Tuloso Midway High School - Warbonnet Yearbook (Corpus Christi, TX)

 - Class of 1956

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Tuloso Midway High School - Warbonnet Yearbook (Corpus Christi, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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fl, gm LI5 x ,X 1 fffpgwgabwfgf ez A0 ww BZQQZDZ 9951, XV? 4073, fi? M fy 575238231 M iffeiiw :Wi Ei 55353 M W E WMM ' I1 A I K A 4 3 ' I, fx ja BU fy" J "'K f- Q .M ,f ,LU Q A M f wjqx, ,A z1f MV ' .vi i . -s ff' X "fb , ' fix, , , ,Q Ap k All X I Z I XX"CL"ff'A'j .M QU' 7 Q Q , A G CP ' 5 - .J19 XJ I ,B , Liu 7113 L 5 O W, M VN! ix! ,f 1 L at . 1 , ' z f . Mei WARBONNET 1956 TULOS0-MIDWAY 1 I ,. fn . ,S it "lf ' V A V' . K W" DEDICATION ' x 'Y7' TO COACH NIX AND THE WARRIOR FOOTBALL TEAM FOR YOUR DISPLAY OF GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP HIGH MORALE AND DETERMINATION FOR THE SCHOOL S PRIDE IN YOUR SUCCESS OF THE 1955 SEASON WE DEDICATE THIS 1956 WARBONNET fr Q ,zlff qu. I 1 If lu - ,nl N, ,nu 'Yr 34 , W l I, X t xx x I I I I I L' I I I Q 5 . x ' V xt Z ..- , : I TABLE OF CON COUNCILS Admumstrahon Bulldlngs Classes Offucers POW WOWS Sports Achvlhes TRIBES ENTS 1 COUNCILS 6 Board Trustees '95 ALI' IRA A I HDR XIII 'NI SI 6 RI FARY I- IIAXLIW LiV.RI1'NJC,I BOVZLPS PRI SIIJI NT 'IILI-R ILXIPRIN III bII'XLl I X II ll UP edntendents -4um....,,,x To the Class of 195K Allow me to be the fxrst to offer congratulatlons for thxs fme record of our school actrvxtxes I feel the accuracy and beauty of thxs book wxll ment commendatron from many more durmg the commg months That xt wxll afford you many pleasant and satzsfyrng memorres m the years that he ahead, IS my smcere wxsh. It xs my hope that some phase of your school lxfe has kmdled a determmatlon so fum that no hmlslmp or mxsfortune mll rhscourage you rn your accomplzshments. lic loxnl to your school' lie loyal to your natxong support the goody weed out the bad, go forward rcmembenng, 'zlwzf tfw ffm fb of freedom IS eternal uzgzlance". 11x xours, X9 QOMIJJM ! . Supa rzrztmzdf nt of Sr lmols ' . f .4 fn . i PrincipaI's Message If a hrgh school student expects to go to college, he wrll have to frnrsh hrgh school vuth a respect able grade average Thxs means that he wrll have to work at the yob of gettrng an educatron whrle he IS rn lugh school Anyone can make college entrance grades who rs vullmg to studv a suffrcrent number of hours each day Educatron rs not free rt cannot be bought nt does not rub off on one from others Edu- c mon 4 an he hu onlx Hx ltttprn one s mml 'md ues open to hrs surroundrngs and through study But Z jjmmf 10 Q' ia O . . Q . Q . . L I ' 4 1 V' l A' ' ' ' Q1 f t . -I , 1 . remember, studx' can he .1 pleaisrhe instead ot vqorlt if one is interested in what h ' d ' 'f h 'll reft.cr:1lvc7tlt.1t study .rlv .1j. s hriri 's YC'-X.1l'Xl. einer-rally, xt, A fwgg A' PrincipaI's Message Accordmg to the teachmgs of the Colden Rule the Tuloso Mldway faculty, student body, and the entxre communrty hue all more than fulhlled thelr part of thrs obllgauon toward me IU th1s my fxrst vear wrth you It IS my smcere hope that I have at least parually mented th1s kmdness and cooperatnon Our school must str we to contmually ralse the sxghts of 1ts program to foster more than yust know ledge and sklll It IS hoped that the program at Tuloso Nhclvuav wall gmde our rrsmg generatron to face the future courageously to thmlt mtellrgentlv and to lne value gurcled lnves soclallv, economlcally, polxtlcally and spxrltually Nlax thex recene in addltxon to all other help, d1X1YlC guxdance and blessmg Smcerelv yours e 11211 x lrznrz ll I ' If K Alf!'m' f' 3' pn! Texas Wesleyan College Texas College of Arts find Industrles Umversrty of Corpus Chrrstr Frrst Grade MRS SHELTON BLUHM Offrce Secretary I' Southwest Texas Stare Teachers College H1gh School Brology and World Hrstory MRS V M BRADLEY B Oklahoma A 84 N4 Qollege Tax Assessor Collector ibm MRS LOIS BISSETT M S Texas College of Arts and Indusrrres F1frh Grade WALLACE C BRIDGES M Ed Agrncultural and Mechamcal College of Texas Hrgh School Mathemarrcs and Scrence - 'vs R . .- K-Y ' , 1. X ,Q I-gi, ' I I 1 'JJ X 1 -1 f, , MRS. IVA BEASLEY, B. S. MRS. PAT BEDFORD, B. S. . , . . I. . . . , .S. ' . ., . . A 1 ,flue ,ay-A x Q, . x ,fr A 1 , M, io 3f 4 l "Sl f in MRS. JANET COQUAT, B. S. North Texas State College Hrgh School Homemalcmg WILLIAM C COX B S Baylor UHIVCISIIY Hngh School Arhletxc Coach jumor I-hgh School Socxal wfsiawega JOE A. COQUAT, M. S. North Texas State College Hxgh School Arhletrc Coach junlor Hlgh School Athletxc Coach and Nflatl' MRS HELEN FREEMAN Abrlene Chrxsuan College Daniel Baker College ourth Grade I MRS. PHYLLIS COX, R. N. Maine General Hospital School Nurse MRS MARY GOLDSTON B North Texas State College Fourth Grade 'fm QX. . E. at ,a.s. . ,.s. I g G.. 4- TW' ll 0 '-' v A , X f V , A24 Q V GARLAND G GRANT M Texas Wesleyan College East Texas State Teachers College Hrgh School Prxncrpal MRS ANNE HOOKER B S Umversxty of Corpus Chrrstz jumor Hrgh School Socral Science and Chorus If eq' S MRS GLADYS HALL B S Texas College of Arts and Industrres Fourth Grade MISS MARY HUBBERT S Texas College of Arts d Industrres Frfth Grade 1 v 4 W A Q , . X R - , S ,L T, , ' 97 MRS ELEANOR HOLM M Ed Umversrty of Houston Second Grade MRS ELSIE JOHNSON B Texas College of Arts and Industries Se ond Grade VQ 'tl' 5,15 ref if MRS. DOROTHY McALLlSTER, M. S. University of Tennessee Third Grade J. D. MILLER, B. A. Southern Methodist University University of Texas junior High School-Arithmetic if f' ,xy p-Q53 1-an-if "1 s I. I wp , I 1 I - .xx Q I .V ,,,, v :JA 1.. MRS. CARMEN MARKLEY Texas College of Arts and Industries First Grade MRS. HELEN MILLSAP, B. A. University of Corpus Christi High School-English and Speech Q I 1' I I C 'n U 'so -' . .o T, 5 f'v?i1 WZ Y A 1 A MRS. CULA MEHARG, B. S. East Central State Teachers College First Grade MRS. RUBY MIXON, B. S. Sul Ross State College High School-Library and English T' ' , wi .y S. ff? MRS WANDA MONTGOMERY B s Abilene Christian College Second Pfade F M PEARCE B A Tulane University Spanish Q- MRS .IUANITA NIX Unix ersity of Corpus Christa lligh School Physical Educa tion and American Historv MRS MILDRED PETERS B Third Grade fm 'N' XJ ,fi K EMERY NIX B S Texa Christian University High School Athletic Coach and Social Science T W PHILIBERT M A Universit of Texas junior High School Math Phi sical Education fb- 'F' 2 . . n gl . . . I . S. . .I ik , junior High School- University of Corpus Christi Spanish, English. and f . 7 W , l l 0 f D fc 4 Q X M mf C I fl , ' f 0 I BENNIE R PINSON B S Texas Ccllege of lrrs and Industrres H1Ql15chool Xhrhemamcs and Scrence MRS DOROTHY ROBY B S Lmversxtw of Corpus Chrrsrr Texas College of Mrs and Industrres Thrrd Grade MISS PAT POWER B S MISS PAULINE REESE M Xoxlene Chrrstran College Texas College gf fffg and I rfrh Grade Irxdustrres MISS JEAN ROSS B A North Texas Stare College llrgh School I nglrsh and bplmsh Q5 Second C fade MRS MARGARET SELLERS Texas College of arts and Industrres I rrst Grade rw , 1 1' 4 Yi: X fr. n I 7' if if '. ,J .1 A '33 4, 4 . I. , ir . , . . , . . I - I I Y ' . A1 lx ' ' -, r ' . T Q . , . . Y . . Y . . . . ' I - - I K A K A' 5 K T xr . . A r . , . - T Y . - 5 . A- L - j' c Q L 5 'H . f " f Q V, V' ,f,, 544- W Wil, T 1 6 r ' v F 'Zip' ' I A H ' 'S 2 fjilig ff 7 'A ,H 11' MRS MYRTLE SHERIDAN Umverslty of Florrda Thrrd Grade G K STUBBS B S Texas College of Arts and Industrres Hxgh School X ocatlonal Agrrculture f ? Sw ,S Q B 'F' , 'C x CALLIE W SMITP B M Ed Stephen F Aust1n Start College llxgh School Band Dxrector MISS RUBY TIDWELL B B A Southwest Texas State Teachers Cvllege Hrgh School Busmess Admmxs tratlon 1 :"Qxa"" 1' 1 tg MRS JULIA STR! NDTMANN B S Lmversrty of Texas Flrst Grade VANCE VANNOY B S Texas College of Arts and lndustnes Prmcxpal Elementary A E., 1 .X 2 ' l . - , X 'VL .aff . 3' CF ' . A , A ' ' I' , 'f 1 2 V -f." A, , M, f ' M H 5 , fglif ,C 1 v , J' ya - ' ' ' lu. .,,, 4 I - A f W fiaftf 4 , . , , . T 5 if A A x. M ,Q X ra 3. A A . - . - , . A. . ., . . . . x , , , . h , . . . . I . . , . . . Y . , . . ' x . ' - V l . u . . . - 1 . MRS GRACE WARD B S Ea t Texas State Teachers College jumor Hxgh Enghsh P Q' MRS CARRIE WOOLDRIDGE B A Nlary Hardm Baylor College Offlce Secretary EVGLISH I LNIDER MISS ROSS MEANS STUDY' ,lA Harl to thee our alma mater Proudly me To lrft the Xlaroon and I come before thee, . 4 standards ever hrgher gold vue love thee We are the sons and daughters Q, cy For you we ll strrve to add new laurels Fresh upon vour treasured name 20 ,, . N. . Ks, lv' , , iilx 1 i V . . , V fl Of they who planned your fame. f3'.Jvil13f ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' n P. T. A. WH 'wiv Goldston,lIzslorzun Nirs R L Gresham, Czvzl De ense Nirs Robert Levis, Treasurer N1 s R H Phlllxps, p7ffI!7CfflJI1Z7'V7I!lf7 Mrs C Tuggle, Preszderzt Mrs J Xi Lawrence, Yecrcftary Nirs Sam BromIey,I ourth Vzce Pre szd nt Mrs Phylhs Cox,IIer1lll1 Nirs H L Jaeger, Fzftb Vzce Pre szdent Xirs 'Nloal Sm1th, Publzcatzons Not pzctured Xir G K Stubbs, Parlzamentarzan Nirs R H Douglas Goals Xirs C W Pllmper Summer Round Up Mr Authur Xhlne, Safely Cbazrmarz Mr H T Sanderson, Cztzzenslrzp Z1 NN ffl? ,u 1. b ' u 3 Left to right: Mrs. Ovidio Cardenas, Third Vice-Presiderzlf Mrs. Ira Hayley,I,egisluzion,' Mrs. Mary . . " I- '.'r I. . . 1 YI. . . . I' . V V .' . 0 . . 4 f 4 f 4' n . . , 1' . - . V. I 9 'T 93 A iii! X 4 1- ' .r 1-.-new-1-f - W - - 14 ,4. , Y av ij- Mrs Georgra Sutton, Mrs Ruth Reddrng, Nire J O Brren, Mrs 2 Lourse Chuppa, Nirs VC Lanmon, and Nirs -Xrtrs Oglesbw are ready for the lunch hour Here xou see the screened porch thqt forms the entrance to the cafetorrum, whrch was completed and opened last wear Xirs Sutton rs cashler manager of the cafetorrum i 'ir ff,- I .gif-i ls Eh-,Q an--J qv' 'S-Lk .1-'SWT' Jil -11 250 44 Y-an 1: -A ' . if nf'-'JFQ .-.V K i:-iq' K. . . 'Yip- hl hese men have one of the bxggest resoonsx b111t1es 1n the school sy stem They are 1n charge of transportatlon to and from school Le I to rzgbt Xir W G Canada, Nir Vi C fox Nir Wallace Brldges Xir Harrv Elchelberg and Xir B R Pmson V 'X-Xt lLLl. 1 L QE? X An exerxdax scene 1n front of the school 343' A2 Q.M.5M?- , TRIBES 4 i Those fyp1SfS keep bu Under Sy V155 jldneuy 'Ns ,A N? 26 of Mm Bedford S OGC ufek' mxodm hwiofx Wd son and ms sxcs students Nh P m x ed phw nterest NM 'iff 112' vi y-N ,..,,..N WJ-A-Q,,,,,, 'X s,xM.s X11- i Ulxon k ' h'ijepS 1777 27 Class of 1956 SPONSOR Wallace C Bndges CLASS OFFICERS jumor Estes Reporter james Dotson Mlckey Shuford Treasurer Rolean Schuette Reporter jane Arnold Secretary joan Lawrence Vzce-Preszdent Lydxa Malek Presrdent V . Sergeant-ab Arms lass Favorites X. X6 SHUFORD M CKEY LARRY WALLS LYD A MALEK S UGLA DO CARELGEAN . , 's f at ' - 1' ev" . Q", . W , V L A' N, A . , Lf X , I, fp . , ,-it , A . I Q X X. ' fx' 1" ag X N N. n . Q .,5.,, ,4 ug tv. Q, , V ga :. - ,IQ A I " V 3. ,ri ' li. 1 x ix viii A Q 5 ' P52 x X 4 ei" ' Q MARTHA JANE ARNOLD Senior Class Secretary llarrror Chat' Staff Semor Typlst and Reporter Senror Play ABELINA CISNEROS Warrror Chat Staff Semor Typrst fm, HARRY DON COBB il' LONNIE DIEDERING Sophomore Class Treasurer Baseball 4 years jumor Capram Sports Manager 2 years Band 3 years Student Council Semor Presrdent Senxor Play Salutatorran cz'-Y' JAMES DOTSON Senior Class Sergeant at arms Senior Basketball Senior Baseball Senior Track Senior P CARELGEAN DOUGLAS Senior Play junior Class Treasurer Basketball 2 years Freshman Softball Freshman Volleyball junior High School Favorite Senior Class Favorite Freshman FHA Sergeant at arms Band 4 years Nfiayorette 2 years Drum Niajorette 2 years Warrior Chat Staff Senior Art Editor Freshman Declarnation U I L ft x.-N BETTY JANE ESTES Basketball 4 years Senior Captain Softball 4 years Volleyball 4 years junior Captain Freshman FHA Treasurer Pep Squad 4 years Freshman Class Duchess Student Council Senior Girls' P E Delegate Senior Play ROBERT ESTES JR Senior Play Freshman, junior Class Sergeant-at-arms Senior Class Reporter Football-4 years Senior Captain Basketball-2 years Baseball-2 years Senior Volleyball Track-4 years, junior Captain Freshman Duke Student Council junior Class Representative Senior Boys' P.E. Delegate ,W L I f ,,,. ,uu- QU' fa. 1 y ,w r fm f-4 1 v Q , ji P" I ' a W. +15 it LYDIA JEAN MALEK Senior Class President Senior Class Favor1te Senior Band Senior Class Duchess Senior Football Sweetheart Student Council Senior Band Delegate DORIS ERL ENE MALL ETT Iunior Basketball :softball 3 years sophomore Pep Squad I3 ind 5 xears junior X1a1orette V. xrrior Char Staff Reporter 7 xears Ixpist 7 xea s WALLACE LEE HILL Freshman Class President Football-3 years Basketball-5 years Baseball-2 years Volleyball-3 years Track-3 years Band-3 years junior FHA Beau MARY JOAN LAWRENCE Senior Class Vice-President Basketball-4 years Senior Captain Softball-4 years, junior Captain Volleyball-4 years Senior FHA Vice-President Sophomore Pep Squad Band 3 years Warrior Chat' Staff Junior Assistant Editor Senior Typist and Reporter Student Council, junior Class Representative, Senior Treasurer Senior Play 7- MARY ANN OWEN Basketball 2 years Softball 4 years Volleyball 2 years Pep Squad 4 years Warrxor Chat Staff Reporter 2 years Semor Typist CARROLL L PRIDDY Football 2 years jumor Basketball junior Track F .nf "Nw..... AL DEE PULCHER JESS PULCHER Football 2 years Basketball 2 years Track 2 years '72 6 1 "K" 'S MONA FAYE SINGLETARY Basketball 3 years Softball 4 years Volleyball 3 years junior FHA Reporter Pep Souad 4 years Sophomore Class Duchess Warrior Chat' Staff Sophomore Reporter junior, Senior Typist I 1 ROL EAN ANN SCHUETTE Sophomore, junior Class Secretary Senior Class Reporter junior Sports Manager Pep Squad-2 years Sophomore Band "Warbonnet" Staff junior Secretary-Treasurer Senior Editor "Warrior Chat' Staff Sophomore Business Manager U. 7. L. Slide Rule-3 years Student Council Senior "Warbonnet" Delegate Senior Play Valedictorian MORRIS MICKEY SHUFORD Freshman, Senior Class Treasurer Football 4 years Senior Captain Senior All District Basketball 4 years Baseball 3 years Volleyball 3 years Track 4 years junior Captain Senior Class Favorite Sophomore FFA Treasurer Sophomore Key Club Treasurer Senior Class Duke "Warrior Chat' Staff junior Circulation Manager it TQ LARRY DARRELL SUTPHEN LARRY DEE WALLS Freshman jumor Class Vrce Presrdent Football 4 years Sophomore Basketball Baseball 2 years Freshman Volleyball Track 2 years Semor Class Favor1te Semor FFA Vzce Presldent Warrror Chat Staff jumor Reporter Class of 1957 - SPONSORS Bennie R Pinson Miss jean Ross CLASS OFFICERS Clifford Davis Preszdent Loretta Najvar Serretary Bobby Phillips R1 porter My ma Sue Estes Reporter Nancy Martin Vicc -I resident Morris L ewi s Trezlsurf r Class Favorites ORD DAVIS BOBBY PHILLIPS C N NA CO NANCY MAR N Paula jean Bristol Lena Collins Bonita Adkins Melba Bowers Clifford Davis joy Davis ,ne Sherry Broussard Charle S Coombes 7 Frances Gossett j1mm1e Emmett Xlvrna Sue Estes IR r?S P atr1c1a Green K' P hxlhp Ixassner P ascal LaCour Q' Bermce Flugrath Joyce Hensley NWN gf jean Niarslmll ml mt 1 Joyce Lauer Morris Lewis Louie Malek Marshall Mann Nancx Nlartm Mary Nell Manlove Q au . 5 , 'Y . u , 1... A 9 .... ,fg ,Q .-- x. h L . .J I ,'a,'1g- Q. 'LQ-Q l, . ss' 1 Enms Owens Z' Loretta Nalvar john Oglesby ff? Bxlly jo O Qumn 'W-rr Eugene Pavelka Bobby Ph1111ps Donald Reynolds M11 g K- fix Gary Talley ' Buddw VL alker Clenda Richey Nelda Sutphen Paul Trexber 42 Samma Houng I 747 X'- 1 ,,f 3 I' 7 l R .n-P" 11,2 f' Qi' 114 'N f ,ffl L 7 I il L, . ell Us SO we C817 l 4Ll. 11 fe lb ll Class of 1958 SPONSORS Mrs Janet Coquat Mrs Par Bedford CLASS OFFICERS Fl ame Mclxenzw Treas urer 1mmx Lanmon Ireszdc nl Glenn 'I eer me Preszdent Xi an Yrances XX rlght Sm ff nm X111' jo Bxllmgsleq Rf purtc r Xian Lou Hax s Reporter . . 4. , . J Y 1 ', V' ' .z'- , , Class Favorites 1? R G NNT MARY OU HAYS A if HQ hathryn Bowles J eb joe Barrera Manuela Barrera Mar jo Billingslea Patricia Bird is Bennie Bridges Amelia CardenaS X ickx C arr jan Boyd 3 I uamm Chemblesa, ,ff Lewxs Douglas Tyrone Connelly Lela Cranfxll Z0- Betty Cunmngham 'Sb 4... Butch Davxs ,M johnme Goodm an Davxd Gunter Mary Lou Hays jean Heasley 3 Bes s Frankl m 4... AIS X I 1mmx Heznrxch jeese jimes jxmmy Lanmon gx0LOCy groin 0464153 Carol Ann jones Mllton Kassner Frankhn Malek Max 'viarun Elame MCIXIDZIE jo Anne Nhlls Earlme Parault jrm Prxddy Helen Petru Iva Mae Pfeifer Frances Pierce Charlie Priddy 1 kv i Mary Rose Rlos Beverly Schuette Charlotte Seward Ray Slovak Gerald Reddmg 11 Z' 15 9' janet Stephens -Xl ! Beverly jo 'Iurner Frances Turner 1 1bb1C Uehlmger Irnesune X allmerrng Xian Imnceb Vnght Bobby Sm1th Loretta Stanford ,E n MORE 'U 4 ,J is gm' If TX -I if RQ S0951 7 i Class of 1959 T. ,,,..... ,af SPONSORS Nixss Rubx T1dwe11 Nirs Helen Xhllsap Mrs Rubw Nhxon CLASS OFFICERS Damel Nawar f 7181116 If D1ck Sanderson X zcf p7'f'51l17671f Don Xkooldndge Sm re Ian Gregorw Tschoepe 7 791181171 r Class Favorutes X Pkg, .1-KJ '- as QM X' ER LK WA CE 17 f . Ng g' x A A J ., .,,,,,: X X, K X I Ll: A j' In , QE S1 A Q- 1 E grip X, iw . ' - . 4' - ' -W ,L 2 ' 0 N 1 1, , ' 'A :. A A sg A A A J J, f J 4 5 1 xx . , ,i I X i 5 nl, 4 A 43.2. E, x - Q ,W T QL Q E Y 75-If x'::. .. 1- , Www- , -J, ' fs: ' .1 1 75- J .H , X, .H ,x yn, Q . l H H Q QQ . , I . ri J 1 Q :h I E . , ,J ob Q 1 Q ' .J , f ' J. Q fx - xx I J h 8 N , , K ' Z 'U N 5 4 , . 1, . A za n , , ' X .. , ,h 9 , A ibn ' . , 4 . XA 9 3 ,Q ,E x We YQ 3 -.H , ax, l 1 If 0 . Q 1 cf: Q Q:.I,L' G w,, N: ' u. my - . 2 ,Q V I' ' 3 4 ,. , f .if v- -fn si 0, Q ,A 'Q ,gx '13 ,-3 K . w, , :Q ., M K A 1 Q ,335 -I :LA N. A N ' - X . 'nl 2 W. Jn-J . . fm- uf 5 A I 5, J - 'JF A 4 X 4 6 I il.- " ' ' . ' ' za 'H V f T PA 0N S HN O J DY JU VAR J NA EL N DA .21 Barbara Adkms W llllam Baughman Bon Burns 1 Ronny Blake Glorra Breshears r"v 7-f'4' Oudro Carclenas, 1 jerrx Crxttenden Douglas Campbell Brenda Cobb jeannme Connellx 'Mark Crrder Brlly joe Duncan Dora Darst Bonnie Davis ,Q Linda Downen Lula Bell Downen Oscar Garcla Robert Flanagen Dorothy Franklm jackre Hale Lorrame Goslm james Green fr YK .K , 5, . in l l A ' . Q V -.. Thomas Hays 1 ,A . I M if V V- 7' 4 ' -- Glenn Hennesay If -1, f A ' ,"'l 1, 'M A' Charles Hope Allen Howze Amy Hughes S o Allen james WOWN judx johnson R1 joan jackson 1' 1 Barbara lxeen lams Iones joxce lung 1W ing joe Martinez Tommy Lanmon Noel Lumpkin Patricia Malek Marshall Nlanlove Q1 Qu, 1:7 Verch al Mell ard Adolfo Moto Martin Martinez 1" 'Y' fi. 1 Daniel Nayvar He nry Perez Bonnie Parsons Katherine Price Rosemary Price K L.. james Richev Robert Pulcher Geneva Reynolds W-444 Lila Riddle ,I IQ R1 y jerrx Roberts Patsy Sailors Richard Sanderson fx 'T at Pat Surgmer Wilford Scott Patsy Shepherd Xu Cloice Shumake X0 Don Staley E' Freddle Thom as joseph Trexber Frances Tschoepe Gregory Tschoepe ' 1 , , Lf if 'W as if 4 A 1 VV , - A Ronald Sutphen Barbara XX alton su jean Tuggle Harvey Urban Ace Walker Lila Waller Lols Xhlson Don Vkooldrrdge Gall VC rlson .lx 1 George O'I3r1en BHG V0fkmal'1 Xian XX urz FRESHMAN DAY September 25, 1955 xi' Tux 1 The IiOfne F . as Ailcinccggzlczs I das? listens closely , q ar explams hon, to boil Wat I er. .N-xi Ai ' Y N Mxsssx Vx, A I 'S l 7 N nf- f , X Q i CS ff 7 . 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Robert Rodrlquez Hx ff? if Q4 Bobby Stoneman Eluterlo Vrlla vueva Davrd Wallace Nelta Wrlght Frances Yanez Frank Yanez MRS MARGAREJ SELLERS Teacher Dav1d Arraya Robert Aranda S1lv1a Barrera Baldemar Cantu it Q'-4'ibp..u is LX-77 V1ola Guerrero Ida Haserra Niarxa Herrero Damel Jaime Dlana Leah juan C Lopez Dommga Niartmez Niargarlta 'Vlartmez Theodoro Martinez Felipa Mena Maria Lusia Pedriza Horrencea Pena is K .J ' s Glorla Cardona jesusa Cardona Vrrszxma Cardox Eruesto Chapa Marla Deleon Delores De Los Santos Alma Flores javxer Flores Febramo Garc1a Roberto Garc1a Ramona Garza Eugema Guerrero ?1y,.,x IFS .1 ' r r fdfww I if-Al , -us? 4 ' Gra e Francrsca Ramxrez john Ram1rez Ynes Ramlrez Angelrta Salrnas Rose Salrnas Antomo Sanchez Sofra Sanchez Grlberto Delos Santos Irma Serna Rosalmda Srlvas Rosario Srlvas jose Truyo A WK' is egg-sg' 3 K , 47' 5 ' sky 1 4M,4t 4 1 A " 1-W m I V V W 'fi' ,iii ,-1 j 41 TTY' 2 L79 U 54:4 :. 1 :v 'F V MRS JULIA STRANDTNIANN Teacher Manuel Acosta Patrlcra Beall Rrchard Beall Shrrly Brown Linda Kay Davis Kirven D Dippel Nancy Emmert Ismael Flores Robert Funderburg Tommy Grimes Linda Haddick Dennis Hammack 3 Charles Peal Andrez Perez Homer Rodrxquez Nfianuela Rollend Nlanuela Salas Brenda Schxllmg errv Thomason X olanda Valleyo erna Webb joy celyn Wheeler ii Wk I . 44 Sandra Honeycutt Ray Kelso Carolyn Sue Keen Xlary lung Karen Sue Kubale Bobble Nlalek Kathryn 'vlellard Robert Nevllle Evangelma Pantoyo 'fu W First Grade We ""' :- fe W mayo f- Kx - X H . I V, x L f . A ' A-I 4' Q ' --g::"'R qx,:d.,' ,,. l .. x 'lf' "H 3 ' e Tl X 'fp 1 J x ' A 1 L if A sm "" ' gl ' X eve. ' ge, Il ig M5 . J' L' D '. xv 'A be 1 X x ll 1' ' v A Q 5 A. l - ' A QA 1 'x It l :" '. , '5lvNf', N 7 A F ' 'ull I 3 zz l 1 ' f . ' M Q Q 5, "', ,lv ' Yf P 4 ' 1 ' A V ' f ' , .. J- at , f ' m 5' ,il ll' fir' 1' I if! V ' ,f 4131. -NN T "r . if .yvf-"3 ,1 I Too Late To Classufy if Henrietta Adkins Bonita Ashburn Solis Baldmero Nlike Childers Ronald Childers julian Cisneros Roberto Clsneros Nlildred Conner Jody Glud is L-1 Six if 4k'7" Q '- 1 , 1 5 A , ,I I Nlickey Glud Manuela Hernandez Henry Hunsucker David Lindell Lillian Lisenby Nancy Lofton Fred Olivo Ronnie Petirt Angelira Salinas jimmy Sanchez Simona Sanchez POW-WOWS l' 5- Hallowe en Her Niayestw Bewerly lo Turner escorted bt blenn Teer represents the senror hrgh school Nl s C J Tuggle presrdent ofthe PTA crovsns Barbara Garther queen of the jumor hrgh school Her Majesty IS escorted bv Roger Smrth Ronald Nicfulloch escorts Her Malestx Rubs llahrenberg queen of the elementary school Coronation P1 9 Uamc NN on nd' Sigif F-5, 3 N.- . Warrior Band Tuloso-Midway is rather proud of its Warrior Band. We have good reason, too. The Band has marched at all Warrior Football games, and played in numerous concerts during the year. They enter- ed the Goliad Marching Contest and won second place in Class B. They received a First Division rating in the Interscholastic League Marching Contest in Robstown, and a First Division rating in the Interscholastic League Inspection. The Band Officers,Are.' Morris Lewis, Prrfsi- denlf Carelgean Douglas, Vice-Prffsidc-nt,' Nancy Martin, Treasurerf joan Lawrence, Secretary. A. ' , . , A542 , vf .J , 'wasp wg- A ., f wry , My Elm -AM., 4' ,LQ il ti X ' AJ NNE .K .63 M A . V Q? I fa if X HZ lj. K A 2, L' I ik 'A fi? fi? ik sh, M V 2 Q g 3, l ' V! Q f ,L YT 2. ff A 'f Y A 2i!Qf W 4 .fa gf Z? se if f fl W I- .fi .4919 ,1 M qi if A ,Y 5 16 A 1 X My 1 ' f' X x 'W-Ox' . , , f sq In ,- ff jf! A' My A A , I , - W if " ' I 1 7-4 ' f , 1, ' .f 4 1 If f if Lf ff lx Band Parents lub 4151 1 Q' fll l1- N Q, 1 - 'aaafu - wig, Y eh, 6 'H ,iff M .I - ' fs' E QP . . i i is 1 as e ,ax X .' X X wx X FQ 1 ' In 1054, the parents ofthe band members organized the Tuloso-Midway Band Parents Club. These parents are ardent backers ofthe band and sponsor many of its activities. Last year the members of the club presented a womanless wedding to raise money for the band. This year they sponsored a chile supper. Both were great successes. The officers arc, left to right: Mr. E. W. Heinrich, Treasurer: Mrs. W. Heinrich, l'llC'C'Pf6'SI" dent: Mrs. jack Wilson, I'rcsz'df'ntg Mrs. L. Helms, Secrvrary. f0n - X . ' 5 . Z.: IA-I!- ' l 'ik 'Nfl k 'ffl , E' .3 102 5,12 mi. ludenl Council C VL SN1TH Sponsor LONNIE DIEDERING Preszdent W 3 MORRIS LEWIS lzce Preszdenl BERNICE FLLGRATH Recordzng Secretary N -KNCY MARTIN Correspondzng Secretary JOAN LAW RENCE freasurer Lonme Dledcrlng and Mr Smlth enyoy a coke rn front ofthe vendxng marchlng, a proyect sponsored by the Student Counc1l ll!! v','n4,..,-qr""a'f -.,f'1l'Y 'W' Fronz row Pattx Bud, Thomas Hays, Nlary Frances lllught, Davld Gunter, johnny Oglesby, Beverly Turner, Geneva Reynolds, Damel Nayvar, Don Staley. Rack rou jean Tuggle. Mary Lou Hays, Mr. C W imtth, Glenda Rxchey, jumor Estes. Lydla Malek, Betty Estes, Bermce Flugrath, joan Lawrence, Morrls Lewzs, Nancy Nfiartnn, Rolean Schuette, Lonn1eD1eder1ng, Bonme Davrs. Voz Pzczured Enms Owen Gerald Reddmg. 103 lk HE? . '. . I 1 ' , ' Mx f ' kt-1. I , ZW Y ' ti f' ' , ' ,t z ' ::,, v v V lf . fl 1 ' T V T . I N a f ft' , . ' I! 21 e 'Tl - '. - M MQ A I- .sl , 9 Y W . J ' 5' V A S' up , ' ,D .. t W , 4 1 . A . , "3 -'KAP I . . ' 1 f .. " YV A 1 l 'la Y A . 1.4 rl A ,. ' ,Inf V, i lx' R 4 W , ..,., .V . ... ,QA ,,. .n 'V "Iwi 4 -,-4 Warbonnet a ,HY ill . C7 Am. In assembllng thls book, the Warbonnet Staff has trred to preserve all the hlghllghts of the 1955 56 school year hoplng If wlll serve to refresh the memories of each student ln years to come We present ll to you wrth pleasure, and we hope our purpose has been accomplxshed THE W WRBONNET STAFF Mrs. Pat Bedford, Sponsor Rolean Schuette, Fdztor Pattx Bud, Secreiary Don Staley jean Tuggle Davld Gunter We wxsh to express our thanks to Donald Reynolds for hls art contrlbutlons. and to Clxfford Davls for hrs help ln securrng advertlsements. 104 . L' if V rl 5 , ,Q-lingf ' ,. - xg. Q 4 1 " Y 'Tia f .- I W 1 W 1 gfulf 1 'Dv fp .' 1 ' 2- 1 Si a Alf! .. f ' T K ' ,f - fqfgll 1' -' P 'A' A . ' , 1 . fi "' f e - Q ,A - 5 N W Y l ' t W ' 5.11 .1 K , .ig gl , ' Y, 'S A, , W.- , f ' Q ,Q 2 V ' x I . a E f- the Page layout. L. 7' A+! Patti is hard at work cutting the Pictures to size while jean pretxxres Patu Blrd, who IS Secretarx Treasurer, IS busy typmg b11ls for adx ert1semer1ts m the Viarbonnet If I Daud Gunter IS bust trxmmmg PICIUYCS mh11e lem t uggle rs puttmg the pages m the dummx annual 105 'NA s-1 Warriors hat taff tl 'Q I! f A C rr f IJ! from r Ioxnl an rencc, line -lrnold, ibelxna Cmneros, Klux innOvren, Ixpzsfi C arelgean uglls, l I I Jr r ra en 1 rc cx wx 4 II mr rctrl 1 xqr rr 1 zzr 1 s XsQ well pfrsf N rx e 'anoxe Illflfxtl 1 1 rr o Riff Ihc Xl lrrrorx C hu li Pulvlrnlrcrl once 1 month bx the xorrrorm reporters of thc school Q org rnrzitrons w x us lt Cont uns ncws IDL News of exrnm rnl l1lPPCfl1DLS rroun l tlrc sclroo rnr wunrtx f uoso Nr'xx 106 6 v V. LW A , 1 , 5 x 0 , 4 A fx K . - A 1' " , 4 . 0 ,ff vw X, 4 ' 'I L01 0 rvwr, v' uzrfw L -. ' ' -1 . , ' '. L ' HI' .,' Q x Dol Lf lr 'ffm Iirr " rnzrg Q1 ll. R' hj,I-'rr'11f,r,' jol1nny'OglefL-', Crrrnfrl mr lltl gm: Lo I Q Nr 'r ,jim fl llolr 'X'r'z1s,' Geneva Reynolds, RoSemnry'Price, I-'rfrslrmzrr ,N'r'11s,' Marlo llillingslcn, Xopfvmrorr' X'r'r1s,'l.Cnf1Collins, juz ff X' r:rf,' iii. RubyTid ' , Sl f2f1f,'.1H"N ll M' l ' ,j rr' '-r .s',' P. ulr li 'St l,lfll.rl t"7f frrr. " ".','xg"'. I 11 ' '.'. S '. . .md 3 y thc- 'lfping Il Clif. 5 ' . l " . Q X . A I ' . . - f lg l Cort .1 ' H' o l' l Y -Alf. ay, XISS F1 wel n tvusti mirvect 5356.9 'o D6 HOQIII e of correct ar rangevem lane 'XIDO14 and Nlona wnglerarx cut Qtenmls to meet the deadlme onthe gos Sm Column bemo r Txpmg II mlmeographs pages for the paper T4 iv , 4 f ' 1' "f.'I:i ', r : " L 4 : Ah", ' I , W ,I 1 , 3 " A' I . 'b 4 LA 4 A Q Fx. 0 . K - V - - an rw ,I , ,u "'v'V 1' , 5 5 I MRS I A COQUAT Sponsor MARY LOU HAYS Preszderzt JO ANN MILLS wQMAKfR5 Vzcc Preszdent BARBARA WILLIAMS Yecrelary Ireasurer MARY ANN OWEN .-.L..- Ja PAULA BRISTOL GLENI A RICHEY -, Reporlers X SA MMA YOIJNG 0 Q' farlzamenfarzan NEW H IVA MAF PPEIFPR Yong L c advr PA TTI BIRD I 1G71lSf MI' LBA BOW FRS Soczal Cbazrman 108 O Ox It I sb 1 1 -,. A 5: Q 2 ' Em E ' 2 His!Aorian , I 1 I gi y 3 , . , Q1 wo A 1 Y 0 0 ' . ,we The flower bed IS sure to thrne 'mth the help of anxs Lou ones and uenexa Rex nolds The QIIIS ser therr green thumb to vsork rn hopes of haung a be'zut1ful garden 51: XL! ix Pat Qurgrner and Iuds ohnson are nard ar work sevurng on rhcxr dresses for mer rxroyecr rhrs :erm e lr I Q1rls are progressr ranrdlx unuer the Careful drrectron of Xlrs I Qoouat i oyce Lauer laughs as Samma Young gets the job Of Washing dishes. The girls are learning the art of fine cooking. gl Fm, 2 , 513 e455 ,5- Future Farmers I L james Reporter johnm G of Amerlcg oodman Treasurer jxmmx Lanmon iccretarv Tvron H X ICG Preszdem Enms Oven Preszaent Sentznel Larrw V-a S, Av I fmsf J 110 , f0ll National Rufle Assocuau Lowe Xlalek, Preszderzt Jimmy Lanmon Secrelar D y amel Najvat rea wer jan Boxd, Vzce Preszderzl Range Offzcer 111 . 0 ' . ' ,' ' , ,' ' N ' , T 5 ,- If ' 5 I 4 1 1 , 1f J iz' 1 Z , 5151 fi 11, V. jp , ' ' I . x ' , 1 1 . -Lis,-figs...-x f , " -1 .1 , A 'Luft A, ' .if if 7 1 1 if F22 f ,141 1 V ff- 5 M 471.1 Q ,f,, I . ' ' SPEECH CLUB NIRS N1II.,LS'KP YPONOR Fzrst rou Elaine X1cIx1nz1e Treasurer David Gunter Preszdent Niar oB11lingslea Vzce Presz Preszderzt Xfiarw Frances Wright Dora Lee Darst fbzrd mu Kathryn Bowles, ean Heasley, Lela Cranfill, Reporter Billv Davis johnny Goodman Fourth rou Max Martin, Sergeant at firms f 112 A 0 A A , , ji. . .A,.., I . , . J .. ?.. .- Second row: janet Stephens, Reporter: Patti Bird, Secretary: james Stinson, Betty Cunningham, ' ' ,'. , . J ' '. ' 1 ' , f ' . Fi fa 0, C ,W W' r Q hw WARRIORS J M K If7lfllf I!! 'Y 1 5 fa f f rt: f 9 QN N ,-f""' Front rou Glenn Hennewav, Allen Howze, Verchal Nlellard, Jimmy Lanmon, james Strnson, Ennrs Oven. Freddre Thorras, Tom Hays. Gerald Reddrng. Second row Pascal La Cour, Buddy Walker, Danlel Najvar, Allen james, Carroll Prrddy. Bobby Smith, Xlax Nlartm. Lonnre Deldermg. Tbzrd row Coach Nrx, junror Estes, Glenn Teer, Etgene Pavelka, Tvrone Connelly, Xhckey Shuford, Coach Cox. Coach Coquat. Fourth row Robert Pulcher, jesse james, jess Pulcher, Bobbv Phrllrps, Paul Trelber. Loure Nlalek, Charles Coombes, Clrfford Davls. Not pzctured Larry Walls. l I3 ,x Q' ' i f 'Qs ' vf 5' . 'gm , Y. In back of our Warrior team there is one who is fully devoted and determined. His fatherly conduct creates the spirit in the hearts of these bovs He is none otnerthan Coach Emery INIX This season marks his fourth year of service Assisting him on the field are W C Cox and joe Coquat The First Eleven 1? 1 Q. F? I Xp' di x 1 l ' X . Q 2-'Q f 'Nl 't, 0? CHARLES coomses CLIFFORD DAVIS Tackle uarterback 1 Letter 3 Letters LONNIE DEIDERING Manager JUNIOR ESTES TOM HAYS Tackle Tackle 4 Letters 1 Letter GLENN HENNESAY ALLEN HOWZE Guard Tackle 1 Letter 1 Letter ALL EN JAMES End 1 Letter - mrii PASCAL LA COUR -'WNY I-ANMON Nianager Quarterback 1 Letter JESSE JAMES End 2 Letters VERCHAL MELLARD Tackle 1 Letter it LOUIE MALEK MAX MARTIN Tackle End 1 Letter 2 Letters DANIEL NAJVAR ENNIS OWEN Halfback Halfback 1 Letter 1 Letter EUGENE PAVELKA BOBBY PHILLIPS Tackle Halfback 3 Letters 3 Letters ALL DISTRICT DISTRICT JESS PULCHER TYRONE CONNELLY End Guard 2 Letters 2 Letters ROBERT PULCHER GERALD REDDING End Guard 1 I-effef 1 Letter CARROLL PRIDDY Tackle 1 Letter MICKEY SHUFORD Fullback 4 Letters ALL DISTRICT GLENN TEER Guard 2 Letters PAUL TREIBER Center 3 Letters BOBBY SMITH Halfback 1 Letter fx f x B UDDY WALK ER Halfback 3 Letters JAMES STINSON Halfback 1 Letter F R E DDI E THOMAS Guard 1 Letter LARRY DOC WALLS Fullback 4 Letters M :Ts 0- J ,v .J ? I gl We IES " it f vllisillff Q' 4 fs M elf y ww L ff ,f . 'I , , 4 Biqpf Q E JD f in L 5 ,U .Q 6, 79' '79 23 -u 9 Q ,Lu J 15.-5 3, - A. Before each home game the cheerleaders lead the Vlarrzors out onto the held HOMECOMING LUV The Warrlor Band forms a heart for the presentatxon of the football sweetheart Follovsmg the tradttxon at the home Commg game the football team announces thelr sweetheart Thxs wear she was Lydla Nlalek Lydxa IS bemg presented wzth a gold football on a cham by captam Nhckey Shu ford,and abouquet of roses by captain junior Estes. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL SWEETHEART CAPTAINS yShf Mick u ord Lydia Malek Junior Estes Q ,, f-...N 5 x s ' A 4 .., t ,Wt U iv? ff 4 l Q' . o f 5 0 0 aw I .,,. 4: X ' , . . - u . . , A 1 - ' -,'7W RALUES 42 Epys' Basketball COACH: Joe Coquut T . 1 P Q x THE A TEAM Lfary Tallex C nam' Robert Pulcher, lofuum' Hobbs Phlllxps Ccfnlcr L ames I oruara' CI1ffordDax1s Guard Not p1CfZ1f?L1y Wallace H111 Cuard Nhckey Shuford C uard 124 I' " --H , Y ' - 7 Q - , " , ' .1 ' I ' , 1 I : . . V. , , .Q ' ,7 . . . J. .1 , , , ., . ,. .. 1 . g Marshall Mann Guard Bobby Phillips Center Captain Mickey Slluford Guard .less Pulcher Forward Wallace Hull Guard Captam Plulllp Kassner Guard -i J Clifford Davis J lg-orwgiles Forvs ard Gary Talley Form ard A W.,- obert Pulclaer Ceater .lumor Esfes Eugene Pavelka Forward I- orward Johnny Oglesby Charles Coombes d Center Forwar 29 James Shnson 5 Guard .llmmy Emmerf Guard J I mmy Lanmon Guard James Dofson Forward s Q1 H r. ' s x Y Nei! , lkx I E4 , x F L- , 29 ' Nkxf, I J ' I I Jumor Trac Senior rac Baseball COACH: Mr. Emery Nix Sensor Softball Volleyball Junuor Sollball irls' Basketball Vs W-X THE A TEAM Xian Ann 0WCH,fIl!17!1I Fl'i1flEX1CIX1f1Z1C, C urzrd Bern Fstes, If T1 an! Iofml cmrence, C lltlflj Ixi N11ePfe1fer, luruzznf 51mm1H oung, I 0711 am .. , . Ya 4 X T . 2 r ' y il". z 4 X A ' , ' 1 A Xl 'x Aff .I X' xy-If. 3' Y'x T J wi' K 6 .Y ,ff 'I .5 4' X, v- .wx JI' I Q w N ,f V it Q, , ,N 5, ' lf' L 'l 1, T t if ki Q S N N 3 H V . ' . ' " ' ' , V --' . 1 . I , 4 Q , 1 , 1 I 51 ,'-. ,' i ,' ' 5 ,". 1' x 5 '. QUE W W a T Q 5 1 J CI? I R , 1-4 'Q J NIX 'Q Captain Joan Lawrence Guard Manager Lela Cranfill Manager Paula Bristol Captain Betty Estes Forward f V X . X , 5- ' M Gai f L W d Mary Ann owen Wilson Guard Guard Barbara Jean Adkrns Forward 1 Ned I Elaine Guard Jane? Mary Nell Stephens Manlove Fom ard Forward i 132 , a I , . N If Y Y ef r K N E n' 6 V 'pr - r M ' -4 r ' 6 if 4 fy . v ': 5, , 1 r d . 1 V A Q Q, F McKinzie 2- ' - A , 15' e 3' 3' o ' 3 .lean Marshall Forward Kathryn Bowles Guard Ivo Moe Summa Pfelfer YO'-U19 Forward Forward 133 Mona Smglefury Forward 'sr- Junior H' Football 'glmchool i IM X sm U? hxgh These boys are the future Warmers of our are successfndly coached by W school They Cox a r nd joe Coqua 134 Junior High chool d Pe- ua CHFERLEADERS WALTINA IRVIN GLENDA OVERTON PATSY STINSON SAMMY BROMLEY LANORA THOMAS s"i'4.'f-'Q 4,9 Egg, ,fm iffy " X' ,W gm ASSISTANITS CAROL HUGHES JUDY HAILEY SPONSOR LORA SLOVAK MRS JOE COQUAT 135 in Junuor Hugh Basketball SECOND PLACE DISTRICT CHAMPS Front row Igent Nix Butch Smith Dean Nix Larry Talley Gene Norton Tommy Philhps Roger Nix Back row David Tischler Lawrence Gresham Manager Albin Pavelka David Ashcraft Tom Roberts john Wilson Bobby Sample james Wright Freddy Carlton Not pzcturea' joe Coquat Coach OPPONENTS Clorkwood Cclollen London Flour Bluff Colallen Bishop Flour Bluff Odem Portland Calollen London Flour Bluff Colallen Colullen 27 Culallen OPPONENTS Clarltwood Culallen Hellman London Flour Bluff Odem West Oso Hellman Colallen Colallen Bishop Sundeen Front row: Lanora Thomas, Sammy Bromley, Glenda Overton, Patsy Stinson, Max ine Turner, Gaynell Dolezal. Back row: Betty Bristol-Manager, Betty Staley, Betty Borden, Bernice Pfeifer Charlotte Shumake, Edith Hennesay, Waltina Irvin, Henrietta Adkins, Lupita Ruiz, Mrs. Juanita Nix, Coach. Junuor Hugh Chorus DIRECTOR ACCOMPANIST Mrs Anne Hooker Beverly Turner ,LX 137 I I ' f 1 .AA ,, BEST WISHES FROM CORN PRODUCTS REFINING CU BLUEBONNET PLANT MAKERS OF I gl ' , A L Z , , L I Conn 75 3 f Q 2 i ' have-ra E ' i 1 lsnmms Co I , i ir A.. ..A-A-'pf' , 1 , f -,, 4 ,. f 139 BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL CAREER CELANESE CORPORATION OF AMERICA PETROLEUM CHEMICALS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT P.O. BOX 8 CLARKWOOD TEXAS pause id- Amerncan Bottling Company I o I I E I UOTTIJD UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-CO I Q SUHTIUE HEFIHIH6 UUIHPHHU - I - tv NING MARK -1 R E , coRPUs CHRISTI TEXAS PHONE TULI 5251 CANDY CIGARS CIGARETTES CHEWING GUM MATCHES NIFTY SCHOOL SUPPLIES NIFTY CHART RACKS REAM PAPERS OF ALL KINDS LUMBER HARDWARE PAINT WHEN IT S BUILDING REMEMBER C L A S C O CONSUMERS LUMBER AND SUPPLY COMPANY S115 HIGHWAY NINE PHONE TU2 1279 -C H I L D R'S- W H O L E S A L E C O M P A N Y 102 MESQUITE HAV - A TAMPA TAMPA NUGGETS KING EDWARDS ELI WITT CIGAR COMPANY CANDY - GUM - FOUNTAIN SUPPLIES PHONE TU2 3361 SCHOOL SUPPLIES No'r1oNs 71h MESQUITE IS-44f MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT I NSURANCE CORPORATION WE ARE AS CLOSE TO YOU AS YOUR NEAREST MAIL BOX NO EXTRA CHARGES WHEN YOU USE THIS CONVENIENT SERVICE STATE NATIONAL BANK ?Ww4?5 CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS B? W ffl' OUR FUTURE IS INSURED JF Q N4 2426 INSURANCE AGENCY N D HUIE R PLANNED PROTECTION WRITING ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE PHONE TUL4, 5525 705 MESQUITE STREET CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS ELEVEN BIG STORES TO SERVE Y 0 UI 3. 1 if 1 ' 'w yX X fl' N fl B I E L ' S G H O C E R Y CONGRATULATIONS ff GRADUATES ' XF' 1:: CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY QESFFX KNOWS THAT A FEW YEARS FROM NOW YOU SENIORS WILL BE GETTING MARRIED RAISING FAMILIES, BUILDING HOMES AND FINDING MORE AND MORE USES FOR DE PENDABLE LOW COST ELECTRICITY YOU CAN COUNT ON CPL TO HAVE PLENTY POWER, WHENEVER YOU NEED IT SO BE MODERN LIVE ELECTRICALLY' 17 uu nmwni CENTRAL POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY C9 lnsunnnce Loans P O BOX IOOI CHMHWwfJhw TOO LITTLE LEARNING IS A DANGEROUS THING TOO LITTLE FIRE INSURANCE IS RISKY TOO WITH PROPERTY VALUES AS HIGH AS THEY ARE TODAY POLICIES ISSUED SEVERAL YEARS AGO REPRESENT BUT A FRACTION OF PRESENT REPLACEMENT COSTS DON'T DELAY LET THIS AGENCY FURNISH YOU WITH FULL PROTECTION NHUNST LOSS BY FIRE AND OTHER PERILS AETNA INSURANCE COMPANY PHONE TUH 9h12 602 NORTH LOWER BROADWAY S , 1 129 ,,, Q ' I J X I OF Q 7 Mun: HUGH' sawn A 9 0 I COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHERN MINERALS CORPORATION SOUTHERN PIPE LINE CORPORATION COMPLIMENTS OF CUHPUS DRIVE IN THEATRE HIGHWAY NINE AT BALDWIN BOULEVARD COMPLIMENTS OF BOULEVARD DRIVE IN THEATRE LEXINGTON BOULEVARD DIAL TES 6211 Sf-M Lu-seam S 8 M LUMBER 8 SUPPLY EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING ANNAVILLE ROJTE 2 BOX O PUON TU2 8085 e-M3-Hb wmv 'A V156-ngwngwg bf If H'UFQ Magna: A J' " VE? rf ygiffalhy ,ia -ma-f -CJ 'ff W' c tlme 1I'1 the element y school' K TOWN DRIVE INN HOPE .L CMDRMWBWR YOU LIKE YOUR NE K mm WARBONNET Iww Jwmvoy THE ANNUAL STAFF U 'I -r '7 -Av 1.4 - 1' . - QE gr I , V, :-4 v- ,iff I -I -- I -I ' Lyle JwUfAfMw -7A UQepfa1'wQ!"M f " I N 'f -"'1"v?'L7iy3:i' I f .P I A, , 11?:1fAi1fff-2a'ifi9'- A 4, ka5n,6,g v, ?f.,,,, , W 79.-,,. f,v.f,v,, A, QU F- ,!iA:4k..Qv 5- , ' " ""ww"?"s Y - V. - , Mn. 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TUM-2hO1 - PHONE HOME LOANS INSURED SAVINGS COMPLIMENTS OF MCCULLOUGH TOOL COMPANY MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING OIL WELL TOOLS COMPLIMENTS OF F I R S T S T A T E B A N K ENBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SIX POINTS HUDSON 8 JACKSON INC 455A BALDWIN BLVD PHONE TUE 0582 FISHING TOOLS HYDROSTATIC TESTING r 1 4 W 'N ' COMPLIMENTS OF COHPLIM NTS OF CORPUS CHRISTI NATIONAL BANK SERVING SOUTH TEXAS SINCE 1890 I I ER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION COHPLIIENTS OF H E BUTT GROCERY COMPANY A TEXAS INSTITUTION YOUR H E B FOOD STORES COMPLIMENTS OF JESS EDWARDS INCORPORATED TRUCKS TRACTORS M BRIDE LANE PHONE TU3 Shhl COMPLIHENTS OF M. c ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS 1220 soUTH STAPLES PHONE TUH 3R21 DRAGLINES - NAINTAINERS C CJ fl IJ 8 IJ 13 R E N Z OOMPLINENTS OF RENWAR OIL CORPORATION 1501 WILSON TOwER 2600 REPUBLIC NATIONAL BANK BUILDING CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS DALLAS TEXAS V EH 1 CONGRATULATES YOU UPON THE COMPLETION OF ANOTHER , V .-if SCHOOL YEAR, AND INVITES YOU if SHOPPING HEADQUARTERS " QNSNX nil ml llll INN' llln COMPLIMENTS OF G E N E R A O P O BOX 1917 CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS OOMPLIMENTS OF BELL ICE CREAM COMPANY ALWAYS OELTOIOUS 1327 SOUTH STAPLES PHONE TUL-9932 AA: A11 TO MAKE OUR STORE YOURH ?fi,:'f'i E VII, 5 t' H E: LJ IJ 1E N F' EI IJ E3 QB Pi CD 'T .H EI I2 :S L 0 O N T R A O T R S COMPLIMENTS OF 2137 LEOPARD PHONE TU2 2503 COMPLIMENTS or CORPUS CHHISTI BANK 8 TRUST CO MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION HTHE HILL BANK' COMPLIMENTS OF MINSHEW'S GROCEHY 8 MARKET YOUR FRIENDLY MERCHANT 7856 HIGHWAY NINE COLEMAN'S APPLIANCES GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES O'KEEFE R MERRITT GAS RANGES 2005 S STAPLES PHONE TU3 7537 S 'E A I, EI 'I I R QE C: Cl. TBUILDERS OF QUALITY TIRE RE-TREADING You CAN TRUSTN 1 BUDDY WHEELIS HARDWARE SADDLE SHOP SPORTING GOODS LIVESTOCK FARM 8 RANCH VACCINES SUPPLIES 622 OLD ROBSTOWN ROAD CSHELL CENTERJ 'WE'LL GET IT' HOLLIS NEESE AUTO PARTS ALL ORDERS GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION PHONE TU3-8595 610 OLD ROBSTOWN TU3-8596 COMPLIMENTS OF WM E MCKINZIE COUNTY COMMISSIONER PRECINCT NO 1 HGULFH SERVICE STATION FOR THE BEST OF SERVICE HIGHWAY 9 LEXINGTON SUPER MARKET PEABODY E ANTELOPE CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS CHEVROLET COMPANY SALES AND SERVICE 620 EAST MAIN PHONE 3166 ROBSTOWN TEXAS DEVELOPING OUTSTANDING YOUTH AND RAISING FINE JERSEYS OO HAND IN HAND ' ' F K lla 410 IUVOLLE JERSEY MILK PRODUCTS 1531 SOUTH STAPLES CORRUS CHRISTI TEXAS THE WORLD'S LARGEST JERSEY HERD FOR THE LATEST IN COMIC R SPORTS ENTERTAINM NT mmDmm CALLER TIMES COURTESY OF JOHN NEEDHAM .. EHENSON INGLFS JENNINGS 8 ROOT BEER GOOD HAMBURGERS 8 HOT DOGS TWO BIG LOCATIONS SHELL CENTER AYERS AT LEXINGTON THE HORN SHOP STRICTLY MUSIC THE ONLY BAND INSTRUMENT SPECIALIST BOOQ LEOPARD WELDING 8 EQUIPM NT CO TRUCK BODIES FLOATS WINCH MOUNTING MACHINE SHOP PHONE TU3 39hl TU3 8876 COAST CORPORATION PUBLIC UTILITY INDUSTRIAL HIGHWAY 9 DICKSON REALTY COMPANY COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVIC HOMES FARMS LOTS RANCHES PHONE TUU 6576 TUM 9082 H729 HWY 9 SOUTHERN COMMUNITY GAS COMPANY PUBLIC UTILITIES HIGHWAY 9 COMPLIM NTS OF CAGE'S SIX POINTS STORE IN THE HEART OF SIX POINTS H A R R I S CONCRETE CO 220 NORTH PORT PHONE TU2 3356 A W EDWARDS S O U T H E R N E A DELICIOUS HOT DOGS 'Ion CWLLC Giulia Ln Uimfclmnq Suppfmeb .Sec 31Q2 SOUTH PORT CORPUSCHRBTITEXAS PHONE TU 2 3533 COASTAL PRINTING COMPANY PRINTING DISTINGUISHED BY FINE TYPOGRAPHY 182h ANTELOPE S 8 S MACHINE SHOP ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING GENERAL MACHINE WORK METAL SPRAYING JULIUS STOOLZ HARRY STOOLZ PHONE TU2 7002 NAVIGATION OFF HIGHWAY 9 LEOPARD STREET STORE COMPLETE LINE OF HARDWARE SPORTING GOODS APPLIANCES 2101 LEOPARD PHONE TUE-9367 SHOE SERVICE EXPERT SHOE REPAIR LEATHER GOODS BOOTS MOCCASINS 705 OAK PARK 3 CORPUS CHRISTI HYDRO GAS COMPANY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BUTANE GAS AND APPLIANCES PHONE TU2-1S6h 825 AGNES TUE-6732 ,A J. W. ELLEDGE MOTORS NEW AND USED CARS TRUCKS ----- PICK-UPS 2612 LEOPARD PHONE TUE-3866 PLIMPER'S GROCE WEARDEN COMPANY HARDWARE A APPLIANCES TOOLS FISHING TAOKLE GUNS AMMUNITION GARDEN TOOLS WHOLESALE ECLIPSE LAWN MOWERS PRODUCE PAINT GAS HEATERS FANS DISTRIBUTOR 619 OLD ROBSTOWN ROAD M BRIDE LANE DUBOSE GULF FOOD IRON MARKET WORKS QUALITY M AT IEINFORCING STEEL STRUCTURAL STEEL PRICES YOU CAN T BEAT STEEL ERECTION CCRPUS CHRISTI SCHWIRTLICH TRUCK SUPPLY INC FEED A SEED STORE POULTRY LIVESTOCK ROBSTOWN ROAD AND DOG REM DIES A FEEDS SEEDS HARDWARE AND NOTIONS TOYS VILLA DRIVE HIGHWAY 9 AT ANNAVILLE PHONE TUU 5971 PHONE TU2 BO73 ROBSTOWN PRINCESS NATIONAL BANK DRIVE INN HAMBURGERS PHONE 3h2h FIT FOR A QUEEN ROBSTOWN TEXAS uuoo AYERS PHONE UL2 9111 C I M001 HIGHWAY 9 PHONE TU2-8353 McBRIDE LANE PHONE TUN-6653 i S Q S , - E. P. LINGO COMPANY TYPEWRITERS R ADDING MACHINES H18 MESQUITE PHONE TUH 5593 SERVING CORPUS CHRISTI SINCE 1925 CALL US FOR A DEMONSTRATION S A M K A N E WHOLESALE MEATS CHOICE M ATS OUR SPECIALTY PHONE TU2 SHS TU2 SHS 9501 HIGHWAY 9 TU3 9911 LOWMAN IRON WORKS MACHINE SHOP WELDING E ZEE BOAT TRAILERS HERCULES CLOTHES LINES SHEET ROLLERS BLACKSMITHS SOUTH TEXAS VISUAL INCORPORATED TEACHING FILMS EQUIPM NT 1917 LEOPARD PHONE TUH 19hh SHELL BARBER SHOP LOOK AT YOUR HAIRCUT EVERYBODY ELSE DOES 3533 SHELL ROAD IN SHELL CENTER HMWYS JARMAN SHOES FOR MEN BUY ON EASY CREDIT H18 PEOPLES HARRY LANDESMAN OWNER MANAGER T F O O D S T O R E 97H1 HIGHWAY 9 AT ROLLING ACRES 1 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED IN THE HEART OF THE TULOSO DISTRICT SPORTSMAN'S CENTER EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO SPORTS H16 MESQUITE PHONE TU3 16H3 .. ,, 25 - R PHONE TU3-0310 B O H W E L L'S EXPERIENCED REPUTABLE SWANTNER 8 GORDON S U R A N U N E L O O1 SHORELINE PHONE TU2 6576 COMPLIMENTS OF P O R T A I R S HARDWARE 8 SUPPLY h2h3 soUTH POR PHONE TES Shlgl LEWIS BOGGUS YOUR F O R D DEALER 101 SHORELINE DRIVE E HOTEL AND RESTAURANT CUTS BEEF VEA CURED MEATS PORK GOVERNMENT INSPECTED 2006 BUFFALO PHONE TU3 9367 DRILLING COMPANY DRILLING AND WELL SERVICE CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS COFFEE SHOP SIZZLING STEAKS CHOPS SEAFOODS WE NEVER CLOSE AIR CONDITIONED 222h LEOPARD COMPLIM NTS OF S MUSIC COMPANY PIANOS ORGANS BAND INSTRUMENTS COMPLETE HOIE FURNISHINGS APPLIANCES EASY PAYMENTS NO CARRYING CHARGES QUALITY FURNITURE SENSIBLY PRICED HOME 0 FURNITURE WISE? COMPANY 100l LEOPARD STREET 1907 LEOPARD PHONE TUH S507 DIAL TU3 9221 I N C E C O S R S .1 N - - B U s T R's L "Hoes" DAVIS HASTY TASTY B L E U U E ' - 1lIIl,B R A S L A U - F WRIGHT S OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE RETAIL HUM LE PRODUCTS WASHING LUBRICATING PHONE TU3 6h1 SAMS HWY JON VON SHOE SERVICE DICK PRICKETT OWNER FACTORY TRAINED EXPERTS PHONE TU 5582 S52 OLD HEBTOWN BROWN'S CAFE OPEN 2h HOURS A DAY THE BEST OF FOODS SERVED HIGHWAY 9 MOORE'S FOOD R PHARMACY P H O N E TUM 9212 TU3 M722 COMPLIMENTS OF ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS PHONE TU2 2732 1810 AYERS STREET PAUL COX LAND COMPANY 2733 SOUTH PORT AVENUE PHONE TUM 7R27 ROBERTS DIRECTIONAL DRILLING C0 1907 NORTH LEXINGTON BLVD PHONE TU3 2hh6 PHONE TU3 5117 C RA O 8 T V R C A 8 SYLVANIA REPAIR ANY MAKE OR MODEL PHONE TU3 2232 3305 AGNES MR PAUL M WOLF ' CLINE .WEA - ' I , I 3 D TUE:6262 1802 S. ALAMEDA I ' I A ME DI .. I I " " S - C MOTOR COMPANY BETTER KNOWN FOR A BETTER DEAL BARNEY H M BRIDE NEW AND USED HIGH GRADE CARS S 1807 LEOPARD PHONE TU3 21 FOOD MARKET COMPLETE SHOPPING CENTER FINEST IN MEATS AND GROCERIES HIGHWAY NINE AT ANNAVILLE MTAT P K CORPUS CHRISTI HIGHWAY NINE AND NAVIGATION ROBSTOWN COMPLIMENTS T PHDNE TU2 0807 HIGHWAY NINE AT ROLLING ACRES A A DEPENDABLE INSTITUTION ROBSTOWN TEXAS CAHLTON'S W H T EVERY BUNDLE DONE INDIVIDUALLY TWO DAYS DRY CLEANING SERVICE HIGHWAY NINE AT ANNAVILLE RoBsTowN 8 PHONE 3131 C O M II BRIDE V1CK'S . - 1 OF SNA A's R A R E. L A E 0 M I DIXIE ST TE SERVICE NATIONAL I CEN ER BANK , HILL WEE-As-I HARDWARE IMPLEMENT PANY

Suggestions in the Tuloso Midway High School - Warbonnet Yearbook (Corpus Christi, TX) collection:

Tuloso Midway High School - Warbonnet Yearbook (Corpus Christi, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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Tuloso Midway High School - Warbonnet Yearbook (Corpus Christi, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 110

1956, pg 110

Tuloso Midway High School - Warbonnet Yearbook (Corpus Christi, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 19

1956, pg 19

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