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K A , f' n Q 1 fn! 1 Q7 f I LL.-.L i Q,', I .'g 7 A ff ,1 ff TULLAHOMA HIGH SCHCOL TULLAHOMA, TENNESSEE 1 1 1 A ,- P -J ' - 1 N l vu ,3 ,nn-W 57 VVILUEM IF X MY Ye' x. ' M -2, 3 F A C U L T Y A ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS AT R FOREWORD fit iq i ti pm tT C I. S S E S F E U E S In publishing this I95l edition ot the annual, we, ttie WILDCAT Statt are endeavoring to bring or .exci in rnemorieso our ca Iydaysa .t-LS. DEDICATION We the class ot 'EI dedicate this WILDCAT to Superintendent R. E. Lee in appreciation ot his guidance and unceasing encouragement through- out our school years. Ann Wnllls Ed to Jimmy Ward Ass stant Ed to Mrs Henry Mr Pugh Sponso s Kaawaemiu Kay Coflms Club Ed to Martha Brown A stan! Cl b Ed to Marne Cutlaw Bobby Ledford Spo ts Ed to s Lula Lee Verme Pless Helen Huffman Ruth Thomas Head Typ st and Ass stanfs 056 5 . , . , I r I I 1 . , . V' r , X435 ' ,. if I d 0 fa ' - - 0 , X I Q. I E - ' 1 A I r I r l t my ,M fry gc , V . li Ig n , I K ' -Q. ik I r ssi u I r ' . I l I I I I Flora T7 ton Bull Parker P Assrstant Bus ness Managers nC9' er Fr afices Spe obbie Lee Oldfield ssistant Snapshot Editor James Enos Snapshot Editor 7UepccL'7 7 Betty Campbell Business Manager Jolnn Wnnch Alone Finney Musrc Editor, Treasurer 2 I F V 'Q' ,A f- 'F Y .,,, , I A x 1? :i f Q 3 'iz f Q W qi Q q, if QQ: f il X. 1.1 If Bl f 12 X I" 'J dr U U SD Officers DON PARKER .. President ROBBIE NELL SPENCER Vice-President ANN JONES Svcrctary DOT USllI.'FON Treasurvr ROGER ARNOLD Scfrgvant-al-Arnls SE IOR CLASS SENIOR Roci-:R ARNOLD "Giro me the young girl who nas enough brains to make u fool of herse I." Basketball '48, '49, '503 I-'netball '48, '49, '50, '51g T Club '50, '51: Recreation '51g Sgt.-at-Arms '5l: Volunteer Boys State '50: Senior Play, MARTHA BROWN "All great women die yOlA.7ly. I'm beginning to feel sick," FH A. '48, '49: Secretary of Class '49, Press Club '51, CoR1Ns BUsH "He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty." F,H.A, Club '51: Recreation Club '51, Bi-:TTYE CAMPBELL "I're had more trouble with my- self than any other person 1 know," Band '48, '49: Beta Club '49, 50: '513 Barrett-Browning Club '50, '51: Press Club, '49, '50, '51, Busi- ntss Manager of Echo, '51, Vol- unteer Girls State '50, Football Queen '51, Business Manager of WILDCAT. JAIVIES ENos 'Good things come in small packages." Band '48, '49, '50, '51: Glee Club '50, '51: Debator's Cluh '4R: Recreation Club '51: Hi-Y Club '51: Drum Major 513 Snapshot Editor of WILDCAT1 Senior Play, CLASS CHARLi:s BROADRICK 'l.ii'e, learn, die and forget .t all," Recreation Cfub '51, Jr:'zoLYN RUTH BURT "Help thyself, and God u-ill help thee," P,H.A, Club '511 Glee Club '48, Transfer from East Nashville Senior High '49, 50: Press Club 51. IRIS JUNE BUSH "To err is human, but to forgive is divine," FH.A. Club '51, KAY CoLL1Ns "lt is better to have loved and lost than to hciue never loziecl at all." Bend '48, '49, '50, '51, Reporter '51, F.H.A. '49, '50, '511 President '50, Song Leader '51: Press Club '50, '51: Club Editor of WiLncA1: Wlio's Vllho 'Sli Art Club '491 Glee Club '49, '50: P.A.L,'s Club '48, '49, '50, '51, ALONA FINNEY "We find in lije eraetly what ire put into it." Barrett-Browning Club '50, '5l: Secretary of Barrett-Brownng Club '51: Beta Club '49, '50, '5 I-THA. Club '48, '49, Press Club '50, '5l3 Assistant Editor of Echo 51: Treasurer of XVILDCAT '51, SENIOR JANETTE FORD "To lC7lOll' islnothing at all. to imagine is everythzngf' F,H.A, '48, '493 P.A.L.'s '49, '502 Basketball '49: Press Club '51: Glee Club '51, ROBERT GILLIAM 'tl-Eight is never wrong rarcept at a lejthand intersectimf' Football Club '471 Tcnns Cub -172 Football '47, '48, '49, 'SOI Alt. Football Captain '49' Foot- ball Captain '503 Basketball '48, '49, '501 Baseball '49, T Club '50g Hi-Y Club '50: President of Stu- dent Council '50: All CTC '50, OPAL Ho'T "Respect is what you mfr", lo:"' is what you ova." FH,A. '50, '5l' Song l.0f'Cl'l'I Glef' Club '50, '51, HELEN HUFFlN1AN "They say all men come and go but not if I can help it." Beta Club '49, '50, '5l: Recreatzr n Club-i515 Assistant Typist Wll.lJ- FAT D . ANN JONES "The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed." F.H.A. '49: Press Club '49. '50 51: Volunteer Girls' State 50. Basketball '5l2 Wlio's Who: Sec- retary of Senior Class: Attendant lo Football Queen '50: Senior Play. CLASS AUDREY FULTON "Fortune may have yet a better success in reserve for you. and they who lose to-day may ufin tomorrow." F,H.A. Club '48, '49, '50, '51: Recreation Club '51, FRANCES HALL "To shou- anger is to .admit that one feels superior." Art Club, '481 Library Club, '50, ROBERT HOLT "My interest is in the futizrc because I am going to spend the rest of my life there," '1' Club '5l: Recreation Club '5l: Hi-Y Club '5lZ Football '48, '49, '50, BETTY JACKSON "Why take life seriously, you'll never get out of it alive, any- how." FHA. '48, '49. '50. '5lg Recrea- tion Club '5l. JERRY LEDFORD "Confessions may be good yor the soul but they are bad for the reputation." Debate Club '-48: Recreation Club '5l. SENIOR BOBBY LEDFOFD "I was born no gintlcnianf' Art Club '48: Math Club ?0: Annual Staff '50: Basketball '49. 50: Captain '5O: Senior Play, VIRGINIA LOWHOHN "1t's better to know nothing than half-know many thfngsf' P.A.L,'s Club '50, '51: Band '50. .111 Majorette '50. '513 Glee Club '48. '49: T Club '51: Who's Who 51: Basketball '48, '49, '50, '51. CHARLES MORRIS "My glass is large, so I'll drink from my own." T Club '50: President of Hi-Y '503 Boys' State 503 Football '48. '49, '50: Basketball '48, '49. '50. '511 Baseball '49. '50, '51: Who':s Who '51, BOBBIE LEE OLDFIELD 'All men come and go, but not if 1 can help it." Clieerleadei' '5l: F.H.A. 491 PA,L,'s '49. '50: President '50: Secretary and Treasurer '51: As- sistant Snapshot Editor Of WILD- CATS Wh0's Who '51, BILL PARKER "Better to wear out than to rust out." WVILDCAT 51: Whos Who '51, CLASS LILA LEE "There is no u'ar bilwecn thi' old and new: the conflict 's lv- tween the false and tru:-." P,A.L.'s '48: Band '48. '49 '50s Glee C'ub '48. '49. '50: F.H.A. Club '48: Press Club '48, 49, '50. 51: Volunteer Girls' Stwte 4501 Head Typist of WILDCAT. ALICE MORGAN "Buy the truth, and sell It not," Recreation Club '51: Library Club '51. HELEN MURRAY "It is bett2r to learn late than never." Glee Club '50. '513 Future Home- makers of America '50, '51. MARIE OUTLAXV "Absence makes the hcart grou- fonderf' Band '48. '49, '50: Glee Club '48, 49: F.H.A, '48. '49: Basketball '50. '51: Captain '51: Press Club '51: Girls Sport Editor of WILD- CATQ T Club '51, DON PARKER "All work and no p'ay makes jack fnzoney that ist" Hi-Y Club '50, '51: Boys' State '50: Football '51: Cheerleader '50g Senior Class President. SENIOR VERNIP1 LEE Pi,i-:ss "The loss which is unknown is no loss at all." Band '49. '50: Glee Club '48. '49. '501 P.A.L.'S Sgt.-at-Arms '481 WILDCAT Staff, Assistant Typist 51: Press Club '49. '50. '51, NANCY ROLMAN "There's time for all things." Recreation Club '51. ELWANDA SAWYER "To be, rather than to seem." F.H.A. '48, '493 Press Club '50, '513 Echo Staff '511 Feature Edi- tor '511 Head Typist '51: At- tendant to Football Queen '511 WILDCA1' Staff, Assistant Feature Editor, DIANE SEWARD "I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul, remember- ing my good friends." Band '48, '49, '50, '51: Glee Club '49, '50: F.H.A. '48, '49, '50. '51: Vice-President '511 Basketball '49, '50. '51: Co-Captain '51, BETTYE SHELTON "Life is short and so mn I." Recreation Club '51: Library Service Club '51. CLASS BILL PIRTLE "There is only one thing to re- gret in life, and that is not hau- ing lived it to its fullest." Transferred Student from Pell City. Alabama: Who's Who '50. '51: Annual Staff '50. '51g Recrea- tion Club '5O. '51. FRANK SANDERS "Do only what you can't get out of doing." Recreation Club '50. '51, Football '49g Basketball '49, CHARLES SEWARD "If at first you don't succeed: try, try again." Football '48, '49, '50, '5l1 Basket- Dall '48. RALPH SHEID "Do only what you can't get out of doing." Recreation Club '50, '51, FRANCES SPENCER "To say well is good, to do well is better." FHA. 48. '49. '50. '5l: Press Club 50, '511 Echo Staff '5l: News Editor '513 WIEDCAT Staff. Feature Editor. SENIDR ROBBIE NELL SPI-:NCER "Too much of anything is too much for me." Cheerleader '48, '49, '50, '51g Captain '51: Beta Club '49, '50, X113 Press Club '51: F.H.A. '48, '49: Glee Club '49, '51: Vice-Pres- :dent Of Class '51: Attendant to Football Queen '49: WhO's Who '51: Senior Play. RUTH THONIAS "I was shipwrecked before I ever got aboard." Band '49, '50, '513 Glee Club '48, '49, 50, '51: P.A.L,'s '49, '50, '5l: Vice-President, Junior Class: President of P,A.L.'s: Secretary :md Treasurer of '51 Band: As- sistant Basketball Manager '51: WILDCAT Typistg WhO's Who: Senior Play. GLORIA TIPTON 'AI haue everything, yet have nothing: and although I possess nothing, still of nothing am 1 in want." Transfer from Western High School, Detroit, Michigan, As- sistant Feature Editor Of Echo '503 Editor of Echo '51: Barrett- Browning Club '51, RUTH VAUGHN 'Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." Library Club '50, '51, JIINJIVIY WARD "When one is dead, it is yor a long tune," Band '48. '491 Debate Club '481 Hi-Y Club '51: Assistant Editor gi WILDCAT: WhO's Who: Senior ay, CLASS CAROL TAYLOR "Laugh and the irorld laughs with you: weep and you ireep alone." Fil-LA. '48, '49, Glee Club '49. 'Sli Press Club '49, '50, '51, FLORA TIPTON "You may as irell e.1'1:ect pears from an elm." Transfer from Detroit, Michigang PzLlI'I'Qt1-Bl'0VVl1IY'lLl '5l1 Library Club '50, '51g Annual Staff. DOROTHY UsELTON "Success lies in cans, not in can'ts." F.H,A. '48, '49: Glee Club '40, '51: Treasurer Beta Club '49, '50, '511 President '51: Class Treas- urer '50, '51: Press Club '49, 50, '51: Cheerleader '51: Who's Who '51g D.A,R, '51: Senior Play. DOT WARD "Some think the world is made for fun and froliu. and so do I." F.H.A. '48, '49: Glee Club '5l3 Press Club '48, '49, '51: P,A.L,'s '51: Basketball Manager '51, ERLRNTQ WIl.LIAINIS "Why be sour when it takes no more energy to be street," Recreation Club '5l: Glee Club '51. SENIOR ANN WILLIS We have medtczne to make 1 omcn speak but none to keep them silent Editor in Chief WILDCAT Class President :10 Press Club 4 50 51 FHA 48 I-Lstorian e a ub 49 Maiorette Barrett Prownmg Club 50 51 President 51 Basketbal 49 50 51 G1 e Plub 49 Wh s Wl 1 Senioi ax My lf CLASS JOHN WINCH If music be the song of love play on 'lransfer from Oklahoma City High School Glee Club 51 President of Glee Cl Wn.ncA'r Staff Music Editor Senior Play lyk? Qt CLASS HISTORY We the 51 Seniors started our career at T H S in the fall of 47 with an enrollment of ninety two After the first few weeks of adjustment we were accepted and found that we vxould be expected to enter into all activities with eagerness and enthusiasm We strutted with pride when two of us became cheerleaders and many of us were in the Band and Glee Club ln our Sophomore year three cheerleaders represented us and several of us were members of the Beta Club Press Club and Home Ec Club With four girls as officers during our Junior year we proved a very success ful class. We produced three football players three starters on the girls basketball team and two first team boys basketball players. We had two maiorettes and two cheerleaders. We concluded our Junior year with the Junior-Senior Banquet which will surely remain in the hearts of all of us. As Seniors we made a record which surpassed all previous classes in our magazine sales campaign. We furnished the football team with five players. Five girls and three boys played on the basketball teams. lt is with awe and great expectations that we await graduation. Although we will no longer sit in the T. H. S. classrooms, nor will our footsteps echo in her halls, our hearts and spirits will dwell forever within her learned portals. CLASS PROPHECY May 6 1961 Deal Frances I have Just returned from a trlp around the world and thought you would l1ke to hear about all our 1951 class mates that I saw It was four months ago today that I started off I got up early and prepared my breakfast I went out on the porch to get the mllk just as Charles Broadrlck now head of Tullahoma Pure Mllk Company was leavlng lt After breakfast I Hmshed packlng and called a cab to take me to the tram statlon It surprlsed me to see Bxll Plrtle drnve up for me On the way to the statxon he sand that he and Jerry Ledford were the present owners of the Yellow Cab Company After I was on the tram the conductor came and I noticed that he was non other than Ralph Shexd I plcked up the paoer and accordlng to the headlmes Ann W1ll1s Champlon Wrestler was breaklng all records of women wrestlers After my arrxval n Nashvxlle I rode a bus to the a1r port As the bus stopped for a red lxght I not1ced Robbxe Nell Spencers plcture pamted on the slde of a truck It got nearer I could read the words wrxtten above her prcture Its a Lucky Strxke for me It was one hour after I arrived at the axrport before the plane was scheduled to leave Frank Sanders the pllot of the plane told me that Ruth Thomas was now marrled and llvmg there ln Nashvllle I went and called her on the phone but we could not hear each other above her ch1l drens screams so we had to hang up Honestly there must have been a dozen of them It was then tlme for my plane to leave and my next stop was Washlngton D C President B1lly Parker asked me to come by the Whxte House and was I shocked to m et Flora Tipton as a first lady I could hear smglng coming from another room and Bllly explained that John Wmch had come to Washington to slng at a concert and was staymg at the Whlte House to save a hotel blll that I would first go to see Charles Seward vs Joe Louls J Charles had became a great boxer thanks to hxs never t1r1ng manager Robert Grlllam I talked to Robert and he saxd that on one of h1s and Charles expedltlons to West Pomt he learned that V1rg1n1a Lowhorn was coachlng the boys basketball team He sald that slnce she could not decxde whlch she l1ked better boys or basketball she just compromised After the flght lt was such a beautlful nlght that I de clded to walk to the alroort On the way there I met Ruth Vaughn who was st1ll on her way to the top tof the scalesj I arrlved 1n New York around mldnlght so I spent the remaxnder of the mght at the Ramsey Hotel When Carolyn learned that I was there she lIIS1St8d that I make my home there whlle ln New York Flora had told me that her twm slster Glorxa Tlpton was now edltor of Look Magazme so I declded to call her and see how she was domg She Sald that she had not yet marrled I went out and walked down the street to catch a bus As I walked along I not1ced the followmg words wrltten over a store Rogers Dog gone Store I could not re slst xnqulrmg about the odd sign so I went ln There I met none other than Roger Arnold He explalned to me that he plcked up every stray dog over the cxty and anyone who had lost hrs dog came there to look for It I went on down to the corner and caught a bus I was vsatchmg people get 1n when I saw Audrey Fulton pushed 1n Someone stepped on her foot and she was so angry that she started to scream A man pomted to a slgn ln the front of the bus that sald Keep your temper no one else wants It I dxd not get to talk to her because she was so angry that she got off the bus at the next stop As we ment on down the street I not1ced a large theater vuth Kay Collms plcture out ln front Over lt was wrltten Tapdanclng Queen I got off the bus and went m to talk w1th her She was st1ll the same old Kay always havxng a good tlme She sald that Betty Jackson des1gned and made all her costumes as well as the costumes for some of the Hollywood Studlos After I left Kay I went to my hotel packed my clothes and left for Parls France As we landed at the alrport I learned that Don Parker now owned rt I looked around the arrnort untll I found h1m to ask about any of our old classmates that he knew He told me that Bobble Lee Old fi ld Opal Holt and D1ane Seward were now models for a French artist He was glad to hear about the ones I had seen on my way there I borrowed one of Dons cars for the next two weeks so I could look over Pans One day as I was rldmg around I saw the former outta th1s and outta that gurl Janet Ford I stopped and talked to her She sald that she had marrled a French mllllonaxre and would never have to borrow penclls fountam oens or paper anymore I thought that after such a shock as that I had better leave Parls so I nm m-edlately took a olane for Norway Frances Hall had heard that I was comlng there so she met me at the alrport She sand that she Helen Murray and Corlnne Bush had come there to enter a skung contest They sand that they learned how whnle hurrylng from the school to the gym on snowy phys1cal educatxon days Wh1le I was there I heard that Dot Ward and Betty Shelton were learning to 1ce skate I went out to watch them one day and they sald that figure skatmg was qulte sxmple after weavmg down through the halls of T H S After a wonderful t1me 1n Norway I took a shlo for Brazll I soon learned that Jlmmy Ward was captaln of the shzp As I was talkmg w1th hlm he Sald that he wanted me to meet the Tallulah Bankhead and Bob Hope of 61 I turned around and was surprxsed to see Ann Jones and Bob Holt They were now tourlng the world They sald as they came through Chrcago they not1ced two attractive stores run by Betty Campbell and Marle Outlaw Bettys motto was Betty knows what to buy ln clothes Next door Marle s motto was If you can t see Just ask Marie It seems l1ke thev were workmg together They saxd that they stopped ln to talk to them and found Marle fitting from France and had strained his eyes looking at the French bathlng sults We soon landed ln R10 de Janexro and I heard that Carmen Mlranda was plannmg to perform ln a few days When I went to see her It was at a large nlght club owned by Bobby Ledford I esoecnlly enjoyed the dance because Carol Taylor Lxla Lee and Alona Finney had Just Jolned lt After my stay there I took a plane up to Cuba One of the first thxngs I not1ced was a large sugar plantatlon The names on the mall box were Ruth Burt Martha Brown and Vernle Lee Pless Inc I immediately went rn They told me that they were I'dlSlI1g sugar cane ln memory of all the sweet teachers that they had had m hugh school I thought that after that I had better leave so I caught a plane for Mlaml Florlda I got a room ln a summer resort run by James Enos I talked w1th h1m and he said that Allce Morgan Nancy Rol man and Erlene Wxlllams were now out on the beach He sald that they were there on a vacatlon from thexr work 1n St Louls I dxdnt stay there long because I was tlred and homeslck I took a plane back to Chattanooga I caught a bus to the tram statzon and by a happy coxncldence June Bush was on the bus She sald that she was now a Commerclal teacher there She also sald that Helen Huffman now owned the Read House Hotel I got on the tram and arrxved 1n Tullahoma around five o clock ln the afternoon I had seen all my former class mates except one Dorothy Uselton As I was thlnkmg of her she drove up and offered me a ride home On the way she saxd that she was now owner of a cham of grocery stores She let me out at home and though I was glad to see all my former classmates I was even happler to get home I hope you llke to llve m Calnfornla and I wlll be lookmg forward to seemg you soon Your classmate ELWANUA . re , ' ' ' ' -' . As . ' As I left the White House to go to New York, I decided glasses on Charles 1Speedy1 Morris who had just returned ri ' I .l . . A Ol-'Fl6'El?S' MARTHA WADE JANETTE SPURLOCK WANDA MONTGOMERY KATHERINE SUMMERS Pres1dent Vzce Presldent Secretary Treasurer Sponsors MARY I PUGH BENNIE C LEDBETTER NIOR LA S First Row GP1RAI,D ALI,EN JESSIE ALLMON ALICE ARNOLD TRENTON ASH CHARLOTTE AUSTELL Svvmzcl Row BETTY AYERS JERRY BAILEY BOBBY BRINKLEY HELEN BROADRICK JEAN CARROLL IOR Third Row DORCAS CHRISTMAS RUTH CLUVERIUS JACK COOK ANN DAMRON MACKIE DAVIS X First Row ANNETTE EATON RICHARD FARRIS CLAUD1-:'r'rI: GARDNER GLICNDON GATTIS ROBBII-1 GUNN JUNIO Second Row THEODORE HAM JON HARRIS EVYLEN HAWK HELEN HIIII. RALPH HOLDEN Third Row DOROTHY JAR!-:D BARBARA KENNEDY LI-3ROY LI-:I-LCH JIIVIIVIY LUTTRICLI, BI-VITY MAJORS WALLER First Row RICHARD MARTIN NANCY MILLICAN LARRY MILLS CHARLOTTE MILLSAP DWAIN MURREIL Second Hou' KEITH MYRICK LARRY OVERIVIAN JOHN OUTLAW JOANI-3 PARKS JAMI-is Pl-2'I'TY IOR Third Rou' ROBBIE POTTER WILLIAM POWELL ANDY PURCELL REBECCA RAMSI-SY JOAN ROBERTSON First Row TI-1D SANDERS CATHERINE SEALS VICTOR SI-IAHAN JOYCE SHELTON MAY SHORT JUNIO 'CLE' Second Row ELIZABETH SPENCE JIMMY STUBBLEFIELD RAY SOUTHERLAND BARBARA WILLIS MAJORIE WOOIJARD RS Third Row JOYCE WOOSl,Y HAROLD YATES OFFICERS' ERIP SOESBE CHARLES FAGG VELMA GRANT JEAN HAGEWOOD Sponsors EBBA MARSHALL DOROTHY Fox LORINE WEBB SOPHOMORE CLASS President Vice-Prcsidrfnt Secretary Treasurer if in ff-1 K we W 'fee 4 5, ig ,.: ' S 'E .f -Qi ' gf: xv 'L A x Q in ,.,, V Q W if I , 1 if Q ng , . Y wg If 4 Q A5 std ,Q if N. , M B7 S ig in Wm Q if Q Q if 1 ff 5 1- ' ,fmef , . 4 . , A I ,,., 5 M Wk 1 x., if !JBBf1I1lZI1'IlDI1S RECREATION CLUB Sponsors MR. AND MRS. HIXON PUGH Members KATHERINE SEALS, AUDREY FULTON, ROGER ARNOLD. BILLY JOE FINNEY, JUNIOR TUCKI-QR. CLIFFORD MC- DANIEL, JIMMY NEILSON, THEODORE HAIN1, GLENDON GATTIS, JAMES AUSTELL, IVIARII-I NICI!OI.S. Members GORDON JONES, BOD OWENS. JON HARRIS, JERRY GARNER, JEAN HIXCSPIWOOD, JACK FOSTER, ROBERT ROGERS, ANDY PURCHLI., CHARLES PITTS, FRANK SAN- DERS, EDNA FL!-ITCHI-ZR. Members JACKIE PROSSIR WINNIE KNIIHI BITII TIPPS ROL LCRINI CxNIP III JOYCE SHLITON HI-IEN BROAD RICK CHARII-S BROADRICK Members CORINI BLSH RAIIH SHIID ROBLU1 I-IOI CAQOI JOHN T 'NIOTIONI JACKII HANNKIRSNIITH JANIT SPLRIOCK . . ,, . , . .. ..., . .,- A.. . 1, l Q AT' . BIPL T:zAx'Ia. ANN D.-XINIRON. JOHNNIE C. KELLER. IXIARTIN. PATSY IVIARTIN, RUTH JONES. JUNICR E'-ZLICK. BARRETT-BROWNING CLUB Officers and Sponsor Other Members Prusidunt ANN WII,lTIS IYIARTHA V17ADE.JOANNI-I Roar-:RTsoN. BARBARA KEN- Vicf--Prvsiden! BTJTTYT1 CAMPBHL1, NEDY. GLORIA TTPTON, FLORA TTPTON. BETTY Svc-rotary ALONA FINNRY AYRTLS. Treasurer WANDA MoNTGo1v1r:RY Sponsor NIRS. HENRY BURCHTQTT LIBRARY SERVICE CLUB Officers and Sponsor Other Members P Tszdf nr RLTH Tnoxms FIQRA Tu rox -Xxx DAx1Rox KAT Co111Ns JANH zo Pnszch CHARTOTTT- AusT1-11 SPURIOLK XIRfINIA LOXNHORN D01 YV-XRD Run Sfcrfmrr, and TTtflSllTtT BOBBIT LLL OLDFTHD XALCHN NIARX CHR1sTN1As KATHERINE Sr us 'Sponsor NTRS Hum BURCHPTT Ffuxus HAH Officers and Sponsor Other Members Prcszdcfrlt Vzcc Presldcnt Treasurer Hzstorzan Reporter SOHO L4 ad Sponsor 7' CLAUDETTE GARDNER KATHERINE SUMMERE BARBARA KENNEDY CHARLOTTE MILLSAP BENIRLY LITTLI KAY COLLIrNs MRS M ARSHAII JEAN CARROLL SHIRILY WELCH SUE WILHOITI- DIANE SEWARD HELEN MURRAY JANET HAL1 DOROTHY JARED RUTH CLUNI-'RIUS JOHNNIE KEL LAR, JEAN CHISAM MARIE NICHOLS ODA BUCKNER JANE LEDEORD NAINCY MILLIGAN JACKIE REED RUTH LYLES RUBY SMITH BETTY TIPPS JANE BROOKS EDITH FRANKI IN FAY GAILIGAN ELIZA BETH HARRIS JUNE BUSH BETTY RICHARDS HELEN BROADRICK ANNITTI EATON JOYCI SHHTON ROE BAKIR NANCY ROLMAN CORINI BU'-,H DEAN STONE WVIARJORIF ANDERTOX JEAN SMITH JOAN SMITH DONNA WINCH OPA1 I-IOLT BETTY JACK SOIN AUDRFY FULTON MAPY FPANCES MCEWI-N MARJORIE VVOODARD EDNA FIETCHER VELMA GRANT GLENDON KENNEDY JACKIE PROSSI-R HELEN HILL AND DOROTHY WAYE CLUB I - , I , . Y 1 , N ' A , ' v 1 I AY 1 V 51, , 1 L y A Q ' - ' " , ': 1 3 3. L- Picmisz . . B1-:TTY MAJORS WAI.I.S BIE GUNN, ROBBII-I TRAVIS, NAOMI DANIEL, JUANITA PRESS CLUB Members ANN JONES, RUTH BURT, RIICKEY JACKSON, VERNIE LEE PLESS, JEANNE CARROLL, ELIZABETH SPENCE, BOB OWENS, WAYNE PYLE, CHARLIE MARSHALL, JIMMY STUBBLEFIELD, MARTHA BROWN, CAROL TAYLOR, LILA LEE, JOHN WINCH, DOT USELTON, CHARLES FAGG, BILL PIRTLE, CLAUDETTE GARDNER, JANETTE FORD, MARIE OUTLAW, JON HARRIS, GLYNDON KENNEDY, WINNIE KNIGHT, BARBARA WILLIS, ROBBIE POTTER, JEAN HAGEVVOOD, JIIVIMY HAINIMERS, RUTH THOMAS, WAYNE POWELL, KAY COLLINS, ANN WILLIS, JERRY GARNER, ROBBIE SPENCER, WILLIAM POWELL, FRANCES HALL, AND DOT WARD. Staff and Sponsors Editor, GLORIA TIPTON: Assistant Editor, ALONA FINNEYQ News Editor, FRANCES SPENCER, Sports Editor, ERIC SOESBE, Feature Editor and Head Typist, ELWANDA SAWYERQ Business Manager. BETTYE CAMPBELL, Assistant Business Man- ager, VICTOR SHAHANQ Assistant Business Man- ager, CHARLEY MARSHALL: Sponsors, MISS LORINE WEBB AND MRS. LOIS SPITZERI Z Officers and Sponsor Preszdent GERALD ALLEN Secretary Treasurer VIRGINIA LOWHORN Sponsor COACH THOMAS CLUB Other Members ROGER ARNOLD GERALD ALLEN VIRGINIA LOW HORN ERIC SOESBE T MOTLOW BILLY JOE FINNI-:Y SHIRLEY WELCH JAMES PETTY BUDDY WARD BEV ERLY LITTLE ALICE ARNOLD ANN DAMRON JACK COOK HAROLD YATES JOHN OUTLAW RICHARD MARTIN LEROY LEECH CHARLES MORRIS AND BUCK HOLT . I , y - Vice-President .....,.., ,.....,. R OGER ARNOLD TED SANDERS, SUSIE WILHOITE, RUTH JONES, ' ......, 1 , , - ! 1 Y Officers PTiS1d6'7lf CHARLES MORRIS Vzce Preszdent BOBBY BRINKLEY Secretary and Treasurer LARRY OVERMAN Sponsor COACH MCCLURE H Y CLUB Ofher Members LEROY LEECH BOBBY BRINKLEY, CHARLES MORRIS LARRY OVERMAN, BUDDY OUTLAW, TED SANDERS RALPH HOLDEN BILLY JOE FINNEY ROGER ARNOLD, ROBERT GILLIAM JOHN BELL, JIMMY LUTTRELL JIMMY WARD, JAMES AUSTELL, JAMES ENOS, GLENDON GATTIS, JIMMY THOMPSON JACK COOK, SOUTHERLAND BUDDY WARD, ANDY PURCELL, DON ALD FANNING, J B CARTER, JOHN TUCKER, HAROLD YATES, ROBERT HOLT DON PARKER, BOBBY HALL, HAROLD CROCKETT BOYD GENTRY, BOBBY BRASIER TRENTON ASH, LARRY MILLS, THEODORE HAM BOBBY BREWER, JIMMY NELSON I . ' . . . 9 y , . JAMES PETTY, JOHN CLARK, RICHARD MARTIN, RAY y - , 7 Y , . ,', A Prc szdc nt Vice Prc szdc nt Sf cretaru Treasure r Sponsor Officers Members DOROTHY USELTON JOANI-: PARKS ANN GLoxLR JOAN ROBERTSON MISS DOROTHY Fox BETA CLUB LARRY MILLS ALONA FINNLY ROBBIL SPLNCLR BLTTYL CAMPBLLL HLLFN HUFFMAN, CATHERINL SUMMLRS WANDA MONTGOMLQY ANN WILLIS MARTHA WADE BI-:TTY AYRLS, BARBARA KENNI-Da FRANCIS SPENCI-R JOYCL WOOSIY o ,' , Y . , .L . v v ' . x- ,. j 1 Y , I Y . , ., 'J Y' .. v. Y I -f , I . , , - v . .. . ., ..4 MATHEMATICS CLUB Officers Other Members Prebzduzt Vice Preszdent Sccrctary Trcasurcr CHARLIS FAGG WAYNE POWELL LARRY MILLS WAYNE PYLE RICHARD NIARTIN CHARLES MAR SHALL ROBERT HALL PHILLIP CLARK RICHARD FARRIS GLENDON KFNNEDX JANE LEDFORD SHIR LLY LAwsOIw 'VIR LIDBETTER BOBBY LED ORD THOMAS BELL CARROIL TVIAWTIN WILLIAM ' I A U V Rvportvr JIMMY HAMMERS POWELL, DONNA XVINCH, JANIES PI-ZTTY. 1 W " Il W I H A. . , 'm . ' 1 Q 5, 4 K I I 1 K 'K , 4Qm:if.Agi,gf i i'f1:1Jl'A f ' I 1 . 51 M y ff ff W X ,..I, V ""9l"', K ,T 2, ia 'ff 'Q f Q' X A A Aw 'ff P1 11 'ff W' if wg W E 5 PN nf v I g, ', I xii? Q' K 'f a Q Yi if 6 C35 ,Q 1 . 5 Q Q Q h 1. Sw :ff . . yu 75- 5 - . 1:83-f.fffi:'f: .i :IJ v 4 g- :E-Q:fi:Qi-5fffFQAwf'a Q29 'wwlfff M Rf , ,if-2 N ff M gf YJ W Lf K Y Nigga V S 4 1 if 9 Ii xx 1 6 f 1 1 7 I 'S f 4 5 3 fl ,x 'C' x E Y' 'i " -'Y 9 w" 5 QQ, 1 Xp ,r 5- X P .Q 'K , an 'W U ff 'Q yy J., I Q, fe, .wk ,QA QM t 55535 VT? ,ww ,T i 5 1-, 1 Q r ww 'i 4 4 M .,,. K M: .f ig Y?-1 EZ, " 5' s ggaif V fi 2 M Q, s r U' 'X sl Q " 4 in ,..........W ., ,... ,..,,, -M V, Q' L' by ju li N Q ' i : 6 - M , .W , f I v Q., , 1 1 1 X N U 1 Q I N . - lv' L ,V vw 111 f . , - - v J YY if L s rf 5 I H . s' - 3 W W Q ' ' if 2 5' X . 1 f ' K - Q' 1 . I . , 1 id: 40,4135 Amin' A Q M ' , Y K f . J ' 9 1 i . 4, if ig' 2 if . Jw Y. 1 W3 Az, 'ts' iq' f " 'Q' N gt , ,, 'S Y. ,A ' ?!f5?'g.f'w'A'w"M'2WV 11.15 . Z li Q qv: gf In ui Officers President ....... .,,, . JOHN WINCH Vice-President I . .BARBARA KENNEDY Secretary-Treasurer DOT USELTON GLEE CLUB Other Members RUTH CLUVERIUS, JUANITA BAKER, ERLENE WIL- LIAMS, JUNE EVANS, OPAL HOLT, JOAN SMITH, RUBY SMITH, DOROTHY JEAN WAYE, BETTY RICH- ARDS, EDNA FLETCHER, MARY FOSTER, JEAN CHISAM, MR. CLARK, DOT WARD, BARBARA KENNEDY, JEAN CARROLL, HELEN MURRAY, JEANETTE FORD, ROB- BIE SPENCER, A. J. LAWSON, JOHN WINCH, BILLY PARKER, JAMES ENOS, CAROL TAYLOR, CHARLOTTE MILLSAP, DOROTHY USELTON, JOYCE WOOSLEY, JEAN SMITH. M X542 E Jig vm", ,- I 4 HTHI - -.'r':'.r'IPr1 :J J N-mf' 1- 5 ---.:,1.s' H I .,,.p,.r .--.r-1 '. '94 ft' 1 'B ' ..,,.v 3 wx xi f 1? A ':' ,4.:::e.. Sgfaxgsgs 54 'X ZW' I .Mi fa ,F ffif v W 5" ....: , ,A : .,,. at EA Q13 'fx 4 X, H' 6 rf , gif? 'A .Q 'T W sb ,. A A .fag S f'.fia-L rs- 3 lah Z as . QE ,W :vi 4 if A ' my at Mr-N 431.0 7 R Qwgd ,. K 3 ws, W F53 H .iw-M-Gym ' mf 3 yfisflff i ' '..' ' Senior Players-Left to right: CHARILS CSPEEDYJ MORRXS ROBERT HOLT ROGER ARNOLD ROBFRT GIL LIAIVI, CHARLES SEXVARD. WIN CTC Spring Hill Woodbury Mclllinnville Cookeville Shelbyville NILlI'f1'9QSb0l'0 Lewisburg Winchester Fayetteville Manchester Schedule I I L A M , . Ms . M J ms it ' . mx Y 'H Af' Y v V ' f Q M Y 4, : ff . ' 'U nf , , Av ,W gg M , V mf. 7 . If 1 1 fr ,, 21 5 'L lr 4 k as w,, W y 1: ff ,tin in wg 'Q 3 5' V gg , Q I 35" J 1 4 ff , t g i 5' 4 ,Q ? P X Q fi , f X! . F 1 Hgh! , 3,1355 if r Schedule Tullahuma 20 Winchester Tullahmna 34 McMinnville Tullahoma 17 Manchester Tullahamzr 37 Shelbyville Tullahomu 2.5 Woodbury Tullahomzr 31 MclNIinnville Tullahfmmu 58 St. Andrews Tullahoma 41 Flintville Tullahomu 34 Shelbyville Tullahoma 44 Wooclbury Tullahoma 33 Huntland Tullahoma 31 Winchester Tullahomu 47 Lynchburg Tullahomir 23 Huntland Tullahozna 36 St. Andrews Tullahomu 34 Manchester TL1llZll10IT121 51 Lynchburg Tulluhclma 34 Flintville TOURNAMENT Tullahoma 27 Huntland Tullahumu 29 Winchester 44 36 55 49 20 32 35 47 58 53 41 39 35 39 53 55 34 55 24 54 1950-51 SEASON Coaches and Managers COACH THONTAS, GORDON JONES, COACH PUCH Standing, Left to right: Coach PUGH, Captain BOBBY LEDFORD. RALPH HOLDEN, CHARLES MORRIS. RICHARD NIARTIN, RICHARD FARRIS. GORDON JONES. Kneeling: CHARLES FAGG, ERIC SOESBE, JOHN OUTLAW. LARRY OX'ERMAN, LARRY MILLS, 6 BASEBALL 1951 Team and Coach Flrst Row SPLI-DY MORRIS KILITH MYRICK RICH ARD FARRIS RICHARD MARTIN GERALD ALLEN HAROLD YATPS .Srcond Rott JIM ABPRNATHY PAI PH HOLDIN. ERIC SOEsBr BOBBY BRINKLEY LARRY ONERMAN JIMMY HAMMLRS Thzrd Row COACH JACK THOMAS CLIFFORD MCDANIILL LARRY NIIILS JIMMY JOHvsOv BOBBY Owsws GORDON Jorxrs BUDDY OUTLAXK Although there are but a small number Of the last wears team left for the flfty one team the base ball team IS lookmg forward to the sports thrrll of the commg season For the past years Coach Thomas has produced a baseball team whrth drsplaxed sportsmanshrp along wrth skrll and endurance lhe nmeteerr frltv pl ryers prox ed therr abllrty as a baseball team and Won the Curtral Tennessee Con ferenct trophw rn Baseball Wrth great mxretv th pl ryer an art the tomrrrg season for one Ol' Amerr trs greatest loved sports Brseball CHEERLEADERS BEVERLY LITTLE SHIRLEY XVELCH JANETTE SPURLOCK CATHERINE SEALS ROBBIE NELL SPENCER BQBBIE Lfifl OI.DFIEI.D DOT USELTON Axx DAINIRON JOIINNIE C. KELLER ,xxj nrl'fU:ir. Robbie Nell Spencer Jummy Ray Ward BEST SFHOOL SPIRIT Doroihy Uselfon Don Parker AND PRINCESS OF PERSONALITY EG Mx 42N XX-xykla-,,,f '44 Ann Wullfs Speedy Moms BEST ALL ROUND f Xklf Bobble Lee Old? eld Johnny Wsidcai James Enos 195: Wumcm NEATEST X N A .ff f ,ff x ff! if ' , ,. , 1 Y, M' j gif .. f 3 f ' . A " 3 us- K fl , ' -- EH 2 ' ,ff f " , V - . N, ,Y ' ,ff X 1 -e , , , ,L RR ' is , ' E, ff , f' 4 , NVYXWX'--., E' J, J ,ffw V' - 1 4' rf' gf, .Jig ,ff i , 'Y5 lr A My Q ' s 1, ' Jf A ,A V ' ' '5 1 flff x 1 xx., , I 5 " ' ff Xxx we , xx 1 kim , -h3j,.f' X If Y .X w"W'M xx Xe f e ff N-NM ' . I I XXX, ' j ,.x, 'J 11 ' LL fl 1 1 1 ""II1111r1l1lll "?lIIIlII1"llI, ' ""II1111, fzlllllf 'QIIIIJ ,, ,lg JV' x 6 ' ., ,. , 7 ,,,' . ---.N C7 XXX V,i'9klV"G LSWWOVV1 Ruih Thomas 0 eff ' 'Gm Roger Arnold MOST MH' ETIC HANDSOMEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL 4 X f Ann Jones Bull Pnrfle XXUTTIEST E Fiona Tnpton Kay Collins Bull Parker John Wench LORD AND LADY OF SUCCESS MOST TALENTED 1 I' l"' ill' I IA wx ff A W f ' , A r-XR Ag . X .jA M X 'X ,f W '1' , A s ' I 1 auf Q " F as ,Q A K Y f . ?, Pg , I go K A f v ., Xyffim X X' I .. X Y 1 f,-f uk x X-T, MNH- wi Q I ' V .X K N ff J!! os x 'X-. .- . . ,X fy , l D V' .,, Ex. ' 'L ' 1 6-' ' x W ' A, J 5 ,Q ' K X 1 ix, 9 .- . f""""-f..M.,,M3XX I A. NN ,wg , . ' M o Ax ,f fri' L4 . xxx ,V Q 4,,f , -1 , Ny' f mx If -f - ' 'E ' ,iff . if git 'Y x . X W! K 'M X ' 'Q .... N as ' its I TT f J 4 'ff f , j 1 V E f . 1' 1' , g , M I x ' A ' I ' f, K xx fa ' V, I 7 , Rx If z A I ' ff Y , X H f ' X' 1 ,f K f Nh , ' I I Q!!! varying! , I1 VI I ' "0 ll ""l: I I 1 'QQ' 'IIIQI "',,,,,,,,,,,,,l,, ,,",,,,,, ',,,,,,,,,, . 1' 'x ,Q fi K ,hifi ggi M bd' Q' 'Yi V .gat .fa aw p. M 4 pd ' A,.' -49: Q , f N E : A we : - X ' ,ff 5 2 ?1i"'S'l55s M lk? , la 'A ff ' f vi - Qc. k iw i? spain mg M fy' A N-Mummy, 'H f M.5o.vf f,,,,8fg V, 1 1 'Y jf! 1, F 2 rs' Q ,I - - . V , K f 2 ' Y ff, ve j 5:3 I Q 'hiv ! uv1'3'f' '75 ' ' aug Q3 ' 5 3 f E I, 'fffli 'm 2 . ff-vw in 'VN DIXIE ELECTRIC COMPANY Cornet F. McLean West Lincoln Street Phone 5025 Tulluhonrt Tennessee Compliments o WHITE HOUSE CAPE RYMAC CLEANERS Ph ne 5700 5 7 Inst fo ee HARRIS SERVICE STATION North jaekson Street Phone VS' PEARSALL FURNITURE CO 'Ihe Lzllle Store with the Bze B1rg.,nns New and Used Iurnlture Phone 5781 MeCOLLUM S MEN s 51 ORE ullzfy 'Huis W t TUIIJIIIEHIJ Tennessee f omplzmt nlv of CAMPBELL 84 DANN MFC: CO Tulltlhoma 'I tnnessee CROUC H MOTOR COMPANY TUT S DRY CLEANERS Tullahomtt Tennessee PROF ITT VAN Complete Moz me Ser: ue to Atlfmttc St Phone 5150 58 70 Tullahoma Tennessee BLANTONS and SHASTEEN Plumbme and Izlulrzz Strut: Phone 2521 Hotpomt Maxtae, ROSS WIRING CONTRACTORS Ross Door! It BOWIE S For Betler fllfillfllil Tullahonm Tennessee Phone R H Bowie PARRIS SHOE STORE Save Wtth Us Belier Shoes for Less Money 78 Itneoln St Phone 7147 Tullahonm Tenn RAGAN MOTORS PLE NIOLTI-I DFSOTO Tullahonm Tennessee LINK IS INSURANCE AGENCY Notbme Bn! lusumnfe Call 5455 Tullhlhtynhl 700 5 JALICSOF SNOWHITE LAUNDRY Sc DRY CLEANING XX IHBBIR TYPEXY RITI-R 'A OI'I'lCI' SUPPLY CO RFNIINC 'ION Iulltl om.: t Xtucsl x I Phtne H S South j.1tltson Street Mlm s"""L "pp 'U I4 1 7 I 'S 0 '- I .I ' C1- 214 3ff-- .,,.- i Y K . . . ,, : ' Q 4' I ,' cd, . K- , ., . N N . A 1 1, In zA','sz 3 v. 1 V' t f .H . . m4 S. . ' . , 1-, - ,, . Y , ' 1 ' Je 'A , -'-J C Sporting Goods ,f '- ' . V. , 9 ', ' ' '- 5117 . . l- - A - - - '- ' - . H -- f , . 1 I l . - - ' ', ' ' - I. ' ' f . . , . V -. . , , . e . ,,. . . . .. .A 1 L-7 - - ' " , , . . . m - A' .I .I A' " -J' "FAQS A TAYLOR S SERVICE STATION TFXACO PRODUCTS V41 N h COUSERS BOOK STORE T ll 11 CEDAR LANE GROCERY wi A MOONS BARBER SHOP WAFFLE SHOP If W ll Sr 2481 LAWSONS HARDWARE CO I S1 1 2If0 WARREN s GROCERY C p y 5884 MARSHALL and STRAND MARBURY MLCOY S Servlce Statlon R J zsso HUNTS HARDXVARE 2821 CHAMBER OF COMMERCE JENKINS 8: DARWIN BROS T ll 1 LAYNE AND COOP 545K TULLAHOMA PARTS AND SERVICE COMPANY IZ THE TULLAHOMA NEXWS FLETCHER S Pmdure and Feed Sl 1 HIGHLANDS LUMBER AND MILLWORK CO T Il 11 T 9 - - u a oma. Tennessee Phone , 1 No. 7-11 Arcade 912 or! jackson Compliments of Y Phone . . ' 9 Sar1du'it1Jes-Sleu s-Ybor! Orders Couneom Scnvife-Pmmp Delifer-V Ph Wal reet a rect one , Phone 1 , - C 1' I "W'laere Prires Alufa s Arerage amp 'men 5 of ben er" Phone , The Hardware Boys at - , Q lVusb and Lubriwlion-U. S. 0 'ul Tires Phone Complzmwzls of Compumemj of Phone Il 11 Jomds Busy Slorv Real lfslulc and Auftion Underpriced Merchandise Phqne b V , Phone 71 4 Cojee COIHIfJ"5 Only Sfllli-u,,l'L'klj' '1 0 'e l u a oma, ennessee WOOTEN S TULLAHOMA DRUG STORE A Good Drug Store H G HILL CO gfbl CLAYTON AND COMPANY Famzly Sboe Sine 1 L JOHNSONS DRY CLEANERS CITY PRODUCE COMPANY 1 J I STERLING VARIETY STORE HOTEL PEP STATION PURE OIL PRODUCTS I 5371 GENERAL AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY A E B THOMASLSON IB kBg., THE TULLAHOMA BEAUTY SCHOOL FIRST NATIONAL BANK I h C pr 1 5J0ll,:l0 I pl 52 Umm P fu sill an 2 DAVIS STORE b 1 Tllh DUCKS POOL ROOM and GRILL E B FRANKLIN 8: SON WAFFLE SHOP I St 8 TRADERS NATIONAL BANK T ll h Th Sr INDEPENDENT DRUG STORE T u h T 9 Courieous Serrife Quality Merchandise A G7'0ft'fil'SiI:Yllil.f Ve fc' u es-.Meats I A Colne Clean wi IJ 'x y Frexb Dresxed Pon tr f-Eggs lNIarvin Lawley, Proprietor . 1 an Phlmt 'l"' Phone 2 D41 Best Uyisbex lo Senior Clusx of ffl Hollis Usel on, Manager Phone . . For ll Your Inxurunre Needs A Complete Line of Parts FITS' Nilfinnll fm ld '- Phgne 2626 Phone 2864 Tullahoma, Tenn. Enroll Now in u a oma, Tennessee id id " , Sur us " 7, ro ' " ,"'. 7 For lbe T ings You Wfunt .1 the Prire You Like to Puy Xvest Lincoln St. Phone 2151 u a oma, Tennessee E' B' Franklin' Sr' and -lr' Sundwifbex-SIeaks-Sborf Orderx You mn be sure if it is ll"estinglJause NX'al reet Phone 24 5 e ore of Personal Service u a oma, Tennessee u a oma, enncssec RANEYS Qualxtj A111115 Always G1 oreues I rmtx Vogel :bla r Phone 3422 Tullahoma Tennessee Complrmentx o CORBETTS CLOTH IERS STORE South Anderson Street Tullahoma Phone 3725 QUEEN CITY PHARMACY Presfrzptzon SfJer1ul1st Tullahoma Tennessee MOORE S CAFE New Winchester Hxghvxay Tullahoma THURMAN J DAVIS Complete Insurunce Serine Phone 5622 KENNEDY BROTHERS Dzstrzbutors oy' Pan Am Produrts Tullahoma Tennessee lb: S11 1 Drug Store TAYLOR S PHARMACY The Rcxall Store Tullahoma Tennessee TENNESSEE GLOVE CO Tullahoma Tennessee STOCKTON MOTOR CO Poutmr GMC Trurkt Complete Auto Mazbnu Slvop Body and Fender Work Tullahoma Tennessee MINORS 11111 Iood Dnmers Lunrlaex Short Orders 105 S Atlanttc Tullahoma Tennessee TOLLEYS MASTER MKT AND LOCKERS 11.1l1tJ A111115 Frlnts lcgctablzs Complete Lotker .Scune Phone 2987 MOORE 81 MOTLOW IUNFRAL HOMF Ambulanre Sen :re Burzal .Serure Complzments o CHRISTMAS LUMBER 81 SUPPLY Tullahoma Tennessee MORRISON S I om Frxemlly Department Store ualm Wearxng, Apparel Tullahoma Tennessee CITY COAL COMPANY ll e Haze u Coal for Lzery Purpose Areh Brown Ovsner Tullahoma Tennessee MITCHELL BEAUTY SALON Serum I5 W'bat life Gne Phone 2687 Tullahoma CHARLEY'S CRAFT SHOP Phone 2157 or 7088 610 Franklm Street Tullahoma Tennessee QUEEN CITY OIL Co Floxd W Weatherbee Ovs ner - H V. , . 1 . . 1. -. ,,t ,- . , -e H 9 . . . . ,, ' ', . , , .. . 5 ' H ls!! I 9 . 1 , , , , J' , J 1 ' , 1 - - I , , 1. , y --I 7 ' Q"1-f'-f,,,, :, . f 9 nf I . Y . U.. Q . V , . Y 1 , , "V , ' ' .. , .. , ,. ,, V., , .v., , , , H . TULLAHOMA BLOWER SHOP A f 1 s DAIRY DIP DRIVE INN NOBLITT OIL COMPANY L IN T ll h 1 s POWELL BUICK 11 8 DUCKS ROLLER RINK I CHUCK ROGERS SERVICE STATION 101 2571 NU WAY CAFE I I C SAWYER GROCERY XXH Tllh I B nl T THE CRESCENT BOX AND PRINTING CO TULLAHOMA CONCRETE PIPE COOP S GROCERY f A S044 MODEL MARKET BI J MILL S CJROCERY MURRAY 8: IVEY 1 R p c,As OIL JUDY AND JERI 5 C b NINAS THE NATIONAL STORE 11 GOLF COURSE SERVICE CENTER bt FSJPI Nth . . C ' ' , I Howers for ll Occusmns Umphmlmx U "Say il u'il1 Flowers-Say il lI"i IJ Ours" 100 . jackson Phone 2541 . B. d H. . ' bl' J an 0 m Sour Anderson Street u il oma, Tennessee Dia 061 Phone ZII Q? 1, P S "Roller Ska e for Healllfs Sake" R. Duckworth Sinclair Gas am i Phone , ' 110 I s. Ph 5215 Pla e Lunches-Shar Orders Oganu Q Uma Tennesgee one SIWML- hops "Low Overhead Aleuus Lou' Prires" Drink I in 0 es I , Coca-Cola Bottling Wcvrks of ullahoma, Inc. 9 Meu s und Ve Ietalzles "Confrete Blofks-For Phone ' Buildings Tlml Endureu Paul Summerg' Owner , X N Fresh Ifrulfs, Meats. and ll ones Groferies 9 Genera e airs Complete Infuuls' and .lJildreu's Dept, ' on llJe Bdlfllllj' Phone 2585 Shel yville 1' 1' ' Phone 78 Of George ' ockton, Operator Wine ester and Decherd - 54 ml U05 1 'or jackson ROLLINS AND LEVAN FURNITURE COMPANY 2511 ew d if OWENS MANUFACTURING COMPANY T ll 11 . CITY DAIRY T Il h ' I - HIGHLAND OIL COMPANY .. B. 'Sl Il O'1j 1,11- TRI CITY FLYING SERVICE lx Flyg. 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Shapard Chevrolet C0 N jackson Phone 3451 Sho at THE OUTLET STORE THE ECHO Published by the Student 1 lbe Sludents of Tullalaoma Ilzgl Srl: I ,I .L I . , '- - H C x . I V. v r . Lou' Prircs-Good Ouality - rf ' P ' " ' ' ' f ' P v v ' P . T Y N . . I X fo' ' .IJ oo L

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