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539' 19? .a ae,, ..,. tl' wk X I ,QJ1Gj0jYVQ' . gm JiMEff3HOg M W , ag iz iwgifwifgjfgffi ok 1977 Hornet ?Q?1?kQ ' ' - Sports Page 18 W1 Honors Page 58 Organ1zat1ons Page 84 Classes Page 148 Faculty Page 186 Advertisements Page 192 J 1751.-. U P1 4. 1 -. 1 - -5931-.. '-'-Wx . -LN mm' .VX Faces Show: Qjfsfx Qiyaj O Spirit IIS 'T , 7- Emotion S7 S 5 VD D 1 3,5 mm A 'C inf' O , L 4 J 2 C ? c C Z g C s t 4 C I H YI L Jrmo 'DIVJDL X op v1.1 wi L -.4 df ' ,H+ ..f . nil f ' 'Q W1 4 " , 'V'-S V A A' fi' , , ' 9 ' Li '1 , ' . JV, f ' . K ' I, 5' J-, E ' fm . . .'Skjl'T , W f, 3, , 3 V mx if '- , -5. ,V 1- f f , V ff M 5 i .' KJ? , V K 'F fs . . . 5, . V 'Q 5 ' R 1 -, -N ,E It ig-. .?'.,!g Involve ment . ,Z Q n QW' an Person 16 A 5 S K KF'g,,-lf'efff31'W ' P5 , 5 ,K Q , W Q Q? if x W ii ggi' A Wm 'K 5 l. . -f Y , ' 1 ,W L Z , ' R L t K- U Q :ks ,W , 52 1 X I A A X M fx' ,I .., K cg, lr. M.-V :Q ,' K QW t V V rf. ' A W ,,Xx W Vw V , V m 'A f I Wm' A W ' m A V tg 2, K , mn,,,,a,,,gx..-.wxlfw XX K It t 1 1 ' is LA . + ...- -V L wus. mfg. 1 f ,....,, .N.. M ff Nw. "H--.. YAHLA ry N ,Ji J 2 X I, Q X, N ng x, Cf f C2 Tlx gf ff! gig QM E vii XJ ,Q if fcsfaiki C X fy 55059-,fig ggg, 35 3,jy5E,5i7 A Q 35 fffvajs 'w Af- " fy I gf I K K , .Nix V-fl 5, if f1,f2ffe J +52 3 ,f 3 4 if gm gfgmf, 355 Q f Q ff' JAX Q ' Q4 Q A if 11.4, 'fx 5 U of ,J 1, Q" 5-X Q ff ff 5, 41291 H . -f VI f' Q CX ' A L ' , K 60 Q 9 Q ,iff fb P1 e,i"1N ff 2 L"'x X T f J . F 'Xb-4 :- A ,,, 1 ff J ff L., 1'- , g3g5ffgf,jjk,67jg5j Xfx SQZAQJRSCMQ gf 5, 22 SK id T7 , 2 z, y m 0 K4 my Q, 41 C, fu d A V1 png Q' , ,ug LY Af '6f fo Gifs f 0 9 539961 c Q1'bi- A5 50,6315 ,A 1 L ' , X U .A " 1' v' M , V K' F 1 1. I , 6N44jQf'wfi'ti.vj5VQf?7f2g?f,C45524 42, Xfv 96155 5 ,cv QCTUQ in QA' ff W I IB I if saw Q24 aff? 4 1976-77 Jumping Cheerleaders Vicki Bates Hornet -. .. M, , .-4,4 R Q 7 , , ,g H' W N M 1 Debra Sharla Mote C1 gm Blankenship Samantha a5 i Tamra Cowan Simpsfm Tami Bliss 19 6 Fighting Tulia Hornets I - B. Keeter, L. Billingsley, L. Anderson, A. Vaughn, T. Finck, R. Daniel. J. Freeman. R. Nelson, D. Burgess, R. Reeves, I. Garza. SECOND ROW: G. Hutson, M. Zeeck, R. Bernal, J. Williams, S. Brown, C. Love, A. Mays, J. Wilks, R. Sherrod, V. Guiterrez, K. I-louse. FIRST ROW: B. Thompson, R. Raper, M. Buchanan, I. Garcia, J. Cox, L. McCaslin, C. Ebling, J. Vigil, C. Breedlove, E. Wesley, L. Keener. ' Tr ' ? 5 l f E Being football coach has provided me with countless T N ,X experiences and meaningful memories. It has given me f . ' ' Ill the chance to share in victory and in loss. We have expe- 4 if rienced a closeness and a fellowship in times of joy and in gm, V .V rr MM' T times of sorrow. I am able to watch these men grow and I Ulffjqi, A.,, ,y :K h mature, to get to Know them in alliaspects of their varied . i ,1 -lf, pijpt ff v 34- H M Q personalities. I tried-to recognize t eir great potential and ll ' Q ,Y H iffy. help develop it. These. men have taught me many things lv 9f " 4 U p i "" ' V A """ ' " 'f1'5E, ,' ,f and given me a great appreciation of youth and their abil- 1,5 A I ' Y ff 3 ' ,5i if -- , .. y W - I ' ,. ities. lt is rewarding to feel that I have taken some part in at ij lyjgg gl -Ajgial ' .ij 2 ,. If' shaping these young men's attitudes, personalities and ,. .- ,Q 7-gg, W ,.,,.. lives. pwwa ...,.. A srsri ig. Coach Miller Football Team Captams Steve Brown Bobby Keeter Honorable Mention A11-District W 'W Having the honor of being a S V5 3 A caPtair1 on this y6ar's team e'o Q , meant very much to me . I was y e'an , V g ' proud to have been a part of ' 5 this group of young men, and Q A4: will e1WeYS remember mem- t ,.n',,, 1 me , Steve Brown iIiel'e' Gary Hutson Larry Anderson A11 South Plains All-District J F Russell Nelson immy reeman AndyM ys i 5 J rr William h e y s Honorable Mention Joe Garza C All-District Honorable Mention ris Love 3 ln l , ll' ll 'i wi Wil-fl"l"W' Victor Gutierrez Honorable Mention Jimmy Garcia John Cox All-District Q? Larry Billingsley Honorable Mention email? f. "V 'v1 ',.. 11 gl, V! ll' ' ' .-V L ' l Trent Finek Honorable Mention Alex Vaughn Honorable Mention Russell Dan1el Honorable Mention Don Burgess Randall Reeves Ram1ro Bernal Jeff Wilks Mark Buchanon Fi gwza 2 -Y ii 4 EX . is ERN, Hogan ,. . it -1 Lg -1 Q, 1,-as . K H rw Larry McCaslin Co Honorable Mention ach Hardin v L nn Keener .ff-L-.yf1:i,-'-1125:12:--3 +1':E'ia,k :L-'?t13'L'k'?"iJff' iff?-f '-f-2' Smiwrif' .Mfr-, 51.5, . , pg-' 'V .Y H. . 1 ., .. .-1 5'13-QE-aswggrgzgzgiia, K -.3 K a,Q.,,V,f,r.g-, , ., Q. .-:eau 7- 7 3 j'f4'2 ' "' . ? gif-' x jfQgi'f5!,i'K-.- - - a as ff P . i ai.. ,iiflf W -Q13 .9 1- -' T' -fm: 11. -, .if -fv25iJ5'iiV1W".',f,?Q " 7' ' :fW4ff1iii'7 ,wk "raw: "jlzZ:f.1 , 4.11.3 if--2 : 2- "'f1s '?32 'i -zzmfrg . - . 1 f ,. Arzfffillhiw -43,11 x W7-'7, f"Jf 'Eff' fax ' gy . Fir' 0144: 1 tim- ' fi. 4 ,f . .:" L, V: 2 M.i"i.f fi. -1 - ai4Q'1,.Q1 'f fi-,i1r" 4 rrp' ' 4 -.lg , jf as 1, .1 1 ww wg ' 4 Vi? z ' "W J .r X V in - A 73. .. 1- 1a'Z'1f?lQ22rf wifi 191' . eu' izvyraf-.,. ja, .13 . ' 4 qmgcg.: -HQ? - :i q 1: 'f?p.1-QI ,, . ,K ffm , M-'f 355, fr, W., -,N 1- -, . - - , ,, ' E, 554-Kiln, ,J . - S411 :I -' -' '- ' am.. .sr sf ,z-za N . N- 933 yi -Tlf iiitw. if gigfg,-, . ., , gpg-, UE'-". - -E'-r."':5' . ' 1 . ' Q' . gpgsy,-:,' 1- - Two' 1:--1 . an 55" - .sif -' 'aacwisf-5: yd . w331':g. ff - 3 af , Q ay, f 'fi 4 r ' 4 f 7 .r 'ikkigi ' f gf' Q 7 r ff , 1 4 ' N 1 , 4 L N, 74 ff 1 f ,Aa j .55 4 aa, I . 6 Y df fl C ' 0, r ' f I f X -f i 1 1 To 1 X " ff u fy -I v J f a K f ,r, fl ,QM lx ,f 2 9' 1 ' .. J is ,Q S 1 , ., , , . X v Xvgi , 'F N ,ga 4 .1 :X Z' X A f I ,7 3 ,-f 4 f F ,G ' Q ' H f 2' 5' A3 4 5 ,f lyk 1 3 C I 'Ka I 5. xx "" r if , ., i A 'A N ,. 7 KP' X' FRS? 4 1 gy 4 ..,J 1-my l fx. ,., .515 ,I+ , ', - Hr - yfqgiswgjqa iff 'lg 51,?f.Q4'f-'?.Q51iZf:?f3i7' T6 A f :QS tfiiisffiif-31? 'Q 5 r J f 5' ' J Q-NC 'gi 'A Q . F ,J 1 gg 5-f' 'K -' J I Q A ' V ? 'f ,N 4-'ff J 6 ' 0 f '. ' w ' V mn . , 1 X I , ,-J . f 'v f J- , 1 , Q Q3 1 ' Ht 1-Ar, .,,- ak K 9' . 3, ' 1 '--J 'f S. .,,. , A ,7 , - V A f5g.?-an N - fb?-R 14- av T 'R'-41'-f . I mmf' 3w'5g2tgi2fR,Zl,?u4E,iz+4,f'4Ja2Z 'fb -' . QQJ- as wir JS x "1f'? Mtwaaiafiiafi - ' fffr"eP1-fm-L. 4 4' il-' .sw : si Coach Miller Coach King Coach Martin P' 4 I K ,W i if . L l .511 ' , f1:'w?b 'Y A W , Brady Thompson 19 6 J.V. and Fre hrnan Football Teams K. House, M. Zeeck, T. Boyett, S. Smith, B. Teafatiller, B. Sanders, R. Sherrod, C. Kerbo. J. Vigil, A. Bernal, K. Inglis, D. Perry, T. Bliss, M. Jones, I. Padilla, D. Gardner, A. Hernandez, I. Scarborough. C. Eboling, R. Fox, E. Wesley, C. Breedlove. fiL..2QQLfA ic f k:2J1'rQief 'Rfilillfigsf 'wif Esglrsg Q X'Q'EiuL1g'..QZQO15 .8.5LQ1.Hf1gQl lj Q Dlinn. M. P0115E1Tm1?f ' ' ' Coach Latham Coach Lowe ,A Coach Chauvcaux Cwch Lepard Coach Clccklcr l976-77 Hornet Basketball Team Billingsley, R. Daniel, R. Webb, K. King, L. Anderson, D. Burgess, S. Brown, I. Wilks, M. Buchanan, R. Fox, I. Granado P WZ A f"i A 4 K Steve Brown A11 District Honorable Mention All South Plains W Don Burgess Kxgiigg 1, s' YV' Larry Anderson Honorable Mention S 69621 Jimmy Granado Larry Billingsley Ronnie Fox Russell Webb Honorable Mention Russell Daniel Kevin King Honorable Memion Lynn Keener 1976-77 J.V. and Freshman asketball Teams G. Jordan, R. Reeves, A. Teel, I. Adams, E. Hawthorne, R. Sherrod, H. Moreno, P. Lacey, I. Padillo. S. Lackey, B. Kirk, M. King, K. Lair. B. Daniel. MIDDLE ROW: B. Cowan, R. Quinby, L. Rossi, A. Gutierrez, T. Roberts, M. Pol lard. FRONT ROW: D. Riley, T. Hamilton, R. Ruiz, K. Carlisle. Coach Latham Coaching the Tulia Hornet Basketball team this year was a great challenge plus a new and rewarding experience. The move from Junior High to high school was a bigger step than I had anticipated. I learned a lot and the young men I coached were a great inspiration to me. They were not afraid of hard work and stuck together when the going was rough. The great surge they displayed in the district race was indicative of the x 1 Coach Lepard 'ks il 'I Coach Martin spirit and character of this team. The self-discipline and sacrifice we emphasized are keys to those same values that will be of great importance to these young men in life. Because of the groundwork laid by this year's seniors, the future looks bright for Tulia Hornet Basketball. I would like to thank everyone who supported us this year and I promise that we will continue to work hard to deserve that support. w T 1976-77 Fighting Tulia Hornettes C. Nobile, T. Hamilton, K. Nobile, S. Ewing, C. Chauveaux, V. Bates, D. Blankenship, N. Malcom. FRONT ROW: C. Reeves, R. Lambert R. Raymond, P. Simpson, D. Nelson, S. Mote, K. Bliss. " ffffi. ff .Abi 1. .. I . . li: 'iff ' - V 1: JE , ' ' . f. ,.,,.. 1'1- ' ' F-f':"' ' ' H ' fi' 7-1 1 qi. . WRC- ,'e?c, 1x, ,i 'f -- ' 1 38 Vicki Bates Donna Nelson 2nd Team A11 District Stacy Ewing A11 District Tammie Hamilton x-f Carol Nobile 2nd Team A11 District Sharla Mote , v ,W Reba Lambert Nela Malcom 2nd Team All District Karen Nobile fwagm-2 Ramona Raymond Patrice Simpson 2nd Team A11 District Debra Blankenship Celia Reeves Kymni Bliss 1976-77 . .and Pre hman asketball Teams C. Hardin, C. Jackson, S. Simpson, S. Botello, R. Hale, D. Davis, A. Beaver, T. Bliss. MIDDLE ROW: R. Jones, D. Rousseau, K. Love, S. Reynolds, P. Hale, I. Blackwell, RONT ROW: R. Parks, B. MacAnelly, L. Smitherman, S. Rossi. L. Smitherman, M. Lawson, K. Crooks, S. Miller, T. Thompson, N. House, L. Hatcher. MIDDLE ROW: O. Simpson, I. Tanner, D. Nix, M. Schulte, L. Harris, A. Bryant, M. Rousseau, R. Bliss. FRONTROW: B. Hayhurst, A. Sturgess, A. Padilla, L. Nix, T. LeMaster, T. Cowan. Coach Chauveaux Coaching the 1976-'77 Hor- nettes was one of the most satis- fying experiences of my coach- ing career. Teams may have won more games but I have never coached a group of people who worked any harder. These young ladies grew and matured as indi- vidual ballplayers as well as a team. They developed a close- ness as a group by each working to do her part to achieve a team goal. Those team members who will be returning next season have a good base upon which to build even greater achieve- ments. Coach Chauveaux Coach Cleckler Coach Hardin -A. 1977 Varsity and Junior Varsity Tennis Teams wan, L. Foreman, C. Harman, E. Foreman, I. Gutterrez, C. LeMaster, C. Albrecht, B. Cowan, L. Wilfong. FRONT ROW: V. , L. Keener, J. Garrett, R. Kiker, L. McC1endon, E. Richards, D. Cowan. Coad1Ladunn 4HHwWP4 w4Gw W G I R L S Tennis Teams Have Good Year , K. Carhle, K. Lau, M. Kmg, L. Hams, J. M111er, M. Rousseau. FRONT: T. LeMaster Tanner, J. Nelson. , C. Harman, T. Cowan, M 1977 Golf Teams .I-.. Randall Reeves District Medalist Ronnie Fox Runner-Up District Andy Mays Bill Kirk Lynn Love David Sharp D I S T V R A I R C S T I T C Y H A M P S Coach Leop ard vim! . , U .Q ' -4 if s R, . C. Clecker, G. Nelson, S. Orr, C. Tucker, L. McC1endon, M. George, S. Painter, D. Stidham. ,off D. Riley, D. Reeder, K. House. F. Love, C. Breedlove, R. Quimby, L. Rossi. ,xx Mrs. Payne 1977 Hornet arsity Track Team Li .LYAX Ji- D. Gomez. A. Vaughn, D. McC1urg, D. Burgess, R. Daniel, R. Sherrod, C. Love, L. Anderson, R. Perez, M. Jones, F. Hernandez, J. Garza, I. Wilks, J. Williams, V. Gutierrez. FRONT: R. Rocha, L. McCas1in, M. Buchanon, S. Brown, I. Padillo, C. Ebling. Coach Martin Coach Cleckler . r Joe Garza, E. Hawthorne, R. Daniel, D. Burgess, L. Anderson, L. McAs1in, J. Padillo, S. Brown, C. Love - H D. Burgess, R. Sherrod, A. Vaughn, D. Gomez. J. Garza, J. Wilks, L. Anderson. ,I C. Ebling, B. Sanders, I. Wilks, F. Devin, V. Gutierrez, I. Garza. 1 R. Sherrod, D. McC1urg, R. Daniel, G. Jimenez, F. Hernandez, C. Love. 4 3 ,, lm 1, Garza, D. Gomez, D. Burgess, L. Anderson, R. Rocha, J. Padilio, M. Jones. YV L- L 1 L. Roe, B. Ruiz, R. Ruiz, B. Daniel, L. Bice, L. Carroll, R. Perez, L. Garza, M. Rosales, D. Jones, A. Keirn, D Browning, P. Betancourr, K. Zeeck. 1977 Horncttc Varsity Track Team R. Hale, R. Jones, S. Simpson, K. Nobilc, R. Parks, D. Blankenship, D. Davis, L. Smitherman. MIDDLE ROW: D. Nelson R Lambert S Ewing, C. Reeves, P. Davis. FIRST ROW: P. Simpson, I. Flores, A. Bryant, L. Nix, K. Love, D. Nix. Coach Chauvcaux sg.. Coach Hardin L. Smitherman, P. Davis, D. Davis. P. Simpson, R. Hale, S. Simpson. nr Us obile K Nobile Pa s More D Nelson S Ewing R Lambert R Parks K Love R Hale D Nix P Simpson A Bryant HWPC C. Nobile, A. Bryant. K. Nobile. S. More. D. Nelson, P. Simpson. L. Nix WWMFUWCI W MWM 56 8 8 O R E L A Y S. Ewing, K. Nobile. R. Lambert, C Nobile, A. Bryant. D D. Blankenship, S. Simpson, S. Ewing D Nix. I R Jones, J. Flores. L. Smitherman, L Nix S T A N C E ? 1 W I C 4 32 slag - inurg . M742 TOP: Parks, Nobile Davis Nobile, More. BOTTOM: Nobile, Nobile Simpson, Parks, Bryant Smitherman, Mote, Ewing Nelson, Davis. Z3 -f N 58 1 1 if 59 Miss Flame Nominees Each class nominates one candidate, and Miss Flame is elected by popular vote of the student body. She pre- sides over the Homecoming Bonfire. Valerie Vaughn Cinde Roderick Dawn Jones Football Queen Nominees Members of the football team elect the queen and she is crowned in an assembly. She is presented at the Home- coming Game. Candace Cagle Becky Jimenez Neila Malcom l I 1 62 Miss F lame Debra Rousseau If , ' x V t ,ss s i i E i J 64 Football Queen Sharla Mote Senior Class avoritesxx Carol Nobile Randy Caraway Junior Class Favarites Ruth Parks Dudley McC1ur Sophomore Class Favorites Carole Cleekler Monty Jones X r o. gf' , 'Af 4 31. . f Q ,. V ' 1 il ,. 4 f w gc 1 . 2 's C Players Honored at Football Banquet Joe Garza Bobby Keeter Larry Anderson Gary Hutson Alex Vaughn Craig Breedlove Most Valuable Player Top Defensive Player Top Offensive Back Top Offensive Lineman Most Improved Player Toughest Young Player Athletes Honored at Spring Sports Banquet F3 Patricia Davis Hap Rogers Award Sharla Mote Hap Rogers Award Stacy Ewing Basketball Honor Roll Carol Nobile Outstanding Senior Larry Anderson Outstanding Senior Hap Rogers Award Steve Brown Most Valuable Player Basketball Honor Roll Joe Garza Hap Rogers Award Debra Blankenship Most Valuable Player sle of Golden Dreams -:ffl -1 -.,. A . Q- -,-- .p , v , -SQN IQ '. .3 N -1- - '1 1? I -nl li 7 'sa-QQ' r. ,f :gd fl-uf i sv ,4 if .4 , f 5 f 1' W-+V K iw? .J Q Arn. xf 1977 Junior-Senior Banquet Prom E r F AFS! What is it? It's to reach out your hand in friendship, and to fill your heart with love. The people of Tulia have given me something more precious and more meaningful than anything I've ever experienced. It has been rewarding to share a life filled with happy memories, friends, and feeling wanted and loved by strangers from another land. It just goes to show that all over the world people are the same and are brought together by love . It will be sad leaving, but yet it has only been a beginning of a long and strong friendship. I want to thank each one of you for this wonderful expe- rience. affdbm MMM!! Being Student Council president has been an honor I will never forget. I would like to thank everyone for making it possible and for making this the best year of my life. I hope more than anything that I did the job the way you, the THS student body , wanted it done. jnffayawi, UIL District Winners George James Keith Davenport Garla Bryant Perri Patton Julian Vigil Danny Cowan Elaine Childress Pam Harman Ruth Parks Toni Kirk Melba Dobbs ' New 2nd Informative Speaking 2nd Oral Reading 2nd Shorthand 3rd Regional lst State 3rd Shorthand 3rd Number Sense lst Editorial Writing 2nd Newswriting lst Persuasive Speaking 3rd Editorial Writing 3rd Feature Writing lst Feature Writing Who's Who in Tulia High School Vicki Bates Doug Boyd Pam Harman Linda Anderson Stephen Zeeck Danny Cowan Elizabeth Ann Richards Perri Patton is Who's Who in Tulia High School Russell Daniel Becky J iminez Q i .f"' ' G3 ' RE , 2 A ' QM: jf' 'F' gg, iii? 7 7 Xwqvkk ifiiie MA 3: E lil fi 553221. 5355 5 L we Miss THS Mis tl f? '- , s i er e XX ' Y Linda Anderson Celeste Harman Darlene Roberts Sharla Mote Millie Murff Carol Nobile Vicki Bates Pam Harman Becky Jimenez Cindy Tnmlinson Mr. TH S N x ,AEK ,HQ , Billy Vaughn Mikeal Barnes Steve Brown Robert Rocha Joel Borchardt Todd Cowan Kevin King Greg Harmon Stephen Zeeek Danny Cowan Miss THS Carol Nobile 1 L lor ' Wall? K QW Lu nf:-, I , M. Nw- - : ,- f V 1. V ,-,x, 5,-L U i :Z , , y H V ' - m f' V V f 5 " " ' r ,,, - .. 4 " " ' W Wu W? r. TH Stephen Zeeck fx w v, -X . S Ifx. I 1 84 4 I 85 Key Club ROW 1: C. Alexander, G. Hutson, A. Vaughn, R. Daniel, B. Teafatiller, l. Cox, D. Adams, A. Mays, L. Anderson, J. Freeman, R. Nelson, K. King, A. Teel, J. Adams, R. Webb, B. Vaughn. ROW 2: R. Hefley, M. Jones, J. Padilla, M. Buchanan, T. Finck, T. Boyett, L. Love, S. Zeeck, K. Davenport, B. Thompson, D. Burgess, B. Sanders, E. Hawthorne. ROW 3: T. Bliss, E. Wesley, I. Scarborough, D. Sharp, J. Billing- ton, K. Inglis, G. Jordan, V. Gutierrez, S. Brown. ROW 4: Mr. Prather, J. Garza, L. McBride, J. Hicks, J. Wyatt, K. Keener, J. Vigil, J. Hill, L. Devin. ROW 5: K. House, J. Jennings, I. Burnett, K. Nelson, G. Young, L. Wilfond, D. Cowan, J. Granado, R. Fox, L. Keener, G. Harmon, T. Cowan. The Key Club is the junior organization of the , -if " , Kiwanis Club and is sponsored by them. The club, Q . it 'A ' . . . . . . . . fr . ., .ii '?.:i.2:i. a i. like the Kiwanis, is made to boost civic pride, and to perform civic duties. , ,Y W. S ' ' J A pq- 4. .Mtv M' ' .- fV'fTT1 , - .X A fm 5 A, fknphiy- n gf 1 - '- stiff lt. 1 .p -+1 . 'Vx 1 t . gkgj xig, 7,2 I mwwwammwwem ..-.-I.--A t . . f Andy Mays - Treasurer, Greg Harmon - Vice President, Jill Wyatt - Sweetheart, Todd Cowan - President, Stephen Zeeck - Secre- tary. During the Key Club-Faculty game, the ball disappeared. WEB.. ...ff Key Club members watch as Coach Latham shoots for two points. Key Club on their way to the football championship D R G A I. FQ' 'U- . Adams . Daniel . Hutson . Mays vign 1 I. Adams K. Davenport J. Jennings B. Sanders R. Webb Key Club J Brllrngton T Bliss T Boyen T Finck R Fox I Granado fm qu.,-4 C . Alexander L. Devin M. Jones I. Scarborough E. Wesley Anderson . English . Jordan . Sharp Wilfong Jill Wyau, Key Club Serves the Community 'ov , 'Uv S. Brown M. Buchanon D. Burgess V. Guirerrez G. Harmon E. Hawthorne Burnett -may R. Hefley Keener B. Teafariller Sweetheart. D. Cowan J. Hicks K. King A. Teel G. Young Cowan Hill L . Love Vaughn . Zeeck I. K L B S Cox House McBride Vaughn Zeeck I I . . . . . . library assistants the opportunities for recognition Librarians BACK ROW: P. Patton, C. Albrecht, M. Dobbs, N. Malcom, P. Harman, B. Vaughn, J. Granada, K. Dobbs, C. Tomlinson, L. Smitherman, R. Parks, C. Womack, K. Tomlinson, I. Tomlinson, S. Smith, T. Kirk. FOURTH ROW: B. Kirk, J. Nelson, M. Rousseau, C. Simpson, Y. Lira. B. Iimenez, L. Zuniga, A. Beaver, D. Resch, P. Masso, S. Botello, L. Smitherman, P. Painter, C. Jones. THIRD ROW: T. Roberts, L. McClendon, S. Smith, L. Starnes. S. Painter, V. Johnson, D. Roberts, K. Minchew, I. Wyatt, S. Miller, S. Reynolds, J. Garret, S. Allen, B. Anderson. SECOND ROW: D. Dunn, E. Richards, S. Lackey, D. Jones, B. Cowan, N. House, K. Crooks, M. Jennings, T. Hopper, S. Acker, B. Gillenwater, M. Murff. FIRST ROW: D. Riley, K. Davenport, M. Pollard, L. Rossi, S. Lions, S. Cowan, C. Cleckler, J. Measles, L. Shelton, W. Hill, P. Lawson. Q The Librarians Club was organized to give and participation, to provide for interchange of experiences and ideas, to gain knowledge about different kinds of library services, and to arouse interest in librarianship as a profession. L. Starnes - Social Committee: K. Dobbs - Vice President: M. Murff - Social Committee: K. Tomlinson - Social Committee: P. Patton - Secretary: P. Harman - Social Committee, C. Cleckler - Social Committee: D. Roberts - President: C. Womack - Trea- SUISI. 1 W, 52211:-A f Librarians club is kept busy planning activities for the year. Anybody have a toothpick? Interact BACK ROW: S. Smith, T. Kirk, K. Dobbs, R. Parks, S. Simpson, C. Harman, E. Childress, A. Mays, L. Anderson, S. Brown, K. King, R. Webb. M. Murff, D. Jones. 3rd ROW: J. Tomlinson, J. Measles, R. Jones, C. Albrecht, L. Anderson, C. Cagle, K. Keener, B. McAnelly, S. Simpson, L. McClendon, A. Beaver, P. Painter, L. Vaughn. 2nd ROW: M. Dobbs, S. Painter, C. Simpson, S. Orr, V. Johnson, V. Vaughn, T. Bliss, S. Allen, J. Garrett, C. Harman, L. Shelton, S. Rossi, M. George. lst ROW: L. Zuniga, B. Jimenez, Y. Lira, E. Richards, C. Jones, D. Harmon, P. Hale, J. Wyatt, T. Hopper, D. Rousseau, E. Foreman. tae-ima Interact Club rs composed of high school stu . dents which are sponsored by the Tulra Rotary " 1' Club. Interact is involved in the civic projects that are sponsored by the Rotary Club. Interact works to help improve our school and community -W,t.,u.s MMM" I i. Celeste Harman - President, Elizabeth Ann Richards - Vice-Presi dent, Pam Painter - Treasurer, Linda Anderson - Secretary. "Are you sure B1iss?" Alright, who took my report?" . Science Club BACK ROW: B. Vaughn, S. Zuniga, R. Daniel, D. McClurg, S. Brown, D. Adams, S. Zeeck, R. Hefley, C. Harman, T. Cowan, S. Simpson, D. Sharp, I. Billington. THIRD ROW: G. Harmon, J. Cox, F. Hernandez, P. Patton, D. Vigil, V. Bates, K. Dobbs, K. Davenport, J. Vigil, S. Rossi, A. Beaver, I. Gamble. SECOND ROW: E. Richards, L. Wilfong, L. Smitherman, V. Vaughn, P. Simpson, K. King, A. Mays, E. Chil- dress, L. Anderson, D. Whitmire, R. Kiker, P. Painter, L. Foreman. FRONT ROW: D. Cowan, G. Young, L. Devin, P. Harman, D. Boyd, P. W Q A v Hale H Saenz I Kisner W Fleming W Hill P Nabors The purpose of the Science Club is to give stu dems an opportunity to experience science in ways other than in the classroom. Programs and field trips are presented in order to demonstrate that science can be fun as well as educational. , 3. at Y, 3 . OFFICERS: President, Danny Cowan: Vice President, Kevin King Secretary, Elaine Childress. e ,,., 111 ., .Q pf, I 4 f- ,itil .xg l " 'K "' ' ,. ,..,. .. .ll ' ' ...V -Q 1 V . -.Ki f,,. ,, .x., W..,.. , .,,,,,. ,M K 1 --L- esavfffzgggy ff, ,, ' ' ,,.xx K , ' ,ar l r ft' s 1. N, T., x n Q1J K ' --ff-- .. 33 fri K . if ,rg wb' 4 1533? 'WS an if --ue' .Y . Q Q y 3 UK W i' A V . - ' ga 1- 5 0 xi. pr ' fu- , f' 9 1 mv h 216 'Sf i1i.figgg'.r , as t ris .1 5 . S , V' . 1 ""' A " 1 4, . ., ,1 liar' X. g' , ' ,M V- .,.'.- A - 4 . 45.3 uf: A ffyzfw 5 , ii 4 " 4' ' 5 ,.: f r , 2 ' a"r'1'3fTl5f-'wzz' wail ' - - "E, . 5 S ,.... --,g ' k"k W ' X g, 1 5 Y 'W L 'nr . . -r .J JI, . 1 ,. ,, - P. vim? ' : I f I. 'Yi' f SEV A . ' -- iii ' ' , K "- ki ' 'I ,H ' . ,.,' , "h' 1 f V "" 1 ' " " I M .,,. ' :En v f j ,:-,. .k. . 4 1" ms .v', 1 ....k', . esrr r ' ' 4' X we 33, 3. .lf Q.. 4 . - Q E A SQ ' ff Q . :I r K 5 ' 3 if W 'VVV ,in ' 1 -Q 'Dm . .1 , . i1..ff.-5,. ..s21f-z'a1z,gs5y: K ...... . .,...... - 1 ' P' ' I ,f . , -C .19 any ' 9-AQ" .V " lwihlifz ' D' b:iii"fi.I - l t. v K. I., Q E - p rf-H. M . rw' -V ' . .L Q 4 Stephen Zeeck Seledonio Zuniga 54 I? 1-.e . Q.. x 1 An' 'Q Donald Adams Linda Anderson Vickie Bates lerry Billington Debra Blankenship Gregg Bliss Doug Boyd Steve Brown Elaine Childress Danny Cowan Todd Cowan John Cox Russell Daniel Kevin Davenport Lannie Devin Karen Dobbs Wanda Fleming Lee Ann Foreman Ioel Gamble Pam Hale Celeste Harman Pam Harman Greg Harmon Richard Hefley Freddie Hernandez Wendy Hill Rhonda Kiker Kevin King lan Kisner Dudley McClurg Andy Mays Pam Nabors Pam Painter Perri Patton Elizabeth Ann Richards Susan Rossi Hope Saenz David Sharp Patrice Simpson Suzanne Simpson Linda Smitherrnan Billy Vaughn Valerie Vaughn Daniel Vigil Julian Vigil Dianne Whittnire Larry Wilfong Guy Wayne Young 95 Future Farmers of merica BACK ROW: P. Brown, L. Doan - Reeder G. H 4 n R. Pruitt, I. Cox B. Keeter, I. Borchardt M. Barnes, G. Crawford, D. Pool, G. Simpson, E. Wesley, T. Finck D. McClurg, G. Carroll R. Carawa B. Borchardt, D. Arrnondtrout S. Campbell, W. McElroy, C. Alekander, M. Jones, , pl ,white, D. Adams. 5th ROW: J. ROW: L. Carroll, C. Berry, L. Bice, R. Perez, D. Wright, F. Love, B. Daniel, M. Reeder, J. Day, S. Ebeling, R. Phillips, G. Gore. 3rd ROW: C. Breedlove, L. Aguilar, D. Newman, L. Finney, D. Nix, L. Cagle, T. Hamilton, F. Mote, M. Pollard, C. Wright, K. Murrell, T. Gillenwater. Q. Decker, S. Wesley, B. James, K. Carlisle, R. White, K. Tomblin, Owens, P. Arnold. A, Botello, P. Betancourt, R. Quinby, B. Billington. D. Randall The FFA is the national organization of, by and for stu- dents enrolled in vocational'agriculture. The FFA is intra-curricular and originated as a part of the high school vocational agriculture curriculum. FFA activi- ties encourage members to learn through active participa- tion how to conduct and take part in public meetings: to speak in public: to buy and sell cooperatively: to solve their own problems: to finance themselves and to assume civic responsibility. The FFA is 100 per cent American in its ideals and out- look and has no outside affiliations. The FFA Motto is: Learning to do Doing to learn Earning to live Living to serve 2nd ROW: E. Salazar, D. Dunn. lst ROW: D. Adams, L. McBride, I. Barbee, I. Rawson, K. Inglis, S. David. 4th Smith, C. Kerbo, D. Finch, C. Nix, K. House, M. Buchanan, C. D. Dunn, B. Clark, B. Thompson, Finch, U. Mireles, C. Wright, J. Mikeal Barnes - President, Joel Borchardt - Vice President, Craig Breedlove - Secretary, Greg Crawford - Treasurer, Ronnie Pruitt - Reporter, , Candace Cagle - Sweet- heart. What's so interesting, Joel?" Candace Cagle - Sweetheart ,X , Future Teachers of America BACK ROW: S. Smith, P. Patton, D. Cruthers, C. Simpson, K. Dobbs, L. Foreman, T. Cowan, A. Mayes, E. Childress, D. Adams, S. Simp- son, K. Keener, M. Murff, K. Tomlinson, I. Tomlinson, L. Vaughn, C. Womack. THIRD ROW: S. Kisner, J. Rowell, K. Barbee, T. Bernard, Y. Lira, B. Jimenez, T. Kirk, B. McAnelly, S. Botello, S. Rossi, P. Painter, I. Vigil, I. Caroline, C. Nolan, L. Shelton. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Staton, B. Dykstra, J. Measles, R. Jones, D. Roberts, M. Jennings, V. Johnson, C. Tomlinson, L. Smitherman, S. Reynolds, S. Simpson C. Albrecht, D. Cowan, Miss Ayers. FIRST ROW: M. Subaeldea, D. Saldana, S. Lio , J. Nola1i,.2 Jones, S. Cowan, J. Kisner, I. Bean, W Hill, K. Minehew, S. Acker, A. Contreras. F.T.A. , Future Teachers of America, is a club to enrich the students in the field of teaching. It gives each member the chance to taste the field of teaching and hold all of its responsibilities. Members are encouraged to fulfill their childhood dreams of teaching and enjoy it. - C. Tomlinson - Vice Presidentg K. Tomlinson, Secretary: P. Har- man - Presidentg C. Cleckler - Reporterg S. Acker - Scrapbook Chairman. F.T.A. Day Tx he l1tl1I'C HOHICIHEIKCT of AH1SflC3 BACK ROW: Mrs. Edwards, K. Dobbs, L. Smitherman, E. Childress, V. Bates, D. Stidham, C. Nolan, B. Anderson, J. Rowell, H. Joiner, J. Nelson, E. Foreman, D. Resch, B. Keeter. THIRD ROW: S. Simpson, Y. Lira, A. Beaver, B. Jimenez, L. Zuniga, C. Nobile, T. Hooper, C. Simpson, M. Lawson, J. Tanner. O. Simpson, P. Masso, K. Nobile. SECOND ROW: M. Dobbs, D. Roberts, B. McAnelly, S. Simpson, L. McClendon N. House, K. Crooks, R. Kiker, B. Gillenwater. T. Kirk, C. Cagle, Miss Hodges. FJRST ROW: M. Jennings, V. Vaughn, S. Lions, . isnehD,D. Sundy, Celia Reeves, S. Mote, J. Bean, C. Harman, J. Nolan. J X fs K ,A Q! p it .- F.H.A. is a national organization which stands F . , Mft 2 ' for Future Homemakers of America. All high sg "" ' li ji' 'A 1 . school students, girls or boys, who are or have A K been enrolled in a Homemaking class are eligible F J to join. The purpose of F. H.A. is to help an indi- ','i y vidual improve one's self personally, and to work J, , y 5 . V for the community , the state , and the country . x y Ma g h Lg -in 4 1 nm' D. Roberts - President- V. Bates - Second Vice President: K. - Nobile - Third Vice President, C. Nobile - Fifth Vice President: M. Jennings - Secretaryg L. Zuniga - Fourth Vice Presidentg C. Reeves - Treasurerg T. Hooper - First Vice President. Cherylon Harman - Freshman Homemaker Elaine Childress - Senior Homemaker Greg Harmon - F.H.A. Pin-up Boy Andrea Beaver - Honorary Member Student Council R. Kiker, I. Flores, G. Harmon, N. House, R. Daniel, S. Zeeck, M. Zeeck. E. Childress, T. Bliss, B. Borchardt, Mrs. Bell, G. James, L. McClendon, D. Cowan, M. George, T. Bernard, D. Nix, Mrs. Shelton, D. Boyd, B. Cowan, L. Rossi, K. Zeeck, and G. Young. Student Council consists of three boys and three girls from each class plus the class president and elected officers. It is designed for the betterment of student life. Student Council provides the stu- dent body with such things as: coke machine, assemblies, track meet, dress-up day, and other projects. S'N.Q5s s . 13 K ' Doug Boyd - Reporter, Celeste Harman - Sec.!Treas., Stephen Zeeck - President. Jill Wyatt - Vice President, Danny Cowan - Parliamentarian. if "1" W ! 2 ' Q we ,,, J ,B as ig Hi 4 i H if W ,Ga its A ,gg f 4,4- , 17" ,, ,... ,W ,Jw J . f al ' f .W .gf :Que , J ' fs K f- -tn. ,A-1' H gtg ff 1 4 'M -we ,I x 134 ...f- Andrea Beaver Elaine Childress Kevin Davenport Nancy House Bilinda McAnelly Larry Rossi Guy Young A Tammie Bernard Barry Cowan Jo Ann Flores George James Lisa McClendon Cindy Tomlinson Kevin Zeeck Th . ' Kee, 1 ,f Q ? fe'- Q dv' 'C"7" ff lx were Ba. ,s 1:,,,,:, R ,C A new 5911 l Timm Bliss Danny Cowan Michelle George Becky Jimenez Andy Mays Jo Rayne Tomlinson Michael Zeeck Brian Borchardt Todd Cowan Celeste Harman Rhonda Kiker Dee Nix Russell Webb Stephen Zeeck 5 if fini WEN J 4-Mag: '32 , ' V- 1fW !f5L1if3?ii Doug Boyd Russell Daniel 'Greg Harmon Kevin King David Riley Jill Wyatt ,...f-a The Big Bird was the disc jockey at coun- The Miss Flame committee works on the Miss Flame presenlation. 1 cil dances. . 4 . . 1 What is so funny Stephen Zeeck? Andy Mays, Timm Bliss, Dou A 4 l nw, Tascosa council members visited Tulia for a day. u I Boyd. and Todd Cowan worked on the sltit for District. George James, Doug Boyd, and Brian Borchardt pose in front of annual bonfire. I Elaine Childress, Valentine Queen. is escorted by Todd Cowan. 105 ome Economies Related Occupation HERO CHAPTER Home Economics Related Occupations. Students enrolled in a gainful home economics COUIS6 . GOAL: To help youth assume their roles in society through home economics education in areas of personal growth, family life, vocational prepara- tion and community involvement. l 1 x OFFICERS: J. Moya - Fourth Vice Presidentg M. Love - Secretary Treasurerg P. Davis - Second Vice President: C. Raymond - First Vice President: C. Fambro - Third Vice President: L. Hawthorne -' Presiclentg B. Powel - Fifth Vice President. P. Davis C. Fambro L. Hawthorne M. Love J. Moya B. Powell C. Raymond Wqulsnnlg il-ll-. i .R ..f.f The above students are just two of the active members of the HERO chapter. I08 he pian BACK ROW: C, Albrecht, M. Murff, C. Tomlinson, C. Womack, K. Tomlinson, J. Tomlinson. THIRD ROM I. Wyatt, D. Roberts, P. Painter, D. Gardner, S. Smith. SECOND ROW: E. Richards, J. Measles, K. Minchew, M. Jennings, M. George, K. Nelson. FIRST ROW: I. Kisner, C. Tucker, K. Tanner, L. McCIendon, L. Devin, P, Harman. f , The Thespian club is an international honorary f dramatic society, to promote dramatic arts in the high school. The club sponsors all dramatic pro- ductions. OFFICERS: K. Nelson - Vice President, C. Tomlinson - Secretary: D. Roberts - Treasurer, P. Harman - President, K. Tomlinson - Scribe. fy. 33 .fi- C. Albrecht arman M. Jennings I. Kisner L. McC1endon 1. Measles M. Murff K. Nelson P. Painter E. Richards D Roberts S. Simpson S. Smith C. Tomlinson J. Tomlinson K. Tomlinson C. Womack I. Wyau NOT SHOWN: L Foreman 110 Forensic J BACK ROW: C. Albrecht, K. Dobbs, G. James, B. James, S. Zeeck, M. Murff, K. Davenport, S. Smith, K. Nelson. SECOND ROW: M. Jennings, D. Riley, M. Dobbs, B. Cowan, D. Cowan, D. Roberts. FRONT ROW: J. Measles, G. Young, P. Harman, L. Devin, J. Wyatt. The Forensics Club is to promote excellence in oral communication Members of the club enter in debate, poetry reading, prose reading, inform club enters in several tournaments throughout the year, in preparation for the district meet in the spring ative speaking, and persuasive speaking. The ,. fi ::. OFFICERS: President, Guy Youngg Vice President, Sammie Smithg Secretary, Melinda Jennings: Treasurer, Darlene Roberts. 0 r x ix. ig. . fag-,fl S I4 n., , Q I L' . . I 'xig I f W " , . -F12 ' I' s 6 T51 ' --- . r' ix h . . ' r Q ,J ' 9 Ea at 1 1' - -..Q ,n' 3K ' xii 'm . S. Smith - Prose A as yu, . in . ig ff 'W J. Wyatt - Poetry B. Cowan - Debate D. Cowan - Poetry K. Davenport - Debate L. Devin - Informative Speaking K. Dobbs - Prose M. Dobbs - Debate P. Harman - Persuasive Speaking B. James - Debate G. James - Informative Speaking M. Jennings - Prose J. Measles - Poetry M. Murff - Poetry K. Nelson - Duet Acting D. Riley - Debate D. Roberts - Prose 'I Q f K , G. Young - Persuasive Speaking ' V 7 g S. Zeeck - Informative Speaking DISTRICT WINNERS: J. Wyatt, 3rd in poetry: N. I-louse, 3rd in Oral readingg P. Harman, lst in Persuasive speaking: K. Davenport, 2nd in Oral Readingg G. James, 2nd in Informative speaking. Not pictured is L. Smitherman, lst in Oral Reading . Associated Writers of Tulia High School - BACK ROW: D. Sharp, C. Albrecht, J. Billington, S. Zeeck, K. Dobbs, L. Vaughn, L. Smitherman, L. Smitherrnan, C. Simpson. THIRD ROW: V. Bates, R. Parks, R. Jones, J. Measles, C. Jackson, S. Botello, A. Contreras. I. Rowell, T. Cowan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Blackiston, P. Harman, I. Wyatt, C. Nobile, T. Hooper, K. Minchew, T. Kirk, L. Foreman. FIRST ROW: M. Dobbs, E. Childress, C. Cleckler, P. Hale, S. Reynolds, S. Raught. D. Roberts. The Associated Writers of Tulia High School is an organization formed in 1975 for the purpose of encouraging students to develop their skills and talents creatively in the field of writing and illus- tration. Each year the members publish a book of poetry, short story, essay, and drama contributed by students of Tulia High School. Funds raised fl M from this project will be used to send students to creative writing workshops where they will learn further techniques useful for producing a quality sum Q H ai student publication - V. Bates - President: D. Sharp - Reporterg R. Parks - Vice Presi 112 dem. iii Ek' Students gather around Mrs. B1ackisLon's desk during AWTHS meeting. I W sf 3 Heaganh I v V- ,J-no-Q Q x Jw-J-ids W r v We 'X Mrs. Blackiston is AWTHS sponsor. .Li ""m,,,, s Vicki Bates is AWTHS president Pep Squad l BACK ROW: P. Davis, V. Bates, H. Saenz, I. Rowell, S. Kelly, G. Garza, F. Yarbarough, K. Dobbs, S. Simpson, T. Bliss, N. Malcom, T. Cowan, S. Mote, I. Martinez, C. Mayberry, I. Renteria. 3rd ROW: J. Garner, L. Hawthorne, S. Garcia, B. Kickel, T. Pompa, N. Chapa, C. Renteria, C. Nolen, K. Barbee, C. Miller, B. Anderson, A. Renteria. 2nd ROW: B. Powell, R. Lira, D. Alvarado, A. Contreas, Y. Lira, A. Beaver, B. Jimenez, D. Caruthers, M. Masso, C. Ledbetter, L. Zuniga. lst ROW: R. Torres, N. Solis, I. Workman, E. Parias, G. Grisham, S. Macias, M. Subeldea, T. Perez, D. Lee, S. Ledbetter, A. Raymond, Sponsor - Mrs. Hulsey. Pep Squad is a fun and hard-working club designed to help promote spirit and support foot- ball and basketball seasons. There is no limit to the number in the club and much enjoyment is also found on top of the hard work. We also have uniforms in order to represent the school well. E Becky Jimenez - President, Debbie Carothers - Vice-President Lucy Zuniga - Secretary, Yolanda Lira - Treasurer, Andrea Beave - Sweetheart. Everyone had a lot of fun on "5O's day." Here I am. Mom!" Andrea Beaver - Sweetheart Foreign Language Club BACK ROW: F. Zuniga, J. Billington, l. Granado, B. Vaughn, D. Rodriquez, F. Hernandez, R. Moreno, I. Renteria, L. Foreman, S. Simpson, T. Pompa. 3rd ROW: E. Richards, C. Cagle, C. Renteria, V. Vaughn, B. Dykstra. D. Boyd, A. Beaver, S. Bglello-, L. Srnitherman. 2nd ROW: J. Garrett, A. Renteria, L. Anderson, R. Lira, B. Jimenez, A. Contreas, K. Love, L. Zuniga. lst ROWC'S. Smith, G. Young. I. Wyatt, Y. Lira, V. Moreno, W. Fleming, M. Masso, Sponsor - Mrs. Thomason. X.-ig' The Spanish Club of Tulia High School is a unit of the state organization called the Pan American s Student Forum of Texas. We unite, as a club, to Q ' "A better understand the peoples of the American n continents and develop a better appreciation and respect for peoples of all the Americas. The ' motto of this organization is "De una sangre E1 ha , B ' A hecho todos las naciones. " Cof one blood hath he is M made all nations.J The country of special study Www-' for 1977 is La Republica de Panama. Wffswt. .e.- 1033 1 Kofi. X 5 A 1 1 Becky Jimenez - President, Yolanda Lira - Vice-President, Lee H6 Ann Foreman - Secretary-Treasurer - Sweetheart, Sara Botello - Reporter, Linda Anderson - Program Chairman. rr WTR an ge---. ' , rem, -fit --QA: Q Lf,, . ,x,,,-.G, A A , t Br , ,J-V. 4+ Q9 N r rf 11 . 4-NY' dw ew Ykfiv Iwi!-'W XIX 5 ' 5:5 -- Lee Ann Foreman Sweetheart What s the matter, Reeves? Choir T' an awa- 1 I OFFICERS: President, Millie Murffg Vice President, Gay Patton: Secretary-Treasurer, Lucy Zunigag Sergeant at Arms, Randall Reeves: Librarians. Cindy Tomlinson and Mary Jo Elkins. Tommy Stewart - Director Perri Patton - Accompanist us l 5 fl . W 2 N i '- 3 L, 1 Choir Sweetheart - Leigh Smitherman Those receiving a I rating at Choir Solo and Ensemble Contest were Gayle Nel- son, Millie Murff, and Linda Starnes. Receiving a II was Wendy Hill. Julian Vigil was a member of the All-Region Choir. Millie Murff was a member of the All-Region Choir and also the All-State Choir. 119 1976-77 74 BACK ROW: I. Lorgoria, G. Patton, M. Murff, B. Bice, R. Reeves, C. Tomlinson, L. Smither-N man, P. Patron. SECOND ROW: M. Elkins, D. Vigil. A. Gutierrez, G. Nelson, B. Thompson, I. l V . Chou 'W Hicks, L. Starnes, C. Cimbala. FRONT ROW: P. Trevino, T. Morales, I. Workman, P. Love, L zuniga, H. Saenz, W. Hill, Director, Mr. Stewart. Distributivc Education Clubs of America BACK ROW: P. Bernard, J. Barrow, J. Burnett, C. LeMaster, J. Jennings, D. H Smith, C. Dickey. 3rd ROW- D. Boston, J. Barbee, S. Crawford, R. Fudge, B. Noble, B. Martinez, B. Hurt. 2nd RO T. Decker, D. Caruthers, J. ar ee, T. Newby, D. Bryant, G. Bryant, G. Patton. lst ROW: J. Bivens, J. Garner, L. Zuniga, K. . p e , D. Davis, M. Masso. The D1str1but1ve Education Clubs of America 1dent1fy the program of student activity relating to D1str1but1ve Education and are desrgned to develop future leaders for marketing, merchan dising, and management r ie A - Q Garla Bryant - President, Daina Davis - Vice-President, Debbie Carothers - Secretar - Treasurer, J. Jennings - Par- liamentarian, nda Garza - Reporter, Tamara Decker - Histo- rian, James Barber, - rgeant-at-arms, Sponsor - Mrs. Burgess. Kay Campbell State Farm Insurance Debbie Caruthers Tulia Herald Jackie Barbee Bob's Supermarket James Barbee Ramsey Furniture Joyce Barrow A11sup's '7 - 1 1 Pam Bernard A11sup's '7-11 Jill Bivens Debbie Boston Denise Bryant Farmer's Union Ins Garla Bryant Amburn's lim Burnett Iackie's Shop X P rl, Z -I 1 V0 S10 Heard 8a Jones Drug Tulia Wheat Growers l1I31'lCS e .4 0 ,J 1 of-Yi IJSWV sto! T-ol 41 0 'f Nbr, I, , all I x, "X X o Steve Crawford White's Auto Daina Davis Amburn's Tami Decker Tulia Bui1der's Supply DJJ Carl Dickey C-HXLO e Brothers Oil i 'chard Fudge U ASLH Printing XS Q, Jessi O I I 5 1 C 9 XX 'LZ 'O 'J ' 05,2 X i I ,ig 29 - 4 'Yr Q, - l 41 09'f XNS 1911. I X95 ff." XX. 0 124 Linda Garza KTUE AVC Livestock Supply Xsfw Billy Hurt Eugene's Used Cars Jay Jennings Jenning's Supply pf Gay Patton Heard 8a Jones Drug Leonard Smith Mid Plains Body Shop Allsup s 7 11 Vickey Young - Lucy Zuniga B8LR Supermarket Clay LeMaster B8tR Supermarket Ben Martinez Huxford 's Maria Masso Masso's Department Store Martha Mireles Soil Conservation Office Toni Newby Graham, Glover, 8a Brown Billy Noble Ramsey Furniture 0 x-fl X- ! 9 x ,.. xx P X k ' 9055 X fl. Jfya ' 'ff f- fo f N X 9,9 fl X355 ,, 0 c. 125 Metal Trades BACK ROW: A. Cordova, M. Rosales. T. Mata, L. Garza, C. Johnston, R. Ruiz, P. Zapata, R. Buentello, R. Ransom. THIRD ROW: C. S1m- ' ' ' ' '1 M. R 1 mons, A. Basaldua, R. Briones, D. Browning, A. Hernandez, R. Zapata. SECOND ROW. D. Tillman, V. Ramirez, L. Agur ar, osa es. FRONT ROW: B. Simmons, C. Baggett, I. Carver, A. Contreras, D. Mata. I The VOCT Club develops leadership and self- confidence with vocational activities, such as contests and project building and social activi- ties, such as cookouts and Christmas parties. This develops proper attitudes and character in becom- ing productive citizens. I x. 1 OFFICERS: Presid Secretary, Adolpho Contrerasg Treasurer, Mario Rosalesg Parlia- 126 mentarian. David Browning: Reporter, Ray Ruiz, Sergeant at Arms, Danny Tillmang Sweetheart, Jannis Carver. ,fini Everybody works hard . Seems like this class will never end. . ,,,, 1 Using machinery is part of Metal Trades. W. -3 JJ' " 'iff' 4, ,. .. ,ga ' Metal Trades requires precision work. Auto eohanios ,giimztl ,L A i 6 Q 'qt E ' 'arm BACK ROW: G. Hudson, L. McBride, P. White, C. Love, L. Anderson, L. Billingsly, S. Carrasco, B. Thompson. THIRD ROW: R. Jolley, I Garza, V. Gutierrez, I. Williams, B. Bice, L. McCaslin. R. Vasquez. SECOND ROW: M. Lacey, E. Archer, M. Hayhurst, S. Mote, J. Gra nada, K. Murrell. FRONT ROW: W. Vickers, K. Hayhurst, I. Gamble, L. Kirkland, D. Tharp, P. Gunkey. Sponsor, Mr. Hatcher. 4 ' I 11:57 A Auto Mechanics is a club for students studying auto mechanics. Educational, social, and recrea- tional activities are included in club activities. Students participate on the area and state level in Auto Mechanics skill and leadership contest. . . , , ,, .1 -. ' --N L5 . QU , B s. -J L, OFFICERS: President. Bart Biceg Vice President, Larry Billingsly Secretary, Larry Kirkland, Treasurer, Kelly Hayhurst: Parliamen tarian, Chris Loveg Reporter, Eddie Archer: Sergeant at Arms Gary Hutson, Sweetheart, Sharla Mote. "Alright, what's in there besides tools?" Sharla Mote - Sweetheart L - milxei. ,, - K Auto Mechanics is hard work! Building rade l BACK ROW: R. Resch, R. Alvarez, Z. Rocha, l. Hochstein, K. Hoelting, D. Brown. 3rd ROW: D. Bromleigh, F. Acker, D. Elrod, R. Randall, E. Moreno. 2nd ROW: P. Hernandez, R. Cruz, J. Garcia, R. Raper, B. Lyons. lst ROW: G. Heusman, B. Ehly, D. Torres, R. Wilhelm, R. Bermea. Sponsor - Mr. Love. l gl sa I f s . . 2 l A f A A , . ., K.. if mf" Q M - " i A . r 1 3. I ' . Building Trades is a club designed with the , wx . -gyx is A 1 I, .X intention of providing students with an opportu- ' l W , ' X 1 l nity to develop skills, knowledge, attitudes, - f giggy- K I and leadership. Q - N -1' , 1 ' f ' N .1 ' xv: .f."' I B, , ' ' 1 H. Q 5' ,,,. . , Ricky Randall - President, Jimmy Garcia e Vice-President, Edl Moreno - Secretary, Julian Gomez - Treasurer, Ricky Resch -1 Reporter, Doug Elrod - Parliamentarian, Roger Alvarez - Ser-1 geant-at-arms, Delia Torres - Sweetheart. . i V v .fl JT Xa ,ap , Jimmy Garcia works hard! Delia Torres - Sweetheart ' fu 2,-1,.ff, Building Trades is fun for everyone! fficc Education Association l ROW 1: J. Huseman, T. Huseman, B. Jimenez, R. Lambert, D. Nelson, E. Acker, M. Elkins, I. Kisner, S. lackson. ROW 2: R. Schulte, V S Aclser The OEA Club in Tulia High School is designed to develop leadership abilities in the American business world, and competency in office occupa- tions. Through its professional, fundraising civic, school, social and public relations activi- ties and projects, OEA is developing leaders of tomorrow, today. .MN "'s',.bj1e' t,ss . . ,.., ' : 2 1 .f an . ff i s x c C, si. H, V, ,Ng ,sf-f + i f M21 . K . Bates, C. Reeves, T. Hamilton, S. Mote, C. Nobile, D. Whitemire. ROW 3: C. Tomlinson, S. Simpson, C. Cagle, V. Vaughn, W. Fleming , . . X.. k " f iff . A G X5 . V, Va - ,, V . I I . I . wa' ' . . K A V bv V n 0 Y ! ix: H I . ,ik rx i rf , f V i M f x , tg 1 ,, E 4 va Q3 KE, wr cf 5' 'C fi Rr fl! 2 Lynx A wi fu jx, v ifarhtxi 6 f W 'fu f rm T. ,t 1 af f af t rf A, n V .- V J : 1, Z? l 4,471 ms,-. 43 J, Q. 2 s A 5 ff 3 . at fi , fr, J, 4' f- ' iw I " M tw 9. ,gm fi U if T . l 9 Q Vicki Bates - Reporter, Celia Reeves - Treasurer, Valerie Vaughn - Parliamentarian, Candace Cagle - Secretary, Sharla Mote Vice President, Carol Nobile - President. Celia Reeves and Tammie Hamilton enjoy O.E.A. law enforcers for Western Day. O.E.A. Aix!! Se? ...al , 4 Wonder if Mr. Hill would like the scrapbook. Teresa Huseman from Nazareth attends O.E.A classes in Tulia. Band 1 BAND COUNCIL: ROW 1: K. Keener, K. Davenport, T. Cowan, T. Bliss, K. Tomlinson, C. Tomlinson. ROW 2: T. Cowan, D. Cowan. P. Harman, L. Anderson, E. Childress, R. Kiker, C. Cleckler. TWIRLERS: Rhonda Kiker, Karen Tomlinson, Cindy Tomlinson, Carole Cleckler. The Hornet Band, one of the outstanding bands in the state, has received Sweepstakes for a fifth year, under the direction of Larry Prather and assistant Steve Thompson - Receiving a I on a solo were: Keith Davenport, Harman, and Perri Patton. Allen Teel, Pam Drum Majors X LX,-Q 'C M 2 Pam Harman Kevin Davenport Head Drum Maj or Assistant Drum Major The 1976- 1977 ...4v""""Mm C ,NW-rw pawwwm Sweepstakes Band ALL-REGION: S. Lackey, B. Kirk, R. Hefley, D. Adams, A. Teel. R. Webb, A. Mays, T. Cowan, K. Davenport, K. Keener, K. Nelson D. Riley, C. Allison, S. Zeeck, M. Murff, C. Tomlinson, J. Tomlinson, P. Patton, P. Painter, P. Harman, K. Tomlinson, L. Anderson N. Malcom, K. Davenport, L. Love, D. Cowan, R. Jones, D. Roberts, M. Jennings, D. Reeder, B. Cowan, P. Hale, J. Garrett, E. Rich ards. J. Wyatt, L. Shelton, R. Kiker, K. Zeeck, R. Fox, H. Moreno. ALL-AREA: Stephen Zeeck, Allen Teel, Elizabeth Richards. ALL-STATE: Allen Teel. Sections tage Band Saxophones M. Murff, D. Cowan, J. Wyatt, C. Harman, G. Bliss, T. Cowan, G. Harmon, K. Zeeck, S. Zeeck, D. Adams, K. Davenport, C. Masso, T. Vasquez, L. Harris, I. Been. Allison, R. Fox, K. Nelson, S. Brown, B. Cowan, R. Webb, K Keener, B. Kirk, S. Lackey, L. Love, R. Hefley, A. Teel, A. Mays. D. Cowan, I. Wyatt, V. Johnson, C. Harman, T. Kennedy, P Clarinets asses J. Flores, M. Rousseau, 1. Tomlinson, K. Tomlinson, K. Min- S. Lackey, B. Kirk, K. Keener, B. Sanders, I. Avent, D. Dunn chew, M. Jennings, T. Doyle, J. Rowell, E. Richards. G. Young, L. Keener, M. Chapa. M. George, L. Devin, L. Shelton, P. Hale, R. Jones. 140 Flutes and Oboes P. Patton, D. Jones, S. Painter, J. Garrett, P. Painter, C. Jones, I. Kisner, P. Lopez, V. au L. Anderson, L Foreman, C. Harman, P. Nabors, D. Stout, I. Nelson, B. Dykstra, P. Harman, J. Barbee, S. Smith, T. Cowan, M Dobbs. Comets K. Davenport. S. Smith, D. Adams, C. Allison, I. Miller, A. Vasquez, T. Bernard, R. Fox, D. Reeder, L. Hatcher, D Jones, R. Rocha, T. Thompson, B. Billington, S. Zeeck, S. Allen, S. Reynolds, H. Moreno, L. Johnson. Percussion . il -T E. Childress. A. Mays, T. Bliss, A. Teel, B. Clark, K. Layer, M. Murff, K. Dobbs, S. Armontrout, J. Measles. French Horns S. Simpson, J. Wilks, K. Davenport, D. Riley, T. Kirk, C. Tomlinson, E. Foreman, N. Malcom, S. Orr, C. Cagle, A. Sturgess, D. Harmon, C. Albrecht. Low Woodwinds L. Love, G. Harmon, T. Cowan, B. Thompson, M. Lacey, L. Rossi.. D. Roberts, C. Cleckler, C. Raymond, M. Zeeck, D. Resch, C. Womack, D. Billingsley, N. Saldana. Trombones and Baritoncs ,Ny M. Stevens, I. Adams, R. Webb, T. Roberts, B. Cowan, R. Hefley, B. James, S. Brown, K. Nelson, G. Jimenez, G. James, R. Quinby. The 1976-'77 Band Favorites e Q Qc 'j 35 I I ,e My gk Valerie Freshman Nominee Junior Nominee Sophomore Nominee 45. Q N. Q - Senior Nominee I4 ational Honor Society E i 1 4 if 2 2 8 man D Nelson C Nobile The National Honor Society lS an organization composed of Junior and Senior students with a high academic average Emphasrs is not on scholarship alone, for a student must qualify for membership in three other areas: leadership, character, and service. Selected by the faculty and installed by the Senior officers, membership in this special society is truly an honor. ROW1 L Anderson P Har - Bates - President, Karen . - ISQSUIGI, Pam Harman - Secretary, Lee Ann Foreman - Vice President. . f i . , 'V .- V, V , .1 i A :I ,gag Linda Anderson Vicki Barns Danny Cowan Todd Cowan Karen Dobbs Lcc Ann Foreman Celeste Harman Pam Harman Sharla More Donna Nelson Carol Nobile Stephen Zeeck ROW 2: B. McAnelly, C. Tomlinson, V. Vaughn, E Childress ROM 3 I Vigil Blankenship, R. Klker. 'El ffice and Library Assistants ROW 3: L. Jolley, K. Keener, G. Harmon, A. Vasquez, K. Davenport, D. McClurg, R. Pruett, K. Tomblin. ROW 2: S. Ewing, C. Reeves. L McClendon, E. Richards, C. Albrecht, R. Parks, D. Scott. ROW 1: J. Blackwell, B. Jimenez, Y. Lira, I. Kisner, S. Miller, I. Wyatt, P Hale . Library assistants help students and teachers find materials and books as well as assist in the use of audio visual equipment. In helping others, these students gain a better knowledge of the library. Office assistants help Mrs. Cowan by typing, filing, picking up absentee slips and other jobs. The principal's office could not be as efficient if it were not for the aid of student workers. l46 American Field Service 5 -mum A dw ,,.,V. - BACK ROW: K. Davenport, P. Harman, C. Simpson, E. Childress, K. Dobbs, K. Keener, M. Murff, C. Womack, J. Tomlinson, M. Hayhurst. THIRD ROW: I. Rowell, T. Kirk, L. Smitherman, K. Tomlinson, S. Smith, C. Tomlinson, L. Zuniga. SECOND ROW: V. Johnson, S. Rey- nolds, A. Beaver, S. Rossi, L. Shelton, K. Minchew. FRONT ROW: I. Measles, M. Jennings, L. Devin, M. Dobbs, D. Roberts, E. Richards. Sponsor - Mrs. Hulsey. A F S gives a person a chance to know our foreign exchange students better It broadens the interest in our foreign exchange program many new friends, that otherwise would have possibly just been casual acquaintances The A F S program brings the human race together and makes us realize that people even though they have different cultures and traditions, are basically the same and share the common love and understanding that binds us together around the world . and helps them financially, and they gain OFFICERS: President, Cindy Tomlinsong Vice President, Karen Tom- linson: Secretary. Cynthia Womackg Foreign Exchange Student, Andrea Beaverg Photographer, Kevin Keener. 148 I r L V www fx Q SHERRI ACKER DONALD ADAMS LARRY ANDERSON O W Y 7 LINDA ANDERSON MIKEAL BARNES ! JOYCE BARROW VICKI BATES 'UW 'ful ANDREA BEAVER BART BICE DELBERT BILLINGSLEY .""' 'tx' X LARRY BILLINGSLEY IOEL BORCHARDT STEVE BROWN Hurry up . . .I CANDACE CAGLE ,....., DEBBIE BOSTON w'W"? RANDY WAY '40 'fb- DEBBIE CAROTHERS ELAINE CHILDRESS Top Seniors Receive Scholarship Jackets Karen Dobbs Elaine Childress Carol Nobile Lee Ann Foreman Todd Cowan Vicki Bates ar-Q 41154 TAMI DECKER CARL DICKEY KAREN DOBBS ", DAVID DUNN MARY JO ELKINS STACY EWING Seniors join hands in Senior circle to sing Alma Mater at last pep rally. 'fix CATHEY FAMBRO DALE FINCK '?'t'v"" WANDA FLEMING LEE ANN FOREMAN MW fi'- NORMA FRAUSTO .4-..- I I I I JIMMY FREEMAN JIMMY GARCIA JOE GARZA I .fy mm JULIAN GOMEZ KATHY GOSS JIMMY GRANADO VICTOR GUTIERREZ TAMMIE HAMILTON CELESTE HARMAN PAM HARMAN GREG HARMON LULA HAWTHORNE Us K 'D xxx , . xx' O ,ff 5? R YO, J-OJ ' The Seiiors Are Goneg the Memories Live on. OOM QQQQ-XQ5 KELLY HAYHURST RICHARD HEFLEY GARY HUTSON SARA JACKSON BECKY IIMENEZ RANDY JOLLEY KEVIN KEENER BOBBY KEETER KEVIN KING 156 WSW' LARRY KIRKLAND IAN KISNER REBA LAMBERT i i ,V f 'V ., , , ' 'Q ' , 1 ' ,Q , 5 22 fp? ,,., YOLANDA LIRA CHRIS LOVE MARY LOVE 'W SYLVIA MACIAS iii NEILA MALCOM 'rv and the Cadillac Cowboys keep on a p1uckin'. MARIA MASSO K .O . Time has come for the Seniors to say good-bye. ANDY MAYS 4-A 57 KATHY MILLER SHARLA MOTE U 64 1 LAMAR MCBRIDE DONNA NELSON RUSSELL NELSON CAROL NOBILE THELMA PEREZ BARBARA POWELL 'ww 'O-v. ,-Qs -ww RONNIE PRUITT DONNIE RANDALL STEVE RAWSON CELIA REEVES DARLENE ROBERTS Seniors show brotherly love. Twelve Year of Friendship . gg.-off ROBERT ROCHA SUZANNE SIMPSON LEIGH SMITHERMAN ,W LEONARD SMITH RODNEY STEPHENS DONNA SUNDY aww ..,,, . I CINDY TOMLINSON DELIA TORRES ALEX VASQUEZ Never to Be Forgotten Inf X we-'J BILLY VAUGHN VALERIE VAUGHN WAYNE VICKERS PAUL WHITE DIANNE WHITMIRE JERRY WILLIAMS ,S WAYMON WILLIAMS STEPHEN ZEECK LUCY ZUNIGA Class Night was held on May 20, 1977 The following students received awards: Tulia High School Citizenship and Americanism Awards ------------ --- Citizenship - Danny Cowan Americanism - Linda Anderson Sorosis Club Award -- ------------- Becky Jiminez Foreign Language ---- --------- L ee Ann Foreman Vocational Awards ------ -------- B art Bice The Unity Study Club ---- ----- V icki Bates Thespian Award ------- ---Pam Harman Forensics Award --- ---Pam Harman Kiwanis Award --- ---Pam Harman Math Award ---- ---Vicki Bates Science Awards ---------- ------------- T odd Cowan D.E. Award --------------- ------------- T amra Decker Business Department Award ---- ---- G arla Bryant - David Davis D . A .R. Award -------------------- --------------- Y olanda Lira Tulia B8LPW Scholarship Award --------- ------------- G arla Bryant Outstanding Senior Homemaker Award --- ---- Elaine Childress Young Homemaker Little Sister Award -------- ---- S uzanne Simpson Distinguished Musician's Award ---------------------- Stephen Zeeck Baptist Scholarship Award ---------- Linda Anderson, Leigh Smitherman Steve Brown Choir Award -------------- ---- M illie Murff, Lucy Zuniga Tulia High School Award --- --------------- Carol Nobile 162 1 L Z V x 163 Seniors Graduate With Many Accomplishments , 1- X Fic xii? if QW id Qi 39S 2+ kL5,S,Qf, 166 CLASS OFFICERS: President, Russell Daniels: Vice-President, Gregg Blissg Secrerary-Treasurer, Karen Nobile. Joe Adams Cruz Alvarez Yolanda Alvarez Deana Anderson Eddy Archer Jackie Barbee James Barbee Jerri Sue Been Pam Bernard Ramiro Bernal Jerry Billinglon Julie Blackwell Debra Blankenship Gregg Bliss Kymm Bliss Gregg Bliss has a hard head. Juniors Are Involved in Man Activities Sara Botello Doug Boyd Craig Breedlove Denise Bryant Mark Buchanan Don Burgess Jim Burnett Gregg Campbell Kay Campbell Iannis Carver Bernerdino Cordova Steve Crawford Fernando Cruz Russell Daniel Kevin Davenport Lynda Davis Jill Day Lannie Devin Len Doan Chet Ebeling Danny Finch Trent Finck Richard Fudge Joel Gamble Jessie Garner Julie Garrett m a G onda'George Glenda Grisham Phillip Gunkey Pam Hale Morris Hayhurst John Hill Wendy Hill Kelly House Jay Jennings Howard Joiner Cheryl Jones Rhonda Kiker Mark Lacey Pam Lawson Cozette Ledbetter Clay LeMaster W Juniors Prepare Petra Lopez Kim Love Lynn Love Robert Lyons Juniors start a long task. 5255? 4..- Bilinda McAnel1y Larry McCaslin Lisa McClendon Joe Moya Kyle Murrell Pam Nabors Kevin Nelson Toni Newby Dudley McClurg Ben Martinez Sara Miller Martha Mireles For Banquet Karen Nobile Pam Painter Rirh Parks Gay Parton .- 2 T-5 e 9,-A ,WA There is always a congregation around the punch bowl. 4-HO. V 1 5 550456 K +3 s Perri Patton K kkbdxghkl MK Ricky Raper X L Cathy Raymond 3 Q5 I Oy gg Angelica Renteria '.u.-,- 2. mond X Randy Reeder Mb Ran a eeves ' flx54lf1e.?P Iacaranda Renteria Ricky Resch Elizabeih Richards Susan Rossi Debra Rousseau 171 Top Juniors Receive Scholarship Jackets Jean Ann Rowell Hope Saenz Barbara Saldana David Scott David Sharp Roy Sherrod Patrice Simpson Samantha Simpson Linda Smitherman Larry Southard Patrice Simpson, Julian Vigil, Perri Patton, Russell Daniels, Karen Tomlinson, Randall Reeves, Susan Rossi. Linda Starnes Max Stephens Donna Stout Norma Subealdea Benny Teafatiller Douglas Tharp Brent Thompson Karen Tomlinson Ricky Vasquez Alex Vaughn Graciela Vega Julian Vigil Eldon Wesley Larry Wilfong Jeff Wilks Cynthia Womack Jill Wyatt Our Year's Accomplishment. Q7 i l nge g mme, ,C we fb? X L,,"U L N f I ix Ax ' 3 Lf- ' ,fp f ' ,QQNQQQEX--X rf,flf,f I X kv .Xp 3 A e ee e Class of 79, 0 ,X ,ff XX e e,,,.ff"f ,C N M XXXNew1'HW" ,,,fif' e J L fi Z 3 X R 1 1 2? 174 I E -Q eg . . 'z ' ' S SOPHOMORES OFFICERS: President, George James: Vice-President, Roni nie Fox picture not shown: Secretary, Selenda Reynolds. Cynthia Albrecht Craig Alexander Stephanie Allen Roger Alvarez Belinda Anderson David Armontrout Kelly Barbee Tammie Benarcl Albert Bernal Nancy Baldaramos Boyd Billington Tami Bliss Timm Bliss Brian Borchardt Terry Boyett Paul Brown David Brumley Robert Buentello Manuela Carrasco Nester Carrasco Garry Carroll Sammie Choate Carole Cleckler Anna Contreras Alfredo Cordova Von Cox Sherrie Cowan Mary Cruz Deborah Davis Joe Day Domingo De La Ro Frank Devin Melba Dobbs Dorman Dunn Terri Dunn S21 Sophomore Take Time for Fun Barbara Dykstra David Finch Ronnie Fox Debbie Frausro David Gardner Mechelle George Terry Gillenwater Glenn Gore Rhonda Hale Eddie Hawnhome Clara Hernandez Jeff Hicks Tamy Hooper Kyle Inglis Cindy Jackson George James Melinda Jennings Vickie Johnson Charles Johnston Monty Jones Robin Jones Gregg Jordon Lynn Keener Cheryl Keeter Chris Kerbo Toni Kirk Brian ' . . - i I ' Glen I uykendall Paul Lacey Q U Sophomores enjoy being in the UIL events. Joe Day watches with great concentration. Romelia Lira Lisa Little Pat Love Willie Luna Sheila Lyons Cynthia Mabry Lisa Maloy Edna Marshall Mike Masso David Mata Jenny Measles Kim Minchew Hector Moreno Robert Moreno Roland Moreno Victor Moreno Kevin Murrell Leslie McC1endon Gayle Nelson Sophomores Enjo Many New Privileges f ft..+4,. Jill Nolegz Joe Padill David Perr James Phillips Tammy Pompa David Pool Audrey Raymond Tilman Reagan Selenda Reynolds John Rocha Cinde Roderick Hortencia Saenz Delia Saldana Boyeu Sanders John Scarborough Latoyna Shelton Bentley Simmons Craig Simmons TOP FRESHMAN STUDENTS AWARDED SCHOLARSHIP JACKETS: TOP LEFT: Brian Borchardt, Russel Webb, Allen Teel. JoRayne Tomlinson Carole Cleckler, George James, Belinda Anderson. Ak. Tami Bliss you are on my foot. eleste Simpson ' on giiffmh QY- Sammie Smith Sid Smith Cipriano Soliz Mary Subealdea Kim Tanner Allen Teel What a bore. Really! Brady Thompson Brett Thoreson Danny Tillman Kelly Tomblin IoRayne Tomlinson Cathy Tucker Tony Vasquez Lori Vaughn Russell Webb Ralph White Janice Whitworth Jana Workman Alan Young Paul Zapata Class of 80 CLASS OFFICERS: President. Barry Cowang Vice-P resident, Emily Foreman: Secretary-Treasurer, Cherylon Harman. K' 1? K..- 'F' is 5, , .,,. W, sq A - N i , ,m zz-4, J Florestella Cardona Kelly Carlile Iana Caroline Larry Carrol Margarita Castellon Nora Chapa 41' in Luis Aguilar Craig Allison Delia Alvarado Sherrie Armontrout Philip Arnold James Avent Clint Bagget Abel Basaldua Henry Basaldua Karl Berry Prim Betancourt Leslie Bice Rene Bliss Brian Bond Adolfo Botello Chevo Botello Joe Brewer Ricardo Briones David Browning Ann Bryant Erie rat A f' "You're losing sight of the proposition The freshman boys CAN count to one! X Barry Cowan Tamra Cowan Jimi Cox Kim Crooks David Cruz Rudy Cruz Bruce Daniel Keith Davenport Quinn Decker Gilbert Del Toro Yolanda Dela Rosa Teresa Doyal Donald Dunn Elvira Farias Randy Ferguson Laquita Finney JoAnn Flores Emily Foreman Sylvia Garcia German Garza Gracy Garza Louis Garza Sara Garza Becky Gillenwater Alex Gutierrez Freshmen Enjoy Their Brent Clark Larry Clark 'surf' 'iv First Year in THS. eff Todd Hamilton Cherylon Harman 8 Q That's a definite improvement! T 1:5 '67 wh, g D'Anne Harmon Lisa Harris Lisa Hatcher Barbara Hayhurst Lawrence Hernandez Mary Hernandez Richard Hernandez Ricky Herrera Angie Hinkle Nancy House Bryan James Gilbert Jimenez Lynn Johnson David Jones Dawn Jones Alan Keim Shirley Kelley Teresa Kennedy Micha King Bill Kirk Steve Kisner Steven Lackey Kevin Lair Mary Ann Lawson Starla Ledbetter J 183 Tracy LeMaster Debra Lee Kenny Little Joe Longoria Frank Love Diane Luera Sylvia Luera Gay McElroy Janet Martinez Patricia Masso Tony Mata Adam Mead Janet Miller Urban Mireles Ted Morales Forrest Mote Judy Nelson Sandy Newby Danita Newman Brenda Nickel Dee Nix Lee Nix Charlotte Nolen Brenda Olivarez Jed Owens Anna Padilla Suzanne Painter Rudy Perez Kerry Perkins Mark Pollard Carolyn Powell Roy Quinby Victor Ramirez Richard Ransom Tommy Ransom L, . 6 t ,W 'sl uv- ff? 'wh 1.1 Q? "tw-..., L.. Sharon Raught David Reeder Claudina Renteria Debbie Resch David Riley Terrel Roberts Andrew Rocha David Rodriguez Leslie Roe Manuel Rosales Larry Rossi Mary Rousseau Benjy Ruiz Ray Ruiz Robert Saenz Bobby Salazar Fabian Saldana Melinda Schulte Barbara Scott Olivia Simpson Loretta Smitherman Norma Solis Lorina Soto Diane Stidham Amber Sturgess Jamie Tanner Tori Thompson Ramona Torres Paul Trevino Steven Wesley Craig Wright Cris Wright Dan Wright Robert Zapata Kevin Zeeck 186 I I V 187 1976 77 Robert Presley Christine Cowan Larry Coffman John Quinby Thalia Fulkerson Karla McCain Valeria Bell Julia Blackiston Mary Burgess Doug Chauveaux Kendall Cleckler John Coats Carolyn Cobb Earl Cox Edna Cox Barbara Edwards Lyndon Hardin Charles Hatcher Blake I-lefley Macklyn Henderson Kathy Hodges Elaine Hoff Juliana Howard Dorothy Hulsey Ronnie Latham Dickie Lepard Joe Love Bill Martin Janna Mussett Geraldine Payne Demetra Prather Larry Prather Anne Shelton Catherine Sprawls Mary Staton Carol Stephens Tommy Stewart Don Stout Twyla Thomason Steve Thomson Romona Treadway Dennis Willis N' rw 5 2 l 5 Manuel and Fanny Botello keep Tl-IS clean. Superintendent - Howard Pollard Members of the School Board Are: Jim Hill, V. H. Harman, John Simpson, Tom Aberna thy, Bill Harmon, Norville Breedlove, and Dale Swinburn. Credits The '77 Annual Staff wishes to thank Doug Altom, Taylor Publishing Company representative for his help in putting this annual together. We also wish to thank Adrian's Photography for the school pictures, senior portraits and composite, and the organization picturesg Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wyatt for the use of their home in the Who's Who pictures: Jody White for the use of specific negatives: MI. and Mrs. Larry Prather for the use of their yard in the Mr. and Miss THS pictures, and all students who participated in the cover and endsheet pictures. Editors' Note The '77 Annual is an attempt to capture not only certain memories, but also certain faces. It also attempted to make changes from a standard style and present an interesting formatffor the imagination. Danny Cowan Stephen Zeeck ---- Karen Dobbs ---- Celeste Harman Tami Hooper Pam Lawson ----- Becky Jimenez Melba Dobbs Kevin Keener Iacaranda Renteria ---- Neila Malcom Stephen Zeeck --- Doug Boyd ----------- Mrs. Demetra Prather ---- Editors Danny Cowan Stephen Zeeck -------Co-Editors Copy Editor , Honors - - - -Organizations - - - Classes -------Sports - - - - -Photographer -- - - --Advisor The 1977 THS Annual Staff -4: 'lf Howard Wrigh+ Chevrole+ 124 South East 2nd Tulia, Texas 995-3565 Let Your Faces Do the Lookin' Through Our Yellow Pages Tulsa Aufo Parfs Automotive 215 S.W 2nd and Industrial 995-4163 Supplies Tulia, Texas NNW' S 1.4, W -X' FT-m L an-an W if 5 13 Y5 B111 Workman Ed Workman Lasso Mo'rel WURHMA MAEHI ERY UUMPA Y Corner of 87 and 86 125 S. 87 Avenue 99543007 309 E. Servidce Rd. Ph. 995-3507 Tulia, Texas Tuna, Texas YLRLJAIZ-rv Mm , rv: omus MILLER uscs Mode 0'Day Ladies' Ready to Wear 117 E. Broadway Tulia, Texas 995-4892 194 Taylor-Evans Seed Co. e 995ef"" Taylor-Evans Feed S'rore 995-3545 Ed Harris Lumber 5 Company 218 W. 2nd St. Tulia, Texas 5 Fou'rc:h Welding 1 Singer l 1 Real Es1'a're 3' 120 E. Armstrong gx ' 5 995-4025 Tulia. Texas NORMAN SINGER ' Experience Saves You Time and Money 1016 N.W. 6th 995-4050 Home 995-2524 196 E Q g iifggLCia+iw U I PQ. ox4 3 QQ 3 52 i i gig? 2263 C1699 5 233333335563 I Young IS I Inc. Q L, D,'5 Exxgn Minnie's Beau'ry Salon Self-Service Y1jf?H'?a Vmegas H 1nn1e Gerdes 341 N- 37111 Ave- A11 Types of Beauty Service 995-4664 Tulia, Texas 995-3121 C. ODELL TH CM PSON 7 7 I nsura noe I-I O 202 Apache Tr. Tulia, Texas 995-2163 .:" , . Qfi is E? Bob Buchanan's Pump Service 1013 N.W. 10th St. Phone: 806-995-3745 995-3611 Tulia, Texas 79088 198 Irrigation and Domestic Service "BIG ENOUGH TO SERVE YOU-SMALL ENOUGH TO WANT TO" I CUSTOM CATTLE FEEDING CAPACITY 2a,ooo HEAD A Phone C8069 668-2811 0 PLENTY OF FEED, IDEAL CLIMATE FOR 9 CONVENIENT TO PACKERS IN THE EAST, CATTLE FEEDING WEST, NORTH, SOUTH. and HIGH PLAINS 0 we HAVE me sxrenlmce AND PACKERS THE KNOW-HOWI ROBERT ALLEN, Manager TULIA, TEXAS Three Locations to Serve You i Tulia Flint Eunic 6M.S. , 199 Fron'rier 5313! Body Shop 820 S.W. 2nd Wholesale and Re'rail 220N.Hwy.8'7 995-2114 ,K X ffw SWISHER ELECTRIC CCDGPERATIVE HEADQUARTERS IN TULIA P if George 8: BarneH 995 4128 R e George, Mgr. 668-2729 A Ministry of the Central Church of Christ 201 Sanders Plumbing Fixtures and Water Heaters O I . . Tulla Llveslock Plumbmg 210 s.E. 2nd I A u I O n Tulia , Texas Sale Every Thursday s 995-3280 995-2707 995-2202 y Clyde Saul X f -X S X : We can't take credit for it. That's'just the way lt happens to be. A Natural gas is clean bumlng. Doesn't ' dlrty the alr. lt helps preserve the clean, ' blue skies of today for tomorrow. What we can take credit for is ' ' A 'working to provlde a continuous supply Q AY D 0 Q of clean gas energy . . . to warm people, to cool people, to cook their meals, to B - heat their water, to dry their clothes . . . ' ' LJ gas to help industry do its work. Clean, efficient, versatile Nat- , ural Gas . . . the blue sky energy for T today and tomorrow. 202 PIONEER NATURAL GAS COMPANY QA Division of PIONEER l "wit -H1 Wilkerson Ford-Mercury 901 N.W. 6th 995-3537 Tulia, Texas , 1 A Fha "Nau- ., 1 ,N ,.A. A8fH Priniing and Cffice Supply Printing Office Supplies Adding Machines Typewriters Custom service is our first aim! T. A. HAYHURST, Owner 121 E. Broadway 8061995-3220 Tulia , Texas 79088 203 PRODUCTS COM PANY Phone: 995-4186 Gibson's Backs +he Horne1's PoHery and Indian Shop Indian Jewelry Pottery Rugs Leather Goods 995-2550 408 N. Hwy. 87 Reeves Insurance Agency 995-3894 995-4488 433 N.E. 6 SL. Tulia, Texas We Appreciate Your Business J. C. Mobil S+a'rion Y? an McClendon Welding and Machine , rj 5 9 Ngfgjjiiiwvgwiimvwff 5 N 0552-3 H RN il 1Q5SJVxYEFN5gP 9 Qi! Ebay J, X Q5 ESYJQ QQ Ei my QV 7 J O . run and ff V 9 9 ,39,2Xx BQ Qxx E9 L XXV V QQ 3 Q Q51 bfqjg X GJ rmstrong CX! JO V 995-3535 Q EDJ Tulia, Texas H. M BAGGARLY-Editor ' cf igffb Modern Beaury Shop VIOLA POHLMEIR 517 N. 87 A O A1 y F ' d1yAtmosphere" 995 3530 EI Ma'raclor Our Specialty Is Mexican Food Take Out Orders . 0 406 N. 87 Pralrle 999 9499 Gram T 1 T Com pa ny 637-3000 206 2 Complimen+s of royal park fashions, inc Tulia, Texas Crouch Au'ros Piggly Wiggly Cleanest Used Cars in 100 S' E' 2nd Swisher County 995-3183 400 N. 87 Tulia, Texas I Easiest Shopping in Town I H lllcres+ Mo+el Bwfffands Lowest Prices 106 Hillcrest Rd. 995-4022 Tulia , Texas Open 7 Days a Week Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Coopera+ive Inc. 906 SW 4th Street P.O. Box 300 Tulia, Texas 208 Y 9 75 95-3322 LiHlejohn-Vaughn Insurance Agency Tulia Farm Equipmen'r Inc 201 W. Broadway 2 Tulia, Texas 995 Earl Crosby Moior Company Pumps Sales and Service Installation Water Well Drilling Electric Water Pumps for Home , Farm and Commercial Uses Dial 995-3578 Crown Seed Co. Wholesale and Retail Seed lMasso's Dep'r. Sroree Clothing for the Entire Family 122 N . Maxwell 210 -2535 Tulia, Texas J Q L Au'ro Supply 217 N. Maxwell Tulia, Texas Phone: 995-4107 Jerry Tucker Dale Nevins Trust and Savings Bank Continuous Service Members of FDIC Since 1902 and Tulia, Texas Federal Reserve System Banking Service Including Trust Department and Drive-up Windows Barbour Brofhers 301N H y 87 995 3366 Tulia, Tex I Ba+e s Shoe S'rore Bme and Sonls flip NUDE? h Mobil Lifestride B t B Miss America Vigo Y CAd d 995 2746 Prooluc1'ion Credi+ Assn. 321 S.W. 2I1d 995-4242 -2 4 212 Y 77- -Y-Y -- -- - -,. Wallage u I Q, wfifff fy O51 QW 39 995-37131 Q- Tuna, Texas I ' ff uw wgwmifw. Eugene's Used Cars , 213 Tulia Builders Tulia C0-OP Gin Supply diffs MINCHEW ' Mgr' QV P1.m1,Q'Ei,fQfQZ'f LSTSISZQ gupplies S g Lxfae 806,99 H5 !-fXS5- wgx A O5 Sm' OD 0, J W Op u5Qi52D5yQQQ W fbi 9 Q7dQgQ'CO K M369 Qin, Vaughn Welding 81 Tuna Whea+ Machine Growers BOX 226 117 N.E. sam Fe Firs'r S+a're Bank Tulia, Texas "Where People Make the Difference" 125 S . Austin Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Complete Banking and Trust Services KV Ace Au+o B 81 R 502422 Supermarke'r 995 3445 Where your business is more than appreciated. 114 N. Austin 995-3559 The Ca r+'WheeI Men's Clo'rhing 101S. Austin Cecil and Ray's Garage 801 S.W. 2nd 995 2701 Tul T mne- Hirchin' Pos'r 138 W. Broadway Boots 995-4512 Shoe - Boot - Saddle Repair Tulia, Texas Tony Lama, Cowtown, Sanders H318 American and Bailey BIG Fer+ilizer NELSON BORCI-IARDT Owner K's An+iques We Buy and Sell Tommy and Myrna Keener C8063 995-4823 128 Hwy. 87 Tulia, Texas 79088 7 Ci'ry Drug S+ore Pharmacists 995-3525 Tu11a Texas Young? Au+oma+ic Transmission Service Tulia, Texas 79088 995 4228 Jim's Conoco 401 S.E. 2nd 995-4680 Sp 1 g Vlk g Rp CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY N Highway 87 995-3254 Tulia , T 5 , - Smeal, ., ' 'en-.4QT',,.'a - ' 4 ' ' 4 HF-H UICK SET 70llA,1EK RES 9,950,504 vows 669-2710 995 4343 x EL CAMINO DINING ROOM Finest in Mexican Food and Service 725 S. Hwy. 87 995-4183 Tulia, Texas Dairy Queen Live A Little Pen+a Farm Supply, Inc. Fertilizers Seeds Insecticides Herbicides Vigo Road 995-2197 Tulia , Texas J 8: R Hardware Joe and Rita Woetovech 107 S h A h 995 31 5 T 1 T 9088 Jennings Supply Spor'ring Goods Guns - Boa'rs in s Jay Ie 515N 8 1 T Y-8 Bronze Hillcrest Road 995-3010 ,r , T, a A . A. .. - we V '25 .se Simon's 66 Service 995-2105 225 N. 87 Telephone Shopping Teletype Service 995-4181 Tulia , Texas Home-Owned 222 Tulia Floral 113 N . Maxwell 995-4133 Tulia , Texas xi 1 '-, 4. ik., if 'X A , ,fx , 311 lg A '. j x ,J 3 N f' V fx, 5693 QQ3532: QFNQJ Qi' Q af 'Wai --1 ff ,jx ,f,i. lx, QW jf.: fu 5' ,, X ffm L T71 ty Q Tw xiii' ww f M f Q' X 54MB lj A ,Q rf EX if QL fx X x f A xl " fh.W W WW ,YS y,M fx ark NM AWE wa'mm Q 1 9, 1U L, if AQ QQO Q! A wif QQ' JJ ,Wm iii xl' ,K Q ' M 1, N fg A ikgghway 37 KCSJQ QJ U by 'Wc' Qi WJ V 'Vi if X 995-4545 SV W' L k , Tw. J . QQ? Q5E'SfQQ'JfopS SV Tuha' Texas il N 4 JU' I Q4 XJ J ,QQJ NW, vs mx X' X' , ' ky DJ Qf It Q WJ -J XJ W S X3 Dy EJ Horne+ Drive-In 526 N . 87 995-3712 Triangle Bu+a ne Co. Drawer Q 612 N.E. 6th 995-3090 Tulia , Texas 79088 D8cM Eleciric of Tulia Inc. Electrical Contractors 1017 N. W. 10th 995-2856 Tulia , Texas Ramsey Furniiure Complete Home Furnishings 100 S. Maxwell Phone: 995-3319 Tulia, Texas Bill Lavender 8: Sons AMC DEALER AUTOMOTIVE - INDUSTRIAL IRRIGATION REPAIRS Pe""Y Bros' S+arnes Garage Thank-You for Shopping Kenne+l1 and Lou S'rarnes in Tulia 201 E. Broadway 141-4 S.E. Broadway 995-3232 995-2189 Tuna, Texas Tulia, Texas Federal Land Bank Associarion I . W. ERWIN - Manager 995-2139 P.O. Drawer B.B 115 N. Armstrong Tulia, Texas Long Term Farm and Ranch Loans 1 ' - f f Rss' . - , R 81 R AERIAL SPRAYING and F-er+ilizer Huxford's Dep'r. S+ore An Old Store With New Ideas Clothes f the Entire Family Dunn's Aulomafic Laundry , Ron Love s 210 N. Maxwell Maytag Equ'pped Service 1015 N.W. 6th Stre 0 Tulia, Tex M 8: B Eleclrlc Ph 995 4811 220 W. Broadway 995-4343 B vw l Swisher Coun+y CaH'le Company "Custom Feeders" 806 627 3101 129 T 1 T lnman's Welcl ing and Blacksmifhing 995-35 30 E-Kay Supply Acco, Nutrina Purina Dealer Custom Mixing, Grinding, and Rolling Complete Lawn and Garden Supplies Greenhouse and Nursery Plants 88 615 N. H Ca prock Service Cenler 200 N. Hiway 8"l Phone 995-4344 Love Howard, Ir. - Owner Tulia, Texas 79088 wv' 87 Roy Hol'rzclaw ' Jeweler 140 S. Maxwell Tulia, Texas Heard-Jones Your Prescription Drug Store 1101 E. Broadway 995-3551 Tulia, Texas -,sf W -' ff ,mf ,fr 1 ig S Sv M .M ,gg ,-f- wg., ,,-. QM.. 1, 231 Hipp Inc Box 5 995-4432 William's Furni+ure G.E. Appliances Hardwick Gas Ranges 141 N . Maxwell Complimen+s of Annual S'raff 5M QW? W6 8 5 E, 'M is Vgxsws DQ C ' Cs? 49 N 558 2 N5 ffm 5 ff? E Q 5 W 350 i Wg Q5 A 5 fwouwoywxvom 995-2167 116 S. Crosby Tulia, Texas Merle Norman Cosmetics Jo's Beauiy Barn 3 ml, Swisher Meai Company Custom Killing Processing Home Freezer Service Wholesale Phone: 995-3413 Hwy. 87 East Service Road Tulia, Texas 234 Am burn's Fashions and Gifis 119-121 E. Broadway Tulia. Texas Hallmark When you care enough to send the very best. Nor'rh Plains Compress Co. Radio Shack fC y T 1 T 995 4197 i Doughnu'r Shop Trading Pos+ Tu I6 High School N . Highway 87 995-4100 Tulia , Texas Gale's Texaco 995-4404 528 N. Hwy. 87 Tulia, Texas Af' , , . ,MN ' vm.. -H, ,. . A Souihwestern Li'fe'Insuranc J. W. "HAP" ROGERS Representative See Hap for Your Life Insurance - Hospitalization - Savings - Education Plans 69 Fannin Drive 995-2830 He Is Your Friend for Life z 1 Tulia , Texas 108 N. Joe's Body Shop ' 'Quality Craftsmanship' ' Hwy. 87 30 Years in Tulia 3372 238 Allen Doa n Tracior Co. 995-3583 502 N. Hwy. 87 Tulia , .Texas Cecil's Hair Factory, If your hair isn't becoming to you you should be coming to us. 222 w. Broadway Tulia, Texas 995-4561 At Cecil's You Blow and Go Cecil Kerbo Owner F. . CHJQQ:QPv. , 2" 3-X., 0 A XX rx F- 1 5 ,J .' xx! "WV 5 ., I, ,A fx I Q53 gk xjmfSuX,aLff,,f2,yj Q4,wQLexQ.2 ,pl, '55'i531L f,pg W3u3,W, 'H i Q.-1 I A H--..,- if ful X 5 E ry , OKJM -M V f Kkqilli , X-fflxywk YLQ -fx A-W' I I y' ' ,, xx , Q Affq fx K- ixxx A H FX -. ,fx in M,L5J,N, Mjfggggkk-iy gg 41 , 3 wq5, LggQ,WQ A ,lw,,QzgQ ,, ..-V 'xv 2 , ii 1, V A f L SEN: 23, 651244 Jam... 3 wxwflfg x15?f5P " P' ' f , . - C3 7 x X3 H X- ,- 0 UN KJ-Xhxflfx f ,f fb FN . p 0 fx My fn If JQUJU' l-"W E, f ,S I X' i ,J ik' ,QU f ' QQ 1 H5'AML"s 1 if -eff? is L! f Ki,Z"2f...f'K" MJ F srurduy Built sensfblyfpriced L, K L f A 4 S f 5 uf Y. QM RIIAC Mf 8aD"rCf'fff o - - one g. IS . o. ,f W M, LJ Uilbflf Rn. 2, Box 25 Tum, Te'g15,71-fgaoqaigk sos-ees-2400 iffy-""L,.1V Q' if You Are Always Welcome ' at R011-A-Cone 239 LQ a meek med Q50 W Nhrc affix 'SQKCQX - M Qgmig, k'Hifc,,1 Qqmfc, +C- XENNP qs, QQ ci wh ,QM5 Mia lmmciwe fy? afx QU: 1Of2".CLfwkU5EJ 25160 mem, www www WWC LQQJKJ ff, gjHNXQ9 xYHXkuK0CX3 -No xypq msd Ix4Qf.HDAfVx1pxf'SiX4- X, 2.25 gig ajigsgf LCRff?KqigQff"4'OPs,'Q,Q 2 0172-.CO S mg- Q?-1 Gb 3 FQ kg Q P J Msg? 552 USQ sgg4 Og 'fbi 1 U wi QS WESMQS' gi E Q V 16 V gg fe Qsggigisg 2 gs Q? giiqigygfgisiy i Q ?R2EZfiv ' W4 KQV Qwisfga-fi EQAQQ NES? 5 Eg MN F3 X 'U X 'Xi g3EgQi ? Q56 Eg fi MMM 1 . .A9gQ -O A MfJffff2?fw9M MW?f:fF?29f fo 0 4 'US' if --..a 1u,4 rw

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