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Tunkhannock High School - Awanatunk Yearbook (Tunkhannock, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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1 A ,. , . few 1 .5 V ' L f 0, Y MTS A, Jjf 6170! if !! A! 4 ,v! X , 1 ' t Q, . w 1 ' I 5,4 1 X 5 aj s FX QED X! yy 0 f ,l ,nj 4.1 Q E ,Gui f.aaQJwz 5 ' we 4 fl digg! -ff alfa-0-e. 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' - f f --Q V A - , af: wi ' M- - Q 1-'nz , . 5' f Q., - MW, ,L,, ff, ,f 4 L X . A 'vw LEW I Y ...M ,. ?i'YTi9F"-ff-,LL V ' "'.ff'R1f..b ' . ,X . q,.,1f.wbf,,,,M kb f T 4 ,,?,?H h:7iuNAg .,,,,,zN?.wt3iFQ ' Q if " ,L A ,V " vid... . M' ki 15 X I ' j X Ming' ,41fm g,,,,,'4 ,,.,1Ql.,w. ' , ,.4-seam Wfmiiw' " ' "' -f : , - .. . ". f ' t 4 1, 1 .v I lib ' ,' , - ' ' -1 I ' - "V ff .x , 'Q V . . J- H.-' ' :W , ' ,H , A , ' . 'Q LK 1 L Ljiigff k' A - . 1 mi, ' w,.2gQi'fjFFitmM,,ms. Ig, go! iifx ix WM MJ? y!Z5f?ijs1 ,..,4,,1p,. WW M wafwmsw-11,4 f ol UID ff' . g ' 1. 3 gb' 2 .1 I u 5 . , mu 1, A X :V Q ' Q-9f975IEf'fl3"f'Q' 'iii .. 3. . NJ in , i' J Z "f i Zfdnf'--'iii' gl Lf if f ' -J 1 gl,-an 31 -,, 1 -Q x """- N ' ,f,.,+,,,,ffi7 3 'Q:g,- QLX -- f L lf' ' '-"3 Li 'I HED BY: R CL-ASS E V1 PU BLIS THE SENIO oi 1959 - VOLUM gL QL if f Z fffw 222fQ,,l WC? if 0I'eU!Ol' Wa CLQMJ7 The Chichester Scrapbook of Memories is proudly presented this year by the Class of 1959. This book represents our years as students in Chichester High School. We have put forth allofour efforts and endurance to make this year and this book a success, l . , x "IP A '1 XJ. M It ' sul' 701' K IX Av I, K I ,nf yi -4 Q Q y . -. ,L gr if it 4 V: r V Q , ik WA.: ' 0,51 -A li iv, ! ' w .1b.T7J sf' 'L' W ' J' NE ', , M: if ILQV. ' 1,5 ,EV YVWM V N . ,' ' H -y 1 l ' --. ' i V U L , W' 3 . , Q9 1' f P 11' ' t V my " - M' xg xv ,J 1jT,,ef' .11 5 ,pqif X , Y! fyl11.'J f 'AVMO lJ'Lf'Wx 1 A NJVI ' , A4 A A .A CJ xl Q X' 'ly N Q ., it t' 11' X -,V n I 'XX J 4 if ,y 'l O' L' U 3 uf lf "f 'P he qv W M w W-f jf EN ,V 3' f p if Lxfxggly if. my QL J I JJ fx UL' 0 l . "!'J'w pvgxakiy' , ' N .J 1 1 '73lv"'o"""" ff ' A jam of C0i,.zg,i'ifgfi i Section Administration and Faculty Section Seniors Section Underclassmen Section ,jf X Extracurricular Activities, W' we Q x 1 V , Ju 3- J ct' N 'fx WL li , L L L M' L kj N ' x J - X ff K ,Ay br " 1.1 M 'AG' U y '- it 1 ' 1' Ljb lx 1 c,f it . , 'ucv 'l J Lp " x. F, -if ,,.. AM Ieclicafion Throughout our years at Chi we have re- ceived assistance from many people. However, we feel that one man has especially given. end- lessly of his time and patience. This man has been an inspiration to us, and through his diligence, understanding, and co- operation has helped to lighten the burdens of our senior year. Therefore, we are privileged to dedicate our yearbook to a man who is more than a teach- er. He is a friend - MR. NUGENT lalareciafion To assure you that your friendship, guidance, and unselfish attitude have not gone by unnoticed, we, the Class of '59 take great pride in dedicfating this page of our yearbook to you, Mrs. Patricia K. Woerth, as a symbol ofour heartfeltappreci- ation. Cafeferia SM!! ,uw We the Senior Class of 1959, wish to thank Miss Pericles and the cafeteria staff for the wonderful meals they have planned and served us for the past six years. Miss Pericles and her staff are to be commended for the fine job they have done. Miss Pericles . , I ihwdg ulaeruiaing rin cilaa New QSTYSU Dear Graduate: As a member of an ever expanding family of Chichester graduates, you take with you a significant part of our efforts, our aspirations and our knowledge. We look with pride on your achievements, admire your loyalty and proclaim the heritage you have helped to develop for Chichester. Our community, state and nation will be a better place in which to live because of the education provided for you. May you ever be grateful for these gifts and harvest the fruits thereof in the years to come. Congratulations and best wishes. Sincere y Edgar Ric ds Supervising Principal rin cilaa A TO THE GRADUATES OF 1959 Congratulations upon your achievement of graduating from Chichester. May your future years beas happy as those you have spent in school. lt is my sincere wish that you will not terminate your education at the present level. Use the knowledge which you have gained for the benefit of yourself, your community, and your nation. I wish you the best of luck in all your undertakings and may your life be full of many pleasures. Sincerely, f.4.,...w Howard K. Plummer zwizifanf ,grin cilaa ty 0' Mr. James A, Mmm Q!A As we near the end of our high school days, we wish to express our ' Q thanks to Mr. James A. McNitt for his constant help over the years. Because of his understanding and genuine interest in the students, we are proud to have him as our assistant principal. Dear Seniors: What now? The decision reached will be a reflection of your school experiences. l hope our high school has been successful in its efforts to assist you in developing the necessary skill to choose wisely. Congratulations and best wishes always. Sincerely, Q. 241 2 77.:d'j James A. McNitt iss Sarah Yeager, secre- ry to Mr. Richards ecrefarie.4 Pictured on this page are the secre- taries who aid Mr. Plummer and Mr. Richards. If Miss Patricia Staver, sec- retary to Mr. Richards Mrs, Doris Huddie, secre- tary to Mr. Plummer ---an 5 ANTHONY L. APICHELLA LILLIAN M. BARNETT MARION DAVIS Mt. St. Mary's College, B, S., and Ursinus, B, S., and Temple, M. A, Beaver College, A. B. Scranton University Health and Physical Education History Problems of Democrac and So i l P Studies y C a 6444 fi . 'QM X A u X i x N, . i , ,Z x X JOSEPH DeAUGUSTlNE PEG DONDVAN St. Vincent College, B, S. Drexel, B. S. Ceneral Music, Choral Music, and Business Education Dance Band JOHN F. DOUCHERTY GENEVA DUNN PAUL H. EVERHART Millersville State Teachers College, University of Maryland, B.S. Millersville State Teachers Colleg B. S. Health and Physical Education B. S. History and Geography Graphic Arts JOLENE Fl.IiISIIIiR npensburg State Teachers College, Il. S. Iinglish I .X IiI.SIIi M. GENO k Haven State Teachers College, I3. S. Algebra, Plane Ceometry, Trigonomentry and Advanced Algebra Y. irq .F L KATHRYN FORWOOD MARY M. FROST West Chester West Chester State Teachers College, Il, S, State Teachers College, ll, S Instrumental Music Algebra and General Math. JOEY Ii. CLICK West Chester State Teachers College, I3, S, Social Studies 5-,R K in A 'B SALLY P. HAGER LELLA M. HARDY DORIS B, HECKMAN Hollins College, A. B. MCKGHGISG Cflllege, B. S., and Cornell University, B. A. Mathematics University of Illinois, M. S. Spanish Chemistry and Physics Til. HN' -,,.....- .,,,,,,,.,..-an-"- V LEON M, HOOVER JAMES HOPTON fvllmjniversity of Pennsylvania, V. T. T. West Chester k!'ufF.f Mechanical Drawing State Teachers College, B. S. Geography HARRY L.. HUTCHISON, JR. Pennsylvania State University, B, and University of Pennsylvania, Iv Guidance lf' is MILTON KALICKMAN JOHN A. KAZLO West Chester St. Joseph's College, B. S., 1 State Teachers College, B. S. West Chester M. A. State Teachers College and Social Studies. , M KJA L3 K , A 3 LILLIAN M, KERSHNER AUSTIN KNOWLES S M lerfsville tbeTeachersC ege, Bloomsburg State TeachersCollege, Albright College, B. A., and Neg A Ba S., Q, B. S. Millersville State Teachers C0111 ' , .L1lbraUfSSci?nceg v 5 English Metal Shop 14 x XQ X' XTVXXXXX 'ii inf ! T' ', I I K . ' 3:45 'I . .a-fakif -gf if I' Hia , Q MICHAEL A. LASHENDOCK CHARLES LAW JUNE LEES Jomsburg State Teachers Col ege, West Chester West Chester B. S. ' I ,State Teachers Colle e, B. S. Stare Teachers Colle ff. B S If E g Ge 1 Scien ZX' English English IWW ML ' gig ff' f . I V' if 12. . , ,iv V ' I ' J af X V A I 'v EQ L, 4 7 Aj " I K' v":fsz?f-'E A .FF , I lx V, . Ag I' 1 all f a " XL 1 1 I I f I Q ' ' T I I ,L My ff 11 I ,,,,....-In-if II I f ' Q I ffm Ap! f 'I-554 MARY ELIZABETH LITTLE lersville State 'Teachers College, Matsenfatics I I 1, ' fN lm I ,Gp i fl ,,,S W1- Illlllw XRGUERIT ' Qlfis ON Ursinusfi liigj . A. -iq I ff, Villanova, I3. S, United States History lil C. W and World History I , V PATRICIA A. MCTIGUE Seton Hill College, A. B, English, American History, and Reading V. BETTY MIADES Drexel Institute, B, S Homemaking WALDEMAR C. NATRIN ROBERT D. R. NUC-ENT WARREN H. OCDEN West Chester West Chester Swarthmore College, A. B., at State Teachers College, B. S. State Teachers College, B, S, University of Delaware, M. A, Geography and Civics Health and Physical Education Geophysics and Civics , I t itt. , i i a s 1 N- its ,g llitil Vzliibift O S SS.. gg ' elf L .S 15 ' 5 5f If . H.. V I XY, I ef'if?'Q I tt tlly ' tit' JOAN C. PANOVEC VICTORIA PERICLES East Stroudsburg State Teachers College, B. S. Mathematics and Social Studies . ,aft l 4 , ,,., I , is .Rx T f -' 1:t:..:'s 1 1 ' .. X ff I , . ,. - -' L. 1.1 ERNEST L. PETERS Lafayette College, A. B. Civics and United States History COLONIAL LAI , ,, Temple Univer sity, B, S. General Science and Cafeteria Directress WILLIAM ROBERTS ROBERT B. ROLLER Millersville State Teachers College, Penn State, B. A. B. S. English General Shop -sv ,iffy X "t if '11 Sally Scherr Robert Seitz Alva N, Smith 'l'UfIS UfliVCIfSiIy, B.A. University of Pennsylvania, B. A. Lock Haven l,atin and English English State Teachers College, ll. S, Biology, General Science, and Related Science Wes ' . A . , -.,4"',L Reita I.. Smith t Chester State Teachers College Mathematics Lelah B. Tabbutt Nancy S. 'l'ulio Ohio Wesleyan University, A. B. Cedar CrestColleg,e, ll, S. Art Bookkeeping, Shorthand, General Business, and School Banker SUN!! 1 rg. K 7 7 .,, Q X A fe .tl il aff Dorothea C. Warren 1 R. Homer Weaver Patricia K. Woerth Temple University " Geneva College, B. S. Drexel Institute, IB. S. Business Education History and Driver Education Homemaking l7 -OO tml I I I Cfaas Jqiaforg Our class is proud to be the first to complete our entire high school education in this beautiful school. We entered as wide-eyed seventh graders in September, 1953, and began at once on a new and entirely different chapter in our lives. This impressive and expansive build- ing would be our home away from home for the next six years. As the days slipped by, we became accustomed to the building and no longer lost our way. Gradually, we settled down to the routine of the school year. Summer vacation arrived and passed. Again we returned to school, but this time as confident eighth graders. Surprisingly, the year passed quickly, and finally we were freshmen. The freshman year proved to be an important one because we held our first class meeting in April, 1956, for the purpose of electing our class officers and sponsors. Mr. Robert Nugent and Miss Nancy Abbey were elected sponsors, Walter Byrne was elected presidentg Lewis Megonigal, vice presidentg Judith Clayton, secretaryg and Genevieve Burke, treasurer. On May 11, the class sponsored its first dance, the "Stardust Special." Four months later, in September, 1956, we returned as sophomores and settled down to a hard year's work. At our first meeting, we elected Mrs. Patricia Woerth as our sponsor, because Miss Abbey had left in June. We also decided our class colors would be ivory and blackg our flower, the white roseg and our motto, "We build the ladder by which we climb." Our social event of the year was the Christmas Dance, entitled "Rudolph's Rock." In April we made the down payment on our rings. June marked the end of our sophomore year. The first general meeting of the junior class was held in September, 1957. The long awaited rings had arrived and when we put them on, a feeling of pride seemed to overwhelm us. To help swellour treasury, we sold Christmas cards in November and December. The social event of the year was the Junior-Senior Prom, "Stairway To The Stars", held on April 18. All attend- ing spent an enjoyable evening at the prom of 1958. In June we finished our junior year, but before we left for a summer's rest, Mr. Nugent urged us to pay our class dues. In September, 1958, we reached our goal. We were seniors. On September 10, the "Senior Showboat" was.held, a dance never to be forgotten. The car wash and cake bake were sponsored by the class on the following day. Late in September, the photographer came to take our senior pictures, and work was started on this yearbook. In October we started rehearsals for the senior play, "Come Out Of The Closet", which was presented November 21. In April our Junior-Senior Prom was held, and on May 8 we went on our class trip. On June 7, Baccalaureate Services were held, and we were graduated on June 9. en iomi 20 enior eau, an enior pon 5or.4 Lewis Megonigal, Genevieve Burke, Judy Clayton, Walter Bryne Mr. Nugent, Mrs, Woerth QW ,NW If RAYMOND ABBOTT 'Lock Up" Industrial gd Can be found with Margie, Larry, Bob, Paul, and LV j 1 Jerry most desired possession -- hot '55 Buick .. . "Want to run it'?' . . . pet peeve -- slow cars . . . likes hot cars . . . died from math home- work. ACTIVITIES: Auto Know How 10g Intramura1-Bask- etball II, 12p Stage Crew 12. MARJORIE LOIS ALEXANDER "Margin Academic Can be found with Dolly, Jackie, Sydney, Masie, Judy . . . most desired possession -- ability to do math "Where do we go next, Doll?" . .. pet peeve -- hammy actors and actresses . . . likes to go shopping . . . died from math class. ACTIVITIES: Art 10g May Day 103 Math Club 11g Typing Club 11, Hockey 123 Prom Corrunittee 11, 123 Yearbook 11, 12, Dance Committee 10,11,12g Senior Play. ,4-as I? "Nl 001 JANET RUTH ALWINE 'Jan' Business Education Can be found with "The Ski Kats" . . . most prized possession -- water skis . . . 'You do it and l'l1 copy it" . . . pet peeve -- wasted time in room 37 . . . likes George and Zorro . . . died from Mr. Apichella's jokes. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 10g Art Club 10, 11, 123 Chorus 10, 11, 125 Poster Committe 10, 11, 12. , l l W W If NANCY MAE BAIL My I "Nance" q Academic Can be found with Betsy, Cecilia, and Wessie . .. most prized possession -- Wessie . . . "Well Well" . . . pet peeve -- people who are always late . . . likes dancing, twirling, and pizza . . . died from W , exposure to air conditioning. ACTIVITIES: Variety Show 10, 115 Chorus 10,125 Candlelight Service 10, 12, Hockey Manager ll, 12g Prom Committee 11, 12g Majorettes10, 11, 12, May Day 10, 11, 12, Dance Committee 10, 11, 12, Student Council 12, Senior Play Committee. WMM MARTHA R. BAILIFF "Marty" Business Education Can be found at Carol 's house . . . most prized possession -- Howard "That's the breaks' . . . pet peeve -- intelligent people . . . likes swim- ming and skating . . . died from Mr. Apichella's jokes. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10, 11g Art 10, 11: Play Committee 123 Driver Education 12. DAVE BATES "Spider' Industrial Can be found at the "I-li-Fi " in the music room . . . most prized possession -- my drums .. . "Good shot" . pet peeve -- loose drum heads. . . likes progressive jazz and any other modern sounds . . . died from United States History. ACTIVITIES: Variety Show 11g Dance Band 11: Variety Show 12: Dance Band 12: Chorus 12. JEAN ELIZABETH BAKER "Jeannie" Academic Can be found with Buck, Betty, Joanne . . . most desired possession -- diamond ring "Hey, guess what!" pet peeve -- two-faced people . . . likes driving, piano, chemistry, and '54 Ply- mouth . . . died from Veni Vidi Vici. ACTIVITIES: MAy Day 10: Dance Committee 10g Art 103 Gym Night 10, 11: Business Club 11: Driver Education 12. WM 'iii RAYMOND PORTER BELL JR. "Shark" Academic Can be found at Doc's with Bugs, Virg, Frog, and Dent most prized possession -- Big O . . . "Adolescent" . . pet peeve -- cafeteria food likes gym and basketball died from cold showers. ACTIVITIES: Band 10: Intramural 105 Gym Night 10: Basketball 10, 11, 125 Dance Committee 10, 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, 12, Cafeteria Duty 11, 125 Variety Show 12. JOYCE BIDDLE ..-Icy., Business Education Can be found with 'Insigne Amicitia' most desired possession -- Insigne Amicitia jacket. . . "Get serious one time" pet peeve -- asking for the car likes -- Eddie, steaks, pizzas, pepsi . . . died from making hoagies. ACTIVITIES: Cafeteria 10, 11, 125 Library Club 103 Nurse 123 Chorus 105 Candlelight Service 105 Gym Night 10. LOUISE BLANK "Susie" Business Education Can be found at Dutt's house most desired possession -- Dutt and my diamond . .. "Oops, dropped something' . . . pet peeve -- Parris Island .. . likes -- cars, Marines, and horses . . . died from Mr. Law's Little Women. ACTIVITIES: Gym Night 10, Poster Committee 10, Candlelight Service 10, 11, 12gSpringConcert 10, 11, 12g Art 10, 11, 12g Driver Education 125 Senior Play Committee. mai' 46604554 Ex S54 K VINCENT BOHENEK "Bozo" Industrial Can be found with Scully, Bugs, Shark, Virge, Mole, Snook, Ray, Obie, and Lane . . . most prized possession -- class ring . . . "Take off, son" .. . pet peeve -- school . . . likes -- Doc'sCorner . . . died from the cafeteria's food. ACTIVITIES: Basketball Manager 10, 12g Football 11, Stage Crew 12. MARY ELLEN BOWERS .Maryn Business Education Can be found with Pat, Verna, Louise, Judy, and Mary most prized possession -- class ring "lt's sharp" DCI peeve -- teachers who give too much homework . . . likes -- riding around in Mary's car . . . died from homework. ACTIVITIES: Library 10, Ticket Committee10, 11, 12g Newspaper 11, 12, Prom Committee 11, 12, Play Committee 12, Variety Show 12, Fund Raising Committee 123 Driver Education 12. 1:2455-Q' Q1 23 .fp H, it THELMA DIANE BRISCOE ..Di,. Business Education Can be found with Jeff, Loretta, Carolyn, Barbara, Helen . . . most prized possession -- Johnny and class ring . . . "What's happening' . . . pet peeve -- people who talk too much . . . likes eating, sleeping, and dancing . . . died from waiting for sixth period lunch. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 10, 11, 12, Business Lead- ers ll. SANDRA E. BRYANT "Sandy" Business Education Can be found with the Insigne Amicitia Sorority . . . most prized possession -- Insigne Amicitia Jacket . . . 'Your not kidden" .. . pet peeves -- walking to school and brothers . . . likes going with Eddie, hoagies, and Pepsis . . . died from Jerry's laugh. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10g Candlelight Service 103 Dance Committee 10, ll, 12, Sewing Club'llg Senior Play Committee 123 Driver Education 123 DOLORES BRYANT .Deen Academic Can be found with Marlyn, Sharon, Janice, Betsy and Karen most desired possession -- '59 Chevy Convertible . . . "Guess what!" . . . pet peeve -- Mar1yn's fast driving . . . likes parties, dances, and movie stars . . . died from blind date. ACTIVITIES: May Day 10, 113 Dance Committee 10, 11, 123 Chorus 11gDriverTrainingl1gCandle- light Service llg Prom Committee ll, 125 Senior Play 12. Home Economics Club 12. Can be found with Pudsy, Wayne, and Jack .. . most prized possession -- my passport "Gee 'Z' . . . pet peeve -- walking home from school . . , likes dances and football games . . . died from Pudsy. ACTIVITIES: Printing 103 Dance Committee 10, 11, 125 Typing 113 PromCommittee11g Intramural Basketball 113 Monitor 11, 12g Senior Play 12, Student Council 12. BARRIE S. BUNNER "Lord Lipton" Academic CHARLOTTE ANN BURK "Charlotte" Business Education Can be found with Bonnie Moerk . . . most prized possession -- Grandmother .. . "Holy Cow' . . . pet peeve -- boys at Chi .. . likes dances . .. died from getting up early. ACTIVITIES: Business Leaders Club 10, 11: May Day 103 Intramural Basketball 103 PromCommit- tee 12: P. T. A. Committee 123 Dance Committee 10, 11, 12. ,QQ GENEVIEVE M. BURKE ..Gen. Business Education Can be found with Dot, Ann,Rita,Jean, Pat, Mary, and Franny L. . . . most prized possession -- class ring and my canal boats "Let's eat" . . . pet peeve -- getting up in the morning likes -- dancing, sports, and my brother's convertible . . . died from overeating, dieting and Schmitty's punchesl ACTIVITIES: Hockey 10, 11, 12Q Basketball 10, 11, 12: Gymnastics 103 Student Council 103 Hall Moni- tor 103 May Day 10, 112 Class Treasurer 10, 11, 12Q Prom Committee 11, 12: Dance Committee 12: Cafeteria Staff 12. GLADYS ANNE BURKE "Ditto" Business Education Can be found with "The Sorority' . . . most desired possession -- Insigne Amicitia jacket. . . "What'd you say' . .. pet peeve -- conceited boys . . . likes skating, parties, hoagies, and potato chips . . . died from keeping up with Carol's fast pace. ACTIVITIES: Candlelight Service 103 Chorus 10: May Day 103 Business Leaders Club 11. WALTER BYRNE "Puddsy' Academic Can be found at the post with "Buck " and the boys . . . most prized possession -- "Gale" "You ought to know" . . . pet peeve -- grouchy teachers . . . likes -- food, sports, and a girl . . . died from too much love. ACTIVITIES: Student Council 10, 113 Presidentof Class 9, 10, 11, 123 School Paper: Football 10, 12. JULIA CARAMANICO "Chickie" Academic Can be found with Judy, Chestia, Dorothy, Mazie, Jackie . . . most desired possession -- Radios . . . "Why" . . . pet peeve -- The Phil1iesgOldsmobiles . . . likes sewing, cooking, dancing, and hockey . . . died from hockey and Mr. ApicheIla's jokes. ACTIVITIES: Cafeteria Staff ll, 12, Chorus 125 1, 123 Intramural 'Basketball 10, 11, nittees 10, ll, 12. rg iff U Q A ip? M ' C I MARIANNE COLEMAN I 26 My Academic 'Cari be found with Jean, Joan, Anne, Bonnie, and Sandy .. . most prized possession -- organ "That's a riot!" . . . pet peeve -- people never on time . . . likes driving, baton twirling, music, and Y.F.C. . . . died from physics and chemistry. ACTIVITIES: Gym Night 10, Usherette 11, Prom Committee 11, 123 Guide 123 Majorettes 10, ll, 12, Variety Show 10, 11, 123 Band Council 10, 11, 121 Dance Committee 10, 11,12g May Day 10, 11, J UDITH H. CLAYTON "Judy" Academic Can be found at the library . . . most prized possession -- Teddy Bear 'I'm telling you' . . . pet peeve -- conceited people . . . likes Perry Como, History, swimming, sewing . . . died from High School. ACTIVITIES: Spelling Bee IO, Library Aid 10, 11, 12, Library Club 10, 113 Dance Committee10, 11, 123 Voice of Democracy Contest 11, Assembly Committee 12, Senior Play 12g Class Secretary 10, 11, 12. 123 Senior Play Committee. WILLIAM J. CONBOY JR. MMape!I Industrial Can be found at the golf course . . . most desired possession -- diploma? . . . "So" . . . pet peeve -- smart teachers . . . likes study hall and dismissal . . . died from school lunches. ACTIVITIES: Football 10, Assembly Crew 10, 115 Yearbook 11, 12. FAITH VICTORIA CONNOLLY "Faith" Home Making Can be found with Mrs. Woerth, Syd, Maisie,Carol Ann, and Helen most desired possession -- sewing machine . . . "That's the way it goes' . . . pet peeve -- 12th math homework . . .likes sewing, reading, and food died from lack of money. ACTIVITIES: Hall Monitor 10: Business Leaders Club 11: Dance Committee 12: Prom Committee ll, 12: Fashion Show 10, 11, 12: Intramural Bas- ketball 10, ll, 12: Senior Play Committee. LOUISE COSTA "Louise" Business Education Can be found with Janet, Barb, Carol, and Mary . . . most prized possession -- a sailor. . . "Gadds" . . . pet peeve -- weekend duty . .. likes pretzels and pickles . . . died from lunch time indigestion. ACTIVITIES: Newspaper ll, 125 Chorus 10,11, 12: Candlelight Service 10, ll, l2:SpringConcert IO, ll, 12. PATRICIA ANN DARCY "Pat" Business Education Can be found with Mary Ellen, Verna, Rose, Mary, Pat, and Gen ... ITIOSI prized possession --driv- er's license . . . "D0n't get excited " . . . pet peeve -- dull pencil points . . . likes driving and money . . . died from Schoen's truck. ACTIVITIES: Business Leaders Club 10: Chorus 103 Candlelight Service 103 Chester Times ll, 12: Yearbook 11, 12: Dance Committee 10, 11, 12: Usherette 12: Senior Board of Directors: Home Ec Club 12: Senior Play Committee. SYDNEY EDNA DAVIES ..Syd,, Academic Can be found with Faith, Carol, and Mae . .. most desired possession -- college diploma .. . "Shav- ing cream" . . . pet peeve -- cafeteria lunches. . . likes food, singing, and R,R. died from Mr. Rowe's algebra classes. ACTIVITIES: District Chorus 10g Delaware County Chorus ll: Prom Committee ll, 12: Dance Com- mittee 12: "True Security Contest" 12: Chorus 10, 11, 12g Candlelight Service.10,11,l2:SpringCon- cert 10, 11, 12: Intramural Basketball 10, 11, 12g May Day 10, ll, 123 Variety Show 10, 11, 12' Senior Play. Q 1 Jfff JJ , ,, WM NATHAITIIEIZ DAVIS ELIZABETH EVAMARIE DIONNE "Betty" Business Education Can be found with Bev, Judy, and Chickie . . . most prized possession -- Bill . .. "Oh, gee' . . . Pet peeve -- homework likes dancing, popular music, and cheese steaks . .. died from nightly pin-ups. ACTIVITIES: Library Club 10, llg Make-upCom- mittee 12g Home Ec Club 123 Driver Training Course 125 Prom Committee 125 Library Aid 10, 11, 123 Dance Committee 10, ll, 12. if JM! Nat 'L Industrial Can be found with David, Johnny, and Harold . . . most desired possession -- car 'Solid Jack" . . . pet peeve -- homework . . . likes dancing and sports . . . died from making molds in shop. ACTIVITIES: Wrestling 10, ll, 123 Intramural Basketball 10, ll, 125 Stage Crew 12. BONNIE DIAS "Bonnie" Academic Can be found with Joan, Marianne, Sandy, Anne, and Jean . . . most desired possession -- my col- lege and high school diplomas . . . "Oh Beans". . . pet peeve -- giving speeches in English .. . likes driving, dancing, and music . . . died from alge- bra II and chemistry. ACTIVITIES: Gym Night 103 Commencement and Graduation Usherette ll, Prom Committee ll, 125 Chorus ll, 12, Candlelight Service ll, 123 Spring Concert ll, 12, Intramural Basketball 10, 11, 123 May Day 10, ll, 12g Dance Committee 10, ll, 12. HELEN DOBBS Business Education Can be found with Bev, Betty, Carol, Claire, and Linda . . . most prized possession -- telephone "Oh yeah! Nuts!" . . . PBI peeve -- walking home from school Qno sidewalksj . . . likes men, art, all kinds of music, all outdoor sports, and hoagies . . . died from lockjaw. ACTIVITIES: Art Club 12g Dance Committee 12, Senior Play Committee. SALVATORE WILLIAM FAGA "Sam" Academic Can be found with Walt, Bill, and Barrie. . . most prized possession -- my car pet peeve -- coming to school . . . likes geophysics class . . . died from Puddsy's exaggerations. ACTIVITIES: Print Shop 10g Intramural Basketball 103 Chair Committee 10g Wrestling 10, 11. MILDRED FAULKNER "Millie" Business Education Can be found with Shirley, Judy, Betty, and at Jerry's Diner . . . IUOSI prized possession -- class ring . . . "I'm hungry, what's for I-unch?' . . . pet peeve -- getting up in the morning . . .likes steaks, Joe Niagra . . . died from filing class. ACTIVITIES: Art Club 123 Chorus 123 Senior Play Committee. VERNA FELTCHER "Verna" Business Education Can be found with Pat, Mary Ellen, Rose, and Mary . . . most desired possession -- my diploma . . . "Oh sugar" . . . pet peeve -- people who stop in the middle of the halls to talk likes food, western movies, and popular songs . . . died from Pat's driving. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 103 Yearbook Staff Il, 12g Dance Committee 11, 12g Fund Raising Committee 12g Home Ec Club 12, Usherette12g Chester Times 125 Senior Play Committee. MARLYN E. FERRY ULynD Academic Can be found with Dee, Sha, Jan, and Betsy most desired possession -- a '59 convertible . . . "You know what happened" . . . pet peeve -- no money . . . likes parties, fast cars, and motor- cycles . . .died from 12th Industrials and Generals. ACTIVITIES: Typing Club 103 Cafeteria Aid 115 Prom Committee 11, 12g Dance Committee 10, 11, 123 Senior Play. DOROTHY C. FLOWERS HDOIH Business Education Can be found with "The Insigne Amicitia Sorority' . . . most prized possession -- that special some- one . . . "-You 'd better believe it" .' . . pet peeve -- waiting . . . likes six-foot guys and my rings . . . died from Uncle Bob fNugentj running into me in the halls. ACTIVITIES: Hall Monitor 10, llg Yearbook ll, 12: Business Manager of 'The Echo" 11: Student Council 11g Prom Committee ll, 125 May Dayllg Home Ec Club 123 Cafeteria Staff 11, 12: Dance Committee 10, 11, 12. M X ml fl u Bao IL! filth! X . M4 jaw' I 61 Vx" ,f,. N A wiv., fl S N A yo' f -Fw LMP f H V 'Car 'bu 'u fl" mv A A L f ff I ROBERT R. GALBUSERA "Gabby" Academic Can be found with Garry Scott . . . IIDSI prized possession -- '58 Chevy . . . "You ain't allowed' . . . pet peeve -- Bell's moldy shoeshine . . . likes music . . . died from too much hard work. ACTIVITIES: Dance Band 11: Variety Show 10, ll: Concert Choir 10, 11: Spring Concert 10, llg Chorus 10, 11. DONALD W. FRY "Duck" Industrial Can be found with Weasel, Bozo, and Bugs .. . most prized possession -- class ring . . . "Take a bath" . . . pet peeve -- English . . .likes days off . . . died from grass drill. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 11, 12: Foot- ball 10, 11, 12: Stagecrew 12. 30 GERALDINE M. GANSTER 'Jerry' Business Education Can be found with "The lnsigne Amicitia Sorority' and Pat most prized possession -- Insigne Amicitia jacket "Don't bother me' pet peeve -- teacher's pets . . . likes Al, hoagies, and parties . . . died from Sandy's and Gladys' smiling faces. ACTIVITIES: Business Leaders Club 103 Driver Education 125 Dance Confmittee 10, ll, 12:Senior Play Committee. JEAN MAY GARRETT "Jeanne" Business Education Can be found with Susie, Martha, Janet, Gen, and Dot . . . most prized possession -- my class ring .. . "Holy Toledo" . . . pet peeve -- people who never do their own homework likes hoagies, steaks, and pizzas . . . died from filing class. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 10, News- paper 103 Business Club 115 Home Economics 12. JUDITH GAYLE GRADY "Judy" Business Education Can be found with Millie and the gang .. . most prized possession -- John . . . "I'm hungry, what's for lunch?" . . . pet peeve -- Chi soup and porcu- pine balls . . . likes art and music . .. died from assembly time. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 103 Hall Mon- itor 10, May Day 10, ll, 12, Candlelight Service 10, ll, 123 Choral Concert 10, 11, 12, Chorus 10, 11, 12, Art Club 10, 11, I2,PosterCommittee 10, 11, 123 Student Council Ilg Prom Committee 115 Senior Play Committee 12. Training Club 11. CHARLES GREEN "Bugs" Industrial Can be found at Doc's with Virg, Shark, Frog, Dent, Snake, Weasel, Bozo . . . most prized posses- sion -- The Big Green . . . "Ain't allthatl' . . . pet peeve -- metal shop teacher . . .likes to park out B. H. B. died from Doc throwing me out. ACTIVITIES: Gym Night 10, Intramural Basketball 10, ll, Field Crew 12. CAROL . ANN HAMPTON 'Curly' Business Education Can be found with the Sorority . .. most prized possession -- my license . .1 "Don't get shock" . . . pet peeve -- conceited boys likes dancing, steaks, dark and handsome guys . . . died from try- ing to keep up with G1ady's slow pace. ACTIVITIES: Library Club 10, Physical Aids KENNETH HANEY "Ken " Academic Phillies . . . died from Camp Hilltop ll, 125 Yearbook ll, 125 Echo 11. Can be found at any trout stream . . most prlzed possession -- fishing license . . . 'Carumba pet peeve -- tests on Mondays . likes e ACTIVITIES: Football 10, 11,-125 Band 10 ll 12 Student Council 10, 115 Intramural Basketball 10 BEVERLY IRENE HARRIS "Bev" Business Education Can be found with Betty, Carol, Linda, and Helen . . . most prized possession -- class ring . . . "I don't know" .. . pet peeve -- speeches . . . likes hoagies, dancing, and popular records .. . died from sixth period lunch. ACTIVITIES: May Day 105 Intramural Basketball 105 Library Club 10, 115 Secretary of Library Club ll- Dance Committee 125 Driver Training 125 Home Economics Club 125 Junior Board of Direc- tors 12 Assembly 125 Play Committee 12. LYDIA MAE HARRIS "Mazie" Academic Can be found with Faith, Jackie, Sydney, Judy, and Scattergoods . . . most prized possession -- thirty, second graders . . . 'Oh--you know!" . . . pet peeve --caution signals . . . likes dancing, music, driv- ing, and sports . . . died from sixth period lunch. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 105 Band 10, ll, l25Candle- light Service 10, 11, 125 Intramural Sports 10, 11, 125 Dance Committee 10, 11, 125 PromCommittee 11, 125 Yearbook ll, 12. FRANCES ALBERTA HERMAN 'Bony Moronie" Business Education Can be found with Frank and the Insigne Amicitia Sorority . . . most prized possession -- Frank and his dimples . . . "Don't sweat it' . . . pet peeve -- bossy people .. . likes Frank Kurek, hoagies, and sorority parties . .. died from Mr. Apiche11a's jokes and Miss Donovan's filing class. ACTIVITIES: Business Leaders Club 105 Chorus 115 Candlelight Service 115 May Day ll. GEORGE H. HILL "Fish" General Can be found with Sculley, Whitby, Schnaitman, W. I Hill, and Bolienek . .. most hunting license 'Change it" pet peeve -- lvlr. Kalickman likes standing on the corner , , . . . died from cafeteria lun ACTIVITIES: Basketball Manager 105 Prom A W Committee llg Chair Committee I2g Prom Com- mittee 123 Hall Monitor 12. JOSEPH O. HIGGINS "Ollie" General Can be found with Tom, Frank, and George in the halls...most prized possession -- Nan- cie. . . "Ya ain't allowed " ...pet peeve-- being henpecked ... likes sports cars, and dancing. , , died from getting kicked out of the library ACTIVITIES: Football 10, ll, 123 Basketball IO, Il, l2g Chorus ll, 123 Candlelight Service ll, 12. prized possession - - ches. Ak 'Qi JEROME PHILLIP HILL "R, W. Willy" General Can be found with all the gang at Doc's .. least prized possession -- my nicknames .. "Wanna go out, sweetheart?" pet peeve - cold showers likes girls with big blue eyes.. died from Mr. Ogden's discipline. ACTIVITIES: Sports Editor l0,llg Driver Ed ucation 123 Senior Play 12. , - www Q , - My . if! Q V' I MMO fl jp? uf X-150 ,Jjow WAYNE HILL . f A L, ..ROdney" fig? WW General uf J , E lc' , Can be found with Frank, Tom, George, Ollie, and diff' - anywhere . . . most prized possession -- Hilda. . . J O xl , "Come on, will ya? " pet peeve -- being hen- W pecked likes football, baseball, basketball, ' J and homework . . . died from too much homework. ' Mya 5 ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball IO, I2g Dance U ' v Committee IO, 12, Football Manager ll, 12, Chair Committee 12, Prom Committee 12, Hall Monitor I2. CHARLES HILLSON "Charlie" Industrial Can be found with Legs, Ed, Sach m0St prized possession -- '48 Ford' "lt's like that" pet peeve -- cafeteria food likes hunting, trapping, and cars . . . died from getting up to go to school. ACTIVITIES: Art Metal Club 10g Maintenance 11. SHARON PATRICIA HOLT "Shia" Academic Can be found with Jan, Lyn, Dee, Betsy, and Sandy . . . most prized possession -- memories. . . "Yeah, but . . .". . . pet peeve -- two-faced people likes dances, parties, and new clothes died from adolescent seniors. ACTIVITIES: Typing 10, May Day 10: Cafeteria Aid ll, Driver Education 12, Senior Play 123 Scott's Hi-Q 12, Dance Committee 10, ll, 123 Student Guide 12, Prom Committee ll, 12. MARY CATHERINE HULINGS 'Mose' Business Education Can be found with Rose, Kassie, Dot, Pat, Mary Ellen and Verna .. . most prized possessions -- Eddie and my car . . . "Oh darn!" . . . pet peeve' -- stop signs . . . likes sneaking out for hoagies . . . died from getting caught skipping class. - ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10, 12, Dance Committee 10, 11, 123 Senior Play 123 Yearbook 11, 12, Driver Education 125 Senior 'iShowboat"l2g Prom Committee 11,123 Candlelight Service 10,125 Home Ec Club 12, Home Room Representative 10, Variety Show 12. SANDRA LEE HOLLIS "Sandy" Business Education Can be found with Barbara, at Charlie's house . . . most desired ambition -- to become a secre- tary "Don't even start it" .. . Pet peeve -- coming home from parties early . . .likes athletes, driving, and cooking . . . died from walking through the woods to school everyday. ACTIVITIES: Chorus l0,ll,l2, Concert Choir 10, 11,125 Spring Concert 10,11,12g Candlelight Ser- vice l0,11,l2g May Day l0,1l,l2g BoardlofDirec- tors 10,113 Prom Committee l1,l2g Dance Com- mittee 12, Yearbook 11,123 Senior Pla Commit- tee. ww Ntgqoff Lnfcx Nff .I CHM WWC DOROTHY LORRAINE HUDSON "Dot" Academic Can be found with Chet and Sue . . . most desired possession -- engagement ring "OhI Well!" . .. pet peeve -- homework .. . likes being with Bob .. . died from Mr. Law's tests. ACTIVITIES: Typing 10g Math ll. ANTOINETTE MARIE IACONO 'Toni " Business Education Can be found with Joanne, Betty, and the gang . . . most desired possession -- class ring and diploma I . . . 'Take a bath" . . . pet peeve -- John Prezuiso likes sports, dancing, and the movies died from washing too many cars on senior car wash. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 11, 123 Senior Play Committee 123 Driving Training 12, Dance Committee 12. CAROLYN EMMA LEE JENKINS "Dolly" Academic Can be found with Margie, Sydney, Mae, Jackie, and Judy . . . most desired possession -- 516,000 "Good grief" pet peeve -- the student director . . . likes to eat and skate . . . died from selling vanilla. ACTIVITIES: Art 105 May Day 10g Intramural Basketball 10, llg Prom Committee 11, 123 Dra- matics Club 113 Yearbook ll, 12g Driver Ed- ucation 125 Home Ec Club 12, Senior Play. , L H ' I Industrial , , vi possession -- class ring . . . "I'll never tell" . . . f WJU f pet peeve -- history . . . likes church . . .died from gt, long parades. ACTIVITIES: Chair Crew 10g Wrestling 10, llg chorus 11,125 Bandio, 11,123 stage Crew 123' ,T U F Lfpwvpjf Q A 1,7 CV xi If Field Crew 12. ,o LAW Xvv ff! .fl.aSTHR or ,M Can be found with Jim and Earl .. . most prized ' f 4 X EMLYN H. JONES 'Jonesy" Academic iw Can be found at 1562 Chichester Avenue . . . most prized possession -- Mary . . . "Ahl Fiddle- sticks" . . . pet peeve -- wet football uniforms . . . likes Mary . . . died from Sandflea and Mike always nagging in practice. ACTIVITIES: Band 10, ll, 125 Dance Band 10, ll, 12g Football IO, ll, 12, Basketball 10, Wrestling 10, llg Student Council ll, 12. MINOR W. KATES "Butch" Industrial Can be found at "Docs" with Snake, Stan and I-Iulton . . . most prized possession -- Gerry . . . "You know"'. .. pet peeve -- bleach-blondes likes girls, dancing and hunting died from driving to Claymont every night. ACTIVITIES: Senior Playg Chorus,l1,l2gCandle- light Service l1,l2g Spring Concert lI,l2. JEANETTA KEETH 'Nette' Business Education Can be found with Betsy, Janice, Janet, Verline and Jimmy .. . most prized possession -- Jimmy .. . "Ohl Welll" . .. pet peeve -- study halls likes food, dancing and Jimmy . . . died from gossip about parties. ACTVITIES: Senior Playg PromCommittee l1,12g Dance Committee 1l,l2. 36 ANN KENNERLY "J itterbug " Business Education Can be found with Insigne Amicitia Sorority . . . most prized possession -- class ring "Hey Stupid' pet peeve -- conceited people likes Linwood Dances . . . died from filing class. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 10,1.g Home Economics 123 Board of Directors 12. EMILY EILEEN LA RUE ..Em., Business Education Can be found with Insigne Amicitia Sorority most prized possession -- license and class ring MWhat's this, What's this" pet peeve -- conceited boys .. . likes skating, driving and hoagies . . . died from Sorority parties. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 103 May Day 10, Business Club 115 Candlelight Service IO. DAVID LAURY "Dave" Industrial Can be found with Torma, Bruton, Byrd, Nat and Riley most prized possession -- class ring 'Playout' pet peeve -- homework likes cars . . . died from setting type. ACTIVITIES: Football 11,125 Intramural Basket- ball 1O,l1,l2, Wrestling 10. DAWN LEWIS "Dawn" Business Education Can be found with Pat, Janet and Louise . . . most desired possession -- my diploma and I-LR. . . . "Cheese and Crackers' . . . pet peeve -- con- ceited people . . . likes stock-car races and roller skating . . . died from sixth-period lunches. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10,11,l2g Candlelight Ser- vice 1O,11,l2g Senior Play 12. VIRG IL ANDREW LOVELACE "Virge" Industrial Can be found with Frog, Bugs, Weasel, Dent, Racoon and Shark at Docs most prized pos- session -- The Big Skunk .. . 'Hey babe, what's happnen" pet peeve -- getting flagged likes to park in my garage . . . died from "dead" parties. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 11, Intramural Basketball 11,123 Stage Crew 12, Field Crew 12, Football ll, Football Manager 12. S if Q JEAN MANNERING "Jean" Academic Can be found with Marianne, Joan, Sandy, Anne, Bonnie, and El most desired possession -- nurse's cap 'Oh My Goodness" pet peeve -- people with secrets .. . likes sports, driving and South Penn Y. F. C. died from long summer rides with Marianne. ACTIVITIES: Band 10, ll, 12, BandCouncil 10, ll, 12, Hockey Team 10, ll, 12, Yearbook Staff ll, 12, Senior Play, Band Librarian 10, ll, 12, Typ- ing Club 10, Dramatics Il, Usherette llg Prom Committee ll, 12, Intramural Basketball 1O,Il, Dance Committee 10, ll, 12. ROSE MARIE MADFORD ..ROe,. Business Education Can be found with Mose, or Lana and Sandy at Panare1lo's .. . most desired possession -- a million dollars 'You HalfwitI" pet peeve -- bashful blondesl likes Mary's fast getaways??? died from a ride with Mr. Nugent on the 'Tumble Bug' at Hershey. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10, II, 12, Dance Committee ll, 12, Candlelight Service 10, 11, 12, Spring Con- cert IO, ll, 12, Band 10, ll,l2, Stage Crew 12, Yearbook Staff 12, Softball ll, Senior Showboat 12, Prom Committee ll, 12, Intramural Basket- ball 10, ll, Usherette ll, 12, May Day 10, Bus- iness Leaders Club 10, Home Economics 12, Driver Education 12, Gymnastics 12. BILL MAITLAND "Ml-1it" Industrial Can be found on any corner most desired possession -- '49 Plymouth "HiI Hon!" pet peeve -- Mr. Lashendock's cafeteria duty . . . likes girls .. . died from too much work. ACTIVITIES: Stage Crew 12, Maintenance Club 10, Dance Committee ll, 12. EDWARD MARTIN "Trained Hair" Industrial Can be found at "Joe'S" . . . most prized possession -- '46 Ford "Down the diner -- 10:00" pet peeve -- Mechanical Drawing . . . likes weekends . . . died from changing tires. ACTIVITIES: Metal Club 10, Maintenance Club II, Chair Crew 10, ll, 12. ' KAREN ELLA MCCLELLAND "Chub" Commercial Can be found with "Insigne Amicitia Sorority". . . most prized possession -- class ring . . . 'I don't know' . . . pet peeve--hossy people . . . likes dancing and bowling . . . died from sorority parties. ACTIVITIES: May Day 10: Chorus 10: Home Economics llg Magazine Drive 12. J ACQUELINE MARIE MCDONOUGH "Jackie" Academic Can be found with Carol Ann, Mae, Dolly, Irene, Judy, and Chick most prized possession-- '58 Ford . . . "Mo1dy" . . . pet peeve--people who are late . . . likes music and driving . . . died from Carol Ann's driving. ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee 11, 12: Home Economics 12: Dance Committee 10, 12: Library Aid 10, 12: Yearbook Il, 12. HELEN DOROTHY MCGUIRE 'Dreamer' Home Economic Can be found at home with Maggie, Mary, Vivian, and Wendall . .. most prized possession--Wen- da11's telephone calls at 7 o'clock .. . 'Just two kinds of people in the world' . . . pet peeve-- not getting money when I want it . . . likes sewing my own clothes in school died from Mrs. Woerth not letting us dance in Home Economics class. ACTIVITIES: Art 10, 11: Volleyball 10, llg Base- ball ll, 123 Prom Committee 11, 123 Basketball 10, ll, 12: Hockey 10, Il, 12. ROBERT MCLEOD "Mic" Industrial I Can be found with Ray and Larry.. . . most prized possession--'51 Ford . . . "Ain't all that' . . . pet peeve--P. O. D. . . . likes 3:15 bell . . . died from two periods of English. ACTIVITIES: Shop 10, ll: Industrial Arts Show 11: Field Crew 12. JESSE MCP!-IERSON "Butch " General Can be found at school . . . most prized possession --'51 Ford ... "Skit man!" . . . pet peeve-- history assignments . .. likes Lorraine . . . died from history. ACTIVITIES: Field Crew ll, 125 Chorus ll, 125 Candlelight Service 11, 12. BONNIE JANE MOERK 'Bonnie' Business Education Can be found with Charlotte most prized possession- -my mother 'never mind" . . . pet peeve--boys! likes pie, steaks, pizza, and dancing. ACTIVITIES: Band 10, ll, 125 Play Committee 125 Dance Committee 10, 11, 125 Prom Committee 125 P.T.A. Committee 125 May Day 105 Candle- light Service 105 Business Leaders Club 10, ll. LEWIS MEGONIGAL "Lew" Academic Can be found with Bruz, Bob and all the squirrels . . . most prized possession--'53 Ford . . . "Don't sweat it!" pet peeve--AnnePerkins you know what l like!!! . . . died from the Can-Can Dance. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 10, ll, 125 Vice President of Class 10, ll, 125 Usher 115 Hall Monitor 10, 115 Student Council Il, 125 Year- book ll, 125 Prom Committee 11, 125 Senior Play 12. Joe Niagra's KATHRYN ANN MONTELLO Can be found Big Four' . . . telephone . . . Emily's haunted house . . . likes pizza's, steaks, Show, Wilmington, and Dancing . "Kassie" Business Education with Mary, Rose, Sandy and "The most prized possession--radio and "That's sharp' pet peeve-- ACTIVITIES: lntiralmural basketball 105 Dramatics Club 115 Dance Committee 105 ll, 125 Home Econo- mic Club 125 'Driver Education 125 Business Leaders Club 105 Home Room Representative 125 Board of Directors for Student Council 125 Stu- dent Council 125 Yearbook ll, 125 Senior Play Stage Crew 125 Prom Committee ll, 125 Guide for Student Council Convention 12. JOAN MOORE "Joanie" Academic Can be found with Marianne, Jean, Bonnie,Sandy, and Anne . .. most desired possession -- thirty third graders 'oh gravy' pet peeve -- bashful boys . . . likes baton twirling, Y. F,C.. and music died from holding the band back. ACTIVITIES: Dance band 103 Usherette 113 Play Committee 123 Prom Committee 11, 12: Guide 11, 123 Career Conference 113 Band Council 11, 123 Accompanist 10, 11,123 Head Majorette 10, 11, 121 Variety Show 10, 11, 12: May Day 10, 11, 12. THOMAS MORRIS "Legs" Industrial Can be found with Ronnie, Zack, and Ed . . . most prized possession -- car 'need some gas money' . . . pet peeve -- going to classes . . . likes getting out of classes died from Eng- lish class. ACTIVITIES: Field Crewll, 123 Stage Crew ll, 123 Chair Crew 10, 11, 12. su Yi W' A 5,11 fr A ,1!Q,'4fa' M IV W We LANE JOSEPH NELSON "Nels" Industrial Can be found with Bozo, Obie, Bugs, Virgil, and Duck . . . most prized possession -- the red roach . . . "What's happening" . . . PCI peeve -- shaving .. . likes Wheaties . .. died from senior 's parties. ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 10,112 Chair Commit- tee l0,l23. Dance Program 123 Stage Crew 12: Chorus 12 SANDRA N. NEWLIN "Sandy" Business Education Can be found with Kassie and Emily at Wilming- ton . . . most desired possession -- diploma . . . 'Knock it off" pet peeve -- people who aren't on time for breakfast likes Bill's cheese steaks, P,M.C., dancing, and a white '54 Olds. ucation 12. ACTIVITIES: Intramural Basketball 10 May Day IOQ Dramatic Club 11Q Prom Committee ll 12 Dance Committee 10,ll,l23 Senior Play Com mitteeg Art 12Q Home Economics 123 Driver Ed LEVI PEARSON "Leevee" Academic Can be found with Johnny, Toad, Louwie, Big Nel, and Blubs most prized possession -- horn and class ring . . . "Did you study for that teSt7" . . . pet peeve -- stuck up people . . . likes his one study hall a week . . . died from playing Stan Kenton Music. ACTIVITIES: Typing Club 113 Math Club llg Band I0,1l,12g Dance Band 1O,11,12g Basketball 10,11,12. CHRISTINE PATRICIA NICKLE "Pat" Business Education Can be found with Claire, Pat, and Dawn . . . most desired possession -- diploma . . . 'I don't know" -pet peeve -- late lunch periods likes sports . . . died from history class. ACTIVITIES: Ticket Committee Senior Playg In- tramural Basketball 10,11g Library Club 10,11, 12, Basketball 10,lI,I2g Softball 10,11,12. ALBERT OBERG 'Obie' General Can be found at any hoagie shop . . . most prized possession -- hula hoop . . . pet peeve -- science class . . . likes parties . . . died from Mr. McNitt's paddle. ACTIVITIES: Ma i n te n a n c e Club 10,1lg Dance Committee 10,125 Chair Committee 123 Senior Play Committee. ANNE TERESA PERKINS "Tug" Academic Can be found with Sandy, Jean, Marianne, Joan, and Bonnie . . . most desired possession -- col- lege degree "I am not!" pet peeve -- "Tugger" . . . likes reading, sewing, and driving . . . died from Pooh's poetry. ACTIVITIES: May Day IO, Graduation Usherette 113 Typing Club 10, Prom Committee 11,125 Yearbook Co-editor 11,125 Scott's Hi Q 12, Guide 10,11,12g Dance Committee I0,I1,12g Hockey 10, 11,12g Band 10,Il,12g Library Aide 10,11,12g Band Council 1O,11,12g Band Librarian 10,11,12. SANDRA ELLEN PIERCE Sandy' Commercial Can be found with the gangg everywhere but where I m supposed to be most prized possession my friends Hey, let's hustle" pet peeve dirty hockey players likes sports, singing dancing and my 56 Dodge . . . died from knife throwing in Mrs Woerth's room. ACTIVITIES D1str1ct Chorus 11g County Chorus 11 County Orchestra ll 12g President of Chorus 12 President of Band Council 125 Hockey 10,11, 12 Softball 10 11 12 Basketball l0,1l,12g Band 10 11 12 Variety Show 10 11,l2g Candlelight Ser- v1ce10 11 12 May Day 1O,l1,l2. CAROLYN LUCILLE PERRY 'Carol Lou" Business Education Can be found with Barb, Linda, Bev, Louise, and Dee . . . most prized possession -- driver's license "You know what I mean' pet peeve -- unsociable people likes driving, hoagies, and Bill died from Louise's stale pretzels and Barbara's cakes. ACTIVITIES: Student Council 10g Intramural Bas- ketball 103 Candlelight Service l0,12g Library Staff 113 Library Correspondent 11g Home Ec- onomics 12g Chorus 10,l1,l2. POS EY Duffy BARBARA ELIZABETH POORE 'Barb Business Education Can be found with Sandy Carol and Louise most prized possession Gary You know .. . pet peeve -- cakes that don t turn out likes. pizza and Pepsis died from Louise s stale pretzels . . . ACTIVITIES: Home Economics Club 12 Chorus 10,11,12g Candlelight Service 10 11 12 May Day 10,11,12g Spring Concert 1011 12 Sandra, and class ring likes spa- . . died from Club 11. JAMES RALSTON 'Grandpop' Industrial Arts Can be found with Jeanetta, Fry, Green, Lovelace . . . most desired possession -- Jeanetta . . . "take a bath' . . . pet peeve -- Mr. McNitt's paddles . . . likes 54 Ford . . . died from P.O.D. KYCTIYITIES: Fw 1W QZTWP W HELEN REBECCA RILEY "Snap" Business Education Can be found with Patches, Bull Dog, Di, Tunnie . . . most desired possession - my class ring. . . "My, what a mess!" pet peeve - conceited boys. . . likes spaghetti, yock, dancing... died from Business Machine and Office Practice classes. JANET M. REED "Jan" Business Education Can be found with Lew, Jeanetta, Betsy . . . most desired possession -- Lew . . . "Oh, my heavens" pet peeve -- snotty people likes food, pop music .. . died from walking to the school bus. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10,113 Candlelight Service 10,113 Home Economics Club 12, Spring Concert 10,113 Senior Play Costumes Committee 125 Prom Committee 1l,l2. JEFFREY ROBINSON "Jeff" Business Education Can be found with Tunnie, Bell, Di, Bull Dog, Snap . . . most desired possession- Johnny and finishing school. . . "what's happening girls" . . . pet peeve- non co-operative people . . . likes eating and sleep- ing . . . died from filing class. ACTIVITIES: Business Education Club Il, Home Economics 12. ROBERT THOMAS ROSS "Turtle" Industrial Arts Can be found with Lew, Bruz, Bob, Zack.. . most prized possession - "Hey Squirely" . . . likes eat- ing, sports, sleeping and S,D, , , died from football practice. ACTIVITIES: Football Manager 103 Football ll,l2g Intramural Basketball l0,ll,l2g Stage Crew 12. IRENE CATHERINE RUTTER "Irene" Academic Can be found with Jackie, near the band room... most prized possession - my bassoon and class ring. .. "l've had it" . . . DSI peeve - rock'n roll- ers competing with the Bach boys . .. died from carrying heavy books and instruments. ACTIVITIES: Band I0,1I,I2g Band Council 10,ll,l2g Band Librarian l0,ll,l2. JOHN V. SACHER "Bruz" Academic Can be found with Lew, Bob, Bobbi and the boys from .Iane's. .. most desired possession. . . my right arm - "what time is it?" pet peeve - Megonigal being a neater guy than me likes Marianne, sleeping and eating . . . died from cold showers. ACTIVITIES: Basketball ll,l2g Baseball 11,125 Guide ll, Senior Class Representative 12g Year- book ll,l2g Prom Committee l1,l2g Typing ll. Qwislfi HI-darryn GBM! .gait Industrial Can be found with Bob, Ra , Zach,R . LARRY SADLER Y - E most prized possession - 51 Chev . . . ' I n het" .. . pet peeve - staying in after sch . likes cars . .. died from two periods of P, , ACTIVITIES: Stage Crew 123 Maintenance Clubllg Auto Know How 10. ,I an W at gf I IV 'N N!-1 N gl FRANK SCHNAITMAN W I Q ty XUX .-Snook" X gb, , 3.1 u WW General I NZ I IQXPNLI Can be found with Ollie, Tom, Wayne, and Georges ff',v ALM . . . most prized possession - Ruthann . . . "Looks A V like a winner" . .. petpeeve-football coaches . . . I5 , 91 QR ,L X, I likes sports and hunting died from "grass amd up ,fzf I Qyqr I drill" at football practice ly IVV 'P J . ' L V If wt ACTIVITIES: Sc1enceClub1lgStagecrew 12g Foot- K W Q1 pm if t ball l0,ll,l2g Basketball l0,ll,12g Hall Monitor 10, GM 11,12. IV t I tml' M 1 ix MARY ANN THERESA SCHOEN 'Mare' GARY A. SCOTT "Scotty" Academic Can be found anywhere . . . most prized posses- sion - violin I won from Mr. Hoover . . . "take a hath" .... pet peeve - school . . . likes girls! girls! and music . . . died from too much school. ACTIVITIES: Band l1,l2g Football Manager 113 Chester Times Newswriter llg Prom Commit- tee 12: Variety Show 12: Dance Band 10,ll,l2. TOM SCULLEY 'Dent' General Can be found with Whitby, G. Hill, Snookie, Ollie, Wayne, and Colonel . . . most prized possession - Rita and '56 Ford . . . 'There isn't any fence be- tween us. " . . . pet peeve - Mr. McNitt chasing me . . . likes Rita, steak, food and football ???? . . . died from Mr. Marcus punching me on the head. ACTIVITIES: Student Council 10,llg Baseball ll, 123 Hall Monitor 10,11,l2g Football 10,11,12g Basketball 10,11,12. Business Education Can be found with Emlyn most prized pos- session Emlyn . . . 'Youse Guysll' . . . pet peeve- telephone calls while in the bathtub likes Emlyn . . . died from hockey practice. ACTIVITIES: Student Council 10, Prom Co-Chair- man 115 Guide 11g May Day 1O,l1g Basketball 1O,l1,12g Hockey 10,l1,12g Cafeteria Staff 1O,ll, 12g Color Guard 10,11,l2g Home Ec. Club 125 PTA Panel 123 Band Concert 12g Assembly Chairman 12. 'll' I I U I X. 1 ' it fi mf QW 5 wb f" f Q ,HG ,wiv : ,JW pl' fc ,fl ,f f f If rl RITA SEGEAR f 1 ' ' 0 5 "Ree" fl C W ,, 'M Business Education bill' ' f'7 AIA: ' .- CHS! found with Ann and the girls . .. most W , D02 X prized possession - Tom's class ring . . . "Where jf Z, I did you go last night?" . . . pet peeve - conceited 3 Uk, ,' 1, people . . . likes pizza and Tom . . . died from fil- W ing class. , . f ACTIVITIES: Corresponding Secretary for the ' 4, W 716 ,,Student Council 105 May Day 105 Intramural Bas- , I ' ketball 10,115 Basketball 10,11,12. I- 5. I C' - Q fkff EARL LE ROY SHANK. JR. ..Abe.. Industrial Can be found with everybody . . . most prized pos- session - "big black" . . . "Hold it Jack" . . . pet W ,I , V J all X9 i JW ,,vfU,W my peeve - staying after school . . . likes days off from school . . . died from football camp. ACTIVITIES: Student Council Ilg Craft Staff 115 Industrial Arts Show 115 Board of Directors 125 Football l0,11,l2. V 'X fix Half? uf W t If IW A ,nw ,..,.w" BETSY LEE SIMPKISS "Ping" Academic Can be found with Verline, Janice, Jeanetta . . . most desired possession - happiness out of life . . . "nastness" . . . pet peeve - gossip about par- ties . . . likes food and parties . . .died from play- ing hookey. ACTIVITIES: May Day 10,125 Chorus 125 Dance Committee 11,125 Prom Committee 11,125 Hockey 10,11,12: Band 1O,11,l25 Play 12. EL EANOR SMITH 'Smitty " Academic 125 Scott's Hi Q 125 Hockey 10, 11,12. Can be found with Jess, Dot, Chet, and Jean most prized possession--Bible. . . Thanks a lot". . . pet peeve---surprise quizzes when you didn't study. . . likes sports, Howie sleep and books. . .died from gym exercises after lunch ACTIVITIES: Basketball 10, 115 Voice of De mocracy Contest 115 Guide 115 Library Aid 10 WAYNE SMITH "Chief" Academic Can be found with Barry, Lew, Puddsy, Sam, and Bill...most prized possession--driver's li- Cense,,,"Ain't allowed".. pet peeve--homeroom.. likes dancing and science...died from Puddsy's exaggerations. ACTIVITIES: Dance Committee 10, 11Q Student Council 11, Hall Monitor 11, 121 Intramural Basketball ll, 121 Senior Play. CAROL ADELINE TAYLOR Business Education Can be found with Linda, Claire, Pat, and Helen.. most prized possession--Bill and Teddy Bear.. "No Child" . . . pet peeve Mr. Apichel1a's jokes . . . likes food, dancing, and Bill . . . died from Pat's criticism. ACTIVITIES: Dance Committee 103 Intramural Basketball 10, 113 Prom Committee 123 Art Club 10, 11 12. WILLIAM STEELE "The German " Academic Can be found with Sam, Wayne, Barrie, and Bruzz most prized possession-Aggie, my class ring, and my car . . . "Hey Legs". . . pet peeve - messy cafeteria and crowded halls. . . likes good food, money, bowling, and geophysics . . .died from Mr. Apichella's jokes and chemistry. ACTIVITIES: Math Club 103 Chair Committee 10, 113 Wrestling Club l0,1l. JESSICA ANNE THOMPSON Can be found with Eleanor and Carol...most prized possession---class ring..."Well, that's "Jess" Academic the way the cookie crumbles."...pet peeve-- Chemistry quickies...likes basketball games and getting letters from Dick...died from Mr. Apich- ella 's jokes. ACTIVITIES: Spelling Bee Contest 103 J. V. Basketball 113 Chester Times Newswriter 11: Yearbook 11,121 Play Committee 123 Intramural Basketball 10, 11, 12. Can be found with my instrument or the guys . . . most desired possession -- a good car "That's the way it goes". . .pet peeve - - every- thing when I am mad likes having a good time . . . died from Latin classes and spelling. ACTIVITIES: Print Shop l0,1lg Band 10,11,12g Chair Committee 113 Prom Committee 11,125 Dance Band 12. CLAIRE ANN TITUS 'Doll' Business Education Can be found with Linda, Carol, and Pat most prized possession James Bradford "Eh Gads' . . . Pet Peeve - - conceited people .. . likes pizza, music, and tall boys died from Linda 's diet. ACTIVITIES: Band l0,11,l2g Chorus l0,11,l2g Basketball 10,l1g Prom Committee 113 Play Committee 12. ROBERT TODD "Bob" Academic JAMES TUTLO "Jim" Industrial Can be found on the corner most desired possession -- money "I give up" pet peeve - - work . . . likes spaghetti and girls . . . died from bad jokes. ACTIVITIES: Chair Crew 10,11,12. CHESTIA WALLS "Chet" Academic Can be found with Dorothy and Sue .. . most de- sired possession -- good job "Oh my" pet peeve - - cheaters .. . likes seeing Galen . .. died from dirty cafeteria. ACTIVITIES: Typing 103 Math 115 Student Council , 49 DONALD RAY WALTERS uWalt" General Can be found with 12th Industrials . .. most de- sired possession - - the ability to understand others ... "O.K." ... pet peeve - - food in Chi's cafeteria likes girls, cars and work died from Mechanical Drawing class. ACTIVITIES: Wood Shop 10, Stage Crew 105 Intramural Basketball 103 Print Shop 11. CJJJ' . f SANDRA ELIZABETH WEBSTER "Sandy" Academic Can be found with Anne, Bonnie, Jean, Joan, Marianne, Eleanor most desired possession - - college diploma . .. "Good grief, Anne!" pet peeve - - gum crackers . .. likes swimming, dancing and M.Y.F. . .. died from running up and down the halls. ACTIVITIES: May Day 105 Typing Club 103 Hock- ey 1O,11,12g Basketball 10g11,12g Band 10,11,12g Band Council 10,1l,12g Dramatics Club llg Ush- erette 11, Yearbook 11,125 Guide 11,12. JANICE WASLEY "Waz" Academic Can be found with Scattergoodsg, Dee, Sharon . . . most prized possession - - friends "Oh, no" . . . pet peeve - - troubles . . . likes dances, parties reading died from having nothing to wear. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 10g Intramural Basketball 10,11,l2g Band 10,11,12g Dance Committee 10,1l, 125 Gym Night 10,123 Prom Committee 11, 123 May Day 10g Senior Play Committeeg Guide 12. HOWARD WHITBY 'Buck" Academic Can be found with Scullely, Schnaitman, most prized possession -- class "Step up" pet peeve -- chemistry likes mat' room and whirlpool room from football practice. ACTIVITIES: Basketball l0,l1,12g Football 10, 11,123 Hall Monitor 11,12g Baseball 12. Higgins, ring . . . class . . . . . . died VERLINE WHII E "Pony" Academic Can be found with Betsy, Sofia, Mary, and Janice .. . most prized possession freedom "Me first!" pet peeve - - bossy people likes parties and food died from being stuckup. ACTIVITIES: Gym Night 105 May Day 10,115 Dance Committee 10,11,125 Majorettes 10,11,125 Variety Show 10, 11,125 Prom Committee 11,125 Senior Play Committee 12. LOUISE ANNETTE WILLIS LINDA ANNETTE WiIl'I"I'AKER "Lou" General Can be found with Dot, Reba, Joyce, and Esther most prized possession -- class ring and my heart "Oh, Yea!" and 'You don't say!" ...pet peeve - - conceited people and history home- work likes dances, parties, boys, and sports died from too much homework in Math class, ACTIVITIES: Basketball 10,125 Typing 10,115 Baseball 10,11,125Pr0mCommit- tee ll. ri :N P J tp A, V, i L ,al Upqv' Dyilib CAROL ANN WOHNUS "Miss Co-ordination" Academic Can be found with Scattergood Gang, Syd, and Faith most prized pos- session -- driver's license 'You know it!" pet peeve -- boys that don't drive likes sports, music, dancing and people died from Sep- tember 12, 1958, and tastykakes. ACTIVITIES: May Day 105 Candlelight Service 10,115 Hockey 10,11,125 Soft- ball 10,11,125 Volleyball 10,11,l25 Stu,- dent Council 10,11,125 Cafeteria Staff 10,11,125 Band 10,11,125 Dance Com- mittee 10,11,125 Usherette-115 Echo 115 Guide 11,125 Bonfire Committee 11,125 Board of Directors 125 Play Commit- tee 125 P.T.A. Committee 12. "Lynn" Business Education Can be found with Carol, Claire, Ilelen Bev, and Betty most prized pos session - - Don's friendship ring .. "Oh,shush up!" pet peeve - - cheat- ers likes driving, horseback rid- ing, and ice skating died from Mr Apichella's jokes. ACTIVITIES: English class president I0 Intramural Basketball 105 Majorette 10 115 May Day 10,1l5Variety Show 10,Il. ARTHUR RICHARD ZACHARIAS "Chink" Industrial Can be found with Yunker at Twin Oaks most prized possession - - "Frank", my truck 'You don't like it" pet peeve -- steak, ice cream, and sports likes cars and guns died from Friday's P,O,D, class, ACTIVITIES: Field crew 125 Stage Crew 125 Chair Crew 10,l1,12. 51 fn . W ,, f X:-. m -N-' 3 5, . I Q kyyyk .. K Q . M L is 5 iii ij 'T Z i 5 is ,le U S ' fb 'S , B1, T S S P ' f .... R. Todd C. Wohnus Mr. Nugent 'The Lemon Sisters" 'The Hillbillies" Band Members?? "The Hula Hula" E. Jones C. Titus W. Bryne Senior Play Mrs. Forwood . -55 Mrs. Woerth "The Toasters if ., ,,. "Five Foot Two" 1-Charleston " I, Rutter G. Scott S. Pierce K. Haney J, Mannering 'S .S it fb if f , , . . 'N V Q Si'ii T Y Q Q YEARBOOK STAFF LEFI TO RIGHT, SEATED: S. Webster, D. Flowers, K. Montello, V. Feltcher, S, Hollis J Thompson J Mannering, J. McDonough. STANDING: A. Perkins, M. Alexander, E. Jenkins,M.Hul1ngs P Darcy W Conboy, L. Megonigal, K. Haney, M. Harris. ' BGFLOOL Our yearbook staff was selected in the spring of 1958. We pub- lished the supplement for the 1958 Eagle, which was received most favorably by the student body. In publishing this book, we have re- ceived great rewards for our diligence. At this time we would like to express our deep gratitude to our sponsor, Mr. Law. We have worked hard and put forth our best efforts to make this the best yearbook produced at Chichester. We sincerely hope that those who follow in our footsteps will produce even better yearbooks. LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Webster, co-editorg A. Perkins, co-edi- torp P, Darcy, Typing editor D. Flowers, Business editor . V5 -Mg M M A AXX W-,. WF 9, 8I'll0l" BLST DRESSED MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED R. Galbusera and B. Dias K. Haney and J. Clayton MCB T. Sculln . . ,,1L Lm'-L We rw ' f 2 -fff1--- lk . 4 S vi' BEST ALI.. AROUND MOST COOPERATIVE S. Webster and H. Whitby L. Megonigal and S. Webster x.,""Y CUTEST BEST LOOKING G. Burke and A. Lovelace M. Schoen and H. Wh1tby IRHLETIC MOST TALENTED BEST DANCERS md C. Wohnus I. Rutter and R. Todd J. Caramanico and C. Green QUIETEST MOST TALKATIVI1 Walls and C. Hillson R. Bell and J. Keeth erdonagfied CLASS CLOWNS MOST POPULAR A. Kennerly and R. Bell T. Sculley and M, Schoen enior5 12 Academic LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: E. Smith, S. Webster, A. Perkins, J. Mannering, C. Wohnus, V. White, B Simpkiss, I. Rutter, M. Alexander SECOND ROW: S. Holt, J. Wasley D. Bryant, E. Jenkins,J.Thompson J. McDonough, M. Ferry, M. Harris J. Baker, M. Coleman. THIRD ROW R Bell, G. Scott, E. Jones, J. Hill L. Pearson, L. Megonigal, K. Haney, R. Galbusera, W. Smith. if Xi "i 12 Home Economics LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Mc- Guire, F. Connolly. IQ xx I a 12 Academic LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: S. Irwin, D. Hudson, S. Davies, J. Caramanico, J. Moore. SECOND ROW: C. Walls, S. Faga, B. Dias, H. Whitby, J. Clayton. THIRD ROW: J. Chivalette, J. Sacher, W, Steele, B. Bunner, W. Byrne, R. Todd. 12 Business Education LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW S. Newlin, K. Montello, B. Har- ris, J.Reed,L.Whittaker.SEC- OND ROW: S. Hollis, D. Flow- ers, G. Burke, C. Nickle, M. Schoen, S. Pierce, C. Taylor. THIRD ROW: P. Darcy, V. Felt- cher, M. Hulings, R. Madford H. Dobbs. 12 Business Education LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW J. Alwine, J. Grady, B. Moerk A. Kennerly, F. Herman, J. Bid- dle, S. Bryant, G. Ganster, J Robinson. SECOND ROW: M Faulkner, D. Lewis, J. Garrett G. Burke, E. LaRue, C. Titus M. Bailiff, K. McClelland, C Burk. THIRD ROW: R. Segear J. Keeth, T. Briscoe,M. Posey H. Riley, M. Bowers, L. Blank C. Perry, B. Poore, L. Costa 12 General LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: O. Higgins,T. Sculley. SECOND ROW: D. Walters, F. Schnaitman, G. Hill, A. Oberg, W. Maitland, W. Hill. I2 Industrial LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW J. Ralston, M. Kates, C. Martin R. Ross, W. Conboy, J. Tutlo I... Saddler, R. McLeod, C Green.. SECOND ROW: D Laury, D. Bates, N. Davis THIRD ROW: A. Zacharias, T Morris, E. Jester, D. Fry, A Lovelace, V. Bohenek, E. Shank C. Hillson, L. Nelson. 5 Q 1'- ff.. xii' "' 1 N 3 x jgvxfgm ,, 1 A' L J. Reed L. Pearson J 2 it I i W W. Hill 'iq jg an-sw t QQ ' f M 23" Elan! 6 f O' Hlggms ,tu , . .,,: .A S. Pierce E. Jones M. Schoen J. Robinson K. Haney 'ef- iw G. Burke A. Iacono M. Faulkner I. Rutter I , .ir-XR M. Harris - .,. P, Darcy C. Burke K. McClelland m as J ' 'K r 5 5 i . J. Mannering B. Simpkiss ,rw SE sit fi ii E J. Moore B. Poore .... .. - 5+ A. Q' K 5 . J. Alwine nf '-M, qs I Q 1 mx ,, ... Fi ki' B. Dias y 1 R Oy' it Q8 g sm... ' Lacharias S. Holt ff . X' t N. C, Wohnuis V' White .. . A. Perkins C. Titus M. Alexander V. Lovelace M. Coleman C. Taylor e ' , . . s.... . M . 1fWi'i h - ai. . .:: W. Byrne ,g 'ff if . . .. 5 5 i X ,,,... ...W . k,L. ' J. Keeth ' if L? ' -355 4 VAR L A is K vi 'ip .fl i . - it . . ir . . s.. . J. McDonough D. Lewis J. Wasley G. Burke 5, Newlin R, Todd 4 sf XVQZZ Yflnilercfaaam N. if s Class Sponsors Mrs. Frost, Mr. Lashendock unior.4 Class Officers S. Weidel, W. Gatchell, N. Sack, L.. McNeil If .LI I . J. . f JJ L19 U' H' W ...- Awfw m'vWVQ+3,, 9 QAM ' -E , 344 C V- 73 J fl OOM .QL 'VJ2J..,. Ayn Awami II .JMD X ' Uwuqyww fvkghmj ff..91'z,oQ! Y f 4 , 450 ' .fyl 11 Academic fWMJf JM OWL.. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Crosgroveg J. Byrneg L. Ginnsg R. Clementsg S. Weide1gR Yunkersg J. Bellg G. Watsong S, Waters. SECOND ROW: P. Kilmong H. Turnerg N. JonesgL McNeilg A. Evansg H. Talley, B. Pierceg M. Bartowg D. Walkeg A. Browng J. Hobbs. THIRD ROW W. Colemang D. Jonesg D. Jonesg N. Sackg W. Gatchellg R. Lawrenceg T. D'Amico. f .f unlorj CSM 0 "' If 1, VN -,r , .I M5 .ww ay' .N L 'QW 1 emic . ' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: . yn . nnong o ickg D. Krentzg D. Jonesg J. Garrisg L. Watkinsg B, Driscollg C, Feltc . S O D ROW' . H , D. Strazdusg B. Fisher: M. Weideli M. Clementsg W, Ashbyg M, Ebe 3 C ony i k. THIRD ROW: J. Richg M. Doyleg C. Morang J. Jacksong M. Millerg I6 ,S nie ' I .,.!Xl I ll Business Education FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RICHT: E. Birlg S. Beau- champg S. Thompsong E. Huddleg M. Leitaog J. Bailg A. Dias. SECOND ROW: C. Fergusong J. Cairog B, Zinszerg C. Sconeg T. Gas- terg D. Butterworthg S. Reevesg L. Campbell. THIRD ROW: M. Pyleg P. Ahoneng J. Grantg B. Um- stedg B. McCloudg J. Greenwoodg K. Moore. u nior-.4 11 Business Education FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Hollandg L. Browng M. Quigleyg J, McMastersg G. McVeighg N. Plummerg A. Jaconag J. Linng B. Brumbaugh. SECOND ROW: S. Kingg C. Schnaitmang R. Giovenellag D. Doddsg M. Campbellg A, Horneg A. Mellingg C. Jonesg D, Conboyg M, Campbell. THIRD ROW:R. Dunlapg H. Petersg J. Rid- dleg S. ThompsomgJ. Beck. 11 Home Economics FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Titusg J. Yeag- erg M, Merdiang E. Small. SECOND ROW: J. Tirusg J. Mosleyg G. Carrollg M. Barker. If QW ,RIMQE an. 415 . 4. in L u, Uk , . 4? , N vgq bp DG Nf-I .V N161 Qwqfqlg Q-fl ' Wg? fi I 'T Lf., ' 11 lndustrlals 'T' L if FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Tylerg J. Wi11iamsongA. SchiochettigA. Rieberog In I3. Mellingg D. Burkg H. Boydg D. Shromg F. Byrd. SECOND ROW: J. Palsergnl. Howardg , D. Hinsong J. Jacksong R, Bryantg A. Fleetwood. THIRD ROW: Pnltaw onvgj, Wertzg W, Sandersong W, Rinehimffg R. Gouldg E. Urbang'W. Giles. ' N..l.'G"NrE- u 1 V P A oJ,Vf.4.xl , If if fpillg' ,Uk 1, . ,If 7 R TQ 4' 'WG . fu" ' ,, . qw CK ,XL , N , K' I vi ' ,-le' I 'ff N fB.rrTA,ff'Xf K4 I ' ,O J 'J I. A v. rl My 4 xx Krrlb , 1- qm- .. NUI, "I" I ,J T y' f , -f JJ' -T - RQ 2 ... , M 1 . 4 5 f"'I 1 Lf I . ' , , 1, ' . -...LT . f' I ' v -fe ' 1 '14 lun! L, A 11 Generals Wm FIRST Row, LEFT TO I RIGHT: R. Burridge. E. Riff Farleyg L. White. SECOND ROW: J. DiCeccog A. Sil- vestrig H, AshmangG. Wat- son. unior.4 ,IQ I ff Tw J' V. ,A J X x ., ' Sf yr 4. 'vr 9 .. 'i mei CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Natrin and Mrs. Fieisher l OPLODIOPC5 ai 2 CLASS OFFICERS Treasurer - C. Simpers, Vice President - J. Mar- antino, President - W. Fisher, Secretary - L. Bradley OP AOINOPB5 10 ACADEMIC FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Turner, M, Fiorelli, P, Burr, E. Bass, L, Sill, S Pi1lil1g. P. Foreacre. A. Matteo. A. Hollis. SECOND ROW: J. Yunker, H. Palmer, F. Bunch, C. Young, D. Esbin, M, Doyle, J. Simpkiss, J. Narvel, H. Roberts. THIRD ROW: G, Williamson, T. Hutchins, J, Trumble, W. Fisher, G. Piecara, T. Davies, J, Zebley 10 ACADEMIC FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M, Shivers, -S, Starks, C, Simpers, D, Camillo, S. Mayer C. Hentz, B, Miller, G. Moore, J, Willis. SECOND ROW: J. Curtis, C. Frampton, C. Lyons, A. Brent, D. Tutlo, N. Whitely. THIRD ROW: R. Harris, K, Hill, R, Templin, J. Penn, K. Bunzel, G. Lilley, F, Dowman, M. Dougherty, R, Keeth. fb 1 f fy f ' C 1 x'4,J L cv Nfl, fm- I .iff fury' cf' ! l fx 1 'ff 'P J 66 ' opkomorea 10 BUSINESS EDUCATION FIRST ROW,LEFT IO RIGHT: 'F. Lyle, R. Biddle, P. Lawrence, J. Cbnte, F, Savin, C. Brown, M. Watson. SECOND ROW: B. Craven, G. Frazier, J, Gwynn, J, Di Marco, M. Thomas, D. King, P. Clark, S. Hulton,J. Ritterson. THIRD ROW: A. Clark, D, Seward, S, Hamilton, S, Haney, S. Kirby, C. Nickle, B. Davis, L, Dix, FOURTH ROW: W. Bam- ford, D, Bull, B, Laury, B. Favario, L. Sidlow, C. Wall, M, Stradzus. 10 BUSINESS EDUCATION FIRST ROW, LEFT 'IO RIGHT: J. Penn, M. Covelesky, M. Parker, S. Smith, M. Komar, S. Mann, H. King, M, Fisher, N. Holden, SECOND ROW: M. Bannister, D. Harris, N. Hook, M. Curley, H. Conard, E. Layton, V. Allen, J. Poole, F. Poole, R. Willis. THIRD ROW: J, Ambrasino, J. Palser, G, Seagraves, W. Bruch, E. Grider, E. Harwood. FOURTH ROW: M. Middleton, R. Thorpe, D. Doall, M. Me1son,L. McCarthy, M. Spevak, J. Di- Marco, M. Kennerly, G. Rollman, D. Whitaker. NSJOPAOIMOIC5 10 HOME ECDNOMICS SITTING, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Walker, G. Roll- man, F. Poole. STANDING: E. Turner, J. Matthews, G. Logue. 10 INDUSTRIAL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Yezuita, B, Fromal, P. Saporosa, R. Hargan, T. Moser, C. Cuno, R. Swafford, M, McFar- land, G. Moore. SECOND ROW: J. Marantino, G. La- Rue, R. Wolverson, B. Burke, G. Rapposelli, D, Chew, C. Fry, W. Lamp- Iugh, D. Herd. THIRD ROW: W, Davidson, J. Tribbet, R. Lober, C. Gorman, V. Jul- ien, D. Vantine, E. Hays, G. Wanner, G. Peck, L, Clements. 10 GENERAL LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Ben- der, E. Bradley, W, Fisher, J, Marino, W. Major. . 3 . K NINTH GRADE 9-1 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: J. Cassidy, M. A. Snow S, Weeks, D. Clements, E. Smiggil, W. Tyson, D. Wohnus, D. Tully, J. Holland. SECOND ROW: D. Heften, J, Schrom, C. Bruce, S. Schnaitman, E. Osborne, W. Carpenter, J. Pesey C. Marshman, D. Maze, R. Thomas. THIRD ROW: J. Pesey F, Lupeli. FOURTH ROW: M.L. Koch, B. Nelson, J. Perry W. Scott, P. Dodd, R. Ricci, S. Brown, L. Whittaker, B Demke. l'e5 In-ell NINTH GRADE 9-2 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW H Moser J Keeth W Hipkins, J. Wintczak, K. Coleman M Brooks J Mullm S Good, L. Byrne. SECOND ROW C Clements J Fulton P Kell, P. Bryant, C. Bates, R Whetstone C Jardme F Keeley, R. DeFrank, C. Lawrence M. Whitby H Ducan THIRD ROW: C. Watnuff, G. Armstrong R Gensel D David son, M. Beauchamp, J. Koletar J Cardesa L DIPIEIIO J Chandler, L. Holden, F, Junto NINTH GRADE 9-3 LEFT T0 RIGHT, FIRST ROW: A. Conte, D. Robinson, S Frickman, C. White, S, Smith, R. Ferry, R.Tutle, R. Coleman G. Sutten. SECOND ROW: R, Sweigart, I... Petica, B. Laffey B. Wanner, D. Hubler, C. Piermont, R. Rinehimer, E, Jack- son, A. Marshall, C. Bradley, J. Barthelomuew, C. Megonigal THIRD ROW: T. Sacher, M. Chivallette, P, Melton,C. McMul- len, R. Morgan,E. Field, D. Andrew, C. Wallace, M. Dougherty. P25 Linen 9-4 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: C. Posey, B. Bilbert, D Price, L. Lammey, J. Yohe, P. Brown, S. Watson, J. Riddle R, Thompson. SECOND ROW: G. Hickey, I. Himes, M. Cap- ossere, B. Sanderline, G. White, E. Frazier, K. Davis,B Stevenson, E. Gould. THIRD ROW: W. Menace, J. Carbenara B. Price, T. Russe, A. Weisler, W. Walker, B. Thompson K. Hill, G. Clark, L. Harris. NINTH GRADE 9-5 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: P.Kates,S. Holden, W. Rankin, J. Bowers, F. Wiechecki, B. Fuller, E. Talley, B. Blak, E. Piecara. SECOND ROW: B. Lashley, R. Burkholder, A. Kennard, G. Hill, L. Pruett, D. Ganehan, J. Speakman, J. Boyd, N. Ashley, H, Davis. THIRD ROW: S. Tillery, G. Zinszer, D.O'Shea, N. Walls, J, Hodges, J. DeShulle, R. Moore, C. Downer, J. Friel, G. Racine. l'e5Aln-ell 9-6 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: C. Logeman, B. Harrison E. Fuller, B. Grace, W. Wolf, G. Gaster, J, Hobbs, L. Beck J. Chaney, D, Stewart, SECOND ROW: E. Minner, J. Bunnister B. Glass, B. Jones. THIRD ROW: V. Gay, M. Short, J. Price R. Ree, B. Harris, J, Beauchamp, G. Foust, S. Fergusen,M Maners, B. Stipe, 9-7 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: E. Killian, W. Steinmacher B. Grear, R. Knight, A. Cheyney, D, Powell, J. Zinszer, D. Eberhard, B, Barella. SECOND ROW: J. Womack, S. Sylvester A. Mann, E. Caroll, L. Junro, C. Laury, R. Sommer, K.'Pestich W. Brown, THIRD ROW: B. Elliott, C, Drulik, R, Tyson, V. Bland, N, McNeil, W. June, W. Rowlyk, J. Moore, E. Good I I -s ' Xi' I xx 8-1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Mullen, G. Rapposelli, H, Grunwell, G, Lawrence, D, Brown C. Deardorf, R. Johnson, F. Snow, H. White. SECOND ROW: B, Porter, J, Trumbull, N, Hamilton J, Hillson, B. Turner, B. Turner, J, Pulich, D, Birl, D, Krauss, E. Groce. THIRD ROW: N Guarinello, E. Herman, L, Green, J, Maxwell, M. Walters, D. Burkins, J, DiCecco, J, Hart- mann, K. Grasser, D, Welch, E. Hays. gi 9 Lt A gr a e I X , , -Y' . Vx 8-2 FIRST ROW LEFT 'IO RIGHT: S. Lawson, M.C. Williams, W, Coalson, G. Rieck, A. Sack, S. Cummings R. Webb, C. Voll, D, Duewhite. SECOND ROW: C. O'Boyle, P, Shropshire, E. Profit, R Bostlc D. Staver, J. Wertz, B. Conard, T. Brown, F. Qylson. THIRD ROW: J, Burns, L. Murphy F Barrett, M, Johnson, W, Heacock, C, Krausse, R. Burkholder, B. Breneman, D, Sammons M Tyler, sk LL 8-3 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Brown, J. Clements, R, Jones, P. Pennington, L. Scott, D. Fecondo, D. Ranson, S. Faust, L. Hughes. SECOND ROW: R. Weeks, M, Banton, D, Albany E. Sampson, B. Bardsley, P. Lockwood, M. Iocona, D. Kilpatrick, K. Bender, D. Ray, E, Brous- seau. THIRD ROW: E. Costa, N. Lyons, J. Massey, J. Oberg, E. Nickerson, S. Camac, W. Hamil- ton, N, Proffitt, T, Ruditys. iglll gra e , , ...W it X, I 5-X 1 x 8-4 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Thomas, A, Paytos, J. Sullivan, L. Morris, D. Sweet, P Amies, R. McCoy, N. Wolverson, R. Knight. SECOND ROW: A. McNeil, E, Locke, M. Cuno B. Walters, T. Herd, D. Smock, A, Ambrosino, P, Robinson, R. Astant, M. Burkholder, S. Cam- bell. THIRD ROW: C. Goldenbusky, R.A. Garrett, R, Lawrence, -R. Meeks, K. Perkins, B. Laugh- ead, A. Perez, D. Elliott, F, Croce, R. Trice. 'Xl 1 x 8-5 FRONT ROW, LEFT 'IU RIGHT: E. Slater, T. Gorman, L, Whitely, T, Todd, J. Hembrie, J. Kelly, K. Hecker, C. Burr, J. Bender, SECDND ROW: R. Chaudler, S, Pierce, J. Quillen, M, King, C, Belmont, R. Harlon, S, Steinmaker, M. Kennedy, J. Walker, S, Coleman, M. Cole. THIRD ROW: J. Anderson, E. Popo, S. Robinson, G. Jones, C. Beck, E. Sampson, E, Sidlow, V, Simp- kiss, I. Tyler, C. Barber. D. Heacock. ZEQMA Qu Q 8-6 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Cooper, G. Milburn, J, Graham, H. Oberg, D. Herbster, R. Warder, F. Hughes, L. Slatter, Y. Simmons. SECOND ROW: J. Burkee, D, Talley, L. Ray, B, Norman, L, Sweigart, M, Mann, C. Carey, E. Fulton, J. Segear, T, Profitt, L. Bruton, THIRD ROW:J, Holliday, S, Stevenson, G.Qui11en, E, Baxter,H. Twaddell,C. Willy, R, Miller, R. McGowen, D, Ray. 7-2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Scott, E. Jack- son, D. Boyd, J. Reed, L. Mareno, S. Brant, M. Schnaitman, K. Bradour, M. Everingham, G. Smith, R. Matteo. SECOND ROW: J. McCracken, J. Ells- worth, R. Rosenberger, D. Urban, S. June, J. Grider, C. Morris, M. DeFrank, J. Curry, B. Livesey,C. Har- ris. THIRD ROW: I... Ben- der, I... Williamson, J. Long, T, Lujack, A. Col- lins, E. Pearson, M. De- Frank, A. Brown, G. Dan- ials. elldlltk 7-1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Garvine, K. Crupper, C. Haglan, E. Peters, D. Dunlap, A.Luz- ak, J, Williams, V, Lalta, W. Camillo.SECOND ROW: W, Stobart, J. Jones, D. Rhea, K. Simpkiss, I.. Frampton, N, Robinson, J, Wasley, B. McAbee, E. Grunwell, C. Esbin, R. Webster. THIRD ROW: T. Milhous, K. AlIen,H,Hash, D. Mundell, C. York, L. Temple, W. Wilkerson, B. Gensel, W. Middleton, M. Whittaker, B. Terrell, N, Conte. fa 8 7-3 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Campbell, J. Williams, E, Linn, M, Marshall, K, Hecker, D, Brown, G. Coleman, SEC- OND ROW: J. Grayston, J, Titus, R. Brown, J. Melling, J. McQuillan, M. Revis, G. Cantwell, P. Mc- Farland, D. Chew. THIRD ROW: T. Poncaka, G. Wint- czak, R. Truitt, R. Fraz- ier, K. Dantinne, D, Heffer- man, J. Gomeck. FOURTH ROW: R. Giles, E. Abbott, S. Hash, J. Stafford, D. Linn, L. Li1ley,W.Hodges, E. Fenimore. f , ., 7-4 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Rim, M. Fry, R. White, D. Profitt, K. Warrington, D. Moore, K. Kilmon, T. Richardson, B. Yohe, N.Hobbs,D. Thom- as. SECOND ROW: W. Wright, F, Linn, M. Sap- arosa, L. Webb, E. O'- Brien, P. Shelton,T. Park- er, B, Fuller, J. Walls, M. DiMarino, J. Rideout. THIRD ROW: D. Clements, B. McCoy, M. DeShulo, M. Fedena, M. Kocopy, N. Lof- land, H. Flower, P. Kim- ball, D. Barker, W. Jones, D. Coleman. I even tl 7-6 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I, Kobasa, J. Fecondo, H. Simp- kiss, E. Wright, D. Ferry, R. Pettica, M. Alvanos, L. Moore W, Minner, R, Warder, F. Burde. SECOND ROW: C. Tyler, A. Bradley, C. Kirby, W. Davis, J, Samitz, B. Cooney, B. Pal- ser, G. Harrison, M. Williams, T. Green, M. Anderson, C. Schmidt. THIRD ROW: E. Wos- kiewicy, B. Ruditys, D. Cole- man, N. Small, F, Brown, M. Hinson, R. Bannister, J. Mc- Mullen, G. Butterworth, gi .. . 7-5 FIRST ROW, LEFT 'FO RIGHT: P. Thomas, S. Hughes, D. Whitby, D. Johnson, D. Harris, K. Smith, W. Scott, S, Thomp- son, E. Shoup, D. Snow, J. Hollis. SECDND ROW: J. Temp- lin, P. Lewis, S. Byrd, M. Yezuita, R. Yunker, J. Sidlow, K. Fromal, E. Smerigan, L, North, B. Mower, J.Cove1esky. THIRD ROW: J. DiMarino, J. Heacock, L. McMaster, B. Kirby, W. Gilger, M. Pitner, W. Harding, J. Morris, L. Posey, C. Widmayer. I X I X 7-7 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT C. Shivers, M. Baldridge, A. Pikes, P. O'Brien, J. Malen- owski, M. Umstead, G. Macken- zie, R. Bailey, I. Laury. SEC- OND ROW: A. Bannister, W Amis, E. Cbombs, C. Miller, R. Davis, M. Henry, J. Seay J, Bruton, C. Morris, C. Mid- dletown, W. Womack. THIRD ROW: R. Williayns, D, Snyder D, Anderson, J. Henry, H Wanner, C. Bailey, L. Bradley M. DeFrank. 1 Q7 1 Lflfg GG GQY7 .zdcl iuifie5 x YPy Sfu Jeni Counci PRESIDENT: Emlyn Jones STUDENT ADVISER: Mr. Robert Nugent This year's Student Council played host. to the fall district convention of the Philadelphia Suburban Student Council Association. The Student Council sponsored the third annual bon- fire, buses to basketball games, and for the first time dances after basketball games. A new clean-up campaign was inaugurated by offering prizes to the homerooms that showed the most merit. It is hoped that following councils will continue to improve relations be- tween students, faculty, and administration. FRONT ROW, LEFT 'DO RIGHT: I. Kobasa, I, Laury, J. Segear, A. Sack, N. Plummer, W. Gatchell, E, Jones, D. Camillo, G. Quillen, Mr. Nugent, M. Banton, L. Whitely, S. Brant, SECOND ROW: H. Grunwill J. Hobbs, P. Burr, C. Walls. K. Smith, M. Burkholder, K. Montello, L. Brown, C. Wohnus, G. Stafford G. Logue, D. Moore, W. Coalson, B. Johnson. THIRD ROW: D. Doall, J. Yohe, R. Knight, T, D'Amico, B. Fisher, I... Megonigal, O. Higgins, F. Wiechechi, M. Fisher, J. Narvel, B. Bunner, C. Marshman K. Coleman. 5 Ill! Wlllllilll ii llllllll ll li ill IM! HHH!! M! i, ,, L. 'F l QT -71 e --The x Emei Senior High Aides-First Row fLeft to Righty: D. Dodds, E, Smith, A. Perkins, J. Clayton. Second Row J, Kester, J. McDonough, Miss Keller, F. Bunch, S. Haney. Third Row: C. Nickle, E, Dionne, J. Trum- oggrary .!4icle.4 Junior High Aides-Front Row flseft to Righty: G. Rapposelli, D. Wohnus, J. Perry, M. Snow, D. Tully Second Row: G. Lawrence, J. Maxwell, Miss Keller, J. DiCecco, S, Weeks. r. fag dd I gam - vi 'No 6 Of X 0 ve dd , o baske: X T ern or 1 ea bam' "Exciting, isn't it? ' "Let's try itone . . . more . . . time!! 'Miss Corso, student teacher." Y Anybody want to dance?" 'Whose Class are you Cunin'?" 'Oopsl Missed again." ,fit 7 elm., 7,127 J! 'LHC' ,MVA Q fl A ' ga, ii 1 X ,rc wiv 4 if glib ' 'ff' :B . M x V' fi" ' ff! A QJ L 0 ,J X ' V : ,Y V' 1 j .Mi fl. J' M I 5 K gf, yi f f, vp . Q Wt f N1 ix 7 " AJ x wk! F7 V -f l U J " fa X Y ,i ,U "' L V 1-DJUU LDV L' -,I J' DeAugustine, consists ap x' atel ne hu dred voices. The president is Sa dr ierc , and the stu- dent leaders are Sydney Davies and and ajPierce. Some activities of the chorus include tliej Candle- light Service, the Spring Cbncert, May Day, and school assemblies. The chorus has been a tribute to our school, and we as seniors thank them for a job well done, Q, m V J The chorus, under fe c f r, J lph J 54 Q . :ff ag. o , 1 ,f I ' P x Q I V V 2, p ,V I I ,I 5 1 J 4 'L 1 1 , r f I Y A' X! , K I! X f 8 ,f"' J 1" f W 4 59' wg. wi" If . me , ,. GJ 2. V U Q1 W K' M: L+ ff 1, rm ' ' ' -rf ga' ' ,Ov W? ' ' x.. ya.. , Q- p 4 A - f.Q.,:QA "Q-Avg A Q- WM , 0 K I we , T, , A A Miva, L, ' 'G f W - V- W- , v 5 K4 'if .+" ' ,, .4353 , ,,. 4 W in , xv K K' WW, Q 4 'Z' The Majorettes consist of eight girls, one head twirler, three featured majorettes and two mascots Since only three are graduating, we are looking forward to the contmued success ajoreffed Marianne Coleman and Joan Moore, head twirler and drum majorette respec- tively, are graduating this year. We the senior class, would like to say thanks to both these girls for a job well done. l ,.x - 4 :zz -ff 5 T .1 6 f T ra earn an 0 or 14, r , W, , 4- +144-1 H111 if mv! nuff' f ' , J i L Lvrgfj' gl f' R+-+ ,f, The Drill Team consists of twelve girls under the direction of their Drill Sergeant Sandra Reeves. Wfff Lwffyjw 3 4, 3 if if J' is M1 Q The Color Guard consists of six girls under their sergeant, Linda McNeil. From this group Mary Schoen and Carol Wohnus are graduating, 85 Wfff I S rl! ff I f If j 7. ' ,gif nf' I , l il , 1 1 N, I xf,,. STIANDIQZI, LE-iff fm RIGHT: s Reavesg' S. ffhompson, A. Clark N Q fgtkibygilf A IN'BAG OUNIQ L ISR To IG ' A. 1 , Miss arnett, dei. sq? ING- ML, - oyv, L. jwnf .I ' o cap- O KN .fl N To me -Co-Capt in, J. Bell, on, L. id W, M.A, EL G. . E7 if J P, jCilmonvCo-captain, S. Weidel IL. iyrmfw, L. sidlow, J. Bell IRIEELING: M. Leitao, L. Brown, D, Jones-Cb-captain, D, Seward, F. Savinf n I ' 1 . I S - 99 W, Q? ax, xixft 1 ', 'y I I I I r' ' . ri x fx f .. e eel' qu I ' If .' This Senior High Cheerleaders are un- , 5 if A ufilderithe direction of Miss Barnett, In the . 4 I V I L1 . If , I ,fl .N p left hand corner is a picture of the J , MI' Ili!! M' heerleaders in the uniforms that they ' x l!w durin football season. The other I 8 f f ws them in their basketball uniforms. Ji At the bottom of the page is a pic- f ture of the Junior Hi h Cheerleaders, E I J! who are under the direction of Miss Miades, -' We would like to commend both roups . f , S 1 for their outstanding performances at the games. LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Miades, F. Snow, G. Lawrence, J. DiCecco, J. Maxwell, S. Faust, G. Rapposelli. J l 'ibut' ,,.X LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Robert Shields,,ldwa1 Jones, Mildred Pierce, William Dutton 3rd, Clements, ljarry Quirk, James Terrell, William Feist, STANDING: George Panarello, James Koch, ' Ersek, Edg5r Richards. INSET: Elmer Piercfef f f 1 f , V I ' x . 8 ffl X ' 1 1 ' T W V T , , L. , e ' ., f J f , I K Salvo! KOGI' As in past years, the School Board has done an outstanding job. We would like to thank them for their assistance in making our school a better place in which to obtain an education. Douglas Richard - i c 45" - 87 STAGE CREW CAST i . . if rd,-',,f gl ' en ior a .gf R The class of '59' presented g ip a three act mystery comedy en- L ' titled 'Cbme Out of the Closet', on November 21, 1958. An old saying in the theater goes 'A poor dress rehearsal means a smash performance'. The cast came through in the true spirit of the stage with the best play Chichester has seen in many years. 6 'I got him!" MDOTVF YOU dare hit mY Geofgel' 'I felt another attack coming on." n..4pQ:'5o'1-'Erin-I 'X-.f5v!nf?v fi' I CAST ers hereI" Il'- 1 BACK STAGE You II entertain no gentleman call- 1551 . 1 i7 I , .ln M f-N would be the nat- 'Step Ilvely you mugsl' ural I" "Is he hurt? ' 6 C 0 Ill- 2 u t 0 f f A e A I ef CAST JENNY POTTS Jeanetta Keeth IRENE GLEASON Jean Mannering HILDA HAWKINS Dolly Jenkins MRS. MALONE Judy Clayton GEORGE HANSON Butch Kates HERCULES JONES Jerry Hill AMMONIA MULLENS Sydney Davies GUTHRIE ROSEWATER Lewis Megonigal OFFICER SWEENEY Barry Bunner ABE-IE PHILIPS Dawn Lewis MR. CUTTER Wayne Smith 'MONEY' XX N ' I yifvf 'fli Lg , l .1 Q NX ai Q N 5 ' ,X J . N 2' xx Q , S 'V 3 X' 'IV :XXX I do k .14fLZefic ounci The Athletic Council is composed of fourteen faculty members and a member of the School Board. The Council has put forth great effort to offer the Chichester students greater advantages in sports partici- pation. The Athletic Association is in charge of purchasing all athletic equipment and awarding accolades of merit to those players who are entitled to wear the Chichester 'C." This year a sports first will be initiated at Giichesterg The first Chichester track team will emerge from the Locker Room this spring. We wish to thank the Athletic Association for their splendid work. LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: l-I. Plummer, W. Dutton, J. Dougherty, M, Kalickman, L. Barnett, G. Dunn, A. Apichella, STANDING: E. Richards, M. Lashendock, J, Marcus, J. Hopton, J, Kazlo, R. Nugent, E. Peters, J. McNitt. ' OH fm al-Aff? joofgay LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: V. Lovelace, E, Bradley,J, Bender, F, Byrd, R. Temptlin, D. Krentz, K. Haney, H. Whitby, T. Sculley, F. Schnaitman, B. Allen, B. Ricci, W, Byrne, T, Moser, A, Apichella. SECOND ROW: M. Lashendock, V, Bohenek, D. I-Iinson, R. Loher, J. Narvel, H. Ashman, B, Driscoll, A, Weisler, M. Weidel, W. Coleman, J. Mareno, J. Conte, J. Marantino, B. Byrant, W, Hill, D. Jones, J. Marcus. THIRD ROW: A. Evans, J. Ralston, C. Fry, B. Ross, K, Bunzell, D, Fry, O. Higgins, E. Shank P. Lawson, E. Jones, D. Laury, J. Beck,-R. Burridge. Predicted to lose every game they played, the football team surprised everyone except themselves by ending the 1958 season with five wins and two losses, Playing football in Section Ill for the last time, the team, losing only two games, ended up in second place. The season ended on a bright note as we had our annual bonfire on a Friday night, The next day the team went on to upset our arch-rival lnterboro, the team that won the section Ill title, We were credited for their only loss in league play. LEFT TO RIGHT, COACHES: M. Lashendock, A. Apichella, J. Marcus, J. Kazlo. CHICHESTER SHARON HILL CHICHESTER DARBY CHICHESTER COLLINGDALE CHICHESTER RIDLEY PARK CHICHESTER EDDYSTONE CHICHESTER CLIFTON HTS. CHICHESTER INTERBORO eniorzl I' -.L H L, ,.-Q.. 7' 'I ,, ' i4'2,,.49.fs1f' ,373-E2-4 ., I- xdv' - -V! "I ,u I ,32,- 22441-21a?.5fk54.f,,'5ge.i A A . ,rg ,-. ,Q j . . .. ' . 1. -5. ,Q ,k . .- . w A u , . -.--4 Ar J- nab- ,l-.11 QFA. f- . -32.- fif. ll . If 'I' I l .'. S Q I If ' U ..,. 'ilu ' V .. 1911! L f LEFT 'IO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: O. Higgins, K. Haney, H. Whitby, T. Sculley, E. Jones, D. Laury, SECOND ROW: Y. Bohenek, J, Ralston, R. Ross, D. Fry, E. Shank, ' ROW: W. F. Schnaitman, W. Byrne, V. Lovelace. THIRD Hill, A, Apichella, coach '1 'OH MY ACHING NECK' 'WHERE ARE MY BLOCKERS?" . 0 I ."'4: f 3 ., . . 5 ,. Q g,,,,, ,V Af X H Q .f 1 LP-I " kr. , -Wa.-,21. ff . ,, ' , -.,, mrgvfx 1. . ,wx www,-e,..., -I' . f J., K . A ,Z ., . .,, 9141? K LEFT TO RIGHT, BACKS: F. Schnaitman, R. Lober, H. Whitby, W. Byrne, LINEMEN: T, Sculley, P. Lawson, D. Krentz, E. Shank, K. Haney, E. Jones, O, Higgins, 'UT - OH. 'I'LL GET 'EM FLOYDI' , 4 I A . W V Q-A t b . vw ' N Q ., ' --is' ,,laLQf7'7g .0 - ,, , ..., .I . , 3 N 1 O .Q .Q f ' Q I 4 r , . '4 1 ' ,V xl, 'I ' e , -'-J , ' IS' 3 ' y . ' 3 ht , . 4 9 fy, . -.mf ff nf- I- . I .5 - W -ft., - ., . H f In Q 3' -- A 0 Q . .. ' L 'IE' 4 ' N . 5-12 K I- I "' ' ' ,, " ' 'w U- ' I 2 . ' L 1- ' M A U V A x ,k I K v sf. L v N gl S1 , -Lx y. . , , WL, 1. -U11I..g,,. iffy., ,j-, - . '31, Nm- I.f7v-f 5nza.fx'f4?f.2 1i2f'I'+N-f.:.: nfL.Q.i-SIQLWFQP - we- ., .-.I -if -. , , e...:-- ..:.,,y J, 1 'z . ,'+,:.. F- 'S' ' "0 V ' "- - . f lf'f'i'!Q2. :. 2 X' J,37'9Tf'71S3 L. x F ,... wfyfx. 51.1, ff' Lyzg' 5:f".n,3 ,frgrf-I - 4-F :v-w-:V'1.'i- iw 'F-..' x?'7fI'w,.?g? , iw I 5, ww. -W' ,,--X f-N. f'fA"'-- f...7,..'M'.,, ' W ,:.-- . .gg - g-x--- ,- N' ,. -M.. ff- , A.. , .-.3 , ' wus. Q4 .if ,Q-3. 'vi ,,!,,,,3g,,-'.., -..z'Wi,-Nia: ' ...gr-vanngqg :V-n,,', .W Q... XM... - FF.. Pmf- Y 4.4 , ' ,g " ' T ""'!W!Zf.E."""'94.. TAY?" 93 enior-.4 Buck Whitby Frank Schnaitman 'LOOK WHAT I FOUND' 'OVER THIS WAY' Emlyn Jones f L , I 1 "- , W O gf OWOO O --li W- W ' 1 FO ,O:n. , in J 6, mi ap-, 1 ,, i, , ,M -,R ,. -kg. ' 2 Jiqlux V, -I M. in Q3.f5+-VN. . . . W ,. ., -mb .M ff nf? YN, ik, - - ,. Y 1:,,.:1rg1.xk.:,?xM,kj Walter Byrne Tom Sculley Ken HaneY X, ,,, f dl, w ,,,u.V ,vc-, 'U 'ONE MORE BLocK.' , ,gf ...Q wP'3W'-' ' Ollie Higgins WATCH OUT BEHIND Bob Ross 1 N 11' Earl Shank Don Fry -ng i . .,, O is ,x 4 Y Ever since Mr. Richards put up the trophy between Glen Nor fnow Interboroj and Chichester six years ago, the games have been hard fought and well played thrillers. The team of 1958 carried plenty of spirit and pep into the affray and came out victorious with both game and trophy. Dave Laury Jim Ralston I . 'L,v'1 b unior IgA joofgaff .AIIJ gd-5LetAd sem ., as T ,WM -- Q 5 -my FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S, Robinson, S, Tillery, L, Holden, R, Thomas, H. Duson, R. Morgan, Harris, SECOND ROW: L, Bradley, L. Whittaker, B. Kirby, L. Byrne, C, Clements, L, Peticca, D. O'Shea, S. Holland, K, Hill. STANDING: D. Clements, N. McNeil, J, Womack, D, Griggs, R, Rinehimer,Mr,Kaz1o, A, Sack, F, Wiechecki, V. Bland, R, Knight, C, White, Enjoying one of the better seasons in many a year, the Chichester Junior Eagles had a banner year in football and basketball, The football team coached by Mr. Kazlo displayed amazing power and speed. Another bright side was the support received by the team from the students. Mr. Nugent's Junior High basketball teams were not to be denied either. The ninth grade team especially showed an abundance of talent. The prospects on these teams gave evidence of a bright future on the hardwood and football field respectively. It will be interesting to see the end product of these underclassmen in two or three years. Ninth Grade FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Hipkins, H. Duson, S. Womack, W. Coalson, D, Hefton, C, White. SECOND ROW: K. Hill, L. Scott, S. Tillery, D, Fuller. THIRD ROW: J. Posey, R. Rinehimer, Mr. Nugent, A, Sack, E.Osborne, Eighth Grade FIRST ROW, LEFT 'IO RIGHT: T. Parker, J. Wasley J. Williams, R. Webster, L. Frampton, O. Whitby, E Brousseau, C Haglan, H. White, F. Pisani, H. Grunwell, R. McCoy, J. Rideout, S. Stienmacher, H. Hash, F, Milhous. THIRD ROW: L. McMaster, M, DeFrank, L Bradley, W, Wilkerson, Mr. Nugent, D. Brown, B. Brene- man, R, Williams, E. Herman. ocley FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J . Palser, E. Huddle, J. Caramanico, G. Burke, S. Pierce, S. Webster A. Perkins, S. Waters, S. Weidel, L. Ginns. SECDND ROW, LEFT 'IU RIGHT: F. Savin, P. Lawrence, L. McNeil, D, Jones, H. McGuire, C Wohnus, J. Mannering, B. Simpkiss, J. Bail, E. Smith, B. Zinzer, A, Hollis, C. Jardine, J. Perry. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Banford, M. Alexander, G. William- son, J, Simpkiss, D. Camillo, M. Schoen, D. Seward, A, Clark, L. Bradley, C. Simpers, S, Weekes, R Gensel, Miss Dunn. X Z x en io r5 FIRST ROW, LEFT 'IO RIGHT: J. Caramanico, G. Burke, S, Pierce, S, Webster, A. Perkins. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Dunn, H. McGuire, C. Wohnus, J. Manner- ing, B, Simpkiss. M. Schoen, E. Smith, M. Alexander. l?a,LefLJf I VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: B. Fisher, W. Inman, H. Whitby, R. Lober, L. Pearson. SECOND ROW: R. Lawrence, N. Sack, J. Dougherty, O. Higgins, D. Hinson, T, D'Amico. The 1959 Eagles came out of the fight with battered feathers and sore wings, as they finished near the cellar. Four seniors completed the season for the Eagles, with many pros- pects returning next year. The Eagles had spirit, but lacked the spark necessary for a suc- cessful season. We, the seniors, sincerely hope that next year's team has not only the spirit but also the spark needed for a victorious season. JR. VARSITY LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: C. Feltcher, B. Burke, J. Bender, E. Urban, B. Driscoll. SECOND ROW: J. Penn, G. Wanner, T. Hutchins, J. Hopton, B. Yunker, J. Byrne. 'Buck' Whitby 'Bruz' Sacher O ell I 0 I' 5 Levi Pearson Ollie Higgins -Hold lt, Carol! f X 1 I . A ' N ,O ako? Jljal-:iff I 1 JUNIOR VARSITY Left to right, First Rowg -D. Doallg R. Thorpeg J, Wil1isgJ, Crantg M, Bannisterg M. Kockg C. Simpers, Second Row: D. Hub- er, D. Wohnusg S. Weeksg H, Turner: C. Lyonsg D. Whittakerg D, Sewardg D. Cam- illog P. Burr. Stand- ing: J. Bellg C. Hol- landg M. Bartowg L, Barnettg S. Weidelg M, Priceg B. Zinzer, Chi Visitor 40 Collingdale 40 15 Eddystone 22 24 Interboro 39 29 Clifton Heights 20 27 Ridley Park 30 23 Sharon Hill 25 27 Yeadon 17 f ' ara if? GIRLS BASKETBALL VARSITY Left to right, First 1 , I rowg E. Huddleg C. Nickleg S. Pierceg E. Bailg S. Websterg D. Jones. Second Row: G. Butkeg L. lvi:Neilg A. Clark: T. Briscoe: H. McGuire. Standing: J. Bellg C, Hollandg M. Bartowg C. Wohnusgl... f Barnettg M. Schoeng S. C - Weidel: M. Priceg B. Zinzer. Chi Visitor 31 Collingdale 60 42 Eddystone 61 46 lnterboro 35 42 Clifton Heights 65 33 Ridley Park 16 43 Sharon Hill 31 64 Yeadon 42 195 9 girli ga.4LefLaf 3-nt f , Left to right, seated: G. Burkeg E. Smithg S. Pierceg C. Nickle. Stand- ing: S. Websterg C Wohnusg M. Schoeng T. Briscoeg H. McGuire. Smith: N, Jones: J. 3 ,Si . Qxqd ba! ' 06. em orie.4 'Here they come . . . there they gol' Take me to your leader' -Peek-a-b0Ol I'm watching you 1 v. . Q it 'Get those rebounds' 'It's bigger than both of us' 'The Munchers' Association Cfau Thomas Morris leave my vocabulary book to Mr. Law. Robert Ross leave my speed to Mole. Helen Dorothy McGuire leave my all around sports ability to Diane Silvia Pierce. Jeanetta Keeth leave Mrs. Woerth's Home Ec class to anyone who can digest it, Robert Todd leave Latin to the Romans. Janet Marie Reed leave my shorthand homework to any- one who wants two hours homework. George H. Hill leave my seat in the mat room to my brother Gerry. Sandra Newlin leave my leaky shorthand pen to any drip who wants it. Nancy Bail leave my fire twirlingability to Nancy Jones. Mae Harris leave my seat at the basketball games to my brother Bob. Janet Alwine leave all my twelfth grade vocabulary words to all those poor juniors. Barrie Bunner leave all the fun lhad in twelfth grade to anyone with a good sense of humor. Wayne Hill leave my honor roll ability to Hilda King, Dolly Jenkins leave my Seisarcnysoidi to anyone who can decipher it. Walter Byrne leave my hardwood bed at football camp to my brother Lew. Helen Dobbs leave my intellectual facilities to any underclassman who might need them, Chickie Caramanico leave my Home Ec meals to who- ever can eat the fastest. Judy Clayton leave my books to anybody with the strength to carry them. Toni lacono leave my driving ability to Joanne Cairo. Ken Haney leave my weight to Butch 'Moose' Moran. Bonnie Jean Dias leave chemistry lah location 313 to Betty Fisher. Sydney Davies leave the halls of Chichester to my brothers Thomas and George. Dot Hudson leave Chichester to marry Bob. Emlyn Howard Jones leave my football ability and weight to Kenny Bunsel. Barbara E. Poore leave my maiden name behind. Earl G. Jester leave my bass drum to Wayne Heacock. Rose Madford leave Mr. McNitt to my brother Tom. Karen McClelland leave my height to any tall person. Helen Riley leave my school days to Carolyn Laury. Ann Kennerly leave, my bleach bottle to anyone crazy enough to bleach their hair. Linda Wittaker leave school to do some traveling. Verna Feltcher leave my job in Mr. McNitt's office to the poor junior who gets it. Andy Lovelace leave my rank as colonel to Bob Bryant. Claire Ann Titus leave going steady for marriage. Emily La Rue leave my pencils and books to my brother Ronnie. Frances Herman leave my slim figure to Dolores Stewart. James Tutlo leave my hair to anyone who needs it, Lane Nelson leave Al to the mercy of Mr. McNitt. Don Fry leave school to all the small Fry that want it. 'Charlotte Burk leave getting up early to Geraldine Piercara. Ollie Higgins leave my nickname "oceanhead'. Dave Laury leave my knowledge to Mel Tyler. Jean Garrett leave all my unfinished homework to my sister Ruthann. Marlyn Ferry leave riding bumpy buseslevery morning to anyone who had a strong constitution. Mary Bowers leave all my high school problems to my sister Janet. Gen Burke leave my strawy blonde hair to add to my brother Bernie's bird nest. Anne Perkins leave the yearbook to the poor unsus- pecting juniors. Betty Dionne leave two hours of shorthand homework to anyone who wants it. Sandy Webster leave my Twin Oaks route through Q71 mud to Doris, Sandy, Linda, and Bobby B, Christine Nickle leave my library work to who ever wants it. Pat Darcy leave my senior year debts to any million- aire who can pay them. P Sharon Holt leave my natural blonde hair to anyone who has run out of bleach. William Steele leave my English book to Charles Moran. Vince Bohenek leave my brains to Ray Burridge. Betsy Lee Simpkiss leave my honor roll marks to my brothers. Levi Pearson leave my unused band music to Jack Williams. Faith Connolly leave my math classes to my brother Leonard. Dorothy Flowers leave my "Early'to bed, early to rise' motto to Mr. Nugent. Sandra Pierce leave my height to anyone who likes to be stepped on in the halls. Bonnie Moerk leave my love for "Chi"to Jane DeShul1o. Dawn Lewis leave my senior classes to Ed Bass Qif he ever makes ity. Beverly Irene Harris leave my shorthand ability to Carolyn Jones. Joan Moore leave my job as head majorette to any girl who has a loud voice. Mary Schoen leave the color guard for Sarah Kirby to march in on those nice hot ninety-four degree days. Janice Wasley leave the spirit of my youth to Chi- chester. Irene Catherine Rutter leave my half of the bassoon section in the band to Phyllis Shropshire. Buck Whitby leave my comb to Jesse Bender. Gary Scott leave my saxophone to Mr. Hoover. Tom Sculley leave the key to the mat room to Jim Mar- eno. Jacqueline McDonough leave working in the library to anyone who will give up all their studyhalls. Louise Costa leave school with pleasure. Jerry Ganster leave my wonderful marks?? to anyone who needs them. Sandy Bryant leave my good marks?? to anyone who can pass with them. Carol Wohnus leave my new nose to my sister Dolores. Arthur R. Zacharias leave Mr. Law's English class to Bob Yunker. Earl L, Shank leave my heavy beard to Dave Krentz. Charles Hillson leave school to anyone who wants it. Jessica Thompson leave my pocketful of chewing gum wrappers to my sister. Eleanor Smith leave my pink corroded sweater and blue stained skirt to all future chemistry students to remember to be careful. Kathryn Montello leave my shades to anyone taking a screen test. Ed Martin leave my ability to drop transmissions to Allen Fleetwood. Dave Bates leave my sense of rhythm to Art Sciochetti. Judy Grady leave all my joys and sorrows from my senior year to the class of '60. Mary Catherine Hulings leave my long blonde hair to Andrea Conte. Rita Segear leave with Tom. Charles Hill Mrs. Elizabeth Reed Irene 81 Hughie Joyce Si Joe Mr, 81 Mrs. Robert Webster Sandi 81 Freddy Mr. Ki Mrs, Fred Green Mr. 81 Mrs. John Dias Mr, 81 Mrs. Neal McCafferty Mr. 81 Mrs. Mrs. Mary Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas Pugh C. Jones Harvey W. Rutter Mrs, Anna Collins Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Coleman Mr. 8: Mrs. Abner N. Merkland Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. gl Mrs. Nlrs. Wolfe Qarence Poole Norman Hobbs Rosalie Lukshides Mr, Si Mrs. Clarence White Mr. Sz Mrs. Elwood E. Skinner patl'0ll5 Merritt Nickerson, J r, Millie Bob gl Pat Edna Howard Joe Iacono Abe Shank Robert D. R. Nugent Jean 81 Mike Mr. 81 Mrs. John R. Jester Mr. Sz Mrs. Lanes J. Smith, Jr. Mr, gl Mrs. Edward Seltzer Mr. gl Mrs. Edgar Seltzer A, J. Tancredi John Preziuso Mr. Ernest L. Peters Jane L. Keller Mrs. Nellie Christ Barbara Linn Mr, 81 Mrs. George Milnes Freddie Green Gary Green Al Mazza Harry Bi Bo Mildred S. Barracliff Jack Mancini Marshall 81 Katheryn Johnny Dugan Jimmy Si Helen Cal Marilou 81 Johnnie Lou Si Joanne John Si Carol Mr. 81 Mrs. William Forwood Mr. 81 Mrs, Franklin H, Yeager Mr. gl Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph I. Bail Armond Gualterri Silver Bickling Howard Jenkins Rufus Steele Lois Everingham Mrs. Maxwell Mr. 81 Mrs.. Phillips Mr, Si Mrs. Paul Melton Mr. Bi Mrs. John Harris Dave'8v. June Angeline J acono Mr. 81 Mrs. George Shrom Orean Semones Mike Ricci Mr. 81 Mrs. A. Sacko Betty Fisher Mr, gl Mrs. James A. McNitt Mr. 81 Mrs. H. L. Hutchison, Jr. Mr, gl Mrs, A. T. Apichella Mr. gl Mrs. U. R. Hardy Mr, 81 Mrs, L. M. Hoover Mr. 81 Mrs. Warren Ogden Mr. Si Mrs. John McMunigal Mr. 81 Mrs. James C, McQueston Mr, gl Mrs. James S. Pusey Mr. gl Mrs. Herbert Tinley Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis Umstead Mr. 81 Mrs. R. Ronald Steele Mr, 81 Mrs. George Lober Mr. gl Mrs. William J. Peters Mr. Si Mrs. Joseph Baker Mr, 81 Mrs George Lober, Jr. Mr, Sr Mrs. Donald Humpton Mr. gl Mrs. Paul R. Kates Mr. 81 Mrs. Franklin Kates Mr. gl Mrs. George Maxwell Mr. 81 Mrs. Lloyd Thoemke Mr. 8: Mrs. Jack Downie Mr. Si Mrs. Forrest Downer Mrs. Susie Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Ted Dyer Mrs. Snow Satch 81 Verline Jimmy 81 Jeanette Bob 8: Betsy Lew Si Janet Wessie 81 Nancy Mr. gl Mrs. Vincent Bohenek Mr. 8: Mrs. Howard K. Plummer Fred Conley Patricia K. Woerth Mr. gl Mrs. Ralph Shorm Mr. gl Mrs. Raymond Armstrong Mr. gl Mrs. George Lober Mr, Si Mrs. Murrell Inman Mr. gl Mrs. Alfred King, Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. George Merker Mr. 81 Mrs. LeRoy Haskell Mr. Si Mrs. Walter Reed Mr. Si Mrs. Milton Kalickman Mr. 81 Mrs, Lewis G. Bruke Mr. Si Mrs. Charles J. Mosser Mr. Si Mrs. John L. Cahall Dot Bt Nelson Mr. gl Mrs. J. Richard Jester Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Wohnus Betty Si Bill Sandra 81 Lovey Mr. 81 Mrs. Lee S. Hollis Nancie Sz Ollie Mr. Si Mrs. Homer Woodall Arthur R. Zacharias Mr. Arthur R. Zacharias Mrs. M. Zacharias Miss S. Scherr Miss M. Davis Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael Lashendock Mr. 81 Mrs. Williamson Mr. Si Mrs. J. Sack Mr. Robert Seitz Mr. gl Mrs. Joseph DeAugustine Miss G. Dunn Mr, gl Mrs. John F, Dougherty Mr, 8 Mrs. William Everngham Mr. 81 Mrs. Larry Huddle Miss Yeager Mr. John C. Marcus Mr. James Hopton Mr. Bt Mrs. Charles Dehner Mr. Glick Mr. 8: Mrs. E. O. Kershner Mrs. Reita L. Smith Mr, gl Mrs. Gary Panovec Miss Lillian M. Barnett Mr. 81 Mrs. Edgar E. Richards Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Everhart Miss Mary Elizabeth Little Mr. Simon Krudo Bruz Sz Marianne Dot Sz Bob Mr. gl Mrs. Thomas M, McTigue Mr. Austin Knowles Frank Si Ruthanne Mr. 81 Mrs. Eino Hillson Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Burk Mr. 81 Mrs. Morris LaRue, Sr. Judy gl John Mr. 8: Mrs. James Bowers Mr. 81 Mrs. W. E. Grady Mary Sz Emlyn Mr. 81 Mrs. Michael Feltcher Mr. Si Mrs. Rodney Warren, Sr. Jerry 81 Ginny Dennis Dionne Mr, Si Mrs. Gerald Dionne Jessica Anne Thompson Mr. Si Mrs. Stephen Darcy John 81 Mary Hearn Frank Schmidt Mr. 81 Mrs. W. Mannering Mr. gl Mrs. Robert T. Frost Dolly Jenkins Galen Rim Miss V. Betty Miades Mr. 81 Mrs. E. Harris Miss Helen Knox Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray Murray Kathryn McDonough Mr. 81 Mrs. James McDonough Mrs. Jeanette Keeth Bill Dougherty Mr. 81 Mrs. Herbert Stafford Mrs. Jeanette Dougherty Mr. Si Mrs. Walter Holt Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Perkins Mr. gl Mrs. Howard Whitby Mr. 81 Mrs. Joel Wasley Wayne 81 Hilda Mr. St Mrs. Earl L, Shank, Sr. iw ,' A. ',Q- ff2Q Q : ' ifi f ' A1 1 Zi Q ,. iii, , K . ' 233-T,kX Q 1 , fff Lf A pi,QQg ?fff"i3fW5 25 f J' ,,,.f::,,"imQ ?q 1 .. V. 82ffl'1l -'Q ? . U ' , :Lb W mia 33? bf Sv ,Wy 523 rind' 3 'UCTHL but Q , WV? w , 5. W0 Q! V4-"J Mviyg Xxx? Mgem 1 wwf fy 22495 2 X we -E-EilQ32'f2! 61 N bf-yu Am QR N, JV? Jw WV' X535 QW CNW W W ml Lid ,Q MW 22 C ygyx jf ff ff M was f if iw' M W fa Q3 fu 2 gw W W W 3 ki M Off m Agkgi Q S My Q, Lyfmf. 5 5 Vg? . xbvwlg . J aww Many J NfZ" ,A gtljg . I E W S 5 SX Q 5 B fi W wr , , Q QV MQW 52, ff QQ F iw Jwle.:xELu,l!? Iggy M54 z QQLJQP CMi,,.f1f"7 . fs Q ,EQRWWW wwf? W W W MN QMS MUHQWWME 2 'J MMW10' 85+ Qi WWMWWQ i-jail 'ff , MW jazziwjfkwywyww ,.,. . 1, A , I ,

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