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 - Class of 1956

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H i"""'W"t A 'A' ' " "8 W I , ,I ,M .'r ,V ,J - I l ! I N 'gym' ' x 'x -, A 1 -X Q. 1LA,K,..li'.1ff g i , ' ' ' X xx Q . Q A " U ' . ffQi3'2?5f? Y9 , 1 1 L5 TUR I9 Editor-in-Chief Senior Editor Art Editor Sports Editor School Life Editor Underclassmen Editor Organizations Editor Typist Photographer Business Manager N ERI Joyce Long Pat Ryan Richard Brownlee George Showalter Shirley Eickhoff Janelle Smith Annette English Carol Belt Ronnie Terbovic Bill Cole T , E 56 . O O2 ' 'N ' 6" Q O 0 9 C 0 02' A 1. I Turner High School Turner, Kansas I. in 0 Nik. ' is ff We W, Q up ? V Q4 Q Nw, W xg l A H- -Z bi Q Tm Lfm-MQ gf' N -...ms Q -,EF - ,T,...f iv' ms. Mfg 5 ,gc ' ,J-. My iiiylhf Qt? :JP coach The 1956 Turnerite is dedicated to Mr. Joe Baker. He is a who works to help the boys develop not only into fine athletes but fine citizens as well. Mr. Baker has never been unreasonably rough with any one boy and never reprimanded the team after a game. He gives all the credit to the boys and never has worked for personal publicity. Now after eight years as football coach he is resigning and will begin to devote his athletic mind and abilities to the job of head track coach The team this year repaid "Texas" Joe for all his efforts and work by winning the E. K. L. Football Championship. With this champion- ship trophy in the trophy case it will serve not only to remind us of our fine team but of the efforts of a truly devoted coach, and our ad- ' him will never cease. In iration for Mr. T. R. Palmquist, Prinicpal Edward Musil, Sr. Clerk Walter J. Brown, Sr. Treasurer Salad gaafwl Pa ul Jones Director ,., l X X .. i , G.W. Ashby Joe C, Baker Gene Bell R Leigh Bell Industrial Arts Physical Education, Hygiene Guidance Industrial Arts I " 1 6 ' 6 . o . ' s ' ' 'O ' . . O ' C - O! O 9 1 I E. H. Bolin Margaret Ehlers Mechanical Drawing Iona Carmichael General Math Rodney Enos Driver Education Office Clerk Algebra Social Studies 2 it t 5 -5. i es. -. f,... 53-vm 6 "s. 'K 101111 532112 RUd01ph D. Grechus Kenneth Guthrie Bess W. Hofland El'Ig1iSh III General Math Social Studies Speech, English I III Journalism Geometry S' I '- . 2 ' 5, 5 ,- Q Q 9 ' 5' C ' 5 ' -2' C OJ Q Q A Q n Q A Q .3 Q Q 2 ' - I Q , - Glen Howerton Erdman Johnson Margaret Lea therberry Ellen Lindburg Art Music English IV, Latin, French Englishl Nancy D. Marshall Commerce 4'- I 9 6 Q 5 . 0 Keirha Peterson Librarian Genera n'. 5 O C ' I 'J S O Leo B. Com me Burley B Marun James L Nerharr Loulse Palmqursi 1 Scrence Muslc Cloghmg Carolyn Snuffer English II it Qu 'A to 90 Cs Q, 2' if Flora Thoman Arnold Voth Huber: Waugh Home Economics Biology Math, Psychology Commercial Law O 5 Q Q 9 '?s . DH N T H IN IC E IF U o .. I -- lf JY f gg' . -f LUN N i B I ' ft , I . X .?,.f 'Ex .5 ! - -ta l ks S Q5 .' c 1' I ' I - Robert Wilkins 'I Vice -Principal 4 . x Q GIA..-.. .- 5 I, H ' .. A , 1, i as .1:- .. .s 2 Q1 1 ,z iw gir- ,Zf 4 .4 :wa- X A ,S Q 1 Q . ifx zii t I n :H kr' 1: ,, A. A., 1 3 A .ff E1 .K 75, ,f K' IJ. 'Ei ' 1 f, ,N V Je. . ,rf 2 'HF' " 32 f, 3' 'Q' " Q 5, - X . " Z I Wg Lg 5 L' ifffri , A 35251 5 , max 0-3-ff eiiiiffiii ., '.'w1e,: . ,ff Ri..-,fin , w,,A?:i, . a sim' f M "E 'L L51 , fm, R, .ml 'iifa I Bbne 4162, 1 r , ux -f f.. Q 9: , Mg,i,?h1,w R . -X , -1 5, - ,,5yf.g1--1 4, 1 1 ' f - -- fi - Y ti.. I "' iff- ' wiv 1,24- t .-wiv-sexi f 4 if i L 'uf' if v-Sf RisNWz L QAM? 1 ,w:gAf?3i? Q , iz 4- L' emfam Q I 'ef rf 1 CHUCK LUKINAC: Glee Club 1,-25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Boys Ensemble 3, 4g Student Council 1, 2, Officer 3: Home Room Officer l, 2, 4g T-Club 2, Officer 3,4g Basket- ball l. 2, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 1, 4g Homecoming King 4. JIM BERRY: Glee Club lp Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Boys Ensemble 2, 3, 4g Student Council 3,4g Home Room Officer 2, 3g T-C1ub,3,4g Basketball 1, 2,3,4: Track lg Class Officer 3, 43 Chess Club 3. DON REESE: Westport lg Home Room Officer 2, 3,4g T-Club 3, 4: Football 3: Class Officer 3.4. HAROLD PARKER: Glee Club 1: Mixed Chorus 2, 3,43 Boys Ensemble 2, 3.4: Band 1, 2, 3: Swing Band lg Student Council 3, 4g Home Room Officer 1, 2g T-Club 3,4g Basketball 2. 3,45 Track l, 3,4. Those who helped the fullfillment of all Senior activities were left to rightg Miss Margaret , Letherberry, Mrs. Wilma Smith, Mr. Kenneth Guthrie, Mr. Erdman Johnson. 1 Z 1 LORETTA, ANDERSON: Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls Ensemble 2, 3,4g Band 1, 2g Swing Band 25 Pep Club 1, 2, - Officer 34 Bible Club 25 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, Student Council 1. Officer 3, 4g Home Room Officer 23 Homecoming Attendant 43 Cheerleader l, 2, 37 G,A,A. 45 Senior Playg Princess of Popularity. A BEVERLY BEATY: Central lg Glee Club 2,3, Y-Teens 2, 3. CAROL BELT: Wa rd 3g Glee Club 1, 2, 45 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 45 Turnerite Staff 4: Drum Corps 2. CANDELARIO ARMENTA: Glee Club lg T-Club 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3.4: Track l, 2, 3. JOHN BAILEY: Glee Club l, 2.3, 43 Bible Club 2, 3, 4, Football 1. PAULINE BITIKOFER: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Bible Club 25 Home Room V Officer 3, 4, Senior Play. JEAN BOUSMAN: Glee Club l,2,3, 4g Mixed Chorus 4, Girls En- semble 4g Pep Club 4, Y-Teens lg Junior Play. ' MIKE CARVER: CATHERINE CARNEY: Harry Ells Jr. High lg El Cerrita High 2, 3g Track 4. Rolla lg Manhattan 2g Shawnee Mission 3: Mixed Chorus 4: Girls Ensemble 4g Pep Club 45 Student Council 4g Home Room Officer 45 Tumerite Staff 4g Booster Staff 43 Cheerleader 4: Senior Playp Princess of Gla morg Quill Sr Scroll. GARY COATS: Basketball 1, 2g Football 1, 25 Track 1, 2. Turnerite King: Senior Play. ALAN BROWN: 14 CHARLES BOYD: mee ciub lg Home Room Officer 3. 4gsaske1b5u lg Track 1, 23 Junior Playg One-Act Play 2g KENNETH BRADEN: Hi-Y 2,3,4: T-Club 4g Football Manager 2g Track Manager 2, 3: Junior Play Washington 1. JACK CAMPBELL: Capitol Hill 1, 2: Home Room Officer 4 Booster staff 4g Junior Play: Senior Play JUDY BROWN: RICHARD BROWNLEE: JIM BEULLENS: De La sane 1, 2,1-Iome Room officer ' staff 4, T-Club 3, Officer 4, Footba Glee Club 1, 3, 4, Band 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 4, Bible Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys En- semble 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club Officer 3. 4, Hi-Y 2, 3.4, Home Room Officer 1, Booster Staff 4, Tumerite 4, T-Club 4, Basketball 1, Track 1, 2 3, 4, Junior Play, One-Act Play, Cheerleader 1, Thespian Society Officer 4. 3, 4, Booster 11 3, 4. BILLCOLE: Southeast 1, 2, Home Room Officer 4, Corps 2, 3, 4. staff 4, Tumerlte sraff 4, Junior Play. BEVERLY BUCKLEY. Band 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Y Teens 2, 3, 4, Drum Booster LOUIS BUSH: Band 1, 2, 3. DALE COOPER: Glee Club 1, 2, One-Act Play 2. 15 ROBERT DAVOLT: Rosedale 1, 2. ELEANOR DEARINGER: Majorette l, 2. BARBARA DAVIS: Glee Club lp Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls En- semble 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Home Room Officer 1, 3, Junior Play: Senior Play. 4: G.A.A. CHARLES CORKILL: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Boys Ensemble FLO DEAN DRURY. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 4, Y Teens 2, 3, BERNARD CA LLA GHA N: DON CRAIG: 16 Glee Club lg Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Home Room Officer 4g Basketball lg Football 1, 3,4g Junior Play, Chess Club 4. Glee Club 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2,3, 4, Swing Band l, 2, 3, Manager 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Student Council 4, Senior Homecoming Candidate Escort 4g Representative to Kansas Lions 35 All State Band 4, Senior Play. Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3,4, Student Council 1, Home Room Officer l, 2, 3, Booster Staff 4, One-Act Play 2, Cheerleader 4, Thespian Society 4, Princess of Beauty, Quill and Scroll. CA RROL DRA IN: SHIRLEY EICKHOFF: Glee Club I, 2,3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Turnerite Staff 4, Booster Staff 4. Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3,4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Booster Staff 4, Turnerite staff 4, Junior Play, One-Act Play 4, Class Officer l, 3 i ' Thespian Society 4, Senior Play, Princess of ANNETTE ENGLISH 1 - -so C5 - as W Personality and Charm. j "K, .flfif ' ' rf P Ig 'm3ii.Q "4 iff Y i,,',,,. MARDEN ELKINS: ceoncm GARNER: -4 .Q W JM, - fig MINERVA DUERMYER: Central Jr. 1, Wyandotte 2, Glee Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4. - GERALD EVERHART: Glee Club 1. ....,W .4 I , Glee Club l, 2, Hi-Y l, 2, Home Room Officer 3, T-Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, Football 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Junior Play, Chess Club 3. I ,,,,.,",',' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 3, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer 4, Junior Play. . 17 yy I i ,,i s I 2 S -. 4 1 - 4 we Q, if - JOHN HALE BEVERLY FORCE: Glee Club 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dra matics Club 4g Pep Club 45 Y-Teens 4, Home Room Officer 2: Junior Playg One -Act Play 4, Thespian Society 4, Senior Play. ROBERT HARRIS: Glee Club l, 2, Hi-Y 2, Student Council 1, 2g Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3. JOE GRAY: Northeast l, 2. Drum Corps 1, 2. GENEVA HART: Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Pep Club 3g Booster Staff 4, BEVERLY GERSTERz Glee Club lg Pep Club lp Y-Teens l, 2, 3. SARAH FAGAN: Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3.4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, Bible Club lg Y-Teens 2, 3. 4: Home Room Officer 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Senior Play. 18 E t DONNA HOLMES: DONNA HARKNESS: Glee Club l, 2, 3, Pep Club 3.4, Junior Play, Drum Corp 2, 3. Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Pep Club 1, 2,3,4, Y-Teens 2, 3,4-, Home Room Officer 2.4, Booster Staff 4, Junior Play, One-Act Play 3, 4, Princess of Achievement, Quill and Scroll. JACK FRANKLIN: Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4, Boys Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, 2, 3, President 4, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, T-Club 3, Officer 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, Track l, Class Officer 2, 3, Chess Club 3, Senior Play. VIRGIL HODGE: Student Council 2, T-Club 3,4, Basketball Manager 1, 2, Football l. 2, Manager 3. CARL HOUK: Home Room Officer l, 2, 3, Basketball 1, Football 1, Track l. KENNETH HOWELL: Glee Club 1, Band 1, 2, 3, Swing Band 2, 3, Home CLA RENCE JACKSON Room Officer 1. BEVERLY KEITH: Glee Club 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, GARY KIBBEE: Band 1,2, 3, 4, Swing Band 1, 2,3, 4g Home Room Officer 3, 4: T-Club 3,4g Football l, 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, Chess Club 3, Senior Play. PAT LEFTWICH: Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 1. 2. PEGGY IONES: Bible Club 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES MCAFEE: Glee Club 1, 2.3, Home Room Officer 4, Foot- ball lg Track Manager 1. LEA JOHNSON BEAN: Y-Teens 1, 2. BEVERLY KEENER: Glee Club 1, 2: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 35 Senior Play. 2.0 I OYCE LONG: SANDRA MOODY: BEVERLY LARIMORE: Glee Club 1, 2, 3g Pep Club 2. 33 Y-Teens 1, 2 Home Room Officer 3, 4. DON MESSINGER: Band 1, 2, 3, swing Band 1, 2, 3g Football lg Senior Play. BEVERLY MARTIN: Glee Club 1. 2. MARY KUHNEN: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, Home Room Officer 1. GEORGE MESTAGH: Glee Club lg Basketball 1. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls Ensemble 4g Pep Club 1, 2,3,4g Home Room Officer 2, 3, 4, Booster Staff 4g Tumerite Staff 4, Junior Playg Quill 8a Scroll, Central Junior High lg Wyandotte 23 Glee Club 3, Mixed Chorus 45 Y-Teens 4, Junior Playg Senior Honor Student. 21 LEON OWNES MARIORIE MILLER: Mixed Chorus 45 Girls Ensemble 45 Central High 1, 2, 3. GEORGIA PAYNE: Glee Club l, 2, 3, 45 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3 LARRY MCSPARREN: Student Council 25 Home Room Officer 2, 35 T-Club 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Junior Play5 Chess Club 3, 45 Senior Play. KAY ALLEN PINKSTON: La Cygne High 1, 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys En- semble 45 Hi-Y 4. JOHN MOULTON BOB OLSEN: Football 1. ERNEST MELTON: Argentine High 1. 2, Mixed Chorua 4,- Boys Ensemble 45 Hi-Y 3.4: Home Room Officer 3, Junior Play, Photography Club 3. GARY SMITH: Montose 1, 2, 3g Student Council 45 Basketball 4, Football 4. i CHARLES PONDER: Central 1, 2. JACK SNYDER RAYMOND MEAD: Glee Club 1, 2: Band lg Home Room Officer 33 T-Club 3: Junior Play: Chess Club 3.4, Football w Manager 2, 3. BARBARA SATER: Wyandotte lg Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 2. DORETTA PEARSON: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Dramatics Club 4g Pep Club 1. 2g lf-Teens 1, 2, 4g Home Room Officer 1, 2, 35 E Senior Play. JOAN STEVENSON: Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3,44 Swing Band 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3.4, Home Room Officer 1, 4. VAUGH STONERg Glee Club lg Student Council 1, 2, 3, One -Act Play 2, Homecoming Attendant Escort 3. CAROLE PRATT: Glee Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2,35 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2g Booster staff 4, Girls State 3. CAROL POTTER: Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3.4, Girls Ensemble' 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 2, Swing Band 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, President 4gY-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 3, 4, Home Room Officer lg Junior Play, Senior Play 49 Turnerite Queen 4. EDITH TRIPP: Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 2: G, A,A. 4. DELORES STANLEY: West Junior High 1. JOAN STACKHAUS STEVENS: Glee Club 2,3,4: Pep Club 2 24 DON FRANK: Band 1, 2, 33 Swing Band 1, 2, 33 Football 13 MARVIN TROWBRIDGE MARILYN TUTER OLIVER WILLIAMS U PAT RYAN: Glee Club 1. 23 Dramatics 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council Officer 3, 43 Booster Staff 43 Turnerite staff 4: Home Room Officer 1, 23 Homecoming Attendant 1, 2, 33 Homecoming Queen 43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,43 G.A,A, 43 Senior Play. Track 2. RALPH TRENT: Glee Club 1, 23 Home Room Officer 3,43 Junior Play. CORKY REESE3 Glee Club 13 Pep Club 33 Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: Home Room Officer 1. 23 Homecoming Attendant 33 Cheerleader 3. lf" v T f wg. A f A NANCY ROUDEBUSH: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Y-Teens 3, Junior Play. CARL SMITH: Hi-Y 2. KAREN SHANE CAMPBELL: Glee Club 1, 2, 3.4, Y-Teens 1, Officer 2, 3, Home Room Officer 1. 2, 3. I, 2, Track 1. DON STEVENS: Home Room Officer l, 3. RONNIE WENDT: CAL STRETTON: Band 1, 2, 3,4, Swing Band l, 2, 3, 4, Bible Club 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, Home Room Officer 3, Football CI-IARLENE WILLIAMS: Q-vw' be FGA- Z V I I'k G ' ,V Aff Glee Club 1, 2, 3,4, Dra matics Club 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Junior Play, One-Act Play 4, Photography Club 3, Thespian Society 4. Glee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4, Girls Ensemble 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, Y-Teens 2, 3,4, Home Room Officer l, 2, Junior Play. JANELLE SMITH: Glee Club I, 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 4, Girls Ensemble 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3,4g Booster staff 4, Turnerite Staff 4. ' ' GEORGE SHOWALTER: Smithton High lg Tumerite Sta ff 4, Booster 1 Staff 45 Basketball Manager 45 Junior Play, Chess Club 3, 45 T-Club 4, Football Manager 4. DONNA SELLER: Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3.4, Girls Ensemble irA 2, 3,44 Pep Club 2, Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4g Student ,fi Council lg Home Room Officer 1, 3: Booster Staff 1 4, Junior Playg Girls State 3: Princess of Fun and 'erl Mischief, Quill 8a Scroll. JUDY SUTTON: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls En- semble 4g Band 1, 2, 3.4, Swing Band 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3,4g Student Council lg Home Room Officer 3, Junior Play, Senior Play. Y LaVERNE STRAUB: Glee Club 1, 2.3.4, Majorette l, 2, 35 Head Drum Major 4. SHARON SMITH: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 25 Y-Teens 1, 2, ' 3, 4g Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Booster Staff 45 Junior Play: Quill 81, Scroll FORREST TUTER: Glee Club 1, 2: Hi-Y 15 Home Room Officer l, 2, 4. 27 if - v ALLEN YORK: Glee Club 1, 2g Hi-Y 2, 35 Home Room Officer 35 T-Club 3, 4g Basketball lg Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track lg Junior Play: Chess Club 4. JANICE YURGEL: Glee Club 1, 2,3: Y-Teens 2. ROBERT ACUFF: Central Football 3,43 Track 23 Junior Play: One-Act Play 2. lg Glee Club 2g Mixed Chorus 3, 4g BILL THOMPSON: Glee Club 1, 2 semble 2, 3, 4, 3, 4: Track 2, 3 ROBERT BRILLHART: Chess Club 4. ,3g Mixed Chorus 2, 3.4: Boys En- T Club 3, Offrcer 4, Football 2, ,4. Q RONALD TERBOVIC: Tumerite staff 2, 3, 43 Booster Staff 2, 3, 4 Photography Club 3, President 4. WILLA DEAN THOMPSON: Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4g Girls Ensemble 2, 3,45 Y-Teens l, 2, as Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. ' Z8 x ' ul ,. 'iv .'M q-1, ,I'. nh 1 All , x4'::f , - . Q1 .gxu 'HH' ...WI , 'I ... --.9 Q . iff' 4 V' -. ll N4 A, .. K ' -- L VIAL, I-54 ' 4,. H ., , .I ' rss. . .1 sy., r , L 1 3 ,. r 4' .11 ' A Q , ' v in n'V'sxf,,, '33 JJ' I .WPA an N 4, f fT- f"' T' X .' 5 Us 3 Q . . , . I if 4 . ' !f'f-- I 55 ifgtl , I ' Q 5 5. 3 . 5 I Q -1-,gb Q 35' ' -. ' .,-'f. . 1 X ,Q ' . A- , . 9 Q -X if u -X fb 154 H . 3,15-.., f-fa' " 195.4 5255 . . 'Q 21.5. fi N - eff: .21 1 I . I., 1 V R if 1 . .3 ', 'E .. fm. .wm.Q.f , . 8- 9- e' 1. ' 5' 'J 'iii'-3, H A - ,, l"'- ,xx f4 ix w :Rv ." fffbc- 2: lv. ' v . X, , M I . 5- usl .,,,fQb. , 4' . . ' ,gm Q: wg if IA f H- 3 ' , 3 l -K - .,5fg'w it x """-15. - 9 1 . ' '- ' ,J . .vi ' . f . . 1 -f 1 Y fm x 5 . , "K'-JL:-.safe K . M . "T fi . Y . 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R' . ha' 5-1 " ' -Q. - U bl' -A 'X H- Aix' m R fi? 5 .' - Mfiiii-' 'ik' SJVK vi .kia 'Iii ' -2 'El' Q- -Y ' X .1 .S A 'H' -A"'- Hx . . w 1 1' 1' w im , sf . . ax if W A . 1 if", ef, ": f - ' , 'gh' g.f"-,L ,ff N-3' li '11, " ffl.. jtfjf--EfL'5'.i'2LQlf'L, fx, 5 7 .Q Q6 ' fbi?-Qs' X ' 'X . rffx ' -ff-f.-iw xv f-ff-wA X. - T. y .iq-Q' f . , I 7- , - K 4 .t . H -.V ' .Lv X. twig, 'Q AR A-,Q A . x ? Q, ffl -- Y .., x :Nix x N h K 1 . K in WH' ag ,T H , 1 t Wir: ,X X 1 Sb. X li Q L. -4 ,f .Sf!'4a.r' M f X 5' -ik V J 5. A ' A 5 'ii 1 VV- A .' 1.4 -U .2.Pi5g"5T4"'. fm' w . 1' X R , R 22' .3 .wana 2 . V K X g,QJf3'A'f."'f5'f -T E 7, L. Q 7 X, J f 'NTQN-1.v' ' f 532 '- X XR " Q gb .a.-Aw-3 1 . wx "1 ' if' f- ' 1 ERA V SQ - - if: ., fxi .. x - . f M' . K f . wx w . W 2.1.4 faw f2.fi.v .. .ggggyi M. .31 S 'L 1-mixff-'?:1-. ew? 1 N - . V Q -1 1: .... fix ax, gg -ik , FAX x.5,,S 5 ' " A .-ws ,.. V n K ' ' ' . 'X " , ' ', 'fx' . - Q 1' -.' X, XL, I Lux? .nk-hxi ' 3 M, , , K 2 8, ,J W VV V . wx Vx ,F Xi' z I Q K L RLVEXH' g . f ' x ' Y X 'K 4 N X- - ' x.f-THX 'f'-L ,..v"F- V f x- - ' ' ' -X K WT ZNQ' Q fl, XA :V lg' -N f Q .X ' 'X if . , ,-.35 -' T, EH, 3 W X X , . 5 .u "1,,,fx N . , . K, j N? .9 S A , -WNNQ . x N ' . . - -. 3 A f- .i si x 1 "' ' 4 ' u ' .X Q' - ' ' 3 ,V . . ,b A . X .. K -, S -,L 1,1 ' ' X X -14. . -,IAA X xv I, -.., , W ,,f 'A .Y--Q. ' ' . . . yr: 5 xg, X K M. , . - - Q A Vi - A 'XX -Q N -K 'Z th v l jill? 'xi X X- pf' Gi ' "-- an-X xr L 'Q ' 1 X. , xi' R iii -7.1 'Xia V - . V V . , Q ur r . ' XX l L y A I A ' A J Y ' 'N 2 ' z U, - 1? JS. N . ' slung ' ' f - Q A' ' " N Y Y . ' ws x x ' V e W. ' X 1- . X - x . I t w Q - .ff . " s . Q - R I , Q ' 1 1 -, ,M 1 xy: . f . :f LA4 - . I I, X r -. 'A 5 W .,,,X- 1- . A . . 1 ,, 1 K , wx f . f. ,L .K ' . ,5. M ,, - J. ' 1 M ' -' , k' .ff 'F ,xg Q.r5'5.'4'f' hx J-'lx zu X ' .JUN " x ' Vw. , 'Q--.., .2 L 3 " --. 15. ,iff y .1-:. ig 31 1 6 P ..13Xgf.Q-...Q - if . 6 -,X 2 I ' ? X2 Y i'7ff7 -dd ,Q ' 'w. 1 a x P K 4 "Q x - X , President Darrell Anderson Vice -President Britt Brown Secretary-Treasurer Paul Routh Ross Abercrombie Sharon Amos Jerry Arnold Bonnie Asbell Roberta Bain Jack Baker L. , - lk: ,V I V V, K f . , , at Darlene Baldwin lmena Beasley John Beaty Joyce Bias David Bishop Kathryn Bitikofer .4 Brenda Blackledge asf x Sandy Brown I 5 fr jf' 1 '- 1 I ,, Chloe Carney 1 Sandra Crowley Marcia Dodd 4 , , ,-., Qi 5 Bob Blythe F. H. Bray wh, M H ls? y AV 1 ru' A--,. . Maurice Buckley Carol Burris LuAnne Carroll Melva Chase Dorah Darnell Charles Davolt if Carolyn Dotson Larry Dudley W x N R X f 6 , F Byron Bridges Darlene Brookshire 4 'wf 4 'B X 2 T 5? ff A '-, ' fy DSl'1iS Callaghan Brenda Cansler as Abi if may 6 . f' " if f TWV! A Q Q, , i i 5 6 . 4 Ronnie Coats Linda Cossairt Donna DeCa igny Lester Dent Georgia Eads Edward Edgmon Richard Brown k , ,J ul' X Larry Cansler Leon Creten I 4 Gail Dickinson in 7, L.g5iL5Ti 5 'ga FT Russell Elam Dannie Ellerman Claudia Elliot: Judy Feisley Mary Fiene Beverly Gerber Patricia Gerber 'La Kr Bruce Greer h ,N Eva Mae Hafner Q Margie Hardgrave Leon Harris fl 4 e ra. -S, , 11 w : i'-H 1 X ' .. Ross Everhart kg Michael Funk 4 5 fx is A, la y if i. ' .M - 4 "sf 2 C '. -E -,iii Eh 1 y jak , K EV Bob Gerster Jerry Hall Mickey Harris rffsw gg. - ,J - M .KI r- ig- 5 5 if Eleanore Fagan Joyce Fagan 2 V ,r vk A fi' Lillian Gargus Wilma Garrison Donna Gill Earl Gilkison Joyce Hallisey Dixie Haney Richard Harris Ruth Hart y 23' Ronnie Fagan Carl Gearhart . .fa - ,N- M' ' K 5 r if 3:-1 Y ff' , 1 l , .5 s David Green Larry Hansen Nancy Henney Marilyn Hicks 4: 4lEEHII,hb f5'm5 Ruth Hufford Dennis Janssen Joyce Jones Ed lfeonard Caron Hill SQLK .N x s N, .. x-,. 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'RA I J ' , ,V S 1,32 " 'U K , i ff' 1 Anne Straus Robert Sullivan Roger Tripp Barbara Tush Jon Van Natta 4 Eugene Willmon L ' " rf t . iw , Q ..--.- -Q Clifford Vaughan Viola Winegar 1 Q1 M 1' 'EX Q Q K Don Wallace Q' Jerry Woodward fair f fr? , E 4 Robert Watkins Mary Worthington 1 Judy Wentworth Dorothy Willcut Beckie Wright David York Gary Brown Herb Etherton Delbert Hale Donna Shivley Karen Skaer Freda Thormburg ' e r i, Tony Voth 0 :O OJ A . 2 . 'Q '. Q p O . .Q 0 O 5 , O' Q Q 0 '- J ' i Q 3 6 ' I' -I .0 Ofc te, T35-Q r ' fy: f - 1 ff!" ' 1 W X A '-.!'f:::4,--if ' LM if Mig KE' Z? Z 'ER vga x I " AL - L Vice -President Danny Bird Secretary-Treasurer Judy Phelan President Kathy Rock E, -. Gloria Aldridge Mary Alexander Amber Alleman Myra Anderson Jim Andrews Manual Armenta : fy. "' Z 4 ' 1 , -.eq1 . wr gi xg Q Margaret Asplund Gene Atkinson Phillip Bailey Billie Bain L0l1iSS Barr Valerie Batten YY N? ee if 6 QV I ' ' 5 L it "- Q X. ,f Robert Belt Jackie Beal John Beery Durwood Belt Y L 4 :KJ KV .X A X , 1. N1- :Q "XX "' x1 ? Q J n " N -Bri S , ,er Herbert Bly Richard Boyd 9' - 'J W 5 V ix 1 1 V A,,: N Erma Brufferr James Burke Ronald Caster Cha rles Cheeseman Leland Crystal Janice Davenport Tommy Bra zelton Sandy Briscoe Us ' 4 ,C J 'Xi at , 11, S F r nl im - E. ' - k"5"'J Patricia Butler Marsha Campbell Judy Coleman Judith Cooke Pa tty Dahlke J ack DeFries 1 Norman Blackburn far 'M my t 1 eg 'ri YL rr 3 - 1 , . My ma Brown Sue Ca rpenter Carl Cossa irt B J Q rf' Jeannie De Fries Q : 5 v-4 ii J W " , ,A QM Stephen Blasche . , 1 E A -2 J 1' 41. PBI Brown I N . if .K A , aa ! ' J r ,I I Norman Carr Jo Ann Creten Lewis DeFries 'Z i ap Af 411' ii, is , I me 5 , .. , X ' mr J N Junie Denny Shirley Duermyer Beverly Fitch t Judy Funk Nancy Godfrey WN x,"'h, Q, Nancy Dill Joa nn Eagles 3 .V , -arf . fn Tea, 'fqi?1' ' if Harold Fletcher Pa ula nna Funk Christina Goodall 35? haf 5' 'ulrr tiff :pi lf', ff Charles Dillon Morton Ditto Donald Drury Rowena Duermyer Robert Elam Connie Everhart Gary Everhart Nancy Ferrin Loretta Fletcher Susan Force John Frazier Frank Fritz Fl0yd Gamer Shirley Gillaspie Janice -Gillis Juanita Glaspie Jerry Gravett Carol Griffin Mary Guthrie Myma Guy iw Judy Hale Jack Hellebuyck .yi Clifford Howa rd Marjorie Hurst Robert Johnson Robert Hale QT? 1? ia! 5 2 H o f Michael Herrman Edwin Hollandsworth Dick Inlow I ea nne llen Jones Patricia Hall Linda Hammer Thomas Ha rt Rayetta Hartford in., Q Roger Hill Ronnie I-Iillers Lloyd Hogan Mary Hufford Barbara Jackson Barbara Johnson Ronald Kane Bette Marie Keele Joyce Hinkhouse Lester Hodge J , 1 4 N fe W sf' 2 gk Ls Marie Huls Ella Faye Hurt tg H A15 ,, if Bill Johnson Robert Johnson rsss ' R iii' 'Q r lss s fgf' K srrs Sandra Ketner Carol Sue King Q A 2153 'E' S! Carolyn King Juanita King Charles Kirch Q 5. ' r?fiF?xQ ' 'fi Ffxfj i f I Y 1 ,gt if is gl '- l AQ! bl is FYZPIN r-Q N2 Q N 1 K f x I, :1j,-:,.eRND,fXrJJ- ,J Lg- 'X "' I1 1--fl , J Nl?-H11 Nancy Landers Judy Lavin Richard Leaton o Q- ,Q af J I Ig. .i Az. ...J Richard Kolman 'A -3 . fr J J ,R A Karen Lewis ix- J kv, rr Anna Knight .Jim i x i rffhrn v .snr I As 12 iv Ronald Lindsay Judith Knowles Leonard Long Linda Long Bill McCane Charles McCarthy Jim McCurry John McFarland Don McKenzie Diane Ma gill Allen Maskill Wynne Mason 'Tx-r' Sha ron Masun Janice Moody 1 1 Jimmie Moore Jimmy Moore Mark Morehouse Ronald Morrison Ervin Noble J Xi K , ., i - -, Sandra Monger Ruth Norton a QQ f u 35 F' rl ' N-3" 1.4" he A' Daryl Northcutt Shirley Peck I E J I Helen Rea gan v- w 3 is ' IIS ,. 1-5- 3. f ffjir 4 ,.',,- , Cha rles Runions Janet Shockey Curtis Nutt Kenny Ogle Anna Lou Ouderkirk K? in il , . K L5 1? , X X 22,11 V V- I i ,,Y., S V 5 2 Li, Q ji.: A 2 Y ,.: ii: M in X ,Q new .. Ervin Petty Don Pike Perry Pointeiin Keith Riley Sharon Ring Earl Roberts Nina Owens 'IDA WALRQ ,ff John Porter David Robertson Billy Scott Pat Schmidt Thomas Schraml Darrell Shelton ij R K' f Jimmy Shoemake John Sills Bertha Ann Skaggs Carolyn Smith Tommy Parsons Beverly Rank f C s ' 1 ill' A -sl? i A,,.f,3xjQ I , vfisff 1 ' Harold Rogers tg JD , Patricia Shephard 'fri' 1 f I 41 'f 3 -if .,, i , 4 Z5 xx' :mid fr ik : We-.fweuilil gl Clifford Smith Dixie Smith v in A- iiii gf fig? 1 .z -wwf Larry Stephens Sha ron Tanner Delores Thoele Wanita Thompson Jo Ann Smith Larry Smith Richard Sparks Sherman staffer Elda Staley , i f N pf xxx if f 'w,V, 3. v ei Linn Stewart Dennis Sutton Roy Sutton Myrna Sweet Mary Swinney Robert Tavis Charlotte Taylor Jimmie Taylor Jill Teague Nadine Teters Richard Thomas Connie Thompson Eva Thompson Frances Thomas Ruth Thomas ' SU t 2 1611-2 . , Beverly Tomlinson, Charlotte Tomlinson Dennis Toussaint Barbara Tuter Carol Van Driesch Q I Evelyn Vena ble Q, A Q, A Y t is A Q David Wear Nadine Wilcoxson Edwin Wyatt v ,f 'L Y Xl nn '- x 1 1" ' 1 my ea gay. Ta fi- Q .ff Larry Vincent R, .1 , tfi- , , 5? '- . L :ar V i nfra ZEAQVAA. Veal' xii Dick Wea ver 4-z.. 3 V r W Truman Willcut Gary Yocum i . E r -75, kg V Barbara Gessendorf W 1 wg 2 ' me Vs F' 3 Richard Wahaus ' Barbara Walker Robert Walker Phil Walters , 'W' A Johnny Weddle William Whisenant Warren Whitmill Carol Whitaker E L mia ' e Rosa Lee Williams John Wilson Mike Woodson Patty Worthington 2 j ' "' it x 2 X k4l gif? t. ' Aiq, AA Sally Younkin John Yurgel Alberta Zimmerli Don Edwards t Bill Rutter Carolyn Yankoveck Patsy Butler Q.. I f Q 1 uf E fjijmtg' Vgwfz. A - Q. 4s',. 631: W3 pr .aw S 31 I XR I .Ly , Aff' ' -H75 'Qt' -'irxgf r , . ,- 4'-5 - NNn..... ,-f Secretary -Treasurer Barbara Jean Dolores Anderson f ."' . , z, ' - - f, M- T, J ? my L. lx fe --fa a e, iii A ' I3 . ' 5 54 g l iffif Johnny Blize if gm! , 1, , Vice-President Jim Haight President Bob Johnson Benito Armento Joanne Arnold Gary Beasley Judy Bias Gerry Bird 2 1 ,if Hg -. e. J Nancy Blythe Ray Bond Richard Bronson Don Brown Jackie Brown O X X an f Jim Brown Bob Ca mpbell Wynona Colema n ' it- 4 Franklin Detrie Dixie Edwards .-fsrsf'-f..- 45, - J af: 1. 31.-if .a.-as .62 'Zo 3'-5. tr- ug., - 1 :J fr l :E .. K K , SR. 4 ' Xi I w nf. I is Asp. '41 3 ii? f 'Q f A -3. fl:':'.'1-ULR fn3.1'.? ' 'M' Ruth Brown Wa nda Brown . 2 t Melvin Cansler Ed Carol iii Bob Burns Betty Carr ,gr-, 3 Ma ralyn Bushey Claude Caton y it q wig Q ff us Thomas Comwell DuWayne Craft Donna Cullen Betty Cusintz in-g k E fem- Dick Dill Albert Divis , ...iv ,Q a I s..5 Q. w. Ben Donoho .K M. 'KIA Louella Ellis Barbara Emens Wayne Fields George Duermyer Vickie Florence Qi Nw. 35 'Q 2 F l' Eddie Bushey L K -LY Jim Cleeton X - ? Q , 4 i E if E Kenneth Da rk lvon Dyster , 6 Don Franklin Joe Fritz Shirley Gillis Troy Gullett .L A, ' Susan Hartford John Holmes : ke ' Carol Fulkerson ii i ii Xl James Gooch Charlotte Guthrie Shirley Hell Pa L Hoyes Cecilia Garcia Q V 1 .iif PQ. Billy Gravett . .-fm. .Q . . L - ,f-fa wx Y ii, f V of ., X! .. :A ' 5 1 3 Kathleen Ha fner Genie Henny Rochelle Hudson an 'Ne A Barbara Garner Herman Gerber 's . , , M X Norman Greer Michael Griffin Mary Halbert Mary Hardgrave Duane Hillers Velma Hilton Elizabeth Hurst Barton Jacobs Howard Gillis 'Q' 1' Betty Gullett Betty Hart William Hindle Ronnie Johnson ,. f. I , - 1 9 'Y li X - Xx " K x E X Cecil Johnson or "A 5 K 1 Ba rba ra Knowles 5 P ah 7 Dianna Lynch , -9' f --wi . Ronnie Morlan Rindia Petty Emma Johnson Je I di K , r fa f A , Jerry Kraxner 2? 2' . Willa rd Johnson 1 r Marvin Laird Donald McCoy Molly Mestagh Shirley Myers l I E 5, Tom Pine Evelyn Johns ton Ba rba ra Lew is Ronald Myers Bill Kelley Willa rd Keylon Howard Long Jim Lowery G fx L ,i r Jack Milliron Lo Anne Ogle Juanita Owens Phillip Patrick Frank Mondr ,l.., Q lb fi A . 'g' XJ x Paula Perry 5 ' ' , r ' ll.. I fr V .. WF? :.. . ,4 s Q .5 .fr J of Q P ' . - 1 431: D572 Dennis Ponder Robert Price Bonnie Pruitt Mary Lou Ptomcy ,f 'Nu-'YQ Jim Ragan 'Q 'fr-.., - 3 35? ' R H X: Sue Roy if-" JL Jim Smith Patty Tague Dolores Vemon S Daniel Reed Gloria Reynolds Q 7,. Ai ,Y 13 "S if f' Owen Sanders Sandra Seller Herman Smithey Derald Srambaugh Lea Thomas Jim Trllitt Don Wahaus Joe Walker Jack Roberts Dick Robertson Sandra Rockwell Bill Shelton Bernard Smith i Q i S Y Sxgi . t, Dean Steriotis Lee Stottlemyer Jim Ussery Barbara Vanl-look ' va or , V Reid Weddle Clayton Weeks Dea nne Smith Jo Ann Gray it if sg? 1 -Alf Jim VanHook Ma ry Whitaker EM' E 5 A ...r 5 ue , za' L rf ff X Eleanor Wilcoxson Brenda Willard Earlene Willcut Mary Lou Wilson Charles Winegar Gloria Wyatt 5. k I 1 N 4 A If- W A i E' if ' r'nn 1 iff 2 in Joe Zweimiller Joe Carker Gwenda Ellis Freda Flethcher GUY GiSS6Dfl0Ff Jay Hllliflg Irene Provence Reid Wefldle Kim Wells 3' g . . ' 'Q A sf ' A ' Q ' 5 .1 . Q Q ,e . QS' ' .' ' Q Q Q f I ss"-' 53 Q Q.: 1' :Q .Qu 5.1. A... , 1 mwe- -r an -Q da 'i ,sf Q 1 s if W- -fl'1g.ga1,'?f'?5J J " ' of f I .. Q. ,f f 42 i 1 jg - ia, 4 - ...ax 115 :I "' " - A-fi' 7 I7 'J viii" 5 A ,. Qgzfgifx G' ' 9 ulffiff 5 ' " , 5 Q , a x y 1" 'F LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: E. Carol, D. Dill. J. Shaw, G. Beasley, B. Sauceda, E. Bushey, B. Armenta, L. Dudley, and J. Gooch. SECOND ROW: J. VanHook, D. Callaghan, I. Jacob, A. York, D. Stambaugh, B. Thompson. F. Bray, K. Wells, and C. Armema. THIRD ROW: J. Pack, J. Baker, K. York, D. Franklin. G. Smith, L. Mcsparren, O. Sanders, J. Zweimiller, and J. Truitt. FOURTH ROW: B. Donoho, B. Johnson, B. Callaghan. B. Acuff, I-l. Gillis, C. Lukinac. I. Beullens, G. Kibbee, and J. ...fern Roberts. Turner's Golden Bears were the Football Champs of the East Kansas League. They took the league championship without the loss of a single league game. Their victories were over Osawatomie, Z7-14g Paola, 34-123 Olathe, 19-Og Bonner Springs, 43-213 and Rosedale, 26- 16. The Bears were not so fortunate in their non-league play, they lost to Argentine, 19-Z and to Washington, Z7-0. The Bears were a star laden team having eleven members of the team on the E. K. L. All- star team. Chuck Lukinac, Jim Truitt, and Owen Sanders were chosen for the first teamg Larry McSpa1-ren, and Candy Armenta were chosen for the second team. Gary Smith, Bill Thompson, Gary Kibbee, Howard Gillis, Derald Stambaugh, and Jim Beullens were given hon orable mention. Only two members of the starting line up were omitted from the three selec- tions. s Chuck Lukinac was also chosen for the All-state team which was picked by the Wichita Eagle. Pictured in this play taken during the homecoming game with Bonner Springs are: No. 24, Gary Smith: No. 35, Owen Sandersg and making a drive for the opposing ballcarrier is Chuck Lukinac, whose number is not identifiable. LARRY MCSPARREN Senior. Guard, Mr. Football, JIM BEUI-LENS GARY KIBBEE Second Team All-Star Senior, Center, E.K,L. Honorable Mention Senior, Guard, E, K. L. Honora ble Mention L X X Q JIM VAN HOOK Junior, Quarterback 15' 'J . a ' .' a ' gm 4, . CHUCK LUKINAC Senior, Fullback, Captain, First Team, E.K. L. All-Star +L N51-sf DERALD STAMBAUGH Junior, Tailback, E. K. L. Honorable Mention ' vb -,f- - - '11 - ff? ?fFi??7f'z 1 - r. 41 2. - 7 55? ' Y, Q? HOWARD sims: Junior. End, JOE ZWEIMILLER owen SANDERS: Junior. Tackle E, K.L. Honorable Mention Junior, Tackle E. K.L. First Team A11-Star GARY SMITH ,, Senior, Guard, E. K. L. Honorable Mention CANDY ARMENTA , JIM TRUVIT Senior, Oneback, Second Team All S Junior, End, First Team E.K.L. All-St - tar All City Team ' .lf gi , ' " 'T 5' ifi Q ' ig BILL THGMPSON KIM WELLS Senior, Tackle, E. K. L, Honorable ED CAROL Junior Quarterback Mention Junior' Backfield ALLEN YORK BOB CAMPBELL . WILLARD KEYLON Senior, Guard Junior, Guard Junior, End L IERRY PACK ROBERT ACUFF Sophomore, Tackle X Senior, End BERNARD CALLAGHAN Senior, Tackle . JACK ROBERTS Line Coach: Mr. Martin. Junior, Center Second Team Coach: Mr. Waugh. Head Cnnrh- Mr nn.-F-r 0 , ' 7640! Pictured left to right are the members of the "B" football squad. BACK ROW: B. Donoho, B. Johnson, J. Pack, B. Brown, J. Roberts, D. York. J. Baker, J. Jacob, D. Callaghan, D. Franklin, F. Bray. FRONT ROW: H. Smithey, manager, E. Carol, J. Shaw, B. Armenta, B. Sauceda, F. Long, R. Weddle, L. Dudley, E. Bushey, G. Beasley, J. Gooch, and I-I. Long, manager Turner's B-team ended their seasons with a 4-1-1 record and also claimed an unof- ficial title to first place in the league. Since there was no game scheduled with either Paola or Osawatomie, the Cubs didn't have a chance to play them and therefore they have the title unofficially. In non-league contests, the B-Squad defeated Wyandotte's sophomores, 19-2, St. Agnes "B", 13-05 and were dropped by Shawnee Mission, 40-0. The Cubs captured victories over Olathe, Bonner Springs, and tied with Rosedale in league games. Some of the outstanding players for the Bruin "B" and promising varsity material, were: Don Franklin and Bob Johnson, endsg Jerry Pack, tackleg Gary Beasley, a good defensive linemang Jack Roberts who gave both defensive and offensive signals and was center for the team, Reed Weddle, the best blocking backg and Ben Armenta, the most consistent ball carrier. Pictured above from left to right is the freshman football squad, Coach Guthrie, R. Leaton, J. l-lellebuyck, J. Berry, J. McCurry, F. Fritz, J. Beal, R. Sparks, Coach Enos. SECOND ROW: M. Ditto, L. Hodge, D. Bird, D. Weaver, J. Frazier, M. Armenta, L. DeFries, C. Nutt. FIRST ROW: G. Yocum, L. Crystal, J. Weddle, B. Johnson, R. Hill, F. Garner, C. Smith fa, Qaatfafl F f 6 X mzacmcecl 1 Mr. Football, Larry Mcsparren M.C. Jack Franklin awards prizes to Mr. Football while Mrs. McSparren stands by. 66501 ' ffaaemflq T HOMPSON- STRUASS QUARRIES, INC. 7000 Holiday Drive Atwater 1-03 3 5 Mr. Baker carries out his promise of rolling a peanut across the gym floor after Lhe team won the E.K.L. championship. ,N 1395, gy -. ae-iii? Q A' M, V , Tk? 'iff A JL? i 'fa - ' 'Q 1 ,S " xzefgvgh -' - Biggs. ig ' :,1Q.'sfr:' ' , N V ggi 'M Q wx gf ,I ai Q5 'ff i Q ai , V,,. , ' . V . ,H ,.S:I5Y.,fQ nf , 1 , ,2?,kff Wy. 'ik , 's l r ' '1 ' K l. . V Y ? , 'E k LL -as 'ff .S .X N1 Wx ff 553 5? :S gf? ff P L ,A L ' ir me " ,Mfg yett fi .. B I et .ff t ' asf? ' l "I his -A 3 "' ff' 1 , gg l fs ",' 2 T Varsity Coach: Kenneth Guthrie. B-Team Coachg Rodney Enos The Golden Bears, although not able to keep the E. K. L, crown from last year, did turn out a fair season record of 8 wins and 12 losses, as they tied for second place in the E. K. L. title. The Bruins featured such veterans of last year's B and A squads asg Jim Truitt, Harold Parker, Chuck Lukinac, Derald Stambaugh, Jim Ussery, Dean Steriotis, and Tom Cornwell. The Bears picked up some strength from foreign and freshman fields as Gary Smith, Montrose, Iowag Paul Routh, Freshman squadg and Jack Baker, Stillwell, Kansas, who helped out in balancing the squad. Pa ul Rou th Jim Ussery 64 l Gary Smith, Senior, E.K,L. A11-Star Honorable Mention, and St. Agnes Tournament A11-Star. Harold Parker, Senior, E. K. L. A11-Star. Chuck Lukinac, Senior. Jim Truitt, Junior, E.K. L. and St. Agnes Tournament All-Star 65 Dera ld Stambaugh, Junior Jack Baker, Sophomore. Tom Comwell, Junior N N Allen Morgan, Sophomore. Pictured left to right is the B-Team. BACK ROW: B. Shelton. I. Hall, B. Johnson, A Morgan, J. Smith. FRONT ROW: T. Cornwell, D. Anderson, and K. Wells. The Turner B-squad, coached this season by Mr. Rodney Enos, was one of the best that Turner has turned out in a long time. They came home with the bacon a big majority of the times Dean Steriotis. Junior. this seasong in fact they won the league champ- ionship for second teams. In league play the Cubs were only beaten twice. The first loss was to Paola and the second was to Osawatomie. They took decisions over these teamsg Rosedale, 25 TURNER CAFE Bonner Springs, 25 Olathe, Zg Washington, fnon- 5425 Kansas Avenue league, 2.5 Paola, lg Osawatomie, lg Argentine, D 1 O01 fnon-leaguej 1. Their losses were to: Argentine, fexel '9 ward, Paola, and osawaaomie. As you win an agree the B team is one to be proud of. 1 Pictured above are the members of the newly formed sophomore squad. LEFT TO RIGHT ON THE BACK ROW ARE: M. Rhinehart E. Wood, V. Moore, C. Vaughn, I. Pack. R. Elam, L. Hansen, and D. York. FRONT ROW: Mr. Waugh, Coach. R. Hale. T. Vorh, J. Starbuck, F. Long, E. Edgmon, R. Wilmon, and L. Creten. ln the words of Mr. Waugh, the coach, "The boys may not have won many games, but they enjoyed playing them just the same." In general the team didn't do too badly as they turned in some good performances on occasion. Mark Rhinehart was probably the highest scorer and rebounder for the squad. Russell Elarn was also a consistant scorer. Pictured above are the members of the freshmen basketball squad. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Mr. Martin, Coach, D, Bird, D, Belt, R. Hillers. J. McCurry, J. Beery, F. Fritz, R. Sparks, L. Hodge, N. Blackburn, G. Yocum, L. Pointelin. FRONT ROW: L.' Long, L. DeFries, C. Smith. M. Woodson, S. Blasche, C. Dillon, J. Weddle, R. Crystal, J. DeFries, C. Nutt. 264406601 S The freshman have had one of their better seasons this year under Coach Martin, who is at this position for the second year in succession. Though it wasn't one of their best it was satisfactory. The frosh were "sparked" throughout the season by Richard Sparks. The deadeye shooter was effective from the pivot position as well as from the guard position. The re- bounding duties were taken over by the two big men of the team: Jim McCurry and Frank Fritz, these two should be of great value to next year's squads. 1 1 N? Pictured above are the members of the Turner track squad. ON THE BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Truitt, J. Johnston, H. Parker, B. Johnson, K. Braden, D. Steriotis, H. Gillis. R. Acuff, and O. Sanders. SECOND ROW: T. Voth, J. Vanl-look, C. Runions, R. Brownlee, M. Carver, J. Pack, R. Fagan, B. Roudebush, J. Baker, and G. Beasley. FIRST ROW: R. Brown, R. Weddle, E. Carol, B. Brillhart, D. Stambaugh. J. Zweimiller, B. Thompson, J. Haight, I. Brown, and N. Greer. Turner's thinclads in the 1956 cinder season coped fourth place in the E. K. L. meet along with victories in several dual meets. Their victims in dual meets were Osawatomie and De Sotog they came out atop Osawatomie and Rosedale in a triangular meet also. They were edged out in other duals by Olathe and Argentine. The league race was a thriller with Olathe and Rosedale battling for first and Turner and Bonner Springs fighting for third. Olathe came out a- top the heap with Rosedale, Bonner, Turner, Paola, and Osawatomie fol- lowing in that order. T e season produced many fine performances as two records were shattered. The discus mark was bettered twice as Chuck Lukinac heaved the platter six feet over the mark one meet and came back in the E. K. L. meet to add a foot to the record. The new distance is 138' lO". Jim Van Hook soared over the bar in the pole vault to better the mark in that event with a vault of ll' 5 lfZ". This rounded out the records of the varsit , but Charles Runions, a freshman, set a new record in the Freshman K. L. meet in the high jump . with a jump of 5' 6". Above are the members of the Freshman track squad. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: L. Smith. J- AIICIIBWS, R. Hillers. I- McCurry, T. BANK schram1, C. Runions. J. Taylor. FRONT ROW: L. Crystal, J. DeFries, Turner, Kansas 655 Migmesgta R. Morrison, C. Kirch, and J. Weddle. Finley 2-1225 Drexel 1-2593 Mike Carver Jim Van Hook Howard Gillis and Richard Brownlee coming to the finish line. Chuck Lukinas i Bob Johnson Bill Thompson and the opposing team members start off for the mile run. K 1 "-2 A 1, fs sf, A J fl' 'i wal..--4 GOLF PLAYERS FROM LEFLI' TO RIGHT: Edgar Wood, Bill Kelley, Virgil Hodge, Peppy Morgan. Dick Wahaus. Virgil Hodge Edgar Wood 7 O Bill Kelley mnnunlw e Sswg g NX Wm 31 K Q. :cc Student Council, First Semester. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Wells, J. Berry, J. Andrews, G. Smith, P. Routh, M. Harris, J. Hall, K. Ogle, J. Huling. FRONT ROW: J. Shoemake. D. Cullen, I. Messmer, S. Crowley, D. Wahaus, D. Inlow, D. Craig, C. Potter, N. Dill, and I. Cooke. Zfcmfealf S159 Heavy My X51 ' A r - 5 ' 1 . , iff.. wf egg, Student Council Officers and Sponsors. Mr. Waugh and Mr. Bell. President, J. Franklin, Secretary-Treasurer, L. Anderson, Program Chairman. J. Truittp Vice-President, P.Ryan. Second Semester, BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Wells, I. Pack, F. H. Bray. H. Parker. J. Hall. K. Ogle, R. Hillers, J. Huling, D. Wahaus. FRONT ROW: M. Brown, J. Cooke, A. Zimmerli, S. Crowley C. Carney, M. Mestaugh, S. Briscoe. C. Hill, D. Inlow, D. Craig. 5 Wane fauna Oblficeza -.SQ ,K ,XX Home Room 113: LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Ketner, M. Landers, L. Hodge, C. Howard, R. Johnson, J. Larvin.. T ,I I ol 0 0 Home Room 306: LEFT TO RIGHT, S. Gillaspie. F. Fritz, L. Hammer, J. Frazier, J. Hale, J. McCurry. 5 5 E134 Home Room 313: LEFT TO RIGHT, J. Phelan, B. McCane, R. Lindsay, W. Mason, I. Moody, S. Peck. Home Room 202: LEFT TO RIGHT, K. Rock, H. Rogers, R. Sparks, B. Fitch, M. Swinney. J. Shockey. "' K ,fn T ,z ' ' - . W, . .gi nl N., . Home Room 207: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Dillon, N. Blackburn, D. 2 Belt, R. Caster, D. Bird. J. Andrews, B. Rank, J. Beal. JUSTRITE SUPER MARKET Home Room 211: LEFT TO RIGHT, M. Anderson, P. Butler, E. Bruffet 51 and Gibbs Road P. Dahlke, I. Denny. M. Campbell, P. Butler. Colfax Z-8620 Home Room 102: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Thompson, D. Smith, R. Wahaus, R. Walker, G. Yocum, P. Worthington. HOID6 Room 100: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Elliott, L. Dudley. R. Fagan, D. Ellerman. M. Dodd, M. Kent. Home Room 311: LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Jones, N. Henny, L. Hansen, G. Brown, I. Johnson, D. Janssen, D. Green, C. Hill. Home Room 112: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Miller, K. Moody, W. Garrison. Home Room 304: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Carney, B. Brown, D. Anderson, H. Etherton. S. Pike, F. H. Bray. Home Room 215: LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Sinnett, P. Routh, B. Roudebush, W. Thompson, S. Ridgeway. Xa X R Q ,, N5 Room 308: LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Thomas, K. Wells, B. S. Roy, J. Brown, J. Ussery. Room 110: LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Weddle, J. Zweimiller, H. D. Frankhn, O. Sanders. Kraft, M. Halbert, P. Hoyes. Room 307: LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Henny, B. Johnson, J. Haight, Home Room 321: LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Tush, J. Woodward, T. Voth, J. Wentworth. Home Room 302: LEFT TO RIGHT, B. Kelly, B. Knowles, P. Patrick, B. VanHook, E. Johnston, J. Ogle. Home Room 205: LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Cullen, N. Blythe, D. Dill R. Brown. Home Room 115: LEFT TO RIGHT, S. Fagan. C. Jackson, G. Smith. G. Gamer, C. Lukinac, G. Kibbee, B. Larimore. Home Room 312: LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Boyd, D. Craig, K. Braden, P. Bitikofer, B. Callaghan, R. Brillhart, D. Cooper. Home Room 220: LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Long, I. Campbell, C. Camey, B. Cole, C. Belt. HOITIC RXH1 R. Trent, In SIBVCHSOH, 814 Southwest Boulevard F' Tutu' D' Reese' Turner, Kansas Johnson 2-4240 76 Finley Z-4458 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Johnson, L. Anderson, A. English, P. Hardesty, C. Potter, D. Harkness, S. Ridgeway, J. Ogle, J. Smith, D. Jones, C. Elliott, S. Moody. SECOND ROW: J. Bousman, B. Mead, G. Ellis, J. Bias, S. Fagan, M. Chase, W. Thompson, S. Crowley, D. Gill, B. Davis, D. Seller, M. Worthington. FIRST ROW: L. Hunsucker, R. Hutchins, J. Long, B. VanHook, R. Brown, D. Cullen, C. Williams, J. Sutton, C. Drain, C. Carney. B. Knowles, M. Bushey. Sonya gy 7n4,bc5ze ' BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Lukinac, H. Parker, E. Melton, J. Huling, B. Johnson, J. Franklin, D. Hillers, R. Acuff. P. Patrick, J. AMERICAN SAND Roberts, K. Pinkston. FRONT ROW: L. Dent, B. Thompson, R. COMPANY Brownlee, D. Franklin, C. Winegar. C. Corkill, D. Stambaugh, M. COMMUNITY BOW-L Turner, Kansas Laird. 5- BSYYY- B' Afmemaf K- Wells- 3508 Strong Avenue Finley 2-4208 Finley Z-3390 Quia' ee Had' BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Willard, H. Ragan, B. Paine, B. Guy, B. Carr. F. Fletcher, B. Emens, V. Hilton, B. Willcut, B. Jean, S. Roy.J. Arnold, C. Burris, P. Bitikofer, K. Bitikofer, I. Gray, I. Dyster. FOURTH ROW: J. Brown, M. Hook, D. DeCaigny, L. Carroll, J. Hurst, E. Hafner, J. Funk, C. Van Driesch, E. Fahan, C. Everhart, J. Creten, D. Phoele, L. Straub, G. Paine, G. Wyatt, C. Goodall, N. Godfrey, M. Duermyer, P. Tague. THIRD ROW: K. Campbell, M. Lowry, M. Kent, J. Fagan, V. Winegar, C. Hill, P. Miller, E. Johnson, J. Kuykendall, M. Dodd, D. McBride, J. Wentworth, S. Kirch, R. Lee, J. Lesseg. M. Huffor, L. Hixson, S. Rockwell, E. Johnston. SECOND ROW: J. Brown, N. Dill, D. House, R. Duermyer, S. Gillaspie, E. Staley, C. Tl'l0mPS0H. M. Hurst, M. Alexander, P. Butler, I. Knowles, F. Thomas, A. Poppelwell, E. Venable, B. Johnson, N. Ferrin, L. Stewart, R. Swarrzendruber, N. Blythe. FIRST ROW: C. King, D. Brookshire, P. Shephard, M. Asplund, J. DeFries, B. Keele, J. Shockey, S. Force, J. Gillis, C. Griffin, E. Hurt, A. Zimmerli. R. Thomas, P. Brown, S. Lusby, B. Asbell, S. Amos, BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Bain, M. Kuhneu, B. Force, I. Province, S. Eickhoff, D. Willcut, J. McGregor, J. Jones, I. Reece, F. Drury, C. Belt, S. Smith, B. Walker, J. Phelan. FOURTH ROW: D. Vernon, C. Carney, S. Pike, B. Blackledge, J. Hinkhouse, 1. Denny. P- Dahlke. J. Smith, N. Landers. M. Swinney, W. Mason, S. Ketner, L. Russum, G. Dickinson, C. Smith. THIRD ROW: R. Hartford, J. Moody, D. Haney, C. Taylor, R. Hudson, A. McHenry, R. Olsted, S. Myers. R. Ramos, B. Wright,'S. Tanner, M. Sweet, S. Briscoe, W. Thompson, J. Messmer. SECOND ROW: V. Florence, P. Gerber, A. Ouderkirk, C. Fulkerson, K. Hafner, B. Skaggs, B. Fitch, B. Bain, V. Batten, S. Peck, S. Carpenter, J. Magill, L. Fletcher, P. Worthington, M. Anderson. FIRST ROW: I. Spindler, A. Knight, M. l-lardgrave, D. Edwards, J. Coleman, G. Eads. S. Brown, L. Hunsucker, M. Fiene, J. Hale, D. Smith, W. Garrison, C. Miller, R. Norton. 78 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Harris, D. Janssen, J. Bailey, D. Everhart, R. Wendt, B. Donoho. THIRD ROW: D. Belt. L. Smith, M. Woodson, V. Moore, R. Hillers, T. Brazelton. R. Maxwell. W. Johnson. SECOND ROW: D. Wear, J. Blize, F. Detrie. J. Taylor, J. Hellebuyck, T. Willcut, S. Staffer, D. Craft, R. O'Nei11, J. Tanner. FIRST ROW: D. Bird, L. DeFries C. Johnson, J. Burke, J. Brown, D. Craig, R. Weddle, W. Keylon. J. Weddle. J. DeFries. J. Shoemake, J. Moore em' We 77Ze4e6a6 The music department, under the direction of Mr. Johnson, presented the Messiah. A fs g. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Anderson, R. Tripp, E. Ellerman, D. Lynch, B. Buckley, S. Ring, C. Davolt, L. Long. THIRD ROW: N. Greer, I. Stevenson, J. Sutton, B. Force, K. Lewis, C. Stretton, L. Beasley, B. Callaghan, B. Greer, L. Long, C. Kirch, B. Blythe, J. Andrews, M. Sweet, S. Force, R. Sparks, R. Hillers, J. Curry, J. Roberts. SECOND ROW: S. Crowley, C. Garcia, A. Morgan, K. Ogle, S. Ketner, J. Cooke, M. Hufford, M. Hurst, F. Potter, H. Rogers, T. Voth, R. Caster, R. I-lodge. FIRST ROW: B. Keele, L. Barr, L. Hammer, D. Tooson, D. Callaghan, G. Kibbee, D. Craig. MAJORETTES: L. Hunsucker, B. Tush, C. Shreckengaust, L. Straub, V. Guy, M. Kent, V. Winegar, R. Hart. qfczzmancyiag mldiddwd ge in Wleladq Trumpet trio: LEFT TO RIGHTg L. Beasley. B. J. Roberts, trombone, C. Stretton, trumpet Callaghan, B. Greer. 80 rfw: N Beginners string section: BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hillers, R. Caster, R. Tripp. FRONT ROW: C. Kirch, L. Hodge, F. Porter, S. Force, S. Ketner. l Mr. Nieha rt directs. The Stardusters: BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Callaghan, L. Beasley, C. Suetton, J. Roberts, D. Ellerman. FRONT ROW: A. Morgan, D. Callaghan, G. Kibbee, T. Voth, G. Shaw, D. Craig Homecoming Queen, Pat Ryan Awaiting the half-time ceremonies at the homecoming game with Bonner Springs are the Queen's attendantsg Shirley Pike, foreground, sophomore, Myra Anderson, front, freshman, Barbara Garner, back, junior, Loretta Anderson, background, seniorg and Queen Pat Ryan, senior. Homecoming Queen and Attendants with escorts. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Pike and P. Routhg L. Anderson and D. Craig: Queen P. Ryan and J. Berry: B. Garner and J. I-Iulingg and M. Anderson and K. Ogle. The Kiss. . . . . . Chuck Lukinac crowns the Queen Pat Ryan. Homecoming King, Chuck Lukinac The Dance. J. Bias, J. Arnold, G. Henny. B. Kelly, D. Craft and B. Burns do the Bunny Hop. Sitting this one out are G. Kibbee and C. Carney, B. Cole and D. Seller. VA, 01 Y' oiiffg' MY' fb Vv D. Whithurst and R. Harris WO to No .Osh 5574" ez '-04 sf!-f 'V 575 .515-S -5: mv? rio 'O NU 3.905 O O K. Wells and S. Crowley take a breather during imerrnission. C. Burris and D. Wallace Mr. Snowman smiles down on these happy couples. LEFT TO RIGHT are C. Lukinac and A. Lipovac Qwardj, J. Campbell and C. Carney, C. Boyd and I Vermiggis fwyandottej, K. Braden and P. Hoyes, and B. Cole and D. Seller Workmg hard on the decorauons. Don Accurso provlded the musrc. cmdcvz- mine Moonglowu The pause that refreshed. Foodl. . .Food!. . .Food!. . .Ummmm Good! was said by all. "Tenderly Mr. Johnson directed Autumn Lea ves" The girls formed a heart for .he song "A1ways. " "A Round The Comer" was sung by Loretta Anderson, Donna Harkness, and Annette English. For the month of December A. English. V, Flourance, P. Ryan. V. Harkness, L. Pearson. D. Harkness, B. Force and L. Anderson did a rap routine. Entire Castg LEFT TO R1GHTg Herman Gerber, Bill Kelly, Bob Burns, Sue Roy, Jay Huling, Lea Thomas, Marvin Laird, Wayne Fields, Jo Ann Ogle, JoAnn Arnold, Tommy Pine, Shirley Helt, Vickie Florence, Donna Cullen, Barbara Jean, and Eleanor Wilcoxsen. :endow ?faeaem!ed '?az'5ez Knew geaf' JoAnn Arnold pesters Bob Bums and Marvin Laird who are trying to discuss business. INDUSTRIAL STATE BANK 3200 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-6000 W. W. MACK LUMBER COMPANY 26 and Metropolitan Fairfax 1-7161 Marvin Laird gives Lea Thomas some advice. Junior Sponsor: John Gilda emdofz N N i Emcee Bob Johnson Sian!! Seniors took first place. Pictured in their winning stunt "Ashera11a" are B. Force, R. Mead, and A. English. Second prize went to the Sophomore class. Pictured above are C. Burris, M. Dodd, S. Ridgeway, and P. Routh. Honorable mention went to the Hi-Y "77Zcwd6e Senior Play cast, FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. McSparren, G. Kibbee, C. Carney, D. Craig, J. Campbell. SECOND ROW: B. Davis, S. Fagan, I. Franklin, B. Force. C. Potter, A. English, L. Person, L. Anderson. and S. Smith. 4 ' f. ' J I' ,rl J 4 1,95 S I 2 F aff- yr fr-ia fi S, 5 ,1 X - re M I Eillw 4 Q, ,six 1 ,fl-r , lg? - .. A , lr' Q i ' f ' " - 1 g' fn, ' if F V 5 V 4 N ', 1 in V- lb mg' ' . A . 3 e A ' ' ' ,fy IR fl- E ' gp '- -V E ' n V S :Q . E Q Ll , . I Yagi: 4 35 5:3-sf 'Wk' , X '1 7-'M " J A' r , s - , , M 5 Q J I ,nii F. '... , . wa, -. -, ' , vi t ., n W . .gear A1 I , tl x Vuvela X r " ' , 7 , 4 J fr A R ' V- , ' ' , ag. 'f 'k"' 5. ' , ..,l.Z':3TEf, 4' xx Maudie, Cathy Carney, consoles Mr. Endicott, played by Jack Franklin. Workers who helped make the play a success areg P. Bitikofer, J. Sutton, R. Acuff, B. Keener, D. Cooper, C. Boyd. Omitted from the picture is D. Messinger. W Miss Leatherberry, director is shown receiving a gift from Jim Berry on behalf of the play cast. Qbyaaadle ez " lla!- Ediror at work, D. Harkness G. Showalter and R. Brownlee, Sports Editors paste up their ' page, while A. English and G. Hart help Circulation Manager I. Beullens. Photographer, R. Terbovic. :Vkcv A , 14,2f .. J. Campbell, S. Smith, C. Drain, C. Pratt, and D. Sevenikar concentrate to get The Booster out. . Editor J. Long shows the annual staffl. Smith, S. Eickhoff Business Manager, , B Cole P. Ryan, and C. Belt how to arrange pictures. Typing up their stories are left to right, D. Seller, C. y ' 4' 2 2 evf' ' Carney. and C. Drain. 90 Q., , .fit at v 7awefz61!e Zczeea an--. ggeifswki --4 Q X iw 1.5 f-DE ,: yn 9, iw, '7 Fan L si as li-fc X51 lef awmdte ,mi Ak , -,., Boyd 5: 19 Ee Sellerw. Anderson E 1 Mg 1 2 2 5 I . w. Costumed dancers at the 1956 :lie J fx - 1 ,g f ' fix- W ,'.::' , iz .- 2465 bf 1 A,-...i Z9 1? ,boi K T, Q 1 vs 'W ! af in sw g E '3 SEEK 4 b , LT? x Q S S J i-v-qw-fn---4 zllxfh 'A x . . X. , . V, 5-, Q- E. 'added ed TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Mason. J. Hinkhouse, J. Denny, J. Smith, B. Walker, S. Younkin, S. Kirch, R. Lee, D. DeCaigny. J. McGregor, J. Jones. SIXTH ROW: M. Kent, V. Winegar, P. Pflaum, M. Lowry, I. besseg, J. Lesseg, D. McBride, J. Wentworth, P. Dahlke, N. Landers. FIFTH ROW: C. Shreckengaust, D. Jones, C. Miller, C. Carney, J. Bias, B. Rank, N. Henny. R. Hutchins, W. Thompson, J. Arnold, N. Dill. FOURTH ROW: B. Fitch, B. Tomlinson, B. Mead, C. Eads, J. Gillis, M. Anderson, B. Tush. G. Jones. THIRD ROW: S. Gillaspie. V. Batten, J. Shockey, I. Knowles, L. Hammer. P. Brown, B. Skaggs, I-I. Reagan, G. Dickinson. SECOND ROW: C. Taylor, J. Creten, M. Hardgrave, S. Brown. L. Hunsucker, J. DeFries, A. Alleman, M. Chase, J. Messmer. FIRST ROW: W. Garrison, M. Campbell, S. Sinnett, S. Pike, S. Crowley, M. Worthington. PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Cullen, Vice-President, D. Harkness, Program Chairman: C. Potter, President, Miss Nancy Marshall, Sponsor, Miss Ellen Lindburg, Sponsor and Barbara Knowles, Secretary. "Friends of the class of '56" 96 "Best wishes to the class of 1956 tie gem.: fa Wdctafzq TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Brown, I. Brown, I. Ogle, M. Mestaugh, S. Hartford, D. Vernon, B. Willard, P. Tague, D. Holmes, J. Stevenson. SECOND ROW: V. Florence, J. Long, J. Sutton, J. Smith, B. Force, B. Keener, A. English, D. Harkness, C. Potter, B. Buckley. FIRST ROW: J. Bousman, S. Roy, J. Bias, J. Arnold, B. Jean, B. Knowles, W. Brown, B. Gullett, D. Cullen, G. Henny, N. Blythe. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Garner, C. Carney, P. Ryan, C. Drain, R. Brown. The varsity Cheerleaders who lead the cheering wereg Barbara Garner, Cathy Camey, Pat Ryan, Carrol Drain, and Ruth Brown. GOLD'S DEPARTMENT STORE 2915 Strong Avenue 97 Fairfax 1-9870 T-Club officers from LEFT TO RIGI-lTg Jim Beullens, Sergeant-av Arms: Jack Franklin, Vice-President: Jim Berry, Presidemg and Bill Thompson, Secretary-Treasurer. The sponsors are Mr. Baker and Mr. Martin. ' S? 2z3l.l'!' 'Mews Jack. i-97' vb! . A --51" ",,.j"-"J-?Qvrw...g, 98 .J B A 5 J .ze R , A tj r "LV t I A A-.J GIS . A L 'E T-Club members from left to rightg FIRST ROW: C. Lukinac, R. Brownlee, O. Sanders, E. Carrol, K. Wells. L. McSparren, A. York R. Weddle, V. Hodge, and E. Bushey. SECOND ROWg J. Van Hook, J. Zwimiller, E. Pack. G. Kibbee, R. Acuff, B. Brown, G. Beasley.. P. Morgan, and B. Kelly. THIRD ROW: G. Showalter, B. Ca1lagan,K. Braden, B. Donoho, D. Reese, B. Armenta, and W. Keylon. A T-Club meeting in action as the members discuss plans for a party. 99 406674 Camera Club Officers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Spindler, Program Chairman: Ben Donoho, Vice- Presidentg and Ronnie Terbovic, President. Chess Club Officers are: Bob Johnson, President. Jim Haight, Vice-President. Mr. Selburg, sponsor, DuWayne Craft, Secretary -Treasurer. JOHN AND HERB'S SERVICE STATION Turner, Kansas Drexel 1-8908 100 Other members are: Dennis Toussaint, Mr. James Niehart, sponsor, Jim Brown, and Allen Maskill ll. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bernard Callaghan. David York, Joe Zwiemiller, Jack Roberts, George Showalter, Jim Brown, Dean Steriotis, Don Craig, Norman Greer, Howard Long, Robert Burns. SECOND ROW: Bob Brillhart, Ed Carol, Ray Mead, Derald Stambaugh. Zfzczmcz ,ws TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Laird, Jay Huling, Ronnie Wendt, Ben Donoho, Rick Brownlee, Wayne Fields. SECOND ROW: Annette English, Beverly Force. Donna Harkness, Carrol Drain, Vickie Florence, Jo Anne Ogle. THIRD ROW: Mary Alice Worthington, Barbara Van!-look. Susan Force, Donna Jones, Ruth Hutchins, Lea Thomas, Wanda Brown. Officers were: Marvin Laird, Vice- President: Jay Huling, President: and Donna Jones, Secretary. Scene from Drama Club presentation "The Curious Savage. " TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: David Bishop, Ronnie Wendt, Wayne Fields, Richard Brownlee, Marvin Laird. SECOND ROW: Wanda Brown, Carrol Drain, Ruth Hutchins, Lea Thomas, Mary Worthington, and Donna Jones. COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK 6 and Minnesota Drexel 1-0035 GREEN'S FLORIST 3208 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-7811 ,f-XA N. Officers: Donna Jones, Secretary: Richard Brownlee, Treasurer, Marvin Laird, President: Annette English, Vice-President, Jo Anne Ogle, Scribe. Scene from "The Curious Savage. " PICTURED FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: David Bishop, Mary Worthington and Marvin Laird. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marvin Laird, Jay Huling, Ronnie Wendt, Ben Donoho, Richard Brownlee. SECOND ROW: Annete English. Vickie Florence, Donna Jones, Beverly Force, Wanda Brown, Jo Anne Ogle. THIRD ROW: Mary Worthington, Barbara Van Hook, Ruth Hutchins. Lea Thomas, Carrol Drain. BROTHERHOOD STATE SIMMONS FUNERAL BANK HOME Member of F. D. I. C. 1404 South 37 8 and Minnesota Fairfax 1-5775 Drexel 1-4059 'Zend TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Kent, D. Gill, B. Keele, N. Dill, G. Jones. C. Shreckenquast, G. Dickinson, J. Johnson, D. Jones. FIFTH ROW: J. Fagan, J. Arnold, J. Messmer, M. Chase, G. Smith, S. Monger, H. Ragan, S. Tanner, C. Elliott, B. Gerber. FOURTH ROW: P. Brown, E. Venable, E. Willcut, S. Gillis, S. Helt, S. Meyers, C. Griffin, E. Hurt, B. Asbell, S. Brown. THIRD ROW: M. Campbell, J. Shockey. I. Cook, S. Briscoe, N. Smith, S. Gillispie, M. Alixander, G. Aldridge, M. Hurst, L. Hammer. SECOND ROW: J. Coleman, P. Butler, P. Butler, I. Bias, S. Crowley, W. Garrison, W. Thompson. J. DeFries, A. Alleman, B. Skags. FIRST ROW: K. Lewis, S. Force, S. Pect, J. Davenport, L. I-Iunsucker, S. Sinnett, B. Mead, C. Burris, M. Fiene. J. Magill. Cabinet members: TOP ROW: Miss Carolyn Snuffer, Sponsor: J. Brown. Interclub Council: B. Force, Publicity: C. Potter, Music: S. Crowley, Corresponding Secretary: W. Thompson. Inter-Club Council. SECOND ROW: S. Roy, Secretary: L. Thomas, Vice- President: A. English, President: D. Cullen, Treasurer. 491'-'Q-a TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Johnston, D. Smith. M. Halbert, J. Jones, D. Willcut, J. Jones, B. Tuter, M. Tuter, F. Drury. J. Stevenson. SIXTH ROW: D. Harkness, L. Pearson, C. Potter, M. Mestaugh, D. Vernon, J. Brown, V. Florence, N. Blythe, I. Dyster. P. Tague. FIFTH ROW: J. Gray, F. Shields, P. Gerber, J. Phelan, B. Walker, J. Denny, J. Smith, M. Swinney, R. bee, B. Force. FOURTH ROW: S. Ring, S. Ketner, M. I-lufford, N. Landers, W. Mason, M. Sweet, B. Buckly, E. Hurst, M. Duermyer, J. Brown. THIRD ROW: J. Lesseg, S. Rockwell, J. Kuykendall S. Ridgeway, M. Dodd, B. Tush, D. McBride, S. Kirch. R. I-Iufford. SECOND ROW: C. Drain, C. Williams. J. Sutton, C. Dotson, M. Lowry. V. Winegar, P. Pilaum, D. Lynch, M. Bushey, P. Hoyes. FIRST ROW: S. Moody, J. Moody, B. Gamer, S. Roy, R. Brown, D. Anderson, B. Jean, D. Cullen. G. 1-Ienney. L. Thomas. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Elliott, D. Hillers. J. Huling K. Braden, E. Melton, B. Johnson, B. Donoho, R. Wendt, D. Sreriotis, J. Bailey. THIRD ROW: L. Smith, J. Bird, D. Craig, M. Laird, K. Pinkston, J. Johnson, I. Curry, R. Hillers, J. Roberts, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: L. DeFries, B. Blythe, R. Fagan, I. Milliron, B. Sullivan, N. Greer, B. Bums, D. Franklin 1. Baker, J. Pack, K. Moody, C. Howard. FIRST ROW: C. Smith, R. Hill, L. Hodge, J. Frazer, C. Johnson, D. Bird, E. Bushey, T. Voth, B. Malay, B. Greer, R. May. R. Brownlee. Wa- Z Officers and Sponsors for the year were: Jay Huling, Vice-President: Bob Malay, Secretary: Dean Steriotis, Treasurer: Mr. Boling Mr. Grechusg Jack Roberts, President: Ben Donoho, Sergeant-at-Arms. 104 A. B Future CIISYDISI w if R gr -in- .lk ISU X. Em wwvsw Ig Q55 W! u H 1 s A , ' Future Cooki Ill tf N 7 f f , X Choir members sang "The Halls of Ivy. " 0 I fl, l ilfjff! fff' XM If ff l Q fr' X 'Qs Getting ready for the final exercises were Peggy Jones, Jean all Bousman, Pauline Bitikofer, Janice Yurgel, and Maryln Tuter. A949 A ai 6 Blll Cole receives WMTNMM M 5100 A 9 lf' ZOA 10 hrs diploma . ' ff i 'WGA X r Co Pat Ryan receiving her diploma from Paul Jones, School Board Director. xi 5 6 Gif 41 WC? Cf 6 Jxfd, ix Honor Students C4 L 4' dbh 'Iso 'V L OG! S Gary Smith and Cathy Carney "Congratulations to the Class of ' MAPLE HILL BARBER SHOP 2408 South 34 Street "Congratulations to the Class of ' Jos W. ,Radotinsky Jack Franklin and Sandra Moody A last minute conference. 56" 5611 107 661005556 ffdaeztdaeza SWARTZ STORE Turner, Kansas Drexel 1-9618 TIP TOP CLEANERS 3402 1f2 Strong Avenue Atwater 1-1873 STIRLING MOTOR COMPANY 3001 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-5900 ARGENTINE SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 3004 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-6981 ASHER'S FOOD MART 1421 South 42 Atwater 1-3262 EXCHANGE STATE BANK 755 Minnesota Avenue Drexel 1-0451 GATEWAY 1330 Main Street Harrison 1-4085 HARSHBARGER'S DRY GOODS 3417 Strong Avenue Drexel 1-4628 JOHNS A 8: G FOOD STORE 3416 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-6080 LINTON FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE COMPANY 3117 Strong Avenue Finley 2-7000 McGEORGE PHARMACY ' 2131 Metropolitan Fairfax 1-7031 ARNOLD DRUG STORE 3218 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-3500 "Prescriptions" S. A. BOTTOMLEY 1420 South 42 Atwater 1-3400 FINKEMEIER BAKERY 3105 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-7720 HOKE Sz SMITH INSURANCE AGENCY 3504 Strong Avenue Fairfax 1-6100 KULUVA'S DEPARTMENT STORE 833 Minnesota Avenue Drexel 1-1156 MILLER'S SERVICE STATION Gas-Oil-Lubrication-Accesories 3223 Merriam Lane "Big enough to serve you--small enough to appreciate you. " HORNER'S MILK STATION 42 and Strong Avenue SWOPE'S BARBER SHOP 1627 Southwest Boulevard Kansas City, Kansas 108 vmnooxs Q A V, - V - I U , -V...-pl.. fy, ..f,::g,."- 4.1 1 1- ,.v .xv 1 I, L v 1 ' 1 .,.. .-.-.--..---Y---f,-.--------'-- ---- ---f---Y -- in-A X

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