Tuley High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL)

 - Class of 1927

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Tuley High School - Log Yearbook (Chicago, IL) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Page 80 of 142
Page 80 of 142

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Page 80 text:

THE MORNING GRAPEFRUIT Entered as Second Class INQUIRING DRAMATIC THE RADIO WORLD Mail REPORTER COMMENTS i- Question asked by v Y V . V E. Jacosovrrz Peter Zukovsky 't . Petit Zukiivskyllftmak' Editor - - Esther Adelson pop- srf:ItilonreIT1Ii1FEuSwifhmhfis D'15EE11EiiON bhsggiogheffr lialiisnliffrz: ular male impersonator red hot syncopation ad- EDITORIALS ON THE FLIGHT The recent non-stop fllight to Mars has con- clusively shown that there is an imperative need for gasoline filling stations on the way to Mars. Luckily Stempel and Durko had the foresight to take some surplus fuel, for had their gasoline given out they would have failed most ignominously, and the human race would have been doomed for a solitary life on earth for perhaps another thousand years. Air space values are mounting steadily, and the young man with enough ambition can make a fortune by es- tablishing a string of coaling stations on the road to Mars. THE OLD AUTO The old fashioned auto- mobile is going out of use to give way to the airplane just as the auto- mobile surplanted the old horse and buggy, so the airplane is crowding out the auto. VVhat with the numerous accidents be- tween landing airplances and autos, the city council should pass an ordinance restricting only certain parts of the city to autos. It seems that an un- necessary cruelty is added to the otherwise hard life of our police force by not voting them an appropriation for silk underwear. There is a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, yet our hard hearted citizens calmly watch our faithful policemen suffer in their coarse underclothing: For shame, citizenry, rise ye to the rescue! Pagf' T11 iffy-,t1' V ing kisses on telephone lines? Irving Reisler-Ab- solutely inexperienced with or without tele- phone. Still smoke Chcsterfields 5 they satisfy. Bertha Rottner-Think it very rude and crude question. Such things are only between my God and myself. Might put it in my diary though. Dorothy Richman- Now that's telling. I believe the right kind of a boy won't let a little thing like a telephone stand in his way. Pasche SilvertfMy Physic taught me that transmission tends to weaken and in case like this anything weakening is undesirable. Rose Sugar-Really now I think telephones are convenient for making appointments. Now I think the point in ques- tion is covered by the appointment in question. Emily Zdanke-We married women have no say in the matter. I think it a good thing for a girl who uses too much lipstick. Esther Simon-What an embarrassing question. That's similar to having hair-cuts wirlessed to a person. Decidedly not in favor of it. Rose Halperin-Ac- cording to the Tuley education that I got the hustler is the go-getter. So why let the young man get something he doesn't earn. Anna Seidman, Dora Rudman and Edna Gans wouldn't tell why but they voted unanimously no. recently gave a re-showing of the play, "In Spring A Young Man's Fancy." 'Tis rumored that she starred in this play when she was yet an infant in her high school days. Max Appelman and Jeanette Brichkee, co- stars in the play, t'Recip- rocated Love" have scored another hit. Ap- pelman's startling port- rayal of a love-sick youth has brought him to the fore as an expert char- acter man. Rose Becker and Frieda Bernstein have made over ten dollars in royalties on their last play, "How It Happened. I' The play ran for one night at the Harmony Theatre, owned by Wiilfred Carsel big checker king, and was forced to stop because Reeva Bruss, noted senta- mentalist, complained to the authorities. Ruth Friedman gave a charity bazaar for the theatrical folks last night. Among some of the famous screen and stage stars present were Helen Blaszcenski, Dora Rud- man, Matilda Rudman, Anne Brook, Sadie Bryer, Blanche Cramer and Miriam Emyanitoff.. . Meta Mantey, it IS rumored, is the richest scenario writer in the United States. She oyms, according to gossip, two chow puppies and a Packard Crooked eight airplane. She attributes her success to a High School teacher, one Miss Ferguson. She lives with Mary Brocko. MACHINE GUNS END GANG FUED Once again the deadly machine guns spoke, and once again a man kissed the pavement for the dicts. According to most people of today Zukovsky is the best jazz artist since the old-time Paul Ash and his orchestra. Rumor has it that he has just refused a million a year contract to play at the Oriental, for he prefers to play over the radio. When asked the reason for turning down so good an offer, Pete replied: "I blush fright- fully before large aud- iences and blushing just ruins my complexion, don't you know." Yes, we know. The nightly warblings that come from station YELL End their source in the larynx of Miss Ethel Fleischman, famous dramatic soprano. YVhen Miss Fleischman is not singing in the opera she is at the radio station, for she wishes to retain her popularity with her audiences. Sid Mussman, famous statesman, gave a highly interesting talk last night over station GRR, on the merits of the new street cleaning methods. Many telegrams have been re- ceived by the station threatening them with lynching and worse if they let Mussman speak again. count of ten. The gang fued between the Lebovitz faction and the Shane faction had its culmina- tion yesterday night in front of the Frolics Cab- aret, when Shane was, as the though express it, "bumped od." Shane was escorting Sally Schen- berg, start of "Abie's Irish Rose", when the occurrence occurred. As she fainted she was caught by " Swede " Rydell, door- man of the Cabaret.

Page 79 text:

he warning Grapefruit VIOLENT RECEPTION GIVEN TO STEMPEL AND DURKO Flying in a ten-motored plane, Walter Stempel and Leopold Durko, in- trepid aviators, landed today in Mars, according to advices received here by wireless. The entire trip took three days, the flyers hopping off the Chicago Aviation field at five-thirty Monday morn- ing. This was the first time in history this daring feat was attempted, and its success has left the world speechless with amazement. VOL. 23 HEXTEMBER 56, 1963 No. VLIII DAREDEVIL FLYERS LAND ON MARSQ WILDLY ACCLAIMED CARDISIQWQKQPELT t 'teavf-' 1'-is rtionussscrwzqa 'rtr-isa iasv l ZION CITY LlNUlS'EH5H'.ff'7x K th ll irsw-,-out, , , 'A , L "rc J ig r 4, ,. ,as V ,A 's . 1 f "-if The town has QFOXVIE i PARXQA K- Si? .ferr ',j',5TjEi 1 1 wild over the coming o P , f"N :xii Eisley ' I the first Jewish cardinal ' ' fi! X il, X X , Zion City has ever seen. fi J ,f . 2. tif' Q 521. The streets are decorated f J , I K' if 1' X with confetti and festoons. Q f ft-"XA K! gh 4-'vi X The crowd is milling ft Qgfk X, ,A HY l 1 excitedly in front of the t ff ,141 Q f .f .E City Hall whers Co- 'fxaf fr xt ,XXX Mayors Harrv an Mar- , R f 'D ' 1 A . - .ew 4 . . cella Shapiro are pre- fo f N., t A 1 ri THX ' .Q senting the distinguished I UlN5FfUPl3lQL SX .2 I Xl Fiihilrhigib UMAFV visitor with the keys of 1 the city. COMMUNIST REBELS FREE LOVE The cardinal Mendel WIN LONG FOUGHT EXPONENT Doppelt, was a striking l BATTLE ' ARRESTED figure as he descended - FOR TALK from the 100 foot flyer, Canary Bird. He was brilliantly clothed in crim- son, with the wide card- inal's hat shading a he- nignant yet keen coun- tenance. To the reporters he said, "I attribute my success in life to my experience as Business Manager of the Tuley Review. ROADHOUSE RAID NETS NOTORIOUS NUTS Last night Chief of Police Louis Kessel made a raid on the Hotstuff Roadhouse with his trusty lieutenants, Sam Rabino- witz, Jack Krulin, Nathan Kraus, Leonard Wachs and Hymen Swardlov. Since he forgot to notify the proprietor Carl Lich- tenstein of the raid, many of the guests were caught with hooch and other unmentionables. Ezra Jacobson and Charlotte Goodman were the source of all the disturbance and as a reward got a free room in the police station. P Under the leadership of Abe Gans, ardent com- munist, a revolution has been instigated in Palestine to overthrow the government and es- tablish a free beanery for the hoboes. Late dis- patches say that the rebel forces have driven back the government troops to the Wailing Wall, and that a surprise attack will be made on the soldiers that stop to wail for awhile. In an impassioned speech to his troops, Gans said: "Ant Caesar, aut nullus, and every- body will have free meals." Sara Korman, his aide-de-camps in agreeing with him said that the same held true with the women also. FINANCIAL EXPERT MAKES MILLIONS IN STOCK The bottom fell through the stock market yester- day when Pasche Silvert fooled VVall Street when he bought out Mr. Cas- ner's Get-Rich-Quick stock. Although all the brokers expected the stock to take a big drop, Mr. David "Red" Auerback was arrested last night for making an ardent soap-box speech on the corner of Division and VVashtenaw advocating free-love. His voluntary supporter Helen Acker- man, by means of her dramatic ability, collected many hard earned pennies from the multitude after the speech. Lieutenant Petacque, policeman who was making his rounds at that time to collect the graft, arrested him for disturbing the public peace. Desk Sergeant Pawelczak however, let Mr. Auberbach free after a short confidential chat with him. Silvert's superior knowl- edge of financial affairs guided him on the right path and he cleaned up millions. VVhen asked what he intended to do with all his money, Mr. Silvert replied: "First of all, I'll leave a fund at Tuley which is to go for a scholarship for the one with the lowest graduat- ing average. " Y l l l l P l l I According to later radio messages received, the Grand High Chief of Mars has invited both Stempel and Durko to use his Russian Turkish bath, an honor that no one but the High Chief himself has enjoyed. No less than 999,999,999 Martians turned out en masse to help their chief fete the aviators. Upon interviewing the bold bird-men in their suite the newspaper men were astonished at hear- ing Durko remark, "I owe my success to my parents, Mr. Casner and My Alma Mater." HEART PHILANDERER IS SENTENCED TO LABOR Abraham ' 'Galahad ' ' Masover was convicted of bigamy in the tenth degree and was sentenced to twenty years of hard labor by Judge Bella Strauss, eminent female jurist. The two women in the case that completed this strange love triangle were Sadie Udell and Lucille Witkin. As Mas- over left court, both women said, "So von would, would you!" Pa gf T11 ziriy-jim'

Page 81 text:

THE MORNING GRAPEFRUIT VOX POP FOOD PILL INVENTED YOUNGSTER SAVED T BY SCIENTIST BY WEISS' Dear Sir: 1 HEROISM In this advanced and enlightened age I think it absolutely unnecessary for gentlemen to occupy street corners, when said corners can be used for far more sanitary pur- poses. After listening to the ravings of Neiman, famous immigration spe- cialist, we should call a time to desist. Respectfully not, Anna Balter. Dear Sir: As a participant in the merits of the educational system in 1927, I can say little for the modern system. After hearing and reading the works of the famous educators of this group such as Suzanne Falstein, Joseph- ine Kroll, Anatol Rappa- port and Rose Meerson, we can say there is no comparison. Gradual kicker, Edith Lichtenstein. Dear Sir: Although the famous authorities in the persons of Sylvia Marks, Ethel Fleishman, and Myriam Emyanitzoff, say other- wise, I know from ex- perience that airplane ' 'spooning " is unadvis- able. Sorrowfully, Bertha Kraus. .....M.... 1 TO-NIGHT LECTURE OVER RADIO FROM PALESTINE BY PROF. A. GANS AUTHORS PRINT YOUR MASTERPIECES AT THE B. 8a L. Printery 208 Yontiif A. MASOVER, Prop. The highest ideal of scientists was recently realized when Regina Jurek and Ruth Kahn, eminent female scientists, invented a synthetic food pill which contains the nutrition of an entire meal. After working nine months on their idea in a special laboratory pro- vided by David Nowin- son, second William Randolph Hearst. Jack Olsher, well-known phar- macist was there to see that no poison was put into the pills. Diana Lack and Flor- ence Larson, food manu- facturers have bought the patent and have con- tracted to supply food for the entire city of Chicago. As a result, restaurant stock dropped a hundred and twenty points and threw the stock market into confusion. Harry Shapiro, it is said lost a fortune and his lawyer Gladys Berman is suing the inventors of this food. WOMEN POLITICIANS HOLD MEETING Bessie Resser, and Celia Resser active women can- didates for Congress held a mass meeting last night at the Orchestra Hall. They are running to rep- resent the 13th congres- sional district on an In- dependent ticket. Their opponents Ruth Roth- stein and Ida Frazes, ardent supporters of light wines and beers have said that their opponents in supporting prohibition are oppressors of liberty. Gertrude Shoen, chair- man of the temperance league has taken a stand for the Republican can- didate, stating that the wet pair were full of beer. This slighting remark brought Ida Hegstead to issue a statement saying that Miss Shoen was catty. Miss Hegstead is As Sylvia Yoffe led her little "Yakshee" across Division Parkway, Fred Weiss came steaming by in a hot Ford with a leaking radiator. The said radiator so squirted in Sylvia's eyes that she led her H Yakshee "right in the path of destruction. Matt Weiss steaming by on a street car wisely averted the accident by intercepting his fifty passenger in front of the Lenag he accepted the kisses and gratitude of the mother of little " Yak- sheen and was hailed as a savior by the admiring multitude. Among those to shower kisses on him were Blanche Levy, Irene Levinson, Libby Kushner and Sara Katz. Noble even in his martyrdom, Fred Weiss apologized for the damage his Ford did to the car. The actors in this drama were not arrested for obstructing the traffic. Note: No accident caused by the eHiminate display. President of the anti- prohibition society. Lucille Stowick in an official bulletin last night said that she would con- sider running for Mayor of Cicero. It is her plan, with the help of Evelyn Stolar, her henchwoman, to exterminate all the rum runners and other citizens who claim to be respectable. Anna Wolo- sxyn is supporting her. SWIMMING LESSONS BY THE GREAT BEN EDIDEN AT THE I. A. C. 325.00 per Lesson PRESIDENT'S VETO KILLS HOT SOCKS BILL After three days of hectic arguing and heated debates, the Republicans headed by Milton Bobroff and Reeva Bruss, the bill to allow our flaming youth to wear red socks with yellow borders passed. However, the hopes of the Republicans met an unexpected set-back in the veto of President of the United States Kovitz, who said that the socks should be yellow with red borders. The Democrats voted in a mass that the flaming youths should go barefoot so as to cool them off. The following is a summary: Anne Eres, Dem., Bare- foot, Meyer Fogan, Rep., Hot Socks, Dora Ger- stein, Rep., Hot Socks, Esther Garber, Dem., Barefoot, Hilda Reizen, Dem., Barefoot, Jacob Libin, Rep., Hot Socks, etc. The rest of the members were playing golf and trying to make money on side bets. Do You Stammer? See PROF. STONE PRIVATE ROOM FOR CONSULTATION 533 Lake Shore 3 P. M. to 3:15 P. M. READ "The Veiled Dancer" by Buddy Greenwald A GRIPPING THRILLING ROMANCE 25c per Copy Pagf T11 iffy-.few rz

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