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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1939 volume:

3 Fr v7.....- --: ,- 351m-13 fngfrf-1Ti'iR,3,L'l..,7-7a,' HSQIQ -fix.,-fr fy-7, 1 V f F g 4' A-' 'V Aj-- -..,:,H,f't-' In , : ,,-. 1 J W 5 .X WYTX QM w I3 qw f wwf, -yr-11--4' --. 1-,g- +- nc-nazi?-fe-X1 - ---A. - k ., 1-1 ,ff - -,' "'j. .1 ' . ,--L 4 u . 1, .N x X x , , F . 1I his iii :1 Q LW 3.53 - up 9 .,q- pfffi , L , - Rfgg -,A 5- .rm gg x ,,n.i", 'S vii t1: QfQ 1 ' y jiri . ' HRM :X nf, 5- 'xii' 1 I .- V '. ' 2. f-251' 1 , 'fifi 'fl ' fi, .f - 1 . Q, bmw? - 1:5 ,1 392' iii VQAAM 3 311,-tv . ' F" -- Q" .1151 ' - wk: r" C- 7 512' -Y-,gf 1551 Fw QQ., f 'v?vi :' r 532.97 E, F. " fir!! I 'S-Z". " .f?f13' -"Exif ff'3:3f -' i gz+5'r,.5 1 '- '- 5-515.11 . ,. ,b-. ... ,W 'Nawaz Q '.-52 ' ' ,sm '..',w- .' . L..,. Q .I Lk, -- sf:-n f-LM -sf: ug-13's-'N - - 1455 ' J-4 T 15 5 T , LQ'-Q, v,5,'1-, -za' ' . ,e,:,r-- L -5,1 -' sg" . ,If X :LN X 'f' xf1'?" .,, , K K. .-.-gi, AFI., ,L -,g .xv .. ,- 1 ww' 2,91 -' aw 'aw' uf ' u v .sp , - Y. fly, A :xi .. , .FN ' -' 'SN y.. , P-QQ? 'Ea ' TMFA' x -THVI' T613 42955 .Jig 1 .1-1+ ' 'sn' 'rl L- .xx -: N mn , ,'::..,,- -if 4 .1-gt A- -,ug .5-1-, ii., w -gan' ' .kk n . " - , ,-lf! ,Vw n , M S- -en if , , ,V ..,,Q.A, pol ,gs 1. x ' 15.1-3.9, ,.-. f r, . 1. .i.iS.- j , , , f f-F ,. .' ff fr ' J- 'Q-4 ,Q f .Lr'.r.- ' 15211 .. xl,'lV1 lj' 2 ' + f 12-22? .-"qv 5'iL,Q,N X df,- 4' p.Z ' 'V TP , , X '12 nh-:pf elf: ' W7 . JM .YM 'I , , bv - " 1,42 .wwf 4 . '- 1. , ,N,Q,4e1x V 155 . ., ,. . Agni.-FJ : ir 2 ,j '21 sis? 4"':??? 5 J, .-1 5.15 X .,., , ff. R . ' . K .. ,. 45 'Q-fv - . -fi' , '. if 'ids Fa. ' 51,4 - 'ill .- 'm"' The TULIEY LOG COMPILED BY THE SENIOR CLASSES OF - FEBRUARY, 1939 AND jUNE,1939 MURRAY F. TULIEY I-HGH SCHOOL CHICAGO . ILLINOIS FISK FOYER Launching The school, our model ship, Which to the larger plan, Should be as Child to the Man: Its counterpart in miniature. Forth into the deepening sea of Life, Into its varying moods of calm and strife, Are We to launch, fully apprenticed. We have learned to know .... The chance and change of a sailor's life Want and plenty. rest and strife. His roving thought and fancy like the wind, That nothing can stay and nothing can bind. Weknowtoo . . . . . The stress of the adverse blast Pressing down upon sail and mast: The shock and the plunge Of the foaming wave's lunge. But we have learned ...... To hold our shoulders stiff to the helm And the seas roaring wrath to o'erwhelm. For Wind alone can ne'er prevail To reach the distant coast, The breath of courage must brave the gale Or all the toil is lost. Though the rigging shriek in tempest's terrib Or the naked spars be snapped away Lashed to the helm we'll drive our ship, In the teeth of the Whelming spray. Though the surges leap o'er the deck, And the rising tide in fury raves, Take courage brothers . . . Take courage, With God above as our guiding chart, Whether we take to harbor or fiercer waves Be it still with a cheerful heart. With thoughts as boundless And souls as free As the glad waters of the dark blue sea We shall as far as the breezes bear And the billows foam, Survey our empire and behold our home. le grip Page Three Page F our JOHN J. JACOBSON Dedication To ujakey " With meager words that can scarcely sound our feelings' depth, we hereby dedicate this book to our beloved captain, Mr. Jacobson, who helped man the ship since it iirst was launched. To our captain whom Pate never did surprise nor hardship dismay - our captain whose dominant spirit Time's ravage could not stay, we his crew of admiring apprentices bid a solemn farewell. It was he ..... Who threw the life line of solution to the students struggling in the sea of predicament. Who rolled up the pressed sleeve of honor and with brawny arms held the jib boom in place despite the gusts of unruly adversity. Who transmitted his fiery spirit and solid determination to us, the crew, and since his services to us are beyond all expression of gratitude, rather should we dedicate and consecrate our lives to the principles and ideals with which he imbued us, and to the symbolic achievement of honest purpose he embodied ..... "By contagion of this we may Catch at a spark from his eternal ire And learn that we are better than our clay And equal to the peaks of our desire." MISS HAZEL L. STILLMAN PRINCIPAL Acknowledgment Upon our departure, we wish to put this, - our thought, in words: that we may to you, Admiral Stillman, convey our sincere apprecia- tion of your thoughtful and considerate guid- ance, of your unceasing efforts to calm the rough of the storm, and of your forceful spirit in driv- ing the prow of Tuley's administration through a swelling sea of difliculty. The Log Staff Page F ive Page Six To The Faculty We came unshaped, unwrought, Amorphous masses, yielding plastics Into your skillful moulding hands. And you with your dearly acquired, Deep art of life development, Jarred shapelessness into patterned structure, Stirred stagnancy to throbbing creation, Instilled idiosyncrasy with large potency. You distilled, Hltered, purged From all evil element and impurity. , . You prepared the listless lump of life For fertile productivity. You installed width, you impressed it With the coordinate of depth. You designed and made aware. You goaded and impelled Passive inertness To PURPOSED ACTIVITY. You wove the toughened fabric of character Elastically resistant to adversity: You bordered it, embroidered it with A fringe of intuitive taste, You endowed with a selective sixth sense To grasp in their full contour The beauties and truths of life. You drew through it all a brace .... A vibrant strain of moral conviction. You guided the groping roots, You supported the sprouting Stem, Swerved to erectness the errant trunk, And bared its young boughs to the warming sun Yes, you the faculty, our faculty ignited And fanned and fed the flickering flame Of inspiration . . . to constructive, creative Warmth FACULTY N "Ty S x z K x SJ S BANCROFT SABIN TULEY Page Eight FACULTY BAN CROFT BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Hoffman, Miss McGrath, Miss Mortoccio, Miss Maas, Miss Crissler, MrS. Lewis, Mrs. Anderson, Miss Petito, Mrs. Farrell. Miss Bergstrom, Miss Morwitz. SECOND ROVV: Mr. Farrell, Miss Thye, Miss Vix, Miss Matzer, Mrs. Donnelly, Miss Kiley, Miss Kovitz, Miss Martin, Miss Pellin, Miss Ferrerro, Mrs. Posler, Miss Owens, Miss Lawson, Miss Rimland. THIRD ROXV: Miss Mendes, Miss Portor, Mr. Armit, Mr. Cutting, Mr. Smith, Mr. Hunter. SABIN BOTTOM RONV:.Mr. Greenberg, Mrs. Leavitt, Miss Olson, Miss Maas. Miss Roman Mis , s Lawrence, Mrs. Gaines, Miss Randall, Miss Larsen, Miss Dubow, Miss Kirkham, and Mr. Hitney. TOP ROVV: Miss Konkowski, Miss Holmes, Miss Trenbeth, Miss Nelson, Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Burgess, Mr. Ehrlich, Mr. Michaels, Mr. Nowinson, Mr. Handschu, Mr. Uber, Mr. Jane, Mr. Altman, and Mr. Ewertson. TULEY BOTTOM ROVV: Miss Domville, Miss Lamanczyk, Miss E. Fitzgerald, Miss Schaefer Miss luedemann NI' s R rl ll M' W , , T' is an a , iss 'alsh, Miss VVeimar, Miss Barnett, Miss Skove, Miss Baker, and Mr. Novotny. SECOND ROW: Mr. Center, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Lichterman, Miss Stack. Miss Kilpatrick, Miss Foerster, Miss F. Junhson, Miss Cleve. Miss Fredricks, Mr. Cross, Mr. Tortorelli, Mr. Rahinovitz, Mr. Small, Mr. Marrs, and Mr. Pritikin. TOP ROVV: Mr. Ford, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Perry, Mr. Smidl, Mr. Tingley, Mr. Tanner, Mr. Lawley, Mr. Morford, Mr. Rood, Mr. Murphy, and Mr. Jane. ' V SENIIORS w is X Page Ten Before, Behind, and all around, Floats and swings the horizon's bound. Seems as its distant rim to rise And climb the distant Wall of the skies, And then again to turn and sink, As if we could slide from its outer brink. Ah! it is not the sea, It is not the sea that sinks and shelves, But ourselves that rock and rise With endless and uneasy motiong Now touching the very skies, Now sinking into the depths of the ocean Ah! if our souls but poise and swing Like the compass in its brazen ring, Ever level and ever true To the toil and task we have to do. We shall sail securely, and safely reach The Fortunate Isles, on whose shining beach The sights we see, and the sounds we hear Will be those of joy and not of fear. -Longfellow CLASS OF 9382 SENIOR CLASS ORGANIZATION Page Twelve HENRY SWISKO CHARLES STEIN DEANA FINKEL HARVEY UDESKY President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Class Night Committee Seymour Robbins Ethel Landes Nathan Rosenbloom Rose Rebbe Cap and Gown Committee Phyllis Siegel John Witucki Pin and Ring Committee Sam Glick Lillian Mechtel Susanna Siporin Milton Levy Class Will Committee Elaine Kruger Natalie Schuman Nick Turacek George Gordon Class Prophecy Committee Seymour Brodofsky Eileen Harris Meyer Gitlin Jeanette Kagan Program and Social Committee Edith Lane Mavin Kirstein Sarah Tannebaum Joe Elfman SEYMOUR S. BRODOFSKY Ambition: To appreciate some of the better things of life. Activities: In- tramural Sports, B.A.A. Oliicial. S. S. Club. Commerce Club, Basketball. They call him coach. KENNETH J. BUSSE Ambition: A successful Business Man. Activities: B.A.A., Polish Club, S. S. Club. Commerce Club. Has a head for business. EVELYNE M. CARO Guy Bush Ambition: Designer or librarian. Activities: lst Certificate, G.A.A.. French Club. Library Club, S. S. Club. Commerce Club. She has designs for living. ESTHER C. COST Ambition: To become a C. P. A. Activities: 2nd Silver Pin, G.A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club. Everybody's friend. SARA L. ALTER Ambition: To be a good Stenog- rapher. Activities: G.A.A.. Social Sci- ence Club, Commerce Club. Log Com- mittee. An asset to any office staff. WANDA BARANOWSKI Wan Ambition: To become either a Sec- retary or a Theatre Cashier. Activities: G.A.A., Commerce Club, S. S. Club. Very, very conservative. LOUIS BERNSTEIN Toots Ambition: To be a C. P. A. Activ- ities: B.A.A.. Intramural Basketball Champs. '37: Hi-Y, S. S. Club, Com- merce Club, Spanish Club. The little man with big ideas. ELIZABETH BIERNAT Lizzy Ambition: To become an explorer and an aviatrix. Activities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club, S. S. Club, Silver Pin Winner. Her curiosity has no limit. ANNE C. BURICA Shorty Ambition: To become a Nurse. Ac- tivities: G.A.A., S. S. Club. Steady and dependable. J ACK CANTER Jake Ambition: To become a Pharmacist. Activities: B.A.A.. S. S. Club, French Club. Commerce Club. His clear thinking will get him somewhere. EVELYN CORENSVIT Ambition: To become a Stenog- raphy Teacher. Activities: G.A.A., Commerce Club, S. S. Club. 5th Cer- tihcate and Silver Pin, Log Staff. Serene and serious. SEYMOUR DECKER Ambition: To accomplish something in the field of music. Activities: Festi- val Chorus, B.A.A., S. S. Club. A fellow you're sure to like. HELEN BARABASH Barrie Ambition: To become a success in the business world. Activities: S. S. Club, French Club, Honor Roll. G.A.A., T. C. Lassies, Commerce Club. Review, Drama. Cute and clever. ANNE R. BERNSTIEN Ambition: To be a Stenographer or Model. Activities: G.A.A., Commerce Club, Social Science Club. Has a heart of gold. MAURICE H. BERNSTEIN Ambition: To become an excellent Accountant. Activities: Orchestra, Li- brary Staff, Commerce Club, S. S. Club, 4B Vice-President. He has a level head for business. PEARL B. BITMAN Bitty Ambition: To become a Physical Education Teacher. Activities: Presi- dent of G.A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club. Life Saving, Track and Basket- ball. The power behind Tuley's Life Sav- ing Class. Page Thirteen SEYMOUR FAINBERG Fainy Ambition: Research Chemist. Activ- ities: Senior Basketball Team, B.A.A.. Honor Roll, S. S. Club, Log Commit- tee, Basketball Champs, '37. An excellent scholar. IDA F. EELDMAN Idy Ambition: To become an efficient Stenographer or do fashion modeling. Activities: Commerce Club. Library Staff, G.A.A.. S. S. Club, Log Com- mittee. Small, gay and petite. DEANA E. FINKEL Ambition: To become a success in all my undertakings and be a Social XVorker. Activities: 4A Secretary. T. C. Lassies, S. S. Club, Commerce Club. G.A.A.. Tuley Review Staff. Drama Play. fl grand personality. PEARL R. FISCH Fish Ambition: To travel and be a Secretary. Activities: S. S. Club, Com- mercial Club, Hall Guard. What are the Cubs doing. Pearl? Page Fourteen EUGENE DIAMOND Ambition: To be a success in all undertakings. Activities: B.A.A., S. S. Club Commerce Club. Picture Eugene without Oscar. LAWRENCE J. DROGHETTI Ambition: To become a Photo- Engraver. Activities: Silver Pin. S. S. Club. A very attentive student. JOE L. K. ELFMAN Ambition: Dentist or a Veterina- rian. Activities: B.A.A.. Junior Basket- ball, S. S. Club. Progressive and Social Committee. Life Guard, 2nd Certificate. Little man. what now? RUTH L. ETTWEIN Ambition: To become a Stenog- rapher. Activities: Silver Pin, G.A.A.. S. S. Club and Commerce Club . Shell go far. YOLANDA T. FARKAS Bobby Ambition: To teach and do re- search in science. Activities: G.A.A.. Physics Club, Math Club, 2nd Gold Pin. S. S. Club, Com. Club, Assistant Editor of Log. Valedictorian. A girl to be watched: she's going places! ELIZABETH FEINBERG Lizzie Ambition: To become a C. P. A. Activities: Commerce Club, S. S. Club. Library. Lizzie is a lady. DOROTHY E. FINKELSTEIN Dot Ambition: Court Reporter. Activi- ties: Library Staff. G.A.A.. S. S. Club. Commercial Club, Ist Certificate. A true and loyal friend. LOUIS QUINCE FISHMAN Fishy Ambition: To be on the medical staff of a prominent university. Activ- ities: Jr. Basketball, '37, '38, 39: Re- view Staff, Baseball Champs B.A.A.. '37: B.A.A. Official. Wonder where Gilly is? TI-IERESA D. DI CENZO Terry Ambition: To do social welfare work and marry a baseball player. Ac- tivities: Silver Pin, Shorthand Pin. Commerce Club, S. S. Club. G.A,A. A very loyal Cub fan. ELEANOR J. EISEN Ambition: To be a Private Secre- tary. Activities: Commerce Club, S. S. Club. A girl with the ability to become a private secretary. ANNE J. ENGSTROM Ambition: A Star Reporter. Ac- tivities: Silver Pin, 3 Shorthand Awards, G.A.A.. Commerce Club. S. S. Club. Anne has a sparkling smile. VIOLET M. FACKO Ambition: To travel and be a suc- cess in any undertaking. Activities: Gold Pin, Physics Club. Commerce Club. Secretary of G.A.A. Here's hoping you get there. SARA E. GOODMAN Sooky Ambition: To become a Social NVorker. Activities: French Pin, S. S. Club, G.A.A., Silver Pin. Opportunity will answer her every call. ANITA R. GULINO Nita Ambition: To become a Music Teacher. Activities: Senior Orchestra. S. SI Club. Commerce Club. There's music in the air when Anita is near. CLAIRE C. HACKER Ambition: To be a very etiicient Secretary. Activities: S. S. Club. Com- merce Club. G.A.A., Honor Society. Book Room, Log Committee. She sure can handle books, eh Mr. Tanner? EILEEN E. HARRIS Tootsie Ann Ambition: To be a Math Teacher. Activities: Third Certificate. Commerce Club, G.A.A.. Board of Control. S. S. Club. Class Night Prophecy Commit- tee. Ambitious and active. GLADYS L. FRANK Donald Duck Ambition: To go to Hollywood and see Donald Duck. Activities: S. S. Club. G.A.A.. Log Representative. Peppy, dependable, sweetly disposed. HERMAN GILLMAN Ambition: To become a Physician and Surgeon. Activities: Orchestra. S. S. Club, Swimming Club. A promising fellow. SAM GLICK Ambition: Just to be happy. healthy and wise. Activities: Vice-President of B.A.A., Senior Basketball Capt. of In- tramural, Softball, Baseball and Volley Ball Champs, Pin and Ring Comm. Sure knows how to pick them. GILBERT K. GOLDEN Doc Ambition: To be a good and well- known Doctor and Surgeon. Activi- ties: Physics, Math Club, Library Club. Library Staff. Good nalured. upright and friemlly. GEORGE H. GORDON Yeussel Ambition: To be a successful Sales- man. Activities: lst Certificate. Com- merce Club, Shorthand Certificate. Class Vtlill Committee, Log Committee. The cute mascot of 320-58. SYLVIA S. GUSINOW Goosey Ambition: To be an English Teach- er. Activities: Honor Society, G.A.A.. Life Saving Class, C.C.. S. S. Club. French Club. Review Staff. Log Com- mittee. .Mischieuous and loads of fun. YVONNE I-IAFF Vonnie Ambition: Doctor. model, aviatrix and gym teacher. Activities: Com- merce Club, S. S. Club, B.A.A., Jolly and spirited. GERSHON I.. HELLER Gersh Ambition: To be a Research XVorker and find a cure for cancer. Activities: Vice-President of Nlath Club. Physics Club. S. S. Club, Track Team, B.A.A.. Silver Pin, Class Orator. Profound in thoughts, pleasing in disposition. .. AU. KX, JULIUS J. GALLENDER J. J. Ambition: To become a successful business man and have all my class- mates working for me. Activities: B.A.A., Volley Ball Champs, Com- merce Club, S. S. Club, Rep. Com- merce Club. Drama Class. The gallant gentleman. MEYER GITLIN Mike Ambition: To become a C. P. A. Activities: Commerce Club, S. S. Club, B.A.A., Spanish Club, Class Prophecy Committee. Mike is genial. likeable and intelli- gent. HERBERT GLOECKLE Ambition: To own a printing shop. Activities: B.A.A., S. S. Club, Com- merce Club. General Ofiice Asst.. Senior Safety Engineer. A future oflice boy with an ambition to become president. RUTH GOLDMAN Ambition: To be successful in the business world. Activities: G,A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club, Book Room Staff. Log Committee. Refined and reserved. Page Fifteen I ISADORE I. KAMINSKY Dizzy Ambition: To be a Civil Engineer. Activities: Senior Basketball Team. B.A.A., Commerce Club. S. S. Club, Track Team Member. Kind hearted and a good sport. MARVIN E. KIRSTEIN Ambition: To make a million dol- lars. Activities: First Certificate, Com- merce Club, S. S. Club, B.A.A., Pro- gram and Social Committee. Log Committee, Hatchet Orator. Sure-fooled and industrious student. JOSEPH KOPELSON Joey Ambition: To become a C.P.A. Ac- tivities: B.A.A. Official, Commerce Club, Social Science Club iB.A.A. Volley Ball Champs-Sabinly, Intra- mural Basketball Team Champs. 5lHe can add beautifully fZ -i-Z : ELAINE S. KRUGER Ambition: To keep knocking at suc- cess' door until the bashful hostess grants me entrance. Activities: Honor Roll, C.C., T, C. Lassies, G.A.A.. S.S., French Club, Review Staff, Class Will Comm. Excellent pianist and very lovely. Page Sixteen LA VERNE F. HERMES Lovie Ambition: Typist. Activities: G.A.A., Commerce Club. S'. S. Club. Quiet, but very sweet. IRVING G. JONAS Duke Ambition: To be a success in any- thing I undertake. Activities: B.A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club. A duke if there ever was one. BENJAMIN KAGAN 4 Ben Ambition: To be a great Industrial Chemist. Activities: Orchestra, 2nd Certiticate, Physics Club, Math Club, B.A.A. Vigorous in all sports. ' LEWIS G. KAI-IN Lucy Ambition: To become a Government Statistician. Activities: Gold Pin, Physics Club, Math Club, S. S. Club. Self-conident and genial. HELEN R. KILAR Kiki Ambition: To become a Private Sec- retary. Activities: Silver Pin, Festival Chorus, Art Club, S. S. Club, Com- merce Club, G.A.A. A future favorite of some employer. LEONARD J. KOLAKOSKI Lenny Ambition: To be an Athlete of some renown. Activities: B.A.A. Official. Basketball Champs of '37, Basketball, '3 8. ' A good ball player. ELEANOR S. KOZLOWSKI El Ambition: To become an Interior Decorator and marry a soldier. Activi- ties: S. S. Club, G.A.A. Very nice, but so bashful. EDWARD L. KRUPNIK Krup Ambition: To become a Fireman. Activities: Commercial Club. B.A.A., Tuley Mimeographer. A swell fellow. MARILLYN C. JACKSON Jacky Ambition: To become a success in the secretarial field. Activities: Com- merce Club, S. S'. Club, Gold Pin, sec- ond time. A gal about town. RONALD WATSON JORDAN Wats Ambition: To become a big league baseball player. Activities: B.A.A.. S. S. Club, Festival Chorus, lst Certifi- cate of Honor Roll. He's a hit! JEANETTE KAGAN Judy 1 Ambition: To be a Social Worker. Activities: S. S. Club, Commerce Club. G.A.A.. in Daddy Long Legs Play. Great dramatic ability. JULIA U. KALISI-I Ambition: To be a good Stenog- rapher. Activiites: G.A.A., S. S. Club. Commerce Club, Spanish Club, Cap- tain Basketball Team. Very sweet and cute. PHYLLIS A. LUSKY Phillie Ambition: To become an etlicient and competent Stenographer. Activi- ties: Commerce Club, S. S. Club, Sil- ver Pin. second time. She sure can type. HOWARD MANSEAU Howie Ambition:To succeed in the field of music. Activities: Orchestra, Festival Chorus, belongs to Brass Quartet. Quiet and musical-minded. GENEVIE N Amb li n. T me a Mathema- tics Tea r. A i ities: Physics Club, G.A.A. Tak number from one to ten. Jenny. SYLVIA MERMELSTEIN Ambition: To be a successful Busi- ness Woman. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club, Life Saving Class. She'll bring prosperity. HENRIETTA KUC Hank Ambition: To become a famous Actress. Activities: G.A.A.. S.S.. Com- merce Club, Social Dancing Club. Nice to know. ETHEL R. LANDES Pudgy Ambition: To be the greatest Sur- gical Nurse in the Cook County Hos- pital. Activities: Commerce Club, S. S. Club. G.A.A., Festival Chorus. Sociable and interesting character. MILTON LEVY Wings Ambition: To study at the Univer- sity of Illinois. Activities: Honor So- ciety, S. S. Club. C.C., B.A.A.. Base- ball Champs. '37: Pin and Ring Comm., Safety Engineer. Carefree and gay. JACK D. LIBERT Jake Ambition: To own a business. Ac- tivities: Commerce Club, S. S. Club. B.A.A. Official, Circulation Depart- ment of Log. He sure can argue. HAROLD B. MANDELBAUM Hersh Ambition: To travel and enter the field of aviation. Activities: S. S. Club, Commercial, B.A.A., Log Committee, one Honor Certificate. Pleasant and kindhearted. MARGARET C. MARSH Margie Ambition: To travel extensively throughout the United States. Activi- ties: Cashier in Lunchroom. S. S. Club. Commerce Club. G.A.A. Nice and pleasant. LILLIAN M. MECHTEL Mickey Ambition: To become a Professional Singer. Activities: Drama, Social Sci- ence Club, Commerce Club, G.A.A.. Festival Chorus, 2nd Certificate. A singer is Lillian. JEAN MERTLICK Blondie Ambition: To make a success of my life. Activities: Hall Guard, S. S. Club. Commerce Club, G.A.A.. Review Rep. A lovable friend of the birds. HARRY LACHMAN Ambition: To become a Civil Engi- neer. Activities: Orchestra, S. S. Club. Commerce Club, B.A.A.. 4B Commit- CEB. Studious and a teacher's favorite. BERNICE LERMAN Ambition: To be successful in any Held. Activities: S. S. Club, Com- merce Club, G.A.A. Popular and ever smiling. JENNIE S. LEWANDOWSKI Ambition: To become a Stenog- rapher or Secretary. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club, Room Manager. An excellent dancer. ARTHUR J. LIPSCHULTZ Ambition: To be a C. P. A. Activ- ities: Library Staff President, S. S. Club, 3rd Honor Certificate, B.A.A. Pleasing and promising, Page Seventeen i i I I 5 MYRO S, PASHKO Ambition: To be a Photo Engraver. He keeps his talent to himself. SHIRLEY S. PIME Ambition: To be a Commercial Ar- tist. Activities: Treasurer of T. C. Lassies. Commerce Club, Social Science Club. One of TuIey's best artists. ROSE REBBE Ambition: Dress Designer or Fash- ion Illustrator. Activities: Class Nite Committee. Honor Society. Review, "Daddy Long Legs," "Happy Jour- ney" and Class Nite Play. Simple and sweet. MILTON J. RIFKIN Ambition: To become an Air- Conditioning Engineer. Activities: S. S. Club, Basketball Team, B,A.A, Offl- cial. French Club. Smiling and gay describes Mt'lton's way. Page Eighteen T VIVIAN S. MOLONOWICH Ambition: To continue my educa- tion at a junior college. Activities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club, S. S. Club. Honor Roll. Silver Pin, French Club Sweet and serene. JEAN F. MORTENSEN Swede Ambition: To become an accom- plished Surgical Nurse. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club, Life Saving Class, Commerce Club. Very athletic. HARRY L. NAIMAN Activities: B.A.A., Social Science Club. 1-In excellent athlete. CHARLOTTE S. OVJOC Ginger Ambition: To be a great Profes- sional Dancer. Activities: Drama Class. G.A.A., Festival Chorus, 2nd Silver Pin. Commerce Club. S. S. Club. Dances like a dream. FRED A. PIME Fritz Ambition: Musician, Mechanic or Physical Ed. Teacher. Activities: Phys- ics Club. Math Club, Commerce Club, S. S. Club, B.A.A. A good musician if there ever was one. BERTHA PRITIKIN Bert Ambition: Court Reporter, Stenog- rapher or Telephone Operator. Activi- ties: S. S. Club, Commerce Club. G.A.A. A real lady. HAROLD D. RESNICK Ambition: Be a success in the Held of pharmacy. Activities: Junior Bas- -ketball Team, B.A.A., Social Science Club, Commerce Club. Strong and handsome. SEYMOUR L. ROBBINS Lightnin' Ambition: To have a White collar job. Activities: B.A.A., Lieutenant Fire Marshal, Class' Nite Comm., "Daddy Long Legs." He is an , rganizer. LOUIS MONDROWSKY Lou Ambition: To be a great Salesman. Activities: B.A.A., Commerce Club, S. S. Club. He'Il sell you anything. CARL MYRENT Baldy Ambition: To become a History Teacher. Activities: Commerce Club. S. SL Club, B.A.A., Honor Society. flrdent baseball fan and excels in history. JENNIE NALIWKA Gink Ambition: To become a Typist. Ac- tivities: Commerce Club. First Certifi- cate, Very quiet. SARAH PARNOS Shorty Ambition: To set the world on fire with my novels. Activities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club, S. S. Club, Bancrofts Music Club. She'll head a newspaper some day. l GLADYS M. SCHUTH Dolly Ambition: To be a Physical Ed. Teacher or a Stenographer. Activities: G.A.A., Social Science Club, Com- merce Club. A second Babe Didrirkson. PI-IYLLIS D, SEIGAL Phyl Ambition: To go to college. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club. Hall Guard, Re- view. Honor Society, Silver Pin, Math Club. G.A.A. She has many friends. SUSANNA D. SIPORIN Shonnie Ambition: To be an Artist. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club, French Club, Art Club. Review. Art Editor, Log Art Editor. She swings a mean art brush. EDITH M. SMNIOTTO Sandy Ambition: Violinist or orchestra leader. Activities: G.A.A.. Orchestra, Social Science Club, Commerce Club. Edlth's violin speaks for her. NATHAN J. ROSENBLUM Nusie Ambition: To become a Lawyer. Activities: 3 Years Basketball, 2 Years Business Manager of Review, Class Nite Comm. Can talk himself out of anything. DAVID ROTH Prof. Ambition: To expand realms of Mathematical P h y s i c s . Activities: Y.M.C.A. Scholarship, 2nd Gold Pin. Pres. of Math Club, Physics Club. Valedictorian, Co-editor of the Log. His determination will conquer all obstacles. GOODWIN SCI-IRAIBER Goody Ambition: To be connected with aviation. Activities: Physics Club. Sec. of Festival Chorus, S. S. Club. Review. Asst. Editor of the Log, B.A.A.. C.C. Quite an orator. THEODORE W. SHULMAN Teju Ambition: To design an air cooled steam house. Activities: Social Science Club, Physics, B.A.A.. B.A,A. Official. Intelligence is the key to success. GORDON SHIP Gordy Activities: Senior Basketball Teams, Three Seasons. THE basketball player. ALBERT SIMON Si Ambition: To be a Surgeon. Ac- tivities: C.C., B.A.A., S. S. Club, Honor Society, second certificate. Steady and dependable. MAX SLOBODKIN Ambition: To drive 350 M,P.H. Activities: Commerce Club, Social Science Club, Drama. An important student in these parts. PEARL SOGLIN Pudgy Activities: Social Science Club, fifth certificate. Pearl plus Soglin equals success. EVELYN S. ROSS Ambition: Fashion Illustrator and Designer. Activities: S. S. Club. G.A.A., Log Comm., 4B Representa- tive. 4A Room Treasurer, C.C. Among Tuley's best dressers. ROSE C. SALPETER Sally Ambition: To be a stenographer or a model. Activities: Commerce Club. G.A.A.. Social Science. Competition for Ginger Rogers. SIDNEY D. SCHULHOFF Inky Ambition: To become an Air Con- ditioning or Diesel Engineer. Activi- ties: Volley Ball Champ '37, B.A.A. Ofhcial, S. S. Club, C.C., Track Team '37 One of the best there is. NATALIE A. SCHUMAN Nettie Ambition: To become a Private Secretary. Activities: G.A.A., C.C.. S. S. Club. Honor Roll, 3 Certificates. Hcars nothing, knows all. Page Nineteen l ELDONNA SZYBINSKI Donna Ambition: To delve into the in- tricacies of Advertising. Activities: Salutatorian, Co-editor of Log, Editor of Review, 4B Hatchet Orator, Znd Gold Pin, SL S. Club. A girl the world will soon know. SARAH L. TANENBAUM Ambition: To be a stenographer or librarian. Activities: S. S. Club. Com- merce Club, G.A.A., Library Staff, Program and Social Committee. A full-fiedged book fan. ADOLPH S. TARCHALA Ambition: To be a C.P.A. Activi- ties: B.A.A., Commerce Club, Intra- mural Volley Ball Champs. Intra-mu- ral Baseball and Softball Champs. Strong and silent. sot TRUDIVIAN Gangy Ambition: To become a Physical Ed. Teacher. Activities: Captain of the Basketball. Captain of Fire Mar- shal, Volley Ball Champs. Basketball and Baseball Champ, S. S. Club. Sol's a favorite in the gym. Page Twenty VIOLETTE W. SOLECKI Vi Ambition: Ollice clerk or sales clerk. Activities: G.A.A., Social Science Club, Commerce Club. first and second certiticates. Sweet as the red rose. CHARLES D. STEIN Chuck Ambition: A Lawyer. Activities: Vice-pres. of 4A Class, Math Club. Physics Club, Gold Pin, 6 times Hon- or Student, Letterman in Tennis, S. S. Club. A man about town. PHIL STERNFELD Ambition: To become a bookkeep- er or a stenographer. Activities: Com- merce Club, B.A.A., Intra - mural Sports. What has the mad Russian got? LORRAINE M. STOKOSINSKI Stock Ambition: To become a Concert Pianist. Activities: Tuley Lunchroom Cashier, Art Club, Festival Chorus, C.C., S. S. Club, Silver Pin. A girl of all trades. LEONA B. SZYMANOWSKI Lee Ambition: To become a bookkeep- er and stenographer. Activities: Com- merce Club, Shorthand Pins, Social Science Club, G.A.A. A sweet Tuley-ette. SAM A. TARANTUR Ambition: To be a success, travel around the world, and retire at 35. Ac- tivities: B.A.A., Commerce Club, S. S. Club. Basketball Player. His ambition has no end. HENRY TIGERMAN Hank Ambition: To become a successful Food Chemist. Activities: Physics Club, S. S. Club, Commerce Club, 5th Certificate, B.A.A. Outstanding figure in the chemistry lab. NICK TURACEK Greek Ambition: To be a Printer. Ac- tivities: President of B.A.A., S. S. Club, Senior Basketball Champs of In- tra-mural Baseball, Volleyball, Softball Teams, Class Will Committee. The king of athletes. WILLIAM E. SPIEGEL Eb Ambition: To become a Physical E d u c a t i o n Instructor. Activities: B.A.A., Junior Basketball Team, S. S. Club, Champs of Basketball, Volley Ball, Baseball. A real southern gentleman. SAM STEINBERG Sammy Ambition: Aeronautical Engineer. Activities: Physics, Asst. Editor of Log. S. S. Club, B.A.A., Review, Track, Wrestling. Little man, you'ue had a busy year. MAURICE A. STOCK Mo Ambition: To be a competent ac- countant or capable music critic. Ac- tivities: Orchestra, B.A.A., Social Sci- ence Club, Commerce Club. A man of music. . HENRY I. SWISKO Swaz Ambition: To become either a jour- nalist or an actor. Activities: Presi- dent of Class '38Z, Review, "Daddy Long Legs." Student Director of Drama Class, B.A.A., S. S. Club, C.C., Class-Nite Play. . Popularity, where is thy limit? l INA XVITTROCK Ambition: To make a success of my life. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club, Hall Guard. Review Representative. She'll get what she wants. SARA M. XVOLINETZ Ambition: To become a successful Stenographer. Activities: S. S. Club. Commerce Club. 3 Certificates. A swell girl to know. EUGENIA H. XVYSATT Ambition: Nursing. Activities: Sil- ver Pin, G.A.A.. Physics Club, Bas- ketball Club. She'd make a good chem teacher. BERTHA B. ZOGHLIN Birdie Ambition: To be a grammar school teacher or a social worker. Activities: Library Staff, G.A.A., S. S. Club. Commercial Club. lVhat would she do without the li- brary? HARVEY H. UDESKY Kip Ambition: To become a Doctor. Activities: 4A Class Treasurer, Junior Basketball, Commerce Club, Intra-mu- ral Baseball and Volley Ball Champs. Smooth and flashy. MOLLIE G. WALLER Ambition: To be a Nurse. Activi- ties: Commerce Club, S. S. Club. J.Y.L.. G.A.A., Book Room Staff. Log Committee. She'Il be a nurse. LILYAN S. XVEINER Twinkletoes Ambition: To succeed with my Dancing Studio. Activities: S. S. Club. Commerce Club. G.A.A., Chor- us, Orchestra, Review, Drama. She's all fun. OSCAR XV. XVESOLOWSKI Ockie Ambition: Go to Wright Jr. Col- lege and then to the University of Illi- nois. Activities: S. S. Club, Physics. B.A.A.. Spanish-. Polish. Commerce Club, Basketball, Volley Ball. You will like him. f N, 'HS 'I JOHN J. WITUCKI Jack Ambition: To be a C.P.A. Activi- ties: Silver Pin. Tennis and Basket- ball Teams, Math Club, S. S1 Club, Commerce Club. A fellow who is liked by everybody. LOUISE M. WOLTER Gingy Ambition: To be a successful Busi- ness Woman. Activities: Commerce Club. S. S. Club. G.A.A. She has plenty of pep. KATHERINE J. ZINNA Paps Ambition: To be an eiiicient stenog- rapher or a professional dancer. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club. Commerce Club. G.A.A.. Basketball Class, G.A.A. Man- ager. A sweetheart if there ever was one. ELIZABETH E. ZYDORCZAK Babe Ambition: To be an aviatrix and fly all over and around the world. Ac- tivities: G.A.A.. Basketball. Com- merce Club, S. S. Club. She'Il be a flyer if she has anything to say. l'u JOE D. UNGER Ambition: To become an electrical engineer, optometrist or oculist. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club, Commerce Club, Physics Club. B.A.A., Spanish Club. J Ferdinand the Bull has nothing on oe! HARRIETTE D. WEDELL Dimples Ambition: Stenographer. Activities: First Certificate. Petite and sweet with plenty of sugar. PEARL N. XVEISBERG Mickey Ambition: To be a Commercial Artist. Activities: G.A.A., Commerce Club. S. S. Club. Kind hearted and big hearted. RICHARD A. WIELAND Activities: Commerce Club, B.A.A, He'Il succeed in anything he under- takes. Page Twenty-one SHIRLEY ANDERSON Phil Ambition: To sing with a dance orchestra. Activities: lst Certilicate, Commerce Club, S. S. Club. Short- LILLIAN M. ZYWIECK Ambition: To be a success in the business world. Activities: S. S. Club. G.A.A.. Commerce Club, 2 Honor Roll Certificates, 2 Shorthand Certincates. She'll reach the top of the ladder. ROSE KLIEN Ambition: To become an eflicient General Oiiice Girl. Activities: Com- merce Club, S. S. Club. Nice dancer and versatile. EVELYN SCHECHTMAN Lynn Ambition: To become a private sec- retary or court reporter. Activities: G.A.A.. C.C., S. S. Club. T. C. Las- Prophecy Committee. She"s a credit to stenography. ELEONORA N. BEDRIT Ellie Ambition: To become an opera singer, professional pianist, artist, act- ress or model. Activities: S. S. Club, EDWARD J. DOLEZAL I Eddy Ambition: To be a stenographer or a photographer. Activities: Base- ball. Basketball, Commerce Club. B.A.A., S. S. Club, Tuley Photog- rapher. Ed's Hollywood-bound to be a Sghotograp ergxx-'A fri - .. :-VDOWIMH W4 r f .1 "i RUTH rcaiicigefa , Ricky Ambition: To becon a Star Rei porter. Activities:'G.A. .. Asst. News Editor, C.C., S. S. Club, Basketball Class, Asst. Editor of Log. Very sweet, ever smiling and always helpful. ADOLF S. TARCHALA BERNARD BRONSTEIN Barney Ambition: To become a Physical Ed, Teacher. Activities: S. S. Club. Commerce Club, Fire Marshal. Basket- hand Pin. G.A.A. ball Team, Hall Guard. Shirley is a second Alice Faye. Blonde and bashful. Will surely progress rapidly. ALGER A. CLARK Mike EDNA DABBERT Eddie Ambition: To find an interesting Ambition: To be a Private Secre- girl. Activities: Social Science Club. tary. Activities: Commerce Club, S. If you want to buy a car see Alger. S. Club, Silver Pin, G.A.A. A true friend. DANIEL DIAPELITO ELINOR P. FORSLIN LOIS G. GREENHOUS Lo Ambition: To travel and see the Ambition: To become aNurse. Ac- Ambition: To sing with Bob world. Activities: Commerce Club, tivities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club. Crosby. B.A.A., S. S. Club. Silent but salient. Songbird of the north. Danny thinks Tuley is Hollywood. SEYMOUR L. HIRSH Hirshy CASIMER J. LA BIAK Casey Ambition: To be the head of large nrm. Activities: Basketball Champs '37, S. S. Club, B.A.A. Of- Club. ficial. B.A.A., Commerce Club, Drama. Humorous and accommodating. Ambition: Dentistry. Activities: B.A.A., S. S. Club, President of Polish He'll pull your teeth some day. EDITH H. LANE Migitch ARDALE K. LAZARE Artie LILLIAN PAWICHRAXVSKI Ambition: To become a Kindergar- Ambition: To travel and see the Ambition: To be a success. Activi- ten Teacher. Activities: G.A.A.. S. S. world. Activities: Commerce Club, S. ties: Physics Club. Commerce Club, Club. S. Club, G.A.A., Basketball Class. Very quiet but kind hearted. DifT1l'fll1ll.UE' but destined, Tall. darlz and beautiful. MURRAY R. PHILLIPS Moe EDNA P. SCHILD Eddie Ambition: Jeweler and optometrist. Activities: Champion G y m T e a m '37L-S, Mgr. Basketball Team, Vice- pres. of S. S. Club. B.A.A., Commerce Club. Club. Capt. of Hall Guards. Tall and talkative. LOUIS SIMON SPOFIY Ambition: To take a trip around the world. Activities: B.A.A. Official, Intra-mural Volley Ball Champs, ln- tra-mural Baseball Champs. - He can be seen in the gym anytime. FERN A. VOSS Fernie Ambition: Commercial artist or newspaper reporter. Activities: Com- merce Club. S. S, Club, G.A.A. A nice kid to know. Page Twenty-two TESS A. SLIWINSKI Perry Ambition: To be a Radio Singer. Activities: Commerce Club, Social Science Club, G.A.A. According to Tess, silence is golden. DOLORES C. WEDRALL Smiles Ambition: To do Fashion Model- ing. Activities: Honor Student, S. S. Club, Commerce Club, G.A.A, Always a "smile" for you. Ambition: To be an efficient secre- tarv and to travel. Activities: Com- merce Club, G.A.A.. Social Science Honesty is EcIna's policy. ANNE TUROPSKY Caruso Ambition: To be a Prima Donna. Activities: Commerce Club, S. S. Club, G.A.A.. Honor Roll. W1'll sing in the Metropolitan Op- era House. ANNIE S. ZITKO Corky Ambition: To be a Vocalist with an orchestra. Activities: Commerce Club. S. S. Club. An ardent fan of Nelson Eddy. W Uffiff1fffM"fM W 5252322525 P CLASSXMJF 939 j QJMJZ W4 mf Z Www? ANJIZATIO G. ELBERT EHLERT ROSE LISOWSKI ROSE EARL AUERBACH Page Twenty-four President Vice-President Class Night Committee Tuley Cohen Lillian Reed Benjamin Goldberg Mary Cordin Helen Kerbel Eleanore Jarecki Bernard Greenfield Natalie Field Seymore Neuman Catherine Miller Class Will Committee David Lipton Eugene Geller Betty Terman Blanche Borenstein Flossie Hommer Donald Ciss Edythe Motel Treasurer Jef Class Prophecy Committee Gladys Kaufman Madeline Mantelman Bebe Klein Fred Dunsky Theodore Freidman Ruth Kodel Blanche Alster Norman Katz . Marie Moore Earnest Bradshaw Program Committee Sol Fagan Evelyn Lazar Bernice Pecko Cap and Gown Committee g Sylvia Stensel Alice Lizmanski Edward Baranowski Paul Dunsky E IN b Bernice Estrin Ralph Sussman Pin and Ring Committee Eugenia Jurczyn LaVerne Alther Jacob Ferdinand Martin Flack Ruth Brooks Bernard Riback al' US 3l1l'l'1 Decoration Committee Elaine Sharbek Julius Herbstman Elaine Birns Maurice Smith Crchestra Committee Robert Starr J ack Glatcow VIVIAN JOYCE ANDREWS Biddy Hobbies: Dancing and bicycle riding. Activities: Social Science, Commercial. G.A.A., Assistant Circulating Manager, Her charms are the irresistible argu- ments. ADALYN BABICZ Adie Ambition: To go to college and have a career. Hobbies: Tennis, swimming, horseback riding. Activities: Honor So- ciety, S. S. Club, Clean Up Campaign Delegate, Charm Club, Polish Club. G.A.A. A quiet girl with many uirtues. BERNARD BALTER Ambition: Medical Doctor. Hobbies: Tennis, bicycle riding. Activities: Hon- T or Society, Tennis Teanh Asst Sport's hi Editor Review, Sports Evilfitoir Tuleyffj Log. 39, B.A.A. , 'gf A good straivt CI2l?fff'liS reqzf' ite enough. 'ff f l ' J' f v' . xl EW it W BE si Bi VASQH jf Boots mbit ,:'i lecom a "Jitterbug." bbies e hi reading "Diesel" a es vii f. GOLDIE ANNETTE ABT Ambition: To become a Social Worker. Hobbies: Tennis, dancing. Activities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club. Social Science. Festival Chorus, Charm Club. An excellent combination of virtues. SARA AGERONE f ,H Sally bitio ' To be e ajiery effi- cien i phone p ratorf Hobbies: Cole. 'ng phot phs of mjfiiends. rc1a l Charm Club Captain Basket , am ', lVe auenlt heard much of her, but she's done her share. Maries, Club, Q.A.A., Com v ' L X BLANCHE ALSTER Xavia Ambition: Be a successful Business Woman. Hobbies: Dancing. swim- ming. Activities: Tuley Representative tc the Junior Red Cross. S. S. Club, Commercial Club, G.A.A., Prophecy Committee. Tuley Review Reporter. A jolly girl and one worth while. LE ROY AMUNDSEN Klondike Ambition: To be a good Civil En- gineer. Hobbies: Hunting, fishing. Activities: B.A.A., Life Guard. The Spirit of Boyhood. EARL AUERBACH Ambition: To become a successful Doctor. Hobbies: Candid photography. Activities: 4A Treasurer, Checker and Chess, B.A.A., Clean Up Campaign, Review, Log Photographer. Ambition will draw him into the clouds. ALBERT BAERSON Albie Ambition: Next Walter Winchell. Hobbies: Musicband photography. Ac- tivities: B.A.A.. S. S. Club. Commerce Club. Seldom speaks. but his words are worth listening to. I EDWIN B oxvs ' m s eac e bies B v1t1es Tea B s Softba l n L o A - ' . . V- h ob- ' 1 all x.. .11. " 1 ye . : 's li. s, , V 'I l CF o l Champs of . .9 . 4. 3 16. In s cle the nqu ror. f 'o .l 2 Q. FELE IAVR -BAR TFT Blpn A bitioii. o do sociiiwvojk. H" - bies: eople. ctivities: Ptes. gf Cl1'a m T 7 fa m ' . 'ct' ies: S. S. Board, Club Social Com itfee if QS. li . Co merc 5 Cliib ,!Del., G.A.A., Clean I, merce g' gf U' D at 'Llclall Guard. g ords il eet juiith h ney ' sfo' spo n, but well liked. wa' 1. j I ' by , by ,ff l, , c . .F A X, Y s T I D X' I V C7 A ,if ,..' gf!-..' , 'V ' ,- '- M, ,-Q. "5"'4 " . 1,4 -1: rf ,-0 f Q fMARIAN R. ADAMS-arg, Dixie K,- Ambition: T wbecofne' an efiicient Secret ry in th liusinegs world. Hob- bies: Dancing, Wri ng. Activiiies: Commerce Club, So ral Science Qlub. Hono S'ociePQ,SeconixC1og.-I94n!Win- nerf Y' MS! ep esent t' e. Ghhlcgu to t rfgi'TfE and see what the hours' ' bring. ANNETTE B RTS Toni mbition: o . ' obbiesf S ' , ba anci g. lctiv'ti s: harm Q: ' , ieyilbiiifc f Social ScE .. eie Club. Tap Dan ' . A ueiy fine girl you'II find her. f' LMA 744 I SIDNEY AMENT' LEJMJ Ambition: Famous Attor y. Hob- bies: Wrestling. weight lifting. Activ- ities: Capt. Hall Guard, B.A.A. Rep.. B.A.A. Official, Review, Fire Mar- shal, Basket Ball Mgr., Clean Up Play. Radio Play, Physics Club. A jolly good fellow well liked by all. . X 17 J ET A M ' N K ' ' . ie . g. ping pong. .1 As good as s e is fair. Page Twenty-five GENEVIEVE V. BEIL Ambition: Telephone Operator. Hobbiest Crocheting. roller skating. Activities: commerce Club, Social Sci- ence Club, G.A.A. For she has m ny friends. VIN BI Mal Ambition: To lmeet some person that will understand him. Hobbies: Reading, saving bottles. Activities: So- cial Science Club., G.A.A. His virtues are his arts. WM IE BLO es: ' e 1di g, ' skating. vit s: A. ., S l Science. mm ub, Er c Club, Hall uard. Mctid with th heavenly eyes. BLANCHE BORENSTEIN Cook Ambition: To be a Reporter. Hob- bies: Writing nction. Activities: Sec. G.A.A., S. S. Club, Commercial Club. Honor Society. A merry heart that laughs at care. Page Twenty-six CLA etar - : I' nc1n and a al iv ie ' . Com merce ub ono S e spea acts d : ces just as .she should. NI ' 10 To ec m an 'fi ient i Q u ' S r i g ' - h , , I 9 I ,X . L - JUNE BAUMSTA U y -fauna Ambition: ' ytggoineagood Typist orthaiid riter. Activ- itieszt C mmercial -Club, G.A.A. and f's.s!c1u . Q3-' 'D Shes 'iust the kind whose nature nevewiwes. , ' , - 'K , 1,',f,ffi.. ' 1' ce- .Af -' - . C.. .-..,'.f.- ,.g,.vk.n-- DOROTHY BERK Burkie Ambition: Traveling Secretary in different cities. Hobbies: Saving vari- ous perfumes. Activities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club, Committee on Refreshment of Social Science Club, French Club. Hair to torment the male eye. RUTH LEE BERNSTEIN Honey Ambition: Private Secretary. Hob- bies: Dancing. Activities: Treasurer of the T. C. Lassies, Social Science Club, Commercial Club. Always gay: always ready. Q rl . 76 W4 Bieaugnglis Pub 1 ount Al :mov :H ' . if . . Hobbi y. b . Ac- : . .A. S e goo qiiel clence Club. tivities Life, ELAINE movies. 'Com- trtue alone true fkf MI R . Mil 1 ion: hi H ' s: Swi m' ing ase all? ctiv- itie . .A., ,S. l o merce Club. She that ilfrl will toss a ball, and run and wrestle, nor does she fe r a fall. ' it 'P 'A EA O CKI abc 'on: To bec . successful no a bies: Tennis. mov- ies, nc1 . tivities: G.A.A., S. S'. Clubrg mercial Club. Time on swift wings will bring you happiness. XVANDA BATOR Ambition: To become a good office Worker. Hobbies: Skating, stamp col- lecting. Activities: C1.A.A., S. S. Club, Commercial Club. A maiden of athletic tastes. - jig? I ji BBKNARD-t'1SAYgiooD I Biby, F 3-ibitiohz C. 'P. A. Activitiesf Presi erit of Bookkeeping Club. Busiy ness Manager of Tuley Logv Manager of Tuley Jr. Basketball Teain. B.Ag.,A. His kind are always welconiedjr,-' ROSE BERNSTEIN Rosie Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Hobbies: Bicycle riding. tennis. Activ- ities: Sec. 4A Class. T. C. Lassies, Log Staff 4-B Class, Physics Club. Check and Checkers. Nature was here so lavish of her store, that she coufd bestow no more. ? ' Kid-sanctify Ambition: o'ge Eirs?Cellist in or- chestra. Hobbies: Clay culpture. Ac- tivitic lea-n p Campaign. G.A.A., S. S. u ' ' hestra. lllay er if e one song of happi- ness. ' LEO DAVID CAGAN Lee Ambition: To be a University Lecl turer. Hobbies: Stamp collecting, read- ing. Activities: Math. Club. Review Stall. Physics Club. Gold Pin YVinner. Log Staff, S. S. Club. Safety Engineer. His hand is always ready and tvillingl. DOROTHY CHELNER Frenchy Ambition: Become a Vtlriter. Hob- bies: Collecting popular song pluggers and riding a bike. Activities: Chorus. Social Science, Vwlriters' Club. Hall Guard, Commercial Club. Look before you leap! EMILY CHODOR , lr Ila Ambition: Ca ' ies: Danc- ing, ,bascgiillf bask all. tenn :fli- tat-5,geS:-'- .7x.A.,:-.s ia i stub. 'ago ley fall, - ' ei c lub, Tap l 'g ancin D. Cha lubx Of fahlface and athletz mind. EVELYN CIECHANOXVSKI Chickie Ambition: Nurse. Hobbies: Collect- ing photographs cf friends. Activities: Polish Club. Charm Club. Social Sci- ence Club, G.A.A. Wisdom, work. and tuonclerous pa- tience. , 1 JEANNETTE BORRINO Borrini Hobbies: Photography. Activities: Classics Club. Treasurer of G.A.A., Physics Club. Quiet and usell-meaning. ROSE BRAVERMAN Ambition: To become a Secretary or an Actress. Hobbies: Dramatics. dancing. Activities: C1.A.A., Commer- cial Club, S. S. Club. fl neu.'rome m we all welcome. A RUTH mtzootcs 9 Ronnie ' Jtlmbi id : be Fas ion Designer d llluslxliitor ob 'sz Collecting 'match covers. s Activities: Pin l. nd Ri m tt . Art Committee, Clean mpai n. G.A.A.. Comm., She sm es and t e world smiles with her. 1 ' ,--J .' cf" JANIQEQBRY A, V Jan ,f'Amb'iii9n: be elephope Oper- ator.,,'j'Iobbies: Bicycle ridipgfdancing. terytis, baseball. Activities: .G.A. ., ,Comm.Club1kS,.Qfflub. if .f Lend youflfzgyrilflfe WM what interest igilflme yy dll'E., t ' x 5 ' N my ,-f ROBERT CAMPBELL Bob Ambition: Biologist. Hobby: Swim! ming. Activities: Review Rep.. Social Science Club. Physics Club. Creative XVriting Club. French Club, B.A.A., Cuold Pin XVinner. A frm believer in silence is golden. Q LFR - CH . Fritz n R ibiti : Jo rnalist. bbies: p , dancing. wi mg. Ac- ' e ' ercial- u cial Sri- il ' Club G. . , Soft sp he n Uell lik . VIRGINIA CHONARZEXVSKI Pudgy Ambition: A good Jurnalist. Hob- bies: Ice skating, dancing. Activities: Social Science Club, Honor Society, Commerce Club. G.A.A.. Hall Guard. Basketball Club. The spirit of-girlhood. D AL ISS X L Ho ies Read - en e or fi m pa mind. bit' A' nt' . : ' pho gr. y At' titres: B.A.A.. gl A f ,r . W A ix We 'Q i I ST NEIL BRADSHAW, JR. Brad Am 1 " To c me a Journalist. Hobbies: Bas an phppgraphy. Activities: B.A.A. gf? A man of few ar s, 'buti-daaster of them all. fi? SEYMOUR BROMBERG Bull Ambition: To get an "E" in typ- ing. Hobbies: Sports. Activities: Hall Guard. Commercial Club, B.A.A., Basketball. l-Z: B.A.A. Ofhcial. Quietly and steadily he makes his way. MAX BROWN Pete Ambition: To travel around the world. Hobbies: Ping Pong. chess. checkers. Activities: B.A.A. Oflicial, Physics Club. S. S., Comm, Checker and Chess. Math. Club. Apply thyself to thy ambition. and se: what the time will bring. TILLIE H. BUGEI. Hydie Ambition: To become a Detective. Hobbies: Read mysteries. Activities: Library. Commerce. S. S., G.A.A.. Charm Club, Honor Society. A voice ever sweet and gentle. Page Twenty-seven IRENE V. DOBRZYCKI Red Ambition: Telephone Operator. Hobbies: Crocheting and reading. Ac- tivities: G.A.A., Social Science Club. And ease of heart her every look conveys. Q 'f' ANNE DioB1NA'gg TL Dggubby MAmbition:"3QTo bec e an rcient an 'ca able Priv'aeSecre r Ho ies Swiifigitiiing and EEl?Qng.iiActivitrX3D 'ul S. S. C ub. Comme curl Club. Hall GugEi1g,LifeCCi+,u4rfl. ' I 'Y X Always ready with hbafhile. RUTHE MARION DUBNOW Ambition: To be a successful grad- uate of Northwestern School of Speech. Hobbies: Tennis. drama. Activities: S. S. Club, Charm Club, Chess and Checker Club, G.A.A.. Creative Writ- ing, Commerce Club. French C b. Vain pleasures lure hs ' PAUL DUN Y! Ambiti "-Journalism. Hobbies: 'gtk FRIEDA COHEN Fritz Ambition: Travel around the world. Hobbies: Sports. Activities: Social Sci- ence Club, G.A.A., Charm Club, Hon- or Society. Good nature is keener than a toma- hawk. TULEY C9142 Ham Ambit n: Actor I-lp s: Girls. ctivitff : Pres. St eat uncil, Pres. Ch ir a p As bly, airma lac igh Assem . Fea- ure E ito Revie : M- 4B-4A Social P b ful of misc ief an wil and g as ever a,human frftzmecc be. X P' c tr it a ,, . If , 1 wr :A.'fi' A." ,, EL 'AN RE Vu' Elli fAfbiti ng flourn li tf'iltHobbies: leladingcthbdks. K Activigls: 'G.A.A., .VSV 9 L I, . AJ airlfg news lbold of spirit. H' W 'lx . . to A t'on: aflic in Hob- bi ' g. Acti it ' cial Sci- . . . cial Club. :ore fe h scorns the SAM VI hafuo e ub A o o thou l thing. HYMAN DIAMOND Hy Ambition: To be a good-looking Business Man. Activities: Social Sci- ence Club, Commercial Club, Hall Guards. Hobbies: Baseball, swimming and dancing. He ere angels fear to tre . IRBNE Ikie To be and suc- or The is ,mellow in thought, Kg Hobbies Danc .A.A., Social Science Club. of a kind. ii- Q Dunce B . . KATHLEEN EDSON Kitty Ambition: Beautician. Hobby: Ath- Eaxnc' 1 c riding. it letic sports, dancing. Activities: G.A.A., X ways are ones, of lpleasantness. S. S. Club, Commerce Club. f .1 I X., 1 W A maiden of athletic tastes. J' ' ' li 7 ll JJ X N! X QMMJ kpjyg J Page Twent ferght -Ljy, .' ,gn , k ,7,,,,,Vf.f,f91yjZ3 I .-f, ,, 1 ' i ll' Q A 7 ,' K. I' I' 'lVlORR'ISN,!COHEiN ' ,Moishe Ambition: Lawyer!orIC,,P.-'1AZ1I-Iob,- bies: Creativgffwtitingf' reading books, listening to"good music. Activities: Editor of Review Editor of Lo 4MB Pres., Gold Pin Winner, Wasgtlgionfj Oratory Winner, Classapnjptoryl - Such as hlyrefour boast. 1 ' yb -. MARY WIN Xu Msh Ambit : a us Mode. 1 bbi s: Eccentqfdan g, swimm' , skat' g. baseba cgziigesz C rce ub. S. SJ l L1 v ss ight avmitt T. Wi . F h ' y of youh and health her eye dis ays. DONALD DANIELS Ambition: To become a Professional Musician. Hobbies: Playing a French horn in orchestra. Activities: Orches- tra, Library, S. S. Club, B.A.A. His fingers were framed to music by a hand that was armed with skill. ANN DEITCI-I Annie Ambition: To travel around the world. Hobbies: Sports. Activities: G.A.A., Commercial Club, Charm Club, S. S. Club, French Club. She of the raven tresses. - Hob- swim- G.A.A., Club Club, goes all the day. NATALIE FIELD Nat Ambition: Journalist or Accountant. Hobbies: Writing. sports. Activities: Review Feature Writer, Social Science Club, Commerce Club, Honor Society. Hall Guard. Log Comm., Class Night Comm., Clean Up Comm. Breuity is the soul of wit. EDYTHE FILLER Ambition: Dress Designer. Hobbies: Reading. roller skating, drawing. Ac- tivities: G.A.A., Charm Club, Social Science Club, Commerce Club. French Club. Booster Club. Her mind was wax to receive and marble to retain. LOTTIE FITKO Fritzi Ambition: Private Secretary. Hob- bies: Reading, athletics. Activities: So- cial Science Club, G.A.A., Com. Club, Honor Society, Charm Club, Clean Up Campaign. She does not shout. but does her part. 5-.JACOB Fgieipiikiaivo J e X A LX A VTI PFLAO King Y G. ELBERT EHLERT Bob Ambition: To become a good Com- mercial Artist. Hobby: Photography, art. Activities: Chairman of Achieve- ment Comm. of Clean Up Campaign, Art Editor of Tuley-Review, Senior Class Pres. Log Staff. He who hesitates is lost. BERNICE ESTRIN Bunny Ambition: Secretary or Dancer. Hob- bies: Dancing, swimming. Activities: T. C. Lassies. S. S. Club. Petebes. Li- brary, Class Will. Judge not her worth by her size. SOLOMON FAGAN Cunningham Ambition: Agricultural Engineer. Hobbies: Track, swimming. Activities: Track, Chairman of Program Commit- tee. Commerce Club, Social Science Club. B.A.A., Hall Guard, Bookkeep- ing Club. A man's a man for all a' that. ELAINE FAMMEREE Ambition: Be a Piano Teacher. L! Hobbies: Tennis. concerts. Activities: Sec. of Social Science Club. Honor So- ciety, G.A.A., French Club, J.Y.L., Commerce Club. Review, Hall Guard. Grace, beauty, and caprice make up this wondrous beauty. n': C. PL . ":-" i- Wife ri ing. Activities. .- . .. Book- keeping Club, Social Science, Hall Guard. -" 'X The quiet mind is richer than the turbulent spirit. FRANK FILIPSKI Phil Ambition: Photo Engraver. Hobby: Fishing. Activities: B.A.A., Social Sci- ence Club. Polish Club. Commerce Club, Baseball Tournament. His kind are always welcome. BERTHA FISCHMAN Birdie Ambition: Civil Service Stenog- rapher. Hobbies: Dancingmri ing. Ac- tivities: Rep. of Tuley Retdtl ross, So- cial Scie ce, Review Stafhl Commerce Clubfx' Aa: ,g ix? . W ki iiablhat golf Emay rest later. 1 "x, NN y t. tl X5 ' X 1 s: ptai i of Eire Marshal. Basket- u,KEnbgion: Education. Activ- e ball Team Iijlntramural Basketball J flchayips ofiissiatsc B.A.A., Social sti- ence Q N '. . X "-. Y . , jj 1 e wrtsogut sport is not 1 e ' .Lf 'h' lf. . it .ty x ' Q , ne' . ,. I 'J Am it A ies LAWRENCE ELENBOGEN Lar Ambition: Millionaire. Hobbies: Printing pictures, wasting time, Ac- tivities: Gold Pin Winner, Tuley Re- view Rep., Physics Club, Creative Writing Club. Ring out the dreary bell of toll when Morton's off the honor roll. HELEN FACUNA Dimples Ambition: To be a success. Hob- bies: Athletics, anything that has to do with sports. Activities: Social Science Club. Commerce Club, G.A.A., Hall Guard. The quiet mind is richer than the crown. W BLANCHE FALK my Ambition: Private Secretary. Hob- bies: Tennis, bicycle rid' g. Activf ities: G.A.A., T. C. La, ,P s, Comniizrcxel Club, Social Science Clu . :wk A smile ever on,her-fl ps Sis?-forever playing. V 'Vi' ' ' ' t A- ,il UV . t fy" Q 1 ' X L , N vi Bf ssioivr 7 J-NBR. G , , let" 'hi p,op2xls dancefocbestra. gl-I' ies:.C llectlpigf turesfglftwfamogusffadi starsjl ctiyities. Social lSciencs.'C ub, G.A4'A., Container e dlub- 'fi' 1' lim rl it ' Comebanal trip 'bas you fo, the liahitaritastic .fog 5, K ff' ,J ll,,fvit..tL,vT lwAH'!5iU0n mger iwit ,,a , ar 1 . J , , r , , , X X Z - x Page Twenty-nine tl LAURA FREITAG Laurie Ambition: Good Secretary. Hobbies: Saving match covers. Activities: Clean Up Committee, G.A.A., Polish Club, S.E.C. . Lovely as she is blonde. FLORENCE FRONZAK Floe Ambition: Personnel Manager. Hob- bies: Errol Flynn Fan Club. dancing. Activities: S.S.C., G.A.A., C.C., Vol- ley Ball Tournament, Mimeograph and Hectograph Dept. Future Miss America. l . IRENE -DAKOWS 1 diiilkey ition: Private Hob- ge : Stiglpffollecting icycling. Ac- ivit s: . l ommerce lub. apsiqxdiiiig Class. ryhtful t now. f MORRIS on callin Ambitio o receive Bachelor's De- gr of iness Administration. Hob- ie. odel airplane building, bone- cr. t. Activities: Safety Engineer. B.A.A.. Commerce Club. Social Science Club. ' A sound mind in a sound body. Page Thirty ABRAHAM FLANZER Flash Ambition: Play baseball for money. Hobbies: Collect pictures of baseball players, stamps. Activities: B.A.A.. Hall Guard. His ways are those of pleasantness. ETHEL FLEMING Eliie Ambition: Stenographer, travel. Hobbies: Swimming, painting. Activ- ities: G.A.A., Commerce Club, Social Science Club. Her heart is warm with the friends she makes. ES OX ' tie mb' io ter, tr X . ob- bie . ecti cert ' y farti es. nis. Acti 'tiesz . ., Commerce lub, Charm lu A quiet gi th many virtues. VERNON FRANKLIN Frank Ambition: Be a Chemical Engineer. Hobbies: Baseball, experimenting in chemical laboratory. Activities: S. S. Club, B.A.A., Honor So 'ety. A man in the ftill sense the word. ...aes TH b itio Suc Business Man and ote' ctiv' t. Lieut. Eire Mar- sha sics C . Class Prophecy. C.C., sketball, B.A.A., Life Guard. Hall uard. S.S.C. Full of life and the pranks of a boy. dgg-lgbbies: 5.3 -1 atches of nite clubs LOTTIE PUENFER Ambition: Business Executive. Hob- bies: Horseback riding. tennis. Activ- ities: Literary Club, G.A.A., S.S.C.. Charm Club. Honor Society, Com- merce Club. Hall Guard, Fr. Club. A likeable lass. ANNA NATALIE Ado Nath Ambitio ' T he ies: In- teri e on, col g odd pic- ture ' t ifesw ath, Physics. G.A. .. S. , om crce Club. Tuley Re ' epresent. ' e. She learn now, that she may teach later. GOLDIE G. GARMISA Gwen Ambition: To be a noted and fa- mous Opera Singer. Hobbies: Singing. playing piano. Activities: G.A.A., So- cial Science. She of the golden voice. DORIS FLEMING Corrie Ambition: To become a Registered Nurse. Hobbies: Dancing. golf. swim- ming. sewing. Activities: G.A.A., So- cial Science Club, Creative Wrilina. Ch-ess and Checker Club. Hall Guard. Hitch your ladder to cz star. LILLIAN FORMAN Ambition: Successful Doctor. Hob- bies: Drawing. reading. Activities: Fr. Club, S. S. Club, Honor Society. G.A.A., Charm Club, Physics Club. Commerce Club. Simple grace and manners mild. SEY an w .5 ' Golf rseback riding. Actix- Hall a B.A.A.Off-icial. cc. 1 1 ' 'E ' 'Q y 5: .' . io o d Sales . ob ss ,Fr if ' Wie get ou of life exactly what ite put into it. EVELYN PREESE Eve Ambition: To be a Stenographer. Hobbies: Collecting dance tickets and post cards. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club, Charm Club. Commerce Club. Blow, tempests, but I will remain serene. MORRIS GOLDMAN Pip Ambition: Lawyer fAtt. at Lawl. Hobbies: Sports. Activities: Social Sci- ence Club. Commercial Club. B.A1A. For he's a jolly g od F-llow. f LU' V .ff- X, ,, SYL JR o , 'J iily A ies: . . Mat lub. Gold in XVin e , o , S. S. Club f E Y Sie Shes nice, zglcilipretty. too. f' l sf BERNARD GREENFIELD Bernie Ambition: C. P. A. Hobbies: Kibn itzing and riding. Activities. S. S. Club. Physics Club, B.A.A., Class Night Committee. Not for fairness alone is he well liked. ESTHER GRODSKY Hobbies: Dancing and reading. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club, Commerce Club, G.A.A., French Club. Charm Club. lVe know she is wise for she says very little. EUGENE GELLER Doc Ambition: To get a Rabbinical De- gree and continue my studies. Hobbies: Stamp collecting. chess. Activities: Math Club, B.A.A.. Physics Club. Class Vkfill Committee, Second Gold Pin XVinncr. He seeketh knowledge vigilantly. HAROLD GLASER Har Ambition: To be Wealthy. Hobby: Sports. Activities: B.A.A.. Basketball. God helps those who help them- selves. YETTA TEIN Ambition: To beco a Court Stvn ra h bbics: Bi , oo mu' ' . om , o- cial cience Club. T. . Lassies. e wears the blush of youth upon he face. BEN GOLDBERG Benjy Ambition: To become a Millionaire with as little work as possibc. Hob- bies: Reading. radio. Activities: Phys- ics. Math. 4B Hatchet Orator. Crea- tive NVriting Clubs. S. S. Club, Class Night Committee. XVe get out of this life exactly what we put into it. SIDNEY GOLDMAN Joe Ambition: Physical E d u c a t i o n Teacher. I-lobby: Collecting medals. Activities: Senior Basketball Team. B.A.A.. S. S. Club. Theres the man. MARCELLA GORE La-La Ambition: To get a good position and get a lot of money. Hobbies: Swimming, reading. A c t i v i t i e s : G.A.A., Social Science Club, Commer- cial Club, Charm Club. You won't find a girl like her every day. DANIEL GRIFFIN Grill' Ambition: C.P.A. Hobbies: Read- ing. Activities: B.A.A. Never a word but that's no harm for therein lies his greatest charm. OLGA GROSS Ollie and Sis Ambition: Social Work. Hobbies: Swimming, Reading. A c t iv i t i e s : G.A.A, S. S.. Commerce. Honor So- cicty. How goodness heightens beauty. BEATRICE SANDRA GERBER Bea Ambition: Secretary. Hobbies: So- cial dancing. bicycle riding. Activities' G.A.A., Charm Club, J.Y.L., Social Science Club. Fair of face and full of grace. I JACK Gfixfrcoxvv-x ' t ambition, 'riyn-tba Playei. Hob- biqsjg Music, sgoj s. Activities: Orches- ffm.. 4 1' ik 1 Music hgth chatm to fsooth the sau- age breast. 1 l PAUL GNIEWEK ' Ambition: Receive Bachelor's Degree of Business Administration. Hobbies: Baseball. art writing. Activities: Com- merce Club, Ass't Safety Engineer, S. S. Club. Tuley Review Representative. Just a boy with a boy's strange ways. LEO GOLDENBERG Lee Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Hob- bies: Reading. sports. Activities: So- cial Science. B.A.A.. Commerce Club. He has done very well and must not go unpraiseal. Page Thirty-one Az. IRENE HLADYNIUK . Shorty Ambfition: Secretary. Hobbies: Roll- qr skating, dancing -and reading. Activi- ties: G.A.A., Tap Class. S.S.C., Com- merce Club' Representative. I'm -small, so what? ROSE HOLZMAN Bananas Ambition: Legal Stenographer. Hob- bies: Collecting various things. Activi- ties: G.A.A.. French Club. C.C., Charm Club. Typist for Cleanup Cam- paign, Program Committee of S. S. Club, Honor Society. Quietly she does her bit ggwfawa A HERMAN I. HORWITZ Oiwin or Sunstroke Ambition: To own a chain of drugstores and to bowl a 300 game. Hobby: Collecting stamps. Activities: B,A.A,, Bookkeeping Club. S.S. Club. The pride of his molher's heart. AGNES N. JACOBSEN Aggie Ambition: To be an Efficient Sec. Hobbies: Music, sports. Activities: 2nd Gold Pin, Literary Com. of Log. Clean-up Com.. Orch., C.C. A Viking queen reincarnated. Page Thirty-two ANNA GROSSMAN Ambition: Get a Master of Arts baseball Degree. Hobby: Watching and reading murder mysteries. Activi- ties: French Club, S. S. Club, G.A.A., Honor Society, Charm Club, Gold Pin Winner. lVorth her weight in gold. JEANETTE GRZENIA Giggles Ambition: Telephone Operator. Hobbies: Skating. swimming. Activi- ties: Charm Club, G.A.A., Social Science. lVe will hear her voice in the future. and wish for her face. ,i, . x L. HALERZ -Vfqgiiotton Top ' .ihtsiriobrfrsro .'bw'1ot for Pan i L erjicaZif'Ai ays., obgbies: Radio and ion Pictyfes. Activities: Math. Phy s, Blckpft Club, Life Guard. DAQA. iPolfish, Ch-ess and Checker. S. S.. C. C.,,' One who always finds a way out of difficulties. JULIUS I. HERBSTMAN Herby Ambition: Pharmaceutical Chemist. Hobby: Swimming. Activities: B.A.A., Hall Guard, Physics Club. Treasurer of Library Club, S.S.C.. Class Night Decoration Committee. Good sense and good nature are never separated. BERNICE F Bea i ' : o be e a a able s n he nd go to usine C ge. H bi . Dancin n st p lectin tivit A , ffice taff, . ., harm A smile will go lon way. FLOSSIE M. HOMMER Happy Ambition: To be a famous dancer. Hobbies: All sports, dancing of all kinds, and swimming. Activities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club, S.S.C., Hall Guard. Come and trip it as you go, on the light fantastic toe. I . I . 0 A :lb S N Toni 'I 'ls tion: eco Pri a e J rif 'd- 5 'g ul ve s, mov- ie Q., ' . A vities: G.A.A., T. 2. assies, Ch Club. Commerce lub, S. S. Club. To know her is a pleasure. GRACE msgs ay Am n. ten pher. bies: c . baseball. atin imming. c itie erc'l lub Social Science To b ecomes you. RUTH GRUBER Ambition: To travel around the world. Hobbies: Dancing. Activities: Hall Guard, S. S. Club, Review Staff. She speaks-and they listen. JOSEPHINE GUZIEC Ju-ju Ambition: After the United States. see the world. Hobbies: Dancing and swimming. Activities: Commerce Club, S. S1 Club, G.A.A., Basketball Club. May travel broaden your mind as goodness brightens your face. REVA M. HANKIN Riv Ambition: To become a professor of harmony, or a librarian. Hobbies: Drawing and playing the piano. Ac- tivities: Library. C.C., Charm Club. S.S.C., Art Club, G.A.A. Music is one way to please. ROSE HERTZ Ambition: To become a Dress De- signer. Hobbies: Drawing and swim- ming. Activities: G.A.A., S.S.C.. Tuley Review Representative. A jolly girl and one worth while. l MOLLIE KADISH Moll Ambition: Social XVorker. Hob- bies: Reading, music, dancing. tennis. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club, Charm Club. Hall Guard, Commerce Club. Oh, ma! lf what I told you is true! SYLVIA DAWN KANTOR Bobby Ambition: To be a high school French Teacher. Hobbies: Reading. dancing. singing. swimming. Activi- ties: S. S. Club, G.A.A., French Club. Charm Club. Hall Guard. One tongue is sufficient for a wonvan. ' ,A , l ,. . 1, My nvigz- Vjifllf, F -if .fllyq-,lit ' A ',: 'J li' JOEVKAFQXS KA AL" iti n:--5octSxiyiHobbies: Base- iljaall, 'sket5aEl'l'l.kA flAliliCS2 Gym Team. ,gf B. Q ., Po ish ixis not goo' that man should be alone-.V if ,V GLADYS KAUFMAN Glady Ambition: To be switchboard 'op- erator. Hobbies: Dancing, ping pong, collecting photographs. Activities: T. C. Lassies. G.A.A., Capt. Basketball Champs '37, S.S., Chairman of Class Prophecy Comm. A young lady of many words. ROMAN JANIK Dimples Ambition: To be a successful busi- ness man. Hobbies: Sports and camp- ing. Activities: Social Science Club, B.A.A. A blonde lower full of quips. -gk - - l J iid, 't i EQ9e.N1'?if1AN wspti Ginger P -,l'PiQb't nz N711 bund the world. it obbifsy 1 mgftgy books. danc- ng Acti t'es' AAA Commercial 1 LQ - f-DIELIVN J KOAW KIJN' londie liifion: Pr v ilofgec. in stenogil , Y Tc' is fbi'-ifcibbias: no andl,-c ea, ' .L ctvitiesj s. sibiu gown? Figijlsllfi H, ,T.!C.u.f'ss!fes, d Gold in. fl VL,-' ' M l'Ric "i we for knowin llou, for Arenal like you are very few. N I . af, ELEANOR JARKQKI Norie Ambifi J,u"Privatlit Sec. liilobbies: Collectjcagitlouven' P' A ct icy i t i e s : S. S. lub. Rbvieyv. Com- X l'5Clfrti Social ScienZe.Club'. Iitjflc Clu eau-u Ciimpaign Class Xllff W A most-gxceflqht maiden. ite Ppgis lub. ' :X-' A - am b 7 swee NW! ue. 1 .- M l C741 571' D, X EVELYN JAVSPIQR' i A 1 ' 'Edgie JANET . Egiwrv Ambition: 'Dental Hygienist. Hob- Am ti .' m ry a millionaire. . bies: Sports. swimming, traveling. Ac- Hobbies: ng and dancing. Ac- tivities: S.S., G.A.A., Charm Club. tivities: . . ., S.S.C., C.C., Hall Librarian. X --" guard. V -f A smile for everyone. ff V, Moneg I' e ry ing. . ' . ' i I ' ' ' 'c A, idflfpf' EUGENIA JURCZYN Empressff 'I l Ambition: -ssh. it's a secret. Hob- J UDB , kev bics: Driving. dancing. Activities: A ion: Novel: ,' obb' : Roll- Pin and Ring, Social Science Contact er l H . i 'Q '-' f" - g. Com., Clean-up. ACt e .- u. ili ' ., To know her is to love her, Socia cience l . l r .. -2- L h and th 'O 1 ' 5. .- with " M - ' ' you. ' i SYLVIA KAGAN H o b b y 1 Traveling. Activities: G.A.A., S. S. Club. French Club, Com- mercial Club. Friendship prevails always. LILA CLARA KAPLAN Sis Ambition: Laboratory Technician. Hobbies: Amateur photography, mem- oirs scrapbook. Activities: Clean-up Campaign. S. S. Club, French Club. Hall Guard, Physics Club. The pleasantest things in the world are pleasant thoughts. NORMAN KATZ Ambition: C.P.A. Hobbies: All sports. Activities: B.A.A.. Publicity Comm. for Log. Delegate for S. S. Club, Class Prophecy Comm. The boy with the winning smile. BEATRYCE KAYE Beads Ambition: The Perfect Secretary. Hobbies: Music and art. Activities: Review Staff. Library Staff, Festival Chorus, Gold Pin XVinner, Log Pub- licity Comm.. G.A.A., S.S., Commerce Club. One like her shall soon succeed. Page Thirty-three RUTH KODEL Rudy Ambition: To become of good sec- retary, and to travel. Hobbies: Danc- ing. tennis and all other sports. Ac- tivities: G.A.A., S. S. Del.. C.C.. Charm, Chess and Checker Club. She dances with grace. VIRGINIA KONCUS Gin Ambition: Secretary. H o b b i e s : Dancing. swimming. Activities: C1.A.A. Awake, and find the joy that life offers. ERANMQEE KORENSTEIN I Ijiiifan iqinihbitio W: Toe becomefgii Model. Ho biesi 'Hgh is. dan ing! Activities Social Scixif FBCIUIS'-.', mmerce Clubi Oliice' . arm Club. Perf- and saucy, she wikis her point. f J I 1 ,' :U 'iff' I' 1, 1. Maggy. OWALCHUK z f" ,iAmbition: 3Acc,ord'iQnist. Hobby: Listening ,td the 'radio. Activities: G.A.A.. IS. S. 'Club. Tuley Review Rep., Hall Guard. Honor Society. Active and easy going. Page Thirty-four lf .. Ei F X .. li .7 , fl. CHARLOTTE KENDL choadyg i.fE,LEANoP,.icEN1yiEIhY Peewee Ambition: To design. Hobbiessfa .V , 'Ambitidriz Ijbiarian, Nurse. Hob- Reading character, dancing. keepingi, 'bies: Vgkating, souvenir collecting. scrapbook. Activities: C1.A.A.. S. S. il cross-yi'ord.fRuizles. Activities: Social Club, Art Club. I gScience.3llb, G.A.A. She is all she should be. 'l fPaIs tfth everyone. 1 4? fc Y . 1 f ,Cf . HELEN a1gE.RB'EL, A 4, oiagg FA W ERSTEIN Pay TApfBi't1on: U oA3c'i sucfess ilhfiqinyl A ti01'12 To be a math teacher. Beld I undehta, c? Hobbyzkvselectingxkjj ies: Tennis. dancing. swimming. new hair lgryles, i'Ag,g.ivirie5g G,A,A,'y AG ivities: T. C. Lassies, C.C.. G.A.A., Ty omg Awards. Vell rounded, and th ts the r CfC.. Sri" S: Qi11ibf'iClass Nite Commay lS- C1ub- - Y . 6 If J ' ' If s I Success rs a golde goal but e has l7 911593- other rewards. gf A m ' 'o . Hi' r. Q - ' imming g skating B El ' I . My LI K I ames A ition: Si en bbies: Dakg- Cl ec ary Hob ing. orts. ivitic : .A.A., T. I. bl - . . . Lassies, S.fS. Club, Chorus, Office ll. A'CtiViti2S2 Com-7' Worker, ' ICQ Hb. livfx For what is life but a dance and a st N" ' l whffzf . MW fi rf' N733 X LCRETTA A. KLIMEK Blondie and GENEVIEVE T, ICOBY:IJ.IiNSl.?f33 ' Lorric .., A ' I me Ambition: Typist. Hobbies: Ath- Ambitio RAcepr', ist. Hobbiesba letics, dancing. laughing. Activities: Swimming! bas , alliL"ftraclc',4 dancihgf C.C., s. s. Club. G.A.A., Basketball statin . ltiwgxx: ig .A.A., Cie., Team, C1.A.A. Capt. S.. . l fborwclloll,-yG.A.A. .Cap- Ah! Sweet mystery of life at last X . Q. YJ' yr lyofound thee, A mai ergfbf atlyenc cu "pol 1' .4 , f ,, jdff MARY KOLDOZIEJ Ambition: Undecided. Hobbies: Collects colored stones, music. sports. dancing. Activities: Polish Club, S.S.. C. C. Club, Charm Club. G.A.A. Rep. A person of diversified interests. FLORYNCE KOPLUVITZ Ambition: To hold a winning sweepstake ticket. Hobbies: Bicylcling, roller and ice skating, and tennis. Ac- tivities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club. Office Staff. C.C. Naturally alswell hid. . 1 EVELYN:-ir. 'Rom . Edgie Ambition: To beco ign eflicient and dependabe secreta . Hobbies' Cooking, readi ' QP listening to the Mradio. Activities arm Club. C.C.. S. S. Clulg G. .. gGuard. She's gat ag Yinningf ay. I . ' XG 1' L10 HENRY K LL ' Hank Ambition. To catch Oyllb. muskie and play every golf ,four e 'n country. Hobbies: I-Lvgntin, lgngggolf. sports. ctivitiesi g etbal , TA.A. Official. Polish Club. Out 'oor ma Ur. l i 1. I, 1,15 Lf ff I I iff ..- Z XJ MARGARET KUEHNE Meg Ambition: Go to Bermuda. Hobby: Ping pong. Activities: Social Science Club. Keep an eye on that, Berumda. FRANK KULA Pepsi Ambition: To get a job. Hobbies: Fixing my bike. Activities: Chess and Checker Club. S. S. Club, Polish Club. B.A.A. 1942 six-day bike champ. BESSIE KURLAND Billy Joy Ambition: To get what it takes to become a spinster. Hobbies: Collect- ing snapshots and souvenirs, dancing and singing. Activities: Charm Club. G.A.A.. C.C.. S. S. Club. A spinster jitterbug. ' HELEN LAIKEN Ambition: Dress Designer. Hobbies: Women's fashions and sports. Activi- ties: Charm Club. S. S. Club, Com- merce Club. Chess and Checkers. G.A.A., Hall Guard. lVith an eye to fashions she is al- ways well-dressed. HLQQ t EVELYN LAZAR Ambition: o be a go en Ambition: To be a successful Doc- raph . ob ies er skat' g. tor. Hobbies: Dogs and books. Ac- ' . .A.A.. S. S. tivities: Pres. G.A.A., T. C. Lassies. Club, mmerce Club. Honor Society, Senior Life Guard. She nth a vo' e of gladnessfa Physics. French. Commerce Club, S. smile of cheer. In E . Club. J W Good sense, and an uncoloretl eye. that w.g.c,. .J iawlfb-do GEORGE M. LEAYPTTI ' Duke MARY IRENE LEBEL Puggy Ambition: Lavlrfg ies:Play- Ambition: Telephone Operator. i g tru -ell-f , erivitiesg Or Hobbies: Dancing, skating. Activities: amnesia., ta. S... C....-..,z Co mittee. e tries to please and succeeds. ROSELYN LEFFLER Brownie Ambition: Successful Stenographer. Hobbies: Stamp collection and poetry collection. Activities: G.A.A. Repre- sentative. Tuley Review, S. S. Club. Commerce Club. Life Saving Class. A very fine girl you'II End her. SOLOMON LEPOVSKY Lepuif Ambition: To become a C.P.A. H o b b y : Swimming. Activities: B.A.A., Commercial Club. S. S. Club. Honor Society. Capt. of the Life Guards 'Z-9. The face that launched a thousand ships. G.A.A., Social Science Club. Commer- cial Club. A congenial personality. Q. SHIRLEY R. XQZHEEELD ll if Ambision'f'EniIji h Teacher ob- bies: Afmin ncerts p yu ten- nis. cti'ities 'Orb ey 'Cl n-up gmpgg' . .Ron r So te Commerce 'GM .,N 1 .Sz C 'b, Creative ing. . 1' An excellent bination of virtues. . ,ffl BERNICE LEVIN' 'lf f M -fsiaeeu Ambitio ' ConcertsPi2hiist. Activi- tiesz' l '. Oilcll'lestra,l GxA.A., So- cial . ' , ' 1 A girl to Al. .i V1 -:J p lvl f if JOE KUHLMAN Ambition: Musician. Hobby: Mu- sic. Activities: St. Orchestra. Bkkg. Club. Chess and Checkers Cluf. B.A.A. Brevity is th so A of wit ,and J 's 11 good exampleggilbr' J I 0 gwifuzf g, ,-,M-ffsg-f. ff. flffzfflil.ff-iflfiijyl LQ ,- .Q V7 li' I K-7. f wfamfeivxutesa c. 'i 4, I f, curly. ' "Ambition: To become an' Hobbies: Stamp collecting and amateur photography. Activities: B.A.A.. SIS.. Polish' Club. Hall Guard. A good chap, that's enough. DO THY URTZ l ie ' . n fiicient Sec- L, 53 Tea Rep onor Soc y retary. Hobbies: - dancing, baseb ' c iv' w at ' .. S.S.. C.C. 1"' -- , G. .A. .. H ' o e in. Her spi it rs a : fb as her hair. STEPHANIE LARGA Stevie Ambition: Private Secretary. Hob- bies: Dancing and ice skating. Activi- ties: G.A.A., Social Science Club. For she's a jolly good fellow. Page Thirty-five ALICE LIZMANSKI Blondie Hobby: Dancing. Activities: S. S. Club, G.A.A., Cap K6 Gown Commit- tee, Honor Society. Hall Guard. Come and trip it as you go, on the light fantastic toe. JACK LUSTIG Ambition: Writer. Hobbies: Gath- ering and originating proverbs. Activi- ties: B.A.A., Commerce Club, Book- keeping Club. Safety Engineer, S. S. Club. His library is dukedom enough. HELEN MALMAN Hank Ambition: To travel. Hobbies: Musical instrument, concerts. Activi- ties: Orchestra, Creative Writing, S.S.. Charm Club, Commerce Club, G.A.A. Her poetic soul is refreshing. P' tm ylygketb s -B-A-K F Actions speak lou an words GERTRUDE LEVIN Chunky Ambition: To go to the University of S. California, Hobbies: Dancing. swimming. Activities: S. S. Club. Charm Club, Commercial Club, G.A.A. Where there's dance music you'll al- ways find her. up-l. . it Q ROS E TS ff Raisel mbition' lulptor. Hobbies: Art. en sie Vfecrjrgdf Gold Pin, Art Chairman Kg, p Campaign, Asst. Log Ed- 1'Activi ies: Pres. of T. C. Las- itor. alutatorian Bea ty and wisdom find happy union in her personality. GLADYE E. LIND Laddie Ambition: A Lawyer. Hobbies: Swimming. dancing. Activities: So- cial Science Club, Commerce Club. Life Saving Class, G.A.A. She of the silver tongue. WILLIAM LIPTON Bill Ambition: Electrical Engineer: Hobby: Stamp collecting. Activities: B.A.A., Social Science Club. Just a boy with a boy's strange ways. SHIRLEY C. LONG Honey Ambition: To be a Hrst class tele- phone operator. Hobbies: Reading. dancing. Activities: G.A.A., Com- merce Club, S. S. Club, Hall Guard. Life Saving Class. A girl of many aptitudes. A . f GXENEXQIEVE MAGNUSON Genny H.Atribition: Com' eicial Artist or Dress Designer. Hoblby: Arts Activi- ties: G.A.A., SFS. Club,gCommercia1 Club, Life Saving, Armistice Play. To know her is a pleasure. MARIAN MARILYN MANDELL Sunshine Ambition: News Reporter. Hob- bies: Dancing, bicycling. Activities: S.S.. Commerce Club, Charm Club G.A.A., Festival Chorus, Review Rep. Hall Guard. If to her share some errors fall, atrip of her tongue you'll forget all. v 1 mming A obby Singing Act1vities:B.A.A. I ll have nothing to do with women. WILLIAM J. MAN ELL Bill fA HUR MANSOLF Ambition: Jou 'st. 'Hobbies: Ambition: I Professional S i n g e r , , . c- : . Page Thirty-six SYLVIA A. LEVIN Snooks Ambition: Continue musical edu- cation and become an elementary school teacher. Hobbies: Playing the piano and the viola. Activities: Or- chestra, Creative Writing. G.A.A., French Club. S. S. Club, Charm Club. A musi al mind in a fine person. it J IT T IVOLD d , Am ' 1 i r' tary. ob- b' ' S i . da n A ' ities: . ba g, g aving, Sociil Sgsince Ql ,. She Ii1ds her. R surge, n action. DAVID LIPTON Two Ton Ambition: Millionaire Playboy. Hobbies: Collecting Indian and Lin- coln head pennies. Activities: B.A.A., S. S. Club, Festival Chorus, Class Will. Chess and Checker Club. Just a ray of sunshine-and a big one. ROSE LISOWSKI Ambition: To be a successful Psy- chologist. Hobbies: Roller Skating, reading. Activities: Vice Pres. Senior Class, G.A.A., S. S. Club, Commerce Club. Dosen't talk much: just does things. EDMUND MELLER Bob Ambition: To travel. Hobby: Sports. Activities: B.A.A., SI S. Club. C.C.. Baseball Tournament. l'II be cz man and scoff not at my fellows. CHARLES MICHAELSON Chucky Ambition: Gym Instructor. Hob- bies: Baseball. ping pong. Activities: B.A.A.. Baseball Champs in 1937, Gym Team. His inspired feet churn the air. MARY MILLER Smiley Ambition: Teacher or Model. Hob- bies: Sports. dancing. Activities: G.A.A.. Sec. C. C., S. S. Club. Charm Club, Honor Society. Her smile goes along, long way. MILDRED MINNICKS' Ambition: Writer. Hobby: Writ- ing stories. Activities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club. C.C. She is wise who talks but little. MADELINE MANTELMAN Mitzi Ambition: Secretary to Richard Greene. Hobbies: Music. sports. Ac- tivities: Tuley Review. G.A.A.. S.S.C.. Checkers and Chess, C.C.. Class Proph- ecy Comm. An unsurpassable sense of humor. FANNIE IVIARKIN Faye Ambition: Teacher or Stylist. Hob- bies: Music and clothes. Activities: First Pianist of Tuley Orchestra. Cre- ative l.Vriting Club. Bkkg. Club. S.S.C. Lovely as the music she plays. LILLIAN MARKS' Lil Ambition: Good Typist. Hobby: Taking pictures. Activities: Social Science Club. Soft spoken and well liked. LA RETTA MAS O Lollie mbitio a aeroplane ride, acr e ocea . Hobbies: Danc 1 swimmin ctivities: Polis I C arm , .C., Honor me gra and ogra h Dep gy ci ' .C .. ' AQ,4gellw bmi' of virtues. 4- ,Aft .fyf GENE MELLER John Ambition: Commercial Artist. Hob- bies: Sketching and baseball. Activi- ties: B.A.A., S. S. Club, C.C., Drama Class, Polish Club, Baseball Champs I 9 3 7. lVinner take all. CATHRYN MILLER Cathy Ambition: Telephone Operator, or Train Stewardess. Hobbies: Collect- ing knick-knacks. Activities: S. S. Club, Ex. Bd. Charm Club, Library Staff. Clean-up Campaign, G.A.A.. Class Nite Committee. She has done very well and must not go without our praise. SOL MINKOFF Mink Ambition: Music Teacher or Trom- bonist. Hobbies: Swing music. sym- phony. Activities: B.A.A.. S. S. Club. Latin Club. Orchestra, Chess and Checker Club. Trombone Soloist. His very foot has music in't as he comes up the stair. EDYTHE MOTEL Moe Ambition: Teacher. Hobby: Col- lecting pictures. Activities: Ex-Pres. of T. C. Lassies, C.C.. G.A.A.. Student Council, Fr. Club. Honor Society. Class Will Comm.. Review. A lovely debutante. FLORA GLORIA MARCUCCI Ambition: Beauty Operator or Sec- retary. Hobbies: Collecting movie stars' pictures and dancing. Activities: G.A.A.. S.S.C.. C.C., Hall Guard. As good as she is fair JM. Ly mon: Private Sec ary. Hot ' . Swimmiixigajfhd dancing. Activi- ties: C.C.. S.S.C.. Charm Club T. C. Lassies. G od nature is keener than a toma- hayubi . JE IE - J' I. . V, in ,' ROSABELLE MARKS Ambition: P h y s ic a I Education Teacher. Hobbies: Dancing and all sports. Activities: S.S.C.. G.A.A.. and Charm Club. Quiet and demure she'll get along. we're sure. ROBERT A. MEIXSELL Bob Ambition: Professional Hobo. Hob- bies: Gun collection and horses. Ac- tivities: B.A.A. and Physics Club. His charms are the irresistible argu- ments. Page Thirty-seven N be ELEANORE ORLAF Ambition: Switchboard Operator. Hobby: Swimming. A c t i v i t i e s: G.A.A., Commerce Club. S. S. Club, Life Saving Class. Her exuberance finds its expression in her Zestful actions. MARYIPADYA , ' ,- -'V-firfaay l5itfiDn?'.f'IStenographer. Hobbies: Basgblzill. swimming., -Act i,y.i't'i es : G.A.A. Rep,.,,i7I0n'or Society. Library Staff,6Life' Saving Class. Volley Ball Tour aments, G,A.A., C.C.. S. S. Club. The sprightly mind. FANNIE PAPPAS Ambition: Phys. Teacher or Dress Designer. Hobbies: Track, dancing. Activities: G.A.A. Reporter three se- mesters, Tap Dancing Class. Former G.A.A. Treasurer. dance through the path of fe. r BER C AZ K Blondie A itio fessi al Whistler. s on Elmo T ner,' obbies: Whis- and singi g. tivities: S. S. Cl . Polish b, .A.A., Commer- cia Club m y r t ghs at care N4 e i Page T ix fir'- rjgyca ' -,ft ' . " J" ' in If 'iv Q J s- fu fu -N I f- ig? r iivmiiie 5mb6RE.Jf" I Jqf' Ambition: ai Telephone -JOGETJKOF, itmviel around glue Avorltili Hobbies: 'Dancing. e ri ing. .Hctivitiesz C.C.. S.-iS. - b. Lbgvgiving Class. Cr.A.A., C m C ' ear all lyrid see all. ll M G. NELSON Jviyn mbition: To ' ome t "JScience a er. Hobbi Icei ing and wil ing. uasdlyifigriy .s.. T. C. ies, lQharni Club, Honor OCICKY. She makes good use of her gift of speech. M' ISH UDEL Noo s A io : .A. ' . , s . 'vities: B.A.A.. Fire s al Basket S S ub ' 1 , , . . . . ar yl- - ' J ' uc V, from him bil s f-: ' -f' CARL NUSBAUM Profile Ambition: C.P.A. Hobby: Stamp collecting. Activities: B.A.A.. S. S Club. Chess and Checker Club, Basket- ball. Honor Society. He's one in a million. HARVEY OSHER Harv Ambition: C. P. A. Hobby: Col- lecting old coins. Activities: S. S. Club. Honor Society. Commercial Club and B.A.A. His kind are always welcomed. NIMFY PAL Ambition: A concert pianist or stenotype or stenographer. Hobbies: Dressmaking. sports fan. Activities: Polish Club. S'. S. Club, Commerce Club. G.A.A,, and Charm Club. An excellent combination of virtues. ELSIE PARADISE Ginger Ambition: Typist. Hobbies: Danc- ing and sports. Activities: Social Sci- ence, Commercial Club. Her smile goes a long, long way. BERNICE PECKO Bernie Ambition: Commercial artist, effi- cient private secretary. Hobbies: Cross word puzzles. collecting souvenirs. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club, Life Saving, Pro- gram Comm. Her charms are the irresistible argu- ments. HELEN NALEPA Blondie Ambition: To be a Typist. Hobby: Collecting post cards and stamps. Ac- tivities: S. S. Club. Commerce Club, Charm Club, Honor Society, G.A.A. We'lI look for you in Who's Who. Q4 'ie' GERTRUDB NOWWI ,gttmdy Ambitiqii! ffo-,Fe an efficient Pri- vate S c?etary. Hobbieszjfiivimming, tennis!5'Activit1ies: G.A.gKi. S. S. Club, Life7JSaving,4 J- 'Q'Modeled' bgarulegpfgfgur-tgsy. x J ' K . ' , ---N ,, NE NURNB GN m ' 'onz To trave. Hobbies: Movies an e. Activ' ' sz G.A.A., S. S. Club, Char lub. uard, Thoughts are her spur to action. NORMA ONESTO Windy Ambition: To become a reporter or stenographer and to travel. Hobbies: Dancing and sports. A c t i v i t i e s : G.A.A.. S.S.C., C.C.. Hall Guard. Her desires are simple, her rewards will be great. r 5 i l JANE PYREK Jen Ambition: To be cfncient stenog- rapher. Hobbies: Crossword puzzles, bicycle riding. Activitics: Gold Pin, S. S. Club, G.A.A.. Polish Club, C.C., Clean-up Campaign. Charm Club. Virtue thou art my strength. JUNE D. RALSTON Bubbles Ambition: Successful Secretary. Hobbies: Collecting humorous greeting cards and collecting snapshots. Activi- ties: S. S. Club, Commerce Club. G.A.A., Scholarship Society. The quiet mind is mellow in thought. HAR I EJB Reggie iti : T b s ssful singer. ies: jnci . im 'ng. Activi- ti : G.A.A. ocil Science Club, C merce , Charm Club. hing gentle in thy manner. Ll ething tender in thy voice. l7C3UISE REKSTUS ff Gabby Ambi ion: To ,beco e a business suc eisluagolraglesi ncing, roller skrygi' g. cti itie G.A.A.. Com- Nnerce Clubil 'gli Science Club. ' Friendship revails always. Kg MARIE PERILLE Hobby: Saving souvenirs. Activi- ties: G.A.A.. Member of Clean-up Comm., S. S. Club. Polish Club. Challenged, she will pass the test. DORIS V. PETERSON Dorrie Ambition: To become nurse or air hostess. Hobbies: Swimming, collecting postmarks. Activities: T. C. Lassies, G.A.A.. Physics Club. Tap Dancing Club. Pres. Sabin Student Council. lt is better to laugh than to sigh. SOLLIE PLATZ ER Platz ' ' . B zu amous Pi nist. o . S ng snapsh . 'mming ctivities: 1 .A. lu , tra. g Life, b h t 1 . GEORGE H. POLLOCK Slim Ambition: B.S.: M.S.: Ph.D. Hob- by: Talking about Clean-up Campaign. Activities: Vice-president Chi. Clean- up League. Honor Society, Lit. Comm. Tuley Annual. Clean-up Chairman. In strode the conqueror. EVELYN RADINGER Evoo Ambition: To be a Jitterbug. Hob- by: Dancing. Activities: Vice Pres. of Commerce Club. Honor Society, G.A.A.. S. S. Club. Feet Hrst. LILLIAN REED Ambition: To become Miss Amer- ica. Hobby: Swimming. Activities: Vice Pres. T. C. Lassies, Sec'y Clean- up Campaign, Class Nite Committee, Honor Society, Review Typist. S. S. Club. A thing of beauty is a joy foreuer. RITA RENKOSIAK ' t Ambition: ss. ' lec ' '- . c . s, handkerchiefs, ctivities: G.A.A.. C.C.. . . and Charm Clubs. Honor Society. Earth's most noble thing: a woman perfected. BERNARD B. RIBACK Butch or Bernie Ambition: Dist. Att. Hobbies: Baseball, stamp collection, reading good books. Activities: S. S. Club, B.A.A., C.C., Pin and Ring Committee. Young fellows will be young fel- lows. DORIS E. PETERSON Do Do Ambition: To be an Aviatrix. Hob- bies: Bicycle riding, building model airplanes. Activities: G.A.A., Com- merce Club. S. S, Club. Soft spoken and well liked. DOROTHY MAE PIERCE Dot Ambition: To become a Private Secretary. Hobbies: Tennis, dancing. Activities: S. S. Club, Commerce Club. Clean-up Campaign. As good as she is fair. LEVKA PODOLA Ambition: To be a Teacher. Hob- bies: Sewing. drawing. Activities: S. S. Club, Honor Society. Hall Guard. Patience a remedy for every trouble. MORRIS PORTMAN Mori-ie Ambition: Business Man. Activi- ties: B.A.A.. Fire Marshal, Jr. Bas- ketball Team. S. S. Club. Hall Guard, Winner of Ping Pong Tournament. Sports is the spotlight in which he basks. l l Page Thirty-nine EDYTHE ROSENBERG Edie Ambition: Famous Tango Dancer. Hobbies: Knitting and dancing. Ac- tivities: T. C. Lassies. Clean-up Cam- paign, Tuley Review. Her nature is a good one: every spare minute she thinks of fun. BERNICE ROTH Ambition: C.P.A. or Social Work- er. Hobbies: Bicycling, clothes de- signer, Activities: S. S. Club, Com- mercial Club, Clean-up Committee. Charm Club, French Club, T. C. Las- sies. A good nature is a crowning virtue. FRIEDA RUBENSTEIN Fritz Ambition: To be a very good Act- ress. Hobbies: Collecting paintings. history pictures. Activities: S'.S.C., G.A.A. Ah! that charm, it doth enchant. VIOLA J. RYBACK Vy Ambition: To be best dressed wom- an in America, marry a millionaire, to travel and to be a beauty operator. Hobbies: Athletics. dancing. Activi- ties: C1.A.A., S. S. Club. Charm Club. Commercial Club. Gaiety is the spice of Life. Page Forty M J UNE Pee Wee ml Pers el Mgr. Hob- bies: Readin ing. Activities: G.A.A.. Life gay' ' , Tap Dancing. The pleasantest' hings in the world are pleasant thoughfs. OLIVE RISCH Ollie Ambition: To be a Laboratory Technician. Hobbies: Music, drama. reading. Activities: C1.A.A.. Social Science and Charm Club. A living jewel dropped unsustained from Heaven. . :WL 'tti Whitey Hob- jg. if Q if BERNADETTE C. ROEQER Bernie a Ambitio :f 'lf trayel. Hobby: orkin 'crox 'oi-id uzzles 'Activi gjietw ,,t1es:ll, .A.A.:'. Sociyzil Science Club. 'ijf Corgiimerce .'Club , MA frigifld to gfbtyonelva' foe to none. n V, El Y .., 1 , - A . - fn., 1 . " 1 . A MOLLIE ROSENTHAL Mousy Ambition: To be head Bookkeeper of a Federal Bank or a large Iirm. Hobbies: Collecting out of date news- papers. Activities: Bookkeeping Club. Review Staff, Commercial Club, S. S. Club. Silver Pin XVinner. She does her best and never worries about the rest. mga' TR,ysicalNEd5oaitiKn-X gruc or. Mhbxe. 'Y-Xth e ics. Act! ' ' ig L em? Sen or A. 4-B Vice l 'lf Pl ' f Capt. dx ds .,.- ,- he Gifs!! s' hy ESTHER H. RINDHORN Dimples Ambition: To lose weight. Hob- bies: Tennis and swimming. Activi- ties: G.A.A.. S. S. and C. C., Honor Society. . Her hand is always ready and will- mg. MARG ri T TO Margie W i bu i s success. Hob- bi Col ting r es, gr etihg cards, sp rts and kn't ber of t e . Rep. y . Goo se, an an amiable student. . Aoi ilies: Mem- .C. and Log Amhfio : To at Tuley. CE ILIA gvlliesn . dent Co n ' 6: res. . lub, sst. n. Clean Up ampai n Wr' ng Cl , d P'n ANNE ROSEMAN Rosie Ambition: to be the ellicient Secre- tary. Hobbies: Collect pictures. sing- ing and dancing. Activities: Honor So- ciety. Gold Pin Student. G.A.A., Clean Up Committee, S. S. Club and Com- mercial Club. Merry as the day is long. SAM ROTI-L,-'KXQS Lxv-Sas 'm cm.. . . 3 g N ff Q. Cbfjiggom rcei a if ' TADTQ. xcgg:1tIer7QQNt37'rom hJbQTdg5 2 H-he CHX A ws MERIAM P. RUTTENBERG Phil Ambition: General oflice work. Hobbies: Collecting stamps, different kinds money. Activities: G.A.A.. So- cial Science, Commercial Club, Charm Club. 1-l good nature is a crowning virtue. 'SJ gxaym 'sswui izinozzy "X m 'itionzl ravebgllkver the ica mu U Aktisqiiies: A dminercial Clu XS. S. b, G.A.A. Re Hy soc al-minded OTIQJ esD?glAy1ling gms class N MILDRED SEBEL Mill Ambition: Nurse. Hobbies: Tennis. Activities: G.A.A., Charm Club. S. S. Club. Commercial Club. Honor Society. Wise and resolved to be gay. FLORENCE SHLIFKA Flo Ambition: Successful Secretary. Hob- bies: Collecting movie stars. Activities: S. S. Club. Commercial Club. G.A.A.. Tap Dancing Class. A name of noble traits long to be remembered. - -i LENA SH Tiny Ambiti : e e a y. Hpb 's: Swimming, 1 d re c-' tivities: S. . lub, A . omm ce Club. lVorlh her w 'ghl in gold. SHIRLEY linac. Leei Ambit-ioii: ' ti obbies: Danc-l ing. swim . Actie iti s: iG.A.A.. Tuley Rffsfies .1 omiigklirciiil QI b.X Charm Clilb, 'o Rag ehtat yes Hall Ciuard. l ,f d ly ' ll! fl. Humor and,Ya gay smile 'toward success. Q : HELEN SADOXVSKA Stardust Sawdoff Ambition: To become a School Teacher. Hobbies: Swimming. baseball. reading, dancing. Activities: G.A.A.. Polish Club. S. S. Club. Still water runs deep. 1 7 .1 ' s ff, fl JEAN MARY RSAMOLEJ f,A,lTaay Am ition: 3 of be faggbuls Diress- makertianyliesiigner. Ifbbies: Read- in , ysocial dancing. fbascball. Activ- i.es: Charm, SS.. Chess aald 3 eckentclubsfdklolleylball Teaxgniy Hon- !! I S ' ,MT D 4 fu by or Egiclgriiy yrqirliedizrgd ax gggajd lu- dmr. " up ' y .1 2 5 A i P FRI ' ALEHMMER lf 1 ,u,..',"" - ition: Stgnvoxgzraplsefpfifqfiobbiesz ancin jgozgjkfthefmovies. swim- ming. ictiti ' sz T.,C. Lassies. Charm Club. S. S. Club. Commercial Club. Talking of personality. HELEN SCHNEIDER Nane Ambition: Most successful Secre- tary that could ever be. Hobbies: 'XVrit- ing and drawing. Activities: Library. Literary Club. Her smile goes a long way. maniac ff i SIDNEY EUGENE SERLIN Jeep Ambition: Successful Business Man. Hobbies: Stamp collector. baseball. c- tivities: B.A.A., S. S Club. Carefree. yet confi nl. v ar o .S. ition: 1 Ul f er in igh sch Ol. Hob !: 91 is 5, keep g 3 scrap book. iti I an Up Cam- paign, S. SJQJA or Society, Drama Class, CLA A. Business :before plgasur . JEANETTE SIEGEL Shanie Ambition: Successful Business Wonm- an. Hobbies: Stamp collector, dancing. Activities: G.A.A.. Commercial Club. Honor Society. Manager of G.A.A.. Honor Roll Student. S. S. Club. Her ways are pleasant. VIVIENNE S. SIEGEL Sea-Gull Argbd on: So 151 Qpkyf dbbie 3 G.A.A., NS. Club. rcial Club. Tuley R view. Hall .rdf-P Yolu 'ilniirivfffis fivays hard to beat. J gif 'ff' 4 f ANGELINQ .SAIMEMI Q. NAA Am T9 : -' and 'Tcfisn Hob es' 'a , swimming. basket- ball. ctivggasz Ci.A.A.. Charm Club. Office Girl r IM years. The perfect woman athlete. SYLVIA SANDMAN Sooky Ambition: Physical Education In- structor. Hobby: Tennis. Activities: G.A.A., Log and Review Staff. S. S. Club, Commerce Club, French Club. I came, I saw. I conquered. CELIA SCHIKLER Ambition: Secretary. Hobbies: Bi- cycle riding. swimming. Activities: G.A.A.. Commercial Club, Social Sci- ence. Always the perfect lady. DOROTHY SCHREIBER Schreib Ambition: To enter a roller derby. Hobbies: Collecting pictures and CIUIO- graphs of famous sport celebrities. Ac- tivities: G.A.A., S. S. Club. Commerce Club. Life Saving Club. Naturally noble. Page Forty-one C. l ANN ROCHELLE SLUTSKY I.onny Ambition: To be a,,Poet or Model. Hobbies: Writing and collecting poetry. drawing. Activities: S. S. Club. This young lady has talent. ZORA SMITH Zoe Ambition: Travel around the world. Hobbies: Dancing, reading. Activities: Commercial Club, S. S. Club. G.A.A.. n . ,lui i X li if , Ang' x M, .ti l ' " WP-. -ily it ,-V! MA bMAt SIE ANQW KI ' . MRL VERT li Slim ll. f ll' Nvsy -'Ji' ' , i , Y if ,r ,A obbis. Pigeons b edingj, base- A' 'ilti n: cimak 'lgifii-tillio ith- l lball. luxflgvitiesz S . Club, Com- ut arr milliggdtiire. obbies: fi, me , Bifys' A hletic Assn. ecti X ws sly. ctivities: -i e lxiill nonhange him. , nS pt N Editor Review, l i ' eatilve ., ub. C m. ' 1 One in gm ' , alwajs ready, will- ing and a le. , 1 JEANNE SILBERBERG Jeanee ELAINE GERMAINE SKARBEK Ambition: Teacher. Hobbies: Ten- GIESICS 1 r nis, dancing. Activities: S. S. Club. Clean Up Campaign. Review Staff, Commerce Club. G.A.A., Checker and Chess Club. Swell knowing. efticient and humor- ous. ELIZABETH SKATUI. ' ' . Am ' ' . To bec I a uc ul B egix' g -f an u visit rope. H b ' : Dan g. t- rzs . Ac- r xh. s. s.C 3 u ,Polish l , Hall G -t , Co eri Club. Q or Society, .A.A. The spirit of real womanhood. .IEANETTE SLAVIN Ambition: To be a Secretary. Hob- bies: To collect pictures and play ten- nis. Activities: S. Club, G.A.A.. Commerce Club. -' ff' uccesis is jf: lf A f ' VHF' i Jwjxjyk 5 My V ll, IF: , fy it ff' MAURICE SMITH 1 Moe Ambition: To become a Physical Education Teacher. Hobbies: All sports. Activities: S. S. Club, B.A.A.. Junior Basketball Team, Decoration Commit- tee. First cousin of Chas. Atlas. ALF SOLBEBG Curley Ambitfon: f cc dfon Player. Hob- ' 'i in ' t collecting, d . c it : . S. S. Club, ommercial Club. Hall Guard. lt's either her or Healy Lamarr Stea' y and dependable. X everytime. ' lt Url U Q RUTH JUNE SOLDINGER MURIElfl,SQlQl.IEN A -i Ambition: Doctor. Hobbies: Col- Ambilioln: Nuysibneitravel around lecting stamps, foreign coins and pam- the ol'l,d.'A Ho biei . Swimming, bike phlets. Activities: Physics Club, S. S. lzridiiig: Activiti s:CG.A.A., Commer- Club. G.A.A. 'cia Club, S.'Sl lub, Charm Club. The good samaritan. V Saving Qlub. ,fl There grelno detours on the road to lvsuccess. f ., QL 9 JEAN SPORER ROBE T ST ' J Ambition: School Teacher, travel A ' . usic or ph 'ca egy- around the world. Hobbies: Stamp col- cation. obbies: Weigla X tiii lAc- lecting. Activities: G.A.A.. Treasurer tivities: Orches r', B.A:A.,'X -Y. of S. S. Club. Charm Club, Hall Guard. We speak o qrsey.JOrin Tucker Active and a most courteous young and Bob in the same breath. lady. Page Forty- two Hobbies: Dancing and more danc- ing. Activities: S. S. Club. Commerce, G.A.A., Decorating Committee, Hall Guard. Gayly she trucks on down. ALFREDA SKROBINSKI Binny Ambition: To travel, meet famous people and own a yacht. Hobbies: Bi- cycle riding, collecting stamps. Activ- ities. Commercial Club, S. S. Club, G.A.A. Indeed a real lady with a great smile. ESTHER SLOVIN Es Ambition: To be a very efficient and trustworthy Secretary. Hobbies: Danc- ing, writing letters. Activities: G.A.A., Commercial Club. French Club. Dra- matics. S. S. Club. Talking of personality and fun, here you are. Chubby A "on: cr t. . bies: Col- le t' g 1, 5 tl. c g. Act' ities: .A. ,J S. ' ub ommer' l Club. Ha ni 0 - 0 , ' an er current of , I' V f1t?SS. RALl?ljl SUSSMQNMK w sussie Arribiton VG A .Holabie SS orts :P and Iffendiagff Aenvifiesy B.A.A., son..-ff cial Science Clubl l ll , ,UQ--'ill' ' To know hijn is mplclzsurei t' 1 '," I U QW' DORO Hfalflkll. svecu Dm ion itenographer. J Hobbies: C cting sta gf Qviting. Ac- ltieities: S. E WTA.. Commerce C at 'I lub, Heglbapabilities 'will make her tm assetilto her employer. N t X X ELIZABE A 2 lff- Injun mbit S e Ho les: Fen ng, 1 A ' ities: Review, I 5 X l ' J . bb' Clea C P? ign, .- S. Club. Hon- 0rS c y. ' H ' X In h there 4 tb -1 to admire. I Q. 4' "if: . VJ M " , fl 1 .4 V' S lVllLl'CHEI:lIL'STARO3'l'liA I . 4 ' ' 'I A . ' Am tion: -.Accpuntantf Hobbies: Sta ' ,yidollecti ,baseballfc Activities: C merce Y S4 S." Club B.A.A. wiv' , P Cfige' does ot make the man. l 4 , H li . J lr: . 1.1-4 l N , ,ll , '. V- - . z,sTE,1NBERG ' . M I X Ambition: C. P.,A. Hobby: Stamps. Activitiesk, B.A.A,, Coxnmefcifxl' Club. S. S1 Club, Bookkecpil'1giClub. His pen is the tongue of his mind. B N E STEINHOLTZ mb 'onz Private Secretar . by: Da ing. tivities: Se o . . . Seco in. m- ub. S . , Clean Up a eafl. 13 U lwff 1 W! ' ' SYXX1'I1liTl'gNSEkl! ,JJAJJ Ambitj, :Sec ry: biesgtbanc- l fCSSlJl s l ciavities: seifl-Slaico ,Pit .O . Assibpghaif man- of C Com ittee,B Clean Up, orfgni ee, '. S. Club. 2, Fortune, spa Lblhfily!-' jjf. X 1 ll' fl ' 1 l MIRIAM SUGAR Mir Ambition: Kindergarten Teacher. Hobbies: Reading. Activities: Honor Society, S. S. Club. Clean Up Cam- paign, Asst. Cir. Mgr. of Log, Log Comm. As sweet and lovable as her name. JOAN SURDEY Jean Ambition: Beauty operator. Hobbies: Swimming and baseball. Activities: G.A.A. If at Hrst you don't succeed, try, try again. LORRAINE SWIETLIK Rae Ambition: Air Hostess. Model. Hob- bies: Horseback riding and roller skat- ing. Activities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club, Hall Guard. Pass time. and leave me gay and youthful. DIANE TAYNE Dotty Ambition: Research in Bacteriology. Hobbies: Bike riding. swimming. Ac- tivities: Pres. Creative Writing Club, Second Gold Pin. Lit. Chairman. Clean Up Campaign. Asst. Editor of Log. Her red hair challenges Hollywood. REGINA STASKIEVJICZ Ambition: Gym Teacher. Hobbies: Sports and dancing. Activities: G.A.A.. Polish Club. S. S. Club, Commerce Club. She displays the joy of youth in her ages. X ! 'Y . f LlfQ,.Ki3' ,..,.f, 1- JL. 9' W1-"y C IDA QTEINBERG 1' lace A ittivllzfflfocgtvtkd the U. of cn. Hob ies: Talking and , playing: the piano. V attgvities. Social! Scenes -maui G.A.Af,'Qf.fQQean,Up Cpmpafgn. .. ji' Jusrfpersdnality plus. ff' Xt CAROLE STELEBUCK' Treechie Ambition: Stenographer. Hobbies: Dancing and athletic activities. Activ- ities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club, S. S. Club. Charm Club. Piquancy and more. ADELINE STERN Namie and Addie Ambition : Secretary. Hobbies: Noth- ing very definite. Activities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club, Commerce Club. Honor Society. The quiet mind is mellow with thought, Page Forty-three . v., 6, ti . ., . - P' Agn -1, BVI'-lx, gli li .- Li .full ELI VEREN Esquire Ambition: To become an Actor on the legitimate stage. Hobbies: All sports and reading. Activities: Cheer- leader, B.A.A., Art and Play Dept., Clean Up Campaign, Championship Basketball Team. l'll have nothing to do with women. XVALTER WARZALA Wally Ambition: Orchestra Leader. Hob- bies: Golf, tennis. Activities: B.A.A., Orchestra. A strong, silent man. ,. ily f at ' it tw 1 IRLEYXLK WEINER Xl., J. Anibitiontl o be a sluclgyss it the . 1 WRX' A l . J steno ' ti dxlalolbi' semi S. S. Club, Commerc SClu , .A.A. X ng to they Qaidio and tivities: A quiet and busy li Ile iss. LILA WENIG Li Ambition: Dramatic Artist. Hob- bies: Reading and swimming. Activ- ities: Pres. French Club, S. S. Club. Gold Pin. Creative Writing, Charm Club. Log Staff. C.C. Merry as the day is long. Page Forty-four -.,9 xp.- 4-,5 U-' 5- , ' Al I W .i'gV!l.fIl"t.1e ,fi BETTE TERMAN Bochie Ambition: To become a good Secre- tary. Hobbies: Tennis, dancing. Ac- tivities: C1.A.A.. S. S. Club, Charm Club, Delegate Social Science. lVeIl poised and full of grace. FLORENCE TRELKA Ambition: Secretary. Hobbies: Tak- ing snapshots. Activities: Polish Club, Charm Club, Ci.A.A. Diminutive in size, but not of spirit. FRANK TUCCI Tootsie Ambition: To be Air Pilot. Hob- bies: Ballroom dancing, swimming, baseball. Activities: B.A.A.. Seekers Club, S. S. Club. His ambition will carry him to the clouds. EVELYN UNGER Penny Ambition: Typist. Hobbies: Danc- ing and sports. Activities: Social Sci- ence Club. Quietly she travels life's road. DOROTHY WARD Dot Ambition: Stenographer, Costume Designer. Hobbies: Drawing, badmin- ton. Activities: Ci.A.A., S. S. Club. Here for work as well as for pleasure. RUTH WEINER Ambition: Secretary. Hobbies: Con- certs, walking with others and sports. Activities: Commercial Club. Library Club. S. S. Club, G.A.A. Always sweet and always true. FRANCES WEINTROB Fannie Ambition: To be a Grammar School Teacher. Hobby: Tennis. Activities: Creative Writing Club, S. S. Club. Commerce Club, French Club, 4B Sec- retary. A good nature is a crowning virtue. LA VERNE WERNES Lovey Ambition: Stenographer. Hobbies: Dancing. Activities: C1.A.A., Social Science. She'll always come to but for you. , 1' , gf li L 4 ffffuvfif 7 ,- ' 1' ' ,.,, sfo xfftfmik f Z Lomsfra M,07T1771ERMANN , K,-.pftf , 'GRAW Ambition: Succ ' ' usiness world. Hobbies: Reagivng and dancing. Activ- ities: G.A.A.. Commerce Club, S. S. Club, Honor Society. Still water runs deep. i .il .il it Litu NUQf'RZOSOVQlSqKI Lil Am ' ion: To begokme a Private Sec- retaryggi Holgies: 'S"wimming, dancing. Mxtiyyiries: . mzilrll-lil, s. s. ciub. com- mkitial CQulbll, X' Thvkkirbd of girl we won't forget. .- V- Q. MIRIAM TUCKER Mimi Ambition: Secretary. Hobbies: Bike riding, swimming. Activities: S. S. Club, C1.A.A., Commercial Club. Charm Club. Efliciency personified. IRENE USTASZEWSKI I Ambition: To be successful in the business world. Hobbies: Reading, good books, going to the movies: Ac- tivities: G.A.A.. Commercial Club. A firm believer in the equality of sex. .ffy 1 . 11Qf1'i,ffff SHIRLEY WOHLFELD , 'siaftic Ambition: Typist. Hobbies: Cello playing, ping pong. Activities: Li- brary. Orch., S. S. Club, G.A.A., Charm Club. French Club. She's all my fancy painted her, she's lovelu. she's divine! x ' . -- lj Aifkfi-w'Y"'J-'i'l'tJ'l - .kLA.V.f".LJ"i'N' . ,W -HffiNfeogDo.,waioHPeT'Asn0Zts .-Ykmbition: Te,achef'o6-sc-iencl' oi" history. Hobbics:'Sw1rnming, goli. A? tivltiek: D.A.R.. Log Staff, C.C.. Cle.n' Up Comm.: Gold Pin Winner, ,T. C. Lassies, Valedictorian. l Earth's most noble thing: a woman perfected. MARVIN ZARET Murph Ambition: Capitalist. Hobby: Ten- nis. Activities: Capt, Tennis Team. Basketball, B.A.A. Oflicial. His mind is as steady as his hand. CASIMIRA ZAWISTOXVSKI Kay Ambition: To be a very good Sec- retary and some day work for the Postmaster. Activities: S.S.. G.A.A. Her joyous voice makes her many friends. 1' 4 N N A - ., fy A W if L X Llcfy .. 1 rex F bt, lvxv 06 Viv.. XVAN YYXESOILQXXLSTQI XVendy Ambillp'Ti.:XRfepbrter. Hobbies: Danc- iQg5atld' athljigs. Activities: C1.A.A.. lPolish Clpgif' reative XVriting Club. tlflel. S. S. lub, Clean Up Comm. Her heart is true, her purpose high. JOSEPH WIELBACH Ambition: To become an lVl.D. Hobby: Horseback riding. Activities: B.A.A.. Polish Club. S. S. Club. Our great leader. LILLIAN WILCZYNSKI Mugsic Ambition: Secretarial career. Hob- bies: Sports. stitching. reading. Activ- ities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club, C.C. Blessed with good reason and sober sense. LILLIAN WIOLENTY Lub Ambition: Business Woman. Hob- bies: Dancing, traveling. tennis. Ac- tivities: G.A.A.. S. S. Club. Do not give up when you are justfr at the goal. Yffy' H." QV Y N J 5? .vr ' J T V, if X-C. ' -or fl " X A ' , f Q.. ., P1-1YLL1se.MARQXWOJCIISCHOW .7 hx PM Siribitiong, Success. 'Hobbies Short stories Andi' scrapbooks. Activities: G.A.A'IQ, Delegate in Social Science. Friendship prevails always. Epo. f f ,t t 4 .' . v P X 'L I if 1.?f'fi! A - KAARON 'ZXIDEMAN Red V Ambition: To be a Capitalist. Hob- bies: Sports. various amusements. Ac- tivities: B.A.A., B.A.A. Oliicial. Social Science Club. He wears the blush of youth upon his hair. VALERIE ZAVVILA Val Ambition: Journalist: Hobbies: Collecting medals, photography. Activ- ities: G.A.A., Polish Club, S. S. Club. Creative XVriting Club. Nature is her strongest point. HENRIETTA MURIEL ZELAC Hank Ambition: Elementary Teacher. Hobbies: Roller skating. bike riding. Activities: S.S.. Charm Club, Commer- cial Club. G.A.A., Room Representa- tive. Friendly towards all. a maid we ad- mire. Wg lE KI Lory m ' ' nz ' ine ist. Hobbies: a a baseb l. Ac ivities: . , ap Danci . C ,.-Clpb, o ' all. S. S. u It smile that wil er win off. NORBERT WIELGUS Keystone Ambition: To become a good Ball Player. Hobby: Collecting pictures of birds and airplanes. Activities: B.A.A., S. S. Club. A wise manfgidat im who can. ' l 4 is .ff Proms QS VkIf'Il4lIECKI Flo Ambit 'llo be a Nurse. Hobbies: Dancing. pi Qrplaijiiftg. Activities: S. J S. QI b, G. .A.. .X ommerce Cl . if X e of ikrm. Kuick Rgjnotz . it itiif'ifl ' X MX jx , X . tx t ESTELLE wot' soN L x Ambition: To be learned in Hebrew Qteachings. Hobby: Athletics. Activi- V E ties: G.A.A.. S. S. Club, Charm Club. YVisdom is more to be envied than riches. Page Forty-Eve , -- ' fl, ' ' . f , iQ,f".r.Qfi4LL'4 1, 'Zz 1 77 ARRY ZEVIN' Ambitio ' 1 e s Man. Hobby: Tropic raising. Activities: B ., l Science Club. Commerce A man's a man for cz' that. LILLIAN ZIOLKOWSKI Lil Ambition: Secretary. Hobbies: Danc- ing, reading, skating. Activities: Social Science Club. She is wise, who resolves to be gay. ALBERT ZIPNICK Zippy Ambition: Pharmacist. Hobby: Stamp collecting. Activities: B.A.A.. S. S. Club. Commerce Club, Log Staff. His success lies in his hands. LEDA ZUBOV JANE APPEL Ambition: My future will tell. Hob- bies: Basketball, swimming. Activities: Social Science Club, Commercial Club. G.A.A., Library Staff. She's simple and sweet. JOSEPH BOLECHALA Ambition: Regular Army Soldier. Hobbies: Scrapbook. collect military and naval equipment for souvenirs. Ac- tivities: Polish Club. S. S. Club, B.A.A., Capt. Hall Guards, Vandal- ism Club. For he's a jolly good fellow. ALFREDA ZIOLKOWSKI Freddy Ambition: Legal Secretary. Hobbies: Reading. bicycle riding. A warm heart and helping hand. EDWARD J. ZIOBRO Zerobo Ambition: Mechanic, Pilot. Hobby: Stamp collecting. Activities: B.A.A., Hall Guard, Polish- Club. His ways are those of pleasantness. DOROTHY ZIZIC Dot Ambition: Dress Designer. Hobbies: Swimming, dancing. Activities: Com- merce Club. S. S'. Club. Charm Club, G.A.A., Review, Hall Guard. In her are traits to admire. MARGARET BONA Marge Ambition: None in particular. Hob- bies: Floriculture. reading. Activities: G.A.A., Commerce Club, Social Sci- ence Club. Reading makes the full person. THERESA CATALANO Terry OLGA DZIADYK Augie Hobbies: Bicycle riding, tennis, rol- Hobby: Sports. Activities: G.A.A., ler skating. Activities: G.A.A., Charm Social Science. Hall Guard, Commercial , Club, Social Science. Club. To know her is a pleasure. She is that all she should be. ADELINE FERRARI GEORGE RICHARD GOODZEY EDWARD KEDZIOR John Ambition: Air Stewardess. Hobbies: G00dZ Ambition: C. P. A. Hobby: All Swimming, basketball. Activities: So- Ambition: Electrical Engineer. Hob- sports. Activities: Social Science Club. cial Science Club, Commerce Club, bies: Radio. swimming. Activities: B.A.A.. Commerce Club. G.A.A., Charm Club. B.A.A., Chess and Checker Club. A man of sports, A warm heart and helping hand. He goes unsung, but he is not dis- couraged. EDWARD KLYSZEWSKI Click PHILIP NEU Phil Ambition: U. S. Army Pilot Ambition: Business Man. Hobbies: fbombing squadronj. Hobby: Sports. Baseball, reading. Activities: Hall Activities: B.A.A. ' Guard, Commerce Club. Physics Club, Gayly he beats his wings. S. S. Club, B.A.A. By diligence he makes his way. SEYMOUR NEUMAN Seash CHESTER RACZKA Mungo B. WILLIAM ZAWADZKI Bill Ambition: Undertaker, Embalmer. Ambition: Big Leaguer. Hobby: Ambition: B.S.. M.D.. Ph-.D. Hob- Hobby: Fishing. Activities: B.A.A.. Make model airplanes. Activities: Pol- bies: Sports, collecting old coins and Physics Club, S. S. Club, Commercial ish Club, B.A.A. stamps, fishing. Activity: B.A.A. Club. We want a homer. He lives at peace with all mankind. A practical joker. , LA VERNE G. ALTHER VI NT L. BOGUCKI ABE T. BLITZENSTEIN . DRONSKI ,YA EDWARD J. KULA JOHN S. WYTRWAL MARY C., PIETRUCKA HELEN SWIRSKI IRENE Z EW,SKI , 'cqY. ELEANOR J. WOLKOWINSKA ' ,off f ,fnjnifj - ,f 'L I ,ff K L v,,.' ,M A . Page Forty-six Wiz.-,,,,-.Q '23 'Adu' 9 he X ' lf' ,c P' 1 The Crossroads You to the left, and I to the right, For the ways of men must sever- And it well may be for a day and a night, And it well may be forever. But whether we meet or whether we part fFor our ways are past our knowingj A pledge from the heart to its fellow heart On the ways We all are going! Here's Luck! For we know not where we are going. With a steady swing and an open brow We have tramped the Way together, But we're clasping hands at the crossroads now Soon to face with an unknown weather. And whether we sob: or whether we smile, In the leagues that lie before us, The Ways of life' are still many a mile And the favor of God is o'er us. . , So here's Luck! And a cheer for the beyond before us! You to the left, and I to the right, For the Ways of men must sever- And it well may be for a day and a night, And it well may be forever. But whether we fail or rise on high, For the end is past our knowing- CThough not beyond our strivingj Here's two frank hearts and an open sky Be a fair or ill wind blowing! Be good or evil thriving: HERE'S LUCK! In the teeth of all Winds blowing. -Richard Hovey CRevisedj. Page Forty-seven V' '3S1fz - - THE LOG STAFF - - '39 Log Aduiser MR. LAWLEY C o-Editor ELDONNA SZYBINSKI Co-Editor DAVID ROTH Assistant Editor YOLANDA FARKAS Assistant Editor SAM STEINBERG Assistant Editor RUTH RICKERT Assistant Editor GOODWIN SCHRAIBER - Business Manager MARVIN KIRSTEIN Page Forty-eight W ,MW .- sie Editor-in-Chief MORRIS COHEN Log Adviser MR. NOVOTNY Assistant Editor ROSE LEVITSKY Assistant Editor ROBERT ROBB 41 YN nt Editor Assistant Edt tor WJ LILLIAN REED Business Manager BERNARD BAYGOOD Circulation Manager GEORGE GORDON C3855 CLASSES .f- My -.lt 5" ' .l Y.. K ' .X . DIVISION 121-SA C. Manoogizm. A. Skorupa. ff. Samuels. C. Dall, T. Gunrnera, H. Litwinchuk. Xl. Pomerantz, E. Finklestein D. Segal. L. Heller. Miss K. Cleve. E. M. Bell. M. Gold. H. Horewitch, H. Termzm. J. Vah-sel, M. Skrypek R. Odes, N. Luchcn. S. Levit. H. Elfman. N. NVeisman, M. Rabinowitz, A. Cohen, S. Strauss. i' DIVISION 227-5A H. Diamond, H. Tankus, P. Pnsthoff, L. Hartman, R. Cohan, D. Themely, E. Gidzinski, A. Pappas, Z x Deutsch, A. XVeinstein, N. Di Angelo, R. Iustman, J. Altshuler, T. Kopec, M. Rosenblum, M. Samuels af' f J! DIVISION 314-SB 'xJ1l'Ir. Pritikin. G. Vlliener, E. Pnwlikowski, S. Baylen, L. V. Feltman, N. Hirsch, R. Smolinsky, H. Supy S. Mandela E. Olszewski, R. liaitman, E. Schultz, E. VVozna, B. Tomber, S. Cohen. S. Ross, D. Levm, I xg"-X I. -'I fxS11kacl1,'QN. I.ei1rlehR. lVaape. NV. Koepke, NV. Lyszczarczyk, H. Linden. M. Humenick. J. Giern, L. Llptpn, f Bartlett, Siwhvixmeberg, E. Kibitlewski, M. Ellinas, K. Ellinas. A. Rozausky, R. Eiscn, M. Cohen, L. Xx'lf1l3l'Skl E. Kobos, I. Ziolko, Y. Miller, V. liolodziej, S. Rieger, M. Kaplan. ,' W . .. ,V - V Q I , UQ., V ,, ,fs -M W K v ,UIQ . . . mf- 5 V if 'V Va' 'WI ki s,.A.Af'9 A Page Fifty I 6 DIVISION 119-SA A. Polowy, R. Feingold, H. Loboykn, R. Harris. D. Arkin. C. Vengoechea, F. Bush. E. Roth, S. Fuenfer, E. Robbin, S. Lazar. T. Tlapa, Ir., Miss F1'eclex'ick, G. Pura, M. Rusloy, II. Hoffman, B. Aronow, F. Kagan, B. Comzn, C. Suffrin, DR. Rovner, R. Halick, M. Goldberg, VV. Greenberg. S. Blaskiewicz, D. Glanz, L. Rapaport G. Smger, L. Cooper, S. Mandel, D. Friedman, H. Follingstud. S. Bielnk. 'A' DIVISION 1 19-SB Holland, R. I-Iegge, G. Smith, R. Murofclxik, A. Vlfuss, A. Bartolo, N. Fogel,.L. Orschel, I. Sanglers C. , M. Pnwly, C. Zaremski, D. Nellis, F. Klabon, A. Dudak, D. Sylvester, H. Gryboskl. V. Thomas, A. Pxtler, P. Guss, A. Mayor. Mr. Colodny, V. Kaliski, M. Bielat, L. Chase, Z. Rurka, N. Kazanowski, I. Maiman Il. Gorell, A. Hechtman, I. Gantwerker, G. Culoby. it DIVISION 120-5A C. M s D. Busse, V. Kelley, T. Pyrcioch, B. Sidrzmsky, P. Rakiewicz, L. Raclowski, L. Szymanski,.A. Scarflina, Zlotkuwski, L. Portnoy. L. Pulcsta, L. Sesko. G. Lawniczak, L. Pahl, S. Snemien, D. Omysw. L- VVUS011. . Zwerling, E. Boyd, A. Ianik, E. Yager, G. Lid, L. Bennett, H. Paterka, D. Goetz, A. Langer, L. Appelt. Page Fifty-one ...Ld DIVISION 1 15-6A H. Nerowich, E. Kania. L. Rush, H. Koster, NV. Lukasik, D. Hyman, M. Schneider. V. Skowron. R. Piuker M. Morath, L. L. Schaefer, D. Engel, L. Kurkowski, J. Felicinne, H. VVaszelewski. I. Margolis. R. Schnei der, J. Micek, E. Bugaj, D. VVunnicke, B. MacPherson, R. L. Kasowitz. XV. Bak. D. Mlodinoff. R. NVeinstock 3. Ryndak, M, Anderson, B. Freese, C. XVrzecionkowski, H. Pawlus, E. Difenzo, E. Breitowicli, S. Gordon . Krause. i' DIVISION 117-6A L. Rosenberg. I. Hominick, D. Kielbasa, M1 Felgenhauer, M. Facko, M. Refke, E. Prush, L. Prush, H Ryszkowski, S. Matusiewicz, J. Kempa, B. Coyle, E. Eifert, T. Cohen, E. Buchacz, S. Levine, H. Bitter B. Goluhiewski, L. Louik. M. Goldberg, Miss Burlingame. 'A' DIVISION 126-6A Miss McGill. D. Lerman, E. Fox. L. Rrodowski, M. Lubas, R. Rice, J. Sporer. H. Klapman, D. Aron S. Rubberman, I. Rothman. M. Xvhitman, H. Frankel. L. Feinstein, D. Trossman, A'R. Slutsky, L. Byster A. Byster, E. Mazonowicz. J. Wfasilewski, S. Jacoby, R. Minkoff, E. Freidson, F. Singer. B. Glasky C. Janus. C. Levin, G. Ginsberg, R. Tigermann, I. M'cGil!. Page Fifty-two 1 i v DIVISION 126-6B S. Herman, V. XVarclach, I. Augxrslyn. B. Biernnt, H. Golden, B. Scllaffrzm, J. Levin. l.. lloltzer, H. Sxegel, H. H. Saltsberg, S. Stein, NV. Slnviu. J. Zelenietz, NV. Catch, T. Zerwic, S. Srcmrmiak, S. Smolislx, Mr. VVedgworth. C. J. Liskn, C. Lipschutz, ID. Silbert. H. Geller. L. Okon, ll. Sheehan. I. Romalewski, G. Silverman, L. Kamys, N. Rurkn, E. Apfelbaum, A. Einstein, S. Kinherg, L. Johnson, B. Zaban. I. Marszalek. 'A' DIVISION 129-6A L. Sturm, G. Matson. R. Rasmussen. L. Olsen. B. Nolan. L. Pnclxtel. F. Golczewski, I. Gildemeister. G. kxkubowski, Dr. Johnson, T. Horan. E. Palluth, fl. Saline. F. Sakosky, Grzesik, P. Liszmby, L. Gctzberg, . Meline, S. Kanonik, P. 'Mqtwicim R. jeske. M. lVe-ber, XV. Kuklinski, , . Prangl, H. Olszewski, E. Pobloskl, F. Gunderson, S. Boryzk, S. Lipnick 'k DIVISION 130-6A E. Kuklewicz, E. Heller, S. Rosenfleld. M. Larsen, D. Stein, B. Jones, H. Zyndzewicz, H. Sakowicz, I. Dienstag, I. Camras, R. Styslo, VV. Mroczek. S. Edelstein. C. Frankiewicz, J. FitzSimmons. E. Niaber, R. Halpern. H. Rosenberg, Mr. Morforzl. M. VK'alankn, N. Rubin, E. Komperdo, T. XVierzbicki, H. Brooks, I. Seller, VV. Czachor. Page Fifty-three DIVISION 130-6B Miss Pope, B. Faber, N. Emyanitoff, F. Soriu, S. Poet, E. Pocica, A. Muryn, R. Gontfmger, F. XVolf, A XVeiner, E. Britan. S. Bromherg, F. Shulman, E. Frank, M. Zaban, E. Borudkin, R. Gates, D. Axtman I Rosiak, D. Liner, J. Iausly, K. Pedersen, A. Cadden, S. Olshan, D. Shaffer, A. Laechelt, R. Marks, C.YB Lipnick, R. Thompson, R. Unger. i E 4 U-1 E o 2 N 5 Ui nf RFZE 2 PL' In U' 1:50219 .. .5510 :QSTE ' 2511? Z' rn 342- N 5 Fgvg rig! O' 5 - . E QE' aw w r-' ' new n-1,10 52? 555 Z' QE? ' 3. za? 55.5 :EF FFQ L-F5 . , -E-423. NES' nga, BDS- PE- WF H T 42: N32 T29-E I-'.5'u: :wr BW FP. 21' pp' rn ZQ: .SSE ,-'---2 4N- '49, PF- w FQ? sg? Eg:-1 2:4 F4 Wi IS QQ ru Z1 'ri -. F -n O 2 '1 i DIVISION 219-6B . Tadda, E. Bryjak, L. Bryjnk, A. DuBart, 0. Havark, N. Covelli, B. Biondo, S. Stankiewicz, I. Kaniuga . Hapanovich. H. lirongel, J. Dellmagior, I. Zukowski, L. Olzeski, H. Branderslev, O. Bilausky, K. Bradley, Schwartz, M. Johnston, A. Stefan, M. Lipsman, Z. Trevino, M. Bfedwedowsky, E. Hejuowski, F. Kosirog . Milanowski. E. Hartmann, P. Cohn, L. Cabay, H. Szymkowski. v v DIVISION 226-6A Mr. Mnrrs, l-. Smyth, A. Nic-rlosininlek. ll. llnttaglia, G. Neumann. R. Sclineelwergcr, R. Lietz. G. Sohczak, N. Halperin. S. Clauner, 1. llrill, L. Gnldstein, E. XVojtowicz, C. Legutki. M. Ross. ll. Szaleniec. C. Sowa. Vi-'. Kapnstkn. l.. Miller, I. Koznk, N. Tnkowitz, l. Miclmlsen. Il. llaywortli. M. Buelter. L. ,Blarecki, R. Bchnke, V. Romer, A. Ksiazek, M. Dorkcn. ll. KVM, K. Lenike, L. Sarnecl-ci, E. Vifielgolewski. L. L. S. C. S. E V 'k DIVISION 226-6B Felberbaum. S. Goldfeller. F. lYalinskv, S. Stein. F. XVeinstock, E. Cohen. I. Finn, T. Fox, L. Kravitz Thomas, Pf Stange. R. llarsky, Miss jlohnsun. A. Rubin, C. Janus, B. Debnekoff, F. Goldstein, L. Silvers: Slobodkin, M. Schurr, S. Werkow. J. Black, R. Metliling, Il. Shapiro, M. Rosenberg, H. Lintz, M. Yeslin. 'A' DIVISION 3 14-6B Belmn, l.. XVisnewslci, H. Shapiro, R. Park, H. Jenkowski, G. Balna, A. Cieszykowski, E. Czarna NVaQilewski M. Rolzmclsen, l. Mnreznlek, D. Musso, D. Hoffman. D. Figiel, A. Cieslak, R. Hansen Dolipler, Ll Knndziorski. Mf Spetly, li. Zemancik, O, Dakovitz, Miss Gregg, E. Antosz, V. Maynard: Maznrewicz, A. Lewandowski, I. Lorenz, S. Klein, R. Gqlli, N. Teliak, G. Pederson. Page Fifty-five Page Fifty-six DIVISION 319-6A B. Balcernk. G. Truskolaski, E. Bartos. S. Heizler, A. Menich. L McChrystaI I Kohn. L Rataj L. Adam Su, I. -Siegel, R.AOsinsky, Miss Parker, J. zubnv, D. Mnewski, Rakwal, G'. Duffy, H. Rom, i. Hamfiler' L. Louxs, M. Copllove, E. M'arshall, M. Aul, S. Berger. F. Sieprawski. 'k DIVISION 117-7A E. Tohak, R. O':Xnclrea, M. Gazdiewicli, D. Polakowski, A. Figuieras, O. Kownlsky, S. Dryaxrski, M. Gelatt T. Borden, G. Fischer, D. Franc Miss Luedemann I Gazelle D Reid R Fridkin A Bogunia VV: 'Fischground, P. Fedorow, A. Pcitmezas, E. Raske: Iones,' IL- Hansnn,'S. Haminer, J. Bucliholz E. Futtermzul. i i DIVISION 1 17-7B FRONT ROXY: E. Unger, H. Klieman, M. Simon, H. Mickenaloff, M. Gerowitz. N. Mohr, M. Paradise S. BenAn1y, R. Emmerman, R. Heynian, F. Alterman. SECOND ROXV: Miss NVeiIer H. Kopestynski E Kukee, I. Froom, S. Arenson, E. Shiner, A. Soll, N. Fastoff. L. Beinlmrn R Miller B-XCK ROVV: L. Schleck. E. Barasch, I. Dyer, V. Serafinski, M. Friend, J. Hollander, P. Levin, A. liill, Bixon, Pachniak, M. Brooks. DIVISION 227-7A L. Nelson, E. Rasl-ce, N. Solomon, D. Heller, E. Rubenstein, M. Rozansky. I. Hajecki, L. Novak, S XVilczynski, D. Dutcliak, D. Neuhecker, D. Craggs, R. Serafin, H. Sacliweh, M. Hu:-zo. I. DiVenturi M. Garmica, M. Studner, H. Grafman. H. Bronstein, E. Marcinkiewicz. T. llrendle, Mrs. Fitzgerald V. Zonsius, F. Smagae, T. Rubenstein, R. Taxy, E. Karge, M. Fnrtos. F. Silberherg. S. Kendl. L. Heiden 'A' DIVISION 227-7B L. Puck, S-L. Iritikin, G. Kosecke, E. Koreba, E. Altman, H. M. Love, G. Zukowski, H. Hacker, L. Piwownr Miss Baker. D. Fogelliut, E. Nelson, H. NVebb, H. Dudick, L. Bernath, J. Johns, R. Bodnarchuk K. Klnozynski, T. Zide. E. Berg, M. Glaser, G. Marclilewicz. 1 ir DIVISION 229-7A R. Schwartz. D. Lantz, E. Spitzer, L. Elfman, D. Cohen, L. Vlfexlcr, F. Zielinski, L. Opyclmny, S Gerstein, I. Mikucki, R. Goodman, E. Chereska, E. Bioff, R. Kessel, D. Rubenstein. F. Anderson, J. Hay duk, Zaharck, E. .Har1natys, J. Oclerberg. B. Fleischman. C. Keller, L. Mocny. N. Ruttenberg, Mr. Lee v1g.IlVigEl11Lli Pravatuier, H. Bleckman, J. Drihin, H. Hoffnmn, M. Mzmevitz, E. Rosen, D. S. Canter, B l i s, . e'an, Page Fzfry seven DIVISION 229-7B N. VVeraky, S. Gucuione. I. Marley, E. Snbotka, H. Ganser, E. Briggs. XV. Kostenski, S. Tucker, R. VVood L. llusielewicz, H. Havark, V. Ray. N. Smith, D. Etler, L. Card, H. Falcon, M. Thorson, L. Johnson P. Sejfcr, D. Hoffman. Mr. Small. R. Goldblatt, F. Knbnla, O. Bahhey, A. lilikas, L. Polcyn, A. Klikas J. Sebby, E. Zimberoff, Ii. Amlerson. 'A' DIVISION 3 14-7B FRONT ROXV: A. Lobeck, G. Klick, D. Bowden, D. Nelson, V. Davis, R. Ficarelli, N. Chustovich, M Patman. A. Zalewski. L. Schmidt. BI. Nelson, M. Krebiehl. C. Iiochan. SECOND ROXV: L. Schwartz A. Boettcher, H. Krups, D. Hammock, F. Ameson, L. Lauri, E. Geier, G. Karwata, E. Spachner, A. Kumas I. Martinez. BACK ROXV: H. Kashinski. A. Lagodzinski. L. Citko. L. Biesiada, I. Pietrucha, L. XVun nicke. G. Krups, D. Cuiler, E. Gutowski, F. Abt, E. Pofelski, G. E. Lawley. uk DIVISION 3 17-7B E. Ralsky, M. Sohn, M. Mermelstein. E. Rosen, F. Levitt, E. Kwasnizik, B. Baker, S. Abelman, D. Brokaske R. Sandman, A. Fishman. M. Minnicks. M. Factor. R. Spinka, F. M. Giancola, J. Gilman, S. Iurbin, S Giatcow, A. DanoE. R. Rostrom, B. Mays, VV. Diuse, E. Izak, G. Hagen, XV. Simmons, Mr. Rabinovitz II. Tragarz. D. Mzmsenu, F. Kuchiski. E. Fmtkin. A. G4-ldbortin. H. Renfro, E. Klamkzx, L. Tumzm, S Snnansky, E. Rosenthal. E. Moskowitz, R. Polin, E.-Gottlieb. O. Dunski, V. Ayesse. Paqe Fzfry eight DIVISION 314-7A Miss -Riordzm. H. Yeromin, S. Sukaph. M. NViuner, A. Maryniak, A. Perkins. D. Ostrowski, D. Honensteiu, E. Dixon, D. lVojrla, H. Skotnickl. John Dymowski, I. Maser, V. Fauglit. M. Hoaglund, N. Hartzell. V. Ianik, L. Cieslalc, F. Dalke, D. Thermos. J. Zwierowicz, V. Luczynska, E. Oleck, NI. Manus, L. Rut- kowskn, XV. Plachno, P. Rakiewicz. I. Sherrier, ll. Hamelherg. 'k DIVISION 317-7A H. Sheeks, R. Goodman, A, Borta, A. Sandvik, F. Schlenkrich, L. Carson. P. Aclamkiewicz, R. Alberts, P. Ellcin, E. Gabrielson, H. Buczkowski, L. Zajac, Mrs. Merlyn, L. Granacha, F. Schulze, 1. Hall, A. Jacobs, B. .Cgisper, E. Klein, S. Przybylo, R. Rzepecki, A. Sicnkiewicz, S. Kissel, I. Hassan, Szumylo, A. YVo1c1k, M. Scllmall, A. Raczka. I. Pmulerlik, B. Simenson, L. Fritz, V. Batty, I.. Ryba, E. Slowik, i' DIVISION 320-7A FRONT ROXV: I3. Laclmian, E. Polski, L. Bressler, H. Klimkiewicz, XV. XVyzgaln, L. Poremba, Miss Fitzgerqld, L. Vlfroblewski, V. Kilar, M, Cohen, G. Kolner, M. Gerhardt .SECOND ROXV: C. Fecura, O. KHHILIXZZI, S. Kunstman, M. Federman, L. Pawelczak, I. M. Zaremski, R. Zalewski, L. Schultz, V. Michal- ski, H. Poi-tnoy, E. Oberclieck. BACK ROW: L. Rejlxolec. C. Vlliborg, F. Lipsmnn, T. Golden. A. Kulms- zewski, K. Bell, A. Palmer, E. Harder, L. Sievert, M. Literski, B. Herskovitz. V. Rogalski, L. Groch, D. Andersen. Page Fifty-nine , A Y , Page Sixty DIVISION 320-7B M. Broderick, L. Piotrowski, M. Hawryluk, R. Singer, V. Martinez, A. Dudlak, E. Purcinska, G. Markowitz C. Stensel, M. Pinkham, A. Rozinski, L. Blomarz, R. Jarmus, M. Jokubovich, A. Luchen, E. Hershfield. L Petkunas, L. Maruschak, S. Komor, V. Louis, E. Humenick. J. Kerstein, A. Freireich, E. Rusko, L. NVillis E. Babel, A. Kumeta, L. Berry, I. Leszkiewicz, M. Konopacz, M. Tobin-s, V. Bobinski, S. Galuszka, A. Ras mussen, VV. Liliwitt, R. Jankowski, 1. Strzalkzx, I. Kolpas. i' DIVISION 329-7A M. Nasiotka. M. Keller, R. qaworcke, A. Hoagland, J. Rauscker, M. Myers, I. Surla, F. Gallinger, E. Garand, L. Tlloll, F. Meyers. . VVydra. A. Vessey. A. Chisholm. E. Koch, K. Jacobson. L. Kurek, H. Pat- rick, I. Kisla, I, Szulc. M. Neva, F. liabiel, Miss Dixon, S. Sczechowski, A. Gabriel, F. Szpuk, H. Kanaszec, F. Kowalski, M. Dnnielewitz. K. Stoll, H, Ahrstrom, E. Stempel. 'k DIVISION 101-A.M. FRONT ROW? H. Kaminski. S. lankowski. M. Chmielik. M. Kwick V. Brezinski. V. Sfhwed. Miiss V Donnelly, I. Mailer, E. Pikusa, T. Nilsen. S. Swietek, E. NValkowinska, B. Drapak. SECOND ROW: R. Carrara., R. Carlson, L. Sitko, R. Dakovitz, S. lachman, M. Kuna, E. Mitchell, E. Samp, L. Sowa, L. Parenti, VV. Rogowski, L. Rockwell, S. Levin, L. Farace. A. Gebel. BACK RONV: C.. Craegs. H. Sanqaras, C. Henrick. D. Pierobon, T. Nickas, 1. Kijak, I. Kowalski, L. Hansen, L. Alperstem. S. lionkowski, M. Anderson, I. Kolodzaj, V. Kustreva, E. Iarog, C. Luettke, S. Arenson. DIVISION 102-A.M. FRONT ROlV: H. Mellin. D. Seidler, M. Kozerovski, C. Garbo, D. Grabowski, S. Nickel. L. Bradtke, D. Anderschat, K. Bliznic, L. Liss, D. Lubinski, M. Brown, R. Mandel. SECOND ROXV: C. WV. Hunter, teacher, E. Nielsen, S. Cohen, Ellen, F. Olecllowska, M. Manda, E. Klaus, L. Kosinski, L. Skoczen, I. Maselis, M. Courtney, A. Mucci. L. Colletti, E. Liuale, B. Pace. BACK ROVV: ll'. Scholly. E. Panzke, R. Ochwat, NV. lValtz, T. Cardis, L. Leneski, B. Krause, V. Anderson, S. Harris, R. Koproske, J. Fritz- man, L. Vlfennerberg, F. Shapiro, E. Kiclmra, I. Tucker. 'k DIVISION 103-A.M. FRONT ROXV: A. E. Crisler. S. Bernsten, I. Bettinski. I.. Soltys. M. Zaminski, C. Ozimkiewicz, E. Cichy. F. Czarnowski, E. Iscobsen. C. Bemtsen. I. Ricci. SECOND ROXVI E. Baran, D. Deal, P. Chandler. F. Onopa. V. Kasper, . Lahno, D. Roth, P. Macak. F. Mikosz. D. Ligman, T. Soosloff. F. Marczuk, S. Cigoi. BACK ROVV: M. Kozak. A. Poreda. F. Zajac, F. Radu, J. Fox, B. Vlfessel, V. Gore-lick, VV. Smyrski, I. lVitek, D. Unger, F. Xlfelcing. 'k DIVISION 104-A.M. FRONT ROVV: L. Bielinski, I. Monticello, C. Piotrowski, B. Slowik, K. Mance, F. Stehy. VVasserman, teacher, L. W'inkel. A. Rutkauskas, R. Gerke, C. Haslinger. SECOND ROXV: T. Meigel. I. Matuszewski, H. Dryniak, T. Ylfompson. K. Silverman, L. Kuutz, N. Simmons, M. Deisler, V. Lewizyk, S. Gatz. BACK ROVV: M. Trush, H, Haluska. S. Desll, F. Steichman, F. Zolezzi, E. Ganualdi, V. Chmielewski. F. Stan- chino, E. Zwirn, S. Miller, A. Purscin. Page Sixty-one DIVISION 201-A.M. FRONT ROXV: L. Zaczek, E. Poloniak, C. Iverson, H. Cook, M. Posler, teacher, C. Pleotis, G. Blum, E Ottow, L. Akeson, E. Motyka. SECOND ROWV: E. Groh, D. Fuller, S. Seefurth, R. Engel, J. Millar, R Antonson, E. Michalsen, S. Jankowski, B. Petersen, L. Degler. BACK ROXV: D. Kukla, L. Hansen, M Scislow, A. Johnson, E. Blunka, A. Stec, D. Hoff, YV. Korczynski, D. Lushene, D. Noll, E. Hedlund L Bricknmn, P. Calandra. wk i DIVISION 202-A.M. FRONT ROXV: G. M. Korta, B. Madsen, S. Sprehe, D. Chielewski, B. Engel, G. Foster, R. McGee Koldros. H. Dyderska, C. Hayworth, F. Rice, H. Koscielniak. SECOND ROXV: I. Pilarski, V. Czuj Smolen, I. Krall, E. Truskowska, L. XVojtyla, E. Paradise, L. Depa, F. Przybylski, E. Irlaszak, F. VVnek, Mot ka, A. Daniel, I.'Andex'son, E. Kramer, F. M. Ott, J. Bergeron. BACK ROXV: V. Rapacka, C. Halas H. IVatson. H. Kicinska, I. Olyniszak, F. Cieselski, M. Fecuira, I. Piatkowska., B. Reinieniec, P. Adamski I. Sobczak, D. Tadda, L. Mierkiewicz, A. Koperny. ,L ,I L 'A' DIVISION 203-A.M. FRONT ROVV: J. Fedorow, D. Przybylski, R. B. Clamer, J. Schneider, G. Swanson, M. VVil'shusen, E Gandomenici, G. Rzepinski, F. Ta-sson, V. Rhodes, M. Sobieski. V. Staroscik. SECOND ROXV: M. R Pellan, N. Greenspan, L. Siembab, P. Thompson, L. NVagner, L. Amhaus. D. Lindgren, L. Czarnik, I-I D'Incognito, E. Ciesielski. F. Rusek, M. XVegrzyn, H. jagielko. BACK ROVV: M. XVall, D. Iennrich, G Schmidt, L. Pomarzynski, D. Fowle, M. Iskierski, R. Blazek, D. Spadzinski, E. Rose, L. Siegel, H Szymanska. Page Sixty-two 1 X .X Lo -21. JI.- 1 w 5 R C s. -ss ,KI Q.. 075' . .JI K. fl., F C. DIVISION 2o5.A.M. FRONT ROXV: F. Replinski, H. Rexting, M. Swanson, M. Choyce. I. Gustafson, M. H. Farrell, teacher, L. Skummer, A. Zum, A. Rnjek. R. Rokel. M. XVrobel. SECOND ROXV: R. Somach, B. Hodis, R. W'itomski, F. Erickson, D. Kninzis, D. Hol'l'mnn, L. XVzillesen, L. Sikorski, B. Lisanby, R. Joyce. D. Green- nzan, A. Demuth, D. Plucinski. S. Dyhowski. BACK ROXV: H. Kalzicki, A. Haase, A. Petmeza, J. Shortino, M. Stein. E. Thomas, M. Erickson, A. Halley, I. Dudlnk, S. Michzielson, T. Putterman, J. Vifolfe, A. Rychlik, B. Radinger. 'k DIVISION 206-A.M. FRONT ROXV: V. Lana, L. Batko. L. Kroll. M. Haske, L. XVaskowsky. M. Guthrie, E. Moe. E. Michaika, E. lVilkos, S. Trela, A. Dvornik. SECOND RONV: Miss A. M. Petito, S. Youngqnist, R. Stange, L. Johnson, A. Szymkowski, M. VVerderits, C. Dobranski. L. Dolasinski, A. Keicl1inger,'B. Carey, L. Tworek, E. Zderski, F. Andrews. A. Vkfeinbcrger. I. Eber. BACK ROXV: F. Vangelis, E. Wiozny, E. Nickel, V. Nordgren, F. Florek. D. Tassell, E. Zawistowski, H. Iakns, I. Zywczzik, E. Zychowicz, L. Semon, P. VVistafke, at DIVISION so1.A.M. FRONT ROVV: E. Gnzy, D. 0'Brien, M. A. lN:igner. N. Gilroy, H. Piepiorka. R. Mioduszewski, E. Mroczek, D. NVitt. G. Pnthress, M. Vandenllergh. SECOND ROXV: C. E. Co11ner, teacher, R. Michelson, l. Salchuk. YV. Pawlowski, L. Peterson. F. Borncki, E. Gomolinski, M. Jankowski, E. Piech, C. Gilroy, E. Kamoski, G. Luck. BACK ROXV: M. Tangner, H. Skoczen, E. Marroni, V. Yzmkoff, M. Zawodny, I. Leonard., H. Kirkwood, F. Slowik, E. Ksiazek, K. Schneider, I. Michalezewski, L. Blmnenan. D. Bernstein, E. Persowich. Page Sixty-three DIVISION 303 -A.M. FRONT ROXV: S. Deisler, A. Johnson, V. Seraphin. R. M. O'Hara, P. Drake, D. XVarne, E. Ackerson M. Anderson, ll. Jzinke, G. Klein, A. Thomas, I. Kulis. SECOND RONV: S. Johannes, B. Richards, V Scibek, L. Fontana. R. Laks, B. Shapiro, L. Gryczewski, K. Owen, F. Koziol, E. Muskal, R. Perwin, E Brandt, R. llottari. M. Lanners, A. Xvnchowski, Miss Bergstrom. BACK ROW? E. Papenbrok, L. Mangels dorff, C. Litke. L. Lewicki, D. Dziadosz, L. Munson, L. Anastin, A. Sims. H. Dalaker, H. Malley, G. Cisko 'k DIVISION 304-A.M. FRONT RONV: M Bowden, H. Bowman, J. Greener, M. A. Beletsky, A. Cooperman, M. Schaffer, S Bielski, D. Skiera. E. XVhite, M. Sipla, J. DeMarco. SECOND ROXV: Miss Th e fteacherl, C. M VVauthier, I. XVasi1ewski, E. O'Karma, E. Dec, G. Shub, J. Shub, S. Boyd, S. Gehis, Banka, V. Kulack R. Zelinski, H. Thompson. A. Spinka. BACK ROXV: E. XVi-sniewski. E. XVhite, J. Kucinski, V. Czarnowski B. Medow, I. Budwich, B. Dorken, L. Peterson, R. Berzynski, G. Rickert, A. Feischil. 'A' DIVISION 305-A.M. FRONT ROXV: I. Putynkowski, E. Frankiewicz, I.. Pikulski, T. Skierska, XV. Sutkowsky, F. Frankiewicz T. Cutting Cteacheri, I. Ozcg, G. Kilian, D. Pawelko, I. Rogacki, A. Dudzik. SECOND RONV: J. Arf D. Raymer, Skonieczna, M. Onan, B. Chapman, H. Stoczynska, M. Olson, P Riley K. Kokines E A. Dezell. Garslge, M. Ygromin, c. Stackeleli, JJ. Thulke, E. Bronke. BACK RONV: I xfnryniaii, v. Geniehj GI Deering, J. Kl,ich A Mikszaniec I+. fluczek. G Dziak, A Moriart J. F ' 1 i A D . . . , . , y, 'r1ecman, ' . ryanski, F. Gancarz, E. Palka, R. Ixraus. 1 age Sixty four n . DIVISION 306-A.M. FRONT ROVV: O. Horoch, L. Hagberg, I. Xvinkowski, A. Kovar, S. Ostrowski, L.- Augustynska, F. Le , E. Miecznikowska, D. Olson, M. Petersen. SECOND ROVV: I. N. Smith Cteacherj, L. Butzen, B. Kirisicg, H. Fliss, M. Koba. B. Line, A. Sllkas, R. Molenda, D. Metra, G. Ianko, A. Kasprzyk, G. Romas, D. Karas, L. VViniecki. BACK ROXV: Orlowski, C. Szulc. L. Poremba, H. Ianko, H.- VVierzl1icki, I. VVeilby, D. Michalski, P. Mendel, A. Klcllkailo, H. Kmet, S. Kolodziet, L. XVerner, V. Mnrzec, E. Bielanski. 'A' DIVISION 101-P.M. FRONT ROWV: R. VVilson, R. Koz, I. Lipton, E. Hoffman, V. Kraus, Schy, M. Anhalt, E. Rajnka, M. Zwienszkowski, I. Bold, S. Vlfeissberg. SECOND ROVV: J. Benjamin, . Ford, F. Loecher, D. Poteracki. M. Bartell, M. Roth, L. Dombrow-ski, G. Trzcinski, D. Swital, F. Deprima, D. Pliscott, R. Harris, S. Pastuszak. BACK ROYV: A. Koelme, L. Grigsby, V. Lanezzi. R. Sambor, S. Gershenfeld, H. Smizinski. L. Tlxielsen, D. Levey, M. Grenier, M. Sclxutlx, L. Kopelson, A. Riclmrds. 'A' DIVISION 102-P.M. FRONT ROXV: A. Paterka. F. Rutkowski. L. B. XVray, E. Rasch, L. Olxling, E. Hanauer, R. Ollling, A. Roshko, L. Fynboe, E. Sakosky, S. Likowski. SECOND ROVV: I. Lockwood, J. Roe, XV. Beamesderfer, H. Figas, C. Beckman, R. Edelmann, T. Dato, R. Pearson, A. Citko. C. Stevenson, V.1gacobi. BACK ROW: B. Kuhr, S. Ziekert. H. Rinkert, D. NVise, H. Ababurka, D. lV'l1ite, VE. Johnson, . Lapinski, M. Campbell, H. Logan, M. Emmert, D. Lewandowski, I. Zywicki, S. Braidmzm. Page Sixty-five Page Sixty-si.w: DIVISION 103-P.M. FRONT ROXV: H. Szcupak, C. Solczak, I. Tataro, G. Bulinski, F. DeLaurentis, I. XVanowski, H McKinney, B. Spadzinski, K. Meltreger, M. Thomson, A. Hilker. SECOND RONV: E. Martinek, B. Hansen A. Kapel, E. Paradise, A. Lesisk, L. Luka, L. Luka, E. XVieskowski, C. Marshak, H. Zagorski F Gilio L. Kuczera, D. Roth, L. Hedrich, VV. Dobasz. BACK ROVV: D. NVeber, D. Mielke, S. Popper, I.. Hoff- sgadlgerk M. Forman, I. Brzezinskn, S. Koznk, A. Fitzpatrick, D. Lewis, F. Gilbert, E. Miller, H. Deptula . u as. 'A' DIVISION 104-P.M. FRONT ROVV: D. Mueller, R. Schulze, A. Miller, L. Koenen, O. Zaharevich, L. Zander, A. Hubick, G Madnikoff, E. Bell. V. Schalk. SECOND ROVV: Miss Martin, P. Friedman, A. Paulsen, C. Ostling, A Gates. D. Hegge, E. VVilk, I. Tokarz, B. Hegge, B. Olson, J. Mroczkowski, A. Traczkowski. BACK ROYVl D. Bischofberger, F. Runowicz, I. Olson. C. Anderson, M. Gluckman, J. Schulze, S. Turner, V. Cimoch, E. Bernat, I. Rees, S. Lawrence, L. Raymo. 'lr DIVISION 106-P.lVI. FRONT ROXV: G. Ploski. L: Ficllt, S. Shtogryn, I. Martens, M. Guarisco. A. Repeta, V. Holowach T Schlesinger, G. Feret, M. Laldenberg. SECOND ROVV: G. Luster, B. Toomey. I. Ku.rland.,G. Cieslak, J. Rajaka, L. W'ytrwal, L. Reylmlec, I. Le Iaurentis. J. Gebbia. H. Sliimiek. BACK ROIV: V. Porazenski. D. Magas, B. Habrel, I. Piasecki, B. Tomaras, F. Steinberg, K. lVolosl1in, R. Sumerclon. H. Coco, E. Ehrenberg, A. Parzatkn. DIVISION 202-P.M. FRONT ROXY: E. Horyza. G. Nelson. D. Kozel. V. Armstrong, M. Howanietz. D. Thompsen, E. Gilmore, I. Franklin, E. Marek, S. Slolmdian, A. Kasarewski, L. Pedersen. SECOND ROVV: L. Brainey. YV. Dixon, J. Romanek, I. Di Gandio. C. Goczeski. I. lllarazzo. R. Reich. E. Zielinski, G. Greetham, I. Radoy. fl. Marzano, 1. NVulnik. C. XVisnewski. BACK RONV: XY. Rulwen. ll. Helm, G. Panczykowski, E. Nieszczek. R. lpcinski. R. Smith, R. Johnson. E. Gall. E. Heinemann, E. Lipowski. 'A' DIVISION 203-P.M. FRONT RONV: D. Greenspan. S. Elias. I. Gilloffo, E. Kowzxlczyk. F. Hays, C. Ivey, G. Krnppa. B. Lynge, H. Bryczek, M. Nelson. SECOND ROXV: I. Diebold, V. Antonowicli, D. Kuhas, ll. Jones, C. Belmont, F. Hagen, L. Mlot. M. Knohlock. E. Adelman, M. l.'hcrault, A. Urhan. RACK RONV: R. Neumann, Stefauski. L. Opatka. I., Tnzik, P, Root, S. Svendsen, E. Harder, R. Pudelek, I.. Orschel, D. O'Harn, . Markos, E. XYojv:ik, A. Opilz. 'A' DIVISION 206-P.M. FRONT ROXV: I. Dnlfey, S. Silverman. I. Cizewski. L. R. Johnson, V. Rielik. R. Vessey. M. lYnlsh. D. Mcllrien. M. Feldman, M. Villa, D. Horlick. SECOND ROXV: M. Faber, M. Marcisz, I. Serafin. H. Bart- kowiak, D. Soclm, A. XYilv:zvnski, M. CllllSf0VlCll, R. Flores, I. Zenchina, D. Hoppe, V. Mackowiak. BACK ROXY: D. Stankiewicz. P. 'Bonk. P. Assise, J. Kasza, A. Veutrella, I.. Drorak, E. Harchuie, E. Gnvinski, D. Borta, D. Klewer, M. Johnston. Paqe Sr xtu seuen DIVISION L. Lewandowski, L. Soberski, H. Fieger, A. Plewa, S. A. Rudnicki, A. Pasiecznik, F. Kaufman, C. Giannosa M. Buivis, A. Zalesmy. E. Pietraszek, E. Pietraszek, Ullestad, L. Stone, D. Collis, A. Kazanowsky, I. Krupa, 'k DIVISION F. Ewert, C. Petersen, R. M. Tichnell, L. Tellefsen, Hopke, C. Brogaard, B. Hoffman, teacher, V. Iten, O. Raske, H. Deere, A. Andriowlos, D. Shudrowitz. C. D M. Komes, Y. Hester, F. Clemens, A. M. Mott, C. E. Puralewski. 'k DIVISION 30 1 -P.M. Palucll, Mrs. Anderson, H. Mayorovitz, M. Verdon Burgbacher, S. Maxlield S. Dolan, F. Urbas, D Turner, R. Gruber. , H. Huzo, H. Palmer, L. I. Zelazny, M. Moskovitz, E. Slutzky, NV. Bekier, S. 303-P.M. D. Buckley, L. Hammes. Gottlieb, I. Hammes, J. i Iennarro, R. Trzosowski, N. Swanson, E. Prosken Henkels, L. Lathouwers, M. Johnson, D. Donarski D. Mills, I. Pnlanin, E Philbrook. J. Prazzo, A 3 04-P.M. Mrs. Martaccio, teacher, G. Fitzuk, V. Stempinski, L. Lazzara, F. Rugowski, S. Netcl'ior, L. Cozza, T. Meyer, V. Bachleda, D. Sackriter, F. Sanders, M. XVehrmeister. K. NVl1ite, C. Zvpnik. L. Jacobs, O. Chowanski, P. Adamczyk, H, Luszczewski, A. 'Trycl1ta, F. Gofllewski, D. Wfelpass. G. Pulchlopzlk, E. Kozcl, L. Zaworski, H. Iaguszczak, L. llalclmck, A. XVeisl1aupl, D. Konewko. L. Schroeder, J. Szczepanik. Page Sixty-eight N , , DIVISION 101-6A S. Vunjak, M. Kampf, N. Hlady, H. Ciupik, H. Nagorny, L. Kolany, L. llaxlis, F. Zajac, A. Dryniak, S. Pawlowska, S. Gurski. O. liielbasa, C. Lewis, L. Spatt. E. jakimonwicz. H. Penzinski, I. Babicz, S. Dronski, J. Tarala, C. Ciechanowska. N. XViszownty, S. J. Jane, B. Pail. C. lleclnarz, E. Bierut, E. Sychta, G. Gal- kowsi, I. Bauiak, C. Anis. E. Rutkowski, G. Tntarowicz. ui' DIVISION 103 -6A S. Stolmzm, B. Leifmzm, U. Elkin, L. Glance, T. Unoff, G. Perkins, F."Tokcwitz, N. Cliolden, E. Silverberg, M. Forman, S. Zarin, B. Karpel. C. Browner, D. Steinber , B. Dukelsky. L. Greenspan, H. Mekow, R. Nagelberg, H. Kutyna. B. Art, R. Szybinski, P. Megacz,gVV. Kane, H. Nudelman, L. Schlesinger, F. Ruben, R. Kroger, Y. Richter, B. Bartlett. 'A' DIVISION 105-6A B. Niemczura. XV. Toboa, E. Dressman, E. Bnrtnick, Mr. Nowinson, XV. Miller, S. Sogika. A. Zukowski, I. ' Metelski. E. Karg. E. Fedorclluk. J. Ternn, L. Przybylowski, S. Sklenko. B. Beal, G. oplawski, I. Cardis, D. Burdasz, NV. Boruk, D. Lerettu. R. Erdman. E. Buivis. R. Dolan, T. NVrolJel, H. Perlin, M. XVachnowski, I. Kervin. H. Malinowski, R. Sernfin, I. Radziejewski, S. Gazdn. Page Sixty-nine Page Seventy DIVISION 301-6A E. Igleiirowu lg Barnaku A. Banas, F. Swierczynski, A. Qriger, J. Andersen, M. Horwitz, L. Ifodolq ap 'in, S illllllela, X. Doane, H. Pappab, R. Bernbtem, In Schwartz, P. Coat, A. Marks, A. Bromienskl Shapiro, R, Cristanns. S. Vllzxtman, N. Cooper, P. Nager, I. Klein, VV. Fishman, M. Fromkin, R. Myron Cohen, J. Draznin, M. Futterman, E. XVieckowski, A. Knminski, L. Hardtke. VW' 'k DIVISION 307-6A M. XVegner, E. Cohen, H. Landis, M. Zazlollf, M. Keller, B. Yufit. F. Dnsanic, A. Vinitzky, E. Spak, E Flicker, H. Frelich. D. Koss, D. Heizler. A. Pink, L. Gantz, E. Brinkman. I.. Degen, M. Kagan, E. Letovsky I. Pluto, S. Okrent, G. Trudman. I' Shiner, R. Kramer A Kramer G Mil'er, M. Urlnne C Rem la B . , . , . . . , . pa, . Kaplan, V. Seeshol, E. Nemenoff. 'k DIVISION 310-6A S. Ternmn, R.'Secondi, A. Limenes, B. .Reisin, A. Friedmqn, I. Markin, F. Kaos, P. Hagist, D. Lawrence. D. Sherman. '1. OConnell, H. Kuta, Miss Trenbeth. B. Eisenberg A Yemlin R Nelson M Lachman M Siniovitch, D, Benchkofsky. A. Klass, M. Kahne. I. Noskin FEV. Kuhn 'I. Dakixrag M Hzilperiin, J. Bregsler, VY. I'lacks, J. Szunaras, E. Deerfield, H. Trzieger, J. Abram-s, I. Mlaiten, R. Bnlskiti, J'. Bac. DIVISION 3 12-6A R. Ziverling, A. Aslikiuazy, S. Nusbnnm, I.. Hunre, S. Jakuliik, I. Naleski, S. Stasiclnk, V. Mularz, D. Paulson. N. Hymanson, D. Libin. Miss M. I, Nelson, J. Ileinhorn, C. Rogel, H. Clmclxrn. I. Durand, J. Broniewicz, 0. ffanap, L. Kopinski, G. Koehler, H. Schmidt. J. Lowiec, E. Fahro, W. Daly, C. Scott, S. Kapustka, S. lVoJtns, P. Murphy, F. Bortn, R. Myrent, G. Morowitz. P. Harris. i' DIVISION 101-6B M. A. Platt, M. Kremcn, V. Jacoby, Il. Kremen, E. Morvay, B. Harris, S. Pntterman, S. Flansberg, N. Needelman, H. Robinson. I.. Ilielnnczyk, XV. Mleko, D. Scliulman. M. Schwartz, N. Riezman, J. Graner, TS. Friedman. P. Koster, R. Abraham. M. Adelmnn, K. Vasscll, J. Spielmnn, P. Hollander, A. Zirlin, C. Davis, B. Linder. ak DIVISION 103-6B H. Bernstein. J. Polacek, S. Schneider. N. Federman. T. Rozycki. E. Rojek, C. Rosen, A. Doolam, R. Rich- ardson, M. Yospc, Mrs. Leavitt, M. Ferdinand. XV. Podgorny. G. Hackman, R. Ford, R. Hartung, Reizinger, XV. 'l'hon1pson. XI. Sonchek, I. XViener. N. Elkin, E. Milewski. S. Cristanns, P. DeRosa, I . Rockefeller, N. Basica. R. Cisinski, A. Panitcli, XV. Dinse. R. Pliscott. Page Seventy-one FW WFWW S?-'1 DIVISION 105-6B Dye, K. Vunjak, L. Zaboklicki, L. Tobnski, 0. Greenwald, J. Pas, S. Trelka A. Miclialek D. Sobczak . Wierzba, A. Palmer, C. Paulson, J. De Cola, R. Houk, E. XVisniewski, S. Litinslci. , 'A' DIVISION 301 -6B DeMarco, B. Hankin, A. Bush. L. Seligman. Il. Fogel, S. Kaplan, I. Kipnis, M. Gordon, M. Edward Milinsky, J. Ancyporowicz, F. Cohen, A. Siegel. B. Bograd, VV. Flores, S. Brodsky, I. Ellison, H. Moline Frumkin, E. David,Ig. Lubas, C. Vician, M. Evans, B. Landes, Z. Slivnick, Y. Kurland, M. Davidson Levy, L. Glenn, S. arp, I.. Mucho, 1. Leibson. 'A' DIVISION 307-6B Ogvens, C. Kass, P. Matliey, S. larosinski, A. Divenerc, R. Izak, S. Litvin, A. Berger, M. Klotz B. Pelz, Zirlm, A. Leldlgef, V. Arany, 'P. Marscliall, C. Zitch, M. Matuszewski, M Kondrcasek G Tercliin D Sperling, E. Altman, R. Couch, M. Medlitz, E. Scllor. C. Stern, E, Provusf G. Tercliin: F.. Naiman: Bi Branch, F. Weissberg, E. Gold, B. Ferdinand. Page Seventy-two v v 1 DIVISION 310-QB D. Costello, E. Slnl-ca, R. Sanchez. L. Mitornj, S. XVisnowski, S. lVinss, A. Bisinella, R. lo Bue, F. Pierce M. Lemcke, J. Shabago, E. Geisen, G. Fried, E. Meshul, H. lVroblewski, M. Dlugie, T. Niedbalski, N Simon, H. Mendelson, J. Cole, S. XVisemzm, D. Eppstene, C. Brown, S. Fine, I. llarch, M. Teicli, E. Bogucki R. Golden, S. Lerner, F. Appelman, S. Rubin, W. Kerwin, L. Effert, S. Feldman, C. Osnch. 'A' DIVISION 312-6B D. Brooks, H. XVysatt, S. Glick, S. Hankin, R. Bromberg, S. Schwartz, S. Horwitz. B. Halter, S. Rosen I. Panek, G. Brulm, C. Hayden, O. Harris, S. Nudelman, I. Schaffner, C. Knrta, P. Steinberg, L. Schwartz If Matlin, I. Kronenberg, B. Cohen, N. Kronenberg, R. Eisenberg, I. Slmra, R. Rrnhn, E. Ryan, A. Gross, L lack, F. Hudson, J. Deutsch, R. Hurwitz, B, Kravitz, I. Iourawenka. I. Hirsch, M. Marslmk, A. VVald. 'A' DIVISION 105-7A E. Gutenstein, E. Cohen, I. Zdeblick, S. Sakwa, F. Lipin, R. Entin, B. VValtmire, L. Tchon, S. Yelin, G Marcus, D. Kampf, M. Moeller, C. Dinnella, B. Rosenberg, D. Flanzer, M. Golden, E. Levi. E. Kamys, F Larkin, S. Brickman. E. Surleta, S. Tucker, D. Krier, E. Merkel, I. Forsllter, E. Szymkowski, H. Dluger C. Szilemi, N. Roman, L. Roth, G. DiAngelo. Page Seventy three DIVISION 107-7A G. Christensen, F. Cnrollo. C. Drozrlowski, M. Folmer. E. Mnrshinski. 1. Romer, E. Rytal, L. Forman, I Mlynek, B. Devine, XV. Marshall, I. Lopianetzky. P. Batch. D. Koffski, E. Sobolewski. E. Pawelczak, T Praznowski, L. P. Stoesser. K. Loewe, H. Himelstein. K. Harris. H. Sagalow, M. Marchese, C. Boclmia E. Stakelek. P. Peskoff, F. Pytel. L. Boliaty, E. Nowakowski, A. Milkowski, R. Bnrdo, T. Doyle, P. Klajbor E. Frzmkiewicz, H. Strauble, J. Sendemk. 'k DIVISION 1 1 1-7A M. Kujawski, M. XVojcik, A. Klass, R. Ryll. A. Falkenberg, H. Sidorchuk, A. Spetly, J. lobe, C. Kwiat kowski, J. Lamos, H. Malewicki, S. Klopack, N. Nick, F. Kearley, H. lvlSlll'lCXV, K. Caldwell, E. Heft A. Slusarczyk, H. Teacher, XV. Mueller, I. Domaszek, G. Cahill. J. Lubov, A. Ponmgier, H. Huddleston, V Czernek, R. Hopp, N. Fisher, H. Lech, I. Iaworowski, M. Kowalczyk, M. Kruzel, S. Rapisarfla, E. Perciach 1' DIVISION 302-7A V. Urbane, D. Beaulieu, A. Dudak, D. Ellison, S. Gottfried. R. Sierczek. V. Joseph, G. XVagener D. Xvieckowski. D. Markoff. M. Pluta. E. VViolenty, L. Sutkiewicz, I. Sofo. R. Rothbein, G. Bettel D. Brendle, A. Colos. I. Slotnick, N. Stelmach, A. Price, L. Deutsch, Rose Feinstein, D. Brooks, G. Vingar 'U Q 'Q Q 03 N C fb D -. 1? 3 C as '1 . Stein, M. Polisky. H. Taylor, G. Frelk, R. Wasser, S. Hill, I. Mandell, M. Nikon, L. Grandsart. A DIVISION 305-7A J. Murray. D. Masonberg, J. Friedricks, B. Kruger, O. Rypkns, L. Simon, S. Sopkin, IX. Hartman, S. Grodsky, C. Andersen, .J. Zydel. E.-Garbacz, D. Lanowitz. M. Rushakoff, L. Hartman, L. Boryszewska, F. Lundie, M. Sol, T. Coslnow. F. lVeiss, L. Story, . Brunner, M. Cohen, E. Kaplan, R. Snrlin, E. Twarog, H. Levin, C. Mucha, M. Orlowskl, E. Kozak. 'k DIVISION 306-7A I. Randell, M. Rosenthal. D. Margolis, P. Handler, l.. Kaufman, L. Berman, A. M. Feldman, A. Manos, D Christie, S. Xlieiss, V. Madsen, J. Venioechea, C. Mayfield, M. Bolech T. Knaplciewicz, F. Litz, C. Sykes A. Tnrek, A. Shandling. A. Bendoif, H. Volinitz, H. Kaufman, G. Ristoii, IE. Hajecki. 'k DIVISION 308-7A N.. Jolley, R. Yelensky, V. Bnlzak. B.,Iacobs, L. Becker. Mr. Greenburg, G. Cohen. B. Levine. M. I. XVojtale- wxcz, L. Burg, H. Artiszewski, XV. Ixozniolek, N. Goldberg, P. Eisenstein, O. Rodgers, T. Kass, L. Miela E. Vishny, E. Gordon, C. Krueger, E. M. Hansen. L. Ti-ossmzm. Page Seventy-five 0 DIVISION 309-7A I. Kawka, I. Schneider, N. Bezo, E. Zev, M. Wbzniak, M. Levinsky, D. Rick, A. Bertcliuk, N. Fabro, J. Gamon, S. Olson, M. Krugel, R. Follingstad, L. Art, M. Holiing, M. Resnick, A. Langer, G. Lundie, C Akwa, S. Lempert, I. Jacobson, N. Schlessinger, B. Feinberg, M. Comiss, E. Harris, S. Massel, B. Alpert M. Kogan, L. Nazelberg, C. Glustoff, M. Stein, M. Malits, N. Lustig, J. Hoffman, C. Kabala, C. Patuszynski 'A' DIVISION 3 14-7A B. De Cecco. J. Czesak, G. Novak, H. Honik, M. Thomas, E. Buecllel, Mrs. Gains, I. Huddleston, L Podnewich, O. Romanowski, E. Wonsowik, N. Prawicki, M. Knitter, G. Hodorowska, L. Kmiecik. L Bodziach, M. Behnke, A. Glova, L. Panek, G. Gulino, M. Duffy, L. Branecki, E. Tarasuk, S. Dombrowski M. Zakrzewska, XV. Poburka, L. Dunski. 'A' DIVISION 105-7B M. Leskiw, B. Adams, C. Davis, L. Lopez, L. Sygnator, F. Kula, E. Novak, H. Ciszewski, S. Kulick A. Maczko, B. Sullivan, E. Ross, H. NVooCl, E. Augustine, M. Heller, I. Mantelman, NV. Katz, I. Greenwald E. VVeisz, E. Weiss. M. VVeinbaum, D. Karzen, I. Greenber , L. Horowiiz, E. Szybinski, K. Tursky, S Triger, L. Peltz, C. Balamut, B. Gabriel, M. Erkes, H. Eurewitz, S. Elfman, P. Barnum, N. Lash S. ussano. Page Seventy six DIVISION 209-7B FRONT RONV: R. Steinberg, M. Austgan. E. Cnbateri, A. Gustyniak, L. Bronikowski. M. Calbert, H Baliga, H. Chwistek, E. Cooper, E. Guralnick, K. Petersen, L. Rasmussen. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ehrlich I. Collins, C. Roberts, R. Alworth, M. W'nrsaski, T. Mouzakis, L. Falstein, J. Kuta, J. Popec, S. Bernacik BACK ROW: L. Daszek, H. VValtzek, D. Hork, VV. Severa, L. Morrow, L. XVilliams, B. Wiessell. 'k DIVISION 302-7B L. DuBart, E. Nowicki, B. M. Madsen, V. Brumley, A. Brown, J. Johnston, P. Mazur, R. Berman, L Martin, E. Vifarslxavsky, E. Handwerger, C. Covganka, A. Powell, D. Marcus, A. Berman, B. Kaminsky, C Detotis, A. Silverstein, D. Cravitz, M. Cohn, H. Hardison, M. Roseman, S. XVener. 'A' DIVISION 305-7B R. Greene, M. Lerman, T. Levin, N. W'erkow, E. Falkoff. R. XVebb, C. Finberg, M. Zlotnik. Y. Kroger, A Zelazny, R. Ziegler, N. Moore, E. Turko, I, Kerstein, F. Steiner, R. Epsiein, L. Hanzel, K. Bush. U. Block M. Ziv, E. Suranovitz. I. Someroff, L. VVolPE, Miss Dubow, A. Voclicka, R. Raieff. M. Bukowski, M. Beni son, M. Chaikin, I. Fishman, I. Romanowski, M. Kaplan, J. Mattusxewicz, M. Mondrowsky. Page Seventy seven DIVISION 308-7B A. Kaluba, I. Jacobsen, IV. Engelbrecht, E. Dost, A. Mikulan, R. Dienes, I. Holub, XV. Greenbeck, R. Matson B Grillin, E. Koda. S. Edward, L. Bochnia, E. Pociask, H. Bylica, G. De Mett, L. Hoelle, D. Lucy, VV less, R. Struck, C. Johnsen, T. Piwowarczyk, I. Ustaszewski, R. Beaulieu, J. Sieja, B. Dankowski, O Moskovitz, R. Gross, A. Adamski. 'k DIVISION 309-7B R. Tugendhaft, H. Kaplan, I. IVoronoff, B. Flaxman. B. Jonas, C. Cohen, L. Pawlus, S. Rich, E. Fineberg G. Debnekoff, M. Lewis, A. Rayfiel, S. Iacknowitz, I. Leo, H. Finkelstein, D. Johnsen, H. Rome, S. Zolke witz, P. Gordon, Reese, I. Friedman, I. Levin, A. Dribin, Z. Auerbach, Ix. Skonniak, A. Charles, M Brown, S. Stein, I. Kessler, WV. Gjorup, N. Banach, G. Bieszczad, B. Blonsky, E. XVeiss, S. XVolfson, J Zajha, A. Himmelstein, IV. Feldman, L. Bronstein, B. Berger. 'A' DIVISION 3 14-7B R. Nigetis, R. Nechamkin, D. Iankowski, V. Scislek, D. Stein, O. Novik, I. Majewski, B. Lauridsen, D Battley, M. Kervin, S. Sclmeiderman, E. Petersen, U. Vilatzer, P. Scl1aHner, E. Held, B. Epstein, G. Fox L. Schulman. R. Baranowski, F. Abrams, I. Murphy, B. Tobias, D. Pearl, W'. Maciejewski, L. Tayne, A Reeder, E. Mintz. S. Eisinberg, K. Levick, I. Rubin, A. Davis, H. Meyer, M. Cardinell, M. Schwartz, H Rabin, S. Altschuler, P. Kotsiris, E. Serpetis. Page Seventy-eight URGANIZATIUNS fi N Km ylX XM X MATH CLUB 'ash President David Roth Sponsor Mr. Novotny PHYSICS CLUB '38 M President Henry Tigerman Sponsor Mr. Small MATH CLUB '39 President Robert Robb Vice-President Eugene Geller Sponsor Mr. Altman PHYSICS CLUB '39 President Robert Robb Vice-President Eugene Geller Sponsor Mr. Small SEEKERS' CLUB President Virginia Rogalski Vice-President Pauline Adamkiewicz Sponsors Mrs. Merlyn Miss Dixon THE MATH CLUB was established in 1937 and is closely allied with the Physics Club in purpose. The meetings of this club cover any problems of science. THE PHYSICS CLUB, like the Math Club, has always attempted to make the sciences more interesting to the students. The club meetings are studded with interesting talks and trips. Movies are often shown. THE SEEKERS CLUB, which has just organized this year, was formed for the purpose of opening to the more interested students, the door to the intricacies of biology which cannot be studied in detail during class periods. Page Eighty LIBRARY CLUB '38 M President Arthur Lipschultz Sponsor Mrs, Hattis BooKWoRM 'asm . Sponsor Mr. Tanner 'r f , X . f ,,,.' ref' 'V' ' wifi 'C -ff 'I I 1 Hi' .-'-' A ' 'HTT4 4 f ' r' -v f',':,,u , J' .f , 1' Q.,-ef, Y, rift.. I fri '-ff -. M,-11 BOOKWQRM '39 Sponsor Mr. Tanner TULEY REVIEW 'SSM Editor-1'n-Chief Eldonna Szybinski Assistant Editor Morris Cohen Sponsors Miss McGill Mr. Pritikin TULEY REVIEW '39 Editor-in-Chief Morris Cohen Assistant Editor Rae Libin Sponsors Miss McGill Mr. Pritikin THE LIBRARY AND BOOKROOM staffs are composed of students who have been selected for the purpose of aiding in the circulation of books. Plans for the enlargement of the library are now being drawn up and the work is to be finished by next semester. THE TULEY REVIEW, one of the oldest and foremost organizations in Tuley, has gone modern and given the streamlined shape of a "Zephyr" this year. The Review staff is composed of students interested in writing and with a knack of presenting the "news and views" in a vivid manner. Page Eighty-one ,d5,., QL! SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB '38V2 President Cecelia Rodgers Vice-President Murray Phillips Sponsor Mr. Smidl SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB '39 President Cecelia Rodgers V ice-President Beniamin Goldberg Sponsor Mr. Smidl POLISH CLUB 'saw President Casmer LaBiak V ice-Presid ent Evelyn Stelnicki Sponsor Mr. Jane POLISH CLUB '39 President Evelyn Stclnicki V ice-President Evelyn Zwojowski Sponsor Mr. Jane l l THE SOCIAL SCIENCE CLUB, sponsored by the Social Science Department, claims the honor of being Tuley's largest club. In accordance with its expressed purpose to increase the student's understanding and appreciation of his fellow man, it has sponsored tours, lectures, and visits to points of interest. THE POLISH CLUB, an unusually active group this year, offered a variety of activities to its members. An oratorical contest, an assembly, a dance, and a study of Poland made it a busy year. Page Eighty-two LOG STAFF '39 Editor-in-Chief Morris Cohen Assistant Editors Rose Levitsky Diane Tavne Robert Robb Sponsors Miss McGill Mr. Lawley CLEAN-UP PLAY Authors Diane Tayne Lillian Reed Sponsor Miss Margolis CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE Chairman George Pollock Secretary Lillian Reed Sponsor Mr. Tingley CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB President Sam Rubberman V ice-President Carl Nusbaum Sponsor l Mr. Murphy THE LOG STAFF of the June Class continued the fine work of the preceding class in the making of Tuley's first annual. The Branches, Bancroft under the direction of Miss Marowitz and Mr. Hunter, Sabin under Miss Debow, cooperated. The following students deserve credit for their services on the business staff of the Log: Lila Wenig. Mariam Sugar, Vivian Andrews, Mildred Weber, Bernice Aronow, Gertrude Weiner, Marcia Winner. Rose Holzman, Albert Zip- nick, Sherman Strauss, Elizabeth Drapak, Dolores Kupa, Helen Kirkwood, Pearl Harris, Julius Draznin, and Jack Noskin. THE CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE engaged in an extensive campaign this year and now, with the conclusion of the cleaning-up period, awaiting the results of the city-wide competition. Page Eighty-three HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY '38 W Co-Valedictorians Yolanda Farkas David Roth Salutatorian Eldonna Szybinski Sponsor Miss Hanson HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY '39 Valedictorian Helen Wright Salutatorian Rose Levitsky Sponsor Miss Hanson THE T. C. LASSIES '38M President Edythe Motel Vice-President Rose Levitsky Sponsor Mrs. Cutting THE T. C. LASSIES '39 President Rose Levitsky V ice-Presid ent , Lillian Reed Sponsor Mrs. Cutting THE HONOR STUDENTS' SOCIETY is one of the larger organizations at Tuley. The society is composed of students who receive an or better in the required number of majors. This year the society presented a rather unique assembly which will probably lay the basis for many future assemblies. THE T. C. LASSIES, which unabbreviated reads "Tuley's Clean Lassies," is a club organized to promote high standards of womanhood throughout the high school and the future. The motto of this club is "Clean living, Clean scholarship, Clean speech, and Clean sports. Page Eighty-four - S FESTIVAL CHORUS '38 M President Seymour Decker Vice-President' Dorothy Chelner Sponsor Mrs. Schaefer FESTIVAL CHORUS '39 President Charles Warnstedt Vice-President Bernard Szalcnice Secretary Ruth Osinsky Treasurer Esther Frank Sponsor Mrs. Schaefer DADDY LONG LEGS CAST Sponsor Miss Margolis THE FESTIVAL CHORUS, under the direction of Miss Schaefer, did Tuley proud this year by obtaining an rating in the Finals of the annual competition of Chicago Public High School Choral Groups. It is one of the inest examples of diligent work and cooperation in Tuley. THE DRAMA CLASS presented Daddy Long-Legs as its semi-annual play this semester. Under the direction of Miss Margolis the players gave an excellent performance. Page Eighty-five CREATIVE WRITING CLUB President Diane Tayne Vice-President Cecelia Rodgers Sponsor Mr. Rabinovitz FRENCH CLUB President Lillys Brodowski Sponsor Miss Luedemann HALL GUARDS Sponsor Mr. Gross FIRE MARSHALS 'asm Captain Morton Levin Lieutenant-Captain Maurey Fallstein Sponsor Mr. Gross THE CREATIVE WRITING CLUB IS another of the newly orgamzed clubs of the current semester As the trtle mdxcates the club was formed to help those mterested m creatrve Writing to become more proficxent ln that field THE FRENCH CLUB has as 1ts prrmary purpose the study of the French language and an understandrng of French customs and habrts Club meetmgs are xnterestmg THE HALL GUARDS IS one of the most rmportant organlzatxons 1n Tuley Thrs year they rendered thexr servrces wrth the same conscxentlousness they have rn the past THE FIRE MARSHALS sponsored by Mr Jacobson untll he left and then taken over by Mr. Gross have served at therr posts durmg all fire drxlls and assemblres Page Eighty-six ORCHESTRA GRADUATES Director Mr. Ford G. A. A. President Evelyn Lazar Vice-President Yetta Miller Sponsor Miss O'Neil K TAP AND FOLK DANCING Sponsors Mrs. Lichterman Mrs. Fitzgerald BASKETBALL CHAMPS Sponsor Mrs. Lichterman l THE ORCHESTRA, under the direction of Mr. Ford, has recently secured an rating in the annual high school orchestra contest. Graduating members took part in their last contest. THE GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, sister of the B. A. A., has as its purpose the same principle as that organization--the building of a clean mind and body. FOLK AND TAP DANCING GROUP not only studied folk dances this year but learned modern ones such as "The Lambeth Walk." The class is becoming exceedingly popular. THE GIRLS' BASKETBALL CLASSES played the game according to girls' rules chosen by niembers of Mrs. Lichterman's special basketball classes. Tournaments were held Within the c ass. Page Eighty-seven JUNIOR BASKETBALL Captain Solomon Trudman Sponsor Mr. Torterclli B. A. A. OFFICIALS Sponsor Mr. Torterelli TENNIS TEAM Captain Marvin Zaret Sponsor Mr. Torterelli SENIOR BASKETBALL Captain Edward Baranowski Sponsor Mr. Torterelli THE JUNIOR BASKETBALL TEAM underwent a rather thorough thinning of ranks as far as veterans were concerned but a host of promising newcomers bid well to furnish a championship team next year. THE BOYS' ATHLETIC OFFICIALS play an important part in the Gym classes. Refereeing all games make them invaluable. THE TENNIS TEAM is experiencing one of the most successful seasons in the annals of the school. Championship hopes are the brightest yet. THE SENIOR BASKETBALL TEAM, by the acquisition of several sophomores, will present a very formidable threat to the west section championship next year. Page Eighty-eight BAN CROFT LIBRARY STAFF Sponsor Miss Martinez SABIN REVIEW STAFF Editor Pearl Harris Assistant Editor Dorothy Libin Business Manager Arnold Bendoff Log Representative Julius Draznm ' Sponsor Miss Dubow SAFETY ENGINEERS SABIN FRENCH CLUB President Evelyn Silverberg CHARM CLUB President Cyril Stolman Sponsor Miss Dubow THE BANCROFT LIBRARY STAFF is the stepping stone to a position on the library staff at the main building. Members learn the fundamentals and become experienced. THE SABIN SAFETY ENGINEERS cooperate with the engineers of Tuley and Bancroft in the drive for safety in which both schools participate. THE SABIN REVIEW STAFF, in cooperation with the staff at Tuley, maintains a separate column in the Review. Promising writers eventually assume editorships at the main building. FRENCH AND CHARM CLUBS both serve a cultural purpose in improving the appear- ance and speech of the members of the club. Page E ighty-nine Thanks to the Shipmates of the Tuley High who helped to make the LOG sail smoothly to its destination. Miss Stillman, Captain Colonel Sam Center lst Mate Novotny Editor Cohen Rose Bernstein Esther "Pewee" Slovin lean Dellmagior Elain Birns Blanche Borenstein Clara "Young" Manoogian Rosabelle Marks Paul Dunsky Edythe Motel Sylvia Stensel "G-Man" Gross Blanche Steinholtz Florynce Kopluvitz Florence Golczewski Irene Zalewski Eugenia "Empress" Iurczyn "Pretty" Pritikin Cecelia Rodgers Elinor Shparago Ida Steinberg Rosalind I. Barnett G. Elbert Ehlert Lillian Reed l. R. McGill Betty Crothers Miss Stack Miss Domville Edythe Rosenberg Ruth Kodel Florence Abt Helen Rubin Janet Lola Ieremy Sol Lepovsky Marty Flack Sol Fagan "Papa" Smidl Mrs. Helen Fitzgerald Miriam Sugar "Blondie" Paznik Angeline Salemi Florence Trelka Seymour Bromberg Esther Fox Bernard Ribach Herman Horwitz Walter Halerz Bernard Greenfield David S. Canter Rae Baitman Iulius I. Herbstrnan lack "Blackie" Black Rochelle Harris Harvey Lintz Harry Tankus Margery Eleanore Francine Ida Finn Clarence Rudoy Friedson Shirley Singer Lipschutz lerry "Bars" Levin Helen Wright Florence Babil Earl Harris Professor Eugene Heller Marvin I. Goldberg Dave Lipton Mildred Sebel Frieda Cohen Rose Holzman Leslie Dobbs Shirley Lehriield Sylvia Levin Helen Halman Frances "Fanny" Weintrob Robert Yanovitz Boyd Chaplan Ruth Soldinger Doris Fleming Anna N. Gagola Bertha "Buzzie" Gorrell Evelyn Iasper Irene Fundakowski Therodore Herbstman Theodore H. Friedman Ida Pichersky Seymor Zipnick Sheldon "Riccy" Stein Lorraine "Shrimp" Olsen William Slovin Burton Kessel Helen Stawarska Mary "Mickey" Daniels Peggy Gagnier Margaret Spetly The Bryiak Twins Leone H. Sturn Robert Robb Mary Medwedowsky Florence Kosirog Kathryn Bradley Harriet Gutowski Sol Edelstein Bemie Balter Eleanor Czarna LaVerne Amundsen Levka Podola Loretta Card Fred Alterman Sol Amster Mary Lynne Samoch St. Louis Bernath Marie Anderson Kathryn Lemke Frenchy Chelner Chit-Chat Mildred "Millie" Weber Selma Ben-Amy Anna Rill Kate "Red" Bixon Dorothy Reid Frank "Boots" Dalke Cecelia Harris Lorraine Sarnicke Waldo Kuklinski Dr. Elmer C. Iohnson George March Seymour "Bud" Iurbin Ruby Sally Siegel Iulius Iohns Eli Futterman Shirley Gerstein Rose Goodman Estelle "Shushy" Barasch Marcella Siemansowski Alice Lizmanski Helen lenkowslci Evelyn Dahe Shirley Klein Virginia Mason Ruth Hanson Stephanie Wasilewski Sophie Stankiewicz The Nut Club Bonnie Schaifran Olivia Felette Ruth Napolitano Florence Gwizdak Phyllis Wiedbusch Adeline Rogowska Marion Lipsman Leonard Byster Aporna Suffren Sol Minkoff Edmund Meller Eugene Geller Florence Hattis, Librarian Melvin Bioii Sam Roth Helen Kerbel Helen M. Hansen Morris E. Goldman Sam David Rae Libin Chiclcie Ciechanowski Ann Drobina Bernice Roth Reva Hankin Tillie Bugel Brain Truster Lawley Butch Winner Adeline Stern leanette Gorzenia Hyman Siegel Harry Filler Ann York Alec Rubin Dilly Dillon Richard Rustrorn Gladys Kaufman lean Silberberg Vivian Krause Rhea Gilly Barsky Elle Czachor Bernard Riback Herman Horwitz Margaret Gelatt Bernard Greenfield Clara Belle Lipnick Gilbert Rhea Palast A Tulane Evelyn Klein loe M. Grzesik Rita Ieske Ethel Doppler Ioseph Bolechula Rose Levitsky Page Ninety PHONE: STATE 2378 COMPLIMENTS OF HERFF-JONES Official Iewelers for the 1939 Graduating Class G. H. MORGAN 32 West Randolph Street Representative 51h Floor CHICAGO 7a2flzeQ' May Success and Good Luck Be Yours in the Future BILTMORE STUDIOS 2114 West Division Street Page Ninety Phones: Central 4652 Dearborn 9054 Established 1920 B. J. KESL CO. Iewelry Manufacturers of Class Rings. Pins. Medals. Fraternity and Club Pins Trophies and Prize Cups V SILVERSMITH BUILDING 10 South Wabash Avenue Chicago, Ill. Sth Floor OFFICE POSITIONS -as secretary. accountant. cornptometrist. typist. etc.. require expert ability. lt will pay you to attend this nation- ally known Business College of highest standards, offering the very best service at reasonable rates. Courses: Executive Secretarial, Stenographic, Business Administration, Accounting, Comp- tometry, also finishing courses for H. S. com- mercial graduates. SUMMER TERM Iune 26 Hours 8:30 to 1 Special Rates Free Placement Service for Graduates Extended Payment Plan, if you prefer VISITORS WELCOME - BOOKLET Down Town. 37 South Wabash Avenue Northwest. Western at Milwaukee Ave. ehollolitan BUSINESS COLLEGE Phones: Monroe 5317 Haymarket 2821 V. DI CICCO 8: CO. 'X 6x ,lt n WHOLESALE 1 4 R if BANANAS l :Aff ,Q wt f it 'gy "t1'z'g." lllllltll 708 WEST RANDOLPH STREET and 938 WESST RANDOLPH STREET Humboldt 2799 1448 N. Western Ave. A. SCHULTZ 8: SONS Tuxedos. Dress Suits and a Full Line of Summer Formals for Rent COMPLETE. ALL SIZES also A FULL LINE OF ACCESSORIES I-'OR DRESS SUITS Hats, Shoes We Match Pants THE IMPERIAL 'Turnishes for Particular Men" MEN'S WEAR 1401 Milwaukee Avenue 2526 North Avenue WICKER PARK FRUIT MART 1474 Milwaukee Avenue Brunswick 4571 We Deliver Page Ninety-two GOODFELLOWSHIPS Compliments of NORTH-WESTERN FRUIT MARKET 2510 Division sr. Humboldt 9559 MARSHALL FINE DRY CLEANERS 2248 W. North Ave. H. MUEHLHAN HARDWARE 2402 W. North Ave. BROTHERS DEPT. STORE 2539 W. North Ave. MR. S. FALSTEIN 3419 Grershaw SORELLES. S. C. MR. ISIDORE MANDEL 2656 Potomac Ave. THE CO-OP STORE 1642 N. California Ave. Humboldt 6001 A FRIEND MR. BILL PELLER FINGL'S DRUG STORE 2225 W. North Ave. MR. P. LINDY 2723 W. Division St. MR. M. KARZEN 2700 W. Division St. BAIMS SCHOOL STORE Humboldt 1976 TRACHTENBERG BROS. Your Neighborhood Iewelers DIAMONDS. WATCHES AND IEWELRY FOR GRADUATION GIFTS CREDIT AT CASH PRICES 2755 West North Avenue Chicago COMPLIMEN TS OF MRS. IOHN P. CROAK COMPLIMENTS OF DOROTHY ARKIN DOROTHY SEGAL BERNICE COMM PHYLLIS SHINER ROYAL BLUE GROCERY and MEAT MARKET RAY IOCOBS. Prop. EAT YOUR LUNCH in the TULEY HIGH LUNCH ROOM l3rd Floorl You will enjoy the pleasant surroundings and good food served to you at the most rea- sonable prices. "FOR GOOD FOOD IS GOOD HEALTH" V 2338 West North Avenue MRS. SCHROEDER Manager Armitage 6995 We Deliver Page Ninety-three Humboldt 4873 COMPLIMENTS OF P E A C O C K BRIDAL SHOPPE Wedding Accessories 1530-32 Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, Illinois Albany 8869 New Mirrors Mirrors Resilvered Table, Desk, Dresser Tops NORTHWEST GLASS CO. Plate-Window Glass Auto Glass Installed SHADOW PROOF GLASS FOR CARS ' 3511 West North Avenue Chicago Arrnitaqe 0364 Old Heidelberg and Anheuser-Busch on Tap For cz Real Honest Bite T. SANDWICH SHOP 'Pita' fin' 1- Imported and Domestic Liquors qqir E 1182 Milwaukee Avenue mfs 1 Nl1n.lukv.r :V .-Xshlamt Awwmw -- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::i - OF Hlqll ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' HH AUERBACH BROS. COMPLIMENTS NEW STRAND THEATRE OF A FRIEND 2111 West Division Street 'J H b ld 7400 WHOLESALE CUSTOM TAILORS um O t CHICAGO DISTILLED WATER COMPANY A. BLAIR :S CO.. INC. INC. 308 West Washington Street SEA ROCK BEVERAGES Suite 707 Exclusive Bottlers CENTRAL 4078 GREEN SPOT ORANGEADE CLEO COLA BUBBLE UP Ted Mglzer Clqrence Melzgf N. Street Chicaqo Page Ninety-four ITIOSSGI' BUSINESS COLLEGE Only Four Year High School Graduales Enrolled Gregg, Pitman and Munson Shorfhand-also Slenolypy. Classes for Beginners Slari Hrs! Monday of each month. Advanced Students May Enter Any Monday. Bulletin Sent Free. 116 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Randolph 4347. B I LT M O R E TIRE COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS of FIRESTONE TIRES All Phones Brunswick 2787 2011 West Division Street Chicago We were privileged io print the TULEY LOG FRED Q32 WEST YFQLEIN CQ . T A ' I L L I N 3 GIS Ge and SChO0jcjqn3,i3SI'CfQ1 print ual SDS ' ers C1 C03 nerd! C Page Ninety-EU E a 0 . , f-V-.-Y-W-YY-I---r-,..f ..- N, . -- --1 f.--,1--fvw.A- V 1 --- .,v.- ,- V ww- v- Y -N-Y - lv., ,..-,.. F. - 5 ffv. 3 if ' l fy -- i if ,, if -. 'ff"'f ' ' 1 AUTTGGRAPHS X 1 ,,,, X544 -'fffb Z? WWZC Q I , U1, 4 ,.?: is .A my ' fffww Af Q24Cf2Mf1fu 'WWA' WWA ',,e, W ,wvffv-,W ffwz, M, Z' 67 ..,q I dy ilpcb 7 Lfwfpffff-wwffw-vo+J gif: vvocfnhl' i 7 Ogyww , ZW Rfwmmmf Zfkiimi PM 2 I w AU47j'L 4 I 1 igaflgiil .fp 1 id"-4315, -UQ 3,396 'ST UWB-I K FORGOT' x IST. BAS! - 513- VET5 pw M .Jlww - MW C 152dfff3fiJf1Sa.Q P Www MAQWM A - x 1 - 5 -"fc Q,-' .,.. '4- 94 v1 Y? ,IIE N, 19241 . cf

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