Turner High School - Turnerite Yearbook (Kansas City, KS)

 - Class of 1942

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Turner High School - Turnerite Yearbook (Kansas City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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. 2" fm.. M. . - -11' w A. ,Y . Y A' 1-qt, .f v .- . ,f 1 WVZWWQZEHQ WW of W5 W MQW 'W WAN wgW4j'AWfJQw. W2W w!fW ML MQW M Jw M My , WW: MM ,Q 3:7 www 09 A., .f yt I r , - I ' 4 If ' q .Aff . L ' ' Q Z 1' ' 4L'GJ A V 4 X7 ' gf of 'N H z ' ffwvzfoif, fiuf , I . 1 ' - .- ' . A! I ,"z45,,5., ,q. .4 5 -7 A Q 7 F , 1. . , fail . - . II - I ' . Q2 4 sfjhfvdff if 'VW J !!'f A Q J I I Y A - 1?'Lf'f.c7 V, V'-ff' L54 , l A If W.. - T Lu' 7 , P 2311, lv-Cb! Ayrwfliazcd y .K,,w f J' LJ., .1 . M, ,kkfff 2 f MW 0 A 1 f f f 1 f " A f 25' I V A K ' ,, .1 U 72--6,-fL,f,5?, .fi 'iii'-5,9 I Lfjffy' fel.,-lyggijv r 5, elf? ,i -77: '4,3,,5gj 'fir r JM 14 K f ,Q ,A - 45 V jg f Njfqw 5 I Y ' fjfix-i Lf J Ziff' Lv- 4" ZAVQ6 V ' ' 1 A f I U 1 U f f , M, JZ if x' 1' ,- ,J 5 r Q1,,fij7?i4fQz,. .ff 'bf' f 4' 3 ' , V, 1. Zfbfiffif' , 1 ' f , 1 ' 3 Q727Qff1g,A, 'kffgj' ' f , .ff Xwvf 1 "R-f L .J K ii. I , .el . f 1" 11. in ,Q 92-sir . .lg BLACKMCOLD QW clfffgs so , W 1f K f WSF K My J . 0 6 W A fx zsx gk fffwv ,,L6'l VJ V! ' J 'iw 95 ! N -' P ' ks V 4 A f : , ANJA5 AL ,Lf M,fU,,'f D ,W 1.9-az 0 J' s 1,1 1,3 V-QPL, 1 I If fl! A V f 'Cy . ' 1 Alffif . JJQQ' M RUTH HUNSUCKER Her refreshing frankness makes her a welcome companion. ROBERT CRUM If all the world were his, he could be no better than he is. NANCY HART Not very tall, and not very smallg just pretty and sweet and loved by all. JACK CLARK Now I lay me down to rest Beforel take my six-weeks' test, If I should die before I wake, I'll have no six-weeks' test to take. BETH STRA'I'I'ON She puts her worries down in the corn- er uf her heart, clamps the lid on, and smiles. OOO MAXINE SHEA Her merry ways, bright dark eyes, Bespeak the fun that in her lies. EARL HATFIELD Three things a wise man will not trust- - the wind, the world, and the women. GERALDINE PEMBERTON And still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she kne ff ROBERT BETHARD Nothing can down a good man. MURIEL YOUNG May your friends be as loyal to you as you are to them. MARY ANN BARCLAY She follows the dictates of her heart. GLEN YATES He heads the list as the mad chemist. MARGARET MERCIER Be a live wire, you won 't get stepped on BONNIE CONVERSE I may be short, but I've got some line. CHARLES MAGEE The answer to every maiden's prayer'- and he doesn't even blush. IONA FREEMAN She possesses a charm that is by no 17100118 COTTIITIOH. LUPE MURILLO A ray ofsunshine - - - jolly, happy, carefree. JACK MOORE Every cloud has a silver lining. JOYCE TYSON A sweet, friendly personality who's never known to frown. NADINE DANIEIS A true friend is more to be desired than great riches, pleasantness is better than gold. NORMAN GAIGNAT His merry smile causes a flutter among the members of the opposite sex. RUTH ELLEN SMITH Quiet, modest, unassumingg success for her we are presuming , 7 ARLES BATH A nice mixture of fun an di nity. Vfaev-a4 av BERNE CE KEAR .1 Friendly smile, full of pep, 3 Y ' Friends must rush to keep her step. V ELMER FOLLIN ' "Ask Mose, he knows, " was not Raid - in vain. g X K IRENE VALLIS N Loving, just, and true 1 ' . We hope her skies are ever blue. X' 3 ROBERT KIRBY 9 g ' I Earnest, sincere, u illing in all that he ,v does. BETTY CORRISTON Generally speaking, and she is general- ly speaking, she's a jolly fellow. 'X 0 Q Jw- X 6 Q . W FRED JENKINS His red hair is a true danger signal to basketball opponents. LENA PRICE No one knows her ambition. CARL WAY A real athlete with athletic tastes RAY WHEELER Without a car, life is no more. MARY COOK Her friendly smile hides a heart of gold ROBERT RODGERS A well-liked fellow who succeeds in wzn ning the hearts of all. 772a7fQ27 , xg 492. M My ff? fmWZ' WfMZfMQZiWWCQ, ZMiQ,LZ1,JWzyM'd2ELZMffL'6Qz46,0LJZ'Z,4fff'- LAL: LE mi? WM w aiALGJAeZmwb wwf W fm ww Q ,lMw,Zg aJJfiwm,,,ffawm,yq. ww My wmwwmzwwwd ' . ' Www' 4' flwfoifv- ,ufcwf ofrdczj 04!49ofz!c2! . JMMJ 9 l , ff' W , ' ww 'EUQM6 20 ,V Q fAQdf dj W D Mlm m iwbfiwwfwwxw- , WW , . Xl-sa X lxlg Qi Q ' fa.- sf' . JOLJ W Muffy JL, Jlojbmwmw M2 M WW f Qfwwzbofyw ,Y , ' lfQ,l,'5fQlffJ5'f24W5f2f12iAifwf4Z ff l . WWW 99, img, r ly W' crnvligubm Qjoifviwi Q9 :Lo AI 2.225 24 PA 1 23 29,30 3.5 26 Z l f 12.25456 fl, 0 'LV' ra , L J . 4- M- 21' . ' x AQ. A Fourth Row: Tiderman, Bath, R. Kirby, Follin, Wheat, Nemecheck, Lillich, A. Rausch, DeWeese, F. Rausch. Third Ro W. Kirby, Porter, Wells, Bailes, Crum, Daniel, Myers, Martindale G oves. X. S d Row' G ffl F1.tR .Mr. Joh n, sponsor, Grint Cook M t y C D bb H ll Mc a Guy, Starbuck F John K Clark B yd Ha b M H 11 H y e, ent,Cht P lRttg Fh HtfildLJh Rv. ,I n K , EDWADEAN CROSS 3, , JAMES WILES ' ' RELDA THORLA , M M ORA MARTINDALE A CAROL YOUNG Q EARL GROVE , l ' ,,M I Q T BETTY DREWITSKE f, W, sg if ,ei-ff '5 '55 FRANCIS COYLE I f f ' I ' " f .:i ' MARJORIE SILER RQ LR I I X , ,j g RR ' JIM HUNSUCKER NORMA HENSLEY BILL STAEOS ' Q 3 1x " .3 ROVILLA DALABA A f 4 CLYDE COOK W , Q M !?6 N Ji x DOROTHY WHEAT ' I B A E KENNETH SODEN . ,' - I .Y DOROTHY SCHUETZ 4, '. ' Q, A f X 'S EDWIN HART A 1 ' A A ll 'Q' 'C MELROSE HATHI-IORN l ' . I-QQAS I me V. ,. PERRY QUEEN W 1 BONNIE STINSON 555 I RAY FRENCH Q 1. if HAZEL THORPE M A MANCEL LEWIS A 1' L ' A l RIY 1 .L R' ge REVA BLANSIT TI 'I Q ROBERT HARRELL Q I ' , gg-A I ELOUISE GRIM , - , :.I A CECIL WYRICK X A ' A ,, Q NORA ALLEN ' A 1 A K A ff: ORAN ADER I . Ni Q Nga 3K Hgh N 4 U33 . ' Secretary- : Y M- Preszdent Vzce Presldent Treasurer Y W , ' L., ,T A Ng' X If a little knowledge is dangerous, R Q ':.k 4. 1, where is the man who has so much as to V L4 ' I l A ' - be out ofdanger? , : X ,I N ---Thomas Huxley 8 Bill Copenhaver Herbert Siler Pattie Snyder Jaw ' wvvfq 1 ,DM f L2,'ib J EMMA JEANNE CRUM A71 U J! ' 9 5 6 4 VPAYQ + -PCC' , ,lib L fax Af-. I A 1 , . A Y idfv IO- .4145 H 1 gi. DOROTHY BERRY LUTHER SIMMONS ERNESTINE OOLAS 4- , , 9 A 'O 00 ,, FRED WELLS . - I I IRENE PECK I 'J A I 1 WILLIAM ALLEMAN ' JEANNE BUIE ALVIN RAUSCH VQA A 13, Q q .Q 4 DOROTHY WELLS ' - . If . HERBERT PORTER , I I FAYE SHEPPARD .JIM BOYD HELEN RHOADES 3 A ,' 3 Q ,, 4 , ,, ' HOLLIS MCMILLIAN , - Q ' b BONNIE SKINNER I , ' " If ' ' 'AT-I N Hz' WE BOB BROWN JUANITA TYSON GLEN JOHNSON I , 5 A I I ' BE'I'I'Y HOUSLER , - ,, EDWIN WALKER T I Y I f , A I DOROTHY DEARINGER ROBERT OLSON A ALINE COPENHAVER 3 ,n ,O if "t 4 ROBERT HAYNES . '- ' A .s DOROTHY LAWSON . 1 K I , M HAROLD KENT I A I B, 14 ALMA SMITH l RAYMOND MYERS , 4, . A 'F 31 RICHARD OLSON 4 Lk, was If .. K It Lx :XR X I :uf ,Iii , I fa 3. 'IA- 5. 'Q T -A, 445. S MQA ,nk f ,mggy . ff -Q n r . ,N,4"AgT Q vt' Q I A rye AXE I GENE GIER ROY KRUMMEL RUSSELL HART HAZEL BAIN BOB KRAMER FRANK JOHNSON S- - WA ' BENNIE SKINNER RUTH WILLERT VIRGIL HANEY RUTH COFFELT LEWIS MILLER DOROTHY ERVIN CHARLOTTE MUZINGO . lj VIRGINIA HART DON HICKMAN A Xe X I , QQ DOROTHY LAN CE CHARLES GOSNEY NILENE PETERSON PHILLIP GRINTER JEAN MCDONALD JA! ,nv-W., MARVIN ROBERTSON ELDORA NEIGHBORS MELVIN DEWEESE A ELMER HARBOUR K , 4 I f JACKMOORE A I DONNIS BERRY BILL LEAT EW-W V Jlylgwnwmw W W? W1 f fwfxlgfgfgi wif fgfsglf ,Q lr 1 s5QfJNJs s w,fJ ew M OJ whmfifyimwfgf I muigwjlnwafw , gewwif Third row: Pennel, Copenhaver, Simmons, Tiderman, R. Krummel, H. Krummel, Soden Follin, C. Houchin, Smith, B. Houchin. Second row: McGaffin, Huyck, Harris, Siler, Johnson, Miller, Kirby, Yates, Kent, Mr Palmquist. First row: Coach Petty, Brown, Lillich, Zamarripa, Swinney, Haney, Mercier, Jenkins Way, Coach Higgins. Kneeling: Managers Kear and Turner. 3 2 i . A 1 'A - ...Q i Qi C.. 4 Left to right: Kear, Blansit, Oliver, Favours, Converse. and A ml. DAISY iDinky7 "She doesn 't boss me. alli fSpeedy Cmnnml " Whoa ------ . Kid? "Oh! Oh!" IKIKINS lPmkyJ H!ul.4SlugJ FX .f's' Kmmua fx fm Uimmiel Zmncq - W7 Patrickjl e Maul' CO0 MILL!-I "What!" Yeah! But "Hi, hvneyf' I can't help it." the Mme?" Why talk all You flmched, " fZammy 1WillieJ UW "FII go where ofll-E-an I Hman muy Boy! "I 'm bashful. " yeah! " DG "Awwww ---- ." landsomei back here. " Jinnsou Jinnv Come told you so. " iFlashJ HENRY atxow C5410 "There ain't no sense in that." Bu'LlPretty Boyj w.n NSY Now here s FWF' the way. ON cPm BMDMYERS Gu-an 'Foam lMoseJ Hnnow 1GoochJ Smrn-1 o fy TEBUYDEE SESA P f g l 'i Mr. Palmquist Helen Trevor and Mr. Palmquist. Helen Trevor. 552100 with C9wL!Zwz!Q afcfujgczfncb ' ily X. Fourth Row: Gosney, Wheat, Bath, Hatfield, Fisher, Finkemeier. Third Row: R. Bailes, Myers, Tyson, Schuetz, Siler, Starbuck, Coyle, Hunsucker, Ruttinger. Second Row: Harbour, Hensley, A. Bailes, Agee, Kusler, Sheppard, Buie, Pierce, Grim, Erie. First Row: Kear, Ward, Robertson, Holmes, Roberts, Lucas, Worthington, Favours, Miss LaRue, sponsor. ,,f-1i- fkvk 4'h-'32 and ZZ 3 wngd-'15 gwlfff I X! 5 bfiz fXX if-Q5 xi IACTNITXES 'Wi CALENDAR -runnin mc.:-1 SCHOOL: T h, was NOVEMBER sem LX: X sus. Mau. was. web. Tnuxxs. Fm. MT ,' H4 x I figfyxj' '1- :O-:sA5 b't-K S, WN x.-, ,Wvwy.,Jw,N+wfPg- MIN ':f Zxpxwahonal EAILCONSUUWCCM' - '3, K 3 klfu i lg IT I1 I9 2-0 24 2-2' L 33 7.4! 7-5 2-6 2-'Y 23 2,9 50 - Qfmbwfzifmfwb 'KGWW ALAAM aj ' 04,1121 ,wcLAfJjUaZ7J5Jg J j--. fpf., '1,- I H1 .li IA .III . L A . F. ff N. ,E I 111' J' I. 'J 1,241 . If N' In . -lift. ' O HMI! 4 ilgiii V . -- gag ' .,' X lv: -fff"9 A ,I ' R - , ,... s .Hx- QI I 19 II I E 6, SI a 'Q '17 ' I if I L Q. 'l II ' ' 'U In I N I A . I ROBERT OLSON DONAS MOORE VIRGIL DEFRIES MARY BALDRIDGE LARRY RAGAN LOUISE WOODRUFF CHARLES MCANINCH , 'xv Q , .3 , 'Z if ANNA HALE ' F ROBERT HAUK jim BETTY VINCENT 4 J F BRUCE DANIEL I A ELENORE HADLE f, 'IF A KELLES WHEAT 1 'I I C,h . WAYNE KIRBY L X YL D JIM MERCIER X , , . I , I I - I X I FELICIA MURILLO A M GERALD LILLICH Q Q R if I , 12 A W, MILDRED SARGENT 'L IA I": RICHARD LEAT V D 2 X3 r I 1 DONNA BRONSON i BILL BALD GE 1 A LYN ROBERTS I 4 " Q- 'L "' Q -, , It . LEROY JOHNSON fn i 4' I IE A BENNIE STEPHENSON I i F WALTER JOLLIFF ARION MURPHY 1 .I L B71 If R V 0 lggz iq - ', -is M n L0 1E-ILE 1 K ' A O' ' L A IELD I I f ARY JOHNSON R ALFRED DEERE V I DEANE GOODFELLOW A ,3 A", IIU I I V 3, KENNETH MCANINCH ' Q GERALDINE LILLICII X IA I A i K ' ' JAMES DOBBS K DON MYERS H RICHARD FLECK G l Secretary Vice President President fam '..1 i J .. I . I L f 4 J li' f I., 2 Z - .4 ,A HI V fs 'F " if ' " ' ' ,. ,f Books must follow sciences, and not N ' E' A f sciences oo s 1 gif? V T gf E W K lr ---Francis Bacon 16 Geraldine Meanor Frances Young Mary Mercier 'll ! A GERALD IQRETZSCHM ER LADISAN FAVOURS v HAROLD MC CDY f 5' 13 3 .. URSEL PORTER m BERT GORDON RUTH PECK . I Q I 1 ,A 5 -nk A l All. I U L JACK BAILES MARJORIE ERIE ROR BROVVN . RUTH HALE DAVE NEMECH VIV' I Q- 1 v K - 'Z v Q a b ly 1 D K R , ' HANSEL KS - .. ' , Af X99 A N .f. . AA Auf Dgdrffr K coox HETHE RIHARD 'E ' CARL DAVIS ' ' BERNICE MCANINCH BUSTER KING VELMA WARD A BOB HOUCHIN x , HELEN LUCAS JAMES DAUGHERTY AILEEN CROSS RAY KNOWLTON JEANE'I'I'E MASTERS JOHN MCGAFFIN ALFREDA OLSON PAT UPDEGROVE 2 . 7 iIl!.L.' lx' Ji 'X Ax A' 'lxy if Qu . 'Q 9 YQX v: .mf 5 V Y ' I .V 2 2 !X. , ' H. LW- LUCILLE BRAMMER in HAROLD KEAR ,gs A -Q A ,W ' 4.3 NANCY FLEMING S ' ' . BAILEY WILES , l am Agp , 'Pg Third Row: f Q Stratton, M. Thorpe, V. Crum, Stephenson, F. Young, Williams, Rihard, N. Grim, Pierce, Erie. Second Row: Dobbs. B. Kear, Sherrill, M. Ward, N. Hart, E. Crum, M. Sargent, A. Bailes. First Row: B. McAninch. U. Porter, E. Johnson, Roberts, Lucas, Favours, Masters, Miss Knox, sponsor. Wlll 1ii"f"CLis FRED H SHUWN Publ. fy Ass? M? 3 001r 111-211 Cgjfja S JM yur? mu W- QYV' 63 , swrwlliwwliltvtxsls 'qw' QRENQXQQ KYV ,Lama Third Row: V. Hart, Hadle, Maderak, Goodfellow, Vincent, Dobbs, Snyder, Mr. Johnson, directc Second Row: Masters, Agee, Mercier, Preston, Stinson, Cross, Hale, Worthington. First Row: I. Holmes, Ward, Wheeler, J. Holmes, Johnson, N. Hart, Woodruff, Favours, Rober 18 s'7ldxZ.l.U 15+ - ,:. -'14 , .,f,.:- If 1 '- - .W 1. - -I. .' .- " .' -'411-'is-H "'f':- '. -' ' 'kH'ff.""?:f-" 0 kv Q I . - Al- , . .' tm-,. my gy, o L rx I I I o I , V A IW jfv QQILUXL ,ACTIVITIES o'l CAn.:NoAn " 'runnin mon sc:-noon.. mu DECEMBER um C9 b SUN. MON. TURB. WED. THUR. VPU. SAT- 0 5 6 0 X72 0 92 W 5 4 Q 7 no an I 5 0 rr nan o 2.42.-sae.z1 f 3. ll: 4 I I 2 7 '5 9 ll IIIISI6 ZIZZZ5 21 29 30 I I ,VIII I I IEE! iii figzvfh' 'kvevv-4. C-Q.-v uvk.4N-s.. Qwfzf ' , my Aafafwu owujzw Mymlfdl 252141. AU57ZlJLf0Q1!6H2ZEg5. f Gomalufpnm 4 QW L95 sponsor teacher! ,Shawna-s I 4: as P 17' pAY-5 fvkhoo up Q Dale Boyd 'I :ff F V Assistant Editor: Wi l : 'N 1 ,IPL Glen Yat Ruth Hunsucken 9 ' S .es MQ, d lt t ports Edztor I 1 n rn W an 'f Y :foYi:8'i1p . f ' Correspondent o f lwfsh SOMCTUIUQ W , X Q., I Q wovld happen wi M il . - Q .- avound hurl ' C V .-1. i. Q In F b A C H4 r 1. -I ll 19 r t ' " 1 Mary Cook , A . l . "f Editor I . ET' ! A , ' X A , Jil. .4 , eds rodaylp ,, I 1 , f ' Nadin D ' 1 Berneiceilgezr VAN Geraldine Pemberton Exchange izigger QL Adv. Manager 1 2' - If if 6Edit0,.l I nl' H 4- f I I I Q 7 STER STA FF E IH tfi ld d Rgptortezl' e ff ' H A Chr J fc L ws "ga "' 'Ho l'lv'm-- 'W , ,N ' Q 9-C5951 -4- if Oh s, -1 1 fqziil l f Q- 1 W ' 1 ' - Y ' Tyson half' l 'fin 'rf lm jx La? 1 ' "W Nxt 'r ' A 2 . X X A McMiIlian 3 to ' j If r ' .1 I , , ,Ly Reporter L . Deloris Williams 1 Cir. Manager :1i'gg,,F1f 'Qi' . Charles Magee B . Mega Pee f' K 'MQW '. X, Art Editorxw usmess anage N P f I X 3' 1 wk l ' ' Naoma Kusler A ' ' W . , VX Alice Balles . X B Q Betty C0l'l'i5t0n Correspondent ff Correspondent Correspondent l X X N X lv 20 BE A coop C 'Nina ASM ITIZB wi , ff vt ?q"N'L'i X H Third Row: Smith, Newland, McMahon. 4 Second Row: Babb, Gnbel, Bath. 3, First Row: Oliver, Bell, Morris. y. pr I . L - 33 fi ,I f W 1 QZZMZQJ QFCZZJJ UMW Third Row: Tiderman, M. Kirby, Follin, Pennel, Yates, Zimmer, B. Hatfield, C. Houchin, Smith, O. Miller. Second Row: B. Soden, J. Mercier, B. Houchin, Zamarripa, Swinney, W. Kirby, Huyck, L Johnson, E. Hatfield, Magee. Front Row: Mr. Higgins, sponsor, D. Myers, Christian, Jenkins, J. Haney, H. Krummel, B. Brown, Way, H. Kear, Mr. Pggty, sponsor. ff ogaf2,f4vafndIa.4QZ9fv 3253 fi! Ziff y X 1 Jwiaffwdv ww U fn LIQUID 'l f I t lap Q, , . I . v X QM! h P nel, Kmg, Harrell, Mr. T I d p S nd R rt t y H tfield, French, Martindale, C F R M A y k L M ll yd E Hart Haynes, Hall, S R H rt x.. .4 E X FE lf IMF: W' K f. I If FRITZ V N., I E A W 1 - Q5 WALLY BROWN I M I MARGARET STINSON I ,:,f 3 ,LW JUNIOR HAYNES I - I A LORETA SHEPPARD Q . A K A I b V, UL ZIMMER I A I A AGNES PRESTON I A JACK ST BUCK M INE MCCU UP ROBE OLAS 1 -,P 5 I M Iopx WARD ' - ' ' i. JTT BUIE I , , viz ER B Ai I A A fR ,L A - ICTOR DAVIS 2 1 ,V V qi ZV ' A A Ei -4, 1 E12 V Q 0? Y S TN' A my Yi SR M Y RP 4 F YE URPHY gi 5 LSWINNEY Q SHIRLEY ACEE X IN N ' F. R EY ?IRQDE ROBERTSON V qqzb ISAIAH ZAMARRIPA ' IRENE HOLMES ' I X Q ROSS CHRISTIAN - OTTO MILLER A I I I ERMA LEE MILLER Y I lvvll CHARLES KRAFT ' ' 5 NADINE GRIM 1 is 'W X - 1 DONALD PENNEL A X A J 4 Ns MARY NVORTHINGTON I JAMES HALL -Q 3 .Q EUGENE MATNEY 'H+ 7 , OVA HARBOUR '-I A' ll 1 Vzce Preszdent President Secretary .X 7 ,ESX f - - EW QL- I A 8 I 13 .. b A A 'f' i V ' - g - ' f' , qi A W, , I -P N. F - You can cover a great deal of country A - A A , in books. ll- I n AE' , I . "'And"ew Lang Bill Soden Darby Tiderman Harold Krummel 24 l94,wv49fwaJ. J3-v-lp .aw--c,c..4f 13411. -vf,"""'V'x U64-MJ 'vu-'YV U CuA..o44,La 914212, dfl' pk, C2 ' ol.-.AQ . V ll V Z rr'-Ji-' . .L ' A gba, 'CQ -f.a-cfs., fu L.A.aA-J-f 9 vl.Tn,u.AJ. GAJQXL. I . ' 'J bfzuj JJ vV 'LUG J 91 EDITH JOHNSON JACK FISHER I I KLYDA KYLE if I. I W A 'ff I 3' DANIEL THOMPSON I X ' Tj L' I, ' JOSEPHINE DEWEESE I N'1H L R M WILBUR KIRBY E " ' JUANITA HOLMES Q4 ROBERT HARRIS , 7. ' MARY ALICE WHEELER -:'S I L- IS, ' LEO JOLLIFF RIE ,I VIRGINIA HALE ROBERT BAILES JACQUELYN SNYDER CLAUDE HOUCHIN CLAUDINE JOHNSON DUANE EVERHART HAROLD SMITH ARDYS RABB IGNACIO SALINAS E E KEARBY MARJORIE SARGENT MARION MARTIN DORIS TYSON DAN HUYCK GLADYS DOBBS CHARLES KENT JOHN HAUK BERNICE SHERRILL ALBERT RU'I'I'INGER , FRED RAUSCH 4 . ' 0 A Timm 9124! -R X I Q I K ,E L N .1 ..r 4 , 'n I2 ...lib ,flip I4 I 2 ' ,QI I fi I' W fi ' 5 I I R I Q- A '. TUD NT wzdmwv Seated: Kirby, Harbour, Mercier, Oliver, Keir, Mr. Sappington, sponsor. Standing: Tiderman, Wells, Krumrnel, Copenhaver, Crum, Daugherty, Stratton, Sargent. Seated: Swinney, Harbour, Tyson, Crum, Kear, Mr. Sappington, sponsor. Standing: Roberts, Kirby, Johnson, Hausler, Colas, Pemberton, Stinson. P 26 UNCH ,ZMZMW J-ff Back Row: Haynes, Harbour, I ' Gln-e o6""' -lb' Back Row: Soden,Siler, Wells. Johnson. , : 4 Front Row: Snyder, Stinson, Front Row: Hensley, Grim, 9-'vi-fQ"Z' ' " ,7 ' ,451 Young, Tyson. Hausler, A-0 .9 ' 73, ,ganuw - . ,fl .Ju Y J I ln! fl 7 Back row: Front row: Daniels, John- son, Knowlton Dougherty, Fa vours, Deere -2. O of 'Q-"J -fi-ff'-E -2, of ff I li,. Back row: Miller, Tider- man, Smith. Front row: Ward, Sargent, J. I ierce. ,7 wwf' ovo 4 qmyhef, L 1 8 Aft, K Y, ,A Back row: Gerald Lillich, J. Mer- Hack row: Christian, Guy. - UAA' e W4 W "A: cier, Geraldine Lillich, Front row: Harbour, Buie, Hale. ' ' L Meyers. f 1- All Front row: Young, M. Mercier, b,1vj AQ f,,x Vincent, Woodruff. ,- KM rf' rd- ' 1-' KV, 3 va' ti Back row: Hunsucker, Boyd, Back row: Vallis, Young, Shea. Kusler. Front row: Mercier, Yates, Ty- Front row: Hart, Barry, Barclay, Sfm- Converse. 27 Lv ml ' af' ,14 . B ff' , , ., oy 4 S ff I Jie it P c - 3 dwelt . Editorial Staff Editor-in-chief Associate Editors Layout Editors Feature Editors Photographers Naoma Kusler Dale Boyd, Ruth Hunsucker Glen Yates, Charles Magee Mary Cook, Earl Hatfield Betty Corriston, Geraldine Pemberton, Nadine Daniels Business Staff Advertising Managers Circulation Manager Publicity Managers Berneice Kear, Melba Peck Deloris Williams Joyce Tyson, Helen McMi1lian Typist Alice Bailes Second Row: R. Wheeler, Bethard, Rodgers, J. Moore. First Row: Thompson, Starbuck, Thoele, R. Bailes, Mr. Wilkins, sponsor. A I i Q V 4'i,,Qf4msa:: ,Ji If aff.: Af 5 TIVITICS Ni QALENDA ' TLIRNER HIGH SC X I9-43 FEBFUHB - SUN MDN TULS WED TNUR. X f x 9 W. ' X' U 204. ri, zz 25 24 25 2,621 23 Xa- S.. Y1 A bun W M gif it .5 'CWM WMM Qawwwi- A JZ., 4119 11 1' x N , f - , . 'a' -, '. .' I ' I 'Q' fu .EIN I .Ax U ' I 1 E' A fv' A. ' ! :Zi J JLjL'1 TAS? ':f'ff7f'Ly,3.o??5 Back row: Thorpe, Muzingo, Hawthorne, Pemberton, Vallis, Tyson. . Front row: H.Thorpe, Price, Barry, Wheat, Dearlnger. J Second Row: Mr. Higgins sponsor Knowlton Tiderman Follin Queen Smith Nemecheck Leat , I 9 1 1 v x 1 may ' First Row: J. Haney, Christian, J. Bailes, Salinas, D. Boyd, D. Myers, Gmmanwb Front row: Coach Higgins, Swinney, W. Kirby, C. Houchin, M Kirby H Krummel B Soden Zimmer, Magee, Mercier, Jenkins, Coach Pettey. Svcond rum: Allcman, Haney, Wiles, B. Houchin, Smith, Copenhaver R Krummel Siler Tlderman Queen, Delfries, Brown, Harbour. Knvvlingf K. Soclen, Student Manager. T urner 20 18 30 27 259 42 29 -15 30 43 25 39 33 23 58 54 39 Gains Opponrnt Iinlnaculuta Shawnee Mission Argentine Washington Rural William Chrisman Bonner Springs Immnculata Osuwatomie North Kansas City I-'zioln William Chrisman Vklashington Rural North Kansas City Argentine Bonner Springs Osnwatomie Paola , so I . Left to right: Jenkins, Swinney, W. Kirby, Houchin B. Soden, Krummel, Zimmer, M. Kirby Magee, Mercier, Coach Petbey. Kneeling: Student Manager, Soden. Uv 51 Sv p a fvrka 9. U Second Row: Stephenson, Allen, Dallagh, E. Crum, Hart, Miss First Row: Cross, L. Murillo, Porter, Kusler, McMi11ian, Ervin, Seated: Tyson. .gs- lwmz, GW x L ' Q . ' Peterson, sponsor, Bronson. Hale, V. Crum, F. Murillo. CEM ,O eM Aww ' J J8Aafmi1!,,' 1 ,N - :AV bfi' 'jj - pl , i 4 . K f it A -f V ' f Q u ll fig? 7'- YT . 3 1- - - KN wk f X , QJ MJJQJ5 T K x, ,G ' ' K I I . L ,ff Qf s , Q X ex W s PWS Wk xf' K 25 up I A 3 QM!! ii 1 K, ,'Vf X, X X N W A bg X M k7wZ.f lk-LZ. 21, 0 we M371 Rf-LR I . W aa rg uc lb a 1 I9 as 2.2. 2, 2.5 zo -i :Q MQWQQM MAA f Science Remember how Mr. Palmquist started the school year by asking in assembly, "What is your name?" We appreciate the patience Mr. Johnson showed in glee club when his "Quiet please!" brought little response. "It is a lot better to keep up than to catch up," was the good advice Mr. Sapping- ton gave in his social science classes. While teaching woodworking, Mr. Higgins' motto has been, "Education is con- quest, not a bequest, it cannot be given, it must be achieved" You may never have heard Miss Peterson say, "Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well," but this is the rule she follows. Mr. Pettey believes, "A day for toil, an hour for sportg but for a friend is life too short." "Art imitates nature, and necessity is the mother of invention." When we hear this quotation we immediately think of Miss Austin. Don't you know "Practice makes perfect?" If not, look what it did for Miss Knox. "I know it to be a fact," was a familiar phrase used by Miss Runyan in her phy- sical education, commerce, and Latin classes. The boys in Mr. Wilkins' printing class have often heard him say, "Don't leave out any words." Who has not heard Miss LaRue say, "I'l1 give 50 per cent for trying, anytime." We don't know what he means, but Mr. Toland has often said, "Ketch em?" 58 GEORGE TOLAND, A. B. ROBERT A. WILKIN S, B. S. Industrial Arts LEROY HIGGINS, B. S. Industrial Arts, Assistant Coach AUDINE RUNYAN, B. S. Physical Education Commerce, Latin ERDMANN JOHNSON, A. B. Music FAcuL.'rY SUPERINTEN DE NT T. R. PALNIQUIST Superintendent BEVERLY LARUE, A. B., M. A. English SARA AUSTIN, A. B. English, Art MERTEN PE'I'I'EY, A. B. Coach, Mathematics FLOYD SAPPINGTON, A. B. Social Science KATHERINE KNOX, B. S. Commerce KEITHA PETERSON, B. S. Home Economics l WW, aw, can ,....'g'fcg.,.,,. - ,onibx 1,4441 buf lffffju. .5 Standing:Kear, Young, Good- Seatedz Johnson,accompanist. XTQV 1 . wwiff... fellow. 2 Standing: Zamarripa, Lillich, Bath. i Seated: Moore. Left to right: Ruttinger, F. Murillo, Daniel, Sherrill, f 1 DeFries, Rabb, L. Murillo, Bain, Colas, - Wells, Wheat, Young. A My XI .WL WWW Fourth Row: Haynes, W. Kirby, Fisher, Vincent, Holmes, Maderak, Mr. Johnson, J. Dobbs. Third Row: E. Johnson, Ward, Berry, Hart, De Weese, Miller, Muzingo, Kearby, F. Johnson, Moore, M. Thorpe, C. Young, Wheat, J. Tyson, F. Young. Second Row: Joyce Tyson, Emerick, H. Thorpe, Snyder, Williams, Guy, Bath, Sherrill, Dobbs. First Roll: Murillo, Harbour, Hain. M. Sargenlzo Mildred Sargent, Stinson, VVellS, Colas. ibm Third Row: Finkemeier. Thompson, Clark, ROGKGIS, Bath, Lillich, Tidermnn, Miller. Copenhnver, Huyek, lleVVeese, Houchin, Queen, Ruttinger. Sl'f'0lIdHUll'f Zannarripa, Moore, Hatfield, Johnson, Oliver. McGaffin, Coyle, Kent, Haney, Coy. - First How: Mr. Johnson, Coen, NV:1y. Magee, Salinas,Zimmer, Davis, Starlwuck. Hzxrlwour. lla-l"ries, "' Gosney, lloyd, Fisher, Colm-1, llniles. L-L Fourth Row: Third Row: Second Row: First Row: Z ' I v ff-I . ' W Rihard, Shea, Meanor, Stephenson, Cook, Erie, I. Peck, Stratton, Sheppard, Goodfel- low, Mary Mercier, Moore, Copenhuver, Willert, N. Grim, M. Thorpe, F. Murillo, Rabb. Kyle, A. Barry, McAninch, M. Young, Brammer, Lawson, YVheeler, J. Holmes, llohlxs Lillich, C. Johnson, Corriston, M. Peck, Barclay, Freeman, Pemberton, Sherrill, Mr. Johnson. Murphy, Hausler, Pvlansit, Roberts, Crum, Buchanan, YVoodrnil', Robertson, ll. llnrry Kusler, L. Murillo, M. Johnson, Hale, Ii. Cross,A. Cross, Mellonnld, Fzivonrs, Masters IleWeese, Sargent, Miller. Ilrewitske, N. Hart, Snyder M. Stinson, Preston, M, Mercier, IC. Jolinsfm. aecompxin- ist, I. Holmes. Lucas. li. Grim, J. llnie, lilioades, Converse, Kenr. Fifth row: Mr. Johnson, Meanor, Starbuck, Salinas, Finkemeier, Thompson, Clark, Rodgers Bath, Hatfield, Harrell, DeFries, Oliver, Huyck, Fisher, Houchin, Ruttinger, M. Peck N. Grim, Thorpe, Pierce. Corriston, Cook, Stephenson, McAninch, M. Mercier, Way, Zamarippa, Moore Magee, Zimmer, Gerald Lillich, L. Johnson, Gosney, McGaffin, Haney, Moore, Guy B. Buie, Barclay, McDonald, Freeman, Pemberton, C. Johnson, F. Murillo, DeWeese Rabb. M. Stinson, J. Snyder, Preston, Shea, A. Barry, M. Young, Mary Mercier, Goodfellow F. Young, G. Lillich, Woodruff, Kusler. Johnson, V. Hart, Murphy, Kyle, D. Berry, Erie, Buchanan, I. Peck, Robertson McMillian, Williams, J. Tyson, Dobbs, A. Cross, Favours, Masters, M. Ward, D. Tyson, Sargent, Sherrill, L. Murillo, Miller. Drewitske, N. Hart, Hausler, R. Hale, Blansit, Roberts, E. Johnson, I. Holmes Fourth row: Third row: Second row: First row: Lucas, E. Grim, N. Buie, Rhoades, Converse, Kear. I xf 1 v v of ,Amid "" O Q Jeanette Masters-I'd have red hair. Berneice Kear-I'd be a cheerleader. Mary Ann Barclay-I'd have long hair. Virginia Hart'l'd have to return to riding a tricycle. Margaret Mercier-Of me as football queen. 6 Helen McMillian-I'd look like this. . Nancy Hart-Of me as an A-1 seamstress. Alice Bailes-I'd grow out of those long legs. Harold Kear-Of me as a water-boy. Iona Faye Freeman-I'd be engaged to Homer 1. "Go west young men. go west!" k 6. Who said three's a crowd? 2. 5. His troiiigal drearnland. 3. --And they hung them up to dry! he 's . ,, , r 4. "Say, Brown, got a dime to spare?" Q ff ,, My Wk , MX " M" ' X Ac n IE-' Mi ' , CALENDAR N , 'Y ff - TURNS! HIGH ICH Ln X ' XX 042. MAY IMI 1' ' 4 sun. Mon. TUES. Wm mum. rm. SAI I N W ff 1' ,W Za, W WE? 4' ' ,oft 1 iii 1 M' LN .1 I-,I M W ,JW . Gsm , fy PM ' W IHS ? - My 777 . i r Mr. W. R. Buie Turner high school wishes to pay tribute to one of the leading citizens of Turner, a board member for almost eighteen years, and township trus- tee for six. Born in Wyandotte county and residing in Turner for thirty years, this was aman whose energy was spent generously in maintaining and improving local schools. Water installation at Turner is a monument to his efforts. . . . . . . . Fruit-raising and cross-word puzzles were favorite pastimes of this man who has never been known to refuse help when it was asked of him, the late Mr. W. R. Buie. If . Mr. R. P. John Mr. C. J. Trevor Mr, Fred Locke 44 ...kb 'fx O ' g U 2 l A -'gl 1 .-I-N. ,mwa . Q 1 ' I - J ' f 1 gi' . ' -- . l a J " ,. " Q EAA' ' T51 -5 f"4f1'E'. 'g N...- ' 'H l' " " ' A ... f:-'..i' ,5 M- jg -if 55.54511 q .-1-'K .-v, 1-gr h.: 1 . V ur. . 1-6555251 5+ " 1 ' N.. .r .. V ' "if ".f , L ff -51 f . 19- .mg A Spf. fri.. -1 M -K... ,ri ,M , bf, . X J' '53-'ff 3-'T' ' .1 'f5.'47? ' , Q. if lj , nv' '-.' 235- -.L-EQ-a -LN. ,--f.--r iw "' X TT ,5 I fe' W i 4 Third row: Kyle, Sheppard, B. Buie, Mercier, Pierce, Ward, Preston, Miss Austin, sponsor. Second row: Murphy, Barclay, N. Buie, Hausler, Grim, Roberts, Hunsucker, Young, Drewitske, Lucas. First row: Kear, Blansit, Oliver, Favours, Converse. 45 Mmm ,,,. . s ...mg Q be re . - Q -h H ,mv 1 ' f 1 -4' WV X ev fn 4' JU, , , SQA . 'ii ' mx. NX A fl. In 'J r gg Y i ix 'X M. iffwylf 5,- Jeanette and James. Gone but not forgotten. In the good ol' Summer. time. Don't you wanta' go too? Dear ol' Lizzie. We wanna' bite. Jeanette and Jack. Ready to go. Mmmrnmm! Awww- - come on. A Powerful Katrinka. 12. Don't you know that's not nice? Bicycle brigade. Public enemies. Betty and Jerry. 553 in . K. Ni ,, i N. W e we Me- g.,,.. . ,.1 'Silly-:fi .8-.510-u. -. . Campus sweethenrts. Homeward bound. Hello car, where's the gi Whew, but I'm tired. . Hello, Mickey. . Nice, bossy. Piggy back. Reducing excercise. Our favorite mascot. Into the hall of leaming. It must be Spring. So long, Bath. Good-bye now. Ah for some men. We said goodbye once. Gee, she's smiling. ' in , l j Complxment of Brunk s Servlee Station Your Patronage IS Greatly Appreclated 42 nd and Argentlne Blvd I 'ii 3 Turner Coal 8z Feed Co. FEED, COAL, HAY Best Qualities At Reasonable Prices Phone Fa. 5127 BUY YOUR Buxldlng Material Coal and Feed from CHARLES PARTONNAR Turner Kuna THURMANS ll G F STORE COME IN TO SEE US WE APPRECIATE YOUR RADE PROFPT COURTEOUS SERVICE Tamer Kansas Dr 5773 Tlltlldf 7604 Mdthf F ner Fo ds Guaranteed Qualxty Meats Sz Fresh Vegetables Shop and Save Cash and Carry ' s , -. . I 1 i o 1' , --1 47 ' ,dn SAND -MERI A SAND G9 CEMENT BUILDING MATERIAL FA. 0050 TURNER, KANSAS WYANDOTTE FURNITURE COMPANY 722-724 Minnesota Avenue CONVENIENT TERMS DREXEL 3901 3902 KANSAS CITY KANSAS ECONOMY FOOD STORE emo umm! cmo. A. mcxuu un snoua Avl. DF- 9934 Hardware - Seeds Plumbing MONOHAN and GRIMM Frank Strutzel Fa. - 5748 3416 Strong colrunnzwrs or SIMMONS FUNERAL HOME 14018. 87 Pl. 5715 lnnldbjni GORMANS Jewelry, Home Furnishings, Apparel for Men and Women Convenient Terms fu: mon-r BE WELL """" ' GROOMED 4, S . QA At 2, if sM1'rH's 5 4 X BARBER 4- be-Q snor ' in N-V7 Om afkhe , YMXS ' , f f X, l, ffif lffyfy! f 'fn 4 n e 4 in sph. of said and -mm kqnes F-ns?-an.. 51 FlELD'S f-by FLOWER SHOP Th!! Mild Bo hi Tha! Colt No Man They Ind hunger 755 Mlhlil AVE. Dlud 1010 Kllllu City, KI-NIS Compliments of Meyer's Ice Cream Store 3218 Strong Fa. 6817 cccc 'W We .. :.. axle EXW I PICTURES HAD! 10 OBDII HARRY T. TIBBS SCHOOL SUPPLIES BTATIONABY - BOOKS TILIPHONI Dlllll. 0156 UUINNEUTA AVI ON! DOOR WHT OI ILKITHIC TBIATBI KANSAS CITY. KANSAS The Brotherhood State Bank KANSAS crrv, mums The Bunk That Make: Friends and Keep: Them MEMBER F. D. I. C. AUTOMOBILE LOANS Finance Credit Corporation 751 Minnesota Phone Drexel 6090 Q? .J 3 1 ff? x 3 si Dedicated to the Support of W. W. MACK LUMBER CO. Kansans and Kansas Im-utltutlons HARDWARE COOK 'S PAINT WALLPAPER 115th Metropol t A F 161 7162 The Kansas C1ty Kansan N - i h ' . a J Lf X9 C x ' N ' ,1 X- X Q ' J +J X ARTHUR CAPPER busner x - X XJ . X , ,iv Qui 1311. xg JR 2 - X 1 X N' ' YL Q N jx' J 0 5 v Y XJ gi KN . , VJ LJ Nj EJ '11 .1 3 J N1 V X .N - , X 1 J 1 . X .1 X X, XJ xl ,V ya J 'X . +1 -. Wy , ' YI RQ A X ,s S Q AJ .J 5 A '-J X A ' J J , - 3 q K e J N X 3 15 U Q. fr Q O K- ' A N - Y N 'J u Y, ' 3 V oi? ne?1lyEnlaggesQndfifnPRpUfQa"y vjef1f1.jng.1initi?- E 1 C1 ' , xy - V' 'J , V 1 's ' N A X1 1 WiQl rwarg thgft bygighganxd Qffeshuflook to5 ygur 1 jx. 5-5 N 5 . LJ ," X, NJ NYJ xx N X Q K s J Q Q R? :xgaments mdk. hegn lat ldllgeng 3 11 1 -Y Q, J X K' J A s 1 X25 'x U S' 1 ,N 3 -Ourxtmogy bgfck A araxht-M prof?:ts ylfu. Q J h 5 N f I5 X L-J Nix A - Q J , Ml -If 3 iv 29 Baifqa Cleahxbrs andflaligdgergrsxg QQ? jj XJ ' M JB N Hi f . I V9 u 'I ' X , 56g'Soufh T th-3St.'5, A a sas iU1ty,TXKartsaeW? . Y '- 'Q s A ' w . A , b 1 . L .. f , X - . K X , - 1 T39Q33Q3xk ' 1f3Q+:n??J3xL 1 ,V XXSJX ,? .3 , NJ x , :V X . X, A A .0 x X' , 1 1: " y -4 .5 ., .,-5 3 X X , ., ., x 1 , 1 x - .Xb Q I 52 X. 'A v I2EYNOLD'S JEWELRY CO. El Ml! your Highest Ambitious Be Realized lj Jewelry Cl Electrical Appliances Dr. W. A. Garrison Registered Optometrist FA. 72Il 3Ol0 STRONG AVE. KANSAS CITY, KANSAS COMPLIMENTS of a FRIEND R. J. ATKINSON Good Things To Eat S. A. BOT'lIOMLEY DRUGS BEST WISHES FOR TURNER HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES 3118 Strong Fa. 7131 SWARTZ STORE Maytag Washer Perfection Stoves Sherwin Williams Paints PH ONE DR -9618 Nha? Woke Russtli Nmw? sl' Qgfi flue ' Bold. Skin Trouble Bob H: "Why are you using those crutches?" Jerry C.: "I had skin trou- ble and got a broken leg." ble give you a broken leg? Jerry C.: "Banana skin." Lenin 3416 Strong Fa. 6080-6081 Bob H.: "How can skin trou- "Little words of Gossip are incendiaries that fling destruction far and wide' Gifts for the Graduates? I I Q An. their mcihsn Scum . 3"-'W' Mqen Superior Training in .... Secretaryship Stenography Accounting Business Administration at HUFF COLLEGE A Quality School Since 1907 Recognized for Correct Placement Country Club Plaza D0WUf0Wn 320 W. 47th Street 920 Tracy Kansas City, Missouri To the class of 1942 Priority has become a well-known word but in expectation of the curtailment of many metals, we have purchased many unusual items in fine jewelry, watches and exciting "gadgets" therefore, we have an excellent selection of gifts for the Graduate. JACCARD'S 1017-19 Walnut Street Kansas City, Missouri THE TURNER STATE BANK Wishes You The Strength To Succeed D R A W P R U E V E 54 ' in K K s s G G The Jones Store We feature Service Quality Price Dr. 9215 Morris, Kansas :Ld Ar you fo Jo Audineaa will ADDISON SERVICE STATION Sinclair Gasoline And Oils 1200 South 35th St. Dr. 9617 The Electrical Age--- ls Here Students of today are the men and women of tomorrow. Electrical service is waiting to make your future home more enjoyable, more convenient, and to help in household tasks. Live Better -- Live Electrically KANSAS CITY POWER 8: LIGHT Illl l rlI NATIONAL -f NK "::::x:.:" ..sm,..e, e I t - Compliments of THURMAN 'S STORE MANAGER--L. L. KUSLER Sffmy Point Spencer 323N 2 55 ,077 WE HAVE ENJOYED MAKING THESE PICTURES FOR YOU MAY You NOW ENJOY THE l942 Kfacf dnl gofd Always Remember Yours With Best Wishes EITNER STUDIO OTTAWA, KANSAS 56 wig? WW iM2WWf:2ff5 ,f3i2f7WWMZ9jV1 My 5 W M ggiffgif W WW My WM, WEQJEWQKQMM, .1 ' 26,0 WM W - - x ,Q . - A 'fi "4 Q' - -. ', C -. , 1 A . . Y .A ,, . :r.,, , , ,, .rx , I ,L A , V, rl -43 ' -.-1. fun. I l , - . l -, " """"' " -"'-'A' '- 1 ' 'f - , .a.x..1.v ' "1'-.::. . ga..::..1

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