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f l -..f 590' ,Q agwafialrgi, m2..sigdi.A,,,la B PW, , sw kara VV 1 . mm 1 I . f I K , kr I H ,M ui t I I V . ff, 4 I - if ' 5 , Q w h qfff,w iX' if Q if ""' 2. ff 2 - , ,wi '2' xg I LU,l is J , Hg 7 YW, . A M .. . , I ,, K P. mi ww t i , 1' Q V W, 5 u V is .j g A I Q In L gm I Qhn. um-ff r WL? , L,,i . 'Y f ,v 45 'f f Y . . -Yu A r f ,1- :M 1 -- -ff:.. , . . , . , : .. - -.:-4-S-N A - , "2 !Hf'ff.B'Zn2E-f"'51aa.r:4nz:Jr-0-'f' ' ' 5' 'mia' +L-Q.'v.v1:':.z5--Az,n-Q..41.2x,f-2'1'--fa-JW f-1 -m".:m.f..- W..-.-X,..---,Jf-f J 5311-,,:13g. Q.. ,-, ...- .,.4... . .- - , --,- . . - X Q' A, .J ff - 5 k'faltQfv A. -we -. ' "1 ' ' .4 V at VS i ,- ' "fa 1 ., nidf? 1 84' "' ,. "'fFW"'f' M s ' ws ' vw' L ' J -id-ii Af we Cf' . .,, ' ,r X . W, f k 5 , J ,lr V 3 f ,111 v 4 K ' :fn .Q "' ff: 1. a .1 ' 1 1 f'i"" K ' 1 A V. M 1 Q w 3 EL , v ' . , X H, , , I-3 -4 '- :MESS ,. tu' Q' ng 1' '51, , . f J K, xv W 'C ,W A' sf W! "W ' sf x fs' ' 1 n . I ',' . 1 ' I 4 1 wuqf ... un "' I ."'x . .A ,X i.,i Q .1-gf f 1 WPS ri' C I 4 I ft I 4 'flax Fw' .-..,..-ds'M 'Hasa- .,,,..3W5'f'!2'2'h' if-A N, ,,,,-4 W? ,if f '4-ta. h ,- ,.f. -u..--. .. 9..yg:,44.-1 A Wikia, wifi R' li' W HWY' ,nr Mfyfn Q-rc.-.A ..f ,,.-'WW , UH' vw." :,l.r,- - - - h. ,., , A .'K'..'?,, ' ' 5'li7f'0i7' aw rn1rhi1rfi1f7iffhifriqxifiiaiifiniaridiia' 'irigiirhiir7.i1r7fr?.i1ri.i1r7.x fdar751r?5i1r7i1rhi1:7.i1r7.x x fi.i1r7i1r ' i 11:75i' x'7.i1rhY:73!r7i1r7 3111 Qlilemnrium Many thoughts have occurred in our minds during these recent days, some of which we would like to point out to you. We do not have to dig deep into the bag of human characteristics to find those qualities which endeared Bob to us all Dependability was one of his great assets. If you needed Bob, he was there to do his part. He was conscientious in all he did-his assignment for classes-his at- tendance at church and school--his work for his employer-all bore evidence of his basic integrity. This did not seem hard for Bob because it was a part of his splendid character. ' Another reason our classmate was so well liked, was his never failing courtesy and kindness. This was true, not only to his teachers, but to all with whom he had contact. He had the unique ability to disagree with you without giving or taking offense. He never had fun at someone else's expense but was always thoughtful of others. He was quiet and unassuming with a modesty which bespoke his efficiency. He was a stranger to boisterous talk and behavior and the "wise-crack"'had no place in his pattern of life which is a minor miracle in these modern days The qualities which make the man are measured to us, each in different amounts. To find the prescription which would produce another Bob Barnes, would amount to a secret formula, but some of the ingredients we know: Take a large portion of dependability, a generous measure of ambition, honesty and wholesome-ness throughout, mixed with courtesy, kindness, loyalty, seasoned with spirituality and sprinkled with humor and the character that emerges is one that endures through the years. This was the character of our friend and class- mate, Bob Barnes, whose untimely passing we mourn and whose place can never be filled in our hearts. -THE SENIOR CLASS Mage ,::g44up44Lgv4.15v4.was :au:a94egv44Lgv4:A pg:Lgy4agg:aQ:Lg'4:Lm:ap44:i'4eay" 'ul1eL!44w1Lx'44Ls'44v .- '9lf4W4Ll91W42944ucQu!f4pw,uc94:uQ,c' -r r' --Q1vf.."Q,l '-" H' J., A ,.,-5. 1.2 .-1L.,a,"Q-his--1 - : 3, ,g,.J,,, J,-.F 5-5, -v., 5-P,-A 5- ,. ., .-jim...-f L35 ' -'-ffr9"'LzE.' :"k .Ff" 1 A4-' '5 u5,,....1a,,wP, J f .'S'iN'-w" Einar' 1' ,Y""'. 1.1151 V ' 1, 'ff'. , , A 'W' gig" ,3',,f.- f-,-fi.:-. A- - Q - . , .n I . ' 5:13 :E .iff rf- L--...'-I ,km uh " 5 +--5.11--,.-gf ..- ,.n.n,,,,, , ' "-4t"f'. , if -F-1' .."'3 '-OK fr'-.: . u .Y-A "' ' A "z,-'J' f.'1,"'f1- 1':f"'.. -'-' :-' 29 . --1-,J . Q: -A 1 ---1-,.1,V...- , ':':z V' '.-4. '.: 4 '. . ,- . -. wi , ' . ' - 5:4 x'- 3 ' 'nli A ly j -a -:.' I' . U -7 7.4-h ,, ' 4. 1, l .,'4 -f 1 . DWI vu "Cv U fx 3 "J 1 A V' Q sr. 1 1 I 5. 1 5,0 lr 1 . . H. ' " " 3' vii, r Y 1 , ,""-I!-:- 7 ...U 4. . V 'rl ' v - ,'-'rf-.f 2 - A nn,-' ,.,.xy I . VH, ld, :,.f,fg.f rf-, A '-1.-:yu .F ,'.' ',, .,-.5' Yip-if-'GQWG - - "'1'J',Q' 3 -3' iii'TT'Qff'?flf-7Av'5.'iE-kt' 5 Af .921 f'5."Z"?-13 4 1i5"??'-' f v fg-4, -A5-2 1- 44 a .1 LS, fp Q . U . -' gg' ff - .1 ' ."-.,,.:.n2,i 5 'igrf - f Q rv ' .eg ,, 1' 7 , . ' i . rv -- N fr --' f-me J6.'5fQ.' ,gg rl at .k '7- iw.: xiii 3--.K '55 ,. . ,bg .IT .ki ,.,x A -..,,. n' .- 59 -: 2 .i'4.-:1- '.,-4- Q lygff. 5 124'--. f',-.- ni '.y4f1'..- 'u-if.,-w.p . i?33:'igah1"3' fi sf: ' ww" .. Q fig? x :'-'!'7'7'5 , . ,igjg ' 1. 5331.5 5 s ..::.L5 A13--v k- k, Qlbifn 4 as 'BPQEJ -, "z.,.5- -47: f 1- pu ,-:fav N rv L -fgfxijaf Z, ' 33" 7- ,Yi f- .-4. "- 14 ,fs-gi 5.4. 'iff-, ,W ,xii-33-. m.':',f A . JFS i'f'1f'-.'-, . ,V gf-22 . . .gs 1... 1 ' - A - --2 -if r. .wmv 464' 215 rp 'l'A:.' 1 5 ,Q -. 4.4-:-,. - .vi-414. 2211- 3 Nga,-.fjli-FE-i 'QXSFQ' qrqf ,W,1...-,V we'g,. . -. . s' fb -.Q ' , hr,-,. -. - -z .- - 'EXE "o'1.1v.: 'x 'TJ'-2'-1 . W' 4' xv-1 vb 1 -N r- , . 1 Q., , . '.x . I. my g. .2 9 P lg.. .4 - ,'..-4 -as . rv- - - . . ' V, .. 3 3 L, ,- . 'HJ .,..'.-:-. f- .,q., ',g.Ar.f,f-.1 ,, -4. .- ,V .g , ., .A ,-.5-., "vw aa 'Q' 5-' L , ' '- -A:--ff gextgzjtflfgil j .. , A- sw,-.iid ., . fe -Y?'.'f" -f',.A . ,- if my '- N, -f -A, , Q .,-A- -4 1 .uv .. ,gf .Q Q-.yTjgg15j,.' , 5 5'l?-4.E,,,. , , .N V, Aga...-:31:,j-q.P.'m: -J' "- "'.O"' " ','-.""f-Q-",f'f1 . ',.,- ,. 1,-H f- 11 ' '- 5' 3-" ' "-ff.'1S i1fQi'+fg:5f:1fAr:5?fxi1gs-S2-85:Z-W 1-51 1951" ' ,, . FN. .""" Mfr- ... .. a . .V " 4.,f.4f'-.-if an-I 1' ' "Z- '. --J'-.nz .J . ..- ..k,., , A f , OHDS R M5 ,fig DEDf Cf5i 7'f' OfY f Y.,...v" DEDICATION The Class of 1956 proudly dedicates this edition of the ORACLE to the construction of the new campus of Tully Central School, to the countless hours of work and planning by the Board of Education, Administration, and Faculty that have been required to launch the tremendous task, and above all to the loyal citizens of our community who have the confidence in the future and courage of conviction to carry this plan to conclusion. The students of Tully will be forever grateful for your sacrifice and the new campus will serve as a monument to your efforts. 1955 ORACLE STAFF Hwmmry Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor ,,,, ... Bllff77l'.f.f Manager .. I,lten1ry Editor ,,,,,, ljlvfflfy Ifditar . !l.r,ri,r1ant.f DORLEON BALIDWIN JEANETTE DUNN EDWARD NURENBERG ROBERT RAMSEY LUCILLE RICE EDWARD WORTLEY M, .-1 1 in I ...................RICHARD GARRETT ...LOUISE COMSTOCK ................ROBERT STEGER CAROLINE FELLOWS ..........jANET GLASGOW f 1 El a I I A QQ 1 A f There were times we thought we wouldrft But we finally got it done, It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. Here it is . . . like it We hope you v v v THE STAFF administration ADMINISTRATIO I S H 1 w FK in .x ,f""f:-f, xxx 4' , MX 'Q S QP' f af' ,,,:N. X9 ' f ' f 40 V I Q QQ, l O, x K KX MR MR MR MR MR MR MR FINKLIZR Al ?NCDlFR FOLEY AMES NX!AI.BIfRliliR EDINGER HOl.I.IiN ISIZCK 5 Whgx'-.Q . 'W - MISS COOK, MR. GREEN, MR. CROSLEY, MR. PEARSE, MRS. REITANO BOARD OF EDUCATION I- 1 , --gg. In - --'-J!-c 1- '12 -...'1. '1 54. -31-11f.,VY-9'fiy,"'Q , p'f'l'- .. hfm-5a.,25"" " 5gi7i?:'iJ' -' -wfff'f?fi"f'i " ' iiesl' ' ":A.'A' ' ' ":",5-.--, . . , - . 1. '- ll-Q, , L., v ' u It QC 2' gl .'- K F ",?P.g".f'-1'-1-'J-".f.4f 31" 4 iq: L ,'Gz.i,f5,ff .4.,j . .. ju, hy. 7.1, if: I 9. gl- , ..4: Q .al 3. -I-. 1-Lal' gk, d, 1 ,Q . - u:-:-.-f'-1.2:-'rs--f-,tgvf.1- -22: -- 'n- i . -.- 5 -v an --'gy,,,,.x ...E-. , 3 .fir-fr ?.:,.-'Lys V..,:v, '11, A figs 2 2'i"2gV . f.-"'-,,.','l ' '-I-.1 is jf .Z-ii "".', 9 Q. I2 795' A. I Q' PRINCIPAL S MESSAGE if .n:z',',f1.:' ' 1 1 ' '. ' T-','f'1". f ..'?..'.H-,- 'Sv 4'-1 c... . , ,Civ , J ,fm fl-"..'f.-it, f "15.'2S'-e,1.3,- . 4.--'I-,'7?.'i ' ., Q fE3'f:", 5 .,,j'a-timfi.-2.4 ' :. 1 Era' ' f -:iff C" .2' f :Lea-2-4351-:.E'1' 1 ,li ., -V J, 1. ,u ,.,',,. .. . 1.1, . E. , . Q -,,g-51. l" ,- lv: --.-1.14- 1'E:"""f?'1if".?f!'l5. ga ,.- " 4 -.L-: g.7f,6,:a . .5 , . 5 -me-I 4 s....:.g - .qv lg -.31 .Jil .!:fQ's'.- ' ' r . .. ,f 54.9-Z. 3L'w"'1 '4' 1" -.445-' 5 5 ff Ig, '-gifi--1' 31 ii.-w 71 '-'QF'-,' il T -7 aff 1-,5.:.vz,. - 0, 'i1.JZ.f' ' .. ?f ' FY' g 559134 .'gf4f6'f' 15115 .ifff Dear Graduates, iff: s , . Rini, 'lv .L 5.-s ,lm - n' wg g I am sure that as you reach this important stage of your life that you are reflect- . 3: ing upon school days past and your new adventures ahead. It is my hope that, out r of the maze of lessons, assignments, discussions, and examinations, you have come Q through, a bit of our basic philosophy has filtered through to you. Your teachers at Tully have tried to demonstrate that true success lies in putting f Y forth that extra bit of effort and in meeting a problem more than half-way. He who A is satisfied with meeting only the basic essentials of a task will do satisfactory work, but it will not be of a caliber that will meet and exceed the competition of those A fi! --L s ..vf. "L Z1 -51,6 .,m,, True success, then, can only come to those who do more than just enough, and 'J' ,.. Q. ',G"i . .-.-Q-.. a 'e','.f if you have tried out this who exert that extra effort. iw TL f formula for success you have found that true happiness ,gf .yjwig and pleasure in life lies there, too. 'li 73? F . . . , "' 15 My sincere congratulations upon your achievement Work hard ask for God s I, ,523 f..5,t.'T: ' help each day, take time to relax, and you will be a credit to your alma mater. df' 19'-5 ' 14 - 14 .. "rar -, 7t"'?w.1, Mxqg,-Zi I 'A-?.rfE. 1'- -fif' ,rs 4 3-2,752 Q.-" f-'i:.- i""-3:1-QL! .1-:Q L..- ' . 1 Cordially yours, . 'J dr C-s -fg'gE,g5'g1j',H John D. Crosley i -gag? '- fi:-.1:1.,.?' . . . . . "wig -'wif--F .f Supervmng Prmczpal -wif? -.f55g, '-.',-,fm - U r,:gg?,q' Lf ...1:.3--4:-, ' : lf'-1' -ts wfeizr.-,--. 1r,,a,- .V . t . . ,,-. 'F -' 'Q '-:If '7--L-QI -2. .'L9',"': er' '.'-z -..,, -,--. ...- - 3 ,r -- 'tw Q 1.-,-ff: .' -' t?,':f..f:tgg- A 5. igwtgggzzgfi-.ff.irsvsgaswgsflifS "-- A --e 27- "r ,-:-1'+f'.Lr::f 1- M' M" 5"'ff7f-fi'5:f'L?' !'f'.f-.'..-tv? 93'Q'i1-2-.1 iv "' K' A .. -1- -.1 - PHYSICAL EDlTCATIONfMr. Clements, Mrs. Wil- HIGH SCHOOL SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS- liams, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Ransom. HEALTH-Mrs. Clark, Mrs. jennison. PRIMARY TEACHERS f Sitting: Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. ELEMENTARY TEACHERS4Sitting: Mrs, Nolan, Mrs Moore, Mrs. Gamlwcll, Mrs, Gleason, Mrs. Krewson. Boicc, Miss Dwyer, Mrs. Dunn. Standing: Miss Long Stantlingi Miss Murphy, Mrs. Ncttleton. Miss Palmer. FACULTY HISTORY and LANGUAGES-Mr. Pearse, Mr. Moore, JUNIOR HIGH ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS and HIS Mr. Wing, Mr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Ferguson. TORY-Miss Clay, Mr. Nertleron, Mr, Lawless. LIBRARY-Mrs. Howard MUSIC and ARTLMB. Balzano, Mr. Struglia, Mr. VOCATIONAL ARTS-ML Pepper, Mrs. de Jung- Mdqeon. Mrs. Locke. l l CAFETERIA-Foreground: Dolores Tracy, Dorothy Hobart, Sylvia Aldrich, Virginia Hence, Judy Acklcs, Beverly Stupke, Daryll Stewart. Background: Mrs. Sick- mon, Sally Gambell, Mrs. Davis, janet Holbrook, Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Munson, Mrs. Ransom, Miss Phelps. CUSTODIANSAFrom left to right: Watt Krewson, Frank Roundy. BUS DRIVERS-Mr. Hence, Mr. Bald win, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Northrup, Mr. Roth ery, Mr. Reitano, Mr. Riehlman, Mr. Hart well, Mr. Brown, Mr. Roundy, Mr. Ald rich. seniors SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS 'Fe LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the Senior Class of Tully Central School, County of Onondaga, State of New York, being of sound mind and body, hereby publish our last will and testament. First, without hesitation, to Tully Central, we leave our utmost appreciation and admiration. To Mr. Crosley and the faculty, we leave the sky as the limit to progress they might achieve in coming years. To Mrs. Locke, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Struglia we have the gratitude to which they are most worthy of in guiding and assuring us as we grew to adulthood. To the Freshman Class we leave our ability to have a good time at the right time. To the Sophomores we leave our pleasing personalities and all the left overs from our Senior excursion. We leave as a token of appreciation to the junior Class, the following items: To Robert "Rock" Abbott, Peggy Rogers leaves her cute little figure. Leona Clark leaves her spurs to Linda White. You'll have to get your own elephant, Linda. jack Weisbrodt is bequeathed with Richard Garrett's "Apulia Complex." This will help you in English! Richard Mickelson leaves his ability to write Senior Buzz articles to Robert Aldrich. To Trilby Aldrich, Art Dunn leaves all his toy guns and munitions. Elsie Chawgo leaves her position on the wrestling team to Bev Kehrer. Hattie Cook leaves her big 52-ounce jar of "Man-Killer Cream" to Elinor Piper. Dot Herold leaves her ability to talk like a trooper and her empty packages of Pall Malls to Shirley Brown. Bob Barnes leaves his ability to think and use logical reasonings to Richard Briggs. Dave Fox leaves to Phil Reitano all his rights to the property known as Skunk Hollow. Bill Collins leaves one muscle apiece to Lynn Usher and Bob Steger. Sharon Rice leaves her violent temper to Mary Ryan. Clara Downing leaves her calorie charts and diet books to Marilyn Brown. Paula Mun- son leaves her figure to Mary Louise Drumm. "You can't hardly get them no more!" Shirley Kinney leaves her vocal cords to Susan Trach. Harry june leaves his residence on North Street to Dave Hoefer. Phil Bolt and Leora Kinney leave their ability to be Bosom buddies to Dale Mortis and Mary Ann Baker. Robert Carlton and john Springston leave their string of heart-broken dames to Clair Fuller and Richard Gardner. "Be careful boys-they're costly!" Stan Krom leaves all his Apulia acquired bottle caps to Dick Dockstater. To Bev Granger, Nancy Patterson leaves her artistic touch. Now you can have a blue convertible. Bev! Barb Trach leaves her hollow leg for more food con- sumption to Barbara Maahs. Anne Finkler and Anne FitzPratrick leave their understanding ways to- wards the opposite sex to Caroline Fellows and Carol Krause. jim Gambell and Garrett Hiller leave their seat in the office to Peggy Murphy. It should still be warm, Peg. Conrad Drake and Margaret Kinney leave their combined strength to Louise Comstock. Now you can climb Skaddan Terrace with out shifting into low! Bev Stewart leaves her lips of fire to Marlene Kinney. Joyce Cook leaves her ability to nail them for keeps to janet Glasgow. "Don't fight it janet, it's bigger than both of us!" MaryLou Murphy leaves her ability to charm boys out of their senses with her flute to Margaret Chapman. SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 Witnesses PrCSidCr1t ramad Z' . Vice President JAMES GAMBELL , . . "jim" . , . Deftinazion - Morrisville, Honorr-Student Council 1, Vice President 45 Sophomore Class Play 25 Senior Class Play 4, "Itchin' to Get Hitched"5 President of Fresh- man Class. Actiz-'flier-Dramatics Club 45 Marshal 2, 35 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Proiectionist 3, 45 FFA Sentinel 3, President 4, County Sentinel 45 School Newspaper 4, Humor Editor5 Hunting and Fish- ing, Vice President 3. ANNE R. FINKLER . . . "Fink" . . . Derlinalion-St. Lawrence University. Honorr: Tulcendra 2, 3, 45 Pen 8: Ink 2, Assistant Edi- tor 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Oracle Staff 2, 35 Sophomore Speaking Contest, First Place5 Varsity Cheer- leader 2, 3, 45 All-County Chorus 15 Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 3, First Place5 Senior Class Play, "Itchin' to Get Hitched"5 Dra- matic Club play "The Little Dog Laughed" 2, "Love Is In the Air' 3, Vice President 1, 3, Representative 45 Student Council Secretary 3, Student Council President 4. Ac- tiviliar-Latin Club 3, 45 French Club 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 2, 3, Secretary 45 Marshal 2, 3, 45 De- bate Club 35 Stokettes5 American Legion Speech Contest 45 Citizen- PAULA A. MUNSON . . . "Pam" . . . Dertinalion-CCBI. Horzorr--Tulcendra 3, 45 Student Council 2, 45 JV Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Play "Coming 'Round the Mountain"5 Vice President Sophomore Class5 Vice President of Senior Class. Ar- livizier-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Marshal 2, 39 Iflf1'3mUf3l5 1, 2, 3, 45 School Newspaper 3. O F F I C E R S ship Conference 3, 4. GARRETT HILLER . . . "Hitler" . . . Deriimzzion - College. Hanan-Tulcendra 3, 45 Pen 84 Ink 2, 3, 4, Editor 45 Stu- dent Council 2, 3, 45 Oracle Staff 3, Busi- ness Manager5 Sophomore Speaking Contest 25 Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 45 Sen- ior Class Play "Coming 'Round the Moun- tain"5 Class President 2, 3, 45 E. Bernice Hiller Math Award 35 Syracuse University Citizenship Education Conference 3, 45 Arlizfizier-Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Marshal 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 2, 45 Projectionist 2, 3, 45 Debate Club 35 Science Club 3, 45 Basketball 25 Football 2. MARY LOU MURPHY . . . "Murph" . . . Derlirmiion-College. HonorJ-Tul- cendra 3, Treasurer 45 Pen 8: Ink 1, 2, 3, Assistant Editor 45 Oracle Staff 2, 35 All- County Band 1, 3, 45 All-State Band 1, 2, 35 junior-Senior Speaking Contest 35 Sopho- more Class Play 25 Senior Class Play 4, "Coming 'Round the Mountain"5 Dramatic Club Play "Love Is In the Air" 35 Class Secretary 1, 3, 45 Stolcettes 1, 2, 3, 45 Total 5. Activilier-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Total 55 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Marshal 3, 45 School Newspaper 3, 45 Latin Club 4. ANNE M. FITZPATRICK . . . Fitz' . . . Derlimztion-Secretary. Honorr--Tulcendra 4, Treasurer 45 Anizfilier-Chorus 35 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 FHA 1, 2. RICHARD E. GARRETT . . . "Stretch" Derlinalion - College. Hanan-Tulcendra 2, 3, 45 Pen 84 Ink 1, 2, 3, Managing Editor 4, Honorary Editor-in-Chief5 Sen- ior Class Play "Coming 'Round the Mountain"5 Annual Dramatics Club .Play 25 Class Treasurer 35 Assistant Class Treasurer 45 Em- pire Boys' State Delegate- 3. Ac- tivilier-Chorus 3, 45 Dramatics Club 2, 3, 45 Marshal 1, 2, 3, 45 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 45 Science Club 4, President5 Hunting and Fishing Club 25 Basketball 3, 4. Ilfllililiil' ISARNIZS ...' illobu , , . lhilirltzfifirl -- Air Force. llfnmiv Student Countil I. 23 ,lunioi-Senior Speaking Contest 43 Senior Class Play 4. "C0miUIL 'Rouncl the lvIountain." ALIfil'i- lim--Narslial 41 Intramurals I. 2, 3, -I3 Proiectionist 13 FFA l. 23 Debate Club 33 Scienie Club 1, 3, 43 Stliool Newspaper 43 Hunt- ing antl Fishing Club 2. 31 Wfrestling Club 3. ,wlN4,, b, 3 A 3 an 'x . 7 -I 4 I I -IN N iii? ' A - if l "SY 1 r 4 75' T 1 "Q,' f.:, Ii LFONIA CLARK . . . "Lee" . . . Derlinii- Iiurlfx-Ray Technitian. Ariiiilier--liancl 41 Chorus l, 2. 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Intra- murals I, 2. 3. 43 FHA l, 2. 33 Latin Club 3, 43 Roman Banquet Hostess. PHIL BOLT. . . "PB" , . .Dw- lirmtirni-Arinecl Forces. Arliri- ties- -Intraimirals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pro- jectionist 2, .53 FFA I, 33 Science Club I3 Hunting and Fishing Clubs 2, 3, 43 Sports, Baseball 4, Track 4. ROBERT L. CARLTON . , . "Mert" . . . D6IliIIdfilJIl-'UHdC- cicleel. 1'1r111ar.r-Tulcentlra 2, 3, 43 Harmaniacs 3, 43 Sophomore Speaking Contest 23 All-County Chorus 2, 3. 43 All-State Chorus 3, 43 junior-Senior Speaking Con- test 3. First Place3 Senior Class Play, "Itchin' to Get Hitched"3 Annual Dramatic Club, "The Little Dog Laughed" 2, "Love Is In the Air"3 AfliI'iffE.I-Ch0IUS 1, 2, 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2. 3, 43 Projectionist 13 Debate Club 33 Science Club 13 Hunting and Fishing Club 33 Baseball 2, 43 Basketball 2, 33 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 4, FLSIF CHAWGO . . . "Babe" . , . Derlirltitizzrz - Untleciclecl. Hfnmri'-Senior Class Play "Itch- in' to Get Hitchedn 43 Af.'ii'ifie.r -Cl10fl1S 3. 43 Dramatics Club 42 M2lf5h1ll 1. 2. 3. 43 Intramur- 1llS 1. 4: FHA 1. Z. Secretary 33 School Newspaper, Feature Ecli. wr 3: Pep Club 43 Library Assis- tant I. Wll.I,lAM P. COLLINS . . . "Bill" . . . D4,.flflIilljllII-+UD- elecitletl. Hmmrr-Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 43 Senior Class Play "Itchin' to Get Hitched"3 American Legion Oratorical Contest, Second Place 3. Arliifilier-Dramatics Club 43 Intramurals 43 FFA 43 Baseball 43 Basketball 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Track 3. 4. HATTIE COOK . . . "Hat" . . . Darlillfzliwl Hairdresser. Ilfn1fn1r+Senior Class Play. Itching to Get Hitchedn 43 Ai'tii'iric.r-Dra- matics Club 4QMHfSIIHI 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 13 23 4. JOYCE I. COOK . . . "Cookie" . . . De,fti11ati0n-Work and Marriage. Ilwwrf-Tulcendra 4, Sophomore Speaking Contest, Senior Class Play, "Coming 'Round the Mountain", Activi- liar-Dramatic Club 3, 4, Mar- shal 2, Intramurals 1, 2, FHA 1, 2, 3, School Newspaper 3, Pep Club 4. DAVID L. FOX . . . "Thorpe" . . . Deiti- mztion--College of Air Force. Honorr-King of the Mardi Gras. Artivilier-Marshal 1, 2. 3, 4, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Projectionist 1, 35 Science Club 4, School Newspaper 3, Hunting and Fishing Club 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. CLARA DOWNING . . . "Clinky" . . . Dertimzti0n-Un- decided. Arlivilier-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 4, Marshal 3, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 33 Science Club 4, Language Club 3, 4. wi? 4 x V X Q' t if 3 ag vi' V 1 5 J A f , inf N 1 N is V a ' s 4 si its a RFQ . Ax RY is ss' v.4aE,f . , : s -fu-ree ' . 3 5' f 7 -i ,Y . iazi. ' es' k M i sfit? C 2. L 'fx saws i CONRAD DRAKE . . . "Con- nie" . . . De.fti1za!io11-Work. Artizfilierflntramurals 1, 2, 3, 4 Projectionist 1, 2, 3. 43 Hum ing and Fishing 2, 3, 4. DOROTHEA J. HEROLD . . . "Dot" . . . Dertinalion- New York Telephone Company. Homzrr-Tulcendra 2, 3, 4, 5, Sophomore Speaking Contest 2, Varsity Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play, "Itchin' to Get Hitched", An- nual Dramatic Club Play ,"The Little Dog Laughed" 3, "Love Is In the Air" 4. Acliwilier-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Marshal 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Projectionist 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Girls' Basketball Team 2, 3, 4, 5, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Cafeteria 1, 2. 3 ARTHUR DUNN , . . "Art" . . . Derlinatirm-Radio Techni- cian. Honw'-All-State Chorus 4. Arli1'iIieJ7Band 1, 3, 4, Chorus 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Intra- murals 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 3, Roman Banquet Host. HARRY C. JUNE . . . Derlirmtion-Service and College. Hanan-Student Council 4, Acti1filie,r-Chorus 4, Dramatics Club 4, In- tramurals 3, 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 35 Baseball 3. 43 F00flJHll 3. LEORA KINNEY . . . "Lee" . . . 1De.r1iu.11mf1 - Marriage, Hmmm All-County Chorus 43 All-State Chorus 4. Avlir'ilier-- Chorus l, 2. 3. 43 Dramatits Club 43 Intramurals 1. 2. 3, FHA 1, 2, 3. MARGARET A. KINNEY . . . "Maggy" . . . De.rlirmrifn1-Un- decided. Hozzam'-Senior Class Play. "Coming 'Round the Mountain"3 Arliziiliex--Chorus 4g Marshal 3. 43 Dramatics Club 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 4. SHIRLEY A. KINNEY . . . "Squirley" . . . D6.fli!IzIlillI11SCC- retarial Work. Hanan Tulcendra 43 Student Council 23 Sopho- more Speaking Contestg JV Cheer- leader 43 Senior Class Play, "Coming 'Round the Mountain"3 Ar.'i1'itie1iCh0rus 1, 2. 3, 43 Dramatics Club 3. 4g Marshal 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1, 2. STANLEY KROM . . . "Stan" . . . Dliflfllilljllll-SUYVICC. I1Il?I- orr-'I'ulcenc.lra 2, 3, 43 All- County Chorus 3. 4. Arliriliw- Ch0f'-15 1. 3. 3. 43 Dramatics Club 2. 3, 43 Marshal 43 Intra- YUUHIIS 1. 3. 3. 43 Projectionist 3. 4: School Newspaper 33 Base- ball 1, 2. 3. 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3. 4. NANCY PATTERSON . . . Derllzmllon-Undecided. Hmmm-Tulcendra 3, 43 Pen 8: Ink 2. 3, Assistant Editor 43 Secretary of Class 2. Ar1i1'ilie.s'fCh0rus 1, 2, 3, 43 Dra- matics Club 2, 3, 43 FHA 13 School Newspaper 33 French Club Secretary 3. 43 Senior Buzz, Editor-in-Chief. RICHARD MICKELSON . . . "Mike" . . . Derfimzfimz- -Unknown. llunmxr-'1'ulcendra 2. 3, 43 Harmaniacs 43 All-County Chorus 1. 3. 43 All-State Chorus 43 Senior Class Play. "Itch- in' to Get Hitthetl"3 Annual Dramatic Club Play "Love Is In the Alfl'Q Arli1'itie.r-Chorus 3, 43 Dramatics Club 2. 3. 41 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 Proiectionist 2, 3. 43 FFA 1, 2. 3, 43 Hunting and Fishing Club 23 Baseball 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3. 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3. 4g Kansas City Trip 43 State FFA3 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 State FFA Con- 1, 2. 1, 2, vention l, 2, 3, 4. SHARON A. RICE . . . D6,fliI1dli0lI-UDLlC- citled. Adirilier-Chorus 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Marshal 3, 43 Intramurals 1, 23 FHA 2, Fig Library Assistant 1, 2. 3, 4. INIARGARFT LOU ROGERS . . . "Peggy" . . . Df'rIiz1.1tfuz1-- Wfelfare Wrirk. AFfil'iliE,1'fM1lf- shal 1, 2, 33 Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA 1. 2, 3. 43 Library As- sistant 1, 2, 3, 4. DONNA RYCRAFT . . . Darn- fm1im1fCollege, HflfZ!l7',f'TUl- cendra 3. President 43 Pen 8: Ink 43 Student Council 1. 31 Librari- an 33 Sophomore Speaking Con- testg JV Cheerleader 3, 43 All- County Chorus 43 junior-Senior Speaking Contest 3. 43 Dramatic Club Play, "Love Is In the Air" 33 Mardi Gras Queen 4. Arliri- tier-Band 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 43 Dramatics Club 2. 3, 43 Mar- shal 2, 43 Intramurals 1, 2, gl Basketball 23 French Club, Vice President 3, President 4. JOHN SPRINGSTON . . . "Per- ry" . . . DL'.fIj?IJffllIIfliI'lLICL'ILICLl. Hmmrr-Student Council 13 -Iun ior Class Play. AffiI'flfL'fi-Cl1l3l'- us 1, 2. 33 Dramatics Club 3, 4 Marshal l, 23 Intramurals I. 2. 3 43 Science Club 1. 2, BARBARA TRACH . . . "Barb" . . . Ikwlimztifnz- Secre- tarial Work. Aciirilier-Chorus 3. 43 Dffimilfifs Club '13 Marshal 33 Intramurals 1, 2. 3. 43 FHA 1. 3G Psp Club fl' BEVFRLY INI. STEVUART . . "l3ev' '... Dr'i'1ir1.1fim1'--Mar riage. FIUIIIJVA-,ISLIICLTMIFLI 3, 4 Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4. Arfizi fjLtfCl1U!'L15 l, 2, 3, 4, lntra murals 1. 2. 3, 43 FHA 23 Dr.: matics Club 3. 43 Stlnml Nc-us paper 3. N-lr'-'svnza' f - -'sf- 'sf 5 ' 7 1 SENIOR PROPHECY On the way home from their Senior trip our three advisors dozed off into a miserable nightmare. What were these three unfortunates dreaming about? None other than the future, 10 years hence, of the Class of '55! The "Daily Martian," newspaper of Mars, just reported that a strange space ship landed on their planet. The shocked pilot of the Air Force's super 8-94 claims to be Bob Barnes of Otisco. Phil Bolt and Conrad Drake are departing in Phi1's "Green Streak" for Africa to get rich quick mining diamonds. From their history books they have discovered, that Africa has plenty of diamonds, and Ubangys are plentiful! Anne Fitzpatrick finally decided to go to Alaska with Mert Carlton. They adopted a tribe of Eskimos which they are now living with in the Yukon. The county has just hired Elsie Chawgo to a year-round job driving the snowplow on Truxton Hill. Why would Elsie want to keep the roads open on that desolate hill? Leona Clark is now the owner of a big western riding stable and as her manager she chose a very famous cowboy! Headed for Ireland and their honeymoon, Bill Collins and a certain Irish colleen took off in their bathtub, a shillalah as their paddle! Peggy Rogers, Hattie Cook, and Sharon Rice are now running a lonely heart's club in South America. From all we hear the savages are really going wild! Glad your business is booming girls. After a ticker-tape departure, Joyce Cook left for Florida and her Air Force husband. She is now becoming a beachflower. Clara Downing is now the famous voice of Francis, the talking mule in the movies. They are making a bronze statue of Art Dunn, who won single handed the Battle of Skunk Hollow. This cost the famous Marine Corps three heavy tanks but it was worth it they claim. They got rid of Art in the battle! Anne Finkler and john Springston have moved to the city and are manufacturing "Long johns." It has been reported that Dave Fox holds the world's speed record in cross-country travel b.y car. Upon arrival in California there was a loud explosion. Dave is O.K. but you should see the car! Jim Gambell and Shirley Kinney have eloped to Australia. After 10 years of hinting, shy jim finally popped the question. At least we think HE did. Dot Herold has achieved her life-long ambition. She has moved to Salt Lake City and has become a Mormon. The Senior class can be proud of Garrett Hiller and Mary Lou Murphy who have taken over Einstein's place as the great mathematicians of the world. Their latest theory is: All falling matter, no matter from how high or far from earth, if it has been dropped, will always reach the ground. Harry june has followed his secret love, which is no great secret any more because we're telling you right now, to the ends of the earth. Who is his secret love? Donna Rycraft! !! Leora Kinney, whose voice has changed, is singing contralto in the Metropolitan Opera. She is trying to beat Caruso's record for breaking glass. Her income for shattering glass is tremendous. Mr. Ferguson's star pupil has become the first lady President of the United States. She has lowered the draft age to 16 and all women are eligible for it. All men have to report to the White House for photographs. Margaret Kinnry is in her glory, never before hav- ing so many boyfriends. With the aid of stilts, Stan Kron has become a second George Mikan. Dick Mickelson and Paula Munson just become the parents of quadruplets. They are planning on a new addition to the school just for their own family. Nancy Patterson is now a millionaire and she owes it all to her manufacturing of knee- socks. After many years of waiting, Richard Garrett jilted Carol at the altar and ran off with former high school sweetheart, Kathleen Mitten! Bev Stewart and Barbara Trach have organized a bachelor's club. Only women over 25 may become members. At last census of the club, there were no members because there were no women over 25! ' juniors JU IOR CLASS Bottom row: C. Krause, M. Kinney. C. Fellows, M. Baker. M. Drumm, P. Murphy, B. Kehrer, j. Glasgow, M. Brown, E. Piper, Second row: Mr. Pepper, Advisor, P. Reitano, J. Weisbrodt, R. Gardner, R. Briggs, Mr. Kirkpatrick, Advisor, D. Mortis, L. Usher, R. Aldrich, R. Dockstater, Mr. Allen, Advisor. Third row: M. Ryan, M. Chapman, S. Brown, B. Granger, L. Comstock, R. Abbott, R. Steger, D. Hoefer, C. Fuller, S. Trach, I.. White, B. Maahs, T. Aldrich, M. Hoag. We began our junior year by contending for top sales honors with the sophomores in annual Sophomore-junior Magazine Contest, The results proved victorious for us. We launched our class activities of the fall semester with sev- eral projects among which were our annual smorgasbord supper, a square dance, and our first paper drive. During the spring we held another dance and began a new project . . . the selling of stationery. Our year ending with the junior Prom, the theme being "Sea Gardens." Seated: M. Hoag, R. Gardner, T. Aldrich Standing: D. Mortis, j. Glasgow, R. Steger. sophomores ,-.-1--1-su1li SOPHOMORE CLASS Bottom row: Kenyon. D. Hobart, D. Russell, D. Baldwin, S. Wfhite. M. Herold, V. Ilence. P Granger. I.. Aungier, D. Granger. Second row: C. Sherman, Elmore, A. Keefe. I. Dunn, M. Rich- ards. I.. Rice. C, Martin. li. XX'ood, P. Henderson, M. Miller, D. Maahs. Third row: Mrs, de ,lung Advisor: S. Aldrich. S, Gambell, A. Sickmon, D. Randall. M. Neuman. B. Carlton. If. Corl, D Darling, D. lilakc-slee, K. Stewart. tl. Long, E. XX'ortley. B. Krawczuk. Mr, Ferguson. Mr. XX'ing Advisors. Fourth row: D. Piper. R. Spaulding. B. Weisbrodt, R. Hillenbrand, S. Seeley, R. Ransom j. Bogart, R. Ramsey. XV. Padget, G. Eades. Hallenbeck, E. Nurenberg, Potter. Currie, I. Currie. VU. Baker. I.. liardwell, P, Lathrop. XVe began our money-making projects ol' the year with the magazine contest, which we lost. A turkey supper was held in the fall and was a big success. In November we held a Sadie Hawkins dance and plan to have another in the future. t 6 Seated: S. Wliite, M. Richards. I.. Currie. 4-lf Standing: R. Ramsey, D. Baldwin, C. Martin. freshmen 40 T32- FRESHM CLASS Bottom row: S. Kirkpatrick, Hnrty, li, Bolt. Second row: Drake, S, Wl1itL', P. Currie, Darling, l.. Henk, G. Ankles, I.. Rothcry, M. Russell, Mr. S M. Hollenbeck, D. Darling, B. Kinney, ,I Smith, S. Brown, C. Smith, P. Kinney, .I Pearse, Advisor, P. james, B. Bathgntc, P Downing. R. Van Denburg, D. Rutherfortl row: B. Stupke, P. McDonough, B. Kings Icy, B. Ellis. AI. Nichols, T. Brown, M. White, R. Griffith. R. Sickmon, -I. Kelley. H. Bughy. F Roland. R. lfishcr. R. Shorcy, The Freshman Class has held candy sales for the grade children every week during the noon hour. We are phn ning to have our first dance sometime in the future mul li liirtligartc, F. Volles. j. Holhrook. Stmtlmp., nl, Kelley. D. Rutherford. junior high EIGHTH GRADE Bottom row: N. Rice, J, A. Moyer, J. Baker, K. Phelps, J. Holhrook, M. Bailey, J. Fisher, S. Crosley, P, Randall. Center row: Mr. Clements, Mrs. Balmno, Advisors, R. June, B. Stupke, K. VzmDc-nburg. J. Conklin, Y. Elbert, M. Gardner, C. Whiting, N. Henderson, L. Leondnrd, D, Tracy, I.. Raut, M. McCormick, S. Currie, Mr. Lawless, Advisor. Top row: R. Krewson, R. Griffith, J. Ramsey, K. Lathrop, H. Spencer. R. Bush, J. Fitzpatrick, D. Rziison, P. Mickelson, D. Shaw, D. Stewart, R. Munson. ll 3 Q V --1, ,W fe-:QQ Q fl e . f - .' V5 K OFFICERS-Bottom row: Paul Mickelson, Vice Presidentg Robert Griffith, Presidentg dent Council Representative-3 Beverly Stupke, Treasurerg Dolores Tracy, Student Council Representative. Janet Holbrook, Secretaryg John Ramsey, Stu- , 4 SEVENTH GRADE 5 3 -. . fi it? Q H E. Bottom row: C. Griffith, A. Graff, J. Millis, D. Piper, E. Henderson, J. Ackles, L. Pero, E. Elmore, D. Herlihy, E. Kilts, C. Garrett. Second row: J. Lagstrom, P. Lord, P. Oliver. L. Gilcher, S. Fuller, N. Reihlman, M. Ryan, J. Barnes, P. Oliver, B. Turo, S. Glasgow, C. Reed. Third row: Mr. Nettle- ton, Advisor, D. Cardner, W. Murphy, R. Mitten, L. Ayers, J. McCormick, L. Stevens, L. Flaherty, D. Snyder, R. Rule, F. Downing, R. Jenks, J. Keefe, E. Beardsley, R. Fitzpatrick, S. Gage, R. Slingerlaind, Miss Clay, Mrs. Howard, Advisors. Fourth row: F. Hardy, M. Meylan, E. Bishop, W. Neuman, S. Edinger, M. Collar, J. Kelley, H. Brown, R. Barnes, K. Kenyon, J. Setford. T. Hancock, W. Stupke, E. Henry, D. Dowding. l xxfqq N Seated: M. Ryan, C. Garrett, W. Stupke Standing: S. Fuller, E. Beardsley, S. Edinger. . Q elementary ,pn- gs- ELEME TARY Morning Kindergarten Mominfl Kindffgaften MRS. ANDERSON MRS- HAYES Afternoon Kindergarten Afternoon Kindergarten MRS. ANDERSON MRS. HAYES First Grade First Grade MRS. NETTLETON MRS. KREWSON ELEMENTARY First Grade Second Grade MISS MURPHY MRS. GLEASON Second Grade Second Grade MRS. GAMBELL MRS. MOORE Third Grade Third Grade MISS SHAPLEY MRS. BISHOP ELEMENTARY I 8 1 lk 'f Fourth Grade Fourth Grade MISS PALMER MRS. BOICE Fifth Grade Fifth Grade MISS DWYER MRS, NOLAN Sixth Grade Sixth Grade MRS. DUNN MISS LONG activities HONOR STUDENTS ,f Cal " Finklcr, M. Murphy, P. Munson. 'IQ S JUNIOR - SENIOR SPEAKING CONTEST Left to right: D. Rycraft, R. Barnes, C. Fellows, W. Collins, B. Maahs, G. Hiller. -' f , ,.... I' l. 'Y i " is-..c.,,,r,,,mn,tf gb Sf 9 f ff 9 74 we -as 5 , - f Y- 'i ,' C: ... . . . . The Pen and Ink Club is the honorary literary so- ciety of Tully Central School. In order to be eligible for selection, the candidateimust have an average of 85W in English. Our initiation supper was held in the school cafeteria on October. The following peo- ple were initiated: Dorleon Baldwin, Robert Ramsey, Melissa Richards, Louis Currie, Louise Comstock, Mary Ann Baker, Donna Rycraft. The main function of the organization is to furnish the local newspaper with the school news. The news that goes under the "High Times" is entirely gathered and written by the Pen and Ink members. W! , .1 Left to right: G. Hiller, Editor, A. Finkler, Editor-in Chief, N. Paterson, Assistant Editor-in-Chiefg M. Murphy Assistant Editor-in-Chief. HER First row: J. Glasgow, A. Finkler, M. Richard, D. Baldwin, N. Paterson. Second row: D. Ry- craft, L. White, R. Ramsey, M. Brown, M. A. Baker, R. Garrett, P. Murphy, L. Usher, Mrs. de Jung. Third row: L. Comstock, T. Aldrich, C. Fellows, G. Hiller, M. L. Murphy, L. Currie. BAND Front row: L. Comstock, W. Krawczik, A. Finkler, J. Dunn, M. L. Murphy, T. Aldrich, S. Fuller P. Reitano. Second row: C. Fellows, M. Hoag, L. White, B. Bathgate, M. Brown, S. Foster A. Dunn, R. Gardner, D. Baldwin, R. Ramsey. Third row: G. Ackles, D. Herlihy, S. Glasgow N. Reihlman, J. Fisher, L. Gilche, S. Crosley, D. Rycraft, R. Abbott, L. Clark, D. Hoefer, J Long, C. Martin, E. Nurenberg, P. Murphy, R. Krewson, T. Comstock. The band finished its activities last year by attending the NYSSMA contest at Syra- cuse, where they won a superior rating. Following this they participated in the combined vocal-instrumental Spring Concert of which the theme was "Say It with Music." The fall term opened with the band providing the "spirit" at the football and basket- ball rallies. Many activities were attended during the year with the band being repre- sented at Fayetteville All-State Sectional by Phil Reitano, Dave Hoefer, Marylin Brown, Susanne Fosterg junior All-County at Marcellus by Donna Herlihy, Dick Cardner, Shirley Fuller and at All-County at Liverpool by Mary Lou Murphy and Louise Comstock. The All-County competition at Baldwinsville, the NYSSMA Contests and the annual Spring Concert will complete this year. M 1. , 1 CHORUS 14' -2 T? , 4-'Z ': Q , f ri' .1544- ., I Q Q Z' W . X x .n n---"""'. . , mv" -nl' Z 'ff , 1 I .1 Bottom row: C. Fellows, P. Munson, A. Finkler, M. L. Drumm, B. Maahs, S. Kinney. Second row: D. Granger, B. Stewart, D. Baldwin, C. Martin, D. Herold, H. Bugby, R. Sickmon, R. Mickelson, S. Krom, R. Abbott, R. Carlton. Third row: M. Ryan, P. Granger, L. Aungier, M. Richards, D. Piper, ,M. Herold, L. Rice, R. Ramsey, J. Ramsey, L. Currie, D. Hoefer, P. Reitano, B. Carlton. Fourth row: L. Kinney, L. Clark, A. Fitzpatrick, B. Trach, M. Murphy, J. Dunn, P. Henderson, S. White, R. Stupke, J. Long, E. Nurenberg, R. Dockstater, R. Gardner, W. Krawczuk. Fifth row: M. Hoag, T. Aldrich, M. Hallenbeck, B. Wood, L. Bardwell, E. Chawgo, S. Brown, J. Hollbrook, R. Hillenbrand, J. Hallenbeck, A. Dunn, H. June, D. Mortis, R. Gar- rett. Sixth row: P. James, L. Rothery, B. Bathgate, S. Kirkpatrick, M. A. Baker, D. Rycraft, P. Murphy, M. Brown, R. Steger, L. Usher, J. Springston, J. Currie. Seventh row: C. Downing, B. Kehrer, S. Rice, M. Kinney, L. White, N. Patterson, L. Comstock, J. Bogart, C. Fuller. Eighth row: D. Blakeslee, J. Potter. The Tully Central School chorus this year numbered about eighty singers. Their aims have included a continued improvement in tone, blend, diction, and choral technique. Under the direction of Mr. Struglia, the group has sung a wide range of choral literature including sacred, classical, and modern works. The Chorus participated in Christmas and Spring Concerts, assemblies, NYSSMA con- test, Onondaga County Music Festival. One of the highlights of the year was their tele- vision appearance on WHEN-TV. The Varsity Chorus, composed of about sixty-five members was chosen from the chorus at large on the basis of musical experience, scholarship, responsibility and attitude. Many in the chorus sang in the "Elijah," the F. F. A. Chorus and the New York State Chorus. The following singers sang with the all-state chorus and all-county chorus: L. Kinney, L. Comstock, R. Carlton, R. Abbott, L. Usher, R. Steger, A. Dunn, M. Hoag, C. Fellows, D. Rycraft, R. Ramsey, J. Hollenbeck, R. Mickelson, R. Dockstater, L. Currie. Caroline Fellows and Paula Munson deserve special plaudits for their fine work in ac- companying the chorus. K , oil ig?-ff:-'l"' X Q .I ? few it STOKETTES M. Murphy, M, Brown. T. Aldriph. C. Follows, L. Comstock, A. Finklcr, M. I.. Murphy. M. Hung HARMANIACS L. Usher, R. Mickelson, D. Hoefer, R. Carlton. Accompanist, P. Munson. SPORTSMEN JOLLY ROGERS Left to right: H. Bugby, J. Setford, D. Snyder, J. Hare, W. Murphy, G. Ackles, J. Ramsey, F. Volles, L. Ayers, R. Bush, R. Cardner, W. Stupke, R. Sickman, R Krewson, R. Griffith. Pianist, M. Brown Left to right: L. Currie, H. Carlton, D. Blakeslec 1. Potter, J. Currie, Hollcnbcck, j. Bogart, R Dock Ft i N A saer, R. Hillenbrand, Mr, Struglia Ad visorg B. Stupke. Pianist, M. Brown. TRQMBONE QUINTET J. Long, C. Martin, Mr. Struglia, E. Nuremberg, P. Murphy. DRAMATIC CLUB First row: P. Rogers, T. Aldrich, M. Hoag, M. Ryan, A. Finkler, j. Cook, E. Chawgo, B. Stewart. D. Rycraft. Second row: C, Downing, N. Patterson, C. Martin, I.. Comstock, P. Murphy, L. Clark. I.. Kinney, M. Kinney, A. Fitzljatrick, S. Kinney. Third row: A. Dunn, R. Garrett, G. Hiller, H. june, I.. Usher, R. Carlton, R. Mickelson, R. Ahhott, R. Steger, D. Hoefer, nl. Gamhell, XV. Collins, F. Wiwrtley, R. Doclcstater, S. Krom, S. Seeley. Top row: P. Munson, S. Rice, H. Cook, M. Richards, J. Glasgow, M. I.. Murphy, C. Fellows, M. A. Baker, B. Trach, B. Maahs, I.. W'hite, I.. Rice, C. Sherman, M. Chapmen. The Dramatics Club elected the following officers: Donna Rycraft, Presidentg Richard Mickelson, Vice Presidentg Anne Finkler, Secretary'Treasurerg Anne l7itzPz1tfick, His- torian. The Clluh is now starting plans for their annual three-act play. Standing: Ann FitzPatrick, Richard Mickelson. Seated: Mary Lou Murphy, Donna Rycraft, Ann Finkler. 5' ' if Y A A f A , .MM as .gist fl! N-usqd fa f as ' sl? 35 " 3 x . HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB Left to right: Allan Sickman, Phil Bolt, Mr. Pepper, Richard Ransom, Ray Spaulding, Clair Fuller Bob Aldrich, Jack Weisbrodt, David Hoefer, Art Dunn, Judah Currie, Dale Mortis. PRO JECTIONISTS ' Top row: R. Garrett, R. Griffith, R. Mickelson, J. Long, R. Steger, F. Corl, W. Benedict, T. Down- ing, D. Springston, L. Beak, J. Gambell, L. Usher, G. Hiller, E. Wortley. Middle row: H. Bugbee, M. Chapman, S. Kinney, D. Rutherford, M. Drumm, M. Murphy, W. Krawczuk, Mr. Ransom Advisor, F. Roland, L. Comstock, C. Smith, J. Glasgow, E. Piper, S. Trach, D. Piper. Seated: J Drake, S. White, S. White, B. Bolt, B. Kinney, B. Weisbrodt, P. Lathrop, P. James, G. Jansen P. Kinney, C. Sherman. Kneeling: B. Kingsley, J. Nichols, E. Nuremberg, B. Fisher, B. Stupke D. Hillenbrand, S. Seely, J. Kelley, T. Brown, J. Potter, B. Baker, P. McDonough. , 1 Q STUDENT COUNCIL m-..,,, '- - -me fx.. 13 . - . . .- . First row: C. Martin, M. Richard, D. Tracy, C. Garrett, S. Fuller, P. Munson. Second row: D. Rutherford, J. Glasgow, T. Aldrich, Mr. Pearse, A. Finkler, J. Gambell, R. Steger, G. Hiller, J. Holbrook. Third row: S. Edinger, R. Griffith, R. Ramsey, L. Currie, J. Kelly, F. Volles, R. Gardner, J. Ramsey, P. Mickelson, W. Stupke. MARSHALS First row: M. Murphy, S. Kinney, J. Glasgow, M. Drumn, C. Smith, M. Kinney, L. Comstock, B. Wood, B. Kehrer, C. Martin, M. Brown, C. Fellows. Second row: C. Garrett P. Rogers, A. Finkler, P. Granger, T. Aldrich, N. Rice, S. Brown, M. Ryan, S. Rice, H. Cook, M. Miller, A. Keefe, P. Chapman, M. Ryan, J. Holbrook, E. Chawgo, D. Maahs, B. Stupke, D. Rycraft. Third row: J. Hollenbeck, B. Kingsley, J. Currie, D. Fox, J. Kelly, G. Ackles, D. Darling, F. Volles, R. Steger, R. Gardner, G. Hiller, H. June, R. Garrett, R. Griffith, W. Padget. -. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS First row: C. Reed, M. Hollenbeck, J. Elmore, M. Ryan, N. Riehlman, B. Wood, C. Smith, S. Al- drich, D. Darling, L. Gilcher, S. Rice, A. Keefe. Second row: D. Stewart, E. Bishop, S. Edinger, R. Stupke, J. Baker, E. Kilts, E. Elmore, J. Barnes, S. Brown, J. Moyer, L. Rothery, K. Phelps, M. Bailey, L. Flaherty, R. Cardner, T. Handcock, R. Munson, Mrs. Howard, Advisor. Third row: C. Garrett J. Millis, E. Henderson, P. Rodgers, D. Herlihy, B. Turo, P. Oliver, C. Rice, N. Henderson, J Conklin, D. Tracy, B. Stupke, J. Fisher, L. Pero, J. Ackles, V. Hence, D. Piper, P. Lord, J. Harty N. Rice. s 1 SEIENIE ILUSS Ui RMERIIR xv' SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB First row: R. Hillenbrand. R. Barnes, R Garrett, J. Glasgow, D. Fox, S. Seeley Second row: W. Weisbrcmclt, R. Ramsey, J Long, C. Downing, E. Wortley, E. Nuren burg, A. Dunn. YORKER CLUB First row: E. Henry, R. Munson, E. Bishop, T. Hancock, S. Edinger, J. Kelley, R. Cardner, R Slinger, J. Neuman, K. Kenyon, F. Hardy. Second row: L. Gilture, J. Barnes, J. Moyer, C. Whit ing, S. Crosely, K. Phelps, N. Reihlman, J. Holbrook, S. Fuller, M. Ryan, N. Henderson, N. Rice Third row: R. Mitten, D. Shaw, R. Jenks, R. Rule, D. Raison, J. Ramsey, J. FitzPatrick, K. Lathrop H. Spencer, L. Flaherty, R. Griffith, J. Downing, R. Krewson, L. Ayres, J. Keefe, E. Beardsley, W Murphy, S. Gage, D. FitzPatrick, Miss Clay, Mrs. Howard. Top row: Mr. Lawless, J. Millis, K Griffith, S. Currie, S. Glasgow, C. Reed, J. Fisher, B. Turo, J. Conklin, P. Oliver, M. Baily, P Oliver, D. Tracey, J. Baker, L. Pero, El Henderson, J. Ackles, S. Herlihy, K. Galusha, D. Piper A. Graff, C. Garrett. E :5 2'5'5- , Z .2 QM-.5Mk Top to bottom: K. Phelps, N. Henderson, N. Eibert, C. Reed, R. June, N. Reihlman, J. Moyer, L. Leonard, J. Conklin, J. Kelley, K. Lathrop, D. Piper, Mrs. Balzano, Miss Clay, P. Oliver, J. Ramsey, F. Downing, T. Hancock, R. Rule, S. Crosely, K. Phelps, S. Herlihy, R. Stupke, L. Gilture, S. Fuller, S. Kirkpatrick, N. Rice, J. Neuman, E. Henry, F. Hardy. JUNIOR RED CROSS N LATIN CLUB Bottom row: P. Henderson, J. Hol- hrook, B. Kinney, M. Herold, S Wl1ite-, D. Russell, D. Baldwin, A lfinkler, B. Bathgate, P. Kinney Second row: P. Murphy, C. Downl ing, J. Glasgow. M. Ryan, B. Maahs C. Krause, J. Dunn, M. Murphy F. Piper, B. Kehrer. Third row: L Rice, M. Richards, P. Lathrop, L. Clark, Mr. Wing, Advisor, M. Ba- ker. D. Piper, C. Sherman, M. Kin ney. Fourth row: Nurenberg, J Kelley, R. Ramsey, J. Long, E. Wtrrtley, W. Weishrcwdt, B. Kings- ley. y FRENCH CLUB Bottom row: D Rycraft, A. Finkler. Second row: S. Kirk- patrick, D. Hobart. Third row: D. Maahs, G. Janeen. Fourth row: S. Wl1ite, L. Wlmite, N. Patterson, D. Rutherford. Fifth row: M. Hallenbeek, S. Jenks. Sixth row: S. Aldrich, C. Martin. Seventh row: D. Springston, B. Carlton, D. Fox, G. Eaclcs, J. Bogart, Mr. Wing, Advisor. if f STAMP CLUB ga x -Z' l. f .Y -ff fff' ' 7 .X ' , lg? Q-1 Tfi' Left to right: M. Bailey, J. Lagstrom, D Tracy, J. Fisher, J. Baker, C. Reed, E. Hen derson, S. Kirkpatrick. Second row: J. Moyer S. Crosley, K. Phelps, J. Holbrook. Third row M. Meylon, R. Munson, D. Stewart, D, Shaw R. Jenks, Mr. Wing, Advisor. JUNIOR DRAMATICS Left to right: B. Stupke, J. Holbrook, M. Ryan, S. Jenks, D. Tracy, J. Baker, L. Pero, J. Ackles. Second row: E. Bishop, R. Munson, R. Cardner, F. Roland, R. Jenks, R. Bush, R. Griffiths, R. Krewson, P. Mickelson, R. Mitten, M. Collar, B. Stupke. Third row: J. Millis, J. Barns, J. Fisher, P. Oliver, C. Rice, S. Currie, P. Darling, K. Galusha, A. Graf, C. Garrett. F.F.A. Bottom row: Hollenlveclc, R. Dmkstntcr. Al. Gumlvell, j. Currie, W. Baker. Second ruw: 'lf Cowles, C. Fuller, M. Neuman, j. VUL-isbroclt, D. Ramtlzxll. R. Spaulding. F. Rowluntl, Third row: M. Al- lcn. Atlvisorg R. Gardner, R. Ransom, 'l'. Downing, D. Di1rling,W. Collins, R. Mick- elson, l.. Bczik, R. Alclrich, j. l'otte1'. .ngaflre-:lui ff? ,H S fr i., sboblx R5 O, . Bblqnoy - LQ f 'Yg ' . . 5 Q: .3-Y ' X S, K5 . E . 2 ll lj 9 'v of A V ' V ff, f 0 '- 0 -' Q F .H.A. fi: he 'Z' l Bottom row: H. Cook, B Bolt, M. L. Russell, P. james P. Rogers. Second row: L Rothery, M. Drumm, Mrs Locke, Aclvisorg S. Brown, M Chapman. Standing: J. Har- ty, D. Darling, C. Rice, B. Granger, S. Brown, V. Smith S. Kinney, J. Drake, Ml Smith. SPOI'tS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Smnnlnnlui H. M.141l1s, T. Aldmlu, M, Hmlg, M. Ryan, B. Stn-wart. Kmm-ling: D. Rynnlft, D. Hcruld A. IIIIIRILT. UNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS mling: M. Rixlmrds. A. Ifitlllltrick, C. Fellows, S. Kinney. Km-cling: I.. Aungicr. P. Munson Stewart, M. Hvruld. Ni :QQ Q gf S Q -i . Q A -. . Q 5' Q s S S ff E. Z 'wh -' x .TXT , .- 9.5. gL'fj.mzrf - V1 , . , ltgl Q K, r" li. if .E-,J FOOTBALL Our second year of 8-Man football showed definite improvements in many ways. The boys enjoyed playing under regular football rules, in fact, they even got a taste of 11-Man football. jamesville-DeWitt formed the opposi- tion for this encounter and scored the only T. D. of the game in the first two minutes. League competition was very close with our boys being unfortunate enough to drop three decisions by a total of 13 points. The only poor showing all sea- son was against LaFayette as T.C.S. went down 33-44. Danny Springston, Bob Abbott, Richard Dockstater and "Mert" Carlton made a good account of themselves on the line. Seniors Bill Collins, and Dick X .l, lg , 4 . ,1 L, Y? Mickelson played well in the backfield. Probably the most encouraging part ' of the season was the fine performances turned in by Sophomore backs Louis 'A L Currie, Bob Ramsey, and jack Potter. .4 wi in x s pf A "WN mls f- 1 t9 0 ,Nf+ 9 - ' I ' cz. 'Q .gl -.1 X ! l D ...N l ' , . X, 5 x y' -- i xi ' . . 5 'H ' I iv Top row: Coach Clements, B. Collins, D. Mickelson, B. Abbott, Coach Nettleton. Left H 4- lr side row: R. Dockstater, D. Hoefer, D. Mortis, R. Carlton, L. Currie, R. Ramsey, S. 1 Seeley, D. Blakeslee. Right side row: F. Corl, J. Currie, J. Potter, K. Stewart, B. Leon- Q ard, T. Downing, G. Ackles, L. Stevens. Bottom row: D. Fox, R. Hillenbrand, B. A-gp, -. ' ' -A, Carlton, D. Springston, L. Beak. - Fe C 1 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Standing: li. Wivi'tlc'y, R. Dntlcstater. K. Stewart, W. Benedict, D. Blakeslee, B. Carlton, M. New- man. Kneeling: S. Seeley, pl. Hirllenbetk. l.. Currie. D. Randall, P. Reitano, G. llades, Our junior Varsity team enjoyed one of the bestseasons in years. They were in con- tention for a play-off birth right down to the last game of the season. A bitter one-point loss to Minoa finally eliminated us from further competition. Much is expected from this group in the future. Their abilities are just beginning to show. If the desire remains we don't see how this team can miss. VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to right: D, Springston. D. Hoefer, R. Steger, Coach Clements, I.. Usher, R. Abbott, R. Mick- elson, W. Collins, R. Carlton. R. Ramsey, R. Garrett. Our Varsity basketball team was seriously hampered by height and therefore its inabil- ity to capture rebounds. Our boys battled hard under the boards but were unable to cope with opponents a head taller than they. As for a record, we have nothing to boast about. The season proved to be one in which giving up or "throwing in the towel," could easily have been done. This we did not do as any spectator can testify. We tried as hard to win the last game as we did the first. We can admire the squad for this. In fact, at times we think we wanted so badly to win we de- feated ourselves. We can also look back upon this season from another angle. We appreciate and admire the spirit in which our people accepted our lack of success. Spectator and player alike showed better sportsmanship in losing than our opponents often times did in winning. px ,, .qw S22 2 f Q A -fm Fixx ' BX as ir :f .3 Q Q i fit SNAPS vAq'u 'I N Ili y L '-.1 BOOSTERS Mr. Deak Aldrich Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ames Apulia Hotel Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Austin, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Baldwin J. D. Bartholomew and Son Mr. Walter Batt Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Bigsby Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bishop Briggs Store Miss N. E. Bouttelle Mr. and Mrs. John Buzard Cardnerls Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Christmas Lester Comstock, Toro Sales and Service Mr. and Mrs. John Crosley Mr. and Mrs. Fay Cummings john Cummings Mrs. Ward Cummings Mr. and Mrs. Yale Cummings Mrs. Nellie Curtain Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Dando Mr. and Mrs. Foster Dando Mrs. Willian Davis Dewey Dry Cleaners Felix Diederich Mr. and Mrs. Frank Divine Mabel C. Dodge Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dunn Mr. and Mrs. Alton L. Dyke Alton C. Estey, Insurance Mrs. Lucy Estey M. E. Estey, Farm Produce Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Fellows Mr. and Mrs. N. j. Finkler Flanagan's Store Laura M. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Gene Foster and Family Mrs. Gene Francis Mr. and Mrs. Olcott Gardner William C. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Glasgow Miss Susan Glasgow Mr. and Mrs. William Gleason Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gordon Hall's Altantic Service Mr. and Mrs. john Hartwell Mr. and Mrs. William Hayes Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Herold Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoag Mr. Fred Hollenbeck Dana Houck, General Insurance Mr. and Mrs. john Houck Mrs. Mary Howard Mrs. A. D. Jacobson Jenks Shell Service Harry C. June Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Knowlton Mr. and Mrs. Lasda Long's Department Store Mr. and Mrs. Frank Long Mr. john Long Miss Louise Long Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Long Miss Lean McCormick Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Marion Bert McKeon Hugh McKinney McQueen Mr. and Mrs. George Mickelson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mitten and Family Mitten's Farm Service E. D. Mortis, TYDOL Service Miss Murphy Music Box, F. W. Etz Arthur W. Nettleton Dr. and Mrs. Francis Nuremberg Mr. and Mrs. Henry Padget Mr. and Mrs. Hank Parcells Bob Ramsey, jr. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Ramsey L. Ransom, T. V. Service jean Reitano Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rice Lucille Rice Dr. and Mrs. M. S. Richards Melissa Richards Rothery's Store Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rothery Mr. and Mrs. Willard Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shafer Shanebrooks Mr. james R. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Shea Reuben Steger Caesar Struglia Charles Swartz Henry Swayze Tully Bakery Tully Food Market Tully Garage, Your Chevrolet Dealer Tully G. L. F. Farm Store Tully Movies Tully Times Mr. and Mrs. Ken Van Buskirk Vesper Garage Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Wheeler Mr. and Mrs. Donald White Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Williams Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Williams Rev. and Mrs. Donald Williamson Mr. Donald R. Wing Edward Wortley George C. Wortley A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK DALLAS 0 TEXAS '- 'fl 5 . U , s A F.-x-53 "Pfk..' .p,vc?b'Q..I R 'lx px H r . K 5 . ua' fx. U , .S ' 'A : - A -o . f av!" 1 . f, . is K f':,ar6g, "" 1,4 5 1- , I '. , f ' -,N ., -W ' -, 1' 8 Q" N .,, y ...r"' " Ju-4 YA ' J 'R .IK ,I ,..-gp--. ,-.gi 'S-,,k ggi ' '-f' ,,5,.,. ,.'-1 .VA .Q -V 'X bg., 1 - ,-. ,. - v L14- gr. X..,3, . QW-, x X I .lg 'xx."" ""C3 . Q - 44 A ..-,qrg ggi 'Q--" 'GQ N 1 ,..- .4 J' J"-6 X. . A :Ala . Nzaif '-f"' 1 ' v H' ij? . f.ay-n.m:,::3f1kf W N , t . Q, ,H Vffiiiff' ,M egg-hw ,.L,f'f',71, V f"t -wff.'5f1 ' i,m'v 5 ., i n 5. Vi' 4. ' 112 'ii p 5 ., K HM'f ' k f14f f.j.j , f: , Eg K .K It T?-Z z I A gg vv K I 5 W V,V' I Si i s X1k-h XYV4 kiwi? kkV.,Zzk Qfjgziryyki 7:T tfiil:ik?,i K ir , s f A ',M ,555 , M, ,A x AAV . A M 5 ' I 4 ., , , ,. , In , Q . ,J ,Af , ,, K K ,rn .N K, . ,V I , kr 0 la 'W' 'MK W .M-0-"4" s 'af ""f3'y'f M 8 X Y B .

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