Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX)

 - Class of 1936

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Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 59 of 92
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Page 59 text:

Journalism Edition SPECIAL STAFF Editor-L. Dean Butler. Assistant Editor-Lee Stith. Sports Editor-Bernice Clower. Society Editors-Anita Seay and I I. LAST WEEK'S B. B. SCORES IN BRIEF Hornets 53-Alexander 18. Hornettes 17-Union Hill 37. I Hornets 35-Happy 26. j Junior Boys 17--Kaffir 12. Junior Girls 7-Valley View 4. Betty Curry. Freshmen 17-P. J. H. S. 19. Columnists - ????? , Copy Readers-Arley Moore and ' Billy Townsend. . Reporters-Journalism Class. Classes To ----of--- "Hornet" Buy Yearbooks Now! In connection with the "Hornet" a yearbook will again be publish- ed this year as in the two previous years. Many students do not realize how valuable these yearbooks will be to them later in life, and how treasured they will be to the stu- dent. Much criticism is given the "Hornet," but if EVERY student in high school wcre to help pub- lish ONE edition of the "Hornet" they would appreciate it to the fullest extent and would not criti- cize it. These yearbooks will have at- tractive backs and will be printed on high grade paper. The price of each yearbook is 52.00 You may pay 31.00 down payment and 31.00 upon receipt of the book, or you may secure other easier terms by seeing any member of the regular staff. The yearbooks contain extra blank pages on which you may have any comment written. Buy your yearbook now from any member of the regular staff! .-.1-...0.... . .IITNIORS TO ENTER HAPPY TOURNAMENT The Tulia junior boys and girls will go to Happy this week end to take part in the junior tournament to be held there Friday and Satur- day. The juniors have a good record. The girls have not been beaten and the boys have lost only two games to the Happy juniors. Senior Ixhlilospital Henry Bice, well known Senior and Tulia High School student. has undergone an operation for appendicitis. The latest report is that he was doing line and on the road to rapid recovery. ,..-1---01--- . Notlcel The play "Widows and lVhal- Nots" which is being sponsored by the firemen has been postponed because of illness of the actors. No definite date for its presentav tion has been set, according to Mr. Younger. .-i.. Although it has heretofore been customary to have the high school classes edit the last five editions of the "Hornet," some change is being made this year. The high school classes will have charge of the following editions. March 5, 12, 19, and 26, beginning with senior edition. The seniors also edit the last edition of school paper. This editing is done to give the students of each class a chance to write for the paper, and also so that they may realize the work on the regular staff are inclined to criticize errors in the paper, but if they have the editing to do, they will think before they are ready to give the "Hornet" unfavorable criticism. -.........0--..-. Physics Class Visited Plant the will the The entire physics class with the teacher, Mr. H. K. Jackson, spent the class period last Wednesday at the light plant, studying elec- tric power production. The class has been studying el 'c- triclty and electric currents for the past two weeks. Mr. Jackson said, "After watcha ing the generator work at the iight plant, you will understand the operation more easily than if I just explained it." After an hour of examination and discussion, the class took an unwanted leave. .., .i.....40...-.-.-. P. T. A. Holds Regular Meeting The P. T. A. held its regular meetirg last Thursday afternoon at 4:00 o'clock in the high school auditorium. The following program was presented: Readings-Imogene Adams and Betty Mae Moore. Playlet--"February Days"-Fifth Grade. Vocal Selections-Vk'illie Verna Dallas and Lorraine Cochrane Pageant-"Founders Day"-Sixth Grade Girls. The attendance prize of 32.00 was won by the fourth grade. Band To Sponsor Program Tonight Under the direction of Mr. Riemenschneider, the Tulia High School Band will give a program at 8:00 o'clock tonight in the high school auditorium. Arley Moore and his five picce Hill Billy Band will be one of the feature attractions of the evening. There will also be some tap danc- ing, novelty music. popular music. dialogue, and regular band music. The second band is to appear for 'thc first time at a night pro' gram tonight. They will render a few selections to let the people know how they are progressing. Tickets may be obtained from any member of the band for the small sum of ten cents. Library Course To Be Offered To benefit those who are going to college and wish to do library work, a new course, Library, will be added to the Tulia High School curriculum some time in the near future. Miss Smith, member of the grade school faculty who has a degrefgl will probably be the instructor,i although one has not been defin- itely chosen. This is the first time this course has been offered Tulia students, and is being offered in an effort to aid graduates who plan to go to college. lVith some knowledge of this course, they may be able to get a position in a college li- brary. i..-10,,....... We Saw ' Betty Curry buying a valentine. last Friday afternoon with a very sweet verse 011 it. Doris Emmitt. Elaine Wilson. and Betty Curry playing the part of the "Three Stooges" Saturday night. Mozelle Smith wearing a corsage last Friday night. 1 The Presdient ot' the Junior Class being escorted to his doom last Friday night. A Tulia car being observed with th--,greatest of care in Plainview last Friday night. Great musical talent being dis- played in a local Drug Store last Saturday night. A member of the "Wee Modems" going home at 8:30 on Sunday nights. fTo studyb., . A new "36" DeSoto in front of Jortlan's house last Sunday. The President of the Senior class stepping out with Miss Bowman. tNot the one you think.J' Her sister. Go To Amarillo ' For District Meet DOWN HAPPY TWICE 35-26: 38-14 FOR TITLE WALLER OUTSTANDING HAPPY WINS GIRLS' DIVISION OVER UNION HILL Smothcring the Happy Cowboys under a barrage of baskets, the Tulla basket makers took complete control to win the County Cham- pionship 38 to 14 Monday night- in the second straight victory over the Happy Cowboys. ' Paced by the steady playof Wall- er, the Hornets took an early lead, and at the half time, the score stood 16--2. . 1 Adding to their lead in every period of the game, the Hornets left little doubt in the minds of ,the audience as to the final out- come. ' 2' Q In a more evenly.matched con- ti st at Happy Saturday night, the Hornets won the opening game of the championship series .35-261, .Scoring 12 points in the opening game and 22 points-in the final game, Waller was easily the out- standing player of the entlrc.tourf nament. By winning over Happy the Hor- nets received the honor of reprc- senting Swlsher.County at the .dis- ti ict contest, and will leave- early tomorrow for Amal'lllo to .show their wares in district competition. Winning in decisive fashion over Union Hill, conquerors Qi .She Tulla Hcrnettes, the Happy Cowglrls ro- tained the County Championship and won the right to represent Swisher County in the district meet here, February 28-29. Q Beautiful basketball figured trot phivs were awarded the Hornets and tho Happy Cowgirls for their respective championships. ,,,,. 0l-..., Livestock Team To- Shamrock Contest The Tulia Livestock Team will go to Shamrock Saturday, Feb. 22, where they will compete in 'thc livestock contest with teams from Texas and Oklahoma.. The Tulia boys ranked seventh in this contest last year, having been beaten by six Oklahoma teams. There will probably be more com- petltion in this contest than any that has been held this year. This contest is being held in connection with the Shamrock Fat Stock Show.

Page 58 text:

-pq-gg-.:ln1nl1m...fn114441nl,1un1lm1,m1n.nn1lnl U T or LIA WINS M -.nu1nn..:nu1nn1un1rm1.un1nnu--lm--nu1rm1 uu 1 -nn11nm1nu1nlu...,,,.-lm1..,.1u,.1n,.1n..1w-.m PAGE 47 OFFICIAL TULIA PUBLIC SCHUOL NEWSPAPER FEBRUARY 20 LEA C0 TEST In My Opinion But l'm Nurtz Rubinoff Rogers 1.Iuck to youl is just pretty good on that old violin. Yowsah. It' you don't believe mo just come to the hand program tonight and seo and hear him burn the rosln just like a hillbilly who had been at hillbilly all his life. ll li U This being leap year. more girls should patronize the newly formed date agency. However, that is no reason why you should propose to every boy you meet. lr If xl Tulia will soon be full of bean- tiful girls. The girls' tournament will be hels here Feb. 28 ana 29. and it's up to us students to find some place for the-se damsels to abide while here. If you have room for two or three girls in your home, please let Prof. Younger know about it. And while these girls are here 1et's show them all a good time. .l....0 .. Date Agency By-Miss I. Datum Out YVell, dear old Tulia High is not the first school to have at "date agency," for according to Fred Al- len, the college at Baton Rouge, La., has a very successful one. However, these "lorn", lonesome souls" pay 50c per date. So you see, my friends, what I am giving you for nothing. But I um not get- ting much response from you. Re- member-fAll you have to do is address your requests to Miss, I Datum Out, in care of this paper. Dates for this week arc: Arley Moore-June Huxford, Sat,- urday night at seven. Mary Sunday after C. E. Jack Moon- Ruth Mayo, next Sunday night at eight. J. R. Sprawls-Jeanne Jordan Friday at eight-thirty. I am Lou Emmitt that William Jackson has moved to Lubbock. Muy I say to Jack Hale that Billie Rutherford is supposed to have a "steady" On the last minute this date has come in. Lunron DnviQsWlNIary Pearl Anderson, Sunday night at eight-thirty. ...-...,,-,.L-- Guess Who? sorry to report to Dorothy A better man can't be found, For we'vv searched the world around. IIe's been here thirteen yvars. And if he over leaves tl1ore'll bs: tears. Answer last week: Hatcher Brown. Hancock- Bill Gan-rison,l FUTl'RE FRESHNIEN 5 PRESENT PROGRAM l Students of the Tulia Schools were entertained hy u noisy Ile- gro minstrel presented by Miss , Ernestine Walker last Friday afternoon. I During intermission. the ac--N tors stomped their feet. keeping time to the music furnislled by a trio composed of Willie Verna Dallas, Loraine Cochran, and Al'- ley Moore: and at hillbilly band, including Arley Moore, Jack Rogers, Edgar Jennings, John Russell Brooks, and Kenneth Moon. We're still wondering what ' some of the jokes were about. I I 1 FFA Club Boys Recexve Plns The F. F. A. boys received their new club pins last week. The Greenhand bronze pin is for the first year boys. To get these a boy must be taking first year agri- culture, be a member of the F. F. A., pay his dues, and receive :1 majority of votes from the group. The Future Farmers pin, gold plated, is for the second year boys. They must have completed one year of agriculture. be a member in good standing of the F. F. A. club, have the dues paid up and have either earned or deposited S25 in the bank. Six first year and eleven sec- ond year boys received these pins. Another order will be made soon for more pins. Two boys will try to get thc Lone Star pin, which is for the third year boys. this spring. This is the highest degree for the F. F. 1-'. A. in Texas. A. D. Payne, who won this honor last year, was the first to receive this pin in the Tulia F. F. A. Club. .......110?...i-. Adult Home Ee. Class Meetsg 35 Present A very successful meeting of the adult home economics class was held last Friday afternoon at 4 o'cloc-k in the Home EC. room un- der the direction of Miss Elma Miller with more than 35 members present. Much interest is being shown in the work of this class, and the members are gaining much valu- able information, The topic for discussion for the next meeting will be the "Principals of Meal Planning." .-i-1-...0...1i.-.-.-.- Edith Stalling was in Plainview Saturday. :?'Z"I''Z'401''I"X"!"!"X"!"!"!''!"!"l"X"!"l"!"Z"Z".3i 'I' E S O C I E T Y I '!' "I"!"Z"X"2''IUIUI''!"l"!"!-'X'-!"I"!'-l"l"!"!"!-'!"!"l- "SUB DEBS" ENTERTAIN Miss Dorothy Marie McCune's home was the scene of a Sub-Deb leap year party last Friday night. Tho guests were escorted to the party by the hostesses. Assumed names of famous lovers in history and fiction such as Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Romeo and Juliet. and Queen Elizabeth and Sir Wal- ter Raleigh were given to the cou- ples upon their arrival. After several games of bridge, refreshments of heart-shaped sand- wishes, cookies, salad, potato chips. olives, and tea were served to the guests and hostesses. DOROTHY JO PATCHING HOSTESS Miss Dorothy Jo Patching enter' tained a few friends with 11 valen- tine party last Saturday night at her home. All kinds of games were played after which refreshments consisting of cake, ice cream, and iced lemonade in red and white coloring were served to about fif- teen guests and the hostess. Miniature airplanes carrying pu- per hearts filled with candy hearts were favors. MARJORIE RICE ENTERTAINS Marjorie Rice entertained a few of her friends with an informal Valentine Party at her home Fri- day night, February 14. Interest- ing games were played and deli- cious refreshments carrying out the Valentine motif were served to the following: Lucy Cloer, Dorothy Jo Patch- ing, Lottie Mae Vaughn, Doris and Maurine Shearer, Reba Allen, J. B. Fletcher, William Jackson, Lauren Davies, Jack Hale, Chester Sprague, Earl Cloer, Walter Earl Fletcher, E. C. Powell, and hostess, Mar- jorie Rice. NEW CLUB CHOOSES NAME A group of young girls met at the home of Maxine Lain last Fri- day afternoon for the purpose of choosing a name for their club. It was decided that they would call themselves the "Modern Maids." Delicious refreshments were served to the following members: Mozelle Smith, Dorothy Dallas, Elouise Kellogg, Maxine Wilkerson, Doris Waller, Hazel B. Vaughn, and the hostess, Maxine Lain. DRAMATIC CLUB IS ENTERTAINED Honoring Lincoln's birthday, stu- dents of the auditorium class of the grade school presented two playlets for the high school's dra- matic club at the club's regular meeting, Feb. 12. 1 Teams Win Six Of Seven Awards TAKES CUP FOR SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR: TWO BANNERS .l- HONEA HIGH POINT FOSTER BROTHERS PLACE SECOND IN BOTH CONTESTS Tulia, Feb. 17-In computition with eight schools, the Tulia High School Dairy and Livestock teams won by wide margins in the annual judging contests held at McLean last Saturday. Winning one loving cup, two ban- ners, one blue ribbon, and two real ribbons, the Tulia. team brought home six of the seven awards of- fered in the contest. ln the livestock contest, Tulia won by the wide margin of 959 points to 861 for Claude and 843 for the Clarendon team. Elmont Honea was high point man with 333 points and Carroll Foster was a close second with 330 points. Gar- land Preston was fifth high with 296 points. Falling to have the high point man in the dairy division prevent- ed Tulia from making a. clean sweep of the entire contest. With James Foster placing second with 362 points making a team total of 1,000. Tulia was able to edge out Quail, who scored 980 points, and take a cup, a banner, and second high honors in the dairy division. "We have reason to feel proud of our judging teams," Mr. Van Zandt said when asked about the possibility for future contests. .-l..i.0-l..i.- Grade School Glimpses The entire Grade School was en- tertained with valentine parties last Friday afternoon. The second grade turned the tables, however and en- tertained their room mothers using boxes of candy as favors. Last Tuesday in chapel the 6th and 4th grade auditorium classes entertained the grade school with two plays. Friday night the negro minstrel from the seventh grade was pre- sented at Salem. Sixty-one members of the 4th grade attended the show Saturday afternoon. The tickets were bought with the money won as P. T. A. prize. The 6th and 5th grades present- ed two plays at the P. T. A. meet- ing last Thursday, entitled "Feh- 1'uary's Days" and "Founder's Day Pageant." The third grade is an-ranginsz their room with Washington dec- orations.

Page 60 text:

Date Agency.. Dates for this week are: Mildred Gayler-It. L. Stringer at seven Friday. -That is, oficourse if It.- L. can'stay home just one week end. Dorothy Nell Leonard--L. Dean llutlor Saturday night at eight. Chester Sprague wants a date fplease, pleasel with Lorraine Cochrane just any time. Johnne ltnth Martin- -Orthel Sum- ner Saturday at llob llnxford who she will be i.ament?l I am sorry to .loncs that llillie Evans has sworn off courting and so can not go out Friday night. ., ,... ---.-. 0....--- "Say, Ah, Ah" sewn. -??? twe wonder during this tour- rcport to Louise "Ah, ali" were sounds uttered by students of tho 'Fulia schools the last three days of school last week. With the help of Mrs. Delbert llivens. a medical clinic was run for all the students of Tulia schools. The local physicians, den- tists, and eye specialists examin- ed the students. From an unoffi- cial report very few were suffer- ing from malnutrition while most were ovorfed 'and under-worked. .l..-,,.0T1-.. Seventh Annual Father And Son Banquet Held Mon. The seventh annual father and son banquet was held in the base- ment of the Presbyterian church last Monday night at 7:45 o'clock. The following program was prc- sented: Invocation-Jim Hale. Welcome--Garland Preston. Response--I. C. Sprague. Introduction-F. F. A. Members. Junctions of I". l". A.---.I. F. Sharp. Introduction of judging teams - C. J. Van Zandt. Address--ltay Chapelle of 'Fexas Tech. Music---Ilillbilly Iland. -.-. .-....- . .n.--.--.-,., Report Cards Issued Today Much to some pupils' sorrow and disappointment, the report cardzf will be issued Thursday ttodayl. according to me-mbers of the fa- culty. Those pupils owing library fines or having incomplete work will not receive their cards until their records are cleared. , , , L ,MU --N--.-. Guess Who? lie thought he'd be a doctor And joined the Navy, too Hut now IIe's just a teacher That teaches me and you. Answer last week-Mr. Younger. Y HABITS OF THE TEACHERS Mr. Edelmon-getting a mer- ry laugh out of' a joke. Miss Miles-"No talking in the upper halls." Mr. Jackson-telling the chem- istry class to be careful or it will blow np. Miss Miller - watching the stairs. Mr. XVallace-watching but not saying anything. Mr. Brown--giving easy tests. Miss Bowman-getting rhythm in her English classes. Mr. Itiomenschneider-tooting his horn. Mr. Shirleyutalking to all the fair ladies of the high school. Miss XValker--crying for boys. Mr. Van Zandt - smiling a knowing smile. High School Hears MclVIurry Glee Club The McMnrry Glee Club enter- tained the high school student body last Friday afternoon with an in- teresting musical program. After the program, Mr. Robinson spoke to the senior class on the anvantagcs of McMurry College and its attractions. Following the program, the boys of the club played a game of bas- ketball with a group of Tnlia boys. .4-----.-....O--ii.-..- We Saw Pauline Ilnchenau limping terri- bly Monday. tWe wonder if she's been killing ants.J Kirk llulsey about to receive one if I'rof's notorious "tannings" all bccanse he was too timid to ex- plain. 'Fhe regular staff revealing a pr-rfcct. bliss for the past two weeks while journalism students toiled diligently to put out the Hornet. fAll but the typistsl l-'air weather blooming over the town for two entire days. Miracle ol' miracles! Home economics students ing in the kitchen. Maybe were afraid the bread would il' tln-y left the room. American Ilistory students ing toward the end of the line in the clinic Monday afterooon. It seems that they were supposed to be taking a little quiz when they had been examined. sew- they burn push- Soqnoia Ann balking, wheezing. and kicking her heels alternately Sunday afternoon. It seems that they were supposed to he riding Init instead pushing. Mary Pearl Anderson lying on the floor in front of her locker writing poetry. Lucy Cloer waving at everyone she saw Sunday. Including the cows. PAGE 49 OFFICIAL TL-LIA PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSPAPER FEBRUARY 27 GIRLS DISTRICT TOUR EY BEGINS HERE TOMORROW II:'I''l"I"I"!"!'4"l"l"l"l"P'l'4"!"I"l'4"l"l"l"l'E 'I' -1- SOCIETY I E"!"I"!"X''l"l"l"l"l0!"I"I"l"l"l"I-'I"l"!"l"!'-X'?l-. WEE MODERNS ARE ENTERTAINED The Wee Modern Club was en- tertained by Betty Poff last Fri- day evening with a six o'clock din- ner followed by a slumber party given by Florence Marie Hale. Those attending were Edith Stallings, Elaine Wilson, Johnnie Ruth Martin, Doris Emmitt, Jeanne Jordan, and the two hostesses, Betty Poff, and Florence Marie Ilale. ,.-..-...,,w-.., SUB DEBS MEET The Sub Debs met last Friday aftcrnoon at the home of Charlie Mae Northcutt. Refreshments were served to the following: Kathryn Daniel, Dorothy Marie McCune, Dorothy Nell Leonard, Mary Rose Keim, Martha Jordan, Lula Mar- jorie Conner, Virginia Rogers, Mo- zelle Smith, and the hostess. ..........,-,..?... Health Clinic Makes Student Inspection The annual health inspection of the Tulia School was held last week under supervision of Mrs. Delbert Bivens, chairman of the Child Welfare committee of the Parent Teachers Association. The work was efficiently done due to tho splendid organization of the program by Mrs. Bivens, and the excellent cooperation of our local doctors and the members of Mrs. Eivens' committee. Particular thanks are due to Doctors Jack- son, McFarling, Stewart, Crawford. McCasland, and Iluneycutt for tak- ing thne to carry on the inspec- tion. Thanks are also due the high school girls and Mesdames Shirley Scott, Walter Black, Ray Jordan, Kirk llnlsey, for assisting in the work. Senior Invitations Are Now Available Seniors expecting to graduate can now put in an order at the Herald office for their invitations, it was announced by Mr. Younger in a recent assembley of the high school. The invitations will cost seven and one-half cents each, and they are of the design selected recent- ly by the Senior class. The call- ing cards may also be secured in this order. CHANNING, DIMMITT, HAPPY, HEREFORD STRONG CONTENDERS 10 TEAMS ENTERED THREE TROPHIES, SEVEN BASKETBALLS TO BE GIVEN For the third successive year Tulia is to be host to the annual District I Panhandle Girls' Basket- ball Tournament. Ten teams from over the western half of the Pan- handle will take part in a main and consolation tournament. "The Distrirt I Tournament is always a colorful affair, and the lineup of teams this year seems to make it better than usual," said Mr. Younger, Bi-District Chairman. when asked about the tournament. Also trophies will be given for winner of the consolation and run- ner-up In the main tournament. Six gold basketballs will be given to the all star team, and one gold basketball will be given to the girl who shows the best sportsmanship. The schedule for the opening round is as follows: Happy-Vega-7:30 Friday p. m. Canyon-Bye. Dumas-Channing-4 : 00 Friday p. m. Stratford-Hereford-8 : 30 Friday p. m. Farwell-Bye. Goodnight-Dimmitt-3 : 00 Friday p. m. 0 O Imagine This Mr. Van Zandt wearing dirty clothes. Tom .Iackson not offering to escort the girls to be here this week. Hatcher Brown whipping the stu- dents who didn't have their alge- bra. Anyone passing the physics six week examination. The chemistry class making any- thing smell bad. Mr. Edelmon going home at 4 o'clock on Monday. The juniors losing a game. Bob Huxford not flirting with some girl. Jack Halo not acting smart, Post Graduate In Local Hospital Miss Lenora Hutto, outstanding post graduate, is in the local hos- pital followlng an appendix oper- ation. The latest reports were that she was fast on the road to recov- ery.

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