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Text from Pages 1 - 112 of the 1947 volume:

2 x J-.-' I -3gi.?Qg,jgi. 4, -1 mg'-iz: r -Q.,-15.1.4a-an" " ' - 21",::1v'5'r'f 'ef .,-wh f :- . lf ' , fi fr-:ii 23' . L A ,, Y i V, . I .li , , 5.1 if? Pfi i Eg? 35? V '93 , 59: 1 :S 5,23 r if ' N55 i, 1 'if is Ins ff I fu? he Elf 'Q' 'Q x 5 2:91 ' D I :Y- Q 9-3 L5 P 33 'Q ' -Q 5 A-a p A1 s R Q 9 i ? IL ig PQ: ? f'f v T3 ff , 2 Q f' 11 1 s 5 . 1 Q sy ' si 43' w V .17 , - , . .r r . ' H - ,- .- ' -' f ' ,..,Q1. ' , .,....,. ,,,... ,, . ,. ' - '12-J .ff , - K ' ' Q , HV, . , ,x ,,.1.?:, .ta QV,-.::.f:.-H-j':'d:LE-'f ,Li , ui Av 5 - , g ,M Q- . Q :. , .5 . mg., If-'1 '-f' ' '-.- L- f." ' - '-- 1-g".'..1 ..'a.L.,Lk1.. -3.L1"ng-3" g' 15:2-g'.i: .11 s - n m y w 1 1 1 ' 4 Q n w 1 1 A . 'B if A , U V . w , , , 4 .1 '! ,ll , 1 ,-- .. , 4: ,. 1 . ?-' ' ,M . 1 . - - 4 '51, lb! '-Zigi" ,. ,:, 1. ' l,-mfr., K , 3 ,A RQ. ..f.g'1w 'i5 ', ' Ui -1 jg: A . Hg: " ...., ' 'EA Y: ' mi' ' 'fi-'rv 'E' nf:-4 , 5.rA1'5.,,. ' L rf rv ., 'fun -uf-, " -Fla. Alf . ,. ,., f 'fl -Q42 gj.r'f?l,5 ..-ullgq - -Q .5 4. ,p - . r..v-.L-1.-. M '. F- '1 .: 2" 'f ,gl fgrzffn ' , ,' gtg- .,' ,J sr ,. 2 ii.-L ,F 1, 11+- .'w:.,g 5+ " 'A '. ,. 1 rv. 513' ,Fix Hu ,H ,- ,, .rw An- -. : ,V '. M AJ- ..1 "' " ' -.L :'.-1 .,vr.:l --f 1 I 1 . any . A MN fi 5 M W JfdCw DQ Q ,ffm W? , by fy OK MTW, My if Wife' my NW fi' 2539 Q? 'YM il 7 1 9PNo':'L4Pg. il, Q 0 palldaledlq tk Sum 61444 Wfa-:mg 'Zaleq Sahel 6442494 1747 55'-G"-1-f"'Q4'41 0' . r T . 4 14.5 x Q, P N02-v N Q- fm W Why 1 '24 f, XX ' 4? E A sg, ea-1' s nf Z S I - J A Y' ml Mr? gg Q55 f f -A 'B-Q. 9,91 Lg Q Qgyp Q5 f -A. Qggfgb .J X 'Pdf ,IIMZ7 'TWA ff' ' X 77112225 CV is . , su, 49 D 'R Rx W 19 XX ' AE Y 4' N hx Q ' r ' 1 Lf' 6 s X 9 I nr 1, if Q5 1 l LP ffw Q' ? Q X' W A Yum' Vuql 6' 2" if 2 N:-. K lm I 4 H 'I F ir' 1 1 Y ' Q ' Q sv X' Q 74:?,tt,v .rt tit W 'Z ' -.- ag S? , P f ' P ': 'ls . if 'S '35 - Y 11,-.ag W- - VC -..: " , .Xsf , frlfykx ....-- ,. I, K -zznlg-::.at-...X 11 - f 1:'.11E::xfr--'P""'l tlvuzhnnv' XX X40 , , X f Shim , ' . ' -X. tix f X. 't1'f:"" E x f ll S- I Z ,, J 'riff lllnux'l'-Xl-llll: K' I ' I gZi:ig:1t E .t.t ywlg, l f- , 1, , f,.Q3,3t , 5,5 H: N4 "xi P273 , ' Qs W it U ' Y ' wg 1.9 at t . LJ! K n P 1. A IlIlMll 6400 I fag. 1947 As we look ahead, we see before us visions of new hopes and adventures, a world of joy and success all combined, a place in which new things are being invented each day to make life hap- pier. Men are constantly in search of better knowledge to aid the citizens of tomorrow. It is now our turn to step into this world and contribute our efforts to this cause. But we cannot Work alone, for no one has yet succeeded without the aid of an- other. Let our motto be TEAM-UP FOR SUCCESS. Here at Tuley High School we have learned to live together, always helping each other. We may have had some tribulations, but they were tiny ones. After all, we do learn by our mistakes. We worked together. We teamed up to make our socials, our assemblies, our teams, and other school projects, outstanding successes. But time is slowly creeping upon us and soon we will have to say farewell. May we, the graduates of 1947, leave this parting thought with all: Let us continue to practice our team work in our everyday life. Help your neighbor and your fellow man where- ever you may meet him. To the realization of the motto TEAM-UP FOR SUCCESS, we dedicate the Log of 1947. fniafa V I - an Qi' ?'fYfmiWi52W R, , M. mb :wx M43-331 'Wa -:f .. x 1 ,- X, W av Y ,,,,M...-milky 9 1 M...-U ,1- li I . . 0 . if uk' 2 .44 NWS wx ww- 4, ws, GRADE ADVISERS MR. SMIDL MISS DUBOW MISS FERRERO MISS SAEGER MISS GRIEVE MRS. PAUL 4A Adviser 3A Adviser 2B Adviser 4B Adviser ZA Adviser 3B Adviser V' srzmon Division TEACHERS X5 ' , Front Row: Mrs. O'MaIley, Miss McGill, Mr. Smidi, Miss DeICampo, Miss Walsh Standing: Miss Hussey, Mrs. Teliesen, Mrs. O'NeiII, Mr. Becker, Mr. Purdue, V Miss Zielinski, Mrs. Maas. 4 8 I III AED an-N J fi-, r , 1 G Principal Stillman. Hazel L. Assistant Principal Center. Sam H. Assistant Principal Farrell, Thomas Assistant Principal Michael. Harry Adelman, lack Anderson, Hazel Becker, Henry Bergstrom, Anna Blitzner, Ursula Caspers, Bertha Clyne, Margaret Conto, Iosephine Crannell, M. B. Crehore, Helen S. Crisler, Amy Cunnea, Iohn Cutting, Thomas Cutting, Isabelle DelCampo, Mary Dixon, Helen Dubow, Stella Dulion, Iulia Fassett, Eunice Ferrero, Emma Gains, Stella Gillan, Mary Greenburg, Samue Grieve, Margaret Gross, Howard Gustafson, Mildred l 7fwffffff Hane, William Hansen, Helen Hanson Gladys Heinen, Henrietta Herrick, Miriam Hitney, Iames Hussey, Florence lane, Stephen Iohnson, Elmer Iohnson, Frances Knaak, Pauline Kelley, Dorothy Kelley, Ieannettee Kenrick, Edith Kilpatrick, Frances Lawson, Edna Lee, Merrill Lotina, Ioan Lowell, Rita Maas, Eleanor Maethner, Ursula Malmstrom, Ruth Marrs, Charles Martin, Emily Mayer, Erna McCarthy, Margaret McGill, Ianet McGrath, Louise McNeill, Daphne Mendes, Charlotte Merlyn, Ruth Mey, Victoria Miller, Donald Morford, Raymond Needham, Bertha Nelson, Maude 'Q fx Nolan, Dorothy O'Malley, Mae N. O'Neillf Roxy Parker, lessie Paul, Beulah Perdue, Iames Perry, Enos Porter, Helen Posler, Marion Rabinovitz, Arthur Randell, Isabelle Robins, Lee Roberts, Marjorie Roman, Elizabeth Saeger, Lucile Schilling, Florence Schmitz, Orcelia Schwartz, Max Sims, Cecelia Smidl, loseph Stack, Eileen Switzer, Effie Tingley, Loyal Tortorelli, Iames Trenbeth, Ianet Walsh, Mary Wandelt, Evelyn Weiler, Edna Wheldon, Evelyn Winograd, Bess Ziegler, Helen Zacharias, Loretta CR. O. T. CJ Bowyer, Delmar Koon, Carl rf am, .-....,.,,.,.M- H -Q A 1 14"-X .Ll we --4, 1.faj!kiog ,-""Z,! --"4-'-""-"' - W ' J 2 " 3 YVNBWWI 1, , ,Q f R R te e Division teacher Grade Level T V 5 - A ll D- it A wi Homer, Nm! -Quiet ' I 3. 'reiepime Number J,m. 14. Birthpince 4:31555 , -f1f,LgL.fQ.....r.f...4.-RQ0m..2... 1 I. Qgc 3 c 0' -ther Q I 3 4' Due of Bmh month day yw IS. Occupation ol Father .2 A 6' Days 2 S. Present Ante: . No-7 ..,. -..,,....vrau Y mfmoh. 15" Hgdlflrzhgcss 7-I Vlfziji g .,. 17, Hin Business l T4 if of Rnimneu.......!.....L--,.-----ii. , To . . , ACTIVITY APPLICATION -rut. 7 dt M ' ' " ' ' "' """Lh" 0 D Tllutzi num nrnmjn H' S' PART 1 STUDENT PASS Y Studenfs Name..- .... S ........ ...............,....,..,....,. B J :ni wi Home Address ........ ......,......... ....,. ............ .... ymP'el Dahjtlla ylt P' R - D R Q Phone..iQA.M.g.Nx ...... .......................,.. Div. Room ...... ........,...... 9943! ' - VO, --I- 99-.ll-f--lf 'MMU M .M7 Title of Book ..,... ..... ...........................................,..,..........,. I hi Q A 2 lm- Row"'L"' SIA? " C Condition: Good ......,....v............,..... Fair ........ . .......,..... , ..... Bad .... ..,.. G ' D H 'gh School an Date Issued ..,...,.. ...... 2 ........... No. of Book, .... Q ...... A-,on 7, h nm 1 :ac rr A Class Teacher.aLfrfi ,,.......... ............,,...........,,. J ? V ' D . ' : . , Snbjan v pu-5,1 Q M"vf-ff-9-115f--M0-f-t-- Dimswnrb' 3 0 5 , Subgcft Teacher 5 Signature , Q , 11 DQ QC H N 1 td from .LJLLLE cl... W y J F Checked- Attendance CounnIor,..... O U 'I To the Division Teachers Contact this xtudenl. A :nt ' ' f b , p Te ef-K Ce: Tfghiod E D I mformatian rcceiaed and report disposition toslhisariggflhgpticiidifzg .post of R P ' to bf held 2 Uflf114lhvriudab.riv:f..... Absmt from svhool....... Eaflydixmisxt m-7-1-I p 8,1-od -0 Dm,-LW , Commmt: U1-TY SPONSOR D,V,5,oN 1-EAC K Divixion Tracherhv Sienalurr f . M 2 OOP4 ASSIGNNEN N REPORT TO PARENTS API! -..Jl!lEXA'l6'l 360902 ,T-.,,..High School. r Chicago, L, lg! ln accordance with the rules of the Board of I-Iducation, it comes my duty tc inform you that.g.a.bb,Af-s-- A- .. is not making such progress in..AA.77N . . N. ..,,- as to iieiro ise of final succes .ffff hr 7F10 2 l I .eff P D5 "fad, ,W 53' ,312 ffff l shall be glad to have you call at the school, ifconvenient, in on that we may learn, if possible, what may be done to secure bel results. Please return this report with any information or suggcstis you may see tit to make, or sc! a time when you will call to see I Yours truly, f7fff7qafS-4071x422-,- Name fdiifi dai 63 Date lvl Lx UK H S1 I lim I-'nu Mi .- " ' x ' 1 I' I .miami I' 3 . -3nd Siu' ff one ofbirth 3210 EMERGENCY DISMISSAL RECORD Parents or Guardian '30 LL DIVISION 'TEACHE .- NAME DIVISION..Q.QQ. If , f' A 5 I 3 3 C T N m ULLE1-H M C455 W, mmf I Ly Date ITime I Note I Reason I Dlsmiss I who C -+ 2 I ,I -?i4'gj"1il3'-'S o I I I I 5lffPf I it 0. w Assigned to Q, Q-C-if TUICY H 5- Attendance Office A lA RDINESS REPORT ,SAL PERMH. """""C ' ,L ' R q 1 our RLLINSI. T. Dafcmlhll- Q . I l Ll N HIGH S9 H DATE lm- OHIIIV,Q9iSH.-.,,-.,..,l4...Division 'Veachcr ',:""" of DW- --BW ftqwst pzrnn .. l'upil's Name .. - EPO- Sli.-.-,-...,-,ow has nm il1g3Q,,g .7T.....a.r indiralfd below:- ,X M 1. llxu 770 'fl .AHF-p U fl U1 :nails up -l4h-lir:r- tardinvss asiif -fy ,.m. .... ul M W I, IB . G ,V H y 'lvusu have this slnclr-nt rt-port to the A-I' -ndan Ofli " t 'W 'aw' "N" """" """"" . G 4,535 A ' iii,:lll.kll,ui?,,i1?:i,fIaKLL':5f?f- lt will lic cnrlursctl tlir-rv ahd rvtuciiiirg -""'ff"' "N""""""' -' -- 04" st vd,-I V A RT Y .ill rimlii-trips shall ln- rrnnplvt:-ti within three Jays! 5 J ' A w 'ln nu., K K - RI:INs'rATi:Iv AFTl'lR Bmmu ATN xi f 0 1 -6,4206 Hash endance Counselor M. X X X Ax d , I'-tial number ot days absent th-is semvsuw 6 Endorsed'.4,l UMR Aftpndnrcr Teochcr Dcferftt. .ff-Lf. building 'I-im' U X an 17- 77? 61150 cfvf F4 0 ef E Q 1 , - D I - I of ' Wiki JL? M" 1' -A-,Q,,,vj f , i x Qs mem able io say No wHJnou+ If AW q ffi9mdIng The QQ 'nor ff 1- WZTW ' 'HW aw Su. , EEZ? ESQ AAAJMA A AAA X. 55223 ww 'M' ' -ei. g,,, F2453 ll ,QE lg A ,f 4 , , F S Ml A ix Q' FY, Q. A , x A 1 :vii ' 3 -1 - aria ,Q fl :bf r 'S -'ak X9 Ex..-RTX fx .Q X., fl X' Y- 4,.. wssg WNW :Q x 1 J: R 1, 5 J, . 4? P 5 I 4' 4, 4, K 3 4? I 4' 3 3 iid :VX ' 2 W1"'f?'1F'lle A 5 i , f.,.f. R i A if' 1 , 'gg ' . . . if rm W:,:4:gEQ ? I -f W Xx W ' wg :N D J idx ' 1 GX 1 ul Q, - Q1 475 B- QR K 2 K X 'z. x -Af' 1 X X X x V lik L: 5 . jx ' J' C1RlXDUk.'f Q I.. bffem 99' V 5 ECARAS ROBERT THOMAS IOHN S President Vice President ""'l"' DOLORES LUBAWSKI DOROTHY MARTINU S Treasurer Secretary ALBERT SHAPIRO Valedictorian MORTON PLUSKIN Class Orator .., JOHN SECARAS Salutatorian GRADUATION COMMITTEE 1 L 1 Geraldine Adarnslri G.A.A.: Office Aid: Review Staff: Recre- ational Games: Honor Roll. l' Betty Basham G.A.A.: Assistant Li brarian in New Books Club: Hallguard. Bemice Bittenfield Literary Editor of Log: Office Page: Vice President of Little Theater: Hallguarcl. Q 3. ,-.1 t . 17. 46- Gene Bye Class Niqtit Program Committee: lf. G.: R.O.T.C. 20 Bernice Adowski Office Aid: New Books Club: G.A.A.: Girls Chorus. Antoinette Beni G. A. A.: Attendance Helper. l Mabel Office Page: G.A.A. Alternate: Hallquard: Attendance Helper: Lunctiroom Assistant: Knitting Club: Log Representative: Reg- istrar. Eunice Cefalu Knitting Club: G.A.A. Rep.: L u nchroom H 0 l p e rg Registrar: Red Cross Club. Ioan Anderson Graduation Commit- tee: Tuley Review: Tuley Log Staff: Hall- guard: Recreational Games Club: Gym Helper: G.A.A. f X Florence Augustyn Honor Society 4: Attendance R o o m Helper: Recreational Games: Hall Guard: G.A.A. . ii, +2 'rr J X -ein .J ttf. pil S te? thjfjfg-r eg? t 5.3 ,et .-'itfgf-' Q9 . Wg, ' on f .- -K- L 1 X e ft t Xt X--6 - J, I ' " lf N X I ,.. Sli: -Au' ' tt -of-'sf--My . . 6 t. it vi .W L . on o "' 'W ' N- L- ' R' My t I " f - - S r A -J N Af n" ' IQ- ful A ,h 1 , Q-B - - eff-ee ii"?i.:e.-ei--Z-lg':".ii7,tx 'f ---023. A- - "' 1 JA- v t Elly """' 1 17:9 'N ' 5' ' ' 'f fi' f' "Z ' ,pf . v 'S bon P ti ' 1 Ioan Bandynia Class Night Commit- 'tee: Honor Society: Hallguard Captain: Recreational Games Club: T.C.A.: G.A.A, swf 'N -Q57 Marilee Berg G. A. A.: Hallguard: Office Page: Tuley Review Staff: Honor Society: Travel Club: Registrar. t Gloria Braverman Review Staff: Hall- guard: Log Repre- sentative: OfficeAid: Little Theater: Re- view Rep.: Cap 6- Gown Comm.: Honor Roll. Rlta L. Cerklnkl Hatlguard: G. A. A.: Log Staff: Sports Ap- preciation Cluh: Reg- istrar. , Q 1. " 1 if Herbert Banks Baseball team: Cap- tain of Fire Marshals: School messenger: Hallguard: P o l i s h Club: Class Night Committee. Albin Betker Class Night Dance Committee: H. G. 12 Q egg J' .W fi Morris Bronstein Tutey Review: Cam- era Club: Hallquard: Fire Marshal: B.A A. Marie Coari Knitting Club: Hall- guard Captain: Gold Pin. ai 1-ff Edith Coffill G. A. A.: Crocheting Club: Office Page. 'il - Patricia Dennis G.A.A.: Class Night Program Committee: Gym Helper: Treas. of Clay Modeling: Registrar. y f is-.cv N 1 o I fl Iohn Dude Cadet Lt. R.O.T.C.: Gold Pin Winner: Hallguard: Printer: Fire Marshal Lieu- tenant: Chairman of Class Ni'ght Dance Committee. Iulel I. Frankel Latin Club: Hall- guard. Lorraine Collens Travel Club: Office Page. rl-Fr gi... . l Qs 9 Melvin Deutsch Hallguard: Fire Mar- shal: Pres. of Sports Appreciation: Vice- President of Recre- ational Games. Roselle Edelson Cap G Gown Chrm.: Office Aid: G.A.A.: Log Staff: H. G.: Pres. of Little Thea- ter: Tuley Review Rep.: Registrar. Q we 47 'Q wif EJ- e Morris Friedman Fire Marshal: Hall- guard: Basketball Team: President of Boys Chorus: Class Night Dance Pro- gram. Anna Dagres G.A.A.: Knitting Club: Adjustment Helper. 'ln Sybil Daniels Office Aid: Hall- guard: G.A.A.: Cro- cheting Club. X 3 NN X it Rosalind Danna Hallguardp Modes of Hour Club: G.A.A.: Honor Society: Sil- ver Pin: Registrar. Albino Dickson Polish Club: Office Aid: Tuley Review Rep.: G.A.A.: Hall- guard. Anna Ewankow Vice-Pres. of Latin Club: Honor Society Gold Pin: Office Page: T.C.A. Rep.: Cap 6 Gown Comm. Q26 Loretta Gassman Review Staff: Hall- guard: Attendance Room Helper: Little Theater: Class Night Dance Committee: Gold Pin Winner. Linux Theodora Demitroft G.A.A.: Class Night Program: Gym Help- er: Clay Modeling Club: Registrar. if . Q X J aft il 'Q' !".1T" 2 is .I . . ,y i, J-'QV lift 1 ii ffl? it f I .1 Paul Dollnko Graduation Commit- tee: Log Staff: Fire Marshal: Recreation- al Games Club: Hall- guard. .: .. ' s..-I i Agnes Fitzsimrnons G. A. A .: Girls Chorus: Hallguard. i I Shirley Gethner Library Staff: Office Aid: Little Theater: Regisrtar: H. G.: G. A.A.: Honor Society: Teachers Aid. 21 Bessie Gianakol President G. A. A.: Class Night Program Comm.: Life Saving: Little Theater: T,C. A.: Review Rep.: Gym Helper: Book- room Helper. Fern Hansen Hallguard: G.A.A.: Red Cross Club: Girls Chorus. Lillian Hodis Office id: G. A. A.: Little Theater Club: Hallguard: Registrar: Lunchroom Hostess. Lillian Hydxik Cap 5- Gown Com.: Gym Helper: Hall- guard: G.A.A. Alter- nate: Polish Club: Registrar. Ioan Golembiewski Polish Club: Honor Society: G. A. A.: Class Night Dance Comm.: Bond Rep. Mildred Hansen Bookkeeper ot Tuley Review: Pres. oi Red Cross: Tour Guide: Bookroom Helper: Librarian: Registrar: Honor Roll. Carol L. Hotelt G.A.A.: Polish Club: Girls Chorus: Hall- guard. Virginia Intrlorl Class Night Dance Committee: G.A.A.: T.C.A. Alternate: Re- creational Games: Gym Helper: Regis- L... I-My 0 H Rosalie Goodtriend G.A.A.: Recreational Games: Hallguard: Registrar. 'I 'o v 9 V" Eleanor Gordon Cap 6: Gown Com. G.A.A. Rep.: Polisl Club: T.C.A. Dele gate: Registrar. 5 A ' 1 I te ,r .QI Q, x yt 'G ll ' N ,s N 3 f If sg. ,lr , gt' Zi, 6,0 1 at : ss x '. W gt.: - r 5. v 1 3 .g:, 49. 5 NV' ' :Q I 25' pf 'UE Mary Anne Grobart Cheer Leader: Re- view Staft: Review Rep.: Tour Guide: Chorus Accompanist: Library Staff: G.A. A.: Class Night Committee. Virqlnla Hendrickson Cap G Gown Com.: G.A.A. Rep.: Recre- Nl ational Games: Hall- guard: Registrar: Lunchroom Hostess: . Q :X Honor Society. . nb ies, . 'ASN X 0 f W tt 4 . ffl 1 A Nts' 'to' x ,at lt if W6 , 5- . tual -.tt rum L. Homin 'QQQQQQQOQ so U. S. Navy, MOMM 5 QQQQCRQ' sat' Sfc, 2 years. 111 C 4 .'f -: S' P i , I C' 5" Q V f V Q 'ft f ' I 4-X , f 1. h, . 0 L X -are N' ii: X x X DJ? Gloria Iwaxukl Graduation Commit- tee: G.A.A.: T.C.A.: Delegate: Recreation- al Games: Hall- guard: Registrar. 13 Roberta M. Grodlnl Log Rep.: Library Staff: Creative Writ- ing: Office Aid: Registrar: President of New Books: G.A. A.: Honor Society: Teachers Aid. my Dorothy Hewelt Review Staff Typist: Recreational Games: Hallguard: Girls Chorus: Registrar. mv JA 45? .K tl X SW Patricia Huddlestcn Graduation Commit- tee: G.A.A.: Polish Club: Art Editor of Log. , -sr Leonard Iaife Capt. of Fire Mar- shals: Tennis Team: Hallguard: Recre- ational Games: Of- ficial School Messen- ger: Camera Club. Jig, ' as " vs- H, I Irene Iaworowsld G. A. A.: Knitting Club: Honor Roll 1: Hallguard. Marilyn Kohn Social Center Com.: Office Aid: G.A.A.: Log Staff: Sec. of Sports Appreciation: Registrar: Hallguard. , S, J. ' W-:dis ,, 'ff X f' Rosemary Krawcxak G.A.A.: Polish Club: Office Page: Honor Society: T. C. A. Al- ternate: Registrar: Hallguard. '2, i Leonard Lazar Baseball: Basketball: Hallguard: Fire Mar- shal: News 6. Views. Casimir Kazmlersld Pres. Polish Club, Bus. Mgr. Tuley Log, Class Night Comm., Baseball: Football: Hatchet Orator. Gertrude Keehn G.A.A.: Recreational Games: Hallguard: Registrar: Bookroom Helper. 4 Z :DI Q g i Af .V . f 'Q ' l' . X N K ls Captgilxmbf Crhzclcer Team: Hallguard: ", A Checker Club. ' 45 Isabel Kirshner G. A. A.: Knitting Club: Hallguard: Girls Chorus. we MQ-- exe:-1'ni gwl' it ll l lt . -fi 5 N e I4 g- mt Q Q 3 5,7 ""' P -Q. X ' ff, ' to ,, -ffl Us S. 1-:.1..".'::::,...., ul l-tttlflqlnp A 55:25:31 Tiifm P5522 f ""t'4'1if: cess: Ufflllllmg ig ro ram. , 'I "', lc' 'ill t-Q K? .3 Peter Loqet Hall Guard: Fire Mar- shal: Aviation: R. O. T. C. iv-Sv' fi XX 6 Pauline Kitak Office Page: eview Rep. and taff: Honor Society: Class Night Comm.: Recreational Games: G, A. A.: Gym Helper: Regis- trar: Hallguard. 'T Cecile Komit Class Night Comm.: Office Aid: Bond G Stamp Committee: Chairman Social Center Comm.: Gold Pin Honor Society: Tuley 'T'. Qt 'x ,M- . '-21: Edward Kwiatkowlld P. A. System: Lt. Fire Marshal: Social Cen- ter Com.: Polish Club: H. G.: Football Team: fMaior 1 Bari. Greta Lerche Class Night Dance Com.: G. A. A. Dele- gate: Tour Guide: Nallquard Captain: Treas. Girls' Chorus: Rec. Games: Regis- trar. Catherine Kohler T. C. A. Advisory Board: Log Rep.: Gym Helper: G. A. A.: Chairman of Class Night Comm.: Honor Society. ohm!" Shirley Kotwasinski G. A. A.: Hallguard: Polish Club: Honor Society: Gym Helper. "5,,,f ludith Lash Honor Society: G. A. A. Pres.: Sec. of Little Theater: Office Aid: Class Night Dance Com.: T. C. A. Dele- gate: Knitting Club. X . Gilda Lorman Office Aid: Honor Society: Registrar. 23 i X 1' Q7 3 Us 9 4 is 'X Lester Lichter Sec. ot French Club: Pres. ot Little Theater Club: Class Niqht Program. J f Sherwin Murder Lt. Fire Miirslicil: Teri- nis 'l'etirn: Hallwiitrrtir l"llC'f', Gaines: 'lrtxvel Clul: Graft. Comm. 9,6- Dolores Maurici Cttith Patti: Attenti- itll7n lloiywr: Polish tfitilg G.A.A.: H. G, Virginia I. Misiora Class Niqlit Danre Corn.: Oftive Aifi: H. G.: Honor Src.: Sports Aririreviritiari Cluli: Registrar: G. A. A. wg? A.. mm: JKT? Albert Lofqren Aviation Club: HG. Captain: Class Night Dance Com.: Fire Marshal. Dorothy Martinus Pres. Little Theater: Senior Class Sec.: G. A. A.: Registrar: Atl- visory Helper: Honor Society tSilver Pinl. P ft Richard McGee Hallqurrrfi: Vice Pres. Aviation Club. 'TZ 3 S 5 Rita B. Morris Tumbling Club: Life Savinq: Office Aide. Howard E. Loudon Class Night Program Comm.: Hallquard: Boys Chorus. si New h 9 Dolores Lubawski Gym Helper: Treas.: G,A.A.: Polish Club: Hallauard: T.C.A. Al- ternate: Review Rep. "' g y W . if , f ,X 3 5539- 'Z rf!!! . 'N . tllgrpiiktit ' in 'X I Ill 'A I... 1.1-is I :':'H lx'll Ill 'lt X 1 I I I" 1 if gl I 'I lu ,--.1 lllilv-Q 155: A I if . 40.-, ,, I 7 t I .1 Florence Madsen Library Helper: G. A. A.: Lunchroom Host- ess: Adjust. Room Helper: Service 'T'. s--,v QQ, Dolores Masonberq G. A. A.: Rua Weav- ing Club, President. 1 V7 ' Q, A. 1, ff I O . xx, '. l Y L1 f QQQO sbs: 5...-X Iii" .118 lift If U 0 :.:..f',g.f,,t Q' .7fZi3l9J.t f.: Z XQQQQJ K Gloria Meyer Q Q9 T.C.A. Deleaate: Cap :XW'0Xfd4f'iQ and Gown Com.: Rm. , Og .',x',s2,. 5Q'Qoj',a' . Q i Games: Gym Helper: 6 f QQ-:::0,?'QQ9 I Silver Pin Vtfinner: 4B fx '5 chu, gig.: Hatchet Orater: G. 4212-x?v :Wg A. A. . - f gait-'AES i X i.C'a5?g6, t 4-11521 X Q54 rfa Q' 4- "7 3 , X'XS'?2f5 K "' X Xgwegf' ' .mt - 1 f, 1 t . X . , If , r. if .49 , 7 ',jQL"f .1 K! Kev I, 1 1' 9Z,',a',AQf ' . ,cf M jfz ,, ,dz A . .A , pi iv 2 V if f ' ' A " I v ' f ' ' A 0 I. , 1 f Virginia Nehrebecki G.A.A.: Polish Club: Lunchroorn Hostess: Hallquard: Registrar. 15 Rhoda Malina lltillquard: G. A, A. Little Theater Group Registrar. Sarah Matassa Grad. Coniin.: lim' Games: Gym llelper: G. A. A. Q' its Rima Mintz Assistrriit Litwrwiiiting Tilley lifiview Assist' ant: l'lt'rll+qt1t1rti: G. A. A.: Hcviistrar: New Books Cluli. Richard Nelson Ccriat Mawr li.O,T.C.: Metonrrulaqy Club: Fire Marshal: li. Cv.: Printer: lrrlmoratory Assistant: Class Night Dance Committee. Frances Olsen G.A.A. Rep.: Tumb- ling Cluli: llallquard. tp. FDM Iuno Peterson GAA.: Luiicliroom llosfess: Crovlietinq Cluli: Knitting Club Secretary. Dorothy Reinisch Offive Paqe: GA A.: Sorvive Men Gitt Committee. Frances Rubman Crorlietinq: Office Aide: GAA. Dorothy Orchel GAA.: Hallquard: Recreational Games. Elizabeth Pieri Class Night Comm.: Pride: llonor Society: GAA, Rep.: Office Hallqucird: Review Representative. Valerie Repak Class Niqlit Dance Comm.: Office Paqe: 'I'.C.A. Delegate: G. AA.: llenor Society, Silver Pin: Registrar. es Q 'ips Q 1125 K Ieanette Ruth Croclietina Club: G. A.A.: Huliquard. D 3 D Warren E. Pachol Class Niqht Proqram: Polish Club: Sec. of Camera Club: Fire Marshal: P. A. Sys- tem: Hallquard. 1,4- bp Y' i ,.' . v,,. J .5 in . . t for i it to ' X Lottie Perlowski Grad. Comm.: Treas. of Little Theater: G. Guide: Gym Office A.A.: T.C.A,: Tour Aid: Registrar: Honor Society. -f l l F g- l l -u C C Iimmy B. Perslzl Class Night Dance: Polish Club: Math Club: Fire Marshal: Social Center Comm.: Hallquard: Public Address System. Morton Pliskin Hallquard: Review Staff: Honor Roll: Commencemen1Com.: Rec. Games Club: Bond and Stamp Alt. Ruth Rosenberg Hall Guard: GAA.: Office Helper: Gym Helper: Little Theater. sm' t .ll iv! N -,sf X5 Richard M. Sawicki Sgt,-at-Arms of Polish Club: Class Night Program Comm.: Fire Marshal: Honor Soci: P. A. System. if . Glorla Peterson Bookroom Helper: Laboratory Helper: Needlework Club: G. AA. 'YV' s 1 ' ,'.l,I.l ' Elsie A. Pundy Rec. Games: Cap 6 Gown Comm.: GA, A.: Registrar. Ruth Rottner T. C. A. Advisory Board: H. G. Capt.: Log Literary Staff: Gym Room Helper: Little Theater. Emily Scarpelli Rec. Games: Grad. Comm.: G.A.A.: Req- isfrar. 25 5...-1 lohn Secaras Viro Pres. of Senior Class: Pros. New Books Clulig Band l.t.: Gdltl Pin Wirinfr. W--,:, Mardelle Smalley Office Pago: G.A.A. Troas.: Proiii Com.: fl.G.: Tour Guido: Grail. Com.: Rc-it. Games: Gyiii llolpsr: lloviow Rop. Iohn Sorenson. Ir. Chess Club: Miineo. Oper.: PA. System Tech.: Social Center: Student Supervisor: Class Night Dance Com.: R.O,T.C. sp Ioan Strutxberq Polish Club: Honor Society: G. A. A.: Class Night Program Committee. 26 Liilian Selmanovitz Cap 6. Gown Com.: G.A.A.: Office Aid: Hallguard: L i t t l e Theater Club. Delphine Smoqolski A.: Polish Club: Off. llonor Sovioty: G.A. Pago: Stamp 6. Bond Alt.: Registrar: H.G. lf' Richard Sosnika l-lallguard. Bemice Szatko G. A. A.: l-lallguard: Recreational Games. Mary Shanks Tour Guide: Library Assistant: G.A.A.: Hallguard. Albert L Shapiro Honor Soc.: Chair- man of Commence- ment Com.: H. G.: Science Club: Re- POOL View Staff Log Rep. Martha Skopis Hall Guard: Red Cross. Q Ann Soltys Office Page: Tuley Review Rep.: Clas-s Tour Gym Night Com.: Guide: H.G.: Helper: Rec. Games: Registrar: Chorus. Marguerite Slater G.A.A.: Clay Model- ing Club: Office Helper: Honor Roll. Marcello Sonenberg Polish Club: H. G.: Registrar: G. A. A. Rep.: Class Night Dance Committee. Patricia Spear G. A. A.: Lunchroom Hostess: Modes of the Hour: Vocational Office Aid. 54' al Frank Tarelko Hallguard: C l a s s Night Program Com.: Polish Club. 45'-'P Sheldon Spector Vice Pres. of New Books Club: Regis- trar. Helen Thomas G.A.A.: Polish Club: Hallguard: Log Rep. f' 3 x . 1 I C' I 4' AK Robert Thomas Pres. Senior Class: T.C.A. Deleqateg Re- view Stall: Hall- guardg Honor Soc.-67 Rec. Games Club. Betty White Gym Helper: HG.: Pres. of Needlework: Dorothy Trush Travel Club: G.A.A. Iohn Witkowski Polish Clubg R.O.T.C. Captain: Fire Mar- Class Niqht Dance shal. Com.p Honor Society. Sol Zwerlinq Marshal: l-lallquarclp Football Teamq Little Theater: Class Niqht Program Committee. Irene Herceg Girls Cliorusp l-LG.: Ncecllework Club. Shirley Sacheck Polish Clubg G.A.A.p Hallquard. Iumn A. Trantor Honor Roll 3 Semes- ters: Loq Rep. Stanley Warchol Hall Guard. f Dolores Turner G.A.A.f Rec. Gamesp Class Night Comm.: I-LG.: Reqistrary T.C. Dorothy E. Weinstock Office Page-5 Latin Club. Evelyn Weiss Pres. Little Theater: Class Niqht Dance Com.g Loq Staifg Hon- Phyllis Westphul C1.A.A.g Hallquardz Registrar. . mx! S K.. 1 Harry D. Zolkewitz H. G. Capt: T.C.A. Deleqatep Class Night Dance Comm.: Rec. Gamesg Review Rep.: Fire Marshal. A.Alternate. or Soc.: Orchestra. ,rpg - ,gk 'Z' es JZ? 'rr- fi 1 l K at K lt 4 Q , f ' L" . . ' sv ' ' 5 A 4 , I I . Yale Znideman Q Rec. Games: Honor . . . Soc. iSilver Pinl: Q Bond Lt.: Hallquardg . I ' Q 5 Class Niqht Dance . . Comm.g T.C.A. 4 0 W 5 if X 4 ,N w-1 fi C94 ., h,' 'A 'Ziyi ' V4 I S GRADUATES NOT PHOTOGHAPHED 4 ii f J 'VF A Q 14. ' J' Ui f .. -f If 'J J IN MEMORIAM of a cherished classmate ROBERT HOBRLA Born February 18. 1929 Died February 14, 1947 27 Q,,'57,g. V. ,. 1 1 . . , 1 .V .el 4 . V A I 1, 9' Q- ' .5 4115, in TRW' x W s iii J 'MA i'xfill f fl v ii1r3""'?im A - ati? 'E Y .BP Rl' ' Qffimgg- Q All? , an fl' Wag . 3 wi 'P' 7elw4-zq dlaaaifumq On this the thirtieth day of Ianuary, 1947, we the members of the graduating class bid farewell to our high school days and begin our journey along a road which many before us have trodden. There will be many forks in the road, different paths following different dreams: and still there is but one common goal: Happiness. The gates of the future are opening, but before we enter, let us take one moment to reminisce, one mo- ment we bask in the memory of those four years of work and play: ioy and sorrow: defeat and success. The world was at war that February of 1943, when we, a small group of freshmen, climbed the steps of Sabin for the first time. We soon were in step with the student body, for we were willing and eager to leam. Remember the hard times we had in Algebra with equations like x2+ax-52? . . . Spanish and "Como esta usted?" . . . and those of us who took Latin struggled along with "amo amas amat". How proud we were to call ourselves high school students . . . the bond drives . . . the football rallies. How thrilled we were when we joined our upper classmates at the main building. With our second year came geometry and squares and circles and triangles . . . Oh, those tests . . . Spanish 3 and South American culture . . . English and Iulius Caesar . . . the new juke box and dancing in 27 . . . registration day and the choice of picking our own classes and teachers . . . the joy of calling younger schoolmates "freshies" . . . the dream of being a senior in just two years. And then we were Iuniors . . . the Tuley Civic Association was founded . . . the junior basketball team was second highest in the city . . . Physics and Ohm's law. It was as iuniors that we heard of the death of the beloved leader and president of the United States, but even that solemnity was short-lived, for it was relieved by the wondrous news of victory in Europe, followed in a few months by allied victory in the Pacific. And that September when school resumed we were proud, for though we had been too young to join the armed forces, we had done our part in bring- ing victory. Then, in February of forty-six, we became Seniors, and everything seemed different: we were no longer looking up, but being looked up to. There was English 7 and Milton's Minor Poems . . . Public Speak- ing . . . Chemistry and Gay-Lussac's Law. Remember the Prom with its gay music? How lovely the girls were in their flowing gowns being whirled around by their favorite beaus . . . and then saying good-night to one of the lovliest evenings ever spent. We were proud of the school spirit and sports- manship which helped build up Tuley's first great football team . . . what fun we had at those pep as- semblies where both the faculty and the students participated . . . English 8 and grammar, participles, adverbial clauses . . . Drama: "Take heart Steen, maybe we" . . . U. S. History and the leaming of the past . . . Economics, laissez faire. Election of class officers . . . choosing a class and a hatchet orator . . . picking of committees . . . final marks . . . averages . . . awarding of scholarships . . . talks with faculty advisers . . . class night . . . the play and then danc- ing in Kopp gym . . . and now, tonight. We can well remember tonight, for the strains of Pomp and Circumstance are still fresh in our minds, and somehow, we feel that we shall always remem- ber tonight: the way we strode across the stage to receive our diplomas . . . the wonderful speeches . . . the proud loving faces of those close to us. Yes, we will miss our Alma Mater and many times will wish we were back, cheering at the games, dancing at the Friday night socials, or studying for a test, even that. But tonight we hold in our hands a symbol of achievement. After four years of study and hard work, we have gained our reward, and now we look toward the future, guided by a bright and shining light. The youth of today . . . the citizens of tomorrow. Bernice Bittenfield cane Uffdceu In-wg? E NICK CAMASTO ELAINE BIALCZAK President Vice President IEANNETTE LOBATCH ' LE ROY COZZI Secretary Treasurer Q Q 5 N . -f....,,., 839' Nami .Q ,Q ff' 6 If N :S M i X f il - Q3 -, , ,X 1 Q i in ar-I 5 5 F ff, Marie Achtabowski Polish Club: Hall- quard: G.A.A. Howard Archer Vice Pres. News and Views: Glee Club: Basketball T e a m : Class Niqht Comm. Eleanor Bcrchrnura T.C.A. Rep.: Vice Pres. Polish Club: G. A,A.: Gym Helper. va Betty Bomett G.A.A.: Hallquarcl. 32 . x X 1 3 E Beatrice Adamczyk Vice Pres. Polish Club: Service "TH: G,A.A. "TH: Gold Pin Winner: Oflice Aide: Chairman of Gradu- ation Committee. Nick Ardell Little Theater: I-l.G,: Office Aid: Loq Rep.: Social Cent. Host. Marilyn Bagniewski G.A.A.: Office Aide: llallquard: Stamp 51 Bond Liout. 'H I Gertrude Basal: G-.A.A. Rep.: Rec. Games: Bond Lieut.: Mimeoqraph. 6 Audrey Anderson Hall Guard: Little Theater Club: G.A.A. Dorothy Andrews G.A.A.: Polish Club: Compcraft Club. Dorothy Antczak Hallquard: Bookroom Helper: G.A.A. Rep.: Lunchroom Helper: Polish Club. Irene Auqustyn Polish Club: G.A.A.: Cap and Gown Com. Lorraine Ball Modes of the Hour Club: 'l'.C.A. Dele- gate: G,A.A.: Gym Helper. Eugene Beyak Loq Rep.: Loq Art Staff: Fire Marshal: Art Club. Clara Arany Hallquard: Office Aide: G.A.A.: American Club. Pan 1? 1 Irene Babiuch llallquarcl: Polish Club: G.A.A. .nxf - Antoinette Burise Hallquarcl: Pres. of Modes of the Hour: G. A, A.: Chorus: Knitting Club: White Collar Girls. Elaine V. Bialczak Vice Pres. Senior Class: News Editor of Review: Service "'l"' Winner: G.A.A.: Creative W ri t i n q Club. r lisa Felicia Biesxczad Cap G Gown Corn.: ltall Guard Capt.: T. C. A. Deleqate: 'l'our Guide: G.A.A.: Polish Club. Dolores Boscaccy Hallquard: G. A. A. Rep.: Polish Club. 1 'I I Herbert Bergman Checker Team: Phy' sirs Club: Hallquard. 3' . ., A, . L Q.: ' L5 ,ki lik 'srqfl a f-:.f..-.-.trim H I fry' if Nick Camasto Class Pres.: R.O.T.C. Stott: Gold Pin Win- ner: Service "T" Winner: Fire Mor- shal: Vice Pres. Physics Club. ,. E Marion Binder Assistant Editor ot Review: Latin Club: Creative W ri t in q Club: Oftico Aide: G.A.A.: Class Niqht Proqrarn. L Esther Bostrom Checkers Club: G.A. A.: Hallquard: Loq Representative. 6 Anne Brown G.A.A. Rep.: Pres. of Creative W r i ti n q Club: Little Theater: Tour Guide: Tuley Review Stott. sw C ew J' xl A lf, we . e . 4' vp 'K Kathleen Campo: Frances Bopp G.A.A.: Knitting Club: LOC! Rep.: Honor Society: T.C.A. Dele- qate. . ....... . QW Louis Both Checker Team: Vice Pres. Checker Club: P.A. System. 2 X if Lois Brunner Checker Club: Hall Guard: G. A. A.: Camp Craft: Recree ational Games: Cro- cheting Club. Dorothy Carlson Casimir Boruch Polish Club. Hannah Branch H. G. Capt.: Tour Guide: G.A.A.: Pan American Treasure: Honor Society. i t . William E. Bryerlon HG.: R.O.T.C. Club: Pt.O.T.C. Major. 41 ' Cl" 1 4' N , --ff ri. Q-Ax Angeline Cekus Rec. Games: Office W " Hallquard: G. A. A.: l-lallquard: Bookroom Aide: Hall Guard, , Y Q Plfiec. Gomes: Square Helper: L i b r a r y 4 N Nwxk , , . Dancing Club: Girls Stott: G.A.A.: Polish SJ Chorus: Polish Club. Club: Tuley Social W 'Km Q X C e n t e r Helper: X A mhn unchroorn Hel er. NHRA, .wax , KA. J 0-R W "" l . Y' p hunk- OKLxFx.Nx6..Q uA.fm.gir.-- Dena Cheifetz Gold Pin Winner: Hall Guard: Slide Rule Club: Typist on Review: Cap and Gown Comm. Ellie Cohen G. A. A.: Hallguard: T.C.A.: Pan Amer- ican. Geraldine Conrad T.C.A. Adv. Board: Pres. Little Theater: Honor Society: G.A. A.: Class Night Pro- gram. Angela Cortina Gold Pin Winner: Bookroom Helper: Pan American Club: G.A.A.: H.G.: Class Night Program. Helen Chmiel Grad, Comm.: Log Rep.: G.A.A. Rep.: Hallguard: Polish Club F -1 .. QM X Eli Seymore Cohen Basketball Mgr.: Hall Guard: Rec. Games. Pearl Cook Rec. Games: Polish Club: Hallguard: G. A.A.: Office Helper: Library Assistant. :hp Lolloy Coal Treas. Senior Class: Football Team: Base- ball Team: Football Team: Capt. R. O. T. C.: Bus. Mgr. of Log: Fire Marshal Rosalyn Cibulslcy Travel Club: G.A.A.: Pan American Club: Girls Chorus. Rita Cichon Polish Club: G.A.A. Rep.: Office Aide: T. C. A.: Lurichroom Helper: Social Hos- tess: H.G.: Class Night Dance. 7 l: fgetnti Af' 5 Ioan Clomineki Polish Club: Hall Guard: G.A.A. Sheldon Cohen Basketball Team: Capt. Tennis: Sports Staff Review: Log: Fire Marshal: Glee Club: Class Night Program. Wilma Cool: G. A. A.: Knitting Club: Life Saving. .in g Q r s. I gl . 1 --.. . A ...,,V I ..,' 'v-::. , .- - he Ben Craven Chess Team: Capt. Hallguard: Chess Club. Cyrena H. Cohan Feature Editor Tuley Review: Creative Writing Sec'y: Serv- ice "T" Winner: Re- creational Games: Class Night Program. Leonard Colon Glee Club: H. G. Dolores Cord Office Aid: H. G.: G. A. A. Rep.: Pan American Club. Mary Ellen Crisp Pan American Club: G.A.A.: Office Page: Hallguard. Lila Duscmic Theresa Dziados: Elaine Cwikla llallquard Captain: Office Aid: G.A.A. Ethel Derka Tumbling Club: G. A.A. Y Pros. of Crochet Club. Rec. Ganiesg G.A.A.: Ollivo Aid ' .r Ieunette Faber Litoiary Editor of lloviowg Cap 61 Gown Comni.g T.C. A.: Pon American: Slido Hulo Club: llall Guard. Eugenia Czaikowlki Polish Club: T. C. A.g G. A. Ap Boolcroomp fSilver Pinlp H. G. Capfq Class Niqht Dance. . ... 4 F 'I Leonella Desiron G. A. A.: Knitting Clubg Red Cross Club. 41:7 Hall Gucirdg Polish Clubg G.A.A. Ml. ljn..,,,.. Dolores Feschyn G.A.A.: Hall Guardp Little Theater. Evelyn Czamy Polish Clubg G.A.A. Repq T.C.A. Natalie Czuba Editor of Loqg Latin Clubp Checker Clubg G.A.A. x 'S 15 "1 "9 vs 'S -I uma E4 JINXZ Mary D'A.ngelo G.A.A.g Librarian Helpery Hall Guard. Modes of the Hour Club. Beverly Draznln l-lallquarclg Creative Vllritinqp G. A. A.: Office Aidg News and Views Club. 10" Betty Edelman Hall Guardg Pan Americang Modes of the Hour. T. C. A.g Review Typist. Rosemarie Fiorelli Tuley "T" Winnerp Loq Rep.: Gold Pin Winnerg T. C. A.g Rec. Games: Hall Guardg G.A.A. -.M Ioan Davis T.C.A.: G.A.A.g Cap G Gown Comm.: Hall Guarclg Recreational Game-sg Office Aid. --1 if" A may Elaine Drucci G.A.A. Diane Ann Emerson Chorusg G.A,A.g Hall Guard. Travel Clubg Modes of the Hourg Library Helper. 'Z ai, of A .af Dolores Fisher Hcillquarulg Vice Pres. Crorhot Club: Office Aidog G.A.A. 35 . Q ii . V 'W' - 5 f N , 1' I lean Flemlnq Office Aide: G.A.A.: Hallguard: Gradua- tion Comm.: Recre- ational Games. X. F 7 f N . A Q.-M! My ., yy., -I vi- 411 Harry Gelbolrn Basketball T e a m : Fire Marshal: Sec. Physics Club: Re- view Staff: H. G. Erika Franz Pres. Physics Club: Chorus: Orchestra: Douglas Glauopouloe Baseball: Fire Mar- shals: R. O. T. C.: Checker Club: Class Night Program. Lucille Goedert Hallquard: G.A.A.: Recreational Games. 36 f""' 9' t-if 4F?'Q, Q . Mabel Frornm Office Aide: Gym Helper: G.A.A.: Hall- Shlrley From Hall Guard: Service "T" Winner: G.A.A.: Silver Pin Winner: guard. Modes of the Hour. Tuley "T" Winner Log Staff. It L i lo 2 .. . 8 3 "" A 0 a 'f y : 4 . G s .Ii BE A I , - Monica Gorulicld ' ' N,T Rec. Games: Camera A Club: rmvei Club: ARQY G.A.A.: Office Aide: Chorus. r - ,,-.L P Qi X . v 1' ' 1 ' 4 Opeqrfwi y T :sim cuban 4' , Li. col. R.o.r.c. - Commanding Officer: A 1.'... C t. F' M h 1: f y Pfllst slip, crlclirf, A .I . 9 Pres. of R. O. T. C. Club: Class Night Dance. , F f i ' n W: .. C AK . Herbert Gold J Fire Marshal: Hall- guard: Boys Chorus: Recreational Games. A ff 2. ..g Marvin Fulleti Basketball Team: Re- view Staff: H. G.: Class Night Proqram. Iohn E. Gervase R. O. T. C. Adjutant Capt.: Hallquarcl: Fire Marshal Lieut.: Checkers Club: R.O. T.C. Club: Checker Team: Office Aide. -gy 9 'sf-3' lame: Glenn Hallguard: Recrea- tional Games. Phyllle Golden G.A.A.: Review Staff: Treas. of Pan-Amer- ican: Service "T" Winner: Recreational Games: Office Aide: H.G. fr' ff' Grace Galenski Polish Club: G.A.A.: Hallquard. Roeemafle Giancola R e vie w: Creative Writing: Office Aide: Library Helper: Sec. of New Books Club: Silver Pin Winner. -aff' '-.1 -4.1 -nf Dale Glultoff Pres. Camera Club: Fire Marshal: Hall Guard Capt.: Recre- ational Games: Bas- ketball: Chairman Class Night Program. Mary Gonlo Recreational Games: Modes of the Hour: G.A.A.: H. G. M., -:ee .gt Q5 Z' K Qf K E Q r Howard Goodman T.C.A.: Prom Comm.: Tuley Review Rep.: Physics Club: Slide Rule Club. in-X - XTW Q Bernice I. Grenda Office Aid: Modes of the Hour: Little The- ater: G.A.A.: Cam- era Club: H. G. F Shirley Gustafson Office Aide: Gym Helper: Review Rep.: G.A.A. Louise Hanstad Pres. Knitting Club: G-A-A.: White Col- lar Club. .Wm 1 s .,.. ry. 3. Q, Y xx QI: -..cg . -'Y' ,""' . .ll ll nun' -.....,,.0 V Lorraine Gorge Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Office Aide. .75 Lydia Grieco Pres. of Knitting Club: H. G. Capt.: G.A.A.: Rec Games. Ieanette Guthrie Rec. Games: Gym Helper: G.A.A.: Life Saving: Log Staff. Phyllu Haseman G. A. A.: Library Helper: Pan Ameri- can: Hall Guard. . Gerald Goehlco Football Team: Base- ball Team: Recrea- tional Games: Life Guard. ,692 - Hirsch Gottschalk Pres. Physics Club: Silver Pin Winner: Tennis Team: Basket ball Team: H. G. 5, RG if 1 tri R . Y Joseph Greco Football Team: Boys Chorus: Recreational Games: Class Night Dance. Virginia Grockl G.A.A.: Polish Club: Hall Guard: Modes of the Hour: Girls Chorus. , so 1 Dolores Hall G.A.A.: T.C.A.: Cre- ative Writing Marlon Helbach Hallquard: G. A. A. Rep.: Office Page: Secy. of Modes of the Hour: Polish Club: Secy. of G, A.A. Q-ut David Greenwald Physics Club: Little Theater: Hall Guard: Fire Marshal. Genevieve Gryzllr Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Library Staff: Rec. Games: Office Aide. '3 F ,,,x 'viffi ed ,. Han-iett Hansen Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Recreational Games. Charlotte Hellerman Service "T" Winner: Gold Pin Winner: Sec. Pan American: Tour Guide: Review Staff: Prom. Comm, . 'T iisci Helen Hemmersbach T,C.A. Sec.: Oliice Page: Hall Guard Capt.: G,A.A,: Clean- Up Comm.: Class Niqht Program. Camille E. Hula G.A.A.: Polish Club. -QP?" Stettie Ianusz T. C. A, Delegate: Gym Helper: Recre ationiil Gamfs: Book room Assistant: G. Charlotte Herzberg GAA.: Pan Amer- ican Club: Knitting Club: T.C.A. Theresa Iackowskt Tour Guide: Hall Guard Capt.: G.A. A.: Polish Club: Tuley Review Rep.: Class Niqht Dance. Ann Iensen Chorus: G.A.A.: Rec. Games: Social Hos- tess. A.A. 35 3 t 1, 'f. 1. 4 1 Ann Kadlac Iohn Kalzloal Office Aid: PanfAm- Football Team: eric-an Club: Hall Chairman of Prom Guard: GAA.: Hon- Comm.: Recreational or Society. GCIFHGS- Leona Hochleutner Creative W r i t i n q Club: Knitting Club: White Collar Club. Margaret Hochleutnor White Collar Girl: G.A.A. IE i Shit-lee Hoffman Lunchroom Hostess: Hallquard: G.A.A.: S q u a r e Dancing: Gym Helyer. Sam latte Science Club: Ore chestra: Basketball Team. Emoiean F. Iohnson G.A.A.: Rec. Games: Hallquard: Treas. Little Theatre. Carol Kaminslrt Bookroom Helper: Tour Guide: Hall- quard Capt.: G.A.A.: Polish Club: Pans American. Richard Holda Hallquard Capt.: Social Center Host: Polish Club: Review Rep.: Service "T". A 1' M Lillian Iaqllnsld Library Aid: G.A.A.: Polish Club: Tour Guide: Hail Guard: Silver Pin. '38 -Qa- li- Faye Iohnson Loq. Rep.: Hall Guard: Pan-American Treos.: Stamp and Bond Rep.: Prom. Comm.: G.A.A. es Bessie Kanter Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Pan American Club: Modes oi the Hour: Library Assistant. Bessie Karademoulls G. A. A.: Checker Club Pres.: Recrea- tional Games: Tuley Review Rep. 5 Eugene Klabacha Hallquard: L ati n Club. Beverly Komes Hallq uard: Chorus: G.A.A.: Troas. of Rec. Games: Loq Hep. Elaine Kozlowski Hallquard: Library Assistant: Cap and Gown Comm.: G.A. A.: Modes of the Hour. Dolores Kasprzyk G.A.A. Rep.: Hall Guard: Lunchroom Aid: Mimeoqrapher: Rec. Games: T.C.A. Deleqate: Class Niaht Dance. Mary Kmiecik Vice Pres. Polish Club: G.A.A.: Hall- quard: Social Center Hostess: S q u a r e Dancing: Gym Help. Sophie A. Komperda Polish Club: G.A.A.: Modes of the Hour: Office Helper: Hall Guard. Ioan Kraskiewlcz G. A. A.: Pres. of Sports Appreciation: Librarian: Stamp 61 Bond Aid: Gym Helper: Rec. Games. Y Dorothy Kelly G.A.A.: Hallquard: Rec. Games: Lunch- room Aid. Yv-RL f Am. 4' . ll Auf -.J Virginia Kidibinski Pan American Club: G.A.A.: Hallquard Capt.: Honor Society: Loq Staff. 2+ x 7 9s?4 7 5' ' 'T Kris AN' 3' sf Blossom Kirstein Hall Guard: Modes of the Hour: Pan- American: G.A.A.: Log Staff: Class Night Comm. Mildred V. Koo Hallquard: Polish Club: G.A.A.: Office Aid. Chester Korus Football Team: Hall Guard Capt.: Grad. Comm.: Polish Club. Evelyn Kroll Hall Guard: G. A. A.: Polish Club. Q at Gertrude Kitching Knittinq: G.A.A.: Of- fice Aid: Hall Guard. Theresa Kolodziei Polish Club: G.A.A.: Gym Helper. Katherine Kouretas Cap 61 Gown Comm.: Tour Guide: Social Center Hostess: Of- fice Aid: Recreational Games. fgfxs G Alice Kruk G.A.A. Member: Pol- ish Club: I-lallquard: Office Aide: Class Night Dance. f 1..' JW! 1, ' Y 48,5 iv 1' ,. f . fl' , X 6' ' gems ' Vlrqlnlu Kruto G.A.A. Rep.: Grad. Comm.: Creative Vtlriting Club: Little Theatre Club. Richard Lange Tuley Review: Bas- ketball Team: Boys Glee Club. 'Q' Olqa Lesniak Social Helper: Polish Club: G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Girls Chorus. Q- . 4.3 X 'wg William Lichtenstein Capt. Tennis Team: Class Night Dance: Basketball Team: Rec. Games: H. G.: T.C.A. Rep. Loretta Kubus Hall Guard: T.C.A.: G.A.A.:: Polish Club. K Y, Elaine Lehmann Office Aid: Pan-Am- erican Club: G.A.A. Viviun Leverenz Stamp and Bond Aid: G.A.A.: Rec. Games: Knitting Club. K its J' Morton Llebman H. G.: Chess Team: Pres. of Chess Club. 5 Q 1 Rose Kuclcr Hall Guard: G. A. A.: Rec, Games: Gym Helper. Edawrd Kukuch Baseball Team: Foot Ball Team: Physics Club. 5 I Ruth Kuxln T.C.A.: G.G.G,: Hall Guard: French Club: Creative W r i t i n g: Girls Chorus Milton Lerner Little Theatre: Boys Glee Club: Checker Club. X iff?" Clara . Levin Library Aid: G.A. A.: Creative Writnq Club: Little Theatre: H allguard Girls Chorus. Roselle Lieder Office Aid: Pan Am- erican: Gold Pin Winner: Tour Guide: Chr. Cap 5- Gown Comm.: Service "T" Winner. 1 -. 'N C51 .Z tl- lr -.3 M. Marvin Lachman Fire Marshal: Hall Guard Capt.: Boys Glee Club: Boys Rec. Games: Class Night Committee. 'Y Bernice Lesnial: Office Page: G.A.A.: Little Theatre Club: Gym Helper. 2-ST Alice Lewandowllcl G.A.A.: Polish Club: H. G.: Gym Helper. I 'V- s" Sophie Lltvin Pres. Pan-American: Gold Pin Winner: Service "T" Winner: Tour Guide: Log Staff: Class Night Comm.: G.A.A. ,9- Roslyn Lit: Bool-:room Aid: G.A. A.: Rec. Games: Gold in Winner. Roy Madsen Slide Rule Club Pres.: Hallquarcl. 'V I .5 ,fill Wanda Malek Polish Club: Class Chr.: Gym Helper: G.A.A. , 1 .Z I Ted Matusiewlcz H.G.: Fire Marshal: R.O.T.C.: Polish Club: T.C.A. Rep.: Stamp and Bond- Rep.: Grad. Comm. DY' 34' r Ieannette Lobatch Sec. Senior Class: Vice Pres. T. C. A,: Service "TH: Silver Pin Winner: G.A.A. Marion Magnusson G.A.A.: Rec. Games Vice Pres.: Gym Helper: T.C.A. Alt. Lorraine Marzec Stamp 6. Bond Aid: Polish Club: Red Cross Club. Lorraine Mayer Polish Club: G.A.A. Rep.: Hallquard. 'Q i . J ox .ee .. s 'iii U " if o Walter Lucas Capt. of Football Team: Rec. Games. Mary MacPherson G. A. A.: Library Aide: Lunch Room Aide: Attendance Of- fice Aide. 03' t 1 L 1 I Mary Maczka G.A.A.: Gym Helper: Polish Club. Elsie Maiewslrr Modes of the Hour, Polish Club: G.A.A. we f f up-1' 5 tag' I ' ..-L . . :F Y 2,3 . ' 13?m" , , ',.,,, , Z -. X -2: 'A dw o .- Wally Mason R.O.T.C. Lieut.: Fire Marshal: Camera Club: Prom Comm.: Hall Guard Capt. Am or' McBrien Margaret G.A.A.: T.C,A, Dele- gate: Silver Pin: Rec. Games: Gym Helper: Lunchroom Helper. rw? Alice Madei G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Office Page: Polish Club. X, Ida Malawlky Hall Guard: Attend- ance Office Worker: Music Appreciation: G.A.A.: Gold Pin Winner: Pan-Amen ican Club. 59' Irene Matan G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Polish Club: Girls Chorus. ' .K 4 gy' I X h . l l ' I ' Shirley Eva McDonald Pres. of Aviation Club: Sec. of Science Club: Office Aid: Loq Staff. 41 ljf Patsy McKerrow G.A.A.: Office Aide: Library Assistant: Pan American Club: Tour Guide: Gradu- ation Committee. . if I I fl:f1..,, .fl -' 7,. ' I- . I. gym In A fr ' Helen Myron! Office Aide: G.A.A.: Hallquard: Modes of the Hour Club: Tour Guide: Service "T" Winner: Cap and Gown Comm. Marion Neale Office Page: G.A.A.: Square Dancing: H. G.: Tuley Review Rep. Helen Nowotynskl Hallquard: Modes of the Hour: G.A.A. 42 Dolores Mianki Hall Guard: Polish C 1 u b : Lunchroom Hostess: Cap and Gown Com.: G.A.A. Marvin Nadler Hall Guard: Physics Club. 21 Role Niedzielskl Pres. of Latin Club: G.A.A.: l-lall Guard: Polish Club. Violet Odwaxna G. A. A.: Creative Writinq Club: Office Aid: Log Staff: H.G.: Library Helper. me .uk f ' A YJ me Eugene Mildebrath Capt. R.O.T.C.: Grad. Comm.: R. O. T. C. Club: Fire Marshal. Vera Miskovich G.A.A.: Office Page: Bookroom Helper: Treas. Camp Craft: Gold Pin Winner, Cap and Gown Com. ,riff , ' . 'f .1 4 . XKQQU I E t x ' , sl Q -' f ' ' - 5 Q N' lwff' are A ,Mgt-if Y i i I I f ff i v v l 1 n W l X l it l ' ll 'wav Betty Mosny Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Chr. of Latin Club: Red Cross Club: Modes of the Hour. Dorothy Nadolxke Rec. Games: G.A.A.: Gym Helper: Lunch- room Helper: T.C.A. Delegate 'Qi Loretta Nlewicxrdowslcl Library Assistant: G. A.A.: H. G.: Polish Club: Office Aid: Needlework Club. Elsie Olson I-lallquard: G. A. A.: Rec. Games: Chorus 7 r , my . . Shirley Mucha Hall Guard Capt.: Gym Helper: G.A. A.: Camp Craft. Evelyn Neelman Ed. Tuley Review: Vice Pres. Creative Writing: Tour Guide: Gold Pin Winner: Service "T" Winner. 4X5 . lt Henry I.. Noqcx Polish Club. Kel Georqe ollZOWlkl Rec. Games: Gradu- ation Comm.: Fire Marshal: Capt. Bas- ketball Team. .fl ,M Wesley O'Shea Tuley Review Rep. Boys' Careers Club: New Books Club Hallguard. Carol Petty Art Club Pres.: G. A. A.: Lunchroom Aide: Rec. Games. Doris Piper Hallguard: Chorus: G.A.A. .ld A '- Yi . .4 -J S - ., - , 339 i2:,.' t". li "7 f L 1 David Prober Review Staff: Base- ball Team: H. G.: Fire Marshal: Rec. Games: Pres. Check- er Club. sfo S If af ... fit HN' Q '-:ff yr . Lucille Ostrowskl Modes of the Hour Club: G.A.A.: Gym Helper. Chester Pietroczynski Polish Club Rep. 1' 1. U . ex Frieda Poqonitz Adjustment Aide: G. A.A.: Music Appreci- ation Club: Pan Am- erican Club. Eleanor Prowicz T.C,A.: Log Rep.: Polish Club: Hall- guard: G.A,A. 2 I Frances Pecka G.A.A.: Office Aid: Rec. Games: Hall- guard: Girls Chorus. Ann Panos G.A.A. Vice Pres.: Rec. Games: Review Rep.: Stamp 6. Bond Rep.: Class Night Dance. -f '. ,:,.j:Q db x .X I 2 ' ef . f e1v"Joe. ' BM TED . evil SU-INS? Q 7: QQ R D 93' 9 O o 9 ON Y. Rl' K2 3 N... X' Ps cv :. Q ff' 'U Fins ohg of iff A 1. , rr" of-' l Lorraine Petersen Pan American: G.A. A.: Hallguard: Book- room Helper: Office Page: Library Staff: Log Staff: Class Night Program. Bernice Pietrucha Honor Soc.: Polish Club: H.G.: T.C.A.: Gold Pin: G.A.A.: Log Rep. Florence Polak Office Aide: Tuley "T" Winner: Pan American Club: Cap LS Gown Com.: Hon- or Soc. iSilver Pinl: Tuley Review Rep. Dolores Puttlrover Hallguard: Review Rep.: Office Aide: Rec. Games: Tour Guide: Honor Soc. John R. Peterson T.C.A. Delegate: Fire Marshal: Football Team: Boys Recre- ational Games: New Books Club: Class Night Dance. Lillian Pinderski H.G.: Polish Club: G.A.A.: Grad. Com. Sophie Poznansky G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Pan American Club: Bond Rep. Shirley Rabkln G.A.A.: Hallguard: Life Saving: Recre- ational Games. 43 'lf' -f R . AY , is is Patricia Radtcke 4B Hatchet Orator: Vice Pres. Rec. Games: Polish Club: Tuley Review: T.C. A.: Class Night Dance. .49 6' Marlon Rickert Rec. Games Club: Knitting Club: G.A. A.: Gym Helper. 'Ib Lillian Sokerka Polish Club. Norton Siegel lst Lieut. R.O.T.C.: Log Art Staff: Re- view Art Staff: Fire Marshal: Graduation Comm.: R. O. T. C. Club. Robert Rae Rec. Games: H. G. ! i Dorothy Rolnlcki Hallquard: G.A.A.: Chorus: Polish Club: Log Rep.: Office Aide. Lillian Selle T. C. A. Advisory Board: Review Staff: Office Aid: Slide Rule: Hall Guard: G. A.A. Rep. Lawrence Sievera Boys' Glee Club: Checkers Club: Hall- quard Lorraine Rasori G. A. A.: Creative Writing: Tuley Re- view Rep. GX 1 1 Matilda A. Razmo G.A.A.: Hallguard: Boolcroom Helper: Pan American Club, Service "T" Winner. V i Ioyce Rheubottom Tuley Review Rep.: Gym Helper: G.A. A.: Knitting Club. Florence Sarnowskl Vice Pres. of Polish Club.: G. A. A.: T. C. A. Genevieve Senderak Polish Club: Hall Guard: G.A.A. Genevieve Slupskt Hallquard: Social Helper: Polish Club: G.A.A.: Office Aide: T.C.A. Geraldine Richards G.A.A.: Gym Helper: Library Helper: Hall Guard: Camp Craft. Albert Schulman Hallguard Capt.: Football Team: Rec. Games: Print Shop. Helen Soredul: Hall Guard: Library Stott: Polish Club: G. A.A. :Www Robert Smith Sports Ed. of Re- view: Sports Ed. of Log: Basketball Team: Baseball Team: Class Night Program. .5 ,gg Amelia Sobczak Polish Club: Chorus: G.A.A. Katherine Spiewak Review Satft: Music Appreciation Club: G.A.A,: Log Staff. F 3, . N Viola Stem Sec. of Camp Craft: G.A.A. Ftep.: Music Appreciation Club: Lunchroom Helper: Log Art Staff. G", u Sidney Sulpar Hall Guard Capt.: RO, T. C.: Science Club. Emily Sobolewskl Hall Guard: Log Rep.: Rec. Games: G.A.A. Dorothy Springer G.A.A. Rep.: Lt, Stomp Alt.: Tumbling Club: Gym Helper: Hall Guard: Class Night Program. Rita Strelchel: Polish Club: Hall Guard. Leona Swiec Tour Guide: H. G.: Gold Pin: G.A.A.: Polish Club: Log Staff. Irene Sobolewski Gold Pin Winner: Sports Appreciation: Gym Helper: Cap G Gown Comm.: Tour Guide: Lunchroorri Helper: Log Rep. 5 1 Tilt. it Dolores Sorenson Aviation Club: G. A.A. I V' .. A P 1 S Marilyn Sorenson Sports Appreciation Club: Office Aide: f-lallguord Capt.: G. A.A.: Knitting Club. Pearl Stroehle Polish Club: G.A.A. Elaine Strieplinq Rec Games G A A T C A Alternate Angeline Syp Office Aid GAA Music Appreciation Club: Silver Pin Winner: Hall Guard: Service "T" Winner. 3, . . 52' . 5' 5395 . Virginia Southwlck Sec. Polish Club: G. A.A. Sec.: Office Aide: Hall Guard Capt.: Grad. Comm.: Log Rep. Walter Stcmlriewicz Capt. Ir. Basketball Team: Polish Club: Grad. Comm.: Hall Guard: Life Guard. .l"'N rw Sophie M. Strzala Hall Guard: G.A.A.: Creative Writing: Polish Club: French Club: Girls Chorus: Class Night Dance. Wanda R. Szala Polish Club. 45 i' Barbara Slcxepanialz Hall Guard Capt.: Polish Club: G.A.A. Member: Class Night Dance. Doris Tatoulia-n Office Page: Girls Chorus: G. A. A.: Drama Club. Evelyn Tomczak Tour Guide: G.A.A.: Office Aide: Polish Club: Gold Pin: Cap and Gown Comm. . . F . A . l " 1,f X Mary Szopinaka Hall Guard: Office Aid: G.A.A.: Polish Club: Log Rep. Dorothy Tepper Square Dancing Club Pres.: Polish Club Sec.: G.A.A. Rep.: Prom Comm.: Social Center Hostess. Dorothy Urban S q u a r e Dancing Club: G.A.A.: New Books Club. ,M V ' . V oy ,. ,. ' rn 3 A Richard Voss Christine Walkowiak Football Team: Rec. Hall Guard: Polish Games: H. G. 46 Club: Prom Comm. Bemard Szoitak President of Science Club: Hall Guard. Q. x. ltr Helen Szplla Pan American: Knit- ting: G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Art Club. vow N in kr' G G10 S. - f f""' gf' ,il g " ii? 55 .. .. t Adeline Tasca Gym Helper: Hall Guard: Rec. Games. Alice Thy: G.A.A.: Hallguard. 4' I I S'-lr . fig ,A 'l':2 Bruna Vangelista Modes of the Hour Club: G.A.A.: Gym Helper. 1 ll Herbert Wallach Pres. of Science Club: Hall Guard. Betty Taterka Polish Club: Grad. Comm.: Hallguard Capt.: G.A.A. gf ' 1 - . if . 5 ' wi. 3 , Q A George Tichnell. Hallguard: Social Center Host. Geraldine Visqatis G.A.A. Rep.: Modes ot the Hour: Square Dancing: H. G. Elaine Ward G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Messenger: Adjust- ment Room Helper: Knitting Club: Pan American: Creative Writing. Edna Wardrum Silver Pin Winnes: Book Room Helper: G.A.A. Rep.: Hall Guard: Pan Amer- ican Club. P ,b ,, : 'Sie f 1 Morten Wfnokur Basketball Team: Tennis Team: Pres. Creative W r it i n g Club: Review: Class Night Program: Fire Marshal: Log. Lila Wood Hallguard: Modes of the Hour Club: Red Cross Club. George Zemtsetf Pres. T.C.A.: Lieut. R.O.T.C.: Silver Pin Winner: Service "T" Winner: Prom. Com.: Sgt. Fire Marshals. f'.,. . I Ioan Wehnnelster Hall Guard: Office Aid: G. A. A.: Rec. Games. Gloria Wlttman Hall Guard Capt.: G. A.A., Librarian: Of- fice Page: Music Appreciation Club. Ioseph M. Wyxocki Hall Guard: Fire Marshal: Polish Club: R.O.T.C. Club: Com- mander Co. A R. O. T. C. Louise Zidron Librarian Assistant: Office Page: Camp Craft: G.A.A. Rep.: H.G.: Modes of the Hour: T.C.A. 'Alt. Q Q A , Lya Weiss Clay Modelling Club: Rec. Games: G.A.A. .Z B .J 5 if ii i V. x Marcelene Wieloch Librarian Assistant: Office Page:'Camp Craft: Viie Pres. Knit- ting Club: G.A.A.: Hall Guard: Silver Pin Winner. f' 1 . Geraldine Wiess Polish Club: G.A.A.: Hallguard: Library Staff. Betty Woicil: Tumbling Club: G.A. A.: Hall Guard. lame: Yaylaian Hallguard: T. C. A.: Boys Glee Club: Fire Marshal: Class Night Comm.: Chairman: Office Aid. Ruth Vlilkesf Hallguard: G.A.A.: Camp Craft: Office Aid: Service f'-2? Evelyn Wonq Art Editor Log: Vice Pres. Art: T. C. A. Delegate: H.G.: Gold Pin: Service "T": Cap G Gown Comm. 40' Lottie Zachara Hall Guard: Red Cross Club: Polish Club. GRADUATES NOT PHOTOGRAPHED Betty Atlrin Hall Guard: G.A.A. Leo Ledennan Basketball Team: R. O.T.C.: Fire Marshal. Paul McNally Hallguard: Printshop: Chess Club: Camera Club. Emily Pollack Office Page: G.A.A.: Esquare Dancing: H, Rosemary Reid HGllqUGfd: Lunch. room Helper: G, A Iohn Sarnowski Capt. of Baseball Team: Basketball Team. Faith Schneider Lunchroom Hostess: Hall Guard: G.A.A. Robert Soriano Basketball Team: Fire Marshal: Boys Rec. Games. Marvin Witt Hall Guard. A. ' 47 ?" ' cmedue Wdalwzq Once more we sit together in Fisk Auditorium, but perhaps it is the last time. Tonight we leaf thru our album of memories . . .our book of the days gone by. Let's take a glance back to that first day. What a dayl Yes, we were scared, for we knew only the ones who came with us. Remember Sabin? . . . the assembly . . . freshies, we were called . . . first time we heard of the Review . . . the Log . . . registration for 2B classes . . . tours thru Tuley . . . G. A. A. . . . T. C. A .... Stamps and Bonds . . . Then came that great day . . . the one that will al- ways be printed in our memories. We were Sopho- mores . . .th walk to Tuley . . . new friends . . . new teachers . . . new subjects . . . Biology and birds . . . Latin and Gaul being divided into three parts . . . Friday nite socials . . . course books . . . and of course swimming . . . the main event of our second year. Before w knew it those two semesters passed wiht quick steps. By now we knew evryone and noth- ing could separate us. We bcame familiar with new terms . . . Macbeth . . . Advanced Algebra or Geom- etry . . . Chemistry . . . and soon the time came when our minds had to be made up. We must set our goals before us. The question mark must be re- moved. The fields were numerous . . . teacher . . . musician . . . artist . . . doctor . . . lawyer . . . and a thousand and one others. Each of us will be on our own with a new and different life. But the recollections of our Senior A days will be the rnost outstanding. We were indeed proud when all together we assembled and our divisions became Aud. B. D. O. or S. That was the time we buckled down, trying our best to be proud of our course books. We were really in the lime light. It was dur- ing this year that we made history. We were all excited as we looked forward to the elections . . .l class rings . . . prom . . . caps :S gowns . . . class nite and . . . tonight. Yes we have four splendid years to look back to. Four years of hard work, fun, and friendship. Four years of waiting for tonight, but as we listen to the farewell speeches and our school song we wish only that those four years could linger on, that we might remain with our friends. We had our fun and we are proud, although sad, to leave Tuley. For we know as we enter this vast world of opportunities, we have behind us knowledge that will guide us thru. Our album of golden yesteryears may gather dust and the pages may turn yellow with age, but those preci- ous memories will remain in our hearts forever. They will not be forgotten and some day we shall return to give just praises and honor t oour Alma Mater for giving us the foundation of our careers. Natalie Czuba -pu. aw S' '- Y! 4- xt' 'S .S l I MQ S it W3 ' il-.x 8 L,: SL 05, I Q 9 ff k X , if HQ? J WJ? F 'U N .H A ft ,wiv in K C R, 5,1 LAAJ swf'- 51 X4 8- l 5:1 V M. m ff '45 X , '77 'L 1323211 Q.: , Y, x 1 - --..-J K, yay - ' 45 g q- . l X , 5 J I i f ? Ex M X I , v -I' 'V Qi 5' f .T f 1 N Li ! fi ' A v w r I X ,D X Y -LI 65 34 Q 'E g f sf 4 c....,,,dty D 4 'lg 5 n u :HH-ei' ill' I . nl "N EEEIVQ lllf --- in 0 1-' ' 5 A 0 ' ' I Sponsor mss nqaretu Q, O ki M U 'nr uf ' ' PMT al 1 R Ng AVIATION CLUB Sponsor - Miss Clyne S 2 , F s ART CLUB Sponsor Mrs ONe111 n ' . SPORTS APPRECIATION E5 Sponsor - Miss Silvers mmf .ik 'Q x m ii K 's 5 ag:- , F . Ek G YT? MODES OF THE HOUR Sponsors - Miss Grieve and Miss Wheldon . .. r, V ., . , .-- ., ,.,.... , 1o.T...L , .,irrW rsr.,rW.,WrW,r I I i I +r5iw .. K 6 K ,z r .. , .R x..r..,'. M . A Y. r-..-.Q.-em .L Y Q, TUMBLING . f X ' Sponsor Miss Mendes Q ' X si e f I ' Q . M 4. J 4 CHECKER CLUB .3 MI 5, w Sponsor - Mr. Greenburq Q? SJ ,xi A .f B 'f,:.1,!" ki ', :rv gg X I 'kg LATINCLUB Sponsor - Miss Bergstrom , CAMP CRAFT 1 Sponsor - Miss Kruzic I Q, 'K ' E 5 N-1, M ' "4 ' if Sponsors - Miss Iohnson and Miss Hughes 'A Y 1 Q x D . 5 'uf N 1,4996 x I QfQ X if e S J 95 .f,s'g. NEW BOOKS CLUB npv ' QQ.. X xx gd u-also ll -9 .-.' G U .f,..., A X Rv .' il H4 SQUARE DANCING N S -M .S d d M .T 11 A - Donsors rs nY er an rs e eson A. bl 5 al Ag I A f tl V ' 1 ww, ' x Mmm .K ., A N 3 Q J S Q ,g 1 cnocHE'r1NG CLUB f :RN , A D Sponsor -- Mrs. Hansen I IA, N ll ' 1 Xi!-2" . QRS 'Y -" 643' Q90 can ...,., -4 V! Y , 3 PAN AMERICAN Sponsor - Miss Dubow 1 1 1 I 4 Y 1. -I 1' 'QW 7 I xm'r'f'N K KNITTING CLUB Sponsor MISS Cnsler UN-:P-SYS LE s s ON - i X mga Af A 1. J I L. RECREATIONAL GAMES Sponsor - Miss McGrath aj , Qu A , T RECREATIONAL GAMES S 5 - X sponsor Mrs Porter M W my I. is -fill Vx-T ,fi- r " 1 I F I, 1 vx QQ Sponsor - Mr. Rabinovitz ' CREATIVE WRITING fE fu, X ff' 61 Q ' ' 25 'v s ,fwT FTW 0 . 7 Q-ga I 1 I ig f ' 'f I ., LITTLE THEATRE Q .4 52 ,I Sponsor - Mrs. Paul 5 X 50 Y-AND M IDW5 f- WHITE COLLAR Sponsors- Miss Nolan and Miss Walsh If POLISH CLUB yhikv asf lv fb, 1',-. Q POLISH CLUB Sponsors - Mr. lane and Miss Zacharias JN. - ,-- .. Gbg., . ,-. POLISH CLUB uv! FIA F 2 M3549 CLAY MODELING 'X 5 119, wf 2? v svfwi Y , U S AZ A, L, A N , S - I , X Sponsor - Miss Hunqar ' . 1 . 5 ' 1 K PHYSICS Sponsor - Mr. Perdue X233 5 O RUG WEAVING Sponsor Mxss Lawson l -K B 2 4 ,Aa 31581 'N L. Q..-A-af ff R' a: F I K .. 8 A Tx? E35 mf u V WC . my X37 - XE ms? N W-S r. ,dm M 1 X . ,N L' QQ-nv--'Q . Nw A 13' 1 I , ,. , M' ul-.5441 an - I " s 'Q F. n 5 N. in vi" he an .5 I. V if . 'J K 'M MJ 'F' x ff' -5 . Q V W ' ,Q 257, Q Q Q 'fl ' IAN 3? , . .... nw , 5 ' 9 QMYQM c J R if 5 MCLLK, Qu! M IE !hM ' an ? Ei .Pg ' 5 L E ,J U 3 68 KI R0 R aff B W Q Q Q S Q Qt S W TULEY CIVIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Sitting: Henry Kalapaca, Vice Pres. 2nd Sem.: Iohn Tokar, Pres. 2nd Sem.: Helen Hemmersbach, Secretary 2nd Semester. Standing: George Zemtseff, Pres. lst Sem.p Jeanette Lobatch, Secretary lst Sem. 7445 7a!eq6wec,4 The Principal objectives of the Tuley Civic Association are to train Tuley students for citizenship and to promote understanding and cooperation between faculty and students. The T.C.A. is made up of one student dele- gate elected from every division room. It is important that each delegate possess good scholastic and citizenship records. Consistently, this Association has proved itself an invaluable help in carrying out school projects. The outstanding project of the T.C.A. this year, was the collecting of funds for the purchase of Christmas gifts to be sent to Veteran Hospitals. The fullest co- operation was given to the efforts of the T.C.A. in this project by the student body as a whole. A decisive factor in the success of the T. C.A. is the wholehearted co-operation that the faculty sponsors, Miss Edna Weiler, Mrs. Miriam Herrick, and Mr. Ioseph Smidl have accorded this Association. The years' officers were as follows: September 1946: Chairman - George Zemstett, Vice Chairman - Ieanette Lobatch, Secretary - lohn Tokarp February 1947: Chairman - Iohn Tokar, Vice Chairman - Henry Kalapaca, Sec- retary - Helen Hemmersbach. COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Citizenship .................... Harry Meyerland Publicity ,..,..,......,...,.,.,.. Howard Goodman Arrangements ............,. Bertha Harabotsos Athletic .,.,..,..,,,,............... Bill Lichtenstein Service Award ..,..... Eugenia Czaikowski Activities ....................,......... Barbara Koch Rules of Order .,...,,.,,.... Geraldine Conrad Clean-Up .................... Helen Hemmerbach A lsff 6 'x GJ ' A R. -N55-s A Q Il 7 ls vii I if is X. .P V SIP' MTW' I R. O. T. C. Students and faculty members were de- lighted when an R. O. T. C. unit was estab- lished at Tuley in 1946. For ten years, Miss Stillman and the Tuley students had been eager to see this brought about. Sgt. Koon was assigned as the instructor at Tuley High. By the middle of the semester we had advanced so rapidly under his lead- ership, that an additional instructor, Sgt. Bow- yer, was also needed. The R.O.T.C. has done much in the way of service to Tuley. One of these services was rendering assistance to the faculty in the op- erating of our Friday night socials. The R. STAFF O.T.C. has also taken over control of the fire marshals and has improved that organizations efficiency through discipline. As a beginning R.O.T.C. we had our troubles, but we always managed to make progress. We were the only new R.O.T.C. unit to participate in Platoon Competition be- tween the other schools of Chicago. In this competition, we were classed with schools like Lane and Roosevelt. Tuley is really proud of her R.O.T.C. and the rapid progress it has made during the last year. The boys of the RO' hope to make her even more proud than she is now. R. O. T. C. COMPANY A, lst PLATOON lla fauna JJ Aw-Q l 152 O n S Y ' I Q 'L m s Q 1-uv' , 9 'K m' 5. .- M' V ' 0 ' v gy N- ' ' ' ' Q a .x N . ' -' . ' ' ' ' 0 ., U -. 1 nn: if - ka, - - mugs ' W P ' - 'rf .7 " ' il lun' 'N' W 44, , 1' , I Q 5 V . s ' aygl. .f ' I A Q, Q , . QA A , . , , x. A. ' Q ' ' 0 ' - LW V . K ' ' . . . QP X 0' ., ,wt-1 Q V A A K .V Q ,ii ' ,I k 6 ', in 3? , in ' 1 V ' e f , - , 1 1 If . ' n n - . , ' 4 . img: : f- ' ' ' M' K Y - 9 Q, 5 , N - -E Q K ' :.2"x 4 K. Q, , W . , Q, X PM 'f s-fs, - , 'gi un: 4 X . V1 -' 1 i ' '7 m ' Lf A --v-- Q ' .,.W.1....... , . X 'W 3 Aw ur n mm 5 My 1 , . ,,..v.,J V 5, ' " -I. ,"""'t' 64 . f I ' f Q.. 4 , I . 1 f X I -.ful K I' 1"f ala' wiv' .1 11' .l,,..,, , r f 'nxfnif' fing- fhi'.l'2' 351' fr, 1 3 y . n 'f . 3.5 ox 1 , a'4.. 1 . Q N ? 1 '-I YI 'Y 7 f f A fy ,1 if I 'w L -'LJ Qfus. H' AXQQS . w2'N' '. n " : fu. m X 2 W ,Q 9 '9' -I ' . " 'f"w"Iiu W .Nm 3 1 l I nn ' 1 up nl 1313595153 L "-air' - I W5 , ' 'S Nm L J ' R4 'Vg 2 Q vi' , Q . ' QF I . X 'A 1 I A Q f ' H ' ' 4 I li' a - R. . , 4 .Q 5, 7' , Q A l X F J h . v 4 .lliwl 5 , In gs ly! lin , :Gul W -A " f ff . Q A . -' . nt- wut 54,4 . i V3 ' ..v- . , f,,,f ' cffggi ' 1A E " , Q gf,isixg,. . A 2 AT X I A., 1,1 , if . fi W W ,,..: ' 'KH A 373'-3' k iwffw -5? I' L. 2 Q4 1 .,,, hx H gi , 5 I J K .,..,' i 1' K ,hifi Q Q ' ' i Y 'I .-is V 3 ' J v X R M II, 233141 7? A LIBRARY STAFF Sponsor - Miss Hughes Q V -. X 'roun GUIDES Q 0 Sponsor - Miss Mayer 73 -A .J afvata A- e "U ," fr I N' V ' I k4 A A IIIUNCHROOM HELPERS QF Sponsors-Mr. Greenberq, Miss Berqstrom, Mr. lane, Mr. Becker, Mr. Heine, Mr. Lee Bi CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE Sponsor - Mr. Smidl MQW WINNING DIVISION FOR COMMUNITY FUND Sponsor - Miss Iohnson Y .L l,..-,, I I ,x ,rn rw, I I 7' W . '7 if ,gawk OFFICE AIDES LI. sit I? "1t'L1IE"'I7Q. 'fr II L , OFFICE AIDES LI. L-Y-J-,' , I -AM. MT,,4 ,, ,T 9 a.,.4I FIRE MI-IRSHALS Sponsors - Mr. Center and Sgt. Koon ri X o RJ f'w3 . gsfn BOYS GLEE CLUB Q Sponsor - Mrs. Gains ex A . 'hw I'T'M'L'1"'T"'Q .ILLJ . A'1"!Q.1... 'TW 'T I J ev-my 5 42 GIRLS CHORUS Q J Sponsor - Miss Anderson K, K' GIRLS CHORUS B M acialhntm Another capacity crowd! That has been the most used phrase of those attending the Tuley Social Center on Friday nights. The dances were always very inetresting with novelty numbers and contests featured at each meeting. Much of the success of the Social Center can be attributed to the excellent organization set up by the student host and hostess committee and the faculty sponsors, Mr. lane, chairrnany Miss Kelley, Mr. Hane and Sgt. Koon. ui? 1 I ,.....,... 7235? . . 'v 'N-1'-" "" 1" C1 HALL GUARD CAPTAINS Sponsor - Miss Del Campo md BOOKROOM HELPERS Sponsors - Mr. Rabinoviiz and Miss Clyne hd Q3 GOLD PIN WINNERS Sponsor - Miss Kilpatrick A XX ' ,QQ xy 335' .' NJ., A8 ,U .. 0' - ,M 'til-'tis -5. 15 an. 5 K filli- l...4,5 if? ,I 5. D . 'Q .ww X vwqsmnusr- I " M 'TM gm, . , ,.. I ,V Qi? 0' ' 3 39 , H .. 4 f ' +V' . 9' 1 is 34 Q Q F W ,, 8. 'in 1 A i .wi . if a u Mug 'H ,gf , J x ,, 'fum K' :f7'Q5il'K:iE 1 as : , A w g' ef . 5 Q up , ,W O-'L A i . I O Yi i Q M' Qiw Qs' mfg, Si' it Au S X Wx N X ws .N A if .VA ' fx Wifi? A wil ,way J 1 Si ,E A si. NSR I L 21252:-I uf K Q: Q: 4, 3 A A sx.,,,W , .ng - S . N ii .M 'I wg D :QT 'M fr "Mu-1 .pr Q ,Q M1 39, . HNF ,Q J 1 Q f GD ,gf E-1 Efj' ,gm YUM 'i -10 'O -f-,QE X FYWL -Q X MP0 K' F D' U - .. ,. 14 QQ f ' f an HW X 0 1599 1 -i IA vw V' 'ii-in X 5 P-5 il ' 5' it + X7 - 4- 'L , M H: wx H " 1' f' Q QE 2 K J' -SMM 1 3 X X 1' ' ' 1 5 1211-X - f HW A. 413 x Q- U , 2 fry? ufig fggf N V f ' . 1 M -if Ai' 537 v" . ' '-RW ' i':' 1- , I lj' M4 " V WRX ' N 5 ww 3... 1- 1 fu: K f xlxv 'Iff1' ' y 3 lb-W M ...Lx ' - x ,f,fff , ig -- ,,- ,,, 1 a-m,..:g " Sig ' Qin ' A S 'X 1 wb o'::a': 1 1 'r' ' ' 4 ,ly I l 2 K X QAM I ? 5 6' 'av' I QE,?'g'gCg uv' I U 4-ff IW' :L xv! Ki' 'V'- iqvo Q1 X ' 1 32.9145 QA , 'Q',' ':!04lf:A :JN 9' Y 'Q WE V 92 o v f x-:iw-3 'Sl Q .Lay Mya!!-1, J Q! 90' W qiifigiy ' , :,,'. ef rc? f 2 n .r X ' gi Q. ' ' Vw' '05 'Q-,Vw .ff- W ws 1, if I C, G Q, 0 QQ QPXJ, GA h E X .' O Oo ' A Cp QQ' 4,-' Qb 93 ,A Vle A A XAVJOKL ee..- x' Y 5 A Q Ulla- Q , QP' px'-'Q -Vx 4 V Z E KKN 1 Q 4Zfff" A: H, .,: X X to '24 fl W., - - Q f' 35,4 Q " nlul I Q . 4 QLHHQ x EQ on 'L 2 C fm Q J f 'W' ' W lm Q r ff x W' i ' U s IP' L , Q M Ulllmf s ., L Na 5, 3 uleg Review ev-. Qu 455 EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER EVELYN NEELMAN GEORGE RAVAZZOLO This Newspaper te Published br Students et mmmr r. runs? mon scaoor. lil! I. danlont Ave. Chloaae. llllnele lllss SAI! L l'l'll.l.lll-ll. Plildfd Lmrluuw srsrr' Ewing Ilieuiew This Newspaper is Published by Studenu MURRAY A. TUIIY HIGH SCHOOL ltllll N. Claremont Ave. Chicago, llllna Miss Him. L. l'l1!.l.MA.ll. Prtndpal EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chlel ............ Evelyn lleehnt Assistant Edltor ........... .Marlon llnd Feature Editor .... ..... C yrena Coh4 Sports Editor ................. Robert lml Sabin Editor ............ Rochelle Blohtlq Feature Wrlters...Bernadette lanlak. Kid: Bialcsak, Phyllis Golden. Dolores llailu Dina Young, Katherine Splewak. l.ore1 Gassman, Gloria Braverman, Mlohallr Gats, Marvin Fullett. Reporters ..... Lois Chavln. Jeanette Pala lohn Tokar. Harvey lahan, Ilm Per-nl Henry Kalapaca, Rosemarie Glanoal Beverly Hepner Sports. ...... Morton Wlnokrrr, Dave Probq Morris Bronstein, Ioan Anderson Plwfvqravhers ......... Edward Sdslowlc John Dada fyplsts .... Glorla Braverman, Loretta Gm HIGH. Mary Ann Grobart, Geraldine Ada: ski. Dorothy Hewelt Business Manager ....... Goorqe Ravasso Assistants. .Walter Grabowsl i, joseph Frm Babln Manager ................. Ilm Zell Circulation Manager ......... .loan Sher Bookkeeper ......... .... Mll dred Banu Publicity .......... ....... I ack lol! Exchange Editor ........... Eileen Schwar SPONSORS Miss McGill Mk. Hug Miss Trenbeth Lug Cguggu FAL L SEMESTER Editor-in-Chlet ............ Evelyn leelman lssistanl Editor ............ Marlon llnder News Editor .............. Elaine llalullk heporters..l.ots Chavtn, Bernadette ldlltll Rosemarie Glancola, Harvey Kahan. Har- riet Cramer, Frank Wille. Feature Editor ............. Cyrena Cohan Feature Writers Dolores Klaibor, Phyllis Golden. Mlchnlbnl Gals, virginia xaeturak, Ioan SIYIWVIW- Sports Editor ................. Robert Smith Sports Writers. .Richard Larmge, Harry Gel- boin, Dave Prober, Morton Winkur. Shel- don Cohen. Literary Editor ............. Ieanette FUN! Branch Editor ...,...,.. Rochelle Rlchtlqel Photographer ........... Edward Sclslowlcs Typists. .Charlotte Hellerman, Dena Chelhtl, Lillian Sello. Y-+-W 'ffl Business Stall Business Manager ...... George Bavassolo Circulation Manager .......... loan Shell!! Bookkeeper .......... Rose MGT Plmlifllw Cashier ..,,................. Dolores Rlllh Exchange Editors- . Eileen Schwartl. Inez VorPl SPRING SEMESTER Everyone is happy when the Tuley Review comes oft the press. The students all read it during division, and steal glances during classes after that. Maybe they scan it for the news, sports, brief blogs, jokes, poetry, or some other feature which rates first with them, but all admit that although they have their favorite sections, they read it through, and more than once. It's not only because it's a paper that belongs to the school, but it belongs to US. Many can remem- QA ber how proud they felt when they first saw their E Q Mr , .s lt' names or pictures in the paper. When one is rem- iniscing, the school paper always brings school life nearer. Getting the Tuley Review to the press involves work and effort. The staff is one of the hardest work- ing student groups in the school. They all love the work, whether literary or business, and no matter how tiring, their eagerness makes it fun and inter- esting. L-A. """ ' n n I :Ll N: 'V IMI?w"'C'N1! SSRI I ,i,ii,,,.i,, 2 ICQ ,.., I , 1 M ,Q A q I NON IS ROTC R0 Puts Bun, On EPOQIE 1 iI i T JBD2 if! 506 ,U fmiixig,gA4.A.k'n l'Ify POII' Young to see so manic "'1'uley Review, like it. and aim t s Sporting LIFE By Lois start off with a W us for Miss Mend . I. . I W , c ' .-I-3?-.2-.-5155 OWN ERIER ports Quiz T' -if 72' I what sports urn- all these used: Q1-ami, assist, goai, dug? unding Room o N L Y 2 w : By Smitty I I I 4 Shun gaino was no 1nd thu xclltive ITl0II.t.b of mis. At the very outset tinal score of the Tuley 'r ' , " ' ica E, is were behind the Ueifh ivhcn .lou Graboski had 5 honor of .having four im him in Lhe first quarte ' no chances Mr, VIEW MAKES A REVIEW Zzleyswa " Men S'-w'fe.E2"f" N BW kiiiaki Patricia Huddiestori Art Ediior Evelyn Wong Art Editor 6003 109 SW! 73? ig Bernice Bitierifieid Literary Editor Natalie Czuba Literary Editor ?ehaa,-ag mf' pi f ':', ?7 Casimir Kazmierski Bus. Mgr LeRoy Cozzi Bus. Mgr. on T 'Me .lag Staff lf only the desks, chairs and the rest of the furni- ture could speak they would tell of the hard work that was done behind the closed door in Room 214 during the 6th period. You've guessed right, the Log Staff has been trying to meet the deadline. The entire staff is to be congratulated on the grand job they did and the splendid cooperation shown. Orchids go to the February editor, Bernice Bitten- field and the Iune editor, Natalie Czuba. Roses and carnations go' to both of the Art editors, Patricia Huddleston and Evelyn Wong. To the Iune Staff goes due credit for their cooperation in the write- ups. A great round of applause is extended to the Art Staff for their marvelous contributions. Evelyn Wong, Dolores Alexander, Eugene Beyak, Barbara Koch, and Roy Lenisa merit special honors for their layout work. We don't believe the fellows are inter- ested in flowers but it would be a crime to forget them. A carload of praise goes to the Log's most efficient business managers, Casimir Kasmierski, Le- Roy Cozzi, and Sophie Litvin, Asst. Business Man- ager. Last but not leastp the Sports' editor, Robert Smith, should be complimented on his arrangement of the sports section. To all who have donated preci- ous time and skill, go our sincerest thanks. Our appreciation and gratitude plus millions of thanks goes to Miss McGill, Mrs. O'Neill, and Mr. Smidl. It is thru their guidance and leadership that we were able to complete this Log. So as we come to an end of another edition, we hope that you will enjoy reading the Log as much as we have enjoyed bringing it to you. LOG STAFF FEBRUARY IUNE Evelyn Wong Natalie Czuba LeRoy Cozzi Sophie Litvin Robert Smith Patricia Huddleston Art Editor Bernice Bittenfield Literary Editor Casimir Kazmierski Bus. Mgr. Asst. Manager Sports Editor LITERARY STAFF Roselle Edelson Rita Morris lohn Duda Marilyn Cohen Evelyn Weiss Rita Cerkleski Edith Coffell Paul Dolenko Ruth Rottner Ieanette Faber Dolores Alexander Eugene Beyak David Froberg William Getz Rita Gewartowski Dale Glustoff Christine Kantor Barbara Koch Natalie Kot Roy Lenisa Helen Makris Lorraine Marzec Laverne McKeeta Eugene Mildebrath Lorraine Peterson Violet Odwazna Shirley McDonald Harry Gelboin Sheldon Cohen Virginia Karabinski Blossom Kirstein Ieanette Guthrie Katherine Spiewak Leona Swiec ART STAFF Rose Miedzielski Arthur Noveck William O'Sheill Don Patterson Carol Petty Jeanette Pyzik Elsie Rutkowski Marie Salwonchik Florence Sarnowski Emily Sobolewski Grace Tessman Larry Whitford Dina Young Iim Zeiler nw 'J-, 1' :aa 2 i 3 u I 3 l i 2 f Q TED? Ly Q, QWQQQYE? ,X A f " N Ev: lg l i 2 w- E-H' Q- Ytggwj ti, v 3 " ,il-ii ' 4 'BFS ' 2+ av 1? Rf' 2. 5 awgymlma' lx .1-""" -,.--' -fn--' -5' ,Q-' X if X X f X 90 'x 4T' , -5 , . f 59 W 70dff4as For the first time in seven years, Tuley had a foot- ball team which walked off the field victorious in a league contest. True enough, they were not un- beatable, but in no one encounter during the season were they outclassed. However, the person who was in a large way re- sponsible for the team's success was not around at the close of the campaign. Mr. Risely, "the little man with the big voice", was transferred to Harrison Tech. The opening game of the season saw the Wildcats drop a close one to Waller, 14-13. Behind at the half by two touchdowns, they came back, with Ronny Kuhns and his brother Earl Kuhns leading the way, to come within one point of tying the game. A thirty yard end zone scamper by Carl Paprzycki was called back because of Backfield in motion. Farragut fell victim to the Wildcats to the tune of 21-O, in a game high-lighted by George Gemein's fifty-five yard run with an intercepted pass for a score. In their first league tussle, the Wildcats lost to Harrison 18-8. Harrison capitalized on fumbles to score two quick touchdowns in the opening period. ln the third quarter, the team pushed Harrison back into their end-zone to score a safety. Earl Kuhns then passed twenty-five yards to his brother Ronny Kuhns for the team's only touchdown. The next Saturday, the Wildcats won their own in the next game, as Marshall was mauled 31-6. Chester Korus, Pete Tamaras, Le Roy Cozzi, Art Buechel, Manny Fetman, Ioe Frano, Ierry Goshko, Iohn Kak- leas, Sol Zwerling, and Iohn Rose gaping holes in the Marshall line to allow the backs to romp at will. Austin was the Team's next opponent. Although we came out on the short end of a 25-0 score we fought hard and Austin knew that they had been in a game. The inability to make the point after touchdowns, cost the Wildcats a victory as they fell before Kelvyn Park, 14-12. Both touchdowns were made by Sol Zwerling, who was on the receiving end of two scor- ing heaves. In the seasons finale, we lost to Steinmetz, in a sea of mud, 12-0. The mud hampered our scat-backs and Steinmetz's heavier team rolled to two touchdowns. Although the squad played together in harmonious teamwork, several of the boys shone brightly. LeRoy Cozzi was named as a guard on the Herald Ameri- can's All-West Section tearn, with Art Buechel and Mel Becket at center and fullback on the second team. Sol Zwerling was honored as the most valu- able graduating senior. His play at left end certainly merited that award. The prospects for next year are extremely hearten- ing. With the exception of Captain Walter Lucas and Earl Kuhns the entire backfield is returning. The Co-Captains for next year Ronny Kuhns and Carl Paprzycki, along with Mel Becket, Al Degand, Stan Pinski, and Gilbert Chihorn. The line lost such stal- warts as Chester Korus, Iohnny Kakleas, Ierry Gosh- ko, and Sol Zwerling. However the Wildcats will not be lacking for an adequate forward wall, as Art Bue- chel, Manny Fetman, Ioe Frano, Iohn Rose and George Gemein will be back. The past season was the most successful in Tuley's history, but we know the next one will bring even more glory to Tuley. PRACTICE GAMES Tuley Opponents 13 Waller 14 21 Farragut 0 WEST SECTION GAMES 8 Harrison 13 Foreman 7 31 Marshall 6 O Austin 25 12 Kelvyn Park 14 0 Steinmetz 12 .,g . . :Ea ' I 1 ,rm gm o X ' fw f High 1 3,4 A I K x ,swf ' gf Av' Aa With Or lhoski 1 ulev f 'allo.sll', ,ta 'Q ill fu. ' - - uts Sellv. " " J 5 uurnm Facts FODNY 'X IF!! LTV. S Y Ji. stretch Hx lcivzmincv to IHY. la -r Torn In Wins I Gln BATTLEW 'TAGO DAILL LVM 2 .of C. Plqf 13 l ARK Ann . 'uuglnvln lEYT0lllf.'.' lex' l hom F' NJ lliantlg x 2 X fixglils A 1 A ' 'R wool if WBC. QQ, 3-5 y FDOITS' b, lliguratively. B: Kill v'l l'.4 NPVCI' U18 Sfime Smre. In fZlCt Du Snlylp Img,- llle Same since Swcetwht his talents elsewhere. Tl Xvqry evident yesterday. ififlf-?Y Simply outplayerl. TooAY's mms? L3 FIRST nnmln, X 5 D.m. Parker vs, Phill-lpx. JR- l 3iI2'I?lYFl'?f2T "N "l'J,I,, rd Tllley I 1: , he plow-P siszigggievri-la . WW1 ' r ' Q ll 'R 5"',pJ - W- 'huts-, Q "d .l'1Yli0lA'gNf A Ptnrk. today as - V 7 -W-Q-vu. iegancil gf 'TIE S ' ' 12 to 12,2 C 1.2-to Meet Tonlght lf 3390 Park APB- led, nw uf mg. ' ' I grease, the mid- ' ' l 11 heforgq 1 alf. D1 rt, lter, the 15' 25. Mm-.1 ff f a by lied tht 33 mispl' 1, Secon skcl gd added Q2 ku Reidfbutu vould Xmg lm "W" '6 TUUYNGY F Facts B5gg?5'f LETS.: Tfzax YE? 1, lscr k h - ' fu T' fmt ofa' !:s'n:nnAx"s I xzsxnn-5 Were' er! aioouf oat! gg hat ay u r hot, for cumf-nam font: aff . e 39 erallgl ,nuncl the nay. so: Amman. xx. tallied! , er .pummng fl!! 2 '. .N f- Gan rm. as ummm, 'll els wxth equal Lllt 'moan .leldhouse Hmmm ug 'mm 89' W Er the right orx ,t 42139 mam, ae: Amon. 29.3 Q gasp! P , hoop '5 -1- -w ' GAMES 4 1 ., K A , ' . .. -- 1 ' Time for Kelli! ally 'rabrvslu s' 5"""a' ' 3 2 " 5 , V was , to pile 'Luang-Zahleyhgilxx' mc, ' E 2 -Q c-llys conglomerl m the l...l. quarter "'M"""'u' Y 0 1 5 and, SCYHOPS, Whlcn 27-12' BY DAVID 4 0 0 1 Sam Frallck welded togml ' - e , fo ' fam rm v endlng mf1s1s-sz f Vfmdeflaz bfeezf perse-nee fi he' A K Champion 1, mmm' to 19 m the 4 oy comm-if we ,ity league senaor . ' A '!l1,.Ol5zMlf- Tm-an ,h-k fs, ,ff ' "' 3.1 clwmlpxorlship. is bam fm H .Tuley Hlgh School' a Surpnsemdon' 5: gm zxcfglgr , 'fl 5'?f'nre 1267. 2 Y D ,W2.'l28D,. P, n if .1 A5 fll flqll SAL UGO moo 10? 235 nnl all 00 8Ml0'l3 K--'l 7---12"X .r.r. mos cox 222 ' 1 SV' oo? ,oo,1 o sl 039' 4:2 Lggke ,. .mctlnz additional laurelsfl Evi' fo'Z,a1'5t' will Clash Ft D' myffday dence of this was lent in ' ' f8Sh!Ol'l'lBSf night whvn th Devils routed Austin, 66 to . join Tuley. Gage Park, an last night watchedfl 3 shall. also quarter-final tonighfs semi-final round r e . 2 Tuley gain the 0 5 scoring triumphs in the championshxp xn thuX ,ller fd E54 of Chicago holiday tour1.L' ""l""""'h" rapacxty crowd in the Univer-I 3 fz fi,-St 3 and out in ll 8 1.0 fi nl Rl ll lhrer 1 Kelly free Clgjjjjghffgligjsfg mga ellffiniirf klisliiffiiflnn n,.,.,, --Twp fs. , me umvel-my 4 3 Marshall' 46 Enmwm' vigrx-ey fnatches Tuley. 39 to 35 also game Ulm M91 the' fly . .t Amundsen yesterday- ,, :wedge m Oustmgg 3 E E of th nsgshlpl Park, which marched thru tl ' of Tudenf 3 g 3 held 311 gf mer-nnals with al 48 to 44 during the? i S' S and over Englewood. The at the dp or-5 2 3 1 closing Xen Jim chore ot attempting to halt, 30 secondgpre-,1 droppc I hgt to 1, streak will be attempmed Spam d'ead10'cked 2 213 count lf th 45 wlltin g1,1irSjj:3H'jmj?gd Lyman unlenshed a long l,12fnfs,fg,ilg gginifi' , Q jediaif Colm ef' are which connected for them' 'fl' . 'O X 'he b' penultimate round by Bb ns, View lczm J1l'n G: fwhim thy-ou with a 44 to 39 victory over ry' i B P P wxnning, ,cal 10 :ondg li a see-saw battle last night.. D095 Hi' raft lx 3 2 the fin. nn. l will be tomorrow afternoon. l arole in the triumph! Q 2, 2,5 Gf llszews' nada Tllden Leads from Stlari W: d 'Fld one og she ladsl 2, 2, C1 iv Oh!-1x :force . W ace 1 en in its ,eermine 1 0 1 3- lCl'y l1'lSl .as vw 1 s tin almost immediately after the in 1936 mate tournament' Kladlsgs 2,f,6g'fy1t'h.1' mums' BW- 'mc G' tipok. There was a moment of can- S' mm paints from the ffeplv' 153-29 Mx'S'x Center' Supplied tlutli bbarrilig before Frank Brads. nm throw line, and this, coupled with Klum ggA.?'iCf:TinSLPUflCh Awiyh 10 D031 Swine? Someone said that this year would see a revival of athletics in Tuley. What a revival it was! Tuley's Senior team, always struggling, always fighting, chalked up a record of which we can justly feel proud. The Stagg Tourney was the first opportunity for our cagers to prove their worth. Unheralded and un- seeded our Tomcats fought their way successfully through four games before they lost to Tilden, last year's City champs, in the finals, 44-40. One of the most notable games of the tournament was the Gage Park encounter. Our quintet, com- plete underdogs, came up with a hair raising 39-37 victory. Due credit belong to Capt. George Olzew- ski and Sheldon Cohen, who stifled Gage Park's scoring aces. Our league season started off with a loss to Wells. However, after that the Tomcats won their next eight games in a row to wind up in second place in the Wast Section standings. In the play-offs, we defeated Hirsch in one of the most exciting games of the season. Losing by 13 points with but four minutes left to play, our game chargers exploded with a rally that will never be for- gotten in Tuley history. At the end of the game the score board read Tuley 58, Hirsch 55. Our second play-off game was lost to a strong South Shore five which went on to take the city championship. After big Ioe "Bones" Graboski fouled out, South Shore pulled away and emerged victorious 78-52. The players responsible for this year's record were Co-Captain George Olzewski, a four year veteran hosen to the All-West Section team and the All-City team, Co-Captain Kenny Adelbert, who was named to the All-West Section team, and Ioe "Bones" Gra- boski, our 6'6" center, who was honored with posi- tions on the All-Stagg Tourney team, All-West Sec- tion and All-City team. Sheldon Cohen, Iimrny Gray, Izzy Feldman, and Walter Cyza rounded out the team and enabled Tuley to chalk up its great record. With everyone except Olzewski and Cohen return- ing, and under the able guidance of Coach Tortorelli, Tuley should again come up with a team that will go places. The cagers are hopefully looking forward to this goal. STAGG TOURNEY TUIGY Opponents 31 Lakeview 28 42 Kelley 26 39 Amundsen 35 39 Gage Park 37 40 Tilden 44 WEST SECTION 45 Wells 59 66 Kelvyn Park 51 91 Meclill 51 58 Foreman 51 68 McKinley 37 54 Washburne 21 55 Marshall 49 58 Austin 46 40 Crane 37 -u.-...A I anim gcwketfall a Paced by All-City lohn Sarnowski, who led the West Section in scoring with an l8 point average, the Tuly Ponies had an enjoyable season. They placed fourth in West Section competition. Another boy responsible for the Iuniors success was All- West Section Dick Lange, who is a great ball handler, a good shot, and a dependable guard. Captain Wal- ter Stanlciewicz, Bob Soriano and Adolph Prangl were the other boys who comprised the starting lineup. Stankiewicz and Prangl are two of the best rebound men in the section, if not in the city, which Soriano has a deadly eye from any part of the court. The best game of the season was when our Pony five invaded McKinley and came out the loser in an overtime contest 58-53. The Irs. fought hard, and were leading by five points when Sarnowski fouled out. McKinley capitalized on this and tied the score in the closing seconds of play and went on to win in the overtime. By no means was our quintet a pushover for any- one this season. A couple of bad breaks cost us a few victories and spoiled our chances tor the play- offs. We gave every team a fight that they will re- member for a long time. When Iune comes along the Ponies will be losing a bunch of ball players never to be forgotten in Tuley history, included in this list are Captain Walt Stankiewicz, Iohn Sarnowski, Richard Lange, Bob Soriano, Howard Ochakoff, Marvin Fullet, and Sam Iaffe. WEST SECTION SCORES Wells 43 Tuley 27 Kelvyn Park 40 Tuley 52 Foreman 39 Tuley 62 Medill 44 Tuley 55 McKinley 58 Tuley 53 Washburne 30 Tuley 52 Marshall 51 Tuley 31 Austin 42 Tuley 48 Crane 22 Tuley 30 ...--v" 411' "hy-is . I iii' VCT' E, , -f C?" Q SUN PHOTO 1 W. '1 L , gawelall The cry of "play ball" this spring will open for Tuley what should prove its most successful season. The team possesses what our former nines have always lacked - experience. The word which means so much in any type of competitive sports. This year prospects definitely look good. "Blitz" Wiener hard hitting first baseman captains the team and Iohn Sarnowski, veteran of three years competi- tion will patrol second base. lf hitting means any- thing we should have it, for both of these boys batted 385 last year. Eddy Kukec will be at short and third base will be handled by Bob Dilla. Diminutive Iirn Wagner at catching rounds out a strong infield. The outfield will consist of Bernie Paul, Larry Kal, and Iimmy Sandoch all with one year of experience be- hind them. As a freshman last year Landoch batted 350. The pitching staff should prove excellent with Jerry Laurie, who is equally efficient at an outfield position, Iimmy Sandoch, who plays outfield when not pitching and Dave Busel curve ball artist, all tak- ing their turn on the mound. Keep our eye on an outstanding rookie, lim Wag- ner. He is an excellent fielder and should do excep- tionally well at bat. All this talent, excellent coaching of Mr. Gross, and the teams fighting spirit should prove prime factors in Tuley's most successful season . . . Play Balll The completed schedule up to press time shows the following results. Tuley 8 Steinmetz 4 Tuley 3 Wells 10 Tuley 8 Kelvyn Park 6 Tuley 3 Austin l X3LEy WQLEV .,,,,,.sss Q. 'vm x---14' Q1-By, Qu arg O I 0 ' 1 nv o Wi6v.,,,.viz9' . "m.,.,.M,dAVde3:Vf,, L Q 3 Mk 1' M ' nf -A-.' -W -H ' ' f' f'-'H '. ' My - Q 'l A 5 ,Li avi: A h -.v ,T I . , ah .291 h I 1 - 05.5, A H. I I '-s A 'K 33 tum Qd . Wg ,mf ar, W J ' ' --. 4..,,..q ,M 4 ' ', ' - s- . N ,, ' - . !'Q,IQJ ' "-' X1-:J . W, . v- , - L., ,ybroevw H- W-A .cn-A 25.550 .rg N ' -if . X Q- A ,,,,:,2A,, W .f"fb ' :ff ,E :wig N-,,,., ' A sl a 1214 X 3 J ..,. is ,x.,, 1. 5.5 mg. A4 -.wz.,.Q.s .. X in W Wljfhksi 1 1 'zfE,1:1f1"lgx Lt:3rQfxi'zFi'L':r:Ti1fV.gx3. n Q ,Q M71 r .. xx 1 I , ,.a..,,,r,,.,f, Mx., ...i,r1. 1 , , X5 . if L Q .. 1 4 i W. 9: r'LfJ'r?'f1 ---nseg.,.J s "'Hwm.,,.LVN ws, Q, ' ,iiij il P as J ij: Sw LL -hi. CHESS TEAM Because of the inexperience of our players and the terrifically strong competition, our chess team won only one game, while drop- ping five. Our sponsor, Mr. Lee, is looking forward to a highly successful season next year. The captain and number one player is Paul Fleischman, other members of the squad are Morton Leibman, Leo Kapels, Albert Wos- ney, Mark Miller, and a surprisingly good freshman, Iames Hoffman. Last year's faculty sponsors were Mr. Lee and Mr. Rood. A list of the scores follows: Sullivan 4 Tuley 6 Austin 10 Tuley O Schurz 10 Tuley U Sullivan 6 Tuley 4 Austin 8 Tuley 2 Schurz 10 Tuley O TENNIS This year the racqueteers can boast of four returning lettermen: Captain Bill Lichtenstein, Sheldon Cohen, Hirsch Gottschalk, and Mor- ton Winokur. Last year Lichtenstein and Cohen teamed up in doubles and were one of the four teams to represent Chicago at the State champion- ships at Champaign. They were defeated in the first round by a strong Riverside team. However it was notable that Bill and Shel were rated as one of the top four doubles teams in the city. This year we hope to have one of the best teams Tuley has ever produced. With these four returning lettermen, and under the able guidance of Coach Tortorelli, We should be strong contenders for the city title. 102 CHECKER TEAM Coming up with one of the finest teams i years, our checker squad, led by Captai Norm Kopels took second place in city-wid competition. Another highlight of our sur cessful season was the third place showin of Paul Sarewich of Tuley, in the city-wid individual tourney. Mr. Greenberg, our faculty sponsor, look forward to a city championship next yea Other members of our squad are Herbe: Bregman, Louis Both, Paul Fleischman, Iak Still, and Al Golinsky. A list of the scores follows: Austin 17 Tuley 13 Hyde Park 17 Tuley 13 Tuley 18 Austin 12 Tuley 15 Hyde Park 15 Tuley 27 Tilden 3 Tuley 19 Tilden ll mil:-l J HP Tum HKEH sen oL,wE1L MASS YOU,FOR WEVE snow A PART or You. . E 0. "rkfI'1rJ 6121 r l'l':'t'IE Ano mms FEEUNA rAAr's STEALANB GVER us1s Momma New. AFTER 'JJ Jf1r.J..Fmrr Pwr PNK AEAAS or LEARNING, AFTER roun YEARS 0F BRFAND 1'mE9,ou F Q E 11-F5 LV LIL! AEARIS ARE HEAVX DEAR om TuLEv,AEAA Aw ALMA MRTERIRULY, we wsu. MASS YOU. TULEY HIGH! 1 QM ,wma My X wig 232331 aaQ 6VWQfM WQQQ ww I wi yd ffiaf f, wr 4 CU vjuyfxjfij At KVGKJVJVLX L l'M I N -IV 4 1 JJ U VJVJJMJ ff f NX v 1 NSE My 1 'Q ny gg J E' ,JN Bs! Hi 5 O O' Xgw mx: f fx Q1 if 11 QP 104 MLW ffm fy! W2 . A, X 2 x J-.-' I -3gi.?Qg,jgi. 4, -1 mg'-iz: r -Q.,-15.1.4a-an" " ' - 21",::1v'5'r'f 'ef .,-wh f :- . lf ' , fi fr-:ii 23' . L A ,, Y i V, . I .li , , 5.1 if? Pfi i Eg? 35? V '93 , 59: 1 :S 5,23 r if ' N55 i, 1 'if is Ins ff I fu? he Elf 'Q' 'Q x 5 2:91 ' D I :Y- Q 9-3 L5 P 33 'Q ' -Q 5 A-a p A1 s R Q 9 i ? IL ig PQ: ? f'f v T3 ff , 2 Q f' 11 1 s 5 . 1 Q sy ' si 43' w V .17 , - , . .r r . ' H - ,- .- ' -' f ' ,..,Q1. ' , .,....,. ,,,... ,, . ,. ' - '12-J .ff , - K ' ' Q , HV, . , ,x ,,.1.?:, .ta QV,-.::.f:.-H-j':'d:LE-'f ,Li , ui Av 5 - , g ,M Q- . Q :. , .5 . mg., If-'1 '-f' ' '-.- L- f." ' - '-- 1-g".'..1 ..'a.L.,Lk1.. -3.L1"ng-3" g' 15:2-g'.i: .11

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