murphy, Donald Collins, Raymond Collins, Chester Plodziere, Donald LeMoine and Robert Bassett. Many of our boys and girls were represented in the musical organizations which were to become the backbone of our own clubs. Even in our first year we can say that almost all of our class belonged to some club or organization. Another September rolled around and to our astonishment we found that already we had completed one-fourth of our high school life. As sophomores, one of the First things we did was to elect our class officers, many of whom still remain our leaders today. Kenneth Little became our good-humored and well- liked president. Donald Girard was elected our vice-president, Pat Lyman, our treasurer and Audrey Webster our class secretary. Richard O'Connell became our class historian. Later in the year, under the supervision of Miss Clark, our class teacher, we held our first formal event as a class, the Sophomore Social, which was a very beautiful and original afifair. Music was by the "Rhythm Makers" and Christmas decorations were used. In the receiving line were: Mr. Wrightson, Mr. and Mrs. Burke, sophomore home room teachers, Miss Politella, Miss Little, Miss Crean and Miss Clark and lastly president Kenneth Little and secretary Audrey VVebster. Mr. Charles Gloski coached our sophomore team which now showed signs of becoming a football squad. All of the other students were also noticing the excellent work accomplished by our class representatives in the different organiza- tions. Looking back we have discovered that our sophomore year was both the slowest and most unexciting one of all four school terms. But we later made up for this rest. I VVe were soon to find out that our third year was to be very complete and exciting. For now as juniors our studies became more difficult, our reputation Page Forty-seven "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 greater and extra-curricular activities more abundant and more important to our school life. To start the year off right the class elected the same officers again except for the office of historian which was now conferred upon Paul Mathieu. Next on the program was the American Legion oratorical contest. The participant from our class was Muriel May who proudlycaptured third place honors. After this contest we began to prepare for tivo of the most important activities in the Turners Falls High School ---the junior Prom and junior Prize Speaking. After weeks of hard work and waiting Junior Prize Speaking tryouts were held in which a high majority of the class participated. After hours of deliberation the judges finally chose the eight contestants, and a very unusual occurance, eight alter- nates. The contestants were: Josephine Rastallis, Mary Lou Bassett, jessica Hy- land, Patricia Lyman, Joseph Gymrek, Kerwin Stotz, William Letourneau and Eugene Brantner. Eugene Brantner took first place, jessica Hyland, second and joseph Gymrek. third. Our Prom was another gala affair. At the far end of the gymnasium was :1 large, realistic wishing-well that seemed to emit waves of happiness. Not even the chilly weather prevented the gym from becoming filled with both the formally dressed dancers and the gazing spectators. It was at this dance that we first worked hand in hand with our class teacher, Miss Clark, in producing this im- portant event. To add to the success of the dance, Ray Black furnished the music. Many of our talented pupils were in the one act plays that were produced this year by Miss Teed, while an increasing number of our classmates joined other school clubs and organizations. Last fall we all returned to high school as seniors. We now realized that we were on the last lap of our high school career and so we decided to make the most of it. Again, the first thing we did was to elect the same officers as we had in our junior year. Then, we held the Senior-Freshman dance welcoming the newcomers, the freshmen, to our fpardon mej O-U-R high school. We were now able to look down upon them as our senior predecessors had upon us when we were dimly remembered freshmen. The gymnasium was decorated by many bright streamers most of which were green, white and yellow. To add to the enjoyment of the dance, "The Rhythm Makers" again furnished the music. Page F arty-eight KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 Our class under the able direction of Miss Teed produced many splendid one act plays one of which was put on twice. This play, "The Valiant," was given both at the high school assembly and on the night of "Open House" when over seven hundred people visited the high school under peculiar circumstances. Until a few minutes before the play, electric lights were absent. The visiting parents walked about the buildings with lighted candles held aloft to guide their way. Even after all this excitement the cast of the "Valiant" settled down and enter- tained their audience completely. As you will see in the history of our class luck walked with us everywhere we went. Next the class presented their senior play, "Stardust," by Walter Kerr. Again a majority of the class participated at the tryouts. After overcoming many difficulties we finally presented the play, a week later than most presentations of Turners Falls High School senior plays. Many members of the cast became sick but the openings were filled by capable sub- stitutes. The auditorium was completely iilled both nights. Special credit should be given to the entire cast and competent backstage crew for putting on such a splendid and successful comedy as "Stardust" The leading male role was per- formed by Joseph Gymrek, the female role by jessica Hyland. Each and every member of the cast fulfilled his duty perfectly. Again a class member placed in the American Legion oratorical contest' Alfred Verrier placed second among a group of capable debaters. Paul Mathieu was the other senior contestant. Many new features have been developed during our last year in high school. A Franklin County Music Festival was held in the Turners Falls High Auditorium and grounds on a Saturday in early May. Everybody agrees that the festival was a success as it was inspiring to see and contact so many pupils from other schools. Later in May the band and the girls' and boys' glee clubs went to the VVestern Massachusetts Music Festival. The musical organizations came home withimany top honors. Another addition to high school tradition is the "Musical Symbols of '48" an all boys' triple quartet' They specialized in barbershop harmony. Resembling that of the quartet is the all girl septet, which specialized in soft, emotional music. Special credit must go to Miss Argy for directing such successful musical organ- izations. To Mr. Weiner, who has built instrumental organizations into the best in the area, goes three cheers from the entire senior class. Late in May the student body put on the "Varieties of '48." The auditorium was nearly filled to capacity both nights despite terrible weather. Another new Page Forty-nine 'KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOI 1048 feature to the show besides the "Symbols" and the "Septet" was the freshman "Tumblerettes" who specialized in actions performed by clowns. The entire show met the complete approval of the audience. This year our record in sports thus far, has not been exceptional, but neither has it been anything to be ashamed of.lVIr. Graeber, our new coach, has worked hard in teaching his ways to the eager athletes. In basketball, we did go down to the Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. We missed being the Champions of the tournament by one point lost in the last seconds of the game. But the boys did come back with a beautiful trophy and miniature basketballs The Intramurals were won this year by Room 21, a senior room. The regulars on the football team were: R. Maclntyre, D. LeMoine, L. Fadran, K. Stotz, N. Desautels. R. Bassett, R. Lapidus, H. Escott, R. Collins. K. Little and R. Bartlett. Raymond Bartlett and Robert Bassett were our co- captains. The regulars on our basketball teams were: R. Bartlett, H. Escott, Dion, E. Treml, P. Bourdeau, D. Paine. H. Stewart and R. Bassett. Herbert Escott was captain of the team. R. Bartlett, H. Escott, j. Dion, E. Treml, P. Bourdeau, D. Paine, H. Stewart, and E. Brantner were the regular seniors on the baseball team. Our class now consisting of only one hundred students. has accomplished much, done many new and different things and has a history that we are proud to have and to remember forever. Our future is dim and uncertain, but if we con- tinue in the paths that we have taken through our high school life I am sure that they will lead us to the top where peace, health, and all the other essentials of a good life prevail. ,sie I Page Fifty OWI.l-IIDGIC IS 'l'Hli lil-IY T0 SITC!-ISS" 'ITRNERS FAXI.l.S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 SENIOR CL GUS Top Row Doris xYl'lt'Ullll', .Klum Pillllill, l,uviI!u Iirulv, ,lmu l.llcQll2lYX'Hk', Shirluy lXlm'Imw 'l'hircI Row Gran- Cuuturc, Nzlrylml Bassett, -lUSP17hi111' Ruslullis, Claim- Kuninski, Xlulrc' Minor, Mario Stark Sn-vmul Row jam- Sgullniur, Malrim- Colmurn, .Xlivc I':llj.1L'lhllI'1I, ja-ssiva Hylamml, ChI'i5lil1K' llucln, ciUllSlilI1l'l' Mcflnry' l,1:w4-I' Row Ywrlumlu QqZ2lI'I1CK'ki, .Xgm-s Banc, Miss 'll-L-ri, Nlbflllil L111l'igllii!l, Mary Thisllv CHEERLEADERS ? if his Smmling Kluriv Culmrn, Htlly f1I'0l'lIlLlW, .Xllclrvy Wm-lmsln-x', I,illl'il'i2l l.XHl.lll Km-1-lilly.: lburulhy Kuklcwilx, Hvlc-n Sojku, .Xlirc liugcllmaml Page Fifiy-nm' 'KNOVl'l.lilDGli IS 'l'HI-I KICY 'l'O Sl'CCliSS" 'ITRNICRS F.Xl.l.S HIGH SCH 1048 .lunior Prom THE JUNIOR PROM The junior Prom of the Vlassof 1948 was held in the High School Gymnasium on Nlay 9, 1947. 'l'heG1-and March was started at 8 P. Nl. It was led hy the junior and the senior class presidents and secretaries, Kenneth Little, .Xudrey lVelmstt-r. Robert .Xllen and Marilyn Vasey. All the participants of the Grand Nlareh were then introduced to the follow' ing patrons, patronesses, and class officers: Mr. and Nlrs. George lf. Xliightson, Nlri and hlrs. Arthur li. Burke, Nlrs. Kenneth Little, Nlrs. Raymond liartlett, Nlrs. 'l'heodore liarwell, Klrs. Russell XYL'lJSlC1', Mrs. Norman Plante, Kliss Louisi- Flarlq Class .Xdvisor, Robert Allen, Marilyn Vast-y, Kenneth Little, Xudrey Xvelmstt,-r. The dt-eorations, designed by Constance Nlcflary and Nlary 'l'histlt-, fea- tured a garden scene, with a wishing well and trellises entwined with yellow and white paper flowers. Streamers of nile green, canary yellow, and white paper. with clusters of flowers at the posts, decorated the balcony railings. Six haskets of shad, pine, and forsythia completed the decorations. The danee program eovers, designed lay Anthony XVasilt-ski, were a green garden gate against a yellow background. Sylvia Thistle and Dorothy 1Yallt-nius gave out the programs during the Grand March. Punch, prepared by Miss Reum and her Home lieonomies girls, was served. Music was furnished by Ray Blaclis eight-pit-ee orellestra from Northamp- ton. They played waltzes, fox-trots, jive, and polkas. .Xt about two minutes to eleven the orchestra played "Good-night Ladies" and the junior Prom of the flass of 1948 was over with everyone exelaiming what a good time he had had. Page F iffy-Iwo JVNIIHIJGIC IS 'l'I-Ili KEY UI' SIICCIQSSH 'I'l'RNI-IRS F.bXI.I.S HIGH SCHOOL 1048 Pro Merito . -s 1 - . -f -at-sc: linrls vt-ntl-r Kliss cililflx liaivla row, ' Kluria-I May, 'l'homats I.ow, I,-JI't'll.l Iimvttt-, Marin Stark, Christina I7.ul.1, Paul Iiourcla-au Fa-nts-r row, tiHIISlIl'Il'k' Macflary, .Xlicv li tglt-hart, It-ssica Hylainil, Marion llamon, .Xnthony VN'asilcski Front row, -- Stamlcy Smiarowski, Gram? Couturt-, :Xgncs Banc, anal Ki-rwin Stotz THE PRO MERITO TRIP TO SPRINGFIELD XXI- arrivt-tl at Springlitilal Technical High School about 9:45, on tht- morning of May Sth. Ivo rt-gistt-rod at thc ilcsk in thc front hall anal thi-n wc wt-ru shown to a room in which wc coulal lcavc our coats. IVQ wt-rc to mcct in thc aualitorium at tcn o'cloclc for thc business meeting. hlauy of us rcalizt-al for thc first timv that thc Pro Mcrito chapters in XVvstt'rn Massacliusa-tts haul het-n having annual mcctings tht-rc for sc-vcral ycars. ' 'Iihc first pit-cv of husincss was tht- cla-ction of new officers. Tha- constitution statt-tl that tho prcsiali-nt must hc a ina-tnhcr of that lihaptcr that is going to hc host at thc nt-xt mccting. Sinca- Grca-niiclcl High School will hc thc placc of next yt-ars mot-ting, two canclialatcs wt-rc nominatocl from tht-rc. In thc halloting that followt-tl thi- nominations, Stcvcn Stamatopolus was clcctocl. .Xftt-r tht- husina-ss mt-cting, tht-rc was at rush for tha- cafctcria whcrc at lunch haul ht-un pri-part-cl. Eating our mt-al in srmwwhatt of a hurry, wc rcturnt-cl to thc auclitorium, wlu-rc wc lint-cl up for group pictures. 'I'ht' aftcrnoon activitics Iwgan in thc auclitorium. IVQ lu-ard at stirring talk hy Proft-ssor Rancl of thu llnivcrsity of lX'Ia1ssachus.-ttsfaculty. Vllha-n Professor Ranal haul tinishcal tht- 'Il-clinical High School stuclvnts put on various acts from thvir musical show. Onv of thc ht-st acts was at magic act put on hy at ssnior hoy. llc was vvry clt-vcr ancl ha- lwpt tht- autlit-ncv in at humorous mooal. VVIIUII tlw cntcrtaiinmtint vnclt-al, wt- movccl to tht- gym wlia-rv at social hour was ht-ltl. I think that I can safoly say that thc pupils from 'liurncrs Falls had at granil clay. 'lihc confort-ucv hrolit' up about fivc o'clock when 1-ach group lvft thc huilaling lit-aclctl homcwarrl. , I s Page Fzfty-three IxYUXX'l,lCI'1'1l'f IS 'l'lIlC KICY 'IU SI'C'CIiSS" 'ITRXICRS If.Xl.l.S lllllll SVIIUOI. I0-H4 ,,k.1 . VS" .ff Y , PLAN YINGS CIEOOL 59.8 .- an-1 S PKBLIC SIX ER H CAS! x s . .J 1' l"1,f'tygfn1n' KNOWLI-DGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 SCHOOL SAVINGS PLAN Something new has been added to the Turners Falls High School this hectic year of 1947-1948. That something is a school saving plan under which each pupil, with the consent of his parents, may open a savings account at the Croker Savings Bank, through the school. Each Tuesday morning found junior and senior girls from Miss Little's bookkeeping class busy in the various home rooms recording deposits in the pass- books for the students. The office girls who did the group recording were Agnes Bane and Valda jillette. Miss Little appointed head cashiers and assistants from the senior group as follows: Audrey Webster, jane Saulnier, Mabel Miner, Doris Welcome, Mary Jenks, Shirley Marlowe, Lucille Brule, Alice Engelhard, jean Morse, Lauretta Bonnette, Shirley Care, Dorothy Swelha, Shirley Hebert, Flor- ence McCormick, Claire Kuninski, Elizabeth Pleasant, Marie Stark, Jean La- Chapelle, Alma Paulin, and Christine Duda. The cashiers from the junior class included joan Welch, Helen Sennott, Annette Engerman, and Goldie Cohen. The substitutes were Gloria Banash, jean Strange, Ulaberl Palmer, Bernice Saulnier, ,Ioan VVojtasiewicz, Eleanor Koblenski, Lorraine Christian and Pauline Renaud. Bank day was started in October, 1947 and continued successfully through May, 1948. I say successfully because the deposits in the high school alone equalecl 853100 and together with the grammar school totaled 39000. This is truly a remark- able figure for the number of students in the schools. ' The class of '48 has begun another activity in which Turners High will become a leader. Our thanks to Miss Little for her excellent guidance and leadership. 4 , jig L COMMUNITY SERVICE CLUB During the war, away back when we were freshmen, this club which was then known as the "War Service Club," was the most active group in school. It sponsored clothes drives, fat and soap drives and almost everything else that a country in time of war could need. Now, during peacetime, the girls are still kept busy, and find that their work in this club not only helps others to be happy, but it also makes the girls feel proud to be of help. At Christmas time, they help decorate the Manger, and pass out carol books for the community singing. They also collect for the Red Cross, and in the past few years have canvasseil the whole town. VVhether in times of war or peace this active group of girls certainly do a commendable job in aiding their community. I Pgae Fifty-jvc UKNUXYI lillflli IS 'IQIIIC KEY 'IU Sl'C'CfI2SS" 'l'l'RNl-IRS F.-XLLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 if UNITY SERVICE CLUB M COM x N . Xin 4:1441 ,ia Ta Q ' wa,w,g,' xy , Q,6ifiQf:'g " ' N.,,l!.a. ,XR I 'u gr l"1fly-.vix JWLICIDCIC IS 'l'HlC KEY 'VU Sl'CCliSS" 'ITRNICRS F.Xl.l.S HIGH SFHOOI. 1948 LATIN CLUB e , x . ' X FRENCH CLUB s , If -- - - Q r Q S ' L-, ., . I ,fl ge l"i1'Iy-xe2'P11 "liNHXYliIClDf3lIi IS 'I'lllC KICY 'IU Sl'C'i'IQSS" 'ITRNICRS F.Xl.l.S HIGH SCHUUI 1018 "STARDL'ST" 4? S L E F5 T. I '7 'I. CJ 'T fs +4 f E Q -In 1: .E Ia :L Lxl W ... Q, L- A Z If I la ,Q Lf AQ Ll, Tu L -1 .D L :Z : LJ Q L, :- L- J 5 5 T F1 Z P. 3 -L.. .E JU :L PE E f l'f1gf Fliffj'-f'I'.Qllf lxNOWI EDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 "STARDUST" After rehearsing for seven long weeks with Miss Teed the Flass of 1948 presented its first nigl1t's performance of the animal senior play before an over- capacity house. The name was "Stardust," a comedy in 3 acts -'the time: the present synopsis, and the place: the combined office and studio of the Academy of Dramatic and Allied .-Xrts attached to a small university somewhere in New Hampshire. :Xs the curtain goes up, Marian Phipps, C-Iosephine Rastallisj secretary to Mr. Bach, Cjoseph Gymrekj head of the department, enters, and after posing in the position of a near-by statue, sits down at her desk. Next, some students who are studying art, john Redman, tNorman Desautelsj and Cynthia Keene Cslane Saulnierj enter, and are followed by Raimund Brown, tDonald Girardj and Mavis Moriarity Clithel Belly The above are engaged in conversation concerning the arrival of a visiting actress, Miss Prudence Mason tjessica Hylandj when the three young girls, Miss Freeman K.-Xgnes Banej, Miss Robinson, CNorma Plantel, and Miss jones tShirley Marlowej hound into the office. Tad Voorhis, tRichard Lt-Mairej an artist and Stella Brahms, CGrace Couturej a 'suffering artiste," and Phil Ford, Cl-Iugene Brantnerj the student designer enter in swift succession. .X gruesome chorus composed of Fynthia Keene, Mavis Moriarity, the three misses, and Stella Brahms and directed by Tad Voorhis swings into action, and is highlighted by the arrival on the scene of janet Ross, CMarilou Englehardj a student with whom Phil Ford is in love. Mr. Bach comes in and sends all of his students out, fearing that their excitement on her arrival will impress Miss Mason as being childish. .-X jerry Flanagan, fLeonard Cadranj news reporter from Hollywood comes to the school hoping to sign for the part of "Christina" Miss Mason, the only normal person present, who has arrived with her fiance, Mr. Arthur Scott Clierwin Stotzj. Frightened at the sophisticated attitude of the students she expected to be so "down to earth," Miss Mason phones her closest friend, Claire Carter CH:-len Sojkaj, who arrives later to save her from such per- sons. To complicate the situation the Dean of VVomen tTherese Mannj fmds Phil Ford and Miss Mason together and demands that the frenzied Mr. Bach close the show the students are about to present. To save her reputation, and the show, Prudence says she is going to marry Arthur Scott. Somehow this hurdle is passed to the amazement of the audience, and Miss Mason is acting in the play when the students disgrace her performance by Walk- ing and talking her lines. Finally, this action is remedied, with the utterly de- feated Mr. Bach and students apologizing to Miss Mason. For some time no one does succeed in securing the contract for "Christina" offered by jerry to both Miss Mason and Miss Ross, but the third act ends hap- pily as Prudence decides to complete the performance and then go on to Holly- wood and to Paul Kenyon, whom she should have married in the first place, and saved herself this hectic interlude with such "artists," The curtain closes as Claire farter promises herself always to be a bodyguard to Prudence. The heartfelt appreciation of the Class of 1048 goes to Miss Alice Teed, our director and dear friend, whose splendid training made such a performance possible. Page F1fty-nine 'KXOXYl.I-llbllli IS THIC KICY IU SI'K'i'lCSS" 'ITIQXICRS F.Xl.I.S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 1" ART CLL'B x. . X Pnge Sixty KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 THE ART CLUB This club is one of the largest and most active of the many here in the high school. Were we to visit them during one of their meetings, we should see some stu- dents dabbling in oils, others sketching a still life or landscape and still others busily engaged in work for various school activities. At their first meeting of the year, the Art Club elected David Dodge, presi- dent: Joseph Krol, treasurer, and Anthony VVasileski, secretary. They decided to have a Halloween Dance to raise money for their trip to Boston. In November, members sold chances on a large Thanksgiving basket made up of contributions from the club and their friends. The large Della Robbia wreath used in the annual Christmas Show was made by members of the Art Club. During the later part of the year much time was spent creating pictures of typical New England scenes. These pictures were sent to foreign countries by the Red Cross to show others a little of our .-Xmerican way of life. It was hoped these pictures might strengthen our bonds of friendship and understanding with these countries. i In May the club journeyed to Boston on its annual trip to various museums. The Boston Public Library, the llflusetnn of Fine Arts and the Isabel Gardener Museum were visited. The decorations for the H1948 Varieties Show" were designed by David Dodge and constructed by :Xrt Club members. i Because the activities of this club extend from September through june, and because each event of the school year needs in some way the assistance of this group, we feel that it is truly one of our most active organizations. THE COMMERCIAL CLUB Early last fall, the Commercial Club elected Claire liuninski, president: Shirley Marlowe, vice president: Lauretta Bonnette, secretaryg and Shirley Care, treasurer. ' On December 13, the Club made their first trip to Forbes and Wallace in Springfield. They were given a brief talk on cycle billing and personal shopping. A personnal shopper takes orders by telephone receiving all the necessary informa- tion from the customer then, proceeds to buy, wrap and send or deliver free of charge within the Springfield area. We were left to roam the shopping district to observe the selling points and window displays. Soon after Bank Day was started in the high school, the girls were the guest of lVIr. Gunn, President of the Crocker Institution for Savings. Mr. Blood and Miss Hines explained the complete procedure, which all school savings account go through. They were shown how to operate the banking machines. The seniors were the guest of junior members at our annual Valentine's party on February 10. During that same week February 12, ten seniors served tea to the faculty in the teacher's room. This taught the girls to be receptionists and co- hostesses. On March 23, the group visited the Bell Telephone Company in Greenfield. Their Open House gave the girls a chance to see the inside of the telephone build- ing and to observe how the system works. A glimpse at the different phases of the business world, creates more interest in the students' classwork. It also gives them some idea of the work that they may like to do. I Page Sixty-one IxXUWl,liIJGlC IS 'HIIQ KICY 'IU Sl'C'i'liSS" 'l'I'IiXlClQS l".Xl,I.S HIGH SFHUUI, HHH fl V CLLB AL I MERC NI CO -A ,.....- N . . - xx! say, x 's 9 fin . I . ' , 1' 5'1'.x'ly-rival JWLIEIJGI-I IS 'I'HI-Q lil-IY IO Sl'Ct'IiSS" 'l'l'RNRl-IS I-fXl.I.S HIGH SCHOOI. I9-I8 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB - 'f I". X " . , A A J K NVz1y lmck in 1945, wht-n wc- first t-nu-rt-tl lIigl1Scl1ool as fri-slnnt-rl, ont- of our first extra-curricula zictivitit-s was tht- llonn- lic-onoinit-s Vlnlm, I know that tht- cluh mum- dot-sn't sound vt-ry intt-rt-sting, Init t-vt-ryotic pztrticipzltt-tl in all of its activities uncl thoroughly cnjoyt-tl t-:wh out-. VVht-n unyom- st-us tht- ntnnt- H-IIOIIIL' lic. Club," ln- thinks that it is at cooking :intl sowing circlt-, but ht- is wrong. .Xt onr first nn-t-ting, wt- ln-lil t-lt-ctions nnrl tht- following ollict-rs wort- in- stztllt-tl: Ht-lc-n Sojkn, prt-sich-nt: I.illlI'l'llil Honnt-ttt-. vittt- prt-sich-nt: :incl Matric- folmurn, st-Crt-tnry. :Xftt-r tht- installations, Ht-lt-n Sojkzi pri-sitlt-tl during tht- rt-st of tht- int-1-ting' wltt-rc it was alt-Ciclt-cl that wt- shonltl lmvt- at hikt- tht- following wt-ck. :XII IllL'llll70I'S turnt-tl out for it so it wus quilt- snt-ct-ssfttl. XXX- haul st-vt-rnl hikt-s znul inzlnx' mrtit-s in tht- clnlm rooms :it tht- Grznmnzu' . I Svhool. Our nn-inlmt-rs sc-rvt-cl nt tht- footlmll, bzlst-lmnll zmtl lmnskt-tlmnll lmztnqut-ts, tloing ouch ont- mort- i-ffm-Ctivr.-ly than tht- pu-Ct-t-tlitig ont-. i-3? Page Sixty-three HKNOWLICIJGIQ IS 'l'Hl-1 lil-CY 'IU Sl'CCliSS" 'ITRNICRS l-'.Xl.l.S HIGH SCH 1048 SPANISH CLUB AXX l'Nl'Sl'.Xl, ,XSSIQQXI HLY Un March ll, tht- stutlt-nts of lurnt-rs lligh wt-rc t-nit-rttiint-tl in it most' un- usual mztnnt-r by Holm Sztulnit-r, who haul gl'iltlllilll'll from this school in 1946. liola spokt- intt-rt-stingly on tht- subjt-ut of japan. its pt-oplt-, its customs illlll its living uontlitions. lfvt-ryont- t-njoyt-tl his t-xct-llt-nt impt-rsonntions ol' tt xlzipztttt-sv train t-oncluctor culling' tht- nznnt-s of XIZIIJHIIOSC towns. Bob provt-cl himst-lf to bt- quitt- 21 humorous spt-ztkt-r. Although time was growing short, no ont- wants-cl him to stop. His topic hcltl tht- intt-rt-st of tht- stuclt-nts from start to finish. XYht-n liolm grntluzttt-tl from lurnt-rs High, ht- lllllllk'tll2llL'lX ntztclt- plants to t-ntt-r tht- znrnly ztntl tlitl so in Uctoht-r, 1946. Ht- trziint-tl ill liort .lztckson South Vztrolintt for ont- month lit-forv lit-ing st-nt 1084111 l'lI'2lIlClSCO zintl tht-n ilztpztn. In Tokyo liolm was in tht- 7th Vzivztlry cloing honor cltttics :ts nn lmpt-riul Pziluct- guztrcl, rloing nirficltl rt-ct-ption work, taking zum important pztrt in flootl control :incl cloing otha-r guzlrcl tlutit-s. liolfs squadron wus stzxtiont-rl in Toky o ct-ntt-r, only ont- block front thc Ginza, which is equal to our Broadway in New York, this fact gzivc him at gootl clmnct- to stutly tht- customs nncl ways of tht- Jupztm-so pt-oplc during his stay in that country. lioh was in tht- st-rvicc for I8 months, I3 of whirh ht- spt-nt ovt-rst-as in hlzipzm, Okinnziwzt and tht- Philippine-s. Ht- was at prt-tty happy follow wht-n ht- lzintlt-cl in tht- Unitt-rl States ztftt-r at vt-ry exciting and cclucutionzil trip to at strnngt- luntl. llis ship clot-kt-tl nt St-zlttlt-, Xtaxshington, wht-rv ht- was tliscluirgt-cl in l'iL'lJ!'LlZlI'j', 1048. Naturally, lioh is glzicl to ht- homo, but ht- plans to lvzivt- again soon to zittt-ntl rzulio school at Syracuse Univt-rsity, to continut- in at fit-lrl in which ht- is very much intt-rt-str-tl. 1,41 ge Sixtyjaur OVVl.lilX2l-I lS 'l'Hli lil-IY 'VO SVCCI-ISS" 'l'l'RNl-IRS I-'.XLl.S HIGH SCHOOL 1048 Girls' Glee Club ,lost-phine Rnstnllis und Robert Rt-nuud singing -t duet 'l'ht- girls' glee cluh undt-r tht- direction of Miss lflort-nce Argy, is at blending of 70 girls voices of tht- sophotnort-, junior und st-nior clusst-s. -The orgzulizatiou had to ht- liniitt-tl nt tryouts ht-t'uust- so inuny trit-tl out for it. 'l'ht- girls had at food sult- in XOVLTllllJl'l' to ruist- money for tht- hlut- rolmt-s they rt-ntt-tl for tht- cil'lI'l5llll2lS C'ont-t-rt, whit-h they :tppt-nrt-tl in. 'llhe night ht-fore tht- tfonct-rt, previous to their lust rt-ht-zn's:1l, tht- girls had il covert-tl dish supper. They invited tht- senior hoys from the hoys' glt-t- cluh who were to usher nt tht- concert. Une of tht- prt-ttit-st st-qut-uct-s in our zninuul Vnrit-ty Show was tht- uppeztr- ance of tht- girls' glet- clulm. 'l'ht- girls in tht-ir pzistt-l colored t-vt-ning gowns lllllill' at lovely sight, und even more so when tht- colort-d lights wert- shown upon tht-m. The z1ppt-z1rzu1t't- of ai girls' st-ptt-t wus 21 vt-ry plt-zising addition to the girls pztrt of tht- progrtnn. The girls in this st-ptet wt-rt-: .Xgnt-s linne, Nlztrie Coburnl Shirley Marlow, ,lost-phine Rustaillis, Leona Goodrich, Dorothy Swt-hla, Audrey XVt-bstt-r zmtl, .-Xtlt-lla Vhzirtit-r from tht- class of '-10. .Nt tht- Wt-stern Nlnssucliust-tts Music lit-stivul tht- girls mzidt- their usual good showing and were ziwzirtlt-d il supt-rior rating for their lint- work. 'lihe oihct-rs of tht- Glet- fluh nrt-2 . A-Xltna Paulin, President 'l'ht-resu Mann, Lihrzirian 'liht-st-trtionlt-atlt-rsnrt-: hlosephint- Rustullis, Dorothy Swehlzi, flziirt- Kuninski, Shirley Marlow and :Xudrey XVt-bstt-r. The pianists nrt- Bernice lltzflrzitict-, slt-un Pit-rt'e and Leona Goodrich. Page S1'xtygfi2'e 'KNOXVLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TLRNERS F.-XLLS HIGH SFHOOI 1948 MISS ARGY AND THE BOYS' GLEE CLUB BOYS' GLEE CLUB 'l'ht- boys' glut- club untlcr tht- tlircction of Miss l"lort-nct- .Xrgy has 34 incin- bt-rs this year. Rilylllllllll Collins was clt-ctctl prt-sitlt-nt antl tht: st-ction lt-atlt-rs Wert-2 Doynaltl LcMoine, Kcrwin Stotz, Donaltl Girartl, and Roht-rt Basst-tt. 'l'ht- boys inatlt- tht-ir first appt-arancc at tht- annual football hanqut-t in lJL'Cl'llllK'I'. 'l'ht- boys also sang at tht- clllI'lSllll2lS .xSSL'lIllJly antl at a spt-cial asst-inbly on March 5. 'l'ht- two nights of our annual Varsity Show was sparlet-tl hy thc appt-arancc of our Boys' Glt-c Club. lt nlatlt- it's usual lint- showing but it was tht- "Musical Syn1hol's" who stolt- tht- show, gt-tting curtain calls both nights. 'l'ht- "Symbols" consistt-tl of a group of sixtt-t-ll boys, four tlrt-sst-tl as tht- "sharps," four as tht- "flats" and four as tht- "nt-utrals." Their barbcr-shop rcntlition of sonic of tht- oltl tinlt- songs gavt- a nostalgic air to a fine antl up-to-tlalts show. 'l'hc jutlgt- at tht- VVt-sttrrn hlilSSllCl1USL'lIS Music lft-stival hatl only praist- for our boys' glct- club. Ht- saitl, "Tho 'l'urncrs Falls Boy's Glt-c fluh isa vt-ry supt-rior group and is one of tht- outstanding ont-s I havt- hcartl. Many largc city high schools would be envious of a group of this size antl quality." Page Sixty-six tlWl.l-Illtll-I IS 'l'lll-I KEY 'IU Sl'C'i'l-ISS" 'lll'RXl-IRS l-'.Xl.l.S lllflll SVHOUI, I0-N THE BAND ,t . . A . . ,. . l ht- liantl lllltll'l' tht- tlu't-t't1on ol Xlr. lit-njanun XX t-int-i' has lmt-con1t- ont- oi tht- proutlt-st posst-ssions of our high svhool. lt' niatlt- it"s first appt-aranct as usual at ' tht- lfranklin County l-'air in Crt-t-nfit-ltl antl was a grt-at ht-lp in our winning' st-contl plavt- in tht- t'lit-t-ring. 'l'ht- lmantl playt-tl at all of our foothall ganit-s, at hoint- antl away, antl at all of our autlitoriuni asst-nilmlit-s antl rallit-s. .Xt tht- Gartlnt-r ganit-. our snappy twirlt-rs proutlly showt-tl off tht-ir nt-w uniforms for tht- first tinit-. On Uvtolit-r ltlth, tht- liantl hatl tht- plt-asui't- of playing a Convt-rt at tht- 'l't-at'ht-rs t'onvt-ntion in tirt-t-niit-ltl, On llallowt-t-n night tht-5' paratlt-tl in 'l'ni'nt-rs lfalls with all tht- littlt- folks who proutlly' inarcht-tl in tht-ir costunit-s. lfollowing that. tht-3' wt-rt- aslct-tl to nialct- an appt-arant't- in 'l'urnt-rs at tht- .Xrniistit't- Day tlt-tlit'n- tion st-t'vit't-. Opt-n lloust- for our part-nts again fountl tht- hantl on tht- joli playing, tlt-spitt- tht- laclc of t-lt-tttrivity. On Ut-ct-nilrt-r 16th ourfirst honit- g'anit-oftlit- lmaskt-tliall st-ason, tht- lmantl playt-tl antl ht-lpt-tl out tht- cht-t-r lt-atlt-rs at all tht- rt-st of tht- ganit-s, t-vt-n thost- away. 'l'ht- st-vontl annual l'hristnias i'ont't-rt was prt-st-ntt-tl hy tht- hantl antl tht- girls' glt-t-t'luli on lit-t't-inlit-r 10th, antl it was liighliglitt-tl hy two vt-ry tint- solos. Unt- was hy Nancy lllootl on tht- troniliont-, antl tht- st-Conti was Dorothy Gunn on tht- tynipanii. .Xttt-r tht- strain ot our nutl-yt-ar t-xanls, tht- hantl put on tht- calmart-t this vt-ar, which was in tht- form of "Radio Night" antl ft-aturt-tl a vt-ry lint- ratlio prograni. Un Nlarch .lrtl antl Sth tht- lmantl was privilt-gt-tl to play at tht- lift-stt-rn Nlassa- t-hust-tts liaskt-tlmall 'l'ournaiut-nt. 'l'his was tht- only hantl invitt-tl without a rt-prt-st-uting tt-ani. l't1gr- .S'1'.x'l.v-.wi-en 'KNOWl.l-IIJGE IS 'l'Hli KEY TO SUCCESS" 'ITRNERS F.Xl,l.S HIGH SCH 1948 THE SWIN GSTERS lop Row Nlr. Xlieitter, hlarion llatuon, Rolmert Renaud, .Xgnes liane, 'l'ltt-otlore l"areu'ell, -Ioan Couture. lrene l'aulin llottont Row Marie Colmurn, lierniee lie Gralle, .Xlma l'aulin, Raymond liroxo, llonald Girard. . - . l , . . , . .lane .Xllen, .loan Cray, liarhara Slate, ltdward lodlenslti. ltugene lfulo, lhyllts Swehla The Swingsters, reorganized in September under the direction of Mr. Weiner, who has patterned them after the modern dance hands. liaveheeontea really "ht-p" organization. Last year they played at the calzaret and the Varieties. This year they played at the Sophomore Social, Halloween Dance and at the ealiaret put on hy the hand. The "junior Swiug'sters" composed principally of sophomores who took the place of the regulars so they could have a good time too, was a sur- prise to all. They proved they will he alile to till the shoes of the players who are leaving. They are: Marion Danton, Robert Renaud, Agnes Bane, Theodore lfar- well, :Xltna Pattlitt, Raymond Brozo, Donald Girard, lidward Podlenski, liugene Gulo, and -Iosephiue Raslallis. ORCHESTRA The orchestra has hecotue a necessity in the activities at school. 'llhey have played at some of our auditorium periods but the orchestra has really played it's best at our senior play, when they played between acts. They played at junior Prize Speaking and gave the musical note to our Class Day and Fotntnencementt, The orchestra will lose hy graduation this year: Marion Datnon, Raymond lirozo, Theodore Farwell, Donald Girard, Eugene Gulo, Edward Podlenski, and Robert Renaud. Page Sixty-eight OVNII DGIC lS 'I'Hli lil-IY TO Sl'CCliSS" 'l'l'RNFIRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 TWIRLERS Top Row Helly liarley, Norma l'l,mte, Betty Pleasant, ,Xnn Farnsworth, Helen Sennel, Xlargaret Thompson St-eoml Row Shirley Marlowe, Patricia Little, Shirley Care, Bernice lie Gralife, Florence Nlcformick, Fay Webber Thirml Row Shirley George, Kathryn Greene, Mary l.ou linglehart FRANKLIN COUNTY MUSIC FESTIVAL On Saturclay. Nay Ist, the high school was buzzing with activity. Members of the girls' glee club ancl the high school twirlers were running arouncl trying to get this group and that group settlecl, as goocl hostesses shoulcl clo. This was th.- lirst Franklin Founty hlusic lfestival, and everyone was trying to make it a suc- cess. This was a festival that gave no prizes or ratings. It's aim was to gather to- gether the stuclents from various schools in lfranlclin Vounty so they eoulcl hear what the musical stuclents of their own ages were cloing in the other schools. There were five bancls participating, one from .-Xrms .-Xcaclemy, the elemen- tary anal high school bancls from Orange ancl the grammar school and high school bancls from Turners lfalls. There were also singing groups from Shelburne Falls, Leverett, Sunclerlancl, South Ueerfielcl, Fharlemont, Greenfield ancl Turners lfalls. In all, there were approximately 850 students participating. The program startecl promptly at 9:00 A. N. ancl ran off very smoothly, with each group going on stage for their 7 minute audition on time. The program was completerl at 12:30 ancl owing to the chilly weather outsicle, everyone triecl to eat his lunch, brought from home, in our cafeteria. .Xt I :45 all the groups gathererl at Unity Park for the paracle back up to the high school where a masserl chorus anal massecl bancls gave three selections each be- fore the game. Following this, all the participants of the festival remainecl to attend the Turners lfalls-Athol baseball game at Sheff lfielcl. Page Sixty-nine "KNOWI.IilIGE IS THE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TITRNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 "VARIETIES" MAY 20 and 21 PROGRAM Ii-I TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL BAND Conductor .,..,.................... Benjamin VVeiner Colonel Mint-r's March ................. George Rosenkrans Overture--The Trojan Prince fF8Xfl'1'IIlS81t?l'ff011j G. E. Holmes Solo Duet-eSerenade ,.....,,.,,.......,,...,... - X. E. 'l'itl Flute-joan Couture '49 l'lorn+Yaltla jillette '49 Lyric Overture- Liac mln lFex!1'zt1llSelefI1'0r1J Newell H. Long XX'ashington Post March .....,.....,..,.. john Philip Sousa ' , l 'l'wo Pianos---The Rosary .,... . , .Nevins Country Gardens ........... , .Saar Bernice DL-Graffe '49 Irene l'aulin '49 fit BOYS GLEE CLUB Director ............ . . .Miss Florence Argy Down the Open Road .,.. .... L awrence Hanley Shenandoah ...........,......,,.... ,.... S ea Chantey Rain and the River fFesli'Ur1l Numberj ,... . .,,.. Oscar Fox Scandalize My Name ..,............. .... N egro Spiritual 'liell Me a Story ........,.,,.,.. .....,...... L arry Stock Duet'kX'Vill You Remember? from "Maytime". . .S. Romberg josephine Rastallis '48 Robert Renaud '48 I fit GIRLS GLEE CLUB Director ..........,.,............ Miss Florence .Xrgy Orpheus Wiith His Lute from "Henry VIII" William Schuman Minuet of the Dolls .,...,.....,....,.......... Boccherini Wing 'l'ee XVee CFesti1'aI .Yumberl .... .... O 'Hara-Sedgwick PROGRAM f l GIRLS SEPTET OF 1948 Agnes Bane Leona Goodrich Marie Coburn Dorothy Swehla Shirley Marlowe .Xuclrey Webster Adella Chartier '49 The Butterfly ...,.....,....,,...,.,...,.... Cyril jenkins Shelter Lullaby. . . ,.,.......... ,,,. j effery Marlowe fi! GLEE CLUB O, Dearest One, Thou Hast My Heart ...... Robert Schuman 0 7 ne VN orlrl ..........,............. ..,. O 'Hara-Bratton f I THE TUMBLERETTES THE TUMBLING TEAM Director. , ....................... Mrs. Helen Reilly , 'il MUSICAL SYMBOLS of '48 CThe Old Snngsl Kenneth Little Richard LeMaire Kerwin Stotz Herbert liscott Harding Stewart joseph Gymrek Donald Girard john Stotz Paul Mathieu Robert Bassett Raymond Collins Earl Lenois XVilliam W'hiteman '49 Ui! THE SWINGSTERS Director. . . .,..................... Benjamin Vl'einzr Alma Paulin, Vomlisl Robert Renaud and the Swingsterettes iii ACCOMPANISTS Bernice DeGrafTe '49 jean Pierce '49 Claire Prunier 'Sl Richard LeMaire '48 Fil Stage Set Designed by David Dodge and made by the Art Classes. Page Seventy ' IVV! 5Wl.liIJGli IS 'VHIQ KICY 'l'0 Sl'C'C'liSS" 'ITRXICRS F.Xl.I,S HIGH SCHOOL 1948 CLUB -- .. 5 Y ' TRACK TEAM 'llmp Kms' C'1u11'l1 Ri1'l1:11'1l l'l1l1111111, f1Wll'gl' I,2llllUllI'k'2lllX, G1-11-gn' Ric-I, I'-IAilZll'iS XY1-l1'11:11r.'l1ml111 Slnyslm, l'1'1111'ipz1I Us-111'g'1' F. NY1'igl11sf111 Niclcllm- Run XYAIII1-1' l'y'g:111, l'xl'ilIIl'iS RUSL'XYill'IH', Furl lillflgib, .Xl'lIllIl' H111ls111:111, R11v111o11rl flmznpm-llv, I'tllXYilI'1I lXIc'l'z11'1l1y', I,z11'1'yC':11l1':111 Ii11lIu111 Row Rolu-rl Hussm-Il, I.l'illlUl'lI fiklllfilll. llzwiml I'11i111-, RQIXIIIOINI Bzxrlh-Il, l'1111l HlDlIl'lI1'1lll, 'il'IIlI1'lh l.1llll'.'I1lN'11tlcl1'1'l::11'W1'lI, lil'I'XYil1S1UlZ,,lU5l'pIl Dion llugr Sevenly-mle lxNOVKll'lK1l' IS IHI4 lx!-X IO SULLFSS ll RNERS FALLS HIC H QCHOOI I0-18 C. rd x.. 'TJ CT. U -. V L. cu s: O u .J 5 L. P- .. C -- Q G! Q- Z -J - J ... U m 1: N m Z J 2 4. x. TU Q2 2 9. cn LZ If G .. cn 4 3 - - W .. :Z C C LZ' - '1 6 2 ,- ..- C Q CU 'il 1.2 'N -1 P W B ,- .. Z 'L x. 5.2 C C m .C-' .ED rx.. 'S LI .- A j 3 E Q. 11 -I 2 m. .E L5 U 2 A .1 Ll m LY-Y E Dcsaulcls Cadran, A. Ycrrier, N m .E 3 U 5' ui CD M Cv U ai E U A .- 5 T cu U 5 :f ra 1. .. s: CJ L1 GS .. .... 2 .Lk rs : .2 LI A 11, : . if .P A I .E 'E -1 Z Lai 2 L.. If U fa e Z 4 3 C L.. 'C .fl 7: RNOWLI-IDC E IS 'l'HE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 948 The Football Team About two weeks before the opening of school in the fall of l947l the Indians of Turners High were looking toward to another football season. This year every- thing was to be new, a new system, a new coach and a new team with the excep- tion of one regular from the '46 team. The boys met their new coach, Mr. Graeber, in late August and the hard work began. The first game was at Adams and the fans, papers. and everybody were astonished when the Indians over-powered the Adams' eleven and rolled up a 25-0 victory. The team had shown that they too could use the popular T formation. In their next game the blue and white trav- eled east to take on Everett. Turners put up a game battle against the much larger and more experienced Everett team but were overcome by a 41-0 score. After two weeks of recovery and hard work the Indians traveled to Drury and came home victorious 7-0 after a hard fought game. On Columbus Day the Turners team pushed Athol all over the field and yet they only beat them by a 12-0 score. The Indians were then beaten three straight times, first by Tech 19-7, then by Gardner 13-0 and then by the Champion Westfield team 15-0. The team then returned to the victory column by defeating a stubborn Holyoke Catholic team by a score of 13-0. This game was played in rain and mud. The Indians played their best game of the season against Agawam. The big, experi- enced Brownies came to the Turners Falls gridiron boasting an undefeated untied record. The Turners boys beat the Agawam eleven at their own passing game and came out with a 12-12 tie. Un Thanksgiving morning the boys in blue and white were beaten 20-0 by the Greed Wave from across the river. The game was very disappointing to the fans and the players. Although Turners won four, lost five and tied one, Mr. Grae- ber and the boys had done better than any of the fans of papers had predicted. The Indians scored 76 points to 120 points by their opponents. The Indians found it hard to change their form of attack from the single wing to the T formation. The seniors on the team were Co-Capt. Robert Bassett, Co-Capt. Raymond Bartlett, Herbert Escott, Raymond Collins, joseph Dion, Robert Maclntyre, Kenneth Little, Norman Desautels, Leonard Cadran, Robert Lapidus, Kerwin Stotz, john Stotz, Alfred Verrier, Eugene Podlenski and the manager Edward Treml. qs I .ty V . ' 1- 9 J QI Page Seventy fhree lxNOVlI I-IDC Ii IS THI-I KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNI-IRS F.'Xl.I.S HIGH SCHOOI 1948 BASKETBALL TEAM I Standing -- Coach Richard l'utnam, Manager llonald Tooley. Edgar Mullins, Harding Stewart, David Paine, Richard lVleClary, Robert Bassett, Manager Donald Fugere. l'rin. George YVrightson Seated -- - lidward Treml, Paul Bourdeau, joseph Dion, Ramond Bartlett, Herbert liseotl During the 1947-1948 season Turners Falls had the most successful basket- ball team since 1944 when Turners won the tournament at -the University of Massachusetts. Our team, under the coaching of Mr. Putnam, compiled a total of sixteen victories as compared to eight losses. Besides ending in third place in the Valley League the Indians were invited to play in the Assumption Invitation Tournament at VVorcester Where they lost a heartbreaker to St. Louis High School of VVebster in the final round by a 42Y4l score. In the semi-final round a tight ball game was played with Assumption High of Wlorcester which wasn't decided till the last six seconds of the game when "joe" Dion made a sensational interception and basket to lead Turners to 42-41 victory. They felt the bitter defeat in the final game by the same margin where they fell before a strong St. Louis ball club. The Indians received silver basketballs and a beautiful gold trophy as awards. They also had the honor of having Paul Bourdeau and Clem Bartlett picked for the tournament All-Star team. the former on the first team and the latter on the secondteam. Paul Bourdeau received an additional basketball for his five achievements on the basketball court. During the regular season play the Indians were defeated twice by Holyoke, Vllestfield and liasthampton but rewarded themselves by defeating their arch- rival Greenfield twice. Their only other defeat came from a strong Fitchburg aggregation. They defeated the three other Valley League quintets besides South Deerfield. Arms and Athol. ' Page Seienly four OIXI I IIGIEIIS 'l'HIi KEY 'IU Sl'CCIiSS" 'ITRNI-QRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOI 9-I8 THE BASEBALL TEAM - . ..- .. v..t llaek Row Coach Graeber, .X. Restalis, IJ, Alurek, II. Lameroux, S. Zwinski, H. Myleck, G. Riel, bl. Nadeau, Nlr. XYrightson, N. Redinski Middle Row - R. Koch, W. Sawin, XY. Bt-rnum, S. Samoriski, R. Parenteau, XV. Carlisle, F. NVel- eome, IJ. Crouse Front Row - li. 'l'reml. ID. I'aine, H. Iiseott, H. Stewart, ll. liourdeau, R. Bartlett, Dion just three days after the basketball season was over, Mr. Graeber had the battery candidates working out in the gym. It was a couple of weeks before the boys could go out on the field because of the snow which was covering it. The team played their first game just three weeks after outside practice started. The game was at home with Adams and the Indians won by a score of 9-0. In their next two games the 'l'urners boys were defeated by Athol, 4-2, and fhicopee 8-0. In their fourth straight home game the Indians took Greenfield by a score of I0-2. After a long lay-off because of rain the Indians traveled to Northampton and edged out the Hampers 0 -7. After this game the rain came again and the unplayed games on the schedule began to pile up. The team had played only five games while they should have played ten. VVhen the sun finally broke through, the Indians traveled to Vhicopee and Holyoke and were beaten I2-4 and 5-3 respectively. The boys from Turners then returned home only to be beaten by Hamp 8 --Pf 5. In the next game 'l'urners broke their losing streak by defeating Orange 7-6 but were then slaughtered I5-3 by Greenfield in the annual Memorial Day game. Since the Greenfield game the Indians have upset Holyoke 10-4 and defeated Orange 0 -5. XXIIIII' three games remaining the record is 6 victories against 6 defeats. 'l'he seniors on the team are joe Dion, Paul Bourdeau, I-Ierbie Iiscott, f'lem Bartlett, liddie 'l'reml, Dave Paine, Red Stewart and Gene Brantner. lug? Sezenly fize 'KNOWIIIIJGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNER5 FALLS HIGH SCHOOI 1048 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Top Row C, lXfl2lFIlIlXl'l', G. Hanash, C. Dncla 'lihirtlliow 7 ,l.Yivier, F. XVQ-lmlrer, G. LalNlountain, XYooclen, Cf. Horcleau, Mrs. Reitly Seeoncl Row - - R. Graves, AI, Chelava, B. Rieharcl, I-I. Sennotte. C. Lyman Front Row K. Greene. L. Bonnetle, nl. VViekens, l'. Lyman lfor years, men have been ignoring girls basketball. VK'lty? They think it isn't interesting enough. To us girls it's everything. Of Course, it's clifferent from that of boys' basketball. VVe feint, not faint and NU awkwarrl passes and one- hanclerl shots can he seen from all points of the Hoor. lint, we are still latly-like. VVhen we knock each other clown, we say "Pardon me" ancl yank the fallen foe to her feet. VVhen we collicle, we gasp "Oopsl" ancl then try it again. XVe are allowezl hut one lmonnee of the haslcethall for a clrihhle ancl we still play Il six-gal zone lirancl of hall. You wonrler hon' we get from one eml of the floor to the other? Pivots anrl rlireet passes to our team mates is the answer. VVe have scoring rallies ancl the gnarrls play a goocl rlefensive game. Despite the defeats that have mel them at every turn, the girls have workecl harcl and have shown a line display of team work. Page Seventy-six KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 THE TUMBLERS THE GIRLS' TUMBLING TEAM Hard work and no play make our team what it is. The results are shown at the .Xnnual Variety Show, and lfield Day exercises. The team was honored with an invitation to perform at the University of Massachusetts at the Small School 'llournament in 1947. 'llhey always look well in their blue and white uniforms paratling in a snappy strut. THE SKI TEAM In the winter of 1947 and 48 something new was added in the line of sports at 'l'urners High. A ski team was formed by Ted Farwell, his brother Norm, jim Nadeau, john Samariski and Billy Burnham. The boys practiced Wherever they could lintl a slope suitable to ski on. The team entered a ski meet at Pittsfield on january 30 and 31. Although they did not win the meet they made good their appearance as Ted Farwell took first place and Billy Burnham took third place in the jumping. The other boys entered the other various events such as cross- eountry, downhill and the slalom races. It was the first year that Turners had ever had a ski team and we hope it will not be the last. Page Seventy-Seven "KNOWLEDGE IS THE'KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOI 1948 l944e-1945 1945-1946 1946-1 947 1947-1948 "OUR FOUR YEARS" Hurray! VVe're freshmen, and so grown upl VVe've opportunity in a golden cup. First rally, first class and football game: VVhich to the sophomores are really quite tame. "If we were only sophomores," we very often dream "VVe'Cl show them, wc're much bigger than we seem." Hurray! We're sophomores and so much older, But the teachers think we've grown a little bolder. VVe look upon "underclassmen" and each other poke, They seem so helpless, it's really quite a joke. But the juniors actually resent us, "Ah! To be a junior, how that would content us." Hurrayl Vl'e're juniors, and have seen three classes go, My, how the years go by, oh, so awfully slow. At last comes our chance for a "try" at prize speaking, But to be in senior play, is the goal we're seeking. "Ahl To be a senior, is all we're asking for, And then we'd be content, and never ask for more." Hurrayl W'e're SEN IORS, and people of the world, On a merry-go-round, we seem to've been hurled. "VVhere did those four years go?" we say, For it's time to leave, much to our dismay. And now our high school days are o'er, But fond memories will live forever more. Dorothy Kuklewicz Page Seventy-eight JWl.IillGli IS 'l'HIi KICY TO Sl'CCIiSS" 'ITRNI-IRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 7a Gm 14clam2fi4ezz4 IN APPRECIATION The class of 1948 is deeply grateful to our loyal advertisers who have done so much to make this book possible. Indeed we thank you! , ell" ii X. jg,- '53 f Wifi Q I l'ugeSe' fy- ' C F X I C . . GAMELI n CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER FOR 1947-1948 SENIORS ' ' M MONTAGUE CITY MASSACHUSETTS "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 rgforxl .. 4,5352 93 3 CADE' FLOVVEIR SHOP We telegraph flowers 54 Avenue A Turners Falls Dial 8551 M ' h .-.........'.....-.i.I.'...JL.3.L.1.I.1.I.1.:I2.Q.j.-.:.:.:.:.....:.:.:Q:.'. .'.:Z:1:Z:I:' ... W... Wm .... rf:Q:2:f:Q:f:Q:Q:Q:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:f:Q:2:f:2:25:22 ll' we-4 I-H'-4 '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. H ami.. n on. -.Q.:.:.:.:.j.I.:.:.:.:.j.:.:.:.j.:.j.:.j.:.:.j.:. - a"fJ4wf r :5:1:3:?:3:1:3:5:1:1:3:2:1:Z:3: n II:f:I:I:1:I:I:I:Z'I'f'Z':'I'I" E - t 1 1 - u - - a'a'n'-'.'.'-'. Dl.'I'lG'l 3. IIICIIIGAI 0 fffSf2fEfffffEf,.,., . ,' 2 c ,.f:f:f:f:f:f:f:1:f:f:f:1:5:5:f:5:f NAME-ON QUICKIES 50 Printed Notes and 50 Plain Envelopes for 51.00 Just the thing to use when writing quick notes to your friends. Printed in blue ink on either white or blue 24 lb., heavy weight deckle edged paper. .. White Paper .,Blue Paper ... Style Moderne - Upper Drawing .. Style First 8x Last Name-Lower ' Drawivg CORNER BOOKSTORE HSS-1C USCUS 116 Ave. A Turners Fall, Massachusetts E. M. GULOW 8: COMPANY Compliments of B E A ' S - Luncheonette Incorporated A NVhcrc U NH Home-baked Pi6S Tasty Sandwiches Mill and Electrical Supplies ,md Delicious Ice Cream Dial 486 are served Turners Frlls Massachusetts Turners Falls, Alussuclillsmis D R A G 0 ' S JULIUS BLASSBERG, INC. FOR RADIOS New and Used Auto Parts CANDY - ,... CIGARETTES Electrical Appliances Turners Falls, Massachusetts ' Avenue .-X Turners Falls, Dial 775 Nlussaichllscxls Page Eighljf-Arla' KYNOVKIPIJGL IS IHE VEY I0 SUCCFS5 J TURNER? FXLI9 HIGH SCHOOI 1048 Concgmtzzlcztionm' CLASS OF 1948 Bext Wifbef For The Future VALLEY STUDIO "Everything Photographicn' 74 AVE. A TEL. 2184 TURNERS FALLS- , A Page Eighty two "KNOWLEDGE lS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNI-IRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 GOTTLIEB KOCH 8: SON A GROCREIES H- A fine line of BIRDS-EYE FROSTED FOODS - A Try Them -A H Also S. Pierce Canned Goods I69 Avenue A 'l'urne-rs Falls Dial 351 Massachusetts THE TURNERS FALLS COAL COMPANY Runge and Fuel A O I L " Have Phil jill your bin and tank" Turners Falls Dial 8243 Massachusetts Dial 625 FRANKLIN COUNTY PRESS INCORPORATED PRINTING OF ALL KINDS 60 Avenue A Turners Falls Massachusetts EVA M. GIRARD DRY GOODS Millinery Lingerie and Infant Wear 104 Avenue A Turners Falls Massachusetts Congratulations CLASS OF 1948 from the TOWN TAXI Third Street Turners Falls Dial 488 Masszu'husetts Check Up On Your Warrlrolve Todzty Then Dial 2015 NEW WONDER CLEANERS Fur Storage Vaults on Premises CRYSTAL CLEAR CLEANING Open Daily-M7 A. M. to 6 P. M. Saturdays--7 A. M. to 8 P. M. We Are As Near To You Ax Your Telephone Turners Falls 65 Second Street ih"ldSSi-lk'l'lllSCllS Plant 32 VVells Street Grecnlield Page Eighty-three KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 Compliments of THE CROCKER THE CONE SHDP INSTITUTION FOR SAVINGS "The Bank with the Chimes" Compliments of THE ROYL CLEANERS . . Licensed Sanitone Cleaners "Sanit0ning is inromparableu Avcnuc A Turncrs Falls Mnssachlist-its Dial 2043 l'urncrs Falls, Massachusetts BARRETT 8: BAKER Comvplimemof SCHOOL SUPPLIES 8 BOOKS - A q : A 1 - R0Yal Typewfiters Jewelers and Optometrists -f Y Sales and Service 101 Avenue A 310 Main Street Greenfield Dial 4525 Massachusetts Turners Falls Dial 739 Massaclnnsclts Compliments of C l' tx WILLIAMS' GARAGE t"1"fP""e"l"f BAUMIER 'Moron sAl.Es Full Line of .Accessories Rear Vllhecl Alignment Service Electric and Acetylene Welding Foius ERS Most Complete U p-to-date Equiflment ' R 147 Second Street A Turners Falls Dial 8091 Massachusetts Turners Falls 356 M21SS21ChUS0ffS Page Eighty- four "KNOWLEDGE IS 'l'HE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 FOURNIER BROTHERS The Rexall Store . tOne of the l0,000 from Coast to'CoaSt7 THE HOME OF CYNTHIA SWEETS Km-mp's Fresh Crispy Assorted Nuts Hoocl'S Quality Ice Cream For the Friendly Service Call on CLOVIS N. B. FORNIER - P.-XVL -I. FOIIRNIER Proprielnrx Turners Falls Dial 378 Massachusetts Compliments of CHARRON'S PHARMACY Prest'ript'z'on Sperialists I0 Ferlerul Street Greenlielcl Dial 3277 Nlnssziehusetts Dial 4185 JAMES E. CLEARY "The Square Deal Jeweler" JEWELRY CARDS GIFTS 248 Main Street' K Ereen iielcl M asszuzh user ts. Cumplimenls Qi' s u L L IV A N M Your Driuggist ' Dial 4638 Complimenls of HB. P. S." CBcst Paints Soldj AT HOOD'S PHARMACY A genls for 49 years Turners Falls Massaehusetvi Compliments of JOSEPH A. SCHAFF GUILD OPTICIAN Formerly with A. J. Lloyd 8: Co. Boston, Massachusetts Dial 5377 Greenlield Massaeliuset ts GREENFIELD SAVINGS BANK Buy Savings Bank Insurance and Save the Dijferenre ' Mansion House Block A Greenlield Massachusetts Compliments qf RADIO STATION H Green tielcl , Massaehuset ts Green tield ' M assaehusetts Page Eighty-:ive C . eq., .. li 'KNOWIJCIDGIS IS THE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 For Gifts of Quality Try THE REEN SHOPPE Compliments of NEI PP BROTHERS Shoes- Rubbers -Hosiery Turners Falls Massachusetts - E V A N ' S -4 CONFECTIONERY -- LUNCHEONETTE --H- Garclen Theatre Building Greentieltl Dial 3252 Massachusetts THE FASHION SHOP qnUncss'1' PI.ANp SMART STUDENTS' CLOTHES ' For the Young Man and Miss 26 Chapman Street Greentieltl Dial 4949 Massachusetts Established 1802 GEORGE STARBUCK 8: SON 1 Incorporated Steam, Water and Plumbing Contractors Land Tile -- - Flue Lining General Kitchen Furnishings Turners Falls Dial 757 Massachusetts MCCARTHY COAL CO. G. 8: j. Bonnette, Proprietors Coal -- Oil ff -- Grain -A - Cement Heat Regulators fe v Oil Burners Stokol Stokers 60 Second Street Turners Falls Dial 581 Massachusetts JOHN M. KUKLEWICZ Ladies' and Men's ---- TAILOR -- ' Cleaning and Pressing A specialty 177 :Xvenue :X Turners Falls Massachusetts THE GEM MARKET JOHN j. GIRARD, Proprietor "VVhere Quality C'ounts" Groceries A-6 Meats Sea Food 88 Third Stre9t -- Dial 349 Turners Falls Massachusetts Page Eighty-six KNOVVl.lilDGlC I5 'l'l'lIi KEY T0 SUCCESS" I TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 MONTAGUE MARKET CHIIIPIIAIIIFIIIS iff. -Mbvft L' GVHVCS RITA'S LUNCHEONETTE ' Meat- -A Groceries - Vegetables I Prom pf Delivery Servife Foclcral Strvct Dial Greenfield 6165 Grucnlicltl Nassztvhtlsctts 5 Montague Massavhubelts , E 171111 3740 Complimenls of I E. E. BUCKMASTER EVELYN'S BEAUTY SHOP tWith or without appointmentsj General Sf0l'6 Q Forest Park ciillllllld Goods We SP6l'i1lf1TZ8 in PERMANENT WAVING Monad Paint 178 Main Street Dial Greenfield 6262 Green lit-ld Massavhusetts Mon rague Massachusetts QUALITY LUMBER AND MILLWORK FOR OVER FIFTY YEARS DIAL 4324 GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS KEITH P PEIQ CO. Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE PAPERS, BONDS and LEDGERS TURN E RS FALLS MASSAC 'HUSETTS Page E:'ghty-.vetren TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 KNOVN'l.lillGli lS 'l'Hl-I KEY 'l'O SVCCESSH CLARK HARDWARE CO. MCCARTHY - The Clothier HARDWARE , SPORTING GOODS TAILOR-MADE SUITS PAINTS A Sperialty 280 Main Street 'l'urm-rs Falls Dial 8461 Massachusetts Greenfield, hdassachusolts Beaubien's Cities Service Station Compliments of Tires Washing , , , F. MARTINEAU 8: SON Batteries Polxshmg Accessories Lubrication Dial 2012 Corner Third 81 l. Street Turners Falls Massachusetts Tume,-S Falls Massachusetts Compliments of '--GOULD'S- THE BRIDGE STREET GARAGE HOME-MADE ICE CREAM Dirll 2811 Millers Falls Massachusetts CONFECTIONERY -- SODAS CIGARS- ClG,'XRE'l"l'ES -f f POI' CORN Y-- Compliments of HAWLEY PHARMACY Sandwiches and Lunches Dial 2275 Bridge Si. Millers Falls, Massachusetts Millers Falls Telephone 327 Massachusetl Page Eighty-eight "KNOWl.l'IlJGIC IS 'l'HI-I KEY 'l'O Sl'CCliSS" 'l'l'RNI-IRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1048 Kg 'x AA f X F. J. MALON Y Athletic Outfitter 346 DWIGHT STREET COpp0sit0 Telephone Buildingl SPRINGFIELD, MASS. Telephone - 3-3400 TUUL5 SINCE l868 MILLE R 5 FALLS HIGH QUALITY TOOLS That Are Used By DISC'RIMINA.TING MECHANICS AND CRAFTSMEN THE WORLD OVER A Franklin County Product Since 1868 MILLERS FALLS COMPANY GR E EN FI ELD - MASSACHUSETTS Page Eighty-nine "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL I9-18 COUTURE BROS., INC. Wall Paper, Paints, Varnishes and Glass Floor Sanding and Refinishing ESSO SERVICE Avenue A Turncrs Falls Dial 327 Massachusetts Compliments af DAHLl'lElMER'S Men's and Women's Apparel :Xvcnuc A 'l'urners Falls Massachusetts "Prices You Like to Pay" PFERSICK BROTHERS Family Shoe Store Featuring -- Style Shoes for All Occasions For Boys and Girls "lt Pays to VValk down Third Street" Turners Falls Dial 675 Massachusetts -JOHN EQUI- Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fruit - Ice Cream - Soda Cigars Tobacco Dial 721 Turners Falls M3SS3ChUSCItS The Best of Luck to the Class of 1948 Compliments of KUKLEWlCZ'S MARKET VVhere You Van Get Quality Meats and Groceries l06 Fourth Strom-t Furners Falls Dial 427 Massachusetts A Bite S- .A Lunch or a Banquet - C A R L ' S - TEA ROOM AND RESTARUANT Quality Foods Pleasant Atmosphere 265 Main Street Grcenhclfl Dial 6622 Massachusetts DEMOND'S Headquarters for SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND ALL KINDS OF STATIONERY 391 Main Street - Opposite Library Greenheld Dial 6477 Massachusetts ..I. A. HARLOW Furniture V V Floor Coverings Paints and Antiques 70 Fourth Street Turners Falls Dial 350 Massachusetts Page Ninety JWIIIIDGI-I IS 'I'HIi KIEY IO Sl'Q'CIiSS" 'ITRNICRS F.'XLLS HIGH SCHOOL U48 MORE POWER T0 YO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIVES. wlfflln MASSACII ELECTRIC CQMPINY , 4 Kc - Q j . :I-'N A J, , . .5 'I -:ffl , fi" .-'s',. - gif' -tr" 4 RY '- Sig.. gg- I L L u s T P. AT E D . . I TS 15' A'v'f- 1 A DV E RT I S I N G fig-l, Q Dj.. ---v , m 1 ,515 ROEI P A Y S Z if 1. ig :QA ' 5 lfgg A ARTISTS S, H , AND PHOTO ffl, .v J. I A, :ff 'I I 5 V PDX '." g".' , T-3:5 I M ,550 il: R 5 '53 'QQ' , 1 f' ,-'rm ki: . IIIQHHUIII II ROV II 0 nc -.nllll G RE EN FIELD , MA S S . Illl""' 1,11 ge Ninety "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 flI0bi11lbf1il'l1f1i071 Tire Vulranizing Mobilgas - Mobiloil Hi-Klonic Motor Treatment HAIGIS SERVICE STATION FISHING EQUIPMENT Mercury Outboard Motors Turners Falls Dial 562 Massarhusettg Congratulations Class of '48 RIVERVU ROLLERWAY Ray Schwartz, Proprietor DECCA COLUMBIA L. A. KOHLER CO., INC. 29 Mill Street, Greenfield 75 Avenue A, Turners Falls APPLIANCES Philco Radios and Refrigerators Norge-'e'fRefrigerat0rs and Ranges Bendix-H 'Automatic Washers Maytag- --'VVashers RCA VICTOR RECORDS Dial 4305 Y E T T E R -The Florist We F L O W E R S --Y For Every Occasion 226 Main Street Green field M assaeh u set ts A Compliments of DELUXE BEAUTY SOLON Josephine Krol, Proprietor All Kinds of Beauty Culture Dial 651 Turners Falls Massachusetts -l- -l- -I- SHEA THEATRE Always a Good Show The best in Entertainment CONTINUOUS SHOWS Mondays through Fridays - 5 P. M. Saturdays Sundays - Holidays Continuous from 2 P. M. -I"I-+ Page Ninety-two NOWLEDGE IS 'l'HE KEY 'l'O SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 MONTACUE MACHINE COMPANY PAPER MILL MACHINERY Maimenanee Work for Neighborhood Mills TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS I DiaI4990 GEORGE H. REED 8: COMPANY Incorporated BUILDING CONSTRUCTORS "Our Experience and Equipment are Your Insurance" I 24 Franklin Street GREENFIELD MASSACHUSETTS LEONARD GRIMARD J EWELER MONTAGUE ROD and REEL COMPANY I Keepsake D1'mnona'.s' Watch, Clock and Jewelry Repairing Worlffs Largest ,Uanufadurers of SPLIT BAMBOO RODS I M nlugue City Massachusetts Turners Falls Massachusetts Page Ninely-three KNOXYLEIUGIC IS 'I'HI-l KEY 'IU SUCCESS" 'VIYRNERS F.'Xl.LS HIGH SCHOOL I9-I8 c Greeufielh Eirrurherngazellc Has Faithfully Served TURNERS FALLS and FRANKLIN COUNTY for 156 years. TIIRNIERS F.-XLLS HIGH SCHOOL has prcpurccl thc ylllllll of Montague Town Wisely and Well for Life's Struggle .-XII thc m-ws of IX'I0l'll2lj1lll' 'I'own, I'lI'illll4llll flllllllly, thc Stale-, Nation :mal flu- XYorI1I in lfrzmklin culllllllylli Own Nl'WSlD2llll'l' Your office in Turners Falls, 175 Avenue A. 'I'c-lcphono 441 Esleeck anufacturing Co. ESLEECIVS THIN PAPERS Turners Falls Massachusetts - -Q CI?" Q-I9 BEST OF LUCK T0 THE CLASS OF 1948 from the KE DALL MILLS age Ninety-four I "KNOWl.lilJGl'I IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 BEST WISHES FOR YOUR FUTURE Greenfield Gas N WORD!! YLAMI run cools u wm na um: ight Company W. S. CASSIDY lnforporalerl PONTIAC --- Your next car 'l'lll'IlCl'S Falls and Grcenllulxl, Nussuvhllsetls Dial Turners Falls 306 GREENFIELD LAUNDRY CO. 38 .-Xmas Street Dial Greenfield 3637 Agency - McCarthy -Y The Clothier Dial Turners Falls 8461 ,,,,, .,.. -1 . ,.,,,,. ,,,e....-, . VENETIAN BEAUTY SHOP Machine and Machineless Permanent Waving Grace M. Lcnois, Proprietor 103 Avenue A Turners Falls Dial 517 Massacl1usut1.' GEORGE CHAPIN Bus Transportation COAL --- FUEL OIL Montague Mnssach usctts Page Ninety-five "KNOWLEDGE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS" TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 BEAUTY CULTURE In Its Most Advanced Form VVe prepare young men and women for a life of refinement . . . interesting work . . . security and prosperity. COURSES are complete and systemized. Our INSTRITCTORS have been carefully prepared to a required standard, and each one is a GRADUATE of the AC.-XDElVlY itself. CL.-XSSROOMS are spacious and modernly equipped . . . an entire building is devoted for this purposef'--'l'he number of high-class positions filled by our FREE PLACEMENT BUREAU has increased yearly for more than a decade. Moderate Tuition . . . Convenient Payment Terms DAY and EVENING CLASSES Further Information regarding the possibilities in this vocation gladly lfurnished. VVrite for Free Booklet---or visit our Academy without obligation. Wi1f'rcd Academy of Hair and Beauty 492 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. KEnmore 6-0880 Ennou. NOW Q Compliments ry' SARA G. DAIGNAULT'S GODIN STORES Grrvnfirlh Arahvmg nf Beauty aah Cllulture Fi, Day and Night Classex 151 Avenue A ll Massachusetts Oli FARR and WILLARD 039 The Men's Store 368 Davis Street Mansion House Block Greenfleld - Dlal 5015 - Massachusetts A Greenfield Massachusetts Page Ninety-six NOXYl.lCIlGlC IS 'l'llli KEY 'IU Sl'C'CliSS" 'ITRNICRS F.'Xl.l.S HIGH SCHOOL Ifklh FISKE and STRECKER q I Prescriptions ' C lzn'um'1- S. Slrcclu-r, Reg. l,llill'. For One Hundred Fifty-Six Years 'll-l. 5002 lllXl" " um Sl. Q-rt-cnlwlml, Mass Congratulations ! b 1 B I L L ' SE Luncheonette Fountain Service and Light Lunches Sealtest Ice Cream l mn 2872 1 XYt'llllk' .X, 'ltlll'Ill'l'S Falls, :Xl2lSS. Milla-rs Falls, Alnsslwlmiist-115 C'nmpli1m'nl.x lgl' M I L K E Y ' S THE ROYL CLEANERS Estublislzefl' 1887 Licensed Sanitone Cleaners ,, , . . . . ,, Jeweler Optometrist Sillllllllllllg IS lllK'Ulllll1ll'2llllL' 1 5 7 ilu-lille A l7i21l 438 llum-rs Falls lliul lll-1.5 RlAlSSilt'l1llrwl'llS lurncrs Falls Nlussiwllllsc-I ls Complimenls Qf lllillllllhllluilf sim ARCHITECTURAL sToNE - z7CHAPMAN sr. lf , EENHELD-MASSACHUSETTS W COMPANY 9- - .- 4-rs Falls Musszicllllsclis "Rage '-.v1'fifzyg.celwn 'KNfHYI.lfIlGlC IS TENS KEY TO SVCCI-ISS" Tl'RNIfRS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1948 1 1 i BARTLETT'S 1 ' T0 THE CLASS Ulf 1048 I frmn the Af11?zrf-el .,, TURNERS FALLS 1 HIGH SCHOOL CAFli'l'ERlsX 8 I:l'!ll'f2lI St. Cru-llfic-Ill f I PLEASE PATRONIZE CJUR ADVERTISERS Page Ninety-eighf Nulogmphi ,rzufowvfffd v4s:4:sf:,v::.gaswae. ' fn::..:1M.r.4 : .xv-xl 1 F a .1 N A

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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