Turner High School - Turnerite Yearbook (Kansas City, KS)

 - Class of 1952

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Turner High School - Turnerite Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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fMQ ?m?VV gg3Rs WZCWWQW gg Wim 9Mff7z2W' l4WW7M 2-RCP' ,TJQQWJW Wim? A M CWQM D1-www QA- :Ein M k Mwfc ZLLWMWQMKJ WA wMWW WWMMMW Swv OD M M!j,WWL6WMjfZ52 , 9 L7W'W' W V , ww ' 'ff' 75 ' ' CQ24466' 'wffocwyn 7?"'7""AMa-P-f Offfv PCM-f4ZW aaivbiek W e7"W,Ll 9' QZQZQO9 v25f7QQWMW Wifi pMMWj' UWWWW Q-'W' 'iw MWMWUW 53 J-M. M, 1'?Q7,Q QM?i4fO?Mff4fM 7 WZWWW ' ' ,ffA71AW WW jw A 7W7fV hm! , 1,5 If ' 1 ff' 3 W5 W' 53 'S - V qw- , R Jw W W fx 'Sym F4 Q f y U H X 5 Y W ' if f vm bf 5" gy fy QL We vii: ,SNK .1 as My igxilgx QQ WS? W Qggii Em 3 XE ww Q 'Cv' fyf-fzffxygvyy ,HQ y 'T' 'V'7" -1.4--v M J,-' l : IJ: .N in 1 L H 1, pi' . 'h ' x s 't lf 'I u " I , 5 3 sf Q :hiv ,- IHI Illll IRIN 1952 Edited by TURNER HIGH SCHOOL Turner, Kansas CORPORAI.. ROBERT LEE DOBBS In fond memory of a wonderful person and a Turner High graduate of 1948, we dedicate the 1952. Turnerite to Corporal Robert Lee Dobbs of the lst Division, 5th Marine Battalion, who was killed in action fighting with the U. S. Marines in Korea, on November 28, 1950. Being of a happy disposition, Robert, bette. known as Bobby, majored in the art of making people happy. The 1948 yearbook says of him, "His continual cheerfullness is a sign of wisdom." Football, track, T-Club, basketball, and music were all a part of his activities. To Bobby and all of the other boys in the service of our country we owe deep gratitude for their contribution toward world peace. Z 11531 'room' 'look kEPol1'J EMU USFS? 'ITUGDDQ lr 'F f!f fi f f I Z5 I . ,.'f' J 5 3 PEMDERTQN MR. T. R. PALMQUIST S uperiritendent Board 0f Education MR. PAUL JONES Director MR. WALTER BROWN SR. Treasurer MR. EDWARD MUSIL Clerk This page through the courtesy of WYANDOTTE COUNTY RECORD and KING BROTHER'S CABINET CO. The schools of America are organization of society formed for the training and development of youth. This nation has provec that a democratic form of government is the one best suited for the highest development 0 the group and also the individual. But this development of the individual and the group i possible only when the members of that grou accept their responsibilities, and greater freedom and rights can be enjoyed by all. The young ladies and gentlemen that compose the student body of Turner High School, together with the faculty and the board of education, are committed to a program of thorough training in the fundamental processesg acquainting youth with the cultural and esthetic values of lifeg training for college and further education, ar preparation for accepting one's place in the community--in short, thru discipline and true-to-life experiences to develop Well- adjusted citizens for a democratic society. T. R. Palmquist ELOISE SILER Secretary it X. Art and English Washburn Xlvlusr Ottawa University A.B, '! P' f ii,.w'M'., MRS. INEZ B. ANDERSON Social Science and Speechg Teachers College, Marysville, Missouri B.S. MR. WAYNE ASHBY Woodworking, Teachers College Pittsburg B. S. MR. JOE BAKER Social Science and Physical Educationg Washburn University A.B. ,- MISS KEITHA PETERSON Home Economics: Teacher MR. ARNOLD VOTH Scienceg Bethel College A. B. , Arizona University M. S. MR. HUBERT WAUGH Mathematicsg State College, Warrensburg, Missouri B.S. MR. ROBERT WILKINS Industrial Artsg Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas B.S. College, Pittsburg, Kansas B.S. 1 I k. Jaw 'N MR. RICHARD S. SEYMORE Commerce and Englishg Notre Dame B. S. M ri MISS ELLEN LINDBURG English and Iournalismg Emporia State Teachers B.S. MISS NANCY MARSHALL Commerceg Wm. Jewell College A.B., University of Kansas M.A. MR. ROBERT MUSGMXVE Science and World Historyg Ottawa University A. B. by This entire page through the courtesy of KANSAS CITY STRUCTURALSTEEL. ASS Cl E A L Al K - 'fi C + A? 'Z' '57 Qx ,-L L 'U P pi C 0 , , 11 99 F n ' s.....L.,v J I President silo LEROY WAHAUS i X S I Z f A A'-,nfs A zlw, MARGARET COLLIER Q M A D Vice-President E nr, RUTH COPELAND 'FPQ Sec 'y -Treasurer MARY MARGRET ADAMS Pep Club 3-45 Booster staff 45 Turnerite 4g One-Act Play 4g Catlettsburg High rg Sumner Missouri High 2. CAROL JEAN ALT Argentine High 2-3. ROBERT ADAMS T-Club 3-4g Football 3-4g One-Act Play 45 Catlettsburg High lg Sumner Missouri High 2. CARL BANKS Student Council 3g Football 3-4g Southwest High I-2. This page through the courtesy of TURNER STATE BANK 8 llgfgljf may La Q rf-1. .rg Q., 'M -. MARY LOU BECKER Pep Club 2-3-45 Student Council 4. MARGARET COLLIER Glee Club 1-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Pep Clhb 1-2-3-45 Pep Club Officer 45 Y-Teens Ig Home Room Officer 1-2-35 Booster Staff 45 Turnerite staff 45 Homecoming Attendant 35 Class Officer 4. r 45 Football 2-3-45 Golf I-2-3-4. yy CHARLES BRADY Glee Club 45 Home Room Officer 3-45 T-Club 2-3-45 T-Club Officer MARTHA COMLEY Glee Club I-2-3-4: Mixed Chorus 45 Pep Club 45 Y-Teens lg Home Room Officer Ig Jamaica High 3. BARBARA CAMPBELL Glee Club 1-2-3-4- Y O B 1- Y-Teens 1-2. RUTH COPELAND Glee Club 2-45 Band l-25 Pep Club 25 Y-Teens lp Student Council 3'- Home Room Officer lg Class Officer 4. hs WALTER CLELLAND T-Club 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Football 35 Track 25 Paseo High 1. VIRGINIA CORKILL Glee Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Girls Ensemble 45 Dramatic Club 35 Y.O.B. I-2-3-45Offic81'5Y'TEEnS 2-35 One-Act Play 4 45 Thls page through the courtesy of Q-P STONY POINT STORE AND WENTWORTH'S CAFE fi i 9 ZELMA CORNWELL Glee Club I-2-4: Mixed Chorus I-2-45 Girls Ensemble 45 Pep Club 15 One-Act Play I-25 White City High I-2: Wyandotte 3. PATRICIA DODD Glee Club 45 Pep Club 45 Booster Staff 45 Turnerite staff 45 One- Act Play 45 Lawrence High I-2-3. DARRELL CRYSTAL Home Room Officer lg T-Club 2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Track Ig Class Officer I-25 Valentine King 3. COMPTON DOMVILLE Glee Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys Ensemble 45 Home Room Officer 15 Basketball I-35 Golf 2-3-4, MARILYN DICKERSON Glee Club I-2-3 -45 Mixed Chorus 1-2 -3-45 Girls Ensemble 2-3-4: Band I-2-3-45 Swing Band 2-3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Y.O.B. I-25 Y-Teens I-25 Home Room Officer 2-3. ALVIN DRURY Hi-Y r-2-3-45 Home Room Officer 2-45 T-Club 3-45 Basketball I-2-3-4: Football I-2-45 Track 1-3-4. BARBARA DILL Glee Club 1-2-3 -45 Mixed Chorus 45 Band 3-45 Swing Band 3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Y-Teens I-25 Home Room Officer 3-45 Drum Corps 2-3-4. JOYCE DUDLEY Glee Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Pep Club I-2-3-45 Y. O.B. I-25 Home Room Officer 2-3 -45 Booster staff 45 Turnerite Staff 4. This page through the courtesy of EDI..UND'S HARDWARE 10 CARL ERIE Glee Club 1-2 3 4, Mixed Chorus 3 4, Boys Ensemble 3 4, T Club 3-45 Football 3-4. MARY MARGARET GABRIEL Glee Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Dramaties Club 35 Pep Club I-2-3-45 Y.O.B. 1-2-35 Y-Teens 1-2-35 Home Room Officer I-25 Booster Staff 45 Turnerite 45 Queen of Music Camival 1. BETTY FAGAN Dramatics Club 45 Y.O.B. 35 Home Room Officer 3-45 Central High 1 EAMIEL GERBER Glee Club 3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys Fnsemble 35 T-Club 2-3-45 Football 2-3'4g Golf 25 Central Jr. High 1. RICHARD FLAHERTY Hi-Y I-2-3-45 Officer 3-45 T-Club 3-45 Basketball I-2-3-45 Football I-21 Track 2-35 One-Act Play 35 Class Officer 2. NADINE HALE Booster Staff 4- Turnerite 4- Argentine High I-2. DORRETTE FOX Glee Club 2-3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Y.O.B. 2-35 Student Council 2-35 Home Room Officer 25 Booster Staff 45 Turnerite Staff 4. JIM HAYES Glee Club 2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 3-45 Boys Ensemble 3-45 Band 1-2-3-45 Swing 1-2-3-45 Hi-Y 1-2-35 Officer 35 Student Council 3-45 Officer 3-45 Home Room Officer 1-2-35 T-Club 2-3-45 Officer 3-45 Basketball l-2-3-4: Football I-2-3-45 Class Officer This entire page through the courtesy of VALLEY GROWERS PACKING COMPANY 11 I 'K S gm 62:2 7'5f'fxlf? ROBERT GRAF E NORMA JOHNSON Glee Club 2g One-Act Play 3. JESSE HONEYWELL Glee Club I-2-3-4. EUGENE JONES Hi-Y 4g T-Club 3-4: Basketball I-2-3: Football I. CAROL HUFFORD Glee Club 1-2-3-4g Band 1-2-3-4g Swing Band 3-4g Y-Teens 1- 2 -3g Majorette I-2-3-4. RICHARD KALEBAUGH Student Council 2: Home Room Officer I-2-3g T-Club 2-3-4g Basketball I-2-3-45 Football 2g Track I-2-3-4. DON JOHNSON Glee Club 2-3-4g Mixed Chorus 2-3-4g Boys Ensemble 2-3-4: Argentine High I. DORIS KELLEY Glee Club 1-2-34 Dramatics 3-44 Y. O.B. 1-3g Y-Teens Corps I-4. Compliments of THOMPSON-STRAUSS QUARRIES, INC AND GERBER MOVING AND STORAGE 12 1-gg Drum f JERRY KELLEY Glee Club 2-45 Band I-23 Home Room Officer I-3g T-Club 2-3- 4g Basketball 1-2-3g Football I-2-3-44 Track I-3-4. ANTHONY LIBEER Home Room Officer 4g Speech Play 43 Argentine High l-2-3. GARY KERFES Glee Club 3 -45 Mixed Chorus 4g Boys Ensemble 4g Band 4g Austin High I-3g Carrollton High 2. MARION LINEBACK Glee Club 2-3-4g Mixed Chorus 4g Band 1-2-3-4g Swing Band 3-43 Pep Club 3-4g Y-Teens Ig Home Room Officer 2. THA KIRK Glee Club I 2g T-Club 2-3-4g Football I-2-3-4. LLOYD LINTON Glee Club 2-3-4g Mixed Choms 2-3-4g Boys Ensemble 2-3-4g Dramatics Club 3-4g Home Room Officer 2g Junior Play. ALTA LEWALLEN Glee Club I-45 Mixed Chorus 3-43 Y.O.B. l-3: Y-Teens Ig Drum Corp 4. BILL MAMIE This entire page through the courtesy of the KANSAS CITY KANSAN 13 K A l We QP , , ..' x ROBERT MARTIN Home Room Officer 3g Glee Club llg Track 4. T ED MOORE Student Council 2-35 Home Room Officer 2g T-Club 3-43 Basket- ball 2-3-4g Class Officer 3. BEVERLY MARTINDALE Glee Club I-2-3g Band Ig Dramatics Club 3-45 Pep Club 3: Y.O.B. I-2-3g Y-Teens I-25 Majorette I-2-3-4. GERALD MORGAN Glee Club 2-3-4g Mixed Chorus 2-3: Boys Ensemble 2-31 Hi-Y 2- 3g One-Act Play 1. I CHARLES MESTAGH Home Room Officer 35 Basketball I. SHIRLEY MORGAN Pep Club 45 Wyandotte High 2-3. PAULINE MITCHELL -uh a Glee Club 1-2-3-44 Mixed Chorus 4g Pep Club 2-3-4g Y-Teens 1-25 Home Room Officer 2. DONALD MORRIS Glee Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4g Boys Ensemble 2-3-4g Hi-Y 2-3-4g Student Council 4g Home Room Officer I-25 T-Club 2-3-4g Basketball 1-2-3-4: Football I-2-3-4: Track 1-2-3-45 Class Officer I-3. This entire page through the courtesy of EITNER STUDIOS , 14 Louisa MYERS Glee Club 2-4, Y.o.B. 1. SHIRLEY PEMBERTON Glee Club I-2-3-4g Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Girls Ensemble 3-4g Dramatics 3-41 Officer 3-4g Y.O.B. l-25 Turnerite staff 4: Booster Staff 4: Junior Play. VICTOR NEWMAN Glee Club I-4g Home Room Officer 2-35 Basketball 1-2-3-4g Football Ig Track 3. YVONNE PLUMB Glee Club I'2'3-45 Mixed Chorus I-2-3-4g Girls Ensemble I -2-3-4g Band I-2-3-4: Swing Band 3-4: Dramatics Club 34 Pep Club Ig Y.O.B. 1-2-3: Y-Teens I-2-3g Junior Playg One-Act Play 2g Washington High I If2. MARIORIE NEUMER Glee Club I-2. MARILYN POTTER Glee Club 3-4g Mixed Chorus 3-4: Girls Ensemble 3-4g Band I-2 3-4: Swing Band 3-4g Pep Club I-2-3-4g Y-Teens I-2: Home Room Officer I-2-3: Junior Play: One-Act Play. EUGENE PATTON Glee Club 4g FRANCES RICHART Glee Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 45 Dramatics 3g Pep Club 3-4: Y-Teens 2-3: Student Council 4g One-Act Play 3. Through the compliments of MCCLANAHAN GROCERY 15 A 'ff' 131 7 -w girl RUTH ANN ROBERTSON Glee Club 25 Pep Club 2-3 -45 Officer 45 Y-Teens 25 Student Council Officer 45 Home Room Officer 2-35 Booster Staff 45 Turnerite Staff 45 Homecoming Attendant 25 Homecoming Queen 4: Drum Corps 35Cheerleader 45 Valentine Queen 35 Ward High 1. THOMAS SHAFFER Home Room Officer 1-2-35 Basketball Ig Track 1. GEORGIA SALMON Glee Club 35 Band 1-2-35 Pep Club I-2-3-45 Officer 45 Y-Teens 1-2-35 Student Council Officer 45 Home Room Officer 1-2-35 Booster Staff 45 Turnertie Staff 45 Cheerleader 3-45 Representative to Kansas Sun Flower Girls' State 3. ROBERT SHOEMAKE Glee Club 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys Ensemble 45 Band 1- 2-3-45 Swing Band I-2-3-45 Dramatics Club 3-45 Officer 3: Y.O.B. I-25 Hi-Y l-2-3-45 Officer 45 Home Room Officer 2-35 Junior Play. JOHN SANDERS Ward High School 1. CARL STATES ERNEST SCHULER Band I-2-3-45 Swing Band 1-25 Home Room Officer 1. NORMA STUMP Glee Club l-2-3-45 Y.O.B. 25 Majorette I-2-3. Through the compliments of LEADER CLOTHING COMPANY 16 . - . I -wr K ha ,,,, 5 IAN TAYLOR Glee Club I-2-3-45 Mixed Chorus 2-3-45 Girls Ensemble 3-45 Y.O.B. I-2 -35 Home Room Officer 1-2-45 Junior Play 35 One- Act Play 25 Homecoming Attendant 4. GERALD VALLIS JOAN TUTTLE Glee Club 3-45 Band I-2-3-45 Swing Band 3-45 Pep Club I-2-3-4: Y-Teens I-2. LEROY WAHAUS Student Council 2-35 Basketball lg Football 45 Golf 2-35 Junior Play 35 Class Officer 3-4. JACK TYSON Football I'2. MARY WALKER Glee Club 1-2-3-4. ARTHUR VAN BECELAERE T-Club 3-45 Football 3-45 Track 35 One-Act Play 4. DEE LEE WORTHINGTON Band I-2-3-4: Y.O.B. 15 Basketball 15 Track Manager 3. 17 qua Q H J 41 1 'SZ' SUE ROCK President 2 'xr Q J, DONALD STAMBAUGH ' ' "' 1l LEON PARKER in Vice-President aio is gt 'LCM A XA' 1, A lx I S Mfr? Dec y T1 asurer S , T, PEM DEITON fhis Entire page through the courtesy of THE BROTHERHOOD STATE BANK Richard Anderson Faustino Armenta Natividad Armenta Charles Atkinson Leroy Beachboard Darlene Becker Myra Belt Lane Belz. Barbara Berrier Richard Blackburn Ronnie Brown JoAnn Brownlee Leo Buck Barbara Buckley Bernard Campbell Don Combs Linda Corwin Pauline Craig Lawrence Dale Leonard Dale Chris DeFries Jim Dill Peggy Drain Minnie Eveland Harry Farley Ronnie Flaherty Frank Freedle Sylvia Grafe Richard Greer Don Gregg Charlotte Grinter Peggy Hoit Wayne Hasemeier Jean Hall Sharon Hale Jerry Hale Barbara Johnson Delores Johnson Charles Jones Gary Jones Jean Keener Gene Keilrnan Marceline Keith Louis Le Manske Darlene Lentz Wanda Lucas Jerry McCollum Clarence Matney Mary Mead Norene Mercier A- sr .TY la.. ky fi-. A Q Y '. x cs, 4 vm S ff fa- - X A y, u. as ,, x I 6-7 ' ' . . 5 D' I X, Vi -9 X , .TF A K M ' Jil M, nl. I ,A , .m I ik: A' I ' I 5' -. , 'ii M .4 I I 5 1 I C lm V ,X A, -. Q is M v' iv iq 2 . 3 I - I . f' r A ,, l " 'J Y 51 .vw . 6' jr J? uarl 19 ,A-. e r M . ' P Nix- ri J QQ 1 .1 he N L W ff A . 5 , .Lu p f ip ov-'. .45 .1 , 1 V. I X X : - 4 -71 N 'rn -2: rgli ' ' 5 S i i it P . E, M y M W y A 1, N f l J 5 , 1-. x .gal ,ann .I ' ? 3 A H my N ,iwy LVLK , i Lg,, V -5 i v f , , .. , A H . I V. .M . . L I 0 'F' .X A f , ' " Jw yt' Y Leonard Moore Shirley Moore Jim Mowrey Barbara Myers Carol Myers Leon Parker George Parks Annie Peck Darrell Perkins Betty Pratt Larry Pratt Byron Rausch Robert Reynolds Betty Riley Sue Rock Reta Seve Richard Shelton JoAnn Siler Don Sparks Betty Staley Don Stambaugh Donna Stogsdill Dale Stoner Norma Steurmer Donna Taylor Judith Thompson Donald Tuter Roy Ussery Shirley Walton George Wilcoxson Patricia Young Walter Zimmer This page compliments of AMERICAN SAND COMPANY 20 JOEL ANDERSON ww President if ve-" Q Q LARRY MARTENS 1,-,grip Vice President l avffa ' 9 BARBARA SHELTON Secretary Treasurer - 3 3 - 1 -J -up J jx 2 llh SHIRLEY 'PEMBERTON Carol Adkins . lf 7- I A 5 Joel Anderson 4 ,17 ' ' ' ,- W ' " A -7993 Jimmie Baker f 4 x - A 4 ., . ,L tgvtgilf Doris Banks . 'Q I M f A .," .M ,a ' Freeda Banks ' - P',: gh . W 11. "eA !g:?f'f9'5ifI Robert Barnes .- Pat Beachboard Bill Belt P - 1 Donald Berry I , Beverly Brown I A e 3 ' 'Q . Ei Thomas Brown ' I Kenneth Campbell Marvin Campbell Richard Carr Pat Clelland CM' .f 17'-'v w x,., if ., I A Q. ,A 91 'Sb . 'X is Tb' in F X 2 Q 35' wg, 'x W I 1,1 ., EPS? ' . W V21 f fl I . . ' 'sn-ar' .j K 'l ve 'B rx . 4- 4 . . I It J 'Q' fa K 4- , 1 5 H Y Ji .. X , 22 . .rf rs N - A X 8 , . J C is .asia ls ,,.,,, ,xi . . I L . ., 3 A A Nu f i,."" L - - ,1 Q egg A x - -ue.. t X. , ? J J I -Q 22 Cecelia Comley Marietta Compton Clara Cornwell Carl Couts Charles Couts Gayle Denny Martha Domville Barbara Elliott Sandra Endicott John Enright Richard Erikson Lillian Fagan Deanie Fisher Darlene Franklin Elizabeth Fredricks on Peggy Fulkerson George Given Sally Greer Marilyn Gustafson Naomi Hale Helen Harralson Gordon Haynes Carl Hilton Kathleen Holmes James Hook Beverly Hootman John Huntly La-vern Hurt Jo Ann Jackson Mary Jefferson Lewis Kirk Arthur Larkie Barbara Latham La Vern Lawson Harold Lewallen Beverly Libeer Mildred Long Jim Loomis Phillip Lukinac Larry Lyons Clark MacFarland Bonnie McWilliams Larry Martens John Matthews Mary Mathews Frances Mead Mary Milliron Patsy Moore Jim Newman Lucille Ouderkirk Alice Parks Buddy Pine Barbara Pitts Phyllis Precht Barbara Pritchett Carol Prosser Wayne Reitz Wayne Reynolds Jacqueline Ryan Barbara Shelton George Shultz Jeanette Skaggs Bill Smith Charles Smith Dorothy Stogsdill Gene Stosburg Jack Sullivan Tom Tavis Dean Taylor Dixie Taylor Through the courtesy of the MURRAY ELECTRIC CO. 94" V55 'W' Q.- .-- ?"' - 'fv- 1 ' WND J if 'W i -r . it 0-L' I I ln 'r g' N-ra. ,nf L -1- 2 'U' J QQ A - '-' ar- 2.- G ni' R "N ,827 e Y' . ag . 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' M :ar fl A m -- I - - .919 3- I 'PEMBER1'oN This page through the courtesy of DE COURSEY'S ICE CREAM Rose Adams Martha Anderson Sylvia Arnold J. D. Beasley Myron Belz Bruce Bird Donald Bise David Bledsoe Norma Boyd Delores Brooks Ann Brown Clinton Brown Kay Brown Raymond Buck Jimmy Carmichael 91 VW truf- J x , 'Q- .Q t -4-w x RJ H x . L 4 1 , df H 5 N if ty x N -1 4. 1 c A Ah ,- 5 ' I 15 1 m 1' 1 if 1 P if if - 1 fs iw , , as I I 4 y .v ,., Ag . I :zu G .V . . ' I 31 i F 9 my ii l , X If A if J no ' ei F i " .1 L xref L 5 . ' ',-F C Q -i 4 gs, :af y W U Q l , yr , 5 V, 1 Q ' C B 'X ' gf 'F P ,f to ' " 5 , H f "A - , lf 1 , -AI - kx.. sl , 9. i it-N - F'i.3 MSL! h w " L 3345 - 3- I 3 'L in A 4989 ai.: Eg it -- -fa s- fm ,Il y A - . ,K if V up . H V 4.1 WEP: Q U! vxgr :lv L U' -i -' A I o by V 1 ,. ,B AAA vw : L W L. 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'Qs V ., 'v n 43" ' 1 f U .iff Q Us i,, 1,1 Af . b I ,, W-5844 . 94, L , -f ' 'V 'ft' ,J . .,. F ' .as -cr ' ,.....v 1 N-'2'f-ew! s A 2.3. , .5 my ' ' 1 "i'fg.n 'jr f ' Ji ix fx b 3. an 6 D' 'E' . , r YHA . asv if -L tzvwf f it f 1 'timer 55: f hx Hia! an., R v.. w H e S R ww l 1 ' ' f i t 1-. if Vw W' ' ' K ,',, , '. 1 ,E H I This page compliments of PEERLESS QUARRIES Beth Richards John Riley Arthur Routh Melvin Routh Gordon Shoemake Sharon Simmons Sherry Slavens Ronald States .Ton Swartz Nancy Thompson Edward Tinsley Alva Ussery Betty Whisenant Robert Wilson Donald Wyatt lf, 5 1 .m ' s 'U S. PEMBERTON fx!! X I i LE T1 S. 3. PEM BERTQN 'L V, ' 1-' if I 'Wi ,.1F1Sg+gfa.. fm. . QW- . 1- " u ' 5234 Nia. w- ,J,q,,g ' 1. ,, L, , 'f'F5b+:"1- . mm, 25: ',1,,. 42 nl . W Q' 5 ' ,355 Div ' irifl'-Lffv"' fQJ:z.,1g,'. 1.34, ., 'I -'Iv 1 ' -v ,. ., -. ' " '. L! such j,. r., - its 5 ijgffph 3553 'L " :Say , .-4.0, -H A NF. - w,'-gms! s.,j'xf-Y - Q1' - ,ul yt: 1 ":f',f Q-Lv 314105. ' ,,t,.,i, ' :Wg Ei.-'PQ .fy 1391, ' l-1432? ' 11 - c 'itil' ,- . .1 , , X few? - N Jim Loomis Tackle Jim Hayes Back Honorary Captain I .v"1 , P FM' C 'fr V? mmm ffzeflifggii' Bob Adams Tackle Robert Reynolds Tackle Phillip Lukinac 30 Guard Byron Raus ch Tackle FIRST ROW: W. Zimmer, Managerg J. Tricketrg D. Sheltong L. Daleg F. Armentag C. Bradyg N. Armentag W. Reynolclsg J. Hayesg G. Stosbergg T. Tavisg J. Dill: L. Daleg W. Hasemeier, Manager. SECOND ROW: B. Adamsg D. Stambaughg G. Giveng C. Banks: L. Bcachboardg D. Stonerg L. LeManskeg E. Gerberg C. Delfriesg G. Keilmang H. Farleyg I. Kelleyg T. Brown: J. Vrbenecg P. Lukinac. THIRD ROW: R. Browng B. Rauschg D. Greggg J. Loomisg A.VanBecelaereg T. Kirkg A. Druryg B. Reynoldsg C. Art Vanbecelae re End Erie: D. MOfl'iSg L. Kirk: j, Andel-gon: L. Wahausg B. Slllllhg Cgachesg Joe Bak erg Hubert Waugh. Donald Stambaavh ?f+x Back Faus t1no Armenta Back Donald Gregg Darrell Crystal Tackle L.. Half 31 Freshmen Squad FIRST ROW: D. Moore: J. Swartz: J. Beasley: B. Dill: E. Espyg J. Carmichael: K. Morris: C. Hank: T. Domville, manager. SECOND ROW: R. Had1egS. Hunsuckerg C. Davis: W. Johnson: B. Bird. J. Riley: J. Mollettg L. Johnson. THIRD ROW: E. Tinsley: T. Keylong D. Biseg B. Gardner: R. States: F. Carpenter: R. Wilson: A. Routhg Coaches: R. Musgrave: S. Seymour. 1. Tha Kirk ' Chuck Brady Guard D011 M0TTi5 Center Back Joel Anderson End Earniel Gerber LeRoy Wahaus ffnnrrl End Gorge Given Back Joe Coach Baker P Hubert Waugh ,. 'A P, Coach ,K Natwldad Armenta AIVIH Drury End Back BL11 :Smith Center Carl Erie End Jerry Kelley R. Half Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner SEASON RECORD 40 Pemday 45 Highland Park X 42 47 23 60 36 37 38 64 36 Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Turner Alvin Drur Ted Moore 56 Osawatomie 44 Haskell 67 Bonner Springs 59 Haskell 48 Paola 35 St. Agnes 56 Olathe 50 Washington 34 Rosedale 59 Olathe 50 Osawatornie 78 Bonner Springs 48 St. Agnes 61 Paola 44 Rosedale 38 Washington 45 ' Olathe Y Don Morris Vic Newman 55 32 28 38 58 72 44 40 47 50 Regionals Walt Clelland This page through the courtesy of KEL.LEY'S FEED STORE and L.INTON'S FURNITURE STORE ar i J V f 'CQ Q 413 ' 1 Nh' Q: 2: itll FIRST ROW: D. Stambaughg T. Mooreg D. Combsg W. Clellandg L. Parkerg Coach Musgrave. SECOND ROW: R. Andersong C. Atkinson: A. Drury: V. Newmang D. Morris. Richard Anderson Leon Parker Don Combs Charles Atkmson Don Stambaugh This entire page through the courtesy of MACK LUMBER COMPANY quad ECO D TEAM FIRST ROW: K. Campbell, managerg B. Smithg J. Andersong I. Loomisg D. Gregg: T. Tavisg H. Waugh, coach. SECOND ROW: I. Sullivang M. Campbellg D. Combsg C. Atkinson: C. DeFrlesg P. Lukmacg G, Tush. sa Yi -f Q if E-'ff'-5113 BASKETBALL IN ACTION FRESHMA TEAM FIRST ROW: I. Carmichael, manager: I. Swartzg J. D. Beasleyg F. Carpenterg D. Lairdg S. Hunsuckerg K. Morrisg J. Baker, coach. SECOND ROW: L. Johnsong A. Routhg D. Biseg R. Statesg B. Gardenerg T. Keylong J. Kane. nvbyhn V Ill 'lnli 1 ILS 1.5 B ,d, on-' 1,4 iff, .1535 Q-" IS:::'-x agua, 4" 1 Z as sremsmnw I If XX I 'I If x ' I ' ' V V FIRST ROW: S. Pemberton: C. Jones: M. Long: W. Hendon: M. Musil: D. Franklin: V. Moore: S. Slavens: A. Garrison: D. Brooks: M. Myers: S. Kibbee: A. Hart. SECOND ROW: Mr. E. Johnson, director: C. Myers: V. Corkill: L. Hurt: D. Fox: L. Fagan: B. Pitts: M. Milliron: P. Precht: N. Thompson: P. Beachboard: R. Adams: R. Gabriel: I. Skaggs: N. Mercier. THIRD ROW: L. Lawson: D. Kelly: L. Myers: K. Brown: B. Mead: F. Ricnart: J. Tuttle: L. Corwin: M. Eveland: B. Berrier: B. Richards: Y. Plumb: J. Taylor. FOURTH ROW: N. Steurmer: D. Taylor: M. Lineback: A. Lewallen: D. Stogsdill: B. Campbell: S. Burg: G. Denny: M. Walker: E, Freclerickson: GIRL ' GLEE CL B 'Q' "' FIRST ROW: Z. Cornwell: I. Mendez: N. Myers: M. Matthews: M. Curth: A. Peck: I. Siler: S. Walton: B. Milliron: F. Hurt: N. Boyd: K. Everhart. SECOND ROW: L. Hauser: M. Gabriel: R, Copeland: K. Holmes: H. Harralson: D. Fisher: P. Holt: C. Grinter: M. Jefferson: B. Prichett: S. Endicott: S. Amold: D. Johnson: J. Dudley: R. Pflaum. THIRD ROW: M. Mead: B. Buckley: P. Craig: T. Nugent: L. Ouderkirk: S. Moore: J. Hall M. Linton: M. Keith: N. Hale: B. Dill: P. Mitchell: M. Dickerson: B. Myers. FOURTH ROW: I. Franklin: F. Mead: I. Brownlee: I. Thompson: M. Gustafson: N. Stump: M. Potter: N. Wentworth: P. Young: M. Collier: D Gillaspie: B. Latham: R. Seve: M. Compton: S. Rausch. 38 Compliments of STERI..ING'S MOTOR COMPANY and SMITH SHIRT SHOP. FIRST ROW: T. Domvilleg K. Campbell, B. Howell, D. Wyatt: I. Rileyg D. Iohnsong I. Hayes, W. Johnson: B. Childersg R. I-ladle. K. Morris, C. Haukg Mr. Johnson. SECOND ROW: F. Armentag C. Maclfarlandg E. Stosberg, C. Matneyg C. Domvilleg R. Erickson, J. Mowreyg I. Hookg L. Parker, D. Stambaugh, N. Armentag R. Shoemake L. Johnson. THIRD ROW: L. Beachboardg E. Pattong E. Gerber, G. Schultzg W. Zimmerg C. DeFriesg R. Brown: L. Lelvlanskeg W. Wrightsg I. Morgan, C. Kerfesp R. Ussery. FOURTH ROW: H. Potving D. Tuterg D. Morrisg C. Erleg W. Hasemeierg V. Newmang A. Druryg I. Honeywellg I. Loomis: R. Anderson: B. Gardenexg D. Combs: B. Raus ch . BOY ' GLEE CL B MR . ER DMAN JOHNSON Director Mr. Erdman Johnson, head of our music de- partment and senior sponsor, is very active in the production of extra-curricular activities. He pre- sents the "Messiah," "Say It With Music," "Spring Concert," "Christmas Vespers, " and Participates in the E. K. I... Music Contest annually. The instrumental division of the music depart- ment furnishes music for home athletic games throughout the football season. They also partici- pate in the American Royal Parade. The letter- bearers, drum corps, and majorettes lead the band in this major event. After football season, the band is divided into two sections, the A and B bands. The swing band is given more advanced music and per- forms at home basketball games. Along with the glee clubs , he has boys' and girls' ensemble, and mixed chorus. The ensembles pro- vide entertainment for various churches, and school activities. The glee clubs are entered in various contests and present the Messiah. 39 Compliments of LISTON AND BRUNK REALTORS AND INSURANCE .Y an--1 . GRN .A l S. R B SUAO n ff f 1 Tis -.. ,. w,.,.,.....Q H W M l FIRST ROW: C. Watersg B. Dillg J. Hayes. I. Enright: I. Dysterg C. Adkinsg K. Holmesp J. Mowrey. SECOND ROW: S. Endicottg M. Dickerson: B. Birdg B. Cumminsg E. Schulerg L. Mooreg I. Hookg R. Ericksong C. Jennings. THIRD ROW: G. Jones: C. Wahausg D. Worthingtong H. Farleyg D. Combsg C. Coutsg I. Anderson: G. Shoemakeg G. Kerfesg N. BA D Drum Corp Majorette BACK ROW: D. Kellyg A. Lcwallcng P. Youngp FOURTH ROW: N. Wentworthg C. Hufford. THIRD J. Hall: B. Dill. DOWN: T. Nllgtilllg S. Aruoldg ROW: C. Adkinsg B. Martindale. SECOND ROW: D C. Myersg A. Peckg I. Siler. ABSENT: S. Simmnnsg Frankling B. Berrier. FIRST ROW: S. Walton. C. Northcottg B. Hayesg D. Lentz. This page through the courtesy of I-lOFFMAN'S NEIGHBORHOOD MARKET and REYNOLDS JEWELRY COMPANY 40 " , 1 fQVx x-ht' , L, .WI 1 , "' ua FIRST ROW: A. Hang S. Kibbeeg K. Morrisg H. Harralsong C. Grinterg I. Tuttleg N. Thompsonp B. Browng B. Howellp K. Browng Y. Plumb. SECOND ROW: B. Buckleyg R. Shoemakeg M. Andersong M. Linebackp M. Domvilleg M. Potterg L. Johnsong C. Huffordg S. Rauschg M. Compton: E. Long. BA D wing Band This page through the compliments of SECURITY NATIONAL. BANK. 41 '29 5 B .Q Girl ' En emhle FIRST ROW: S. Pemberton. J. Skaggsg D. Fishery I. Taylorg V. Corkillg C. Myersg Z. Cornwell. SECOND ROW: M. Dickersong S. Endicottg P. Craigg P. Beachboardg B. Myersg Y. Plumb. THIRD ROW: D. Taylorg R. Seveg M. Gustafsong P. Youngg M. Potterg N. Steurmerg B. Buckley. Boy ' En emble FIRST ROW: K. Morrisg D. Johnsong L. Johnsong D. Stambaughg R. Slroemakeg I. Hayesg R. Chilton. SECOND ROW: C. Domvure, L. Beachboardp G. l ' Kerfesg E. Gerber: I. Mowreyg L. Parker. THIRD ROW: C. Defriesg B. Raushg D. Morrisg C. Erieg D. Combsg R. Browng L. LeManske. Mixed En emble FIRST ROW: L. Parker: L. Beachboardg L. LeManskeg R. Brown: D. Combs. C. Erie. D. Morris. B. Raushg C. Defriesg I. Mowrey. SECOND ROW: D. Stambaughg C. Domville. THIRD ROW: J. Hayesg M. Porterg N. Steurmerg R. Shoemake. FOURTH ROW: R. Chiltong D. Taylorg M. Gustafsong B. Buckleyg V. Corkillg D. Johnson. FIFTH ROW: C. Myers: D. Fisherg M. Dickersong Y. Plumb. I. Skaggsg K. Morris. SIXTH ROW: P. Beachboardg P. Younrlz I. Taylor. 42 This page through the compliments of MEAR'S FLORISTS i'i.:'- A I- 1 I r :Zi I ll 4 H , J 1 Pr A. 'K ,,, ,.,n, U. ., ng nv " ., V , . . , - ,f ff-4, ,Vi Yiymlfx U.-g. '91 . "PW L I WN I ,N IAAA N. 'v if L "3 5.4 5-' V ' 5521151 . Qgwr .jg Zrgw , ' if MSW WL: V , 5.1.-'1,v. . ' ' 'a"'5k'H: ..x eff ' Wifi, f',..g.'i,fff' 'l. ,. :"'1 ' 1 f ,ywfk ' Y Fsfla I 1,31 xy X ' ,J : V' QQ.:-E1 H 722 U ':"Qj'-iff " eA'?1,.f-STI if 7' 'RN f "ff ':: Q? 21255 P' "3-.L ,-4-ZlFf2fa5- 'ELK r.?-3,4 'Q' 'XML-4 flu' ff I ...ffl , , . . MQ 1' :,o.:,.x X54 rf-1 f 21-1 242' E" H STUDE T COUNCH. OFFICERS FIRST ROW: R. Robertson, Sec'y. 8LTreas., J. Hayes, Pres., G. Salmon, Prog. Chairman. SECOND ROW: D. Morris, Ist Semester V. Pres., Mrs. Anderson, Sponsor, T. Moore, 2nd Semester V. Pres. I I FQ L REPRESENTATIVES IST SEMESTER FIRST ROW, G, Salmon, M. Mead, M. Becker, P. Clelland, R. Robertson, F. Richart, S. Kolman. SECOND ROW: I. Beasely, I. Hayes, I. Riley. This e p REPRESENTATIVES 2ND SEMESTER FIRST ROW, K, Morris, R. Copeland, F. Richart, B. Libeer, Robertson, G. Salmon, S. Slavens. SECOND ROW: I. Hayes, D. Shelton, L. Martens, C. DeFries, T, Moore, R. Flaherty, Johnson: I. Beasely. R. Hook, D. Morris, C. DeFries, L. Parker, L. Johnson, J. L. Student Council, sponsored by Mrs. Anderson and Mr. W. Lewis, is made up of four officers, who are elected by the student body, and a representative from each homeroom. The student council is the student governing body. This organization aids in planning entertainment for all Special occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day, Homecoming, and Play Day. They are also responsible for concessions at home basketball games. ntire page through the courtesy of COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK OF KANSAS 44 CITY H" UVWPDUYSUV VV! 504' '10 ' " D" " 5 any gossip -for my V! jo Somewhere! se' Mn Willfirvs! Page? Pyrokiyb B 1, .3 G ,WOW N, byjx J A ' JR yy - N A9 KX frf' ax Q +4 +h'nk 04 JSI-5 +- J "::"J Q:.':1.f, :::":iz.2" ' T 2 e ' abowif Q , 'Kwai +o?ngrr'ow.' -fgp 4 he i "' A -I-kird 7 l AX I posg, C Ina . ' 3:e?y.:I+1r-Y rl Q' 5.5.4 fework 40 ,ff On 'Hit 1201- book ? Do 1+ ygun-Sel'f,' V9 f J5f K HQW do fqd Juprala psqrivn? e-1 'Uv' """H' H vl dc yew disc, Sfiffs ITF' dzavl o Har? of Jw 5 Q J W 9,0 R 'ffawumficm ' 4Lkw'i,f'y 746 x sag drrff G.-Q ww -nd 'iz' S sd al Q xx., HOMERO0M 0FFICERS 203'R- Slwemake: J. Taylor: T. Libeer. 302-J. Sullivan: B. Shelton: J. Trickett. 4, -.v IO4-FIRST ROW: M. Curth: R. Adams. SECOND 306-FIRST ROW: L. Beachboardg J. Dill. SECOND ROW: M. Anderson. THIRD ROW: B. Chilton: R. ROW: B. Buckley. THIRD ROW: R. Anderson: C. Buck. Atkinson. 301-FIRST ROW: S. Kibbee: P. Precht. SECOND ROW: K. Morris. THIRD ROW: , S. Kolman: B. Mead: E. Newmarch. is ..n 205-FIRST ROW: J. Dudley: M. Adams. SECOND ROW: B. Dill: B. Fagan. THIRD ROW: E. Jones: A. Drury: C. Brady. I G This entire page through the courtesy of JOHN'S A, G. STORE 46 208-FIRST ROW: C. Jennings: I. Franklin. SECOND ROW: T. Keylon. THIRD ROW: T. Domvrlle, I. Kane. 204-FIRST ROW: M. Campbell: G. Gwen. SECOND ROW. I. Loomrs. THIRD ROW C. Coutsp P. Lukinac. 5 ,AX " I I X 210-FIRST ROW: B. Llbeerg L. Hurt: L. Lawson. 308-FIRST ROW: D. Shelton: L. Parker: L. Pratt SECOND ROW: P. Clelland: P. Beachboard. THIRD SECOND ROW: S. Rock: P. Young. THIRD ROW ROW: M. Gustafson: G. Denny: B. Latham. W. Zimmer: G. Wilcoxin: J. Mowrey. 304 FIRST ROW: M. Keith: D. Gillaspie: M. Mead. SECOND ROW: G. Jones: F. Armenia. THIRD ROW: H. Farley: D. Combs: R. Flaherty. IO2'FIRST Row: M. Routh: D. Wyatt. SECOND ROW: R. States: M. Myers: A, Routh. THIRD ROW: G. Shoemake: 1 I. Riley. l This entire page through the courtesy of SHALINSKY REXALL. DRUGS 47 FIRST ROW: J. Siler: A. Peck: M. Adams: M. Gabriel: P. Moore: B. McWilllams:1. Franklin: G. Salmon: M. Long M-. Matthews: S. Wiley: C. Jones: B. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Miss Marshall, sponsor: D. Taylor: S. Slavens: S. Walton: L. Lawson: B. Brown: M. Musil: C. Jennings: D. Franklin: S. VanNiewanhuyse: J. Dudley: Miss Holzapfel, sponsor. THIRD ROW: M. Curth: A. Parks: K. Holmes: M. Jefferson: B. Pitts: B. Dill: M. Lineback: D. Fox: D. Fisher: H. Harralson: M. Dickerson: P. Mitchell: N. Hale. FOURTH ROW: M. Compton: R. Gabriel: I. Tuttle: B. Libeer: S. Moore: J. Hall: N. Keener: W. Lucas: J. Brownlee: M. Becker: P. Beachboard: N. Thompson: F. Richart: K. Brown. FIFTH ROW: N. Stuermer: M. Domvilleg F. Mead: M. Flanders: M. Gustafson: S. Morgan: G. Denny: P. Williamson: N. Wentworth: S. Burg: M. Collier: M. Potter: C. Collier: D. Gillaspie: B. Shelton. PEP CL B FRONT ROW: R. A. Robertson, president: G. ' Salmon, secretary-treasurer. BACK ROW: N M. Collier, vice-president: N. Stuermer, program chairman. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Moore: R. A. Robertson: I. Franklin: G. Salmon: D. Becker: QAbsentJ: B. McWilliams. 48 This entire page through the courtesy of SIMMONS FUNERAL HOME FIRST ROW: I. Baker, sponsor: G. Jones: N. Armenta: I. Sullivan: L. Dale: T. Tavis: F. Armenta: J. Hayes: L. Dale J. Trickett: S. Campbell. SECOND ROW: D. Shelton: L. Beachboard: C. Domvilleg T. Moore: G. Given: P. Lukinac L. Parker: D. Stambaugh: L. Belz: J. Dill. THIRD ROW: W. Reynolds: E. Gerber: D. Stoner: B. Adams: W. Clelland D. Kalebaughg W. Zimmer: G. Wilcoxin: G. Keilmang 1-I. Farley: J. Kelley. FOURTH ROW: R. Brown: D. Combs: B. Smith: R. Anderson: I. Loomis: B. Reynolds: A. Drury: W. Hasemeier: C. Erie: D. Morris: D. Gregg: C. DeFries: absent, A. Vanliecelaereg R. Flaherty: C. Banks: C, Brady. ,li rl FIRST ROW: T. Moore, treasurer: C. Brady vice president. SECOND ROW: J. Hayes, president THIRD ROW: A. Drury, sergeant- at arms B. Reynolds, Secretary. -5:21. T' Cl 'I .sa - Jim Hayes, honorary captain, receives his letter. This page through the courtesy of 49 Mc GEORGE PHARMACY and BLYTHE APPLIANCE P I i A. .: f FIRST ROW: Mrs. R. Clark, sponsor, C. Ionesg J. Siler, C, Meyersg S. Arnoldg S. Waltong C. Jenningsg L. Hurtg M. Beltg J. Skaggsg A. Peck: N. Myersg Miss E. Lindburg, sponsor. SECOND ROW: L. Fagang C. Waters, P. I-Ioitg C. Grinterg B. Myersg W. Lucasg J. Hall, P. Craigg B. Buckleyg L. Ouderkirkg B. I-Iootmanp B. Brown. THIRD ROW: N. Sluermerg M. Evelandg B. Latham, M. Gustafsong E. Fredricksong S. Burgg B. Staley, P. Youngg S. Rock, D. Gillaspieg D. Stogsdillg N. Keener, M. Domville. Z -1 Y-Teens, under the direction of Mrs Clark and Miss Lindburg, have enjoyed an active and worthwhile year. Their programs emphasized moral, mental, Service projects included chocolates for Japan, Christmas party, and gifts for orphans at the Mennonite Orphan Y-TEENS CABINET FIRST ROW: B. Brown, inter-club council member, P. Craig, program chairmang C. Meyers, vice-president. SECOND ROW: B. Buckley, treasurerg S. Rock, secretaryg P. Young, publicity 110319- chairmang M. Gustafson, inter-state council member: N. Stuermer, president. 50 This entire page through the courtesy of GOI..D'S DEPARTMENT STORE spiritual, and social growth of the girls. T. v K - r"-Lf PM gy M, H. !x-l'qk s - 'T "J Q11 ' 2 if- 5 FIRST ROW: Mr. Bolin, sponsor: C. Hank: G. Parks: C. McFarland: R. Shoemake: G. Jones: Mr. Johnson, sponsor. SECOND ROW: R. Erickson: R. Flaherty: H. Farley: R. Flaherty: G. Stosberg. THIRD ROW: R. Brown: B. Rausch: D. Morris: B. Gardner: C. Jones: W. Zimmer. HI-Y W Hi-Y, under the direction of Mr. Erdman Johnson and Mr. E. Horton Bolin is an organization for high school boys sponsored by Y. M. C. A. gg whose slogan is clean scholarship, clean speech, clean living, and SECOND ROW: R. Brown-Vice-President: D. Morris-Treasurer: B. Clean Sportmanship- Its PUTPOSC is Rausch-Program Chairman. FIRST ROW: C. Hauk-Devotional to create, maintain, and extend Chairman: R. Flaherty-Secretary: R. Shoemake-President: R. throughout 5511001 and Community 3, Flahe'tY'se'Vice Chauman' high standard of Christian character 51 This entire page through the courtesy of OI..SON'S DAIRY r .. MR. EMERY LEWIS Assistant Music Director CHORUS "Messiah" The "Messiah" by Handel, was presented Tuesday, December 4, under the direction of Mr. Johnson. The boys and girls glee clubs made up the choir. The soloists were: Mrs. H. Maurice Robinitt, soprano, Mrs. John Ballard, contraltog Mr. Larrie Clark, tenor, and Mr. Pat Dunn, bass. Mr. Richard Helms played the organ, and Mrs. Rhun Benninghouen was at the piano. . . 4 X ' . . If Y h Y A .r ., F 'iff i . , 4 A I - I . 4 "1 V . ws , .Q xxx? .af , , MIXED ENSEMBLE "Christmas Vespersn The Christmas Vespers was pres en December 20, under the direction of Mr. Johnson. The girls and boys ensemble, and a mixed chorus provid the entertainment. The program was divided into three main parts. First, the mixed chorus sang sacred Christr Carols. Second, the choir characteri: a "Singing Christmas Tree" singing novelty Christmas songs. Third, the robed choir sang while participating i tableau of the Nativity Scene. MESSIAH CHOR US SOLOIST AND CHORUS 66 'Q 'M s WEDDING SCENE "THE GREAT BEYOND" "Say It With Music", under the direction of Mr. Erdman Johnson was presented March 28. The program was subtitled, "A Journey Through Life With Music". The music was appropriate to various times in the life of an average individual. The first phase of the journey took place in a nursery. Children from the grade school participated while the boys ensemble sang a number entitled, "The Drum". The second episode was a scene in a little school house. "The Little Red School House" and "School Days" were the featured songs. An informal coke party was the next scene, taking place in a favorite snack shop. A wedding was in progress in the next scene in a local village church. The next scene again took place in a local church, where the choir was singing "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder". To conclude the program the swing band and the ensemble participated in "The Great Beyond. " LITTLE CHURCH CHOIR SCENE FROM A NURSERY INFOR MAL COKE PAR TY Junior tunt u ight Junior Stunt Night was held March 18. Grade schools and high school organizations entered stunts in the program. The freshmen, who presented "Casey at the Bat", won first place. Second place was won by the Pep Club who presented "Advertisin' for Televisin"'. "Slumberless Party", presented by the Y-Teens won third place. In the grade school division, Turner Grade School won first place, with Stony Point and Junction winning second and third. Junior Pla 0ne-Act Play The one-act play, "Nobody Sleeps", under the direction of Mrs. Inez Anderson was presented at Paola on March 11, and at Olathe March 14. In the play cast were The junior class presented the play "The Robert Shoemake, Jan Taylor, Marilyn Late Christopher Bean" November 30, with Potter, Betty Fagan, and Beverly Brown. Miss Leatherberry as their coach. The cast consisted of .Tim Mowrey as Dr. Haggettg Myra Belt--Susan Baggettg Bette Riley-- Abbyg Joan Siler--Mrs. Haggettg Annie Peck --Ada Haggettg Ronnie Flaherty--Warren Creamerg Ronnie Brown--Tallantg Byron 54 Rausch--Roseng and Richard Anderson-- Davenport. I 4 Cooks K K 'WL U' A . A ., 'M A '. x :Q , - J z We Mrs. Mamie Mrs. Acton and Mrs. Stuermer Jannors Cahnerhi Cafeteria group This page the compliments of I-IARSHBARGER'S. 55 4 .3 MQW 5! 'F N LSI Hg,-4 ' 1 .'l-Cw1f'4xfL, 4'-- -L4 .M - ..-- - . .mf Af: ,,+ , 1 Agfiiffig. M ' . o 1 ' I '. fi' fs5ff"'G -4 'frfif-'Z at " Q uk' Nr: f lx. lv' S-r. 'I - 1 M jf .5 is r.. GW . ' K I K1 W nf 'iwigq t Q, A g ' 2,5 J.. . . A ,an ' ' 40- ' iw 4 A 'Q--. VA . 1 , Ir, Q.. :sd v ' M '67 9 . 1, 5 5 ,7 4 1 ,, ' . . ,ffa -4,:Q . Q. , ' pig-' ' . , ' 3 4 , I H4 ,-.U 4' .4 A ' I 1 g ,,,s-vo N 59 H if Marilyn Potter Richard Flaherty REMEMBER W ww' .jf It 5 V ,, v . H- A SQ' N i .,:, ,x v-QL ' W'-zu, 'K ,' .1 ' , ,-"N 1 '- f '4 ,5 ' 7 2 , ' LQ! jy L . Ibis' '3- N -- ?k,A lv -T i I 4, I Jimmy Hayes 3 rn, ' we-1 . u al . W ,Q .V A. il, ,.. A 4 .Y Carol Hufford Marian Lineback Betty Fagan f ,. W, al Ted Moore Robert Shoemake This page through the courtesy of TIPP'S CLEANERS 60 I v - A v,, t ff. ,,.., . . uw, , v -G-1. BW -, A ' 'f"'f,'z'1' , uffr H, D , 1' ,Ei-,..: fja. sq ff", . .Nr . ii -ga.. , . '-X. I. Z. .':LH',f 3,1 1 J' I -Hx' V , v I, wt, Q . . ' .1 .gpg- , . S - -i I. , - , 1-In h. '.',,,Qj sn, 1 .:-7, x ig ff Q t J: - . 1, '- - ' ' -1 . 'YY-,. '-.. af- in-A - -ff, - . K,-'r -.11 . . V lf . ,.--A4 -. ,..., - 5, , , Ar- A551 . .1 .MQ- 'iffty an sh' ., L W Aim. :.S f , : ug. 5. ll fm. . x.- n. 'EE ... 8 J, 43 ,. 64 ' 5 ,1-M,Q,4JQ-1129 ,WM gig W - 0 ! , ,' .J jj , 05 J J 'sf f Q T f PACEM K RS OFQUALIT 0 Ay-15 YEARBOOKS M ERS NDCO EPC TOPFKA KAN A Miqyf .M - ... .... ,...... - .,M... fflyfw MMM! D My 2fW1?4fwm?'w Z5QL M Cymfxm QWMWU QA' ,O lf WA., awp 'Sfmt gs - mp7 QW? 25? ' muffw 7f"9'a" ggi M lf M W Lf' fY'Y79!'f7! W WX dgzlyf .73 1 . 0144 Ziwg. ' JWQ2 gm 6 QWQ0 1 L I 7 f ff mfw2Vgfnw5wJLUwu,V E129 m H' JMQfQ f1iw!fyQW ,ffn45'J?? WW ,AM H' Q,,, 2 off 6-11-1 jf f'-flfu, 4,495 I . , A H . I . A ..,,

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