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Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 69 of 92
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Page 69 text:

MARCH 26 OFFICIAL TULIA rustic SCHOOL NEWSPAPER mcspss TENN S5 PL YGROU D B . Freshman Hornet Staff Editor-Everett Lee Mangum. Assistant Editor-Dorothy Dallas. Society Editor-Eloulse Kellogg. Sports Editor-Joe Bradley. Reporters-Gennie V. Payne, Bor- nice Self, Sam Harris, C. L. Moore, Phyllis Stapp, Helen Smith. Viola Seale, Maxine Wilkerson. Sponsors-Mr. Hatcher Brown and Miss Miles. Campus Happenings Due to many difficulties the band of civic workers has not been able to clean out the by-path lately. The work will be renewed, it is hoped in the near future. Some of the freshman boys have organized a secret club, each perf son having an algebraic name. For particulars see C. L. Moore, John Emmitt, Buck Cameron, Tiny Crow or Everett Mangum. What's this I hear about the new love afiair? A little birdie said something about Maxine Lain and Jack Edward having a case. Also Maxine Wilkerson and Flores Vaughn. lBe careful girls.J Al Thomas has been seen going around here with a black eye. He says that it was caused by a stick thrown by a certain girl. I bet it was her fist. tMoral - hold her hands so she can't hit you.J I hear Merrell Hutto is getting sweet on Irene Corder. tWatch your step Merrell.J Canyon Track Meet Canceled Saturday Due to unfavorable weather, the track meet planned at Canyon for last Saturday was canceled. As tho paper goes to press no competition is in sight before the county meet. Personals Elaine Wilson, Jeanne Jordan, Marvie Rie Dawson, Betty Curry, and Pauline Buchenau were in Amarillo last week end. Glenna Fae Sadler, a student at Texas Tech, spent Sunday night with Flo Grigg. Rudene Rutherford and Durward Knowles, who are attending VV. T. S. T. C. visited in Tnlia over the week end. Howard Buchenau spent the week end in Tulia. Miss Miller, Miss Bowman and Miss Miles spent the week end in Amarillo. Mr. Shirley spent Saturday in Canyon. Miss Walker enjoyed a week end in Memphis with her family. Miss Wiggins spent the week end in Canyon. s r sr .,.,I :-:-' I iififif-i:ftf'53'1:PTf:fi:Ti:?'Ei:Q:fQ:?3'i'1 """" - '1- f .5...Z,J.i ' "7 ' "7'i:l'Q'2g:-13 1-1, Si? .,.,.., J' X .......,........... .,,. 22 ..1i'l"' ""' "2 . if '.'.- 52325211?3-I-I-22-1-P2192Q3i+3-1211522552555S:1:5S:2?-:-:-a:-:1:eZ-Z-24111-IgI1:-:+:-:+:-:a-s:-:-:-:-:-1-1-.-1 ----: -'-:-15:-S2:-:ex-22:-za-9:-sae:-was-use :.-.-:::.':. W Z-'3I:i5ISi5:1:2:-22222152552T:T?:5:222?SS:i-:+e:-a5:aa-:-:+:gg:3:55315313712gi13z1:i:I3l:-:i:-:-1-:-:-:-at-:-:-z-1+:-:-:-:-:-:QP24'h-:ff-1-:4:-2-:a-2-1-:za-29514-5:9-ze-2:4-:-zezgizkiggkz"Y -Q ' FISH 17 I EDITIO NN R TH Hl MPHRIE WI . AM -TE R CO TEST ...i L. Anschutz Zndg 300 See Program In the county-wide amateur DF0- gram sponsored here last Thurs- day night by the high school dra- matic club, Anna Ruth Humphries, five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Humphries, won over thirty three other contestants when she played three more or less popu- lar tunes on the piano, and was awarded the first prize cash award of 57.50. Second place. with a cash prize of 55.00, went to Leland Anschutz. local high school boy, who sang "The Beautiful Lady in Blue," with the third place and 53.00 in cash going to Lois Stark of Price, for her excellent acrobatic performance. Rev. J. Hoytt Boles acted as master of ceremonies. with judges picked from the audience, namely Prof. W. H. Younger, Mr. Kenneth Ramsey, and Mr. Sid Bass. These judges made their decisions by the volume and amount of applause each contestant received. Jack Rogers' Bandg FFA Boys Entertain Jack Rogers and his band en- tertained the high school in regu- lar assembly, Friday. After several popular selections such as "St. louis Blues," "Beau- tiful Lady in Blue," "A Little Bit Independent," "Lights Out," and others, the students were enter- tained by short talks from mem- bers of the judging team. Spring Football Begins April 6 Spring football practice will be- gin April 6, with prospects for a large number of boys reporting. Coach Brown again will have the job of building a team around three letter meng however, the outlook ls bright, with the many promised rural boys to help fill out the squad. The schedule for next year will be a tough one. Games already for Tnlia are: contracted Sept. 11-Open Sept. 18-Plainview There Sept. 25-Open October 9-Phillips There October 16--Open October 26-Canyon There October 31-Dlmmitt Here November 6-Hereford Here November 13-Happy Here November 20-Open Can You Imagine? George Cockran having his Eng- l lish lesson. The students of the occupations class knowing their lesson. Eloulse Kellogg on the north side of the school building at noon. Hatcher Brown not wise crack- ing. Guy Tomlinson making the hon- or roll. James Dallas at school every day for one week. Stanley Cobb without freckles. Kirk Hulsey having his book re- ports on time. Neoma Sherrod playing baseball. llelen Smith loud and noisy. LL SAT. KRES8 T0 BE HOST TO LEAGUE MEET At a meeting of school represen- tatives in the court house Saturday morning, the county play off in ten- nis and playground ball was set for Saturday, March 28, on the Kress Courts. Representing the eight divisions, Seniors and Juniors, singles and doubles, boys and girls. Hornet racquetteers will enter the meet with a large but unseasoned group, having had no outside competition this season. In the city dlvlslon of playground ball Kress and Happy meet in the first round with Tnlia get- ting a bye. The following ls the play of ar- rangement for tennis: Senior Boys Singles Tulla-Happy Flynt-Kress Alexander-Price Senlor Boys Doubles Kress-Tulla Flynt-Happy Alexander-Price Junlor Boys Slngles Center Plains-Kress Flynt-Happy Tnlia-Alexander Junlor Boys Doubles Flynt-Center Plains Happy-Tulla Kress-Alexander The girls also have been ing no little progress. Their ule ls: Senlor Glrls Singles Tnlia-Happy Flynt-Kress Price Senlor Girls Doubles Tnlia-Union Hill Happy-Kress Price Junlor Glrls Alexander-Happy Tnlia-Kress Union Hill--Flynt Center Plains-Price Junlor Glrls Doubles Tulia Alexander Flynt-Happy Center Plains-Kress Price -11-Q-11-1 We Saw Hatcher Brown trying to make numbers disappear. Mr. Edelmon napping during class. A new pair of freshman lovers on east side of school building. Jimmie McCasland trying to fly through the alr on a chair but he crashed his "plane." Mr. Wallace trying to teach his plane geometry students Algebra I. Lottie Mae Vaughn taking John Elbert Emmltt a. piece of nut bread which she made in home ec class. Maxine Wilkerson fall for a ball. show- sched- Singles

Page 68 text:

PAGES.-.-..-..-..-..-..-.-.-.-...'E13Pl'f'l:.IP.If.t?.?lP.59P.iEI32'lE.1'fEYf.1f."?l"35.-.-.-.-.-.-.-...- - -.5ff?59if.?.9 Claude and Sudan Win .F FA Contest Freshman ' History In The Making -Theipresent freshman class be- gan in the fall of 1928. The first year it-was in school the class was under the supervision of Miss Coop- er and Miss Barber. Due to the class's hard work and the patience of the sponsors, the members man- aged to struggle onward into the second grade. In September of 1929, the class was' proud to move to the old build- ing, and under the guidance of Miss Fortenberry was well prepar- ed during that year for the third grade. . The class passed on into the fourth grade, under the supervi- sion of Mrs. R. V. Baker. Here some were delayed and others passed on into the fifth grade. During the fifth year of school. sponsored by Miss Sullivan, and doring the sixtlryear, sponsored by Miss Barnett, the class met with many new difficulties but came out victorious. The seyenthqyear the class was moved back into the 'high school building and rut under the super- vision cf Mr. Hatcher' Brown. The eighth year of school for the freshman class marked the year cf its largest enrollment. and also the year of the' largest fresh- man class in, Tulia High School. 'I'he'clrs-1 had 'made a noticeable showing in the' sports and activi- ties of the high school, and hopes to advance steadilv but surely into sophisticated sophomores. . ..i..TQ.t.. ....... Fish Prophecy Neoma Shernod-Studyiny music abroad and being a popular musi- clan. Everett Lee Mangum-Senator of Tjmted States Congress. Sam Harris-Governor of Ter- us. J. O. Bass-Minister of the Methodist Church. Kirk llulsey-Engineer. Viola Seale-Beauty operator. Bernice Self--English teacher. Elouise Kellogg - Great hunter in the jungles of Africa. John Emmitt1-Doctor. l'-iarjorie Ccckran--Nurse. Dorothy Dallas-Editor of tne Cricago Tribune. Phyllis Stapp-Nurse. H. C. Crowln the circus. Helen Ruth Brown-Aviatrix. R. L. Stringer-Millionaire. .?0.......- v Guess Who? V lim telling you she's mighty sweet, Besides ,my dears, it's not conceit As an English teacher she's a won- . der, , Although she makes you work like - thunder! F Mous BA DM situ is our T oo DUCTOR Hebestreit Brings 27 Years Experience Ludwig William Hebestreit, na- tionally known conductor, put the Tulia High School Baud through a clinic Friday and Saturday, March 20 and 21. Mr. Hebestreit is an artist, a humorist and an inspiring conductor. The Tulia group receiv- cid the benefit of his twenty-seven year's experience as director and instructor. ln his work here, Mr. Hebestreit gave thc boys and girls the same type of instruction they would re- ceive at the Texas Tech Clinic or and nationally known school of the same type. Of course, his stay was brief, and it was impossible for him to accomplish all the things that he wished. Nevertheless, his work left a great impression on the students. Saturday night, Mr. Hebestreit, as guest conductor presented the band in the following program: Choral-"God, the Mighty Godi' "Rejoice, Oh My Soul." March-"Notre Dame Victory." Selection-"Pep Songs." March-"Half and Quarter Time." Chalk talk by Mr. I-Iebestreit il- lustrating the development of musi- cal instruments. Overture-"Press On." Selection-"Old Favorites." Uverture--"Inspiration." March-"The Victor." ... .n.1l..... Hobbies Mr. Wallace making lectures to his algebra and geometry classes. Dorothy Dallas saying, "Oh, my goodness." Maxine Lain wanting to go with Jack Edward. David Reddell trying to be good looking. Prof. Younger reading the tardy list every afternoon at 3:45. Dai-line Townsend keeping a scrap book. R. L. Stringer going to the li- brary. Guy Tomlinson and Charles Han- cock getting over in demerits. .l...-,,-lm MODERN MAIDS MEET The Modern Maids met at the home of Mozelle Smith. After the business discussion of plans for the future, delicious refreshments were served to the following: Dorothy Dallas, Elouise Kellogg, Doris Wal- ler Maxine Lain, Hazle B. Vaughn, Maxine Wilkerson and the hostess, Mozelle Smith. , 0 Debaters To Meet Canyon Tonight In a dual debate meet with Can- yon High School last Friday night honors were divided as Tulia boys and Canyon girls were awarded de- cisions by a critic judge. Cecil Anna Spear won favorable comment of the judge as having the best pre- sentation of the evening. Three of the Tulia declaimers took part on the Canyon program, but no con- test was held. A return meet of the two teams will be held here tonight in the high school building. ii .O-it-T--.1 Signs Of Spring Mr. Edelmon's sleeping in study hall. More courles on the east side of the building. Elma Jennings writing poetry. A change of the tardy bell from 9:00 to 8:45 o'cl0ck. Buckaree Cameron's sleeping in study hall. More twelve o'clock scholars. Gennie V. Payne cutting her hair off. Most of the teachers looking for boys lfor declamation etc.l Fish By-Words Dorothy Dallas-"Oh my good- ness." J. O. Bass-"Now, see here." Everett Lee Mangum-"By jinksf' Maxine Lain-"Oh gee!" Doris Waller-"Goodness graci- ous." Elouise Kellogg-"For crying in the sink." Mozelle Smith-"Tut! Tut! Tut!" Cleon Stewart-"Aw spaghetti!" Kirk Hulsey-"My word!" Ralph Daniel-"Oh me!" Marjorie Cockran-"Great heav- cns!"' Maxine Wilkerson - "Dear me suz!" Mr. Brown-"For cat's sakcsf' F ish Nicknames "Toni" Kellogg. "Dotsy" Dallas. "Duchess" Lain. "Babe" Smith. "Blondie" Mitchell. A2 Cameron.. C2 Emmitt. D2 Crow. E2 Mangum., 13 TEAMS IN DAIRY 9 IN LIVESTOCK Thirteen student stock judging teams from throughout the Panhan- dle-Plains area assembled here Sat- urday to compete in the judging con tests sponsored by the Tulia FFA boys. There were six events in the day's contests. Claude High School captured 1st honors in the dairy judging. The Sudan boys won in livestock judg- ing, in which they placed horses ani mules, sheep, hogs and beef cattle. Claude's championship team was led by Floyd Massie who got 444 of the teams 1,268 points. W. Bag- well, another member of the Claude team, was second high in picking dairy animals. His score was 431. J. T. Lilly, Ropesville, was third with 415. Rope-sville's team was second in the dairy event with 1,209 points, McLean took third place with 1,129, Lazbuddy fourth with 1,124, and Hereford fifth with 1,120. The boys picked two Jersey cows and a Holstein in the contest Other teams in the dairy event were from Clarendon, Farwell, Plainview Quail, Anton, Friona, Sudan and Abernathy. Sudan boys accumulated 1360 points to win the livestock plac- ing. Clarendon was second with 1,345, Friona third with 1,334i, Anton fouuth with 1,316 and Mc- Lean fifth with 1314. Although his team managed to place no better than fifth in live- stock judging, B. Webb, McLean, was high point man with a total of 491. He was three points ahead of M. Sullivan, Lazbuddy, who had 488. J, Gilbert, Clarendon, accu- mulated 479 points, E. Bogges-s, Friona got 468, and E. Erwin, Anton 466. Placement of the teams and the points in different events were: Horses and mules: Lazbuddy 379 MrLean 3733 Clarendon 357g An- ton 355: Sudan 352. Sheep: Anton 400: Sudan 396: Clarendon 385: McLean 3803 Friona 376. Hogs: Farwell 3963 Friona 375: Clarendon 3703 Sudan 367: Aber- nathy 361. Beef cattle: Sudan 254: Friona 2385 Clarendon 2335 McLeon 225: and Hereford 207. Declamation Contest To Be Held Tonight Eliminations for the declaimers of Tulia.High School will be held tonight at 8:00. Winners of this contest will represent Tulia schools at the County Meet at Kress on the following week end, April 3 and 4. , i

Page 70 text:

PAGE 59 H OFFICIAL TULIA PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSPAPER APRIL 2 Livestock Team WiAQLQiS - 1 Date Agency tBy Miss I. Datumouti Dates for this week are for the box supper. The following dates are for 7:30 tonight: Joe Billy Dickey-Dorothy Marie Rogers. Henry Sharp-Dorris Shearer. Stanley Cobb-Virginia Davis. .lack Edwards-Maxine Lain. H. C. Crow-Marjorie Clayton. Sterling Burton-Helen Cowan. William Kirk Hulsey-Lola Ray Burton. Of course all steadies tonight at their usual of you seventh grade ai'e too timid or too dates come to the box night and escort the have dates time. All boys who young for Supper to- girl home who prepared the box you bought. The following dates arc for Sat- urday night at 8:00 Arlcy Moore-Marjorie Musick. Roscoe Kilcrease-Helen Bates. Gene Nolte-June Huxford. The Agency is coming along fine now. I hope you all have a grand time on your dates for this week. ..-...l0i....,...... Debaters Divide Their Honors With Canyon In the second of a serivs of dual debate meets held with Canyon, the Tulia debaters divided the ser- ies, making the count square for the sr cond time, in as many C011- tests. Out of the four debates held with Canyon, the affirmative has been awarded the decision every time. Cecile Anna Spear and Marjorie Johnson, arguing the affirmative side of the question, won over Mildred Shumann and Lillian t'liaiul1ers, while Billie Evans and Leland Anrchutz lost to llal Gam- ble and Melvin Calliham. Following the contest with Can- yon. the debaters were scheduled to melt the speakers from Silver- ton Tuesday afternoon. No other debates were scheduled before the county meet, as the paper goes to prcss. ,..1...0i...... Third Grade Visits Canyon Museum Since the third grade won the P. T. A. prize for March, they used the money and rode to the Can- yon Museum on the school bus. The t1'ip was made by about 50 third graders on Saturday, March 21. Miss Bergner and the third grade room mothers, Mrs. G. B. Jordan and Mrs. C. S. Dudley, assisted Miss Barber on the trip. - CALENDAR OF EVENTS , i.- April 2--Box Supper. April 3-4 - interscholastic League Meet at Kress. April 4 - Home Economics Demonstration Meeting. April 4-Altural Judging Con- test. April 6--Dairy Contest. April 9--One Act Play. April 17---District Meet Track, Canyon. Literary, Amarillo. April IT-Seventh Grade Ban- quet. April 22-Senior Play. April 25 ltlgional Meet. Can- yon. May 1--Band Contest at Ama- rillo. May 9--Tea for Senior Girls by Literary Arts Club. May 8-Senior Banquet. lllay 17---Baccalaureate. ' May lS-tTommencement. ' I F orty-Six Six Year Olds Are Enrolled In School Census Forty-six boys and girls in Tulia will be six years old on or before September l, 1036, according to the school census completed April 1. If any boy or girl has been over- looked, please get in touch with school authorities. as any boy or girl left out may be included on the supplemental roll. The list is as follows: Allene Adams, Helen Mc-Casland, Mildred Baker, Earl Mclione, New- ell Baldwin, Earl Nevins. Doris Bates, Eida Mae O'Ncall, Doris Pearl Campbell, George Warren Orr, Joe Cowan, Opal Plumlee, Clyde Cox .Ir., Elwood Ramsey, Alice Ruth Crocker, Patsy Ram- Rae J. C. sey, Nila June Davis, Glen Reeves, Don Mark Engleman, Ferrell, Joyce Anne Riley, Billy Reevts. John Gayler Jr.. Billy Joyce Robertson, Betty Mae Goss, Delmuss Rutherford, Netha Lynn Gray, Don Nelson Sanderson, Rich- ard Lce Griffith, Fama Joyce Self, Roy Dean Heard, Jerry Shoemak- er, Robert George Hicks, Bobby Joe Starnes, Allen Jarrel Jutson, Billye Stucker, Iva Mae Hyman, Wilma Tromas, Cecil Kiker, Roy Wayne Vaughn, Gloria Anne Kirk- patrick, Charles Clifton White, Doyle Land, Jo Evelyn Vl'hitten. .-..-0-.-.1 Leota Burrow visited Martha and Mary Elizabeth Workman Sunday. Mary Nelle Jennings spent the week end in Canyon. Wilma Shafer spent Sunday with Madge Bradley. Marjorie Rice spent Saturday night with Dorris Shearer. Reba Allen visited in Floydada Sunday. i I'l"l"X"l"I"P'l"I"l"1"l"P'1"I"I"l'4"i"I"l'4"!': I S O C I E T Y 3 EI"!"l"l"X'4"!"I'4"X"1"P'I"X'4'++4"I-'!"I"!"X'-1- HOME EC. CLUB MEETS The Home Ec. Club mft Monday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock in the home economics room. A short program was given. Those taking part on the program were Louise Jones, Anita Seay, Martha NVOrk- man, and Billie Maxine Rutherford. -1i-1--0--1- WEE MODERNS MEET WITH MAFIVIE RIE DAWSON The Wee Moderns niet with Mar- vie Rie Dawson at Mrs. VVayne Flyntfs home Friday afternoon. In a business mei-ting the following officers were elected to serve for thc next three months: President, Florence Marie Hale: secretary- treasurer, Betty Poffg program chairman, Marvie Rie Dawson. Delicious refreshments were serv- ed to all members present. .-,..0.....-. DOROTHY JO PATCHING ENTERTAINS Mifs Dorothy Jo Patching Center- taincd with an informal party in honor of Miss XVanda Scott, Fri- day night. Refreshments were serv- cd to the following guests: Mary Hancock, Lucy Cloer. Marjorie Rice, Dorothy Dallas, Willie Verna Dallas, lone Hale. Marie Todd, Bob Tirey, Robert Daniels, Jack Jen- nings. E. C. Powell, Lauren Davies, Harold VV1-ight. Junior Garrett, Earl Cloer, XValter Lee McCune. Karl Stewart, and the hosttss and honoree. ..i.-0.1, TEA AND STYLE SHOW BY HOME EC. II AND III A tea was given for about 50 ladies by the second and third year clothing classes of the Home Economics Department last VVed- nesday aftfrnoon at 4 o'cloclc at which time each girl modeled her dress that she had made this se- mester. Dresses made by the sec- ond year class, were tailored. and the third year class garments were special occasion drtsses. From each clothing class there will be a dress chosen by outside judges, according to workmanship, as well as appearance, whose de- signer will be sent with Miss Mill- cr to the state style show at San Angelo, April 24th and 25th. .L..i..-1.0-.1..- SWISHER CO. PRINCESS: MAID OF HONOR CHOSEN By popular vote Tuesday morn- ing, Charlie Mae Northcutt, prom- inent member of the junior class, was chosen princess to represent Swisher County at the Plainview Dairy Show April 5-9. Frances Wilkins, also a member of the junior class, was selected from a group of five nominees to be maid of honor in attendance during the show. Lubbock In competition with thirty-three other teams, the.Tulia livestock team won first place, the grain team second, the poultry team fourth, a11d the entire group tied with McLean for sweepstake hon- ors at the Texas Tech judging con- test held at Lubbock last Monday. Garland Preston was high point individual in livestock, with Car- rol Foster placing fourth. The third member of the team was El- mont Honea. This team won with 1720 points, with Odessa follow- ing with 1680. The grain judging team is com- posed of Johnnie Poff, Robert Hale, Will F. Graham. Crawford Kiker, Delbert Devin, and Wilmer Stol- tenberg were the poultry judges. The dairy team failed to come up to its previous standards, altho it is believed that some mistake was made in the final counts. Mr. Van Zandt is investigating and re- chccking thc matter. The winners of the livestock di- vision plan to enter the state con- test at A. 8: M. soon. 6 Weeks Exams, 4 Weak Exams? Woe-bedraggled seniors, especial- ly, have been dealing the teachers misery tand vice versal this week, which is officially designated as six weeks examination throughout the Tulia high school. Students have been burning midnight oil and showing that "morning after the night before" look all week. In addition to the examinations, April Fool appeared on the scene yesterday, and sure enough, the teachers got to play April Fool this time. So, better luck next time students. .-.-...-..0.. Trackmen Ready For County Meet The Tulia track team will de- fend its county championship against the teams of Happy and Krcss at the annual Interscholas- tic League Meet to be held at Kress Saturday. The team shows possibilities of repeating last year's overwhelm- ing defeat of Happy and Kress. Tulia. won eleven out of thirteen first places last year. Several of last year's crew are back this year. Among them are Butler, Nevins. Pogue, Clower, Dallas, Hale and Payne. Many new additions to the team this year have greatly strength- ened it. Some of them are VValler, Jack Moon, Kenneth Moon, Jack Edwards, Jess Edwards, and An- derson. The juniors show promise of winning a few events.

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