Tunnelton High School - Tunneler Yearbook (Tunnelton, IN)

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Tunnelton High School - Tunneler Yearbook (Tunnelton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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1uumgm.1:w.,m4 m , wwf- , .5 mama 11 V y,.'...,.:v,rm':-'umm - my s ..ww,.1A:.wua1mamuw:Qnmmmma.nmiawmmuww-mLnmwux:.naz.zmw 1- A ,Z., ,X ,J , w ,i WM- ' ' , Q' ui.. mg -2-,,1..: ff -v J. fa :.wm.11-. ww,wm-mf,..:.k,,w,JM--.alwmmwgnmmgw -mmmwgmz: ,- ,,.,,,.,v-npvvw H' XR 5 Q aa SW K 9510! AJ MW N 4? an Noble Malott has been connected with Tunnelton High School in some capacity for the past fifty years. He represents all the attributes which go to make up sterling character. As a. small token of appreciation for his past services and present influence, we sincerely dedicate the 1950 TUNNELER to him. This picture was taken while he served as state legislator. Z Q x ZQMWQQYTWS 5 2 Q MEMIWWSFMMFIWW XX xx 3 4x f' 3 f X Q Q H - 1 "'ll"'C:fUjs-11 '-il"CGJv-1-I LAWRENCE MUNDY Principal Rf iN--,N ' 4 JAMES C. MALOTT INA WOOD WILLIAM WRXGHT Sc.ence-Mathematics Home Economics Commu-ce My 'L az ' i LUCILLE THOMPSON ROBERT E. MOORE MARY MARGARET MOORE Music Social Studies-Physical Education English-Physical Education 4 51.261124 1 M ' . 3 , W KQQSW A -, -W, L, fs SUE TERRY JONES ROSALIA UNDERWOOD Commerce-English Grades Five and Six ELLEN HOBSON ELIZABETH ZENOR ZULA BROOKING Gndu Three And Four Gndes Two and Three Grade One W. 0. GUTHRIE EMIL CECIL Trustee 5 Custodian s. 'Sh' Q pw 91' N 8' 1 . S3 WF! ' ,i ',.:, 'sis A -Lksxav m , Wg, E M M K :xg fincipaf ,fawrence .Mundy ' z,gs,wg -s In-QW-yf , K -S aliiiiwxgf - ' ,lgk S 'sfsigfiigsisgi . za, ,W . .,6lff.,, A gefgzrat A , .L .MM - v 3 isref.kf'2' ' ?'fSfif. - My Zhe unneler Staff 6 W 9 55 Y fjafffb fi 55 6332 Igmffgg X QS Q g DALE L. STEVENS President Senior! Q N. DEAN MCINTYRE JAMES W. WHITTED Vice-President Secretary 1, OLETA E. BROWN WILLIAM L. MATTOX BARBARA A. HORN!-:R Treasurer E'LE , ' Y ' ' F-N.." ' 5 .541 . 1 ,ff Q ' 4 111454 P by RAYMOND M, EARL ROBERT,D. BROWN BILL D. wzzvr-:R 8 HELEN GOEN SIPES H. RICHARD SALLEE ix K. ,, 1--.. A DOROTHY M. BROWN if "J'.'1?"' Jr-:sss ax-:1:D, Jumoa WANDA L. spasm Hmmm w. co1.L.uz:n MOTTO Climb though the Rocks be Rugged FLOWERS Red Rose COLORS Green and White 9 gu lure gorecaat It has been a proven fact that childhood ambitions, many times, determine the careers of high school boys and girls. As we polish the crystal ball and gaze , into the depths we get a vivid glimpse of the A future. One would never have guessed that , , Q Tunnelton High School graduated so many " fine, high-type individuals as these? Ax I v CD In 1999 we see: X, Oleta Brown has the leading role in "Jimmy, Where Did You Get Lost?" It's " 4 . really a heartbreaker. Marie Brown still enjoys skating. She k 1' has just won the Professional Promenade for f Grandmas. Qt J Bill Wever has fulfilled his ambition U f by being a coach at Wabash. Yeah, he has l I I the catfish shooting foul shots! Bill Mattox is happily married, but it seems as if the Plymouth he bought in 1949 is still his sole means of transportation. One never would have thought Mary to be a gold digger. Jim Whitted is a speed demon. He can't qualify his Ford in the 500 mile race at Indianapolis, so Oleta has tied a checkered flag to her mail box--just to make him feel important. Dick Sallee is a Merchant Marine. On his last trip he manhandled a whale bare- handed. Barbara Horner has devoted her life to the publication of annuals. Think of the hearts you have broken, my dear!!! Raymond Earl we see singing at the Metropolitan Opera House. Seems Bob Brown has opened an antique shop. The oldest thing in the house is the dust. Dale Stevens has invented a contraption to shell peas. Wonder who will be the first fly in his soup? We believe Herman W. Collier's initials stand for Heavy-Weight Champion. He KO'ed his last opponent, Mike from Midgetville. We see Jesse Reed throwing the towel to someone--could be Collier. We'll know for sure when the swelling leaves his eyes. We see Mac in Congress, but he can't decide which party is bestg therefore, he votes twice on each issue. Helen still has her beautiful red hair. Seems she's taken to the firing-arms. She always did want to be a WAC. QGoen to the Armyj. Wanda Speer is the thin lady in the circus. l'm glad her ambition came true. She used to say, "My trillions to be thin!" 10 ,Cant and Zedfament We, the Seniors of Tunnelton High School, file this will for the betterment of future education. First of all, we wish to leave our civics books and our dear teacher, fisn't he though?l Mr. Moore, to the Juniors, hoping they will have a full year of perfect misery. TO-WIT: Here are a few things to be done before this will is executed: l. Sophomores shall stay in TI-IS at least three more years in order to grow up before going out to face the world. Z. Day dreamers in assembly express their thoughts in words so we'll know what to expect--a Truman, Einstein, Jessup or other great persons springing from our ranks. The Seniors will the following things: Oleta Brown wills her ability to type to Dolores Hughes. Marie Brown wills her ability to sing to Geneva Allen. Wanda Speer wishes to leave her naturally curly hair to I une Dalton. Bill Wever wills his ability to play basketball to Phil Lindsey. Dean Mclntyre wills his ability to chew gum without getting caught to Lloyd Underwood. Helen Goen wills her ability to draw cartoons to Pat Cunningham. Jim Whitted wills his ability to drive a Model A to Mike Dorsett. Herman Collier wills his ability to run the mimeograph to Jeff Allen. Raymond Earl wills his ability to torment Mr. Malott to Logan Lee. Jesse Reed wills his ability to ask questions to Betty Shaff. Bill Mattox wills his height to Iva Elmore. Dick Sallee wills his red hair to Mary Ann Wilcox. Barbara Horner wills her ability to edit an annual to the unlucky person who will get the job next year. Dale Stevens wills his ability to argue to Willa Mathis. Bob Brown wills his false teeth to Dale Ingle. These things being done, we bequeath to all underclassmen our fine high standards for living the full life. Signed: The Senior Class of T. H. fgfwsvlfpwf T z?,zf7im,f Hi' Z""U57""J NMMVQM-4 AMN' Wzwy GBM mfg? ' A 3 MMM ' A ' Attest: 5766 ll 55'iQEiXQ5?Y5 5 3 2 awzwgzzefmgswgm xx 4x Q' Q QQ, 'R T funior Clan funior flag Cad 13 FIRST ROW: unior Clam! Ada Stevens, Iane Bush, Willa Mathis, Joan Bush, Betty Shaff, June Dalton. SECOND ROW: Ruth Collier, Iva Elmore, Dorothy Batchelor, Mary Ann Wilcox, THIRD ROW: Dolores Hughes. Mike Dorsett, Logan Lee, Clyde Flinn, David Boyles, William Wright Sponsor. MOTTO Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. SONG When You Wore A Tulip COLORS Green and White FLOWER Yellow Tulip unior Clay flag The Junior Class play, THREE OLD MAID AUNTS, was given November 23, 1949 at the Tunnelton High School gym. Patsy Murray was a normal girl, twenty years of age, but was constantly brow- beaten by her three old maid, aunts. If she was not married by the time she was twenty-one, she would lose an estate of considerable value, and the money would have gone to the three aunts. Romance entered the picture in the person of Larry Bell, but it was up to the "big game hunter", Uncle Ed, to take charge of the situation. FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Charles Allen, June Dalton, Mary Ann Wilcox, Iva El.more, Willa Mathis, David Boyles, Ioan Bush. Mr. William Wright, Clyde Flinn, Logan Lee, Ruth Collier, Dorothy Batchelow, Jane Bush, Betty Shaff. Ada Stevens, Mike Dorsett, Oleta Brown, Dean Mclntyre, Marie Brown, Dale Stevens, Barbara Horner. 14 Sophomore: FIRST ROW: Janet McG.-lth, Doris Short, Pat Cunnlnghgm, Geneva Allen, Jean Mattox, Mary Ethel Sherfick. SECOND ROW: Nancy Payton, Mary E. Earl, Helen Hutchinson Qwlthdrewl, Juanita Gllstrap, Joe Anne Brown, Mary R. Ingle. Sue Shirley. . THIRD ROW: John McGath, Thomas Beavers, James Wesner, Jerry Ingle, Dale Ingle. grealunen FIRST ROW: Marian Desn, June Sallee, Pat Baker, Mary Horner, Darlene Whitted, Gloria Smith. SECOND ROW: Bob Sheff, Donnle Hughes, Luther Kern, Bob Dorsett, Lloyd Underwood, Bermrd Gerkln. THIRD ROW: Robert Moore. Sponsor, Dean Tincher, John Hobson, Larry Roberts, Oscar Cook, Phillip Lindsey. 1 5 giglz il: grade FIRST ROW: Lonis Brock, Herb Hutchinson, Jerry Roberts, James Sampson, Virgil Shaff, Ivan Lindsey, Rachel Cook, Bonnie Gilstrap, Doris Gilstrap, Lillie Douglas. SECOND ROW: Thomas McGath, Janet Payton, Rheadawn Sowders, Rosalie Horner, Bonnie Chase, Nancy Shirley, Florence Goen, Mary Cockerham, Mrs. Lucille Thompson. THIRD ROW: Jackie Allen, Sammy Short, Carroll Allen, Tommie Dixon, Floy Payton, John Gerkin, Jim Payton, David Whitted, Charles Stevens. party The Eighth Grade held its Christmas Party December 8, 1949 in the music room and the gymnasium. The music room was decorated with red, green, and white fluted crepe paper streamers, Christmas pictures, candles, reindeer and a manger scene. Mrs. Thompson's desk was decorated with Christmas napkins, and all the gifts were placed upon it. The group gathered in the gym, played several games, and then adjourned to the music room for refreshments, exchange of presents, and the singing of Christmas carols. even lla grade FIRST ROW: Robert Tharpe, Sue Roberts, Darlene Speer, Sue Dalton, Lula Beavers, Gale Speer, Sharleen Pate, David Dixon, Harry Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Principal Lawrence A. Mundy, Joyce Wilcox, Rilda Bennett, Annetta Shirley, Frances Beavers, Dorothy Gardner, Billy Riley, Miss Ina Wood, Sponsor. THIRD ROW: Irvin Collier, Dean Brubaker, Doyle Hutchinson, Gene Dalton, Leland Crane, John McPherson, Kenneth Staggs, Norman Gerkin. parfy The Seventh Grade enjoyed a class party on December 7, 1949 at 7:30 P. M. in the gymnasium. Games were played and refreshments were enjoyed by all. The party closed at about 9:30 P. M. after a very pleasant evening. giftlz and Sixth grades FIRST ROW: Harry Cook, Dennis Sykes, Ronald Chase, Virgil Glover, Jerry Brock, James Hoopingarner, Jerry Hughes, Graden Johnson, James Cunningham. SECOND ROW: Patsy Ollis, Robert Dean, Anna Brown, James Scott, Janet Garrison, Irnogene Guthrie, Dwight Allen. THIRD ROW: Donald Gardner, Martha Staggs, Larry Flinn, Patricia Brooking, Kc-nm-th Box, Janet Mattox, William Pender, Norma Sowders, Franklin Brown, Kay Wood, Alva Brown. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Rosalia Underwood, Darlene Allen, Donald Lee, Betty Jo Gilstrap, Willard Brown, Phyllis Gilstrap, Melvin Hutchinson, Norma Bever, Robert Holt, Patty Brown, Donald Payton. 16 Saks new 5 h X N gauwnfaw Bill ---ilk - , 1 '43 NUI!! 4 . FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FOURTH ROW: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Zlzird and gourlfz grades Judy Ingle, Rebecca Nelson, Judy Flinn, Brenda Sheriick, Micky McGath, Martha Payton, Peggy Swigler, Olive Hutchinson, Larry Short, Mary Payton. Jane Marshall, Patty Fender, Mike Smith, Jewell Dorsett, Donna Goen, Roger DeKoker, Sandra Shirley, Dwight Williams, Wanda Shirley, Billie Wright, Donna lngle. Theo Brubaker, Donna Dalton, Sammy Glover, Loretta Brown, Eddie Scott, Sue Flinn, Danny Roberts, Nancy Mathis, Kenneth Dalton, Marilyn Sampson, Ronald Marshall. Mrs. Ellen Hobson, Shirley Wilcox, David Pender, Sue Brown, Lynn Wade, Barbara Brown, Frankie Sallee, Jackie Cecil, Judith Baker, Jerry McGath, Mary Rose Guthrie. econ and hire! gracfea Lucille Elmore, Charles Hoopingarner, Nelson Lee, Brenda Staggs, Jackie Dalton, Judy Allen, Willard Johnson, Mary Ann McKeaigg, Larry Sowders, Sue Stephenson, Johnny Scott, Irene Sykes. Lowell Speer, Richard Flinn, Ruth Ann Chase, David Payton, Wilma Gilstrap, Donald Brown, Oneida Staggs, Max Stephenson, Shirley Mattox, Raymond Johnson, Hettie Wray. Mrs. Elizabeth Zenor, Phyllis Glover, Janet Speer, Ronald Gerkin, Billie Staggs, Ronald Green, Ronald Wilkerson, Jack Lane, Leroy Sykes. girat grade Gary Jean, Brenda Short, Michael Swigler, Brenda Fender, Freddie Armstrong, Hazel Hutchinson, Ronald Terry, Linda Earl, Walter Hutchinson, Judith Dalton, Jerry Brubaker. Jackie Jean, Dale Cunningham, Pat Crane, Edith Johnson, Rickie Geabes Patricia Sowders, Thomas Shirley, Ramona Flinn, Jackie Goen, Judith Louden, Deanie Hoggatt. Mrs. Zula Brooking, Larry McKeaigg, Max Wright, Jerry Clark, John Stephenson, Charles Sampson, James Glover, Everett Stidam, Larry Brown. Ohe usmalf grief, Ckriatmad fartg 18 w 19 yTQ?Wb 9 F2 Ci Q Q JG B mzfwzgzazfnes if h555ig4f DALE STEVENS Forward BILL WEVER BILL MATTOX FOYWHFU Centu- V125-UZ-' JAMES WHITTED DONALD HUGHES BOB DORSETT MTKE DORSETT Forward Center Forward Guard JERRY INGLE BOB BROWN DEAN MclNTYRE Guard Guard Guard Z1 he Second Zeam FIRST ROW: Dean Tlnchor, Phillip Lindley, Oscar Cook, Bob Shaff, John Hobson. SECOND ROW: Don Hughes. Lnrry Roberto. John McGath, Luther Kern, Bob Dbnett. THIRD ROW: Coach, Robert Moore: Prinqpal, Lawrence Mundy: Student Manager, Jim Werner. Z7 .H 5 Cheer-leader-4 Jane Bush, Ioan Bush, Jean M.-xttox, Oleta Brown. ZZ 1 Zine Softball Ueam KNEELING: .Terry lngle. Dale Stevens. Bill Mattox. STANDING: John Hobson, Dean Mclntyre, Bob Brown, Donald Hughes, Bob Dorseit. Logan Lee, Jim Whitted, Mike Dorsett, Bill Wever. J unior .High eam FIRST ROW: Jim Roberts, David Dixon. Lonis Brock. Sammy Short. James Sampson, Virgil Shaft' SECOND ROW: Student Manager. Tommie McGath: Gene Dalton, Jim Payton, Jerry Roberts, Herbert Hutchinson. Z3 COACH ROBERT MOORE WEVER AND MATTOX PITCHER MIKE DORSETT co-captains COACH MOORE glze lgoobler Z4 qw ,Way Q9 59 Q ss T Q E memiwzfzfngs if Q one' G chow .f" be Q8 221 13,39 'SY Nm e nw -me TWQNQS Self f ' ' , 'e Annu ni-Urs grim' 5 ee x c i.............,..1--..-ll Xie Q 9 'A The 'Big Chief' has been published the lest six , . years with Mr. Wright es sponsor. The paper was or- 2 genized to give advanced students more practical r ine experience with stencil work and to provide e medi- Pe' um of school punlicity to the community. ,bayv we ere greatly indebted to many merchants who have provided us with funds by the generous edver- Q ti Sing. ,. e c d . c -. 'wr "' v U" 'm - Weweavec ' Q 'G-i"?Qf',. ??3'g'c mime? GQ Lodcvc fx, 5 211,-ci 91" r J we fe'-2 v c , n eco M1 , do .c agp Q39 rind? . is 9 QQ ,X few.. ,ggi v f 13ve?,ep?vg, evveT,veav.rib 1' r Wahl? 1 ,ini r c4.rp ecp agp pc pip V ppnpcpcpp, e X bog. V W pr p c dp p do , , e, p pppp c 33" ufig d v f H' v c i ' f n'cd ' , Q Winn- W:?.eef3f9eei c K v Uhe, Zfunnelton .High School Choral Club glue Melody Maids Mary Ruth1ngle, Joan Bush, Patricia Cunningham, Geneva All n Sue Shi I y. Z8 Ulze Cook! Freida Horner, Grace Lee, Nellie Rayhill. .Home Economic: your Mus .Wood, Oleta Brown, Marie Brown. 29 Uunnelton .High School Zgping 1 Clad: Commercial alriflzmetic Clan I I ABSENTEES AND NEW STUDENTS phyJLCal wucaflan Grade 6 -------- Barbara. Mnrlhall, Judy McGath Grade J ---- ------- 4 Genld Goen Judy Roberts Grade l---- ---- 'Conrad Sears ABSENTEES AND NEW STUDENTS Gfldl 7 ------------- -lirn Roberts Gfldl 9- -------------- -John Flinn Grade 7 ------ ---- 0 Beverly Goen Grade 9 ------ ---- 4 Joe Whitaker 30 E9 F2 Q E5 S dh .sfcwfgzx nw if Q Pals Bubbles Wh0's and Going somewhere? Bus Drivers Interested? '? Tootie Teetering Tots Teachers a3fSvf fQv?i5 5 E B mwfwgmmzwzfsfs 52 " Q Z ix Q QL cqufokg mpgs K ,, ! f If . .I Lnlmguphod I land by IAIJYOIYII IIUYIIIII lueollno. la.. U. I. A. 34 5 3 Q Ci 55 S 65 M WLQWQQHLWCQQ xx 4? Q' 6 , .J Q Hcaverly Mortuary Robert's Studio Portrait 8: Commercial Photographers 1510-1fZ I Street Above Ideal Shoe Store Call 4541 Bedford Indiana Fitch Chevrolet Scales 520 Main Street Telephone 66 Mitchell Indiana i 1 Lcmz Lumber Co. George M. Lanz, President Harvey W. Lanz, Vice President All Kinds Of Lumber And Building Material "We Make It Possible For You To Build" Corner l4th and J' Streets Dial 4491 and 4492 Bedford Indiana CARPENTER BODY WORKS, INCORPORATED Indiana FLETCI-IER'S Q The Store For The Thrifty Men, Women 8: Children's Wear 6th 81 Main Indiana l ii l Hottield Motor Scales of Bedford, Inc. Lincoln - Mercury, Guaranteed Used Cars Hatfield Tractor Sales Ford Tractor, Woods Brothers 81 DeLaval Equiprnent Robertson Mill Co. Cash Buyers Of Grain Phone 3500 - 6194 17th 8: L Bedford Indiana Crowford-Morris Lumber Co. Quality Building Materials At Lowest Possible Prices Also A11 Kinds Of Gas 8: Electrical Appliances. Mitchell Indiana Compliments Of INGLE'S GROCERY Tunne lton Indiana Compliments Of MCRRIS BRIGHT 13th 8: L Bedford Indiana BASS BROTHERS Chevrolet - Cars - Trucks - Service Phone 5661 Bedford Indiana CORGAS RESTAURANT Mitchell Indiana PAUL CHASE GARAGE Dodge 8: Plymouth Passenger Cars Dodge Job Rated Trucks Sales - Service 1615 J' Street - Phone 3734 Bedford Indiana CHAMBERS BROTHERS ELECTRIC COMPANY Westinghouse Appliances Motor Repair And Contracting 1023 16th Street - Phone 4707 Bedford Indiana A1..FRED's LUNCH Room ' "Where Quality Rules" West Sidei Bedford Indiana KATTIS RECREATION BOWLING 8: BILLIARDS Masonic Temple Basement Bedford Indiana SALLEE GROCERY Groceries - Dry Goods Tires - Soft Drinks Budda Indiana STANLEY CRAWFORD John Deere Farm Implements G. M. C. MOTOR TRUCKS Phone 9913 Route 6 Bedford Indiana J'ACKSON'S SUPER SERVICE Auto 8: Wrecker Service 24 Hours Curtis Jackson - Proprietor 1510 K Street - Phone 9941 Bedford Indiana FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICE Life, Auto, Fire, And Tornado, and Liability T. R. Potts Office - 822 15th Street Phone 4827 Bedford Indiana C 81 B ELECTRIC COMPANY Maytag, Philco 8: Norge Appliances 8: General Hardware North Side Square - Phone 3262 Bedford Indiana RAY R. ROBERTS AND SONS, INCORPORATED International Trucks - Farmall Tractors McCormick-Deering Farrn Equipment - International Refrigeration Hudson Cars Dial 4439 - 1202 J' Street - P.O. Box 468 Bedford Indiana BLACK CARMICHAEL LUMBER COMPANY Lumber And Builders Supplies High Grade Millwork Phone 3387 Bedford Indiana MITCHELL MOTOR SALES Sales 81 Service - Genuine Ford Parts - Used Cars and Trucks Z4 Hour Service - Four Points Phone 9 Mitchell Indiana DR. R. J. SIEGMUND DENTIST Bedford Indiana BURTON CITY DRUG STORE, INCORPORATED What You Want - When You Want It. Phone 1 Rexall Store Mitchell Indiana 1 9 I" Q FINNEY MOTOR SALES f ww ' ma 631 East Sixteenth Street Nusrzn ' 8 ,Elf . Hmm Phone 4645 Bedford Indiana Nationally Advertised DURWOOD Sr FOODCRAFT PRODUCTS Phone 6494 U 1312 Stalker Avenue Bedford Indiana Best Wishes I From I MURRAY CLEANERS I "The Very Best" I 1017 16th Street I Bedford Indiana RFROZEN Fooo LOCKERS at MARKET Complete Modern Locker Plant And Food Market Service Ray E. Lee 18th 8: K Streets - Phone 2156 Bedford ' Indiana There Is A Good Hardware Store In Bedford I TINDAL'S Dial 6284 1426 I Street I B 8: R SALES 8: SERVICE Frigidaire 8: Maytag Appliance Service ' Phone 181 Mitchell Indiana Compliments Of ABEL'S GROCERY Mitchell Indiana BVARNAN'S EPIE BURGERS 13th at J street Mitche1l's Largest 8: Best p Phone 9981 Department Store For 47 Years Bedford Indiana We Wish To Thank The Advertisers For Helping Make This Book Possible fmamrfmamxmw, ..a- ,,f .ew nwu mf qmwfmmxaunm-nwmmeu - , ' . mmmmam.m'ww mmmezm':1m1s1fzuwn.mmamumwmwuw mm maxmwmamwmmrwxrumwnm , nwmmwx' '

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Tunnelton High School - Tunneler Yearbook (Tunnelton, IN) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 6

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