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■V ' .r V s . SJL I n 93 BOOQ S 5Q0 wctBOO aJS el)F oaten ts page 3 H)e atioii j)age 7 Academics jjage 1 activities 5 J ( rU T ' e 119 _ ociai j age 14 ) ' lln c assmen age 16 pernors age W fSmrtisemeutj In The Beginning We Were Children — They had it planned for us. The principals and parents all knew, from the day we were born, We were going to go to school. In fact, we started as a group of willing first graders. But. also in fact, we ' ve gone our separate ways as individuals. Were all smart in our own way. Were all beautiful in our own way. We ' re all imaginative in our own way. We ' re all special in our own way. We ' ve reached the end together. All the good and all the bad have come together now And as seniors we realize . . . God, life ' s been good to us. Then We Grew Ever notice how a smile Adds sunshine to a day? Somehow a smile says happy things That words could never say. A smile can make you welcome Anywhere you go. And m a crowd of strangers A smile can say " Hello! " A smile can speak of memories And warm affection, too — And there ' s happiness in knowing, A smile is meant for you. Into Individuals . Desiderata Go placidly amid the noise and the haste. and rennember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, when the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Avoid loud aggressive persons; they are vexatious to the spirit. If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; It IS a real possession in the changing fortunes of time. Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive tor high ideals; and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Take kindly to counsel of the years, surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Ivlany fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as It should. Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life. Keep peace with your soul. With all its shame, drudgery and broken dreams. It is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful. Strive to be happy. Max Ehmann ■smm jm ' S£ f I One last walk down these halls. w The 1981 yearbook staff tias dedicated tfiis year ' s Awanatunk to Mr. Rosemergey, teactier and personal advisor to many of us. Who will ever forget his abundance of knowledge and his smart asides which brightened many of our days? Remember Frodo, the card every week, mellowing out to the stereo, the philosophies found on the blackboard, and his unique way of communicating with everyone in the halls. Whenever we see the initials, D.R., we will cherish the fond memories of Delmarwade " DOC " Rosemergey. We thank you for guiding us through a difficult time in our lives and wish you happiness and continued success in all that you do. 5 r Steve, a truly rare individual, will certainly be remembered by the senior class. He vi as a member of the vi restling team, our class president and a friend to all. Steve was a fighter, a person who cared and manifested this in his concern for the senior class and projects. He was fun-loving and easy going, handsome and determined. All of our lives have somehow and in someway been touched by his presence. The void will remain but so will the rewards gained through knowing him. Dedicated to Steve Gresh: You ' ve left us now . . . forever, but are you really gone? We see your smile and hear your laugh each time they play that Freebird song. Graduation, the prom and your love lor wrestling . . . If it was in our pov er, I know we ' d bring you back. But miracles like that can never be. We try to believe you ' re now free. Still the pain we felt the day you left is one that will always be. So even though we know you ' re gone, there ' s still a part of you in us left to carry on. All our love, Class of ' 81 I was so close to Keith it hurts me to have to write something like this. Keith was a true friend, someone to trust when times were tough. Keith had a good life, he was loved by everyone. Somehow it ' s hard realizing that Keith is no longer here to discuss our problems. I ' ve been told to " accept the things I cannot change, " but to lose someone who was like a brother is truly traumatic. It ' ll never be the same without that special someone. Keith had a future ahead of him and I ' m sure he ' d want all of us to pursue all of our hopes and dreams. Keith had his share of problems; I went through a lot of them with him. He kept on trying and he was successful. Let us never forget the friendship that he gave and the hope that he had. It ' s a shame he had to meet his tragic and untimely death at such a young age. I don ' t know why this has happened; but, I do know that God had a reason for this. Please let us remember Keith and the Schuster family in our prayers. I will always remember and cherish the great friendship I had with my buddy, Keith Schuster. Jeff Posten " N r i t, ADMIMSTR AT ION Mr. K. Kresge — Administrative Assistant Dr. R Place — Superintendent Mr. J. Kasnnark — Business Manager Mr. J. Stephens — Assistant Business Manager Mr. C. Ellsworth — Principal Mr. F. Mazzeo — Assistant Principal School Board - Sitting L. To R.: President - S. Kennedy, C. Remus; Standing - J. Fuhr, Treasurer - J. Place, J. Avery, Rev. Reichel, Vice-President - J. Harvey, B. Stevens, Absent - L. Howell. E. LaBar — A V. Technical Advisor J. Johnson — Public Relations, A.V. Director m i M Mr. E. White — Administrative Assistant 10 i .r : ' ' ftfl H Hk H B. Joyner E. Holdredge and Secretary D. Rosengrant :«H K- 1 ■ Rt J . «- ( " " H H r r , li B. Napier O. Gall E. Jones C. Smith 11 A. Adams L. Boote J. Bressler L. Butts E. Casterline J. Casterline E. Chianese D. Cragle Mrs. Layaou aids another lost soul. Mrs. Hyland, was Miss Flynn a bad girl? 12 R. Daniels C. Davies G. Dershimer W. Doherty H. Farrar R, Faux B. Flynn J. Forte Mr. PodlaskI Imitating Alfred Hitchcock! Mr. Thatcher, do you wear short shorts, too? 13 B. Gardner A. Grant D. Gregory H. Griggs J. Haas L. Hahn F. Harding G. Harmon Welcome to my nightmare! M. Hawk f X nLl ft A, Hinklie L. Hyland B. Johnson R. Jones D. Jubinski M, Keefe We get our lunch served by . . .?! 15 S. Kiefer A. Konieski C. Layaou J. Machuga S. Markunas N. Marshall G. Morrissey M. Myers Are you stashing the evidence Mr. Davles? Mr. Doherly, are you on their side, too? 16 J. Pencek J. Pitkus C. Phillips M. Phillips S. Podlaski A, Purdy D. Renoll J. RogowskI This is my favorite time of the marking period! D. Rosemergey D. Rupsky C. Sands E. Serf ass F. Shaffgr N. Sisle W. Stackhouse P. Steier Miss Marshall, did your souffle flop? 18 G. Thatcher J. Tiffany J. Tinner J. Uffalussy 1 ' R. Uhas F, Wadas C. West J. West A. Wiiliams N. Williams T. Williams New secretaries?! 19 f Cafeteria Ladies — Front Row: E. Sickler, J. Tallada, N. Watson, B. Harvey, E. Smitti, K. Johnson; Back Row: S. Welles, V. Mahoney, D. Prusko, A. Linney, C. Howell, Absent Mrs. McMasters. ■ ■ |H ■■ Wf II B pL Y ] w r M 1 -m i-j K , - % 1 1 1 fsi gnj 1 V Secretaries — J. Marini, C. Ferguson, R. Brooks, J. Davis 20 ACTi vm ES Student Council — Row 1 ; Diana Hons, Christine DiStadio, Kerry Devine, Jay Lefkoski, Elizabeth Lee, Kathy Geary, Lori Franko; Row 2: Miss Morrissey, Sandy Griggs, Dawn Miller, Cathy Weaver, Terry Veety, Wendy Sheridan, Michele Jedlica, Lisa Zamber, Bonnie Host; Row 3: Pete Byrnes, Jane Mitchell, Debbie Richardson, Sue Montross, Pam Helminski, Jeanette Faux, Mauri Lawler, Andy JubinskI I Senior Members of Student Council — Kerry Devine, Andy JubinskI, Mauri Lawler, Diana Hons, Pete Byrnes, Elizabeth Lee, Sandy Griggs, Cathy Weaver, Jay Lefkoski, Kathy Geary, Lori Franko 22 I Student Council Officers — Treasurer — Lori Franko, Vice President — Jay Lefkoski, Secretary — Elizabeth Lee, President — Kathy Geary I ' m sorry, the store won ' t be open today. But . . . It ' s free today. The Student Council proved to be a hard working group of people. The new advisor. Miss Morrissey. lent a helping hand in guiding the officers: President — Kathy Geary, Vice President — Jay Lefkoski, Secretary — Elizabeth Lee and Treasurer — Lori Franko; to upholding the standards of THS students. 23 Cunlihanuocli ; rcu %tl]ml Tiger Talk — Row 1 : Brenda Penhollow, Elizabeth Lee, Kim Madigan, Julie Riemiller, Kathy Fuhr, David Ell; Row 2: Paula Jedlica, Debbie Palen, Lisa Ketchum, Christine DiStadio, Bob Dempsey, Mr. Johnson Mr. Johnson had another successful year in front of the camera with his " Tiger Talk " staff. The show went on almost every morning with THS students bringing people up to date on what ' s happening. Everyone seemed to enjoy the show. m 7 Audiovisual — David Sherry, Scott Davis, Amy Davis, Kathy Fuhr, David Dymond. David Kroptavich, Brian Ball, David Howell, Paul Collett, Maryanne Peoperling, Mr. LaBar " Behind the scenes " AUDIO VISUAL ( Yeartjook Staff — Row 1 : Diana Hons, Pam Kintner, Diane Fabiani, Schelly Stephens, Franette Gummoe, Jodi Shipe, Paul Kalmanowicz; Row 2: Judy Gable, Karen Jacques, Lisa Durling, Ann Montross, Jeanette Faux, Pam Helnninski, Kathy Fuhr, Melanie Pugh, Absent — Mauri Lawler Underclassman Staff Members — Lisa Durling, Ann Montross, Pam Helmlnski Jeanette Faux, Underclassmen Editor — Melanie Pugh Striving to meet deadlines, snap the best photo and come up with an original phrase to each page, the 1981 yearbook staff compiled this year ' s Awanatunk. With the title, " Smiles We Left Behind, " the staff tried to capture the most memorable moments. Hopefully, we accomplished this goal. 26 Advisor Mr. Faux Photographer Editor — Judy Gable, Photographers — Diane Fabiani, Schelly Stephens Sports Editor — Mauri Lawler, Typist — Franette Gummoe Academic Editor — Diana Hons, Senior Editor — Karen Jacques, Social Activities Editor — Pam Kintner 27 »l THS Band — Row 1: L. Thomas, L. Franko, M. Miller, T. Cuddy, K. Goble, K. Geary, N. Cook, J. Kordilla; Row 2; T. Gardner, C. Bolcarovic, T. Newell, N. Sickler, B. Peterson, P. Newell, T. Gruen, E. Kitchnefsky, D. Cook, B. Gruszka; Row 3: P. Holden, B. Penhollow, M. Zanghi, S. Cole, C. Borgeson, R. Kupchunas, T. Manley, S. Elliot, L. Ketchum, L. Gabriel, P. Sliker, T. Hutchinson, D. Roche; Row 4: D. Holden, P. Lane, C. Traux, D. Reibson, J. Munoz, A. Gable, R. Lattermann, D. Kasmierski, C. Linney, T. Hills, K. tvlilnes, D. Bedford, J. Layaou, G. Dimmick; Row 5: K. Cummings, K. Penhollow, M. DiStadio, D. Irving, R. Phillips, S. Remetz, P. Gable, J. Kyttle, D. Nealon, G. Milnes, S. Keating, R. Farnham, T. Adams, B. Grant, T, Trauger, J. Abamo; Row 6: N. Sands, M. Berchem, S. Silverstrim, H. Lincoln, V. Lincoln, K. Richards, M. Gummoe, M. Franko, D. Zanghi, S. Gilpin, D. Arner, F. Gummoe, K. Nealon, T. Janoski, S. Maruzzelli THS Band Officers — Kelly Cummings, Rosella Kupchunas, Bob Peterson, Debbie Kasmierski, Shawn Keating, Brenda Penhollow, Patty Sliker, Norm Sands B T.H.S. A N MARCHING D Senior Band Members — Jeanette Munoz, Marie Zanghi Mike DiStadio; Norm Sands 28 Senior Majorettes — Kathy Geary, Lori Franko, Jill Kordilla, Laurie Thomas Majorettes — Kathy Geary (captain), Debbie Holden, Jill Kordilla. Nancy Cook, Mariann Miller, Lori Franko, Laurie Thomas Senior Swing Flag — Gretchen Dimmick Swing Flags — Donna Holden (captain), Gretchen Dimmick (captain), Patty Holden. Becky Gruszka, Donna Roche Sill(s — Dolores Zanghi, MaraBeth Gummoe, Mary Franko, Franette Gummoe (captain), Sharon Gilpin, Denise Arner, Kathy Nealon Senior Silks Gummoe Mary Franko, Franette 29 Chorus — Row 1: Sue Silverstrim, Kim Richards, Mary Raymond, Wendy Miller, Carol Ross; Row 2: Marie Zanghi, Nancy Ross, Vicky Lincoln, Laura Pelka, Gretchen Dimmick, Jeanette Munoz, Sue DeRemer, Kim Goble. Many students showed their musical talents by joining chorus. They per- formed various concerts which were most enjoyable. I " H- S £SW. K E Y C L U B I Key Club — Mrs. Stevens, Sue DeRemer, Teresa Tyler, Melissa Wiernusz, Kim Goble, Lynn Mikulka, Trish Cuddy, Keith Mattocks 30 I fIC EMMm Tiger Paws — Jill Kordilla, Lisa Edwards, Matt Reves, Ellen Hawk, Betsy Voda, Tina Veety. Heidi Simms, Greg Dilmore The Tiger Paws staff issued a paper every montti. Thie papers were very informative of the school ' s latest events, including interesting inter- views and well written editorials. O A H I R ON ■ J This is the best centerfold Tiger Paws has ever published! 31 f jum n F.F.A. — Row 1 : Tim DeWolf, Tony Hug; Row 2; Steve Traver, Art Caldwell, Wayne Michaels, Bill Burgess, Jim Brown, Mike Matalavitz, Sue Billings, Joe Hoyt, Tim Stout, Brenda Traver, Paul Steidinger, Scott Traver, Lloyd Bruton, Ronalee Carpenter, Art Carpenter, Bill Miner, Jeff Sechrist, Eric Tracy H F.H.A. — Row 1: Stiaron Kintner, Lori Brown, Lisa Goble, Lucy Jones, Jeannie Corby, Cara Coolbaugfi; Row 2: Robin Race, Jane Coolbaugfi, Pat McKenna, Marie Craig, Jackie Craig, Debbie Marlatt; Row 3: Debbie Puterbaugh, Pat Bogedin, Debbie McGlynn; Row 4: Joy Donafiue, Mrs. Sands, Vicky Lincoln, Kathy Truesdale, Mrs. Gregory 32 F E X R C E H 1 A G N N G E Foreign Exchange Students — Row 1: Sandy Griggs, Fabiana Nolasco (Brazil), Isobel Botero (Colombia), Ronda Vermeulen, Martha Gomez (Colombia); Row 2: Mr. Williams, Penny Stout, Stiaron Weirnusz, Jill Kresge, Louise Ganza (Australia), Pete Byrnes, Per Svendson (Denmark) Well, I ' ve been to Mexico! I ' d rather be home watching the soaps. I ' ve been waiting all afternoon tor these cookies and punch. We never get massages like this in Colombia. 33 I Lettermen ' s Club — Row 1 : Rich Wynd, Brent Long, Pam Richardson, Mauri Lawler; Row 2: Ray Phillips, Angie Ennis, Holly Freed, Wendy Sheridan, Kelly Wisnosky, Ron Tinna, David Howell, Jerry Bogedin, Scott Marabell, Mark Susz, Daryl Hoskins, Jodi Shipe, Schelly Stephens, Diane Fabiani, Diana Hons, Liz Hill, Janet Zamber; Row 3: Tim Dymond, Jerry Lencoski, Virginia Wilson, Brenda Traver, Kathy Fuhr, Laurie Gurney, Marty Gresh, Doreen Vermeulen, Denise Dymond, Kelly Havard, Pam Helminski, Julie Reichel, Ann Montross, Jeanette Faux, Debbie Palen, Sue Schoen, Andy Jubinski; Row 4: Rob Ungereit, Jim Lawler, Terry Veety, Kathy Germain, Linda Hunt, Nancy Goble, Julie Reimiller, Kathy Shemanski, Sue Fronczkiewicz, Patty Ball, Nancy Balint, Melanie Pugh, Franette Gummoe, Sandy Griggs, Melody Gozdiskowski, Megan Cooper, Ron Laniewski; Row 5; Tim Sichler, Joel Field, Andrea Kelly, Jason Furman, Linda 0 ' Hearn,Jeff Howells, Becky Dymond, Janine Franko, Pam Kintner, John Hertz, Cindy Hunt, Janine Edwards, Jill Kresge, Sharon Weirnusz, Elizabeth Lee, Kim Madigan; Row 6; John Smalanskas, Tom Stevens, Stan Bracey, Eric Sharpe, Ann Drazba, Carol Mucklow, Carol Fronczkiewicz, Micheie Frisco, Felicia McClymont, Lisa Edwards, Bill Host, Jay Montross, Mike Rhodes, Maria Bonifanti, Debbie Baumann, Dave Skumanick, Dave Dymond, Mike Germain ( Treasurer — Pam Richardson, Secretary — Mauri Lawler, President — Brent Long, Vice President — Rich Wynd 34 i ; . 34! - 28! — 34!?! Lettermen ' s Club was under a new advisor this year, Mr, Frank Wadas. Along with his guiding hand, the officers organized the group to raise money for the purchasing of the traditional lettermen ' s jackets. Oh well, you can ' t be athletic and intelligent, too. Ooh la la Sassoon. 35 Seniors - Row 1 : Cindy Hunt, Sandy Griggs, Jill Kordilla, Kelly Freed, Mauri Lawler, Diana Hons, Marianne Peopperling, Sue Ide. Ronda Vermeulen; Row 2: Diane Fabiani, Jill Kresge, Cindy Day, Pam Richardson, Elizabeth Schickfanz, Teresa Tyler, Audrey Claassen, Kathy Geary, Mary Franko, Franette Gummoe, Kathy Long, Kathy Fuhr, Laurie Gurney, Jodi Shipe, Sue Schoen, Mike Rhodes, 4udy Gable, Pam Kintner; Row 3: Lori Franko, Joel Field, Lori Farber, Robin Green, Jeff Howells, Brent Long, Steve Traver, Jay Montross, Andy Jubinski. Officers: President Elizabeth Schicktanz, Vice-President Judy Gable, Secretary Denise Dymond, Treasurer Pann Richardson. N N HONOR Juniors — Row 1; Jeannie Reichel, Paula Jedlica, Ann Montross, Denise Dymond, Pam Helminski. Row 2: Jesse Evans, Pete Brewer, Tom Joyner, Matt Targett, Jeff Jerome, Bob Faux, Jeanette Faux, Jane Mitchell. I Sopfiomores— Mr. Doherly (Advisor), Russ Faux, Pete Garrahan, Rosella Kupchunas, Joe Cresko, Andrea Kelly, Elizabeth Lyons, Maria Bonifanti. 36 I t I V I c Vica — Row 1: Charlene Childress, Robin Maser, Ruth Ann Setser, Row 2. Mrs. Stevens, David Williams, Mark Ritz, Brad Killian, Kemp Trowbridge, Kevin Sutton, Mr. Joyner I want you! «. ; -♦- ' , M A R I N E Marine Science Club — Row 1 ; Diane FabianI, Jill Kresge, Megan Cooper, Sue Schoen, Kris Henning, Paul Rosenbaum, Eric Sharpe, Ann Drazba, Michelle Mead, Debbie Baumann, Terry Veety, Kathy Germain; Row 2: Matt Targett, Tom Joyner, Tom Zelewski, Dan Farnham, Peter Garrahan, Joe Delmar, Betsy Voda, Lisa Eastwood, Laura Surman, Becky Dymond, Lisa Edwards; Row 3: Mr. West, Dennis Combs, Tim DeWolf, Tom Janeski, Robbie Jones, Tom Henry, Ken White, John Green, Bob Sickler, Mike Biro, David Price, Peter Scott, Bill Goodwin, Joe Cresko, Neil Williams, Steve Brown, Jim Lawler, Rob Ungeruit, Mr. Stackhouse « 38 Miss America swimsuit competition What are we looking for anyway? Come on Betsy, if we can nnake It so can you. The Marine Science Club raised money by selling doughnuts and having dances to provide funds for their trip to Wallops Island. Virginia. By first hand experience, they learned about oceanography. They made their exciting lourney in the spring. s c I E N C E I wish I had my rubber ducky and f r. Bubble. Man ' s best friend?? Row, row. row your boat. Ski Club — Row 1 : B. Fisher, C. Klinges, D. Hunting, K. Henning, P. Kalmanowicz, H. Antosh; Row 2: D. Nealon, L. McCain, M. DiStadio, B. Dymond, M. Stevens, D. Sharpe, J. Montanye, S. Griggs, G. Layaou, J. Borgeson, J. Cresko, J. Smalanskas, M. Stang, T. Sichler, B. Alden, T. Gruen; Row 3: J. Culver, B. Michaels, 8. Miner, J. Sechrist, B. Phillips, D. Dymond, C. Henning, J. Lenkowski, M. Biro, D. Price i CLUB Senior Ski Club Members — Harry Antosh, Kris Henning, John Smalanskas, Tim Sichler, Sandy Griggs, Paul Kalmanowicz 40 Break time .... life can ' t be all work and no play AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES That ' s right . . . uh huh ... we bad, we bad. w— » ■■ a m ;-r --■• r « -Kfl -iHHirijtar ' - Historians ' 80 — ' 81 - Row 1: Mauri Lawler, Peter Byrnes, Pam Richardson, Diana Hons; Row 2: Sue Steele Virginia Wilson, Sandy Volvano, Karen Dodge, Stiirley Howard, Teresa Tyler, Virginia Harvey, Kattiy Futir, Laurie Gurney Kathy Stiemanski, Kelly Wisnosky, Robin Green, Pam Kintner, Karen Jacques; Row 3: Jeanne Reichel, Denise Dymond, Lisa Posten, Lisa Ford, Karen Shemanski, Sherri Smitti, Debbie Palen, Donna Ayre, Doreen Vermeulen, Tim Sictiler, Joel Field Mark Rudis, Bob Miller, Jeanette Faux, Holly McGinley, Andrea Kelly; Row 4: Dan Farnham, Tom Joyner, Kelly Havard! Louise Gannella, Melanie Miller, Linda Baldo, Tara Manley, Stiaron White, Jane Mitchell, Barb Bogden, Kim Stout, Cindy Day, Kevin O ' Connor, Liz Hill, Mr. Tinner, Janet Zamber, Ron Laniewski, Jay Montross, Judy Gable, Schelly Stephens, Laura Kotch, Marcy Muncy, Pam Meekins, Christine DiStadio, Row 5: Duane Furman, Mike Germain Officers — Secretary Pam Richardson, Vice President Pete Byrnes, President Mauri Lawler, Advisor Mr. Tinner, Absent Corresponding Sec. Diana Hons 42 1 ■ H P Bi V pHQQ Mp vV 1 Bpp __ 1 ■lI B ( pV f ? The " Helping Hands " are never around when you need them. Ron Laniewski ' s lunch box. [ 5 An upstanding and long enduring THS organization, the Senior Historians, upheld the standard of academic excellence. Noted for their hoagle sales, they add extra pounds to many appreciative students and faculty. The funds raised were used for their trip to Virginia. Join the assembly line. Do they expect me to eat this? 43 Pep Club — Row 1 : Melanie Miller, Holly Freed, Lisa Durling, Ann Montross; Row 2; Holly Chapin, Jill Kresge, Lisa Ford, Schelly Stephens, Lisa Posten, Diana Hons, Maryanne Poepperling, Sue Montross, Blanche Fisher; Row 3: Miss Phillips, Kelly Freed, Charlene Root, Cheryl Ace, Penny Rau, Patricia Christensen, Denise Ayre, Tara Manley, Brenda Penhollow, Sandy Griggs, Mrs. Casterline; Row 4: Kim Stout, Mary Penny, Andrea Paltrineri, Lonnie Fenton, Laura Yanik, Linda Newberry, Donna Yanik, Bobbie Jo Pratt, Tammy Shaw PEP CLUB t Not another interception Officers — President — Lori Farber, Vice President — Melanie Miller, Secretary — Kelly Freed, Treasurer — Sandy Griggs, Advisor — M iss Phillips 44 DRAMA CLUB Drama Club — Matt Boatman, Michael Gensiak, Sherri McGavIn, Sandy Titus, Angie Ennis, Michele Frisco, Debbie Miner, Ronda Vermeulen, Jane Mitchell, Norm Sands, Sharon White, Tara Manley, Melissa Wiernusz, Sandy Griggs All Club — A; Chris Dymond, Janet Zamber, Kathy Fuhr, Kim Hoffman, Holly Freed, Lisa Durling, Karen Jacques, Kelly Freed, Holly Spring, Laura Yanik, Laurie Gurney: R Gretchen DImmick, Irish Cuddy, Wanda Talcott, John Novajosky, Dave Klug, Dave Kuffa, Linda O ' Hearn, Steve Maruzzelli, Lee Reynolds, Tern Hills, Michele Hopfer, Sue Bellas; T: Jim Koester, Miss Machuga, John Kronmueller, Mr, Rogowski, Mane Price, Kelly Quick. Tina Rossi, Alison Dilione, Lisa Clark 45 Sunbeams — Sherri Greenley, Diane Fabiani, Kathy Long, Janine Edwards, Liz Hill, Sandy Repsher, Jodi Shipe LIBRARY CLUB Library — Row 1: Melissa Hahn, Terry Gardner, Debbie Albert, Kim Goble, Becky Gruszka, Sherri McGavin, Brian White; Row 2: Marie Kingston, Matt Boatman, Jackie Montanye, Sandy Titus, Tim DeWolf 46 Lord of the Flies FRENCH CLUB French — Row 1: Debbie Smith. Shirley Howard, Christine DiStadio, Brenda Penhollow, Kathy Kennedy, Tammy Jervis, Pam Meekins, Marci Monsey. Debbie Miner, Terry Gardner, Sherri McGavIn; Row 2: Chris Remus. Kelly Cummlngs, Laura Surman, Ronnie Farnham, Kelly Sheppard, Brad Alden, Bill Host, Wendy Sheridan, Rob Ungurelt, Angle Ennis, Michele Frisco, Debbie Baumann, Mary Raymond, Maria Bonifanti, Becky Gruszka; Row 3: Judy Gable, Kelly Freed, Sandy Griggs, Laurie Thomas, Kelly Havard, Ronalee Carpenter, Robyn Zenger, Laura Kotch, Denise Arner, John Kobylski, David Price, Mike Biro, Megan Cooper, Jane Mitchell, Holly McGlnley, Jim Lawler, Carol Fronzkiewicz, Michele Rhodes, Chris Bolcarovic, Sandy Titus, Chris Miller, Miss Marshall Three King ' s Day Une Buche de Noel The French Club, under its supervisor, Miss Marshall, at- tended many competi- tions. During Christ- mas time, they made Une Buche de Noel (a Yule Log). Every year the club turns the French room into a cafe and serves straw- berry crepes. Cheap Trick at rehearsal. 47 G E R M A N German Club — Julie Reichel, Peter Garrahan, Julie Reimiller, Lisa Radle.Russ Hons, Laura Wyda, Barb Gates, Tina Veety, Kenneth Layaou, Felicia McClymont, Liz Lyons, Carol Mucklow, Terri Hills, Melissa Weirnusz, Kathy Germain, Regina DeStadio, Colleen Schuitz, Kim Midura, Brenda Raught, Penny Stout, Brent Cook, Lisa Eastwood, Ron Peters, Nancy Rail, Jason Furman, Melanie Pugh, Pam Rictiardson, Pete Byrnes, Bob Costello, Andrea Kelly The Swiss Alps — It ' s like eating a York peppermint patty . with no tie on. Get the sensation! c L U B Abschewliche Junge, Ich-Angeber, and der von Bier trinkende dicke Mann. Shy boy, cool cat, and the beer-belly man. 48 ELECTION DAY Election Day was very exciting when Ronald Reagan (Bob Miller) and Jimmy Carter (Ed Drost) visited THS. Mr. Mazzeo meets Reagan and Carter. And Carter thougtit they only raised nuts in Georgia ' Jimmy Jimmy he ' s our man, if he can ' t do it Ronnie can! I Open-door policy. J.T. and J.C. i W m Ku 1 ' Wm ■ Xr HI f PICK h r B H i V ■■ ' ? bi pi Mj BVil ( ; . mi 4 §§8 oo 1 i SPORTS ' M I A Football Cheerleaders — 1st Row: Diane Fabiani; 2nd Row; Laurie Gurney, Kathy Shemanski, Susan Schoen, Mary Migliori, Linda Hunt; 3rd Row; Kathy Fuhr, Melody Gozdiskowski, Captain Jodi Shipe, Karen Long, Julie Reimiller I Check out those smiles! Seniors — 1st Row: Laurie Gurney, Kathy Fuhr; 2nd Row: Susan Schoen, Diane Fabiani, Jobi Shipe 54 BASKETBALL Our 1980 Football Cheerleaders were a very supportive group and they backed our team through thick and thin. This year we only had ten cheerleaders and our tiger mascot. For the four months of the season, they were always " ta-gether. " During the summer they attended camp and won a spirit stick and many blue ribbons. Besides that, the girls took home many wonderful memories which will be cherished forever. The 1980 Basketball Cheerleading Squad con- sisted of 11 cheerleaders and one tiger mascot. As the season progressed the girls got to know each other and pulled together to back our team. They ignited the fans ' spirit and cheered the Tigers on to many victories. c H E E R L E A D E R S Basketball Cheerleaders — 1st Row; Lori Welch; 2nd Row; Julie Reimiller, Julie Reichel, Jeannie Reichel, Linda Hunt, Laurie Gurney, Karen fviilnes, Susan Schoen; 3rd Row; Paula Jedlica. fVlichelle Jedlica, fvlichelle Reichel, Nancy Goble 55 WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS (Captian) Ann Montross Wrestling Cheerleaders — 1 st Tow; Michele Frisco; 2nd Row: Lisa Posten; 3rd Row; Pam Richardson, Debbie Palen, (Captain) Ann Montross, Robin Klinkel; 4th Row; Brenda Fisher, Bonnnie Host, Nora Brooks Seniors — Pam Richardson, Lisa Posten Our 1981-81 Wrestling Cheerlead- ing Squad met the season head-on, filled with spirit and determination. Its drive to win could be heard at the meets, and its support of the wrestling team could be seen each time a wrestler was on the mat. (Tiger) Brenda Rought 56 Susan Schoen — Football, Wrestling, Basketball Lisa Posten — Wrestling; Pam Richardson — Wrestling Ijfil 9 V Jodi Shipe — Football Diane Fabiani — Football Laurie Gurney — Football, Basketball Kathy Fuhr — Football, Wrestling 57 fmm iA (ii 1980 Varsity Football Team — 1st Row: D. Bush, N. Tallada, J. Cooper, A. Jublnski. M. Ostrowsky, J. Smalanskas, T. Stevens, J. Montross, B. Felker, K. Henning, R. Laniewski, B. Schaedler, M. Germain, T. Stark; 2nd Row: J. Jerome, S. Bracey, H. Rogers, D. Skumanick, J. Sick, M. Ondish, E. Walsh, J. Hertz, S. Montross, A. Brace, M. Kutz, T. Joyner, E. Sharpe, T. Kukuchka; 3rd Row: J. Antosh, M. Kaskus, S. Howell, C. Schultz, G. Adkins, B. Fitzgerald, D. Hoskins, B. King f ' l«3 ' . - -l 1980 Football Coaches — 8. Podlaski, Head Coach: S. Casterline, B. Crimmel, T. Wisnosky, D. Davis, Absent: G. Slick With new head coach Stewart Casterline, the 1980 Tigers finished with a 2-10 record. The record doesn ' t show the dedication and effort the boys put into every game. Although the team will be losing 17 valuable seniors, the coaches feel that the Junior Varsity and Freshmen will add to the depth of next year ' s team. 1980 Varsity Football Team Mid-Valley Scranton Central Riverside North Pocono Dunmore Valley View Scranton Tech % Scranton Prep West Scranton Abington Hts Lakeland Old Forge ♦ 58 1980 J.V. Football Team — 1st Row: J. Antosh. T. Kukuchka, S. Montross, G. Aakins, H, Rogers, E. bharpe. D. Hoskins; 2nd Row: M. Ondish, E. Walsh, T. Joyner, M, Kutz, D. Howell, C. Schultz, B. Fitzgerald, B. King, M. Kaskus Since when do you try to intercept our football! 1980 Freshmen Football Team — 1st Row: J. Moffitt. B. Kolodzieski, B. Rosengrant. B. Covey, W. Migliori, G. Jones. J. Drungell; 2nd Row: J. Simmers. J. Bogdan. R. Zylis. J. Lee, B. Farr, L. Bevilaqua, J. Franko; 3rd Row: R. Radgoski, J. Testa. K. Ulrich. D. Roche. S. Wertman, B. Stark; 4th Row: B. Ritz. G. Garey. R. Zimmerman. J. Owens, Coach: Tony Wisnosky 59 f Jim Sick Jim Cooper Matt Ostrowsky Kris Henning John Smalanskas li 60 sT Tim Stark Dave Skumanick Dave Bush ,rr W Hm C H W " r • } f i 1 Mike Germain -V WJffW J Tom Stevens Norm Tallada i Brant Schaedler 61 Solid! Hey guys, did you see my new watch? Comets bite the dust. 62 Its dark, but I think it ' s a football. Do It up! Kick the habit. 63 FIELD HOCKEY mi M ' -- ' y ' jfs hsmiismt - S Srttei -. ' • 1980 Varsity Field Hockey — 1st Row: D. Baumann, M. Bonifanti; 2nd Row: M. Rhodes, C. Mucklow, L. Lyons, F. McClymont, B. Dymond; 3rd Row: C. Fronczkiewicz, D.Sharpe, J. Higgins, K. Wisnosky, E. Schicktanz, W. Sheridan, M. Cooper, (Coach) JoAnn Machuga 1980 J. V. Field Hockey — 1st Row. M. Gresh, A. Drazba, 2nd Row: S. Lencoski, M. Zionkowski, D. Clark, M. Han ey; 3rd Row: (Coach) JoAnn Machuga, M. Pugh, L. Ciapala, S. Brown, L, Radle, D. Richardson 64 Under the direction of first year coach. JoAnn Machuga, the girls ' field hockey team compiled a 5-7 record in the Suburban League. Because the team was dommated by under- classmen, Coach Machuga ooks forward to a winning season next year. J.V. Co-captains: Ann Drazba. Ivlary Harvey Senior Elizabeth Schicktanz Varsity Co-captains: Kelly Wisnosky, Elizabeth Schicktanz Award Winners: Elizabeth Schicktanz, Kelly Wisnosky — Outstanding Performance: l ichele Rhodes — Coach ' s Award: Becky Dymond — IVIost Improved Pictured with Coach IVIachuga are the 1980 All-Star Team members: Debbie Baumann, Elizabeth Schicktanz, Kelly Wisnosky, Wendy Sheridan, Felicia McClymont The All-Star Team consists of outstanding players within the Suburban League. A total of 22 players, both offense and defense, are chosen by the coaches in our league to represent the first and second teams. An additional 15 girls are awarded Honorable fvlentions. Congratulations to the Tiger All-Stars. 65 I Tigers ' defense ' | protects the goal. Carol takes contro Coach talks over game strategy. Liz drives past the defense 66 Wendy bites the dust. . g». 1 ' umi. 1980 Varsity Field Hockey Team Tigers 0pp. Lackawanna Trail ♦ 1 6 Ml. View 2 3 Abington Hts. 1 ■ Carbondale 2 1 Montrose .». Wallenpaupack . ' O 2 Lackawanna Trail , 1 • ' 4 Mt. View 2 1 Abington Hts. 3 Carbonjjale 2 Montrose 2 Wallenpaupack 2 Wtiat ' s so funny? Flea goes for it. 67 BOY ' S Boys Cross Country — Row 1 ; Kevin Maddox, Scott Alden, Brian Ball, Neil Williams, Rich Wynd; Row 2: Russ Hons, Rich Stark, Bob Finch, Luke Gorham, Ken Jordan, Ron Tinna, Brad Alden, Ron Parkison; Row 3: Ben Daniels, Tim DeWolfe, Lowell Parkison, Jeff Eberhardt, Joe Cresko }oys Cross Co 1980 Boys Crdss Country Team Tigers Meyers 18 Nanticoke ; 49 Blue Bidge 48 West Scranton 50 Bistiop Hannon 42 Dupmoro _ 35 Abingfon ' lHts. 19 Scranton Rrep 27 Scranton Tech 50 Vall ' View 45 43 Ntttfti Pocono 38 BqUop Klanowski 50 Scranton Central 31 S.S.S D. ' 47 One more mile! 68 CROSS COUNTRY Senior — Lowell Parkison Senior — Dave Dymond Neil makes his move. U0 The Boy ' s Cross Country Team, with a record of 12-3, were Lackawanna Conference Champions for the second year in a row. The boys finished 3rd m the district meet with Brian Ball qualifying for the state meet. 69 1980 Varsity Captains — 1st Row: Pam Richardson, Kathy Long; 2nd Row: Cindy Hunt 1980 Girl ' s Cross Country Team — 1st Row: T. Veety; 2nd Row: P. Richardson, K. Long, D. Dymond, L. Edwards; 3rd Row: C. Hunt, K. White, M. Reichel, J. Franko, S. Spencer, J. Farber; 4th Row: A. Kelly, S. Kingston 1980 Girl ' s Cross Country Team Tigers Opponents Meyers 15 21 Scranton Prep 25 30 Scranton Prep 25 31 North Pocono 40 19 Dunmore 37 20 Blue Ridge 37 20 Montrose 25 30 Montrose 21 34 Scranton Prep 30 27 Cindy starts up the hill. GIRL ' S The Girl ' s Cross Country Team finished with a 4-5 record. Overall the team placed 3rd in the district. Sophomore Janine Franko finished 5th in districts, qualifying for the state meet. Janine also finished first in the conference meet. With five returning lettermen, the future for the Girl ' s Cross Country Team looks hopeful. « 70 ' l How much farther? ; (. c R O S S C O U N T R Y Pam takes the lead. 71 MN jr- . ' G O L F ' • ' ' ■ — Golf Team - Row 1: J. Hadsel, C. Herbert, D. Dymond, J. Gelnett; Row 2: Mr. Cragle, R. Ungureit, J. Lefchak, D. Hunting, G. Layaou, B. Brown, D. Price, M. Biro, G. Stark, K. Havard. This year ' s Golf Team showed much improvement in the league. Even though its record was 3-5, the Tiger Golfers were dedicated and improved their golf skills. Jim Gelnett and Rob Ungureit qualified for District 2 Finals. Kelly Havard and Sharon White qualified for and participated in the State Girl ' s Golf Tournament. 1980 Golf Team T gers Opponents Abington Hts. 9 Mid-Valley V2 8V2 Valley View 3 ' 72 5V2 North Pocono evs IVz Carbondale Area 51 2 3V2 Sacred Heart 9 Honesdale 7 2 Lakeland 71 2 IV2 I Coach - Don Cragle 72 Jeff swings into action. Dust flies when Tigers compete. Look out! Beware Jack Nicklaus! 73 1980 Girl ' s Tennis Team — 1st Row: H. McGinley, C. Schultz, E. Lee, K. Madigan, J. Reichel, M. Reichel, N. Brooks, J. Bonitanti; 2nd Row: P. Helminski, J. Faux, M. Jedlica, D. Miller, A. Ennis, P. Jedlica, M. Frisco, D. Palen Senior Elizabeth Lee Qualified for States Michelle Reichel, Paula Jedlica 74 Pan displays her wicked forehand. rr i» " ,v HMlMifei Kim exhibits the perfect spin. a ■ " . ?% S E N N It ' s about time I got one over! Jeanette perfects her drop shot. 75 fV» -v Boy ' s Swimming — Row 1 ; E. Sharpe, S. Ullrich, B. Host, G. Dewey, S. McHale; Row 2: R. Hayes, J. Lawler, R. Phillips, S. Remetz, M. Zaieppa, J. Stephenson, J. Roberts, T. Adams Co-Captains Russell Hayes, Steve Ullrich Steve Ullrich 76 It was a competitive year for the boy ' s swim team and coach Ernie Shartle. Their record was 3-8, but with co-captains, Russell Hayes and Steve Ullrich, they hung on to the THS team spirit. Bill Host achieved some of his personal goals. He broke his old record in 500 freestyle and he set a new 200 freestyle record. Everyone on the team had a good season and gained some experience for next year. Boy ' s Swimming Tigers 0pp. T gers 0pp. Hazleton 95 77 Dunmore 94 73 Athens 52 117 Abington Heights 50 111 West Scranton 66 103 Scranton Tech 99 49 Towanda 41 126 Valley View 71 94 Scranton Central 69 101 Towanda 46 124 Scranton Prep 68 100 preparing for the race . the Tigers look on . . . breathe . . . stroke . . . breathe ? 77 Girl ' s Swimming — Row 1: P. Ball, M. Penny, L. Muzzy, K. Preskenis, S. Spencer; Row 2: L. Stonier, M. Zionkowski, C. Rowlands, K. Bauer, D. Sharpe mtmmin ' 3 78 % ' Who drained the pool? !. Time for me to fly. Under coach Craig Panzano , the girl ' s swim team had a disappointing season due to the lack of interest. The dedication of the girls that did go out proved their THS spirit by swimming every meet with determination. Girl ' s Swimming Tigers 0pp. Berwick 35 124 Abington 33 131 Athens 60 94 Towanda 40 119 Central 41 111 Central Columbia 47 117 Williamsport 53 100 Berwick 45 112 Abington 32 130 Athens 63 98 Towanda 46 115 Central 41 124 Central Columbia 41 121 Williamsport 48 106 Chips 79 GIRL ' S BASKETBALL Varsity Team — S. Gurney, K, Wisnosky, M. Lawler, D. Grabner, J. Shipe, B. Traver, S. Fronczkiewicz, N. Rail, K. Vermeulen, K. Long Statisticians Montross — E. Hawk, C. Fronczkiewicz, K. Girl ' s Varsity Basketball Tigers Opponents T?m Lackawanna Trail 31 34 Forest City 45 54 Mountain View 37 43 Valley View 21 28 Wyoming Area 51 33 Bishop Klonowski 33 47 Meyers 46 35 Montrose 56 28 Scranton Tech 58 62 Dunmore 30 48 V est Scranton 49 44 Bishop Hannan 27 43 Scranton Prep 34 54 North Pocono 30 42 Scranton Central 47 61 Abington Heights 39 63 m 10 I 80 Ma, Pa, and Me Kathy Long Mauri Lawler It started on November first and It ended as three seniors watched the final seconds ticking off the clock at Ablngton. It doesn ' t seem like four years have gone by since we were freshman and started to play basketball. When the wins and losses are long forgotten, It will be the fond memories of talks m the locker room and the lasting friendships that have formed among teammates, that we will always remember. Varsity Tri-captains — JodI Shipe. Kathy Long. Mauri Lawler 81 82 n % I 1 ( ■ — 1 ■ % DJiAV.. Tree meets Shrub. Pump it up, " Teresa Greasy " 83 J.V. Team — Row 1 : K. Kalmanowicz, S. Gurney, K. Baumann, A. Davis; Row 2: W. Sheridan, S. Kingston, D. Grabner, K. Garrison, D. Grabner rA Tigvs Opponents LackawaniSTrail % 32 Forest Clty m. 25 Mountain View 17 29 Valley View 21 Meyers 29 34 Scranton Tech " " t 13 Dunmore 32 West Scranton 22 17 Bishop Hannon 23 - 36 Scranton Prep 13 33 Montrose A 31 - " -N 12 North Pocmfe 2r 28 Scranton6a|tral 20 21 Abington ' eights 29 41 West Scranton 28 , 25 Bishop Hannan 27 y 22 Scranton Prep 23 35 Scranton Tech 18 24 North Pocono 36 31 1 Scranton Central 38 35 1 Abington Heights 25 44 84 Ajl Do It " upright! " 7 Jump much? %- ►- •«. . " Go, Fight. Win, Go Tigers Hey! Put it in. Mel! A taste of victory. 85 Varsity Boys Basketball Tigers Varsity Team — Kneeling; A. Cerep, B. Long, J, Howells; Ell, M. Kutz, Parkison, D. S. Bracey, Faux J. Dente, K. Dennnon, W. Zola, P, Standing; R. Faux, D. Kelly, D. Furman, L. The 1980-81 Tiger basketball team had a remarkable season. The boys came in second In their Annual Kiwanis Invitational Christmas Tournament, losing to Abing- ton. However, in league play, the Tigers brought defeat to the Comets, beating them both times. The Tigers ended the season with a 15-11 record. Brent Long, Alan Cerep and Jeff Howells were this year ' s team captains. Under Coach Tony Konie- ski. two Tigers were selected to the Lackawanna Southern League Division All Star Team. Selected to the third team were Brent Long and Stan Bracey. Jeff Howells and Alan Cerep received honorable mention. 86 Statisticians — Row 1; M. Helminski; Row 2; K. Havard, Pugh, T. Sichler, P. J. Furman, A. Kelly Lackawanna Trail 59 Valley View 46 Honesdale 51 West Side Tech 76 Lake Lehman 36 Bishop Hannan 83 Abington Heights 44 Dallas 62 Alumni 74 Montrose 62 West Scranton 62 Scranton Prep Scranton Tech Scranton Central 41 North Pocono 54 Dunmore 42 Abington Heights 62 Bishop Hannan 59 West Scranton 57 Scranton Prep 64 Scranton Tech 48 Scranton Central 44 North Pocono 51 Dunmore 39 Abington Heights 57 Bishop Hannan 84 42 45 41 29 43 52 46- 55 60 71 35 44 - 2 36 40 48 41 56 49 52 56 55 56 46 54 40 43 66 Pat goes up for two. Fancy footwork for two Tip it, tap it our way We are the Genesee Drinking Team. Okay give me the ball. Duane takes a break. Encouragement from the bench Ed waits for the set up 89 J.V. TEAM J.V. Team — Row 1 : J. Ostir, B. Dempsey, R. Faux, K. Thoma, D. Faux; Row 2: D. Ell, B. Costello, A. Frear, M. Kutz, P. Scott Lafcka nna Trail VallejtView Honesdale I Side Tech Lite Lehman Bishop Hl oan las hmen ntrose est Scrantdn ScraViton Prep Scranton Tech Scranton Central NoTyn Pocono Dunpnore Abington Heights Bishop Hannan- West Scranton ton Prep n Tech Cent Freshmen Team — Row 1: D. Huff, G. Jones, J. Silverstrim, K. Penhollow; Row 2: B. Daniels, J. Williams, L. Gorham, S. Alden, E. McGinley, K. Ullrich 90 Rebound!!! Grab It, Tigers. Dave Ell on the foul line 91 Dave Panek Steve Gresh w R E S T L I N G The 1980-81 Tiger vi restling squad would like to dedicate this year ' s vi restling section to two members ot the Tunkhannock wrestling squad. Dave Panek and Steve Gresh, who were outstanding athletes. Endowed with desire and determination, both young men possessed leadership qualities, which helped to guide each squad to a winning season. Dave, an outstanding wrestler, won a gold medal in the Dalton Lions Tournament in 1977. In addition to being a two time district champion and a regional runner-up, Dave served as a co-captain during his senior year at Tunkhannock. Steve possessed the qualities that make the difference between a sports participant and a true athlete. His determination, drive and inner strength were gallantly displayed during every match. Some of his accomplishments include a fourth place award at the Dalton Lions Tournament In December of 1980. Steve also served as captain of the 1980-81 team. We will always remember them both as wrestlers and as friends. Varsity Team — Row 1: S. Gresh, B. Fassett, S. Marabell, D. Skumanick, J. Field, J. Sick; Row 2: T. Wiernusz, B. Ungereit, S. Brown, M. Ritz, T. Posten, J. Gresh, B. Taylor 92 m -w I r J.V. Team — Row 1 ; J. Delmar, L. Silverstrim, M. Franko, D. Taylor; Row 2: T. Wiernusz, J. Trudniak, D. Olshan, K. White, R. Snyder Exhibi (4i Jli Wyoming Valley wSs Meyers Wyoming Area Blue Ridge Pijtston Hfanesdale , , Wyalustng U Mountain View Dallas Lackawann; Bishop Hoban Coughlin ii Lackawanna Leaguft Scranton Central North Pocono Scranton Tech West Scrantqp. tp Bishop Ol f a Valley View Scranton Prep Jj Abington Heights Under the leadership of Mr. Frank Wadas, the Tunkhannock Tiger wrestlers finished the season with a 5-2-1 record. During the season, Coach Wadas gained his 100th victory. Joel Field ended his last season by competing in the regional tournament. Congratulations Tiger Wrestlers! Joel Field Steve Gresh Bill Fassett Jim Sick Dave Skumanick 93 Enroute to a victory. Bill Fassett, Reading and Willing Steve Brovi n putting the pressure on his opponent. How do I get him off my back? 94 Struggling for a victory. Tigers stayin ' on top J V s VOLLEYBALL Varsity Team - Row 1 ; J. Bogedin, D. Hunting, C. Klein, D. Dymond; Row 2: D. Howell, A. Faux, B. Faux, A. Jubinski, B. Cortright, P. Rosenbaum, J. Layaou. J.V. Team - Row 1 : D. Hunting, B. Zylis, G. Layaou, B. SI ronski; Row 2: C. Klein, P. Collins, D. Price, J. Novajoski, M. Biro, J. Lee, J. Moffitt, J. Evans. 96 David Dymond Andy Jubinski - captain Tammy Springer. Franette Gummoe - Statisticians Jim Layaou 97 Yes, God? I got it - no, I got it! Gonzo bumps! 98 One great leap forward . I , . khjH HKtt-. OV x NjO e iY W Varsity Team — Row: K. Madigan, K. Long, J. Faux; Row 2: S. Huff, M. Cooper, T. Kukucka, D. Dymond, M. Gomez. J.V. Team - Row 1: B. Faux, S. Price, T. Veety, J. Bonifanti; Row 2: A, Kelly, D. Skronski, B. Gates, S. Billings, V. Inglis, J. Farber, 0. Howells. 99 I It ' s easier to juggle just one. 100 What are they looking for? Drifting off to Columbia Reaching for more! m 17 t1 JLijs N5 Sro M 1 • That ' s a pretty big snowflake. 101 I can serve, . . . honest! Row 1 : J. Lencoski, C. Brabant, R. Ungereit, M. Gensiak; Row 2: M. Zaieppa, D. Beardsley, J. Furman, T. Sichler. Tell ' em coach! Robbie shows the form. 102 f Dan Beardsley Chris Brabant B O Y S T E N N I S Tinn Sichler Mike Gensiak 103 BOY ' S TRACK Row 1 : C. Zercoe, D. Dymond, L. Parkison, J. Harris, M. Germain, J. Smalanskas, R. Laniewski, B. Schaedler, M. Rhodes, K. Trowbridge, J. Montross; Row 2: R. TInna, J. Cresko, P. Scott, R. Trekowski, B. Ryman, C. Schaedler, M. Ondish, E. Walsh, J. Jerome, W. Zola, S. Bracey, P. Kelly; Row 3: R. Peters, B. Earl, J. Kyttle, B. Grant, N. Williams, B. Ball, J. Baker, B. Goodwin, B. Trowbridge, R. Vaskas, T. Dymond, B. Alden, J. Pierce, T. DeWolf, T. Gruen. 104 John Smalanskas Brant Schaedler Ron Laniewski I, Dave Dymond Jay Montross Kemp Trowbridge Mike Germain rm ft ... w pf- r- ' H Mike Rhodes Lowell Parkison 105 jyi S!liHii( Determination! Lowell gets the grab. m i 107 GIRL ' S TRACK Girl ' s Track Team - Row 1; S. Howard, K. Germain, C. Mucklow, M. Frisco, A. Ennis, E. Lyons, M. Bonifanti, M. Reichel, L. Farentino, D. Richardson; Row 2: M. Geib, N. Brooks, M. Parkison, K. White, S. Spencer, C. Fronczkiewicz, A. Drazba, D. Miner, M. Reichel, J.Franko, M. Zionkowski, S. Sands; Row 3; E. Hawk, M. Franko, E. Schicktanz, 0. Hunt, K. Wisnosky, W. Sheridan, B. Traver, L. Kotch, R. Shupp, S. Kingston, V. Wilson, M. Pugh, S. Stephens, J. Edwards. 1 W WML 1 f Hv - ' pm? w ' .i ' .iL iJ.-i. t, ■ ' - -- ■ Jl cf- ■ ■■■ ' ' ' ■-- " . ' ■■■.-■• • 3- Captains Edwards. - Elizabeth Schicktanz, Janine Seniors - On ground - Schelly Stephens, Elizabeth Schicktanz, Janine Edwards; in air - Cindy Hunt. 108 Janine Edwards Schelly Stephens Elizabeth Schicktanz 109 We get by with a little help from our friends. A word from the wise 110 Sing much? Do it on your back. Reach lor the sky. Come on Janine, hand it over! Ill iu. 1 ' I V -..-v 1-1- Row 1: H. Antosh, M. Susz, T. Stevens, B. Fassett, B. Long, T. Stark, P. Rowlands; Row 2; J. Shipe, E. Sharps, S. Marabell, J. Ross. ' H. Rogers, S. Robots, R. Evans, D. Franko, B. Montross, P. Brewer, J. Hertz, L. Durling. J. Reimiller. e ° ' % - ' ' Captains - " Ttie Mehoopany Gang " Bill Fassett, Tom Stevens, Brent Long. 112 Brent Long Tim Stark Phil Rowlands 113 Hey guys, this is the horizontal position. Hey, Where ' s the ball? Take this for a strike! What an arm! I wouldn ' t touch your hand if you paid me! 114 J.V. BASEBALL J.V. A Team - Row 1 ; R. Faux. R. Madlgan. T. Kukucka, R. Hebda, S. Montross. J. Delmar, D. Inman, D. Faux. Row 2: R. Harvey. K. Thoma. B. Evans. D. Ell. B. Stark. S. Wertman. M. Kutz. J. Schubert, J. Lefchak. M. Visneski. T E A M B T E A M J.V. B Team - Row 1 : B. Stark, S, Wertman, D Inman, R Harvey, J- Owens. J. Gates. Row l B, Kmy, b Getz. R. Madigan, B. Costello, J. Sctiubert, M. VanEaton, B. Rosengrant, J. Bogdan. 115 Girl ' s Softball - Row 1; D. Sharpe, C. Rowlands, F. McClymont, A. Davis, J. Higgins, P. Jedlica, S. Gurney, L. O ' Hearn; Row 2: D. Miller, S. Valvano, R. Green, A. Colavitti, K. Shemanski, N. Rail, N. Balint, P. Ball, K. Kobylski, K. Vermeulen, M. Lawler, L. Watson. I GIRL ' S S O F T B A L L Mauri Lawler Robin Green 116 Is this what everybody ' s looking for? You gotta be kidding Coach, I can ' t slide that far! wiiim j ■ mmt ft mtumimmmi. If " mm} sm--, Whatever you do, don ' t hit my face. Wish I could play. 117 lunhhannodi Award Winners - Row 1: B. Long, R. Snyder, R. Ungureit, S. Marabell, S. Brown, M. Zaieppa; Row 2; R. Faux, L. Stonier, D. Sharpe, B. Host, J. Stephenson, S. Wertnnan; Row 3: K. Preskin, N. Brooks, A. Montross, P. Richardson, D. Palen. w I N N E s H I HB I HH ■1 ' H Htk H HH W|- ■ i r V 1 Award Winners forgiris tennis - P. Helminski, M. Reichel, P. Jedlica, coach - A. Hinkley. Award winners for golf : R. Ungureit, G. Layaou, J. Gelnett. 118 SOCIAL PEP RALLIES This year ' s pep rallies proved to ignite that " good old THS spirit " once more. With contests deciding which class could yell the loudest, the football players knew they had a supportive school standing behind them for every game, ( rs. Casterline ' s cheerleaders and f flr. Purdy ' s band helped to enliven the crowd with special cheers and fight songs. All in all, our spirit, " rang " through the halls of THS. The Seniors ' last possession of the " T ' Gimme a " T " . Super seniors are the best! 120 " The 1980 Tiger Football Team " The Honorable " T " is passed to the juniors. Cheerleaders do it up! i ' - tci] f " : ' yi - ; . w And the juniors own the " T " . 121 o w E E N October 31 proved to be one of the creepiest Halloween dances in THS history. All sorts of gobblins, greasers and assorted weirdos were out on this evening. Student council sponsored this ghoulish affair and the eerie tones were supplied by " Infinity. " The l aidenform Woman. You never know where she ' ll turn up. 7 The chocolate taste without the chocolate waist. " Susie Snapshot " That " Salada " tea! 122 Never fear, Ivlessy (vlarvin is here. V K J m I k — fl H ' I H PASSION, Just a little picture we ' d like to show to you To let you know In years to come You heard them say " I do. " Mr. Tiffany and Mr. Sisle showed up unexpectedly. I know my contact is In here somewhere. D A N C E 123 Vi IVfery Jo Reichel ' and I Jack. Drungell . ' o w so c o o o 125 still smiling after all this work. The 1980 Homecoming proved to be a season of joy for everyone. On November twenty-first, the Tigers met the Old Forge Blue Devils. At half time, the court paraded around the field In sports cars. The court was Introduced as the candidates got out of their cars and walked onto the field. The following evening was a night to remember. Schelly Stephens, escorted by Jim Sick, was crowned the 1980 Homecoming Queen by Cathy Ross, 1979 Homecoming Oueen. Cathy ' s escort was Charles Dente. The Queen ' s dance was to " All of f y Love, " as performed by Passage. It was a night filled with much excitement and many fond memories. Close encounters of a romantic kind. I thought I told you not to take my picture! Freezing in the cold, we await the big moment. 126 The Homecoming wouldn ' t be the same without you yl Todd, your after-shave didn ' t wear off yet! The 1980 Homecoming Court dances to Passage. Even the chaperones get Into the fun. 127 " A THURBER CARNIVAL " In December, the Drama Club presented the play, " A Thurber Carnival, " a rendition of several short stories by James Thurber. The background music for the performance vi as provided by Brenda Penhollow, Chris Bolcaravic, Bob Peterson, and Patty Lane. Mr. Bill Doherty, assisted by Mrs. Carol West, directed the play and cast through many hours of rehearsal and hard work. The result — a fabulous per- formance! Is this step really necessary? " The Wolf at the Door " Lori Traver, Mike Gensiak, Jeanette Munoz, Elizabeth Schicktanz, Norm Sands, Jane Mitchell, Pete Byrnes, Ronda Vermeulen, Lisa Durling, Tara Manley, Greg Milnes p: Dr. Pete gives advice to his audience as his loyal secretary looks on. " The Pet Department " Jonathon, you ' re supposed to be sleeping . . . ? " A Unicorn in the Garden " 128 The cast members are: Jane Mitchell, Tim Sichler, Debbie Baumann, Jonathan Rogers, Pete Byrnes, Norm Sands. ' HELP 104 Looks like another one flew over the cuckoo ' s nest. On guard! obe Lucy gives Charlie Brown her personal advice. Lucy professes love for Schroeder. 129 The East Coast Review. T.H.S. Stiake Shake Shake, Shake your groove thing. 130 Grow up! " It ' s hard to be humble when you ' re perfect in every way. " We have to stop meeting like this. Hey, Anita! Get a whiff of this. With a Christmas tree at one end and a silhouette of an ice skater at the other, the theme, " Ice Castles, " was set for the Christmas dance. There were silver stars and a mirror ball hanging from the ceiling to put special glitter on the event. The music was performed by Eddie Day and TNT. Sponsored by the senior class, the dance had a magical mood about it. CHRISTMAS From base to summit, gay and bright. Coffee, Tea, or Ivle? But, Where ' s the mistletoe? DANCE Th ere ' s only splendor for the sight Say " Cheese! T.H.S. HALLS 134 Get a whiff of this He ' s had his Wheaties today. I ' ll give you $50 for that shirt you ' re wearing. 136 Three ' s Company tM M f T Jtf " T f Jil " f O f Ji HI C ' ' year ' s Valentine ' s Dance was truly a night to W rA m Zlw I I Iw KZ J Alf w • Z remember. Passage provided the music which enhanced the room with the theme song " Keep On Loving You. ' You should ' ve seen by the look In my eyes, baby, There was somethin ' missin ' . You should ' ve known by the tone of my voice, maybe. But you didn ' t listen. And though I know all about those men, Still I don ' t remember. And we ' re still together And I meant, every word I said, when I said that I love you I meant that I love you forever. 138 You played dead, but you never bled . Instead you laid still in the grass all coiled up and hissin ' . ' Cus it was us, baby, way before then And I ' m gonna keep on lovin ' you. ' Cus it ' s the only thing I wanna do. I don ' t want to sleep, I just want to keep on loving you. 139 H— 0) o oi 5 E • - CO c X3 o r ■5 ■ 0) CO CO CO ■o CJ TD 0) o E 1 o 0) C CO CO CO Q. O CO CO CO a. 0) CD JT o C o c 0) 3 ' O) o a! CO - aj ■ 2 x: (0 CD 03 x: x: o 3 O " 3 -As D CO 5 ' c -C CO ■o ■ c to x: _« o .t: x: 5 CO o , (0 5 3 o , 0} 0) Q. O 1 x: 5 o 5 o c CO ql (0 c - C o TD 0? 5 o c 0) XI c x: o E O c 13 o C c •D 3 3 CO o " 1- I § oc CO CQ z CO CO CO CD E 3 o CD c " CO o = 3 i CO CB CO " a O ■a 0} C3) c o CO :: E a) E o o n CO £ 0) CO CD . o CO Ji CO CD CQ 0) c 5 CD 4 «L CO CD XI CD CO M r 3 o X CO c a. 3 O c £ ° 03 (n O) t CD ni E 1= 0) c ■ _| (U _ _ CO - , O) a) „ - ra o 5 M o n LU LU LL 0) i I 0) • I - Zi5 c 5 ' I ' O ra ' E X) cr b o uj , o) E o 5 °° S o ,- -3 UJ LL O 1 O -o ra 5 E- c D O -D 03 C o ■ i« o - o (XI ' o O) ' w _ - ■ O LU LL O 11 o p 0! en -C " 03 5 13 = O t; -3 — C t: 03 03 O 5 n o S W LU LL OS E « (0 ■D ' (» O tl E DC - 03 W . £: , o 03 5 S 03 O " c c c sE xa:-!= O - 03 P ° 3 t (J « ro m ° a: LU LL ™ - J. 03 C3) LL ' 03 13 ™ 5 o Q LU LL 141 On the evening of May 1, 1981, the Senior Class of Tunkhannock Area High School held their Senior Prom at the beautiful Treadway Inn in Dickson City. The music was provided by " Freedom " after a delicious roast beef dinner vi as served. The theme, " Best of Times " proved to be true as the evening was full of enchantment. The crowning of the 1981 Prom Queen, Janine Edwards, took place at 10:00pm. Being one of the most special times the class shared together, it was truly an evening no one will ever forget. I could ' ve danced all night. Tonight ' s the night we ' ll make history When the camera comes in this close my teeth have to be white. Smiles we left behind. Is that really you behind those Foster Grants. ' 5j 143 When I look in your eyes I go crazy. Mr. Grant gets a dance with " Charo " Much gratitude goes to the chaperone table. This is even better than Burger King! 144 K dtf Af II M- " 4 J ■V IMDERCLASSMEISI 9 Robbie Appel William Askew Denise Ayers B Jacqueline Baker Alice Ball John Barber Martin Barnes Sharon Bebout Charles Bedell Darnell Bedford Kevin Belcher Wendy Belles Leonard Bevilaque Sean Billings Linda Bishop Diane Bodine Gerald Bogdan Debbie Boner Joanne Bonifanti Billy Bosten Scott Boyd Nora Brooks Steve Brotzman Sherri Brown William Brown Rodney Broyles Terry Buckingham Wayne Burgess Kim Bytheway C Roger Canfield Jim Cappucci Art Carpenter Jeff Chambers Holly Chapin Robert Chapman Amy Colavitti Tim Considine Charlie Corby Man in Corby Dale Corker Dean Corker Leroy Adams Deborah Albert Scott Alden David Allen t.;,:;:M Darn! I could ' ve had a V-8!! 146 Elaine Cortright Ben Covey Joe Culver D Ben Daniels Keith Darling Amy Davis Gizelle Dehaut Alfred Deremer David Devries Lisa Dibble Kelly Dickinson Greg Dilmore Danny Dobrosielski Joe Drost James Drummond Cynthia Dymond Rebecca Dymond E Jeffrey Eberhardt Sharon Elliott Joseph Evan Kimberly Evans Robert Evans William Evans F Judy Farber Billy Farr Christine Farr Joe Faux Rebecca Faux Lonnie Fenton Bob Finch Donald Franko Jeff Franko Michael Franko Brian Freeman Kay Freeman Wendy Frey Jim Furman G Lori Gacha Gerald Garey Kim Garrison Joseph Gates Jessie Giberson William Giberson Carol Gilarde Ginger Goble Penny Goble Valerie Gozdiskowski Luke Gorham Diana Grabner Debra Green Tammy Grimes Merle Grinned 147 Is this the right test? Mary Harvey Wendy Harvey Wendy Henning Jeff Herbert David Herring John Hoffman Wendy Honeyvifell Russell Hons Christine Hope Bonnie Host Travis Hottenstein Diana Houtz Kenny Howell Carol Howells Joseph Hoyt Daniel Huff Peggie Huff Timothy Hutchins I Daniel Inman J Michele Jedlica Robert Johnson George Jones K Kris Kalmanowicz Staci Keiser Florence Kellett Roy King Marie Kingston Susan Kingston Bernard Kirchner Charles Klein Beth Knizer Kathy Kobylski Vicky Kocher William Kolodzieski Terry Kosek Gary Kosnowski Cecilia Krieg Tom Krishak Tracy Groves MaraBeth Gummoe George Gurney H Larry Harris Robert Harris Kimberly Hartman Doreen Harvey 148 Russell Lamonica Pam Lanave Brian Layaou Denise Lazar John Lee Sue Lencoski Crystal Lewis Holly Lincoln Joseph Lubinski Jeffrey Luther M Ronald Madigan Keith Mattocks Kevin Mattocks Michael Matylewicz Edward McGinely Edward McHale James McKenny Christine Mendegro Melissa Mercuric Brian Miller Wendy Miller Gregory Milnes Karen Milnes Ricky Minckler Joseph Moffitt Jack! Montanye Kimberly Montross William Munkatchy Linda Muzzy Eric Myers N James Nally Kathleen Nealon Linda Newberry Tim Newell Lisa Novak O Kristin O ' Connor Clifford Oda Steven Olshan John Owens P Leslie Pacanda Lisa Pacanda Gary Paduck Richard Palmer Andrea Paltrmeri You called? 149 Mary Parklson Keith Penhollow Mary Penny Caroline Phillips W. Phillips Karen Presl enls Cherl Puterbaugh Janet Puza R William Race Richard RadgoskI Mary Jo Reichel Matthew Reves Kimberly Richards Ronald Richter Robert Ritz James Roberts Tricia Roberts Donald Roche Tom Roerig Georgia Rogers Glenn Rogers Brian Rosengrant Michele Rosengrant Mike Ross Christine Rowlands S Kathy Salsman Sarah Sands Donna Sharpe Lisa Shaw David Sherry James Shipman Krisanne Shirley Joseph Shubert Robyn Shupp John Sickler Marsha Sickler Randy Sickler James Silverstrim Jeff Simmers Heidi Sims Debbie Skoronsky Mike Skumanick Colleen Slusser Kenneth Smith Susan Spencer Janice Springer Susan Stabinsky Bob Stark This is really neat! 150 L . i ] ' f . 7 • ' ■ Rich Stark Paul Steldinger Meredith Stevens Mary Stewart Lisa Stonier Tim Stout Sandra Strumski Lonnie Swetter T Billy Taylor Judy Teetsel Barbara Tesuluk Thomas Tesluk John Testa Guy Thomas Rob Thomas Brenda Traver Lori Traver Scott Traver Kevin Treat Lisa Treat Adam Trovi bridge Chris Truax Terry Turner Melissa Tyler U Keith Ullrich Frank Ultsh V Georgette VanBuskirk Bob Vandervilt Peter VanHouten Janice Vierczorek Mark Visneski W Leon Walburn Teri Weidner John Weiss Lori Welch Joseph Wesley Kim White Randy White Donna Wiebel Elmer Wilbur Jonathan Williams Charles Wright John Wright Z Karen Zaiedonis Patty Zaievi ski Lisa Zamber Dolores Zanghi Russel Zimmerman Robert Zylis 151 Thomas Adams George Adkins Bruce Anderson Kevin Anderson Mark Anderson Judy Askew B James Baker Deborah Bauman Richard Bebout Harrison Belcher Susan Bellas Denise Belles Laurel Benner Suzanne Billings Michael Biro Marsha Boice Christine Bolcarovic Mike Boner Maria Bonifanti Jeff Borgeson Karen Brody Steve Brown Thomas Bunny Lloyd Burton Kirk Bytheway C Tammy Cahill Arthur Caldwell Julie Campbel Sandra Canfield Charles Cannella Ronaele Carpenter Steven Carpenter John Charles Tina Charnecki Reo Cheshire Patricia Christensen Brent Cook Jame Coolbaugh Lori Corby Patti Corby Jeff Corker Robert Costello Chris Cobey Joseph Cresko Clyde Crispell Jeffery Crispell Patricia Cuddy D Rose Darko Kim Davy Joseph Delmar 152 " " . 1- p pp ' m, « 9| P| X « te t Robert Dempsey Suzanne Deremer Walter Derhammer Greg Dewey Glenn Dickinson Manfred Diel Alison Dillone Reglna DeStadIo Sophomore — A. Kelly, Vice-President — E. Lyons Class Officers: Treasurer President — J. Lawler, — L. O ' Hearn, Secretary Ann Drazba Ricky Durling Beverly Dymond Rebecca Dymond E Robert Earl Lisa Eastwood Lisa Edwards David Ell Angelique Ennis Brian Evans F Arthur Faux Barbara Faux Dale Faux Russell Faux Lisa Florentine Blanche Fisher Brenda Fisher Donald Fitch Brian Fitzgerald Janine Franko Judy Franko Albert Frear Holly Freed Sue Freeman MIchele Frisco Carol Fronczkiewicz Theodore Fuhr G Alice Gable Kyle Gabriel Terri Gardner Verlin Garlnger Peter Garrahan Barbra Gates Kathy Germain William Getz Sharon Gilpin Dawn Grabner Tobert Grant John Green 153 Marty Gresh Kim Grosso Tom Gruen Susan Gurney H Melissa Hahn Debbie Hallock Su2anne Harmon David Harris Denise Hartman Richard Harvey Edward Havard Richard Hebda Charles Henning Thomas Henry Tammi Hills Terri Hills Kimberly Hoffman Patricia Holden Michele Hopfer Jeannette Hoyt Pamela Hoyt Richard Hudick Randy Husted I Vicky Inglis Joseph Irish Denise Irving Tom Janeski Tammi Jervis Arthur Johnson Ken Jordan Vickie Joyce Lorl Justice K Debbie Kasmierski Andrea Kelly Michele Kenia Kathy Kennedy Brian King Holly Klimas Carl Kllnges Craig Kllnges David Klug John Kobylski Tina Kocher Amy Kosek Thomas Kotch Jackie Krieg Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! 154 Another exciting day! Marie Krieg Ginger Kuback David Kuffa Tim Kukucka Roselta Kupchunas Mike Kutz Jamie Kyttle L Kathryn Lane Maureen Lange Robin Latterman James Lawler Glenn Layaou Jay Lefchak Jerome Lencoski Victoria Lincoln Elizabeth Lyons M Richard Machamer John Mackiw Kandi Madill Joanne Marabell Brian Marcy Steve Maruzzelli Lloyd McCain Felicia McClymont Sherry McGavin Patricia McKenna Michele Mead Pamela Meekins Billy Michael Lynn Midura Sue Mock Christina Miller Dawn Miller Deborah Miner Marci Monsey Scott Montross Susanne Montross Jerold Mortimer Jeroldine Mortimer Robert Meyer Carol Mucklow Colleen Murnin N David Nealon Jill Nichols John Novajosky O Linda O ' Hearn 155 John Opet Jerome Ostir P Janet Packer John Pall Albert Paltrineri John Payton Ronald Peters Georgia Phillips Raynnond Phillips Joe Pierce Lori Porter Tim Posten Thomas Powell David Price Elizabeth Price Linley Purinton Terry Puterbaugh R Lisa Radle Renee Ransom Penny Rau Becky Reeves Dennis Reibson Michelle Reichel Stephen Remetz James Remington Michael Remus Lee Reynolds Michele Rhodes Robin Rice Debbie Richardson Tracy Ritz Sandra Ross Brenda Rought Thomas Rundell 8 Randy Sands Jeff Saylor Jeff Scavazzo Colleen Schultz Michele Scoblick Peter Scott Don Scudder Tammy Sha N Wendy Sheridan Donna Shippey Charles Shultz John Skumanick Elvi ood Sickler Naomi Sickler Robert Sickler Lee Silverstrim Billy Skoronski Raymond Skrabut Patty Sliker 156 Chris Zdaniewicz Jennifer Zenger Marie Zionl owski Charles Slody Brian Smith S. Smith Richard Snyder Charles Stark Glenn Stark Theresa Stefanowicz Donald Stelzer Carlene Straley Laura Surman T Wanda Talcott Patrick Targett Kirk Thoma Sandy Titus Eric Tracy Brenda Traver Joseph Trudniak Robert Turner U Robert Ungureit Jody Vaskas Terry Veety Kim Vermeulen Betsy Voda Jeff Vogrin W Lisa Watkins Laura Watson Stanley Wegielewski Ann Wheaton Michael Wheaton Brian White Kenny White Melissa Wiernusz April Wilbur Neil Williams Y Stephen Yatsko Z Thomas Zaiewski Shortage of chairs. 157 Carol Ames John Antosh Denise Arner Wesley Askew Harold Askew B Kenneth Baker Cathy Baldo Nancy Balint Brian Ball Brldgett Ball Patricia Ball Beverly Barker Jody Barna Gary Barnes Denise Barziloski Jeff Bean Doreen Belles Craig Bennett Jerry Bogedin Allen Brace Stan Bracey Christian Brauer Pete Brewer Lauri Brown Billy Burgess C Charlene Childress Elizabeth Ciapala Deborah Clark William Clark Kevin Cleveland Paul Collett Robert Condon John Constable Dawn Cook Greg Cook Nancy Cook Cara Coolbaugh Megan Cooper Jeannie Corby Bruce Cortrlght Burton Cross A Cheryl Ace Bradley Alden Jane Allen Bonnie Altemus I Junior Class Officers: Secretary — P. Jedlica, Vice-President — A. Montross, Treasurer — J. Faux, President — K. Long 158 1 ■ Tv Ml Kelly Cummings D Daryl Davenport Maryellen Davis Scott J. Davis Debbie Delmar Ken Demunysere Mark Denmon Dave Dewan Tim DeWolf Joseph Dllmore Christine DIStadIo Karen Dodge Joy Donahue Donna Donnora Joel Downs Christopher Drazba Denlse Dymond Timothy Dymond E Jesse Evans Richard Evans Terry Evans F Daniel Farnham Ronnie Farnham Amanda Farr Bob Faux Jeanette Faux Tina Faux Diane Flaherty David Franko Edward Freeman Susan Fronzkiewicz Jason Furman Scott Gable David Gabriel David Gardner Melissa Geib Harry GIberson Bob Gillespie Nancy Goble William Goodwin Michael Goodwin Melody Gozdiskowski Debbie Gozikowski John Gresh H Jennifer Hackling Kevin Haggerty Becky Harding Joann Harris Doug Hartman Kellylee Havard Pamela Helmlnski 159 Jocetta Hemmerly Ricky Herman John Hertz Jeanette Higgins Allen Hilbert Deborah Holden Donna Holden David Honeywell Darryl Hoskins William Host Shirley Howard Brain Howell David Howell Suzannah Huff Linda Hunt David Hunting J Paula Jedlica Jeff Jerome f elissa Johnson David Joyce Thomas Joyner Alex Jubinski K Mark Kaplan Mark Kaskus Shawn Keating Dale Keeler Craig Keller John Kellett Patrick Kelly Bob Kenia Lisa Ketchum Bradley Killian Susan Klein Fred Klimas Robin Klinkel Susan Kobylski Laura Kotch John Kronmuller David Kroptavlch Tammy Kukucka George LaBarr Patricia Lane Robin Laniewski Jenneth Layaou Carrie Linney Lucy Locascio Karen Long I thought I hid it here. 160 Jeannie Luce Timothy Lybolt M Thomas MacDougall Donna Macklw Dave Maconeghy Kim Madigan Tara Manley Scott Marabell Karen Marcy Robin tvlaser James Mayer Holly McGlnley Debra Mc Glynn Beverly Mendegro Daniel Mendegro Mary Jo Mercuric Donna Michael David Michaels Kimberlee Midura Mary Migliori Mariann Miller Robert Miller Lori Miner William Miner Dale Mock Gail Mock Jane Mitchell Ann Montross Bryan Montross Patti Murray N Pamela Newell Michele Nice O Matthew Oakey Brain Oney Michael Ondish Tami Owens P Debbie Palen Ronald Pasternak Alice Patton Laura Pelka Brenda Penhollow Robert Peterson Bernard Phillips William Phillips Timothy Pierce David Poepperling 161 Whaddah ya mean? Mary Porter Bobbie Jo Pratt Melanie Pugh Kim Puterbaugh Lisa Puterbaugh Tammy Puterbaugh R Nancy Rail Mary Raymond Jeannie Reichel Julia Reichel Julie Reimiller Scott Remington Charles Richter Lori Randocchia Warren Ritz Joseph Roberts Kevin Robinson Donna Roche Herbert Rogers Jonathan Rogers Jerry Roosa Charlene Root Paul Rosenbaum Jack Ross David Rudis Robert Ryman S Sandy Saxe Chris Schaedler Bob Schultz Jeffery Sechrist Ruth Ann Setser Lisa Shaffer Eric Sharpe Karen Shemanski Kathy Shemanski Nellie Sims Leo Singer Debra Smith Sherri Smith Milton Stang Diane Stark Susan Steele Joseph Stephenson Jerry Stonier Shaw n Stonier Penny Stout David Straley Lorraine Swenson k. L 162 What ' s the matter, do you have a bug in your ear? Matthew Targett Alan Taylor Diane Taylor William Taylor Todd Teal Kelly Thompson Ronald TInna Troy Trauger Barry Trowbridge V Sandra Valvano Michael Vasicak Randy Vaskas Tina Veety Frank Vincent W Edward Walsh Tina Weidner Sharon White David Wilbur Brenda Wilson Virginia Wilson Kelly Wisnosky Laura Wyda Richard Wynd Y Donna Yanick Laura Yanick Debbie Yarbrough Z James Zamber Robyn Zenger Walter Zola I ' m gonna get you! 163 SEMORS t ; 5 iw i q-d. if Walter Askew " Walt " Activities: Track, Weight Lifting Interests: Lisa, the bridge, the cabin, study hall Laurie Anderson " Bo " Activities: Co-op Interests: Hunting, fishing, trucks, cars, driving a tractor trailer when I get out of school Linda Baldo Harry Dwight Antosh Activities: Football, Baseball, Ski Club, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Going to N.Y. with Kris H., listing to AC DC, going skiing at Elk, playing Softball with the Robin ' s, playing space invaders at the Brook Ed Bean " Bean " Interests: Parties, hunting, girls Donna Ayre Activities: Senior Historians, Ski Club Interests: Sept. 10, 1980, summers, Liz ' s Malibu, lectures from Steve, Pediddles, " Billy Joel, " sunsets, spending money, parties, going to Florida with K.f I. L.S., " The Blue Room " ' y. t - ' 166 Matt Boatman Activities: Project Upward Bound, Student Council, Drama Club, Library Club Interests: PUB, College, teaching, Wilkes, D.H. D. Daniel Beardsley " Dan " Activities: Tennis, Lettermen ' s Club, Track Interests: Crashing with Sean, Conn., Sept. 10th, Mr. Wizard, Model A ' s, Freebird Patricia Ann Bogedin " Buttons " Activities: Swim Team Interests: Nature, painting the town, fulfilling my dreams to the max., staying single. The Summit, sunsets, Bob Seger, F.E. Jeffrey L. Bennett " Jeff " Cfiristopher Brabant " Chris " Activi ties: Tennis Interests: Crashing with Sean, Sept. 10th, Mr. Wizard, The Swan, short hospital stays Barbara Jean Bogdan " Barb " Activities: Senior Historians, Christmas Dance Committee. Steering Committee Interests: Rainbows, sunsets, the Pink Panther, pediddles, rainy nights, the Muppets, B.K., Chargers, " Giving up the boat. " B S F.M., sharing secrets. " The Boss 2. " " How do!. " looking for log cabins, a certain someone 167 John Brozusky " Bro " Activities: Football, Track, VICA, Co-op Interests: Cars, girls, parties, making money -1 m ■ J 0 l- ■ - . -i M ll 1 1 Dave Bush " Bushy " Activities: Football, Weight Lifting Interests: Pasta man, Louie, Batman, Rocky, the Packers, N.Y., seeing P.B., M.S., S.B. act normal, pedaling my machine (Margret) to the heavens Brian James Bunny " Sizzle-lips " Interests: Smashing with Tammi, shoot- ing stars, partying, photography, cars Randy Burn Activities: Drama Club, Marching Band, Color Guard ' s Captain Instructor, na- tional Guard Interests: Space exploration, shooting M-16 rifles, adventures of any kind, road marches Tim Buckingham " Buck " interests: Hunting, fishing. Ford trucks, Potts Falls Jeffery Mark Bush " Jeff- Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Co-op Interests: The drain, Clapton, WEZX, WAAL, a pair of cheap sunglasses, those 65 yard vi heelies, 11-1 TKO, Mickey T ' s, double pane sunroofs. Golden Earrings Radar Love 168 Peter John Byrnes " Pete " Activities: Student Council, German Club (Treasurer), Senior Historians, Tiger- paws, Band, Steering Committee, Who ' s Who, Drama Club, Ski Club. Sweden Interests: OCC parties, 88 turtles, Swiss elevators. Germany, Carolyn ' s back corner, mongols, Karen ' s cabin. Cars concerts, Williamsburg, subs, all night drive-ins, dipping icecream, Donnason ' s peas, nasal births. Iron Curtain, the Ankor, waterbeds Robin Charney " Robin " Activities: Co-op Interests: Weekends, 20 pts, Hilly- dippin, the shore, being with friends, Big Bad Grendel, baggen. Mustangs, Bugs Bunny, good times Dean E. Carichner " Little Carichner " Activities: Co-op Interests: Fast Chevys. the bridge, Dan ' s place, going to the mall with D.A. L.S., parties, cruising. P.S. " guardrails " Alan P. Cerep " Ceno " Activities: Basketball. Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Sept. 10th. spending time with Ed. Mr. Wizard, waterfalls in Mrs. H ' s class, the Swan, potatoes Louise Cannella Renee Janine Cheshire " Nee " Activities: Co-op Interests: Partying, Sportsters, sunrises, mountains, being with good friends, daydreaming. Bob Seger, the bridge, paper bags. The Kinks, munchin ' , Queen, D B.. sunners. sunsets 169 Jeffrey Scott Christensen " Crispy-Schitz " Activities: Co-op Interests: WEZX, metal shop, ' 69 El Camino, Claudia and others Lisa Clark " Ozzy " Interests: Doing " exotic " things, Harley Davidsons, partying with Little Rhine Bear, waiting for the night train express, going jeeping with C.K. up Dutch Mountain, playing bass guitar, painting Sean Collett Interests: Sept. 10th, parachuting out of windows Lee Clark " Butter " Dennis Combs Audrey Claassen Interests: Travel, canoeing, good books, tennis 170 James W. Cooper " Coop " Activities: Football, Basketball, Mgr., Volleyball Mgr., Lettermen ' s Club Interests: ' 57 Pontiacs, GF, Snake Road, cruisin ' , listening to the TONE with Russ. females Michaela Comstock Activities: Ski Club, Junior Achievement, German Club Interests: Skiing, horsebacking, canoe- ing with Aud, working with " Gerdie " and " Smilie, " certain blond guys, weekends Bob Davis Darryl John Cook " Snake " Activities: Marching Band, Pep Band, Concert Band, Jazz Rock, Co-op Interests: Playing the drums, going cruisin ' around Dallas, Emerson, Lake Palmer The Who, workin ' my way up to the top Cynthia E. Day " Cindy " Activities: Senior Historians, Who ' s Who, Junior Achievement Interests: Being with friends, hunting, walks in the woods. Friday nights with Rob and O.K. Sandy Cornish 171 Kevin Leon Denmon " Beaumont Bird " Activities: Basketball, Tracl , Lettermen ' s Club Interests: The " Drain, " wahooing, the Lake, Irish Luck, 007, a little blue " vette, " Queen, seeing San Fran, in the Super Bowl Theron Russeii Diclcinson Jr. " Russ " Activities: Freshnnen Football, Christmas Dance Committee interests: Mary, welding school, the lake, 16, the hill, 22, Chargers, Snake Road, practicing the " TONE, " G.F. Kerry Devine Activities: Rotary Exchange Student, track. Student Council interests: Sandy beaches, snow days, all-nighters, waterskiing, California, good friends James DeWitt " Jim " interests: Hunting, spending time with Ed, crashing with Jack, the Swan, J.H. Joseph Anthony Dente " Joe " Activities: Senior class Vice-pres., Lettermen ' s Club, Track, Basketball Interests: Spending time with Ed, Sept. 10th, taking long trips, listening to AC DC in Paul ' s car, Mr. Wizard, crashing with Sean, being a cat Gretchen Dimmick " Sputnik " Activities: Chorus, Concert Choir, Color Guard, Swing Flags, Senior Workshop Interests: Art, singing, swing flags, but most of all graduation and friends 172 Michael DiStadio " Mike " Activities: Concert Band, Stage Band, Marching Band Interests: College, IBM, having a good time Alan Drungell Richard Dodge " Rick " Interests: Cruisin ' with Geek and Shelly, spending time with Ed. pounders, swan dives Edward Drost " Ed- Interests: Hunting Michael J. Dobrlnski " Dobey " Activities: Ski Club Interests: The Swan, speeding with my Mopar, keeping one step ahead of Chevrolet, class rod, being 18, living high Christina N. Dymond " Christy " Activities: Who ' s Who. Christmas Dance Committee, Art Club. Mutual Interests: Art college, clouds, stars, rainbows, happy smiles, living my life to its fullest, being happy 173 David R. Dymond " Dave " Activities: Track, Cross Country, Steering and Christmas Dance Com- mittees, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Hunting, sports, " The Bug, " kicking back and listening to the stereo, college, long walks on the mountain Clifford P. Dymond " Cliff " Interests: Rock — Roll, parties, jeepin ' , camping at Forkston, AC DC, Lake Carey, spending time with Ed Beth Evans Activities: Band, track, F.H.A. Interests: My special person, flying high, rainbows sunshine David Alan Dymond " Dave " Activities: A.V., Golf, Volleyball Interests: Earning lots of money, winters, electronic kits Laurie Ann Evans " Chipmunk " Activities: Gymnastics, F.H.A. Interests: Being with Dave, marriage, success in the future Janine Edwards " Mean " Activities: Track, Roadrunners, Cross Country, Sunbeams, Senior Historians, Lettermen ' s Club, Pep Club, Valentine ' s Christmas Dance Committees Interests: Nordmont C.C, " special friends, " Y.G.A.F., T.H.S. dances, the " T " bus, S.C, good times, racing-sticks, Virginia Beach, 16, 1 w, Tug, June 4, 1981 ■ ■ P E 1 ■ »p m H i 3 1 m IJ 1 1 174 Mark T. Evans Interests: Cruisin ' , chevelles. " mill hill, " pounders, froggin ' after dark Diane FabianI " Dee " Activities: Sophomore. Junior, Senior Class Secretary, Football Cheerleading Mascot, Girls Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Sunbeams, C.U.B.E., Historians, Wallops Island Club; Secretary, Pep Club, Yearbook, Lettermen ' s Club, Who ' s Who, Valen- tine ' s Christmas Dance Committee Interests: McD ' s, A H.H.S., Super Saver, Friday nights, " Chocolate Pudding, " horror movies, smiling William Cory Fassett " Bill " Activities: Baseball, Wrestling, Letter- men ' s Club Interests: Sept. 10th, Mr. Wizard, the Svi an, 12 horse, road trips, Robin ' s, Lackavj anna League Champs, The Blues Brothers, baseball bus, Reggie Sally J. Evans " Sally " Interests: Running, swimming, graduat- ing, being with children, to succeed in life Lori Farber Activities: Chorus, Concert Choir, Ski Club, (Captain) Pep Club, Senior Steering Committee, Senior Historians, Citizenship Award Interests: Markie Poo, my 2nd home at the lake, the farm, picnics, waterskiing, sunbathing, snowmobiling with my honey, Feb. 9, 1980, that special night, roses, Tiger victories, keeping warm, college, sharing my happiness with Melly. a big wedding, becoming Mrs. B. LoriAnn Faux " Lori " Activities: Track and Volleyball Stat., Co-op, VICA, Senior Historians, Chorus, (Captain) Color Guard, Pep Club, Christmas Dance Committee Interests: Traveling and cruisin ' with Jill and Tina, rainbows, being with someone special, following my dreams to the end of the rainbow 175 Robert D. Felker " Bob " Activities: Football, Co-op Interests: Walking in the rain, being with friends, that very special someone Lisa Ford Activities: Pep Club, Senior Historians, Senior Steering Committee, Lettermen ' s Club, Track, Who ' s Who, Swim Team, Manager Interests: Full moons, long walks, " Boots, " wishing upon a star, special someone, 5;30 AM (Europe), AIFS in the Curls, close friends, people, THS dances APET, " flasher, " Paris Subway, LHOTP, Wadge ' s house, June, 4, 1981 Joel Field " Bacteria " Activities: Wrestling, Lettermen ' s Club, Historians ' 81 Scott E. Fisher " Fish " Activities: Wrestling, Track, Junior Achievement, Marine Science Club, Co-op, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Coast Guard, Marines, jams, Jadds. Skoal, Levi, Beatles, stones, G.V., Monte Carlo, Mi ckey Mouse, spending time with Nancy Harvey L. Ferris " Rocky " Activities: Fishing, Waterskiing, Hunting Interests: Cars, women, loud music, hard rock Donnie Fowler " Short Cake " Interests: Football, baseball, cars, rock roll music 176 Lori Ann Franko " Lori " Activities: Majorettes, Band, Student Council Treasurer, National Honor Society. Who ' s Who, Christmas Dance Committee Interests: L.V. forever, " rainbows " and dreams coming true, piggin ' out with K.G., L.T., J.K,, and M.M., the Cub, monkeys, grocery shopping at 1 AM Kathleen Rene Ann Fuhr " Kati " Activities: Awanatunk ' 80 ' 81, Student Council, Football and Wrestling Cheerleader, Tiger Talk, Tigerpaws, Pep Club, Ski Club, German Club, Wallop ' s Island, Lettermen ' s Club, Senior Historians, Girl ' s Basketball, G.B. Stat,, A V Interests: Falling stars, Irish luck, " the Lizard, " blue eyes, black whites, (Va.) wastecans and my pal Frog, being " ta-gether " with F.F,L.S,H, the shore Brigitle Lynn Frantz " Brig " Activities: Ski Club, Swimming Interests: Daydreamin ' , weekends. Pott ' s Falls, concerts in fields, Bill, my friends Kelly Freed Activities: Pep Club, Ski Club, Art Club, Library Club, French Club Interests: Languages, skiing, skating, books, arts Mary Jean Theresa Franko " Mar " Activities: Silks (captain). Concert Band, Tigerpaws. Who ' s Who, Marching Band, Valentine ' s Christmas Dance Committees Interests: Russ, College; Dental Hygiene, 16, 22. the lake, the hill, oatmeal, the " gang " on bus 31, Doc ' s class, roses, the band bus, " P B.H.C., " comin ' in first in competition Daniel L. Fuller " Dan " Activities: Co-op. Who ' s Who Interests: Getting out of school 177 Debbie Garey " Deb " Activities: FHA, Child Care Interests: Music, weekends, Port Jervis, cruising, being with friends Duane E. Furman " Ice " Activities: Boy ' s Basketball, Senior Historians, Who ' s Who, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Williamsburg, the Doobies, Sixers, Forkston softball. Eagles, wintertime in Roger Hollow, sitting on the bench Terry Garrison Activities: Volleyball, FFA, track Interests: Hot motorcycles, fast Tractor Pullin ' , trucks, girls cars, Judy Lynn Gable " Judy " Activities: National Honor Society ' 80 ' 81, Historians, French Club, Student Council, Yearbook ' 80 ' 81 , Who ' s Who, Senior Steering Committee Interests: Long walks, FS F, weekends, NYC PSU, sinks, bridges, chains padlocks, fishing, the yellow line, " The Iron Curtain, " selling memories, more or less, " Rafa, " carnivals fairs 178 Michael P. Germain " Mike " Activities: Football, Track, Senior Historians, Ski Club, German Club, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: " The Rack, " this month ' s position, Williamsburg, bazoombas, cruisin ' with J.L. Kathryn Ann Geary " Kathy " Activities: Majorettes (captain). Student Council President, National Honor Society, Who ' s Who, Band, Christmas Dance Committee Interests: M M, making dreams come true. Rainbows, the Cub, " PIggin ' out " with L.F., L.T., J.K., and M.M., TAP B., finding green grass, watching " Chips " Sandra Lynn Gramley " Sandy " Activities: Key Club (president). Library Club (junior rep.), Concert and Marching Band, Co-op, Color Guard (captain), ALP, FHA Interests: A certain guy (R.C.F.), brown eyes, motorcycles, horseback riding, football games, ALP. working with small children. May, 25, 1980 Jim Gelnett Activities: Football, Baseball, Golf Interests: Fishing, hunting, parties Robin Green " Rob " Activities: Tennis, Junior Achievement, Softball. Lettermen ' s Club, Track (stats). Senior Historians. Who ' s Who Interests: Numbers, smiles, rainbows, being with " D.H.W., " 5:30 AM in Switzerland, FIfl curls and the A.I.F.S. bag, Jim Palmer Fan Club Michael Gensiak " Red " Activities: Dramatics Interests: Intending to join tennis team, astronomy, biking, girls, movies 179 Sheri Greenley " Ostrich " Activities: French Club, Sunbeams Interests: Having tun with Carmen, dreamin ' , horses, keeping warm when it ' s cold, Liz ' s Malibu, being with my friends Franette Gummoe " Fran " Activities: Silks (captian), Lettermen ' s Club, Boy ' s Volleyball Stat., Tigerpaws, Ski Club, Who ' s Who, Yearbook ' 81, Valentine ' s Christmas Dance Com- mittees, Track (stat.) Interests: " Marilyn, " ' 79- ' 80 lunch table, " peacock, " a certain someone, windy days, the band bus, volleyball games, Doc ' s class, " P.B.H.C, " comin ' first in competition, " brown cows, " College: Nursing Jeffery L. Hadsel Activities: Golf, Baseball Interests: Girls, cars, Friday night raids. The Swan, The Apple Steve Gresh " Grass " Activities: Wrestling, Football, Senior Class President, Ski Club Interests: Sept. 10th, hiding in footlockers, 4 wheeling with Joe, giving Donna Ayre lectures Laurie Ann Gurney " Frog " Activities: Cheerleading — Football Basketball, Swimming, Senior His- torians, Pep Club, Tennis, Who ' s Who, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: (Va.) wastecans with my pal Kt., Van Halen, starry nights, cool breezes, ' Slappin ' 7, full moons and hazel eyes, laughing. Lips and the Grass, New York, Eating EE ' s with Fish, " This is a bust, " being " ta-gether " with F,L,S,H, Kt Brian William Hall Activities: Co-op, ALP Interests: T.C.A.A., girls, cars, roads, sunsets, happiness dirt 180 Kenneth J. Hallock " Fuzzy " Interests: Girls, cars, partying Tina Ann Harvey " Harv " Activities: Majorettes (co-capt), Band (president), Co-op, Track Stat., Student Council, Drama Club, Rifles (twirler) Interests: Traveling Crulsin ' with JIM and Lorl, special talks with Laurie T., special smiles and dre ams come true, looking forward to being with Sue, finding that someone special Rick Harris Jr. " Bones " Activities: Football, Track, Skiing, Co-op Interests: Bird, cars, the shore, parties, Sept. 3, waterskiing, hunting, fishing John Carl Harris " John Boy " Activities: Football, Track, Swimming, Co-op, Skiing Interests: Going to the shore, working on cars, girls, parties, going to Oregon, hunting, fishing, waterskiing Michele Harmon " Ivlirche " Interests: Sunshine, gold, bucking the establishment parties. Virginia Harvey " GInny " Activities: Co-op, Christmas Dance Committee, Senior Historians Interests: High school dances. Summit, Sports, Fridays. CM.. New York 181 Kristopher Henning " K J " Activities: Football, Ski Club, Track Interests: Ski trips, phi, T, S.S., phiaks, hunting, sailing Ellen Hawk " Helen " Activities: Girls Basketball Manager, TIgerpaws, German Club, Field Hockey, C.U.B.E. Interests: Swimnning, horror movies, cats, showers, rain storms, solitude, riding Swiss elevators. The Anchor Harry C. Hilbert Russel Hayes Activities: Swimming, J. A., Who ' s Who Interests: Fishing, hunting, motorcycles Stephen Henning Ramona Elizabeth Hill " Liz- Activities: Swim team. Sunbeams, Steering Committee, Christmas Dance Committee, Concert Choir, Senior Historians Interests: Ivloney, diets, Spanish moon, " getting kicked out, " " The Blue Room, " " My Malibu, " my best friend Doreen the gang, my future restaurant Acl Clu Clu lull Ste Bar Iriei 182 1. Fred Hirkey " Captain Hirk " Activities: Marine Science Club Interests: Whites Creek, Skoal Bridge, Lazy Brook Diana K. IHons " Dl " Activities: Silks (capt.), Concert Band, Volleyball, Awnatunk ' 81, Volleyball Manager, Student Council, Tigerpaws 79, Ski Club, CUBE, Lettermen ' s Club, German Club, Senior Historians, Pep Club, Valentine ' s Christmas Dance Committees, Who ' s Who Interests: Koala Bears, Head East, Williamsburg " Subs. " carnivals, tri- umvirate, making up hours for " Doc, " Carolyn ' s back corner Jeffrey David Howells " Jeff " Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Letter- men ' s Club, German Club, National Honor Society Interests: My favorite nurse, 224 or 225. oscillatmg sprinklers, " breaking " signs with Schlep, the " great " L.H. class, being a head case, not having S.S. talk behind my back, being hungry, change for 2 dimes Brenda Lee Hogan " Bubbles " Activities: Volleyball, Ski Club, German Club, Christmas Dance Committee, Key Club Secretary Interests: Kippy, Aug 27. 1979, " Still, " Stevenson ' s Lake. St. Pete ' s Church and Barney, being myself, being with my friends, June 4, 1981 , just being around Shelly Hoyt " Geek ' s Woman " Interests: Parties, Hilly Dippin ' , Foreigner, ' 57 ' sand Camaros, weekends, being with Geek. Four Square Grant House Activities: Golf Interests: Flying 183 Cynthia Lynn Hunt " Cindy " Activities: Track, Cross Country, Ski Club, Senior Historians, Roadrunners Club, Christmas Dance Committee Interests: The Glen, special friends, long walks, " jumping, " " Trail, " the numbers, just being here, " My Man of Steel, " weekends at Penn State, traveling, June 4, 1981 Thomas Andrew Janoski " Tom " Activities: German Club, Who ' s Who Interests: Snowmobiling, reading, animals Aclii wen snot cwis U Karen Lee Jacques " Karen " Activities: Awanatunk ' 81, Student Council, French Club, Historians ' 80 ' 81 Interests: Making it worth the trip, sunroofs suntans, J.L.P., 2, " The Iron Curtain, " carnivals fairs, memories, dreams, " Special Friends, " weekends. La La, Enos, " Rata, " yellow lines, my favorite patient J.H., Florida, Omar Henry, June 4, 1981 lA. Suzanne Kristine Ide " Sue " Activities: Volleyball, Volleyball Man- ager, Tennis, Lettermen ' s Club, Senior Historians, Tigerpaws, CUBE, Student Council, Christmas Dance Committee, Who ' s Who Interests: Weekends, G-12H, nights at Williamsburg, graduation, parties, AC DC, carnivals, making up hours for " Doc ' triumvirate, suntans, moonlit skies orange sunsets Ken Janiszewski " Jano " Interests: Parties, sports, Karen D., no more school, traveling places, getting my rank fast in the National Guard Colleen Jenkins " Kai " Interests: Going out with friends and having a good time 184 Robert H. Jones " Digger " Activities: Wallops Island, Co-op Interests: Camaros, motorcycles, snowmobiling, taking a slow and easy cruise to Dallas, a certain girl K.B., M.A.B. Harry James Keithllne " Hare " Interests: Cars, hunting, fishing, building, girls model Scott Jurists Activities: Freshman Baseball, FFA — Senior year Interests: Chevys, deer hunting, snowmobiling, fooling around Paul Kalmanowicz Activities: German Club, Ski Club, Who ' s Who Interests: Having a good time in IVIrs. H ' s class, listening to AC DC, parties, Sept. 10th, watching police raids Andrew Jubinski Jr. " Andy " Activities: Football, Volleyball. Student Council, Lettermen ' s Club, Who ' s Who Interests: God, my M.G. Ivtidget, " Coin ' for It. ' special nights, the shore. 21 or 56, 7tk talks, My Lady of Steel, the vital source, happiness Pamela M. Klntner " Pam " Activities: Wrestling Basketball Cheerleading. Yearbook ' 80 ' 81, Who ' s Who, Lettermen ' s Club, Tennis, Historians, French Club, Christmas Dance Committee Interests: Special weekends, football games, smiles. BJ JB, phone calls, surprises, keeping in touch. Omar Henry, FS F. sinks, getting out of the woods, dreams, honesty. " Rafa. " Florida 185 James Koester " Jim " Activities: Co-op Interests: Popeye ' s Cork, concerts, good music, Zep, Cult, Skynyrd, finish higti school Jill Kresge Activities: Pep Club, Cheerleader, Tennis, Gymnastics, Marine Science Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Senior Steering Committee, Karate, Foreign Exchange Student, Senior Historians, Who ' s Who, CUBE., Christmas Dance Committee Interests: Teaching the hearing impaired, Friday nights out with the gang, A.H.H.S. parking lot, Daniel, monkeys, chocolate pudding, Super Saver, horror movies, long talks w ith Dee, Mexican friends, dreams, forever Gail M. Kuback " Moonie " Activities: Pep Club, Art Club, Ski Club Interests: Photography, big yellovi brick doors, my best friends: Cupcake, L.S., S.R., D.V., big meetings at the A P parking lot, the cabins, loving my little P.H. Terry, checking out the " break room " Jill Ann Kordilla Activities: Majorettes, Banner Carrier, Student Council, Pep Club, Senior Class Steering Committee, Christmas Dance Committee Interests: Cruisin ' with Tina Lori, 79- ' 80 lunch table, the Cub, rainbows, swamp skating. Infinity, piggin ' out with L.T., M.M., L.F., and K.G., unlucky 13, being a chauffeur out of the goodness in my heart George Lancaster Interests: Hunting, fishing, trapping, hiking, camping, stockcar racing, small engines, wood working Mary E. Kristunas " Mary " Interests: Sundays with CM., horseback riding, Numedia races, swamp skating, unlucky 13, ' 79- ' 80 lunch table 186 Mauri Lawler Activities: Girls Basketball (capt.), Softball (capt.), Lettermen ' s Club, Football Stat., Marine Science Club, Historians, Student Council Sopfi. Vice- Pres., Jr. Class Pres., Wtio ' s Wtio, Yearbook ' 81 Interests: Tiger victories, football games and dances. Coin ' for it, 23, Billy Joel, rainbows, hoagies, spiders, 50 yard lines, D.H.W., 43, Friday the 13th, Ziggy, Wink, my alter ego, " What you talking ' bout?, " being a wench Ron Lanieweski " Dewski " Activities: Football, Track, Lettermen ' s Club, Ski Club Interests: Sports, girls, Lisa Elizabeth Lee " Liz " Activities: Student Council, Sunbeams, Tiger Talk, Cross Country Interests: A certain kind of authority, Tunkhannock ' s countryside, my home life, the tennis team and good friends, a Winston man, 60, being contented with what I have and the goals I am able to fulfill in my lifetime Raymond LaValley " Kool Aid " Activities: Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Track Interests: Hunting, fishing, camping, cars Michelle M. Lee " Icky " Activities: AV, Co-op Interests: Horses, photography, full moons, " Rudolf, " ditches, lunch, June 28, " Blue Blobber, " Shannon, drinkin ' R C at Roberts James Layaou " Jim " Activities: Volleyball, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: V-ball, J.F., fast cars, skatin ' at Dallas, cruisin ' incognito, parking 187 Tammy Lee " Tam " Activities: Swing Flags, Pep Club Interests: January 12, 1979, Doug, U.I.S. T.T.A.L., having talks with R.L., J.L. S.R., and R.S., graduation James MacDougall " Professor " Activities: Ski Club, Drama Club, German Club Interests: Speaking German, finding the perfect checkmate situation Brent Alan Long Activities: Basketball, Baseball Letter- men ' s Club, President, Who ' s Who Interests: June 26, (vir. Wizard, Bucs, trips to Philadelphia, Mrs. Hyland ' s class, beating Dunmore Kathleen S. Long " Katie " Activities: Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Lettermen ' s Club, National Honor Society, Who ' s Who, Sunbeams, Historians, Steering Committee Interests- Friday nights out with the girls, A.H.H.S. parking lot, chocolate pudding, A.S.R., lunch with Liz, Diane and Jill, a yellow arrow, May 11 , forever James Joseph Lefkoski " Jay " Activities: Track, Wrestling, Student Council Interests; Parties, THS dances. Summit, Levi Garrett, Barretta Cars, Skoal, jams, G.F. Inc., " My Best Friend " Mark Manglaviti Interests: Motorcycles, 57 ' s, girls 188 James F. Mead Betty Mitchell •B " Activities: Library Club Interests: Roller skating, dancing, skating, boys, nnovles Melanie R. Miller " Mellie " Activities: Pep Club (vice pres.). Chorus, French Club Interests: Cheering the Tigers on to victories, avoiding motorcycle accidents whenever possible, sharing my happiness vi ith Lori, going to college, making my dreams come true Lynn Mikulka " Lynne " Activities: Color Guard, Co-op, Key Club, ALP secretary Interests: Taking long drives with Ed, getting married, gomg to Cosmetology school, living a good life with Ed Robert Miller Activities: Senior Historians Interests: Hunting, fishing, psychology, golf Jay H, Montross Activities: Football, Lettermen ' s Club, Track, Who ' s Who. J. A. Interests: Going into space, hunting 189 Brian O ' Connor " O ' Cie " Activities: Ski Club Interests: Cars, parties, Rock 107 Ken IVIoyer " Goyer " interests: Parties, fishing, stars, cruisin ' AC DC. Skynyrd, Aerosmith Frank P. Ondish " P.O. " Activities: Ski Club, German Club Interests: Theresa, hunting, the outdoors, fishing, parties, Rock 107 Jeannette Munoz " J " Activities: Band, Drama Club, Library Club, Concert Choir Interests: College, books, singing, good friends Kevin O ' Connor " KG. " Activities: Senior Historians, Ski Club Interests: Parties, cars Matt Ostrowsky " Batman " Activities: Football, Ski Club, Key Club, Scouts Interests: Outdoors, mountain climbing, canoeing, Rock 107 R. Lowell Parklson " Skoal " Activities: Basketball, Cross Country, Track Interests: College, Bear ' s in thie Super Bowl Lori Ann Paduck Activities: Dance Committee Interests: Bob (Stud), welding, parties at the creek, camping out, long walks with Tammy and Jimmy, looking forward to the future with Bobby John J. Phillips " Jumper " Activities: Swimming, Co-op Interests: Hunting, fishing, camping Daniel Palmer Activities: Baseball, Swimming Interests: Parties, the White Swan, Expos winning the series the Marianne Poepperling " Scary " Activities: Silks, Pep Club, Marine Science Club (treasurer) Interests: " The River, " being with my friends, my Canadian Connection, camping, horseback riding, summer nights. Wallop ' s Island, partying, Scottsville, " Sudden Dis-Comfort " Patricia A. Peters ■Pattie " Activities: Silks, Wrestling Matmaid, Pep Club, Valentine ' s and Christmas Dance Committees, Co-op Interests: Sept. 7, 1979, " Lemon " Jelly, bumpin ' , " checking it out " with my best friend, little talks with Miche, a " certain " dream, being me 191 Lisa Poster) Activities: Track. Roadrunners, Pep Club, Senior Historians Interests: Sharing good bad times with Nean and Bird, being with " R, " sweet memories of my Pumpkin, family trips, Italian Stallion, working at " Greecies, " having fun times at the lake, June 4, 1981 MelanieAnn Remetz " Mel " Activities: Band, Silks, Key Club Interests: Bob, Chevys, sunsets, cruising Acin leadi Inlep talks audi andl A. Marie Price Interests: Rock-n-Roll, being with my friends K.T., J.T., T.R., L.C., summer parties with Slyder Syde Infinity, D.A., camping at the Rocks, " G.H., being radical Ruth Rail " Rufus " Activities: Basketball Interests: Carolyn ' s back corner. Jerry Amy Jo Powell Interests: Listening to the " cars, " being with friends, wearing my " IVlr. Bill " shirt, " chickens, " taking walks, meeting Paul IvlcCartney in person, football games, cruising around town Chris Remus Activities: French Club Interests: College, hiking, camping Wtiiie littee 192 Sandra Lea Repsher " Sam " Activities: Sunbeams. Basketball Cheer- leadcng. Tennis Interests: Ctirls, 9-15-79, having long talks witti L.S., L.G., D.V.. G.K., L.H.. and J.Z., being crazy, golfing with Lips and Frog, " The Cars. " " psycho-chicken, " my kids. Bootsie. Frog, and Lips Michael Rhodes " Rhodesy " Activities: Volleyball, Who ' s Who. Wrestling, Lettermen ' s Club. Gym- nastics. JE.T.S., Civil Air Patrol, Ski Club, Project F.R.E.D. Interests: " DW.P. ' Club, music, playing midnight raquetball, " Hey man, " L.V., skiing, guitar, becoming master of the universe, hanging Frodo, " jammin ' , " hang gliding, new moons, The Van, volleyball, camping. Hot Legs Thunder Thighs Carol Ross " Midget " Activities: Chorus Interests: Friends. Tiger pep rallys, rock music. THS dances, Trans Ams, Scranton, graduation Sue Reynaud " Suey " Activities: Basketball, Motorcycle Riding, Horseback Riding, Meditating. White Black Magic Interests: Parties, rock music, evil, karate. GR.A. Pamela Jean Richardson " Jean " Activities: Track, Cross Country, Lettermen ' s Club, National Honor Society, German Club. Roadrunners, Who ' s Who, Christmas Dance Com- mittee. Senior Steering Committee, Wrestling Cheerleader Interests: College, Nursing, running. 1940 ' s. musicals, my best friends, camping at " Lucky 7 " Nancy Ross Activities: Chorus. Concert Choir Interests: Rock music, traveling, Scranton. summertime, finding a job 193 Don Rowlands Interests: chew, hunting, fishing Tina Louise Rossi " Beaner " Activities: Smoking Committee, Co-op Interests: Rock Roll, Bobby, guitars, motorcycles (Harleys) parties, being with friends, being happy for my entire life, peace, Slyder Syde Norman E. Sands " Norm " Activities: Band, Drum Major, District Regional Bands, Chorus, District Regional Choruses, Who ' s Who, Student Council, Drama Club, ( A Doll ' s House, Curtain Going Up, The Curious Savage), French Club, Student Advisory Council Interests: O.C.C. meetings, music, being a hoagie, spiders, tuna, 2nd numbers, sheep let Hoi Inli Peter Rowker Interests: Quarter horses, Vegas, hunting. Gold River, sitting back and taking it easy Brant Schaedler Activities: Football, Track Interests: Skiing Phil Rowlands Activities: Baseball Interests: Hunting, fishing, camping Acli ' Clas Scie Wlio Inlei excu rast Em|i from salK Myi 194 Elizabeth Schicktanz Booie " Activities: Track, Swim Team, Field Hockey, Ski Club, Drama Club, Lettermen ' s Club, C.U.B.E., National Honor Society, Student Council Interests: OC.C. meetings, Bouzat, orange roosters, G-force, happy feet, getting a 100 in Doc ' s class, the French, quetzle heads, Fifi la Roach, the wind Rebecca Sue Schoonover " Becky " Activities: German Club, FHA Interests: Teddy bears, Germany, driving, CM., laughing, getting ahead, brownie points Rich Sesson " Ses " Interests: Trout fishing, hunting, mountain springs, fvlr. Wizard Susan Teresa Schoen " Soupie ' Activities: Football Cheerleading, Junior Class Vice Pres., President of IVIarine Science Club, Wrestling Cheerleading, Who ' s Who, Basketball Cheerleading Interests: " Capital T, " " phi, " Friday night excursions, " smiles, " skiing, gym- nastics, " ta-getherness, " " Runnin ' On Empty, " " Don ' t Stop Now!, " " 4 in the front, " " Sudden dis-comfort, " white satin, " talking, " photography, phiaks. My Best Friend Phil Shabby Robin Marie Scoblick " Scobie " Interests: The Phillie Phanatic, J.D. horses, track, summers 195 Robin Marie Sheltra Activities: National Honor Society, Who ' s Who Interests: Syracuse, " The Hot Spot, " G R.B., Keystone, " Let the Good Times Roll, " D D James O. Sick " Sickle " Activities: Football, Wrestling, Ski Club interests: Parties. cruisin ' , W.W., pounders, Potts Falls cabin, monte, full moons, S.G. cult, friends, Onawandah, most of all Eatonville Acti Inie Dan m Lynn IVIarie Shupp " Fish " Activities: Girls Track, German Club Interests: Being with my friends having agood time, long talks, " my boys, " J. P., T.M., and J.S., laughing, a special blue Nova and its driver, going to Colorado with D.C., the parking lot Jodi Shipe " Jod " Activities: Football Cheerleading, (captain). Girls ' Basketball (capt.), Baseball Stat., Lettermen ' s Club, Ski Club, Who ' s Who, Sunbeams, Yearbook ' 81, Steering Committee Interests: December 15, Phi, " coughing, " " A Little Luck, " 224, THS victories, " Another One Bites The Dust, " " Runnin ' on Empty, " Ivlarch 9, friends, " Capital T, " locks keys, " ta-getherness, " " My Best Friend, " vivaciousness Timothy Sichler " Sich " Activities: Ski Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Boy ' s Tennis, Sophomore Class President, Student Council Interests: Flying, freestyle-skiing, shootin pool at Joe ' s Amy Sickler Activities: Swim Team; Most Dedicated 1978, German Club, Lettermen ' s Club, Member of Executive Board 1978, Who ' s Who, Student Council, Tigerpaws, Citizenship Award-3 yrs., Rotary Exchange Student to Japan Interests: Good friends, meetings, Japan, eating with chopsticks, Akasen, poetry, rainbows, little things. Lake Winola, coming home 196 Shawn Ray Simmonds Activities: Junior Achievement. VICA Interests: Rock concerts, parties, Mill Dam, motorcycles. Buds, Led Zeppelin, women David A. Sl unnanicl Activities: Football, Lettermen ' s Club, Wrestling, Track Interests: Cruisin ' , parties, Karps, The White Swan, The Blue Room, Popeye ' s, pounders with Jim S., New Year ' s Eve up at the cabin Bob Smith " Smothers " Activities: FTVFD, Softball, Weightlifting Interests: Dodgin ' trees, four wheeling, N L G. and her sister John Joseph Smalanskas " Smokey " Activities: Football. Track, Lettermen ' s Club, Who ' s Who Interests: Skiing, sports. Van Halen, Wildwood, April wine, concerts. Tiger victories, cruisin ' , Fridays, shades, the Tank WLmmA MimM Michael Anthony Skrabut Interests: Welding, hunting, and more welding Holly Spring " Holly " Interests: A certain guy in the Army, painting, special memories of B.D.R., a strange dark blue car, B C on a certain dirt road, Gl green suits 197 Tammy Springer Activities: Silks (capt.), Jr. High Track Stat.. Volleyball Stat., Ski Club, Pep Club Interests: College, working, being with someone special, being happy, being me, living a full life Donald J. Stefanko Jr. " Stefank " Interests: Jeepin ' , having a good time, " Going crazy, " just bumming around I Hiram Thomas Stevens " Tom " A ctivities: Football, Baseball, Letter- men ' s Club, Ski Club Interests: Skiing, parties, Van Halen, cruisin ' , jumping ditches, Wildwood, The Bolero Aclivi Mete havin Tim Stark " Smut " Activities: Football, Baseball, Letter- men ' s Club Interests: Gran Torinos, the " Rack, " " Dimes, " " Silver Dollars, " baseball bus, alligator wrestling, bazoombas, mellow- ing, study hall, brick laying, " smut " George Stonier Activities: Wrestling Interests: Hunting, fishing, rides on the wrestling bus trapping, Inlen Schelly Jo Stephens " Schel " Activities: Track, Roadrunners, Pep Club, Awanatunk ' 81, Ski Club, Who ' s Who, Senior Historians, Valentine ' s Christmas Dance Committees, Steering Committee, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Nordmont (CYF), " special friends, " the Boat, poems, Italian Stallion, the T bus, S.C, THS dances, Billy Joel, long talks, good times, memories, Y.G.A.F., basketball, spooks, June 26, 1980, living, June 4, 1981 198 Mark A. Susz " Suszer (Peck) " Activities: Baseball, Lettermen ' s Club, Employee at the Student Store Interests: Fishing for sharks, the varsity baseball bus, axe handles, Megan, Rock 107, hunting polar bears in the desert, the Brook Kimberly Ann Stout " Kim " Activities: Pep Club, Senior Historians Interests: Rainbows, being with friends, having a good time Laura Swartz " Lotti " Activities: Co-op Interests: Parties, nature, poetry, Bucking the Establishment, sunshine, Staying Gold Larry Strohl Interests: Girls, more girls, hunting, fishing, trapping Pamela S. Swetter " Pam " Activities: Co-op Interests: E.J.T., skating, children, dainty jewelery Kevin Sutton ■ % 1 H iW i " H 1 H 1 H ■ V 1 v- M ■ m s I 1 ffpr fe 199 Norman Tallada " Norm " Activities: Football, Baseball, Letter- men ' s Club, German Club Interests: BS-ing with Doreen, Frank, and Rich, parties, camping, the weeping willow tree Susan Treat " Duti " Activities: Co-op Interests: Partying, harassing Turtles, cats, creating mayhem with Lottie and Mirsche, Bucking the Establishment Atliii (lana Clioii Intel! Laurie Ann Thomas Activities: Majorettes, Band, Treasurer of the Class of ' 81, Pep Club, Who ' s Who Interests: Rainbows, the Cub, B.S.F.P., $.25 bets, sharing secrets, piggin ' out with J. K., L.F., K.G., and M.M., " 4 in the front " Steve W. Traver " Tex " Activities: FFA Interests: Red Ford Pickups, cruising with friends, musical air horns, working on the farm, our lunch table Susan Marie Testa " Sue " Activities: Pep Club, Christmas Dance Committee, Wrestling Matmaid, Co-op Interests: B.S.F.M., sharing secrets. Lemon R.D., Z-28, weekends with D.D. Jr. M., Lost Road, a person ' s yard with cookie, Ricky ' s place, 5 29 80 with D.G., M.G. Kemp Trowbridge Activities: Track, Lettermen ' s Club, Co-op Interests: Cars, Kelly, motorcycles, a special dirt road, partying, walking in the sunset Acl lull bei 200 flies, Teresa Tyler " Tes " Activities: Who ' s Who. Field Hockey Manager, Girls Track Manager, Senior Historians, National Fraternity of Student Musicians, Band, Jazz Rock, Choir Interests: Music, college; Nursing Stephen Anthony Ullrich " Steve " Activities: Freshman Football, Ski Club, Youth Club, Varsity Swim Team, Baseball. Junior Achievement, Tennis Interests: Going to college, taking up Business Administration, hunting, fishing, swimming, skiing, bowling, sightseeing, girl watching, coin collecting Christine Grace Van Dyke " Chris " Activities: Historians, JV Baseball Stat., Ski Club, Pep Club, Gymnastics, Wrestling Matmaid, French Club, Christmas Dance Committee. Who ' s Who Interests: Weekends, friends, G-12-H, Wildwood, sleeping, graduation, good times at the J.B., REO, Williamsburg, parties, southern subs, dirt roads, college Kathy Truesdale " Kat " Activities: FHA, Co-op Interests: John, partying with my friends, being with the one I love. Pott ' s Falls Cindy Ann Valentine " Cindy " Activities: Varsity Football Stat.. JV Baseball Stat.. Lettermen ' s Club. Historians, Volleyball. Wrestling Mat- maid. Who ' s Who Interests: Kevin, weekends. " G-12-H, " the shore, graduation, summer, parties, barefeet, good times at " the lake, " May 23, cute dimples, black Trans-Ams. helping CGV move " the cars, " love and laughter Todd Vaskas " Thad " Activities: Baseball. Football. Weight- lifting. Tennis Interests: Jamming with Pat. Nature ' s Miracle, moving, rollerball. Eddie Money, Johns car yesterday 201 Ronda Lee Vermeulen " Ronda " Activities: Exchange Student, His- torians, JV Baseball Stat., Gymnastics, Whio ' s Who, French Club, Drama Club, Ski Club, " a Thurber Carnival " Interests: Mexico, friends, graduation, smiles, nights at Williamsburg, weekends, swimming, pizza, summers, flowers Catherine Ann Weaver " Cathi " Activities: Wrestling Matmaid, Student Council, Senior Historians, German Club. Senior Steering Committee, Co-op Interests: Rodeo, cowboys, hangin ' loose, checkin ' it out with my best friend, pursuing my dream, the spa Matthew Wiernusz " Matt " Activities: Skiing Interests: Parties, cruisin ' Doreen Ann Vermeulen " Reenie " Activities: Track Stat., Lettermen ' s Club, Wrestling Stat., Gymnastics Interests: " Big Green Sunglasses, " having long talks with Jim S., " The Blue Room, " the cabins, " keepin ' warm when I ' m cold, " B.S. with Norm and Frank, Liz ' s Malibu, my best friend Liz, our future restaurant Sharon Louise Wiernusz " Sharon " Activities: Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Steering and Christmas Dance Committees, Who ' s Who, Lettermen ' s Club Interests: Friday nights out with the gang, horror movies, roses and bunnies, waterfalls and rainbows, homework sentences 6-9 in English, smiles, Winston men, to reach my goals in life, Jim Palmer fan club Bill White Interests: Art 202 Dave Wood David Williams " Dinky David " Activities: Co-op Interests: Hunting, fishing, motorcycles, rollerskating, cars Susan Lynn Williams " Sue " Activities: Yearbook, Senior Historians, French Club, Co-op, Majorettes Interests: Happiness, sunshine, the shore, having a good time P U f f Bil H J Janet Zamber " J,Z. " Activities: Football and Wrestling Cheerleader, Lettermen ' s Club, Valen- tine ' s Christmas Dance Committees, Senior Historians Interests: Big Green (sexy) Sunglasses, football games and afterwards, 14, L,G., NY,, Pt. Pleasant, Liz ' s Malibu, " Prom Night, " " Getting Kicked Out, " Sky Harbor, General Hospital, Picnic Island, sunsets over L.G. Marie Zanghi ■Zang " Activities: tvlarching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Rock, Chorus Interests: Beautician school, art, music, writing, sports Jotin B. Wooten " John " Interests: Lisa. Super Sports, ' Power by Chevy. " snorkels. " The Bridge " 203 Andrew J. Zdaniewicz " Andy " Interests: Mopars, especially Roadrunners, parties, hunting 70 wimd iiitf H Karl Zercoe Activities: Track, Enduro Riding, Volleyball, Vacationing Interests: Computers, good looking women, firearms, electronics, scuba diving, college, Iguana hunting in the Rub Al Khali 204 1. 2, 3 Switch, That sucker was this big! Hit me with your best shot! 205 8.3066 IS the square root of The things you see when you don ' t have a gun! Charlie ' s Angels??? Curly, Larry, and Moe. 206 This Is what I think of Ag Shop. What more do you want ' SwSSiSr i %Q A F , U B hDI r r fTfl Kt HL i ' iJ H •ii j 53S2S 3B ■ I H 1 " iMg 1 n . 1 mttf ....;,; .. You called? Now how did he say to do this?! ' 207 ' % ' «SJlife; • ' ' ' -3 f ' ■ goii •TiSB f • ' m» The Class Of 1981 ' s The Class Of 1981 ' s Favorite Movies Favorite Books Blue Lagoon Sumnner ' s End Friday the 13th The Promise Cheech Chong ' s Next Movie Bible Up in Snnoke Shogun Airplane The Rose The Class Of 1981 ' s Favorite TV Shows The Class Of 1981 ' s Saturday Night Live Dukes of Hazzard Favorite Songs Another One Bites The Dust General Hospital Real People Mash Freebird Highway To Hell All Out Of Love First Tinne The Class Of 1981 ' s Favorite Actors Burt Reynolds Clint Eastwood Robert Redford The Class Of 1981 ' s Favorite Singing Groups Erik Estrada The Cars Christopher Akins Queen REO Speedwagon AC DC The Class Of 1981 ' s Styx Favorite Actresses Sally Field Carol Burnett Bo Derek Barbara Streisand The Class Of 1981 ' s Favorite Saying Jane Fonda Go For It! 211 Ouane Furman and Karen Jacques ' " Z Brent Long ll and Ronda Vermeulen I V ' y V Dave Bush and Chris Dymond I 212 " f ' Jeff Howells and Schelly Stephens Bill Fassett and Jodi Shipe 213 • »V Andy Jubinski Vl ' and Cindy Hunt 214 [£, Russ Dickinson and Mary Franko vi i-if n yL John Smalanskas Ramona Hill , fi Brant Schaedler ' - and Susan Williams 215 Jay Montross and Lori Franko (0 y, Norman Sands and Sandy Griggs ' Jay Lefkoski and Shelly Moyt 216 9 :ty ' rT ■( y Norman Sands and Ramona Hill J 53 ' - Jay LefkoskI and Diane Fabiani 1 :, J ttnlli 1 1 1 • . ' ' li a Br i f jl A • 4 ta-u w--- X. ' y " K " Joe Dente 0 A and J . Donna Ayre 217 John Wooten and Tina Rossi Norman Sands and Tina Harvey 1 218 ADVERTISEMEVrS Congratulations PAM and the Senior Class of ' 81 KINTNER MILLING CO., INC Meshoppen — Mehoopany 220 The Fireplace Restaurants Rout ' 6. 2 miles X est of Tunkhannock Route 6, 1 mile East of Towanda 8.H6-9662 265-8882 The Fire|)lace Restaurants specialize in char-grilled steaks, broiled and steamed seafood. Vi Ih. hur tters, chicken and daily specials. e also have a children ' s menu. Our atmosphere is rustic, relaxing, casual and friendK. We have facilities for group parties: Family dining, rehearsal dinners and business luncheons. VISA Diner ' s (llub Ameriran Express MC SUGAR HOLLOW STATION DINER Office of Bob Morris Drywall Service Rt. 309 Sugar Hollow 836-2807 WAYNES AUTO BODY 221 GOOD LUCK Class of ' 81 BVLLOCK MONUMENT CO. JOHN BULLOCK JACK BULLOCK 71 7-836-4826 Located Between Tunkhannock and Nicholson on Route 92 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 81 TRAUGER ' S HOME CENTER , ' l i i ii i ' i|i M | i| | ' ji 11 i);i , ) ,, :l m nv : v.m m, : ' ' ' ' ' i ' ,. ' ' I ' • ' ■i||l iyi i . ' ' , ' ' : ' , ' ' .L " ' ' ' " : ' " " ;i ' Mii i Hi i hi 1 11;! ' } V U } UA y -.. ;; „ ,.i.njiiL iv i idu AJ.i.k. i.j.i.,ii...ijjn ,.i.iLii ' .lJU.iAii:i Milt City, Pa. Phone: 378-2570 Newton, Pa. Phone: 586-8801 222 Sfiadou ioot A Complete Recreational Center Dairy Bar Motel Bowling Lanes Golf Course Lounge Restaurant Miniature Golf Racquetball Fitness Center Swimnning Pool TUNKHANNOCK AREA EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION 223 Typewriter Repair . Locksmith Roys Lock SKop R. D. 3 Box 130 Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657 ROY ' S LOCK SHOP Tunkhannock. Pa. 1B657 KEYS IOCKS imaiioci utv i LEROY POSTEN (717) 836-2369 RES. (717) 836-4614 Bus. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 81 from the TUNKHANNOCK MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING Congratulations KA Tl and Class of ' 81 The Fuhr ' s Compliments of GAY ' S hereI 3 jTourselfl GAY- Ml HEATINfi HAROWARI SHADOW BROOK KO t Bob and Peggy Stevens mM Owners Telephone (717) 836-4122 R D »6 Tunkhannock. Pa 18657 224 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 81 From STUDENT COUNCIL 225 Congratulations 3Mj3II HAWK ' S SERVICE STATION state Inspection Towing Front End Alignment P.O. Box 387 Dalton, Pa. Phone: 378-2644 TUNKHANNOCK ?e caif DRUGS 1 E, Tioga St, Tel. 836-3301 TUNKHANNOCK, PA 18657 PRCSCniPTIONS A SPECIALTY MTZ STORE tf VISIT OUR NEW HALLMARK DEPT. " TUNKHANNOCK, PA. 18657 compliments of CROSS-COUNTRY Restaurant homemade breads and pies Route 309 BEST WISHES from ARTHUR SHELLEY INC. RD 6 Dallas 226 BRUCE ED ' S TV 122 E TIOGA ST TUNKHANNOCK. PA 18657 frmct Hotel RED LION LOUNGE AND RESTAURANT Bruce Memory Arrowood (717) 836-2771 E. Tioga St Tunkhannock, PA. timroM n esrone SYSTEMS, INC. 99 Bridge St. Tunkhannock, PA. 18657 DICK ' S SHOE Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but deserving them. — Aristotle CONGRATULATIONS REPAIR to the CLASS OF ' 81 From Tunkhannock, Pa. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 227 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1981 from PROCTER GAMBLE PAPER PRODUCTS COMPANY Mehoopany, Pa. VAN DUZER SERVICE STATION 121 E. Tioga St. Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657 E.H. BLUHM AGENCY INSURANCE for every need TUNKHANNOCK COMPLIMENTS of 228 GOOD LUCK " Class of ' 81 " GATEWAY-FORD MERCURY DEER PARK LUMBER, INC. R.D. 4 TUNKHANNOCK, PA. 836-1133 or 836-5632 I I D(1L (717) 836 3783 ACE STONIER INC. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. WIRING APPLIANCES 18 E TIOG STREET TUNKHANNOCK . PA 18657 compliments of Dr. Mrs. John T. Lopatofsky Veterinarian Compliments of CHARLES BROS SUPERMARKET 229 SEARS CATALOG STORE WARREN ST. TUNKHANNOCK Complete Excavating Service cellars land clearing sewer lines red ash demolition For the builder — trenching septic tanks water service snow removal top soil and fill A. Scott Kalmanowicz Business : 824-9803 50 West Harrison 654-6951 Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657 Majestic UNISEX HAIR FASHIONS NANCY FRANTZ, Prop. BridgeSt., Tunkhannock (Across from Post Office) 836-2877 Ear Piercing COMPLETE HAIR CARE OPEN N londay thru Saturday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday Evenings Congratulations % f and Class of 1981 Reese Appliance Service Tunkhannock, Pa. congratulations to the Class of 1981 PINK APPLE Restaurant Gift Shop Rt. 6 Tunkhannock, Pa. MR. B ' s clothing for the entire family two locations to serve you better PLAZA 6 TUNKHANNOCK DALLAS SHOPPING CENTER 230 GUYETTE ' S COMMUNICATIONS, INC, MEMORIAL HIGHWAY, LUZERNE, PA. 18709 Phone (717) 288-7686 Featuring The Products Of DUKANE Sound, Intercommunications, Closed Circuit TV Systems, Telephone Systems and Specialty Electronics Designing ENTERPRISES B D 01 FAILS PA I861S Phone (717) 388-2542 kMES NURSERY AND GARDEN CENTER " Specializing in Slirubbery " Centermoreland, Pa. COMPLETE PARTS SERVICE DEPARTMENT MACHINE SHOP 717-333-4414 CARVERTON DIRT CYCLE KTM, CAN-AM, BULTACO, CARABELA, MOTO-MORINI SKI-DOO SNOWMOBILES R.D. 3, Box 140A Wyoming, PA. 18644 DAK and Sons TRADING POST Phone: (717) 378-2575 — 378-2469 A.G. COOLBAUGH SONS Septic Systems Sewer Hook-Ups Blacktopping Excavating Phone 333-4535 or 388-6579 RD 1 Box 256 Pittston, PA. 18643 Sporting Goods Guns and Ammo Fishing Tackle Canoes — Old Town Canoe trips — We supply everything — including ttie river Lake Road. Box 61 Lake Winola. Pa. 18625 231 Records Tapes Musical Instruments 59 Eost Iiogo Stieel Tunkhannock. PA 18657 (717) 836 4522 B R DISTRIBUTORS " Beer Importer — Distributor " ALL BRANDS BEER — SODA — ICE KEGS OF BEER AND BIRCH BEER 22 McCord Street Tunkhannock, Pa. Phone; 836-2925 TOMOLONIS BARBER SHOP Congratulations Pann Tunkhannock Monument Co. " Gene Yonchiul " [Prop.] Mowry Custom Photographic ' If the pictures you ' ve been getting aren ' t becoming to you, you should be coming to us! " 836-3990 232 PATRONS Adams Clothes Dr. D. Haire Orange Golf Course Harry Antosh Kelly Havard Lori Paduck Chris Brabant Ellen Hawk Mr. Pencek Darnelle Bedford Tom Henry Ron Peters Benny ' s Shoe Shop Mr. Holdredge Mr. Podlaski Dr. V. Bishop Rusty Hons Lisa Posten Jerry Bogedin Bonnie Host Melanie Pugh Mr. Borgeson Jeanette Hoyt Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pugh Pam and Rick Brown and twins Peggie Huff Radio Shack Pete Byrnes Cindy L. Jacques Nancy A. Rail Jeff Chambers K W Tire Barn Jeannie Reichel Mr. and Mrs. Robert Daniels Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kalmanowicz Mrs. J.D, Richards Scott J. Davis Paul Kalmanowicz Mr. Robinson Davis Tavern Roy King Mr. and Mrs. William Rogers Mary Franko and Russ Dickinson Nancy Kliniek Susan Schoen Mike DiStadio Gail Kuback Mr. Smith Jeff Dymond Gmger and Jeff K uback Mr. and Mrs. Donald Smith Janine Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Earl LaBar Janice Springer Falls Trailer Sales Jay Lefkoski Schelly Stephens Mr. and Mrs. Russell Faux Jenneth Layaou Meredith Stevens Scott Fisher Mrs. Layaou Donna Stull Lisa Ford Lisa ' s Fashions Homeroom 10-5 Fundito Natural Food Store Matt Lysiak Mr. Tiffany Jim Furman Donna Mackiw Tina Veety Debbie Green Tara Manley Mr. Frank Wadas Robin Green Carol, Kelly, and Kenny McNeff Ed Walsh Sheri Greenley Mary Migliori David Watkins Beauty Salon Greenwoods Hane Mitchell Diane White Steve Gresh Kim Montross Mrs. Evelyn Wittmer Mr. Griggs Murphy ' s Mart Robyn Zenger Mr. and Mrs. Byron Gummoe John Novajosky Laurie Gurney Linda O ' Hearn BEST WISHES Congratulations SENIORS Class of ' 81 from the from the o o Class of ' 83 CLASS OF A 233 ' iHE Highest Degree of Success Compliments of jL tZC " ;g 2 E. Tioga Street Tunkhannock, PA 18657 SKYHAVEN AIRPORT charter flights, rides flight instructions compliments of SAMUEL B. HARDING FUNERAL HOME Tunkhannock, PA. compliments of SCHAEFER ' S heating and plumbing STRUNK MOTORS Chrysler — Plymouth Eaton Rd. Route 309 836-2266 from 26 E. Tioga St. compliments of BOCAR MFG. CORP. 234 CONGRATULATIONS AND THE CLASS OF ' 81 GEORGE A. KUBACK, JR EXCAVATING 836-2788 235 (agway) (agway) • compliments of TUNKHANNOCK AGWAY COOPERATIVE, INC. Bartron ' s Toggery Ann and Leonard Zaieppa Warren St. Tunkhannock, PA. (717) 836-3105 " Vou - Protection is our Profession " AL ' S DINER General Insurance Agency, Inc. Al Noble and Brooks Price Rt. 6 TRI-COUNTY Tunkhannock, PA. Prospect Hill, Rt. 6 Phone: 836-2111 Tunkhannock, PA. 836-1 651 717 e36-20I1 836-1246 DEMPSEY ' S JEWELRY GLENN AYRE ENDLESS MT. ARCHERY SUPP. 6PORT1NG GOODS Congratulations 50 E. TlOOA St. ARCHERY PRO SHOP TUNKHANNOCK. PA 18607 Theatre Bid., Tunkhannock compliments of compliments TRA UGER of EXCAVATING howard " digger " jones 236 Kintner Modular Homes Mehoopany, PA. Phone 833-5052 Abby ' s Ice Cream Soft Hard Ice Cream Ice Cream Cakes — (24 hour notice) for graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, all occasion (formerly Marni ' s) Rt. 309 South Call; 836-4800 VI " 7-e36 -4756 (35- MILE HILL AUTO PARTS complete: l.inf: of n a p a i «ni . R D ff3 TUNKHANNOCK. PA Endless Mountain Water Co., Ltd. Box 97 Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657 Phone 836-1456 Cooler and Dispenser Sales - Service - Rental Consider a future in: Technical Sales 4 Service Advertising Promotion Sire Development Herd Analysis • National 4 World Wide Distributors • Laboratory Management • Marketing d Sales Management As IS the situation with any growing organi- zation, we ore always looking for top people in the A.I. industry. Launch a career in a company that ' s on the move in animal agriculture. Sire Power is available to you and we are in- terested in your future. Contact: Du Wayne Kutz, General Manager RD 2, Tunkhannock, Pa 18657 • Phone (717) 836-3168 ' Your Genetic Process Specialists If 237 Best wishes from your friends at . . . WYOMING NATIONAL BANK F.D.I.C. Good Luck HARRY H. SHARPE, CLU General Insurance HA3 YOa t WmR 5 S7rM UT yt){ycoiv v? Uu ... MARSH ELECTRO-MECHAKI lOWL GOULD PUfAPS We ' re Oft yg Plhone Ck AMh eCCID !LIIJCII €ILAV§S€lf " §il| Hew a e the Irail examiner farmer ' s friend Palmer ( Laboratory 0 L ANALYSIS PROGRAMMING F. K. PALMER Route 309, R D »5 Tunkhannock, PA 18657 Phone (717) 298-2132 238 i!n i Come on in! UPSTAIRS Living Room Lounge A relaxed, quiet atmosphere Cool, air-conditioned comfort. Summer Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6 p.m. -2 o.m Sot. 12-2 o.m. JOHNNIE ' S BAR by George DOWNSTAIRS Pizio-Hotdogs-Kielboso Pool Shuffleboord 74 Warren St., Tunkhonnock 8362674 Best Wishes L.L. RICHARDSON 50 Lake Street Dallas, Pa. 18612 Phone 675-5851 AUTHORIZED DEAL£R CHRYSLER MOTORS COHPOHAIlON Dodge Dodge Trucks Congratulations Class of ' 81 l Sf T " COMPLETE COLLISION REPAIRS and PAINTING INSURANCE CLAIMS CUSTOM TRUCK PAINTING 2057 BODY RKS. 5S7-I2T + I riile Sou of LakeWinola Congratulations MARY and RUSS DICKINSON Class of " 81 T.R. DICKINSON SALES SERVICE Deutz Tractors Gehl Hay and Forage Tools Acorn Beef and Dairy Equip. BEN ' S MARKET " Specializing in Fresh Meats ' Center Moreland, PA. 333-4598 COUNTRY VALLEY MINIATURE GOLF " most challenging mini golf course in the area " 3 miles past Clarks Summit State Hospital Red Barn Village Newton, PA. Phone: 586-8818 compliments TED MONTROSS FARM MACHINERY " BEST WISHES " Peg and George Matusavige Centermoreland, PA. 239 United Penn Bank Experience working for you Member F.D.I.C. 240 NKHANNOCK CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE HOURS: 10:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m. Mon. — Thurs. 10:00 a.m. — 8:00 p.m. Fri. 10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. Sat. Owners: Thomas and Judy Kishbaugh across from Tunkhannock Post Office 717-836-5239 Two Guys From Italy RESTAURANT AND PIZZERIA Owners: Manganaro Brothers Rt, 6 Plaza Box 58 Tunkhannock, PA. 18657 836-3163 Business 836-3164 Office compliments of A P James Shepherd 1-717-836-2688 SHEP ' S SPORTS I ■ Sporting Goods ■ Athletic Footwear ■ Trophies 39 E Tioga, Tunkhannock, PA 18657 Back Hoe + Dump Truck + Loader WARREN R. PLACE EXCAVATING Phone 833-5222 R.D. 2 Mehoopany, Pa. DEWOLPS GENERAL STORE RUSSELL HILL P Bob Innamorati ' s SPORTS SHOP the Fashion Oc tleZ 26 East Tin « S c TUNKMNNOCN. M Iks M.Sal 1»S. tos I Fn IMS lOS So. Maiii St.. nVLOR. M ki.hts.M.U as. Ikn.tFn »f Route 6 Plaza Tunkfiannock, PA 18657 Robert Innamorati 836-5486 Junior Missy Half sizes Sizes: 3 -15 8-20 14V2 to 24 ' 2 and 38 to 46 Blazer Sweaters — Jeans — Corduroys Blouses — Skirts — Handbags Famous Brand Coordinates All at 30 to 50% OFF 241 REESE FLORIST Flowers and Craft Suppuies PHONE: 336-5131 27 Ea t Tioga Street tunkhannock, pa isssv Ralph B. Sheldon CjK Son Dr DEALER IN DODGE CARS - DODGE TRUCKS Sales — Service — Storage TUBES TIRES ACCESSORIES BEST WISHES, CLASS OF ' 81 Sv DECKER COMPANY IMMMH J ROLANDE. DECKER, Prop. PLAZA BEVERAGE Tunkhannock, Pa. across from Rt. 6 shopping center congratulations to the Class of 1981 PINK APPLE Restaurant Gift Shop Rt. 6 Tunkhannock, Pa. HENRY ' S FARM MARKET R.D. 3 Tunkhannock, PA. 18657 836-2571 242 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 81 DYMOND ' S FARM MARKET FRESH PRODUCE — GROCERIES 836-3377 R.D. 5 Tunkhannock tJP BEST WISHES GRADUATES €3otoman i efroleum Route 6 Tunkhannock COMPLIMENTS OF FACTORY SHOWROOM n ideu Atnericii is it ' ttrming up to. GARY C. BROWN SANDBLASTING PAINTING 836-3256 or 836-2438 McCain Electric Hotpoint Appliances Bottle Gas Service Maytag JtSilU C ' D Coal and Wood Heaters R.D 3 Tunkhannock, PA. Phone: 836-3312 243 Congratulations J||| Kresge Construction Builder of National Homes RD 1 Phone: 378-2494 or Factoryville, PA 18419 378-2616 Phone 675-5069 Ojs g„, „„ j„„ JHL BUV BfTTfll THE JEAN SHOP Brothers Four Inc. Jeans Western Boots Sneakers Dallas t emorial Highway Infant Wear Dallas, PA. 18612 compliments of FRANK ' S MARINA Boats, Bait, Gameroom Picnic area. Groceries Small Luncheonette ABINGTON CABINETRY Complete design and remodeling of kitchens and bath. Wayne Trivelpiece, C.K.D. — Owner Two locations — Rt. 6, Tunkhannock 836-4944 Rt. 6 11, Clarks Sumnnit 587-5939 FOUR SEASON ' S HAIR FASHIONS • Cold Cuts • A Brand Hams • Hoagies • Groceries • Ice • Coal • Gas • Kerosene • Hot Coffee • Cold Soda • Newspapers • Cards • Magazines ym One Sbsp SVep 0pm 7 D(U|» a Wtsk 378-2030 Roosevelt Highway, Route 307 Lake Winola, Pa. Story ' s Lawn Garden Equip. New Used Equipment Route 292 Centermoreland, PA. Phone 333-4536 IVI. CIPRICH OIL CO. Distributor of Exxon Products Meshoppen, PA. 18630 Phone: 833-2464 244 congratulations Sherwood Chevrolet congratulations to the class of ' 81 MILLER ' S GENERAL STORE TIRES MILL CITY AUTO PARTS Route 307 Mill City R.D. 2 Dalton, PA 18414 378-2100 ELY ' S AUTO BODY 245 CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK FROM BRICK ' S MARKETS TUNKHANNOCK AND WYALUSING Congratulations Class of ' 81 GABLE ' S BAKERY ( I±,I WELCH ASSOCIATES. INC. ymuronie agent 71 E Tioga St , Tunkhannock. PA 18657 - " 836-3165-836-2976 406 S. State St , Clar1 s Summit. PA, 1841 1 587-4664 - 945-5624 Full James W Welch Sr Service James W Welch J r William J Gilroy Insurance Connie G. Friedel John W Welch Agency Marian J, Stroka ENDLESS REALTY [Q APPRAISALS — FARMS — RESIDENTIAL i fl Patricia F. Rosengrant, R.A. bk« 3K Lnj Nancy L. Kinlner. R.A. T . .r,,- r,r. LB. Fumeaux. REALTOR ,„ ' HARFORD •3238 flX f IRE - AUTO 83 -2271 JrfX LIFE- BUSINESS 945-5234 VC A ' Nancy L. Kintner. AGENT S 836-2400 .AOP 836-5506 - KINTNER INSURANCE AGENCY BOB MISLEVY EXCAVATING Phone: 836-3353 D ' s DELICATESSEN Zr Hoagies — Pizza — Dinners Groceries — Party Trays 134 E. Tioga St. Tunkhannock, PA. 836-1503 congratulations to the class of ' 81 Harry ' s Service Center R.D. 6 Tunkhannock 836-2346 246 Beautiful Memories Begin Here . A Complete Line Of Wedding Invitations And Accessories 247 Special Thanks Carter Davies Delmarwade Rosemergey James Rogowski Howard Griggs Dave Bush Dick Daniels AWANATUNK STAFF Layout Editor Kathleen Ruhr Literary Editor Jodi Shipe Photography Editor Judy Gable Photographers Diane Fabiani Schelly Stephens Social and Activities Editor Pam Kintner Faculty Editor Diana Hons Senior Editor Karen Jacques Sports Editor Mauri Law ler Underclassmen Editor Melanie Pugh Typing Editor Franette Gummoe Advertising and Subscription Manager Paul Kalmanowicz Advisor Russell Faux GENERAL STAFF Jeanette Faux Pam Helminski Ann Montross Lisa Puterbaugh 248 I AFf I

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