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21-v---n-'warren' . 3. is-:'-.M -. ' A " ' F.. "' " " ' ' Y ' --Q-.fan --war-swf-we - . - Q ' :.r,:.-.f,5,gn:.f- H, - ,. Y A r I 4 wx w f , Y r I J ,5 f ., Z , -N ff ,-.. ,f .- - ' ' f:,1 -'. 291:11:.fa:"i5:'l-,I-,Q-JI.:-",'.f-T1 - ff' -gvzf-aff -- l.'5f'i-. 2 :.- .f f :' m -' 1 sais.-iffi'if'filli'f'f':-e1LL.QL1-Qisigiagfn ' ,gfJ1i A :-A:-:2,e', in . k T " - .. . Published by +he s+uden+s of Turlock Union High School Turlock, California LERT Marilyn Nyslrom, Ecli+or Jackie Erickson, Assislanl Edilor Mary Linhares, Business Manager Foreword The school year 1950-1951 has been another milestone in the building program of Turlock High School. During the year, we watched the Boys' Gymnasium grow from a skeletal structure to a modern, efficient building, one of the largest high school gymnasiums in the state. As we observed the busy hands of the carpenters skillfully finishing the structure, we thought of a parallel in our own lives: like the materialsi which went into the building, so we have been molded and shaped by competent hands during our high school years. Contents Dedication PrincipaI's Message ,7e,.. Administration , Classes ssssssss as as ,, Organizations, . a Activities ,,...,,,,,,, Athletics ,,,,w,,,ss,, Snapshots ,ss,,s,,,s,,, Advertisements, a,.a gf We dedicaTe This book To The SENIOR CLASS of 1951 in the hope That, regardless of The uncertainty of The future, they may find in its pages The cherished memories of many happy hours of work and fun at Turlock High Schooi. WZ?-as wi +4 Jo'hn H. Pi+man Principal A Friendly Message . . The highest aim of education is to create young men and women who can see clearly, imagine vividly, think steadily and will nobly. The Faculty of Turlock High is hopeful that the result of our work is not selfish scholars nor scornful critics, but intelligent and faithful citi- zens who are determined to put their powers at the service of country and neighbors. The direction of our lives, this way and that, follows the unseen influence of what we admire and love and believe in. I pray that you have the spiritual assets that will enable you to stand where you belong and be loyal to your faith. Graduation is a promotion to the school of lifeewhere facts are teachers, experiences are lessons, friends are guides, work is a master and love an interpreter. You will rise by knowl- edge and sympathy through gradual and secret promotions, into a fuller and finer life. John H. Pitman, Principal ADMINISTRA was rlou "'-Q. FRED FLINT GEORGIA MCCULLAGH Dean of Boys Dean of Girls Board of Trustees Paul W. Carlson, Presidentg Tod Browng Robert C. Jessup, Clerkp John A. Swensong Henry J. Weiss M. Mfg! ,f at fag ibiza v L1 1 , . i . 1 Q K , 5 0 ? QW 1. ' - ..,, , ., , ,K S I .........w' ,.....a- as K SQ- ff-2 Q H ' 4 " .fgii5?A f 5 4.1 kfgyp,.L .A-.jf x U, .Q im: ,f 1 S f s3Q??ff"' A I fssix E .fm I rf W Q Bk , W' , .nv-7,-N... X Q E 4 5 f Q4 g A ..,..5,.,. ., ill Qgmi V ' 3:1 al "Quiet, Please" The library at THS has always been a place to be proud of. CAROL EVEN- SON, assistant and HARRIET LEE, li- brarian, worked hard making the library one of the most popular places in school. 94' 575 llllluiig V' "Take a letter . . " Head of the Commercial Department was ESTHA RODKEY, who taught math and bookkeeping as well as her typing classes . . . MARY DIAS capably instruct- ed first year typing classes and one period of office practice . . . Training students for secretarial and clerical work was INA JOHNSON, who had classes in shorthand, records, and secretarial English. Creative Craftsmen Students of NANCY BUCKlNGHAM's arts and crafts classes often decorated the show cases with their handiwork . . . From time to time suits, dresses, and other garments made by the sew- ing classes of CAROL HAWKINS and JUNE WHEELER were displayed in these show cases . . . CATHERINE CUSHMAN and her cooking students proved their culinary skill by serving at various library teas and the Senior Breakfast. Jacks-of-all-trades Stagecraft, electricity, and math were the specialties of LESTER JOHNSON . . . GEORGE ENDERLIN, well known to the boys, instructed them in general and metal shop . . . Skilled supervision of upperclassmen in auto shop was dis- played by EDGAR GUTHREY . . . SATT- LEY ROWLAND's classes in plastic, wood- shop, and mechanical drawing decorat- ed the show cases several times with their products. The Outdoor Kids Coaching the boys' physical education classes in sports was the main work ot ARMAND SEGHETTI, CHARLIE COOKE, DAVE WEISE, and JOE DEBELY . . . RAE ZIMMER and MARILYN CASSTEVENS were in charge of the girls' classes. A new addition to their curriculum was First Aid in which the junior and senior girls received instruction. I4 Country Gentlemen Field trips taken by ag students to surrounding farms were supervised by "BUCK" CLAUSEN, ag science teacher . . . DONALD HALL, director of ag me- chanics, also participated in these iaunts . . . The Ag Department was a busy place at night, too, when CARL BUNT- lNG and THOMAS SAWYER taught their classes in Veterans' Agriculture. 59, Sunflower Seed Sweepers "Johnnies on the spot," the cus- todians did their best to make the students proud of their school. Wear- ing a pleasant smile for everyone, FRED HANNE, ART WARD, GEORGE BROWNING, JIM REED, and ART JOHNSON worked diligently keeping the inside and outside of the school neat and clean. Red Tape Crew Everyone will admit that the office staff at THS was invaluable to both teachers and students. PHYLLIS WEJ- MAR, assistant secretary, LORRAINE JOHNSON, secretary, and DOROTHY Ll N D B E R G, attendance secretary, worked steadily to keep school af- fairs humming along smoothly. L- - Xefsisi Safety Firsf Last but not least were the bus driv- ers who faithfully took the students to and from school every day and endured all the bedlam on trips to football and basketball games. MELVIN CLARK, SAM FERGUSON, H. C. BERLAU, WILBUR MARSHALL, REV. HILTON SCHLECHT, EDWlN CARSON, PAUL WAGGONER, EU TENE FIELD, and HENRY OLSON are to be commended for their patience and safety precautions. be Top: 1. What's your excuse? 2. ls it the company or the hour? 3. "Hic-haec-hoc!" Boftomf 1. "Wlleaties af seven really helps at eleven." 2. Hm-m-m-m. Camera Catches Campus Characters Top: 1. "Whal's the good word?" 2. Casanova Keesey makes big impression. Bottom: l. "And in conclusion . 2. "lndem five." 3. Wha hoppen? fi- ,f -.. ,.. 4 nl 'C l i l i 1 1 1 I 1 v J. - 1 i fa 1 Sparkling Seniors Senior hands were not idle, although they were guests at the Junior-Senior Prom and were served Senior Break- fast by the P. T. A. Baccalaureate and Commencement were long awaited days, but by the time they arrived, the Seniors had decided that maybe school wasn't so bad after all. RALPH SHABAZIAN President at ifrr-vw' M -, -71, W BOB SHADlE GEORGE BOWMAN HERSCHEI. CASSEL BOB HARWOOD Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Yell Leader Yell Leader Sensor Committees From row: Al Sanders, Jackie Erickson, Marilyn Nystrom, Helen Zaya, Gerry Crowell, Kitty Simon, George Godfrey. 2nd row: Jimmy Richesin, Betty Olson, Barbara Lindquist, Yolanda McCart, Patsy Medlin, Rosemarie Guthrie, Darlene Freeman, Jean Folly, Eloise Haldeman, Deolinda George, Jerrie Barmore, Frank Niebaum, Gerald Van Vleet, Don Odishoo, John Nothelfer, Dave Larson. 3rd row: lloyd Turner, Bill Nutcher, Dean Alsup, David Morrow, Bruce Johnson, Clarice Petersen, Veva Baker, Janet Hardin. Front row: George Conant, Rosie Malik, Angie Christodulis, Jerry Jorge, Marion Roberts. 2nd row: Bill Hensley, Dallas Bache, Dale Johnson, Ronald Palm guist, Eddie Van Vranken, Bob Harwood, Caroline Brown, Bolabo Lopes, Coleen Grose, Mariorie George, Peggy Harvill, Jane Vane na, Leta Bell, Hefen Stooksberry, Shilloy Bonander, Virginia At- kins, Duane Huntley, Bill Gilbert, Don Coelho- 3rd row: Lily Macedo, Sharon Slinger, Mary Lee Skelly, Beverlie Midboe, Diane Lackner, John Soares, Ray Fernandes, Frank Nie- baum, Bill Beasley. Norma Badal Veva Baker Jack Back Elaine Backman Jerrie Barmore Dean Alsup Marlene Anderson Mama Bashar Manuel Alvernaz Virginia Afkins Bm Beasley Lois Anderson Dallas Bacho Leslie Ballinger Janet Ballinger Danny Ball Den Beauchamp Leia Bell David Bell Donald Bell Caroline Brown paul Brown Shilloy Bonander Sam Bang Mui, cudou Ernesfine Biser Paul Bonandor Don Boflum George Bowman Dorothy Burns Gene Carroll Bonnie Bruton Barbara Casssl Don C00ll'0 Plato Christy Alex Christy Buryl Cox Mary Carvalho Dennis Cederlind Gerry Crowell Sieve Chrislodulis Angie Chrislodulis Harlan Dahlgren Herschel Cassel James Chapman George Conan! Phyllis Conover Margaret Collins rmisa Joe Davaion Behy Demings Hugh Donnelly Pat Ellingmn Jean Folly Lorraine Fredrickson Jackie Erickson Walfer Evenun Duhn. Fnennn Shirley Erickson Bob Farrow Frances Eskandanian Ray Fernandes Ruben Galvan Marie Garcia E' Don Gary 26 Eleanor Gorellam Don GUHIIOY' Carl Grubb Coleen Grose Janet Hardin Deolinda George Doris Glenn Bm HHH, Paiti Gomes George Godfrey Rosemarie Gmini. Bill Gilberl Mariorie George Eloise Haldeman Kirtus Harvill Joselyn Harden Bob Harwood Robe:-i Hedshom Jay Jensen Bruce S. Johnson Dale Johnson Jerry Jorge Doyle Jolliff as Peggy Harvill Joe Hendrix Norman Johnson Bill Hensley Dorothy Hess Carol James Duane Huniloy Botfy Hynr lill Hinds Dick Linn Barbara Lindquist is Jai Riva Linn Mary Linharos Archie Mclean Lilllan Karam Diana Lacknor D . Q on McQuls1on Sarah Komo David Larson chuck Meme' .lack Koonca Cloatus Lowis Maurice Logsdon ,pl-55' Bobbe Lopes Yolanda McCari Bob McNiel Lily Macedo Al Macedo Louise Marques LGA? Beverlie Midboe Carole Marconen Bene Mnhars David Mireles Leonard Mendoca Palsy Modlin Chiflv Moore Josephine Martin Rosie Malik David Morrow Mary Miller Adolph Munoz Don Odislioo John Nolhelfer Mary Ellen Oson Bull NU'Cll0Y Catherine Parham Frank Niolraum Marlene Olson sharon Parker Gene Nlel Marilyn Nyslrom Ronlld Palmqum Belly Olson Leon Oberkamper Delmar Osborne Eddie Parhoco Cla rico Peferson Ivan Petersen Frances Peterson Marion Roberls Joan Pinkney Roland Puccinelli Ernie Rodegerdis Don Rice Anna Pursley Fred Rohslm Peggy Ransom Jimmy Richesin 'Pre' Marlin Sanchez Al Sanders Ray Scarbrough Lillian Riley I.aVcrn Roch 32 Earl Smilhcamp Arlene Slinker Mary lee Sllelly Sharon Slinger Ben Spear Darlene Schrum John Schiffman Annaballe Souza Katherine Simon Ralph Shabazian Joseph sou. Robert Shedlo Ella Jean Sisk Reg Spensley Freida Slalians John Soares Harlen Siamper eva Stevens Llovd Turner Bever Sweehn louise Ward Dallas Wyah Helen Stooksberry Gerald Van Vleef Everett Wensirand ,lim Tyler Eddie Van Vranken George Umm Jane Venema Angela Warren Leonard Young 'C' He'en Zava 33 -4-'f:1i'a'.5, Q Q, K f' 1 any ,5 i I sjaggw Jolly Juniors LYNN SWANSON President Junior hands were very active decorating eir main activity during and planning for th the year, which was the Junior-Senior Prorn, held on Saturday, June Qnd. Having given the Seniors a sensational send-off, they re- l axed and began to dream of when they I I BILL ROBERTSON Y? wouo be "high and mighty" Seniors. if STAN BEASLEY S . ecretary Treasurer Vice President HOWARD KNAPP Yell Leader LEFT PICTURE F ron! row: Donna Mayou, Mary Costa 2 . nd row. Johnny Levers!! RIGHT PICTURE Front row: Cherry Andrino El ' , ame Koftinow 2nd row: Bill Rob ' ' ertson, Gail Helvie Back row? Jim Sichender, Perry Wester, James Shimelx, Aileen Silva, Betty Wilson, Monee Stage, David Vaughan, Perry Raleigh, Bill Tate. Front row: louise Winclrem, Donald Vieira, Alberta Silveira, Albert Sa- line, Betty Schubert, Dalton Wyatt, Mildred Schaub. Back row- Paul , Johnson, Howard Knapp, Pat Nordeen, Betty Guthrie, Phyllis Perry, Ronald Mead, James Johnson, Wayne Newton, Front row: Marvin Johnson, Bar- bara Ramont, Harold Lindquist, Ann Ross, Walter Lund, Corabelle Ox- ford, Richard Morgan, Avis Ander- son. Back row: Arthur Brahm, Arthur Hotchkiss, Virginia Earp, Myriam Deissroth, Phyllis Christian, Bob Bisho, John Carvalho, Jerry Carter. Front row: Dolores Fernandes, Joe Gomes, Cherry Andrino, George Espindula, Jacqueline Huntley, George Alvernaz, Lorraine Brown, Junior Gray, 35 Idridge Tate, Loren Back row: E Perry, Kay Weimar, Carmen Soder- quist, Wilma Wester, Emily Van Vliet, Jerry Vowell, Vernon Sipes. From row: Arlene Warcl, George Washburn, Diana Vine, Harlan Se- gars, Hazel Worswick, loren Smith, Kay Soclerstrom, Bert Watson. Back row: Harvey Matson, Harold Shackleforcl, Roy Kent, Adelle Mayer, Mariorie Miller, Betty lewis, ce Johnson, Gor- B. Parks, Bru O. don Lundgren. Front rowi Deloise Reed, Merle James, Jean Ritter, Richard Rangel lillie Price, Bill Larson, Nell Mc Cuiston. Back row: Kenneth Fiorini, Johnnie Abraham, Ross Hiclcmon, Barbara Fox, Beverly Hughes, Dolores Christoffersen, Stanley Beasley, John Genseal. Front row: Marlene Christoffersen Ted Hume, Karin Carlson, Fre Beatty, JoAnne Ellet, .lesse Dia Mary Costa, Gail Helvie. I 36 r ,Q-18" Qi gg w 5 'K Back row: Jack Ford, Claude Fad dis, Paul Grose, Bonnie Beglinger, Carol Aldridge, Betty Bell, Dale Cooper, Allen Dickerson. Front row: Geneva Gier, Lewis Bra- zil, Mae Doo, Marshall Beniamin, Alice Bishop, Jim Hartt, Arlene Ca- laral, Bob Hartt. Bacli rowf R olaert Curci, Harry Carlson, Sonia Esch oo, Ardith Cole, Wanda Ericlrson B , ert Bodkin Sarmas. ,Ed Front row: Lamar Casuga, Betty Baba, Leonard Johnson, Evelyn Falmes, .lay Anderson, Fern Hall- marlm, John Hillis, Juliet Delielaita. Back rowi Bill Waterson, laMonte Thornburg, Jimmie Stout, Sallie Walters, Ruby Sullivan, Helen Triv- elpiece, Buuy Smith, Jerry Young- strom, Ronald Von Raics. Front row: Robert Snelling, Doro- thy McBride, Ray Werner, Agnes Lytle, Francis Sarguis, Rita Morgan, Boyd Welch, Elaine Ramos, 37 Back row: Jesse Yohanan, Bob Mize, Katherine Hampton, Esther Sweeney, Lou Etta Morgan, Don Stovall. Front row: Joyce Youngstrom, Dale Mile, Irene Munoz, Maurice Vas- concellos, Delores Mireles, Tony Vierra, Marveta Spence. Back row: Dorothy Nutcher, Gloria Khinoo, Joyce Fliflet, Jerry McDan- iel, Carlos Marchhanlas, Frederic Mollard, Joy Fant, Betty Powell. Betty Buller. Front row: Ali Nili, Le Ann Jordan, Ronald McLaughlin, Paula Nors- worthy, Jerry Reich, Dolores Lopes, Donald Morlan. Back row: Leo Lasswell, Johnny leverett, Dale Larson, Madeline Oliveira, Cloetta Naff, Evelyn Rich- ards, Jack Richardson, Philip Olson, Larry Ferreira. Front rowi Marclelle Mayhew, Dale Rose, Lillian Roclriquez, Donald Jamison, Mary Jo Miller, Harry Norman, Lavina Pinney. 38 i,, Back row: John Peterson, Philip Petersen, Betty Macedo, Donelda Lindbeclc, Arvina Klint, Norman Martin, Donald Rae, Chester lltif. Front row: Carolyn Mattox, Lynn Swanson, Lorraine Pierce, Bill Roh- ertson, Elaine Koftinow, Milton David, Donna Mayou, Mnrvin Lar- son. Back row: Malcolm Hodnett, David Carmo, Bill Butterworth, Peggy Hinlxle, Dolores George, .Ioan An- drews, Doyle Gray, Tommy Har- desty, Dean Flesora. Front row: Hal Clerk, Margaret Carson, louie Clementino, Dona Erickson, Kenneth Blomquist, Doris Ehrlich, David Hanreich. 39 Snappy Sophomores Sophomore hands worked energetically attempting to make their program for the Frosh-Soph Reception on Saturday, Septem- ber 3Oth, the best one yet. Entertainment revolved around a Kangaroo Court, which kept everyone hopping, especially the VOIGENE MELTON Frgghrnen. President fi Q gf? RONALD SWANSON BARBARA NIEL BARBARA FERNANDES Vice President Secretary-Treasurer ABRAHAM ROJAS Yell Leaders Soph-Frosh Reception Committees LEFT PICTURE lst row: Yvonne Carlson, Isabelle Alamsha 2nd row: Pat Whitaker, Volgene Melton, Ruth Reed RIGHT PICTURE 1st row: Barbara Fernandes, Kanella Vrenios 2nd row: Abe Roias, Barbara Neil, Ronald Swanson i Back row: Leroy Baker, Lorraine Coelho, Robert Fitigerald, Dorothy Barker, Edward Enos, Elaine Brou- hard, Carolyn Graziano, Don Carl- berg, Carol Dimh erg, Connelley Burnett. Front row: Georgia Cash, Richard Berger, Jeanette Faulks, Don Bur- nett, Yvonne Carlson, William Bra- zil, Lila Gier, Donald Berryhill, Lougene Beasley. Back row: James Conner, Leoma Goessmann, Ernest Bishop, Dorothy Freestecl, Lola Donham, Doris Ful- lerton, Mary Sue Burns, James Bevans, lllene Bradley, Phillip Col- lins. Front row: James Back, Caronell Bartgis, Paul Correll, Iris Grose, Kenny DeKelaita, Elvera Diaz, Car! Heimer, Clarice Ferreira, William Badal. Back row: Jerry Brandenburg, Edith Collett Jack Beglinger, Viv- ian Ewell, Donna Dill, Norene Holmes, Jimmy Coelho, Violet Allen, Leslie Delbo n, Marilyn Hen- son. Front row: Billy Arment, Corinne Freeze, Ronald Bates, Alta Crow, Robert Crowell, Rita Barry, Rich- ard Foster, Marlene Bothum, James Fernandes. Al Ivan Jenkins, Rosemary Back row: Jerome, Donald Brooks, Carol Lar- son, Mary Ann Mouzes, Diane Lan- phier, Mary Ann Marques, Gail Landmeier, Janet Morgan, Jimmy Delhart. Front row: Buford Anderson, Anne Nothelfer, Joe Corley, Virginia Murray, Scott Pickering, Anita Katheiser, Billy Key, Jo Ann Nutch- n Baucum. er, Joh Back row: William Gibson, Dixie Hayes, Bob Hevrin, Freda Nunn, Evelyn Hinkle, Mary lanchester, Val ene Melton, Sharon Jones, g ' ' Dewey Larson. Katherine Hill AW' k Bill Johnson, Mor- Bob Moore, Delfina Front row: o ulis, Inis Homer Pantaz p h Meza, Emily Mac a- Noac , do, John Haldeman, Glenda gan, Charles Goodman. arbara Back row: Atto Alexander, B Fernandes, Richard Camp, Barbara Gustafson, Shirley Bronson, Mar- lene Carlson, Mary Carson, Ronnie Crowell, Richarvl Brouhard, Verna Bruton. Front row: Bill Beaty, Helen Graves, Theodore DeKasha, Beverleen Egit- khanoff, Narsai David, Isabelle Alamsha, Johnnie Decker, JoAnn Gomes, Raymond Brazil. 42 il Back row: Thom as Maples, Mmrqie Jensen, Charles Osborne, Sally Lindbeck, Barbara Niel, Barbara Hazen, Shirley !.o13o, Harold Green, Joy Haze, Robert Melton. Front row: Wiliiam Davis, Sharon Mayou, Robert Bishop, Gladys Hunter, David Powell, Juanita Logs- don, Everet Rogers, Lillian Johnson, Ed Hammons. Back row: Rusty Griffin, Joyce Midboe, John Hall, Lauretta John- son, Patsy Mitchell, Evelyn Nugent, Marilyn Peterson, Marvin Johnson, Dorothea Woods, Ken Kyne. Front row: Gene Ocken, Jane Haclc- ett, Lyle Jones, Wanda Shotwell, Ronald Larson, Sharlene Ramsey, Harlan Nystrom, Caroline Nicholas Gayle Pinkney. Back row: Kenneth Misso, Shirlee Soderstrom, Wayne Reed, Carlene Swanson, Richard Griffin, Ruth Reed, Joan Rav , Jaclc Hansen, Pa? Whitaker, Clarence McDonald. Front row: Joe Kina, Jo Ann Por- ter, Martin Petorsen, Jeanette Rocha, Carl Meurrens, Rosalie Pi- mentell, Lloyd Hill, Joyce Peterson, Marvin Lankford. 43 Helen Back row: Roland Lyles, Shimelc, Clyde Nordeen, Barbara Ella Wintter, Everett Robinson, Chambers, Lola Ward, John George, Lucy Winters, Richard Hopson. Front row: George Pelch, Delores Taylor, Wayne Mile, Kanella Vrenios, Gordon Peterson, Evelyn Pinney, Lawrence Haddock, Merna Wall, James King. Back row: Charles Rogers, Dolores Reeh, Henry Sartin, Jeannine Vee- nedaal, Norma Todd, David Vierra, Pat Riddle, Leland Wolley, Joyce While, Jerry Stage. Front row: Marvin Rydberg, Bar- bara Russell, Frank Reyes, Shirley Traister, Dedric Wright, Annetta Wolverton, John Silveira, Wanda Smalley, Bill Vaughn. Back row: Ronald Swanson, Day Stoolmsberry, Wesley Tabor, Pearl Mayer, Jim Stevens, Emily Perdue, Doris Sisk, Jim Yates, Mattie Smith, Robert Rawling. Front row: Troy Rogers, Marilyn Tyree, Darrell Sansing, Elizabeth Vice, lssaac Yohannan, Karen Seder, Abraham Roias, Geraldine Sweeten, Bobby Thorpe. 44 Fx! Y 4 J iv' G Back row: Le e Mathewson, Betty Vrh, Max Vanzi, Carole Stafford, Raydean Rhodes, Sara Ritchey, Ar- lene Rowley, Billy Tucker, Barbara Rosby, Clyde Smithcamp, Front row: James Virgo, Mary Silva, Robert Tyler, Melba Oushana, Ray Tolleson, Frankie Runner, John S:- mon, May Oushana, Richard Warn. Back row: Robert Turnbow, Alan Taylor, Howard Uecke, Marilyn Francis, Geraldean Melton, Joe Vierra, Wayne Roseberry, John Wahlberg. From row: Roger Smith, Byrdena Gray, Franklin Watts, Marlene Smith, Joaquin Rose, Wanda Roden, Tony Velesquex. I Pat Radantke, Ted Harris, Pat White, Ted Dunham, Jolene King, Davirl Arrollo, Shirley Pritchard. 45 Frislcy Freshmen Freshman hands were busy doing home- work, buying rally tickets and study hall books, and learning by experience. On initia- Tion day the campus appeared To have been cled by creatures from Mars, for The "green n sacks paiama JACK HELVIE President inva onesf' prancecl about in gun y , Tops, Tennis shoes, and other paraphernalia. PAT PAGEL STANLEY GEE Yell leader DALE EYBERG Secretary-Treasurer Vice President Fr eshman Initiation I Back row: Dell Breon, Vivian Fur- tado, Donald Dekelaita, Lois Fred- strom, Thomas Allen, Virginia Dan- iels, Richard Avila, loan Becker, Clark Channing, Bernice Espinola, Eugene Boesch. Front row: Joan Ahlberg, Reuben Carlson, Barbara Anderson, Lester Backus, Elsie Espindula, Wally Edeal, June DeKasha, Duane Fred- riclrson, Dolores Badal. Back row: George Brown, Sally Collard, Dale Eyeberg, Patricia Ellett, Darrel Duke, Norma Brown, Howard Comrie, Sandra Buck, Odell Baughman. Front row: Elaine Davis, Robert Beatty, Patsy Bush, Jesse Cole, Inez Grose, Chester Glass, Helen Costa, Sydney Gotobed, Shirlvy Green, Charlie Anderson, Patricia Farnam Back row: Frank Buller, Lula Faddis, Dale Banta, Regina Geeson, Nancy Duncan, Lonnie Avery, Rosie Cor- dero, William Bryan, Dorothy Fincher, Leroy Crossman. Front row: Stanley Gee, Joyce Copeland, Charlie Chapman, Doro- thy Grant, Donald Bronson, Darlene Diggins, James Earnest, Iris Duwall, Harold Gee, .I oan Austin. A7 Back row: Kenneth Garcia, Diane Elston, R. C. Arnold, Ethel Davis, Don Graham, Doris Bacon, Angel- ina Dias, Olivia Gallardo, Eugene Fletc'1er, Donna Capps, Verlan Black Front row: Webster Brown, Mary East, Marvin Fernandes, Doris Crab- tree, Clarence Demings, Lucy Al- varado, Louis George, Norma Davis, Henry Feuerstein. Back row: Robert Abraham, Ailene Christoffersen, Elwood Davis, Wanda Chenault, Dale Deckard, Marva Gary, Stanley Avila, Alice Berry, David Avalos, Shirley Fer- nandes, Karl Droese. Front row: Patricia Alsup, Douglas B a c o n, Norma Christoffersen, Charles Garrett, Pat Bonander, Peter Eshoo, .lean Evans, Louis Aguiniga, Margaret Berg. Back row: Tommy Bell, Cornelia Middleton, Russell Cox, Phyllis Genseal, Herman Haley, Jacqueline lngiversen, Bernie Joiner, Elverna Nully, Billy Moon, Betty Johnson. Front row: Rachel Fliflet, Martin Marshall, Carol Lewis, Neal Ander- son, Nancy Harwood, Dick Paulson, Norma Nunes, Daryl Anderson, Betty Hartt. 48 Baclx row: Leon Lackey, Elaine Mitchell, Preston Martin, Shirley McClain, John McCormick, Ellen Muftoe, Darryl Larson, Donna Mid- daugh, Warner James, Patricia Ladd. Front row: Shirley Harlan, Ormand Hopkins, Irene Mello, Marvin Mil- ler, Joella Harper, James Mills, Eleanor Machado, Delwyn Main, Laverne leal Back row: leon Preston, Verna Niclcolauson, Bill Hill, Shirley Holmes, Ronnie Jorge, Betty Harn- mons, Darlene Midboe, Felix Muna ox, Roger Kirkes, Betty lindbeck. Jim Motsinger. Front row: Elayne Massey, Charles lang, Mariorie Mile, Norman Larl son, Shirley Hale, Bob lee, Bai- bara Harvey, Stanley Leatherman. Carol Nichols Back row: Sylvester Ponce, Joan Heldt, Jimmy lazar, Gwen Myers, Roy Milton, Rosemary Goelcen, Donald Lankford, Imogene Myers, William Mortimer, Dorothy Holder, Ronald Mathers. Front row: Betty Hagens, Edward Mirza, Danette Johnson, Billy Purs- ley, Laverne Kaxup, Russell Harden, Hazel Huddleston, Jimmy Mann, Billie Huber. 49 Bark row: Vernon Johnson, Lois Sunclay, Ferrell Jones, Arlene Hult, Biily Harvill, Mary Kyne, Charles Percy, Carolyn Nyquist, Michael Poiter, Joy Newton, Daniel Larson. Front row: Dolores Nunes, larry Nolte, Sue Nestor, Jack Helvie, Connie Lopez, Edward Lucerr., Nancy Hill, Thomas Hoosier, Vicki Paul. Baclf row: Jim f.'lcClintoclc, Sandra Mitchell, Wi"Qam Irving, Normella Schneider, Gerald Mayo, Nancy Whitaker, Altima Nili, Betty Whitt, Michael Lynn, Sharon Pike, Hillman McCollum. Front row: Annette Olson, Dennis Nascimento, Aurora Tomas, Al Montana, Corinne Sexton, Edward McCart, Karen Walner, James Mor- ris Joanne Soderquist. Back row: Anna Stone, Bobby Vllelss, Marlene Olson, Loren Sweet, Barbara Soper, Ronnie Sinclair, Pat Walker, Robert Sandberg, Jose- phine Yowell, Darryl Woods, L1- Juan Stalians. Front row: Jerry Roberts, Pat Pagel, Euclid Simmons, Sandra Sarhad, Henry Serna, Ethel Stevens, Jimmy Yettman, Lois Seale, David Yohan- nan, Jo Ann Santos. 50 Back row: Peter Rose, Earl Blom- quist, Phyllis Ramont, Joan Wilson, Billy Voll, lester Scarbrough. Front row: Don St. louis, Hilda Oli- veira, John Youngstrcm, Jessfe Riley, Floyd Frasier, Eloise Peter- son, Russell Robinson. Baclr row: Jaclue Shaclcelford, Eve- lyn Petersen, Abel Soares, Shirley Potter, Josenh Silva, Carice Tib- bet, Allen Ritter, Delma Tannel, Benny Rude, Dorothy Osborne. Wesley Roome, Lillian Parham. Front DOW' Fayrene Wright, How- ard Sumner, Carol Teeliell, law- rence Sampson, Jean Sinnett, Ray- mond Paul, Virqinia Watkins, Terry Moore, Florence Roqers, Gary Rose- belry, Darlene Vasconcellos. Back row: Andrew Schendel, Vir- qinia Ubl, Robert Vaughn, Juanita Tate, Darrell Wyatt, Leon Umsted, Wenoma Ramos, Lloyd Wilson, Dorothy Riley, Eddie Taylor, Golclir Smith, Truman Showen. Front row: Marlene Zamora, Man- uel Santos, Helen Warda, Dick Spann, Betty Townsley, Harold Sipes, Roberta White. David Whitt, Earlene Schubert, Sam Sanford, Helen Prewitt. 51 DRGA Nll Q -.V IUNS W x fl' 1 1 4, :J . f ' 1. , f ,Aa?1?5g X, Q 5 , . 4 ' '-vwfm' TS' x X , 5 A BILL BEASLEY Vice Presidenf Sfuclent Bocly Officers GEORGE CONANT President George, with a firm grip on the gavel, worked with his fellow officers taking charge of schooi affairs. It was a full time job for four capable young people and, in spite of homework, exams, and Senior practice, they made a "success story" of the school year. MARGARET COLLINS JOHN NOTHELFER Secretary Treasurer Executive Committee e llil to lst rowf Mr, Youngborg, John Nothelfer, Bill Beasley, George Conant, Margaret Collins, Mr. Pitman, Mr. Marks. 2nd row- Yolanda McCart, Yvonne Carlson, Darryl Woods, Leonard Mendonra, .lack Richardson, Bill Waterson, Beverly Sweeten, Jackie Erickson, Eddie Van Vranken. Acting as advisory board to the Student Body officers was the main work of the Executive Committee. Regular meetings were held on the first Thursday of each month and, as refreshments were served, the members came out quite regularly. Every girl and every boy in school belongs either to the Girls' League or the Boys' Federation. The main activity of the year for the girls was the Mothers' Tea held in April. The "stag" sessions were enlivened by speakers, music, and sports films. Girls' League Boys' Federation GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS Ist row: Mary Linhares, Gerry Crowell 2nd row: Caroline Brown, Karin Carlson BOYS' FEDERATION OFFICERS Ist row: Frank Niebaum, Bill Gilbert 2nd row: Duane Huntley 55 .lunior Slatesmen The Junior Statesmen met in members' homes to discuss foreign and domestic affairs. They held their spring regional convention at THS this year, and are planning a camping trip to Yosemite during the summer. OFFICERS Front row: Joselyn Harden, Roland Puccinelli, Doris Fullerton, 2nd row: Jack Richardson, Ray Werner, LaMonte Thornburg. Front row: Lougene Beasley, Pat Whitaker, l.eoma Goessmann, Angela Warren, Sallie Walters, Joselyn Harden, Russell Harden, Gail Helvie, Eloise Haldeman, Iris Grose, Cloetta Naff, Doris Fullerton, Mary Lee Skelly, Barbara Rosby. 2nd row: Mr. Keesey, Ray Werner, Dallas Bache, Harry Carlson, LaMonte Thornburg, Philip Ofson, Roland Puccinelli, Jack Richardson, Dale Rose, Fred Rohslan, Ted Hume, Mr. Youngborg Front row: Mr. Hall, E. Pacheco, J. Reich, J. Conner, R. McLaughlin, G. Espindula, L. Mendonca, Mr. Clausen. 2nd row: J. Carvalho, D. Wyatt, B. Bisho, J. McDaniel, G. Alvernal, D. Vieira, L. Reeh, G. Borges, J. Jensen, J. Sousa, B. Anderson, L. Chambers. 3rd row: J. Sichender, T. Vierra, B. Vaughn, E. McCart, R, Bruton, C. Smithcamp, J. George, L Dolbon, J. Rose, R. Foster, H. Sumner, H. Sartin. N agar. OFFICERS lst row: Eddie Pacheco, Ronnie Mclaughlin, George Espindula A 2nd row: James Conner, Jerry Reich, Leonard Mendonca. 4th row: A. Hotchkiss, J. Gomes, J. Carter, R. Mead, R. Morgan, K. Droose, B. Vaughn, M. Alver- naz, M. Fernandes, C. Pearcy, J. Roberts. 5th row: D. Vaughan, D. Jamison, C. Marchbanks, P. Raleigh, P. Rose, J. McCormick, F. Jones D. Brooks, G. Peterson, D. Yohannan, R. Spann. 6th row: W, Lund, M. Lange, W. Irving, B. Welch, W. Newton, J. Baucum, P. Collins, L. Wilson E. Enos, J. Vierra. 7th row: D. Wyatt, W. Evensen, F. Bonander, D. Nascimento, T. Moore, J. Silveira, D. Vierra, J. Abraham, J. Coalho, R. Rhodes. FFA Members of the Future Farmers of America are really preparing for the future by raising excellent stock to begin their own herds and farms. Their livestock were exhibited in a yearly showing at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Ribbons and prize money were the boys' rewards for their hard work and perseverance. 56 Front row: Bobby Hartt, Dale Rose, Bobbe Lopes, Madeline Oliveira, Shirley Erickson, Forensics Establishment of a local chapter of the National Forensics League was the highlight of the year for the Forensics Club. Fifteen public speaking students with 20 points each became the charter members of chapter 93. Points were earned by competing in speech contests with other schools, speaking to PTA meet- ings and participating in the three assemblies given before the Student Body. Bonnie Bruton, Donna Mayou, Sonia Eshoo, Lila Gier, Milton David, Ronald Palmquist. 2nd row: Dave Morrow, Bill Hinds, Ken Fiorini, leo Lasswell, .loan Pinkney, Eloise Haldeman, Mrs. Morell, Dean Flesora, Philip Olson, Bill Waterson, Jim Richesin. Front row: 2nd row: OFFICERS Bobbe Lopes, Jerry Crowell Leo Lasswell, Joan Pinkney . Jig thi' ,av OFFICERS Front row: Eddie Van Vranken, Joselyn Harden. 2nd row: John Leverett, Duane Huntley. Hardesly' Front row: Jack Helvie, Russell Harden, Sharon Mayou, Donna Mayou, Margaret Collins Sallie Walters, Deolinda George, Janet Hardin, Yvonne Carlson, Eddie Van Vranken Tom 2nd row: Ken Kyne, Ray Werner, Joan Pinkney, .loselyn Harden, Miss Meadows Rosemary Jerome, Diane Lanphier, Mary Skelly, Darlene Freeman, Johnny leverett, Bill Nutcher Oz Eight drama enthusiasts of the Omega Zeta Society, popularly known as the Oz Club, became the charter members of a chapter of the National Thespian Society, newly established at THS. Contents of their treasury were donated to help buy costumes for the drama department which were used in the All School Play. 57 30 Club In iournalistic circles "3O" means the end, and the end of the school year brought a successful conclu- sion to two publications produced by the members of this club. Besides working on the Alert and Clarion, they attended journalism conventions at Fresno and Berkeley, held parties, and visited engraving and printing houses. OFFICERS-Front row: Beverly Sweeten, Carol James 2nd row: Ray Werner, Dale Larson Front row: Dale Johnson, Yolanda McCart, Mary linhares, Helen Trivelpiece, Bonnie Bruton, Cherry Andrino, Neva Stevens, Deolinda George, Beverly Sweeten, Bobbe Lopes, George Uman. 2nd row: Jack Ford, Ray Werner, Wilma Wester, Diana Vine, Miss Hackman, Frances Peterson, Carol James, Dona Erickson, Mary Ellen Olson, Caroline Brown. 3rd row: Hugh Donnelly, Don Bothun, Dale Larson, Jack Richardson, John Gilmore, Leo Lasswell, Norma Badal, Marilyn Nystrom. Front row! Jo Ann Porter, Beverlie Midboe, Lila Gier, Donna Mayou,, Betty Hyzer, Jean OFFICERS-Front row: Joan Pinkney, Carol James Folly, Lougene Beasley, Joyce Peterson, Yvonne Carlson, Margaret Carson. T Y V 2nd ww. Bob Mahon, Don Bonwn 2nd row: Mr. Williams, Bob Melton, Don Bothun, Dale Johnson, Carol James, Joan Pink- ney, Dolores George, Barbara Rosby, Mr. Moore. Photo Club Regular meetings of the Photo Club were held on Monday nights for the purpose of learning to develop, print, and enlarge pictures. Dues and earnings from game concessions prevented extra cost to the members for supplies and parties. ee Girls' Block T The letter winners of the G. A. A. comprise the membership of the Girls' Block T. Special events such as dinner at Little Sweden, bowling, and a trip to San Francisco for a stageplay and dinner gave the girl .ith- letes an outlet lor all that energy. Front row: Deolincla George, Elaine Ramos, Cherry Andrino, Yolanda Mc- Cari, Miss Zimmer. 2nd row: Miss Casstevens, Jerry Jorge, Carol James, .Ioan Pinkney, Mary linhares, Le Ann Jordon. OFFICERS: Jerry Jorge, Elaine Ramos, Deolinda George, Joan Pinkney pwmss, was-wma QQ OFFICERS: lynn Swanson, Danny Ball, Don Gary Front row: Jerry McDaniel, Bob Harwood, Bill Johnson, lynn Swanson, Bill Beasley, George Bowman, Don Gary, Mr. Cooke. 2nd row: Gilbert Borges, Bert Watson, Danny Ball, Dennis Cederlind, Carl Grubb, Frank Niebaum, Gene Niel, George Conant. Boys' Bloclc T A main attraction at Open House was the whirl-pool for the new gym, which was donated by the Boys' Block T. Money for this gift was earned by the members of the club who worked at game conf ressions. 59 'ea it Officers: M. Linhares, C. Andrino Ist row: S. Mayou, J. Santos, Y. Carlson, L. Beasley, B. Egitkhanoff, S. Longo, B. Niel, I. Grose, E. Diaz, M. Avants, C. Bartgis, P. Bonander, V. Murray, S. Ritchey, J. Logsdon, C. Sexton, I. Alamsha, N. Nunes, J. Gomes, H. Graves, C. Nichols, J.. Nutcher, E. Schubert. 2nd row: A. Christoffersen, J. Soderquist, N. Christoffersen, D. Barker, E. Petersen, C. Dimberg, R. Reed, P. Genseal, L. Johnson, A. Tomas, R. Zimmer, B. Rosby, M. Burns, P. Mayer, A. Nothelfer, A. Dias, A. Katheiser, C. Lewis, S. Jones, S. Buck. 3rd row! J. Newton, C. Swanson, P. Whitaker, D. Riley, E. Perdue, N. Holmes, J. Ray, S. Soderstrom, D. Lanphier, N. Whitaker, C. Staf- ford, L. Coelho, L. Goessmann, M. Marques, I. Bradley, V. Ewell, R. Jerome, K. Hill, M. Mouzes, E. Mitchell, M. Jensen, E. Nully, B. Fer- nandes. la. Ti fr i QQ. Front row: E. Fakes, M. Costa, D. Mayou, B. Hyxer, J. Folly, L. Brown, D. Fernandes, C. Andrino, B. Bruton, D. Glenn, R. Linn, C. Peter- son, A. Silveira, A. Ross, P. Christian, J. Youngstrom. 2nd row: M. Deissroth, H. Stooksberry, B. Midboe, D. Christoffersen, L. Pierce, E. Ramos, D. McBride, M. Miller, M. Casstevens, K. Simon, L. Jordon, D. Nutcher, A. Silva, Y. McCart, M. Linhares, S. Walters. 3rd row: J. Venema, B. Ramont, M. Stage, A. Christodulis, H. Trivelpiece, L. Marques, D. George, J. Jorge, D. George, P. Perry, E. Nugent, M. Hansten, J. Pinkney, C. James, P. Nordeen. Officers: J. Jorge, D. Fernandes. The only male to be admitted into the ranks of this all-girl organization, Mr. Pitman was made an honorary member of the G. A. A. and was presented with a Block T at the annual Awards' Banquet this year. The members of this club, which is designed to promote good sportsmanship and good citizenship among the girls, also enjoyed a picnic and several playdays at various schools throughout the valley. .Me . wg CSF From row: Narsai David, Elvera Diaz, Iris Grose, Isabelle Alamsha, Marlene Smith, Virginia Murray, Kanella Vrenios, Joyce Peterson, Joy Newton, Jack Helvie' 2nd row: Bill Johnson, Anne Nothelfer, Dorothy Freested, Ruth Reed, Karen Seder, Barbara Rosby, Sandra Mitchell, Pat Pagel, Lester Scarbrough. WRST SEMESTER OFFICERS 3rd row: Carolyn Nyquist, Lola Ward, Carlene Swanson, Mr. Olson, Pat Whitaker, F"""" fowi Run' Reed' RaY w9""e" Margie Jensen, Jackie Ingwersen, Phyllis Ramont. 2nd row: David Morrow, Gordon Lundgren. as ,view iimfiii SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Front row: Janet Hardin, Eloise Haldeman, Mae Doo, Jackie Erickson, Joselyn Harden, from row. Eloise Holdoman' Gordon londgrony Dolores Christoffersen, Bobbe Lopes, Louise Windren, Yolanda McCart, Mary Linhares, Ella 2nd row: Bob Melton, Jack Richardson. 'lean Sisk' Joyce Flmel' 2nd row: Jack Richardson, Marilyn Nystrom, Elaine Ramos, Joan Pinkney, Darlene Freeman, Miss Smith, Arvina Klint, Monica Stage, Angela Warren, Wanda Erickson, Rey Werner, Milton David. 3rd row: Ronald Smith, Jesse Yohanan, Bill Waterson, David Morrow, John Nothelfer, Philip Olson, George Conant, Leon Oberkamper, Dale Larson, Gordon Lundgren, LaMonte Thornburg. One of the most active clubs in school, the California Scholarship Federation was host at the District ll Convention at THS and attended two other district conferences at Tracy and Patterson, as well as the regional convention in Berkeley. These gatherings were enlivened by games, skits, music, and speeches. For the first time in three years the CSF'ers were privileged to hold their annual educational trip, a tour of Stanford University, on a school day. ACTIV - 1 4 4 .v .4 ., Y N 0 1 4 u 5 5 .. "' or a . u f 1 IES e Hands At Work On Your Alert HAWOYA, the i951 Alert campaign slogan, was an apt description ot the class in yearbook production. New to their iobs, staff members successfully managed planning layouts, publicizing the book, selling ails, taking pictures, writing copy, balancing the budget, and planning for the Spring Supplement. EDITOR Marilyn Nystrom ART EDITOR Ray Werner ASSTA EDITOR Jifkle EYICIYSUH SECTION EDITORS Activities, Caroline Brown, BUSINESS MANAGER Ma"Y I-l"ha"e5 Classes, Bonnie Bruton, Copy, Yolanda McCart, Organiza- ASST' 5U5'NE55 MANAGER ,beolinda George tions, Neva Stevens, Snaps, Carol James, Sports, Jack Ford PHOTOGRAPHERS Don Bothun, chief, DaIe Johnson ADVERTISING MANAGER Bobbe Lopes ADVISER Miss Hackman ,,,...-f""' .LackIi.edEricZson, Assistant Editgr. M INSETI Marilyn Nyshoml Edhor' , I Y ' 2 . . . MzgymL?,,h,,:Tgf5u,gn:: a,uanagu3,i?e?oIanggagnK:, FRONT ROW: Carol James, Jack Ford, Bonnie Bruton, Dale Johnson, Jackie Erickson, Bobbe Cart, Copy Editorg Bobbe Lopes, Advertising Lopes, Ray Werner. M . mage' . . 'IND ROW: Marilyn Nystrom, Deolinda George, Neva Stevens, Caroline Brown, Yolanda Mc- Staff works on posters for publicity campaign They seem pleased with the progress chart. can' Don Bodum' 64 f iers nt ravel- field Arts i its Alert for E tour . and n en- n ac- lzhoto- rh the y of zines tri p ren iarilyn drino Both i Lass Hack ip, :tes S books News Hounds Carry On Turlock's Clarion Those mad Friday afternoon dashes might be a clue to the popularity ot the THS weekly tour page paper. Cover- ing beats and striving to meet all the deadlines, members ot the staff worked continuously to report top news. Spe- cial holiday editions were issued tor Thanksgiving, Christmas, and April Fools' Day, and the Scholastic Roto, a national pictorial supplement, vvas distributed free every month. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Vol. XXII Turlock, California, Film Schedule Doc. ll--Agriculture--"Poultry Pullorvm." Dec. 'l2-Civics-"Transportation" Doc, I2-General Science-"longitude and Latitude." Doc l4 Physics Fuels and Heat Doc I4 Home Economics Scrub Game ' Girls Glee Clubs Give Program To Rotary Beginning and Advanced Glee Clubs presented a group of Christmas Carol selections to the Rotary Club at ther weekly meeting last Thussday The Beginning Glee opened the program with Jubilate Amen following with Shepherds Awake What Can This 9 Man? pletin the familiar Oh Holy Night and FalenTrding were next their part of the program COD! trio selected from the Beginning Beverly Sweeten, Editor-in-Chief. YOWZ Beverly Sweeten Mary Ellen Olson Frances Peterson Hugh Donnelly George Uman f December 8, 1,550 Open To SPEECH BY LOCAL Two of the contests Club and open to wishes test will be tion that the These contests are help promote public questions in our schools Frapk Switzer, '50 graduate, placed in the California and Nevada finals of the Lions Club contest last year. One of his rizes was a Royal portable typewriter, and he was also given expense-free trips to all of the contest finals which he and made S25 in addition. Reporters Norma Badal, Dona Erickson, Joyce Dale Larson, Leo Lasswell, Lorraine son, Helen Trivelpiece, Diana Vine, Adviser of Mss Jean Meadows, Mrs, Anita Grips Miss Rae Zimmer and Miss Carir,i Cas stevens. Miss Marguerite Arcnds, social commit ree rhairman, and Mr. Pershing Olson president of the teachers association, are charge of the preparations and arrange- Be Topic of a panel by tive Turlock morning at the in Modesto. he panel will give a on different phases will speak on how to and be liked by other peo- Hartt will speak on the man' remembered when on a date. .r Cassel will tell of the preparation date: planning it and then carrying plan out, and Donna Mayou will dis- the problems of dating. Chairman of the panel, Jim Richesin. will ask questions of the panel, and the discussion will be open to anyone in the audience with questions. A portion of this panel may be heard by all Turlock High School OVCI' students and Cherry Andrino, Fliflet, John Gilmore, Pierce, Jack Richard- Wilma Wester. Miss Hackman T l ! 41' 'tgp-WJ Dale Larson, Jack Richardson, John Gilmore, Hugh Donnelly, George Uman, Leo Lasswell. row: Beverly Sweeten, Mary Ellen Olson, Norma Badnl, Frances Peterson, Doris Fliflet, Helen Trivelpiece, Cherry An- Lorraina Pierce, Dona Erickson, Wilma Wester, Diana Vine. i Mary Ellen Olson, Associate Editor, Hugh Donnelly, Sports Editor, George Uman Assistant Sports Editor, Frances Peterson Feature Editor. Reporters check the assignment sheet, Staff prepares exchange issues for mailing 65 I Campus Symphoneiie Providing The music aT rallies, foofball games, and other programs was iusT a parT of The busy schedule of The band under The direction of John Wing. A Trip To Fresno To see The Michigan band repeaT a previous Rose Bowl performance may have been responsible in parT for The laTer fine performances aT such events as MJC TalenT Day, All CounTy Music FesTival, and Their own en- ThusiasTically received Band Concert. The year's acTiviTies were climaxed as Top honors were re- ceived aT The Music FesTival held in Berkeley. The band gave Their lasT public performances aT The annual Open House and GraduaTion. Officers of The band were Lorraine Brown, presidenT, Ronald von Raics, secrefary, O. B. Parks, sTudenT body represenTaTive. Front row: Marilyn Nystrom, Dolores Chrisloffersen, Leoma Goessman, Bob Hartt, Wa 2nd row: Joy Newton, Vickie Paul, Dolores Nunes, Joselyn Harden, Betty Harlt, Paul Gross, Front row: J. Soderquist, D. Lanphier, D. Fernandes, N. Schneider, A- Ward. 2nd row: G. Lundgren, B. Johnson, R. Puccinelli, D. Flesora, H. Lindquist, V. Murray 3rd row: H. Nystrom, R. Avila, H. Serna, V. Nickolauson, L. Mathewson, D. Larson, D. D 4th row: J. Haldeman, O. Parks, H. Knapp, J. Youngstrom, D. Larson, M. Christoffer gren, E. Haldeman, C. Crown, A. Christoffersen, R. Schmidt, M. Vasconcellos, E. Wonstri 5th row: Mr. Wing, D. Morrow, L. Reeh, B. Lindquist, R. Rangel, B. Gilbert, J. Harden linger. D. Whitt. nault, Betty Olson, Gloria Khinoo, Harold Lindquist, Dean Flesora, Lois Fredstrom. Lg, Monee Stage, Darlene Freeman, Neal Anderson, Phyllis Genseal, Bill Arment, John Soares -erett, B. Harvey, N. Christoffersen, S. Holmes, S. Pike, J. Stage. Hayes, E. Hinlrle, W. Newton, M. Stage, B- Whitt, L. Coelho, E. Van Vranken, R. Jerome. arson, C. Soclerquist, P. Norsworthy, J' Soares, J. Huntley, M. Olson, M. Rydberg, H. Dahl- Bimberg, B. Hinds, D. Coelho, L. Brown' zlrer, D. Banta, R- Rawlings, J. Brandenburg, R. von Raics, M. Roberts, W. Chenault, L. Bal- uHail Alma Mater" Directed by John Wing, the Senior Orchestra was kept very busy playing for many school activities. These included the Christmas Pag' eant, All School Flay, Spring Concert, and Bac- calaureate. Selected soloists also played at the MJC Talent show and the All County Band, Orchestra, and Chorus Festival. Members of the orchestra were honored to open an Armand Girard Talent Show held in the THS auditorium. The high point of the year for all was when several individual soloists traveled to Berkeley for the Annual Music Festival and were present- ed with top ratings. Orchestra officers were Darlene Freeman, president, John Soares, vice-president, Monica Stage, secretary-treasurer. E FRONT ROW: J. Folly, B. Baba, M. Smith, D. Vine, L. Windrem, M. Bothun, M. Skelly, M. Linhares, L- Macedo, E. Koftinow, C. Peter- son E. Haldeman, R. Linn, F. Hallmark. 2ND ROW: J. Hardin, J. Erickson, M- George, V. Earp, L. Johnson, J. Barmore, Mrs. Graves, Mr. Jones, A. Sousa, M. Spence, L. Morgan, M- Olson, M. Cardola, L. Jordon, J. Rocha. 3RD ROW: T. Hardesty, S. Gee, R. Bates, K. Blomquist, L- Goessmann, B. Fox, J. Ray, A. Anderson, G. Washburn, L. Lackey, L. Smith. 4TH ROW: H. Matson, H. Knapp, D. Larson, A. Mclean, G. Godfrey, J. Brandenburg, M. Hodnett, R. Smith, P. Johnson, K- Kyne, L. Casuga, P. Correll, J. Yates, E. Sarmas, M. Logsdon. FRONT ROW: Evelyn Fakes, Barbara Russell, Wanda Smalley, Dorothy Barker, Shirley Bronson, Shirley Longo, Betty Bell, Jo Anna Nutcher, Mary Linhares, Lily Macedo, Riva Linn. 2ND ROW: Lucy Hernandes, Peggy Hinkle, Vera Watkins, Ann Ross, Edith Collett Mrs. Graves, Mr. Jones, Pat Gomes, Vivian Ewell, Helen Stookslaesry, Virginia Murray. 'iWithout a song. Singing with zest at the Spring Concert and other programs, members ot the Choir and Ad- vanced Glee were well received by students and parents alike. Soloists from each of these groups also sang for many in-and-out of school performances, 1 . . the day would never end" Blending voices for an enioyable year, the Mixed Chorus and Beginning Glee entertained for clubs, assemblies, and the annual Spring Concert. Ever popular, these singers receive good preparation for the Advanced Glee and Choir the following year. FRONT ROW: Tommy Bell, Roy Milton, Clarence Demings, Harold Gee, Norma Young, Elverna Nully, Carolyn Nyquist, .Io Anne Ellett El . . . . . ayne Massey, Marlene Avants, Marie Garcia, Jimmy Earnest, Russell Harden. 2ND ROW: Lester Scarbrough Preston Martin Wal lace Harrang, Leroy Crossman, .lim Motsirlger, Mr. Jones, Mrs. Graves, Delmar Osborne, Willard Harrang, Leon Oraves, Tommy Morris, Delwyn Main. FRONT ROW: Sandra Sarhad, Lorene Seale, Aurora Tomas, Margaret Berg, Frances Eskandanian, Vivien Furtado Nancy Hill Donna Middaugh, Marilyn Tyree, Pat Walker, Pat Ladd, Joan Austin, Rachel Fliflet, Jean Sinnett, Pat Pagel. ZND ROW: Dolores, Nunes, Olivia Gallardo, Marva Gary, Mattie Smith, Annette Olson, Rosemary Goeken, Mrs. Graves, Mr. Jones, Jackie Ingwersen, Virginia Wat- kins, Virginia Daniels, Elaine Davis, Sally Collard, Betty Johnson, Elaine Mitchell. Top: Mary and Joseph are humble at the visit of the wise men. Bottom: Angel Gabriel prophesies Christ's birth. The three kings and the shepherds meet on the way to Bethlehem uThe Shepherds' Star" Two performances of the annual Christmas Pageant, presented through the combined ef- forts of the Drama and Music Departments, were given on Friday evening, December 15th, and on Sunday afternoon, December 17th. Directed by Miss Jean Meadows, drama coach, and Mrs. Anita Graves, vocal director, the cast included the following: Herald W H ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,Jerry Brandenburg Shepherds lllllary Janet Hardin, Jackie Erickson Alemek Duane Humiey milzspar Arch'e Mclean Joram Snnley Gee I L , Melchior VVVV .rom Hardesty ll-:iadfel Magma :ot-:iris Balthasar , , ,, Dale Larson 'e ' U C' er Angel Gabriel ., , , Johnny Leverett Ellfanal' Eddie Van Vfanlwn Joseph , , ,,,,, ,,,,, Y,,, , , , Ken Kyne Jerebai George Conant Seraphim-Vivian Ewell, Evelyn Fakes, Shirley Longo, Virgitia Murray, Barbara Russell, Jeanine Veenendaal, Annetta Wolverton. Left to right: Bill Nutcher, Archie McLean, Eddie Van Vranken, Virginia Murray, Barbara Russell, Duane Huntley, Janet Hardin, Stanley Gee, Ken Kyne, Tom Hardesty, Shirley Longo, George Conant, Vivian Ewell, Annetta Wolverton, Marion Roberts, Dale Larson. .lane Bennett ,Betty Macedo Johnny leveretl Mr- Darcy forgets his pride llPride and Preiudicen Set in a nineteenth century drawing room of an English home, the plot of the All School Play, presented on March l6th and l7th, con- cerned fhe stubborn pride of Mr. Darcy and the prejudice of Elizabeth Bennett against him. l.ydia Bennett Margaret Collins Kitty Bennett Mary Bennett Mr. Bennett Mrs. Bennett Elizabeth Benn Hill lady lucas GN Sallie Walters Donna Mayou Duane Huntley Joselyn Harden Jerrie Barmore Darlene Freeman Mary lee Shelly Top: The girls bring home their "catch." Bottom: Mrs. Bennett :colds her husband, Charlotte Lucas Mr. Bingley ,,,, Caroline Bingley Mr. Darcy Mr. Collins , Amelia , Capt. Denny Mr- Wickham Delores Christoffersen Bobbe Lopes Marion Roberts Eddie Van Vranlmen .loan Pinkney Bill Nutcher George Conant lady Catherine de Bourgh Elaine Ramos Darlene Freeman, Elaine Ramos, Mary lee Skelly, Dolores Christoffersen, Eddie Van Vranlxen, Bobba Lopes, Johnny leverett, Betty Macedo, Duane Huntley, Joselyn Harden, Marion Roberts, .lerrie Barmore, Margaret Colfins, Bill Nutcher, Sallie Walters, Joan Pinkney, Donna Mayou. .....,,..l .. RALLY COMMITTEE Front row: Eddie Van Vranken, Margaret Collins, Duane Huntley. 2nd row: Betty Macedo, Karin Carlson, Barbara Gustafson, Barbara Fernandes, 3rd row: Miss Casstevens, Mr- Wing, Miss Zimmer, Miss Meadows. V373 AJ-,QUE M ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Front row: Betty Powell, Bill Hinds, Marilyn Nystrom. 2nd row: Miss Meadows, Mrs. Graves, Mrs. Morell. Spirit Prompters Throwing hands and hearts into boosting school spirit and enthusiasm, the Song and Yell Leaders kept the student body in fine voice at rallies and games. On-the-spot inspiration hy members of the Rally Committee prompted many lively and laugh-provoking skits. Hidden talents were discovered in both taculty and students at the Talent Programs presented under the direction ot the Assembly Committee. National Assemblies also provided varied entertain- ment in such popular programs as Talking Mynah Birds and National Transcribers for the Blind. YELL LEADERS SONG LEADERS Eddie Van Vranken, Margaret Collins, Duane Huntley Barbara'Fernandes, Barbara Gustafson, Karin Carlson, Betty Macedo Snow Queen, us Kung Bob Harwood PP XX ll In the stardust of a song cl d i What a dance. What, ATHL ,J Backs: A. Alexander, R. Galvan, D. Ball, B. Beasley, G. Borges. Line: D. Cederlind, E. Tale, V. Melton, B. Watson, J. Back, M. Larson, D. Odishoo Although finishing the season in a tie for fifth, the Mighty Bulldogs, coached by Joe Debely and Armand Seghetti, came out ahead in statistics in all but one of their games. In the first game against Modesto they were handed a loss, but made a terrific comeback in the annual Tur- key Day clash with a score of i9-O. No matter how rough the game or how far behind, the Bulldogs always dug in and played with the old team spirit. i 'Wit melt... Coaches Joe Debely and Armand Seghetti Valiant Varsity Vows Vengeance Front row: D- Gary, D. Ball, A. Sanders, J. Yates, E. Smithcamp, E. Rodegerdts, J. Peterson, C. latif, J. Chapman, K. Falkenberg, R. Camp E. Carroll. 2nd rowf A. Seglletti lcoachj, G. Borges, B. Beasley, D. Cederlind, E. Tate, V. Melton, B. Watson, J. Back, M. Larson, D. Odislloo, R. Gal van, A. Alexander, D. Guilbert. 3rd NWI J. Delwly lwiiltl. H- Cassell, D- OSBOVM, D. Linn, G. Washburn, M. James, B. Slladle, F. Nielaaum, G. Conant, D. Carmo, C. Mc Neil, A. Macede, E. Sarmas, I. Petersen lmgrJ 4th vow: B. Harwood, B. Hensley, D. Alsup, F. Rohslan, B. Butterworth, A. Mclean, M. Vanzi, G. Brown, D. Breen, D. Rae. J. Vowell, C. Smithcamp, P. Grose lmgr.J SCORES Turlock Madera Turlock Oakdale Turlock Sacramento Turlock Grant Turlock Modesto Turlock Stockton Turlock Lodi Turlock McClatchy Turlock Woodland Turlock Modesto 'hv-, P- Gram rn an Rs mobbed. The boys gwe a y eXX for meh opponents. Waxson and Borges move in Gov We Kr i Beadeq and Borges pK ow through I Gt ant. X. fQW'v ,vw 1' F YM , f he Barrlmg Bulldo gs come on rhe field Be ware Bfll Beasle tri Y es some fancy foorwoik. Mode-sfoxhere comes Ball' bfg mle-up af the Thank 5 Sglvlng game lst row: B. Johnson, J. Tyler, J. Reich, C. Goodman, R- Swanson, B. Moore, J. McDaniel, A. Munoz, J. Ford lmgazl 2nd row: D. Wyatt, J. Sichender, R. Kent, B. Larson, O. Parks, W- Badal, J. Henson, T. Vierra, J. Stevens. 3rd row: D. Avalos, W. James, J. Vierra, J. Genseal, W. Tabor, T- Maples, J. Conner, J. Motsinger, A. Taylor, R. Morgan, S. Norton lcoachj. ' ' 4th row: I. Ward, D. Jamison, I. Yohannan, E- Boesch, L. Sweet, L. Delbon, D. Vierra, D. Carlberg, R. Sinclair, G. Pinkney. 5th row: B. Thorpe, A. Roias, S. Beasley, L. Swanson, R, Bates, C- Osborne, J. Fernandes, R. Spensley, D. Weise lCoachl. Battling Bullpups Bag Blue Ribbon The Bees went all the way tor the Sac-Joaquin Conference title and an undefeated season. The team, coached by Dave Weise and Stanley Norton, allowed only one team to cross their goal line for six points. Helping to bring about an enviable record was the teamwork that was shown. The team worked together as a unit. No one person stood out, but through cooperation the team was outstanding. SCORES I Turlock I9 Madera 0 Turlock 27 Oakdale 0 Turlock 13 Sacramento 0 Turlock 27 Grant 0 Turlock 26 Modesto 6 Turlock I2 Lodi 0 Turlock I3 McClatchy 0 Turlock 27 Woodland 0 E Coach Dave Weise Coach Stan Norton The Pazers pounce on Swanson The "Flying Dutchman" swoops down upon his poor opponent Hi! 'em hard. Abe! 81 SCORES Turlock 12 Livingston 0 Turlock T3 Modesto 0 Turlock I3 Livingston 0 Turlock 26 Hilmar 6 Turlock 12 Modesto 6 Turlock 6 Modesto 0 Coach Charlie Cooke Conquering Cees Capture Crown The Cees, like the Bees, experienced an undefeated season. Playing against bigger and heavier teams, they established a record that will be hard to beat in the future. Coach Charlie Cooke not only taught them the high points in football, but embedded team spirit in them that steadily increased as the season progressed. A game to be remembered was the one against Modesto when the score stood 6-6 until the last play. Homer Pantazopulos passed to Fred Beatty for a touchdown iust as the gun sounded. lS1 ROW: W. Robertson. H. Pantazopulos, E. Taylor, F. Lankford, R. Berger, R. Fitzgerald, M. Lankford, R. Rangel, D. Burnett, L. Baker F. Beatty. 2ND ROW: M- Petersen, R. Avila, B. Sandberg, D. DeKelaita, D. Berryhill, R. Cox, S. Avila, M. Marshall, E. Enos, B. Hartt R. Jorge. 3RD ROW: S. Leatherman, B. Weiss, J. Helvie, A. Schendel, C- Channing, K. Hat-tt, R. Tolleson, B. Rude, C. Meurrens, D. Ey berg. 4TH ROW. F. Munoz, J. Mills, B. Joiner, D. Woods, R. Robinson, N. Larson, V. Johnson, L Johnson, J. Simon, .l. Back, M. Ben iamin, W. Brazil, L. Backus- 5TH ROW. M. Miller, W. Edeal, L, Brazil, C. Garrett, B. Bishop, J. Yettman, C. Chapman, J. Diaz, E. Simmons, D. St Louis, B. Hill, J. Abraham imginl 6TH ROW: C.Cooke lCoachl, D- Main, B. Abraham, T. Allen, C. Burnett, B. Moon, G. Mayo, H. Serna, B. Beatty, W. Mortimer, P. Brown. Where is it? lax. I '- Good blocking-but where's the ball? The Mighty Midgets move in for the tackle. D B ll Bill Beasley Frank Niebaum Don Coelho Malcolm Hodnett anny a S C O R E S Turlock Merced Turlock 45 Lodi Turlock Roosevelt Turlock 38 Modesto Turlock Lowell Turlock 47 Oakdale Turlock Oakdale Turlock 54 Woodland Turlock Roosevelt Turlock 31 Sacramento Turlock Merced Turlock 36 Stockton Turlock Grant Turlock 40 Lodi Turlock McClatchy Turlock 47 Modesto Turlock Stockton Turlock 48 San Jose Frosh Qv Dave Weise demonstrates good guarding teclmique Ronnie von Raics out-lumps his opponent, as Malcolm Danny Ball fights for the rebound to Bill Beasley Hodnett watches anxiously L out 31 Able-bodiecl A's 3 2 From row: B. Beasley, D. Odishoo, R. von Raics, D. Coelho, F. Niebaum, M. Hodnett, D. Ball. 2nd row: D. Weise lcoachl, R. Bates, T. Vierra, H. Uecke, R. Camp, C. Osborne, S. Beasley. 3rd row: V. Melton lmgrj, W. Harrang, A. Macedo, E. Blomquist, W' Harrang, J. Reich, G. Helvio lmgnl Avenging an earlier defeat, the Bulldog Cagers trounced the Modesto Panthers to wind up third in the league standings. Led by Dave Weise, the local five took all of their practice tilts and lost only four games throughout the season. Bouncing B's 4- Cooke shows Abe Roias how to hold the ball Front row: R. Berger, D. Arrollo, A. Roias, M. David, R. Jorge, R1 Fitzgerald, B. Robertson, J Carter K 2nd row: C- Cooke lcoachl, G. Lundgren, R. Swanson, L. Swanson, P. Peterson, T. Maples J Hen son C. McDonald. Under the coaching of Charlie Cooke the Bullpups ended the league season in a lie for sec- ond. Several of their games, notably The last Modesto clash, proved to be thrillers and end' ed with very close sores. Phil Peterson gets the tip off. "Gordie" Lundgren puts one up. Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock SCORES Merced Roosevelt Lowell Oakdale Roosevelt Merced Grant McClatchy Stockton Lodi Modesto Oakdale Woodland Sacramento Stockton Lodi Modesto Brsnn's Capering Cs From row: L. Baclus, E. Lucero, R. Larson, T, Allen, B. Harvill, E. Taylor, E. Mirza, M. Porter. "Now, what do I do?" 2nd row: C. Cooke lcoachl, J- Mills, B. Lee, D. Dekelaita, B. Mortimer, B. Hill, H. Serna. The Midget squad brought their season to an end with a .500 average. Although the Cees played only two games, it must be said that they practiced hard. Coached by Charlie Cooke, they faithfully turned out for early morning workouts, valuable practice for next year. S C O R E S Turlock Cees 47 Wakefield 42 rg Up and . . . in? One mad scramb ls aftor the ball. Turlock Ceec 37 Turlock B Reserves 42 lnnlilllllmmt lllgm lima' tw! sm 4 Vx lk ? '.,,.A , P Don Odlshoo Ouffield Bert Watson-Catcher Jim Tyler-Olufneld Delmar Osborne Pitcher Bull Beasley 3rd Base Dean Alsup lst Base Bob Harwood-Outfield Coach Segheth Dannv Ball 2nd Base Stanley Beasley Shorfsfop Possessed with the never-say-die spirit typical of many Turlock High teams, the varsity baseball team, under the leadership of Armand Seghetti, battled through their games, win or lose. 'k 9: 'k Coached by Charlie Cooke, the Bees closed a hard- fought season showing promises of a bright future. 1 What a swingl! Slee-rm one' g,,..-ov' ii ."' Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Turlock Harcl-Hilling Big Leaguers "A" SCORES T2 6 5 0 2 2 8 2 l 'Q if v 99? Oakdale Oakdale Hughson lodi Stockton McClatchy Hughson Modesto Sacramento A Good, clean cutl FRONT ROW: B. Moore lmgr.l, M. James, J. Tyler, J. Reich, B. Wat- son, B. Harwood, J. Diaz, S. Beasley, C. Goodman imgr.l. 2ND ROW: J. Stevens lmgnl, D. Osborne, R. Fernandes, A. Mclean, D. Alsup, A- Seghetti lcoachl, B. Beasley, D. Odishoo, F. Niebaum, D. Ball, A. Munoz lmgnl Turlock 4 Turlock 6 Turlock 7 Turlock 0 Turlock 2 Turlock I Turlock 3 Turlock 5 "B" SCORES Oakdale Oakdale Donair "A lodi Hilmar Modesto Hughson Denair "A's FRONT ROW: H. Pantazopulos, l. Aquinige, B. Rude, R. Tolleson, A. Rojas, E. Mirza, E. Taylor, T- DeKasha, l. Backus 2ND ROW: J. Henson, A. Alexander, T. Maples, J. Yates, M. Johnson, I. Jenkins, R. Camp, J. Gilmore, J. Abraham 3RD ROW: W. Brazil, L- Sampson, D. Wright, P. Correll, J. Si '-n M. Petersen, A. Soares, C. Cooke lcoachl, D. Berryhill .-We Another Debely and Weise coached team was the Bee Squad which exhibited its greatest strength of the season in the pole vault and distance events. FRONT ROW: M. Rangel, D' Eyberg, W. Newton, D. Morrow, F. Todd, J. Tyler, B. Melton, C. Moore. 2ND ROW: G. Lund- gren, C. Osborne, R. Bates, J. Fernandes, V. Black, J. Irving, D. Wyatt, R- Tyler, B. Johnson, R. Spensley, S. Beasley. 3RD ROW: D. Bache lmgr.l, R. Swanson, J. Mc- Daniel, G. Bowman, R. Curci, J. Henson, J. Motsinger, D- Wyatt, L. Swanson, K. Fiorini lmgr.l Cee Cindermen established themselves as one of the strong teams in the league. Throughout the year they proved their power in such events as the shot put, 880 yard run, and hurdle races. FRONT ROW: F. Lanlxford, C. Meurrens, J. Mills, D. Arollo, D. Wyatt, D. Yohannan, C. Ro ers F. Beatt . 2ND ROW: L. Scar 9 1 Y ' brought, B. Sandberg, B. Abraham, M- brough, B. Sandberg, B. Abraham, M. lankford, B. Hernandez, H. Serna, B. Mor- ROW: F. Munoz lmgr.l, J. Ford, R' Bruton, E. Taylor, R. Cox, B. Hill, P. Martin, L. Baker, E. Enos, E. Smithclmp lmgr.l Shot putter and helper. Puff Puffl Puffl au., Just like flying! Will he make it? I -1- ,- ....,KM"s Versatile Trackmen .4 s'--Jgzfigqggg X .. 'a'3a-11-xfiiggh, .C+ ' . X Y-s3""'ip ' 5' R 'QU .5 S .fav .-Xe-X FRONT ROW: R. Shabazian, G. Carroll, F. Niobaum, D. Gary, D. Linn, D, Ball, J- Richesin- ZND ROW: M. Larson lmgnj, B. Beasley, P. Peterson, G. Borges, B. Nutcher, V. Melton, J. Rhodes, L. Oberkamper, L. Mendonca. 3RD ROW: D. Weise lcoachj, B. Butterworth, D. Cederlind, E. Tate, C. McNeil, D. Odishoo, M. Hodnett, G. Conant, J. Debely lcoachl- VVhh a benerthan average season,the Vardty Thhvdads cap- nned mosfoftheh dum Hack meem and gave a good shomdngin secnonal and regional encounters Oakdale Turlock Lodi Turlock Stockton Turlock Modesto Turlock Oakdale Turlock S C CJ R E S A B 51 112 42 112 52 112 62 112 43 I2 61 92 sa 46 74 76 112 30 27112 52116 38112 51516 55112 4 4 l "t.JauwA-JL..-.J.,fs,,..,,,,,v-,L FRONT ROW: R. Sinclair, D. Woods, V. Johnson, D. Paulson, P. Bonander, H. Nystrom. 2ND ROW: B. Hinds, R. Swanson, R. Kent, R. von Raics, B. Johnson, J- Nothelfor. Resting between halves. Attaboy, Bud! Johnson gets the word from Coach Marks. Roy Kent puts one over. Tennis Twelve The tennis team battled furiously under the direction of George Marks, although the going was tough most of the time. Tennis gained in popularity this year as a record number of stu- dents turned out for the sport. W Rfk, yy. 'Aki hi S My q c. Noontime Activities xcwo' 5 I , Wim po, mv or? S U N I'HOI'.S' "'-W Jus? resting .Q ibm www Reading across, lefl to righf: 96 She uses Ponds. Oli, you don'1 say, No remarks! Wl1o'd ever guess his future? Rubee-dub-dub. Thai Oxydol sparkle. Ax? R . b. .... si That Pepsodr-.xi elmo Re allvq Eddie Van Vranlxen, Gerry Crowell, Hi, old Top! I5 N I early fha, ba d? S5534 5f5f x.f3slE ' , ' ,p Vin. e ff Q Anll I? mf by 45392 W Nia-9 ' X QqgWf'ld6fms,- RX A K . X Q' gf 55, x E X eriwm,,,r,W,.ar L ' ? " 1i.m-W V r Bill Hen5leY' VVl1QrQ lwvq yqfu -' 15 Aw, come on! . , y A' gilisei .Q-Iiigilifjiii .w X lv 1 my fa? Joselyn Harden, Mr. Pirman, Marilyn Nystrom. Deolinda George, Louise Marques, Don Bolhun, Bobbe Lopes, Caroline Brown, 'Xml fix Beverly Sweeten, Jackie Erirkson, Bill Nutcher. ' eg XR M r,1X i ,V .. 5 .W f x X, A X X .0519 if A gg S x'5i2xx- . Y ?,,g?5gR, Mode n phoiography warg I th. Caught m WP Blow the man down ,Q , S I. xhe ac ,jg Rocky ww. I moumram boyg. Is everybody happy? my ofa: C.arefU!, 11 may blow up! ..lU!'!!!!f! IM :'1v1r"Q W Kms! 11 5 JLt'iZi't7 RIN? . 5- x x asc. X . 1 5' N sw . MSA 4,11 1' -lst X .xxt .E , 1 w f a ,Z X ,. 1 Qf 4 Q 0 sf 1 ' f E , fi 5 Ni fs fe 'X Am: 5:65 I-xl ,vm-,, , ,,l NN, .Q .R SQ5. x . . Q M W. x li ki ,. -X Qfffii 1A-'SX ' - ' -, U -"lk .-1 A -. Q ., pwxmmk . N , 5 N. wx, xs- - - .i,,,U4'f -wg--GN. X f Q .., 6 X A ng- gf Nf'-Lgpfi'-i, -ft J - .x ,W NM xi-ig-N , K M xx .. .Q fifsq A, K- lf ,cwx'sgjfQk :Q g. fx - X . A .. . 1 . ' ' ,--' wg 3,5 9.1 ,Q , -2, 5 fx Q K. 1: . .- I ,mp . .S N - K , Sweet wr Sour -V . M ,gs I .. , iw A X xx, - w 1 .Har . MM, L- . . 1 A N x 2 . AM W. - V 5 ' X . ,Hx A x -, ...Q N A 'wg gal. SQL A ' " Y . "' V f .N X ijivTN,1,g"'A N T . L, 14 ' xii www Q5 - gi 5 aigf 5 D 5 ,5 nv- ' -'Q if v w f . fx A K... Q 'xf w. .1 -KM Q, .x I gawk F Y M-.t Y fix an y x k Ti ilk F' ' k . ' b ni -'X A 5 ,sh Mg X, zximgprk, V, M... .. P -. ., - fL,L Qfgiggjgt- f -W fl 1--lg-,V A f :fa K A ' . fx 5 . 5Dflr1q IVVOV QSQY :W U 6 "AAN a .., '- was N., 0' W A 5' 0, dxf! V L Thr paudo that refreshes i 'N an L n . . ,Q-. 'ii 4 'Q ., UK N M, wmmw f ff Ax Qgyw fa Q - ,mg .gf-.v'1gr5:,j,' - Q! +3 f y Q: -I' Remember these "Alert" stiffs? 1 Jacavuovus smdfm W am vu 3 mt a guri yn 1 vm f J-. ho flaw 3 Q W -. i- wlwrsgf K ff INA? 333 Tun- out 9, 'T A . 19 7 vw sk ,,.Ef"' , Nxwxib K IA ,K J Pos! game hangover Sw R xy' ,W our. Look Ma, no musncl Oh those nrqylcs! 3 j M Q- 3 ff vw .6 3:1 Doofi -1 uni' fy rw doo 'll- 'U S RV Il, f igfwfhxl- A . 4' 4 fr, k .,. 33 J, E iw 'fx W? . k AL' 1 V -. , cw: We 'wa' music' 1 'K' -Z1 - FS! . , A-H, " x . 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Town Shop, The Turlock Beverages Turlock Daily Journal Turlock Flower Shop Turlock Laundry VVaTter's Photo Studio Vllennell Pontiac Sales West Main Market Worth Realty 113 109 118 110 111 106 116 115 118 115 107 109 116 111 119 112 109 118 121 108 115 191 120 113 117 Corley, Abraham, Johnie 36, 56, 82, 89 Abraham, Robert 48, 82, 90 Aguiniga, Louie 48, 89 Ahlberg, Joan 47 Alamsha, Isabelle 40, 42, 60, 61 Aldridge, Carol 37 Alexander, Atto 42, 77, 89 Allen, To mmy 47, 82, 87 Allen, Violet, 41 Alsup, Dean 21, 22, 77, 88, 89 Alsup, Patricia 48 Alvarado, Lucy 48 Alvernaz, George 35, 56 Alvernaz, Manuel 22, 56 Anderson Avis, 35, 68 Anderson Barbara 47 Anderson Buford 42, 56, 76 Anderson Charlie 47 Anderson, Daryl 48 Anderson, Jay 37 Anderson, Lois 22 Anderson, Marlene 22 Andseron, Neal 48, 66 Andrews, Joan 39 Andrino, Cherry 34, 35, 58, 59, 60, 65 Arends, Miss Marguerite 11 Arment, Billy 41, 66 Arnold, R. C. 48 Arrollo, David 45, 86, 90 Atkins, V irginia 21, 22 Austin, Joan 47, 69 Avalos, David 48, 80 Avants, Mariie 69 Avery, Lonnie 47 Index Berger, Richard 41, 82, 86 Berg, Margaret 48, 69 Berry, Alice 48 Berryhill, Don 41, 82, 89 Bevans, James 41 Biser, Ernestine 23 Bisho, Bob 35, 56 Bishop, Alice, 37 Bishop, Ernest 41 Bishop, Robert 43, 82 Black, Verlan 48, 90 Blornquist, Earl 51, 85 Blomuuist, Kenneth 39, 68 Bodkin, Bert 37 Boesch, Eugene 47, 80 Bonander, Pat 48, 60 Bonander, Paul 23, 56, 92 Bonander, Shilloy 21, 23 Borqes, Gilbert 56, 59, 76, 77, 91 Bothun, Don 23, 58, 64, 96 Bothun, Marlene 41, 68 Bowman, George 20, 23, 59, 90 Bradley, Illene 41, 60 Brahn, Arthur 35 Brandenburg, Jerry 41, 67, 68 Brazil, Lewis 37, 82 Brazil, Raymond 42 Brazil, William 41, 82, 89 Breon, Dell 47, 77 Bronson, Donald 47 Bronson, Shirley 42, 68 Brooks, Donald 42, 56 Brouhard, Elaine 41 Brouhard, Ronnie 42 Chapman, Charles 47, 82 Chapman, James 24, 77 Chenault, Wanda 48, 66, 67 Christian, Phyllis 35, 60 Christodulis, Angie 21, 24, 60 Christodulis, Steve 24 Christoffersen, Christoffersen, Ailene 48, 60, 67 Delores 36, 60, 61, 66, 71 Christoffersen, Marlene 36, 66 Christoffersen, Christy, Alexa Christy, Plato Norma 48, 60, 67 nder 24 24 Clark, Hal 39 Clark, Mr. Melvin 15 Clausen, Mr. L. M- 14, 56 Clementino, Louis 39 Coelho, Donald 21, 24, 67, 84, 85 Coelho, Jim 41, 56 Coelho, Lorraine 41, 60, 67 Co'e, Ardith 37 Cole, Jesse 47 Collard, Sally 47, 69 Collett, Edith 41, 68 Collins, Margaret 24, 54, 55, 57, 71, 72 Collins, Phillip 41, 56 Comrie, Howard 47 Conant, George 21, 24, 54, 55, 59, 61, 70, Conner, James 41, 56, 80 Conover, Phyllis 24 Cooke, Mr. Charles 14, 59, 82, 86, 87, 89 Cooper, Dale 37 Copeland, Joyce 47 Cordero, Rosie 47 Joe 42 Avila, Richard 47, 66, 82, 90 Avila, Stanley 48, 82 Baba, Betty 37, 68 Bache, Dallas 21, 22, 56, 90 Back, Jack 22, 76, 77 Back, James 41, 82 Baclman, Elaine 22 Backus, Lester 47, 82, 87, 89 Bacon, Doris 48 Brown, Caroline 21, 23, 55, 58, 6 Brown, George 47, 77 Brown, Lorraine 35, 60, 67 Brown, Norma 47 Brown, Paul 23, 82 Brown, Webster 48 Bruton, Bonnie 23, 57, 58, 60, 64 Bruton, Richard 42, 56, 90 Bryan, William 47 Buckingham, Miss Nancy 13 Buck, Sandra 47, 60 Bullet, Betty 38 4, 67, 96 Bacon, Douglas 48 Badal, Dolores 47 Badal, Norma 22, 58, 65 Badal, William 41, 80 Baker, Leroy 41, 82, 90 Baker, Veva 21, 22 Ball, Danny 22, 59, 76, 77, 84, 85, 88, 89, 91 Ballinger, Janet 22 Ballinger, Leslie 22, 67 Banta, Dale 47, 67 Barker, Dorothy 41, 60, 68 Barmore, Jerrie 21, 22, 68, 71 Barry, Rita 41 Bartgis, Caronell 41, 60 Bashor, Martha 22 Bates, Ronald 41, 68, 80, 85, 90 Baucum, John 42, 56 Bauqhman, Odell 47 Beasley, Bill 21, 22, 54, 55, 59, 76, 77, 84, 85, 88, 89, 91 Beasley, Lougene 41, 56, 58, 60 Beasley, Stanley 34, 36, 80, 85, 88, 89, 90 Beatty, Fred 36, 82, 90 Beatty, Robert 47 Beaty, Bill 42, 82 Beauchamp, Don 23 Becker, Joan 47 Beets, Sam 23 Beglinger, Bonnie 37 Beqlinger, Jack 41 Bell, Betty 37, 68 Bell, David 23 Bell, Donald 23 Bell, Leta 21, 23 Bell, Tommy 48, 69 Benjamin, Marshall 37, 82 Buller, Frank 47 Bunting, Mr. Carl 14 Burnett, Connelly 41, 82 Burnett, Don 41, 82 Burns, Dorothy 23 Burns, Mary 41, 61 Bush, Patsy 47 Butterworth, Bill 39, 77, 91 Cabral, Arlene 37 Camp, Richard 42, 77, 85, 89 Capes, Donna 48 Cardoza, Marie 23, 68 Cariberg, Donald 41, 80 Carlson, Harry 37, 56 Karin 36, 55, 72 Csr'scn, Carlson, Marlene 42 Correll, Paul 41, 68, 89 Costa, Helen 47 Costa, Mary 34, 36, 60 Cox, Buryl 24 Cox, Russell 48, 82, 90 Crabtree, Doris 48 Crossman, Leroy 47, 69 Crow, Alta 41 Crowell, Gerry 21, 24, 55, 57, 96 Crowell, Robert 41 Crowell, Verna 42 Curci, Robert 37, 90 Cushman, Miss Catherine 13 Dahlgren, Harlan 24, 67 Daniels, Virginia 47, 69 Davaion, Joe 25 David, Milton 39, 57, 61, 86 David, Narsai 42, 61 Davis, Elaine 47, 69 Davis, Elwood 48 Davis, Ethel 48 Davis, Norma 48 Davis, William 43 Debely, Mr. Joe 14, 76, 77, 91 Deckard, Dale 48 Deissro DeKash Johnnie 42, 67 Decker, th, Myriam 35, 60 a, June 47 Carlson, Reuben 47 Carlson, Yvonne 40, 41, 55, 57, 58, 60 Carmo, David 39, 77 Carroll, Eugene 23, 77, 91 Carson, Margaret 39, 58 Carson, Mary 42 Carter, Jerry 35, 56, 86 Carvalho, John 35, 56 Carvalho, Mary 24 Cash, Georgia 41 Cassel, Barbara 24 Cassel, Herschel 20, 24, 77 Casstevens, Miss Marilyn 14, 59, 60, 72 Casuga, Lamar 37, 68 Cederlind, Dennis 24, 59, 76, 77, Chambers, Lloyd 44, 56 Channing, Clark 47, 82 91 De-Kasha, Theodore 42, 89 DeKelaita, Donald 47, 82, 87 Delielaita, Juliet 37 DeKelaita, Kenneth 41 Delbon, Leslie 41, 56, 80 Delhart, Jimmie 42 Demings, Betty 25 Demings, Clarence 48, 69 Dias, Miss Mary 13 Diaz, Angelina 48, 60 Diaz, Elvera 41, 60, 61 Diaz, Jesse 36, 82, 89 Dickerson, Allen 37 Diggins, Darlene 47 Dill, Donna 41 Dimberg, Carol 41, 60, 67 Dinsdale, Miss Sophia 12 7 Donham, Lola 41 Donnelly, Hugh 25, 58, 65 Doo, Mae 37, 61 Droese, Karl 48, 56 Duke, Darrell 47, 66 Duncan, Nancy 47 Dunham, Ted 45 Duwall, Iris 47 Earnest, James 47, 69 Gee, Harold 47, 69 Gee, St anley 46, 47, 68, 70 Geeson, Regina 47 Genseal, John 36, 80 Genseal, Phyllis 48, 60, 66 George, Deolinda 21, 26, 57, 58, 59, 60, 64, 96 George Dolores 39, 58, 60 George, John 44, 56 George, Louis 48 George, Mariorie 21, 26, 68 Gobson, William 42 Earp, Virginia 35, 68 East, Mary 48 Edeal, Wallace 47, 82 Egitkhanoff, Beverleen 42, 60 Ehrlich, Doris 39 Ellett, Joanne 36, 69 Ellett, Patricia 47 Ellington, Pat 25 Elston, Diane 48 Enderlin, Mr. George 14 Enos, Edward 41, 56, 82, 90 Erickson, Dona 39, 58, 65 Erickson, Jackie 21, 25, 55, 61, 64, 68, 96 Erickson, Shirley 25, 57 Erickson, Wanda 37, 61 Eschoo, Peter 48 Eschoo, Sonia 37, 57 Eskandanian, Faranquis 25, 69 Espindula, Espindula, Elsie 47 George 35, 56 Espinola, Bernice 47 Evans, Jean 48 Gier, Geneva 37 Gier, Lila 41, 57, 58 Gi'bert, Bill 21, 26, 55, 66 Gilmore, John 58, 65, 89 Glass, Chester 47 Glenn, Doris 26, 60 Godfrey, George 21, 26, 68 Goeken, Rosemary 49, 69 Goessmann, Leoma 41, 56, 60, 66, 68 Gomes, JoAnn 42, 60 Gomes, Joe 35, 56 Gomez, Patricia 26, 68 Goodman, Charles 42, 80, 89 Goreham, Eleanor 26 Gotobed, Sydney 47 Graham, Don 48 Grant, Dorothy 47 Graves, Helen 42, 60 Graves, Leon 69 Graves, Mrs. Anita 12, 68, 69, 72 Gray, Byrdena 45 Gray, Doyle 39 Gray, Junior 35 Evensen, Walter 25, 56 Ewell, Vivian 21, 60, 68, 70 Eyberg, Dale 46, 47, 82, 90 Faddis, Claude 37 Faddis, Lula 47 Fakes, Evelyn 37, 60, 68 Falkenberg, Kenneth 77 Fant, Joy 38 Farnam, Patricia 47 Farrow, Bob 25 Grazian o, Carolyn 41 Green, Harold 43 Green, Shirley 47 Griffin, Aldred 43 Griffin, Richard 43 Grose, Coleen 21, 26 Grose, Inez 47 Grose, Iris 41, 56, 60, 61 Grose, Paul 37, 66, 67, 77 Grubb, Carl 26, 59 Guilbert, Don 26, 77 Gustafson, Barbara 42, 72 Henry 48 Fernandes, Barbara 40, 42, 60, 72 Fernandes, Dolores 35, 60, 67 Fernandes, James 41, 80, 90 Fernandes, Marvin 48, 56 Fernandes Fernandes , Raymond 21, 25, 89 , Shirley 48 Ferreira, Clarice 41 Ferreira, Larry 38 Feuerstein, Fincher, Dorothy 47 Fiorini, Kenneth 36, 57, 90 Fitzgerald, Robert 41, 82, 86 Flesora, Dean 39, 57, 66, 67 Fletcher, Eugene 48 Fliflet, Joyce 38, 61, 65 Fliflet, Rachel 48, 69 Flint, Mr. Fred 10 Flint, Mrs. Lura 11 Folly, Jean 21, 25, 58, 60, 68 Ford, Jack 37, 58, 64, 80, 90 Foster, Richard 41, 56 Foulks, Jeanette 41 Fox, Barbara 36, 68 Frazier, Floyd 51 Fredrickson, Duane 47 Fredrickson, Lorraine 25 Fredstrom, Lois 47, 67 Freeman, Darlene 21, 25, 57, 61, 66, 71 Freested, Dorothy 41, 61 Freeze, Corinne 41 Fullerton, Doris 41, 56 Furtado, Vivien 47, 69 Gallardo, Oliva 48, 69 Galvan, Ruben 25, 76, 77 Garcia, Kenneth 48 Garcia, Marie 25, 69 Garrett, Charlie 48, 82 Gary, Don 25, 59, 77, 91 Gary, Marva 48, 69 Guthrey, Mrs. Edgar 14 Guthrie, Betty 35 Guthrie, Rosemarie 21, 26 Hackett, Jane 43 Hackman, Miss Carolyn 11, 58 Haddock, Lawrence 44 Haldeman, Eloise 21, 26, 56, 57, 61, 67, 68 Haldeman, John 42, 66 Haley, Herman 48 Hall, John 43 Hallmark, Fern 37, 68 Hall, Mr. Donald 14, 56 Hammons, Betty 49 Hammons, Edward 43 Hampton, Katherine 38 Hanreich, David 39 Hansen, Jack 43 Hansten, Marilyn 60 Harden, Joselyn 26, 56, 57, 61, 66, 71, 96 Harden, Russell 49, 56, 57, 69 Hardesty, Tom 39, 57, 68, 70 Hardin, Janet 21, 26, 57, 61, 68, 70 Harlan, Shirley 49 Harper, Joella 49 Harrang, Wallace 69, 85 Harrang, Willard 69, 85 Harris, Teddie 45 Harris, William 26 Hartt, Betty 48, 66 Hartt, Bobby 37, 57, 66, 82 Hartt, Jim 37 Hartt, Kenneth 48, 82 Harvey, Barbara 48, 66 Harvill, Billy 50, 87 Harvill, Kirtus 26 Harvill, Peggy 21, 27 Harwood, Bob 20, 21, 27, 59, 77, Harwood, Nancy 48 Hawkins, Mrs. Carol 13 88, 89 Hayes, Dixie 42, 66 Haze, Joy 43 Hazen, Barbara 43 Haze, Shirley 49 Hedstrom, Robert 26 Heimer, Carl 41 Heldt, Joan 49 Helvie, Gail 34, 36, 56, 85 Helvie, Jack 46, 50, 57, 61, 82 Hendrix, Joe 27 Hensley, Bill 21, 27, 77, 96 Henson, Jimmie 49, 80, 86, 89, 90 Henson, Marilyn 41 Hernandez, Bob 90 Hernandez, Lucylle 68 Hess, Dorothy 27 Hevrin, Robert 42 Hic! mon, Ross 36 Hill, Bill 49, 82, 87, 90 Hill, Katherine 42, 60 Hillis, John 37 Hill, Lloyd 43 Hill, Mrs. Marie 12 Hill, Nancy 50, 6? Hinds, Bill 27, 57, 67, 72, 92 Hinkle, Evelyn 42, 67 Hinkle, Peqgy 39, 68 Hodnett, Malcolm 39, 68, 84, 85, Hohenthal, Miss Helen 12 Holder, Dorothy 49 Holmes, Norene 41, 60 Holmes, Shirley 49, 67 Hooser, Thomas 50 Hopkins, Ormand 49 Hopson, Richard 44 Hotchkiss, Arthur 35, 56 Huber, Billie 49 Huddleston, Hazel 49 Hughes, Beverly 36 Hult, Arlene 50 Hume, Ted 36, 56 Hunter, Gladys 43 Huntley, Duane 21, 27, 55, 57, 70, Huntley, Jacqueline 35, 66 Hyzer, Betty 27, 58, 60 lngwersen, Jacqueline 48, 61, 69 Irving, William 50, 56, 90 James, Carol 27, 58, 59, 60, 64 James, Merle 36, 77, 89 James, Warner 49, 80 91 71,72 Jamison, Jamison, Jenkins, Jensen, Jensen, Jerome, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson r r 1 1 Donald 56, 80 Virginia 38 Ivan 42, 89 Jay 27, 56 Margie 43, 60, 61 Rosemary 42, 57, 60, 67 , Betty 48, 69 , Bruce-in 36 , Bruce-sr. 21, 27, 66 Johnson, , Danette 49 , James 35 , Lauretta 43 , Leonard 37 , Lillian 43, 60, 68 Dale 21, 27, 58, 64 Marvin-jr. 35 Marvin-soph. 43, 89 Mr. Lester 14 Mrs. Ina 13 Norman 27 1 Paul 35, ca , Vernon 50, 82, 92 , William 42, 59, 61, so, Joiner, Bernie 48, 82 Jolliff, Kenneth 27 Jones, Ferrell 50, 56 Jones, Lyle 43 Jones, Mr. Byron 68, 69 Jones, Sharon 42, 60 90, 92 Jordon Le Ann 38, 59, 60, 68 Jorge, Jerry 21, 27, 59, 60 .'orge, Ronnie 49, 82, 86, 90 Karam, Lillian 28 Katheiser, Anita 42, 60 Kazup, Laverne 49 Keesey, Mr. Vincent 12, 56 Kent, Roy 36, 80, 92 Key, Billy 42 Khinoo, Gloria 38, 67 King, James 44 King, Joe 43 King, Jolene 45 Kirkes, Roger 49 Klint, Arvina 39, 61 Knapp, Howard 34, 35, 66, 68 Koftinow, Elaine 34, 39, 68 Komo, Sarah 28 Koonce, Jack 28 Kyne, Ken 43, 57, 68, 70 Kyne, Mary 50 Lackey, Leon 49, 68 Lackner, Diane 21, 28 Ladd, Patricia 49, 69 Lanchester, Mary 42 Landmeier, Gail 42 Lang, Charles 49 Lange, Maurice 56 Lankford, Donald 49 Lankford, Frank 82, 90 Lankford, Marvin 43, 82, 90 Lanphier, Diane 42, 57, 60, 66 Larson, Bill 36, 80 Larson, Carol 42 Larson, Dale 38, 58, 61, 65, 68, 70 Larson, Daniel 50, 66 Larson, Darryl 49, 66 Larson, David 21, 28 Larson, Dewey 42 Larson, Marvin 39, 76, 77, 91 Larson Larson , Norman 49, 82 , Ronald 43, 66, 87 Lasswell, Leo 38, 57, 58, 65 Latif, Chester 39, 77 Lazar, Jimmy 49 Leal, LaVerne 49 Leatherman, Stanley 49, 82 Lee, Robert 49, 87 Leverett, Johnny 34, 38, 57, 67, 71 Lewis, Betty 36 Lewis, Carol 48, 60 Lewis, Creatus 28 Lindbeck, Betty 49 Lindbeck, Donelda 39 Lindbeck, Sally 43 Lindquist, Barbara 21, 28, 66 Lindquist, Harold 35, 66, 67 Linhares, Mary, 21, 28, 55, 58, 59, 60, 61, 64, 68 Linn, Dick 28, 77, 91 Linn, Riva 28, 60, 68 Logsdon, Juanita 43, 60 Logsdon, Maurice 28, 68 :Ev .4 -.- 1 F McLean, William 28, 68, 70, 77, 89 McNeil, Chuck 28, 77, 91 McNeil, Robert 29 McQuiston, Don 28 Macedo, Albert 29, 77, 85 Macedo, Betty 39, 71, 72 Macedo, Lily 21, 29, 68 Machado, Eleanor 49 Machado, Emily 42 Main, Delwyn,49, 69, 82 Malik, Rosie 21, 29 Mann, Jim 49 Maples, Thomas 43, 80, 86, 89 Marchbanks, Carlos 38, 56 Marconett, Carole 29 Marks, Mr. George 12, 55 Marques, Louise 29, 60, 96 Marques, Mary Ann 42, 60 Marshall, Martin 48, 82 Mathers, Bette 29 Ronald 49 Mathers, Mathewson, Lee, 45, 66 Martin, Josephine 29 Martin, Norman 39 Martin, Preston 49, 69, 90 Massey, Elayne 49, 69 Matson, Harvey 36, 68 Mattox, Carolyn 39 Mayer, Adelle 36 Mayer, Pearl 44, 60 Mayhew, Mardelle 38 Mayo, Gerald 50, 82 Mayou, Donna 34, 39, 57, 58, 60, 71 Mayou, Sharon 43, 57, 60 Meadows, Miss Jean 11, 57, 72 Mead, Ronald 35, 56 Medlin, Patsy, 21, 29 Mello, Irene 49 Melton, Bob 43, 58, 61, 90 Melton, Geraldean 45 Melton, Volgena 40, 42, 76, 77, 85, 91 Mendonca, Leonard 29, 55, 56, 91 Meurrens, Carl 43, 82, 90 Meza, Delfina 42 Midboe, Beverlie 21, 29, 58, 60 Midboe, Darlene 49 Munoz, Adolph 29, 80, 89 Munoz, Felix 49, 82, 90 Munoz, lrene 38 Murray, Virginia 42, 60, 61, 66, 68, 70 Mustoe, Ellen 49 Myers, Gwen 49 Myers, Imogene 49 Naff, Cloetta 38, 56 Nascimento, Dennis 50, 56 Nestor, Sue 50 Newton, Joy 50, 61, 66 Newton, Wayne 35, 56, 67, 90 Nicholas, Caroline 43 Nichols, Carol 49 Nickolauson, Verna 49, 66 Niebaum, Frank 21, 30, 55, 59, 77, 84, 8 Niel, Barbara 40, 43, 60 Niel, Gene 30, 59 Niland, Mrs. Fannie 11 Nili, Ali 38 Nili, Aliraza 50 Noack, Inis 42 Nolte, Larry 50 Nordeen, Clyde 44 Nordeen, Patricia 35, 60 Norman, Harry 38 Norsworthy, Paula 38, 66 Norton, Mr. Stanley 80 Nothelfer, Anne 42, 60, 61 Nothelfer, John 21, 30, 54, 55, 61, 92 Nugent, Ethel 60 Nugent, Evelyn 43 Nully, Elverna 48, 60, 69 Nunes, Dolores 50, 66, 69 Nunes, Norma 48, 60 Nunn, Freda 42 Nutcher, Bill 21, 30, 57, 70, 71, 91, 96 Nutcher, Dorothy 38, 60 Midboe, Joyce 43 Middaugh, Donna 49, 69 Middleton, Cornelia 48 Miller, Mariorie 36 Miller, Marvin 49, 82 Miller, Mary Alice 29, 60 Mi'ler, Mary Jo 38 Palm 'uis Longo, Shirley 43, 60, 68, 70 Lopes, Bobbe 21, 28, 57, 58, 61, 64, 7 Lopes, Dolores 38 Lopez, Consuelo 50 Lucero, Edward 50, 87 Lundgren, Gordon 36, 61, 66, 86, 90 Lundgren, Mr. Archie 12 Lund, Walter 35, 56 Lyfes, Roland 44 Lynn, Michael 50 Lytle, Agnes 37 1,96 Mills, James 49, 82, 87, 90 Milton, Roy 49, 69 Mireles, David 29 Mireles, Delores 38 Mirza, Edward 49, 87, 89 Misso, Kenneth 43 Mitchell, Elaine 49, 60, 69 Mitzhall, Patsy 43 Mitchell, Sandra 50, 61 Mize, Bob 38 'lAiz2, Dale 38 Aize, Mariorie 49 .'Aize, Wayne 44 Mollard, Fredric 38 Montana, Alonzo 50 Moon, Billy 48, 82 Nutcher, JoAnna 42, 60, 68 Ny 'uist, Nystrom, Carolyn 50, 61, 68 Harlan 43, 66, 92 Nystrom, Marilyn 21, 30, 58, 61, 64, 66 5, 89, 91 , 72, 96 Oberkamoer, Leon 30, 61, 91 Ocken, Gene 43 Odishoo, Don 21, 30, 76, 77, 85, 88, 89, 91 Oliveira, Hilda 51 O'iveira, Madeline 38, 57 Olson, Annette 50, 69 Olson, Betty 21, 30, 67 Olson, Mar'ene-frosh 50, 66 Olson, Marlene-sr. 30 O'son, Mary Ellen 30, 58, 65, 68 O'son, Mr- Pershing 11, 61 O'son, Philip 38, 56, 57, 61 Osborn, Dorothy 51 Osborne, Charles 43, 80, 85, 89, 90 Osborne, Delmar 30, 69, 77, 88 Oushana, May 45 Oushana, Oxford, Pacheco, Melba 45 Corabelle 35 Eddie 30, 56 Paqel, Patricia 46 50 61 1 t , 69 t, Ronald 21, 30, 57 McBride, Dorothy 37, 60 McCart, Edward 50, 56 McCart, Yolanda 21, 28, 55, 58, 59, 60, 61, 64 McClain, Shirley 49 McClintock, Jim 50 McCollum, William 50 McCormick, John 49, 56 McCuiston, Nell 36 McCullagh, Mrs. Georgia 10, 12 McDaniel, Jerry 38, 56, 59, 80, McDonald, Clarence 43, 86 McLaughlin, Ronald 38, 56 90 Noore, Bob 42, 80, 89 Moore, Charles 29, 90 Moore, Mr. Loyd 11, 58 Moore, Terry 51, 56 Mor:-ll, Mrs. Blanche 11, 57, 72 Morqan, Glenda 42 Morgan, Janet 42 Morgan, Lou Etta 38, 68 Morgan, Richard 35, 56, 80 Morgan, Rita 37 Morlan, Don 38 Morris, James 50 Morris, Tommy 69 Pantazopulos, Homer 42, 82, 89 Parham, Catherine 30 Parham, Lillian 51 Parker, Sharon 30 Parks, O B. 36, 66, 80 Paul, Raymond 51 Pau'son, Dick 48, 92 Paul, Victoria 50, 66 Pearcy, Charles 50, 56 Pelch, George 44 Perdue, Emily 44, 60 Perry, Loren 36 Perry, Phyllis 35, 60 Morrow, David 21, 29, 57, 61, 66, 90 Mortimer, William 49, 82, 87, 90 Matsinger, Jim 49, 69, 80, 90 Mouzas, Mary 42, 60 Petersen, Clarice 21, 30, 60, 68 P: rersen, Petersen, Petersen, Eloise 51, 60 Evelyn 51 Ivan 31, 77 Price, L Petersen, Martin 43, 82, 89 Petersen, Philip 39, 86, 91 Peterson, Francis 31, 58, 65 Peterson, Gordon 44, 56 Peterson, John 39, 77 Peterson, Joyce 43, 58, 61 Peterson, Marilyn 43 Pickering, John 42 Pierce, Lorraine 39, 60, 65 Pike, Sharon 50, 67 Pimentell, Rosalie 43 Pinkney, Joan 31, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 67, 71 Pinkney, Gayle 43, 80 Pinney, Evelyn 44 Pinney, Lavina 38 Pitman, Mr. John 6, 55, 96 Ponce, Sylvester 49 Porter, JoAnn 43, 61 Porter, Michael 50, 87 Potter, Shirley 51 Powell, Betty 38, 72 Powell, David 43 Preston, Leon 49 Prewitt, Helen 51 illie 36 Pritchard, Shirley 45 Puccinelli, Roland 31, 56, 66 Pursley, Anna 31 Pursley, Billy 49 Radantke, Patricia 45 Rae, Donald 39, 77 Raics, Ronald von 37, 67, 84, 85, 92 Raleigh, Perry 35, 56 Ramont, Barbara 35, 60 Ramont, Phyllis 51, 61 Ramos, Elaine 37, 59, 60, 61, 71 Ramos, Wenona 51 Ramsey, Sharlene 43 Ransom, Peggy 31 Rangel, Richard 36, 66, 82, 90 Rawlings, Robert 44, 67 Ray, Joan 43, 60, 68 Reed, Deloise 36 Reed, Ruth 40, 43, 60, 61 Reed, Wayne 43 Reeh, Dolores 44 Reeh, LaVern 31, 56, 66 Reich, Reyes, Jerry 38, 56, 80, 85, 89 Frank 44 Rhodes, Raydean 45, 56, 91 Rice, Don 31 Van Vleet, Gerald 21, 33 Richards, Evelyn 38 Richardson, Jack 38, 55, 56, 58, 61, 65 Richesin, James 21, 31, 57, 91 Riddle, Pat 44 Riley, Dorothy 51, 60 Riley, Jessie 51 Riley, Lillian 31 Ritchey, Saralee 45, 60 Ritter, Allen 51 - Ritter, Jean 36 Roberts, Gerald 50, 56 Roberts, Marion 21, 31, 67, 70, 71 Robertson, William 34, 39, 82, 86 Robinson, Barbara 44 Robinson, Russell 51, 82 Rocha, Jeanette 43, 68 Rodegerdts, Ernst 31, 77 Roden, Wanda 45 Rodkey, Miss Estha 13 Rodriquez, Lillian 38 Fowland, Mr. Sattley 14 Rowley, Arlene 45 Rude, Benny 51, 82, 89 Runner, Frankie 45 Russell, Barbara 44, 68, 70 Rydberg, Marvin 44, 67 Saline, Albert 35 Sampson, Lawrence 51 Sanchez, Martin 31 Sandberg, Robert E. 50, 82, 90 Sanders, Al 21, 31, 77 Sandstrom, Miss Florence 11 Sanford, Samuel 51 Sansing, Darrell 44 Santos, JoAnn 50, 60 Santos, Manuel 51 Sarguis, Francis 37 Sarhad, Sandra 50, 69 Sarmas, Edward 37, 68, 77 Sartin, Henry 44, 56 Sawyer, Mr. Thomas 14 Scarbrough, Lester 51, 61, 69, Scarbrough, Ray 31 Schaub, Mildred 35 Schendel, Andrew 51, 82 Schiffman, John 32 Schmidt, Ronnie 67 Schneider, Normella 50, 67 Schrum, Darlene 32 Schubert, Betty 35 Schubert, Earlene 51, 60 Seale, Lois 50, 69 Seder, Karen 44, 61 Segars, Harlan 36 Seghetti, Mr. Armand 14, 76, 7 90 7, 88, 89 Serna, Henry 50, 66, 82, 87, 90 Sexton, Corinne 50, 60 Shabazian, Ralph 20, 32, 91 Shackletord, Harold 36 Shackletord, Jackie 51 Shadle, Robert 20, 32, 77 Shimek, Helen 44 Shimek, James 35 Shotwell, Wanda 43 Showen, Truman 51 Sichender, Jimmy 35, 56, 80 Silva, Aileen 35, 60 Silva, Joseph 51 Silva, Mary 45 Silveira, Alberta 35, 60 Silveira, John 44, 56 Simmons, Euclid 50, 82 Simon, John 45, 82, 89 Simon, Katherine 21, 32, 60 Sinclair, Ronnie 50, 80, 92 Sinnett, Jean 51, 69 Sipes, Harold 51 Sipes, Vernon 36 Sisk, Doris 44 Sisk, Ella 32, 61 Skelly, Mary Lee 21, 32, 56, 57, 67, 68, 71 Slinger, Sharon 21, 32 Slinker, Arlene 32 Smalley, Wanda 44, 68 Smith, Goldie 51 Smith, Loren 36, 68 Smith, Marlene 45, 61, 68 Smith, Mattie 44, 69 Smith, Miss Ina 11, 61 Smith, Roger 45 Smith, Ronald J. 37, 61, 68 Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Charles 44, 90 Everet 43 Florence 51 Rogers, Troy 44 Rohslan, Fred 31, 56, 77 Roias, Abraham 40, 44, 80, 86, 89 Roome, Wesley 56 Rosby, Barbara 45, 56, 58, 60, 61 Rose, Dale 38, 56, 57 Rose, Joaquin 45, 56 Rose, Peter 51, 56 Roseberry, Gary 51 Roseberry, Wayne 45 Ross, Ann 35, 60, 68 Smithcamp, Clyde 45, 56, 77 Smithcamp, Earl 32, 77, 90 Snelling, Robert 37 Soares, Abel 51, 89 Soares, John 21, 32, 66 Soderquist, Carmen 36, 66 Soderquist, Joanne 50, 60, 66 Soderstrom, Kay 36 Soderstrom, Shirlee 43, 60 Soper, Barbara 50 Sousa, Annabelle 32, 68 Souso, Joe 32, 56 Spann, Dick 51, 56 Spear, Ben 32 Spence, Marveta 38, 68 Soensley, Reg. 32, 80, 90 Stafford, Carole 45, 60 Stage, Gerald 44, 67 Stage, Monica 35, 60, 61, 67 Stalians, Freida 32 Stalians, Laluan 50 Stamper, Harlen 33 Stevens, Ethel 50 Stevens, Jim 44, 80, 89 Stevens, St. Louis, Neva 33, 58, 64 Donald 51, 82 Stone, Anna 50 Stooksberry, Helen 21, 33, 60, 68 Stooksberry, Kay 44 Stout, James 37 Stovall, Don 38 Sullivan, Ruby 37 Sumner, Howard 51, 56 Sunday, Lois 50 Swanson, Carlene 43, 60, 61 Swanson Swanson Swanson , Lynn 34, 39, 59, 80, 86, 90 , Mr. Ralph 12 , Ronald 40, 44, 80, 86, 90, 92 Sweeney, Esther 38 Sweet, Loren 50, 80 Sweeten, Beverly 33, 55, 58, 65, 96 Tabor, Wesley 44, 80 Tanner, Delma 51 Tate, Billy 35 Tate, Eldridge 36, 76, 77, 91 Tate, Juanita 51 Taylor, Alan 45, 80 Taylor, De'ores 44 Taylor, Edcfe 51, 82, 87, 89, 90 Teekell, Carol 51 Thornburg, LaMonte 37, 56, 61 Thorpe, Bob 44, 80, 90 Tibbet, Clarice 51 Todd, Floyd 90 Todd, Norma 44 Tolleson, Ray 45, 82, 88, 89 Tomas, Aurora 50, 60, 69 Townsley, Betty 51 Traister, Shirley 44 Trivelpiece, Helen 37, 58, 60, 65 Tucker, Bill 45 Turnbow, Bob 45 Turner, Lloyd 21, 33 Tyler, Jim 33, ao, aa, a9, 90 Tyler, Robert 45, 90 Tyree, Marilyn 44, 69 Ubl, Virginia 51 Uecke, Howard 45, 85 Uman, George 33, 58, 65 Umsted, Leon 51 Van Vliet, Emily 36 Van Vranken, Eddie 33, 55, 57, 67, 70 71 96 Vanzi, Max 45, 77 Vasconcellos, Darlene 51 Vasconcellos, Maurice 38, 67 Vaughan, David 35, 56 Vaughn, Bill 44, 56 Vaughn, Robert 51, 56 Veenendaal, Mary 44 Velesquez, Tommy 45 Venema, Jane 21, 33, 60 Vice, Elizabeth 44 Vieira, Vierra Vierra Vierra, Vine, Donald 35, 56 David 44, 56, 80 Joe 45, 56, 80 Tony 38, 56, 80, 85 Diana 36, 58, 65, 68 Virgo, James 45 Volz, Billy 51 Vowell, Jerry 36, 77 Vrenios, Kanella 40, 44, 61 Vrh, Betty 45 Wahlborg, John 45 Walker, Patricia 50, 69 Wall, Merna 44 Walner, Karen 50 Walters, Sallie 37, 56, 57, 60, 71 Ward, Arlene 36, 67 Ward, Justin 80 Ward, Lola 44, 61 Ward, Louise 33 Warda, Helen 51 Warn, Richard 45 Warren, Angela 33, 56, 61 Washburn, George 36, 68, 77 Waterson, Bill 37, 55, 57, 61 Watkins, Vera 68 Watkins, Virginia 51, 69 Watson, Bert 36, 59, 76, 77, 88, 89 Watts, Franklin 45 Weise, Mr. David 14, 80, 84, 85, 91 Weiss, Robert 50, 82 Weimar, Kay 36 Welch, Boyd 37, 56 Wellander, Mr. Wesley 11 Wenstran, Everett 33, 67 Werner, Raymond 37, 56, 57, 58, 61, Wester, Perry 35 Wester, Wilma 36, 58, 65 Wheeler, Mrs. June 13 Whitaker, Nancy 50, 60 Whitaker, Patricia 40, 43, 56, 60, 61 White White White, Whitt, Whitt, Joyce 44 Pat 45 Roberta 51 Betty 50, 67 David 51, 67 Williams, Mr. Paul 12, 58 Wilson, Betty 35 Wilson, Joan 51 Wilson, Lloyd 51, 56 Windrem, Louise 35, 61, 68 Wing, Mr- John 12, 66, 67, 72 Winters, Lucy 44 Wintter, Ella 44 Woiley, Leland 44 Wolverton, Annetta 44, 70 Woods, Darryl 50, 82, 92 Woods, Dorothea 43 Worswick, Hazel 36 . . - oaq U 'nm 38 Scholastic Press wt 64 Wright, Dedric 44, 89 Wright, Fayrene 51 Wyatt, Dallas 33, 56, 80, 90 Wyatt, Dalton 35, 56, 90 Wyatt, Darrell 51, 90 Yates, James 44, 68, 77, 89 Yettrnan, Jimmy 50, 82 Yohanan, Jesse 38, 61 Yohannan, David 50, 56, 90 Yohannan, Isaac 44, 80 Youngborg, Mr. Franklin 12, 55, 56 Young, Leonard 33 Young, Norma 69 Youngstrom, Jerry 37, 66 Youngstrom, John 51 Youngstrom, Joyce 38, 60 Yowell, Josephine 50 Zamora, Marlene 51 Zaya, Helen 21, 33 Zimmer, Miss Rae 14, 59, 60, 72 ACKNOWEDGMENTS O WALTER'S PHOTO STUDIO AND CAMERA SHOP 223 West Main Street Turlock, California CALIFORNIA PUBLISHING HOUSE 247 West Main Street Turlock, California F. W- WOOLWORTH COMPANY 129 West Main Street Turlock, California THE 5. K. SMITH COMPANY 5260 West 104tl1 Street Los Angeles, California CALIFORNIA ART AND ENGRAVING COMPANY 2121 Allston Way Berkeley, California CALIFORNIA PUBUSHING HOUSE TURLOCK , ' -.'., ,,,.. ,.,f:,+--Armawff ak .Wada 'Tyr-imawffl 1 -M, 3 X grins V: - fp-f vp - . -: :A.:gf,:,-5:-,, -.,... mT,,,5,,,. , 'F 5 gf,,g.,, J H, Q-Qzlgaawns :ws-ew:--2 .,-1, ..,1. W,

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