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Y K 'J' if 'www' ' ' I 'j' 1 ""' A K' V " " 'L 'W' ""w""' """""'H"v"" I ' 1' ,.,Y-xf- - 5 - ,ff 4 ff!! ,,' ' 'ef ffjfnf - -5 'VF'-4 h 1 ' D, 5' n 4 1 f 4 xr I g Ar i. 11 A AL fi, , 'C 3, ,J17 -'?'f , '-L-1' ,fir I 5 ' Q, f i K 54 f , --.v--f' '.:.L4ff' ' iQ , -' 7:1 -4 A 9, 1ffQ -- V- ffjf -A K, I 4114 f:2w'Vj5':eZ':3? A, .65 M I U ,- ni Y-'jill' 'L ini, ug? ' J , fdsgb'-4"::' ,. ?i,jt1?73,.f7, 4"-5, " ':1' lf' f !," ?eff - f , .L 743 144W ' ' EW4' Q 'F "iff -.4 12141 ""4"':f'?'27if2" ,f ' 21191 f N ZQ2 ff'-ef-'fz '-Af.-f - f ,, '272f222Q2f'a V ' " H' M Hai 555415 LQMP. " '29, F4 fffi bl--gn 'fffej A.--1 pl M , ' 'f f ff ...' rang", 'Tjpr if FI? 1 :M -54,59 22- gQ""'75EE!5.E5xr4f.-- :::PZ'P44 gcffm Efnkisi 2 . .mqwig an WM 1 wah s Q!ff.'a Q1 ff- ,W M ' ,x.,, .- ,' v , .-'-A -- f",', , , - 31:5 if E25 V figl, ' 5M?S2 msw1Z?! af Q aZ1v+!9'29iR,' 21220 -ggf 1 .-WY S 'X XM. . ,,,, I.. '- V1 ' ,. ," f'-, ' -' " . ,, ,. ,- Q qff 1 i pf Zilla Axeiiv ' f df ' fr' 2' EW , :rg " " ' Hi!! Q-4 Q52-x WM Q! fl HMM Q? WWE 5155? ' NSY! Ei NWWM '?f'2""-!E!", l .. X MM 5, ,Vim EE 5 + T: i!:..nl If ,I yy, -14-I 1 4-ff. -xjy,ULK.71- -+--.... AI:-,Q ffflffty .. 5555 "Ei-R. fff-'-A -F " "'f'7x- mf'-if 1 - S1 4-1 ff f A .EFY ,,4-., ,, fff ' 'gA1g3 ,ig, : - ? "4-T:-.-,, f- -, Q if ' ' aQf "' - - .,., A gxfg W MWWW " 'ii' ' MH" Mi 'aw-wf' 7' ' iff- f X -K,CT,,4 - J ff wWw2'4'b 'f 2 ff ,114 ,fd 'ft h + I V f ,ff T'Iff -5 72 fb ' ,z x 4 ,,., f,:. 5'-fig' if f" Z - A Z fl ' ' flfffffx f"""'Z ,fry xii, if f .f ILZ, . - 41,,,f f 2,.4?f'l 4' v ' ' 'X' ' -1 N,kv. K 4 5f'l'liff V,ifL xii, A W, ... - V f" ,V ' 1" w ' ,f f' "'f ., A ,fy ,iff , V 21,l , 1 S, ff, ,V X,-If . H ,fp "ff gf' f f, f ,X I I ' X ,-Cf-' f f ff W ' , . , ' f fig xwf VZ! ,Aff . 4 -,.4.J,v-.,A'.f - ... ff -.' Mi .Q . Q.. ... ,,, ,4- E .Q . ' , 5 f If ' .gf A. , ft' X 'lib ' ff X 5 wx X jg x .- - "Y-X fl V-mx fi jixxhm CT-A " XX NX4 , K vw 'iii ., ' ' ' X fwrf , if X I, ,,,,-,111-" -" :,'if5 -A"'gw. 7' ' -ff -i . '4 ww -1' xy. ,L l lg: L L-nf,,..':, :SFT L , ,nm A 11" 65. 4, TJ," K x7 1 in' A 4 . H. Nj, -as uw '- Q ,z .iv .eu W, V 'u-1, K. mm. .A 'L 1 5 ,,' 1 4.- .9 --.-. ,A Y! gi. . ffl I . X. uw , f Q,'E'2g .:.,,. ,151 , .Q Ip., , ,223 fa? -. 3 V: .4 E' F- ,,:v':, , - , ,HF - ,. V, .-"Hifi - , yn -' L1 ,, QW? P -1- :ij ,. 'fa 'WH . , 'K K 4 x Q, s 1 ,,. . 1 n V. V, X x.. e ': x' P . 'I L, X n s I 1 s ' 1 . ' f q s K 1- , 'rl ' n ,S A 'N Y w ' I I r f 1 I u ' 4 Y V' -4 1 ww 1 , Ol 'If 1' ,f ?' ,cy xx Q x rv ' vl ' 1 Q7 Foreword The scene shifts .............. The third year of Turner High draws to a close. The stage for this year, the world over, has been set for epochal changes. Every day, our several modes of communication tell of man's repeated assaults into the mysteries of the universe. Here at Turner, changes have taken place, also, and the scenes have shifted so rapidly and frequently that it has been difficult for producer, stage manager, crews and actors to estimate the progress of the show. During the year our students have come to realizeto a fuller extent the great traditions and proud name which they are helping to create, and have understood better the staging and directing techniques of everyone concerned with production. All our efforts are bent toward a day in June when the finished product ofour year of rehearsal will be presented to the world, and the critics may censure or praise. The Turner Theatre has undertaken its most ambitious proiect to date, and hopes that those actors who will go upon the larger stage of life will "do us proud. " May they not "Strut and fret their hour upon the stage and then be heard no moref' may they not say, "The time is out of ioint" and leave things as they are. The producers and directors would rather hope that our actors, upon leaving our smaller theatre, will go into the Theatre of the World to make immortal their names and the name of the Turner Theatre by helping to remedy the ills of the world. THE STAGE IS SET, THE SPOTLIGHTS ARE FOCUSEDp ACTORS ARE DRESSED AND WAITING IN THE WINGS, THE HOUSE LIGHTS DIMp A VIOLIN SINGS A PLAINTIVE MENDELSSOHN STRAIN, A DRUM THROBS, AND THE CURTAIN PARTS .............. The Playbill Sl-Tu, i ,I "lf, .Q Xi X-Elks Defi: Foreword Administration Our Producer and Our Director ' Dedication Senior Pictures Stars of Our Show Class History "This ls Our Life" Class Poem Class Pictures The Supporting Cast Class Will Clubs and Organizations The Prophecy Special Events and Features Curtain Stoppers Spotlight on Sports The Faculty Our Technicians Our Theme Song Our Patrons and Our Advertisers Our Senior Directory Our Producer... DR. IRA JARRELL Superintendent Atlanta Public Schools E Our Director... MR. DANIEL F. DAVIS Principal QNX Turner High School N s f "'V'4 x M n ' pf D ' N4 X . -w A fZ xx ' ' - 9,Q:.':.f7.' L"-"' l . . '-- Af Q V 5 W - 'f' Vg xi ACx X f 1. 1, 4 1 1 L 1 I I. ow as 61500 S .M Q'-4 ' l Q 2 N65-Xl f , 57' ? ix 571, lu 1 :luv 5 da 4' I jg-,ff5,, .J il l " Q: F 1 b ,f ASX .Qtr 2 if aj! ,Wy , 'l f'9"Wvf't Wa' I I A .IWW X.,-Jug. rw, .sfi,AXY jv ,R J ' if 1 rw ,oft-ww-. ef! 1.-: vm- .-- ,em 1 f n- -1 l 34111 "-' 5 X fr Nagy W , an 655 l fin- Xkfyitsflgf-Qui'-f,,, r --Sm.. .ds f-gfi5' l2'j l N few ' ' l' A l l 4 'l if n K.. .4 z ' A, 1 .sn ,l fi it ff WSI 'll A M! ff, 6 , fl' ,f 7 ff! ' l , J, tl For their untiring efforts in our behalf, we dedicate this book to our senior homeroom teachers. 'ld' oflo sv"'o0 Dedication Sfe 61,0 Mr. Marshall Arnold fl 5 f'-i xxxx X x XX xx x .55 IQ XX XX XL X Q:, X m NAA Y HARO LD BANKS JACQUELYN ALFORD ALYCIA AMEY ADDIE AMOS JACK ANDERSON GEORGE BANKS BANKS JAMQSQEAZLEY CHARLES BENTON Ni' Q Ny Class JACQUFELYN ATWATER IDA JEWEL BLACKWELL JUANITA BOMMER Y NAOMI FRANCES BOYD BETTY LOUISE BROWN ROZIER BROWN EDWINA BURKES HELEN BURKS BETTY BUSSEY ANNIE LEE BUTTS DOROTHY CALHOUN ANNIE CAMPBELL IRENE CAMPBELL TERIA DOROTHY CANTRELL MAE FRANCES CATER ROSIE CHAPMAN BOBBY CHARACTER QORIS CLARK VIRGINIA CLARK WILLIAM CLARK STEVE CREWS 5 A, -J S BLANCHE DANIELS ALBERT DAVIDSON JULIA DELL WINFRED DENHAM MARY DILL GLORIA DOO LEY RALPH ECTOR JAMES EDWARDS EVELYN ELLIS JAMES EVANS EMMA FINNIE ALMA FOSTER JEANETTE GARTRELL PATRICIA ANN GLENN CLAIRE GREEN ELSIE GRESHAM ORA GRESHAM JEANETTE HARRIS ROBERT HARRIS TROY HARRIS 5. 6 AARON HAWK EMMA CARO LYN HERRING ISADORE HILLMAN DRUNELLE HOLMES JAMES HO LSTON MARY HUFF JESSIE R. HUNT JOAN IRELAND DORIS JACKSON JAMES JACKSON VIRGINIA JACKSON DORIS JINKS CLYDE AUBREY JOHNSON HAROLD JOHNSON JACQUELYN JOHNSON FREDDIE JONES MARGARET JONES HENRIETTA JORDAN JIMMY LANGFORD ALVERNA LEWIS ' 9 BARBARA LOVI NGGOO D VERA LUTTERY SALLIE MAPP SHIRLEY MARKS THOMAS MARKS JAMES MARTIN JOSEPHINE MATTHEWS EMOGENE MAXIE BRUNETTA McAFEE DAISY MCGUIRE ANG ELI NE MEADOWS G PAULINE MITCHUM ANN MORGAN ROY MUNDAY SHIRLEY DELORES MUNDAY RAYFO RD LEE BRYANT NEWMAN PATRICIA NEWSOME HUBERT PAIGE WILLIE EDWARD YVONNE PERRYMAN PATRI DG E JOSEPHI NE RICHARDSON SARALYN RICKS RALPH WALDO RILEY BETTYE JEAN ROBINSON CHLOE ROSEMOND I MARGARET ROSS ARABELLA PETTY JAMES ROYAL THELMA SCOTT JULIA SHEFFIELD I TERRELL SHY BARBARA SMITH FRANKIE SMITH k lv JABUS STEED 5 5 , . IDA LOU STRICK LAND CHARLIE SUTTON ' JEANNIE TAYLOR CALVIN THOMAS MARION THOMAS NATHANIEL THOMAS ADDIE TO LIVER JENELLE TRICE ANNA EUGENIA TRUITT RUBYE CATHERINE VARNER CHARLES WALKER SOLOMON WARD JAMES WASHBURN JUANITA WATKINS RAJAH WEAVER VICTORIA WELDON CLEDITH WILKINSON I NOT PICTURED BENNIE TALLEY CHRISTINE HALL MARY MITCHELL RACINE WINSTON MARY ELIZABETH WORTHEM JEANETTE WRIGHT RALPH WRIGHT LI LLIAN WYATT BARBARA ANN YOUNG MAGGIE ZIMMERMAN ' Class History We had scarcely entered the auditorium when strangeness seemed to engulf us, to envelop our very being. The lights blinked, signaling the time for the curtain to rise. N o one saw or paid any attention to us. We could discern no particular person for the lights were out. Still we felt that something was about to happen to us, and then-a quick glance-which we were able to get from the exit light at the rear-startled us. We read: "This is Your Life-Turner Hi Class of '54." Class of '54? Why, that is our class! We are members of that Class! Gosh! N o wonder we felt as we did. We were now accustomed to the dark- ness and we could make out the visages of many persons near us. Gee, we knew them! We had associated with them for five years, and, in some instances, longer than that. Our eyes were suddenly filled with tears. With slight embarrassment, we glanced at our program-"This Is Your Life-Turner Hi Class of '54." ACT I The narrator spoke softly, warmly, yet courageously. Time has a way of slipping by. It seems as though it was yesterday that we, wide-eyed, scared, and excited kids scrambled into rooms of Washington and Howard High Schools to begin reading for Act I, Scene I of the play, destined to be, beyond all doubt, we thought, "the play of all times." High school life began in a whirlwind under the direction of Mr. H. S. Powell, Mr. A. J. Mar- tin, Mrs. D. C. Flagg, Mr. O. A. Hill, Miss C. C. Jones, Mr. J. W. Willingham, Mr. W. D. Brad- ley, Mrs. L. P. Glover and many others. None of us were noticed particularly, for life was an overwhelming drama in which we played the role of understudies to persons in lead- ing roles. The stage was set and slowly but surely we accepted our parts. ACT II. September, 1951-A calm and peaceful autumn day which was suitable for a perfect setting as the scene shifted to our new thea- ter, "The H. M. Turner." My! How beautiful, how attractive and how convenient were sounds from actors and actresses here and there as we wandered about as if in a daze, placing little value on those things that assured us a successful future. This, however, was no different from the usual custom or from the average young' sters at our age level. Director Davis soon set us at ease and all signs or stage fright left when he com- pletely assured us that there were many abled, spiritual and moral lifters of this in- stitution to direct us along our way. Act III September. 1952-Juniors-very digni-' fied -Juniors and a very important cog in the wneel of progress at Turner. We had placed students in such activities as: band, chorus, football, basketball, dramatics, tennis, track, and all other extra-curricular activities of- fered. During this year we passed through our "Garden of Gethsemane," not with flying colors at all times, but with some laughter, some tears, some Joy, some grief, and yet the will to carry on. ACT IV September, 1953-Seniors-with fo ur sections remaining, led on by Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Evans, Mr. Nash and Mrs. Sutton as homeroom teachers. We could not fail. Na- turally there were still a few cases of ab- sentia memoria, and times when various ones were barely passing in basic subjects, a few even dropped out, but always when the go- ing was rough, we were assured calmly, but firmly that: "A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits? The Production will continue. We must journey on, separated from the love and warmth of the Turner family. We are moving straight toward a beaming horizon that we can barely see through the clouded auditori- um window. Turner has conditioned us to meet many of life's obstacles. Life's challenge is here before us, and we go, go with fight, courage and strength. We go with millions of other high school grads, realizing, like Shakespeare, that: "All the world's a stage . ." As the auditorium emptied, we could see the curtain closing after the final curtain call. We looked up in silent meditation. The ceiling of the auditorium seemed to fold away, and all that was left was the image of four years-for some, well s p e n t-f o r others, ???? O' We began in a low whisper, and our fellow classmates mused along with us, "Give us strength to continue this Produc- tion." J acquelyn Johnson HISTORIAN Class Poem l Dear Tumer High, we leave thee We shall forget thee never, And ifwe wanderfar or near We'll love thy name forever. ll If e'er we're tempted to forget The precepts thou hast taught, We'll feel thy gentle guiding hand For miracles have been wrought. lll To reach our goal we've struggled hard From room to room our Feet have trodp The hours we spent since we first met Are far too precious to forg' . IV The time has comewhen we must part From classmates, liriends and teachers, too With mem'ries dear, and grateful heart We bid youall a fond adieu. V And so Farewell, Dear Turner High, Our dream, our home, our friend, We'Ilcling to thee in memory Our Faith shall never end. Alicia Amey Julia Sheffield X X16 X X b XX XX Ax-X X XX XXX f X 1 XX X X X X X XX X X X f IJ5 H1 , E A N", x X X ,K X 2 ,f s X S X XX .V A 4 wvxx Q X ' XXX 4. Q . X X QNX 'ii ME, XX X' V I X X XXX X X A XXV XV, X h E -1 SS! A Y . - X51 XX XX. X X X X X X QX . X' W X XXX X XX X XX . X X . XX X 'X Ya EX W X ,XX X .XEXXXQX X XX Q XX X X X X XX X X XXX- X X X 'X X XX, XX FXXXX X X X X X . XX XX X X X . X . X X .X i ,X Xb X , . X X X X 'X .X ,XX .XQ . ,X ., -N XR Xx XX X' X X V ..XX XXX X ' XX, ,X . X Q. X X I XX X X.. X X X , , X '. 'X , X .X X , X . xx, X . X X W X 'X X X XX X X X OS XX XX? XXXL XX X X X XT NX X X Vx SV' XXX X X X X X X X XX X . X . .X XX., X 'XXI X- X .- f X' XX ' X W TX ' XXX X 1 Y K K XTVNXXL, V X X kg I X A XX X, XXX X, A XX X X X -XXX X XX fl X A X X 'XXX XX "'g' H, X XX X X X IX XX -in X, fx-ik 6 HX ' Y ,Ida-ilu,-,. J E "7 :C 5 QMS X IOH-I IOH-2 5 N,,v"-P+ IOH-3 fb IOH-4 'Q IOH-5 I ' 5-vi' NS f v X 1. A X 3 fx: il . ,, IOH-6 IOH-7 m any 5? fx. -3 9H-4 i X QU. 9H -5 9H-6 9H -7 9H-8 qi4'f,,fEf' xiii iggi My ifw fi , , XE, 11, I ff-if 8H I 8H-2 8H-3 8H-4 8H-5 8H-6 8H-7 8H-8 8H-9 Last Will and Testament There comes a time in the life of every individual when fate has designs upon such mortals as we, and we must answer the call and pass beyond the familiar portals to great- er experiences. Inasmuch, therefore, as we, the party of the first part, do hereby deem it necessary and timely to pass on, we, the Senior Class of Henry McNeal Turner High School, do leave, in parting, this our last will and testa- ment: To our parents who have sacrificed so much to make our high school career a suc- cess, we give our sincere thanks. To our principal and teachers, we give our appreciation for guidance and patience in trying to impart the benefits of their knowledge and training. To the Junior Class, we give all pencil- stubs, erasers, copy-notes, ponies, airplanes, and scraps of paper with the hope that they will be used to an advantage. To the Sophomores, along with our dig- nity, we leave all the things they desired but which were unattainable to them until our departure. To the Freshman Class, we give all the dreams and Wishes that we had when we were Freshmen. To our many heirs we make the follow- ing bequests with the understanding that all provisions herein stated must be followed to the letter. I, Jacquelyn Alford, will to Eunice Cor- bin my ability to play table tennis. I, Alycia Amey, will my love and af- fection for Turner High School to future students. I, Addie Amos, will my ability to be a good worker in the Counselors' Office to Annie Lois Clay. I, Jack Arrderson, will to Carl Washburn my No. 59 and my position on Turner's foot- ball team. I, J acquelyn Atwater, will my ability to type to Louise Guthrie. I, George Banks, will to Willie Banks my position on the football team. I, Harold Banks, will to Jerry Banks my seat in Mr, Burch's room. I, Oliver Banks, will to Ralph Wilson my position as manager of Turner's baseball team. I, James Beasley, will to William Pope my seat in the band. -M I, Charles Benton, will to Marvin Ander- son my art ability. I, Ida J . Blackwell, will to Moses Black- well' my scholastic ability. I, Juanita Bommer, will to Doris Thomas my ability to make an "A" in English. I, Naomi Boyd, will to Cecil Gooden my ability to make good marks on Mr. Burch's tests. I, Bettye Brown, will to Myrtis Brown my seat in the typing room. I, Rozier Brown, will to Ricardo Cowan my ability to manage Turner's football team. I, Edwina Burkes, will to Elizabeth Johnson my ability to be a helper in the office. I, Helen Burks, will to Josephine Burks my seat in Mr. Burch's Problems of Democ- racy class. 1, Betty Bussey, will to Barbara Greene my band uniform, and to Marvin Williams my seat and grade in Mr. Burch's class. - I, Annie Butts, will to Mildred Steven- son my ability to hurdle and play basketball. I, Dorothy Calhoun, will to Ceaster Har- ris my ability to play basketball. I, Irene Campbell, will to Vivian Taylor my ability to sing in the chorus. I, Teria Cantrell, will to Louise Guthrie my ability to drive a car to school. I, Mae Frances Cater, will to Joseph Cater my ability to finish high school. I, Rosie Chapman, will to Jeanette Can- trell my ability to run. I, Bobby Character, will to the girls of Turner High my love and affection. I, Doris Clark, will to Sarah Ann Lynn my ability to get an "A" in Human Biology. I, William Clark, will to Winston Ed- wards my No. 25. I, Steve Crews, will to Harold Gastor my ability to play football and run like the wind. I, Blanche Daniels, will to Irene Morgan my ability to get shorthand. I, Albert Davidson, will to Willie Banks my sleeping ability. I, Julia Dell, will to Joan Few my abil- ithy to sing in the chorus. I, Winfred Denham, will to Melvin Den- ham my ability to keep friends. I, Gloria Dooley, will to anyone who is capable my ability to make all "A's" in my senior year. I, Ralph Ector, will to Ora Lena Dossie my love. I, James Edwards, will to Cornelius Sawyer my ability to sing. I, Evelyn Ellis, will to Emily Watkins my ability to sing in the chorus. I, James Evans, will to Margaret Pear- son my seat in Mrs. Sutton's English class. I, Emma Finnie, will to Carrie Thomas my seat in Mrs. Fannin's class. I, Alma Foster, will to Shirley Foster my seat in Mrs. Evans class. I, Jeanette Gartrell, will to Wadelle Sax- on my seat in Miss Carter's Shorthand class. I, Patricia Glenn, will to Wadelle Sax- on my ability to master Algebra. I, Clarie Greene, will to Sandra Loving- good my position as office assistant. I, Elsie Gresham, will to Julius Gres- ham my ability to be present daily. I, Ora Gresham, will to Annette Gres- ham my basketball and track suits. I, Christine Hall, will to Addie Simon my seat in the class of Transcription. I, Jeanette Harris, will to Ceaster Harris my seat in Mr. Burch's class. I, Robert Harris, will to Willibelle Lee and Jean Thornton my love for Turner High. I, Troy Harris, will to Iris Harris my ability to play in the band. I, Aaron Hawk, will to Donald Pearson my seat in Mr. Burch's class. I, Isadore Hillman, will to Jerome Hill- man my ability to be the best athlete of the future. I, Drunelle Holmes, will to anyone capable my position in the office. I, James Holston, will to Fred Searcy my ability to be respectful and a gentleman, and to always be punctual to school and classes. I, Mary Huff, will to my cousins, Bar- bara Starks and Miriam Williams, my abil- ity to play basketball and run track. I, Jessie Ruth Hunt, will to Mattie Wil- liams my ability to sew. I, Doris Jackson, will to Gladystine Mad- dox my seat in assembly. I, James Jackson, will to Hubert Lee Jackson my ability for running track and singing. I, Virginia Jackson, will to Lillian Will- iams my seat in Mr. Burch's Problems of Democracy class. I, Doris Jinks, will to my brother, George J inks, my band suit. I, Harold Johnson, will my ability to anyone in the Junior class who is capable of making all "A's" in his or her Senior classes. I, Jacquelyn Johnson, will to Zelda Wright the ability to play the role I played in all activities and get hearty applause. I, Freddie Jones, will to Charles Dixon my ability to play in Turner's Band. I, Margaret Jones, will to Josephine Jones my ability to sing. I, Henrietta Jordan, will to Doris West- brook my seat in Mr. Arnold's class. I, Jimmy Langford, will to Charles Dal- las my position on the football team and my seat in the chorus. I, Alverna Lewis, will to my brother, George Lewis, my ability to be an honor student and a straight "A" student in Phys- ics. I, Barbara Lovinggood, will to Sandra Lovinggood my seat in the chorus, and to Annie L. Clay my majorette suit. I, Vera Luttery, will to Charlie Luttery my seat in the chorus. I, Daisy McGuire, will to Myrtis McGuire my ability to master Mr. Burch's lessons. I, Sallie Mapp, will to my brother, Bex- ter Mapp, my ability to respect all teachers and get to class on time. I, Shirley Marks, will to Harriet Buf- fington my ability to be secretary of the Courtesy Club for three years without keep- ing minutes, and all my love to Kenneth Harden, Bobby Arnold, and William Butts. I, Thomas Marks, will to Percy Boles my assembly seat. I, James Martin, will to Bobby Arnold my place in the chorus. I, Josephine Matthews, will to Ida Mat- thews my ability to come to school every day, and to Emily Watkins my seat in Mrs. Sutton's class. I, Emogene Maxey, will to John Stub- berfield my seat in assembly. I, Angeline Meadows, will to Alice How- ard my ability to be friendly with all Turner High students, and my ability to be lively at all games. I, Mary Mitchell, will to Mattie Will- iams my ability to cut Mrs. Powell's Study Hall daily. I, Pauline Mitchum, will to Emily Wat- kins my position as "Miss Turner." I, Ann Morgan, will to Barbara Wright my ability to play the Baritone Horn. I, Shirley Munday, will to Howard But- ler my ability to lead the band. I, Rayford Newman, will to Wilson Fle- mister my athletic ability. I, Patricia Newsome, will to Sandra Lovinggood my position as office assistant. I, Hubert Paige, will to Robert Dabney my ability to catch a pass. I, Yvonne Perryman, will to Catherine Thomas my ability to talk all the time. I, Arabella Petty, will to Betty Corbin my scholastic ability and my ability to get along with my classmates. I, Josephine Richardson, brother my ability to get my lessons when I take a notion. I, Saralyn Ricks, will to Juliette Amey my speaking ability, and to Barbara Green my band suit. Qfglftalph Riley, will to John Lee my abil- ity to jive all the chicks without getting caught. I, Bettye Jean Robinson, will to Geral- dine Peek my ability to be on the honor roll, and to Margaret Y. Hayes my band suit and drum triangle. I, Chloe Rosemond, will to Edward Mc- Neal my ability to make all "A's" in Chemis- try. Will to my I, Margaret Ross, will willingly to any- one who has the physical stamina, the am- bition, and the imagination it takes to mas- querade as a photographer, working with Mrs. Simmons. I, Thelma Scott, will to Marion Mat- thews my seat in Mrs. Fannin's Office Prac- tice class. I, Julia Sheffield, will to my brother, James Sheffield, and my friend, Marvin An- derson, my love and affection for Turner High. I, Barbara Smith, will to anyone of the Junior class the seat that I loved so well in Mr. Burch's class. I, Frankie Smith, will to Mary Ann An- derson my ability to make all "A's" in Chem- istry. , I, J abus Steed, will to Cornelius Sawyer my ability to graduate. I, Ida Strickland, will to any student my seat in Shorthand and Transcription. I, Bennie Talley, will to Ricardo Cowan my ability in sports and my seat in assembly. I, Jeanie Taylor, will to Delores Wilcox my ability to sing. I, Calvin Thomas, will to Jerome Butler my love for the best looking girls. I, Marion Thomas, will to Virginia Mor- gan my seat in Mrs. Sutton's class. I, Nathaniel Thomas, will to some wor- thy student in the Junior class my notebook. I, Jenelle Trice, will to Wadelle Saxon my singing ability. I, Anna Eugenia Truitt, will to Annie L. Clay my position as Editor of the Green Light. I, Rubye Varner, will to Maudestine Bea- vers my ability to write notes in Mrs. Sut- ton's class. I, Solomon Ward, will to all the girls of the Junior class my love. I, Charles Walker, will to Robert Dabney my position as Sports Editor of the Green Light, and to Robert Thomas my seat in Mr. Burch's class. I, Edward Washburn, will to Charles Jones my football and baseball ability. I, Juanita Watkins, will to Charles Wat- kins my seat in the band. I, Rajah Weaver, will to Catherine Mor- gan my basketball suit and my track shoes. I, Victoria Weldon, will to Barbara Jack- son my majorette suit, and to Teena Scott my seat in Mrs. Fannin's class. I, Cledith Wilkinson, will to Juliette Bry- ant my ability to sing ,on assembly programs. I, Racine Winston, will to Patricia Ann Guthrie my position as a cheerleader. I, Mary Worthem, will to Willie J . Wor- hem my ability to sing in the chorus. I, Jeanette Wright, will to Barbara Wright my ability to make "A" in Radio English. I, Lillian Wyatt, will to Annie Maxey my Chemistry ability. I, Barbara Young, will to June Young my ability to be respectful, friendly, and liked. I, Maggie Zimmerman, will to Samuel Zimmerman my ability to be a teacher. We now set our seal and signatures on this third day of June, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-four. Bettie Jean Robinson TESTATOR Witnesses: Angeline Meadows Mary Huff Anna Truitt Jimmy Langford Y T Student Council Al .P Senior Council Science Club , 4 , X? ,K 'X Hobby Club X Y r 2: , Turner High School Bank Directors . ',- r' ' I X, 'K ff X Library Assistants Courtesy Club Y-Teens E i S 1 4 P x E I 1 -. ' 'KL 6115. , ' ' " and the night shall be filled with music 2nd Band The Concert Band Instrumental Music 0ur Pride and Joy... The Majorette Corps Dramatic Club Girls' Quartet Lyre Club m:1O5"f3 Girls' Glee Clubq Boys' elee Club Safety Patrol Board Hi-Y Club Camp Fire Girl 3 Radio English r e e n L T-Club T for Turner Boy Scouts --- gg -,. I Q f - ' fb , . ,X,:,'j-gublfw 'Q Girl Scouts Red Cross vu. 1 Q ibx5 'fr 44 Class Prophecy Lights! Action! Camera! Let me look into the lens of the camera through which I will film the future. I will film, to my best ability, the super- production of the Turner Theatre. With Principal Davis as director, this will be one of the most outstanding produc- tions in years. Lights! Action! Camera! I see in my lens in the medical field President Isadore Hill- man, an outstanding surgeon at his spacious hospital in Los Angeles, California. There is his head nurse, Daisy McGuire, and her assis- tant nurses, Shirley Munday and Julia Dell. The camera turns, catching sight of the promising Rayford Newman as President of an architectural firm, with Bobby Character as his helper, and Racine Winston, Angeline Meadows and Gloria Dooley as secretaries. The lens move slightly and I see Ralph Riley as Disc Jockey on a New York radio station and Albert Davidson and Thomas Marks as technicians. As the camera rolls we see in the future Ora Gresham, captain of Lady Ren's world famous basketball team with Mary Huff, Elsie Gresham, Rosia Chapman, Annie Butts, Dor- othy Calhoun, and Rajah Weaver her star performers. Well, well, there is Jimmy Langford head coach at Morris Brown College with Steve Crews and James Washburn as his fellow workers. What a View when top coach Jack Anderson has Kye Kye Denham and Hu- bert Paige as his team of workers! In the field of education the lens shows Saralyn Ricks as president of Spelman Col- lege, Charles Walker, Professor of Sociology at Morehouse, and Maggie Zimmerman, head of the School of Social Work, Atlanta Uni- versity. Stop! There's Jackie's Famous Design- er's and Decorator's Shoppe, Hollywood, Cal- ifornia. Gee, that's Jackie Johnson! What an array of talent! The camera films the most famed dancer of the century, Claire Greene, who has just returned from a tour of Europe and Asia. Music! Music! Bettye Bussey just fin- ished her fifth appearance in Carnegie Hall with associates James Beasley, Patricia Glenn, Bettye Robinson, and Ann Morgan. The social view, through the lens shows us Bennie "Gus" Talley as playboy of Corn- cob, Georgia. While filming on the coast of Florida, we see Mrs. Pauline Newman, the former Miss Mitchum, with her three boys and two girls in their 1959 Cadillac, while father Ray is busy at Work making his fifth million. Remihgton-Rand Business Machines, In- corporated, has employed Ida Lou Strickland and Naomi Boyd to fill two top executive positions. They take with them a retinue of secretaries, namely: Alycia Amey, Christine Hall, Rubye Varner, and Jeanette Harris. As the camera rolls, the film is running out, but before it does we see the challenging housewife ot Corncob, Georgia, the former Miss Addie Amos. The lights are now on the most honored artists of the Atomic Age-Charles Benton and James Holston. Cameraman??? Action! There is Doris Clark who has just returned from Austria where she won the Davis Cup Meet with other teammates. Upon catching a final glance, I see Anna Truitt and Margaret Ross on the Editorial Staff of the Atlanta Constitution. Cut!! Rush the films to the developing room and see the most famous celebrities in the years to come. I am sure that this will be one of the best productions that Director Davis has ever presented, with E. F. Evans and V. S. Sutton as producers, and J. C. Nash and M. B. Ar- nold as business managers. Thomas Marks PROPHET NN B ,5 , , 1 ,w.:'.L,gg.X gg . an . ., mm wg NW .- , usa- - 'M 1 if S 1 5 If .,. lie 'X .f"w-fi. 6 , . . fi ia Q: fa Qi fp 5 :L iv If ,ss if 155 5 -, B S 2' as 3 "YQ 5 E4 s K K rf 4 . ' gli . , A , xg:-L .ggi 5 1, x. is 3 ,L Q L Cf 1 lfwsfxiifizsfw 1 iv t, i w FQ-GL v , 59: 5 -:iii A I ' gy' 3 3 1 . i x 5 S g if--.. 1 ff- A fi '- E-my L A+ mr ' 1 Q - 1 - -H1 ' ' x-gg' . .xgfg S 7, I ti, .:A,g if 5 s 3 2. E f' , 5+ Q3 ai 31.12- ffiif A if Q 1 liilikif .5 9 if ' N.. Student Government Mr. R. G. Warren Party Sponsor Barbara Lovinggooci, Vice President Rayford Newman, President Mayor Pro Tem Robert E. L. Fields administers the oath of office. The Inaugural Ball Q-. L Nt N a- wk.,-'Q ...Lf . a ' - 5 - A Easter Parade and Fashion Show MRT XCCE WE fa we ' 1 I J' 5 nn I? "TF 5 Baccalaureate Exercises, June I953 Senior Tea Dinner With The Evaluative Criteria Committee H if kj .. fqu., 3221! E 5 N m fff' Negro History Week Mrs. Margaret DGgliS B'0Vil1l and Mr. E. A. Essien pecro uests The Social Science Club 3 'N ,av Y",-7 v - , , . 2"1?S41Z?AS ' f RM: --A - K ..,,.,,.., Na 4, Xmv. W,wx, w Wm ,'WNwfP+mfsfm-Q,1.,. Q W, Q ,: -19' . 1: . .1 , Q-5, " Ya 6' ff! J' A-.q A0627- -F-P' ."" T' 15 Q5 X 40 ,, . V,. -15: XXX' X -r., ,L iq, YN- Q-.. M, 'Nm - -wa., It "H--Q- OIT wi :nv .J Ives 0 53 I9 he 1 T Q . .D 521 o..I azur- 4-if 'iff 'U... 35333: 30.- 'DUI-U '-UU .fg 'fo Young 5 C 0 S. Es-2 4.15 -SEE. Z2 5 E fins . LI.l R. Wi on. SEC s ll x 0 .Q U .C U7 '.: 3. ls - s 1 E . In 'U is 4-g .5 33 QE? J'-I Cd N Uo.n .WU 150 2-892 Z -5, .- ' '42 M 'U 22-2, 0: E23 so BNI-U 0 ii --Y IU 66 Csis 22 5 ., O . ."I . 0 E? mo .C I- as"' C o -i ,U ECO Jw E .E U J? 5 C 0 s In AL C 'Q Z U E ui 'U c o C. U E E Z Q2 5 o .C I- . 1 s .1 N I- .J U sss E2 52 we 56 .0 +-3 LBO .oc 'XI ..-22 3 .EQ 3? 3 .Y .E 2 ca. u H' 0 U 6. 6 E D is 'a 'a z 5 .I U0 Nou 5- QCD .Q . .C v-E . -U sr 52 952 5 Z 5.. E535 ,. . . 0 u.r-c-:QU '1 a '1 'U C U N 'msg E 53 LA it . 1 4 9 I Senior Players Ilark, R. Newman, S.Crews, T, Marks B I ' Talley: uckson, J. Anderson, J. Washbum, J. Royal, C. WGS, J. Langford, and H. Paige, "a?,??J fl' X, ,ff F . -HV H , R. Kemp .J 1 .il L... W' -V . J 1. Xk ,fj Q W1 bc- ,J H Captain, S. Crews Q ! R. Thomas ' '4' I s i . 5 'KI 54.5, -K ' ff' ...V J , V, .Q K, .1 E. P9195 Anderson ILC O 132' Eu QU o'1 -5 . -62 'U QC EU mn 5 ua BLD- . 1 U gui da .95 gy Ifm 'gill U5 Z2 5.- X a EM O s UE E'-5 Eu Z.. DEE .Id Z . 92 ""'u .JC EE .E'. ii 28 il '55 -J-1 u s Y- Q?" Q -.r Q kgx U gm 1 Cop Dorothy Calhoun Track Team 51112 1. J? ' " ' I I - V-ff" am... - f Q M . V . K -,,f x 'i":N-, -fun X 5 R X m 'fhm.,,,gja 4 11: .,,.,, X . . -Q QJN -"' if C UL.. ' ..::- 5 4 1 Y F , C K.. Q Q 4' iv " . ,... 4..,,4,4,g,g-f ,,. .M Left to Right: C. Benton, R. Ector, C. Reeves, I. Royal I. Robertson C. Lewis J. Ecfor J lackson,'R. Riley, F. Jones, L. Reege, C. Luclgetti Roya J. Benton C. Track Star Girls' Track Team O Tennis Team H. Buffington, Eva Clark, and Doris Clark Rosi e Chapman N. KNEELING: J. Cantrell, M. Cook, R. Weaver, and A. Butts. STANDING: H. Phillips, M. Huff, D. Calhoun, J. Dell, Ora Gresham, M. Stephens, and E. Gresham. Baseball Team Left to Right: FRONT: G. Roberts C. Mafcheu, J. Washburn, R. New: man, H. Avery, and O. Banks. BACK: D. Pierson, O. Robinson, J. Carmichael, H. Paige, and R. Ector. . M E? i, .3 . ,1 'iv 2' lr . lf5i.1.a:,,:?S , , K ' wi ' ski his it ,lf . i ,..- MQ,--1. W, W , K K t ,. sy ,.., A 1' 4 -Q. .af Eg. l S , . -af. 'P av J. Carmichael E . Peters Football Coaches Mr. B. S. Burch, Mr. M. B. Amold, Mr. R. Williams, Head Coach, Mr. G. Gray, and Mr. J. Brown. Coaching Staff Miss G. Jackson, Mr. R. Williams, M L. P. Glover, Mr. J. Brown, and Mr. 1 Gray. X39-Q,,x. Award 3 THE TECHNICIANS OUR FACULT9 AND STAFF Librarian Mrs. S. B. Davis Library Clerk Mrs. G. H. Lee L sm '5 r K :ao i Mae, - -rg -541- -' ' , kia, S, it I V V V 6 xxxufxxxeu, it .qv Qu ai !! Au A ii N.: , , , SQL Q, es is X NK XX XX . X X . gl! P wx Ng I 5 A Y xi -MK 5 9,022 X i!ffL'f " o f , 'i Office Clerks Miss S. Glass Miss S. E. Jones Risfrmw ex 'r 'fri c...l ff W.. j ,f 'ke Q 3 jggiiw Jaxx, J 'ie 5 e ae s 4 7,2 I ' I T12-ml -1 --N -ss' 'M 51 'nn ' 1 a:eLf'2 fi " . , -n i f fff i ii ,rg?:fi2f"4llll'IlN 2 3 ' 1 up ' 5, f-wwf --In A3 iw. .I . I1 gznml, wma-no' U I, X . ' , F - "Ip xiii.-'iw ' ii ware . , if ' Jai' '1 Kam AZ V M, , ' J V' . A -r ling-J , , ,T V gig-rp l 1, A 3 fs , ,gkf k A ' I 1 -' 1-2 X 1 - ' fs X ' 1 ' 4 ' 'f' ' -, - , f ' Q, f r' e x V N ' 1 2' 'A e A . A4 2 5.3 X1f" !lu1 Counselors , 4 .a ,q - "iff 14 1-'ff'-r. " .. ,Sadly :,A: 7 .,,, - - xx Rx X i 2 fi' Wg L 1 -40" , "Viv-unn...,3 Mrs. G. L. George Mr. F. I. Long l xl, K" if ffl' l 2 Ii-5 : ru -hi 1- ru cl. ea Q .: en 2: OD C l.l.I CD C I' S C I ? Z 4: C 2 Hg . -I5 D1 gr- Ju.: 0.5 if '92 we '5 I-VIN -25 5.5 '53 . SLL Uni if E2 U . LLC -8 3-6 is -I . 53: ag T CLD own E.:- EE U2 -O SC if W3 'Qs Pm :ci E., ..'-2 QL wi' l- 44: LUG. Lhth Jones. J. W. Miles, Mrs. G. W. Allen, and Mrs. T. F. Locketf M x ANDING: Mr. B. T. ST H 5 3 . tffiflilllllli t w:Ei"?""lml W ' 'fl' FWHM if U' 1, Mtggg e 1 P M B S B h Ch' a Social Studies Department MGWGy U7-Z'-T! 52'-Im WZ! K t 72 A P' K wa," , :wifi f xi Mrs. A. L. Davis Mrs. A. R. Watkins Mrs. L. C. James i EQNIGRU ""f""""' I Env, Ol B739 i .X .-A 31 ',,4u-I-"""' Miss E. M. Bradley Mr. J. W. Daniel Miss D. A. Ross Mathematics Department Mr. A. H. Richardson Mrs. E. M. Powell Chairman RQQEDYS Mrs. F. F. Hurley Mr. C. C. Walker Mr. M. B. Amold Science Department M E C Norman M J C Nash R.G ' A I ' , , Q 'Q Jef F xs "'Al n I MIN Q, : L , fs b 51, .cb 4 Mr. M. McMillan Mr. J. Kelley q. K .. 1 :hh -. ' , X A N -,, Y Q? 1 x 'g.-YVV+ M1 4 - -,-, g.. M--ig -- . . Qx 3 X RX , RYRWQ h .nw XXX --5 -N J ,, YW L,-M ,74- Chai rmun Mrs. D. C. Jackson Foreign Language Department Mr. W. D. Bell Industrial Arts Department Mr. J . Scruggs Q Xfkxs ' XXX X 5 'l XX a - 'x I Y , 'si X X N . r W ., .Q ' lx gg P 5 H ,A 1 X N- .X Xxxw . ,fem --... X 'Y D X 3:5533 e Q - 1" N ":-.- 71142332 t x-15:4-9, ' ' D at ex . XX vi.. AN S . -3125 X I -5-17 ' x '75 Xe n A' D .eae .-.D -a A ' g E . x 'Q ' Vf - i X f ' A !'-' ZW' A wf+f.'ua,-.M D . , .'q.,.3,,.,, X g 'r X ' ll'f'FSQ'Q W H may ' f x 3 a ' ' xx 35: ff! D' I W fix Dx K D. f It gg?-rsgl it 7-. f x 1- ,A L- ..I'f: , 1 eemammg. X 1, K dig g' 7. K. . . ,,.. , . g K K . 1, ,iii I A K . . L K V A . ., . ,.4, V L A , .,.,, WM 4 . V My .Q "DD ' ' ' we A , M y , " I . - 'K V'Wf""t'fWMww,r.. . U A I I ,..,.,.,, Z5 All if i '-+1-f 0 -D .5 "'jl- . Music Department MUSIC Mr. B. W. Walton M f f 9' Pointed by Charlie Sutton rt Department W ..fQ.v, 1 f- fl! QQ Q' L I fi b wig Q n M we K nf - Q, j 4 : A 'kink Xb : ' XXX WN . 5 Y NE gi Mfg HW., shwfwx 2 ,N , Q. , Yi Q if if M ,,, Mx MW xx fy, Q 1 KK yi Q' T 9 E Q, 5? fi X. Q x X Q 3 -U , 3 G K XE fi g F vm in , 3 l 4: " nn I d b h 1 d H V. 47-L H ,Wikis F .. K ' , wi , h Q QQ xxx i Pannh, y C or es Benton Q x " is 5 :',' . EP' NX l 1 ' ., , . , - - 51,11 . 1 I X .W ,V ri' wr 1 ! ' . X y . IZ L i - LM L .f M' ' Home Economics Department f"'-1-.ii Mrs. A. N. Wood, Chairman C051'uME'5 WY 4 65' Miss S . L . Anderson Mrs. R. C. Wcnnwrnghf , Mrs. M. J. Gay Physical Education Department Miss G. H. Jackson and Mrs. L. B. Glover ha-w Mr. R. Williams, Chairman S aill. 1 1- 'e, 1??iffg ifif'llii.'f ' K f 75-1A.z,l. -I ' 'if-if2315252-,T,-'STE - iiffi ' 5 - .mf -5 , X . 'Q' Jai ? In W X Q X fx 1 .". 51 lil 'Y ' ,J .Af 121- Q li, TW- V fi ggaw El fl ff: .g?'i'a QQ ,Ii A 3 '-- Xu - if eff fd, 'Q - EJ 4- as Q6 .'0,,1'l Jae -Et.: ' if NVQ, fd. ::l,ji,f2.,'W 3,1 1, ,K Q-gf, .un Y -- -4-V ,. , . .. ,t NI' lll' "l l:::a5 ' 1 dgffw ,If Z',ni',qll'f,',fa'1rQ::: a-Ya H N A Q X 9.5 5 ff 2145- gm ml 'wigfplyiaiii ,Lia lsaL4wwymilwaa a- in 1 e:Zl11flg+g'sff Q a N, ,A V, ' ,' A-' - . ff! 5" ff' 13' 2454011 3: .ff If Q ' I rf' :G Q ,,A ' Q14 wgaj an Af' 'F L 2 M l X! X A .,. If , -l ' ffl . , - :Q ll I 1 Sf 77 I V fl" ka K Lk I 4 7 V L. . J a l Q 'I ' l if iff lf ,ff ff" L X ff I 1.C' elven..- in Business Department Mrs. A. W. Fannin, Chairman and Miss M. L. Carter Wsefsw -ass -1. eq .4 - l E I School Nurse Mrs. C. W. Binns Alma Mater fOur Theme Songj o thee O dearest Turner, e ive our humble raise 'll I i i . O e we' C 0 5 95,5 Quia M f G? Hff Nj 53,5 Q WLQJJ une an f G KLFLLE ELBFH-rgl,.I 9563? mf. FW fp' XZPCFW eBPh1JJ' U " fi. 4 .dgieaklel JA Q Li C51 tm V r F' I 1 .' ADVERTISEMENTS ,,,..f-- ,.,.,-M ,.. ,- ,,,,,..... .. i ,,,-,.1--if -- .1 .. ,.- ff- -E--E A iff' , in ,E , Q Nb 2-if .E AH -EZ: S-E? iZ'7l?'-.J :sa g i,:.-ff-M X - L Y' ' ,.-V ld,-if-'T1T -"fi EE 'ij' E 5 'fig '-'Q-4 W ,Y T--M ,f-T i il -:iz N. 132 f a f E .QL . unusn H1.. 4, -rs ,M E ET 5 7 ' SNL if L? ,.-E41 fu J 9 I ...Q -N ' -' V:...7"T-1L'f1",'1glL-Y,- ' ff--ff: ,K-li: L n ., , I-"'-'QLWW "' J: In 4 Vw A'-MA Tiff., ' HW 'T' Z' ,' r U H ,, A E .. -f-'fs . -, Q4 : E1 E iq 14' E --R ix-E. 'if 1:12 E 'G -5- Yiki f M " - - qunnlai ,r 'J .- -- ,zur-H Y hiv? -A A '4' ' 'Y' -ff '1ks', ir - L3 ' N BE J' IE 0 e 0 4 W ! . Sag ' l X W 1 '. Avrem E 7 E Z 1 Pwr?" 3 ff fi 4 E "Af: ' 4 Q. 2 "- 2,1 W H? . . fb? f f E. E ye? in 1 - f ' 'f fiaanzvgfg ,1 , E ,E fyg gf 'x Za? ,.:--" f I ' Liiyljf E E- -f- E vp ,f 'ff Eu 2.5:-S 4.491 ,fi H ' E T -E f "Y i L I E 1, ,, 4- A E M1 .v-J Eff, M w1!EQtig?qgg,. f ' E' ' 57- 'E E'A1QYl"g'i'i I A Ei E 7 H, Y 1 W manvuv IND 1 MJQJAQQQE li ifffwf L1 1- Ev' ' I E' WV? X72 im v v . W -ff ' V 'ff' as 'W' Y X xx E'-Q 0' E ' EY X ' E ,e-we ' , f'2'Zw E v fu, E W-3w?aX4?1pxQXme2Mz.E fa QE Egafliaaf 12, "B Pm :Q-.v'f'f-afwvw.-Wwww ff Efw4+,6'fP-,4?ff1'V-Wi' 'SM 2:33 N Ea- wf'-E f5f',':-1 Aww! QW 949 Ja Efw's,m'wf'l'WMMy1" -'wi 1,1 A . F - 'lf 4 x 4 Q-.A,::, 4',4 ,f' 3 , , ,, , '-"-4-Arg , ww E 4. rfbfvp-wr A "YI: ' r ' :Q A---- :- f- L " E '16-i-55"-2?-t'sg3::7 'QW--6D.' Fif ff E' - ""l 4 W if " fd' Wyzf' 1 'T Ji..-E g, ,M f'!:l'Jf"1g, E xxx 3-W ""-YMQQEQZLEZ iw- Hi-Lite Promoters Mrs Bessie Abron Mrs Bessle Akermon Mr Hermon Akermon Mrs Rosette B Alford Mlss Addle Belle Amos Mrs Carrle Amos Mr ancl Mrs J H Anderson Mlss Mattie .lo Arnold Mr and Mrs W .l Arnold Mr Mrs Mrs Mass r Mrs Mess Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs OV Mrs Mr and Mrs Morgan Askew and Mrs Waymond Barley Jesse Banks Marron Banks and Sheryl W D ell and Mrs Warren Belvln Lamarr Benton and Mrs Lamarr Benton and Mrs Jack Blggs Carrue Bllllngslea Jean La Rue Blackshear Moses Blackwell S Kate Bonner Grethel Brutten Jerry Broodnex Jullus Broughton Edna Lee Brown ROZIBY Brown Sr Theo Brown Susne Butler Robert Caldwell and Mrs Amerlcus Campbell Druczlla Cantrell Florence Cantrell lllllan Carter and Mrs Tillman Chapman and Mrs Leroy Cheathem and Mrs E T Clark and Mrs Lorenzo Clark and Mrs Paul Clark Rosa Lee Coggms B Collins Marne Collins Blanche Colvarcl Albert Lee Davudson Jr Columbus Davns and Mrs T A Davis Walter lee Davls and Mrs Dent France DeVaughns Bobby Dixon Mr H C Dixon Mlss Omle L Dixon Mrs Nellie E Dooley Mr John Dorsey Mrs Jessie M Dwnght Miss Phyllis Echols Mrs Laamon Elluott Mr and Mrs James Ellns Jr PATRONS Mr and Mrs Gllbert Evans Mrs Mrs Mrs Mnss Mrs Mrs EV Mrs Mrs Josephme Fmme lcla Fleming Katie Mae Fletcher Louise Foster Jessle Freeman Wilbur Garner W Garner Wllluam Gllllam Jason C Glenn ancl Mrs Jason C Glenn and Mrs Ruchard C Glenn Edna Kung Greene Llllne Mae Grumes and Mrs John F Guest Sr Dr R C Hackney Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mass Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Mamre Halley louise Hammond Fanme Harrus Walter Harrrs Queen Haskel Lenore Hawk Alnce Hector E Hllman lsadore Hillman John T Holmes Jr Pearlle Mae Hurston R I ff Catherlne Jackson and Mrs Herschel B Jackson Vlrglnla Jackson Mattne Jeter Georgza Jett Levola Johnson Nola Jones Anna Jones and Mrs Luclus Georgue Jordan John Jordan Jones Lola Dell Kelth John H Kendnck and Mrs Coopne Kung J W Krrtand Dons Knox Anna M Lambert and Mrs Charlie Lamarr Rubye Lamarr and Mrs D L Lane Jimmy Thomas Langford Mrs Lessle Leoth Mass Allce Vlfglhld Lee Mrs Annle Ruth Lemons A J Lewls Mr J C ong Mrs Tenna Love S . . . . Mr. ' . . Mr.. ' i Mr. . ' Mr. . , Jr. Mr. R . . . , . ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . . B . ' Mr. . ' . ' ' ' Mr. Mr. . . , . Mr. . Mr. . ' . . . M . , r. ' ' . Mr. ' f f . 'I Mr. ' , . Mr. ' Mr. Mr. . , . l . . Hu Mrs: Geneva Calhoun Mr. W. E. lnman Mr. . ' ' J Mr.. . . Mr.l . ' . ' Mr. . . ' Mr. . . . . Mr. . . Mr. , . . ' Mr. . ' Z ' ' ' Mr.. Mr. ' 1 l Mr.. . ' MY. l Mr. . ' ' R - - - - ' Mr. . . ' l Mr. ' , ' Mr. . - 8' Mr.. . ' ' J' ' I Mr. . . . ' ' 1 Mff . . ' u - I . . . L Mrs Mrs and Mrs Thomas Lovett Lols Lovlnggood and Famuly Alvm Lowe and Mrs Otha Maddox Rlchard Maddox S W Mapp Mr and Mrs S R Marks Mlss Shlrley Marks Mr Thomas Marks Mr 84 Mrs James Matthews Mrss Emogene Maxey Mrs r Mrs ev Mrs ev Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs ev Mrs ev Mrs Mrs Mus Mrs Mrs ev Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Mrs S Mrs Harold McAfee S Allen McClendon Vernor McCann Clara McKinley E Webster McMrlllan L C Mann and Mrs W A Mrtchum Be tha Moore and Mrs J H Moore Dan Myers Mable Newsome and Mrs Charles Newman Stanley Ney Moggle Ruth Palge H R Partridge Inez Paschal and Mrs Herman Peek lcla Peels Rosle Pennamon Sofre Peterson 8. Mrs Albert Phllllps H Phrlllps Ida Prlce Charlie Frank Reeves Reeves Emma Ruchordson and Mrs Theodore Rrchardson Alpha Roberts Ellen Robmson Mattie Robmson Wlnnle Robmson Iola C Rogers and Mrs W C Rosette Belle Rutledge Mary Scandrlck Detta Scott Joseph F Sewell Robert L Shannon and Mrs Charlle Sherman Ro a Shy Mass Vrala Sums Mrs Clyde Slade Mr and Mrs Wrllle Slaton Mrs Amy Smith Mr David Smuth Mr and Mrs Henry Smyth PATRONS Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mr Lllllan Smith Plunkett Smuth Clyde Stade Almedla Starr Edwm Starr Rebecca Stewart Harold L Stovall Mrs Esther Strrckland Mlss Rebecca Strong Mr and Mrs H L Sutton Mass Mane Sutton Mrs Ruby Swanson Mr Bennie Talley Mr and Mrs Leonard Teasley Mlss Mary Jane Tinsley Mr Wlllnam Tolbert J The Keen Teens of BH l Mrs Mamie Tollver Mr Sam Tolrver Mr Wllllam Tollver Mrs Vella Mary Turner Mlss Addie Bell Tollver Mr Allen Vlne Miss Beverly Walker Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Jlll Walker Bernice Walker Geneva Walker Robert Walker and Mrs Mornon Walker Mytlce Wallace B W Walton and Mrs Felker Ward Solomon Ward Sarah Washburn Charles Watkins and Mrs James Weaver and Mrs Maceo Weems and D and Mrs Wlllls Weems and Mrs Roy Welch Cora M Whnted Cempus Wilson wlllle E Wmgo Worthem Mrs Alnce Wrrght Mlss Cora Wright Mrs Hattie Wnght Mass Lullnan Wrrght Mrs Julla Wyatt Mass Jullo Mae Wyatt Mr and Mrs Samuel Zrmmerman Mass Maggne Sue Zrmmerman Mrs Roberta Gresham Mr and Mrs Clifford Hunter Mr Oscar Roberts Mr and Mrs Cleveland Hector Miss Georgia Mae Dubose Mr and Mrs lvory Campbell aughter Mr. . . ' ' ' Mr.. ' Mr. . Mr.. ' Mr. ' . Mr. L M f ' - I . R . . ' ' . ' ' , r. Mr. . . . Mr. . . . ' . ' ' R f . . . f - ' ' Mr. . Mr. . I - Mr. Mr,' . . ' ' l , Mr. 4 . ML' ' . Mr. . ' Mr. H. E. Perryman, Sr. Mr ' ' . . Mr. . Mr' 1 . Mr. R . . ' Mr. ' Mr. - Mr. . R A Mr. . A - Mr. . ' ' Mr. . ' M" - . .' . M,-I I - - - - v Mr. ' ' . ' R . . . . ,Jf. ' , ', Mr.. . Mr. . . . ' E, J, COLEMAN . A, AVERY wM, Hncxs DIXIE HILL FIR T BAPTIST CHURCH A COMMUNITY A COMMUNITY DEACONS CHAIRMAN , HOLCUM .lun- WITH Tl- CHURCH PASTOR TRUSTEES S MARSH. CHAIRMAN W BINNS ED, COOK , GRIGGS ,...f- LOCKE LUMPKIN MARSH ROBINSON SMITH SWING ER WISE - 7i?57JiE5r- E Q HARRIS HOWARD JONES RICHARDSON ROB ERTS .4 , D, SUTTON. MINISTER MRS, MAJORIE ROBERTS: R, N, ,CLERK MR, AND MRS J, H, BANKSTON MRS, JESSIE BINNS MRS, CATHERINE BROWN MRS, NADMI BUSH MRS, WILLIE L CARSON MR, AND MRS, S, CHISHOLM MR, AND MRS, LOGAN COFIELD MRS E, J, COLEMAN MR, CHARLIE Coon MRS EMMA CnoK MRS MAGGIE DENSON MRS ELVIRA HICKS MISS HILDA HOLT MR, AND MRS, J w, HOLT MR, J, w, HOLT REV, AND MRS, B. D, MRS, DSSIE INCRAM MRS, A, M, JACKSON HOWARD MRS, MOPSY JACKSON MR, AND MRS, , ESSIE LACEY QUEEN LOCKE ELLEN LOVETT AND MRS, J R, LOVETT AND MRS, S, M, NEwMAN MASTER FRANK PHIPPSQ MRS MRS MRS, MRS MR, HORACE USHER MR, AND MRS, wILLIE MRS LAURA wIsE MRS, LENA WOFFORD MRS, MAUDE WOODARD MR, NORMAN wooDARD MRS, JAMES WYNN NKINS MRS, MRS MRS, REV, REV, JR, MILLI E ROBINSON MAUDE SIMON CLAUDIA SIMMONS R D, SUTTON WILLIAMS C , R flu ' ,,, A E ' G J, LAC EY f' if H I--4 J. N J. S. W J, ' P. C J, JT- A ' I . J - --1 ,,." - f.,-T,,I f-,. I, R n R J E . . I I a o I O I . C I The Last Of The Mohic ans 3065 X X-e " W WT' A 51 9 ,F sw Q 'f , , ' X 5 5 2, W' l 'ui , we u, i ,Q 1 X f A , l f 421' effigy 1 we VS? " X Q, we I A-irq Beauty And The Beasts N H J X ff , e 1 H tl I A , ,ef e - 4 ,ee I 35 1 ex X ' Wa ,.-:Z ' 12" ' MK 0 Q 0,1 Q K 1 ' , XM A +25 f ' e e ff V ' e if X Z ai 4'Nx. Q w2 if5'fv -x,.w'-'bm Xb ff e fy -ze Vx ' X sae 1 E .J " fg J X W ' .J 21 QE K AN EDUCATION OFFERS GREATER OPPORTUNITIES' Did you ever hear a 16-year-old girl cry herself to sleep because she couldnt go on to college with her high school classmates? When your daughter is ready for college will you be ready financially? A perplexing question isnt it? She is making ready for college NOW! Each lesson and each yearly upward move from grade to grade is part of her preparation-so it is likely you have asked yourself: What am I doing to make ready? In anticipation of increasing costs of a college education the Atlanta Life has devised a make-ready plan which can end your worry over the college fund problem-in addition to bringing joy to the heart of your daughter or son. Ask one of our representatives to come and talk over the plan with you. He will doubtless be able to save you many dollars and do a more security. DON T DELAY - DO IT TODAY' ATLANTA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Founded 1905 by A. F. Herndon 148 Auburn Avenue N. E. Atlanta Georgia COMPLIMENTS IRVINDALE FARMS INC MINNIE QUARTS MILK 8m ICE CREAM WE SELL WHOLESALE 8: RETAIL B: DELIVER PHONE VERNON 7703 H39 SPRING STREET N E, 7 7 7 H 77 I Q . . , 1 Q effective Job of assuring you and your loved ones of future financial 1 7 OF 9 0 O o COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY STAND H47 AVE 2506 J M MCDOWELL coMPL.lMENTs OF JERRY WESLY LESTER THE K D FOR THE BEST IN FRUIT AND BAR-B-CUE VISIT JOE'S PLACE I529 JOHNSON ROAD N w BE san COMPLIMENTS OF BANKS' PRESSING CLUB BARBER SHOP RALPH'S SHOE SHOP sas TATNALL STREET s w u YEARS or SERVICE COMPLIMENTS CARRY' S GRILL COMPLI MENTS TURNER HIGH SCHOOL JOHNSON'S BARBER SHOP AIR CONDITIONED DR C MILES SMITH DENTI ST WALUHAJE APTS SUITE I23 COMPLIMENTS OF GUARANTY LIFE INSURANCE CO 250 AUBURN AVENUE N E ATLANTA S GEORGIA TED LEWIS CLEANERS 8: LAUNDRY 777 KENNEDY STREET N W YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE ONE DAY SERVICE JEANETTE GARTRELL FROM THE MODERN DEBS JOYCE WADELLE JUNE CECILA ODESSA RUHDENE GLADYS TANNER ELECTRIC CO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS :sz ALEXANDER STREET N w F I. TANNER TEl.EPHoNEs HOME cr-I ass: WALNUT 92l7 FREE ESTIMATES Fon FINE Fooos so TO SIMPSON ROAD SUPER MARKET lszo slMPsoN ROAD AT wEsT LAKE WE DELIVER WEEK DAYS BE 3951 E 9I a COMPLIMENTS UNITED INSURANCE CO AM 2087 .I CHATMON AGENT INDIAN TRADING POST WE SPECIALIZE IN MEDICINES TONICS ROOTS AND HERBS l50 B DECATUR STREET COMPLIMENTS OF WEINER WONDER BAR 467 SIMPSON STREET N W HOME OF GOOD FOOD D 'ICN BE. I I I I Q 0 . s . o OF ll ll TQ I I II II 0 MR, HOWARD JOHNSON. MGR. BE- '255 0 I 5 0 O O 0 I V I' Q 0 o n I U I Q OF O l I I - E, I I I - U I O Tobacco Road gfiigisif . . ' +-1, Q Q oooo lo Q ,A A '-1' 1, . X, ' 'Mfr iii? f 'r ni ' - . J o 4 ' - R556 QTL. " , Qgwvffftf, L, N ' 2 'QW' o 4 V yi A blgl I mv, Q +31 L 1 QS wi Q Q I ..1' ,,::: W , 3,1 .X I 5 v 'V "' O 7' 1 Q ' In N. , RH Z 2 jig Pluto, Bugs Bunny, and all the rest... if, .ff J vl' -ii' ix l A x W' , W 'f Q , , I I y X Bs a wi Nui Jvj v uw .J N VJ N N Mug, J... 5' x 1' I N ' Q5-9 X Jail V fp JI 1 2 S5631 'N if - x Q 1 X . - , . -,. f x .. . .f '.'.'-Gkvvh , , ...F , . . .-:-1-.4-74-r' 'fa . 1 1 ' ' ws! Q.:-10.-Q. . ri x- . '53, ,,:.'v s ' 9,1 R ,,,:1.g.'p 0,-,ogg 5'3' 's' Q X-K' ' 'ZW' 5.6 'Q 1 :L SWS.. X' go.. 445-: -:. -.A l . , ., . "lx ' .xs':' . ,R - L sl eacd for Goodllsak 0REMO I' MM' Wrnhqgll at U0 tu :Nu vspmx on muup 0,0 o I Guaranteed by Good Housekeepm fonilw 'fo -:ll E lk! 5 ADVERIISED I 175 3677!-'R fill!! 6000, lf! UREMDST THE GREAT NAME IN DAIRY PRODUCTS ,jf - YF' gb M y . ' . I I Illu Ulf IIIA II 4-,If will noun I - 41.-fa. i 232 9. 4' :L I., ' 4" C' I ,H o -' al ' '11 g I WK' . N r R , " if 4 I , l wyflfxilxgdl :N 'ft nr" " 'a 1 H e., ii H: . ' ' :.. N "ry: T11 I COMPLIMENTS OF NORWOOD GROCERY, INC. C0M"'-'MENTS 2I05 FOREST PARK ROAD. S. E, DI, 8765 OF COMPLIMENTS A OF ENGLISH AVENUE GRILL MR, J, PETKAS he Atlanta lIaIIy orld PUBLISHED EVERY MORNING EXCEPT MONDAY E WORLD GIVES You THE NEWS WHILE ITIS NEWS NEWS COVERAGE OF CITY STATE NATION ESTABLISHED AUG 5THg I9Z8, BECAME DAILY MARCH I3THn I932 C A SCOTT' EDITOR GENERAL MANAGER, ZIO AUBURN AVENUE. N E PHONE WALNUT I459 COMPLIMENT5 CUNNINGHAM CONSTRUCTION CO EXPERT BRICK AND BLOCK WORK CRABORCHARD STONE wORK oun SPECIALTY zI5I FOREST PARK ROAD, s E, DIXIE 2383 .IERHONE P CHAPMAN CABINET MAKER FURNITURE REPAIRING KITCHEN REMOOELING coRNIcE BOARDS I35I MITCHELL STREET. s w PHONE RA oooa WINGO'S SERVICE STATION GAS OIL NEW AND USED TIRES GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES Izsv SIMPSON ROAD, N. w. PHONE RA 9428 I II TH II . . U OF . - . I COMPLI MENTS OF TED LEWIS CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY 704 MCDANIEL STREET: S , PHONE WA 2658 COMPLI MENTS TO BARBARA LOVINGGOOD FROM A FRIEND COMPLIMENTS C E ROGERS FLORIST POTTED PLANTS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I360 SIMPSON ROAD. N W PHONE BE IB22 COMPLIMENTS ASHBY STREET SMOKE SHOP azo ASI-Iav STREET: N w COMPLIMENTS FOSTER S TAYLOR SHOP SUITS MAI-.IE TO ORDER IvIEN'S FURNISHINGS 778 HUNTER STREET. S W PHONE WA 7350 COMPLIMENTS MARIE S FLOWER SHOP SAY IT WITH FLOWERS BUT SAY IT WITH OURS I0 ASHBY STREETn S W BUSINESS RA 7228 RESIDENCE RA, 4522 PHON ES CONIPLIMENTS JONES GROCERY STORES WE DELIVER coMPI.I MENTS SOLOMON 'S CAFE 952 MAYSON TURNER AVENUE. N W OAKLAND CITY PHONE RA, 9334 GOOD FOOD ICE COLD DRINKS an HUNTER STREET' N w 989 DIMMQCK STREET' s w, PHONE RA slss PHONE RA 9496 , w OF OF . . OF OF I I FORMAL WEAR RENTALS . . 7 ' L I i OF OF IN WEST LAKE DAY NURSERY AND KINDERGARTEN MRS ETHEL CAIN PRINCIPAL 277 WEST LAKE AVENUE N W RIGHT AWAY SODA CO I32I JONESBORO ROAD s E MRS J D FREEMAN PROPRIETOR BATTLE HILL GARAGE l799 MOZLEY DRIVE S W JOE PARKER PROPRIETOR AMHERST 4544 5 COMPLI MENTS J W CLARK AND SON GROC ER I ES I522 GORDON ROAD S W COMPLI MENTS BANKS BARBER 8r BEAUTY SHOP RA 9330 9236 CY 9830 MUNDAY'S REWEAVERS WE DO ALTERING REPAIRING TAILORING DRESSMAKING AND DRY CLEANING zso AUBURN AVENUE Bus I.A 9528 RES RA 59l9 COMPLIMENTS REV C CATER SIMPSON ROAD SERVICE STATION SINCLAIR PRODUCTS GOODYEAR TIRES at BATTERIES COMPLETE ONE STOP SERVICE lI2-1 SIMPSON ROAD RA slos ROAD SERVICE WASH LUBRICATION SUNDRIES AND GROCERIES G W BRINSON PROP BE 9260 202 ANDERSON AVENUE N W AMOCO GAS AND OIL COMPLI MENTS MARGARETTA 'S BEAUTY SALON ze:-I MORRIS BROWN AvENUE N w RES BE was Bus BE 9223 COMPLI MENTS BARBARA LOVINGGOOD wAI.TER LOVINGGOOD .IR HUNTER HILL GROCERY FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES HARDWARE NOTIONs I355 SIMPSON ROAD N w PHONE BE 9208 HUNTER HILL DRY CLEANERS l355 EASON STREET N W MRS SAVANNAH SMITH MANAGER COMPLI MENTS IVICLENDON MEDICAL CLINIC INC lass SHARON STREET N w .IOE'S BARBER SHOP WE NEED YOUR HEAD IN OUR BUSINESS 89l SIMPSON STREET N W PASCHAL BROTHERS WE SPECIALIZE IN FRIED CHICKEN AND SEA FOOD asv HUNTER STREET N w PHONE AM 78II I 1 c OF , A RA. o N. E. OF ANDERSON AVENUE GARAGE T - OF TO OF COMPLI MENTS MRS LOUISE DILL AND MRS MATTIE SAMPSON COMPLIMENTS PET HEAVEN A MODERN PET CEMETERY COMPLIMENTS NEIGHBORHOOD SHOE SHOP 469 KENNEDY STREET COM PLIMENT5 THOMAS CAB S ERVICE I827 GORDON ROAD S W PHONE RA 0434 COMPLI MENTS WILSON TWO SPOT DRIVE IN WE sPECIALIzE IN PIT COOKED BAR B Q AND FRIED CHICKEN zoos CHICAGO AVENUE N w PH BE 9255 J c WILSON PROP COMPLI MENTS GLOBE CLEANERS I795 MOZLEY DRIVE S W PHONE RA 0333 C ELLINGTON GROCERY CO I530 JOHNSON ROAD N W GROC ERIES MEAT VEGETABLES ICE CREAM COLD DRINKS PHONE BE 9I87 COMPLI MENTS LAWRENCE COBB FURNITURE ALPINE O3II COMPLI MENTS AFRO SOCIAL CLUB JOI-IN w MAvs PRESIDENT ASHBY STREET APPLIANCE 920 BANKHEAD AVENUE N W RADIOS TELEVISIONS RANGES WASHING MACHINES REFRIGERATORS PHONE VE I666 COMPLIMENTS HOWARD S FURNITURE COMPANY 7I7 MARIETTA STREET N W PHONE WALNUT 9652 COMPLI MENTS O BARBARA LOVINGGOOD PULLMAN PORTER 's SOCIAL CLUB FOR EXPERT HAIR STYLINC VISIT LOU St LES BEAUTY SHOP MRS LOUISE JAMFS PROP OPERATORS MRS LENORA WILLIS MRS FLORENCE BROWN MISS ELIZABETH CAMPBELL COMPLI MENTS ETA SIGMA CHAPTER GAMMA RHO SORORITY PEERLESS FURNITURE CO COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS 252 EDGEWOOD AVENUE N E MAIN 0273 SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY COMPLIMENTS MRS EULAYIER BROWN OF OF Q . OF OF 1 . - 0 N. W, . OF OF - T a . Q B I I . . . . 0 Q . Q . OF s . . - Z7I-3 MARIETTA STREET! Ng VV. Q OF o . . I U OF I T U I I I OF . - 0 . . OF 0 . . - .. Q WEST SIDE RECAP SHOP INC wOcO-PEP PRODUCTS ICE AND COAL 330 ASHBY STREET N w PHONE AM, 9l59 GAINES H FERRELL MGR GOMPLIMENTS HOWARD H LONG AND FAMILY BARRETT S GROCERY Bt VARIETY STORES sos - sos CHESTNUT STREET N PHONE WA lI49 FRESH MEATS PRODUCE GROOERIES AND NOTIONS ADAMS DESIGNERS AND TAILORS SUITS MADE TO ORDER LADIES WORK A SPECIALTY CLEANING AND PRESSING 859 HUNTER STREET N W PHONE AM I4I5 PARAMOUNT GRILLE BIZ HUNTER STREET S W GOOD FOOD AT ALL HOURS WE NEVER CLOSE JOHNSON 8: WOOD ELECTRIC COMPANY 783 HUNTER STREET N W PHONE LA 4804 JONES BEAUTY 8: HOSIERY SHOP DAINTIES FOR THE LADIES CALL RAYMOND 5569 FOR APPOINTMENT B99 HUNTER STREET N W COMPLI MENTS MARK A THOMAS SCHOOL AND OFFICE SUPPLIES EOOKS HALLMARK CARDS HOPKINS BOOK CONCERN Ill AUBURN AVENUE as-I HUNTER STREET S w BARBARA LOVINGGOOD MR AND MRS NATHANIEL CRUTE AND SON LEEDS S sea HUNTER STREET N w ExcLuSIvE SPORTswEAR FOR BOYS AND GIRLS USE OuR LAY A WAY PLAN MCLENDON GROCERY 8C MARKET CORNER FAIRFIELD eg CARVER DRIVE PHONE BE szsa FREE DELIVERY SERVICE PEARL MCLENDON PROP COMPLIMENTS GORDON FOODS INC GORDON'S MAGIC PAK POTATO CHIPS JACKSON S INC HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES TELEVISIONS FURNITURE I85 AUBURN AVENUE N PHONE ALPINE 6533 COMPLI MENTS OF L 8: B BOYS OF HUNTER STREET COMPLIMENTS MR EM ERSON NEELY , . OF I o o . n l Q I I . W. . l I I O I I O 0 I D C . ' OF . . . DR. . SERVING THROUGH THE YEARS COMP'-IMENTS TO I N. E. 0 . u ' ' I I 0 0 T T I D I 1 I OF. O 0 T I . E. OF . 66 Cast Qfplay, E' 4 w -wi, The Cast at Play-Time 5 H. A . . , If !X LL t 5 1 , 3 . COMPLIMENTS or HOLMES BEAUTY PARLOR an SIMPSON STREET. N, w, COMPLIMENTS OF FRED L. SPRINGER GROCERY coMPl.lMENTs OF HIGH POINT SHOE SHOP I473 PRYOR ROAD, s, w, CHARLIE LEWIS' PROPRIETOR COMPLIMENTS OF' KITCHEN BEAUTY SHOP zas TAFE STREET. s, w. Fon APPOINTMENTS CALL MA, 6724 coMPl..l MENTS EIVIOGENE MAXEY CONGRATULATIONS TO IRENE CAMPBELL RANDOLPHIS GROCERY BEST IN ALL Foons cul..PEPPEn STREET N w CONGRATULATIONS TO JULIA MAE SHEFFIELD FROM FERNANDER 'S GROCERY IIG4 WEST MERETTA STREET N ATLANTA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS AMOS DRUG STORE ESTABLISHED I923 THE BIGGEST LITTLE DRUG STORE IN TOWN LUNCH SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRUGS YOUR TOTAL FOOD BILL SHOP A CULUNIAI c STORES COMPLIMENTS LU PO AND COMPANY PRODUCE COMPLIMENTS OF FORDHAIVI PHARMACY H99 L.uCll.E AVENUE S w R zlla WE DELIVER coMPl.lMENTs O DR P Q YANCEY BUS MA 0I64 RES BE 2 49 TO I0 I 0 9 OF n O 0 vvo I OF H, E. IS LESS ' T V F 0 I O I 0 I A, 0 0 0 O I coMPLnviEN'rs or WALKER ' S FLOWER SHOP FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 828 HUNTER STREET I339 JONESBORO ROAD wrrn-4 Rss, AM, 4907 aus, AL, aoos COMPLIMENTS MUTUAL FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSN. OF ATLANTA 205 AUBURN AVENUE: N, E, TELEPHONESI CYPRESS B282-8283 ACK OWLEDGEME T THE STAFF OF THE TURNER HI-LITE ACKNOWLEDGES WITH DEEP APPRECIATION THE PATRONAGE AND INTEREST OF ITS MANY FRIENDS Senior Alford. Jacquelyn Anthonette "Jackie" 1591 Willis Street, N. W. Red Cross, Science Club, Dramatics. Amey. Alycia Jeanette "Cookie" 170 Wellington Street, S. W. Amherst 5154 Courtesy Club, Y-Teens, Science Club, Dramatics Club, Social Science Club, Red Cross, Yearbook Staff, Paper Staff, Girls' Chorus, Honor Society, Pep Squad. Amos. Addie Bell "Maudestir1e" 798 Spencer Street, N. W. Lamar 2590 Courtesy Club, Y-Teens, Campfire Girls, Science Club, Pep Squad. Anderson. Jack Morris 94 Bronx Street, N. W. Raymond 4222 Chorus, Football Team, Student Coun- cil, Boys' Chorus. Atwater. J acquelyn 'Slack' ' 2019 Simpson Road, N. W. Belmont 5980 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Sewing Club. Banks. George "Sleepy" 1179 Avenue "B," N. W. Belmont 5866 Banks. Harold "Russel" 478 Oliver Street, N. W. Main 7365 Banks. Oliver "Bugs" 478 Oliver Street, N. W. Main 7365 Hi-Y, Trainer of Basketball, Football, and Baseball Teams. Beasely. James Lewis 2273 Carver Drive, N. W. Raymond 2317 Band. Benton. Charles "Cowboy" 947 Hunter Street, N. W. Franklin 1218 Basketball, Track Teams, Yearbook Staff, Greenlight. Director Blackwell. Ida Jewell 345 Temple Street, N. W. Raymond 8442 .Bommer. Juanita "Neat" 1105 Hood Drive, S. W. Amherst 0516 Counselor's Office Assistant. Boyd. Naomi Frances AcNae71 1604 Grover Street, S. W. Cypress 0987 Pep Squad. Brown. Betty HBB71 250 Chappell Road, N. W. Belmont 7457 Yearbook Staff. Brown. Rozier KlRatH 193 Joe Louis Drive, N. W. Belmont 1360 Science Club, Hi-Y, Manager of Ath- letics. Burkes. Edwina Delores "Winnie" 119 McDonough Boulevard, S. E. Dixie 3850 Office Assistant. Burks. Helen "Little Bit" 178 Northside Drive, N. W. Alpine 8467 Bussey. Bettye Louise 1830 Tiger Flowers Drive, N. W. Belmont 6787 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Band, Science Club. Butts. Annis Lee 137 Scott Street, N. W. Belmont 1966 Basketball, Track Teams, Band. Calhoun. Dorothy Wilene "Dot" 1272 Ladd Street, S. W. Amherst 5173 Chorus, Basketball, Track Teams. Campbell. Annie Elizabeth 1331 English Street, N. W. Elgin 3696 Campbell, Irene 1024 Culpepper Street, N. W. Atwood 6254 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Dramatics Club. Cantrell, Teria Dorothy "Buick Baby" 1208 Bronx Street, N. W. Raymond 9040 Band, School Bank, Cheerleader. Cater. Mae Frances "Shortie" Route 1, Box 158, Brownlee Rd., N. W. Library Assistant Club. Chapman. Rosie 600 Chestnut Street, N. W. Walnut 9958 Track Team, Band. Character. Bobby "Ben Gunn" 616 English Avenue, N. W. Lamar 7465 Basketball Team. Clark. Doris Jeanette 1549 Ezra Church Drive, N. W. Belmont 1663 Band, School Bank, Science Club, Tennis Team. Clark, Dorothy Virginia "Skewee" 2039 Akron Drive, S. E. Dixie 2737 Clark. William C5Speedy!7 608 McGruder Street, N. E. Alpine 1947 Football, Basketball Teams. Crews. Steve "Cap" 2073 Detroit Street, N. W. Belmont 6313 Football Team, Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Daniels. Blanche "Midget" 514 English Avenue, N. W. Main 7730 Band, Courtesy Club. Davidson. Albert HTippyH 1170 Loraine Street, N. W. Belmont 4091 Office Assistant. Dell. Julia Ann "June" 995 Collier Road Vernon 2178 Chorus, Dramatics Club, Courtesy Club, Girls' Glee Club, Track Team. Denham. Winfred Eugene "Jimmy Durante" 1767 Tiger Flowers Drive, N. W. Belmont 6787 Track, Football Teams, Dramatics Club. Dill, Mary Louise "Little Sister" 1005 Sparks Street, S. W. Raymond 5890 Yearbook Staff. Dooley. Gloria Winfred 406 Tazor Street, N. W., No. 4 Franklin 2315 Band, Yearbook Staff, Honor Society, Office Assistant. Ector. Ralph 2103 Penelope Drive, N. W. Edwards. James Henry 553 Sunset Avenue, N. W. Ellis. Evelyn Inez "Ebbie" 519 Oliver Street, N. W. Main 5781 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Basketball Team. Evans. James Randolph 276 Vine Street, N. W., No. 2 Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Finnie. Emma Lou Hpiggyl! 170 Davis Street, S. W. Franklin 5147 Office Assistant. Foster. Alma 938 Railroad Avenue, N. W. Exchange 2582 Office and Clinic Assistant. Gai-trell. Jeanette "Jean" 198 Wellington Street, S. W. Franklin 2453 Glenn. Patricia Ann Npatii 3 Lamar Avenue, S. W. Amherst 7364 Chorus, Band, Senior Council, Student Council, Dramatics Club, Y-Teens, Girls' Quartet, Girls' Glee Club. Greene. Claire 1192 Simpson Road, N. W. Amherst 2014 School Bank, Office Assistant. Gresham. Elsie 3364 Sunnyside Avenue, N. W. Cherokee 0472 School Bank, Manager of Track, Bas- ketball Teams. Gresham. Ora 3364 Sunnyside Avenue, N. W. Cherokee 0472 Basketball, Track Teams. Hall, Christine "Shorty" 1407 Jo land Avenue, S. W. Y Alpine 2891 Pep Squad. Harris. J eanetie lKJean75 1306 Andrew Street, N. W. Amherst 1896 Y-Teens, Campfire Girls. Harris. Robert I lPoky,7 546 Old Bolton Road, N. W. Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Harris. Troy "Charlie" 839 Kenned Street, N. W. Y Alpine 3606 Band, Lyre Club. Hawk. Aaron Hslewi 7 224 Stafford Street, N. W. Raymond 1242 Chorus. Herring. Emma Carolyn 144 Betsy Avenue, S. W. Raymond 5336 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Hillman. Isadore llslirn 77 154 Edwards Drive, N. W. Belmont 1824 Bank, Chorus, Student - Council, School Paper, Senior Council. Holmes, Drunell 339 Temple Street, N. W. Amherst 2014 Basketball Team. Holston. James llJune7I 2095 Tiger Flowers Drive, N. W. Belmont 1747 Chorus, Yearbook Staff, Boys' Chorus. Huff, Mary 1111 Hallman Avenue, N. W. Belmont 7614 Basketball, Track Teams. Hunt. Jessie Ruth "Baby Ruth" 545 Chestnut Street, N. W. Alpine 9784 Ireland. Joan 2025 Simpson Road, N. W. Belmont 5980 Bank, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. J ackson, Doris Lanell 373 Cairo Street, N. W. Amherst 2635 J ackson. James UFiftyH 95 Meldon Avenue, S. E. Alpine 7721 Football, Track Teams, Dramatics Club, Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Jackson. Virginia lKGin77 1189 Lorraine Street, N. W. Belmont 4979-6623 J inks. Doris "Footies" 1198 Simpson Road, N. W. Raymond 9591 Band, Science Club. Johnson. Clyde Aubrey 1030 Avenue "D," N. W. Belmont 8142 Football Team. Johnson, Harold Ray HF1y7, 2027 Chicago Avenue, N. W. Belmont 3286 Johnson. J acquelyn "Jackie" 2027 Chicago Avenue, N. W. Belmont 3286 Chorus, Dramatics Club, Senior Coun- cil, Student Council, Girls' Quartet, Girls' Glee Club. Jones. Freddie 358 Oliver Street, N. W. Alpine 4264 Basketball Team, Band. Jones. Margaret Mae "Little Jones" 2072 Bethel Drive, N. W. Belmont 3908 Chorus. Jordan. Henrietta Frankie 533 Davis Street, N W. Alpine 2609 Langford, Jimmy Hpigf! 1760 Stewart Avenue, S. E. Franklin 3353 Lewis. Alverna HTedaI7 361 Westchester Boulevard, N. W. Felmont 3889 Science Club, Library Assistants Club. Lovinggood. Barbara Ann "Kid" 247 Whittaker Circle, N. W. Belmont 5438 Chorus, Band, Student Council, Year- book Staff, Greenlight Staff, Bank, Girls' Glee Club. Luitery. Vera Mae "Duck" 2087 Morehouse Drive, N. W. Belmont 8837 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Mapp. Sallie "Brown Eyes" 1925 Frances Avenue, N. W. Belmont 4865 Science Club. Marks. Shirley HRed!Y 418 Ashby Street, N. W. Alpine 7402 Courtesy Club, Y-Teens, Dramatics Club. Marks. Thomas "Preacher" 422 Ashby Street, N. W. Lamar 0050 Football Team, Bank, Senior Council, Dramatics Club. Martin. James "Pete" 85 Meldon Avenue, S. E. Walnut 2145 Chorus, Boys' Chorus. Matthews. Josephine UJOeH 510 Lindsey Street, N. W. Alpine 9710 Basketball Team. Maxey. Emogene HMax7! 55 Murry Avenue, S. E. Main 7004 McAfee. Brunetia 390 Bowen Circle, No. 3, S. W. Cypress 1254 Basketball Team. McGuire, Daisy "Chubby" 1890 Elmira Street, N. W. Belmont 4325 Bank. Meadows. Angeline "Sweetpea" 140 South Avenue, S. E. Chorus, Cheerleader. Mitchell. Mary Jane 2643 Brown Street, N. W. Belmont 3859 Mitchum. Pauline Gail "Cupcake" 2024 Simpson Road, N. W. Raymond 3240 Band, Chorus, Lyre Club, Science Club, Honor Society. Morgan. Ann "Chickl' 375 Yonkers Avenue, N. W. Belmont 3105 Band, Science Club, Honor Society. Munday. Roy 211 Whittaker Circle, N. W. Belmont 6240 Munday. Shirley Delores "Lois" 211 Whittaker Circle, N. W. Belmont 6240 Band, Senior Council, School Bank. Newman. Rayford "Stuff" - 215 Anderson Avenue, N. W. Belmont 7810 Football, Baseball, Basketball Teams, Student Council, Bank, Greenlight Staff, Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Senior Council, Honor Society, President of Student Body. N ewsome. Patricia HPatH 1761 Tiger Flowers Drive, N. W. Belmont 5659 Courtesy Club. Paige. Hubert "Glue Fingers Kid" 581 Paynes Avenue, N. W. Walnut 7592 Football, Basketball, Baseball Teams. Patridge, Willie Edward 1528 Ezra Church Drive, N. W. Belmont 4258 Perryman, Yvonne Virginia "Sister" 367 Tazor Street, N. W. Amherst 3570 Band. Petty. Arabella HPr0H 1825 Oakmont Drive, N. W. Belmont 5194 Richardson. Josephine LCJO-JOY! 3212 Northside Drive, N. E. Red Cross, Dramatics Club, Honor Society. Ricks. Saralyn Sue 1586 Elixir Avenue, S. W. Amherst 9970 Social Science Club, Y-Teens, Band, Bank, Dramatics Club, Girl Scouts, Student Council, Senior Council, Yearbook Staff, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Honor Society. Riley. Ralph Waldo "Shakespeare" 144 McDonough Boulevard Hi-Y, Track, Basketball Teams. Cheerleader, Chorus, Boys' Chorus, Boys' Quartet, Student Council. Robinson. Betty Jean "Boots" 2200 Larchwood Street, S. W. Band, Senior Council, Lyre Club, Greenlight Staff, Yearbook Staff. Rosernond. Chloe ggpapl! 1121 Avenue UB" Belmont 6421 Ross. Margaret "Marge" 308 Anderson Avenue, N. W. Belmont 2312 Greenlight Staff, Student Council, Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Royal. James nRed!1 1149 Mobile Street, N. W. Raymond 0871 Track, Football Teams. Scott, Thelma "Blondie" ' 467 Western Avenue, N. W., No. 393 Sheffield. Julia "Pinkie" 1641 Johnson Road, N. W. Belmont 6110 Library Assistants Club, Y-Teens. Shy. Terrell 1576 Mims Street, S. W. Franklin 5021 Smith. Barbara UBabS77 112 Taliaferro Street, N. W. Cypress 5731 Chorus, Library Assistants Girls' Glee Club. Smith, Frankie Mae "Pinkie" - 539 Third Street, N. W. Walnut 6274 Clinic Assistant Steed. Jabus "Texas Red" 3353 Oak Valley Road Cherokee 0472 Strickland. Ida Lou 1745 Gordon Road, S. W. Franklin 4093 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Sutton. Charlie James 120 Merritts Avenue, N. E. Atwood 7384 Track Team. Talley. Bennie uGuS17 1197 Simpson Road, N. W. Belmont 0984 Football, Basketball Teams. Taylor. Jeannie Lucille 1022 Dimmock Street, S. W. Raymond 5642 Basketball Team, Thomas. Calvin URed91 1179 Lorraine Street, N. W. Belmont 6054 Thomas. Marion HTub77 2354 Thompson Street, N. W. Belmont 5034 Band. Thomas. Nathaniel 1179 Lorraine Street, N. W. Belmont 6054 Toliver, Addie Belle 490 Paynes Avenue. N. W. Lamar 6591 Club Trice. Jenel Gail 1664 West Lake Court, N. W. Belmont 6437 Chorus. Student Council, Girls' Glee Club. Trultt. Anna Eugenia "Jean" 934 Proctor Street, N. W. Y-Teens, Courtesy Club, Student Council, Greenlight Staff Editor. Varner. Rubye Catherine 22 Spring Street, N. W. Belmont 3170 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Walker. Charles "Spot" 934 Simpson Street, N. W. Amherst 1576 Bank, Yearbook Staff, Hi-Y, Senior Council, Greenlight Staff, Dramatics Club. Ward. Solomon K ISOP 7 74 Brownsville Road, N. W. Belmont 6186 Baseball Team. Washburn. James HEd7l 1152 First Avenue, N. W. Belmont 1952 Football, Baseball Teams. Watkins. Juanita HN'itaH 547 Sunset Avenue, N. W. Cypress 2376 Band, Red Cross. Weaver. Rajah Ann "Banana" 492 Ashby Street, N. W. Atwood 2405 Basketball Team, Yearbook Staff, Track Team, Cheerleader. Weldon. Victoria livickili 871 Beautell Street, N. W. Main 9167 Courtesy Club, Y-Teen, Studen1 Council, Band, Dramatics Club Worthem. Mary "Bell" 328 Addington Street, S. W Amherst 2623 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Wilkinson. Cledlth "Cledies" 236 Chappell Road, N. W. Belmont 7540 Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Winston. Racine 4916 Jeptha Street, S. W. Amherst 7164 Cheerleader. Wright. Jeanette HRedH 577 Strong Street, N. W. Main 9725 wrigm. naiph 2175 Worthem Avenue, S. Amherst 9841 Football Team. Wyatt. Lllllan 605 Ashby Street, N. W. Vernon 4450 Office Assistant. Young. Barbara lipirnpn 1047 Sparks Avenue, S. W. Y-Teens. Zimmerman. Maggie Sue 875 Federal Avenue, S. E. Dixie 1472 Senior Council, Student Council School Bank, Red Cross, Honor So ciety, Chorus. 1 5 I Q ! 5 1 3 E E 5 its az As you turn these pages today, or on some tomorrow, you will re-live the won- derful times you had "back in the good ole' days" at your Alma Mater. With the passing of years this annual will become a priceless treasure-train to whisk you back along memory lane to reioin your old friends and re-visit familiar places. As we at USECO turn these pages, we see the America of tomorrow. The farmers, the lawyers, the doctors, and the many trades and professions are so ably represented within these pages. We are honored to have played a part in recording this pictorial history of your 1954 school days . . . . . . and THAT'S A FACT! ,,,,,,,,.f 1 -F-'-555 A USE C0 , H get ,, " am K W 5.,r I. , ' UNIVERSITY SUPPLY and EQUIPMENT C0 6001 East Rosedale Fort Worth, Texas u 1 1 5 I f I 3 S 5 - 1 U 4 f 2 E v :fn .V, . rf' EY' 1 A an K' A .- 3 . cw J. .. . ' g.. Qmilhli' - 39 ,P J--1 . A '-4 S. - 0. v " "" ,V , Y -1 fy . .WA -, ,eff 5 1,7 K, -5' - ' 4 Y ,..V x""""' ' - f Jpgaf 4 f' . - A ' 5 " -1-vi-Yyflf-" 4 "Q "'4,J ,,,,, A f iff , -- ' ' if 'x' 1,1111 1' - f 5' ,, f,1afg:'f-wx I'-NT-ff Sf' 17 '4 3 I ff -If '-tg . f ' - . ,7'W"V44Hezwarf:f 24 Lf ' 1 za. 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U ia IWW!! ."' " - , sg WN ' ' K N WZ? E .Q - f LS T,,,,,.p w T Qui' ini 2. E-Eg: E --1,3 A - . .A,. 5 .45 -- -,, ,,.. for ,-- --1 lflnl, A F' -3 fi. Y gzlfgsf ,ff-'i ,f -'J-"T-:ir--Q Jqfgfl'-fEs7F 912. "1 'W -2 ' Elfgilff' F' " --fi 507 K , """-Cd --:':?x 35252 '? '51fff A ' 'Z " gig ': .i-Lf ijgf-"""9 f QN1- will--'J'-"4 ' :rf -if , " 7: F' -, sk ff L'-cf-'l?4 4 'iif1f -'- age? 1 - 1- W, X- -- 'T-2 ' -V A' ::- - fh Hi. T522 iris '55 -'-A-----. -fp-f' , 1 - ,..,L?,az..ff1 Ly, ' . ' ' ' 'rx I M. 6-if: d'i4-, X R " '.-- J awww --cfzffzff f- J-7 42722 fffiisg F3 -,final rn W K 'A V, X V f --H l,.- 1!fi-2911 LQ ? " fx I, CF ff: ' E9 1-WM 'Li7 ff W 1142! , f' , " , - 4 f 1 ,f-- gfb 'ff fe l - 'fff ,, 45f'1 ' , 4' if f f g1Q:7 ff ' ' f'iQ f jf 1' 5 1. v JXQZ 3 f -X S f ,ff , , ' f ,4 , H ,TA ' V A 1' "fl-f,,Zsfk4wa"' 'ff' ff A 77 6 .' ,f ' f - Z f - A .f' . f , ,ff ,yr ,ff - , I .f xp X 1 ,gf U ' ,. ff' Aff fx W ff N ' 1 ,5 . X!! , , X R ff , ff ,- - ,ff , ,f ,ff ,X ff . Nm f ' if 'UW , ,f - 'v9w.."4f'f'1 ., ,J ,.., ., ivw-W1 N" - -5 M 'wg " 'M "'-'-- 45. --L-1 C A-,V-sf E -- , V+ -Q K M ,AM fl ' 7 ' ' QD r nf r 1-H-ka K gp "V I 7 , 4 H - 'xxx Q - --W L, - .ffm p ' L 5 ,'.Q,f- xx- - in f? L7 f . , , 'flfx WI" 3- yu v XR N ,.f'.fN f ' - M X-, - Q-rg aw ik X 4 QA 5' 'k'QY, ff fyw 'MM' f f Q ff ,, , gw , .-i K N KX , X M!! If . fy X 1, c fi X if -F----T' AX x"xX'N-"A 1-ff. " 4 5 NX. 5 'X F- QN xq A gf D X : -Vind in "Aff ----,.,f, ,,,,fj' , A xg ,f ff M' , A lj ,ff V

Suggestions in the Turner High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

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1954, pg 27

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Turner High School - Hi Lite Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 70

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