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4, , 996 V 1 t ,, V , "Y .1 W.- gs. f if .A ' , ' .,' ,J , - -5 ,Vw 'fs - A 1 ,ff . V. .77-pe - :ing 4- F . ., eff- Y fn ' A J- , b..1v in' .',..' -.' " ' f it 1 A 1 ,f Y. . A w, fy 1, '. + V A . ,Hr . ' QWWP- ' ,.'i"?,55MLf"!' '11 46-'3'9'E3'E M 'T-.152 'Lx G ORACLE Presented by THE CLASSES of I955 l956 DEDICATION The Junior Class of I954 fakes pride in dedi- ca+ing fhis edi+ion of The Oracle 'l'o Mr. Eugene C. Pearse who has played a major role in formu- lafing 'l'he des'I'iny of Tully srudenfs in his capaciry as Guidance Direcfor for +he pasl' seven years and in recognifion of his sixfeen years of service 'I'o us and our school. May we express our gra+i+ude Mr. Pearse by dedicaiing +his book fo you. We wish you con- finued success and happiness in +he many years of +eaching ahead. 54 CRACLE CONTENTS Administration and Faculty Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Junior High Grades Elementary Grades Honors Activities Athletics Boosters l954 ORACLE STAFF JOHN PADGET -,-,.,,,,- ,,,., H onorary Edifor-in-Chief RICHARD GARRETT ..... ........... M anaging Editor GARRETT HILLER ,,.,,,.,,.,,,, ...... B usiness Manager MARY LOU MURPHY ,,,,,, ....,.,............ A ssistant Editor ANNE FINKLER ,,,,-,,,,,,, .,,,,.,,.....,....... A ssistant Editor LOUISE COMSTOCK ,,,,.,.,, ,.,.... A ssistant Business Manager CAROLINE FELLOWS ........ ......................... L iterary Editor JANET GLASGOW ........ ...................,.. L iterary Editor Faux DIEDERICH ...... ..,.. L iferary Editor Left to right: Janet Glasgow, Mary Lou Murphy, Garrett Hiller, Felix Diederich, Mr. Gardner, Advisor, Richard Garrett, John Pad- get, Louise Comstock, Anne Finkler, Caroline Fellows. The compiling and publishing of a yearbook is a year-long task. This year's staff has spent many arduous hours in turning out this yearbook, the product of their endeavors. We feel that the '54 ORACLE is the best in T.C.S. history by maintaining previous standards of beauty in cover design, layout artistry, and abandoning formal photographs in favor of in-action pictures which we feel both personalizes the book and captures the events and personalities as the students remember them. If we have succeeded in accomplishing this effect, our added efforts have been more than rewarded. Our thanks are extended to all those who helped make this publication possible and to the cooperation of the entire student body during the picture taking and interviewing sessions. We, the staff, proudly present the 1954 ORACLE. XIVPAi13lQ.H. COM .l ,1c,kwV"f Dir IIKJNNIKY ADMINISTRATION ,mg If :saw 1 "' 'flwi1'fii,ewIs E' 'si gm Left To right: Mr. Fink Ier, Mr. Aungier, Mr. Foley, Mr. Ames, Mr Walberger, Mr. Edin ger, Mr. Hollenbeck. me f - HWS? .., ..,. ..,.. wrw, 4 We-,W 4 1' A Seated: Mrs. Fergu son, Mrs. Fowler Standing: Mr. Green Mr. Crosley, Mr Pearse. BOARD OF EDUCATION 1'- Dear Graduate, Commencement time . . . caps and gowns . . . goodbyes . . . glad it's over . . . gifts to open . . . summer iob . . . college . . . In the midst of it all, would you pause with me for a moment to consider a day long, long ago when a great teacher took five small biscuits and two fishes and gave one of the great demonstration lessons of all time? By the time He had finished passing out fragments of food, five thousand people had eaten their fill, and His assistants gathered up twelve baskets of left-overs. Greater even than the miracle which Christ performed that day is the lesson it leaves for us. You have been given a few crumbs of knowledge and a few fishes . . . tools you can use to gain more knowledge. What will you do with them? You can perform the miracle of serving thousands with your small portion of talent if 'you will. I urge you to make the most of this challenge . . . your parents, your teachers and your principal wish you well. JoHN D. ctzosiev Cordially yours, Supervising Principal FACU LTY H. ALLEN A. ANDERSON M. AUSTIN G. BALDWIN ' M. BALZANO I. BISHOP L. BUZARD J. CLAY A. CLEMENTS D. CUMMINGS D mi' M. DUNN M. DWYER C. FERGUSON C. GAMBELL O. GARDNER N. GRAF c. HAYES M. HOWARD C-L61-D FACU LTY H. KREWSON P. LAWLESS M. LOCKE L. LONG B. MCKEON E. MOORE M. MooRE C. MURPHY A. Nemerom R- NETTLETON "-Q. 'YQ 1- -1 . ig qi r ig B. NOlAN J. PALMER E. PEARSE R- PEPPER R. RANSOM R. SHAPLEY c. STRUGLIA c. wuLLlAMs D. wuNG C9513 , cusToDlANs 5 R ig h t Watt Krewson. 4 . . X Qi? if Left: Frank Roundy. I: 1 ,- 1 X 3- El 1' 5" f. T- f 4' .Q ,W - ,fn . X - :- ' X "lj - E j ff CAFETERIA D Left to right: Mrs. Sickman, Mrs. K Ransom, Mrs. Cummings, Mrs. Aon- D gier, Mrs. Munson, D. Hobart, Mrs. . Davis. 1 E5 Q so p , BUS DRIVERS Left to right: Mr. Hartwell, Mr. Riehl man, Mr. Brown, Mr. Rothery, Mr Cornue, Mr. Adint, Mr. Northrop. 52 1 fi 21-1- A AM W I I ,BT-5' ' iv . A w A i""'N'Lu x . wukrzs SENl0R CLASS ADVISORS MR. PEARSE MR RANSOM MR. MCKEON Last Will and Testament We of the Senior Class of Tully Central School, County of Onondaga, State of New York, being of sound mind and body, hereby publish our last will and testament. First, our apprecia- tion to Mr. Crosley and the Faculty for their unfaltbring guid- ance during the past school years, and to Mr. McKeon, Mr. Pearse, and Mr. Ransom, for their help and guidance in making our Senior year a success. To the Freshmen we leave our ability to have fun but to act serious on the proper occasion. To the Sophomores we leave our outstanding success. Keep up the good work and your class will graduate with honors. We leave to the entire Junior Class our ability to cooperate and work together. The following bequests, we hope you Juniors will accept as a token of our generosity and thoughtfulness: Joan Baker leaves her quiet and easygoing ways to Peggy Rogers. We hope you'll make use of them Peggy. Alice Randall leaves her mathematical ability to Dave Fox and Leona Clark. Jeanette Spencer leaves Pat Dockstater her natural blond hair. June Zufelt leaves Bev Stewart her French horn and her seat in band which is located in front of Gary Venton. Avonel Hatcher leaves her brilliance to Maggie Kinney so she can keep up with Garrett Hiller. Janice Penoyer wills to Anne Fitz her telephone. Now Mert won't have to bother Maggie with his phone calls. Marion James leaves her art ability to Jim Gambell and Bob Barnes. Now you'Il be able to paint the towns red. Dill VsnDenburg leaves his height and position on the basketball team to Dick Garrett. You should really go places now. Dick McKnight leaves his ability to get along with Anne Finkler to John Springston. Eileen Aungier leaves Clara Downing a new little black book. You'Il be busy now Clara. To Harold Potter and Art Dunn, Larry Chase leaves his wrestling ability. A few pounds and some muscles and you boys will be champs. It seems Dot Herold is always dialing the phone: consequently, Phyllis Brenchley leaves Dot her ability to receive calls instead of make them. Gaile Wood leaves her pep, vim and vigor in cheerleading to Paula Munson. It took long hours of training and grooming to develop such beautiful hair, there- fore Ronald Russell feels it is his duty to will his hair to Mert Carlton so that he may become a second Liberacel Carolyn Volles wills Jack VanBuskirk to Hattie Cook. Delores Holi leaves her collection of "Secret Loves" to Leora Kinney. Dave Spaulding agrees to teach Shirley Kinney how to milk so she will know how to help Jim do chores. Marty Vossler leaves his ability to keep quiet and stay out of trouble to Dick Mickelson and Phil Bolt. John Padget wills his executive ability to that "Crazy Mixed Up Kid" Anne Finkler. Dick Barnes leaves his arguing ability to Joyce Cook. You've got the voice, now you've got the ability. Ed Hillenbrand leaves his ability to bum rides to Connie Drake. Now you won't have to ask for the family car, Connie. Walt Davis wills his "little old ford" to Nancy Patterson and Barb Trach so you girls can get around. Ray Greene leaves his "little black wagon"' to Garrett Hiller. This will burn up the miles between Apulia and Otisco if you take plenty of extra gas. Roy Fields leaves his southern drawl to Phil Bolt. This will go over big with the girls, Phil. Jack Rothery leaves his yellow convertible to Harry June. Linda goes with it, Harry. Gary Venton ieaves his faking ability. Add this to yours and you'll be a pro, Stan. Loretta White leaves her Irish temper to Elsie Chawgo and Mary Lou Murphy. Donna Rycraft is left the ability to CHASE around by Janet McQueen. We hereby affix our names on this day of February 26, 1954 at Tully Central School, Town of Tully, County of Onondaga. SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 QNBLWYLQ. 7041 M1034 EILEEN AUNGIER "Eeny" - Destination - Undecided, Honors: Tul- cendra 4, Baccalaureate Choir 2, Senior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4, Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog Laughed" 3. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matics Club 3, 4, Mar- shal 2, 3, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist 2, Basketball I, 2, Volley- ball I, 2, Softball 2, 3. JANET M. MCQUEEN ".lan" - Destination - Mohawk Valley Tech. Inst. Honors: Tulcendra 3, 4, Pen and Ink 2, 3, 4, Editor 4, Student Council 2, 3, 4, Librarian 2, Secretary 3, President 4, Sophomore Speaking Contest 2, JV Cheer- leader 2, Varsity Cheer- leader 3, 4, Senior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4, Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog That Laughed" 3, Class Vice President 2, 3, 4, Baccalaureate Choir 2. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, President 4, Marshal 2, 3, Intramurals I, Pro- iectionist I-4, School Newspaper 4, Basketball I, 2, Volleyball I, 2, Latin Club 4, President, Hostess at Latin Club Banquet. JOAN BAKER "Joanie" - Destination -Secretary. Honors: Pen and Ink I, 2, 3, 4: 590' ior Class Play, "The Gos- sip" 4. Activities: Chorus 2, 3, 4, Marshal 4, FHA 3, 4, School Newspaper 4, Basketball 2, 3, Soft- ball 2, Dramatics Club 4. LAWRENCE CHASE "Larry" - Destination - Cornell University. Hon- ors: Sophomore Speaking Contest 2, First Place, Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 3, First Place, American Legion Oratori- cal Contest 3, 4, First Place, Semi-Finals and County Finals 3, First Place, Semi-Finals, Sec- ond Place, County Finals 4, Senior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4, Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog That Laughed" 3. Activities: Chorus 4, De- bate Club 4, Science Club 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 4, Wrest- ling Club 4, Captain. RICHARD BARNES "Dick" - Destination - Farming. Activities: ln- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4,'FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 2, 3, Vice President 4, Na- tional Convention 4, Sci- ence Club I, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Wrestling 4. HUGH DARLING Destination - Morrisville. Honors: Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 4, Sen- ior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4. Ac- tivities: Chorus 4, Dra- matics Club 4, Debate Club 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 4, Wrest- ling Club 4. Pi-iYLt.ts A. BRENCHLEY "Phiddis" - Destination -Smith Tech. Honors: Tulcendra 4, Student Council I, 2, JV Cheer- leader 3, Varsity Cheer- leader 4, Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4: Class Vice President I. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 3. 4, Marshal 2, 3, 47 Infra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: PIO' iectionist 2: Basketball 2. 3, Volleyball I, 2, 3: Softball 2, 3. WALTER DAVIS "Walt" - Destination - Cornell University. Hon- ors: Pen and Ink 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Student Council I, 2, 3, Treas- urer 3, Oracle Staff 3, Assistant Editor, Harma- niacs 4, Soph'omore Speaking Contest 2, All- County Band 2, All- County Chorus 2-4, All- State Chorus 4, Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4, Class President 2, Bac- calaureate Choir 2. Ac- tivities: Band I, 2, 3, 4, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matics Club 4, Marshal 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, Projectionist 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 4, Science Club 4, School News- paper 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Baseball Manager 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN R. PADGET Destination - Cornell University. Honors: Tul- cendra 2, 3, 4, Pep and Ink 3, 4, Student Coun- cil 3, 4, Oracle Staff 3, 4, Managing Editor 3, Honorary Editor-in-Chief 4, All-County Band 2, All-County Cho rus 4, Dramatic Club Play, "Meet Corliss Archer" 2, Class President 3, 4, Em- pire Boys' State 3, NYS Citizenship Conference 3, 4, Baccalaureate Choir 2. Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4, CIIOYUS I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4, Marshal 2, 3, 4, Proiec- tionist 2, 3, 4, Debate Club 4, Science Club I, 4, School Newspaper 4. Rov FIELDS Destination - Farming or Army. Activities: Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4, FFA I, 2, 3, 4, National Con- vention 4, Basketball I. RAYMOND N. GREENE "Ray" - Destination - Morrisville. Honors: Tul- cendra 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4: All-County Chorus 4. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Dra- matics Club I, 2, 3, 47 Marshal 2, 3: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Proiectionist 'l, 2, 3, 4: FFA I, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4: Science Club I: Baseball 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Foot- ball 3, 4, Honorable Mention, All-County 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4. EDWARD R. HILLENBRAND "Ed" - Destination-Un- decided, Honors: Tulcen- dra 3, 4: Pen and Ink I, 2, 3, 4: Harmaniacs I, 2, 3, 4: All-County Chorus 2-4: All-State Chorus 2, 3, 4: Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4: Class Treasurer 3, 4: Bacca- laureate Choir 2. Activi- ties: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Marshal 2, 3, 4: Intra- murals I: Science Club I: School Newspaper 4: Track I: Language Club 4: Host at Latin Club Banquet: Football Man- ager 2, 3, 4: Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4. AVONEL HATCHER "Abby" - Destination- Africa. Honors: Senior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4. Ac- tivities: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Marshal 4: lnlfa' murals I, 2, 3, 4: Science Club I. RICHARD MCKNIGHT "Mick" - Destination- Agricultural C o I I e g e. Honors: Tulcendra 3, 4: Sophomore S p e a k i n g Contest 2: Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 3: FFA Speaking Contest 3, .4, County and District Win- ner 3: FFA County Presi- dent 4: FFA Local Presi- dent 4: FFA National Convention 3: Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4: Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog That Laughed" 3. Activities: Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4: Marshal 2, 3, 4: Intra- murals I, 2, 3, 4: Pro- iectionist I, 2, 3: Pho- tography Club 3: FFA I, 2, 3, 4: Debate Club 4: Science Club I: Basket- ball I, 2, 3, 4: Football I, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. DOLORES HOLL MARION JAMES ALICE RANDALL Destination - Un decided. Activities: Mar- shal 4: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Proiectionist 3, Basketball 3. JANICE PENOYER Destination - Ithaca Col- lege. Honors: .S e n i o r Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4. Ac- tivities: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Dra- matic Club 4: Marshal 4: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. "Mimi" - Destination- C.C.B,l. Honors: All State Chorus 4: All County Chorus 4: Bac- calaureate Choir I, 2: Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4. Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Proiectionist I, 2: Dramatic Club 4: FHA 2, 3: Marshal 2, 3: Latin Club 4, Secretary: Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, vaneyi ball I, 2, 3: Softball I, 2. JOHN ROTHERY "Irish" - Destination - Advertising or Navy. Honors: Tulcendra 3, 4: All-County Chorus 4: All- State Chorus 4: Junior- Senior Speaking Con- test 4. Activities: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4: Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Proiectionist I, 2, 3, 4: Photography 2: Hunting and Fishing Club 4: Basketball 3, 4: Football 3, 4. "Squeeky" - Destination -Armed Forces. Honors: Tulcendra 4: Pen and Ink 4: Oracle Staff 3: All-County Chorus 2-4: All-State Chorus 4: Sen- ior Class Play, "The Gos- sip" 4: Class Secretary 3, 4. Activities: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Dramatic Club 3, 4: Marshal 4: Intramurals l, 2, 3: School News- paper 4: Language Club 4. RONALD RUSSELL "Ronnle" - Destination -Navy. Activities: Lan- guage Club 4. JEANNETTE SPENCER "Nete" - Destination - Business School. Honors: Tulcendra 3, 4, Sopho- more Speaking Contest 2, All-County Chorus 4, All-State Chorus 4, Jun- ior-Senior Speaking Con- test 3, 4, Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4, Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog That Laughed" 3. Activities: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Marshal 4, FHA T, 2, 3, 4. DAVID SPAULDING "Rusty" - Destination- Farming. Honors: Student Council l-4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4, Class President l, Stu- dent Council Representa- tive 4. Activities: Dra- matics Club 4, Marshal 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4, FFA 'l, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Pres- ident, Science Club 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN VANBUSKIRK "Jack" - Destination - College. Activities: Mar- shal 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist 2, 3, Photography Club 3, Debate Club 4, Sci- ence Club l-4, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Sec- retary, Language Club 4. MARTIN VOSSLER "Marty" - Destination -Springfield, Massachu- setts. Honors: Class Treasurer 2. Activities: Dramatics Club 4, Mar- shal 2, lntramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Baseball 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Track 3, 4? 'xzf' PAUL VANDENBURG "Dill" - Destination - Undecided. Activities: ln- tramurals l, 2, 3, 4, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4. LORETTA WHITE "Retta" - Destination - Work in an Office. Hon- ors: Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, JV Cheerleader 2. Activities: Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Marshal 1, 2, ln- tramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Vol- leyball 2. GARY VENTON "Wimpy" - Destination -College. Honors: Tul- cendra 3, 4, Pen and ink l, 2, 3, 4, Harmaniacs l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Speaking Contest 2, All- County Chorus l, 2, 4, All-State Chorus l, 2, Senior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4, Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog That Laughed" 3. Activities: Band 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. Dramatics Club 3, 4, Mar- shal 2, Intramurals 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4 Football l, 2, 4, Track 4, Science Club l. GAILE Wooo "Woody" - Destination - Undecided. Honors: Tulcendra 3, 4, Pen and Ink 2, 3, 4, Editor-in- Chief 4, JV Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, 4, All-County Chorus 2, Junior-Senior Speaking Contest 3, Senior Class Play, "The Gossip" 4, Dramatic Club Play, "The Little Dog That Laughed" 3. Activities: Chorus 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Marshal 3, Proiectionist 3, School Newspaper 4, French Club 4, President. 'H L. CAROLYN VOLLES "Tootsie" - Destination -Secretarial Work. Hon- ors: Tulcendra 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, Li- brarian 3, Treasurer 4, Sophomore S p e a ki n g Contest 2, Senior Class Play, "The One That Got Away" 4. Activities: Dra- matics Club 2, 3, 4, Mar- shal 2, 3, 4, Intramurals T, 2, 3, 4, Proiectionist 2, Debate Club 4, Sci- ence Club 4, School Newspaper 4. JUNE ZUFELT "Zufie" - Destination- lthaca College. Honors: Pen and lnk l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council l, All- County Chorus 2-4, All- State Chorus 2, 3, 4. Activities: Band l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Marshal 2, 3, Intramurals I, Science Club 4. .l SENIOR PROPHECY Occupying the Old Folks Home, located near Tully Center, in the year 2000 A.D., we see four old gents sitting on the porch enioying the sunshine! They are none other than: Mr. Ransom, Mr. Pearse, Mr. Mc- Keon, and Mr. Crosley. Recalling their teaching days, they remember the outstanding Class of '54 and are reminiscing about the recent progress of that group. For instance, Mr. Ransom reports that: Jack VanBuskirk, using his hidden talent is now playing first base for the New York Yankees. Jacky may not hit the ball so hard, but he makes a big hit with his wife . . . Carolyn. Hugh Darling, with his arguing vocal cords, has been named Ambassador to Russia. After he received the title of "Champion Arguer," he is certain to give Malenkov a good argument. Avonel Hatcher, accomplishing her goal, has gone to Africa, not to be a laboratory technician, but to marry a Ubangi. He may not be handsome, but he's all man. Joan Baker is now starring in "The Silent Girlies," now playing on Broadway. Joan has the natural talent for this part. At this point, Mr. McKeon interrupts and reminds them of his favorite trumpet player: Walt Davis, who is now in the bakery business, where his biggest product is "Brownies." June Zufelt now runs a de- partment store. June specializes in "Seeley" mat- tresses, and "Jim" products. Dick Barnes and Loretta White are now married, living on Dutch Hill. Their main interest is small "Barnes." Phyllis Brenchley is now the editor-in-chief of the well known "Granger News Letter." Her fa- vorite column is "Parking and Sparkingf' Larry Chase, the new wrestling champion of the world, has one person left to defeat. The one, the only . . . Alice Randall. Paul VanDenburg has gone to West Point. He has obtained the very high posi- tion as . . . flagpole. Eileen Aungier, her dream has finally come true. She is now raising little "Skippers." Ed Hillenbrand is now playing baseball for a California team. He's trying to see if he can make as good a catch as Joe DiMaggio. As Mr. McKeon pauses for a breath, Mr. Pearse can't let his chances slip by! He brings to their at- tention the progress of: Martin Vossler, who now owns a hell drivers show, "Marty's Mad Men." Al- though Marty is the maddest of the men! Jeannette Spencer has become the world's number ONE figure skater! The only trouble . . . no figure. Dolores Holl has now purchased a farm. Her chief product is chlorophyll! Um Boy . . . What a change! Janice Penoyer has now entered her second child- hood, the only difference is, that she's interested in dolls . . . boy dolls. Jack Rothery owns a factory which specializes in Yellow Ford Convertibles ex- clusively! This is the only way our lover boy can hold his girls! Janet McQueen and Roy Fields finally tied the knot! Janet tried to keep her love for Roy secret, but we ALL knew. Gaile Wood now owns a dairy farm in the vicinity of Albany. She has finally found a cow that gives "Chuck" late milk! Ray Greene still loves 'em and leaves 'em, but he's still sharp with the girls! Mr. Crosley, enioying the fresh air, wakes up to reveal the information that he has on: Ronald Russell who is now operating a barber shop. Ronnie specializes in crew cuts! Richard Mc- Knight is now running a sporting goods store. His main proiect is making bigger basketball backboards. Dick hopes to make it easier for future basketball players to hit the backboards. Marion James is getting tired of waiting for Roy, she decided to marry her old school flame . . . John! Gary Venton has taken Coach Cervi's place on the Syracuse Nats team as player-coach. Gary has made many improvements over the years! Rusty Spaulding married a little Jewish girl . . . Louisa Manashewitz. None of his classmates have seen this little doll, because Rusty keeps her bottled up at home! Last but not least, John Padget has really proven himself in the U. S. as: Mayor of Preble, District Superintendent of Schools, Congressional Represen- tative and Senator of New York State, Secretary of Agriculture, Ambassador to the Belgian Congo, the United States, and then finally John achieved his goal . . . President of . . . Tully P.T.A. 4.1.4042 F .if -x x 0 .15 .QA -ft? .S :N ,, ,Al his p .i , .r':' K JUNIOR CLASS .QQ O ll pi Qs. ...ai Bottom row: M. RO9ersf A. Finkler, 5- Stewart, P- Munson' M' L' Mulphy' H' Cook' P' Docksialer S. Rice E. Chawgo, D. Butler, D. Herold. Second row: N. Patterson, A- Flflpafflckf L- Clalk' Mrs' Jones M,-, Moore, Mr, Struglia, Advisors: M. Kinney, C. Downing, B. Trach, S. Kinney, Third row: A. Dunn R. Barnes, P. Bolt, D. Fox, S. Krom, J. Gambell, J, Sprlngston, R. Carlton, G. Hiller, C. Drake, H. Potter R. Garrett. We began the year by electing the following class officers: Garrett Hiller, President, Anne Finkler, Vice President, Mary Lou Murphy, Secretary, Richard Garrett, Treasurer. Our,advisors this year were Mrs. Jones, Mr. Struglia, and Mr. Moore. The first activity of the year was the Magazine Sales Contest in coniunction with the Sophomore Class with the latter winning by a very slight margin. The contest competition rose to an event- ful climax upon the disappearance of the prize mascot -a plastic donkey. Along with publishing the Oracle, we have had three round and square dances and hope to have a supper before the year's end. To round out our ac- tivity program we are going to hold the Junior Prom at the end of the school year. r n I -1' - K I i f, 'Jw' - C , ., N, 4. WMM ',m"J T1 V tml fi' ET . I Y X 1 if X .7 3 3 f T9 1" ,A -gg.. ' . , , I s I 9 U Q o SOPHOMORE CLASS Bottom row: T. Aldrich, M. Chapman, S. Trach, C. Fellows, M. Murphy, L. Comstock, B. Maahs, M. Richards, S. Brown. Second row: M. Ryan, M, Hoag, C. Krause, J. Glasgow, M. Morton, Mr. Pepper, Mrs. Austin, Mr. Allen, Advisors, B. Kehrer, E. Piper, M. Brown, M. Kinney, L. White. Third row: P. Reitano, R. Dockstater, D. Hoefer, R. Briggs, D. Mortis, R. Abbott, R. Steger, P. Settord, C. Fuller, J. Weisbrodt, R. Aldrich, L. Usher, F. Diederich. Our first big money making project of the year was the magazine contest which We won. Another project was our Smorgasbord Supper which was even better attended than the one held the previous year. Other activities on our schedule are a dance and the Locke Memorial Speech Contest. CLASS OFFICERS ROBERT STEGER ......,,,,,......,.,,,..,,,,,,,, , ..,,,.. ,V,YYV,-,AV P fegidenf JANET GLASGOW A--Y-- ...., V ice President MARGARET HOAG ..,.,, ,,,,,,YY-,YY S ecfefafy DALE MORTIS ,,..,.... .,Y,V,,- T feagurer Q Trilby Aldrich and Lynn Usher act as Student Council Representatives. Mrs. Austin, Mr. Allen, and Mr. Pepper are our class advisors for the year. 'Wm 'T-L 'ny , , I , V f.. A, gf' f .AQ . :SW- 6- '- v 'lr "'Q15, - - .- . rf: I P' 'fexf A Q XR! .Q- - , . 2 , , V.-9 JU, .4 , ff ,J , 4'--' . X. .. N-, , W Xx5. . N 'NX 'V QL! s A? 0' 'A N K ' if 4 :nf mg M, .1-ff'-1 f- -, . x int' Jfv Wfrf X. Q' 'NM R :Ig xxx XXX ik, Hx., xX ng. V 1 , xx.-M" I 1. X . . . F g.,K.., fig? U' hxyk . j. Ze 5 A vm! ,, , K K a' 4 ,, H ' W ' 'S 5 i ig, ' . -xxx.. 1..5gR.x.lxx 1 K : I K El .1 n 'vi Q .1 w w , -kwa '3 N' 1 , . v , . x ..',w H an ,K ,, A. K. 5 x x I Nw w' 5. S 1 1 NH FRESHMAN CLASS Bottom row: R. Ransom, W. Weisbrodt, T. Cowles, G. Eades, J. Bogart, G. Olcott, S. Seeley, R, Spaulding R. Hillenbrand. Second row: D. Granger, S. White, D. Russell, L. Aungier, D. Hobart, P. Granger, Mr Wing, Mrs. Buzard, Mr. Ferguson, Advisors: J. Kenyon, M. Herold, J. Hence, E. Russell, D. Baldwin Third row: H. Hobart, P. Lathrop, P. Henderson, R. VanDenburg, D. Piper, L. Rice, C. Martin, S. Aldrich S. Gambell, B. Wood, L. Bardwell, M. L. Miller, C. Sherman, M. Russell, D. Maahs, M. Richards, J. Dunn W. Baker. Fourth row: J. Hallenbeck, A. Sickman, W. Padget, E. Wortley, W. Krawczuk, J. Long, D Darling, D. Leonard, T. Barney, F. Corl, D. Blakeslee, K. Stewart, R. Compton, B. Carlton, R. Ramsey E. Nurenberg, J. Potter, L. Currie, J. Currie. The Freshman class elected the following people for their officers: ROBERT RAMSEY .... . ,.. ...,.,,,,-,,,, President LOUIS CURRIE ................... ..... V ice President PRICILLA HENDERSON ...... ,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,, S e cretary DORLEON BALDWIN ..... - ..,..,............,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,,, Treasurer JUDAH CURRIE .......... .... S tudent Council Representative MELISSA RICHARDS .... ...... Student Council Representative Mrs. Buzard, Mr. Wing, and Mr. Ferguson were our advi- sors this year. We held candy sales throughout the' year as a money making proiect. Another future project is either a Smorgasbord Supper or a Bake Sale. Quan Gfayh EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS-P. Currie, Student Council Rep., J. Holbrook, Secretary, F. Volles, President, B. Bathgate, Vice President, R. Sickman, Treasurer, B. Ellis, Student Council Rep. 5 PQ. le . flnf P -ur Q ll. Wr'5i.!f:ll72f w, ' lfx ,-Isis ,f Bottom row: R. Bogart, R. Fisher, B. Kingsley, J. FitzPatrick, R. Griffith, D. Raison, W. Bugbee, R. Stupke, P. Mickelson. Second row: M. Russell, N. Rice, J. Balzano, Mr. Lawless, Mr. Clements, Advisors, B. Bolt, B. Bathgate, B. row: P. James, G. Jancen, M. Hollenbeck, B. LaBrake, P. Kinney, R. McDonough, S. Brown, C. Smith, J. Moyer, M. Fields, D. Rutherford, J. Drake, S. White, J. Holbrook. Fourth row: T. Brown, J. Kelley, J. Ackles, M. White, F. Volles, F. Morse, J. Phillips, L. Beak, E. Walker, R. R. Sickman. Absent: R. Shorey, P. McDonough, T. Downing. Hoagland, H. Darling, Mrs. Dodge. Third J. Brown, K. K. Mitten, S. Kinney, D. Darling, Nichols, E. Fields, M. Towers, G. VanDenburg, B. Ellis, R. Kingsley, Harty, P. Currie, P. Bort, B. Kinney, D. Martin, V, Smith, SEVENTH GRADE dent Council Rep. , fs QQ: First row: R. Munson, D. Stewart, D. Williams, R. Griffith, K. Lathrop, C. Hallinan, D. Shaw, L, Costello, E. Henry. Second row: D, Kingsley, J. Fisher, B. Towers, K. VanDenberg, Miss Clay, Mr. Nettleton Mrs. Howard, Advisors, J. Baker, B. Jones, B. Johnson, R. June. Third row: D. Tracy, S. Currie, N. Rice N. Henderson, D. Price, L. Raut, M. Bailey, K, Phelps, J. Smith, M. Staiger, C. Whiting, S. Crosley E. Fields, J. Moyer, B. Briggs, B. Stupke, M. McCormick, Fourth row: J. Holbrook, Y. Eibert, R. Krewson D. Synder, H, Spencer, D. Hobart, A. Staiger, S. Miller, R. Staiger, R, Leonard, G. Downing, F, Downing K. Mann, J. Ramsey, L. Leonard, J. Conklin. Missing: C. Leonard. OFFICERS-C. Leonard, Student Council Rep., C. Hallinan, Vice President, J Holbrook, President, N. Rice, Secretary R. Griffith, Treasurer, S. Crosley, Stu . C fl " 5 .1 '55-T E s CHRISTMAS PAGEANT 6"'W I A ,O X din 1 ly' . AQ! 1 's S? ELEMENTARY MORNING KINDERGARTEN and SECOND GRADES AFTERNOON KINDERGARTEN and FIRST GRADES ELEMENTARY THIRD and FOURTH GRADES FIFTH and SIXTH GRADES A 7 HONOR STUDENTS J , fx N. .ns 'i 1 'I . X 3-5 I ll l'I - , A 0 i x Xe 1 Seated: C. Volles, A. Randall, A. Hatcher. Standing: J. Padgef, J. VanBuskirk, W. Davis. JUNIOR-SENIOR SPEAKING CONTEST Ilff D. Rycraff, J. Rofhery, M. L. Murphy, R. Carlton, J. Spencer, H. Darling, A. Finkler H. Potter. FIRST PRIZE R. Carlton-"Our Civil Defense" A. Finkler-"So You Want to Go to College" SECOND PRIZE J. Rothery-"Youth ar the Wheel" D. Rycraff-"Slums, A Disgrace To Democracy" ..v.' yy , 1, fr.-3' 1.1- Fi qt 'rlv . I' .,.+ 4' 1, ' A "' QS fsfwg f-' 'wm- 6-1 'A - 9 . : 'Le' " , k5f3,,,, .. 3 1 .H Wfffwww ' mf' I ,. .,, M -wwf! f 4, ff .JP-HV, - " ,pm A gn .G-'T . All J". Nl JM, , 1 g, -, , H. -. :H W. , .H ' 'Lady' v 1.--u, a--,..- . p vw' ' 1-. V BAND The Tully Band opened the school year, with their new director, Mr. McKeon, by playing for the football pep assemblies. Also the organization has played for the regular school assemblies. Our first trip was to the Marine Band Concert which was held in Syracuse at the War Memorial. This concert was attended by the entire band and many of the younger instrumentalists. ln November the NYSSMA All-State Music Festival was scheduled to be held at Elmira. Marilyn Brown, Louise Comstock, Mary Lou Murphy, Trilby Aldrich, and David Hoefer were the instrumentalists chosen to represent Tully. However, the school was closed because of illness and the students were not able to participate. Christmas time brought a combination of the vocal department and band in the presentation of the annual program. Shortly after the start of the new semester a number of new members ioined the band substantially increasing the numbers and musicality of the organization. March 5 and 6 brought the Onondaga Music Festival at Fayetteville. Represent- ing Tully were David Hoefer, Marilyn Brown, Mary Lou Murphy, and Peggy Murphy. . . . . . Q At this writing the band is working towards the NYSSMA contest, the Onon- daga Festival of bands and the traditional Spring Concert. The band has had a successful year both musically and socially. First row: M. Brown, M. James, L. Comstock, J. Dunn, M. L. Murphy, T, Aldrich, R. Martin, K. Mitten, J. Zufelt, P. Reitano, W. Davis. Second row: C. Fellows, B. Krawczuk, J. Penoyer, A. Randall, J. Padget, J. Long, C. Martin, E. Nurenberg, P. Murphy, R. Ramsey, S. Fuller. Third row: A. Finkler, M. Hoag, L. White, B. Bathgate, D. Herlihy, S. Glasgow, D. Baldwin, S. Owens. Standing: Mr. McKeon, Advisory D. Rycraft, R. Abbott, G. Venton. CHORUS The Tully Central School chorus this year numbered ninety-six members. To sound as professional as possible, enioy many types of music, and prepare for participation in college, community and church singing groups were the aims of this vocal group. Techniques for improving tone and blend were employed at rehearsals of the group as a whole and in sectionals. The chorus, which contributes to the school, community and county, sang at the annual Christmas program, special assemblies, evening activities, spring concert, county festival, and New York State contest. From the membership of the group at large, seventy-four singers were chosen to form the Varsity Chorus. These people were selected on the basis of musical experience, scholarship, responsibility, and attitude. Members of the chorus who were chosen to go to All-State were: Alice Randall, Jeanette Spencer, June Zutelt, Marian James, Walter Davis, Edward Hillenbrand, Robert Carlton, Jack Rothery, Gary Venton. These people plus John Padget, Stanley Krom, Richard Mickelson sang with the all-county chorus. In addition to the above activities, several tenors and basses were chosen to sing in the "Messiah" and with the F.F.A. county chorus. Mr. Struglia, Advisor. Bottom row: M. Ryan, M. Hoag, M. L. Drumm, J. Spencer, A. Finkler, J. Padget R, Greene, W. Davis, E. Hillenbrand, R. Mickelson, R. Abbott, G. Venton, R. Carlton, S. Krom, J. Zufelt M. James, J. Dunn, L. Rice, C. Martin, D. Baldwin. Second row: L. Clark, S. Kinney, M. L. Murphy A. Randall, P. Reitano, L. Usher, R. Steger, R. Garrett, R. Dockstater, J. Bogart, J. Rothery, D. Herold P. Murphy, M. Brown, S. Brown, L. Bardwell, M. Kinney, C. Fellows. Third row: C. Downing, J. Cook B. Stewart, T. Aldrich, E. Aungier, P. Dockstater, R. Hillenbrand, J. Potter, D. Leonard, L. Currie D Mortis, P. Setford, C. Fuller, D. Rycraft, L. White, D. Piper, P. Henderson, M. Herold, M. Richards S. White. Fourth row: B. Kehrer, C. Krause, B. Wood, R. VanDenburg, J. Penoyer, J. Springston L. Chase, J. Currie, F. Morse, T. Barney, B. Carlton, E. Chawgo, P. Munson, P. Brenchley, L. White S. Rice, N. Patterson, M. Richards. Fifth row: B. Trach, A. FitzPatrick, D. Granger, P. Granger L Aungier, A. Dunn, J. Hollenbeck, D. Blakesley. E. Wortley, R. Ramsey, J. Long, E. Nurenberg, J. Mc Queen, G. Wood, L. Comstock, M. Mortin. SEVENTH and EIGHTH GRADE GIRLS' CHORUS 40--4... 4" N ' 'www ir- - Vw ...sw AAVVVV A -.... N .K "' .N , K A. First row: S. Kinney, D. Rutherford, P. Currie, S. White, B, Bathgate, J. Holbrook, M. A. Hollenbeck, S. Currie, C. Vormald, M. McCormick, A. Staiger, C. Whiting, L. Raut, L. Rothery, J. Harty, D. Dodge, P. James, K. Mitten, P. Darling. Second row: C. Rice, B. Jones, N. Rice, K. VanDenberg, D. Darling, M. Russell, P. Kinney, J. Moyer, C. McDonough, G. Jansen, B. Kinney, J. Brown, B. LaBralce, N. Hender- son, J. Fisher. Third row: R. Martin, D. Price, R. June, J. Moyer, L. Leonard, B. Towers, Y. Eibert, M. Bailey, B. Briggs, K. Phelps, S. Crosley, B. Jansen, J. Baker, B. Stupke, J. Holbrook, D. Kingsley, D. Tracy, J. Conklin, C. Smith. DRAGNOTEERS 5 Left to right: T. Barney, F. Morse, M. Brown, Accompanist, S. Miller, J. Bogart, R. Steger, L. Currie D. Leonard, B. Carlton, D. Blakeslee, L. Usher, P. Reitano, R. Hillenbrand, J. Long, R. Stupke, E Nurenberg, W. Baker, R. Ramsey. DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatic Club met at the beginning ofthe year and elected the following officers: Janet McQueen, President, Ray- mond Green, Vice P r e s i d e n t, Gaile Wood, Secretary-Treasurer, Edward Hillenbrand, Historian. The production of the play "Love is in the Air" is the main project of this year's Dramatic Club. K 4 n 1 in 4 ..l-.al Bottom row: A. Finkler, D. Harold, E. Aungier, J. Cook, S. Kinney, P. Munson, T. Aldrich, M. Ryan, B. Stewart, D. Rycraft. Second row: M. Hoag, C. Fellows, R. Greene, G. Wood, Mrs. Austin, Advisor, J. McQueen, E. Hillenbrand, M. L. Murphy, L. White. Third row: J. Spencer, J. Penoyer, A. Hatcher, C. Volles, A. FitzPatrick, L. Comstock, M. Murphy, P. Brenchley, N. Patterson, A. Randall, M. Richards, M. James. Fourth row: D. Spaulding, S. Krom, J. Rothery, R. Abbott, J. Padget, R. McKnight, J. Springston, G. Venton, W. Davis, R. Carlton, M. Vouler, G. Hiller, R. Garrett, A. Dunn. HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB Kneeling: J. Rothery, R. Barnes, J. Gambell, P. VanDenberg, H. Potter, C. Drake, H. Darling. Standing F. Hence, D. Fox, R. Dockstater, P. Bolt, H. June, D. Mortis, Mr. Pepper, Advisor, R. Gardner, C Fuller, L. Chase, R. Briggs, J. Weisbrodt. PROJECTIONISTS Bottom row: R. Hillenbrand, W. Weisbrodt, D. Herold, M. Lathrop, S. Seeley, J. Dunn, S. White, D. Baldwin. Second row: Mr. Ransom, Advisor, M. Richards, D. Piper, P. Reitano, E. Nurenberg, R. Garrett, L. Usher, R. Ramsey, E. Wortley, P. Bolt, D. Fox, C. Drake, K. Stewart, J. Long, S. Trach. Top row- M. L. Miller, E. Piper, L. Comstock, G. Hiller, J. Rothery, R. Steger, W. Davis, J. Padget, R. Greene J. Gambell, D. Leonard, S. Krom, M. Murphy, J. McQueen, J. Glasgow. 1 JUNIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB 0 Q5 64 SIIENIELLUBQUHIMEIIIIFI WW Xin eff! Bottom row: C. Martin, D. Baldwin, R. Hillenbrand, J. Holbrook, D. Darling, M. Richards, B. Carlton, S. Miller. Second row: L. Rice, P. Henderson, D. Leonard, R. Ransom, D. Williams, R. Spaulding, R. Leonard, G. Eades, M. Herold, W. Baker, D. Snyder, D. Piper, D. Russell, J. Dunn. Third row: E. Nuremberg, E. Woriley, J. Long, A. Sickmon, K. Stewart, R. Ramsey, W. Weisbrodt, T. Barney, Mr. Gardner, Advisor. 1 9 " 0 OJ Q xii 0 it 7 5 I 9 62 fiqlf if 1' in SENIOR HIGH SCIENCE CLUB fin, MARSHALS Bottom row: A. Finkler, J. Spencer, P. Munson, M. Hoag, M. Rogers, S. Rice, D. Holl, L. White, E. Chawgo. Second row: M. Brown, M. l.. Murphy, B. Trach, S. Kinney, A. Randall, P. Brenchley, Mr. Pearse, Advisor, L. Comstock, C. Downing, C. Volles, J. Glasgow, J. Penoyer, S. Brown, T. Aldrich Third row: R. Garrett, D. Fox, D. Mortis, R. Steger, J. Padget, R. Gardner, R. McKnight, J. VanBuskirk W. Davis, J. Gambell, E. Hillenbrand, G. Hiller, D. Spaulding. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Bottom row: J. Holbrook, J. Harty, B. Stupke, M. A. Hollenbeck, N. Henderson, J. Conklin, D. Tracy, J. Baker, A. Rice. Second row: L. Rothery, B. Towers, L. Leonard, K. VanDenberg, Mrs. Howard, Advisor, P. Currie, V. Hence, B. Bort, M. Rogers. Third row: J. Smith, D. Darling, D. Rutherford, J. Moyer C. Smith, S. Aldrich, B. Wood, R. Martin, H. Cook, R. VanDenberg, S. Rice. 1 YORKER CLUB First row: D. Stewart, L. Costello, K. Lathrop, R. Griffith, H. Bugby, B. Kingsley, W. Hoagland, R. Krewson, R. Fisher, R. Bogart, R. Munson. Second row: M. L. Russell, J. Fisher, J. Baker, J. Conklin, P. James, C. Rice, Mrs. Howard, Mr. Nettleton, Miss Clay, Advisors, K. VanDenberg, B. Bathgate, D. Tracy, B. Bort, B. Jansen, D. Dodge. Third row: B. Briggs, L. Leonard, N, Henderson, S. Guernsey, J. Drake, K. Mitten, K. Phelps, D. Rutherford, J. Smith, J. Brown, S. Brown, C. Smith, J. Moyer, V. Smith, M. Staiger, M. Bailey, P. Kinney, S. White, S. Crosley, S. Currie, J. Jansen, P. Darling. Fourth row: P. Currie, J. Holbrook, J. Ramsey, R. Griffith, F. Downing, G. Downing, B. Ellis, R. Sickmon, M. Towers, G. Ackles, F. Volles, L. Beak, E. Walker, H. Spencer, R. Kingsley, J. Kelley, T. Brown, D. Raison, J Fitzpatrick, B. Bolt, J. Harty. JUNIOR RED CROSS Circle, left to right: R. Griffith, B, Briggs, P Kingsley, L. Costello, B. Jones, R. Stupke, N Rice, B. Stupke, K. Mann, N. Henderson, D Raison, J, Conklin, J. Phillips, C. Whiting, K Lathrop, D. Tracy, R. Griffith, S. Crosley, W Hoagland, K. Phelps, J. Moyer, R. Fisher, R. June M. Bailey. Cross, bottom to top: L. Leonard, M Staiger, Y. Eibert, Mrs. Balzano, Miss Clay, Mrs Jones, Advisors, M. Roussell, B. Bort, S. Guernsey LATIN CLUB FEP UD Bottom row: P. Lathrop, M. Ryan, M. Richards, J. McQueen, M. James, A. Dunn, C. Sherman, L. Rice Second row: W. Weisbrodt, D. Baldwin, M. Herold, J. Dunn, Mr. Wing, Advisor, P. Henderson, A Finkler, S. White. Third row: A. Randall, J. Glasgow, C. Downing, B. Kehrer, P. Murphy, L. Clark L. Comstock, M. Mortin, E. Piper, C. Krause, M. Richards. Fourth row: B. Maahs, W. Padget, E. Wortley E. Hillenbrand, J. Springston, J. Long, R. Ramsey, E. Nurenberg, D. Piper. FRENCH CLUB Bottom row: A. Finkler, D. Rycraft, N. Patterson, G. Wood, D. Maahs, T. Aldrich. Second row: S. Seeley, M. Hoag, C. Martin, P. Reitano, Mr. Wing, Advisor, S. Aldrich, L. White, R. Ransom, G. Eades. Third row: R. Russell, L. Usher, R. Steger, J. VanBuskirk, D. Mortis, D. Fox. QHI The Pen and lnk Club is the honorary literary society of Tully Central School. In order to be selected for this honor, the candidate must have an average of 85 percent in English. The highlight of our social life was the initiation supper in the school cafeteria on October 29. The following people were initiated: Janet Glasgow, Marilyn Brown, Peggy Mur- phy, Caroline Fellows, Linda White, Lynn Usher, Trilby Ald- rich, Mary dee Richards, and Alice Randall. The main function of this organization is to furnish the local newspaper with the school news. The news that goes under "High Times" is entirely gathered and written by the Pen and Ink members. - z:i':ii.' f - - if: " 5' ,,,, '- OFFICERS-Seated: J. McQueen, G. Wood. 5 Standing: A. Finkler, W. Davis, R. Garrett. iw. lllliS is 'ill' Un' First row: J. Padget, J. Baker. Second row: M. Brown, M. Richards, W. Davis, J Glasgow N Patterson A. Finkler, M. L. Murphy. Third row: E. Hillenbrand, R. Garrett, G. Wood, P. Murphy C Fellows J McQueen, T, Aldrich. Standing: Mrs. Buzard, Advisorg G, Venton, G. Hiller A Randall J Zufelt L. Whita, L. Usher. STUDENT COUNCIL Bottom row: C. Volles, F. Volles, M. Richards, S. Crosley, B. Ellis, B. Bathgate, P. Currie, J. Currie. Second row: J. Glasgow, J. Padget, A. Finkler, T. Aldrich, J. Holbrook, J. McQueen, D. Rycraft, Mr. Pearse. Third row: L. Usher, L. Currie, R. Ramsey, G. Hiller, D. Spaulding, R. Sfeger, C. Hallinan. N.-.---H---. 1 ' ,us--.-.. The Student Council was organized at the beginning of the year under the ad- visorship of Mr. Pearse. Because of the usefulness of this organization it is able to help the school in many ways. Some of the services rendered by this club in- clude: the marshal system, student bus organization for basketball game trips, contributions to worthy organizations, and an assembly. Two new services have been inaugurated this year. These are: bus service for out of town football games, and a study hall, which is held during the evenings of Regents weeks. The purpose of the Student Council is to serve our school in the best way pos- sible and to make it a better place in which to work. STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS EOR 1954-Seated: Anne Finkler, Sec- retary, Janet McQueen, President, David Spaulding, Vice President. Standing: Trilby Aldrich, Assistant Secretary, Carolyn Volles, Treas- urer, Donna Rycraft, Library. F. F.A. Bottom row: R. Greene, D. Spauld- ing, R. McKnight, Mr. Allen, Ad- visor, R. Bames, J. Gambell, R. Fields. Second row: R. Spaulding, W. Baker, J. Hollenbeck, J. Weis- brodt, R. Dockstator, L. Currie, R. Aldrich, J. Currie, T. Cowles. Third row: C. Fuller, F. Corl, D. Leonard, J, Bogart. F.H.A. Bottom row: D. Granger, M. Rogers D. Hobart, J. Cook, S. Rice, H Cook. Second row: L. Clark, C Downing, L. Bardwell, P. Granger, J. Spencer, E. Chawgo, S, Brown, M. Chapman, P. Dockstater. NMAKER5 mer -W NEW YV' ec 'L fav if '-.2 5 f S l S 0 -N- RMERS A my O JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS Bottom row: M. Russell, B. B th a gate, M. McCormick, B. Towers,J Baker P James K VanDenbe - 1 - I - Vg, D. Fisher, D. Dodge. Second row: B. Bolt, D. Price, E. Kiits, P. Kinney, J. Holbrook, P. Currie, 5. Currie. Third row: R. Munson, P. Mickelson, K. Mitten, R. Martin, C, Smith, Mr Moore Advisor- J Moyer, D. Rutherford, J. Smith, D. Stewart. Fourth row: M. A. Hallenbeck, S. White, J. Drake, J. Ramsey, T. Downing, D. Hobart, D. Sh P. D I' CARO Y MA LINE FELLOWS PEGGY MURPH RYDEE R aw, ar Ing, L. Rothery. PEN and INK INITIATION ICHARDS Alice RA NDALL H N 6'lK,. Yew A ix! mehr Avg' 'Q ww -1. . Q, VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Standing: B. Stewart, J. McQueen, G. Wood, P. Brenchley, L. White. Kneeling: D. Rycraft, D. Herold, A. Finkler. JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: B. Maahs, C. Fellows, M. Ryan, P. Munson, L. White, T. Aldrich. X 'W - 1 :v e l -: 'E x I I I W 9 . f -f ..AQll9lS9Iil-'Vw ' FOOTBALL Bottom row: W. Davis, J. Rothery, R. Greene, S. Krom, D. Spaulding, R. Carlton. Second row: Coach Nettleton, J. Currie, D. Fox, C. Carlton, J. Potter, I.. Currie, R. Dockatater, D. Mortis, K. Stewart, Coach Clements. Third row: E. Hillenbrand, R. Ramsey, M. Vouler, F. Corl, R. McKnight, G. Venton, D. Blakeslee, D. Leonard, R. Abbott. The season marked the beginning of eight man football replacing the six man game. Graduation took an unusual number of players, however, more freshman candidates tried out for the team than ever before. Walt Davis, Dick McKnight, Dave Spaulding, and Jack Rothery made up the first string line, while Ray Greene, Stan Krom, and Dick Mickelson comprised the backfield. Because of his running and pass catching ability, Krom did most of the scoring. A number of boys stood out on defense, such as Dave Spaulding, Stan Krom and Dick Mickelson. The iron-men on our squad were Jack Rothery and Robert Carlton. Some outstanding freshman players were Bob Ramsey, Don Leonard, Louis Currie and Franklin Corl. Our won-lost record was not an enviable one, but the team showed good spirit throughout. Their fight and desire to win won the praise of all who knew them and we are proud of them iust the same. -OH" ml' K i ...,..g.Q,. 15... BASKETBALL S. KROM R. MICKELSON R. GREENE p. VanDENBURG D. SPAULDING This year's well balanced team did not have a very impressive record, but they still worked and played hard. The boys worked well together and improved each game. The all-around play of Stan- ley Krom, who made the first string on the All- Star Eastern Division Team and was second high- est scorer in the league. Other contributions were made by Dick Mickelson, Ray Greene, Rusty Spaulding, and Paul VanDenberg. M. VOSSLER s 6 l slr -lk R. MCKNIGHT R. ABBOTT n. CARLTON G. vENroN w. DAVIS J- ROTHERY TULLY JUNIOR VARSITY m. : s iii? The 1953-54 Junior Varsity basketball record is a fairly impressive one. Al- though we didn't win many games we did gain victories over Fabius twice and Lafayette once. The team was mostly made up of freshmen and sophomores. Under the able leadership of Coach Nettleton the J.V.'s showed steady improve- ment as the year progressed. X . V gr l W xy -. .-. -'7.mu ' ' 'CEE Q Sli! f 1? ,sg , i ?' g -1 , w ,X - ' SAX i' '2f', QI 1. A --. 4 "A 4,25 i H if . 4' F' 4 , fin, ,f .. IS .X , -3 'Y ' '-1 .g , .A ' "nr -'zz 1 I fr ' J BOOSTERS AbboH's Appliance S'I'ore Alexander's Arlaniic Apulia Garage Apulia Grill Apulia Hoiel Mr. and Mrs. Leon Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Sfanley Bardwell J. D. Barfholomew and Son E. J. Burroughs Cal's Barber Shop Cardner's Hardware Siore Miss Jessie Clay Mrs. Beriha Cowles Mr. and Mrs. John D. Crosley Mr. and Mrs. Fay Cummings Mr. and Mrs Claude Ferguson Mr. and Mrs. C. Fi'l'zPa+riclc Mr. Leichesier G. Green Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hoag Mrs. Mary Howard Mrs. Mary Loclre Long's Depar+men+ Sfore Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCormick Merion R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Morris Apulia Gear Grinding Club Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Ransom Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rice Dr. and Mrs. Marcus S. Richards Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Rogers Ro+hery's Srore Michael Schope Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shanebroolc Mr. and Mrs. George Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Glen Smifh Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Sreger Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sfruglia Tully Bakery Tully Food Marker Tully Garage Finlcler's Home Appliances The Class of '55 lPride of T. C. S.l Mr. and Mrs. OlcoH' Gardner Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Garrefl' Mr. and Mrs. George Drake Spoi' Oil Company Two Young Businessmen of Tully lMer+ and Perryl Shea's Srore Fabius. N. Y. Mary Dunn Agnes Schumalcer Paul Dunn A LITHOGRAPHED YEARBOOK o DALLAS TEXAS

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