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fu 0 VA-NC PIEDMONT Genealogical Society P.O. Box 2272 Danville, VA 24541 I I . I ( ► I I ♦ » I f I ; i rf , (L ILIAD Published by the students of Tunstall High School Dry Fork, Virginia 2 Editor: Suzanne Payne Business Manager: Wanda Adkins Assistant Editor: Janet Elliott Circulation Manager: Joyce Stegall » Advisor: Mrs. Katharine Carter 3 THEME 1-11 Footprints in the Sands of Time ' i ■jf. f-: ' ¥■ ’ r,; EVENTS 12-29 Years Highlights ACADEMICS 30-57 Administration Faculty Curriculum EXTRA CURRICULARS 54-79 Honor Societies Clubs Activities ATHLETICS 80-97 Football Cheerleaders Basketball Baseball Track ACHIEVEMENTS 98-115 Honors Awards CLASSES 116-169 Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Sub-Freshmen ADVERTISEMENTS 170-200 Ads Index Acknowledgements Trojans Make Footprints in Sands of Time The sands of time have run out on our high school days here at Tunstall and we must now turn to the future. This, the 1969 issue of the Iliad marks the end of an important phase of our lives. The scholastic challenges enabled us to become better students and to be prepared for a more successful future. Socially our interests were broadened and the many opportunities we encountered has eiuiched our lives. In this book, time flies backward over days by gone and now our yesterdays are only footprints in the sands of time. Through our long and tedious learning process we have been taught to make worthwhile footprints that others may follow in. Perhaps in the future when we look at this book, it will bring back pleasant memories and thus serve as a connecting link to the past, embodied with pleasure and fond memories. 7 ] A Psalm of Life Lives of great men all remind us We can make our lives sublime, And, departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sand of time. Footprints, that perhaps another. Sailing o’er life’s solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother. Seeing, shall take heart again. Let us, then, be up and doing. With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing. Learn to labor and to wait. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 10 j HEAD OF THE Senior Class magazine drive, Patsy Earles spends most of first period tabulating sales. DONNA OAKES, VICKIE BaUey, and Linda Davis spend their study hall working in the library. Confusion, Classes, Quality Education . . . SUZANNE, IF YOU are going to drive, you will do well to look at the road. GO TEAM, GO-yells Wanda Adkins, football cheer- leader. 14 In the beginning September MANAGER, WORM DALTON is so ab- sorbed in the game, he seems to have forgotten the cold- but the rest sure haven’t. October Features Fall, Fair, and Football VICKIE SCEARCE, JANE Green, and Connie Arnn pose for a picture in their garments which received first place prizes in the fair. 16 THE HOMECOMING COURT (left to right): Bonnie Burnette, Lois Moorefield, Pat Davis, Lee Allen, Edith McElheny, and Myrna Gibson. r SONNY SNEAD PUTS everything he has into playing for the Homecoming Activities. MAJORETTE CAROL HORTON adds a lot to half time activities at the homecoming game. TWO-YEAR CO-CAPTAINS Ricky Mann and George Lewis pose for a picture with Coaches Broadaway and Hodges after winning a game. November ... A Busy Month . . . KEITH WHITE, SENIOR Class president, introduces the speaker at the ring ceremony. AS MR. STULTZ calls out her name, Mr. Reece presents Dee Mason with her class ring. MARSHA ALTICE DISPLAYS complete shock when Mrs. Moore announces that she is Miss Tunstall V. GEORGE NEAL LEADS the student body in prayer at the Thanksgiving Assembly. MIKE MARTIN AND fellow seniors proudly display their class rings they just received. With a Welcome Vacation FHA’ERS PREPARE TO leave on their annual Thanksgiving trip to the County Home. MARSHA ALTICE GIVES a radiant smile to her new subjects as she is crowned by the former Miss TunstaU, Beth Daniels. December . . the Fun of Activities MEMBERS OF MRS. Carolyn Hardy’s Drama class presents a Christmas skit for LOIS PAYNE FINDS the band at the Beta Club Christ- the student body. mas Dance real groovy! DON HOLLEY, GARY Richardson, and Wanda Adkins rehearse a scene from the Senior Play. KENNY MEADORS GIVES the roving Iliad photographer the evU eye while he swings to the music of the Jokers’ Wild. TUNSTALL’S TRAMPING TROJAN Band steps high in the Danville Christmas Parade. Tempered by Thoughts of the Future THIS DOOR WON the door decoration contest spon- sored by the F.H.A. SURE TEACHING GETS you down-But Mrs. Bryant eating on the floor is carrying your point a bit too far! I WONDER IF Larry Inman really studied all those books. Winter, Work, and WAYNE POWELL WONDERS whether he passed or failed that exam while the rest of the class begins to relax. 22 Worry . . . January Exams “BIG DEAL!” SAYS Janet Crane, “So I failed my English exam.” Relief . . . Relaxation F ebruary RODNEY RAINES CHECKS antifreeze in his bus to insure smooth running. Preparation for Coming Events . . . March DEBBIE BOWLING SEEMS to be greeting her friend with a typical “And you mean to tell me you haven’t heard?” THERE THEY ARE, our main source of transportation, which may only be stopped by rain, snow, hail, or sleet. REALLY NOW, GEORGE, if you had only told me you wanted your picture in the annual, 1 would have taken it for you. “AND SO YOUR father was the jolly green giant. I would never have guessed.” says Suzanne Payne to Gary Richardson as he towers over her. II ..a JOYCE STEGALL AND Becky Dodd help (or hinder?) in the of- fice during their study halls. April Showers Bring Bug-hunting Sophomores THE DAY IS lovely and Dennis Williams insists upon sharing the bench with Lois and Judy Doss. SOME PEOPLE SIT in big chairs, some in Uttle chairs, some in soft chairs, a few in hard chairs— but Gary Green sits on the door. 25 The Beginning of the End ... May FACULTY AND STUDENTS enjoy a dance at the Junior-Senior Prom. WALTER BREEDLOVE AND his date really get in the groove at the Junior- Senior Prom. NANCYE BLAIR GIVES a stirring speech for her candidate at the SCA election. 26 CAROLYN CARPER REMINISCES of her high school days in her speech at the graduation exercises. NOW THAT HE has his diploma Joe Scarce can barely wait to get home and get that darn tassel out of his face. Joy Is Mingled with Sadness as the Year Closes 27 Capable Faculty Helps Trojans to Make Worthwhile Footprints 30 Within the next few pages we have endeavored to embrace a few memories of the faculty and different classes and curriculum offered at Tunstall. This faculty is both loved and despised but regardlessly, it tries to guide us into making worthwhile footprints that will lead us onward and that others may follow in. 31 Trojan Administration Exemplifies You can’t make anything out of anyone. But, through self-determination, there is often no limit to what anyone can make of himself. Tills statement has been quoted so often. Yet, there is none which contains more truth. In high school, it is very difficult to make any student do something he is determined he will not do. This is human nature. No one likes to be forced to do something all the time. It is very important in life for an individual to set his own goals and objectives based on what he wants to accomplish— not what someone else desires him to do. We have to be very careful, or self-determination can have a negative effect on an individual. By being determined to accomplish something because some- one else does not want us to accomplish such is the wrong attitude. We should always try to think positive in our self-determination. We should be determined in our obj ' ectives based on what we desire to accomplish for the betterment of society and mankind, not to deter or alter improvements to mankind. I am often reminded of the “old philosopher’s” connection between self-determination, hard work, and luck. He was reminded by a friend how lucky he always seemed to be. “Yes,” the philosopher replied, “the harder I work, the luckier I become.” f! Mr. John Robert Reece Mr. John Robert Reece, principal, assumed the task of governing Tunstall High School for the fourth consecutive year. At Elon College, in North Carolina, Mr. Reece majored in science and minored in physical educa- tion. He also played football at Elon for four years. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, Mr. Reece did graduate work at the university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he received his Master of Education degree in Public School Administration. Before coming to Pittsylvania County in 1955, Mr. Reece taught school in Stokes County, North Caro- lina and Madison, North Carolina. Since coming to Pittsylvania County, he has been assistant principal and principal at Brosville School and principal at Callands School. 32 Sincere Enthusiasm for Inquisiti ve Learning SCHOOL BOARD AND SUPERVISORS FOR PITTSYLVANIA COUNTY-STANDING: J. H. Combs, Nat M. Watlington, Frank T. Walton, Harry L. Reynolds, James P. Kent, Stanford Collins, Anthony Pollard, Charles Hagberg. SECOND ROW: Dr. G. V. Thompson, Harold E. Terry, Elliott McCormick, William Midkiff, Edward T. Cocke, Guy H. Yeatts. Mr. Otis J. Stultz Mr. Otis Stultz began his fifth year at Tunstall and his second year as assistant principal with high expecta- tions of the student body. Mr. Stultz attended Elon College witere he majored in business administration. With a Bachelor of Arts degree, Mr. Stultz did graduate work at tire University of North Carolina. There he received his Masters degree in Public School Administration. Mr. Stultz resides in Eden with his wife and two sons. He enjoys hunting, fishing, and reading. VA-NC PIEDMONT Genealogical Society P.O. Box 2272 Danville, VA 2 ' " Efficiency, Assistance Are Personified in Staff MRS. MILDRED DIXON- attended Ave- rett-married and has a son- favorite sport- basketball- favorite TV Show-Family Affair. MRS. ELIZABETH REED— attended Ave- rett- married and has a son, Ricky, and 3 daughters, Anne, Jane, and Mary Ellen- enjoys music and horses. MRS. CAROL STOWE- attended Long- wood-enjoys bowling, crocheting, swimming, and basketball as a spectator- favorite TV show-Mission Impossible. The school’s general business transactions take place in the main office, the center of the day’s routine. Students are counseled on preparing their sched- ules and on planning for the future by the Guidance Department. A complete collection of books, compiled in an orderly arrangement, compose the library. In addition to non-fiction, volumes of poetry, story collections, and entertaining novels, Tunstall students have access to recent issues of various magazines and newspapers which aid in their study of current events, as well as back issues which supply extra material for research. JOY JONES SPENDS her study hall helping out in the office while at the same time gaining valuable experience. MR. BILLY HODGES- graduated from U. Va. with a M.Ed.— married and has 2 children-enjoys fishing and all other sports- favorite TV s h o w — A m erican Sportsman. MISS MARY DOWDY —graduated from U. Va. with a M.Ed. — likes all sports (especially golO -enjoys read- ing, cards, and movies. MRS. MILDRED HARVEY-attended Straford-married-enjoys read- MRS. ESTHER POLLOK-graduated from U.N.C.-married and has 2 ing-favorite sport-tennis-enjoys TV-not particular about shows. children-enjoys reading- favorite TV show-Lawrence Welk. Art Instills Appreciation of Culture Into Students The Art classes are both developmental and constructive, dealing with various fields of Art. Interest in the subject has been greatly aroused, as the size of the Art classes has almost doubled. This year Tunstall carries four classes of Art I and one large class of Art II. Art I students are first taught all the fundamentals of art, from basic shapes and perspective, to charcoal and pastels. Then after careful practice, they apply their knowledge to still life and landscapes. Art II students seem to be developing their art talents even further. This year they have been working with oils, on canvas and on velvet. They have experimented with modern art, pottery, and were taught linolium block printing. Besides learning about art in the constructive manner, both classes were taught the history of art; covering prehistoric cave drawings to the abstract art of Picasso. THE QUIET ATMOSPHERE of the library provides excellent study facilities. MR. CARLTON BLANKENSHIP-graduated from Bob Jones Uni- versity-married and has 2 sons and a daughter-enjoys art as a hobby-favorite sport-baseball-favoritc TV show-21st Cen- tury-would like to visit Italy. Refinement Brought to Students by Study of Music and Drama The Speech and Drama class tutors students in acting, public speaking, and debate. The class is instructed by Mrs. Carolyn Hardy in pronunciation of words through phonetics and in improvements of voice quality and tone. The students participate in plays for the student body and improvisations and pantomines for the class. ii ' The Music Department consists of two band classes, beginner band and advanced band and three classes of glee club. Under the direction of Mr. James Preble, the band members MRS. CAROLYN HARDY-graduated from learn about music and rhythm. Lynchburg College- likes to read plays-loves car j|.|g doughnuts and candy as their moneymaking projects, racing— doesn’t have favorite TV show-would like to visit Greece. STUDENTS IN THE beginners’ band class suffer through long hours of tedious practice. RODNEY RAINES, MARTY Lewis, Vincent Bateman, Deborah Waldt, and Pam Keatts act out an improvisation during speech and drama class. JAMES PREBLK; aduated from West- ern New Mexico University-married and has 2 children- loves to play chess- favorite TV show- Laugh-In- would like to visit Spain. MISS MARY ALICE SWANSON-graduated from Radford-has a cat-favorite sport-swimming— favorite food-steak-not to crazy about TV— would like to visit Soviet Union. MRS. PRISCILLA MERRICKS-grad- uated from Rad- ford-married and has a daughter- likes to sew- and make desserts-enjoys news programs on TV - favorite sport-basketball- would like to visit England. MR. TONY DWIGGINS-graduated from East Tennessee State- married-favorite sports- football and basketball- favorite TV show-60 Minutes- loves country cooking-would like to visit England. Important Lessons Are Learned from the Past Teaching students the importance of their heritage are the faculty members instructing classes of world history, world geography, civics. United States history. United States and Virginia history, and United States and Virginia government. Delving through the leaves of the books of past ages, the history students encounter the major events of former generations and com- pare them to modern day time. Government and civics students study the laws and documents by which our nation is run. By the use of films, reports, and skits along with instruction from qualified teachers these classes have been made interesting as well as informative. MR. TOMMY HODGES-graduated from Appalachian- married and has a son- favorite sport -football- loves to hunt and has two dogs. Buck and Speck— would like to go to Florida. MISS ARDANE BARBOUR— graduated from Radford— has a German Shepherd dog-favorite sport- tennis- not too crazy about TV-favorite food-Devils Food Cake-would like to go to Honolulu. 37 Language Study Spurs Desire for Travel MRS. DORIS WELLS-graduated from High Point-married and has a son-doesn’t care for sports- favorite TV show-High Chapparal- would like to visit France. The Foreign Language Department offers study in Spanish and French to students interested in learning the skills of reading, writing, and pronunciation of these languages. Under the direction of Mrs. Doris Wells and Mrs. Delores Moore, the classes develop a greater appreciation of people in other countries. Films, tapes, records, and pen pals help the students to comprehend and pronounce the language. The goal of the department is to teach students to achieve accurate knowledge of the language for use in the future. HERE SITS KENNY Meadors trying to figure out what the Spanish speaker is telling him. “I WONDER IF this little button is the right one,” asks David Neal to himself while practicing his French. MRS. DELORES MOORE-graduated from Radford- married-loves to hunt and work on guns and cars-fav- orite TV show— Judd for the Defense. MRS. VIRGINIA COLLIE-graduated from Madison- married -e njoys reading and cook- ing-not too crazy about TV-would like to visit England. SUSAN LAIL AND Marcia Meade try their skill at making biscuits in Home Economics class. HERE BONNIE MILLS sits working diligently on her new spring wardrobe. Creativity Accentuates Home Economics 39 Ummmmm! Boy, does that smell good. The Home Economics students must be in the kitchen cooking again. Not only do the students prepare meals, but are also trained in the skills that are later used in household activities. The students study sewing in their first year of Home Economics, along with the cooking of simple foods, personal hygiene (baby, childcare, and development), home nursing, and clothing construction. During the years of Home Economics II, III, IV, and V the planning of a wedding, the art of interior decoration, and the care of clrildren are dealt with. The department prepares students for responsibilities in family life and for adult life. MRS. COLLIE SHOWS Gail Echols where the silver is kept. MISS BETH SALL — Graduated from Longwood-enjoys sewing and football games- favorite TV show- Dean Martin- favorite food-baked Alaska-would like to visit Grand Canyon. Language, Key to Communica- tion Initiates Adventures into _ b Wwell-rounded person, one must acquire an adequate knowledge of n is)fc ' ' a a baj ground of the language and literature that has built our nation. A rounU of flterature from other countries gives one an understanding of the thoughts desiresVqf ur fore-fathers. TjVoudi new and interesting methods, the faculty of the English department have n e?(i ' their materials. hy English department offers two electives; Speech and Drama, and Journalism. TJiese courses offer the student instruction in speaking, acting, and the mechanics of oducing a newspaper. MR. GEORGE SCHlLBE-graduated ' ' fli m U. Va. with a M. Ed. -married- loves flying- favorite sports- crew and football- would like to visit England. MR. RICHARD KlNG-graduated from Western Caro- lina University-married-enjoys golf and drama-fav- orite TV show- Mission Impossible- favorite food- pinto beans-would like to visit another planet with life. MIKE TICKLE AND LaVerne Wood act out a scene from Romeo and Juliet. MRS. JUDY WHIT- LOW- graduated from Carso n- Newman — mar- ried-enjoys sewing, tennis, football, and boa ting- favorite TV show- Laugh-In- favorite movie-Camelot- would like to visit Switzerland. 40 JUDY THOMPSON ENRICHES her book report with a lively skit. MRS. RUTH BRYANT-graduated from Lynchburg- married and has two children- and 2 dogs and a cat- enjoys reading and horseback riding-favorite TV show- Laugh-1 n— favorite food— ham-would like to visit Spain. MISS KATHLEEN ATKlNS-graduated from Appalachain-has a cat- enjoys collecting bottles- tennis-favorite TV program- Laugh-In- favorite food-fried chicken- would like to visit Switzerland. LEARNING THE ART of public speaking, Jerry Newton expresses himself before his English class. MR. BARRY STEAGALL— graduated from Western Carolina Univer- sity-enjoys ping pong, baseball and basketball-favorite TV show- Dean Martin- favorite food-steak-would like to visit Switzerland. 41 MRS. LINDA LAPRADE-graduated from Longwood-married-enjoys reading and swimming-most of time occupied with remodeling of home- likes movies on TV. MR. JACKIE HARDY -graduated from VPl-married-enjoys basket- ball, baseball, hunting, and fishing- favorite TV show- Laugh-1 n- favo- rite food-steak-would like to go to Hawaii. MRS. MARGARET HARDY-graduated from Longwood— married— enjoys needle work-favorite sports-basketball, swimming, and bad- minton-favorite TV show-That Girl- favorite food-steak-would like to go to Switzerland. Math Courses Supply Excellent Background MR. KEEN HEDRICK -graduated from VPl- mar- ried and has a son and a daughter-enjoys wood- working and playing the banjo-enjoys sports as a spectator- favorite TV show-Star Trek. for College Bound Students The Mathematics Department of Tunstall has a challenging objective — to instruct students in the basic fundamentals of math and to apply these principles to their everyday lives and future endeavors. For the students in vocational study, lower maths and twelfth grade math are offered. To meet the needs of the academic students, the math program consists of algebra I, II, III, plane geometry, solid geometry, and trigonometry. MR. WILLIAM COLES — graduated from VPl -married and has 2 children and 2 dogs-enjoys f arming- favorite sports- football and basketball- favorite TV show-Mike Douglas- likes all foods-would like to go to Heaven. 42 MR. JAMES LOWE— graduated from VPI- married-has a parakeet, Scotch-enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, and eating- favorite TV show-Johnny Carson-would like to go to Acapulco. DONALD HOLLEY SITS and ponders over Algebra III in hopes his ellipse won’t turn out to be a circle. MR. MIKE COWAN-graduated from VPI -not mar- ried-enjoys football and basketball- favorite TV show- Lancer- favorite food-steak and potatoes- would like to go to Hawaii. MR. ROBERT WHlTT-graduated from Appalachian-married-enjoys bowling and golf-not to crazy about TV-favorite food-fried chic- ken-would like to tour Europe. MR. COLES TRIES to explain to confused Janet Elliott how to work her Geometry assignment. 43 Students Prepare to Meet Scientific World Preparing our students for the scientific world, Tunstall’s Science Department offers basic sciences in the form of life, earth, and physical sciences. For the more advanced students, there are biology, physics, and chemistry. Life and earth science is taught to the eighth graders, where they learn the structure of the earth and the life forms that live on it. Physical science, taught to the ninth graders, relates to them the occurrences and phenomena’s of the earth. Through actual dissection, the students taking biology learn the structure and form of the internal systems of living things. Chemistry students experiment with the elements that compose the earth and study their properties as well as those of the compounds. The motion of bodies, electricity, and gravitation are a few of the complex items the physics students study. Thanks to the up-to-date science department, students taking these courses receive the excellent instruction needed for a good science background. JANE HOLLEY CURIOUSLY examines the flower model before her. MRS. JOSEPHINE HOUSE - graduated from East Carolina - married and has 5 children - enjoys ceramics - likes football and bowling - favorite food - lobster - likes variety shows on TV — would like to go to the moon. BUSY HANDS LEARN to wire intricate circuits in Physics class. MR. ZACK BROADAWAY — graduated from Elon — married — has a dog. Belle — loves to hunt - favorite TV show - The Outcasts — favorite food - steak — would like to go to Switzer- land. 44 MRS. MYTLE SWAN - graduated from Radford - married and has 2 children and 2 dogs — enjoys music and camping - favorite TV show — Family Affair - would like to travel out West. MR. MILLARD SHAW - graduated from Appalachian — married and has 3 children and a bunch of fish - enjoys gardening and karate - favorite sport - boxing - favorite TV show - Tom Jones — favorite food — fish - would like to visit Paris. SURGICAL HANDS BEGIN dissection of tiny bird in Mr. Shaw’s Biology class. “EGGS AWAY,” EXCLAIMS Mrs. House as she demonstrates her latest experiment. NANCYE BLAIR AND Cynthia Ferrell sincerely hope their experiment is a success. MRS. IMOGENE OSKEY — graduated from Radford — married and has 2 daughters - enjoys sewing and reading — favorite sport - football - favorite TV show - Lucy — favorite food — fried chicken - would like to go to Switzerland. Vo-Ag Students Master Various Skills and Engage in Learning Activities Vocational Agriculture gives instruction to school students in the fields of leadersliip, plant science, animal science, farm mechanics and management, and farm-family living. Those students who are engaged in or preparing to engage in the industry of agriculture receive systematic instruction in agriculture and farm mechanics. Teachers who are specially trained agricultural college graduates provide instruction. Employment of these teachers is on a 12 month basis. Designed to fit the needs of the individual student and the local community, the instruc- tional program includes various classes for young and adult farmers as well as for high school students. MR. JAMES BOHANNON-graduated from VPI- married and has 3 children and a dog-enjoys woodworking- likes basketball and baseball- not to crazy about TV— likes all foods-and would like to go to Germany. MR. TOM BURGESS-graduated from VPl- married and has 2 boys and 2 girls- likes all sports- favorite TV show- Mission Impos- sible-would like to tour the United States. MR. JAMES THOMASSON-graduated from VPI-married-enjoys reading and sleep- ing-favorite TV show-Mike Douglas- favorite food-desserts of any kind-would like to tour the United States. MR. BURGESS REALLY gets in there and shows his boys how to do it right! 46 USING PRECISION SKILLS learned in Industrial Arts class, this student begins work on a piece of furniture. Industrial Art Students Cover Broad Area; MR. LUBY WILLIAMS-graduated from Elizabeth City State-married-owns a dog-likes basketball and foot- ball-favorite TV show-Julia-favorite food-all kinds of meats- likes to take educational trips. Utilize Modem Equipment Industrial Art students cover a broad area of study consisting of such areas as mechanical drawing, wood working, and sheet metal. First year students build projects that can be cut out and assembled with hand tools. Some of these projects are bookends and pool cue racks. Second year students build semi-advanced projects such as what-nots, gun and spoon racks, and picture frames. More advanced projects such as coffee tables, lamps, model car cases, lazy susans, and gun racks with drawers and doors are carried out by the third year students. The most important emphasis is put on mechanical drawing because of its importance in life and education. C. J. CUSTER strives to achieve perfection in the sanding of his wood. 47 Basic Business Procedures Prepare Students to Meet Needs of Today’s Business The Business Department of Tunstall is well equipped to provide students in business knowledge and skills. Through the understanding of the basic business procedures - typewriting, bookkeeping, short- hand, and office machines — students prepare to meet the needs of community and world businesses. The students are taught to develop orderly work habits, desirable personality traits, and proper attitudes toward work and employers. By obtaining these characteristics, the students will become successful employees and citizens. SANDRA BATEMAN LEARNS how to operate an electric adding machine in office practice class. JOYCE STEGALL AND Becky Oakes really spread out and get to work in bookkeeping class. MRS. KATHARINE CARTER-graduated from William and Mary- married and has 2 children and 2 grandchildren-likes to knit-favorite sport-tennis-likes quiz shows on TV-favorite food-fried chicken— would like to tour the United States. 48 MRS. LOTTIE RlGNEY-graduated from Radford-married and has 2 children- likes to refinish antiques and to sew-favorite TV show-Red Skelton-likes all foods would like to tour the United States. MRS. EVELYN SQUIRES-graduated from Lynchburg College-mar- ried and has 2 children-enjoys motorcycle riding, boating and cook- ing-favorite TV Show-Name of the Game-would like to visit Spain. MR. WRAY WARE-graduated from Wilmington married- likes to hunt and fish-enjoys all sports-likes s port programs on TV— would like to go to Alaska. RUNNING OFF STENCILS is part of the actual learning experience Peggy Higdon undergoes. MRS. VERA ARNN-married and has 2 children and 2 grandchildren- enjoys needle- work - favorite sport-basketball- likes quiz programs on TV-would like to go to St. Croix. 49 MRS. NANCY COCKE-attended Averett-married and has 2 daughters-enjoys bridge and music- favorite sport-basketball-favorite TV show-Dean Martin- favorite food-ham-would like to go to Paris. Physical Education Department Offers Health, First Aid, and Driver’s Training HOWIE MORRISON GLANCES over his report on kidney diseases one more time before turning it in. Keeping Tunstall students in top physical condition is the Physical Educational department. Through exercises, tumbling, and organized games the students are kept mentally awake and physically fit. Physical education classes, held to the ever-growing and familiar sports of basketball, football, speedball and volleyball in the gym this year, were enthusiastically enjoyed. Along with these tennis and tumbling were also taken up. First-aid, drivers training, and health education are other important aspects of Physical Education. “TWO HUNDRED AND one, would you believe, Miss Robertson?” asks Lois Moorefield. MISS LURLENE ROBERTSON-graduated from Longwood- favorite sport -basketball -favorite TV show-Red Skelton-enjoys working with camp. 50 MRS. GLENN YATES-graduated from Radford- married and has 3 children-enjoys sewing- likes tennis and volleyball- favorite TV Show-Family Affair. MR. JACK BRYANT graduated from U. Va. with M. Ed. — married and has 2 boys — likes to hunt and fish — enjoys watching sports programs on TV - would Uke to go to Yankee Stadium. MR. LOWELL THOMAS — graduated from U. Va. with a M. Ed. — married and has 2 children — likes to hunt and fish - enjoys TV-no special program - would like to go to Florida Everglades. MRS. LINDA THOMASSON — graduated from Radford — married and has a dog, Dobey and a cat, Sam - likes to sew - enjoys all sports - favorite TV program-lt Takes a Thief - favorite food - steak - would like to tour the United States. DAVID PAYNE SAYS, “Oh, be brave and ride with me!” A ROUSING GAME of volleyball is played after performing exercises to keep in shape! 51 BUS DRIVERS-FIRST ROW; George Neal, Jet Scearce, Harold Horton, Earnest Eanes, Woodrow Hancock. SECOND ROW: Bobby Lovelace, Bruce Pritchett, Lee Dalton, Rodney Raines, Bobby Echols, Ronnie Burton, Virgil Clay. THIRD ROW: George Lewis, Mike Daniels, Jerry Mayberry, Ricky Mann, Jimmy White, Junior Cross, Joe Scarce, Donald Dallas. Staff Helps Tunstall To Function Properly OFFICE WORKERS- KNEELING: Patsy Earl- es, Sandra Vaughan, Becky Oakes, Carolyn Carper, Karen Wood, Be- linda Shumate, Bonnie Mills. STANDING: Donna Peters, Deborah Waldt, Marsha Calpin, Jeanette Hudson, Phyllis Deel, Joy Jones, Becky Dodd, Joyce Stegall, Stacey Wright, Cathy Joyce. 52 MAINTENANCE WORKERS: Johnny Gauldin, John Dodd, and Joe Scarce. Througli rain, sleet, ice, and snow, and of course, sunshine too, the custodians, maid, cafe- teria staff, office workers, and bus drivers keep Tunstall in working order. Working dili- gently every day they maintain smooth functioning. The maintenance staff, un- der the direction of Mr. Harold Ricketts efficiently cleans the school. The menu is c arefully planned and prepared by tlie cafeteria staff. Office workers serve in order to help the administra- tive department. Transportation is a very im- portant phase of school life as supplied by the student bus drivers. Mrs. Martha Waller, Maid a ,! Mr. Walter Thorton, Custodian CAFETERIA STAFF-BACK ROW: Mrs. Rachel Merricks, Mrs. Janie Hankins, Mrs. Clarice DeHart, Mrs. E:dna Beck, Mrs. Margerite Gregory. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Elizabeth Clark, Mrs. Cordie Carter, Mrs. Ruby Mattox. Trojans Display Ambition And Enthusiasm Through Participation In Varied Activities Each student at Tunstall High School is a product of his own unique personality and each personality must expand. Outlets for this expan- sion are provided through the many clubs and activities offered at Tunstall. Responsibility, creativity, leadership, and co- operation are a few of the qualities that are gained from experiences through the numerous activities. These qualities and similar ones go together to make a student a worthwhile person who can walk througli life and leave a set of golden footprints in his span of time. These activities also serve to unite the faculty and the administration with the students through goals accomplished and honors received. 54 S.C.A.-FIRST ROW: Mr. Keen Hedrick, Karen Wood, Kathy Daniel, George Neal, J.B. Tatum, Phyllis Bowling, Wanda Adkins, Mr. Barry Steagall. SECOND ROW: Phillip Dalton, Janice Nowlin, Vickie Shelton, Cindy Stowe, Denise Amn, Linda Hutson, Marsha Altice, Kathy Gray. THIRD ROW: Connie Beggarly, Terri Wann, Pat Cassada, Susan Hyler, Pat White, Ricky Weringo, Mike Walker, June Herndon. FOURTH ROW: Roseanne Moss, Judy WiUiams, Vickie DeHart, Buddy Brown, Nick Camburides, Doug Peters, Buddy Smith, Earl Yarbrough. FIFTH ROW: Steve Bridges, Chip Powell, Jimmy Pollard, Mike Huffman, Gerald Hardy, Bob Yeaman, Steve Harris. Beta And SC A Succeed In New Endeavors Just as the Trojan Horse symbolizes the knowledge and skill of the leaders of Greece, so the Student Council Association demonstrates these same quali- ties by governing the student body. The S.C.A. foreshadows a Senior Lounge for future students, a day at Saturday Session, and at Classroom Kwiz. This association has already accom- plished the feat of establishing a Pep Club. To honor students who have maintained a 3.2 or better average is the main purpose of the Beta Club. Tunstall’s club feels that it may boast that its membership is composed of the finest group of students in the school. This year’s activities include holding a formal- semi-formal Christmas dance, attending the National Beta Convention, held in Richmond, and raising money by sponsoring a Beta Club Talent Show. The Beta Club also rents the stoles worn by the honor graduates at graduation. OFFICERS OF THE S.C.A. axe: George Neal, president; J.B. Tatum, vice-presi- dent; Phyllis Bowling, secretary; Wanda Adkins, treasurer; Kathy Daniel, reporter; Karen Wood, parliamentarian. 56 BETA CLUB— FIRST ROW: Karen Powell, Carolyn Carper, Suzanne Payne, Kathy Gray, Jane Green, Dot Dodd, Donald Merricks, Ronald Merricks, Dennis Williams, Steve Wall, Pam Keatts. SECOND ROW: Karen Wood, Kathy Daniel, George Neal, J.B. Tatum, Cindy Stowe, Phyllis Bowling, Nancye Blair, Virgil Clay, Randy Scearce, Sandra White, Becky Dodd. THIRD ROW: Marsha Cahill, Susan Bailey, Janet Elliott, Judy Dalton, Mary Lou Scarce, Joyce Stegall, Sandra Harris, Lee Carter, Jerry Finney, Mike Martin, Martha Lewis, Ramona Weatherford, Donna Peters. CAROLYN CARPER, PAM Keatts, Jane Green, and J o y ce S tegall come downstairs for breakfast from the Patrick Henry Hotel at the Beta Club Convention. CAROLYN CARPER SAYS, “Wait till 1 get my hands on you! You’ll be sorry!” BETA CLUB OFFICERS: Carolyn Carper, president; Kathy Gray, vice-president; Karen Powell, secre- tary; Dottie Dodd, treasurer; Suzanne Payne, reporter; AUce Ed- wards, parliamentarian. 57 Boosting school spirit, Tunstall’s own Tramping Trojan Band stepped high into the school year. Led by five majorettes and two drum majors, they represented our school proudly at many social and school functions. Halftimes at home football games were graced by the band’s excellent formations and difficult precision drills. J.V. game spirit was raised by the performance of a pep band, consisting of members from the concert band. They also paced the Danville and Chatham parades. Our band made a trip to Charlottesville, November 16, to attend the University of Virginia Band Day. Here, along with 80 bands from the state, they performed a brilhant halftime show for the Governor. The auditorium rang with the sound of music as the band gave their annual Christmas and Spring concerts for the student body. As a money-making project, the band sold doughnuts investing their money in a new Oboe and a set of Tympani. At the Vinton Dogwood Festival parade in the spring, the Tramping Trojan Band used their new instrumentation to help them receive an excellent rating, in the competition for grades. Tramping Trojans Gain Honors for Effort TUNSTALL’S MARCHING BAND (shown above) performed in numerous activities. 58 BAND-FIRST ROW: Janice Nowlin, Janet Edwards, Jan Gillespie, Susan Hyler, Patricia Moore, Dana Horton, Angela Brown, Betty Jones, Edley Mobley, Carol Horton. SECOND ROW; Janet Richardson, Dianne Hardy, Vanessa Brown, Carolyn Smith, Lois Moorefield, Billie Carter, Barry Blair, Larry Richardson, Virgil Clay, J. B. Tatum, Jim Alderson. THIRD ROW: Derrell Hopkins, Ricky Reed, George Winn, David Payne, Vivian Bowling, Gary Klein, Benjie Elhott, Ronald Wells, Donald Wallace, Jerry Gray, David Edwards, Jimmy Gregory. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Altice, Kermit Law, David Leigh, Terry Bamhardt, Jim Turner, Keith Richardson, Mark Calvert, Ronald Merricks. STANDING: Sonny Snead, Barry Inman, Alvin Payne, Virgil Stowe, Richard Haley, Bill Stroud, Jerry Goodson, Donald Merricks, Mr. James Preble. THE MAJORETTES ARE: Marsha Altice, Carol Horton, Janice Nowlin (Head Majorette), Janet Edwards, Edley Mobley. 59 FHA— I ' lRST ROW: Miss Beth Salle, Linda Pruitt, Susan Bailey, Rosanne Moss, Janice Newton, Becky LaPrade, Lynn Carter, Peggy Powell, Mrs. Virginia Collie. SECOND ROW: Darlene Walton, Jane Green, Judy Midkiff, Debbie Wilson, Vickie Taylor, Jeanne Tuck, Vickie Shelton, Bonnie Mills, Kathy Finney, Mary Lou Howerton, Debbie Mayberry, Scarlett Camburides, Roxanne Adkins, Linda Hutson, Teresa Adkins, Janet Teague, Barrie Scearce. THIRD ROW: Kay Willis, Brenda Lester, Wanda Oakes, Linda Snead, Vickie Hamlin, Pat Stanfield, Susan Hylton, Sheila Pribble, Debra Baker, Dianne Durham, Betty Jones, Marcia Hardy, Deborah Rigney, Cathy Maxie, Barbara Webb. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Ferguson, Becky Watlington, Vanessa Brown, Jackie Scott, Ramona Weatherford, Linda Quinn, Pat Smith, Carolyn Robertson, Myrtle Minter, Phyllis Jones, Janice Bailey, Nancy Davis, Gail Echols, Trudy Payne, Luanne Payne, Belinda Blair, Pat White, Edna Ogle, Ann Harris. FIFTH ROW: Joy Jones, Phyllis Turner, Pam Keatts, Marsha Carter, Susan HoOey, Susan Elliott, Vickie Scearce, Wanda Marshall, Beth Weringo, Kathy Hardy, Nicole Hanks, June Hogan, Bonnie Mathes, Susie Moss, Pat Denny, Judy Dalton, Linda Taylor, Marsha Austin, Lois Payne, Gail Long, Judy Elliott. SIXTH ROW: Pam Dalton, Virginia Dixon, June Davis Sheila Henley, Sarah Walton, Ann Marie Taylor, Judy Williams, Patti Cassada, Kathy Daniel, Carol Hogan, Phyllis Deel, Dana Horton, Sandra Worley, Shirley Minter, Sharon Cox, Rhonda Bliss, Denise Arnn, Sinda Gilley, Marsha Cahill. SEVENTH ROW: Kathy Dodd, Norma Soyars, Jan Gillespie, Donna Oakes, Sylvia Kirks, Vickie Elliott, Jeanette Wyatt, Debbie Sparrow, Jeaji Franklin, Lo Ann Griggs, Kay Denny, Cindy Scearce, Karen Turpin, Judy Tuck, Sheila Moss. Future Homemakers Gain Skills Through FHA OFFICERS-FIRST ROW: Peggy Powell, historian; Janice New- ton, reporter; Lynn Carter, songleader. SECOND ROW: Vickie Gerrells, secretary; Becky LaPrade, parliamentarian; Linda Pruitt, treasurer. THIRD ROW: Susan Bailey, president; Rosanne Moss, vice-president; Scarlett Camburides, historian. The Future Homemakers of America is an integral part of the program of home economics in the schools in America. It offers opportunity for the further development of pupil initiative in planning and carrying out activities related to homemaking. The FHA increases opportunities for tlte de- velopment of leadership and intelligent participation so much needed in a democratic society. As money-making projects the Tunstall chapter sold knives, cookbooks, stationery, recipe cards, and sponsored a spring fashion show. In September, the FHA honored the teachers and office staff with a “get-acquainted again” buffet luncheon. Fair Week came as no surprise to the Tunstall FHA. Vivacious future homemakers had been working all summer on projects wliich they hoped would win deserving ribbons at the annual event. As a Thanksgiving Project, the FHA visited the County Consolidated Home in Chatham to interpret the real meaning of Thanksgiving. Gifts and a music program enhghtened the lives of 70 attentive residents. The spirit of Christmas filled the halls as the chapter sponsored their annual door and bulletin board contest. Each month a deserving girl was named FHA’er of the month. 60 Varied Activities and Actual Experiences FHA’ERS WAIT EXPECTANTLY as they take a dish from the oven. r MRS. COLLIE INSTRUCTS Kay Denny and Roxanne Adkins liow to set a table properly. SUSAN BAILEY AND Linda Pruitt ehat with the 1 ha’s guest speaker. DONALD HOLLEY AND J. B. Tatum are on the air doing a radio show for the F.F.A. Following in the footsteps of former members, the 1969 F.F.A.’ers with the largest membership in the history of the school, have reached out to win many state and national honors. For the second consecutive year the chapter was awarded the national Silver Emblem Award in safety at the October National F.F.A. Convention in Kansas City. One, out of the six members to attend, was selected to play in the National F.F.A. Band. Three chapter members were selected as winners in the state foundation awards. Placing as area winners were two chapter members. Receiving the State Farmer Degree were five members, and one member received the Amer- ican Farmer Degree. The state F.F.A. chose as their president one of TunstalTs members. The Virginia Rural Safety Council recognized the chapter for its outstanding safety program this, the fifth consecutive year. The spring activities include a Parent-Son banquet and a trip to the Tech Festival at VPI. Twenty Chapter members attended the State F.F.A. Conventions at Virginia Tech. The chapter prepared and presented over a 100 radio programs and a television program. FFA’ers Enjoy Busy and Productive Year STROM THURMAN AND William Tuck congratulate Richard Bailey, who w as elected state president. 62 FFA-FIRST ROW: Mr. Tom Burgess, Don Holley, J. B. Tatum, John Barbour, David Payne, Will Soyars, Tim Payne, Donald Dallas, C. H. Keatts, George Pruitt, Edward Triplett, Tommy Scolpini, Mr. James Bohannon. SECOND ROW: Mr. James Thomasson, Larry Sargent, Glen Kendrick, David Jones, Harry Dewbery, Thomas Gibson, Jimmy Long, Curtis Shelton, Ronnie Pritchett, William Murphy, Johnny Adkins, Ralph Jones, George Winn, Phihp Robertson. THIRD ROW: Cecil Wallace, Dennis McDaniel, Ivory Martin, Lawrence Hylton, Jimmy Scearce, Barry Blair, Steve Harris, James Reynolds, Phillip Scearce, Mike Scott, Leon Wright, Charles Swanson, Carl Turner, Arnold Manning. FOURTH ROW: Mike Gauldin, Wayne Tarpley, BiU Stowe, Roger Wood, Bob Rutherford, Dewey Matherly, James Scott, Gary Oakes, Melvin Holley, Steve Owen, Mike Soyars, Eugene Moorefield, Keith Moss, Tommy Gregory. FIFTH ROW: Denny Gibson, Jimmy Rigney, Harold Haley, Mike Wilson, Billy Long, Frank Keatts, Glenn Jackson, Ricky Reed, Earl Moss, Steve Hall, Gary Jennings, Kenneth Moss, Donald Goad, Dennis Dillion, Joe Evans, Barry Inman. SIXTH ROW: Danny Carpenter, Joel Jones, Bill Davis, Wallace Herndon, Bruce Custer, Buddy Herndon, Tommy Arnold, Fount Barker, Mike Walton, Danny Stanfield, Paul Hancock, Vic Cross, Terry Norton, Paul Barbour. SEVENTH ROW: Johnny Haymore, George Pollok, Billy Ashworth, Jerry Hairston, James Witcher, Mike Ludwick, Jimmy Turner, Terry Smith, Jerry Finney, Dennis Booth, Wesley Shelton, Herbert Travis, John Clark. EIGHTH ROW: Raymond Moss, David Ferrell, Vic Hardy, Mike Ketchum, Milton Hudson, Danny Shelton, Billy Gammon, Sam Crumpton, Fred Keatts. FFA OFFICERS 1968- 1969-FIRST ROW: George Pruitt, Cliaplain: Don Holley, President; Tim Payne, Treasurer; Will Soyars, Secretary. SECOND ROW: C. H. Keatts, Sentinel; J. B. Tatum, First Vice-President; David Payne, Third Vice-president; Donald Dallas, Reporter; John Barbour, Second Vice-president. Tunstall Rings With The “Sound Of Music” GLEE CLUB-FIRST ROW: Mr. James Preble, Glenda Echols, Belinda Shumate, Barrie Scearce, JoAnn Lovell, Jackie Bryant, Leslie McMinnis, Janet Francis, Pat Weeks, Rosie Reynolds, Bonnie Mills, Paula Walker, Janet Teague, Karen Powell, Vickie Shelton, Debbie Todd, Judy Richardson, Patsy Philpott. SECOND ROW: Peggy Walker, Betty Gammon, Frances Mayhew, Katherine Nichols, Starlett Hardy, Theresa Adkins, Cathy Austin, Beth Herndon, Kathy Collins, Vickie Taylor, Sinda Gilley, Meva Walker, Louise Kirks, Debbie Mayberry, Pam Curry, Vickie Gammon, Linda Snead, Debbie Elliot. THIRD ROW: Pat Smith, Linda Walker, Vickie Hamlin, Susie Howerton, Karen Reynolds, Denny Jackson, Myrtle Minter, Carolyn Robertson, Betty Gregory, Darlene Walton, Debbie Parham, Becky Higdon, Connie Mayhew, Gail White, Cindy Walker, Eleanor Reynolds, Debra Green, Jo Ann Stratton, Ann WUkerson, Linda Rigney, Judy Pyrtle. FOURTH ROW: Barry Owen, John Tuck, Virgil Scarce, Earl Tuck, Larry Sargent, Stephen Carter, Bob Echols, Kenny Hoskins, Bobby Lovelace, Tommy Sparks, George Lewis, Mike Brown, Joe Scarce, Tommy Tankersley, Keith White, Billy Beverly. FIFTH ROW: David Puryear, Terry Leviner, Andy Adkins, Roger Rigney, Glenn Jackson, Mike Simpson, Jimmy Edwards, Johnny Duncan, Mike Kent, Vic Hardy, Luther Giles, Garry Tatum, Ricky Pritchett, Larry Witcher. SIXTH ROW: Jerry Inman, Keith Deane, Buddy Patterson, Kenny Adkins, Clay ter Bowles, Ronald Young, PhiUip Easley, Russell ToUey, Danny Dalton, Artie Hendrix, Tommy Craddock, Jimmy Winn, Paul Barbour, Johnny White, Bobby Burton, Steve TaUey, Earl Mangrum. SEVENTH ROW: Barry Ingram, Tom Mize, John Gauldin, David Reynolds, John Clark, Harold Horton, Maynard Dodd, Ronnie Scolpini, Philip Dalton, Ricky Harris, Ted Hutcherson, Bobby Rutherford, Larry Patterson, Dale Hilliard, Dennis DiUion, Jackie White, David Turner, Dwayne Jordan. MR. PREBLE SMILES to keep from crying as his Glee Club makes another mistake. The 1968-69 Tunstall Glee Club, directed by Mr. James Preble, consisted of 148 pupils who were divided into three classes to form a well-balanced group. From this group an audition was taken to select the best possible sounding combination of tones of the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass sections. This group numbered about fifty students and was named the “Tunstall A Capella Choir”. The choir performed in the Senior Ring Assembly, Thanks- giving Assembly, Christmas Concert, Chatham Educational and Cultural Center Concerts, Spring Concert and various other programs. Selected members of the Choir were honored by being chosen to perform in the All-County Choir and other honorary performing groups. ART CLUB-FIRST ROW; Barrie Scearce, Susan Carter, Joel Jones, Mark Manuel, Donnie Davis, Carl Lewis, Larry Bridges, Mike Brown, Debbie Todd, Becky Blair, Beth Carter, Edley Mobley, Mike Parrish. SECOND ROW; Janet Elliott, Lee Carter, Freda Snead, Barbara Tolly, Janie Kendrick, Ruth Gibson, Eleanor Reynolds, Betty Hooker, Linda Davis, Beth Herndon, Jeanette Smith, Denise Tarpley, Leslie Law, Phillip Dalton. THIRD ROW; Mike Ketchum, Ed Wilkerson, Kathy HarvUle, Debra Lillard, Bobbie Dalton, Jennie Booth, Paula Walker, Tiny Boles, Charles Shelton, Dean Venable, Dave Elliott, Bill Davis, Freda Lawless, Judy Duncan, Helen Martin, Rodney Raines. FOURTH ROW; Tommy Craddock, Emily Beck, Montine Barton, Rosemary Turpin, Vickie Taylor, Edna Ogle, Janet Francis, Pat White, Jackie Scott, Mike Stephens, Marsha Altice, Ruth Scarce, vice-president; Pat Jones, Mary Scarce, secretary. FIFTH ROW; Tony Camburides, Phillip Hairston, Glenn Yarbrough, David Turner, Danny Dalton, Dewey Fulton, Gene Gregory, Becky LaPrade, Vincent Bateman, president; Mr. Carlton Blankenship. SIXTH ROW; Gary Echols, Jim Turner, Jack England, Kenny Williams, Mike Kent, Fred Allen, Jerry Inman, John Jones, John Hartness, Mike Simpson, Earl Yarbrough, John Clark, Dave Jacks. Art Club Adds Culture To Tunstall’s Halls As the amateur artists of Tunstall High School grow in number, the Art Club engages in more activities. This year the club has made plans to buy a drying cabinet for future artists. It has been suggested that they buy a subscription to an art magazine for their classroom. This year many of the students have displayed their work in various showcases throughout the school. They have also taken part in helping with bulletin boards, the Miss Tunstall Pageant, and making posters for different activities. During the month of December, the club members went to Chatham, Virginia to see a display of Japanese art. All of this just goes to show that the Art Club of Tunstall looks very promising. EDLEY ANN MOBLEY and Mike Stephens work on pastels in art class. 65 DUE TO THE unusual size of this group, the annual staff did not attempt to identify them! Pep Club Cheers with Spirit for Monogram Club Boosting school spirit at Tunstall is the Pep Club. This newly organized club is sponsored by Mr. Jackie Hardy and Mr. Barry Steagall. The Pep Club boasts approximately 270 members making it Tunstall’s largest club. Thanks to the Pep Club, student buses were taken to many football and basket- ball games. In the way of money-making the Pep Club embarked upon selling season tickets to the basketball games and charging 25 admission. The Monogram Club consists of those athletically inclined Trojans who have lettered in football, basketball, baseball, track, and cheerleading. Each year the club holds their annual initiation. Thirty members were inducted and are now the proud wearers of their scarlet and silver T. They also held their annual banquet in the Spring where letters and special awards were presented. OFFICERS OF THE Pep Club are: Kenny Meadors, treasurer; Phyllis Bowling, vice-president; Vickie Shelton, president; Donna Snead, secre- tary. 66 MILTON DODD HELPS to boost school spirit by investing his money in a season ticket to the basketball games, sold to him by Billy Byrd and Kenny Meadors. AND THERE GOES another one of the Monogram Club members, Sam Shields. (You can always spot them by their letter jackets.) H I. MONOGRAM CLUB-FIRST ROW: Edith McEIheney, Donna Snead, Rodney Raines, George Lewis, Ricky Mann, Janice Nowlin. SECOND ROW: Becky Oakes, Karen Wood, Lucy Brumfield, Vickie Shelton, Ruth Scarce, Sammy Shields, Dwayne Hardy, Pete Jones, Gary Richardson, Marsha Altice. THIRD ROW: Keith White, Phyllis Bowling, Phyllis Deel, Donna Peters, Edlcy Mobley, Judy Thompson, Janet Edwards, Kathy Daniel, Debbie Holley, Phillip Dalton, Joyce Stegall. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Stowe, Carolyn Carper, Deborah Waldt, Nancye Blair, Cyntliia Ferrell, Sandra White, Sammy Williams, Steve Wall, Doug Maxie, Barry Owen. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Keith, Warren Still, Ronnie Scolpini, David Weatherford, Tommy Scolpini, F ' rank Mobley, Kenny Meadors, Jimmy Dodd, Skip Scolpini, Landon Grogan, Johnny Gaul- din. SIXTH ROW: Richard Haley, Vic Hardy, Bobby Lovelace, Wayne Webb, Jimmy Shelton, Melvin Hairston, Harold Breedlove, Ronnie Burton, Billy Byrd. Linguistical Interests Are Created By Clubs SPANISH CLUB - FIRST ROW: Sandra Vaughan, Vickie Shelton, Cindy Stowe, George Neal, Virgil Clay, Donald Merricks, Janice Nowlin, Sammy Shields, Mrs. Deloris Moore. SECOND ROW: Emily Beck, Janet Elliott, Linda Taylor, Judy Dalton, Billie Carter, Dianne Ramey, Sandra Stowe, Susan Scearce, Debbie Sparrow, Joan Barker. THIRD ROW: Donna Kuykendall, Kermit Law, Ricky Arm- strong, Gabriel Reynolds, Randy Scearce, Ronald Merricks, Edith McElheney, Mike Brown, Kathy Daniel, Lee Carter. FOURTH ROW: Charles Swanson, Johnny Glasgow, Carol Horton, Becky Dodd, Mike Ashworth, Steve Bridges, Lois Moorefield, Kenny Meadors, Jimmy Shelton, Johnny Williams. SIXTH ROW: Mike Dal- ton, Mike Gauldin, Keith Cousins, Gordon Ragsdale, Marcia Hardy, Dianne Durham, Betty Jones, Phyllis Jones, Pat White, Janice Bailey, Pat Moore. Experiencing the language and customs of the Spanish speaking countries are the students in the Spanish Club. The main purpose of the club is to make this study more interesting and enjoyable. Among the activities undertaken by the Spanish Club, caroling the halls at Christmas was the most exciting since it had never been done before. Since 1964, the club has grown considerably. This year proves to be the largest yet with 43 members, who have either taken Spanish in the past or are taking it this year. Serving as officers this year are Sammy Shields, president; Virgil Clay, vice-president; Janice Nowlin, secretary; Donald Merricks, treasurer; Cindy Stowe, reporter. SAMMY SHIELDS MAKES a poster advertising how cheaply you may mail Christ- mas Cards through the Spanish Club. And Satisfied Through Language Courses To be a member of the French Club, a student must be taking French or have had the course and possess a C average or better. Officers are Janet Edwards, president; Susan Hyler, vice-presi- dent; Patti Cassida, secretary; and Carter Cole- man, treasurer. It isn’t unusual to hear such phrases as ‘Par- lez-vous Francais’ during the meetings, because the club endeavors to entangle the French lan- guage with English, until the English becomes engulfed by French. Members of the club fashioned hats after the traditional style of the provinces that participate in the Mardi Gras. JUDY ELLIOTT, EDNA Ogle, and Patti Cassida just finished putting the final touches on the French hat they made for the showcase. FRENCH CLUB - FIRST ROW: Janet Teague, Leslie Winn, Donna Reynolds, Carter Coleman, David Payne, Susan Hyler, Janet Ed- wards, Mrs. Doris Wells. SECOND ROW: Karen Wood, Debbie Hyler, Peggy Powell, Patti Cassida, Donna Snead, David Edwards, Cathy Joyce, Laura Brown, Myra McGuire, Linda Hutson, Sheila Moss. THIRD ROW: Ruth Scarce, Karen Powell, Gene Gregory, Debbie Todd, Marsha Altice, Kathy Daniel, Mike Brown, Cynthia Younger, Judy Moore, Mary Mathes, Marsha Austin. FOURTH ROW: Kay Richardson, Debbie Holley, Kathy Gray, Sandra White, Nancye Blair, Linda Quinn, Kitty Hathaway, Marcia Hardy, Marcia Cahill, Susan Bailey, John Tuck, Edna Ogle. FIFTH ROW: Stacy Wright, Deborah Waldt, Ramona Weatherford, David Leigh, Polly Truitt, Betty Jones, Norma Soyars, Kathy Dodd, Becky Oakes, Ronnie Root, Beth Herndon, Judy Elhott. SIXTH ROW: Phyliss Turner, Pam Keatts, Marty Lewis, Sammy Daniel, Dennis Williams, Jim Alderson, Cynthia Hines, Jeanette Wyatt, Nancy Peters, Jane Neal, Paul Amos, Derrell Hopkins, Janie Wilson. 69 Juniors and Seniors Entertain Students With Comic Plays The Junior Class presented “A Visit to a Small Planet”. Here is a summary of the plot. The home of Roger and Reba Spelding is visited, by a creature from outer space. Kreaton is a likable person who thinks he is arriving during the Civil War. Not to be discouraged by the 100 year mistake in time, he immediately sets out to start a war of his own. He shows his mental powers with a few tricks and then sets out to persuade Conrad, the young Spelding girl’s boyfriend, he should join the army and fight. Conrad’s girlfriend is the heroine when she calls in someone from Kreaton’s planet to stop his plans. She does this by a method of concen- tration taught her by Kreaton himself. JUNIOR PLAY CAST — FIRST ROW: Billy Beverly, Jane Neal, Edith McElheney, John Tuck, Jimmy Shelton, SECOND ROW: Gordon Ragsdale, Ted Hutcherson, Donald Mer- ricks, Ronald Merricks. Carol Horton, Costumes Dewey Fulton, Stage Manager and Mr. Richard King, Director ¥- ' T i ' i Spike Jones, Sound Cynthia Ferrell, Make-Up Janet Elliott Props I SENIOR PLAY CAST - FIRST ROW; Mike Martin, Don Holley. SECOND: Wanda Adkins, Kay Richardson, Debbie Waldt, Alice Edwards, Marty Lewis, Lee Carter, Carolyn Carper, Suzanne Payne, George Lewis. THIRD ROW: Dwayne Hardy, Keith White, Mike Brown, Steve Wall, Sammy Shields, Mike Clark, Gary Richardson, Blakely Swanson, Gary Green, Ronnie Root, Tommy Stephens, Charlie Crowder. Vincent Bateman, Sandra Bateman, Stage Manager and Assist. Mrs. Ruth Bryant, Director Vickie Gerrells, Costumes Kay Richardson, Props Charlie Crowder, Lights What would you do if suddenly your whole house and life had been disrupted by a stranger, who accidentally fell on your doorstep, breaking his hip, and took over the household? Well, poor Mr. and Mrs. Stanley didn’t know what to do. They had to put up with the arrogant, self-centered Whitesides because they felt responsible for him. How could they know that he was just faking a broken hip, being the trusting people they were. What a topsy turvy world it turned into just because of the “Man Who Came to Dinner.” This play was given by the senior class. Rickey Oakes, Technical Director 71 Library Club Members Perform Many Tasks For Librarians; f Business Club Provides Outlet ' For Commercial Interests. •I i Checking books in and out, straightening shelves and making bookcovers are a few of the jobs of the members of the Library Club. These members maintain the order required of a library, and also try to keep an adequate number of books on hand for all students. The Library Club has a District meeting twice a year and Tunstall tries to be present. Students taking a business curriculum at Tunstall are eligible for membership in the Business Club. This club supplements the Business department by helping students better comprehend the world of business and the opportunities that it holds for them and by helping the students to develop the characteristics of leadership. BUSINESS CLUB - FIRST ROW: Mrs. Lottie Rigney, Janet Teague, Debbie Todd, Debra Davis, Phyllis Turner, Lucy Brumfield, Linda Taylor, Janice Newton, Peggy Higdon, Tommie Hubbard. SECOND ROW: Vickie Mills, Vickie Reid, Kathy Gosney, Kay Willis, Becky Oakes, Donna Peters, Marsha Altice, Laura Brown, Myra McGuire, Kathy Joyce, Virginia Newton, Elouise Pyron, Betty Faye Jones. THIRD ROW: Barbara McMinnis, Sheila Herndon, Linda Oakes, Joy Jones, Jackie Walton, Sandra White, Phyllis Bowling, Joyce Stegall, JoAnn Stratton, Fonda Salmon, Sylvia Kirks, Ann Elliott, Kathy Toler, Cathy Wright, Becky LaPrade. FOURTH ROW: Pat Denny, Judy Dal- ton, Marian Lovell, Lois Doss, Sheila Moss, Bonnie Mills, Vickie Scearce, Donna Oakes, Mary Wray, Elizabeth Rigney, Sharon Scott, Joyce Scott, Montine Barton, Debra Barber, Linda Denny. FIFTH ROW: Marsha Austin, Glenda Echols, Sandra Davis, JoAnn Lovell, Judy Doss, Vickie Taylor, Linda Pruitt, Shelby Eanes, Peggy Walker, Sandra Bateman, Connie Beggarly, Jeanette Hudson, Myrtle Minter, Belinda Scott, Polly Truitt, Jackie Scott. SIXTH ROW: Joanna Bowman, Dee Mason, Sarah Walton, Brenda Farthing, Marilyn Wilson, Ricky Mann, Lee Allen, Gail Long, Mary Jane Adams, Johnny Gauldin, Gary Wells. LIBRARY CLUB-FIRST ROW: Miss Helen Bales, Mary Hill Payne, Kay Richardson, Cynthia Younger, Judy Moore, Mike Daniels, Lois Payne, Judy Doss. SECOND ROW: Marsha Cahill, Emily Beck, Janet Elliott, Lucy Brumfield, Vickie Scearce, Diane Ramey, Linda Davis, Kathy Austin, Kathy Maxie, Ruth Scarce, Linda Taylor, Deborah Waldt. THIRD ROW: Becky Higdon, Cynthia Hines, Judy Herndon, Sylvia Kirks, Susan Wilbourne, Faye Hyler, Barbara Stanfield, Kathy Edwards, Sharon Cox, Vickie Bailey, Donna Oakes, Tommie Hubbard. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Walker, Jean An- drews, Mike Brown, Kathy Daniel, Joan Barker, Debbie Sparrow, Kathy Dodd, Catherine Nichols, Brenda Payne, Linda Denny. FIFTH ROW: Charlie Crowder, Earl Tuck, Dennis Stanfield, Betty Simpson, Ramona Weatherford, Linda Quinn, Sue Quinn, Darlene Walton, Vickie Alcorn, Mike Moss. 73 Quill and ScroU Rewards Work On Publications The QUILL AND SCROLL, whose pur- pose is to encourage and reward individual achievement in journalism, was first founded at the University of Iowa in 1926 by Dr. George H. Gallup. The QUILL AND SCROLL is composed of juniors and seniors whose scholastic aver- age ranks in the upper third of their class. These students are eligible for membership if they have contributed work or shown inter- est in the newspaper or yearbook. The ad- visors must recommend and approve all nominated students. It is considered an honor and a reward for journalistic achieve- ment to be a member of the QUILL AND SCRQLL. QUILL AND SCROLL - FIRST ROW: Joanna Bowman, Suzanne Payne. SECOND ROW: Becky Dodd, Joyce Stegall, Judy Dalton. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Carper, George Neal, Charlie Crowder, Wanda Adkins. 74 Audio-Visual Club Trains Operators To Assist Faculty Performing their various duties as officers in the AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB are Gary Richard- son, president; Gary Green, vice president; and Billy Byrd, secretary. The purpose of this club is to operate and take care of the school’s audio- visual equipment, thereby assisting teachers in the use of audio-visual materials and relieving them of the fuss and bother of showing films . The club also helps to protect the equipment by proper storage and handling. Any boy with a “C” average and no unsatis- factory conduct grades is eligible for participa- tion in the club. AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB - FIRST ROW: Mr. George Schilbe, Lee Dalton, Gary Richardson. SECOND ROW: Billy Byrd, Howie Morrison. THIRD ROW: Gordon Ragsdale, Steve Roger, Landon Grogan, Randy Raines. FOURTH ROW: Phillip Robertson, Danny Barker, Ronnie Burton. FIFTH ROW: Chuck Bickford, Ted Hutcherson, Ronnie Root, Gary Green. 75 Becky Dodd Joanna Bowman CO-EDITOR CO-EDITOR Janet Crane, Hank Mobley SPORTS EDITORS Top Quality Paper Produced by Staff of Dodd and Bowman The 1968-69 Trojan staff Joined together to produce a top quality paper that was jam-packed with news items of interest to students and faculty Led by Becky Dodd and Joanna Bowman, co-editors, the staff spent many hours tracking down news stories and ferreting out details. And that was only the beginning of the work involved. The stories had to be typed, pictures taken and cropped, and the lay-outs made. But eiglit times a year, the results of their efforts were presented to the students in the form of an excellent school paper. Assisting the editors and learning the fundamentals of a paper were Sammy Daniel, assistant editor; and Dottie Dodd, feature editor. Special recognition and thanks go to the Trojan staff sponsor. Miss Kathleen Atkins. Without her assistance and guidance, the paper would not have been possible. Wanda Adkins, John Tuck CIRCULATION 76 Sammy Daniel ASSISTANT EDITOR Kay Richardson EXCHANGE EDITOR Jane Flora CLUB EDITOR Judy Dalton BUSINESS MANAGER Dottie Dodd FEATURE EDITOR Miss Kathleen Atkins SPONSOR TROJAN STAFF — FIRST ROW: Miss Kathleen Atkins, Donna Snead, Frank Mobley, Charlie Crowder, Judy Dalton, Janet Crane, Joanna Bowman, Becky Dodd, Peggy Higdon, Joy Jones. SECOND ROW: Kay Richardson, Phyllis Deel, Debbie Waldt, Gary Richard- son, Lois Payne, Mary Payne, Cynthia Younger, Donald Dallas, Pat Denny. THIRD ROW: Dianne Durham, Dottie Dodd, Nancye Blair, Mark Harris, David Payne, Debbie Holley, Dee Mason, Jane Flora, Billy Byrd. FOURTH ROW: George Lewis, Kenny Meadors, Wanda Adkins, John Tuck, Becky LaPrade, Sammy Daniel, Marty Lewis, Vickie Evans, Jan Gillespie, Steve Koger. Annual Staff Strives Suzanne Payne EDITOR Janet Elliott ASSISTANT EDITOR Carolyn Carper, Kenny Meadors, Janice Nowlin, (Not pictured, Cindy Stowe) SPORTS Mrs. Katharine Carter ADVISOR Kathy Gray, Marsha Altice, Ramona Weatherford, Marsha Cahill. COPYISTS 78 To Produce an Improved Version of Iliad Willis Landrum, George Neal PHOTOGRAPHERS Kay Willis, Sandra Davis, Laura Brown, Linda Pruitt. TYPISTS Due to efforts of the hard-working Iliad staff, Tunstall has an annual it can be proud of. Typing, writing copy, taking pictures, and working on lay-outs are a few of the jobs it takes to publish an annual. Under the diligent leadership of Suzanne Payne, editor; assisted by Janet Elliott, assistant editor; the copyists, typists, photogra- phers, and proofreaders were able to work as a team supplying the necessary paraphernalia needed for an annual. Keeping the monetary unit in order are Wanda Adkins, business manager; and Susan Bailey, Leslie Winn, and Sandra White, assis- tant business managers; Circulation manager, Joyce Stegall; and assistant circulation manager, Lucy Brumfield, are in charge of selling and distributing the annuals. Giving freely of her time and effort, the Iliad staffs sponsor, Mrs. Katharine Carter, helped the staff in every way to produce a fine yearbook. Lucy Brumfield, Marcia Hardy, Joyce Stegall CIRCULATION 79 Timeless Impressions Are Created Atliletics are intricately woven into the students themselves as well as the school system. Tunstall is fortunate to have many students with strong bodies and determined spirits, who devote themselves to athletics wholeheartedly, striving to bring victory to our school. Our athletes win much recognition and many honors and suffer great defeats. From all of this, they learn to be better persons. They learn to accept honors unassumingly and defeat graciously. The records our athletes compile will be studied by the athletes of future years, who will be grateful that they have a set of golden footprints to follow in, footprints made by honest toil and determination. 80 By Athletes In Their Sportsmanship 81 RONNIE SCOLPINI RUNS as if the very of his opponent! w DOES HE OR doesn’t he (have hold of the ball) wonders the Ail is after him to escape the clutches Player, as Sammy Shields grasps at the ball. T roj an i|-€t)fnpllB 4 6 Record; Best Ever Keith White Captain r )mDne ...ib Captain Ricky Mann Captain George Lewis Captain JOY ABOUNDS ON the field and in the stands as the referee signals a touchdown FOOTBALL SQUAD - FIRST ROW: Pete Jones, Kenny Dwayne Hardy, Frank Mobley, George Lewis, Ricky Rodney Raines. SECOND ROW: Tommy Hodges, coach; Tommy , Freddie Smith, Junior Cross, Keith White, Sammy Shields, Broadaway, assist, coach. THIRD ROW: Doug Maxie, Paul Barber, ly Williams, Jimmy Shelton, Sammy Williams, Kermit Law, Pete I vell, Johnny Glasgow, Sammy Edwards, John Dodd. FOURTH I W: Steve Austin, Ronnie Wells, David Payne, David Weatherford, Jnnmy Winn, Ronnie Scolpini, Nick Camburides, David Leigh, Ricky Weringo. FIFTH ROW: Cecil Law, Kenny Wood, Irving Lawson, Bill Stroud, Donnie Rash, Larry Inman. t rolled and dirt flew as the gridiron of Tunstall bit the dust daily practices and their games. der the direction of Coach Tommy Hodges and Assist. Coach Broadaway, the team grinded through the season showing definite in various areas. I valuable players will be lost due to graduation, but withJthe |aining varsity players and the junior varsity moving up, next year bring the winni ng seasotj. Vars f tball Schedule. - if ' Altavi . . ' “Si Wm. Campbell 33 Chatharn 0 Bassett 13 Brookville 12 Appomattox 20 Dan River 0 Staunton River 13 Tunstall 55 Tunstall 7 Tunstall 26 Tunstall 0 Tunstall 12 Tunstall 0 ECSTASY PRE- VAILS AS the refer- ees signal the anxious- ly awaited touch- down. NOW WHO HAS got that ball everybody wonders as they scramble around. HELP IS ON the way-yell oncoming Trojan players to their teammates. New to Tunstall this year were the J.V. Cheer- leaders who did much to encourage the J.V. foot- ball players toward victo- ry. These enthusiastic stu- dents helped to boost school spirit throughout the football season. Although the football players’ victories were few, it is evident that the varsi- ty will receive some fine boys from this J.V. Team. J.V. CHEERLEADERS-Patti Cassida, Roxanne Adkins, Leslie McMinnis, Phyllis Jones, Kay Denny, Rhonda Bhss, Terri Wann, Fran Curtis. KNEELING: Pat Moore and Peggy Powell, co-captains. J.V. Cheerleaders Spur Team on to Victory J.V. FOOTBALL-FIRST ROW: Johnnie White, Chip Powell, Buddy Herndon, Mike Tickle, Doug Peters, Harry Dewberry, Jackie White, Charles Durham, Dale Hyler, Bobby Yeaman. SECOND ROW: Rodney Pruitt, Ricky Reed, Shane Conner, Mike Stephens, Dean Venerable, Buddy Brown, Jimmy Mann, Dennis Dillion, David Jones, Charles Shelton, Joe Evans. THIRD ROW: John “Tiger” Tuck, Manager; Buddy Smith, Mike Wilson, James Scearce, Swann Fitzgerald, Steve Dishman, Stanley Arney, Bruce Shelton, Danny Barker, George Winn, Calton, Weatherford, Steve Bridges, Jack England. 85 1 1 FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS- STANDING: Jeanne Tuck, Debbie Hyler, Wanda Adkins, Lucy Brumfield, Becky Oakes, Karen Wood, Carolyn Carper, Donna Snead. KNEELING: Edith McElheney, Vickie Shelton, co-captains. t Cheerleaders Rally Teams on to Victory WE’VE GOT THE boys on our team and they are GREAT! I : 1 ? I ( I 86 1968-69 BASKETBALL CHEERLEADERS-FIRST ROW (Standing); Pat White, Donna Peters, Debbie Holley, Janet Edwards, Kathy Daniels, Judy Williams. SECOND ROW: Edley Mobley, Marsha Altice Co-Captain, Judy Thompson. THIRD ROW: Ruth Scarce, Co-Captain. Spirit was wrought out of the crowd by the gay captive liveliness of the cheerleading squads. Working together, the girls proved to be an effective factor in cheering the boys on to victory. Both the football and basketball squads were clad in new uniforms this year. Also, a new addition to the basket- ball cheerleader were the pom-pons. The students were encouraged, as well as the teams, by the leadersliip of the cheerleaders at pep rallies, the making of posters before the games, and conducting festive barnfires. The squads, coupled with the abun- dant students’ spirit, made for high spirited and winning seasons. “COME ON TEAM!” yell the cheerleaders, “Tunstall’s got the power!” 87 Compiling an overall 10-8 record, the Trojan team was highly successful despite the loss of several players. Sammy Shields, a se- nior who was one of our most valuable play- ers, was lost early in the season due to an ankle injury. Three other players were lost for various reasons, but spirit and cooperation pulled the team through. Hours of practice brought the techniques of steady rebounding and smooth ball handling to a near perfection, and what the team lacked in height was supplied by high jump- ing. Only three seniors will be lost, Jimmy Dodd, Sammy Shields, and George Lewis. RECORDS BROKEN DURING 1968-69 SEASON 1. Jerry Hairston — Most Rebounds in Single Game — 25 2. Higliest Team Score — 85 rnATH THOMAS RFAI.LY Duts his heart in his coaching as he screams. Spread REGGIE CARTER ATTEMPTS a lay-up, but is blocked. 88 DUE TO THE number of fouls on George Lewis he tries to prevent fouling a shooting Dan River player. JAMES HARRIS GOES way up for a basket. 1968-69 Basketball Scores Tunstall 54 Wm. Campbell 77 Tunstall 44 Staunton River 64 Tunstall 39 Gretna 40 Tunstall 60 Chatham 39 Tunstall 58 Nelson County .... 70 Tunstall 59 Dan River 61 Tunstall 46 Altavista 38 Tunstall 40 Staunton River .... 48 Tunstall 51 Gretna 44 Tunstall 43 Altavista 62 Tunstall 66 Appomattox 42 Tunstall 45 Wm. Campbell 46 Tunstall 64 Rustburg 42 Tunstall 85 Appomattox 51 Tunstall 50 Chatham 38 Tunstall 70 Nelson County .... 57 Tunstall 69 Dan River 29 Tunstall 51 Rustburg 49 SOMETIMES REBOUNDING ENDS up in a frantic scramble. GEORGE LEWIS BLOCKS a Dan River Player to prevent his scoring. AND SO THE score went up 2 more points, thanks to George Lewis. 89 BASKETBALL TEAM-KNEELING: Harry Dewberry, manager; James Sammy Shields, captain; Jerry Hairston, Billy Stowe, Harold Breedlove, Harris, Johnnie Williams, Reggie Carter, Charlie Smith, Donnie Stowe, captain; Jimmy Shelton, manager, manager. STANDING: Coach Lowell Thomas, Jimmy Dodd, captain; J.V. Team Provides Prospects for Varsity 1968-69 J.V. BASKETBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW; Randolph Carter, SECOND ROW: Ted McDaniel, Tommy Hundley, Jerry Hairston, David Doug Clark, Tommy Scolpini, Johnny Glasgow, Will Soyars, Cecil Law. Stowe, Buddy Smith, Ricky Weringo. The Junior Varsity basketball team ended its season with 8 wins against 5 defeats. The boys under the direction of Coach Jack Bryant gained exper- ience in team play as well as in the fundamentals of basketball. For the first time in its history, Tunstall had an eighth grade basket- ball team. They finished their sea- son with a 2-4 over-all record. These boys were coached by Mr. Jackie Hardy. The eighth grade team will prove to be very valuable in coming years for the younger boys will gain an unlimited amount of experience and know-how in playing basket- ball. They also learn that by work- ing together and through team sportsmanship they can have a win- ning season. EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL TEAM-FIRST ROW: Charles Shelton, Paul Amos, Dale Hyler, Joel Strange. SECOND ROW; Calvin Yarbrough, George Winn, Bruce Custer, Chris Barker, Averett Brown, David Jones. THIRD ROW; Coach Jackie Hardy, Melvin Holley, Earl Moss, Mike Wilson, Steve Dishman, Curtis Shelton, Donnie Daniels, manager. 91 Trojanettes Possess Sportsmanship and Spirit GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM-KNEELING: Sandra White, manager; Sandra Kendrick, Lucy Brumfield, co-captains: Janice Nowlin and Phyllis Bowling; Lynn Bennett, Debbie Hyler, Cynthia Ferrell, manager. STANDING: Alice Dodd, Joyce Stegall, Nancye Blair, Sharon Scott, PhylUs Deel, Cindy Stowe, Jo Ann Horton, Coach Lurlene Robertson. COACH ROBERTSON GIVES instructions and encouragement during a time-out. Scoreboard Tunstall 24 Tunstall 23 Tunstall 20 Tunstall 33 Tunstall 34 Tunstall 31 Tunstall 27 Tunstall 27 Tunstall 45 Tunstall 22 Tunstall 34 Tunstall 23 Gretna 32 Chatham 37 Nelson County .... 33 Dan River 27 Staunton River ... 29 Gretna 48 Altavista 41 Wm. Campbell . . . . 46 Rustburg 30 Appomattox 51 Chatham 52 Dan River 37 JUMBLED ACTION IS seen as the ball goes astray. NANCYE BLAIR GOES in for a lay up against Chatham’s weak defense. Playing an active role in Tunstall’s athletic program were the Trojanettes. Through brilliant maneuver of blocking, guarding, passing, dribbling, and shooting gained from hours of earnest practice, our girls’ basketball team won several games. Capturing the honor of high scorer for the Trojanettes was Phyllis Bowling, a junior and co-captain of the team. She also racked up the highest percentage of free throws during the season. Junior Nancye Blair ranked second in total points scored during the season. The first string players on the team were guards: Cindy Stowe, Janice Nowlin, and Alice Dodd; forwards: Nancye Blair, Phyllis Bowling, and Joyce Stegall. Of all the girls on the team only two were seniors, Janice Nowlin and Joyce Stegall. According to Coach Lurlene Robertson the girls played hard but she speculates a better team next year. 93 JO ANN HORTON CAUTIOUSLY guards the opposing forward. PHYLLIS BOWLING SHOOTS high for an easy two points. The 1968 Tunstall Baseball Team, wound up the season with a 7-8 over-all record. The team placed third in the district. Coach Bryant consid- ered hitting as the main weakness and the defen- sive play as the strong point of the team. Jesse Smith served as captain of the team. 1968 Varsity Baseball Schedule Tunstall ... 3 Dan River 1 Tunstall ... 9 Chatham 1 Tunstall... 7 Altavista 8 Tunstall ... 0 Fieldale-Collinsville 4 Tunstall ... 3 Gretna 2 Tunstall ... 17 Hargrave 0 Tunstall ... 0 Drewry Mason 2 Tunstall ... 9 Gretna 1 Tunstall ... 1 Wm. Campbell 12 Tunstall ... 4 Altavista 5 Tunstall... 1 Chatham 2 Tunstall ... 0 Fieldale-Collinsville 4 Tunstall ... 5 Hargrave 4 Tunstall ... 3 Dan River 1 Tunstall ... 1 Drewry Mason 5 In the Coach Jack Bryant Spring of the Year, Young Trojan Men’s 1968 BASEBALL TEAM-KNEELING: Tommy Scolpini, Johnnie Williams, Kenny Meadors, Jody Pollard, David Weatherford, Bobby Lovelace, Skip Scolpini, Jerry Call. STANDING: Coach Jack Bryant, Ray McCune, Vic Hardy, Johnny Gauldin, Hank Mobley, Jesse Smith, Tommy Hundley, Mike Kent, Charlie Smith, Assist. Wray Ware. Thoughts Turn to the Game of Baseball TENSION RIDES HIGH as Vic Hardy awaits the pitch. WILL HE WALK, run or strike out? This ball makes the decision. I Coach Zack Broadaway Tunstall’s track scoreboard has shown great improvements, since the school was first organized five years ago. The remarkable feats from the time-kindle runners, hurdlers, and jumpers boosted a record-breaking season. Under the supervision of Coach Zack Broadaway, daily practice sessions were held to keep the Trojans in shape for the track season. From the honors obtained, it seems that the “practice makes perfect” statement came true for the mighty Trojans boys. This year’s honored track stars and their record-breaking fetes were: High Jump— Pete Jones and Melvin Hairston— 5 ft. 3 in. Broad Jump-Pete Jones— 20 ft. 1J4 in. Discus— Burton Phelps— 1 18 ft. 100 Yard Dash— Pete Jones— 10.3 sec. 220 Yard Dash— Pete Jones— 21 .3 sec. 440 Yard Dash— Melvin Hairston— 50.1 sec. Low Hurdles— Pete Jones— 21.0 sec. Mile Relay— Melvin Hairston and Pete Jones— 3 min. 47 sec. 880 Relay— Pete Jones and Melvin Hairston, Sammy Edwards and Allen Wagner— 1 min. 47 sec. This year, also Pete Jones, Melvin Hairston, Swann Fitzgerald, and Sammy Edwards were privileged to participate in the District Indoor Track Meet at Lexington, Virginia. The four Trojans won honors in the 600 Yard Dash, 60 Yard Dash, and the Mile Relay. ’69 Track Team Expects Victorious Season LARRY REED IS trying hard to make a good jump but a “soft impression.” I MELVIN HAIRSTON IS pushing for footage as he tries to break the old jumping record. 96 LARRY REED CAN breathe easier now because he has made a clean jump. “LOOK OUT,” EXCLAIMS Allen Wagner, “I’m coming through.” 1968 TRACK TEAM - FIRST ROW; George Gray, Kermit Law, Dwayne Hardy, Wayne Webb, Lee Dalton, Davie Payne, Jimmy Shel- ton, Sammy Williams, Johnny Glasgow, Tom Wagner, David Leigh, Nick Camburides. SECOND ROW; Coach Zack Broadaway, Bill Stroud, Irving Lawson, Melvin Hairston, Jimmy Davis, Keith White, Tommy Tankersley, Burton Phelps, Paul Barbour, Walter Adkins, Larry Reed, Allen Wagner, Sammy Edwards, Manager Landon Grogan. 97 Various Accomplishments Rewarded Each day of our lives, we accomplish some- thing. Often times it is a minute accomplishment but every now and then we will accomplish something that is really worthwhile, som ething that will make our footprints golden in the sands of time. It is essential to recognize these achievements and give credit where credit is due. In the following section of this book, we have strived to memorialize the greatest achievements of Tuns- tall’s students during the 1968-69 school year. 98 ( Through Recognition, Awards, and Honors 99 18 Seniors Receive Honors for Studious Ben Gerald Bridges, Jr. Carolyn Leigh Carper Lee Ann Carter Efforts Judy Raye Dalton k i Rebecca Faye Dodd Alice Marie Edwards 100 Michael Herman Martin George William Neal, Jr. Suzanne Payne Phyllis Karen Powell Mary Lou Scarce Joyce Marie Stegall Vernon Steve Wall Sandra Ann White Karen Marie Wood The 1968-69 Senior Class boasts 18 honor graduates out of a class of 146 members. These students maintained the necessary honor average established by Pittsylvania County. This average is compiled during the five years of the school career. The county does not publish the actual average of an individual student; therefore, the honor graduates are listed in the ILIAD in alphabetical order and not in order of rank in class. 101 Saunders Allen Homecoming Queen V Victorious Football Game Highlighted by Crowning of Homecoming Queen Halftime activities at the victorious game against Chatham Cavaliers were highlighted by the crowning of Tunstall’s Homecoming Queen V. The varsity football squad nominated two girls from classes 8-1 1 for attendants and two girls from the senior class for queen and maid of honor. Each class voted on their attendant and the whole student body voted for the queen. Lee Allen, daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Allen of 460 Old Mayfield Road, was crowned queen. Patricia Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Davis of Avalon Drive was maid of honor. Junior Class Attendant was Edith McElheney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Q. D. McElheney 190 Blair Loop Rd. The sophomore class was represented by Lois Moorefield of 1601 West over Drive. Bonnie Burnette, daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Burnette of 3376 West over Drive, represented the freshman class. Myrna Gibson, daugliter of Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Gibson, Route 1 , Box 305 was attendant for sub-freshman class. Patricia Davis Maid of Honor Edith McElheney Junior Class Attendant Lois Moorefield Sophomore Class Attendant Bonnie Burnette Freshman Class Attendant 103 Myrna Gibson Sub-Freshman Attendant Senior Couple Capture Title of “Mr. and Miss Yearbook” I I Wayne Webb Mr. Yearbook 1968-69 104 Janice Nowlin Miss Yearbook 1968-69 Janice Nowlin and Wayne Webb, a senior couple, captured the title of Mr. and Miss Yearbook for the 1968-69 school year. Each class selected a couple to compete for the title. A subscription for the Iliad enabled students to vote for their favorite candidates. Janice is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nowlin of Ingram Road. Janice has been very active in school activities and plans to attend Danville Beauty Academy after graduation. Wayne is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Coy Webb of Church Ave. After graduation, he plans to attend Danville Community College to prepare for a course in veterinary medicine. 105 Altice, a Petite Junior, Captures Crown On November 16, 1968, Marsha Lee Altice began her reign as Miss Tunstall V. Marsha captured the title effortlessly with her poise, grace, and superb dancing ability. Marsha resides with her mother, Mrs Nancy Altice, on the Franklin Turnpike. Edith Lee McElheney received the honor of first runner-up. The petite junior performed a modern jazz dance as her talent. Edith is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. D. McElheney of Blair Loop Road. Second runner-up was Donna Snead. The blonde junior also performed a modern jazz dance. Donna is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carrol Snead of Danville. The title of Miss Congeniality went to a bouncy brunette senior, Vickie Shelton. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Shelton of Charlotte Avenue. MARSHA LEE ALTICE MISS TUNSTALL 106 J i EDITH LEE McELHENEY First Runner-Up i07 DONNA SNEAD Second Runner-Up MARSHA LEE ALTICE VICKI GAIL SHELTON Miss Congeniality Tunstall Brass Wins Two First Places In Beta Talent Shows The annual Beta Talent Show took place on March 21. Musical talents seemed to be “the going thing.” A group of Beta members, The Tunstall Brass, received first place honors for their interpreta- tion of songs by the Tijuana Brass. These boys: Sammy Shields, J. B. Tatum, Ronald Merricks, and Donald Merricks, also won first place and a trophy in a talent show at the State Beta Con- vention in Richmond. Becky LaPrade seized second place with her pantomime to Ahab the Arab. Janet Teague was awarded third place for her performance. She sang and played the guitar to “Crying in Daddy’s Arms”. The song was one of her own composition. THE TUNSTALL BRASS J. B. Tatum, Donald Merricks, Sammy Shields, Ronald Merricks, First Place Winners BECKY LaPRADE Second Place Winner JANET TEAGUE Third Place Winner SANDRA WHITE KAREN WOOD Beta Club Sponsors First Snowball Queen And Christmas Dance The Beta Club burst forth with new ideas to bring more enjoyment to the students during the Christmas holidays. In addition to the first Christmas dance the club also sponsored TunstalTs first Snowball Queen and her court. The girls from the senior class were chosen by the Beta Club to run for the title. The students voted in their choice by paying a dime for each vote or either having bought a ticket, they could cast their vote free of charge. The exciting moment came midway during the dance when the crowning took place. Presently Carolyn Carper reigns as Snowball Queen I. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Carper of Danville, Virginia. Her two attendants were Karen Wood, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Wood and Sandra White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving White all of Danville. CAROLYN CARPER Snowball Queen 1 109 Future Homemakers and Farmers Receive The DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award is pre- sented to the senior Vo-Ag student who has the most out- standing record in his supervised farming program, academic record and leadership qualities. This year Donald Dallas was accorded this honor. Donald will receive a special pin, certificate, and have his name engraved on a special school plaque sponsored by DeKalb. Miss Kay Richardson has won TunstalTs “Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow” Award. This honor is annually presented to the senior who attains the highest score on a competitive examination and essay. Kay has been selected as one of the ten semifinalists for the state of Virginia. This achievement makes her eligible for state and national scholarships. Kay is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Coy Richardson of Westover Drive. She plans to attend Madison College and major in library science. KAY RICHARDSON Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award DONALD DALLAS 1969 DeKalb Agricultural Accomplishment Award 110 Awards and Honors for Conscientious Efforts STATE FARMER DEGREE RECIPIENTS - Ralph Jones, George Pollok, Cecil Wallace The State Farmer Degree is received by two per cent of all students enrolled in Vocational Agriculture. It is based on leadership activities, scholastic achievement, and supervised farming programs. Donald Holley, senior, has been chosen as this year’s recipient of FFA Star Chapter Farmer Award. This award is given to the FFA member who has exhibited the most qualities of leadership and who has the most outstanding supervised framing program. Donald is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Posey Holley and resides at Route 1 , Dry Fork. First year vocational agriculture student, David Jones, has received the Star Chapter Green Hand Award. An outstanding farming program and qualities of leadership are required qualifications. David is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Jones. DAVID JONES Star Chapter Green Hand Award DONALD HOLLEY Star Chapter Farmer Award 111 Carolyn Carper DAR Award Winner m Each year, three girls are nominated by the senior class by secret ballot, with the final selection up to the faculty, to represent Tunstall as the Good Citizen of the Year. This year, Carolyn Carper was selected to represent the school in the competition. The qualifications for nomination are dependability, service, co-operation, leadership, personality, and patrio- tism to family, school, church, and community. The recipients are given a test on past history and current events. These tests, along with other information, are sent to Lynchburg to be entered into state competi- tion. A scholarship is later awarded to the girl most deserving in the surrounding communities. Carolyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Carper of Danville. She plans to attend Averett College. 112 1 SAMMY WILLIAMS All-State Football Team Honorable Mention RICKY MANN All-State Football Team Honorable Mention Students Express Interest in Varied Activities Three students— Carol Horton, Pete Lovell, and Charlie Crowder— presented a one-act play at Dan River High School. The play “The Dirty Old Man,” was written by John Carlino and directed by Mrs. Carolyn Hardy. The play takes place on a deserted coast in northern California. An old man enters and admires the sunset. He has a notebook i n which he writes thoughts as they enter his head. The old man leaves and when he returns he finds two teenagers involved in an argument. The young boy leaves Mary stranded with the old man. They get to know and like each other as a warm conversation develops. Sammy Williams, a junior, and Ricky Mann, a senior, received honorable mention on the All State Football Team. They were picked for this because of the outstanding playing records dur- ing the past season. ONE-ACT PLAY CAST — Carol Horton, Pete Lovell, Charlie Crowder. 113 Various Honors Are Awarded To Our Outstanding Athletes Harold Breedlove was chosen by all the coaches in the district as one of the five the All District Basketball team. He was the only junior in the district to make the team. Coach Lowell Thomas was selected as Coach of the Year by the other coaches in the district. He received a certificate from the Lynchburg News. Coach Thomas the award itself was honor enough. had two members of its 1968-69 football team to make All- District first one Honorable Mention. The All District first honors were won by Sammy a junior, and George Lewis, a senior. Rodney Raines, a senior, won his tion on the second team. Sammy has played two years of varsity football. Sammy served as fullback on offense. He carried the ball 1 1 1 times for 530 yards and averaged 4.7 yards a carry. He scored seven points. George Lewis played right guard on offense and played defensive left end. This was his fourth year as a varsity letterman and was the leading tackle for the team. Rodney Raines played left halfback on offense and played safety on defense. This was Rodney’s third year as a letterman. COACH LOWELL THOMAS Coach of the Year RODNEY RAINES Second Team All District 1 m ■M|l GEORGE LEWIS and SAMMY WILLIAMS First Team All District Football Team HAROLD BREEDLOVE First Team All District Basketball Team Students Excel In Their Musical Ability ALL-COUNTY CHORUS - FIRST ROW: Kathy Austin, Beth Hern- don, Pat Weeks, Janet Teague, Darlene Walton, Jackie Bryant, Debbie Todd, Debbie Parham. SECOND ROW: Terry Leviner, Mike Kent, Vic Hardy, Tommy Puryear, Ricky Pritchett. The All-County Band was chosen by Mr. James Preble, Band director. There is a limited number within each selection of the band. Each member of the band was auditioned and given a rating. The positions were filled from the top of the list (for each section) on down until all positions were filled. The All-County Chorus was also selected by Mr. James Preble. Each director was to pick a balanced group of sixteen people to send to Chatham. These were also selected by auditions and ratings. Our Glee Club sent five sopranos, three altos, four tenors and four basses to participate in Chatham. ALL-COUNTY BAND — FIRST ROW: Barry Blair, Janice Nowlin, Tatum, Kermit Law, Jim Alder.son, Richard Haley, George Winn, Susan Hyler, Pat Moore, Jan Gillespie, Lois Moorefield, Edley Mobley, Donald Merricks. Billie Carter. SECOND ROW: Ronald Merricks, Virgil Clay, J. B. 115 Footprints Down Tunstall’s Halls Bear the Proof of Academic Struggles and Successes The following section endeavors to give recognition to the different classes at Tunstall from the timid Sub-Freshmen to the mighty Seniors. In years to come, this yearbook will serve as a connecting link to pleasant past memories of footsteps made down the dear halls of Tunstall with fellow classmates. 116 Juniors Undergo Important Metamorphosis; I Keith White, President Carolyn Carper, Vice-President MARY SCEARCE ADAMS “Mary Jane” WANDA GAY ADKINS “Wanda” FRED LEROY ALLEN “Fred” MAE ALICE ALLEN “Mae” PERRY CLIFTON ALLEN “Perry” SAUNDERS LEE ALLEN “Lee” Become Poised Seniors During Summer Brenda Breedlove, Treasurer Ruth Scarce, Secretary Vickie Shelton, Wanda Adkins, Reporters MARSHA ETHEL AUSTIN “Marsha” SANDRA GALE BATEMAN “Sandra” VINCENT HAROLD BATEMAN “Vincent” CONNIE LEE BEGGARLY “Connie” JOANNA ELLEN BOWMAN “Joanna” BRENDA CLARICE BREEDLOVE “Brenda” “Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow 99 WALTER EDWARD BREEDLOVE BEN GERALD BRIDGES, JR. LEWIS MICHAEL BROWN “Walter” “Gerald” “Mike” RONALD BENJAMIN BURTON “Ronnie” JACQUELYN GAIL BRYANT “Jackie” WILLIAM HANNA BYRD “Billy” CAROLYN LEIGH CARPER “Carolyn LEE ANN CARTER “Lee Ann” PETE JONES SEEMS amused that he and the rest of his class got locked out. Will We Ever Completely Understand Macbeth? OREN JACKSON CARTER “Oren” SUSAN SHAW CARTER “Susan” JOHN HENRY CLARK “John” MICHAEL EDWARD CLARK “Mike” JANET SUE CRANE “Janet” BENNIE MILLARD CROSS, JR. “Junior” WELL, RUTH I would say it finally got to you! 121 STEVE WALL SEEMS to be giving Wanda Adkins a rough time during senior play rehearsal while Gary Richardson just watches. JUDY FAYE DOSS “Judy” LOIS CAROL DOSS “Lois” STEVE HARDY DOSS “Steve” BERNARD LEE DALTON, JR. “Lee” JOHNNY SCALES DUNCAN “Johnny” DONALD WAYNE DALLAS “Donald” Term Paper Work Results In Bleary Eyes JUDY RAYE DALTON “Judy” PHILLIP MICHAEL DALTON “Worm” MICHAEL LEIGH DANIELS “Mike” ERNEST WILLIAM EANES “Ernest” PATRICIA CLARE EARLES “Patsy” ALICE MARIE EDWARDS “Alice” JAMES LEE EDWARDS “Jimmy” BRENDA KAY FARTHING “Brenda” JANE JERENE FLORA “Jane” 123 MARSHA CAROLINE GALPIN “Marsha” MARY NELL GAMMON “Mary Nell” BRENDA POWELL GERRELLS “Brenda” Exams Produce Cramming, Misery, — Relief VICTORIA ELLEN GERRELLS “Vickie” RUTHIE JEAN GIBSON “Rutliie” GEORGE DAMMON GRAY “George” GARY ray GREEN “Gary” JANE PRITCHETT GREEN “Jane” 124 REALLY SAMMY, FROM the looks of things I think the whole senior class is cracking up! MALCOLM DWAYNE HARDY RICHARD STEVEN HARRIS SANDRA FAYE HARRIS “Dwayne” “Ricky” “Sandra” REBECCA PRUITT HARVILLE “Rebecca” SHEILA DIANNE HERNDON “Sheila” PEGGY JEAN HIGDON “Peggy” JERRY DONALD HOLLEY “Don” JERRY DONALD HUNT “Jerry” EVELYN JEANETTE HUTSON “Jeanette” 125 Seniors Look Down Upon All of the “Lesser Mortals” PHILLIP WAYNE HUTSON " Phillip” JERRY MICHAEL INMAN “Jerry” JOHN ANDREW JACKSON “John” GLENN RONALD INMAN “Glenn” DAVE LEON JACKS “Dave” STUART WAYNE JENNINGS “Stuart” HAROLD ESTON JONES, JR. “Pete” JOHNNY RAY JONES “Johnny” JOY EILEEN JONES “Joy” 126 “Pat” “Pam” RICKY MANN GRINS all over himself after watching Lee Allen being crowned Homecoming Queen V. i JANIE BEGGARLY KENDRICK “Janie” REBECCA LEIGH LaPRADE “Becky” LESLIE JEAN LAW “Leslie” STEVEN ANDERSON LAWLESS “Steve” GEORGE WINSTON LEWIS “George” MARTHA ELIZABETH LEWIS “Marty” MILDRED GAIL LONG “GaU” JOANN LOVELL “JoAnn” MARIAN LOVELL “Marian” RICKY LEE MANN “Ricky” LARRY DALTON MARTIN “Larry” SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS: Mr. Keen Hedrick, Mrs. Deloris Moore, Miss Ardane Barbour, Mrs. Priscilla Merricks, Miss Lurlene Robertson. DESSA MARIA MASON “Dee” MICHAEL HERMAN MARTIN “Mike” 128 BARBARA HOPE McMINNIS “Barbara” KENNETH TERRY MEADORS BARRY RAE MERRICKS “Kenny” “Barry” MYRTLE ESTELLE MINTER FRANK WILSON MOBLEY, 111 “Myrtle” “Hank” GEORGE WILLIAM NEAL, JR. “George” JANICE DALE NEWTON “Janice” JANICE LEIGH NOWLIN “Leroy” LINDA KAY OAKES “Linda” REBECCA ANN OAKES “Becky” 129 College? Jobs? Marriage? Questions Of Future RICKEY WAYNE OAKES “Rickey” BARRY THOMAS OWEN “Barry” LOIS HAWKINS PAYNE “Lois” PHYLLIS KAREN POWELL “Karen” JUDY ALTA PRUITT “Judy” BRENDA CAROL QUINN “Brenda” 130 RODNEY DODD RAINES “Rodney” ROGER FRANKLIN RAINES “Roger” DEBBIE SUE RICH “Debbie” Dominate Horizon Of Graduating Students GARNETT MARSHALL RICHARDSON, JR. “Gary” KAY KENT RICHARDSON “Kay” CHARLES PHILIP ROBERTSON “Philip” UNDERCLASSMEN STAND IN honor of the senior class as they march in to receive their rings. RONALD LEO ROOT “Ronnie” JOSEPH RICHARD SCARCE “Joe” 131 I Highlights Of Year Create Golden Memories MARY LOU SCARCE RUTH ANN SCARCE AMANDA REE SCEARCE “Mary Lou” “Ruth” “Mandy” JACQUELINE LUCILLE SCOTT “Jackie” VICKIE GAIL SHELTON “Vickie” BARRIE ANN SCEARCE “Barrie” EDWARD LEE SCEARCE, JR. “Edward” BELINDA GAYLE SCOTT “Belinda” DWAYNE HARDY, BLAKELY Swanson, and Kenny Meadors discuss the importance of their status as seniors. SAMMY LEE SHIELDS “Sammy” BELINDA GAIL SHUMATE “Belinda” EITHER RONNIE ROOT is standing on his head or the editor of the annual has gone nuts! PATRICIA SUE SMITH “Pat” WILLIAM HENRY SMITH “William” JOYCE MARIE STEGALL “Joyce” THOMAS LEE STEPHENS “Tommy” BLAKELY DAVID SWANSON “Blakely” JOAN LEZZA TARPLEY “Joan” 133 Having Left Their Own Set of Footprints LINDA GAIL TAYLOR “Linda” PHYLLIS NADINE TURNER “Phyllis” VERNON STEVEN WALL “Steve” PETE WARREN Pete” DEBORAH ANN WALDT “Deborah” MRS. MERRICKS’ SIXTH period Government class struggles along answering endless sheets of questions. WAYNE COY WEBB “Wayne” MARY ELIZABETH WELLS “Mary” GAIL MARIE WHITE “Gail” Tunstall Seniors Proceed Bravely Onward IRVIN KEITH WHITE “Keith” JAMES WILLIAM WHITE SANDRA ANN WHITE “Jimmy” “Frog” FRANCES MARILYN WILSON “Marilyn” RONNIE LEE WILSON “Ronnie” KAREN MARIE WOOD “Karen” KATHRYN CELESTIA WRIGHT “Kathy” WILLIE EARL YARBROUGH “Earl” MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Mike Martin and Carolyn Carper BEST LOOKING Ronnie Root and Becky Oakes MOST ATHLETIC Sammy Shields and Janice Nowlin BEST ALL ROUND Keith White and Carolyn Carper BEST DRESSED Junior Cross and Judy Dalton MOST DEPENDABLE George Neal and Carolyn Carper MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Kenny Meadors and Ruth Scarce MOST FRIENDLY Sammy Shields and Vickie Shelton MOST BASHFUL Fred Allen and Mary Lou Scarce Senior Students Shine as “Superlatives” Each year the seniors cast ballots to determine which of their fellow classmates they feel are deserving of the “Senior Superlatives”. This tends to give recognition to more reserved students who are as much a part of Tunstall as the more outgoing students. BEST PERSONALITY Sammy Shields and Carolyn Carper 137 Statistics Prove Seniors To Be Very Active WANDA GAY ADKINS: SCA Executive Committee - Treasurer - 5 ; Monogram Club — 5; French Club - 2, 3, 4; FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4; Iliad Staff - Assistant Circulation Manager - Business Manager — 4, 5; Trojan Staff — Assistant Circulation — Circulation Manager — 4, 5; Quill And Scroll - 4, 5; Cheerleader - Football 5; Class Offices - Reporter —1,5; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club 5; Intramural Basketball - 1, 2, 3. FRED LEROY ALLEN: Glee Club - 2; Art Club - 2. MAE ALICE ALLEN: Business Club — 1; Spanish Club -1,2; Perfect Attendance - 1; Library Club - 1 ; Pep Club — 5 ; Y-Teens - 1 , Dance Group - 1 . SAUNDERS LEE ALLEN: Glee Club - 2, 3; Business Club - 3, 4, 5; Beta Talent Show - 3; Pep Club - 5 ; Homecoming Attendant - 4; Homecoming Queen — 5. MARSHA ETHEL AUSTIN: Spanish Club - 4,5; Band -1,2; Pep Club - 5. SANDRA GALE BATEMAN: Glee Club - 1; Business Club - 3, 4, 5; FHA - 1, 2, 3; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . VINCENT HAROLD BATEMAN: French Club — 1; Foot Club - 5; Junior Play — 4; Audio Visual Club - 3; Art Club - 1, 4 - President - 5 ; Senior Play — 5 . JOANNA ELLEN BOWMAN: Glee Club - 1, 2, 3; Business Club — 4, 5; FHA — 2, 3; Library Club - 2, 3, 4; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff - 2, 4, 5; Girls’ Chorus 3; Quill and Scroll - 4, 5; Intramural Basketball - 2. BRENDA CLARICE BREEDLOVE: French Club -1,2; Library Club - 1; Pep Club - 1, 2,5; Y-Teens -1,2. WALTER EDWARD BREEDLOVE: Junior Play - 4; Pep Club - 5. BEN GERALD BRIDGES: Monogram Club — 4; Spanish Club — 1, 2; SCA Homeroom Representative - 2, 3; Honor Letter - 1; Football - 1; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Class Office - Vice-President — 4. LEWIS MICHAEL BROWN: Glee Club - 4, 5; SCA Homeroom Representative - 4; FFA — 3, 4; Foot Club - 5; Junior Play - 4; Football - 2; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club -5. RONALD BENJAMIN BURTON: Monogram Club — 4, 5; Junior Play — 4; Audio Visual Club — President — 4; Bus Driver —4, 5; Pep Club - 5; Golf Team - 2. WILLIAM HANNA BYRD: Monogram Club — 4, 5; Foot Club - 5; Forensics - 4; Junior Play - 4; Audio Visual Club - 2, 3 - Secretary, 4,5; Iliad Staff - 5 ; Trojan Staff - 5; Golf - 3. CAROLYN LEIGH CARPER: Monogram Club - 5; Beta Club - Vice-President - 4, President - 5; Spanish Club - 2, 3; SCA 138 Homeroom Representative - 3; Miss Tunstall Pageant - Chairman - 5 ; Iliad Staff - Sports Editor - 4, 5; Honor Letter - 2, 3, 4, 5; Quill and Scroll - 4, 5; Beta Convention — 4; Cheerleader - 4, 5; Class Office - Vice President - 5 , President - 3 ; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 ; Office Assistant —4,5; Junior Marshal — 4. LEE ANN CARTER: Glee Club - 1, 2; Beta Club - 3, 4, 5; Spanish Club - 4, 5; Library Club — 2; Miss Tunstall Pageant — Marshal — 5; Junior Play — 4; Trojan Staff - 4; Honor Letter — 2,3,4; Art Club — 4,5; Senior Play -5. OREN JACKSON CARTER: Glee Club - 4. SUSAN SHAW CARTER: Glee Club - 1; Foot Club - 4; Junior Play - 4; Art Club - 5 ; Senior Play — 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . JOHN HENRY CLARK: Glee Club 4; FFA - 1,2; Beta Talent Show - 4; Art Club -5; Football — 2; Band - 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL EDWARD CLARK: Art Club - 1; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . JANET SUE CRANE: Spanish - 1, 2, 3 - program chairman 3; FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot Club — 1,2; Forensics — 4 — stage manager; Library Club - 4; Audio Visual Club - 4; Trojan Staff -4,5; Sports Editor 5 ; Pep Club - 5 ; Intramural Basketball - 2, 3. BENNIE MILLARD CROSS: Perfect Atten- dance — 1; FFA —1,2; Bus Driver - 4, 5; Band — 1,2,3. CHARLES WOODROW CROWDER: Perfect Attendance — 1; Forensics - 5; Library Club - 1, 2, 3 - Reporter, 4, 5; Miss Tunstall Pageant - State Manager — 5; Beta Talent Show — Stage Manager — 4, 5; Junior Play — 4; Audio Visual Club — 1, 2; Iliad Staff - 2, 3, 4; Trojan Staff — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Quill and Scroll -4,5; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club — 5 ; SIPA Convention - 3; SLADE — 4, 5 — Treasurer. DONALD WAYNE DALLAS: FFA -1,2- Secretary, 3 — Vice President, 4 - President, 5 — Reporter; Trojan Staff — 4, 5 — Reporter; Bus Driver - 5 . JUDY RAYE DALTON: Business Club - 3, 4; Beta Club — 3, 4 — Parliamentarian, 5; Spanish Club - 2, 3 - Secretary; SCA Home- room Representative — 2; Perfect Attendance - 2, 3, 4; FHA - 4; Trojan Staff - 3 - Feature Writer, 4 — Business Manager — 5; Honor Letter — 4; Quill and Scroll — 4, 5; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5. BERNARD LEE DALTON: Perfect Atten- dance - 3, 4; Audio Visual Club - 2, 3, 4, 5 - Vice President; Bus Driver — 5; Track - 2, 3,4. PHILLIP MICHAEL DALTON: Glee Club - 2; SCA Executive Committee - 1; SCA Homeroom Representative — 1 ; Basketball - 2 - Manager; Pep Club - 1. MICHAEL LEIGH DANIELS: Library Club - 3, 4, 5 - Vice President; Junior Play - 4; Audio Visual Club — 1,2; Bus Driver — 5; Track — 3; Senior Play — 5. SANDRA LYNN DAVIS: Business Club - 4, 5; FHA - 1, 2, 3, 4; Foot Club —4,5; Junior Play - 4; Iliad Staff - 5; Debate Team - 1; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5; Intramural Basketball — 1,2,3. PATRICIA ANN DENNY: Glee Club - 2; Business Club - 2, 3, 4; SCA Homeroom Representative — 2; FHA — 1; Library Club — 1, 2, 3, 4; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff - 4, 5; Iliad Staff - 4; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5. FAN. A WFT 1 ac Qp.f m inhilant nvpr a «iirp virtnrv JUDY FAYE DOSS: Glee Club - 4; Business Club - 3, 4; Spanish Club — 2; Library Club -4,5; Pep Club - 4. LOIS CAROL DOSS: Glee Club - 4; Business Club — 3, 4; Library Club 4. STEVE HARDY DOSS: Glee Club - 2; Art Club - 1 . JOHNNY SCALES DUNCAN: Glee Club - 4, 5; FFA - 1, 2, 3, 4; Library Club — 4; Bus Driver — 4; Baseball - 2. EARNEST WILLIAM EANES: Glee Club - 2; Audio Visual Club - 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver - 5. PATRICIA CLARE EARLES: French Club - 1; Library Club - 3, 4 - Reporter; Honor Letter - 3 ; Pep Club - 5 . ALICE MARIE EDWARDS: Monogram Club -4,5; Beta Club — 3,4,5 - Parliamentarian; French Club - 3, 4; FHA -1,2; Beta Talent Show - 4; Junior Play - 4; Honor Letter - 2, 3, 4, 5; Basketball - 3 - Scorekeeper; Cheer- leader - 3; Band - 1, 2, 3 — Librarian; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club — 5 ; All Regional Band — 3; Intramural Basketball - 1,2,3. JAMES LEE EDWARDS: Glee Club - 2, 3, 4, 5; Monogram Club - 2, 3, 4; Football -1,2, 3,4. BRENDA KAYE FARTHING: Business Club — 5; FHA — 1, 2, 3; Senior Play — 5. JANE JERENE FLORA: Glee Club 1; Spa- nish Club — 1,2,3; Foot Club —4,5; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff - 5 - Proofreader - Club Editor; Intramural Basketball - 3. MARSHA CAROLINE GALPIN: SCA Home- room Representative - 1, 2, 3, 4 - Vice President; Debate Team - 3,4 - Co-Captain; Art Club - 1, 2, 3; Cheerleader - 2, 3, 4; Class Office — 4 — Secretary. MARY NELL GAMMON: Business Club — 3, 4,5; FHA -4,5; Junior Play - 4. BRENDA POWELL GERRELLS: Glee Club - 1; Business Club - 1; FHA - 1, 3, 4 - Song Leader, 5 - Vice President — Federation Song Leader; Iliad Staff - 5 - Typist. VICTORIA ELLEN GERRELLS: French Club — 2, 3; FHA - 2, 3, 4, 5 — Secretary; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff - 5; FHA Fashion Show - 4; Senior Play - 5. RUTHIE JEAN GIBSON: Art Club - 4, 5. BERTHA MARTIN GILES: Erench Club - 3; Foot Club - 4. GEORGE DAMMON GRAY: SCA Home- room Representative - 1; FFA - 1, 2 - Assistant President; Bus Driver - 4; Football -1,5; Track - 4 ; Band - 1 . GARY RAY GREEN: Perfect Attendance — 4; Audio Visual Club — 4, 5 — Vice President; Basketball — 1 ; Senior Play - 5 . WHEN WALKING ALONG the sidewalk, do you ever get the feeling the school is watching you? JANE PRITCHETT GREEN: Glee Club - 2; Beta Club — 3, 4, 5; Perfect Attendance - 2, 4; FHA - 1, 2, 3 - Co-Historian, 4 - president — Federation Reporter — State Homemakers Degree; Honor Letter — 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Convention — 4,5. MALCOLM DWAYNE HARDY: Monogram Club - 4, 5; French Club - 1, 2; Audio- Visual Club — 1; Football — 2, 3, 4, 5; Track -3,4; Golf — 5 ; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5. RICHARD STEVEN HARRIS: Glee Club - 1;FFA 4. SANDRA FAYE HARRIS: Glee Club -1,2; Beta Club — 3, 4, 5; Spanish Club — 1,2; Perfect Attendance — 1; Library Club - 2; Art Club —1,2; Pep Club — 5 . REBECCA PRUITT HARVILLE: Glee Club - 3,4,5. SHIELA DIANNE HERNDON: Glee Club - 2, 3, 4; Business Club - 3, 4; FHA — 1; Foot Club - 4, 5; Library Club - 4; Junior Play - 4; Girls’ Chorus — 2; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5 . PEGGY JEAN HIGDON: Glee Club - 4; Business Club — 4, Parliamentarian - 5; Per- fect Attendance - 3; Trojan Staff — 5 ; Honor Letter - 3; Pep Club — 5; Office Assistant - 4. JERRY DONOLD HOLLEY: FFA - 1, 2, Secretary — 3, Vice-President — 4, President - 5; Junior Play — 4; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5; Debate Team — 5. JERRY DONALD HUNT: Glee Club - 1; FFA- 1,2, 3,4. EVELYN JEANETTE HUTDON: Business Club - 4, 5; FHA - 1. PHILLIP WAYNE HUTSON: FFA -1,-Assis- tant Parliamentarian 2,3,4. JERRY MICHAEL INMAN: Glee Club - 2; FFA - 4; Art Club - 1. JOHN ANDREW JACKSON: Glee Club - 5; Art Club — 5. STUART WAYNE JENNINGS: Spanish Club -1,2; Audio-Visual Club - 2, 3, 4. JOHNNIE RAY JONES: FFA - I - Assistant Sentinel, 2, 3; Audio-Visual Club - 2; Art Club - 5. JOY EILEEN JONES: Business Club — 4, 5; Perfect Attendance - 2, 3, 4, 5; FHA — 2, 3, 4,5; Trojan Staff -4,5; Office Assistant - 5 . HAROLD ESTON JONES: Monogram Club - 2, 3, 4, 5; French Club - 2; Audio-Visual Club - 2; Football -4,5; Track - 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Pep Club - 5. PAMELA GAIL KEATTS: Beta Club -1,2, 3; French Club - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; SCA Home- room Representative - 4; FHA — 2, 3, 4; Foot Club - 5; Trojan Staff — 5; Honor Letter — 1; Beta Convention — 4. JANIE BEGGARLY KENDRICK: FHA - 1; Art Club - 4, 5. REBECCA LEIGH LAPRADE: Business Club - 4, 5; Spanish Club - 2, 3; FHA - 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Historian - 5; Library Club - 4; Trojan Staff - 4, 5; Art Club - 5; FHA Fashion Show - Chairman — 5; Pep Club — 5; 4-H Club - 1,2, 3, 4, 5; 4-H Honor Club -5. LESLIE JEAN LAW: Art Club - 5. GEORGE WINSTON LEWIS: Glee Club - 3, 4,5; Monogram Club -2,3,4, Treasurer - 5 ; Foot Club - 4, 5; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff — 5; Bus Driver - 5; Football — 1, 2, 3, Co-Captain -4,5; Basketball — 3, 5; Track - 4; Band -1,2; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5 ; All-District Football - 5 . MARTHA ELIZABETH LEWIS: Glee Club - 2; Beta Club - 3, 4, 5; French Club - 2, 3, 4, 5; SCA Homeroom Representative - 3; FHA - 1, 2, 3; Foot Club - 5; Miss Tunstall Pageant — 4, 5; Trojan Staff - 5; Beta Convention - 4, 5; FHA Fashion Show - 1; Junior Miss Pageant — 5 ; Senior Play — 5 ; Pep Club - 5; S CA Secretary - 4. MILDRED GAIL LONG: Glee Club -1,2; Business Club — 4, 5; FHA — 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary - 5; Junior Play - 5 ; Girls’ Chorus - 3; Intramural Basketball - 1, 2; Pep Club — 5. JOANNE LOVELL: Glee Club - 2, 3, 4; Business Club — 3, 4; Foot Club — 5; All Regional Chorus - 4; Library Club - 4; Junior Play - 4; Girls’ Chorus - 4; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club 5. 139 MARIAN LOVELL: Glee Club - 2, 3, 4; Business Club -3,4; FHA - 1 ; Foot Club - 4, 5; Library Club - 4; Junior Play - 4; Girls’ Chorus — 2 ; Senior Play — 5 ; Pep Club 5 . LARRY DALTON MARTIN; Perfect Atten- dance - 3; Junior Play - 4; Art Club - 5; Band - 2, 3, 4. MICHAEL HERMAN MARTIN: Beta Club - 3, 4, 5; Spanish Club - 3; French Club — 1,2, 3; Beta Talent Show - 3; Junior Play - 4; Honor Letter — 1, 2, 4; Class Officer — President - 4; Senior Play - 5. RICKY LEE MANN: Business Club — 5; Monogram Club -2,3, 4, Vice-President - 5; Bus Driver - 5; Football - 1, 2, 3, Co-Cap- tain -4,5; Track -4,5; Pep Club - 5 BARBARA HOPE MCMINNIS: Glee Club - 2; Business Club — 3,4,5; Perfect Attendance - 1; FHA - 1, 2, Co-Historian - 3; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff - 4; Intramural Basket- ball - 1,2; Pep Club -5. KENNETH TERRY MEADORS: Monogram Club - 4, 5; Spanish Club - 5; Iliad Staff - 5; Trojan Staff - 5; Football — 3, 4, 5; Basketball - 4; Baseball - 2, 3, 4, 5; Pep Club - Treasurer - 5. BARRY RAE MERRICKS; Track - 3. MYRTLE ESTELLE MINTER: Glee Club - 1; Business Club - 4, 5; FHA - 1,2; Pep Club - 5 . FRANK WILSON MOBLEY: Monogram Club - Secretary _ 4, 5; French Club - 3, 4; SCA Homeroom Representative - 2; Tro- jan Staff - 4, 5; Football - 3, 4, 5; Basketball - 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Class Officer - Treasurer — 3; Pep Club - 5; Junior Marshall — 4. GEORGE WILLIAM NEAL: SCA Executive Committee - President — 5 ; Beta Club — 4,5; Spanish Club - 3, 4, 5; SCA Homeroom Representative - 3, 4; Junior Play — 4; Audio-Visual Club — 2; Iliad Staff — Trojan Staff - 4; Honor Letter - 4; Bus Driver — 4, 5; Quill and Scroll - 4, 5; Basketball —1,2; Baseball - 1 , 2 , 3 ; Pep Club - 5 . JANICE DALE NEWTON: Glee Club - 1,2; Business Club - 3, 4, Secretary - 5; FHA - 3, 4, - Reporter - 5; FHA Fashion Show - 5 ; Pep Club — 5 ; All-County Chorus — 1 . JANICE LEIGH NOWLIN; Monogram Club - 5; Spanish Club - 3 - Secretary, 4, 5; SCA Homeroom Representative - 5; FHA - 1; Foot Club - 4, 5; Miss Tunstall Pageant - 3, 4, 5; Beta Talent Show - 4; Junior Play - 4; Iliad Staff - 5; Basketball — 3, 4, 5 — Co-Captain; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Reporter; Junior Miss Pageant - 5; Pep Club - 5; Class Officer — Secretary — 4; All-County 2nd Basketball Team - 4; All-County Band - 1, 2, 3,4,5. LINDA KAYE OAKES: Business Club - 4, 5 ; Library Club -3,4. REBECCA ANN OAKES: Business Club - 4, 5; Monogram Club - 5; French Club - 2, 3, 4; FHA -1,2, 3; Basketball - 2, 3; Football THIS PICTURE DESERVES an ex- planation. The ILIAD’S devoted photographer, George Neal, hung by his feet from the railing upstairs near the pressroom in order to have some- thing worthwhile to take a picture of, to finish out a roll of film. Just think what would have happened if he had fallen. The editor would be in jail. Cheerleader - 5; FHA Fashion Show — 1; Class Officers - Vice-President — 1, Secretary — 3, Reporter - 4; Pep Club — 5; Junior Marshal — 4. RICKEY WAYNE OAKES: Library Club - 1; Junior Play - 4; Audio-Visual Club - 2, 3; Bus Driver - 5 ; Senior Play - 5 . BARRY THOMAS OWEN; Glee Club - 5; Monogram Club - 5 ; All Regional Chorus - 5; Junior Play — 4; Art Club — 4, 5; Football -4,5; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . LOIS HAWKINS PAYNE; French Club - 1, 2,4; FHA - 3, 4, 5 ; Library Club - 3,4,5 - President; Junior Play - 4; Trojan Staff - 5; FHA Fashion Show — 5. MARY HILL PAYNE; Library Club - 4,5 - Reporter; Trojan Staff - 5; Pep Club - 5. SUZANNE PAYNE: Beta Club - 3, 4, 5 - Reporter; French Club - 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Perfect Attendance - 3; Miss Tunstall Pageant 4,5- Stage Manager; Beta Talent Show - 4 - Stage Manager; Junior Play — 4; Iliad Staff — Assistant Business Manager - 4; Editor — 5; Debate Team — 1,5; Honor Letter — 3, 4, 5; Quill and Scroll — 4, 5; Beta Convention — 4, 5; Basketball - Scorekeeper - 4, 5; Class Officers - Secretary — 1, Treasurer — 2; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5; Junior Marshal - 4; Office Assistant - 4; SIPA Convention - 4; Intramural Basketball — 1,2,3. PHYLLIS KAREN POWELL: Glee Club - 1, 2, 3; Beta Club - 4, Secretary — 5; French Club - 2, President - 3, 4; FHA - 1, 2, 3; Miss Tunstall Pageant - 5; Junior Play - 4; Honor Letter — 3; Basketball - 2; FHA Fashion Show — 1 ; Pep Club — 5. JUDY ALMA PRUITT: Honor Letter - 4. BRENDA CAROL QUINN; Glee Club - 3, 4; Business Club - 4; FHA -1,5; Library Club -4, 5; Pep Club -5. RODNEY DODD RAINES: Glee Club - 1,2, 3; Monogram Club — 3, 4, President - 5; Foot Club - 5 ; Junior Play — 4; Audio-Visual Club - 3; Bus Driver - 4, 5; Art Club - 5; Football — 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain - 5; Basket- ball - 1 ; Track - 4; Class Officer — Secretary - 1; Pep Club - 5. DEBBIE SUE RICH; Glee Club - 2; French Club - 1, 2; Perfect Attendance 1; SCA Homeroom Representative - 3; Foot Club - 4; Junior Play - 4; Honor Letter - 2; Class Officer - Reporter - 2; Homecoming Atten- dant — 2. GARNETT MARSHALL RICHARDSON: Monogram Club — 3, 4 — Vice-President — 5; Perfect Attendance - 2, 3, 4, 5; Beta Talent Show - 4, 5; Audio-Visual Club — 2, 3, 4, 5 — President; Trojan Staff — 5; Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5. KAY KENT RICHARDSON; French Club - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club - 2, 3, 4 — Treasurer, 5 — Parliamentarian; Junior Play — 140 4; Trojan Staff - 3, 4, 5 - Exchange Editor; Debate Team — 5; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club — 5; National Merit Scholarship “Commended Status” — 5; Betty Crocker “Homemaker of Tomorrow” Award — 5. CHARLES PHILIP ROBERTSON: Glee Club — 4; FEA - 1, 2 - Sentinel, 3 — Treasurer, 4 — Parliamentarian of Pittslyvania Federation, 5; Audio-Visual Club — 5. RONALD LEO ROOT: Monogram Club — 4, 5; French Club — 3, 4, 5; Foot Club — 4; Forensics - 4; Audio-Visual Club - 5; Foot- ball - 4; Track - 5; Class Officer - President — 2; Senior Play - 5. JOSEPH RICHARD SCARCE: Glee Club - 1, 2; FEA - 1, 2, 3, 4; Bus Driver - 5. MARY LOU SCARCE: Beta Club - 3, 4, 5; Spanish Club — 1,2; Honor Letter - 5; Beta Convention - 5; Art Club - Secretary - 5; Band —1,2; Pep Club - 5 . RUTH ANN SCARCE: Monogram Club - 4, 5; French Club — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Library Club — 3,4 — Secretary, 5 ; Art Club — Vice-President — 5; Basketball — 3; Basketball Cheerleader — 4, 5 - Co-Captain; Class Officer — Vice- President — 2; Secretary — 5; Pep Club — Reporter - 5. BELINDA GAYLE SCOTT: Glee Club -4,5; FHA - 1; Art Club — 5; Cafeteria Worker 1, 4. JACQUELINE LUCILLE SCOTT: Business Club -4,5; FHA - 1 , 5 ; Art Club - 5 . BARRIE ANN SCARCE: Glee Club - 5; French Club - 1; FHA - 5; Junior Play - 4; Girls’ Chorus - 5 ; Art Club - 5 . EDWARD LEE SCEARCE: Business Club — 4; FEA - 1,2; Pep Club -5. VICKIE GAIL SHELTON: Glee Club - 2,5; Monogram Club - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Spanish Club — 1, 2, 3, 4; SCA Homeroom Representative — 5; FHA — 3, 4, 5; Miss Tunstall Pageant — 4, 5; Cheerleader - 2, 3, 4 — Co-Captain, 5 — Co-Captain; Class Officer — Reporter — 5; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - President - 5 . SAMMY LEE SHIELDS: Monogram Club - 5; Beta Club - 5; Spanish Club - 3, 4 — Treasurer, 5 — President; Beta Convention — 5; Football -1,5; Basketball — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball — 2; Band — 1, 2 — Guard Master, 3 — Vice-President, Assistant Drum Major, 4 — Presidents, Drum Major; Class Officer - 3 - Vice-President, 4 - Treasurer; Senior Play — 5; Pep Club — 5; All-County Band - 1, 3, 4. BELINDA GAIL SHUMATE: Glee Club - 5; FHA -1,2; Junior Play - 4; Girls’ Chorus - 5. PATRICIA SUE SMITH: Glee Club - 5; FHA - 2, 3, 5; Library Club - 4; Art Club — 3, 4; Pep Club - 5 . WILLIAM HENRY SMITH: French Club - 4; Perfect Attendance - 1; Library Club — 1; Band - 1,2,3. JOYCE MARIE STEGALL: Business Club - 5; Monogram Club — 5; Beta Club - 3, 4, 5; Library Club -3,4; Iliad Staff — 5; Trojan - 5; Honor Letter — 2, 3, 4, 5; Quill and Scroll -4,5; Beta Convention -4,5; Basketball — 3,4,5; Band — 1,2; Office Assistant - 4, 5 ; Junior Marshal - 4; Intramural Basketball - 1,2. THOMAS LEE STEPHENS: Beta Talent Show 3, 4; Audio-Visual Club - 2; Honor Letter - 3; Band - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 — Vice-Presi- dent; Senior Play - 5; Pep Club - 5; All County Band - 1,2,4. BLAKELY DAVID SWANSON: French Club - 2; Foot Club - 5; Junior Play - 4; Audio-Visual Club - 3; Bus Driver - 5; Football — 1; Baseball — 1, 2, 3; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . JOAN LEZZA TARPLEY: Glee Club - 2; Spanish Club - 3; SCA Homeroom Represen- tative - 1, 2; Library Club —1,2; Debate Team - 1; Band -1,2. LINDA GAIL TAYLOR: Business Club - 3, 4, 5 — Treasurer; Spanish Club — 2, 3, 4, 5; Perfect Attendance — 2, 3; Library Club — 4, 5; Junior Play — 4; Honor Letter — 1; Pep Club 5. PHYLLIS NADINE TURNER: Business Club - 4, 5 - President; French Club - 1, 2, 3,4, 5; SCA Homeroom Representative - 3; FHA - 2, 3, 4, 5 ; Trojan Staff - 4; Honor Letter — 4; Pep Club - 5; 4-H Community Club — 1, 2, 3 — Vice-President, 4 — Secretary, 5; 4-H County Council - 3, 4 — Secretary, 5; 4-H Honor Club 1,2,3 — Reporter, 4 — President, 5 - Secretary; 4-H District Contest - 3, 4; 4-H State Contest - 4. DEBORAH ANN WALDT: Monogram Club - 4; French Club — 1, 2, 3, 4; Perfect Atten- dance - 1; Foot Club - 4; Library Club - 1, 2, 3, 4; Trojan Staff — 5; Cheerleader - 3; Senior Play — 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . VERNON STEVE WALL: Monogram Club - 5; Beta Club — 3, 4, 5; French Club — 3, 4; Audio-Visual Club - 2, 3, 4, 5; Honor Letter — 2; Beta Convention — 5; Senior Play — 5; Pep Club - 5; Golf - 4,5. MARY ELIZABETH WELLS: FHA - 1, 2, 4. GAIL MARIE WHITE: Glee Club - 3, 4, 5; Junior Play - 4. IRVIN KEITH WHITE: Glee Club - 5 ; Mono- gram Club — 4, 5; French Club - 3; SCA Homeroom Representative - 2; Perfect At- tendance — 1; Audio-V isual Club — 4; Honor Letter - 2; Football - 4, 5 - Co-Captain; Basketball — 2; Track — 4; Class Officer — President - 5 ; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 ; Junior Usher - 4. JAMES WILLIAM WHITE: Glee Club -1,2, 3; FFA - I; Bus Driver - I, 2, 3, 4; Art Club — 1 ; Football - 1 . SANDRA ANN WHITE: Business Club - 3, 5; Monogram Club — 3, 5; Beta Club - 3, 5; French Club - 2, 3, 4; SCA Homeroom Representative - 3; Library Club - 2; Iliad Staff — 5; Honor Letter — 1, 2, 3, 5; Beta Convention - 5; Basketball Manager - 3, 5; Class Officer - Reporter - 2; Senior Play - 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . FRANCES MARILYN WILSON: Business Club - 5; FHA - I, 2; Library Club - I, 2, 3. RONNIE LEE WILSON: Perfect Attendance — I. KATHRYN CELESTIA WRIGHT: Business Club - 4,5. KAREN MARIE WOOD: SCA Executive Committee — 5 — Parliamentarian; Monogram Club - 5; Beta Club - 3, 4 — Treasurer, 5; French Club - 2, 3, 4, 5; SCA Homeroom Representative — 4; Perfect Attendance - 2; FHA —1,2; Foot Club - 4; Junior Play — 4; Honor Letter - 1, 2, 3, 4; Beta Convention - 5 ; Football Cheerleader - 5 ; Senior Play — 5 ; Pep Club - 5 . WILLIE EARL YARBROUGH: SCA Home- room Representative — 5; Honor Letter - 3, 4; Art Club - 5; Football — 3, 4; Basketball — 1 ; Track -4,5; Pep Club - 5 . EDITOR’S NOTE: If any Senior’s Statistics were omitted, it was due to their absence and the deadline rush. 141 I Alphonza Adams Fairy Adams Kenneth Adkins Jim Alderson Juniors Elect Bowling, McElheny, Horton, I i Marsha Altice Connie Arnn Billy Ashworth Steve Austin Emily Beck Billy Beverley Nancye Blair Susan Bailey Paul Barbour David Barker Connie Bateman JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS are: (left to right) Phyllis Bowling, Vice-Pres., Edith McElheney, Secretary, Carol Horton, Treasurer, Johnny Williams, Reporter, and J. B. Tatum, President. Dennis Booth Phyllis Bowling Reed Bowling Harold Breedlove Angela Brown Laura Brown Lucy Brumfield Terry Brumfield I I Williams, and Tatum to Represent Them Nelda Burton Marcia Cahill Delois Carter Ricky Childers Eddie Collins Ronnie Crane Virgil Clay 143 A Variety of Activities Keep Juniors Busy Mike Dalton Kathy Daniel Sammy Daniel Debra Davis Donnie Davis Jimmy Davis Phyllis Deel Kaye Denny Jeanette Devins Judy Dillion Dottie Dodd Jimmy Dodd John Dodd Maynard Dodd NANCYE BLAIR, Phyllis Bowling, Cynthia Ferrell, and Dottie Dodd help sell hot chocolate at football games as one of the Junior Class’ money -making projects. Ann Elliott Janet Elliott Van Elliott Victoria Elliott Intense Planning of Entertainment for Prom Melvin Hairston Woodrow Hancock Vic Hardy John Hartness Diane Harville Johnny Hay more Dale Hdlard DONNA PETERS KEEPS a record of sales she makes at the bookstore each morning. Jimmy Hodges Dewey Holder Debbie Holley Carol Horton Kenny Hoskins Ted Hutcherson Faye Hyler Gayle Inman Johnny Jones Ralph Jones Spike Jones Cathy Joyce Mike Kent Sylvia Kirks Willis Landrum Proves to be Fun for Industrious Juniors Kermit Law Bobby Lovelace Pete Lovell Janet Lynch Deborah Martin Howard Martin Joseph Martin Duane Mathes Dazzling Juniors Show New Sophistication Myra McGuire Donald Merricks Ronald Merricks Bonnie MiUs Dennis Mills Vickie Mills Rachel Mize Billy Moore Doug Maxie Frances Mayhew Ray McCune Edith McElheney Sheila Moss Dennis Motley JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS (left to right) Mrs. Barbara Cook, Mrs. Lottie Rigney, Mrs. Carolyn Hardy, Mr. Richard King, Mr. Jackie Hardy, Mr. Carlton Blankenship. Mike Parrish Donna Peters Nancy Peters Jodie Pollard Jane Neal Virginia Newton THE ILIAD’S ROVING photographer catches Kenny Hos- kins and Vicky Mills getting acquainted while perched on the railing. George Pollok Wayne Powell John Powell Bruce Pritchett Vickie Reid Eleanor Reynolds Elizabeth Rigney Fonda Salmon Juniors Wait for College Board Scores Martin Smith Donna Snead Kitty Soyars And Anticipate Privileges of Senior Year J. B. Tatum Vickie Taylor Rosa Thornton Debbie Todd Nov.2 .isan important date! Joyce Turman 151 Juniors Proudly Marshal for Graduation Joel Walton Becky Watlington JANET EDWARDS PERFORMS her talent, of baton twirling, in the Miss Tunstall Pageant. Ramona Weatherford Garry Wells 152 Stacy Wright Louie Wyatt Glenn Y aibiough Donald Y oung Susan Wilbome Dennis Williams Ann Wilkerson Kenny Williams Sammy Williams Kay Willis Mary Wray Johnny Williams JANET ELLIOTT DISCUSSES prom plans with Mr. Robert Reece. 153 I Sophomores Think On Experience Gained Vickie Barbour Joan Barker Terry Bamhardt Montine Barton Chuck Bickford Becky Blair f ' © Charles Adams John Adams Walter Adkins Connie Allen Deborah Barber John Barbour Tiny Boles Mark Calvert Nick Camburides Susan Carpenter Billie Carter Carolyn Carter Gary Carter Lynn Carter Susan Carter Larry Compton Marilyn Conner Betty Cousin Ronnie Cassell Douglas Clark Wanda Collins L i m 1- “ - jfi i m 1 L-_ K SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS are: Larry Richard- son, Secretary; Lois Moorefield, President; Kathy Keith, Randy Curtis Bobby Custer C.J. Custer Linda Dalton Jimmy Davis Carlotta Deering 154 And Seek Insight Into Their Future Years Philip Easley Bobby Echols David Edwards Benjie Elliott Delores Ferguson Donna Fouts Vicki DeHart Linda Denny Alice Dodd Kathy Dodd Deborah Duncan Judy Duncan Deborah Gibson Denny Gibson Thomas Gibson Jan Gillespie Sinda Gilley Johnny Glasgow Reporter; JoAnn Horton, Treasurer; Edley Mobley, Vice-President. Jerry Goodson Jerry Gray Betty Gregory Jimmy Gregory Susan Gregory Landon Grogan Carolyn Hairston Deborah Haley Richard Haley Barbara Hancock James Hancock Marcia Hardy Starlette Hardy James Harris Mark Harris 155 Students Tackle Many Advanced Courses Kitty Hathaway Danny Hearp David Herndon Cynthia Hines Danny Hodnett Danny Hogan Linda Holley Betty Hooker Susanne Hopkins Harold Horton JoAnn Horton Tommie Hubbard Mike Huffman Tommy Hundley Terry Hunt Susan Hyler Ernest Hylton Dennis Inman Larry Inman Glenn Jackson Betty Jones Terry Jones Tommy Jones Frank Keatts JEANNE TUCK DOES a most effective monologue in the Miss Tunstall Pageant and wins herself a place in the five finalists. David Leigh David Lynch Brenda Lynsky Arnold Manning ’ 3 it Carolyn Martin Dewey Matherly Mary Mathes Jerry Mayberry Belinda McCubbins Ted McDaniel Iris Meadows Benji Megginson Boots Merricks Linda Mills Tom Mize Edley Mobley Roseanne Moss Catherine Motley Jerry Newton Catherine Nichols Terry Norton Donna Oakes Kathleen Owen Ann Parrish Gracie Parrish James Parrish Alvin Payne Brenda Payne SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS: (left to right) Mrs. Glenn Yates, Mrs. Judy Whitlow, Mrs. Linda Thomasson, Miss Mary Swanson, Mr. Wray Ware, Mr. Millard Shaw, Mr. George Schilbe. Sophomores Anticipate and JIMMY SCEARCE UTILIZES the library to enrich his vocabulary. 7 % Gerald Pyron Dennis Pyrtle Sue Quinn Donna Reynolds Judy Richardson Keith Richardson Larry Richardson Linda Rigney Deborah Robertson Richard Robinson Arnita Roher Jimmy Scearce Susan Scearce Ronnie Scolpini Tommy Scolpini Mike Simpson Charles Smith Landon Soyars Norma Soyars Debbie Sparrow Barbara Stanfield IN ENGLISH CLASS, Judy Thompson hams up her book report with an entertaining skit. 158 Prepare for an Activity-Filled Junior Year David Stowe Randall Stowe Sandra Stowe Bill Stroud Steve Talley Ann Marie Taylor Janet Teague Ralph Thomasson Judy Thompson Donna Thom Kay Throckmorton Kathy Towler Edward Triplett Polly Truitt Jeanne Tuck Lorkit Tucker David Turner Karen Turpin Donald Wallace Meva Walker Donna Wall Sarah Walton David Weatherford Patricia Weeks Ronald Wells Ricky Weringo Eddie Wilkerson Judy WilUams Sandra WilUams James Wilson Janie Wilson LesUe Winn Larry Witcher Kenneth Wood Roger Wood Joyce Woods Betty Wright Grant Wright Jeanette Wyatt Ronald Young Cynthia Younger 159 Hattie Adams Jimmy Adams Juanita Adams Dennis Adkins Jean Andrews Ricky Armstrong Stanley Arney Mike Ashworth Kathy Austin Cathy Axsom Janice Bailey John Bailey Linda Bailey Vickie Bailey Danny Barker Lynn Bennett Barry Blair Deborah Blalock Tony Boaz Darlene Booth Vivian Bowling Roger Bowman Steve Bridges Vanessa Brown Charles Brumfield Bonnie Burnette Bobby Burton William Butler Jerry Call Scarlett Camburides FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS: (left to right) Mrs. Margaret Hardy, Mrs. Evelyn Squires, Mrs. Myrtle Swan, Mr. Wilham Coles, Mr. James Lowe, Mr. Tony Dwiggins. FRESHMEN CLASS OE’FICERS: Swann Fitzgerald, president; Mike Tickle, vice-president; Lynn Bennett, secretary; Will Soyars, treasurer; Gary West, reporter. Chigger Collie Joyce Collins Kathy Collins Shane Conner Keith Cousins Tommy Craddock Freshman Enter Their Second Hectic Year Bobbie Dalton Danny Dalton Randy Dalton Judy Dance Bill Davis H. C. Davis Linda Davis Mike Deane Wanda Deboe Harry Dewberry Dennis Dillon Douglas Duncan Charles Durham Dianne Durham Dianne Eanes Katheryn Edwards Clarence Eggleston Debbie Elliott Judy Elliott Jack England Joe Evans Pat Ferrell Swann I ' itzgcrald Janet I ' rancis 161 Freshmen Tackle Year With High Hopes Betty Gammon Lois Gammon Mike Gauldin Sam Glidewell Don Goad Debra Green Gene Gregory Tommy Gregory Jerry Hairston Mary Hairston Vicky Hamlin Paul Hancock Dianne Hardy Gerald Hardy Cathy Harville Ricky Harville Beth Herndon Judy Herndon June Herndon Nancy Herndon Artie Hendrix Becky Higdon Deborah Holt Mike Holt Debbie Hyler Richard Ingram Barry Inman Betty Jones Joel Jones 162 CONNIE MAYHEW AND Patricia Cobb take an after lunch stroll through the halls. Phyllis Jones Dwayne Jordan Clay Keatts Sandra Kendrick Mike Ketchum Louise Kirks Tony Martin Bonnie Mathes Debbie Mayberry Connie Mayhew Patricia Mayhew Donnie McDaniel Leslie McMinnis Kelly Milam Shirley Minter Patricia Moore Susie Moss Betty Motley Johnny Oakes Edna Ogle Debbie Parham Henry Parrish Larry Patterson Luanne Payne Amelia Price George Pruitt Rodney Pruitt David Puryear JANET FRANCIS AD- MIRES an art display in the upstairs showcase. Doug Peters Sally Petrovich Patsy Philpott Peggy Powell 163 Sandra Quinn Gabriel Reynolds Karen Reynolds Rosie Reynolds Troy Reynolds Janet Richardson Ellen Ricketts Pete Ricketts Anita Robertson David Robertson Bruce Roland Bobby Rutherford Virgil Scarce Virlindia Scearce Howard Scott Dorothy Seamster Bruce Shelton Danny Shelton Wesley Shelton Buddy Smith Jeanette Smith Linda Snead Sonny Snead Will Soyers a " J ackie White Johnny White Pat White Laverne Woods Sandra Worley James Sparks Valeria Stamps Mike Stephens Virgil Stowe Jimmy Strange Charles Swanson Dean Venable Cindy Walker Lee Wall Calton Weatherford Barbara Webb Gary West Charlotte Adams Andy Adkins Johnny Adkins SUB-FRESHMAN CLASS SPONSORS; Mr. Luby Wilhams, Mrs. Josephine House, Mr. Barry Steagall, Mr. Robert Whitt, Mr. Zack Broadaway, Mr. Mike Cowan, Mrs. Imogene Oskey. Sub-Freshmen Are Mystified by Tunstall Roxanne Adkins Teresa Adkins William Adkins Paul Amos Tommy Arnold Denise Arnn Dianne Ashworth Martha Atkins Debra Baker Donnie Barker Chris Barker Janice Barton Debra Bowling Sandra Bowman Ronnie Bray Larry Bridges Buddy Brown Toney Camburides Robert Bateman Marilyn Bates Belinda Blair Roberta Blair Rhonda Bliss Bobby Bowling Alease Carter Lardell Carter Joan Cobb Steve Cassada Daryle Clay Denise Cockran Nancy Coleman Mary Compton Charles Conard Michael Conard Sharon Cox Vickery Cross Harry Daniels Danny Davis June Davis Nancy Davis Kaye Denny Patsy Dillion Pam Curry Fran Curtis Bruce Custer Pamela Dalton Roger Dalton Donnie Daniels Steve Dishman Rodney Dix Virginia Dixon Lois Doss Steve Earles Gail Echols Cathy Edwards Ricky Edwards Rita Edwards Bobby Elliot Patricia Elliot Susan Elliott Edith Emerson David Ferrell Curtis Finney Kathy Finney Jean Franklin Bill Gammon Vickie Gammon Richard Gardner Myrna Gibson Bill Goodson LoAnn Griggs Arlene Hairston Buddy Herndon Aubrey Hicks June Hogan Jane Holley Melvin Holley Susan Holley Dale Hyler Terry Hyler Lawrence Hylton Susan Hylton Gary Isom Jennie Jackson Deborah Hopkins Daniel Houston Mary Lou Howerton George Hudson Kelly Hutcherson Linda Hutson Michael Kendrick Susan Lail Robert Leigh James Leonard Brenda Lester Terry Leviner Gary Jennings David James Joanie Jones Sandra Jones Margaret Keesec Glen Kendrick Wanda Marshall SUB-FRESH- MEN OFFIC- ERS: Kay Denny, presi- dent; Buddy Brown, vice- president; Teresa Adkins, secretary; Rox- anne Adkins, reporter. Ivory Martin Leroy Martin Rickey Matlierly Catliy Maxie Lisa Martin Vicky McDaniel Bill Long Jimmy Long Larry Lovelace Mike Ludwick James Mann Mark Manuel Ronny Martin Den McDaniel School Activities Begin For Sub -Freshmen Carol Meetze Jeff Megginson Judy Midcift HUda MiUs Gene Moorefield Earl Moss David Neal Danny Nolen Gary Oakes Wanda Oakes Steve Owen Mike Parrish Thomas Parrish Phyllis Payne Trudy Payne Linda Petrovich Luther PoweU Sheila Pribble Roimie Pritchett JudyPyron Judy Pyrtle Ricky Reed James Reynolds Wade Rich Deborah Rigney James Rigney Phillip Scearce Carolyn Robertson JIMMY RIGNEY SAYS, “Just forget it! You are not going to get your grimey hands on my sandwich.” Cindy Scearce Debra Scearce Frances Scearce Steven Scearce Lawson Meadows Vickie Scearce Wanda Scearce Michael Scott Deborah Scruton Charles Shelton Curtis Shelton Debbie Shumate Teresa Siggers Jeff Smith Robin Smith Terry Smith Freida Snead Michael Soyars Tommy Sparks Patricia Stanfield Chilton Steele Anita Stowe Joel Strange Linda Swanson Dellasue Talley Brenda Tate Anna Triplett Terry Trull Earl Tuck fm Victor Tucker Jimmy Turner Vickie Venable Pam Walker Deborah Wall Michael Walton Teri Wann Jessie Watkins Gay Webb Beth Weringo Beverly West Barbara Wilson Debbie Wilson Michael Wilson George Winn Patricia Woods Samuel Wray Leon Wright Patricia Wright Larry Wyatt Calvin Yarbrough Bob Yeaman Another School Year Has Gone By; But Will Not Ever Be Forgotten Another school year has gone by and everyone has left many footprints, some worth- while and some valueless. But from each, there is a lesson to be learned. We have endeavored to cap- ture the most precious memo- ries of this school year so that they may be kept and trea- sured for years. We hope we have succeeded in this endavor. i Now Seniors — Keep in Touch! Fred Leroy Allen Rt. 1, Box 235 Danville 68541 17 Perry Allen Rt. 5, Box 585 Danville 6854366 Vincent Bateman Rt. 1 , Box 276 Danville 685-7532 Walter Breedlove Rt. 1 , Box 314 Dry Fork None Gerald Bridges 2514 Westover Drive Danville 792-3106 Mike Brown 1501 Franklin Tpke. Danville 797-1045 Ronnie Burton 1420 Franklin Tpke. Danville 7924229 Billy Byrd 1512 Franklin Tpke. Danville 792-8814 Oren Carter Rt. 2 Danville 6854636 John Clark Rt. 2, Box 465 Danville 724-7769 Mike Clark Box 115, Vandola Dr. Danville 792-3452 Junior Cross Box 83 Cascade 685-7362 Charlie Crowder 171 Beech Ave. Danville 792-6176 Donald Dallas Rt. 1 Dry Fork 724-7943 Lee Dalton 1633 Franklin Tpke. Danville 792-1000 Worm Dalton 108 Edgewood Dr. Danville 792- 8003 Mike Daniels Rt.4, Box 801 Danville 793- 6206 Johnny Duncan Rt. 5, Box 532 Danville 6854211 Ernest Eanes 812 Ferry Road Danville 793-0641 Jimmy Edwards Rt. 1 , Box 85 Danville 793-3279 George Gray Rt. 1 , Box 750 Danville 685-3301 Gary Green Rt. 5 Danville 792-4909 Dwayne Hardy Rt. 1, Box 428 Danville 797-1361 Steve Hardy 32 Shumate St. Danville None Ricky Harris Rt. 1 . Box 232 Danville 685-2816 Don Holley Rt. 1 , Box 1 28 Dry Fork 724-73 1 1 Jerry Hunt Rt. 1 Cascade 685-3592 Phillip Hutson Rt. 1 Dry Fork 724-7747 Jerry Inman Rt. 1 , Box 33 1 Danville 685-4226 Dave Jacks 412 Church Ave. Danville 792- 2192 Stuart Jennings 2686 Westover Dr. Danville 793- 3025 Pete Jones Rt. 2, Box 38 Danville 793-3037 Johnny Jones Box 71 -A Dry Fork 724-7749 172 Steve Lawless Rodney Raines Wayne Webb 1 10 Haves Ct. 1 20 Westover Lane 441 Church Ave. Danville Danville Danville 792-0472 792-5254 None George Lewis Gary Richardson Keith White 3104 Westover Dr. Westover Hills Rt. 5, Box 457 Danville Danville Danville 797-1908 793-3253 792-61 17 Ricky Mann Philip Robertson Ronnie Wilson 432 Woodlawn Dr. Rt. 2 Rt. 1 , Box 67A Danville Axton Axton 793-7097 None 6854582 Larry Martin Ronnie Root Earl Yarbrough 1418 Blair Loop Rd. 1501 Franklin Tpke. Box 288 Danville Danville Dry Fork 792-7501 7924556 724-7762 Kenny Meadors Joe Scarce Mary Adams Rt. 2, Box 1 14 Rt. 1 Rt. 1 Danville Dry Fork Cascade 792-3885 724-7707 None Barry Merricks Sammy Shields Wanda Adkins Rt. 1 Rt. 1 , Box 30 263 Ingram Rd. Dry Fork Danville Danville 724-7725 792-2063 793-5288 Frank Mobley James Smith Mae Allen Rt. 3, Box 621 Rt. 5, Box 352 Rt. 2, Box 453 Danville Danville Dry Fork 724-7755 6854076 724-7763 George Neal Tommy Stephens Lee Allen 1604 Franklin Tpke. 210 Ethel Ct. 460 Mayfield Rd Danville Danville Danville 793-7236 792-2248 793-0844 Rickey Oakes Blakely Swanson Marsha Austin 1513 Blair Loop Rd. Rt. 1 Rt. 1 , Box 429 Danville Dry Fork Danville 792-6074 724-7672 792-5684 Barry Owen Steve Wall Sandra Bateman 1501 Franklin Tpke. Rt. 1 , Box 413A Rt. 1 , Box 276 Danville Danville Dry Fork 792-0757 793-0577 685-7532 Ricky Payne Pete Warren Connie Beggarly Rt. 1, Box 71 -A Rt. 1 , Box 50 Rt. 2 Dry Fork Axton Dry Fork 724-7745 6854581 685-3382 173 Joanna Bowman Rt. 2, Box 35 1 Danville 685-5214 Brenda Breedlove Rt. 1 Dry Fork 724-7946 Jackie Bryant 453 Avalon Dr. Danville 792- 8728 Carolyn Carper Rt. 5, Box 67 1 Danville 793- 5028 Lee Ann Carter Rt. 2, Box 495 Danville 792-5565 Susan Carter 505 Oxford Place Danville 792-6506 Janet Crane Rt. 2, Box 157 Danville 792- 9329 Judy Dalton Rt. 1 , Box 19 Danville 793- 7354 Sandra Davis Rt. 5, Box 295 Danville 792-2659 Pat Denny Rt. 1 , Box 338 Danville 6854191 Becky Dodd Rt. 2, Box 346 Danville 685-5224 Judy Doss Box 89-B Dry Fork 724-7493 Lois Doss Box 89-B Dry Fork 724-7493 Patsy Earles Rt. 2 Axton 638-6077 Alice Edwards Rt. 2, Box 101 Danville 792-3324 Jane Flora 1 10 Sussex Place Danville 792- 7541 Mary Nell Gammon Rt. 1 , Box 151 Danville None Brenda Gerrells Rt. 1, Box 142 Danville 793- 9807 Vickie Gerrells Rt. 2, Box 304 Dry Fork 124-7303 Ruthie Gibson Rt. 1 , Box 305 Dry Fork None Jane Green Box 282 Dry Fork 724-7277 Sandra Harris Rt. 2, Box 455 Danville 724-7766 Rebecca Harville 448-A Avalon Drive Danville 7934596 Sheila Herndon Rt. 1 Axton 6854313 Peggy Higdon Rt. 1 , Box 210-A Danville 685-2691 Jeanette Hutson Box 68-A Dry Fork 724-7748 Joy Jones Box 79-A Dry Fork 724-7600 Patricia Jones Rt. 1 , Box 439 Danville 792-7272 Pam Keatts Rt. 2, Box 393 Danville 685-2732 Becky LaPrade Rt. 2, Box 340 Danville 6854401 Leslie Law Rt. 1 Dry Fork 724-7433 Marty Lewis Rt. 5, Box 628 Danville 685-3101 Gail Long Rt. 1 Danville 6854646 JoAnn Lovell Rt. 1 Axton 638-5735 Marian Lovell Rt. 1 Axton 628-5735 Barbara McMinnis Rt. 5, Box 527 Danville 685-2672 174 Myrtle Minter Kay Richardson Linda Taylor Rt. 2 2125 Westover Dr. 1770 Blair Loop Rd Axton Danville Danville 638-5734 793-2293 793-3359 Janice Newton Mary Lou Scarce Phyllis Turner Rt. 5, Box 600 Rt. 1 Rt. 2, Box 407 Danville Dry Fork Danville 685-5061 724-7781 685-2730 Janice Nowlin Ruth Scarce Deborah Waldt 215 Ingram Rd. Rt. 1 Rt. 5, Box 335 Danville Dry Fork Danville 792-6828 724-7489 792-5107 Becky Oakes Amanda Scearce Mary Wells Rt. 5, B ox 292 Rt. 2 Rt. 1 Danville Danville Callands 793-3485 6854108 724-7872 Linda Oakes Barrie Scearce Gail White Rt. 1 102 Brook Circle Rt. 1 Dry Fork Danville Danville 724-7520 793-6086 585-5401 Lois Payne Belinda Scott Sandra White Rt. 1 1944 Blair Loop Rd. Rt. 5, Box 457 Dry Fork Danville Danville 724-7407 793-1166 792-6117 Mary Hill Payne Jackie Scott Marilyn Wilson Rt. 1 Rt. 1 Rt. 2, Box 177 Dry Fork Axton Danville 724-7407 None 724-7463 Suzanne Payne Vickie Shelton Karen Wood Rt. 1 209 Charlotte Ave. Box 438 Dry Fork Danville Danville 724-7705 793-5481 792-1800 Karen Powell Belinda Shumate Kathy Wright Rt. l,Box 344 192 Beech Ave. Rt. 2, Box 383 Danville Danville Dry Fork 6854861 793-8143 None Judy Pruitt Pat Smith Box 189 Axton Dry Fork Rt. 2, Box 202 724-7395 6854148 Brenda Quinn Joyce Stegall Rt. 3, Box 162 Box 3 1 6 Axton Dry Fork 638-6169 724-7644 Debbie Rich Joan Tarpley Box 1251 Rt. 5, Box 315 Danville Dry Fork 685-7551 792-5424 175 176 Groovy Meet Your Friends at the SKELLER at CALVIN LEE SCARCE, JR. Agent 793-5416 Danville Nationwide Insurance LINK WATSON SPORTING GOODS Frankie Jones-Sports Dept. Manager Phone SW 2-3311 Ext. -51 THREE LOCATIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Nor-Dan Shopping Center, Craghead St., Ballou Park Shopping Center WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL SPORTS MacGregor— Spaulding— Wilson Dealers Gun and Fishing Repairs Are Our Specialty Compliments of NORTHSIDE MARKET Piney Forest Road North Main Extension Danville, Virginia “Maintain That Sater Appearance” 332 Main St. SW 3-8411 Kenneth P. Scott — W. Curtis Scott SCOTT FUNERAL HOME. INC. Member by Invitation NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS Chatham, Virginia 177 Choice Flowers for Every Occasion ASHWORTH FLORIST G. C. SMITH GROCERY ,.. Jimmie and Madeline Heffmger Neal L. Easley, Prop. SW 3-5633 Axton, Virginia Compliments of your local K-MART “The Bank of Personal Service.” Danville’s Only Drive-In Bank Danville, Virginia VIRGINIA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY SUNBEAM BAKERY Danville, Virginia 178 Acme Foods Phone 793-5827 Westover Drive Danville, Virginia “Everything in Music” LEED’S MUSIC CENTER Nor-Dan Shopping Center SILVERMAN’S Headquarters for Crickiteer Clothes Sero Shirts Arnold Palmer Sweaters Dexter Loafers 792-6966 33 1 Main Street Compliments of J. W. WYATT CO. Wholesale Groceries Riverside Drive Danville, Va. MOTOR PARTS AND EQUIPMENT Main Office at Danville, Virginia Branches at Martinsville South Boston 179 r? Compliments of ISOITLE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK TRUST COMPANY The ONE place everybody wishes they could shop Complete Banking and Trust Service Danville, Virginia Comphments of Comphments of SCHEWELS FURNITURE HARVILLE MOTOR CO., INC. OF DANVILLE Dealers of Danville, Virginia Fine Furniture ELECTRIC MOTOR REWINDING - SALES SERVICE MACHINE WORK - WELDING - INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT - MOTORS CONTROLS - V-BELTS - PULLEYS, ETC. RIVERSIDE DRIVE MT. CROSS ROAD - PHONE SW 2-47 1 1 Danville, Virginia 24541 180 For your consideration . . . AVEREH COLLEGE Primarily a college for women, Averett will admit men in upper-division classes on a day-student basis beginning in the Fall of 1969. At the same time, Averett will offer the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees required of a senior college. Professional courses in secondary and elementary education will be offered to meet require- ments for teacher certification in the state of Virginia. A new and more flexible academic calendar will introduce the Averett “minimester” for those stu- dents who wish to accelerate their graduation pro- gram by taking additional courses. Do your own thing ... the option is yours. Consider Averett. Comphments of PRITCHETT ' S OIL COMPANY WHITEHEAD ' S PHARMACY B. H. Pritchett Operator General Line Of Prescriptions Phone 724-7063 Chatham, Virginia Route 2 Danville, Virginia TOWNE HOUSE MOTOR LODGE CHATHAM FURNITURE CO. Mg) Furniture— Bedding— Floor Covering U. S. 29 South Danville, Virginia VI W General Electric AppUances 793-7422 W Phone 432-3621 Chatham, Virginia 181 get the Big T deal OOAUjy tiuric saving ' s FMENOO ' US rRADE GKOUGH SERVICE dUCHfFUl SalESmcn TOR TERMS lAt SATiSfACnON mn CHEVY CJTY 1063 RIVERSIDE OR OANVIILE.VA J 4 41 Phone 797-141 RIVERSIDE OIL COMPANY Harold D. Weatherford Dependable Service Budget Terms 1042 Riverside Drive 792-5317 SEIBERLING LEE HARTMAN-NEAL TIRE COMPANY 136 South Ridge Street Danville, Virginia 24541 “Tink” Richardson Salesman Bus. Phone 793-8145 Res. Phone 793-3253 182 HODNETT ' S FIX-IT SHOP the family store Lawnmowers Sharpened Repaired WESTERN Cabinets Made To Order AUTO Radio and TV Repair Phone SW 3-8739 3157 Westover Drive NorDan Shopping Center Danville, Virginia DAVIS LAUNDRY, INC. CHATHAM MEN’S SHOP GENERAL LINEN RENTAL THOMPSON’S HABERDASHERY INDUSTRIAL UNIFORMS DUST CONTROL 270 Piney Forest Road Phone 793-5 1 1 1 Danville, Virginia Chatham, Virginia pioneers... 1956 In 1 956, you were probably in the first or second grade. Aside from the Indians you saw from this vantage point after school, there were the visions of growing up ... of accomplishment. One measure of this achievement is reflected this year as you receive your high school diploma. Back in 1 956, Dan River was growing up, too. And from our slightly different vantage point, we had visions as well. That year we had four plants in Danville, Virginia and sales of slightly more than $122 million. As you graduate this year there are 29 Dan River plants scattered through five states; and our sales are expected to approach $300 million in 1969. the horizons are still unlimited DAN RIVER DAN RIVER MILLS, INCORPORATED, DANVILLE, VIRGINIA 183 THE PASTRY SHOPPE 122 Tunstall Road Phone SW 3-5538 Danville, Virginia RICHARDSON SELF SERVICE Groceries— Meats— Feed Hardware— Work Clothes Sampson Paints Varnishes Mobile Home Space for Rent 793-3883 Martinsville Road GREEN ARNN REPAIR SHOP MARTIN COMPANY Farm Equipment and Auto Repair — Realtors — Wheel Alignment Wrecker Service “For Extra Service” Day Phone: 724-7061 Phone 7924922 Night Phone: 724-7277 Masonic Temple Building Mt. Cross Road-Route 2 Danville, Virginia Danville, Virginia DANVILLE OFFICE SUPPLY SW 2-2241 Danville, Virginia KERR-McGEE CHEMICAL CORP. ANIMAL BONE FERTILIZERS D. K. Nuckols — Manager Box 452 — Telephone SW 3-3921 184 Compliments of FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN ASSOCIATION Feed — Seed — Fertilizer SOUTHERN STATES DANVILLE COOPERATIVE Phone SW 3-2141 Danville, Virginia Phone 7934632 " MAC " HARDY OIL COMPANY Uohnmon mmR-Honsc OUTBOARD MOTORS QUALITY HEATING OILS Economy Tackle Skop, Inc. Prompt Courtesy Delivery Boats — Campers — Trailers pimiia Phones Marine — Supplies — Tackle — Bait {6 Night 797-1361 " Day 793-1572 1101 Piney Forest Rd. 806 Westover Drive Danville, Va. 24541 Danville, Virginia Kathy Gray, Susan Bailey, Kenny Meadors, and Spike Jones agree that JOHNSON’S DRUGS has everything. JOHNSON’S DRUG STORES, INC. “Your Health Is Our Business” Riverside Drive Danville, Virginia Fzrf?FT?ent!5 Pi rKEr i Furniture — Draperies — Carpets Hotel Danville Building 600 Main Street Phone 792-5422 Compliments of KING OF THE SEA RESTAURANT 185 SWICEGOOD FUNERAL HOME, INC. " We always try to offer a service that can be measured by the Golden Rule " Phone SW2-5611 BLACKWELL MOTOR COMPANY DODGE DODGE TRUCKS Wrecker Service 24 Hours a Day 560 Union Street Danville, Virginia VILLAGE LAUNDRY AND CLEANERS Center Street, Chatham Chatham Virginia Phone HE 2-5231 VILLAGE UPHOLSTERY SHOP Center Street Chatham Virginia Manager Phone 432-8439 Loyd G. Merricks BOOTH-WHITE .SPORT SHOP, INC. Rawlings — Spalding — Voit Distributors 304 Main Street Congratulations! WILSON NEHI BOHLING CO. 653 West Main Street Danville, Virginia 186 Compliments of COLLINS GROCERY 3213 Westover Drive Phone 793-6565 Compliments of DR. MRS. JOHN T. MYER Real Estate Appraisals Fire Insurance CLAUDE H. MARTIN, JR. Martin Co., Realtors Telephone 216 Masonic Temple Office: swift 24922 Danville, Virginia Home: SWift 2-8955 OUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE LASTS FOUR YEARS . . . ...It’s filled with people and books. ..hopefully, with involvement and understanding. ..and with oppor- tunities to learn... Specifically, we offer bachelor degrees in art, elementary education, and politics, humanities, fine arts, English, history, biology, music, sociology and Spanish. Our Spanish majors spend their junior year studying at an affiliated university in Spain. We try to facilitate your learning experience by providing a dedicated and involved faculty. ..the latest teaching facilities... and a stimulating atmosphere. We don’t presume that our four years’ Learning Experience will last a lifetime. ..but maybe it will be a beginning... STRATFORD COLLEGE ...Danville, Virginia. ..Admissions Director: Marguerite Carter 187 Pepsi cheers the football cheerleaders. . . ' .- ' -‘■rifi .d Wi . DuKaxe Communications Systems THOMASSON RADIO TV SERVICE 699 Park Ave. Danville, Virginia SW 2-203 1 James A. Thomasson IRVING G. MEADOWS 3707 McGuire Drive Richmond, Va. 23224 (703) 233-3638 P.O. Box 698 Lincolnton, N.C. 28092 704 735-5351 HAVE YOU TIRED v v ' W.A. WOOD OUR FAMOUS RESTAURANT? _;ifL General Merchandise — Oil Gas HOLIDAY INN IGietf ' ' Route 6 — Chatham, Virginia 2500 Riverside Drive ii ,j| J: Phone; 724-7518 188 A U MOBILE HOMES “Home of the No. 1 Deal” 3125 Riverside Drive Danville, Virginia WIMPY’S DRIVE-IN North — South — East — West Sherwood Shopping Center Curb Service “See You after the Game” DANIEL’S JEWELRY SHOP ONE HOUR MARTINIZING “The Most in Dry Cleaning” Watch, Clock, Jewelry Repairs THREE LOCATIONS 236 Main Street Danville, Virginia 115 North Market Street Phone 792-8054 2225 Riverside Drive 2640 North Main Street ARNETT BLVD. PURE STATION 540 Arnett Blvd. 792-0493 Arnett Blvd. Pure PROMISES that they will not allow Janet, Marcia, or Lucy to service your car. SWANSON MOTORS. INC. 505 Riverside Dr. Tel.: 79-6411 Danville, Virginia Cathy Gray and Susan Bailey can really pick up the boys in their new Cutlass from Swanson’s. 189 Two Services at One Stop DAVIS RADIO TELEVISION AND PINEY FOREST BEAUTY SALON “Beauty Without Bother” Piney Forest Road Dial 793-1551 for either service THE WASH POT Coin Operated Laundry open 7:30 A.M.-9;00 P.M. Monday thru Saturday ROGER M. WINN - OWNER Axton, Va. Lee gives up because he knows nothing can keep Vickie from those Boxwood Dairy Ice Cream sandwiches. BOXWOOD DAIRY THE BANK OF CHATHAM Member of F.D.I.C. Chatham, Virginia PARKVIEW SKATING RINK 125 Tunstall Road Special Rates for Church Groups and Birthday Parties Open Nightly Compliments of MARY’S DINER 190 Compliments NORDAN PHILLIPS 66 of 797-1393 H.P. GREEN SHOE STORE Piney Forest Road Danville, Virginia Main Street Danville, Virginia 792-1445 WESTOVER DRIVE ANTIQUE SHOP 620 Westover Drive Danville, Virginia Phones: Lala Holbrook 792-5044 Manager 792-5732 LEA’S DRUG STORE Pharmacist T. H. Holland 636 North Main Street Danville, Virginia 191 Remember The Day In Pictures DANVILLE PHOTO FINISHING CO. Developing - Printing Enlarging - Copying 520 Patton Street Danville, Virginia Complete Signs Sales Service SASSER SIGNS Plastic Neon Erection Louie Wyatt Mike Walker on erection Dial 792-2696 Danville, Virginia Happiness is an ice cream cone from Danville Dairy. DANVILLE DAIRY PRODUCTS Hospitalization Specialist Individual or Family Group pays in addition to MEDICARE over 65 no problem RUDY HILLIARD INSURANCE AGENCY 568 W. Main Street Swicegood Mall Bid. Phones 793-8389 793-8466 Compliments of CAHILL MANUFACTURING COMPANY HOLLAND BROTHER’S GROCERY 724-7484 Whitmell, Virginia 192 Phone 793-1511 S B MOTOR CO. AMERICAN MOTORS License No. 394 For Your Kind of Car See Your Kind of Guy BRUCE and WENDELL BURTON Owners Operators 2333 Riverside Drive Danville, Virginia MERCHANT’S DELIVERY MOVING STORAGE INC. Local Long Distance Moving Dial 793-6122 Dealer for Kohler . Kampbell Pianos GROGAN OIL COMPANY NORTH MAIN ATLANTIC Washing — Polishing — Lubrication Fuel Oil — Kerosene Minor Repairs — Motor Tune-Up Bottle Gas Service Pick-Up Delivery Service Phone 792-9526 Industrial Avenue Danville, Virginia 2106 North Main Street Danville, Virginia 193 When Karen and Barry think of building their own home, they’ll think of Riverside Building Supply. W. HENRY HARDY. INC. TEXACO PRODUCTS “Serving Danville and Pittsylvania County for over forty years” 1921 Westover Drive — Danville, Virginia Phone 792-7721 Compliments of CURTIS HANKS GROCERY Danville, Virginia , TRIANGLE A Sale Every Day at Phone SW 24931 FARMER’S WAREHOUSE Dan Robertson — Landy Willis William Pritchett Phone 638-1996 “You’ve tried the rest. Old Danville Road Now try the Best.” Martinsville, Virginia 194 Insured Savings — Daily Dividends — Insured Savings MUTUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 500 Main Street Arnett Boulevard Daily Dividends — Insured Savings — Daily Dividends Compliments of J. R. STINSON, AGENT Cities Service Products P. O. Box 1422 Phone 792-8022 Danville, Virginia Even sawdust fights are more fun with sawdust from J. W. Stowe. J. W. STOWE SONS SAWMILL 195 Two Stores to Serve You Downtown NorDan Save With Safety and Higher Earning at PEOPLES INDUSTRIAL LOAN CORPORATION 5M % 110 South Market Street Danville, Virginia ALLEN’S JEWELERS R I 3 S Main Street Danville, Virginia Hospital — Sickness — Accident Income — Life DOUGLAS F. MIZE Insurance Agency 509-10 Masonic Temple swift 3-6161 Danville, Virginia Auto— Homeowner-Fire— Liability Marine KEY REXALL DRUGS Come See Us Often Riverside Shopping Center Parts Accessories Dial 793-2370 PINEY FORREST AUTO PARTS C. W. “Billy” Dickinson, Jr., Owner 203 Piney Forrest Road Danville, Virginia Marsha exclaims, “Piney Forrest Auto Parts must be great, they fixed my car!” 196 FLOWERS of Distinction McCOLLUM-FERRELL SHOES Spaulding Loafers FLOWER SHOP Main Street Danville, Virginia 2517 Westover Drive p- Phone 792-4710 KIRK’S PARK GROCERY TRIANGLE SUPPLY INC. General Merchandise Carlton S. Patterson, Prop. General Electric Appliances Furniture 792-6034 778 Westover Drive Route 5 Mt. Cross Road Danville, Virginia Danville, Virginia SW 3-1022 HARVEY E. GILES INSURANCE DANVILLE WROUGHT IRON AGENCY STEEL COMPANY Quality, Service, and Appreciation Unexcelled 2318 Riverside Drive Band of Chatham Building Phone SW 3-9611 P. 0. Box 715 Chatham, Virginia Compliments of HINES RADIO TV SERVICE Dealer in Zenith « Emerson THOMPSON DRUG CO. Expert Service Repair New and Used Televisions Phone 792-4209 Chatham Virginia 504 North Main Street Danville, Virginia 197 FIAT SALES AND SERVICE C. G. HAIRSTON, Owner COMPLETE LINE OF LATE MODEL USED CARS HAIRSTON MOTOR COMPANY 2943 Riverside Dr., Danville, Va. — Ph. 792-6085 G. W. WRIGHT GENERAL MERCHANDISE AND WESTOVER SPEEDWASH G. W. Has Most Everything “If You Don’t See It — Ask For It” 1354 Westover Drive Danville, Virginia 792-6246 GLENN RAVEN FABRIC SHOP SPARKS-GILES HARDWARE CORPORATION Sherwood Shopping Center SPORTING GOODS-PAINTS-CHAIN SAWS Dress Decorative Fabrics HOUSEWARES “We Make Draperies” 248 Main Street Phone SW 2-2414 Open Friday Nights til 9:00 792-2547 DANVILLE, VIRGINIA PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS 198 Many people felt they could not advertise in our yearbook but still wanted to contribute towards the publication of our yearbook. Our heartfelt thanks go to the following people: OUR PATRONS Aaron-Tarpley Cleaners Clyde Owen Barbour Service Station Putt-Putt Golf Course Crossroad Diner Quik-E-Shop Jimmy Davis Scarce General Store Freeze Construction Company Six Day Service Station Grogan’s Grocery Travelers Service Station Harry’s Diner Village Upholstery Shop Dr. H. D. Hoskins Westover Barber Shop Allan Jones Westover Shoe Shop Merle Norman Cosmetics Westover Supermarker Mill’s Esso Station Oakes Implement Company Dr. Mrs. Gordon R. Wooding 199 9 , [ ■% T p iJoLneuHa ciJu t ' tilyictj ' ' . . . ? ,— , . «3 , W fc J- Ux) Cyi 4fuuj ' j i:i 4}u Q- iL,i £. . (SJ WTL P ytyvKAjuf 1 c i ! [ I I I I I ■‘Mi i A ' . ' . VA-WB4 Gei Gelna ' P.G C .« Oanvj

Suggestions in the Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) collection:

Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 184

1969, pg 184

Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 170

1969, pg 170

Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 18

1969, pg 18

Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 184

1969, pg 184

Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 168

1969, pg 168

Tunstall High School - Illiad Yearbook (Dry Fork, VA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 51

1969, pg 51

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