Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA)

 - Class of 1966

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Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 208 of the 1966 volume:

, Au., wg. Q mgfl 1 1'-7"45.2Bfg'l v ,M -1 rw -Sn - X M. m.f . .L 5 :?,,1"Y,, may A Mm:-. .WHJ 4.vnE:'ffmw,j. ::.'i's'1a:f. ,alx , 41,541 J wg! W .V fain ffgxfilf' 1 .. 1. 32551 r --.,-he , A . M. - x ME? ' , , k 1 ,Q 2' ' W1 'L , "'.fQ"" , -xl ,, ,yy Kg, R Y . ,. 1-... ge- ' -, QQ, N- Wg ,QI '. H' HV Q , kIasf V f,.' W ' H , . , "?5"1-Jx, Q25 'ark ' A " A -. V4 . W., he M, x A, ,Q 'f'4,e'fw Reb X .AMT ,nsAW 4Ji X, 9 " K mlm? , . S my A 'mf.f':.f'x ' A ,,,i, M. L, 4. vwn 1 I l I i Q 3 v v fffw TURNER ASHBY HIGH SCHOOL l l j7Qre 75 fo yufnef 5735 Qgcfoof 58 Glad? Ky Q59 QSXUQQJQX E009 Cy 7 in Q ...- - 4 ufzizer cgcfoof fbczyfozz, r01k4y1k21'a ray Cgfqff " ' XF. ff u ,na , ., ,fs 5 ' HT, wt ' ifgrxj, It x 41' X ,K if v' cf N ' ' , by . 'Q '20 A , Egg V, . 1 f ' - x . -it ' 2 I L 1' -E5-"5.x' g , L ,I my ' r 5 . , V v- A W V 'Riff Eg X Q f Li, me XAQ' ,-G' 54 ' ist Q 6 2 V 9, ' , Q r f ,Xxx P. Q 3 Editor ...... Assistant Editor Managing Editor Photo Editor . . Art Editor . . Typist ....... Business Manager ..... . . .Pam McGrath . . . Debby Martin Freddie Fechtmann . . . Greg Geisert . . . Melvin Lee . . Libby Newman . . Carson Moore Assistant Business Manager .... Linda Estep Sponsor. . . . Assistant Sponsor 2 . . Mrs. Ikenberry . . Mrs. Southard 55Z0I4QCUOZ"Of JYQFQZS' 70 i7UfI2Qf Qscfoof ..... 759 I1?S!0Ifdf1bl2 your scfoofsony Cd!UfUfQJ X59 Circ? Csfcyffporfrays, 112 p1Cfc1r95 anf CUOFOQ X69 122a11yfQC9f9 WW af 711171911 cgcgoof Our pz1r,00.99 IIS' fo Cfgdfg cz Qshhy 112911201fy QFXA9 1965-66 scfoofyear 111176 169 60709 ffaf 17 w1Hf9caf znany fappy 1220122612131 "If CJ012f911f5 QD90fCc1f1b12 g12fr0041Cf1b12 Q 57062Q1121QYfraf1lU9 csfcyf g,.,.,.-95,91 ' yf gacufy yr I J Glam P., 9' X 770512117193 N Q jqfffzfzbs Si .. ,Z gQdfUI"QlS' 1. '15 l 539121614 Q3QC'fIbI? , 1 6 it 5q06914f1Q9912Q912f5 J QDQOQCQZICIQ WFS. gAQI26QZ"fy 4' M r Q7 yeacfer jfjfgcls 8fQI'I2Iy,' Gan Meyer' LZUAQFG gzyqzence csfops --Henry Brooks Adams The 1966 Crag is proudly dedicated to Mrs. Effie E. Ikenberry in tribute to her excellence as a teacher and a person. Her enthusiasm in teaching and her understanding in guidance have inspired countless students on to greater achievements. Her gifts to education truly affect eternity, for she is a teacher who will be remembered long after her students leave the classroom to face the world. Mrs. Ikenberry's image has been indelibly inscribed on those whom she instructed, and, as a matter of personal honor, she has kept that image spotless. f - V' ry Q ,QM as M, f. .... ii', 11 - i X X I 3 'X x f,..r--QW. Jin.. X .Q - .X , g X4 in X 3 , , s-A""' I ,N r rr,, Mgr. K. W 5 9 'Arek 70 garner Lscfoof ,ZS gfe Qscgoof we qfeqogre. . . 7' gn 173 fenffyear garner Q7 56 5 s y y cscfoofzlv sbfnecv znb appearance fu! ogzn Aerzlfaye. yfe fraafffbns gf our scfoof are guzf arounofzfe M if Qeneraf garner Q-YJHQ ffe mzzyff yf ffe GoryQoQracy. yfe name qfmlv fame, Me Graf Has geen acfpfeofas ffe name gfour scfoofannuaf Ufe VC0df'M arms anof moffo, Nyge Jus! anoff7ear N04 " are assoczafeof MM our scaoof gn ffe pas! many sfuoenfs Have yraofzafeafffrom garner prouof gf af 12' sfanf X611 Wosf Jyou cwfkeflfe comdfnafzbn gfjby anofsorrow Ma! acco m panzes yraofzabbn. ememger ffe Qssons lfaf wzfge Qarneoffere anofappg Mem fo your own Ngynofffejrzenogmfps ffaf are mane feref we cvzfcferzlvf ffem afvays. . . '7 I 4 Q ff V915 ' Y. ,mm in , L , Q2fiii'f:Qi.Y . Q,k,efL21i's,? X '14 ' 55-QW ., J, tw rl, , Nag,-fy.7 A ?Ef'l5,-,Mui MA ? :sa ,1 ay- ,,,4, .4 4 ? yfnm f 5:33394 r' an ,ilgsfi Qiifilr' ' ff f X ' 7112? A .Q A 53555513 f-1 V ,ww-4: 441 f 2iiSli5:52f-im' ,Ji f ' q , r '1 57z20f57Qr 6306143 ZUQ Sire 5ZQ1l12j gd!" ZUQ E009 Helo QZOFQ 8 ay Jer 73 Zlfe Zfoff N f!7l2ff C0066 f Dczy 9 gqnof e 7r1Q120GA1ps jfaf gre YFGOQ MFG, IO Zfe 6691736 jgem jlvczys. I I 41291 if V4 ,f ,y 12" Wg, ,, ,J V .kv 75912 70 QUFDQF Cscfoof gqnofjfe jeams we Cjafour yfbzyffs, 12 I we wep jfe cspzlfzf gozkzy 133555,-sf Bef K M . f I3 i7OI" 01114 Cjobrs, y3QCf 026179. x I4 Q rek fo jurner Qscfoof ZS jge Qgcfoof ZUQ 5706z'e,' gg Jfi I6 qncfjqfaz' f 306119 U76 57149 791109 .rjof ZUQ Looe EKG W0 I7 ur 241112040 E. CAMERON MILLER May I begin this message by saying to the Seniors of 1966 that you have reached the end of a long journey. This journey began for most of you, September 1, 1954. The purpose of the adventure was the acquisition of knowledge leading to a full and rewarding life. It is my personal belief that most of you have traveled well and have earned the right, with pride and humility, to stand at the peak of this experience. However, you now must switch from the passenger to driver seat and take full responsibility for your adult life now beginning. I wish for each of you the best things in life and will follow with interest and pride your future plans and accomplishments. To you at Turner Ashby, who are still in the midst of your journey, may I pledge my continued interest and concern that you give of your best and in so doing contribute to the glory of the school we all adore. Sincerely, E. Cameron Miller Principal 18 KV mzhzkfrabbe Cgfg E. CAMERON MILLER .... PRINCIPAL MRS. CARRIE H. SIMMONS . . SECRETARY MRS. EDNA L. MILLER .... GUIDANCE DIRECTOR JERRY M. WAMPLER ..... ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Wferzd CSXQM il in Mrs. Suter, Mrs. Bowman, Mrs. Moats, Mrs. Garber, Mrs. Revercomb, Mrs. Whissen, Mrs. Manning. Mr' Goodm Mr. Southerly Mr. Rhodes 20 7141 GCIJA i Miss Dorothy Baugher Zuszb ess Mrs. Vallie Myers, Bookkeeping, Typingg Mrs. Bernice Byrd, Shorthand, Typingg Mrs. Nellie Warrington Gene Business, Typing. ' 21 7 Mfg., iD1.3'ffIgUfIk!Q Sofzcafzon g7120fy120Q1sfr1dfCjoofoerafzoe- jrazbzby Elwood Roche Callie Diehl 0 f. C 12 yfzsf Mrs. Vera Hollen, Mrs. Aleene Evans, Mrs. Elva Wilfong, Mrs. Dorothy Dellinger, Charles Garber, Mrs. Una Hollen, Mrs. Doris Showalter, Mrs. Sandra Southard, Gerald Jones. 22 9JUIbQHC'Q If Everette Wi1f0Hg, Mrs. Edna Miller, Mrs. Vallie Myers, Elwood Roche, Carlton Cupp, Mrs. Effie Ikenberry, Jerry Wampler. any-yI'1CUAZC1l'Q d1?Jj1Q122Q CTCOHOIZQICS Q lg - Q M mme CAREFULLY!! Roland Arey, Carlton Cupp, Mrs. Grace Hollen, Mrs. Janet Whetzel. 23 ' GCC! Z? ganyuaye Mrs. Elva Wilfong, Frenchg Mrs. Peggy Landis, Lating William Kyger, Spanish 5Qgl'dIy Mrs. Frances Holsinger 24 5' s' J f-" f" is g s' I ' X x WQM X700 Gary Riner, Algebra, Geometryg Clarence Obenschain, Algebra, Math 8g Leonard Hollen, Algebrag George Dovel, Math 85 Mrs. Anne Connor, Math 85 Mrs. Polly Hill, Algebra, Analysis. ,716 Q Cganzbaf 0140 wzby HID g fl qs! if George Dovel, Robert Huffman. 25 acu 1? Yiwu Mrs. Doris Showalter, Donald Arbogast. yszbafafzcafzbn Yu! Lawrence Pence, Mrs. Patsy Sacra, Joseph Whitmore, Mrs. Carle Phibbs, Samuel Ritchie 26 CSCIQUCQ GCI! Q g ,f Donald Armentrout, Biologyg Jared Clem, Biology, General Scienceg Harold Good, General Science, Physicsg Mrs. Effie Ikenberry, Chemistryg Joseph Whitmore, General Science, Mrs. Lorraine Zirkle, General Scienceg Charles Miller, General Science. CSOC1Uf QS Czen Ce gr A. J. Bodkin, Government, Everette Wilfong, Historyg James Gresham, World History, Mrs. Shelvie Carr, World Geography, Historyg George Leffel, History, General Businessg Mrs. Lorraine Zirkle, U.S. History, Jerry Wampler, Government, Edgar Bartley, U.S. History, History 8. 27 9 jlforefs 570 jfe QSfuoQnfs Offgurner CSC500f you X50 sfuognfs, are jurner cgcfoof yfe sfuoQ'nf 6009 numfers a,0pr0x1mafeQ 1,133 comznyfrom commun1bQs surrounofny Qbayfon, U1ry1n1a csome foe 1n :fe fowns J Zayfon, y3r1Qewafe13 m Graayfnrof or Me C19 Mmrrzkongury Offers foe on farms anof 122 ruraf communzbas exfenofny many mzms 122 affrecfzons arounof S7llI'H6I' ggere are sfuoQnfs who zvag a ka! gmcfs or nk a aus 10 mzms 112 oroQr fo arrzoe af gurner Zrzwe- wafefg Zayfon, Wil Gfnfon, yjmasanf 'Daly anof Offogrne fjmmenfary 605006 senof eacf aufumn, many e1yH15yraoQrs 1:1150 gecome a par! gffe exzlsfzny sfuknf QQ. jfe sfuognfs comeffrom many Wren! zfacfyrounog H1115 a vane? y1I1V2fQI'QJ'fS anoffamnfs. you are Me many znfozofzaf logo mafe up your scfoof your confrzgubons mafe garner mga! 17 15, anofong your sfr1o1nys anof aslozrafzons can mafe fer an eoen yreafer scfoof 0 .,z.f::.fg::J4- "' , ,,,,.V .lik 'WW ...ff Q ,M , Q, N, -f - vs ww L,1.', .--, f 1u,rf6,i X ,W ,XV if Q 2 Lt W . :gg 2? . . L M Q Kiwi 101: 5 M .HW N. RW. ww 1534 44 , . JE ' K ,nfl f-' , .CW . Q 3 .5 , KAREN FAY ADAMS EDD MURRY ALLISON, JR. EDUARDO VLADIMER ANDREW 1 DONALD LYNN BE ERY jpg enzbf JAMES RAY BENTCH DAVID ALLEN BIER KAREN LACLARE BIRT ELVERT EUGENE BLACK JAMES FRANKLIN BLOSSER ROGER WAYNE BLOSSER DONALD WAYNE BOWMAN LAWRENCE ALLEN BOWMAN . dl Cf A GSS wf WfW 70 SANDRA KAY BOWMAN , RALPH SAMUEL BOYERS LINDA LOU BRICKER NANCY ELLEN BRYAN 1 K EDDIE LEE BURGOYNE LORETTA JUNE BURKHOLDER EVERETTE LEE CARR LINDA JEAN CARR 9121614 NANCY ELAINE CARICOFE ROBERT GARLAND CHANDLER CAROL RULEMAN COBB LARRY NOLAN COBB 'Www PHYLLIS LEE COBB BARRY PRESTON COFFMAN MARGARET ANN COFFMAN DENNIS NORMAN COMPTON Ska? BOB LEE COOK JOHN STEVEN COWGER CAROLYN ANNE COX GEORGE OWEN CROMER """'PP iw' RAY THEODORE CROWE II LARRY CLARENCE CUPP WILLIAM CHARLES DUNLAP ROY WILLIAM EARLY enzbf ALICE MARIE EDGE HUBERT BURNS ESTES, JR. FREDDIE ANN FECHTMANN JAMES FREDERICK FERRY, JR. 4 Chex 49" RAY WILLIAM FIFER JUDY ANN FLORY LINDA CHARLENE FRANK JEAN ELIZABETH GEISER GREGORY WAYNE GEISERT KATHERINE ELOISE GLOVER STEVEN EDWARD GRANDLE SALLY ANNE GREEN SUE CARROLL GRIFFITH LINDA JEAN GROGG PAMELA COLLEEN GUNSTEN JUDY E LAINE HAMMER 9121014 DONNIE FRANKLIN HANGER LINDA KAY HARBIN PAUL EDWARD HARMAN GLORIA JEAN HARTMAN wbflifgwv Gkss Vfgf' ,.,, . fr 1, LARRY WAYNE HEATWOLE LOIS LANE HEATWOLE VERA ROSE HEATWOLE WANDA LEE HEATWOLE WAYNE EUGENE HEATWOLE BRENDA LEE HEDRICK NANCY HEDRICK CAROLYN ANN HEISHMAN KAY ANN HEVENER ELEANOR JEAN HILBERT ROBERT WAYNE HILBERT RODNEY EUGENE HILDEBRAND A enzbf TONI KATHERINE HINCK WALTER LEE HODGES, JR. JANE NIXON HOTTINGER JUANITA FAYE HOWDYSHELL wukv ,W L ELIZABETH ANNE HUFFMAN JOAN ELLEN HUFFMAN MARK JOHN HUFFMAN BARBARA FRANCES JONES Gkss MARGARET ELIZABETH JONES JOHN SAMUEL KEAGY STANLEY FRANKLIN KELLER REGGIE LEO KERNS SAMUEL EDWARD KESNER CHARLES LAYMAN KILE CARSON LEE KIRACOFE TIMOTHY CAROLL KNICELY enzbr GEORGE NELSON KYGER PATSY SUE LAM ALVIN LYNN LAMBERT CALVIN GLENN LAMBERT gf HANCEL DANIEL LAMBERT, JR. ELDON LEROY LAYMAN ROY FRANKLIN LAYMAN, JR. ME LVIN DAVID LEE Mm G GSS WAYNE ANDREW LILLY SHARON FAYE LINEWEAVER PHYLLIS KAY LISKEY CATHERINE WAMPLER LOGAN EDNA LORRAINE LONG RICHARD SAMUEL LONG MICHAEL ARNOLD LOOKRETIS JAMES WILTON LUCK, JR. 9121614 DAWN LOUISE MARTIN DIANE LEE MARTIN JUDY ELAINE MARTIN LOUISE ELAINE MARTIN PAMELA GAGE MCGRATH .IO ANN MICHAEL BILLY LEON MILLER GEORGE RICHARD MILLER II CQ55 M GLEN WILLIAM MILLER LARRY LYNN MILLER LEONARD WILSON MILLER LINDA ANN MILLER Wm LINDA JEAN MILLER MICHAEL ANTHONY IVHLLER LEAH VIRGINIA MINNICH CARSON IRA MOORE 9121614 SONDRA FAYE MOWBRAY SUE ELLEN MYERS ELIZABETH LEE NEWMAN JUDITH LYNN O'ROARK RONALD EUGENE OTT HARRY LEE PAYNE, JR. CHARLES MARK PHIBBS JAME S EDWARD PITTS GQ55 BETTY ANN PLAUGHER JOAN FAYE POOLE EDMUND PLEASANTS PRICE GOLDA MARIE REXRODE 44h MARIETTA EARLENE RHODES BONNIE JANE RICHARD PAUL NOLAN RODEFFER CALVIN BRADLEY RODGERS SUSAN GALE RINKER LINDA SUE RITCHIE 9121514 PHYLLIS DAWN RITCHIE NELSON EDWARD RODGERS ai CQSJ ANNE ELIZABETH RUNNINGER LINDA ANN RUSMISEL KAREN MARIE RYDER LENWE LL HARRISON SACRA BETTY WAYNE SAYERS JOYCE LOU SHANK MARGARET MAE SHANK PAULETTE MAE SHARP MARY ANN SHARPES CAROLYN ANN SHERFEY DONNA IQAY SHIFFLETT LINDA PAIGE SHIFLET 9121614 ANN FAYE SHIRKEY KENNETH WILSON SHOOK BARBARA JEAN SHULL RICHARD LEE SILMAN C055 WW. CARLTON GRANT SIMMERS CHARLES WAYNE SIMMERS JANICE FAY SIMMERS LINDA LOU SMITH MARTHA LOUISE SMITH NANCY ALICE SMITH SHARON ELAINE SMITH JOSEPH EUGENE SNYDER . MA. RUDY-LINDON SOLDEN JACQUELINE SPANGLER LYNDA LARAINE SPEAS NE LSON EARL SPITLER 9121014 MARGARET JEAN SPRINKEL RALPH LISKEY STEELE KENNETH RAY STROOP RICHARD TETER STOUTAMYER wxwgfw C633 CAROLYN FAYE STOUTAMYER JUDY KAY STOVER MARIA ELENA SUTER JERRY WAYNE SWECKER ELAINE FRANCES THOMAS LARRY DEWITT TRISSEL LYDIA ANN TUSING JULIA ANN TUTWILER -nu, Ju, CLYDE THOMAS VAN HUSS JR. DORINA LEA VINCIE BETTY LYNN WAGNER 7 E LAINE KAYE WAMP LE R 6121014 FREDERICK ALBERT WAMPLER CAROLYN LOUISE WEAVER LARRY GENE WHITESELL PHYLLIS JEAN WILKINSON .Mm STEVE DWIGHT WILLIAMS BONNIE FRANCES WINE DANIEL LESTER WRIGHT MIRIAM E LAINE ZE HR C653 WANDA KAYE ZIMMERMAN Qiiv O s r -l,',!,,.f r ,fi ,Q I 'Q' ' X I 7 Ad CN s Qiiv 53 9121614 xecuzfzoe ozzncz' FIRST ROW: J. Shank, M. Suter, M. Smith, L. Ritchie, J. Michael, P. Liskey, L. Huffman. SECOND ROW: D. Martin, L. Burkholder, S. Myers, J. Huffman, E. Wampler, L. Shiflet. THIRD ROW: M. Sprinkel, L. Rusmisel, E. Layman, L. Harbin, S. Rinker, D. Martin. FOURTH ROW: E. Price, C. Moore, L. Heatwole, S. Williams, S. Hodges. SIXTH ROW: R. Wampler, M. Miller, E. Carr, S. Keller. Colors: Aqua and Gold Flower: Yellow Rose Motto: Climb, Though the Rocks Be Rugged 54 . . 3 . 61121014 Xecuboe ouncz FIRST ROW: K. Cline, B. Davis, A. Miller, K. Keplinger, K. Early, S. Plecker. SECOND ROW: Z. Custer, J. Pat- terson, D. Stetser, M. Connor. THIRD ROW: P. Whetzel, D. Layman, J. Meyerhoeffer. FOURTH ROW: B. Weaver, L. Estep, S. Estes, D. Rhodes. FIFTH ROW: L. Evans, S. Good, J. Martin, L. Smith, D. Hill, D. Lineweaver. alta: X -gp ' I Umm? D ' Q ' 'N' ' s . 3 Q72 V 5 55 Miriam Bowman Dorcas Campbell Leonard Caracofe Larry Carpenter Kay Cline Joanne Coffman 5 6 x Gary Allman Karen Alt Dennis Arey Sharon Arey Unzbr Jack Beery Margaret Birt Lorraine Bittinger Carolyn Blosser Judy Coffman Leary Colaw Martha Connor Judy Cook Dewayne Croushorn Gay Cupp Judy Cupp Zoe Custer Ckss Brenda Davis Dane Devier Daryl Divizio Miriam Dovel Tommy Dovel X Barbara Earhart " L 'D Glen Early 'W Karen Early Delores Evers Denny Eye Bobby Eye Melvin Falls Robert Farley Ruth Fitchett Mary Foster Marilyn Funkhouser Susan Early Robert Eberly Jim Eckardt Linda Estep Steve Estes Lynn Evans ,y..V, Q ' 57 , W X N . lg W ksilegc eu e 'R tw Llnda Heatwole Owen Heatwole Galen He1sey Don H111 Roger H111 Davld H011 5 8 1 Steve Good Phyllis Gowl Linda Hamilton Larry Hanger Debbie Harmon Linda Harold Paulette Harper June Heatwole unzbf Pat Hollen Karen Hottinger Linda Huffman Rufus Huffman Tommy Huffman Roger Jones Paul Johnson Darlene Kaufman Chas David Kendall Donna Keplinger Karen Keplinger Gloria Kile Roger Kiracofe Larry Knicely Sheldon Knicely Larry Knott Phyllis Layman Karen Lee Robert CButchJ Lee David Lineweaver Cynthia Liskey Lucinda Liskey Lynda Lough Debby Martin Grace Lam Launie Lambert Varlie Lambert Bobby Landes Verna Landes Danny Layman ity . 59 Judy Miller Lois Ann Miller Robert Miller Shirley Miller Tommy Miller Bobby Monger i 60 Jack Martin Pam Martin Patty May Carroll McDorman Jodie Meyerhoeffer Sandra Meyerhoeffer Ann Miller Evelyn Miller unzbr slr' Joyce Mongold Judy Moore Phyllis Morral Donnie Myers Richard Myers Joyce Newman Julia Patterson Lorraine Pennington Mary Ellen Petre Sisan Plecker Kenneth Poteet Phyllis Propst Victor Rexrode Danny Rhodes Doris Rhodes Pat Rhodes Leslie Sayer Dale Shank Linda Shank Pat Shank Sharon Shank Bob Shiflet Cecilia Shipp Janice Shirkey Mary Roadcap Donald Rodgers Rosemary Rogers Thomas Rose Terry Ruddle Linda Ruff 61 Eric Simpson Donna Smith Larry Smith Gail Snyder Diane Stetser Craig Stevens 62 Leanna Showalter Richard Showalter Kathy Shull J. C. Silman Peggy Simmers Dale Simmons Elaine Simmons Wanda Simmons John Swartz Ruth Swartz Gwen Teter Dusty Thomas Brenda Todd Ann Trobaugh Kathy Trobaugh Carney Tumer 11121614 K-3 ,J GSS 'iiiE??35F'?i!5:f51- " Linda Van Huss Sally Vanpelt Mike Walsh Everette Waybright Billy Weaver Carolyn Wenger Ray Wenger Larry Wheeler wil' Sammy Wheelbarger Phyllis Whetzel Harry Whitesell Margaret Wichael Jane Wilfong Peggy Wimer E mily Wi s e Kenneth Wood Judy Yoder 63 CSOIU5 0122 0149 Lois Airey Jay Allen Mari Andrew Mark Andrews Elizabeth Armentroui Debbie Beall Sharon Belcher Gary Bennington Merle Berkshire Lynn Bess Billy Blaine Dennis Bowman Nancy Bowman Tommy Bowman Ellen Brown John Brunk Ronald Burgess C. E. Burgoyne Phil Burkholder Bobby Butts ' "feel, N-5.3 Barbara Byrd Billy Caracofe Roy Caricofe Sharon Casady Gary Chandler Brenda Click Don Click Daniel Cobb Gary Coffman Carolyn Compton Tim Cook Connie Craun Mike Cromer Juanita Curry Benny Custer Nancy Garber Robert Hall Phyllis Hanger Diana Hannah Debby Harlow Demiis Harper Bertha Heatwole Gary Heatwole Hettie Heatwole Mollie Heatwole Robert Heatwole Wilma Hedrick Linda Heishman Frank Higgins Elaine Hilbert Q f S L X l Q J kim Nolan Davis Richard Davis John Deputy Carroll Derrow Magdalene Derrow Owen Dillard David Dovel Doug Dovel Debbie Driver Dwight Eberly Linda Elyard Larry Erbaugh Becky Farley Elizabeth Fechtmann Winfield Fitzsimmons Rose Flory Jenny Frank Neal Frankel Cheryl Garber Larry Garber 5 1 ertrsfff K - 'L' f , L NO' '5 ,,..xs-Al' GQ33 65 O!0 0122 0149 Lynn Hill Dutch Hinck Steve Hively L. A. Hollen Betty Holsinger Anna Mae Hoover Bobby Hottinger Linda Hottinger Larry Howard Debby Howdyshell Galen Howdyshell Kathy Houck Marjorie Huffer J 0 Ann Huffman Harold Humphrey Sylvia Hylton Sue Jordan Diane Jost Donna Karicofe Carl Kegley B ' . , if X L Roy Keller Kenny Kingree Dale Kirtley Jerry Knicely Jackie Knight Beatrice Knott Susan Krouse Barbara Landes Joy Layman Larry Layman Janice Lindsey Joyce Liskey Libbie Liskey Ernestine Loan Billy Long X QNX'efbfiifiieik-i55ffi'-f:.Lfafgfefl N r, S S X mira X ? F, 'fer ' i be fi .2 1 x xx ..:: ' X 2 A isa W X ,S . t t at Sine an-Q Steven Moyers Mike Muterspaugh Steve Myers Ernie Neff Donald Nesselrodt Ricky Newman Pat Noakes Larry O'Roark Janie Ott Phyllis Ours Fred Patterson David Persinger Wayne Pettit Donald Plaugher Jackie Powell EL P ' K Bobby Manning Bonnie Manning Nancy Mars Kay Martin Anita May Linda May Robert May Karen McDaniel Kitty McGrath Betty Meyerhoffer GQJJ X M --- , if 5 Q ,.,.,,,,.i. Ea 'X' ' 2 2 3 - Q.-...F it Donna Michael Carroll Miller David Miller Marilyn Miller Teresa Miller Brenda Monger Lois Monger David Moore Joe Moore Steve Moore OID 01220148 Bobby Ramsey Faye Redifer Barbara Rhodes James Rhodes Maurice Rhodes Richard Rhodes Jeanne Riddleberger Carl Riggleman Deborah Rodeffer Carolyn Rodgers Nevin Rounds Bob Runninger Charles Schmidt Johnny Sease Charles Sellers Iva.n Sha.ntz Clint Shatzer Dwight Shenk J. B. Showalter Jerry Showalter Diane Shull Ramona Shumaker Evelyn Simmers Daniel Simmons Judy Simmons Kathy Simmons Roger Simmons Robert Simpson Howard Smiley Jerald Smith Sue Smith Maya We.a.ilf v .... . W ia-Emi-,wa,s:a f ff I Bobby Weaver Jimmy Weaver Pat Whisman Diane Whitmore April Wine Roscoe Wine Brenda Wise Suzanne Wood Mike Woroniak Betsy Yager Virginia Smith Wilma Smith Mary Etta Spitler Larry Spitzer Billy Sprinkel Larry Steele Robert Stickley Karen Stoneburner Linda Strawderman Carol Suter CQ55 Mary Etta Swank Glenda Swartz Doris Switzer Eddie Swope Andy Turner Nu..-4' Charles Tutwiler James Vandevander Mary Varner John Vincie Steve Wampler iff sm f Q- Q! -..: X- Q .Q n as Peggy Brown Charles Brubaker Frank Buonocore Betty Burgoyne Jimmy Butts Beverly Callison Linda Caplinger Jerry Caricofe Judith Carr Kathy Chaplin Charlene Charlton Glen Clatterbuck George Clemmer Randy Click Becky Coakley Jerry Coakley Wayne Coakley Louise Cobb Harry Coffman Susan Coffman Q Sw? 5 y M , Susan Alford Roy Andes Kenneth Arey Yvonne Arey 1495 IZQGZ Gary Armentrout Montie Armentrout Daniel Auville Lucinda Bailey Bonnie Barnett Doug Bartley Dennis Belcher Wilbur Berkshire Jerry Black Robert Black Gary Bodkins Carolyn Bowman Elva Bowman Margaret Bowman Eddie Boyers Phyllis Brown 2, - .: - 2 kg if 5 ai Q E C255 -.W I Janice Cole Wayne Cook Joy Cooper Larry Cooper Sammy Cox Sue Crawford Skip Crigler Darlene Crowe Gail Cunningham Dickie Curry Judy Dean Denise Debo Harold Dellinger Donnie Diehl Q ai.. at Maribeth Detamore '-' 5 , : N X Stanley Diehl Craig Divizio Robert Dove Warren Dovel Robert Dunlap Q' L A L , 1- a re Ps X 'X , al Q 5 5 S fi J Q Woody Earhart William Eberly Russell Elyard Gary Estes Penny Ferry Mark Flory Robert Foley Dennis Forren Betty Forrer Kevin Frankel Mary Furr John Gaines John Gangwer Carolyn Gault Brad Geisert Annette Glover Pat Good Gwen Gordon Eleanor Graves Barbara Hanger ,zii Q, I za: X C... , V . :fi "' " e.e W 'Qi'- snr F fi ff N n i " it .tw Brenda Heishman Craig Helmick Mickey Higgins Eddie Hilbert Mary Hill Ron Hohenstein Brent H011 Edwin Hottel Robbie Hottel Conway Howdyshell Kathy Howdyshell Catherine Huffman Larry Hummel Carolyn Humphrey Jim Kagey 1 Brenda Kendall Judy Kincaid 1 Mary Kinzie Joe Kisamore Kim Kiser 4g Y - a sf- .SJ Charles Harold Janet Harold Bill Harper Gary Harsh Tony Hart John Harter Carroll Hartman Virginia Hartman Cindy Heatwole Colleen Heatwole Don Heatwole Edwin Heatwole Gerald Heatwole Glennys Heatwole Jerry Heatwole Lloyd Heatwole Reba Heatwole 149.5 1720! Georgeanna Hedrick Joan Hedrick Maylee Heisey , 'ii' C tw 3 A I me 3 F' Chn- Michael Kostura Bertie Lahman Carolyn Lambert Donald Lambert Jo Ann Lambert Linda Lambert Wayne Lambert Charlene Landes Lynn Landes Sharon Lawson Doris Lilly Steve Lilly Debra Lineweaver Becky Liskey Ann Litten Margaret Logan Carolyn Long Janie Losh Mike Mars Deborah Martin faux is K in-v S air fuk I . , . .,.A , ..:,,.., ,, ,,., 5 . QE as 6 'X I we 1 V J gi - . ee'n f ,L ,Q , 5 ii? r 'ses -' - ,. S . , ...,, ' -' Z r k, vi at -v i S Lag A-.. .r i ax N X ' X ' 5 ' ist 73 55? ,, fs Charles Mathias Cindy Maupin Gary May William May Mary McDorman Steve McDorman Robert McDorman Wayne McDorma.n Wayne McNett Tony Meadows Alice Milburn Carol Miller John Miller Joyce Miller Norma Miller Pat Miller Richard Miller Richard L. Miller Sarah Miller Vicki Miller Jerry Monger ' L N Iia i .L I' . gr dw Ti .M ., Pat Raish Kathy Rhodes David Richards Judy Richmond Brenda Roach Kenneth Rodeffer Phillip Rohrer Paula Roth Donnie Rusmisel Robert Ryder Delores Shank Galen Shank Wilmer Shank Craig Shatzer Connie Shifflett Judy Shipp Bruce Shirkey Steve Shirkey Kathy Shoemaker Dora Showalter Ethel Showalter ' 1495 122612 Martha Moore Barry Morrisette Gary Mowbray Danny Moyers Linda Moyers Pat Nesselrodt Sue Nesselrodt Joyce Noakes Jerry Paine Shirley Payne Jeanie Peacock Jo Ann Pennington Linda Pettit Morris Phibbs Grant Plaugher Eleanor Price Raymond Propst John Puffenbarger Olin Puffenbarger Lenae Quillen Q X ff' CJ GSS me :ff Q. Mary Ann Showalter Paul Showalter Sammy Showalter Susan Showalter Charles Shull Ellen Simmers Melvin Simmers Rickey Skidmore Gareth Smith Margaret Smith Shirley Smith Carl Snyder Sharon Spangler Nancy Stetser Harry Stone Dorothy Strate Carol Stroop Sandra Swadley Ricky Swecker Samuel Taylor -V as Q .. -ff- ff x -ggi.: ' I ,,4"""u. wx K at 'is J ms.. 1 5 ' -,", Eff,t , S ia 5 LA P4 I w Pat Thompson Rickey Thompson David Trout Rickey Varner Jodie Wampler William Whissen Edith White Richard Whitmore Warren Whitmore Carolyn Wilfong Donna Will Jerry Will Judy Will Maynard Will Martha Williams Mike Williams Jane Wintermyre Clark Wisman Donna Wisman Robert Zimmerman Donna Zirk gzyfff Emily Alexander Janice Allen John Allen James Amos Don Andrews Barry Arey George Arey Barbara Auville Donald Auville Martin Auville Michael Bailey James Baker Jane Barnhart Eddie Beall Terry Beall Phyllis Begoon Charles Berbes Delores Berkshire ': 15" V X35 355153 . 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Sharon Hilbert Chop Hill Roger Hinton Harry Hise Lois Hisey Barbara Hite Jenny Hollar James Hollen Anna Hoover Beverly Hoover David Hoover Mary Hoover Delaney Hopkins Robert Horne i Q it .P is -sr Q wa? David Kile Jerry Kinkead Patricia Kinkead Douglas Kiracofe Charles Kiser Mabel Knicely Mark Knicely Nancy Knicely Roger Knicely Brenda Lambert Carl Lambert Mary Lambert Zandra Lambert Wilma Landes Betty Jo Layman Dwight Layman Nelson Layman Carol Leavel Harriet Lee Terry Levinson Judy Lilly Sammy Lilly Carole Lineweaver Sue Lineweaver gg is fig-1 Junior Hottinger Pat Hottinger Allan Howard Barbara Huffman Dee Huffman Garland Huffman Vernon Huffman Wayne Huffman Frances Hummel Philip Hutchinson Rickey Jackson Vicki Johnson Donna Jones Jeffrey Jordan Barbara Joseph Peggy Joseph Lynn Keagy Linda Kesner IGQOQ 51 yf X5 Charles Liskey Lin Liskey Ralf Littke Hollis Loan Marvena Loker Darlene Long Emily Long Glenna Long Judy Long Kathryn Long Sandra Long Sharon Long Willie Long Stephen Lough David Lundberg Duane Lundberg Carolyn Mallow Diana Manning 'S 5 5? t X K if s 5 E R X 5 D item? M W 'EQ I 1 at Q fi li 80 Glen Martin Mary Ellen Martin Nelson Martin Nolan Martin Reba Martin Priscilla May Bonnie McDorman Edmond McDorman James McEwan Jackie McGrath Terry McNamara Joan Michael Ellen Miller Frances Miller James Miller Lawrence Miller Ray Miller Sharon Miller Thomas Miller Cheryl Mitchell Wilma Mitchell Donald Mongold Pat Mongold Marsha Montgomery Marlene Powell Bonnie Puffenbarger Cynthia Puffenbarger Stephen Quick Ruth Rafter Rebecca Ramage Kathy Randolph Domiie Rexrode Linda Rexrode Roy Rexrode Willard Rexrode Gene Rhodes K. Mac Rhodes Leon Rhodes Lucinda Rhodes Shirley Rhodes Steven Richards Julia Riddleberger Dianne Riggleman Debra Ritchie Harold Ritchie Leon Ritchie Wenonah Ritchie Jayne Rodgers 'Q' E Carolyn Moore Gayle Moyers Trudy Moyers Carroll Myers Buddy Nelson Catherine Nelson Bob Newman James Nipe Danny Noakes Brenda Nuckols Wanda Nutter Nancy Payne Betty Jane Pence Douglas Petcher Ruth Pettit Ronald Pittington Doug Plaugher Dan Plecker FGUQ N fg Lucy Rolston Sharon Ryder Donald Sager Debra Schmidt Richard Sease Lewis Sensabaugh Alison Shank Elizabeth Shank Jerry Shank Kenneth Shaver Pat Sheehan David Shenk Beverly Shifflett Thomas Shifflett Warnie Shifflett James Shipp Eldon Showalter Emily Showalter Sharon Showalter Wilma Showalter Susan Shull William Shull Linda Shumaker Ronnie Shumaker Gary Simmers Amos Simmons Carlos Simmons Dennis Simmons David Skelton Becky Skinner Jackie Slusser Jerry Slusser Johnny Slusser James Smallwood Alice Smith Carol Smith Diana Smith Dennis Smith Nancy Smith Ray Smith Shelby Smith Susan Smith Timothy Smith Wanda Smith Denny Snyder David Trissel Charles Trobaugh Karen Vandevander Charlotte VanPelt Linda VanPelt Stephen Via Sue Waggy Debbie Wagner William Ward Keith Weaver Ellen Wenger Wayne Wenger Carson Wheelbarger Betty Wheeler Benjamin Whetzel Barbara Whitmer Russell Whitmer Gary Wilfong Steve Wilfong Lenee Wilkins Betty Jo Williams Thomas Wilson Dianna Wimer Gerald Wine Emory Wolfe Suzanne Woroniak Deborah Wya.nt Gerald Yoder Kitty Spangler Linda Spangler Valita Stoneburner Wayne Stoutamyer Harry Lee Stover Mary Strate Ronnie Strawderman Ellen Strayer 1409 Geraldine Summerfield Rebecca Suter Linda Swadley Joan Swartz Karen Swecker Becky Thomas Dennis Thomas Delores Thompson William Todd James Towers jire is 70 jfe gqcfzbzfzbs Ofjurner cgcgoof yfe many cfzgs azzofofyarzziafzbzzs assoczdfeof 50175 our scfoofyzbe sfufnfs Me opporfunzky fo serve anofconfrzfufe fo ffe 0Q0e6pme12f gfyurner Wisfuknfs can fake paff 1112 Me proyrams 9059 5fu0Qnf Goopemmse Sfmclabbn. 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Hill, D. Layman, C. Morris. THIRD ROW: K. Keplinger, M. Connor, R. Hinton, E. Fechtmann, B. Weaver, R. Newman, A. May, M. Miller, M. Andrew, K. McGrath, B. Wise. FOURTH ROW: J. Kinkead, D. Plecker, B. Clark, S. Coffman, G. Heatwole, D. Bartley, R. Hottel, P. Miller, A. Litten, L. Quillen, V. Miller. FIFTH ROW: B. Horn, W. Hedrick, B. Enoch, J. Riddlebarger, D. Smith, S. Clague, S. Lineweaver, B. Newman, J. Allen, B. Thomas. SIXTH ROW: S. Smith, E. Bowman, L. Evans, B. Davis, M. Miller, L. Harbin, D. Martin, K. Hevener, L. Ritchie, E. Price. SEVENTH ROW: V. Stoneburner, K. Stoneburner, D. Jost, L. Arey, C. Suter, S. Myers, G. Heisey, S. Estes, J.Meyerhoeffer,K. Early. EIGHTH ROW: R. Rafter, M. Showalter, D. Will, J. Wampler, D. Trout, K. Frankel, C. Heatwole, S. Spangler, E. Brown, J. Moore, B. Hall. OfydHIZdfIOU 5 President . . . . . Faye Poole H Q Vice President . . Larry Smith V PX Secretary. . . . . Diane Martin IRGUAX Treasurer . . . .Danny Wright Reporter . . Carson Kiracofe ' U Sponsors . Mrs. Vallie Myers Charles Garber 86 "Queen" of the Smith Campaign. 5 rdf Coke after coke after coke . . . 196.5-66 fx, Jqcfzbzkfzes President Faye Poole presides Off to the Christmas Parade Santa's Helpers. 87 ray Qgfqff -poi?" gf' "N-may Ti' M59 'K AM, H, J g 'Q' "E, BLA Mrs. Ikenberry, G. Geisert, D. Martin, P. McGrath, F. Fechtmann, C. Moore, L. Estep, L. Newman M Lee Editor ...... Assistant Editor . Managing Editor . Photo Editor . . . Art Editor .... Business Manager Assistant Business Typist ...... Sponsor ..... Assistant Sponsor Oryanziafzbn . . . Pam McGrath . . . . Debbie Martin . . Freddie Fechtmann . . . . Greg Geisert ....Me1vinLee . . . . . .. . . Carson Moore Manager . . .... Linda Estep ....LibbyNewman . . . Mrs. Effie Ikenberry . . . Mrs. Sandra Southard 88 Editor-In-Chief . Business Manager Managing Editor . Copy Editor .... Club Editor .... Sports Editors . . Art Editor .... Photographer . . . Typist ...... Advisor ..... Assistant Advisor WJQ 5711211165 Uryanzi czfzbn . . Brenda Davis . . Galen Heisey Mary Ellen Petre Lorraine Bittinger . . . . Ann Miller . Julia Patterson David Lineweaver . . . Zoe Custer . . Rufus Huffman . . . Leslie Sayre . . . Callie Diehl Mary Ann Sharpes FIRST ROW P. Hollen, A. Miller, M. Sharpes, B. Davis, G. Heisey, D. Stetsor, L. Sayre, M. Connor. SECOND ROW D Lineweaver, J. Meyerhoeffer, E. Simpson, Z. Custer, W. Simmers, L. Bittinger, J. Patterson, R Huffman S Miller M Petre. 012014 C116 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hill, K. Adams, A. Runninger, R. Wampler, J. Tutwiler, N. Hedrick. SECOND ROW: J. Ferry, P. McGrath, E. Wampler, K. Ryder, L. Rusrnisel, M. Sprinkel, P. Gunsten. THIRD ROW: S. Keller, F. Fechtmann, P. Hollen, J. Miller, G. Kile, B. Shull, C. Cox, L. Carr, G. Hartman. FOURTH ROW: S. Good, E. Andrew, L. Miller, W. Simmers, J. Yoder, M. Petre, L. Bittinger, P. Propst. FIFTH ROW: J. Swartz, M. Lee, C. Moore, R. Early, D. Martin, K. Glover, S. Lineweaver, M. Sharpes. SIXTH ROW: R. Huffman, B. Coffman, J. Patterson, D. Martin, B. Davis, L. Lambert, L. Estep, A. Miller. SEVENTH ROW: G. Heisey, D. Lineweaver. D. Eye. Oryanzzabon NATIONAL + Y President ..... . .Rick Wampler Vice President . . . . Karen Adams 5 g , 1 1 Secretary . . . . . Anne Runninger ? Q Treasurer . . Julia Tutwiler J! W Reporter . . . .Nancy Hedrick A Sponsor . . . . Mrs. Polly Hill 90 1491205 C116 K Uryanzzafzon President .... . . Freddie Fechtmann Vice President ..... . . Julia Patterson Secretary-Treasurer . . . Mary Ann Sharpes Reporter ........ . . . Karen Ryder Advisor . . . .Mrs. Elva Wiliong 5 ff ff bl 'u f Jil FIRST ROW: F. Fechtmann, K. Ryder, J. Patterson, M. Sharpes. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Wilfong, L. Ruff, K. Early, J. Powell, L. Grogg, P. McGrath, L. Huffman, T. Hinck, M. Suter, P. Wilkinson, G. Heisey. THIRD ROW: K. Poteet, L. Vanhuss, L. Sayer, D. Switzer, A. Miller, M. Rhodes, S. Shank, S. Vanpelt, E. Burgoyne, S. Wampler. FOURTH ROW: B. Ramsey, C. Wenger, G. Cupp, C. Cox, J. Geiser, A. Shirkey, D. Martin, S. Lineweaver, N. Bryan, M. Falls. FIFTH ROW: G. Hartman, M. Birt, E. Thomas,A. Tusing, W. Simmers, L. Miller, K. Shull, L. Bittinger, P. Propst, T. Vanhuss. SIXTH ROW: E. Simpson,M. Petre, P. Hollen,A. Airey, E. Fechtmann, R. Steele, W. Simmers, D. Line- weaver, R. Solden, M. Woroniak, C. Phibbs. SEVENTH ROW: B. Rhodes, K. Houck, G. Early, B. Monger, R. Landis, T. Dovel, M. Muterspaugh, J. Showalter, L. Smith, L. Carpenter, D. Eye. ' ...nfl "f:':.l.. VW A . - YZ' A , , , VVLV , 5. VVVV ' V, M V , ,MM....v..7.......W,mw.,...,, rf-ff. f ' M..,..f,f if 4 at , .MW-Q W F, M., . MJWMW ,. ,f N . . .,,,.W . ,, w ffffvww " ',..WW1" K . ' ' ., A 'L MW ? " fi" f . ' ' . .. iii , w I W H H , ,W Q , .., If f ' 3 " A H . t " 'F H - an ' W , I ' . ,. f H , ,.,. .t V ' 'WW , if 'W --U , ' . , .ww . f' - mi Y ,g, ,Q M, pggfw, MMWW , ,,,, MMM I WU ,,WMW,,. .,,, W .W I . H. V , gafzb , , - ,-,- wr W 'f ff -" ,. f FIRST ROW: D. Divizio, J. Sease, C. Sellers, D. Michael, K. Stoneburner, W. Hedrick, E. Fechtmann, K. McGrath. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Landis, C. Shipp, C. Burgoyne, P. Ferry, M. Suter, J. Heatwole, M. Sharpes, G. Kile. THIRD ROW: F. Fechtmann, P. Hollen, J. Yoder, L. Miller, S. Spangler, C. Shoemaker, B. Burgoyne, P. May. FOURTH ROW: J. Geiser, T. Rose, J. Moore, J. Patterson, J. Ott, P. Raish, B. Farrer, D. Martin, J. Spangler. FIFTH ROW: L. Lough, B. Geisert, T. Meadows, S. Myers, K. Birt, L. Carr. SDITH ROW: J. Ferry, B. Butts, D. Moore, J. Butts, S. McDorman, M. Lee, E. Burgoyne, C. Moore, R. Wampler. Oryanzzafzon Pontifex Maxima . . . .Kitty McGrath Consuls ..... . . . Wilma Hedrick Karen Stoneburner Tribunes . . Elizabeth Fechtmann Johnny Sease Aedile . . . . Donna Michael I Quaestor . . . Charles Sellers - Censor . . . . . David Moore Q44 QT 'V' Praetor . . .... Daryl Divizio 7 . , ., Sponsor . . . . Mrs. Peggy Landis ,ff 9 f N S' 3 X 92 A Q7 5 pains cz Q-eq in U C-A i ATN I on " lf: W in : L THX Xxx I' O 1' 3 'B . FYCZIQIZG IOZ? rl President ..... . Freddie Fechtmann N Vice President .... . . . Jackie Spangler Secretary-Treasurer. . .... Kitty Glover Reporter ....... . . Linda Rusmisel Sponsor . . . William Kyger FIRST ROW: L. Rusmisel, F. Fechtmann, J. Spangler, K. Glover. SECOND ROW: E. Wampler, J. Shank, M. Dovel, P. Hollen, M. Connor, K. Logan, D. Evers, R. Flory, D. Rhodes, D. Martin. THIRD ROW: G. Kile, A. Trobaugh, A. Edge, S. Plecker, D. Stetsor, M. Sprinkel, N. Caricofe, G. Teter, D. Joust, S. Belcher, M. Miller. FOURTH ROW: L. Lambert, L. Carr, L. Burkholder, N. Hedrick, R. Simmons, A. May, K. Adams. FIFTH ROW: K. Cline, D. Martin, L. Estep, T. Miller, B. Runninger, D. Shank, L. Hollen, J. Meyerhoffer. SIXTH ROW: C. Shatzer, J. Bentch, D. Lay- man, B. Sprinkel, J. Ferry, W. Heatwole, E. Price, C. Divizio, E. Neff, B. Coffman. SEVENTH ROW: Mr. Kyger, R Newman, B. Weaver, R. Early, G. Geisert, E. Carr, R. Huffman, J. Martin. is ie Sw ,X rn .. ...sn I- -suv W We ""M2l!!W'M """' -ew, My ,w. F- 4'-M aifmfww 'Q' fr N' ,, . W, W I-4, 5 .W ,.,, N f M A ,, ,, .. , v f 'fm www' ' M -. we M f , M , ,H v ., , ,. -iw VW, V -.a,W,,.f'-1.....W' f , V. 1.-...M-L, rfxgfggm.. am ,W ,,,, ..Q..Mew ,, H f My N M i ,I W - i W .. - M430 ' it -A wmggfl' 4, , . ' we -vw .:f2j,., ww f f , in ' my M., H V-f.-,iw:W' ,, ' :XM ,, ' v . My .fm " A' www ,I W, , W i ., f, f ' Q f. A ' ,Ma ' ffm V 44,252 We W - ' .. 2 1 2 :E Q3 I 23' if .,, H f fame FIRST ROW: Mr. Clem, P. Gunsten, B. Coffman, A. Runninger, J. Geiser, J. Patterson, Mrs. Southard. SECOND ROW: S. Griffith, K. Birt, L. Burkholder, M. Birt, P. Hollen, M. Connor, S. VanPelt, M.Mi1.ler, R. Simmons, F. Fecht- mann. THIRD ROW: T. Hinck, L. Vincie, L. Miller, M. Suter, W. Heatwole, S. Keller, J. Sease, E. Price, W. Sim- mers, D. Bartley, G. Geisert. FOURTH ROW: C. Cox, R. Flory, K. Houck, C. Shipp, P. Simmers, J. Newman, E. Simpson, D. Holl, D. Lineweaver. FIFTH ROW: C. Blosser, A. Shirkey, W. Hedrick, S. Belcher, B. Holsinger, M. Jones, A. Edge, J. O'Roark, N. Hedrick, M. Sharpes. SDCTH ROW: K. Ryder, M. Lee, R. Early, K. Logan, P. Lam, L. Carr. ,jx Oryanziafzbn 1, ,I XX IM, 6 fd President .... . . Anne Runninger I 55 'EM' ,' ' 4- Vice President . . . . Barry Coffman I 4 'QQ I , 0 X xl z , Secretary . . . . . Jeanne Gelser H A, Q fl, ' Treasurer . . . . Julia Patterson L F ,. f lx, Reporter . . . . . . . Pam Gunsten -ff ,,-"ff Sponsors . . . .Mrs. Sandra Southard 1' ll' Mr. Jared Clem ,f Z, .4 1, lv l 94 K", . ufure 01229122 ers 0 12261700 Oryanziafzbn President ....... . .Julia Tutwiler First Vice President. . . . . . Karen Adams Second Vice President ...... Karen Ryder Secretary ....... . . Sharon Lineweaver Treasurer . . . . Mary Ellen Petre Reporter . . . . Barbara Byrd Sponsors . . Mrs. Grace Hollen Mrs. Janet Whetzel FIRST ROW: C. Blosser, J. Shank, E. Wampler, M. Petre, K. Ryder,J. Tutwiler, K. Adams, S. Lineweaver, B. Byrd N. Caricofe, J. Lindsey. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Hollen, D. Michael, C. Cox, M. Foster, P. Gunsten, M. Rhodes, M. Sprinkel, C. Logan, K. Glover, Mrs. Whetzel. THIRD ROW: B. Davis, C. Shoemaker, L. Speas,J. Martin, A. Tusing, E. Thomas, P. Whetzel, E. Brown, D. Kiracofe, C. Compton, L. Miller, F. Poole, L. Shiflet, L. VanHuss. FOURTH ROW: L. Rusmisel, D. Wisman, J. Yoder, M. Suter, M. Sharpes, S. Shank, L. Grogg, G.Hartman, C. Hottinger, M. Varner, T. Hinck, D. Martin, L. Huffman, P. Liskey. FIFTH ROW: L. May, C. Garber, D. Landes, D. Howdyshell, B. Holsinger, J. Huffman, C. Rodgers, C. Miller, S. Coffman, J. Wintermeyer, J. Geiser, L. Caplinger, L. Cobb, E. Simmers. SIXTH ROW: D. Rodeffer, D. Shull, D. Driver, P. Wisman, D. Whitmore, J. Kincaid, P. Miller, B. Wise B. Callison, M. Detamore, C. Bowman, J. Miller. SEVENTH ROW: C. Wenger, B. Morral, C. Sherfy, M. Zehr, L. Harold, S. Plecker, K. Early, M. Hill, C. Stoutamyer, C. Craun, B. Coakley, Y. Arey, S. Showalter, A. Glover, P. Good. EIGHTH ROW: P. Hanger,M. Derrow, K. Martin, K. Simmons, W. Heatwole, A. Edge, C. Humphrey, S. Swad- ley, L. Harbin, K. Keplinger, B. Jones, L. Martin, 2 2 f", . Szczfure 012291220 ers 0 fm Q17 Ca . P' - 1 rsrr R F, , . 2 S f i - FIRST ROW: G, Miller, C. Rodgers, L. Miller, L. Cupp, S. Cowger, C. Kiracofe, D. Simmons. SECOND ROW: D. Snyder, L. Trissel, R. Keller R. Miller, R. Chandler, D. Rhodes, D. Myers, D. Rodgers, C. Simmons, D. Harper, Mr. Arey. THIRD ROW: R. Snuth, R. Farley, C. Trobaugh, N. Layman, M. Flory, G. Allman, G. Heatwole, R. Hinton, D. Simmons. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Miller, H. Coffman, F. Click, S. Burkholder, R. Fifer, G. Huffman, D. Eberly, W. Whitmore, S. Kesner, G. Coakley, J. Hottinger. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Cupp, S. Hess, G. Shank, E. Heatwole, J. Miller, J. Jorden, H. Ritchie, M. Rhodes, L. Miller, R. Zimmerman, B. Newman, D. Nesselrodt, B. Arey, D. Heatwole, J. Heatwole, W. Huffman, L. Heatwole, J. Rhodes, C. Kiser, D. Plecker, C. Brubaker. SIXTH ROW: R. McDorman, R. Hohenstein, K. Cowger, G. Mowbray, W. Eberly, B. Custer, M. Simmers, C. Myers, T. Miller, P. Showalter, B. Whissen, D. Kiracofe, J. Miller, R. Miller, S. Wheelbarger, R. Kiracofe, H. Payne. Qryanzzahon 9,305 0" - President ..... . Steve Cowger Vice President . . . . . Larry Cupp 5'f'-'L Secretary . . . . . Leonard Miller 'D 'V7 Reporter . . . .Carson Kiracofe Oc."lo'4f,3 Treasurer . . . Calvin Rodgers t 5-ff F A Sentinel . . . . Dale Simmons R .2 3 Sponsors . . . .Ronald Arey Keio' 4 ,403 Carlton Cupp ' C U L U 96 2 PH 1-Q fa me if K S sv fs S S 5 Q 2 3 .4 Si R 1- E ? il g-ull! pal A ' ' 'When I say go, everybody dig in!" Teachers enjoying FFA faculty tea. .I 5 fe 7 Il, is 4 Now remember Carson . . . THIS is a chicken!" The official FFA pin-up. "You cross these two wires--and then . . ." Mr. Ramsey presents an electrifying lecture. -' V-. 97 ,rj ,J -mm , ff f f f , ,Y J,Q,,Mfa-W,gf:fnf:,-,5,-iswmwlai A "" nr,,,,-W w 'ii any Mfg . f Z 4 M W 2 4 af rf' i ,sf l gufure J USIF2 ess ea ers 0 H 122er1'ca l fi FIRST ROW: L. Ritchie, P. Rhodes, L. Sayer, S. Myers, E. Rodgers, M. Coffman, M. Smith, J. Simmers. SECOND ROW: J. Simmons, P. Lam, K. Hevener, B. Wagner, G. Kile, P. Simmers, D. Smith,J. Hammer,J. Smith, L. Liskey, J. Newman, E. Hilbert. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Warrington, P. Layman, K. Birt, M. Birt, K. Hottinger, L. Frank. S. Early, S. Arey, D. Persinger, G. Gordon, S. Rinker, Mrs. Byrd. FOURTH ROW: N. Garber, S. Griffith, V. Minnick, L. Smith, S. Hodges,R. Eberly, A. Turner, J. Vincie,E. Simmons, G. Rexrode. FIFTH ROW: L. Huffman, L. Burk- holder, A. Miller, E. Hilbert, L. Carr, E. Carr, C. Derrow, L. Heatwole, C. Miller, C. Heishman. Oryanziafzbn was fm, WU President .... . Margaret Coffman V' P 'dt.. ...MthS'th F WU F9 E Siiietlfil. fin. . . 1,221.2 'C R t . . . . . . P tRh d B USMS Tfizszss.. , . . L Historian . . . ..... Sue Myers Photographer . . ..... Janice Simmers fMXER I Sponsors . . . .... Mrs. Bernice Byrd H Mrs. Nellie Warrington 98 2D1ls'fr1gz1f1De 50610019612 Oryanzitafzbn President ....... . . Paulette Sharp First Vice President . . . . . Judy Stover Second Vice President . . . Karen Lee Acting Secretary . . . . Kay Bowman Treasurer .... . . Linda Miller Reporter .... . Kathy Trobaugh Parliamentarian , , , George Kyger Sponsor ..... . . Elwood Roche FIRST ROW: A. Hoover, K. Trobaugh, K. Lee, L. Miller, J. Stover, P. Sharp, J. Hottinger, G. Kyger. SECOND ROW B. Fitzsirnmons, S. Miller, L. Showalter, C. Simmers, V. Lambert, J. Vandevander,S. Moyers. THIRD ROW: R Shumaker, K. Bowman, B. Todd, S. Casady, D. Keplinger, B. Sayer, M. Lookretis, L. Bowman. FOURTH ROW: Mr Roche, D. Harmon, K. Alt, L. Pennington, R. Hildebrand, K. Kingree, T. Miller. FIFTH ROW: P. Burkholder, B Miller, R. Lee, J. Knight, R. Davis, L. Howard, N. Rounds, S. Cox, D. Curry, O. Dillard. SIXTH ROW: J. Frank, C Tutwiler, M. Higgins, B.Caracofe, M. Andrews, L. O'Roark. 9129 C116 E i FIRST ROW: M. Rhodes, C. Logan, N. Caricofe, M. Sprinkel, S. Rinker, J. Geiser, L. Speas, C. Garber, C. Wenger SECOND ROW: Mrs. Showalter, B. Collison, R. Rodgers, S. Early, M. Foster, E. Thomas, W. Zimmerman, L. Lam- bert, D. Evers. THIRD ROW: D. Strate, G. Gordon, L. Huffman, J. Lindsey, D. Wisman, E. Hilbert, K. Hevener, K Shull. FOURTH ROW: B. Hanger, C. Shipp, G. Cunningham, E. Loan, P. Simmers, D. Smith,J. Hammer, L. Bricker. , y gf, Ozfgan liafzbn , . i -ff-53-4 1' 5 - . . E?'af4, we Presldent . . . . . . . . Elaine Thomas vt-.-,-,-,X V2 1 Z' . . . '??f'1ff' wi- s H Vice President . . . . . . . .Jeanne Geiser X Rx X N F' .5 XEJ- 3 Jf, , -1 5, Secretary-Treasurer . . . Margaret Sprinkel 'X if Reporter . . . . . . . . . . . . Susan Early ,, 1 " 'tgff' 4- Librarians . . . . . .Lynda Speas ., ,. .- I, 'fig gt H' 1 J Marietta Rhodes A, Q Director. . . .Mrs. Doris Showalter IOO f ou Q Quzhfef XJ' In B I FIRST ROW: Mr. Rhodes, N. Caricofe,J. Geiser, M. Sprinkel, E. Thomas. SECOND ROW: G. Cunningham, C. Logan, S. Rinker, W. Zimmerman, C. Garber. MM--anim ,Q 52' Wi ,KX 0 f 54' N V' W 1 W 2 -, f I' Q ' M W Q Y at , 52 1 4' MQ Y. X gang, , V W ,L - f ff N' f f 73 ig Y ,lx V Q L., W ' 5 5 -' H 1 Xi V 1' Q . , N 7 Q... 4 W X A , W, Bro My El if ,Q W X.:.X,.L V . ik -I is 1 L, . LgH,f+lQ! . . af A X - . E . , . 7'2tfvQaQ'?M ,, J ""'f"' 'Y-Y' 'Yr - ' Nw -' r -' 1 - Q - - - U 1 - , tel, S. Clague, D. Martin, D. Petcher, J. Shank, B. Runninger. THIRD ROW: C. Harold, J. Kagey, J. Showalter, M. Dovel, T. Dovel, D. Rusmisel, R. Miller, D. Kirtley, B. Glover, L. Sacra, G. Clemmer. FOURTH ROW: S. Rinker, J. Martin, L. Colaw, R. Heatwole, D. Bartley. J GI?Of CS LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Rhodes, B. wagner, B. Jones, K. Keplinger, L. Martin, P. Simmers, L. x0 0 Hottinger, L. Sayre. 1? S O F Q f f ho.. Q mv. -5' ig 4 .......,-3' 5'-vain. Lg, arar .Tris -k" WUC 1112? Jan vfn, I 4: , acyl, 11121614 J an FIRST ROW: M. Hill, D. Schmidt, V. Early, C. Craun, K. Vandevander. SECOND ROW: Mr. Arbogast, G. Martin, S. Wilfong, L. Sensabaugh, J. Shipp, J. Baker, P. Hutchinson, J. Towers. 104 arsjy FIRST ROW: M. Miller, S. Good, D. Hill, J. Eckard, D. Wright, R. Steele, R. Eberly. SECOND ROW: L. Smith, R. Farley, R. Huffman, C. Karicofe, W. Heatwole. THIRD ROW: S. Cowger, R. Keller, D. Miller, J. Blosser, L. Heat- wole, Mr. Ritchie. FOURTH ROW: S. Williams, J. Luck, B. Blaine. FIFTH ROW: J. Bentch, T. Dovel, R. Wampler, D. Lineweaver, S. Wampler, B. Weaver, J. Allen. SIXTH ROW: J. Showalter, S. Hively, R. Silman, L. Carpenter, B. Coffman, C. Schmidt, R. Kiracofe. Offaly? afzbn President .... ..... D on Hill Vice President . . . Carson Kiracofe Secretary .... . . Ricky Wampler Treasurer . . . Steve Good Delegate . . . Jim Luck Sponsor . . . . Mr. Ritchie E05 ,Q 9 ow FIRST ROW: B. Coffman, R. Huffman, J. Ferry, J. Meyerhoeffer, E. Price, R. Early. SECOND ROW: M Phibbs B Ryder, B. Sprinkel, M. Flory, D. Moyers. THIRD ROW: J. Bentch, D. Divizio, C. Phibbs, D. Trout, C Stevens D Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Gresham, B. Ramsey, R. Keller, R. Newman, E. Simpson, D. Eye. Oryanzzafzon President . . . . Barry Coffman Vice President . . . Rufus Huffman Secretary .... ..... R oy Early Treasurer . ...... Jim Ferry Chaplain . . Jody Meyerhoeffer Sponsor . . . . . Mr. Gresham N06 Wei s: " 7- ..kA M ' FIR 12 Q , ,7 fJI7'dI?IZdfIOI2 f ' . President .... . .Kathy Logan ' Vice President ..... . . . Linda Estep Secretary ..o...... . . Susan Plecker 0 Corresponding Secretary .... Martha Conner Treasurer ......... .... P atty May Chaplain . . . Wilma Hedrick Pat Hollen Reporter . . . Anita May Sponsor . . . .Mrs. Connor FIRST ROW: Mrs. Connor, P. May, W. Hedrick, C. Logan, L. Estep, M. Connor, P. Hollen, S. Plecker. SECOND ROW: L. Huffman, P. Liskey, M. Dovel, J. Spangler, D. Martin,A. Miller, K. Cline, P. Wilkinson. THIRD ROW: L, Van Huss, L. Shiflet, M. Suter. FOURTH ROW: B. Davis, E. Price, P. Ritchie, D. Stetser, M. Swank, K. Stoneburner, A.May, S. Belcher, K. Early. FIFTH ROW: L. Miller, M. Sharpes. SIXTH ROW: S. Coffman, J. Shipe, J. Shank, L. Liskey, J. Michael, S. Miller, P. Roth, C. Craun, B. Wise, B. Monger. SEVENTH ROW: M. Detamore, J. Newman, C. Cox, L. Liskey, S. Green, J. Huffman, S. Myers, E. Brown, L. Monger. i - 'f F7 I . I , W' " ' ' K I 1. ' f " M., ' , JM' , Q w H we gre gram garner Sqnaf M175 Our EQ! fx7fz0f Zfjgffe. . . 77 Qsporfs are an exczblrzy par! 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S Qsfafe Cgemziafkyaflsfs S70 ZUI227 game jonzyff ,,.-f' II4 urn er fZsfQ my 'EH' ..--- E f A 1 L.,- xi - S -hz-Q. 115 F1 351 Q Q, X : Z J A ' W- ,CES Q Sy N X 5 X X , . ,,,,. .. . .. , t- C ff'-K ' -N. . ,Q H -SQA GFSIQ 70 ofgaf si uk f . .Why wr, HwwM,, ' W ' H L "'2:i.zi FIRST ROW: S. Williams, R. Eberly, C. Schmidt, D. Hill, L. Heatwole, R. Soldan, D. Dovel, M. Walsh, B. Monger L. Miller. SECOND ROW: B. Blaine, D. Miller, R. Burgess, D. Devier, M. Muterspaugh, T. Dovel, W. Pettlt J Eckardt, R. Farley, J. Luck, J. Blosser, R. Heatwole, J. Allen, B. Weaver. THIRD ROW: E. Andrew, R. Silman C Kegley, D. Long, S. Good, L. Evans, L. Smith, S. Grandle, S. Cowger, J. Silman, D. Hinck. Coach Ritchie Sept Oct. Nov. 3 10 17 24 1 8 15 22 5 SC HE DULE 0 19 0 20 13 7 0 12 6 Waynesboro Stonewall Harrisonburg Montevideo Elkton Broadway Clarke County Luray Strasburg A W, M, ,Q f ,1 Maw 'Q' -if W X 5 :pn ,l f,,, nil. well 4 M YA ,qgw 'Sf 1ugw4mQ"J' Yu ZWUFI? 11121014 arszzy goofgaf 53' A , we . Sm A Q . wt If P " .g. " s ,x x EQ! 27 FIRST ROW A Howard R Swecker, J Games, W Lambert, J Car1cofe J Gangwer, D. Richards, C Shatzer D Dean SECOND ROW P Hutchmson, D Belcher, J Sh1ff1et W May, R Sease, T Beall, W. Eberly, C Berbes, A Shull T WIISOH, S Clague, R M111er THIRD ROW R Hottel, J Kagey R Burgess, R. Littke, S. Lough, B Arey W Furr C Cook,J Baker J Shank D Rusmlsel L Llskey, K Cowger FOURTH ROW: B. Dunlap, K Rodefer R Whltmore J Kmkead, R Bruce D Sm1th, A Dellmger, M Embers L M111er, C Shipp. SCHEDULE Broadway Elkton Harrisonburg Montevideo Broadway Montevideo 4 a 1, T gg-' 'U 1:11 L gg V131 if 4233? 759 W QV, , U , ,A XJ X 5 V '- N W, I M C-5 62' ' 1 V 1 fa f 0 ,fi LIZ' A ' ' X w'Z".'1'f 'i 5 LL, . Q , , A-Q A v 1-h , My , 5, ,MMV , QJGJJQ J asfefgaf KNEELING: D. Martin, P. May, Mrs. Phibbs, C. Logan. STANDING: S. Spangler, M. Miller A Arey J Ott J Patterson, P. Gunsten, J. Tutwiler, N. Caricofe, M. Rhodes, R. Simmons, E. Wampler. Oct. Nov. Dec. SCHEDULE T.A. - 34 Waynesboro T.A. - 20 Harrisonburg T.A. - 43 Elkton T.A. - 28 Waynesboro T.A. - 47 Montevideo T.A. - 18 Broadway T.A. - 14 Harrisonburg T.A. - 40 Elkton T.A. - 42 Montevideo T.A. - 39 Broadway 120 Julia Tutwiler CS 6121614 Marietta Rhodes Elaine Wampler fs N Nancy Caricofe Pam Gunsten s 5 121 QASIQ Zasfefgaf FIRST ROW: R. Lee, L. Smith, C. Kiracofe, M. Berkshire, J. Martin, L. Erbaugh. SECOND ROW: R. Burgess, M. Miller, R. Keller, R. Wampler, D. Wright, R. Kiracofe. T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - COACH PENCE T.A. - T.A. - T.A. - 105 SCHEDULE Page County - 39 Luray - 53 Warren County - 59 Elkton - 48 Stonewall Jackson - 68 Broadway - 33 Harrisonburg - 63 Central - 67 Montevideo - 55 I Rappahannock - 69 Luray - 53 Montevideo - 55 Strasburg - 61 Page County - 52 Elkton - 39 Warren County - 62 Broadway - 60 Central - 65 DISTRICT 10 TOURNAMENT Rappahannock - 45 Broadway - 45 Warren County - 51 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Midlothian - 40 STATE TOURNAMENT Thomas Walker - 63 IOVERTIMED COVERTIMED N 32 Q3 Q 1? I. O I, Rick Wampler Mike Miller Carson Kiracofe Danny Wright 11121614 1O'df.SIZ!If ygasfefgaf FIRST ROW: B. Farley, S. Smith, B. Glover, T. Miller, V. Miller, P. Roth. SECOND ROW: Mrs Southard B Sk1n ner, D. Byrd, L. Spangler, J. Cooper, S. Lineweaver, B. Thomas, G. Berkshire, R. Flory. Oct. Nov. Dec. 21 26 28 2 9 16 18 22 1 1965 JUNIOR BASKETBALL SCHEDULE T.A. - 17 T.A. - 11 T.A. - 14 T.A. - 17 T.A. - 10 T.A. - 20 T.A. - 14 T.A. - 21 T.A. - 11 124 Waynesboro Harrisonburg Elkton Waynesboro Broadway Harrisonburg Elkton John C. Myers Broadway 11121614 ann? yjasfefgczf FIRST ROW: P. Burkholder, J. Showalter, G. Harsh, B. Weaver, J. Kagey, J . Knicely, J. Wampler M Mars SEC OND ROW: Mr. Botkin, C. Miller, J. Caricofe, G. Estes, D. Forren, H. Dellinger, D. Miller, R. Ghck H Stone G Heatwole, W. Lambert. Dec. Jan. Feb 3 7 10 14 17 21 4 7 11 14 21 25 28 4 5 11 15 18 SCHEDULE T.A. - 41 T.A. - 29 T.A. - 36 T.A. - 39 T.A. - 58 T.A. - 57 T.A. - 42 T.A. - 50 T.A. - 49 T.A. - 49 T.A. - 55 T.A. - 40 T.A. - 63 T.A. - 37 T.A. - 57 T.A. - 44 T.A. - 53 T.A. - 65 Page County Luray Warren County Elkton Stonewall Jackson Broadway Harrisonburg Central Montevideo Rappahannock Luray Montevideo Strasburg Page County Elkton Warren County Broadway Central ff graog of asfefgaf FIRST ROW: B. Arey, D. Simmons, R. Gray, H. L. Stover, D. Clague, D. Harper. SECOND ROW R Smlth P Hut chinson, L. Miller, C. Davis, S. Lough, D. Plecker, Mr. Whitmore. THIRD ROW: E. Eye, R Bowman S Hess M Embres, G. Martin, D. Petcher. FOURTH ROW: R. Burgess, R. Meadows, G. Clatterbuck, R Blaine Jan. Feb SCHEDULE 14 . . . T.A. - 42 . . 21 . . . T.A. - 46 . . 22 . . . T.A. - 27 . . 25 . . . T.A. - 33 . . 28 . . . T.A. - 22 . . 5 . . . T.A. - 19 . . 11 . . . T.A. - 39 . . 12.. ..T.A.-22..... 126 Harrisonburg Broadway Elkton Montevideo Harrisonburg Broadway Montevideo Elkton U79 Cgafzfe yfe yszcafffdzcafzon Zeparfzzzenf Many students tend to underrate the importance of physical fitness during their high school years. Our excellent Physical Education Department provides the opportunity for students to build and maintain a good physical condition. A happy and alert person must not lose sight of the importance of being physically fit at all times. 127 arszky J asegaf FIRST ROW: S. Hodges, J. Knicely, L. Heatwole, D. Eberly, G. Heatwole, J. B. Showalter, B Weaver L Erbaugh SECOND ROW: D. Miller, J. Martin, L. Evans, D. Lineweaver, R. Jones, J. Eckard, R. Burgess Mr Botk1n April 12 15 19 22 26 29 May 3 6 10 13 SCHEDULE .T.A.:-8 ..... . .T.A.-1 . .T.A.-1 . .T.A.-14. .T.A.-5. .T.A.-0. .T.A.-6. .T.A.-5. .T.A.-12. .T.A.-'7 128 Elkton Luray Broadway Rappahannock Montevideo Warren County Elkton Page Broadway Montevideo Cgenzbr ygzzyffs Larry Heatwole Sonny Hodges 9 . ff 1 I29 14005 li!! I I 4 I' fl il I T c I 3, 1 C 6,f Xi i ri if R e f . ,,,, Q cajfgci x 3 gs C cp I 1, T T FIRST ROW: D. Miller, S. Cowger, C. Kiracofe, B. Dunlap, D. Compton, M. Miller, D. Wright. SECOND ROW: T. Rose,D. Divizio, L. Carpenter, E. Andrew, B. Shiflet, D. Hill, R. Farley, S. Good, W. Heatwole, T. Dovel, L. Smith, R. Keller, R. Kiracofe, R. Lee, M. Berkshire, C. Schmidt, G. Heisey. THIRD ROW: E. Neff, S. Hively, J. Sease, C. Divizio, R. Burgess, C. Sellers, B. Runninger, B. Ramsey, D. Belcher. FOURTH ROW: S. Wampler, B. Geisert, R. Swecker, M. Muterspaugh, R. Newman, C. Shatzer, H. Humphrey, T. Cook, C. Shatzer, Mr. Whitmore. FIFTH ROW: W. McNett, J. Gangwer, R. Glick, D. Richards, R. Dunlap, E. Boyers, M. Williams. VARSITY TRACK SCHEDULE March 23 30 April 6 14 16 20 May 6 9 14 T.A. - 71 Elkton - 47 T.A. - 67 Broadway - 76 Strasburg - 5 T.A. - 81 Harrisonburg - 37 T.A. - 45 Broadway - 71 1X2 Page - 51 Stonewall Jackson - 42 1X2 Duke Durham Relays T.A. sixth out of 30 teams T.A. - 55 1X2 Elkton - 62 Central - 30 1X2 District 10 - Elkton - 33 1X2 Broadway - 33 T.A. - 31 Rotary Relays - Firsts - Mile Relay, 880 Relay, 2 mile Relay. Seconds - Shot, high jump. Fourth - pole vault. State - T.A. - 9th S. Good - 3rd in shot. C. Kiracofe - 4th in 220, first 440 "iii I . . . LYING: B. Geisert, M. Williams, R. Dunlap. SITTING: D Simmons, R. Holdsten, H. Stover, D. Belcher, J. Gangwer C. Shatzer, E. Boyers. AT WALL: C. Divizio, W. Huffman D. Richards, R. Glick, D. Dean. Coach Whitmore, Steve Wampler. Coach Pence iw TGC' . Shiflet, D. Miller, E. Neff, S. Cowger, , Hively. Two Mile Relay . Cowger, C. Kiracofe, B. Dunlap, M. fliller, D. Wright. Absent: E. Andrew. Seniors TRACK AWARDS S. Hively, B. Dunlap, L. Smith, L. Carpenter, B. Shiflet, D. Divizio, C. Kiracofe, R. Kiracofe. Mile - Relay Awards won by Carson Kiracofe. gczfozfzes B. Farley, R. Burgess, C. Sellers, B. Dun lap, C. Kiracofe, D. Hill. Half-Mile Relay C. Kiracofe, S. Good, D. Wright. State Track Winners "" 'figffif ' A g ' f , -3 1 1 3 - f , .f, I f' 4 - 'JY' N - ff , iw A A 6 . AA Q 5. + , 4 1 ,., , I n I . .e 1, Q :, f v" 1 I I Lf- . ' ,ri " A :Ii , . ff M ., ,T 2 lvl" 52 1, ,fin "'i'i gX My YW X' , al 'H y 7 2' :Lf 'J A f1 4 ffffi'iifiAAAgi li Q q J 1 . , -. .wifi ww . ,. - jg, ' " -24 Q mf -,,, .,f... ,., -2 .. ' .,,.,,. .,..,.,,, A ' " 9 'f 5 Awfvfg 3 92 f 49 . 75 W Q2 W W ff ff wrwff, .+P wa f xfwf ff V ? S X L95 f f Ln Q f , 3 gf ,V 1 5 7 .2 3 .,,,, W ,.,. z Y . . y W v 1 f 4. + Z' ' ff M . l , M 1 ,W 1 1 9 47 ggi, 4 W, KM ,, f , 1 f My ax V In 4 4, ,V K 4 w W: ,uv y M W , A 1. 1 f 41 ' ' ' - ' ' if 'Hx eilQ5iiS56i'Sss'1EEifE'5l?Q- A 5 I A' 'C'--': . f. . K ., N ., I E . . 1 NN , -ef A 2 : , Q 'fri 1 .. 1,-Q "2Q2' K -X N--, t y K , I MM AL V . A fs :fum-.+. 1 J A , -. ' . A P x... rx ma, f ' f .S+ x i 1, . I X ,L-ff X 'x r ,, f4fn.. - 'gg A A - K f :gig Q. 5 if is 'R "W . .51 5' Y 'i - v, ,Q-sf 2 Q ff ,,, , Q1 H 11 uf.: . fd . M R + P , - Y F J, 'iv 3 H 1 X . f " 6, " ' ,, w k 'WH' 1 . , 3 X ' Q. l -X N kwin' ' Al-' ' X-W. .. f f f ' ' K1 .mb -- X jf- ., W um'-' fyif??f7 W" . ,- -- . V - . - I A A A A y K if CARSON KIRACOFE - STATE CHAMPION 1. N 5 fa nl f .. S 5 , AAA ' sw A A? A'A A ,..: '.' - wiv I ' ,wi ,-:" liww A AA A? X.fk.k x kk " N, 44. lf? ,V I ., x!,,t,,Jy4A 3, A , , "" ' VZ W. . I. Q C K H25 r + fr 5' mf F2 aww. 21 D u A , 4 , , Qvfb A .X f I , '-N A ,I W,w,,mWfu,Mf,,,, V, ,MM ,x, pal: 1 , ., , , r V 5 3 Z ' A, 5, , ' Lf 1 I fa r A QQ 'Mm , Q April 19. . 21 . . 22 26 29 May 3 6 . . 4 JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL SCHEDULE North River Elkton North River . . . . Montevideo North River . . . . Elkton . . . . North River .T.A.- 5.. .. . T.A.- 7. . . . . T.A.- 7. . . . . T.A.- 2 . T.A. - 7 . T.A.- 8 . T.A.- 5 -3 -8 -2 -3 -1 -9 -17 FRENCH - SPANISH FOOTBALL GAME libre is S70 gfe yeafures Ofyurner Qscfoof garner 31'u0Qnf3 gave znan 0 orfunznes 110 cozndfne Y Y PP fm anofexczlfeznenf lung ffezlf' scfoofworg yfefksfkafure gfffe scfoofyeazg ffe j7Q1nec01n1ny Qance, 1ncA10Q3 nof ong ffe sfz10Qnf3 guf afvo ffe alzznni W 1105 compebbbn preuazf Mrouyfouf .ffe fwo weefv gffe mayazzne campazyn. 3622031 afgfffe sfuoenf 5009 worf fo earn Me SC'bbOf1.5' c01n1n13310n 505105 proozisffzndsfgr prgecfs anof achbzbea gn dfbsflb 101105 IIS' aofoeofwfen meznfers gfffe c3en101' anof L7 un10r CQSSQS yzbe ffezk' annuafpQy pr0061c'f10n3. Ufe Csweefearf yjarg IIS' an excnfzny e0enff01'!f11'z1re!Qzrmers anoffomeznafers. fjfe 3c500fp1en1e 115' e1y0ye0fQ 3fz10Qnf3 anof ,many affe. 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' iii , , ' pi, E Wx- ,,,, .::w.N:4.Q..XQ,y1 I . T 32, 1 3 -..L ig w ':"'X I'-if ' -:?E,fI5l-:'i:-,'i:,.'f :E 5 w 3 5 X X Q Q ,,,,,,,N Q f S N NNN, w N,NN if fe Q Q is ,S S Q X,,. N , , N Well, occasionally he's tolerable. Smi1e'em through! 9,0912 OUSQ W Which one's the skeleton? Mya 21112 e amp azyn Fifth straight win! 1 . .fi Q '51 wr W f when t ' Sr 2 Mamma, Mamma, 100k what I W0l'1! What a collection of prizes fCarson and Danny '?J 139 FIRST ROW J. Geiser, L. Huffman, T. Hinck, L. Vincie. SECOND ROW: M. Sharpes, C. Cox, M. Sprinkel W Heat wole N Hedrick. THIRD ROW: E. Price, R. Steele, J. Ferry, Mrs. Evans. FOURTH ROW: S. Keller W Simmer greaf Gaesar's 0.911 Penelope Maxwell . Helen Maxwell . . Tommy Tucker . . . Aunt Polly ...... Phineas Farthingdale Dick O'Donnell . . . Debbie Deroyster. . Phoebe Deroyster. . Johnson ...... Esther ...... Majah The Mystic . The Maid ..... . . . . . Mary Ann Sharpes .Libbie Huffman . Jimmy Ferry . Nancy Hedrick . Edmund Price . . Ricky Steele . . Toni Hinck . . Carolyn Cox . Stanley Keller . . Lea Vincie Wayne Simmers Wanda Heatwole 5 I "Zi elm., audi. .. - The Great Majah has arrived! V Z '11 teach you to steal my cake!" "Ab0ut this tie , , ,' "Johnson! Have you been in the roses again?" 141 6UQQf earf ourf Maria Suter Leonard Miller Joyce Shank Larry Cupp Louise Martin Roger Kiracof e Q S fl! N Q x .Q ' X fmwqalflf Q uv 5, 5 w eeffeaff Span? ,f 1,51 Queen for a, Knight! I Ax V 4 f J xv W Q'?.B 2 'XX L W One, Two, Slide. One, Two, Slide. "I now pronounce you Sweetheart Queen" V43 l , in . Q . k. Y i 1 4: , 0 4 . , 11121614 Jmz FIRST ROW: D. Shank, T. Rose, A. Miller, D. Layman. SECOND ROW: D. Campbell, J. Wilfong, C. Shipp J Moore THIRD ROW: G. Early, J. Patterson, C. Wenger, D. Eye. ZQQJQH THQ 661106 Amy Matthews .... Mrs. Karen Matthews. . Chrissie Mott. . . . . Miss Edith Willis . Gretchen Elliot . . Lois Stuart . . . Blair Hendricks . . Hugo Matthews . . . . Mr. Edison Matthews Luke Jackson. . . . . JulianReed. . . . . . . . ST UDE NT DIREC TOR CAST 144 . . . Ann Miller Dorcas Campbell . . Jane Wilfong . . Judy Moore Carolyn Wenger . . .Celie Shipp . . . Dale Shank . Danny Layman . . . Tom Rose . . . Glen Early . . . Denny Eye Julia Patterson ne'-D701 EZ "Tooth on March 5 .-, K f S-hk ' .... . FRONT: K. Ryder, M. Sharpes. BACK: W. Simmers, B. Coffman. goolg or csfaoe by Josephina Niggli Maria.... .. Anselmo Juanita . . Tomas . . or Shave" , 1966. sanusseaasanauooaoon Mary Ann Sharpes . .Barry Coffman . . . Karen Ryder . Wayne Simmers received an "Excellent" rating in the District 10 One-Act Play Festival 145 "Hurry up and fill THAT plate!" Which one -- Coke or Pepsi? "But I don't want them to see my socks!" CSCAOO Tibnzb 'I don't believe a word of it, Stanley!" Yummy! Yummy! 146 Band members play selections from "My Fair Lady" Mr, Arbogagt announces the next number przby O12 cerf Creations of Turner Ashby's flowering artists. Z 971411 529511121 "The Sound of Music" ,47 Lookin for Henry Lee. Wk. 'fic 1 ffuwwwvr avg -an if-' " .. .is if or V n ,Ita ...I ' I6 I A -. M SQXX . :Q 1 hx ff.. y V af fl f .:. 1, f 'fin f ' 4m,,.,,f Q F I ggi' Q? J f ,f " iii' -if 5.-.Ep f 72. .'.: ,rf ,HWQI 'xv ' - f 1 ,.. J ' f ,H 57 I. 48 f ,f ,, lf. , f ,, 1, , ,Hwy W , hw f f 1, ,, ,ww L, , 4 U X34 1, , s l F HQ R :again RHI. I I if Y. i is M 'mag W5 j, ,. , 4. ,,,-lfqfu LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Kesner, R. Roy Layman LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Cowger, L. Layman, L. Miller. VA. STAR POULTRY BOY Cupp, L. Trissel. VA. POULTRY FEDERATION FIRST PLACE FARM MECHANICS YOUTH AWARD JUDGING TEAM K., 60014 5 l I vb 15f"sv LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Rodgers, L. Cupp. D. Rhodes Larry Trissel CO-OP PUBLIC SPEAKING WINNERS FEDERATION PUBLIC NATIONAL TURKEY FEDERATION SPEAKING WINNER YOUTH AWARD STATE HOMEMAKER DEGREE WINNERS CRISCO AWARD FIRST ROW: K. Adams, L. Rusmisel, K. Ryder, A. Edge. SECOND Karen AdaIHS ROW: S. Lineweaver, K. Glover, P. Gunsten, N. Sprinkel. STAR FARMER DEKALB AWARD C. Kiracofe S. Cowger AGRICULTURE PROFICIENCY AWARD FIRST ROW: C. Rodgers, G. Miller, R. Layman, S Kesner. SECOND ROW: R. Fifer, L. Cupp, C. Kira- cofe, S. Cowger, L. Miller. I 71 hae.. Caricofe, M. .AW- CUGI' S STATE FARMER DEGREE WINNERS FIRST ROW: C. Rodgers, G. Miller, S. Kes- ner. SECOND ROW: R. Fifer, L. Miller, R. Layman. THIRD ROW: L. Trissel, L. Cupp, C. Kiracofe, S. Cowger. DEGREE TEAM FIRST ROW: W. Whitmore, H. Coffman, D. Rodgers. . SECOND ROW: C. Rodgers, D. Harper, J. Rhodes, D. Simmons, D. Rhodes. THIRD ROW: Mr. Cupp, L. Trissel, L. Cupp, Mr. Arey. I vrvy f LL W. al. f . . V. f:z.fffxw. um.-: ,, . f. , . . 'fi . . .. Q E A2 8 I 5 I some K. Ryder BETTY CROCKER AWARD McCALL'S TEEN FASHION BOARD 475' FIRST ROW: C. Shoemaker, L. Gregg, M. zehr. SECOND ROW: P- Gu11Sf0H E. Summers, C. Bowman, K. Early. THIRD ROW: D. wisman, OUTSTANDING FHA MEMBER D. Martin, W. Heatwole. F. H, A. JUNIOR DEGREE WINNERS f-1 Q wars FIRST ROW: D. Michael, B. Byrd. SECOND ROW: C LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Adams fSecondj,A. Edge fFirstJ, Garber, C. Cox, M. Foster, E. Wampler. K. Ryder CThirdJ. F. H. A. CHAPTER DEGREE WINNERS F. H. A. ESSAY WINNERS P J. Tutwiler, R. Wampler ELKS AWARD V,-Q1 E 2 F. Fechtmann, K. Ryder S N. S. F. WORKSHOP AT BRIDGEWATER COLLEGE Julia Tutwiler ATIVE TO VA. C. A. ADVISORY BOARD I - .ff FIRST ROW: M. Sprinkel, E. Thomas, K. Hevener, E. Hilbert. Rick Wamplel' SECOND ROW: C. Logan, N. Caricofe. THIRD ROW: L. Speas, NATIONAL MERIT FINALIST S. Rinker. FOURTH ROW: J. Geiser, W. Zimmerman. SENIORS IN GLEE CLUB Q fx 4' :Erv - L I an W QZ1, . 2 I f 2 2, rw 2 :' Z. vl ,Mm yi ml I i -M244 B. Davis, G. Heisey ..- ASHBY ANTICS AWARDS I W. Heatwole, D. Martin C, Mgore, R, McGrath fy BANDSMEN OF THE YEAR CRAG AWARDS CUGI4 S . 2 , W f T ug x A .... Anne Runninger FIRST ROW: A. Miller, D. Martin, W. Simmons. SECOND ROW: R. Lee, ALL STATE BAND D. Hill, L. Smith. BOYS' AND GIRLS' STATE N M1093 E Freddie Fechtmann Wanda Heatwole Elaine Wampler Carson Kiracofe, Pan DAILY NEWS RECORD KIWANIS AWARD DANFORTH AWARD Gunsten AWARD ROTARY AWARD FIRST ROW: B. Shu1l,J.Tutwi1er, L. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Shirkey, N. Hedrick. FBLA AWARDS FIRST ROW: M. Smith, K. Trobaugh. SECOND ROW: A. Tro- baugh, L. Trissel, M. Shank. KEEP VIRGINIA GREEN POSTER AWARDS x FIRST ROW: M. Sharpes, J. Spangler, L. Miller. SECOND ROW: B. Coffman, R. Huffman. MODEL GENE RAL ASSEMBLY Wilma Hedrick FASCES AWARD K., 600140 7? 2 'E 5 Carson Kiracofe JAYCEE SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD Rick Wampler VINCENT REILLY MEMORIAL AWARD ATHLETIC AWARDS Steve Williams GOLD HELMET AWARD LINEMAN OF THE YEAR ZUJI' S Rick Wampler MOST VALUABLE BASKETBALL PLAYER 021,224 76 A 75? W0cAs Olly , ig fy S225 fi QQ I 775 ' 'L -N' - f11m1.::w.-- w ww .ws XX - ff asf , w ' 5 S 3 fx vi lv y . 2. + X x N A xx X Q' X X SSN: KN XS X X X EW X X ESS X i7fif:f+ A ,. .:.. X X 2 .N X , W fs- ! 5 ob A , wi K xx 4 WF Q .K g . gi i -' Q. Th L W9 f BY is X ' ' A I k 1 1 ki 'lf LL k k k k A K g K A . ' i-is 3 .iikmfggf Q ,R gn X 'Q . .ax 5 ' W, 'A . f fl A A NS. k S k A k Af s WS , " X U X --1 - ' "1 4- in . 2 . f ggi A. K . . in 5 K YQ 459: in :X jj he . X K Nggixkw. ini! Qi f V+' Qf J 5 i .-. failxrwq., X K H C655 Qf 1966 Q1QzscsiQwsiQxwxQwQ+wwxAX gg as Q 1 -we BEST ALL AROUND Rick Wampler, Julia Tutwiler an an MOST TALENTED MOST LIKE LY TO SUCCEED MOST DEPENDABLE Roy Early, Anne Runninger Carson Moore, Faye Poole 1 1 a 9121614 Qsfars FRIENDLIEST Mark Huffman, Wanda Heatwole Carson Kiracofe, Jo Ann Michael 160 MOST STUDIOUS Jimmy Ferry, Mary Ann Sharpes 5 oi 1 in iii ,. ,,,, ig MOST ATHLETIC - CS! Danny Wright, Pam Gunsten Qnlof' did-S Wx BIGGEST FLIRTS David Bier, Lea Vincie BEST DRESSED Phibbs, Sharon Line-weaver 161 BIGGEST PESTS Stanley Keller, Cathy Logan BEST LOOKING Sonny Hodges, Joan Huffmar ii 9121614 rzja E When will THAT tour start? I 3. 1 Remax Q Where's the water fountain? sgi,5f"' " c WILLIAMSBURG - - J AMESTOWN Inu Seniors' first glimpse of a movie star -- Lassie i'f5g.,if'1f',l,s,. ,Q , sn o ..-S! of - eff: s ' n G V 5-uv 4, - A guide instructs seniors concerning Colonial Williamsburg. 9121014 Q G 3 an Reception line Serving seniors and parents Cake and informal conversation J Q , ,mffggyi WZ . Milf, ,A '- J efg y bni + ,VE , 4 ' 1 A " 6 lv f 4 vm, V I? 1? f , 2 9 ,Q , A K 4 Hg Y 1 3 x an f , I , 'E '-'mg V W 1-,W 5? H i M NEUICY H6dI'iCk Mary A1111 Sharpes Pam MCG1"3.th Freddie F9ChtI'I1a1'1I1 Sczfzfaforzdn Tja1Q0fCf0r1d125 yzzim. cpe 55. gfen ferry mnorary Wemger gfzfe GQSJ 0 '66 Mrs. Ikenberry was made an honorary member of the Class of 1966, was presented a plaque from the Crag Staff, was the recipient ofa silver bowl from the SCA and the Honor Club sign was dedicated to her She is retiring at the end of the 65-'66 session, after completing ten years of teaching at Turner Ashby lm-"' .U Ll 'igaccaiazcreatc Service PRELUDE PROCESSIONAI,-"Pump and Circ'umstance" . Elgar INVOCATION Rev, James W. Luck Briiigewater Methodist Church SCR-lP'I'L'RE Rev. James W. Luck "With ii Voice uf Singing" The Glee Club Directed by Mrs. Raymond Showalter, Jr. INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER Mr. Jerry M. Wampler Assistant Principal SERMON Mr. E. Cameron Miller Keezletown E.U.B. Church BENEDICTION Rev. James W. Luck "The Lorclk Prayer" The Glee Club RECESSIONAL--'Triumplml March" Gu-ilmant .131 -..- - GOWlWlE7lCEVVl91'lf 8XE'l'CiSES PRELUDE PROCESSIONAL-"Triumpha1 March" Verdi Band, Directed by Mr. Donald Arbogust INVOCATION , . Rev. Roy L. Hedrick I Mt, Clinton E.UiB. Church SALUTATORY . , Nancy Hedrick INTRODUCTION OF SPEAKER Mr. E. Cams-ron Miller Principal ADDRESS . . Dr, Wayne F. Geisert Prcsident of Bridgewater College "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" "Climb EV'ry Mountain" . The Glee Club Directed by Mrs. Raymond Showalter, Jr. VALEDICTORY ,.... Freddie Arm Fechtmann Pamela Gage McGrath Mary Ann Sharpes PRESENTATION OF SENIOR AWARDS Mr. E. Cameron Miller PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Mr. E. Cameron Miller As isted by Senior Sponsor, Mr. Arlie J. Botkiu, Jr. BENEDICTION . Rev. Roy L. Ileclrick RECESSIONAL'-"Pump and Circumstancen Elgar X Wi vw WWW' Wm W' QW Y wffpi 1 fi i 4 x 2 5 S s b ,Xl. Q. 7 . .TEX f .refs xi Mary Ann Sharpes gives part of the valedictory. Nancy Hedrick welcomes parents and friends. . . I, II? efe Q12 U12 ofaeof 6500?- X ...imx-as 9-M Dr. Geisert addresses the 1966 graduates. 168 ,.,,,,-1 'vm-.....,,. V- "C1imb Every Mountain" 0122122 Q12 C9122 QI?f 1 N- 'R X 35351335 Anne Runninger receives the Mr. Miller presents diplomas. "The end of the beginning". Achievement Award. 169 5 1 lx 7 sf . N, f fel--fi' f ' - tfa:::.'P'- Nfl-NKQT K f as igt of of t ' fitiwts-,msg-Q Y X fs Aff, L 5 sz , ' ' rs., lg 'Si .qs .k.k .ki ' ii?-"-SE-..E1 v-ff . .-- - . .-VI:--1' rr , I A Q33 ef --- gags tss1ao,smsNa1Nsw, ' F"E:fT'f5':7:5 5 fi it ki Xvfl 'tif Z' 'I 'M':'56'13f:fT'El'X ff:- 25551-Hia-5.-2:5 ' -15 --- ' - .J so Q-ws-sp,weft-f,..-2.fssg-rig. sms- lm fr "-U-f'?i5-VIE' ' 5 T I' 'i K F5'fQ?xQ2ffgks:i55193fF!S1f 115 XE: --?f'T5k3'?Sf5?-5 We, the Business Managers of THE CRAG wish to thank all of the advertisers who have so gra ciously put ads in our yearbook. We connnend each of you to our students and patrons. 170 PHILLIPS STUDIOS 5218 Darby Road, N. W. -- Roanoke, Virginia The Finest in School Portraiture We of PHILLIPS STUDIOS are real proud to be a part of this fine yearbook Compliments SELLERS FURNITURE Broadway Harrisonburg MICK-OR-MACK STORES Harrisonburg, Virginia We give SSLH Green Stamps EARLY EQUIPMENT CO. David Brown Tractors Fox Forage Harvesters Grove Forage Wagons McCulloch Chain Saws Dial 434-2123 1054 Edom Road Harrisonburg, Virginia INC 9 50 - 60 N. Main St. Harrisonburg, Va. HARRISONBURG HXM MOTOR EXPRESS MILK TRANSPOR TERS Harrisonburg, Virginia Edward C. Moore MARVIN S. LAM suTERs CRAFT sl-IOP 0 'nl GRAIN AND FEED SUPPLIES BY TRUCK Harrisonburg, Virginia SHEN-VALLEY BAND At The Sign of the Instrument Service Colonial Craftsman . . . . Repairing Specialist 4200 W. Broad sr. U.s. 11, 1 mi. so. Local CONN and SELMER Dealer Richmond, Va. Harrisonburg, Va. 156 N. Liberty St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments of "SHENANDOAH'S PRIDE " DAIRY Manufacturers of "SHENANDOAH'S PRIDE" MILK Sz MILK Products Dial H'burg 434-7328 Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments of THE PLANTERS BANK OF BRIDGEWATER BRIDGEWATER, VIRGINIA 1966 is our SIXTY EIGHTH Anniversary of Continuous Service to the Public DAYTON, VIRGINIA MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION L.G. BALFOUR COMPANY Official VHSL Official SCA Plaques Pins 8: Plaques Richmond, Virginia 3110 West Marshall Street P. O. Box 475 BRIDGEWATER COLLEGE 0 Bridgewater, Virginia 1880-1966 First Coeducational college in Virginia A fully accredited college of liberal arts and sciences offering B. A. and B. S degrees and excellent basic preparation for medicine, law, business, home economics teaching, ministry, music and other worthy fields. For information Contact Director of Admissions JORDON BRCTHERS HATCHERY INC. Bridgewater, Virginia The ' . A Bank H A FULL SERVICE BANK H with a tradition for Courtesy - Service - Security OC III, dln Compliments of BRIDGEWATER FURNITURE CORPORATION THE BEACON PRESS BRIDGEWATER, VIRGINIA PARK VIEW PRESS 1066 Mt. Clinton Pike HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA Tel. 434-3584 ' All types of Business Forms OFFSET - For color process work - Periodicals PRINTING - Letterheads and Envelopes - Wedding Invitations SHIFLET AMERICAN SERVICE Self Service Grocery Lee gl Gould Batteries Minor Repairs New SL Recap Tires Wheel Balancing Dial 867-4816 or 2851 Hinton, Virginia D. C. HEATWOLE CO. World Famous Dunlop Tires 288 N. Main St. Harrisonburg, Virginia W. A. HARTMAN MEMORIALS We Work For Those Who Love and Remember 459 Noll Drive Harrisonburg, Virginia LANDES SHEET METAL SHOP Lennox Aire-Flo Heating Sz Cooling Specialists More Families Buy Lennox than any other make. Dial 434-6391 Harrisonburg, Virginia BERNARD'S GROCERY Groceries-Meats-Vegetables Dial 879-6311 Dayton, Virginia DENTONS FURNITURE STORE "Complete Home Furnishings" Harrisonburg, Virginia HUGHES PHARMACY INC. 1021 S. Main St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Kelly Springfield Tires Modern Recapping CARR'S TIRE SERVICE, INC. Corner Liberty Sz Gay Streets Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 434-2503 C OMPLIMENT OF GRAND PIANO AND FURNITURE CO. 198 South Main St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Dial 434-9904 Roy W. Stubbs, Manager R. C. TEMPLEMAN SINCLAIR REFINING COMPANY P. O. BOX 267 Smclalf Harrisonburg, Virginia W' Phone: 434-2123 COMPLIMENTS BLEVINS BARBER SHOP of Rex L. Blevins A Proprietor D IRY QUEEN Bridgewater, Virginia - ..,-- Cloverleaf Shopping Center Harrisonburg, Virginia HARRISONBURG GROCERY CO. Exclusive Wholesalers Harrisonburg, Virginia A Compliments of Your Friendly FIRESTONE STORE Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments VALLEY SMALL LOAN 120 S. Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia Dial 434-4547 EXCEL STEEL WORKS Park View Harrisonburg, Virginia STEELE APPLIANCE CO. Complete line of Westinghouse Appliances Harrisonburg, Virginia VALLEY BOOKS Harrisonburg's Religious Book Store Bibles and Good Books Art Supplies Monarch Student Outlines 82 South Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia THE SPORTS CENTER Complete Line of Sporting Goods Cloverleaf Shopping Center Harrisonburg, Virginia HARRISONBURG FRUIT gl PRODUCE Wholesale Distributors "Better Foods For Particular People' V Compliments of F. W. WOOLWORTH SHICKEL MACHINE SHOP Bridgewater, Virginia MINIT CAR WASH Let US Keep Your Car Clean 193 South Ave. Harrisonburg, Virginia SUNSET PASTRY SHOPPE 117 South High Harrisonburg, Virginia Dial 434-2405 Compliments of J. O. STICKLEY and SON WENGER JEWELERS South Main Street Dayton, Virginia DAYTON TRANSPORT CORPORATION Transporters of Bulk Commodities Dayton, Virginia Compliments of I 9 Z c QJHNITUHE DD. 29 West Water Street Harrisonburg, Virginia HEATWOLE TEXACO SERVICE STATION Dayton, Virginia Dial 879-6151 WEAVERS PLUMBING AND HEATING "It pleases us to please you." Dial 879-2721 Dayton, Virginia STANLEY N. TURNER INSURANCE AGENCY 1029 S. High St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 434-2460 Compliments of HARRISONBURG LOAN Ki THRIFT CORP. FINK'S JEWELER'S INC. 16 So. Main St. Harrisonburg, Virginia CHARLES L. FAULS CLOTHING CO. INC. 11-13 North Court Square Harrisonburg, Virginia YOUR FRIENDLY FAMILY STORE IN HARRISONBURG GRANTS JARRELLE'S SHOE STORE 92 South Main Street City Club and Nunn-Bush Shoes for Men Miss Wonderful and Citations Shoes for Women Weather-Bird Shoes for Children THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Harrisonburg, Virginia "In Our Second Century of Service" Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation WI WHEATLEY YETZER FORD U.S. Route 11 South Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 434-0707 Complete Insurance Service SHOMO 8: LINEWEAVER INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. "Ask Those We Serve" Harrisonburg, Virginia 1 NELSON T. HUFFMAN INVESTMENT - SECURITIES Bridgewater, Virginia LEGGETT'S LEGGETT'S LEGGETT' S LEGGETT'S LEGGETT'S LEGGETT'S Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments of the CLASS OF '67 Sponsor-Edgar Bartley SHUMAKER'S T.V. 8- RADIO SHOP TV Sets-Radios-Antennas- Tubes- Complete Line of Citizens Band Equipment 921 Mt. Clinton Pike Harrisonburg, Virginia 434-3475 Parts GLEN SHOMO The General Tire Complete Tire Service 530 North Main Street Dial 434-82 11 Harrisonburg, Virginia GEORGE J. ROBSONS Bridgewater, Virginia DICKSONS DRUG STORE Bridgewater, Virginia WETSEL SEED COMPANY SEEDS Field-Garden-Flower-Lawn Insecticides-Weed Killers Lawn Fertilizers Dial 43 4- 6753 Harrisonburg, Virginia I"a-we at "'t.'-n View of Space Conditionings' new 540,000 square-foot facility. Manufacturers of Heating-Cooling Air Conditioning Comfort Equipment E -5 SPICE CUIIIJITIUIIIIIG , II'IC. IIOIMIIIY IIUN Iwliuhu lfll',Yl! Inf , HARRISONBURG VIRGINIA Compliments of MARVAL POULTRY COMPANY, INC. . Dayton, Virginia CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH BARAC UDA VALIANT LINCOLN-MILLER, INC. USED CARS PHONE 115 W. BRUCE STREET 434-6743 HARRISONBURG, VA. LAHMANS MILLER FUEL RADIATOR SHOP Silver Lake Road Dayton, Va. - Dial 879- 4871 TECUMSEH W ENGINES W COMPANY Coal-Fuel Oils John F. Miller, Jr. Owner Grottoes, Va. Harrisonburg Dial 249-2411 434-9955 Compliments of C.L. CUSTER, INC. Texaco Heating Oils Gasoline - Diesel - Motor Oils Automatic Deliveries Budget Plan Two-way Radios 434-8888 Harrisonburg, Virginia RED FRONT SUPER MARKET INC. Home of Golden Skillet-Fried Chicken- Featuring Our Own Bakery On Premises-Hot Foods To Take Home We Give SKLH Stamps, Too. 677 Chicago Avenue Harrisonburg, Virginia PEBSI-COLA PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Harrisonburg, Virginia SHENANDOAH VALLEY ELECTRIC COOP. Dayton, Va. A Member-owned, Rural Electric Cooperative serving 13,000 consumers in the Shenandoah Valley LIVE BETTER ELEC TRICALLY Mt. Jackson Staunton Moorefield, W. Va. SHENANDOAH PRESS Color Printing Phone 879-4791 Dayton, Virginia THE L. 81 S. DINER 225 North Liberty St. Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments of WAMPLER FEEDS, INC. on Star Route 42 at the big red "W" water tank Manufacturers of Poultry and Livestock Feeds Phone - 434-2519 Harrisonburg, Virginia SCHEWEL FU RNITURE CO., INCORPORATED "Shenandoah Valley's Largest and "Most Popular Furniture Store" 135 South Main Street Harrisonburg, Virginia BRIDGEWATER FUEL COMPANY Citgo Service Fuel Oil Kerosene BOWMAN COAL COMPANY Best in Pocahontas Coal Bridgewater, Virginia ELANESE FIBERS COMPANY A DIVISION OF CELANESE CORPORATION OF AMERICA BR IDGEWA TER , VIRGINIA DAYTON FARM SUPPLY Massey-Ferguson Sales 8: Service New Idea Farm Equipment "Shop where savings make good cents, Shop your Farm Bureau with confidence-" Harrisonburg, Bridgewater, Cross Keys, 879-6912 Elkton and Timberville DAVID B. GARBER, JEWELER HONDA 49 W- Water Sf- 100 Miles Per Gallon Harrisonburg, Va. S246 and Up "Keepsake Diamonds" HINTON LIVE POULTRY CORPORATION Harrisonburg, Virginia SUBURBAN MGTO RS 1064 Mt. Clinton Pike Harrisonburg, Va. 22801 434-8702 WHITSEL MUSIC Where Everything is Music and Music is Everything 77 East Market Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments of GITCHELL'S STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP BUDDY'S CARPETLAND "A Complete Rug Service" Harrisonburg, Virginia Q Harrisonburg, Virginia PENNEY: Court Square Always First Quality Harrisonburg, Virginia Your recommended Mobile Home Dealer NEFF TRAILER SALES, INC. US. 33 One Mile East Post Office Box 1050 Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 434-3853 Compliments of BREEN'S WILLOW BANK Sandwich Shop and Motel South U.S. 11 Opposite Howard Johnsons JOSEPH NEY'S Wishes the graduates of Turner Ashby the benisons of a fruitful life in a democratic America 2 Court Square Harrisonburg, Virginia Compliments of MID-VALLEY HATCHERY, INC. R 879-2331 Dayton, Virginia TURNER ASHBY BOOK STORE Supplies where you need them When you need them. D. E. Operated 1965 - '66 Tuxedo 66-22-1 P. o. Box 749 STAUNTON CREAMERY, INC. Milk Ice Butter Cream DAIRYMEN SPECIALTY COMPANY, INC. DE LAVAL SALES AND SERVICE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING 879-6751 Route 6 CDayton Pikeb Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801 i' K t ,Piiff i , I Mya S--,fo t ff-VM , Q STAR Xiu, o """" M3551 Q A. ' A Q YOUNG TURKE Y Gflklfl IICLIIID X 9 609' fa +496 'bk OH su P9 N NI ' llry pkocfswu. Incqm All Standard Size Passenger Sz Truck Tires Recapped gl Repaired DOUGLAS PEARCE, INC Your local B. F. Goodrich Store Phone 434-2321 Harrisonburg, Virginia 11 2 miles North U.S., EHCO RESTAURANT U.S. 11 South In Town Visit the New SLY FOX RESTAURANT 46 Water Street Harrisonburg, Virginia Phone 434-9072 MARTIN'S POTATO CHIPS R. P. Glover, Dist. Mt. Crawford, Virginia 434-7033 Compliments of DePOY'S ESSO SERVICE STATION Bridgewater, Virginia 828-4054 SUNNY SLOPE HATCHERY, INC. Wampler Big Whites and Beltsville Poults Route 6 Harrisonburg, Virginia JOSEPH W. COX J EWELER Phone 828-2396 Repairing a Specialty Bridgewater, Virginia WHITESEL BROS., INC. "Be kind to Udders with Surge Milkers" Harrisonburg, Va. Compliments of THE FRAZIER QUARRY TOWN 8- COUNTRY FURNITURE 325 College Street Dayton, Virginia Owned St Operated by: N. Paige Ka Ann C. Will Crushed Limestone-Ready-mixed Concrete Tele. 434-6192 Harrisonburg, Virginia In Appreciation to all who contributed to the publication of this year's Annual THE CRAG STAFF ,.. WW-W W, ., .,., ,-,,,,-, ,,., warn-NH-ww,.,,..,.M..V,,-,,rvuvpn,-.4-- - M. .. , ....uu,M, . ..,.,.,.,. .......,. ,

Suggestions in the Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) collection:

Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 83

1966, pg 83

Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 203

1966, pg 203

Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 200

1966, pg 200

Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 58

1966, pg 58

Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 205

1966, pg 205

Turner Ashby High School - Crag Yearbook (Bridgewater, VA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Page 139

1966, pg 139

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