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HghSh T1 T V1 21 C0 Edll0TS Susie Blount-Sandy DuBois 1970 Hornet W,.,1mmmW. ,M mf., jrmmmw-ww Q NI, XIX X Ms , , R an S X x Y 5 rs. L'L- J 945,14 mm. E1 SM 'N M ig? khhh Arif Q 3 Mx. A A f 4 2 2 2 ,, , Us W ,ye5ffW,. ,A M? A 3 W vp., 'v,,fz3f5gf S , l if ' 1 4 , ,F n Jn ' . , FSM..-:,.3-zz,-1:..f:.,, .... .. . , . , 3..f:..wM .. ,,, ! 1- 1 , , 1 , mgvgg: S ww .,.,f 'ig I ww V: -qw-... WW' ww .K-ug K amiggiggzl gi-i5ggqgQf-wiwLiQiii5E,,5ii- , gee5g,5g1k iff , e gg feifqffiwiisseQY3,ff5f'ffeN 5 Mx ifffzsizff-11.4-my A S245 . A 'S A F mf---wialnqzww I ffmgzeigssffzmzgf'2e2Staizssiffsiggfggggwsggigg MMWQMEXE s?fem,2"2.Q L seems ,V ,,,.,.1,.,,3 M W, SJW: wvww , M 1 .ww-afw W mf ,Q 'W 3-17zssggmfd,-M,,qi7szs1fg,,,,f.x, , 3 Q gli fhiismgskgifa2fiW2?s?PWl5',Wg?sFQe 45.Amgiggiggzufwz,.2fQggmsSfggE?k2 Mieikfuazfu .5 S fi f++w::fQf1Wl5w .gswsgw EXW Q, MQW -1 4 -avr . f film,-QM , --vzffgafk , S1'f:,,f:m,,, Q, f-wwf ,f Q .mn ,pw-, ,V m.,,,g.. 15ifQgQg?SSi?Q2f212f2f2fi?ZQ?Q5E?fwgsggsii Jiffiawgsgw-'Q Q9,gHggf'f5-wgwgw 3 X mms Sf W ,Q , , 3 MEX mils 2siQQ?,5 as Y wav mn 5 , pzgfggzml namwvw RK as fwwvwiw-,gafms1gw-asm-fnfkffsiamg Q Q wr-.,z1 H A1 Q fyszmangv' Table of Contents Act I-Presenting . . . G6 The World of Creationv ...... Page 10 Act II-Presenting . . . 66The World of the Stars" ...... Page 76 Act III- Presenting . . . Wim World ofAction" ...... .. W A Page 96 Act I V- Presenting . . C6The World of the Castv ....... Page 140 Q, ,Q 3? if x mmm? , sv L.. Q , mlm. s. 64? J V ,. . H ,Mm mwowa' t 91 ' v , g I 1 Z , ,V , - Qing , J' ' J' Vw, yy fw 'V " ' MAE M x J' I 'M WW ff, V H 4 WWW H, WQNW G '.,, Wgym. ff.Zi,"',,,M , , ff W ' ,, , 4 wf4fM,ZQ,'W ff Mffmw Wm Wa YQ, W1 ,ff 4+ V ' ,, V ' ,, H W W4 Www ' M "ffw12fWw - Aw' 1 WY 134' ,W 41 fm 1, 4'ff,M f WW W ,W 2 1 0 - M. 4- ? : 1 'v 'Q Y ' k F , .,0, ,Q C 1, dh mf? "0 .9 ,H ,Z .A 47, ,, ax 'Q fl", , M. M. -Q - s 0 W ln- I . ' Qs X LQ , 1610. , fl ' Q xgfgvigq. - 4 'l ,su 5,2 ,, gxgfaigswf- Q.Q6Q'a5a.S2f!5??igS'3,-. w '.a4"aiosfav2fS,Q 2. Wi... V X .36a'3C's4-Pi's9"'3i'i"'IS"9n0v1! vw I. ,V 3.63,,fqgf--qQaQe4',f..sSoO936'.5, 5. 2.5-ima?4QQg1s1w2f5e99'a9. '..,5,,ag4owwesG'ahfg,,5:P.5i:,J4'fe'v,5., 'mg 66" ' nfe.?5Q'QsS'?0.v6'l 1 , '-V.,5qf,Q 4 Qdgbdgiyl 02, fay641g9diQ'g? Q'-, 6.1415-1:53515-.5f:g,gW,414455,i,,:v,.., "QQ ' , ,M fb ' N? NW'va'W Q - -"'.. "' 0? 489532-a3k5f'3'4,FgWss, 4'-W V 'Sf Qfbfffe 'a MY' QM ma Qsffgww' M' 'A-'gf' 109-m0.a4M:f , as is is X, , I-,away Y.- , X:-22453633 ig,.g12,,yg39i.g.g5 ..,,. .., Q. , 5 6 f, A X VK , la ,A ans' , lay , xt .. "Q 3 95 ww.. x N' V V A qi, imyim, X i W Wir R 'I f P A ,vi .I V if ,f 'P I X X ffL , Mgggggqqqw Q gaw k , , lf W ', ,- 3 4 -aQ REQ 1 fr K if ,, ",: ha PM A-QQ., .'fbO.:SQ- '-614699 '.3wga.v 'f'P"38S60, 'A4A?Q"s',, xabg:-9 3131 " ,J ar , ,, "fw'aMw9 , Q-0"s1f"b00Q 451' gf aim., Re Q51 ' 1 " Q 'gfgfgzawio Qx N ' 064 ' f.iej.ejQ'i5,0aQ2, Q. Qsgegig O5B34'o OH N. ' Q4 'fgiagw-aoe55m.s, " 4' ,gd-6'f.5:QpQ9Q' W, Qasfgggggi 990 fIs'5j5f.gkQ5E1i22L?afnb'Qg? , ggi vg-s':,s,.?'5e3 Qlgilzflvii-4 04.6 ii PM I xv, . X? vu ,A at .wa na" 1' 3 .shi ha., Q "K a,Qw3'5 'ii 50 "gg" Q PL-ffff 4 42,4459 D-W'O3?'9 'Q' iff 9192993-'?5?6Ya. rsowefiv-Pvliiffls aw.. mv'aoe60,!Q-1098965 5.-W r, .b,Q3 ivo4.gQQ,A.Q,Q ,Ji 47, Qtsl, g Q, 'l w-"anef,.w.a.s,f +: Q-f wg. ,, u f W o'c'vo00v9f' " PAF 65"'63"O'b?5O99Q35s59 'S' as " s-M 'vw Hr f' ff' 1 wgceensio -0 fb- ?yvsa009Ti9599e'f5.Q-,6sw'96W99'?'3-' S909 65 44' 6vi6oe.yis9v'96 82414-69351-:i.4efsv4, PQe.PQ0. f9"'.p 'ff 'Hifi dlfvgfafyf-9,5 ' f's4'Q6'QU ... 0 , I , x., 4 . Q Q mg, ,.p ,lxw Q0 Q.eQQS Qxf. ,pw 7 xyj ' X-inf.. I E115 ff-'I -lxgiwx x W I Mx ilxvie ' 4 9, xv B'293.f:S9amf:a-296''m"2f62:t.4a.Jf-I'ww,-939, Sseieswf''Q-v2e2:e5eQ24:a..swwg9'j5e3.s.i4a4v,..., 59Q65.Q8QC,.O9vQfQ' gs :,,2g-Qggggdpvmfg 5. gagq-o,,.ezoQw-f, , ix -wg:-1 fu. , 1'f- ' 1 .g ,W 35434.vsv'.ev'fg0'Q'292!,3-.s3.-wi'e'2y',i:?,'S'aJw6?g.ss.0e'e'f, we-Q-rafzszema.-:f.e-wew'aee..:z4g-.M-1ewz:z5zaw W iwrw-:' T-4'.9f'fx'-vf6'g546"g5'160 Jw-f f -af' ' '6o'a-6395 A ff: '-f avi 4 1' 6il'eQ's9Q"sQQO4sf',:v-Q,-1 'S' ffl A " r.ag9"g6'5Qf.QpG.lQ 491-M QQ 'QQ' 'VQQQQ .OsrQ I Y gg. ipfgf g66,,S""f ' -:K 1, ' f"f'. "V vp 5.x of-, f's3'16"6 of 'af' 60359 ,Q ,Q -0, 4,4 64-5.0 381545 ,ax Q ,, .-',,, 3, 35063 gi QOAS-9'Jy.30g,. 6545-v,5q,gosoeQW1.-?f', -fn. wing 3 'V A lf 1 X I b 591, 1 I 0' . , .-my -'.fM,6,-',.v-ine! 9- ,.,.fV J -sae-39.0 ' ' f ,f .- .vas o-9 3 wang-Q-gsesoeg-Wg-Pg':,,gz. gnqggffae ' ' "-'gags-dg.fvaw,f J.. 4, gr. ,gs-asvi' J 1 'V' ,Q nf' V',f sri Q .442-Qwzfgrgshfai .wfgwfgsggiaiyi if ' Q .f,6i',gia5e...S"sfw'?g?1,f52 ' ' w1v160"'51L'1iW'4Bf'a" f iP'wo'2iW-iii' mfs I aw?-W f ww-fffffgg Football ueen, Miss Flame, And Hall C0mP9li Homecoming was a real success this year. The bad weather didn't put a damper on the spirits ofTu1ia High School students. This year, there was a parade downtown, and many clubs entered floats and cars. The OEA entry won. Right-Jerry Dickens crowns Queen Deltah Roberts during half-time ceremony against Perryton. Lower right-Car Decoration was a common sight on the day of Homecoming. L. Q tion Add Up To Make A Wonderful Homecoming Upper left-"Come on, buy a mum for your date." LeftfFootball guys walk in the Pep Rally to the tune of "Dixie" Lower left- Hall Competition was a prominent sight dur- ing Homecoming Week. Lower right-The lip Junior Class won the hall competition. WL Vivacious, Spirited, hese Can nly Describe There are six girls in THS who are responsible for leading the student body in yells for our teams. These are the Cheerleaders. They work hard and long for all ofthe teams that represent Tulia High School. Lower left- 1969-70 Cheerleaders, Hornet and Mascot arc: Top row: Sharon Moffett, Hornet-Rita Dallas, Jaimye Crawford. Bottom row: Donna Bookout, Deltah Rob- erts, Mascot-Shanna Souter, Head Cheer- leader, Debi Love, and Tanya Toles. y . The Cheerleaders n The Move In THS rt V ,,,, v r z QI X A f V T , .V Q ,E M VVV W Upper left- Debi Love and Donna Bookout prepare the gym for . 25, V a bull game. Left-Rain, snow, freezing weatherg these girls yell K ffgg,f,gg,, V for the Hornets. Lower left-Jaimye Crawford, Donna Bookout . . 1. H -. and DCb1 LOVE Seem C0ld, but ellgcf 215 The HOFHCYS flghi- 3'5" X i -seg 1 :xi 1-use 2 ll As A Diamond Sparkles, So Does Life In And round THS For The Delight Of Its Members gfgfil . f ,gisy Assemblies Prove Exciting For THS Students Upper right-Donna Bookout, and Bryan Finck leave audi- L torium after Football Queen nominees were presented. Right- ,Q Two members from the LCC Band assembly present a soap L it opera. Lower right-These LCC members seem relaxed about li the whole situation. NASA And Senior Gi t Assemblies Are Given Top left-Several Freshmen are interested in the space uniform. Bottom left-Max Barham looks victorious as he tries on the suit. Bottom right-Larry Wells presents the Senior Class Gift ot' 1970. Several assemblies were held this year. A representative from NASA gave several demonstrations and a very in- formative report of what NASA is doing. In another assembly, Larry Wells, Senior Class President, presented the Senior Class Gift which was the painting ofthe big Water tower in Tulia. Everyone Was In The Act Durmg Pep Rallzes Pep Rallies were given by the Cheerleaders. Everyone participated in some way, to help give the school and teams spirit to fight for a victory These Pep Rallies were most enjoy- able and helped boost the pride and spirit in our school. Right-Cheerleaders presented Gerald Mc- Clanahan with flowers after his football injury. Right-Cool Cat, Vicki Vaughn, does a skit for the Pep Rally. Lower right- Wonder what Linus sees in the sky? Maybe it's the Red Baron. Bottom left-Cheer leaders jump for a victory. Fi teen Jackets Are Awarded To THS Scholars Fifteen members of the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes received Scholarship Jackets for their achievements of the past year. These were awarded J J in an assembly program. Jimmy Kiker was awarded a patch since he has received an athletic jacket. Only Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors could receive jackets. Middle leftAThe four Seniors who were awarded jackets or patches were: Jo Hickman, Tommy Hickman, Vicki Jen- nings, and Jimmy Kiker, Bottom left-This is the line-up of those students who received jackets during the assembly, Thespian Troupe 770 Presents 660nions In The Stewv This year, the Thespian play was g'Onions In The Steww. The leading roles were played by Joe Raymond, Melanie Butler, Jan Min- chew, and Shelley Harris. The Student Director was Miss Cindy West. This year's sponsor for the Thespianis is Mrs. Sara Morrison. She is new in THS this year. Right-This family of Jan Minchew, Melanie Butler, Joe Raymond and Shelley Harris don't seem to agree on some subject. TULIA HIGH SCHOOL JAMES N. PERKINS, Principal 501 N.E. am TULIA, TEXAS 79088 To The Student Body Of Tulia High School: May I take this opportunity to thank each and every Tulia High School Hornet for making this one of the best years ever for Tulia High School. The world is always in need of young people who are well trained, diligent, willing to work and dedicated. All of these attributes are prevalent at THS. Best wishes to all of you in what- ever future endeavors you may attempt. Since rely , ,Sxx QP R J xx W 41 sa 1 J 4 x 's gxxsg, - - - ,--- X - fam. ww X N03 X 31 X mx 9 K . 1? ,:,.., QE. .. ,,,: .. ubkq 1 F - Urganizations 1 X wx X33 EK Q 4 wk., 52257. , .v,xi,2 kf.d The Student Council members discussed, advised, and consented as representatives of the student body. The purpose ofthe council was to plan and execute school activities that concerned the school as a Whole. They assist the student body and administration in promoting the high ideals of Tulia High School. Activities during the year included Bon- fire, Miss Flame, Twirp Week, Flag Detail, Intramural Track Meet, All-School Elections, Assemblies, and Leadership Work- shops. 1 -..4o- 6' i -K-it-wt 1' Yagi., ,FQ xC'?'iL'? secretary. Middle left: Standing, Tim Henthorn vice presidentg Jerry Dickens, president Larry Wells, parliamentariang Sitting Cheryl Kleman, reporter: Maureen Pohlmeier Dewey Bryant Carla Carlton Jo Carter Kathie Chandler Donny Cosby Jaimye Crawford Cindy Davis Jerry Dickens Debbie Dunn Johnny Emmitt Perry Hall Bonnie Hayhurst Malcolm Hefley Tim Henthorn Cheryl Kleman Mark Miller Sharon Moffett Howard Patton Don Payne Maureen Pohlmeier Danny Potter Patty Powell Deltah Roberts Patty Sherbert Lloyd Singer Robert Sturgess Joe Bob Thompson Larry Wells QL Mrs Shelton W gr'j 1 V. , we ig? rr :.' ef Jimmy Tyler .D was i. tt,t V Council Members Work All Year Round For THS fy .. , 1 Upper left: Danny Potter decorates for Mr. and Miss THS assem- bly. Upper right: Carla Schuster and Carla Carlton decorate for Christmas. Lower left: Campaigning is done for Jaimye Craw- ford. If Upper right: Tim Henthorn presents a kiss and a dozen red roses to Miss THS Jo Carter. Middle left: Patty Powell decorates for Mr. and Miss THS assembly. Middle right: Cheryl Kleman gives speech for Mr. THS nominee. if 'if Assistants Face Di erent Responsibilities Office and Library Assistants aid the facul ty and students in various ways. Office assistants pick up absentee slips, answer the phone, take messages, and run errands. Library assistants aid students in the Li- brary by locating books, collecting fines, checking out books, and checking in books. Sponsors of the Office and Library Assis- tants are Mrs. Judin Montanton and Mrs. Grace Scott. Office Girls: Deanne Evans, Maureen Pohlmeier, Rhonda Sharp, Kathie Chandler, Deltah Roberts, Debbie Cox, Dallana Carlile, Tanya Toles, Jan Parks, Carla Schuster, Kathy Breitling, Sheila Fox, Beverly Clark, Cindi Ward, Brenda Law- son. Library Assistants-Top: Doug Travis, Debra Berry, Mark Miller, Ralph Ellerd, Lloyd Singer, Ricky Foutch, Doug Flowers. Middle: Carla Carl- ton, Vickie Gore, Carolyn Smith, Melanie Butler, Rita Dallas, Joe Lewis, Suzette Krieg, Marsha Sharp, Debby Hill, Kathy Whitehead, Vickie Jennings, Beverly DuBois. Sitting: Debbie Powell, K Lynn Borchart, Laquita Bivins, Betty Lee, Cathy Box, Beatrice Luera. Future Nurses Anticipate Career Nursing The Future Nurses of America Club is an organization formed in 1964 to provide experience for girls who are interested in nursing as a career. The purpose ofthe club is to bring together in high school young people interested in careers in nursing and health. Officers for the year were: Joan Nobil, president, Janis Vaughn, vice president, Shelley Harris, secretary, Diane Long, treasure rg and Kathy Lee, historian and reporter. Lily Tucker was sponsor. Middle right-top, Dixie Barrett, Shelley Harris, Jo Beth McCracken, Janis Vaughn, Kathy Lee, Diane Long, Mary McPhear- son, Bunny Irlbeck, Middle-Sue Boston, Brenda Galloway, Coleen Moore, Joan Nobile, Patty Rousseau, Debbie Davis, Debra Flemings, Tamara Foster, Front- Ramona Hernandez, Elodia Cerde, Kay Thomas, Idalia Torres, Cathy Kirkland, Cathy Orr, 'i Lower left-Officers for 1969-70 are Diane Long, Janis Vaughn, Kathy Lee, Joan Nobile, Shelley Harris. i 2 . f W Interact Club Guides The Energy f Students ear ete 5- f. . . t at ,V fr? The purpose of the Interact Club is to guide the energy of the students with exper- ienced and mature adults of the business com- munity as backers. Officers are: PresidenteScott Blissg Vice Presidente Randy Jordang SecretaryeJimmy Watsong TreasurereJohnny Emmittg DirectorsfGary Don Carlisle, Jimmy Tyler, and Johnny Young. Mr. Bob Phillips served as the Interact Club sponsor for the 1969-70 year. Mr. Bob Phillips Simona Alsup Richard Atwood Scott Bliss Donna Bookout Sharon Bookout Gary Don Carlisle J aimye Crawford Johnny Emmitt Deanne Evans Nancy Evans Bryan Finck Rene Garza Perry Hall Tommy Jennings Randy Jordan Marci Loring Sharon Moffett Charlotte Phillips Charles Sherrod David Teel Doug Travis Jimmy Tyler Jimmy Watson Johnny Young Future Teachers Of America Promote Abilit The Tulia Future Teachers of America Chap- ters' purpose is to offer high school students an opportunity to explore the field of education and teaching. This years activities included area, district and state conventions. Officers this year were: president, Danny Glasscock, vice-president, Jo Carter, secretary, Kathie Chandler, treasurer, Bryan Finck, reporter, Kathy Breitling, and historian, Marsha Sharp. Upper Right-Danny Glasscock, Kathy Breitling, Jo Carter, Marsha Sharp, Bryan Finck, Kathie Chandler. Middle-Top row: Bryan Finck, Doug Flowers, Cheryl Kleman, Debra Berry, Dallana Carlile, Sandra Wigham, Jo Carter, Deanne Evans, Annette Simon, Jo Hickman, Lonnie Tread- way, Steve Raymond, Danny Glasscock, Ricky Fouteh. Third row: Tommy Golden, Tanya Toles, Donna Bookout, Marsha Sharp, Judy King, Sandi Wells, Carolyn Smith, Virginia Watson, Carla Schuster, Maureen Pholmeicr, Sheila Satterfield, Kathy Whitehead, Sheila lfox, Shelly Harris Beatrice Luera, Connie Lee. Second row: Patty Stevens, Mary McPhearson, Sharon Miller, Diane Long, Kathie Chandler, Sharon Moffett Rober- ta Burrow, Karen Oler, Debbie Cox, Mary Lou Delgado, Kay liry, Kathy Breitling, Klinn Borchardt. Bottom row: Miss Ayers sponsor, Rita Dallas, Sandra McCune, Rita Stark, Brenda Lawson, Simona Alsup, Becky Elliff, Diana Godwin, Vicki Jones, Janet Jackson, Sharon Hawkins, and Billy Holland. I ,Q E514 ff,,, 1 .V -M WM 5 fe i i sei - '32, Middle right: Bryan Finck gives treasurers ,A report in meeting. Lower left: Miss Billie Jo Ayers, sponsors the club this year. Middle topYBryan Finck, Randy Jordon, Clark Ross, Ronald Chandler, Charles Sherrod, Doug Gowlers, Dallana Carlisle, Cornelia Roberts, Debra Berry, Kathy Breitling, Vicki Jennings, Shelly Wilterding, Shelly Harris, Suzette Boyd, Susie Blount, Gary Schwede, Ricky Foutch. Fifth row-Jo Carter, Sandi Wells, Kathie Chandler, Maureen Pohlmeier, Kathy Whitehead, Brenda Lawson, Beatrice Luera, Beverly DuBois, Patti Stephens, Diana Long, Sharon Bookout, Sharon Moffett, Carrolyn Smith, Bunny Irlbeck, Janis Vaughn. Fourth row: Mrs. Scott sponsor, Charla Kiker, Debra Cox, Melanie Butler, Diana Godwin, Becky Elliff, Debby Hill, Laquita Bevins, Betty Lee, Cathy Box, Sue Nobile, Zane Finck, Cynthia Murrell, KLynn Borchardt. Third row-Nancy Metcalf, Rita Dallas, Judy King, Marsha Sharp, Tanya Toles, Deltah Roberts, Pam Sharp, Sheree Watson, Gay Galyen. Second row-Tommy Golden, Billy Holland, Harold Keeter, Tim Thornton, Lloyd Singer, Mark Miller, Doug Travis, JK Milam, Joe Ramirez, Rene Garza, Keith Meador, Jimmy Fox, First row-Charlotte Phillips, Vicki Gore, Debbie Martin, Marilyn Heard, Jaimye Crawford, Deanne Evans, Charlotte Doan, Sharla Cosby, Ralph Ellard, Carla Carlton, Kandy Reiss, Janet Sanderson, Mary Jane Eggermeyer. Librarians Club ers Boundless Knowledge Librarians Club was formed to promote interest in literature and its knowledge. Officers for this year were: Doug Flowers, presidentg Marsha Sharp, vice presidentg Beverly DuBois, secretary, Jo Beth McCracken, treasurer, Clark Ross, parliamentar- iang Sharon Moffett, historian, Doug Travis, reportergand Deanne Evans, Becky Elliff, and Pam Sharp, social. l Middle: officers this year are: Jo Beth McCracken, Carla Carlton, Deanne Evans, Sharon Moffett, Marsha Sharp, Doug Travis, Becky Elliff, Clark Ross, Beverly DuBois and Doug lflowersg bottom right: Mrs. Grace Scott, sponsor and Di' ana Godwin, secretary of this dis- trict, study a book together. l Key Club is an honorary club of Sophomore, Ju- nior and Senior boys who strive to serve God, country and individual. Officers for this year Were: president, Jerry Dic- kensg vice president, J. K. Milamg secretary, Tim Thorntong and treasurer, Bryan Finck. The sweet- heart this year Was Rita Stark. Coach Cumpton Tommy Anderson Van Bonds Steve Burrow Ronald Chandler Jerry Dickens Johnny Dunn Alan Dutton Ralph Ellerd Bryan I-'inck Doug lflowers Randy Foutch Danny Glasscock Tommy Golden Perry Hall Malcolm Hefley Billy Holland Joel Keeter Jimmy Kiker Jay Largent Danny Love Mike Martin Gerald McClenanhan Robert McKone J. K. Milam Mark Miller Odell Moffett Don Payne Randy Pope Danny Potter Aubry Rogers Clark Ross Paul Rousseau Gary Schewede Lloyd Singer Joe Bob Thompson Tim Thornton Lonnie Treadway Daryl Tucker Larry Wells ss SWS gs if Q if N E 'J E i Sw X, ,J eg, Vt if an 'rf X Tulia Key Club Members Are Very Active In Man Phases If School Life ,Ex f i -Q 1 ' . . S. t str. sic r f t..,, i r . S 3 E it Sf ' J i" T E':' 5 rss: : . 1 , .J E K S S .1 ,S S . Q Qi Q xg .rx - WY . 5 V r x . i if 'SIX 5' re 'ff ss F 9 8. 4 I" - E ' Upper right: Officers for "69'7O" are, Jerry Dickens, J K Milam, Tim Thorton, Bryan Finck, Larry Wells, sweetheart Rita Stark. Lower left: Sweetheart Rita Stark, she was chosen by club. SSN: Jo Carter Kathie Chandler Jerry Dickens Jo Hickman Randy Jordon Jimmy Kiker Dcbi Love J K Milam Maureen Pohlmeier Dcltah Roberts Carla Schuster Marsha Sharp "'f""'-'Y' wiv' iri' f l i e fa X .Q M W S S :. S X X is 5-vX we Q 2 'A Q' A i-1' 4 , -1-ii MQMX f ,Q,- weave gk A eo. ational Honor Society Selects New Members Top left: new members includeg top row, Tommy Hickman, Danny Glasscock, Alan Dutton, Martin Atwood, Ronald Chandler, Lee Moore, Steve Jennings, Randy Jordan, Tim Thortong sitting, Brenda Lawson, Vicki Jennings, Becky Elliff, Kay Fry, Diane God- win, Sharon Hawkins, Patty Powell, and Janis Vaughn. Bottom left: officers for 1969470 are Jo Hickman, J.K. Milam, Jo Carter, and Marsha Sharp. Mrs. Kathleen Smith served as sponsor. Thespian Society Experiences Exciting Year Middle rightfDonna Robinson, Odell Moffett, Melanie Butler, Joe Raymond, Paul Williams, Lower right: Officers are Joe Raymond, Melanie Butler, Paul Williams, Cynthia Mickey. The aim of the International Thespian Society is the advancement of the dramat- ic arts in high school. In keeping with this aim, the Thespians work hard to help pro- duce the Thespian Play. Officers for the year were: Paul Will- iams, president, Melanie Butler, secretary, and Cynthia Mickey, scribe. , . ,, , ' 4 M rr 4 XX W M C59 X fa. Qwwr N X ' xr ii H N fx Qi zfwgwzw W 2 I ,. aw 153' si N E Melanic Butler Cynthia Mickey Odell Moffett Joe Raymond Paul Williams M rs. Sara Morrison 2 A f -'- Six new members are Randy Jordon, Shelly Harris, Jan Minchew, Brlly Holland Cindy West, Cathy Orr. uill And Scroll Gives Honor To Journalists Quill and Scroll is an International Honor- ary Society for High School Journalists. The club encourages achievements in journalism. Members are taken from the top third of Juniors and Seniors who have done work in the field ofjournalism. Officers Were: Susan Blount, president, Kathy Breitling, vice-president, Kay Lee, secre- tary, Debby Hill, treasurer, Sandy DuBois, historianeparliamentariang Mike Wesley, re- porter, and Mrs. Janette Perry, sponsor. Above right: Officers for 1969-70 areg Mike Wesley, Debby Hill, Kay Lee, Kathy Breit- ling. Seated: Sandy DuBois and Susie Blount. Susan Blount Kathy Breitling Sandy DuBois Debby Hill Cheryl Kleman Kay Lee Doug Travis Mike Wesley Mrs. Janette Perry T-Club F ormet! To Honor Lettering Athletes T-Club is an organization of Tulia High School boys 'vho have lettered in a varsity sport. The club promotes good will and sportsmanship among athletes. The club hopes to further the understanding be- tween young people and to promote interest and healthful ideas in athletics. Heading the club this year was Daryl Tucker, presi- dentg Randy Pope, vice presidentg and Larry Wells, secre- tary. Coach Richard Souter was the sponsor ofthe T-Club for the 1969-70 year. 55 gifs Xfk Coach Richard Souter Tommy Anderson Van Bonds 6 N Gilbert Brookins if - A Steve Burrow Ronald Chandler if Steve Crawford " Jerry Dickens Johnny Dunn p -Q Alan Dutton - i i ' Stanley Ebeling .. Bryan Finck , Q , ffl f' , Doug Flowers Mike Gleason Tommy Golden Perry Hall Malcolm Hefley Billy Holland 1- sl a Q i T' 1 cd f r Zi? "' sf t Randy Jordan Jimmy Kiker Gerald McClanahan Robert McKone J K Milam Odell Moffett to E y Don Payne Randy Pope Danny Potter Aubrey Rodgers Clark Ross Gary Schwede ,. 1 R Tim Thornton gg J Lonnie Treadway f ccirc Daryl Tucker Larry Wells J svn, S Vespa, an organization formed in 1946 is for girls who have lettered on the varsity basketball team. Girls must first letter on the varsity basketball team before they are eligible for Vespa. Officers for H69-70,' were Shirley Lee, Jo Carter, Judy King, Tanya Toles, Marsha Sharp, Debbie McCoy, Judy Carlisle. The purpose of the club is to promote fellowship and interest among the girl athletes of Tulia High School. Vespa I nspires Ideals Coach Payne Judy Carlile Jo Carter Judy King Shirley Lee Debbie McCoy Marsha Sharp Tanya Toles Upper right: Officers this year are Shirley Lee, i Marsha Sharp, Jo Carter, Judy King, Judy Carlile, Tanya Toles, and Debbie McCoy. Bottom right: Members present Coach Payne with newjacket. r J 2 2 r X 5 i E i i l r And Leadership ualit I .Wy Lower left: Members at meeting are Debbie Mc- Coy, Tanya Toles, Marsha Sharp, Judy Carlisle, Judy King. Middle: lnitiates are Rita Clark, Patty Powell, Rita Dallas, Cornelia Roberts not pictured. Distributifve Education Students Learn Trade The Distributive Education Club encourages free enterprise and economic awareness through individual instruction, and business practice. DECA officers were: Vicky Powell, presi- dent, Rosemarie Elkins, vice presidentg Freda Clark, secretary, and Dick Starnes, treasurer. 9-' NF Bottom righteOfficers are: Dick Starnes, Mike Wesley, Randy Stephens, Danny Love, Freda Clark, Rosemarie Elkins, and Vic- kie Powell. Science Club Prepares For Tomorrows' World S eeee p The Science Club was founded in Tulia High School in 1959. lt is a discussion group for students with at least two years of science credit. During this year the clubis programs varied from a discussion by the members to a formal talk given by some members of the scientific working world. Members who were interested entered an exhibit in the Science Fair. Several field trip were al- so planned for members ofthe club. Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Allred served as the sponsors. Jpper Left-Officers: Jerry Dickens, Randy Foutch, Lloyd Singer, Mark Miller, Jo Hickman. Middle -Top row: David Teel, Don Jackson andy Jordan, Tommy Jennings, Tommy Anderson, Dan Love, Jimmy Harman, Alan Dutton, Mike Wesley, David Burgess, Tim Henthorn ponsor Mrs. Cook. Second row: Martin Atwood, Gary Schwcde, Tim Thornton, Steve Jennings, Randy Foutch, Ralph Ellerd, Mark Miller -loyd Singer, Beverly DuBois, Bunny lrlbcck, Sandra Whigham. Third row: Sponsor Mrs. Allred, Scott Bliss, Tony Perez, Jerry Kickens Johnny Young, Carolyn Smith, Sharon Bookout, Leah Edward, Becky Eliff, Cynthia Murrell, Jo Hickman. Bottom row: Cindy Davis, Shelly Harris Jimmy Watson, Justin Kesler, Ronald Chandler, J. K. Milam, Sharon Hawkins, Diana Godwin, Judy King, K. Linn Borchardt. Auto Mechanic Boys Aim For Higher Knowledge Middle-Officers are: Keith Rice, Randy Pope, Jimmy Yandell, Dale Nevins, Gary Cook, Sweetheart Tanya Toles Houston Lemons, Mike Cosby. In 1953, VICA was organized to prepare boys for the World of work and promote fellowship Officers Were: Randy Pope, presidentg Keith Rice, vice presidentg Jimmy Yandell, secretary Gary Cook, treasurerg Mike Cosby, reporter Dale Nevins, parliamentariang and Houston Lemmons sergeant-at-arms . int! i rzz A 'Q Lower Left-Tanya Toles was chosen Auto chanics Sweetheart for 1969-70. wmv f W" ' f 2 4 J Me- ,,,.wv-""""' 5 '1 K aw a f . -F Q gg , ' 5' 5 5 X in Building Trade Teaches Boy Construction Vocational Industrial Club of America has a Building Trades branch. The local chapter was or- ganized in the fall of 1953 and became a member of the state and national chapters in 1965. The members of the club build a house for their yearly project and is responsible for selling it. Each day the boys spend three hours Working on the house. The purpose of VICA is to train boys in car- pentry work in the building of woodwork, electric Wiring, and brick laying. The H69-7O,' Building Trades house is located at the 800 Block of North Hale. The sponsor is Kenneth Patton. K? Upper Left-This is the house the Building Trades boys built. Middle LeftfThe officers, sponsor, and sweetheart for this year are: Mr. Kenneth Patton, Steve George, Deanne Evans, Randy Neill, Earl Gardner, Ray Vance Gray Abdon Rodriquez, Ruben Gonzales, and Jimmy Green. Middle Right-Deanne livans is the Building Trades Sweet- heart this year. Lower Left-Abdon Rodriquez, Charles Basham, and Steve George display ability in Building Trades. The FFA Guys Learn By Doing, To Serve The The purpose of F.F.A. is to develop leadership. This is done through various judging contests such as farm radio broadcasting, farm skill demonstration, and A public speaking. Officers for this year were: Bryan Finck, presidentg Jimmy Kiker, vice president, Jimmy Harman, secretaryg Larry Wells, treasurer, Perry Hall, reporter, and Daryl Tucker, sentinel. Upper left: Patty Powell FFA Sweetheart, was chosen by popular vote by FFA mem- bers. School, Communit M Countr In Agriculture '50 Top row: D. Teel, B. T. Childress, P. Sanderson, R. McKone, B. McBride, R. Atwood, D. Stephens, H. Keeter, T. Thorton, M. Hefley, S. Craw- ford, C. Goss, D. Wesley. M. Dovel, M. Arnold. Seventh row: G. Vaughn. S. Bliss, J. Keeter, M. Gray, J. lfox, B. Pohlmeier, J. Keim, R. Chand- ler, L. Hawthorn, K. Minehew, M. Barham, B. Wood, L. Smith. Sixth row: B. Finck, V. Bonds. L. Wells, P, Hall, D, Tucker, M. Atwood, D. Jackson, T. Bliss, K. Foster, R. Caraway, D. Inman. Fifth row: E. McCaslin, K. Meador, A. Heard, R. Harman, S. Kirkland, D. Rice, T. Jones, G. Powell, M. Clark, M. Cowan. Fourth row: G. House, K. Teafatiller, R. Patton, R. Powell, L. Williamson, D. O'Daniel, E. Barrett, J. Malone, W. Meador. Third row: R. Howard, E. Wheeler, M. Durham, J. Green, T. Edwards, J. Avent, S. Wilterding, J. Harman, P. Morgan, J. Love, K. Fow- ler, A. Ebeling. Bottom row: R. Flowers, R. Larmore, K. Daniels, P. Rousseau, M. Allen, J. Dunn, T. MeCaslin, D. Flowers, A. Dutton, J. Kiker, K. Kleman, L. Abernathy. Lower Left-Officers for 1969-70 are: Daryl Tucker, Jimmy Harman, Patty Powell, sweetheart, Perry Hall, Bryan Finck, Larry Wells, and Jimmy Kiker. N Q .-.S 9' Sewing, Cooking Major Projects Ulf FHA Girls Future Homemakers of America is an organi- zation for girls who have had at least one year of Homemaking and are interested in homemaking. Girls in FHA are interested in the basic skills of cooking and sewing, home and family manage- ment, and first aid. There are two FHA chapters in Tulia. The Little Sister Chapter of FHA is sponsored by Mrs. Eulah Barnett. The Big Sister Chapter is sponsored by Mrs. Barbara Edwards. Upper right: FHA girls prepare show window. Middle right: Officers for H69-7O,' are Jaimye Crawford, song leaderg Klinn Borehardt, parliainentariang Cindy West, secretary, Marsha Sharp, 2nd vice-presi- dentg Judy King, 4th vice-presidentg Dallana Carlile, presidentg Kay Fry, treasurer, Sharon Moffett, lst vice-presidentg Charlotte Doan, Janis Vaughn, sergeant of armsg Patty Powell, pianist. Lower right: Senior girls cooking are Melanie Butler, Dallana Carlile, Kathy White- head, Vicki Jenning, Nellie Willis. ff!! X H ' - Upper left: Officers for M69-70" are top rowv Bonnie l-layhurst, lst vice-president, Cynthia Raught Song leader, Nita Vaughn, secretary, Janna Inman, sergent at armsg Gay Galyen, treasurer. Second row- Rhonda Love, 2nd vice-president, Kandy Reiss, 3rd vice-president, Diana Parks, sergeant at arms, Patty Shurbert, pianistg Pam Sharp, president, Shelly Wilterding, parliamentariang Debbie Thompson, 4th vice-president. Middle left: Pin-Up Boy Larry Wells. Middle right: Outstanding Senior and lfreshman Dallana Carlile, Pam Sharp. OEA Brings Business And Leadership Together The Office Education Association Club is designed to develop leadership abilities in the business field and competency in field occupations. Officers for the '69-'70 school year areg Kay Lee, Presidentg Debby Hill, Vice- President, Kathie Chandler, Secretaryg Sheila Fox, Treasurerg Connie Lee, Parliamentariang and Delia Cooper, Reporter. Mrs. Edna Cox served as the sponsor of the club. Middle right: OEA entered the winning float in the homecoming parade, Lower left: OEA members V prepare scrapbook and campaign. K V 'rf' ' . Q if 4, ,H al 4' is y ' if 4 I . 2 iq 5,5 Mrs. Cox, sponsor Y H Kay Lee. Q ,.A: I I Q K K "-1-A , Officers for this year are: Connie Lee Debby Hill Kathie Chandler, Sheila Fox, Delia Cooper and Susie Blount Donna Bookout Jo Carter Kathie Chandler Emma Chapa Delia Cooper Debbie Cox Mary Lou Delgado Sandy Dubois Sheila Fox Debby Hill Claudette Laramore Connie Lee Kay Lee Debi Love Odell Moffett Maureen Pohlmeier Denice Rossi Carla Schuster Marsha Sharp Annette Simon Rita Stark Esther Torres Sandi Wells Kathy Whitehead French Club Participates In Many Activities The purpose ofthe French Club is to create international understanding among people. It furthers the students knowledge of the French language and people, which enables them to speak, understand and be understood. Mrs. Connie Allision was the sponsor of the French Club, Activities planned for the year were a celebra- tion of Christmas, Easter, and French holidays, initiation of new members, and a French Club assembly and program. Upper right-A few members at a meeting, middle right- Officers are Jo Hickman, vice president, Carla Carlton, secretary, Danny Glasscock, presidentg Beatrice Luera, treasurer, .xv- Top row: Jo Hickman, Joe Raymond, Danny Glasscock. Middle row: Mrs. Connie Allison, Beatrice Luera Kerry Foster, Eleazar Subealdea. Bottom row: Rhonda Sharp, Carla Carlton, Tamera Foster, Roger Mitchell. Spanish Club Teaches New Culture In Language The Spanish Club, formed in the fall of 1959, is an organization for students who enjoy Spanish. The organization is to be educational and cultural in its aim and purpose, to serve its members as a medium exchange in the study and treatment of subjects relating to the language, history, and background of all the countries in- cluded in the American Group of Nations. lt en- courages respect for all nationalities. grey- ,. ,.-k gr E Q4-w Upper right-Officers for '69-,702 Mary Lou Delgado, presidentg David Burgess, vice-presidentg Beatrice Luera, secretaryg Justin Kesler, co-chairmang Jimmy Watson, state project chairmang Mary Jane Zuniga, historiang Rene Garza, reporterg Al- bert Zuniga, treasurerg Middle top row-Sponsor Mrs. Connie Allison, Roberta Burrow, Emma Chapa, Jamie Subaldea, Rene Garza, Justin Kesler. Middle row-Sylvia Ramirez, Mary Lou Delgado, Susie Guzman, Albert Zuniga, Manuel Botello, First row-Mary Jane Zuniga, Beatrice Luera, Priscilla Ramos, Elvia Medina. ,, 'XX . ',,., 1 ZX' i f 'V 5 A khmwwmfm, Q WY .. MY, M-59 W Q s i D A d i we - LVAKL A 'I tt Xe iw suis , Middle right: Mary Lou Delgado was chosen outstanding Spanish member. She was chosen by popular vote of the club. Lower lefti Spanish Club discusses a Tamale Sale. ler And Harman Are Choir Favorites In 1970 Under the expert direction of Bill Keck, choir direc- tor, the choir did a very fine job of representing Tulia High School. Long hours of practice preceded the choirs' appear- ance in Christmas and Spring concerts, as Well as their half hour appearance on television over the Christmas holidays and concert and sight-reading contests. The choir also performed for various civic clubs. The choir dressed formally this year. The girls Wore long White formals with red sashes and the boys Wore suits. Upper right: Favorites this year are Karen Older and Jimmy Harman. Mid- dle right: Nominees this year Nellye Willis, Tim Thornton, Bonnie Hay- hurts, Craig Harlen, and Pat Arnold. Above left: Officers this year are Janet Jackson, librarian Rita Stark, secretaryg Nellye Willis, librariang Jimmy Harman, vice-presidentg and seated, Dallana Carlile, presi- dent. Middle right: Randy Jordan was elected to All-Re- gion and All-State choirs. Lower left: Dallana Carlile, Vicki Jennings and Connie Lee worked for honors as a trio. Choral Groups Per orm Various Concerts g sw-1 g l we u--J Top row: Elvia Medina, Mary Lou Delgado, Nellye Willis, Tim Thorton, Randy Jordan, Danny Love, Jimmy Garman, Veotis Henderson, Robert Escobedo, Rene Garyea, Dallana Carlile, Vicki Jennings, Shirley Lee. Third row: Connie Capata, Janet Jackson, Joe Garcia, Tommy Golden, Harold Drake, Buddy Washington, Craig Harlind, Rita Clark, Dorthy Fuller, Diane Smith. Second row: Cynthia Raught, Kay Fry, Debra Flem- mings, Kay Thomas, Cylrria Rameriy, Mae Brookins, Charlene Willis, Monica George, Rita Stark, Connie Lee. Front row: Mr. Bill Keck, Karen Oler, Grace Trivino, Cheryl Pruitt, Bonnie Hayhurst, Claudette Laramore, Brenda Galloway, Pat Arnold, Rita Martiney. Lower right: Mr. Bill Keck, sponsor of Choir. l in. Upper left: and Middle left-Choir member enjoy- ing theirself at choir party. Middle right: Dallana Carlile enjoying herself, as usual! Lower left: Mr. Keck helping those who plan to attend solo and ensemble contest. Are Debra Fleming, Kay Fry, Danny Love, Randy Jordon, Dallana Carlile, Gloria Ruiz. Band's Per ormances At Rallies Help pirit Mike Martin led the high school band for the M69-70" school year. Mike has been in band for four years. The band went to Six Flags and to solo and ensemble contest. The band went to contest No- vember 18, and returned with a number one rat- ing. Officers for the year were: Jo Carter, presi- dent Jimmy Tyler, vice president, and Mike Mar- tin, secretary-treasurer. . Upper right: Officers are Mike Martin, Jimmy Tyler and Jo Carter, Below left: Mr. Brown, director, assists band member in learning musicg Below right: Beverly Clark, Patty Powell, Cindi Ward, Deanne Evans, and Jeffie Sturman perform during games in 1969-70. BEF Upper left: Band members Cindy Brewer and Wade Meader enjoy a day with the band at the fairg Upper right: Band performs at Amarillog Middle right: Mike Martin displays his strength at the fair. THS Band Per arms For 5 e E ! I E Q I I Front row: Lou Ann McGee, Patty Crawford, Janette Inman, Jean Kleman, Debbie Dunn, Sharon Whitehead, Melanie Butler, Nancy Evans, Patty Shurbert, Kathy Lee, Cindi Ward. Second row: David Teel, Odell Moffett, Jan Minchew, Jeffy Sturman, Regina Bryan, Johnny Young, Justin Kesler, David Burgess, Simona Alsup, Debbie Thompson, Steve Jennings, Johnny Emmitt, Jaimye Crawford, Deanne Evans, Johnny Cass- onova, Jimmy Watson, Albert Zuniga. Third row: Patty Powell, Charlotte Doan, Marilyn Heard, Vicki Jones, Julie Hutto, Carla Carlson, Debbie Martin, Nathan Foster, Johnny Malone, Tony Jones, Leslie Abernathy, Todd Bliss, Henry Zuniga, Dennis Smith, Steve Hutson, Freddie Perez, Donnie Cosby, Tommy Jennings, Debra Patton, Sharla Cosby, Cindi Davis, Mike Martin, Fourth row: Kandy Reiss, Janet Sanderson, Sandy Town Throughout Year DuBois, Vicki Gore, Charlotte Phillips, Jan Doan, Shelly Wilterding, Mary Jane Eggemeyer, Kenny McCaslin, Elizabeth Lucano, Bobby Vaughn, Jack Lavendar, Dewey Bryant, Skip Love, Wade Meador, Jimmy Tyler, Jo Carter, Jimmy Fox, Howard Patton, Ricky Foutch, Jerry Teel, Paul Sanderson, Scott Bliss, Jim Finck, Rodger Flowers, Mark Cowan, Keith Meador, Barry Teafatiller, Mark Dovel, Russell Patton, Charles Schwede, Back row: Alan Heard, Beverley Clark, Nita Vaughn, Ralph Ellerd, Max Barham, Bill Tom Childers, Gary Don Carlile, Tim Henthorn, Rob Henthorn, Phillip Morgan, Larry Story, Rhonda Love. , YM, THS Band Tunes Up To Win High Achievements Upper left-Jo Carter and Jimmy Tyler present Mr. Brown with a plaque. Upper right-Mike Martin serves as drum major this year. Lower right-Jo Carter served in the All-State and All-Region band this year. WL nf, fl 4 .JA 'rf 3 , f X I'-N Q if QP m5 h q N? F Art Club Members Use Imagery And Ingenult The purpose ofthe Art Club is to promote interest and appreciation of the arts in high school. This year the club, sponsored by Geraldine Hipp, had a semester Art Show, exhibiting the student's Work. Art Club officers Were: Joe Raymond, presi- dent, Jan Minchew, vice president, Rene Garza, reporter, and Monica George, secretary-treas- urer. Upper right: Officers are Jan Minchew, Monica George, Joc Ray- mond, Rene Garza. Middle left: Mrs. Hipp sponsor of Art Club shows a student what is wrong. ,r I --nl Top left: during the year, the Art Club displayed its many creative works. Middle left: Ralph Ellerd works on mosiac design rug. Middle right: Danny Potter stiches on his most original portrait. Bottom left: Cynthia Mickey prepares canvas for work. Annual Stajf Works Hard To Meet Deadllnes Susie Blount and Sandy DuBois were the co-editors of the 1970 Hornet. The Hornet stuff consists of: Organizations, Kay Lcc and Debbie McCoyg Activities, Kathy Brietlingg Advertising, Deanne Evans and Simona Alsup, Class and Faculty, Suzette Boyd and Annette Simong Sports, Perry Hallg Copy, Judy West and Becky Westg Photographer, Shelley Harris, and Sponsor, Mrs. Janette Perry. L A491924 Newspaper Staff Works Hard For Honorliating The Journalism class had the responsibility of editing the Hornet Page once a week in order for it to appear in the town newspaper. The staff this year consisted of Kathy Breitling, Shirley Lee, Cheryl Kleman, Doug Travis, Rene Garza, Pam Sharp, Kandy Reiss, Elizabeth Lucano, and Dee Hutson. The advisor of the staff this year was Mrs. Janette Perry. Upper left-Mrs. Perry is sponsor of Newspaper this year. Bot- tom left-Kathy Breitling is liditor this year. dv ,, V2 , ,,,, M fw. 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'V Q Q: 'OE W QQ 'tevwfwffgvi 5 Q.-Q so Qrxlvvsuq wwf 10,990-X along, 99 , 9.0 G 4' QS.. a 1. -wwf v -,.a'xe, QMQQQ xin.QQO'S.p6vf ,, 5 lx., .EILQQQ Qf,.Wgw9f, -gil pggggsfbqgvfyfgfpw mg 5692.3 , 1 ,', QQQQJ 1 "qv, U., Uegww gg Wgkq IPS G-gS"?' i?'9fQ6'W,'3f'-R55 .QQ '-15" ,-Qghfipad 9908? ' 3,5537 fi? 91031 'QQQ Q Avwkflwb yi Qxvbi ,Ig-,QS W Q ay q,a9,0" 0 Y 01,40 s Z",w3'y'q Rv9'9909f9S'!:-0'f'2?'293'i"'39o9'5'+a?w9 23594-59' , . iv? f"'bw?2fa-'tim-Qmfi 590.8913-4 f-mi 450+ ,sq , affirm :4?s2w,a'2e?Q323H392faf3f3a'9fQQ " ' ' 4 3-gg QQQQ WQ QQZ 'V' .. 1 f Leading Star Uf THS Is Kathleen Smith For Her Devoted Work SILAS i Gym Hosts Bon :re ,.,.,v 'Q ' ' Candidates for Miss Flame and their escorts were Regina Bryan and Gary Powellg Sandra McCune and Johnny Youngg Marci Loring and Tommy Anderson. Debby Hill was crowned 1969 Miss Flame. f 1 I ,ny cc-c - 4 t Homecoming Queen And ominees Are In Hornet Spotlight Upper left: Nominees are Deltah Roberts, Donna Bookout, Debi Love and Rita Stark. Upper right: Deltah Roberts is crowned Homecoming Queen for 1969. Bottom right: Nom- inees and their escorts pose for a picture. Around Athletes Shirley Lee Mike Gleason IU 7 X f x li f 3 xf ' .11-if. Q. .wx wi, wx- 1 .. N x X X X W Q1 X X' X XX P X yxxxxwx 4 n K.. x.F: X X? Ny Y .XX . X 'f--rr' 6 X: 'Fw ff-"L s ., x-X 'Q N., ' X Hx . . X V N x Vx R' ....,...,..........-..a- IP. k ff" f .Q i . , Q X fy NS 1 a X X A . 1 1 ,X Wx SM NY W 6 ff 'A., 1 :N iw N - , A fx ... if F, W .',g1, eiii W 2.2. XB -kggw X ' 1 f .a .......,.5 Mr 4,55 , X, f N QQ . A X J X f"'X s .1 X x ff Q X x W1 . X ! X Q sw lx fvfw . X X . A i x X S x 1 x I f E fl.- fv Q, 5 'SW , f J -X -AJ ,Ms svn i ., . xi-. ...s....+ X x .Serv ,f l 'ts ,-W, Q 1 X 2 1 2 4"'dv"X- K'-IIN-MQ' x I , L -J N. M - u Y X 'tl Y -Q-r+i':.f' f I x ',,uffR...E:t f , E ' Jig- jx W 5 f':yiF -S f 2 5 1 ,f f X , 1 3 X XX XX 2 S 5 ,ya 1 V4 Xxx: is 1 - L, , TL EN is Q1 e Qs., x 32 5 'f 6' my 'wx 353 wink S25 N x. X. we x av- W., . 1 fl? ' ' sf fy A A I -E ff 'rg'-.A Q W EQXQ1 is , ifrsfs I vx f' f j K X kxksi, - 1 I n 5 MMMW .. v, :N '75 KJ if 5 N L Q. 1 ! I ji, :WW x K 5 f ,X f X I f -f ff ,+- ff' 1 h..,, ' x X XM! gyxwa -X N... L 4 I 1 S gk 84 Senior Favorites -xg- ,Iunior Favorites 8? I Sophomore Favorites J Bohnie Nayhurst And Freddie Peiiez: gk r r in Freshman Favorites Whoas Who Who's Who ranks among the highest honors a student may receive. Who's Who is an honor for THS students ofju- nior and senior standing who have ex- celled in some field and have shown superior leadership ability. Candidates for Who's Who are nominated by the faculty to represent the best in the various departments. The faculty then, without regard to class, elects twelve members from this group to Whois Who. Kathie Chandler was selected from the senior class to Whois Who. She served on the Student Coun- cil for two years and in the National Honor Society for two years. Kathie was chosen Most Friendly her freshman year and a server at the Junior-Senior Ban- quet. She received scholarship jackets her sopho- more and junior years. Her senior year, Kathie was FTA Vice-President and OEA Secretary. During Kathies' four years she participated in FHA, Pep Club, Librarians Club, and Band. Jerry Dickens was chosen this year for Who's Who. He was in Student Council his freshman,ju- nior and senior years. Jerry was class president his freshman, sophomore and junior years. He was in National Honor Society his junior and senior years. Jerry played on the Varsity Football team his sopho- more through senior years and participated on the varsity track team all four years. Jerry was also active in Key Club, T Club, Librarians Club, Science Club and Spanish Club. David Teel was selected to Who's Who for his participa- tion in Band and in other activities. David played first chair B clarinet during his three years in Band. He was elected to National Honor Society hisjunior year. David has played football for one year and track one year. He was also a nienrber of FFA and Thespians. Maureen Pohhneier was chosen for Who's Who by the faculty this year. Maureen has been outstanding all through her four years of school. She has been in Student Council for two years and served as Student Council Secretary her senior year. Maureen was elected to National Honor Society her junior and senior years. She was class secre- tary her freshman and sophomore years. Maureen has played a part in FHA, Librarians Club, Band, Pep Club and FTA. Whois Who Deltah Roberts, devotion to cheerleading as well as other clubs and activities qualified her for Whois Who. Deltah has been cheerleader her sophomore through senior years. She has been Librarians Parliamentarian and Historian, Senior Class Treasurer and FHA President of the Little Sister Chapter. Deltah was elected to National Honor Society her junior year and also elected Freshman Class Favorite. She has been on the Student Council, played basketball for three years and elected 1970 Homecoming Queen. Tim Thorntonas academic achievements qualified him for Who's Who. Tim has received scholarship jackets his sophomore and junior years. He served as class president his freshman year and Key Club secretary his junior year. Tim has played football and basketball all three years. Tim has also been active in Science Club, FFA, Librarians Club, Choir and Band. l l 1 l Q Tanya Toles, an outstanding THS student, was chosen from the junior class as a member of Who's Who. She has played basketball all three years and made All District her junior year. Tanya was cheerleader her sophomore and junior year. She went to UIL Typing Contest and won 3rd at district, lst at regional and 3rd at state. She also ran track her sophomore year and Went to UIL Contest in short- hand. Tanya was Auto Mechanics Sweetheart her junior year. Larry Wells, a member of the senior class, was chosen to Who's Who because of his outstanding character and citizenship. Larry has been on the Student Council his senior year and served as senior class president. He served as Key Club Lt. Governor his senior year and attended the Texas-Oklahoma Lt. Governor Division 7. Larry has been a member of T Club and FFA. He was elected Junior Class Favorite. Larry participated in Football all four years and was selected B Team captain his sophomore and Varsity Captain his senior year. L Whois Who Marsha Sharp, chosen to Who's Who because of her ability to get things done, has participated in many THS organizations. She has been National Honor Society Treasurer her senior year and Librarians Club Secretary, Treasurer, and Vice- President. Marsha has participated in basketball all four years, track her freshman and sophomore years and tennis her junior year. She has also been active in FHA, FTA, and OEA. Marsha attended the TPB Citizenship Seminar. Martin Atwood, a THS Junior was chosen to be one of the Who's Who. Martin has been an active member of FFA his first three years of high school and a member of the Science Club. He has played football his freshman and sophomore yearsg basket- ball his sophomore and junior yearsg and track all three years. A . X f ,,.. ,a:2z,,raf'.,:i5Z 'S . :EJ X 1 X 'M-MWW,,., ,,., ,, 2 .S5iEi?silf:f ss agmaw-I is ig ff Ewa. wifi? get . it Q? X. 15 as if 5:2 'wi Q .1, . 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X me any N66 M, Z W M, f , hm' Q ,, A M W ,Hg W mm ,af " f W mm ., Y 7 2 X W L, ., ff V Wax 1- - .v 1-4,9 1 5,02 FAQ-fing- - . 509' 'dr .. In F'-494-nf?RQt..v-mvv.-.nA"4lh 0' T. 1 1 -.. nm' "g" " , ,ii 71 ,, at ' utgqxvg 9 ,AVA R Q' Q 4mIun4n:f,i:wif,.+.q. qi,-'wanna .ivrmxwxwac wgs-.ww 2-A 'M " U i M09-' -'oi 'sv-'QVQQ ,-40296 fy .fgwf A Novi- 'W-fl ' Q- x ' 14+ 'Q "09Q4g3-9 1.09248 'HMQQ-'S'yO3"mQ 'a Q.gaw, ' 403 AGO- '95 ' 7 ' ?vb?e'-9Ga"51W"iWa2'S'v2154v?4"'f.2-'Wie' WW 'M 49" f '-'gi ' ' f ,- ., ,-- I ' ,- Wai' MEM 4' "Cnr si? .. 'Q WE - - QQQQIEQat-?9S?o3'f5fW5f2Q'?9sM,154? Mmgl 0dr Mb gkgfi gl v g fl vv50ev,,a-Q me Qibnasfiffvfmv 1v:s AW w,Qef?a,qc A 50" 0. eye 2655, A 'Cf 1059-fiwga12,243-'.fm..,f21"i'9QmW,-w2'fe2faA9'w.-'"max '-M am. ,'we-- xl 239 QQQEZQQB 2,9g?gi'7?2g3,o'Q5!?!i??'Q,? wifZ'f,,9,?Z9'bg31Q ?,s, wk .' 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I n an 4.2 0, 'I 306a6"!v'bS'Q9?WQPTQQQVR-M9699mQ?s'2m5Pa?9e!9s'S2.Qa'4ee?4Q'gv.f:'64' 9?g,.f Q' -o QOQQ, bm e-.gagvyaf 4, giosbqb-afw-gba Q Q, .-fig., Q -5 gigtv Q rg, 01 59,O,4gKqf-916-9 gay w.9o,9+- ,Q wr 6'v,d'q,,O,gy , ,Q2eg:-9eafvSg9T'?pg3Q.- Qafwyseeaf e:fg9e:K-q:2!:gQ3. aQ5v2e 1'?-f,o,gf,'.9w , 919 9' vgvtfiw-2 9409204 .Q ' -'sf ' Pf094".-fs 424- 9 feh9s0sv3s4n951m-aa'eiaxesfavif-+?v'5zQ3'af2s19mw1"gr'Q:wg-rngfvsa? f i f!Qs?s4'gS-' 'SUSWQS-"QQ69"'U 'Q96'96g9v'ib a'3N'Q-fQ'3' 5' nfs' 4, 59 ' .ww wsfusi-2 2"ww.a'wM:'fwww.-1'.-'w-'s'.sQ..-'41 Q" 9Q9s9wf5w'fsev?3!vQ2'.Ys'swff1Q2'iv34s'af-'mf fwe'-w'wf!Q?"Qf'fm+'w ff ' Oi6v'ls'WQ,s'b"3.b!U'69s'?53" lf2ws0'Wa' 16-'Q-fb.. .,-w if-Q9f'65"3?i95Q9S'Q031620920effvffveciii "32aPo9j'?91d' A,u2'o.4'?. X g.9g.,4w3-Q Q., . g, . . 9-.QQQOQ sv vw. 'ff-'Bw gn 'vw Q ..- W Q v-dx J'-,ir Q '0913 it 990' 93" '3 U90 Q54 Q60 " 'J QfO"5'x ' 'il' TNQ ' 'Qfgw Cv.. vw 1 0-9 0-'fl 'P-.vs-fvf-O' v 9 1 ,f fn' o 9' s'- 2' if f1n'e:f1 -49' ' xy Qzgsgf pk, IQ., ,p 03345991 dgx ,Q avg keg, 5 ffl, ., 0 ,QQpQ,,O,w QV .Diff Q gg, W PM B939.s'iee3f5'2aQe'29S'5fva2,32Z9.w4'?33''2Q'24Qv'-F2gasf'gQ?21if3?l'5f?'2'!.'5..v K 'a.'s"'60?f'.0a194eQfsS23SW Q" svwfxwgaf'-sf2U'9..9" Q' Q.'wa-:P'3f"52'g2W1 ..a'3..i2.-:,sxqeag',asaQ.QfmQ9s1eZs2m.a0269493Qbbfiwmof.-fat.,-mf..ezgwnniz Sauter Guides Coaches The Hornet coaching staff did a great job this year, with Head Coach Richard Souter and assistants Don Cumpton and John Varnell, a new coach on varsity. This really helped the spirit ofthe team. Bob Painter coached the B team, and James Self on the Freshman squad. The 1969 Hornets owe a great deal to these men. They have taught these young men to have pride in what their doing, respect, sportsmanship, and above all, honor. These are the things that will be of great value in their life to come. Pictured at right: Coach Richard Soutcr gives Randy Pope instruc- tions while watching the game. Below are coaches John Varnell, Bob Painter, James Self, and Don Cumpton. These are the men behind the Tulia Hornets. The Hornets won three and lost seven for the 69 Football season. Football Winds Whirl Hornetsg Hornets Spank Wolves The Tulia Hornets opened the 1969 season with a loss to the Floydada Whirlwinds. The tough defense and the passing offense proved fatal to the Hornets. The game ended with Tulia Og Floydada 34. The Hornets traveled to Dalhart for their second game. ln the first quarter the Wolves kicked a field goal. In the second quarter Jerry Dickens, Don Payne, and Mike Gleason teamed up for the first score of the game. ln the third quarter Dickens scored 6 more. Follow- ing this he scampered for another touchdown. The Wolves were able to score one more before the quarter ended. In the fourth quarter the Wolves managed to score again, thus ending the game with Tulia 18g Dalhart 16. Next week the Hornets meet the Littlefield Wildcats. J. K. Milam C353 attacks a Wolf. Jerry Dickens C113 and Van Bonds 1825 give a wind a whirl K. . k.k,. ., c ,, Y' 5' G. ' ' .. i Larry Wells Jerry Dickens Hornets Tame Catsg Lions Claw Hornets ff jimmy Kilkgf Tommy Anderson captain Odell Moffett 4483 stretches for a Hornet pass. The Tulia Hornets played their first home game against the Littlefield Wildcats. The Hornets were first to seore as Jerry Dickens Went in for six, Mike Gleason booted the extra point. Littlefield took the ball for their only 7 points of the game. The third quarter seemed different as they only gave up five yards. Randy Pope, Malcolm Heiley, and Jerry Dickens intercepted passes. ln the fourth quarter the Hornets drove 60 years with Gleason adding a 22 yard field goal. This ended the game with Tulia 10g Littlefield 7. The Hornets niet the Vernon Lions for their fourth game. The first quarter the Hornets missed a 16 yard field goal. The second quarter. the Lions slipped into the end zone for six. The second half was a different story as Vernon was given. by the men in the black and white, 28 points. The final seore was Tulia 01 Vernon 34. al Gerald MeClanahan 1643 celebrates after a Hornet victory. Indians Escape Hornets Sting Steve Burrow Ronald Chandler A Van Bonds Alan Dutton Gilbert Brookins Johnny Dunn Tim Thorton 1883 goes in for an Indian scalp. The Hornets traveled to Seminole for their fifth game. ln the third quarter Steve Burrow and Van Bonds In the first quarter the Hornets connected for six. were unable to score. In the fourth quarter Jerry Dickens went for six, In the second quarter the Hgmetg ending the game with Tulia 203 Seminole 23. went in for 8 points. angers Rope Hornets The Hornets met the Perryton Rangers for their home- coming and first game in the conference. The first quarter Perryton drove to the Hornet 7 yard line before losing the ball. Then later on the Rangers drove for the first 7 points of the night, The Hornets stopped the Rangers valiant effort to score twice. The third quarter both teams battled with out any result as the ball changed hands many times. Then early in the fourth quarter the Rangers intercepted one of the Hor- nets passes to set up 7 more points from the Hornets Z3 yard line. ln the last 5 seconds of the game the Rangers managed to catch the Hornet quarterback behind the goal line for a safety. This ended the game with Tulia Og Perry- ton 16. Next Week the Hornets will travel to Nluleshoe to romp and stomp on the Mules for there revenge. Steve Burrow tl0J carries the ball for more Hornet yardage. swift, Hornets indulge before the game. Mr. Perkins shows excitement at the pep rally. 4 Hornets Sting Mules Un Tail , f,,, ,,-- 1 af-faefit. .,k, , ., f,.,, W-,:,f J l ff' l fi x , - H ' , V i f rrl rttt so fr y yysy i is 6 A, , V , o ig,li,f 6 i my w ww- Stanley bbling Bryan Finck . I i Y Jerry Dickens 1115 leaves thc Mules sitting in the grass. Doug Flowers Mik6 Gleason Tommy Golden Perry Hall The Hornets faced the Muleshoe Mules with blood in their eyes. In the first half Johnny Dunn, Jerry Dickens, and Aulbry Rogers all tallied for 6. Don Payne and Mike Gleason went for 12. Dunn also got 6 more. ln the second half Dickens and Tommy Golden got 6. Odell Moffett and Golden went for 6. Gleason and Tim booted 8 points. Results Hornets 68g Mules 0. 4 s W 6 1 ll- f f 4 M 'T sf 'N R if 5' f W Aww 9, new l swing iff? fr 9' ,, ig 4 JW ,wg gif? 'V Fr, ,aft ,, AS, ,A-2 34' , M,- A A M 59 -1- yay? ,, ,,,, , " Demons Burn Hornets Sting B4 ' x W X Hornets congregate before game. Jaimye Crawford gives a little holler. I4 Q Malcolm Hefley Gerald McClanahan J. K. Milam Odell Moffett The Hornets went to Dumas for their third district game. In the first half Don Payne passed to Mike Gleason for six. Then on another pass from Payne to Gleason for six. In the second half Jerry Dickens scored six. Final, Tulia 19 Dumas 44. J Cows Swat Hornets Sting The Hornets met the Hereford Whitefaees head on. in the fourth quarter things changed as Don Payne chunked In the first half the Whitefaces managed to score six, Z1 pass to Mike Gleason for six points plus a two point con- In the second quarter, the Whitefaees managed 14 more. version. The game ended with Tulia 8g Hereford 48. ln the second half Hereford scored 14 more points. Then 5 Come on Van smile! . ? h N' e 51' - 4 r Don Payne Danny Potter Clark Ross Tim Thorton Randy Pope Aubrey Rogers Eagles Drop Hornets ut Nest E , 5 'wt' A Lonnie Treadway The Hornets faced the Canyon Eagles for their last game. ln the first quarter, Mike Gleason kicked a 33 yard field goal. In the second quarter, Don Payne scrambled for 6, With 2 more points on a pass from Steve Burrow to Jerry Dickens. ln the third quarter Dickens went for 6 more. ln the fourth quarter the Hornets were unable to score. Ending the game with Tulia 17g Canyon 34. Daryl Tucker Gary Schwedc The outstanding players of the season are Jerry Dickens lst Robert McKonc Billy Holland Don Payne C157 waltzes in for six. team offence, Mike Gleason 2nd team offense and defense, Alan Dutton 2nd team offense, Malcom Hefley and Daryl Tucker 2nd team defense, these are all-district players, The ones who made Honorable mention are Lonnie Treadway, Steve Burrow, and Odell Moffett. Q 7 Painter Heads B Team - ., ,,,. . .- . . ,- . S.. ....+ . -- .... . ., - .. .... , J -- .. ' ' , ' ' iaiw - as 'H 1 ggmxf! iii! 3115385-S ' UL g wgygqxgss X S if Ns R 531,13 x 1 2 5 ,Q 9 Ll l t s vn izz I . '-Q 1 - ik XG , , B 3 s K gag sae S it gggggsfgs .ix l QQ . will 55098539 P ggi RGSWETS I J B 88 ' X X G Qqgf MHGRNEKQ Hum? -13' Bottom row: Donnie Inman, David Stephens, Mike Ewing, Paul Rousseau, Jimmy Watson. Second row: Steve Wilterding, Steve Hudson, Jo Bob Thompson, Harold Keeter, Lynn Smith. Third row: Coach James Self, Mike Allen, Teddy McCaslin, Brian Pohlneier, Johnny Dunn, Richard Atwood, Coach Bob Painter. Fourth row: Kerry Foster, Kirk Daniels, Steve Crawford, Robert Moore, Ted Spear, Eugene McCaslin. Coach Bob Painter headed the B Teamerts to a two win, five loss, and one tie season. These men showed l- - great promise for the 1970 Tulia Hornet Football season. J B Teamer's work hard in practice. Self Coaches Freshmen ' K ,Saw ,. .F ,, ,, we 11.325 ., , ,f . Af N X. k ,K N K -Q - 4 -Q A, , .iff -- .KQV 1, kj y ' A A f f mr, - V ., Q M .K -J 1H, , mt.- . L ia.: ...,. M. .. .omg--,-. ,. . , , .. . .. . Q ' hwy' Q.. K ,. .U-A, A5 V WN, , .... :gt N ,,,Q ,........., ravi Bottom row: Kerry Teafatiller, Russell Patton, Freddie Perez, Gary Vaughn, Don Cosby, Tony Edwards, Dewey Bryant, Gary House, Rob Henthorn, Robert Fscobedo, David Garcia, Kenny McCaslin, Jon Avent. Second row: Larry Hawthorne, Todd Bliss, Keith Kleman, Tony Jones, David Jackson, Mike Arnold, Rod Howard, Michael Fry, Jimmy Daum, Jimmy Love, Ernest Mireles, Tommy Hernandez, Jimmy Fox, Mark Dovcl. Third row: Coach James Self, Roger Flowers, Freddie Brookins, Denny Rice, Keith Foster, Johnny Malone, Mitchell Clark, John Sal- klana, Alan Ebeling, Ray Caraway, Kirk Minchew, Ronnie Laramore, Mark Cowan, Leslie Abernathy, Ronald Mote. Coach James Selfled the Freshman team to a two win, six loss, and one time football season. These young Hornets show great promise in the future with the skill that they posses. Mike Ewing C153 gets discussed as Kerry Teafiteller looks on. Hornets De-hair The Cats The Hornets traveled to Slaton to fight in a great battle to be defeated 69 to 64. Then they played the Dimmitt Bobcats in a dog vs. cat battle in which the Hornets knocked the hair out of the cats 67 to 66. Mike Gleason scored 25 points for the Hornets. They then played Lockney to be defeated 68 to 43. David Teel C305 jumps high as Bryan Finck looks on. Hornets show different moods. Hornets congregate before the game. Tim Henthorn C405 tips the ball as Albert Zungia C205 Bryan Finck C445 and Mike Gleason C245 watch. Moffett And Gleason Lead Hornets The Hornets traveled to Dimmitt to tangle with the Bobcats once more only to be defeated 71 to 61. Mike Gleason scored 25 points and Randy Jordan scored 14 points as they were high scorers for the Hor- nets. Then they went to Phillips to be defeated 71 to 61. Gleason scored 34 points. They played Idalou to whip them and de- feated them 70 to 69. David Teel was high scorer with a total of 26 points and Mike Gleason with 23 points, Odell Moffett Mike Gleason Captain Captain Bryan Finck C445 and David Teel 1303 change direc- Things get moving as a few Hornets watch David Teel boot the ball in. tions. Hornets Clean Idalou Tommy Anderson Danny Glasscock AO ornets David Teel 1305, Odell Moffett 643, and Mike Gleason 1241, atch Randy Jordan C103 shoot. Bryan Finck Coach Painter talks with his Hornets. The Hornets did battle with ldalou on home ground and defeated them 75 to 48. Mike Gleason scored 24 points. They then went to Phillips to be defeated in a great battle which ended with Tulia 63, Phillips 75. Tommy An- derson scored 25 points while Mike Gleason managed to get 22. The Hornets will next encounter the Hereford White- faces in a head on battle of Hornet vs. Cow. 113 Hornets Defeated By Demons Tim Henthorn Randy Jordan Sammy Quintenella Randy Jordan goes high over the head of a Demon. David Teel 4303 and Bryan Finck C441 prepare for the ball. The Hornets played Hereford in a long battle which ended with Tulia 60, Hereford 74. Then they fought Dumas only to be defeated 66 to 58. Mike Gleason was able to contribute 29 points to the Hornets. They then went to Muleshoe to be kicked out of the gym as the Mules pushed out in a victory of 65 to 56 over the Hornets. The Hor nets encounter the Rangers next week. Cows Step Un Hornets David Teel Albert Zuniga Lynn Smith The Hornets fought the Perryton Rangers and were de feated 91 to 66. Then Canyon flew around the Hornets and defeated them 73 to 62. Again the Hornets were disheartened as they played Hereford and were defeated 73 to 53. Sammy Quintanilla scored 10 points for the Hornets. Tommy Anderson C323 show's his style. Sammy Quintanilla 1203 goes up for two. Hornets Ramp ver Hale Center The Hornets traveled to Hale Center to romp and stomp them 84 to 76. Randy Jordan was able to score 18 points for the Hornet effort. Then they traveled to Dumas to be defeated 70 to 64. They then encountered battle with Muleshoe in which they were defeated 72 to 49. Mike Gleason got 18 points and Bryan Finck 12. OK! Everybody off the reff. David Teel rushes for the rebound. Hey Bryan! What in the world are you doing up there Cheerleaders show energy before the game. agles Perch Upon Hornets The Hornets played the Perryton Rangers on home ground and were defeated 83 to 72. Sammy Qunitanilla made 22 points for the Hornets. They traveled to Canyon to be defeated 84 to 43. Don Payne got 18 nets. Mike Gleason C245 takes a long one. Let's see! How did superman do it? 0 Pictured: Coach Bob Painter, Albert Zunigia, Randy Jordan, Bryan Finck, Tim Henthorn, David Teel, Mike Gleason, Tommy Anderson, Danny Glasscock, Odell Moffett, Sammy Quintanilla, Lynn Smith. Self Coaches WB" Team Top row: Martin AtWood,Mike Ewing, Don Payne, Ted Spear, Teddy McCaslin, Jaime Subealdea, Mark Johnson, Coach James Self Charles Bos ton. Bottom row: Steve Burrow, Tim Thornton, Dan Johnson, Joe Bob Thompson, Jay Largent. Coach Self commented, "they were good kids and they had a good coachf' Tulia 37. . . Tulia 50. . . Tulia 46. . . Tulia 46. . . Tulia 51 . . . Tulia 58. . . Tulia 51 . . . Tulia 49. . . Tulia 49. . . Tulia 47. . . Tulia 5l . . . Tulia 40. . . Tulia 59. . . Tulia 51 . . . Tulia 56. . . Tulia 51 . . . Tulia 48. . . Slaton Dimmitt Dimmitt Phillips Idalou Idalou Phillips Hereford Dumas Muleshoe Perryton Canyon Hereford Dumas Muleshoe Perryton Canyon Don Payne C143 chuncks for two Cumpton Coaches Fish W, jg 44 IU 54 14 Top row: Randy Harman, Larry Hawthorne, Tony Edwards, Robert Henthorn, Jerry Teel, Mark Dovel, Dewey Bryant, Russell Patton Coach Don Cumpton. Bottom row: Tony Jones, Freddie Brookins, Keith Foster, Henry Zuniga, Ronald Mote, David Jackson, Alan Ebelrng Gary Powell, Eddie Wheeler. 1 , 'mwaf M-...,,, Q7 or Wish I had something to drink. ,M 9' Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Friona Plainview Plainview Canyon Dimmitt Canyon Stanton LaPlata Canyon Stanton LaPlata Petersburg Abernathy Friona LaPlata Boys Ranch Canyon Dimmitt Girls Basketball Squaws Slip By Hornettes i Ha! On guard! Jo Carter 1133 shows her form. The Hornettes traveled to Friona to battle the squaws to a final ofTulia 37, Friona 38. Marsha Sharp scored 22 points. Then they did battle with the Whirlwinds that ended up in an upsetting loss with the Hornettes 44g the winds 51. Then they traveled to Petersburg to be beaten 53 to 39. Tanya Toles rambled for 26 points. Tanya Toles U57 prepares to sink a long one. Toles And Carter Lead Hornettes The Hornettes played Abernathy in a battle which ended with Tulia 43, Abernathy 50. Tanya Toles managed to score a total of 24 points. After one discouraging loss, they traveled to Dimmitt only to become more discour- aged after being downed 65 to 54. They then traveled to Plainview to do battle with the Queen Bee's only to be downed with a final score of Tulia 38, Plain- view SO. Toles again managed to ramble for 16 points for the Hornettes. The Hornettes play Fritch next. Tanya Toles stretches for a long one Tanya Toles Jo Carter Captain Co-captain ages Coach Payne talks things over with his girls. QXXQTQQ 1 P Hornettes Wipe Darrouzett Debbie Boyett Judy Carlisle Rita Clark .lo Carter C133 displays her talents. Marsha Sharp Q1 ll gets two on her shot. The Hornettes met the Dimmitt Bobbies on the court to be defeated 50 to 38. Marsha Sharp scrambled for 22 points. Then they traveled to Follett only to be downed 59 to 43. The Hornettes then came fighting back to whip Dar- rouzett from one end ofthe court to the other. The final score Tulia 60, Darrouzett 38. Tanya Toles came in for 24 points. 4 Hornettes Spank Idalou The Hornettes were disheartened as they were defeated by Fritch 43 to 40. Tanya Toles managed 25 points. The Hornettes then fought a hard battle With ldalou spanking them 52 to 28. Toles again managed 29 points. Then they went to Stinnet to fight a long hard battle with the outcome in the Hor- nettes favor with the score of 50 to 49. Jan Cook Rita Dallas Judy King Shirly Lee Judy Carlisle C535 shows her style, Surprise Tanya! Jo Carter C135 rambles down the court H ornettes Whomp Mules The Hornettes traveled to Canyon to fight a low scoring game with the final Tulia 33, Canyon 39. Then they Went to Spearman to be de- feated 55 to 40. Jo Carter rambled up and in for 20 points. They met the Muleshoe Mules on their home ground Winding up with a victory of 45 to 30. Then they Went to Slaton to win 61 to 42. Jan Parks Patty Powell Marsha Sharp Cornelia Roberts Steady Marsha! Tanya Toles C153 takes a long one. Tanya goes for two as Jo Carter watches. Hornettes Put The Stomp To Memphis The Hornettes traveled to Memphis to win 63 to 50. And then on to Hale Center to win 58 to 52. They were defeated by Slaton 44 to 66. On their last game they defeated Muleshoe 58 to 49. Debbie McCoy Arlene Latham Managcf Manager Bet I can hit it from here! Top row: Debbie McCoy, Coach Doug Payne, Arlene Latham. Middle row: Judy Carlisle, Cornelia Roberts, Jan Cook, Patty Powell, Jo Carter Jan Parks. Bottom row: Shirly Lee, Debbie Boyett, Rita Dallas, Tanya Toles, Judy King, Rita Clark, Marsha Sharp. FD D B Team Has Payne For Coach ' r Top row: Arlene Latham, Joy Cambcll, Debra Patton, Sharon Miller, Donna Durham, Coach Doug Payne. Bottom row: Rita White Beverly Du Bois, Sharon Moffett, Sharon Bookout, Debbie Powell, Gail Thurman. Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Tulia Both Sharon's get together for a little dribble. l Friona Floydada Petersburg Abernathey ldalou Stinnett Spearman Petersburg Floydada Canyon Memphis Slaton Freshman Girls Hold Promise For Future Top row: Debbie Thompson, Coach Twila Whitten. Middle row: Cynthia Raught, Shelly Wilterding, Julie Hutto, Diane Parks, Donna Davis, Ronda Love, Sue Boston, Betty Woods. Bottom row: Regina Bryant, Nita Vaughn, Sue Nobile, Debbie Dunn, Janet Inman, Vicki Fisher, Bonnii Hayhurst, Gay Galyen, Sharon Whitehead, Betty Lee. Tulia 24. . . . . . Friona 29 Tulia 45. . . . . . Floydada 27 Tulia 20. . . . . . Friona 53 Tulia 44. . . . . . Canyon 14 Tulia Dimmitt Tulia Canyon Tulia Happy Tulia Canyon Tulia Slaton Tulia Canyon Tulia Canyon Tulia Friona Tulia Slaton Tulia Dimmitt Tulia Canyon Freshmen study situation on hand Vik 3' ' 5 L A47 N, , gi, ,682 A Z 2 Milli, 1 W' ,, 5 , " V 1"4f, 4fff,: ' ' ww, U " " up ,I , ,. ,, rgrrrrr ,. ,,,.. W f W Spring Sports bffm, Track Boys Make Good lfl could only remember how Bruce did it. Coach Cumpton poses for the camera The Hornet tracksters have received the coaching and leadership of Coach Don Cumpton. The Hornets placed fifth at the district track meet. The spirit of the team was helped tremendously by three seniors, Jerry Dickens, Bryan Finck, and Mike Gleason. The boys who went to regional were Tommy Anderson, Mike Gleason, and Ricky Foutch. If you Want it, here it is. So take off in a hurry, fast Top row: Coach Don Cumpton, Ricky Foutch, Joel Keeter Tommx Anderson Mrke Gleason Doug Tr.1v1s Tom Edwards Larry Elmore Robert McKonc. Middle row: Billy Holland, Ronald Chdnler Steve Burrow C an Schwede Doug, I-lowers lzume Subeadea Danny Potter Russell Patton, Tommy Golden. Bottom row: Jerry Dickens Martln Atwood Robert Moore Kerry Foster Glldo Mum Sammy Qumtanlla Ernest Mireles, Tony Gonzlas. Esequiel Salas. Mike CBirdJ Gleason shows his style F ish Receive Self s Coaching The Freshmen were coached by James Self. These young tracksters hold a lot of promise for the future and have shown great ability this year. RM ' .fa I ., Look! N0 hands, That's a good boy Eddie! A 'I Q An ' AQ.. ah. r Top row: Don Cosby, Gary Vaughn, Freddie Brookins, Larry Hawthorne, Tony Jones, Ronald Mote, David Jackson, Eddie Wheeler, Keith Fos- ter, Jimmy Fox, Nathan Foster, Coach James Self. Bottom row: Rex Vaughn, Dewey Bryant, Gary House, Fobert Escobeda, Jimmy Daum, Robert Henthorn, Dennis Smith, Buttons Teafatiller, Alan Ebling. Girl Tracksters Hang Tough Coaches Payne and Whitten watch carefully. Sue Nobile breaks the string on her Way to state. Debra Patton works on her start. The girl tracksters were coached by Doug Payne and Mrs. Twila Whitten. The girls ran into a little hard luck as the weather caused many a track meet to be can celed. Finally when district moved around they got to participate in their first track meet and came out second. At regional only one girl qualified for state. Sue Nobile qualified in the 880 yard run with a time of 2:32. At the present time it's the best in the state. i New , -w.a,..u.s.N,,, Coach Twila Whitten and Sue Nobile. Coach Payne discusses the situation. Top row: Kay Fry, Jan Parks, Rita White,Judy Carlisle, Tanya Toles, Vicki Vaughn, Ronda Love, Nita Vaughn, Dian Parks, Debra Davis, Shirley Lee, Sue Nobile, Coach Doug Payne. Middle row: Sharon Moffett, Debra Boyett, Sandra McCune, D'Ann Vaughn, Beverly DuBois, Freda Clark Debbie Dunn, Rita Clark, Vicky Fisher, Betty Lee, Debbie Thompson, Gay Galyen. Bottom row: Debra Patton, Debbie Powell, Rita Dallas, Patty Shurbet, Jana Inman, Julie Hutto, Betty Woods, Bonnie Hayhurst, Regina Bryan, Shelley Wilterding. Juniors Win Meet In the 1970 lntra-Mural track meet the Juniors' Seniors Fish last. came in first with a Wide lead, The and Sophomores tied with the l Students gather at the finish line, 7""f Debby Hill does her thing. A F V W I V S V . . E' s Q 1 V. T7 A ' r , -A I, , f ' ,A - ., L A ' , 3 - , M 'ga - if., V I ,sziw V' -4.1 . G , nm. 1 f , ff . ' I ' 'K ' Z X 2 'A , 1 , W it , Q, ' qi , it f V V, , A lf? , 1 5, 1 ' f ., Q ' it 4 - s 1 .Tale H.,,gQYf1rS1b ' ' ' ' JV , L ' M t 1 V by ei,' awM"'4-f,aLq., 4 z.+,,:, ,, 35,2-Kg:,,. V- . 1- ., If 2 gf . S fr, P95032 N41 av, , M Y 7'Mfy5""f "W , G 'Ina , ,Lhwi 1 f 'ff, r- f,.. -sr' In , AM. N J,,,,,, ,,nf,,,-,.-Jw KL W :I y,.Xf,q.m ., H A ,fn , K. In M-, , ' f ,f f ' f , "5 W V. ms , iw ,' . , 5.4, ,fi .'11-nf'-1. r A 4 S A 4 , i 511' " 1 -' r' it W 4 Y, .I I ,I . f x Q .M f"- M, 133. :-,,f,-wp 3, wr. ,,.e, A -f V ' " A W' , , . ,,m,,.t ,ff A ,Q k1,,t..g,,,1g' -- tw ,A ml f. Q ,.,.f'f':i1fr,w- f' , 'fggiafa , .Lg H Y Vg W, !b,3,3K,,3-N, 5 39 v...,.h ,fo " 5 1, if vixifl 4-fl' ,-'W w 5 T 'IB' N 1.:'.,,g . ' ,ff si, ?,9,ff,fw w V, if A - , - , .1+,.,, ' I M fd' Sw 1' U : 1 Mgr Va A A I M .,..,,w5 - A , ,f A ,Q54x,,+M.,U,, Wt, swan- , I ,WML Wm, , ,af " A , M' V' - VLfNw f , A. gg -.-J ,e M . -,gag .,,-1?--V-f-A :F wma nf W? 1 M tg W ,'e , i t Q Q , mi, nf ..ft,.,4z'4a:f-,.t tw, 'fbi' . v W- 4 1 Kylene Byrd and Sheree Watson win the sack race for the Sophomores. Marsha Sharp prepares herself. 135 Painter Coaches Golfers all in how you hold your mouth Double or nothing Fore ........., i, B I Km T a ff' K Pictured are: David Burgess, Don Jackson, Tommy Jennings, Steve Raymond, David Harris, Coach Bob Painter. Bottom Row: Jay Largent, Gary Powell, Keith Meador, Tommy Hickman, and Ted Spear. The Hornet Golf team was coached by Coach Bob l l Painter. They participated in several tournaments, a few which were held on the Tulia Golf Course. The team was Darn it! It moved! led by Senioris Tommy Hickman and Steve Raymond. Tennis Has Coach Perr Top row: Carol Henthorn, Bunny Irbeck, Cheryl Kleman, Judy King, Cornelia Roberts, Jan Cook, Sandra Whigham, Coach Perry. Middle row: Sharon Hawkins, Leah Beth Edwards, Idalia Torres, Vicki Kiker, Beatrice Luera. Bottom row: Diana Godwin, Becky Elliff, Shelly Harris. Mrs. Janette Perry coached the Tennis girls this year. The Tennis team participated in several tournaments, the most important are the Ama- rillo Relays and the District meet. Leading the Tennis Hornettes in singles was Judy King and in doubles were Diana Godwin and Corneila Roberts. Backing the Hornetts was a "Bu team consisting of Leah Beth Edwards in singles and Becky Elliff and Sharon Hawkins in doubles. Sharon Hawkins Sprints for the ball. Diana Godwin waits for the bull. You're right! l'm the tennis coach. Cornelia Roberts watches as thc bull approaches. .hm Cook shows us u side arm fm: 1 Q fm WZ? W "Y Q f ,fffwf , M235 My AJ 42 , f ,4 Ay., ff? uf , I Mm, M ' 7iw"w,f,, A' 4. W x.f ,,m I My ', dfgjzvl, Y wffivi' 45V ww ZW' AW? :QW H, , I 4 by If .6367 114 1411? 14.81 ilibl -, .. A .1 V L ,'q 3,-q,,v,,, 10.0 1 30kh?'5i.'5'm'f QQ 3 nm AAA'-?:.r.'hq"'l.. -f I " 'KVIQPQ M ,.,, "-'h'n.Nv,,n,.suv'n:wnn.v. 'F W -w.w .'Q.-W-YW-bm-mxfx'x - - - f ' . -S 5 . .Q 13965,-'S:off5 Q"26'5996 16 5925 -'q, ' -SX Kg, '56 ' - 'K Q Q. I-3xQ0XQ-'swf ofgmwffgd 139 EQJQQQ-WQWUQ UQ Q ' c 'Q Q , E , ,v9fQQUg W f, "li!afh'Q3',"' Q Q s ' r Z 5 Qs 4 'QA.'!'o'E 'fr:f0sSqQQW+M 2 -.Q w.'b-'wh Qf 9 ,gl WO, 'iq Q , Aww 1vw'M9fm'q,-M22 Q ' 5 QHZWQQFW' Q- ' S Q ' Og Q' Q' 'v..+e"2aQAf'f12f affo Sigma: ,-'Gwmw -was X wah-'9 4. ' f , N 1-X iw ,knew-Q if Sf 0 Q We gf, f . A- x'f , QEQXQQ MQV .LN ff'f fefmpiiq ggihfuxf Nl Tmxx XIQ ' " A, ' 9 x1xiA ' ' X pf gQ .5,?,ii:'.6 if-.ff geffsgga.-'f.-g W 55 X ,,.Lr ,-f VA .Y X . A .xl 1 , l , t Q, I 'La A .V , V' 4 ' ,I A , .,' f V :Qt l 6 Q Q " , xx. 24. .xi , ? - ' V X, s? , YN M-V3 a5"5f'-0,5 'Cyn Q Q, - gh'-Q wf 'Q Q '18 4 Q cy- '-if 5 .54 f"iS'XQW'593i+?623'4W2+25?'3Q30233w'WZz22'f4?3f2-2034252562252H3539 + -.-a..ve.1'-was w'Q9Q9-'wi sm'-2 X?-'I-'6,+-2'-m wmrwf-f'0'f6 s56"'4EeesW iw '3"-"'-0-PM:-f f-M QQ-'Gow 8-'DW "Wwe 9999 -'bf if-'Wo' 4' .04 'Q' "'"6-'i3i9Kv3z'e'633498-'6'9xi5'GSf'QQg'!a?'0 a.G'fK"1:"4i - A , Qian fl5"',g152QEf5.,i pwivrw 'V M. .AQ 1- .. f.s.l3za-:g5Q's5,Ui?, YQQVOWQ tv 'U' 'M 'Q' 5- OQQX 494 W 'Q-eg W. diff- 195 MQP6 -U! v -K. , , 'QS6Q5'g?v982o'3'3'aiiV5?3'3'Y-f9i'avX'w--N W PQQQQQO3.aW'a!095Qai9QQv9f8-'Y03603375"ww-ff . kegwal3Qkegsifavs'1:3-exwssavgcef-522,621393.23-vwwas1'1,W ,... GZ,-Q9s'9e9'28" '89 '2i3iQ3'U 'SQSQQQQ 993 'QWRW 6-4239 3"53,wB"'1!a! off? Vik? rf-Q .Q,-'xbg Qwglf ,550 6x.Us.'OQ Sp 'sbp Qwlfii 155541 QL 'Q my x 15,1 -'QQ 6 QMg:vQ in 'S 'nw wlbifv -UI-Q OPg.+'Q0rQ QQ' N450 4' .19-"s'f5' Q 9.9-'Q'6 N039 -9.O2Qf Q9bQ"Q20QNqQaC5?f 99585-013' Q9 N05 8102, 'Q-'OOIQQZ 4 n'o,,-:vases-bwAa-'befpiwqo'-a'm,s3aefvbgiwm Qev'fwQ2.w-'e9szj"S'13,e-'Q 5fggQ5d.QQg9-pau, alffv-g9.'wQa"6K Q ?Qn'2t,Q'Q9eQ5,'i! .i250,v'?' gs 'cB"g.f.5Q fn x, vw sp 8,491 xafq'-5 vqs,xe,s,g. f -va Aewg'-gf.-Qu, 9 A Xb.-0 ff' .- v.f0w,e -lb Q-IQQWOJW --910 -g slbgv-1010, X' 00 45 ws'-Q'-:I -, 'l"o nwN9w.4f4Qa,a -gmg.,-mage-!wn,e.leger was QQ,v-10, 4.-1, was ov- ,- f , --. -' , ,- . L - - NK-a'a'v-M ak v -.who BOQQQQ?-'PO15o9a?'iS39304i990f8'7'9!gQg0210: e'Q0.Q- 'QQCYX .6916 Q- f S' ix was-'efawgwa ww.-,sw2w.+.aQvQ,a 2-sew'-Q.-z vim bv .M ffl' f - f 1 .' -+2 ,Y Vf - ' . ,-1-Q' 6' Q sf-mi, five brisk ,J O '9'7o94z'o9?'s'7'P9109-Q96 99s9oi961'3s,9 454-8 xwe f-we-1 1916.--0 'o- :g'4f,Q3n,-wQo're10fsf-49go.gO4.O:Q19, 9d3 fbpmifsgwis'-' 7-3-fad 4wg9,-gs we,-vs, e-'bww wawwvi wn,Q'.m,v2 aim,-new 4 5-s'34,o'.-59 -'vw e 5533, 53' QQO 'QQQW -Q'f0'lf9'CQ'cQ'6 Q'0fs6bl. 'G - '!'9fg,9,Q 'U 'i?'ffQf!' 990' its kQ-O'4Q91 'Q 0 K9a0""W O'o'9w!.9 CH"w Q"QJ5"6.+ Q07-'5'0o" if 'O 'S Q51 Def -Qfcpqlb G- 'SQQQQQWUQQ-910g0f QWv'q"-'g9"'8- view -'QODGQ9 9 2945: Q sefdigpsfe 935913-'O'WfQNg55P eQw"Q-s"b,e M fgvh-' 02a.1w4:-Fuw 9'.vQef'e.g-f' n V i X 1 Q I, QQ 0' N,,. ', Q..p., x4O,.9n ,fag Q. 4. f Q, I MQL , beQ9fQ'W.9'Qg9 Qbif 5.80 Q' O -ff,-gf' 'Q v9.00-Q.-5oO'6v.' Q f 'Wg WWQ 1 wx 0.6 X100-M' v- Sw'-'90-0 Q m9"'f'0v-"- of 'Q' ' 919 Wm-P 1 3- aw Aft' 9 .QQQQQQ uf gsiuo 0.19 9 hw' ef omgnaib gfgv -9-.Oo 5- 3 fCv1'wQpg'Qf, Q4 - 4550 Q is QJv'l'u+Q gp' Q.Q'q Qi: AQ of 40,51-9 . gl Q felpgw vw s9!oew!!,.sfQ 4909 m,g..4Q vo,,ge xo. .tv 'a,,c- Qwpdgi s' 5 s35559'0" 0?.!.99YwQ-giqhf QQQQQ-LMUT, QQWMQQ -Q.0?:Q,+ gffi 8P7!os'-.Q.'.6g4'5 ' , wr Q96 wg s fe 'Q Qvsve-'vvgwwcw f as as s?'a's-966. Q'-'Q ,. oh Ms' raw:.f-23" gzvggmgfzfvz Qi' f' .4 'WSP' ' f ' a' -'if?v QI..-s'3ff-a'.9211S.t-.q'f'Q'g, Siam- A ..gsQm?!n3a!:!2Q'iQm.s.1e?2A4.6Taa!:QQa!P3' ,.n..a!pfiv. -Legg-.?Z.Qas1.b, 42 Phillips Guides Tulia Through 69 And 70 Bob Phillips, a graduate of West Texas State University, has completed his fourth year as superintendent of the pub- lic schools. Mr. Phillips has taught in Amarillo, Bovina and Tulia. His secretary, Shelia Via, ends her second year with Mr. Phillips. As superintendent Mr. Phillips is constantly striving to better the welfare ofthe school and the students. Mr, Phillips is a tremendous public speaker and undoubtedly will be remembered by the students of Tulia. ...A Even an efficient secretary like Mrs. Shelia Via needs a moment to enjoy a coke after a morning over a 'ghotn typewriter fbottom leftb. Shelia has a hard time with her paper Work Cabovel. chool Board Gives Guidance To The Students Officers of the Tulia lndependent School Di5trict's Board this year arc: Hol Ed Toles, presidentg Harry Reeves, lice-president, and John Wilkerson, secretary. Many things rave been made successful with the help of the other mem- bers, Alva Finck, Dr. L. S. Foreman, Lloyd M. Hale, and ?aul D. Miller. The Board had many routine duties, such as the hiring of :he faculty members, approval of budgets, hearing the com- plaints of employers as Well as directing the workings of a school system of over 2,000 students. The Board Members, Paul Miller, Hol Ed Toles, president, Dr. Foreman, Lloyd Hale, Harry Reeves, vice-presidentg Alva Finck, and John Wilkerson, secretary, seem to be discussing some new plans lor the school year. Willing Secretaries Aid In School Planning This year Malcom Atwood, Donna Carter, Doris Latham, Vera Thorton, and Mary Sue Eakes help in the central office. These workers have many chores to do. There is the switchboard that has to be tended to andjust helping out the school in any way they can. Shelia Via decides using an adding machine often eliminates much erasing itop rightb. The office group finds a spare moment to discuss their weekend happenings fmiddle rightb. Mr. Atwood takes time to set up his schedule for the week Cabovej. 1 J ff. 1 f ff 5 Faculty 'ff Principal F ills Executive Shoes 4'Friendly and efficientw have to be the words to de- scribe Mr. James Perkins, the principal of Tulia. Serving his first year in Tulia he holds the respect of students, faculty, and parents alike. His responsibility is great and he takes this responsibility seriously, yet he finds time to counsel with anyone who needs it. Mr. Perkins is often seen in the halls in friendly and animated conversation with students. vs Mr. Perkins is very interested in helping the school and makes speeches trying to raise school spirit Crightj, As principle, Mr. Per- kins tries to help students understand their work. Assistant Principal Helps In School A airs Mrs. Montandon has many chores to attend to during a school day i tleftj. Mr. Pollard assists Mr. Perkins by talking to the students Cbottom rightb. It takes a person of strong determination, responsibility, and knowledge to handlefand handle well, a school like Tulia. Two such people are Howard Pollard and Mrs. James Montandon. They are in charge of attendance, registration and school activities. There are telephone calls to be made and typing to be done, which these two people assist Mr. Perkins in doing. They also have to keep a record of all business transactions made in the school. A student or faculty member will always find Mr. Pollard and Mrs. Mon- tandon willing to help. 14 48 The Art Organizations Complete THS all zg. . . 5 sw: - te Q 'l X . ,ei if-sl L- S X e 3 4' A Y ' ll 35 -s. X .-1, . -Q Y., Q 4, n nhdiuu 5 u ' 5: . i.. 1- at . At every pep rally and game there was always Mr. Brown and his ever faithful band. Helping Charles Brown this year is Mr. Bill Nelson. This is Mr. Nelsonls first year in Tulia. Mr. Bill Keck, Choir Director, also contributes to our music depart- ment. Mrs. Hipp is the new art teacher. Hn . Geraldine Hipp, B.A. West Texas State Art Bill Keck, BA. Hardin Simmons Choir Charles Brown, B.M.li. Abilene Christian College Band Math Department I n Pace Anne Shelton. M.E. West Texas State Algebra ll. Advanced Math, Student Council Don Cumpton, West Texas State Related Math I Bob Painter. B.S. Wayland College Geometry. Algebra l liarl Cox, B.S, Texas Tech Algebra l, Related Math l. With Changing World Those included in our Math Department this year are: Anne Shelton, Earl Cox, Bob Painter. and Don Cumpton. Coach Cuinpton and Coach Painter both teach P.E. Anne Shelton teaches Algebra I and ll, she also teaches advanced Math and Trig for the Juniors and Seniors. Earl Cox teaches Related Math I and ll. Each of these help to develop a student's thing ability. Coach Paintei tries to teach his students the basic fundamentals ot' geometry tbelowb. Mrs. Shelton tries to explain a problem to Coach Cumpton ltop leftj. 149 English Department Purpose: Develop New EN-sf The courses in English are designed to afford fundamen- tal education to all High School students through skill in communication and ability to read with comprehension. In addition, the courses are designed to reach students to think clearly, to write logically and effectively, and to grasp the humanitarian ideas that are contained in great literature. Mrs. Bell has a hard time staying awake through her freshman classes. Mrs. Simmons always has alot of unnecessary help Cbelowj. Some days Lonnie is just too much for poor Miss Ayers trightj. Billie Jo Ayers, B.S. West Texas State English III and IV Johnnie Henderson B.A. West Texas State English Il, World History Cynthia Simmons, BA. West Texas State English Ill and IV Kathleen Smith, B.A. Southeastern State West Texas State , English I and Il Valcria Bell West Texas State English I, Bookkeeping, Typing I , iii' 5 5 'Pk 4. f.V. j - t 42?-was A sgiigrpbxi. English Ideas To The Students 0 Tulia High 2 its Mrs. Allison decides a ehange of pace will do her some good labovel. Mrs. Perry was at every game backing the Hornets W tbottom rightj. Connie Allison, B.S.E. Abilene Christian College Spanish, World History Janette Perry, B.S. West Texas State Journalism I, II, III, P. li. Sarah Morrison University of Arizona Speeeh, Drama and English ,M gy-as SeientWc Studies Challenge Students In Science, students develop a keen outlook in the field of botany and biology. Biology and general science teach students the fundamentals and principals of every day life. These courses acquaint students with lab procedures and provide background for continuing scientific study in chemistry and physics. Donna Allred, B.S. Wayland College Physic, Chemistry James Self, B,S. West Texas State Biology, Health Sheryl Cook, B.S. Wayland College Biology l, II John Varnell West Texas State Science, Athletics N R36 SVI, gif H' rr ,Qi qc' ,wr 1 Ve 'ad LNHU Tulia High Students View World Problems Under the supervision of capable teachers, students are pre- sented witli a deeper understanding otvaried governments and common problems concerning tliem. Students are required to complete a minimum ol' three social courses in order to graduate: World History, American History and Civics. Leroy Roberts. B.S. 84 M.S. West Texas State World llistory, American History, Civics Millie Goode, B.S. West Texas State American History, Civics Tulia High School Vocational Wing Now Homemaking I learns the basic rules for preparing a meal Cabovej. Eulah Barnett, B.S. New Mexico A XL M HOIl1ClT13klI1g,ilHA Barbara Edwards, B.S. West Texas State Homemaking, FHA Geraldine Payne, B.A. Panhandle A 8a M Typing, Shorthand Enda Cox, B.B.A.. M.E. Texas Tech Office Education, OEA Mary Burgess, B.B.A., ML. Texas Tech, West Texas Distributive Education, Typing if ts :W " N E , Q X f to gg Knowing that a great number of students eventually will go into business, Tulia provides an extensive range of occu- pational courses. Students in these courses are taught not only a sense of accuracy that will go with them through all other endeavors, Home Economics provides instruction and practical application for girls preparing to become homemakers. There is Auto Mechanics and Building Trades offered for students. F uwlls Training Hopes For The Future Year Charles Hatcher Texas A SL M Auto Mechanics VICA 4 , Bill Hawkins Texas Tech Vocational . B.S Agriculture, FFA Kenneth Patton. B.S. West Texas State . . ld Building Tra Jon Whitton North Texas State Mechanical Drawing Dennis Wilke B,S. Texas Tech Vocational es s, B. Agriculture, FlfA P. E. Program Shows Personal Happenings If "'?L 1 H - ,.,,, , .,s,,', It has been a policy of Tulia that its students be fit physically, as Well as mentally, The physical education program consists of team sports, individual and dual activities, rhythmic exercises, and personal health instruction. Through participation in physical education, Tulia High School hopes to make a student a more well-rounded individual, able to apply himself academically. Varied Personnel Give Specialized Assistance Mrs. Thalia lfulkcrson Counselor 3 5 an i as c ' l 5 This year Tulia was aided by two "special ladies". Through them, students with particular physical emotional problems have been able to attend Tulia High and receive the individual attention they need. Mrs. Tucker is on duty everyday as school nurse, to HCI as a health counselor to all students. She was kept busy at the beginning of the year keeping students health records. Working in an atmosphere of comfort and friendliness is Mrs. Thalia Fulkerson. ln charge of academic, college, and personal counseling and administering various tests, Mrs. Fulkerson performs her task in a manner topped only by her sincerity, The THS Library Provides Enjoyment 'Www ,,,-U rrree . 1 s in The Library is a room or building kept for the use and collection of books. The Library can be used in many Grace Scott B-A., MIA different Ways such as reference for outlines, term papers, North Tgxag State, and book reports. West Texas State The Library can be of good help to a student by improv- Librarian ing his reading ability and interest in reading. Cafeteria Provides Nourishment For Students Personnel in cafeteria includes: Ann Langston, Lily Wood, Vera Rousseau, Joyce Love, Rose Schulte, Dorthy Boyett, Lelu Nevins. Connie Ray- mond, Francis Henderson. Pearlenc Murphy, and Christcne Gunnels. ,f 3 Custodians Aid In Keeping Tulia High Clean ijdjlilil an-.1-neun' uw The custodians of Tulia High School contribute in making Tulia a better school. Mr. Botello helps put up pos- ters to encourage school spirit. The custodians also aid in keeping the heaters in the classrooms working through the cold winter days. Seniors Seniors Achieve Much Throughout High EDDIE BARRETT f CHARLES BASHAM Vocational Agriculture, VICA Auto-Mechanics DON BASHAM PAT BERRYMAN Choir, FHA, Librarians, Art Club JOHNNY BICE Auto Mechanics, FFA, Sophomore treasurer s SUSIE BLOUNT Yearbook, Editor, Quill and Scroll, president, Librarians, Science Club, FHA , VAN BONDS FFA, Key Club, T Club, Choir, Football DONNA BOOKOUT FHA, Art Club, Librarians, OEA, Cheerleader SUZETTE BOYD . Librarians, Annual Staff, Trans- fer from San Angelo KATHY BREITLING FHA, FTA, reporter, Librarians, Quill and Scroll, vice-president, News- paper, Editor, Pep Club MELANIE BUTLER DALLANA CARLILE . FHA, president, Choir, president, Librarians, FHA State Convention GARY DON CARLISLE Band, Interact, director, FTA, VICA A BRENDA CARROLL Pep Club, FTA, Librarians, DECA JO CARTER Student council, vice-president, National Honor Society, secretary, I Band, president, VESPA, vice-presi- dent, Basketball 'A ANDREA CERDA y French Club, Pep Club, Spanish Club, DECA, Choir KATHIE CHANDLER I OEA, secretary, National Honor Society, Student Council, Librarians, Band I EMMA CHAPA School Art Club,.Spanish Club, OEA, Pep Club FREDA CLARK Basketball, DECA, secretary, FHA, Pep Club GARY COOK Jr. Sr. Banquet Server, Football, Track DELIA COOPER I Band, OEA, reporter, FTA, Choir, Librarians, FHA MIKE COSBY Auto Mechanics, reporter, FFA, Agriculture Crop Award, Band DEBBIE COX r FTA, OEA, FHA, Librarians, Dis-' trict typing contest LYNN CRAWFORD FFA, VICA Building Trades MARY LOU DELGADO French Club, OEA, Spanish Club, Junior Class Favorite Nominee JERRY DICKENS T Club , National Honor Society, Librarians, Student President, Key Club, president SANDY DUBOIS p FHA, Quill and Scroll, reporter, OEA, Yearbook, Editor, Band ALAN DUTTON , FFA, Science Club, Key.Club, T Club, Football BILLY EARL . Auto Mechanics, Transfer from Waco STANLEY EBELING Choir, Football, Basketball ROSE MARIE ELKINS FHA, parliamentarian, FTA, DECA, vice-president, Tennis RALPH ELLERD Librarians, Key Club, Science Club, Band, Art Club BRYAN FINCK FFA, president, Band, Key Club, T Club, Librarians t - JIM FINCK RODNEY FORD Science Club, Auto Mechanics, Band , RANDY FOUTCH ' Librarians, FTA, Science Club, Exchange Student in Denmark SHELLA FOX FHA, Librarians, FTA, OEA, Treasurer, Choir DAN GARDNER - FFA, VICA Building Trades I RENE GARZA Spanish Club, Art Club, Librarians FTA, Interact I DAVID GEORGE Choir, Science Club, Auto Mech- anics, DECA, Football JACK GILLELAND I DANNY GLASSCOCK FTA, President, Key Club, Stu- dent Council, French Club, Football MIKE GLEASON RAY GRAY e SUSIE GUZMAN FHA, Spanish Club PERRY HALL FFA, Reporter, Student Council, Key Club, T Club,Ir. 8a Sr. Banquet Server JIMMY HARMAN Choir, vice-president, FFA, Secre- tary, Librarians, Science Club THERESA HAYHURST FTA, DECA JO HICKMAN I FHA, Parliamentarian, French Club, President, Science Club, Secre- tary, FTA, National Honor Society TOMMY HICKMAN ' Art Club, Student Council, Golf, French Club I DEBBIE HILL FHA, Vice-president, OEA, vice- president, Miss Flame, Class Favorite, Quill and Scroll, treasurer VICKI J ENNINGS FHA, Librarians, French Club, Choir Club RANDY JORDAN JOHN KEIM FFA, Band JIMMY KIKER T Club, FFA, vice-president, Key Club, National Honor Society,Choir CLAUDETTE LARAMORE Choir Club, OEA, Basketball BRENDA LAWSON FTA, FHA, Librarians DAVID LEAVITT CONNIE LEE OEA, Parliamentarian, FTA, FHA, Librarians, Choir Club 4 KAY. LEE I FHA, OEA, president, Choir, Sec- retary, Quill SL Scroll, Secretary, Jr. Class Treasurer 2 . SHIRLEY LEE I ' Vespa, president, FHA, Choir, Basketball, Track HOUSTON LEMONS DANNY LOVE DEBI LOVE J FHA, Student Council, National Honor Society, OEA, Pep Club p DAVID' MALONE FFA, Auto Mechanics, DECA MIKE MARTIN Key Club, Band, secretary, drum major, treasurer, Science Club, Li- brarians CWADE MEADOR PATSY MASON DECA . CYNTHIA MICKEY ' FHA, FTA, Art Club, Librarians, Thespians JK MILAM Key'Club, vice-president, T Club, National Honor Society, vice-presi- dent, Librarians, Football MARK MILLER AutocMechanics, president, Key Club, Science Club, Librarians, Stu- dent Council JAN MINCHEW N Art Club, secretary, Band, FHA, Librarians ROULE MIRLES ODELL MOFFETT OEA, Thespians, Key Club, T Club,Band A EDDIE MCCASLIN Auto Mechanics, DECA GERALD MCCLANAHAN DEBBIE McCOY Vespa, Basketball, manager, Pep Club ' LINDA MCWILLIAMS DALE NEVINS DALE O'DANIEL Building Trades, reporter, FFA, StatelBuilding Trades Meeting MAUREEN POHLMEIER Student Council, secretary, FHA RANDY POPE , Vicki POWELL I ' JOE RAMIREZ- , ' Spanish Club, Art Club, Librar- ians - I J JOE RAYMOND . I Art Club, president, Thespian Club, vice-president, Band, Science Club STEVE RAYMOND Band, FFA, FTA, Track, Golf KEITH RICE FFA, Auto Mechanics E . CORNELIA ROBERTS Basketball, Tennis, FHA, Art Club DELTAH ROBERTS Basketball, Cheerleader, FHA, president, Senior Class treasurer, Li- brarians , JOHNNY RODRIQUEZ DENICE ROSSI Jr. and Sr. Banquet Server, FTA, oEA, FHA, Science Club CARLA SCHUSTER ,- MARSHA SHARP Basketball, Vespa, secretary, Na- tional Honor Society, treasurer, Librarians, secretary, FTA, treasurer RHONDA SHARP Q Librarians, Science Club, FHA, Art Club, Band ANNETTE SIMON Basketball, FHA, FTA, OEA, Annual Staff LLOYD SINGER RITA STARK Choir, secretary, FHA, OEA, Key Club Sweetheart, Miss Flame Nomi- nee DICK STARNES Auto Mechanics, VICA, treasurer, DECA, treasurer RANDY STEPHENS Football, Track, Auto Mechanics, vice-president, VICA, DECA, Parlia- mentarian I KAY THOMAS Choir, Pep Club, Future Nurse's Club ESTHER TORRES Spanish Club,OEA ' LONNIE TREADWAY Football, Track, T Club, Key Club FTA p I I DARYL TUCKER Senior Class, vice-president, T Club, president, Football, Track TOMMY TURNER ' ' VICA, president, FFA, reporter, 'Attended ,State VICA meeting in Dal- las, District IV Sweetheart escort JIMMY TYLER Band, vice-president, Interact, director, Student Council, Science Club, VICA ' q CINDI WARD A A Band, head twirler, Basketball, Track, Annual Staff, Jr. and Sr. Ban- quet Server LARRY WELLS J Junior Class favorite, Track, Foot- ball, captain, Senior Class, president Texas-Oklahoma Lt. Gov. District VII ' SANDI WELLS Jr. and Sr. Banquet Server, Stu- dent Council, OEA, FTA MIKE WESLEY DECA, reporter, Football, Track, Quill and Scroll, Science Club ' I BECKY WEST RICKY WHITE KATHY WHITEHEAD . FHA, FTA, Choir, Librarians, District Librarians Convention II and III , O'HENRY WILLIAMS PAUL WILLIAMS . NELLYE WILLIS Basketball ,'Track, Choir, Regional Track meet g JIMMY YANDELL Football, manager, VICA, parlia- mentarian, FFA A s 4 T115 Seniors AnxiouslyAwait Graduation a Above: Kathy Whitehead seems to be a little con- fused in reading her book. Below: Dale O7Daniel and Tommy -Turner seems to be enjoying their building trades class very much. I Barrett, Eddie m Basham, Charles Basham, Don Berryman, Pat Bice, 'J ohnny Blount, Susie Bonds, Van ' Bookout, Donna Boyd, Suzette Breitling, Kathy Fzmdy Pope. David Lczrvitt, :md Odell Moffctt admire the graduation invitations in trying to decide on how many they will nccd to ordu for hc Big Day. V Butler, Melanie Carlile, Dallzma Carlisle. Gary Don Carroll, Brenda Carter, Jo Ccrda, Andrea Chandler, Kuthic Clrupa, I-imma Seniors In UEA Club Win Float Decoration Clark, Beverly Clark, Freda Cook, Gary Cooper, Delia Cosby, Mike Cox, Debbie Delgado, Mary Lou Dickens, Jerry The OEA Club of 69-70 Won the float decoration in the Homecoming Parade in honor ofthe Tulia Hornets for the night game. Students As Well As Players Exhibit Spirit qw My Sw' .sw DuBois, Sandy Dutton, Alun Earl, Billy Ebeling, Stan Elkins, Rose Marie Ellord, Ralph Liss, lcy QNX Above: Rita Stark tried her lizmcil at ringing the bell after Tulia's vic- tory ovcr Dalhart. Bottom left: Senior boys saw that the Rebel Flag flew during thc I-lornet's song Dixie. Bottom right: Senior boys reminisce while eating their last meal at the varsity football table for the year of I969-70. Sports Show AppeailiF0r Both Girls Ami Boys Finck, Bryan Finck, Jim Above: Jerry Dickens despcratelv tries for Z1 fdw more yards. fjord' Rodney Top right: Tanya Toles tries for point against Slaton. Fouich' Randy i Fox, Sheila M Gardner, Danny - Garza, Rene . George, David Gilleland, Jack Glasscock, Danny Gleason, Mike Grziy, Ray Vance Senior Girls Life Was Unique Guzman, Susie Hall, Pe rry , Harman, Jinimy Hayhurst, Theresa Hickman, Jo Hickman, Tommy y Hill, Dehby S Jennings, Vicki Jordon, Randy Keim, John I n Tulia High Above: Seniors anxiously avvaitfor the 4 N koiclock bell which will mean they have completed their High School Career. Below: Donna and .laimye were at every game backing the Hornets. -- nderclassmen Look p To The Seniorsl0f,70 Kiker, Jimmy Laramore, Claudette Lawson, Brenda V Leavitt, David D Lee, Connie Lee, Kay V Lee, Shirley ' Lemonsg Houston Above: Just because Bryan Finck appears to settle for just Deanne Evans, she seems to have some feelings for Larry Wells also. Bottom right: Larry Wells and Randy Pope are trying to persuade Keith lfoster not to invade Se- nior territory anyrn-ore. V Minchew, Jan Mirclcs, Roule Moffett, Odell Mcfaslin, liddic Love, Danny Love, Dgbi Martin, Mike Mason, Patsy Meador, Wade Mickey, Cynthia Milam. J K Miller, Mark ,Q :iii ms 5 5 Si? f ,5 , A 5 Abovczlcrry Dickens loads the Pledge of Allegiance at every assembly. Bottom left: Coach Souter is leading the Senior boys in a strike against studing. i Studentsi Say Gioodbyes To Departmg Senwrs Top left: JK is slaying .his last goedbye to Mrs. mons after graduation. Middle left: Chita is having great diffieglty cleaning opt her locker at the end of' w school. - McClanahan, Gerald McCoy, Debbie V McWilliains,x Linda NevinS, Dale! O,Daniel, Dale Pohlmeier, Maureen Pope, Randy Powell, Vicky Ramirez, Joe Raymond, Joe ' Ulla Provides Answers 0 Senior uestions Raymond, Stevc Ricc,Kcith Roberts, Cornelia Roberts, Delta Rodriquez, Johnny b Rossi, Denise Schuster, Carla Sharp, Marsha Seniors Blossoms All Year Round Through THS 2 i Above: During Twirp Week Jo had to do the things Lonnie usually did for her. Bottom left: Jimmy seems to be saying yes to one of Debby's questions. Bottom right: Larry dis- plays his pucker power to Kathy. ' Sharp, Rhonda V Simon, Annette Singer, Lloyd Stark, Rita Starnes, Dick Stephens, Randy A group of Seniors decided to go for a r1de during the extra few mm utes of lunch. Thomas, Kay Treudway. Lonnie Tucker, Daryl , Turner, Tommy V Tyler, Jimmy Ward, Cindi Wells, Larry ' Wells, Sandi Wegley, Mike west, Becky White, Rickey Whitehead, Kathy 5 THS Seni0Srsi'Sh0w Di erent utlook Un Ll e Top left: Seniors are proud to show off their Senior rings. Middle left: Mark hides his tears at the thought of getting his hair cut. Middle right: "Van, do you ever ex- pect to learn English. Bottoni left: Bryan one of these days, your competitor will leave for good. Bottom right: Mike put- ting makeup on Sandy, I MK' 52 Ui, :z ' if 5' Senior Highlights Dreams O Tomorrow Mzxed Wlth The Reallty :- 7" Q gf 5 M P' T31 la i , N 3 4' v Q n I I ZYTJ SPP? "fi, t is , A , 'Rik fig ffl ' wak e ' ' 15" G, -' ,,'f, 'nf " 27, ,, V g f 'Url '- 'lf 9 if' or ' if' 5 f:-' 11 14 7 'Q 4 if . ,,. ,, V V! mf' ,Q 37? W? 7 rrro r ' 'le if Of Today G0 Into Making Senior Highlights D I-lin Senior Day Is Devoted To Visiting College Upper right: Girls pause before entering the University Complex. Middle right: Thesc girls seem busy looking for college sweatshirts. Lower Left: Pausing to rest their feet, these girls look at ease in Brown Hall at West Texas State University, Lower right: Senior girls visit West Texas. ,I f nl Tulia High School gives each Senior the opportunity of visiting a . l college that he might possibly be thinking of attending in the fall. The new Seniors journey to the colleges and usually spend some time looking at the various buildings and visiting with faculty. ld South Is Theme O Junior Senior Banquet The Juniors honored the Seniors with a banquet, and this year the theme was 'The Old South". Servers were selected from the Sophomore Class and were dressed in the old south tradition. A fine meal was served by the Ezra Jones Cafeteria and both the Junior and Senior class members seemed to en- joy themselves as they relived the days of the old south. Upper left: The Grand March was a very impressive sight. Upper right The servers seem to be having a very enjoyable time. Lower left: The theme this year was the "Old South". The cafeteria was decorated in the southern tradition with an old mansion being the focus point. Seniors Review Their Past In An Assembl Every year a Senior Assembly is given to take a look into the past and remember the last four years of high school life. To remember all of the fun and excitement, but also the sorrow and tears that were shed in the course that these young people chose to go. Upper right: J oe Raymond and Melanie Butler read the Senior Wills. Lower right: Seniors have two likes-motorcycles and girls. is :. Middle right: The Tug-Of-War is acted out by a group of strong Seniors. l Fsfii-35 111 2 ' 1 if? si lik T' X 15:1 35 A , ei SW 1: - .: if 5 le QW is Q25 M an 1. Qi .ew eefvis-f, . i?lfZ1:f'z-l,f1',i?HK sk?-li s - gferg- .ln 4 :Jax gi H' ' 3-E gi '41 Ei if:-1 Mm l ,., 5' 1 if ' 1 fr: g, 2365 36.3. if .M r Z. Ai is S1 S. i f --, - :em sex W ...M .. ...A 4, , M - f ' be K2 f .. - Ez fmfevz ' 3 .:.' , feng. Q ek Fm M 'F Wff w'9fl if 'A Vvgxwldlw? 'W 'zzffiw M , gig W M. Mmwi were We veswwmmbfwlmmmm M M34 'avr 'M WWW' WW ,gr 19912 Q gl M NW, M 6 5551 JWM -1 i' ' ' is preevifmewmwf '--11'-'fiiff' ..... f .. ff M3 N, iliwklmge. .... M fy, ..... ..5bu..M ,rare r , -...-,,..,,... ..... .Z.TV,iwL?,m,,LL2z,x,,W , W. W agile- He-'r'-e exft-W, . , I-vfxifself-Me? 'M' H " I W"mW5'.W-- ,. V W j vyl- .i7fjw'AW'ffm-fffwwwm...,. ., ,... ,M Q W 3, , H- .... L .-4 " f A. , W ,zifgr fs NE .1 f- .f -ew-f?'f'f:wivile-"Lisiriif b,., E , , 1 al l ,ii YN I l Ti Q35 1 1 f 5 l i ke Q A life ' i n fill. Ill., Q je - ,W ryej M i ie . Q f ' , i i i Palo Dura Can on Is The Site f Senior Trip A-wi 3 'ir t For the Senior Trip, the Graduating Class of 1970 went to Palo Duro Canyon. They left early in the morning attired for a picnic, and re- turned late that evening caked with mud, wet, dirty clothes, and several cases of sunburn, wind- burn and Devil's Slide burn. Upper left: Everyone seems to be having a most enjoyable time. Middle left: Dinner was catered by Sutphcn's from Amarillo. Lower left: These girls seem to bc buried in their thoughts. Lower right: Sponsors going were Coach Painter, Mr. Pollard, Mrs. Goode and Mrs. Allred. sis AQ' ,tin , s M, v -QW iymh 4 THE ROAD GOODBYE The road I took was named Goodbye The path looked strange. I wondered why It left familiar things behind. A hand caught mine . . . I paid no mind. The stranger never once did say Just what had brought him on my way. On we went, and some afraid I wished I hadnit come, but stayed. All the friends that I once knew Took a road named Goodbye too. There were no two roads just the same Though all were called Goodbye by name The road went ong we went on too, And I was sad, for then I knew That never could I be the same Having walked down Goodbye Lane. And though I couldnit understand We walked together hand in hand. We said no words, but just walked on, I thought of things now past and gone. I thought of games I'd lost and won, I thought of all the things lid done, I thought of those I loved and cared, Of times we'd had, of things we'd shared. I thought of those Iid come to know. Just knowing themethey'd helped me so. I thought of things, of tears I'd shed . . . Those same things now brought smiles instead The tasks I'd done, those left to do I wondered how I'd make it through When something inside seems to say, "The best you can from day to dayf, The way was roughg I knew the score, It never ends . . . thereis always more. But now I know that all in all Each thing in its won place will fall. I thought of all the happy days, The sad ones now just seemed a haze, And in a flash I came to see How much the past had meant to me. We walked along-I wondered where The future led and what was there. The past still echoed from behind I was its, and it was mine. But in my heart was still a fear, And in my eye a shining tearg Yet on my face there was a smile, And we walked forward all the while, I walked along the road Goodbye. I looked back once . . . I heaved a sigh. Then I remembered at my sidef My silent, but my constant guide. The stranger's hand I felt in mine. I looked into his face this time. I asked his name-he turned just so, He smiled and said, 'Tm called Hello." QL W, .... , L juniors any Moods Are Displayed During Junior Year N .. ibty y, ,- . - X fi .S Si Q R C 1 X mf' If Q. Ae ' A 1. 65 ' r i f A Os . ,... . X K V I t Alsup, Simona Anderson. Tommy Arnold, Mike Atwood, Martin Bauer, Rhonda Berry, Debra Black, Nick Bliss, Scott Boggess, Venita Botello, Abel Boyett, Debbie Burrow, Steve Campbell, Randy Carlisle, Judy Carlton, Carla Chandler, Ronald t 2 1 , Top right: Deanne Evans tries to retrieve all of her candy before someone else gets it. Bottom left: Jaimye Crawford goes through her motions for the FHA Club. Right bottom: Patti Powell tries to decide exactly where she got lost. TH S Juniors 6Deck The Halls' For Homecoming mm. Above: Vicki tries to hide in a locker, so Mr. Pollard won't see her short dress. Top rihtz During Homecoming the Junior's decorated their hall for the Hornets. Bottom right: Jan, Denice, and Monica let their feet breath. Cook, Jan Crawford, Jaimye Dallas, Rita Davis, Deborah Elliff, Becky Ellis, Sonja Ehnore, Larry Evans, Deanne Evans, Nancy Flores, Aaron Flowers, Doug Foster, Tamara Foutch, Ricky Fowler, Charles Fry, Kay Garcia, Josie Gardner, Earl George, Monica W at if H9 W .. - 4 f 1 . 1 my B ga, f Mg? 2 Z Q George, Steve Godwin, Diana W Gonzales, Ruben i -- j f , 9 sf if We ig A Q Gore, Vickie ' Green, Jimmy Harris, Shelly Hawkins, Sharon Heiley, Malcom Hcnthorn, Carol Henthorn, Tim Hiett, Brenda 5 A ,-- .l v 2 f ,W ' ,Y X FW K ...A Q 8 , I ff, i Hooper Keith Irlbeck Bunny Jaekson Don 5' wha! 'E' ,Lf Jackson Janet Jennings Steve Jennings Tommy ,-4-' Top left: Randy and Marci are flipping coins to see who will do the homework this time. Top right: lt seems that one ofthe Junior girls told a good joke, sure wish they would tell the rest of us. Bottom left Steve is trying his best to hammer the nail in without breaking off the head. 9 Facult Aid Juniors Through Di icult Times Johnson, Dan P I ,Y Jones, Vicki i ' Q L P I I Q ix- i Keeter, Joel - ,E l X Q ' , T M1435 f"- ' AE ' Kikci, Vicki 1 if if , 1 ies King, Judy ' it i i i Kirkland, Kathy tx . '--'- 5 - A ii ' t Kleman, Cheryl , X,., V I' I Q .. Largent, Jay N Lathamf Aman V ' Sis if i -- - ii if ffnig- '64 1 M32 ..-ig. Loring, Marci U 5 I ' - x , I McCaslin, liugene 5 ' . M ' McCracken, .lo Beth l i - i - I N ' 'Q , i M A ,,,' 3- i x b 1 -- -X i ly M 3 . M , ,G ,iv f Above: Tommy Anderson can hardly Wait for his change when his mind is on the food. Middle right: Vicki Jones tries to get into her locker again. Maybe she will be able to get in next time. Bottom right: Danny Potter sure is a messy painter. Thanks to Mrs. Hipp he stays cleaner in Art. Juniors Stick Together Throughout The Year Top left: Deunne seems to think she is the one leading the band in marching Above: Juniors have 21 little fun on the merry-go-round betore they bctome seniors. Below: Jo Beth thinks her shorthand looks like ehitken .f scratching. , . Mahancy. Randy .T Mansell, Terry fe vt Q A ewes his Marshall, Henry Meudor, Keith Morgan, Phillip Murrell, Lyndcll Neill, Randy if :va as 5 Nolen, Joy -vt . , .5 . Oler, Karen r -wg' JV, - A Ya gi . m N' Advertisements Are Taken In B The Juniors Above: Debbie Boyett and Tommy Golden show their secret to popularity. Below: Scott Bliss says that Scope could not have been left for him be- cause he couldn't have bad breath. Are you the Green Phantom? Parks, Jan Patton, Debra Patton, Howard Potter, Danny Perez, Tony Powell, Patty Powell, Randy Ramirez, Sylvia Raymond, Gary Rogers, Aubrey Ross, Clark- Ruiz, Eva Sanderson, Paul Schwede, Gary Scott, Shirley Sherrod, Charles - --is va, ,Q ,se we , iii Pee? t, N I S if f, -"A ', - . -..' 5 , N . K E mio , ,Y , , ,WW , l ,,,,mn-f ',,,....-. ff? sg, , Q 1 x , . if ' j Y' 8 igy . s A - s .N ,. 5 -Q fr - 5 Story, Larry A View Sturgcss, Robert W- V Z, n YV.. ,, , Sturniun, Jeffic -ei A -1A' T. -' -, X , P , . , , iz,- H . I , ,, TLaf.1t1ller,B.1rry T ' it V,,' ' 'T Qi, Tee1,Duvid I V glv Thornton, Tim Toles, Tanya Travis, Douglas M, ,l. Vaughn, Bobby Vaughn, Vicki Watson, Virginia ' . X g tm X V 7 Jpperleft: Joy is proud to show that she has that Maclean appeal. Upper middle: Robert is known as the freshest mouth in school. Dentyne didn't lo it for him. Upper right: Charles is charging up before his next class. Above: Juniors are doing their part to stump out acne pimples. W 4 Juniors Work Together To Better Tulia High Above: Cheryl Kleman and Ronald Chandler work together to make Tulia High a better school. Middle right: David Teel and Malcom Hefley showed their Whitefaee at the Tulia Fat Stock Show. Bottom right: Layne Williamson seems to have forgotten his comic book again for the tenth time this week. West, Judy Whigham, Sandra Wilfong, Garry Williamson, Layne l +1455 , Hi 'ml 1 ith' 'ea C 1 ,W kb , J 2 f 1 f to 2 if EIN' i Qld I Ejl l 1 at V' ,i,f,k, Juniors Await The Da They Will Be Seniors Upper left: Lyndcll Murrell tries to hide so that Mr. Whitten won't call on him. Bottom right: Malcolm l-leflcy looks bcwil dercd as he begins to study for his finals. Below: .lan and Aubrey go ily hunting. fx., Nun. , if Willis. Charlene -, - Zuniga, Albert 1 iii. xl ,,L , S' M S W f Sophomores Band Represents Tulia In The Amarillo Fair 44, ,iv X M Q f C' dm f gt A Yr ee, i tr e X rf X L , , :QN K if if 4 1 S5 , A -..., Q X 1 x-X u.. - . ar f. E S, 1 tkbrn x Q 0 i QW rp 1 1 .. 1 e A t ..,, , ' L .A 5 X '- Q' ' B s ,ee A t s Cosby, Sharla B V a, t Crawford, Patti . - , ef . 1 , " m g ' is 5 lt' 1 .. sd ,, -.Q te P . EK jg. ,as , Crawford, Steve Davis, Cindy Daniel, Kirk Doan, Charlotte Allen, Mike Arnold, Pat Atwood, Richard Barnes, Jim Bob Barrett, Dixie Barrow, Sammie Basaldua, Santos Bice, Jimmy Bookout, Sharon Borehardt, K Linn Boston, Charles Botello, Manuel Brookins, Mae Burgess, David Burrow, Roberta Byrd, Kylene Cagle, Vesta Campbell, Joy ,"' Above: Charlotte Doan and Dewey Bryant try to decide what to take home to the family, during the band trip to Amarillo, Far left: Bandsmen were ready to start to Amaril- Q lo, where they were to demonstrate their marching skills. 'I9 Drama Department Presents A School Assembly - mfff mn,r,m 2 , ' ,, Billy Holland gave a patriotic speech in the assembly given by the Drama Department. Doan, J an DuBois, Beverly Duncan, Marvella Dunn, Johnny Durham, Donna Edwards, Leah Emmitt, Johnny Ervin, Sharon Ewing, Mike lfinck, Zane lfoster, Kerry Garcia, Job Garcia, Delia Gaylor, John Goss, Carl Grubb, Pat Hall, Billy Harris, David Heard, Marilyn Holland, Billy Hutson, Johnny Hutson, Steve Johnson, Mark Inman, Donnie a ff ff .,. ! ff ul 1 ls f 5' . rf 1 "1 5' 1 4, 7.-0 N f 2 S -Q. x ,Q-V ,- A fi f M A N, f 4 V- Wg, I M2 za?" ,Zff,.Z,- 'WV 5 Y .. V 4 , '11 ,faazs ff! f y , J j MMM VA , V at I:-' ' fy. VA fin if .,,, A Q-aa -, , E E 41: K w xv. Ms gr is is S. iq rx X s 5 if is Q - . 5 . nfl 'nn' 1 -.. W 'I+ N me L. if fum. Keeter, Harold K Kesler, Justin a ' r I Qbl Kiker, Charla . - A 8 Kleman, Cyndi ' A A A Kleman, Jean a w . qzqzq :Q . Lavender, Jack 1 Lawson, Janice Lee, Kathy A 'Q K' Long, Diane + . ' iff .E ' E, b Love, Skip ,Q : Luera, Beatrice T Martin, Debbie X. .71 , L Q Mason, Michael Mata, Gildo Metcalf, Nancy ' -- Mickey, David X. ---' Miller, Sharron Medina, Elvia ei . iw-L if Elma: Top left: Sophomores help the school band by play ing during the pep rallies. Bottom left: It seems that some of the sophomores stayed up too late last night studying. F F A Boys Show Their Livestock In Tulia Show ,fi Moffett, Sharon Moore, Robert Murrell, Cynthia McBride, Barton MeCaslin, Teddy MeCur1e, Sandra McPherson, Mary Nobile, Joan Orr, Cathy Payne, Don Perrin, Iirrie Pepper, Brady Phillips, Charlotte Pohlmeier, Brian Powell, Debbie Quintanille, Sammy Ramos, Priscilla Reagan, Tim 5 . M W . ' Q ,,., W My P f , ' , , f i P f f A . 0, - J P fr , Q N A :V I VV I i f T. H V flf ' V ,, Xxx' 5 , f A ' N 'z f ,X I., , ,Q 9 QV V me A EQ f ' if 2, A i ,.,,,: if V , 541 f " 4 1 2 f f X W, W, ,vers , v,,,, ,Q si. .- Above: Steve tries to convince his hog that he is the best one there. Far right: Paul tries to decide which pig to play with next. Students Demonstrate Their Speaking Abilit ht Q, ' a L4 '-1 2:5 4 1 eet' 54.1 if 3 rf 6 v ,QQ - V Q! "tn" I 1 g fav ,gd YF. if 3 as A ' V-Q ff t Rhoads, Steve Rousseau, Patsy Rousseau, Paul Ruiz, Gloria Satterfield, Sheila Schwede, Charles Scfcik, Carson Simon, Mike Smith, Carrolyn Smith, Lynn Spear, Ted Stephens, David Stephens, Patricia Stephens, Patti Left: Kathy demonstrates her speaking ability in an assembly to the students. Future Nurses Prepare To Aid The Communit Below: THS Future Nurses of America anxiously await to go out and heal the world. Far right: Sharla Cosby decided that Ralph had been in there entirely too long. Subealdea, Jaime Taylor, James Thompson, Joe Bob Thomas, Glen Thurman, Gail Vaughn, David Vaughn, Dee Ann Watson, Jimmy A 3, 4 ',,i.:2 . ,, A In Q4 33'-7 mfg Y lr my se. 1. :S -ml Wa n-'jf xv ' Q1 Jw! M a, ,MW ,Q I 'W ' wvffmw H fm' we , W V J ft W! 1 ww W , ,, m fg, , i V,,W,, N ' Watson, Sheree Wesley, David Wesley, Ricky West, Cindi White, Rita Whitmire, Jayleen Wiltcrding, Steve Wood, Billy Young, Johnny Zuniga, Mary Middle lcit: Charla Phillips is bewildered as to where to start her picture. Bottom left: Jackets were presented to the boys lettering for the first time in football. WWW' fe Freshmen Freshmen Take Part In Various Organizations Z Q ' D Y :IQ Q A 3 A C Qi -SMMHQXC.. - t L All , ,, , N: ,gk 1 rd N X. Mm y , i s y 'P'Q if tif N? its ' ix M... 5 X , V af, Y ' if Ft1r?2l'? it Q 'JE 0 awww E as Abernathy, Leslie Arnold, Mike Avent, Jon Barham, Mark Barham, Max Bivens, Laquita Bliss, Todd Boston, Sue Box, Cathy Boyett, Jerry Bryan, Regina Bryant, Dewey Cagle, Rhonda Caraway, Ray Neal Carothers, Tommy Casanova, John Cerda, Elodia Childress, Bill Chitty, Donnie Clark, Mitchell Clark, Rita Clary, Debra Cosby, Don Cowan, Mark Daum, Jimmy Davis, Donna DeLaRosa, Mary Dovel, Mark Drake, Harold Dunn, Debbie Freshmen band members participate in the Amarillo Parade with the band. 2 O6 THS Freshmen Experience New esponsibility Top right: Mr. Cox is trying to show his Algebra stu- dents the techniques of interest. Ebeling, Allan Edwards, Tony Eggemeyer, Mary Jane Escobedo, Robert Fisher, Vicki Fleming, Deborah Flowers, Roger .asf-teresa. -vlz H I f ,, Foster, Keith 1 ' ' " " A Foster' Nathan i '11 K 'S' an f- ' , fi i K " S A iii l l Fowler, Kenneth il " , K . A FOX, Jimmy Ale .:,, 'R K. . ,. 7 ., , K ' ' Fry, Michael ,,t:,.: ::q I ' A A L I , fi I are 'K Galloway, Brenda , a ii it A Galyen, Gay Q l X Q Gonzales, Lupie ,E 5 ' 5 s o Harlin, Robert ' W - r 3 A X 'Eff Harman, Randy ' Q . Q ' ' ' X Hayhurst, Bonnie f'f ' -. 11 - h ' ' Q, W' .x' 'i'i all N. 23 ,X ' mx Heard, Allan Henthorn, Rob , - Hernandez, Ramona -V A QQ r. f -' ' ' Hooper, Dian X Ai K .ev Hotchkiss, Phyllis 1 ' V D iu , 3 ,.-' as X 'R House, Gary l 'I' I if Q . ' we E - . " E MS 5' 3 Howard, Rodney bl Q b .K K Hutto, Julie 2 K . ee ' ,,,,. , Inman, Janna K N I ,Q . .,': ., N ' , Jackson, David 'I A g ' Q . 5 I r Jobe, Teresa .. - ., ,. ,K 1 . S 1 QQ- , 1 . X r w , -. Jones, Tony I A fi x ' J 51-w i SSN ?-x X 'E' 55. in TP i' . 1 qs ix, if P 4 . U Nt ., E Q ' J 1 'X K. I X by 'FF ' Q gg Q- Y f ,. ,sl , RV . if Hu WSXK Kirkland, Janine Kirkland, Steve Kleman, Keith Latham, Mark Larumore, Ronnie Lee, Betty Love, Jimmy Love, Rhonda Lucano, Elizabeth Malone, Johnny Martinez, Rita Maughan, Denny Minehew, Kirk Mireles, Ernest Mitchell, Roger Montandon, Roxanne Moore, Colene Morris, Sherry Mote, Ronald McCaslin, Kenny MeKone, Robert Nobile, Sue Parks, Diane Patton, Russel Perez, Alice Powell, Gary Pruitt, Cheryl The freshmen's first accomplish- ment in High School, was the dee- oration ofthe Freshmen hall for their first homecoming. g .f We V R range ' my R S -fy - ,, ,,, 'L , 33' . g yr, 4 giv , l 1 Y N5 ws, . nderclassmen Prepare For The Future Years Simmons, Melinda Simmons, Renee Smith, Dennis Smith, Dianne Subealdea, Eleazar Teafatiller, Kerry Teel, Jerry Thompson, Debbie Torres, Idalia Turner, Rance Vaughn, Rex Vaughn, Garry Ramirez, Nancy Raught, Cynthia Reiss, Kandy Rice, Denny Rosas, Ester Saldana, John Sanderson, Janet Scott, Betty Scott, Larry Scroggins, Tommy Sharp, Pam Shurbet Patty 'Sv' , , ,,., R t ri, wt is U .. News he 3 'SN k V L , ,,,,,, www ex is ' . , SR' sg, -- I rar s f ,,.., .Q ,M - , S! E if .,,,, r y S ,,., ,, - 3. , , RQJY , rfws?ie,:w:5 eng, mg ,.,i2W'fz,.-V, T? Above: The Freshman football team works hard to get a chance to play on the Hornet team. Bottom right: Bonnie and Ronda came prepared for the cold game. 1 -1-nv,-fx-:www v.w1U'l YY: XIRFVWK F' XL W5 I. FTQX 5 - e . .I R' 'DWQ KSQQYYQYYYWYW 9 1. ,,"gmg1"' 5' ,. - , M Pia of iii ai1ii,issi.l3glx,Xit , saga? ggi! ,gif S f - Qkqisi-diggs' Nr .x 5 - . he W, V ee ,Q .. . .. .m.+4 ...a2 . Laci. V 4 5 , f k - .,,. Q .. S ' l ' 'T W ' ' W wi 4 if . ,r ,P y , , ,. X i xkg -sf ,xxx fg xf , A Wood, Donna V A 5 Zapata, Connie " .K Q, If ,, ' Zuniga, Henry ,.,. wp I Xi 1 i L S .L K i If wx .L Whitehead, Sharon Whitworth, Reba Wilterding, Shelly Wood, Betty Top left: The lfreshmen were at every game supporting the Hornets. Middle left: Max looks forward to his study hall so he can catch up on his sleep. Vaughn, Nita Vickers, Vickie Weaks, Victor Wesley, Debra West, Glen Wheeler, Eddie 9 Advertising 0,300 Heard-Jones Drug 101 E. Brpadway QA . u-. 995-3551 Tulia, Texas J. W. "Hapl' Rodgers Representing Southwestern Life 69 Fannin Drive 995-2830 Insurance Co. See I-lap for your Life lnsurance-HospitaIization- Savings-Education Plans-Farm Loans He is your friend for Life Tulia, Texas Huxford Department Store 137 East Broadway Tulia, Texas 79088 995-3331 - Starnes Cara e IVI and IVI Electric 9 General Repairs Service Calls InduStfialCOmmefCialaf1d lvlagnetos and Air Conditioning General Electric Contracting Well Engines Starters Mike Powell Owner Owners Kenneth Starnes Lou Starnes 995-4343 107 S. Hale 220 West Broadway , 995-3232 Tulia, Texas Tu I ia, Texas Li nda's House of Beauty 222 vv. Broadway 995-3101 Tulia, Texas Story's Studio anne? cjwcnifww Tuliais Complete Compete Home Photographic Service FUm'Sh'n9 209 N. 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Highway 87 995-4545 ' Tulia, Texas A 8 H Printing and Office Supply Printing Typewriters Adding Machine Office Supplies 121 E. Broadway 8061995-3220 Tulia, Texas 79088 T. A. Hayhurst-Owner Custom Service Is Our First Aim Triangle Butane Co. Butane and Propane 220 N. 87 Avenue 995-3090 Tulia, Texas This Autograph Page ls Provided By: Tulia Livestock Littlejohn-Vaughn Auction Agency 995-2202 Dimmu Hwy. 995-2755 I 132 W. Broadway Swisher lVIeat Triple HFH 995-3413 9954545 87 Service Road 413 E- Broadway Librarians Club 'f1t9f9CfC'Ub f Af -f f gg , A , SWISIIER COUNTY GATT!-E G0 'GUSTUM l'EEDEBS," TULILTEXIS R. L. Bliss-Manager Phone-8061627-3101 P.O. Box 54 General Index Abernathy, Leslie 68,109 Allen,Mike 108,109,197 Alsup, Simona 31 ,32,68,74,187 Alvarado, Samuel Ambriz, Daniel Anderson,Tommy 36,43,47,l0l,113,115,117,79 Arnold,Michael 53,187 Arno1d,Mike 53,205 Arnold,Pat 62,197 Atwood, Martin 39,47,53,118,187,94 Atwood, Richard 31,53,108,197 Avent, Jon 109,205 Barham,Mark 205 Barham,Max 19,69,205,209 Barnes,.Iim Bob 197 Barrett,Dixie 30,197 BARRETT, EDDIE 52,164 Barrow,Lee Barrow, Sammy 197 Basaldue, Santos 197 BASHAM, CHARLES 164 BASHAM, DON 164 Bauer, Rhonda 187 Berry,Debra 29,32,34,187 BERRYMAN, PATRICIA 164 Biee,Jimmy 197 BICE, JOHNNY '164 Bivins, Laguita 29,34,205 Black, Nicky 187 Bliss, Scott 31,47,53,69,187,l92 Bliss, Tod 53,68,109,205 BLOUNT, SUSIE 34,57,74,164 Boggess,Venita 187 BONDS, VAN 36,43,53,100,102,105,l64,175 BOOKOUT, DONNA 14,15,18,32,34,57,80,86,164 Bookout, Sharon 31,34,47,127,197 Borchardt, K. Linn 29,32,34,47,197 Boston,Charles 118,197 Boston, Sue 30,128,205 Botello,Abel 187 Botello,Manuel 197 BoX,Cathy 29,34,205 Bowers,Jan BOYD, SUZETTE 29,31,34,74,164 Boyett,Debbie 123,126,187,192 Boyett,Jerry 205 BREITLING, KATHY 29,31,32,34,74,75,164,174 Brookins, Freddie 109,119 Brookins, Gilbert 43,102 Brookins, Mae 197 Bryan, Regina 68,79,128,205 Bryant, Dewey 26,69,109,119 Burgess,David 47,197 Burrow, Roberta 32,197 Burrow,Steve 36,43,l02,103,107,l18,187 BUTLER, MELANIE 22,29,34,40,41,54,68,85,l65 Byrd,Kylene 197 Cagle, Rhonda Cagle,Vesta 197 248 Campbell, Foy Campbell,Joy 127,197 Campbell,Randy 187 Caraway,Ray 109,205 CARLILE, DALLANA 29,34,54,55,65,63,l65 CARLISLE, GARY 31,69,165 Carlisle,.1udy 44,45,123,126,187 Carlton, Carla 26,27,29,134,35,68,187 Carotl1ers,Tommy 205 CARROLL, BRENDA 165 CARTER, JO 26,31 ,28,32,34,38,39,44,57,66,69,70,121 , 122,123,126,165 Casanova,John 68,205 Casanova, Sally Cazarez, Gilbert Cazarez, Edward CERDA, ANDREA 165 Cerda, Elodia 30,205 CHANDLER, KATHIE 26,29,32,34,38,56,57,165,90 Chandler, Ronald 34,36,39,43,147,53,102 CHAPA, EMMA 57,60,165 Childress, Bill Tom 53,69 Chitty,Donnie 205 CLARK, BEVERLY 29,66,69,71 ,165 CLARK, FREDA 46,165 Clark, Mitchell 53,109,205 Clark, Rita 45,123,126,205 Clary,Debra Sue 205 Cook, Danny COOK, GARY 48,85,165 Cook, Jan 123,126,188,139 Cook, Lonnie COOPER, DELIA 56,57,165 Cope,Debbie Cosby,Donnie 26,68,108 COSBY, MICHAEL 48,165,176 Cosby, Sharla 34,197,202 Cowan,Mark 69,109,205 COX, DEBRA 29,34,57,166,174 Crawford,Jaimye 14,l5,26,31,34,54,68,105,169,181,188 CRAWFORD, LYNN Crawford,Patty 197 Crawford, Steve 43,53,l08,l97 Dallas, Rita l4,29,32,34,45,23,26,188 Daum,Jimmy 109,205,132 Davis,Cindy 26,47,l97 Davis,Debra 30,188 Davis, Donna 128,205 Danie1,Kirk 108,197 DeLaRosa,Mary 208 DELGADO, MARY LOU 57,60,61,165 DICKENS, JERRY 12,26,36,37,38,43,47,l00,101,102, 104,109,130 Doan,Charlotte 34,54,l97 Doan,Jan 198 Doval,Mark 53,69,109,l18,205 Drake,Harold 205 DUBOIS, SANDY 29,42,57,69,74,167,175 Dubois, Beverly 34,35,47,127,198 Durham,Donna 127,198 Duncan, Marvella Dunn, Debbie 26,68,128,205 Dunn,Johnny 36,43,53,102,108,198 DUTTON, ALAN 36,39,43,47,53,102,107,167 EARL, BILLY 167 Ebeling, Allan 53,109,1l9,132 EBELING, STANLEY 43,104,167 Edwards, Leah Beth 47,138,198 Edwards, Tony 53,108,1 19,206 Eggemeyer, Mary Jane 34,206 ELKINS, ROSE MARIE 46,85,l67,172 ELLERD, RALPH 29,34,36,47,69,73,167 Elliff, Becky 32,34,35,39,47,138,188 Ellis, Sonja 188 Elmore, Larry 188 Emmitt,Johnny 26,31,198 Ervin,Sharon 198 Escabedo,O1ga 188 Escabedo, Robert 109,206 Estridge, Wayne Evans, Deanne 29,31 ,32,34,35 ,51 ,66,68,71,74,170,187, 188,191 Evans, Nancy 31,68,188 Evans, Ronnie Ewing,Mike 108,l09,118,198 Fanbro, Tommy FINCK, BRYAN 18,31,32,33,43,36,37,43,53,85,l04, 1l1,112,113,114,116,117,130,168,170 FINCK, JIM 69,168 Finck, Zane 34,198 Fisher, Vicki 128,206 Fleming, Debra 30,65,206 Flores, Aaron 188 Flowers, Doug 29,32,34,35,36,43,53,104,188 Flowers, Roger 53,69,109,206 FORD, RODNEY 168 Foster, Keith 109,119,170,206 Foster,Kerry 108,l98,59 Foster, Nathan 68,206 Foster, Tamara 30,59,188 FOUTCH, RANDY 32,36,47,l68 Foutch, Ricky 29,32,34,69,l88,130 Fowler,Charles 53,188 Fowler,Kenneth 53 Fox, Jimmy 34,53,69,l09,206,132 FOX, SHEILA 29,32,56,57,168 Fry,Kay 39,54,65,188 Fry,Michael 109,206 Fuller, Dorothy Galloway, Brenda 30,206 Galyen, Gay 34,55,128,206 Garcia, David 109 Garcia, Delia 198 Garcia,Job 198 Garcia,Josie 188 GARDNER, DAN 168 Gardner, Earl 51,188 GARZA, RENEE 31,34,60,72,75,168 Gayler, Johnny 198 GEORGE, DAVID 168 George,Monica 72,188 George,Steve 51,189 GILLELAND, JACK 168 GLASSCOCK, DANNY 32,36,39,58,1 13,117,168 GLEASON, MIKE 43,100,101,103,104,105,106,107, 111,l12,l13,130,114,l16,l17,168 Godwin,Diana 32,34,35,39,47,l38,139,189 Golden,Tommy 32,34,36,43,103,189,l92 Gonzales, Lupie 206 Gonzales, Ruben 51,189 Gonzales, Tony 189 Goss,Carl 53,189 Gomez,Dolores 189 Gore, Vickie 29,34,69,189 GRAY, RAY VANCE 51,168 Green,Jimmy 51,53,189 GUZMAN, SUSIE 60,169 HALL, PERRY 26,31,36,43,53,74,169 Hammer,Pat Harlin, Robert 62,206 Harman,Randy 119,206 HARMAN, JIMMY 47,53,l69,62,63 Harris, David 88,198 Harris, Shelley 22,30,32,34,4l,47,74,189 Hawkins, Sharon 32,39,47,138,189 Hawthorne, Larry 53,109,119 Hayhurst, Bonnie 36,55,89,128,206,208 Heard,A11an 69,206 Heard, Marilyn 34,198 Hef1ey,Malcolm 26,36,43,53,10l,105,107,l89,l94 Henderson, Veotis Henthorn,Carol 189 Henthorn, Robert 69,l09,119,206 Henthorn,Tim 25,26,28,47,69,111,1l4,117,118 Hernandez, Joe Hernandez, Ramona 30,206 Hernandez,Tommy 109,206 HICKMAN, JO 21,32,38,39,47,58,59,169,174 HICKMAN,TOMMY 21,39,169 Hiett,Brenda 189 HILL, DEBBY 29,34,56,57,169,79,42 Holland, Billy 32,34,36,41 ,43,1 04,198,203 Hooper,Dian 206 Hooper,Keith 189 House, Gary 53,l09,132,206 Howard, Rodney 53,104,206 Hutson,Dee 198 Hutto,Julie 68,128,206 Inman,Donnie 108,198 Inman,Jana 55,68,128,206 Irlbeck, Bunny 30,34,47,l38,l89 Jackson, Billy 189 Jackson, David 53,109,119,206 Jackson, Janet 32,63,189 JENNINGS, VICKI 21,29,34,39,54,169,63 Jennings, Steve 39,47,68,189 Jennings, Tommy 31 ,47,68,188 Jobe,Teresa 206 Johnson,Dan 47,118,190 Johnson,Mark 118,198 Jones, Tony 53,68,109,119,132,206 Jones,Vicki 32,68,190 JORDAN, RANDY 31,34,35,39,4l,43,47,65,112,l13, 24 Reiss, Kandy 34,55,69,75,208 Rhodes, Steve 201 Rice,Denny 53,109,208 RICE, KEITH 48,173 Rice,Ze1don ROBERTS, CORNELIA 45,84,125,126,138,139,173 ROBERTS, DELTAH 12,14,26,29,34,38,85,92,80,l73 Rodriquez,Abdon 51 Rogers, Aubrey 36,43,l03,l06,192 Ross,Clark 34,35,36,43,106,l92 Ross,Wes1ey ROSSI, DENICE 57,173,188 Rousseau,Patsy 30,201 Rousseau, Paul 36,53,108,200,201 Ruiz,G1oria 201 Salas, Esequiel 208 Sa1dana,John 109,208 Sanderson, Janet 34,69,208 Sanderson, Paul 53,69,192 Scheller, Connie 173 SCHUSTER, CARLA 29,32,38,57,173 Schwede,Char1es 69,201 Schwede, Gary 34,36,43,47,192 Scott, Betty 208 Scott, Larry 208 Scott, Shirley 192 Scroggins, Tommy 208 Sefcik, Carson 201 SHARP, MARSHA 29,32,34,35,38,39 Sharp,Pam 34,55,75,208 SHARP, RHONDA 24,59,173,174 Sherrod, Charles 34,192,193 Shurbet,Patty 26,55,68 Simmons,Me1inda 208 Simmons, Renee 208 SIMON, ANNETTE 32,57,74,174 Simon,Mike 201 SINGER, LLOYD 26,29,34,36,47,174 Smith, Carrolyn 29,32,34,47,201 Smith, Denis 68,208 Smith, Dianne 208 Smith, Lynn 52,108,115,117,201 Spear,Ted 108,118,201 STARK, RITA 32,37,57,80,167,174 STARNES, DICK 46,174 Stephens, David 53,108,201 Stephens,Patricia 201 Stephens,Patti 32,34,20l STEPHENS, RANDY 46,174 Story, Larry 93 Sturgess, Robert 26,193 Sturman,Jeffie 66,68,71,193 Subealdea, Eleazar 193 Subea1dea,Jaime 193 Tay1or,James 202 Teafatiller, Barry 53,69,193 Teafatiller, Kerry 53,133 Teel,David 31,47,53,68,91,111,112,193 Tee1,Jerry 69,119,208 Thomas,G1en 202 THOMAS, KAY 30,175 Thomas,Pau1 202 Thompson, Debbie Thompson, Joe Bob 26,36,108,118,202 Thornton, Tim 34,36,37,39,43,106,193 Toles, Tanya 14,29,32,34,44,45,48,62,9 124,125,126,193 Torres, Esther 157 Torres, Idalia 30,208,138 Travis, Doug 29,31 ,34,35,75,193 TREADWAY, LONNIE 32,36,43,107 TUCKER, DARYL 36,43,53,107,175 Turner,Rance 208 TURNER, TOMMY 164,175 TYLER, JIMMY 26,31,66,69,70,175 Vaughn,Bobby 69,193 Vaughn,David 202 Vaughn, David Rex 208 Vaughn, Dee Ann 202 Vaughn, Gary 53,109,208,132 Vaughn, Janis 30,34,39,54,193 Vaughn Vaughn Vickers WARD, Nita 55 69 128 209 ,Vicki 20,188,192 ,Vickie 209 CINDI 29,66,68,71,175,85 Washington, Buddy Watson, Jimmy 31 ,47,60,68,108,202 Watson,Sheree 34,203 Watson,Virginia 32,193 Weaks, Victor 209 WELLS, LARRY 19,25,26,36,37,43,85 WELLS, SANDY 32,34,57,175 Wesley, Wesley, David 53,203 Debra 209 WESLEY, MIKE 46,47,175,42 Wesley, Rickey 203 West,Cindy 41,54,203 West,Becky 74,175 West,Judy 74,194 Wheeler, Eddie 53,119,209 Whigham, Sandra 32,47,138,194 WHITE, RICKEY 175 White,Rita 127,203 WHITEHEAD, KATHY 29,32,34,54,57 Whitehead, Sharon 68,128,209 Whitmire,Jay1ene 203 Whitworth,Reba 209 Wi1fong,Garry 194 WILLIAMS, O'HENRY WILLIAMS, PAUL 40,41,176 Williamson, Layne 53,194 Wil1is,Char1ene 195 WILLIS, NELLY 54,62,63,176 Wilterding, Shelly 34,55,l69,209 Wilterding, Steven 51 ,108,1 89,200 Wood,Betty 128,209 Wood, Billy 52,203 Word,Donna 209 Young, Johnny 31 ,47,68,79,203 Zapata, Connie 209 Zuniga, Zuniga, Zuniga, Zuniga Albert 60,68,111,115,117 Carmen 117 Henry 69,119,209 Mary Jane 60,203 YANDELL, JIMMY 48,176 3,121,122,123 1 14,116,117,169 Keeter,Jocl 36,53,190 Keeter, Harold 34,53,108,l99 KEIM, JOHNNY 53,169 Kiker,Charla 34,199 KIKER, JIMMY 21,36,38,43,53,101,170,l74 Kiker,Vicki 138,190 King,Judy 32,34,44,45,54,123,l26,138 Kirkland,Janine 207 Kirkland, Kathy 30,109 Kirkland, Steve 53,207 Kleman,Cheryl 25,26,28,32,75,87,190,194 Kleman,Jean 68,199 Kleman, Keith 53,109,207 LARAMORE, CLAUDETTE 57,170,173 Laramore, Ronnie 53,109,207 Largent,Jay 36,118,190 Latham,Arlene 126,127,190 Latham,Mark 207 Lavender, Jack 199 LAWSON, BRENDA 29,32,34,39,170 Lawson,Janice 199 LEAVITT, DAVID 165,170 Lee, Betty 29,34,124,207 LEE, CONNIE 32,56,57,170 Lee,Kathy 30,199,201 LEE, KAY 56,57,74,170,42 LEE, SHIRLEY 44,75,123,l26,170 LEMONS, HOUSTON 48,170 Long, Diane 30,32,34,l99 Loring, Marci 31 ,189,l90,79 LOVE, DANNY 36,46,47,65,171 LOVE, DEBI l4,15,38,57,80,85,171 Love,Harold 199 Love,Jimmy 53,109,207 Love, Rhonda 55,69,128,207,208 Lucano, Elizabeth 69,75,207 Luera, Beatrice 20,32,34,58,l99 McBride, Barton 53,200 MCCASLIN, EDDIE 171 MCCASLIN, EUGENE 53,190 McCaslin, Kenny 69,109,207 McCaslin, Teddy 53,69,108,118,200 MCCLANAHAN, GERALD 20,36,43,10l MCCOY, DEBBIE 44,45,74,126,172 McCracken,JoBeth 30,35,191 McCune, Sandra 32,79,200 McGee, Lucretia McKone, Robert 36,43,53,107,203 McPherson, Mary 30,32,200 McWilliams, Linda 172 Malone,Johnny 53,62,109,207 Mahaney, Randy 189,191 Martin, Debbie 34,199 MARTIN, MIKE 36,66,67,69,70,171 Marshall,Henry 191 Martinez, Rita 207 MASON, PATSY 171 Mata,Gildo Maughan, Denny 207 Meador, Keith 34,53,69,19l MEADOR, WADE 53,67,69,171 Medina, Eva 60,199 Mansell,Terry 191 Metcalf, Nancy 34,199 MICKY, CYNTHIA 40,41,73,l7l Micky,David 199 M1LAM,J.K. 34,36,37,38,39,43,47,100,85 MILLER, MARK 26,29,34,36,47,171 Miller, Sharon 32,137,199 MINCHEW, JAN 22,41,68,72,171,l88 Minehew, Kirk 53,109,207 Mireles, Ernest 109,207 Mire1es,Roule 171 Mitchell, Roger 59,207 MOFFETT, ODELL 36,40,41,43,57,68,10 Moffett,Sharon 14,26,31,34,35,54,108 Montandon,Roxanne 207 Moore,Colene 30,207 Moore, Lee 39,191 Moore, Robert 34,200 Morgan,Phillip 53,191 Morris, Sherry 207 Mote, Ronald 109,1I9,207,l32 Murrell,Cynthia 34,47,200 Murrell, Lyndell 191,195 Nei11,Randy 51,191 NEVINS, DALE 48,172 Nobile,Joan 30,200 Nobile, Sue 34,128,207,133 Nolen,Joy 191,193 OJDANIEL, DALE 53,164,172 Oler, Karen 191 Orr,Kathy 30,4l,200 Parks, Diane 55,128,207 Parks,Jan 29,125,126,192 Patton,Debra 68,127,l33,192 Patton, Howard 26,69,192 Patton, Russell 53,69,l09,l 19,207 Payne,Don 26,36,43,l00,103,105,106,117,118,200 Pepper,Brady 200 Perez, Tony 47,192 Perrin, Ernie 200 Phillips, Charlotte 31 ,34,68,88,200 Pohlmeier, Brian 53,l09,200,203 POHLMEIER, MAUREEN 26,25,29 POPE, RANDY 36,43,86,89,l0l,106,167, Potter, Danny 26,36,43,73,106,190 Powell Powell Powell 192 Powell , Debbie 29,127,200 , Gary 53,79,1l9,207 , Patty 26,28,39,45,52,54,66,68,71,1 ,Randy 53,192 POWELL, VICKI 172 Pruitt,Cheryl 207 Quintanilla, Sammy 144,115,117,200 Ramirez, Joe Louis 29,34,172 Ramirez, Sylvia 60,192 Ramos,Priscilla 60,200 Raught, Cynthia 55,128,208 Raymond,Gary 192 RAYMOND, JOE 22,40,41,59,72,172,85 RAYMOND, STEVE 32,173 Reagan,Tim 200 1,170 170,172 25,126,187 Editors' Script Some Will Leave Some Will Stay NONE WILL FORGET And All The lVlen And Women Merely Players rig 3. E hr: gn

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