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Tunkhannock High School - Awanatunk Yearbook (Tunkhannock, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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4' vm -W x. ,K 1 ' 3' . ':N..N,,. . .,X. ly- . 4 . -X x-1 - - 41,5 . ., ., , L , , v .- Q33-, Ig, A N w 5, ' 3 753 iw, '5 .3 I Publlshed By 7 i'3f2 ' of he ' Tunm1ANNncnHlcn scunul Tunkhannock, Pa 1 R-APL :.' 41 . - . " . ' " ' ' 4 f A X SENIOR? CLASS ' gl 5 s if 41 AWANATUNK A AE 2-1 CIEQDZZ' H X HHWW VU g -WW H X' is " I rf 4 -'fi' .1 R-of .j xx ',.e ., 1 . 15. fn. fi 5,6 A-Q Q 1 . .- YT' gi ' .qltlgm Q, , , H592 'Q fn: " gn , , K-5, 'if 5.1" ,. . H :sf "YR V A .. .g . - . -46511-f2"f,i'fif,g'l.n , Hi. ', L i N f A 3fedLw2f?f1-mv J Ng. . 'A 'nzivsa mmm - ?7fl?7i?i1?7f?Si?YZR'7f?i?7f?7f?7f? Dedication The dedication of this eleventh volume of the Awanatunk, by the senior class of nineteen hundred and forty two is respectfully given to MR. JOHN W. HALDEMAN. We, as la class, feel that he has more than earned this small gesture of honor for his constructive leadership and understanding qualities. We have felt his keen interest and Willing cooperation and have progressed by it. We know that his hearty but famous laughter Will remain as an echo of remembrance to all students who have passed through Tunkhannock's halls of learning under his teaching. This picture, in years to come, Will refresh our memories of the fun, Work, and play We have had under his scrupulous guidance and We will never for- get h1m as a teacher and friend. f. 7. riff y Q - , A T g A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 . 1,.,,,:5, .V 1, A - V. Y -. . if-Q38-tfmfig t V .4 , V A UV.Vg57lb,Ei .,. 5' -il gz:fs1:Hz:-fw xzzxzrsawrwkfueifgg, F C Table of Contents ADMINISTRATION 'SENIORS UNDERGRADUATES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS SCHOOL LIFE ADVERTISEMENTS 1 ,, .V ,f ,,, I rw! If rf. 2 "" Iv I I G? A w A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 P, In W f I Ml I I fn I , Nl' up ' fi: Imm"' X ,H vip I 5 I .QM Q ,V wlfllh-vyiv " r. ,Nil 9 , ,' ,Xl . xi, ,----I ..-mxfn-IIv1-ww: .Iv-.,,.,,-,mm - -'1..,.. V AISI. 4 '- , . , . ft "TO ' ' -' flfii: - " - ' -' - - "5:,'if WL! - I, A' , kikikikikikikikikifkikik Tiuimlkihonnlmiocck High Scchooil foreword After the doors of the Tunkhannock High.Schoo1 have closed behind us, may this book bring forth the many memories of gladness, sorrow, and joy that have accompanied us through the years we have spent together. To the many classes that will follow, we give these memories that we have enjoyed in the publication of this Awanatunk. new XE p M H t in V J 'fi g :lil 'z ijn iriimi :EE ww M fi " It I Ifll ' 'Q has imm a it t 'wane wi se- i ai.: fr 1 - s .1'- ggi---1. -i-.i -i......... .. 'MZ' AWANATUNK 1942 Bocnnridl of llifdliuiccontiioim Left fo righif H. L. Somers, H. Sick, Treasurerg D. C. Harding, Presidentg Mrs. R. Nelson Secretary: G. Gay: R. B. Sheldon, Vi.e President. TUNKHANNOCK BOROUGH SCHOOL DISTRICT Committees Finance Sick Building Sheldon Text Books Somers Janitors, Fuel Gay Teachers Sheldon Athletics Sick Grounds Gay Landscape Somers Sheldon Sick Gay Somers Somers Gay Sick Sick Somers Gay Sheldon Sheldon Sick Sheldon Somers Gay Each committee meets at the call of its chairman, who is the first person named on each committee. M-, -N R, MJ -,X I I X X.. dlmimiisitrmliwn J. Frank T. Dolbear Mansfield Teachers' College, B. S. Pennsylvania State College, M. Ed. Am., I l W 'Ill M-'19 l 1 ll - 1 s 'X W il w Nw 1 V 1 111 ' W ll' 'CP 'Q W ,M " ' , ml r l l lllli! FF ll I-, l l lwll Vl l ini fx 5 we K x w ,1, , , C, ,A ,,,, , . . 74 .Y.Y,.. .WY W . -Y -W --V-U -- ..Q,, X . X rn, A-, X 1 - W. - . . ,JJ 3 3 N., ' 1 -. , . A 4 ,X 5 ,, f Francis H. Shaughnessy Bloomsburaigzde Teachers College B S Helen L. McCain Grove City College Pennsylvania State College i , L ff f Jl 'Q -, , ., ,. , , 1 Y , . , , , . Q I , l if W -L J All 'L-A x 1'e J '.' fa. 1 x Ji . ,J 4 w 1, v r Y W Mildred B. Stark Helen G- Crompton ' lduhn Stun. f'Ullf,g0 Syracuse Unlvm-rs1Ly, Ii. 5. English Cummx-1-1-iul N Q Cl'dys E.. Herrick Charlotte Hildebrant l Form Il Univorsiiy, Ii. S. Munsfim-Irl Stun- '1'r-1xc'hm's' Full:-gv, B. S. Columbia Univvrsily, M. A. Homo I'I1'unumi1-s SL-in-111-0 Www X JFm:u1l1t if .5- uf A 'Nav' .- "2 wmv' 55- . John W. Haldeman Alluight Cullx-gn-, Ii. S. H I'1-nnsylvuniu Stan- Frrllm-gif, M. lid. IN1:xthn-nmtimq Forrest S. Aumiller Ps-nnsylvzmia Slam- Full:-gm-, Il. S. Vocal iunal Ag:-if-ulturu W 1- , Jennis E. Tewksbury Diana Callaher 16 ' Bloomsburg Stan- 'feachvrs' College, B.S. Gouchm' Uullc-gl-, A. R. Vommorcial English w lx 4 Nw! . . . . Y .--.. .. . . . .... - W, , .,-,,,-. -. . U. ,,,, -,, ,,-,,.,.,,,.. vm Mn N lf A, ex, N :NN N X K V, 1. 1 Q fp fL .17 V- I Y , --, ,J ,H f WJ L-, X rf' 'X - X .f , f J' lx 1 , J: -. '. mculty t J, George L. Bunnell Mansfield State Teachers' College, B. S. Physical Education Jane Brown Hoskins Pennsylvania State College, B. S. lie l Physical Education if In H. Lewis Chambers Maxine Yurcic diana State Teachers' College, Il. S. Pennsylvania State College, B. S. Art Vocational Agriculture Franklin P. McLaren J0SePhine M- Bunnell Ithava College, ll. S. Soviul Studies Music A Z 5519 itil ll! Um H" , M i Ethel A. Dimmieie George Getty Q' , f , K i ,N V Mansfield State Teachers' College Indiana State Teachers' College, B. S J J i ' l Home Ecqnomics Industrial Arts ,' . J'ri:s.lwqfw1qa I i English 1,7 Min: :wi 5 I 13, I illimfllf W S1 .tx V 1 i 1 ,L-,.5 lilllliirfi lx 1+ fx A P , TTCN" Nigel-, bl mA4M M ---I K , , 4' wg iff' V i A lA J A V ki 4'-Xh , X, A XXV i Xl -4 -lil 'ffElf'3TE?,2Z.f ff' ""'x - V -fe .,....-.e... .......,.....-.e . Mansfield State Teachers' College, B. S. . 7- A ,. x A ' 'l f' JN ji' fl fax Q kr I X , ,-X-X J l BettY Flower Esther F. Bonham llur-lm:-ll Unlvs-x's1Ly, B. A., M. A. jyqansfipld gmt., Teachprs- q',,l1,.g-K. in-I-xzllwl-'S Fourth Grad:- Eugene H. Plessinger Dorothy S. Tompkins lilzmmsburg Stan- '1'c-zufhurs' i'ullr-gr- Mzmsfic-lfl Staff- Tear'hs-rs' Vollvgc- Syn-vial I-Icluc-ation Sc-r-und Grad:- .Qm . Mrs. Thomas Lazarus Nlzlnsfleld State Ts-ache-rs' College First Grade , ..!, 1, 4, l, I ,X Xlxx, , BX- lx VX X f ,t A, I , ,, X . I , , ,V lFcu1cc1u1ll H Marion Storey Mansfield State- '1's-zwhvrs' Uullr-gn Filth Gratin- Berneta M. Valentine Rlcmmsburg Statc- 'I'f-avhx-1's' Culll-go Third Gradi- -H-:' ' .. . Cf ig gl 3214 Ili fla' -. -+5 :.3 if llflll-Ellrl E: 1 1 Q , ..-A M l l 'vu' '3fl l- l,l1'1l'5l -4 -ll iff. -is l',il'lflf1"l V A lll, 5-l--'lv' 'gl o ll ag N.l-..-...'- - ' fqff-TT? 1 ' 1 S .vlr l 10 Z5i?'i?i2i?Sf?i?SfIfi?7f?i?iK ARTHU M-QQMN ASSOCIATE MQEYEXNG YAANAGSR. aQYf SVORYS EDITQV. AL QCP. !555f!5i'Z2U'f !95EZvi2??iE?fw A Don mam!! 4 ff?H'?.i'.E9,S M:f:s,s..efw1 R Euz ues AW'.l',f'QfMPTEn DFW, 293 JOH N HALDEMAN CHARLES LDAVIDSON ADXHSOR. EDITQEIN CHIEF JANET Sling UJITOQ XJ Awmnfuutunk Sm L27X3I9 23LY9X39lI95557b3I9f37i2I5 yr .. - - Nwgrwgr-,s-snzw--vm,-pg-,--.V - gfwwwsqn- ' r - Lf f 3.5-.vX:,.A.rf'iif"f'jvjwii ff 'Swv ' N u 'X SIENMD J. N' nv Xb' x'u'.u ' . X 1 l Q XX X I:-T: K MX SX x A ET X - NX - QX -L1-N ' X. ' 3' Jw- V AN T51 Q wg I . qu-W x q J., 2 .RL 1-T1-fx N! 5 ill I , - llll N ' ' ' Ill YH" ' , J- 5 .M .-5. 1 I I :V .... ix 'V :::: ,, 4 ,0 - I Q fm V ' JE!!! - ' 4,271 .2 Hg, saeaaa A Sm 4- V ' - V V' '5::' A N., ,. ,V - W ll lla Q.. Q 'fp F 4 l:::: 1 , X Q-PN 0. , 4 X4 ::::1 V ' 4 V. :KW Q- V,-TQ: f Z 1 K llll T Q ,li X Q 'N 2ffmeV--A-V V V A-i X. K 'zx 'C-1:12 f ' f' '13 a . 5 , o 'kyffiwc TT It T- ' , a -f.:f--'.-N. '- 1--" - l S '73 Q'f'QS5?'?, 51, T .. - f' 1'Tr, jr-I-'1',.K'A 2 .5 gl!! jgcqgzl gg: -Z -r: ' ' - 5 N-Y' , 1--ZF? ':Sf42:.v 3:'1 1 f ' JA ZW' . T A ic igiili aaifzzsibgaw- 11,-4' .V 'f ' V5-'f?:?d?a u.x..W ..:3E.: g2 ii-5.7 f nib!-n'a7nm'... . - VV nvvvhl-v""'s'H""lUlvlI 1 ,, mn I , - ' 3.1-4 ,eq ---i U N Q hun., , lei, -t,'htnl'xl1J11vln1., ' num" . L-FXS' ' 1 i 1 ' . 4 Y .ag V ALICE ALLSHOUSE "Alice" Alice may be very small, but the part which she has played in our school life is by no means corresponding. She is the class, "Female Jitterbug", and her talent as a singer is great. Alice's future success as a designer is as- sured, if her persistence and ability continue to carry on as they have in the past. Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 43 Art Club 3 LVice-President 35, Activities Council 3 CSecretary 353 Awanatunk Staff 4. ROBERT ANDERSON ..Andy,, "Andy" is one of the Andersons from Curns Glen. He really is a joker when he gets wound up and he is also quite an acrobat. The senior class wishes you success in the future, "Andy", Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 43, A-B-C Club 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1. GLENN AYRE "Glenn" Glenn came to us from the Turnpike. His hobbies are football and driving his truck. He has a pleasing person- ality and has a laugh for everyone. He would like to become a truck driver, hauling coal and ice. He is enrolled in the Commercial Course. Good luck to you in the future, Glenn. Jr. Hi-Y 15 Sr. Hi-Y 2 CSecretary 253 Hobby Club 1, 23 Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Volleyball Manager 33 Boy's Cooking Club 3, Senior Class Secretary 4, Jr. Dramatics 1. ELINOR BAKER npudgyu "Pudgy" as we all know is one of the most active members of our class. She comes to us from Bardwell, and is gifted with more than her share of musical talent. She is always willing to help and take her share of responsi- bilities. She hopes some day to have a dairy farm of her own. We know she will never have any labor trouble if her helpers appreciate her as we do. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 33 President 453 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Public Relations 35 News- paper Staff 3, Trio 2, 3, 43 Activities Council 1, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4. RITA BAKER "Bake" Rita is one of our "red" headed girls. She hails from Harrison Street and is enrolled in the Home Economics Course. Her ambition is to become a house wife. We know you'll be successful, Rita. Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club. JANICE P. BENJAMIN x:Benjirv "Benji" comes to us from Putnam Street. She is one of the quietest girls of our class. Her hobbies are ice- skating and dancing. She has a fine personality, and this trait will stand her in good stead for she plans to be a stenographer. Good luck, t'Benji". Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Athletic Club 2, 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Awanatunk Staff 4, Shop 15 Newspaper 3, 49 Library 3, Hobby Club 2, Basketball 1, 2. GEORGE BRODY "George" George hails from "Jenks" and is enrolled in the Com- mercial course. His interests are with baseball and basket- ball. George is a good commercial student, but is very bashful, especially around the girls. We know George will succeed in his career. Boy's Cooking Club 33 Baseball 1, 2, 4, Hobby Club 1, 2, 33 Newspaper Club 4. DONALD BROWN 'fBrownie" "Don" came to us as a Freshman from Lemon. He is definitely the answer to a maiden's prayerwthe strong, handsome, silent type. Although "Don" appears bashful, he's really loads of fun. His hobby is raising chickens and turkeys. We are sure "Don" will be a success in anything he undertakes, for his achievements in shop speak very well in his behalf. Hobby Club 1, 3, 4, Boy's Cooking Club 3 LTreasurer 33, Glee Club 3, 4. CHARLOTTE BURGESS "Burgie" "Burgie" is one of the smaller members of our class. Although she appears quite shy, when one really gets to know her she is a lot of fun. She is enrolled in the Home Ec. course and hopes to become a nurse. Best of luck to you "Burgie", in whatever you undertake. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Shop Club 13 Library 2, 35 CTreasurer 33 Home Economics 3, 45 Hobby Club 2: Basketball 2, Glee Club 4. MARY CARNEY 1sMaryyy Mary is one of our studious academic students who is well liked by everyone. She has a pleasant manner, and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Mary plans to be a teacher, and we are sure she'll succeed. Jr. Dramatics 13 Library 2, 3 CTreasurer 333 Home Ecomonics 3, 4, Hobby Club 25 Basketball 2, Glee Club 4. JAY CLARK KlJay!Y Jay can always be found above others because he happens to be the tallest member of the Senior class. He goes over the Eatonville road very often. Jay also is very good in mechanics, always making new inventions. Jayhwill succeed with his mechanical ability: we are sure o t at. Cooking Club 2, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3. CHARLES DAVIDSON "Tators" One of the most popular members in the Senior class is "Tators". He is always very cheerful and plays a tre- mendous game of football. His hobbies are square dancing, skating, and skiing, among others. May he succeed as well in future life as he has in his high school life. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2 fManager 253 Volley- ball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, Track 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice- President 433 Newspaper 45 Jr. Dramatics 1 CPresident 13, Stage Manager 2, 3, 45 Awanatunk Staff 43 Senior Class Vice-President 4, Activities Council 3. FRANK DOBRINSKI 'tDobie" "Dobie" comes to us from the town of Vose. Without him the Senior class just wouldn't be. "Dobie" is one of our star football players, also a track man. His favorite other interests are girls and driving Fred's car. We know "Dobie" will succeed in his occupation, whether it will be agricultural or mechanical. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 2, 33 Football 2, 3, 4. HENRY W. ELLSWORTH HI-lanky! "Hank', is one of the quiet members of the Senior class. He is well started on his occupation of farming already. His name shows the kind of fellow he is. Hfis for honest A-is for able Nfis for noble K' is for kind We all wish you success, 'fHank". F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. MARIAN EUSTICE ncyn Although "Cy" is one of the smaller members of our class, with her, that old saying, 'tBig things come in small packages", holds true. She hopes to become an efficient stenographer. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Newspaper Club 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Athletic Club 1, 2, Hobby Club 23 Basketball 1, 2, Shop Club 1. MABEL FARGO "Mamie" "Mamie" hails from Putnam Strcct. She is an active person in the Home Ec. Club, and we have tasted her well- prepared and well-served dishes frequently, to our satis- faction. Her vocation is to be the nursing profession, and her favorite hobby is square dancing. Good Luck, "Mamie", Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Home Economics 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 433 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Jr. Dramatics 1. ELIZABETH FREMPTER uFI,eInpn 'tFremp" is an attractive commercial student who will make an efficient stenographer. Her main hobbies are basketball, and ice skating. The Senior class wishes you all kinds of luck, "Fremp", though we're quite sure you won't need it. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 CVice-President 433 Girl's Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 33 Vice-President 453 Senior Dramatics 2, 3: Awanatunk StaH 4, Public Relations 33 Chorus 45 Cheerleader 4, Library Club 23 Basketball 1, 4. WILLIAM FRIES KlFuZ!! "Fuz" is apt to break out into a big, disarming smile almost any moment, which indicates he is the possessor of a great sense of humor. "Bill", however, also possesses other characteristics which will stand him in good stead, especially in his agricultural pursuits. May you always keep that great sense of humor, "Bill", F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, 4, Boy's Cooking Club 2. ROBERT GLASSER i6B0b!l "Bob" is that sauve, well dressed boy who came to us in our Sophomore year from Wilkes-Barre. He is an academic student and excells in math and science. His ability as a hot clarinetist is second to none, and his main ambition, at present, is to own a car which will run. He is planning on attending college where he will major in engi- neering. May "Bob's" perseverance never fail. Sr. Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Band 2, 3, 45 Newspaper 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. JOHN HARDING nrlwubbyu "Tubby" hails to us from Brookside and is taking the Industrial Arts Course. Wherever you see some excitement or mischief going on, "Tub" is always in the middle of it. His favorite activity is hiking, we don't think. LJoke!J Lots of Luck to you, John. Dramatics 1, 23 Hi-Y 1, 2, Boy's Cooking Club 33 Volleyball 39 track 2, 3. EMMONS HARVE Y ssLeftyu "Lefty" is one of the Hill-Billy Boys of the Senior class. He is active among the girls and is a good square dancer. He hails from Lemon and is enrolled in the Vocational Agriculture course, in which he does very well. "Lefty" is most interested in getting married and settling down on a farm. The best of everything "married life" has, to you, "Lefty". Baseball 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4 CPresident 49, Glee Club 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. FANNIE IIARVE Y "Fannie" Fannie is one of the most quiet of the Academic students, although she can certainly "give out" at a party or a. dance. She excells in square dancing, and is one of the ardent fans of the polka. She has shown great ability as a basketball player, too, and we are positive that she will do justice to 'fLemon" in her professional work as a nurse. Good Luck, Fannie. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Jr. Dramatics lg Girl's Athletic Club 3, 4. ROSS HARVEY "Harv" Ross comes from Lake Carey, and he is enrolled in the Industrial Arts course. His hobbies are ice-skating and his little Ford. Ross is certainly very popular, especially with the girls. Best of luck to you, Ross. Sr. Hi-Y 2, 35 Boy's Cooking Club 2. HOMER HENDERSHOT "Homer" Homer comes from Mehoopany and is enrolled in the Industrial Arts course. His favorite hobby is guns. Homer is one of the quiet, but studious seniors. Homer has evi- denced great interest and success in his practical arts work, and plans to become a machinist. If his past work is a criterion, his future will be successful. Chorus 4. WILLIAM HERMAN 6 IBill!l "Bill" is the "handsome" athlete of the Senior class. He did a fine job as right tackle on the football team this year. "Bill" is well known for his following among the feminine members of the class. He is enrolled in the In- dustrial Arts course, but is undecided as to his future. Good luck to you, "Bill", in whatever you do. Track 3, 45 Football 45 Basketball 45 Volleyball 45 Hi-Y 4. AARON HERRICK usonnyn "Sonny" is the beau brummel of our class, but he is no sissy. He is always interested in doing his part and does it well. In later life he hopes to succeed his father in the mill. We all wish him success at whatever he under- takes in the future, and hope his troubles never exceed those of high school. Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Jr. Hi-Y 15 Sr. Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Jr. Drama- tics 15 Sr. Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Activities Council 1, 45 Art Club 3, 45 Public Relations 35 Manager J . V. Basketball 35 Manager Baseball 35 Glee Club5 National Honor Society. DAWN HUGHES "Hughie" "Hughie" is one of our most outstanding Commercial students. She came to us in her Sophomore year. Although she is tempermental at times, she is really swell. Her hobbies are roller skating, ice skating, dancing and athletics. With her ambitions we know she will succeed. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Girl's Basketball 3, 45 Sr. Dramatics 2, 35 Awanatunk Staff 45 Newspaper Club 45 Girl's Athletic Club 3, 4 CSecretary 4J. ORIN J AQUISH ns'-Taken "Jake" comes to us from Putnam Street. The sports he likes best are football, basketball and track. "Jake" has, as his main interest, a girl. He is quiet at times, but he always has something to say when you ask him a question. Good luck to you in the future, "Jake", and may your sincerity win you friends in the future, as it has in the past. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 45 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 45 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 45 Reporter 45 Awanatunk Staff 4. GEORGE JURISTA xaYet01l George comes from Eatonville and is enrolled in the Agriculture course. He is a very bashful fellow until you know him well. His favorite sports are driving a car and hunting. He has not decided about his future occupation, but whatever it is we wish him lots of luck. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ALTHE DA KESTER "Kester" Altheda is one of your jolly Home Ec'ers, who comes to us from Shupp Hill. Her main interests are sewing, ice skating, and "Bill", With her winning personality we know she will be a success. Sr. Home Economics 2, 3, 4 CPresident 43 5 Library Club 25 Hobby Club 3. CHARLES KLIEN KKIke7! "Ike" is the tall, bashful, blond that hails to us from Putnam Street. He is enrolled in the Commercial course and is especially good in typing. His hobbies are football, basketball, ice skating, and girls. He is undecided about his future, but we feel that anything "Ike" undertakes will prove successful. Football 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, 43 Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Dramatics 1, 23 News- paper Staff 43 Treasurer of Senior class. ERNEST KRAUSE "Ernie" "Ernie" came to our school from Factoryville in 1940, and is enrolled in the Industrial Arts course. Ernest is a jolly fellow and is a good worker. We know he will make a successful radio technician. Sr. Hi-Y 43 Hobby Club 4. MIRIAM KROMELBEIN r:Min1vv "Mim" is one of the pretty commercial students who has added to the fun of many of our class activities. Basket- ball and cheerleading are favorite hobbies of "Mim's". We'er sure she'll make a very pretty and efficient stenogra- pher. Loads of luck, "Mim". Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Girl's Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fSec'retary 33 President 493 Jr. Dramatics 13 Mixed Chorus 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CSecretary 2, 353 Cheerleader 43 Newspaper Club 13 Library Club 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Awanatunk Staff 4. HERBERT LANE 'tHerb" "Herb" is one of our easy going friends and hails from out Dixon way. He is enrolled in the Agricultural course and shows promises of being a very excellent future farmer. We are sure that he will be a success in anything he may undertake. Best of everything to you, "Herb", F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 3, 453 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Sr. Dramatics 3, 43 Chorus 43 Boy's Cooking Club 2. EUGENE LAZAR "Tarzie" "Tarzie" is one of our trombone players in the band. He comes from the lake and takes the Industrial Arts course which he likes very much. "Tarzie" is a great musician, playing the xylophone, and possessing a good tenor voice. Here's wishing you the best of luck in what- ever you may undertake, "Tarzie". Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Stage Manager 33 Library 43 Sr. Dramatics 4. BETTY LEWIS KlBetS!! "Bets" has a "Gay" time whether roller skating, dancing, or watching a football game. She would like to become a music teacher. When "Bets" puts her foot down, it's there to stay! We wish her lots of success. Basketball 1, 23 Sr. Dramatics 2, 3, 43 Athletic Club 1, 2, 33 Band 1, 2, 3 CTreasurer 333 Library 23 Glee Club 1, 2. MILDRED MAHONEY "Millie" "Millie" hails from West Street, and is very active in Home Economics. Her favorite actions are giggling and square dancing. Her largest interest is in the army, and she hopes to be an army nurse when she graduates. Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Library Club 1, 23 Jr. Dramatics 1, 25 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1. MARK MCCAIN ..MaC,, UMac" is one of the active boys in the Senior class. He has lost all interest in the girls of T.H.S. for some reason or cther. "Mac" is enrolled in the Agricultural course, and hopes to be a milk tester. Good luck, "Mac", and here is hoping you can find enough milk to keep you busy. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CReporter 1, 2g Secretary 413 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Boy's Home Economics Club 1, 2 CSecretary 29, Awanatunk Staff 4. JAMES MCGREGOR HJim!! "Jiml' is one of the bashful boys of the senior class. He is enrolled in the Agricultural course and is interested in the raising of chickens and his object is to be a farmer. Loads of luck, "Jim", and let's keep those furrows rolling. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK MILLER "Fred" "Fred" hails from LaGrange and is enrolled in the Vocational Agriculture course. He has a pleasing person- ality and has a laugh for everyone. We hear, incidentally, that "Fred" has enlisted in the U. S. Marines. Let it be said, here, that the Marines got a good man. Football 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4. IRENE MILLER ncurlyu "Curly" came to us from Bardwell in her Freshman year and is enrolled in the Commercial course. This is one of those dark-haired girls who always has that certain sparkle in her eyes. Her interests are square dancing and keeping her dates with "Bob", Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 13 Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Library Club 2, 3, 45 Newspaper 4. ELIZABETH MILLS mmLibbyyv "Libby" hails from Harrison Street and is enrolled in the Commercial course, hoping to become a stenographer. Her favorite activities are dancing and ice skating. With her ability to make friends, her future is assured. Best of luck, to you, "Libby". Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 2, 33 Glee Club 3, 43 Newspaper 3, 4, Shop Club 1, Library Club 35 Hobby Club 23 Basketball 1, 2. RUTH MONSEY 4'Ruthie" "Ruthie" is one of our bashful girls. She takes the Commercial course and plans to go on to school when she graduates. Ice-skating, skiing, and building airplanes supplement her business interests. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 49 Glee Club 2, Art Club 13 Girl's Athletic Club 1 ,2, 3, 49 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. DONALD NEY 1 UDOHH "Don" originates from Eatonville and is a fine student in all his classes in school. Although he is not able to go out for sports, he enjoys them just the same. "Don" is a cheerful lad, and has his way with the girls. You will find him always willing to help. The best that life has to offer, to you "Don". Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4 fPresident 475 Jr. Dramatics 13 Foot- ball Manager 3, 4, Basketball 13 Senior Class President 43 Public Relations 35 Newspaper 45 Hobby Club 2, 35 Awanatunk Staff 4. DOROTHA NEY KAD0tY! "Dot" is one of the smaller members of the class She hails from the Turnpike and is an active member in the Home Ec. course. Her hobbies are skating and visit- ing Lemon. She never tells what she intends to do in the future, but we have ideas. May you always be happy, "Dot". Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3, 4 CTreasurer 41: Hobby Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fVice-President 473 Jr. Dramatics 15 Sr. Dramatics 3, 43 Glee Club 1. MARY POSTEN "Postie" "Postie" is one of our girls who is rather quiet. Her quietness does not mask her sincerity, however. She is a commercial student and plans to get a job as stenographer when school is out. Her extra-school indulgences are ice- skating and dancing. We know you will succeed in what- ever you do, "Postie". Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 13 Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Library 2, 3, 4, Newspaper 4. LESTER PREVOST lilies!! "Les" is a shy young lad from the farm, but in spite of his shyness, he always has a smile for everyone. He is enrolled in the Academic course and someday hopes to be a farmer. He is a good sport and a very proficient football player. I know we all hope Lester success and that his cows give cans and cans of milk. Lots of luck to you, ssLeSn. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, 4. MARY LOUISE PRICE "Pricie" Name the best students in our class, and you'll find that "Pricie" is near the top of the list. She has been active in almost all phases, but dramatics is her most out- standing accomplishment. She has also shown talent as a singer, and Mary is rated as one of our most dependable members. She plans to have a career as a business women, and there is no doubt as to her future success. Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 49 Sr. Dramatics 2, 3, 4 fPresident 43g Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Newspaper Club 3, 45 Public Re- lations 33 National Honor Society 3, 49 Trio 2, 3, 4, Awana- tunk Staff 4. VIRGINIA PRICE "Ginger" Although you don't hear much from "Ginger" she is still a very active member of the Senior class. She takes the Commercial course and hopes to become an efficient homemaker. Her major hobby is sewing in which she excells. With all of her fine qualities she is sure to succeed. Jr. Dramatics 13 Sr. Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 13 Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Newspaper Club 45 Home Economics Club 25 Glee Club 4. GAY ROBINSON I Gayn Gay is one of the outstanding athletes of our class, this having been proven by his football and baseball records. His hobbies are dancing, playing the clarinet, "Sweet potato", and East Harrison St. Gay's main ambition at present is to join the Naval Air Force, and we're sure he will be a great success in his future undertakings. Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, Volleyball 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics 1, 2, 3, 43 Newspaper 4. JANET ROSEN GRANT 'fRosie" "Rosie" is one of our girls from town who is enrolled in the Academic course. Her interests are playing tennis, basketball, and skating. Janet plans to attend Penn State where, we understand, she intends to major in physi- cal education. Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Athletic Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Hobby Club 23 Shop Club 1, Sr. Dramatics 33 Glee Club 2, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Awanatunk Staff 4. CLIFFORD SANDS "Cliff" "Cliff" is one of the "Troubad0urs" of our class, and as such, employed his able voice in several noble causes. He is a refreshing and unique humorist, and we're sure that, with his other fine qualities, he will make his life pro- gressive. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 CVice-President 35 President 45: Sulwyo Council Vice-Presidentg Boys' Cooking Club. ARTHUR SHAW "Shark" "Sharkie" comes to us from Lake Carey. He has a way of getting about with the girls. If anything happens in the classroom, "Sharkie" tries to act innocent but his ability to blush gives him away. His sport is baseball, and he is enrolled in the Vocational Agriculture course. We are sure he will be a success as a farmer. Best of Luck, "Sharkie". Baseball 1, 3, 45 Jr. Dramatics 1g Boy's Cooking Club 23 F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Awanatunk Staff 4. JOHN SHERMAN nJ0hnn "John" comes to us from the town of Factoryville. He is one of our class musicians. Without him the Senior class would be without any square dances. He also has quite a few girl friends. We are sure Sherman will succeed in his occupation of selling select meat. Lots of luck to you, John. F.F.A. 1, 2, 3, 4 QVice-President 43, Baseball 1. BETTY SMITH uBettyn Betty expresses herself very often best by smiling, for her innate good nature is something she can't hide. She will find her smiles will be very helpful in her steno- graphic work, although not so important as her nimble fingers. Good future, Betty, in your commercial work. Newspaper 45 Basketball 15 Library 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. PAUL SPANGENBERG uspangyu "Spangy's" time seems to be well taken up by a certain other member of our class. For which we commend him, because he picked another Senior Camong other reasonsll His Industrial Arts training will serve him well in his future undertakings. Best wishes, Paul. MARILYN TESSIER "Tessie" "Tessie" is an Academic student. She is very popular among boys and girls alike. Her hobbies are dancing, roller skating, and, as far as we can tind out, her interests are almost unlimited. She is a transfer student who just came to Tunkhannock for her Senior Year. Here's success to you, Marilyn. Chorus 4 3 Dramatic Club 45 Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 45 Basketball 4. JOHN J. WEBER "Deacon" "Deacon" comes to us from Russell Hill. His hobbies are talking about Plymouth cars and girls. He is enrolled in the Commercial course and would like to become a stenographer when he leaves school. We are sure he will reach his goal with that likeable personality of his. Good Luck, "Deacon'. Library Club 3. SHIRLEY WHEELER "Shirl" "Shirl" is a sober girl but always ready to laugh. One of the highest ranking Academic students, she expects to attend business school. To a class leader we wish the best of luckg May you succeed in everything you under- take, "Shirl". Basketball 1, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Sr. Dramatics 2, 3, 45 Newspaper 3, 45 Library 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Activities Council 2. JAMES WIGGINS IlJim,9 "Jim comes to us from Dixon. His hobbies are dancing and drawing. UJim's" the artist of the class. He is very popular with the girls, due in great part to his pleasant personality. "Jim" would like to become an artist when he graduates. Good luck to you, "Jim"5 we're sure you'll succeed. Dramatics 1, 2, 4 CTreasurer 435 Art Club 1, 2, 3, 4 fSecretary 25 Treasurer 395 Newspaper 45 Glee Club 4g Band 3, 4. -x Club 2. BRUCE WILSON "Bruce" Bruce is a favorite to all of all of those who know him. He is always full of fun and enjoys a joke. He comes to L d h' h bb i dancin . He takes us from East ynn an is o y s g the Industrial lArts ciourse, where his abilities have ex- h ' bl . pressed t emse ves a mira y Football 23 Sr. Hi-Y 2,35 F.F.A. 25 Boy's Cooking Class History This history began in '38 We've followed the golden rule, And progressed 'til now, with sorrow We leave our dear old high school. Our Freshman year we struggled on 'Mid classes long and dreary, No special honors had we won, But brains and minds were weary. Miss Herrick in her jolly way, Was every girls friend. While Mr. Harding grew quite gray, Before the year's end. Our Sophomore year we toiled along, But we had loads of fun. We thought that life was just a song, Though ours was harldy begun. Miss Hildebrant was the girls guide, Mr. Klinger took charge of the boys. great, With these loyal teachers by our side, School life was full of great joys. if lb Another year rolled swiftly round, We were jolly juniors then. Our many achievements knew no bound To Work there was no end. Mrs. Yurcic and Miss Northrup, Helped the girls through the year. While Mr. McLaren led the boys, As our last school term drew near. The Senior year came at last. Mr. Haldeman was our class adviser. Under his expert supervision, We're sure we grew much wiser. Our days at high school are at an end, And with sad hearts We bid goodbye, To the faculty, our every friend, And to dear old Tunkhannock High. Dawn Hughes Jimmy Wiggins xl... We AWANATUNK 1942 " QR sliizlp j Skikikikikikikikikiiki Senior Honors CLASS FLOWER Red Rose SUPERLATIVES All-around boy ....................... All-around girl. , Athletic boy .... Athletic girl .... Dependable boy ..... . . Dependable girl. Sincere boy .... Sincere girl .... Bashful boy ..... Bashful girl ..... CLASS COLORS Blue and Silver . . .Charles Davidson . . . .Marilyn Tessier . . . . . . .Orin Jaquish . . .Janet Rosengrant . . .Charles Davidson . .Mary Louise Price ........Donald Ney Shirley Ann Wheeler . . . . .Homer Hendershot Best looking boy ..... Best looking girl Studious boy .... Studious girl .... Original boy ..... Original girl .... Industrious boy. Industrious girl. . . . . . .Mary Carney . . . . .Bruce Wilson . . . . . .Virginia Price . . . . . , .Donald Ney Shirley Ann Wheeler . . . . . .Gay Robinson . . . .Marilyn Tessier .........DonaldNey CLASS MOTTO Shirley Ann Wheeler Do a thing, do it Well, and do it quickly. CCourtesy of U 1 1 ary cademy, West Pointj r .S. M'l't A , M l il A w A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 , ....,.,.,,.,, 1 -naw WW f iill , ll i n in J ,F 24 iiikikifkiikiiifikiikikififiii 5: .Nl X .,Xx XX sf 'S 'FII' ' 0 Class Will I, Alice Allshouse will my cousin Dorothy Sands to Howard Shook. Handle with care "Shookie". I, Robert Anderson will my ability to roll back the furrows to John Jurista. I, Glenn Ayre will my position as quarterback to Clarence Myers or Carmel Emma. May the best man win. I, Elinor Baker will short hair-do to Betty Churchill. I, Rita Baker will my red hair to Eleanor White. I, Janice Benjamin will quiet laughter to Marion Ross. I, George Brody will my jet black hair to Alice Shoemaker. CSorry it isn't longerj. I, Donald Brown will my ability to drive a car to Alice Giberson. QWill Archy be happylj I, Charlotte Burgess will to Betty Stevens my ability to make someone think a lot of me. I, Mary Carney will to Alvin Bonner the youngest limb of our family tree. I, Jay Clark will my height to Bill Gaylord. CBoy! will he be a basketball player now.J , Charles Davidson will my quiet ways to Donald Beyers. , Frank Dobrinski will my football ability to Bill Egliski and Bob Lewis. I, Henry Ellsworth will my beau brummel ways to John Setser. I, Marian Eustice will my love of Roy Rogers and cowboys to Miles Anderson. I, Mabel Fargo will my glamorous ways to Beatrice Harvey and Ann Douglas. I, Elizabeth Frempter will my cherub knees to Elmer Swetland. I I I I I , William Fries will my corn fed ways to Warren Riechers. , Robert Glasser will my dewey terminology to Otto Skovronsky. , John Harding will forty pounds to Bill Katkavich. Emmons Harvey will to Elizabeth Greenley and Betty Lane my horn. Together they I may have enough wind to play it. I, Fannie Harvey will my freckles to Eleanor Storey. I, Ross Harvey will my endless supply of jokes to Bronson Hadsall. I, Homer Hendershot will my 'Tm not so bashful as I seem" smile to Edward Yarasavage. I, William Herman will my position on the basketball squad to George Giberson. I, Aaron Herrick will my typing ability to Helen Rosengrant. Clf you don't think he has any ask Tessier.J I, Dawn Hughes will my love of roller skating to Orvind Johnson. 'Q I, Orin Jaquish will my power over a certain dark little dish to any Junior who thinks heisi man enough to take over. CIt's a challenge, fellowslj I, George Jurista will my feminine appeal to Joe Vaskas. I, Altheda Kester will my ability at Home Ec. and sewing to Agnus Kuffa and Mildred Rosengrant. I, Charles Klein will my ability in calisthenics to Ernest Vargo, but please don't do them at home. I, Ernest Krause will my comprehension of Trig to Margaret Patterson. I, Miriam Kromelbein bequeath my profile to David Brundage. QNow he will always have something worth photographingb I, Herbert Lane will my flowing speech and abundant vocabulary to Edna Dixon. Now she can write poems and more poems. I, Eugene Lazar will my seat in the band to Martha Matasavage. Better start practic- ing now Martha. I, Betty Lewis will my "Gay" times to Nadine Sheldon. I, Mildred Mahoney will my quiet ways to Theta Estus and Dorothy Fargo. Little girls should be seen and not heard. I, Mark McCain will my high standing in the F. F. A. to Leslie Lewis. I, James McGregor will Marvin Sands my shy ways and quiet manner. I, Irene Miller will my long finger nails to Dorothy Harding. May you keep them as nice as I did. , Fred Miller will to Emma Burgess my ability to stay after school for you know who! I, Elizabeth Mills will my interest in a guard on the Basketball squad to Mildred Fassett. I, Ruth Monsey will to Gladys St. Clair my timid mien and bashful ways. I, Dorotha Ney will to Betty Moses my petite figure and feminine ways. I, Donald Ney will my place as President of the Senior Class to any junior who wants it. I, Mary Posten will my willowey figure to Marion McDougall. I, Lester Prevost will Eleanor Kostantewicz my mathematical ability. I, Mary Louise Price will my voice to Alice Lewis. We must always have a good trio. I, Virginia Price will to Peggy Hewitt and Mable Felker my poise and good carriage. iz WI will . mf H R A w A N A T u N K 1 9 4 i?i?7i?Sf?S5?7i?i?'7fZ I, Gay Robinson will to Paul Kozak and Eddie Madden my ability to powder that baseball. 1, Janet Rosengrant will my love for dainty things to Dotty MacDougall. I, Clifford Sands will my love of square dancing to Jane Wishnefski and Jane MacCreary. I, Artie Shaw will my special formula of extra strong H2 O2 to Shirley Sheldon. Now she can be another Veronica Lake. I, John Sherman will my devoted attention to Irene Matasavage. ik I, Betty Smith will to Mary Space my love for Army men. I, Paul Spangenberg will my love of ice skating to Donald Clark. I, Marilyn Tessier will my ability to drive a car to Bobby Stevens. I, John Weber will my ability as a home maker to Rachel Harding and Eileen Mahanna. I, Shirley Ann Wheeler will to Doris Kile my scholastic ability. I, James Wiggins will my artistic ability to Beatrice Crew. Now she can illustrate her own stories. I, Bruce Wilson will my baby face to Beatrice Webber. Class Prophecy My friends . . . I am now about to reveal to you the most startling invention of this modern age. The revelation must be kept a secret, for if it fell into the hands of the enemy of Democracy he could use it against us. It is called super-penetrating preoctial ray and it is truly a Wonderful invention. Come, step into this metal compartment with me and I will tell you more. You now see the panel containing the dials for operation. Let me show you how it works. I will place the advance dial at ten and find the exact date with the present button. . . there We have it. Now my friends .... you and I are going to look into the future. I know you will find it hard to believe, but wait and see. Now I will turn on the rockets, but first you must put on this receiving helmet. I Will now turn on our two-Way radio--There . . . can you hear me? Fine! Now we are ready. The dial is lighting up! See a harbor? Why it's New York harbor for there is the Goddess of Freedom on her island-and the docks-see, we are traveling into the city-there's Radio City! Let's stop here a moment. The building hasn't changed much in ten years, but look at the radio rooms! Say, they are really using television . . my, my! The announcer is going to say something. Let's Listen! ! ! A.M. 6:00 7:00 7:15 "N ow for a brief summary of tomorroW's broadcasts . . . . -The Wake Up hour with announcer Cliff sands and recordings by the great rumba band of "Aurtouro" Lazar. -The news. by John Weber, the well known globe trotter. -"Variety in your diet" by Miss Altheda Kester, who injects nutrition tricks into your diet, and her assistant B. Smith. 7 :30-"The Westerners" and "Louise Massey" Monsey. 8:00 9:00 -"The Breakfast Club" With Don "McNiel" Ney, Al Cal and Homer LHendershotJ and the breakfast clubbers. -"Poise and Charm" a Woman's program sponsored by the Sweet Milk Dairy, owned by Mark McCain and Herbert Lane, edited by Miss Virginia Lee Price. fn L, .iv , 10:00-Recording with Otto Easte CHarvey7 and "Polly" Hughes. 11:00-Luncheon music by Gay Robinson's orchestra and Miss "B" Lewis as vocalist. 12:00-Farm and Home Hour-regular program with a noted guest, Miss , Elinor Baker, to speak on Dairying in America. ,Ll fail!!! ', ' I alllli Ni' iq! 1" Y! H55 iiif . - ,:-rfegi ! ' 'lx - A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 ' . I .4 -.if5,,ge ,V 1.-.M ilrikikikikikikikikik P.M. 1:00 1:15 3:00 3:15 3:45 4:00 4:45 5:00 5:15 -Life Can Be Beautiful with Che Che "Mills" Conrad and Stephen. S"Bowl Your to Way Health" with the national champ, O. W. Jaquish, sponsored by the Elite Aleup, owned by Ernest Krause. -"Style" a program for the well dressed woman with dress designer, Madam Arda Qformer Alice Ruth Allshouse.j. iTalkiOn the Enstein theory by Dr. Shirley A. Wheeler and her associate, the honorable Dr. Prevost. -Hollywood Chatter by Janice Benjamin, our Hollywood reporter. -Club Matinee, starring Nancy "Mim" Martin and John "Ransom" Sherman, formerly with Bill "Woody" Herman. -"The Singing Lady" with Miss Fannie Harvey. -Woman's Sports Review by the former tennis champ, Janet Rosengrant. -"Vic and Sade" with Charlotte "Sade" Burgess, Henry "Victor Gook" Ellsworth and Donald "Rush Gook" Brown. 5:30-"Jack Armstrong" starring Jack, "muscle bound", Dobrinski. 6:00-"Lum and Abner" starring "Lum" Clark and "Abner" Brody. 6:30-"Bundles for Blue Jackets" with guest seaman, Lieut. Fred Miller. 6:45 7 :00 7 :30-" -"What's Cookin"' with noted comedians, Ross Harvey and Paul Spang- enburg. Livingston and Don CBrucej Wilson. , ' 8:00-"The B and F Hour" sponsored by A.B. Herrick. "The Tycoon Miller" 9:00 9:30 starring Artie Shaw and his band with the noted opera star Marie LaPrice. -"Information Thank You" with its board of experts, Charles Davidson, the sports authority, Robert Glasser, the engineer, Dr. Mary Carney, the Literian, and James Wiggins, the artist. -J'The Old Mill Whistle" with guest workers, Glenn Ayre, Robert Ander- son, and William Fries, from the Rolling steel plant in Rolling, West Virginia. 10:00-"The Peoples Program" with guests of all kinds. Jim McGregor, who tells of a metorite found on his farm, Miss Marilyn Tessier, who tells of her travels in India, Mabel Fargo, who has lived 25 years with an upside down stomach and many other guests. 11:00-The Four "K" sisters, Rita, Mildred, Irene, and Dorotha with their accompanist, Mary Posten. 12:00-Late news-round-up by news commentator, Charles Klein and George Jurista, recentlygback from abroad. Oh, oh! the voice seems to be fading away. Our connection with the future has been broken by some astronomical body. You see, my invention isffnot at its peak of perfection yet, but I have great hopes. Come, we'll get out now and I'll see you to the door of my laboratory. How did you like our trip? Well, thank you and do call on me again. Professor Teabone Twiddle Reporter: Gallywest Kitchel -"Songs You Like" by that pretty songstress, Marian Eustice. The Jello Program" starring Jack QHardingQ Benny, Mary CFrempter:1.+" . l l 4. , . A W A N A T U N K 1 9. 4 2 fi UJNHDEMIMHDMATES ' 4- '1 4, x -v M- - ,,i4f'!if'?'w: " L? gr HF.. ,Wk ,Mui ,Q 4'gX5'. , 1 , agp- Qjs, , f 6 'fx f' X' 7' f iuunnioir 61160135 First Row: left to right-D. Fargo, D. Sands, E. Greenley, I. Matusavige, A. Douglas, B. Moses N. Sheldon, M. Ross, P. Hewitt, D. MaeDougall, A. Kuffa, E. Kostantewicz, D. Harding J. MacCreary. Second Row-M. Rosengrant, M. Patterson, E. Dickson, M. Space, T. Estus A. Shoemaker, B. Stevens, D. Kile, M. Matasavage, B. Weber, S. Sheldon, H. Rosengrant E. Burgess, E. Story, C. St Clair, M. MacDougall, M. Fassett. Third Row-W. Katkavich E. Swetland, L. Lewis, H. Shook, D. Brundage, O. Skovronsky, Fl. Madden, B. Stevens, B Hadsell, C. Myers, C. Emma, J. Setser, J. Jurista. Fourth RowmH. Shotwell, E. Vargo, E Yarasavage, E. Mahanna, M. Felker, R. Harding, B. Lane, B. Churchill, E. White, A. Giber- son, A. Lewis, B. Crew, M. Anderson, P. Kozak, W. Reichers. Fifth Row-R. Lewis, A. Bonner J. Vaskas, G. Giberson, D. Clark, M. Sands, B. Egliski. E i . X .. ,- L, . .N WA A LW., 1 f -rfs X 'x Nr 'X 1 Lf' N A i M -H Stop omcoire QllcUlSS First limr: lrgfl lo riglil A. Wehlmer, A. Super-k, B. Harvey, ld. Shoemaker, M. Titman, G Skovronsky, P. Joyner, L. Miner, A. Jurista, V. Ermel, A. Gahriel, M. Wintermute, G. liolson D. Collins, IC. Shaffer. Second livin Miss Gallaher 4AdviserJ, F. Bailey, D. Harvey, D Benjamin, D. Wall, B. Prevost, J. Rosengrant, M. Bullock, M. Miner, E. Lazar, G. lflmma, S. Miner, L. Stone, E. Dymond, Mr. Getty 1Adviserl. Third Ron' J. Mills, F. Patterson, W. Dunlap, IC. Lane, F. McCain, H. Myers, A. Kumet, G. Gashmark, G. Dewolf, T. Harding, G. Andrus, K. Lillie, D. Baker, IK. Inman. Fourlh Iizm' J. Anderson, A. Leggieri, L. Ells- worth, G. Maeialek, J. Drost, M. Brody, S. Harding, R. Philo, H. Phillips, J. Culver, A. Fiteh R. Bates. 1 1 l Junior High Sc ooll First How: Irgff Io right WF. Drake, L. Krewson, C. Ritz, J. llontz, B. Dunn, E. Carey, F. Ryan, F. Burgess, R. Sickler, W. Rosengrant, W. Reichers, H. Crew, E. Davidson, C. Patton, J. Prevost, A. Stark, K. Stark, J. Jenkins, L. Lane, W. Carter, E. Ritz, H. Dymond. Second Hou' -E. Jones, G. Wilsey, E. Colbenson, B. Comstock, E. White, A. Stonier, A. Kitchnefsky, B. St. Clair, T. Ney, F. PefHey, A. Whispel, M. Myers ,J. Powers, M. Forsey, C. Jaquish, M. Baker, P. Welch, H. Kovalchick, J. Lewis, E. Lane, M. Anderson, C. Harding, M. Pherrigo, V. Anderson. Third Row iM. Lane, M. Mahanna, E. Stone, A. Fargo, D. Shiffer, D. Hontz, G. Cook. J. Wildrick, J. Snover, R. Gralla, L. Patton, M. Miller, M. Talpas, J. Herrick, I. Ellis, M. Hoover, B. Klein, M. Hadsall, G. Ayre, W. Ayre, E. Ellis, R. Dixon, L. Rosengrant, P. McCormick, A. Miner, B. Dailey. Fourth Rou'wJ. Lange, E. Mahoney, B. Hewitt, B. Wall, R. Giberson, J. Welch, D. Philo, P. Shiifer, J. Maxim, H. Aumick, J. Ross, D. Shoemaker, S. Fargo, C. Ermel, J. Fries, P. Corey, J. VanAuken, M. Saylor, B. Wheeler, E. Smith, C. White, E. Abrams, J. Morgan, F. Drost, A. Johnson, C. Keyes. Fifth Row-D. Burgess, G. Rearick, G. Yale, B. Moss, H. Miller, N. Powers, A. Tiffany, B. Myers, A. Carr, M. Coliskey, S. Cool- baugh, A. Ayres, S. Robinson, J. Rosengrant, J. Harvey, L. Lane, R. Holloway, A. Kanyok, M. Shaw, E. Carney, F. McCain, D. Inman, D. Shook, A. Cook, E. Space, D. Brobst. Sixth RowfN. Harvey, L. Babcock, C. Dobrinski, P. Wilson, G. Custer, R. Ney, T. Greenley, K. Dixon, L. Dixon, E. Clark, H. Arbuckle, K. Colbenson, J. Bull, M. Benjamin, B. Colbenson, H. Phillips, D. Gilberson, J. Merson, E. Losey, B. Jaquish, M. Babcock, J. Mahoney, J. Ramakis, K. Ayre. L ,--,.,,.,,..,,,,,,, A .V - ww A ACG 'TPHVHTHIE S x mx V s X XA N NNNX1 v N if Ma 'sf ' M Q U1 Activities CCounrciill First Row: left to right-H-L. Lane, M. Baker, Mr. Dolbear CAdviserJ, A. Herrick, R. Harding. .Second Row H fE. Baker, J. Vaskas, H. Myers, J. Greenley, P. Joyner. Each homeroom elects one representative to membership on this council. It is their duty to regulate and supervise the activities of the school. Clubs or classes Wishing to sponsor a school activity must submit a petition to the council for consideration and adoption. The council makes any suggestions for improvement and sees that the program or party is Well planned and organized. Each council member had an opportunity to serve as chairman during a meeting and learned the rules for conducting a meeting. One of the outstanding projects of the Council was the sponsoring of the sale of Defense Stamps. Each Monday morning the representative collected the money, gave it to the treasurer, Rachel Harding, who went to the postoffice, bought the stamps and the students had their stamps to take home with them. We averaged more than 95100.00 each week. This was a real contribution to national defense. National Honor Society N: 'E Ffrsl liner: lrifl lo righl Donald Ney, Alice Shoemaker, Shirley Wheeler, Mary Louise Price, Alice- Allshousc, Aaron llr-rrick. Srrfnzrl lion' lic-tty Slcvcns, James Wiggins, Mr. Frank 'l'. Dolbcar rAdviscrl, liob Stevens, lilinor liakm-r. Election to the National Honor Society is based on scholarship, service, leadership and character. To be eligible the student must rank in the upper third of his class. Only a certain percentage from each class is eligible to election. Election to the society is made by majority vote of the faculty. Since the organization during most of the year had a small membership, it was not very active. The society is primarily an honor society and does not pretend to sponsor a very active program although this year we gave a "get acquainted" party for the freshmen class and had charge of several assemblies. Newspaper Clliuilb l First liozr: left lo riglvl -l. Wiggins, l'l. Shoemaker, P. Hewitt, K. Glasser, A. Slioernaker, Miss Tewksbury lAdviseri, B. Crew, D. Harding, V. Price, D. MacDougall, C. White. Scrum! Ifow P. Welch, M. Titman, M. Miner, B. Inman, J. Benjamin, S. A. Wheeler, M. Eustice, li. Mills, J. Mac-Creary, lfl. White, IC. Burgess, I. Miller, M. Posten. Third Ron' M. Price, D. Ney, R. Philo, C. Emma, C. Klein, D. Brundage, G. DeWolle, C. Davidson, G. Brody, D. Hughes. The Newspaper Club publisher of "The Tiger" has greatly grown membership over last year. The staff publishes a monthly paper which nnw in its second year publication as a school newspaper. Edifor-fri-Clzicf ,.....,,...,.................... .,,. A lice Shoemaker Art Edifors ,,...... , . .Peggy Hewitt, Elaine Shoemaker, Jim Wiggins Literary. , . ..................,........,...,,....... Beatrice Crew Sports ..., . .Qboysi Donald Ney, D. MacD0ugal, lgirlsi J. MacCreary Social ..,.,.....,.......,...................... Mary Louise Price Chief Reporfer ..,.,.,... , . . . . . , . .... Elizabeth Mills Business M arrager ..... ..,. R obert Glasser Circulation ......... . ,... Dave Brundage Productiori Mrmuger. , .... Shirley Wheeler in is Junior Home lbcconomiccs K A..lBt.C. Club lfirsl llowz lrfl lo righl G. Cook, K. Stark, B. Jaquish, M. Mahanna, C. Dobrinski, M. Lane, K. Colbenson, F. Peflley, L. Lane, A. Whispel, E. Abrams. Seconrl lion' -Miss Hildebrant cArlviserv, Il. Merson, J. Wildrick, E. Ellis, R. Dixon, A. Cook, W. Ayre, G. Ayre, A. Minor li. Dailey, ll. Miller, Miss Dimmick tAdviserJ. Third How B. Klien, M. Hoover, M. Saylor J. Morgan, W. Heichers, E. Losey, L. Maxwell, J. Remakis, F. Burgess, R. Wheeler, T. Ney D. llontz. Fourth Iiowf B. Hewitt, E. Space, D. Burgess, G. Rearivk, N. Powers, B. Moss IG. Colbenson, M. Pherrigo, D. Brobst, PI. Mahoney. 1 n s v The Junior Home Economics Club known to its members as the Taste and Haste Club A is open to any junior high school girl. The purpose of our club is to develop friendships, cooperation, and social consciousness. ln addition to our weekly meeting we gather once a month for an evenings good time. Our activities have included learning new games, making Christ- mas presents, and baking and selling cookies. These are our officers: President .,..... . , ,..., Ferne Peflley Vice Prcsidrnl , . ...... Maxine Lane Sccrelary. . , . . .Maxine Mahanna Treasurer, . ..,. Alberta Whispel Sponsor. , , .... Miss Dimmick Senior Home llfccoimomiiccs Club Firsl Row: lqff lo riglzi M. Felker, L. Lane, B. St Clair, M. Fargo, A. Kester, D. Ney, R. llaker, l'l. Lane, M. Anderson, M. Hadsall. Svc-rmd Row' M. ltosengrant, L. Patton, F. Bailey, J. Mills, D. llarvoy, A. Kuffa, Miss Hildcbrant lAdViser1, li. Grccnlcy, M. Mahoney, C. Burgess, li. Webber, IC. Ayro, A. Tiffany. The Senior Home Economics Club organized this year under the name t'Royal Order of Homemakersw. We initiated twelve new members into our club at our October evening meeting. We have had an active year this year serving Rotary Banquet, Monday Club Tea, Faculty Christmas Luncheon, District Tri-Hi-Y, Luncheon and several other luncheons and teas. We also had the privilege of mending gym mats. We have a weekly meeting each Monday morning. Our evening meeting is held the second Monday of every month. Our motto is: As our girlhood is now, so shall our womanhood be. The officers for the year were: President .......,.......... .... A ltheda Kester Vice President. , . . . .Louise Brown Secretary ,,..... ...,.. M abel Fargo Treasurer ..... ,,..... D orotha Ney Iieporfvr. , , . .Beatrice Webber Sponsor. . . . ..., Miss Hildebrant uinunre lfeiirmcers of America Firsl Row: left lo riglzl HIC. Swetland, J. Jurista, T. Harding, H. Lane, M. McCain, 0. Jaquish J. Sherman, F. Miller, G. Jurista. Second Row f-Mr. Chambers lAdviseri, J. Anderson, II. Crew, R. Sic-kler, J. Prevost, M. Anderson, W. Fries, J. McGregor, G. Macialek, C. Ermel, .l. Fries, F. Burgess, W. Rieehers, Mr. Aumiller radviserl. Third New F. Dobrinski, M Sands, A. Shaw, D. Baker, ll. Ellsworth, C. Cashmark, l.. Lewis, K. Dixon, F. Patterson .I. Greenley, F. Mr-Cain, K. Anderson. 1 n The Future Farmers of Ameriea is a National organization lor boys, studying Vocational Agrieulture. The F.F.A. is a non profit eorporation, designed to rec-ognize and eneourage the natural instmets and tendencies to organize into groups and put enthusiasm and pleasure into work and recreation. The Iroquois Chapter is eomposed of forty-two members, who are enrolled in Voeational Agriculture. Their activities are summarized in their motto: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live -Living to serve. The ofiic-ers this year are: 1,l'l'N'fdt'Ill, .,., . , . ,............ . . , . . View Presidenl., , .. . Sef'rr't111'y ....,., 7'rf'1ls11rf'r .... . Ifeperler ,.,. ,... . . .-irlriser ..,.,.... ......,... . . ..., . .,.. . .. Club Activities ol' F. F. A. May. , ...... F.F.A. Week, State College November June ,.,. . . lie-establishing group projeet Deeember .Iuly ...,..,...,.., Finish hatehing ehieks January .I Projeet tour September ,,., Exhibiting at County Fair October .... .,.. P oultry Judging Contest August ..., ,,......,.,..... l Pebruary, March ,...,,,.,...... Clifford Sands . . .John Sherman Mark McCain .Herbert Lane .Orin Jaquish , Mr. . Aumiller ,.............lleady Jell sales . . . ,State projeet eontest nit. Green llands Sz Farm Show . .,..,..... Assembly program lflleetion ot' Ottieers April .,., Organizing orehard group projeet Art Club Firsf Row: lefl to rightfJ. Herrick, M. Ross, J. Wiggins, Mrs. Yuric, R. Stevens, B. Stevens, A. Herrick, Second Row C. White, A. Shoemaker, J. Powers, M. Baker, S. Sheldon, E. Shoemaker, R. Holloway, C. Dobrinski. Third Row-YP. Welch, M. Hewitt, M. Benjamin, J. Bull, C. Jaquish, M. 'l'itman. At our first meeting in October the following officers were elected: Presidenl ..............,......,...,..,....,...., . .Robert Stevens Vice Presidcrnl, . . , , ...................,.,.,.... James Wiggins Secretary .... ..., . , . Betty Stevens Treasurer. . . .... ..,.... M arion Ross Reporter. , . ....., ..,..,.......,.................. P eggy Hewitt Adviser .,.............,.................. Mrs. Yurcic We planned a dues campaign which closed with a party given by the losing side. At the initiation a prize was awarded to Janet Powers for the best portrait of Bobby Stevens. During National Art Week we arranged a display of school work in Reese's window. Our Annual Sadie Hawkins Day was held November 7. Prizes were awarded at the dance for the best costumes of Dogpatch characters. At Christmas time the club had a party during activity period and ex- changed gifts. "Art Nightl' was January 13. Work from every grade was exhibited. , In April we sent an exhibit to Mansfield which was displayed at the Teachers College. l . The purpose of our club is to give students who are especially interested in art an opportunity to do advanced work. During the year we worked on individual projects and scenery for school plays as well as posters advertising various school activities. lljilbrnnry Club Firsl Row: Ieff In righl-WFI. Ayre, B. Lane, A. Kuffa, I. Miller, M. Posten. Second Rowe Miss Crompton rAdviserJ, A. Douglas, R. Radle, M. Carney, B. Moses. The Library Club endeavors to stress good reading and proper use of the Library and the references in it. The members learn to use the Library and then act as student librarians in charge of the library each period of the day. I Ofhcers . Prcszdcnf. . .,... .......... .,.,.. B e ttie G. Lane Vice President ..,.... .,....... B etty Moses Secretary ...,,. . . , ,.., Gloria Ann Douglas Treasurer ....,.,... . . ,.......,.. Mary Carney Libmr'iun CIISCUCHKLIIN, . . . . .Ruth Radle, Elma Ayre -I1 . l . 4 ii' lf' ij if M . 1 i-1 Ill, Vai llfl . 3 V llsoiitiiiiii Club First Row: left to right--B. Comstock, J. Herrick, N. Stark, G. Emma, Miss Flower fAdviserH, J. Rosengrant, J. Morgan, I. Ellis, J. Lewis. Second Row-B. Prevost, J. Powers, A. Supeck, A. Stonier, C. Jaquish, IC. Shaffer, M. Kester, E. Jones, E. Dymond. The Latin Club is a new organization this year. It is made up of a group of Latin students who are interested in learning more about Roman Civiliza- tion. We are working on projects such as making a Roman house, a scrap book of Roman pictures, posters of Latin words, etc. We expect to exhibit our projects in the spring. Officers President ....,.... ..,....,,. . ..... J ean Rosengrant Vicc Presidcmf. . . , ......., ...... J ack Morgan Sccrclary .... .... ......... R u th Radle Treasurer ...... .... C Uharlotte Jaquish Reporter ,...,. . . .Barbara Prevost 1,0Sffrf!IdIlllll'. . . ,..... Ruth Radle Advisor ,,,,.. .,.. M iss Flower l Sir.. Dromoltics Club Firsi Row leff fo right -A. Herrick, E. Shoemaker, A. Shoemaker, J. MacCreary, A. Alls- house, J. Wiggins, D. Gallaher fAdviserJ, M. Price, G. Robinson, V. Price, S. Sheldon. Sw-nnrl limi' E. Yarasavage, R. Philo, S. VVheeler, B. Lewis, M. Hewitt, M. Tessier, M. Ross, B. Stevens, D. Ney, B. Egliski, B. Bates. Tlrirfl lion' J. Setser, ll. Lane, M. Hyers, S. Harding, O. Jauuish, K. Lillie, R. Glasser, D. Brundage, ll. Shook, li. Stevens, O. Skovron- sky, C7. lflmma, lil. Lazar, li. Vargo. The Senior Dramatics Club under the direction ol' Miss Gallaber con- tinues to uphold its traditions by presenting: I. llave You Found Yourself Art Night. 2. Judge Lynch P. T. A. and Bloomsburg. Il. Municipal Davenport P. T. A. and Assembly. 4. The Early Worm P. T. A. and Assembly. 5. June Mad annual three-act production by Ryerson and Clements. The cast was M. Ross, K. Lillie, R. Philo, H. Myers, E. Shoemaker, M. L. Price, D. Brundage,iJ. Wiggins,.A. Shoemaker, S. Wheeler, S. Harding, and J. Setser. The purpose ot our club 1S to give those who are especially interested in dramatlcs an opportunity-to become acquainted with dramatic art including, make-up, staging, and acting. Membership inthe club was determined by tryouts. Following this, new members were initiated. In addition to our stage work, the club purchased a fully equipped make- up kit and new scenery. Officers f,I'l'Nl't1l'IIl . .,.. .,....,.. , . .Mary Louise Price View I,I'l'Sllil'lIl ,.,. ...,.. .,.... C l ay Robinson SI'Ifl'l'fIlT2l ..... , , . .Alice Allshouse TYTUIINIITWI' ,,.,. . .James Wiggins lff'1NlI'fl'I' .... . . .Jane Macfreary Arlziiswr. . . .... Miss Gallaher A2 iikikikikvfkwvfk Senior Pllolg A 3 E l YI? Pm 5 Q ? s First Row: left to right B. Wilson, P. Spangenherg, R. Harvey. Second Rvw- E. Paker I Wiggins, A. Allshouse, E. Harvey, M. L. Price, D. Ney. Third Haze'-fR. Glasser, I' Laaar M. Tessier, G. Robinson, S. A. Wheeler. Mr. Clover . . Mrs. Plover.. . . Johnny Plover . . , Susan Blake. . . Spud Erwin ..... Betsy Erwin. . Lueybelle Lee. Martha Willard ..... . . Henry Quinn .......... Officer lllappyl Sirnmorzs Preston Hughes ........ The vast is as follows: . . .Emmons Harvey . .Mary Louise Priee . . . . . .Donald Ney . . . .Alice Allshouse . . . .James Wiggins . . . .Eleanor Baker . . , .Marilyn Tessier Shirley Ann Wheeler . . . . ,Robert Glasser . . . . . .Eugene Lazar . .... Gay Robinson ilfikifk Football Players ........ Paul Spangenberg, Bruce Wilson, Ross Harvey X N, , llllllllm lg lzlllfgai I -ll A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 Senior Hi Y Firsl Row: Irfl io right' A. Herrick, Wm. Katkavich, G. Dewolfe, C. Davidson, Mr. Dolhear 1AdviserJ, D. Ney, C. Klein, G. Robinson, Z. Barziloski. Second Naive- R. Bates, R. Philo, li. Harvey, H. Lane, P. Kozak, E. Krousc, H. Myers, P. Spangenhcrg, FI. Lane, ll. Phillips, J. Culver, M. McCain. Third Row S. Harding, J. Setser, H. Shook, K. Lillie, W. Dunlap, li. Glasser, W. Herman, J. Vaskas, A. Bonner, O. Skovronsky, R. Stevens. The Senior Hi-Y again enjoyed a year of Hne programs. The program committee met at the beginning of the year and decided to have a worthwhile program for each meeting. This was carried out and the interest in the club was improved as a result. We had speakers, quizzes, movies, and forums for an outstanding year of Work. The induction team gave an impressive program when the new boys were admitted to the club. The outstanding project of the year was when We invited senior boys from other schools in our county to our school for an afternoon of games, movies, and activity. We served them supper and followed this with a school dance. One boy Was heard to say, "This was our best year". Of course We won the dues campaign with the senior girls. Jiuunnioir' lHlii Y First Row: left fo righl fH. Aumick, C. Keyes, E. Abrams, F. Burgess, B. Colbenson, H. Arbuckle, E. Carey, B. Wheeler, B. Dunn. Second Row--R. Giberson, B. Wall, H. Dymond, C. White, A. Stark, L. Lane, P. Shiffer, B. Drake, P. Cory. Third Row-fVV. Carter, J. Maxim, J. Ross, D. Shoemaker, D. Philo, J. Welvh. The purpose of the Junior Hi-Y Club is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character through out the school and community. Our platform is clean speech, Clean sports, clean scholarship, and Clean living. Some of the activities of the Junior Hi-Y were initiation of new members to our club, basketball tournaments, movies, talks given by some of our teachers, and a dues campaign. ' Orfivers. I'rcs1drnl . ..,.. .,........ ...,,.... A l bert Stark View Prewirlmif . . . ..... . . .Robert Colbenson Secretary ........ ..... I' 'rancis Drake Tl't'lISlITl'7' ....., .... E ugene Abrams Adzizswr. , . .,..... Mr. Getty Sir.. Timi ll-lIii Y Firsl Roar: Iwfl In righl M. Tessier, P. Joyner, M. Prive, S. Wheeler, li. Baker, Miss Herrivlc 1Arlviserl, IS. Stevens, IC. Frempter, P. llewitt, M. Ross, ID. Mac-Dougnll, B. Lewis. Serum! Ifuu' M. Kromelbein, A. Shoemaker, A. Allshouse, N. Stark, li. Prevost, .lean Rosengrzinl, G. Emma, li. Burgess, IS. Churchill, N. Sheldon, l'l. White, I. Miller, J. Miner, L. Stone. Third lion' M. Miner, M. Ilulloek, B. Inman, B. Ilarvey, A. Gabriel, M. Fargo, I". llzirvey, M. Carney, M. Posten, M. Mzivllougall, G. St.Clair, Ifl. Story, J. Itosengrant, A. Lewis. Fnurlh Hou' M. Fassett, A. Giberson, M. Patterson, D. Harding, V. Price, D. Hughes, R. Monsey, J. Benjamin, R. llarding, M. Hustiee, E. Mills, C. Burgess. To build a better world Ready I must be ln the place Where life doth Iind me Holding fast yet pushing on Into glorious adventure You and I and God. I,I'l'SII1l'llf. . . . . , ,.., ..,. l 'llinor Baker Vive Presidvnl. . ,.... Pllizabeth Frempter Svcrvlury ,....... .... S hirley Ann Wheeler Treasurer .,.,, .....,...,. B etty Stevens fl0Il7l8l'l0I' .,.. ,,.. M iss Gladys lfl. Herrick Jr., Tirii Hii Y Qlliuilb Ffirsl How: lrgfl In riglfl C. llarding, M. Baker, V. Anderson, M. Forsvy, G. Wilsey, 1. Ellis, Miss Flower, P. Welch, M. Myers, A. Whispel, F. Pefliey, T. Ney, M. Anderson. Second Rau'-WR. Dixon, E. Ellis, W. Ayre, G. Ayre, L. Rosengrant, P. McCormick, A. Fargo, E. Stone, M. Lane, A. Miner, J. Wildrick, M. Hoover, B. Klein, B. Merson. Third Row A. Ayres, A. Kanyok, J. Powers, A. Kitchnefsky, A. Tiffany, B. Moss, E. White, C. Colbenson, M. Pherrigo, E. Mahoney, G. Rearick, N. Powers, D. Hontz, D. Burgess, B. Dailey. Fourlh Row'--fE. Carney, B. Myers, D. Shook, D. Inman, S. Coolbaugh, R. Holloway, A. Carr, M. Colisky, J. Lange, L. Patton, H. Miller, G. Yale, B. Hewitt, D. Brobst, M. Shaw, J. Snover. The Jr. Tri-Hi-Y Club is the companion organization of the Hi-Y Club. This year our program committee met and planned our meetings. We held the induction ceremony in which new members were accepted into the club. This was held in the fall at a supper meeting. Obejctive: to seek, to find, to share. Slogan: Pure thoughts, pure words, pure actions. Officers f,l'PNif1f'7Zl ,..... ,..,........ .... P e ggy Welch Vice Prffsidewzf. , ,...... . ,.... Rose Madden Secretary .,,.. . , . .Mildred Myers Treasurer .... ........ I da Ellis 1 ,x Mixed Chorus Firsl Noir: lqfl In riylzl A. Super-k, P. Joyer, P. llewitl., IC. Frernpter, M. Price, R. Glasser, Miss Iiunnell, M. Ross, B. Stevens, G. Skovronsky, D. Hughes, N. Sheldon. Second Row PI. Shaffer, M. Kromelbein, A. Shoemaker, A. Allshouse, PI. Shoemaker, B. Stevens, ll. Rosengrant, B. Churc-hill, E. White A. Giberson, B. Crew, A. Herric-k. Third lion' E. Baker, 0. Shoyronsky, H. Myers, J. Wiggins, K. Lillie, B. lladsall, IC. Lazar, D. Brown, 141. Madden, II. Shook, G. Robinson, IC. Greonley. Fourlh Row 'Il Lazar, M. Tessier, B. Moses, M. Titman S. Sheldon, M. Fargo, A. Kuffa, M. Matasavage, D. Sands, J. MacCreary. The main feature of the Mixed Chorus this year was the operetta, H.M. S. Pinafore, which was very successful. Six delegates went to the Northeastern District Chorus Festival held at Clarks Summit. - The club has done very outstanding chorus work with their new leader, Miss Bunnell. Oflivers 1,I't'S'idx"?1l. . . .......... . . . Robert Glasser Swvrrlury . ,..,. . , . Robert Stevens TI'l'll,SIlT!'I', ..,. Marion Ross .J l :lx iuunnioir Dimuimmiics Club 1"ir,:l Row: lqfl in riglzl B. Meyers, M. Baker, J. Herrick, R. Holloway, E. Stone, J. Lewis, D. Inman, C. Jaquish. Srwmzl Nou' C. White, lt. Ney, K. Dixon, E. Clark, M. Benjamin, L. Dixon, ll. Crew, Mr. Chambers rAdviserj. The Junior Dramatics club under the leadership of Mr. Chambers has been a great success. We have given two plays, namely, "Now that April is Here", and "Mixed Dates". We also sponsored a dance which was successful. n The Ofhcers are A I,l'l'SZdU7lf. . . .....,..,........,. ..... R lchard Ney Sccrciury. . . ...,,..,....,.. ..., . lanet Herrick 7'rc'asim'r ,,.. .... M arie Baker l Holblb Club Firsl Iimr: Irjfl In riglll S. Robinson, R. Harding, N. Sheldon, IC. Madden, ll. Rosengrant, l". Mm-Lam-n rAdvisvr1, IJ. Ney, fl. Vaskas, M. lVlz1cIDougall, IC. Kostantewic'z, ll. Kile. Srruml lion' li. Krause, li. Sands, li. Malmriria, R. Rarllu, -I. Rosen rant, D. llarcling, -l. Mm- tc ll li' Crm-ary, l'l. Burgess, ll. Churchill, C. llarding, M. M2llZlS2lV2l21l, li. lla is. 7 ' ' lirrl lion' li. Lewis, IC. Yurziszivugc, W. Jaquish, IC. Loscy, K. Lillie, IJ. lfrown, W. Kutkuvirh, D. liI'llllClllj,fl', Il. Myers, lt. Philo. The purpose of our club is to develop Worthwhile hobbies, such graphy, model building, collections, printing, etc. During the year many speakers talked and gave demonstration as photo- s of their hobbies. Othes activities consisted of at snapshot contest, quiz programs, and parties. Oflicers. I'rf'sir1rnl .....,. .... ..... ..... D o r othy Ney Vin' Prrsidrnl . ,....... ,... P ldward Madden Ser-rrifzfy .... ,.,, l lelen Kosengrant T7'!'tINIlT07' .... ....,.., . Joe Vaskas Acirisrr .,.. ..... M r. McLaren 1 i The Girls' Athletic Club, sponsored by Miss Hoskins, serves to bring together Girls, Athletic Clliui From 12:00 Counter Clockwisekli. Story, B. Harvey, D. Shook, I. Ellis, M. Mahanna, M. Lane, J. Mills, D. Harvey, A. Gabriel, A. Webber, M. Kromelbein, E. Frempter, D. Hughes, R. Mon scy, N. Sheldon, J. Rosengrant, D. Collins, M. Forsey, D. MacDougall, A. Giberson, A. Lewis, P. Joyner, J. Rosengrant, B. Prevost, M. Shaw, IC. Burgess, L. Miner, IC. Carney, A. Whispel l". Pclllcy, J. Cook, G. Ayrc, R. Dixon, M. Talpas, V. Anderson, M. lladsall, M. Miner, M Bullock, G. Skovronsky, E. Shaffer, B. Inman, Center, Miss lloskins lAdviserl. under one aim all girls who participate in sports or who are interested in athletics. The club's activities opened this year with the annual outdoor playday in the spring. Other girls from visiting schools took part in this event. Among the competitive sports were softball, girl's baseball, dodgeball, and miscellaneous foot races. Refreshments were served to a very appreciative group and dancing on the stage made this another successful playday. Tumbling was very popular this year. Many girls turned out to learn the art and were very successful in their attempts. They also prepared an act showing their achievement. Their Assembly program consisted of a very interesting and educational play about first-aid entitled "The Counselor". To make the season complete the girls bought refreshments and hiked to Governors Point above town, where they cooked their food in an open fireplace and enjoyed nature's scenes. This event wound up a very good season for the girls of the athletic club. Officers Prcsidcnf ......,. ..,........ . . .Miriam Kromelbein Vice President . , , , .Elizabeth Frempter Secretary ...... .,.... D awn Hughes Treasurrr. , . , . . . .Ferne Pellley Adviser ,,.. .,.. M iss Hoskins Boy Scouts Firsl limrz lcff io righlrf E. Abrams, L. Krewson, C. Keyes, J. Maxim, F. Drake, J. Welch P. Shiffer, M. Saylor, D. Philo, D. Dixon, B. Dunn. Srwrml New L. Lane, P. Corey, li Wheeler, C'. Davidson, Il. Myers, Mr. Dollrear lAdviserl, Mr. McLaren lAdvisorl, -l. S1-lsor li. Philo, D. Shoemaker, J. Ross, D. Fitch. The Boy Scout Troop after a late start did well with its program and many of the boys advanced in scouting. The meetings were held in the high school each Thursday evening and the scoutmaster, Mr. Dolbear, always tried to have a program arranged teaching us the elements of scouting. The two assistant scoutmasters, Charles Davidson, John Setser, the scribe, Hugh Myers, and the Senior Patrol Leader, Bob Philo, were of considerable help during the year. The assistant scoutmaster, Mr. McLaren, helped the boys during the week in preparing for tests. At one of our assemblies we had a Board of Review at which time one of our scouts, Hugh Myers, was awarded the Eagle Badge by the Scout Executive. Hugh also won the Stevens Mem- orial Trophy for the greatest advancement. Born Firsl Row: lcff to right---M. Mahanna, C. Keyes, F. Drake, N. Sheldon, A. Herrick, L. Lane, A. Giberson, J. Mac-Creary, A. Miner, W. Ayre, M. Myers, J. Herrick, R. Giherson, P. Shiffer. Second Row R. Philo, J. Welch, J. Ross, P. Joyner, M. Bullock, J. Maxim, IZ. Inman, Pl. Colbenson, P. Welch, L. Rosengrant, B. Dailey, J. Ilunnell, lDirectorl, J. Culver. Third Nou' IC. Lazar, I". Pellley, li. Baker, J. Wiggins, ll. Shook, K. Lillie, R. Glasser, M. Ross, IG. Lazar, S. Harding, H. Myers, S. Rolrinson. I"o1zrlIL New--N. Stark, M. Miner, J. Lewis, M. Titman, S. Sheldon, M. Baker, E. Shoemaker, M. Kester, E. Shaffer. Everyone has enjoyed the playing and drilling during the various activities. The annual band concert was held on March 20, 1942. Several people Went to the Northeastern District Band Festival which was held at Canton. For the benefit of the Red Cross the band went to the Falls Roller Rink at Exeter Township and gave a small concert. To earn more money the band also played at the County Fair in September. The band has increased and improved under the line leadership of Miss Bunnell. Ofhcers President .,.., ............,......,..... P lmmons Harvey Srcrdary .... ..,..,........... .,.......... P e ggy Welch TVCHVSIITQT. ........ . .............................. Marion Ross Librarians ............ , . .Eugene Lazar, Janet Herrick, Alice Giberson Uniform Managers ............. Howard Shook, Bertha Mae Sturman S ATIHIILIETHCCS IHIH' II! z x llilooitlbcuillll First Row: left to righ.tfG. Ayre, G. Giberson, O. Jaquish, F. Dobrinski, C. Davidson, W. Herman, C. Klein, G. Robinson, O. Skovronsky, L. Prevost. Second Row-R. Lewis, C. Dobrinski, K. Ayre, H. Crew, A. Leggieri, J. Vaskas, J. Morgan, G. Custer, A. Fitch, H. Phillips, W. Egliski. Third Row-W. Jaquish, W. Dunlap, E. Lane, A. Bonner, O. Johnson, Z, Barziloski, L. Katkavich, H. Kromelbein, E. Losey, R. Stevens, Asst. Coach Mr. Haldeman, Asst. Managers, C. White, G. Sherwood, W. Gaylord, Manager Donald Ney, Coach Mr. Bunnell. On the third day of September a group of boys interested in football met on the athletic field of Tunkhannock High School. Including the boys of the previous year's football team, there were 32 present. Practice started that night to get the fellows in shape for the first game. September 19, the Tunkhannock Tigers went to Forty Fort. Being the teams first game and the lack of experience of the new members of the team We came out on the short end of a 28 to 0 score. 7f?Si1?7i1?i2i1ri?i?7i?SR7fl' 733 September 27, Tunkhannock played its second game at Canton. The score remained tied at 0 to 0 until the last quarter when Canton pushed over a touchdown and an extra point however, We came back in the ballgame to tie the score at 7 to 7. October 3, Tunkhannock played Dupont on the former's field. Dupont led by their half back "Minutes", was able to score only twice. Because of poor team work Tunkhannock was held from scoring, and so was defeated to the tune of 19 to 0. The Tunks, still hoping to win a game went to Athens, but the T formation clicked to a 26 to 0 Victory for Athens, even though they couldn't break up our passing attack. The following week we played one of our oldest rivals, Factoryville. A score of 13 to 0 was rolled up by Factoryville in the last quarter when we couldn't hold them any longer. This was the first time in eight years for the Red Rams. The sixth game was played against Towanda on the Tiger's field. We just couldn't hold the stronger Towanda team from scoring. As a result the game went to Towanda, 26 to 0. The next week Tunkhannock went to Dallas. The field was wet and also muddy in spots, therefore, neither team could do very much. In the second quarter Dallas scored 6 points but failed to convert the extra point. Our chance came in the last quarter when we were within a few feet of the goal, but we couldn't make pay dirt, thus our score again was 0. Lehman played Tunkhannock on the home field. Lehman being the superior team outscored the Tunks 14 to 0. At last our wish to win a game came true, when Pittston Township came up to play the Tunkhannock team for the first time. The Orange and Black pushed over 14 points to the Purple and White's 7. The last game of the season was played at Clarks Summit. Neither our team, Tunkhannock, nor the Summit team were able to score in the first three quarters of the game. The Tunks were in scoring position several times. Then in the last few minutes Clarks Summit made 7 points and we were left with 0 once more. This was the last game for many of the fellows, including Klein, Robinson, J aquish, Davidson, Ayre, Prevost, Dobrinski, and Herman. .ff affalkl AWANATUNK 1942 I Will!! I ll Varsity Basketball Tiff! to Righf4W. Gaylord, H. Kromelbefn, R. Stevens, L. Lewis, W. Herman, G. Giherson Z. Barziloski, C. Klein, G. Sherwood, O. Jaquish, A. Bonner, J. Setser, G. Ayre, J. Vaskas, Mgr., Coach MacLaren, P. Shiffer, Mgr. Dec. 9, 1941 The Basketball season got under way by the J. V's and Varsity teaming to- gether. The opening game of the season was played against Springville on Tunkhan- nock's court. An interesting picture was presented by a close score of 22-21 in Tunk- hannock's favor. The Varsity played the Faculty following the Springville game. The score was 46-27, the faculty taking the decision. Dec. 12, 1941 Tunkhannock played at Rush. They were defeated by our enemy courtmen with a score of 16-28. Dec. 16, 1941 Tunkhannock played Hallstead on Tunkhannock's court. Hallstead's team made a good showing but Tunk. V. finally brought themselves to victory by a score of 31-28. Dec. 19, 1941 Towanda provided the opposition on their home court. The game was close until the fourth quarter when Towanda broke out into the lead and Tunkhannock ac- cepted defeat by a score of 38-24. This date marked the separation of our J. V. and Varsity teams. Jan. 9, 1942 Tunkhannock iourneyed to Clarks Summit to play the Comets in their tlrst league game. The Comets set a fast pace and topped Tunkhannock by a score of 44-25. ikikifkikifkikikiikikiik Jan. Jan. Jan . Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb Feb Feb 16, 1942 The Varsity met Factoryville on their own court. The Red Rams showed their superiority and ran away, with the home team winning by a score of 42-31. 27, 1942 Tunkhannock went to Nicholson to play its third league game. The score was very close all the way, but in the last quarter the Nicholson Varsity gained on Tunk. and won after a hard struggle by a score of 47-38. 30, 1942 The Varsity played the Montrose Varsity on the home court. Despite the early lead enjoyed by Tunkhannock they were unable to avoid a defeat by a 36-27 margin. This marked the fourth league game for the Tigers. 3, 1942 The Varsity traveled to New Milford to challenge them on their court. Al- though it was the first experience for some of the boys on that court they reaped their laurels and came back with a victory of 40-17. 6, 1942 The Varsity team played on Factoryville's court. They were out to win the game and close playing was displayed throughout the game. The score at the half was tie 18-18. However, during the third and last quarters the Factoryville team opened up and Tunk. took it on the chin by a score of 42-36. 9, 1942 The Varsity challenged the New Milford squad on our home court. Coach McLaren's boys took an early lead and held it throughout, defeating New Milford for the second consecutive time, by a lopsided score of 52-14. 13, 1942 The Comets from Clarks Summit played the Tigers at home. It was a gallant Hght but the Tigers were finally blinded by the fast playing of the Comets. The half time score was not very good for Tunkhannock, but t e boys kept fighting until the final whistle at which time the score was 51-23, with a loss against Tunkhannock. 17, 1942 The Varsity met Hallstead in a fast game on the opponent's court. They were expecting a close game because of Hallstead's previous good showing. The home team 272331716 to hit its stride and Hallstead's team was shut out from the floor by a score of . 24, 1942 The Varsity were hosts of Nicholson. Tunk. took the lead early in the game, but was unable to hold it and went down in defeat by a close score of 34-30. Feb. 27, 1942 The Tunkhannock Basketeers played their last league game at Montrose. They worked up to a victory, but the odds were against them. After leading for most of the game they were found trailing when the game ended to the tune of 29-24. March 6, 1942 A determined team from Springville came to play with Tunkhannock's Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Varsity on the home court in an exhibition game. Tunk. took an early lead and emerged victorious by a score of 52-17. Junior Varsity Basketball 19, 1941 The Jr. Varsity played their third league game against Mill City on the home court. Mill City took an early lead and held it for the rest of the game. At the finish Tunk. was at the end of the string by a score of 42-30. 9, 1942 The Tunkhannock Jr. Varsity were guests at Laceyville. The Tunkhannock dribblers were holding the lead until the last minutes of play when Laceyville jumped out in front to make a margin of 12 points. The jinx was against them and the score at the end of the game was Laceyville 28, Tunkhannock 16. 12, 1942 Dimock came to Tunkhannock to play the Jr. Varsity on the home court. Dimock's team was fast and proved to be too potent for Tunkhannock boys. They led by a 37 to 17 score. 16, 1942 Meshoppen league boys came to Tunkhannock to play the Jr. Varsity. They put on the steam and emerged victorious. At the end of the game the score board read Meshoppen 23-Tunkhannock 11. 27 , 1942 Rush made a return game to Tunkhannock and the home boys were unable to hold Rush from scoring. Shots were made from all points on the court. Rush smashed through Tunk's defense and came out on top with a score of 41-13. CCo'ntinued on next pageb r K , fi ,Q , ,IL ig , W . f :QL- Y ,,. i . 'fi llln 'H- in filimixwmll' iig ml' l':",ll i' t alaska it 7 as ig ,153 3. A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 upy, y f l ' Jaaiiair Varsity Basketball Fire! Row: left to right--HM. Benjamin, H. Shook, W. Jaquish, H. Shotwell, R. Ney, K. Ayre, C. White, R. Colbenson, A. Stark, R. Bates, J. Morgan, H. Phillips, F. Patterson, H. Myers, li. Losey, K. Lillie, J. Welch rAsst. Mgm, G. Bunnell CCoaehJ, E. Lane lMgr.l. Feb. Feb Feb Feb. Feb . CCOntinurcl from preceeding pagri 3, 1942 Tunkhannock Tigers were the guests of Springville players on the latter's home court. The ferocious Tigers were brought to bay as Springville's offensive raised the score to 31, while Tunkhannock scored only 11 points. 6, 1942 Tunkhannock challenged Mill City on the opposing team's court. Mill City took the lead in the first half and kept it in their hands throughout the rest of the game. The score at the end tallied 42 points for Mill City and 23 points for Tunkhannock. 13, 1942 Laceyville played Tunkhannoek in Tunkhannock's gymnasium. During the first half neither team took the lead and the score tied 9-9. In the second half Laceyville broke out in front and finished off with a 27 to 19 victory. 17, 1942 Tunkhannock played against Dimock on the enemy court. In the first half Tunkhannock Tigers held Dimock with a close score. In the second half Dimock improved their playing and were fortunate in winning the contest 21-13. 20, 1942 Tunkhannock went to Meshoppen to play them on their court. The boys were determined they would wind up the season with a victory, and were able to uphold their determination with a Hnal score of 87-28, in Tunkhannock's favor. 'ikiirikifkikikikikikiik ik 5 Baseball First Row: left to rightfil. Welch Asst. Mgr., P. Shiffer, Asst. Mgr., M. Stang, H. Phillips, Asst. Mgr., A. Stark, K. Stark. Second RoweB. Gaylord, G. Sherwood, G. Brody, E. Harvey, G. Robinson, J. Vaskas, H. Shotwell, A. Shaw. Third Row-f-Coach Bunnell, K. Ayre, IC. Madden, K. Lillie, W. Dunlap, H. Kromelbein, G. Custer. Manager W. Egliski. Fourlh Row'-V J. Culver, E. Losey, B. Hadsall, W. Fries, P. Kozak, E. Abrams. Baseball is the outstanding sport of the spring season. Under the careful guidance of Mr. Bunnell, the team got off to a flying start because of favorable Weather conditions. The team started the season by winning the first two games which were league games. We expect the team to continue on the road to success. f ,W .ffiblllw f Schedule April Mill City Away Nicholson Home Mehoopany Away Factoryville Home May fpendingi Dalton Home Nicholson Away Mill City Home Dalton Home Mehoopany Home Factoryville Away f-wh " .-.' ifii' AWANATUNK 1942 mlmjlv, I .x li? mf ll W i ,Qf,,y.1, H ' x l Volllleylbcoillll Lcfi to Righff-W. Gaylord, VV. Jaquish, G. Robinson, G. Sherwood, O. Jaquish, C'. Klein, W. Dunlap, K. Lillie, A. Bonner, R. Stevens, C. Davidson, C. White, Coach Bunnell. Volley Ball is a sport used by T. H. S. to fill in the sporting season between Basketball and Baseball. The sport if played correctly requires as much thought and energy as other sports, as well as much cooperation. About twenty-five came out for the squad but Coach Bunnell cut the team down to twelve. This year the team competed in the District 12 meet which was held at Nicholson, and succeeded in winning the meet and bringing the trophy home. The team then went to State College for the state play-offs, but was beaten by Doylestown and Williamsport, thereby being put out of the running. Skikikikikikikiifikikiki Tironclk Firsl Huw: Ivfi lf: righl f R. Bates, W. Herman, O. Jaquish, R. Stevens, Charles Klein, G. Andrus. Srwnzrl Hou' J. Morgan, Asst. Mgr., C. Davidson, W. Jaquish, ll. Myers, Coach Ilaldoman A. Bonner, R. Lewis, C. Dolirinski, H. Phillips, Manager. 1 With the coming of spring the track boys, under the careful supervision of Mr. Haldeman, began to get in shape for the track events, which included high jumping, broad jumping, pole vaulting, discus, shotput and many run- ning events including the 100-220-440-880 yard runs and the mile relay. Harold Phillips fulfilled the position as Manager and had an able under- study, who was Jack Morgan, as an Assistant Manager. The schedule for the season is as follows: Hartford eHome .......,....,..., . . .April 24 Sayre eeAway ,..,. .... M ay 4 Troy -Away ....,. ,.,. M ay 4 'l'owandavAway ....,... ,.,. M ay 4 MansfieldeAway ..,... .... .,.. M a y 4 W. PittstonWeAway .....,. . . . . , . .May 8 N. Milford District Meet ..... .... M ay 16 7 , ' ff 1 " Min-JV ag: will m l, il - fliiiiil A f dilllllil -7 A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 C eeirlleolidlceirs Lqff fo High! fffAliCe Shoemaker, Elizabeth Frempter, Miriam Kromelbein, Betty Stevens. CIIIGICIQ! CHEER! Cheer Cheer for Tunkhannock High Whether we win we'll do or dieg Send a vollied cheer on high Shake down the thunder from the sky, Whether the odds he great or small Tunkhannock High will win over all, While our loyal sons go marching Onward to Victory, Rah, Rah, Rah!!! T-Fl-A-M Yeah Team! T-FI-A-M Yeah Team! T-E-A-M Yeah Team! Tunkhannock! Tunkhannoek! Tunkhannock! l-2-23-4 2-3-I -4 Who For 7 What For? VVho Ya' Gonna' Root For? Team, Team, Team! ! ! T-U-N-K-H-A-N-N-O-C-K T-U-N-K-H-A-N-N-O-C-K T-U-N-K-H-A-N-N-O-C-K Tunkhannock! Tunhkannoffk! Tunkhannock! Sissssss Boom Ahhhhhhhhhh V-I-C-T-O-R-Y Tunkhannock! Tunkhannock! Tunkhannock! xfxln ' XX 4 Ziilrikifkiilrilrrikikifkikilrfil? 22-Ritz Trumpeteers. 23- Red letter Dogs 13-First dance sponsored by the Activities council. -Initiation party of the Sr. Dramatics Club. 29-Play Day sponsored by the Girls Athletic Association. 31-Halloween Party for the Grade School by the Sr. Class. -Victory Dance-Activities Council. 7-Annual Sadie Hawkins Day sponsored by the Art Club. 8-Home Economics Club food sale. 13-Initiation party for new art club members. 14-Square Dance sponsored by the Senior Class. 25-June Mad-Sr. Dramatics Club 3-act play. 28-Thanksgiving Dance with Bob Reap's Orchestra-sponsored by the Yearbook Staff. 1-A. B. C. Club's party for the Jr. Home Economics Club. 5-F. F. A. Square Dance. 8-Senior Class party. -Jr. Home Economics Roller Skating Party. 26-Christmas Dance with Jr. McGuire's Orchestra sponsored by the Sr. Class. Basketball Rules by Mr. MacLaren. 9- 13-Art night. 16-9th grade girls assembly. 17-District Chorus-Clarks Summit. 18-Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Meeting held at the Methodist Church. 19-Good Health Week. Posture Teeth Eyes Cleanliness Newspaper Club assembly-Sr. Class Square Dance. 29-High School Operetta. 30-Assembly speaker-David B. VanDyke from China. 6-Library Club Dance. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. X lllllllllml it nl um ' 1 . Al l l ' , 12-Physical Education Demonstration. 13-Boy Scouts assembly. 20-F. F. A. assembly program. 23-High School Band played at Exeter. 26-Home Ec. Roller Skating Party. AWANATUNK 1942 Sikikikiikikikikikik-ik-5 Mar. 4-lst First Aid Meeting. 5-Square Dance sponsored by the Art Club. 6-Loring Campbelle Magician. 12-Annual Cafeteria 13-Sr. Dramatics Club benefit square dance. 21-Annual Senior Bake Sale. ' 23-Newspaper Club Dance. April 10-Music Department Assembly Program. 11-State Volley Ball play off. 17-Ever Since Eve, Senior Class play. 17-Activity period dance sponsored by the Hi-Y. 24-Jr. Dramatics Club Assembly Program. 24-Career Forum at Keystone. 24-Junior Sports Spree. 24-Track meet between Tunkhannock and Hartford. 27-Lessella Marionettes. May 1-Scholarship examinations. 1-Impromptu program. 2-Commercial Contest at Bloomsburg. 16-District Track Meet. 22-Senior Ball. 24-Senior Vespers. 25-Grade School Promotion. 26-Honor Assembly. 27-Class Day. 28-Commencement. 29-Last day of school. AWANATQUNK 1942 , ff ,Q ' r M 1 'Q If N. . 1' A. - ,. ff .ff ggyr. " " .5-L 4 1' 1. 4 5. ff , ii Il in qi Q 4 if ll. - VIP xl ' llllliui 1 4 1lsII,...5! . Tix? tikikikikikikikikikikik H t fd H O We-WWW Hi f i. E M Q E i"A, af4-9" E if y- S X K du. H Nw. ' 0 ii t h 'C My an ,L,1,L.v X w Ik G De A c o rx M B 5 1 V t a fb u Z 1 C V 8 J E .i V X s ' n t, 5 -1. N, 0 1, in 'To famous Sayings Betty LeWisf"Oh! Gay!" wesqy 5 X Bob Glasser-'tHello Sweetheart" ggi X Xt Shirley Wheelerw-"You Know What" Charles Davidson-"Hey Coach!!" , w , , . AX. W: ' N-:. " 1 ' ' Bets Frempter-"Is That So?" Don Ney-"I Didn't Even Look At The Assignment" J t R t-"Ah-h-h-h-h-h" ane osengran Janice Benjamin-"Hey Liz" Artie Shaw-'Tm OIT Women" AWANATUNK 1942 'h e iii 1' " :X saagse wh o W!! 'ikiikikifkikifkiirilrik f, 0355 Preslfle nl: Vfr 31-ala Gvtie ig: . Dot Gzrov-ge Glenn Ayref "Air Raid Duty Tonight" George Brody -"You Ought To See The Show At Noxen Tonight" Jay Clark "I Guess I'll G0 To Eatonville Tonight" Bill Fries f"Where's You All" Ross Harvey 'ADid You Hear This One?" Aaron Herrick "I'll Bet A Coke With You" Charles Klein t'I'll Be Up After You At 7130" 1,17 Herb Lane flwevl-1-1-1-1-1-I-is fQl,lJllf V Freddie Miller "Now Dobran if Les Prevost --"I C'an't Get This Math." j Q ll f , , Mark McCain 'AGO Get My Notes, Sands" -pn' l Clif Sands -A "That Ain't Right Sherman" 1, , mi Bill Herman' "Hey, Where'd I See You Last Night?" 'll 1 :N l, ,,l i 'il . Q 1 'iff-' i' lil A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 ' Zikikikikikikikikikikik ' Cliff- . Rl ics Char-latin' Rosli 1 fvhv-Y LAX'-115.7 Fahn E . EVSFWE Puclew Janice' Emmons Harvey-"Let's Fill Up The Floor" John Weber-" You're Going To Get In Trouble" James Wigginsf"This Irks Me" Alice Allshousef"Don's Coming Home This Week-end!" Elinor Baker-"Gosh! A Man" Charlotte Burgess- V-'4My Hero" , Mary Carney-"I Can't Do It" gfi if Marian Eustice-"Benjie Pal!" 15:5 ' 1 A Mabel Fargo-"You Aren't Funny Ross!" Fannie Harvey-"G0in' To Nivholson Tonightu Mary Louise Pricev--"Hey Shirl, Wait Up!" Dawn Hughesf"Look Who's Talkin"' Rusty Monseyf"Ah Rats!" Q! l gllw Jllzi fill? : IM 'Il' Him R ,, AWANATUNK 1942 , . - 5 fa 1 V Anlnwm wrusmmxmwws 3. -f I iiikikifkiikikik' Sikikifkikil? SHADOW BROOK DAIRY Pasteurized GUERNSEY MILK AND CREAM From REGISTERED GUERNSEY HERDS STATE A CCREDITED FOR Tuberculin and Negative to Blood Test Visitors Welcome Phone 4721 Tunkhannock, Pa. SURFINE FOOD MARKET , The Shook A Complete Lme of QUALITY FooDs Hard Ware Company Home owman and Home Operated By FRANCIS CRAWFORD and ROY LUDWIG HARDWARE, PAINT SPORTING GOODS Tunkhannock, Pa. Phone 4061 ,fx IWW Illglh J' M. Qi. un i . no A W A N A T U NK 1942. il?-7ii?7ii?l7fIf7f?7f?YZk7Sf?'L?7f?iff7 INSURANCE FOR EVERY NEED Clyde Bostwick Agent 72 Warren Street TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Phone 5401 Frank Mowry Fresh Mined Coal Manufactured Ice Coolerators and Refrigerators Phone 5447 TUNKHANNOCK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Mr. Sz Mrs. W. H. Carpenter STATE ARMORY ROLLER SKATING RINK TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Gardner 's Drug Store "Best Values Every Day" TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Horlacher 8: Sick EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL TUNKHANNOCK, PA. MY BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '42 Model Variety Shop Griffith Jenkins, Prop. TUNKHANNOCK, PA. BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS Ralph B. Sheldon DODGE-PLYMOUTH Sales and Service OF '42 Tires, Tubes, and Accessories ,S TUNKIEIAIIISSZIIK, PA. WWW 7 iwr i AWANATUNK 1942 'fr l PY 3713513753553 S53Sf3737i37f3i3i3 THE WYOMING NATIONAL BANK ORGANIZED 1865 TUNKHANNOCK PENNSYLVANIA THE NELLY DON Cabins and Floor Bar RUSSELL HILL, PA. "The Home of the Mountain Tomatoes." COMPLIMENTS OF Frempter's Garage NORTH MEHOOPANY, PA. Herbert M. Phillips INSURANCE-BONDING 26 Pine Street TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Phone 4417 COMPLIMENTS OF Arlene's Beauty Shop MEHOOPANY, PA. ',Q1lIq 1 l n, Ili? l il? ,IX -.L m e ' A w A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 I 7 izafrszrffwfrvfzszzixfizizxzxf f PLAIN FACTS ABOUT OFFICE JOBS The National Defense Program, the needs of government and military offices, the 40-hour week, and the calling of office men to military service combine to create a serious scarcity of accountants, stenographers, typists, bookkeepers, and office machine operators. Supplement your high school course, either commercial or academic, with a course in Scranton-Lackawanna College, and thus be prepared for any one of the high-grade positions that are now being offered. Full credit given for high school work, either commercial or academic. Scranton-Lackawanna College of Secretarial and Business Administration COMPLIMENTS OF INSIESENCE CALL GAY MURRAY C0. DEWITT 31 DUNN HOME EQUIPMENT for our comfort Phone 3771 SPORYTING Goons Tunkhannock, Pa. for your pleasure J, il f wg 7 VW' M 95' il ll In -1 li ll' H fzijil Wlllllll . 1,5 t ie' 1 41.3599 Tiff? E: AWANATUNK 1942 EW fb? S ' - -15:1 V4 iikikikikikik 'ikiikikikik COMPLIMENTS OF The Citizens National Bank Member Feder l a Deposit Insurance Corp. ' TUNKHANNOCK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Northern Pennsylvania Power Company Zfii NSN I l l 3 :Q W gli XV J Q LL iff llil il it f'5' , illi:I..ll . ilizrlgm 31 Q, . i f . . lev - e TUNKHANNOCK, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF coop. G, L, F, SERVICE, Inc. LATHROPS TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Luncheonette D,f,Q'Qt,,,, FEED, SEED, FARM SUPPLIES TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Buy cooperatively and Save AWANATUNK 1942 jfkikikikiikik 7 There is no substitute ikikikiikiki for Quality BROWN AND FASSETT SUPER IOR MIXED FEEDS TUNKHANNOCK, PA. TROSE DALLAS - FALLS - WYOM ING MON - 4 RMORELAND CENTE VINCENT 'S JEWELRY STORE and GIFT SHOP THEATRE BUILDING Expert Repairing TUNKHANNOCK, PA. BEST WISHES TO MY FRIENDS THE CLASS OF "42" Reese the Florist TUNKHANNOCK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Boyce Food Market . COMPLIMENTS OF L BONHAM Sz FITZE i W. f' !f fi iv? V11 , f , LA L, A245 " , ,H AWANATUNK 1942 Y. N Ya 4 BH, Ig A 1 'Wg ,iii , Mi' in ff li' 1, ,1 w 'q O, 4 A iigiii .ia A A .5 ff? ,ffl iff A-,.,,l.5 ' -6, 112 . I6 Zikikikikikikikikikikik , N lfll llll ACE HOFFMAN STUDIOS 22 West Market Street Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Official Photographers for CHHZAWANATUNK Portrait Commercial Aerial Photographers Cameras and Photographic Supplies CONGRATULATIONS AND GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '42 BEST WISHES me You have a tough assignment in a blacked out world. Your success and the success of others like you in resolving the problems with which you will soon be faced will help determine the course of our future civilization. BAHTRONS TO THE CLASS OF '42 Shiffer's Shoe Store AWANATUNK 194 1 M 'iijfi xiq , MHZ gy mms 3 Fi g qllgigqill N 7x i?i?'55l?7f27ii?Sf? Phone 3861 MILDRED WILSON Beautician TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Wi? Nearly Everybody Reads THE COUNTIAN NEWS-VIEWS-' PICTURES 52.00 per Year COMPLIMENTS JAMES AYRE ICE, COAL, AND WOOD OF General Hauling fw w TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Phone 5421 LEMON PA. ifcfkikj COMPLIMENTS OF B. L. BILLINGS TUNKHANNOCK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Ben Franklin Store T UN KHANNOCK Sz LACE YVILLE F. E. BANNATY NE FURNITURE-HARDWARE HARNESS Phone 16-R-2 Res. 1 Meshoppen, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF NOXEN THEATER Your Patronage Appreciated NOXEN, PA. 1 "" . t ,fy MI ' 3 I . gg: AWANATUNK 1942 JH ' ' A ll' lfifw X mil f E' no mum ,wuuuli 2 ii HI, , iN '8 ?7f?'i?i?75?i?eZ?i?ii?'il'7i?ik Wyoming Seminary KINGSTON, PENNSYLVANIA BEGINS ITS 99th YEAR SEPTEMBER 15th. The Faculty, with degrees from 23 Colleges and Universities, offers courses in: COLLE GE PRE PARATION Graduates Accepted In All Leading Colleges. At the beginning of the coming college year more than 300 Wyoming graduates will be found in 96 colleges and universities. BASTIAN BROS. CO. Manufacturing Jewofrs and Engraveriw ROCHESTER, Y. N. Write for free catalogue of emblems for high school clubs. PAUL L. WAGNER 634 E. Broad Street TAMAQUA, PENNA. Compliments of Horlacher SL Sherwood Tunkhannock, Pa. Vandervort Mills Wholesale and Retail Dealer in SUGAI3fFLOUR-FEED 1' 7C0AL of Sunoco Pro Kerosene g ,gg ALS AT Wysox, Ldceyville, Towanda Phone Laceyville, 2-R-2 1, , ge ,Ii g t A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2 e-tl ""n ' fbi, ...X A . . ,msn . Y f 7 ff?fl7f?i?'7f?5f?'l?7f?7f1x77fxK'7f?ixK'i ' QQ-1-A COIKLIMENTS TO eg- , CLASS OF '42 DIETBICH f THEATER C. Elmer Dietrich and Sons Tunkhannock, Pa. better School to attend than .T- .:f- f Wilkes-Barre Biiiiness College, Inc. If you are interested in a position 18125.00 a month with Uncle Samj Attend this school. VICTOR LEE DODSON, Pres. Scranton-Keystone Junior College L'P"""' COMPLIMENTS or Est. 1868 Co-educational TRANSFER PROGRAMS Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Home TURRELL E . COZIIOQEIIICS Motor Company Pre-professional TWO-YEAR PROGRAMS Acctg., Aviation, Gen. Bus. Mds'g., TunkhaI1I10Cli Gen. Secretarial, Legal Secretarial, Med. Secretarial, Eng. Technician, Pa. Home-making. For full information address: BLAKE TEWKSBURY, REGISTRAR f aflmfl jw ii ll' A - sf- ll i,,. Y, lllllllllit A: li' lg! if ' H' ,l 1' . 4 xlilil Alga l' 5 l. All lnfwfga Yr.. M- A w A N A T U N K 1 9 4 2. S0 . Z5i?75l?i2Sf?Sf?il?'k'i?'i?i?ilf COMPLIMENTS OF HENRIE'S DRUG STORE Agents for Woodlawn Farm Dairy B. C. BOWMA N Agent SINCLAIR PRODUCTS TUNKHANNOCK, PA. Phone 3535 M. R. HOBERG HAIRDRESSER Phone 4091 TUNKHANNOCK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Kitn CFS CO. Mehoopany, Meshoppen COMPLIMENTS Ol" Burnedette's Beauty Shop TUNKHANNOCK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF Sinclair Service Station BILL EGGLESTON, Prop. Cas, Lubrication, Washing TUNKHANNOCK, PA. BRUNGES DAIRY PURE BRED JERSEY CATTLE RAW MILK Howard F Brunges 8: Sons Tunkhannock, Pa. Hwnwi ., ,V A ,U DESIGNED AND ENGRAVED BV PRINTED BY .I f sl-:Rvws ENGRAVERS LA BARRE PRlN'riNG co. vivi d V i W Y! xx WlLKES'BARRl. PA. WEST PITTSTON. Pl. A W A N A T U N K 1 9 4 . , if

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