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5 Q7 C'6 iggim. Q 1 Y 1- , . b I . W .I 1 Y ., , . A V, , ji . 1 , .. ,.,l , yqK4 . ,f ,,,.,.!Y.,.,,,,,, A,,1 af L2 KN f ' af' X , 'sf 2' K "Qxlb1,! gX - ,RW , s!.Q.LAf , f K x V xi . " 1 'H ' E. ix '35-N' 1 5. f if . ' L u., E 'ig fa-v J,1 Q ,x-. ,, 23. :Qin , Av,A IRAQ, is . ', , X., :A 1 H Y X155 ,,'s KF! X in fyf fl 1 Rx uv 4' W 'W 'ML' V wx Xl ww.. MMM U xv . f lf, , :tl , '- tdfiw f 56155 w,.,, , 5 WW gf QMPA . . h ' Ex .u V Q' 4 it Vi . Vu x D I 6 ,, Qgtq A J29.,,WLQ WW, S K7 Q1 ' " f 5 f7 P 'V,.7 A V Fi h Q R Q W . 'M ' r S 4,001 YV W - 5 A S X PQ 1' nf f 0 fe' - fm 'W' Q09 5 V 6,1 gy ' ff'-':,f1J.' ' V if, Fl 3 , T in sqkhffqt I 'S-9 cf U ,971 ,yapx , C757 S 3 i ff"?i,f93 I . 3 'Q 7 Ly , by 27 If V. , ve 1 Q W - f J i E V f in In In. 9 fl 1 ???,,?"7'i, I , -ILT xi -.,. . X ' 4, ,ff A P X1 .Q 4 gg X Q J 1 ping? ,J ,aff Nb kk AP! EC'-r-. Q A I ,S n 11, ss, gf 'X 72 Q59 'QM THE B og-' .1 gi. 555: EEE 5 1 E5 DEHICAIIUN In appreciation of all her untiring w ork in the Journalism Department in the last six years. In honor of the "25 year acknowledgment in the teaching profession", which she received this last yearg we wish to dedicate this 1953 Turnerite to Miss Ellen Lindburg. Z Q X ii' ' KU.. , ri ' ' if f -72 u- ,. -f -.. 1 , 4-'I' vii' Tv ' . ,., , 5,-. . . ,sl . ,,. ,- ..1, . mr f ,313 f' ' ,L-43' -'.' :fif-' 13, ,Hp V , .A .. 41 x .1-f: J 5' ' " r Af: if - K.- 4. 11 - 1 1 V I X K ,4 .,., , .. .' .. '. HW. . . - s ea: - P ,. ---. - - 0145- L.-... ,. .,. ' ' ' ' H " N'TPff"ifi171'A'-.':.-mfJ. 5: ff M. t 5, - i ., .A , , ,T V, ,', ' L, ,mfrtg t..4,u, - P ' fx yzq-f'f5' " ' " ,npr f' 4,.w.1fy- , ., ,,,.f:g.2gf.-s.:,p. +1 -' Bmw , , 1316!-'Sl' '. '.-,-"' ' ' .. V , W - e.g:,j:.:vn5,e..+'i'47 . .. -ws AN P . x' , I ..-.naw :.. . " " -- -::n,.,f'.- ' A '. , A,- !-f 15-4..3?g3.4 ..'.., 34,-.,. 1 1, ,V ' wh-, .., " -' pw.. I 4 qi? 4-" A g X 1 . 4 I -EIS I , . 4' . ' .. V Lv Jr - 7 -A,L.'t4f,. 3 af if- f"2J': 41 1 ,.f 2?.,-,-.. .-wf..1 e...-.- f' " 1 sl' , Aff' ' -.... J, 'ffm Aff SW VWBGIQ M N W X Wi if ,ff VEJVMX MMM gf RRO C Q A M ..........E1gar a erm" ..,.. ....... 6 Processionalf"Land oi Hope an The Band 'invocation ......................, ......,..,........,.,, ...,.,., It e v, lack Wyn Salutatorian Address ..,...,.............,..,...,.,,.,,.., ,,....,. D onna Stoqsdill Vocal Solof"'lThe House l Live ln" .........,...............,.......... Robinson Bonnie Brown accompanied by Linda Corwin Valedictorian Address ....,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pat Young Commencement Addressf"Your Next Assignment" ..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Oscar E. Bonny Rosedale Congregational Church Presentation oi ihe Class ,.,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, jf , B, P51-ynqluisi nigh scheor Principal ' Presentation oi Diplomas .,.,.. , ...,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,,,, P Gul jones Director. Board oi Education Announcement or Honors ..........................,................ II. R. Palmquist Benediction ..................................................................... Bev. lack Wyne GRADUATNG HONOR ROLL Pat Young Sue Rock Byron Bausch Donna Stoqsdill Pauline Craiq Dorothy Gillaspie Carol Myers lean Hall Donald Combi CLASS MOTYO "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold." CLASS COLORS Maroon and Gray CLASS ELOWER Bed Roses BOARD OE EDUCAUOH Paul lones, Director Waiter Brown. Treasurer Edward l. Musil. Clerk EACULTY MEMBERS 'l.E.Palmqi6st. Principal Emery Lewis Stanley Seymour 1.3 Anderson Ellen Lindburq Rohan Sumvcm Nana Mmshcn Flora 'Yhornan A udine Maskill A usqxave 'mold Voth Hubwtwauqh B. Wilkins lne . Wayne Ashby Baker Robert M Louise Palrnquist on loe E. Horlon Bolin 'Roberta Clark zda lohn Gd E. H. lohnson Keitha P eters Yr Silk Prather new W , ,, 'lawns ,, I 31"-,f:r,,,.,,,d KM? Robert Vice-Principal SENIOI-Q CL ASS IQOLL Richard Vincent Anderson Charles William Atkinson Lane Francis Belz Faustino Armenta Robert Leroy BeaChb0ard Barbara Janice Berrier Natividad Fred Armenta Myra Mae Belt Richard Dean Blackburn Raul Barton Brown Barbara Lee Buckley Io Ann Brownlee .Donald Earl Combs Leo Harold Buck Linda Sue Corwin Pauline Phyllis Craig Christian Fredrick Del-'ries, Jr. Minnie Elizabeth Eveland Lawrence Earl Dale James Corbett Dill Darlene LaRae Lentz Leonard Orlin Dale Peggy Lou Drain Harry Eric Farley Ronald Ray Flaherty Charlotte Luena Grinter Dorothy Evelyn Gillaspie Jerry Dean Hale Donald Lloyd Gregg Sharon Lea Hale Norma Jean Hall Peggy Ellen Hoit Gary Wayne Iones Earl Wfryne Hasemeier Barbara Jean Johnson Norma Jean Keener Frances Louise Hirsch Charles Allen Jones August Eugene Keilman Carmen Marcelline Keith Jerald Kenneth McCollum Louis Edwin I.eMUnske Clarence Robert Matney Wanda Jean Lucas Juanita Mendez Norene Louise Mercier Jimmy Isham Mowrey Leon I.aVern Parker Leonard Wyatt Moore Barbara Jean Myers George Allen Parks Shirley lean M0or9 Carol Lee Myers Doris Ann Peck Shirley Beth Powers Betty Jane Riley Larry Byron Pratt - Mary Susan Rock Byron Arthur Rauich Bela Adella Seve Richard Ramon Shelton Donald Lee Stambaugh Norma Lee Stuermer Ioqhn Lee Siler Danna Louise Stogsdill DOIIIJQISU Ann Taylor Betty I0an Staley Dale David Stoner Judith Mae Thompson Donald Raymond Tuter George William Wilcoxson ROY Usuery. Ir. Patricia Ann Yo Shirley Sue Walton U119 Walter Charles Zimmer . were-'X ,ei-1 SENIIIII HAY "George Washington Slept Here" was presented by the Senior Class, April 28. Part of the proceeds was spent on the Senior trip to Omaha, Nebraska, May 13. The remainder of the proceeds will be used to pro- vide a flag pole for the new high school campus. The cast consisted of Richard Anderson, Newton Fullerg Norma Stuermer, Annebelleg Jo Siler, Kateg Betty Riley, Madgeg Chris DeFries, Steveg Don Tuter,' Leggetteg Don Combs, Uncle Stanleyg Carol Myers, Sueg Linda Corwin, Miss Wilcoxg Byron Rausch, Tommyg Walt Zimmer, Mr. Prescottg Ronald Flaherty, Raymondg Harry Farleyg Mr . Kimberg Pat Young Renag Ann Peck, Hesterg Louis Le Manske, Clayton Evansg Jean Keener, Mrs Douglas. .Ill lllll-SENIIIII The annual junior-senior prom was held May Z, 1953, The theme used for the prom was "Oriental Gardens, " It was a banquet and prom given by the junior class in honor of the senior class. Eighteen sophomore girls ser- ved the dinner, dressed in Oriental costumes. After the dinner the girls gave an Oriental skit. A speech entitled. "Little Tin PB M-IIANIIIIH Gods on Wheels" was given by Phil Lukinac. Another speech, "Like Orient Pearls at Randon Strung" was given by Dale Stoner. After dinner speeches consisted of "Men Shut Their Doors Against the Setting Sun" by Clara Cornwell and "Now Is the Hour to Blossom Forth" given by Walt Zimmer. Music for the dance was furnished by the Don Hyde band. Mrs. Audine Maskil, replaced Mrs. Rosealea Stocker during the second semester, teaching physical edu- cation, journalism, and hygeine. English and Latin. EW IEACHEHS Mrs. Louise Palmquist, replaced Miss Keitha Peterson during the second semester teaching clothing related arts and Library. ff PEP ClUB "' """ ' -..v . GOLF TEAM: C. Wahaus, R. Brown, B. Smith. C. Couts, L. Kirk, Mr. Wilkins, Coach. FRONT ROW: G. Jones, J. Mollett, K. Morris. IRMK l Don Gregg George Wilcoxson George Given L. Dale and B. Rausch Na tividad Armenta Don Stambaugh Phil and Chuck Lukinac Leon Parker and L. Dale Gale Compton Bill Gardner BUARII Ill HIIIIIAIIIIN MR. EDWARD MUSIL MR. PAUL JONES MR. WALTER BR OWN SR Clerk Director Treasurer , MR. T. R. PALMQUIST Principal MR . R OBER T WILKINS Vice-Principal MRS. IONA CARMICHAEL Office Clerk 4 MRS. R OBER TA CLARK IVIRS. INEZ B. MR. EIVIERY ANDERSON MR. WAYNE MIR. 1-:RDMAN R LEWIS MR. JOHN MR. JOE. BAKER GAZDA MQR. E. HORTON MISS NA BOLIN D. MAR M NCY A5921 Rf RMK AA is MR S. R OSEA LEA STOCKER MR . R OBER T MUSGRAVE MISS KIE THA PETERSON MR . PECK PRATHER fob' Jw NH? . R ICHAR D SEYMOUR .H V4' M wif MR . ROBER T SULLIVAN MRS. FLORA THOMAN MR . ARNOLD VOTH MR . HUBER T WAUGH ,QQ-A , , W ff . fab ? is . ,S L. fi' Y-X65 QT6. f QL -. Q f 0 L SUE ROCK 1 'jj Q Vice-President N K.. , 2-it YI 1 DOROTHY GILLASPIE I , Secretary-Treasurer V - ,j ' 'I ff f' Ts , ' 5 .4 , A ' sl, l fi if g it A-...f'g.,f .ff ...I--4 'y DALE STONER President ZIMMER, WALT if Homeroom Officer 3.4: Glee Club I Turnerite and Booster Staff 4. YOUNG, PAT Homeroom Officer I: Glee Club 1,2 Teens I,2,3.4: Officer 3. 2,3,43 Girls Ensemble 2,3,4: Band rg ,2.3.43 Football Manager 3: Star Correspondent 3,49 HI-Y 3,43 Officer 45 T-Club 3,49 ,3,4g Mixed Ensemble Drum Corps 3.43 Ye WILCOXSON, GEORGE Homeroom Officer 3g Track 2,3,43 Basketball Ig Hi-Y 45 T- Club 3,4g Gun Club 2. WALTON, SHIRLEY Homeroom Officer I3 Glee Club I,2,3,4g Head Majorette 2,3,43 Pep Club I,2,3,4QDl'31'Il3tiCS Club 2,35 Y-Teens I,2,3,4: Officer 43 Cheerleader 45 Turnerite and Booster Staff 4: Homecoming Queen 4g Prom Correspondent 4. 8 USSERY, ROY Glee Club r,2,3.4: HI-Y I.2,3,43 Officer 2,3,4. TUTER, DON Glee Club 1,2,3,45 HI-Y 45 Dramatics 35 Gun Club 2. THOMPSON, IUDITH Glee Club 1,2,3,4. TAYLOR, DONNA Wyandotte 1,25 Y-Teens 45 Glee Club 3.45 Girls Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3,45 STUERMER, NORMA Student Council Officer 45 Glee Club I,2,3,4: Girls Ensemble I,2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble I,2,3,45 Band I,2,35 Swing Band I ,2,35 Drum Corps 45 Y-Teens I,2,3,45 Officer 2,35 Pep Club I,2,3,45 Officer 3,45 Junior Play Prompter 35 Turnerite and Booster Staff 45 Prom Correspondent 3. STONER, DALE Class Officer 45 Home Room Officer 45 Football 3,45 Basketball I5 T-Club 3,45 Gun Club 25 Boys State 3. STOGSDILL, DONNA Home Room Officer I5 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Y-Teens I,2,3,4. STAMBAUGH, DONALD Class Officer 33 Student Council I,23 Officer 45 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Boys Ensemble 2,3,45 Mixed Ensemble 2,3,45 Football I,2,3,45 Basketball I,2,3,4: Track I,2.3.4: T-Club 2,3,4. STALEY, BETTY Homeroom Officer I5 Glee Club I ,25 Y-Teens I,2,39 YOB I5 Turnerite and Booster staff 45 Dramatics Club 3. SILER, JOANN Homeroom Officer I5 Glee Club 3,45 Drum Corps I,2,3,45 Pep Club 2,3,4 Y-Teens I,2,3,43 Booster Staff 45 Turnerite Editor 45 Junior Play 35 Mixed Ensemble 45 Girls Ensemble 4. SHELTON, RICHARD Student Council 3,43 Homeroom Officer 2, 3: Glee Club 4. T-club 2,3,4: Hi-Y I ,2,3: Dramatics 2: Football I,2,3,4: Track I. SEVE, RETA Homeroom Officer I: Glee Club I,2,3,4: Girls Ensemble 2,3,4: Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4. ROCK, SUE Student Council I,2: Officer 4: Home Room Officer 3,45 Glee Club I: Y- Teens 2,3,4: Homecoming Attendant 3. RILEY, BETTY V Glee Club I,2,3,'2,: Y-Teens 2: Pep Club 2,3: Dramatics Club 2.3: Junior Play 3. RAUSCH, BYRON Glee Club I,2,3.4: Boys Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 4: Football: I , 2, 3,45 Basketball 1.2: Track I: HI-Y I,2,3,4: Officer 3,45 T-Club 2,3,4: Junior Play 3. PRATT, LARRY Homeroom Officer 3. POWERS, SHIRLEY Burlington l,2: Washington 35 Pep Club 4: Y-Teens 4. PECK, ANN Glee Club 3,4: Y-Teens I,3,4: Pep Club 2,3,4: YOB I:Il.ll'li01' Play 3: Drum Corps I,2,3,4. . PARKS, GEORGE Glee Club I,2: Boys Ensemble 2: Band I ,2: Swing Band I,2: Track 3: HI-Y 3.4: T-Club 4- PARKER. LEON Class Officer 3: Homeroom Officer 3,4: Student Counci14: Officer 4: Glee Club I,2,3,4: Basketball I,2,3,4i Track I,2,3.4: T-Club 3,45 Boys Ensemble 4: Mixed Ensemble 4. MYERS, CAROL Class Officer I, 25 Homeroom Officer 1,23 Student Council 43 Glee Club I,2,3,4g Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4: Girls Ensemble 3,43 Drum Corps 2,3,4 Y-Teens 3.4: Officer 3,4g Queens Attenclent 2. MYERS, BARBARA Glee Club I,2,3,4g Girls Ensemble 3.4: Mixed Ensemble 3,4g Y-Teens 2, 3 , 4. P MOWERY, JIM Glee Club 2,3.,4: Boys Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3,43 Boys Quartet 4: Band 2,3,4g Swing Band 2,3.4: Drum Major 2,3.4g Junior Play 3. MOORE, SHIRLEY Glee Club I,2,3,4: Band I: Pep Club I,2,3,4: Cheerleader 25 Queens Attendant 4. MOORE, LEONARD Glee Club I,2,4: Swing Band I,2,3,4: Band I,2,3,4. MENDEZ, IUANITA Glee Club I,2.3,4. MERCIER, NORENE Glee Club I,2,3,4g Pep Club l,2,3,4: Y-Teens 4: Turnerite and Booster Staff. MCCULLUM, JERRY Milby High 1,25 HI-Y 45 Turnerite and Booster Staff 35 Basketball 4. MATNEY, CLARENCE Glee Club I,2,3,4g Football Ig Track I,2.3,4. LUCAS, WANDA Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4: Officer 45 Pep Club 3,4. I f I 6 ws: f H 1 ,i,:-' . .JN egg? xi. far 5' l M240 LE MANSKE, LOUIS Glee Club I,2,3.45 Boys Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3,45 Football r.3.4: LENTZ, DARLENE Glee Club I5 Y-Teens I,2,3,45 Pep Club 4: YOB 1.2. KEITH, MARCELLINE Homeroom Officer 2,35 Glee Club I, 2,3,4: Y-Teens I,4. KEILMAN, GENE Washington I ,25 Homeroom Officer 45 Football 3,45 T-Club 3,4. KEENER, JEAN Glee Club I,2,3,4: Band 1,25 Y-Teens I,3,45 Pep Club I,2,3,4Z Turnerite and Booster Staff 4. JONES, GARY Homeroom Officer I,2,35 Band l,2,3: Swing Band 35 Golf 2,3,45 Basketball Manager 25 HI-Y 3,45 Officer 3.4: Turnerite and Booster Staff 45 Star Correspondent 3,4. JONES, CHARLES Glee Club 45 HI-Y 3, 45 Gun Club 2. JOHNSON, BARBARA Glee Club 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3.45 Pep Club 2,3,4: Y-Teens I,2,3,4 YOB I5 Dramatics Club 35 T urnerite and Booster Staff 4. HOIT, PEGGY Glee Club I,2.3,4: Y-Teens 2,3,4. HASMEIER, WAYNE Glee Club I ,2.3,45 Football I5 Manager 2,35 Basketball I5 T-Club 2. 3.4. HALL, JEAN Homeroom Officer 23 Glee Club I,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 35 Drum Corps 3,43 Pep Club 3,43 Y-Teens 2,3,43 Officer. HALE, SHARON Glee Club I,2,4: D um Corps Ii Y-Teens 4: Pep Club 43 HALE, JERRY Glee Club I,4. GRINTER, CHAROLETTE Homeroom Officer 23 Glee Club I,2,3,4: Band 3,43 Y-Teens 2.3.4. GILLASPIE, DOROTHY Argentine 1,23 Class Officer 43 Glee Club 3,43 Mixed Chorus 33 Y-Teens 3.4: Officer 33 Pep Club 3,43 Officer 4g Cheerleader 43 Magazine Chair- man 4. GREGG, DON Wyandotte 23 Football 1,3,43 Basketball 1,33 Track I,3,43 T-Club 3,4. GREER, RICHARD Perry High I3 Austin High 23 Turnerite and Booster staff 4. FLAHERTY, RONALD Homeroom Officer I,2.3.4: Student Council Ii Glee Club I ,2,4: Foot- ball I3 HI-Y I, 2,3,43 Officer 3:Gun Club 23 Turnerite and Booster Staff 43 Junior Play 3. FARLEY, HARRY Homeroom Officer 2,33 Student Council I3 Band I,2,3,43 Football 1,2,3 43 Basketball IQ Track I3 T-Club 2,3,4: HI-Y 1.3.43 Officer 4. EVELAND, MINNIE Bonner Springs I3 Glee Club 2,3,43 Y-Teens 2,3,4: Turnerite and Booster Staff 4. it i 3"fx- 55" 4 'L fi. fi- - DRAIN, PEGGY Glee Club I,2,3,4: Pep Club 3: Y-Teens 2: Turnerite and Booster Staff 4. DILL, HM Homeroom Officer I,2,3i Football 2,3,4: Basketball Ii Track I: T-Club 2,3,4g HI-Y 2, 3,45 Homecoming Captain 4. DE FRIES, CHRIS Student Council 2,3g Glee Club 1.2. 3,43 Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4: Boys Ensemble 2,3,4: Band I3 Football I,3,4g Basketball I,2.3,4: T-Club 2,3,4g HIPY I,4: Gun Club 2. DALE, LEONARD Glee Club I,2,3,4: Basketball Ii Football 3,43 Track 2,3,45 T-Club 3'4- DALE LAWRENCE 4 Glee Club I,2,3,4: Basketball I: Football 3,4g Track 2,3,4: T-Club 314- CRAIG, PAULINE Homeroom Officer 2: Glee Club I ,2,3,4: Girls Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3.43 Drum Corps 4: Y-Teens 2,3,43 Officer 3.4: Turnerite and Booster Staff 4. CORWIN LINDA Glee Club I , 2, 3,43 Accompanist 2, 3, 4g Magazine Campaign Manager 3. COMBS, DON Homeroom Officer I,2,33 Glee Club I,3,4: Boys Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 3.4: Senior Quartet 4g Band I,2,3,4g Swing Band I.2,3,4: Football I:Basketball I,2.3,45 Track I,2,3,4: T-Club 3,4. BUCKLEY, BARBARA Homeroom Officer 3: Glee Club I,2,3.49 Girls Ensemble 2,3,43 Mixed Ensemble 3.4: Band 3,45 Swing Band 3,45 Y-Teens 2,3,4g Officer 3. BUCK, LEO Homeroom Officer Ig Golf I,2,3.4. BROWNLEE, IO ANN Lee Summit I: Glee Club 2,3,4: Y-Teens 2,45 Pep Club 2,3,4: Turnerite and Booster Staff 4: One-act Play 2. BROWN, RONNIE Homeroom Officer I: Glee Club I.2,3,4: Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4: Mixed Ensemble I,2,3,4g Boys Ensemble I.2,3,49 Band 43 Football 1.3.43 Basketball Ip Golf 2,3,4g I-II-Y 2,3,4q Officer 3,45 Junior Play 3. BLACKBURN, RICHARD BERRIER, BARBARA Glee Club I,2,3,4: Majorettes 2,3,4: Dramatics Club 3: Y-Teens I,2, 3: Turnerite and Booster Staff 4. BELZ, LANE Glee Club 1,49 Football I,2,33 Track I.2: T-Club 2,3,4g BELT, MYRA Glee Club I,2,4: Y-Teens 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 4: Dramatics Club 3. 1 BEACHBOARD, LEROY Homeroom Officer 2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3,4g Boys Ensemble 2,3,4g Mixed Ensemble 2,3,4g Football I ,2,3,4: T-Club 2,3,4. ATKINSON, Cl-IARLES Homeroom Officer I,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,43 Basketball I,2,3,4: Football 1,25 Track Ig T-Club 2,3,4: Gun Club 2. ARMENTA , NATIVIDAD Homeroom Officer Ip Glee Club 2,3,4: Track I,3,4: Football I,2,3,4: Basketball I: T-Club 2,3,4g ARMENTA, FAUSTINO Homeroom Officer 3: Glee Club I ,2, 3,43 Football 3,45 Track 2, 3,45 T-Club ANDERSON, RICHARD Sugar Creek I3 Homeroom Officer 2,3,4g Student Council 4: Glee Club 2,3,4: Basketball 2,3,4g T-Club 3,49 Junior Play 33 Boys Ensemble 43 Mixed Ensemble 4. II. " I JW ,l.,l,- K A. 1: 'g f , ,-,f f , JOEL ANDERSON ' Vice-President BARBARA LATHAM Secretary-Treasurer 2 I .QB ..,., PHILLIP LUKINAC President Carol Adkins' Pat Beachboardw Bill Belt Don Berry Beverly Brown Thomas Brown Kenneth Campbell Marvin Campbell Lindall Castor Cecelia Comely-I Jean Compton Clara Cornwell N WA 5? U h I O Y' , . .,k iy , 3 , , 551.3-.., .W . .5 5I,agf'2 - l r. A V. A1452 " 'Q , 'T . -- .172 1 'Zi' ' " :N V M371 , Q g , ,,., A 5, 'fm' 1 . f: Rig- ' , ,, , fw ,, an : , . ,fr . 1. 'K " ' " ' HW ,lu , ., ,l , K ,,VV A , 5 ' "l" f . " ' 'M Kaz , W ' ij , ., 5 . is ,iff iii? I 55 ' iafff i f' A C V kn., , - 1, gg, rf V A V if 5,713 '- ' . Q fgcqtllkj V ! 5 ,yf z ,I A X , S , V f ,V , lx ,f , , ' 'C . ,K U -f 1 of K L 17,5 ,gf 'W f . C ,I 5 C U., ,. ff! 11 ff 1' f Ill R L I I li w 'fy Lf 2 J F nf I f.- - uf: J"f:i :f, E, fra' ' ' 41 A we ,J 1 'Q A 11 4-24 , X x 5 , ifftk , 'L ' 2Qj1 ,,.,, L A M -X 4 . ,, ,,,. Q L 4 5 Q f PM " 6 ir Y if ,K . :Arif 5 J r ' ' TI ." ,.'LiE i fm ,, ' - -1' "' , i .ev li i s J . W 9 f A . Qs L . -iii! W 1 ,,,. J Q 1 , an , as J. 3? JW . am jx 1 3 eff , ,, ..,. W In waz ,J-iz gif 5 mx '9:ff,5"zf:2f 'af .wi I n uf- -5 5 l 2 4' l WN ..., :,g.,,,i:i ja y H an Q , K ,. ' "4 sg, A - 9s- 'xg' R 'i 2552! - ' 'gi -,,.., ' 'lf M -15 Q at ,V 4 Ml, S - '- -'ww 'W-f-zfrfb... Y' :H Carl Couts Charles Coutsl. Gayle Dennyvf Martha Domville Sandra Endicott John Enright Richard Ericson Lillian Fagan Deanie Fisher Darlene Franklinv Elizabeth Fredrickson Ge orge' Given Sally Greer Marilyn Gustafson' Naomi Hale Helen Harralson' Gordon Haynes Kathleen Holrnes VA James Hook Marlene Hudsonvf John Huntley LaVerne Hurt JoAnn Jacks on Mary Jefferson Marie Kenslow Lewis Kirk Arthur Larkie La Verne Lawson Norma Willmon Beverly Libeer Mildred Long Jim Loomis Larry Lyons 'fi Larry Martens V" Clark McFarland Bonnie McWilliams vs' Mary Lou Matthews W Frances Mead Ll Mary Ann Millironvt' Patsy Moore ov Lucille Ouderkirk Alice Lee Parks MCM' I e r ry Payne B uddy Pine Barbara Pittsgtpu Phyllis Pre cht VV Ronald Wright Wayne Reitz Wayne Reynolds Jackie Ryan Barbara Shelton -ft Ge or ge Shultz Jeanette Skaggs 'ff Bill Smith V" Charles Smith Dor othy Sto g s di 11V Gene Stosberg A Jack Sullivan Tom Tavis Dean Taylor V, Dixie Taylor XX Jack Trent Jim Trickett Ge rald Tush 'X ,r .i 3. . , , ' 5 an , +1 Q. Jin? at x . , 9 :V vw" ,1--kr A, ' fs e lc e ii ,,f, ilyi liV . H , 'ff if new , M r K fa. fe . M at 2:53. . . . 'QL ,,LJ,y,,,.,,,,x, :LA 'mf EQ? e' t ww -"J-f r'-,sl mi' ,a EMM? .f , if in , , V. X.,tEi5VhZiiEEal ligxb A , ,. 1 K ' ,,fws:s 'I 1 . ,gygiiy , George Van De Berghe John Verbenec Carolyn Waters 0' Shirley Van Nieuwenhayse l WK 2 errr K: kFii l!, sf .. ., . ,, K eQ i ,..,. i ef f' " in A M' K A M '1Yf: z" r:s?mv:1"-ff Charles Wahaus Lydia Weaver Nancy Wentworth '. Shirley Wiley Don Williams X Patty Williamson '- Tv dl J ijt g rlls. Ai Asla "" e gg 3 if sasfrn W . ' . W L iasr ' Of.-,J We 4, QQ Sa il 'i-'--Uh Z0 N 5 Y .. BOB DILL IUKYMOND BUCK D Secretary 85 Treasurer Vice President 0 . 1 MW g r r o f 'f.,ii,:,4Jh ' Y JJ? ml. e EDWARD ESPY 5 President Rose Adams Martha Anderson Sylvia Arnold J', D. Beasley Nancy Thompson Bruce Bird Don Bise David Bledsoe Norma Boyd Delores Brooks Kay Brown V' Jim Carmichael ll-U d'qv0A44-vv A r lrsls A A V' W ' '- 1,.d Q Qld' I 1- xg, , 'sg , " if 1 ' ' , if1fi,,Vr :"', ,, erse jf . Lf - , . . .i V L V I - l' ' ' A J ,nvys ' ',"' ' L 5 -"' x ' ' f WP' ,Q Q-.ray , 'W A , " ,,,,-- .I A W f ' ' Z1 I j S 1 E W Q Q Q fake it 2 -X 5, f ff A wr: ,- if i I Q fx. a , Q ,- -- 1 uf ..Law- 1- wf,-- sf . - K -. , -,:- if-. - . ' 'Qu fa! ,Z .. :.,,se,,-.i.-Q, rf : lf- -191: . , ,.., f. , fy f ,,.. it , N 'f 97 ' . . ,.:-uf 1 '- W . V' fi' 7 A " -1352 'K J sw A, L , M, Ci?ff'i:'s5f2Q 15 415 . v. ' "' ' .L a ' if .QQ 4. M M ff f ril F A fi in F E.. F t: .' , 'rf ififlizf an A if f if A - in , V .f 3' GX? 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A i 15 IWC, ., "I, , 0 , A X 5 CHUCK LUKINAC ANNETTE ENGLISH l Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer fp , no fm PAT RYAN 8 President Loretta Anderson V Candelario John Bailey Ruby Bain Carol Sue Belt Jim Berry Pauline Bitikofer Jean Bousman Charles Boyd Kenneth Braden Robert Brillhart Clara Brooks Clifford Brown Judy Brown V X Richard Brownleey Beverly Buckley Louis Bush Bernard Callaghan Kenneth Carlton Gale Compton L is E H1 E1 H W 21. fd? T E W if 5 'sf F ni. +1 1 Z5 'fa ' qv I K 3 ' ,k,.V 5 EQ. W ,V ' 'L ' 5. -ag e Z 3 . K , 1 ' K -tw-f ' . ' D rnnlrs an an 1 H i A D ,y G ' G h x I A A .:' 2 , N: V v K ' fe - .9 , ga , xx was J' ' is ' 121 4. .:,.., . i B rryr ,'.. 1 J g K.,-, . . - it in w it 5 5 , ,.. C .,,, . . Q , Z I n 1 "-- i - K.,.. 1 , . . , A l , i 'h 1 v1' . L ., Q if M Q is Q , ff . . ' . - ,-' if 5 .'ff K V -- 'ff- .H ' J ' Wi VW.. ,f 'W . H A Q SF N if 'i - r rlfffm -bi, " Q :'- T", fa.-111' . w e ,.,, , , L W K 13" I ' 'f ii 1 fy! 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N.,. 1 in 1 G l, l . . ln. ww., Dale Cooper Charles Corkill Don Craig Barbara Davis 'Z Eleanor Dearinger Patricia Delahunt Betty Ditto Carrol Drainv Flo Dean Drury Shirley Eikhoff Marden Elkins Dolan Everhart Gerald Everhart Sarah Fagan 1 Beverly Force .Tack Franklina Donald Frank Richard Fredricks on Mary Gannon Georgia Garner Beverly Gerster William Glendening Coralie Hale John Hale Donna Harkness Dora Harris Robert Harris Geneva Hart Delores Hays Calvin Hershberger Virgil Hodge Donna Holmes Carl Houk Kenneth Howell Edward Howerton Rosalie Huls Clarence .Tackson Patty Johnson Peggy Jones Beverly Keener Beverly Keith Maryf Key Gary Kibbee Jackie Killingsworth Norma Kirch Anne Kirk Maurice Kolman Mary Kuhnen Beverly Larirrzorez-'L' Ethel Leftwich Bonnie Linebackf .Toyce Long Fay Lyons 'fx Beverly Malayx' Beverly Martin Raymond Mead Donald Messinger George Mestagh L Henry Mollett Williard Morrow Charles McAfee .Terry McClellan 0 Larry McSparrin' Eva Norton Robert Olson Lonnie O'Neal Leon Owens Harold Parkerxf Georgia Payne Loretta Pearsonx, Carol Potter V Carole Pratt 7 Harriet Raw Betty Reynolds Curtis Richardson Nancy Roudebush Richard Ruth 'nf Lillian Ryan Yvonne Sanders V Billy Seeley , , vw ' f l"Q'E,4 ,six 5+ Q ,6 W Q x . , A - ' t HI rx .ki if-ml' ,?',",: ,Ly r viliite , Us 'L , .ai 3? 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X I A ,,,: kk T : , , f k 1 lli f tt , t T : fi' ' Walter Woods on t l C 3 , up i,y ,C tr,l,L James Yorkv C iirr J C 4 L Janis Yur' el V Bill Seeley .sisl ' it - f J V W-N .2 -.if Q5 CD in Ol fy Mr. Baker Coach X Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner SEASON 'S RECORD 6 Argentine 25 Paola I8 Rosedale I3 Bonner 6 Olathe I2 Washington 6 Osawatomie Mr. Waugh Coach Don Stambaugh Don Gregg Back Tackle 30 I TOP ROW: Gene Keilrnan, Don Gregg, Joel Anderson, Bill Smith, Jim Loomis, Chris DeFries, Ronnie Brown, Byron Raush. SECOND ROW: George Given, Dale Stoner, Phil Lukinac, Louis LeManske, Harry Farley, LeRoy Beachboard, Dick Shelton, FIRST ROW: Nati Armenta, Lawrence Dale, Don Stambaugh, Tommy Keylon, Chuck Lukinac, Leonard Dale, Jim Dill, Coach Baker, Chris DeFr1es Jim Dill End Back Dale Stoner End LeRoy Beachboard Back Dick Shelton Back Leonard Dale Guard Byron Raush Center Lawrence Dale Guard Louis I Tackle BACK ROW: A, Routh, L, Johnson, C, Couts, B, Gardner, R, States, L. Castor, C. Cours, R, Wilson, J, Sullivan, MIDDLE ROW: M, Routh, J, Mollet, W, Johnson, J, Riley, G, Stosberg, T, Tavis, D, Laird, R, Crum, B, Dill, Mr, Waugh, FRONT ROW: E, Espy, I, Swartz, K, Morris, S, Hunsucker, J, Carmichael,'B,,Hadle,KC, Hauk, B, Howell, T, Domville, X., , x ' U, X. - -X, h , Q. my Phillip Lukinac G L f X Guard L X YJ LX Bill Smith. C enter Harry Farley Guard Gene Keilman Back Nati Armenta Back Joel Anderson End BACK ROW: Carl I-louk, Cal Stretton, Jack Franklin, Jerry McClellan, Richard Fred- rickson, Charles Lukinac, Willard Morrow, MIDDLE ROW: Marden Elkins, Maurice Kolman, Richard Ruth, Edward Howerton, Allen York, Candy Armenta, Gary Kibbee FRONT ROW: Bob Olson, Virgil Hodge, Kenneth Carlton, John Bailey, Charles Tavis Henry Mollett, Charles McAfee, Jim Loomis Tackle Ronnie Brown Back George Given Back 33 s-- 532 w'6"f?? E 3 N51 - es.: r J Don Stambaugh Guard Richard Anderson Forward 35 C harlie Atkins on Center BACK ROW: Don Combs, Jim Loomis, Charlie Atkinson, Bill Gardner, Richard Anderson, Mr, Musgrave, MIDDLE ROW: Leon Parker, Jerry Mc- Collum, Chris DeFries, Phillip Lukinac. FRONT ROW: Tom Keylon, Don Stambaugh, Leon Parker Don Combs Forward Chris DeFries Guard 36 Forward Jerry McCollum Jim Loomis Tom Keylon Guard Center Guard Phillip Lukinac Guard Bill Gardner Center 37 BACK ROW: Richard Brownlee, Carl I-louk, Jerry McClellan, Jack Franklin, Richard Ruth, MIDDLE ROW: George Mestagh, Allen York, Harold Parker, Maurice Kolman, FRONT ROW: Gale Compton, Marden Elkins, Jimmy Berry Mr, Baker, BACK ROW: Jimmy Berry, Harold Parker, Jerry McClellan, Jack Franklin, Gale Compton. MIDDLE ROW: Chuck Lukinac, LeRoy Johnson, Joel Anderson, Bill Smith, Arthur Routh, Jack Sullivan, FRONT ROW: Walter Johnson, Karl Morris, Jim Kane, J, D, Beasley, Mr. Waugh, J 3 8 Q-'ha ,Q I O O I -ll' WY ROW 41 M, Anderson, Potter, Drury, Compton, N. Keener, Rausch, Wentworth, Williamson, D, Stogs- dill, L, Weaver, Seve, Linton, Richards, Hall, Pearson, Hoit. ROW 3:ISI1l'1iIlgS, Shane, Hale, Yurgel, Berrier, Grinter, Myers, Adkins, Harkness, Belt, English, Pitts, Parks, Lineback, L. Anderson, ROW 2: Van Hook, Payne, Peck, M, Belt, P, Precht, B, Brown, Roudebush, C, Hale, I, Long, L, Hurt, M, Milliron, Pratt, N, Myers, Williams, ROW Ig Griffin, Sellers, Gerster, Norton, Gardner, Strabb, Siler, Greer, A, Hart, M, Myers, S, Hale, Fagan, Davis, Hardgrave, Bousman. ROW 4: P, Beachboard, Corwin, Stuermer, Shelton, Domville, P, Meek, Eickhoff, Reynolds, Young, Stevenson, D, Stogsdill, M, Kenslow, I, Franklin, Craig, Taylor, ROW 3: B, Keener, Hendon, Arnold, Kirch, M, Weaver, Holmes, Delahunt, Buckley, Meadows, I. Ryan, P, Ryan, Larimore, J, Smith, M, Long, Fisher, ROW 2: Taylor, Kibbee, Endicott, Still, Tutor, N. Kenslow, Sutton, Bitokifer, Ryan, Martin, Thompson, Harrelson, Curth, Matthews, ROW I: Boyd, Mendez, Hurt, Garrison, Kuhnen, S, Smith, Shumake, Skaggs, Myers, Johnson, Jones, P, Precht, Mr, Johnson, 40 ROW 5: Le Manske, Anderson, Tutor, Gardner, Loomis, Hasimier, R. Anderson, Fredrickson, Combs, De Fries, Brown, Castor, ROW 4: Erickson, Flaherty, Beachboard, Johnson, Franklin, Callaghan, Mat- ney, Parker, Stosberg, Lukinac, Bailey, Mestaugh, Rausch, ROW 3: Stambaugh, Berry, Wendt, Wyatt, Hook, Mowrey, Franklin, Chilton, Houk, Dale, Elkin. ROW 2: Morris, Thompson, Stoner, W, Howell, Dale, Armenta, Taylor, Compton, Harris, Brownlee, Hadle, ROW I: Trent, Mead, Hauk, Mc Afee, Tutor, Boyd, Domville, Cooper, Mr, Johnson, Meet Mr. Erdman Johnson, head of the music department. Each year he directs the "Messiah," "Christmas Vespers, " "Spring Concert," and "Say It With Music." He also prepares the glee clubs and selected soloists for participation in the East Kansas League Contest. The band provides music and often marches for home football games and swing band plays for home basketball games. The full band participates in the American Royal Parade along with the majorettes and drum corps. The ensemble, which is chosen from the glee clubs, performs for church and school activities, and has a prominent part in the annual presentation of "Say It With Music. " 41 ROW I: A, Hart, Walton, Straub, ROW 2, Franklin, Berrier, Adkins, Saunders, Dear- inger. ABSENT: Wentworth, Shultz. ROW I: Hardgrave, Hall, Siler, Peck, C. Myers, D, Harris. ROW 2: Arnold, Young, Boyd, Hull, Y, Hart, ROW 3: Gillaspie, Stuermer, Craig, G. Hart, ROW 3: Missinger, Buckley, G, Kibbee, Frank, M. Compton, Potter, E, Long, D, Craig, ROW 2: Force, M, Anderson, Steven- son, Stosberg, Domville, Grinter, L. Ander- son, ROW I: S, Kibbee, B, Brown, N, Thomp son, Beachboard, Milliron, Harrelson, Sutton, Mead, Jennings, Holmes, Glendening, Enright, Dyster, Carmichael, Howell, Bush, Callaghan, Stretton, Combs, Moore, Farley, Krurn, J. Browng Mowery, Parker, Shoemake, J. Anderson, R, Brown, Cummins, Endicotte, Compton. MR. EMERY LEWIS Assistant Music Director The swing band is the group that provides the pep music at all the home basketball games. They also participate in the "Say it With Music." 43 ROW 4: Parker, LeManske, Rausch, Combs, Gardner, De Fries, R. Brown, Johnson, ROW 3:H8l1k, Stambaugh, Mowrey, L. Beachboard, Chilton, Morris, Domville. ROW 2: C. Myers, Skaggs, Stuermer, Young, Gustafson, Seve, Linton, Fisher, Siler. ROW I. Mr. Johnson, Greer, P. Beachboard, Taylor, B. Myers, Craig, Buckley, Arnold. ROW 3: Seve, Chilton, Brown, LeManske, Gardener, Combs, DeFries, Rausch, Mow- rey, Steurmer. ROW 2: Siler, B, Myers, Gustafson, Morris, Stambaugh, Parker, L. Beachb Young, oard, Tush, P. Beachboard, Buckley. ROW I: Skaggs, Fisher, S. Greer, Denny Craig, Meyers, B. Brown, L. Corwin. 44 PY3es3deh+1 vice -PY'PSf SEC- 'f'r"eS1 .Sc -Pep: 1, 3 e:5'i "' P 150325 ' QQ, QS"f5L" Q '90 4 4 '39 ' 00,4 226: , 0'g,, .' I LA fazzfjg gr LM WM ass ,LIML1 404177 9-'-'M' 9h avi ff LU 1 MINFP 0. qi the S nun 0 1 I J xg Y' bfir . Q 1 CL x93 M' J 5..:.,s 45 lfrfrln-ner' ' ' F 1 cuv-In rfs fl ' iw. Wh ? fx . fs N L . . '4 ig Q wr: V "V .' -IT' Q U , ff' '. : fh .' A544 YZF m .cm Q . 'V ' , T T 'Y ,--- Hu' A T Xb ,mn Q - x in Q , K5 I , E 4- A rigk: 'i '5 us n 7 ll rg, .ff jwvv- X, 3 A+' Q 'fi 3 , 4 5 of 43 "-"'0f.fr '4 5 Q ff 2 'S "2 E rl fl" . .....l,.... l' P 7 ,M Norma Stuermer, Program-Chairman, Sue Rock, Secretary, Don Stambaugh, Presidentg Leon Parker, Vice-president. BACK ROW: Phillip Lukinac, Leon Parker, LeRoy Johnson, Rich- ard Anderson, Dick Shelton, Willard Morrow, Richard Ruth. MIDDLE ROW: Dixie Taylor, Beverly Brown, Norma Stuermer, Sue Rock, Loretta Anderson, Carol Myers. FIRST ROW: Fern Hurt, Virgil Hodge, Raymond Buck, Don Stambaugh, Gordon Shoemake, Donna Seller, Mrs. Anderson. Sllllll I 46 BACK ROW: Ronald Flaherty, Chuck Lukinac, Dick Shelton, Jack Franklin, LeRoy Johnson, Leon Parker, Phillip Lukinac. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Sutton, Dot Gillaspie, Sue Rock, Carol Potter, Carrol Drain. FRONT ROW: Mr. Seymour, Fern Hurt, Raymond Buck, Don Stambaugh, Gordon Shoemake, Dixie Taylor, Carol Myers. lillll llll Dot Gillaspie, Program-chairman, Sue Rock, Secre tary, Don Stambaugh, Presidentg Leon Parker, Vice president. R. Anderson, C, Atkinson, G. Keilman, R. W. Zimmer, P, Young, D. Stoner, S. Rock, Flaherty, B, Johnson, L. Beachboard. N. Stuermer, D, Shelton, L, Parker, L, Pratt. J. Enright, P. Beachboard, M, Campbell, S. Greer, C. Adkins, C. Cornwell, B, Shelton, C. Smith, S. Van Nieuwen- J. Anderson, J, Loomis, B, Latham, F huyse, C. Wahaus, J. Trickett. Mead, K, Campbell, L, Martens. N 4 8 BACK ROW: M. Routh, J. Riley, G. Shoemake, FRONT ROW: P. Precht, L. Ryan, M. Tinsley. BACK ROW: P. Meek, M. Anderson. MID- DLE ROW: I. Beasley, B, Gardner, R, Buck FRONT ROW: T. Domville, C. Jennings, HIIME RIIIIM IIHIIIERS BACK ROW: T. Keylon, L, Johnson. MID- DLE ROW: D. Laird, S. Kibbee. FRONT ROW: I. Kane, C. Morris, BACK ROW: M. Curth, E. Dyster, I, Frank- lin. FRONT ROW: C. Jones, A. Garrison, K. Everhart. C. Pratt, C. Potter, P, Ryan, D, Sellers, K. C, Williams, I. Stevenson, S, Smith, R Shane. Ruth, F. Tuter, W, Thompson, A. English, C. Drain, C. Belt, L. Anderson, R 0 0 M B. Davis. L. Hodge, K, Howell, C. Houk, R. Fred- L. O'Nea1, I. McClellan, H. Parker, L, 1'iCkSOH, I. Franklin, B. Keener, R. Harris, Pearson, M. Kuhnen, W. Morrow, C. Hale. 50 FIRST ROW: Miss Marshall, sponsor, D. Hayes, B, Johnson, M. Long, L. Anderson, I. Franklin, D. Gillaspie, P. Ryan, S, Walton, C, Jones, S. Fagan, B. Davis, B. Gerster, Miss Lindburg, sponsor, SECOND ROW: N. Myers, C. Williams, D. Taylor, J. Long, B. Van Hook, B, Lineback, W, Hen- don, C. Jennings, S. Arnold, M. Belt, A. Peck, B. Keener, J. Sutton, M. Matthews, S. Kibbee. THIRD ROW: K. Holmes, H. Harralson, M. Musil, L. Lawson, P. Precht, S. VanNieuwenhuyse, M, Curth, R. Gabriel, S. Simmons, J. Brown, B. Brown, M. Milliron, A. English, S. Smith, B. Shoemake, C. Drain. FOURTH ROW: N, Hale, Y. Sanders, K. Brown, S. Moore, B. Latham, J. Smith, L. Pearson, D. Harkness, C. Potter, B. Libeer, P. Beachboard. N. Stuermer, S, Powers, B Pitts, A. Parks. FIFTH ROW: M. Compton, J, Keener, W. Lucas, J. Brownlee, M. Domville, E. Fredrickson, B. Reynolds, P. Williamson, N. Wentworth, G. Denny, M. Gustafson, C. Collier, C. Adkins, I. Ryan, I. Hall, P. Delahunt. Fe? L ' .J L. Anderson, P. Ryan, R. Brownlee, D. Gillaspie, I. Franklin, S. Walton. N. Stuermer, B. Brown, D. Gillaspie P. Beachboard. .E My B A,,,-. V, 'fimgf Ll M. Belt, B. Staley, M, Eveland, B. Berrier, Mrs. Stocker, sponsorg J. Siler, Q, Drqin, W, Zimmer, N. Stuermer, I. Brownlee. I. Keen- er, G, Jones, S, Walton, R. Flaherty, B. Johnson, P, Craig, k . 'ff -1. G, 5 4 Q o 'rfrff ' fl "?:fkf.f.!!.iwr Q vs av O "' ' 1 y 1: 'X 5 0 4- 'V vi 'Q H 3 I-' 'W ' ' 0 ' l .r s f N X Jil- S gff .I .. .' PM r' 1 -- iv Pc, Drain 52 s FIRST ROW: C. Grittin, B, Gerster, B. Davis, C. Jones, D. Hayes, S. Hale, J. Siler, F. Hurt, S, Kibbee, K. Ever- hart, C, Myers, B. Johnson, A, Hart, N, Myers, L, Johnson, D, Seller, P. Leftwich. SECOND ROW: Mrs, R. Clark, sponsor, A. Peck, M, Belt, W, Hendon, P. Jones, J, Skaggs, W. Thompson, L. Anderson, C. Hale, B. Malay, L, Hurt, E, Tripp, B. Shumake, S, Walton, C. Drain, C. Hershberger, THIRD ROW: J. Sutton, B. Keener, P, Hoit, C Grinter, B. Myers, N. Kinslow, C, Jennings, R, Gabriel, J. Brown, B, Larimore, A, English, S, Arnold, R, Pflurn, B, Keith, B. Brown, N. Kirch, K, Shane. FOURTH ROW: L, Ouderkirk, N, Hale, C. Waters, G. Kuhnen, C, Potter N. Stuermer, B. Buckley, M. Keith, W, Lucas, S. Powers, P, Delahunt, L. Pearson, M, Anderson, E, Long, K. Brown, Y, Sanders, FIFTH ROW: M, Johnson, N. Keener, M. Dornville, S, Rausch, M. Gustafson, E. Fredrickson, S. Rock, D, Stogsdill, B. Reynolds, P. Young, J. Stevenson, D. Stogsdill, E. Dyster, J, Brownlee, D, Gillaspie, J, V OFFICERS: C, Myers, B. Brown, S, Rock, W, Lucas, D, Gil- laspie, Hall, B. Latham. 53 LA- 2X OFFICERS: G. Jones, W, Zimmer, H, Farley, C, Hauk, B, Rausch. FIRST ROW: C. Hauk, C. Morris, D. Taylor, G. Jones, J. Beasley, J. Carmichael, T. Domville, Mr. Bolin, Sponsor. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sullivan, M. Routh, B, Chilton, G. Stoesberg, D. Shelton, R, Ussery, R. Flaherty, W. Johnson, THIRD ROW:G.Wilcoxson, F. Farley, R, Brown, D, Tuter, B, Gardner, R, Fredrickson, B. Rausch, I. Mc Collum, W, Zimmer, 54 . V N U, - f' ifx f' , A' ' Wflkfg ' mga? ,xxx in I M , ,Q f yr' if - V f, fy ??fA Eff' 25 , - ff, , 7 , ! 1 ,fgfff Q1 if 4' W X-' v, tv ,I Z .ff , 'Qxvig . , If ,f Q 5 f . , ,ff .NWN ksgr' ' Q S- 7 MT X X X gl UW z X 2 if", ff M f 'f5 ffQy ff f K X f rl! f if M X f , M t f y , , X f ,1,. ' , I r rf, , 1 , ' Y . 1 Y . ,l..,.,1--- King Jim X Queen Shirley Pat Ryan, Willard Morrow, Barbara Mead Gordon Shoemake, Queen Shirley Walton Leon Parker, Shirley Moore, Richard An- derson, Dixie Taylor, Larry Martens. W. M. ALLEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 7900 Kansas Avenue -X Muncie, Kansas AMERICAN SAND COMPANY X ' 73 Turner, Kansas ,X 1311 Minnesoto Avenue Kansas City Kansas BLYTHE APPLIANCE COMPAN Y BASKA HOME LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANING X V 3412 Strong Kansas City, Kansas BOTTOMLEY RX SHOP 1420 So. 42 Street Kansas City, Kansas CALLAGHAN HARDWARE 836 So. 55 Street Turner, Kansas ' - W, up I S I' I ,4 PW D EITNER STUDIO QBi11Wright1 Ottawa, Kansas FORSLUND PUMP 8: MACHINERY CORPORATION 1717-19 Main Street Kansas City, Missouri GOLD'S DEPARTMENT STORE 2915 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas HAWK'S SERVICE STATION 77 Kansas Avenue Muncie, Kansas HAPPY SAND PLANT Muncie, Kansas HARSHBARGER'S DRY GOODS 3417 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas F. O, G, 'S - Future Office Girls "Thar she blows" "Hold That Tiger", "Goofus Juggling the books ...aff Pass the Bromos l utr 16 "Rembrants" at work fr f"., A ,. , . I ' H I . fi " if Kg 1 -I ' Q! ,,,- 1. A if "-- " ' I ",'- . ' W 5-W? sign. 7 H "' , 3 ' 5 iyy , I. 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'S ' H a , Fbr Q f HOKE 8: SMITH REALTORS AND INSURANCE 3504 Strong Kansas City, Kansas JOHN at HERB'S SERVICE STATION ' 828 S 55 Street Turner, Kansas JOHNS A. G. STORE 3416 Strong Kansas City, Kansas JOHNSON 78: BASIC GROCERY 900 S 55 Street Turner, Kansas KANSAS CITY STRUCTURAL STEEL COMPANY 21 8: Metropolitan Kansas City, Kansas KING BROTHERS HARDWARE COMPANY 3005 Strong Kansas City, Kansas LINTONS FURNITURE COMPANY 3117 Strong Kansas City, Kansas W. W. MACK LUMBER COMPANY 258 Metropolitan Kansas City, Kansas MCGEORGE PHARMACY 2131 Metropolitan Kansas City, Kansas NIGRO'S 3-WAY MARKET 3320 Merriam Lane Kansas City, Kansas OLD GRINTER HOUSE 1420 S 78 Street Muncie, Kansas OLSON DAIRY COMPANY 1510 S 42 Street Kansas City, Kansas PATTENS SINCLAIR SERVICE 78 8: State Muncie, Kansas PEERLESS QUARRIES, INC. Turner, Kansas I - , ,. REED GROCERY 7178 Kaw Drive Muncie, Kansas ROY'S SERVICE 78 8: Kansas Avenue Kansas City, Kansas T. H. RYAN FARMER INSURANCE 2125 Metropolitan Avenue Kansas City, Kansas R. C. CAN COMPANY 5500 Kansas Avenue Turner, Kansas SHALINSKY REXALL DRUGS 3418 Strong Kansas City, Kansas ' STEELE ICE CREAM 823 S 55 Street Turner, Kansas SIMMONS FUNERAL HOME 1404 S. 37 Street Kansas City, Kansas STONY POINT GROCERY 7749 Kansas Avenue Muncie, Kansas TURNER CAFE 5425 Turner Turner, Kansas VA.LLEY GROWERS PACKING COMPANY 5500 Kansas Avenue Turner, Kansas TURNER PHARMACY 840 S. 55 Street Turner, Kansas TURNER STATE BANK 5429 Turner Turner, Kansas WENTWORTH CAFE 7164 Kaw Drive Muncie, Kansas WILLIAMS MEAT COMPANY 20 Kansas Ave. Kansas City, Kansas WYANDOTTE COUNTY: RECORD 3113 Strong Avenue Kansas City, Kansas nQWM-LL 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 ? 1 xx fe 2 1 v 4 1 3 4 1 4 4 x K I i w,..,,,f 1 . f ,w,0efkj.fcb,e,,1,,LAw,,4Q-ff'7ff'jJ"' , xx,,zif1xfM' M.,.,AXWw t flu-ow!J44'a,,6ein.,.,,,d,uJ Q-vw-f-4-Y Q fMJ1QZliiif4liEZ3k ww' W gf Q Aw JM . 5 , ,,4,4g,,,,,,,,f,,.,eMLJ 7M..a, M-'faux-H ffm:-MM f,g,M'Mz:f1z:W-f JMX WM? 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