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Tupper Lake High School - Tuhisean Yearbook (Tupper Lake, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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. .0 ' A' ' J.-f 1 ,f", "Af: , K ' - f K Ili 3, -ff 1' ' , K 'L-. m in .V . ,f , , , Vp 5 f ,f f f ur Vf Q5 I V' . sg,p'il:bV-V K . J ' .-'TP' 'H ' za .' ,gi ' ' P- '22 . I v , ' 1. A 'X - i Q f?jV"nul' " , I. If K I -, - K , A V. 1 E ff 3 Z5 ,f ' X ' w ' f , 1, , v kwlk J 1 NIQ MA v Y ' X !f I ...Q 72 xxxwl Q If A ' .Fi I V X 5 K . h 'xx V A at 1 Ilya! ' KX, 1 ig .I . 5 Q' l xl 'ff' V I ,K N3 'Z ,D I A .A AQXR Ziff, X. 4 Q ,fn X- 'Q , "..g15R Q' ' 'V I .,Vq-"if . . -QQ 7- r' QTVN M2 -,' Hg fx fu w f f I .' ff? Y A" ' - ' ', L' zwjzf. iVf fl ,ifix -QV" lw, X . ,- , fx ., : U 3,6 , V16 in -Q I' . 174 2' ' A + M' V Vi' 3 ' ' ' 5 Vifvf- 'f' " 'W X '1 . V , X- ' - V .Q :V4 I ' Q we 2 1 X9 V 5 ...Ml A-KLA ' LW' gi. flickr, S 1,',A yy :X If, , Ll -.u " g!.:1f A 'Xl gg 55-yr ' Q X V hw "iw -5 Hit? f P U x".'f. qi f .'i'i A iff- V' H Q3 A Lwfkjs gx'-tislxs' 'TFTQY4 'J ,f2rT""Af1-.41 , y Q 4 V. V 1 V N 4, fs k - V ,,f,.-4 - , . it V, Vw AVDKQK1-1 ,QQ .fl Qfkvns Q V n fy s fs 'xx ,E "'1,-W. ff: '.-VfQ++.wfi,,1' L fig 2, V 5 1' ,ff - ' VV -ga Gm. A A f f Vg, 5 . .Vi I Mk 4 Atv. I 4. Ax bl I qi t z nys Q, I: lm .. .Atv V , if V, 8 :I . ? . Y' ,-""-11- A' ' ' , A" ' 'S' ' " " , " ,fl-px. ' , . ' 5' . I f, Y WY , , Xl., R , I gf, Af. w ,V ., . 'IQ' A , 4 V ' L.: fz Q :in as ,I .6 , ,Q .Q A ,J?l0,, x 0 ,QA , 2. - X 1 3 V 5 fx ,- ,, 1' ,, 'A ' ' V n A . " A-I'-,' gf V" '. x .,, , , '15 xi, qiiwyl' . i VA' -vi, ,JK V U li.. .347 54 0 JA .fi Q,-fm V, fwQQV 45,41-"Va V.: Q ,Vp 1 :fr 4 . w' V' 'S , ,. .' L' X -ling , ' 1 - ' A-ww.-:V . 31, V V, '53 V ' " " '21-f-"ff V ' "' 'K 4.5--V V - g f , Q ,Q L. 5,57 fx, 1 , 1-4 x r f , .AV W fa., 3, . VK . : ,Ts 'g. ' ' ' f " nay- "" 5 ' V , ' " K v A A' G' If .-gk 4 ' 5-4' A V .' .Mi Y ww .1 . X. s V , . 1. , w. .Q H V .V ,fr-9 X1 ' QV., - 14, I . Q' , VN 2 K yg - 3: fl' ' in . A ' M V 2 f 3 r ,Q K -K . .A. 5 bwrgfg N , ik 1 4. g, fi :AE 5 , A . V 4 4 Q X. A V . X V ff-A-ui 'v R ' A lv . ,VV V Y -A 'Hi ww ' A tn J- 1 V , fix? J h I I - ,Q I 1 4. I -.Lv1.kb4x.:. I 2-kb-QF -A 1 ,U I ' '. ' ' 4 fx - V f --WV-N we.. vs V, V - 'll With. .55 'Q 'y "L - f X k .. -Q' " tm R ' xxx-s Le' V., V VV ' 51.5 CI A 7 ' A ' if " ' f w Y 1 3L,V.,fj'Q, ?,:,1' Lg.. , ' A i, fa 4 QM?V'f:-'M"Q'.H,,,,!5'4i-5V A . :A LX' Y ' I N " A - 4 X V," ' F.-, " X' 3 . V, n,,.. .QW ,g,a4Vfqi'gi Q, f v Q ix :V 4""f' Af A . V Q KV ' 4"-"fl-A K, ' f 'XA y v . XXI ,, iw "XI: ' . , ng ' : , .1 p sf' .f 'Nagy A q .. . .1 . Q -.,, .5 L , y V-.L . :f , - - . S.: A 9 . -V I ,Q '- f S.fi5f,1-'LZ '. f ,,- A ,, . .--, K- 'f X V147 ' ' . . f.Vf.f V f ' "' -hifi ' 'ah V .-VV' . 'Q QL- 'S X ,, ,Q-U I .Si':t'. :af 41. I N,, .. A ' 'KV ' I .ARI MVR I ' V x . V ,tar I.-v A . .Jin 'X ', 3, -'Mk' V A -., ' 1 I ' ' ' .4 Nj' I 1. , ' ' fm' ' sw f' 723-gQ, f, ' -:jj-vii -a " 1 qxuli vw K1 A '- 4 s i O' N,- Yr senior class presents tuhlsean N APPRECIATIO Each mme we entered the hbrarv Mrss McCarthy s srmle and WIHIHQIIBSS to help greeted us When we were seventh and exghth graders she taught us how to make the best use of our hbrarv and how to enjoy ll Then as we pro wanted an mterestmg novel, she was never too busy to come to our a1d There are verv few H1 our class that at one mme or another she d1d not help It IS w1th smcere apprec1at1qn for all she has done for us that the class of 17 dedlcates IIS yearbook to M1ss McCarthy. gressed into high school and needed reference books and career books or just ff, Ei-BQ , X Q j ddlllIlllStI'dtl0ll BQARD of EDLICATIO MR. JOSEPH F DONOVAN MR. LAWRENCE P QUINN Supenntendent Pr1nc1D31 W1thout the gurdance of Mr Donovan our supermtendent and Mr Qumn our prmcrpal our schoolwould not be run as smoothly as It 1S Through the years they have done much to advrse us and to dlrect us onto the rrght path The Board of Educatlon has also contrrbuted greatly to the school Thrs rs evrdenced by our new gym addrtronal classrooms and equrpment The enure student body 1S rndebtedto these men Thomas Somers Presldent Amos LaBarge Clerk the late Arthur Cronm Ernest Wood and Lee Oldfreld Trustees '92 MR. THOMAS SOMERS MR. AMOS LA BARGE MR. ARTHUR CRONIN Presrdent Clerk Trustee 5 f'2S'isl.Zia 111' MR. ERNEST WOOD MR. LEE OLDFIELD Trustee Trustee l I W, iq, " 1 . , 4 , l an . ' E A V I , - K , . i:."?.,' " ,Sui :ca-,,:' , fi , 0 r , 2. ,gg , - ' Tf,N,:s . SENICDR HIGH FACULTY SEATED- M Malakle Soc1a1Stud1eS F Baker Math H Austm French T Ch1'1SI13.I1 STANDING R. Poulm Enghsh P Qumn SCICHCC R, Stublev Dr1verEducat1or1 P Kelley, Ir1dustr1a1 Arts L Tooley Soc1a1Stud1es P Graton Busmess i . . , , . P . 1 : ' . , : t . . Guidance: I. Proulx, Lating W, McGinn, Scienceg I, Homan, Commercial, PECIA S AN JR HIGH FACULTY SEATED- F Came-,lo Dema1Hyg1en1st L Forkey Home Economlcs M OHara Nurse L Ignatz Art V Gagmer 8th Grade M. Gmgold Phys1ca1Educat1on I. Fee Sth. STANDING L Perry Phys1ca1Educat1on F Tlce Phys1ca1Educat1on M Plumley 7th Grade N Maroun 7th Grade E Munroe NILISIC W Kraus Dramaucs o Gradeg V, LaF1amme, Srh. Gradeg G. McCarthy, Librariang F, Abdallah, 7Lh. Grade, K! X Wm We 'go g J Sl!lll0I'S SENIOR OFFICERS AND ADVI ERS SE TED Left to Rlght L Woods V1ce Prestdent T Mercurto Treasurer W Kraus Advxser .T Proulx Advtser R. Stubley Advmser L LaFave Presldent C LaFave Secretary Our class stepped 1nto the spotltght early enough to have the f1rst round and square dance of the school year Then tn the end of October we voted to sell Chrtstmas cards and wrappmg paper to start off our yearbook ftmds Our next project was to jom the Chrlstmas Decorat1ng contest Although we dxdn t wm everyone who worked on II had lots of fun and our decoratlons were good To top off theh1ghChr1stmas sp1r1t everyonem the class dectdai to have a Senor Chnstmas party at the Rod and Gun Club Everyone who wanted to go chtpped m to pay for the use of the club and for sodas The gtrls brought the food Each Seruor was allowed to brtng one guest and all who attended had a wonderful t1me when we came back to school after Chrtstmas vacanon we elected our yearbook staff and they started work tmmedtately We are now makmg plans for our Semor assembly and to have etther a penny carmval or a Senlor gtrls versus the Sentor Boys basketball game We have vet to start work on our Semor banquet and prom but we are planmng to have them as 1n the past CLASS MOTTO CLASS FLOWER After the Battle the Reward " Red and Wlute Roses CLASS SONG CLASS COLORS We'll be Together Agatn' Scarlet and Wlute 4 . ' . - . n . . - . fx , . . , 1 - , y - 1 I - 1 S I 3 - I 1 - 9 - . Q 1 1 . 0 - I 0 . . 1 sl l ' 5 . ca - 1 ' I5 ANNETTE AMORIELL And rn therr sadness, she made them laugh Drama Club 1 2 3 4 Press Club 2 3 4 Secretary4 Seventeen Band 1 2 3 4 Cheerleader 2 Skr Club A A 1 2 3 4 C IUDITH BAKER There s a language m her eyes her cheeks her lrps Chou 1 2 3 4 Press Club 1 2 3 4 Monrtor 2 Drama Club 1 SAMUEL A MORIELL 'Sammy' To mourn a mrschref that IS past and gone rs the next way to draw new mlSCh16f on Basebal12 3 Mon1tor3 Intramurals ALFRED ASEEL The deed I rntend rs great, but what as yet I know not Basketball 1 2 3 Track 3 4 Base ba 1 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 In tramurals 1 2 3 4 Varsrty ELLEN ASEEL She drd say rt and she meant rt Cheerleader 1 2 3 Monrtor 1 2 4 GAA 1234 DramaC1ub2 3 4 Press Club 3 4 Alpha Club Secretary SUSAN BE LMORE Sue Ah me, How weak a thxng the heart of a woman IS GAA 1234 Trrple Trro 2 Class Secretary 1 Chorr 1 2 Band 1 Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Press Club 2,3 4 Alpha S 1 1 S R o 1 . an . Yi X ' S ' : . , ,g hoir1,2g Monitor 3, 4g Junior Assembly. I 11 s a I r a 1 3 ' 2 . 1 'I DONALD AUCLAIR merry as the day IS long PATRICIA BRANCH a Her thoughts and emotxons rrde sparklrng rn her eyes Band l 4 Press Club 1 4 Drama Club 2 3 4 Cheerleader2 3 Captaln 4 Tuhrsean Staff T Trro bf ROBERT BECKER " Bob" "Laugh yourself mto sutches. " Football 1, 2, Chou 2, 3, Basketbal 1, 2, Vars1ty T Club 3, 4, Intramural' 1, 2, 3, 4. MARIE DRAYSE Mlnuo Though she be but httle she IS frerce G A A 3 4 Monxtorl 2 3 4 Press Club 1 Glrls Sports 1 2 3 4 JOHN BARTLETT Bart Happy art thou as rf every day thou hads t prcked up a horseshoe Iurnor Assembly Football 1 2 3 Momtor 3 Semor Chou 1 Student Councrl Representatrve 1 Intra murals 1 2 Jobberwock 2 ROBERT CLE MENT .. Bob.. "A town that boasts rnhabrtants lxke me can have no lack of good socrety." Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, Varslty Football 1, 2, 3, Tuhrsean Staff 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3 ..P t.. 'O - s , z .1 ,o 1 I I 1' 1 K . ' ' As ' H H My e . - ' ' , ' ANN FORKEY Annabelle Better late than never Cheerleader 1 2 3 4 Captarn 2 Co Captarn 4 Tuhrsean Staff Stu dent COUHC114 Seventeen Band 1 2 Semor Chorr 1 Drama Club 1234 Mon1tor34GAA 14 CALVIN CONNOR "Little T uc ker" "Love must have wings to fly away from love, and to fly back again. " Basketball 1,2, 4, Track 1, 2g Foot- ball 1, 3g Monitor 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1,2,3, Vice-President 4, Seventeen" . 1 COLLEEN LA FAVE Connle Wrth a smtle that was chlldhke and bland orr 1 2 3 4 G A A Press Club 1 2 Drama Club 1 2, 3 4 Vzce Presrdent Class 3 Sec retary 4 Iumor Assembly PATRICK COULSON at He speaketh not and yet there 11es a conversatron rn hrs eyes Skr Club 4 Chrrstmas Decoratron Commrttee 4 Decoratron Sadte Hawkrns Dance 4 Sound Mard of France 4 PATRICIA LJAUTHIER BI The anger of lovers renews the strength of love Press Club 1 2 3 4 Treasurer 3 Chorr 1 G A A 1 2 3 4 Monrtor 1 BA RBARA LAKE Barb Knowledge comes but wrsdom hngers Bandl 2 Student Counc112 Chorr 3 4 Trtple Trro 4 Glee Club 1 2 1 I: 1 I' I' HP ll I I U I I I . ' . :YI H I S - ' 1 0 I 1 S D ' 0 5 S I I . n - . 5 up u Mix I Ch',,,g...1,2.3.4: ,, A,- - F - . : ' ' : . . W W ILLIA M DECHENE 1 Love understands love rt needs no talk Football 1 2 Chou 1 Volleyball 2 Monrtor 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 ROBERT EGGSWARE Bo Even good me'1 lrke to make the publrc stare N H S 3 4 Varsrty T Club 3 Class Treasurer 1 Senror Chorr 4 Intramurals 4 Track 1 2 Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 LINDA LARAMEE 'Mysterrous Love uncertarn trea sure I-last thou more of pam or pleasure? N H S 3,4 Student Councrl Rep resentatrve 1 Secretary4 Drama Clubl 2 3 4 Tuhrsean Staff Band THELDA LA FRANCE The blush IS beautlful but II rs G A A 3 4 Monrtor 3 4 Trlple Tr1o3 4 Grrls Sports 2 3 4 Semor Chorr 2 3 RICHARD DODD Drck It IS a very hard undertakrng to seek to please everybody Track 2 Football 2 Intramurals 1 2 4 Iunlor Assembly 3 'Qumr- r-v LEON LA FAVE O What are you wartmg for here young man? Baseball 1 2 3 4 Alpha Club Intramuralsl 2 3 4 Football Man ager 3 Class Presrdent 4 MODIIOI 1 2 3 4 Varsrty T C1ub3 Trea surer 4 1 . ' . - I t . . . 5 ' '- , 1 1 - . I U I : U ' ,Yr V . -. .3 , x ,, lx i5,ff:u, 3' IIB'11ll ll ' H .: ' : : : I . Q 1 s I - s l S 0 5' sometimes inconvenient." X A u n . g I . 1 S v . . . , . . . I I I I I I , , sl A L' ' 1 1 gf .. b.. I n A - D" n a 1 I S . . . , 3 ' ,4Q n o o 3 ' 1 ' ' 3, 2 2 3 Q , ,3Q D 1 u : 1 ' 1 Q 5 1 121 ' 3. ANN LEIGHTON Annre We are never so happy or so un happy as we rmagme Monrtor 3 4 G A A 2 5 4 Band 3 Drama Club 4 Ma, DALE LARAHEE Su far Never were there so many sleep less nrghts as rn the trme of thls man Football l 2 Track 1 2 Alpha Club Intramurals l 2 3 4 Class Treasurer 2 Bowlmg l 2 3 4 Table Tenms 2 3 4 we i JOAN OSHIER Thy modestvs a candle to thy mefll benror Chorr 1 2 3 4 Drama Club G A DONALD LYONS Don Fame rs the thlrst of Youth Fotballl24T 141234 Basketball l 2 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Captaln 3 CAROLYN LYONS It s good to lengthen to the last a sunny mood Drama Club 1 2 3 4 Press Club 2 3 StudentCounc1ll 2 Treasurer G A A Gym Leader 2 3 Secretary 4 Band 2 3 JUDY PA PIN CP O I am stabb d wlth laughter C orr l 2 3 4 Trrple Trro 3 4 Dramat1cs2 Press Club2 3 Cheer leader 2 4 Monrtor 2 J Student Councrl 3 Tuh1sean Staff . .V : . .f. : D . D U D D I l ' I . .'. : ".s:---J.: .3 'Q . . 43 . . . , ,4g : ' . . 5 A 3 'A J' .a f lv O 1 1 D rac 9 V: : D I D D D I : ' '. no , 1 , so X .1 Vs up .. 5' '..1.5 ,,f,: I 'fig 3.4: . .A.2,3,4. ' , 'z - 9 D D GEORGE MANNING Trny Good health and good sense are two of lrfe s greatest blessrngs Varslty Football 4 Press Club 4 Monrtor 1 4 RAY MOND NORT H Frenchre All human wlsdom IS summed up rn two words walt and hope Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Varsrty T Club 3, 4, lntramurals. PAULINE PASSINO Knowledge s t e als the key of heaven N H S 3 4 Vtce Presrdent 4 Press Club4 G A A 2 3 4 Band 3 4 Secretary of Class 3 Senror Chorr 2 3 4 Monrtor 2 4 Trrple Tno 4 SHIRLEY PEET S Shlrl Paradlse rtself were drm and Joy less rf not shared wrth hrm Senror Chorr 1 2 Press Club 1 G1r1s Sports 1 2 3 4 JOHN MERCURIO Tony Frrends rf we be honest wrth our selves we shall be honest wrth each other balll 2 3 4 Trackl 2 3 4 Basket ball 1 2 3 4 Captaln Baseball 4 KENNETH PAYROT Who can be patrent 1n such ex tremes" Student Councrl Presrdent 4 Class Presrdent 3, Varsrty T Club 3,4, Football 2,3, Volleyball 3,4, Drama Clu 2,3, 4, N.H. S. 3, 4. . , 2' , , , , , - - A , na' x' 2 I v - I 0 : . I 'Q ' , , , ' Secretary Varsity T Club 4g Foot- v 1 I 3 1 0 I S ' . . . : ' . . , at . . . .. - . A K . . ' I I l ' X X v C ' ' 1, l 4 ' I 1 I ' fi . . b l RAYALDA PROULX I say the world rs lovely and that lovel1ness IS enough A 1 2 3 4 Press Club 1 3 4 Dramatrcs Club 1 2 Band 3 4 Cho1r1 2 3 4 Mon1tor2 ,Tumor Assembly wang GRA CE RUSSELL Grayce The heavens of each 15 but what each desrres Band 1 2 3 4 Semor Chorr 1 2 Gym Leader 3 4 G A A Press Clubl 4 Drama Club 1 2 3 Vlce Presrden 4 Student Counctl 4 LE ROY PICKERING " Bashful sincerity and calmly love. " Student Council Representative 25 Intramurals 1. in-. GERALDINE ROBISTOW Promrse IS most grven when the least IS sard G A A Drama Club 3 4 GA RY PLUMLEY Let them call rt Il'l1SCIl1Sf when rt IS passed and prospered twrll be vrrtue Intramurals 1 2 Football 1 2 Track Manager 1 2 Semor Choxr X .mfr '70- BETHONY SAVARD A merry heart doeth good hke a rnedrcrne nd 1 2 3 4 2 Semor Chou 1 2 3 4 MODIIOI 4 Chrrstmas Decoratrons 4 1 l G-A--...s .2. ,. 'ni l 'ni . n : I l'U: 3 ' 4 , I ' ' U lx 2.3- rffia ,. . 4 , , Ba .. . : G-A-IM 1. .3.4: ,'i: . 0 1.17. ' M ' I , 1 v J MARIORIE SOCHIA Marge And her face so fan' stlrred wrth her dream, as rose leaves wrth the arr Intramurals 1 2 3,4 Senror Chorr 4 A 2 BETTE LOU WHITE B Lou Here rs a dear and true rndustrrous frrend Drama Club 1 2 3 4 Press Club 4 G A 2 3 4 Cho Student Councrl 4 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 Presrdent 4 GARY STOCK "So much is a man worth as he esteems himself. " Band 1 2 3 4' Choir 2,3 4- Drama Club 3 4 Treasurer 4 Monitor 2 3,4 Seventeen GARY VINCENT My own thoughts are PHY OWU compamons 3 4 Trackl 2 3 Monrtor 4 ELLEN STAVES I feel that I am happrer than I can tell you Intramurals 2 3 Press Club 4 G AA 1234 GymLeader23 4 Freshman Play Tuhrsean Staff Semor Chou 2 3 4 Alpha Club 1 CAROL WOOD Is thrs a dream? If so let me sleep on Band 1 2 3 4 Trrple Trro 3 4 Bowling Captarn 2 Golf Captarn 2Intramura1s1 2 3 4 GA A 1 2 3 4 Press Club 1 4 1 I n s 9 I I l D 3 I 3' nv 3 ' I I I: I I 2,3, go. .A. 1, ,3,4. ' ' , vi - Volleyball 1, 2, 4g Intramurals 1, 2, s I l 0: I ' I . . . : ' ' .: :--A-1...: irl-4: : ..'.:-.-. LINDA WOODS Woody The reward of one duty 1S the power to fulftll another Natxonal Honor SOCIGIY 3 4 Drama Club 123,4, Treasurer 3 Pres ldent 4 Press Club 1 2 34 Sec retary 3 G A,A 1 2 3 4 Prestdent 3 Gym Leader 2 3 4 V1ce Pres Trtple Tr1o 1 2 3 Student Counctl 4 IAMES ROBIDEAU "Rouse the lion from his lair. SHERWOOD CLEMENT A Iucky man IS rarer than a wlute crow JOSEPH PATNODE Why aren t they all contented hke me'7 1 Wig l CLASS HISTORY During our four years tn Tupper H1g,h the class of 57 has been an acnve group For our offtcers tn 1953 we elected Tony Mercur1o as Presldent Judy Papm as V1ce Presxdent Susan Belmore as Secretary and Robert Eggsware as Treasurer In that year we sponsored a Freshman dance In our Sophomore year we elected Vernon Sabm Lmda Laramee Patr1c1a Branch and Dale Laramee We were a httle more successful that year as we succeeded 1n carrymg out a food sale and a Sophomore dance W1th two years of experlence behind us we gilllled more confxdence and became more eager to do tlungs Thus our ,Tumor year was a tremendous success For our officers we elected Kenneth Payrot Colleen LaFave, Pauhne Passmo and Ca1v1n Connor Durmg that year we sponsored two dances and a turkey raffle contnbutmg much money to our depleted treasury We also competed tn the Chrxstmas Decoranons put on an assembly and co operated wlth the semor class m putung on the annual .Tumor Senior Prom Coral Paradlse Although our Freshman Sophomore and .Tumor years were a lot of fun and very rewardlng we fmd that nothmg can compare w1th our Semor year a year whlch w111 be remembered for many years to come. And as J une rolls around and graduauon IS corrung closer we b1d farewell to Tupper I-hgh, our Alma Mater ' U ! C157 ident of CIass 4g Iiditorg ' LAST WILL AND TESTAME Be tt known to all the people of the Town of Altamont, Vtllage of Tupper Lake, F rankltn County State of New York, Uruted States of Amer1ca, that we, the class of '57 hereby declare t.h1s to be our Last Wtll and Testament B1ll Dechene w1lls h1s ab1hty to graduate to has brother Gary Kenneth Payrot leaves hls abthty to get along w1th Mrs Forkey to Mary s boyfrtend Annette Amor1ell leaves f1ve sk1rts to Lots Peets who could use a change. Gary Plumley leaves h1s seat tn Hlstorf class to some fortunate Juruor 1f he leaves! Pat Branch w1lls her leg1t1mate hcense to Conme Carolyn Lyons w1lls her ab1l1ty to keep one boy to Nancy M Peets Geraldxne Robtstow w1lls her qutetness to Gatl Raymond who certatnly 1sn t Judy Papln w1lls her smlle to Bob Kenttle LH hopes that he ll use lf now and then Ann LSIQLIIOH w1lls her natural blond ha1r to all the peroxtded Jumor glrls Pat and Sue wxll the1r rlght to be late for class to the Jumor g1rlsQw1th boyfrlends J Don Lyons WIUS hls qu1et manner' durmg games to Curt Ellen Aseel leaves her mce walk to Conme so she'1l stop starxng Sam Amomell leaves h1s duck tatl to Professor McGmn. Lmda Woods w1lls her txtle of Most Argumentattve to any Juruor w1th the urge to be drasttc and change thlngs Ltnda Laramee w1lls her dramatlc talent to Lll. Grace Russell leaves her pr1vate path to the Post Offlce to any Jumor gtrl w1th an out of town boyfrtend Ann Forkey leaves the ltvlng room to Mary so she can have DZFIIBS too B Lou Wh1te w1lls her helght to any athleuc minded juruor g1rls Bethony Savard leaves Jeanette A some chewtng gum so she ll stop chew1ng the rag Margle and Ellen w1ll the1r long engagement to Nancy and Sharon Mane Drayse w1lls her seat m the Colomal to Sandy RandalL Cal Connor w1lls h1s shapely legs to all the Jealous Juruor gtrls D1ck Dodd w1lls hls w1t 1n Hlstory class to Mort George Mantung leaves some of h1s wetght to D1ck Parent so lt ll be worth h1s wh1le to fall ' on opponents J 1m Robtdeau leaves h1s slxth per1od eraser to J trnmy Arnortell. Conme LaF ave leaves her adm1rat1on for Elvts and her gu.1tar to Dtane Welch Leon LaFave w1lls h1s posxtion as class pres1dent to Morton Dtbble John Bartlett leaves Phyllts w1th sorrow Gary Stock leaves h1s beard and mascultruty to Tom Nucon Rayalda Proulx leaves her natural black ha1r to Lo1s Peets Bob Clement and J oe Patnode leave the1r gtft of gab to Gabby Hayes Judy and Ethel w1ll the1r quxetness to all the no1sy Jutuor gtrls Shlrley Peets leaves her seat IH Room 3 to anyone who wants 1t. Sherwood Clement leaves tus love for Htstory to Alex Ray North w1lls lus mckname Frenchte to all lovers of French. Paulme Passtno w1lls her art ab1l1ty to Bozo Thelda LaFrance WIHS her eyebrow penc11 to Jean LaFocque black, Dale Laramee leaves Sue or does he? Leroy Ptckermg w1lls hrs qtuetness to J' 1m Mayotte. Donald Aucla1r w1lls hrs seat tn study hall to any Jumor w1th no subjects Bob Becker w1lls hrs Job tn the movxes to h1s brother Carol Wood w1lls her good manners to D1ck Passmo who could use some. Gary Vtncent may not leave The sen1or class leaves the1r combtned health to Larry Dtstefano 1n the hopes that he w1ll be able to return next year Don t dtsappolnt us Larry! f51gTl0dl Nosy Rosy Sam McBum Let ll be known then that the above lS the legal Last Wtll and Testament of the Sen1or class the class of '57 wh1ch smcerely hopes that the benefactors w1ll make good use of what they have recewed I . . a I . , . . . . X ,. . . ,, . Barbara Lake leaves her title of "Most Likely To Succeed" to Mandy. NAME A morrell A morrell Aseel Aseel Auclalr Baker Bartlett Becker Belmore Branch Clement Clement Connor Coulson Dechene Dodd Drayse Eggsware Forkey Gauthrer LaFave LaFave LaFrance Lake Lara mee Lara mee Lerghton Lyons Lyons Mannlng Merc urro North Osh1er Papln Passrno Patnode Payrot Peets Prc kerrng Plumley Proulx Robrdeau Robrstow Russell Savard Sochra Staves Stock Vrncent Whrte W ood L Woods WEAKNESS Darwrn The Colonral The Waush Making up Socral Studles Jewelry Duels Cars Curly harred boy Ronnre Blondes Grrls Pretty glrls Cryrng women Twrn carbs Women oe Glrls A councrl Presrdent M1ke Fat s records Grrls Eddre Pretty clothes Late hours Hot fudge sundae The Hound Curt Smokrng eo Boats French Rrch Eatmg Bozo Movres Annre Eatrng Grrls Grrls Chocolates Smoklng Sewlng Rey D3V1d Bo Drck The Waush Women Sophomore boys Irlshmen Laughrng FAVORITE PASTIME Berng wrth my frrends Huntlng Playrng my trumpet Henpartres at Woody s Huntlng Wrrtrng letters Workrng on my car Huntrng Chewrng gum Berng wrth my frrends Watchlng T V Bowlrng Sportrng Lrstenrng to musrc Workrng on my car Watchlng T V Wrrtrng to Joe Grrls Collecting records Belng wrth M1ke Henpartres at Roy s l-langxng around the A Berng wrth Eddre Skung Playrng pool Lrstenrng to records Dr1v1ng the Pontlac P I Partres Playrng pool Playlng cards Huntlng Huntlng Berng wrth Rrch Henpartres at Woody s Art work Scoutlng Teasrng Berng wrth Donnre Belng wrth Sally Berng wrth Carol Reading l-luntrng Srttlng rn Roy s Gorng to the mall Dreamrng Wrrtrng letters Wr1t1ng letters Maklng speeches Imrtatrng Elvrs Basketball Readlng Berng wrth my frrends A MBITION To travel Go to Italy To be famous To see the world Arr Force Secretary Mechanrc Mechanrc Telephone operator Nurse To travel Boxxng champron To see Europe Famous archrtect A lumberjack Engrneer Marrrage Jorn the Navy To be on trme Telephone operator Stenographer Pro baseball To be a nurse Chem Engrneer To graduate To travel Stenographer Marrlage To marry Ellen To be a C P A To be a hermrt Success To graduate To travel Art teacher Get rrch qurck Lrve a lrttle Marrrage A dltch drgger Mechan1c Secretary Make a m1ll1on To graduate To lose werght Nurslng drploma Housewrfe Housewrfe See the world Arr Force To be a nurse School marm To always be 18 PRIZED POSSESSION My mom and dad My rockrng chalr My draft card Donnre My lrcense My rrng My 1950 Chevy My doorman unrform Memorres of partxes My photo album Dad s Burck Nancy My lrttle srster My tape recorder car rrng oe s rrng class rrng A prcture My hope chest My gurtar My glove Eddre My room Susre My Panda bear My baby brother Ellen My T V set My frrends My model A Ford Rrch Brlly Mom and dad Teachers A certaln rrng Donnre Sally My car Don s letters My gultar Letters My letter box My drary My rrng rrng My job crew cut My herght lv curly harr memorres A. . . . . . s. ' ' ' ' ' A. ' E. , . , . D' . . , . . . J. . . . J. ' ' R. . . . s. ' ' ' ' P. , . . . R. ' . . ' ' S. , . . . C. , . . . P. , . . . . W. . . . My R. ' . . ' My ' M. I " ' J ' ' R' . . . My . A. . . . . . P. . . . . . C. ' ' ' ' T. . . . , . B. " . ' D. . .. L. ' ' A. ' ' ' ' My radio C. . . ' ' D. . . G. ' L ' . . . . . L . . , . R' . L , . . , . P, ' I. . , . . G. . . . . R' , . G. ' ' A B. . . . . . M. ' b ' ' ' ' E. . . . . My . G. ' ' G. . . r . . My B. ' ' C. ' ' iv ' ' . . . , My . ,N DONE MOST FOR THE CLASS "They're tickled pink but we're in the red! " L, Woods, K. Payrot WHO'S WHO SPORTS KING AND QUEEN "This is athletics?" B.L, White, D. Lyons 5, BEST LOOKING "Next stop, -vuuqmuigg A ' . ., Lf! O Y NICEST HAIR "Smile Bob, SMILE!" G. Russell, R. Becker It yy I my MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT "Oh, I can't wait'll the Senior charge! " B. L. White, C. Connor Ho1lywood!" M. Sochia, T. Mercurio "iff uf? FRIEN DLIEST "Oh, My achih' back! " s Q. I. Papin, L. LaFave A BE ST MANNERS "Merci beaucoup, monsieur. " C. Wood, P. Coulson ,jl'.,,. W ' .14 , Ms I I ,au- MOST TALKATIVE And so I, I, I said that, yea, that-!" S, Belmore, A. Aseel A. Amoriell, A. Aseel WHO'S WHO I MOST ARGUMENTATIVE f "No, no, no, no" K. Payrot, L. Woods CLASS WITS QUIETEST "Take that!" "Aw shncks, " G. Robistow, R, North MOST LIKELY T O SUCCEED MOST COOPERATIVE "Aw, George, don't be bashful. " B. L. White, G. Manning S my 5' .3 , EAL :vi 1 BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE "Ah yes, that intel- lectual look. " B. Lake, G. Stock BEST DANCERS POPULARITY 'Oops, I lost the beat!" -f- 3 "Ah ah. OHS at 8 lime" P. Branch, C. Connor 1- PHDUW. C. COHIIOI "Hurry up! She's heavy! " E. Aseel, D. Lyons 1 ALL AROUND P. Branch, C. Connor They've got their nose in everything. -4'1" 5451354 PERSONALITY S. Peers, R. Becker "This is the life" WHO'S WHO FUTURE MR. 8a MRS. BEST DRESSED S, Peets, D. Lyons Yeh, but S5,000!! MOST IMAGINATIVE A. Amoriell, P. Coulson Aw shucks, tain't nothing. 5154 1,-in , L. Woods, P. Coulson ---a splash of blue here ----- NATURE GIRL 8a BOY E. Staves, T. Mercurio Aah, the great outdoors! CLA SS FLIRTS CLASS DREAMERS C. Wood, W. Dechene They're concentrating? P. Branch, C. Connor M-JBA "No one's Looking! " TUHISEAN S AFF FIRST ROW Seated R. Clement Asststant Busmess Manager B Wh1te Busmess Manager K. Payrot Asststant Ed1tor L Woods Edrtor m Cluef C Connor Boys Sports P Passmo Ass1stantArtEd1tor A. Forkey Ass1stant Subst1tute Manager STANDING C Wood Ass1stantL1terary Edttor P Branch Subsntute Manager L Laramee Llterary Edxtor J Paptn G1r1s Sports E Staves Art Edttor The Tuh1sean Staff of the class of 57 has worked hard to make the most tmportant project we have ever attempted our yearbook a success Wtth the pubhcauon ofth1s book our efforts are complete but they never could have been mthout the help of our advtsers and the class xtself To raxse funds for thls Tuhlsean the class sold Chrlstmas cards gave dances and co operated w1th us 1n every way The theme of th1s book whlch the staff chose ts verv modern and as you can see several changes have been made. We thmk our efforts have not been wasted and we hope you engoy and treasure our Tulusean as we do. . . . . . . I D - 1 1 - 1 I . . . . -. - . . , . . . . 1 n 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 p . I . g 1 - 1 . I . . ' . . , D . v - 1 n - 1 1 - 1 . . , . . H 1 I - Y. . . ' - 1 1 . if 1 9 WOULD YCDLI BELIE E IT?? X I x A 1' 'ff Q , gg a f' NJ . I Q' I' gl? , . W,. 4 311214 A KL A V .. "fi A 5' JV H' 0 0 E W? 'Y' "W""lN.,,, V 'Wm W ii 5 N .M ,,g 5--f-djinas, 'W mg '56 'JSF '91ILlM'8 'or iiuwuvw '9 '6 0U15'59d 'd 'Q uvrvnv 'CI 'L DOOM '3 '9 Juslualg 'g 'Q sAe:1e'1 'q '1- qouexg 'g 'g 1o1AEd '51 'g 593105 uuv 'I 39. ff iw I , WCLILD YOU 13 17 YOU .jf Aj r 'i . ..,,.. , Q h - .,",' , 4 s .' f'x'4"t' , 'Q fiffgb' ,'g E' s JI4 -P x under classmen S-' Q I .IU IOR CLASS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: H. Peter, J. Foote, N, LaRocque, E. Lanthier, D, Bessey, M. Shaheen, R, Trombley, N, Peets, J, Aron, P, Patnode, C, Churoo, S. Windsor, SECOND ROW: M, Sochia, M, Bessey, J, Woodard, B, Manning, D, Welch, G, Liberty, G. LaValley, C, Savard, S. Crary, D, Stevenson, S. Beau- champ. .T. Winot. THIRD ROW: C. Mayville, S. Jones, C. Sovey, E. Rosenbaum, G, Poirier, J. Parent, I. Lemieux, C. Bianca, C, Nick1aw,J.Ty1er,,T, Boudreau, J, Jones, N, Chase. FOURTH ROW: N. Barrett, L, Cassell, M, Perth, N. Lamoy, L, Colburn, B, Colburn, T, Root, D, Brown, D. Meacham, L. White, H. Staves, I. LaRocque. FIFTH ROW: S. Willette, R. Tarbox, N. LaClair, T. Whitman, J, McGill, A, Dumas, .T. Brown, W. Bannon, R, Fletcher, N, Garrelts, R. Carrow, J, Mayotte. SIXTH ROW: C. Raymond, D, LaBarge, J. Arsenault, G. Clark, R. Benware, H. Bennett, L. Savard, A. Bourdage, W. Lavassaur, D. Woods, M, Fedor, G, White, At the beginning of the year the Class of '58 elected as officers: W, Bannon, President: D. Steven- son, Vice-President: C, Bianca, Secretary: L. Savard, Treasurer. Early in the year, as our first project we selected our class rings. Our first dance was a flop due to a forest fire which most of the boys in school fought. However we hope our second dance will be better. We have several boys from our class on the Varsity basketball team. We are going to have our Prom with the Seniors. We hope that the rest of our year's activities are successful. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS L, Savard, Treasurer: H, Austin, Adviser: D, Stevenson, Vice-President: W, Bannon, President: F, Baker, Adviser: J. Homan, Adviser: C, Bianca, Secretary. SOPHCJMORE CLASS Q 4 L - L A FIRST ROW, Left to Right: S. Stone, B. Dibble, S. Branch, C. LaFave, J. Gauthier, N. Peets, I. La- Rocque, I. Baldwin, D. Mayotte, N, Russell, M, Reed, B, Wells, D, Hutchins. SECOND ROW: J', Smith, S, Leighton, G. Raymond, J. Sabin, L. Dukette, U, Reed, P, Staves, L. Windsor, C, Woods, P. Woods, D. Leroux, A. Gorman, P. Brown. THIRD ROW: V. Lake, S, White, C, Deschenes, C, Spies, C. Mitchell, B, Maltais, R. Delair, D, Bigrow, J, Amoriell, L, Dunn, P, White, E, Luman, I.. Schryver, W. Leroux. FOURTH ROW: R. Passino, E. Maroun, G, Brickey, R. Vaillancourt, M. Day, R Sapone, H. Hutchins, R. Chase, G, Dominie, L, Woods, E. Savard, R. Clement, T, Nixon, R. Vincent, FIFTH ROW, R. May- ville, L. Sovey, .T. Barrett, R. Hachey, R. Eggsware, T. Vaughn, R. Kentile, G. Spoor, R Christy, 12, Bedard, R. Koster, L. Cole, R. Santerre, C. Lenhart. We started out our year by electing our officers. The result was as follows, G. Raymond, Pres- ident, C. LaFave, Vice-President: J. Baldwin, Secretary, G. Spoor, Treasurer. We were off to a head start with our advising staff made up of Mrs. Forkey, Mr, Graton, Mr. Poulin and Mr. McGinn. So far we have taken part in all school activities and we had a very successful food sale. We are proud of our class, Only our Sophomore class holds "The Big 3," composed of Kentile, Parent and Spoor. We are a big class and intend to accomplish much. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS J. Baldwin, Secretary, L, Forkey, Adviser, W. McGinn, Adviser, G, Raymond, Pres- ident, C, LaFave, Vice-President, R, Poulin, Adviser, P. Graton, Adviser, G, Spoor, Treasurer. FRESH MAN C ASS FIRST ROW, Left to Right: C. Cassell, B. Leighton, L. Theriault, J. LaValley, C. Brown, J. Moody, L. Currier, P. Lamere, K. Delair, M. Madore, J. Baldwin, L. Soucy. SECOND ROW: H. Russell, S. Randall, N. Denis, E. Straub, N. Lamora, L. Peets, K. Van Arnum, I. Hershman, M. Proulx, S, Gonyea, S. Rice, A. Datolla, S. Bishop. THIRD ROW: N. Sexton, J. Clement, M. Robillard, E. Ros- coe, G. Dechene, P. Gonyea, M. McCuen, W. Dominie, D. Maltais, D. Dodd, R. Besaw,J. Raymond, L Maroun, R. Lemieux, J. Hutt. FOURTH ROW: G. Donaldson, M. Dibble, W. Scanlon, D. Garrelts, W. Leroux, T. Bannon, T. Comeau, W. Gaff, J. Baker, R. Poirier, J. LaValley, P. Bourdage,J. Brown, D. Woods, W. Moody. FIFTH ROW: S. Anderson, W. Pickering, R. Varden, W. Barcomb, R. St. Louis, P. Bentley, C. Annette, I. Davis, I. Savard, J. Lake, R. Trick, R. LaPointe, C. Straight, S. Boucher. we started off this school year, our first in the Senior High School, by electing class officers. The class elections returns were: President, Tim Bannon: Vice-President. .T une LaVa11ey: Secretary, Lynn LaRocque: Treasurer, Richard Lern1euXL We got used to high school ways andstarted off our high school career right by winning the Christmas Decorations contest in the middle of December. No doubtthat will not be the last of our prizes as we start on the road through high school. OFFICERS AND ADVISERS R. Lemieux, Treasurer: P. Kelley, Adviser: L. Tooley, Adv1ser:J'. LaVa1Iey, Vice- Pres- ident: T, Bannon.'Presidentg M, Malakie, Adviser: P. Quinn. Adviser: L. La.Rocque, Secretary. EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW Left to Rtght. D Rule, I Clement B Pelno J Furma C Pentlen S Ryan B Bessey G B1a1r I Staves ,T McFaul S Van Arnum,S W1Il1ams L Russell. SECOND ROW B Drayse L Gonyea C Thornton B Amell J' Young, P Dems R Baker S Sovey L Birkenstock M Charon S LaMoy D LaMoy K Schauble B Gorman THIRD ROW I Garrow D Glamster M Maroun M. Staves L Fettes G Stock S Po1r1er L Wells K Payment A. Burnham V Vincent E Koster M, Brown S Clement FOURTH ROW S Smith M, Martm T Godm B Day J' Po1r1er L Ltberty B Staves S Gravehn G Stone C Shanley R. Denno I Po1r1er B Van Vranken J Churco E LaGray FIFTH ROW R Dechene W W1lkins R. BdlW3l'C, R Rule R. Yando L Lemleux P Dattola D Car row D Gagnier L Barcomb A Payment RBenware, E Fletcher R. Wtllette SIXTH ROW T Fuller R Deshaw R Peets ,T Sovey K LaFave, G Davts R Davls B Lenhart R Dems W Benware B Hes seltlne S Crary P Durgan, N White. LAST ROW E Madore R Dechene M. LaMora T Tremblay K Arsenault R BuJold T Clark W Cudahy R Savard P Boudreau J' North R Pacelll E Russell G Becker The e1ghth grade class of 1956 57 began thelr successful year by elecung a Student Councxl Repre sentauve from each room. The representanves were S Gravelm Room 12 K Payment Study Hall and L Bukenstock Room 8 W1th the help of the student counc1l we have orgamzed for the flrst ume ajunior I-hgh Drarnaucs Club The offxcers were as follows K, Payment Pres1dent L Wells Vtce Presxdent C Shanley Treasurer S Sovey Secretary J Staves asStude1tCounc1l Representatlve and Mr Kraus as our Adviser The people from the elghth grade on the Executive Commlttee were Mary Maroun and B Van Vranken At Chr1stmas ume we competed in the Chrtstmas Decoranons and recetved the second pr1ze of S5 Agam we would hke to express our thanks to the Semor Class for the S5 they donated to us for our de coratmg matertals In workmg on these decoranons we had a committee. The commlttee xncluded L Wells S Graveltn S LaMoy J' Staves W Cudahy K Payment R Baker ,I Churco andS Srmth We had oral programs too In these programs we changed offxcers every ume so that everyone got a chance to be ll'l offlce ln the care drlve and the March of Dmmes campa1gn the three etghth grades contributed generously Thts year our Buzz reporters were very efficient We had S Sovey from room 8 L Wells from room 12 and L Russell from Study Hall. We realize how luclct we were to have had such wonderful teachers as Mrs. Gagnler Mrs. Fee and Mrs. LaFlamme Heres hoping next years eighth graders have as much funas we have had. Thank you seventh graders for your wonderful co-operation this year and good luck for the next year. SEVE TH GR DE FIRST ROW Left to Rlght J S1mpson D Burns L Gagnler M Be11sle B Graton K. Cassell D Bellows R, St Lou1s L Aseel S Besaw T Deshaw P Jones SECOND ROW K Ntcholas D Gates L Ouellette .T Dtmham K. Duchaxme S Woods D Boushte I Mxtchell S Drew D Brown S Domlme M Gourd S Savage ,T Bessey THIRD ROW L Cole D Stralght N Bartlett D Boushte C Monroe P DeGroot K Young M Hannas M Madore P Gorman C Ther1ault M Straub D Woods V Walsh FOURTH ROW C Lake ,T Sovey M Forkev L Savage S Mason .T Chalsson J' Macer B Fedore E Wood A. Hawley D Benware Y Balley L Lamere T McG11hs L La.nth1er C Snyder FIFTH ROW F Curnow D Prenoveau B Facteau R. Trombley R. Hessler S Gaff R God1n R. Godm S Stephenson .T Lemteux R. Exware K Moody W Soucy B LaValley F Br1ckey SIXTH ROW W Wmot G Lanthter J Brooks C Trombley G P1cker1ng D Baker R Peets R. Demars R. Trombley T Lake, L Sabtn, H Anderson ,T Rlcher I Cole W Martm LAST ROW F RICE W Soucy J' Chase E Clement A Auc1a1r E Brunette G T1ce D Corneau M Rust R. Provost R. Brunette P Benware A Thompson R. Gaff G Benware Tlus year the Seventh grade had the largest class ut the htstory of Tupper Htgh and we th1nk they really acoomphshed a lot constdermg the s1ze of the grade We have sort of a r1valry between rooms that keeps the grades up on the whole For tnstance last November we had a debate on transportauon in whlch rooms 5 and 7 paructpated It was really a b1g success and we know that the lostng team must have studted harder after that Almost every Frtday we go down to the Aud1tor1um and smg for one penod We thxnk th1s 15 a lot of fun and hope the next seventh grade w11l do tt Some of us are Ln the J un1or H1gh Dramattcs Club tt ts a lot of fun Thts year the 7th, and 8th grades won second prize for the Chr1stmas Decorattons tn the Cafeter1a area All 1n all thls has been a very successful year for the seventh grade - .. 1 - 4 - - A .. I ': 9 I I I f U .f ' I Y' I ll 1 1 '1- 1- g - 1. . Z. ' 1. , -U 1- 1 . 1- 1- -1- . 1. 1- 1- '.1 V l . . . ,. ,. . . ,. ,. ,. ,. , s I j n 1 I ll It I Q 1 lu In u ' 7 1 D 1 u l Y I I' ..l' ll' U . . . , , . , , , . ,. ,. . . . I 0 'lu in ya' .ju Q j j 1 - . , . ,. 1 , , . '. 2. D, . y. , ' I .ll yn .ju Q . g 7 yn Q - 1 1. . ' I ' Y . . , ,. . . . . '. . ' . 1 - 1 . EIL activities S H O Q C N I Q E R T Y FIRST ROW: P. Passino, L. Laramee, B. White, P. Branch, P. Patnode, J. Aron, N. Peets, A. Forkey S. Windsor, L. Woods, K, Payrot, SECOND ROW: C. Lyons, W. Bannon, L. Savard, T, Mercurio G Stock, A, Dumas, D, Stephenson. On March 7, the Fourth Annual Initiation Ceremony of the Tupper Lake Chapter of the National Honor Society was held to honor the outstanding citizens of the student body who, during their high school careers have excelled in the fields of Scholarship, Character, Leadership and Service. To belong to our organization, one must have maintained an average of at least 85070 in his years of high schooL Those who qualify in this respect are then rated by their teachers in the other three fieldsg character, leadership and service. The number of candidates is limited to 1070 of the Junior Class and 20070 of the Senior Class, In the ceremony this year, we installed five Satiors and eight Juniors. Our guest speaker was Mr. Fred Baker, of the high school faculty. FIRST ROW: J. Aron, N. Peets, C. Churco, R. Tremblay, D, Stephenson, J. LaRocque, N. Peets, SECOND ROW: S. Crary, S. Jones, G. Liberty, C. Savard, A. Forkey, S, Windsor, H. Peter, J. Sabin, A. Amoriell, C. LaFave, E. Rosenbaum. THIRD ROW: C, Wood A. Dumas, C. Lyons, G. Stock, Treasurer, P. Branch, Secretaryp Mr. Kraus, Advisorg L. Woods, President, C. Connor, Vice-President, G. Poirier, R. Delair, J. Parent, J, Arsenault. LAST ROW: K. Payrot, H. Bennett, L. Laramee, W. Bannon, G. Russell, G. Spoor, E. Aseel, D. LaBarge, G. Robistow, C. Raymond, B, White, P. Coulson, G. LaVal1ey. D R A M A T I C S FIRST ROW, Left to Right: J, Hershman, H, Peter, S. Belrnore, L. Woods, E. Staves, P, Passino, B Leigtton. SECOND ROW: P. Coulson, B. White, I. Papin, P. Branch, N. Peets, C. Churco, J. Aron, S Crary, C, LaFave, R. Clement. THIRD ROW: D. Wood, J. Baker, S. Windsor, C. Wood, Mr. Poulin, S Jones, A. Amoriell. R Proulx, T. Nixon. FOURTH ROW: W. Bannon. G. Russell, M. Sochia, G: MHIIIHHSL FIFTH ROW: E. Aseel, R. Vincent. The Press Club started the year by electing Carol Wood as Editor, Saundra Jones, Assistant Editor: Su Windsor, Treasurer: ,Annette Amoriell, Secretary and Jeanette Aron, Student Council Representative. Mr. Poul.in was once again our advisor. So far the club has published three school Buzzes and we hope to publish three more before the school year ends. At Christmas time a short story contest was sponsored by the club and money prizes were awarded to the winners. The press club's constitution was revised and many improvements were made. A banquet for the members is plarmed to climax the year, which we feel was a successful one. The Varsity "T" Club was organized in 1933 by Coach Len Perry and reorganized last year. The officers for 1956-57 are Cal Connor, President: Curt Raymond, Vice-President, Tony Mercurio, Secretary and Leon LaFave, Treasurer. Mr. Perry and Mr. Tice are the advisors. The purpose of this organization ls to promote physical education and athletics, scholarships and to encourage the spirit of fair play, integrity and honesty to all. Our Club sponsored the Harlem Globetrotters this year and the project was very successful We have on our agenda coming up - a dance, banquet and many other worth while projects towards the in- creasing of our school spirit and maintaining our goals which we set out to achieve last September SITTING: R. Russell, T. Mercurio, C. Raymond, L. LaFave, K Payrot, G, Manning. STANDING: Coach, Lei Perry: D, Brown, W. Bannon, D, Lyons, D, Woods, L. Savard, D, LaBarge, R. North, R. Becker, R Fletcher, I. LaRncque. l FIRST ROW: L. Soucy, A. Forkey, D. Stevenson, L. Woods, N. Peets, J. Aron, J. LaVa1ley, L. Birken- stock, C. LaFave, J. Staves, P. Hauser. SECOND ROW: B. White, C. Lake, S. Gravelin, G, Russell, C. Connor, L. Laramee, C. Lyons, K Payrot, J. Baldwin, S. Windsor, C. Snyder, K Payment. THIRD ROW: Mr. Kraus, T. Bannon, G. Spoor, C.'Raymond, W. Bannon, W. Soucy, The Student Council of Tupper High started out under the leadership of Presidait, K. Payrotg Vice- President, C. Connor, Secretary, L. Laramee and Treasurer, C. Lyons. This Council as in the past has been very successful and hopes to keep up the good work. A few of our achievements are: promoting parliamentary procedure, Christmas Decorations, Care Drive, Victory Dances, a strong monitor system and a concession sta.r1d which proved to be very successful like all the other projects. The Council meets on Mondays and Wednesdays and at the present time we are striving to get the school store and the public telephone into existence. We are also trying to increase school spirit, par- ticipation at the dances and more unity between the students and the council We wish to thank everyone for their help, support and co-operation for this year. FIRST ROW: J. Hershman, J. Sabin, M. Martin, N. Lamora, M, Drayse, S. Randall, H. Russell, E. Straub, L. Dukette, M. ProuJ.x, H. Peter, S. Rice, P. Patnode, N. Peets, T. LaFrance, S. Crary, N. Peets, J. Gauthier, S. Stone. SECOND ROW: L. Soucy, B. Savard, J. Baldwin, C, Mayville, D. Stevenson, R. Trom- bley, M. Sochia, N. Russell, S. Bishop, L. Theriault, G. Dufraine, D. Hutchins, W, Garrow, J. Smith, C. Brown. THIRD ROW: J , Foote, N. LaRocque, G. Liberty, P. Passino, M, Robillard, G. Poirier, J. Winot, C, Woods, J . Clement, C. Wood, C. Churco, A. Forkey, G. Raymond, M. Reed. S. Windsor. FOURTH ROW: P. Gonyea, B. White, L. Colburn, M. Perth, L. Cassell, C. Deschenes, G, Russell, C, Cumow, E. Aseel, L, Laramee, C. Lyons, C. Nicklaw, C. Sovey, N. Barrett, S. Beauchamp. I. Beaudreau, E. Rosenbaum, A, Amoriell, G. LaValley, M, Madore, G. Dechene. FIFTH ROW: L. Woods, D. Meacham, L. LaFave, G, Stock, K, Payrot, C, Lenhart, G. Manning, C, Connor, A, Dtunas, W, Barcomb. SENIOR HOIR FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Passino, G, Stock, C. Connor, R. Russell, R Mayville, J. Patnode. SEC- OND ROW: S. Stone, S. Ra.ndall,.T.Gauthier,Brown, K Delair, S. Branch, M. Madore, E. Staves, N. Peers, H. Russell. J. LaVa11ey, THIRD ROW: J. Papin, B, Leighton, L, Theriault, N. Russell, D, Bessey, G. Dufraine, C. Churco, C, LaFave, R. Trombley, M. Shaheen. FOURTH ROW: L. Dukette, E. Straub, L. Soucy, A. Dattola, N. Lamora, W. Garrow, D, Hutchins, J, Clement, J. Winot, M, Robillard. FIFTH ROW: P, Passino, G, Liberty, S. Crary, S. Beauchamp, N. Barrett, C, Savard, G. LaVaIley, J, Sabin. SIXTH ROW: C. LaFave, B, Wells, P, Kenniston, R. ProuJ.x, C, Woods, P, Woods, P, Staves, D. Leroux. SEVENTH ROW: B, Savard, N. Chase, D, Welsh, G. Poirier, V, Lake, C, Bianca, C, Nicklaw, M, Sochia, B. White, EIGHTH ROW: J. Baker, I, Boudreau, B, Lake, N. Lamoy, M. Perth, L. Colburn, C, Spies, L. Cassell, B. Colburn. 0 LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Passino, f , V' B, White, C. Woods, P, Branch, V , , C, Wood, J. Papin, B. Lake, P. Woods, G. Poirier, T, La- France, D. Stevenson. TRIPLE TRIO ......4l' AN KNEELING: G. Raymond, P, Pamode, N. Peets, C. Churco. FIRST ROW: F . Rice, J. Richer, A. Thomp- son, M, Belisle, N, Gingold, E, Rosenbaum, S. McCormick, M, Ellis, S, Bannon. SECOND ROW: L Russell, D, Carrow, M, Proulx, K, Delair, L. Co1bum,G. Stock, R. Proulx, M, Maroun, THIRD ROW: S. Boucher, R. Carrow, G. Liberty, G, Russell, H. Russell, B. Leighton, P, Gonyea, D, Stephenson, D, Meacham, E. Russell, R. Lemieux, E, Koster, P. Passino, B. Savard, FOURTH ROW: K. Moody, R.'Mayvil1e, R Vin- cent, W. Cudahy, S, Gaff, L, Sabin. .T . Clement, W, Gaff, R. Clement, J. Hershman, D. LaBar26, R. Willette, R. Passino, C. Bianca, FIRST ROW: L. Aseel, D, Bellows, C. Cassell. R. St. Louis, S. Sovey, L. Wells, C. Shanley, K. Payment, J. Staves, M. Belisle, L, Gagnier, L. Wi11ette,B. Graton. SECOND ROW: T. Deshaw, D. Brown, B. Pelno, J. Furnia, J. Garrow, J. Mitchell, V, Walsh, D. Boushie, M, Straub, D, Woods, D, Gates, J. Simpson, K. Duane, S. Savage. THIRD ROW: C. Theriault, I. Russell, S. Van Arnum, L. Birkenstock, P. DeGroot, J. Young, S. Williams, R. Baker, S, Lamoy, D, Lamoy, K, Nicklaw, E. Wood, T. Poirier, D. Cole, J. Dun- ham. FOURTH ROW: L. Lemieux, F. Rice, R. Rule. R Yando, R. Parmalie, L. Sabin, D. Carrow, R. Deshaw, W. Soucy, W. Martin, T, Fuller, D. Gagnier, J, Sovey, G, Tice. FIFTH ROW: S. Woods, D, Glanister, M. Martin, A. Hawley, M, Brown, L. Lanthier, N. Bartlett, C. Snyder, B. Staves, E, Koster, M. Maroun, S. Smith, M, Staves, M. Forkey, V. Vincent, S. Poirier, D. Straight. SIXTH ROW: R. Peets, W. Soucy, B. Facteau, S. Stevenson, R. Godin, F. B1-ickey, J. Richer, A, Payment, P. Dattola, R. Davis, E. Brunette, J. Chase, G. Barware, B, Hesseltine, R Denis, N, White. SEVENTH ROW: T. Godin, J. Poirier, L. Liberty, J. Macer, S. Clement, B. Fedor, I, Savage, L, Mason, J, Sovey, B, Day, S. Gravelin, G, Stock, L. Fetus, C. Lake. EIGHTH ROW: R. Trombley, I. Poirier, R Decheine, A. Thompson. R. Brunette, P, Van Vranken, P. Durgen, S. Crary, R Bujold, W. Cudahy, J. North, R. Savard, E, Russell, R Provost. X Q Q athletics F' X l VARSITY FGOTB LL ,hr Ng- KNEELING, Left to Right: Coach, Len Perry: R. Trick, D. LaBarge, R. Fletcher, D. Brown, A. Dumas, D. Lyons, A. Aseel, T. Mercurio. STANDING: L. Destefano, Manager, G. Manning, L. Cole, D. Wood, G, Spoor, C. Raymond, W. Barmon, R. Parent, R, North, T. Nixon, Manager, Coach, Frank Tice. MISSIN3: R. Eggsware. Considering all the difficulties with the polio epidemic in St, Lawrence County and playing only three games, our team gave a good account of themselves. They held the powerful Massena team to a 6-0 game, defeated Saranac Lake and gained permanent possession of the mayor's trophy. We lostto Gouverneur but took a win over Malone by a forfeit. With a squad of only seventeen members, each and every player made an excellent showing during the past season. The Varsity was directed by Coach Len Perry and his assistant Frank Tice. The Captain was Robert Eggsware and the manager was Torn Nixon. COACHES P. Kelley, Skiingg W. Mc- Ginn, I. V. Footballg L. Perry, Director of Athletics, Head Football Coachg F. Tice, Basketball, Track, Footballg P. Quinn, J. V. Football, Six Man Intra- murals. JR. AR ITY FOOTB LL 522 ,,.,l5 KNEELIING Left to Rlght J' Amortell, S Boucher B Hesselune, W Leroux L Dunn D Woods T Comeau, J' Raymond D Bigrow G Donaldson T Sawyer S Anderson STANDING T Clark, W Cudahy C Lenhart L Woods P Boudreau, L Sovey .T North R. Hachey I Barrett V Moody J La Valley .T McG1l1, Manager Coach Pat Qtunn. The JUI1101' Varsxty and the sxx man tackle were under the supervtszon of Mr McG1nn and Mr Pat Qumn The Juruor Vars1tv played three games out of a schedule of seven, We defeated the Massena fresh men 6 0 and lost two close games to the Malone ,Tumor Vars1tv We also had a pracuce game wxth the Saranac Lake ,Tumor Vars1ty tn whtch each school gave every boy a chance to pat-t1c1pate tn the game. Most .Tumor Varsrty players w11l move up to the Vars1ty tlus coming fall. Durxng the past two years the Varsmf squad has played thexr Northern League Schedule w1th a hrruted number of plavers Coach Len Perry beheves that the results of the six man tackle program, 1n whlch about 104 boys part1c1pated wxll mcrease our Varstry squad and gtve us ample mater1al for the next year VARSITY BASKETB LL FIRST ROW D Lyons, C Raymond, T Mercurlo, R. Parent G Spoor, C Connor SECOND ROW R Russell Manager A Dumas D Wood D LaBarge, G Whlte, R. Kenule, R. Fletcher Coach Frank Ttce Thls year Tupper Lake had a good season The Varsxty record for th1s year was eleven wms and f1ve losses In the regular season we faxled to beat Massena but we spl1tw1th Malone Gouverneur and Ogdensburg for the only other losses The Varsrty starung f1ve at the beglnnmg of the year were Don Lyons Tony Mercurxo Curt Raymond D1ck Parent and J' erry Spoor Curt Raymond could not compete 1n the last two games or lIl the semx fmals and fmals The team was able to capture a w1n 1n the semt fmals over Malone but fa1led to defeat Gouverneur l.l'1 the fmals Next year the Varsxty plan to have a good season w1th three f1rst strmg men back on the squad Parent Spoor and Raymond We w1ll always honor Mr Tlce who d1d a fme Job of coachmg the boys FIRST HALF SECOND HALF Tupper Tupper Tupper T upper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper vs Canton Ogdensburg Potsdam Massena Saranac Norwood Malone Gouverneur T upper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper SEMI F INALS Tupper vs Malone 40 37 FINALS Tupper vs Gouverneur 44 59 Canton Ogdensburg Potsdam Massena Saranac Norwood Malone Gouverneur vs 62 - 42 vs 88 vs ea - 'ro vs vs 81 - 43 vs vs 61 - 75 vs vs so - 42 vs vs 86 - 36 VS vs as - 51 vs 64 - es vs . . ASKETB LL FIRST ROW R, Russell Manager J Brown, R. LaPo1nte, R. Trlck, L Cole J Raymond Coach Frank T1ce SECOND ROW S Anderson J' Baker D Woods T Comeau G Donaldson T Clark, P Bentley Tlus year's J' V Basketball team started out wmmng the1r f1rst two games Then when Rlchard Parent and Robert Kenttle were moved up to the Varstty squad they were only able to capture two more wtns all season. They had four w1ns and twelve losses All the ,T V s d1d a fme Job and have all rece1ved much experlence for next year Mr T106 d1d a fine Job of coachtng the boys and trauung them for more basketball next year IRS Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Ogdensburg Potsdam Massena Saranac No rwood Malone Go uver neu r T HALF Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper Tupper SECOND HALF Ogdensburg Potsdam Massena Saranac Norwood Malone Gouvemeur . , . . . , . . . F Tupper vs Canton 43 - 19 Tupper vs Canton vs 42 - 27 vs vs 29 - 41 vs vs 26 - 37 vs vs 42 - 37 vs VS 33 - 50 V5 vs 33 - 58 vs 26 - 56 vs 3970-4 X0 KNEELING: J. Bedore, S. Clement, D, Perrigo, W, Tyler, R. Russell, D, Lyons, G, Sabin, J. DiStefano, R. Laramee, R. Eggsware. SECOND ROW: C, Raymond, R. Fletcher, L. Savard, J. Brown, T, Mercurio, A, Dumas, H, Bennett, R. Parent, R. Trick, G. Lantbier, R Boushie, G, Spoor, N, Garrelts, Coach, Frank Tice, -il GOLF Coach Len Perry James LaRocque William Bannon John Schryver L Lf: Qxvvl . , , - V L ' Hilti? SKI TE LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach P. Kelly, P. Coulson, G, Clark, L, Wood, H. Bennett, W. Bannon, ,T, Brown, L, Savard, J, McGill, J, Arsenault, J, Mayotte, J, Savard, J, Hutt, 4 .JV FIRST ROW, Left to Right: R. Lyons, J. DiStefano, R. Eggsware, D. Lyons, G. White, D. LaBarge, C. Connor, R. Russell, L. Oldfield, R. Laramee. SECOND ROW: Coach, Pat Quinn, C, Woods, J . Bedore, D, Brown, R, North, A, Aseel, C, Raymond, R. Boushie, R. Bedore, A. Dumas. gi 1 sm rf 9 'f R S E B A L L K -o c H E VE AR RL it A To YE R s FIRST ROW: Captain, P. Branchg Co-Captain, A. Forkey. SECOND ROW: C. Savard, S. Belmore. THIRD ROW: E. Aseel, P. Patnode, I. Arofl, J'. Papin. Tupper Lake has again selected a group of girls full of pep and enthusiasm, led by Captain Pat Branch and Co-Captain, Ann F orkey. Under the leadership of Mrs. Gingold, the girls have worked hard to cheer their teams on to victory, The squad has had four pep rallies this year and' has tried to encourage more school spirit. The girls got new uniforms at the beginning of basketball season and have worn them with pride. Under the supervision of Mrs. Gingold, the J. V. cheerleaders have done excellent work. They have practiced hard and they helped the Varsity with the pep rallies. The squad this year is led by Captain Charlotte Churco and Co-Captain, Gail Raymond. They had practice twice a week with the Varsity. They also had the good luck of getting new uniforms which resemble the Varsity's. SITTING: C, LaFave, B, Leighton, S. Branch, I. Gauthier, J. Sabin, Captain, C, Churcog Co-Captain, G, Raymond: J. LaVal1ey. C H E E R L V E A D E R S .A. A. - L l A 1 FIRST ROW: C. Staves, B. Leighton, D, Stephenson, C. Lyons, J. Aron, E. Rosenbaum, C. Bianca, S. Branch, C, Brown. SECOND ROW: .T . LaVa11ey, J, .Smith, E. Staves, C. LaF ave, G. Gauthier, J. Papin, P. Branch, G. Raymond. THIRD ROW: S. Belrnore, N. Peets, J. LaRocque, S. Windsor, N. Peets, R. Trombley, P. Passino, A. Leighton, M. Sochia, A. Amoriell. FOURTH ROW: C. Wood, A. Forkey, S. Crary, I. Woodard, G. Liberty, D. Welch, C. Savard, G. LaVa11ey, C. LaFava, J. Sabin, P. Patnode. FIFTH ROW: B. Manning, C. Churco, P. Staves, J. Parent, S, J ones, S. Beauchamp, N. Barrett, C. Sovey, P, Gauthier, P, Woods, C. Woods, B, Wells, R. Proulx. SIXTH ROW: B, Savard, M, Sochia, L. Laramee, G, Russell, J. Beaudreau, J. Tyler, .T. Jones, N. Lamoy, M. Perth, C. Curnow, L, Colburn, C, Spies, B, White, N. Chase. GYM LE DERS KNEELING: P, Patnode, C. Bianca, N. Chase, N. Peets, C. Lyons, C. LaFave. STANDING: C. Sraves. E Staves, G. Raymond. J. Aron, J. Papin, E. Rosenbaum, G. Russell, D. Srepheson. COACH milf MRS. GINGOLD Physical Education GIRLS' SPORT JR. HIGH SOFTBALL D. Lamoy, M. Martin, S. La- moy, L. Birkenstock, S. Sovey, M. Charon, M. Brown, G. Stock, L. Wells, S. Gravlin. FIELD HOCKEY I. Gauthier, J. LaRocque, C Churco, I. Sabin, P. Patnode, E. Lanthier, G. Poirier, M. Perth, L. Colburn, I. Woodard. SOFT BA LL I, Woodard, C. Savard, C. Bianca, C. Spies, C. Churco, P, Patnode. HIKING D. Stevenson, J. Smith, M. La- Mora, A. Leighton, J. Beaudreau, N. Chase, B. White, C. Churco, BOWLING N. Peets, J. Papin, C. Churco, S. Jones, J. Beaudreau, R. Proulx, G. Poirier, C. LaFave, ,, W ,. V V SKATING D. Boushie, I. Beaudreau, M. Perth, I. Woodard, B. Day, N. Chase. 1-on-1 vu ft SPEEDBALL B. Leighton, E. Lanthier, L. La- Rocque,B. Wells, G. Russell, B. White, M. Perth, C. Sovey, C. Woods, J. Sabin, M. Sochia. BASKETBALL B. Leighton, M. Sochia, C. Wood, L. Laramee, B. White, B. Savard, C. Woods, C. Brown. VOLLEYBALL A. Forkey, C. LaFave, N. La- ITIOY. B. White, G. Russell, E Rosenbaum, N. Chase. GOLF N. LaRocque, I. Woodard, D. Stevenson, D. Welch, N. Chase, S. Belmore. PERSCDNNEL W5 is IANITORIAL STAFF BUS DRIVERS Peers STANDING D Hmkson N Dumoulm D Madore CAFETERIA STAFF OFFICE STAFF B Bellows R LaVassaur E Gale M Fazxo M Leroux V Bristol SEATED: H. Kentile, L. Trombley, C. Baker, I. N. Dumoulin, D. Hinkson, D. Madore, H. Kentile Wh ,, ,rf if Congratulations To The Class of 1957 0V L WCDOD DI H CCJRPCDR TION Manufacturers Wood Food Trays Hardwood Lumber Factorles Potsdam Tupper Lake Ritespoons - Riteforks - Flat Spoons - Ice Cream Sticks GINSBERGS Best Wlshes DEPARTMENT STORE To The Class of 1957 Tupper Lake Hlgh School TUPPER LAKE FREE PRESS NC Buy Est ln 1897 Our 59th Year A WORD OF ADVICE TO YOUNG PEOPLE ood Brands From Good Stores and 1 You ll Always Get Your Money s Worth SOMERS GARAGE NC Ford Mercury Sales and Servlce Day and Nlght Towlng Weldlng and Machlne Work Tupper Lake New York Phone 233 Class of 1957 SONNY BOY BAKERS 'In the heart o the Adlrondacksn ' G I . I Compliments of Congratulations to the f I . 7 ' f Compllments SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO Tupper Lake New York Satlsfactlon Guaranteed or your money back Best Wlshes To The Class of 57 from MAID'S REXALL DRUGS Compllments of DONOVAN'S STUDIO AND SPECIALTIES Photography, Glfts adles' Mllllnery 80 Park Street Tupper Lake, New York Compllments of FUTTERMAN'S Household Furnlture Electrlcal Appllances Televlslon Phone 51 lOO Park Street Tupper Lake, New York TUPPER LAKE INSURANCE AGENCY CGeneral Insurancej Phone 5h5 Tupper Lake, New York Your Fr1endly Insurance S9IV1Ce Compllments to the Class of '57 ALTAMONT MILK COM ANY INC Mllk Cream Ice Cream Homogenlzed Milk Phone 141 Compllments to Class of '57 FRECHETTE AND CLOUGH CONTRACTORS J MRS MAYNARD THOMAS Florlst Shop The Beauty of Our Buslness 1S Flowers Tupper Lake New York Best w1SheS from PARK STREET MARKET of v 'I 0 l I L . . . , , V , n - ' ll Compliments of FAUST ESSO SERVICE STATION Richard Hunt, Prop. Faust, New York Phone 485 Compliments of ELCO MARKET and Millie Oldfield Faust, New York Lee Compliments of MADEMOISELLE SHOP Beulah Delair, Prop. Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of MAGRINO CLEANERS Tupper Lake. New York Good Luck, and we pray that your generation will have the next 50 years of peace and happiness NATIONAL ARMY STORE Most everything for everybody Harold Snyder, Prop Compliments of The DOLL SHOP JACK'S DINER Home Cooking hr Gasoline Service 7 days a week Faust New York Compliments of WHITE'S Music and Electric E Home Appliances and Home Furnishings Compliments of ROCK NOVELTY SHOP Leo F Dayhaw, Prop 154 Park Street Tupper Lake, New York Gifts For All Occasions MOVIES ARE YOUR BEST FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT Art Olivey Compliments of ASEEL'S JEWELRY SHOP Phone 581 Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of ENDICOTT JOHNSON' Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of MAROUN M MDRIAL CHAPEL Phone 595 Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of LA ROCQUES' DEPARTMENT STORE Tupper Lake, New York SUNSHINE ACCESSORY STORES Compliments of Mellon F Kittell 92 Park Street M111 Street Electrical and Automotive Tupper Lake New York 24- 0 0 I 0 c G. . ' - S LEATHER HOBBY I n 3 ' I Supplies - Hardware - Paints NC Compllments of MC CARTHEY'S CLOTHES 80 Park Street Tupper Lake, New York Best of Luck From CORNEAU' S MARKET Compllments of CLIFFORD' S GIFT SHOP COPPOSICQ the theatrej Glfts and Greetlng Cards for All Occaslons Best Wlshes to the Class From JANE'S CHILDREN'S SHOP Compllments of Ted Shaver HOLLAND HOUSE RICKAMFR'S JEWELERS Watch and Jewelry Repalr Park Street Tupper Lake, New York KING'S ELECTRIC SHOP Electr1cal Contractln 8 Refrlgeratlon 76 Park Street Tupper Lake, New York ADRIAN'S JEWELRY SHOP Watch Repalrlng Dlamonds Watches Jewelry Glfts Rellglous Items Phone 562 Tupper Lake, New York CLARK LUMBER COM ANY Everythlng to Build Berton E LaBarge, Prop Phone 28 Faust, New York Good Luck To Class JOHN MAROUN Fountaln Servlce Sportlng Goods Compllments AMAR MAROUN'S STORE Faust, New York Compllments of LULA CLARK'S DRESS SHOP Women s Apparel Tupper Lake, New York Congratulatlons To Class of 1957 From THE PRUDENTIAL INS STAFF Compllments of MARTIN BROS Meats and Grocerles Tupper Lake, New York SPORTS SHOP G TIP TOP BARBER SHOP Flshlng, Huntlng, Archery and Camplng Supplles Robert and Roland Rlcher Tupper Lake, New York Success To The Graduates of CHALMER'S RADIO AND T V Wllbur Chalmers Class of '22 . l I . g ' - - Anything to Build - - of I . . . '57 Compliments of MISS TUPPER DINER HWhere Old Friends Meetn Open 24 Hours Amos Robillard, Prop. Best Wishes From CARL F. FENTON, JR. Best Wishes, Class of '57 ABDALLAH'S MARKET Park Street Tupper Lake, New York X GIONET AND VAILLANCOURT Builders, Contractors and Hardware Store Tupper Lake, New York FIRESTONE STORE George Peck, Prop Tupper Lake, New York THE PEOPLE'S PHARMACY Arthur F Monakey Quality and Service Phone 243 Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of MARCO'S ATLANTIC SERVICE Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of P J HICKEY AGENCY Insurance and Real Service Park Street Tupper Lake, New York Compliments of HAROLD J NICHOLS Complete Insurance Service Phone 840 Tupper Lake, New York Compliments SHAHEEN'S MARKET Tupper Lake, New York Congratulations To The Class of '57 TUPPER LAKE RECREATION CENTER Whitcomb and Miller 141 Park Street Tupper Lake, New York Compliments FORTUNE'S HARDWARE Faust, New York Phone 271 ROY'S RESTAURANT nwhere you get e best in Northern New York' Roy Colburn, Pro Compliments of WOODS' LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING MlKALL'S I G A 15 Main Street Faust, New York Phone 12 PILON'S SERVICE STATION George Pilon, Proprietor Phone 783 Faust, New York ' , of of th ' I 53 Main Street Faust, N. Y. p. Compllments THE TUPPER L KE NATIONAL BAN A Strong and Frlendly Bank Ready and Able to Meet Every Legltlmate Credlt Requlrement of the Communlty A Good Place to do Buslness Modern Efflclent Conservatlve Resources Over F1ve M1ll1on Dollars Member of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporat1on and Federal Reserve System Best wlSheS to the Class of '57 NORTHLAND CHEVROLET INC Chevrolet Oldsmoblle Cadlllac Sales G Servlce Factory Tralned Mechanlcs Modern Equlpment Large Stock of Parts Faust Phone 210 Compllments of Goodyear Tlres Gas Fuel O11 Kerosene Demars Boulevard Phone 333 Tupper Lake, New York Compllments of J J NEWBERRY CO Tupper Lake, New York Compllments COCA COLA COMPANY of LA VALLEY AND WOULF 56 9 ' T of Q5 E www M' in ,MW J-1 J' v v" -.Jjf M , W I f'fP, " , Q CL VNML 3' X 1 'ft J ' 1 , 'I .Ly Xv .v KL , 0' xfb N..,f INTER EOLLEG ATE PRESS Kansas Cnty X V Q Ak, - Lg , f' WN, NY y aut V-A few' M11 ,': ' r- BN -B ff' ELCTUIIY 'EVE ff 'E

Suggestions in the Tupper Lake High School - Tuhisean Yearbook (Tupper Lake, NY) collection:

Tupper Lake High School - Tuhisean Yearbook (Tupper Lake, NY) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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1957, pg 7

Tupper Lake High School - Tuhisean Yearbook (Tupper Lake, NY) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 6

1957, pg 6

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