Tumwater High School - Tahlkee Yearbook (Tumwater, WA)

 - Class of 1978

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Tumwater High School - Tahlkee Yearbook (Tumwater, WA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Cover

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r H, , - lynn Q T' fig 44 WMM ii? K. ii? wma ooxvume ofsq-wa., Q M wwffgffffwfg Msg: :1,:::1,::f:LQ ggi ffw M 55: 1 gi ca IGN N GN ::b 6 , 5 Mm Q W f V ' ' 1. Ulf MQMWWLW M33 W5 gms ww 90 fwf C004 bzowvbg Q llm VN WW A if? Q! 1 . I N , MA Wf B012 Mfwbdftgjk Q YQQWIGQJWH- YWW lm IJ Jfw 5 Uxmyneff ' W lfzwfg Ok ck myxpnx raid ,KLTCLO Bf,L p 1 kltulo J-3 bbklpgf' KLQJLQCTQQ 5 QD QQ A DCULQ Q LwwL Q -xmwwb v F ,sf QQU wxficulll ob QW we H5511 TC Q,LL,fYX.Jr i ' WMD' mio fx A . 515 0 Rx ggi SIXSUQUL WX J C9 X QDWQQN K QQ QXQSXQQ WMm' JAWQ U -3.5 M- Q W if A .... 15- ' A W f 4 3 -mf 51 :::::::::::::::::::::::::55g55,,, ri, A mm :Eg :55::g.. ::::::::::::::::-.. 3 ' ff :'1,,,, K Msg 6 o o A"i', p ,AV,, h h 1 o o h Tahlkee 197 Tumwater High School Tumwater, Washington , ", . I I A f' f There are two basic types of pattern within our lives 'ICM 'F-mr The first could be considered as those patterns that we have decided to use as models to imitate. . .guides in the forming of ourselves as adults and individuals. One of the strongest sets of models we have before ,us everyday are our teachers. It is to them that we now dedicate this book. Seniors Sophomores J umors Freshmen 1 om Through work, study, and observation patterns guide us to an awareness of ourselves, others, our environment, and the potential of all. lll .isa g l l ww xii I 3 We not only model our W -,xy conduct by our teachers' ' M patterns, but we also t come into contact with A another sort of pattern ' 2 s through them as r ,ff guides. . . 1 ' ' R W. A ' - lia' l 1 l " t 'lil 1 M,4, ,Q lfbnsfillk k',' x4'! , , , a U Xl I . , MJ ?lafMt. af 't l lllr t o L ' if , ri 5' .533 53, " f , A llw . ,,,' lffff L .,.. . Q l f + e ,ffl A wx ai , A 1-fl rss SF-X351 f 23 l tis- : t X, , . . RL -5?-V :hi-. f . .I :?Irl3nlrf'i . ,fr - .tw-w 'll M, ' ,fa e 1 5 V I jj, - 4 , - V ' o 1 LI' , . lg w fw ' K " V' ffl 'fi A .sbt I ' , ll Q , Q - 4' - ' --W.u,M,.W,..h3'3"55ef-r,,t,rL WA A 5 f , ,QKD ,Cafe MW MW 0 bfi CSS? xx 7, ' f- i1f,'if9'ff' u4g ,kg 5. I sif ' al i gum Q W? if ,, ' , to patterns that deal with design and nature. Patterns 'H repeating themselves, faintly, boldly, harshly, and f delicately. I L -1 i H 11 3 q D 2 a IAA. 'ft . - ' ,.,M Y -af- .Am . dgggyfeai ,J f V sf: 55 , ,H W ,QW L Q 51 w VT 13 ,Q av, ,I ? iii :fl L fx if, M1 '15 -f?w1'1." W , , , 1? Wfffgiz Q, H , 1 123sj1,.,j, 2i 3 fl- z , xg wig .AWEZZ , fiigmffu 'L f V 1 Vfzy- 4 1 -V iigii, 'A' lf 2 C14 A i-,K as 'L ig - Im' 5 213 fl 3 ,,.l,,,. . , -,,.......mwuwm -V V , , P,F:w-mfaam?-V -f- n ,mdk , - W 4, V. 45 F P., 4 -- .gm gm wu.'f2,, 'X , is L 1, , ,,. ,f ie' 54 -Y- M 1 , ,, ,,,n ,..i,e,z4-Q11 V , , 74 ,. , Q 5 Q 5 V7 vi 4 3 Tiff Z 3, 3 1,,J w 'W 2' , ? ' 2 ,"E? f-1 il ' ':'1 ff, bij' 1 , M ,. , .L W. :Jann E 1 QQ. .wvupw ...A V 2 s , i , frank vfffqf uf .rpms-k .P X? -- QP' SIB:- Q 2 fi W, Y , . fe f Q W M 5 ? ...,,,, Q A ,X V 3 If Y my nm T Wir W 1 1 ' fs, Y ' i" N 'Wa-fm' ' Q Q w:1.J5'w 'q wf1 . J I gg A ' if31 Q,.vgi , ' A ' , ,ly ,i g I At It S ,.f.9,fmv.mwQM ,. l 1 5 K .Q K . A S , ,X Q fwfr? 4' r , ' . M 2 A Z E ff 'Kia-.Mu - ' X 2 .,, E' 4 ' 2 A S 31 1 , , E 1 ff ii 3 , , 2 i ' U fl! z ' Z i 3 f 1 1 3 . 1 Q ji 1 f 5 if i , L 5 E Q -f . . 4 . 5 ' fv .Q 3 L 21, Q Q 2 'M 'A 2 ' lv x 1- g A E ,..,. V. A . we e ., -W 'ww'-1f"2'f'f'M'm5MW , 1 9 1 "ifff y ' ' MLTIS H 1 ML 5 , K ,smw t X gk. J' ' any-Y W . , K WF.. , V 'Q ,,,,W, ..m.W, ,M,,,M, Q , uf " "M LA , ,,, Q Tx , W N . ,,"' A U K A jay! Q' I - fl '-4 V "7?4sQ,-gi3339f?!m'3ff Q f-M g -,iigxy i. l:?.,j+5?sw!1 if'xiA,Wm ,hw My , A. , kwa -3 Iggy! 'fy'-fiiij -' ,,. ' fb.-VW1' rv M 3, k,V 6 . , " .ami-iff:5."1:xEfT.aALhv .,,www,'+f5W f?f3".x' H-ww"HTfW V 7 gig M 7 giymq, fx- ff ' W 'if 11' Q N ' ' N skim? 'Y 5 x' ' H iz 1 ' 4 4 , S, Y, 2 Z 2 3 3. ' 16 N E , V, , . . ,, A ,EY ia 4 fi: .Q fix, A ' ' Z .- !. , Q' 45 M- s' ,IE ',' Q .K , X5 I f- 'Q SP1 A il , 3 i ,. ' . - v 1 'i S g, - f .2-5, in uri . X git 1 as wk., - :var-v A g,5,g',' i I 3 gg F Misa , ' . ' , A 1 1 , v g g-E, s 4 W 1 V Af ,Q f sv .3 ' 3 is , 3 4 Y xg 2 15 A wg, 'sa 'S E ' n i . ,g i if Q E ' Some follow roads to sports, drama, and other special interest groups where patterns become more specific-guides more demanding-and design a more subtle reward for those who have actually experienced a particular moment. il .13- ,-m At times these pursuits may lead to a strong setting of goals for future fulfillment as an adult or, on the other hand, they may lead to the discovery of discontentment and the rejection of the patterns and guides experienced. l 1 1 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2 ' '-:-:-:-'-'-:2:2:2:2.- I. 2'755EE:5:52fEff5:5:2:2:2f '2:2:-:-:-:- . .55 ':-:'.'.':'.'I'.q.'.:.:.:.' ' I.I.I. ,g.:.:.:.:.I. I I I I-1-1-1 2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:-:2:-:-'' -:-:-:-.-Q:-'-:-:-:-: . .-:-:-:-. . . . . .-:-: . :-:-:-:-:4 . . . . . . . . I.5.I.I.I.I.I.I.I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I:I: I:I:I:I:I1 '.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . . . . . . . - . . . . . . . . - - - ' - '-:-:-:-:-:-:-:c-:-'-:-: :-:-:-: -I-I-I-I:I:1:ZIQ2w.5?:C:.:+I.I.I.:.j.:.jD:.:. .I. Sa ...... QI.. .f -25:2:2:1:5:2:2:2:3:2:5:-: g2g2f121222.g.- :-Ililflilfifffl: "f2f3f555l' ' l' -:2:2:3f-.-.-.-.-.- 1:2:2:7:3:5S:i:2:3:2 . . .'.'.'.' '.'.'.'.' '.'.:. .I+ I ' ' I I I :.:.:.j.j.j.j.:.:.:.' .-.-:5:2:2:2:2:2f2:2:2:2:2. . '2:-:-:-ET:-:-'2'-:-:-:-:-. . . ' ' '-'-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:1 ':-:-:-:-. --:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:+:-:-:-: -:-:-:-:-:-:-.-:C:-:-.-.-.-. . I -'-'-'-'-:-:-:-:-:-'-'+:-:-:-:-:'-d-E-:-:-:-:2 0 : ":2:2:2:2:2:2.-.-.-.-.-.2:2:2:2"'-.-.22:2:2:2:2:2:2:2:2'2'24 -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: . :-:-:-:-:-:-:2.-:-:-:-.. .'.. .'.I. .I.I. . .I. . .I. . . . .I.I.I. .I. .x I I - - - - - ' ":2: 'C:2:-:2'2"'2'-:-:-:P- "5'Q:2:2g2::g::: - .- .-.-:.:-:.'H.. . . -.QQ :5:3: - '5:2:- :5:-1: -'?:'6:l5:5'5'53:?'3::' if '-. '-. :f:2:2:2:2:2:2:2p5 .I:I I: :QI . .....:,qQg.'IILGI.I .I 4.3.5,-,-.g.g.g.I.II 1 .sf -:-:2:2- ' w:2:2:2:' '-1-2:2:z: - .:2:3:'5:5:5:5:3:. 3233212523 ' .2:2:2:" 2 -.-.2:5:5:5:- ": :1:2:I:Z:1 ':5. -2223? -:-:?:H:2:2:2EfS5.I .2:2:-:-: II:2:2:2 f :-:-fififlflfifif 1: TE 4353252353 ff? 2512553?-35:2'2:2:2:2:-.-255. :2'2'2 . : :2:2:2:2'2 2:2:2 2:2: :2:2.I. .2:2 f2E2E2E2f2f2E2:2:-"' 2222222222: I IIIIIIIIII-2 1IZQZ Z'. 122:25- -C::::::::::::::::: ":I:IIZ:CjI :2:2: : :E:5: 2:2:I I ' I:2:2:pf-22212:2:g:g:2:g:::2:2. 'ggcgizi 1 22222E222522222225222f525':2:25FE5!2f22222225252525 "2 ' :g - .I :2:2:2:2:2 I-255555E525252322222f2f2f2f2f2f2E2E222f2f25 sizifffefiiififizifiz . .lzi 5222222252532252525322222225252222"" 1:2:2:5:5t5Z523C:- "' EIE2 . .-:2: I-:-:-:-2222522 E2E2E2E2fJj2E2E2E2E':'5'5':'H'z' -:-:2E2S2E5E2E2?2:-::':' 5::252E2E2E2E252E2:-. 122222221 7'5I72f1fF2f27 2'2f2f2f2i2Q"':':23122i-. 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'-'-s.- -. -h,rs:s:: 2. 4E:ErE:E:: 'rq -r:5:' -5:5:Q?,:5E' 1 2 ' -:2:2:2:2:2:2.2 2:2:- -3: 2. :- ':2:2 ' E' ':2:2:2:2:2:- ':2:2'2"g:g. 2:2:2'2: -. 1ea2aeaea2a1.2.2s2' "5 5:g:g.I I :-:-:-:-:-:-:- I -:2:2:2:-c- jg :2:E:2:2:2 "':5c5:5:7?f5:5:3:3:"' w""! , , jA " :sNVfQ1' M' "' " , ,, ,, ,.,, ,.,fu1'11',u11" ' ww'sn1 N ww-'N-H .-M115-2 r , W, x Hs - - iisfsg- V 557 1'fi:R.'I1If' k z.: mf. if ww::::mu:v:1NL: ,awuzdr-2 ff , W,-, 'EY' wx 1 t ww ' 111 111 WI' ,lf 1 ,Q "lm: .,-. U1 , H1 W1 f"w,",,,,, N11 'z' 111 .w1.,132s1:s.11sw -mv ' 1 H " JQZQ , Nw WW3Q13fQi!QiNV A 51,11g33ggw 131,1,Wg131gNi'13, ' wfsiiligsslfwz- ' '1""'g,.1::,3,: 1 '!,if,ii'i1if!W1 ,:l1jii1113i21iiwR1NN'N ,,,wqgzwfi,:f,i?1'QQlf:1:!:NVU, :I-E1,:,wii6!'. 1 , 1 1::wsgs1., wx" ww:-rzql Qxzwiwliwllwz' "::3:I1fII' '1w,5.Qsziwfiaalwswsa ,,,,,,,,1,. ,,,. ,w11,:'w,, 1' v: , ww V-211244. wx rf' , ' ,-31:15 W M ' 4 WE 2g5si455 dM M 1' 5. H X B. A, ,,,,.y,,, ,W Patterns have become a part of our lives. Through them we learn the beauties of a forest, a waterfall, a sunset. . . 11 S! ' ' ff fi it - Jae but, most of all, we also discover the good and bad, the rejecting and adopting of ideas and conduct that lead toward the building of ourselves as parts of groups, as friends, and as individuals in this moment of our lives and future. ' Q Wf NLW11+lUf1 f2 K X 0 5 ll, -?d'l Xia S XXVMLL ,if F K XL Annual Staff E W K ifzw X 4 wi f N TQ fx f,'ZgY?65S1xmRf Q . XA T' f 5' V XEXQHK 'XXV 1 Exif! L4 U XE ff LX-L ,,.,'xjl""f-7"x NXji.22.-1x f-f..." ,.,:- 1317- ,vzffil x ,Q MNA. J.. WWXJW ,Ldv .N ,.,E.,..,--.-n...,,.fi,-A' The Annual Staff, that staunch group of Seniors and Juniors dedicating themselves to the yearly production of a quality Tahlkee, worked hardly for hardly at all, as the case may bel to get layouts, copy sheets, and pictures to the printer in time to avoid late charges, dastardly threats, and red-faced anger on the part of the advisor, Ms. Nelson. The staff was led by Dot Brown, strong of voice and vehement when it came to quality. Under her, was Har- lan Zinck, copy editor fmost ofthe copy you read in the book was written by him, He refuses to take any blame, howeverjg Melodee lrwin, Assistant Editor Cshe kept Dot and everyone else in lineg not an easy job if you think of it. No one can smile and steal your pencil at the same time like herb, and Krist Leland, head photographer, recipient of such wonderful comments as "This picture is blurry." and "Why did the whole Freshman class photographs come out black?"J. Assisting Krist was Dave Kirkham, Mike Milligan, Gary Spurgeon, and Debbie Dunn, as fine a group of photographers, printers, and developers as you'd ever want to meet in a dark alley somewhere. Under Melodee was about half the class: In charge of activities was Elaine Deckert, assisted by. Mike Dill, Pam Dickey, and Susie Gilbert. For classes, there was that graphic rat Kevin Mohney, aided by Cindy Hope, and Janice Erskine. The Seniors, and the ads were arranged by Sue Curtis, with a big assist from Bonnie Heath. Bonnie also aided Alice Smith with the teachers section and layout editing. The sports section was ably attacked by Marc Bell, king of the roost over Judy Gardner, John Cuskelly, and Cindy Hope. Every staff member, ofcourse, aids every other staff member in their activities and planning stages. A more friendly, happy, lunatic group of students you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere. They made the book in a year, the book is the year. 409 'asf 01' ata ,,, You either love them or you hate them. They may bore you, arouse your curiosity, or anger you but, in many ways, shapes, and forms, you learn. Youngsters consider them one step below Godg teenagers consider them wardens, but through the years, they become a prime part of one's young memories. Without them, life would be a mass jumble of misinformation. With them, there is harmony, I CIA' " swim? A . gif' -Nd wx WEN X xx X X. r UMWA If pp NM'-wx N: Q.. , J im Pill Superintendent Norm Wisner Assistant Superintendent The school board of the Tumwater School District s 5 is one of those groups that every kid hears about, T but seldom sees. Some students think they're a myth, a figment of someone's fertile imagination. Wrongo, folks! They're a panel of hard working, concerned adults devoting their overtime to making T.H.S. and the whole district the best it can be. The pictures above of Superintendent Jim Pill and Norm Wisner are not necessarily what they look like now. Two of the pictures have been taken from the first year of T.H.S.'s history-1962. Then, Mr. Pill taught drafting fnow he drafts bills for the boardlj Sorry about that, folks. And Mr. Wisner was a science teacher. Since their background is in dealing with students, there are no persons more qualified to deal with a district's problems. T.H.S. appreciates all their activities and salutes them. Cl if , 5131 T . ,:' l A 1962 Administration ai 'Hmmm Hlgh And Low . 5 , Q17 l W W' mn ,Am ,wmwe NI Loretta Kruse Financial Secretary Pat Oster Attendance Secretary Modie Madison Secretary Dorothy Fiedler Registrar Gordon Prehm Principal Rodney Schott Vice-Principal Guides David Annonen 'M Counselor ll ,r l962 Doris Burke Counselor Carla Roe sq Counselor Secretary V ' f sf s- 333.1973 is Jim Taylor Vocational Counselor 1978A - pw13,,,kgefz,:egg5,H1z5g-E ,. , WV.. , Q. ' iii lCCs3 C Clll Q I srrl r l so su,se r1o or is , jx - ,Lg l,, , ' .sg Jai? "V- 1 ' fe l e il' if +7 ' J " Cl l :ali V ,VTC Q , 4: . TQM Y -P r or 'Ei A QA3?"L.? 3Mig'u U 1, 22 5, I 9 'Ze 7,95 " '22, L , new fe . lf, ls Media Center Tom Banks Media Bob Johnson Librarian Beth Sinclair Library Secretary l Hawkins S d Otton P Al xander i Nurse Health ,ul tv' Activities S.. in . K, g L tu' , ' NN cfs' . A 1 93595 f , X 1: jvflf ff- K K 'V --ns. .r K fx 'Din A--f-...... Science 1972 Q 3 ,--Q. 2 f Ralph Baar George Cunningham Howard Johnson Beau McTighe Gary Allen Karst Brandsma V22-1 f'1:aww-Wzlzwaawz ,llll , l l alll l ,,,, 5 'f' 1 4 ll he V 1 ,,m,: M M wry, W ...Wy ',,, I .., M ff I fal ,I ,,,V k,.- 1 , , , V ' A Bob Bryan Rip Johnson Tom Odegaard Randy Reynolds Paul Rudis John R. Snyder ii- 4 QQ .- V- Q Q.. - 'A V 2, 1975 eil' W., MWQWIF 1967 iii Emily Strader Bill Ward Social Studies it 'GW ill 'Y 'Dum A KW... f - f... ,Ml , .,,.,.,m-m..,,,-W V r 498 'uv' Jr- r Business Education M W N, f ,gf . ,,,,.. jg 5 ,Qi gwxrt, f 5 ' B 'V er uf?"-1 sf -is B 1' 2 f' 1 .32-Su . K 2, -f r Q is Mar' Mar, W, 2 bn -gm , am- .- w,,.1,v . , 43 B - ' ,r rw' 4 ., r B 'H Kia , ' ' J , Q " J yarn: 15 A z: ,, wif, sr-1 :Q ,, ,.4,. W VV,., ' A "" - 3' L gr ,-4 1 ,fx- ,am an Beth Ashburn Gary Danielson Bob Mclver Frank O'Connor Audrey Ojala -V.-..-.-v-0...-..-.. ...,, Karen Campbell Chris Harmia Dave Littleton Chris Mahlum Lois Parcher Carol Woltman Dave Vernon Howard Brooks Mike Bryant Language Arts 1, 1974 1 Ah 74, 77C We , W x so 4 it 4 W N A Z re ' s za , ff U in JM! Q. G f ' J' fx 13 HOME ,mill N I E 9 S 0 Al ! Home Economics Margaret Clark 1. f. Mary Beth Lisk if 'rw L 'W 5 is Linda Trodahl Cook C3 Q- Music Dale Martin Ray Sccgers f X f 'y K 7 ,J ry V, ,I V,' I, . K, , . f ,f ,V T 4 f' ,f'fr1r1' 'Vyf , fr f ,f f ffl, J 1:7 V fb ,L' 5' 29 1 . .' L Mary Kay Gibson Don Kruse Dave Liukko Gary Taylor Jack Millikan X i li iv' g. 'H 'TI' 1968 Math wx mfr 1978A If. 1976 N I kr W --M. N "Q, 1 . I -, 5 'S XX i nf-9' f W'?i Industrial Arts R l978 U 11" we K+,-x X, . fig' 'haf ww rmvxxfl J Rl 964 A.. Tin w.i?,,'- f W 19718 CCA. ll' 'ei v A , K ry YL.. Bertheal Compton-Drake Cliff Johnson Gerald Julian Chuck Loete Chris Nelson John Redman George Rough Bob Shaner Floyd Zahn Jim Krell Mike Mahoney Priscilla Hickey Physical Education if NI' 1978, Qi 1978 Kathy Odegaard Chris Overmyer S ix 1 l'977 yy g -, V ',f-:,.,:w yr, .,,,M71-fff1fiSfY FGM r.M., wg, g 1 sw? W?Wi " ' Ind1v1dua11zed , D Qfg gg Q ' . gif A S. Learmng MM Q ,3 h Joann Rogers A 9.1 5235? ink 4 as SMF 3 if 9 K R X Q, H U. -W ' W rg, Q ,qw K Maxie Willis Foreign Language ya' le-fa We W, W., . , W M 'na rf' " 3 r M M5 5 5' Y Z Q Y ? '45 J -P 'Z 'J,-'Jwr .Wav ,wr 5 fr x,X A -3 X, ,Q ' ffm? gf, Burt Meyer Mary Pike John H. Snyder e. 2 K ewwiekw B 54 4 ry .F ,,kL . Y . , g kr: V, Q Custodians Wayne Vancil 1978 fv- Ed Croy Marvin Erdahl Mike Patti ,',i, Q ..', " i,- ' 1 ' ,, ,, ' K Sfwwiwfe f.fZ'4xi'Q5fWZ'1"i.:i" rf 'J' M " izc- i f 'A ' 3' V in , f. ,m ufww ' A riff. ww f P HI You have taught us, We have learned. ai From beginning to end, you have taught us life. To take things as they come, and to appreciate the world around us. You have taught us everything from the alphabet to "world problems". W., 894436, t . 5 f y Q s 'N - Q. g of t g t A g r get WA Q Thank-you for caring enough about our lives, to make sure that we will make something special out of them. But most important, Thank-you for teaching us that life will not always be handed to us on a silver platterg that we must learn to reach out and grasp our dreams, For our dreams and hopes are what make tomorrow. ak 3 i' '-., The last road. It's the education NQ 1 chance to the friends we longer be at I, need. As eryday, none to be to lose d 3 A . .--A K. . M, W,- k ,.,'-k:.:,:Z'-.Bb-c1e -v -. --, 4 -- - - r' fa "'fi 7 A X ' L Q 'SEXY qqrek I jf Q, 'i ...aw NA in 4 ,, . Jf' ?e '3 ":' ffwf., "'A A Q, g A f Lb a 1, ' Sn, Qyrcw f ' H' V ' , ff Q' 5 ,g , isiisshang--....,,KV 1. ,ixsw The Graduating Class Of Nineteen Hundred And Seventy-Eight .fx . 5.3 'X ...l l gf! 2. all , Q 'R . . LOIS ASCHENBRENNER: Transfer 2: Basketball 2. 3: Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Future plans: Medical Secretary. DEBORAH L. BAILEY: Future plans: College. ANITA BAKER PAMELA SUE BAKER: Transfer 3: May Court 3: Varsity Cheerleader 4: Legislature 4: Executive Board 4. STEVE R. ANDERSON: Transfer 2: football manager 3, 4: Track 3, 4. Future plans: College. PETER ANTHONY: Swimming l: Tennis I, 2: Basketball 2. Future plans: Engineering or Business. BOB ARMSTRONG: Transfer 2 Future plans: Auto Mechanic. BILL BEATTIE: Football l, 2, 3 4: Bowling I: Baseball l, 2, 3, 4. Future plans: College, football or baseball. LEITA BEEDLE: Future plans: Waitress MARC BELL: Swim Team l. Golden Arrow l, 2, 3, 4: Tennis I, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club I. 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4: Annual 3, 4: May Court 3: Legislature 3, 4: Washington D.C. Tour, Ski Club 4: Journalism 4. Future plans: Hairstyling. GERALD KENNETH BEVANS: Swimming l:Track l:Tennis 2, 4: International Club 2, 3: president 4: Spring Play 3, 4: Swing Choir 3: I Acting Company 4: Thespians 4: Fall Play 4: Legislature 4: Just Folk 4. Future plans: Sailing Business. SUSIE BODINE: Future plans: Social Worker. WALLY BOND: Wrestling l, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 1. 3, 4: Cross Country 3. ROBERT BORLEY: Wrestling l, 2, 3: Bowling l: Golf l, 2, 3: Varsity 2, 3, 4. Future plans: College. SUSAN BOUGE QGASSINJ TAMERA LYN BOWDRIDGE JIM BRITTAINI Basketball lQ2. 3. 4: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Baseball l. 4: Legislature l, 2, 3, 4: Choir l, 2: Varsity Club 3, 4. Future plans: Business Management. MARJORIE BROSE: Varsity Band l: Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4: Just Folk 3, 4: Honor Society 3, 4. Future plans: Animal Technology. DOROTHY ANN BROWN: Swim Team l: Golden Arrow 2: Varsity Band l: Symphonic Band 2, 3. 4: Bicentennial Tour 3: Annual 3. 4, Editor 4: Debate 4: Varsity Club 4: FBLA 4: PASS 4: Honor Society 4. Future plans: - Teacher. MARGIE BROWN: Volleyball 2: FBLA 4, Secretary 4. Future plans: Accountant. MAUREEN BRUHN:Choir l.2 Hustle Club 4. lfuturc plans: Communications. MARY BURGESS MARK BURKEY: Future plans Auto mechanics u BROOKE K. CAMPBELL: Band l. 2, 3: Gun Club 2: Football 3, 4 Future plans: College DAWN CARL: Choir 3: Legislature 4. Future plans: lntcrior Decorating. MIKE CARNEY. wrestling 3, 4 Varsity Club 3, 4. Future plans: College GARY CARPENTER CHRISTY CARR: Future plans: Col lcgc TIM CARROTHERS: Football l BRAD CH RISTOFFER' SALLIE COBB: Transfer I: Choir I. 2: Spades I: Legislature I: PASS 2: Drama Club 2: YAD 3: Just Folk 2. 4. Future plans: College. BARB COTEY: Track I. 2. 3: Basketball I. 2: Matmaids I: J.V. Cheerleader 2: PASS 2: Varsity Club 2. 3: Tennis 3. 4. Future plans: College. DIANA CATHERINE COX: Hustle Club 2, 3: Bicentennial Trip 3: Track manager 4. Future plans: Graphic arts. PAUL CROSS: Baseball I2 Varsity Band I: Symphonic Band 2: Wreslting 2: Tennis 2. 3. 43 Soccer 3, 4: Legislature 4. Future plans: Traffic control or Physical Education. BARBARA SUSAN CURTIS: Tennis I. 2: PASS I. 2, 3, 41 Class secretary 2: T-bird 2: Annual 3. 4: ASB Social Chairman 4. Future plans: Librarian. JOHN DARIN: Varsity Band lg Symphonic Band 2: Stage Band I, 2,' 3. Future plans: Fireman. SHELLY DARIN: Choir I. I Future plans: Cosmotologist. SHEILA DAVIS KEVIN DAYTON: Football I: Wreslting I, 2, 3, 4: Symphonic Band I, 2, 31 Cross Country 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 4: Stage Band 2, 3. Future plans: College LORI DECKER IiI.AINli BIETII DIiCKIiRT: Choir I, 23 Volleyball 2, 3: Legislature 3: FBLA 3, 4: Annual Staff 3, 4. I-'uture plans: Art. BARBARA ANN DENK:Choir I,2, 3: Matmaids I, 2 tSeeretary 2l tPresident 31. Future plans: College MARY PATRICIA QTRISIIJ DICK:Transfer 3:Volleyball3,4: Track 3: Basketball 4: PASS 4: Varsity Club 4: Debate 4, Hustle Club 4: Legislature 4, Future plans: College DARRELL DREWRY: Rifle team I: Gun Club I: Soccer 3, 4. NATHAN DYSART: Debate l. 2, 3: International Club 2: Legislature 3: ASB Judge 4. SANDY EASLEY SUSAN FURLONG lEASLEYl NORA EYLENFELDT: Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4: Play 3: FBLA 3, 4: Honor Society 4. Future plans: College. SUE FOSTER: Honor Society 2, 3: Drill TEam 2, 3: Debate 3. Future plans: Dance or political science. DANA FRASER: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Legislature 2, 3, 4: Football 3, 4. Future plans: Communications or Physical Education. RONALD WAYNEGLADNEY: Stage Band I, 2, 3, 43 tPresident 31: Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Band I: Golf I, 2, 3, 41 International Club 3: Wrestling 4. Future plans: College. DEBBIE GOLDSBY: Spades 21 YAD 3, 4. JOHN WAYNEGRAY: Football I, 2, 3, 43 Swimming I: Track I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, Band Ig Wrestling 2: Legislature 43 Varsity Club 4, Senior class vice-president. Future plans: Air Force or College. RON GREENUP: Football I1 X Bowling I: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Varsity club 3, 4. Future plans: College or Air Force. CHRISTINE J. GREENWOOD: PASS 2, 3, 4: Varsity Baseball score keeper 3, 43 Class secretary 3: ASB Treasurer 41 Homecoming ' Princess 43 Hustle Club 4. FRANK GROUNDWATER: Basketball I, 2, 3,43 Golf l:Track 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Debate 2: Honor Society 41 Swing Choir 43 Legislature I, 2, 3, 4, Choir 4. Future plans: To be happy and alive. LARRY RICHARD GRUNOW: Football I :Tennis I, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 43 Cross Country 2, 3. Future plans: College or' Navy. GARY GUINOTTE JUDY HALEY: Transfer 3gTrack 3, 4: Varsity Club 43 Just Folk 3. Future plans: REgistered nurse. WARD HALFACRE: Future plans: College STEPHEN HANNAH: Rifle Club 2, 3 LISA RAY HANSON: Cheerleader I, 3. 4: Cross Country 21 Homecoming Princess 2: Varsity Club 3, 4: Legislature 3, 4: Hustle Club 4: LondonfParis tour 4. Future plans: College. MIKE HANSON: Symphonic Band I. 2. 3: Soccer 3. BRIAN PAUL HARDCASTLE: Basketball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4 tPresidentl: Sophomore Class President: Homecoming Court 3, 4: Legislature 3, 4: Bicentennial Tour 3: Senior Class President Homecoming Court 3, 43 Legislature 3, 4: Bicentennial Tour 3: Senior Class President. Future plans: Oral surgeon. JOHN HARRISON PAMELA J. HARRISON: LondonfParis Tour 4. Future plans: Stewardess. JOHN HAYS: Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball I, 3: Football 33 Varsity Club 4. SALLY HEDGES: Band I: PASS, 2: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Basketball 3: Just Folk 4 fVice- presidentl: Legislature 4, Future plans: College. KELLI HEEBNER: Band lg Just Folk 2, 3, 41 Honor Society 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 4. Future plans: College FRED HENSCHEL: Track I: Baseball I. Future plans: Auto mechanic. WES HEPP: Futurc plans: Chef, PATRICIA HILDEBRAND: PASS 2, Future plans: Art. SANDRA HUGHES: PASS I, 2, 3: Just Folk 2, 3. 4: Golden Arrow 3. 4. Future plans: College. DENISE INGLIN: Varsity Band lg Symphonic Band I. 2. 3. 4. Future plans: Business Education. MELODEE ANN lRWlN:Choir I, 2: Volleyball 2. 3: Legislature 3, 4: FBLA 3 tPresidentJ. 4 tVice- presidentjg Annual Staff 3, 4. IAssistant Editorl. Future plans: . , Dental Assistant. LARRY JACKSON KEVIN JENSON KELLI JOHNSON DOREEN ELLINOR GISELA JUNG: Gun Club I3Track I, 2, 3, 4. Future plans: Air Force. LYNN MARIE KENNEDY DEAN WARD KINCY: Golf I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2. 31 Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 4: Legislature 3, 4. MEl.ANlE KIRKHAM: Matmaids I: Spades I, 2: Hustle Club 3, 41 Spring play 2: Just . Folk 3. JULIE DIANE KITTEN BRAD KLEIN JULIE KLEIN Future plans: College. KAREN ANN KRUSE: Varsity Band I1 Bowling lg Symphonic Band 2. 3, 4: PASS 2, 3: FBLA tHistorian 33: lRcporter 433 Honor Society 4: Ski Club 4: Varsity Club Secretary 4. Future plans: Business administration and Management. ' LEE ALLEN KUS: Choir I, 4: Play I: Legislature I, 2, 3, 4: Golden Arrow 3, 4: FBLA 4, Baseball 4, Hustle Club 4: Wreslting 4. Future plans: College. ANDREW G. LALLY: Football l, 3. 4: Varsity Club I. 2, 3, 4, Track lg Legislature I, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling I. 2, 3, 4: Cross Country 2. Future plans: Physical Education. KRIST O. LELAND: Basketball I, 2: Football I: Soccer 3: High School Moto-Cross 3: Bicentennial trip 3: Annual Staff 3, 4. Future plans: Photographer. JOANNA KAY LINDGREN: Matmaids I: PASS 2, 3: FBLA 3, 4 tVice-President 413 Honor Society 4. CAROLYN LINDSEY: Golden Arrow I: PASS 2, 3. Future plans: Printer. CONNIE LOESCHER DIANE CHRISTINE LUDWIG G. SCOTT MACDUFF: Gun Club I, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Band I: Rifle Team 2, 3, 43 Symphonic Band 2, 3: Varsity Band 2, 3, 43 Tennis 3, 43 Gun Club President 4. Future plans: U.S. Naval Academy. MICHEAL SCOTT MACK: Football I, 2, 3, 4g Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Golf I, 2, 3, 43 Letterman's Club 23 Varsity Club 3, 43 Legislature 2, 3, 43 Bicentennial Tour 3: Play 4. 1 JULIE KAY MARQUETTE: Basketball I3 Mat Maids I, 23 Choir 33 PASS 43 Hustle 43 Legislature 4. Future plans: College. LISA KAYE MARTIN: Varsity Band I3 Symphonic Band 2, 3, 43 Swim Team I3 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 43 Ski Club 2, 3, 43 Honor Society 3, 43 Volleyball 3. Future plans: College. SHIRLEY MARTIN: Volleyball I, 2. Future plans: Business. TERESA MARTINSON JIM McCOWN: Basketball l. 1 i . .,. ,. J 'MA 5' X A w 1' 4 Er " fs, A 4 Wx V! A'g'I.If3 -f ' Qi ,fel 4 " if 5 -A" H fd 'Q --LXR X "-.u J' BRIAN MCGEE: Tennis 4. Future plans: Tire Shop Business. KIMBERLY ANN MCNAMERA: Hustle Club 23 Legislature 33 ASB Secretary 4: Homecoming Queen 4. Future plans:College. SUE McNElL KELLI MEEK ROY MEEK SHELLEY METCALF: Basketball I. Future plans: Art and travel CARRIE DENISE MILLER: Varsity Band lg Choir lg Cross Country 3. Future plans: College. ESPERANZA C. MONTERO: International Club 2. 3. Future plans: Army. College, Nursing. DAVEY MOORE CLAIRE CORINNE MURPHY: Beauty School 4. Future plans: Hair Stylist. TAMMIE ANN MYDLER MARK NEIERTZ: Wrestling l, 2, '33 Football l, 2, 3, 4g Choir 1, 2, 33 Swing Choir 43 Varsity Club I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3. Future plans: College. MIKE NEIERTZ: Wrestling l, 2, 3, 43 Football l, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club l, 2, 3, 4: Choir l, 2, 33 Swing Choir 43 Acting Company 4. NANCI NOBLE: Transfer 33 YAD 3, 4. Future plans: Accountant. JEFF NUNN: Basketball l, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 2, 3, 43 Homecoming Court 3, 4: Boy's State 33 Legislature 4. Future plans: College KEVIN OLINGER: Freshman class president: Basketball I3 Football l, 33 Baseball 2, 43 Varsity Club 3. MARY FRANCES O'NElLL: Basketball l. 2. 3, 43 Hustle Club 2, 3 fVice-presidentJ3 PASS 3, 43 Varsity Club 4. 'RANDY PARKER: Future plans: Work. LIBBY PARSONS: Varsity Band li Symphonic Band 3, 43 Play 4. Future plans: Physical Therapist. DENNIS PEARCE: Wrestling 2, 3. Future plans: Air Force. RON PEDERSEN: Football l, 3, 43 Basketball I3 Track 2. LEE PENNINGTON: Golf I, 2: Basketball I. NORA PELLOW RANDALL ALAN PERKINS: Football I. 2, 3.4: Basketball I. 2, 3: Baseball Ig Varsity Club 3, 4. Future plans: Computer programming. STEVE PLUNTZE: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Wrestling manager I: Basketball 2, 3: Varsity Club 2. 3 4: Just Folk 3, 4 CPresidentJ. BONNIE POWELL RAMSFY RADWAN: Future plans: College. DANIEL RAY: Acting Company 3, 4: Thcspians 3, 43 Play 3, 4. Future plans: College. ROBERT REID: Rifle Team I. Future plans: Mechanic or Carpenter. JANET REIDBURN LINDA ROBINSON: Transfer 2: PASS 3. 4:'Choir 3: Legislature 3, 4: Hustle Club 3, 4: Ski Club 4: Honor Society 4: Track 4. Future plans: College. SHERI ROBERTS LISA ROE KERI ROOD: Hustle Club l: Golden Arrow 2, 3, 4. Future plans: College. RENEE ROOD: FBLA 4. ANTHONY ROSSITER: Transfer 3: Soccer 3, 49 Play 3, 41 Golden Arrow 3: Legislature 3, 43 Swing Choir 4: Track 4. ERIC SALLEE TERESA SAPP: Golden Arrow I: Choir l, 21 Track 1.4. Manager 41 Legislature l, 2, 3, 4: PASS l, 23 Hustle Club 2, 31 T-Bird Mascot 41 Future plans: Fashion Merchandising. KELLI SCHOTH BRETT SEALS JORJANA SHATTUCK: Homecoming Court 1: Freshman Vice-President: Basketball I: Track l. 2, 3,42 Tennis l:Choir lg Cheerleader 2, 3, 4g PASS 2: May Court 3: Junior President: Acting Company 3, 4. Future plans: Teaching School. DONALD GLENN SIEGLER: Football I. 2: Varsity Band l: Symphonic Band 2. 3. 4: Stage Band 3. 4: Spring Play 3. Future plans: College. JOAN SKOROPINSKI: Bicentennial Tour 3: FBLA 4: Just Folk 4. Future plans: T.V. Production. ALICE SMITH: Varsity Band I: Symphonic Band I. 2. 3. 4: Annuul Staff 3. 4:. Future plans: College. JON SMITH: Football l. 2. 3, 4 Basketball I, 2. 3. 4: FBLA I. 2: Truck I. 2. 3, 4: Varsity Club I. 2. 3. 4: Junior Class President: ASB President. Future plans: Teacher. TERESA IRENE SMITH: Bicentennial Tour 3: London! Paris Tour 4: Beauty School 4. Future plans: Cosmotologist. IJIiN ICE SPARLEY ELLAMAE SPRAGG: Choir 2. 3: Symphonic Band 2: Varsity Band 2, 3: Debate 4: Legislature 4. Future plans: College, KRISTI SPROUT NATASHA STEFFAN: SUSAN STEINER: Mat Maids I: Legislature I: Rifle Club 2: Rifle Team 2. Future plans: Stay Alive. DENISE tDenil STOLZ DUANE D. STUTZMAN: Football I. 3: Varsity Club 3: Motorhead 2, 3. Future plans: Ski Instructor. JENI SWANSON: Swim Team l: Bicentennial Tour 3: FBLA 4: Just Folk 4. Future plans: T.V. Production. KELSIE SWART BARBARA TABBERT: Transfer 4: Senior Class Secretary: PASS 4: Senior Executive Board: Chairman of Sadie Hawkins 4. Future plans: Medical School. MICHAEL TAYLOR: Football l, 2, 3: Wrestling l, 2, 3. Future plans: College. TAMMY TEETER: Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer: Legislature l, 2, 3, 4: PASS 2: Cheerleader 3: Varsity Club 2, 3: Hustle 4: LondonfParis Tour 4. Future plans: College. PHIL TERRY DAWN THOMAS: Track 3, 4: PASS 3, 4: Hustle Club 3: Basketball 4: Legislature 3, 4. KELLY THOMPSON JEFFREY ALLAN THORNTON: Legislature l, 2, 3: Track l: Bowling I: Pep Staff 31 Varsity Club 3: Journalism 3, 4 tEditor 31. tCo-Editor 413 Tennis 3, 4: Homecoming Senior Escort. Future plans: Eastern Washington State College. KAREN TRACY: Symphonic Band I, 2, 3, 4: Peoples' Party 21 F.B.L.A. 3, 4: Honor Society 4. Future plans: Bank Teller SHELLY TROSPER TIM TRUITT JEFFREY ALLEN TURNER: Football I. Future Plans: Truck Driver. TIMOTHY LEWIS VANMECHELEN: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. Future Plans: U.S. Coast Guard CHERYL VOSS MIKE WALL: Cross Country I. 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club I, 2. 3, 4. Future Plans: Construction School. LYNN WA LTERS: Varsity Band I: Bowling lg. Future plans: Hairstylist. ERIC WANDEL: Future plans: Head for California. FRANK LEROY WEBLEY II: Varsity Band I, 2: Symphonic Band 2, 3, 4: Stage Band 2, 3, 4. Future plans: College or trade school. O RANDY WEAVER TINA WILLADSON JOAN MAUREEN WILLIAMS: Tennis l, 2, 3. 4: Basketball 2. 3: Track l, 2. 3. 4: Drama Club l: Choir I, 2.3, 43 Swing Choir 2. 3. 4: PASS 2, 3. 4: Varsity Club 2. 4: Legislature 2. 3, 4: Girls' State 3: Bicentennial Tour 3: Golf 4: Debate 4. Future plans: Cosmotologist. TOM WILLIAMS: Transfer 3: Soccer 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Gun Club 4: Rifle Team 4. Future plans: College. LARRY RUSSELL WILSON: Golf3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 4. Future plans: Agiculture. KEVIN WISEMAN: Varsity Band I. 2, 3. Future plans: Mechanic. DEBBIE WOOD: YAD 3. Historian 3: FHA 3. Vice- President 4: Spades 2, 3, 4, President 3, Secretary 4. Future plans: Animal Technology. MITCH WOOD: Just Folk 2, 3. Secretary 2: Play 3, 4: Ski Club 4:. PAUL WORKLAND KEVIN ZAHN: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Basketball I, 2, 3: Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club l, 2, 3, 4: Honor Society 2, 3, 4: LondonfParis Tour 4: Ski Club tl, 2, 3, 4, Vice- President 4. HARLAN W. ZINCK: Basketball Manager I: Football Manager I: Play 2: Sophomore Class President: Drama 2: Legislature 2, 3, 4: Progressive Party Co-Chairman 2: ASB Treasurer 3: Budget Committee Chairman 3: Swing Choir 3, 4: Activities Committee 33 Thespians 3: Progressive Party Chairman 4: Smoking Committee 4: Bicentennial Tour 3: ASB Vice- President 4: Journalism 4: Annual Staff 3, 4: BudgetjActivitiesf Policy Committees 4: Lunchtime Films 4. ln the hall are so many doorsg Be patient and search with diligence, for one will open to your key. ggi 3, -L g 2 JVWQVBA Wag? aff www eeee ,i in .1 . A gl V s.KKKw,K:K.lK E E r ' r e K I r e rr QQ KKKr erer K eKK K 7 I K reserved ee er eribrree fe err hrgh seheel yearsf r : eeee K - - e e eeeee eee e eeeee e K K KrK,.1Kf.,:K5grx,K55,5gg52252:emEKQ5Q,,iis,K,N5Qe34,eee-KzgrKm - K - K - K KK K K K . 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I 4,-'Q , 5 ixm I,-Z,-X , 1159" 'qmziclodw Ewan H CL Suc Curus 'X I Julie Y14rguL1IL I 'J- x , as if ,J Dol Hmm n ,f .4-" Mikc 'Xlquk 449' s s 1 1 , .W ' ,Iwi K V kcllu mebiQg:J X Y. 7 ggt I , A f YQ 4 if 1 J' f 1 1 v a 'Em Mg A v z , " ,wT7.., wat' A W if 4' 's ' 2 f 1 u 1 .luzxn NN :Ilan m N , ,ff B Ja, lotsa Talent: Jerry Bevans and Joan HALL 0F 5 FAME W 1 L EH vis l 1' N ,'K 8 M: wg x A-:Tyra ... ,.-. A .i if -,V I 1. -- 15... School Service: Kim McNamara and Jon Smith. 'ax 'Qi Flirt and Wolf: Jim Brittain and Doreen Parrish. Most Likely to Succeed: Nathan Dysart and Anita Baker. V .Q Q Three down, one to gog the Juniors have made the most of it. Through their entire. education, they have been aiming at their high reaching goal to be the very best. With dances and fund raising projects, '79 has been a successful class. There is no 'doubt that these future Seniors will lead the school with the skill and integrity to which T.H.S. is accustomed. w e as l in gf' ,M gf M an ff? , . .Mg 1 w,f"' Y Q w if it v ,. R Q "NNN I "MM, ima A-.U ,,.,, Nz Vx RYA X YQ , :BN.l W . M -'N . ,S 'ff .5 Y Q as -Q ,n fl 'Hs-. mn- , ip,,,..,....wuiu 'E as r Q11G-fg I ,Q in S 5? x. , Y Aaron Bret Alderin Asehenbrenner Chris Baron Kim Andersen Barbara Aufang Tom Beattie Ron Anderson Tami Bacon Gregg Beebe Cindy Annonen Bruce Baker Bernie Benson wi S . P' . if AY ':,. 4' uf? egg at i ii , A V .1:,h k iik A if S E Kelly Bevans Tim Brenneis Kari Brodin Linda Joseph Bridges Scott Broullett Boardman Debbie Brimer Jodi Brown Sandra Breck 'S 'L V511 ohn Brown Shelley Burns Wally Carpenter Thris Burke Nick Jim Chidesler Lence Burkley Cummurnno Jeri Lee liric Campbell Christensen Harold Chriglic Marcin Corey Janet Cross Brian Chrisroffcr Guylu Conger Richard Cross Wgrrrgn Clark Carole Coss Ann Dana Diana Core Rob Crawford George Dzxmilio Robert Darin Kym Deck Marcy Decker Melanie Decker David Detzler Pam Dickey Debbie Dunn Jackie Eagan Jay Eaton Jeff Eaton Dorothy Elder Susan Elwanger Janice Erskine Holly Evans Linda Everett Lynne Farmer Nona Foster Sue Foster Joe Fowler Wendy Frye Judy Gardner Stephen Garling Susan Gilbert Pam Goldsby David Grcmmels Tracee Griener Scott Gruender Mike Guffcy Dirk Gum Tami Halbur Mike Hall Ray Hanger Vernon Hamilton Ted Hawkins Bonnie Heath Jeff Henage Chere Hendrickson Tara Hennic Joyce Hicks Matt Hinklc Paula Hoffman Cindy Hope Scott Hopkins Linda Hubbard Lisa Hubbard Linda Hughes Sue Huntley Susan Huntley Tom lverson Julie Jackson Malinda James Lori Jenson Bryan Johnsey Kathy Johnson Yvonne Kemplon Richard Kessler Lisa Key Karen Kimbel Coreen Kirchmeicr Leon Kirkham Tom Kisor Janet Kline Scott Kunkler John Lackey Jeri Lance Cori LaRonge Karla Laughlin Tim Lawrence LaRinda Lemay Kelly Leonard Darin Littlejohn Jerry Lohrengel Kathy Lovcll Dcnisc Lund Robin Lync Brcdl Martin Karen Marty Jim McCarthy Tammy McLaughlin Jan Mason Marvin Mcador Deana Miller Don Miller Eticnna Miller Miko Miller Zcrrcna Mills Tom Misncr Dalc Mix Kelly Mohncy Luke Monroc Ray Monroe David Montcrmini Tammy Moon Lorraine Moulton Miko Newcomb Charles Ncwcomber Sharon Nutter Kim Nygard Jeff Obenauer Larry Otos Chris Pape Cindy Parker Gail Parker Janice Parker Cheryl Pearce Shelley Peart Juli Perkins Audrey Permann Cheryl Philpott Tom Pifer JeNene Pleines Janet Pluntze Jim Pluntze Carmen Rhoads Diane Ridlon Bruce Robb Cathy Roe Donna Rogers Dorrie Rossmaier Sandy Rossow Ron Roundtree Paula Roy Ryan Rudin Marta Sand Tammy Sanders Ron Sands Gordon Schaible David Sheldon Dennis Smith Terri Scott Cheryl Sheriff Ricky Sprout Kim Seed Julie Sherrell Gary Spurgeon Mary Seed Krystal Shoop DeAnn Stockton G0 JUNIORS Earl Stockwell Greg Stueve Jay Von Liga Stone Betty Sutton Lisa Turner Connie Sweeney Bob Tuffrec KT Not Pictured: Doug Alfonso Tammy Allen Thomas Allen Bruce Anderson Cindy Baker Patty Baker Tom Balzer Richard Barrett Kelly Bausch Bert Bell Ricky Berg Laurie Blacker Debbie Blankenship Linda Boardman Stuart Bonnema Shawn Boyd Pat Cady Tony Carlson John Clauson Marc Clements Laura Cumbess Susan Currier John Cuskelly Leah Czikall Jim Dalebout Roy Danford Danny Davis Christie Day Robert Day Jim Decker Barry Detraz Mike Dill Dan Eslick Grady Estep Veronica Fader Nora Farmer Jerry Feldmeier Janial Fletcher Lela Fowler Ken Gerdts Kelley Grubb Paul Gubbe Chris Guinotte Pat Guttman Randy Hamrick Stacey Hartman Gary Hauschild Debbie Hays Thomas Hogan Tom lnglin Kevin Johnson Mark Johnson David Keisling David Kirkham Robert Knutz Ken Krick Steve Krieger Mark Landgraf Larry Leclair Greg Mack Randy Maestas Mark Mager Emmett Marks Brett McBride Rick McGregor Pat McLain Steve McLain Mike Milligan Mary Monroe Roger Morris Steve Moss John Mount Duane Mounts Glenn Myers Kim Oakland John Parrish Sheila Pedersen Chris Peterson Tom Philpott Gary Pliler Tom Poage Edward Quiles Clark Reid Tammy Roetter Diane Rohrbeck Clayton Rayment Greg Shaw John Schultz Ken Simmons Larry Skewis Ron Springer Doug Stolz Sam Stone Don Stull John Swope Robert Taylor Steve Terry Bob Thompson Dean Thornton Tim Tobeck Tim VanBerkom Jason Walker Jim Walker Tim Wallace Melodee Weber Danelle Wheeler David Wherrett Pam Williams Jeff Wilsie Larry Wood John Yates Pam Zmuda Lonnie Tafoya Doug Taylor Linda Taylor Melody Tekin Steven Thiery Amy Thompson Cathy Thompson Wendy Thompson Rocky Thurber Karen Tottingham Bruce Wallace Susan Walters Ron Wells Tim West Ron Westman Rene Wherrett Marcy Wicklund Dianna Willis Sherry Wisner Charlene Woody Michelle Yett No longer a Freshman, yet still a beginner. The class of 1980 is an extremely involved class, geared to- ward participation and high skill. A talented group, their fund raising affairs have been successfully re- cieved, indicating a bright future for T.H.S. evsilman o 5 ,',.,... sa xt OYRBQXXOR qtax RGTON C535 X: G4 WASHWGTUN UBWER3 5090 wry,-,Q . M A. 7 Uim , 33 xzsil' ff if ' I' 1 A.. df f I fl!!! 4 , Cn! I "S9 1 Wynn. E ,, N GOL We ? ,.-,-.. .W -, ,pf 'YUYNATR-R XXXGR SCH XKNLA. VASE udam, y at e A Oaatknm. mm Kasumi 'sw My llxAh N h i M 'X Xmcv '. Xvtgs 1 ,.. In 1 Xkssm A mu! .A ..., ..,,,,.,.'-v-',,,,..---"' ev X od ,,Qw,,-"x.e,,.-av.:-,,...f4'f.fw "f- V4-"PW 'x X y1,xx.xKgxx! mr VG fXX I 'unix AXA W m1X 'X 1 v "J, ymn vt v WVU wk m -xv Y'- .- Q . xx ,N Nw XX XX, Xxvdsf WXM Y ,wyasw 4 all n Y- 'i- W ,,w,- , '. Sv , pg, 'nj . W. V , ,. RSIYWTQE X,N,.A., W - mf- - ww , 5+ Q I! Q1 v ag. , ,y - I, ,V 9 ' Q. -if ' 0' 1311 ,fx ax, . 6.4251 Y Q Vw. 4 ' b ,...Rg1. xv f mf f,,,.fy, '1 2 w up w11irww:.M.: Q: Kathi Adams Marty Batura Bruce Altheide Lorie Baxter Susan Anderson John Benson Mike Asbach Martin Benton Lynn Bachman Robert Tammy Bailey Boardman Bill Barclift Lorie Boatright Brad Bowman Terry Brown Jeff Caldwell Maria Cammarano Linda Capps Gina Carney Valerie Cheeka Lou Clauson Vie Corliss Randy Dahl Jan Christensen Linda Cleveland Don Cox Pat Dale Shelley Clark Bob Cochran Tab Cox John Dalebout Steve Cochram Janet Crader Dan Dana Michelle Christina Evan Davis Coleman Craney Teddi Davis Byron Collins Mike Cross Dean Dazell Joe Deck Steve Evans Ron Dodge Karen Farmer David Donley Lisa Fennimore Christine Dotson David Drewry Donny Dunn Teresa Ebersole Eric Foster Robert Foster Donna Foust Les Fox Linda Francis Dave Gagne Sandy Gardner Annulee Gavlin Shawn Lisa Harris Merrille Garrick Bill Greenwood Hallmeyer Carmen Haynie Debby Garrison Alan Griener Loretta Jeff Heimbigner Connie Cindy Gross Hammer Sandy Genosick Deanna Gum Bob Hanning Heimbigner Jill Gittings Leann Haines Theresa Chuck Gotcher Heindselman Alf Herigstad Mark Hetland Lori Heye Denny Hoffer Crystal Hollingsworth Denise Holzmeister Nick Hornbuckle Janine Hulett Jeff Hutchinson Lisa Irwin Cindi Iyall Sheri Jerome Debbie Johnson Robin Johnson Matt Kitchen Gary Koshi Mike Kraft Warren Kempton Jim Kiser Patricia Knaack X. is Kelly Lafferty Sylvia Larson Wayne Lawrence Tanya Lawton Elaine Liukko Mabel Lock Jeff Loescher Gail Ludwig Matt Lund Rain Maki Coretta Manrique Larry Marquette Nancy Martin Patricia Martinson Gary Masten Peni Matheson Pam Mathews Patricia Mathews Debbie May Sue McCabe Linda McCarthy Jeff McCormick Dean McCullough Pam McDermett Scott McHugh Christine McKinley Ken McLean Lee Anne McLeod Jamie McNamara Dan Meier Jeff Merry Lori Miller Marian Miller Patty Miller Teresa Misner Kris Moeller ug .' tif, tit W. xii .Y .......,, 4 ,.,.,M..,, .e.-1-"xx-,:. I -...Q-lil V if fi fi We ,E 2 1 2' Mfr' Q v rA V A ,Q,,2,,,, Rose Monroe Kathy Moon Bryan Morton Liz Moss Pam Myers Kim Nickell Paul Oster Don Pape Anette Parker Tammy Parker Colleen Parrish Lew Parsons Anthony Pratt Jacque Pliler Kathy Prehm Carrie Ramsay Mary Rawlinson Angel Ray Tracy Raymond Barbara Renfro Diane Reynolds Edith Reynoldson Anna Riddels Debbie Ridlon Sue Ristine Catherine Robb Rene Robinson Sherri Roderick David Rogers Diane Rogers Connie Ross Debbie Rossiter 91. r H! , ,, 1 V-.if Carmen Sanchez Susan Schumaker Lee Simmons Karen Steele Teri Schryer Tangee Shepherd Judy Smith Robert Stull Mark Sulaiman Diane Tabbert Jay Tanner Kris Taylor Wayde Teeter Diane Thomas John Thurber Rob Toler Chris VanMechelen Tammy VanMechelen Tracy VanBerkom Valerie Vimont Donna Vogel Axel Walker Lori Walters Rick Walters Cindy Walton Shelly Warren Sandra Wegg Arvid Weight Mike White Suzy White Debbie Williams Jim Williams John Williams Doug Wilson Cathy Wisner Jon Wolbert Susan Wood Tammi Wright eft to Right: Linda McCarthy, Vice-Presidentg Debbie May, Presidentg Kris loeller, Secretary. l NOT PICTURED: Arnie Allen Kim S. Anderson Ralph Barrett Bob fBaulmel Cochran Wayne Belcher William Belcher Jeff Blanchard Steve Bonnema Alan Bosworth Chris Brown Russell Brown Steve Brown Beverly Casto Jeff Chase Don Collings Kim Collins Deanna Corder David Crawford Dreen Crawford Mike Cullumber Joe Dalebout Carla Davis Scott Deskins Mercedes Diaz William Dick Clyde Domer David Drewry Robert Eagan Randall Eddy Michael Farmer Robert Fritsch Cynthia Gibbs Jeff Gray Greg Guinotte Timothy Hanson Kathryn Harn Timothy Henschel Catherine Hepp Marvin Hicks Denise Holzmeister Carl Iverson Thomas Jackson Darin Jenson Tracy Jenson Mike Johnon Marty Jubb Jeff Kennedy Rodger Kinney Erick Knierim Dan LaLicker Larry Lester Roberta Longnecker Mike Lynch Craig McCown Christine McKinlay Ron Mickelson Lori Miller Ken Morlan Tim Morlan Sandra Mosher Jim Newcomer Brian Nutter Mark Parker Audri Pellow Christopher Pennington Charles Peterson Mark Plantenberg Robert Portnoy Emiley Rivers Bob Roberts Joseph Roe Randy Seaburg Bob Sheldon Mike Smith Troy Spargur Larry Spencer Doug Stine Laurie Stout Floyd Sweeney Kevin Swindler Phillip Thompson Todd Thornton Peggy Vanwormer Elizabeth Walker Stuart Weatherhead Betty Wherrett ...Lost students trying to find a class. This is a typical Freshman. But as a large class, they have done an excellent job at turning out for sports and participating in groups and activities. This important task at "becoming involved" was defi- nitely captured by the class of 1981. wC3l'l,,r, flmgmrlq HIQH 'Gag 0,7103 R 8 sl EW!-Q9 Ticch, r - in P! 0,t, eat, ,end To . 5 1 P I 1, p rgncip , -E f' J lf!! P at C of 6, J Cof,,,.pl'Llnc,gpaI 'firm tr J Uffi 178 of 3 Of!-I for yh We ffm, fc- 017 . . I 2 I 5 'Ov K 2 nd of Vfqyient St f'G1-1 u.1,,,t Od 'E Y dyno, 1 -..,4 ,M ,L - if R , rg ' Q X Y x XX '. 3 xi Eli XFX Q s !.4"fx.. 'Q Y f - i X A 3 1 A 'i , dk X u f ' I , A. , k 1 X '. "A ' x 1. 4 , ,X 4 . x, , N sv., s ,, 1' N , WN, .g xi Q , K . ., ,, 1. M, A xk N, wt vs .X XX M. X. . x K m.W1'W"X X x X X x X L. x x x 4 S Wff 4 N + JAM? ff ,M .V xf' r"'ff.iJ-Q . .1 1-fi'-:i 2.-if-7? . f V P" T- - A 5 Eff --few 31 gg E55 R S i . Q , ,,:, .m., ,, V A X 'ja J iw.: pg 4 -ig: Ei Q--f'f21:gf T . l f fx Y 1 X 1: izf ws i ,, 3.1 Q.. iA .,.. AA 6 z , 5 X: K Jf 3 W , if L 55 l ,.4 'Q'Q,QQ 1 L ian, gwf - .gh ' if dig is S I 'fi W , .. A? , , -.., 'AM Q ,f Y A " ' ' K . N L ' K 15,11-. ,,,,,, ,,,,, wmwn. W,-1...-...M..., Lhwgwww 9 13 f - an W if 'mm 'ws . , V M' ,,' Vg if ,j .x 3 32? RQ F f4"e?l' f. VW: , f ik 6 5 , ,, m r - f .... rf 3 ,, x ,R 3 N Q, fi .MY if 5 , , ff il gg, 'I Sv. .f-"""""" N 5 31 '15 M ,Q :AE J? Debbie Anderson Lauri Annonen Rob Anthony Kathy Antonson Teresa Bacon Tom Bacrer Carl Baron Lisa Baron Julie Baxter Deedee Beard John Beaver Paula Beebe Mark Benton Tammy Bethel Lisa Bevans Andy Bible Rollin Binion Scott Black Chuck Blair Greg Bodine Letitia Bond Becky Booker Jim Brascher Terry Brenneis Steve Broullett Annette Brown Kelly Brown Linda Bryant Duane Bunch Mike Burch Diana Butler Tracy Caruso Shane Chapman Lisa Childester Peggy Chiistle Cheri Christensen Brandon Christoffer Carrie Church Brian Clark Tim Clauson Terry Clifton Joe Coates Kim Colvin Sheri Core Dale Cote Todd Cox Bill Crader Stacy Crain Mark Cramer Graham Cross Sue Cross Rick Currier Kelly Cusic Scott Cusic Bill Curtis Lynn Dalebout Koni Dalrymple Cecil Durham Joe Davies Valerie Davis Joe Day Troy Dazell Sonja Decker .lay Dedersen Sonja Decker John Deshaye Kim Deskins Dawn Deweert Celeste Dick Danylla Dimitroff Amy Dobson Don Dodge Diane Dunn Roberta Dysart Alena Eagan Michelle Eaton Brad Eby Dave Eggers Sharon Elwanger Kerri Ertman Lynn Eslick Elliott Fager Terry Farmer Lisa Fauver Jeff Fennel Cindy Fennimore Brenda Fluetsch Warren Frederickson Patty Fullerton Carol Gardener Cindi Garretson Joe Gassin Arronlea Gibbs Jerry Gilliam Sam Gleaves Carlene Godsey Colleen Gray Shell Green Sandy Gremmels David Grieve Gaylen Griffin Steve Grubb Brad Grunenfelder Marty Grunenfelder Scott Gubbc Della Gullett Bob Haase Kary Hagen Willy Haines Jodi Halbur Faith Hannah Asonya Hargett Kim Harris John Hayes Pat Hayes Tammy Heiser Zella Hendrickson Melinda Hetland Rob Hinkle Steve Hinson Kelly Hitchcock Jon Hornbuckle Cliff Housden Brenda Hudson Jeff Hurt Willie lssaacson Yvonne James Diana Jamison Don Jenson Denise Johnson Eric Johnson Greg Johnson Traci Johnson Terrel Keller Paul Kessler Jeff Kimbel Mark Kirchmeier Debbie Kline Jeff Kuest Marlyn Kyle Mark Larson Todd Lawton Debbie Lee Brian Lewis Dawn Long Bob Lovell Larry Lyke Kammy Lyne Alex Macduff Rick Mack Marie Mahlum Laurie Marquette Mike Martens Stormy Martin Barbara Marty Sherri May Tami Mayo Tim Mayo Jon McCown Jack McGill Randee McHugh Gary McCanus Tony McNamera Robert McMurdie Brad Meek Tim Merrill Jenny Merry Kelli Miller Lloyd Mix Tim Montero Leslie Montgomery Bob Morgan 98 l Melanie Morgan Joe Morris Lorin Morse Theresa Morse Renatte Mueller Lynette Mugartegui Sandy Mydlar Mike Myers Jorja Napoleon Jason Nault Terry Nelson Debbie Newman Kerri Nichols Tim Nichols Vonda Nieves Jacquelyn Noe Don Nye Todd Nygard Warren Olson Kathy Oster Mike Osterholm Ted Otto Debbie Pape Neal Parker Mark Parrish Mara Parsons Ronald Parsons Suzette Parsons Wendy Peart Penny Peden Joanne Phillips Tim Powell Leasa Ramsay Chris Reed Carol Renfro Diane Rasmussen Linda Richards Delrae Riley Valerie Robbins Bryan Ross Frank Rossiter James Roy Lee Saling Teresa Sands Eddie Santee Mardi Sarjent Laurie Schlotfeidt Roger Schott Chris Scott Greg Seals Emily Sevier Toni Shadley Mike Shattuck Mahona Shelton Tom Sherrell Ken Smith Pam Smith Jami Stevens Jenny Stiller Dave Stuckey Dan Stueve Tracy Stutzman Marcy Swanson Steve Swanson Tammie Swart Tim Tafoya Cheryl Taylor Mike Taylor Steve Taylor Josie Tennant Mike Todd Kim Truskowski Karl VonBargen Jodie Vosburgh Steve Walker it Xb... J ,QF S Rodger Yandle Kathy Yeager Nancy Vogel Jeanine Young 'mfg 2, I' Y gh i ga E? if -fi . X. 'fixes -1.1211 ' '-7' 4, n J f' I1 ,, .. I 5 .a 5 L fs - --'D ABOVE QLEFT TO RIGHTJ: Class officers Kathy Anlonsen, Kary Hagen, Dave Stuckey, and Chris Reed. Roger Warren Tami Webster Randy Wells Wally Wells Pat West Suzie Westman Shelly White Herb Whiteley Russ Williams Teresa Winkleman Jeff Wofford Martin Wytko Dwain Zahn Teena Zimmerman Sher Zobrist Jeff Zmuda NOT PICTURED: Sally Arehurst Robert Bacon Richard Bankuti Richard Bernier Gerald Benford Tom Black Greg Boulet Tami Camelin Bob Chase Jeff Chase Tim Cochran William Curtis Doug Dauber Troy Dezell Laura Dill Brad Dunn Cynthia Fennimore Jake Gerdts Tracey Guth Mary Guymon Denise Harn Diane Harn Daryl Hartman Jeff Heimbigner David Hicks Kelly Hillman Scott Hoyer Larry Jenson Robin Jones Tim Jones Field Kline Charles Klinkefus Matt Landgraf Jeff Leach Tim Lewis Rlohieltifffakssfas Anne Malmin Charles Marrs Jeff Martin Shelley Matychowiak Darryl McAferty Wayne McClaflin Nel McHead Mary Mclntyre Cari Mclain Mark Mclain Neil Mcleod Mike McPherson Ira Miller Ed Muan Sharon Mosher Scott Neet Jay Pedersen Nanette Pepper Eddie Pfaff Theodoore Pratt Kirk Pyland Don Reese Connie Ross Robin Sayward Lisa Schulte Tangee Sheppherd Michael Sommerville Diana Spargur Andy Springer Terri Springer Ron Stewart Dean Stolz Amy Venczel Dennis Weiks Cyrena Westenhaver Rhonda Westman - A View N is is i N Y xxx . 4 K A dh:- xi. "N..-M., lf, f ff Z ,MTX y Y I ff fy' ,-,,,, J-ww.. K. The third season. The leaves descend, the temperature drops, work begins anew. The sounds of summer linger faintly in the distance, soon to be overtaken by the cheers of a thousand fans after a touchdown. For some, it's the beginning of four fine yearsg for others, it's the beginning of the end. The third season. Fade ing fade out. H. Allen fr' 4? JJ? df S TQ lddg j 1 .. 5 Q P Y B ' w. Q 'Wxvi M s wk .ff L , K W, iff ff I A'h wx fx"-x il ' .Qt - 5 i. W! dl l. fi :MSI .Ji 1 4' 4154 yi an J, L3 fs N nf' A i, 3 . I if 1 i was . .Q H' wwf Honor Societ ,Q Y Recognition Of Valor x 11,5 It is both an organization and a challenge. In order to remain a member of the National Honor Society one ogouoci contrentious person able to serve your school in any way X'-XI! E , 5 possible EL. w-om must maintain a 3.0 grade average and be a loyal, .Q, f? Q I' f 9 l v ll 4 Food Service Of all the clubs and organizations at Tumwater High School, Food Service is the most recognized. Every day students swarm into the Commons area where they are served with dishes to feed even the pickiest eaters. A group of students, led by Mrs. Lisk and Mrs. Trodahl, fed these members of the student body daily and do it with no complaints. An honor should be given to these hard workers for all of their time and effort to please everyone. S l: gre? p ff ' . , ,, 'If, , 33,635 ,, '5'?i".ig1Q f 'Wei Q 4 i ' ,iv im, Www ,fgc.Q.r437' , . gig iq 5, ,, fm . ,ef ww f , way, A ',, ga ' - ,Q J vi IOOCX, Pure Beef Hamburgers Tempting Cheesehurgers Old-Fashioned Shakes Crisp Golden French Fries Thirst-Ouenching Coke Delightful Root Beer Coffee As You Like It Full-Flavored Orange Drink Refreshing Cold Milk THESPI NS ik-. Acting is an inbred talent, accented by the leadership of a quality director. Tumwater's Thespians possess both and, with the leadership of advisor Karen Campbell, President Dan Ray, Vice-President Carmen Rhoades and Secretary Pam Dickey, their innate abilities have been witnessed throughout the year, first in "The Crucible" and later in other productions and activities. row: Jan Erskine, Carmen Rhoades, Dan Ray, Pam Dickey, Kevin Mohney, Deni and Harlan Zinck. Back row: David Detzler, Pat Guttman, Dirk Gum, Bernie Ben- Susie Gilbert, and Jerry Bevans. a ARTHUR MILLER THE GRUCIB E K, f K j Undoubtedly you've heard of the famous Salem witch trials, but did you know these took place for only six months and nineteen people died? The year 1692 was a period ot' Puritan strictness. No recreation of any kind was allowed, with whipping as punishment. When a group of young girls were caught dancing in the woods, they escaped punishment by crying "witch", upon innocent townfolk. Tumwater High School's Drama Department presented Arthur Miller's "The Crucible" as the fall play this year. The eeriness and fright of this time was aptly portrayed by the excellent acting job of the students. 'Inu , All 5 Q n 4 5 il "The Crucible" cast: Rev. Parris Betty Parris Tituba Mr. Putnam Goodie Putnam Mercy Lewis Mary Warren Abigail Williams Goodie Proctor John Proctor Francis Nurse Bernie Benson Karen Marty Deni Stolz Stuart Bonnema Judy Smith Jill Gittings Sue Wood Loretta Hammer Kelli Schoth Mike Mackf Mitch Wood Eric Sallee Giles Corey Dirk Gum Rev. Hale David Detzler Dep. Gov. Danforth Jerry Bevans Marshall Herrick Marvin Meador Mr. Cheever Kevin Mohney Hopkins Tony Rossiter Sarah Good Pam Dickey cting Company T.H.S.'s Drama department has undergone many changes in the last two years. It has not only adapted itself to a new drama coach, Karen Kee Campbell, it has expanded itself into the formation of a touring group of sixteen students, appropriately entitled Tumwater Acting Company. Trained in the art of juggling tto build concentrationj by Greg Albert, touring the local grade schools with childrenls plays, designed to let the kids laugh, get involved, and the use their imagination, and equipping themselves with a variety of dramatic methods Cpantomime, facial expression, and speech being but a fewj, they have successfully succeeded in accomplishing remarkable and entertaining activities that will distinguish themselves and Tumwater in the future. Perhaps a standing ovation is called for. Acting Company members included: QL. to RJ Front row: Kelly Grubb, John Mount, Jorjanna Shattuck, Kelli Schoth, Larry Marquette, Second row: Deni Stolz, Bernie Benson, Loretta Hammer, Daniel B. Ray, Mike Neiertz, Top row: Kevin Mohney, Sandy Jeimbigner, Jerry' Bevans, Pamela Dickey, and W. Dirk Gum. fNot pictured: Mitch Wood and Karen Campbellj 4. rv' tr .4 Debate The Fine Art Of Speech The world of the debater is one crowded with aggravation and energy, activated by the announcement of a tournament or the scratch of a judge's pencil on an evaluation sheet. One must keep one's throat tense and ready for any occasion, whether it be the state championships or a practice round in advisor J.R. Snyder's room. But no activity comes cheap. Debate has supported itself through selling chocolate bars and ten cent candy stix, the latter being the most successful club activity in recent memory. Tumwater has long been known for its talented exception. 3? YV . This year's team consisted of: Dot Brown, Shelley Yett, Valerie Davis, Tom Jackson, Warren Olson, Gary Koshi, Nick Hornbuckle Janice Erskine, Joan Williams, Trish Dick, Kris Taylor, Rochelle Rudin, Pam Dickey, Ella Spragg, Joyce Hicks, Cinde Baker, Amy Thompson, Rose Monroe, Sue Foster and Jeri Lance W, .. i 2 , Q . ' ,Q- 4 . 1, i Fr" as ' i lurum, .usmtssl Imofrzslf MERICy f,..Nf .f i ,,, fi az z ' f aaeaew Q e3Z t The F.B.L.A. fFuture Business Leaders of Americaj is often thought to- be a stuffy group of eggheads who sit around in conceited splendor, counting their money and feeling important. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. F.B.L.A. advised by Mr. O,Connor and led by Larinda Lemay, President, Melodee Irwin, Vice-President, Margie Brown, Secretaryg Diane Cote, Treasurer, Karen Kruse, Reporter, and Elaine Deckert, Historian, has shown themselves to be both educational and profitable, through their operation of the new Student Co-Op. Products sold range from gym shorts to ju-jubesg noise-makers to notebooks, It has been a success, as has been Tumwater's F.B.L.A. Golden Arrow, one of the school's most well known service clubs, devotes itself to the sale of Condiments at sporting activities. Profits are re-used to buy supplies for future years. Stage Band 1 The Stage Band can best be termed a big band, as they perform numbers by such musical greats as Glenn Miller, Stan Kenton, and Barry Manilow. Their twice-a-year concerts with the -, Swing Choir have set crowds humming, foot tapping, and applauding with a spirit seldom felt at T.H.S. An excellent group I of seasoned musicians, they continue to entertain through the years, always with great vigor. A. if' . 1x0 ' K ,Z Q5 i il l gi' -rg ' S x if ' t.. Tumwater's Stage Band, directed by Ray Seegers, featured such popular favorites as In the Mood, Bandstand Boogie, and the theme from Barney Miller. Members included Carl Baron, Chris Baron, Patti Baker, Gayla Conger, Evan Davis, Valerie Davis, Ron Gladney, Ted Hawkins, William Isaacson, Ken Krick, Glenn Larson, Bredt Martin, Roger Schott, Glenn Sicgler, .lim Walker, Steve Walker, Frank Webley, and Ron Wells, The title may be misleading, but the sound isn't. Band One can't recall the last time they performed a symphony, but the Symphonic band does play many favorites at concerts, football games, for different organizations, and at many school functions. They are an advanced band and it is evident. J Q A A JL vet! Debbie NIH Mike And The Majorettes y Susan Brass Section All S Reed Section , T 95:5 fa-H ,,a,, y, v . 'igt ,g ily. , M iirt The majorettes of T.H.S., Debbie Rossiter, Susan Walters, Deanna Miller, and band major Mike Miller, twirl their batons at games and activities, accompanied by the band. The cream of Tumwater's spirit bands is the Varsity, busying itself at assemblies, cold winter football games and occasional public con- certs. A certain respect has been earned through the enthusiastic ef- forts of these dedicated musicians, braving the horrors of a frozen mouthpiece to generate wild enthu- siasm. Members included fleft to rightj, front row: Patti Miller, Cym Anderson, Pat West, Kim Trukowski. Back: Mark Cramer, Jon Wolbert, Bill Barclift, Mike Meyers, Greg Boulet. Varsity Band s 3 s wt, , - rt1,r. - Vty- , . , '-'a f A I x M, ' , L- " , ' , -1 1 -- 1 ' l 2 -4,1 , ,gy V. ,, 1-, ,V ,,, fu. V . .. . ,ya . W ,,,, ,, ' ,W I , , , . ,,g,23,'gf Sffiffiwifi' ' iff! f' 3 - V 2 I 661 , f f-an :Q TJ If X xi z ' J . A I ' 2 A Q , lllll, y r I ' 9 If I Girls J Choir X A Dale Martin brainstorm resulted this year mm.. - in the formation of the Girls' Chorus. The S174 X 1 group, performing at the Christmas and spring lx concerts, sang their fifty hearts out in such songs as Bridge Over Troubled Water and John Denver's Annie's Song. 1 Wx E Swing Choir Varsity Vocalists A busy and active group, the Swing Choir, led by Dale Martin, spent much of its time out of school, touring the countryside singing at shopping centers, nursing homes, club meetings, and wherever else they were invited. The 24 member organization proved to be a tremendous public relations asset to the school and the district. Popular numbers included John Denver's Fly Away, the 30's a nostalgic hit On-fhe Sunny Side of the Street, and, during December, a Bing Crosby memorial, White Christmas. WWW Just Folk If, while strolling down the English Hall, you happen to have heard the somewhat melodious strains of Wabash Cannonball, the explanation is simple: Just Folk is having its first lunch jam session. Led by President Steve Pluntze, Vice President Sally Hedges, Scribe Nick Hornbuckle, and Advisor Herr Meyer, 'lThe Foggy Mountain Boys" and their followers performed about the community, organized . the Christmas talent show, and held seminars on folk music and . . l r seviv if traditional instruments. F-W"'F'Y 4, The members of the 'The Foggy Mountain Boys" are, pictured above: Nick Hornbuckle on banjo, Jon Hornbuckle on mandolin, Burt Meyer on fiddle. Tom Banks on bass, and Steve Pluntze on guitar. ARSITY CHEERLEADERS Varsity cheerleaders are considered top spirit supporters and rightly so. Their hard working efforts of making signs, posters, baking cookies for the team, etc. etc. etc. have been appreciated greatly by those observing. Being a cheerleader is a tough, thankless job, it is a pleasure to recognize them here. fmmif ' tw A f 415 -Jil l S Junior Varsity Always in the shadow of the Varsity are the J.V. Cheerleaders. These four overworked girls are always willing to give up their own free time for the support of the school and it's many activities. This years staff consisted of four sophmore girls. Back Row: Lori Walters, Rene Robinson Front Row: Lori Miller, Crystal Hollingsworth Freshman Pep-Staff The Freshman pep staff, always striving beyond their number two slot, proved their high output capacity by promoting spirit whenever possible, cheering louder than anyone else at assemblies and waving their pompoms with tremendous valor. Left to Right: Teresa Winkelman, Paula Bebee, Suzette Parsons, and Kathy Yeager. Special Aides One of the most respected and admired groups in the school is that of the Special Aides. Led by Mrs. Hawkins, T.H.S. nurse and finger bandager, they have dedicated themselves to community service through such worthy activities as parties for the elderly and disabled, visits to HealthfScience centers, and pursuance of medical careers. Officers Dorothy Elder, Presidentg Chere Hendrickson, Vice-President, and SecretaryfTreasurer Debbie Wood are all actively involved in interesting others in such occupations for the future as M.D.s, nurses, and technologists, professions which will be urgently needing individuals in the future. International Club One of the finest methods for maintaining friendly foreign relations is that of the student exchange. Educating someone about the customs and geography of another country cannot compare with actual, personal contact with one of its citizens. Although Tumwater is unfortunate in not having any foreign students this year, the International Club has kept us informed as to the progress of those visitors learning in other schools in our district, generally through club meetings and a special assembly designed to not only send off those students going on the trip to London and Paris, but to entertain and educate the entire student body on other countries. Through the efforts of the International Club and its officers fPresident Jerry Bevans and Vice President Larry Jackson, advised by Miss Pikej, the world of tomorrow may be a more unified and productive one for all. London Paris Travelers Innocence Abroad Two of the most exciting and provocative cities in Europe, are London, England and Paris, France. Within these two bustling metropolises lie such famous sights as the Tower of London, Picadilly Circus, Windsor Castle, the Champs Elysees, Moulin Rouge, and the Louvre Museum. These sights still exist, but they are rather frazzled by the recent visitation of fourteen T.H.S. students, led by teachers Bill Ward and John H. Snyder. The International Consortium of Education, sponsors of the week-long trip, charged but a pittance compaired to the usually enormous fees paid by average over-seas travelers. Everyone had unforgettable experiences, although one was told to return the crown jewels or else and another tried to hide a double-decker bus within his suitcase, without success. These are the students who went on the trip Gregg Beebe Sue Furlong Mary .O'Neill Tom Inglin Lisa Hanson Krystal Shoop Teresa Smith Pam Harrison Jeri Lance Matt Lund Kelley Grubb Eric Foster Tammy Teeter Kevin Zahn -'vw N 'U 5 i LEQISLATURE Legislature, although alternately cursed and praised, has accomplished more this year than many years previous. Headed by Vice President Harlan Zinck, Judge Nathan Dysart, and Secretary Kim McNamara, its main function has been to keep T.H.S. on an even keel, organizing such activities as Homecoming, dress-up days, and the new smoking area. Its members, elected democratically by the advisory groups, enthusiastically participated in this useful body, reporting information to their groups and encouraging suggestions and school spirit. The time spent has been well used, the future will tell if it's been necessary. Jon Smith, President, Sue Curtis, Social Chairman, and Christy Greenwood, Treasurer-kept close tabs on all concerned. ,PASS Pride And Spirit Supporters CP.A.S.S.J, a group of concientious females dedicating themselves to the cause of winning football, spends the winter months decorating the locker room, baking cookies, cakes, and other goodies designed to keep our victorious T-Birds smiling, and organizing cheers of spirited enthusiasm. Support for its own sake is typicalg support out of dedication is admirable. -..-9 ' x ,. fix Ciross Ciotuitry Varsity Cross Country Record Win Lost Boys 3 8 Girls I0 l Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Soccer Varsity Soccer Scores Olympia Yelm Timberline Capital North Charles Wright Olympia Yelm Timberline 1 Capital If W ll fl Ink Q 159-S v . 'fntxuw-f , 1 1 . ,, V. ,lxkh f. NX X X, J 1,. -.1-' QX f 4 f f N, Q ha Q lx if 94' aw' Varsity Football JV Football JV Football Scores Record won lost 4 4 Varsity Football Scores Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Tumwater Timberline 12 Capital 56 North Thurston 14 R.A. Long 14 Yelm 0 Chehalis 0 Hoquiam 14 Camas I4 Olympia 0 Capital 14 f' b , , ,JM 'ifgdf L7 'ii Tumwater Football Black Hills League Division Two Champions Sad, but true: In the past, Tumwater's Varsity football team has been thought to be a pushover, easy to conquer. Coach Sid Otton wasn't about to let this continue, so working in accordance with some of the finest players in the high school's history, he sent our main players to camp, where they were trained in the whys, wherefores, and methods of good football. On their arrival home, they put their newly-gained knowledge and skills to good use, producing a partnership of good will and brotherhood among the team. This feeling of teamwork was evident as the season progressed. No longer was any one person the star, this was one operating machine, dedicated to victory and good sportsmanship. Otton kept the team in prime shape, with daily practices and one-to-one contact with the players. Through this method, there is high morale and a high possibility of maintaining this momentum in the upcoming years. Another season will begin soon .lf all goes as planned, it will be fabulous. Mhhw will I .... ew a.,.a First row - Keith Stone, Don "Killer" Miller, Dirk Gum, Steve McLain Lee Simmons Larry Otos Scott Kunkler Joe Deck Robert Boardman, Jeff Obenauer, Paul Oster, Willie lsaacson QTrainerj Second Row Steve Anderson tTramerj Ron Anderson, Don Cox, Matt Synder, Mark Neiertz, Jay Sloan, Ron Pederson Jim McC1rthy Randy Perkins Alf Herigsttd Byron Collins, Larry Marquette. Third Row - Coach Karst Brandsma, Mike Mack Brook Campbell Tim Hanson Jay VonBargen Jon Smith, Mike Neiertz, Andy Lally, John Gray, Tom Pifer, John Cuskelly Jim Williams Roger Smith Dennis Smith Coach Randy Reynolds. Last row - Coach Pat Alexander, Coach Gary Taylor Steve Pluntze Bill Beattie Matt Hinkle Tom Beattie Kevin Zahn, John Brown, Jim Brittain, Gary Masten, Joe Roe, Dana Fraser Ryan Rudin Head Coach Sid Otton Coach Tom Odegaard. 3 I , Q' V P I -fb Ht. 'X :Q ' Q' T an 4' 'gf .RX Z' 3 Ax 05.4 " 1,s-1. f is by . 6 "1:,f . ,. ds ' f ,hy W " V WV I ' g ,,i, C- ' , s. , . 2 5 Q l N fa 131 - 5 1 V n 0 -I-L 3' " 0 . 1 ' .ii-. s it as JR z if gb 'M Led by Coach Randy Reynolds, with assistance from Coach Gary Taylor, the junior varsity of 1977 posted a 4-4 season. This mark proved to be the best in recent history by a Tumwater team. This team, besides their own mark, should be duely credited for the winning attitude they helped the varsity maintain. Their attitude, though unnoticed by many, was surely a deciding factor. We look for this to continue in years to come. 'WI . 1 4 - ' . :Mil 'A f. I M V: QSM Q A +- -U gb- Pk sf-31N WW IFN. W W W1 35 Q ,w ,Hia 'M 4, ,..,x7 46' Q , fx ' ' X cs. .ff . M, , , wi? ,fyl . ag' ' R K ' ' 'A i N75 Q l g fl 6 ll W , ' If'k f , , , f "-' ' 5 , ' A 2'g,,,,, ,,,, kwwg ' K H VM, If N,,,,, gl: 0 A fl ,,,gHi - 15 4' ., 1 A V5 A V s. X W? rf 'i MH ,f-...fs 4 fi , ,f-I g" VOLLEY B LL IV Karla Laughlin Diana Cote, Tammy Moon, Marci Cathy Wisne Couch Mrs. Gibson, Lori Marquette, Dian Hoing Bonnie Heath Loretta Hammer, Debbie May , , i y 5 yyyyy tr gyyy t 2 l .:1,t , ,,,,, "J THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN NOT WINNING IS LOSING What of Volleyball, that game played with a lot of girls and a net? Is it more important than just an activity to watch on a dull afternoon? Well, if this year is any indication, the answer is obvious. The varsity, always spirited and active, has done very well, winning many games. Led by the talented team of Kathy Odegaard and Mary Kay Gibson, even better things are certain to be in the offering. At this writing, they are destined for districts and may proceed to state. They have the right attitude 1 and, with their talent, are almost certain to be successful. Wicklund, Linda McCarthy, Donnt Rogers a Spargur, Shelly Clack, Karen Kimble Sue f 2 ,. ,EW Q. .Wa .Wm , ,. t. Q... "Wh, H-...mmm ' ' ' Hsu v, 1: ffffk' MQW g M 'su I' 4 Y' E: H22 4, F' In ft Fw! E 'J all Q 11 'E 41, ZA K hugs im ff ,V af' 'W' To some, crosscountry running is a grueling, tortuous sport which provides nothing but pain to its participants. But to Tumwater's Cross-Country team, it is a challenge of endurance and skill, involving vast training and testing of one's self to be certain of that ability to do it and do it well. It has been difficult, what with only four female varsity members returning, although two freshmen have taken the places of those who had graduated with great success. As can be expected, things got off to a slow start with both boys and girls. But, thanks to high morale and aid from coach Dave Annonen and Mr. Kruse, success has been placed firmly within their grasp. With dedication, it is almost certain to be theirs. X 'KI- ,2fs.f,, ng, 'gut ' xx . 'W",1i.f-ft" 3?-iii? if fr f - " li from-vii is 3 W .gf ' xmgqgg,-,fy Cs X if ,. v gf ,fn N o 'A ' Q, i 'k'- gif, -.. Q 'i gf- I 'X , f l 3 "i 5 gi f""'X' i ' .. if . X.-.K 1 ' ' A - ,rg V1 .xax .w r K -,K , - sys .iffy 't , ' K K rl I . J V .X V .L .- ay- its dx h , I X. , . 45' .f is---"5 . ' , Fiifitw ', ,P lt . 7. fy 1' .Ma-S 5' f 1- I I ' 'pix , 1 - gs 7 V ' p'qg:sg2!yi-A 5. L' 4 s ' H - ' , w 2 ' F 1 -ll-. .. at t1j"aL-434'f1'- 9 lllllllll GIRLS' . f ' f , cfiii-. I .allll 1 'N X .:::::::i:E5Efi- nnuunnn-l.2': ""lllllllhll. ' lllllllllllfll-.1 lllilllllilgqpsu unnnnllnlnpll, " uillulnvl "' t 'ggllllllgigsef f -1-.-f..l'.lY Ill h22!2"f fa 1 V5 l 1 ,n V l tai? ., lim , 'x ' l l 1 X , N T ,A s J 2 .F ,giQ, r 'tt ,a A- it ,... ,,,, . . . 2Y?iQ if f, WQKW .5 ?EQ Front Row: Qlaeft to rightlz Tammy Wright, Linda Cleveland. 138 There is much more to tennis than just running about on a cement court, lobbing balls at each other with rackets. It is a game which requires that one be fleet of foot, skillful in the wrist, arm, and body, and thoughtful in the planning of winning tennis. The T.H.S. Girls' Tennis team, led by newcomer Priscilla Hickey, has grown and progressed into a 24 member group, successful in scoring and spirit. In addition to the experienced seniors, many enthusiastic freshmen have joined, promising a fine team for the next few years. .loan Williams and Barb Cotey Front Row: Cheryl Sheriff, Marcy Wicklund, Cheryl Pearce, Linda Hubbard, Lisa Hubbard. Nu Q 45, 09-fn e a , .,x...... xp. Q B W wk '35 A 9, :g5Q If, Y q if 5 .L . ,gf L,..- x -. ' my .f . 4' , ,.,..-.- -f 'f K "1 ' 'Y . Q fag? ' f'xv,-.qiif i J T, .' ' . a A - f . f, - W-.k .,.-.T-Q-4 f- fi 'A W3 5. i . Y I .-:.v V. M V Q .4 .H . -,W . F 3 Wlififffflf'-at . f xr ' ' w' w 'AR 'f wif? . . ...., X 5. -' "' - 3 MW www? Q w ,Y,. Nffi . L, . 5 1, L Q .M . ,N .2 . .V . my . . . I . , . K- ., I ., ii kkkr N K ,Q Ak K V, K. K. K-J.: x.k- .-5 5: V, K, K , VJ. . - N ,fy-.xl I . I- yy S K. K I ini, gi 1- - - K N gg 5,3 . K V I ' A J' A xiii ii w . ' Q, 'Y' ' f4:f1p3:18w --"- vw H iff' . W zz... . H . ., A . . ' W 1.1.-,A wean.. :M mam' .. , ij -" Q ' M - - ,. A fl 3 Y xg, -Q .es N f' Q . N... yi . y .. X K K fg. 'xh' ew - . K. , 3' , A . Q-WM, M. f Q .Sy F M Q 1: M Jigx A N- K .. A N K . 111, 9 , - 5 x ? as A w ,Xp -i.n.,., an . ,514 1 fx x ' Y 4 5 4.-l'.....S siiiiifiiiiiiiz. ::::::::::::::::a EWS ffl!-5553555255522 'ggguu-an-sunny wuullllllzfllif 'llllllllll' . x"'!!'0' 139 Nfxfw P Tumwater's soccer team, coached by Mike Mahoney, had less than a perfect season. Although the scores show numerous losses, what isn't shown is the enormous holding power they exerted, losing by a little more than one goal at most games. Five senior players, graduating this year, showed fine leadership and chances for a well organized, sportsmanship oriented team in l978. 1 ,, R W fgfzraaf Mtefafzeszf' , .: gd,-r x. 5 I' wp! 5 Q 1 . gp! Q P . . 0' A W , , L, f M5 ' J, . g ' 'fl '- ,SH . N'1 ' L 1 4. P QQQ f MQ w J QLQLM UM ll llW1W1WM1W!1W UWM! my MMM' Ji Elumernming Qlnuri 1977 fx sw W Qveen gbovdcasx e vw o Christy Greenw ' S . pfmiles BCXQW . CO X bv Wan af 3 QNWX od. Scif Nunn E Clow PHITISIU Scort J f C f 7, 17 O1-nt On fn 6 Ot :Ke D ESQO 1C1ure L S d P F117 ces s Dorree wk . Q 5, ' W fllx fs-ff' I " ' ' IkUlWM!l!!lXh'!!lWlWlW!l!!M W Hllhliddahlddmhlda it fi iibhldduhlilli ii iii'hddJMidBddQMMdMG Q5 K, Bel f R Bel . WCOW-Jun1.Or slfnan. Pr,-'loess C ow: Diane Spargar, F reshman attendant heryl She rl' ESCO rted by RO ll Escoficd by 1 S., rish Junior Plmces i 0 W' Below- Coi if J olm Pains vm t Connell- U0 and We .XQW - - 3 chica odl Mc sawn 'lv J, 'Kg ,pP ' li J X 4 l fl' f'f ' - 'L-5 " ' f-..-'fx 1 ' , fwz' h . . f, fi iff f W" ,' ,J , J f' "" 5 I v inc! A fi' J - ,fp t 1 "it ,f :lf 'VIA V , f -. w l ft we ' . 1 .1 , , r i V , '. 1 " 4 ,f if . ,.-' hi Mi: 1 ,ff Q- - - 4, V .. , X N " A , V It was publicly agreedithat this yearis Homecortiingfcelei bration was one of the best in the school's history. The court, headed by Queen Kim McNamara Qescorted by Brian Hardcastlej was one the loveliest and the entire program was a fine success involving the Drill Team and the band. In a gesture of love, the Drill Team members each presented a daisy to Queen Kim after her Coronation. The Homecoming spirit was carried through the dance the following evening, where the court and their subjects were entertained by Janis. ,X 1WWWWt WWW fmtnwii tinwitwvwnii i R lx' - ni ,. -'Y W 'K w W 1x39 Y' xx ,xg af id'Y Z." aff SN EMM NM af J A as R 4 3- 1- fi . , V 4:4 -,Wi df: . ' ' if .1 4, A I 9' W j, W I 'i1A " J Formations Of Females When you go to a football or basketball game, who is it that always provides half-time enter- tainment? What other group consists of 35 fe- males and no males Calthough many have tried but can't swing their hips rightJ'? Yes, itis the Drill Team, Kathy Odegaardis girls of glee. After attendance by their leaders Ccaptain Zer- rena Mills and co-captain Carole Cossj to a Central Washington seminar this summer, there have been many improvements over last year's premier group. Mat Maids ls, r . . . i Vrz k 5 nnyry ir , iyr A t ,. A Vrkrr I 2 327 ,253 ' 2 f 2 Q P P Ai 5 K1', , q X h.v V . J V i lin E? .ff , ,. - hyh, 51,4 l ' V, l' A 4, N g P pg Tumwater's matmaids spend their l, y P l i ! winter supporting and promoting , T.H.S.'s wrestlers, making huge 1, H it 'L'li 11, V - - gi' it fffii' iii P support signs, and verbally cheering i l ,X 'sss' them to victorious matches. Con- l r irttt rs.ti g ratulations are in order for their lei iilt President Shelley Yett, Vice Presi- fl T.H.S',S .Maids of the Mat., . dent Colleen Parrish, and Secretary ' , illil Lori Baxter. I . r ski W ... Club A A . . . . ,yky I I sa G Yo! Ks.-I it X X X ,...- ., .M .. -,.,..,. , . XX! if-K X X.. "Snow Bunnies" KN xx if , 1 Due to an incredible mountain snowfall, the Ski Club increased membership and ' Q - became more active than ever before. Dedicating themselves to the enjoyment of the white covered slopes, they were led by President David Gremmels, Vice President Kevin Zahn, SecretaryfTreasurer Lisa Martin, and advisor Gerry Julian. 5 .03 Q0-lo '. . Y Q 1 up o,, Tis me Q P Q ' .S L xc 'r . fl' 0 0? QUE. P ' P' X P fi EKSQEVQ ' 'Tb I X':?.1' N xii, , f. X -- ,iw 1 '.,-J ' xx! EM' fu, ,:v,. A N .W-'F f Q h 'X r v"-' ,, .. l 5 . .fs vi 0 A ,ltr ,gf , 1 -, w X ' fe- - s it . N e - -, du Q f 0 .3 . 0 K N, 0 W' -rf' 0. iz , 0 'f O A -j 4,10 U Q so n , .r:'g.,e3 G . R X. " 'U ' r Y Y' .Tire X' -7 E. -I .Q - '.P Q-X X Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball Scores Tumwater Opponent Sumner Centralia X-Mas Tourney Hoquiam North Thurston Chehalis Aberdeen Elma Yelm Centralia Capitol Shelton Timberline Hoquiam Olympia North Thurston Chehalis Q Soph BB Sophomore Basketball Tumwater Opponent Capitol Shelton Capitol Timberline Hoquiam North Thurston North Thurston Aberdeen North Thurston Tenino Shelton Capitol Shelton Olympia Girls Varsity BB Girls Varsity Basketball Seores Tumwater Aberdeen Qhehilis North Thurston Hoquiam Timberline Shelton Capitol Centralia Yelm Elm 1 Aberdeen Chehalis North Thurston Hoquiam Olympia Varsity Wrestling Varsity Wrestling Scores lumwaxer Opponent Olympia Mr. Si Chehalis Foss Yelm Elma North Thurston Capitol Hoquiam Centralia Shelton Timberline Aberdeen J V Wrestling Tumwater Opponent ll Charles Wright 6 29 Timberline 35 44 Yelm 32 42 Elma 27 24 Capital 28 15 Mt. Si 30 6 Aberdeen 0 23 Timberline 44 Shelton 34 Olympia 6 36 50 I5 Teninio 30 Mt. Si 37 Chehailis 36 Foss 33 Yelm 42 Elma 35 N. Thurston 30 Capital 63 Hoquiam 23 Centralia 12 37 29 27 24 2l 35 36 6 37 Varsity Basketball The Top Of The Line The Cream Of The Crop A new look for Tumwater Varsity Basketball: height. Spurred by a disappointing 76-77 season fthe first in nine years in which T.H.S. failed to qualify for the play-offsj, Coach Bill Ward strove to build a team of returning lettermen and talented Sophs. Among the former were such people as forward Jim Brittain, pivot Frank Groundwater, and forward Jeff Nunn, all concerned, however, were kept busy challenging and defeating league members, noticeably surprised by T.H.S.'s incredible lack of weakness. Not surprisingg height is fine but, matched with skill, it's unbeatable. W ? wr fm 3 'W Mr Q b ' U - B I R S J' gag, , J! 'Q Y - ' . 5 J G IOM - . K -K ff. A ,s .Q - N , ' x . -' .. .P ,X 1. A 3 . ,k g K K i if 1 'X ' 'f N AN 1 if O ul 9 Q Q Q , 9 if X SS as 5 Y Y 4- X U Q sg S A my 1 ff 'SQ 3 ' if E .ij 5 A lj K: K ,:..: v - -I gt A hi .. 1 . , ix i A I g Sai: ' . -- , F - ---- .. . x , -M: Q H :P 5 - " 0 A .. , L 9 mf A 5 L , - 4 - 5 , A 5 v r s iii-.A Mi. A fy 4 5 S! xm l . ' if" 1 r....,.u..1i. ff sa in if 1+,f I Y , K guhfflp The Junior Varsity basketball team, although hindered by a rather low win f loss record, has shown great determination this year. Coached by Don Kruse, their matches have kept fans on the edge of their seats and programs crumpled nervously within their grasp. 'A championships. Back Row fleft to rightj Jerry Gillium, Dale Cote, Rodger Yandle, Brad Meek, Rob Hinkle, Mark Mclain, Doug Dauber, Lloyd Mix, Marlyn Kyle. Center Row Qleft to rightj Mark Cramer, Steve Swanson, Tim Montero Don Jensen, Rick Currier, Steve Grubb, Mike Taylor. Front Row Cleft to rightj Coach Shaner, Jeff Kuest, Rob Anthony, Mark Kirchmeier, Warren Olson, Bunch, Brain Lewis. Not pictured: Tom Sherrell, Kary Hagen. s The members of the Sophomore basketball team consider themselves lucky to be participating on such an enjoyable and educational team. Though they are not, at present, considered skillful enough for the J.V. or Varsity teams, their potentials are being slowly realized through practice, drills, and other deftness-building activities. Their spirit is self- grooming: tomorrow they'll be winning the ' Ki ig! ?f.i1lif"?hii 4l'9f'.W, Q7 Wim., . f 'ff ' " :Si J ii fi :NM ,gif -.M I aw ,. N. f. , .ww 'T ' . . gr IL ir V -1 2 ' Z3 , M V. ,. .sa 5. wt .if f GW. 5 H if x J ,,.! f ef' it i 'wasfw mf ,we 153 ,f ' an Chris Overmeyer, Mr. Vernon, and Mr. Liukko lead the Girls Basketball Team, hindered by a painful occurence called graduation and a poor turnout. However, taking a never-say- die attitude, many new faces were added to the group, resulting in a successful season. Returning from last year were guard Janet Pluntze, forward Holly Evans, and guard Mary O'Neillg new to the C Team were Sue Mclain, Melinda Hetland, Shelly Warren, Celeste Dick, Kathy Moon, Cindy Fennimore, Kelly Brown, and Letitia Bond. J.V.: Sue Hoing, Teresa Bacon, Laurie Marquette, Diana Spargur, Lisa Fennimore, Deanna Miller, Cathy Wisner, Marcy Decker. Varsity: Trish Dick, Tammy Moon, Kari Brodin, Elaine Liukko, Catherine Robb, Shelly Clark, Loretta Hammer, and Dorrie Rossmaier. 'K .V,,,, -4 V 5 yi. ,,.y 1, af ' ' 4 ,iii . . ....,...., , :M an at il' if ,,,,.. . ' sf f T 1- .J aa 'fWP " 2616 , - , 9 .4 , al f ' ff: ' mga M, , gr 5. ,wi . f . 'Q H I ' 0 I 5. m k I , V. 4 .af , . 'r 3 1, s gf ' A I , .,,.,' .-3 at I fl? L,,, , T8 VAR'-'EETY ,193 JI Q? 'T 15 '-if: 5 .ai mo. al. is E 5 -VVV aw --qu it 3 t V ihlnnv Mya? , 'L , i in , ..,,,-,f,-W., V an ,. -M., wi 4 1 k J I .ff 1 E w f it Q E .Q S ai,- 5' 4' i4.,.av S Acting Company Remains Busy! A gleeful, responsive audience was treated to the comedic, farcical side of Tumwater's Acting Company on February 16, 1978, at a special, invitation-only presentation of three short plays: "If Men Played Cards as Women Doz, directed by Deni Stolzg s'Riders to the Seaw, directed by Bernie Bensong and "Trial by Jury", directed by Dirk Gum. As an example of the Compan,s well developed dramatic sense, all was directed by students, performed by students, and progressed to an entertaining, successful climax by students. Y, 'v U! evening of One Acts and musical numbers performed and directed by its members Date Thursday evening February 16 Place Tumwater Center for the Performing Arts ' The Tumwater Acting Company RN cordially invites you to attend an me 2 83 OO-IO3 OO l gf! 162 4 'lug--5 F , The Lunchtime Matinee Film series, a service of the A.S.B. officers, was originally designed as free entertainment for bored lunch eaters. However, as the Olympia and Pierce County film libraries were used to their full extent, a regular audience began to form for such exciting celuloid spectaculars as "The Making of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidw, classics by W.C. Fields, Buster Keaton, the Marx Brothers, and documentaries on space space travel and Hollywood. There were, of course, a few losers among the gems, lead by a 15 minute saga called "Pigs", twelve days of horror films, and the thrill when the film broke. From such events come indigestion. Lunchtime Matinees v -.pulp-I xuxuu .M -xi ,mr P"'o , A' 1 lug? f ' fa '. 9 AS' X. K ,af gf? f 1 - xo ' ,, ' ,, Q -:jig hx -egg? ' N ,Q ' - - f 5 . ' i Q. MQ , ,f Q X W' ' K of ' M. i' 'lfb o ' .Vs 4,5 A CL ,ij 'W ' as 3 Ev-Q il xxx 3 A -Q2,..r5Q KS Mtg , ri - 5 1 khksf X A . . X 5' W3 3 Q X F G or F F J F n m,, G ' 0 ' W . ., ' H . ' ai. 1 'f V ' ,Q X -1' MQ WN ffi Q', or Q' Q M i , W 2 "3'. 3. ' Rf G Q Y G f X Q 5 fgfifvii. o F M X si I XM so-SN 554,33 A A li or TO RIGHT: kevin Dayto , J Trish Dick, Carla 'apghlin J COND: am y Lisa Sei Iii-Cin y Annenin Gary iertz Bm Martin Ron ig ,Gs'unnow, Roger Smiq' lly,iGorjana Shattack, Jay John Gray FIFTH D Dean Kincy Don Miller Pat tull Tim Brems X 5 1 1 V ,J 'K . '- ,wg ' - 1 ' . Brown, Brian Hardca , , J 3 1:1 i A Q, Q ' if J . Q qzbbb 'ga oiiiy QQ i'oili Igis Q ., smsmm 3 wgwx. Sf Chg ui 6 Paula Hoffmamgw Laretta Hai grgi I: Joe Roeg Lai Rudden, Jim Brrttian, Jim McCarfhy, Mack, Frank Groundwater, John Q is V. A K G A, H si sr 4 iQ 3 A.. . Tumwater's rifle team, advised by Howard Johnson and Floyd Zahn, had a great, enthusiastic morale this year and rightly so. What other team can boast of being number one in the Black Hills League, having an advisor, Mr. Johnson, nominated to be president of that league, or possessing a member who can shoot a 370 out of 400, as Chris Baron has done? The pride that THS has for its shooters is tremendous, as can be attested to by their captain, Scott MacDuff. It is hoped that this pride, spirit, and winning nature can continue throughout the coming years. H i WS' 5' 0 0 ...Mf- jfs ,sr fiii at Sadie Hawkins ' ' sm' Z ' , A QPF' at If 1' 'Ii I7 ff f K .ff f ,z - A "' In the backwoods hamlet of Dog- patch, Lil, Abner frets over the chance that Daisy Mae will catch him. For, you see, it is the long awaited Sadie Hawkins day, in which all the widders and old maids are allowed 12 hours to catch the batchelor of their choice, drag him before the preacher, Marryin' Sam, and live happily ever after. , M , .,.,-ffl, . Sadie Hawkins, a variation on Al Capp's 'Lil Abner' celebration, received another enthusiastic crowd as over 250 students donned overalls and logger boots to disco the night away. Accented by cries of 'Howdy' and 'Whois thar'?,, the senior sponsored event featured free doughnuts, pastries, and punch, the effects of which brought about numerous words of praise and compliment. Chaperons busied themselves by chasing amorous couples out of various and sundry haystacks, doing so with the reasoning that no one had lost any needles. .ev . , -Mm, Big" d .A 1 QLLMUQ ftouon ance 01177-78, was a hbsted by the with the -1 5. . t A 5? 4. 'K '- fl -.N S, fl .F Q 33 5 X 35 5 Queen J uhe over Tolo, fins year on March 1 W i Q L,,A, 3' ,N., W W A':" V WW l g 5 .M p,,-21 if 1 2 Q- W5i ,a V X f V' 'ii Nfl' ,f,- iff" , - ' 'f f ' ' Tl .zfgw ,S w2""Q"M ff , 4 fs. ' ,, ,ig A A ' .V it . ,, 5 'Y 'yu Jil Q , 55 " A ff: 2 ,,.g?g,"f59 .1m"gv - 117' ,V+ . , - - -I V 7 hw wx .M N, ,XLV 4 W -W H at " S hm " fx ' ' M, ""' ffm fo N T n ' 5 gg.. Vis? W ' fl" " "' ,, A, ' Aw f ' ,," 1- 72 "m, , 'L ,E ,,.,,. , , ami f'f'h , fl ff f'-, gi 2 ar- .au 5' 'lm ,mf , qylwm f7!ZfQgl Golf The golf team spent many hours of practice at Tumwater Valley Golf Course, under the direction and supervision of Mr. Ward. Despite much spirit and determination, their season began with a series of setbacks. The team remained emphatically hopeful for future successes for the rest of the season. J A 'i,. E75 wx! . V i r irriry f i t,r,t it t , Boys, Tennis 1978 Although hindered by the inexperience of many newly joined underclassmen, Coach Bob Johnson has shown high hopes in predicting a successful season for the 'shrewd servers'. Outstanding players include Marc Bell, using his talents at first singles, Larry Grunow at second singles, and Larry Marquette and Floyd Sweeney at first doubles. 2 ' T 'n. 'agg- Baseball QW. f ill Baseball was in full swing for the "T-Bird Batters" this spring. Coached by Mr. Shaner, the Varsity had a 1-3 league record early in the season. Mr. Otton was the Junior Varsity coach with Mr. Littleton and Mr. O'Connor assisting both teams. According to Coach Littleton, the problems holding the team back from a big success were the hitting failure and the amount of errors. The Varsity team was a young group, with some strong underclassmen who should do well next year. 2 ff' 'ff Already organized into a hard working co-operation after just two years, the co-ed programmed track team is showing much potential, progress, and development in all areas. Early in the season, they showed fine efforts in a 5-1 record, thanks largely to the guidance of coach Randy Reynolds, a loudly supportive fan group, and a positive striving to take as many participants to the state competitions as possible. Distance runners this year were, Top row, left to right: Bert Bell, Ron Anderson, Scott Gruender, Brian Ross, Tim Nichols, Middle Row: Mike Wall, Ron Westman, Axel Walker, .lay Sloan, Don Pape, Evan Davis, Greg Beebe. Front Row: Cindy Annonen, Chris Pape, Betty Sutton, Lauri Annonen, Becky Bowken, Julie Jackson, Wendy Peart. This year's coaches are, left to right: Top row, Dana Blair, Priscilla Hickey. Bottom row, Randy Reynolds, Howard Johnson, Don Kruse. Not Pictured: Chris Harmia, Anna Zachwieja. B QF? - .M wr Q V 3 Q if A ' 54" nnnnnlrmntullluldl - .. ,..W, ..,.,L1,, WM , , Managers 'E' So M .F AA .wr 'Jig 6 e 9? ff 8 1 Q?'2'W'Q lQf Q nal' May Dance 1978 . . . Always And Forever May Dance was held May 12. The last major social happening before graduation, five senior couples were honored, with two couples representing the junior class. Sue Curtis was in charge of this annual event, which was reigned over by King Mike Mack and Queen Jorjanna Shattuck. 44' ccti , ,F ,c Y H Ox! ag, W hfmgfc i x x t . - H I, t -W W .g . ws I . ,A L ' . if H W 4,54 12 " H .wig N T-BIRD T LO ""' M The "Tom-Tom" was reincarnated this year as the "T-Bird Talon" with the help of Dave Littleton, advisor, Jeff Thornton and Janice Erskine were the winter editors and Sharon Nutter replaced Jeff in the spring. Joan and Jeni fSkoropinski and Swansonj assisted by becoming Production and Business Mana- gers. Other editors included: Luke Monroe, News, Harlan Zinck, Features, Tony Ros- siter and Frank Groundwater, Sports, Bob Haase, Advertising, and Mike Milligan and Pat Guttman, Photography. The reporters allowing the editors to do their job were: Marc Bell, Pam Dickey, Debby Garrison, Shell Green, Scott Gruender, Joyce Hicks, Lisa lrwin, Elaine Liukko, Janet Pluntze, and Janet Pluntze. The Talon staff deserves a great deal of credit and respect, not to men- tion a big "thanks" for giving the people at T.H.S. a newspaper we can all be proud of. Spring '78-Last Minute Wrap-Up First Row: Sue McCabe, Shelly Pederson, LeAnn Haines, Theresa Sheriff, Dorthy Elder. Second Row: Linda Cleveland, Randee McHugh, Delrae Riley, Debbie Kline, Renee Robinson, Sue Walters, Debbie Wood. Third Row: Dede Demetroff, Chrystall Hollingsworth, Teddi Davis, Pat Fullerton, Diane Cox, Michelle Coleman, Linda Robinson, Bill Ward. Powder Puff footballers, comprised of some of the roughest, toughest, and downright meanest females in T.H.S., organized themselves for the first time in two years to thrill and excite a stadium full of cheering fans March 3rd, Trained and equipped with the expert strategies of Tom Odegaard, Dave Littleton, Karst Brandsma, Cliff Johnson, and Sid Otton, the competition between the Junior and Senior teams was a fierce and heated one climaxed by a single touchdown Junior win. The support given these spirited girls makes continuation of such a program obviously certain. keep I 9 -. ..,- ' I .. . L W S Y .9 fig! L Ziff X 1335 ft Bound! ,f Thirteen lucky people spent April 4-ll in Washington D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and Williamsburg. Back Row: Chris Nelson, Stacy Polehonka, Steve Moss, Julie Sherrell, Tom Inglin, Lee Kus, Larry Grunow. Front Row: Paul Rudis, Cindy Parker, Denise Inglin, Kim McNamara, Marc Bell, and Randy Perkins. There was no one more well known, more often called, or more highly respected than was Joe Odermann. His shy, congenial way of responding to appreciation after clearing up some major disaster made you want to thank him all the more, for there isn't a person about who hasn't had his locker unstuek, his wastebasket emptied, or his blinking light tube replaced by Joe. He lead an industinguished life, decorated by few laudits or laurels. Born Joseph John Odermann on June 9, 1915, in his native home of Celio, North Dakota, he received an early love of the outdoors from his father, John, a service station manager. Experiencing tradgedy early with the death of his mother, Elizabeth, the 13-year-old Joe matured into a shy, thoughtful young man blessed with a humanitarian streak. Life continued through high school, playing varsity football, graduating, becoming a logger, a dairy farmer, and, a few years later, marrying Mary in 1947. He was hired by the district as a night janitor in 1965, cleaning the MathfHome-Ee wing. His do-everything diligence earned him the position of head custodian in 1970, where he continued until May, l977g a short retirement followed, ending with his death in October of 1977. As any human being, he enjoyed many diversions: gardening was one, well as hustling friends at pool. The fact he constantly won his dog racing bets amazed everyone, including himself, yet he had a compassion for stray animals and loved them like no one else. If one had to sum up the feeling of loss T.H.S. experiences without Joe, it would be the wish that one could give him many more years in return for all his work and devotion. His was a gentle life, and although the world will continue, there will be something missing. That something is Joe's legacy. he was just superi' M. Clark " ... more of a friend than a custodian." A. Ojala he was greit ind good to work with." M. Madison " . . . did a lot tmorej for kids than they realize." C. Loete 1 humerous congemil man." B. Ward " someone to lean on and be leaned on by." G. a good human being." C. .Johnson Cunningham " . . . a kind of guy you miss very much." R. Schott 1 QI, C. 'A . f- If ...,,, , f,,fnm,,,f,,e ,, .,,, ,lr ,, ,,,, .MHQQ .- ,, f 4' 4, :fi www, ff' f' 4255 f W ,,., , ' ' " ...,, .V WW, - wa' ,,m,,,,2,, fi Wl,3,,,, , f ,, ,,,,,,, ,. 1-,fA,,,1m,,wf.-, -fffff- V' H LW5, ,A fm, , ..,,, .,,, 'f" 2 , ,,.f 1 lb if' hir l ihhh hh 'V MU im Wx? 1 F eil i The Tahlkee Staff would like to give a special thanks to: h Wally Bond ll Mrs. Joe Oderman Mr. R.V.l Milligan l Greg Siebold Ralph Baar x I ' BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 78 SOUTH SOUND CENTER ONE STOP SHOPPING FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY M as "' 1404 Harrlson 357 4624 I f N 1? .H of J M nf!! 3 gf A cIILL-gg-2' ' I' yeh ill.: LT' 1 BAILEY DRUGS Prescriptions T t Lacey umwa er 408 Cleveland Market Square 4146 HOUSE OF VALUES F all you hopp g need 9 30 9 30 Thru Sat rd y 10 00 7 O0 S nd y 604 Sl ater K ney Rd Lacey Wash 98503 ARTISFRY IN FLOWERS ,4 300 CLEVELAND AVENUE OLYMPIA WASHINGTON 98 O1 PHONE 357 3557 Student Duscount 107 Off for 55 00 and over 116 E. 4th 352 8261 357 5115 24 Hr Ball Bond Servlces Used Stereos Guns Cameras Etc HOMETOWN PEOPLE WITH HOMETOWN PRIDE 0696 OLYMPIA "' FEDERAL SAVINGS Olde t estabh hed .1 ngs nn tt t Southwest Wash ngt F fth And Cap tol Way Olymp a 357 5575 H on A e We t Std 357 3200 Um , , 3 5 7 ' or r 5 in S 2 - 1 u a ' 1 - 1 u a e - in . , . 1 X I A 351. . ,ZF ' ' M ' . J , 5 X 8 5. ' - U f , v I s 's s'vi 'siuionin 1 on i i , i - arris v s ' e - ,.t""'4, 5 Q. ,wx 'friljfn' YOUR CLASS RING HEADQUARTERS 357 4380 Next To Tumwater Safeway CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 78 WOODY S OLYMPIA HOME CENTER 3520M t Way 49l 5440 CONGRATULATIONS TO CLASS OF 78 45692605 Gentlemen S Apparel DOWNTOWN OLYMPIA Corner Of Umon 8: Franklm 2 i".aV. ...I ...iq 9 9 Your complete home repairs store. A ar in 9 I gl 4 V C 9 LeRoy s Jewelers 0 07 Stop 1n and I I V2 m p1Ck up your Valentmos -Q Vinlfrude tD row-v C 4159 10 If YOL SAVE, I0 CASH OR CHMYC I- Sportswear For Guys And Gals South Sound Center 2301 Harrlson - 01 L ympla acey W Olympla A 98501 491 3530 Kathleen And Dave Mathews PACIFIC FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Assoelatlon 422 Capitol Way P.O. Box 2441 Olympia, WA 7 id Q 7. --,- .H Q l. A - . ' - n nz 1 . -I- gfr J I-gr - " I A ' 0 9 , - . 5 I - En! S - -""f'?+' n lscoun , - .,, 1 , ar o ' ' ' ' 'IGF . :Q ' DISCOUNT GOOD an an wavy, .- mf-'I of roam' .' Wm, mugs G nom- nnqs Q' bvfdqtwvs .' ,arches o up ' .:.-'.. - nmzhmm ,mga In on wwf mngfs rm My mmm , -Qi may bf used agua- and agom vqmfm may use ma ew ,N Q poffnafff . l..,I f . ' .- .I 9 . , 1 Mw mn sm TUMWATU STORE OPEN TNURS AND FRI PIGHTS Tl. 8 P M Muffin! 700 Trosper Road 506 North Capitol Way WE RES RVE THE RIGHT T0 LIMIT QUANTITIES Tumwater Wash Olympla Wash CLASS OF 1978 CONGRATULATIGNSY M ADENE S BEAUTY SCHOOL 1007 Capltol Way 8 00 4 30 Mon Sat 5 Z 4: 943 7880 N - 1 ' 'K ' Y ,V -sk: -.J 7 3 Z ' Y f Y n A i 1- W... 5 " '- , f.- "' Q , I. Ta 7 . ' R Q L- -X Tw t' ' V' .v, -- -s .S - 1' " 1 ' '-L'-V' .NW ' t awfiixf T Y T E 5 U:-IFEX., ,-f' V-Q5.5a:g.,S :Faye 1' Nf- - bf ,W M Q "W -L -- , .... . -1,--fafL+-'- -l r- - -E n V, ,, ., .XF f j-if..xY1,.V,, :lj . E . , . , . Oo 4,3 O . . O T 828 - ' X-3 wx . v 0 a 2 ' ff X RAN .Hi ,X www 14. G Q Finest Graphic Arts Design 8t Layout Specializing in Full Color Printing, Quality Lithography, Letterpress Printing, Continuous 8t Snapout Business Forms, Silk Screen, Rubber Stamp, Typesetting Services Serving S.W. Washington Since 1926 it by Q1 warren's printing AND GRAPHIC ARTS CENTER T h 352 4841 C I gi 9 5 1 A 1 Sewmg Center Congratulatrons From A 1 Sewrng Center wrsh you nothrng but the best Your authorlzed V1k1ng Dealer 109 North Capitol Way 943 8130 heuse of C2 HIAHFQA 23 :Nr QLYMPIA TACOMA H E5thA I1003Brid9pnrfW TUMWATER VALLEY 943 9620 INN elep one - 525 oumbia,Oiympia,Washin on 8 0 . l . J - We . ,gg Wvsxverfr is 3 , sg ,avr L i 187 CGNGRATULATIGNS TUMWATER HIGH CLASS OF '78 Three Offices to Serve You Guarantee d W t " ' tn Sell our Hume, evfergreen 0Ymp'C 352 7651 456 2050 352 4600 ARQLHMHBALHD 7 Capt I B SISTERS Was gt " 112 WEST Sm AVENUE com S ueeotsrrrrv 8, p g 9 Auro GLASS 943 2707 t a G IVIIKE COTEY O n B S 352 8394 Downtown Office Eastsi e Office ' Of' R EALTv mc, 5 - - I p td d 8a tt' y Lotions, soaps, oils and perfumes Handcrafted toys and jewelry i O . . Q 575 ro oulevard Furniture A W W Tumwater, hin o Auto Olym ia, Washin ton 8501 ' Free Es im tes Free Pickup and D livery I W El' U , - PATIS BOOKERY 500 CAPITOL WAY 352-0202 4 32' -1, 'ix 1 2 40 25 Q40 THE BUOKMARK B 124245240 SOUTHSOUND CENTER 491 2821 IOL NIEET THE INICESVT PEOPLE OA A ll0NDA AUTHORIZED SALES 81 SERVICE EXPERT MECHANIC 7 ON DUTY EQ. Q wumuc custom wonn CLASS OF INSURANCE HONDA HAS THEM ALL Mono amen ons A enum 1 ns A G nu. vulros: :Names THE LEADER rue mo A M 5 :nor M IN THE STREET DIRT sn 9A M 105 P M or COMPETITION I i CAPITAL E PIQEIHRCA Via ' '- xy' V - . ny' n N- f ' J X S V 77 I at ' E'-' if .3 a, f E7 f ,, , P.O. x , mpia Fw A E RQ. I , E E, - Q mmm Bom: 6 CONGRADU LATIONS 1 J Eff'-.IE-' ' Q' ff ' 78 A I ILL EN 'W ' -ij, I . . . . . V- - f WEST NIRRISIII AVE E 1 Vw W I mm 5 , ' i s Q COURT I X If "' fn ' -9, ENLYDAL . 4, Y ' Keys Cut Locks Repalred Safe Work Luggage Repaufs CARL'S KEY SHOP Carl Nelson 1963 E. 4th Ave. lLocksmithJ Phone 357 8696 ihihsm- Tumwater Wa Store O 324 the Olxmpm QWS 9 525 South Columbla Street Olympla WA 98501 Telephone 943 2950 Publlshed at Warren s Prmtmg Co QD.-nts EYZ Stltch P M TOP MORE THAN JUST A PA NT STORE 4th 8L Capltol Way Downtown Olympla X f' ' 4 ..-as-'na' 9 , ' 7 7 " ' '7f- l ll , ' ' a . , . . .1 Vx ' , ' R . fl Fabrics Dressmaking Alterations PAT BER 217 WEST Sn-4 , PHONE 943-3074 OLYMPIA. VVA. 9850 66 A 'ftt' G noctfl l' fifiigsig SOUTHEND GROCERY OPEN 7 DAYS 352 8517 352 8518 BIGELOW OFFICE SUPP LY CO an THE LITTLE GALLERY Robert E Bigelow BettyJ Bigelow 505 S Capitol Way Olympia Wash 98501 TEE TOP SHIRT SHOP DAN L M CAUGI-IAN M1119 RM Ils FUNERAL SERVICE PHONE 357 7748 S F g 9 d g R 1 p c Audrey Bocfeffe s afs'zL129 P 866 2589 C R N W h 9 PERSONALIZED SHIRTS WE PRINT ANYTHING BILL 8: FERN 737 N W DIVISION 357 2090 Qt ,Lff"N Y, ' C -7' 'PTE , I I I p 4l4 . ranklin St., Olympia, Washin lon 8501 Offering You a Complete Catering Service ' ' Wed in eceptions, Buffe s 84 S e ial Parlie d ' ' hone - , I 1 ' 3318 'ooper Point d. W. Olympia, as , P CHARLIES HAS MORE OF EVERYTHING RECREATION VEHICLES MOBILE HOMES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 78 Charhe s Trallor Sales 5325 LITTLE ROCK RD TUMWATER 943 I67l WATERBEDS FI! VUL ml ll mul Y.. A' I T H ,gf E fm ONE OF THE LARGEST SELEGTIONS IN THE AREA 'IZ TOWNI-IOUSE Q1 nncon 456 3100 Im ao mem comronr fist : " f A , f 1 5' .... -. .5-f .:. -5:4-. . C... :- ,,., F' 2 A""""'., A M ' . I :R '976 1, R w B. If - b I ,1 5 5 V - I 'I -' s a' n IQ .. 1 I MEI 5 ' - ' . 1 ' ' - I I I I - -,A+ I AD ffllw AW IL , :f ' f ff-J A E -A . ' f ' D L , " . ' I - K ' " f--- Z 1 E I f - - , r -,kq,p5 .f,4Q K V .. V- ll , E WAIIRBIUS 5 KQQIBSOYIKS T X , BLDUOOML PIIIOIL FURNITURE 5 f M ' R wi f 1 - :Asv rnMsI E Y Pjj I I N . , . - 1 I - Y ' - Y VISA 5 ,C cave RE' N N110 .:r:T::.'x1':'1f:r1f:1::5. mrs custom wnms mumens mmvss comm meme INILVSIS comm Moron wuz ur wnm Ausmsm ssnvlcf sam smvucf num ELECTRIC nm counmomns mmsmssoous 24 HUUH TUWING MQbIl X 'M 943-1531 X, S403 CIPITUI. BV. TUHWATER 4. SOUTH SOUND CENTER 5outh5ound gianmmgmnt MAIN OFIICI- IACIY 7 SI 9 lil ACK LAKI OITILI BI J I IRCIRIIN STATI COLLI-CI OFFICI- C CAB 205 OI p TANCJLFWII DE OH ILI- I SI- 98 KRAND MOUND I9747 old II gh 98 CONGRATULATIONS Congrats Grads' Bob Drckrnson MUSIC Center Drop lnto the frrendly store and say 305 East 4th ' 352 8051 682225 5210 CAPITOL 'L BOULEVARD TUMWATER WASHINGTON 98501 Phone 943 I 861 CLASS OF 1978 ff STYLING sALoN 5 if 3 450 Clevel 1nd Ave X J Tumvw xter Shopplng Center KL X2 Tumwrter Wtsh 98501 .lhnrmack Products 207 F 4th Ave OLYMPIA SCHWINN CYCLERY O,ymp,d W, 9850, -S2 S Schw1nn Bicycles the b'88C5l 19 bw SHICS Servrce fashions for the Owned 8L Operated By 222 N Dwzsron St full lrgured female Joe Falcone Olympia 51255 I6 54 Telephone 943 21 II 357 8500 FOR ALL YOUR MUSIC NEEDS gennf f e- 407 Capltol Way BANKCARDS LAYAWAYS 9 I ' L ' ,, I s YT " 1 1 "Hn" 0 9 - , W ,, ' 01 'cuter-Kmncy. Drawer A. Lacey. Wa, 8503 X I i -A 'Q IS' J 910 k l.1k' BI d,, Oli' pla, Wx. 8.02 FL ' 2' iii ' '. TES - , ym lu, Wu. 9850, 7 7- 7 M' I '. Q.Olymp1u,Wa. 503 i way 99. Rochester, Wa, 579 7 I jx ' I 'Ifx rms, I ff , A heyy 5 K +17 - , , It 1 , 4 - . . xv L L , H I A X , . X 1 ,J , I h rgowzp an 1. - - yyyy y Ji V It L, -. '. ' I' f q 2 in I Q-U, . ' . . . . I X ' . Q u l wr Y V I 45, . Q F' T - I . ICE 3245 4hA O P 94 20 STATIONERY SALES 8: SER ICE EQUI ME T 8L FURNITURE 57 STUDE DISCOUNTS HOPE S LAWNMOWER SALES Sc SERVICE Sv H JEI I 1 , , HIV Olfw CIN I If I ET CLUB N 'S NWI QR 4I1.6"EX5r5' C 213 N C TOL WAY Jotlis POIURAJJS me 309 V2 E 4th St 357 4166 AUTO CLEARING OLYMPIA THE CAR CARE MAN 502 E 4th St Olympia Wa CENTRAL AUTO PARTS INC Complete Machine Shop Service Engine Rebuilding 221 N Washington Street bam EAST A, .-s,1Y1v1P1A n . A I-TI , edikr FLowEns 5 0 y T 1 ph 3 7 9331 p 98501 h V M Qlnrk n Glrnrk GRISWOLDS pl B111 G ld 417 South Washington Olympia, WA 98501 943 0840 943 3270 I f x J I' a . - 4,1-b -Q: fx fi., -:INN S f' I al . ' 3225 .I . 7 7 Tk Q 4 X F I L 11 A E M 1 - - 4 K 6 7 N! r A . 1 ' Q, JI! 1 Custer Wa Tumwater Sq ' ' ev om'.5-.I Olym ia, Washington 1 J' C D y H h T 305 SOUTH K D 6-S988 LACEY. WASHIN True-life color portraits. V . X Family portraits a speciahty. - dw,'Q,,f,'.,flif-1U13fT""211f?fgg?gf3,-,, ,n Graduates: always a discount. W -. 1 ii i A 1 Y" 1 .1 . -- . Q I. 1 . 'L"'-7'rr1,'. ::,F:ii 7.-5Y'::5"' 1" F Fon as Premium E 'p 6' Teas Winn Cellar a , G1 Office Sup ies SL Equipment, Inc. 4 K . X ff MEA A . . -K f1SWO WHAT A CARD ' Congratulatlons Graduates D 8 W RAINIER BANK R 0 THE S fm NU SEY hlqdf 0 p ff 40Cp1lWy 7539840 Sui gafe jaw' COU2I'lI'Lg House Plants And Su hes 0 s 1 Iron Stands Terrdrlums Macrame 64 Cap1tol Blvd me s 352 80 1 SUUTHGATE BUHIWRS - 3X9 R AA ' gfW A w 3MNE?A AA QE A 1 'f 0 ' .zlggi 2 A A if AAAA AAA A.AfAAAA Af A iA 1 5 8 io 8 ,,51: E tgzglgziizlz11::,:::1.....-AW.- --Q.- A J i A ii A j AA A i i A 5 , 3, A iA A A . W A 4 f L Acting Company Administration Advertisements Annualf'Staff -. . Baseball' Basketball 'fll Q Boy's Tennis , . Cheerleaders . Cross Country' Debate ...... Drill Team , . . Fall Play . . . FBLA Food Service . . Freshman Class Girl's Choir . .ll- gf Girl's Tennis gi Golden Golf t. . 1 . Gun'?f'Cluli2j,g55g-, llli'l Dance Honor, Society International Club Junior Class . , Just Folks .... Legislature f Londonf our Matihees . . . ...... . . Sadie Hawkins Dance Senior Class . . Ski Club .....

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1978, pg 163

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