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THE LOG . .1 -fa... '-. V , H' . 'i i V . V ,tn-. 1 -v .. Y , THE BIRD LOVERS' CLUB OFFICERS BENJAMIN PLONSKY . . Prerideviz NATHAN FE1wLowiTz . Vice-Prexidem DELMAR KOLB . . Secretary-Treafurer The Bird Lovers' Club, one of the latest societies to be added to Tuley's grow- ing roster of organizations, has made its successful debut this semester. The increasing interest of the entire country in birds which has resulted in the forma- tion of many societies whose object it is to study and protect them has found an echo in Tuley. lt is owing the initiative and zealous work of Benjamin Plonsky that an or- ganization of this kind was made possible. Wiith Plonsky as president, Feiwlowitz as vice-president and Kolb as secretary-treasurer, The Bird Lovers' Club has in its very first semester obtained an envious position among Tuley Clubs. Tuley students have eagerly responded to the call for bird fans. During the Spring, groups of Bird Lovers' have been going out to the city parks and the forest preserves to study bird life. Trips were taken to Lincoln Park, Jackson Park. Nlilwaukee Vifoods, Beverly Hills, and even to the distant Palos Park. In fact, if Walking counts, the Bird Lovers can be considered the most active club of all Tuley. The Bird Lovers' meet once a Week in the Zoology Laboratory under the super- vision of Mr. Epsey. Much credit is due to the interest of Mr. Minnis and Mr. Espey. The interest of our Zoology instructors in this young organization has done much to insure its existence. The members have delved into bird books, studied birds in their natural haunts, compiled migration records. and have endeavored to stir up in Tuley a deeper appreciation for nature, particularly bird study. The enthusiasm and interest displayed in but one semester, assure a brilliant future for the Bird Lovers' Club. Pagf Ali716'fy:f0 ur THE LOG - ER t Y "Q l I r" f X , I LE CERCLE FRANCAIS OFFICERS GOLDIE SHANDROSS , . Pre:1'de1z.z FRI EDA BERNSTEIN . . l'z'cf-Prerideazt ELFREDA GA LANTIERRE . . Serrezary DIANA LACK . . . Trmyurer Je declare la seance ouverte-je propose que-achetez vos billets-vous n'avons pas assez d'argent-these are some of the expressions which you might disentangle from the chaos of sound as you pass Room IIS on a Wiednesday afternoon. From the sounds Within, one can readily conclude that the students are having a pleasant time. After a relapse of one semester "Le Circle Francais' was revived with a re- newed activity. The hrst event of the semester was the election of officers. The officers chosen were Goldie Shandross president. Frieda Bernstein vice-president, Elfreda Galantierre secretary, and Diana Lack treasurer. The French Club is not only for recreation but also for information and knowl- edge of that French which is not covered in class and derived from the meetings. The entire meeting is conducted in French. The program consists of short plays written by French masters which are entertaining and beneficial, book-talks, recitations, games, and songs.The singing is accompanied by a harmonica played by Sid Mussman. In the near future, Le Cercle Francais plans to have a play in the Lecture Hall for the student body. There are many discussions on the feasibility of an All-Tuley Dance sponsored by this club. Several other social eveIIts are being planned. The efhcient ofhcers and various committees have done their best in the reor- ganization ofthe club. Although the club is but a small group of students banded together, it is a successful organization because of the active interest displayed by every member. Pa gc lVir1rly-fiw' THE LOG LIBRARY STAFF There is not a group of students in Tuley that does as much for the Tuley student body and receives as little recognition for their work as Mr. Tanner's Library staff. During every day of the school year hundreds of volumes are issued by our Library to Tuley Students, and the work accomplished by these books among them cannot be overrated. To keep the library in order, to keep records of all books, to see that books are in good condition, all requires a great deal of Work. The small group of girls that help Mr. Tanner take care of the Library do therefore not have easy work to do. Every period of the day somebody is busy in the Library rearranging books, filing cards, taking inventory or giving information to some student. But the harder the Work the broader the smile, because lVTr. Tanner, Chief Librarian and Supervisor, labors shoulder to shoulder with the girls spreading sunshine with almonds and peanuts, and since they are all girls Whom a smile well becomes,the Library is a rather pleasant place in which to spend one's time. The staff includes Edith Lichtenstein, Rose Berkowitz, Grace Germann, Sylvia Lipman, Caroline Notarious, Goldie Shandross, Sylvia Suffrin, Ida Seefor, Ruth Miller, Florence Greenspan, Sophie Reed, Ida Bestcck, Miriam Gollin, Blanche Levy, Susanne Falstein, Bertha Rottner, Diana Lack, Florence Hackin, Ethel Kahn, Sara Korman, Jeanette Brichke, and Beatrice Yellin. Page A-Z4IIc'fj'4.ff.Y THE LOG . . - -C 1 1 ' . 1 TULEY CHESS AND CHECKER CLUB OFFICERS MILTON VVALTERS . , Prfridmzz JULIUS BOSEN . . I'z're-Prmident SIDNEY XNALLER . . Secretary- Trearurer One of the least known but most active organizations in Tuley is the Chess and Checker Club. At an early meeting in which over seventy-five participated, Milton Walters was chosen President with Julius Bozen and Sydney Waller as Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer respectively to assist him. VValters appointed as class captains, Perlowskv, Freshiesq Weiselman, Sophsg Lipshitz, gluniorsg and Bosen, Seniors. The interclass schedule then started. The Seniors after losing their first two games made a comeback by Winning seven games in a row to take the championship of the school. The team was composed of Bosen, Wvalters, Schneiderman, Krulan, and Gans and had Shane, VValler and Barbakoli' as substitutes. Individual tournaments, for the purpose ofdetermining the best chess and checker players, are being run off as this article goes to press. The winners will be awarded medals, just as the winners of the interclass tournament received numerals. As last semester's Log was going to press Tulev was up at the head ofthe inter- scholastic league. Tuley won live games just as Crane did and it looked for a While as though the gold and the blue would win the silver cup given to the city champ- ions. Wlhen the show down came, hoWever,Tuley lost the last game to the tune of I7 to 13. It was this loss which showed the strength of our team, as there was small hope of Winning the championship when the schedule opened. For a school entering for the first time Tuley showed great promise. Wiith three players- Lipshitz, Shwartz, and Walters- remaining to form the nucleus for next semester's team and such players as Perlowskv, Sherman, Teitelbaum. Plonskv trying out to complete it, Walters promises a cup for our school next semester. Page Ailillff-y'fz'i','lI THE LOG THE MARSHAL FORCE As a fitting conclusion to four semesters of Marshal work, Joe Reitter has ably captained an efficient Marshal force during the last semester. The work of our Marshals' is not the unusual for which one is repaid with glory, but the performance of daily tasks that often become monotonous and assume forms of boredom. The duties our Marshals have set before themselves at the beginning of the semester and have fulfilled have been rather difficult. It is not easy for fourteen boys to keep the halls of a school of twenty-five hundred quiet and in order. But any one who has been in Tuley during the past semester can testify that it was done during the entire semester, except for one day. That day was Collarless Day. Rarely is the Day as successful and as full of hilarious fun as it was last semester. It was sponsored by the Marshals, and they were on hand to see thatnothing was damaged and no one was injured. The Marshals also ran an All-Tuley dance that proved to be one of the most successful of the semester. The force consisted of Joe Reitter, Henry Rothenberg, Carl Cohen, Ben Samuels, David Cooper, Jack Krulan, Jack Rothstein, Fred Weiss, Millard Cohen, Bernard Halperin, Simon Gordon, and Hyman Ginsburg. THE GIRL MARSHALS At the beginning of this semester, with the aid of Miss Claus, a Girl Marshal Force, consisting of Bertha Kraus, Josephine Kroll, Beverly Koff, and Jeanette Bernstein, was organized. The force set itself the same duties and tasks as the Boy Marshals, and were probably greatly responsible for the quiet and orderly semester we have just gone thru. They were a great aid to the boys, often perform- ing tasks that they could not do. The Girl Marshal force is an interesting institution. It shows the school spirit of our girls and the willingness of Miss Claus to aid the school Wherever possible. Pug: Nfrzriy-f1'g1z! " ?WNR-n. XXX I I - .1-: I ' N . 7 'E Egm CKVJ H: ?'i sw 'E x m Uwiwwx EA Wllegfl ? MQ sggiigii Agiix mE EiE !f"' ,f IXX xigilga 4 il 2 Q QM V ali-Ef ! 7,,,- 2 1 Z , f X UINGWADEIQQJQIW X I Q-'Vt t " r f- 'y A3 NE? -A---,. U V' -I I ff : 3 i fy- I 4 J , ' " A. 1 W 1 N -- M" ' if ,. A 'f ss X it r Q, --- 5 f ra, - .W . -1 H ' 7j.1f.2'f '15 ' X . Qi gf - y . A.,,ii,.. -,,,:f5,,. Y R jgrmmx.-f In f S. .. J ffffw Q- F , If NV 'R 1 :sqfiiiv 9 ' ' 1 ' : -' ,- ,-4't'f'i1'fqp7v:i'Q,, V ' xx :VI '! gl 1- AQ ..!XHmn1lHijymH?lL'j,1 x Q 1 X 11 ae 'fa z "4 .-W, , ,- , 1' V '7' ff " " Y W' N 1 is .1 W ul 3 it X . , fn V U :ri J X , 1 ' " Q4 1 Q . 5 . - N J E -4 . , ' 'JfA- 1.55 ffig .. 'X Q' ,. - 1. ',. . ,, .WV- - I N V . .mm-w'93fa:Lk 1 5 'x f fi 9' -f.i...fn.e:2' NW E Q - , f A . , , ,... A K y L ..'-:- .' 'v X fi . 1-, ' ' '-- 'XM f 1 f5ff7fi'Q V . F A ' ., N n N -X 4 X K 3,4 -YI 1- -1 .i N lx- , l Y. A L . . 3.1 Q U ' , , 4 . .-' V 4' J ,EQ tr rn.. ,. '. T I A37-r wg .. Q -5 .Y ' ,f 5 2 , ' ' 1:3 Q 1: 'A' , k P ' .L G ' - ' 1 1 , x ' -'- 'J' ixx , f , " I ' -' - -- N " XQ ,X 1 .1 . ,. IJ' 'W me-X f Q -,M,,-'- M'f' 'u,...--"'- , 1, - ,. "' f, - ' ,..f' -ff' f A-1 " Z,., ATHLETICS i' .-. 1-"f 'B bin :ILT 5 1 "' ue at 1 "A ' W, 1'--AIA 111 'A "'....C-'- 11--W" -V11-' .. W -1' I H .. .W "' 'st 1'-1L.i...J - "if 40 ' .QM g' W""'QM Q" .W '01 .ii 'A 3 m fi, .Nm 51, '-'M 131'-.11 Q, . V if VVVVV V. IVV- V.V.VVV 'IVV ., -EMI: V .IV . WV VVVVVVVV Vtiwnl-, J II fn ' II I I. g, 1 1 1 "'.,..Im..f. in-I-. - "W ' '-' mu 1'.4.1'.-M'.L I Hank. ' .. '-L4 '..'l' .1i-I" f 2'4" V-11 111 ff.. '-' I .1 1:j - 1 1. 'H -., a ,Vgh't'r'5'14fiQ4?,4: ""I'1fQf :J 1' 0 mah xxggggf' M ,II I1 .Q .'.' Q, wg gwlff nl, I 1 " ":'L'.i- l..w mn , u - HI.. . ,, 1'4, M- mv- 1 - -vs: 1 , 1 1 'L ' ,II I . . ' , I M . . 41 Qs-f - f 1 . 1 . W-1, , 11.-.. ...A -1 11 , 1 5 .sr ."ifijVV,If Ffh, 'Z r1f.,IIV'n ,yin I " 4E.mi,Y'.LVI -"',I M. 4' F ,II V'i'.VS-fir jfnw! " ef VII 35. 11 V , --g.4,,,g-,rf .:' 1 . .. . . 'avr-1' " 35 1-Q., . " w- -. 1 va - ' :"."Q' ,wi 1. "W?xi Hgvfvl . . : qu " 1. C-T' F 3 :I J 'LJ' - 'ju 'f' fH V :-I :ft 'wr X' JP' JO, 0,-P. 11 X' 1' - " ' " ,- . 1 ' .- ' , . ' 1. ' . 11- 1 -' "' ' 'I ' '.-. . . -1 - . 11' lwhf . - 1 . .- f-Q 1.-.., 1. all-IIi'u,'i:'n1",1F:f' IVV. gin: ,ItX:'59iEVuV-- .iv Q Zlvhy 1 I -. 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'PL VV II-VQFV IF- V wIq.I 45- JJ "P, '1 ' Cd' 'W' g ,, 'Q ' I . ln' Jw " .i-1f',+ ' ' 11, .I, I I .I it . " V.f1'WI,VI,,II-Q., gg 1 11 ,V V. V1.1 - " gffalg. K:-,IV 'T'Q"'1 P' NS., 'Ah M: MIX' ' Ewiafr Y? qiagijla if Qi ' 'x x-F., EJ I' I-if FA' H - 1 M .'1'.i.cQ I" ,J X o 'ny .V V VIVuV I-IVVVWVV V115 WEQW VV , V-wg I VVV II ,.,. I sIIIVfxJvV . an ww " 51-'1 . . 11" .-1. 1- f . 1f 1 1 A if H- ,qw ,"' n-1 -. JM .fe J' .' 55" " --'- . ' Wifi ' V V - . 'PL , ' rv' . I,-1 .I-LI V' I ,VV .gi ti 1114? V " -.L .' ,1-,A'III,I,t.I,.., ,I mv, I 'v Iii' .. Q . I w. ,JV ll V+! '-- . Lp 1 ' fm- 4 WI '11 V .1171 , 4 VVV V Iii-V' "yi fm if La I VV, af V - . mf' "NJ 51- V" I , . . 11 mv' 9 1 111.1 ' - .1 . .-4. .1 '."'?1' 4 L- t. 11 '- 1 .-1 ' . ." 39. gI.1-,11,, 1 12- . '. '-1 , 1- 1 fr.. , ff IT, 'qi m, ng, CQVHASQLIII -ijt., f ., V 1 I 5' V ,, V .1., II ,Qt 5' .. VV ,J . 5 yi .4 .. .. - ... 7 - .. 4 . . 41, .. J.- --1 -,I , 51.5 1 "I VII' VV lu II V.,l .fy-,. I .F 4 '. 51511: V nl' I' V,V3V I In V VVVV4VVI9:iI,?V1I:.- u .3 -u.1u0."'Ji VV Nm- VV AIVI h I , VV VV 't' N115 I - I . - 'H bil? k'h Y'-' - J Q' - -1 , , 1.- 1 - ' " -' , ' u . I, ,, ,V A-v YL! I . V IV V.I.V ' .. 4 I I Qi VV 9 1 VV I V1-'I V I .I .nV,.VV V VI VV..1 ' I 1 V . VVV V VVV II V ,V 7- Vu.-IVV I If V V.n . I, II IV my IVIIV V , VIV3. DV -IV V - . 1 n r. f,x , , n I .4 . , I .N "' - W '.'.- v '- ll! ' 0 11 1- f - ' 1 , " ' ' F 'N Y -' ' ' --1 ,' J 'P1 .-: ' uhv l' Nun W' M mimi ln! 1 LI P D111 'li' .1 I 1,- ,. . ' K J .. X7' 'N l'5U-gin' -' . ' V wil , ' 9 ' U- 'l " I- 'V '15' . I .- H -V. , f ., E -fa 5 I V3 . ' 1 ,. AQ' " Il 1 " VII, rn I- U ., II W ,I , 1 6 I Mfg. l W .lg 1 -' 9 J ,MH vQ I I1 E :VH I I IVV ,L u I gr x' ' R14 : F Q-'tIl,IIQ1G:I, 'J :QW THE LOG BASEBALL I , The feline aggregation this spring, although starting out with somewhat of a jinx on it. managed to scrape through most of its encounters in highly com- mendable fashion. As this article goes to press, the baseballers have but come out of their training period. This period was featured by some stellar games with scrub up teams and with other high schools out of the section. In both of its encounters with the Columbia Business College, the Tomcats were victorious. These two games, although they were not an exhibition of base- ball as it should be played, served to round nine individual ball players into a smooth-working combination. On one of its off days the Tuley sluggers were trampled down to the decisive score of 22-O, by the Schurzites at the Logan Ball Park. However. after the Tuley men found themselves, they hammered their way through the North Siders to a 8-4 victory at Sawyer Park. Wihen the first scheduled game with Austin came, the Tomcats found them- selves in better condition, and it was with the utmost difficulty and with a good "break" that the Austinites found themselves able to defeat the Gold and Blue by a 6-4 score. In an extremely slow and uninteresting game with Crane Tech, Tuley was defeated, IQ-I3. CAPTAIN Lours BRANDZEL. the only remaining player from the 1926 squad was one of the best hitters and fielders on the team. He awarded himself the posi- tion of shortstop, and the manner in which he played and batted fully entitled him to that position. COACH AI.TMAN was truly the greatest hero connected with the team. VVithout any compensation whatsoever he whipped a bunch of rookies into playing with some sort of teamwork. He spent a great deal of time and energy in coaching the baseball team, and whatever success the team has had can be directly attributed to him. IRVING iiUKEi, UNGERLEIDER was the 'ffindu of the season. Having never before played baseball extensively. he tried out for the keystone sack position and proved himself so far superior to the other applicant that he was immediately proffered the berth. Although a bit weak on hitting, his uncanny fielding ability and his speed on the bases make him one of the most valuable men on the squad. SID SHERMAN, a previous All-Star indoor baseball man, trampled the ground around third base. Although his fielding was featured by good and bad streaks, his hitting ability pulled him through and made him a valuable asset to the team. The playing of BEN SAMUEL was featured by both good fielding and good slug- ging. He is a sure man at first base, for a ball anywhere in his vicinity is sure to be stopped by his trusty mitt. Wihen he connects with the ball, a double or a triple Page Ona Ilundrfd Orr: THE LOG is the sure result. In the second practise match with Schurz, he smashed out the only home run of the game, and so far of the season. IRVING ROTHSTEIN, our husky southpaw hurler, did remarkably good work for his first season in prep competition. He is a natural pitcher, and his stock of curves, drops and speed balls can compare with those of the best in the Wiest Section. RUBY COHN, although not used in the beginning of the season, showed that he had the makings of a star heaver. He has yet another season at Tuley, and with a good team behind him he may be able to pull Tuley through to 'a Section cham- pionship. ISADORE Kovrrz squatted behind the sack and signalled to the pitcher. He was one of the steadiest players on the team, and his hitting average was one of the highest on the team. He possessed a good "line", a valuable asset to a good catcher, and has a remarkable facility for getting the best out of the pitcher. 'LLEFTYU JOE ORZECH, our left fielder, is one of the best outer garden men in the section. He is a redoubtable hitter, and a hostile pop out to left field is as good as an out. He remains for next season and has possibility of developing into a better player than he is now. MXN-ALLIEH JAWORSKY, posted in center field is one of the best hitters on the team and one of the best fielders in the city. Although he has a rather odd manner of standing at the plate when batting, he is usually good for a single or a double. He also remains for another season. Our right fielder. LOUIS BARTOLO, is truly the most remarkable player on the team. He can play any position on a baseball team well, besides being able to hit both right handed and left handed. His fielding of ground balls and of flies is faultless, regardless of the fact that he is handicapped by his diminutive stature. He will be at Tuley for two seasons yet, and he has the possibility of developing into the best all-around ball player Tuley has ever seen. ABRAHAM ZIMRING as auxiliary catcher is even now good enough for prep competition, and one or two seasons later may find him the most capable backstop in this section. ADLER, a good hitter and fielder fitted in nicely as a substitute outfielder. VVTLLIAM "B1LLY" SHAPIRO, the sole constituent of the managerial depart- ment, showed his ability in handling the business side of the team by procuring numerous practise games before the season. Pagz Ons H u mired Two THE LOG fm . . - :ra 1 R A C It Tuley's track teams now rated among the best in the city-Herald Examz'1zfr. Tuley boasts of the finest track team in years-Tribmie. Tuley is proving to be a veritable dark horse at all interscholastic meets-fozzrnaf. These excerpts show but little the general surprise that has been evinced by the followers of track in Chicago at the phenomenal success of the Claremont Avenue team. In the short space of two months Tuley rose from a position of almost total oblivion to a place where their prowess is respected by the "pick of spikestersw. During this period they took a second place in the City lnterscholastic and a third place in the Cook County Meet. In both cases they lost by a mere two points to the powerfully balanced aggregation of Hyde Park. Turning back the pages of track history in Tuley, one can hardly find a record of such remarkable victories. VVe might find instances where individuals placed second or third in their events but these occasions are very few and far between. One might now ask what the cause of this meteoric success is. The answer can be given in the words, "Dave lVlandelbaurn". His sterling performance aroused comment from the leading newspapers in Chicago. In both the City and Cook County Meet "Gabriel" departed from the respective gyms sporting the all-around honors. ln addition to this he "copped" the high jumps all three times at the Chicago University lnterscholastic Meet besides two thirds and a fourth in the low hurdles. At this occasion ujoew Feld- man also took a slice of the honors by garnering a second in the low hurdles, Unfortunately, however,"Joe'lbecame a Senior before the second county meet. At the City meet Mandelbaum had a chance to vindicate an earlier defeat at the hands ofa Schurz man. ln the high jump he topped the best efforts of his previous conqueror by six inches. Although he was tied by Jackson of Lane, "Davie'sl' performance proved to be the thriller of the meet. Both succeeded in coming a fraction of an inch behind the City high jump record. Not satished with lVlandelbaum's taking all the glory. 'gChick" Grossberg spread his lanky legs and placed second. a toe nail behind Swanson of Hyde Park, the city and Cook County hurdling champ. During the time that the Interscholastics were in progress, Tuley was defeated by Schurz in both divisions. Our old ailment, lack of men, caused this defeat. Page One H14 zzdrfd Tfzrrf' THE LOG DEDICATION Uvitlz SZ'lZCl'l'L' app1'ff z'af1'01z of lzfr 1nz5fM5!z IiE'L'0fl.07Z fo flzf fC'6'lf6Z7'5 of the sfzfcimzl body do we graff- fully d6'6Z7Z.CdfE this, tfzfjffifz volzmzf of the Log, to EVA VV. CLAUS Page F1 THE LOG ln some of the events the blue and gold was represented by one or two men against the Milwaukee Avenue team's six or seven. The outstanding stars of this meet were "Davie'i Mandelbaum and "IZ" Perlow. Others who made meritorious performances at this meet were NAI" Wlolf in the high jump and Urfrig in the three jumps. The defeat took away some of the pep from the team and put them in the "dumps'l for a week or so, but their spirits were soon revived and they started practicing for the outdoor season. As this article goes to press, they are training outdoors. Manager Perlow assured the school that the team 'has prospects of a success- ful season. He is already negotiating for meets with our old rival Austin and with our new rival, Elmhurst. In addition to the dual meets, there are still several events of importance on the teamis schedule. Among these is the City Interscholastic, the State Outdoor lnterscholastic, and the National meet. Although their prospects of placing in the State and National meets are very slight, there is, however, a strong possi- bility of their placing in the city meet. The few encounters that we have had, were productive of new talent. Such performers as Samuels, Surge, Rothenberg, Cohn, Leader, Perlman, Fred Vlleiss, Matt VVeiss, VVolf, Rothstein, Urfrig, Goldman, Barash, Ginsberg. Perlin, and Comess, proved to be of great value to the team. The old reliables, Rydell, Brom- berg, Mandelbaum, Perlow, Grossberg, Feldman, Comess and Dubrovsky were not lacking in excellent performances. The prospects of next season are very bright, since few of the team are gradu- ating. The serious losses through graduation will be, Rydell in the high jump, Bromberg in the hurdles and sprints, Samuels in distance events, Ginsberg in the 440 and dashes, lfVeiss in three jumps and shot put, and Matt Weiss in the sprints. The men specialized as follows: CAPT. DAVID G. MLXNDELBALTNI . High Jump, Hurdles, Broad slump TSADORE PERLow, MGR .... 440 yd., Sprints, Relay MORRIS S. BROMBERG . . Hurdles, Sprints, Broad Jump, Relay DAVID G. RYDELL OscAR C. COMESS AARON D. 'U,RFRlG PHILIP BARAscH CARL CO!-IN . MILTON GINSBURG FRED VVEIss . IRVING ROTHSTEIN JOE PERLMAN . ABE LEADER MEYER GOI.DMAN ISADORE PERLIN . ISAAC MITCHEI.I, Pa One Hzuzdrvd Four High Jump. Hurdles . Sprints. Relay . Broad Jumps Sprints, Broad -lump . Sprints, Relay . Sprints, 440 yd. . . Sprints MATHEW VVEISS . . . Shot Putt, Broad Jump . . Shot Put . Shot Put , Shot Putt . Broad Jump . 660 yd. Dash . Shot Put THE LOG SWIMMING The past semester has been a memorable one in Tuley's swimming annals. More than one record was shattered and several tied, although only three meets were held. The semester was started by the Chicago University lnterscholastics, in which three men entered-Appelman, Retsky and Fogan. Although none placed because of bad starts and other handicaps, they all came close to making a mark. During the semester. as every semester for the last five years, an interclass swimming meet was held which. contrary to all traditions and customs. the Fresh- man won. The second time, this was due to the fact that 'cT" men were not permitted to swim and so the upper classes lacked material. Sonkin. a freshman was high point man. Sonkin broke several school records and amassed an astound- ing total of points to enable his class to lead. Johnson, another frosh also scored heavily. Holstein and Greenspahn represented the juniors. Another feature of the semester was the meet with the Hi-Y. At this meet, Fogan, 'veteran breast-stroke came to the fore in his old style, and was high point man, Collinet, another veteran coming second. The meet was easily won by the school team even though many of the swimmers had not attended. To Ben Edidin, swimmer and managerg to Retsky, Captaing and to Max Appelman, veteran breast-stroke and carry man: to lVIeyer Fogan dependable breast-stroke man: to Collinett. to Yetzner, to Sherman, To Roz, to Rothstein, to Sonkin, and to johnson belong the credit for making this semester, one that will stand out in Tuley's ever brilliant swimming history. Following is an individual account of the men: BEN EDIDIN as manager has done great things. He has worked and toiled, striving to keep his men eligible, to gain meets-to run them successfully. Assist- ant Manager last semester-Manager this semester, he has really and truly de- served the "T" which he got. It is a pity that Ben Edidin leaves us. LOUIS RETSKY, Captain has always been a great crawl man, always scoring Page One Hurzdrfzz' Five THE LOG for Tuley in meets. He has ably selected and assisted in every way possible, as an earnest and hard working Manager. He is a "T" man and has earned his "T" by hard and fast swimming. MAX APPELMAN has been connected with Tuleyls swimming team ever since he has been in school. It is only the semester before this that he came to the front. As a breast-stroke man we must search far to find his equal. As a carry man he is unbeatable. He has set and still hold's Tuley's head carry record: O8 3-5, only 3-5 of a second away from city record time. He and Retsky are Tuley's only swimming team "T" men. Max achieved his UT" by placing in the city interscholastics. The swimming team and all Tuley regrets the loss of Max Appel- man due to his graduation. MEY'ER FOGAN is one of the best breast-stroke men in Tuley. He has never failed to place in a meet and has always come in with a point or so when it was needed. Besides his ability as a breast-stroke man, he also swims in the carrys. "Mike" is also graduating. AL COLLINET is a back stroke and crawl man of no mean ability. Always eligible-always to be depended upon. He has always been one of the upholding of the swimming team. Collinett still has another semester in which to display his ability and earned a HTH. MSIDN SHERMAN has always been one of the necessary elements of Tuley's swimming team. As a crawl man, few can compare with him. Endowed with speed and endurance he has carved out a niche for himself in Tuley's history. Sherman is only a Junior at present and so has still another year to swim for his Alma Mater. RoTHsTEIN due to his baseball activities has not been with the team as much as he once was. Rothstein is Tuley's best back stroke man and a crawl man who can be depended on to get points. ALEX Roz, tall and slender, is built well for a swimmer and his swimming shows it. In the year or more that Roz has left he will amaze his swimming contem- poraries. 'LMIKER XTETZNER is a swimmer of great versatality. Plunging is his great speciality and he can plunge across the tank with no difficulty at all. At the crawl stroke he has gained several points in the interclass meet. Vetzner still has a semester to show himself. SONKIN is the Freshman swimming marvel. High point man in the interclass meet, breaker of Tuley records he ranks with Appelman and Retsky as the schools fastest swimmers. A great deal is to be expected of Milt. FRED JOHNSON also a Freshman is a breast stroke man of ability. In the three or more years left for him to show his ability much is expected of him. Page Om' Hundred Six THE LOG TENNIS Tennis, destined to be Tuley's most notable sport, is, as this article goes to press, about to enter a season which should be the most successful in tennis annals. Captain Sam Barbakcff, "Hank" Rothenberg, Nlanagerg "l2zy,' Kovitz, Solly Kobrin, David Misbaum, Ruby Cosnow, Wlilliam Lipschitz, Max Katz, Leonard Levite, Aaron Rosenberg and Jacob Kaplan represent the full roster of Tuleyls Tennis squad. The bulk of the strength, however, falls onto the hands of four, Capt. Barbakolf, "Hank" Rothenberg, "I2zy" Kovitz, and "Solly" Kobrin. Kovitz, a singles man of unlimited ability, can, no doubt, cope his strength with any prep tennis man in the city. Sam Barbakofl, another singles man, executes his work in a manner befitting to his high reputation. Upon Henry Rothenberg falls a double duty. that of player and manager. Already experienced with the squad of '26, after this year of battle he will be as good a man as can be found. Capt. Barbakoff, Kovitz and Kobrin will be lost this June by graduation. Henry Rothenberg, Nusbaum, Levite, Cos- now, Lipshitz, Rosenberg and Katz remain behind to make the squad of IQZS. This year Tuley competes in the University of Illinois Interscholastic Tennis Matches. a thing unheard of before in Tuley. VVith a few "breaks" in their favor and under the able guidance of the eyer helping Mr. Michael our tennis team should have by now, completed its most successful year in Chicago Tennis Circles. Page, One Hundrfd Szzwz THE LOG GIRLS' TRACK TEAM Although track may be considered a minor sport among the girl's athletics. it has had a successful and well supported team this semester. If such good work and excellent material continue to be on hand, track may soon become one of the leading sports for the Tuley girls. This semester's track had an All-Tuley girls' team. Due credit should be given to 'fLil" glanas, an all around athlete, for the good work she has done as girls, track manager. She displayed remarkable ability in the events, scoring most of the high points which resulted in her taking first place. Millie Goldstreich, Juniorg Kuta and Horwit7, Sophs, were some of the other track stars who did good work. The most interesting and successful meet took place the latter part of March. It started off with the fifty yard dash in which about twenty-eight girls competed. Four girls ran at a time, making seven heats in the trails. Those who placed in the preliminaries were: Rappaport, Studener, Goldstreich, Janas, Kaplan, Kuta. and Viiidrnar. These girls then entered in the semifinals which took place in two heats. Only those placing first and second were qualified for the finals. The four who entered in the finals were: Janas, Seniorg Goldstreich, Juniorg Kuta and Vificlmar, Sophs. The result of the finish sprint brought "Lil,' Janas to first place and Millie Goldstreich a close second. GIRLS' SWIMMING TEAM This semester's program for the girls' swimming team has been decidedly different from any that the girls have ever had. The program that they followed was that of an all Tuley girls' team instead of the usual Interclass teams. Even though the program was changed the girls have shown as keen a spirit as ever, which was proven by the fact that the tank was "mobbed" at the first tryouts. With plenty of material to choose from, 'gLil'7 hlanas, the manager picked out the most competent and eligible girls for the team. Among the old "swim Hashesu that were picked were Jennie Abrahamson, Elsie Diamond, "Lil" -lanas, Emily Zdanke and Dorothy Richman. After hard and earnest practising the girls first all Tuley meet was held in the latter part of April. This meet provided many thrills to an enthusiastic audience. The high points went to Abrahamson, taking first place. with Gunter coming in second, Goldstreich third. and Janas fourth. The other swimming meets that were held were as well supported as the pre- ceding one. All in all. this semester's swimming team has been a very successful one. show- ing keen competition and interest among the girls throughout the semester. Page One Hundrcd Eight Z HUMOR Il 1 NOT ALL JOKE9 'IIIIIIIIIIM I111I1I11Il1II111M ARE TO BE FOUND W I " I ' I 1 - IN TT-IE COMICS - MANY MAIL BE SEEN IIIIII1111111 1 11111111111 1111111111111 11111111 1 mm ,WW WALKING mourns VI I I XII N I 1 W x1I 11111 TULEY I ' I ' ' AN' ALL THESE YEARS I'VE BEEN GOING ,, ' TO SCHOOL!! ' ,, f KT I .La , If L STUDENT LEAIZNS THAT CONSTITU- TION PIZOI-IIBIT9 rm E5fJQIrThTE?:'vb AN ovemmo gy WELL WHATS THE YOU JUST CAME IN THROUGH 'Z MATTER WITH THE ONE IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIII 'IINVOLUNTNN . SELLVITUDE' . I1 GRADUATE sem , ' A JOB , 'Q V-IT" Z U WM A , 1 If X X I -ff-,f N We ' . f N Xl, 2, 'ri 1 POLITIQIANQ NLVLQ , xv QQ 1 worm Aaour A IN ,I ' . - JI -. A XX DLACETO SLLLD 5 i ELLA W A 1 . L TULEYITE CAUGI-IT IN CAM H , 'WISIH VD UVED 300 vw ACT OF DOWDEQING BUNK WIIII EN J AGO -Tum IwouLDN'T HEDQ FACE i ' HAvETo LEARN MODEIZN I-IlSTOIlY" YOU SAY HFS A GOOD QWIMMBL 7 HE OUGHT TO BE ,A 7" HE Knows' ALL THE BEST DIVE? IN TOWN . ,,:: -:::: L STUDENT COLLECTS COPIES' OF QEVIEW ISSUE IN WHICH HIS NAME ADPEARS '- -gf! - fh-I-A-.:IF'L 1'-'S " fiiiiifiiiih E E55 SEVLQAL OOUVENIICE, -ml L ml- :::::: IEE: mrs: Tru .Less 5. ::::: 1 i M Q N USIQHWI- THE LOG WE WANT TO KNOW- -whether our Hi-Y men really need an organization to keep them on the straight and narrow path. -how soon, at the present rate of rejuvenation, Mr. Fisk will revert to the bottle. CLatest reports state that he has already come down to the age of thirty.l -whether the charter members ofthe Honor Society organized the organization to insure their being in it. -how one can tell whether Mr. Von Hovenberg is teaching Law, Polycon, or Latin. -how long "Uke',, having fallen for "Jimmy". will remain prostrate. -Where Mr. Casner spends his Saturdays. -whether Matt VVeiss is glad "Bev" lives next door to him. -how many books do our Booklovers love up per week. -whether lVliss DelVIerse succeeded in teaching "Jimmy" manners. -whether Miss Chase teaches psychology or shorthand, and why she is not on speaking terms with Mr. Casner. -whether the T. C. Lassies are kidding the world or themselves. -why Mr. Olson doesn't buy a new hat. -why Mr. Tanner never makes use of a boy for his Library staff. -Whether the guy who wrote this thinks he's funny. THE ABOVE GOT IN THROUGH A PRINTEPJS ERROR. Page One Hundred Eleven ' 4 S x QTY? 4 x V ' -XIV, 1,41 I-Sqf- l 45 27 ,JU Q .fxf-. . fb .D mb' 45 0 ,f u L36 ,432 X .l :Q V Nl x PM ,f Qu X We , ' SX film L, l l i r' Page One Hundred Twelve THE LOG OUR GRADS IAS VVE SEE THEM, fWe feel that the grad :ection in the "Log" i: a farce: therefore the :ample: below of what grad writeup: :hould be. The reader, after going thru the:e, will be able to :uppzy proper biographie: for all our graduate: SID M. MUSSEM 'cSiler1t Sid" Be:t dancer in :chooZ,' fine on :tippery fOor:. Active in :chool athletic:, notably him:elf.j football and ba:ketball. Captain of football team ,24. Mode:t and retiring: refu:e: to :peak of him:eh'. Chairman of Civic Conduct Committee 727. "Action: :peak louder than word:.', BEN SOME MUI,E IG Debating 724, '25, '26, '27. Premienf Crocheting Club '26, Honor rot! man. Runnerup for Cla:: Checker:. Hi: only weakne:: i: playing poker with two deck:. "A gentleman and a :cholarfl ISADORINA KOVVHITZ ICDOHYQ7 Cla:: Checker Champ '26, Bomm friend of Seymour Carmel. Knitting Club '26, 727. Mi:: C!au:' a::i:tant. Wz'l :tudy for the c ergy at the Carmel C'lE7'gy77Z!17Z,.f Club. c'Nez'er rough, hi: conduct wa: aboee re- proachf' MANDALAY DOPALTA 4'Dago Red" '0Mer. The terror of the :chool. Captain Bouling Team '26, Mgr. W're:tling Team. Tore the tie of euery teacher on Co7larle:: Day. Height, 6 feet: weight, 250 pound:. 'Cilnd a mighty man wa: he.'7 JULES MURPHY BART "Irish" Pre:ident Tri:h Democrat: 725, 126, ,27. Sergeant of Charm: in Hi-Hay Club '26. Donated afortune for Fla:k and Drown Club. A Don juan among the gentler :ex. "He': my utild Iri:l1 Ro:e. 7' PIETRANO ZUKO "Romeo" Baby hhrampu: :tar 727. :Iuthor of Spani:h Looe Poem:. Serenade: :heba: on the mouth organ. Sale:manfor Cabbago Spani:h Stogie: and E! Supremo Garlic. 'iQf moonlight night: in Su nny Spain Thi: troubador :ingf yet again." THE LOG HATCHET ORATION-Concluded Visiting Pres.-"W'hat? Whazzat? CGrabs up hatchet from desk muttering incoherently and then advances with a menacing attitude. Seeing this, local president seizes old fashioned razor from pocket, whereupon advancing president stops.l Well-Well-may'be you is not such a had club after all. Still ah thinks that we is better, Take for example Our dancer who has Won more Logs than were printed, Eva Davis. Not only that but there's our vocationalist, Sistah Fleisch- man. VVhy man I have a lot more to convince you how good we is. As an actor few can equivalize brothah Rothstein. Now there's .... ats a nize pin you all got there brothahf' Local President Cproudlyl-"Yeah, I'ze a membah of de "Bigger and Better Domino Lodge"." Visiting President-"I-Iot ziggety zaml I is too. Shake brothah. lThey shake hands.l Come to think of it brothah, you shuah has a magnolius organization heah." Local President-'4You ain't got such a bad one youselff' Visiting President Cembarrassedlyj-"Let's change the subject. That's a mighty fine razor you got there." Local President-"Au dat shuah shuah am a swell ax you got. What do you say we swap? fOther nods head and the trade is made.l The meeting am ab- journed. fArm in arm they leave the stage.J Czzrtairz. A PRACTICAL BUSINESS TRAINING SCHOOL AT YOUR SERVICE SUMMER AND WINTER, DAY AND NIGHT Bus: N ESS COLLEGE 1632 MILWAUKEE Ave. PHONE HUMBOLDT I95l GOOD POSITION FOR GRADUATES Member National Association Commercial Schools Mid-Winter Term Enrollment Jan. 31st to Feb. 7th Pagf Om' Huudrrd Tfzirffaez FOREWORD This hook 1.5 a 1'efo1'd of our high school fizwfs. Illay iz' .vffzfe in Zhf' future to rem!! the happy and the painfzz! vizommzfs of those yfazxv. THE LOG THE LOG BE FAIR TO YOURSELF IN CHOOSING YOUR NEXT SCHOOL WE ASK YOU TO: 1. Consider your wonderful opportunity in the business world. 2. 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Page Om' Iizuzdrrd Xia I THE LOG Algy-"lVhat becomes of your lap when you stand up?" Reggy-" It retires to the rear and pops up under an assumed name. I' SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY A small Northern lad was spending the winter in a Southern school, and was discovered attempting to look at the paper of a girl in front of him. The irate school mistress of old Southern stock, rushed up to the girl and exclaimed,l'Where all yo' Southern hospitality gone, Mary Jane? Turn yo' paper so the little Northern boy can see. " He Cslapping his ear emphaticallyl-" Damn these mosquitoeslu Roommate-'tFunny thing. You know, I don't know why, but mosquitoes never bother me. H He Cagainl-"Which proves what I've always told you. No sex appeal." Laugh! I thought I'd split an infinitive. " If you've heard this before, stop me, " gurgled the leaky pipe. L'The constant dripping of water will wear away the largest stone,', says Campus Car, "and the constant dripping of tears on many a man's shoulder has led to his buying one!" We know a feller who is suing the city for building the sidewalk so close to his abdomen. Angry Wife-"Will you tell me what the long red hair on your coat means?" Cornered Husband-"My dear, that means just one thing-trouble!" HI noticed they arrested another big gang of bootleggers in Chicago yesterday. H "What for? Getting behind with their deliveries?" Found on a freshman's registration card: Question-'AGive your parent's names. " Answer-t'Mamma and Papa. " "Mamma, why are policeman like little children? " "Why dear'?,' 'tBecause there are so many being taken for walks in the park by nursemaids. " Page Om' Hundred Twenly THE LOG nj ,. oslz Relic--E--it ! Q U U II . . I H A Business College with a E University Atmosphere H H The Only Business College 1n the VVest whlch Requires Every Student to be 2, Four-Year H High School Graduate. MUNSON SHORTHAND GREGG SHORTHAND A E SECRETARIAL COURSES A Bulletin giving complete information about the :: Secretarial, Stenographic or Accounting Course will 5 Q be mailed free on request. ll ll 116 SOUTH MICHIGAN AVENUE 2 Twelfth mor CHICAGO Randolph 4347 E u,-o-re-o,o -ine io- o-l-,eul,-,o- -icuii o Page Om' Hzuzdrfd Twenty-ont THE LOG 'WVell, well, we saxv Red Auerbach next to some girls." 'SlVhere?" "In the grad section of this "Log"." The famous absent-minded professor was walking down the street with one foot in the gutter. "Since when," he said, "did I begin to limp?" HELPFUL HINTS Anyone who wishes to get in Mr. Casner's good graces should buy him a pound of genuine dyed in the Wool Swiss Limburger Cheese. Do not Write excuses on the back of a rain check. Teachers are sus picious creatures. Never study for Mr. Olson's tests. You'll Hunk anyway. OUR CHFERS Let's sing to good old Tuley, She's always at the head. Vl'e'll sing to her while We're living, And we'll sing to her while welre dead. And when we're up in Heaven Well give a Tuley yell, And if we're not so fortunate, lVe'll give it down in-Tuley, Tuleyl Here's to you' Tuley Students! Buy Your Supplies at a Place Where Perfection is Assured. We Always Back Our Goods According to Their Respective Prices. You Pay Less-Get Better Service-Get Better Equipment if You Buy at F E L D M A N ' S 0 CN ext to the School on Potomac Ave.D Page Om' Huzzdrrd Tzwzify-rico THE LOG J . O. Pollack 81 Co. CLASS PINS AND RINGS The Tuley Senior Rings are of Our Manufacture 7 West Madison St., 9th Floor Central 4324 GERSON GUTHMAN, President FRED F. BLOCK, Vice-Pres Progressive State Bank VICTOR H. THIELE, Cashier 2202 West Division Street Chicago, Illinois "A Progressive Bank for Progressive People" Pngr Om' Ifznzdrfd Trcwrzli 21 THE LOG CONTENTS THE SCHOOL LITERATURE ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS HL71IOR. Pngf Sfrv One Ilzuzdrf HIGHESTQUAUYY ERNEST J. KIEQEQEEE 9l?- QIQ-92I NO. TRANKLI N ST.. CHICAGO ! ADVERTISING QNRT STUDIOS PHOTO-ENGRAVING PLANT f COMMERCIAL' PHOTOGRAPHERS Tgefepfz on cfs QIAVG fe cfzzpc-vrzbr 1920 6'Zcl1.a1'fje rgzperzbr' 1921 fo all cffzperior 1922 P Qeparfzqezzts f " A M E A's FI N E ST - 11 Tuwzly-four THE LOG THE LOG Bryant CEL Stratton Business College 116 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill. Telephone Randolph 1575 The oldest Business College in America advises one of the following courses: Business Administration Majoring in higher Accountancy, Finance, Law and Economics. Leads to the degree of Bachelor of Accounts LB. Acctsj. Prepares students to pass state Certified Public Account QC. P. A.D examinations. Students matriculating with the intention of earning the degree recognition must have the prerequisite of a -1 year High School Training. Secretarial Training A new course arranged to supply the heavy demand for private secretaries, a- side from Stenographers. Ofhce Methods and Business Technique featured. Studies Covered-Shorthand, Secretarial Correspondence, Spelling, Typewriting. Bookkeeping, Commercial Law, Secretarial Duties, Personal Efficiency. Pre- requisite: High School Education. Also: Short Courses for Review and Advanced Students, Free: 40-Page Success Book. Send for it today. 50 YEARS OF GOOD SERVICE AND QUALITY We have served the Tuley High School with high grade bottled milk and other dairy products for the past 10 years. l Theo. Renz 81 Sons Co. t 1376-80 West Austin Ave. WHOLESALE MILK AND CREAM xl Monroe 0926-5310 Page One Ilzuzdrni Tfzwziyif THE LOG AT KLEE'S Where the smartest clothes can be bought for less YOUR GRADUATION SUIT A young-man's dress is one of the greatest essentials towards success. True clothes don't make the man, but they come close to it. We feel certain that we can satisfy and please you. Complete selections of Young Men's 2 Trouser Suits 3925 to 3575. KLEE BROS. 8a CO. -TWO STORES- Belmont and Lincoln Ave. Milwaukee Ave. and Division St. THE OLD RELIABLE THE GREENBAUM HIGH SCHOOL STORE Every Requirement of the Tuley Student 1302 No. Claremont Avenue Opp. Main Entrance Compliments of the DOPPELT 8a REUBEN LEATHER GOODS SATCHELS BRIEF CASES TRUNKS 29 S. Clinton Compliments of MARMEL PRINTING C O . WHERE THE TULEY CLUBS HAVE THEIR PRINTING DONE 1236 N. Western Ave. Chicago, Illinois THE BLUE INN 2734 Division Street THE NICEST RESTAURANT IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD Best Meals Served at Reasonable Prices Vegetarian Dinners P 0115 Hzmzirrd Tflhfllfy zx THE LOG All the North-west Side has its Clothes Cleaned, Dyed, and Pressed at the CHICAGO-AMERICAN CLEANERS AND DYERS WE SPECIALIZE IN RUG CLEANING I. GANZER, Prop. Leavitt Street Near Division Tel. Bruns. 0622 Compliments of the GELLER DAIRY CO. EMPIRE ' CLOAKS as MILLINERY S. SIGAL Phone Arm. 2928 1266 Milwaukee Ave. Compliments of WILLIAM PILLIN PHARMACIST 1300 N. Rockwell Street Compliments of LORRAINE SILVERMAN Compliments of OSCAR GOLDEN SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND LUNCHES FINE SHOES J. MLODINOFF REASONABLE 2126 W. Division Street ROYAL CLOAKS SUITS FURS MILLINERY H. W. GELLER, Prop. Phone Humboldt 6360 1300 Milwaukee Avenue Corner Paulina Street To miss a kiss Is more amiss Than it would be To kiss a miss: Provided that The kiss you miss The miss herself Vllould never miss. But if you try To kiss at miss VVith Whom a kiss Would be amiss, Yould better always Miss the kiss! Pagf Om' Hzuzdrm' Twmzfy- ANOTHER ROGER ' ANNUAL DISTINCTIVE There is something distinctive about a Rogers' printed book. The clean-cut ap- pearance of the cuts and type matter is the result of the skill and experience of 19 years of annual printing. We enjoy the patronage of high Schools and colleges throughout the United States Who want a distinctive book of the prize- winning class. Your specifications will re- ceive our prompt and careful attention. ROGERS PRINTING COMPANY 307-309 First Street 10 So. LaSalle Street Dixon, Illinois Chicago, Illinois vim g .. . , ,ug ,HY V ..Z1'- -H-fi 7'-1" .64-7 -. f ,. -"Pav W- . QL - ILI 'I , " . 'X , ' v -. . 5 4.1 4' .A 'L yd. ' .3 . V I- I n , gn- .eiv l, -eh- 'f 'I31L-h 'w3f- 'A ' . . J Y , ivgg ' , :A I: :girl f. .Q I If I IIIIzIIx JT 'jI?,"xf4Q11Iw..,.,y5' r lim," J iii? 'Lx -' - I.. 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Q In 1 " 'M' '9W'w3f.AI' I rg 4 -- I I ' JIg...1'5' . 'I' - IIILF " If- II Q' ' lbfiklva. H! FEA ' t. 'IL I ""fsT':jfvwI In .- I ILM' P 'ln' X! U .I I' I L - I I - I ,II I . I "" 1 -C I l W: L! '- -. "ef l'5'g.g.-QL.I'.'-1 -.If-fr. ,I Y ' '3'iI':"u I -' I - I III -- - - II -W I'-SIL!-I.. v .- I I I I .-I -"- -I - fq,,,- I, "1 -- I I . . I 5: .Ji I - 'I 5' F. 5 -I .AI , 5 UIIEII Qt MWA". II-yf' ' l 1 I ffl' 'I gf:-I ' " I4 If ' . bw . I I-"f1i'l' is-L IIT il 1 ,al Z I' M' Il he ' 1 " ' I I :ur A I Iwfihll Anvil" .-I ADMINISTRATION X Peg: Tcvflzw THE LOG To MR. FRANKLIN P. FISK we extend our sincere thanks for his material aidg in making Tuley the school it is today. THE LOG THE FACULTY J.-IACOBSON . . flffz'.vta'1ztPrz'1zcipaf NOVOTNY . ffffiftarzl Principal L. M. ADAMS J. ALTMAN J. F. BAYER A. T. BERGSTROM A. V. BLANC B. L. BOWEN F.. A. BRIDGAM S. CASNER F. A. CHASE E. A. CLAUS M. CONSOER T. J. CUTTING M. M. DEMFRSE K. DILLON H. DIXON A. E. DOLE E. DURAND M. A. ENGLISH C. VV. ESPEY C. M. FELCH J. M. FERGUSON E. D. FLAGG E. L. FORREY E. D. FREDERICK M. C. FROST J. C. GILLESPIE E. GLOKKE G. M. GREGG H. H. GROSS H. M. H.ANSON C. F. HENZE A. M. C. HOLM B. HORAN W. J. KOPP M. LAGER E. LAWRENCE E. LEUDEMANN A. G. MACDOLTGAL C. C. MARRS I. A. MCINTYRE H. A. MICHAEL L. E. MINNIS R. S. MORFORD R. A. MURPHY B. RIEEDHAM M. U. NELSON M. A. C. GQCONNELL O. A. OLSON K. A. O,NEILL M. K. PLUMB L. POPE G. O. RANDALL F.. M. ROLIAN L. ROPP E. ROSENTHAL C. P. SAUNDERS C. E. SCI-IOLOPP J. M. SMITH A. I. STEHMAN A. M. SUTHERLAND G. W. TANNER C. G. TIETZ K. H. VAN HOVENBERG F. XIANTRESCA M. B. VVALSH G. VVATSON VV. A. WEDGEWORTH A. M. WVEIMAR Page Thirty z . .. WV. ,iwhglbo ,, fri gj'?g 1 'gwgm ga.: . '.?.i,v?f,4ffIf -:iii .j4.,Q'fl Nffyx ' ff Krew! -f V. 4 ,Mm - r ,., 'k ' ., 'Y ' 7 D I' Yiuwfp . 11, . A ' , wQ'. if7 'VW4 3' H -F' 'fi Y I ' l ly. 1 r w a 1 1 .- ' w w 4 , . ' W , MA I w , . Jr' ' H h"' x l '1 F ,jj-v. s' ,fp THE LOG TO THE CLASS OF '27 The Class of '27 now leaving the protecting walls of Tuley I have the privilege of addressing for the last time. Kindly memories of this class will always remain with me-memories of your consistent friendliness, memories of your gracious consideration, memories of your splendid spirit of helpfulness. Not only were you always ready with your assistance, but you also manifested that rarer gift of realizing the need, though unexpressed, and voluntarily offering your services. Always there was an oversupply of volunteers, for the whole class was animated by the same helpful spirit. At all times have I found it practicable to trust to your judgment, for it has usually proved good. You have displayed good judgment in choosing your leader- individuals of sterling character, not merely of superficial social popularity. You have also manifested "sweet reasonablenessl' and good judgment in your manner of accepting suggestions and advice. Some individuals in the class stand out in my mind for their fine qualities of character, their integrity. their honor, their loyalty, their reliability. Others are particularly prominent for their intellectual attainments, for their excellent scholarship, their zeal for study. Others again are outstanding for certain talents,- ability in music, art. oratory, athletics. Still others have won their chief fame by their qualities of leadership. And many have secured a place in my heart by their charm of manner, their pleasing personality. They have been good people to live with. However you may differ one from the other, one quality that you possess in common is perhaps the one that is most attractive to us older individuals-Youth! -Youth with its golden wings and radiant eyes: youth with its courage and joy: youth with its illusions, its aspirations, and its dreams. Go forth. one and all, in the strength of your youth and our blessings and heartiest best wishes go with you. May you hold to your ideals until they have become realities. May you have the wise judgment to know what are the things worth while. And most of all may you have the intelligence to know the right and the character to follow where your intelligence has pointed the way. No further wish need supplement this, for if you knou' the right and do the right, you will win both happiness and success in the true sense. You may not have wealth, and you may not have fame, but you will have something far more valuable -your own self respect and the approval of your inmost soul. EVA W'ALL.ixcE CLAUS Page Fourtran gr: QEIWA' -,. ' fl ll' 'Q 1 eg ay Q P: f ,Jill fn. 552 E i :iz X ' X -' 'f !IW . ' Q, pl jg? Q ulxi 3 1 X J: -Q., lf ,...,. ....f: 5-J , 1' f 4 - .. -, - , -. A F' V ' '24 ' . x 'H : .- i q' '- 'gg ' :?1. ,5f ' , - . . W fc- , f 'Af f TX 1 'A rl Ai, A' 1- i., i Y .. '1 I 269, ' -'1 ,Z 3:7 4 J: fb in EI' 1 5 V1 ,-u 'YY -- I: J' , V ,,V Wwgg, n V L 1 i ,, , ,Y , 3 agar, if 5 , 4 Xjg g-, ' X .2 uf., W gif' A as f d X K N, fig- 5 ' ' LE A f, Ng 1' 0 :mv aw. ij B 41' Q 5 J v U- ,JL V- GRADUATES THE LOG ACADEMIC GRADUATES 2, Page Sz'.x'trf' IsAD0RE S. KOVITZ PETER ZUKOVSRY BELLA STRAUS FRANK PETACQUE SUZANNE FALSTEIN JOSEPHINE KROLL ANATOL R.-XPOPORT MAX APPLEMAN . PrfJirz'e1zt Vice-Prfyidfzzt . Secretary . Trearzfrfr . . . I'dZEdZ'Cf0fZ-071 . . . Salutatoriavz DI.JfZ.1ZgIll.J!7Kd Oralor . . . Clan Orator CLASS HONOR ROLL " SUZANNE FALSTEIN J0sEP111NE KROLL ANATOL'R.APOPORT ABRAHAM GANS HELEN BLASZCENSK1 VVILFRED CARSEL BELLA STRAUS II . 92.13 . 92.03 . 91.81 . 91.63 , 90.28 . 90.28 . 90.00 T H E L O G HELEN ACKERMAN 31k'er,' Review Staj 1.27,' Log Typiftq Mixed hChoru,r,' Captain Ball '26, '261fg, ,27,' Cai! of "Charm",' Horneroming Comm. 727,' Flower ESTHER ADELSON 31l3'er,' Review Staji' '26, 2615, '27.' Editor of Girly' I.r.fue,' flrt Editor of Log 127,' Soplz tllirror '251fQ.' Secretary of Franklin: V. P. of BookloiIerx.' T. C. La.r.fie,' Swimming ,2..l1k, '27,' Capz. Ball Champ: 725,' Placed Franklin Oralorifal C0l1lt'.fl '261fQ,' U"inner Soplz. Oratiral: Iffinner of Hi-Y Porter Context: Tuley Debating Team ,27,' Caft of "New Coedn: Cai! of "In flze Spring a Young tILlan'.v Fanry',' "Profe.f.vor of LozIe",' Pierare Comm. 127. NIAX. R. APPLENIAN Clan Oratorg Log Staj ,27,' .liforiate Editor of junior Forum: Council of jewiflz Youth League: Pref. of jewifh Youth Leagueg Prey. Lif- erary Soplix: lrzterrlaff Swimming Charnpfq Champion of Soph Debatef '241Ag,' Numeral and twedal man: Chmn. Senior Prom Comma' Climn. of junior Prom Comm. Cliarter tllember Honor Soeiety. DAVID AUERBACH flfxociate Newt Editor of Review '261Q, 127: General News Editor of Log '27,' See.-Treaf. of Radio Club ,261fQ,' Clze.f.f and Clieckerf '26, '261f2. IYIILTON G. BABROFF Log Staj' ,27,' Review Stajf 7261fQ, '27.' Hlixed Choruf '23W, 124. Comm. 127. ANNA S. BALTER 31Q'er,' Stal? of Girlf' Iffue Review: Log Staf- Sec.-Treaf. tllixed Choruf ,27,' lllixed Choruf 3515, '26,' .nlccompaniftfor Mixed Chorus 1261fQ, '27,t fIL'L'077lPl17ZiJ'lf0T GZ'7'l.f, Clee Club ,27,' Blem- ber of Bookloz'er.r,' .lltrua f'i.fitir1g Comm.,' Color and Ribbon Comm. '27. JULIUS A. BARTHOFF Cla.f.v HiI'lorian,' dffociale Editor of Reaieci' '261fg,' News Editor of Review ,27,' life-Pref. of Hi-Y '261Q,' Frofli Debating Team ,231f2,' 3rd in junior Oratorieal Context '26,' Clam Night DAVID BASOFIN junior 3 .-lrtf Treafurerq Bu5ine.f.I Mazinger of twafle and Cowng Doublef Hand Ball Clzampff Inlerroom folleyball Champxg Interroom Indoor Champ.r,' Senior Ivzterclaff Indoor Champf 127,' lIlar.fhall,' Fire lllarfliall. NIAX BECKER 3'er,- Log Szaj ,275 Trarle ,241A2, '25, 12515,- Indoor 727,' Volleyball 127. ROSE BECKER - 31fQ'er,' Came from Schurz: Alixed Choral '27,' Volleyball. Reeeption Comm. 'r - "A 'fr ' " " ' W" '-I I I I I I I I I I I I . I I I Page Seventeen A Page' Eiglzifflz T H E L O G GLADYS .-X. BERRIAN .Uixrzi Cfiorui '251f2, '26,' Smzior Cirli' Glu Clubg l'o11f'ybafl ,26zgQ,' Capt. Ball ,27. LOUIS BERNIAN 37Afer,' 0fL'1lI'!lfd '24, ,241k, 725, ,25l12, '26. ESTHER BERNICK Sirzior Cirb' Glas Club: junior-Sfzzior Prom Comm. '2Ci: Sfnior Frfffzif Comm. '26,' .lltrua Burzco Comm. '26. FRIEDA L. BERNSTEIN Typifz for Rfc'ifw,' Vice'-Prfzr. of Ffz'IlCll:CIIlb ,2f.' Girfx' Clif Cfub ,27.' Flower Comm. JE.-XXETTE C. BERXSTEIN Typiff Log y261fQ,' Log Staff '.27,' Review Typift '27,' Frmlzif, Soph, Sfnior Capl. Ball Tramf: Srnior follryball '.?7.' Lieutenant Girl fllarflzall '27,' Clzartfr .Ufmbfr of Book1o:w.r,' Pin and Ring Committfr ,2'j',' Ca.rt of "Nfw Cord" '261fg. HELEN A. BLASZCENSKI 3'rr.' Honor Studint: Smzior Girlf' CIN Club 27: 1'0U4'yba1!,' Capt. Balt '26,' .Uoito Comm. KATE BORDAN Cami' from .Uar.vhatl,' Capt. Ball '27: Senior Capt. Ball Clzampx '261fg,' Smiior-Frmlzic Party Comm. '27: Homrcoming Comm. '27.' .-Iltrua 1"iJiti11g Comm. ,27,' Flower Comm. '27. JULIUS F. BOSEN 3'rr: Rr:'z'r:v Staff '27,' Ffaturf Editor of Soph .Uirror yzjlkg: junior Forum ,265 Log Staff '27.' Vive'-Prr.f. Cluw' and Clzsclafrf '27,' .Uixfd Cfzorzu '25lQ.' Capt. Sfnior Champ Irzterflau Clzrfksr Tram '27. JEANXETTE BRICHKE Literary Editor of Log '27,' Log Typift '.261Qg I'irf-Prof. of .Waits and Gown '27,' Src. of Boole- lovfrf '261f2: ,1lt'I7Ibt'fV' of Booklowrsf Library Staj' '251fQ, '26, '26lQ, '27,' Literary Soplz Prom Comm. .24. Clzartrr .llfnzbrr qt' Honor Socifly. MARY A. BROCKO Sfuior Cirlf' Give Club '27: T. C. Laffiag Boo1eto:'rr.' .frznrx Staff ,27. THE LOG KIORRIS S. BRONIBERG T 'i ' ' 31fg'fr,' Jtlzlftir Editor of Log ,27,' B. .-1, sl. 4 1 Editor of Log ,201fq,' Sport! Editor of Rfi'ii'ct' '265 . . , Bufineix .llanager of Soplz Jlirror: .llzlwd 4 4 Clzoruf: R. 0. T. C. 724i " T" Alan: Travk '24, I '2-Me, ,-?5,',25V21 '26. ,261a, 727- 1 ANNA BROOK l Jl1'.YFd Clmruf '24lQ7,' Girly' Gln' Club '26,' f - Capt. Ball ,26. ,W REEVA R. BRUSS " 31Ag'er,' l'irf-Prrf. of Jlixfd Clzoruf ,27,' ,Uixnl Clzoruf 25123, '26, '26lfQ, ,27,' Cirli' Glu Club: floccrr Comm. SADYE S. BRYER 31fQ,!'f,' .Uixfd Clzoruf '26, 7261fQ, ,27,' Cirlf' Glas Club. WILFRED C.-XRSEL 3'rr,' Honor Student: Latin Club ,261fQ,' Capt, junior Clierlaer Team '26LQ: "T" .Hang junior Cbefkn Clzanzpf. MILL.-XRD E. COHEN Inzarroom Indoor Clzampf '27.' .Uarflzall '27. ALBERT COLLINET Indoor '2-jlfg, '26, ,261f2,' Swirnnzing Tram ,26, '26lQ, '27,' follfyball ,26. BLANCHE S. CRARIER Cirlf' Glsf Club ,27,' Frftvliif Capt. Ball Tfam Arr .- . -- '2.,l.' Honzfronzing Comm. '37, EVA R. DAVIS Log Staff '27,' Rfvifw Sta-if ,27,' Cirlf' Rt'Z'ZAt'CU '27.' Intfrroom Capt. Ball Clzampf '27,' Sfnior Volleyball Tram '27: Senior Capt. Ball .Uanag r '27: Soplt Capt. Ball Clzampf '251fQ,' Intfrroorn Capt. Ball Clzampf '251f2,' Track Team ,24, l2j, '261fg,' funior Capt. Ball Champ! '26: Ifinnrr , of junior 3 .ilrtf Dance, Contfxl: W'inne'r of Jlixfil' , Clzorut Dance Contfft '261f2,' Color and Ribbon -- . if . Comm. '27. V ELSIE DIAMOND Cirlf' .-Iililffif Editor of Log 727,' Jlixrd Clzoruf ,231f2, ,24, b241f2, ,255 T. C. La.f.vz'f,- F roflz and . Sopli Interclafx Capt. Ball Tfam.f,' Girls' Swim- 1 ming Tfam '231Ag, ,24, '241Q, '25, '251f2, '26, '261Q, ,27.' Ssnior Capt. Girl! Swimming Tram '26M2g T. C. Lafsie Capt. Ball Tram ,27,'Fra!1l?lfI1 Reception Comm. '26l,Q: lVay.f and .llfanf Comm. - .27 . A W Ai YW il .Ufmbrr of Honor Sorifty Pagr AV i rifteftl Page Twenty T H E L O G MENDEL A. DOPPELT ,lmiflarzt Newf Editor of Review '261k: Cir- culation Alanager of Review 726w,, Bu,vine.f.f lllanager of Review ,27,' Alanaging Editor of Log ,27.' Prey. junior 3 .rlrtx '261fg,' Hfinner of Soph Oratorical ,251Q,' Ifinner of junior Ora- Iorical ,26. LEOPOLD DURKO Radio Club '25, '251Q, ,26,' Indoor '26, y.?61A2. BENJAMIN R. DUZINSKI Mixed Clioruf '241Q, ,255 Sec. Sr. Hi-Y ,27' R. 0. T. C. ,24: Traclz Team '26, ,261f2. BENJANIIN EDIDIN Hatclzet Oratorg flffociale Bu.rine.f.f .Uanager of Log: Treaf. Lil. Soplzf: Hi-Y,' Swimmin Team ,251k, '261Ag, ,275 .fl.f.v1'.fta1zz Swimming illanager '261Q: llfarzager Swimming Team '27,' Soplz, junior and Senior Interclafi Swimming Teamg Captain of Golf Team ,27,' Chairman Sopli Picnic Comm.: Soplz Debatef. EMMA T. ELKIN Typixr of Log '27: Glee Club ,27,' Capt. and lllanager of Senior Volleyball Team: Interroom Capt. Ball ,2-315. ,275 I7Ilc'7'C1LZ.U' Clzampf '25, ,26. ,27,' .llrrua Vifiting Comm.: Homecoming Comm. ,27. RIARILYN A. ELLER Girly, Iffue of Rezfieu' ,27,' Clzmrz. Senior- Frefliie Party Comm. v.27,' Clzmn. junior Party Comm. ,265 Capt. Ball ,26. NHRIAKI P. EMYANITOFF 3'er: Glee Club '27,' fllixea' Clzoruf '25, '251Q, '26. R. ERES 31Q'er,' Picture Comm.: .-Ilumni Edizor of Log ,27.' Cirlf' l.v.fue of Review '26W, ,275 REC'l,c'f0 Typift '261Q, ,27,' junior-Freilzie Party Comm. '26: Sec. of Boolelowrf ,275 Senior Girly' Track Team ,261f2.' Senior Girlf' Volleyball Team ,27,' iegnior Capt. Ball Team '27,' Coaclz of T. C. Laffie ay. SUZANNE R. F.-XLSTEIN Valediclorian: Clzmn. of fllofto Comm. ,27 Review Typiff ,275 Sec. of T. C. La.fxie.f ,27,' Homecoming Comm. ,275 Uflzerette Qf Clzarm Z27,' Head Typixt of Log '27.' Library Staff '26lfQg, ,.. -f. Honor Society. DOROTHY M. FELDNER Treaxurer of Franklin ,27: Girly' Glee Club. T H E L O G ANTHONY FELTYCH lllarxhall '24, '241Q, '25,' Liculcnant lllarfhal '25,' R. O, T. C. '23,' Inrerclaff Swimming '23,- Intcrroom Indoor ,2j',' Inzerclaff Tracle '24, '25, s 6 s ,, 2 , 2,. ETHEL B. FLEISCHMAN Prey. of Girlf' Glce Club ,27,' Cart of "In thf Spring a Young lllan'.v Fancy" '27.' Cay! of "New Coed" '261k: Cart of "Charm" '27,' Cirlx' I.r.fue of Review '27.' Mixed Chorus '23, 724, '25.' .Uixed Clioruf Dance Comm. '24,' Frefhie, Soph, junior, and Senior Capt. Ball Tcanzxg T. C. La.r.rie. MEYER H. FOGEN Swimming Team '23, '24, '25, '26,' fr. and Sr. Life Saving Mang Capt. Intrrclafx Swim- ming Clzampf '261!g. JANET FRADIN Circulation jlgr. of Girls' Reuicw '27.' Log Staff ,27,' Pin and Ring Comm. '27.' Trcaf. of Boolelovers '261Q,' Frcflzif Capl. Ball Team '24,' Uiherezle "Charm" ,27,' T. C. Lanieg Sr.-Fr. Party Comm. '27. IDA FRAZES Ribbon Comm. ,27,' flltrua Vifiting Comm. '27.' M'z'xcd Clzorux '27,' Soph and Senior Capi. Ball. RUTH FRIEDINIAN G. ll. T. C.,' Altrua I'i.fiting Comm. '261Q,' Pref. of .4l7rua '27.' ..f1.f.fi.fZL171l Circulation llifgr. of Log '27,' Y. L.: Council lblember '27.' Typifz of Log '27',' Red Croix Council '27,' Clzmn. of Homecoming Comm.,' Cirlx' Iffue of Raifiewq Frrnrh Play '231fQ. ELFREDA R. GALANTIERE 5'cr,' Mixed Chorux '241A2, '25, '251Q: Girlx' Iifuc of Review '27g Sec. of French Club '27.' Clzmn. of Frefhie Party '261k. ABRAHAIXI I. GANS Editor-in-Chief of Log '27.' Pref. of Booleloverx '27,' Vice-Pref. Y. L. '27.' Council lVIe-mber j. Y. L. '27,' Champion Inlerclaff Chechcr Tcam 727,' Jllotro Commizler. Charter .Ucmber of Honor Society. EDNA B. GANS Sec. of Lil. Sophf '251Ag,' llflixcd Chorur '25W,' Glre Club ,27,' Log Staj 727,' Carl of "Charm" '27,' Sopli. jr. Capt. Ball Team '25, '251Q, '26. ESTHER F. GARBER Treaxurer of flllrua '27,' Allrua Vi.riting Comm. '27g Homecoming Comm. '27,' Receplion Comm. '27. 4 1 i n i V Q I. . ri M1 i. iv Y Q 1 . r-h ,J SA 'W 2,5 . 1- i ' xl.. ,, 5 V A ' .,. " iii I "F ffl' T 3. -. -af: 3' "M I . . . i Page Twenty-o ne 1 , Page Tcvrfzly-two T H E L O G DORA GERSTEIX fer: .Uixrd Clzoruf 72jMg, '26: Climn. jr.- Frnflzzr Party Comm. '261ig. HYXIAN L. GINSBERG Rfi'iecc' Staff '261fg,' Jr! Editor of Review '27.' Trrax. of Hi-Y '27,' Ili-Y '26, ,27.' Hi-Y Ping Pong Clzampion '27.' Illixrd Clzoruf '231Q, '24.' .Uarxlzall Forrr ,27.' Clzfm Club '27,' lwolleyball Clzampf '26,' junior Play '26,' Senior Irzterclau Swimming Tram '261f2. ,27,' Swimming Team '2O1Q, '275 junior Lift Sewing Corpf '2-iw. MILTON N. GINSBKRG 3LQ'f'r: Senior Hz'-Yg Trafle Team '2-HQ, I26, '27. KIEYER GOLDRI.-XX Log Sfaj' 727,' Reoisw Szajf E613 '27: Tiff- Prrf. of junior 5 Jrff '261Q,' Indoor '261Q: fol- lryllall '26.'. CHARLOTTE A. GOODMAN 31fQ'rr,' Revista' Typifl ,261f2.' Exclzangr Ediior of Rmieu' '27.' Cirlf' IJ-.vas of Rffirw '27.' .lffiytant .llunini Editor of Log '27,' .Ylixfd Clzroux '2j.' Intrrroorn Capt. Ball Tram '25, '26, '261Q,' Rf- :'if':c' Staff: Capt. Ball Train ,27,' Intrrrooni Clzmnpf ,2j',' Sfnior Capt. Ball Team ,27. SIMON N. GORDON 31fQ'er: Indoor I261f2, 7275 follfyball '26,' Senior II1'-YQ Lllarflzall Fora' '27,' Franklin Pirnic Coznzn. y27,' lfayf and .llfanf Comm. '27. ROBERT B. GREEXXYXLD Log Staff ,275 Revifu' Staff '26LQ: Jlivra' Clioruf ,2j, '2j1Q, '26,' Indoor Clzarnpf ,27,' Senior Indoor Clzarnpf ,2f. ZELD.-X HA.-XS jyjerg Jlixfd Clzorzug Cirlf' Clff' Clzlli. BERNARD L. H.-XLPERIN jr. Life Saving Team '2j1Q,' Senior Life Saving '26,' Inlfrroorn 1'ollf'y Hall Clzampx '26, '261Q: Inlrrroom Baifball Cllarnpf '27,' jr. Sfuinznzing Tram '26.' ,SL Indoor Inffrclaixf Clzarnpf '27,' .Ill Star Team ,275 fllarflzall Force '27.' Pirturr Comm. '27,' Franklin RFLYPII-021 Cmnln. 'ZGIQJ .Ufdal .Van '2O.' Ili-Y '26. ROSE L. HALPERIN Cirlf' Iffzzf of Rf'C'Z't'CL' ,37.' Reznsw Typifz ,37.' Jlixfd Clzoruf '261f2,' Intfrroorn Clzanzpf '27.' Capl. Ball Clzampf ,.27.' Clunn. Drfff Comm. '27,- Fft'.W'lI1Ac'-Sc'lI1'0T Parry Comm. ,BNQMQJ .llfrna l'i.fil- ing Conznz. 737. T H E L O G MARY QI. HANDWERKER Boolelooerxg flltrua 171.11-ll-71g Comm.,' Morro: Bafrball Teamj Senior Glrlf' Glxe Club. IDA L. HEGSTEAD 3W'er,' Sr. Girly! Gln' Clulz '27,' Booklovfrf Club -,. KIYR.-X F. HOFFENBERG Girly' Gln' Cluli ,27,' llfayf and .U.e'arz,f Com m.: Homfl'onzz'ng Comm, ,27. ANNETTE G. J,-XCKER 31Q'rr,' Charter Hlenzbfr of Booklozwg Girli' Glas Club ,27,' follfyliall bbw. EZRA G. JACOBSON Volleyball Cllanzpf '26, 727,' Handball Finalx '26, 7261f2,' lnterroom Clzampf '27,' .Uafk and Gown .lid '27. ENIIL JACOBIYITZ 31Q'rr: Review Slaj' ,27,' General AYc"CL'.V Editor junior Forum: Lllliwd Clzoruf ,Ji-I, '2jl,Q.' Hz'-Y jlan. LILLIAN JAN.-XS I'Z'L'E-PTE,f. of Clzemiral Cluli '27,' Ir1d1'z'1'dual Traflz Clzamp 724, ,261fQ, '27,' Froflz Indoor Managfr '2.,c1Q,' .-lll Star Indoor Tfam 7241Q,' Soplz-fr. Capt. Ball Clzampf '25, ,265 Inffrroonz Capt. Ball Clzanzpf '25,' Claff Capt. Ball Clzampx '26, '261f2, '27,' Trarle and Su'inzming .Uanagrr '261f2, ,27,' Senior Swimmz'ng Tram ,275 Inter- room Clzampx 727. REGINA C. ,IUREK Trfaf. T. C. La.fJie.f '27,' fr.-Sr. Capr. Ball Clzanzpfg Senior Trafk Clzanzpi '26h,' Volleyball Tianz. RUTH G. KAHN T. C. La.v.viz',' Vita-Prey. T. C. LH.fJ'l.c' 727: Charter lllflllbif Boolzloozrx Soplz Drarrzafupf ,.?jj Coach of junior Play 72'j',' Flozwr Comm. ,27,' Franklin Plcniv Comm. '.27,' Cllirf Cxlzzrffh' "Cl1armH '27. SAR.-X KATZ T. C. Lafyif: Capf. Ball ,261fQ.' Swinzmzn 27: Rilrlion Comm. ,27,' jr. Fr. Party Comm r N I 1 r P S Page' Tzvrnly-tlzr . .. WV. ,iwhglbo ,, fri gj'?g 1 'gwgm ga.: . '.?.i,v?f,4ffIf -:iii .j4.,Q'fl Nffyx ' ff Krew! -f V. 4 ,Mm - r ,., 'k ' ., 'Y ' 7 D I' Yiuwfp . 11, . A ' , wQ'. if7 'VW4 3' H -F' 'fi Y I ' l ly. 1 r w a 1 1 .- ' w w 4 , . ' W , MA I w , . Jr' ' H h"' x l '1 F ,jj-v. s' ,fp THE LOG 'F f . ' LOUIS S. KESSEL 1 5'er,' Cirfulating lllgr. of Log '27,' ll'ayJ and Jleanf Comm. SOLOENION KOBRIN Editor of Review '27,' ,ifforiate Editor of Log '27,' A.uofz'ate Editor of Review '261fQ,' Tennix Team '27,' "T" Alan. Charter ,Uember of Honor Soeiety. JULIA KOENIGSBERG BEVERLY E. KOFF ' -' 3'er,' Typift for Review '26, '27,' Log Staj '261fQ, '27,' .-Ixfoeiate Editor Girly' Editor of Review '27,' Treax. of Booleloverf '27.' Fr. Capt. 5 Ball Team: Soph Capt. Ball Team '2j: Senior Volleyball Team '27,' Senior Capt. Ball '275 Review Capt. Rall Team '37,' .Varfhall Force '27,' . Chinn. of Flower Comm. '27. - ISADORE S. KOVITZ President of Senior Clam '27,' Sportf Editor ' of Review '261Q, '27,' Pre.f. of B. J. fl. '261A7,' . " Prey. of Lit. Soplzf '25,' Pref. of Erofh Club '24,- 1'ice-Pref. of Tuley Frofh '231Q,' Tuley Frofh Debating Team '231f2.' Tilley Frofh Champ De- bate '2.5l.' Literary Soph Champ Debalef '241l3,' Soph, fr., Sr. Intfrcla.v.v Indoor '25, '26, '27,' Senior I71ft'7'ClllJ'.f Indoor Champ! '27.' Interroom Indoor Champf '27: Second Star Seeond Bateman 'BCIAJJ Firft .alll Star Short Stop '27,' Bafeball Team '27,' Tennif Team '.27,' Htledal lllang " T" fllani Banner lllan. Charter .lllember of Honor Sfoeily. -- BESSIE KOZLOVSKY 3zX2'l'T,' Mixed Choru: '24, '241f2. Girlf' Glee Club. BERTHE P. KRAUS Clair Prophet: 31A2'c'f,' Log Staff '27,' Slap' of Soph iUirror,' Review Staff '.?7,' Volleyball Team '27,' Swimming Team '27,' Review Capt. Ball Team '27,' Chmn. Ribbon and Color Comm.,' lllixed Chornx '2-SIAQ, '26,' Capt. of Cirlf' fllar- .fhallfg fr. Er. Party Comm. 1 NATHAN KRAUS A " Q 31Q'z'7,' Log Sta-gf '27,' Hi-Y .-ltlzlezie .Uanager '27, JOSEPHINE A. KROLL Salutalorianf 51Q'er,' Mixed Choru.r,' Review Capt. Ball Teanzg Girl llflarflzall. Honor Society. JACK KRULAN , Capt. Intfrroom Champf '27: Indoor '261fg, '27,' llfixed Chornf '25, '25V2i Senior Hi-Y: . .'lIar.fhall '261fQ, '27,' Log Staff '27,' llledal and ' " T" lllan. Page Twenty-four T H E L O G LIBBY S. KUSHNER 31f2,z'7',' Cirlf' Cla' Club: Capt. Ball Tram. DIANA LACK Typift for Log '27,' .-I.v.fi.flanl .Jdl't'!'l1Afl-Ilg .Uanagfr of Log '261Q,' Trfaf. of Frrzzflz Club '275 Library Staff EOM, '27.' funior Capl. Ball Clzampf '26: Senior Intrrroom Clzampf '27: Senior Capt. Ball Tram '27,' Homfcoming Comm. 27. FLORENCE E. L,-XRSON Girlx' Glu' Club: fr. Fr. Parly Comm. '.?6. LOUIS LEBOYVITZ ,1Iz'.wzi Cl1oru.r,' Capf. of FTA'.flZI.f Tram '24,' Inlfrflaff Trark Tram: .-Ill Slar Tram '26,' Sffond .lll-Star Tram '.261Q.' Clzfclcfr Tram '26. HARRIET A. LESCHNAK junior Capf. Ball Champf '26,' Sfnior Capl. Ball Clzampf '261Q, '27,' Svrzior Trafle Tram ,27,' Smzior Swinzming Tram ,27,' Sanior follfy- ball Team. IRENE T. LEYINSON Cirlx' Iffuf of Ri'2'irw,' .Uixrd Clzornf ,25ZQ, 726, ,26M2, ,271 Fr. fr. Pariy Comm. BLANCHE LEVY Library Staff ,261f2, ,27.' Log Slaj '27: Typift for Tulfy Ri':'ircU '27,' T. C. La.f.fif,' Sfnior Prom Comm. ,27.' H077ZfEOI7IilZg' Comm. ,27,' .-lllrzza Ivififillg Comm. '27,' Uflznftlr for "Charm" '27, LILLIAN LEXVIS 3'fr.' Trfaxurfr of Froflz '241f2,' Room Rfporifr '24.' ,Uixed Clzoruf '27,' Swimming Tram '2.,t1Q, '25, '2j1Q, '26, bow, '27,' Clzampx '2.,zlfQ, ,25TQ,' Jlanagfr Capt. Ball Tram 727. RUTH XI. LEXVIS Typift of Review '27,' Typist of Log 727,' Girly' I.r.fuf of Rec'iew,' fr. Forum Sfaj' '25,' Ser. ,Valle and Gown '27q Senior Prom Comm.: Senior Champ Capt. Ball Tfamgjr. Champ Capt. Bally Capz. Ball '23 to 727. JACOB LIBIN Booleloverg lxlixfd Clzoruf '24, '247f3, ,2j,' LE. Chemifal Societyg R. 0. T. C. i Page Taz' n tyff M F THE LOG W' 2 CARL R. LICHTENSTEIX 21 Buxinexx Staj Soph .Mirror '25MQ,' junior J Arty Publifity Comm. '26,' 31Q'er. EDITH S. LICHTENSTEIN 1 Review Typift '27, Cirlf' I.r,fue of Review '27: V. Pres. G. xl. A. '261fQ, '.27,'f1'. Clzamp Capt. Ball 1 Team '26: Sr. Clzamp Capt. Bali Team '26W,' - Library Staj '26, '261Q, '27, Drexf Comnz.,' llomeroming Comm. '27,' Uxhereite 127. Cliarter illember Honor Sofiety. ' ABRAHAIVI LIEFER Trark '24, '2j,' Freflzie fllanager R. 0. T, C. '2.,L,' Volleyball Team, Clzoruf .4It'l'07llPl17IZ.J'I. HAROLD MANILOFF 3'er,' Trarle '26, '261lg,' lllixed Clzoruf '2.,lMg, '25, '251n3,- fluff. Log Plzotograplzer '27.' Latin, 1 Club '261f2,' Clzerkerf '2.g1Ag, '25, ,2j1A2. A- I 2 RIET.-X L. KIANTEY .!.v,vi,fta1zt Feature Editor of Cirlf' Re:'ie:L',' J,r,fi.ftant Literary Editor of Re:'ie:c' '27,' fife- Pref, Boolelooerf '26VQ,' T. C, La,r.fie,' Sr. Girly' Glen Club: Coaflz of fr. Play '27, Coaflz of fr. Play ,25Mg. SYLVIA E. MARKS Sec. of T, C. Lanier '261k3,' T. C. Laffie Capt. Ball Team ,271 Sopli Prom Comm. '25. - NT ABRAHAIXI KI. NIASOVER 1 .-l,r,vi.rtant Feature Editor of Review '261Q.' Feature Editor of Review '27.' .J.rJ0riate Editor of Log '27,' Prefident of fllafle and Gown '27,- Sec.-Treat. of Clzexf and Clzerkerf '261f2,' Clzeff and Clzerleerx '24, ,2.l1A2, '25, '2j1Q, '26, '26W.' - Pin and Ring Comm. '27. Honor Society. ROSE MEERSON I Girlx' Iixue of Review '27,- Honor Student: .Ilotlo Committee: Clfe Club. Clzartrr Member Honor Sofiety. ISAAC KIITCHELL .Ilzivrd Clzoruf '24, ,241Q.' Trark Tram '26, '261f2, 127: Scvirnming Team '27,' Calf of ".Yf:v Coi'd",' Caft of "ClzarmJ". SIDNEY KI. NIUSSNIAN Firft Place Franklin Oralorifal Conteft '261Q.' Firft Plate junior Oratoriral Contfft '26,' Soplz 17 f-A--ff 'fs-Q Drbare.f,' Capt. of Debating Tfarn 1.27: Sr. Hi-Y. e Tcce nty-.fix T H E L O G VICTOR NOPARSTAK Bufinrxf Staj of Review '25, '261Q, '27: Indoor '26, Log Siaj '27,' Clze.f.r and Clzrfkur '2-qfk, '26, DAVID NOWINSON Slaj of Soph Mirror '25,' f1.Y.f0l'l'!1fc' Ediror of Soplz Mirror '2j1f2.' Orfheffra '24, '24M3, '25, '2j'1A2,' Swimming Squad '2j1lg,' Vin'-Pn'J'. Har- monica Club '26,' Hi-I' '26, Vice-Pn'.r. Hz'-Y 'ZOIAJJ Ffature Edilor of Rrzfifw '2O1f2,' J.f.fofz'ale Editor of Rfoiew '27,' nlfforiatf Jlanagfng Editor of Log '27,' Sflzool Reporter for Herald and Examinf'r '27, Tribune '27, and Daily Nrwf '27. JACOB E. OLSHER Mixed Clzoruf '24, '251fg, '26, '261fg: Ser.- Treaf. of lilixed Clzoruf '261Q,' Cart of "Profe1.for of Loz'f",' "Low in zz Ligl1Ll1ou.v.f" and " Charm ", JEANETTE OLSON Girlf' Cler Club. ANDREXV P.-XWVELCZ.-XK Tulfy Orclmtra '231f2,' R. 0. T. C. '25ZQ, '24,- lwixfd Clzoruf '23. ANNA RI. PAVVLANSKY Capt. Ball: Mixed Clzoruff H0rm'ron11'ng Comm. HELEN PERRIN 31f2'er,' Senior Girly' CIN Club '27,' gIl1'.wzl Clzoruf '25, '251Q, '26, Capt. Ball '25, '26, '261Q. FRANK S. PETACQEE Clan Trmx. '27,' Clzmn. lfayf and .'llL'an.f Comm. '27,' lllenzbfr of Orflzexfra '25, '251Q,' Swimming and Trafk Tt'Ll?7Z.f,' Lzlff Sazirzg Corpf: Can Qf".Mo1z.fiz'ur Prrriolzonn. HAROLD R. PINE Litfrary Soplzf Champ Drbalf: Booklovfrq Illixed Clzoruf '26, '261Q, '27,' Indoor Clzampf '27, Dlcdal .Many Call of "New Coed". NIIRIAKI POLISCHUCK- ' Capt. Ball Team 'Z'-7, '2j1f2.' Snzzor-Frfxlzze Party C0mnz.,' H07nrcom1'ng Comm. '27. ,, in A If , 'sr ge Tm' nfyrf X. 1 , 5 . Page Twenty-eight T H E L O G SAM RABINOWITZ jlffj .Tlixed Clroruf ,25. '2-51235 Soplz Jfirror ,25V2,' junior Forum Staj' '26,' Review Staj ,27,' General New: Editor of Log '27,' Irzterroom Cliampf 727,' Volleyball ,27,' Latin Club. ANATOL R. RAPOPORT Clzoruf .-lccorripanift '251fQ. '26,' lVinner of Slzort Story Conzeit ,251f9,' W'iriner of National Interfrlzool Piano Conteitg Dixtinguiflzed Orator ,27. IRVING C. REISLER Four year: of Srierzreg Cliemiftry Clubg Chen and Clzecleerg .Uixeal Clzoruf '24, '241fg, '25, '25M2. JOSEPH REITTER Review 724, '241f2, 725, '251Ag, '26,' .Uarflzall '251fQ, '26,' Captain of .Marflzalf '26Mg, ,27,' junior Prom Committee '26,' Log Literary Editor '261Q,' Tracie Team ,27,' Senior Prom Commiztee '27, HILDA REIZEN Swimming Team ,25, '26,' Sopli Capt. Ball Team: C. LU. T. C. '231Q, '24,' .Mixed Clioruf '24, ,241fg, '25,' Jiri. Clzmn. of Senior-Frefliie Party. BESSIE E. RESSER 31fQ'er,' fllixed Clwruf '251Q,' Senior Girly' Clee Club. CELIA C. RESSER .Uixeil Clzoruf '24, '25.' Homecoming Comm. ,27,' Senior Girlf Glee Club 727. DOROTHY D. RICHKIAN Cirfularion fllgr. of Log ,27,' Counril Blember of j. Y. L. '25, ,251k1: Vice-Pref. Y. L. '26: '261Q,' Ser. of Y.,L. ,.?7,'J!lZfut1 Vifiiing Comm,- Swimming Team 725, '251A3, '26, '26k. ,27. SIDNEY S. ROOTH Clirnn. Pirture Comm. ,275 folleyball Champ: '26V2,' Indoor Clzarnpf 327. IIANUEL ROSEN Clzarler fllember Crane-Tuley Club. T H E L O G - SYLVIA ROSENBLOORI lvixea' Clzoruf '241Q, '25, '2-gh. JACOB B. ROTHSTEIN Indoor ,27,' Review '26, ,261X2.' Caff "Clzarm,r ,27,' Tennif '27,' Jllarflzall. RUTH ROTHSTEIN Girly' Clee Club: Mixed Clzoruf: HO!I1:'L'077l1'II C0lI1WZ.,' Capi. Ball. BERTHA S. ROTTNER 31k,c'7'.' Mixed Clzoruf '24, '2,zlfg, ,2j,' Library Sta-If ,26, EGM, ,27,' Capt. Froilz Stvinzming Team '24,4 Capt. fzuzior Swinzming Team '2j1Q.' junior ana' Senior Capl. Ball Clzanzpf '26, y261f2,' Inrerroonz Capt. Ball Clzanzpf '24llg, ,27,' Home- roming Conznzittee l27,' Caft of ".Yec0 Coed!" '.261fQ,' Jiri. Circulation Jlgr. of Log 'SOIQJ Club Editor of Lo '2" l'ife-Prefialeni of C. :I -l . g ft , - ' ' ' ,27,' .-lxfociate Edzior of G1rlf'lI.fue of Re:'ii'cv 19, ..f. DORA RUDKI.-XX Senior Giflfy Glee Club,' Color and Ribbon Commitiee. MATILDA RTQDRI.-XX fer: Capt. Ball '24, 21923, y2j, '26. ,261Q,- Champion Team '26,' Boolelowerf. DAVID RYDELL Leller man in Bafkelball ,23,' Traflc '26, '27.' "T" Alan in Trarle y27,' Clzampx l'olleyl1all: Hfezlal Lllanj llflixed Clzoruf '26, 727,' Hi-Y. BENJANHN H. S.-XKIUEL R. O. T. C. '23, '23Mg,' Sergeant '24, ,.?.,l1Q,' .Uixed Clzoruf '241Q, '25, ,2-iw, '26,' IPZIFQ'-PTSI. 5615, Prefident '27: Tolleyball Clzampf '261Q,' Track Teamj Bafeball Teamj l'Z'C6'-Pfzlf. Franklin ,27,' lllarflzall '27,' Inierroom Indoor Clzampf '27,' Senior Hi-Y ,261fQ, y27,' .Ill Slar Team ,2, Numeral and llledal Jian. SALLY A. SCHENBERG 31f2'er,' Champ Inierroom Capt. Ball Team 'ejlkq Charter lllember Booklot'er,f,' Senior Girly' Glee Club. ISADORE SCHULTZ 3'er,' lllixed Clzorux '26, ,EGVQI Track Team ,261fQ, ,27,' .fl.v.fi.vIanl BZl.fi7IF.f.V fllanager of Log ,27,' Radio Club. pqii' .,. 5 ..,jy-' Page Twerzly-nine 5 G K. I I 2 11. v U . Page Tlzirty T H E L O G ANNE SEIDMAN .-ldirerlifing Comm. .lllrua '261lg: Viee-Prey. of Altrua ,27,'Cll77Z71.0ffIlZTut1 Dance Comm.'27,' Dre.r.r Comm. ' ROBERT SHANE V R, O. T. C. '24, ,241f2, '25,' Senior Hi-Y '25W, '26, '26VQ, ,27: Prey. Tuley Clzemiral Sorielyq .Uanager Tulry Debaling Team ,27,' .-lrt Sta-if Log '27,' ,alffoeiate General New: Editor of Review '261Q,' Senior Cheeleer Team '27.' .-lfxoeiale Gen- eral Newf Edifor of Log '261fQ,' .f-Int. Electrician of "New Coed". HARRY R. SHAPIRO Mixed Chorus, MARCELLA SHAPIRO 3'er,' Senior Girly' Glee Clubg Illixed Clzorzu 2472, T25. 7251f2- LILLIAN SHAPIRO Senior Cirlf' Glee Clubj Can! of "Clzarm', Coaelzed .reiveral plays. YVILLIAKI SHAPIRO Inierelan' Swimming 724,' Tuley Swimming Team 72j,' junior Swimming Team '26: Cirru- lalion fllanager Rezfiew 261k,' Juoeiation Bufineff .Tlanager '261Q,' Senior Swimming Team ,27,' Baxeball lllanager '27,' Pin and Ring Clzmn. ,27,' Franklin Reeeption Comm, '261kg,' Senior Inlerflafx Indoor Clzamjbf '27,' Volleyball ,26, ?261f2,' Sefond .flll Star Team '27. GERTRUDE A. SHOEN Cirli' Clee Clubg Review Sta-ff '27,' Log Staff '37. PASCHE SILVERT .Uixed Clzoruf '23, '345 Review '26, '261fg,' .lnoriate Feature Editor ,261fQ, ,27,' .-Idsferti5ing .llanager of Log '26Mg, ,27,' Prefident of j. Y. L. '26V2, ,275 Pin and Ring Comm. v27,' Sec. of Ili-Y bob, '27. ESTHER B. SINION .flllrua l"i.viling Comm. ,261Q,' .lltrua Danre Comm. '26Vg, '27,' Homecoming Comm. '27. STELLA SNIGOWVSKA .llixeal Clzoruf '27: Cirlf' Clee Club '27,' Com- mercial Graduate '25,' Interroonz Capi. Ball Clzampf ,27,' Molto Comm. '.27. T H E L O G WALTER STEMPEL IL- jfijerg Inierroom Clzampx '27,' Clzeyx and Clzeflzeri '20, '26If2. EVELYN R. STOLAR 5'er,' .Wixed Clzoruf '251f2,' Charter fllenzlier of Booklooerf '26,' junior Capt. Ball Tram '261Ag,' G. rl. J. Review Reporter '261fQ,' See.-Treax. Clzemz'.rlry Society '27. THEODORE L. STONE . 31Q'er,' Indoor '26Vg, '27: lllzlved Clzorzu '25, 1 '251fQ,- Trarla '26,- Log Staff '27. Q LIICILLE B. STOWICK QI Sec.-Treaf. Senior Cirlf' Clee Club '27Q Home- - i coming Committee '27,' Capt. Ball '23, '2-3143, '24, '24V2, '25, '251fe, '26, 'HM- BELLA STRAUS ' Ser. of Clan: Homecoming Comm. '27,' Newf Editor of Cirlf' Iffue of Review '27, Molto Comm. '27: Honor Studenlg Log Sta-H,- Hozzor Society '27. ROSE STROWISS T 5'er,' Orclzeftra '25, '26, '27,' Senior Girly' Glee Clul1,' Capt. Ball '26, '26W. - r ROSE H. SUGAR junior Play '255 Charter tkfember Bookloverf '26,' Review Staff '26,' General Newf Editor Cirlf' Ifxue '261fQ,' Pref. T. C. Laffievf '27,' Reprefenta- tive funior Red Crofi Council '27,' Clan Editor fn of Log '27. w Charter Memlzer Honor Society '27 in Y 1 HYRIEN A. SVARDLOFF junior Checker Team '257fg. '26.' Senior 1 Checker Team '26,' Review Stal? '2O1fQ,' Radio ' Editor of Review '27. KIARION NI. SWIRSKY .lllrua Vifiling Comm..' .Mixed Clzorui '25, '251f2, '26, '26V2,' Girlf' Glee Club '27. ROSE TANENBAUM 3'er,' Boolelooerg Clee Clubg Capt. Ball Team '25, Dfw, 1 f i ' . ' V w i , , , 1 x i Page Thirty-one -T... - .. --- g, 1 T H E L O G JENNIE B. TOKARSKY Swimming Team '24-'27.' Senior Trarle Team N, ,27.' Senior Capi. Ball Team Clzampf '251fg,' 3 Interroonz Capt. Ball Clzampf '27,' flltrua ,'l'.YZvfi7lg 1 Committee. ' SADIE TUGENDHAFT Ser. Froflz Club ,23.' C1151 of T. C. Laffie Play ' ,275 Capt. Ball '24, '241f2.' Ilomeroming Comm. ' '27: Ser. of .Iltrua '27: Typixz of Review '2',' r 3 Typift of Log ,27,' Can of "Clzarm.f" '27. . ALEX S. TULSKY 31f2'er,' R. 0. T. C. '241fg, '2j.' Hi-Y Jlan ,2j'1fg to '27: Review Sfaj '26, '27,' Orrlzeftra 1 '25, ,26f Printing '261fQ. l SADIE J. UDELL T Capt. Ball '24, '25, '26,' junior Capt. Ball I Clzampf '26.' Dreff Comm..' Ilomefonzing Comm.: . Typifl of Log: T. C. La.f.fie: Girly' Clee Club I '27.' ,-Ilfrua 1,1-.flfillg Comm. '26, '27,' Girlf' Iffue ' of Review '27. , IRVING B. UNGERLEIDER Clan Proplzetg Hi-Y: 4UarJl1all.' "T" and Jlledal Jian: Bafeball Team '27,' junior and Senior Interclaxf Indoor '26, '261Q. '27: Capt. Senior Inierrla.f.f Indoor Team '27,' Interroom Indoor Clzampf '275 Interroom folleyball Clzampf , ,'26, '261f2: Review Staj '261Q,' Jdaferlifing ' lllanager '27,' Slate Illanager of "Charm" '27,' Senior I71lL'I'Clt1.fJ' Clzampi '27: Caplain .Ill Sfar ' Team '27. ' LEONARD Y. WACHS fer: junior Indoor Inlerrlaff '261fQ2: Bafeball '27,- Track '261Q. '27,' Clzeflserf '25, '25LQ,- Latin Club '27. l SIDNEY YVALLER fer: Orclzeitra '2.,l,' illixed Clzorux '26, '261Q,' See.-Treaf. of Clzefx and Clzerlfer Club '27s Inter- ' fla.f.v Clzerleer Clzampf '27. - ' BELLE XVXLTERS Cirlf' Glee Clulr: .Illrua Irliflllllg Comm. 5 FRED E. wmss Cai! of ".Ye:v Coed",' Coaelz Commercial Play '27: Indoor '26, '261Q: Cai! of "lI'l1ole To:L'n'f Talking",' Senior Prom Comm. ,27. KI.-XTHEXV XVEISS Prey. of Franklin Literary '27,' Hi-Y: ,Uedal .1Ian: f Traek Team '26, '261Q.' Volley Ball Clzarnpx '261Q: Page Tlz iffy-Icvo 'Y' W ' Senior Indoor Team '261Q,' Indoor Clzampf '27, T H E L O G LUCILLE Z. WITKIN Capt. Ball '25, '251Q, '26, '261Q,' .Wixed Clzorzu '26,' Girlf' Clee Club '275 .-Iltrua Program Com- millee ,27,' Tuley jazz Orclzextrag Typixl Log: Clay: Nile Recepiion Comm. '27,'CdJ'l0f"ClIi17II1" Franklin Receplion Jwufic Comm. JEANNETTE WITZ Freflzie, Soplz and junior Capl. Ball Teanz: Treafurer of Dlafle and Gown: jIz'IIIb."f.fll1'P Comm. of C. LaJ.fif',' Dren' Comm.: Pin and Ring Comm. of Cirli' Gln' Clul1,' BZl.fl'7I:'ff -lid or Girly' Ifiue of Revifw. ANNA VVOLOSCZYN 3-1A,1'c'f,' Senior Cirlf' Glee Club: Resiiesu Sfajf 26, 261f2,- Capz. Ball 2515. SYLVIA A. YOFFE Edilor of Frenclz journal '2j7Q: .-1.f.fi.fIanf Editor ofFrenfl1 journal '26: Sz'fI't'fIl7'y Freneli Club '26,' Sopli Indoor Team bak: junior Capf. Ball Team '2-5123, '26, Senior Capt. Ball Clzampi '26V2,' Trarle Team '25, '251Q, '26. '261k: Jllrua fld'er1i'z'n Comm '2"' Chairman Frwlzie 'Senior . .' J g . ,f, i. Parly '2,1,' Drefy Comm. '27,' Typif! '27,' .1ffofz'ate C. J. .-l. Editor of Log '27. EKHLY D. ZDANKE Clfe Club '27,' junior Capi. Ball Clzampf '26,' Senior Ball Clzampf '27,' Senior Traclc Clzampf '27,' Senior Volleyball Team '27.' junior Scrim- 'ming Team '26,' Senior Swimming Tram '27, Infer-room Capt. Ball Clzampl '27. PETER ZLTKOVSKY Orflieflra Cecirry Jerr1f.flrrD,' Vifi'-Pre.v1'di'11f Or- flzeftra '.26,' Prefident Orvlzeflra '26VQ,' Studenr Conduftor QfOrrlzeJ1ra '27,' Hz'-Y '24, '241Q, '2-5. '2-HQ, '26, 126112, '27: Ivlff-PVE.flllc'7li Ui-Y '26,' Pre.fident Senior Hi-Y '27, Sponfor junior Hi- Y '26I4,' 1'ife-Prefident of Clan' '27.' Gamma Della. ANNA BASS 3w'er,' lllixed Clzoruf '24, '25,' Soplz amz' Sig ma junior Capt. Ball Teamf: Jllrua I'I'.fZ'fI'IIg Comm. SARAH LEVIN Senior Girlf' Glee Clulr: fllzfwd Clzoruff Cirlf' Capf. Ball. IRVING NEIKIAN Hi-Yg Inrfr-room Indoor: illixea' Clioruf. Page Tn iffy-flzree THE LOG HATCHET ORATION 1927 SCENEI. SCENE: Negro Club at 35th Street. TIME: Forenoon. Curtains open disclosing room containing a business desk decorated with Howers, ribbons, vases, books, and sundry other articles fnot to speak of flags, and paper buntingsj Around walls are various signs Cln Fergie we trust, Kosher etc. and one big banner to this effect. 49th auxiliary of the 4th chapter of the Benevolent Order of G. C.l To one side is a pulpit or speaking stand on which is a large pitcher of water and a graduate glass and a drinking glass. In the back of desk a pair of hands are seen holding inverted issue of the "Forward", an alarm clock rings out and paper falls flat disclosing gentleman of color IB. EJ with im- mense black bow tie and loud checked jacket having large sunflower in button- hole. Grabs hammer lying on desk in right hand raises it and pounds for order with left fist, crying "Brethren of the Auxiliary 49th of the 4th chapter of the Benevolent Order of G. C. shall without further procrastinations assume an aspect and bearing worthy of assuring the chair of being possessed of its undivided atten- tion. For our initial problem today. Loud knock on lecture room door and Man also colored enters in football pants loud straw hat, white silk stockings, and swallow tail jacket, bearing in hand issue of Tuly Review, rushes up to stage, trips, falls, gets up, putting fallen hat on head, only to have it fall off, '4You-you-look-a-heah. You-you-see-heah-brothah. Wihat's a big idea writing yis ere blooey about the 'Sons and daughters of the Go Out and Seek Fourth Clubwin Tuley Review? Hah. "Scans overfirst seek, second and third, and fourth pages, then back to ISI page, inverts sheet brightens and points to corner, shoving same under CBen'sJ nose. Presiding Officer-"My deah fellah-hooman. Evidentually youre are suffer- ing from a hallucidation, wherein you are diluted. How evah if you will recom- pose yolself yonder-fpoints to chairj-I will dispose of you after our meeting which you have innerrupted. fTurns to audience folding hands and beamingl. Nowah Brethren to follow up our circum dicission of las Tuesday lastkw lrate Visitor Cspring up from chairl-"You-you look a heah.-See-See-heah brothan. As Presidend of 'Sons and daughters of the UGO Out and Seek Forth Club", Fm a wanting this settled. I-I-you-we-us-what's your idee writing this yere?" lGoes thro' same procedure as beforel. Presiding Officer Cshoving him back on chair. Ben has on golf knickersl- '4Brotah. Yis 'ere is a meeting of the 4Qth Auxiliary of the Fourth Chapter of the Benevolent order of G. C. which you proposes to disturb-. Set down or we'll have you dispersed with. Nowah Brethren, when in the coorse of human advents--" lrate Visitor tThrowing off jacket which displays sleeveless shirtJ-6'See-see- heah. Noah-look-heah. Hey what's bit idee 0' this. As President of 'fSons and daughters of the "Go Out and Seek Forth Club", l'm going to find out whyhu Presiding OHicer lReads at last article then sighs with relief and turns to Mikel --"Oh, that's it, am it? Well- noah, ah thought you wuz from the clothing store and wanted some money-Well what about dis heah?" lrate Visitor-"Now-now look-heah see-heah. Ah wants to know what yo put dat in fo?" Presiding Officer-l'Yo can read can you not-Well you know what it says does you not? If not Ifll read it fpicks up paperl 'To who mit may concern: Brotah you can't go wrong if you join the "49th Auxiliary of the Fourth Chapter of the Benevolent Order of G. C." But you is suah to flounder by joining the "Sons and Daughters of the "Go Out and Seek Forth Club". lt's a burn's club and I stands ready to prove my statements-Hashesh Vermellion 1313 13th Place. LTO visitorl 'At's plain, ain't it not?" Irate Visitor lPulling out pistoll-"Look heah, look heah, you-you, see heah, CContinued on page 375 Pagf Thirty-four he warning Grapefruit VIOLENT RECEPTION GIVEN TO STEMPEL AND DURKO Flying in a ten-motored plane, Walter Stempel and Leopold Durko, in- trepid aviators, landed today in Mars, according to advices received here by wireless. The entire trip took three days, the flyers hopping off the Chicago Aviation field at five-thirty Monday morn- ing. This was the first time in history this daring feat was attempted, and its success has left the world speechless with amazement. VOL. 23 HEXTEMBER 56, 1963 No. VLIII DAREDEVIL FLYERS LAND ON MARSQ WILDLY ACCLAIMED CARDISIQWQKQPELT t 'teavf-' 1'-is rtionussscrwzqa 'rtr-isa iasv l ZION CITY LlNUlS'EH5H'.ff'7x K th ll irsw-,-out, , , 'A , L "rc J ig r 4, ,. ,as V ,A 's . 1 f "-if The town has QFOXVIE i PARXQA K- Si? .ferr ',j',5TjEi 1 1 wild over the coming o P , f"N :xii Eisley ' I the first Jewish cardinal ' ' fi! X il, X X , Zion City has ever seen. fi J ,f . 2. tif' Q 521. The streets are decorated f J , I K' if 1' X with confetti and festoons. Q f ft-"XA K! gh 4-'vi X The crowd is milling ft Qgfk X, ,A HY l 1 excitedly in front of the t ff ,141 Q f .f .E City Hall whers Co- 'fxaf fr xt ,XXX Mayors Harrv an Mar- , R f 'D ' 1 A . - .ew 4 . . cella Shapiro are pre- fo f N., t A 1 ri THX ' .Q senting the distinguished I UlN5FfUPl3lQL SX .2 I Xl Fiihilrhigib UMAFV visitor with the keys of 1 the city. COMMUNIST REBELS FREE LOVE The cardinal Mendel WIN LONG FOUGHT EXPONENT Doppelt, was a striking l BATTLE ' ARRESTED figure as he descended - FOR TALK from the 100 foot flyer, Canary Bird. He was brilliantly clothed in crim- son, with the wide card- inal's hat shading a he- nignant yet keen coun- tenance. To the reporters he said, "I attribute my success in life to my experience as Business Manager of the Tuley Review. ROADHOUSE RAID NETS NOTORIOUS NUTS Last night Chief of Police Louis Kessel made a raid on the Hotstuff Roadhouse with his trusty lieutenants, Sam Rabino- witz, Jack Krulin, Nathan Kraus, Leonard Wachs and Hymen Swardlov. Since he forgot to notify the proprietor Carl Lich- tenstein of the raid, many of the guests were caught with hooch and other unmentionables. Ezra Jacobson and Charlotte Goodman were the source of all the disturbance and as a reward got a free room in the police station. P Under the leadership of Abe Gans, ardent com- munist, a revolution has been instigated in Palestine to overthrow the government and es- tablish a free beanery for the hoboes. Late dis- patches say that the rebel forces have driven back the government troops to the Wailing Wall, and that a surprise attack will be made on the soldiers that stop to wail for awhile. In an impassioned speech to his troops, Gans said: "Ant Caesar, aut nullus, and every- body will have free meals." Sara Korman, his aide-de-camps in agreeing with him said that the same held true with the women also. FINANCIAL EXPERT MAKES MILLIONS IN STOCK The bottom fell through the stock market yester- day when Pasche Silvert fooled VVall Street when he bought out Mr. Cas- ner's Get-Rich-Quick stock. Although all the brokers expected the stock to take a big drop, Mr. David "Red" Auerback was arrested last night for making an ardent soap-box speech on the corner of Division and VVashtenaw advocating free-love. His voluntary supporter Helen Acker- man, by means of her dramatic ability, collected many hard earned pennies from the multitude after the speech. Lieutenant Petacque, policeman who was making his rounds at that time to collect the graft, arrested him for disturbing the public peace. Desk Sergeant Pawelczak however, let Mr. Auberbach free after a short confidential chat with him. Silvert's superior knowl- edge of financial affairs guided him on the right path and he cleaned up millions. VVhen asked what he intended to do with all his money, Mr. Silvert replied: "First of all, I'll leave a fund at Tuley which is to go for a scholarship for the one with the lowest graduat- ing average. " Y l l l l P l l I According to later radio messages received, the Grand High Chief of Mars has invited both Stempel and Durko to use his Russian Turkish bath, an honor that no one but the High Chief himself has enjoyed. No less than 999,999,999 Martians turned out en masse to help their chief fete the aviators. Upon interviewing the bold bird-men in their suite the newspaper men were astonished at hear- ing Durko remark, "I owe my success to my parents, Mr. Casner and My Alma Mater." HEART PHILANDERER IS SENTENCED TO LABOR Abraham ' 'Galahad ' ' Masover was convicted of bigamy in the tenth degree and was sentenced to twenty years of hard labor by Judge Bella Strauss, eminent female jurist. The two women in the case that completed this strange love triangle were Sadie Udell and Lucille Witkin. As Mas- over left court, both women said, "So von would, would you!" Pa gf T11 ziriy-jim' THE MORNING GRAPEFRUIT Entered as Second Class INQUIRING DRAMATIC THE RADIO WORLD Mail REPORTER COMMENTS i- Question asked by v Y V . V E. Jacosovrrz Peter Zukovsky 't . Petit Zukiivskyllftmak' Editor - - Esther Adelson pop- srf:ItilonreIT1Ii1FEuSwifhmhfis D'15EE11EiiON bhsggiogheffr lialiisnliffrz: ular male impersonator red hot syncopation ad- EDITORIALS ON THE FLIGHT The recent non-stop fllight to Mars has con- clusively shown that there is an imperative need for gasoline filling stations on the way to Mars. Luckily Stempel and Durko had the foresight to take some surplus fuel, for had their gasoline given out they would have failed most ignominously, and the human race would have been doomed for a solitary life on earth for perhaps another thousand years. Air space values are mounting steadily, and the young man with enough ambition can make a fortune by es- tablishing a string of coaling stations on the road to Mars. THE OLD AUTO The old fashioned auto- mobile is going out of use to give way to the airplane just as the auto- mobile surplanted the old horse and buggy, so the airplane is crowding out the auto. VVhat with the numerous accidents be- tween landing airplances and autos, the city council should pass an ordinance restricting only certain parts of the city to autos. It seems that an un- necessary cruelty is added to the otherwise hard life of our police force by not voting them an appropriation for silk underwear. There is a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, yet our hard hearted citizens calmly watch our faithful policemen suffer in their coarse underclothing: For shame, citizenry, rise ye to the rescue! Pagf' T11 iffy-,t1' V ing kisses on telephone lines? Irving Reisler-Ab- solutely inexperienced with or without tele- phone. Still smoke Chcsterfields 5 they satisfy. Bertha Rottner-Think it very rude and crude question. Such things are only between my God and myself. Might put it in my diary though. Dorothy Richman- Now that's telling. I believe the right kind of a boy won't let a little thing like a telephone stand in his way. Pasche SilvertfMy Physic taught me that transmission tends to weaken and in case like this anything weakening is undesirable. Rose Sugar-Really now I think telephones are convenient for making appointments. Now I think the point in ques- tion is covered by the appointment in question. Emily Zdanke-We married women have no say in the matter. I think it a good thing for a girl who uses too much lipstick. Esther Simon-What an embarrassing question. That's similar to having hair-cuts wirlessed to a person. Decidedly not in favor of it. Rose Halperin-Ac- cording to the Tuley education that I got the hustler is the go-getter. So why let the young man get something he doesn't earn. Anna Seidman, Dora Rudman and Edna Gans wouldn't tell why but they voted unanimously no. recently gave a re-showing of the play, "In Spring A Young Man's Fancy." 'Tis rumored that she starred in this play when she was yet an infant in her high school days. Max Appelman and Jeanette Brichkee, co- stars in the play, t'Recip- rocated Love" have scored another hit. Ap- pelman's startling port- rayal of a love-sick youth has brought him to the fore as an expert char- acter man. Rose Becker and Frieda Bernstein have made over ten dollars in royalties on their last play, "How It Happened. I' The play ran for one night at the Harmony Theatre, owned by Wiilfred Carsel big checker king, and was forced to stop because Reeva Bruss, noted senta- mentalist, complained to the authorities. Ruth Friedman gave a charity bazaar for the theatrical folks last night. Among some of the famous screen and stage stars present were Helen Blaszcenski, Dora Rud- man, Matilda Rudman, Anne Brook, Sadie Bryer, Blanche Cramer and Miriam Emyanitoff.. . Meta Mantey, it IS rumored, is the richest scenario writer in the United States. She oyms, according to gossip, two chow puppies and a Packard Crooked eight airplane. She attributes her success to a High School teacher, one Miss Ferguson. She lives with Mary Brocko. MACHINE GUNS END GANG FUED Once again the deadly machine guns spoke, and once again a man kissed the pavement for the dicts. According to most people of today Zukovsky is the best jazz artist since the old-time Paul Ash and his orchestra. Rumor has it that he has just refused a million a year contract to play at the Oriental, for he prefers to play over the radio. When asked the reason for turning down so good an offer, Pete replied: "I blush fright- fully before large aud- iences and blushing just ruins my complexion, don't you know." Yes, we know. The nightly warblings that come from station YELL End their source in the larynx of Miss Ethel Fleischman, famous dramatic soprano. YVhen Miss Fleischman is not singing in the opera she is at the radio station, for she wishes to retain her popularity with her audiences. Sid Mussman, famous statesman, gave a highly interesting talk last night over station GRR, on the merits of the new street cleaning methods. Many telegrams have been re- ceived by the station threatening them with lynching and worse if they let Mussman speak again. count of ten. The gang fued between the Lebovitz faction and the Shane faction had its culmina- tion yesterday night in front of the Frolics Cab- aret, when Shane was, as the though express it, "bumped od." Shane was escorting Sally Schen- berg, start of "Abie's Irish Rose", when the occurrence occurred. As she fainted she was caught by " Swede " Rydell, door- man of the Cabaret. THE MORNING GRAPEFRUIT VOX POP FOOD PILL INVENTED YOUNGSTER SAVED T BY SCIENTIST BY WEISS' Dear Sir: 1 HEROISM In this advanced and enlightened age I think it absolutely unnecessary for gentlemen to occupy street corners, when said corners can be used for far more sanitary pur- poses. After listening to the ravings of Neiman, famous immigration spe- cialist, we should call a time to desist. Respectfully not, Anna Balter. Dear Sir: As a participant in the merits of the educational system in 1927, I can say little for the modern system. After hearing and reading the works of the famous educators of this group such as Suzanne Falstein, Joseph- ine Kroll, Anatol Rappa- port and Rose Meerson, we can say there is no comparison. Gradual kicker, Edith Lichtenstein. Dear Sir: Although the famous authorities in the persons of Sylvia Marks, Ethel Fleishman, and Myriam Emyanitzoff, say other- wise, I know from ex- perience that airplane ' 'spooning " is unadvis- able. Sorrowfully, Bertha Kraus. .....M.... 1 TO-NIGHT LECTURE OVER RADIO FROM PALESTINE BY PROF. A. GANS AUTHORS PRINT YOUR MASTERPIECES AT THE B. 8a L. Printery 208 Yontiif A. MASOVER, Prop. The highest ideal of scientists was recently realized when Regina Jurek and Ruth Kahn, eminent female scientists, invented a synthetic food pill which contains the nutrition of an entire meal. After working nine months on their idea in a special laboratory pro- vided by David Nowin- son, second William Randolph Hearst. Jack Olsher, well-known phar- macist was there to see that no poison was put into the pills. Diana Lack and Flor- ence Larson, food manu- facturers have bought the patent and have con- tracted to supply food for the entire city of Chicago. As a result, restaurant stock dropped a hundred and twenty points and threw the stock market into confusion. Harry Shapiro, it is said lost a fortune and his lawyer Gladys Berman is suing the inventors of this food. WOMEN POLITICIANS HOLD MEETING Bessie Resser, and Celia Resser active women can- didates for Congress held a mass meeting last night at the Orchestra Hall. They are running to rep- resent the 13th congres- sional district on an In- dependent ticket. Their opponents Ruth Roth- stein and Ida Frazes, ardent supporters of light wines and beers have said that their opponents in supporting prohibition are oppressors of liberty. Gertrude Shoen, chair- man of the temperance league has taken a stand for the Republican can- didate, stating that the wet pair were full of beer. This slighting remark brought Ida Hegstead to issue a statement saying that Miss Shoen was catty. Miss Hegstead is As Sylvia Yoffe led her little "Yakshee" across Division Parkway, Fred Weiss came steaming by in a hot Ford with a leaking radiator. The said radiator so squirted in Sylvia's eyes that she led her H Yakshee "right in the path of destruction. Matt Weiss steaming by on a street car wisely averted the accident by intercepting his fifty passenger in front of the Lenag he accepted the kisses and gratitude of the mother of little " Yak- sheen and was hailed as a savior by the admiring multitude. Among those to shower kisses on him were Blanche Levy, Irene Levinson, Libby Kushner and Sara Katz. Noble even in his martyrdom, Fred Weiss apologized for the damage his Ford did to the car. The actors in this drama were not arrested for obstructing the traffic. Note: No accident caused by the eHiminate display. President of the anti- prohibition society. Lucille Stowick in an official bulletin last night said that she would con- sider running for Mayor of Cicero. It is her plan, with the help of Evelyn Stolar, her henchwoman, to exterminate all the rum runners and other citizens who claim to be respectable. Anna Wolo- sxyn is supporting her. SWIMMING LESSONS BY THE GREAT BEN EDIDEN AT THE I. A. C. 325.00 per Lesson PRESIDENT'S VETO KILLS HOT SOCKS BILL After three days of hectic arguing and heated debates, the Republicans headed by Milton Bobroff and Reeva Bruss, the bill to allow our flaming youth to wear red socks with yellow borders passed. However, the hopes of the Republicans met an unexpected set-back in the veto of President of the United States Kovitz, who said that the socks should be yellow with red borders. The Democrats voted in a mass that the flaming youths should go barefoot so as to cool them off. The following is a summary: Anne Eres, Dem., Bare- foot, Meyer Fogan, Rep., Hot Socks, Dora Ger- stein, Rep., Hot Socks, Esther Garber, Dem., Barefoot, Hilda Reizen, Dem., Barefoot, Jacob Libin, Rep., Hot Socks, etc. The rest of the members were playing golf and trying to make money on side bets. Do You Stammer? See PROF. STONE PRIVATE ROOM FOR CONSULTATION 533 Lake Shore 3 P. M. to 3:15 P. M. READ "The Veiled Dancer" by Buddy Greenwald A GRIPPING THRILLING ROMANCE 25c per Copy Pagf T11 iffy-.few rz THE MORNING GRAPEFRUIT ELSIE DIAMOND BROMBERG l JANAS STARS UNGIE "I-IOMERS" SWIMS CHANNEL WINS RACE l AT TRACK FOR GIANTS l Since the time of Gert- rude Ederle never had such swimming been ac- complished. Elsie Dia- mond, second mother since Mdme. Corson's time, broke all previous records in her channel swim. Bucking all tides at the same time her wonderful resistance coupled with 160 lbs. of muscle was the main factor of her success. It was not until an ambitious correspondent of this progressive news- paper interviewed the marvelous mermaid that the real inside story be- came known. Elsie Dia- mond attributes her success to Jeanette Bern- stein, and Beverly Koff. These two young ladies credit their ability to Miss Lager's Tilley train- ing. Jeanette Bernstein paced Elsie in the breast- stroke, the stroke which the former was so adept at Tuley. Bev. Koff's chubby cherubic crawl- stroke is still the admir- ation of all the young men and was a worthy model for Miss Diamond to emulate. The channel conqueror has secured a contract for all the BK shows. Her act will con- sist of diving in an en- larged gold fish bowl. The big gun in the channel attack was Benny Edidin, the modern C. C. Pyle. He acted as trainer inspiration, greaser, and chief coxswain. BOXING NOTES Simon Gordon finally signed papers with "pug" Kelly worlds heavyweight champ for a title fight at Mormon City. Gordon was conceded a chance after cracking six skulls in as many fights. Harold Pine took a severe drubbing in com- Pagr Tllfrfy-rigfif l Morris Bromberg finally won a race. Entered with a field of seventy-five aspirants, this unusual sprinter finally overcame enough competition to bring home an undisputed first. "Bennie" Duzin- sky was umpiring in his old Tuley "ducks" and he had some job of it too. The race was Brom- berg against the "Old Homes Track Team," and as the old codgers fell wounded from the fifth to the ninth lap, Duzinski had to see that Bromberg hurdled over all these bodies without touching after overcoming all these obstacles he finished the tenth lap, a victor. munity welter struggle although Isaac Mitchell, partisan referee did his best to give him the benefits of the doubts. After taking the counts for the eleven several times, he was counted ten and out after fourteen was called by the time keeper. Vic Noparstak wealthy bondholder has taken up wrestling to knock the surplus from 275 pounds he bears. Fights with High Ginsburg every day at the Mug Gym at 3:00 P. M. Spectators allowed. Sidney Rooth, prom- inent middle-weight con- tender breaks thumb after poking sparring partner in eye. One of the gravest boxing casualties occurred when Rooth broke his thumb last week. Shamus says that new cells will move to his thumb after the dinner meal. Lillian Janas, the for- mer amateur co-ed flash who recently turned pro- fessional due to the in- fluence of C. C. Pyle, has captured newspaper col- umns with a dash. Boast- ing of an aggregate of two millions lines of type. she has the unique credit of outstripping Charlie Paddock in the realm of sporting pages where she is accumulating more and more prestige as time passes. Attracted by the lure of glittering green- backs to compete in pro- fessional fields, she some- times professes a desire to abandon the bi-weekly dashes to the national bank and attempt to restore her amateur stand- ing so as to enable her to gather in the shekals without publicity. KOVITZ-KOBRIN TENNIS STARS Before being elected President of the United States, liovitz went. with Kobrin, now secretary of State, to compete in the international tennis tour- nament before a packed gallery of beautiful French wives consisting of Janet Fradin, Jeanette YVitz, Elfreda Gallentiere and Julia Bosen. They elim- inated the French team after winning the doubles and both singles all by themselves. C Order was kept at the courts by Mayor Ritter, Millard Cohen, Jack Rothstein, David Basofin and Teddy Stone. Being scheduled to meet the English team the boys went to London to compete for the champ- ionship. Being inspired by a gallery of beautiful English wives such as Annette Jacker, Myra Hoiienberg, Ruth Lewis and Kate Bordan, they clinched the champion- ship. l l l l i l i The score was tied. The New York Giants and the Chicago Cubs were battling for baseball for baseball supremacy. The main performers in this drama were the same star actors that pulled off startling plays in Kopp's Gym back in 1927. There was good old "Buddy" Greenwald in left field for the Cubs, swarthy 4' Billy" Shapiro had replaced McGraw ten years before and was one-eighth owner of the organization. Squatty Benny Samuels was cover- ing first for the Cubs in the same stolid fashion that accounted for many Tomcat errors. However, the Tuley baseball wits were scheduled again to clash. "Unique" Unger- leider, slugger de luxe, and clean up man of old Tuley team was at bat for the Giants with the bases loaded. Taking a husky swat he knocked the ball clean through "Buddy" Greenwald and before that youngster could dig the ball out of his ana.tomy, he had cleared the sacks. As "Ungie" finished attribut- ing his success to Mr. Kopp, Coach Altman and his alma mater, " Bennie" Samuels was heard mutter- ing in a low tone tif possiblej "Gee I could have appreciated one of those hits in the Austin game." Watching the game were Emma Elkin, Charles Cohen, Louis Berman and Meyer Stevenson. THE LOG HATCHET ORATION 1927 l'ContinuedD you is gonna stand by them statements of yourn or youse is gonna be lots heavier than you is now!" Presiding Officer lGrabs up hatchet from table sayingl-"lf you so much as dare to send one bullet at me ahs gonna masacrate yo' permanent. Shoot me once if you daresf' lrate Visitor-"Look heah you see heah. ln that case maybe we better talk this heah ovah. XVhat you mean we's a bum club." Presiding Officer-'L'At's what I said and I stands ready to prove same." lrate Visitor CRaises pistol and shoves it back in pocketl- "Ah challenges you to prove yo' remarks." Presiding Officer-"Well in view of de fact that ther bein' only two clubs in dis locality and ours being the bester of the two, it stands to reason that yo' club is de bummer one." Irate Visitor-"Now now you look heah. How come yours is a bester one? 'Spalin youselff' Presiding Ofhcer- "Well, if you want it. CTakes bookl. Here it goes.-Take us activeletically: Foist of all look at us at our ball team, there's brotah Kovitz, Samuels and de brethern Ungerleider and Shapiro. And besides that there's de brethern Kovitz and Kobrin on de tennis team. Brotah Kovitz being de second man in the section. An take us literally: Take the Tuley Revies. Wie done put it out! Fo' example there's brethern Rabinowitz, Doppelt and Masover, and the sisters Goodman, Sugar etc. Being members of our club they done written up everything wo'th Worted. On top of that all de han-some people belongs to us: They's sistah Kofi' an' her dimples f,SI2.5OO eachl and sistah Fradin whose had her picture took by all story argosy-magazine. VVe has such redheads as brotah Auerbach and sister Simon, such track stars as Lil Janes, Ben Samuels, such a hooman fish as brotah Appelman ain't that satisfactory enough?" Irate Visitor-'LNOW-now .... " Presiding OH'icer-"Ain't you done bothering us? Dis is a meeting ah tell you. Git out ipoints at doorlfl lrate Visitore-L'But look heah." CAlarm rings.J Presiding OH'icer-"De meeting am abjourned. CGrabs visitor's collarl come along." Czzrtaiii SCEN E Il. Curtain opens discloses another presiding desk identically the same as before. Wiith this variation, signs read,"Enter ye who are weary" and large sign "Sons and Daughters of the Go Forth and Seek out Club". Enter President, Sons and etc., arm and arm with rival president. L. P.-You say brotha if I show you that we is better than you is you will re- tractionate your previous remarks." Visiting President-"I gave my word but still I don't think you can do so." Local President strides to desk, raps for order, saying the meeting of the Sons and Daughters will assimilate itself in some semblance of order. Bretha and sistern Mr. Vermilian craves proof that We is the best club what am. Wie is now going to prove same. fStepping to center of stagel. 'KNOW heah is brothan Man- delbaum our Hying angel who steps the Ioo yds. at 5 ft. six. Stand up Gabe, for the gentlemen. Over yondah is brothah Barbakofli our tennis fan and for sistern, my gosh, has We got you beat. Over there is our lil Violet Itzkowitz who sure sings a Wicked warble and on that side there's Grace Germann our main actoress While a little furthah is Davie Draznin our chief hemale actor. There is the water splasher Albert Collinet. Is you now convinced that we is good and you full of banana oil?" CConcluded on page Iljj Pagf Tlzirfy-rlzinf THE LOG fr -vi VOCATIONAL GRADUATES OFFICERS IRVING LANDESMAN RUTH SHAPIRO Prefidevzt Biographer, Prophet DOROTHY BUSH LILLIAN GRDOWER CI7d,f7'77Zd71 Fimznff Commfttre C17di7'77ZLZ7Z Pin and Ring Committee Page Forty GERTRUDE RIMSON Cha-zrmavz Ribbon Commzttee T H E L O G LILLIAN E. ADDISON T. C. C.: Jftruag C. J. J. ETTA ADELSON C. J. J.. T. C. C. LENA ADLER T. C. C. SARAH ARKIN T. C. C.: Jflruaq Y. L. AGNES BAKER T. C. C. SADIE BANKENDORF T. C. C.,'Fz'1zanrf Comn1.,'C. J. J. Froffz Club. JOSEPHINE BARON T. C. C. ROSE BLAKNER T. C. C.: G. J. J. MARIAN BISHKO T. C. C. BETTY BLEKIENTHAL T. C. C..'JI1rua,'G. J. J. N ? A 1 1 . T if Page Forly-one X I Xwr I 4 Y L D Ijllgf Forty-lcon R14 C' if T H E L O G RYA BOLONIK T. C. C..' Jttrua. GLADYS BREEN T. L. C. ' HENIRI ETTA BREITBARTH C. J. J.: T. C. C.: Tuffy B00.ftvr.r. BERTHA BROWNER T. L. C. DOROTHY BUSH Jlgr. Capt. Batt Tram: T. C. C.: Jltrua: Rt'- Cv Room RFPOTYHI2' Ffnazzfe Comm. FANNIE CEXTXER Capt. Ball Tram: T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Jftrzm: Tuffy Booftn. T. C. C. MARY CHYTNY HARRIET S. COHEN T C. C. J. J.: Tuluy B00.ftrr.v.' Capt. Bat! Tm ra Y G I oh 97 ..,... LliOXOR.'X DAVIDSON ' C C'C' I 1 1 ..... BISRXICIL DIi'l'HLEI4'SEX 1. J. Capt. Batt: lbltfyball. THE LOG CATHERINE DIC ROSA G. A. J.: 7. C. C. LILLIAN FAINGOLD T. C. C.: C. .-1. .-I.: Jflrua. BERTI-IA FISHMAN T. C. C.: G. J. J. HELEN FRIICDKIAN T. C. C.: C. J. J.,' Capt. Ball: lbllxy Ball. RAE FREEDKI.-XX T. C. C. GRACE GEARY C. J. .1.,' T. C. C.: Tuffy Booffsri ,-lfirzm. ANGELINE GIGLIO T. C. C.,- C. J. J. KIOLLIE GOLD T. C. C.,' C. J. .-I.: Capi. Bafl Twam: Room Jlgr. follfylialf Tmm. EVELYN B. GOLDBISRG Capf. Ball Team: llzkrd Cl1o1'z1.f,' T. C. C.: C -I J E w T 1 A . Ty-.2 ' A Q.. Xi ,.l.? Y . ...,4T 4 Pagf Forly-flzr fffuf! .-,uf - ' .1 I za 1 ,. 3, 03' - 4. 'gm' ' f-1,E2'r'f'v' 'A ' , f kk. xx Q-,' ' N -1 1 , . . ,uw ' . u, N Mn: f J, , l ' HA 4 J, . N -I I X 1 . , . . L V , , , ,Ji J I . '-9 , . . ,A -. 2' 3 ' Y V I ' ' 1 I 4 ' ,f . . I . 1 I Q, :J f I j V . i i X 1 . N x 1.7 ' ' , W ' 1 ' s 4 5. , 4., -.1 , Q I' , 44.3 , ' IA V ' . ' ,fi I V 3 3., W x f J ' v ' glam' ' 1, . 3' ,-,fx - 3 V Vi-f- ' A ,X , ' , , X . f. M-V 4 'L 1' .-L.. , J L f rr ,a,i,g" , 4 , '- 5"': .1 11: " ff . 1 ., . "-'l-V2.1-R--,rll 13.-'T ' 'N' Aw LJ ' 1 Tk ' f' , . , 3. AAZglL,A'iw-xi,A-J :V I 4 -- . ' fl, yfj 'A A! 41.2, I r my -W 1 . Y.-J-.wf41s'dgh:.Q,?.-f-".'?'QT1: !.1',..,1 .'w.A..- ' 9-Hzx ' . . '4 .4 . .lf sv- 1 ' 1 . 1 . T- 1'T"' " ' T A 263.339 V Li. -.. ...Y .. Pngv Foriyifnur THE LOG BERTHA HANDZEL T. C. C. ROSE HARRIS T. C. C.: G. J. J. I. HENDRIKEX T. C. C. FRIEDA HERXIAN T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Tuffy Booflrr: Capt. Ball Tram '26, '27. TINA HERSCHANDER Log R:prf.vmzta1ic'e '27,' T. C. C.: Jltruag Tuffy Booflfrxg G. J. J. ANNA ISAACSON T. C. C. ESTHER JOHNS C. .-1. J.: T. C. C.: Tuffy Bomftrrf. LILLI.-KN .IOHNS T. C. C.: Jflrua: T. U. T.: C. J. J. ELVET JONES T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Booffrr. MAE K.-XPL.-XX T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Jllrzza: Tzzlfy Boofrrr T H E L O G SHIRLEY KAPLAN T. C. C.: C. fl. xl.: slflrua. EV.-X K.-XLXIAN T. C. C. FANNIE KLEIN T. C. C.: Tuffy Booffarf. ELAINE KOZLOWSKY T. C. C.: C. .-I. A. NI.-XRGARET KUHN T. C. C.,' Fillazzfr Comm.: .ldrwlzmzzg Comm PEARL KL'B.-XS T. C. C. IRVING L.-XNDESKIAN Claff Prefidrrzf: Chairman of Pittun' Comm for Log: T. C. C.: Program Comm.: Play Comm.. RL'C'lA:'ZU Rfporlerf Caft of "Taking Failzerff Place",' Vofleybaff Tvam. PAULIXE LAXDCYV T. C. C.: C. J. J.: .1iI1'zm. FLORENCE LARSON T. C. C.,' G. A. A. DOROTHY LASSER T. C. C.: Y. L.: Captain of Capf. Ball Tram IJ6, '26M1, '27.' Valley Ba!! tram: Trrafzcrur T. C. C. ,27,' Picfun' Comm. ,37. Page' Forty-jfva .pfi 4691 . N. Q x.. Pagf Forly-.fix T H E L O G SARA LEIBOWITZ Jlfrua: T. C. C.: C. J. J.: junior 3 Jrtf: Capt. Ball. KHLDRED LEIBKL-XN T. C. C.,' Tuffy BO0IZEl'.f,' Pin and Ring Comm SALLY Q. LETTYIN ,Tiff-Pffflllifflf T. C. C..' Chairmarz Dame Comm.: 1'-'fEJ'flZ.E Capt. Ball Team: Can of " Taking Fallzerfv Plarf' and "He'.r a Lunatir",' G. J. J.: Jltrua. SOPHIA LEWBIN Froflz Club: Froilz Capt. Ball Team: Jltruaf C. J. J.: T. C. C.: Chairman of Picnir Comm.: T. C. Ll1A'.ffB,' Ribbon Comm.: Jdwrlifing Comm. FLORENCE LIBERT ANNA LISANTI T. C. C.: G. J. J. ESTELLE LOCH T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Jltrua. VIOLA LOHWASSER C. J. J.: T. C. C. ZELDA LUCHEN T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Jltrua: Pin and Ring Comm.: Capt. Ba!! Tmmg Tuffy Booftsrf. RAE XIARKOVITZ Tulfy H00.frfr.r: T. C. C..' C. J. J. T H E L O G ELEANOR MEYERS G T. C. C.,' . J. J.: Jllrua Program Comm.: Cfzumf fviilz G., S., D., and E. DOROTHY S. MEYERSON T. C. C.: G. J. J. ELLA MILLER T. C. C.: G. J. J. ESTHER MILLER T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Tuffy Boofzfrf. IDA MILLER T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Y. L.: Tuffy Boo.firr.v: Jllrurz: Coach qf T. C. C. Play. LILLIAN IYIILLER T. C. C.: folleybafl Tram: Y. L. MARY MILLER T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Jlfrua. FRANCES C. MIGON T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Tuffy Booftfrf. LENA MOSNER Capt. Ball 5 .r:nzf.ftfr,' T. C. C.: G. J. .-I. FELECIA NIEMEC T. C. C.: G. J. J. f' "W "HT ' Qi! W I ...AP ww Payr Foriy N-X. N, ,, . 'Lift . Ii Pagf Forty-xzlgfzt THE LOG MOLLIE NUDELNIAN T. C. C. LILLIAN ORDOIYER Clza1'rma11 Pin and Ring Comm.: Cart Qf ':Hf'I zz l.ll7Zt1f14L'H,' T. C. C.: Dann' Comm. of Tuffy Booflfrf. EVELYN PALKIER Sfrwfary of T. C. C. ESTHER PARENTI T. C. C.: G. .-1. J. BERTHA PHILLIPS T. C. C.: C. J. J. ELIZABETH PAPIXITAL' T. C. C, G. A. A. NAT.-XLIE PRUSSOF T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Ribbon Comm. EDITH RASHKY T. C, C.: C. J. J.: Jltrua. GERTRIQDE RIKISON T. C. C.: G, J. J.: Y. L.: Jltrua: Tuffy Booflrrf: Cfzairmarz Ribbon Comm.: Cart Qf "Heir 61 Llllltlfl-In '27, SARA SCHIFF T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Froflz Club: Froflz Capl. Bafl Tram: Jllrzm. T H E L O G BERNARD SELTZER T. C. C.: B. J. J.: junior 3 Jrrf: Damn' Comm. RUTH SHAPIRO Cfaff Propfzflg Cfan' Bz'0grapl1sr.' Cfmznzzrffal Editor: T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Dane? Comm.: Frnflz Capf. Ba!! Tfam: C1111 of "l1.f"f a Lltlldfffn and "Brand, Bultfr, and Romarm"': Play Comm.: Froflz Dfdvltlll-L'J',' .'1di't'!'I1'f1.?Ig Comm. NIOLLIE SHELLIST T. C. C.: G. J. J. ANNA SKOCZYLAS T. C. C. ANNETTE SLOSJXR T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Tuffy Boofffri Jllrua. GERTRKDE STEVENS T. C. C. DOROTHY SYYISKO T. C. C..' C. J. J.: Tuffy B0o.ftir.f,' Y. L.: Jltrua. DOROTHY TAKIKIN Prr.f1'dmzl Froflz Dramatic Club: Prffidrni T. C. C.,' Cai! qf "Taking Fallzfff Pfan"': Coarfz "Bread, Butlfr, and Romam'f": G. J. J.: Dr- bating Tfam: Social Comm. ,255 Piflzzrr Comm.: Cai! 'gflff a LurzatzAc": Froflz Capt. Bafl Tfam: Cl-TCIITHIIAOVI .Uarzagfr of Log. M. TOMASZEWSKY T. C. C. ADELIXE TORP T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Tuffy Booffarf. 1 GM qv' ,Jr -fr X. X. - Page Forfy-11 im' A I 1 4 4 J ' A Pa gf' Fifty STELLA TRAFALSKI THE LOG T. C. C.,' C. J. J.,' .-Ilzruag Capi. Ball Tfam. LAURA UND EUTACH T. C. C.: Tuffy Boofterf. TILLIE XYALLACH T. C. C.: G. J. J.: 1. L.: Tuffy B00.fIfr.v,' .-lltruaf fllgr. Capf. Ba!! Tfam '36. IDA WEINTROB T. C. C.: Tuffy Booitfrf. FREDA WIESSBERG T. C. C. J EANETTE WENZELBERG T. C. C., G. .4. J. ELSIE YYISKES T. C. C.,' Tulry Booftarf. DAVID WILLER T. C. C. SOPHIE ZIKIBEROFF T. C. C..' Jflrzuzf C. J. J. RUTH SCHKIIDT T. C. C.: Tuffy B00.fIfr.v. T H E L O G MARY ATOLS T. C. C. BEATRICE BASS T. J. T.. T. C. C.. G. J. J. ETHEL BEATTXER T. C. C.: C. J. J. KI.-XE BOOKS T. C. C..' Tuley Boofterf. RUTH BROXVN T. C. C.: Jltrua: C. J. J. IRENE BRONKE G. J. .-1. MAYE BYN ES T. C. C. CELIA CH.-XIKEN T. C. C. FANNIE CHAIKEN T. C. C. JOSEPH CHAIISOW Baieball Tfarn: Volleyball Tfam: T. C. C.: C. J. J. ROSE COHEN T. C. C.: C. J. fl.: Y. L.: Tulry BODJ'l:'I'J',' Jllrua: Jlgr. Capt. Ball Team. -IOSEPHINE CYGAN T. C. C. EY.-X DAVIS T. C. C. SELMA DETTXER T. C. C. LUCILLE DO WOLF T. C. C. ELONA DROZOHK T. C. C.: G. J. J. M.-XMIE DZIADYK T. C. C.: G. J. J. GERTRUDE FEIXGOLD T. C. C.: Tulry Boo.f1rr.f. EDWARD FERFECKI B. J. J. JOSEPH FERFECKI B. J. J. THERESA FRIEDMAN T. C. C.: Y. L.: Cf. J. J.: Tulfy B0o.vtrr,' Jllrua. MARY G.-XWRYS T. C. C. LEROY GEBHARDT E. J. J. SOPHIE GERM.-XNICH T. C. C. MYRTLE GETTINGS T. C. C. ABE GISTEXSON Iuffrroom and Izztfrflafx Hairball. ESTHER GL.-XSKY T. C. C. MARY GORDON T. C. C. BIELYIN GRODSKY T. C. C.: Intfrroom Baifllall. EDYTHE HORYVICK T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Jltrua. Pagf Fzlffy-one SARAH HORWITZ T. C. C. JEANETTE INGHAM T. C. C.: G. J. J. ETHEL KAUFFMAN T. C. C.: C. J. J. FRANCES KILANSKI T. C. C.: G. J. J. EMILY KOZIK T. C. C.: G. J. J.: Booklozwf: . IDA KUHLMAN T. C. C. EVA KAMSTOCK T. C. C.: C. J. J.: Jltrua. LILLIAN KANTER T. C. C.: G. J. J. IDELE KARLITSKY T. C. C. ADA KATZ T. C. C. Q WALTINA LESSNER T. C. C.: C. J. J. REVA LEYIN T. C. C. LILLIAN LIGKIAN T. C. C.,' C. J. J..' Jlirua. ALICE LOBODZINSKA T. C. C.: Tuffy Boofferf. JEAN LUBAWY Capt. Ball. HELENA MYTLIPS T. C. C.: G. J. J. Page F zlffy-two lltrzca. T H E L O G BERNICE OLSEN C. ALICE PATZKE C.: G. J. J.: Jltrua: Ribbon Comm. VICTORIA PODRAZA T. C. C. KIILDRED PUPIE C.: C. J. J. REGINA ROMAN C. C.: G. J. J.: lbllryball: Orclzf.flra,' T. C. T. C. G. J. T. C. T. T1l1K3' G. J. T. C. T. C. T. C. T. C. T. C. T. C. B. J. T. C. Ba!! Tr T. C. Boofterx. EDITH RESNICK J. RUTH ROLSON C.: G. J. J. LILLIAN ROSENBERG C.: C. J. J.: Jltrzca: Pirrzir Comm HELEN RLBIN C.: C. J. .4.,'.'1!ffZll1. RACHEL RUBIN C. HELEN SAWICKI C. ELSIE SCHWARTZ C. WILLIAM SEDALL J. EVA WANCLASKI C.: G. J. J.: Jltrua: .Ilarzagfr Qt' Capt. am '261Q, '27. ELEANOR WAWRZYNIAK C.: C. J. J. THE LOG CLASS PROPHECY 'Twas a week before graduation and finding time dragging on my hands, I had nothing to look forward to but the oncoming graduation reception and a list- less surveyal of the newspaper. VVhile glancing through the movie section of the paper, my attention was caught by the blazing headline-'CPAUL ASHB- HSURPRISE NUMBER"-"BELIEVE IT OR NOT"-Ah! VVhat was more enjoyable than to spend a few hours with Paul at the Oriental, the trysting place of students innumerable, ion week daysl. Accordingly I suited action to thought and set out from home. On entering, I was greeted by a loud shout from some of my fellow-classmates, who had espied me. At the same time, I was presented with a slip of paper bear- ing a number. At the close of the performance, an announcement was made by Paul himself that he had procured the services of Dunnham, famous "Crystal Gazer", and that he, fPaulj would read off five of the lucky numbers. A nudge from my neighbor awoke me from my reverie. My number? Honest and truly! Goshl!!! I walked up the platform all in a flutter, and was led in a tent situated on the stage. My conception of the crystal gazer was of a tall man, dark, swarthy, with pearly teeth, white turbaned and white robed. Being told to remain Quiet, I sat down. In- voluntarily, my eyes roved to the glass. Pools, pools and pools of deep, clear water! Then a voice- My childhood dreams was realized. I was known as one of Americafs richest heiress's having inherited a measly hundred and twelve oil-wells from my lately departed uncle. Money! Boshll Rather a sight of my friends, a memory of school days, or a return of the happy days that were once mine. But they were gone for good. Having visited my lawyer, I walked down State Street, and my eyes straying to the passers-by, I noticed a young lady gazing into one of the shop windows. Al- though that was nothing unusual in itself, still that mass of beautiful hair seemed familiar in some way. As she turned, what was my gratification and surprise to see my school chum, Sophia Lewbin. The recognition must have been simul- taneous for immediately she came toward me with a look of astonishment. After duly embracing on the street, much to the amusement of the onlookers, she told me that she was posing for the "Goldman's Brunette Dye Co"., and that at present she was on a Week's salaried vacation. She invited me over for a week-end reunion party and asked if I would come. VVould I!!! And howl I bade her adieu until I'we'd meet againw. Having the entire day before me, I entered the Temple Bldg. to visit my brother. As he was newly situated there, I looked at the billboard for his number. In rather delighted surprise, I looked thru the list to see "Public Steno's',, L'Bush, Ordower Bc Fingoldn. I took an express and was carried up to the Ilth floor. At the door of Room IIII, I was greeted by Dorothy. She told me that the "girls" were out for lunch, and after asking and answering questions, I gleaned that Helen Friedman, Mollie Nudleman and Mildred Lieb- man were reporters for the City Court Room, in which LeRoy Gebhardt presided. I further learned that Gertrude Stevens, Ann Rosen and Mae Kaplan were manne- ouins for an exclusive shoppe downtown, while Grace Geary, Rae Kaplan and Esther Johns owned the Parisiene Millinery Shop in the Kuhl Building. At twelve, we went out to lunch together and dined at the Libert, Bishko 8: Goldberg Tea Room. We were led to the best table, and the prompt service we Page Fifty-zhree 1 , .4 " ., , wifi iii- , V 3: f.gf'i'-LQ' ,FA ' up ' ' .31 E., 1,4 t 1 -, I c .- A: " M545 1" ,, . ' '1 vi 5' lx. ,N . 1, gi, HW V 3 4 9 4-f Q ., "ELL 'rli X V j. , ' ,- J..-,A ' 'L .g"'.,zY x is u f-V -3 , , 'L'-1" -- 'X 1 ,- fm "' . Y Ib 5 S. :gm V, , - A5 I -, fwg - V-'x"'5., f?f-'JJ ', '. , MH: ,X Q1 , 3 i 4--A, V 4:-, .x , in , Q. HJ. - A x.: - I g, y r ' . . . nfmdl - Qi We -ffl - ,i ' fr. , 4 ' " x K U. - '. '- -- Y, ' A . 43'-H, , f, ,. W", 'l'r-'- ,, ' . 7' 11- ' 5' , ,U V J K ' . . ,' J ' , ,r I - X . , , ' Q!-, - M1 W . , 1. . ' 14" " , ' . ' W"- .E 1 f 5 W .. ,. . ,QJQAR H A yy - - ,1 1 . , . ,. ,, 4, V 'I ' f- -s . ' 4 " ' "Via 1-v . -' . s-- . - ff, 1 A v""" ' ' 'sir " ' f F f' -H 14 . ,LQ ,. ,x 'ML I W ,, . '-A427 ,. V www.. ' . ' 'f . , emi' , ,.,.i,1' - " - ' - "U'- N' ' 'VH I ,fr 'Q' "V . .f ' -'f' ' f,:A?.1,gf . ' N2 , . . -Lf., mfs 'rf , 4 , w .f 1 ,, Y Avy, ' -Fm. ,, -ux . ,ff-,f " A ,, V 'vm :gf-. f J Ag , 4, N f -I f,S,11.fw-f-.4 :-,1 mf, ' -1:,'5,,5..4.4. . ,, -,fi iw ' 11-1-if' V 7 ' 1 "5 ' 1 'Z' i7N.f"..w5Qf QF? 1,23 k.':1L?fi'QiE -,Nfl .Q-7: . MA: -. .-1 ua- faq,-rv. , - A -'I NVE. ' " " I , W' Ufplfl' '3 Y: f ' W. :. L, M , 1,., I Q, , , 1fjg,,Mqx,, 3 , t. J, x v ,bf ' ,- Q- , ,'..'j?5:,gy f ' V J. K, -A A -1"v-'ww' iwu, I--1 . , ,, , W , K 4 fgM.A':,!,.,. , 4 11753 , ,A .,1?7yg153,fff,..35' QM . ,ff ,. ' H V. V pgf,'1.2,5r',-ggiivlwjjv - 1 L , .,, - X -' v -1:f Y.: f f gf4'.wf , I ji. ' , . A, -.'f-.-n- Y -N - A 'fT,sf57' 44,6519 if K 1 V' , 'f--ww - . , ,L .4 1, A X .JV , "Win ' .' K. 'V . A t 1 fgr. 1, rw dv V , M' ' ' 'ff' Q2-ur H, 'XE 'fam- ' , V . ' 47.1 1 -5 ,f--, .' .A , av ' 1:51 V . ' 1' Mgt: I 41- , -1 ,A 13 ,, . f 1,1-:Ml-v T , ' PS: .. 2 ,Q-,. 21142, , --,N ' I. T' ' jk.. .V be ' ' 1 ' 1 , ., , 1 . , l, yy b A ,H .A " - -.: 4 -, .' "1 ,L Jig..-12,9-.,, rw, ,. -- U' 1 , sgrrfyg' .yu , ., A .gy . h '. -,J A 13, ,QJLV ff -0- 4-' 'f' aa- 'ii rwzzwffi , ' ' v. 5. . va' ' M2-1--' ..--N A ' rf 5- .L- M N "fi-. . f N "'-ii' 1 -1, n, - ' A , I ..r N: . I nk. , ,vwif an X, -il: 3.4 it , W., 1 . ,, 4' .- 'V .. f,-'1..- .:. 5 T: ,nj M l .' - ,A-ff-'X 'ff 1, . :F ,5 , .ux , U fi M W M f 'M g ,A Nl, ,I -A X: 1 1,2 :HI iw-J W var, Q, ' iz. ', 3 x...., - . .3 . -- ,y 1, 1, -, ' " ' ,,2,:"i, , -, WA ,Q 1 .... -Q 4: l. ,-I+ NN. ,gf . Ye.. ., , "Y 7 - "Ap gy! - Pm' ,V , z-Y.. Q fa x V 42 3 Ffh "" ., ' "- fy 1' 1. Y ' 5514 I. If.. l i ,- ,i-.. ' Q- 3, .Iwi , J My :, .- M w 2 w My .H , ,A W' , ,. Ju A w - 1 1' W. 'hx' .,, A ,,, ' -n . a'-as, 1 .' . r A fm, ww., W wa ""'N,,:-' ,wg-wa, , . ,, W.. 4. '.-Irv . v ,H fiffb E. 3 my il, I, :N . THE LOG received left us to wonder if we really merited it. We left with a promise to be present at Sophia's party. "I beg your pardonw. There was a handsome brute in the person of Irving Landesrnan. At first, he didn't recognize me, but after my identity was established, he 'recalled me. He introduced me to his wife, Bertha Handzel. They had just come from the f'Egyptian Theatre" Where Abe Gistenson as the villain and Sara Schiff as the heroine were featured in '4Oh, 'What a Man!,', the season's latest. As a point of interest he added that Sadie Bankendorf, Viola Lohwasser and Catherine DeRosa were acting under the name of 'gTriplet Acrobatsn. I-Ie also said that Joe Chausow and Betty Blumenthal, as his assistant, were Dancing Masters at the Chaiken Sisters Academy, where they taught the latest "Black- Bottom Steps". I left them with Dorothy who had to get back to the oHice and went further intown. "Extra Paper! Extra paper! All bout the Grodsky suit! Five cents, lady." Hurriedly scanning the paper I came across the article. Melvin Grodsky, well I'll be ,..... suing Stella Trafelski for breach of promise. Theresa Friedman was named as co-respondent. Evelyn Palmer, a sub-line stated, had been the World's first blonde to break the record by swimming the Catalina Channel. Bernard Seltzer, famous scientist. had discovered a cure for cancer, and was experimenting on Joseph Ferfecki. Another scientist, the reincarnation of Luther Burbank, Gertrude Rimson, had invented a new fruit "sweet lemonsn. Ida Miller and Dorothy Swishko, authors of the book, "Love, Lies and Lillies" were given a million dollar contract with the Lasser, Prussof Cinema Corporation. I also noticed that the paper's editor was David NVillard. Upon the staff were: Helen Cohen, Anna Skoczylas, Fannie Klien, Comic, Literary and Fashion Editors, respectively. "The flavor lasts! Try it!" Looking up, I saw a girl who turned out to be Rose Cohen, demonstrating the use of chewing gum, VVrigley,s best. As she didn't seem to recognize me, I passed on. Saturday, after a hurried breakfast, I hailed a cab to Sophia's party. My arrival was greeted by a jumble of "hello's Ruth". I received quite a remarkable welcome. The necessary re-introductions were given, and after I found myself grouped with Dorothy Tamkin, the first woman governor of Illinois, William Sedall, the famous fashion designer, and Sally Lettvin fLady of a Thousand Facesl the world's premiere actress. I was told that among those invited but not present were Centmer, Feldman, Myers, Tomaso, Dries, Migon, Slozar, Arkin, Migon and Arkin, who, members of the cabinet, were unable to attend. Edward Ferfecki was also absent on a polar expedition. A toast was given to the effect: "THE CLASS OF NINETEEN TVVENTY-SEVEN, THEY MAY LONG PROSPER IN THEIR UNDERTAKINGS' The voice grew faint. I Woke up to hear another, that of the "crystal gazern. "Next please!" Dazedly I stumbled out of the tent. Page Fzffyifour ' 151' sR.,In': ' 5? KL jx 5 I w B A 5 X 1 W 311- liking! fl rx il 5 X , am BS A wxmw, 'Q X M3 1 ,S S 5f4'5K4'J5g5fiQ .,,1 .. ' 5 I S "' N ' S w Q ,I l " s ' : f , - . Q Q N ' 1 A i 1 P G5 1 fx' I " Tx NN- 1' Y, 1 - ' 4: ' -I N- J' F ,H . in ,: V ' " -5556--22'--M H af . 6:- Q. 11' A -mei, 'ell' ' U . ., , Z.-7 . LL? . , - 4 5' .,.. .., x is V X: fx ll' c. RR X" ff! -I - - :: J T 'X . . Lg' I El "9 'Ti gig.. :' I ne, 1, 5 '- J -- '-.555 '- 14 ' .5313 ., ' j 'Z I X J -V.. i g?-E! P Q N 1-vii! 'E' 'fi ill G, ' ' ' ' , Z Jiri - if 1544 , , K' vi -2 51'-A 474 ' -X.: , ' X' r - 1 -I l, ' f ,- , qv -'N 3, ' 1 x.1fx F 1- X Am ,ik fb 1 if ' 1 V f X . f rn N X xx x W, . X Ag X 41, rf P5 -. ' K YTD, .5 , , if 'Q "1 V an 1 -2 5' 76 ' CLASSES THE LOG SENIORS "And who may that dignified, lordly-looking young man be?,' inquired the Lord Almighty of his attendant angels on his inspection tour of the worldf' "My Lord, he is one of a kind very common in wordly schools, he is known for his proud, overbearing manner to others first entering upon an educational careerg for his condescending attitude toward those who attempt to instruct him, for his lofty mien and dignified speech, for his careful, meticulous attire, for his capable, tho conceited, conduct of school affairs, he is a Senior" And the Lord wondered exceedingly whereat, and went his way. 'LHe is a Senior!" Picture to yourself that masterful being, created to lord it over his lesser fellows, striding slowly down our own Tuleyls halls, chatting de- corously with fellow Seniors, giving Sophomores and Juniors his valuable opinions on matters in general. Queer indeed are the ways of man! And such is the vision of every first-year student, such is the star to which each Freshie hitches his little wagong and can you blame him? A Senior is one of the happiest beings aliveg he moves filled with a feeling of supreme importance, and beaming good-will to all through that one dazzling year between insigniflcance as a high school Junior and total eclipse as a College Freshman, he appeases his inordinate vanity in the warm glow of admirationg he has that happy indefinable feeling embodied in "God's in his heaven, all's well with the world". And such, indeed, is the material of which this graduating class of ,27 is com- posed. Needless to say, this class may well that it has carved a good-sized niche in the Tuley Hall of Fame. Among its many achievements, the institution of a girlis marshall force, here- tofore an unheard of thing, may be classed as one of the greatest. The remarkable display of initiative and self-reliance exhibited by the Tuley girls who put this new project through is merely indicative of the superior quality of the class in general. and of many individuals in particular. Not only has this matter of the girl's mar- shall force been instigated and set in motion very ably, but it is one of the best functioning organizations in school, and sets an example well to be followed by others. Another example of the class,s uup and at ,emw spirit is shown in the winning of the interclass indoor baseball championship. The Senior team was so superior to those of the other classes that they easily proved the victors. Besides winning the interclass tournament, it was a Senior room, 205, which won the interroom championship. The class has gained victory not only in the athletic field, but also in other branches of school competition, for it captured the interclass checker championship. Among the social events of the year were the Franklin Picnic, held June 5, which proved a great success, the Senior Prom, one of the most popular Senior affairs of the year, the Senior Picnic, and, greatest of all, Class Night. As a matter of fact, as one review the class's history, one heartily endorses that feeling so aptly expressed by someone, "Ain't it a grand and glorious feeling to be a Senior?" Page Fiflj'-Jf.V THE LOG Louie Berman fllbert Collinet Harold Guenther ,Max lldotenko foe lUendelJohn Leo Schrzeiderrnan Kate .flkwa Celia Getzov Lillian Lewif Dora Sanderf Rebecca llfaitzman ,flex Tulfky ,Uax Jlppleman Sadie Tugenhaft Lucille Stowick Dorothy Richman jeanette Olfon Harriet Lefchnale Annette jacker Either Garber Emtna Elkin Helen Blafzczenfki David Nowinxon ,Uorrif llfaifman. Either Goran Sarah Levin Lillian Templer Hlilliard Cohen Robert Greenwald Ifadore Kovitz Sam Rabinowitz Ben Samuel Theodore Stone Jeanette Brichke Dorothy Feldner Ruth Kahn Edith Lichtenftein feanette Hfitz Sadie Bryer ,Mendel Doppelt llleyer Fogen Simon Gordon julia Koenigrberg facob Libin Imac Reifler Lillian Shapiro Rofe Strowiff Fred W'ei.r.r ,Uaurice Blonfley David Draznin ,Jaron Hymanfon Iladore Nathan Herman Silver ,Weyer I"et:.ner Either Bernick Jllary Handwerker Teuie Lifanti Rofe Simon Frieda Bernftein Frank Petacque Emily Zdanke jennie Tokarxky Stella Snigocvska Celia Reefer Rofe llleerfon Diana Lack lllyra Hojenberg Ruth Friedman Eva Davif Ofcal Comeff xlndrew Pazoelczak S. Zaborowfki ,Margaret Gorman Yvonne llliller David :Iuerbaek Leopold Durlco Barney Halperin jack Krulan foe Reitter Robert Shane Irving Ungerlcider Reeva Bruff Either Fleifchman Beverly Koj Sylvia lllarkf S. Barbaleof Seymour Carmel Ben Duzinfki Valeria Genitif Dorothy Harrif Sara Korman Carl Lichterzftein Grace Reiger Gertrude Shoen Hyman Svardloj Mildred Wetterer ,Uorrii Bromberg Sam Entin Carl Knudten jack Olfher Stephen Strickland Aloe Ungerleider Ifa Beftock Zelda Haaf Helen Perrin Sarah Simon Rofe Becker Victor Noparftak Sylvia Yoffe .Uarion Swirfky Dora Rudman Hilda Reizen ,Veta Jllanety Sara Katz Ida Hegftead Ida Frazer .inne Brook Sidney Feiwell ,llanuel Roxen ,dbe Zimring Rafe Kazlov Sylvette Rofenbloonz juliuf Barthoj Ben Edidin Ezra facobfon .Jbe ,Uaxover Sidney Rooth Harry Shapiro Jlatt Weiff Blanche Cramer janet Fradin Libby Kuyhner :Inne Seidman Irene Belohlavek llfitfred Carfel llliriam Emyanitoj Grace Germann I 'iolet I tzleowitz Nathan Krauf Francef Podolner Libbe Robiruon Pafhe Silvert Rofe Tenenbaum Lucille Ilfitkin ,Uilton Babroj' ,Ueyer Goldman David Krichever David Refi Clzarlcf Shijf Leonard Wachx Sylvia Dolnick Berthe K rauf Sadie Pofner Jllice Smith Helen ,-lckerman Irving Naiman .alnna Wotozyn Rofe Sugar Bertha Rottner flliriam Polifhucle Ruth Lewif Regina furek Rofe Halperin Sufan ne Falftein ,Uary fl. Brocko David lllandelbaum Harry Rofenberg Either Becker Be.f,fie Ifozlovxky Beatrice Schwartz David Bafofin ,lbe Ganf Louif Keffel Ifaae fllitchell jacob Rofhftcin Wvilliam Shapiro Either .-Idelfon Elxie Diamond Elfreda Galantiere Florence Larion ,Uarcella Shapiro Gladyf Berman Charle.r Cohan Virginia Engel ,Wilton Ginfburg Enzil facobovitz L0ui,r Lebovitz ,-lnatol Rapaport ,Uatilda Rudman ,Weyer Sievenfon Belle W'alter.f jacob lfolf ,fllbert Collinet Hyman Groffberg Harold ,Uaniloj Robert Rifxman Ifadore Schultz Sidney IValler Edna Ganf fofephine Kroll Be.r,rie Reefer Eva Stolar Peter Zukowfky Sidney llluuman Sadie Udell Bella Straw: Ruth Rothflein ,-Inna Pawlanfky Blanche Levy Lillian fanaf Charlotte Goodman Alae Eller Kate Bordan Cyril illendelfon ,lrthur Rutkewicz Evelyn Eifenhuth .-Inna Levin Sylvia Singer ,Wax Becleer Hyman Ginfburg Sol Kobrin Harold Pine David Rydell Wvalter Stenzpel :ln na Baller ,-Inne Eref Dora Gerxtein Irene Levinson Either Simon julizu Bo.fen Charlotte Deckowit .f-Inthony Feltych Louii Goldberg Ethel Heniich ,nlbe Leifer Sophie Reed Sally Schenberg Yena Stick tllilton W'alter,v I Page Fifty-:even THE LOG JUNIORS The pleasures of being an upper classman are great, and equally great are the duties. The paper, the annual, the dances, picnics, and proms, which mean nothing to a Frosh or Scph, are to a Junior the most important part of his School life. This semester the third year students have upheld the reputation for school spirit and activity. that former classes have left behind. Preeminently stands out the executive ability of Ben Plonsky by whose energy the Junior 3 Arts has become the most popular club in Tuley. He has been ably assisted by Sid Sherman, Vice-President, Ida Seefer, Secretary and Milton Aloff, Treasurer. The Juniors sponsored a Junior Sabin Party which is for the purpose of uniting all Juniors who had come from the Junior High School With those who had already been in Tuley. Another social affair sponsored by the Juniors was the Junior Prom. This was one of the biggest events of the season and was a great success. The Juniors, coached by lN'Iiss lNIeta Mantey, have also excelled in dramatics this semester. Those who took part in their play were Saydce Kirschner, Ruth Miller, Delmar Kolb, Freida Seigal, Shirley Rogers, Marshal Stengle, Bernice Quateman and Rubin Cosnow. Not only are the Juniors active in the social and dramatic field, but they also boast of stars in the oratorical, track, baseball, swimming, and checker worlds. Benjamin Plonsky won the right to represent Tuley in the national oratorical contest and came in secnod in this district. The Junior Checker team consisting of Lipshitz, Plonsky, Sherman, Rubisoff and Shilling have already proven their skill. The Captain of the swimming team is Retsky, and the manager of the Tuley tennis team is no other than "Hank" Rothenberg. Carl Cohn and Rothenberg occupy positions on the Track team, In Baseball the Juniors are represented by such as Brandzel, Captain: Sherman, Rothstein, Bartelmosy, Ruby Cohn and Joseph Orzech. Wiith a president of Plonsky's oratorical ability, it is no Wonder that the forensic art has been given much attention, and that the Junior Gratorical Contest was the most looked-forward to aflair in the Junior Class. And when the victor was awarded hrst place, the applause given showed the keen interest of the class. This last semester has been by far one of the most successful that a third year class has ever had. It is only rarely that so energetic and active a group of students are together in one semester. Undoubtedly, the future Senior class will be one of the best Tuley has ever seen. Page Fzlffy-figlzt THE LOG 1 1 Theodore Holxlein Ben Hronfon .Jbe Gafeman jaeob Kaplan Edward lllaliehz' Trebor Narrzxier Ralph Stein Kaiherine Eulenberg Louraine K0.f.f0u'.fh'Z Phyllif Reiben Elaine Slolar hlartha lVohl Benny Freed lllllfflll Kirth Sam lllullrnan Charlef Scliairnen David Solomon Wvnz. .flbrarnowiiz Befxie Cohen Ixadore Foreman Neilie llcenn Anna Nielxon Frieda Sandman :Ibe Siierdlile Waller xllmerolh Harry Colaliff Da-vid Pezeher lllargarel flrzderfon Fay Cohen Rhea Gordon Viola Helmlee Benie Koniiz Shirley Rogerf Rofe Soliian Harrie! W'oldlzo Louis Bariolo Edythe Eifenberg lllary Genflel Sara Kargman Roberto lllallein Lillian Roxen Ruth Sandman Sam Slollar Chester Wafile Ruth Gunther Celia Uzurnelea Harry .BE1'I1.J'lt'1.7Z5kl Rubin Coh Louif Hojnzan Bennie Kazer Benjamin Novarle Louie Retflzy Hyrna-n Shapiro hlillon Jlof foyer' Berkowitz Ben Glibman Sigmund Kline Carl lllarafelzile Irving Rollzxtein .flbe Surgal Sylvia Fine Roie Krupfhy Sara Roxen Illollie Templar Sollie Brauner Irving Greenfpah n .Jbe Leader Arilzur Refniele Nathan Sehilling Char. Suleuoj Sam Boraxh Dave Cooper Victoria Gerlile Fannie faeobfon Frieda Perfner Ida Sehur fllex Terk Nalhan Bobbi! Rubin Cofnow lllandel Sehullz lwathilda Baffin JW ary Derengowflei Rufh Greenberg Helen Kalman Sylvia Lazer Eva Shar: Befxie Slick fennie Jbrahamfon Helen Buino llifarian Fabian lllorrif Glafeo Ben Klein Ifadore .Uarcfer Sylvia Rofenberg Rofe Shaman Harold Teitelbaum Helen Bavolih .dliee Hajf Lorretta Zoeh .-Ibe Blachrnan Louif Cooper Theodore Holxtein Franle Leoenxon Norman Nozfale elfron Rofenberg lllorrix Spira Carl Cohn lllorrif B. Borlc Coy Goldflein Delnzan Kolb lllorrif Quelnileow AIKZIIVZ-ft' Rubin Florenre .illen Franleo Ludnula Helen Ollrnan Eifelyne Shifnzan Carrnela Toma.f,fo .-Ibner Coahn Sidney Guthman .ellie Lieberman Reuben Rubiioj llfaclam Serajinxlei lllorrif Surgal ll-Iinnie Badoffley .-Il Dobrofflzy Bernice Golden jay lllendel Sohn Sara Paiaeque Goldie Shandro,r,r Goldie lfirzowfhy fofeph Baron --lbe Leader lllorrif Slzifrif Frieda Bareff Lillian Fox Fra ncei Greyrzile Gene Karmazyn Dora Lipfhitz Clarine Sheltle lllarnie Teleehaniley .-Ilbert .f-Idler Kathleen Chenoxki lllarian Feigan Sadie Goldman Irene Laflzorzynxki Sanz Opprnan Naialie R051 Phil Sehulzz julian Turilzhy Sophie Bla.r:L3:gn.rl2i Gerlrude hlartin Sanz Jdland joe Bobrofw Sollie Dunner lvladnzir jacwrxhy Louie Levin jofeph Orzeeh Hank Rolhenberg .-llrraham llfolf' Theodore .lrloolc .Vanuel Davie .-lrtlzur Hojman gllaurire Kelner Ify Ill uleh n ik Leflie Rudoy .iliee Blorla Tillie Hefhl .lnnelte Podkin .-Innetie Singer Rafe ll"af.ferman Harry Dolgoj Harry Karnzazy n lfilliarn Lipflzufz llfeldon Saclue Sol Sherman Hyrnen Udeflfy .ulnna Bafo Tibby Dredze :Ilex Greenfpahn Eva Lovin Sophie RKZLFI-IIOTZ-ll Sid Sherman Ida lffoloihun Louie Brandzel Leonard Narhnzanfon llarilzall Stengel .luguita Brown Sylvia Freeman Lfabelle Haiuer hlary Koopenxlsi .Vary fllileolajho feanelle Shoen Henriena IVa.-'ferzug Olga ,Idler Sarah Cohen Leo Furie Jlildred Goldftreieh Beifie Lizehinger Dora Palmer .Vary Ruben Dorofhy S irn owiteh Phyllif Zeigler Rafe Domaxle Berniee Quaternan Rudolph .-lmend lllitehell Braunxtein Benjamin Friedland Edmund Karwarlei Charlef Lindbergh Solomon Poolotxley Harry Rubin Rene de Pa nz iro Henry Rolhenberg foe Feldman Edward fajle Leonard Levilfe Rudolph JYna'ich Sanz Spinlca Hilda Daoidfon Elhel Klein .Uargaref Preie Emma Srnueyn fennie IVOjL'lL'Cl1UQ'fh'!Z .Uilrhell Dredze Sol Klaprnan Louii Ludwig Emanuel Saltzman .-llre Singer Gerald lVolf l'iola Chuflenfon Rafe Feldman Reberea Horner .algnef lllirfky Efhel Salhaueh Bexiie Shapiro Bearrife Yellen ,flex Cantor Sanford Levin George Ternpler Betty Bruekman Role Gi-lb Ida Heller Gladyf Kraut Lilrbie Pan' Jlarie Sliaturif Sarah Weirzrnan Kalhryn Baron Sophie Cohen Dina Garland Beef ie Karay ilv Roxalie .Uargolin Franeef Perflcy Lorraine Rutfenberg Berlha Sloll Gertrude lVinograd Helen Duj' Dorothy Shar: Sanz Baflcin Carl J. Cohen Harry Gliekf .Uaxine Kali. Caxmir fllueha Jlillon Reingold Edmund Serafirzflei Page Fiffy-n ine THE LOG SOPHOMORES With a year of school life experience behind them, the Sophomores have been able to organize, and produce work that has shown the school the prominent position occupied by the second year students. Having survived the hardships of Freshie life, the Sophs feel, and rightly feel, that all school activities are open to them. Accordingly, they have gladly seized the opportunity oflered them to ex- hibit their class spirit and be of material aid to Tuley. There is hardly an extra- curricular activity in Tuley that does not boast of its full quota of Soph coopera- tion. Of primary importance is the Literary Sophomore Society. Manuel Rissman. president of the organization, thru his actve interest in Soph affairs, has succeeded in obtaining a close cooperation between the ofhcers and the student body, which has resulted in the club being recognized as one of the leading organizations in Tuley. The extensive publicity and entertaining programs brought hundreds of enthusiastic members to the Lecture Room every Monday. The entire Soph class feels greatly indebted to Miss Consoer for her sym- pathetic aid in the affairs of the Lit Sophs. Not only in Miss Consoer, but in all their teachers the Sophs have been for- tunate. Mr. Minnis and Mr. Templin have given the second year studes a compre- hensive and thoro elementary knowledge of Zoology. The friendly and congenial atmosphere of the "zoo lab" will certainly never be forgotten. The dates of Nebuchadnezzer and Heliogabalus, the stories of the battles of Marathon, and the sack of Rome, those are the memories of Miss Frost and Ancient History. Omnia Gallia in tres partis divisa estln Subjunctive of indirect discourse and Miss Lawrence! No Tuleyite will ever in his life hear the name without the phrase Hashing into his mind, the phrase without being reminded of the name. In the Misses Flagg Consoer and MacDougal the students have some of the most competent teachers in the school. The terrors of Geometry are considerably lessened by the painless method of inculculation of axioms and theorems Miss VVeimar has perfected. So, with good ofhcers, a responsive class, and a competent faculty, the Soph class has gone thru a creditable semester of fine work well done. i i L i . ..-- - . . H 1 Fanny Czfala, Dorothy Chiller, Edylhe Cohen, fanettf E.rivrman, Suran Frank, Celia Gilfond, Eldfn Genilix, Elfanor Crorrman, Rivy Hoping, Anna Kalera, Jdelaide' Koziol, Emma Krf'Zrluy'slcy, Lillian La Barlzfra. .ulnna Mollfr, lllarcslla Nrlrorz, Velma Norlon, Bella Odzfr, Nina Pcrlfmdt, Elmnor Prehlar, Shirlfy Shafer, Bella Steam, Ruth Stow, Doroihy Wizilzoqfl, Wilhold .'Izza'r:.elczyk, Ptl1llB1.?1f714f-flti, Bennie Page Sixty THE LOG Blumenberg, Arthur Dietch, Irving Feldman, Sol Herman, Richard Kline, john Mular, Louie Rottenberg, Bennie Steinberg, Bernard Sternberg, joeeplz Spetyla, Stanley Kotza, Hyman Baur, jamee Berry, George Cooper, Ieadore jaee, Harry Kaufman, Eli Levin, Nathan llfloeeeon, Nathan Nakin, George Petkunae, David Rothman, Henry Schwartz, Edward Soeeon, Robert Stengle, Samuel Tanenbaurn, Hlaybelle Allaire, Zelda Baygood, Dorothy Bernetein, Mollie Blumenthal, Sarah Gereheneon, Beatrice Holt, Genevieve Kaniew- eki, Edith Keeeel, Bertha Korman, Yole Vieconti, Roee Korman, Ruth Kramer, Florence Kramp, Helen Levin, jeanette Levin, Evelyn Loecombe, Hazel .Meyereon, Henrietta lldiekieiewicz, Harriet Moetowicz, .Myrtle Nieleon, Fannie Ploneky, Eether Romanoj, Hetty Rurnezewicz, Sophie Salvionchik, Florence Schejer, Edith Schwartz, Francie Sehwartz, Dorothy Shapiro, Eether Stephene, Tillie Strauee, Rhea Straw, tllinnie Topper, Helen Tuman, Benjamin Baee, Anthony Benade, Nathan Comeee, Albert Epetein, Ben Federman, Solomon, Findel, Bernard Fried-man, Spinoza Gineberg, twarvin Glick, Chae. Greieberg, Sol. Hileleberg, Aaron Hilkevitch, Bernard Kavia, Harry lldagad, Sol. lllatleen, Mike lldoecicki, Bernard Neuchiller, Dave Nuebaum, Nick Podleweki, Chae. Rozek, Sanz Shapiro, Mannie Sabo, Hymen Steinberg. Geo. Sylvan, john Thomae, Albin Tobiaez, David Zimering, Nettie Arlook, Eva Brooke, Lena Bellowe, Rebecca Cadkin, Agnee, Dopke, Olga Drozkik, Frieda Eree, Lillian Fox, Alica Friedman, Ida Genetel, Gurtrude Gunter, Ruth Kareted, Sylvia Katz, Katy Kolber, Irene Kotareki, Gertrude lllaehhitz, Helen lllermetetein, Hattie Miclzaele, Dora Pomerance, Roee Potaehin, Dorothy Roeenetein, Violet Schwartz, Fay Tuchineky, Aliee Unger, .Mildred Waldman, Hariet W'iee, llluriel IVreechineky, Helen Zych, Philipe Abrarne, Albert Ar- gentar, Louie Babitzky, Henry Cohen, Irving Drezin, Carl Foxman, Gordy Garbell, Max Girnple, Arthur Katz, Caeimer Kedziereki, Richard Kilichoweki, William eMoeeeon, ,William lllotel, llleyer Nudleman, Bernard Polikoj, Sam Richmond, Louie Sherman, lllilton Silbert, Sam Steinberg, Abraham Ifeeibrod, Ethel Baeojin, Ida Baee, .Mollie Baee, Ruth Chill, Harold Federoj, Frank Friedman, Dorothy Geller, Eugene Glantz, Ben Glaeeman, Violet Goobler, Ruth Goodman, Bernard Gordon, Gernard Haft, Edna Hague, joe Halperin, Edna Harrieon, George Hibler, tllorrie jacobeon, Clarieea jojee, Albert Korey, IValter Kukulka, Anna Leader, lllyron Levee, Laura Levin, Herman ttlanewith, lllarion lldeeirow, Leonard llililler, Bennie lVIoekowitz, Abraham Oppenheim, Anna Petcher, .Minnie Pfefer, Fannie Provue, Anna Rabinovitz, Edwin Roeenetein, Adelaide Rubin, Harry Saltzberg, Leonard Schaner, Clara Siegel, Pearl Smith, Gertrude Spiegel, Bernard Taub, lldayjor Wainer, lldatthew Ziembo, Hugo Zierfuee, Ben Ziperetein, Harry Abrame. Dorothy Albin, Paul Appel, Robert Belofeky, juliue Berman, Bernard Breen, faleria Chap, Bernard Chizewer, Hyman Dorfrnan, .Morrue Fagin, Bernard Feder, Evelyn Freeman, llliriam Gollin, Mildred Golden, Ephraim Glich, lldorrie Goldman, Minnie Horwitz, Zona Ivaeka, Irene Kazmiercizah, Paul Kahn, joeeph Koeakoweki, .Manuel Kramer, Sidney Lefkow, Harold Lipeky, Eugene Landy, joe lllarehalkovitz, W'ilber .Moteh, Ben Notkin, Eugene Ozay, Sadie Pearlman, Elizabeth Pfltzner, joe Pearlman, Leo Rabin- owitz, Louie Rirkin, Henry Segal, Edward Sojdah, Harry Schehema, Hyman Schwartz, Ervin Schwartz. Lewie Schwartz, lldandy Sennee. David Sheliet, Aaron Swartz, Alphonee Szypereke, Roee Sandor, Jlilton Turk, Sam Iffeintrob, jerorne W'ieneweki, Theodore W'inhler, Alfred Ufolf, joeeph Nirowa, Mildred Golden, Evelyn Freeman, Harriet Adarneki, Roeelyn Bernetein, ,Mildred Bolte, Dorothy Cohan, Virginia Darnell, llflary Dobrzanki, Ethel Dvorkin, Sylvia Feldman, Sophie Finkel, Dorothy Goldberg, Lucille Goldbert, Frieda Hackin, .Mildred jacobe, Beatrice johneon, Eleanor Kedroeki, Stella Korezyneka, Helen Koeh, Sophie Kraue, Loretta Lieb, Alice .Marezalek, Anna lllittleman, Eether llllojitzoj, Goldie Oleher, Marcella Orze- choweki, Ann Paeternack, Alexandra Prueh, Bernice Pratt, Roee Rabinowitz, Pearl Rebbe, Alyce Roleon. Lillian Roeen, Gladye Segel, .Mae Spiegel, Roealind Spiegel, Sarah Strimling, Gertrude Sugar, Irene Tozyna, lllary Tyrka, Sophia Zawielanowicz, An-na Zierfuee, Ben Berkowitz, W'illiam Bogeneee, Ilfilliam Bolotin, .Max Brooke, john Duf, Irving Eimer, joe Eieenetein, Sam Fabian, Frank Goldetein, thlilton Groeeman, Saul Held, juliue ja-fe, Richard jaetrzemboweki, .Maurice Kazzman, llrlax Klein, joeeph Kovalchik. john Lavender, Peter Luchi, Caeimer .Micek, Walter Nazlian, Edward Oppman, Paul Rabin, Harold Reeeer, Edmund Roman, Harry Rothkin, Ralph Rundell, Bernard Sanderman, Alex Sloteky, Ieadore Spinka, Adolph Stein, Ben Soell, Bennie Tarrant, Solomon Tickee, Ben Tangul, Sophie Cieelakiewicz, Lillian Cohn, Evelyn jeneen, lllay Kaneweky, Helen Piwineki, Katherine Siegel, Roee Tremba, PV. Gintroth, Gertrude Alpert, Cille Appelman, Roee Bernetein, jeanette Binemfeld, Helen Blum, Shirley Boehee, Alice Chick, Edith Davie, jamee Davie, Louie Eide, Helen Farell, Serelle Feinberg, Ruth Finkel, june Geller, Gladye Gjorup, Ruth Goldberg, Roee Gordon, Ethel Gottetein. Beatrice Immormino, Bieki Kalnzue, May Koecielniak, Ethel Levey, Rhoda Levin, Ethel Lubowich, William thlarkowitz, Goldie Jllelamed, Beeeie llrleyereon, Sam Natkin, Blooma Novick, Genevieve Nykiel, Daniel Panter, tldanuel Rieernan, Dorothy Roeen, Eleanor Roeenquiet, Sylvia Saykowitch, Fay Segal, Gertrude Silverman, lllollie Soell, Irene Sokoleki, Illae Solomon, Edwin Stalk, Avery Stolar, Roee Sukman, Lillie Uzanzecka, Beatrice IVadro, Beatrice IVagner Pearl Wohl, Ruth Beinhorn, Dorothy Belgrade, Francee Budyk, Fanny Cohen, Roee Doneky, Sylvia Faer- etein, jennie Hacker, Anita Hermann, Beatrice Hollander, Irene Holzwart, Edith Ieenberg, Henrietta Kelner, Helen Weienzarz, Lillian Iyidman, jennie Zelkin, Leo Shafran, lworrie Sherman, Harry Simon. Eether Suleky, Rueeel Ilfarneted, .Minnie W'ienetein, Dorothy Lebeneon, Sylvia Levineon, Irene fllandock, Bertha Nieder, Helen Obetfeld, Eether Rubin, Bernice Sherman, Eether Stein, Reva Ilfolper, Philip Baraech, Sam Bernetein, .Milton Bogdanow, .Morton Feigen, Lawrence Greene, David Gueoveky, Harry Hartzman, .Morrie Heimovitz, Abraham Hoffman, Louie Katz, Louie Katzrnan, Robert Kobrin, Illeyer Leavitt, juliue Levin, Sidney Levin, Emerick Lewey, Charlee Illalina, lhlartin lllathewe, Irwin Perlin, Ieidore Perlow, joe Shanker, Sidney Sinow, Edward Solomon, Ben Iifaytz, Aaron Wieeelman, Lillian Bernetein, joe Bier. Abe Cohen, Ray Cohn, lllarion Conin, Helen Coplon, Leo Fieher, joe Friedenetein, tllax Fuche, Bernice Garmiea, Minnie Garbell, Gertrude Gold, jennie Golineky, Eether Himeletein, Fannie Leonard, Dorothy' Leeeer, Sidney Letchinger, .Max Levin, Anette Leviton, I'iola Levi, lValter Lowry, Selnza hlarkowitz, Lela .Miller, Sydney lldiller, Leonard thlonroe, Ieadore Neiman, lllax Oberlander, Charlotte Rapoport, Pauline Roeenbloom, Anna Rubin, Shirley Rotkin, Harry Schrenkel. Page Sixty-o ne THE LOG THE FRESHMEN Judging from the activities of the youngest portion of our community during the past semester, Tuley is assured of having in the next few years a spirited and yery ambitious student body. This semester our Freshman have succeeded in again organizing themselves. As no sponsor could be secured, the Frosh Club was forced to face five months of meetings With but sergeant-at-arms to preserve order. But "timid" freshmen as they were their meetings were carried out with order and initiative that proved that our Freshmen have in them the makings of real Tuleyites. A play was sponsored by the Tuley Frosh Club and given with all the zeal of upper classmen. The freshmen owe their success in this event to the untiring efforts of a well-known senior. She is no other than Sara Korman. Miss Kor- man's good work is known throughout Tuley. The Tuley Frosh Club sponsored a number of surprise programs and with their large attendance at meetings made them huge successes. This is due not only to the hearty cooperation of the Freshman class as a Whole but to the hearty work done by the.girl quartet that make up the officers of the Tuley Frosh Club. These girls are: Bessie Gold, president, whose unfailing, unfaltering guidance safely steered the club through to success, Rose Rosenberg, vice-president, who aided the president in many ways, and Rebecca Levy, treasurer, whose aid was also necessary to the young organization. The Frosh have not yet reached the point Where social success circles around their proms, picnics and dances, for they do notlsponsor these affairs, but success does circle around anything they do undertake. 1 Our first year students were also active in other ways. They Won the inter- class swimming championship and the Freshman checker team threatened all through the interclass tournament to take the title from the Seniors. On the whole, it may be said that it is rarely that a first year class is as active and as successful in its activities as this year's freshman class was. Page Sixty-lCc'0 THE LOG THE FRESHNIEN Ida Levin, feanette Lubrinflcy, Harriet fllaei, Eleanor All-0d1t5Zz"ilU'lC1-, Etlzel Morrif, Clara Jrlof, Sylvia Palter, Helen Pearlman, .Varian Price, .-lnnaf Rizxlein, Lillian Selineider, Ida Silver, Emily Slcorliifz, Elfie Sorenfon, Eugenia Starofla, Irene Szunileowflei, .Uarie IIYKUJOII, .-Inne IIfilC1'.j'II,fki, Gertrude Zeleny, Helen Zleinflei, feannette Bard, jofeplzine Barron, fudilli Blumin, Jdeline B!'Z0,fI0Cl'.fk1A, Dnrollzy Clziek, Hazel Cltri.rten.fen, Ro5e Colien, Dorotlzy Dixey, Dorollzea Eberliardt, Fannie l1'l.ft'71.fft'ilZ, Pearl Ellman, Racliel Eeurftein, Ruth Fiedler, Helen Furlif, Nettie Gerber, Violet Hada, Lorraine Heineman, Elifalzetlz Hokenfon, firginia Kowalilci, .lnna Kroitlzirle, Frieda Krzeezkowdei, firginia Leonard, .-Inna Lev, Jlorrii Borzz, lValler Hfolodko, folzn Zurelc, Henrietta Jpolfley, Louife Jfinovfky, Sylvia Balter, Jliriam Blumenthal, Florenee Blurnofe, fllary Cerone. Lzzeille Colin, .Vin n ie Davif, jen n ie Dyngof, Fannie Eflzilefon, Rofe Gordon, Charlotte Hagelouer, Florence Harrifon, Ida jaizkoffley, Olga faworxky, ,Uildred folznfon, Saralz Kagan, Rofe Kaplan, Sarah Klan, Lillian Kofner, .-lmelia Kzzlig, lliary Kuta, .inna Levitt, Lillian Levy, Sopliie Lew, Irene llleyer, mln na illiller, illizriel Nianicle, Emily Navy, Henrietta Okulanif, fofepliine Pietrufa, Fannie Slzerman, Sylvia Silverman, Sabina Slrorflei, .lnna Tauterif, ,lluriel lVa.v, .Jnna lfelier, Harry Bernftein, folin Dornanuf, :llvin Friedman, ,Velvin Friedman, Harry Ei,fen,ftein, .Yatlzan Lerner, Harriet .-lnderfon, Verna :lnderJ0n, Ro.-'e Colin, Belly Ereeberger, .Uildred Hapufta, Beatrife Hanfon, Eleanor Le Blond, Sybil Rain, Berllza Ray, fda Slzpiler, Natalie Sobel, Jnne Sorkin, Irene Lvngerrnan, Jlbert Baddin, Robert lllarlelin Cliernoj, William Friedrirlz, .ulndrew folznxon, Stanley Kozeckozwlci. Ifadore Lafkey, Leo Lawrijan, Samuel Liebman, .llbert Liederman, Ifadore LiJ.rner, Harold Palaft, Sant Polofwley, Edward RoJenberg, .Uax Seller, Herman Tavinf, Benjamin Tenenbaum, lfadore Tuelzinfley, .-lrlliur Hfvandel, Edyflze Springer, Plzilip Collle, Einar folznfon, Jliflzael Kelfom. .lbe Perlin, Edward Prindiville, George Ray, jolin Staniec, Ben Tabif, Norman Tietellzaznn, .Jn na Jlter, fiola Barney, Gertrude Berger, Prifeilla Berger, Henrietta Blacle, Saralt Branlizfle, Loi.f Bufleee, Berniee Cliytry, Lililry Devinatz, Berllza Feinftein, ,inne Eiritenlzerg, feanezle Gafiorelz, fofeplzine Hradek, Sylvia Koidin, Lillian Kreger, Edna Krufe, Jlildred Levita, Tillie Oflzlag, Gladyf Pitler, Evelyn Sliane, .-Inna Slier, Editli Sorkin, fllildred Stein, Lillian S':oir,fley, fllarcella Tauman, Sylvia Tikotzky, Elsie Torreelc, Sopliie Tu man, Ron' lI'fn'eee,vek, Leona IIG0l6Z71fky, Florenee Zaremlia, Valeria Zdanlre, Eva Zipleojf, Elorenee Zivin, lfadore Bleeker, Cliarlef S. Bryan, Paul Dorf, Bernard Duday, Carl Forman, rldolplt Forman, lfadore Goldman, Jlax' Gomlzerg, Herman Greifdorf, Felix Herbflman, Iiadore Herilienberg. Norm Hawley, Ixadore Ifovitz, Jdolpli Itzkoviiz, Harry fexlzke, Walter Koperny, Tliaddeuf Kowalfki, Norman Lambert, fllillon Lafkov, ll'alter Linder, Henry Nowak, Edward Podfada, Le Roy Polleroclz, Leiter Rielzrnan, George Saltzman, Harry Sandman, .Uarvin Sclzenberg, Hyman Slialaer, Shirley Finkleftein, Stanley Golalz, Lillian Golberg, Zelda Goldberg, .Vinnie Gro.f.Uield, George Gurierrez, illandel facolifon, Lillian fajfe, ,-lrtlzar Kafarflzi, .illife Kendron, Eilzel Kuzin, Benny lllanpearl, Bennie llflayer, Henrietta iUi.f,f1zer, Helen fllunvez, flleyer lluteliniek, Carl Nathan, jaek Nemenoj, Sadie Pawlanfky, Charlie Rabinocuirz, Gertrude Rofenliloom, Simon Snitelier, Louie' Seligion, xllex Slzajer, Dorif Slzaridroff, Pearl Sliuleer, gllalrel Stein, Sanz lfandner, Elorenre Il',t'il1J'lE'i7I, illorrif Iyeiflzurg, Sanford Spira, Sam Stone, feffe Stool, Robert Zlzinovfky, Clara Coftular, jennie Fedofena, Rofe Fiddler, Elorenee Greenspan, Helen Himelfarb. .-lgnef Al61L'lY.ft"ZL'.fkl', .llire Jfaxzfzyn- Jki, Beatrire Perlow, Rena Saelif, Roie Selialtz., Vera Solomon, Eva Stepkin, Reuben .-lgrariocwley, ,Uorrif Jugiul, lllauriee Becleer, llluriel Berman, Edward Bobroj, Ifadore Botanfley, Dave Bruff, lfaae Clzallin, David Cllodrow, Eftlzer Cokliff, Nina Devyaikin, Nazlzan Dombrozwley, Bennie Efruffy, fofepli Eine, Evelyn Grajf, Gertrude Greenburg, Jlliriani Halperin, Sylvia Horwitz, ,Uyra Imerrnan, Hazel folznfon, .Uargarez Kayfe, julia Klein, llfanda Kawalfka, Sylvia Notlein, Olga Sanzborflci, Gertrude Srnitlz, Guffie Suwalrky, Soplzie W'ein.ftein, feannette Hfexler, .-lnnette lVlzile, Jllargarez lV0lan, feanetfe lVypafele, feffie Yajee, Gertrude Colzen, Ruth fofeplz, lllicliael xlrra, Milton Bartlett, Daniel Dribin, lyllflfj' Dufzak, Lfadore Eeimrein, lllorrif Eine, Sidney Garfield, Hyman Getzov, Sam Goldman, jerome Goldftein, Ifadore Halprin, Harry Henry, George jolznfon, Benjamin Kanter, Bernard Kofidlo, Rubin Kozil, Clzarlef Kwiat- kowxlei, lllorrif Lej, Clzarlef Liflzerg, Leon lllaly, lllarfin Hleroj, .Uax llloller, Lloyd .1lll,f,1lZ2'L', Ifadore Nvovirlz, William Pillin, fofeplz Podlewxlei, Leonard Quateman, David Rabinovitz, .-Ilze Rielzter, Ifadore Roxenthal, llleyer Sabin, lllielzael Salgo, Bernard Sloane, Earl Wyityk, Jndrew Zelinleo, Grare Clzemafko, Lurile Granquilt, Evelyn Kamin.rlei, Lottie Kolczale, Helen Labedz, Jnna jlyglod, Lillian Paitlfen, julia Peters, Ethel Reifler, Sopliie Sclzeilia, nIU'reda SEWZHIIZPO, Ida Singer, Dorotliy Tour.f.fen, Dorotliea lfallcer. Page Sixty-th ree 4-ll-d!I.A,V. LA WRENCE THE LOG COMMERCIAL It is seldom that a commercial class has done so much or done it so well as the vocational class of 727. The president selected was lrving Landesman. With Landesman at the head the routine work of the graduates was quickly disposed and the class went on to its social activities. For the simply engraved and beautiful rings the students possess, they have to thank Lillian Ordower, who with her committee, raked the city in search of dur- able material and low prices. How well she has succeeded the satisfaction of her fellow classmates testify. For the photos to be exchanged from friend to friend with pledges of undying fidelity, Irving Landesman and his committee consisting of Dorothy Tamkin, Bernard Selt7er, and Dorothy Lasser, are responsible. The skillful work of the Rialto Studio should be commended for, though "the camera does not lie" they made the retouching of pictures a piece of artistry no photographer need be ashamed of. Gertrude Rimson, as the leader of the Ribbon Committee, was undoubtedly suited for her position by a keen sense of color, and blending of shades, succeeded in choosing ribbons and colors that were an ornament to the various "G. C." books they decorated. The financial side of a class is always hardest to handle and it may be said to the honor of this class the financial committee with Dorothy Bush at the helm has done the work satisfactorily. In all the activities of the school the commercial class has been especially prominent this year, and there is hardly an extra-curricular activity that does not boast of its share of vocational support, and the support has proved to be notice- able especially in the matter of providing numbers for other organizations, where the two year talent has been mostly shown. ln the lead in the matter of entertainment is Sally Q. Lettvin who With her inimatable mimicry and constant good nature has enlivened at least one meeting of every club in Tuley. Following close are Dorothy Tamkin and Helen Cohn who both are actresses of exceptional abilities. In the G. A. A. the two year students have been unmistakably active, many girls being upon the Frosh and Soph Capt. Ball teams. The scholarship of the vocational students is demonstrated by the scholastic ability of Sophia Lewbin, Gertrude Rimson, and Ida Miller, whose marks were probably tlie highest in the class. Of a class such as this no more need be said than that success is almost assuredly theirs not long after they leave high school. , Pagr Sixiy-four T H E L O f. .rlllen F. Ciborxki R. Edelftein sl. fenfen P. Kovalfki S. lV1ichalak R. Schij' lil. WKiNJhB71RE7 F. nldamczyk L. Burftein H. Goldberg f. Kaufman IV. 1Weade I. Rachton E. Schneider F. Tokowitz S. .flginfky A. Condle C. fandrenet F. Michal 111. Orlowitz S. Ro.r.v j. Starzec el. Bielke fl. Dobrin lV1. Hinchflif C. Kaptain H. Miller C. Pererfon A. Sachf 1. W'eif.r E. Bratkin F. Drucker E. Hansen R. Rarton S. Lozicki lil. Moylan IW. Selinfky S. Sulpor E. Bifek 1. Dabrofielfka ll1. Goldman B. Kalifh 1-I. llflalecki 1. Rundell B. Walberg lll. Bier B. Frey ll1.jacob5on B. Levin lll. Orenftein I. Schaner B. Stein R. Brown L. Fuenfer S. Kapecki F. Krilman llfl. Miller lil. Rodhe G. Tomafo S. Novelfky E. Bingham H. Keselewfki F. lllierfchak D. Belovitch R. Fink el. janczycka S. Kowalflei 1. 111at: E. Schmidt N. Stritzkowfky G R. .elnderfon R. Cooper H. Coldbarth H. johnxon R. Kuhn C. Nliekifiewica B. Sanz S. Wij'aJ 0. .flnderfon E. Cohen 1. Gronczezwki T. Litvin C. llfledvadow .d'. Raczlca S. Shalago S. Tombach R. Baum F. Conona B. Kopelman L. llflichenalof L. Prizament C. Sager sl. Stern C. Bonien B. Dryz lil. Iverfen el. Klein R. .Milne F. Puryx B. Silver T. Wrobel 111. Beechacz F. Dzik S. Hendrick: H. Kolack L. Maunheim P. Pirwinyka lll. Servine F. Swiec P. Bock R. Duel L. Goldrtein E. Kamftock L. lllaftej lil. Scarano S. Warchal E. Blonder S. Goldhaver R. facobfon C. Lipke L. Pomerantz fl. Schmidt F. Steinberg lll. Clyman C. Gunter rl. Katz E. Lach N. Nagelberg L. Rofenberg Wv. W itthauf P. Taft R. Crifcuolo R. Klein 111. Podlipec L. Bunge llf1. Friedman R. fohansen R. Kravitz 111. .McMahon -I. Schwartz C. Trawizzfki CONINIERCIAL E. Baker F. Bark G. Bradtke L. Butler lil. Cope E. Cerwinska Y. Degodny lbl. Dorociak F. Coldfchmidt B. Cutowfki D. Holden R. 1.rrael V. fonefcue R. Kanter L. Keffling F. Kopec B. Landy 111. WLHIZRE B. 1WeiJ.rner G. 1'l1icl1al.rki f. Novak C. Palickij lll. Pritikin S. Przewlicki L. Spilky S. Slanfilawfki B. Sternler D. Straw f. FVi.Y?l07,U.Tl?i L. lfydra S. Yarnell L. Zbylul C. Beck S. Berman Brighter F. Bromberg N. Cohen fl. Dahl l'. Enger B. Ferbend 1. Hitler T. fenfen 1. Kajkowfka 111. Kaffin H. Lowe S. Lurie Lyzakoicffka S. Jladanick R. 111eyerovitz, ll1. Nichtelman E. Olfon D. Quinn S. Regula E. Robinfon R. Rohter L. Ruzin llfl. Silver 1. Soll S. Strauxf S. Tabifh .M. Trochowfki L. Uditfky H , llfiniayki E. lVi1te B. Brodoffky 111. Bryftemn 111. Bulavyky R. Clzanron G. Danielxon E. Calozoitch lil. Cierke R. Hoj'rnan IU. Kolek 111. Krejsa S. Krall lil. Lynge Y. llliller S. .Mlynek J. Nielfen D. Olfen E. Rapo C. Rapf Y. Reiff C. Rofky E. Seltrecllt R. Sniflifh 1711. Sobirki B. Soderlund D. Teeman 111. Timroth S- Urfin B. Babicz C. Cohen H. Cohn Cyznkar I. Diebold lll. Eckdahl K. Epftein rl. Clotzer S. Coodin E. lverfon K. facobfon IV. fezior E. johnyon L. Krumrey J. Kuhrt F. Langland C. Levin R. Omerf L. Pacelt F. Pawlowfkz' S. Perlman lll. Radzicki R. Rubin lil. Ruthkozwfki S. Rybicki M. Sczynfki C. Szypulkowxky L- Urban 1. Wagner S. Ziolkowiki F. Brody fl. Barlett C. Boylen lil. Charley V. Coppelletti B. Dreeben N. Drobina E. Gebhardt R. Cillif H. Golezofkz' C. Drzenia S. Holtzman B. Horberg S. Horberg E. facoby B. Hronick S. Kurpiniki B. Leibforth C. Lewin Nl. Matzko 1. lllendrzlrki 3- llfliller B- lwlodinojf C. Pot! ll'1. Quen E. Rognaf .M. Rofenberg R. Shanoj' xl. Singman F. Smith 11. Sorger S. Turner ll'. llfolanin L. Berkowitz P. Berman C. Bowen C. Bourd R. Chafin S. Devor S. Epftein 111. Gancarczyk E. Cerfhenfon B- Ceftig S. Greenwald Croffman S. Holub el. Hummel V. Kraufe ll1l. Krupfky R. Kikewicg Z. Luchen H. Obloy C. Obermeygr B. Piotrowfki P. Robbinf G. Schwab C. Tompkin: 111. Turke S. Twerfky 1U. lVein D. dronowitz E. .-Iycher 111. Bachler E. Daoif B. Defnet R. 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Lukrll: T. 11'1ar.fl1all B. lllirfky B. jlofio H. 1Y.c'll.f071 E. Sclzaper xl. Simon D. Sklar 1-1. Stein R. Strirnling S. Zych 'aa Page S ixly-five THE LOG Page S ixty-fix NATHAN Fsiwnowirz, ACTIVITIES U -I-u.r.v' 4 .gun ' N. K . T, ,, ., 1 W ' V 5 I 0 JI I H Un- . .-J . -I I 'Tw . --. 5 I - . .. , .. .. I . . . I . I - - - ' -'I g5.m..,'4 II' 'Iva' III. 'II"'I'C,m. . I-7? ' .,. .-w?Q.,,' "V 'Y' II Elf- ,I In 6' -QI' I 5 L E U ' I I, K... I vi ' -1.14 rig: ,IT -Q I i . IA ag. H W1 .lc-N .1 1 -' V ' 'I U ,A I ,I I ik 3 I I. gy-is-.J 5 0-J - V 4- t-'ji -" I 'Pkg ,J 1 W - , ' j'- 'I '-,. y :.,. ' D If V, Q yr I, T, 'Y VF- '1 H .. J4iQAvk',j 4 . In . V Y I I. . W - . A ' gl V ' v .-,-. In .1 - W -. .fn- I 1-5 . in rn V W . .:, N 1 . Y-5.441 . ,A ' " .5 - A ,. , Agia. Y :. W . vb W V I. . . I I... I I - I I " D M - I- V-:J "fn I -A , nn ,TK A-J "Kin H l R3 5:5051 wb rn ' . I ...I Ed In I I I 'I Q I 1E '55 I.. 'If Ig3f.e..sI.,.42.I+"2... -'Q 'III I I if I' -" I .. 'V if ifiif Iv '1-0 II. 'gui Iffqn my 4 ' , . . W Www I. I f :If . , . .1..QfQ'f . 4,4 Z 2 I I 'X If W' :f1f9IH,L. Q' r -. J L... . -... gg'-: I p 'Y . , W - ,. U VIL- IW- , IE: 551' "' 'I I' ' "' F E V. I I A N., ,,-Y, H F, K I .1 Q I-q rj, at, .F sw f' Y 4' 'Djs gr "IW 'fail' 1, 2,11 ' D'-Wg'plmq?I -,- ll. - '. ., 1 .,I , Rl. . NVQ .Q ., " ' ,. .WWI gt 1 I I ' I A I W 4 I. I rf M 4, 40 ul' :I ,I I P? I KXW I w l 4. 4, . L. ' 'IJ ai I ' ' ' , r f " I 4.0 . . - ' ,, -.WW , 4' J 'I '. HAIL '0' 'P 'ff 4 I' ' . I 'v' .' . 4' n U., ,wp ' I 1-I +1 'III I' . 'I' ' III III ' ' E' I ' 1. ' ' X 0 ' v I . ' he 1 L H, I .I " ..7"':l ily.. .. 'I rl' I , :ur I Ig 5 t un' F I 95 " XI. 4 I H II I I I g 4 'I I I . If " ' " " I I' ' . I i I I ' 4 'I J I M gf: wg.. V Y x - k I T! , ' W I I Q Il 'fb 4. , 'XL I in ,, II r lr 7 I' .I I. . ' 'pn' 9 ' , gr .I I I ' 'D 1 ir '. ,ll . y I :: 3 I I A - ' , 1 ' . Q . . - .Q .1 .1 - 'I' 2'-f ' . ' I .. Tu -1' Ii M-v .-' ww.. r., '.,. , +1 - .Wy I ey, .. 1- .p - I Q.. L 3 ' " assi! .I I' .. lk' i "Wx gif I ,Fi I Lia UI Nu I L fp 'M QI.. I ' no ', A" 'I H' l' .. I I 'I I JI... . L' , I 'I 1 h ' 'Ji I ,gl It II- I -. fx U, -H ,rl I KK WF: ' - II i" I4 A I 1, I 1 .-.I I- I -' I-'za' pf .Ee-In ' I :L ' A ws- I. a.. ' I " ' A A Ie3'. ' ' '15 V 'I 3-- 'I gl' v "" , I B 'Q-1' ,W A-In .v 'I F' 'V I I M 'P 1 ' - .. - In .yz..a..f..,..-,-.i.,.a,.,,.I. I .f I . f -I , ,-Ig.. I. . --, -wi if Y, A 'I I , .Q W'-V... ,, I, . W Ax? 1 sri: Hi- '17 Ii, , 7.81 Pb I ' 1? - ,H ' .. . , I ' ' '-I" .2 " i"".u If' 'L H5 4- - ' -- .- J ' 1. . 4' 1 H JI? ' N -I-'Iii 1 .6314 " 4- f ' l"l'IqI .-- - ' I l If '1 Nu .. III MIIII1 ' 5' :I I .lg ,S . -I 'JI' I 'la II ' L 'Ili 'hifi lg, I ' 1. I ' v V. 5 v . IA I A ', gf" ,ami I , '. 1 I. I' ...ly . U . 04 1' I, I A .IQ 4. . ,H 1 . .I I " 'I I ' 'L' ' I' JI" .' gf' HI' .H -' ' 9335" . ' 'NJA ' I f P -II 'I' I? :FI ,I '. I I J I I 1 . J . . A . 1' I I H .. 4 dj, I Sill ' I , ,E . , .3 5 5. I Fajgvx ,IL 'I .1 I " .nl gm!! i . X li' ' g I I I 'ft' ! .. I III A+ . D gn ' A ,If 1 ' Jdsgrux 'Q 3 V I Lx .4 IJ l is il' 3 I ll-.I I I . I I mf- 'I' f"ff"f4 iv."-1: .vi l !1 f .?.. U JPN: ig -IN H 27- ..:', . 'II' .. . WH 3- ff. " 'I' 'IIZIIQI ' .Q ...fa Ia 'K ' I - IIIII , I 1 A in ...Q . N I- VI .., 6, 0 ln: AN I5 Q 'I F R' 'I H 4 mf' 'Q K r: . w 'I I . fi are I ' It Q.. I ' ' A ' I I' ' , ' ' f.- ff Tiff? A - . I -. . PH., ' Y ' W v V Y :I P , , IIII 1 J - -I ...SI gg. 5 ,X -4 ,l,, h MA k I ,, I L Vi J I' + I IW? W' 5 'IL 4 , I . 1. I II', , ,.,. 1. 'I" 1II fffgffg'. .cu 'I wfhh,-,Q 2' " .41 T5 . m f . " E'5?i:Q .II.. ' 1vI , EI' I- I IIVI I ' -- " A . I- fd. ., u IIII , , , . I .- , ,i'f"W'.,. . I 'a I New ':,a:m"." ..m1,,s- . .. -I f Z , H Li -.,. 1.4: I 3 ,W-AfIIQ'5'vL,5, . fy-L D . j I I " Wigs. I?3.i4H4+ 'fs' if I, -5 lx f I I ' . "I' I,', ' L V Y , , , V :J rv, ,- TI 1' Jr' A IJ" - rv. -'I 351.532 X . rw .!lI.",ff"I 2,2 I 419 " ,Q I WP .+- f .J- ? 5. life. N if .- If 'E' "' ' . - :gb I .. -., I V . I 4 'Ib .'3f7" 'II' " "iI"faf"" "' U "-II I If V"h MII' 'J' lam A I' 'Ib I JI AI I i I II 6 I1 1 ' 'N J ll H y I-v,'o' ii MII' ,I a 'rx .L " ,.. I 42 'vgf 1 'i. 'I .. , Y I f.. L' uh' I I' 'I II' I 'F' I 'ww 'I Pwr I 'I ' .I I 41 I Ex, I Y , I? . EIT-g'..', 'va Ins, '21 4 I ' il , 1. I ' - 0 1 ' f QI33. .4 I x Is: .JZ..' 'W I 4 mv ' 1 if ' .' ', L' V .EJQ I IIE 43,6 I." I I ."'. -l" ' f Q . I .' T 'FP 'HI' ,. 'I' Jw' ' I r' 'V' , I ww . . ' ' F " iq' .. .' 'A 'L 1 ' ' 'JI .. f "JI ' ' ' ' . J 1 Ib BI." 1 gh ,.. V. 'mf .511 gm, .P . ' ' T X " ' 0. L, I H '1 , 5 V... , X 4 I I J . 1. J NJA-Jam 'Gut A we E L " 5 I I' .E I ' 59" ' ' ' '-I Qi' . ' 'I ,' I.. .. ' ' I 1 . . I . . rv , i . I . fx . UI' " 'W I-I I' I w F Et I if I Irv 42 'JZ il .'4:.IP ' 1 A 'ITM -,TL-E Iwi? hgh L .Nm K . P' ,. . 1 I- ' ,. ' , L! A - 6 I 'qi - W R . :xl -In x, TF JL .QQ .1 Ffh: 1' r F. Lt f. . - .Wil A I., X, ,avi is II. X F' I l ,If sf' "4 L W ...H f-, V. H I -M ,,--14? 1 , ' Q "Erin - -I-I 'v A., . I 5' .J 1 ' Q. I "' f 'E' 5-1' I " w '-' g.,3', 'Z . 'iw ' Q V w-- I I ...I iw ' al' I 'P I1 I f Qg Mi" F' ,, 'V I' I 1" DI 1' y. I D .1 .., IL.-, - .II 1, , .J us . ,. 15 I g f .I 'na ",, I 9. f' 'E I . 4. 4 - - I I" ., A I' 'I 1-" I- 9' A i ' ' - ' ' I' - ...Q 1" L 4 A rrp I I " " F " -' P " .Ir h' -. 1 f 'G I I-1 I V V ' I '1. " I A v , 'WJ . 'nm X Q' X I F ,O 7,24 ' e -I If .cf I . -I ' Q ,, . A X . 5 . -I J Y ' ,,,,. 'V I Ii ! L, ,, K, 4. Kb, . In 1. L- I I Q A . L ' . '1 N dp 47: 'l Q5- . I ' " f' . I. . II -' F " 5 . lv.. I lf.: : ig- 1 ' 'I , ,,.L,, - 1. ' -rg few? I , . 'L ' .. lu, -I f- -I 'II' 9:25 " I 'I' I ul Q ' I.. ME. - Ji- Ir -I 5, t in I u I If A' ' 'I 1 It if-. 0 N. fri 1 J . II' ' I If A H -f 'Q 3' . I if - V ,ky L r 11 is ' wQwg'1l.g , J.. ' I I ! I ' VI, rl 'III 'I 'll I 'J - , lf: ' f , :fl I "Q 1 "V 'II' 'Q1 PIII' I, M in - -I gtgfle " ...,q'w5,"'I-9'f2"'li" w ' 'I If l.f'if'If".2f ., -. ' ff- - I . 1 . :IIIIEZL HEI? V' I. In 11.11, X, I Q? + V! fl YJ. LL .. ,. , . I , V .I - I, ,' 3. Q 'I I"' 3- 1 C I- , ' -- N, Y 4 I iq 11 'IJ I A -'yr 'IGI' VLH?-'IQ-J-gl "" - " ' ' III, 'I I 1'I'RII1?T F- A r' " .' ' .' ' "-I - K" ' .. ' . 'I' ' v ' u I " . ' - , ' . . 1 ' ' , - f. I. . Hx- .'l' ,F .fi ,.2 I' -'..I'. In I 'lf 'I"4?'-'I I' I I ' -' I W , I " 'fu II' ".. 'I ' '-" IL .I I J-'HI' I I FJ I ' ,T .,., f'- 'Y' ,'- 'y' q... ,U I .Q L -.il - 3 , - V Q- ' j, - . -V, ,A -'V JA . ' Alyu. I I 117. 'I' ,A -FII: :IAF O.: K I -lu 'WW - H - Nr,-,D ' .. 'm"" W N si. f af- I 'L' 0 ,I - I x l Q3 'f " Y- Y . , 1 1 ' A J. - --' f, 1. 0 .fi ,. ' . ' gi I 4,1 "', IIQWK- ,ISIIHIM wg. 4:'Il3."IL:, III' I' Ii In T Il LII- i .. h 4. Q-, -"".:'e'IA , Y ' .ni ' , ' ' - 'Z ' W h A Ki' j 4, - L-rv '-- fi 'LL , " X 4-. .EI2 1 ' ,.., "'- .. ...' I- A... .MII .f.. I' .I Q" .AILY Avi" .'I I flih' I. - If-61? M PUBLICATIONS THE LOG rf I THE LOG One cannot realize from looking through the Hnished LOG the amount of work spent in preparing, composing, and publishing it. When one deals with a weekly or monthly paper or magazine, he soon learns, after a few issues Of the periodical, how to go about his work easily and efficiently. When putting Out an annual, the entire semester of work is a new field that must be exploredg experience does not come to aid, and one must depend solely on his judgment. In putting through the LOG, innumerable difficulties were encountered, that could be Overcome only through hard work into which all that come in contact with Our annual during the period of its preparation were drawn. The entire staff strained itself set by previous LOGS and will compare favorably with the year books of the other Chicago High Schools-: The keynote of the LOG Of 727 has been simplicityg simplicity in both Out- ward and inward appearanceg simplicity in writing and embellishments. If the stall has succeeded in making the LOG beautiful, a book worthy Of bringing back memories of our High School days, all of its work is repaid. VVe wish to thank the following for their invaluable aid in making the LOG of '27 what it is: ROGERS PRINTING CO. DRUETGEN ENGR.-XVING CO. BELLA STAUS MANUEL RISSINI.-KN MR PAUL K. ROBERTSON LEONARD VVACI-Is MR LEVY HARRY MANILOFF MR. JOHN J. NOVOTNY RUTH SHAPIRO MR EVA NV. CLAUS VYILLIAM SH.-XPIRO MR MILLER SALLY LETTVIN MR. PANAINIAN SIDNEY ROOTH MR FRANKLIN P. FISK RUTH STEIN Page Severity THE LOG 'r THE LOG STAFF ABRAHAM I. GANS MENDEL A. DOPPETT SEYMOUR CARMEL . SOL KOBRIN . . ABRAHAM MASOVER ESTHER ADELSON . BENJAMIN PLONSKY ROBERT RISSMAN I LOUIS KESSEL . DAVID MANDLEBAUM DAVID NOWINSON . SAM RABINOWITZ DAVID AUERBACH . BERTHA ROTTNER IDA BESTOCK . ROSE SUGAR . MORRIS BROMBERG ELSIE DIAMOND , SYLVIA YOFFE . JEANETTE BRICHKE JULIUS BOSEN . NATHAN FIEWLOYVITZ SPINOZA GINSBURG MORRIS WEISNIAN THEODORE HOLSFEIN . Editor-in-C11 itjf . Managirzg Editor . Bufinaff Editor . flffociate Editor . flxfociate Editor . . . Art Editor Affiftaizt Jllarzagirig Editor A.r:iftaizt Martagiiig Editor flffixtant .Managing Editor Affiftant .Managing Editor flffiytant Managing Editor . General Newt Editor . Affofiate Newt' Editor . . Club Editor flffociate Club Editor . . Clan Editor . . .dthletif Editor I Girfl' Atlzlatir Editor Afffociatf Athletic Editor . . Literary Editor . . Ffatztre Editor flnociate flrt Editor . Afyociate Art Editor . Afyotiate Art Editor . Photo Editor Page Sat 'L' I1 ty-0 ne THE LOG THE LOG STAFF MAX APPLEMAN . BENJAMIN EDIDIN . LOUIS RETSKY . DOROTHY RICHMAN BERTHA KRAUS RUTH FRIEDMAN EDNA GANS . JEANETTE BERNSTEIN ANNE ERES . . DOROTHY TAM KI N . ABE LEADER . SIDNEY GUTHMAN ISADORE SCHULTZ . ROBERT GREENWALD MEX'ER GOLDMAN THEODORE STONE MAX BECKER . MILTON BABROFF JOE MENDELSOHN . .rfffociate .B1lJ7.7ZK.fI -4.r.f0fz'ate B zuine.rJ Affoczfate Bzcyiueff . . Circzzlation . . Circzzlatiovze --Yffiftant Cireulatiorz .flffiytarzt Circulation . Senior Circzzlalion . Aglll m 711- CZ-l'Cll!dfZ.07l Commercial Cz'rc1zfat1'01z . . .4dz'erti.f1'ng -45J'Z,fta11t .4a'z'ert'ifi11g . . Club . Pzrblicily Publicity Publicity . . P'Zlb11.L'Z'Zj' . -4.VIi5fd1LfP1lbfiCI'f:X' . .4511-IZHlZlPllbffC1'fj' Log Typixtx Manager .M arzager Marzager Manager .Manager Manager lllanager .Manager .Manager .Manager Manager .Manager Ma1zager .Manager lllanager lllarzager .Manager .Manager .Manager SUSANNE R. FALSTEIN, Chief Ii.-XTE ,AGNA BLANCHE LEVY SYLVIA DOLNICK XKTIOLET D. ITZKOVITZ DIANA PALAS DIANA LACK CELIA GETZOV LUCILLE XVITKIN EMMA ELKINS SADIE LTDELL Pave Se ferzfy-two THE LOG A . 'i , I. . I I 2 I s X . -- -- ... A . X- . TULEY REVIEIV The REVIEVV has been one of the most successful organizations of Tuley this semester. Laboring under the handicap of severe nnancial troubles inherited from last term, the paper has managed not only to overcome those, but also to come out with a clean slate for this year. Editorially, the REVIEIN7 has produced the best reading material the school paper ever had. 'With a publication just fitted in size for our school, with last semester's experience to build on, and with a competent staff, it was inevitable that a worthwhile production would be put out. At the head of REVIEW was Solomon Kobrin, last semester's Associate Editor, and this semester's editor-in-chief. A flowing style. unquestionable managing ability. and untiring energy, have made him the best possible editor for the crisis the REVIEVV had to face when thissemester began. Of the ability of the Business Manager, Mendel Doppelt, no more need be said than that when he received the position, the REVIEW had no money, no credit, and a semester,s worth of printers' debts. Now it is on a sound financial basis. Doppelt is the financial wizard who saved the REVIEVI7 from extinction. The organization of a skillful news gathering corps was the duty of Barthoff, News Editor, and, assisted by Rose Sugar, and Dave Auerbach, he succeeded ex- cellently. For the entertaining features Abe Masover, assisted by Sam Rabinowitz, Bertha Braunstein, and Saydee Kirschner, was responsible. The care of the literary section fell upon Ruth Stein, helped by Meta Mantey and Ruth Miller. The interesting sidelights on the news We received every now and then were the work of Harry Rosenberg, Feature-News Editor. The snappy sport write-ups were done by Isadore Kovitz, who had behind him last semester's experience as Sports Editor. And undoubtedly the sports Writeups have been the most read and discussed articles in the paper. As aids to Kobrin. Dave Nowinson and Seymour Carmel, were the editor's right hand men, and were responsible for much of the excellent Writing material. Nowinson's interviews for the paper were judged by many to be the best features we had. The Circulation Department was ably handled by Theodore Holstein, who had as aids Grossberg and Mendehlsson. So, piloted by an able staff, the REVIEW has become the most important single factor in Tulev. To excel this semester's record should prove difficult for any succeeding staff. Page Sfwizty-three ., ,mfg f- R51 in A X'-'Q' 'Z 711'-" W' -, fi 1- 'vi' I .IZEGLJ X.. x - L5 Q r Qin ' ani. V' Ki gcc, ' V ' X E2sfWr1'5iQQ' X COPYRIGHT IQ27 ABRAHAM I. GANS . Editor-in-Chizf MENDEL DOPPELT . . Managing Editor SEYMOUR CARMEL . . Bzuineff Manager THE LOG REVIEVV STAFF SOLOMON KOBRIN . . Editor-iii-Chief MANDEL A. DOPPELT . . . . Bu:z1ze:: .Manager SEYMOUR CARMEL, DAVID NOWINSON JULIUS BARTHOFE .... . A::ociate Editor: . . New: Editor DAVID AUERBIACH, ROSE SUGARI. I4::ociate New: Editor: ABE EPSTEIN j HARRY ROSENBERG . . . Feature New: Editor ABE MASSOVER .... A . . Feature Editor RUTH STEIN, PASCHE SILVERT 1 A::ofiate Feature Editor: BERTI-IA BROWNSTEIN, SAM RABINOWITzj ISADORE KOVITZ ..... DAVID MANDELBAUR1, HENRY' ROTHENBERO1 MORRIS BROMBERG ,J ESTHER ADELSON ..... SPINOZA GINSBURG, HYMEN GINSBLTRGNI, ,HARRY SCHECKERMAN j CHARLOTTE GOODBIAN . . . XKYICTOR NOPARSTAK, CHARLES MRXLINAI ROBERT RISSNIAN, ROBERT KOBRIN f Page Sevetzty-fo ur . Sport: Editor Boy:' Athletic Editor: Gz'rl:' Athletic Editor . . Art Editor: . Exchange Editor Bu:i1ze:: Aid: MUSIC AND DRAMATICS THE LOG ry ' . ' .2 MASK AND GOWN GFFICERS ABRAHAM MAsovER . . Prfridmt JEANNETTE BRICHKE . . I'ice-Prerident RUTH Lewis . . Secretary JEANNETTE VViTz . . Treafurer The activities of the Mask and Gown in the past have made it one of Tuley's outstanding societies. It is the only organization in our school entirely devoted to dramatics, and its achievements in that field have made it one of the few or- ganizations that our school can be really proud of. During the past semester this club was headed by a capable group of oflicers who all contributed towards making the last five months the most successful the Mask and Gown has yet had. Early in the semester, the president, Abraham Masover, chose a committee consisting of Jeannette Brichke, chairman, Ruth Kahn,and Sylvia Yoile who se- lected a coach and suitable play for presentation. Miss Margolis who has coached a number of Tuley plays was chosen. She will coach '4Charm,', a three act play by John Kirkpatrick. An intricate plot interwoven with humor made the play one that will not be easily forgotten by Tuleyites. The business end of the production was ably taken care of by David Basofin. Irving Ungerlieder took care of all the technical difficulties of staging the play. 'LCharm,' was given on June IO in the Chapin School Auditorium. The entire student body turned out "en rnassen to see the results of months of work. The work was not in vain. 4'Charmu was a great success, The Mask and Gown Society has adopted a constitution this semester. Ques- tions that have until now been cause for argument have been permanently settled. The constitution was drawn up on the demand of many Seniors. The Mask and Gown is now more than ever suited to achieve greater and better things. Page Srznenly-fix THE LOG ' ' C H A R M ' ' CAST OF CHARACTERS fln order of Their Appearancel Mrs. Wilson . . , , . Helen Ackerman Mrs. Harper . . Lillian Shapiro Joe Pond . . David K. Draznin Mr. Harper . . Jacob B. Rothstein Ida May' Harper . . Grace S. Germann Mr. Lester . Milton C. Wvalters Rudolph Klein . Dave Abod Dr. Garfield . . . Jack Olsher Mrs. Paxton . Ethel Fleischman Mr. Paxton . . Charles Malina Miss Mildred . . Sadie Tugendhaft Babe . Lucille Witkin Violet . . Edna Gans Claude . Myer Vetzner In presenting a play of the type of "Charml' to the school the coach and officers of the Mask and Gown were taking somewhat of a risk. for the usual college comedies were the customary Tuley presentations. A dramatic comedy in a rural setting had never before been attempted. But the enthusiasm that followed the play showed that the students had appreciated and enjoyed the Mask and Gown production. Dave Draznin, as the gawky, shambling hero. who tries to acquire charm, was a delight to every girlls eye, while Grace Germann, the coy country coquette. did the same for the masculine element. Both acted extraordinary well. The production was well staged, well-performed and well directed. thanks to Miss Beaulah Margolis. It was. on the whole, one of the best things Tuley ever put forth. Pagf Sswrzly-J zzz THE LOG ORCHESTRA OFFICERS LESLIE RUDY . . PI'EJ'Z'!Z7t?7Zf FLORENCE ZIVIN . Vice-Pre:ide1zt MILDRED STEIN . . Sefretary-Trfafzzrer The Orchestra is again emerging from a successful semester. Its performances during the semester have all served to make better the reputation that years of good work have established for it. During the past semester the orchestra has played at many assemblies, and was a great factor in making these interesting and pleasant. To perform as the Orchestra did required a great amount of Work and practice, and a serious attitude on the part of its members. Miss Dole, our music instructor is deserving of great 'praise for her Work in developing the various musical organizations at Tuley. She not only has charge of her regular classes, but also of the Orchestra, Glee Club, and Mixed Chorus. She was given much aid by Peter Zukovsky, former president of the orchestra and assistant-conductor during the past semester. The progress made by the orchestra in the development of our musical talent and the presenting of better programs at assemblies is in large part due to its president. Leslie Rudoy, who besides holding that position, is also the violin concert master. Florence Zivin was vice-president. She is also to be commended for excep- tional abilities as a pianist. Mildred Stein, secretary-treasurer, rounded out one of the best group of officers the orchestra has ever had. Besides being assistant concert-master, she is probably the finest girl violinist in Tuley. All in all. the orchestra, an indispensable asset to Tuley, should be complimented for its splendid Work during the past semester, Page Sewrzry-eight THE LOG I ?g...,f.Q"if" YY. ' ""' QW-. J MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS BEN SAMUELS . . Preridmt REEVA Bnuss . Fm'-Prnidmzt ANNA BALTER . Sfcrftary-Treamrev' The Mixed Chorus, one of Tuley's most active organizations, has just completed a very successful semester. The chorus took part in many assembles and at each of these it displayed the best musical talent in the school. The assemblies are. as it were, climaxes of weeks of hard practice that prove that the members of the Chorus are sincerely interested in their Work. lt is only a serious attitude on their part that could building an organization like the Mixed Chorus. Much is however due to those on whose hands there fell the duties of organiz- ing and developing the material on hand at the beginning of the semester. Miss Dole's delightful leadership and personality did a great deal in bringing the Mixed Chorus to its proper spirit. Miss Dole7s musical ability has reflected on all Tuleyls musical organizations and there successes during the past semesters can be directly traced to her. She was greatly aided by the officers of the Chorus who have been unusually efficient this semesterg Ben H. Samuels, Presidentg Anna Balter, Vice-Presidentg Reva Bruss, Secretary-Treasurer. The chief accompanist of the Chorus is Miss Balter who has held that position for several semesters. There are two rehearsals each week, and anyone passing down the hall, fourth period, Monday or Wednesday, can bear Witness to the earnest efforts made by the Chorus. The result of these efforts is a choir of which our school can be justly proud. Page Seventy-nine -e THE LOG SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB ETHEL FLEISCHMAN , . . Prefidmzz LUCILLE STOWICK . . Secrexary- Trefuurer The Senior Girls' Glee Club is an organization whose purpose it is to prepare Senior Girls to give a few musical numbers on Graduation Night. The Glee Club began its work at the beginning of the semester. The girls chose as their oflicers Ethel Fleischman for President and Lucille Stowick for Treasurer. The girls then immediately' entered into their Work and the result was some fine chorus work at the Graduation Exercises in June. Miss Anna Balter, who has done some line work as accompanist of the Mixed Chorus, was chosen to accompany the Glee Club. The girls all bought pins in the form of a lyre, something by which to remember the organization in after years. The committee that chose this pin consisted of of Ethel Fleischman, Chairmang Janet Fradin, Jeanette VVitz, Lucille Stowick, and Stella Snigowsky. The success of the Club, as well as of all our musical organizations is due to the work of Miss Dole. Page Eighty ...E jf! Ng Jaltliif fx ex' v ESB Q, av.: EEE .- : ll : 1 1 , 4 ,, e ng. .: 4 " -X ' Ee.: x '53 3 ' 1 mi ., I A A f k Q--41vf'7 Q f x E 7 g N , X---W. + X , . x ":,,f L ' 5 3,21 K I -N xE'.-.u.vJS7- ,. .. -Sig ORGANIZATIONS THE L0-G I F is if 'fi ' . Y V ,,. - - HY- M 3 K FRANKLIN LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS MiXTTH ENV XVEISS . . Preridzut BEN SAMUELS . . I'z'rf-Preridmt ESTHER ADELSON . Secretary DOROTHY FELDNER . . Trearurer In the face of such crowd drawing events as an active baseball season and an exciting tennis period, Matt VVeiss, president of the Franklin has succeeded in drawing the largest crowds to his meetings that have ever gathered in the Lecture Rooms. Many of the meetings featured such prominent faculty members as Mr. lVlichael, Mr. Casner and Mr, Tanner. and the rest of the meetings headlined the best entertaining talent in Tuley. So popular did their Friday after school sessions become that crowds had to be turned away from the doors because of lack of seat- ing facilities. And the arrival of the baseball season found most of the student body Wondering whether to attend the baseball games to to see the superlative programs that had been given by the Franklin all through the semester. Because of a forced absence of Matt Vlveiss who was convalescing after a serious appendicitis operation, Benjamin Samuel, vice-president, took the gavel and con- ducted the meeting in an entirely satisfactory manner. Samuel with the help ofthe rest of the ofhcers kept up the policy of presenting the best at the meetings. In order to help keep the art of oratory alive in Tuley the Franklin decided to sacrifice one of its meetings to hold an elimination contest. the winner of which was to represent Tuley in the Daily News Oratorical contest. Plonsky, Well- known Junior took first honors with Dolgotf second. Toward the end of the semester the club held a picnic at the Indiana Sand Dunes. The favorable weather and the social crowd made the affair a success. The impetus created by the success of this semester should carry over to the next semester, and with a good roster of officers should serve to make the club even better. Page' Eiglzly-Iwo THE LOG JUNIOR THREE ARTS SOCIETY OFFICERS BENJAMIN D, PLoNsKY . . . Prfyidfnt SIDNEY SHERMAN . l'z'ce-Prer1'a'.e1zt IDA SEEFOR . . Secretary MILTON ALOFF . Trezuurer The official organ of the Junior class is the Junior Three Arts. Through his executive ability and industrious efforts, Benjamin Plonsky, unanimously elected president. succeeded in raising the Junior Three Arts to the most enterprising and. by far, the most prominent club in Tuley. As a Junior Three Arts president, Plonsky shall long stand without an equal. Sidney Sherman, vice-president of the Junior Three Arts and Milton Alolf, treasurer, contributed much to the success of the club, selling tickets, heading committees. and efficiently handling their work. The Junior Three Arts may consider itself lucky in having had so able a secre- tary as Ida Seefor, whose minutes, possessing wit and originality, interestingly detailed the proceedings. For her active interest in club affairs and diligent work as a secretary. Ida Seefor shall always be remembered as one of the Junior Three Arts finest ofiicers. The best programs ever given in Tuley were those that were presented at the Junior Three Arts last semester. Saydee Kirschner, chairman of program commit- tee, was in most part, responsible for the novel entertainment of members. If attendance counts. then Miss Kirschner may be considered a marvel, for the Lecture Room was over-capacitated every meeting. the attendance being greater than that of any two other clubs. The Juniors were well represented in the oratorical field by Louis Ludwig, winner of the Junior Three Arts Oratorical Contest, and Harry Bernstein and Seymour Rosenberg, second and third place winners respectively. Chief among the many plays presented was the semesterly play "VVhich is is VVhich". with Delmar Kolb as hero, and Saydee Kirschner. Ruth Miller, Frieda Siegal, and Shirley Rogers filling in the principal feminine roles. The success of the play was largely due to the coaching of Meta Mantey. The Junior Prom. managed by Henry Rothenberg. was the most successful ever witnessed in Tuley for many years. The greatest picnic ever run by a Tuley organization was the Junior Three Arts Picnic. Three huge trucks were necessary to accommodate the two hundred picnickers. Page Eighiy-llzref The A RECORD OF THE EVENTS AND .ACTIVITIES OF THE RIURRAY F. TULEY HIGH SCHOOL DURING THE SEMESTER ENDING JUNE 1927 THE LOG Irv. . . . 5--H - f ' 'V' l I ,AJ - . . fi E LITERARY SOPHOIVIORE SOCIETY OFFICERS MANUEL R1ssMAN ..4. . Prf.vide1z.t ABE EPSTEIN . . Vice-Prefident SARAH GOLDSTEIN . Secretary SPINOZA GINSBURG . . . . . Treafurer The Lit Sophs, being very active, has just finished an admirably successful semester, amid the aroused interest of the student body. The enthusiastic second year students sponsored two dances which were tre- mendous successes, both financially and socially. Their practise dance has been termed the best of its kind this semester, and their farewell dance superb. This semester a change to the better sort of program was also effected. Instead of presenting in the main vaudeville stunts, the club concentrated their efforts on dramatics, and as a result many fine plays were presented. The most of these popular plays were presented by a Sabin group led by Lillian Bernstein and Jim Weisbord. The main production was coached by Annette Singer. Its meetings, held every Monday in the Lecture Room, drew large gatherings. Ginsburg and Sheckerman who kept all the advertising space available posted with notices of the meetings, were the main causes for the huge assemblages. As always the Lit Sophs held a debating tournament. At the time of this writing, the debates have reached the semi-final stage. Of those that originally started only the following are left: Chiziver and Shwartz, Ozag and Oppenheim, and Friedman and Unger. The club was headed this semester by Manuel Rissman, president, Abe Epstein, vice-president, Sarah Goldstein, secretary, and Spinoza Ginsburg, treasurer. The good work done by the Lit Sophs and its success in all of its undertakings was no doubt due to their untiring efforts to make the semester an outstanding one in the history of the Soph Club. a Page' Eiglztyjfour THE LOG FROSH CLUB OFFICERS BESSIE GOLD . . Prfxident RosE ROSENBERG Vice-Preridfnr BLANCHE SASNOVIK . Secrftary REBECCA LEVY Treamrzr It is rarely that first year students become interested in school activities enough to organize themselves. Our Freshmen have during the past semester, however, not only organized themselves, but have also through various activities made their club a success. The Frosh Club was led this year by Bessie Gold. She had as her co-workers Rose Rosenberg, Blanche Sasnovik, and Rebecca Levy. The officers had a double difficult task, for they had no sponsor to guide them and advise them. Meetings were, however, kept in order with the aid of a sergeant-at-arms. The club sponsored a play. Through the work of Sara Korman, a Senior whose dramatic ability is well known, the play was made a huge success. Various other activities made the club a success. A number of surprise pro- grams were given that drew large gatherings. Each of these proved successful. The fact that the Frosh Club carried on so well for live months without even the aid of a sponsor is due to the untiring efforts of the officers. It was only their capable leadership that could have made the club what it was. The cooperation that the Freshmen gave their officers helped, no doubt, to make the Club a success. Our youngest students have proven themselves among the most active Tuley has ever seen. Page .Eighiy-jirff THE LOG TULEY COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS DOROTHY TAMKIN . Przrident SALLY LETTVIN Vice-Prffidmzt DOROTHY LASSER . Secrftary EVELYN PALMER Treafurer The T. C. C., representing Tuley's commercial classes has completed an ex- ceptionally successful semester. The goal the T. C. C. aimed for this semester was interesting programs, and with an untiring program committee headed by Sally Lettvin, it certainly has succeeded. The commercial programs were undoubtedly the "snappiest" in the school. Believing in concentrating all their energies on one affair the vocational stu- dents ran only one All-Tuley affair, an All-Tuley dance. This was one ofthe very few dances in Tuley that came out financially ahead. Undoubtedly the energetic work of Dorothy Tamkin, was responsible to a large degree, for this unusual achievement. The club is greatly indebted to Miss Needham, who, as faculty adviser, has done much to help make this semester the most memorable in the history of the club. All thru the semester there was remarkable cooperation between the students and the officers, and it was this teamwork that made the T. C. C. an extraordinary well-managed club. VVith a well-lilled treasury and an enviable reputation, next semester's commer- cial class is Well provided for. Page Eiglzty-fix THE LOG f 4 I -. I , 'gr ..,, . .A BOYS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIGX SIDNEY SHERMAN . . Prerident DAVID MANDELBIXUAI . l'z'ce-President DAVID ABOD . . Secretary- Trfafurer The Boys' Athletic Association is the medium through which Tuley boys support the various teams that represent them in interscholastic athletic com- petition and control all boys' sports within the school. To see that tournament after tournament runs OH smoothly, to see that enough money is raised to buy outlits for all the teams. to see that the student body gives them its full support, that is the work of the B. A. A. With the capable set of oflicers it had, the B. A. A. could not help but fullill all its duties. This semesteris card of sports has surpassed by far all other records. The pro- gram of sports proceeded smoothly, one sport being replaced by another, each in its turn drawing large crowds. A great display of enthusiasm was shown by the students in attending the various games. The Interroom baseball tournament came to a finish with room 205 and 204 as contenders for the championship. They competed in an exciting series from which 205 emerged the Winners and the champion room team of the school. The competition in the inter-class schedule was very keen. Because of the interest of the student body, the Interclass schedule is now a permanent feature. The class teams were enthusiastically encouraged by their respective class mates. Kopps' Gym was always packed during an interclass game. The Juniors and Seniors were the outstanding contenders for the title. The climax of the indoor schedule of student teams were the clash between the interclass champions and the all-star team. Then came the great game of the semester. The best players of the school were selected by the Review, and they played the Faculty team. Our beloved teachers took off their austerity together with their vests and jackets and "played ball with the boys". Hundreds of Tuleyites turned out to see the contest. It can be truly said that it was the most interesting athletic event held in Tuley during the semester. Page EI'glziy-.vezwz THE LOG , . . i r . . V , , " .7 . .,., 7 . iv' ' . 'Sri ' V i ' . , l '5 , i V 1 W , V , 'es ' , GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS EDITH LICHTENSTEIN . . . . Prefidenz BERTHA ROTTNER . . Vice-Preridenr EVA STOLAR . . Secretary-Trearurer LILLIAN JANAS E ...... Track Maizager Since the majority of Tuley students is composed of girls, the Girls' Athletic Association, the sponsor of all girls' athletic activities in our school, is one of the most important organizations in Tuley. The past semester has been one of the most active the G. A. A. has yet had. With Edith Lichtenstein reelected to fill the position of president, and Bertha Rottner, Eva Stolar, and Lillian Janas to help her, the club has accomplished much. Tournaments were held in various fields of sports, and all of these proved to be successful. Volleyball, a popular sport among the girls, has at last been added to the schedule. Due to a late start there were no interroom matches, but there were interclass games. The girls who proved themselves good ball Uslappersn were placed on the interclass teams. The new sports did not detract from the popularity of Captain Ball, our veteran sport. The closing of the interroom schedule finds room 210 and room IO3 lighting for the championship. A new idea has been worked out this semester. Because there has been no time to have tryouts for either swimming or track class teams, they are run on the individual basis, each entry not connected with any team and scoring for herself. Under the able guidance of the track manager, Lil Janas, the plan is running along smoothly. A great deal of good material has been uncovered in the various events in track. Mildred Goldstrike, second only to Lil Janas, has proven to be a runner of no mean ability. Swimming opened with a splash and many of our mermaids expect great honors placed on theirvshoulders by the end of the semester. It seems that Dorothy "Dodo', Corlette, a freshman, will be among the high point men. As the result of the first all-Tuley meet, Jenny Abrahamson placed first, Gertrude Gunter second, Mildred Goldstrike third and Lil .Ianas fourth. Judging from the active semester the G. A. A. has had, one can easily expect an even better semester next year.The ever-increasing interest in Girls' Athletics is bound to bring the G. A. A. to the fore in school activities. Page Eighty-eight THE LOG i I i- . . 2 . , THE ALTRUA SOCIETY OFFICERS RUTH FRIEDMAN , . Prefidmzt ANNE SEIDMAN . Vice-Prefidfazt SADIE TUGENDHAFT . . Secretary ESTHER GARBER . . Treaxizrer The Tuley Altrua Society has finished another successful semester of charitable work. As a result of the various profitable enterprises that the club undertook this semester, quite a sum of money has been stored up that will go towards help- ing the poor in our neighborhood. The bulk of the money will be spend next winter when the need of the needy is greatest. In an organization like the Altrua meetings do not play an important role. lt is on the officers that the Work of carrying through all undertakings of the club lies. The officers of the Altrua were largely responsible for the successful semester the club has had. The president. Ruth Friedman, Worked especially hard to make the Altrua a success both socially and in all its activities. Anne Seidman, the vice-president did exceptionally well. Her management of the club dance is to be highly commended. Sadie Tugendhaft and Esther Garber as secretary and treas- urer functioned smoothly and efficiently. The first big event of the season was an All-Tuley dance, given on April 7th in Koppis Gym. It was a Ladle Dance, something that has never been tried at Tuley before, and it proved to be a huge success. The Annual Homecoming Dance was also sponsored by the Altrua. The girls served goodies in the lunchroom and were hostesses to the Alumni and their friends. Various other events, such as cookie sales and tag days all served to increase the amount that is to be spent for charitable purposes next winter. Miss Claus sponsor of the club, was instrumental in bringing about the unusual success of the club. The press-agent, joe Berkowitz, deserves honorable mention for his delightful articles in the Review. It can be said, to the credit of Tuley boys that they were quite active in the Altrua this semester. This disproves the popular notion that The Altrua is a girls' club. Pagc Eighty-nim' THE LOG SENIOR HI-Y OFFICERS PETER ZUKOUSKY . . . . Preridfrzt DAVID Nowmsox . . Vice-Prefzdevzt BEN DLTZINSKI . . Secretary HH'MEN GINSBERG . . . . . Treasurer The Senior Hi-Y is the organization to which all the upper classrnen who have devoted themselves to spreading the ideals of clean manhood in the school and community belong. It is a difhcult task that the Hi-Y has set itself to accomplish, one that requires that it be among the most active organizations in the school, that its work draw to its banner the entire student body in Tuley. During the past semester the Hi-Y has done much to reach its goal. As always, the Hi-Y carried on an extensive 4C,S campaign. It opened with an assembly at which Coach A. A. Stagg of the University of Chicago addressed the school. Mr. Stagg's speech did much in making the campaign a fruitful one. Fisk Hall was filled with eager Tuleyites upon whom Mr. Stagg made a very great impression. The assemblyopened a 4C,S campaign that proved tobeagreat success. The Hi-Y has also attempted something new, big and difiicultg the puttingout of a Tuley Handbook for the school. This book will be out the first day of Sep- tember. Thinking it a good plan to boost school affairs, the Hi-Y organized a "cheering squad" which is present at every official game of the baseball team. Supplied with megaphones, they exhorted and encouraged the team with cheers. At the head of this energetic and enterprising club is Peter Zukowsky, a mem- ber for 324 years, who has faithfully worked and boosted Hi-Y work. Assisting him is David Nowinson, Vice-President, who has assumed many other duties in the club. Ben Duzinski and Hymen Ginsberg are Secretary and Treasurer respec- tively. Sponsoring the Hi-Y and offering much needed sagavious advice is our admired H. A. Michael. Always interested and ever ready to respond to a call for aid, Mr. Michael has won the high esteem of the Hi-Y boys. Mr. James Weir represents the Y. M. C. A. where the boys meet. Long ex- perience and real love for his work has made it easy for "Jimmy", to guide the Hi-Y on a steady course that has made it one of Tuley's ivorthiest organizations. Page Nirzrly T-HE LOG TULEY CLEAN LASSIES ROSE SUGAR A . Prfffdevzt RUTH KAHN . . Vice-Prfxident SUZANNE FALs'rE1N . . Secretary REGINA JUREK . , Trearurer "To promote, extend, and maintain throughout school and community high standards of womanhoodn. With this ideal foremost in their minds, the T. C. Lassies have finished a very successful semester, the results of which has been felt throughout Tuley. The Tuley Clean Lassies is made up exclusively of girls who are sincerely devoted to the ideals of the club, which are centered around the 4C'S: Clean Living, Clean Athletics, Clean Scholarship, Clean Speech. The success of the club is directly traceable to the efliciency of its officers and its able sponsor, Miss Weimar. Rose Sugar was chosen president. Her ability in shouldering the responsibilities of the oflice is to be complimented. Ruth Kahn, vice-president, helped a great deal in lightening the work of the president. Suzanne Falstein, secretary, and Regina Jurek, treasurer, both capably fulfilled their duties. Among the many enterprises undertaken by the club last semester was the presentation of the play, "In the Spring a Young lVIan's Fancy-H, coached by Anna Eres. The event took place in the Lecture Hall before a very large audience and was considered a tremendous succeess. Another event, well carried through, was the Soft Speech VVeek. It was heralded by a poster campaign, an editorial and several Writeups in the Tuley Review. The campaign was answered by the student body with a quiet week in Tuley. Upholding the standard of clean athletics, the T. C. Lassies has formed various teams this semester, among them being captain ball, tennis and volleyball squads. The captain ball team was challenged by the girls of the Review Staff to a game and was victorious. Towards the end of the semester an unusually fine group of girls were admitted to the club to carry on its work next semester. The T. C. Lassies are confident in the good choice they have made in the selection of the new members and are certain that they are capable of taking over and upholding the standards of the 4C's. Page Ninrly-orzf THE LOG 1, Y. My p I I A' BOOKLOVERS CLUB OFFICERS ABRAHAM GANS . President ESTH ER ADELSON T . Vice-President ANNA ERES . . Secretary BEVERLY KOFF . . Trearurer The Booklovers Club, now in its third semester, still enjoys the reputation of being one of Tuley's finest and most prominent organizations. The members have united in an endeavor to not only promote the love of liter- ature within their own circle, but also to spread this feeling over all Tuley. If this purpose is accomplished-and there is every reason to expect it-the club will be an everlasting asset to our school. Every Thursday at 3:30 during every week of the school year, all roads lead to the meeting of the Bool-:lovers Club. Here most interesting as well as educational discussions take placeg Works of highest type authors of the present day or of the past, are read: and themes, stories, poetry or any literary Work of the members are presented at the programs. A theatre party to see a presentation of Maeterlinckls "Bluebird" was a score in the favor of the club, and a successful All-Tuley dance, another. As the Log goes to press, plans are being made for a good book week which should be successful in interesting all our students in good books and in The Booklovers' Club. Miss Fergusonls profound interest in the club and in each individual has done much to help the club over the hard places that every young organization comes across. The officers gave much of their time to work for the good of the club. Abraham Gans was chosen to assume the strenuous duties of president. The credit for this successful semester is due, no doubt, in a large part to him. The other officers chosen to help guide the club were Esther Adelson, vice-president, Anna Eres, secretary, and Beverly Koff, treasurer. Pagf Ninffy-iwo

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