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i E sf 2 S S E E 5 E 5 53 fl w F 1uessf:ffff:Hv'f1u:rfff-Kfnf1-Q-mvv.ua.5naV".v - -1 we -115111: vggxwrn-renews: :nm ,. ' 1-gnnagc ze :: v - . I Q fx, .1 , . , , L, , -::'ana.,,...1 air. If -L 'vi' A V .r V if , -:1 wa ' -.- "1-F .3 . .1 fa ,. , L ..- .+V "Q-.A 555. -V., . ' -' --Lg. . .W ' -' S. -," u V - '- i"Z wafif? ' - ' - .! ' fl.--, -, .fsjf is . 1' - 'ff' - ' 1 ,,V-.fer ', 9- - --.--f-Q. V , V 1553., Q, e , , -. 'Y'r.'?5aH'.f,," ai- f f 4. 1' f ' 'fx .u ' i 2' V V .Q Q .'.iV V VV1.V ju.VgiEJ7VVVVV.f.i V , 1- mi, LV... V V T -ga"-v M - '- -.-vw.. .ff-, f '. - . -' - ...r - - . fn, AQ- ,-tc. - -4 - .Q . - -, g. Ag. ' .' 4 - 'iw 'gf 55312 .-pi ',u'.a , 131- 1-' . QV- ' '."'!' '-'I --Y ' ' - '- -. A -neg w uv.. -g X ,, fn, - f M . ,U-.,,.-u.- -- .. f '- - -. g,-r.'z 5. , L . . , .. .,.V HA 49.13, 4 .sg . Rmb: ,T ,X . , arf!-fr: Q 'Hp '- - ' V. ' P--. , f. ,551--'f , 1 V ,V V .V,V,i.jVVVVV., fr- 4, VVVQ .L , VV,.VV VV V :MV VV.VEj,!1:-.YL fi?-ig. 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La ,, x.. if if if if ll I! van ' DEDICATION YOUTH AND DEMocrzAcY Democracy luke youth ns stall not quste dry be hand the ears for among forms of government at as a novlce lt us luke a young boy who havang put on long trousers for the furst time ns boastnng of hrs prowess to the other boys of the nenghborhood He can well boast for has he not participated In several battles and emerged trnumphant? And hosn t he always fought on the slde of justnce and rlght9 I thunk so and nn thus way Democracy and Youth attam thelr snmnlarnty Democracy too has had to fnght several battles Con thus scale you can call them wars? to keep nts :deals ahve and sn actlon lt has fought for the people not only In America but In every country nn the world lt has suffered setbacks but nn the end the might of Its arms and the :deals whnch It defends have proved to be strong As I stated above Democracy as a novuce True It has grown faster than any other ldeology nts people enjoy greater freedom and greater opportunltnes un equaled anywhere but how does thus affect youth? The answer IS Youth has grown accordnngly It has found a richer and fuller llfe because at has applued democratuc ways to nts every surroundnng and It has attalned a strength not equaled In any other nation To thus end therefore do we dedlcate the Log of l95O and to the contnnued growth of democracy and youth ln the esteem of the people of every natuon on the earth I I - I ' I I ' I ' I l l I ' I I I ' I I l 1 - 1 I 1 1 '- , . I I Hazel L. Stillman PRlNClPAL'S MESSAGE TO THE CLASSES OF JANUARY AND JUNE, l950 Four year ago we looked forward to your coming to be a part of our school student body. Your years at Tuley were important ones not only for you, but also for the school. Just as Tuley helped you to grow into mature, civic-minded young people, ready and able to take your places as citizens in our democratic society, so you contributed much to the growth of Tuley. As you progressed semester after semester, we came to depend more and more on you as the leaders in school organizations and activities. As you participated in city-wide events such as the art competitions and oratoricol contests, your achievements helped to make the name of your school known and respected. As you played on the school teams or attended the games, you helped to build Tuley's reputation for good sportsmanship and fine citizenship. In these and numerous other ways you have had an important part in determining what kind of a school Tuley will continue to be. We shall miss you as a class and as individuals. Our congratulations and our very best wishes go with you. We hope you will find many great opportunities awaiting you. We hope, also, that the experiences of these years at Tuley have prepared you to grasp and make the most of them. Cordially yours, Hazel L. Stillman Principal Message to Mr. Center Mr, Center, We are happy to see you among us once again. We missed your astute mind and your canvival good nature, which will re- main with us long after the Class of '50 is forgotten. To you may we wish the best of health, and best of good fortune and may God Bless you. Sincerely, Class of l950 Edna E. Weiler Acting Assistant Principal Sam H. Center Assistant Principal Message to Miss Weiler Miss Weiler, Long have we enioyed your bounteous good nature and your beneficial advice in all matters. We leave Tuley enriched by your guidance and sound policies, and we want to wish you the best we have to offer. Our thanks and good wishes in the coming years. Sincerely, Class of l950 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF ir 'A' Miriam C. Herrick Joseph F. Smidl Erno Mayer Assistant Principal Aide Adjustment Most of us do not stop to think why the school is run with such efficiency. lt is due, of course, to the Administrative Staff, and to them should go our heartfelt thanks. They have mode our school life much pleasanter and freer from friction than it might otherwise have been. Our wishes for a long and pleasant future. Class of 1950 ir ir i' ir ir Amy E. Crisler Registrar Louise E. McGrath Attendance Jeannette Kelley Social Josephine Conto Attendance Margaret McCarthy Adjustment w Bess Hoffman Placement g . Jack J. Adelman Florence M. Adams Anna Alexa Gloria Jean Evans Mildred Bittner Ursula M. Blitzner Valentine Casey Ruth S. Claflin Margaret Clyne - Josephine Conto Margaret B. Crannell Amy E. Crisler Mary A. Delcampo Eva C. Delehanty Magdalen Diener Helen Dixon Stella P. Dubow Ethel L. Ellis Gloria Jean Evans Emma M. Ferrero Crescentia M. Gartman Samuel Greenburg Howard Gross FAC U LTY Sam H. Center, Assistant Principal Miriam C. Herrick, Assistant Principal Edna E. Weiler, Acting Assistant Principal Mildred E. Gustafson Gladys S. Hansen James C. Hitney Bess Hoffman Marie Hungar Florence M. Hussey Alfred lngle Stephen J. Jane Elmer C. Johnson Frances L. Johnson Jeannette Kelley Frances Kilpatrick Margaret King Marie K. Larsen Edna T. Lawson Merrill W. Lee Eleanor Maas Charles Marrs Erna A, Mayer Margaret McCarthy Janet l. McGill Louise E. McGrath Charlotte L. Mendes Ruth R. Merlyn Jule Mishkin Mary E. Molitor Dorothy P. Nolan Mae N. O'Malley Jessie R. Parker Beulah M. Paul James D. Perdue Helen S. Porter Marian Posler Charlotte Postl Nora F. Potter Arthur M. Rabinovitz Isabelle Randell Marjorie S. Roberts Lee R. Robins Florence Schilling Cecilia M. Sims Joseph F. Smidl Effie W. Switzer Rachel G. Tapp James Tortorelli Janet Trenbeth Roger Lee Vernon Mary B. Walsh Evelyn H. Wandelt Gloria Weber Evelyn N. Wheldon Joseph J. Zoern ROTC Carl Cihos Thomas J. Dolan William A. McKaney SUBSTITUTES Bertha Caspers Patrick Clark Virginia Krol Frances Dykes Leila Peterson Louis B. Skweres Henry Malecki James Madigan Max Miller Hannah Schneider 'lr ir ir ir ir if GRADE ADVISERS SENIOR TEACHERS 'K A IN Tl-IE CLASSROGMS STUDY AND RECREATIGN if if if if ir if GRADUATES WHS fr. .X 'X Xxx x 'X' x x , x M x QTVR. XX 3?J?f:. ,Q rv 'Nu 5 X 5 fwffff- XXX 44, inf 'X 'big K af v X v 1. .. as W J1 ! A . 2' 53A-,,,QYQ-1 5 I sifiif- W- W m Q 4 1 f x X H 2351? KL f f if 'tw N Ui' A? ' Q ,Q X,41,,.1.. X .-,.' 3611 K ' F 'N I if W5?f?'!5?fff if. r' Y vii MN , .,V f-We if ff, W. 4 xg W' . 'Xe fn, ,Lf , .K 'wil N we fix X 1 fl 2. . 4 , f if , i' 1 Wie 1 Q W W i5"? ,S Ps FEBRUARY CLASS OFFICERS Seymour Morris President Berncirdine E. Smejo Chrisulci M. Koroborsos Vice President Treasurer CLASS NIGI-IT DANCE COMMITTEE i James Brezino Hatchet Orotor FEBRUARY Pauline Sarah L. Grace Christine Helen Frederick P. Baron Bercanicwicz Jerry S. Do Bere: lore: E. I Marie Audrey J. Patricia E. Biuotto Blackwell Boiskou Stella Jarnes David. Catherine J. Zita Mar Y John G. J Cabai oseph P. Alice Bernice Dorine Jerone John Carlson Cllait Chula: Nettie J ahn W. Gloria Jean Judy Ann Elaine B. Cohen Cxapiga DeLaurentis Dragin Dressler K Evans Fllec Beverly Fu hs a rdzelewski Go rzonio Finnegan Fulu Holtom Homporzomion . V SAL.-t , x' w- . George E. Pohlclo Hardison Hart ' Holtfodl Dolores Merle John B. Hoover Dll0l'lS A Stanley Marilyn B Hunter Jaroclu Johnson Moe Lounse L Kadloc Konser lon olm Knrabohos Kowiecki Keturoslmey Q09 Ileone D. Kosmotko Kowalski l95O Richard F. Kowalski Richard Frank Donald E. John L. Mildred T- Kraus Kunz Kwiatkowski Lellmllll Lencioni Jacqueline M. Rose Ann K. Lenore K. Gertrude G. L'l-lerault Luciano Malchiodi Malyszka ..- .... -. -..-., -...... umunnnu n. Lu: SUWIIYII Maniks Mason Matassa Mayhar McBrien Meister Joanne Nola Kathryn Michels Muon Musial Nikonchuk Henry W. Eugenla S. Olszewski Oswald Oxga Panko Carl Allan Diane M. Rosett L. Charlotte M. Theresa M. n....... Parenti Park Patek Pavel Eleanore A. Alice F. C. Marie - Doris M. Betty Jane Peto Pink Poplawsky Rapaport Riggs lsadore Norman J. Nina Sem Geraldine M. Nina Sakotf Salonek Semonoft Sheber Shevchuk Sitialrzlwk U 7 Y Simeani Simon X, I K is S. Meta Stephen G. Florence Smeia Sogolow Sorensen Stwora Swartz GRADUATION COMMI TT E E CLASS NIGI-IT PROGRAM COMMITTEE CAP ancI GCWN COMMITTEE JUNE CLASS OFFICERS Ronald V. Compo President Dorothy Moloznik Evelyn M. Lesniok V'ce-President Secretory CLASS NIGI-IT DANCE COMMITTEE Irene R. Lusnicl Hatchet Orotor JUNE Mary Ann Adams Donald R. Antonette A. Raymond James Sidney A. Adamski Anders Betty A. John M. Shirley Ann Adrienne Lois y Gordon J. William L. Benner Back Baldwin Barbara J. Irene Marie Bel-end: Bergamin Joan Ellen Biesferfeldt Behrendl' Laura J. Bishofberger .3 Peter Paul Corrine H. Joann Loretta Joe J. Donald Bloch Blornarz Bobola Bogdanowicz Bohrisch Boruch Bryerron Brzezinski Bugasch Bulka Frank LeRoy N. Ronald V. Phyllis V. Cahill Caminiri Campo Casella Elaine Ruth Cedzidlo Geraldine E. Harold T. Marilyn Sally Robert R. Cheslock Cisinski Donald M. Mary C. Theresa Efirnia Lorraine H. Pearl Marie .Ioan Dolores David DeClair mpo DeICa it 1 8 A A Dorothy M. James Frank De Marco Joan Carol Rose Marie Richard E. James A. Ada Jeanette Descher A Dlugopolska ' Dobosz Daman I95O AX Trudy Jean Walter C. Joann Jo Anne Helen A. Du Bas Dye Econornau Eddleman Edwards Y T Marlynn D. John R. Mona Lmda Eriksen Evensen Fanara Filer Lllluon Hope Eugene J. Flores Frankowiak Frano Goffey Gordzielewski Dolores Sally Nora Ahce Garneski Geargeoff Giandinoto Gilbert Delores Dorothy Ruth Bruce Gill Gofron Golden Goodman Goullobian Goy I X Lrllnan J Mary M. Anna Catherine Grieco Hamblin Hamilton Hammond Wilma Ann Albert I. Betty J. Vivian Grace Mary Ann I-lnwlz Heil Herr Hoagland Hodek Conrad Glenn Orsola Marie Rita Ramona Henry Earl Lorraine F. Janiak Jarosinski Jasionowski Hoel George Martin Lawrence C. Walter Raymond Helen Linnea Robert A. Johnson Johnson Johansen Eugene F. Harriet B. Howard S. Selma M. Joseph S. Jurasz Kalinowski Kaplan Keller Kielbasa Kielbolu Kielczynski Klaus Klart Shorloine S. Klein Dorothy Klocek Kolodzieiski Koren Korpon Koszlowslu Leona B. h Krupa Kuc ralnsks Krowchuck Krawiec Dolores H. r lt' Kroll Edwa rd s l Kulaga Kushar Kuznor Mary Ann .leon E. Lalmer ' Larson Leibnitx Lengyel Legnigk wlllldlll C. Evelyn M Betty Jane Geraldine 1. Maiko Casmire E. Matusik Regina Meyers Elsie June Mode SK .ff Irene R. Lorraine J. Donald C. Doris E. Lusnia Barbara A. Joan Dorothy H. Carol MeV Lorem, Patricia M. James E. Motwicio Carl Arthur dith R. A Marlo Anne Howard Helen Ju Michalak . Dorothy June Audrey Marilyn Ann Moeller Moloxnik Moore Morris Rase F. Don Jay Barbara A. Murray Nelson Niemiec Niernierawicx Nowaclxi Mitchell T. Geraldine H. Julie Katherine Noworolnik Osimowicz Paalbalog Panfilo . Betty J. Patricia J. Dolores B. Patterson Pazdziach Pecora Richard A Parenti x v 'hr 1 Mary Ann H. Winifred B. Pedott Piazza Pinski Piskor Pociask Christine P. Podgorny Podkowa Poloski Prainito Price Pryor Rahtz Raymore Rosch Ryba rczyk Ida Samborski Schiavinato Gloria Jean Melvin Wanda J Shepler Shore Snedlecku Maman Ann Helen O. Loretto C. Lucnlle V Smoczynskn Sorlie Spychala Spychnla Edward Milton J. Howard F. Olga Jean J. Sfachurski Stall Sfralina Sfoinski N Florine M. Suchon Swenson Sypniewski Szopinski Dorothy T. Sylvia Dolores V. Joan E. Theresa J. Tarochowicz Tepper Trochowski ' Uiozdowski Yvonne P. Shirley J. Lois Marie Concerto M. Patricia A. Voudan Mildred Norman Vlfforlo Doris A. Elaine L. Waters Weintrob Weisman Weiss Whisonant John C. White Wietrzykowski Will Willus Arlene D. Dolores T. R Wleklinski J. Mary Ann Yanak Yobe Joan Marie Leonard Zeber Zemtseff Anne J. Irene D. Zielinski Zwienoczko Dreiser Nadia Edward Barbara Robert Davis Keresiuk Krawczak Odwazny Pohl Rogers SENIOR DIRECTORY FEBRUARY Pauline Anderson, Honor roll, registrar, bookroom as- sistant, G. A. A. Sarah Baldassono, Polish Club, T. C. A., class night comm., registrar, G. A. A. alternate, office aide. Grace Baran, G. A. A., hall guard, White Collar club, tour guide, Modes of the Hour Club. Helen Baron, Polish Club, tour guide, hall guard, G. A. A. Frederick Beresniewicz, Football, Pres. of Polish Club, Checker Club, gym helper, class night program com. Jerry Berez, Log rep., hall guard, College Club. Dolores Berley, Attendance helper, office aide, T. C. A. alternate, Mexican Folk Dancing Club, hall guard. Marie Binotto, Gold pin winner, Tuley "T" winner, cap and gown comm., tour guide, office aide. Audrey Blackwell, T. C. A. delegate, hall guard capt., gold pin winner, office aide, review clerk, tour guide. Patricia Boiskou, Secy. of Checker Club, hall guard, re- gistrar, G. A. A. Stella Brando, Gold pin winner, service "T" winner, library assistant, hall guard, G. A. A. rep, tour guide. James Brezino, 4A hatchet orator, gold pin winner, Po- lish federation delegate, hall guard, Polish club. David Bronstein, Checker Club, cap and gown comm., Tuley review, hall guard. Catherine Bugaislcy, Library assistant, gym helper, Log rep., hall guard, G. A. A. Zita Bulzak, Hall guard, library assistant, gym helper, G. A. A. rep., treasurer of Campcraft Club, Log rep. John Cabai, Hall guard capt., Polish Club, registrar, of- fice boy, basketball, Review rep. Joseph Cappella, Vice pres., of Checker Club, hall guard capt., office boy, R. O. T. C., registrar. Alice Carlson, T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. rep., hall guard, Checker Club, gym helper, honor roll. Dorine Chait, G. A. A., Mexican folk dancing club, hall guard, Modes of the Hour Club. Jerome Chulos, R. O. T. C. club, hall guard, Polish Club, R. O. T. C. Nettie Cohen, G. A. A., White Collar Club, Modes of the Hour Club. John Czapiga, Football team, Polish Club, intramurals, hall guard, Hunting and Fishing club, boxing. Gloria DeLaurentis, Tour guide, bookroom assistant, of- fice aide, hall guard, class night dance comm. Judy Dragin, Life guard, book room assistant, G. A. A. Elaine Dressler, Gym helper, hall guard capt., attend- ance room helper, honor roll. Evelyn Erdman, Tour guide, gym helper, gold pin win- ner, service "T" winner, hall guard capt., G. A. A. John Evans, Cap and gown comm., hall guard, Science Club, Checker Club, Latin Club, Travel Club. Michael Filec, Hall guard, Polish Club, basketball, class night program comm. Kenneth Finnegan, Graduation comm., basketball, foot- ball, hall guard, Projector's Club, projector operator. Donald Fuhs, Football, hall guard, R. 0. T. C., messen- ger, class night program comm. Richard Fuhs, Football, basketball, T. C. A., hall guard, graduation comm., Log staff. LaVerne Gardzelewski, G. A. A., hall guard, Square Dancing Club, class night program comm. Beverly Garzonio, Log editor, graduation comm., class night program comm., G. A. A. and service "T". Joan Holtom, T. C. A. alternate, hall guard, Pres., of Knitting Club, G. A. A. alternate, attend. rm., helper. Martin Hamparzomian, Cap and gown comm., Checker Club, hall guard. George Hardison, Capt. of football team, T. C. A. dele- gate, Pres. of Aviation Club, class night dance com. Elaine Hart, Co-editor of Tuley Review, Treas. of G. A. A., cap 8- gown com., Treas. of Creative writing club. Patricia Holttodt, Vice-pres., of Checker Club, T. C. A., gym helper, G. A. A., Science Club, grad. comm. Dolores Hoover, Prom comm., chorus, library assistant, book room assistant, Rec. Games Club, G. A. A. John Hughes, Club study. Di Loris Hunter, Girls' chorus, hall guard. Stanley Jarocki, Polish Club, hall guard, T. C. A., Rec. Games Club, Baseball Club, class night dance comm. Marilyn Johnson, Business and circulation manager of Review, tour guide, G. A. A., gold pin winner. Clara Kadlac, Hall guard, G. A. A., Spanish Club, gold pin winner, Review typist, office aide, Review Clerk. Louise Kaiserlian, Office aide, tour guide, hall guard, Modes of the Hour Club, G. A. A., book rm. ass't. Chrisula Karabatsos, Treas. of senior class, G. A. A. pres., tour guide, registrar, hall guard capt. Jock Kawiecki, Hall guard capt., Polish Club, Baseball Club, basketball team, class night dance comm. Eugene Keturoskey, Office messenger, Travel Club, Art Club, Creative Writing Club, hall guard, Log staff. lleone Kosmatka, Polish Club, lunchroom hostess, hdll guard. Irvin Kowalski, Polish Club. Richard Kowalski, Basketball team, sports writer on Re- view, Polish Club, hall guard, cap and gown comm. Richard Kraus, R. O. T. C. capt., T. C. A. delegate, cap and gown com., service "T" winner, hall guard capt. Donald Kunz, T. C. A. rep., baseball team, Pres. of Radio club, baseball club, hall guard, Log rep. John Kwiatkowski, Pres. of Aviation Club, grad. comm., hall guard, baseball, Checker Club. Mildred Lehman, Grad. comm., hall guard, gym helper, office aide, tour guide, G. A. A. rep., Polish Club. Robert Lencioni, Hall guard, R. O. T. C. Club, T. C. A. rep., fire marshal, assembly guard. Jacqueline L'Herault, Pres. of White Collar Girl Club, Review rep., office aide, honor roll, Secy. of G. A. A. Rose Ann Luciano, Hall guard, G. A. A. rep., cap and gown comm., T. C. A. delegate, Square Dancing Club. Lenore Malchiodi, Co-editor of Review, Secy. of senior class, tour guide, gold pin winner, pres. of G. A. A. Gertrude Malyszka, Hall guard, gym helper, G. A. A., G. A. A. rep., Review rep., College Club. Ann Manika, G. A A., hall guard capt., tour guide, hall guard, Secy. of Travel Club, Review rep., grad. com. Edith Mason, Hall guard, Polish Club, Radio Club. Batty Jane Matassa, Hall guard, tour guide, grad. com, G. A. A. rep., T. C. A. delegate, Square Dancing club. Geraldine Mayhar, Gym helper, hall guard, attendance helper, Checker Club, Knitting Club, G. A. A. Lee McBrien, Pan-American Club, hall guard. Jaan Meister, Library assistant, office aide, T. C. A. rep., G. A. A. rep., Checker club, Knitting club. Joanne Michels, Polish Club, office aide, hall guard, T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. rep., girls' chorus. Antoniette Mion, G. A. A., hall guard capt., cap and gown comm., Square Dancing Club. Seymour Morris, Pres., of senior class, T. C. A. delegate, Review ed., basketball team, Review rep., hall guard. Nola Musial, Business manager of Lag, Vice-pres. Of T. C. A., T. C. A. advisory board, G. A. A. Stephen Nikanchuk, Review rep., baseball team, class night dance comm., Checker Club, Rec. Games club. Phillip Olszewski, Basketball, football, baseball team, cap and gown comm., hall guard. Elizabeth Oswald, Tuley "T" winner, silver pin winner, hall guard, off. aide, Secy. of Modes of the Hr. Club. Henry Ozga, Polish club, gym helper. Eugenia Panko, Office aide, Log rep., G. A. A., Rec. Games club, Square Dancing Club, registrar. G. A. A. Diane Pappas, Polish Club, G. A. A., Log rep., class night dance comm., office aide. Rosette Parenti, Book room assistant, gym helper, at- tendance aide, vice-pres. of White Collar Club. Charlotte Park, Silver pin winner, T. C. A. delegate, College Club, pres. of New Books Club, hall gd. capt. Theresa Patek, G. A. A., hall guard, library assistant, gym helper, office aide. Carl Pavel, Basketball team, rifle team, R. O. T. C. club, Spanish club, fire marshal, hall guard capt. Eleanore Pete, T. C. A. advisory board, T. C. A. dele- gate, library assistant, hall guard, Question Box club. Alyce Pink, G. A. A. vice pres., T. C. A. rep., hall guard, tour guide, Square Dancing club, Polish club. Marie Poplawsky, T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A., hall gd., lab assistant, office aide, Physics Club. Doris Rapaport, Gold pin winner, tour guide, College Club, hall guard capt., library assistant, T. C. A. dele. Betty Jane Riggs, Cheerleader, G. A. A., Review rep., T. C. A. rep., gym helper, Cheerleading Club. lsadcre Sakaff, R. O. T. C. officer, R. O. T. C. drill team, class night program comm. Norman Salonek, Travel Club, Polish Club, hall guard. Nina Semonoff, Hall guard, office aide, Question Box Club. Geraldine Sheber, Review reporter, T. C. A. alternate, G. A. A., Polish Club, office aide, grad comm. Nina Shevchuk, Hall guard, G. A. A., White Collar club. Olga Sidorchuk, Modes of the Hour Club, Physics club, hall guard capt., gold pin winner, lab assistant. Charlotte Siedband, G. A. A., Art Club, hall guard, Press club. Susan Sijerson, Hall guard, G. A. A. rep., lab. assistant, Checker Club, Secy. of Book Club. Fred Simeoni, Review rep., class night dance comm., hall guard, baseball club, aviation club. Lawrence Simon, Review reporter, Polish Club, class night dance comm., baseball club, hall guard. Bernardine Smeia, Review reporter, class vice-pres., gold pin winner, Review rep., office aide, hall guard, Leonard Sogolow, Chess and checker teams, Chess and Checker Club. Meta Sorensen, Rec. Games club, lunch room hostess, Question Box Club, gym helper, White Collar Club. Mildred Stecki, Hall guard, Square Dancing Club. Stephen Stwora, Basketball, hall guard, Physics club. Florence Swartz, T. C. A. rep., class night dance comm., hall guard, tour guide, office aide, Square Dancing C. Elaine Theophelos, Gym helper, vice-pres. of White Collar Club, hall guard. George Thomas, T. C. A., gold pin winner, Art Editor of Log, service "T" winner, R. O. T. C. officer, hall gd. Joan Tignino, G. A. A. Marvella Truitt, Review rep., T. C. A. delegate, vice- pres. of Art Club, G. A. A. alternate, office aide. Elaine Urban, Tour Guide, G. A. A. rep., cap and gown comm., Square Dancing Club, office aide, gym helper. Esther Vakey, T. C. A.. delegate, prom. comm., grad. comm. Rec. Games Club, hall guard. Patricia Wheeler, Attendance aide, girls' chorus, Square Dancing Club, Mexican Folk Dancing club. Frank Wille, Review reporter, hall guard, pres. of Press Club. June Williamson, Hall guard, Checker Club. Robert Wilson, Hall guard, fire marshal, R. O. T. C. Club, assembly guard. Irene Wisniewski, Hall guard, library assistant, office aide, Review rep., T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. Camilla Zoul, G. A. A., registrar, Review Clerk. JUNE Mary Ann Adams, Capt., cheerleaders, treas. June class, silver pin, T. C. A. advisory board, hall guard capt. Donald R. Adamski, Basketball team, Checker Club, College Club, hall guard. Antanette A. Agort, Cap and gown com., finance com., service "T", T. C. A. rep., hall guard capt. Raymond James Aldinger, Hall guard, lab. assistant, R. O. T. C. Club, R. O. T. C. board of recommendations. Sidney Albert Anders, Checker team. Betty A. Augitto, Office aide, hall guard, G. A. A., Po- lish Club, Rec. Games, bookroom assistant. John M. Back, Basketball team, Travel Club, Fishing and Hunting Club. Shirley Ann Baldwin, Hall guard, office aide, lunchrm. hostess, gym helper, bookroom assistant. Adrienne Lois. Baumgartner, White Collar Club, Ques- tion Box Club, G. A. A. Gordon J. Behrendt, Basketball team, Lettermen's club. William L. Benner, Bookkeeper, business manager, hall guard, gym helper. Barbara J. Berendt, Review rep., hall guard, G. A. A. Irene Marie Bergamin, Class night com., T. C. A. dele- gate, hall guard, accompanist, gym helper, radio club. Joan Ellen Biesterfeldt, Hall guard, Physics Club, Travel Club, Art Club. Laura J. Bishofberger, College Club, Rec. Games, White Collar Club, Personality Club, hall guard, G. A. A. Peter Paul Bloch, T. C. A. delegate, hall guard capt., sgt.-at-arms-Senior Hall. Corrine H. Blomarz, Sec. Art Club, hall guard, gym helper, G. A. A., Rec. Games, library assistant. Joann Loretta Bobola, Tour guide, office aide, G. A. A. rep., hall guard, Polish Club, Checker Club. Joe J. Bogdanowicz, Chairman prom com., hall guard, Travel Club, Science Club. Donald Bohrisch, Basketball team, hall guard, Art Club, Chess and Checker vice pres. Adeline Laura Baruch, T. C. A. delegate, hall guard, G. A. A. rep., honor roll, Polish Club. June Elaine Bryerton, T. C. A. alt., G. A. A. rep., silver pin, G. A. A. "T", service "T", Review staff, hall gd. Mitchell T. Brzezinski, Lunchroom guard, Polish club. Gloria Mae Bugosch, Class night com., news ed., Re- view, pres. Red Cross club, chairman, social com. John Bulka, Spanish club, track team, class night com., Art Club. Frank Cahill, Sr. basketball team, sports ed. Review, Checker Club, Lettermen's club, Log rep, Log staff. LeRoy N. Caminiti, Capt. baseball team, basketball team, football team, treas. Lettermen's club. Ronald Vincent Campo, Pres. June class, pres. Checker Club, football team, honor roll, Review rep. Phyllis Victoria Casella, Sec. Modes of the Hour, Polish Club, Review rep., T. C. A. dele., lunchrm. hostess. Elaine Ruth Cedxidlo, Hall guard capt., library assistant, G. A. A., life saving, Polish Club, Square Dancing Cb. Geraldine E. Cheslack, Chairman cap and gown com., silver pin, bookroom assistant, Review clerk, hall gd. Harold T. Christiansen, Hall guard. Marilyn Sally Cisinski, Office aide, registrar, class night corn., hall guard, G. A. A., Polish Club. Robert Raymond Clough Donald Maurice Cohen, Fire marshal, R. O. T. C. Club, assembly guard, rifle team, hall guard. Mary Catherine Cohen, Pres. Modes of the Hour, vice- pres. Travel Club, finance com., honor roll, G. A. A. Jane Therese Cyganowski, Chairman grad. com., office aide, hall guard capt., library assistant, honor roll. June Antonia Cykele, Pres. Modes of the Hour, honor roll, silver pin, registrar, Knitting Club, G. A. A. Richard J. Czercowy, Basketball team, hall guard, base- ball team, Physics Club. Dorothy M. Dailey, Girls' chorus, prom. com., library as- sistant, Rec. Games, office aide, G. A. A. Efimia Dalianis, Log bus. mgr., gold pin, service "T", hall guard capt., office aide, Square Dancing Club. Lorraine H. David, Hall guard capt., capt. Rec. Games, G. A. A. rep., G. A. A. "T", Review rep., honor roll. Pearl Marie DeClair, Registrar, tour guide, office aide, hall guard, sec. White Collar Club, Checker Club. Joan Dolores DelCampo, Registrar, G. A. A., Square Dancing Club, Modes of the Hour, Checker Club. James Frank DeMarco, T. C. A. delegate, pres. College Club, grad. com., hall guard. Joan Carol Descher, Pres. Knitting Club, office aide, Travel Club, Crocheting Club, G. A. A. Rose Marie Dlugopolska, Feature ed. Review, Review re- porter, Pres. Creative Writing Club, office aide. Richard Edward Dobosx, Capt. basketball team, class night com., Lettermen's Club, Review staff. James Allen Daman, Log lit. ed., capt. rifle team, R. O. T. C. officer, R. O. T. C. city staff, hall guard. Ada J. Dryer, Question Box Club, White Collar Club, G. A. A., Lunchroom hostess. Gertrude Jean Du Bas, Ed.-in-chief of Review, service "T", T. C. A. advisory board, Press club, G. A. A. Walter Charles Dye, Football team, class night com., Lettermen's Club. Joann Economou, Office aide, hall guard capt., G. A. A., library ass't., Science Club, Modes of the Hour. Jo Anne Eddleman, Class night com., office aide, honor roll, hall guard, tour guide, G. A. A., Rec. Games. Helen A. Edwards, Hall guard capt., bookroom assistant, Travel Club, G. A. A., Red Cross Club. John R. Eriksen, Treas. New Books Club, Chess Club, Checker Club, hall guard, basketball team. Mona Linda Evensen, Silver pin, G. A. A. rep., library assistant, hall guard, Rec. Games. Madalen Ann Fonara, Honor roll, cap and gown com., T. C. A. delegate, library assistant, office aide. Peggy Elaine Fondre, Pres. White Collar Club, sec Knitting Club, hall guard, office aide, G. A. A. Marlynn D. Filer, Sec. Girls' chorus, bookroom assistant, library assistant, gym helper, G. A. A., College club. Lillian Hope Flores, Hall guard, lunchroom hostess, Rec. Games, office aide, Polish Club, G. A. A. Eugene J. Frankowiak, Football team, checker team, Po- lish Club, College Club. Louis P. Frano, R. O. T. C. officer, hall guard, R. O. T. C. Club Mariann E. Gaffey, Gold pin, T. C. A. delegate, cheer- leader club, Red Cross Club, bookroom assistant. Louise M. Gardxielewski, Hall guard Capt., G. A. A., Polish Club, Rec. Games, registrar, White Collar club. Norman R. Garneski, Football team, chess team, Let- termen's Club. Dolores Sally Georgeoff, G. A. A. delegate, lunchroom hostess, registrar, hall guard, White Collar Club. Joyce Marie Gercane, Cheerleader's Club, G. A. A. rep. hall guard, Modes of the Hour, Checker Club. Nora Alice Giandinoto, Honor roll, Review rep., G. A. A. rep., G. A. A. "T", hall guard capt., library ass't. Elaine Anna Gilbert, Review rep., hall guard, registrar, honor roll, Polish Club, sec. of class. Delores Estell Gill, Library assistant, hall guard, life saving, G. A. A., Girls' chorus, office aide. Dorothy Ruth Gofron, Office aide, G. A. A., hall guard capt., Travel Club, Red Cross Club, New Books club. Bruce Golden, Electronics group, R. O. T. C. staff, R. O. T. C. Board of Recommendations, rifle team, hall gd. Eileen Goodman, Service "T", G. A. A. rep., office aide, hall guard, College Club, White Collar Club. Hermena Helen Goullabian, Hall guard, G. A. A. Lillian J. Goy, T. C. A. delegate, honor roll, G. A. A. rep., lunchroom hostess, hall guard, Polish Club. Mary M. Grieco, Class night com., hall guard capt., Of- fice aide, Girls' chorus, G. A. A. rep., gym helper. Anna Catherine Hamblin, Hall guard capt., G. A. A., Travel Club, Spanish Club, Polish Club, registrar. Robert Jerome Hamilton, Basketball team, Polish club, Lettermen's Club, hall guard, lunchroom guard. Robert A. Hammond, Hall guard, Spanish Club, Travel Club, registrar, T. C. A. alt. Wilma Ann Hawk, Grad. com., Review staff, registrar, G. A. A., Polish Club, office aide, New Books club. Albert Ignatius Heil, lntra-mural Sports, hall guard, Pan-American Club, Chess Club. Betty J. Herr, Class night com., hall guard, Polish club, Rec. Games, registrar. Vivian Grace Hoagland, Class night com., T. C. A. dele- gate, office aide, registrar, Rec. Games, G. A. A. rep. Mary Ann Hodek, Pres. Checker Club, hall guard, re- gistrar, Polish Club, Rec. Games, G. A. A. Conrad Glenn Hoel, Treas. Travel Club. Orsola Marie lngraffia, Log rep., G. A. A. rep., hall guard, Square Dancing Club, lunchroom hostess. Rita Ramona Janiak, 4B class orator, grad. com., G. A. A., office aide, Polish Club, hall guard capt. Henry Earl Jarosinski, Vice-pres. Polish Club, sgt.-at- arms Polish Club, hall guard, Art Club. Lorraine F. Jasionowski, Finance com., hall guard, at- tendance aide, G. A. A., Crocheting Club, Rec. Games. George Martin Jefferies, Football team, pres. Science Club, Review rep., gym helper, life guard. Lawrence C. Johansen, Chairman class night com., pres. Radio Club, co-chairman social planning com. Log rep. Walter Raymond Johansen, Class night com., Log rep., hall guard capt., Chess club, Checker club. Helen Linnea Johnson, Hall guard capt., Review rep., T. C. A. delegate, pres. girl's chorus, office aide. Robert Arnott Johnson, Football team, hall guard, of- fice boy, Science Club, Aviation Club, R. O. T. C. Eugene F. Jurau, Prom com., vice pres. Aviation club, hall guard capt. Harriet Bernice Kalinowslxi, Class night com., hall guard capt., T. C. A. delegate, Review rep., office aide. Howard S. Kaplan, Cashier, Review staff, football team, Projector Club, Radio Club, hall guard capt., Selma Mildred Keller, Prom com., treas. Pan-American Club, library assistant, bookroom assistant, registrar. Joseph Stanley Kielbasa, T. C. A. alt., Iunchroom guard, Polish Club, honor roll, Aviation. club, registrar. Robert H. Kielbon, Cap and gown com., pres. Travel Club, vice pres. Travel club, office boy, Review rep. Dolores Kielcxynslxi, Girls' chorus, Square Dancing club, hall guard, G. A. A., office aide. Sharlaine S. Klaas, Vice-pres. Checker club, service "T", G. A. A., office aide, Polish Club, Review rep. Richard Thomas Klatt, Assistant Log ed., hall guard Capt., Log staff. Frank H. Klein, Log staff, hall guard capt., sec. Travel Club, Creative Writing club. Dorothy Klocelr, Vice-pres. Modes of the Hour, treas. Crocheting Club, Polish Club, G. A. A., office aide. Dolores Kolodxieiski, G. A. A., hall guard capt., Art Club, White Collar Club, Polish Club. June Koran, Art Club, Rec. Games, G. A. A. William V. Karpan, Sec. Travel Club, Polish Club, hall guard, library assistant. Bernice L. Koszlowski, Office aide, tour guide, College Club, Rec. Games, hall guard, G. A. A. Shirley Marie Kozlowski, T. C. A. delegate, Log staff, honor roll, office aide, gym helper, registrar. Stanley J. Krainski, Log rep., Log staff, Intra-mural Sports capt., hall guard lt., Polish club, baseball club. George J. Krawchuk, Hall guard, Hunting and Fishing Club, movie projector operator. Grace M. Krawiec, Life guard, office aide, gym helper, syn. swim., Rec. Games, hall guard, G. A. A. Edward Joseph Kroll, Sec. Polish club, hall guard, Tra- vel Club, football team. Leona Barbara Krupa, Log staff, life guard, syn. swim., tour guide, social center staff, hall guard, G. A. A. Dorothy Helen Kucharski, Sec. Eng. class, registrar, hall guard, Polish Club, G. A. A., office aide. Dolores Helen Kulaga, G. A. A. rep., Polish Club, hall guard, bookroom assistant, registrar. Milford John Kushar, R. O. T. C. staff, assistant inst., R. O. T. C. Club, hall guard lt., fire marshal capt. Edward J. Kuxnar, Honor roll, chess team, electronic group, Hunting and Fishing Club, Physics club. Mary Ann D. Lakner, Honor roll, T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. delegate, hall guard. Jean E. Larson, Silver pin, sec. Travel club, hall guard, G. A. A., T. C. A. alt. Joan Marie Leibnitz, Office aide, G. A. A., Question Box Club, registrar, First Aid Club. William C. Lengyel, Basketball team, pres. New Books Club, Checker Club, hall guard. Evelyn M. Lesniak, T. C. A. delegate, honor roll, office aide, library assistant, hall guard, G. A. A. rep. Betty Jane Loveland, Office aide, gym helper, hall guard, luncheon hostess, library assistant, chorus com. Irene Reneta Lusnia, Hatchet orator, Review staff, honor roll, T. C. A., G. A. A. rep., hall guard, registrar. Lorraine J. Maclziust, Hall guard, Square Dancing Club, G. A. A., Crocheting Club, registrar. Donald Charles Madei, T. C. A. rep., R. O. T. C. af- ficer, fire marshal, assembly guard, office boy. Doris Emily Madsen, Hall guard, G. A. A., registrar, Square Dancing Club, Rec. Games, office aide. Geraldine Juanita Maika, Hall guard, library assistant, Polish Club, hall guard capt., Crocheting Club. Barbara Alice Maika, T. C. A. rep., G. A. A., hall guard, library assistant, Modes of the Hour, Polish club. Peggy Joan Makowski, Chairman class night com., hon- or roll, hall guard capt., office aide, tour guide. Dorothy H. Malec, Hall guard, G. A. A., office aide, Rec. Games, registrar, First aid club. Carol May Marshall, Review rep., hall guard, library assistant, attendance aide, Square Dancing Club. Casmira Elizabeth Matusik, Honor roll, library assistant, hall guard, Polish Club, Travel Club, G. A. A. Loretta Matwicio, Log art ed., gold pin, silver pin, sr. life saving, G. A. A. Patricia M. McDonough, T. C. A. alt., pres. Modes of the Hour, sec. Travel Club, office aide, honor roll. James Ernest Mennell, Honor roll, baseball team, rifle team, Review rep., College club, hall guard. Carl Arthur Meyer, Baseball team, hall guard. Regina Meyers, Hall guard, honor roll, registrar, Col- lege Club, Pan-American Club, White Collar Club. Helen Michalak, Log Staff, Chess and Checker Club T. C. A. delegate, Vice-pres. Chess Club. Judith R. Miller, Hall guard, Polish Club, gym helper, Girls' chorus, Square Dancing Club, G. A. A. Marla Anne Milwer, Class night com., Review rep., of- fice aide, registrar, Rec. Games, T. C. A. delegate. Howard Minge Hall guard, registrar, Log rep., College Club. Elsie June Mode, Library assistant, Girls' Glee Club hall guard, Travel Club, G. A. A., honor roll. George William Moeller, Lab. assistant. Dorothy Moloznik, Vice-pres, June class, service "T", silver and gold pin, tour guide, office aide, G. A. A. June Audrey Moore, Honor roll, hall guard Capt., li brary assistant Spanish Club, Red Cross Club. Marilyn Ann Morris, Silver pin, gold pin, G. A. A. alt., College Club, Press Club, Rec. Games, office aide. Rose Frances Murray, Class night com., hall guard, G. A. A., Rec. Games. Don Jay Nelson, R. O. T. C. officer, rifle team, fire marshal. Barbara Anne Nierniec, Pres. Girls' Glee Club, sec. Modes of the Hour, gold pin, G. A. A. rep. Ronald E. Niemierowicx, Pres. Spanish Club, T. C. A. delegate, Review rep., vice-pres. Science Club. Shirley A. Nowacki, Hall guard, G. A. A., Modes of the Hour, White Collar Club, New Books Club. Mitchell Ted Noworolnik, Hall guard, Press Club, honor roll, Polish Club, Sports Club. Geradine H. Osimowicz, Review rep., library assistant, hall guard, Polish Club, G. A. A., Travel Club. Joseph Shepherd Owczorxak, Hall guard, Polish Club, Chess Club, Checker Club. Julie Lilly Paalbalog, Office aide, hall guard, G. A. A., Girls Chorus, G. A. A. rep., Polish, Club. Katherine Panfilo, Hall guard capt., T. C. A. rep., G. A. A. rep., G. A. A. alt., Square Dancing Club. Richard A. Parenti Betty J. Parypinski, Polish Club, registrar, G. A. A., hall guard, Girls' Chorus, Square Dancing Club. Patricia Joan Patterson, Prom com., finance com., T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. rep., Rec. Games, registrar. Dolores B. Pazdxioch, Life saving, syn. swim., capt. Rec. Games, gym helper, G. A. A. Daniel W. Pecora, Hall guard capt., Polish Club, Avia- tion Club, orchestra. Joseph Pedott, Dist. champion, American Legion Ora- torical Cont., pres. Hunting and Fishing Club. Mary Ann l'l. Piazza, Vice-pres. G. A. A., silver pin, service "T", hall guard capt., G. A. A. rep. John Thomas Pinski, Football team, Polish Club. Adam Stanley Piskor, Basketball team, baseball team, Lettermen's Club, Baseball Club, Polish Club. Winifred Benadine Pociask, Radio Club, office aide, life guard, G. A. A., hall guard. Dolores Podgorny, T. C. A. rep., G. A. A. rep, honor roll, capt. Rec. Games, tour guide, office aide. Daniel Adam Podkowa, Polish Club, vice-pres. Club. Dolores L. Poloski, Hall guard, Polish Club, G. A. A., bookroom assistant. Bernice Prainito, Honor roll, registrar, hall guard capt., G. A. A. rep., Square Dancing Club. Christine Pauline Price, Vice-pres. Polish Club, honor roll, Review rep., office aide, cap and gown com. Robert I. Prandzinski, Baseball team, T. C. A. delegate, hall guard, Radio Club. Carole Lee Prosniewski, Treas. Modes of the Hour, of- fice aide, Rec. Games, hall guard, finance committee. Steven Paul Pryor, Rifle team, basketball team, base- ball team, Baseball Club, Polish Club, Log Staff. Betty Jane Rahtz, Sec. Radio Club, hall guard, Review rep., hall guard capt., G. A. A. rep, honor roll. Leona Ellen Raymore, Class night com., T. C. A. dele- gate, hall guard, library assistant, Review rep. Edward Frank Regal, R. O. T. C. officer, fire marshal, R. O. T. C. Club, hall guard Neil Rome, Hall guard, gym helper, vice-pres. Science Club. Nancy Carol Rosch, Bookroom assistant, hall guard, of- fice aide, Rec. Games, G. A. A. Richard A. Rybarczyk, Cap and gown com., vice-pres. Polish Club, hall guard, football team, Travel Club. Doris G. Sakowski, Honor roll, hall guard, Rec. Games, G. A. A. Rudy J. Salaterski, Sec. biology class, sgt.-at-arms Po- lish Club, Aviation Club, hall guard. Zoe Salkos, Prom com., gold pin, office aide, hall guard. G. A. A., Rec. Games, Art Club. Regina Suzanne Samborski, Pres. Crocheting Club, T. C. A. delegate, Review rep., honor roll, office aide. lcla Schiavinato, Review staff, office aide, registrar, G. A. A., Checker Club, Rec. Games. Ethelyn Marie Schofield, Office aide, Review rep., T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. Gerald Lewis Schwartz, College Club, orchestra, hall gd., concert band, wrestling team, R. O. T. C. band. Edmund Stanley Shedlarslxi, Hall guard, College Club, orchestra, R. O. T. C. Gloria Jean Shepler, Rec. Games, library assistant, Col- lege Club, White Collar Club, registrar, G. A. A. Melvin Shore, Football team, hall guard, Travel Club. Wanda J. Siedlecki, Lunchroom hostess, office aide, hall guard, registrar, tour guide, Polish Club. Eugene L. Sinda, Baseball team, Travel Club, New Books Club, registrar, hall guard. Marian Ann Smocxynski, Office aide, T. C. A. delegate, Question Box Club, Rec. Games, Modes of the Hour. Helen Olaug Sorlie, Review rep., G. A. A., Girls chorus, Pan-American Club, hall guard. Loretta C. Spychala, Registrar, hall guard capt., G. A. A., Rec. Games, Checker Club, Modes of the Hour. Lucille V. Spychala, Hall guard, G. A. A., registrar, Rec. Games, Checker Club, Modes of the Hour. Edward T. Staehurski, Class night com., vice-pres. Travel Club, Polish Club, registrar, hall guard. Milton Joseph Stall, Audio Visual League, registrar, Log rep., hall guard, Science Club. Howard Frank Steinberg, Hall guard, Travel Club, Sci- ence Club, registrar. Jean J. Stoinski, G. A. A., hall guard, Travel Club, Modes of the Hour, Question Box Club. Olga Stralina, Hall guard, Red Cross Club, White Col- lar Club, Girls Glee Club. Dolores Ann Suchan, Hall guard, Mexican Folk Danc- ing, T. C. A. alt. Howard Roy Swenson, R. O. T. C. officer, R. O. T. C. Club, Art Club. Stanley Leonard Sypniewski, Hall guard, registrar, sgt.- at-arms Polish Club, Radio Club. Florine Mary Szopinski, Sec. Camera Club, office aide, hall guard capt., G. A. A., gym capt., Polish Club. Joseph F. Tallian, Capt. basketball team, vice-pres. Let- termen's Club, pres. Rec, Games, baseball team. Dorothy Theresa Tarachowicz, Social staff, Review staff, tour guide, office aide, silver pin, hall guard, G. A. A. Sylvia R. Tepper, Prom com., treas. Girls' Chorus, P0- lish Club, Girls Glee Club, gym helper, G. A. A. Dolores V. Trochowski, Review staff, registrar, Polish Club, hall guard, G. A. A. Joan E. Tyler, Log staff, office aide, hall guard, Polish Club, Review rep., G. A. A., registrar, honor roll. Theresa J. Uiazdowski, Office aide, hall guard, Polish Club, honor roll, tour guide, regist.ar. Yvonne P. Vaudan, Polish Club, library assistant, G. A. A. Shirley Jean Vinicky, Sec. T. C. A., G. A. A., office aide, Review rep., Checker Club, Log rep., hall guard. Lois Marie Visgatis, Grad. com., Jr. Kleenest Keen- Teen, honor roll, hall guard, Rec. Games, G. A. A. Concetta M. Vittorio, Review rep., class night com., of- fice aide, library assistant, hall guard, G. A. A. reD. Patricia Alice Wagner, T. C. A. rep., sec. Science Club, Travel Club, G. A. A., Red Cross Club. Lillian Louise Waters, Hall guard, Travel Club, G. A. A., office aide, Modes of the Hour. Mildred Weintrob, Gold pin, silver pin, service "T", Log staff, office aide, White Collar Club, Log rep. Norman Myron Weisman, Fire marshal, hall guard, R. O. T. C. Club, electronics group, R. O. T. C. staff. Doris Antoinette Weiss, Service "T", silver pin, gold pin, Review staff, social staff, hall guard. Elaine L. Whisonant, Bookroom assistant, hall guard, registrar, Travel Club, G. A. A. John Charles White, Pres. Science Club, hall guard, Aviation Club. Siegfried Max Wieshuber, Chess team, hall guard, fire marshal, art scholarship. Stanley I. Wietrzyllowslti, Capt. ir. basketball team, Let- termen's Club, Polish Club, hall guard, registrar. James Arthur Will, Vice-pres. Travel Club, hall guard, Checker Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Radio Club. Ray Willas, Basketball team, Lettermen's Club, hall guard, R. O. T. C. fire marshal capt., registrar. Arlene Dorothy Witte, Office aide, gym helper, hall guard, T. C. A. delegate, G. A. A. rep., Rec. Games. Dolores T. Wleklinski, Office aide, attendance aide, hall guard, G A. A. rep., registrar, Polish Club. Ralph John Woicik, Pres. Polish Club, sec. Polish Club, gym helper, hall guard. Mary Ann Yanak, Library assistant, hall guard, office aide, registrar, Polish Club, White Collar Club. Dolores May Yobe, Lunchroam hostess, G. A. A. rep., hall guard, orchestra, Campcraft Club, Knitting club. Joan Marie Zeber, Gold pin, hall guard, office aide, bookroom assistant, G. A. A., Square Dancing Club. Leonard Zemtseff, R. O. T. C. officer, R. O. T. C. Club, Tuley Review, Log rep., hall guard capt., rifle team. David Herman Ziegler, Hall guard, treas Travel Club, gym helper, Biology Club, Radio Club Anne J. Zielinski, G. A. A. rep., office aide, hall guard, Rec. Games, lab. assistant, Square Dancing Club. Irene Diana Zwienexkowski, Office aide, hall guard capt., registrar, library assistant, G. A. A. SUMMER SCHOOL Dreiser Sam Davis, R. O. T. C., rifle team, R. O. T. C. officer, fire marshal. Nadia Keresiuk, Polish Club, G. A. A., hall guard. Edward Krawcxak, Baseball team, hall guard, Polish Club. Rita Lee Long, Library assistant, Art Club, Square Dancing Club, Red Cross Club, Girls Chorus, G. A. A. Barbara Odwazny, Polish Club, hall guard, assembly soloist. Robert Pohl, Movie Proiector Club, hall guard, T. C. A. alt. Barbara Rogers, Hall guard, attendance aide, library assistant, office aide, service "T". CAP ancI GOWN COMMITTEE GRADUATION COMMITTEE PROM COMMITTEE 0 41 'a 4 s FH. ' X 5- .4 if 66553 - 'GMQQ 2' wk f -I - Q fc 4 1- 65" i, 'I . 'Q QQ fy 6 Lisa? V SHWJX .,C' fi ,, fws ' ' ,gif A sf v' 5 ' X? xi Af Pggsv' fs ma' pv 3 - 'li .f-94? my x ,P A Y I ei, .F ,O .ai-,gg .A t S te.: ag:- XQ 9 my u n "6 r ROUND AND ABOUT SENIGR THE FOUR YEARS The years we've been in Tuley Have brought memories large and small But there are many little things We can't forget at all. For instance there's the homework Which all of us abhor And then there are the teachers Whom all of us adore. Of course there are the friends we've mode Among the enduring things But really there are others too Which deserve some mentionings. Take the socials every two weeks And look at the fun you've had You dance and talk till very late And your folks can't get you to bed. Now on the subject of lunch each day PERSCNALITIES And the gossip that goes with it lt all adds up to loads of fun That is, if you can spill it. I certainly wish that l had known About these things at Tuley When I was still in grammar school Do you think I'm being silly? Oh well, we live and learn, And it is very hard To grow accustomed to such as these And then to learn some others. But these four years are priceless too In every sort of way And we will use in future years What we have learned today. Don't think we haven't learned a thing For that we've surely done And to the teachers we do owe An unpayable, fabulous sum. CLUBS f. Q .. N-. Q fa 9 5, fx' . Q , Qaxkeil - HHN "Nu --W+fm.,, AQ, .b W A. R.. TNNJ v 1 1 r ' 5 f I I - M2 31 ' ' f ' if 5- 'ff' ' K ' RED CROSS In this club the members try to supply necessities to those less for- tunate in Europe and in this country. Last semester, we embroidered the faces on stuffed toy animals which were sent to hospitals and orphanages for Christmas. This term, we are un- dertaking a larger project, ci school cnest for the children in Europe. ln each chest there are enough school supplies for 48 children and personal things such as tooth paste, brushes, combs, and also bats and balls. : 'wa , tif in " I 7 f -'W l l l CROCHETING Here beginners learn how to cro- chet and experienced crocheters learn new patterns or exchange ideas. The excellent fellowship, courtesy, and co- operation make every member proud of our club. Pres. llst Sem.l Mary Ann Magas, Vice-Pres. Corinne Hollinger, Treas. Phyllis Krause, Sec. Gerrie Hartmann. 12nd Sem? Pres. Regina Samborski, Vice-Pres. Phyllis Goldstine, Treas. Dorothy Klocek, Sec. June Rice. 1 'ax Z l nj! 1 'flu S ' l.i!'l' 41 ir 1 I CHECKER The l95O Checker Club has in- creased in membership so much that it has been divided into two sections, one sponsored by Mr. Greenburg and the other by Mr. Smidl. The officers elected this year are Richard Clewis, Pres., Sharlain Klaas, Vice-Pres., Paul Gordon, Sec. This term we are holding an intra- mural tournament which will deter- mine the champions among the boys and girls. CHESS The Chess Club is the type of ac- tivity in which you can exercise your mind and at the same time enjoy yourself. Mr. Lee and Mrs. Roberts, the sponsors, together with the of- ficers, will show you the game and answer all questions pertaining to it. During the club period the sole acti- vity is . . , chess, naturally. Chess is one of the oldest games in the world and continues as the most fascinating and absorbing of them all, If you are interested in an enjoyable game, all geniuses choose chess. Pres. Larry Schmitt, Sec. Lorraine Orzel. - ii "!kf'ii5L Qilfii F Il l I kb, .15 fix, I ' 0 , Urs, l ' E 4 but , ,ug :QSWQ E x lt aiifggi -P M- , :V ,pin PHYSICS Exciting explosions and electrocu- tions are NOT likely to occur during the experiments the students perform for each other. Yet the experiments are fascinating and provide more op- portunities tor Physics students to work with experiments than they have in class. The club has been active in presenting programs and demonstra- tions for the school, among which have been a "What is Television" assembly and a "Physics Exposition". Pres. James Samarasg Vice-Pres. Angelo Karabotsosg Sec. Lorre Polanchuk. E lg i s RADIO The Radio Club is an active or- ganization. We do not work with radios as the name suggests, but act out plays written by the National As- sociation of Christians and Jews. Members who have acting ambitions get a chance to learn good diction and the understanding of the plays. The club is under the direction of Mrs. Paul. However, it is the boys and girls in the club who run it, and that gives us a feeling of independence. Pres Larry Johanseng Vice-Pres. Burton Caplang Sec.-Treas. Carol Cole. , '5-l x J x 1 I l'2. +'4WN'uv'o'Q' 'Q' w 0 QQQQYOJ3: ,Z 4 6- t I' "W 'QZ , gag: S". 'ff "' '15 ' ,. 1 Qi.-'.A.... Q .113 . ,il W 6' .vii , A, , 'I - -Z --...... WP -' It . 1 :ag ' l 2.1! . at 'li gi 'www ,Z '31 Qi X 13 ' 'IX ,090 . .QQ N s 'NN ai' 'I CREATIVE WRITING The Creative Writing Club was created for-yes, you guessed it, creative writing. This semester it's going to be just that, a place where Tu- ley's bards can get together and express themselves in poems, stories, and the like. So, don't be surprised to hear of the Creative Writing Club. Mr. Rabinowitz, the able spon- sor, is certain to turn out the best-seller writers of the next generation. NEW BOOKS The purpose of this club is to get every- one interested in the art of reading books, to improve our reading and knowledge. We learn about many different kinds of books and how to look up information about them. We have book reports which are given by students. We also give character sketches and the members have to guess the title of the book from which the character was taken. Two librarians check out the volumes that we want to read. Pres. l-oretta Michalak, Vice-Pres. Au- stra Banga, Librarian Anne D'Amore, Sec. Roslyn Liotta, Treas. John Ericson. H Q is t .,,,-g,, kQf ,Q QUESTION BOX The Question Box Club, primarily for girls, and perhaps one of the most im- portant in school, has as its purpose to discuss and solve questions relating to the problems of the troubled teen-ager. Guided by sponsors who have had experience with the youth of today and his problems, many a teen-aged girl has found an answer to her perplexing questions and has been enabled to ad- just herself to a situation and to find happiness. Understanding, cooperation, and human interest are the characteris- tics stressed by the members. g,.i,,,. A J l s 9.1 QQ COLLEGE Some students may plan to go on to college and yet do not know if they possess the necessary require- ments for entrance into college and the courses they have to take to prepare themselves for their future work, Here the College Club comes into use, for it is the purpose of this club to acquaint those students interested in going on to college with these facts and other informa- tion of interest, Pres. fist sem.l Mildred Wein- trob, Vice-Pres, Marvella Truitt, Treas. Beverly Garzonio. 42nd Sem.l Pres. James DeMarco, Vice-Pres. Joieph Pedott, Sec. Marion Paw- lic i. Q ima-smv' S , " A 1.1 I I , s ,- 1 w ' -- bei-is-Sv sxlq - xxx, I Qzagss . , ART The Art Club has start- ed sketching student mo- dels ond plans to go on to painting with tempera, watercolors, and eventu- ally to working on tex- tiles. The chairman is Willard Krickg Secretary, Pat Kelley, Sponsor, Mrs. Mitchell. TRAVEL The Travel Club accomplishes much for us in the way of helping us find places to visit for recreation and education. We find out about interesting places right here in Chico go. We also get ideas about far away places I their customs, scenery, ways of traveling, ad- vantages and disadvantages. Group l: Pres. Robert Johnson, Vice Pres. Mary Cohen, Sec. Bill Korpen, Treas Conrad Hcel, Sponsor, Mr. Vernon. Group 2: Pres. Frank Winski, Vice-Pres Ed Stachurski, Sec. Pat McDonough, Treas Bob Procknow, Sponsor, Miss Gartman. F1 T TEWTY , ,l,,.,,,1. ....l.,,,,. lj .i lil.jQQ,,'lfgL.,., . ' . . l L . .. . .9 g , I l , .. ...Lew , ..,.u.A, , . , .. K , y , - l.l .- ff -'Y In t,! I at' ' 1 - - A :-i l.4.. A , x . l .. w ' Z ' . .4 .., . . , , i 1 g WHITE COLLAR ln the White Collar Club we try to help the girls to understand the business world and be prepared for it. We learn these things through movies on etiquette and business procedure. We have also had speakers from different places of business. At the end of each se- mester we enjoy our club party, where members of the club partici- pate in the entertainment. 1 f . 1 . , , MODES OF THE HOUR This club, organized especially for girls, is a very interesting and extremely helpful one. The meetings are planned with the objects of our constitution in mind: to acquaint girls with styles, cor- rect manners, and general rules of eti- quette, also to encourage girls to im- prove their personal appearance and manners. Each meeting presents something new and interesting. The president who this semester is Constance Peppas, plans the meetings, and her officers, vice- president Carole Schnee, secretary Doro- thy Bloethner, and treasurer Annette Grabowski, make the meetings more in- teresting. i :,i,' .L ll ll - .f,l J. .ss Y . ,. , . , ,.,, , ii. J, Q N li MJ ...,,L ...A I X Y .X . . ,x Eli --F CHEERLEADERS This club is naturally an active one for its members are cheerleaders and those who hope to become lead- ers. The only officer is the captain, Mary Ann Adams. Miss Mendes teaches the fundamentals of cheer- ing and tumbling. In order to become a member, one must pass a test to prove some ability in this field. Finally after months of training, a girl has an opportunity to demonstrate her cheerleading skills and may be for- tunate enough to be chosen as a cheer- leader. RECREATIONAL GAMES The primary purpose of the Re- creational Games Club is to promote an appreciation for sports and to en- courage good sportsmanship, coopera- tion and a sense of fair play. The club is for girls who wish to learn new games and for those who have an abundant supply of pep and vitality and love sports. Sponsored by Mrs. Porter and Miss Evans, the girls keep happy and busy at every meeting. Members are divided into four teams and four girls with ability as leaders are chosen as captains, There are four seasonal games: volleyball, soc- cer, softball, and basketball. SCIENCE The Science Club is coming along fine, working on a few projects left unfinished last semester and starting some new ones. Miss Dixon often shows movies and lectures on scienti- fic subjects. The members have also worked on dissecting and microscopic work. Pres. George Jefferiesg Vice-Pres. Bob Wieszyckig Sec. Darlene Cooney. VY! 's MX N g j c l il mn ll' , .A 1 wg 9 h -. fl' ,SQ1 .- ' ' Mill: . T .W Ulf Till! cf ljjjil V o " -:lil ,., -J D :ff PROJECTORS The Projector Club got off to a good start a year ago and is now wide- ly known. The members find the club's ac- tivities very interesting. To them a pfoi ector is more than a "picture- machine." They contribute much to all departments of the school since all departments employ visual educa- tion. NNW6 DAC is .bs X , g 5? 15555-fzzr. gw':j!LCQ9I V 'r uf , , 2' ll IJ - ta GIRLS' CHORUS The Girls' Chorus is composed of 65 girls with good voices who provide music for the graduation ceremonies and special assemblies, notably, Ar- mistice Day, Memorial Day, and the Youth Week Assembly. Miss Caspers is the director and Irene Bergamin is the accompanist. The officers this semester are: Dolores Kielezynski, President, Loretta Michalak, Vice- President, Jeanne Rice, Secretory, and Betty Rahtz Treasurer. SQUARE DANCING Do you like folk dances? Would you like to see the "Birdie in the Cage"? How would you like being a "Buffalo Gal?" The Square Dance Club offers students an opportunity to learn the steps and formations of the most popular current dance form. The club is under the sponsorship of Miss Blitzner. Swing your partner, and join in the funl ,lii,, i 4 A , . l'l 5--P i ,ei-if Wavbfk v v 1"" AT' ..I"T 4- ,,,. .ir MEXICAN FOLK DANCING In the Mexican Folk Dancing Club, we are taught some of the na- tive dances of Mexico which are in- teresting in themselves but are made more so by Miss Dubow who tells us when each dance is used. Miss Dubow always teaches the famous "Mexican Hat Dance." This club is perfect for those who enjoy folk dancing and are interested in foreign countries. Pres. Joanne Balasg Vice-Pres, Pat Matwiciog Sec. Rochelle Winebergg Treas. Irene Mueller. FISHING AND HUNTING The Fishing and Hunting Club was organized by Joe Pedott and Eddie Kuznar in 1948 with Mr. Gross as sponsor. Activities like tournament casting, seeing movies on conservation and wild-life, planning field trips, having discussions and debates, all impressed upon the members the pur- pose of the club. This purpose was to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of our wild-lite and the need for conservation of our natural resources. Nil.. q 1d'!l1ly .,,,7'fA, is , rl "9 et' 1 ffl .9 -'f"Q" 2 4 f.Qi'."i:Qgk tgp 5' ' 1... ' 1 5 . . MJ "'N t ,fig ll wi l Vxxwll ii. K Ea T- N or '32 l' fr' s .'-'74 x ll -A rib df x k,qr',-,l 1 I H Q . Y K X X X RXl,x4N . z X ex LIU , I ' X ha rl U Xb, c , .J 'll W ll 'N T' A 1 t X POLISH The Polish Club, organized in l93l, has enjoyed nineteen years of unbroken existence. The object of this club is to promote among the members the feeling of solidarity and to establish genuine friendships. It endeavors to acquaint the members with the history of Poland, its literature, music, and culture by arranging lec- tures and programs during the meetings, making tours of Po- lish newspaper establishments, museums, libraries, etc. The Polish Club also is noted for outdoor activities, the most popular of which is the annual Toboggan Party held at Palos Park every February. The membership is open to all stu- dents of Polish descent and to students of Polish. ACTIVITIES -xw 1 Q c, , . Nwkb ? I Kg, 4' . ,Q -,sw Q X G we u W- r Q, N .unc W x A V 539 Q. ,252 , Q , X "za g' s I , Rggk M S. . , , 8 V. V 1p-fqm , W:?w 44 kywrii FMU "V I' 1 1 IIS Y -fmMw- ext y,. K-1-.1 Q.. 'W ,- F7 'I 2 ii'-fi Q L s '- - Lx 9: , 9 1'-:gg f ii I W 5 . XM. 5 N .ig ai S, Q 55 X ggi.. A 5 13 is ,.Q 3 x 1 1 V 5 Y QA :'h vzvvz ':.i ' X S QSQQ' f'-A.' . mW , L iiiiie , Q 1. x'-mi VNQYW fbqpx gg? Y-J':.4i 959V an ' ki , fl ll I W !ilf Ulf'-f -' K .iif" niu!' 'ifii' E E H!!!?f nq1 fgzajsf it' FFF? u 'wiv A pl xu!VgiiU WWHU ,u'!Qllrl j'm!llv' sr 5 1 L..ll l -l l T. C. A. Like most high schools, Tuley has its own government. This govern- ment, known as the Tuley Civic As- sociation, is elected by the students themselves, but it is supervised by a faculty member. As the legal government of the school, the T. C. A. must pass laws which provide for the safety and welfare of the students, and it must approach its duties with complete impartiality. Though many, upon their election, might be tempted to feel self-important, they are in- stantly sobered by the size and complexity of the problems with which they are confronted. The job is not a small one and it requires great patience and dili- gence in its fulfillment, but the students of Tuley can and will rise to the task with a zeal and deter- mination typical of them and they will not stop until they have a:I1ieved their cherished goal. JY,v-,LI-A 1i.,,... VT'- ...n..l,.Ei.:I Till GOLD PIN WINNERS Gold Pin winners are the highest ranking students in scholarship, for to obtain a Gold Pin, a pupil must have been on the honor roll for six semesters. That is, he or she must have had marks of "E" or "S" in all major subjects, with no mark in a minor lower than "G". The really "Elite" in this group are the students who have been awarded a Gold Pin for the second time, that is have been honor roll members for seven semes- ters. This semester there are seventeen pupils who received their pins, ten for the first time, and seven for the second. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Girls' Athletic Association was or- ganized to provide girls with outside activities such as hiking, bicycling, and picnicking. Also there are several parties given through- out the year honoring different holidays and the fellows on our athletic teams. A school letter is awarded each girl who qualifies by earning the required number of points, and no letters may be earned in less than two years' time. The officers for this semester were Pat Hahn, president, Diane Kowalski, secretary, Mitzi Jones, treasurer, and Janet Olson, Vice- president. 9 JE' ,1 1 3? . .5 In s'i 'L V3.2 QA gf' V Q.. 435- Z. 'K Aff' w . 4 S ,rpm ,-,,. 'ff ' Qffff ,if I Q r W 5 if 2 lL "ff WA 3 Q if vii! - iq. -E VG V S 1 , , 5 I . i ' ! I fl 5 1 i -sf " ,' I 5 g:L! 2 Is iff AF W A I V' gr!! Ak- A Students who are inspired by the spirit of helpfulness find many opportunities to be of service in a high school. Five groups who render invaluable assistance are the OFFICE AIDES, TOUR GUIDES, LUNCHROOM HELPERS, BOOKROOM HELP- ERS, AND LIBRARY ASSISTANTS. Although these people re- ceive service points for their work, the real value cannot be re- paid in any thing so concrete. Their best payment is in the satis- faction of a job well done, and the knowledge that they have helped the school to run smoothly, to receive guests gracefully, and to be of service to their fellow students and teachers, Of course, it's lots of fun to be active in these important parts of the school routine, and most of the participants enjoy their work immensely. a 'TW' William A. McKaney, Jr. Captain R. O. T. C. OFFICERS CO. A 'IST PLATOON R. O. T. C. Since the organization of the Tuley R. O. T. C. in 1946, it has made a record which could weli be envied by other schools. Its suc- cess has been due to several things, among which are its activities and its instructors. Some of the activities with which the R. O. T. C. is concerning itself are the Drum CO. B 'IST PLATOON CO. C 1ST PLATOON FIRE MARSHALS and Bugle Corps, the Rifle Team, the As- sembly Guards, and last but not least, the Fire Marshals, Through activities such as these, the R. O. T. C. is assured a place in the affections of all "Tuleyites." Captain McKaney, Sgt. Dolan, and Sgt. Cihos, the Military Instructors, are to be con- gratulated for the magnificent job they have done. SABIN FACULTY if ir ir ir 'Y LEADING DIVISION THANKSGIVING COLLECTION What's the most popular Friday night activity for Tu- leyites? Why, the Friday night socials, of course. The socials are such fine entertainment for students at Tuley because they are planned and executed so carefully and completely. Under the wise and kind guidance of Mr. Jane, the director of the Socials, the plans, decorations, and follow-up are carried on en- tirely by students. Some of the most notable successes of the past season were the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Socials. At all three of these dances, the gym was beautifully decorated. One of the most helpful features of the Socials has been the dance classes. On several nights the attendance was as high as 600 and 650. But whether the attendance was 600 or 300, all who came to the socials had a swell time! PUBLICATIONS , L :- 'im sv-- ,M ,un IW ,,..n1""2- TU LEY REVIEW FEBRUARY fi Elaine L. Hart Lenore K. Malchiodi Marilyn P. Johnson CO-Editor Co-Editor Business Manager JN DRIVING ll, wat? Gellar DUT ACCIDENTS vlmnvn nmvnm rlrlvn-rs are "-lvteniaiw-" That lx, Lhqy not only Wil "'K'f'l 'ely, they antlclpate the Chlflln of other drivers. Here " mf Mu ups on drlvlmz Irnm ex- dunrv an' in time rlrlvi-n rmlllmif nl' WN' AP llmut an Mcldv-nt' .vom hllllng vehicles pull- L 'me' -im the rurb, watch for uhh an fmnz nheelx utviarrl exhalm comln hlcle :hlver 'il IF p 'at ns Six Hundred 'R.O.TC. Social Spectators I Vile first emi il inept wi rl with .1 lmllr rmwd nf V tlrrpnm I ul 600 ovvnum te! N llthuuizh m'm xxele Fully ..,,........ lr. yurhook vlllhlng nl. ing I-ht two uf the Wrltlll flmpalpm is their plan ul plum levf-rly rlefmratc-fl, .al.u4-4...-1Mn.i-...., ... 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'llw ulndlilates vllll be ilu he is of tht-lr wer M dm Ing llw 4 nur:- xt r 't pam! -,ym-m his rrimgul wstlnrs a perfeft x lfm points Another foaturc ul in lx ez hll on The The Tuley Review, the voice of the student body, is one of our more popular student- manoged activities and as our outstanding publication it serves to inform the student body of all social, newsworthy, and athletic activities of the school. The writing of the Review is a voluntary extra-curricular service done by the members of the literary staff who decli- cate a period each day to its publication. Subscriptions, ads and expenses are managed MILITARY BALLR IS GREAT SUCCESS The lung awallvd moment flnnl- ly arrlved and Evelyn Deals was annomicerl as Queen of the ROTK' Milltary Rall. The annual ball, held on Docenxber 10, was the ser:- nnd such hall at Tulcy, The queen . sen from a group of seven Lrlclzr Koltz. 1051 Florence l'21 Ann Selep. 1095 Patricia :L 302 tsabtnlr John Carl 1 rsablnlz Camille Blank, mal tense-ness prevailed as wplnskl was Introduced. crowned EveLvn U queen ' was premnted wtlh a vmuuud wnxpart, Major Espin- skl and Miss Deen than wxlked under the arch of sgbors and onto the dance lioor, and the ball pm- ceedgd. ' The Junior Dil hy Numa and Mnnhl. my I Bpnlilrla Ah: 'rm nl-ns WI nn' mul survlvl another period! Now lumhl Grab the lunch palll, Sai and let's go! Whom slttln' ut next lable but Camllle Bll: June lorkawskl and Nona Pu Well! lf lt Isn'l. Hyman CBI For-cel Drbnch. Wlmm mm! .1 look at the way he drlnlu l l of mum' Evelyn Dawn milk. Just llke water-wh: man! ' . Walt a minute-Lhervl I lCuddlt-sl Dlet: and har all B1 -theyre pmbnhly talking it tha "nuff ltrls usually thlk ah -"how to make croespalch qull Yak! ily Sllhl Len over and t avwlatthatltlnofthobookl ralno 0nohw's reading-a 'How to Bala 'hmlen and t nnlumsl' It was indeed 1 manure long be remembered. The flowers, swaying of the of brass. and cadets ln theh- lo Lhe ' Get out of thi Fly, Suh-41 mme our footqcll lnroea-Joh: 'ooflnll Tam It At Dlnnor 'ruley'I. to with a d cvcrythl to the enjoyed a mack and milk. The BA itll' home happy and thrill- nt the sight of a school which no dlflerent from thelrl, Ig! un ope to see many of thelr hoes 1 February. ' Girls whn noted an guides were de. ll HV!!! whlch l thllmllhl MOS , president. Awn by Coarh"l"or-tori of the li "A Sw vrlter's Honored xg dnlleru as re of ,lens Cluh: Mr. N nf Tommunlty News: am. , Sll' .og photographer. Al lah 'lnner knowing that thls would l'uley Student: Receive 'Awards "Raider Credlf. ne.' This is or Vruley High, ll n Wednesday, J old plne, 28 ellvt Fe" and GI R0 lven out at Lhe A Wlnnne of un l. Blnotto, A. Bl 3. J. Bruxlna, E. mln, M. Johns: l. Ratppaporv.. C meje, M. 'Pruitt allunls, M, Gall' Iatwlcln, M. Mor htimns. M. Weln The wlnnem o ere: M. Adams. I. Cullen. J. Cry relk, D. Griffon, arubourne, G. letn, R. Kreml- iunmk, M. Ower ca, L. Polenclxl emerea, D. She dm, M. Viktcry, nfl J Rzypulhl. Thou who lxnvt we luhoel end we Ni K. Alvrt.. R 4 mn. D. nerlaw Mnvwlkl. E, Dil nn, J. :anime D. We lx fnllmy medal. Ms t ayerg N.C.0. Emm- Md-n, MISKI. Charles SLI' it-aunt Cade! medal, Mi'Sgl.. rd Nelson uml Pfc Lwnard P lecrulilng mcdnl. M,fSgt. Chu I Uulrg 'hle Hewitt nur, P. 'nur me ill. an V X W ue-i Lau-a TULEY LOSESl Edna wen- ' mmmcm . Anhui! Blu Nun lun . Aumam Neue Ullllllhhlllil- 1,753 rum. oem ing clan! I nlm heme vine-n tanlr 'htllyhlx , cause Auqi. Loulee I NUM'-.'9'V!'f3lold. for although than Typlnl, . .... ,. Tun, 'be ldlll .... .M 0 5 in . Q A-:mm Thanksgiving Collection" ,ji Helps Proviile ,Funds , CMN!! ua' ..,. III. by a capable business staff, while actual dis- tribution is handled by an elected representa- tive in each division. Except for faculty su- pervision, the Review is entirely student managed and it has become an important part of every student's school life. Each year the Review sponsors two stu- dent activities: "Mad Plaid Day," which is ex- actly what it suggests, and the election of a Queen for the R. O. T. C. Ball. Through the efforts of an earnest, am- bitious staff and a supporting student body, the Review promises to remain a continuing success and, as always, the expressed opinion of its readers. l t JUNE Trudy Dubas William Benner Editor Business Manager llkii BUT SCORES If "Come ll! to the hitting uiirem la 'Pmly lt was -solbadq BI W hy Putrlma Glen: e . the saaenumfu f mmbem uf Cloth.. ....... . Ceznll. ll Irena Lum udlnpld l 'wi Calm 4. li. llrlllk and SKI.. UC Hubert ,J who nm 'l'rlhunv Gold medals Ln C llcluarcl Ki-uns Mxfipll Waller vlzllrzul utul Sul lil" Alfrsxll 'rllxunu Silver nicclnls Ln Crit. It I , ru Mull mul IHIL. Edwin F'-I lunar liars to :nil Lleut l"1 -nh.-it Misa: l.l.wtl thu 8 Sfibln 202 ii S:ilxln:ll2 li s:ihln205r 'llw tlirtv-mr ii - W i i l ni I Men Xl ucalevrski- --l he :dal and pa- imf. an e who ls tif humor her stu- xx hu le :md think an will help lismlilvsvvs IGI. 'll the Wtfltklthv WOW! ROI!!! Ol me wi ie up ot the large tncreene lu A' enlieunent. e greater :S mms . UKRHIQI ll lJ2Wl01'lI0d,,untle, fthe newly commissioned lp ,H I' V Y were radeta durlng last 5 'A or mm' ou' ll graduates. Federal ll'l8lK4Yll0l1. They t vowed that their plauxmk A""""""' 5" MW' mmn....fw will rv- n-mn.-A in ' """ FEBRUARY Nola R, Musial George E. Thomas Beverly F Garzonio Business Manager Art Editor Literary Editor if if I95O if It is finished! The task which began in Sep- tember 1949 is finished, and you have the fruit of that labor. We could use every adjective in the English language to describe the task, but you are the final judges, not we, and we humbly await your verdict. But before you pass judgment, may we in- troduce the Staff to which the credit is due? As you know, there are three departments of the Staff: the Literary, the Art, and the Business depart- ments. Each department has its executive, and ' ins .L JUNE Efimia Dalianis James A. Doman Loretta Matwicio Business Manager Literary Editor Art Editor if LOG at if these, with the aid and encouragement of Miss Hoffman, Mr. Greenburg, and Miss McGill, direct the writing, drawing, and selling of the Log. This year we have been fortunate in that we have had an unequalled staff. They are Beverly Garzonio and James Doman, Literary Editors, Loretta Matwicio and George Thomas, Art Editors, and Nola Musial and Efimia Doiianis, Business Mana- gers. From all of them come heartiest best wishes for many years to come. Pleasant reading! SPORTS gl Q ., .vs ,lf 1- . L-- s. '5'r--5 . ' , . 4 W., mf . -1, .EN A Q .W-,w .Q - 1 I x.,. 'fi ' SR! k x xx , Q K " I ' , I 1 ,s N . 2,5 typ' YT! K ,fx 4 j ,. I - b f ,., ' ,5,, vim," 4 1-ld" A FK ., X - "7f'f?-rfjff -"I',-'zF":', J "",i'.fg' I' 'rg N "fi-'QI-:xr " 1 . fa -4 514 1-QQ S44 flu-gf., V WNY ' ,-J .- w f,5'J,j ' -, V-,,.. 1 fv H Maw fur- ,Qs 1 fn fb lb K D l 'fam X . " "- .--' -'4 F, 9'.S':'.t X 9.-' 'f . V? f .- su 'Yr'.3.i'P 'Q ,km Getting off to a slow start, our heroes of the gridiron proved their power when they met the tougher op- position of the West Section. Altho we lost the games, our boys scored on Kelvyn Park, a runner-up in the city finals, forced Harrison, a real tough team, to give up fourteen points, and even the mighty Austin, which had not been scored against FOOTBALL Coach Tortorelli Capt. Hardison since '47 by sectional foes, gave up its record to our he-men, yielding six points. Our team was powerful, but this power ran in spurts. With the loss of valuable players at the beginning af the season, and without the whole- hearted support of the student body, the football team did better than ex- pected. yf A e ja . ' ,J"'L:' TFUG' Y N5 wx , .xi gk . . Q , , gg , , Kay i- iv 't 'Ll -my ' 1 -A 2 ,xr H .M a.,,:.!"a:gg,,g ' ,:-al 25 :J if 'ia ' Jr N ' ' XJ ' J M Q' g 4 "' 1 f F r 'W f Q x - ff Q K k WW " f-5 R X ' Fi I flew Q 1 wi ,Q 'mf W , Q - x '79 f ' 5' Y ' ef ff Q f ' " 1 3+ 9-Ja' f ig.. X 44- an H - 1 ' L -px , Ng ., 'F , f i4 A Y 2,5 I K 1 U .VJ A,i, + I 1f M4-55,6 A v 1.4. gnu: , Ffzi xw s . . 2 xv Q af 'H ' 3' , , i 'T' 'I Q ,gg , is '41 , 'mf .5 fins. x l , " ,VM jf: 5 'Q ' I s r F 4 5- 9- fx. iff -.ff-Wm ""5J" :JW 'lr if if ir S ! .ia s "F - w . . ,w , 5 4, 1 . s. .S Q -7 , . 4' 5' 3' il A 'lf 'A' WILDCATS IN ACTION 2 BASKETBALL if if if if When you read this, the basket- ball season will have been over for several months and the baseball sea- son will be just drawing to a close. Many of the Senior cagers and the Junior cagers will receive their di- plomas this June 22nd, and they will leave a record which will inspire the other up and coming Tuleyites who desire the glory which comes with be- ing a member of the quintette. Theirs is a difficult task and one which can- not be taken lightly. To fill the posi- tions of Joe Tallian, Rich Dobosz, "Hoagy" Morris, Frank Cahill, and many others who fought for the glory of the school will not be easy to do. A united student body and a loyal alum- ni will be of inestimable help. ' x S4 1Wlt Qu n if A , ' , W ,? 7 ,, 3 J M A 6,21 3 I K N NY' Q ,- ft I M L 5 Q g, was --I M-f mf , -,v A ' . me V -I 4 W 115 ,b" A 4. x Vw A Aa , lu! Q is is 'L s X f P ,, is in V 8 EA if ir ir 4 4 i' if 'A' ir if .think ,Q mf QM -V 4 A X W , 12' gg is V I x- Y Q - fl .:,. x .7 J S Q Y. . A-ifgg.-. Y X 'i .viii :i.KKjB"J, , mug- V -xv qgwq.- BQ-new v ' k .- lyf ., . ,-" - -fiifl 1 K-,L If , 5? ,X fm. f U -we x ,. 13 F J, Q , ,435 2' ,v 547: Coach Mishkin Capt. Caminetti BASEBALL The i950 edition of Tuley's baseball team is, we must admit, green. Green, but a hustling bunch of young sophs and juniors, as is Coach Mishkin's plan. He is building his team for the future, which is the smart thing to do, since Capt. LeRoy Caminetti is the only remaining member of the '49 squad. Some of the newcomers on whom Mr. Mishkin is depending are Pete Lorenzo, a hard-hitting centerfielder, Tony Santini, a leftfielder with considerable promise, and sec- ond baseman Rudy Wasiliewicz. The outlook on pitching, however, looks very good. Carl Meyer, a southpaw with loads of stuff, Rich Rostenkowski, who looked good in the opening game, and Hank Meyer, fast righthonder, lead the '50 twirling staff. As we go to press, only one league game had been played. In that one, a strong Stein- metz unit downed the Wildcats, 6-O. The high notes of the game, from Tuley's standpoint, were Lorenzo's two hits, the excellent lead- ership of Caminetti, and the superb hurling of Rostenkowski. N. X X' yy., JW? ACTIVE LASSIES ir ir NNN 5 fffi: M sv fl ' 1' fr t-:-fwfr J W I z.. ? . ,XA F uv Q N J If v 7 ' '14 I kr xx Jfiui, Allah, vans-wr WMM 3 5 ff' 7 :E S' 3 ,M E-2q', 3f' 'wig s W I ' , vii 5 Wi 1 3' 1 Q gf f S S? 1 if sf A c .ff ff t, A , f , Iwi! sg xg 'ff 3' X 3 .Mg if .2 , ' . i fxiwlm fi.: nun 'U' far? ' Z 33 - 1, 6' Ft , mx kwa Cl-IECKER TEAM Our Checker Team has brought honor to the school by taking the City Championship for the third consecutive year. This amazing rec- ord is the result of the skill of James McGinty, captain, Sidney Anders lwho also took the individual City Championshipl, Leonard Sogolow, William Poulos, and Louis Poulos. This team was sponsored by Mr. Sanderson, and coached by Mr. Greenburg. CHESS TEAM ln June 1949, all the members of our near championship Chess Team graduated save one, leaving us, we feared, in a bad Spot. But this year's team, Capt. James McGinty, Edward Kuznar, William and Louis Poulos, and Stephan Chernack, have made a very creditable showing. Although we placed third in the North Section, we defeated Austin twice and Schurz once. Steinmetz topped us in both contests. We may have been down, but we were definitely not out. Mr. Lee spon- sors the team. 7aleq bm tri'-Hr: ' AND THB PNK WE'LL MSS YOU, AFTER WG OVER TIMES Will. NSS YOU. TULEY NBR, Books and pencils, schoolroom cares, Tardies, make-ups, winding stairs, Awards and medals, discipline cards. Four minutes to cover fifty yards! Banging lockers, giggles, and moans, Creaky sounds of weary bones, Four years we've spent in solid walls, Loitering, dreaming in all the hallsl We grew in spirit, "one for all", Cast our ballots, would not fall, Raised our voices proud and swiftly, "We'rc the class of l95Ol" Open your doors, oh, Tuley High, Alma Mater, let us by! Ambition surges without rest, We'll give the world our very best? FAREWELL TU LEY Belief and faith is in our God, He'll guide the way on which we've trod. With accomplishment in all our hearts, Four years end, and another starts. The diplomas we grasp within our hands, We're out to add and make new friends. Exhilaration, no more doubt, We conquered and won the final boutl Comrades, shake our trembling hands, A bond between us strongly stands, The tears now on our cheeks do lie. We've learned not how to say good-bye! But as the 'fears roll lay, we'll not forget Where, and when, and how we've met, And throughout our lives we'll hear the bell That'll bring back this lingered, fond "Farewelll Rose Marie Dlugopolska AUTOGRAPHS 4flwgFE'gf25"'V V fi gg? VL 3 R1 . 5 ' V' 'Mi .i if' -VA -1: -ab .5 ' 1. ' 'El .Y -nf ex -L, - -. L3 -, v . .V M .- .H Q . gg.: ,url . ., ti., 4 iv .. M-:EQ 2. X U SE- Q.. .V ' ,-H. ,, "fly 1"15:V,1' j V-1--.,,. 1 ,V LA 'M Vgff .5 f9?'VqW'-ff1', :,'i3 'ff 1-3Y5l,.E1'f' 7' luv S" 'Q' ,Jn L lf.. . H, , V .ga V: 9' 2 . 'fu-' V fu -V g?" - V Yiifif 'JM Lv-1: K , L .,--14: 1.',Ei,.,1wAjV" w.. 4 .H -ESU' - gh J: - Q s. u- . ,M , .. .,,..1 ,, . .1 ..uV...- a ,+-,, .15 . ww. .-4, Q . 4 H, 32,91 :A wi., ,J 1 - 1 -1.5, 2. xi L iz, ,v" :P LV... , ' 1, . ' :V I-2 I :,,,f'3 g FFF y,gl4jQL.,V 4, -,L """.V,,1..5, , I l,,,au,r"K'-Linnf'2"1',, -fi? ' bw 14' u .:. .- V , a' ',sV'hg'- i:':-,..,..ig5p2.Efa- K- V -Vi -' ' ZH, .'v7fV-5.4 Hi 'e.V'- 1 .4335 V V ww' . N V --'Vfx-fMg,j'Vu.1-ri-V-Q -L5-+53-24,5 .V ww VV. Q'-1,VfVigg, ' ,, V 1 -- Vw--ff f V -. V '- 1.?'5'F:' -faq?" 'f2,wfa4L,i:'.J41a .,:1ia,'. 5LQg'QE2"F'5"-1551, ' F, 6, -, .,.,..,,,. -eg V- t -1 1. 1.7. ,iz -V-3.5-U Vu. ,541 .V3..' 3' F94 'V-ff QQIJVLEA13' , 1Qg ,gu.,. V4 -ada-fgg.V - ,pi-g f g g, qfw. ,L V . ,V . s,- 3 Hr. V :fig :V :ffl ff, 'I V' .- ,"'4 "-:?f"1 Q!F""f'i-Lfrabggg W "A 'X Qfwwl-.-V..1JgE' "- ffl." Q --I rw f,.- 7 .. -1-Put.. .21 ,' , -,IV:..,.L'4,, P' - X hu ..-:HAH 1, Lv:4.'J4.x-,L 51. qu ,.: gi. hsiwg M PF .f '-.- 3, " ", 'F 11- F'-1 J 'K 5f'4'?1Z'2i 433,215 '.-11 ' ' ' V W-Q-V Vp V-ki-f'+ f.f.gig, f,V1.fe9g.qiff1X,fiK" . f, V ': fail., 1 '?'l',4V :.--wrfh' . Q f.g2l.V . 'Q r -- vii 1' 5 ' '. L' MM I at V, My ' ff: v. Y . , qu- ' 5 I' , 'I V-T :E 1 :,l-- 'E Y In '-"4,,5j: 4 1: 1 zgT 5,.1wY 4231-, ,"n,1Vw- 4:7 15' "2 Tw." iff QI' - - . wi f'541""f1 7 Af '-ff' Q:5Vi'.V."':-Q'-52 ..?r'fi3fa1 f "ff-1 4ASfg15f'4f-954. 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V 1, .e- f' : "l, i 5' 29- ' - f ff-.'g"f.ff'3?, 1-"'9 , . 1, - V- 1 , . V HP' In T by pzift Wim, f . V . Au- V s I 'I 'I .H 1 A iaudsbf ,.., s. ,, , ,, ,4 "' ,' ,Va ,.L - A 11 W gg. .:.. Q .L."' ' " ' 'I . ,VT"-:FE--+V, "ik . x--- 4' U' we 'PE' --2 ' 1' A 4 , 4 k -V-V fr V 1 , .Lx .r L a ' H fa-'fr V- 5:2751 :HMM f' W df? Hff"35f.'f" LLP-'54q.,g'.' - 4 ' 4 ,a. ,L v 'Agia ' A 'KQV' A , +V fm 1 ,-A. W -1' -V :Z ,: A ,. ,-.-' "P ' ' 2,21 F1 f'ifffQlfl.. fn 'ff H' ig. 4 L " 1' ., A - , -.2-If. -'g '1 ' X, ,512 X1 ,w . , Hjpil' 3 Y ., A 4. ? 'N-- ' ':h1.M 6 in -V X ..f . 'I K an - N Q",' g W BJ, .g . 5. I ' ,iff .- ,- v . - . ,, f rx, , :H . - :N f W .- ,. M ,i. . , 4. A- 2 A . ,- Em, 1 L W ' ,.g:, ,gg ,y:7,.- hu. hw-N, vm M ,- . + . . , I J- xe'f .-S H av ' iff-f?Q3.E,1 V w ' . SEQ ff ' "5'.'if' DAF , P 32 ' 1 v Z' 1 l , Q ? A. S "fb ,nl 7 ii? . A, rw :-- .t U, -'44 sr ,,. v- f. I E . Z F3 . ., ., ,l . 1 :"' vt . WEL :- "" wap ,M ' s- .ri ' 'iii'- P. . .,,. 'f if-rffl 1 .555-1a '7. 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Tuley High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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