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EDITOR'S MESSAGE This last edition of the War Whoop for this year is proudly dedicated to the senior class of 1956. A lot of us seniors have spent four wonderful years here at TUHS and this War Whoop will help us to recall some of the good times we've had. Editing a school paper such as our War Whoop is not an easy task nor is it an unpleasant one to those interested. I can truly say that I have enjoyed this job and I would like to express my thanks to Jack Sheley, sponsor: Wanda Taylor, my assistant editor: the journalism staff: Mr. and Mrs. ud McGrew, vari- typer and printer: Andrew Eisnor and the boys who the photography: and to everyone in the faculty student body who has given us ideas or helped in way. The student body can definitely be an aid to ones who put out the paper by giving suggestions did and any the and constructive criticism. As we seniors goour various ways after graduation, I hope we can recall our years spent in such a wonderful high school that offers us so much, and look forward to a reunion where we can get together again. Kay Altaf fer Editor of War Whoop FN fN.FN CLASS SPONSOR'S MESSAGE UExpanding plants and growing industries call for a fresh supply of brains and talents. A greater per- cent of college graduates will be heading for jobs this year than ever before in collegiate historyn. So readsthe headlines day after day. Engineers, business administration and liberal arts students are being snapped up by companies looking for qualified people. During the next ten years industries will turn out 405 more goods and services, while man power will increase only 141. Women will have to be prepared to fill the remaining jobs and right now. One-third of the countries man power is woman power. What doesallthis mean uothe high school graduate? It should mean that graduation from high school is only a commencement for further training and education to qualify one for the necessary work of this nation. We hope that the four years spent in high school have been rewarding and profitable, and that there has been enough fun along with your work to satisfy you, but our greatest wish is that after three months of vacation. you might seek college or job training in order that you may be fully prepared to live and work successfully in an ever growing society. Miss Lois Thompson JAN TURK We are grateful to Jan Turk for the capable leadership of our Associated Student Body through a very successful year. CLASS HISTORY Now is the time that we go back over the happy memoriesofthe four years we have spent here in TUHS. Here we are making final plans for our graduation. To begin way back with our Freshman year: we elected Manuel Silva,President: Sonny McClure,V1ce President: Jean Barnes, Secretary: and Barbara Becker, Treasurer, for the hrst semester. The second semester we elected John Phillips, President: Betty Allen,Vice President: Shirley Babb, Secretary: and Barbara Becker was re- placedby Pat Holland as Treasurer during her illness. Then we were beginning to get the hang of things when we began our Sophomore year. We elected Donald Caldwell, President: Diane Linder, Vice President: Cathy Johnston, Secretary: Pat Holland, Treasurer, as our first semester officers. Our second semester the officers were: Desmond Coffee, President: John Phillips, Vice President: Wanda Taylor, Secretary: and Carolyn Miguel, Treasurer. Our Junior year was the year when things really started to roll as we chose John Phillips, President: Wanda Tuylor,Vice President: Diane Linder, Secretary: and Pat Holland, Treasurer for the first semester. Jan Turk was President forthe second semester: Laurel Grant, Vice President: Wanda Taylor, Secretary, and Carolyn Miguel, Treasurer. Our Head Yell Leader, Berta Lawry, was also a Junior. We chose as the Junior Play, uMr. Barry's Etchings,n a story of detectives, gangsters, and counterfeit fifties. Prom Chairman, Golda Voorhees, with the assistance of other Juniors, decorated the gym in brilliant colors to the theme of u0riental Fantasy.n DESMOND COFFEE 'E' R jfff N , . " - X 1 af B .I ,N za, g 5,2 W 7, X. f rag? I N in ag . .Z L., jifrtligmxiqiq, ,Wim ufex kr f..e' el 3 'if' 'gifgjwe fin '. , . ,MQ- QQ 'W EQ if Y 3 f ee-'Q,.9+fe:Wi2i' L5 55 ,pu 'ff' Q'oQ Q QQ ,,Q il args gfg 29 QE' aff, f 4' ek 'i if 0 Q f . Vs V n 9 1 la 52 on-.4 :afar iii, TED BERGMAN Then we come to our biggest and saddest year, our Senior year. For this an-important year we selected as our student leaders: Ted Bergman, President: Gary Welton, Vice President: Louise Riedesel, Secretary: and Barbara Becker, Treasurer. We enjoyed a very successful first semester under these capable heads. Guiding us through an equally successful second semester were these capable, industrious officers: Desmond Coffee, President: Donald Caldwell, Vice President: Reatha Coelho, Secretary: andCheriDeLand, Treasurer. Our Senior play, 'The Night of January l6thn, has been one of the best performances displayed in TUHS for many, many years. The four leads were played by Diane Linder, Irene Korte, Roger Milnes and John Phillips. This year we inaugurated a new custom by having a Senior Breakfast instead of Senior Dress-Up Day. The Breakfast proved very successful and the Seniors really enjoyed their hotcakes, bacon, and eggs. Now that Numeral Planting is over we are all looking forward to Baccalaureate and Commencement with pride, but there comes with that a tiny lump that seems to rise with each thought of diplomas. Our years at Tulare High are over, but we shall never forget the happiness or the tears that go hand in hand with the class of n56n. 4 s My V- A r,,. , A ,f 1 ? ,V 3' 4 'L f Qi? ,cl fl? Y . ., + in f- , ,qw 7' ":"'g,S'2 s an we 2 'vggvf X V1 H 'V'--up: We fc f f F! 1:15 V to g Ig E5 Qawqiiw S -1?M.U?M. if VE" r V353 fi Q11 Tl, H Q Cheri Deland Henrietta Infante 2nd Row: Sidney Levin Don Front Row: Bob Shirley, Reatha Coelho, Caldwell, Laurel Grant, Gene Thomas, Richard Green. icon? moi Front Row: Louise Riedesel, Carolyn Miguel, Barbara Becker, Reatha Coelho, Mary Capsin 2nd Row David Bergman, Gene Thomas, John Brewer, Tom Scheidt, Ted Bergman. ar.. WN f ,raw W'?"" -r,.x,, . 1 Yr xv f .. u-.rw M,,vv1 'rua 'Y 55' ig, ,::. 5:1 Lirfjgrdx, I swam ' iwwiger ,MMS w AL NUNEZ Al Nunez has been chosen the outstanding basketball player this year because of his tremen- dous competitive spirit and his ability to work with his coaches and with his team-mates. BILL KEYES Bill Keys has been chosen one of the outstanding seniors in Auto Mechanics where he has shown leadership and ability. FRED FORD Fred Ford has been chosen the outstanding senior on the foot- ball fieldg however, Fred has been the Hrst one to give credit tohisteam mates forhissuccess. Uutsitaim BARBARA JOHNSON Barbara Johnson has been out- standing in all of her classes, but particularly in the Social Studies Field. 3-n--I 'W....w- in-Q... GREG BROTT Greg Brott has been outstand- ing in both baseball and track. He is also an excellent scholar and is outstanding in many subjects. in HARRY PERRY Harry Perry has been chosen one of the outstanding seniors in Auto Mechanics where he has shown leadership and ability. a..,,., RICHARD NAGEL Richard Nagel has been chosen outstanding in Agriculture. He has been FFA president this past year, and has excelled as a leader. RICHARD GREEN Richard Green has been chosen the outstanding senior boy in Music. He has been doing a tre- mendous job of conducting the orchestra as student director. CGJDUIOIFS MAGGIE MEITZENHEIMER Maggie Meitzenheimer has been chosen one of the outstanding seniors in Business Training. GAYLE SHERMAN Gayle Sherman has been chosen Outstanding in the field of Home Economics. M., DESMOND COFFEE Desmond Coffee has been out- standingin Languages, both Latin and Spanish, and also in Music wherehe is student band director. KAY PANELLA Kay Panella has been chosen outstanding student in Home Eco- nomics due to her work in F.H.A. 'fr 1617 'X WANDA TAYLOR Wanda has been chosen out- standing girl in tennis this year because of her perserver- ence, hard drives,and her serves which have pulled many matches out of the fire. Wanda and her doubles partner won the Valley title this year. GENE THOMAS Gene Thomas has been chosen outstanding in English, Mathe- matics and in Science. -nu-5, JOHN PHILLIPS We have chosen a very special honor for John Phillips who has contributed to the leadership of our school. He has been a spear- head in student government and has devoted long hours and much personal attention to the needs of our school. PAT ORISIO Pat Orisio was chosen out- standing because of her showman- ship awards. She was also chosen California State Guernsey Queen on the basis of her many awards in 4-H work. She is the owner of Grand Champion Guernsey Happy- Holme Hector's Peso. utstaini lllll GOLDA VOORHEES Golda Voorhees has been out- standing in the Art field and in Chemistry. WALTER EMKEN Walter Emken has been chosen outstandingseniorboy U1Science, mathematics and in Tennis. . '37 JOHN PATTERSON John Patterson's competitive spirit and his endurance have made him outstanding on the track field. His specialty is the 880 yard run at which he excels. DIANE LINDER Diane Linder has been chosen the outstanding senior in Drama becauseuofher excellent perform- ances in our high school plays. Other fine drama students are Irene Korte, Sara Cottengim, and John Phillips. IDIILCOIPS BETTY JO CRINER Betty Jo Criner has been chosen as outstanding in Clerical Co-op. OLGA FRUTUOZA Olga Frutuoza has been chosen the outstanding student in Clerical-Co-op. i if UH 'G' GERALD OWENS Gerald Owens has worked hard in wrestling and he has shown excellent resultsofhis practice by his constant victories on the mat. Gerald's sportsmanship adds to his outstanding record. JEAN KORNEFF Jean Korneff has been chosen outstanding in the field of Business Training. ln K' K ,pu-nav 1'---MMM' Il L 2 PM mai fa- anim VVJUIHS I, Kenneth Adair, do hereby will my position on the football team to Leon Baradat: he can sit on the same bench I did. I, Wayne Adkins, do hereby will by seat at the probation office to anyone who can get a big ticket. I, David Aguilar, do hereby will nothing. I'm taking everything. I, Gloria Marie Airosa, do hereby will my chair in Roy Coon's room to anyone who likes clerical. I, Mavis Virginia Allen, do to concentrate and learn how Bernice Allen, and my A's to I, Kay Altaffer, do hereby cousin, Bobby Altaffer, has as I did and enjoys it as much. I hereby will my ability to sew to my sister, Marie Murphy. will the hope that my much fun in school as also will my position as lar lboop editor to a future journalist. I, Rachel Alvara, do hereby will my smile to Stella Ochoa. I, Pete Alvarez, do hereby will the ice in the milk truck to next year's fourth period P.E. blues: also I am leaving my greatness in volleyball playing to the boys in fourth period P.E. blues. I will Edward Ybarra to Herb Morrelli, lucky man! In con- clusion, I am just plain leaving. I, Loren Alves, do hereby will my parking space on Portagee corner to Manuel Fagundes. I, Grace Andrade, do hereby will my seat in Mrs. Muriel Nygren's class to my sister, Laura Andrade. I, Shirley Babb. do hereby will to Annette Bassett and sandra Avila my ability to have breakfast every morning while they are in class. I, Frances Baker, do hereby will my grades and my good times to my brother and sister. fHope they don't flunk.5 I, Nancy Balaam, do hereby will Karen Swall all my old oboe reeds so she can become an expert. I, Marlene Heptner Ballard, do hereby will my ability for losing merits to Christine Morrison, who will, no doubt, be late for first period every day. I, Patsy Bandy, do hereby will all the excuses I had to get out of P.E. to Mary Hart. I, Jim Barnes, do hereby will my yell leading ability to whom ever wants it. I, Vicksein Baumgarten, do hereby will Nellie Murch part of my talkativeness. She can use it. I, Terry Benevedo, do hereby will my great tenor voice to Leon Baradat. CPoor guyly I, Ernie S. Benevides, do hereby will my gym trunks to Richard Roach. I, Dave Bergman, do hereby will to the Juniors, all the prestige and privileges I had as a Senior. I, Ted Bergman, do hereby will my things to my successors and allthe broken gut in my tennis rackets tothe freshmen on theteam lit's plenty good forthem.j I, Dewey Berry, do hereby will the Tulare Union High School to future students. I, Rose Marie Bettencourt, do hereby will all the good times I had rehearsing for the plays to Ruby Berberia. Also getting up late and rushing to school, to my brothers, Johnny and Anthony Bettencourt. I, Dale Blackwood, do hereby will my seat in Bob Helland's office to anyone who wants it. I, Clarence Booker, do hereby will that Evelyn Smith be as sweet as always. I, Ethel Booker, do hereby will my crazy times to my crazy cousin, Bertha Fair. I, Eddie Borges, do hereby will my ability to sprain both ankles in one week to Gene Tienken. I, Bill Bowen, do hereby will my auto shop grades to fwindyj Bill Whisman. I, Judy Brantley, do hereby will all the hours I spent doing homework to my sister, Peggy, and my two cousins, Tommy Kirker and Ronnie Pope, who will be freshmen next year. There is enough to go around. I, John Brewer, do hereby will my place behind the Argus camera to Paul Doherty in hopes he'll re- member to put the film in. I, Greg Brott, do hereby will my spot on the bench of the UBK class basketball team to Bob Evans. I, Alvin Brown, do hereby will to Eugene Overholt a wonderful remembrance of a fellow with an I.Q. of Einstein. I also leave to Herbert Morrelli my last chew of Beach Nut. I, Beverly Brown, do hereby will Lavoy Baumgarten the quietness that floats around me. I, Charles Brown, do hereby will my chair in room III to some lucky person in next year's co-op class, and if they fit the chair right I'll even will them my books. I, Josephine Brown, do hereby will my keep-up requirements in Clothing II to my sister, Francis. I, Ludie Brown, do hereby will my ability to be quiet in gym to Scotty who really needs it. I, Levern Butler, do hereby will my pole vault pole to Gene Tienken. I, Joan Buttram, do hereby will all my good grades and luck in Clothing and Home Economics to a freshman fof all peoplej Linda Williamson. I, Esther Cabello, do hereby will my ego to anyone who can face self-scrutinization. I, Audrey Mae Cain, do hereby will my job in the counseling office to Patricia Thompson, who would like to have it, though I'm unwilling to give it to her. ' I, Donald Caldwell will only leave. I, Katie Canales, do hereby will Social Studies IV to my studious cousin M nuel Martinez. I, Mary Capsin, do hereby will my ability to make Miss Lois Thompson laugh to Emmalene Smith. I, Irene Cardoza, do hereby will all my bread that I made in Foods to Miss Carol Sandusky, and Melvin and Eleanor Cardoza. I, Jim Carroll, do hereby will nothing. I, Virginia Carvalho, do hereby will nut'in' to nobody and thanks to my English teachers. I, Daniel Chabiel, do hereby will my wrestling experience to Toby Hernandez. I, Gary Coday, do hereby will all the girls I didn't date to some enterprising young junior. I, Reatha Keys Coelho, do hereby will Francine Cinnanti my ability to ago to the hobby-shopn during third period craft class with B.M. and S.W. I, Desmond Coffee, do hereby will my power to embarrass Claudia Zink to David Brown. I, Ralph Coffman, do hereby will my place in carpentry to some other HARD worker. I, Inez Colvin, do hereby will all the french fries, cokes, candy etc. To Sandy Avila, who more than likely will go over to Molly's again next year. I, Ken Corley, do hereby will my attendance record and my other good qualities to Jack King. I, Rudy Cortez, do hereby will my auto shop ex- perience to Robert Delfino. I, Jacqueline Costa, do hereby will my ability to get engaged before finishing school to Ruby Berberia. I, Mary Lou Costales, do hereby will my white wall tires to whom ever can keep them clean and my raggedy gym clothes to Frances Candelaria. I, Sara Cottengim, do hereby will the little green bottle and all the fun of the Royal Order of Phednick to the fun loving kids of the next Senior Play. I. Doris Cox, do hereby will my troubles I have had, namely a few certain boys, to Beverly Johnson.' I, Peggy Cox, do hereby will my good grades in Miss Lois Thompson's class to Barbara Watkins. I, James fshortyj Crase, do hereby will Doris Jackson my ability to scheme out of classes and still he able to get my grades. I, Betty Jo Criner, do hereby will 'my tiger-liken disposition to Carole Hanks. I, George Cunningham, do hereby will my gym socks to anyone who can wear them. I, Bonnie Daniels, do hereby will Edna Hollingshed all the good times I've had in gym the past year. I, Sue Delamater, do hereby will all my left over paper to Dennis Douglas. I, Cheri DeLand, do hereby will my nickname 'Shortyn to anyone who is big enough to take it. I, Bill Dickerson, do hereby will my bad grades to my cousin Joann Dickerson. I. Charlene Driscoll, do hereby will my old beat up desk ln Miss Lois Thompson's English IV A class to some poor junior inhopes that she makes better grades than I did. I, Elwanda Dunlap, do hereby will my ability to graduate to Ollie Fried: I think she'll need it. I, Janet Dupuy, do hereby will my battle-scarred Physics lab manual and my place in Physics class to any girl whacky enough to take that subject. I, Myrna Dysart, do hereby will my little blue Ford to my sister. I, Jo Ellen Ellis, do hereby will Mary Leal my ability to count to ten every afternoon, fand then hit the ceiling.b I, Walter Emken, do hereby will my first singles spot on the tennis team to Marilyn Levin. I, Claude Emmerson, do hereby will my brother my awful grades in school. I, Hazel English, do hereby will my seat in the senior section to Bernie Meeks. I, Theresa Fernandes, do hereby will gladly my chair ln Senior Problems to any senior next year who has problems. I, Jim Flanery, do hereby will to Vernon 'Boyn Correia my professional-looking glove: to Tom Murphy my right shoe with the hole in it: to Herb Morrelli my baseball hat which he seems to like so much: and to Tommy Ratliff my mirror for dance concerts. I, Freddie Ford, do hereby will my parking spots to Tom Murphy. I, Robert Franklin, do hereby will Jack Sheley to the seniors next year who have Modern Civilization and Joumalism. I hope they have better luck with him than I did. I, Olga Frutuozo, do hereby will a certain QUIET eveningathome with Lucy Menezes CButterballJ, Carrie Pires, and a jug to Lou Faria. I, Lynne Frymlre, do hereb will to Linda Gosvenor my expert ability to get into trouble. I, Paul Fuery, do hereby will Henry Peralta to Genevieve Johnson. I, Frances Galaviz, do hereby will my raggedy gym clothes to Mary Torres, and leave my job with L.M. Helland to some boy who needs to get on a good side with him. I, Norma Gallagher, do hereby will study hall to those who need it. I, Barbara Garcia, do hereby will Lydia Mendoza my technique in ditching and getting away with it and to Alfred Mendoza my notes and home work in Sales Co-Op. He'l1 need them. I, Eddie Garcia, do hereby will my can opener to Frank R. and Manuel M. I, Vlrgie Garrett, do hereby will my old oboe corks to Orvis M. and my talent for mischief to Evelyn B. and Martha M. fNot that they need 1t.5 I, Mike Garrison, do hereby will my curly hair to Charles King. I. Judy Giffin, do hereby will the way I turn ln so many stories in Journalism to anyone in that class next year. I, Lester Glad, do hereby will my poor old type- writer in Homer Delabar's class to some poor unsus- pecting junior who'll have to use it next year. I, Jack Golston, do hereby will my A average in Chemistry to anybody who wants it. I, Movita Gomez, do hereby will Beatrice Baugh my beautiful seat in Bookkeeping, who needs itvery much. I, Bill Gorden, do hereby will Lee Raposa my insanity. I, Richard Gordon, do hereby will my way with the attendance office to my eighth grade brother. I. Laurel Grant, do hereby will my place as the only girl in Solid Geometry to some unsuspecting Junior girl. I, Floretta Green, do hereby will my brother, Donald Green, all the good grades I didn't get. I, Richard Green, do hereby will my needless posi- tion in orchestra to any violin virtuoso who is crazy enough to take it. I, Eleanor Grijalva, do hereby will myself. I, Dale Grinage, do hereby will my height to Robert Tedder. I, Albert Hale, do hereby will my power to outsmart Art Williams to Gary Womack--he needs it. I, Judy Haley, do hereby will all my books and ability to get along with Eugene Overholt to Theda Cochran. I, Woodrow Hamilton, do hereby will this poem to Lorraine Swayne. Roses are red, violets are blue: I leave my good grades to nYou Know Whon. I, Kenneth Hampton, do hereby will my mechanical drawing desk to Roy Hyatt. I, Sarah Hanks, do hereby wllltomy sister, Carol, all my good times at certain football games at TUHB. I, Don Hansen, do hereby will my brains to Glen Good. I, Gayle Harrington, do hereby will my ability to play real crazy tennis to Linda LaFond. I also leaye my cornerof the front seat on bus 15 to Ginger Moore. I hope she doesn't fall off as much as I did. I, Neoma Harrison, do hereb will my long hair to Roy Coon who's practically bald. I, Ila Helms, do hereb will Betty Harsher my good times in gym and my can of talcum powder. I, Bobby Hill, do hereby will my ears to Terry Hunt and Tom Murphy. I, Wayne Hinman, do hereby will Jim Means a bottle of smelling salts. I, Don Hoffman, do hereby will my ability to Richard Sparks. I, Pat Holland, do hereby will my seat in the auditorium to some lucky junior. I, Darryl Hollis, do hereby will my studyhall to boys who have female interests in Visalia. I, Sharon Homfeld, do hereby will to Miss Thelma Elliott, my ability to float and to Karen Swall, the two A's I got in Miss Lois Thompson's class. I, Almeda Hooley, do hereby will Reba Griffin all my old flames! And, of course, my good looks. I, Bertha Hooley, do hereby will Judy Thomas all my D grades and my Social Studies IV desk. I, Ronald Iacono, do hereby will my books and troubles to L.M.Helland because he looks bored. I, Shirley Ichinaga, do hereby will toSharon Swall my inability to get good grades in Physics and hope she can do better. I, Henrietta Infante, do hereby will my jalopy parking space to a future jalopy owner, and will Frank Eliceche to Sandy Levin. I, Bobbie Jenkins, do hereby will Randall Belyeu all the good times in my Senior Problems class. I, Barbara Johnson, do hereby will my grades in Miss Lois Thompson's English IV A class to Gary Brown who needs them. I, Genevieve Johnson, do hereby will my job in Gordon Lowe's office to any little gal who doesn't mind Hteasing.H I, Johnny fBuddy5 Johnson, do hereby will long sideburns and all my girls to Alfred Crisp, and also my little ucuteu beard. I, Wilbert Johnson, do hereby will my big hands to John Thompson for basketball. I, O'Dell Keefe, do hereby will my ignorance in Miss Lois Thompson's class to Dewayne Zachary. I, Max Kelso, do hereby will my good timesin band, six broken transmissions and one rear end, and my glorious grades tolny little brother: and I will leave. I, Bill Keys, do hereby will my chair in Senior problems to Charlotte Greenwood. I, Jean Korneff, do hereby will my gym locker fthe one that doesn't readily open! to my sister, Martha, who will be a freshman next year. I, June Korneh, do hereby will m job to any lucky one who gets it. I, Irene Korte, do hereby will my ability to talk in most any class to Sharon Severson. She needs it. I, Elwood Lancaster, do hereby will my good grades and chair in Jack Sheley's senior problems class to Kay Rice. I, Jacques Lanthier, do hereby will my diniculties of learning a new language. I, Laverne Lawrence, do hereby will all my fun I had in school to my sister and cousin. I, Madeline Lawrence, do hereby will my seat in Senior Problems to Ruby Moody. I, Berta Lawry, do hereby will my wonderful years of yell-leading to Mary Lou Contreras. I also will my old, torn and tattered dance skirt to Gerry Hixson-- she will be needing it badly. I. Sidney M. Levin, do hereby will my ability to aggravate any teacher at any time to Marilyn and Sandy Levin. I, Carolyn Lewis, do hereby will Nancy Rice the cranky long-carriage typewriter in room 108. I, Diane Linder, do hereby will my ability to go rabbit hunting during class time tony brother, David. I, Mary Louise Lopez, do hereby will all my fun to all the Uday dreamersn of TUHS, and the long rides we took to Visalia especially to Tony Garcia and Bert Flores. I, Bill Luehe, do hereby will my parking place on 0 street to anyone with a uCherry Ford.' I, Phyllis MacMillan, do hereby will all my worn out tennis shoes to my sister, Gloria. I, Vincent Gale Mark, do hereby will my driving habits to Gary Walker. I, Linda Martin, do hereby will good times to Elaine Churchfield and Tommy Brennen. I, Judy Marshall,dohereby willGeraldineFernandes all the empty bottles and good times in Exeter and Visalia. I, Shirley McAllister, do hereby will all my good grades in Roy Coon's class. I, Sonny McClure, do hereby will nothing to every- one. I, Jim McNearney, do hereby will to Bill Ny my trips to Hot Springs. I, Tony Medrano, do hereby will my ironic sense of humor and my big mouth to Eloise Coffee. I, Charlene Meek, do hereby will to the incoming secretarial seniors the mimeograph machine with its grinding gears. I, Maggie Meitzenheimer, do hereby will Ella Henderson my ability to get along with teachers, and get a better grade than a D. I, Hazel Ann Menezes, do hereby will my ability to get E's to Marie, and the ugoodiesn in the cellar to uwhen you hurt, I hurtn Roselyn. I, Lucy Menezes, do hereb will all the oranges in Lindsay to Diane Roche. I, Ludrie Menezes, do hereby will my desk in Mrs. Muriel Nygren's class to Clarice Souza. I, Carolyn Miguel, do hereby will my ability to quietly sneak out of class to Jo Fernandes, in hopes that she will never get caught. I, Roger Milnes, do hereby will an eight by ten inch silk screen processed print of my clarinet reed, suitable for framing, to the music department and posterity. I, Barbara Monger, do hereby will my ability not to get caught when ditching to Darlene McClure and all of my fun in Visalia to Darlene Roach and Shirley Andreason. I, Merle Moorhead, do hereby will the high school farm shop drill to Donovan Cartwright. I, Clayton Moulds, do hereby will my leadfoot to David Hock. I, Bill Murch, do hereby will to the Seniors of 1957 in the fourth period P.E. class the ice truck from which we got ice: also I would like to leave Edward Ybarra to coach Herb Morrelli--Ed's old chew- in' tobacco friend. I, Richard Nagel, do hereby will John Crawford my position on the football team. I, Rosalie Head Nelson, do hereby will Bobbie Nelson my ability to get along with his brother and to Sharon Watkins my ability to back into a car before leaving a parking place. I, Leota Newport, do hereby will all of my good times at Tulare High to my brother, George. ' I, Errol Nichols, do hereby will Vance Vinsonhaler my unwashed gym sweat pants. I, Joe Nolan, do hereby will the teachers to all the underclassmen. I, Al Nunez, do hereby will my height to all the future varsity basketball players. I, Johnny Nunez, do hereby will my chrome can opener to Art Rodriguez. I, Tony Nunes, do hereby will my place at the corner to my brother. I, Jerry Nutter, do hereby will all the hydrogen sulfide gas I have made to Clarence Laymon. I, Pat Orisio, do hereby will Doris L., Linda W., and Barbara W.the fun I have had with the bus drivers of bus 17 and the fun on the bus. I, Wayne Overstreet, do hereby will my pool cue to Ehward Ybarra and my attendance record1x:Eugene Crase I, Gerald Owen, do hereby will my position in wrestling to 'Tigern Saenz. I, Joe Pacheco, do hereby will m ability to grow a good set of sideburns to Sam Sharp. I, Kay Panella, do hereby will all the fun I had in F.H.A. to Sharon Severson. I. Delores Patterson, do hereby will all my good times and bad times to Beatrice Baugh and Carolyn Lee. I, John Patterson, do hereby will my four study halls to Jerry Laird. I, Bill Peacock, do hereb will to Kathy my ability to learn, even if I did start using that ability at a rather late time. I, Geneva Peaton, do hereby will my good times at TUHS to m brother, Darrel, and my job in the student store to Barbara Brock. I, Bona M. Pena, do hereby will my senior year to my two brothers. I, Henry Peralta, do hereby will my dirty gym shorts to the 'Duken Arce. I, Tom Percival, do hereby will all my good times in high school to a girl named Ann. I, Harry Perry, do hereby will something to Tom Brennan. I, Richard A. Perry, do hereby will my parking place at Portagee corner to Raymond Branco. 1, Karen Peterson, do hereby will my roll as Calpurnia in the Roman Banquet, to any girl who is brave enough to take Latin II. I, John Phillips, do hereby will my spot on the stage to anyone who's a big enough ham to take it. I. Carrie Pires, do hereby will my chair in Jack Thiege's room to Roselyn Toledo so she can take my place and give him a few more headaches. I, Enna Pires, do hereby will Donna Cooper my rare ability to miss the swim bus coming back to school. I, Bobby Powell, do hereby will my beat up old English book to any Senior who would have it. I, Albeza Rabago, do hereby will my long hair to Maggie Vasquez, who really likes it. I, Bella Rabago, do hereby will my long eyelashes to Lucy Vasquez. I, Peggy Simmons Ramke, do hereby will my past four years to my sister, Bonnie, who will be a fresh- man next year. I, Philip Ribeiro, do hereby will my honesty to Anthony Ribeiro. I, Melton Richmond, do hereby will all the girls to Errol Nichols. I, Louise Riedesel, do hereby willnw'fourth period coffee breaks to Janelle P. and Marilyn L. and my supposed H21 years of agen to anyone who can make proper use of it. I, Jean Riley, do hereby will my ability to open lockers to Sue Riley fwho has trouble with her's.b I, Patty Rippee, do hereby will Jerry Rippee my place in the Senior section. I, Gerald Rogers, do hereby will my ability to wreck my motorcycle to my brother, David, and hope that he gets less scares from it than I did. I, Lorenzo Ramos, do hereby will my brains to my sister, who needs them. I, M ry Ramos, do hereby will Sally Garcia some of my ditching trips to Visalia. I, Howard Reed, do hereby will all my h8DDy times to Hungry and Bonwell. I, Diana Rich, do hereby will my wonderful friend- ship with Gordon Lowe and the honor of being Drum Majorette of the most wonderful band in the state of California to Sharon Cartwright. I, Deanna Richmond, do hereby will my four years of good times and troubles to Carolyn Cottle. I, Pat Rutledge, do hereby will all my boy friend troubles to Suzanne Radmacher, who is starting off Just like I did. I, Demetria Salmon, do hereby will my car to my sister, Mary, and her day-dreamer friends. Keep those guys in Visalia happ . I, Sunny Lou Salyer, do hereby will to my brother, Larry, all the gay and carefree times of high school. I, Ruth Sanchez, do hereby will Frances Candelaria all my uBotesu which I am sure she'll get great use from. I, Charlie Sanders, do hereby will my good attend- ance to school to Jerry Hunt. I, Tom Scheidt, do hereby will my ability to not get kicked out of the library to a talkative Sopho- more girl. I, Darlene Scott, dohereby will the sewing machine in Mrs. Lois Peters' class to my sister, Leona, and hope she uses it better than I did. I, Bill Searcy, do hereby will alluw extra credits to Darrel Tarkington and to Edward Ybarra, my seat in Roy Coon's class. I, Mike Shannon, do hereby will the privilege of being first to Marv's at noon to anyone who is tricky enough to deserve it. I, Gayle Sherman, do hereby will my place on the swim team to anyone who is silly enough to want it. I, Bob Shirley, do hereby will my prison number 2459486 to John Portan and my Physics book to whoever sits in the first seat in the left row in Miss Florence Casady's room. I, Don Sortor, do hereby will my golden voice, and wonderful powers of thought and concentration to any Junior. I, Bernadine Souza, do hereby will my ability not to do homework to my sister, Phyllis, who will be a freshman. I, Gail Stanley, do hereby will to my little sister, Myrl, my nickname of Cleo and to Kay Hutsell my Egyptian dancing ability and all my snake dances. May they use them to a better advantage than I did. I, Peggy Story, do hereby will my long hair to Priscilla Wolfe-Jones because she wants long hair. I, Marie Swayne, do hereby will my seat in Senior Mixed Chorus to my cousin, Sybil. I, Sharon Sweetser. do hereby will my good times at TUHS to Peggy McGee. I, Wanda Taylor, do hereby will my tennis arm to Janelle Perry: my tennis racket to Sandra Avila: my temperment to Marilyn Levin: and my love for all sports to Helen Swanson. I, Charles Tedder, do hereby will State and Local Government to anyone who wants it. I, Arthur Thomas, do hereby will my luck to the school. I. Betty Lou Thomas, do hereby will my A's and B's to the incoming freshmen of '56. I. Gene Thomas, do hereby will my tennis ability to Red Praster and my ability to please Loren Court to Dwaine Zachary. I, Othene Thomas, do hereby will my seatinwilliam L1ttell's Senior Problems class tosome unlucky junior and my A's and B's to Christine Grigsh . I, Stan Tigner, do hereby will my ability as a lover boy to Gary Hood. I, Fern Todd, do hereby will my grades and activi- ties to Belva and Irene Todd who will need them. I, Armida Torres, do hereby will my Bookkeeping book to my sister. Lupe. I. Wanda Tuggle, do hereby will my ability of shying away from men fwell, just staying free as the breeze! to Sharon Kerns. and up and coming Senior. I, Leland Jan Turk, Esq., do hereby will my dirty old locker to Jim Saenz. I, Ralph VanHoosier, do hereby will to anyone my good ways to get along with the attendance office. I, Albert Velasco, do hereby will leave and never come back. I, Golda Voorhees, do hereb will to any freshman taking Art my worn out eraser, my one-inch pencil, and my hairless brush along with all the good times I have had in Art. I, Joyce Waldrip, do hereby willmy brother. Leroy, my ability to get along with the attendance office. I, Mickey Walker, do hereby will my left front sock to Gene Albright. I, Gary Warren, do hereby gladly leave. I, Charlene Watkins, do hereby will my little Chevie and my freckles to Sharon and Marilyn and hope that they have as much fun as I did. I, Arvilla Webb, do hereby will my three years of fun and trouble while going steady with one guy to Francine Cinnante and my job in Donovan Cartwright's office to Judy Tait. I, Barbara Becker Welte, do hereby will all my extra merits and ability to get along with Bill Ny to my sister, Pat Becker. I, Gary Welton, do hereby will my position on the football team to Jerry Hunt. I, James E. West, do hereby will all my kicks on band trips to Joe 'FungusH. I, Norma Whisman, do hereby will my gym locker to Milly Hickman. She can't open her's. I, Jerry Whiteman, do hereby will my fine playing Bass to Dennis Crum--better known as Jingles. I, Eugene Wilson, do hereby will Eugene Crase all of the bolts left over from the HAH model. I, Jim Wilson, do hereby will Jerry Hunt my ditch- ing excuses in studyha1L I. Carole Wood, do hereby will the fun we had at going away parties to Rosie and Peggy. I, Walter Woods, do hereby will my attendance record to B111 Ny. I, Leroy Woolman, do hereby will to Bingo, a happy Senior year full of new experiences and my ability to find new concepts of G., S., and T. I, Ronald Wyllie, do hereby will my ability to keep score during baseball games to Harold Brown. I, Wesley Yeary, do hereby will my locker to some good head. 1 I, Elvin Young, do hereby will my bench warming spot to John Thompson. U O l I I A veteran paratrooper was telling a dear old lady on the train how parachute landings were made. MI really don't see how you can hang from that silk thing,' she said.nThe suspense mustbe terrible.n uNo, ma'am, it's when the suspense ain't there that it's terrible.H S0080 YY s s BAND WINS CASHMAN TROPHY The Tulare Union High School Redskin Band, the week-end of May 18-20, traveled out of the state for the first time in their history to compete in a marching contest with out-of-state bands. Tulare's crack band won top honors in Band Competition: and, temporarily were awarded the Cashman Trophy, which is contributed by Mr. Cashman, the Cadillac, Oldsmobile, and Buick dealer in Las Vegas. This trophy has to be won three years in succession to be kept perm nently. A smaller trophy will be sent to the band for the trophy case. The Redskin Band will next travel to the Kiwanis Convention in San Francisco on June 18. I I I I H Tommy came to school loaded with bubble gum, which he passed out to classmates and a surprised teacher. He explaided,'I just became a brother last night.0 litil Professor: uNow, I am going to drop this silver dollar into this glass of acid. Will it dissolve?n Student: uNo, sir.' Professor: uNo? Perhaps you will explain why.n Student: uBecause if it would you wouldn't drop it in.' lllll Answsms T0 BRAIN Quiz 1.8. 2.c. s.A. 4.3. s.A. 6.3. 7.A. a.c. 9.c. 10.A. gufurv P11114 Kenneth Adair--go to college. Wayne Adkins--go to COS. David Aguilar--be president of the United States. Gloria Marie Airosa--attend college next fall. Mavis Virginia Allen--go to college, be a teacher and get married. Kay Altaffer--take criminology in college and eventually marry and raise a family. Rachel Alvara--be a telephone operator in Los Angeles. Pete Alvarez--to make good at the job he now has and make a lot of money and buy a new car in a year or so. Loren Alves--work for the mosquito abatement co. Shirley Babb--work this summer and attend College in the fall. Frances Baker--spend a year at COS with her wonderful friend, Gayle Harrington. Nancy Balaam--attend Cos and have lots of fun. Marlene Heptner Ballard--be very happy raising four boys. Patsy Bandy--enter nurses training. Jim Barnes--go to college and study petroleum engineering. Vicksein Baumgarten--work until retirement. Terry Benevedo--sap cows. Ernie S. Benevides--be a dairy farmer. Dave Bergman--invent mowless grass and become rich. Ted Bergman--more high school at college. Dewey Berry--Navy then to school again. Rose Marie Bettencourt--hopes to attend Pasadena Playhouse or a beauty college. Dale Blackwood--be a mechanical engineer. Clarence Booker--go on to college and take auto- motive mechanics. Ethel Booker--to be a nurse. Eddie Borges--attend college. Bill Bowen--be an aviation mechanic. Judy Brantley--attend COS and San Francisco State to become a registered nurse. John Brewer--be the electronics engineer on the first rocket ship to the moon. Greg Brott--go to school and prepare for a career of fishing and hunting. Alvin Brown--continue to pump sixteen gallons and get nothing. Beverly Brown--work until she dies of old age. Charles Brown--visit Uncle Sam for about four years. Josephine Brown--go to Los Angeles and get a job and then in September attend college and become a school teacher. Ludie Brown--visit her sister and then work. Levern Butler--go to COS for a year and then join the service. Joan Buttram--join the Navy so she can be with her husband. ,Esther Cabello--lead a life of celibacy. Audrey Mae Cain--work and then to college. Donald Caldwell--attend college and study. Katie Canales--go to Los Angeles and work for a year and then attend some college. Mary Capsin--attend COS and Fresno State and major in elementary education. Irene Cardoza--attend college. Jim Enrrnll--inin the navy. Virginia Carvalho--attend college, get a job, make money, and travel. Daniel Chabiel--work as a grease monkey for a trucking outfit. Gary Cody--attend a Junior College. Reatha Keys Coelho--stay married and raise a mob of little uportageesn. Desmond Coffee--to go to the moon with John Brewer and his rocket ship. Ralph Coffman--join the Navy. Inez Colvin--go to dental school in Beverly Hills, after she works for a while this summer. Ken Corley--attend COS. Rudy Cortez--work in a factory. Jacqueline Costa--to be married in the fall. Mary Lou Costales--work in San Francisco for a year, attend college, get out, and work some more. Sara Cottengim--go to COS and major in drama. Doris Cox--maybe attend COS. Peggy Cox--attend COS and then nurses college in San Francisco. James Crase--loaf and do as little workas possible. Betty Jo Criner--marry a rich man and tour Europe. George Cunningham--sleep any chance I have. Bonnie Daniels--get married and work. Sue Delamater--go on to school. Cheri DeLand--go to COS and then to the University of California at Santa Barbara. Bill Dickerson--be a carpenter. Charlene Driscoll--take an elementary teaching course at COS. Elwanda Dunlap--work for a year at least and then get married to a certain guy from Hanford and raise a family. Janet Dupuy--attend COS and then some boys college back east in order to get a better understanding of her major--social science. Myrna Dysart--work this summer, then go to beauty college in September. Later she hopes to have a shop of her own. Jo Ellen Ellis--get married and have four kids. Walter Emken--attend COS and then play Vic Sexis for the title of being the U.S. top amateur singles tennis player. Claude Emmerson--attend college or join the Air Force. Hazel English--go to beauty college. Theresa Fernandes--attend COS in the fall and then take a trip to Portugal in 1957. Jim Flanery--go to COS and then transfer to an as yet undecided upon college. Freddy Ford--attend college and become a coach. Robert Franklin--attend UCLA and take science courses. Olga Frutuoza--marry Ernie and raise lotsof little ones. Lynne Frymire--attend a New York career school. Paul Fuery--catch the hobo train out of town the next morning after graduation. Frances Galaviz--go to beauty college at Fresno. Norma Gallagher--attend college for four years and teach in elementary schools. E Barbara Garcia--attend Fresno Beauty College and become a hair style specialist. Eddie Garcia--become a long time bachelor. Virgie Garrett--attend Fresno State to be a dry old llteratureandmmsic teacher. Even marriage enters in. Mike Garrison--work. attend college, serve time for Uncle Sam, and then back to college. Judy Giffin--work this summer and get married in the fall. Lester Glad--attend college. Jack Golston--attend COS and make good enough grades to transfer to UCLA. Movita Gomez--go to COS and Fresno State, teach elementary education, and then get married. Bill Gorden--nothing. Richard Gordon--attend COS, Denver University, and then get married. Laurel Grant--attend COS for the next two years and then???? Floretta Green--work and then someday get married. Richard Green--bum through JC somewhere. Eleanor Grijalva--study boys at Fresno JC. Dale Grinage--become a farm worker. Judy Haley--to loaf out at Marv's. Woodrow Hamilton--make all the girls like me. Kenneth Hampton--join the navy. Sarah Hanks--four years at a college to study to become a nurse. Don Hansen--get married and settle down on a farm. Gayle Harrington--spend a hectic year at COS with Frances Baker. Neoma Harrison--get a job and buy a Thunderbird and travel. Ila Helms--work for a while and then get married. Bobby Hill--be a butcher and join the Navy. Wayne Hinman--attend COS and keep from working. Don Hoffman--join the Navy. Pat Holland--go to college and become a teacher, if she doesn't change her mind. Darryl Hollis--keep an eye on things in Visalia. Sharon Homfeld--attend COS and San Francisco State for teacher training. Almeda Hooley--undecided. Bertha Hooley--become a telephone operator or a filing clerk. Ronald Iacono--go to COS. Shirley Ichinaga--to go to college and take up dentistry. Henrietta Infante--attend COS and take a pre- nursing course. Bobbie Jenkins--get married and live in Tulare. Barbara Johnson--go to college for four years and become a teacher. Genevieve Johnson--be Hollywoods next Blonde Bombshell. Johnny Johnson-attend Los Angeles Bankers College or training school and stay there the restofmw days. Wilbert Johnson--probably go to college. O'Dell Keefe--go to COS. Max Kelso--attend COS and then join the Marines. Bill Keyes--more drags. Jean Korneff--go to work. June Korneff--get a job. Elwood Lancaster--to have more drags. Jacques Lanthier--return home and work with his father for a year or two and then attend the Dyeing and Cleaning Research Institute of Chicago for about one full year. Laverne Lawrence--get married and have a home. Madeline Lawrence--get married. Berta Lawry--become a dental assistant. Sidney Levin--become a conservative labor leader, Carolyn Lewis--get married and go to Florida. Diane Linder--attend college and study in the Held of diplomatic service. Mary Louise Lopez--attend Central California Commercial College in Fresno and then work for a while, after which she plans to get married. Bill Luehe--indefinite. Phyllis MacMillan--attend COS. Vincent Gale Mark--buy Jerry Whiteman a Cadillac and myself a Chrysler and race until they fall apart. Linda Martin--one year at COS and then California at Santa Barbara lmaybeb. Judy Marshall--go to college and hope to find a man. Shirley McAllister--work during the summer and then attend college in the fall. Sonny McClure--attend COS. Jim McNearney--attend CKE and then to San Francisco for college. Tony Medrano--attend COS and then five years of devoted service to his country. He'll take whatever comes next when it gets here. Charlene Meek--attend beauty college. Maggie Meitzenheimer--attend college, work several years, and eventually get married. Hazel Ann Menezes--go to Mexico for the summer and then attend COS. Lucy Menezes--get a good job and then really work. Ludrie Menezes--go to college. Carolyn Miguel--go tobeauty college and eventually get married. Roger Milnes--become a music teacher. Barbara Monger--marry a pilot and raise little jets. Merle Moorhead--start farming. Clayton Moulds--attend COS. Bill Murch--keep the job he now has and climb to the top. Richard Nagel!-attend college. Rosalie Head Nelson--make Johnny happy and raise a family of Nelsons. leota Newport--continue working and then in a few years maybe get married. Errol Nichols--work during the sunmer and join the Navy in the falL Joe Nolan--travel all over the United States. K. Northen--leave Tulare. Al Nunez--work or go to college. Johnny Nunez--go to COS. Tony Nunez--go into business. Pat Orisio--go to beauty college or Cal Poly next year and then in about three years get married. Wayne Overstreet--living. Gerald Owen--school and the Navy. Joe Pacheco--attend California State Polytechnic College. Kay Panella--attend college and then get married. Delores Patterson--attend beauty school in Los Angeles. John Patterson--go on to school. Bill Peacock--spend a couple of years at COS if Uncle Sam doesn't get him first. Geneva Peaton--work awhile and then maybe go to a Bible College. Bona M. Pena--work at a hospital. Henry Peralta--serve Uncle Sam for four years. Tom Percival--attend COS and hope to learn some- thing. Harry Perry--join the Navy. Richard A. Perry--attend COS. Karen Peterson--attend COS and take a Liberal Arts course. John Phillips--college and University of San Francisco to become a lawyer. Carrie Pires--hook a certain guy by initials of G.T.--then who knows??? Erma Pires--attend COS for the next two years. Bobby Powell--attend college. Albeza Rabago--attend Fresno State or COS and be an accountant. Bella Rabago--go on to college. Pegly Ramke--be a homemaker. Lorenzo Ramos--join the Air Force. Mary Ramos--graduate from Tulare High School. Philip Ribeiro--be a farmer. Howard Reed--to be a musician. Diana Rich--go to modeling school in Los Angeles and talk Lynne Frymire into going with me. Deanna Richmond--to be a successful housewife and raise a baseball team. Melton Richmond--to be a rancher. Louise Riedesel--attend Fresno State as a Home Economics major and then marry a service man. Jean Riley--work in the secretarial field. Patty Rippee--get married and live in the mountains. Gerald Rogers--spend three years in the Army and from then on be a carpenter. Pat Rutledge--attend college and later become the wife of an abalone fisherman. Demetria Salmon--keep working for a while and then go into Airline Hostess training. Sunny Lou Salyer--attend COS for two years and then get married. Ruth Sanchez--Undecided. Charlie Sanders--whatever comes along. Bill Schneider--go one year to COS and then to the Navy. Tom Scheidt--attend UC at Santa Barbara for two years of pre-dental and then four years at SC Dental School. Next will be the Air Force. Darlene Scott--to go to a nursing school in Sacramento. Bill Searcy--work for a year and then join the Navy. Mike Shannon--attend Cal Poly. Gayle Sherman--attend College for four years and then get married and raise ten kids on a big ranch. Bob Shirley--work this summer and go to COS next fall. Don Sortor--work in a bank. Bernadine Souza--attend COS. Gail Stanley--a summer vacation in Oregon and then a couple of years at COS. Peggy Story--attend college for four years study- ing to be an elementary teacher. Marie Swayne--attend COS or work. Sharon Sweetser--continue working. Wanda Taylor--marriage, Fresno State College, and teaching. Charles Tedder--lay around. Arthur Thomas--to work. Betty Lou Thomas--attend COS. ' Gene Thomas--to go to college and then get rich. Othene Thomas--attend COS. Stan Tigner--go to college and study to become a secondary teacher. Fern Todd--to go to college and then become an efficient secretary. Armida Torres--take it easy for a while and then in September go to Mexico City. She is planning on working when she returns. Wanda Tuggle--find a Prince Rainer about five years from now. Leland Jan Turk, Esq.'--to go to the University of Idaho after working all summer. Ralph Van Hooser--to work, maybe. Albert Velasco--join the Marines and then work. Golda Voorhees--spend two years as an Art major at COS and then two years at Art Center. Joyce Waldrip--go to college at Contra Costa JC and get married. Mickey Walker--get rich. Gary Warren--attend COS. Charlene Watkins--go on working and get married if I ever get Kenny out of the Navy. Arvllla Webb--get married and raise a football team. Barbara Becker Welte--raise a family of three boys and one girl 11 hopej. Gary Welton--United States Navy or Marines. James E. West--go into the Navy. Norma Whisman--get a job or go on to college. Jerry Whiteman--work for F.W.Woolworth Co. Eugene Wilson--find a job. Jim Wilson--become a Pop and to go to college. Carole Wood--to help keep the guys goodlooking by being a barber. Walter Woods--join the service. Leroy Woolman--study engineering at COS and then transfer to a good university. Ronald Wyllie--attend COS for a year or two and then either to Cal., COP, or Sacramento State. Wesley Yeary--go on to college. Elvin Young--join the Air Force. THE SENIOR COURT l'm sure all of you have seen our beautiful new Senior Court. During this year we had a green lawn planted and it's looking better day by day. One of the services of the Art Club is to do some- thing to help beautify the school, so, this year they decided to purchase four All-American tree roses for the Senior Court. The names of these lovely tree roses are: Charlotte Armstrong, Peace, Chrysler Imperial, and First Love. It was decided by the administration to buy twenty more tree roses out of the Senior Court Fund to complete and compliment the court area. The Senior Class voted unanimously to leave to the school two large permanent, and four small perma- nent cement benches, which will face the sun-dial. These benches will complete the beauty of our court, and they will be enjoyed by the Tulare High School students of the future. It will indeed be a memorable Numeral Planting this June 7th. TEACHERS' SUMMER PLANS Homer Delabar plans to attend summer school at Fresno State and work on his Master's Degree by writing a thesis on Visalia. Gene Kinman plans on going to Ohio for about two months and spend the rest of the summer at his home. Joe Weaver's plans for the summer are to attend summer school and work on the side. Heis also looking forward to one week of trout fishing. Miss Carol Sandusky plans to attend summer school at San Jose State. Miss Thelma Elliott plans to stay at her home in Selma and just rest. Mrs. Bess Smith plans to attend a two week work- shop course at Fresno State. She also has several short trips in California planned. Andrew Eisnor plans to go to Boston to visit his folks. Jack Thlege will teach typing in summer school, work on his thesis, and probably work with the place- ment bureau. As far as a vacation is concerned he is undecided. Miss Irene Conley is going to fly to Phoenix, Arizona for a visit with an old friend. She also has several other short trips planned. Race Kent hopes to teach summer school. Miss Kaliope Candianldes plans to go to school at the University of Southern California this summer. Mrs.Ann Pappas plans to take a trip to Des Moines, Iowa or farther east, and will try to get a summer session in somewhere. Carl Noffsinger will work at Lodge Pole this summer. His family will accompany him. Mrs. Ann Steelman plans to go to U.C. for the summer. Charles Cook plans to work on a farm and then take a ten day vacation to Uklah where he is to teach. Glen Good plans to work on a farm and then go to Bellflower for a ten day vacation. Ernest Lambrecht is going to loaf after attending Fresno State College. Miss Lucy Proudfoot is going to spend a month of the summer vacation inthe mountains and in San Diego. Mrs. Muriel Nygren will attend San Jose College and spend the rest of the summer raising flowers. Mrs. Lois Peters will spend four weeks in summer school and then spend some time in the mountains and in San Francisco. The rest of her summer plans are uncertain. Mrs. Mabelle Riedesel will be at Huntington Lake helping her husband in the Retail L mber Company: in August she will attend a Homemaking teacher's work shop in Whittier, California. Carroll Stowell will work either in painting or a job offered where he can make S15,000. Miss Pauline Kruse is undecided as to what her summer plans will be. Loren Court is going to teach Algebra I at TUHS this summer if enough people sign up for it. The rest of the summer is going to be spent on a vacation. Art Williams is going to Fresno State for six weeks, then have recreation in the afternoon for the rest of summer vacation. Jesse Correll will stay around Tulare for the summer. Eugene Overholt plans to attend Fresno State for ten weeks and work at miscellaneous jobs. Eugene Jackson plans to either teach summer school or attend college and he hopes to take a trip to eastern Canada. Keith Waite will stay in Tulare and work but take a couple of weeks off for a trip to Idaho. Mrs. Bess Valentine, other than taking a trip, where to she is undecided about, is planning on staying here and working on the schedules for next year. James Lawrence is planning on a one or two week trip, probablyruofarther away than Los Angeles. After his return, he is going to run the Community High School cannery. His first plans being to install new stainless steel equipment which will make it easier for the people canning. Mr. Lawrence says that they plan on canning more than ever before. The last week of summer vacation he will spend at a workshop. Bill Ny intends to attend Fresno State College for the first six weeks of vacation. The rest of his time will be spent puttering around his house with the exception of two hours a day he intends to spend daily at KCOK swimming pool. Gordon Lowe will teach summer school until August lst, after which he will go to Colorado and attend the American School Band Directors Association Con- vention in Boulder. Colorado. Only five members from the state of California are going. Charles King's summer plans are indefinite other than a possibility of teaching summer school. Herb Morrelli is planning on attending summer school at Fresno State. Roy Coon plans to travel through New England and to Montreal, Canada. Bob Helland is planning to take a trip through Wyoming, Iowa, and Minnesota. Ada Brown will baby sit with two dogs and may take a trip to Boise, Idaho. Jack McCracken plans on teaching Woodshop in summer school, if not he will attend the Colorado State College of Education at Greeley, Colorado. Lawrence DeCarlo plans to attend summer school at Fresno State for six weeks while working on his Masters Degree. Afterward he will spend the summer as playground director at TUHS. Robert Rube's summer plans are undecided after he spends the first part of the summer at Fresno State. Morris Knudsen plans to attend summer school at either Salt Lake City, Utah or Berkeley, California. Miss Verna Hanson was planning a triptoEurope but had to cancel it so her plans are indefinite. Oscar Edminster's plans for this summer are to work at some outdoor type of job in order to keep himself in shape. Dave Eshelman will visit Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. Mrs. Beatrice Myers intends to spend from ten to fourteen days in Lower California Ensenada with her brother and sister-in-law. From July 9th until some time in August she will teach Foods in the new lab. August 21, 22, 23, she will be attending State work- shop at Whittier College. In between times she will visit her children and grandchildren. Mrs. Alice Magill will attend a conference at Greenwich, Connecticut, then spend the remainder of the summer at home with the exception of a trip to Disneyland. - Paul Longenecker plans to work at Sequoia National Park as a relief driver. Mrs. Vera Robertson is going to make a trip to South Dakota to visit her grandchildren. Miss Florence Casady is considering going to the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado where she will study Chemistry and Physics. Frank Kennedy will go to the University of Cali-H - WHOIS WHO IN THE YOUNGER SET fornia and then loaf. Jack Sheley will teach summer school and manage tennis recreation for the city of Tulare. Richard Miller is going to Fresno State and then farm for about a month--'plus looking for a wife.n Norman Walker is planning on taking a trip through Houston, Yellowstone, Canada, and Washington. Stanley Manro is going to the Civil Air Patrol Summer Encampment, Air Force Base Mather Field, Sacramento. Miss Ruth Leth will spend six weeks in summer school at University of California in Berkeley, then to Salt Lake City for the rest of the summer to visit her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Hyde. Orville B. Bogart intends on spending the most of his vacation in Tulare, although he may fly back to Ohio for two weeks to visit relatives and pick up a new Dodge. Mr. Bogart says, UThe best vacation I can have is stay at home and work around the yard.n Nelson Witte plans to do electrical repair work around the school and then take a week trip with his family. William Naman will do odd jobs this summer until he decides where to spend his vacation. Clarence Laymon plans to attend Fresno State College this summer. Earl McJunkin is planning on resting this summer. Fred Fink's plans for the summer are indefinite. Lloyd Neilsen's plans for the summer are rather indefinite. Miss Lois Thompson is undecided about her summer plans. Donovan Cartwright plans to leave for Colorado on June 13, to assist Dr.Virg1l Rogers, dean of Syracuse University, who plans to put on a workshop at Western State College in Gunnersen, Colorado. Mr. Cartwright will teach school law and Hnance to graduate students and will return the first week of August to work in his office until school resumes. Mr. and Mrs. John Eberhart plan to attend a summer session of school at San Francisco State and possibly take a trip to Mexico. Frank Ellceche plans to take a summer cruise with the Navy around South America to RiodeJan1ero, after which he will return to Jacksonville, Florida, and then back to San Francisco's Treasure Island for two weeks where he will help train men for Naval Mobilization. Miss Prudence Oleson plans to attend summer school at Fresno State so she will be close to home in order for her to keep her flower garden well watered. John Ward will teach summer school and then spend a couple of weeks in the mountains. Mrs. Charlotte Peterson and her daughter, Sandra. are planning on flying to Europe this summer where they will remain for ten weeks, visiting friends and relatives as well as sightseeing. Vernon lpnglee plans on going to summer school in the Bay Area although he is undecided about which University he is going to attend. After summer school he might take a two week vacation. Dale Nicolen is planning on working on his farm and traveling. Major Clyde Latimer, the commander of Cadets here at TUHS, plans to go to the Cadet summer encampment as a coordinator for the supply section. The rest of Major Latimer's summer will be spent working for the State Park Service. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Littell are considering a trip to the mountains or the seashore--Carmel. 1. Arllene 8 Mary Capsln 2. Terry Benevedo 3. Diana Rich 4. Tom Scheidt 5. Marie Swayne 6. Francis Baker 7. Lynne Frymire 8. Desmond Coffee 9. Mary Louise Lopez 10. Reatha Coelho Il. Vicksein Baumgarten 12. 0'Dell Keefe 13. Pat Holland 14. Wanda Tuggle 15. Rose Marie Bettencourt 16. Linda Martin 17. Barbara Becker Welte 18. John Brewer 19. Hazel Menezes 20. Barbara Johnson 21. Doris Elaine Cox 22. Inez Colvin 23. Fern Todd 24. Olga Frutuozo 25. Ruth Sanchez 26. Ermaline Pires 27. Jacqueline Costa 28. Patty Rippee 29. Ken Adair 30. Lavern Lawrence 31. Grace Andrade 32. Pat Rutledge 33. Virginia Carvalho 34. Mike Shannon 35. Bill Bowen 36. Sara Cottengim 37. Errol Nichols 38. Jack M ers 39. Leroy Woolman 40. Bobby Jenkins 41. Barbara Monger 42. Bobby Powell 43. Jim Flanery 44. Jim West 45. Myrna Dysart 46. Naomi Harrison 47. Janet Dupuy 48. Genevieve Johnson 49. Phyllis MacMillan 50. Judy Giffin Carolyn Miguel Ted Bergman Bobb Hill Laurel Grant Rachel Soto Donald Hoffman Gayle Sherman Movita Gomez Jo Ellen Ellis Rosalie Head Jimmy a Peggy Story Leota Newport Jack Golston John Phillips Gloria Airosa Billy Schneider Bertha Hooley Rachel Alvara Peggy Ramke Judy Brantley Joyce Waldrip Jean Riley Charlene Driscoll Shirley McAllister Jean H June Korneff Bill Peacock Kay Altaffer Cheri DeLand Bernadine Souza Jim Barnes Almeda Hooley Pat Orislo Elwanda Dunlap Deanna Richmond Irene Cardoza Joan Buttram Betty Jo Criner Sunny Lou Salyer Virgie Garrett Sarah Hanks Shirley Simmons Bonnie Daniels Eleanor Grljalva Marlene Heptner Berta Lawry Henrietta Infante Karen Pet01'S0ll Wanda Taylor Louise Riedesel Nancy Balaam Ask if a year of college had made any difference in his eldest son, a farmer reflected: uWell, he's still a good hand with the plow, but I notice his language has changed some. It used to be 'Whoa, Becky,' 'Haw,' and 'Git upl' Now when he comes to the end of a row he says, 'Halt, Rebecca! Pivot and proceed'!n lltlt Grandpa Watkins was somewhat absentminded. so his wife wasn't too surprised when he came in from a walk to the post office and announced that he guessed he'd lost his umbrella. 'When did you first miss it?n Grandma wanted to know. uJust now,n replied Grandpa. ult stopped raining, and I reached up to put it down and it wasn't there.n ULCGSS , .Q .-:-. .:. Q ' 4 l 2 ga 1 5 gh' aw X . ' , ,h,h X' an , 4 'kg if 4-5f..Q 1. 2' 1 . V ' fix. 1. "Why?" 2. 'Topper' 3. "Hot Stuff' 4. "Dressed to Ki11" 5. "Gee Whizn ...mp Xi C w g' " s 'fx Xx 3' Nfgffz, 3 . A e 3 ,,.. eg. .rf if af Ki ix 6. "Big Sister' 7. "I see You" 8. 'Midget Mite' 9. "Well, Let's See' '46 V. 1, . :ZH A I.,' I 1 I Y ,, i , , . fy xx 7, kt f 0 le W Y . mklinw 'aw M, " 10 "I'm SIU' 11. "I'11 Grow Up" 12. "Pretty Boy" 13. "Dutch Treat' 14. "Not Guilty" AQ. -WF 'uma I 15. "Here I Am" 16. "Doll Baby" 17. "Surprise!" 18. "Attention" , ffm: if :ffl if '-::.' X' EEZ 5 wi. :. fx 25 3 iff 'Q 5 is 91 is .:,. .N .4 .. 5, 19- "Cheese" "sweet and Gentle" 21- "Biz Eyes' 22. 'ooh momev' 23. 'thorns Girls" 24. "Hold That Pose' 25. 'Bright Eyes' 26. "Don't You Dare!" 27. 'Social Butterfly' 2 -wr N 23- "PI'6ttJ' DOS' 29. "Tub 8z Tubby' 30. "Oh Myz' 31. "Uninterested" T' -..M ., pg.. M1 32, 'What 9, Line" 33. "Smile Pretty' 34. 'Tarzan' 35. "Sassy" il .ns 36- 'Bathing Beauty' 37. "Shaky" 38. "Me az My Jaguar" 39, "Peek-a-boo' ,I we ill H' 4:,', . ' -.,-, Y bull ' at ... 131- an 'BQ 5 .ff in , N H - 40. "I'm Warm' 41. "Knock-Knees" 42. 'Bowling champ" 43. "I'm a cowboy" V--r . :. I T N-,-gfalw if kmwgif ,..A:, ' 1 if wr 'gi ' , Q T . . 2 if , if .1 A Q E' gg. K . ix if it VZ! ? .. ., , s .. s ff gg' ' as gf ar if H 1 . , ,..: . ..., . J QV-S ,.'.'A 1 f '," '-.. .-'., 5 ,A'AA -A,A"1: 1 44. "Sailor Man" 45. "Keep Away!" 46. "Baby sitter' 47, 'you Donft Sayln ta. ,vu fx, I 4 A sf A , ff' .fm-ef 1. 5219 M 19 Q ' 'S A I 1' . ' ,:: - .:: " it 243- ivy! , f J.: .,,. A K .,.,. E - gh ' , 5 ' .,.. , Ee, . Jw 48. "Miss America 1995" 49. "Swimming, Anyone?" 50. "Queenie" 51. 'Her Majesty" 'S' . ' f . 2 -'fy TTU v A . . A A f 52. "Get Me Out" 53. "Hey, Come Back!" 54, '1,1tt1e '1-angleyv 55, -'Careful Noi' Q Xa, fi ,--- 'fi . W . fi, J ff 'X a M' ,ff 1 Mi 56. "Space Man" 57. 'Think so, Huhl' 58. 'Shy but Sweet" 59- "NO, UG' M L X Q i. ,- , V .1 .2 1 Km ya Q' ,I I 'Af ' K M 2' we . V f"? "1 '1 7: ,www Q . , ' 5 'r Vs " 'ft KNWQ, x .r r A g um ...pp . Q5 Q 7 M W L, 51 i J' gif V fi, 60. "Sunny Bunny" 61. "I'm Mad Now!" . .3 . Q., 'N""'Z"' , 1. '::- Y eff' ... 4. gxkw 953.9 i 64. "No K1dd1n" 65. 'I won't cry' wr 2 .... QR .im f QE 62. 'A Little Kid" 63. "You Scared Me 66. "Big Boy' 67. "Big Deal' Fqfwhb "' "Vw 7.5- muu ds. . .. .4 . A 68. NGO Away' 69. "Where's My Food?" 70. "Ready, Go' 71. 'Sleepy Sue" wig, ' 5 . . . ,Q . M ' , 8 7 vi I, A' , " , f5'f rf. X K - .5 nik 2 ' . 3 W if . W . K5 L is ' ly 8' 72, vgonestlyv 73. "I'm Leaving' 74. "It's the Baby' 75, 'Going Steady" 75, "1-1015 Dog" f A L wk . 77. "Oh, Shut Up' 78. 'Rainy Day' 79. "Sitting Pretty" 80. 'Navy Blues" ww'--w....,,, 81. "I Dare You' 82. "Very Bright' 83. "That: Tick1es" 84. 'Think Ha.rd,G1r1" gif' .. A.. I-1 4' ' Qi-YKLER ? is sg? rvanzmwwmrw., 15, . Awrfrwgg wigs?- Q kiwi H 1 an pq xififgw sf' 365.10 Aw, 1-V ' s ,V ' fy, 2 . I Y. ' Qxwl' J 1 I ,gmf f 5 Q it r B A 353' is . A .n,' . 85. "Oh Geel' 86. "Poetic" 87. "Ain't This Nice?" 88. "Well, Now' ,-sgqlgh 7' , ,Q p " . Wt U w NR' W 1 W., , ' . .,,. - '- -W. ' ' "":' W , .-:.,.,:. 3 F , . W. . me.. 1 I N xg 1 2 ,. A "Uf,,HE'L L-9' --...M--A 1 ja , " wi. fr" v 'S' M we J 1 af if 5 .4 X ga. 89. "Boom-Boom' 93. "Ah, Gee V1 .eil An! 4 5" Ex iii, fills!! 3 97. "Look Here! " 90. "Oh Please' 91. "You Better Not' 92. 'Sunday Best" w W 94. "Oh Joy' 95. "Dig That Mop' 95- "Oh YOU!" fr' ' 1 Q 3 I K ,gif ' ,, ' ,bl V h 9. gk .- 4 m, . 9 """' .wr ,L air 4 I ' f , 4.-.sd , .3 .1 N' V .- 4 92? K' T A iff. 3. -f Hi! L, 98. "It's Mine" 99. "Blossom" 100. "I D1dn't Do It' CHQJSS Kenneth Adair--Oil tycoon in Oklahoma. Wayne Adkins--Just plain red on the head. David Aguilar--Peddling pencils on Main Street. Gloria Marie Airosa--Consultant to Emily Post. Joe Airosa--Will be chief cotton picker for the amalgamated cotton pickers. Mavis Virginia Allen--Homemaking teacher in a women's prison. Kathryn Agnes Altaffer--Manager of a girl's bad- minton team in the 1968 Olympics. Pedro Contreras Alvarez--Running a concession stand on Coney Island. Loren Alvin Alves--Pro boxer at Pixley Round Garden. Grace Ann Andrade--Raising chinchillas. Shirley Ann Babb--Modeling under garments at I. Magnin's in Los Angeles. Frances June Baker--Operator of a grocery store in Goshen. Nancy Ann Balaam--Spliting oboe reeds in the New York Philharmonic. Patsy Ruth andy--Operating a car wrecking agency. James Howard Barnes--Member of the U.N. fUnorgan- ized Nincompoopsb. Gladys Vicksein Baumgarten--Posed for Esquire Magazine. Barbara Jo Anne Becker--Mother of 34 fWowl. Therald Adelbert fTerryb Benevido--Translator for the Russian Embassy. Ernie Benevides--Owner of the King Ranch in Texas. David Leonard Bergman--Still be surveying the trade. Truman fTedJ Bergman--v.P. of Billy Graham Inc. Dewey Wilson Berry--Bull fighting in Russia. Rose Marie Bettencourt--Top actress at Pasadena Playhouse. Dale Joe Blackwood--Hopping up Volkswagons. Clarence Booker--Beauty contest judge in Palm Springs. Ethel Cornelia Booker--Living in a trailer and selling oranges in Lindsay. Edward Joseph Borges--Writing poems for Marleen. William Aubrey fBillb Bowen--Chief button pusher at Columbia Studios. Judy Carol Brantly--Still trying to get through Local and State. John Harlow Brewer--Prima Donna in Sadler Well's ballet. Gregory Gail Brott--Coach at Tipton Tech. Alvin Homer Brown--Superman on T.V. Beverly Jean Brown--Woman cop in New York. Charles Edward Brown--Teacher at Cal Poly. Josephine Brown--Chief cook at the Moulan Rouge. Ludie Elizabeth Brown--Taking Aunt Jemima's place selling pan cakes. BeverlysueBruning--MarriedtoSir Cedric Hardwick. Marlene Yvonne Bryant--Sitting on the knee of the president of the Ford Company. Levern Butler--Taking Nat King Cole's place. Marita Joan Buttram--Homemaking teacher at Waco, Texas. Esther Lucille Cabello--A Spanish fandango dancer in Spain. Audrey Mae Cain--Clerk at Saks Fifth Avenue. rep ceccices Donald Clyde Caldwell--Four Star General in the Foreign Legion. Ralph Campbell--Manager of a lady wrestler Chis wifeb. Katie Mary Canales--Managerofall girl hockey team Mary Ida Capsin--English teacher at T.U.H.S. Irene Rosie Cardoza--Going to be a detective and spy on people. James Arthur Carroll--Second Wyatt Erp. Virginia Mae Carvalho--Bottle cap openerat Herby's Hot Dog Stand. Daniel Chabiel--Mechanic at General Motors Corp. Gary Coday--Great lover in the movies. Desmond Thomas Coffee--Olympic Skiing Champ. Ralph Coffman--Gum sampler for Double Bubble. Inez Ann Colvin--Searching under rocks and places for a man. Kenneth Wesley Corley--President of the Lonely Hearts Club. Melvin F. Correia--All American halfback for UCLA. Jacqueline Rose Costa--Teaching the nCongan at Arthur Murray Studios. Mary Lou Costales--Chief egg tester at a fish hatchery. Sara Dean Cottengim--Bow-legged bubble dancer at Carnigie Hall. Grady Lewis Coulter--President of the Grady noodle factory. Doris Cox--Singing partner for Stan Free urg. Peggy Cox--Inventor of perfumed towels. James Albert Crase--Janitor for T.U.H.S. Carlyn Louise Crawford--Playing the part of Secre- tary in real life. Betty Jo Criner--Nurse on the uMedic.n Paul Crisp--Maker of the 'TH letter on Royal Typewriters. George Arthur Cunningham--Lipstick tester for Hazel Bishop Enterprises. Bonnie Louise Daniels--Mather of the largest family in the United States. Loraine DeCraimer--Married to a Prince. Sue Ann Delamater--Married to a college professor at Ivy College. Cheri Lee DeLand--Starring in a motion picture called uShort Stuff.n Billy Gene Dickerson--Training Arabian Horses for Bing Crosby. Charlene Mary Driscoll--Catcher for the New York Yankees. Martha Elwanda Dunlap--Beautician for M x Factor. Janet Irene Dupuy--Being real Glad over Lester. Boyce Lyndle Dykes--Running 'Boyce's Bestn used car lot. Myrna Jean Dysart--Race driver for Murphy's Thunderbowl. Jo Ellen Ellis--Princess Grace Rainier's private secretary. Walter Charles Emken--Human brain for Proctor and Gamble. Claude Emmerson--Little league baseball manager of 1959. Hazel Pauline English--Cartoon drawer for Walt Disney. Theresa Mary Fernandes--Raising a form of Chinese chicken. James Allen Flanery--Tab Hunter's stand in. 'gyreilvfllee Ford--Biggest Chevrolet dealer in the Ban Joaquin Valley, owning an Oldsmobile. Janis Man! Franklin Forrester--Modeling bathing suits in Catalina. Robert Kent Franklin--Professional Po-Go stick. Olga June Frutozo--Mrs. Tulare County of 1960. Lynne Louise Frymire--Selling crutches for Blue Cross. Paul Claudell Fuery--Soup sampler for Duncan Hines. Frances M. Galaviz--Singing at Margaret 0'Brien's wedding. Norma Joan Gallagher--Following her mother in P.T.A. work. Barbara May Garcia--Having the cutest kids yet. Eddie V. Garcia--Caretaker at the Yankee Stadium. Virgie Esther Garrett--Professional Navy woman. Michael William Garrison--Running a soda fountain and married to a college girl. Judy Gale Giffin--Raising little Paggi's. Albert Lester Glad--Courting De-Poo-Poo. Jack Rodney Golston--Inventor of the push button home. Movita Lorraine Gomez--Taking minutes at the New York stock exchange. Billy Edmond Gorden--Counting the twenty-thousand tiny filters for Viceroy. Leston Deronda iL.D.J Gorden--Still trying to graduate from high school. Richard William Gordon--Just relaxing with a book and a bottle froot beerl. Laurel Ann Grant--A tea-totaler running a beer company. Floretta Gall Green--Raising a big batch of little Overstreets. Richard Lee Green--Manufacturing slide rules to be used for Iowa State tests. Eleanor Gloria Grijalva--Chemistry teacher'atTUHS. Thurman Lloyd Dale Grinage--Garbage collector. Albert Doyle Hale--Polishing cars at a 5 minute car wash establishment. Judith Anetta Haley--Very happily married. Woodrow Allen Hamilton--Announcer on a radio pro- gram at KCOK. Kenneth Earl Hampton--Psychologist working for Marlon Brando. Sarah Ann Hanks--House mother in a girl's home. Donald Eugene Hansen--Public accountant for Pabst Blue Ribbon. Gayle Delight Harrington--Working as a clerk in the attendance office. Neoma Ruth Harrison--Go to college and be a poli- tician. Rosalie Anne Head--Live in Carmel with Johnny and raise brats. Nora Ila Mae Helms--Pickingupbottles froot beerx Marlene Irene Heptner--Starting early to build her own Navy. Joe Allen Hickman--Running the 100 yd.dash in 9.0. Bobby Joe Hill--Biggest sensation since James Dean Cfalse teeth and ally. Ronald Wayne Hinman--Still tearing transmissions out of his car. Donald Leroy Hoffman--A mechanic for Trans-World Airlines. Patricia Ann Holland--Raising little Sax players. Darryl Leon Hollis--Running a bus between Tulare and Visalia Che careful the dogs are out boy! Guess Who? Sharon Lee Homfeld--Writing novels about insanity. Almeda Helen Hooley--Peach picker at Tagus. Bertha Mae Hooley--Running a hat store in Pixley. Charles Ronald Iacono--Dragging his jeep asainst Eldorados and winning. Henrietta Gaona Infante--Running around in a Volks Wagon instead of a model T. Ronald Edwin Erwin--Raising Palominos. Bobbie Lois Jenkins--Mechanic for United Airlines. Barbara Ellen Johnson--Making A's at Stanford. Genevieve Johnson--Taking Marilyn Monroe's place as a stand in. John Tyler 4Buddyj Johnson--Man with the Blue Suede Shoes. Wilbert Louis Johnson--Owning a book stand of Esquire Magazines. Earnest 0'Del1 Keefe--Future chapter Dad of Tulare De Molay. Max Byron Kelso--Writing an unabridged dictionary. Bill Van Keys--Still hot rodding main street. Reatha Faye Keys--Waitress at the Oval in Visalia. John M.Korenwinder--The wor1d's greatest telephone pole climber. Jean and June Korneff--Both posing for uWhich Twin Has the Toni?' Irene Victoria Korte--Dancing the 'freepn at the Mocambo. Elwood John Lancaster--Intern in Stockton State Hospital. Jacques Lanthier--Flying Canadian Express. LaVerne Carmen Lawrence--Head leader of the Brownies in Tulare. Madeline Ann Lawrence--First woman jet pilot to break the sound barrier. Berta Lou Lawry--Married to J.D.Rockfeller the 4th, Sidney Merle Levin--Playing the Russian Radjevsky for the world's chess championship. Carolyn Yvonne Lewis--Can-Can girl at a Paris night club. Diane Cecile Linder--Future Secretary of Interior. Mary Louise Lopez--Head lady ofJay's Beauty Salon. Rosetta Loring--Missionary in Tripoli. Fredrick William Luehe--Private pilot for Ken Adair. Vincent Gale Mark--uspankyn in 'Little Rascals.n Judy Ann Marshall--Chemistry instructor at San Quentin. Linda M. Martin--Taking Lily St. Cyr's place. Tony A. Medrano--Farm labor boss. Charlene Meek--Director for M.G.M. Maggie Meitzenheimer--Manufacturing baby "F'ords." Hazel Ann Menezes--Homemaking teacher at TUHS. Lucy Ann Menezes--Buying toys for her kids. Ludrie Denez Menezes--Debator at UCLA. Carolyn Ccarusob Miguel--Editor of Irans largest newspaper. Roger Everett Milnes--Still hiding goodies out at Pheff. Barbara Jean Monger--Searching for"Litt1e Hermans on the beach at San Diego. Ronald Lee Monk--Living in Iran with his harem. Wesley Merle Moorehead--Ping-pong champ of Anchor- age, Alaska. Jerry Don Morris--Trainer of homing pigeons in Egypt. Clayton Rodney Moulds--Henpecked husband. Billy Ray Murch--Training hampsters to fight for money in Walla-Walla. John Loman Myers--Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde on T.V. Phyllis Jean MacMillan--Polishing lenses in a sun glass factory. Clois Aubrey qsonnyl McClure--Best Souper-Upper of Model A's in the United States. James Arthur McNearney--Writer of Doctor Hudson's nSecret Journal.n Richard Wayne Nagle--Kim Novak's surf board in- structor. leota Mae Newport--Hole- poker in a doughnut factory. Errol Delmer Nichols--Professional lobbiest for J. McCracken. Joe Darwin Nolan--Candelabra polisher for Liberace. K.H. Northern--Caretaker of King Soloman's mines in Africa. Anthony lTony7 Lawrence Nunes--Cotton candy maker in a carnival in New York. Alfredo Nunez--Feature coach of TUHS. Johnny Nunez--Wrestler on T.V. getting an oscar for best actor of the year. Jerry S. Nutter--Trombone player for the uFire House Five Plus Two.n Patricia Leevon Orisio--One of the officials at Arden Farms. Emery Wayne Overstreet--Just plain Wayne. Gerald Wooldridge Owen--House father in a boys' dormatory. Joe Pacheco Jr.--Chief cow breeder in Earlimart. Kathleen Panella--Married to a sailor and raising little bell-bottoms. Delores Geraldine Patterson--Pea pickin' biscuit baker for Pillsberry. John CBustery Wesley Patterson--Olympic Champ of 1959. Bill Clark Peacock--Owninghisown airplane factory and building a million dollar home. Bona Madrid Pena--Spanish interpreter for the Tiajuana City Council. Thomas Lee Percival--Still patronizing Visalia. Henry Peralto--Playboy on the New York stage. Geneva Fay Peaton--Tooth brush painter for the Dr. West Tooth Brush Co. Harry Perry III--Owning and operating his own gas station and garage. Karen Ann Peterson--Flute player for Ina Ray Hutton's Orchestra. John Edward Phillips--Professional needle tester for Johnson and Johnson. Carolina Vierera fCarrieJ Pires--Driving and Olds and smiling. Ermaline Delores Pires--Manufacturing instant 'Coffeen beans. Bobbylfm Powell--Photographer for Advance Register. Constance CConnie5 Prado--Hair dye sampler for Nestle Lite. Albeza Mary Rabago--Get another scratch on her nose. lnrenzo Santos Ramos--Polishing shoesforNunbrush. Mary Ramos--Posing for Pepsodent advertisements. Howard Lester Reed--Professional dancer on Broadway. Phillip Ribeiro--Cotton farmer in down town Manhattan. Diana Gale Rich--Powers model in New York. Alfred Melton Richmond--Stunt rider for Barnum Q Bailey Circus. Deanna Lou Richmond--Just raising a bunch of little Franks. Louise Jeanne Riedesel--Woman forest ranger at Huntington Lake. Erma Jean Riley--Costume designer for Edith Head. Patricia Ann Rippee--Public speaker at Goshen. Gerald Leon Rogers--A great farmer and married. Patricia Ann Rutledge--Stunt girl stand-in for Annie Oakley. Demetria Salmon--Secretary at P.J.Eads Used Cars. Sunny Lou Salyer--a housewife. Ruth Sanchez--a famous night club sensation. Charles J. Sanders--will be making his loot on the Cousin Herb Show. Tom Wayne Scheidt--will be the owner ofthe biggest gambling club in Las Vegas. William Morris Schneider--will conduct tours through the Ozarks. Darlene Ann Scott--will be a rich divorcee. William Elliott Searcy--will be the owner of a beer plant. Adrienne Marie Serpa--will be the author of her book uHow To Remain Singleu. Michael Richard Shannon--will extend the Shannon Ranches up through Canada. Gayle Ann Sherman--will be teaching Home Economics at Cherry Avenue. Perry fBobJ Becker Shirley--will take over the Pinky Lee show. Peggy Colene Simmons--will be working for a dog food factory. Shirley Marie Litten Simmons--will invent a new kind of peanut butter. Don Richard Sortor--will gain fame as a trick rider in rodeos. Bernadine Louise Souza--will be head space suit model of Mars in twelve years. Daniel John Souza--will be sapping cows. Gail Ardella Stanley--will be making her living as a fisherman. Peggy Lou Story--recreational director in Tulare. Ila Marie Swayne--will be a housewife with twelve children. Sharon Sweetzer--will be the owner of a fish market. Wanda R. Taylor--will be the first woman president of the United States. Charles Roy Tedder--will be a teddy bear manu- facturer. Arthur Thomas--will bethe owne1'ofa Yo-Yo company. Betty Lou Thomas--will have a taco house on High- way 99. Gene Homer Thomas--will be one of Grace Kelly's butlers. Othene Thomas--will be the principal at a large school. Charles Stanley Tigner--will be a Justice of the Peace. Louanna Fern Todd--will be a famous designer at Warner Brothers' Studios. Armida H. Torres--will be a secretary to a big loan company. Wanda May Tuggle--will be the dancing star at the Stork Club at the special request of Tab Hunter. Jan L. Turk--will be a janitor at U.C.L.A. Ralph Lee Van Hooser--will be the owner of Disney- land. Albert Robert Velasco--will be the star of his own T.V. show. Golda Mae Voorhhes--will be working for Walt Disney. JoyceDarleneWaldrip--willbea famous veternarian. Mickey Malcolm Walker--will be a flutist for the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Shirlene Wall--will be an officer in the Women's Army Air Force. Bobh Arthur Ward--will bestriving hard to replace Alves Prestly. Gary Joe Warren--will be a top contender for the heavyweight championship of the world. Charlene Marie Watkins--the first woman to fly across the equator. he -athletic teams proved themselves league with their sportsmanship, and with the leadership of paramount coaching, Tulare produced five championship teams. We had few outstanding performers but the above average capacities of the whole team gave us these championships. We are now in a new league called the Central Yosemite which includes Mt. Whitney, Redwood, Porterville, Hanford, and Tulare. Tulare started out the year with two championships in the varsity and B football teams: the Redskins tying Porterville and Mt. Whitney for it b virtue of their three to one record, their only loss coming at the hands of Porterville in a heartbreaking three to zero. The B's went undefeated inleague play compiling a fabulous 106 points to the opponents zero. A lack of experience hindered the C football and cross country teams but the potentiality was there for future champs. After football and cross country, our interests turned to basketball and wrestling. The aggressiveness and alertness of our wrestling team placed them second in league play behind Roosevelt with a eight-one-one record, only a tie separating them twice. Tulare beat Roosevelt at the end of the season to give them one loss. Although not winning the championship, our varsity basketball team hit the peak of their season at the last game with Mt. Whitney and proved themselves the best. The Papooses also proved themselves champions with a final game splurge but it was too late as they had bowed to Hanford twice and Porterville. The Junior Varsity and C teams also proved themselves later in the season andshowed possibilities of future varsity and B stars. In the spring our fancies turned to baseball, track, golf, tennis, and swimming. The first two mentioned and tennis all producing championships. In baseball our JV finished the season undefeated while the varsity and C teams compiled excellent records. A lackofpitching and bench strength stopped close ones that prevented the A's from becoming champs. The varsity track team faired better than the brightest hopes when they captured the league meet with the remarkable edorts of almost every individual as they each did their best. Several records were broken by the B and C spikesters and the overall comment on our track team was nthe best in years.n The tennis team closed out their season by winning both boys and girls championships of the Southern Yosemite League. In swimming, able coaching produced outstanding individuals, but lack of attendance kept them from a championship. Golf, a newer sport at TUHS, lacked the experience to win but most of the boys are young and will do better next year. All in all, our athletic team was better developed this year than in any of the past and this reporter predicts many more championships next year. I I U I U 'You don't make very good music with that instru- ment,n said a bystander to the man with the bass drum as the band stopped playing. 'No,' admitted the drum-pounder, UI know I don't: but I drown a heap of bad music.n U I U U l X . Q Sv 5?3dil fit QL-fag 7.373 VV' 1. - W V ,n . ..'-N 5 utter.. B latch men and 1. wnittier on Author un Poems xc: Musician. 2. Gandhi fab Spanish General fb! French Author Qc! Hindu leader. 3. Irving fab History of N.Y. fb! Merry lives. lc: King Lear. 4. Tom Hardy fa: Politician fb: Novelist fc: Mathe- metician. 5. Tarkington fab Penrod fb: Atlantic fob Hurricane 6. Liscow fa: Historian Cb: Satirist Cc: Diplomat 7. Bach fa: Composer fb! Revolutionist fcb Journalist 8. Francis Bacon fab Painter fbi Poet fc: Author. 9, Sewell Cab Call of the Wild fb: East of Eden. ich Black Beauty. 10. Do1ly'Madison fab Hostess Cb! Diplomat ich Actress 4-H FAIRS Many students of Tulare High School are members of 4-H Clubs in all parts of the county. The following 4-H members were winners of the livestock showing: Registered Jerseys: Gene Asay l first and Jr.Champion: Wayne Bixler 2 firsts and Sr. Champion. Registered Holstein: Gerald Long Sr. and Grand Champion: Pat Robinette first place: David Brown second place. Registered Guernsey: Pat Orisio first, Sr. and Grand Champion:Darrell Walker second place. Grade Holstein: James Harvey first: Barbara Ward fifth, Omar Martin sixth. Grade Jersey: Dawn Asay first. Beef: Merle Soults first and second: and Champion steer:Joy Anne Shannon first: Mary Brown second. Showmanship: Sr. Dairy: Pat Orisio first: Wayne Bixler second: Gerald Long third: David Brown fifth: Gene Asay sixth. Sr. Beef Class: Merle Soults third. Jr. Beef Class: Joy Anne Shannon sixth. In showmanship classes only one class was won by a boy--Sr. Beef won by Howard Johnson of Porterville. CLASS PROPHECIES Ccontinuedj Arvilla Quay Webb--will be doing sound effects on radio. Gary Ronald Welton--will be a famous acrobat with Ringling Brothers Circus. James E. West--will have his own band, and will be touring across the country with Kay and the kids. Norma Jean Whisman--will still bemaking hamburgers for Nielsen's. Jerry Whiteman--will be a salesman for a baby powder company. Elwin Eugene Wilson--will be a cow-hand down Texas way. James Wilson--will be a P.E. professor at Mills College for girls. NanqyCarolWood--will bea marriage license seller. Robert Wood--will be a stand-in for Satch of the Bowery Boys. Walter Marvin Wood--will be cruising around in one of Tulare's fine police cars. Vernon Leroy Woolman--will be head engineer in the world's biggest airplane factory. Ronald Lynn Wyllie--will be head scientist on Saturn and Venus. Wesley Paul Yeary--will be running for Sheriff of Tulare County. Elvin Glenn Young--Spool maker for the Coats Thread Company. POSTURE QUEEN SHARON SMITH Janie Shore, Sharon Smith, Andra Goble 3rd lst 2nd OSWIMJPCG ccmnufcesik

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