Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX)

 - Class of 1936

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Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 62 of 92
Page 62 of 92

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Page 62 text:

- - 1 - PAGFl Sl UFI- ICIAL TLLIA Pl BLIC SCHOOL NEWSPAPER A MARCH 5 is-4-+4--1-4--1-++++-1-+++++++++-n--r A 5 SOCIETY ''!'+i'i"l"l'i"P'P'l"!"!"l'-l"l'4'-l"l"l"!"l"l"!"l DEBONAIRES ENTERTAINED The Debonaires were entertained Sunday by Neoma. Sherrod with a trip to the Rock Creek canyon. A picnic lunch was served to the fol- lowing I'll0lllll9l'HZ Mildred Gayler, Marjorie Musick, Dorothy Lou Em- mitt, Louise Jones, and the hostess and chaporones. --. .... -M .,,-.... . - . .- JEANNE JORDAN ENTERTAINS Miss Joanne .lordun's home was the sea-ne of at gala leap year par- ty Saturday night. The 'programs and rc-l'rvslxl11el1ts varried out the themo of the party. The follow-' ing guests were present: Florence Mario llale, lddilh Stallings, Doris Illmmitt, Marvin- llie Dawson, .lohuno ltnth Martin. Betty Curry, L.ouis,e Evans, Elaine Wilson, Mary Rose Koim, lfllouiso Kellogg, Doro- thy Nell Leonard, Dorothy Marie Ivlcfiunv, Charlie Mae Northcutt. Kathryn lluniels, Martha Jordan, Mozelle Smith, lrone Thompson, Canyon: Glenn Williams, J. ll. Sprawls, Wallace Rice, Kenneth Moon, Itvd Jones, Pete Stringer, Dean ltfeddell, .lzuzk Rogers, Elmont ilouna, th-tie Nolte, David Reddell, Billy Evans, Bernice Clower, Sam Harris, Red Baker, Walter Dukes, Bobby Huxford, Albert XVilliam:4, and the hostfss. ------W o-- ------- ---- MARY NELLE JENNINGS IS HOSTESS Miss Mary Nullv Jennings en- tertained Saturday night with a l'ort.y-two party. After sevvml games of hrldgv and forty-two were play- ed, delicious refreshments were served to tne following guests: Madge llradley, Luota Burrow, Reba Allen , Martha Workman, Mary lulizabc-th Workman, Doris Lady. Wilma Shaffer, lflph Fletvlwr, Roh- ert lluniel, .lake Flolclior, lloy Bur- row, Jain:-s Adams, Garland Pres- ton and the hostess .....----0--?-M Date Agency fBy Miss I. Datum Outl The dntvs this week may not he entirely salisfuvtory because so muny of tho heart throhs live in distant parts of the district, so just henr with me and l'f'lll9lllbl?l' Wa' strive to pleasv! ll' 'li 'll 'l'hv dates for this ws-ek are: l"loron4'0 Maria- llulvkll. Dean Butler at 1-ight o'vlo4-k Saturday night. Lorraine l'00lll'llllP'-Jill'k Rogers for clnn'vh Sunday night. NVlllio Verna Dallas-Billy Town- send at seven-thirty Friday night. John' Russell Brooks wants tl date with Marjorie Clayton-just any old time it can he arranged. l'm sorry to report to Tom Jack- son that the V+-ga girls have left for home, und it's a long way over tliero. all ' QW. l Announcing SENIOR EDITIO in ' .Q X -' 1 y 'X Tulia F. F. A. Is Represented In District Meeting Mr. Van Zandt, Garland Preston, and Paul Miller attended the dis- trivt F. F. A. meeting at Farwell, 'iw xns, Feb. 29 to discuss and vote on xarions questions pertaining to lf'. I". A. activities. G. Preston, of Tulia, and Carson, of Bovina, were selected to repre- s-nt this district at a state meet- ing at I-'ort Worth during the Fat Stock Show. A list of requirements for 4-vrtificatvs of merits were dis- cussed and voted on. It was also do-aided that at medal will he given to the best district farmer select- ed by the vocational agriculture :supervisor for this year's work. lIvr+-ford, Tulia, Bovina, and Far- wtll were all represented at this lll0Q1llllL'f. ,A...--G....... Judge Gough Speaks Judge Gough of Amarillo, a pio- neer of the plains of Texas, ad- dressed the high school students Monday afternoon in an interest- nig talk on the history of th: plains. Judge Gough related a. num- ber of personal experiences as a cowboy on the Plains before they we-re settled. His talk was conclud- ed with an interesting poem relat- ing the 4-ontrast of the pioneer dnys with the present day life on tht- Plains of Texas. ...---.,.....lh.......,.,,,7 .,.-.I. TAXI LADY! Mama says "Never get into a car with a strange boy," but maybe mama wouldu't care if she knew that he drove a. cour- tesy car-you know, those car:- that you saw buzzin' around end containing girls. Boys will comes to judg- town last week so many strange he boys when it , ing a beautifull girl, and from 4 appearances, Tulia boys know. - i Six Weeks Honor Roll Avcordlng to the report from Prof. Younger the following were on the grade school and high school honor roll the last six weeks. First Grade--Robert Ardis, Doro- thy Ray llivens, James Norris Jeu- nings, Marjorie Oden, Virginia Younger, Mildred Carruth, Barbara Daniels, Weldon llunoycutt, Betty Jewell Seay. Second Grade- -Jerry Holes, Max ine Ebeling, Mary Harris, Zoe Eve- lyn l,Iun'iphroys, Lucille Jennings, Ruth Jones, Maple Marie Ramsey, Darrell Rogers, Jack Scott, Mary .lane Stuclcer, Joe Donald Vaughn, Lonnie Gene Wait, Colleen XVard. Third Grade---Jack Ardis, Bobbie Lee Childers, R. G. Clennin, Joel Corder, Betty Dudley, Nell Rose Laltoe, Nan Nolte, Norma Lou Poff. Fourth Grade -Jack Jordan, Col- leen Stewart. Fifth Gradew- Gwyneth Deb Iii- vens, Fonda Zane Duke, Charles Edmondson, Montie Ardis, LoRena 0'Ncall, Amrna Lynn Pearson, Ar- line Younger. Sixth Grade -- Margaret Jones, Connie XVaff0rd, John lVill Nichols, Hztrve Reagan. Seventh Grade--A Jane Crocker. Virginia Davis, Stewart Kirkpat- rick, Glynn Smith, Teddy Spon- holtz H. D. XVhito. Freshmen-Marvelle Cox, Viola Scale, Joe Bradley. Sophomoresm-Lula Marjorie Con- nvr, Martha Jordrm, Marjorie Ken- yon, Geneva Lemmons, Thomasine Starues, Delbert Devin. Juniors -- Marjorie Edwards, Dorothy Nell Leonard, Dorothy Marie M1-Cune, Jack Grigg. Seniors -- Jeanne Jordan, John Russell Brooks, L. Dean Butler. Post Graduates-Leota Burrow, Mary Nelle Jennings, Lee Stith. e 4.-....-.---0.-...-.----. Livestock Team Will Attend Odessa Show The Tulia livestock team will avcompany Mr. Van Zandt to Odes- sa, Friday, March 6, where he will judge the Odessa poultry show. Odessa is having its livestock show on this date, and Mr. Van Zandt thought this would be a good chance to give his livestock team a. thorough workout before the Amarillo contest, which will be held March 9. Girls' Basketball Tournament "Thu girls' district tournament was a success from all angles," according to W. II. Younger in at stntelnent to the press. "lVo made money on the gate," hu said, "and very little trouble was caused in the actual playing of the games, either by the teams, officials, or other persons." The housing of the girls was un- der the supervision of Miss Milfs and Miss Miller. They did a. very good joh, and little trouble was 4'llC0lllll.f'l'0tl hy this department. lflvvryone was quite complimen- tary in their statements to Mr. Younger as to the actual tourna- ment and the housing plan. "I wish to thank anyone who helped to make this tournann-nt ai Hlll'1'f'SS," Mr. Younger stated. . .--...,,,,........-.- Star Dust Once more I have yielded to tho: call of pen and paper, hut may I also add that it was through no fault of mine. However, I will, out of the goodness of my heart, tell you here that if you intend to read this column, if it may be called such, prepare for the worst--you won't he disappointed. 1 O I Carlsbad Ho! The Senior Class of '36 has taken up the cry, and the history looks as if beyond the Senior Day. means offi- l'or the first time in of the high school it the seniors might get Palo Duro canyons on This matter is hy no cial, however so- l O U Mr. H. K. Jackson, of the science department has heen seen lately on the local golf links. In a. spec-- ial interview this' afternoon he tells me the biggest fault that he has with his game is just restrain- ing himself from driving the ball too hard. He has broken two golf clubs in the past week on clean drives, his club coming into con- tact with nothing but the golf bull. Well, if he ever finds clubs that can stand the strain-Bobby Jones, look out! H O Q J. R. Sprawls, class president is thinking of hiring private body guards to keep off pursuing fe- males. It was just a. few minutes ago that he told me that some flip- pant young thing had come to his house Saturday night, and at the point of a gun, nearly-he was forced to accompany her to a so- callvd leap year party. He also stated that she kept him out so late that his mother was very wor- ried when he was finally brought home. O U O I am thinking all would be more than grateful if I l-et myself in for a goodbye. Soooo Goodbye.

Page 61 text:

.A,- .-v -. FEBRUARY 27 OFFICIAL TULIA PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSPAPER il Journalism Edition, SPECIAL STAFF Editor-L. Dean Butler. Assistant Editor-Lee Stith. Sports Editor-Bernice Clower. Society Editors-Anita Seay and Betty Curry. Columnists - ????? Copy Readers-Arley Moore and Billy Townsend. Reporters-Journalism Class. .ii-0--i-..1 WHO"S WHO IN T. H. S. P-leasant A-mbitious U-nderstanding L-ovable I--ntelligent N--eat E-ager B-elievable U-seful C-onsiderate H-elpful E-legant N-ice A-ctive U-nusual Sum all together and add a win- some smile and you have Pauline Buchenau, a friend to all. ...i-To-.l...... Hot Dawgs! Hot Dawgs! 'Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This is the cry of the good foot- ball boys, who will have a stand at the basketball tournament this week end. They will sell hambur- gers, hot dogs, soda pop, pop corn, candy and chewing gum. The football boys are sponsor- ing this stand in order to raise money with which to buy sweat- ers. Will you help them? These boys have worked hard to uphold the standards of T. H. S. in athletics, and they are trying hard to get money to buy sweaters. Didn't you appreciate the things they did on the football field enough to accom- modate them and buy even 5c worth at their stand? iT....o1.-.-.H Hornets Nosed Out In District Tourney The Tulia Hornets downed the Hereford Whitefaces 33 to 19 but were defeated by the Canyon Eagles in the district tournament at Ama- rillo last Friday. The Hornets play- ed an excellent game with the Whitefaces holding them at the half with a score of 17 to 3. Jess Edwards was high point man with 14 points. The Hornets played a slow game against Canyon with the result that the Eagles beat the local boys by one point. Dobbs was high point man with 10 points to his credit. Waller was high point man for Tulia with 9. points. FLASH! FLASH! COLLISION? It seems that Hatcher Brown was in a collision last Monday with one of his pupils,-and it was not in the school room. The two cars met and exchanged compliments, with the Pogue car getting the worse deal. i fThey always do when Brown ' is messed up in it somewhere.l No one was hurt and as ' Hatcher was absent while this was being written the details I cannot be given. Band Entertains 200 At Program The Tulia high school band, un- der the direction of Mr. Riemen- schneider, presented a program last Thursday night in the high school auditorium before a crowd of more than two hundred. The program consisted of ten classical numbers by the entire band, with special feature numbers, including trumpet solos by Lauren Davies and Guy Barks. Arley Moore was featured in a comical explan- ation of how "The Music Goes Down and 'Round," while Kirk Hul- sey, Jr. displayed much ability in a perfect exhibition of baton twirl- ing. Jack Rogers showed his mas- tery of a rare accomplishment, that of playing on an instrument made of partly filled water glasses. Probably the biggest attraction of the program was the Hillbilly Band, composed of Jack Rogers, John Russell Brooks, Edgar Jen- nings, Edred Shearer, and Arley Moore. .li...10.1-1-1 Track Starts Monday Says Coach Brown "I want you boys with any kind of legs to report to the dressing room Monday for track," was the word Hatcher Brown, Tulia coach. passed around this week. In other words, track will start next Monday evening at 4 o'clock. HI believe we will have a team will go to Austin this year," Brown, "and you boys that want to make the trip, start train- ing Monday." -11.0-il In My Opinion But I'm Nurtz Those junior basketball players are doing pretty good. They brought home two cups from the Happy tournament last Friday night. Pauline Buchenau should stoD walking in her sleep. She has a bad ankle. , The basketball boys should have worn track shoes or ice ,skates in Amarillo last Friday. The floor was so slick that they could hardly stand on it. that said I J lon TAKE Must BRI G Hour 2-cur Interscholastic Work Progressing Rapidly Under the supervision of the dif- ferent teachers, preparations for the Interscholastic League meet are progressing. Track work will begin Monday, under the super- vision of Coach Brown. Other ath- letic events are getting under way, with Mr. Jackson coaching tennis, and Mr. Edelmon supervising girls' volley ball practice. The junior boys and girls have organized play- ground ball teams, under the su- pervision of Mr. Shirley and Miss Maynard. Under the able direction of Mr. Riemenschneider, the school will be represented in choral singing at the meet. Students in the grade school, and between ten and fif- teen years of age, are eligible to try out for this group. Twenty-five students will be allowed to partl- cipate i11 the contest. In the literary division, Miss Mill- er has been coaching senior girls' spelling, with several entrants. Al- ready she has chosen her team and eliminated the other spellers. Wilma Schaffer and Irene Corder will represent Tulia at the meet, with consistent coaching by Miss Miller. Miss Bowman began instruction last week of the "ready writers," or, more familiarly, essay writing. Several students show interest and ability along this line, and will write numerous short essays dur- ing the nfxt few weeks in prepar- ation for the contest. whfnot? Many interesting phases of the Interscholastic League work are now open to those students who are eligible and desire to enter. Perhaps some students may think that they will not profit by entering some contest, working hard, and then losing in the final meet. But would they really lose? No. of course not. They may have failed to gain high honors in thc contest, but they would add a vital element to their character which would strengthen them. The abil- ity to work hard and then lose a contest in the sportsmanlike manner indicates the presence of an element in the character which savors of the finer things of life. Mr. Wallace, who is in charge of the Interscholastic League work in the Tulia High School, has said, "I would rather see a good loser that can lose good than a poor winner." Why not decide what phase of work you are best fitted for, and enter right now? TULIA GIRLS DOWN HAPPY SEXTET 82-5 I LOSE TO UNION HILL BOYS DOWN BOTH KRESS AND HAPPY TO WIN COUNTY MEET The junior boys took the first place in the county tournament at Happy last Friday and Saturday night and the girls took the city division by beating out the Happy girls. The girls smothered the Happy group Friday night with the score of 62 to 5 to win the city division. They wcreubeaten out in the coun- ty division by Union Hill with a score of 21 to 13. "They showed a good spirit all the way through," said Miss Maynard, the coach. The boys played Kress Friday night and beat them out with a score of 17 to 5. They went to the finals against Happy and downed them with a close score of 19 to 17. "They played a pretty 'gooii game," reported Mr. Hill, the jun- ior coach. Both teams received a beautiful loving cup. i....i0..i - Oddities In Tulia Hi Latest additions to T. H. S's laurels are two trophies captured by the Juniors at the basketblal tournament at Happy last week cud. 'Ray for our future Hornets and Hornettesl . We wonder why. But really, she has reasons. Edith Stallings, in writing- an article about the ap- proaching music memory contest recenily, wrote it Musick, spelled MUSICK, with a capital M! Af- ter all, maybe it is Musick Memo- ries. Coming! Coming Soon! Just around the corner: Scores of vis- iting members of the fairer sex. tDon't get discouraged, girls. Of course there are possibilities that their brothers or uncles 'of neigh- bor boys will come along.l And all these visitors will expect the ut- most courtesy while in the city: local officials and patrons expect us to extend these courtesies Are wo going to maintain the reputa- tion Tulia has previously gained in entertaining? ,- And was Whatta Man Arley Moore's face red Monday when he was weighed "along side of" some of our big huskies. But Arley sez "anyhow I'm a big man. Tough as a boot and twice as high, weighs 105 pounds with three rocks in each pocket!"

Page 63 text:

MARCH 5 1g1j:g1-151-Q--1-1'1'1-1-1 .-U1 Special Edition P Senior Class As is the usual custom, the dif- ferent classes will have charge of one edition of the Hornet this year. The seniors will also have charge of the last two Hornet editions. The following people constitute the special senior staff: Editor-Pauline Buchenau. Assistant Editor-L. Dean Butler. Columnists-Jack Rogers, John Russell Brooks, Arley Moore. Society Editors-Betty Curry and Edith Stallings. Reporters--Florence Marie Hale, Anita Seay, Mary Hancock, Jack Rogers. Typists-Jeanne Jordan, Elwood Hates. Sponsors-Miss Elma Miller and Mr. C. J. Van Zandt. In My Opinion, But I'm Nurtz 1.1. And we really had some keen ball games here over the week cud. The town was flooded with beautiful girls from miles around. That was the chance for which some of our boys were waiting. They left their old gal for a new one. tThey are now pining away.J I hear that Tom Noble had an ex- tra good time showing those girls our fair city. He ate lunch four times just so he could eat with the girls. l O I The football players turned into fans and yelled their heads off at the basketball games tfor someone to buy their wares.J Well, anyway, they got results. O U O The English IV class is making the music go round and round in with the class work. The students are studying rhythm, and they cer- tainly are melodious in their work. ll 0 l Speaking of poetry, the minds of many young people are turning to, the writing of it tor they soon will bel No wonder Miss Bowman se- lects this time of year to have her classes write that kind of thing. l U 1 Speaking of English, Roy Rogers should get his collar size more definite. He spent thirty minutes hunting a dog harness in Wool- worth's the other day. Then it would now fit him. I O l Mr. Shirley should be more care- ful what he does with his biology specimens. He told the biology class that they would now cut a frog into small pieces for exam- ination. He reached into his pock- et and brought out a crushed ham sandwich. "That's funny," said Shirley with a load of profound dumbness on his handsome face, "I distinctly remember eating my lunch." C 1 0 L. Dean Butler should have worn Senior Glrls Reba Allen, Dora Hazel Bivens, Madge Bradley, Pauline Marie Buchenau, Opal Lorraine Caraway, Marjorie Clayton, Alsace Lorraine Cochrane, Lera Romaine Cox, Bet- ty Curry, Willie Verna Dallas, Mar- vie Rie Dawson, Doris Lee Emmitt, Florence Marie Hale, Mary Adalene Hancock, Marjorie Evelyn Jolmson, Jeanne Elizabeth Jordan, Estelle Mayfield, Bonnie Leona Mills, M. Elizabeth Poff, Hazel D. Robison, Delia Oleta Seaman VVilma Gene Shafer Anita Seay, Cecile Anna Spear, Katherine Elaine Wilson Martha Lou Workman. Senior Boys A. Marcelle Anderson, Thomas Elwood Bates, J. Henry Bice, John Russell Brooks, Eugene S. Brown. Jr., L. Dean Butler, Bernice Clow- er. Robert E. Daniels, Jr., Lauren Cecil Davies, Walter VV. Dukes, Jess H. Edwards, XV. Carroll Fos- ter, Bill Ray Garrison, G. Elmont Honea, Tom Noble Jackson, Edgar Ernest Jennings, William E. Jones, Roscoe King, Audrey Crawford Ki- ker. J. Morris Layton, Paul D. Miller, John Arley Moore, James A. McMahan, James Howard Pogue, Roy Garland Preston, Wallace H. Rice, Elvis Dearl Roberson, Jack Weldon Rogers, Jakie F. Rogers, Robert Pershing Sharrock, J. P. Sharp, Jr., Frank Sharp, Chester L. Sprague, J. Richmond Sprawls. Frank Staggs, Henry Raymond Starncs, Robert Otis Tirey. ,...i0i.... Football Boys Sponsor "Frisco Kid" In a determined effort to raise enough money for football sweat- ers, the football boys are sponsor- ing "Frisco Kid" at the local thea- tre. Saturday night preview, Sun- day and Monday. "Frisco Kid," starring James Cagney is the picture of the gold man Frisco of the vicious "fifties" glittering with gaudy glamour of the Gold Coast, where living men ask no questions and dcad men tell no tales. A sincerely good pic- ture full of thrilling action, ro- mance, and outstanding perform- ance by an outstanding cast. A Warner Bros. superior production. Tickets may be bought from any member of the footbal team. Buy your ticket now! - -.0-L-..-1. Thank You! The high school and housing committee wishes to express its appreciation to the citizens of the tow11 for the hospitality shown to the visiting teams, coaches, and drivers who were here last week end for the girls' basketball tour- nament. - t glasses at those basketball .games because he kept time and he got tired looking at girls. tAt least, that's what he said.l oFF1ciAL TUIJIA PUBLIC SGHOOL NEWSPAPER . PAGE 52 List'Of Seniors Football Stand Seniors Select tNew' ils A Success The stand the football boys had during the di trict tourney was a financial success, and several dol- lars were added to 'the sweater fund. ' - The boys who, helped in the stand worked hard during the games and sold much candy, pop, fudgsicles, and gum. On S6VBl'Zl.l occasions they ran short of com- modities, and if these had been available, more money might have been made. . T0 ... The l'lornet's Next tBy I. Buzzj Tsk! tsk! XVhat is this world coming to? Monday in shorthand class Polly B. deliberately and maliciously pursued a certain stu- dent aud when she had him cor- nered. she snatched his shirt from his back. tMy, My, Polly! P-u-lease! Then to climax it all, the victim borrowed said Polly's coat and hid his manly figure in its folds and Mr. Edelmon was heard to remark: "My, what a pretty boy's hair cut' little sister has!" U U It All of the local Romeos seem to have survived the girl storm over the week end and are seriously thinking of attending the state con- test at Plainview tomorrow. 8 O O After coming out for tennis for a day or two, one senior player was seen in Mr.. Jackson's room Monday afternoon asking as to how ham-stringing affected one. O I O lVhy doesn't some one give us a report on how the date agency is prospering? Now is the chance for all of you bashful beaux and belies. IF ll i Sccn Monday afternoon: Polly B. regretting her drastic action in shorthand period. Robert Daniel inquiring about his leg. It's affected with tennisitis. Marcelle Anderson displaying his white. muscle bound legs to the glaring sun. Don't get excited Anita he's coming out for track. Henry Bice, back to school after his recent illness. Freshman boys pondering over the definition of a line-camp, chuck and a hot roll. Miss Miller measuring the sen- ior class for gowns, night, I beg your pardon, class gowns. Betty Curry wondering if honk- ing under bridges does any good anyhow. ..-in-.1-. Guess Who? Hc is a sport, an athlete, and my, How he makes one certain Junior sigh: Tall, straight, and handsome is he A perfect gentleman, now do you see? Answer last week: Mr. Shirley. Style Caps And A Gowns Departing from the usual custom, the caps and gowns of the senior class this year will be navy blue instead -of gray. -Measurements have already been-taken. They will be ordered from The Cap and Gown Company of Amer- ica at Los Angeles, California with a rcntal fee of 51.50. ..f .,,-...--ui1.1.... Nicknames And ' Hobbies Elizabeth Poff "Betty" flirting: with the boys. - Toni Jackson "conceited"' Mil- dred Moore. Robert Huxford "Bobby" dating out-of-town basketball girls. ' Ililly Ray Garrison "Brute" dat- ing a blonde sophomore. ' Wallace Rice "Wally" being late to school. ' Arley Moore "Sissy" breaking hearts. - Miss Miller "Teacher" standing at the head of the stairs. - f' ' Mr. Van Zandt "Mister" to you --raising chickens!! ' John Russell Brooks---UBrooksy-" making wisectacks. " ' ' Doris Emmitt "Red" studying Spanish. Betty 'Curry "Betsy" driving her Buick. - - K Florence Marie Hale "Flossy" going .to shows. L D I - - Reba Allen "Goofy" carrying the latest. I wha.. wulfff' The Senior. Class Pauline Buchenau is an ,all around, girl. a good student, ,musi- cian, and editor,of- the "Hornet," She is a friend to all, and she.,is liked by thc entire student body. K i li J. R. Sprawls can be described in thrce words - tall, dark, and handsome. Ile is the senior class president. and he is a member of the F. F. A. class. D l U .Teannc Jordan is the president, of the Student Council. She is quitc popular in school with the student body and the teachers. ll U l L. Dean Butlcr, the important journalism class editor, takes part in all sports. and breaks many girls' hearts in the meantime. ------Q- 1. - Change Is Made S In Senior Play Because of conflicting circum- stances the senior play has been changed from "The Hoodoo" 'to "Dollars to Doughnuts" by Glenn Hughes. The play has ten charac- ters. The cast for the play will be chosen in the near future.

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