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L.: ' A 1 'T 5153 's' 2 BE' A4 . f 'J 'Vw' -gs Y' uf. .S fa. ,A 1? Q ' 4, S.. 65" X A -.v-14 'HQ it ff ,:,.56fg!,4:, ,-1 vga, :ga iigq FN:-RfX.+.Q.1: ' ' I.-, is ., ' figqau.. bf: 4 gm 9 . 3, -596, 's 1 Z:.,Q,i'1,,1Q X. ,!,, ,mf .W - 'PS' :ra . . .m.4.' .. .,e -X x ' , we . -r Q.,-91 V. -, , '11 ,- Gzvf N, ,SHS .lr f mf. 1- nr-',' ., + , fx W. kax 'V DQARGUS 1939 af- uni ClCI I 1939 P Cllr U0 like Sill en S of Cm.O.,l,TU1Qf C If FGREWCDRD As Tulare high school has grown in a few short years from a small high school of 500 stu- dents to a school with an enrollment of 1200, much of the mutual understanding and apprecia- tion of the many activities about us has been lost. The Argus is the only medium by which the complete record of the school year can be sum- marized so that you may relive your own experi- ences and at the same time share in the pleasures and accomplishments of your fellow students. May Argus 1939 be forever for you a key to your storehouse of beautiful memories. ANITA WHISTLER, Editor. Vo U 1' Tale Chobe Foreword Deooefmeme Coo+eo+e Moleuee Theme Seoaore lo Memooom Cie ooee Alooof The Comooe Mmaoiefeofaoo Aclivilies Feolofeo CGNTENT5 0 I CUJQRK .Dil ND PLAY High . ife is m joys and school l . ade up l' sorrows defext o ., successes and z s, that in a few years will he hut cherished memories. Rather than give you a formal picture of the history of the year 1938 39 the staff of "Argus 1939" chose to picture candidly as well the other side, showing you and your classmates at work and at play. lf, as you thumb through the pages of 'tdepartinentsf you sense the atmosphere of formal- ity. yet. can enjoy a touch of hu- mor in "Unguarded lvlomentsv. you have caught the significance of the theme "VVork and Play". Six IN CYVIEXVXCDRIANX 0 Seven QQGBQUT THE. . we These are the landmarks which will linger in ou1' memories---the massive col- ums fronting the adminis- tration louilding, the state- ly palms in silhouette, the silvery Water-tower, and the simple beauty of alum- ni court. . . llligtht Seldom it is that We stop and realize there are many spots of striking beauty about the campus-guard ing sentinels, studies in lights and shadows, angles and elevations, and corri- dors flecked with deep shaa flows and framed by over- hanging branches. . . Nina' .CQANXFUS THEY STUDY , 1 X 3 N f Diligence will lx 1'exv1n'decl . . . Psst ,.., Tezicrhci' O Don't bite you 1' nails . . . llircls of ai fcuthei Only Z0 pages to go . . . English 4-oulcln't lm that exciting . . . Stulnpcrl 'Z I IMI I x llrolllcr, c-am you sparc an dime? 'l'1'umps, huh? I lfm-1. fool and fool. , . 'I'l'znin loaves in I5 minutvs, , . Nothing likv an formal gown. . . Uh you kill. . . Wlwlw-'fl you got thc- lux, Smith? THEY DRESS CUP Y u I J Q Y - x . , ', , P X - ' E fi '- :Q-. - 2 - 4 : , . 7 ' ' -"YW fi 5 l'1lv-YL-lm i 'X A ' X I A ' I :I " A 'rw' ul 6 ,JV -a L- ? 55 THEY DANCE Y I How to mlzmve pigeon-toecl. . . .Xrglh saves his slreugth while she dances merrily ou' xvurfl. . . lfulle1'tel'sz1 tule of woe as Vvinkie symputhizes. . . Casey looks sud. . . Take it easy, Sherman, . . Keep your riistalnve. XX 'JK ' ,f X Ng' f 7 I 'I'w4-lvl- ,L Vlzlssvs curl' so Iuoring .'Xlrsm'l lmuwluclgu. . . 'l'sI1! 'l'sh! liigl1Ihu1'c in p TH EY REST ming sun amd Vlwvl' up lla lll Iiuill HIIQIIVIIUS l'm'ly winks. - 1 ,- vw V1-rx' lirosnnw. tlu-sc ' V lUC'llll'L'S. . . llv sh' ,x 4-., f- 94 0115 in c-zwlwst. ft , , xx " " nw -475 he I f S.. . -4' ' Mak N. ' lhul xx 4-'ith AA , lx J ' Ag ff I A 1 ll " J THEY QONXE IN PAIRS 'ff 5 The Shcrmuns Mcmks Hurrises Morrises Middlctons Nielscns Whuleys Phillipses 5 , , N , . I x ' f x Jn ' , l"f1lll't lx . 'fp ' EAHA, 1 if " X l'IXt'L'1lli0llill mus' -z lzllunls. . . How cam hc bc so c-l1ccr1'f11l'? llorcling the sheep tho sluug1,l1t,c1'. . . flullg-fights ure Sl fun. . . Suphomorcs win again. . . THEY WNITIATE '-a w A 5. . I. A x 5 hi 751 uri gb In 'Q I"iI'u-vu L ' ' ,l I X - , 1- ' .1 Z X V-Q gd I I 5 THEY EAT E? f V VVe hope it's a coke. . Leave hand on out- side please. . . " X, Ah! Delicious. . . He's happy now but Wait 'till he chokes. . O Boy! Lookie what 1 got. . . How to eat banana with grace and finesse. . . XX ' Q I ff X ji f ,L if I Sixlz 1 ll ' . Di? C E 5 PRESIDENT KEITH NXUNGER This is perhaps my most difficult job-trying to tell you in a few short words the appreciation I have for the wonderful cooperation and support the students and fac- ulty have given me during the school year 1938-39. This year has been one full of activities-academic, athletic, forensic, social and musical. We have not filled our trophy case with loving cups but in our hearts we have a feeling that We have participated fully, have turned in creditable performances and have had a lot of fun. If you share this feeling with me you can grasp the meaning as I simply say, "Thanks to each and every one of you." KEITH MUNGER IZ d t ,rv- 5 -r 4 '4 ffl N .. 13 sn' Q 5 'Qc if 1 3 X if lv NS " f :iff -Q.. .JL STUDENT CQUNCIL lVl1isl,l01' Mills l-l2ll'1DCl' Young ,milk ' , 'J , -I Q, 5 ei -f .A I 1 5,,y."'hi1 A5 bfi i si W, s N x H S lV'1'l.:'StOll Whaley Watts 2-1' I Vtll 3 1 " X l Srl" lx lf v Z I If Fi ll X 'lil 1 x l A STUDENT CQUNCIL ln the hands of the Student Council rcst student activitie' Xl -.red all the s. 1 l athletics, l"lll'l' ' dances were ' ' C ics, l7l0gl'2llTlS L handled by th" ' C ,, . , , and J is gioup wh' - ' xciy Monday. ich met iegularl The officers who served this year were: Keith M ger. president, Bill Preston ' ' secr - ' ' " Y un- , vice-piesidentg Ora Whaley, ctaiy Oran Watts, treasurer' ' ' sioner ofl " ' ' ' ' , Duette Mill' Joys activiti s, commis- , es, Anita Wh' publication . istler, commissioner of sg Kathryn Young, commissioner of forensics, Frances Harper, commissioner of girls' activities, Mildred Vallister, advertising managerg Virginia W'icks, yell lead- er, Rosamond Fuller, president Girlls Student Leagueg Wendell Hagan, president of Boys' Federation. The four class presidents who served as ex-officio members were: Senior. Neal Hillman: Junior, Glenn Moran Jr. first se- mester and Jack .Jenkins second semester, Sophomores, Keith Hroaders first semester and Jack Luck second se- mester, and Freshman, Mildred Busby. Mr. Knokey, prin- cipal, and Mrs. Wilder, vice-principal, represented the ad- ministration. E v 1 xy luis xx' 'Nu 3 . ww vnu xg.-KW ' -au- ffn Q . ,WM K 'M ,- wf .. Q Nwxl' .ar In U We ', X-'Buch .- -X151 . NNN vXw W X, xN'll11i:u'- -eu' ' Xml ' I X-Qtltxvxys. ' xxxxtytaswqxxx, i X. Bulhnx. X . Au- 'Wiv- , xN'WfT,x,W- vuxxt. H' yn.. , tu XQQX-ezllo i,v5lX,ei'. 5 5 ff i ,A V' --,. -l NA - ' . 7, : ON Y lr sw ' x IM . X ' , H ,. ,f, Nlllvlvvll l C 'F - l A fs 7 lv 1 4. . l 'J I6 1' I .yu 7 l fx. 2'4f" QQARGUS STAFF Vlfhistlel' Campbell O Hoyt Watts 1,l'CSl,Oll L K , i Jones Tinglcy Suiter Gist Worley Twenty ARGU5 STAFF li ng you somethin annual this -V . . g dil'l'erent in an L .' year the Argus staff chose to combine the ser- ious side of school life with the informal part and give you school life from a candid slant. More than 2000 pictures were taken and from these "Argus 1039" has been produced. Anita Whistler served as editor of the book with the following staff assisting: Janette Gist. circulationg Rober- ta Suiter. Katherine Hoyt and Madeline Worley, write- ups: Oran Watts and Bill Preston, advertisingg .Iimmie Tingley and Charles Campbell, photography, and Mr. .limmie Jones adviser. The book has covers by S. K. Smith, Chicago, engrav- ing by Metropolitan Engraving Company I binding by lsaa H i an attempt to bri . ,os Angeles, . . e rothers, Los A111 ' ' 'l'ula' ' ' ' ugeles, and printing by ie Fimes. Q . W p 0 4 -510, NUWUU I welll x U . . lvl'- 'MVA XYuvU'Y' xx Utd -Luxwv' I . XS- ' xN"' XX . .Av- .eme- k-zxxxillhvuy . -73 ff ' 2 i I 7 gk ,Six , 7' SCR Wg, NI. 4- A 4' Y ra Xxx s.. - dx. my h Q ' gb nl, 4 , K , I 7 f . .I X E ,X Wiz. lv A' 1- r' I 3 K, - .V Y r NX -t WARWHCDCD P STAFF M All copy in today! Making a deadline. VVe want more issues like this. fw K Is that the best way to say it? Who's writing this mud anyway? Ad men plan a I . . Jig edition. ,I . NYU A tu 5. HW" REDSKIN WARWH 'l'hc ltedskin War-Whoop, four pagc, four column ncwspapcr of the student, body of Tulare High School was the project of the .lournalism class. The paper featured all types of school news-atlr lctics, plays, music and forensics along with a good share ol' scandal and features. There were three special editions during the year,- an cight page Christmas edition, an eight page Dedskin XYar-Groan, which was an April Fool razz edition, and the annual Commencement number. Various contests such as grid guessing were held dur- ing the year and created much interest. Regular exchanges were carried out with approxi- mately 50 other schools in the country. Part, of the cost of publication was handled by the students with advertising from local merchants taking care of the rest. Mr. .Jones was instructor. K. Uni" , i ' ' QK. -.xyuwlf-'.4.xuK UU A X ,U-dt .. tn. Nw- 'W-tv . ltlwku- .-x'. -msfw'b,iw"fQi-:vl"'x ' XX ' y, ' . ' ' ku. axle: UV-' v Uugalxektttill' bm . Vx-w' cv' Ni xN"'.x.xniw .utm- . yu. 1 Xu ' uv-L qt-VW mtbl 'K .U nat: Q TVX. -UN' y-'xx' UA .u ' X Hnnnk gckmkyi ' .YXXU s . , Q - . - ' -2' ..g J " +V? 'Z' xx'-g My, lily-'I'l1it-c A , K P . I fl am. u ftlmmlw .gm L tg, Nvvhi. X QCP 4 0 y , Z' 1 G 1 3 1 1 Q1 N i 1 X 1 X 1X l? .I ' I , 1 rg o,, S' wi --2'-Y l r--.. DQADVANCED QBAND Menilrers of t111- 12:1111l' Dalton Allen. Marvin A111-11, .Ivan H:11z1z1111, llarold Heck. 111-1111-1 lilooinquist, Nlaryzarm-t liorlra, xxvillllll' liostxlrd, Patsy 1'!i1'khe:1d, Ruby Brooks, A1111 111-l1e1'a11t11'ell. N12Al'S112111 f'l1UlHb1il11, Mary l1h1'lS1111ilS, Ralph Cole, Kenneth fiUOI1t'1 1,1111 IJZIINVIII1, I1Ul'iSI121I11l'01l, Harold lbickson, Joe 111'il1i11g', Keith 1Gx'z1ns,1.11-1211111 ldindley, 111-1's1-111-1 1+'11r111's, 1111-1111111 1"11lg'har11, liosaniond Fuller, .lim 112lYI'21S, Hill 11:11'1-1-tt, Dan 1111111111111, llelon 1il'?l111, 111111 Hesse, James Hooks, Lois llossavk, Hom .lllh11S1111, 141611111 Kirlier. lflarold Mabry, 131-r11'i11 311144111-ll. l'har1otte Mitchell, Jay Mitrllell, Keith Alll1lL'l'1', N111'111:1n Nelson, liavon 1'osto11, Roger Plltfllilll, li2ltllt'l'i111 1 1 1 y XX 1111 Push 111111111 l'1Ne1 111 1 111 Nlhirl' Ivo11'1 9-ivre 1'1e1111 Ray, lbarryl 1111115 ': ' X A , 1 ' 11 ' s, '1' 12 '1 Sisson U1-1-il Smith, llarris Smith, Ke11111e 11 Smith, 11144 vm' , .. , t an his 11.11t, A1t lflll, 1.1o11.1111 Vinson. Dorothy XY21lli4'1', Al1ll'1'2lj' Wilson, XYz1llz1v1- liyrrl, liertron Stk-V1-11son, .Io1111 11111-stis, Ralph 1+Iol'. .'X1111'1'11'il f'17I'1'1U1'1l, A1111:-belle Hrowii, Mildred 1'allistvr, Glenn l'Idw11r11s, Betty Myers, Opal Whaley, Ura VVhaley, Katherine Hoyt. Although its membership was slightly smaller this year than in other years, the sixty-three members of the band held up the band's record of being one of the finest activity groups in the school. The senior class dominated the band this year, one- third of the chairs being occupied by seniors. The re- maining two-thirds are about equally representative of the other three classes. The first appearance made by the group was at the Tulare-Kings county fair at the beginning of the year On Armistice Day the band marched in the parade at Vi- salia, playing a joint program with the Visalia band in the morning and then played at the football game be- tween Visalia and Tulare in the afternoon. The band al- so played for all the other home games, both football and basketball. A new presentation this year was a band concert given during assembly for the entire student body. The band also marched in the Memorial Day parade, participated in the Hanford Homecoming and the Visalia ltodeo parades. .,f N i ,. 1 xx ' 'y ' ,f X1 f - " If '1'w1-11tV-Foul' s,,'L 3 - DRUM fvxAQioREU55 on M Cantwell . Held f " al . ,Id , " "5-1 I 4 A new feature this year, the drum ma- jorettes, with their bright uniforms and flashing batons, have added much to the color and splendor of the marching band. I Af Whiteside - x.-.f 'l'wenty-Five 15 -I 4 I H 74 fa 91 i CDRCH ESTRA ' l V35 L . 4 1 's-1 160,11 , . . ,. ,t l irstj Wolt'm'd. XV2lll:tm-. Ilt-id, Iiisc'ouei', Hill, Stout-, XX'liitesirlo. Voopz-i', ltlvutls, NIH c-ond: lloole-xp Murmlovlt, Vivo, t'arfloza, Uallistvr, lializtiaii, Me-tleros, ,Xnds-rson ' . , x, . '. .' 7 1 ' ' ' A he . ,. 1. , .zu ian. latex, talllster, Hit:-lir'o:-lq. l'l'llIllt4rZ2l, l,uk1-, lflari-is. let ' 1 I' wit. .lt-psou, Kina, Wlialoy, lloyt, llousoii, I"l'YlIlll't', Mr-lliiire, llzirris Sip: lfittli: Smith, lUliXY2ll'1l14, llillmun. I'ulsou, Mya-rs. Hliznley, Air, White, Ht-islull lilou 1 Tliiid I tlnlm kt i lfouith lio Vliillips, l'I1lwz'trtls, lappas, XYest, Hdwarrls. "ln u Toy Shop", a variety program presented for the Adult Week-End school, was the feature program of the year presented by the orchestra. The program. which played to an estimated erowd of more than 1500 persons, carried out the theme of Santa Claus' toy shop with such characters as Ferdinand the llull. toy soldiers and Shirley Temple dolls. The orrhestra also furnished music for Drama night and the Junior and Senior class plays. Several members of the group were chosen for the Western Music Conference orchestra anil played with that organization in Long Heaeh. Those selected were: liosamond Fuller, flute: Katherine Hoyt, clarinetg llilly Garland, Mildred Callister and Reynold lliseoner. violins. Mr. White was director of the orc-hestra. ,f K Ju ' l I 'A rv, f ' T f 'sf l I 'I'wel1l5' .L T -S JUNIQR BAND --S P AUD' First: Hilbert, Penwell, Seitz, Stepheusen, Billiardi, Martinho, XVoodard, Stone, Luis. Sci-oErl:k Iwlartinez, Correia, Simmons, Costa, Mendez, Correla, Levin, Moyle, Randle, ic et s. Q .50 4 I Although they make no public appearances, the members of the Junior Band fill an important part of the music department, for they serve as a preparatory group for the Senior or Advanced Band. The group is made up of students in the first and second year instrumental classes. Beginners spend their first year in individual instruction, go to the junior band the second year and advance to the senior organization their junior or senior years. Students who come to Tulare high school with instru- mental training may start in either the junior or ad- vanced hand. s 9 - N 1 A ,lx -1 vi 7 2 -"'- IP - ' ' P 'l'wcilty-Sn-vi-xi T g J.. x IVXIXFD CHQRU5 fe, K X . wi' Ifirst: Nlyrtlc Luton, Blziiilw-mi f7V4'l'!4ll't't'l, lillcn llogan, Alai-joric Uwe-11, Vernlo tire-:.:o .lalnes liiiclqlcy, ltiarl Hook, Alazuual Yriquc, Beverley Hawes. Lorraine i'1lll'i1lll5-Y, Fai-ul l'l:ii'k, 4'ai'rin- l'irs-S. I-Il'iim-sliiic lbcllie. Second: lialcliattl Stl-plu-nson, Norma llutlcr, Virginia Aslin, Elsie lrrnioutle, Nlarit- llall Imp Foopt-r, Ii--an Mlkins, John Sullivan. llarold Smith, lie-ssie Hurts, l-it-tty lfaiicliti Iloris Poole. 'I'hirtl' Helen Soults. Itlvvlyn l'rabtrc1-, llonaltl ilt'l'pi2llliZ, llick Smith, .lack Jenkins, lov .gn-.., X '-.- I .. is z ,..wy,.. f' fgwl llippcc, ,Mia Pugh. lmrolliy llamrou. Most of the public appearance work in vocal music during the year was handled through the mixed chorus, membership of which is limited to students who have had at least one year of training in the glee clubs. The main project of the group was the school oper- ctta. "Oh. Doctor." with the leads being taken from the chorus. Other outstanding performances were made in radio programs. the Christmas program and at Adult Week-End school. Soloists who made several appearances during the year were: Helen Soults, Dorothy Damron. Carol Clark, Maureen Overstreet, Don Cooper and Earl liook. The boys' quartet. taken from the group, included: Yerdo Gregory. Don Cooper, llob Rippee and .lack .len- liins. The members of the girls' quartet were: llelcn Soults. Dorothy llamron. Marie Hall and Rachel Stephen- son. I ' f 'xx . ggi' f I, I f X X 'l' -- 1- lf"--1 is Ci , I unix 5- .l,, ll 1 - i X BUYS GI FF l ...W t R I , ,terse-awww ' L, lmn liix'lc1mtn'i4'k, .lmfltnny Lewis, Forrm-st Mgmt, .lsuye Ug.:'lc-tree. lizlymontl Moylv, Unsey S2111 ns, Alim 'IvI'llllllblI, lit-ith Hrozuh-rs, .lzunvs Alt-Vztllister, XYillis Atlatms, Shelly 'l'lirone- In-x'ry, tin-ratlcl Wiles, Hztroltl Stull, Hzlrl l'a1w, lmnnit- l,5lIll'2lSll'l'. ." . The boys' glee club is mzule up of boys who huve haul no previous experienr-e in vocal music, most of its mem- hers being freshmen and sophomores. During the year the group took part in the school operettu, "Oh. Doctor", the Christmas progrznn put on by . , the music department, and zlppeurefl on one ruclio pro- grtnn late in the yeur. Don Kirkpatrick sung at solo ut the time of the ruclio lmrouclcust. After at your of experienc-e in the group the members step up to the mixecl chorus. Mr. l.ewis is vocal instructor. J 7 'l1XXl'lll1'-Nlllt' . 3 5 . LJ ' FX "1 s,,.., fi' - 'jf I l ti Q f 61111 5' GI FF M, 'ax ,11 1 1"11's1: 11111Iy 5111111-, 1111s:1 1111111113 .Xlziry Iiorgos, 1'111xz1111-111 1'1-1-11, 1.1111 'l111'111-1', Mzlry A1111 1111, 11111111 I?11ss11111, 1111s1.1v11 Iiiliivy, 1,1-11111 3l41l'l'1S, Mziry 1111114ss, .1111111it11 lY11I11'11n. 311111 I,:1w1-1-111:1-, Y711'g1l1121 11v:11o11, Lois S1111111Jy, 1'z11111J1'i11o l,H21I'11, Av1111el XY11111z11-11, S111rl1x S111i111. S1-1-111111: 1.e11:1 B14'11'1'ilS ,xilil l"1'Jill1il111I 1C1x'1A1'z1 l'2ll'1iAl1Z2L,l'i11'1St'2l 1111wt11o1-111-, 111111111 S1111 E . '71 f 'z',l:1,"1' 'i' ,,".'- 1 "Q. .11 21 1: 11J1s',.'1'-1"1 111-11s. 'Doris Mort, Mziry 1,11r11z1, 1.111'1111- lN1i'i.i111Ll111l11, M1111 'I'111111111s11n, K'112ll'1"1lt' 1Zr111 XIIIX 1111111111 X1 X111 XX 111111 101111111 1111111111 l 1111 1'11111 1 11111 X111 XXIII 'I'11i1'11: 111111111 1111111-r, .Ios1-11111111- V111111111, 1'11111e1'i111- l1'o1111111', Mfiy l':f1XX'2ll'11S, 1'1-111'1i111+ NV11i11 Myrxi 1,111y11,'1C1si11 l'2lI'1i1lZ1l, N1'11i1- i'1'1'1'1l. 1:L'1lI'2l'2l112l 1'11s11v, 1.or1J1- i!2ll'1111'1', 111-s1-111 IVUIILIIZIS. I.111'1111' Xx'21l'11. I1'1-1111 l'41'i1OlS, 1.1-11111-s 1x11111v1'. 141111'11111'1- 111111111-11, A11e111 1'1ly A111xi111- lilovfxr, A111121 Lewis. Sixly-lwogirls1111111111111 1l1CCIir1s' 111120 011111, 1l1o 11111:- osi of 1110 x'o1'111 groups i11 1116 s1111oo1 111111 111111e1' 1111- 11i1'1r1'- 11011 of Mr. .111111es A. Lewis. T110 11lL1j0l'11y of 1110 group was 111111112 up of F1'6ShlHQ1'l 111111 SU17110lH01'CS. T111- 1-11111 11111'111-1111111111 in 1111111y cve111s11uri11g1111-your singing 1111111 11s 1111 i1111ivi1111111 1-11111 111111 in 1'o11111i111111o11 111111 1110 other two groups. Mixed Chorus 111111 Boys' Gicc. '1'11o group l1lJl7QL11'611 011 111e 1'CgL11L11' weekly school l1ro11111'11s1. took part 111 the C11ris111111s D1'0jfI1'k11T1, the oper- 1-1111 111111 A111111 Week-emi School. Several of 1119 girls 111 1110 1-11111 111111lo i1111ivi1111111 kl1J1JCLl1'L111CCS 111 11iffero111 pro- g1'11111s. '1'111r two glcc 1'111lJS Z11'0 1'Cf1ll1S11CS for c1111'11111-er 111111 11112 s1-11oo1 1'1101'11S. X ,'r I f ,,l'l g X "1i1 1- V 1 11 1, 11 1 1 X11 l4'ullc:1' Whist lol' lflllis The Tiger liumley Pappas Mic-higizm Hoyt l lu rris l,i ppim-ott I Pup' ms Ivlic-higizm llyingl Rumloy l,i ppi ncott llznrris I l'1'e-sented by the sonioi' class. Friday night. April 28, in the high school auditor- ium. , . lul hs lfullci' ll21l'l'is Whist 101' lloyt 'l'l1ii'ty'0nu MTIGER HGU5 E" i hi ,W .l JG 1 Z' N. 4 fbyl, X ,, I ' , A I l l. l f -, l 1 JUNICDR PLAY n ln, Young, Jenkins, Waters, Voston, Suiter, Coll-, Howes, Kumley, e L ureiro, Hampson. The three-act farce, "Going on Seventeen", was the successful Junior class play presented in the high school auditorium December 9, under the direction of Miss Irene Conley, Junior class adviser. Charming Mrs. Carbart was played by Roberta Sui- ter with Ralph Cole taking the part of Mr. Carbart. Their children, Florence and Bud, were played by Betty Rum- ley and Glenn Moran, Jr. The 16-year-old siren, Lillums, was played by Kathryn ,Young, with Jack Jenkins play- ing the part of Shrimpie and Harry Waters the part of Paul, friends of Bud's. Other important characters in the play Were: Lavon Poston as Joan Vincent, Eleanor Dodson as Elsa, the maid, Beth Hampson as Heleng Wanda Rose as Agnes and Marie Carreiro as Doris. The business staff included: Maxine Sunkel, publicity, Bill Garland, businessg Glenn Campbell, Leonard Miller, Billy Jack Harris and Marvin Allen, stage, David David- son, lights, Marian Nielsen, Beth Hampson and Wanda Rose, properties, Catherine Long, candy. "K z-f f x ,, X ff ix ,Q Q 0 1' I Thu 5 F M145 I mtg- no 51 A ,l :. 5 UQJITTLE flJUQ!VlEN" Mi 'fy L L. V, Standing: Ellis, , Worley. , Seated: Hoyt , lfllam, 'Pristao I Pappas. Yvloran O Louisa Alcott's "Little Women" was pre- sented hy thc Dramatics class in the high school auditorium on Friday night. March 21. Members of the cast were: Meg, Margaret Ellis: Amy, Madeline Worley, Jo, Katherine Hoytg Beth, Amelia Tristaog Mother, Georgeana ldlamg Uncle March, Sheridan Harris: Mr. Lawrence. Glenn Moran, .lr.3 Mr. March, George Pappas, Professor Baer, Thiel Lippincott: Hannah, Ruth Phillips, Rachael, Ara Booker, and Lainie, Harden Finch. . "', ff, 'M Pappas, Elam, Tristao, Moran, Finch, Worley, Hoyt, Phillips First: My Harris, Moran, Pappas, Finch, Lippincott Second: lilllis, 'l'ristao, Iillam, Phillips, VVorley, Hooker, lloyt A 1 ' f f ,f .J V' r' i -, l I 3 ! i5 5 V'- l 1 N , ,.,, ,,., ,,,,,, i .' F me ff e fi, DRAMA ,, W K, uf 'E I' r r L IQ ff J' s R - rg, Q' 1 t ,AL.,.,X.W f LAl-vv 'X "ol, f f xx 7 'Q I! ' Qi. If J.. 'K E e I ,l IW' "Sun Bath" Hoyt Pappas Lippincott Ellis Moran Finch Shepherd Elam Tristao "Going on Seventeen Jenkins Pennebaker Moran Waters 'AAs the Twig is Bent" Phillips Moran Castle Harris Thirty-Four "Wild Iiohlmy Horses" Lippincott Hooker Pappas Phillips Castle Hoyt Finch I "Juniors Mustachen Pappas Tristao Moran Ellis Worley Shepherd Harris I Wild Hobby Horses" Hooker Phillips Hoyt Pappas Lippinc-ott Castle lfincii 'l'l1ii'lv-Five X--XX D RNVXA Y 5 w J . I X-NXUN ' J v il' I' ' 1 X -s lf S MAKEUP ,A '-A- - - e Q . lv i i i ' e i i Lf 1' .i , A' fm Za N ,X ,q in . ft N f WWLM M V' ,Lf if J X Satisfied Concerned Deceiving Villianous Sneirling Sinister XViC1'll , JV "L" fa.. Cm 1 9 f 1 Q K 1 5 1 'ig I 9 -X - yr 1 N 0-3 ff I 'gift 1 1 i Sczltcrl: Aslin, Stcpliensoh, llc! lie Stumling: Adkins. Samtos, Smith O Iiippcc Suulls O "Oh. Doctor", three z1cL musical comedy. was presented by the combined vocal mu- sic groups of the high school on .l"ricluy night, March 10. Mr. .Iumes gliewis, direc- lor. I FKJKJIJOI' iY1lllll'0ll Sculcrlz Jenkins, Smith, Hook. Slznmling: lluckley. Ovcrsireet. Cooper. llutlcr, Dumroh. iil'0ll1iQl'S, Soults. liippeo. MOH, DGCTGRH L' if K ,lf V 5 Q-Y 6' tf.,l""l . W' ii A, fag' ' -X A x X .. 3 Q Q f K x., , 'Q , 'Y " 5 4 X 4' t 4 K 4 J ' J A 5 3 3 .cwjf X' I 'I'l1irty-Sr-Ven N i , X lf f is M , iz 'iff z f t s I x N33 E. , 1' it x. ,EW Fx.. DEBATING Left to Right: XVhistler, Hush, Conley, llillnxan, Suiter. With Kathryn Young as commissioner of forensics and Miss lrene t'onley as coach, debating got under way early in January when the preliminary tryouts were held for places on the team. A large number of students en- tered into this activity, with several representatives from each class. Front this group. six were chosen to compete in a final trial debate for definite places on the team. As a result. Anita XVhistler. a senior, and Roberta Suiter, a junior. were chosen for the affirmative team while lda Marie Hillman, a freshman, and Ward Hush, Jr., a sopho- 1 inore. were named to the negative team. Reynold bis, coner and Thiel Lippincott were the alternates. The question for this years debate was: "Resolved, That the United States should adopt a system of compule sory arbitration in all labor disputes." On lfebrttary ll the teams competed in Visalia with teams from other valley schools. Tulare placed third. 'X . . 'af , f ff x ltfip X I I 'I'liirtx li lit I L 'XX- ji ll .t liisconol' Pennebaker X Young Fuller Sllldfiflt ill'lH0lll'lC6l'S of the Weekly radio program, presented for one half hour, 9:30 to 10:39, each Thurs- day morning hy re- mote control from the stage of the auditor. ium over station KTKC. Suiter Richards Double quartette: Jenkins, Cooper, Hall, Stephenson, Damron, Soults, Rippee. 'l'hll'lj'-Nllle -4. 5, Ki 12,1133 l CDN THE AIR i ii , , ..-4 -L.. 5' I , X. Q . C iso W gl J' .1 X ,kf l 1 I, .J I ll X . -..?:--'A Z f ,- llf ,l r GIRLS' STUDFNT LEAGUE I k Nf wwf,-f my? Nielsen, Xlllzllvy, ,l"lllltil', Mrs. XYildm-r, Rose, lloyt. s I 4 1.97, A, -' F If-L Regular monthly programs featuring student talent, a successful backwards dance and an outstanding record in welfare Work were the highlights of the Girls, Student League during the school year 1938-39. Rosamond Fuller headed the organization, assisted by council members Ora Whaley, Charlotte Mitchell, Mar- jorie Rose, Dorothy Wallace, Marion Nielsen and Kath- erine Hoyt. Mrs. Wilder is adviser. The organization, which has as its members all the girls in school, featured the backwards dance as its larg- est social event. The girls furnished the cars, paid the bills, and asked the boys for the dances. Cinnamon bun sales after school helped build up the treasury for the welfare work the organization carries on each year. -N rfs X f XX t I 0 1 F 1 Y 'gil SJ I In 5 W! BUYS' FEDERATICDN 5' gf Il in l I ht: V1-ost-, Mills, Stn-wart. ltippm-, liilgilll, Mr. liell, ltivhards. With Wendell Ragan as president, the Boys' Federa- tion turned in a successful calendar of events during the school year. Featured among the activities of the group, which includes all the boys in school, were the programs held each month, generally along a sports theme. Jim Thorpe, famous Indian athlete, was one of the most interesting entertainers of the year. During the spring months the group discussed and worked out a proposed point system for athletic awards which was voted on by the student body early in May. A great deal of welfare work is handled through the organization each year. Members of the council are: Don Richards, Duette Mills, .lack Crose, Dean Stewart and Bob Rippee. Mr. liell is adviser. Q 1 Z, QM ,t 4 if Y. Y K "2 H 1' i T.. 4 rc---... YCDUR FACE IS. Hilarious. . . Likewise. . . Reminiscing. I Wishing. . . N Curious. . O Concentrating Slap-happy. . . : ,. if x' V . . L! ' xy ig it Q J . 1 ,lbs i Disgusted. . . 1 ,E J Cynical. . . Nw -X . pvfx f K X I ' li X , "ur y-"wo W X , iv X If l t L 1 WL zu ,A . , l'JXLllJCl'UI1l. . . Sneering. O Interested. . . Dubious. . Puzzlecl. . I1'1'itz1ted. . . O llreulny. . Amused. . YGUR FQRTUNE Three l? vf A Q f ye XM Q , 'K 4' r ffl' Hs. el UNGUARDED NXGXVXENTS W 1 ,I WL ze I I l X equals O plus. . .'? Don't take it so hard Watsaniatter Ful- gham? Scared? Now listen here, Maxine. . . Relax, Edythe. He'l1 get over it. . . Ah! This cruel, hard World. . . Awwwwww! That's telling him, Helen! I l+'ux'tv-lfuui' . y '1' we' 3. ' s 'N X. Xxx. 3 , 3 4 3 N Silkm 3 3 M N il HM SCHQI ARSHIP SQCIETY ' v . lfirst: Hull Hr -11, Nil-ls ln, Hampson, Nielsen, Nolrl, I , Sf-1-Tuul: 'l'l1'rl:lsl1+-i',Q ilfaallur-et Nielsen, lmrlsnn, Suiter, Sunkel, YVhale-y. 4 'l'hir1l: Busby, West. XVhistler, Hist, XVhaley, llieliards. Ifourth: Fanipbell, ldyans, Newman, Brovi n, lloyal, '1'lI1,L:lt-y. , J ,Z If 'l'he local chapter of the California Scholarship Fed- eration is an organization made up of students who have attained a certain scholastic standard in solid subjects. Charles Campbell was chosen head of the organiza- tion, which held several meetings during the year. C ' 1 Marian Nielsen was chosen secretary and Mildred Busby, treasurer. Several members of the organization attended the conference of the central region, held April 22 at the San Francisco International Exposition. No special projects were carried on in the school by the organization during the year. Miss Nolcl is the adviser. fi .. ll W- 5 fl W 2. L. R r r 1' Q' 1 GGLDEN CT CLUB First: Monroe, Shepherd. liumley, llicharfls, Hagan, lienarfl, Johnson, Donahue Second: Fernandez. l'rvston, jllouroe, Anderson, l.ippil1c'ott, Mc'C'arthy, Allen Knrlztsoi : Third: Na,-rel, McAllister, Hatti, l'urry, Gilley, Lancaster, Gross, Harris, Cough lie! mel Service was the keynote of the Golden T club activi- ties during the school year. The club took as its main project the supervision of crowds during home games and handled several other service projects during the year, among them waiting on tables at the annual Father and Son banquet. lnitiation in the fall brought 14 new members into the club. The club presented its annual Lettermens' banquet on April ll in conjunction with the B class group and heard the main speakers of the evening Coach Howard Jones of U. S. C. and his assistant Jeff Cravath. The annual Lettermens' dance was hed on April 15. the night following the banquet. Their final event of the year was the presentation with the B Lettermen of a program before the student body featuring athletic activities. Don Richards served as president, Wendell Kagan as secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Hexberg as adviser. nf X 'fx I, ' f' Aims, ,L X ' x - Forty Six Q5 LETTERMEN clots ' Q' . rst: II. Smith, Poop:-r. Hillman, Tait, Katsuki, l'chit:x. IJ. Smith, W cond: Moss, Nelson, Loinhardi, Ichinaixa, XYatts, Costa, Lopez. Ihirmii Uoacli l:4'i1lt'll, Mayberry. Byrd, Lopez, I'L'l'l'Y, Vinson, Alcl'allisl1i', Swain. I VVith only five members remaining from last year the H Lettermen club organized early in the year, elected Art Tait president and Lloyd Martin secretary, and pro- ceeded to initiate 22 new members into the organization. The initiation was said to be one of the most "try- ing" in years. . . . . . . C' Most of the activities of the club were carried on in ' conjunction with the Golden T club, with serving at ban- quets, the annual Lettermen banquet and dance and the K combined program before the student body heading the list. The group took part in a successful rally just before V the Hanford basketball game and an athletic night in the f gym during the spring. Mr. lleiden was club adviser, pi if l XZ -- -Q ix SENIQR HGNXE ECCDN. CLUB f r , I ooley, Uholmian, flodinho. I-lorlva. Arn-nds, liavras, Stafl'orml, Vliristio. Ser ond llfo, llossolti, SL'I'2lflll, lioolu-r, l'hillips, lionlier, Vztsey, Fcntlvr, ll l x lit-rt:-lx, lictlterfaml, t'ordt-r, Fisher, l'Idw:1!'ds, Scott, Nztgata, l'chita A full calendar of activities lasting throughout the entire year was maintained by the Senior Home Econo- mics Club this year. Officers who served Werei Fern Arends, president: Lora Jane Bertch, vice president: Margaret Rolfo, secre- tary, Marjorie Godinho, treasurer, and Margaret Borha. reporter. Highlights of year were: Initiation of 60 new mem- hers With candle light services in September, making of a quilt and donating it to a needy family at Christmas, purchase of three sets of silverware for the practice house, five hot dog sales, a skating party in conjunction with Future Farmers late in March, childrcn's party held just hefore Easter, dinner and dancing party with Future Farmers in April, and a mother's tea late in April in the practice house. Several delegates took part in conferences held dur- ing the year. lvliss Pruntjv was cluh adviser. yf f-'ff X xx I 50 7 f llligxgh JUNIGR HQNXE ECON. CLUB lfirst: XYaits, Iilioafles, Mello, Hclmls, l.1iard, lnvss, l'akcr, llurnsetl. I'ir4-s. Second: Smith, Alurvre, liaspina, XVt-stliiwmlt, liuffa, Furry, Sartucli,-, lmpaiz, liailcp, Navaillias, Souza. 'l!llil'llI XYilson, Yuiivig, Martinez, Hrosco, t'un!r4-ras, Vapino, l.:lwi'1-tice, Vzxitlozii. Wallin-V, llowarsl, XYhite-, Wh:-al, Ilulilrlc. Fourtli: Vlark, llrittain, llysart, Alctliullt-y, tialliraitli, Youiiu, Williams, Uaniplii-ll, lbuncan, t'Iemt-nt, .lacksmr l'arim-r, ifI'l'iIlt'l', Zack, Stewart. Many activities were on the calendar for the .lunior Home Economics club during the year. The club, composed of 55 members, sent 25 delegates to sectional meetings at Sanger and Hanford, gave a party in conjunction with the Senior Home Economics group to entertain delegates to the Fowler state conference. held a Hobo hike at Tait's, made a scrapbook for sick children in hospitals and participated in hot dog sales. Delegates from the club attending the state confer- ence were Edith Tait and Irene Laspina. The officers: President, Edith Taitg vice president, lfllvera Cardozag secretary, Maxine Wattsg treasurer, Irene liaspina, and music chairman, Dolly .Iune Rhoades. Miss Sacksteder was clulw adviser. tlii iii T Z be J' it 5 Q I 1 Y' ' f. u " ,f Q ig D416 UTQNXCDTIVE QLUB n I 1 ' l 'Wonrov Rush Lopez, tlilley, btri in First: Swall, llzinielson, Buckley, Uliolmian, .. . , , . Sevoiiil: Gross, Jones, Tliurne, Souza, Martinez, Rocha, Hartman, lirognn, llilvsf Third: Nagel, Tait, l'4'hit:1, N. Monroe, Anderson. 'l'aylm' Miclfllvton, Nloyle, Mr NUI e lfourth: Ayres, Fernandez, Keck, Stream, Mamishian, Kirkpatrick, Curry, Vins 1 Two trips were the highlights of the year for the . The first of these was members of the Automotive club the annual snow trip with much of the entertainment being centered around the club's own toboggan. to the California Polytechnical school at San Luis Obispo Where the boys inspected the . . . . . N ,dl ion, electrical, air condition, machine shop and we The other trip was aviat ing departments. The Pilot or president of the club was l ' z with Vincent Brogan as Navigator or secretary. 'Xloiv il Monroe Twenty-two new members were initiated the first part of the year, each one being required to raise 25 cents either bv shining shoes or selling month old newspapers for initiation fee. Mr. Suiter and Mr. Sheesley were club advisers. s N vvfx xx I V I 'f 4 ' f lfifly I GIRL RESERVES I i i i , , . . . I liirstz ll:-ckc, NX hatley, Larimer, Gomes, Donahue, llillman, Grant, ltose, l,ong', If.. llzirris, f A. llzirris. SUUUII ' " ' " " cl. taliicio, llalltiwcll, lC'llis, Milem. ii2lyllL'S, ltlvans, Allwrti, Mills, Mills, 'l'otl:l. lYlit'lllfIlQlll, liirkhezid. Thirnlz Noble, Amt-tjian, Stone, Ilutler, Icliiiiaga, llrillinx, ltobinett, Snider, Alarsliall, J Hayes, Yost, Mcfluire. Fourth: iii-ltllllty, .-Xllllt'I'Sllll. Hustle, Frymire, Green, Hatltlocli, lfinley, Kiilllilllillll, tilzitliicy, NUXVIIIZUI, Smith, lxliss Swan, With the Mother and Daughter banquet their largest social event the Girl Reserves had a highly successful year. Picnics, Weiner roasts, skating and swimming parties held jointly with the Hi-Y club were among the other acti- vities of the club. Five delegates were sent to a district conference held in San Luis Obispo. The local club is a branch of the international or- ganization of Girl Reserves. Miss Swan served club adviser and the council members were: Helen Grant, president, Ida Marie Hill- man, vice president: Catherine L eng, secretary, and Mars jorie Rose, treasurer. FUTURE FARMERS First: Kennedy, Slaytun, Nagel, Mt-Kinney, Holland. Nledlin, Neyvman, Presley lfllfllil w Second, XVood, .Iacolxs, Nl-lXV2ll'tlS, Chumley, lfrutuozo, 'l'hon1as, Silvil-ra, l.ancaster Ni Ll - Paxton. , x Third: Mr, McMillan, liaggett, xY2llldi'l'l'lUUfllt'll, l'r':iwfortl, Lancaster, X11 llllstai 4 Ilamron, Menezes, tlrahum. V Fourth: Mr. Smith, lCsl:1la, Trumlm, l'0l'l't'l2l, McNeil, Uhoate, Rixlenour, Simons Sei 1 Pain, Mr. Xx'2ltlt'lllJliI'Ll'Qll'. l Jr ,. . 5 A O X.. V., The Tulare Chapter of the Future Farmers of Ameri- ca, a national organization of farm boys, came through a very successful year under the leadership of president Glenn McKinney. Other officers of the Cluh were Don Damron. vice president, Russell Holland, secretary, Ralph Kennedy, treasurer, Paul Slayton, watch dog, Ken- neth McCallister, conductor, Jerrell Medlin and Eldon Nagel, reporters. Activities of the chapter consisted of: Participation in Tulare-Kings county fair, stock to world's fair at Treasure Island, one applicant for a State Farmer De- gree, snow trip to Sequoia, group of hoys to worlds fair during Easter vacation to ohserve auction of F. F. A. live- stock, comhined skating party with Home Economics clubs, agriculture exhihit for open house, assisting in de- velopment of our new school farm. Our motto: Learning to do. Doing to learn. Earning to live, Living to earn. s X 'nl x X f i XX f' fc MEI ' N nits, Scott. l'er1'y, S11' l1. . 1.s.1, !'s'1 1', G1 Sz' . 1 111 Nl l1 14 m1 lx lllk 111tl1 f 1111141 I lXYl't'lll'0, liuvk, Hush, Allt-11, Sliirk, Staten. lf2ll'lllll!l', Mr. AIcl,11111 The Hi-Y club, a local branch of the national Y. M. C. A., had a highly successful and interesting year, carrying on a full and varied program of activities and service. The club undertook ushering at the games, supported the Father and Son Banquet, and presented a forum once each month for its members on topics of concern to stu- dents. Several times throughout, the year the club invited guests to the gym for basketball and group games, fol- lowed by refreshments and a general social. Among the other activities of the group were: A snow-party held at Lodge Pole and a combined Hi-Y-Girl Reserves skating party held in April. Officers were: Kenneth Scott, president, llill Evans, vice president: Richard Shirk, secretary, and Keith Evans, treasurer. Mr. McLane. Mr. Purcell, Mr. Cummins and Mr. Marshall were the club advisers. CHllflFlAN'5 CLUB , ........-MY l 1 ' N First: Butler, .lziy114's. Milem. Hanks, Erwin. Neilren Neilveu. llinpson. Vontgix. Lasnina Second: Fzincher, Gludney, Wallace, Haggart, Chumley, Monteiro, Nielsen, Suiter, Dori t, son, Sunliel, Younpr. Grissom. 'X 'lhirriz Texierzi. 'I'hrnslier, Evans, N1-wman, XYilson, llampsou, XVhistlvr, Gist, XVhz1lt-5 1 Luton, Uaintwe-ll. l"4llll'tllf Hunt. lU1lll'llSl1l2lll. XVallzu-e, Whaley, Rose, XVf'st, Royal, Tiugley, N1-wniau. lfifth: Mr. Mt-Laine, Stream, Busby, XVa1ker, Preston, Gomez, Lippincott, Richards. '-- 0 Jn ,. . ' l this year is The Chieftan's Club, newly organiezc ., , , - 4 composed of students of the high school who maintain a ' . high scholastic standing and who serve as leaders in the M ' A, various activities of the school, It differs from the regu- f "Q lar scholarship society in that eligibility is figured on a hasis of activity points as well as grade points. ' Officers who served during the year were: Marion Nielsen, president, Rosalyn West, vice president, Velma Luton, secretary, and Lester Howes, treasurer. Mr. McLane is the club's adviser. s '5 7 Q 'XXX :gf !'Q.f,f I lfifty-l'uur I I ' Q X lt happens every your. . . Self conscious lot, aren't they? Three musketcers. . . Who threw that? O Make yourselves comfortable. . . l don'L want. my picture taken! Worley goes high- hat. . . After all, Annabelle, it's only u game. . . Senior dignity- 'reshmun conquest. UNGUARDED IVXQNXENTS Fifty- - ll?-' 1 65 'Y W' '4 5 E ,lf A x2 - 35 l ' hame! Be sure you get 'em ill. . . Whatsamutter? Didn't She Write? 0 Quiet reflection. . . Don't throw that book, . . Happy, happier, happiest. . . Whatcha so mud about? 'There were ten pretty girls. . ." Won't these kicls ever grow up? Does Jenkins evei look cheerful? "Let me tell you a funnier one. . ." O Gee! I forgot to bring it. . . X X I 1 0 js fifty-Six D If I-Q, A R T T 5 .au '- - r if. .,, ,g g ,' L, , V- . ,- . - 4 3, Q, ' f - -mfg '. ff : f 3.54 .A Ji ,A -. 1 .. ""'i1.' ,Q 5. A -f 'hw " , ' A 1f1:'x'33."'4l ' "3 ,,.f-,..,,, ,. ' .,f3L'j"i "1:,,'wq 1435,-'f' I kj., I 1t'f.5.f4'f,.r,g,:fL .rf-,, . Q A f',f:",i.!,5'M:, ,J A- , .tv . 4 n':-m,-'.-' Us-X5-. ". FH' - ' ,,. -2 f? U . ... ' 'Y V ' ' x- 3? ,. 5 , , , 7, , L: E, R f' - . . ' .: sf , ' ' fv, Q, '- . ' 1 , - ,. 1, 71' . . wx " , 3. .,, - Iran. 1, f,-' 4 , f.,, .-, . J vu-.V ..: A , +4 , 1 9 V- 5, V gi.--.Vj'1:f:' ,X 'Q .r -.... . ,,. , ., . T57 ' ., f'Q?+vji'Y-,, - -+R? ki 1 HF' 'fi "-7. 51 " . pf. 4. 4 J Au, I' fm 'Q' f ,rx 1 .' A' ' 'Q - f.: . ., Q , .1 . I' , is wc. -' '1 -A ' 'L ' ' , 4 f.. ,K , 7 1.n,.nffq'f- ug i . A , . . Q I. . .. V , .N ,4 S .. . , , - Mk., M if if 4 t.,:,'.A 5 ,, , f. -- ' gf- . . Aw., -' . ' ' 1 fr -"fn" -' , J ' " - 1' ' -',.J.ZT' me-, " .3 ..-.. - - ' , , t"'3P' 54-1 A' .1 -,Ls Q-4 3 3 X-A9 xjfg. 1 Gb , , - wi- " ' ri V -N 1 Q., vw'-. I 'w-, gh Q , V. 1 kiwi! lik' A, N . L , my "aa Y ., .,-. M,-, . ., , J .. N v . ,L-'-,:.,wY ' . JI' -' .ff-QI. -Lf' ,.,f , Y-vg 3, , , --,gi . :LL M - ffsrzufk X.: 4, - Af 'M F, 'gf'-:Q-4.-.. '. .-xg., ."'-1-L. A-'eil'-Q Q f ' 5, ' 'H - 1 - F?-,."...f1-'ik-wa-:?3,f 5 l -, 'ga Y at - k.i1..x3h' pf, 1.1 s-gg -ggz. ,mme 1 -,inf . ggwg-w,w,,:-7, -:.w- +' , -,ft 1-'-.N W . ., 7' ex' ., .,, ,Sg,sl,v ri. .n, ,afgf-A var uf " if .L , :,:57,ur, Q, . W- J .,... ,..h ,1 u---4+ v.,,,. .-. , 1 ul 4 .f. Q 1. ,L -1, . '.,,'gn K.,., W .- , ..,+1,.g 1: ,,nf .sf-.1 ., 4,1 F- M- - W lm. :L 1' 1, , ., v ..m.,- f. vfl "4 '31 ff' f nfs e .2 2-G.-N-. ,, ,,,1f In 'Y N in i , 341 A . ' ,h .. .v, ., ,-N., .. 4... 5.3,-JJ K. 4 2 my -,fe .hugh .Yi ' 1, .- r? -. H ' n , ., , YQ , . K2 Gil" 'V !lH1lF1H2'rA'4 br- MBR 1 Very dull, this hook-lzu'nin'. . . Chemistry: Wh am atom? Trig: How high 'Vhcru ARM Ihr who study. . . cfs is up? JSC QQVCADENXIC E. ls' ,,- V' I , 0 4 1 I l . , 3 . 51 XX C' '.4 nj ,, 4' ' 1 X 75 Qs uhf h Z 5 QWCADEMIC 1 Cooking scientific breakfast, Richards? A watched pot never boils. . . What's the tempera- ture, Jimmie? Today's assignment How to boil water. . 3 QV xx l F 6' xr?-f,f Fl. , , V I Fifty- Eight I . Souhnuncs? ImnkrnHYXbuWls H... Svhwuw-van be mm Icdhuw,.. , . . Su llvl nn have H Hghtthcux.. ACADEMIC :'-zzz'-2' .. 7 I 'T F uf '4 C-f IU -,. 'E -- -, 1 ., X I f 5 Q 0 N-. 5 .Af.yy 45 'L- , .. ACADEMIC 'I I .4 , -X Q I x 'Q' If N f ll .x I :.' , Les takes her art seriously. . . Hut Trcmuin thinks it's funny tprobubly ish. .. A little more arm- movement there, Dolly. . . Sixty Ilulmlu IQSIJRIIIIPI0 I Iflvun Gl'l',EI lhlx his svrious moments 101' IS ho QISIUOIPVP f'2ll'0l lzlkcs in. , . , . MV. lullvuclu- przu Iicvs what ho pix-zuflmcs. . . XIX-Kill ACADEMIC " .J lf' ,ff- - , Q V' ' if 4' '4 I' C-2 K ffr -N .3 sy' - E i ll if HCDIVXE MAKING We learn to add und then they give us machines. . . Virginia must have flunked it. . . i'And naught was heard but ax peek, peek. peck" . . . O Bookkeeping is hard work. . . ' 'H I fx XX 'n 6' 'pyxf ,Li x If Sixty-'Vwn in fx I ,xi W' , lmxm thtt tltttt ut tltcm who tm thult. tx .. CQNVVXERCIAL I llttlllill' svn-nu tn thu lHl'0gl'lllPh VOUIU. . . . s ztll vc-Vy simple. st push at button. ., -Q. Nlxt 3 -' 'It 't-t t E V igfttklilktw i 1 '. 'J 31' 1 5. ' - J, fr' iv' ' QV 5 G2 X . ,1 Z iff v, l l 1 QE? x 5 X. 'fi 5, lf I HGNXE MAKING 1-2 f 3 - N 'v 1 xx X T4 f Pardon the interrup tion. . . No wonder foods classes are Crowded. . . Hut cooking is not all play. . . Even have to wash dishes in school. . . Miss Sacksteder oversees. . . ."xty-Four I .7 Vo , f I gills! 1 sl I lL ' Miss Swim vxplzlins. . . 'Flu sowing mum-hinc is CllSiCl', . . Hut l1zmcl-work must Inv luurncrl, too. O l'0m'il-wo1'k vntors into ll, loo. . . l'1'1m-k your finger? Sixty- w- QJQQNXE CYVWKING ,f- " i yw 39 M- 4' 04 Z. CY: I ffm X ig U W 7 fs-f .L f f 'lx n ,... I .1 -11' , L. f EHQME QYVKAKING Miss .lolmscm gives the recipe of the day. . . 0 1 The class watches clemonsl1'uLo1'. . . I O ' jf Lezxrning the waxy El INOHVS heart. , . F3 - f - fx xx W pf X . ' 'S ,nil XXI I! sixmy-six A A- 1, xx Af Guido it m'11l'ui'ully... 'Vzlkvs ll slowly hand. . . W0 1lon't know what he-'s doing, but h0's working. . . Is hm- zlslc-vp ol' just L-om-ontrzltilmg Six! 5'-.'1' 'v' J INDUSTRIAL B, ll s QOL .-" ,N T5 Q n n -' 1 ' 4 N X' ... C'r 3, 1 'ugh ffv -3 by 53 U 1 V' NNW"-' -- F M 1 li 5 W Z "' n ' ' f INDUSTRIAL Learn hy doing. . Campbell tries his hand ut meclizmical drawing. . . Each hourcl in its proper place. . . Watch what you'1'c doing there. . . S Q NX gf, gf f 33, X Al x. If Sixty-I-light IL r nl n Observe closely. . INDUSTRIAL l iel- I Kelley plans u moz house. . . Cooper lxec-omes L1 l'LllJlDCl,-lTlLlk6l'. . . O lfle prefers to wutrh. . . S-ixly-Niue zz-,.5' nf- ff I Q '4 Z 'ferr l ff I 1 ' rs ...A ey Ep 6 X-,J ll M p f X 1 Z J INDUSTRIAL ' . 3 M J- KL!! .. ,I .I 4 - l -g f 4 1, f 1 Screw on tightly . . . I Jay paints with jive. . . O Board walking. . . I Have you Ll skeleton in your closet? xx Q' X ,B-ff N K , 15 H53 All XX I I Sevvlllw A . 'X ff y 1 o llouslfl he like his ' work? O 'Flu' mam m the musk, . . 13114-li In wr boys. . . I Com-cm rut ion iron ,-M. INDUSTRIAL +1 0 4 -4 C'- ffm f, -5 J ', . i ,P Q 1 V :' K "" --2 x 1 '-H X it x Q I X h I P 4 K hy' l K ,XI ! 1 I QQLQQ 5 W2 X INDUSTRIAL Future C'ill'1JCl1lCl'S? Fine points in sawing. . . The ranch gets a new house. . . A delicate piece of work. . . W, f-' f X I Xxx .I', V 'Lf ' ,U Xe Sn-x'vt1ly-"wo -Q-A U M VL IX I I . , - , Kriau-sh J II I Iurl way. . . Olli lvultcl' I Ihul buss! , lu t 1lI'lll'I ic-il g, . O N now I I'IIllII n INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC I I2 w fm INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC L? X N , ,V , .1 o . , . V i' - x W1 P - :A -1 1-I f Heart of the march- ing hand-the drum section. . . How do they get out of these formations? A hit of concert led by Munger. . . O They'i'e off again. . . I As they appear from the front. . . I O to play a flute! J X XXX I .V gf XL! I 33 A2 X A I Seventy-lfulll' A IL fx P 1 W -:greater-, Annabelle practices an nifty twirling turn. . . Sll'Llll,ill'. . . I l'l'L?Dlll'2lli0llS ' ' an Toy-Shop". . . SUYQ' l INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC NQWW - Q 04 Z C':. 1 K ffx H ' JA ,..4- X - QW, Q, Ev b 3 NN I M IU'-Fm. 5 Li If I X , Z wtf 1 PHYSICAI FDUCATIGN i" QL, 3 EQ Q TW mm A rou g g m speedball O Fino p L 1 g form A lo g dmve One, two th ee smack! Nlly PHYSICAI F DUCATIGN X-...ffy X, ag? C K T2 33 ., v, ,l gg .f J Z xg, ff x 2 H" -'tr' g .iff--7 s ' M . Q! 1' f, PHYSICAI IIDUCATICDN 1 9 Heidi about to break a toe. . , Nice catch, Janie.. Determined to hit E1 homer. . . Even athletes primp. . . J'l 1 N . bf Q, fs 31 xx AL X fx N i 1 5.11 N IL 1. rrrr X I i gin .. , 233:-3 Clowning on the way to the showers. . . Take it, boy. , . Mr. Beiden makes his point clear. . . Quite a collection. . . O "All work and no play. . ." N x nty-Nil PHYSICAL F DUCATICDN , wad.. Q W' '4 I' ff x 53 ., , Z "- E. DANCE RECITAL . " ., X Wx f ,f 'WL I X fi X -vjzmmu. A note of seriousness in the sword- dance. . . "Once upon a time a little kitty and H tiny doggy. . ." Transposition to China. . . fe Q, 0 Poor' Ferciinzllid. . . 'Iighty 'R o '94, Q""",n' Sf' ff: , . lliirlity-Une YFI I LQFADFRS Yell King Virginia Wicks and her Three Cheers took over the cheering situation in fine style this year, appear- ing at all the football and basketball games and student rallies. They introduced several new yells along the swing style. THE THREE CHEERS Hunt Cantwell Toscan 4' ,Y Q 3' is 'Rl ? i ' l . xi ll 1 3' X lv ,. H9 QCACH E5 F l Jesse C. Hexberg Varsity Football J. Peter Beiden B Football B Basketball Varsity Baseball Hilton D. Bell Varsity Basketball Clinton Purcell Assistant Varsity Football C Class Basketball Track Harold DeJong Assistant B F a Track - Q . George McLane Tennis John Cummins D Class Basketball ? JN F 1 , yn f V xx ' :lik if If mighty-Twf, .. L ' - I tl 5 " T VARSITY FCDGTBALL . . ...L .X X Ifirsl: Anfli-rson, I.ippim'ot1, lxllldllyllflll, alker, Ilarris, Slwplis-rsl, llenard, 4 illxx H1 f t'rawforll, Amll-rson. f Sn-mimi: 1x1f!l'2lll, Vllulmialll, Nilpfvl, l'rl-s rn, Monroe, l"t'l'llllllilt'Z, Moylv, lxelx Il Gross. Third: Una:-h l'ur1'vll, Mitchell. Ju -s, nderson, Fernallrlez, Uarduza, Agul ein 'xml 1 Ricketts, ylC'l'2ll'lllX, Alle-n, Coat' 1 erg. Y Defending champion of the Tulare county league the varsity football team gave good account of itself, scoring 118 points to its opponents 66 and being the only team to hold the strong Porterville Panthers, winners of the league, in check. The season opened with a practice game and a Tu- lare victory over Lemoore, 21-7, under the lights on the local field. ln the league season the Redskins fared even, win- ning three, tieing one and losing three. The victories were at the expense of Strathmore, 35-0, Exeter 20-0 and Hanford 14-T. The tie was a 12-12 affair with Porterville and the losses 3-7 with Lindsay, 6-13 with Delano and 7-20 with Visalia. Lettermen were: Preston, Monroe, Lippincott, D. An- derson. C. Anderson, Choboian, Henard, L. Harris, Craw- ford, Walker, Gilley, Donahue, Shepherd, Gross, McCar- thy, If. Harris, Kelley, Michigian, Nagel, Fernandes, Erath, Smith. Coach Jesse Hexberg was head man assisted by Coach Clinton Purcell. - 3 .N -. . K., . ., 1 A. ,4 J J ' 1 A X . N,-- s.C:'-" 1-,. ,,,. .. li t 1 X x mx N PZ ,A U ,1 , f , , P .4 L VARSITY FOCDTBALI. Harris almost has one blocked. R ' Mitchell D. Anderson Monroe I Kelley gets into the secondary. . X rx ' I ,PJ X :, J 15 ., ,L f Eighty-Four f . l,. Harris VARSITY FGCDTBAl.l We Kelley K. Henurd P - O 'A J, M " F. Harris Preston 1 l ,V l l 'lla ' - xc ' ' ,. 'I lx' Walker l f Hillman M f ' f sf - X? 535, a Donahue . O They head off-tackle. l'1igl1ly-Five 4 1 5? We gi I 9 7 l Q' 3 y lg M f f VARSITY FQQTBALL jf i 5 S Gilley X . Gross ,mp X Shepherd K A A 1 .. Q if ,. -..,- ,,,- v '3 2 R g 1. . .n V 16. p R f - . Q QKL' V' 5 Chohoian 'X LL H V . W Y M 1 ' I I 5473 Q f ew' D P79 3 m t Oy e -' R WM if-O 4 wi Lippincott T A Anderson x are. Michigian X-. 0 I Walker held fo1 no gain. Q ' ' .4 1 1 . fx Xxx 5' 'Q-fff LR f f -.. 1' -- - ' '45 fl' f lf 15,hty Six L 'Ill if I lk - Lllity-Sexw QB Fooieftu- Anka-at , . 552- mx wt, l'r-hita, Caldwell, Katsulti, Stevenson, Lonilmardi. ond t 11-11 IM-irif-li, Moss. Hyru, Nu-lsun, lx'hii!:au':l, Uosta, Swain, Mt-Vallistm-I' 11 ment, Ili-ary, tlolston, Tait, Hagan, Martin, NYatts, Re-nstrom, Imp Although stalked hy injuries throughout the entire season, the Papooses scored 87 points to their opponents' -10, won five out of seven league games, and held four opponents scoreless to turn in a creditable season under their new coach, J. Peter Beiden. League wins were scored over Strathmore 21-6, Visa- lia 133-0. Delano 2-0 Porterville 7-0 and Lindsay 8-0, The Papooses lost to Exeter 0-18 and to Hanford 12-13. They took the Lemoore lightweights into camp 24-12 in the opening practice game and won practice games from both the lightweight and heavyweight teams from Cor- coran. Tait was chosen captain of the team at the close ot the season. Lettermen were: Martin, Byrd, Stewart, Smith, Nel- son, Costa, Katsuki, Watts, Ragan, Tait, Lombardi, Moss, Vinson, Uchita, Swain, McCallister, Lopez and lchinaga. 'ii' av W' Pl fl 1 ffl E l i f ' 4 Z on of , Il Q5 Foomfxll Ti-ni A X Ragan shovels the ball back. The secondary comes in to take him. .kt V XL Looks like the line will hold. ' QF- E Eighty-Eight N LVL' x K X! , ' ' f I J l ! I ll 11114l lxlly H1111 1. ll 11. , ...U ,, . 1 ., ., 111, Ria", :VIS I ,' t l111l1111 111, .I11h11so11, Mc-C':1rthy. fs VARSITQQQQBASKETBALL M ? Q 4 4 ', ' 11- - 11 -1h111- l-11'c'1ster Nic Xllister t'l14l14i'111 I 1X1 111 D1 ' -i I CIIAMPIONS Olf' 'l'Ul,AKlC COUNTY Ifor the first time in nearly 10 years the varsity cage team came through an exciting season to earn this title and luring the first championship cup to Tulare for the yt-ar 1s1:1s-39. I11 the regular league the Redskins won eight and lost two to tie with Visalia. ln the county playoff the loc-als won 151-17 from the Pioneers but dropped an excit- ing Jil-552 game to Bakersfield in the va'ley semi-finals. . The league record: Wins from Delano 35-28 and 3-1-17, l'ortcrville 28-27 and 32-28, Hanford 22-21 and 38-17, Visa- lia 20-lf? and Dinuha 29-25. The two losses were 20-30 to Visalia and 14-17 to Dinuba. Mc-Allister, who letl the scoring with 08 points, was chosen captain, and Henard, who followed closely in -7- scoring with 5133. was nan1ed all-valley forward. l1L'llL'l'lllUl1 were: Mt-Allister, llenartl, M, Ullfllllllllll. Z. fllllllillilll, l1illli'L1SICl', Kelley, llonahue, .Iol1nso11, liippec and lXlt'i'art,l1y. 'x..,. 112 ff VARSITY QBASKETBALL Coach Bell Henard IL nw? 0 vi 5 wx 0 x w Donahue IS up after lt. fa X 5, NQ Ln xx 6' rg-f,f 13 N REI If , ,LA . 1 1 ,K x 1 N X VARSITY QBASKETBALL 4 Q NX PQX XOYX0909 VIP CXXOV 0 ,QA ' w ' .Q 1' 0 ' f 01,0111 M fffy G ty-Um ,fx l -. -s JOl'1HSO1'1 dribbles out. ' - ... 75 Li Vi 'ti-'iq 4 5 I Pg xr: K! , XZ f , V Q5 QBASKETBALL First: Lombardi. Tait, Moss, l'chit:1, Mamishian, Roush, Jensen, Shepherd, Vander,:'rifi McL'allister, Smxth. A ninetccn game schedule, ten of which were league games, was the calendar for the B class hasketeers this year. The Papooses split even in the league standings, win- ning five and losing the same number while in the prac- tice schedule the odds were better for the locals, being six wins and three losses. Jensen was the key man in the Papoose attack and was chosen as captain at the end of the season. 'Phe league wins Were: 16-11 and 14-13 from Visalia, 17-13 from Delano, 19-10 from Dinuba and 22-1-1 from Han- ford. The losses were: 12-1-1 and 10-16 to Porterville, 13 2U to Delano, 16-17 to Dinuba and 19-22 to Hanford. ln the practice round games were won from Bakers- field. Lindsay two, Orosi, Corcoran and Strathmore, with losses to Strathmore, Taft and Sanger. Coach Pete Ileiden was in charge. e -X ef xx ' I Q ff-f f 1: fl N 1 A ..fX I Y f 1 1 I ."nety-'l'wu l -e4 l Roush Mumishiun l,omha1'di Shepherd Ametjian Tait Moss Smith Uchita Jensen O Jensen gets the tip-off. 'C' xv 1. , ,5 A .- C Q5 QASKETBALL 'K 955 X V - ,,,. Q V 1 33 , gi E145 " Q x M J , gi all Q QBASKETBALI. Stzlnfliligz .lone-s. l're:ltlur, llmlinho, Gzlvras, lXlill'llll4'Z, Mamishian, Silva. Sittin -fi' l'n'1c'l1 l'uv'4-1-ll l4a11'll1ut'i', l,ur'li. Playing 13 games during the season, only four of which were league encounters, the C class basketball team finished their season with four wins and nine losses. In the league schedule they took Strathmore 26-12 but lost to Delano, Porterville and Lindsay, all three by close margins. ln the practice sessions Bakersfield, Visalia and Taft took the measure of the locals, Visalia making it two out of three in a series. ln the annual C tournament held in Tu'are the local boys came back to Win the consolation prize, defeating Woodlake and Hanford after first being defeated by Exe- ter. Lettermen were: George Stadden, captain, Frank Martinez, Joe Creador, Manuel Silva, Dan Godinho, Ber- tran Stevenson, .lack Luck, Allison Hunt, Jim Gavras, Bruce Jones, Dick Mamishian, Walter Barthoff. Mr. Pursell was coach. -XX y: g.fX V-xx! 'cb X ,La N lfk Nine-tv-I our E f L, JL A ll l - D BASKETBALL humlm NX itson, Allen, Coach Cummins, Ray, Salas, Lancaster, Jones. Winning 10 out of 12 games and defeating every one of its own class in the county, the D class basketball team turned in a brilliant record this season. The team defeated all the grammar schools and D class teams that it played and won five of seven C class games. The wins were from Cherry Avenue 14-0, 5-3 and 17-13, Buena Vista 16-11, Exeter D's 1-1-12, Corcoran C's 28-12 and 22-10, Delano second string C's 22-12 and Visalia second string C's 11-8 and 15-U. The two losses were an 8-6 game with Visalia second string C's and a 26-14 game with Lindsay C's. Lettermen were: Jimmie Ray, captain, Jack Hesse, Harvey Jones, Paul Salas, Dwight Jensen, Lonnie Lan- caster, Richard Watson and Eugene Chumley. Mr. Cummins was coach. 'u ...., It-my-1-'iw la N EI ' First: Smith, Lopez, Pasta, Johnson, Davis, Plclwards. I Second: lfldwards, Rumley, McAllister, Richards, Gilley. A I i. , E. N V71 I- , tv ex 3: qs QBASEBALL ,gf H, W . V, , gh, I Third: Coach Beidx-11, Swall, Henard, Lombardi, Kelley, Broaders. Displaying true championship form behind the bril- liant pitching of Lombardi, the Redskin varsity baseball team had apparently cinched the county championship when this book Went to press. At press time the locals had a record of five Wins over the toughest teams in the league with only one game left to play. Wins were scored over Visalia 13-2, Dinuba 21-0, Woodlake SJ-2, Delano 6-3 and Porterville 7-5. The Delano victory marked the first defeat for the Kern county boys in three years. In practice games Tulare Won over Corcoran 15-I5 and 7-5, from Bakersfield 3-1, Fresno 5-2, -1-1 and -1-3 and lost to Taft 1-4, Corcoran 5-10 and Vllashington Union 3-7. Mr. J. Peter Beiden is baseball coach. I ',t I X pri, f If X If Ninety-Six 7 ., il . " L Q s l ' llulnlcy Gilloy McAllister I 5l'0lld9l'S Lombardi Swall liichurds lin-1111111 Johnson Kollcy QBASEBALL o Li O , fx "" J I .Y 5 Ln J gyms' 2 E 0 x uf 4 1' K , fy g x K f ' " 'mi :gl - ., X muff I m .r Q ff fa M fi :Z.. " f W ,f Q N g , .6 o 1 i - , .1r,.g f 11-ly-Seven .Q -X. Cf. 5 .i .N , x ' T 4' 0, 1- rl YANNIGANS mi lwist: 5. Iumlwarrls, Salas, Nvalns, ll. Jones. l'llt'llill'. Second: Aguilera, ll. Jones, I-lergantz, C. 141-clwards, l'z-ck, Merjil, Rojas, Mr. ill on Under the guiding eye of Coach Newell Olson the Yannigan baseball team turned in a record of seven wins and five losses in a series of games played during the regular season. The team was made up of men not on the regular varsity roster, and the games played are not regular scheduled league games. Most of the games were played on Saturday morn- ings, with some scheduled during the Week after school. The seven wins were scored over Cherry Avenue school 20-12, Dinuba 12-1, Hanford 5-0, Corcoran 9-7, Fres- no 5-1, Visalia 7-2 and Porterville 16-4. The five losses were to Fresno 4-8, Tulare Merchants 3-5, Dinuba 1-10, Hanford 5-10 and Corcoran 7-13. Most of the Yannigans were underclassmen and will be available for the varsity next year. N Y v I ff xx Us ' aw? X' - s I! NI' rf 1 . ine 5- F L 1 Varsity- -First: Ayers, Coleman .lensen, Moss, Ybanezi, Eratli, F. lflarris, L. llarris. Second: Lippincott, Jones, Hailey, Gross, Curry, Hatti, Crawford, McCarthy, McCallister. 'I'hir4l: Coach De.I0nge, Fernandes, Moran, Ricketts, Preston, Anderson, Martinez, Monroe, Coach Purcell. TRACK . 51 VZ' Class ll- f First: Bosworth, Vinson. I 'l'ait, Perry. Miranda, Caldwell, Merjil, Goethe, 'N- Gibson, Powell. Second: McCallister, -,IW Gibson, Watts, Fulgham. 1' Santos, Buckley, Moore, VVoods, Rader, Randle. 'lass ti- lfirst: Yakeley. Hunt. Evans, llartlioff, Silva. Sec-ond: Graham, Pope, Parr, Yrique, Martinez. Nitin-ty-Nine 6 ix? ff TRACK at .X 41" ll if X, J'! f-ff! yr"- f l - -l, Curry and Jones over the top. Speed burners Erath, Curry, Ayers and Gross. I Hailley clears Z1 high one. Buckley starts his trip down. O A flock over il flight. Mills clears 6 feet, 3314 for a new record. Pappas shows good form. Harris makes mighty toss. no H uml V911 TENNIS TEAM 65 fl - 5' une s us, Butler, llunt, Moyle, Castle, Sunkel, lillugaii, liisconer, Smith, Mr. Mc-limit wi .5 I The tennis team competed in two county tourna- ments this year-the individual tournament in the fall and the regular spring tournament in April. Tulare won its lone honors in the fall when Raymond Moyle and David Hunt, both Sophomores, brought home the hoys' doubles trophy. Tulare entries in the fall were: Raymond Moyle, Da- vid Hunt, Wayne Truehlood, Ralph Cole, Anita Whistler, Virginia Hall, Helen Butler, Fern Milem, Georgeana Cas- tle. In the spring tournament the boys' doubles team of Wendell Ragan and John Lewis survived the opening round but were eliminated in the quarter finals. Those playing in the spring tournament were: Benny Perez, Georgeana Castle, Wendell Ragan, John Lewis, Myrtle Jaynes, Helen Butler, David Hunt, Maxine Sun- kel. Other entries who did not compete were: Margaret llurnarcl, Raymond Moyle, Frances Smith and Reynold lliscfoner. Mr. George Mcliane served as tennis coach. it 'J , E5 it XXV i"' -' XL llk li1C!'9t fill? 4 b R y WX 1 1 3 ix Z zsi- f by ix .Ay TENNIS SQUAD First: Ray, lmwls, llunl, Moyle, lllstnlal, Perez. Second: liylwh, Mila-m, .Iayues, llztll, Iiutlcr, Hirklivacl, Newinun. Thirzlz Mr. Mvlmm-, Hisvoner, Vastle, I:lll'Il1ll'fl, 'l'hrashL-r, Hopper, Stululuzs. Seven practice matches with nearby towns were held by the tennis squad this year, starting in February and continuing until late April. The first Was with Exeter here, with the Tulare team losing 3-2. Ray Moyle and John Lewis won the boys' dou- bles and Myrtle .laynes and Helen Butler Won girls' dou- bles. Against Dinuba Myrtle Jaynes, playing girls' sin- gles, came through with the only win. The following week Lindsay took all five matches with Tulare coming back the next week against Orosi to win boys' singles and girls' doubles. Visalia and Hanford won all matches in the next two tournaments. The squad, which was the largest in history, was made up of inexperienced underclassmen who received valuable playing experience under Coach George Mcliane, ' 1 X X fr, I f K ls Q ' ' X ', . ,f X Une llundrm-d Tx KO TENNIS Smith IHSUCJIICI' Perez Rugzm O howls Hum, C ,kb liirkllczui Vustlc 1 if' ' S --,. 'B 1 N ' Nm- Illmdrvel 'l'l1r4-4- 3 X , WCDNXEN5 ATHLETICS fu? Play-days are fun. Jan . 5, drive. . . ie followez u lon f Overhand smash. . . Determined ,,' ,. S ' x. 5 e to score. 'Finn ,f me un re Foul , basket- y manage , axineS ongg Vol sling ma ' a ' GIRLS' ATHLETIC A55 N. The Girls' Athletic Association is composed of all the girls who have been out for some after school sport, in- cluding basketball, hockey, tennis, speedball, baseball. and tumbling. The organization has completed its fourth successful year. Cabinet members are elected from the organization I at large and each is responsible for one certain sport. lt is the duty of each member to take full charge of all acti- vities and plans for one sport. This year's cabinet members a ' Ifrances Harper: vice- ' ' urer, Mario ' I , re as foll plesiden n Niels mall m'x ows: President A t, Dorothy Wallace, treas- sen: secretary, Marie Carriero' 1 cnager, Virginia Wicksg hocke r, Dorothy -- Damrong tennis manager M unkelg speedball mana- ger, Catherine L leyball manager, Virginia Asling tuml nager, Janie Hunt, advisers, Miss Proudfoot nd Miss Fisk. :Y w' ll nwmwg' U +V ,v UUVHAI N1 M UU" K. I-i'mxM"U Mies - .1-in 'al'Vu . A, ' Cmllkk , l-v, ' uint' ,- qssu' 'si' - '4- ,. XX'zxU'u I y,ollI"' .V Ms. xN V I O . ,fr . 3 I 5'X '57 91- 'M gl V, hx kk Iv . Jwb X X ' I llumlxtd live K I I . ,I 'nah If 'FUNXBLING 3 Front: Janie Hunt. First: Heiskell, Stone, llampson, Nielsen, Sayre, Nielsekl. Flyer. Sawmill: Gill, Collins, Allwrti, NVetherliolt, Castle, XX'atson. Ilrilliug, Cantwell. Third: llvid, lflvans, Milt-rn, Hartman, Butler, lirwin. Dooley, Tremain. With one of the best turnouts of history, the tumb' ling team put in a busy two months during the Winter working on various stunts. Many freshmen bolstered up the team to 30 members. L? Q The team practiced after school during January and February. Two major projects were undertaken during the sea- . K , ' son. The first of these was a tumbling play day held at T ,V Tulare high school and attended by nearly 100 girls from schools throughout the valley, while the other was the annual Dance Recital, put on by the girls, Physical Edu- cation department. -1 5. .:,.Y.,, The team was coached by Miss Proudfoot with Janie l -5 : Hunt, tumbling manager, assisting. x 1 E M' v tl NX . av, I ,f X my I! Une Hundred Six , A ,K y .. -fx. - -. . -- Je 144--e'eee:if"'1 - 9 'Yi K7 ' -if I A 4 , A. , . . Q. QQEAVYWEIGHTS First: Vhumley, Sisson. Yost, I'earson, Monte-iro. 4 . Sw-ond: Polson, Iiurgelt, Hansen, Canieron, Hillman, Collins, Uliolmian, M4-tluire. Scoring a one-sided victory the California heavy- weights made up for the defeat of the previous year and won the annual "big game" from Stanford 10-0. Dorothy Monteiro scored four of the five baskets with Georgia Chumley scoring the other. The win was the first in five years for the U. C. team. Members of the California team were: Georgia Chumley, Virginia Hansen and Dorothy Monteiro, for- wardsg Virginia Wicks, Beatrice Polson, Pauline Yost and Marie Hargett, centersg Evelyn Sisson, Elizabeth Cam- eron, Aldeen Choboian and Rose Pearson, guards. Miss Proudfoot is basketball coach. - I . X ff- lbm- llumlrval Seve-11 k '7 , 1 ,f -Q -r w I' Q. LOIGHTWEIGHTS - I its First: lithridge, f'H,l'iE'l'. llunt, l,anipl', Balazxm. Second: Mills, Butler, lC'yer, Mills, Newman, Banks. 3' i In what was said to be the best lightweight game in history the California girls came out on the winning side over the Stanford lightweights 9-6 in the annual Hlittle big game" staged a preliminary to the feature Stanford- U. C. Basketball game. The teams spent two nights each week during the X training season getting ready for the game and met with- ' -3 ' out previous scrimmage. L-1 j Sarah Mills proved to be the outstanding star of the l . Adi! evening being on the throwing end of all the points rung up for the winners. The U. C. lightweight captain was Janie Hunt. Line- up for the game was: Sarah Mills, Marjorie Godinho, Clarice Newman and G. Loard, forwardsg Ramona Mills, Helen Butler, Mary Lampe. Lesta Mae Eyer and Clara Balaam, centersg Leversa Flthriclge, Janie Hunt, Cather- ine Carter and Ruby Hanks. guards. "1 ff f -X fe 'Lb XX W , lxrs 1 ui 7 1 KW-- C l . A A ze Hum ISI STANFCDRD HEAVIES l lflrsti Castle, liurnarrl, Iiutler. hoults. I Q f Second: Castle, l4'ancher, Nielsen, lYallace, fll'lS!4iPlll,'lllI'ilSllk'l'. ' 4 Despite the fact that the U. C. team won the annual "big game" the Stanford heavies turned in a good per- formance, holding the game on even terms throughout in one of the best games of history. Virginia Wicks and Elizabeth Toscan handled the yell leading activities for the Stanford team during the Cy t evening assisted by the high school band which furnish- ' ed music for the occasion. K Dorothy Wallace was the captain of the Stanford team. The team lineup: Dorothy Wallace, Marian Niel- sen, Betty Fancher and Norma Butler, forvvardsg Namoi Grissom, Ruby Thrasher, Laverne Callister and Helen .f Soults, centers: Margaret Burnard, Rosemary Castle, Mil- f x dred Callister and Georgeana Castle, guards. fa "?- Y 'J , Q 1 S 5 E' : NX' "-' 1 Um- llunrlrefl Niue ii f X 4 I f 2--1F...E-1 l e. X ff 5 NL STANFORD LIGHTWEIGHT5 Aslin, Carriero, Ponce, Gomes, Long, Thompson, Monk. Unable to cope with the superior basket shooting of the U. C. lightweights, the Stanford team went down to defeat this year in the preliminary to the "big game" by the close score of 9-6. The double victory for the California teams marked their first in five year. Suits worn in the game were very colorful, the Stan- ford team wearing bright red gym suits with the Califor- nians dressed in blue. Elizabeth Toscan and Marie Correira were the scor- ing combination for the Stanford team. Members of the lightweight squad were: Virginia As- lin, Marie Correira, Elizabeth Toscan and Alice Thomp- son, forwardsg Catherine Long, Fern Monk, Josephine Gomes and Virginia Aslin, centersg Mary Lou Ponce and Forrest Monk, guards. i -. s - . xx . 559' I If X , X :ml 3 f I Une llundi d len HQCKEY l .xi r fl ,J r R 5 I 'fl lu lflli' Az , , ..- - - , . .W IP iliynaalmtill:-Uv.:.Em-lll.Hi:.:m. klmlmiaii, Mt-st, llampsoiu, Uxcxstaltc, I. 1,av lu-1. I Il! Tied after the final game had been played the third and sixth period hockey teams were the joint champions this season. With each class represented by a team an elimination contest was held with the two teams coming up for the final game. After two strenuous halves they were even up at 1-1. The sixth period class held a practice season victory . over the third period. Dorothy Monteiro was captain of the sixth period class and Helen Grant of the third period. No hockey banquet was held but plans were made for a hike to replace the banquet. Helen Soults was hockey manager and Miss .Fisk hockey coach. If If ' ea. .W H1 lllt l l'1'l l l'fll'Xl'I1 V. I . XZ ll --g l S R ' , 'f F REQ' l "K -JL HQCKEY 1 Top: llzliley, liurlmrrl, Mur- rlovk, lievels. Vulsuu, XV:ntxfwn, JUlHlIlIl0SS6'Il, 'l'remz1i11, Gu-- rlinhu, Moyle, Girlrm, Kir- ker, Mac-hurln, lf2lZ2ll'l2lIl, H2lY'llIl2ill, Hnrlm, f'2lllll'I'0ll, Newman. Stom-r. l I A I 1n-w...- 3 I l Millzln, l4Zll'lTl1Q'l', Slrczlnl. Multum: Fustlo, Murwlnvl: Hal',L:'e-tt, Hillizllwli, Uullius Yost, Imuley, 'l'remzxin Vantwoll, lCyM', Monk Hunt. .,r X yt If , N f l , X 1 V f ,, . I Une llllllill't'1l Iwelw I I Middlv: NilM'2lI2l, llrillillir, l,rmg', Hunks, ll0lYlHS, XXX-- tlwrhult, Mills, Allwrti, Uverstrvet, .lm-ksnn, Mills, Hramy. l'e-zlrsnxl, Iizllnzlm, Mc-- np: I':nlm:n'. Slvpln-lmsml. Iilzun, Vhumlm-y, Mulh-s, IM-nznluuv. A14-iluirv, Kimlnru, N:1p.::lt:1, 4Ir:lnt. idfllv: Walks-V, Hunks, lin- Ismm, Idvnns, Flu-1lisl1x', Am:-tjiun, .huh-rsmm. 'H'hn'i' Smith, Hum-, qvrfj 7010 I xltmni llurls. Vwvli. Hnnsv, iulllls, S4nl'l1uI', l'1'1'k, linvllil, Mil:-m, Fimllvy, llzuhlm-k. , . Um' llllIllll'l'li 'I'l1il'lvm-n - 3 pm HCDCKEY Lf Us v ' ,,,-, W ya .vo I 4 f 4 J C'- l Wa SPEEDBALL neiti, Clark, J. Balsam, Jackson, C. Palaam. Setond 'Nln'NIi1lian, S, Mills, R. Mills, Young, XVilson, YVeatherholt, Pearson. This year an entirely new system of forming and naming the girls' speedball teams was introduced in the gym classes. In previous years the teams were made up according to grade in school-freshmen, sophomores. juniors and seniors. This year, however, each gym class had two teams, Walasi and Chunute, and each team chose the name of some kind of dog. Nearly 125 girls participated in this sport, which is a combination of soccer and basketball. Despite the fact that the Dashers won the most games, the Collies, captained by Jean Balaam, were crowned champions at the end of the season by virtue of their victory over the Dashers. Lil 1 'I X N rv' 5 I f - I un xx X e lluniiu ri t , 5PFfoBAl I 1' K, W, ,flavr ' First: lfranklin, H4--irl, Eye-r, Steplieusou, 'l'rem:1in, Castle, Hunt, Ins-ss. Second: Stoner, NC'l'-'nlilIl, Cantwell, Donahue, Carlisle, Grzint, Mt-lluire. 'l'hir4l: Kerr, Yost, Castle, llarris, Collins, Watson. Mi4'hiu'iaui, Hlll'll2lI'li, Moyle. lfourltli: Funclier, flirton, Dooley, Hargett, Churnlvy, l!illiL1rrli, Sissou, llue-stis, Mon: ' 1 ompson, Goflinhn, Phillips, Hailey. Fifth: Kirker, Johunnessen, Poison, Revels, Tremain, Palmer, Hooker, Molles, Noble, Hull " ' , Grissom, tameron. 4 1 i Une Humliul llitul The Chunutes, or California teams, scored high in victories over the Walasis, or Stanfordites. The three leading teams, Dashers, Heinz, and Collies, were all on the U. C. side. The teams for U. C. and their standings according to games won were: Dashers 6, Collies 5, Scotties 3, Chows 1 and Huskies 0. Stanford teams and wins were: Bloodhounds 3, Grey- hounds 2, Bulldogs 2, Cocker Spaniels 1, Danes 1, Whip- pets 0 . The Heinz team, since they were 57 variety mon- grels, cannot he classified as either Stanford or U. C. They won five games. 1 . k .? K' v rt X 47? ' , Gifs . x 'H I r'f Vw ,L 1 S Q 5 I ' gv. N Xb 4 , . 1, ., SPEEDBALL list lx ins Ametjian, Butler. Hooker, Owens. Over-street. Hanks, l,on':', Gill. Semond F3 tler, Parsons, Montag, Chedister, Cook, NValkm-r, Imre, llarris, Swift ind ossotti, Snyder, Thrasher, Smith, Fliolroizin, Monte-iro, Overstakc, Imwis, l.un1 luton Nlvers, Drillimr. oui h 1 ister, Wilson, XVilson, WW-st, Sortor, Seward, Pugh, Hampson, Rose, fxhll xmlre Hillman, Hallowell. I 1 relm, .Iayne-s, Milf-ni, Ganse, Rocha, Scott, Etl1ridg.:'c, Hevels, Bray, Hamil on il ,, Foster, l'rrca, Finley, Haddock. Spceclball team captains were as follows: Iiesta Mae Eyer, Dashersg Ruth Donahue, Heinz, Norma Butler, Bloodhoundsg Dorothy Monteiro, Chowsg Audrey Harris, Cocker Spaniels, Virginia Aslin, Greyhounds, Dorothy Wallace, Bulldogs, Elizabeth Toscan, Danesg Marjorie Godinho, Scottiesg Charlene Brown, Whippetsg Dorothy Scott, Huskies, and Jean Balaam, Collies. At the close of the season an Indian Dog Feast was held in the cafeteria. Songs and games comprised the entertainment, after which a toy puppy was presented to Miss Fisk, speedball coach. X x 5 X t I Um Illllltlllll Sixteen XX . :avi f If nn 'S l t HH' VOLLEYBALL ight: Ponce, Aslin, Butler, Damron, Burnard, Soults, Fuller. Norma Butler's fourth period volleyball team won the school championship in the annual series played by the girls' physical education classes. The girls practiced during gym periods, and after several weeks of practice Miss Fisk chose teams from each of the classes to compete in the finals. The series was played during noon hours. The captains of the teams were as follows: First per- iod, Mary Lou Ponce, second period, Margaret Burnardg third period, Mildred Callisterg fourth period, Norma Butler, fifth period, Rosamond Fuller, sixth period, Helen Soults. C O ,gb Ilumlx rl N x nt 1 4 Y w e 1 . , 4 45 Q U' 5 , J 1 ?' lb r 'Q b .'4- 'I' vm-l ' I x x I, 4? X fx'-" F53 Jw, ,X ! ,L 9410 CTIVE IN SPORTS vf 0 "ll if 11 AM 1' Q9 Lf, f X5 I 5 1 Ilzlrris Llflcl' unotlxux recrord. . . Jenson wins! O 'l'ulu1'e vs. Delano. . Gross amd Curry taking off. . . Ooh! XNIWLU lousy form, Male. . . mf- llIIlllll'l'll 1111341111-Q-11 C3 R W A D U A T E 5 ,M ffl f 't .' '.v ,M ,N x K uh W V rw '-xx 4.2. . , X . ..f,, ..- 2 T1-IA 5 Q. A, .fx N ,.., , I 'fn 4 4 A P-1 ,W .-., 46 "1 Q ' fm W' ,..-Q,-A N- .4.. f-Q. 3 JK.. E' ' ' -.-2...-ks , f z V- MLN, 1 , 6 , v C "' " ' 515: wk.. ..,.,, , N.: .,.x.', SENIQR PRESIDENT Vw' NEAL HILLMAN Chosen president of his class for the second consecu- tive year, Neal Hillman guided the activities of the group during both semesters. During his four years at high school he has been an active student in class and athletic activities, being a member of the championship B class football team dur- ing his junior year and a member of this year's varsity. As class president he has served on the student coun- cil for the past two years helping direct the activities of the student body. Ninclve X uf 7s r 0 4 1 In A, '. " FN pri if f Il I . X 1 'I SENKDR COUNCIL First: Hillman, Hiuliards, XVallace, Sweeney, Miss Thompson, Mitchell. Second: H. Smith, Tingley, Knopf, D. Smith. Three major events, the annual senior dance at Christmas, the senior play in April and senior day in May, were the highlights of the senior class this year. Class officers elected the first semester were unani- mously reelected for the second semester. They were: Neal Hillman, president, Don Richards, vice president, Opal Whaley, secretary, and Jimmie Tingley, treasurer. Other council members Were: Charlotte Mitchell, Dorothy Sweeney, Dorothy Wallace, Harris Smith, Dale Knopf and Dick Smith. Outside speakers and student talent programs fea' tured the regular monthly meetings of the class. The three-act mystery, "Tiger House", was presented as the class play under the direction of Miss Lois Thomp- son, class adviser, April 28. X XX I 75:1 f If x xg f 2 " Q lil I Une Hundred 'Twenty s , D I Ill-'I' Belen F. Aguilera lNDUSTRlAI,,-Football! '37, '38, '39, lluscbull '39. Charles H. Anderson INDUSTRIAL-Football '36, '37, '38, '39, Cap- tain '39, Track '36, '37, '38, '39, Golden T Club '37, '38, '39, Auto Mechanics Club '38, '39, Co- l'ilot '39, B Lettermen Club '36, Fern Arends HOME MAKING-Girl Reserves '36, '37, May Fete '36, Hockey '36, Fashion Show '37, 38, Home Economics Club '38, '39, President '39, Helen Louise Beck COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Latin Club '36 '37, Orchestra '36, '37, Class Council '38, G. S I.. Secretary '38, Philharmonic Club '38. Lora jane Bertch HOME MAKING-Girl Reserves '36, '37, Band '36, Senior Home Economics Club '37, '39, Vice President '39, Reynold Bisconer COLLEGE PREPARATORY--Orchestra '36, '37, '38, '39, All-Valley '38, All-State '39, Ten- nis '39, Tumbling '38. Bertch SENIOR .X1q'llll1'I'il ,XIlllt"l'SOIl 3 7-up , 6,4 . 2384- M. Aw-ilmls P 7 4 3 Peck ne Humlrerl 'l'XX'0llfy-Ullf' NIORS lirown Um- I lumlred 'l'we1ity-Two Raymond Earl Book lNDUS'l'RlAL-Alloys' Glec '38, Mixed Chorus '39. Margaret Eleanor Borba HOME MAKING'-Home lflc. '36, '37, '33, '39, Orchestra '38, Band '39, May Foto '36, Snow White Dwarf '33 Vincent Brogan INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Club '38, '39, Camera Club '36, Anna Belle Brown SECRETARIAL-Honor Society '36, '37, '38, '39, All-County Band '37, '38, All-County Orch- estra '39, Girl Reserve Council '36, '37. james K. Buckley INDUSTRIAL - Football '37, Philharmonic Club '38, Automotive Club '39, Chorus '39. Margaret Evelyn Burnard GENERAL COMMERCIAL-Bilsketball '3fi. '37, '38, '392 Hockey '36, '37, '38, '39, Speedball '36, '37, '38, '39, Captain '38, Volleyball '38, '39, Tennis '39, l'iu-l'lev liu rnzirrl Bessie Mahone Burts COLLEGE PREPARATORY-May Fete '36, Honor Society '39, Dance Recital '33, '39, Mixed Glee '38, '39, Latin Club '36, '37. Mildred A. Callister COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Stanford bas- ketball '36, '37, '38, '39, Orchestra '36, '37, '38, '39, Honor Society '38, Class Council '38. Catherine Carter B SENIOR F Hurts la s1f:cRETAR1AL W May Ivete wats, Girl ne- ' fm!! serves '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37, U. C. basket- M4 lam, ball '39, ' ' t Rose Mary Castle GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Stanford bas- ketball '36, '37, '38, '39g Speedball '37, '38, '39, Volleyball '38, '30, Captain '38, Hockey '37, '38, '39g Dance Recital '36, '38. Grace N. Caudle COLLEGE PREPARATORY-May Fete '362 l Honor Society '36, '37, '38, Essay Contest Winner "37, Erma Cederlind sEcRETAR1A1,-on-1 Reserves tara, HT: 'War Class Council '36g L 4 GAA '36, Hockey '37: May Fete '36, ff I l ' lv l"iuclle Une Cast c llumliw-il 'I'wi-nlv-'l'liri-1' , ' NIQRS Ulmlmiun -glpivf 44 sl ' 'O' -ill Marshall Choboian INDUSTRIAL-P ootball 36, '7 "35J'H'1skct- ball 36 37 33 30' Golden 'l Club 30' Auto- r I 4 .. ,lllll -an .L .. X ' ' I. motive Club '36, '31, '38, Band '36, '31, '38, 353. 7 5 ., , , 1 uopcr 'Q ' hr is 638 Nl fg, f N M? Q5 Q 7 Q K 'N Wfsissmlf x -l-QNF, wa-f,...i-if .5 -,gg 'g, 1-Qwxxli ,'-QP?-7 fy? . . Q S. 1 . 5 W., QA. .. '. .s 3 F if 4 ., -. X f . ,-Q., ,,f Mary Christmas GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Slanforcl bas- ketball '36, '37, '38, Band '36, '37, '38, '39, Jun- ior Play '38, May Fate '36, Dance Recital '37, '38. Dan Cooper INDUSTRIAL-B Football '38, Duane E. Curry INDUSTRIAL-Auto Club '39, Italo Curti AGRICULTURAI,-Future Farincrs '37, '38, '39. Dorothy Dare SECRETARIAL - Freshman Council '36, Junior Council '38, Hockey '36, '37, Volleyball '37, Speedball UI 1 H14-' llumlrerl 'l'wenty-lvwnn' Uurti ! is . 'S YUSCI , pf I f 1 ,ff ,. f l , V, kj, . Ruby Alice V. Dennis SENIOR' GENERAL COMMERCIAL-Visalia '36, '37, N '38 Louise Dorris SECRETARIAL-Girl Reserves '36, '37, Stun- ford basketball '37, May Fete '36, Joe Drilling COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Bzwketbilll '37 ,395 Class Council vars, '37, Latin Club '37, Baseball '39, .Football '37, '39, Margaret Louise Ellis HOME MAKING-Visalia '36, '37, "Little Women", "Sunbath", Girl Reserves '38, '39, Volleyball '38, '39. Betty Mae Fancher SECRETARIAL--Basketball '39, Honor So- ciety '39, Speedball '37, '38, '39, Mixed Chorus '30, Girl Reserves '36, '37, Jimmie Ferrasci INDUSTRIAL - Foreman Cul'pelltl'y Club 39. 2 il 4 n - ,sf l.jr!J A. I fg ncqxxi if Imrri lirilllllg' l l Om-, Hundred Twenty-Five EINHQR5 l4'lShl'l' F ul I v 1' Juanita Fisher SECRETARIAIF- Richard Fulgham COLLEGE PREPARATORY- Band '36, '37, '38, '39Q Latin Club '36, '37, Football '39g Bas- ketball '39. Rosarnond Fuller COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Class Secre- tary '36, '37g President of G. A. A. '38g Presi- dent of G. S. L. '39, All-County Orchestra '36, '37, '38, '39: All-State '38, '39, Guy M. Gibson INDUSTRIAL-Band '36, '37, '38, Automo- tive Club '38, '39, Track '39, Tumbling '39. Beulah K. Girton HOME MAKINGfHome Economics '36g Speedball '39. Paul Girton INDUSTRIAL--Automotive Club '3EJ. f I 7 A w u ' Gibson Une Hundred 'Pwent y-Six Girton L l Girton Janette Eileen Gist 5ENIGRf 7 3 3 His! -DK COLLEGE PREl'AltA'l'ORY -- Argus staff '39, Honor Society '36, '37, '38, '39g All-county Orchestra '36, '37, All-valley '38, G. L. Coun- 3, cil '39, War-Whoop '39, Mary Gladney COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Latin Club '36, '37, Girl Reserves '39, Dance Recital '36, '38, Hockey '36, Honor Society '39. Marjorie Godinho fum e , 1 -W, zz, tl I HoME MAKING-Home Economics Club wars, " " ' '37 '39 Vice Prexident '37 T as 'f . . .., .' . , re surer 3.32 Fashion Snow '36, '38, Speedball '37, '38, Val- leyball '37, '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, Tony Gomes INDUSTRIAL- Helen Grant COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, '39, Vice President '38, President '39, Hockey '37, '38, '39, Speedball '37, '38, '39, Basketball '38, All-county Band '38. iiuliillilu Naomi M. Grissom GENERAL-Basketlma ll '39, Oni ffm M-su 1' Um- llumlrenl 'Vu 1-ilty-Se-veil NIORS lllllllll 'Q-. Iva Lee Guinn GENERAL COMMERCIAL- Velma Hallowell COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, '39, Orchestra '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37, '38, '39, Speedball '38, '39, Dance Recital '36, '38, '39, Marie Hargett GENERAL-Speedball '39, Basketball '39. Evelyn F. Harris SECRETARIAL-Girl Reserves '36, '37, Vice Pres. '39, Orchestra '36, '37, '39, Band '38, Speedball '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37. Hazel Harris GENERAL COMMERCIAL - CEIITIQYE1 Club '36, Orchestra '39. Frances Harper llllv llumlrn--l Il' ll2ll'H'l'll llurrls Vl'6'll!.y'-l'll3!.'lll COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Class Council '36, Junior Play, G. A. A. Council '39, Presi- dent '39, Student Council '39. Harris 1 Harper llllll 3 Sheridan Lee Roy Harris GENERAL-Basketball Manager '30, "Little Women" '39 "As the Limb is Bent" '39, "He Ain't Done Right by Nell" '38, Kenneth Henard INIJUSTRIAL-Football '37, '38, '39, Basket- ball '36, '37, '38, '3iJg Baseball '37, '38, '39, Class President '37: Golden T Club Vice President '37, '38, '39. Neal Hillman COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Class Council '37, '38, '3Sl. President '38, '39g Football '37, '38, '3Sl: Student Council '38, '39, H Lettermen Club '38, '39. Katherine Lee Hoyt COLLEGE PREPAHATORY - Argus Staff '39, Honor Society '37, '38, '3flg Class Council '38, Junior :mtl Senior Plays, G. L, Cabinet '3Sl. jonie Huestis HOME MAKINGeVisalia '36, '37, '38, llancl Druin llflajorette '39, Jessie Frank Hunt GENICRAL COMMERCIAL-Radio Club '3li' Football '38. SENIORS llatrri, ' D fivllillti s N ,Lf b . A 1- An- sf 4 I If-4,1 llillmnn X M by V, 1 i 1.- gur- is true llumlrtftl 'l'xx'enty-Ninv ENICRS Iekel ....-ff K' C C ai "'1 .,.A Q T Irons l ' Johnson 1 Keck l Une Hundred Thirty Marcella Iekel GENERAL COMlV1ERClAL- Basketball '37g Treasurer Girl Reserves '38: L4G. A. A. '36. Wayne Irons COLLEGE PREPARATGRY-Class Council '37g Camera Club '37g Class Treasurer '37. Maxine Johnson SECRETARIAL - May Fete '3GQ Glee 'ZSGQ Hockey '38g Tennis '39, Ray W. Keck INDUSTRIAL-Radio Club '37, '38, T393 AutO- motive Club '39. Genevieve Kerr COLLEGE PREPARATORYf-Glee Club '36, '37g Honor Society '37, ,38Q Speedball '39. jildo Iacono INDUSTRIAL-Archery Club '36, '37, '381 Carpentry Club '37g Track '38. . I Yu ,V .g Kerr C l Izwom Edith Catherine Kirker HOMIC NIAKUXIG--CkllTl9l'Ll Club '38, Girl Re- serves 'J573 Advanced Orchestra '38, Advanced Hand Yfiflj Spceflball '3Sl. Dale Knopf lNI7US'l'RlAl.fClass Council '30, '30, Hi Y Club 758. William E. Lancaster AGRICUI.TllRICfA class basketball '38, '39, D class basketball '36, Golde T Club '39, Fu- t 1 'e l" 'nilers C lb '38, '39, Thiel Lippincott COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Football '36, '37, T483 Iiaslceiball '36, Track '39, .lunior and Senior Plays, Golden T '37, '38, '39, Ruth Lovelady HICN l-IH.-X l. Vfbfxl M l-IHC! A I Elmer W. Martin INDIYSTRIAI, - A1'cl1ery '36, Camera Club -31. Ildx SENIORS Knopf ig Hui- llumlri-rl Viqillflj'-till T9 ENKDR5 Martin Klzxybt-i'r5 'Xiu-lixgiatu Lloyd M. Martin INDUSTRIAL-Track '36, Football '36, '37, '38, '39, Carpentry '39, B Lettermen '38, '39, Radio Club '36, Richard Mayberry COLLEGE PREPARATORY - l+'ootba'l '3'S. '37, B Lettermen Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Class Council '36, '37, Arah Michigian GENERAL COMMERCIALHBasketball '381 Football '39, Camera Club '36, Golden T Club '39 1 . Duette Mills COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Basketball '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '38, '39, Baseball '37, Class Council '38, Student Council '39. Frank Minoletti INDUSTRIAL-Future Farmers '35l. Charlotte Mitchell COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Class Presi- dent '36, Class Council '36, '37, '38, '39, G. S. L. Council '39, Band '36, '37, '38, '39, Tennis '37. '38 Warren Middleton COLLEGE PREPARATORY- Rachael Stoner HO E AKING- MX, ' Ll 2 .A tg J tml- I lu mln-sl 'Fliirty-'I'x V11 Nllllflltill Mitt-hell . Bl0ll1'00 N2tQJ,'llli1 Norval A. Monroe INDUSTRIAL -Baseball '37, .Football '372 Baseball '38g Automotive Club '39, President '39. Gwendolyn Marie Moore GENERAL COMMERCIAL-Visalia '36g Girl Reserves '373 Glee Club '37g Home Room Chorus '371 Speedball Captain '37. Keith Munger INDUSTRIAL-Class President '36g Drum Major '37, '38, '39g Class Vice Pres. '38, Stu- dent Body Pres. '39. Moore Bill McAllister COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Basketball 'lib '37, '38, '39, Baseba'l '38, '39g Track '37, Class Council '383 Golden T Club '39, Paul McLemore GENERAL-llasketball '38, Gertnude Nagata GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Tennis '39L Home Economics Club '36, '39, May Fete '36: Camera Club '35, Volleyball '38. Richard Douglass INDUSTRIAL- Ml'I'H'f" Xll s ML'l,en1ore SENIQRS 4-N Um: llllmiri-41 'l'hirly-'l'lirf-1- Q NIOR5 Phillips 4 l'llllli1ws George Pappas COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Dwnialtics 'LSEJL "Little Women" '39, Little Theater '39, Senior Play '39. Rubin Alexander Phillips INDUSTRIAL-Orchestra '39, Football Man- ager '39, Radio Club '36. Ruth Anita Phillips HOME MAKING-Dramatics '39, Home Eco- nomics Club '37, '38, '39, Speedball '38, '39, Hockey '38, May Fete '36. Mary Ellen Piper GENERAL COMMERCIAL-Radio OI'gLl1llSl '38, '39. Margaret Alida Polson GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Camera Club '36, '37, Orchestra Hockey '37, Speedball '37, '38, Volleyball '37, '38. William T. Preston COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Vice President Student Rody '39, Golden T Club '37, '38, '39, Track '37, '38, '39, Football '36, '38, '39, Argus Staff '38, '39. .QI , j l P 1 Viper Une llumlri-cl Thirty-Four Polson Preston Wendell Ragan INDUSTRIAL-Football '36, '37, '38, '39, Ten- nis '36, '37, '38, '39, Pres. Boys' Federation '39, Class President '36, Junior Play. Kathryn Ray HOME MAKING-Band '36, '37, '38, '39, Phil- harmonic Club '38, Home Economics Club '39, Class Council '36. Donald A. Revels INDUSTRIAL-Archery '36, '37, '38, '39. Donald Roderick Richards COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Golden T '37, '38, '39, Pres. '39, Class Council '36, '37, '38, '39, Vice Pres. '39, Junior and Senior Plays, Hon- or Society '38, '39. Edith Roberts GENERAL COMMERCIAL--IAG. A. A. '36, Hockey '39, May Fete '36, Speedball '39, Francis L. Roche, jr. COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Track '36, '37, '39, Philharmonic Club '37, Latin Club '36, '37, Band '36, '37. SENIGR lfll gain 'S Italy lil-VL-ls , K. Sr 'ff Q 5 T... ..,.. 0 RL llc-Its U l ff-,, ,- n lllIIllll'l'1l llllIlN-l'lX0' ENICRS liolfn Rossotti , l Roush ,cc l gl., Ll ! s v PY' Margaret Rolfo HOME MAKING-May Fete '33, Glee Club '36, '37, Vice President Home Economics Club '37, Secretary Home Economics Club '89, Mary Louise Rossotti HOME MAKING-Home Economics '37, '15 '39g May Fete '36, Volleyball '37, '38, '3UZ Dance Recital '38, Kenneth Roush GENERAL COMMERCIAL? liasketbzlll '37 '39 Bessie Royal SECRETARlALdLatin Club '36, Girl Re- serves Club '37, Home Economics Club '38. Hockey '37: Honor Society '39, William Rumley COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball '36, '38, Junior and Senior Plays, Baseball '36, '37, '38, '39, Golden T Club '37, '38, '39, Ruth Scriven COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Latin Club '36: Home Economics Club '37. I Royal Une llunmlresl 'l'l1irty-Six Humley Sc-riven is I ' gas, 1' i Avx' 4 ,, kk X r -a lla, RQ? Nl! uni Catherine Marie Serafin HOME MAKING-Home Economics '36, '37, '38, '39, Treasurer '37, May lfete '36. Richard Lee Smith COLLEGE l'REPARA'l'ORY-Class Council '36, '39, Junior Play '38, All-County Chorus '39g Truck '36, '37, '38, '39g B Lettermen Club '39 Harris Smith SENIQRS Sn- ru fin ,xv k. lNDUS'l'RlAIf-Class Council '36, '39, ll class Smith basketball '36g War-Whoop Stuff '39, Football 69. Irvin Smith COLLEGE PHEPARATORY--Glee Club '38, "EU ' Q.. john L. Sullivan COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Class Council '36, '37: All-County Chorus '38, '39g Future Farmers '36. john K. Stream INDUSTRIAL-Archery Club '39, Auto smith Mechanics Club '37, '38, '39, Auto Show '37, '33: 'l'ra1c'k '39, Carpentry '38, Sullivan Smith um- llumlri-fl 'l'lnirly-Sn-w x ENIQRS Swvenvv Tait 'l' li lllll Dorothy M. Sweeney SECRETARIAL-Class Council '36, '37, '38 '39, Secretary '37, Pres. of L4G. A. A. '36, Speedball '36, Hockey '36. Arthur J. Tait INDUSTRIALM'l'raek '36, '37, '38, '39, B Cap- tain '38, Football '37, '38, '39, B Captain '39, Basketball '39, Band '37, '38, '39, B Lettermen Club '38, '39, President '39, Alice jane Thompson GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Band '36, '37, '38, U. C.-Stanford '39, Philharmonic Club '37, Speedball '39, May Fete '36. Stacy L. Thorne INDUSTRIAL-Automotive Club '39, Auto Show '37, '38. Ruby May Thrasher COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Honor Society '38, Basketball '36, '38, '39, Spanish Club '36, Hockey '36, '37, '38, Volleyball '38, '39. james B. Tingley, Jr. COLLEGE PREPARATORY-President Ra- dio Club '36, '37, Honor Society '36, '37, '38, '39, Vice President '37, '38, Business Manager Junior Play and Junior-Senior Reception, Treasurer Senior Class '39. l Um- llunmlri-tl 'I'l1ii'ty-Ifliglil Thrasher 4 f Elizabeth Toscan GENERAL COMMIGRCIALA-lioeclley '36, '37, '38, Yell Leader '39, Volleyball '3S!: lluskotbull '30 Amelia Virginia Tristao HOME MAKING-Home Economics '36, '38, May Fete '36g Girl Reserves '37, Spoorlbull '37L Drama Night '39. - , 1 P 4 1 ll iff -' Ruth Trumbo yu 1 GENl5RAL,vHome Economics Club '38, '39, f I E, 'rl-m-lu VVL11'-Whoop Stuff '39, Volleyball '39, Soichi Uchita INDUSTRIAL--Radio Club '36, '37, '38, '39, Basketball '37, '38, '35J3 I"ool,bull '3Slg Automo- tive Club '39, H Lettermen '39, Leonard G. Vinson INDUSTRIAI,-Football '38, '30, 'l'1'aL-li '37, '38, '39, Hand '38, '39, lj Lettermon '3Elg Auto lvlechunics Club '39. Dorothy Wallace COI,I.EGE PREPARA'l'ORY-Class Council qw., '36, '393 G. S. L. Cabinet '38, '3Elg G .A. A. Coun- cil '38, '3Slg Basketball '37, '38, '3UQ Junior Play. SENICDR 1, , 'Q Q Vinson lllalm- Q '52 tml- lilllllll't'll 'I'liil'l y-Niue ENIOR5 'F QQ NX ullzlcv Ora Mae Wallace COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Honor Society '37, '38, '39, Volleyball '38, Speedball '381 Hockey '38, Latin Club '37. Oran Watts COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Student Body Treasurer '39, Track '36, '37, '38, '39, Football '39, Junior Play Publicity Manager '38, B Let- termen Club '39. Ora Whaley SECRETARIAL-Class Council '36, '37, '38, Vice President '37, Secretary '38, Student walls Body Secretary '39, Band '36, '37, '38, Orches- tra '39, Basketball '38. Opal Whaley SECRETARIAL-Class Treasurer '36, Class Secretary '39, Vice President G. S. L. '39Z Band '36, '37, '38, U. C.-Stanford basketball '36, '37. Anita Whistler COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Argus Staff '38, '39, Editor '39, Debating '38, '39, Tennis '36, '37, '38, '39, Junior and Senior ,Playsg All- county band, orchestra '37, '38, All-valley '38, Honor Society '36, '37, '38, '39. John Ray West XYlmley GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Camera Club XYlmlr-y Um- lluualrwl lf' UI' ' t x 1 '36, Orchestra '36, '38, '39, Band '37. in 'Wliistler West Ross White INDUSTRIAL-Automobile Club '37, Auto Show '36, '37. Virginia Wicks SECRETARIAL - Yell Leader '37, '39, Stu- dent Council '37, '39, G. A. A. Council '38, '39, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39, Class Yell Leader Wars, '37, '38, '39, Alexander Murray Wilson COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Junior Play '38, Archery Club '36, '37, '38, Band '36, '37, '38, '39. Inez Christine Woosley GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Speedball '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37, Volleyball '36, '37, '38, May Fete '36. Madeline Worley COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Honor Society '36, '37, '38, '39, Junior Play, Argus Staff '39, "Little Women", "The Mad Breakfast", 'Hun- ior's Mustacheng Captain of Hockey, Speed- hall, Volleyball '38. Verdo Gregory COLLEGE PREPARATORY- Howard Thomas Carroll INDUSTRIAL- Bill Crawford AGRICULTURAL- SENIORS XYllilv CW an VM47' ffmeus vf'2""a-l E sf -T I . + r' ln' ,PEE 4 5 . ,. .4 , ,,,,. , sr 3- " ' 3 ' " -sa .la-'M . . 4 nl ey Gregory 'Q' .J l One Ilumlreti Fort 5'-I In 'B 1 SENKDRS AT Pl-AY Diligcnt application. llook pretty, Rosumoncl. . . Ho looks like he knows what ho's doing. . . Time out? Shziclows and Dulc. . C'ynic'z1l, us ever. . . Two girls with hut ei single thought. . . Q Well. Wham do YOU want? Obviously. they enjoy their foori. . . 'l'h1'cc boys opening floor. . , VVl1lli.S np? llc! us in on it, Mnflolimn . . fx i -i A W pdff I , X , i 18 Am I Hui- Ililnilre-il I"oi't5-'l'wo - X JUNICDR PRESIDENTS lteelccted to head the class after a successful sophomore year, Bud served during the first semester. ln his extra-curricular work he was active in dramatic and musical work, being one of the leads in the Junior play. F l .I MORAN, JR. I Jack took over the reins of the class at semester and piloted the Juniors through a busy four months. His other activities in- cluded participation in the week- ly radio broadcasts and leading parts in the Junior play and operetta. ii Z I JACK JENKINS .-T . 33 J' Y X Ny' Q E iv-r ' V , Um Iluntlrm-tl l"orly-'Vllrec J i X X . Z me L f' . ,l J f' 3 x x . W F :Fr ' rf S JUNIOR CGUNCII. ,. First: Moss. Moines, Santos, Jenkins. Moran, Garland, Byrd, Perez. Set-mid: Sunlu-l, Hose, Uverstrcct. XVhatley, l.oug:, imlsuii, liumley, I'e1xrs4m, Damlwlll. 'l'l1ird: Miss Conley, Stadfleu, lfindley, Mcliinnry, Moyle, Dodson, Nielsen, Suiter, Wa1.ers. 'l'wo major events, the annual junior class play and the senior reception, were the main projects of the year for the junior class. The play, 'iGoing on Seventeen," was presented to the public on .Friday night, November 9, and the date of the annual senior reception was June 2. Two presidents served during the year: Bud Moran during the first semester, and Jack Jenkins the second semester. Bill Garland was elected vice president for hoth semesters and Catherine Long. secretary. ln the treasurer's job Casey Santos served the first semester with Leland Findley taking over the latter part of the year. Once each month a general junior class meeting was hc'd with varied programs and entertainment given. Miss Conley served as class adviser. 1 I 1 N , .,f . indreil l"m'ty-lfnul' 9 5 I If .ax KX K V If une Ili " .17 ' H I Lzlugli, c-lown, laugh. . . As l was saying. C l.ouk up now. . . lllyal Holm. . . llolcl it. . . llloml 01' lmrunoltc Strike three. . . I SiilllilllI-lll0llg'l'l'S. "Snake" walking. lloi-Q we ure up Iiurc. . . O Dpcn wirlc. . . lily has his doubts will l"1'orlcli0 likes it Um- llunilrz-cl For JUNICDRS AT PLAY ,av 9 . 5 If 3 4, we Z5 fl '4 ffl 41 ga :3 ., I ' M l if k I ll gl A ..l 2337 I ,,....,., JUNIQRS . .lg gd' X y-Q lll'sl: Slzuldvlm. 4':x.'l'wIl, 1'2lIIll'1'H. llitwh:-ll, Allvu, I'm'1'y. Imp:-Z, .I1-nsmx. !!:1l'l11nl'f, Sw-mul: M111-llm-k, Lung, Ilznmpsmm. Suulls, llnw-, ILVHWI1, Kaxhznizxn, liuvlxzn, Suuxzm. Nlrrylv. lhiral: l'whil:1, hllvllul. Hu:-ns. HU-1'sl1'm-mfl. lxljillll. Mwrris. l1K!,Hll!1l2ll', liflhuimhv, llzlrris, X Push. t'1'z1lxIVm-v. l lUlIl'lllI Wtllill-IIVK' Ibzxvis, iiullu-11, H+-tl+Am'm1141. Ruwswlli, Al2H'f'I,ll. NlHl'I'iH4rll, 'l'I1un1:.Q Ilzxrtnmzln, In-ruzmlx, Whil llfthl Imvis, Gross. XXX- :-lvr. I'QE'l'llllIlll1'Z. , I , r ML 'iiill H 22,1 fa , - First: Su-yn-1':1lc, Auulvrsunx. .lwl1nsw1', Iylillilhllll Kl2!Il1iShillll, Yl'i1jlll', Milh-V, Hiklvy, Iizmlsuki, l'zxe-Z. -vuml: linux. Him-, XYh:11l1-y, ll:lm1vsux1. 'l'1'1-xlmilx, l'fvlsm-lx, l,wx'vIzuly. llvwlu-. livillilxgr. St-itz. .Xym's. 'Vhirmli Mm-14, lluqavn, lXl4ll':1ll. llaxm-nvk, SKNQI1114 l.z1k1'. K2lZElI'i1lII, l:Rll1'Hl2l!I. I'-l'llill4IZll, llgllwizl. Vrn-1'11-nw, Pitts, Iullrlll: l:i4lx'IIIbH!', Nalin. IN-llivy, l'Ul'I'i1'I'4l, F4111-, Nix-lm-11, Sn-ntl. Jzllnvs. lialy. lmllulurl .Xl:u'l1:14lw. 'l'l141ln'1N IH-wk N lr lfiflht ,lzlvlismp MV. H1l5'4'1u'lx. Shirll. Vnstllilxmlm-l', Mr. I-Ilisw-1-lla. limlillliu, Szlnlns, llzlwm-s. Smilh, fllllr w, fa C 5 I ' XX 5.f,f X A 1' 1 HS' I X V X1 f Huw llllllclrwl lfwrly-Slx f Jw! . K I 1, L7iA IA J -X --v-Y.-4 -5?- . ll fl L.s'1..4 'nn' A . . . . JUNIQR5 4 i . lust: Musa, Ilv1'rmm1--Z. .I4-nlxinw, 1l:1l'l:11ul, ib:1x'i1lsw11. Ill'Ill'j', Yzl11rl4-l'gl'il'l Mmvll--y, lizll'I'1'lI. S1-1-mul, llfwe-. l'4-:11-5.41, XY:lIN-ln. Suilm-V, Ymlnu, l'1-llllvlmlwl, Imslmx l'1rim1l', Hmm-s, II4-U-Is, Ilrny. I ' 1 'l'hir1l: Iiznlllw, Slllmll. 1'l:l1l'4'I1uv'Il. 'l'z1yIwl', J:l'l'l'y, 5l:u'lllu:xsllil':1. l':lIlll'Vllll lfuslf-l'. Milton, llzxyf-s, I.n:ur4l. l"fwul'Il1: lIu4u-V, Sllwlur. HZIIIIIPS, Nlilulu-ll, l'Il':1IIl. Millvl, l'xl'1ll1lxF, .Xyz-Vx Slum-wvy, Nl--Kilnlwy. Rllsll, I"il'lI1: Mr. 1'llIllllYillP. Kil4liIHlII'ii'k, Ilmlll, Sunil, Smith. x'Zl'4lI:iHYI!'I', Huy, Ilurris, Hull, 'I'z-ix:-il'.l. .lzmqlu-Q. Hxwl'st:1I4v, Sl--X1-rlmul, MV. Al4'xlIHlll, 4 ., A An , A f ' z . Q ! . - I I"i1'sl' S111-pln-HI, :Cfml:.l'4I. lluxm-s. llylwl, Hlmllf-y. 5I+'4'zll'lIly, Allvn, 4'Imlm1,411, I'lxi11:lu:1. H1-1-1-ml: Slvxn-aus-nz. IP:-lnrulu, liippe-4-, XX':1le-Vs, Ilxllnivy, Smilh. Sissun. 'I'IlI'll4'I' l'+lr1v- Ylulrux 'I'luil'rl: Nlisv Hlrllllllll. Slznlln-V, Imvlsfm, .I-fllzllwlle-ss.-lx, Vurp. ll:-uk, lmlw-lzxu, Al:lm'l1i::lshil1l. I"imlI--5. l'lPlll'lpII .Xlmnlw-Q-, SJI"!ly!'IIl. IH-1Il'vm-"-Ili. .Iulu-S. 55111141 I72lllII'4'lI, llwlrlrnl M1'l'l1lIwl1pglu, lf'll1vIIvy. II--v1-IN, .I:::'lw4m, 'l14'iXl'il'2I. Vital. lfltlhi Hrluznlwlf, Mfrzlrl. Rumi. li.lII"I', ll:ll'l'is, 'I'vm H.llls1-ll, Iiisillx, II:1'.x'Ilml'1ls-, llI'llI4l1l4fl', .XllQ'I1, Miss Vnlal--X. -i is 5 . S 'JA , ' AH ,PP " .- , Q W- J 1 , X liliu- Illlmlrf-vi I4'm'l5fSf-xmx X X , ,D w 'I lx?-11 " r f I , , 4 JUNIGRS AT PLAY ' " :JJ Now. lll'Cll'f you cute? ls sho going to liit us? Kid ut play. . . ll. Zoe flushing that hulfvsmile, . . Campus cut-ups. . . Love in bloom. . . Why so sud, Bob? Grins shyly and passes on. . . A couple of the boys. Having difficulty? lt X ,N 3 xx Um- llumlrvcl l"ol'IY-l'3iP1hl ' 1 SOPHGXVXORE PRESIDENTS Elected president by an over- whelming majority in the first semester elections, Keith took over the class reigns and engin- eered several good class pro- jects. Keith is an active and en- thusiastic sportman in school life. 2 l .Tack Luck Le +1 Keith Broaders An entire new council was elected for the second semester in the Sophomore class and Jack was chosen by the class as the leader and representative on the student body council. Jack made as his objective the secur- ing of more social activities for the Sophomores. 52 ' -I 1 -A9 ffl ' ...... v, X i ' e. Soraoyfitat coumcil In 1 l mms, lloll:1n1l, lin-omlt-r's, l.us-la, Sommt-rvillv, Stewart. 'llln tnlli in inulxul N Vx rv ' c w.,i -jf , -co : . 'Ml 1 , 'z s -', 'z '-I, Iulllsel. Lalon. llunt, lflvai 'I'hir4l: I'lrlw11l'ds, XYilso11, 4lz1x'l'as, l'liolm1:l!l, Swift, Mr. JIIIIVS. Two entirely different sets of officers served the Sophomores during the year as follows: First semester: Keith liroaders. president, Dean Stewart, vice president: Betty .lune VVilson, secretary, and Laverne Callister, treasurer. Second semester: Jack Luck, president: Stanley Sommerville, vice president: Janie Hunt, secre- tary and Velma Luton, treasurer. Noteworthy participation in activities were as fol- lows: Kelly, llatti, Lloyd and Floyd Harris, Nagel and K. Smith, in varsity football, Stewart, Costa, Lombardi, Nelson, Lopez and Swain for the Papooses: Kelly in I varsity basketball and Lombardi in B basketball. Ward h Rush was on the school debate team. A large number were out for track, tennis and base- ball. Mr. .lones served as class adviser. S' .1 ' 'L ,- 1, NK Law Ikfff N , My X '15 fab A- . . Um- Illlllllllll llttx r 1 f , it , A dll , ...again ll , ...---,-Y- , llurk skies, clark looks. . . We know you'1'0 posing, but. . . Three bean-poles. . Aw, listen here Midge. . . Quito perturbing, isn't it Keith? 'l'hcre's real concen- tration here. . . l'cl'sonulily plus. . They must not like l'illllCl'ilS. . . Um- Ilumlrul l"il'ts-lin 4 SQPHGXVXQRE5 AT PLAY N is C9 5 Ur 4 fm - ff .JJ li W l I l l 5- X SQPHQMQRES rg First: llzttt-mztil, t'tmy,tA1', lfim-, lltux, ,Xttlqinx lil-mttltws, Allvn, lizttti, ,Xrkztliztir Allttu, St-t-mitl: Aflztms, Vttvllztr, Wilson, Sttlikel. Wt-st, 'l'l't-'Illillll, Yust, Swift, Alt'lA'lllltl't'. l':u-lit-t'-1 lit-vk. 'I'l1irtl: liilvs, XYilli:tms, t'h:tx'is, llztgglt-t, Wmnzu-lt, XXX-lt-li, linlmim-tt. Satyrv, Snrttlr, tl, XYll ' stun, llossntti. lfmtrtliz XYilliztms. lit-tlriqtlt-z, Ste-utils, Sttmvr, Yuttiiu. St.tt't'1vrrl, 'l'tvnki11srv11. Wztrtl, Sit-w ztrt, Wilt-utt, NYtmtlzxrtl. XVl1itt-, lfifth: Minis, Iiztlwuwlt, Newt-, 'I':tyltvr, Slitwtiiztii, litwltzt. Sllt'l'lllllll, XX'illii11s, ltusv, Siiitlt-2 Y Nultl. Alt'l,:1ti0. u E I l N 1 al 4 , Q L., xg? i - First: Vztltlwt-ll, Alvtlliil. tiiltstm. tlztrrztf, Ilullztml. Cm-111-1', litttiltt-4151 l.txlit-. llztrris. lltmtltl Impvz. S1-vmitlz Mt-Millatn, Alwtlttii'--, Milt-in, .lztyi1t1s, Almittitwt, Nztllvztiitliztn, My--rs, l,t1ttvt1, I.:tmpt Mnrt. I,ym1, Alztris, lmytl. 'l'l1irtl: llztrris, llwlltvy. Vustzt, Al2ll'llll. 1,1-rtlzt, Mtmrt- ,.Itvli1isttm, l.im'lmi'gt-r, .lt-psm Morris, Altvrris, Rlztitititw, t'nx. Fratults. lfwttrtlir llulxtmtl ll1it'1', Winn. Wilvs. t'ttrtz. lltmt, lCtvt'l', lmmlmztrtli, lit-llt-y, I.t1t-lt, l.ill5 Mzxrt-S, Qllztyltry, lltwliv, l.ux'it1. Mt'N1-il. l"it'tl1: Slit-t-slvy, Vlwzttv, Alvllw, lit-railing, Cox, Vttinplrt-ll, lilztvk, t'm'tlit-i'n, tim-tliv, Rup- Mt't':tllistv1', t'ztLm1'1:lltv, Earls, Cain. 15 'pg J f- .4511 f X fx . V9 t W 1J,f xx I X ,g, i-wib,,. X All Rl " I Hitt- llttmlrt-tl Fifty 'lun f f . ATI J t XX I A t Y -J-----A Lrg-e' . SQPHCDMQRES 15 ' M1 Q- A . A- I f , .L ,.,., ,.A"Il,,- 4' ,... f.QL qv,, M f H '- N 1 ,, Qi? ' 4 J lfirrl. Smulns, Alllrphy, Na-Imam, lf1'llSll'1YllI. Ihlmms, Ii:-mi, l'HUl1', lh-V1-ls, lizllm-rix, llhlvlz- ,f vrllI', Muylz-, Sm4m'i1':l, I I I I hwnlulj llluyus. Nfmlnl--, I'1llIlIQ'I', Mzlylwy, Ilzlwkills, Smith. I+'l':1nlxl1xx, Muir, 4'l':11,:, fflllll' I l:11u:1, .Xliu-In-ll, Ilzlllvr, Ilmlsnll. I ff 'l'll1rrI: Iii:-U, 14ll1ll'HIl. M1114-S, Ilzly, Yun Y:nllv'l1lrlll'u, I':1l'kvl'4 Flslmz-l', l'I1lXX'2ll'IfS, lmule-Q., -I M4-1'l1llm'Ii, l'illIlll'l', I4'lvIvln-V, l':cil1, IFj.'H:nl't. I II I I-'flurllnf Vlnillipx, IN-vlx. lin-m1-mln, llrvssf-V, l'4vweAll, M-wink, Al14I1llwlm1, S1'l':lIIll, 1'V:lxxIm'ml, If Nzxgqlw, Phillips, 1JiIl4-yy I-Inns, In-levy. H11ll14A1'l'm-al, Iflvlvlun-r', I , I-'iI'll1 f'll!lllIIiIIS, l,, .xl2Il'liIl, J. 5l.xr'liIl, 'I'l'l1mlm, Itwmks, l.4wlgzll'1I, I'u1n-. llirlwzlrrlw, Hmlrl-v Q qu-'x, IZ-N--. Stull, Ilivlu-Ils,lIl1illll, Ale-N1il, Hush, llvssv. 1, tl A-5 f I ,L 1... - 4 ,- W Hn- Ifirsl: Slum-1', ll:1zxum4:l14I, S11-pzzluifxlu Stull, S11-pll--nw, XY:nlvm, Ylillhl- Silva, lvlll4'QI'lPYi'. Sgmlalinu. Slsetmn. S11-lrln-115011, SUIIIIIUIIS. Swwvxusli IJIIIIVX, II:14I1im'Ii. I-'l':nulI4Iin. I'ilk1'1'llI1IlI. I"llI'l4IlI!, Il:ll'1'if, ,XIII-lr, l:llIISx', I1Ix':lns, Alt-1-1-Ii,Vhumll-y, Vlznlllrv-4-, l4I'1llPll'x'4', t':11-mlnxzz. 'I'l1111I: Ilfmlu-xy Ilfllllulllll, .Xx'il:s. 1':1l'ml4uz:u, ll:11'x':1s. lizlmxmil. Iillislum. In-illing, Hill, II4-id, I':IX1'I'. Hunt, Im1l:uIll14-. Iii1'Iwy, 1'.ll'lisIo-, llilkllvmi. l'4Illl'llIf l,m-,1':1l'mIuz:l.4':1l'rI1lxu. 4.2lHiSl4'l', fillliliklll, l'IIlllXK4'll, l'I:nrIx, 1'llI'irIj, IH-lull:-l'. I lllnxvr, 1'hulmi:un, Iizllu-r I':11'ln-r, lil-1mlgs,1':1s1-3..Ifvlu-5, l"lI'lh: Yuml.-1'I1fml'+-zz, Suzxm, Siunm-s. XYuu-ls, VIII.-n111fx':1, 1'-mwln, Sxxw:nv'i1uum1, Silvan, Shirlx, Vaughn, Slutun, Sl:-wart, C. Smith, Sfmnnerville. 'QF :' - , - sf ' 'JA T' xH f I- Im N NX, ' X '-Af' N M X'-RJ W , I I I , lllul'-Illnmllwwl l-'iI'l,x-'I'l1lw-v ' I! X I 1 ' 1 ' wi X f f , ' I A K' Il . 3 N? FRESHIVXAN PRESIDENT MILDRED BUSBY One of the few girl class presidents in Tulare high school history, Mildred Busby was accorded this honor for both semesters, being a popular favorite with her class. Added to this distinction is that of heading the largest class that has ever entered this school, a group of nearly 400. During the year she handled several success- ful class' programs, one being held each month. She also presided at the regular monthly class council meetings as well as having a seat on the student council. rf!! f One Hundred Fifty hour X "fx f JU xx l IL f 'ill 3 L .- I is x 4 FRESHMAN CQUNCII. i 43 o e -e . Q First' lungs, Scott, lbicksun, Hesse, Jxlldt-'l'N0ll, ' 4 Sl-4-mul: Mills, Walker, ll-illmnn. lirwin. l.ym'li. Nielsen. I 'lhirdz Olson, Prose, Collier, t'humley, Vincent. If 0 1 ! 5... Pm- Hu Surveying the trials of a strenuous initiation the ,lfreshmen have established themselves as an active class in the student body. Officers serving during the year were: Mildrezl Busby, president: Jack Crose, vice president, first semesterg Harold Dickson, vice president, second semes- terg Ida Marie Hillman, secretary, and Barbara Nielsen, treasurer. The activities of the class during the first semester centered around the handling of the candy sales for the football games. Despite the fact that some of the boys were kept out of sport competition due to age rulings the class was well represented in all branches of athletics. Ida Marie Hillman was a member of the school debate team. Vlass advisers were Mrs. Vincent and Mr. Olson. ls? Q.- l ffl TN -Ai gp it . FRESHNXEN v . ,..h Vt . Am,, V my ,m,, -M mW,mW,AW,A ,, W Y 7 A Q FA 4 - .. an 4. .. A. X S Ifirai: Silvm-il'z1, .l:l1'l1'll, IJz1x'i4l4ul1, AIilIlliShi'lII, lln-sm-, Jwllvs. .Iz14'ul+s, lI4-11411-rswx., lil1HblUt1lliSl, Huy, liullu-l'l'm'c!, l4Ivnns4 liuglufsiaxll. A , S4-vmul: Ymmg, lvyszlrl, Mir-hipgialu, Milk, lfrymire-. Vmvlq, Hilmrdi, lillU1lllk'S, lflikllkllll. Svtvll, XYz11ls, Miss I'l'fYlHlfHUl, ,Xx1rlv1':4m1. 'l'hi1'ul: fiilllllbllvll. I12ISlliIlll, Alzxc-lliuzlshirzl. I':u'sm1s, XYvstln-Amk, Sll'XY2lI'l. l'2ll'IIll'l. Slmvurl, Szxrtllx-In-, KI'4'i4lt'l', AI1'l.2lllM'lllill, XYul1'm'd. I.ym'h. l'2lH1l'I'lYll, ' l"4w111'th: ililly. lluilf-y. Mouth. llllgiglius. liorlm, Sissrm, lliwksurm, IM-1114-y, l'x'1m-, I.um-, .Xl4'l':lIlXHj'lt'. Il0I'l1:1, l'n'l'1'Z. - Ififlh: IAIlH1'llSll'l', .Im-llsf-H. Vurwiuzzx, !.inp:h-mlm. I':13x1+-, S1llV'diY2lIll, Mwnw-, Ih-Viz, Al1l!'llll4'Z, Hmw-izl, I.z1wlw11m-. HV1-wyh-r. MV. Iiusss-ll, Merjil. W W . V K lk W , ,,,,. W -. A i l ' A S N , W , . . 1 E , uv f ' y- 1 V 7 r' l ..,.,.- -V -., .1-. ' - Xxx? ' , . . MWA W. A ..,1!'!T.1?"1'. T" I If lfirslt l':1gui,Hg:n1,Sparks. Iiilwllvm-la. Vuuh, t'hum11-5, A111-11. lmvis, Small. l'utn1.l:x, 1lr:1lx:m1. S1-4-111141: Iinwzwrl, ILM-l.z1v'mls. 'l'z11l1m, Ilrvwzuwl, lin-1-, lmngins. k':1pi1m, t':l1'slnzzx, lilis-ulw. I:2lk1'l', l1llI'I'j', 'l'url1l, .Xl:1VshuIl, Hull, 'Vhirmlg Nzlvzllhzls, Smilhn AlUl'l'iS, XYhilm', Wlu-zll. H2lI'I'iS. I'n!'Iu'1', Vilsllv. lilaulllvy, 'I'1li1, Hlllistmm. lll'n'A'Il. IA-xvls, Zaxvk, Ifnllrlhz llulsmmluzllw, Ilzxliluw. fll'2ll12lHl, Vzmlmlwr, Alzlrtiu, lvulv-S, Svwzxrcl, .XI:u'lim-X, Yriqu--, H l'H111'm-, l':lz1u'1-Z, Iiwuwll, UQXIZIZIHI. l'vLl'zlsix'l!, Ne-wmzlll, I1-lxiimuzl. l"lIlh:- Iirvsn-,S:aI41:4, 1,5-wis, Ulzxrli, 4'1!!'l'Ui2l,. Blmrjil. Smith, In-xxis, Mmllzlg, XX'hil4-sid.-, Xlwlsoll, .lunvs, Mrtlord, lCdx'xu1'rls. Simoefs, llickuk, Killingsworth, 13 V717 .Hr JM! ,-X -,F x I x 'kf,f X J X fSf IS, l I Um- lIllIlllI'1'4i I-'ifty-Six 131 ,il J ,Z A, FRESHMEN 1 5 I Lg... ,. ,.. .. , fm, -.M ,.,. V, .W ,..v...... , v- , K J l'il'sl: Vmlvlu. I"rl1Ill11y:4+, l':1l'l'. Slulvlus. l'I1lu'11l'4ls, llirxiu, listlwlzlzl, Swift, llussu, .Xmlw-rsmu. WI mrillli II:umg1su11, 4'1:x1'lx. .l:u1'l4sull. I,:1wl'vm'v. I,u:nl'ml, IIIDSS, l'ix'm-S, Suvllzil. Impvs, lizlile-5. Illlrnx-ml, Ymxxm, ,f 'l'hirfI: Nam-I, llmlf-:'. Y:-:aklvy4 I':nxl4m, Iflmwvs, Mn-llfv. .XlHl4'l'S4PIl, King, Killa, King. llulx, 1 Ilznrrix lillllIl4'j'. ' Ifrvllrllu: l.:nmp1-, AlllIl'l'425,I1ilIlliS, Ilriltzlin, Alnss, 12:1Ilfl':1ill1, Immrmu, lin-rx Ilofsuui, , l'l11f-I-wh-1', Il:1r1'i:4, Whifrmnl, I'Vm-slq. l"it'llu llmll-.s. Hlwlm I'I1lxx':11'4la, l'nIlif-r. .luxu-Q, 1'r1-zulwr, Mm'1'is, Ih-islu-ll. Nit'l5l'll, Iirwiil, -+ Miss Ifislx. Miss Sl:ull1l4ikrv1'1l, 4'm'l1m-114-V, MV. IM-.lullufz I ..f, ,-, . .,., .M Z, ,v CY : l ,ff X ' ' 5 k'f'!' I I N-ww X- my X I llxli llzuxllx-vl'11--. Smith, H'Ni1-I, tlillw-rl, Iistzlllsx, Illyllw, K1-lly. Huh-l1'1---, Szlutus. Santos, liilu-ixml Nn:'HIlvfI N.nu:ni:l. lf'll'NIIl1lIl. 4'U1'1lir-lm. M1-IIA-, Iiulwlvh-, 1'I1-lm-ul, Vulluxmilll. XY:nlk1-V. Ill1l'I':z, Slum-, Slunlvy. ,Xlv1'11l1y, Xvilliilillrj 1l1':lh:lm, 'l'I1ll1l: l.ixilu:slm1, .Xl:.wl1:ulu l':-wx, Ul'us4-U, K'ul1l1'1l':ur, Wvilbllll, XX'--1114-1'l1-ull. Mills .Xl2ll'Ii'1. .Xlwyln-, .Xlll!'l.liJIII, Iillllf-1', 4'4l1ImS, I,lIYt'l114lj', lvlnlvvxnll, llxlyz-5. l'4r111'Ill: NVXKIIIJIII, l'1-wh, Ililvy, l'1'iw', Alillklill, llzlls-5, .KIA-lulm-x, .Xlunwl'4',Slull1-, llilllllllli, XX':eIlu-V, Ii:1z:lr'i.ln, Slwlmlu-lnsuln. .luhusuln lllllni VIVVIIIIIIIH, Silx--1111, l"l'lllll1mX1r, .Xin-'lx:ulu, Sums, 'l'1'1:--lrluml, Hunt, l.:amIu-rl, Vrum-, llznruh-l. Hull:--, Iluyls, I,islm1:, 1'2!ll4Hf', Al2lIlt'Zt'?4, AIr'I,2l11v. - - 'K Q ,X .":,' T -1 '. . , QJA J - X X vb-4, f- A N- ,.,. 'Q N V w , w w 1 Um Ilumlxfvl lltlx Null X f J I 1" 225,-5: f' f ' I A ,I A I I I X 51173 FRESHXVXEN AT PLAY r x .l. 0 s NX pf fij- WE, v 1 A 'f-',f if And see that you maintain that respect for your betters! Laugh about the whole thing. . . O :for the life of a freshman. . . The dignity of the frosh president. . . Watch your step. . . Can't you smile too. Betty Jo? Engrossing discus- sion. Who's it about? You aren't so tough. 1 f Une llundrcd l4'iI'ty-Higlit m -. ' ' 1?Ff'1F ftf x -ii-Wggfvi W Qf?4Wf97M'L'f'Aig"f", ' E Z , ,g,,,,x., ff ff Q: bf'4""J mf. KgjfZTZ72Zfw1Mj13"'fZ 7M M fjblbyvv. 24. -D ff f"f mm MW J 11' ,ov-Cf L if bi ,QJ ' 1 g ' , Hn: Hlllllllkll Ill QBCDARD GF EDUCATIQN 'H' I an 41' lfnst Howard, Patterson, Wallace. Second fumwalt, Longan. For many of the policies of Tulare High School and for many of the privileges enjoyed by those attending it, the students are indebted to the Board of Education. Many of the vast improvements that have taken place in the campus can also be attributed to this bozly. It con- sists of five members with Mr, D. O. Howard as presi- dent of the Board and Mr. Arthur Patterson serving as clerk. Other members are Dr. Elmo Zumwalt, Mr. Bart Longan and Mr. Ray Wallace. All have a fine record of service on this Board and in the community as a whole. lVlr. Howard has spent 15 years of active service. Mr. Patterson has worked for the best interests of education not only on this Board, but in other civic affairs as well. Dr. Zumwalt is a valuable coordinating factor between the high school and the elementary system as he serves faithfully on both boards. Mr. Longan has been interest- ed in the affairs of the community, and thoroughly does his part in its activities. Mr, Wallace has been an able and very interested member of the Board for six years. 1 7 ef 5 Q. 0,3 , 4 x.. 7, eg I It . , X -.,.4-51 PRINCIPAL W. IB. IKINICDIKEY N . PRINCIPAL W. B. KNOKEY HWITHER BOUND" rings forth across the billowing waves as two ancient sailing ships pass within hailing dis- tance in mid-ocean. Perhaps the first and maybe the last greeting from the outside world within weeks and possibly months, yet a welcome call and a cheerful answer. This same challenge rings forth throughout the entire civilized world today as we face the rapidly changing con- ditions individually and nationally. Individually, since each must face his future with that same uncertainty that the ship's master faced when sailing forth, yet with the same determination to make all possible preparation, be- fore sailing, to insure a safe voyage. Nationally, since the destiny of the entire civilized world seems to be tied to the decisions of a few individuals and groups who seek more and more power for themselves with total disregard to the rights and privileges of others. Our Good Ship 1939 stands ready to sail forth outward bound. It is my hope that -the ship is sound, that the port of destination is fixed and that every precaution has been taken to insure a safe voyage with a crew that will take their places as loyal citizens of this the country we love. W. B. KNOKEY. nf la -X x Q9 Ix K ', WI f 1 If if "rising ' I I I - I , Une Hundred Sixty Mrs. Flora G. Wilder Vice Principal, Dean of Girls, Commercial. Mr. Hilton D. Bell Vice Principal, Dean of Boys, Athletics. Mr. J. Peter Beiden lioys' Physical Education, Athletics, B Let- termen Club. Miss Margery Chaffee Commercial. Mrs. Lila Christie Librarian. English. Miss Irene N. Conley English, Debate, Junior Class Adviser. Mr. John F. Cummins Social Science, Athletics. Mr. Frank Eliceche Social Science, Commercial. Mr. Harold Dejonge Mathematics, Physics, Athletics. '11 ,... M335 1 - F . Vu ni n l FACULTN XYil1l1'I' lie-ll lienleu i'ililffl't! Christie l x S Um' llnmlrwl Sixty-1 m ACULTY Fu u ll cash? V Fis li lluyvm-li l Hexbeig Holman Mrs. Florence Faull Commercial. Miss Aileen Fisk Girls' Physical Education. Mr. R. Garn Haycock Commercial. Mr. jesse C. Hexberg Science, Athletics, Golden T Club. Miss Mary julia Holman Art, Mathematics. Miss Violette johnson Home Making. Mr, james W. jones Journalism, Mathematics, Radio, Publica- tions, Sophomore Class Adviser. Mr. james A. Lewis Vocal Music. Johnson Um- llilndrvd Sixty-Two Jones -Q ' Le W i s Mrs. Edna M. Long School Nurse. Mr. A. L. Loomer xl2ll'Sll2lll 'R' Carpentry. Mechanical Drawing. Mr. Charles N. Marshall Boys' Physical Education. Mr. Thomas F. McKeighan Attendance Supervisor. Mr. George McLane Blml 1 lllu English, Athletics, Chieftains Club, lfli-Y. Mr. J. G. McMillan Agriculture, Future Farmers Club. Miss Margaret Moriarty Home Making. Miss Ruth Nold FACULTY it if Latin, French, Scholarship Society. Mr. N. E. Olson M""i' Sociology, Commerce, Athletics, Freshman Class Adviser. Miss Lucy S. Proudfoot Girls' Physical Education. Nold Alkfvllllilll rnu1ll'u Moriarty Une llumll-Q-il Sixty-'l'hrev if u 23 NCULTY l'l'u11lv X ss Russell Sheesley Smith Miss Gladys Prunty Home Making, Counseling, Home Economics Club. Mr. Clinton A. Purcell Social Science, Commerce, Athletics. Miss Mae Ramelli Spanish, Sophomore Class Adviser. Mr. C. 1. Russell Science. Y Miss Catherine Sacksteder Q Home Making, Junior Home Economics Club. Mr. Clayton W. Sheesley Manual Arts, Automotive Club. Mr. Rennell Smith Agriculture Mechanics. Mr. F. C. Suiter Auto Mechanics, Automotive Club. Miss Lois M. Swan Home Making, Home Art, Girl Reserves. Miss Lois Thompson English, Dramatics, Senior Class Adviser. Mi Ji 3' Suiter JW' ur Une llundred Sixt y-Folli- Swan Thompson Mrs. Reeta P. Vincent Science, English, Freshman Class Adviser. Miss Marguerite Waters English. Mr. Ernest Wattenbarger Agriculture, Future Farmers Club. Mr. Cyril L. White Instrumental Music Mrs. julia Burrows Librarian, Bookrooni. Miss Ruth H. jones General Office. Mr. John Seavers Financial Secretary. Miss Nadine Place Secretary. FACULTX Vllll't'lll XVzitc-rs Se-zu' ,dilvf-f h NVz1tt t-n1 l llll' gel- 6 nf ' ,J ' XYhite 'WUUQ19' ' :fly 5 Um' lllllnmlrwl hlxly-l"ix'v N E '- S 4 P I .X . 7. ,H GFP THE RECQRD F KLM 'Q , NX fr, f lx . 'V f u. .nuk- 1. - ll I She's been a good girl -give her an A. . . Awright! Let's get lined up. . . Mr. Olson behind the hand. . . And cameras d0n't lie. . . Mr. Purcell looking cheerful. . . Get 21 little fire in there! Thirsty? O The powers that be. Oh! Thats too bud. . 1 I ft., , f .. .. ,Lg . I Une Hundred sixty-'mx sill 1 r' W 4 :fm 'R- . . jig? , T' ,gs 5 ,ij ag 2" , Z -. gs' -wtf-,3 4 . W Q EW' ,,,. mmY.H -1 Q f Q ,hgggy-,f,,. . r b a. F9 A , , , 'J .. Lf . g, :fs I U rl. fu, ' 1 'a ' U mixfw' fir- Qlfy 'I' P' ' ' N if kwa," V Q,Ei:'1.' iv.1,,-- . ., ,. M.ww.1,, 'TJ f "fi Q , 3 4,,5:1 f" :f. ' " .VzQ.:. f L .if . 3 wi' .NJ-r., T125 , 2 aj f nw , ix., A. .Q .K we ' : ,. ,qifij 1 if, +1 'EM 455 3 r '15- .- 5 2. x 44. 'JW 2-, faikvili, . , 1 ': 'Ll 'Ye,L,'l. ui" ya" +,fr.+,-K., wr , 7:1 , l' .' ' , mem... ,N .- fr v 0 1 sr 4.. ., x .M 1.1 wk K .1 72 'A -prix" ,fall-Q ag' .4 f 5. M 11.5.9 S-Q, 8. Q. f N I gt- 'Sf ' 43 , iv 3 J ,, 5 vs '- I' .??. -Mg WAN., R-9,14 e 4, L fl I I wk .2 V , 1:42 A 9-J , 'hffqfvgfgfz Vw 'A 1 8, fm , 'N "v 'N , 42'-'1 -' 'iw 4?-11 j' 'V 2. .'.'-- 1 5 -N' -s 2 f- . :KE-Q "f-136 - rug-'.Q, ' i, .5225 xi ?" 3.-9 ' -f utr!! F A1 QQ.: , ,, , 'ln X 4 I' H . .5139 gg Mr. lkxlolmgci Huh? 'lhaugh and we laugh at you. . ." "How To llc a Gates post," hy Sepcrak. . . You know you can'L .,. lcacl. . . . . . and clon't, write the answers in the hook! Hero and there about the campus. . . Wrappvcl in the avms of Morphcus. . . lfinc-h rcally takes things seriously. . . Snow-lroautios. . Um- lflllIllI'1'll 51x15-5 x 1 . UNGUARDED NXCDNXENT5 as , Q it fix W u X 1 -A YA x To the Class of 1939 4, Congratulations ss N 0 5 gf 0 L' M, if' I Gainsborough Studio 215 EAST TULARE STREET Qs X ii: X L ' 'S Fszs A ff? nl X - l r BEST WISHES GRADUATIN G CLASS IUIARE 81 SME THEATRES CAN B Y,S ELECTROLUX-The Silent Gas Refrlgeratlon All Types of Household and Electric Appliances MODERN HEATING AND PLUMBING 'l'clc-phono 81 122 North J-'l'ul:u'v CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! I FASSO'S FLOWER SHOP "Flowers for All Occasions" ' FLOOR COVERINGS FULLER PAINTS FURNITURE NELSON'S 121 North K St. Phone IH CONGRATULATIONS from TYLER MOTOR CO. Studebaker Sales and Service 140 South J Street, Telephone 181 W f' r . 0 FE' l . Q4-M in Ll , Z X N ii UNGUARDED XVXQIVXENTS E a S V is Cooper pep-kin"? Hes mine, I tellya. . Getting your picture taken? Did he say anything about me? I 5+ 1:54 gr? hi Chee, dat's a tough teacher. . . Well, if you ask nie. I None of your busi- ness! Something interest- ing going on. . . Kind of bored. . . z-f f 1- llundrvml Se-ren y i Xxx I' i f ' 'S A I in X fx W1 1 , ,Q-1.1 CORONA TYPEWRITERS 31.00 a week 138 South K Street Telephone 87 FiIlal'lCC CO. HBEST VVISHES T0 l'lLll'l1ll,l.1l'C and Auto Loans SENIGRSH phone 301 Automotive Supply 316 E. Tulare Street 232 South K Tulare PHONE 165 I FOR THAT F.H.A. HOME Come to The COX LUMBER CO. We help you plan your home. Plans and specifications P js furnished. THREE 1s1,ocKs NORTH TULARE '1'HEA'1'uH PHONE 12 342 North L Street Tulare, California m . 5 x -,Q -' -' N. 'M EH 2' X4-1. 5 'Q' :X V-Una-f 2 r ,D X N I V., I Q O5 2 N 'D ui I fi? W 1 - ' I '13 .01 F If I , .I CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI WINTROATH F IGGINS CO. Deep Well Irrigation and Domestic Pumping Plants Machine and Electrical Work SOUTH li AND OVVENS STREETS TELEPHONE 231 TULARE, CALIFORNIA Abshire's Grocery 8z Feed Store We Carry Everything Pertaining to an Up-to-Date Grocery Store VVe Give S dz H Green Stamps CORNER ,I AND KERN STREETS The Children's Shop 143 East Tulare St, EXCLUSIVE CHILDREN'S APPAREL "CRADLE TO COLLEGE" Mrs. Jack Farrar Mrs. Geo. Ferch D. I. G U S T A V E WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR PEPSI - COLA TELEPHONE 97 510 E. BUSH Best Wishes to the Seniors From R. C. ALL EN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Refrigeration Service TELEPHONE 98 if I RQ I X if f ,f xx xg' v f H l I I X :lung I I CONGRATULATIONS P s The White House 0 ... tr We Wifi? Tau.. 'A HEAPS Of SUCCESS W! NICJN'1'GONIERY WARD TULARE 11' z 1 . ' ' -. Q X - ' 5. -I . ,, " J- 'N Y nty-Three x ' l ' V! I fl ' 1 X 'x X ' Q i Q -5 f. I 97 '- N-. , rd, if" 9 , L.. .i . 4 Steve' s Cafe and Soda Fountain Sandwiches - Cold Drinks Steaks - Dinners 536 South K St. Tulare, Cal. DEAN SNOW'S "A Neighborhood Service" I GROCERIES GAS, OIL AND GREASING Tulare lce Company ICE - FUEL AIR CONDITIONED REFRIGERATORS "The Refrigerator that does more than just keep your foods cold." 420 South K Phone 59 ADOBE DRIVE-IN g LUNCHES g SANDNVICHES g DRINKS Corner M and Kern Merle L. Soults Trucking and Material BUSH Sz N ST. PH. 1180 lil z N rg" XX y X f f X I II 1 1 1 I I I Y 4 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1939 EAGLE CLEANERS 249 South K Street "We Cull and Delivc1"' Ph 881 . ii J. D. HEISKCELL CO. GRAIN O COTTON INSURANCE ' If PHQNE 31 TULARE 1-5. . I 5.1 34 7 gl XT' Q G :R-M "QQ ' 44,59 ' -I vvunly- Five th .2 Z QE X' I f I I A 'D X5 4 ,, A' UNGUARDED XVXQIVXENTS One, two, three and four. . . Relax Jonie. We meant no harm. . . O Roughing it? Do you really feel that bad, or is it the sun? Glad that's over. . . The tormented. . . "Men are just boys grown tall. . ." We dill! Boy walking. Ditto. 9 + ' XX . :Jul 5 f If x Jw, f , "An, I Une llumlrerl by-ve-nly-tw HL ' CORD BEAUTY SALON THEATRE BUILDING Telephone 477 Miller' s Department i E Store 'Fioxh-,ers Specializing in T'- NOVELTY SHOES ' s, 5 , s s, pleas . I I L Flower' 'uch a' our' ex ' " i you- sincere thoughts Shoes for the Whole Family 0 4 1 1 '- - if He P Bu' d fmanclal A Our Community mbldependgn g WE LOAN ON HOMES ,, ' 1 -YOU SAVE- -f A A qw f. f ' C' 2, '71 First Federal Savings 8: Loan A Association of Tulare Cou t N , jfffrfff 44, OmaANlzl+:n 1889 i 5 OF YOUR gl INVKSYMINY Q rg' INSURED 2 Ilr. cn M. minimis, I'r1-sich-nt 2 5 , , . , . . , a g l4l iw.-nh lx sn. 'lU1.Am4,, 4 Alillf. Plmm- as 4055 cnkw ll. 'l'. Fl'ylllil'l', Sev'y-'I'l'c'as. .-: 93 ,J E I X'-' if swbu v 236: C: X !r li xx I X 5. ..,.. g- Q . 3 K' ixqf ff U l 'lf ' ' 15 .i, .4 Sharm, ,lam lW...a-.a'F."4.1 Plan ow to attend the TUL RE-KIN GS COU TY F IR at Tulare SEPTERIVIBER 26th to 30th, Inclusive FIVE BIG DAYS AND NIGHTS OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL 24th District Agricultural Association CTU LARE-K l NGS COU NTY FAIR, C1411 Tulare . is proud of its fine High School plant and of the high scholastic and ath- letic record of Tulare Union High School. We are pleased to extend congratulations to its students. Tulare Chamber of Commerce Q pf-f,f X ,Li X fx H my 1 , N IL' lx 'I I .. - F. G. Cross Hardware Company ERNEST ALTAFFER, Mgr. 143 North K Phone 547 We Wish to Thank the Graduates of 1939 for their patronage in the past. May we continue that friendship in the years to Come. MCCOURT BRGS. Porterville Tulare Corcoran Congratulations, Seniors Ji T. "Bud" WATTS Building Contractor FREE ESTIMATES 121 Salida Place PHONE 488 JIM'S CI-IOP SUEY CAFE TULARE ELECTRIC COMPANY C. H. Whistler Phone 117 FINE APPLIANCES EXPERT WIRING Next to State Theatre Z U, v - 1 U I 9 0 . Ni I gt :Ji ..-. 'Q Telephone 29 Opposite Tulare Theater R. E. ROUNSAVILLE THE NEW 1939 SERVEL ELECTROLUX The Gas Refrigerator Sold Only on Proof and Phone 16 Q Q STATIONERY Seaman 8z Seaman , X . MAGAZINES Cleaning 0 Pressing ' ' SUPPLIES s1NcE 1918 I 0 CARDS . ' 218 South K St. Tulare, Calif. , , 3, EMA of Glmazm l I NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION In f ,, f W! , 1-1- I TULARE BRANCH X I CAN MEET YOUR FUTURE NEEDS ff! fm ri? N -f W Xxx . 6' if , RRS' XX f I ff n 1 ll 1 h f -LX IW...-'S-'+w.'1 H I A-A-H Ne know you're not asleep, Jonie. iumley and Hillman study? I .nd so I says to him irrrrr. . . Rosamoml fs not that serious Edith. hree smart girls. et, your tootsies wet? ' minutes l Une llumlrwl l'Iip..g'l1tx flll 4 UNGUARDED MOMENTS , tw: , '3 7s gg if f yf gg on l ff x 'JA -,- V' X mx i t E 1 lil r 15 CHEVROLET'S THE C H OIC E CHEF-IYQLET L. ,, A. I-I. SCI-IULTZ Sales and Service ' 250 EAST TULARE STREET Across from the Tulare Theater Phone 490 Congratulatzons I ' FROM ,,- 1 LI DERJS 'W v GRQCERIES HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS FURNITURE FEED RADIOS W Xxx VKX ff 'S-.f L A A f mfg! A 'fl lx ' C' 1 l E X FINLAYSON ELECTRIC 123 South K Street TELEPHONE 756 Sales, Service and Satisfaction Kern Street Market Charles E, I-Iogks Tulare's Original Home-Owned Authorized Distributor C' sl -F d S ' h - 'M OO me Wu Standard Stations, Inc. . No. 914 A. D. Groceries and . 345 E. Tulare Tulare, Calif. Flne Meats Across from Post Office Ph. 1041 REFRIGERATION ana' AIR CONDITIONING For The School For The Tavern The Home The Service Station The Dairy The Office The Restaurant The Church, etc. WE ARE FACTORY AGENTS Fon THE Frigidaire Line, Home and Commercial Fairbanks-Morse Sz Co., Maytag Washers, De Laval Milkers, Sherwin-Williams Paints We solicit your business with correct engineering, first class material, at right prices. Ask the Satisfied Customer about our Convertible Turbine Head. Many in use now. Investigate our Overhead Furnaces. HARRY CROWE EI5EYfR5Z0RKs "We Know the Pumping Plant Business" Telephone 90 Tulare, California x -1 ' f K V 5 ifi I E ,- l - 1 -' . E y . S.,.... ' A-tip . T E -A9 +V 6 w ,N , a 3 N K J' N Q. z X--a I ,f l H '15 5'-1113, If ,4 .Q-,f UNGUARDED NXQMENT5 0 J L xr 'VL 1 1 x I Hg 5 1 flff X5 I ' Wutszlmzltter? Iluvu fight? Bite .your tongue? You and who else? 'At's the old pep- talk, Mr. Hexberg Smile like a good little girl . . . Richards as he 'Will be remembered . . . Interesting stuff, these War-Whoops. lt's not that had, Mrs. Scriven! O yeah! le Humlre-rl liigllty-Four Y V 0 PLUMBING 0 SHEET METAL 0 GAS APPLIANCES . DAIRY EQUIPMENT B R O T T ' S 120 East Kern Telephone 21 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS from THEATRE SWEET SHOP . LUNCHES o FOUNTAIN 9 a CANDIES Q MAGAZINES yv WILBUR AND INEZ, Proprietors CONGRATULATIONS 1939 GRADUATES 209 EAST TU Visit our store and see the nice selection of gifts we have for the 1939 Graduates. We are sure you will enjoy looking at them. JACK FARRAR JEWELER LARE STREET TULARE, CALIFORNIA TELEPHONE 403 PATTERSON 8: ROSE NEW STORE -,- Featuring Nationally Advertised Lines for Men and Young Men TULARE AT K STREET 5 .I I I me ,,1 T5 I Electric Shoe Shop 124 North K Ray C. Lopez EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING Our service will satisfy us only when it pleases you Wqe euii a v T I PHONE 35 J. P. ALVER.SON Jeweler 122 South K Street Tulare, Calif. J. E. Warren Really Co. Sales, Investments, Property Management, Homesites, General Insurance Tulare Theatre Bldg. Phone 38 i SAF ARJAN 8: SON X MEN'S SHOP 3 3 High Quality Suits, L' 1? Furnishings and Shoes I 122 EAST TULARE STREET CONGRATULATIONS, ' -24 SENIORS- SANTOS 8: SON "Best of Foods" - Telephone 197 x-ff fm 5 as gag-Shi! XX 11,5 ll 1 1 1 It was-w-1 If 1 PHONE 52 ...L- vfifiidn NATIONAL CLEANERS 2i'?22??Q'5 IESERVICES. -Q- " "FOR BETTER CLEANINGH CONGRATULATIONS Greyhound Lunch to the Graduating Class QUICK of 1939 Q SERVICE DeLuxe 224 E. Tulare Sr. Barber Shop RALEIGH DYE, Prop. Bus Depot Phone 122 AIR CONDITIONED OUTSIDE SHINE STAND OPAL AND HELENA 201' So K Street Next to 202 Cafe "Leggett7s Storesv Congratulate You COMPLETE OUTFITTERS for SI-vo Il - MEN - WOMEN - CHILDREN ,Y 4 . " K H.-I t 1 I A 43.-"7"--' ...A T E gf C K ffX 'J T If A NE f N x Success to You . graduates of 1939! Once you have lea 1'11 ed the lesson of CO-OPERATION you have taken a vital step toward TRUE SUCCESS! In athletics you call it HTEAMWORKQ' In class-Work you call it "SQUARE SHOOTING" .M In the game of life, you call it HTEAMWORKH! 5' , ' Co-operation among producers, co-operation between employee and em .L X ployer, between merchant and consumer, among members of the community ' , X is responsible for the progress our Country has made. The closer the co operation, the greater the progress! DAIRYMAN'S CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY ASSOCIATION Manufacturers of CHALLENGE COTTAGE CHEESE CHALLENGE BUTTERMILK Ci , a,a and s :B CHALLENGE BUTTER L' 5 if ac N - THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER 1.1 V J I ' Q X9 I Q' X ..., vvfx LJ f igljgyr ,- C t X Hlilrui I it I X Il f M X gf I IL lx AIITU BEN W. COLBURN New and Used Wheels and Tires For all Makes of Cars and Trailers 520 South K Street Phone 450 Com pliments longan Garage Company 362 So. K St. Phone 191 GEORGE P. LONGAN Tulare, California R. M. WATTS PAINT ooNTRAoToR ESTIMATES GIVEN 741 Apricot Avenue Telephone 1186 Martin's Welding 8z Blacksmith shop General Welding and Blacksmithing 202 North J Street Phone 502 Tulare Electric Hatchery 7 if r J. H. FREW and BERT A. HART, ' Proprietors BEST BABY CHIX, FEED AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Prices Right 420 North J St. Phone 334 H l l I I -Nine ', W w " T'-' W W le ls:--' -Z ffl tx are "vu -ag..-e . Vi P l . 3 .i. I JOHN H. CALLISTER TWO HUNDRED EIGHTEEN AND ONE-HALF SOUTH K STREET .-..... General Insurance O Real Estate 0 Building and Loan ECONOMY DRUG CO. Prescription Specialists ..'... CUT RATE DRUGS, COSMETICS, SUNDRIES Next to Penney's Free Delivery Phone 678 FRANK W. GOBLE 144 South L Street Phone 53 Tulare, California G L E N L E W I S DIAMONDS, WATCHES Musical Instruments and Supplies Remember: "It's Easy to Pay the Lewis Wayl' 155 SOUTH K STREET TULARE if X3 I-as if ef N l S llllNt , vc X IL I X Q UNGUARDED NXCDNXENTS fontrust in silhouettes . leigh-ho! Spring is on us , . . O Eliinc, mister? ley! You cz1n't do that! finer points of bullying... Silly grin, isn't it? Don't get mad, Marshall . . . Sourpuss . . . Morning, Mr. Huycock . . . lllll' Hundrn-xl Ninvty-1 I -'T' F91 ps' Ll l 6 A .5 ,, .2 1 fs 79. Q ffl Z 1 f I I x Ei X 73 - , Z 0 XR i wP'? I f s 9-.W IEDM rw..li--2--W.-1 -X xx 'Q , N IL 1 FULTON 8z ABERCROMBIE, INC. TULARE PORTERVILLE 12-1 N. "J" Street Phone 792 202 W. Olive Street Phone 336 DISTRIBUTORS FOR: Victor Welding Equipment - Victor Kimball-Krogh Pumps Massey-Harris Farm Equipment General Electric Welding Apparatus INSTALLATION AND REPAIR SERVICE BUCHANAN'S SENIORS Best Wishes .TF from "A SMILE WITH EVERY PURCHASE" SHOE STORE "THE CREAM OF THE VALLEY" "Drink Plenty of Milk for Health and Beauty" W' 0 0 ugnlli Vlslt the Peacock . 0 in Drlve-Inn 1 Hin a ICE CREAM X M fi gg I W f , MILK PRODUCTS N Drive-In Fountain Serv1ce SOUTH K HIGHWAY 99 ,Ly Xt fu A i f H 1 ix 1 1 I Wx if l ' . UNGUARDED NXCDMENT5 I4'i'oslnnc11 rcztlly study! ilissful promenutle. I li, Puck! lo that way about u . block . . . Q-4, Vho'i'o your stooges, Z1 Annie? 'wo flights up . . Iothing is that funny . . . O C: i low to opon floor in darkness . . . Jo lmct it isn't at ' , textbook . . . f If !hz1t's thztt. Miss Conley? , -- fs' ' N - j .- - . -x . ,, ' Q . ' ,J x ' X V-, Q f ...Lip yx Um- llunfln-fl Niiit-ly-'1'1H-,tp X I t f it it fl 4 l Z in 55 s X . 2 X., ji 01" BasL1's Markets EASTSIDE WESTSIDE 526 E. Tulare 646 W. Inyo Phone 32 Phone 190 L x CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BELLEVUE GROCERY MEATS O GROCERIES OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAY LNGLEO Co' TPIXCT IMPLEM Jim Ingle Company Oliver Farm Equipment Blacksmithing if SOUTH I AND ELM STREET TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '39 is due from us our BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS Remember as you go thru life you will be able to go your best in a Buick-Oldsmobile-or Pontiac from Sturgeon 8z Beck MODEL STEAM LAUNDRY "THE APPROVED LAUNDRY" E. B. Campbell Phone 65 332 E. Kern St. .R ,XJJ 3-'u:N- A X L, ,ffm T...-ww J L Compliments of TAGUS RANCH TULARE, CALIFORNIA I .' mg? I 7,000 046765 of Qality CPr0clu6Zi0n Q-F T 1 . , 21+ H. C. MERRITT, JR. MANAGER 5 'J 5 Ex G 'XA-" mx Nim-ly-l"ivv M , X X I y LL! 4 za-3: 7 I Looney 8: Taggard West Inyo 85 .I Streets Phone: 1051 TULARE, CALIFORNIA Associated Gasolines, Oils and Greases CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES l from BURNETT LUMBER T COMPANY na X I A X DICK at Douc J. TULARE SIGNAL SERVICE 415 South K Phone 1085 2 , 1 .Malfoy did C-OVEZJ I-5 if F do give an extra value in fine workmanship, l no matter what the classification, the design, ' the color, etc., may be. THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 N. Western Ave. Chicago, Illinois X fm 9 X . , 51533- XX ,ti r f 8 r 1 1 NI 5 5 1 A I eeee, so , ,Ia v I u ll tl s -A BEST WISHES ' , .. J. C. PENNEY COMPANY HAMILTON PEERS FUNERAL SERVICE DEPUTY ooRoNER .i.... Telephone 540 148 South H Street Tulare, California PLYMOUTH DODGE T O M S P E A R D1sTRmUToH I North K Street, Tulare, California DODGE PLYMOUTH M. WILLIAMS 86 COMPAN Y L , rf f l A i l an A-,.... .,..,,-h..Wn U 5? F X X , ,f A r F ig Q Lg? I l IJ lr --- N UNGUARDED NXCDNXENTS t - If UneVHuml1'ml Nihvti- " gh I ' Q! ' xy sa ,t y A l si F' g Look clown on us, will you? How to sit grace- fully . . . Blind man's bluff Don't face the camera! Take your places! Got a bite, Neal? Familiar scene . . . Truckin' on clown That personality look . . . 5' J ,tx , X31 kxjfl l . , I v P Qfxqlikjw X 51' Jsx Q if Q x Wh Af "w in H' -J' r Kyx A -3? f Pi xv ' lf yu' J ' ' I AQ ji- .lV.' , P h yn I f s. -' X, " 'ly-'T ,,f"fs! If 'ff f . . ' 'fix y.f.,-'?w,,m ' tr -M ,A-5-7-P xl,-flit , .JMV1TL'y.T'i M -. L! Alibi- ij, , WjORK forjhe house ' Tie Vrnade fit your .ideas as xyell as your space. LJVQTIK V ,-"f lf! fi X9 M A A. I Q A y TULALRE XPLANING MILL l, W-'f4ff' 'Q .fH.lC. EVANS, owner ., -Ll-'lv' , cjtg ,L 1" . I rf, I M I 4'-fsvt.,l.,eg,x X 'TCW-TK, 90213 '47 . fx ' .L I. Case Farm M3Ch1HCFy ,fm 474. ' fg W - CENTRAL CALIFORNIA 1' W 'ff' -f I 'gf "1 ,H CL! -- fx. 1 .lkixl-1!Y,. IIVIPLEMENT COMPANYZS, ps. 'C Q Firestone Radios in ,C ,U 1434 ii' "L Q.. f X 7Q - C 4L I 4. V , 1 .1 TELEPHONE 896 ,gifs-- K , ff' 320 East Tulare Street M T fp kTula.red Cailiiil.,-I X' ix , W" DESOTO - Priigisltobtfiguggk 1,-'Q , I t Sales-Service 'W-k7k"'-I Hg . iwhx. ' ,fax ' .' Pix xjrltsibvx DATES MOTOR CO. 1 X, y .swf I T ,J , fl . Phone 316 242 South J Street, Tulare, California HC,-5 ' T, ,.,, , K -AXA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS yn We carry only the best quality Drug Store Merchandisefp at the lowest rices CORNER D ,Wig Tm .. L! 23 ii REXA GW C A Jn W iffy M552 if , 1 I 2 My ff - J 1 it 5 1- ,, , I I ' U I 1 I , I' Q L T i Tai ? K . 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Suggestions in the Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) collection:

Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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