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'HUNUL ,"y, ' .Tu , vl ,.,7.- ,, 4, Mr 1 -,...f .wa-' , .. . .,,. r "'Q,'1 A -, ,, ., X . L L 1 f A1 KW' M' 'W-4'flfFN ,QQ 53 1 14 iff33'55ff .WA .- ' Ywfn., 4-M., A ,AQ ' A: . 1. ,.,.. DAVE? ,:s. ,,,Y., ,fuqpmnfw 'Af ..- MM.-.. sw, vw mp.- WWI W... W., - Hi. Phu . M.-,,...im9 nn . ,wh -1- Y ,fy k ...gm 'MN x"""".qww un , , Q 4, ww VF' -1-fm ,- gym., .Mn 4 m.-,WM iw. A -I V H ,,,,,,,wVA , ' wnnillr ...gp-N-Q--'lwmufs' I ' - W. .. , . , Awww , ,yn 'ffwmwmum-fn,-1. - I . ' A , , ' W w ',-wx JJ' ' - ' ' ' 11wf.e+++., " ,M ,. ,M . eu: - ' ' , ' 'AW' WM ' , . .pw .W Ju .w.wh-nmp- , ., -Aw-"lf"'L " 4-nl-.ww , '. ,.uww""vN"' ' 7 wi? ' In-sl ,AX USS TURNER D-95 f f lxfsa 0 ' 'x ,VTX at 7 iff! lf1?1'H' CEWSQ 'fu M12 fd' 4 ss, px C' P 'rr- I AWWJX 1,-it mei 'U' ,-fy if x wen mul, 4 4- Q-. ,- X 1 f lr fwh , W, -v,, ,try ' ' , f Q 6, f M, A WWW' A, 'V' V ' ,iff 14- I 745 ,, if ll' V, , ,ly I L- wnw'w.,",,' ' f, 452' f - 2 ' 5 , f,,, V7 ,. , ff ,,,,,: ,q , f. , ' f, ,Q A , , 1 ,, ,W , , ww 1' , ,I .f Y sn , ff f -,W'4. A .y A , 6 gg ,V pf . x - " W f ,Q . . W 1 . at Wx N ,W , Z- ' I . nv 1, Q-avi ,iii I-N 5 Lu, A 6 lr.. . Q. vu ' .N .,. .. . 1 f 4 1 ., WM, 4 , ,,,, fy ,1,.:4.x4W 1 .1 .gh- Y WJ? 4 ,X Q N X X . wi ,. ,ggi ' sm , , ,, -W ,N 1 X P . ii A. TW. was Z, ' , fl" X' 'L we , N K: V j,,4?vf, , 4- , f ' ,W ,gf A ,111 f I Q X -,,wf,- --5 :fig-,H , 1 . , V 5 -wha. , W. gi: " 4'2qm1,9 . ff lijlzj' -4 fi-H' " Mig. fzi'l'Mfk':, i ' ' ,," " 2 ' , - 'ffl V,fZ?'f TM 4 ' 'S'-f .x --H' "'f 1 fn- A. ' -' , P' 1 ' ,V "fi, N'?f7M"f!75.'X.f, f'-r LT. 7 . M201 1,22 A , -Q ,yffs V V ui .., b f.-4,7 , , , ,.,f,., , , '-,5"ff- ff2,w-ff,, fy. g ,"5Q?,v,'7!f ' ww., ' ,A ,, .ff ' " ya , 'zf "'Z,,:. 7 , ,W , W hw! i 7. -af-fi, ,, Q, M. 17 - . .15 ,. ' ,, ' ' M. , KAY V .Ml ,,,. xwg, A ,V ,mb , W V ffgpf V ' ffiww J . f,,,, :W?'ia,Q ' ye . . X X, . S ' , , X xx . -., 'YQ , ' " ":3'f'v-Apw' ' h my ' jg - . K ' X , A Q 3 .. Q' x Q 5-X 't .V My 5 '. . ' x N ., W, f ,yu 53,4 k , x vt M ,Q-,. 43,35 .T X . K - . gixxfv A X M 1 sd fgfbyjy . ,X V P Mg 'X 4 X ., . ., 1-,Ag Ax ' ' M A T. ' X ' N . . X, if 1 . "X ' x 1 .i,ziE,,5"Qf'f'Q 'L " X NXQN5 X f ' -.qjffg .. Q R , , . , i---Q, Vg , -fy ki Hx.:--75, - ,. .. Vgqaiyig. The USS TURNER JOY is the latest of a long and distinguished line of all-purpose destroyers. Commissioned in 1959 and named in honor of Ad- miral C. Turner Joy, of Second World War and Korean War fame, DD-951 heads the list of the mighty gunships of the United States Pacific Fleet. Her three 5"!54 MOD 10 guns, the Navy's newest, with her one twin 3"!50 rapid fire mount, give her a total firepower unexceeded by any ship in the Pacific. Her guns and fire control systems give her anti- air, anti-surface, and naval gunfire support capabilities, and her modern anti-submarine S! ff WW weapons and short range missiles extend her arms above and below the sea as well. TURNER JOY'S 418-foot hull is propelled through the water at speeds in excess of 30 knots by a high pressure, four boiler steam plant. Her twin screws give her a reliability and maneuverability not enjoyed by many newer ships. Her crew of about 280 officers and men are trained for such diverse duties as electronic warfare, shore bombardment, and the screening of high- speed vessels. TURNER JOY is assigned to Destroyer Squadron 13 and is home-ported in Long Beach, California. f' l J 1964 ' 973 DEDICATION We dedicate this book to the P.O.W.'s, the prisoners of that seemingly interminable conflict in Southeast Asia whose suffering spans the entire period of TURNER JOY's involvement there. Some of these more than 2,000 Americans were captured by the Communists shortly after the initial Gulf of Tonkin Incident in August, 1964. Many more of them were imprisoned in North Vietnamese or Viet Cong cells on that uneasy day in January, 1973, when the last round of naval gunfire of the war was shot. Some 680 of them were finally freed during and after the days in February and March of 1973, when Opera- tion Endsweep cleared North Vietnam's waters of mines in return for the P.O.W.'s release. Tragically, a large but unknown number of the captives are still listed as "Missing in Action." We salute all of these men who have endured abominable hardships and made supreme sacrifices to preserve the honor of the American fighting man. , Cornmanderegljichard L.,lVlADOUSE assumed ,command of TURNERJOY on 10.gflVlay 1973. His previous duty was as, Commanding f,Officer USS RUPERTUShlDD+851.l. Heserved previously vas Ex- ecutive Officer USS HORNE QDLG-30D and 'before that as Engineer Officer on the USS FOX QDLG-331. -'ln 1968-1969he served as Naval Advisor to theViet- namese NavalAcademy at NHA TRANG RVN. From January 1966, to January 1968, he headed the Com- IIil:13Rd.3Rd:,,CODIfOI Section of th'e.Fast Deployment f'Logistics Ship 'Project in Washington, D.fC. CDR MADOUSE's other ,duties have included XO, USS .IEUFIRENT IARS-22j, FIRST LIEUTENANT'0r1fUSS 'KAWISHIWI fAO3:146l and DCA, MPA, and ENGINEER OFFICER on USS HOPEWELL IDD- 6a1y., , I 1 Commander-flVlADOUSE is a 1957 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. He is also a-graduate of U.S. Naval Post Graduate School in lvlonterey,.Calif., ,where he received his B.S. degree in.Electrical Engineering in May, 1962. I , N - con RICHARD l.. MADOUSE, usN colvuvlA,NDlNe OFFICER, g uss TUHNERJOY As TURNER J,OY's ninth deployment becomes a matter of record, each of you can take a great deal ofpride in the knowledge that you served in this fine ship during a most significant period of Seventh Fleet operations in the Far East. lt was fitting indeed that TURNER JOY should fire the last round of naval gunfire in the Vietnam' conflict. lt has been a long and costly road since that day in -August of 1964 when DD-951 encountered a very hostile environment in the Gulf of ,Tonkin. The sustained contribution of this ship to the successful accomplishment of the Seventh Fleet's mission in Vietnam waters was vividly demonstrated in January, 1973, when TURNER JOY's guns delivered over 10,000 rounds of accurate fire in support of ground forces in South Vietnam and against enemy targets in North Vietnam. lt was a magnificent possible. J V , . . ,A ,, This book is your story. ln its pages you wil-I find recalled the serious 'moments' and the lighter' moments of six-and-one-half months of extended- operations. You'll find faces of many ogyour ship- mates, the prime. movers who wrote this story and who, as a team, make TURNER JOY the great ship she is. ln future years, I know this book will take on added meaning. I was pleased and proud to be a part of the con- clusion of a mostsuccessful deployment, and l am equally proud to serve with each of you. Good luck and smooth sailing in future years. month in the history of this ship, and you made it Commander PIDGEON, a 1958 graduate of the Naval Academy, served as Executive Officer of USS ADAMS QDDG-21 before assuming command of TURNER JOY. His extensive experience aboard destroyer type ships also includes tours as Weapons Officer, USS MAHAN QDLG-111, First Lieutenant, USS THOMASON QDD-7601, and ASW Officer, USS McCORMlCK'IDDG-81. LT. Commander HILL, a native of Darby, Penn- sylvania, received his commission from the Officer Candidate School in 1961. He has served on board a number of destroyer types, as DCA on USS BIGELOW QDD-9421, Engineering Officer on USS SUMNER IDD- 692I and USS KING QDLG-101. He served in Vietnam at NSA Da Nang in 1966 and 1967. LCDR HILL has been Executive Officer of TURNER JOY since January, 1972. xg it Q21 , 1 1 , ? 5. , 1' f 17" sc. V M L 7? .L . M 'Ax Q 1 I 5'5- tg '71, ' I' S I, -L. 5-Q A , W I ' ' """ . My ,V X , 1 K 91655 .AX +11 I i f I V, I gf I pf .1 5, 35-I ,A f 1 Ax K, 1 f -'a4,fs.Q.JQ J, f 0 ,ri Lv eff," o 'f "-' f 'L7i"" X, 1V,f'Q1 1 1' ::'fZf"! "u 'NJ Wg c..,.fw5QfI" ,CNW ,. , , K, f " E f f-1' q. i ,f .5 475- .27 w iii I' 'E ff 3? ' ' X if , J N! , c , ,, X. Q " df! A i vii fig? 8, J 6 M MJ ,N H,-st V 62 M X Qu ,, N asfy igzs ff . , X -sv 17 -:Ay-,.,. , ,, fx fgyrq ,- V, ,759 T f'5',,1:Ff' , v'E'3'V',:sSx?2fQ hli"'1' " .715-. Y-:rzggig -as 5 he ' iflfr-S 21551 I' CDR Robert H. PIDGEON, USN Commanding Officer 13 DEC 1971 - 25 APR 1973 LCDR William J. HILL, USN Commanding Officer 25 APR 1973 - 10 MAY 1973 mg.,- Q xy- , A 1 Q SA is . X: .. iff? si gk A sq, . . 'W rs if f it 6 fqli V141 A 2-6 CHANGE OF COMMAND On 10 May, 1973, CDR Richard L. MADOUSE assumed command of USS TURNER JOY in Subic Bay, Philippines, relieving LCDR William J. HILL. Of- fioiating at the ceremony was CAPT George GROVE, Commander, Destroyer Squadron 13. f UM.. wh ,, ' 1 ' ,, N ,NW 1 , ,, ,,,, V , I ,J f Q , M ww , U www. VM, x ,,,,,,,.M,f,w wj M may , 4 f W, , f W Z V We-f F , Wf7,3.,, ,A ' f Mfg W, ,, may f . "M, - V, f, I x X NH M , ,yy ff fm' ' f X f www ,,,' ,f ,f ,A Q, a nm , 5 Q we ' t S. ' L. , t ,L te 3 if l v - ' A qyfg ,5 :Xt , SQ 1 wh, . f' 'gf y t , Q-Q, e I , '17 C411 A ,. . YV il, W t .f-1 1, , .,, . 3?- ,. SS 1. git ..- ff' J gt- :til A' IT: in Q 1 Q4.-' n, 4+ it c ,St t Ji-listorianstmay debate the beginningand the -i enfdiof thetvietnamb War, asjvvell aslits causes and its signlificanceivfor decades etocome. One factfiis ,.c,ertain,3thougih:g the USS TURNERSJOY was there 'iqtplernenting the policy of'the"'United States from the firstto the last day ofA rnerican naval involvei rnent in the conflict." With: the USS lVIADDOXtshe' vgasf one,,of the twoUSg Navy ships involved ingthe Gulf Of Tehkm Incident in August, 1964, which drew the United States lfirrnlyinto the wah ,-1. . ' ' ' f , ' -ft . t ,-More thah eight years later, uss TURNER JOY fired the final lround of naval gunfire ofthe war, hitting the beach at 0000 GMT,"28 January' 1973, scant seconds before the Qease-Fire took reffeet.,eTunNEn .lov alee'fire,d theflast, pffeneive ,gunfiremission against North Vietnam andifreceiv- ,ed the Iastdhostile fire from theqbeachy S S its Durinfg the entire iwar, shew Smade height deptlqytznents to the Vietnam gu niine, seeing all kinds of' action ,off the coast of ,both North and ytSouth" Vietnam, including high-speed coastal Qassaults, naval gunfire support,,search and rescue, reconnaissance, and escort duty, , ' v ft 'Q ,, I ff Q "fi X, t lg. ' V 5 zu' - W, , iVlETNANl Q how wtnt l-llS,TORlANSi Loon AT tr? qs ,-., 1' .' ta I t ., 3 l,,'.l,,"V4 S f?'fJ.'lZ"a7"1'l V ,-1 :- 'Ei' 2 W I nzxf' N I I I I I II I I I I4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I J I 41 'V , , , . i V A, f 1 d Driving' the shipis a tea'h1 effortfand always the keytoa safe and ,successful voyage isvigilance. The Officer of the Defck and his watchstanders keep a sharp"eye out onthe bridge, while the engineering watch in Main Control stands ready toanswer all speed bells promptly. Q The deck force preservesithe ship's topside from the destructive might of the waves and is prepared to handle lines or man the boatsvfor rescue if needed. g j ' I , X , N 'i Wx Q, , 1' 6' X X X X N N, N . A x N X N vw., fy , MLX. X ,M Mwtf, M .Xrm Nw Y-wiwgy 5 Q QW .A N mj'Wwf,:-X WA. .V x iff . JSM Wm, -4 RQ if'-. y ,.V. X Q '42, XX x N.. ' , ,-A V ,, -vm., i 7' a- .xxx M . -A- -'Q' Q91 N wif' Z ,. mm' I 44 Y, 'SSE Long periods at sea are active times. The ship must be refueled underway, bullets and stores must be replenished by highline, and helicopters bring mail and passengers. When not being fired, the guns must be cleaned and polished, and all over the ship the painting goes on and on. 4 2 ,?'?ff ..., 6 'fl-Chl! viwaw I F lflbfnn Niivll- 7 eunmqam '5"""""s Po. Binds ff--Us! Q- ,I I am 0p9 SM-wa , 1 T fr . 1' v- X '4mAy 5- Q nwt il Q V, x ,efiinlllgfb w ,V sl 9 96" G, Qqgdi KQQgA fL,W5 iifgxy 5 . ,E - Ri' IZ s 1 ZS' TJ' gg, 13 4, ,. H' if 6' sf J, 4 - A M fs in S 4 I 3 I fs' ,' A I 121' 'ff vi af . .ff 22 1 f if ii- L 1 1 WNW'-Salim ' fvqdc-mmmil 55559 V mm , V f- -Y A' ff H . y L I H 1. 1 , X V QV 3 4 . 1 V' ""' ff' "" " i f' ' 7' f W , f' -fk E' l .1 Qziiiiilifisf J V V ' if ' ' lp , i , V 4 PEA-11 ' Y fy, Y Y , W9 .ff .. ' H: Hmm ik J 'f Fungus W ag? 'I WT M 5?h!!NiiFUl'V E an A V Qz,QPH'vg3,,,i, Q14 11 0 t f LZNE 1si.AF'FJ As lv, Tiqaiign-!wurw3mQi f 4, Q--ig. HL: V 19 :T-I-Y,,iY, li T WWWL- Y jj? V , all iff ' .5 1 . ,. 1' ,ugh ,M I , 5 V KVLV -' 4 V x ,. , -B . , .Y JAFQ: Sl? G- . 8 ' f H, if Qjmwh zgLu...f4,i...Q,.,,,,..,M., E51 5,3 ,i aislhfdkli' Z if , ,, J' . 'Tif,5i!D'fs-il? Tm-mi, ' ' xy " 'Z ' ' "'61f Q P: f ' dit. " -- 'f 5:31, 'sw mgzuiwdh i-Momfmh Mig? Y E-ur V, 6 . W,,,gN,i.l5 3' , -' ,,. ' Uuzmim , A X fn- ISIAYYN I Y X yi. I wqumfk 5 . 'V , n Slganill "QQ,,:'i. g - is ..-im' A qmf5,'.,fm,i . 'M-mmm ,, , , X ' Y -' Y " - f g f' "' . saxrx-'am 1 :mf - V A f ' f""""f"""""'f!m' 1im..a.w:-ww, , ' sm if-vpn-A rm ' Q Li if ' , A Mamiya mihsvlidbuzl 'KJ , i . , ,- ,K , In-nm-.I ummmmml. i' D , ' '-1 653.-mu M-sm I Na:-R cmemz, ,sim A M 1, 0 fi - ,N , Q M c,,,f,,,, r,,-S 1 M e,,."sww-M ' ' " 5 , - N W f.uem,m. iff Q 4- r H Efud Q . aff Wm-0 ::f-f:: W ,ffl -,, ,W H -, W ,.- ,, , , , . ' ' fi K ' mmpmm ggmusi-pl ,MI hu 5 T..-1 W, Y I ' MPV: V- zfwam.-any Q' 4 mmm - ij g 1.nm.mr X Q! " ' Q ' ,. 1 1 lm-.4 1 NM' 'FM umm.. l ML' . . 5 , 1 K -4' '51 ' ' Q ,, I' ' bm' ' XF. zsuhfg 7 T' 'H EL A nmmw ' .W Ilhwlsllbnigx + , " , ' L XVMLMM-:ou -nun-nmmm ,.ii4iP"PN'1 - 1 , .fy , H ,Y 'Q PM , I: Y-V ff!! 'fr I 1, , Jgwm ,1 .lg iw 0? 4 2 S 2 4 ' 5 1 SE A s E Q E SS N X Q SS S S Ckmng Q PI. 'qmcmm S ,yy Sally xxx QD A H Q9 AWAI I ' A lv Knre - ,. ' -?f'Peu-land .. 1. K uma 1.33 S f,,mu-Olav 1 Gfudner ' - I I IJ . g A A ,h'mnhg'.'ig::e 'Af Nb ' 'wr eu- mi oK""'1,i ,41- ,- -vglfmui N N I Kenhxmhmgguaa . HBW8il 0' 97 7 S 4 iuichnston Q Q9 0 S 'v Z Q 2 5 5' sf S2 g N if I Q 3 Ni' l f A ?2 Qingmankf ii 9 Qefhluyxt Q f2?Wuhingh:n 1 rl- Q mrmnsng go lg 7 s' S . .gcm-Inmu Z Q, S on-wuwI 0 '30 N gn-:Br qiIJuvLs F i H . DEPA.BI?f255L. BEACH1 GGA1f'IF?fIfvRP'3?PA PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII IVIIDWAY N :G U A M TOKELAU giiglnalukunon ululne " JMQUBIC BAY, PIIEITEIPPINES -A qlhngerh GULF OF TONFCTN fm.. KAQHSILRNQNIIAJWAN 5... Q sw-.WIS 6 DEcz""1I'972 122SI'3"L"DEC 18 DEC Q,,,,,,,,,25 DEC 28-30 VBEC 1-28 JAN 1973i-I 31 JAN-20 FEB H P "1 is . Cuvlixnls I W 1-H"'0l 'GULF oP'PIpNvKIN-1112.6 22 PEB-18 MAR A I LAN'5.ASEB19ig.1.LIQS'PAN 22 ,II,4Imf5,hEgn1IS112-12,5 'hi.Ti'.Lgf" if+'j,wif,flg-fT""'3k'Q PISQNIG KONG 'f01:1:L11.P FAF O., OM QUUFIMQEQQIU-QNKIN A 14-24 Kr-'I3,f 31- f ,f'1',,,++1A1'fI1,4 Q, "' ".,l,5um,iBggpg1,5,PHmIPplIigg Q5'IAg,f5l19 MMS J I I I I 'D Gum: 2QI5.i:I:QNKIN'1 Hmtmtgazwqafofzv MAY Mm ouce, ,ff.mI.IM Am WG SUBIQ BAY, PHILIPPINES 2ewMAAfAsAUT3,3gnjEfUs,,Q ,Af'f"fmmg-y,Fmb4jQ3.e5'4-- Q IQQISOSUKA, JAPAN 9-13um1IU'NEgI,,.II.I'sm 'X M-M--A RETURN TO LONG BEACH 22 JUNE 1973 'ww' M I , if u..f...II.:,- Fnziis I , . . -nm:-41 IIIII Hlll"" ""lHlI 111 lffllyw IN I 5 Ill NNN A SL!! 0 I! Ulf! I I v 1 's Jffwi XV BCJN VCYAGE! FAREWELL LUNG BEACH mv- , - fi 1Ll ,L . jf, F x ..-Q ' J 7 . , . . .""Q , 4, ' , -X . f' .. A -1 - , v y,: 5' 1, A , I . Q, L , .4- I QM . -,. ! . , I.. 1 wa: 'f- - ' M. -- 7 -1 . .. -, J f,.... x x- I Y ."' ' 1, U. Q Q-NS 1 ind -fix! ,- X ' ,f x A I E W, ' 5 I K X ,A f X 5 fir. X t K' U X X y XJ I l X xx v N s 1 a , L f N C, x, -,f 1 X ,fxx Rx, X A Q wwf? I x 'X Y f-f pf ,ff -fx X Li ff Q21--3 ... ffx ,Q ov , 4 ,I ,. fn N xx I fx ,f ' afix7f,fg3 ,S LX awww V X -xg ff f f WVMIXJXJ ff L A Hifi!! ff! Aff 'X MQ ff K I f ,f X Lfvff , XX cf f i J MXN YN Nx ax T54 fix -Q - Oahu s rugged volcanic peaks NJ R 0 V XNAM ,A ,g5Jsl' f3 ' L- X ' Q .7 4 ' -"5 " li' Q!! I t ' P E .Q A ZW A-K7 3 J 1 .- """ Q X -- N f ... X I 1rAv'r Uk U ff H6025 1700! , . L -f f'ffMf':,,izzi',f:0f'L' MIDWAY , tg-jj W ?,,i0'2w.ff 4 J Gooney bird i Q1f1 ge ' .gggi . 1 gg + , f - ,i+ l 3 , ,g , ,ii A , A 4 'Bw " GUAIVI I 0 7 1- 7 if ff f Af -A-' Til- X 2 7 A , W ,WC Is this all the officers do? Merry Christmas! 2 The first taste of San Miguel 19 ., ., -X SUBIC BAY ,. 5 Subic Bay, Philippines, has become a major tion, awelcome break from the rigors ofthe gunline. Naval basein the Western Pacific, providing a haven The friendly natives of Olongapo City introduce from hostilities in Vietnam waters. Scores of ships many sailors to the exotic ways of the Orient. come to Subic for repairs, maintenance and recrea- ' 1 l --Mvw-- .,.,. ,Y -.Am--Y, gi 4, J Wi if YS F x X A I li Agfff. i 'S ,-.gf N. NCT ,, ,, Q4 'Q fnkx x Fw 526 X ? f 3i?fU1 ' QQ? gr rg f g- OLGNGAPO CNY gig K ,lvl ,gli E T 4 E, l ,r .i 1. F .74 il i .I i ,, I l 1, i f . l . 1 V, l l l l l T 1 i , 2 1 -l Yi .l I i i i l fl 4 'il Ly? l '1 vi l ,L . ii 1 f 5 l fl :I , .4 ,5 if . 'f ii 'l 5. rf if I il ll ll fl Ti Al l 1 v le 'I 1 ' li . i ' i 1, 1 - y 5, 0 ffl , -g, I ll T 'E .i N i il "l l l i . T Q All rl l il T ll Q l - . I OI El sl C ,. Y T- l GUNLINE 'X il'- 2.4 in TURNER JOY'S final trip to the Vietnam gunline was a fitting conclusion to eight years of service there. Assigned to OPERATION LINEBACKER, she made numerous high-speed attacks on military targets along the coast of North Vietnam, receiving hundreds of rounds of counterbattery in the water all around her. During the last weeks before the Cease-Fire,fTURNER JOY'S guns blazed night and day, pumping out some 10,000 rounds in only 4 weeks. The deadly accuracy of her guns was praised by friendly spotters on the beach and aircraft observers as well, who helped to give DD- 951 the reputation as Number One Gunship in the Pacific Fleet. 2 A, ' -fs' s - w vgguqyw.. .aw-,.s' ., X .. Q , ,,,.,l,, , . ,. . 41 Q ' ffmga VN'-M A ,f Q, f 1' , ' 'f ' X Q 5 A- xx - , , .,. stag.. " ' .. QPQQZJ1. f .':'l l ffwffff lvnwlf i G- 1' X HAPPINESS IS A WARM GUN.. T535-3 a 1 i P i 1 1 , 1 A A I , , I , , i s N 1 F 4 If I wfff f FUPWE UNDERWAY REPLENISHMENT 1 lf. e . 29-fr' M Af i gl ll Ui if ll lvl l. if l l li 1 li, A ship at sea for an extended period must be supplied while underway to carry out her mission. Dur- ing the cruise TURNER JOY went alongside oilers, am- munition ships, other destroyers, and even aircraft carriers to receive all kinds of necessary supplies. Beans, bullets, and black oil all pass over the rigg- ing from one ship to another as they surge through the seas in a spectacular feat of stamina and precision. As they break away, each ship hoists its Unrep flag and plays its own Unrep song to mark the end of another rendezvous on the high seas. ill .l L2' 4 l l A 'L IP "i l i l 'i I1 l' 'rl ll l l. l l l l ll 'W' A if x N. ..-". VL V TSX ' ,cfvhaf If . of I, 4 WNW 9 fy! . f an! W , X X ! ! :f4ff sf, t af ,-.M 1. Every round fired must be carried on board by hand. This can be a long and laborious process, since each powder can weighs about 50 pounds and a bullet weighs more than 70 pounds. TURNER JOY's crew learned to do the job fast and well, handling some 20,- 000 pieces of ammunition in January alone. ,,,-,,,m,,,xf?hth ff ,V , Q' in ff X f Cf- iif ,. .gg f yn, xQw X , M A fx , 1 1 1 A 1 1 tw L --Q R 'f '51 fi?-of IJ li, 1 jr ' as tv vii, 1:21-- KACHSIUNG, TAIWAN 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l, 1 1- 1 11 1f I farfsg X mf W5 Kaohsiung, Taiwan, was a welcome rest for all after a hectic month in the Combat Zone. The streets of the city were filled with flowers and the crimson banners that signal the arrival of the Chinese New Year, and we were just in time for the festivities. A side trip to the old city of Tainan revealed some of old China in the ancient temples and shrines there. 1 3lll2lZl2 film? off V 1 1 X, 1 1 11 1 1 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 I1 lf 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1 1 l was 1 fa-vaf"'ff'sll!!'-sa + ,,.w-- Q21 2-11,1 ,I 111' If 243,113 -' . I M' K .'f --N -N..- . .. H. --n -...-,., ,.,, :.11,, ,.....-.,,..,vf-, , oPEnATioN ENDSWEEP Scarcely had TURNER JOY'S guns stopped smoking when she was called on to ride shotgun for the Nlinesweeping operation that was to clear North Vietnam's waters in exchange for the release. of our Prisoners of War. For nearly a month in February and March she stood watch just outside of Haiphong Harbor, under the muzzles of the very guns that had so recently fired against her, to warn merchant vessels of the dangers of the minefields. Although this was a unique and important mission, the long quiet days on station allowed the crew to get out top- side again for some sun and relaxation. There had been no time for this the month before when the guns were blazing and shrapnel was strewn about the decks. x 2 f K J C 'Q ,K ,Q W ,f 1 , , ,,'.. syf WM f gif ,, av f 2 ff-. QGZZX' W, ,X I - ' hx--"-1, 1 , W "' MWWWW W8 A QV 'NK , V' W3 ' 'ff ,ph xy Q' N JN Vfz-WQAA 'Z in , . 'U . . x x , M 4 1. ,A V W'-Vf. ,i ff W -vf-xmzq 1 ,- , A ,li M 4 My 3 MW wifi.. I ffwvfd! Wfwvi-wry M X W? 94,5 Mm igif , gm x 'M 54:0 fm 6 as M f""Wfrvf Z'lflZQ?f'Q' m ag' mmvhrlaxm 'Wagga V Qa-f .0137 el X -in X i X 7 Af KKK X Q A V A well earned respite for all Q H .N J' I an' I X , ? i r 5 ff" Q REFUELING THE SHIP i 1 J , . K l ' A 6 - W . 5 , 2 1 j J , :V 7l 9 I T1 5 I 'Q 0 Q 1 i Vi V41 - I "Just a hair to the left." x ,, , if K xx ,,.., ..,A. ,,,..,, , - , F i E Q ' V ' X 5 Q R 32 -Qwm A Q REFUELING THE CRE W .wmmfw , f X v ,, 4 . X f , ff 9 Q ' BZ T0 SUPPLY Il 33 i SAS EBO YOKOSUKA TCDKYO KYOTO NAGASAKI 1 I l 1 1 i l ' 34 I ll f li l T' li i ll xl 7 ll V 'l li f Ll in iw l girl a aaa a l : II 1 ' 5 l i iii ,li l ll l , i ' M ii Z! 1 ,I :fe . iq rl .l i il , ll , gl ' ini f is l lxl Qi i - Ii 1 '23 Ai ' i i L ii, : 5- 3 ' V f P 2 3 T, 1' La E I E ' 3 f E 5 , . l , 5 . I l l The giant golden Buddha at Nara The world's largest wooden building, the great temple in Nara A. A , if -VH...-.,. ,, Madame BUWGVHY The wives arrive Kyoto's famed Heian Shrine el as. Shopping for WestPac goodies VERTICAL FIEPLENISHIVIENT V 1-ig , .14v"""S off' AQIQW mNfsmNE DME I I 1,---Q 36 C -I I I I I 3: 4 I .W,v.- ?.w...,,x I 7 ,win in --- .,.V,...,,.avw 44 X , 3 W 2 L ? . ,, -up iiifvf? ' XS- wv.. ,W W V I . X N W My QSQNXQ m X g X as X ww- N ..X. M wwmmwm , 0 N ww W X x a x k Q N 5 S Q: NX x XX M if' .S V ' N1 , M. 5 X Vx . , gg Q V 3 iifx X X . x-, 1-. x X m Q x Q avi .X X X X X X X Q Q Q X X X X X xx x QMQMN sfxfx N xx Q Sf X 7 3 wif 5 Sgyp x QL A xx NMS -f .- N 1 L 5 L s I 4 X I IL t w fi ,L ,if t I !' ' 3 ,, ta W! if 5 5 gi yr HONG KUNG if rg r I I Q finds By day or by night Hong Kong rs a paradise for shopping slghtseeing and enjoying the mangl- lng of things Eastern and Western. 1 4 L V w I r v I I k P r v l 38 'N I E r ASQ s ! E fc t I l ' ' , V 1 ng V li ' 1 1 Il r gl ,I r i I 'Gui ,. -, , ,Nfl 'S-ng. 1 i .- .Q-- Q 1 i Our people-to-people relations are enhanced by a tour of the ship for Chinese schoolchildren. i 39 SKEET SHGOT 2 l Q, vi ! il Q x w W w l , , ll 33 11 x 'N wh I N 1l xx QI ii I f W mf i n 9 N 1 , , 1 KEEPING IN SHAPE 1'---lr!--..gv. . .,... , f w -. T:24?'S?e"-' w Q. J 1 I. 6 x i .'f'v','. I' A.., K . Y M Z 0 ' rv BGXING iw 2 ff' is-Q WA 'F Xiu' X4 f H , fp: X-ff, W EN s X- , A. . Wwy NW , A ,MN 4 1 ,I '- ',,mf,. - N. fx X- W MX, V xy, ,fluff wx, uf! -, A Z .gif 9496, ff: 1 LW x W, mf, f f f- U' kiffimy 1 I WW A-Vffi x if f MQNWAQWSKW Q W S Q N Af .M Q A. ,-X' ,f AM, . 4 .w AQQ, if ff -5, 'wh MQW ,SWQAQW tvffww.-,,f x-X X Q, J. A., ,fx X,,, ,z ,, , ,x Z 4 V VZ? f X X X 2, I, ,Ni .XWWZK , gx ww ky!! ,fs I wx, ,, ffl. , , MX Z , f , 2 f fa yffsx ,X Ufiyc N 1,4 fx Wg ? j f" Y? A f f C w 3 X ,QQ nys, fp 2 ' 'X wi SY -A-L, A wx ,W 2 S ,1f 1 jx? 1 5, S 585 S 2 ' ' sv W ! x , X fi 'z x ,, ' ' YWK ,Q 5, ,ff 1-Q m m? ,w ix: yy gl, ' 1 , IM F' X? 'Q QS ,N e kwa b W' fgtf Avi C w w 4 A . - f lex-' ' f.g:NfW.SkiMwW7 'M,!49w5m.mz SHIP'S CCJIVIPANY ff , 5 x fog, M if P ULLS TCGETHER Y o ! i 3.- I l ll 3 rot! , LSP9. fggmsjiiixk ::::::: I E OFFICERS X X X X ,gL.mNW M S X X Z f f V, my V ff me X , ' n M T L if f E , LCDR HILL, xo LCDR AUSTIN LT HOLLAND LT O'BRYON Weapons Engineering Supply :L W W, W W ,C I 1 z ia, 'N i i 3 1 LT "DOC" HARA, Medical Officer 1 1 3 44 LT CHAPMAN, Operations MXL? W ENS BLANTON ENS BRENNAN LTJG DONGES CWO2 FREE f 7-1, H L The Cheng Wardroom rip-out party The Naviguesser W f 7' ,g . ff. ,z ENS HALL LTJG MCNALLEN LTJG PENNEFR ENS PHELAN ff f Q' may True Blue for Canoe U. R-af f f X ,f ' A. ,- 1 4 1-1 " . f 4 ,f - - , Q LTJG Johnson, the money man The Khaki Kharnival YV? ENS POLAND HAL SETTLE Q 193 - ' N , f -o tw W 2559 ' " X .A W ' XX X X 4 . ,.., 4 . . S, 'Yi as ,X f ., X 1 "Now, John Wayne would do it this way Weps N. Bonaparte Free assumes the watch. , Y i ,av E gum L Q--1 awe F1 FI nl x WEAPONS DEPARTMENT As an all-purpose destroyer, TURNER JOY'S sophisticated weapons systems are designed to meet threats from surface vessels submarines, and aircraft. Her primary armament consists of three 5"!54 Cal MOD 10 guns the newest in the fleet and a twin 3"!50 Cal mount all maintained by SECOND DIVISION. These guns are pointed by two Independent fire control radar and computer systems the MK 56 and the MK 68, both mann- ed by FC DIVISION. FOX DIVISION handles the Sonar equipment hedgehogs and MK 46 torpedoes for anti- submarine warfare All topslde spaces, life-rafts, the two ship s boats the anchor and tow lines are the responsibili- ty of FIRST DIVISION fy! 6 ' A . , ww. C 0 f I I l 9 l I X V 904010 X X , . I, Q .4 My .L ,L ,,....a" 1, y, 4, -Hg 2 Q", .. , X X FIFIST DIVISION BEBTSCH BMC MASTERS BMC BELL SB BENNETT BM3 DUKE BM3 FIEFIBO SA FFIICK SA GAUVIN SA GILLESPIE SA GIPSON, C. SFI GOLLIVEB SA HULL BMI HARRIS, L. SN HOPKINS BIVI3 HUDSON SA JACKSON SA JEROME SA LOCKROW SN MADER BM2 MARTIN, J. SA OCISS! M ff ,W mf ff BOATSWAIN'S IVIATES MENDIOLA SN MILLER, D. BNI3 NORTON SN PEDERSEN SN PERODEAU SN REDDING SA REED SN SAMOYLOFF FTGSN Z 5 THOMPSON, R. SA THOMS SA VEST SA WEDEL SN . ,N .4 "' ' X 5 f 51 vm 1 L SECOND D VISIGN QV ff' BLANEY GMGM PERRY GIVIGC ALLEN GMG1 BABER GIVIG3 BRYANT GMG2 BUTKA GMG1 THOMAS GMG3 BYERS SN DUNN GMG3 DURA GMG3 KAGAMASTER GMG3 PARAMO GIVIGSN PARKS GIVIGSN SHANNON GMG2 TAYLOR GIVIG1 I .zz I ' I ' I I II , fy I f ,I , II 2' If I FI , III 1 I ii f' L- I! V gi Ig . .EE f. s I fi ' 'li f I I I , I I I I , . I Q. 1 f sg I, . Ill . I I , I I I I . I I I I I I i I I I X I -a I 1 I -'g I I I I V E ,I I , . I E ' 1 ' i , 1I I I . 1 ' I , I I I . , I I ' I , I I I 1 I , I .1 4 I 1 , .I I. ,Il eg! .I IN, in HW f f M X Xi . I' I I , .01 -NNN ' ,x Nt xc K 51 N' x y X, ,1-N 1 I-1 I wx., xi' A X I . ,N Nz. . . 5 ig? X N X X X ss, ,. K' X, f N Y, N 'X N X W X X x N Cf x X i P WY, vc ' . . 0" , . ,,., T '75-,X N 4' ,,. f Z6-mum-'Aff ' 4 N 2 XXX K Q T T T x ' 5 3 Q x x 1 T La .., 7 ff f .4 :gag wi f All. , V A ig Q J ,N ,,,, , , I Awww? 4 7 .' 'fi W I pf L. ygg, , 1 tj 5 as S , fl sf We 5 , , if Hal SETTLE, FLIR TECREP A sai or's daydreams I z F f 6 hi , EQ ,, 4- 2. 5 5 S? H T The infra-red eye of the FLIR , T T The Big Trigger 55 DOUGHERTY STG2 GRINDSTAFF ST1 HAMMERICH STG2 LANE TM2 LEIDIG STG2 PRICE STG3 STEINER STGSN WOOD STG3 IF ws FOX , IT'S. . . POHL STC DETLEFSEN STG2 CHANCE STG3 -- Y Y.- .Jenn V nk , MATE SN ZIEGLER ST1 --,g.......,,,,4...L.,..,u ,- nn., I . A f Q -, x ,. V.-4,if,f.-. g1,w'1.m..Zf,1..,,1:1m11-.'2.g,if4,r , . ,A,.,.,.,-- ,,.g, . , ., . , ,., ,M I QW 4 ,. ,, W ,W Ai, . w f ,W wf. , ,fmgwi f , ,,f,ff?'ffy,fZyxw3,jf' 1 f' , XQMYWWI X in ' - 1 , ,zfwgff ,Jwffgwf gcc 'ff f ,, W LWW, w f X " ' "MA Tw iffy., -'VWWW WLT! 2 ,f fiffff - ,mn 5' , , k 9 1 f ff M f A UW v -W Q 1 .N W , H inf f ' ,W Q", X , ZW, , , .. , I ,! X fav ' ' A hard day's work at the office 'Nav ,II 4 f 'W-5' I If , f,, A 5 I, X' 9' 4002 "4 if I, aww f I f Aff 1 Ie ' If 24 HIV JW AWN X W0 I . fm? 1 ,, f WWW W J, W 0 W CC PECK SMC BOFIJA SM1 4 y f W ff X f X Y 1 IVA ,WW 5 ml f W 4 f f ff f I f W f X 7 y W W I X J .l , V, , , c,,, X5 40 J ,Q V W 1, ' IWW f ,Ml If f a iw , I I, QU VZ fVf :'i, i , W ,X Q H 1 ff, II 5 'i X 3 X 'Q il S I 58 7 TIONS CCEIINQMUNICAI FLASHING LIGHT : RADEYPE 'FUIDOSTAL SERVICE SI N TEL ' ' ' HALLBERG SN HEIVISWORTH HMSN TRUJILLO SM3 ff! ff 5 43.1 'nu' ' WS N x Q III, Qs, Q A , ,W I K, Jtqvrx'-'v','vi-T-A's,,7.-'f1+""f -4--V '-?'T7Tv-YT-wf- ha v?,vT.- 5. M A ijm.MA,l,. 'S-'X 'N QI rrwwfas I ' Z ,. .IYY - ,. 'ff' ...M ff! 11553 ,'-'Z-536925 QIUPPUQD 7 V z Q mfg XX I V, M31 AN ??f MSM-EA l. A WW, 1 I4-:Wg 1414 'f cffffg' '7 r 5 99,15 'J TWIDG ETS Tvvl-EAK IF FIOSALEZ ETC ANDERSON J. ET1 ANDERSON S. ETFI3 COPENHAVEFI ETNSN OE DIVISION HAFITMAN EW3 KAFIIVIANN EW3 IVIUCKLEFIOY ETFI3 I I I I I if 'nn E1 I I I I I I I I I I I I Efud TMRICKY GEAR f , . , X , 1 Electronic Warfare Specialists M, 6 Troubleshooting 4 gg,. V f K Repairing delicate equipment 0962477041 5PEcl4z.f.s'rs' ffk' WA C V ' 3 Cx 1 CI DIVISICN - 1 M Qf-'5f,,w QM, BENOIT OS3 BIESIADA OS3 BOTA OSSA CAMPBELL OS3 CHAMPEAU OS2 CHESTER OS2 CHURCH OSSA CONVERSE OSSA DODGE OS3 DUNHAM OS2 GFIUNDIVIAN OSSN MORRIS SA STEANE OSSN WELCH OS3 CX DIVISICJN BERESFOFID SA DAHLE QMS .ff1QXNX. MQ, Rib' Af E KP, 124442 A efwuffenfp 4011296 aw ' SVP' M KEEP F2014 eumvfua- I and me 64427. . . WW W 3 N i f K in U 6119546 GINSBERG QIVI3 LOWFKY QM3 PATTERSON QM3 , ii if ff ff' ff ff 'Wim' 'W " fi ' 1 fe, f C, f f X, 2065 fi-TASK f ,Zj?QQy X ' M AVVUQ . Alf WW M 6 f 1 , X f ,4QW MW ' 1 Z5?f ' A-X 7 . ,. Z if f X , 7 , X A , yin' f L.m, y X ,,.15h.f,,.,7,3? ,, 43 ,,..,x,,3gt. ,M,.r1i ,ga - ,, sys... -' f. --W7-, -is.. Y, . wig- I-.41 ' A .1 I ""..' .f - ,-rg .. ..g,5, f '-, X V . LL. x ' 1'1" "gap, ., 4, 44, ,L A "f, .'-j 41'-3-5 H,,,'3.l"v-Riggs.: - A:.:uf ,wry1-ray.-fjiq?Yf',i"'K..I ..,. , .... ................. ...W- .,,. ....,,.,,. . ,..., ,,.,. . ,. -,, ,,,,,,,,,, U ,QVIA MN L-Mj -Alh - A -4,44 -MmM-AMW-W---WW. 1- V N 4 I -- -- ' A-' ..-,ur ...f-'fy-'.f-A-' l 1 1 I CD 1 ww 4174932 I AIUTO IVHVIFN BACON IVIIVI1 BENKLER FA DEIST IVlIVl2 FOSS IVlIVl3 FRIDAY FA GRIFFITHS FA GUIDRY FN IVI DIVISION TURNER JOY'S main propulsion plant is an awesome arrangement of pipes, boilers, and gears which generates the tremendous power required to drive the ship at speeds in excess of 30 knots. Her four 1200-pound boilers are tended by B DIVISION, while M DIVISION controls the power through gears and delivers it to the twin screws. FI DIVISION is in charge of all electrical circuits, internal communications, damage control and repair operations. The work of the Engineers goes on in peace as well as in warg the ship depends on themfor her every move. HOLLIDAY IVlIVl3 JOHNSON FA LEONARD IVlIVl3 LIAN IVIIVIFA IVIANROSS MIVIS MARTIN IVIM3 IVIORROW IVHVI3 NELIVIS IVIIVIFN 5 .f"""'ff PARKER MM2 PEETZ FN SHORT FA SQUYRES MMFN THOMPSON MM2 VILLENEUVE MMFN WARNER FA F' V RY EW 1 ,m4 l"'fff 0 rl i I N I i Q! E I 7 DEC 72 FM COMMANDER TASK UNIT 15.8.7 Q TO Uss TURNER JOY Q BT ' E E SPRING BEARING REPAIRS 9 ff!! l. A HWELL DONEH TO YOUR ENGINEERS FOR REPLACING YOUR 5 STBD SPRING BEARING WELL AHEAD OF SCHEDULE IN ADVERSE M WORKING CONDITIONS CAUSED BY HIGH SEA, IT IS DEDICATED AND DEVOTED PERSONNEL SUCH AS YOUR ENGINEERS THAT MAKE ME PROUD TO BELONG TO OUR GREAT NAVY. COMMODORE SENDS. BT 5 Z , 5 P X 1 5 E l 5 I I b W 69 I frI I Il I I I. , I! -v I I m I , I F L If 4 ti I. . IE 2 , I 1,-, I I if E I' Il- ,m I I I ,L I 7 L Q2 A , ' I' I5 , . 3 J. .5-1 ., g I I , I 4- 1 , . II! I: ., .X I I f I , - 1 I ' Q .-I . b 15 J. 4 , ,l,.': , I .1- W, 25 I 6 I I - I . I V I ,Q IX : I I- I I n I. Ii! ,QI DIVISION BAFIBOSA BT3 BEFIUBE BTFN FIEHTNEFI BT3 FELIX BT3 SHANE BTFN SMITH BT3 SOUTHERN BTFN vw -N......-...- W, as NM ww N i Jyk! 4' lax 'N WRX ,WS S sy Q' 1 X: xxxx W M J 'fimf 'T'-' x sn?" , 5 Q 1 i 1 ff - ,f . f 3' -ed DIVISION GAGNEFI EMC COLEY EM1 COLLINS IC1 CRAWFORD EM2 DUDEK EIVIFN HALE ENFN HEWETT ENFA W ' ' AM- Y ,Q-. ,.... 5 4 in I JONES IC3 KAVANAGH FA MAYER IC3 MCDERMOTT EMFN MYERS lC2 SOLDA FN SYLVESTER HTFR WHEELER EMFA WILLIAMS HTFA 73 SUPPLY DIVISIDN IGNACIO SKC W4 ABRENICA SDSN ANDERSON SK3 AREVALO SDSN BROWNING CS1 W, DEM BESKI SK3 DIN SN DOIVIINGO SK2 GIPSON, D. SK3 , ff i "1-A X 5 Service to the ship, as well as material manage- ment, is the job of SUPPLY Department. The Supply Office prepares the paperwork for food, repair parts, and maintenance supplies. The galley, laundry, barbershop, and ship's store personnel cater to the needs of the crew, while the stewards take care of the Wardroom. The Disbursing Office is everybody's friend on payday. GREENE SK1 IVICCLAIN SHSN MILLER, SA ORTIZ SN 4 z 1 .. --.W 7-,- W- - 1 S i 3 I 'E .w 1 35 sl .1 ii ig 1 2 iii 1 A Ee PAULE, B. sos a ? PETERSEN CS3 , : m Q + POHTERIA SDSN SINGLETON SH2 l A 5 , . I 4 K i i SORIANO csz sTANvvooD css 1 QI ! af if 3 5 '5 ii fe W 9 3 3 5:1 N 1, W V fi 3 E 76 ff f 4. Z f , 3, ' f? MQIW5 A 1 , ' ' , f f ,,,,f,, 1 , H 'ff W , -- ff My W , .,f,7, ,-f,.':,'f 1, Q H , ,z ,ge , Af X mfg TZ W ' , f , W , ,I 41 3 f. W f -ff f f , A f , ,, , M f 5 Q W Z 1 'nw f . f , f, f.,.-ff " f N f 7 ,V 3' g 5 4-A 1 W-,M-0,,,,.,,..,f-.an , Q V , "' - Zi , A '47 A .-n,-r ,nail Si ' . za ' , M 4 1 77 , X , ,, f 'W ... 1 ,, fM.,,,MMn -Aff? Q40 M-,,,,...wmwu.4 M-MsN"'--.UAW rm' '19, f 1 M A Q-.U ff? . ,-, ,1 ,,...-dw-4" 'W fi . i if '-X X ff f , m ' if f M-h-0,-... , ,.A. .,,., f J Lfw' bm + A,1' 1 " Y f x -,. muff" X , S W N X .. X ' Y , Q w TOLENTINO DK2 VEGA SD2 'aa 731,-Q-. '. Y 1' ,-f-f-ff-...dcnvsh ww' :- Pfwiii- X SERVICE TO THE SHIP f' X 5. ,JCI 5 ,QR 3 P F a Ali' ,ii 1 vii! 5 Iwi : ,f 'fi i f in I WESTPAC Goodies arrive just in time. ..-J" W 1 ? J Z of if 78 in .V KX.-,Q--.... w ' 13-3 .Qx v.,lQidvi-- N 3 + X 53,2 ,fs X X . is ., CN. J w X ,. X sw N S X4 X X x x K X Q xx 'G XX"-WWA Qx W 'V MgS"5fN'f Y A M .i ,Z f Q Q SW -.Q ' f X . S :4 NW X M Q, Q., xiz fr wsws 'S f ww AQ-W xwfw ff Wwwwf ' KK x x ,X ,, Q. f, Q 2, XX Q N V , X N- ' X jf Qs PT-- KASQ F S' 'S V Q sh S5 X x Fi. ,. V+ :fi f, i sz iii I ?f 1, is we 1 ,K , 1 9 f 1 1 . w l ! i i l i 1 2 5 l ! S 3 Q 1 xx Z ufstaf ... 'i H ' gs-1 Picnicking on the fantail Sleeping in strange places , , E ' I 4 . X. , A fs, Eating gee-dunk 1 Reading literary classics ' X 1 ss s , 1 ,ff 1 Watching popcorn Westerns X fs . X yt X X91 N ' VXA- iYvx. Q' Q S- t X ,s 'NW-X N S mm - ff ,oh , fx! 2 ,V A f ' 'J ' ff 7 of, A W! PASSING THE TIME AT SEA T V ll il . Ai Eatin' chit'lins T b--.X f' 'X I sr Q Y X7 T' rr' Vx ,,.,..wf H' ,Z ,V g f f ,, ff 4400 QWWWQH K fmiff ,1 Frizzing Afros Taking a nooner Studying colle-Q9 Psychology courses with Dr. KAIVIALI 1111. 1 I it-3' 81 PASSING THE TIME ASHORE NCQ? E10 1 kx M X X F 1 , f, E1'F?11L" f' ..,f-.,. .. ' ,,,, l' lf. re I I Friends aboard, Friends ashore Too much 7-UP ' X. -Ak ff wwf CHIEFS' FCLLIES i i i 2 i 5: The Champ Order in the court! 527 U 53135115 ' Zilyf I 239,i1QQ2pi7 r by 3 14 " 1 ,Z I I W! f !,y JQ f X if '- WNW , My ll Q Delicious! N i Swearing in the witnesses K X ,fb v e Y' ' fry Sxfmjfiwfgs A w- f f ' 1 X f f X , . pkfav, -' - 255 , Q M ' 451 x fifz - . , ZX wif ,U In aff .V 1 I 'ff f ,pf if f'-if QW ' f ..f, if f X X UQ XX K ii! N 1 W 3 f Kf fsfgw M, , , f I Afqiygff aS:lZ"Q?,Iw "QA fig X I f Qvffayfy ' Q u Q! ,5 , Q aww vi , 4 gg ,QAM fl f ,. if X US. v X f... , ,V , f , ! -- Y ,Ep 71N f 72 K a ' fwfg fffiig-5 ffl iixwgffggggf ww Z! 1' 45519 if Q WS 1 5 4? X K jfglf xgylf f AZ Y if iff 1 VWW A W f ff f ww ,fggff X Zz f vf ' 4 f 1 x Km, I? X f ff :X ,Q Ad Q43 f ,Q 4 1 ' 1-Sf 'fl .f Af x Q-- 2 wi "ici ' " 'Q , 4 7 I: ' yiffiiff 557' fr? " 1 ' is if wil' A u mf ,f ,W X f tix , , . , , X f wo Q ,vxwonvwwg . M f w 1-A :mf f x Nas' Xps' -wi ,5v,x,7fz,x, W 'R W' iwfwfffsii f 5 fx X ifigwffg' s gfff ui: ,f XQXCQ fff, R M QS x f fi' .Qffff W .S Wei? , f x, 'fy MQ .-fy w Jw' uf, f, QQ! V xx iff' X W ,X , X -ivf X fy, xx X 1 ga A f . X LCJOKING BACK DC YGU FKEIVIEIVIBEF-1? The ghost freighter that ran us down in Kaohsiung L. R W- 1 4 Shipping over 86 Giving up smoking Distributing medicinal alcohol i +-gi Ti '.- 'f' lm H AM., X.4.....dx.L..L.4...,,...,1......... x... ,Www HOIVIEWABD BOUND tv Q 13 JUN 73 FM COMMANDER SEVENTH FLEET TO USS TURNER JOY BT SAYONARA l. ONCE AGAIN TURNER JOY SAILS EASTWARD TOWARD HOME AFTER COMPLETING A LONG AND DEMANDING DEPLOYMENT TO SEVENTHFLEET. YOUR PERFORMANCE BOTH IN COMBAT OPERATIONS AND IN POST CEASEFIRE ACTIVITIES HAS BEEN EXEMPLARY. THE NAME TURNER JOY IS CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH THE VIET NAM CONFLICT AND IT IS FITTING THAT YOU FIRED THE FINAL ROUND OF NAVAL GUNFIRE JUST BEFORE THE CEASEFIRE. YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CAUSE OF FREEDOM AND THE ACCOM- PLISHMENT OF SEVENTHFLEET'S MISSION HAVE BEEN SIGNIFICANT WELL DONE. 2, I WISH YOU A SPEEDY AND JOYOUS REUNION WITH LOVED ONES. VADM J, L. HOLLOWAY III, USN BT nxxv-Q-' 3-v .uv .x-w' HCIVIE AT LAST! ' Ml ..-in The old Mole looked so good! All hands in whites for entering port. There they were, banners waving . . . """"' -" -" - -w-"""? 7 W 1 W 5,9 N r 1 W , N W Y XY M V, ' my A s gig! , ' , AW,,,,M....X.fM-w- ,X X, I X Xi, yi X5 ex N W rm. Q-- ' f ,. ef1Q"X"Nh's- X r A of X .X fi Lg 5 XX. ir in S is g,,f'L""""""",Q -I . . 4 I V Www A .,, 1, f Q w 1. -'ivy-1, - wwe-i f NX Q1 fl.: Q.F'j,::-:H :WIS . ' 5 Njfgax- S Q f . , l3'3ggS 'ii fi ayf ,ww fx nw L S I Q 'XKE U X 25' wr ww 1 . A Gangway for the girls!! 4? WELCOME ' I TURNERJQYQ ,L 1' Home IS the sailor, home from the sea. 20 JUNE 1973 FROM: COMMANDER CRUISER DESTROYER FORCE PACIFIC TO: USS TURNER JOY BT WELCOME HOME. 1. AS YOU RETURN TO LONG BEACH FOLLOWING A SIX AND ONE HALF MONTH DEPLOYMENT TO SOUTHEAST ASIA, YOU MAY REFLECT WITH PRIDE ON THE I PART YOU PLAYED IN SUPPORT OF SEVENTHFLT MISSIONS. NOT ONLY DID YOUR NAVAL GUNFIRE MISSIONS AND INTERDICTION EFFORTS SUBSTANTIALLY HASTEN THE END OF HOSTILITIES, BUT YOU ALSO BEAR THE DISTINCTION OF CONDUCTING THE FINAL RAID, FIRING THE FINAL ROUND, AND RECEIVING THE FINAL HOSTILE ACTION FROM THE ENEMY. YOUR PARTICIPATION IN OPERATION ENDSWEEP ALSO DISPLAYED THE SUPERB PROFESSIONALISM WHICH HAS BECOME THE HALLMARK OF SHIPS OF THE FORCE. WELCOME HOME TO A WELL-EARNED REUNION WITH FAMILIES AND FRIENDS. WELL DONE. REAR ADMIRAL WOODS. BT dvi B9 CRUISE STATISTICS TOTAL DAYS OF CRUISE 197 DAYS AT SEA 140 DAYS IN PORT 57 DISTANCE STEAMED 53,373 NAUT. MILES SHIPS ALONGSIDE 58 AMMUNITION RECEIVED 355 TONS FUEL CONSUMED 2,484,830 GALLONS COST OF FUEL 3296,966.00 WATER DISTILLED 2,364,000 GALLONS TOTAL MONEY PAID TO CREW 3597,372.00 LARGEST PAY DAY Q30 MAY 19731 364,925.00 LARGEST AMOUNT OF MONEY ORDERS SOLD 319,304.32 IN ONE PAY DAY Q15 FEB 1973I TOTAL MAIL RECEIVED 7,548 LBS. LARGEST "MAIL CALL" '980 LBS. MOVIES SHOWN 350 RADIO MESSAGES SENT 1,293 RADIO MESSAGES RECEIVED 6,352 STEAKS SERVED 7,800 ROUNDS FIRED 5'f!54 9,894 ROUNDS FIRED 3"!50 187 ESTIMATED COUNTERBATTERY 500 ROUNDS fffv Evan: . 1 W :mf W may 121' H...f'fQfZ'f fx EE 0 'zlif I Q, C X I f X XJ L. w MINE PAHL i 7? '33 05 QI O 'X 0 N IISLV' QQ Im? I ,I ap, 0 dl!l.27E2l445'E52 . f . hfh'Af 'S' am sem filff 546702 2? ,1 -Q 04116 WHO'S WHO ON THE T.J. OFFICERS HILL WILLIAM J. LCDR AUSTIN MICHAEL G. LCDR BRENNAN, MICHAEL F. ENS CHAPMAN, JAMES T. LT DONGES WILLIAM H. LTJG FREE RODGERJ. CWO2 GROSSCUP, RICK K. LTJG HALL CHARLES J. ENS HARA JIMMY H. LT HOLLAND, DARYL T. LT JENSON DENNIS M. ENS JOHNSON, WILLIAM A. LTJG KLINE EDWARD M. LT MCNALLEN, JOHN M. LTJG O BRYON TOM W. LT PENNER STEPHEN E. LTJG PHELAN MICHAEL J. ENS POLAND NORWOOD C. ENS AP,- N N .X go A w I L5 3564 x,,K' I 3 I I" LWILE SAN DIEGO, CA., COMMANDING OFF CER DARBY, PA. EXECUTIVE OFF CER GARDEN GROVE, CA. WEAPONS OFF CER TUXEDO, N.Y. FIRST LIEUTENANT NEW YORK OPERATIONS OFF CER PORT JEFFERSON N.Y. MAIN PROPULSION ASSISTANT ADAK, ALASKA ELECTRONICS MATERIEL OFF CER VILLA PARK, ILL. COMMUNICATIONS OFF CER LAKEWOOD, OHIO COMBAT INFORMATION CENTER OFF CER LOS ANGELES, CA. SQUADRON MEDICAL OFF CER SEATTLE, WASH. ENGINEERING OFF CER COLUMBIA, MO. NAVIGATOR RIVER ROUGE, MICH. DISBURSING OFF CER REDONDO, CA. OPERATIONS OFF CER CHICORA, PA ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE OFF CER LONG BEACH, CA. SUPPLY OFF CER CHICAGO, ILL. GUNNERY ASSISTANT LONG ISLAND, N.Y. DAMAGE CONTROL ASSISTANT LAKELAND, FLA. FIRE CONTROL OFFICER CHIEF PETTY OFFICERS BARTLETT, Oscar J. BLANEY, James H. BROWN, James BUTKA, William J. CORNELL, Donald W. GAGNER, Hubert A. GIMENO, Abundio T. HUSKEY, Clayton IGNACIO, Reynaldo KEY, Curtis E. LONG, Billie R. MASTERS, John V. PECK, James E. PERRY, Clinton W. PFEIFER, Carl R. POHL, Robert M. RITCH, Jack R. 'ROSALEZ, Faustino SANDERS, Billy J. TAYLOR, Chuck JOIN THE NAVY AND SEE THE WORLD FTGC GMGM MMC GMGC BTCM EMC MMC BTC SKC RMC MMCS BMC SMC GMGC OSC STC OSC ETC BTCS FTGC Lansing, Mich. Lake Charles, La. Baton Rouge, La. Boise, idaho Westminster, C a. San Diego, Ca. Wilmington, Ca. Newport, Tenn. Carson, Ca. Clute, Tex. San Pedro, Ca. Fort Collins, Colo. Dayton, Ohio Salt Lake City, Utah Garden Grove, Ca. Lakeside, Ca. Long Beach, Ca. Orange Grove, Tex. Pensacola, Fla. St. Simons Island, Ga. l CREW l ABRENICA, Jaime E. AIUTO, Nicholas AKIN, Lewis R. ALLEN, Larry R. ANDERSON, George F. ANDERSON, Johnny R. ANDERSON, Steven L. AREVALO, Benedico L. AUMICK, Michael L. BABER, Kyle J. BACHMAN, Gerald L. Jr. BACON, Roger L. BARBOSA, John BATES, Richard W. BELL, Normal BEN KLER, Jack C. BENNETT, David J. BENOIT, Richard E. R. BERESFORD, Gordon BERG, Arnold C. BERUBE, Raymond F. BIESIADA, Thomas J. BOCK, Walter E. BORJA, Jose C. BOTA, Lawrence M. BOURNE, Larry BRENNAN, Joseph BROWN, Stephen F. BROWNING, Johnny W. BRYANT, Christopher L. BURNS, George BYERS, Joseph D. CAMPBELL, Bruce W. CARLSON, Mark S. CASTLEMAN, Gerald D. CHESTER, James A. CHURCH, Douglas F. CHAMPEAU, Stephen L. CLEMENT, Michael J. COLEY, Brian COLLINS, Danti D. CONNER, John CONVERSE, James R. Jr. COPENHAVER, Gerald D. COX, Wesley C. Jr. CRANCE, Michael J. CRAWFORD, John T. CROWE, MichaelL. DAHLE, John R. E. DAVIS, James W. lll DEBOUSE, Dwight- DEIST, Perry L. DEMBESKI, Larry DETLEFSEN, Walter P. DIN, Eduardo M. DIXON, Gregory G. DODGE, Allen L. DODSON, John L. DOMINGO, Victor W. DORMAN, James A. DOUGHERTY, David F. DUKE, Lee A. DUDEK, William H. DUNHAM, Robert W. DUNN, George G. DUPUIS, Richard J. DURA, Steven M. SDSN Paramount, Ca. MMFN Detroit, Mich. BMSN Cleveland, Ohio GMG1 Kansas SK3 Greenville, Tenn. ET1 Eunice, N.M. ETR3 Portland, Ore. SDSN Philippines SN Sanger, Ca. GMG3 Bartlesville, Okla. BT3 North Bend, Ore. MM1 BT3 Newark, N.J. HT3 Stevenson, Wash. SR St. Louis, Miss. FA Phoenix, Ariz. BM3 Clinton, Md. OS3 Springfield, Mass. SA Hamilton, Ont., Canada PC3 Kerns, Utah BTFN Fitchburg, Mass. OS3 Ft. Wayne, Ind. HT1 Kansas City, Mo. SM1 Guam OSSA Lowellville, Ohio SHSA Fredrickberg, W. Va. SN Brooklyn, N.Y. SA Saginaw, Mich. CS1 Weouko, Okla. GMG2 Kell, lll. RM2 Honolulu, Hawaii SN Ganado, Ariz. OS3 lnkster, Mich. PN2 San Jose, Ca. ETR2 Anaheim, Ca. OS2 , Corona, Ca. OSSN Pico Rivera, Ca. OS2 Southbridge, Mass. ICFN Wauwatosa, Wis. EM1 IC1 Los Angeles, Ca. SH1 Port Arthur, Tex. OSSN Newport Beach, Ca. ETNSN Abilene, Kan. HT3 Spokane, Wash. STG3 Phoenix, Ariz. EM2 Catonville, Md. SHSN Yuma, Ariz. QM3 Erie, Pa. ETR2 Houston, Texas SR New Orleans, La. lVllVl2 Sterling, Kan. SK3 Whitehouse Station, N.J. STG2 Cedar Rapids, Iowa SN Baguio City, R.P. SA Sayre, Pa. OS3 Freeland, Mich. BTFA Morgan Town, W. Va. SK2 Wilmington, Ca. HT1 Aberdeen, S. Dak. STG2 Burlington, Iowa BM3 Pocatello, Idaho EMFN Lagrange, lll. OS2 Janesville, Wisc. GMG3 Oakland, Ca. EN3 Tempe, Ariz. GIVIG3 Frackville, Penn. ELDER, William D. ELLIOTT, David ELLIS, Ronnie W. EVANS, Richard A. FADOOL, Donald FELIX, Daniel V. FIEHTNER, Raymond L. FIERRO, Tony FOSS, Lawrence P. FRICK, Harry D. FRIDAY, Dennis GARRETT, Isaac C. GAUVIN, Jeffrey P. GIFFORD, Philip R. GILLESPIE, Raymond T. GILLUM, George J. Jr. GINSBURG, E. GIPSON, Charles E. GIPSON, Daymond E. GODE, Mitchell G. GOLLIVER, William P. GREGG, Gary L GRIFFITHS, Joseph J GRINDSTAFF William J GRUNDMAN Mark E GUIDRY Michael J HALE, Rodney E HALLBERG Allen R HAMM, Loren C. HAMMERICH, Bruce A. HARRIS, Delbert L. HARRIS, Gilbert D. HARRIS, John M. Ill HARRIS, Larry A. HARTMAN, David H. HELMSTADTER, Georg HEMSWORTH, Harry C. HERN, Tommy R. HEWETT, Herbert M. HOAGENSON, Bob HOUSER, Randy J. HOLUB, Michael H. HOLLIDAY, Willie HUDSON, Kelly M HOPKINS, Tommy L. HULL, Eldon L. Jr. HURLEY, Robert IRWIN, John P. JACKSON, Thomas C. JEFFERS, Patrick J. JEROME, Jerry R. JOHNSON, Arthur L. JOHNSON, David E. JOHNSON, Willie JONES, Dennis L. KAGAMASTER, Rick W. KAMPION, J. KARMANN, Daniel L. KAVANAGH, Brian T. KELBEL, Ronald D. KINNICK, Allen E. GREENE, Eugene S. e KIRKPATRICK, Steven L. LAMAY, Peter J. LANE, Noel W. Ill LANG, James R. L. RM2 FTG2 MM3 BTFN SN BT3 BT3 SA MM3 SA FA BT1 SA SA SA FINI3 QM3 SR SK3 HT3 SA SK1 BTFN FA ST1 OSSN FN ENFN SN SA STG2 HT3 HT3 BM1 SN EWR HTFN RMSN IC3 ENFA FTG2 BTFA SH3 MM3 SA BM3 BM1 SR SR SA ETFISN SA FA BT3 BT1 IC3 GIVIG3 SN EW3 FA SN BT3 EN3 SA TM2 CS3 CREW Los Angeles, Ca. Erie, Pa. Argonia, Kan. Roseville, Mich. Norfolk, Va. Alexandria, Va. Grover, Colo. Brooklyn, N.Y. Devilslake, N. Dak. Kittuning, Pa. Detroit, Mich. Woodbury, Ga. Athol, Mass. Seattle, Wash. Homestead, Pa. Carson, Ca. Ft. Sill, Okla. Paw Paw, Mich. Palestine, Tex. LaVerne, Ca. Sandusky, Ohio Los Angeles, Ca. San Luis Obispo, Ca. Hillsboro, N.H. Lakewood, Ca. San Pedro, Ca. Lake Charles, La. Santa Paula, Ca. Mandelien, Ill. Sherrill, Iowa Stockton, Ca. Potlatch, Idaho Potlatch, Idaho Norfolk, Va. Las Vegas, Nev. Billings, Mont. Anchorage, Ala. Pine River, Minn. Sherman, Tex. Corning, Ark. Black River Falls, Wisc. Fort Wayne, Ind. Motley, Minn. Missouri Hot Springs, Ark. Greenville, Ohio Coeur D'AIene, Idaho Bedford, Ohio St. Charles, Mo. Pitcher, N.Y. Whittier, Ca. Alamo, Mich. New York, N.Y. Lyle, Minn. Long Beach, Ca. Texarkana, Tex. Clearwater, Fla. N Holl wood Ca. . y , Cedar Rapids, Mich. New York, N.Y. St. Marys, Ohio Urbandale, Iowa Inglewood, Ca. Duluth, Minn. Costa Mesa, Ca. Lakewood, Ohio LEE, Stephen E. LEFURGEY, William LEIDIG, Robert A. LEONARD, Michael J. LIAN, Brad E. LINGLE, Leonard A. LIPE, Larry J. LOCKE, Victor W. LOCKROW, Dennis J. LOWRY, Robert O. LUTZ, Robert A. MACMASTER, Glenn K. MADER, David J. MAHONEY, Daniel A. MALVITO, Pasquale J. MANROSS, Bruce A. MARTIN, John H. MARTIN, Dennis W. MARTINI, Phil MATE, Anthony D. MATHEWS, Thom L. MAYER, Thomas H. MAUST, Ronnie G. MCMILLEN, William O. IVICDERIVIOTT, Frederick J.A. MCDONNELL, John MCCLEAN, William G. MEIER, Terry MELENDEZ, Eddie MELOE, Morten MENDIOLA, Willie A. MEYERS, Robert E. MILLER, Charles A. MILLER, Dale MONBERG, Michael A. MORRIS, Larry MORRIS, Randy MORRIS, Theodore MORROW, John E. MUCKLEROY, Johnny R. MYERS, David E. NELMS, Larry T. NELSON, T. NORTON, Robert J. NOYCE, Steven E. O'CONNER, Shawn H. O'DONNELL, Jack ORTIZ, Jose R. Jr. PARAMO, Robert PARKER, Dale R. PATEA, John P. PATTERSON, Stanley W. PAULE, Benjamin S. PAULE, Rodolfo PEARCE, Rickey D. PEDERSEN, Jens E. PEETZ, Michael L. PERODEAU, Robert J. PETERSEN, Richard C. PHILLIPS, Gary L. PIGG, Jackie A. POAGE, W. PORTERIA, Lamberto C. PRATT, Lamar PRICE, David J. PRICE, Maurice REDDING, Kenneth CREW SA MM3 STG2 MM3 MMFA ETR2 ETNSN RM3 SN QNI3 BT3 SR BM2 GMGSN BTFA MM3 SA MM3 OSSA SN PN1 IC3 MM3 BT2 EMFN QM2 FA FTG2 SA BM1 SN IC2 SA BM3 SN SA FTGSA MMFN MM3 ETR3 HM1 MMFN FTGSA SN BTFA SA BM3 SN GIVIGSN MM2 SN QM3 SD3 SD3 sivisn SN FIN SN css MMFN BTFN FTG2 sosm SH2 STG3 MM1 SA Bridgeport, N.Y. Victoria, Tex. Clay Center, Kan. Elkader, Iowa Marysville, Wash. Stockton, Miss. Pinckneyville, III. Temple City, Ca. Cohoes, N.Y. Missoula, Mont. Tipton, Mo. Syracuse, N.Y. Syracuse, N.Y. Lancaster, Ca. Queens, N.Y. Willowick, Ohio Lookout, W. Va. San Antonio, Tex. Chicago, III. Oakdale, Ca. Lima, Ohio Paynesville, Minn. Fresno, Ca. Nashville, Tex. Newark, Del. San Diego, Ca. Brigantine, N.J. lone, Wash. New York, N.Y. Little Valley, Calif. San Antonio, Tex. Livermore, Ca. Limestone, Tenn. St. Charles, Miss. Detroit, Mich. Brooklyn, Wisc. Bay City, Mich. Torrance, Ca. Woburn, Mass. Newton, Tex. Orlando, Fla. Middletown, Ohio Claremont, Ca. Huntington Beach, Ca. Oregon, Wis. Burlington, Mass. Utica, N.Y. New York, N.Y. Los Angeles, Ca. Denver, Colo. Pago Pago, Amer. Samoa Whitestone, N.Y. Wilmington, Ca. Wilmington, Ca. Conway, Ark. Vashon Island, Wash. Omaha, Neb. New Melford, Conn. Penn Yan, N.Y. Dayton, Ohio Terre Haute, Ind. Yuba City, Ca. General Trias, Phil. Shreveport, La. Norwich, Conn. Yankeetown, Fla. Detroit, Mich. REAM, Robert REED, Donald V. REHM, George H. Jr. REID, Mark S. REID, Robert RICHARDSON, Wardell RIGGAR, Dean ROGERS, James A. RIOS, Ruben R. ROICE, Kenneth G. RUSS, Christian C. SAMOYLOFF, Gregory F. SAMUEL, Joseph SCACCIA, Jerome F. SCHULTZ, Amos R. Jr. SEILER, Dennis SHANE, James A. SHANNON, Louis F. SHIVELEY, Michael D. SHORT, Douglas M. SINGLETON, James T. SMITH, Eugene P. Jr. SMITH, Michael L. SOLDA, Donald F. SOLIDAY, Barry M. SORIANO, Esfinar G. SOUTHERN, Randy L. SPENCER, Michael L. SQUYRES, James M. STANWOOD, James M. STEANE, Christopher S. STEINER, Charles R. STORZ, David SUNDBY, Richard O. SYLVESTER, Donald L. TARNACKI, Dennis L. TAYLOR, Emory THOMAS, Harris E. THOMPSON, Dennis R. THOMPSON, Robert G. THOMS, Robert A. TIPTON, Dean P. TOLENTINO, Rodolfo A. TOMEI, Anthony F. TRIPP, Lowell B. TRUJILLO, Roger D. TUCKER, Lester W. VANDERHEIDEN, Jim VAN LITH, Fred VEGA, Larry R. VEST, Kenneth C. VIKRE, Leslie G. VILLENEUVE, Timothy WALKER, Donald G. WARNER, Tom WEBER, David A. WEDEL, Raymond L. WELCH, James R. WHEELER, Bradley G. WHITEGON, Kelly A. WHITT, Billy WILCOX, F. M. WILLIAMS, Robert T. WOOD, Brent D. WITTWER, Steve WYATT, Clifford J. ZIEGLER, Charles L. Jr. CS3 SN RM2 CSSN BM3 BTFN FTG3 FTG3 ETN3 HT2 BT3 FTGSN SR HT3 SA HT3 BTFN GMG2 ETN2 FA SH2 GMGSN BT3 FN BT3 CS2 BTFN YN1 MMFN CS3 OSSN STGSN SN SR HTFR PC3 GMG1 GMG3 MM2 SA SA BTFN DK2 ETN3 BM3 SM3 SN FTG1 FTG2 SD2 SA YN3 MMFN FA FA RM3 SN OS3 EMFA RMSA EN1 FTGSA HTFA STG3 SR BM3 ST1 CREW Aurora, Ill Pottstown, Penn. Ontario, Ca. Garden Grove, Ca. Eureka, Ca. Cleveland, Ohio Uniontown, Pa. Belton, S.C. El Paso, Tex. Jackson Hole, Wy. Jeffersonville, Ind. Los Angeles, Ca. Buffalo, N.Y. Chicago, lll. Portage, Ind. Anaheim, Ca. Vandallia, Ohio Sacramento, Ca. Denver, Colo. Ypsilanti, Mich. Florence, S.C. Buena Park, Ca. New Castle, Ind. Norway, Mich. Piaua, Ohio Carson, Ca. Chillicothe, Ohio San Diego, Ca. Natchitoches, La. Robbinsdale, Minn. McLean, Va. Dayton, Ohio Winters, Ca. Ridgeland, Wisc. St. Louis, Mo. Frankfort, N.Y. Youngstown, Ohio Kansas City, Mo. Oronoco, Minn. Idaho Falls, Idaho East Pittsburg, Pa. Tulsa, Ok. Pasay City, Phil. Davenport, Iowa Murray, Utah Olongapo, Phil. Merced, Ca. Green Bay, Wisc. Wenatchee, Wash. Long Beach, Ca. Jonesboro, Ind. Minneapolis, Minn. Eugene, Ore. Lakebay, Wash. Dayton, Tenn. Madison, Wisc. Chicago, Ill. San Bernardino, Ca. Port Angeles, Wash. Salem, Ore. West Virginia La Mirada, Ca. Channel View, Tex. Salt Lake City, Utah St. Clair Shores, Mich. Bullhead City, Ariz. , 5 -A--Mi -Tl!" gn, Tj F .,. - . L," 3 iff ji DWEiiDID, AD EPLOX5: L B E I TH'EAMlGBHTYi :SHIP LILL TuRINER,.IOYgf g fs: Q :S ATLONG. RESTYIPERIODIDERII I LAY BEHIND? AS WE ST'EAMED'AGA,I'N I FORI TIfIE,ERON'T ,L3IYN EgRg I I I A BRIEF. STOP IN PEARLLAW, ,I i D I AND THENFMIDWAYF . A- AN ON TO GUAM A AA I'T'SfCHRISTIVIAS DAYI Us f . ,. X ON TWO JANUARY 'TWASLQIZFLE GUNLINE- FOR Us LWHERE WEN SET ABOUT I 'TO sTI R UP A FUSSgi I OUR GUNSWERE NEW , AND UNTESTED, TRUE, A BUT THEY PROVED THEIR WORTH BEFORE WEfWERE TITIROUGHZ, I I f I FROMXGIJNS THAT WERE BLAZING WITH BARRELS' QUITE HOT ON LINEBAOKER AND GUNLINE I WE FIRED THE LAST SHOT: .THOUGH FATE TRIED TO STALL Us SHE HASNiT YET: I A fs THROUGHOUT OUR DEPLOYMENT ALL OOMMITMENTS WEREIVIETQ A ULNIREI?SzOFiVARYlNG, A"L 55 g DESCRIPTIONS 'AND TYPESQ5 B I f WERE ACCONIPLISHEDIWITH HASTE. DESPITEFAIQLIRTHE GRIPESZ TY FROM. SUBICTBAY A TOQCIQEKAOHSIUNG V 'F ' OURZPORTS-O-OALLE WERE ABIT FAR ,FLUNG4 LET-US NOT FORGET ' I OUR STAY IN HONG KONGII OROUR TOUR OF DUTY A OUTSIDEOF HAIPHONG: I I AS OUR DEPLOYMENT Q OOMES -TO AN END, ,Y AND WE FACE REUNION I WITH FAMILY .AND FRIENDSQI A WE WISH'TO, THANK B A B THE SUPPORTING FORCES FOR THE BULLETS AND BEANS I A AND FUEL FOR OUR HORSES: I f so, AS WE-BID YOU , I AU, REVOIR WE PRAY OUR GUNS ' SPEAK IN ANGER NO, MORE: WE BID YOUSMOOTH SAILING FAIR WINDS AND ALL- ' AS WE TRANSIT TO CONUS STANDINGS PROUD AND TALL. RM1TJO,HN HARRIS III I I ew www iii --L.,-Ar' ' H4-7 - da' ilimqnnnf'-5-' """' - K WFHBALN- -- , r r',.:g V uw '- uf I, sn N ,M ,. .lf M hit Mk -up-wil' ,,,,,m. I ' " ' A A W W N'-N. WW-any """"'v-w nw-U hm., MMI M-:VL 1 , W Q 'Egan fn., Y W Ip W . 'mmnwx "" -MM 51 my MM' , , 4f.W,., ,. ,, F144'ff'N"'??M' 1 ww W, M . . eg, fl 1- M MW , , W W 6 . WDNHMP' ,nm- vfl'-mann

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