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5 544,533 59 ' K ' gs. . 3 -:-9,3 .53 - ' 1-GF:-3,I' i ' 632 ' " 1.15 'iq' mv ,X - .v..... .wxwmf Q 4 v ., ., hw. 7.6 .. kif H153 ,ww 232 X L F K f H5 ' Wi.. ii ,. . V Sisiiggsg " 'H , 221565 . g L , 19.11, ' K I , 'Q Q, .1 ,, X0 - . .Aw . . . . --1-1N- . ff' ,, , W' 0 ""' K .ny I' . ' , .f' .W Ex, . . . .. , g , ,. if ' nw. 1 -312' , , ',14f':. r1. . J "f , 1 52 ' ' ,1 -. L M 4 if If 'H f A ' , x f Y .. 4 1 '. ' 1 .V iifiygizi in.. -.14 .,.., , ,Mi .. I, , . H. , . . , - . . - .K A ,..,. 7 , . , H A ..MH.W . Y, K, Wtbvgklivr VV.gM....A5, v.zx f ef . LW ' .. Q .. ---VMWQW- ,.,.wf - "HK K .. -A M-Mfg V 4 .,.. 1 'K . , . K' I H H kk A D M ..,,m4-Qfvws V . ,. ., fit: .f .f 3 3,51 fi Z . . . ,ff . U gil ' . . . .V 4' . , M 5 K, . L il-5-f 73,51-5 . 7, H A - W-.,,,1,,,L.,,,,w-mfx:fxwfw.-M... . . W A L, 14 , ,W .,.:ff"f:r?rw57vw '?QfwWv-ww, A-if . I A 'Siva S , A ,.,,,,.y,,,L ., .M , . , f . , W '1 '4 ' 75 . . . . ,, ,... f :WI - ' f R . 'UG' ' 4 H , I K L , i f, k K ,, ,,. .m g qw.. -:J - . .'1ff 2 " h -- k x. 1 i Mrs Rvclmldf WiHmms 'b'iM.ul15!rvd Curilnnd Nlw Ymlf Li Z Z' 14, L ,?' 1 I I g X9 me mg? 5 wu-Y QWYLLQ-I -ff Aj' 1 5 'fx 31222222225 'I , 1: EE ZZ :Z 1: E': 3 i g Puausuw Z THE 9 ff 1 2? 55 3? 22 f ' EIIITIJHI L l C21 .ga C3 l X 2 S g K, , I "That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beingsg that person is richest who, having perfected the func- tions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal, and by means of his posses- sions, over the lives of others." WE HIQI llll This year the Board of Education adopted new report cards. These report cards are the result of the teachers interest in the marking field. Vliss Jessie Clay The Junior Class of 1952 proudly dedicates the Tully Central School yearbook to you, Miss Clay, for your long service to this school. For twenty- nine years, you have taught all the work in the seventh and eighth grades. You have been a class advisor most of your years as a teacher, and you are continually working on pro'ects with your pupils. You have organized andl developed the Junior Red Cross, Science Club, and the Yorker Club. You have frequently helped in the Business De artment, teaching Business Arithmetic and ln- troguction to Business. May we express our gratitude, Miss Clay, by dedicating this book to you. We wish you continued success and happiness in the many years of teach- ing ahead. A year ago the Board began planning for a new E IJ U U lndustrial Arts and Agriculture building. Classes have been held there since january. A Q - 1 5 . I - A ...,-. 4-.4-wpuw-1quf1+U'M--' - awww- nnwwmvauffm- rf' - rs.. ,.,.,....,. W... W., f.--...W rr - --Q M..-.... ----q-.1-..-4 --. ---. --1-nqfv.-V--.Qu -una-nv --us-.Ni-.. f -Q an-.u an-.nv-M .W - 1-on menu .ww-so-nano-ui-rw--41-1-'ann . .. W A' L. to R.: Fred Hollenbeck, Norbert Finkler, Francis Foley, Earle Ketcham, Albert Walburger, Arthur Goodwin, William R. Padget. My experiences in T. C. S. have been very in- teresting and challenging. Although the school ob- jectives are high, the continued fine cooperation of Students and Teachers will insure the achievement of our goals. Frank Page Supervising Principal lt has been a leasure to meet and work with the Faculty and Sturllents of Tully Central School. We all wish our friends, thc Seniors, success in what- ever field they enter next year. John D. Crosley Vice-Principal PRINCIPAL and VICE-PRINCIPAL Frank Page and john D. Crosley -ig- " M ,,..'.-.- ' fa' l' . '.. a'git?,..::'1rf. ,IRQ-K ' 'Viv --Q -.n fi :ei F' ' ,llf-'fill-MJ-i , .'.1j..-:' A 41 - Q., r 'iw 1' FACULTY SCIENCE AND MATH EMATICS Standing, L. to R.: Frank Balzano, B. S. Seated: Elean- or C. Greene, B. A., M. A., Roland E. Ransom, B. A., M. A. SOCIAL STUDIES Standing, L. to R.: Eugene C. Pearse, B. S., Merton ll. Moore, B. A. Seated: Claude R. Ferguson, B. E., M. A., Jessie Clay. Gs: Mary W. Howard, B. S. LANGUAGE Sealed, L. to R.: Jessie IC. Clay, john D. Crosley, B. E., M. A., Beatrice B. Cross, B. S., M. A. Standing: Donald R- Wing, B. A.: Merton R. Moore, B. A. Pi . 'rf' P HYSICAL E DUCATION L. to R.: Alfred P. Clements, B. S., Clolyn M. Williams, B. S. Fl-lll LTY L. L0 R.: Ileverly Amoldy. B. Music, George E. Stokoc, ll. S., Musirgjean Hawkins, B. A. Art.. MUSIC AND ART HEALTH DEPARTMENT L. to R.: Doris R. Cum- mings, Dental Hygienislg Mary J. Beattie, B. S., School Nurse. L. to R.: ,Iohn D. Crosley, B. FI., M. S., Eugene C. Pearse, B. S. GUIDANCE VOCATIONAL Standing, L. to R.: Eleanor C. Greene, B. A., M. A., Businessg Doris Shenfeld, B. S., M. S. Home Economics, Lillian C. Buzard, B. S. M- A-. Business. H. Burdette Allen, B. S., Vocational Agriculture, Edward D, Owens, Industrial Arts. 5 FACULTY ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Standing: Mr. Crosley, Vice- Principal. Seated: Mr. Green, Director of Finance, Transporta- tion and Adult Education, Mr. Page, Principal, Miss Edinger, Secretary. T PRIMARY GROUP Standing, L. to R.: Isabel Bishop, Crade' 3, Milicent Fuller, B. S., Gmdes 3-4: Rhea Neltleton, Crude 1, Roberta Shapley, Crade 3. Seated: Mary Merriman, B. S., Crude 2, Cecilia l.. Mu hy, Crude I, Ann C. Angerson, Kindergarten, Edna Moore, B. S., Crude 2. INTERMEDIATE GROUP Seated, L. to R.: Milicent Fuller, B. S., Crade 3-4,' Grace Baldwin, Crade 4, Margaret Dwyer, Crade 5, Jane Palmer, Crade 4. Standing: Beatrice Nolan, Crade 5, Dorothy Col- gove, B. S., Crade 6, Louise Long, Crade 6. 6 CAFETERIA Standing, L. to R.: P. Munson, Mrs. Burliegh, Mrs. Edinger, J. Glasgow, S. Goodwin, Mrs. Bammesburg- er, Mrs. Davis. Second Row: M. A. Morton, L. White, D. Lancette, M. James, J. Peno er, A. Randell, C. Volles, V. Phelps. ,--..-W. r-.+we-- -was-ng 1-'F .I , I-ll TEN!-WEE CUSTODIANS L. to R.: F. Roundy, W. Krewson. BUS DRIVERS L. to R.: F. Houndy, A. Kanar, J. Hartwell, F. Devine. R. Comue, W. Krewson, W. Balt. ka il, s M, fa '1 'Z ' J 4 jg,-., , .. ,ix - . Q. -- . I" if ""-1 "V ii:1f:E- ,:-, 5,1 -, i ' -vliw-s,'1...'5?:+,i-'Q-fr E . r ral.: -wp 1.13, iff: ' 1 .A ' 'il' :ff 91 fill EQQVQQ Nfi , . " f . ' K ,fewf'.-v4,fi- W, f ., A . wg - if 1 -Y 'Y M ea 92 ji. 3 "Vim-Ny, T ' ' ,M J ,Q .1 A 1... Vx .q.g V,f,, A ,:. 5 Q 1- pu, b .,.,V is 1 I. -,JF 5-. W- . . ,- vs-, 0. - .lui 'Q gf V v?-M yr-. Q5 ' . 'H ii Q1 . : 'Q tin I 51- l is f.. awww? - fl .Q Hll UH STUDE TS M Monaghan Helma Boguer Vaal-lledi ctori an Salutotorian VALEIIIIITIIHIAN AND SALUT TUHI Congratulations and best wishes to the Honor Students of Tully Central School. You have established a fine record, both in and out of the classroom. The World today, more than ever before, needs young men and women with ability in scholarship, citizenship and leadershi . This need is a direct challenge to develop your abilities and to implement them through honest effort and desire to achieve. Frank Page, Supervising Principal JUNIORS: James Seeley, 90.7g Paul Garrett, 90.15 Ross Moyer, 86.45 Gene Comstock, 86.1. SOPHOMORES: John Padget, 93.23 John Van Buskirk, 92.73 Carol n Volles, 92.35 Alice Randall, 91.35 Walter Davis, 89.3, Janice Penoyer, 85.2. FRESHMAN: Richard Garrett, 93.43 Mary Lou Murphy, 92.9, Garrett Hiller, 92. g Michael Fenlon, 92.6g Stanley Vosseler, 92.15 Nancy Patterson, 89.95 Anne Finkler, 89.23 Donna Rycraft, 87.35 Leona Clark, 86.4g Paula Munson, 85.7. 9 SE IUR5 BETTY L. AUNGIER Destination-College. Hon- ors: Secretary of Junior and Senior Classes, Oracle Staff, Cheerleader, Speech Contests, Tulcendra, Edi- tor, Pen and Ink, All-State and County Music, Student Council. -3 . a r S! I si '-if HELMA ROSNA WILHFLMINA BOCNICR "Mus cha" Destination-C. C. B. I. Honors: Tulcendra, Pen and Ink, Cheerleader, "Our Miss Brooks." Activities: Chorus, Marshal, Dramat- ics, Intramurals. BAR BAR A LOIS BAKER "Barb" Destination-Undecided. Honors: Tulcendra, Pen and Ink, Student Council, Oracle Staff, Sophomore Speaking Contest, All- County. Activities: Chorus Dramatics, Volleyball, Bas-I ketball, Intramurals, F.H.A. ELSIE J. BRENCHLEY "Sliced" Destination-Undecided, Honors: Tulcendra, Cheer- leader, President Freshman Class, Treasurer of Junior Class, Sophomore S eaking Contest, Student Cjouncil. Activities: Chorus, Mar- shal, Basketball. ,I AN ET Ifl. BICARDSL EY "Bees" Destination-Undecided. Honors: Tulcendra, Cheer- leader, Oracle Staff, Secre- tary of Homeroom. Activi- ties: Band, Marshal, Dra- matics, F. H. A., Handi- craft, Baskctball,Volley- ball, Radio Club, Chorus. i' limi "viii J ulfffk U I ll t .. f ." ag I - IL? 'sn z, 'U' lg x x x- al I,-I." : 1 s. -x U 1 A g 5 R ALPH R. C ARLTON u Tuba!! Destination-Navy. Honors: Oracle Staff, Vice-Presi- dent llramatics, Student Council, junior-Senior Speech Contest, Tulcendra, President of Home Room. Activities: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Intra- murals, Pro'ectionists, -'fa RAYMOND W. BOCART IIRUYD! Destination-P. C. Honors: All-County Chorus. flrtivi- tics: Chorus, Projcctionists Club, Marshal, Library As- sistant, Ilarmaniacs, Intra- murals, Dramatics Club, Bus Monitor. III, SS MARLENE N. DIEDERICH "Marty Mouse" Destination-Business Ad- ministration. Honors: Tul- cendra, Cheerleader, All- County. Activities: Chorus, Intramurals, Bus Monitor, Dramatics. Marshal, Radio Club. all ii ROY BERNARD DRAKE Destination-Morrisville. Honors: "Our Miss Brooks. Activities: Band, Marshal F Dramatics, Intramurals, Ra- dio Club, Projectionists Football. UP195E ROBERT LYNN JAMES "Moose" Destination-Farming. Hon- ors: Tulcendra. Activities: Football, Basketball, Har- maniacs, Chorus, Dramat- ics, F. F. A., Marshal, Pro- jectionists Club, Radio Club, Intramurals, Band. RUTH E. EVANS lcRudyIl Destination-Undecided. Honors: Oracle Staff, Tul cendra. Activities: F. H. A., Girls' Basketball, Handi- craft, Dramatics, Chorus. 31- -1-4. : 2 V- I-,lug x I LII: 'i -l gl"S'llg r' 1' A ' rw 'SL -Cm- BARBARA J. LONG Destination-Undecided. Honors: Student Council. Activities: Chorus, Handi- craft, Dramatics, Library Assistants. ADRI ENN E F. FISCHER ClAdell Des tin ation-Undecided. Honors: Soangetahha at Syr- acuse, Tulcendra. Activi- ties: Band, Chorus, Girls' Bowling, Associated Activi- ties, Dramatics Club, Handicraft, Intramurals. ALMA JANE MCCORMICK ULIZZGM Destination-Housewife. Activities: Dramatics, Intra- murals, F. H. A. SE IHH5 CAROLYN J. HEROLD CIT. VII Destination-Undecided. Honors: President of Senior Class, Student Council, Tulcendra, All-County Band and Chorus, All-State Band, Cheerleader, Pen and Ink, Oracle Staff, "Our Miss Brooks." Activities: Radio Club, Band, Chorus. JOHN M cDONOUGH Destin ation-Undecided. Activities: Intramurals, Baseball. SE IUH5 PHILIP MICKELSON 'fllil:e" Destination-Undecided. Honors: Sophomore Presi- dent, junior President, Stu- dent Council President, Editor-in-Chief of Pen and lnk, Tnlcendra, All-State and County. Activities: Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Harmaniacs, Chonxs. Ygi DOUGLAS J. SCOTT, JR. uscouyn Desdnation-Navy. Honors: Tulcendra, Sophomore Speech Contest, Oracle Staff. Activities: Band, Chorus, Dramatics, Intra- murals, Basketball, Base- ball, Football. 'Wi-. MARY K. MONAGHAN Destination-Colle e. Han- ors: Tulcendra lgeasurer, Pen and Ink, Sophomore Vice-President, Senior Vice-President, Student Council Vice-President, F. H. A. President. Acdvi- ties: Chorus, Marshal, Dra- matics, Handicraft, Intra- murals, Volleyball. HELEN E. STEVENS NFUZZYID Destination-Housewife. Honors: Tulcendra. Activi- ties: F. H. A., Chorus, Dra- matics, Handicraft Club, Intramurals. CURTIS F. PARCELLS llcurtn Destination-Work at home. Honors: Tulcendra, Student Council, Oracle Staff, "Out Miss Brooks". Activi- ties: Chorus, Dramatics, Basketball, Radio Club, Projectionists, F. F. A., Football, Humaniacs. MARTHA ANN RINDGE "Bridget" Destination-Undecided. Honors: President Tulceu- dra, Pen and lnk, F. H. A. President. Activities: Dra- matics, Handicraft Club, Radio Club, Projectioniat, Intramurals. CLASS IlP1!l5i.' DONALD 'H ITTEMORE llnonll Destination-Lake Placid. Honors: Tulcendra, Pen and Ink, Treasurer Senior Class, Sophomore Speaking Con- test. Student Council. Ac- tivities: Choms. Dlllllliicsn Basketball, Football, Base ball, Radio Club, F. F. A., Htmaniacs. I 12 W Y BACK WHE ln September, 1939, we began the long 'ourney to gain an education with only five memlsers of our present Senior Class answering as Miss Griffiths took the Kindergarten roll. They were Jane Brenchley, Ruth Evans, Carolyn Herold, Curtis Parcells and Helen Stevens. With the guidance of Miss Shapley, Miss Northrup, Mrs. Baldwin, Miss Dwyer and Miss Long in the grades, we traveled on to the seventh grade. In junior High, we were supervised by Miss Clay and Mrs. Gordon. Although we enjoyed these years, we eagerly awaited our first year of Senior High. Under the direction of Mr. Pearse and Mrs. Carruth, we chose Phil Mickelson president. In our Junior year, we again elected Phil presi- dent and Mrs. Buzard, Mr. Ferguson and Mr. Win helped our class with the strenuous activities oi the ear. Besides other activities, we published the gracle and ponsored the Junior Prom. We then traveled on to become Seniors and elected the following officers: president, Caro- lyn Herald, vice-president, Mary Monaghang secre- tary, Betty Aungierg and treasurer, Don Whitte- more. Besides the other many activities, the Annual Senior Ball, on January 25, with the theme "En- chanted Evening" and with Williamson's Pari- sions providing the music, was our main activity. The final event of the year was the Senior tnp to New York Cit . As the schoofiyear closes and we move out so that another class may replace us, we bid fare- well to our fellow classmates and teachers who helped make T. C. S. mean a great deal to us. We leave behind many hap y times but take with ul cherished memories ami, our motto: "The ropes of the past will ring the bells of the future." WHETHER FUBEEAST While on their New York trip, the Sen- iors visited the Empire State Building. Through the telescope, they read their future in the stars. The nearest star divulged that ,lane Brenchley, former television star, has be- come the number-one model in Bob james' Model Agency. Bob always did like to model women's clothes. We discovered Ralph Carlton and Betty Aungier have set the world's record for a large family-209 children. They now are proprietors of the Tully Valley Orphan- age. Reading between the stars they saw that Ray Bogart has replaced Vivien Leigh in the Broadway production "Mac- beth." However, a slight change has been made. Ray sings "Mockingbird Hill" between acts. The Big Dipper told us that Tully Hospital is now thriving under the direc- tion of Doctor Donald Kenneth Whitte- more, B. S., M. A., L. L. D., Ph. D. How- ever, the business is threatened by Don's illnesses-mainly aches and pains. lt also told us that Marlene Diederich finally bought Douglas Scott, Jr. a car for his new radiator cap for their first anniversary. ln the Milky Way we saw that ,Ianet Beardsley has a partnership in the At- lantic Station. We know that Beas is there to keep an eye on Dick. The Seven Sisters related that Barbara Long, known as Madame Curie of Truxton Hill, has discovered a new drug to cure those who are pigeon-toed and knock- kneed. Young, vivacious, Ruth Evans still has many rich, handsome admirers on pursuit. Recently she announced her en- gagement to Ali Kahn. Helen Stevens, assisted by her children Bill jr., Alma, Bob and Helen, now has the monopoly of window washing at the United Nations Building. Helen always did like housework. Alma McCormick, Mayor of Dryden, has recently been elected to Congress. Alma kissed all the young men-not babies! Have fun Alma? Carolyn Herold is now starring on T. V. She has replaced Frank Gallup on "Lights Out." Good luck, Carolyn. Adrienne Fischer is now principal of North Syracuse High School. It seems she just couldn't be tom away from the place. The North Star revealed that Curtis Parcells, the cement block multi-million- aire of Onondaga County, jilted Peg at the altar, and eloped with Helma Bogner, the Metropolitan Opera Star. It is rumored that Curt will star at the Met next. We see that Barbara Baker is now in complete seclusion in the Himalaya Mountains drawing cartoons. Her main character, "Toothless Tessie from Tully Valley", is the rage of India. The Little Dipper told us that Martha Rindge is busy raising redheads. Now she doesn't have so much time to run around. Roy Drake is still joumeying to Cort- land weekly to take his Driver's Test. Roy believes in the old saying, "If ye" don't succeed at first, try, try again." He now holds the world's record of bro- ken telephone poles, which formerly was held by Doug Scott. And lastly the Man in the Moon told ns that John McDonough has taken the place of Joe DiMaggio in the Wofld's Series. John is quite a player. As the last star grew dim, we saw the most important revelation of all-the Seniors in cap and gown graduated summa cum laude. Tully, County of Onondaga. We of the Senior Class of Tully Central School, County of Onondaga, State of New York, being of sound mind and body, hereby ublish our last will and tests- ment. 'lib Mr. P e and the faculty we leave our gratitlilse for helping us find the pathway to success. To Mrs. Cross and Messrs. Owens and Allen our wishes for success throughout the coming years. To the Freshmen we leave all our good times in climbing to be Seniors. To the So homores we leave all our money maiing projects, and hope you will suc- ceed. Last but not least, we leave the followin tokens of appreciation to the Junior Class. To Alice Carlton, Betty Aungier leaves her ability of being fait ful to one man. Barbara Baker leaves her quietness to Peggy Currie. In the future Peg, we won't even hear youl Janet Beardsley wills her arguing abili- ty with boys to ,lean Kinney. Defend your rights, Jean. To Norma Schuyler, Helma Bogner wills her ballet ability. We always knew you liked to dance, Norma. To Paul Garrett, ,lane Brenchley leaves her sports ability, but first you will have to grow a little. Ray Bo art bequeaths his singing and acting taqents to George Cook. Who knows, some day you may receive an academy award from Metro-Goldyn-Mayer. Ralph Carlton leaves his "who done it" hooks to John Currie. Now you can read all 7th period ,Iohnl Roy Drake leaves his musical talent to play the trumpet to Ronnie Granger. Let's see you blow your hom, Ronnie! Ruth Evans leaves all her boy friends to Joyce Bolt and Shirley Hare. Enjoy yourselves, girls. To Connie Morse and Tom Fitzpatrilrli, Adrienne Fisher wills her good-natured- ness. We hereby affix our names on this day of lnesses: AM j February 27, 1952 at Tully Central School, T SENIOR CLASS OF 1952 LEGAL IITIIIES Carolyn Herold wills her leadershi to Alfred Reich and LeRoy White. Who knows some day you may become Presi- dent and Vice-President of the United States. To Gene Comstock, Robert James leaves his roaring bass voice. Now you, too, can sing solos in the church choir. Martha Rindge wills her tardiness to Betty Fuller. Detention can be fun, Betty. Philip Mickelson leaves to Joseph Gomey his position on the Varsity bas- ketball team. Sink im, Joel To Lillian Bames, Mary Monaghan leaves her driving ability. Now maybe nothing will get in your way. Barbara Long leaves her determination to pass regents to James Seeley. You don t have to worry, Jim. Doug Scott wills his car to Ross Moyer which is guaranteed to stay between the telephone poles. Now you can really get around, Ross. Donald Whittemore leaves his aches and pains to Roy King. "Go down and visit Miss Beattie when ill," is Don's motto. Marlene Diederich leaves her art abili- ty to Dave Abbott. Now you can really paint the town red. To Laura Cates and Mary Elizabeth Tracy, Helen Stevens leaves her ring. Fight it out, girls. Curtis Parcells leaves a bottle of per- oxide to Anne Foley. Red hair isn't so had after all, Anne. To Wanda Fisher, john McDonough be- queaths his father's car. We always knew you wanted to leam to drive. The Senior Class leaves to Fay Fisher all it's money after the expenses are paid to buy a car of his own. There ought to be at least enough for a 1920 Mo el T-Ford. jf V 5 President AHIIUNIJ THE TUWN , . .,-'1 . '4 .H I .Jr 1 me xi if W D 'V U . in K 3' f Q gi if E 53 YF- 'P wx W v r If iii Y I if Q1 ,life ig, F f 4 X25 .:,: 1 5 4 A ' I mplf' ' W CLASS UF 1954 Standing, L. to R.: J. Van Buskirk, J. Tracy, R. McKni-Ebt, P. VanDenberg, G. Venton, J. Pad t, D. Bent- ley, R. Greene, E. Hillenbrand. Second Row: J. Ro e , R. Bames, S. Krom, W. Davis, Chase, M. Vossler, D. Spaulding, R. Russell. Third Row: A. Randarll, M. James, P. Brenchley, D. Lancett, G. Wood, J. McQueen, C. Volles, L. White. Fourth Row: D. Herold, J. Penoyer, P. Dockstater, D. Holl, J. Baker, J. Spencer, E. Aungier, D. Butler. R.: Mr. Blflzinogefcioiid Raw: D' L sponding- L' tlgearse. Admglzdueen- S M' QFFKIER lil'f1 d isor' Mrs' Mrrilceu' SUPHU UHE5 The Sophomore Class elected Walter Davis, Presidentg Janet Mo Queen, Vice-Presidentg Martin Voss- ler, Treasurer, and Dolores Lancette, Secretary. The class planned to put out a yearly booklet for the aid of new pupils and sixth graders. This helps students in planning of sub- jects. The class had benefit movies at the noon hour a few times a week. The sale of black, red and white shaker plumes was another class project. Other projects made our year a success. 18 CLASS UF1955 The Freshman Class met this fall and organized under the guidance of their advisors, Mrs. Hawkins, Mr. Moore, and Mr. Stokoe. They elected the followin officers: President, James GambeflgVice-President,-Anne Finklerg Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Lou Murphy. It is not the purpose of the Fresh- man Class to raise funds so at our meetings we have surveyed plans for the future years and discussed prob- lems of the student body- FHESHME Standing, L. to R.: Mr. Moore, Mr. Stokoe. Sitting: J. Cambell, M. Murphy, A. Finkler, Mrs. Hawkins. OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Standing, L. to R.: J. Shanebrook, K. Van Buskirk, T. Shoemaker, J. Sprin ton, E. Vossler, J. Gambell, G. Hiller. Second Row: C. Drake, D. Fox, R. Carlton, C. Staiger, R. Mickeion, M. Fenlon, R. Bames, S. Vossler, H. Potter, R. Garrett. Third Row: P. Rogers, M. Murphy, S. Kinney, J. Cook, B. Trach, N. Patter- son, L. Kinney, M. Kinney, J. Sherman, J. Chawgo, B. Russell, P. Welch, A. FitzPatrick. Fourdx Row: H. Cook, B. Stewart, P. Munson, J. Preston, S. Rice, D. Rycraft, E. Chawgo, A. Finkler. fl X Q, A W we f f H ,' X 'F it nuff U V 9' mm- fu, . qw K, Z WW 2 ag. 1 'ii' I. K Q I 1 A I js. yi A I my :fl 9 Qian ' if x 4 ji My uf I, " 'W .. 9 ' -Q fi f ffl Inn IEP ' 0 x - iff '. Q f Q -. 1: 19-ef' . 'fir X" ' T' -ff, 5 .L V 'yaiw' wwf ' 'A ss i- f' - ' E' ' ' r 1 . x .N 5 Ig, xg qv - 55 , if . .mc vp 1- if' 4 ff ' W . r an ,,, V A , :tb , I 2 -35 i " L. 1- +,. at l Q? 4 ,- View Vg 1 f w ' 5 ' -f. -, 'Af 1 s , 22 W. fb L ' :' - ' U . K3 fv.. 5 ' 'V , s - S H ,' 1 FE 9. '4- ,., M wi Y A Q N ,Anja P KJ' .- Q gr X5 ff ff 59, - A, X f 5 , f.'.'f'w.""u 1 , , if , f -- . 5? if 'E if g Q Y 'F' K 5. qu? E MSA gi em. ' Q Q Y 'Sf " ,R " 'Myst 'Q Wi? .V I S. V .-N NJ .Q 5 . .. 8 'U gm? .JE . EMM '-w 4 isgwg. 1, r , 4 -. hi' ,fi ru in :.W. gk w ,. ,W V' M A bu -z Q 1 fan me 5 ii fi x A ,fe sf , 5' Www. . ma, 'sw ..f' -M , W,, .A, AQpf . , is fwmm 2 'Sax f ,,. ' it Q' X ' M 494' EZ t Q A Z ,ii - 5123 ORACLE STAFF Standing, L. to R.: Mr. Wing, Advisor, Mrs. Buzard, Advisorg Mr. Ferguson, Ad- visor. Second Row: L. Cates, P. Garrett, J. Seeley, G. Comstock, A. C8l'll0n- 4? THE llll CLE The members of the Oracle Staff were elected b the class at their first meeting. The class elected, the following staff members: Editor-in-Chief-James Seeley Editor-Laura Cates, Assistant Editor-Alice Carltong Assistant Editor-Paul Garrettg Business Editor- Gene Comstock. Later the president appointed a busi- ness committee of Gene Comstock, David Abbott, Peggy Currie, and Anne Foley. After several meetings the staff decided on a newspaper theme. With the help oi the advisors, they planned or the picture taking by ee Seem? EDU OR Mr. Kolbe. Then after many hard sessions, the Oracle was completed. Many thanks to all. BUSINESS COMMITTEE S tending: D. Abbott Seated: P. Currie G. Comstock A. Foley 23 STUDENT EUUNIIIL Standing, L. to R.: H. Briggs, D. Sprin ston, E. Hillenbrand, J. Currie, R. King, W. Davis, J. Gambeql, R. Abbott, L. Carr. Second Row: R. Barnes, J. Glasgow, P. Brenchley, M. Mona- han, J. Brenchley, C. Fellows, C. Herold, L. Currie. Third gow: A. Finkler, L. Aungier, A. Carlton, P. Mickelson, J. Mc- Queen, D. Rycraft, L. Cates. The Student Council was organized in October to serve the school in many ways. In addition to the marshal system, student court, student bus organiza- tion for basketball game- trips, contributions, and campaigns for Commimity Chest and Red Cross, it provided many other important services, such as selection of assembly programs, organization of month- ly movies to finance activity groups, and a valuable new function of assisting bus drivers through student bus monitors. The Council joined the National Associ- ation of Student Councils, and provided special awards to outstanding students. 24 C7 Eugene Pearse ADVISOR OFFICERS AND ADVISORS Phil Mickelson P resident Mary Monaghan Vice-P resident Alice Carlton Secretary Roy King Treasurer Janet McQueen Librarian Mr. Pearse Advisor L. to R.: P. Mickelson, Mrs. Buzard, Advisor, B. Aungier. OFFICERS AND ADVISORS PEN AND I Ii The Pen and Ink Club started its activities this year by electing Phili Mickelson as Editor-in-Chief, and Betty Aungier as Editor of this honorary literary society of T. C. S. Seven new members were elected and initiated into this club on Monday, October 1, 1951. They were Walter Davis, Michael Fenlon, Mary Lou Murphy, Carolyn Volles, Gaile Wood, Richard Garrett and Ross Moyer. As is customary, all new members went to the initia- tion in full costume and attended school the following day in the same "get up." The club was not divided into different staffs this year, as was the custom in the past. The entire group met each activity period on Monday to organize the school news for publication in the local paper, The Tully Times. Under the direction of Mrs. Buzard, the Pen and Ink Club members worked hard to improve its style and provide interesting news to all readers of the "High imes. ' Standing, L. to R.: B. Baker, A. Carlton, G. Wood, P. Mickelson, G. Venton, M. Monaghan, J. McQueen, C. Morse. Second Row: J. Seeley: M. Fenlon, E. Hillenbrand, W. Davis, D. Whittemore, P. Garrett, R. Garrett. Third Row: L. Cates, J. Baker, C. Herold, B. Aungier, M. Murphy, M. Rindge. I Wil Q' 11 K W isa Q Q - K f N A ' Q Q 1 ,Lt 3 Q U g , iz, - Y , K V 1 My 1 in 4 ' , JK' 5 -xi X. L N . 'aug ,gs 'A 3' 3 Mu 4 ' , A .- 4 H we ff f M 4' , 3 X 1 , . P1"'w V ' X W Q 3 Svefli m Q f , QA N it . ui f . 'Iv .J Y A L6 . - A V W sq' ' X , 4 ,Q Q 5 Qin A x xg I ' . ,' x ,QV Q ' QI' Fw . ' ' ff' V"' ' I . F ks W .Q , ,Wx V MA ,Q fg 1 ., A f 'Q - -1.-. N w" A W QM X , if E2 Q i f - 2441- S+! " ' 5 ' 9 :Sf E14-qs? mx W.. W .. 'fy Q Q f A aff ,A 1 M :- l . ,, 'Iss rf?-. 1 1 f Q35 -. DHAMATIII CLUB PLAY 6. Ito R.: B. Baker. ll. ar ton, R. Bogart H. Bo ner, P. Mickelson, M: Rindge. M. Diederich, J. Brenchley. PLAY TIME The Senior class presmted two one-act plays in the TCS auditorium this s rin . The titles were "Navy Blue and Bold" and "The Gqxostly Passenger." The cast of "Navy Blue and Bold" was Don las Scott, Mary Monadgxan, Betty Aungier, Curtis Parcgls, Barbara Long an Carolyn Herold. This lay was about a teen-age irl by the name of Pen Agams who mis- takes her older sister's boy friend for her own cor- res ndent, who is also in the Navy. 'lplfe cast of "The Ghostly Passenger" was Raymond Bogart. Martha Rindge, Phil Mickelson, Marlene Diederich, Barbara Baker, Helma Bogner, Ralph Carl- ton and Jane Brenchley. The Owens family rented a house for the summer next to an old deserted house which had the reputation of being haunted for years. The young colored maid of Owens added a geat deal of humor to this very thrilling mystery. I N R I V Standing: B. Long. Seated: B. Aungier, C. Parcellsf mi, The New Arion Award Creates Challenge for Graduating Seniors for Top Honors in Band and Chorus . . . Mid-Winter Booster Concert Added to Local Perfomance Schedule . . . QE? Ao isa. . 5 f N Standing, L. to R.: Mr. Stokoe, Director, R. Abbott, G. Venton, D. Foley. Second Row: C. Herold, W. Davis, F. Fisher, R. Drake, P. Reitano, R. Ramsey, D. Abbott, R. Vossler, M. Fenlon, J. Padget, D. Hoefer, P. Murphy, G. Comstock, R. King. Third Row: J. Rothery, A. Finkler, M. Hoag, G. Ackles, W. Krawczuk, B. BAII The music department of T. C. S. has had a successful year, high- lighted with much activity and prog- ress. The first important event came in November, the Geneva All-State Sectional, which was attended by Carolyn Herold, Mary Lou Murphy, and Marilyn Brown-band, and Betty Aungier, June Zufelt, Fay Fisher, Edward Hillenbrand, Phil Mickelson, Roy King and Bob James-chorus. Other activities included: All-County Band, Chorus and Festival, the new Mid-Winter Booster Concert. the Annual Spring Concert, and various P. T. A. and community programs. 28 E. Aungier, J. Baker, J. Spencer, S. Hare, B. Dockstater, R. Bogart, R.Greene,D. Abbott, F. C MCl'Se M James A Randall B Lon l.. . , . , . , . g, . Stevens, A. Finkler, M. Diederich, S. Kinney, M. Fenlon, W. Davis, J. Rothery, R. Mickelson, R. Zufelt, D. Rycraft, P. Munson, D. Herold. Stewart, D. Butler, P. Fisher, E. Hillenbrand, Cates. Fourth Row: H. E. Tracy, A. Foley, M. Carlton, J. Penoyer, J. Band and Chorus Join Forces in First Social Event me cl..i....... Sleigh-ride . . . Musa. Room neaecol U H E Z U 5 rated: Mural by Mrs. Marilyn MacDougall Balzano . . . Kehrer, J. Zufelt, K. Mitten, M. Webb, W. Carr, B. Fuller, J. Beardsley, A. Randall, M. James, A. Fischer, C. Fellows. Fourth Row: W. Hoagland, L. Carr, J. Penoyer, B. Aungier, M. Murphy, T. Aldrich, L. Cates, L. Comstock, M. Brown. First Row, L. to R.: J. Bolt, J. Brenchley, B. Fuller, L. Kinney, L. Clark, D. Scott, J. Padget, R. James, R. King, C. Parcells, C. Comstock, G. Wood, J. McQueen, P. Brenchley, L. White, Mrs. Amoldy, Director. Second Row: B. Baker, D. Lancette, A. Carlton, M. Murphy, N. Patterson, A. Fischer, S. Krom, J. Gorney, P. Michelson, G. Venton, D. Wittemore, J. Currie, J. Shanebrook, B. Aungier, C. Herold, H. Bogner. Third Row: EHUH 5 Last sjzring, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin Eresente their award to Michael enlon and John Padget, for showing the greatest progress in their field in a year. The Arion Award, given to the outstanding graduating musi- cians, was resented to Richard Hoefer, bandp and Irene Briggs, chorus. Although these awards will be given again this year, their names will be withheld until S rin Concert, the culmination or alq musical effort of the school year. 8 UH TIJHIIIALS Standing, L. to R.: W. Davis, G. Venton, Mr. Moore, Advison R. McKnight, L. Chase. Second Row: J. Spencer, C. Volles, J. Mc- Queen, D. Herold. Ylllllilill CLUB Tekaneata, a chapter of the New York State Yorker Club, was organ- ized with a membership of 58 stu- dents from the seventh and eighth ades. Our purpose is to learn the Eistory of our state and community and to keep in touch with others throuyxout the state who have identical interests. The Sophomore Speakin Contest was initiated by Edward iocke, a former teacher, as a class project. Since he paid the supreme sacrifice for his country, the custom was con- tinued by each succeeding teacher until it has now become one of our school's highly contributing tradi- tions. SIIPHIIMIIHE PHIZE SPEAKING Standing, L. to R.: M. Richards, M. Hoag, L. Usher. Seated: D. Baldwin, L. Carr. 30 P.P.A.A ll P.ll. . Standing, L. to R..' R. Bames, D. S aulding, F. Fisher, J. Gambell, D. Wlittemore, R. Granger, L. White, R. Mickelson. Second Row: R. Greene, E. Vossler, J. Trac , R. McKnight, R. King, T. Shoemaker, T. Barne , R. Moyer, J. Gorney. Third Row: R. McDonough, C. Parcells, J. Currie, Mr. Allen, Advisor, D. Abbott, T. FitzPatrick, R. Bames. F. F. A. F.H.A. Patrick, P. Dockstater. Second Row: E. McCormick, P. Rogers, B. Stewart S. Hare, N. Schuyler, B. Russell, H. Cook. In June 1951, at the annual meeting the followini officers were elected: John Currie, President, David Abbott, Vice-President, Thomas FitzPatric , Secretary, Curtis Parcells, Treasurer, Roy King, Reporter, Richard Barnes, Sentinel. October 6-13, Curtis Parcells and John Currie attended the National F. F. A. Convention in Kansas City Mo. The F. F. A. sold popcorn and seeds for money activities. Jeanette Spencer is our F. H. A. President this year. Anne Fitzpatrick the recording secretary, and Janice Sherman the treasurer. Some of our activities have consisted of sponsorin a Christmas box for a Tully family, group singing, learning to square dance, and once a month hofding a business meeting. For our final meeting, we plan to hold a picnic at Jeanette Spencer's home in Tully Valley. 31 Standing, L. to R.: J. Spencer, J. Chawgo, S. Kinney, M. Kinney. L. Kinney, Mrs. Shenfeld, Advisor, J. Bolt, B. Trach, J. Shennan, A. Fitz- PHUJEIITIU ISTS M HBH L5 MARSHALS St d' , L. toR.:J.Pd P:"'.:P1 8 Se tv IC elson, G. Venton, R. C l ar ton, D. Abbott, J. Van Buskirk, J. Gorney. Second Ro B. Aungier, A. Carlton, D. L cett, J. Brenchley, M. Monagh J. McQueen, C. Herold, Baker, C. Volles. Third Ro W w: A. Reicb, R. Bogart, J. Seeley, J. Beardsley, Mr. Pearse, Ad- visor P Curr' M g . le, . Diederich, R. Barnes, P. Garrett. Fourth Row: L. Cates, M. Brown, E. Aungier, B. Maahs, L. Barnes, D. Herold. all' Bn B. Standing, L. to R ' I Devi R. Greene, C. Parcells, Cariion, Mr R . ansom, Advisor, H. Mc- Knight, G. Comstock, J. Padget J. anBuskirk. Second Row: P. Garrett, A. Reich, S. Vossler, J. Seeley, R. Bogart, R. Drake, Mr. Pearse, Advisor, R. Moyer, G. Hiller, J. Rothery, D. Lancett C. Stalger, M. Fenlon. Third Row: P. Brenchley, J. Brenchley, C V ll . o es, M. James, J. Mc- Queen, E. Aungier, D. Herold. PROJ ECTIONISTS This ear 32 new members joined the Projectionist Club. Under the direction of Mr. Ran- som and the experienced pro- iectionists, these members eamed to operate the 16 milli- meter projector. Also, Mr. Ran- som instructed anyone interested in the 35 millimeter projector. These members were at least second year projectionists. The Marshals were organized under the Student Council. The Marshals not only inclu e the Corr'd M 1 or arshals, but also the bus monitors, who help the bus drivers supervise the conduct of the pupils riding on the b ' uses. This year, the number of Marshals is the largest. 32 T' A 3 3 Q 'tr 16 9- Q,- J 'ff sg I P ti, 0 S -+1 if Q5 3515" sf Q 2 ' nh .xx Y . WT ,331 J l 'P' MG ,. is e 11.2 3 9 ff ...M 529' nr an if 9 h, 4 N - ' .,. Q Syri i 9 A, " '95 2 9 i 2, a . 10 2135 if f 'ffm s- ' x .1 3 L, 4 ,, ,. ,ff Q, X f Nw . UQ, - ,V ,2,fm..4 1 L. -fi'1e-ffm 1 UU. ., 4 hm, V . f -f. 1 . SL A X 1-. Xb F. 523355 nf' ' QQ: , 0 ,QF E 'ix ww fig fi ,I uf .egg BASKETBALL VARSITY BASKETBALL Co-captains Dave Abbott and Ralph Carlton had the distinction of leading one of the highest scoring aggregations in the history of T. C. S. The learn had scored 999 points when the season was all but four seconds over. Then a one- handed push shot by Ralph Carlton not only defeated Fabius but pushed us one point over the one-thousand mark. The individual offensive records follow: G FG FP Total A.P.P.C Purcell: 19 99 13.12 King 19 63 9.16 Abbott 19 72 8.63 Krom 17 53 8.17 Carlton 17 41 5.76 Currie 16 23 4.43 FitzPatrick 15 18 3.33 Fisher 8 1.87 Mickelson 13 1.07 Grange 9 .77 Whitternore 7 .57 385 231 50.05 VARSUTY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Bla' St. Mary's 34 Virgil 38 Fobius 48 linoa 59 Onondaga Central 5 1 Mlnlius 57 Jnmesville 57 Virgil 61 Fnbins 54 lccrlw 42 Hinos 72 LnF elie 67 OIIOITKISI Central 75 LaFayette 60 lmlius 57 Janesville 44 Hinos Jamemnlle 43 Fnbius Tully Opponent 39 33 1 w,,, ,... F .. Douglas Scott John Currie Curtis Parcells Donald Whittemore David Abbott Thomas Fitzpatrick 1952 lt has often been said, "A team is no stron er than its bench." The individual records show that no varsity player participated in all twenty games. Because of illness, detention, and injury, it was very necessary to have a strong bench in order to compile an ll-9 season record. By possessing a stron bench it was also possible to holf valuable practice sessions. There was no star or anyone who could have been considered a stand-out on the team. A combination of any five from the squad was capable of a good performance. INTRAMURALS Our system of intramurals is now in its second year and proving to be opular as well as valuable. Junior high school participants consist of teams captained by Felix Diederich, David Hoefer, Jim Gambell, Bob Abbott, Pete Lancette, and Robert Carlton. As we eo to press, the Carltons', Hoefers and Diederichs' are in the thick of a battle for first place which will mean an engraved trophy being awarded to the winner. ln the Senior high division the teams are captained by Flalph Carl- ton, Dave Abbott, Phil Michelson and Fay Fisher. The Abbotts' and Fishers' are contenders for the championship which will win for them the trophy in their division. 87 J. V. BASKETB LI. Standing, L. to R.: W. Davis, G. Ventou, P. Vandenhurg, J. Springston, ' R. McKnight, E. Vossler, ll. Greene, J. Gomey, P. Webb, Mgr. Kneeling: M. lard, M .g D. Spaulding, J. Slanehook, M. Vossler, R. Mickelson, , J. Seeley, lHCarlton, P. Garrett, Coach Clements. Standing: Coach Clements. Secatl Row, L. to R.: D. Hoefer, E. Hill lrand, R. Abbott. COACH 8. MANAGERS Fourteen of a squad of fifteen, consisting mostly of Freshmen and Sophomores, were new faces on the Junior Varsity this year. A Junior on the squad, Paul Garrett, acted as team captain and he as well as Dick Mic elson were the offensive threats. "Rusty" Spauldin always drew the assign- ment of playing against the opponents' high scorer. His steady, dependahfe play was a hijtlight of the J. V. season. Ray Greene and Dick McKnight were depended upon for their rebounding ability. SCHEDULE Tully Opponent Tully Opponent Tully Opponmt Homer 13 23 Manlius 25 52 LaFayette 29 39 St, Mm-y's 3 1 32 Jamesville 19 35 Onondaga Central 43 23 Virgil 44 24 Virgil 42 18 LaFayette 29 36 Fabius 14, 38 Fabius 30 32 Manlius 30 61 Mine, 2 1 36 McGraw 32 39 Minoa 20 23 Onondaga Central 46 28 Minoa 24 44 Fahiua 22 27 38 PUUTBALL my-. J i -- ' lli""' ' - J -5 - ' Q I. -1 . W ,V I tAT'.i,:f:.N -11:2 W Y. , 3, J W To Row, L. to R.: Doug Scott, Dick Mzinight, Ro Kin , John Shane brook, Dave Abbott, Eick Mickelson. Middle Row: Eugene Vossler, Gary Q., Vmton, John Springston, Walt Davis, Rusty Spaulding, Tom Fitzpatrick. ' Bottom Row: Phil Mickelson, Curt Parcells, John Currie, Ronnie Granger, Stan Krom, Don Wittemore. The 1951 edition of the T. C. S. six-man football team made a good account of itself. The record was three wins and two losses and we wie undefeated on our home gridiron. Without reservation it can be said that the team was built around our "brainy" co-captain and field eneral, Phil Mickelson. Both offensive and defensive signals were called by Phil, and he did a fine job. Roy King, Don Whittemore and "Rusty' Spaulding were stand-outs on de- fense and it was a thrill to watch the speed with which co-captain Dave Abbott and Ronnie Granger ran. Tom Fitzpatrick, John Currie, and Curt Parcells made a good account of themselves and that J. V. squad did all right too. SCH EDU LE Coich CIOUIUUS Jamesville 41 Tully 19 Fabius 7 Tully 25 Manlius 12 Tully 25 Minoa 66 Tully 18 LaFayette 20 Tully 38 39 GIRLS' SPUHT5 Skandia , L. to R.: J. Beard- al , 5 Anmgler, B. Baker, Pfgrenchley, D. Lancett, J. Bnenchley, J. McQueen, J. Bolt, M. James, A. Foley, M. Tracy. Seated: M. Died- erich, A. Randall, J. Baker, D. Herold, E. Almgier, J. Kinney, P. Currie, L. Cates. BASKETBALL Standing, L. to R.: B. Baker, P. Brenchl , D. Lancett, J. Brenchle'y,eM. Monaghan, L. Clark, J. McQueen, A. Carl- ton, M. James, A. Foley. Sitting: J. Beardsle , A. Randall, J. Penoyer, 5. Ry- craft, E. Aungier, B. Aungier, P. Curie, D. Herald. VOLLEYBALL This year we had two hip: school Volleyball teams which participated in games with Mmlius. The Seventh and Eighth gra e Volleyball team had a playday here with Cortland. On Saturday, January 19, we he d a Volleyball-Basketball playday here with Msnlius, Fayette- ville, and Marathon as our guests for the day. The high school basketball team had a game here with Manlius in February. Saturday, March 1, eight high school girls joumeyed to Manlius to participate in a Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, and Bowling playday. The high school basketball team also went to Manllus for a Sports Day with Manlins, Jamesville, and Fabius. The Seventh-Eighth grade basketball team enjoyed their playday with Cortland held in March at Cortland State Teachers College. ,Q 5 ' Q. ' 4 5 4 1 . i I It 1 1 ' - , Q - If x 9 l Q 4 , ,, - 1. f t V ff -me 1. - . , 9 I'-9 'A' ' "" f'A ':??5'5' 'EQ il- wp ,V wg Q Q'-' xg .5 3 f f ' 2 1 H 'T 'Q We Mrs. Henry Spencer, Sr. Mr. Henry Spencer, Sr. Mrs. joseph Larkin Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Spencer H. C. Spencer Fmit Farms Mr. and Mrs. Harold Drumm Mr. and Mrs. Theron M. Seeley Victory Chain Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cates Ritz Beauty Salon 6 Main St., Cortland Mr. and Mrs. Reed Spaulding Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Bames Vesper Garage Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harmon Mr. and Mrs. Jay Murphy Cardner's Hardware Col. and Mrs. C. A. Rycraft Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Pearse jay D. Bsrtholomew Ford Sales 8: Service Mr. Lester Fisher King's Royal Acres Tully Valley Grange Mr. and Mrs. George Nickerson Mr. and Mrs. john D. Crosley Jessie E. Clay Dick Krom 81 Fluff Hloodgood BHUSTEHS Potential Businessmen of Tully Martin W, i.nnnnr-ri Foster's Atlantic Station Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Casper Shetler John Stott Earl Morse Harold Morse Lawrence Haut Harry Gilcher Gaylord Smith Paul Morse Fred Keil Mrs. Heatrice Aungier Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hrenchley Miss Ermyntrude Shute Mr. and Mis. Harry Palmer Mr. and Mis. Otis Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Walter Batt Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hill Michael Schope Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kingsley Tully Times Press Loie's Gift S hop IGA Food Stores Tully Bakery Mr. and Mrs. Lester Comstock Mr. and Mrs. John Huzard Robert Haynes, Sr. Miss Freda J. Edinger Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Green Tully CLF Feed Store Hnwarrl Comstock BUUSTEHS Mfa and Mme Ee Ho Tully GLF Farm Store Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Harry Hobart Harold Edinger Ray Ackles Edwin Kehrer John Murphy . Gerald Gambell . Albert Walburger B. J. Edinger 81 Sons Hart's Garage Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hoag Mr. and Mrs. George L. Carlton Marten's Bros. Boat Livery Dillon's Grocery Store Amber, New York Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hall Mr. and Mrs. john Bishop Claude Ferguson Mr. and Mrs Mrs. Emest Mr. and Mrs. . Glenn Smith Fish Raymond Baxter Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bright Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Slattery Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dodge Wortley's Pharmacy Dr. Francis Nuremberg Dentist Mike Shed Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Abbott Mr. and Mrs. Everett Parks Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hillenbrand 43 Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fitzpatrick 0lmsted's Amber, New York Bondy's Amber, New York David and james Clover Louis T. Oster General Insurance H. J. Spencer Laura L. Ecker Harold J. King Burrough's Store Otisco, New York Rev. A. E. Francis Class of '51 Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Sears Miss Linda Aungier Alford E. Green 8: Son A Friend Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Garrett Robert Hiller Mr. and Mrs. Francis Butler Elmer E. Craw William Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Pennell Mr. Ronald Rice Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Henry Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Rice Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mack Rinaldi Bros. Produce Co. John's Beauty Salon Preble Hotel Dewey Dry Cleaners Preble Garage AUTUBHAPH5 ,vm .ws . :gg , E 1 .2 asf , Mg? , g 1 'wg ' V. 2 ., . ' Ig: - f L 'K 1 ,z ,, K . , fki ' ., M1914- f L 4 1122 ,A ..-f f A .ff W if 5 ,. ,, ,. Q4-1 if K I JP i ffgifff 1 ' WW r R 1

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