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MN fax-wfW'TkN'r' r mx ffsd?xwixrx-s .'-wx 3 i'Nx.. x'-xr-5 . A?x'.1vfr.! "'s0w ' 231M ..1fi 'ruixvf l.-f- ,,,,..s-or tv.. wlu 0 Q - s l ix' A 1, L .. I A Y " W J, 1 ' 'X -4 fm.. e 4 x 1 mg , .M Kwai A W , pw:-I ,Q 153 522'-" 'fi' 'i,-?fT'F'f' "' ' T-' ' Ai Y- V X 4 " wmv.--,,,I' Nw. ., i Q , 1 44'-Q' x ,J 'Q ' ' L 5 , If af w L L v x A , 1 1 Y ,- .K 4 I Ky:-La u vs- ii, Jw 4' X 4 , F' " Qxbfn fy X V K . ' f, -.eu 1 .1 r V, ,E .' 1 W was ,,J . Q. a FD cf- , . 4 1 7 f ,, , ,- AR 52 1 ' H., ff? . Ts 6 1, 'I , LJ. f f 572510, Lfidfwffrwf we 5 49 qwwai' ,J C . RL-jlgju Enukjg ELK 3 ', ,w,,, azf.,4fu zxfffld ' f . xi. ' 9'7lfL1' rl4,, p2 , 1 ' X - ' 'iff' A -' ,, 1 77,g,,fffl64"f -ff43,,,, 543, 'f--547, Q-affix ,.:11,f pf, Q0yg.4f1f5 l I 3 ,gf,3z L,,f X 1 ap gi,g, wi,f ffm- Jf1'n.g. ' A ff - - .A fffi ' ,. .- -'., ff' .Qf1Q.41l..,.f ..z4g.fzA-will -514 wfwjfff ' gl '! 'L' X'f"5"U ?w arv I 4 F 2.5"--' xv.. ' 1--44, J if A Q -"gfzf 4404-ff "V "Sf -fb Q ' HR :Q-uf---n fb? if 2 3? N3 X ESZN 3 Q05 fed . Q y :J1 . E 2 K I xx' NX ifgzzcm RN HM? Qf . Mmhkx 5.x I t gl, bf if M 'dlp' 'gt fog X 6 . 3046 Qi . X . lnou xfkafcf Wad LM' W- im X W4 me WM M Q W Www ' W 73 as 57 W N fxmyxx. t SX Jai SXESQSQSSXE fwdmf , ' V Q' X ' , QQ , z,672,uv SSXEREEQ S50 XSSSSQ ., , S -olfffvyw N v I f Qc. VQN, xv X V C X 7 , 4,7 1 fy, 6 A My fy , W , , ,j , , , X 1 . f?Z0'CwfQ, Q-LQ,f1'..2"'f.EillQJ .J?f34""'N- f bxfilfkbtfp "f'4"V 'J ,. - f K J T . ' , V c!,,LjLj'f' Q Jfvq, if - C-7-gf,fLf4-LX? 11!TL7'C,AK-, L-4411, ,LL1.Zg1J?X,--1 , V C t 6- V7 'V X j I4 1' K , 3 ffjg:f,ikM, Y IYEZ fk' X fx we THIS -Hnnif Qi Hsu: rs -rn K V V ix , 5 THE ANNUAL STAFF PRODUCES THE T962 TURKEY Editor - GAIL PROCTOR Assrstant Editor BILLY DON LANE Art Editor - IEANETTE LANE Treasurer SHARON FUSTON Advertising Manager KAY LANE JUDY CHANDLER 5 9 u D' T ?T':, 52155516 iam! f 21355 gl 1 De. .. . A wm- 1 2: 545 ,, , im, We -,if 5.3 5,1 , n, 31' S 9 2513 15 sei' 5 V Q '91 A1533 DEDICA Tl ON T. R. FUSTON The dedication of ayearbook conveys the sentiment of the community, the faculty and the student body. The 1962 "Turkey" is so dedicated to the memory of a truly great man, T. R. Fuston who was known, loved and appreciated by everyone in this com- munity. He was a man who was never too busy to serve his community in whatever capacity his service was needed. He gave of his time, talents, and possessions to im- prove our schools, and to make our community a better place in which to live. As you read these lines we hope you too will be inspired to give of yourself that others may know and enjoy a better way of life. XZM Q K ' WL .Q Qgzliflfl ' x K :f K f ,, i N Y us-5125 W4 : ' , - ' sf. L .X Y ""5,',2j 25 . -. L ix . mi ' g l Q fi lf i N I R 0 N 'gl Q l BOARD OF EDUCATION JACK HOUSE ROGER ARNOLD President Vice President I. T. MULLIN Secretary T. W. BELL DAVID GUEST TOM EUDY IESS MEACHAM LOETTA FERGUSON Bookkeeper SUPERINTENDENT MESSAGE As we view the 1962 "Turkey" another school year has come and gone. It has brought with it many events that will live in Our Memories forever. As al- ways we hope the experiences we have shared will make us better Citizens of today's World. Congratulations to the Editor, the annual staff, and the sponsors ofthe Sen- ior Class: You have done an outstanding job in the publication of the 1962 "Turkey." Loran Denton PRINCIPALS MESSAGE Student publications reflect the attitudes, ambitions, and aspiration, as well as the ideals of student bodies. Congratulations go to the editorial staff and their sponsor for so aptly capturing the different phases of our school life. I would like to express my appreciation to those with whom l have worked for their fine spirit ofcooperation that was manifested throughout the year. And to each student, it is our desire that you have not only advanced academ- ically, but in understanding others and in the ability to get along with your fellow man. J. R. Adamson, Jr. Turkey Elementary MESSAGE lt is my desire that each student of Turkey High School, may accomplish a rich and healthy life. Regardless of your task, do it well, and when you have completed it, you can feel it is an attainment well done. lt has been my pleasure to have known and worked with each one of you. U. F. Coker, Jr. Turkey High School K kwa KXMMWL mga- Hffff"Mf"W fff CECIL BOYKIN, M. A. English U. F. COKER, B.S, Social Studies, Math, P.E. MR. CQOPER, B,s. LORAN DENTON, M. A. Math, scienge M,Ed. Maru P.E jrflf MHZ? 'Y 'Y fl 1.77 lf" 44 , . , N NM. QA! WAYNE JOHNSON, B.S. ROYCE MOFFETT, B.S. CHRISTINE WILLIAMS. B- S- Commercial Agriculture HOITI5 ECOf10miCS GRADE SCHOOL FACULTY LETHA SLAWSON, B. A. OLETA CRUMP, B.S. lSE Grade 2nd Grade AMY DAVIS, B, A, VIRGINIA DEGAN, B. A. MADELINE COOPER, B. S. 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade MARJORIE BAIN, B. A. R, B. CHRISTIAN, B. S. J. R. ADAMSON, B. S. 6th Grade M. Ed. 7th Grade 7th and 8th Grade SCHOOL PERSONNEL 2 Q.. 'ri-xr 1' 1 , r ,.f""'N rw 'S ERMA LEE DENTON AUDREY TRIBBLE BONNIE WILLIS VERA GILREATH School Secretary B. A. B. S. , M. S. County School Supt Librarian Supervisor BUS DRIVERS AUBRY TURNER ROYCE MOFFETT WAYNE JOHNSON LEROY STONE QCustodianJ CAFETERIA WORKERS BERNICE ROBISON fSupe,rvisorJ WILMA WEDGE QAssisrantJ Tl-LELMA RUSSELL CAssistautJ ,, fff ' " , , 4. S. , K 1'k-fnvlaaw V S l SPONSORS zfffffw CLASS OFFICERS Roy Gene - Pres. Jeanette - Sec. P y , ' 1 H Q Y Y L M159 -Dfw-. GVVN-0x4 "YYxQ,ii SENIOR WILL I, Billy Don Lane, bequeath my dancing ability to Bunky Mullin. . , Kay Lane, leave my happy-go-lucky attitude to Sue Lusk. Tijjohnny Fuston, bequeath my ability to argue to Frank Lane. I, Gail Proctor, will my ability to get straight "A" to Mitchie House. I, Judy Chandler, will my ability to get away with meanness to Marlene Williams. I, Sharon Fuston, will my ability to make wise remarks to Brenda Lane. I, Ronnie Richmond, bequeath my girl troubles to Jack Meacham. I, Roy Gene Landry, bequeath my ability to sleep in classes to John Edwards. I, Joe Fuston, bequeath my ability to skip classes to Don Guest. I, Edna McElroy, leave my witty attitude to Leodoralmel. I, Geneva McKay,,leave my boy troubles to Marie McElroy. I, Alta Phillips, will my ability to get along with teachers to Brenda Phillips. I, Gwan Wilkinson, bequeath my ability to turn crimson to Jerry Jones. I,-JeanetteaLane, leave my cheerleading ability to Wanda Barnhill. I, Garry Don lmel, bequeath my ability to lose books to Alvin Proctor. We, Jerry and Carol Weatherly, bequeath our ability to get married young to Caroll Cotten and Jay Stone. , -' at A . ffm, K ,,:.,, H Garry Roy Gene Edna Alla GW311 "" f Judy Joe Billy Don Geneva Sharon Jeanette Kay Gail I Johnny Ronnie Carol Jerry f' . - mf W 1 -.... ,. .. X H 3 '35 new " 5 fff M .,,,:: , ' "-',.: VZPVAP ,' A'1 1 Q IAII ","' 2. -W 'f 'mg -'ag if Nl t .. 79 M W .. K 22.5 ,if -mr 5522 ' 2 3 xii 'gl U3 Wanda Barnhill Anna Jean Blakney John Edwards Elizabeth Emerson Pearl Gonce Don Guest George Hawkins Don House Mitchie House Patsy Huddleston David Hutton Jerry Jones XJ Bobbie Lacy Brenda Lane 121014 Meacham Ann McKay Bunky Mullin Richard Ruiz Jay Stone Marlene Williams Angie - - - 6 SEVENTEENTH SUMMER I ' 1 X ., if 1-Lx 7 Margaret-EL-J - -.A L - Lorraine ee f-' Kitty ---- Mrs. Morrow Mr. Morrow Jack ---- Art - - Martin - - - Jane - - Margie - - Fitz - - Tony - - V, Av V, f -Je f -.1 icdg - 5 - J, - -MITCHIE HOUSE - ' - PEARL GONCE - - - - - - - -MARLENE WILLIAMS - - - BOBBIE LACY - - -JOHN EDWARDS - - DON GUEST ' ' ' JAY STONE ' ' JACK MEAC!-IAM ELIZABETH EMERSON - - - - BRENDA LANE - GEORGE HAWKINS - - BUNKY MULLIN Hope we get a part! The Thinker. He1P M2 ! M EQ 1, f on- f 'E 5 O T - 1 9-1 i iii! V , f-v-::5g:s2,+ff:sr wx. 'a- , N . .K Hz: f I-A U 4,,9v A5.5x7' 1.5-'. ' f ' ff sr fJw1f'fffQ . 'rw- S' f I .,,., gf:-:.v.f.M--ff -- - ,iz ,, M , fifi f ff i 'L ' ' ' V , ',.ef:LK. fRfsff-zwrfifxffffffxpfifgffff-4--vi 'J " , 1 1 f f, , ww, 'W , ,:Qavef,?x J g ,, 5 m him -ll n . ' ' ,.,.' 'l f MU ,V jil tliiaip ' Sf .. F X U- ' I .. N1 D, 4.05 , of ,. 2 ...ml ,' N K C2 ,QW11 HQ m L i ' qv, J ,-,?"" , It QQ U , ,,.: K ,:j.15:.. f 32.53 . . SOPHOMORES Sponsor MR. MOFFETT President - DERRELL Vice President - TERRY Secretary - EVORIE Treasurer - GENE Reporter - MARGIE Sgt.-at-Arms - BILLY Elgin Conner Lucille Cooper Caroll Cotten Billy Farley Gene Fuston Derrell Fuston Larry Gafford Sharon Gray Leodora Imel Wayne Jewert Evorie King Johnny Lacy Frank Lane Sue Lusk Ellen McKay Margie Mullin ,r K fn K Gary Phillips Alvin Proctor Mike Ryland Bobby Setliff Mack Seymour Terry Smith Don Turner Elwayne Turner Bridgett Williams The whole world in our hands. fff N -rx Q 3 gi if' is 9 COCIY B611 Johnny Butler Richard Butler Johnny Chandler Marcilla De La Garza David Driskell Bruce Edwards Earl Gonce Sheri Hill Danny Holland Shirley Hurst Billy Johnson Robert Jones Marie McElroy Billy McKay Pete Peery Brenda Phillips Ronald Russell Carlene Taylor Debroah Thrasher Mike Wedge Durwood Wilkinson Pamela Williams Jacky Young Oh, No ! . . . Not another one!!! -Mfg MISS T.H.S mwxmzxvmimwswwlizxrfzexfkaxkwileefmm IH 1zsxix,2JmJ 5: 25 E vw-, A MOST POPULAR GIRL gum! MOST POPULAR BOY BEST ALL AROUND GIRL L L fL BEST ALL AROUND BOY FRIENDLIEST GIRL ux , ,, N-,wum1n1,,,,, :sung nnnn'-fnmanuuunw- ,J P5 ffeffsswfegifgsnf-1 'QQ fs. 7 K 3, FRIENDLIEST BCY 8 if 1, , .,-Q21 :xv X A-7' 45 1- , fe, ggi 1 1 Q X Mg L . .,.,. . - A ' Y 1 , , , 'Y ' L 2 f b ,Wi5SQi1efwfi"1Z K 'Wi k ,?a2z2sv12w- QM2. ,,., x .MW W . ,fm My L W gp: K Nw-we K 2 1: 5 , 2 wail QQZJJYQQQ1 sw li, an ,fguwggg V- , fzfzswgwigffzsizfff iH1"x-:rf yay ,, K' ,E . MxX,gg,4erw1gesf-- 3 5 s,x2zfQgg,. A in HK. i .M v we 2, ff, , gg. J f , f wffggz ., ,mga F H fgvgy 'H figg W, A A1337 1 as MOST ATHLETIC BOY CLASS FAVORITES JUDY CHANDLER' Seniors GARRY IMEL JACK MEACHAM Juniors MITCHIE HOUSE K, Q CLASS FAVORITES EVORIE KING Sophomores DERRELL FUST ON BRENDA PHILLIPS Freshmen JOHNNY BUTLER CLASS CUTIES AND OOD-LOOKER Y I CLASS CUTIES AND GOOD-LOOKERS mam EVORIE KING - Sophomore' DON TURNER - Sophomore CHARLENE TAYLOR - Freshman CODY BELL - Freshman CARNIVAL KING AND QUEEN ELIZABETH EMERSON Little Miss Turkey BILLE CI-IEATI-IAM DOYLE WILLIAMS DAVID I-IUTTON Tiny Miss Turkey "E I 5 JAKE DAMERON SHIRLEY TAYLOR MR. AND MISS FLAME This honor was received by winning the race in which each class in high school participated. The winner was determined by the class who brought the most loads of trash for the homecoming bonfire. The winners were the Sophomores. Miss Flame, Caroll Cotten, crowned by Frank Lane. Mr. Flame, Frank Lane, crowned by Caroll Cotten Caroll applies flame as One big pile and a A day's work - gone. Frank watches. lonely Matador. WHO'S WHO IN T.H.S. The following students were chosen by the teacher in each department according to their grades, ability to get along with the teacher and the students and their ability to grasp new ideas. AGRICULTURE BUSINESS, ENGLISH and HISTORY HOME ECONOMICS Elgin Conner Gail Proctor MATHEMATICS SCIENCE Patsy Huddleston Jay Stgne Billy FBIICY SENlOR'S CHOICE Sue Lusk Billy Don Lane BIGGEST IMAGINATION Roy Gene Landry Kay Lane , . . N, My , Judy Chandler Jack Meacham SWEATER GIRL and BEST PHYSIQUE MOST VERSATILITY Marlene Williams Jerry Weatherly Billy Don Lane Sharon Fusron MOST TALENTED MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Bunky Mullin Anna Blakney Johnny Fuston Wanda Barnhill MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED SLU ,IJ Garry Imel Jeanette Lane MOST COURTEOUS MOST INTELLIGENT Sharon Fuston Billy Don Lane Bunky Mullin Gail Proctor SHORTEST GIRL and TALLEST BOY TALLEST GIRL and SHORTEST BOY Brigett Williams Jack Meacham Sharon Gray Wayne Jewett FLIRTIEST 'V v VP! W , fzfjffwx dl J i VMI! A,fVg'7!w1'QL 3 ff 'fr G '16 fv y 92, yd Kg! ,Wy m Q fx U 1 ,. 4' -1,- V! A lf Ronnie Richmond Kay Lane CUTEST COUPLE WITTIEST Caroll Cotten Jay Stone John Edwards Edna McElroy AL wif v 5 5 if S 5 4 " fi E 4 ,. , 5 X ,. - 3 5 5 E E . . v ,wif W - Mei-..L-a11si.p,,wwf'f'Qm ww hw ilaavaivmmm fff x N K i U XM A FHA OFFICERS We are the Future Homemakers of America We face the future with warm courage and high hope. For we have the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious values. For we are the builders of homes, Homes for America's future. Homes where living will be the expression of everything that ' is good and fair We are the Future Homemaker of America. We face the future with warm courage and high hope. SWEET HEART F.H.A gp . if Billy Don Lane Q-it Q,YMAKfl?y 41 0 oh NEW H gf JEANETTE LANE Area I 3rd Vice President Ju dy Chandler Sharon Fuston Carol Hill Jeanette Lane Kay Lane Gail Proctor Wanda Barnhill Anna Blakney Elizabeth Emerson Pearl Gonce Mitchie House Patsy Huddleston Bobbie Lacy Brenda Lane Lola Rogers Marlene Williams Lucille Cooper Carol Cotten Sharon Gray Evorie King Sue Lusk Margie Mullin Brigett Williams Sheri Hill Shirley Hurst Nina Smith Carlene Taylor Debbie Thrasher Pamela Williams .si F.F.A. f-5 K I OFFICERS CREED l believe in the future of farming, with a faith born not of words but of deeds - achievements won by the present and past generations of farmersg in the promise of better days through better ways, even as the better things we now enjoy have come up to us from the struggles of former years. I believe that to live and work on a good farm is pleasant as well as challengingg for I know the joys and discomforts of farm life and hold an inborn fond- ness for those associations which, even in hours of discouragement, Icannot deny. I believe that rural America can and will hold true to the best traditions in our national life and that l can exert an influence in my home and community which will stand solid for my part in that inspiring task. SWEETHEART Elizabeth Emerson ROLL CALL Joe Fuston Johnny Fuston Roy Gene Landry Ronnie Richmond Billy Don Lane Jerry Weatherly Gwan Wilkinson John Edwards Don Guest Don House David Hutton Wayne Jewett Jerry Jones Jack Meacham Bunky Mullin Jay Stone Elgin Conner Bruce Edwards Billy Farley Derrell Fuston Gene Fuston Larry Gafford Johnny Lacy Frank Lane Gary Phillips Alvin Proctor Mike Ryland Bobby Setliff Mack Seymour Terry Smith Don Turner . Elwayne Turner Cody Bell Richard Butler Johnny Chandler David Driskill Danny Holland Billy Johnson Robert Jones Pete Peery Ronald Russell Mike Wedge Durwood Wilkinson Jacky Young STUDENT COUNCIL THESPIAN B CLUB T T CLUB 3 PEP SQUAD CHEERLEADERS X X fff FOOTBALL S WEETHEART wwf yg,LL!9 FOOTBALL COACHES STARTING LINEUP TURKEY TURKS FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 1 Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Sept. 29 Oct. 6 Oct. 13 Oct. 20 Oct. 27 "Nov, 3 "Nov. 10 "Conference Games HaPPY Kress Silverton Lorenzo Seagraves Memphis Vernon "B" Boy's Ranch Open Estelline Matador JOHNNY FUSTON - End ROY GENE LANDRY - Guard A11 District A11 Regional RONNIE RICHMOND - Guard JERRY WEATHERLY - Halfback A11 District 2nd A11 Regional GWAN WILKINSON - Tackle JOHN EDWARDS - Tackle GEORGE HAWKINS - Quarterback DON GUEST - Quarterback DON HOUSE - Tackle DAVID HUTTON - Halfback JERRY JONES - Guard A11 District Honorable Mention A11 Regional fr, JACK MEACHAM - Tackle BUNKY MULLIN - Guard JAY STONE - Fullback BILLY FARLEY - Center Hon. Mention A11 District DERRELL FUSTON - End FRANK LANE - Guard ALVIN PROCTOR - End TERRY SMITH - Halfback CODY BELL - End JOHNNY CHANDLER - Tackle DAVID DRISKILL - Guard 14 .KVI BILLY JOHNSON ' Guard . Q : . is DANNY HOLLAND - Guard ROBERT JONES - Tackle SPCRTS HIGHLIGHTS Gnenqsjsiiiis Tmwm ' Turkey Victory 'PURKEY Special? - On the ivst play- from scrimmage, Quar- erbacki Don, Guest drew back' md threw a pass to HB Jerry Veotherby, good for 66 yards and nitoudidown here Friday nights, :nd the Turkey Turks went on to neat the Silverton Owls, 336. - Extra point try tailed after the ipening? TD. Guest booileddged, zisgway around end for 17 yards md a second Turk touchdown still nlgthemfirst quarter. He kicked extra pointy H' H second quarter, Guest aassed to Weatherby 10 -yards md "another V-Turkey, 1-tally.-f I-Ie naked- the-.eine ppm -aft-ern suwwns- 'Rusty Whitfield, H at plmugeoutwqi :gmt he v1gizQfsii-'rD4-lmqge lddpomz- HH Tmkey Tops 75 Boys- Ranohers ' TURKEY. occ. zo csueeiauzg The Turkey Turks. vaoHe'dH by speedy, high-scoring JerryHWeati14 outlast the Bo s Ranch. erby. ed 51 H team of Tascosa 95-1-shore night, Weatherby scored twiceiin' the second period on foils, of L-", 5s and 52 yards, then cut-loose,-with a 55-yard gallon in the 'm-' finaieper- - The Turks had struck for first blcad in me opening period toni Halfbaclc David Huttorfs 30-yard! run. Boys Ranch tied it no early in the second when Jim Walden- hit Donny Wallen with a 60-yard pass, The Rannhers struck asain in the third on Arville Stinnetvs 64-yard run but were unable to hold the fleet-iooted Weathei-by in empf was H Guest-passed-''toiii'Buiifoli14iEH1steng25H4 ' ' ' bf H65 iiii Turkey Thunips l -i fl 11- 26.3 2 f'Dvf'1939?9- iiiiii e 11169 mins some Guest-ioonvezfteiiflif lii 3 Z Guefi-H 21 firir-H111 7QESTELLlNE,i Nov. 3 fspeciaili Tho,-Turkey Turks scored in SBAGRMSH fspegigij- .back Sammy' Faulkner raced ion' touchdowns of-55 and 56 yards and scored two extra points to lead .his Seagraves Eagles sto a 36-16 win over Turkey, A Turkey found itself in the final -quarter, but it was too late. Quarterback Don Guest sprint- ed for 65 yards on the first touch- down. Halfback David Hutton ran over the extra points. 5 Guest shared in the final touch- down, also, as he passed to half- back George Hawkins on a 45- ygird play. Hutton ran over the lP0iH!8 Eiffel- H Guaids Angel Hernandez and! Kenneth Smart and end Raymond Shurnake-were singled out for out-f standing defensive play ior Sea-H graves. Billy Lane, guard, and Darrelli Fusion, end, were outstanding on defense for Turkey. g K - Q Turkey Turks evened their sdgsonrecord at 2-2 last week, but C59-Ch U. F. Coker's eleven will be hard-pressed to stay on an even iiooting this week. Hfif The Turks went to 'Lorenzo last 4 .week and beattheslocalteam, 6-Cl, but this week xi1ns1g.'f3gifgkfHdg313gQ1-QLQS Seagraves, which is in the state fd: class V' Sea- Qgraves' only lossiLHhao2?lieo1ii7toAHiHolass if-xA Hamlixu frheyiwviiippea white.- face last Neely 57-7.' H . Hdfbackf Jerry Weatherly scored the game's only touchdown for Tur- key lastweel-:,L and averted a score- Iess tie, by plunging over from the ,one-yard line. Weatherly had set jsup the score on the previous play Seagraves nowowns , H - son record, while jf-With 3 35-Yard N111- UVQ H115 I jj im,i Cokertlzoughtliis team our-played I ijt ii'f ieverrmore thlan the Boone ur I 'f ,V "Wehadmorefi.rstdowns, I V k,,.,.:i. ,,i- i AV-', 3 were hurt by penalties, ,, he A T 9 H -iloeiif F2-iii?-in-P1-1-1-a." H Turkey placed Hfoiiri nxen78nd"EstEi 'ffH,G'g4vg51i P1audits ici- playing 3 good if? iiii 2i"SD'i1ilfh9 ioti fwffh S1119-1'f61'f H rt 1 t 'em to de-H H , H , H H eifggthppine penalty,nvllifiediffffyiiffsuangeiiiile cgi? gs-Hgllitlgelghfis on file kA?i'QD1Slf3i1t9i1i game againsthreniowere Roy mm- HKHH -A is V l if 1 my b d w 0 OOH oo a earn DIC e y xsro ' Lanai 'fackiey Qwdiigriifkigugaiugfo . ' as 'coaches Monday night at Turkey.dW'f Hutton' glfud ES?-ion-defense f0?'1'ufkeY- Backstlionliiets- Rivhmvvdlavd Makingthe first team from Turkeyglmnniep-?Qf?1l19n4a an-is YSQR1-2313? """""""""" 5-7eU'Y "Veathi2f1Y,b0Yei,in'Ee ,,bmmiwe're hooks Jerry Weatherly and- D011 Line- ' 1 . g2of2ii1gT'fiI1i2eH?Haff??5ijHgWTF'f f'?9Fh3Dand Hutton and teenies Billy Don After the geeggg-,ggi-: :g1,1,Q HH -f week. V J A 75' 'i ' -' From Estelline, the. first teamwm be in Sei'-1CfiDnS werejend Tony ste pne ns, ---Lliggalg,-H-silly eowman and fullback' i H iiliili ttiiitiii Na nsmwqiw, 'f 'W 1? m X ,- fff K 'kk' . g ,g " ' if , fy ' M iq. K, 'am 1: 'Q .lpisif-xi 2 ' H - L -' " if ' fa ' ' ,J ' , 5 , bf-Q.. 01 ""' h , 1 . M K., f L I V ydk- VM., . L , , , 1 .. b 2 -- ,. iv If , fm f Avwgm -fr i' -1 Lg: , 1' -rw ' , :Wg ff Q 7 1 e ' K V 4 .5 7 . '-Z4 1 x T , V iw ,Y may mi J r ' K za. .un , , ' . ' - f --vi , ' T - , I x L! , 51 271, .- b A K gm , W ,J ,Q M ' "" ' K '- ' , -My Ayuff , 7 i i V M V 52' ' f- K k , . ,f ,A 4, , V , .V,. f ,. 1' Riga K I A r K ,W V - 3 ,lk-5...,, U ,kkkk , M . LH, 31 ek I 1- .. A fr ..,L . NNW WW .M 5 Q, Q f .fr p K , ,L . 0, 1 K. 'fr -.aff4.. gg , , . 1, H L K . kk, 'fvifw - X 1 1 I . ' ' , 4 ff? , , J'1' if4:,,w,, , JT? --H5-, ,ff I f:f'j'fH ,, X f Q , QL, 'X L,,- """ ' 'L srlr ,ff ,, -'A iz," 'X C. A ELEMENTARY FAVCRITES JERRY LACY Eighth Grade NORMA YATES HARVEY CASE Seventh Grade KAREN ARNOLD EIGHTH Carol Gafford Nelda Gilbert Archie Kell Jerry Lacy Barry Lane Jerry Lane Dottie Lou Logan Don Lyles Eddie McDonald Joe Meacham Gleena Mullin James Robison Gordon Rothwell Bennie Setliff Carol Taylor Norma Yates K, rx .i Q Beverly Barnhill K. 1 -cf" 'ilk Karen Arnold S Aristio Carranza EVENTH Harvey Case Lauro De La Garza Dennis Denton Bobby Edwards Steve Farley Rhenda Gafford Glenda Hanna Mike House Timothy Hutton Shirley Johnson Gayle Lane Janis McDonald Abel Moreno Rodney Mullin Judy Phillips Alton Setliff Patty Thrasher Danny Turner Pat Wedge Ramon Varrientes SIXTH Johnny Chadwick Glenna Cotten Joe Farley David Fuston Steve Guest Bobby Hill Celia Johnson Darlene Jones Dennis Iouett Johnny King Billy Landry Charles Lyles David Majors Tim Salem Mike Smith Cynthia Stanfield Judy Wilkinson Pat Williams Vicente Avilia Robert Baker Russell Barnhill Mary Barrintoes David Butler Bille Cheatham Laura Eudy Clarence Garlin Linda Gatlin Kay House Wille Jouett Perry Lane Ruth Lewis Jackie Maupin Vickie May Claude Robison Sheila Scrivner Calvin Thrasher Kathy Wedge Doyle Williams Roddy Wilson Gary Young FOURTH Rod Adamson Geneva Arzola Sally Case Jane Chandler Jean Chandler Jackie Cheatham Jake Damron Gloria De La Garza Jeanne Driskill Anita Edwards Lanita Farley Brenda Fuston Linda Jones Mike King David Lane Larry Lyles Jenny Monk Fidenco Moreno Roy Moreno Bobby Patterson Randy Pope Joy Pexan Marsha Rogers Lonnie Russell Rod Setliff Sandra Stanfield Shirley Taylor Gus Timmons Johnny Turner Mary Helen Wedge in-if 46 Jerry Chadwick Darla Darling Dan Davis Melinda Ham Joyce Henton IRD Rodney Hill Tim Holland Dennis Irby Darlene Jouett Dennis King Debra Lane Melinda Lyles Belinda Majors Bruce Merrell Mike Mullin Janet Setliff David Seymour Erlinda Soldonia Brenda Stanfield James Thrasher James Turner Randy Bates Karen Eudy Ike Ferguson Charmaine Fuston Peggy Fuston Neil Guest Darla Hale Vickie Ham Dianna Johnson Joe Lane Kirk Martinez David McKay Tommy Rogers Lupe Soldena Tommy Wedge Rex Adamson FIRST James Adams Consuela Avila Dennis Boykin Mark Butler Fran Cruz Joe Mark Davis Patsy De La Garza Jana Driskill 1 Bruce Ferguson Bobby I-lenton Dorcas Jones Elaine King l Pamela Meacham Jerry Melton Dora Morena Brent Mullin Ray Mullin Tommy Patterson Billy Reyes Curtis Scrivner Kenny Setliff Danny Stewart Mike Soldona David Turner JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL JUNIOR HIGH PEP SQUAD JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL 1 L . , L 5 vi r Q W I , 5 w r V W 1 4 r I?-Wg. .. 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MULLINS, owner I Rosen ARNOLD Turkey Te Turkey T MEACHAMS GROCERY LACY DRY GOODS JESS MEACI-IAM JACK AND VELMA LACY Owner Owners V' T key T Turkey T SALEM DRY GOODS TURKEY BAKERY TOM SALEM PAT AND .TOHNNIE BRITTIAN Owner Owners T key T Turkey T K A 1 TURKEY AUTOMOTIVE Congratulations, Senio R, C, GREEN, Owner CITY OF TURKEY T key T Turkey T " 7 . ,, - , 'nw - ' ' 34 A EUDY-SEALE TURKEY HOTEL FUNERAL HOME GORDEN BAIN - Manager Phone 2211 T k y Texas Turkey T WEST TEXAS GIN Equipped With Moss Lint Cleaners TURKEY FARMERS CO-OP GIN in Tandem BILL LANE Manager CONWAY GAFFORD Manager Turkey Texas Turkey Texas HQ , , f I .lf 4 . WATER WELL DRILLING coNTRAcToR ,, ,Q 1:51 HOLESODDMESTIC5IRRIGRTION P4159 3 011 PAYMASTER GIN Equipped With Moss Lint Cleaners in Tandem BILLY FUSTON Manager Turkey Texas Seniors, Icongratulate you upon your scholastic accomplishment. As you go through life, your ac- complishments grow greater and you acquire your first piece of land. Call me for all of your drilling needs. TURKEY IMPLEMENT CO. JAY EUDY AND DAVID GUEST Owner s T 1-key T PANHANDLE OIL CO. B t ne Prop DRISKILL AND COTTEN Phone 3021 Turkey T YATES MOBILE STATION A T "'2!2i.!sPS RUSSEL YA TES Owner Turkey T ll Give P' y X K AUT Q REPAIRS M aj' ff ? 431 T "1 A w e for LIBSCQMB JOHN LANE'S FOOD STORE GARAGE T rkey T Turkey T CITY DRUG STORE ? Make Our Store Your Headquarters Phone 2121 BARBER I T key, Texas v Turkey T Compliments Of VIVIAN'S SHOP VIVIAN AND COLEEN BILL AND I-IORCE ELMER Flowers MULLIN and Ready-to-Wear Phone 2401 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas Confidence Is Yours Xxgwls When You Deal With QQ -1 - Q! yfluflyliiiis m '9 SK hi .EEF DRY CLEANERS 'SQ' Rug Cleaning TURKEY LUMBER CO. L, L, LUSK, Owner Phone 3566 Phone 2071 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas fff' CJLE1' US DO YOUR QgRRVl,,c LYLE'S BARN I I fd EUMAN - BILLY EJ Q fm A TRAVIS if Qi? Blu' LANE I MU' lg5 coTToN Qgflf I K! Phone 2701 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas Congratulations N We Hope You Wm Let the Bible Be Your Guide Th h t L'f TURKEY-HARDWARE mug Ou 1 e REV. AND MRS. .IOHNNIE WILLIAMS phone 2241 AND MARLENE sr Turkey Texas Turkey Texas GRAY TURKEY BUTANE COMPANY it A LAUNDRY 93 ,rg QUSJOO E ff as For Fast Service 0 Qi' Ev, J Q-CJ A .Q Dial 2061 6 . VKX A X, f Ernie? inf V 'A 3 V THOUGHT Phone 3151 f?Qo A35 Turkey Texas TU-1'keY Texas ' 0 A A A ' if Qc 1 2 9 X! S L CP Six -- ' X, ,K 1 t 1 X 1, ' . A X, L :lf DREW HOLCOMB'S ' I 4 X f , ,I YK f ag f A I HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT W M A , Phone 2341 ' Phone 3511 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas 'Q LYLE'S D., PRESTONS CAFE INSURANCE 5WHEN 'NTHE PRESTON AND Mmm FUR CHRISTINE Phone 2701 FINE FUUD ....!l!,. R P Phone 2681 Turkey Texas 53 4' 5. Turkey Texas H art ford SETLIFF ELEVATOR AND MILLS Always a Good Grain Market. Phone 3231 Turkey Texas YOUNGS AUTO SUPPLY Phone 3461 Turkey Texas EL 1 Congratulations xg, Graduates ? he P AND FERGUSON ee THEATEPEQN 2 INSURANCE DRXVE' i -3' EUGENE AND LOETTA T A f Phone 3121 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas -wev- if- ' Phone 2821 I lgtdll A., AT 7m GOOD FOOD 'N we P 9 -113' f J y AND SAVE , X M-SYSTEM A E GROCERY BUSY BEE CAFE Phone 2751 TU-1'keY Texas Turkey Texas DOll'1' YIOIRY ..GE1' HEI! GIFT fx. ij-X 1 T, 2?-'I wu.us WALKER - TURKEY M -4 "A VAR11-QTY ' Z 'f Ivkxtx T-N Insurance - Bonds 1 Gidbi t VI STO Auto Loans 5 A CLEMA I 'fi Turkey Texas Turkey Texas Congratulations THE TURKEY NEWS ,P , Seniors , il ff R E NAD1NE BAISDEN ,, H V J none YQWN1 9 DR. M. T. BLUME ,,y, w DENTIST Phone 3411 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas GAFFORD'S PEERY AND DUGAN SLAUGHTERING HOUSE OIL COMPANY GEORGE AND JUDY Butane and Fertilizer Phone 3491 Phone 3911 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas Congratulations Compliments of Seniors a Friend WEST TEXAS UTILITY JACK BARNHILL Phone 3811 Turkey Texas Turkey Texas ML,,,,1Lf14lf I' JILX Af 1.2 li 1 MEMPHIS COM PRESS M. C. ALLEN Manager Memphis, Texas FIRST NATIONAL BANK FOWLER'S DRUG STORE JOHN DICK BOB Memphis Texas Memphis Texas A Get Yuour Prescr1pt1ons .,,.,,f . at T TARVER-STANFORD PHARMACY , to R' Serve You , Memphls Texas MEMPHIS PRODUCTION 5 'Q CREDIT ASSOCIATION Q , -' 1257? Loans to Farmers and Ranchers ffggxvfghw U JEWELRY fy Capital and Reserves Over -+ K p S-460, OOO Memphis Texas Memphis Texas MEMPHIS TIRE AND SUPPLY Sporting Goods Fishing Tackle HALL COUNTY NEWS Biggest Little Newspaper in Auto Parts and Accessories H311 County Hardware Phone 259-3595 Phone 259-3024 504 Noel Street :I.V.I.Cl'1'1Pi'1'I.S Texas Texas SMITH'S AUTO STORE CYCLONE DRIVE INN MR. AND MRS. ALVIN WINTERS Owners ll8 South Fifth Street Where Good Food Is Never Accidental Memphis Texas Memphis Texas THOMPSON BROTHERS TRIBBLE COMPANY CLEANERS Hardware and Furniture Zenith - Kelvinator - Tappan Everything for the Farm and Home "Expert Cleaning at no Extra Cost" Cleaning - Pressing - Alterations Phone CL 9-2126 Memphis Texas Memphis Texas 11" GMSFQ Q, I - ff, It DAVIS AND SCOTT 9 , 4+ ,b " SUPERMARKET i ii' V f l .,-gf., 6 Where Your Business fo ls Always Appreciated on the Lakeview Highway. FOOD MARKET Phone CL 9-2014 Memphis Texas Memphis Texas GREEN BALDWINS DRY GOODS Gifts - Infants' and ChiIdren's Wear Better Grade Merchandise Gents' Furnishings, Etc. Memphis Texas Memphis Texas Compliments of MOBILE SERVICE Corner 10th and Noel F' E' Phone CL 8-2215 Memphis Texas Memphis Texas FIRST STATE BANK QPENNEY' J Aiwns rms: aunurv CaPi'Ca1aUd Surplus 515150, OOO. OO Phone 259-2332 Memphis Texas Memphis Texas Compliments of COMPANY Phone CL 9-2519 DR. ROBERT E. CLARK Memphis Texas Memphis Texas Congratulations Compliments of VERA "TOPS" GILREATH D' H' COUNTY SCI-IOOLSUPERINTENDENT Memphis Texas Memphis Texas Compliments of Compliments of COUNTY JUDGE RUBY GOODNIGHT COUNTY CLERK TRACY L. DAVIS Memphis Texas Memphis Texas Compliments of Compliments of HESTER BQWNDS MILDRED STEPHENS COUNTY TREASURER DISTRICT CLERK Memphis Texas Memphis Texas LEMONS FURNITURE KI ARD- AILEY FURNITURE N G Q E X AG NCY R UR ITURE 5 Foff X , iIXe 41,1 Insurance - Loans - Bonds ga '-EI Real Estate I You CAN RM ""' Hall County Bank Bldg. Memphis Texas Memphis Texas liments of Congratulations, Seniors Comp PRESTONS oLoTH1NG co. B. 84 J. DRUG CO. Home of Fine Cleaning and Furnishings for Men 213 Main Street Childress Texas Childress Texas A. L. HARP DRUG CQ. CHILDRESS OFFICE SUPPLY C01 SEEP "Everything for the Office" ,,ff"f'vw' 'H Supplies - Machines - Furniture 1 'A Ph WE 7-3851 ,W Q Q DEPENDABLE' one 2 4 Dkuoslsr jg 15 Phone WE 7-4242 121 Main Street Childress, Texas Childress Texas Compliments of Compliments of WHITE'S PENNYS Childress Texas Childress Texas HELEN'S SI-IOPPE "Ladies' Ready-to-Wear" Compliments of CHILDRESS GREENHOUSE MONTGOMERY WARD "Say it with Flowers" Childress Texas Phone WE 7-2371 Childress Texas HICK-HELMS P0fV1141'm Evinrude Boat Motors MOTOR COMPANY Sooner Craft Boats Ph. WE 7-3693 320 Commerce St. P. O. Box 712 30 955115- Phone WI: 7-3341 401 Main Street Childress Texas Childress Texas For Family Recreation R. H. NORRIS T HARDWARE COMPANY fy GREENBELT LANES "If it's Hardware, We Have lt." Ph. WE 7-2902 Chi1d1'6SS Texas Childress Texas PHILLIPS 66 JENNINGS FARM SUPPLY . . . Iulllps DOYLE RAMSEY Manager Quitaque Texas Phone Quitaque Texas IF l'l"S GOO? FCC' YDU WAIT-- ig t s FARMERS co-oP W- f 1 ai :M ' Q Ginning at Cost N CITY CAFE Quifaque Texas MR, AND MRS. PERRY VINES Quitaque Texas i N I ' 1 ,liiazlq ' , I, I, I- f . I I W J? I II 1 I f I I ff' 'I I C LQLJL4 Q If L LIL .gl Li If IILICLILL, , V4 4,4 f 444, ' , - I , 1 , ff ff V ,, 5 -' m'4,LgfC , if Qpgcc -C ,J Larffic Ll , .JM- V FfRST f 1 , , Ip . 1 an Q ff vw Qwf.fffffcJ L lf"" I ' jul fl ' if I O 1 :V 1 J , " 'lL' ' II I, ,,Afl cal. K I,C,f,L 'xig,fgZ I-H"'L ,T A' I I' I! I ,. A ij ,tina L X it 1144 L44 124 'Z fi? of L L' N ' , I I4 1' , f fl' ' ,V f, , cf .' LL "L 'f L .icy L-XKUILC 4 . ' I ,I X ' L -vi 1 , 'L A164 JIALC A if 'ff ll-f -A ' 1-1 it cu. K ' , 1 7 f' JL, IQ I f II AI K I ,if IA I ' I .I I I ,ti 1+ P is 4 'G.Jf"l1 -74 4 Us I ' f i J' C 'L 4' ' L' N b , f , 7 1' 7- l ' 'filffi X - -. .fXJ,-f' 'f , ' 2 - 'P g ,' LQJ . Je K ' ,I , , ' , . 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TRAWEEK, JR., M.D. 'fe 'O 5 O 3 1 ., NN V I XI wr XH'a.xiiSupplies Insecticides Matador Texas Res. No. 7 Hospital No. 59 Matador Texas ff Congratulations STANLEY HOSPITAL CAMPBELL J. S. STANLEY, M. D. CHEVROLET CO- Phone Z0 Matador Texas Matador Texas Bos STANLEY MIJA VKQZ Dj,-ff PHARMACY SP OQJ1 17' W fl f R, M. STANLEY, R. Ph. ee s r All FRED M, STANLEY, R, Ph. S Athletic Nee s Matador, Texas Helena Rubenstein Cosmetics Amarillo exa f"""- Y-,d,I - Compliments of 4 ZC., CL! Q 6f'7kL 5?-'If-gud?-'K ' OEFICE SUPPL EIS I? w. J. DEFEE fi:Nfmf'f1fnfZCJ Anti Ufypwws N 3520 concord Road Ad'j!2'9gARy5i?112Z'n?E,54fvvw C f Il-15' egis erys Amarillo Texas Vernon Texag J Q!!! SOUTHERN ENGRAVING , ,Luna ,JJ COMPANY , LA. +5565 C6LA Rings Invitations Af' fix!! Caps Gowns ALJ 0,11 Co' Senior Pictures ,M C Paducah Texas Canyon Texas r . 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