Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX)

 - Class of 1936

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Tulia High School - Hornet Yearbook (Tulia, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 55 of 92
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Page 55 text:

1 G' FEBRUARY 6 OFFICIAL TULIA PUBLIC SCHOOL NEWSPAPER PAGE 44 Tulia Hornets Wallop Herbfdrd, 31 J f2A Q Hornet Staff Editor-Pauline Buchenau. Assistant Editor-Dorris Shearer. Columnists - Doris Shearer. Dorothy Lou Emmitt, and Billie Townsend. Exchange Editor-Gene Nolte. Society Editors - Johnne Ruth Martin and Betty Curry. Sports Editor-L. Dean Butler. Reporter-Lula Marjorie Conner, Johnne Ruth Martin, Marjorie Moody, Dorothy Lou Emmitt, and Theresa Kemper. Edith Stallings-Reporter. Typists-John Russell Brooks, Billie Evans and Roscoe Kilcrease Sponsor-Mr. Edelmon. The Grab Bag I.et's open our bag and see KYll2lf,'S inside. Nope y0u're wrong it isn't .loan Crawford, Merle Oberon. Josephine Hutchinson or any of 'l1ose, but someone more outstand- ing fat least to us.J My, what a pretty coat Miss! Oh, and you have everything to match, how at- tractive! Hurry Miss, cause I'm just dying to have the rest of the folks see you. What's that, oh, you say you have to run in the drug store n. minute and tell your nephew something-mind if I go along because I think hc's awfully handsome. Thanks, it was a very nice in- troduction, of course it would be since you are nn English teacher. Oops, I almost told, but I guess it doesnt matter because you'1-e about roady to make your appearance. But before you come I want to if-ll my friends something. sh-sh lm quiet because I don't want her to hour. You see she's a teacher in T. II. S. and a vvry good one too. Why she isn't as hard boiled as you might think because she has zu. lu-art of gold. It's just her duty, part of the time, to give demerits :xml othm' times well--she's wan swell girl. In case you haven't xruessf-d, here she comes, get ready folks Miss Marie lbetter known :ns "Skeet"J Miles. Don't run away folks cause I'll hv back next week and have anoth- vr "personal interview." Personals Edith Stallings, Betty Curry. lilamillc- Wilson, Jeanne Jordan. Florence Marie Hale Betty Poff. Louise Evans, Johnnie Ruth Mar- lin, and Doris Emmitt were in Plainview Saturday. Exes seen in Tulia: From Texas Tech-Howard Bu,chenau. From W. T. S. T. C.-L. O. Speer, Har- old Butler, Mary Elizabeth Work- man, Carrie Maxine Douglas, Ru- dene Rutherford, Louise Evans, Oleue Julch, Durward Knowles, and Beulah Ruth Sprawls. " EDITORS FOR A DAY S wa N U Regular staff members were U AWOL Monday, and three Jour- 4, Q: nalism students and a lowly H 11 typist succeeded in swatting :F "The Hornet" into shape. Even M uthe worthy sponsor was just if in oft' and on. iPrepositious will be the undoing ot me yet.j ,, The sponsor was in a hurry X tl 0 IN WN to be off to the ball game, and Q: the above mentioned studentsu ll were more than eager to be out ,, "of class so they compromised wr and composed: the result: a ,, poor attempt which might be " wa H H classifeid as a very weak sting 1: from the usual Iordly Hornet. V .... -:boo1:-:: .... -occ .... - Panther Scream SPECIAL EDITION A special six page edition of the Panther Scream was edited and printed in less than an hour and a half last Saturday afternoon for the benefit of those attending the Panhandle High School Press As- sociation. The editor-in-chief of the Panther Scream, Doris Eubauks, and the sponsor, Miss Sheers, were responsible for this most interest- igg edition. It consisted of the xnimeographed hand-writing of all persons present, u complete record of the business presented before the convention, the adopted insig- nia of the association, the winning nc-ws story, the winning editorial, and the compliments of the Pun- tlwr Scream. .-1... ,...... Hornets Play Canyon Here Friday Night A double-hvadel' will be played here tomorrow night when the Tulia Hornets and Canyon Eagles meet for the first time in the Hornet gym. The Canyon teams previously de- feated both the local boys and girls nt Canyon. Faculty Is Now Complete Miss Iva Kate Gossett Hl'I'iYCd Monday to complete the faculty. This is the first time the faculty has bc-en filled 10092 with regular faculty members since school be- gan this year. Miss Gossett comes highly roc- ommended from the University of Texas wlxvre she has been at- tending during the past, semester. Miss Gossott has a major in Eng- lish and is bo fill the vacancy in the fourth grade left by Miss Dor- sctt. B. B. Tournament To Be Held At Happy, Feb. 14-15 The County Baskftball Tourna- ment will be held at Iluppy, Feb. 14 and 15, to decide the teams eli- gnble to participate in the District Meet. Thu rvgulzn' oilmixmlion gmneu will be played there and the two finalests in both boys and girls will play fl three game series. To win the series an team must win two of the games. The sfries games will be in the Happy and Tulia gym. One game will be play- ed there and one here. If a decid- ing game is necessary, il flip of the win will dccide the place. Rev. Sam Thomas Addresses Assembly Students and faculty membf-rs of Tuliu High School were favor- vd with an excellent address given by the Rev. Sam A. Thomas, pas- tor of the Methodist Church, last Monday morning iu the high school illldiI0l'illl'1l. Mr. Thomas directed his talk along the line of preparation that! the student must acquire for a Slll'f'l'.ZSfUl career in life. Four main points--honesty, in- itiutivv, tenacity of purpose, and hvart intvrest in the work at hand wore stressed as being necessary for success in any line of endeavor. ----.-f,,........ Freshman Basket- eers Defeat P. J. H. S. 18-14 The Tulia Fresllnxau basketball team defeated the Plainview Jun- ior High team last Friday night in the local gym, 18 to 14. The freshmen have a formidable crew and Plainview could not han- dle them. The game was closely cmxuxstcd all ine way through and the snow was frequently tied. Stan Iey Cobb was the outstanding play. er. The freshmen have played sev- eral games and have been very successful thus far. They hope to develop into a successful future Hornet team. - -iol----1 CALL THE WOODPECKER The first grade was having a lesson on birds. After some discus- sion the fact was established that birds eat fruit. One little girl how- ever. was unconviuced. "But, teacher," she asked. "how can the birds open the can?" LOSE T0 FRIONA 33-14 HORNETTES LOSE TWO In ll fast l'0llLTll and hard fought I-flllllth the Tuliu Hornets downed the Hereford NVhitefnces lust Fri- day night iu the local gym, 31 to 12. They lost to Frionu 33 to 14 Saturday night. Thx- llorne-ts showed it faster 0fl'f'llS0 than th:-y have in any lJl'l"v'i0llS game. Fast breaking and accurate shooting put the locals into an ozully lead um! won them the- ganna-. The score at the half was 17-5. I V Although the game was rough, none of the Ilornuts were fouled out. Jess Edwards, Butler, and Wullvr were outstanding, scoring 11, 9 and S points respectively. Thr- Hon-nottos put up u valianl third pc-rind rally but finally lost to thc- taller Iloroforcl 'team 20 'tb 10. The local girls played an excellent game in -compariqon try their previous game with Here- ford. Tha- Ilorxxots wero doomed to de-feat Saturday night and they went. down fighting, 33 to 14. The tall Friona crew already mentioned as regional contenders could not he stoppod. They played with a smooth, and well organized of- fensive and an impenetrable de- fense tlnat hold the Hornets help- loss. Tho Horne-ts showed their best form in the first quarter when thvy held Frimm to 8 all. The Horne-ts opened the game by tak- ing Z1 5 point lend. The local girls played a good game Saturday night 'but lost. The girls at one time had a clmma- to win 'hut Friona rallied and won the gunw, -i , ..A0-1---l. Hornets Drop Close Game To Plainview Tying the Bulldogs from the field of play but failing to use gratis shots the Tuliu Hornets droppvd a closely contested game to Plain- view Monday night 31-29. Trailing at the half by n score of 12-11, the Hornets f0l'g'Cfl ahead in the third qum'Lor but were unable to hold their advantage. The sc-ore remained very closw throughout the game with neither team ever more than 5 points :lin-.ud. W.-Hr-1' and Muon ascorccl high for tho lfurm-ts with the Miller broth- ers and Chism leudlug f.he Bull- dogs. , -.11---110-1-111 Teacher-Wlmt insect requires the least nourishment? H Peter-The moth, for it eats holes.

Page 54 text:

The ,Hornet Staff Attends. P. H. S. P. A. Success The heights by griat men reached and kr-pt Wore not attained by sudden flight lZut,,they, while tlu-ir companions slept, Were toiling upward in the night. February is the mouth of birth- days of great men and women. All of their achievements have been reached through some supreme ei- fort. They did not waste their time. Most of these lcuple who have achieved great things have sacrificed pleasures and comforts of life to do it. We may wonder some-times if the effort is worth the reward we receive, but perhaps we have ucver stopped to think about the full reward of sncces. Success in any line of work does not only bring wealth and "social standingng It gives self-satisfac-t,ion, which is a wonderful feeling. Have you ever felt that you had done your best. lt is not a wonderful feeling? Perhaps you did nat' succeed, but you still felt at east in your own mind. The most important factor in success Lis choosing the right vo- cation at an early time. It would be intcrestingxto know how many of the seniors know what they rcally want to do in life. If they can find what they really want to do they can succeed in it. There ure hundreds ol' jobs, but there are also liundrc-ds of ap' plicants for these jobs. The one that can do the job best is the one that will receive it: the one who has prepared himself best. Employers are looking for efficient workers. They are also looking for origlnal ideas, so if you are plau- ning to apply for a job take some original idea that willinterest your prospective employer. .....-.-0.....1 , We Saw Johnue Ruth trying to post office in her car. John lt. hunting his overcoat in- Panhandle Saturday. . Some of the Tulia girls joining the agriculture class at Panhandle enter the .1.-......0-,...-...- Jeanne Jordan Selected In D. A. R. Contest According to a vote of the stu- dent borly Wednesday, Jan. 28. Jeanne Jordan was selected as the Tulia. Representative in the D. A. R. contest. The winner of the State contest is to receive a free trip to Washington D. C. and a presentation to Mrs. Roosevelt. Miss Jordan was selected from a group of 5 nominated. Wl.IAT'S IN A NAME? l i Alsace Lorraine-Just a wee i touch of France in the Tulia spirit. Pauline Marie-No wonder slle Ir0"ers "Polly B." Opal Lorene- Oh well, it could have been Lollapolosser. M. Elizabeth--Her father was a sailor: the "M" stands for "Maritime." Delia Ollcta--Not bad, but UG. P." still sounds familiar. Anita Ilclle - Not another belle, just "AnitaBelle." I J1lt'iltl'llS IIenryHS0nnds like a. Lew 100 proof mouth wash. Audry Crawford-IIe's not a hor: just at mishap. Robe rt 0rvillegWil1 miraclis never cease? Jessie liiclnnondYN0t a dis- gfuise or an alias, just good natured J. R. John Arley'--The little man with the big appetite, hence I J. A. M. James Artliur-Q Just plain "Scotty" or "Mac" llonrstly folks, these names wvre not hunted out from their luirs in Ancient History, just moth-eaten wonders obtained from the dusty depths of scu- iors' family Bibles. I-x-'z-fx'-z--z--x--:Q-1--1--x--:wx--1-+-1--x--x--1--x--as--x-2 3 S O C I E T Y 5 vb!-'X0!"!'-!-'X--X'-!--X'-!0!'+'X'-!'f!-'X'-I-'l"!-'S--I-'21-k The "Wee Modz,-rns" entertaincd at the home of Florence Marie Hale with a birthday dinner in honor of Jeanne Jordan, Sunday. The following members were pres- ent: Doris Emmitt, Betty Poff, Elaine Wilson, Johnue Ruth Mar- tin, Louise Evans, Betty Curry, Edith Stallings, and the hostess and honoree. lk ll' ll The "Wee Modems" met at the home of Elaine Vl'ilson, Friday af- ternoon in their weekly club meet- ing. After a business meeting, de- licious rtfreslnnents were served to all members present. lk il ll Mary Rose Keim was hostess to the "Sub-Delis" at Mrs. Zimmer- niann's home Friday al'ternoon. Plans were discussed for a party .ifter which refreshments were served to all members present. ll ll ll The Spanish club entertained the new members in the gym, Mon- day night with a tacky party. Doro- thy Marie McCune and William Jackson won prizes for the best costumes. Delicious refreshments were served to the following: Mil- dred Moore, Evelyn Culwell, Elaine Wilson, Doris Ennnitt, William 'The Hoodoo' Selected As Senior Class Play It was announced last Monday by the sponsors of the senior class that "The Hoodoo" has been select- fd as the senior play for this year. It is a three act comedy con- taining nineteen characters. The play books have been ordered and try-outs will be held as soon as possible. The play is scheduled to be put on during the early part of March. -..........0- - New Books Received By Home Ec. Dept. The home economics department has received fifteen new books to be placed in its library for the betterment of the department. One of these books, "Special Feature Articles," is especially fit- ted for use in journalism and has bren transferred to that class for its use. The other books on various sub- jects in regard to home economics is to be issued to the students of the class when they need them. The complete list of this group is: Living together in the family. Life of Alice Freeman Palmer. Pictures of family life. Managing the home. Housekeeping work book. Marketing and house book. Home living. Textiles and clothing. Teaching nutritious to boys and girls. Ilomemaking education in High Schools. Pe rsonal hygiene. improvised equipment in home care of sick. Handbook for positive health. Child care and training. Girls and their problems. ...1.-..Q,.........i ls 13 Unlucky? No doubt 13 is unlucky for Tulia School. lt seems that 13 teachers were elected to fill the vacancy of the first grade and none of timm arrived. Each one had an alibi such as: Mother is ill. I cannot lcave her. Have a better position. Haw: a position closer to home. Better wages offered. Mother can't do without me. Getting married next week. Don't have money to come on. And then, thank goodness, came along the fourteenth one who was Miss Bergner. Jackson, Gene Nolte, Dorothy Mar- ie McCune, Dorothy Nell Leonard, Johune Ruth Martin, Arley Moore, Edfred Shearer, Frances Wilkins, Delia Seaman, and the sponsor. Miss Miles, and her nephew, Aus- tin Kidd. HEAR ASSOCIATED PRES: SPEAKER Ten Iiornct staff members and two faculty members attended the annual Panhandle High Schools Press Association at Panhandle, Feb. 1. The main address of the morn- ing was delivered before the en. tire group by Mr. Dave NVarren, Editor-in-chief of the Panhandle News. A complimentary lunch was serv- ed to the entire association in the school cafeteria. The speaker of the lunch hour was Vestal Lott. a reprcsentative of the Associated Press. Various group meetings were hold after lunch in which ways of improving the school papers were discussed. At 2:30 the last business meet- ing of the convention was held, Th., purpose of this meeting was to select officers for the follow- ing year and choose the town for the next convention. The insignia of the association was presented hy Billie Evans and accepted by the group. Mary Collins of Can- yon was elected to the presidency for the year of 1937. The '37 con- vention will be held in Amarillo. After adjournment the entire group was photographed. A tea was served at the Pan- handle Iun to the delegates by the Alturian Club oi' Panhandle. Three loving cups were awarded for the various contests. Lubbock won two awards for the best all around paper and the cup for the host news story. The editor of the Istiiwi News spoke to the group before the adjournment. -i,.1ilo .1-4-.- Billie Evans Serves As Chairman Of Insignia Committee At the Panhandle High School Press Association which met in Panhandle on February 1, Billie Evans, typist of "The Hornet," acted as chairman of the insignia committee. Ile presented to the as- sociation the insignia of an outline of Texas within a scroll the Pan- handle of which was shaded. In the left hand corner was a quill and an ink bottle. This insignia was adopted by the association and will apps-ar in "The Hornet" in the near future. . i-.4-t Guess Who? He teaches Bookkeeping Vocational Ag. lie sponsors the Senior Class too, So far as fun maker I know he wou't lag, And he's friendly and helpful tho new.

Page 56 text:

Date Agency From an idea furnished by an earlier colunm writer of this pa- per, I am starting a date agency for the benefit and advice of the "dateless" students of dear T. H. S. If you have been wanting a date with "him" or "her" for the last two or three years, just let me know and I will sec to it. I will not be responsible for his stand- ing you up, however, I will glad- ly let you cry on my shoulder. Address your requests to Miss I Datum Out, in care of The Hor- net. Dates for this week arc: Leland Anschutz-Maxine Wilk erson at seven thirty, Friday night. Roscoe Kilcrease -- Ethel Lee King at seven, Saturday night. And, of course, all the "steadies" which are too numerous for me to keep up with. I am S0l'l'y to report to Betty Curry that L. Dean Butler will be playing basket ball next Friday at eight. I sincerely hope that you all will help make this successful. tSignedJ Miss I. Datum Out One-Act Play Casts Selected Monday Characters for two one-act con- test plays, "Storm Before Sunset" by Willis K. Jones and "Under- ground" by W. Sinclair Ilerman, were selected Monday night by Miss Ernestine Walker, dramatic club sponsor. It will not be defin- itely decided which pla.y will be used as the contest play until both plays have been presented. The cast for "Storm Before Sun- set" is as follows: Stanley of Bolivia Lumber Co, -Bob Tirey. Grahame, Chief Overseer---David Reddell. Parker, A New Overseer-wflene Nolte. Bendall, an Orchid lluntcrMBob Iluxford. Mrs. Bendall-Betty Curry. Marjorie, Their Ten Year Old Daughter-Mary Hancock. Uralinda, an Indian Servant Girl ---Dorothy Marie McCunc. Although the cast for "Under- ground" is composed entirely ol boys, it is a very i'orcct'ul play. Those in the cast are: Mike, the Bosshdack Hale. Thompson, an Englishman about 30-Billie Evans. Sam, a Jew about 28----XVilliam Jackson. Monk, a Yankcc about 35--Jack Grilrg. Ed Roland. Mine Boss' Son about 24-Lauren Davies. Blackie, Negro about -15--Leland Auschutz. BAND CONCERT TONIGHT 1 XVhat?-Band Concert. I When?-Tonight at 8 o'clock. I Who? - Mr. Riemensclmcider and his band students. Featuring - Prominent band I members in solos, marches, duets, conccrt numbers, and fea- tured comical numbers. Admission?-10c each of you ' and all your friends. A full hour of entertainment! The only one of its kind for the whole year. See Arley Moore dcmostrate his new musical in- strument with cxplanations of how the "music goes down and t around" with many other num- bers. F. F. A. Holds Regular Meet The Tulia F. F. A. Chapter which met February 9, discussed plans for three judging contests and for the Swisher County Dairy Show, to be held here April 3--4. Superintendcnts were elected for the livestock and dairy judging contests. J. R. Sprawls was clccted toast- master for the annual Father and Son Banquet which is to be held in the Spring. Mr. Evans, who is connected with the County Age-nt's office gave a talk on exhibits from Swish- fr County to the Texas Centennial show in Dallas next November. Probably 10 beef calves, some hogs and some dairy calvcs will be sent to this show. ....?U........ Grade School Happenings The music classes ol' the grade school presented an interesting program in asstnibly last Friday in which children of each grade were used :omcwhere in the pro- gram. Invitations were scnt to the parents inviting thcm to this pro-- gram. "Sunbonnet Sally" and "Overall Jim" songs were sung by the sec- ond gradc students in costume. Clarence Garrett and Lauren liautisto made a very good hit with comic song "f'hristophcr Colum- bus." The third grade sang two extra good numbers. Members from the seventh grade class present:-d a program at Alex ander last Friday night. Each room in the grade school is arranging for a valentine pro- gram and box next Friday after- noon. Home Making Class In First Session More than forty women met last Thursday afternoon at four o'clock in the home economics room for the purpose of determining a regular meeting day and topic for discussion in the adult home eco- nomics class. "Foods and their Re- lation to Health" was chosen as the general topic for discussion. Everyone is invited to join this class, which will meet at four o'clock each Friday afternoon un- der the direction of Miss Elma Miller. If you are already a mem- ber, or wish to become one, come and bring a friend next Friday when the topic for discussion will be, "Arc You Building Health or Illncss in Your IIome?". .,..-.n...-...... Clubs HOME EC. CLUB MEETS The home economics club held its monthly meeting last Tuesday. The program consisted of a dis- cussion of "Serving and Setting the Table." The topic for the pro- gram of the nfxt meeting will be "Table Manners." Refreshments of punch and cook- ies were served to all members present. -A-1.0- ...QM GLEE CLUB GIVES PROGRAM A musical program was rendered by the glee club at Elkins last Fri- day night under the direction of Mrs. Ilumphreys. Eighteen girls made this trip in the bus driven by Mr. Younger. The proceeds from t.his program will be us-ed to help buy suits for the girls. .-.. ,..... Oli- -.. Post Graduates Are Entertained Mr. Itiemcnschncider entertain- cd the post graduates with a com- bination leap-year-valentine party Saturday night. The house was attractively dec- orated in red and white, carrying out the valentine motiff. Various games appropriate i'or valentine were played, after which the group joined in making candy and pop- ping corn. Those attending the party were: Misses Theresa Kfmper, Leota Bur- row, Ernestinc Starnes, Mary Nell Jennings. Rachel Barnett, and Messrs. Lee Stith, Eph Fletcher, Roscoe King, Garland Preston, and the host, Mr. Riemenschncider. ...1.0...... Arley Moore requests everyone to be present at the band program and see him make the "music go round or su1npin'." JUDGING TEAM MEETS STRONG COMPETITION The Tulia Livestock and Dairy teams are planning to go to Mc- Lean, Saturday, Feb. 15 to defend their title won in the Livestock and Dairy contests held there last year. Tulia won the Dairy Cup last year and the Banner offered in the Livestock division. According to Mr. Van Zandt. Tulia Vocational Agriculture coach, six boys will be taken for each division so they may receive prac- tice going through contests. The Tulia Livestock team is also p'anning to attend the Sham- rock Livestock Judging Contest that will be held there Saturday. Fthruary 22 in connection with the Livestock Show. li-T0 -T Campus Capers Now for some merry-making. Or will it be? Just walt and see il' those dates will be carried out Friday night that were mentioned in my friend Miss I. Datemouts column. O C 0 And pop goes your heart. Just a hint to the wise that Valentine Day is near. New is the time for the romeos t.o have a fuss with your best girl cause she'll be want- ing a "valentine," O I O Rcceived today by special infor- mation. Instead of "music goes round," the letters go round ami round among the A. 8: M. boys f-the word of warning not to write anything but a good weather re- port unless you want the news to come back here. t i 0 Since Billie Evans has become a nat.ional artist, we might also men- tion that he has hopes of being a poet some day. Remind me to rc- serve him a special booth in "SVest- minister Abbey," or would you pre- fer a special lot on the school grounds? - 01.-...--1-. Who's Who In T. H. S. J -olly E-ager A--mbitions N-ecessary N---ice E-nergetic J-oyful O-bedient R-adiant - D--aring A-nxious N--eat Sum altogether and add five feet and two inches of magnetic per- sonality and you have Jeanne Jor- dan, one of our most prominent seniors.

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