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Zz Huw x21ga.,,,,..JJ,,,,,,,Z ,buvvzf - WW 7M W 5339336 WWW WW! ff 0'5f'l aJ ,V X XL, X ! sv J , xy ,jf f ,M A ff Uf , X aff! H H G U S 0 M c5l1ulcuf,s of 2-Zufaz' 1 QSQAML 7 fare, Lfalnfcz-nni W Z MjlfL!ll.L'llll'L'll C? 0'CZWO'C Time, dashing madly in its wild flight onward, gives us little time to rest, never stops. And, as we come to the close of another year at Tulare High School, we look forward to the future, curious of what it holds in store. Yet, in the pages of "Argus 1938" be have tried to stop and hold, through pictures and Writeups, the events of a happy year, a year that in our store of memories will become more dear. iw ' ,-,,,...a-f""" LA.-,,f,,,1,, Yzfff ,llfyf Cl.-fz.fz1,1,,. C 7u'TL'llfL'7lf1 L.'lll.u'T.4 C.-,,ff,,1.. C!.1....L-.. :!,l',,,z,,,'..1mfz. f!fA!ff1. ,. JM1,,f.,.. 1 1 1 J-r!1Il'1'1'fl.1llI:l X !5L'c!iCdfi0ll Tulare County Champions PROUD Of their convincing victories. Of their wonderful showing of sportsman- ship in competition. The Argus staff takes pride in dedicating "Argus 1938" to the CHAMPIONS OF TULARE COUNTY. 5. Arous IQ38 i LCDZICIIZILOII Haifa. , VA RSITY I"O0'I'HAI.T, I-'irsli .lum-s, 'l'hllllI2lS. .Xll4IoVsvm, ZIIIIIXYIIII, lXlL'4'zlllist1-V, .Xlitwlu-ll, Sculi. H4-wnml: l'Z4lwa1l'ds, l'l'l'51lYll. .I. .XIm11':w, I,i1mpin+--111, .Xlslrlim-z, I,11luu, N. .XlllIll'llL', Iiillmun, Ifussvll. 'I'hQl'4l: 11I't'ilX'6'l', 1'mu'h IM-idx-n, llivllzxlwls, I"u1'ln-s, XX'hi1A-, HUll2lI'4l, II:1ll, Slurgum, .Xl'1lli2l- Ilan. A!ldl'l'S0ll. 1'n1l4'l1 Gliuli, 'Vu the varsity fomlmull team. unbeaten, untied. The League Record 'I'ulu1'c' 213 Delano 0. 'I'ulu1'e Zi: Sll'Ll1,lllUUl'C fi, Tulare fi: Exeter 0. Tlllilll? fig I'n1'te1'villo 0. 'I'ulz11'c 223 Hzmford O. 'I'u!z1l'c 2151 Immclszzy 133. Tulare 2191 Visalia U 'INIIILIVO 1511 Oppunellts 18 f 2 e-I C C .-.-fin!! A 1 .1 Argus l938 S g?b66KlC'6illl0l1 I, - , T35 , ,f V31-E To the B Class Football team, one of the best trained, most spectacular lightweight teams Tulare county has ever seen. Unscored on until the final game of the season. L Arguga l I938 K O I ll! LCLZIIOII HIM 4 K. , , , ,, ,, H CLASS l+'OO'l'HAI.l. "S 2 .. .ii iw.. . ui' i 4-Z, Kziwulii, llumli-y, .xlnrlin, Il. I.1xM-Z, llurris, Illlllllxllll 1 X'l'4IIlllf S14-wzirl, llrmallili--, Ili-ssl-. Al:ll'l:ll, Nmap.-l', .XmIu1ii:l!l, Ilillmrill, IIt'llIll'll. , .,.. v. , . ... . V lliiiwl: Smith. l,l'llllr2ll'lll. lull. lisumzui. Xlliiu-, l41':l11k, AIEIIULYUSIZIII, ITVIIHIIQ. lmu-Ii ll'-xln-rg: THE SEASON'S RECORD Tulare 285 Delano 0. Tulare 215 Strathmore 0. Tulare 125 Exeter 0. Tulare 273 Porterville 0. 'l'ula1'e 131 Hanford 0 Tulare 30: Lirxclsay 0. Tulare 271 Visalia 12 Tulare 151 ,.,...... A,Y,..,,,,,A,.,,iiiAA..., 0 ppcmeuts 12 X5 ALM cju'L'lAall! J ,,ii Argus I938 R '3ZD6JLCdfL0l1 To the B class basketball team, which, after a disastrous start came through in the final part of the regular season and in the playoff to show themselves as real champions. L Argus I I938 S o2M'zf,,1z0,, r.al.1,.14r1r. l1-,u .l. . :!'g1m1lll, . llll llllll l1l11l Irlilll llxll X11 I ll 5l'l'HIl4II Voau-ln 1:l'1tI4'll, Al-ws, Immlllilr, Wliitv, -1i'lIS1'll, .Imp 1 THE LEAGUE SEASON 'Fu l are 'Fu l a re 'Fulare 'Fu la re 'Fnla re Tulare Tulare Tulare 'Fula re Tulare Tulare L'Ll.1A Zjgll.5LL'!All!! Iilwxf-ll C32 16 15 24 21 133 21' 27 27 20 17' v ,T Poriervillo 17. Dinulua 15. Hanford 16. Visalia 13. Delano 28. Porterville 1 l. Dinuba 14. Hanford 18. Visalia 17. Delano 5. Visalia 13. X mln l.: ln. Argus l938 I jbejfcallfon To the Members of the Debate Team, who came through with decisive wins in the county finals to bring to Tulare its fourth debate title in five years. 256546 V -. Argus I938 ..el. Elmo Zumwalt Don Hillman Roberta Suiter Anita Whistler Miss Irene Conley Coach Season's Record: In the annual county de- bate tournament held in Visalia February 12, Tulare won seven out of the eight debates and eighteen out of twenty-four decisions. In the finals Tulare defeated Delano in both debates. Members of the team: Anita Whistler and Elmo Zumwalt. negativeg Roberta Suiter and Don Hillman, affirmative. 'L'llll'lw'll e,-TZSUAI if s 'Q' Argus I938 Qty SJW! R. 5 x iqCAC'0 gif QCAOC fig 4 3 5 nw , BirlEiW13i:iHL4uA1,VF:I.kkui-r-GJLH 1" P' Hi!! " .in ' U ETL-9:21 L' .?'?Y'1s?ilLHSfl:IL'1Yff' 2 ' uT:raNal?+WlH'i.feAi6imf3f!1fz?'!:ME-JWLNLMUH " ' ESI' ' M m. ' clk,-Mmm N 11+-....,N Lk ' 1 gif A 37? . . X' ,Q : ,i y AA , X L LL V. AZ, an M! , . Y 5 Q - 1-Sa il V fx Q Q, . ur . QM . AN W. K X fy. , Q -A. K X -K ,, . fwwf. M ig? W ,kim , 4. ,.w,, I- fn fQk xm2WX f 1f35!s'rf1gif U4 + ' 1 , 4- pifw ,3g,+9.Q, ,hfw V, U f,,, -, . L ., . ,H , Q f .M--mf v M ' .Q y w fmwt v ., . yn gy-'V ' X.. Rf Vx in -XX x X "' '- fx ', ,Q flfllffzf C mf: MMI-vu --V np-'luv' . First: .lonc::, In-ll. Knolcr-y, lln-xls.r:'. Sw-ontl: ,xlill':4ll2Ill, Vtiinniizis. lit-ith-n, lllit-la, Smith. 'I'hc zlthlt-tic council which was fountlctl last ycur for lhc purpose ol' forinulating a sct of training rules to hc followcrl hy athletics. has proved to he Very successful tluring the year of 151357-338. Any infraction of those rules meant iininecliatc suspension from the squad and only with thc approval of the council could a player he reinstatecl. Any player wishing to he reinstated had to present his case hcforc the council. 'l'hc incmhcrship consists of thosc of the faculty who lutvc any connection with the sports. Mr. Knokey was chairman. The council consists of the following men: Hilton Hell. varsity basketball and trainer: Geralcl Erwin. tcnnisg .Iesse Hexlmerg, ll football: Dale Glick. varsity foot- lmall: Doug Taylor. track and C huskethall: Pete Beiclen. liasehall. hasketlwall and l'. 111.3 .lohn Cunnnins, D class haskcthallg Clarlcs Marsliall, l'. IG.: W. ll. Knokey, principztli .linnnie .lones. publicity: .l. Rcnncll Smith, archery. J tltt l it Ara us lQ38 an gf.. .' . . N I I8 QM.. ,.x. K I . Souza XVeinkauf Loar This year Tulare high school went through football season and about half of basketball season before We had any official yell leaders. XVe were helped out a great deal by Harold Johnson and Emily Souza. About in the middle of basketball season tryouts were held before the student body for yell leaders and the winners served the rest, of the year. Doug Weinkauf was chosen head yell leader and look his place on 'the student council. His assistants were Emily Souza and Bernice Loar. The trio wore White shirts and gold sweaters with chenille emblems sewed in front. The emblems showed a block 'I' in gold and a red megaphonc. L Arous lQ38 Coach Dale Glick, completing his third year as A football coach at Tulare High, has established as fine a record as any footlrall coach in the history of Tu- lare. Not only is Glick a "Top" coach when it comes to foothall, but he is also a regular fellow. His congenial spirit. his perslsteney in time of stress, has been the mainspring that has sent his football team to a place of prominence in this county. wif, Q-lm!! 'tiki 0 .Johnny Sturgeon was one of the out- standing players in the valley this sea- son, having the best reputation for open field running in the county, At the con- clusion of the season he was voted the most valuable player and all-eounty quar- terbaek. X I Arous lQ38 L Arclus IQ38 Jizz. Con ll f Q These men were picked on various All- County teams at close of the sea son. I' Lippincott -Guard Sturgeon -Quarterback Martinez -Center Hillman -End N. Monroe -Tackle J. Monroe -Tackle Preston -End Luton -Guard 'Pwnntv mz4ff7 J0f!d!! Mitchell -Guard Anderson -Halfbuck McCal1ister -Tackle Anderson -Guard Scott -Guard Sllll' 'con - b Svorcs 'l'u'vnt U L L I Argus l938 O C7Az.4flfL, Clow 11 Preston -End Henard -Hulfback Hall -Halfback Richards -Fullback Russell -End Arkalian -Halfbuck 'l'ulu1'c 213--Visalia 0 Tw 0 uty - T w o mtdif Clow!! Swain -Guard jones -End Forbes -Hall fbuck Thomas -Center White --I' I al fbzlck Zumwalt -Guu rd Tulare Scores Twenty-T11l'00 flaw!! We if Coach Jesse Hexberg won himself a place in Tulare High School's history this year with perhaps the best-0rgan- ized, hardest-charging, smoothest-rum ning lightweight team in Tulare county history. The team's impressive record speaks for itself. The spirit of that team compliments him more than mere words can express. Gordon Whitc, popular senior, was elected captain of the papooses this year. White, a two year letterman, played half- hack on the county championship team. He is a two year letterman, and has established a fine reputation as a plung- ing hack during his two years of playing. Argus l938 1 ig K ' F 1 in ' fai r L, A , i, Drilling -Quarterback Hexberg -Coach Katsuki -Guard Harris -Tackle Smith -Halfback Stewart -Halfback White -Fillllmzluk Henard -End Donahue -End Martin -Guard NX' I1 i lc Inside 'Vacklc ,.1,,4,,,.. J Arg us l938 Clam! Margosian -Halfback Henard -End Cooper -Center Andonian -Guard Martinez -Tackle Lopez -Guard Tait -Halfback Martin -Guard Drilling -Quarterback Henard -End Martin Takes Out the End , , Wimmwm, Y Argus I938 X Clofh, Z! Katsuki -Guzlrcl Hesse --'Fun-klc Ragan -Quart orl mc Lopez -Guard Hillman -'Fucrkle Jensen -ldncl Rumley -Center Frank -l I2llfllZlCk Lombardi -Plzllflmuck Kagan In NVI1 i l L: 'I'w1nIx S1 Xl 11 a Ek,,,,,x f-557' 'A 1 P -Y Q' . Y gi N f w, I , I r 5 , --IQ 'K 4 35' " xr, ' S hu ,Af Ng i ,, M il X .xv if 'xv L l xv xi 'J - . M jf,-xx A X Q .5 A A W 5 J V ,LY . L C wiki A'9uS '933 , l,, Fat-ed with one ol' the toughest as- signments a c-oat-h can have, that of shaping a team without veterans of former years, Coach Hilton Hell was rredited with having the most improved team in the league hefore the season was over. His squad was made up mainly of lfreshmen and Sophomores which should speak well for the team in the next two or three years. This. coupled with a fine spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm de- veloped in the team, makes this year a decided success. W. as .4-c.1fl'y ff alcfgaff '-vu! Qu.. Playing his first year on the varsity, Marshall Choboian, a junior, won the honor of captaincy of the varsity cagers. Chohoian, a forward, was a consistent point-earner for the Redskins as well as filling his position in a fastepassing, fast- breaking Combination. Chohoian has had a year of experi- ence in each class, A. ll and C, and should he a real asset to the team next year. Argus A l938 azofflly gbtiofgcfga First: Lklariinn-2, Ripper. l.:im-asttr, K1-llt-5, Mt-Valliste-r, Uliohoiaii, Alix-hiuian Set-ond: Mr. lit-Il, Moran, Mills, Campbell, Smith, Jolinson, QXlvt'ai'tliy. XVith only one letterman back from the previous season the varsity cagers spent most of the year building a team of underclassmen that came through in the final games to promise for next. year. The practice season resulted in Rerlskin victories over Woocllake. Exeter. Coreoran and Lindsay. ln the league Tulare held the Porterville -County champs to 130-27 and 25-20, lost both to the 'veteran Vi- salians lT-U and 27-20, dropped a pair to Dinulma 22-ll and l7-ll, but split with Hanford and Delano. After losing: to Hanford 27-20 they came Iwaeli to win 27-17. Against. Delano, after losing lil-2I the Redskins won the final game 3-1-23. With the reputation of being the most improved team in the league the following men were awarded let- ters: Chohoian, Smith. Mills, Martinez, Lancaster. Mc- Allister, Johnson. Kelley ancl lXlcCarty. Martinez is the only senior. 5- I Argus l938 f i-ii L- awffgf ggaleffaff ' CLINT S MITH -I'w0l'VVL1l'd RAY MARTINEZ -Guard BOB MCCARTHY -FUl'Will'4l BILL MCALLISTER -Cont or BOB JOH NSON -FOI'NVill'll BILL LANCASTER +F0l'XVill'Cl ARAH MICHIGIAN -f'Guurrl JACK KELLEY -Glllllll 'I'lli1'I5' in 5 5,f,tfl,f1z Making his delmut as a Coach to Tulare high school Mr. lleiden turned the ll class basketball team into a county Championship outfit and hrought the third athletic championship to Tulare. Mr. lleiden has a brilliant record he- hind him lmth as an athlete and a eoaeh and Tulare is glad of the opportunity of wishing him more sueeesses and con- gratulations en his yearis work. It f. It wt. J , 4 The fighting spirit that the lf! class displayed in coming from behind to win the league title can well he credited to the veterans of the team, and in a large sense to Andy Andenian, guard of three years, who sparked the team on to victory and was honored with the captainship at the close of the season. Argus I938 'fl-s1 n g -l+'01'wz11'cl nerd -v-Gll2ll'll n -Guard osian - l"m'wz1rfI rd +FflI'NVill'll E: -Center -Guurcl, C Class. Md 'I'hirty-'I'hvw-4 'I-11 fa0""' CMZJDI7 gdllefldff Campbell -Center Moran -Guard Rippee -Forward Mills -Guard Donahue -Center Moss -Forwarcl Uchita -l"orwzu'4l irty-lfour QA gxguagufgu Under the coaching of Doug Taylor, Central Grammar School teacher, the C Class turned in a successful season, cli- maxerl by winning the annual tourna- ment held each year at Tulare. Coach Taylor, who is just completing his first year at Tulare, whipped to' gether a smooth-working combination that should prove valuable varsity ma- terial in the future. Virgil Jensen, sophomore guard, cap- tained the C team which, despite failure to win the county pennant, came through to take the annual tournament. Jensen, who captainerl the ID team last year as a freshman, was an important cog in the C lineup and was creclitecl with a lot of the local teams scoring. 'rf 1 F... 1,',:,:,w 'fx' , . t, vpg t . N 'Sf 1 A ,,,,,,.,+J f.l,,p J Arg us l938 C 55a.4Ael' f First: l.oml1:1rdi, Sliewey, Seperalk, Maniisliiau. St-voiul: Cuavli Taylor, Slvwai'l, Postal. Jensen, Smith. Unable to liold their place at the top in the league standings, due to a inid-season slump because of sickness the C class eagers eaine hack in the final games of the year at the C class tournainent and won from all the schools of the county league. The regular league games ended as follows: Tulare Ni, Delano lip Tulare 18. liindsay llg Tulare 18, Porter- ville 83 Tulare 15, Delano 20: Tulare 17, Lindsay 83 Tulare 10. l'orterville T. Hanford and Exeter played for the lille. Letlernien for the loc-als were: Jensen, Mainisliian. Costa, Separak, Lombardi, Smith, Rumley and Stewart. The C's started their season with a pair of wins over Buena Vista grammar school. 5- Argus l938 ...., ,- J Lombardi Y-I"mml'w Smith -Cents Mamishian -Guard Shewey -621111111 Ichinaga AC I uuwl Seperak -l"m'wz1l Stewart -A-Uelitcrr' I Iluwrvgr zlrcl V 'fl n iJAL'!Aci R K' ,ZS tt., ..,A..fz..z1 wi ' f-im ur' s ah, . 1 st... V-I-,.. .-4... .- Snag. 6 --.M 2, N .,......,. ,..,.. ... js First: llarlholf, Hesse, Luvk, Hunt Second: Stull, Stevenson, Cox, Coat-li Clllllllllll The Withdrawal of several teams from the D class and grammar school league left the competition scarce for this year's team. Only two league games were played, one with Buena Vista grammar school, which was a victory for Buena Vista, and the other with the Central grammar school. which was won by the D class and gave them a 50 per cent rating. Several practice games were held during the season. Coach Cummins took over the ranks as coach of the D class and built a nice ball team. This was his first year at Tulare. George Stadden was chosen captain of the team at the close of the season. He played a for- ward position and was the chief point-getter for the locals. - Nine letters were awarded them hy the student hody at the end of the season, Argus I938 'I'lrirt5 li lil 55..a..11 ,-w,vw,w,-,,vv, ,,,W,v- - ,, 1 35 ....-W-.MW M... ., wb. . Q Q Yr rf' K as ., ' 1: ':" 'I Q .-if if dmv ww 4' Coach lleiden, in his initial year as Tulare's baseball coach. sparked the team on to one of the top positions in the league. His infield had the reputation of being the smoothesteworking in the circuit while his team's batting average stayed high throughout the entire season. As coach of the Yannigans this year Coach Olson kept the reserves busy throughout the season and developed some good prospects for the coming season. Honored on his fourth year behind the plate by his is teammates by being chosen captain, Harlan Henard is Q M Y f completing an eventful baseball career at Tulare. Harlan . X X broke into the first string his Freshman year and has held that position through four years. This year he has X f been one of the outstanding players in the league turning ' 9 in a high batting average, which was featured by several 3? long drives, as well as keeping his team's spirit up from "i""'W' i 'pk behind the plate. V- , 'fyl 5 "Ass, G J ., .,yl, Arg us l938 ggdifldfl I 35 I l I I I First: Lopez, Rumley, K. llenard, Sturgeon, Dubose, H. Henard, Martinez. Second: Childers, Mel-Xllister, Broaders, Forbes, Monroe, Bergantz, l,aMarr, Jones Coax Beiden. After holding the league leadership for three games the Redskins were dropped in a questionable game with the Delano Tigers on April 29. The game was called at the end of the fifth inning with the locals four runs be- hind. In the first three league starts Tulare 'vvon over 'thc Visalia Pioneers 5-3, took a close one from Dinuba 5-4 and had a circus at the expense of Woodlake, Winning 11-2. In the practice season Tulare Won over all opposi- tion except Bakersfield and the Santa Barbara State Col- lege freshmen. Men who saw considerable action during the season were: H. Henard, catcherg Forbes and Lombardi, pitch- ers: Monroe and Richards, first base, Dubose, second, McAllister, third: K. Henard, shortg Hall, left field, Stur- geon, center, and Martinez, Rumley and LaMarr, fright. Due to lateness of the season it is impossible for us to give you the final results of the league. Argus me ...... 5,1,..z,,11 H. Henard -Cather K. Henard -Shortstop McAllister -Third Base Martinez -Outfield Beiden -Coach Monroe -First Base Forbes -Pitcher Lombardi -Pitcher Hall -Outfield Sturgeon -Outfield LaMarr -Outfield I1'wn'ty4 mv A Argus I938 TJ c lea umm Li.iCAd!X First: Salas, Moyle, Leak, Leak, Lopez, Caldwell, Edwards. Seeondz Coach Olson, Burns, Fernandez, Stull, Mallee, Costa, Mares, Howes Under the direction of Coach Newell Olson the Freshman team, known as the Yannigans, put in a good year of experience for their positions on the varsity next year. Two games were played with Corcoran and a pair with Visalia, all Vic-tories for the local boys, llergantz led the batting brigade with a mark of .750 with Glenn Edwards and Leak close behind with .G00. Three pitchers got workouts during the season, Bergantz. E. Leak and Moyle. Others on the squad were: Broaders and Eugene Leak. catchersg Jeff Edwards, firstg Lopez, second, Glenn Edwards, thirdg Mares, short- stopg Stull, MCRee, Lamar, Costa and Burns, outfield. The team played games with the regular varsity nearly every week. 5 Argus l938 ........ Uoach Doug Taylor, in his first year at Tulare, has given good account of himself with his track squad. Although the regular county meet will not be held until after the publication of this book, Tulare will he a strong contender for the varsity division, showing exception- al strength in the distances. He has kept a large squad husy throughout the entire season and should have a good YTLICZ team for next, season. I Vernon Dearing was chosen captain of the Tulare track team just before the county divisional meet this year. A sen- ior, Vernon has been an outstanding dis- tance man in the valley for two seasons. Last year he was nosed out for the mile by Pomeroy of Bakersfield, and this year should take the event with a possible county and valley record. Q A L lian L WL K eg V ,. H- W. ' "I -fy , list' Silva, Vvliita, Perkins, Jensen, Ayres, Allen, XV.llts, Adams, Henley. 'suonrlz Mi-Neal, Garland, Perry, Aloranda, Pappas, Moss, lchinag'a, Ayers Hinos ii clelson, Donahue, Gholstun, Stevenson. ind: Coach 'I'aylor', Kelly,.lense11,l'a1i11as, Cralvtree, Harris, Pano, Antoniin Tut Hillman, Hesse. ouithz Chatterton, Kroupa, Jennings, Smith, Preston, Furry, Richards, Hillmxn N11 is Although a mixup in dates will force the finals of the county track meet to be held late in May, early sea- son and preliminary meet performances mark Tu1are's track team as one of the hest in the county as far as in- dividual performances are concerned. Lacking the powerful team strength of some other schools the Redskins nevertheless were near the top in nearly every meet. Harris, freshman H class Weight man, consistently broke all existing records in both shot and discus, in- creasing both marks consistently lay from four to fifteen feel. Dearing took an easy mile in the county divisional meetg Jensen led all others to the tape in a fast 880 with Hillman secondg Allen took second and Frank third in the quarter: Gross tied for second in the 220 and White the same in the pole vault. Donohue and Rocha took second and third in the 660 B class and several others took good places in the meet. Tulare placed fifth in the 20-30 relays, with 22 schools and 575 athletes competing. QMCA C Margosian Gavras Harris Harris Margosian Mills White Kroupa Curry Anderson Margosian Allen Moss Yrique Dearing Perry Tait Smith qw Q ,4v' .rv ,M , mf A wr J I Argus 1938 0 LIIIIIJ lust lllllk, llllylllll. XYei11I4z111l', llall. Volt-, Iiiswoner, Moyle, Ilunl. no l J ixnes, ll2l,Ll'2lll, Sunltel, iNlllt'ht'll, iXli1lv:1li5', Whistle-r, Milem, Com-h Min One ofthe largest tennis turnouts in history took part in the sport this year. Tennis was moved down 'to a minor sport in the student body election during the middle of the year. After a fairly sucees,sful practice season over a period ol' lO weeks the team entered the county finals, held this year at Porterville, Those that survived the first round were boys, dou- bles and mixed doubles, Douglas Weinliauf and Harold Trembley were eliminated in the third round of the boys' doubles by the Strathmore duo and Charlotte Mitchell and Wendell Ragan took the count from Porterville in the mixed doubles. The tennis coaches were Miss Fisk and Mr. Erwin and the members of the team were: Genevieve Mulcahy, Myrtle Jaynes, Anita Whistler. Ann Hagan, Maxine Sun- lael, Helen Milem. Charlotte Mitchell, Doug Weinkauf, Harold Trembley, XVendell Ragan, Hilton Frank and Jaei Hall. Argus I938 1. ell,v felfllflhi Myrtle Jaynes Charlotte Mitchell Harold Trembley Hilton Frank Doug Weinkauf Wendell Ragan 'l'h i rt 3'- --X 3, - .f ff-f x, ww QAM' . ' Q- q I Argus 0 IQ38 I fluid First: lzicono, lflzlrls, Maybry, Rush. Sevolld: Smith, Wilson, Finley, Imre, lioininson, llramvr, HllitPllilC!'Q, Izlvono After being carried on for several years as a club, Archery was this year taken over hy the student hody and made a minor sport. Five meets were planned for the spring with Fresno, Bakersfield, Visalia, Hanford and Porterville. The team shoots the American round, which consists of 570 arrows in all, shot at distances of 30, 40 and 50 yards. Archery prac'ticc started ahont thc same time as track and carries on through the spring. Last year 'l'ulare's archery club had two members who placed first and second in the state junior division. Mr. Smith. who ranks high in state archery competi- tion, is coach of the sport. 4- Argus I938 1tW-ttst f 501 J IUMA Ellt' 5 f ff irst: .xl'2lliJIiillll, llil'm-V, Stur,:l-on, liubosc, Flnilders. 'VII ml' 1'-irlaml, lliumau. liisconcr, smith, lacono. The lloys' Tumbling Team made its first appearance at Tulare High School this year. under the leadership of Mr. Marshall, the gym instructor. A few tumbling fundamentals were taught in gym classes and enough interest was aroused for a sehool tum- bling team. All of those who wanted to try out for the team reported to Mr. Marshall and now Tulare High can be proud of a future tumbling team which will be one of its great assets. Tumbling season started around 'l'hanlisgix'ing time and lasted until Christmas time, A few exhibitions have been put, on since then, and more have been planned, The members of the team practiced after school in the gym and became quite advanced tumblers in their routine work. Their routine consisted of: Rolls, dives. heatlsprings, flips. both back and front, and the most spectacular of all. the pyramids. A , .i.,i Arg us I I938 iiilefgdfx C11 fviilioi- ali!! C-OHCAVEJ Loft to righiz Gr-111-rieve Mulcahy, Gertrude Smith, Mario Slxiylon, lrllva Miller. One of the most exciting and interesting seasons of the year is girls' basketball. Fourteen years ago the girls in Tulare High School chose two Indian tribes to represent two famous colleges. The Chunutes represent California and the Wolasis represent Stanford. An an- nual U. C.-Stanford game has been held ever since that time, the star players being chosen from class teams. There was an excellent turnout of girls this year with more than ever before. Final class games were played off after school leav- ing the Seniors the victors by several points over the Juniors. Star players were then chosen from the class teams. The U. C.-Stanford teams practiced for a period of two weeks, after which the Hliig Game" was played on November 19. The captains were: Slaiiforrl heavies. Genevieve Mulcaliyg U. C. licavies, lrllva Miller: Stanford lights, Marie Slaytong U. C. lights, Virginia XVicks. Argus I938 gigfazzbfozf AEJV wel! AD 0. 1 xllicl-. llarpn-r, llynch. Swanson. llurmiral. ioml I like-tt, M4'l'rea, llorris, '1'lll'1lN1ll'l', l'II'nst. This year the honors for the heavyweight Stanford- U. C. game went to the fast Stanford team hy a score of 15-8. This is the third successful year the teams have been split into lightweight and heavyweight teams and has worked very satisfactorily as girls of the same size play together, thus making the games much more thrilling and interesting. On the night of the game the gym was filled 'to capacity with enthusiastic rooters. The Stanford rooting section was led by Harold Johnson and the U. C. section by Virginia XVicks. The Stanford heavyweight captain was Genevieve Mulcahy. The starting lineup was as follows: Forwards, Lily McRee and Dorothy XVallace: guards, Lucille Swan- son and Joy Ernst, centers, Genevieve Mulcahy and Doris I,-vm-li. Sulmslilutcsi lforwarml, lN'lary 'I'ackcl,i,Z guards, Margaret llurnarcl, Ruby Thrasher, center, Fran- ces Harper. .,,,, . Argus i938 ,- ZXZ. !7Z6aiV7WEi7Ai.4 1 irsl' xll'li'fl'l', i,4'lil'Ull4'l'iii, Milli-r, Il'ull4-ulu-i'g', llrnnl. Sccuiulz Ccdt-1'IiiifI, Sallnlison, .Um-iiiiclt, Wzitliiiis, Smith, lJ:ll's-, iil'lllllL'I' For a long while during the f'Big Game" it looked as if the U. C. heavies were going to win. But by a few lucky shots in the last quarter Stanford came out on top. The game was hard fought with the teams in their blue and red uniforms flashing across the floor. Both teams practiced for a month before the big game. Each team practiced twice a week, U. C. practicing one night and Stanford practicing another. They had a few practice games before the final "Rig Game," with honors about cven, i Elva Miller was the captain for the U. C. team and the starting lineup was as follows: Forwards, Gertrude Smith and Adcll Pedroncellig guards, Elva Miller and Carol Altafferg centers, Floy Dare and Bernice Cederlind. Substitutes: Forwards, Rose Pearson, Evelyn VVatkins and Sarah Bennettg guards, Margaret Sampson and Audrey Bramerg centers, Katherine Huttenberg and Helen Grant. Argus. . . i938 Ofzglfwez -Af, Irs ing. Ray, l'liristm:is, Slayton, Aslin, Callister. fund 1 1 tle, Souza, Rose, Carreiro. On the night of the final game the Stanford light- weights surprised everyone by displaying excellent team work which completely baffled the California team and allowed the Reds to Win by a Score of 13-3. Points were awarded to the girls of all teams and these apply towards the winning of their letters. Twenty- five points were awarded to the girls going out for bas- ketball, but who were unable to make any team. One hundred points were given to those who played in the class games and 75 extra points were given to those who played three--quarters or more of the annual Big Game. Marie Slayton was captain of the Stanford light- weights and the starting lineup consisted of the follow- ing: Forwards, Hagan and Slaytong centers, Aslin and Long: guards, Callister and Castle. Substitutes: For- wards, Rose, Carrierog centers, Roc-ha and ltayg guards, Christmas and Souza. A li., Arg us I938 C fi elfwezyla . F. , . , . if ullougli, llztilcy. 1':1n1xv4-ll, XX wks, Moon-4-, Clioboiun, l4.!li1'ndga'. ctond XX oosley, liionda, Vargas, Hodinlio, Childers, Canicron, Montelro, ljllllllllt llunl Before the final game was played it was thought that the U. C. lightweight team was going to win, but the California Rear Cubs had to bow down to the Stanford players this year. The gymnasium was attractively decorated with Stanford and U. C. colors, red and white to represent Stanford and blue and gold to represent California. At tirnes the rooters became so noisy the players were unable to hear the whistle. The attendance at the ganie was almost a new record. The U. C. lightweights were captained by Virginia Wicks. The starting lineup was as follows: Forwards, Rosie Vargas and Marjorie Godinhog guards, Leversa Ethridge and Elizabeth Cainerong centers, Virginia VVicks and Pauline Yost. Substitutes: Forwards, Annabelle Cantwell. Dorothy Monteiro, Ruth Donahueg centers, Eunice Wooslcy. l+'1'ances Hionda, June Yvonne Moore, Avis Childers: sguarcls. Alclcen Choboian. Lorene Hailey and .lanic Hunt. ls Argus I938 CMIIUX I! ut rn, Uastle, Host, liolxinsun. I 1 n inson, 17ilIlll'0ll, Mitchell, Whistler. After practicing volleyball during class for several weeks, final teams were chosen by Miss Fisk, coach. Two teams were chosen from each period and official games were held during noon hour. This is the second year that Volleyball has been played under this system and it has been found to be a lively game with lots of fun. The different teams and captains are as follows: First period: Terrible Swedes, Lucille Swansong Black Panthers, Aldeen Choboian. Second period: Lucky Thirteen, Charlotte Mitchellg Terrible Twelve, Emma Robinson. Third period: Jugglers, Rose Mary Castleg Sockers, Marjorie Rose, Fourth period: Wildcats, Inez Collinsg Bulldogs, Dorothy Sweeney. Fifth period: Whistling Whistlers, Anita XVhistlerg Blankety-Blanks, Mary Gladney. Sixth period: Dirty Dozen, Marie Slay- tong Damrorfs Dolls, Dorothy Damron. Arg us I938 X4 I OCLC! Qld failllti 'IJztmroi1, Mendoza, NVorley, Myer. Under the general management of Dorothy Wallace hockey season went off very successfully. Each class elected a captain for its team and those selected were: Senior Captainfl-'earl Mendoza. Junior CaptainfMadeline Worley. Sophomore Captain-Dorothy Damron. Freshman Captain-Lesta Mae Eyer. The Juniors and Seniors met together every Tues- day and Thursday, while the Freshmen and Sophomores played Mondays Lmd Wednesdays. During the last week final games were played with the results that the Fresh- men defeated the Sophomores l-0, and the Juniors de- feated the Seniors 3-2. The losers played and the Seniors defeated the Sonhomores. This left the Juniors as the only undefeated team and they Were named school champions. Each 4-lass team player received 25 points for the sport towawal ll letter with the Junior team members earning 100 points for being Winners. Miss Fisk is the hot-key coach. L Argus I938 Q'xL'l1l0'C ,7 10CZL'l llglllt l'1l'llSl. l:l'1llllCl', Robinson, lilliill, liovllal, Alt-ndozzt, XX'ooslt-y, 4 lltll S ll llllk lgllllldll. Even though the Seniors were defeated by the Juniors, tlley showed their skill after playing three sea- sons. Practice was held twice a week with the Jllllllbl' team. At this tilne various skills were developed, and speed attained. At the beginning of the season Pearl Mendoza, a veteran on the class's hockey team, was elected captain, and served over the period, Only eleven girls were out, thus partially handicapping the team. due to lack of reserves. The starting lineup was: Center forward. Emma Mae Robinson: right inner, Sarah Garcia: left inner, Audrey Branler' right wing, Frances Bionda: left wing, .loy Ernst: center half, Dorothy Rush: right half. Emma Lee Souza: left half, Eunice Woosley: right full, Pearl Mendoza: left full, lvlarjorie Rocha, and goal keeper, Evelyn Watkins. Much credit should be given to the Seniors for their line playing even though they lacked players for sub' stitutions. l. Arg us l938 ll e'cc!a.4.4 Jvlocler lrst ulluwvll, M1-ilinnis, I,on.:', ldvznns, Lklf-Guire, Collins, llrillinpy, llay, Tu ye nt luire, l'l1iI4lvrs, el ond U lVullau'v, l5Ul'Yl2lI'd, SIICFIZIZIII, llrown, Shernmn, tiause, Rm-ha, ln we l lll 0 Wlonteiro, Holes, D1'illing', Donaliue, Host-. 11rd eatherholt. Snider, Gram, Uzirnron, Murrlom-lc, NVo1'ley, Hn-enw: lthx s Q lmeron, llzlluzlm, Fuller, Cory, Tl'lxl'zlshel', D. NYull:14'e, Johnson, lllllll lttul t mls luster. This year the Junior team nosed out all other classes and became school champions. Their captain, chosen at the first of the year, was Madeline Worley, a popular member of the class. They had a nice turnout for the season. VVith the Sophomores and Freshmen playing every Monday and Wednesday, the Sophomores, after a season of playing, were above the Freshmen players. The Sopho- mores chose as their captain Dorothy Damron. The Freshmen had a good turnout, and elected Lesta Mae Eyer as their captain. Although they were losers of the school, they made an excellent showing for their first year of the game. Outstanding players in the Junior team were Ruth Phillips, Catherine Hailey and Ora Mae Wallace. Fresh- man honors Went to Mary Lampe, a very outstanding player for her first year. The turnout in the three lower classes was much larger than the Seniors with each class averaging about sixteen players. Argus 1938 CS Mtn!! Q fazni. ldyer, lluriizirml, l:l'illlll'l', Murilm-lc. The second year of spcedball, a combination of soc- cer and basketball, was held in the Spring with a very successful turnout of girls. Juniors and Seniors met Mondays and Wednesdays during the week while the Freshmen and Sophomores stayed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Final games were played with these results: Juniors vs. Seniors, Seniors won, 8-Og Freshmen vs. Sophomores, Sophomores victors, 7-4. The final game was played be- tween the Seniors and the Sophomores, with the Seniors winning, 9-3. Marie Slayton was in full c-harge ofp the sport. Cap- tains elected for the season Were: Audrey Bramer, Seniorg Margaret Hurnard. Junior: Elsa Jane Murdock, Sophomore: liesta Mae Flyer. Freshman. Miss Fisk Q-oziched the girls during the season. Games were played after school on the athletic field and points were given to girls making class teams. A Argus lQ38 fSwa,.z1 In l 4 mile, O. NV:lllac'v, lloyt, li:1y,tlurlinl1o. Suomi ll illowell, Xlkrosley, XYorl+-y, Ernst, liuriiard, Flramer, Slayton, Grant lhird Rocha, Rush, Thrasher, Davis, Fuller, Moss, Nuttenberg, Souza. ldxciting speedball games and practices were held between the Junior and Senior girls twice a week for a period of four Weeks. The Seniors had a nice turnout this year although not as large as last year. The Junior turnout was fair. The Senior girls proved to be the best players in inter- class games and were declared school champions. Games were played after school four nights a Week with the two lower classes playing together and the up- perclasses Working out together. Each class played each other class in the finals. Members of the Junior team Were: Ruby Thrasher. Rosamond Fuller, Velma Hallowell, Madeline VVorley, Margaret Burnard, Helen Grant, Rosemary Castle, Ora Mae Wallace, Kathryn Hoyt, Corrine Ray and Marjorie Godinho. Those on the Senior team were: Audrey Bramer, Emily Souza, Catherine lluttenlrerg, Marjorie Rocha, Eunice Woosley, ,Pearl Mendoza, .loy Ernst, Dorothy Davis, Dorothy Rush, Mattie Lou Moss and Marie Slay- ton. Argus l938 CS mmf! lrslz Mr'MilI:un,Sisson,1'holuoi:xn,lbouzihlu-,Vlillnill-y,Sunkel. Nw-ond: Hxunsv, l'I:irk, llrown, Slit-rmzin, Swish-r, Hollins, Dodson, Sluylon, Ilzirris. lhird: M1'1h1irv, liorhzz, Sherman, Lninpe, Eyvr, Murdock, Hallam. Immrou, Uameroii, l'ug.L'h, , Bolt-s, Scott, Hamill-y, Ili-vt-ls, Bllll!ll'll'0, New-ls. It-arson, XVils0n, West. The Sophomores had an excellent turnout of players, most of whom had previous experience. The Freshmen likewise had a good team. In the semi-finals the Sophomores Won over the Freshmen hut lost in the finals against the Seniors. Sophomore players were: Georgia Chumley, Mar- guerite Revels, Rose Pearson, Elizabeth Cameron, .lean Ballam, Dorothy Damron, Elsa Jane Murdock, Evelyn Sisson, Evelyn Harris, Ada Pugh, Mary Elizabeth llolles, Betty Revels. Freshmen players were: .Iuanita Rocha, Ruth Dona- hue, Aldeen Choboian, Margery Sunkel, Carol Clark, Mar- garet Ganse. Aileen Brown, Lesta Mae Eyer, Evelyn Sni- der, Nancy Jean McMillan, Betty June Wilson, Betty Slayton, Dorothy Monteiro, Mildred and Marion Sher- man, Evelyn McGuire, Mary Lampe, Edith Collins, Rosa- lyn West, and Flora Dodson. From the interest shown this year Speedhall should he an outstanding sport during the next few years. J Arg us I938 7 QT J jltllftigfilly f 60011 ue, Host- :tml lt2lIllXYt'lI. toni! lnilling, Alilem, liertram, Wilt-utl, 'l'l't'lll2llIl, livztns, llunl, l'illlINl4'l'. llNlltN llt I ix l llilldge-. 'I'rt-main, Alciltiirv, Gill, t'zlrrt-wro. The girls' tumbling team went through a very suc- cessful season. The team had a very large turnout and had the largest tumbling season in the history of the school, practicing for four months. Because of the long season and large turnout a great deal of interest was created with the tumbling team and the girls became quite expert. There were a llllllllJCl' of experienced girls on the team who performed well, The team was coached hy Miss Fisk, the girls' gym teacher, who showed the girls many new stunts and the teams manager was Virginia Wit-ks, a veteran tumbler of the squad. The girls performed at the following places during the year: The Visalia-Tulare basketball game, the Adult Week-lilnd School program, the Freshmen's Parents party, Sophomore class meeting, and in the Dance Re- cital as the lilliiii'lilllg-RilQ,Li'L'1l.V-Allll. ln the Dance lie- t-ital the girls wore costumes and false faces and repre- sented rag dolls. Argus l i938 R g. H1460 IZCLIQZ! In I I :nl -y, flraxnt, lflrnsl, t'allister, Fuller, Loar, Arends, Bramer, Souza. suond liobinson, Miller, Webb, Rocha. A new program to replace the May Fete of former years, the first annual Dance Recital, given by the girls of the physical education department on April 8, proved to be one of the most elaborate programs of the year. Twenty-one dances, featuring more than 300 girls, were presented to a large crowd in the auditorium. The dances were in five groups: Travelogue, Char- acter, Tumbling and Acrobatics, Tap, Caper and Clog and Modern. Travelogue dances were: Russian Dance, Dutch Windmill, Wee Bit o' Scotch, English Handkerchief Dance and Pas D' Espana. Character Dances were: I Am the Cat, Pirates, The Jewell Tree. Tumbling and Ac- robatics: Rollicking Raggedy Ann, Rythmic Design. Tap, Caper and Clog: Southern Medley, School Days, Arithme- tic. Mdoern: Sea Gardens, Witches Dance, Sauter, VValtz, Turkish Army, Reverence. All dances were in costumes made by the school, Miss Proudfoot and Miss Fisk of the Physical Education de- partment planned the program. J Arg us l938 fv- u.. 'USD 'lK S dl4C6 eciiaf "Rag Dolls" Modern Waltz" 'The Cats" "The Witches" Sixtf'-Fmxr 'nf lf , '. ' - if P: 3. S. 9 is W A x' is' sf hfQ'ssx'5f'sf M. f' Q i QR X ik - W Y. QQ- ma NN Q- 'imfm w 5. gg, h V KNNWX A'. k,f,! .ivXxf Y ,wx . W ,K NR N if Q 'Ui f msg' if it s EHR X . x ' SK Kmgg? MQcvJl'ti,v11f,:Z5011 Qikfffzuuz This year has been a year of inauguration and vie- tory. Inauguration of one of the finest auclit.oriums in the state, a new vocational wing and a gym addition. Inauguration of exchange programs with towns throughout the county. Inauguration of archery as a recognized sport. inauguration of a lighting system on the athletic field, paid for entirely by the student lmody. Victory in athletic and forensic teams, in fact. the largest percentage of championships of any school in the county and the greatest number in the history of the school. Greatest of all was the presence of a sehool spirit, only produced by students who are proud of their school and who wholeeheartedly respond to any attempt to im- prove it. 'l'ruly. this has been a year for every Tulare School Student to lie proud of. High Y-DON HILLMAN. A ,... Argus I938 cgfmfmf Cowl' ll ll XFIHH, N. Hillman, Sturgeon. XVatts, XVhitc. Crabtree, Huttenherg: betond Campbell, Moran, Fuller, Mulcahy, Hesse, Mx. Knoliey. All the student activities are in the hands of the Stu- dent Council. The officers of the council are elected by the student body and the classes. The officers who served this year: Don Hillman, pres- ident, Elmo Zumwalt, vice-president, Genevieve Mulcahy, secretary, Dick Hesse, treasurer, Vernon Dearing, com- missioner ofl boys' activities, Rosamond Fuller, commis- sioner of girls' activities, .lack Crabtree, commissioner of publications, Allan Huttenburg, commissioner of foren- sics, Erwin Rode, commissioner of news publications, and Doug VVeinkauf, yell leader. Ann Ragan, president of the Girls' Student League, Gordon White, president of Boys' Federation, four class presidents, Senior, John Sturgeon, .lunior, Neal Hillman, Sophomore, Glenn Moran, Jr., and Freshman, Charles Campbell. Oran Watts attended the meeting as advertising manager. Mr. Knokey, principal, and Mrs. Wilder, vice-principal, represented the faculty. Argus I938 N4 jzuffc' 2cm"ca111.1 ff i , irsti SIlll'LLQ'HII, Iiauiswi ii, AXUIVIIIIX. I-'ullm-r, IJITIIU1. -1'1vln1i: Zililixuull. I'Irxx'iii, 241-:lu-rs, .XIvK4-igzliun, .Iunws. Starting in FCl7l'lIlll'y, Tulare High School put on il series of student talent lwozxcicasts hy remote control over stzxtinn KTKC, sprmsorc-cl Irv the 'Fulzlrc Times und Advzmr-Q-IRegister. 16114-h wcuk an student zlnmmuncfci' wus nuinod to pre- sr-nt thc- Dl'0Ql'ill1I. which included vocal! amd instrumen- tul numbers from the high sclioul. grade schools und rural sc-liools. Thr YLll'i'lLlS dopzirtmcnts oi' the school were covered in the scrios, telling the requirements fo1'gi'udL1ution, the 1-lzisses fmffewd. und oquipinent used. Three spur-iul prugi'uins were liiwuciczlst us well as thu rcgulzir suriost unch for Adult Week-End School, one for the illiillldl spring Iiund c'micQrL und one in observ- llI1i'0 nf' nuliunxzi mush- weak. J . ii Argus l938 J Zvcyfi c Zufcnzffozz First: Drilling. Preston, W'hitv, iil'3liiL', Tlrozidors. Svvmiiiz IVl11ng'vr, 'l'l'1-mlrli-y, lXlli'i1'I'S0ll, llm'al'in:', Mr. llvll, An organization composed of all the boys in school was revived this year after a lapse of several years. Officers chosen were: Gordon Xifhite, president: Bill Preston, vice presidentg Toinmy Drilling. secretary: John- ny Drake, treasurer. The vice presidents of the differ- ent classes also served on the Council as well as Vernon Dearing. student body commissioner of boys' activities. The organization held several programs during the year and funds collected from dues and programs went for various Welfare programs. The organization joined with the girls to give a Wel- fare program late in the spring. Mr. Bell was sponsor of the group. 5 Argus i938 ,-Q Cfzeff Sfmlmf M-aff litst. lit-cle, xx1lI'l'l'Il, lla,::ln, Iiotltly. t-ond: Alurtlovlt, Mrs. XYil4lt-r, Wlialt-3' The tlirls' Student League, composed of all the girls in the student body. have worked hard all year and have turned out a very successful piece of work. The G. S. L. did a great deal of welfare work as usual, especially during Christmas time. Christmas har- rels were placed outside the office doors and a race he- tween the boys and girls in filling the barrels was held. Many articles of clothing and noneperishahle food were gathered in this way for distribution. Under the Social Department comes the money mak- ing ideas, and they were carried out during the year hy holding hot dog sales after school, concessions at the Annual Auto Show, and at the football and hasketlmall games. The organization held its annual Ullackwards Dance" in the spring which proved to he one of the outstanding events of the year. The officers: .Xnn Hagan, president: Hazel lioddy, vice president: llelen lleclc, secretary: Hetty XVarren, treasurer: Opal Whaley. social chairman: Dorothy XYal- lace. welfare chairman. and lVlart,ha Murdock, program chairman. Mrs. XYilder is adviser. J .... Arg us IQ38 ON ggi, mfzeflifwfggffiz' I 1 bill Poddy Heid, Munger, Wilkins, Mulcahy, Cantwell, Souza, Cantwell, Soults Colorful music of the champion Tulare High School Band was equalled in color this year with the marching unit of the band, featuring three drum majors, pom-pom girls, and a bell lyre. Keith Munger acted drum major, with the two Cantwells, Jimmie and Annabelle, as the twirling majors. These three usually wore white outfits on parade. The marching unit of pom-porn girls was dressed in bright red slacks with full-sleeved bright gold blouses. Helen Soults handled the beautiful bell lyre which was out in front of the band on its dress parades. She was dressed the same as the pom-pom group. Clever stunts were worked out for the Armistice parade in Tulare and the football game on that date and for Tulare's Golden Jubilee, Hanford Homecoming and Visalia Rodeo. Argus l938 .ttg.ti fx X Ll 1 l Q KAN 'M' if Agua' Aggie-19.-nv A Vu.. c, it VLZHCLLT 041114 .., . ,,,, ! llil -Q . , .. , . . ,, . ....-.-.. .,.....,...-.J 1 lll,.l't'!', Soults, liraiit, Whistler, Fuller, Hoyt, Dodson, NValtson, Heck, VVhaley, ompson Rose, Suiter. Fantwell, t'antwcll. A uonrl llcahy, t'ol+-, f'hoboian, Mayberry, llush, llarper, Davis, ltay, RUlUl65', Mitchell, 1 1 nley, t'hristmas, tlist. hull 1 ill llc-id, lrrillinu. Nixon, Villlllllli-ll, XY1Ison, Nilsson, lfinley, Tait, liush, lla-sse, lliid Ili! 's Nlxmis lomlclx lllllis l'l.', . -' ' '.', I -', I ' ' iiison, Smith, Vin'-ent, l.t-onartl, tlncst, Sta-wart, Iloclia, llarris, Ilrown, Blur- ielt linih, Stevenson, Rllinlcy, ltvlllgllillll, Souza. op son, Nelson, Smith, llyrd. Mr. XVhitt-, Smith, Allen, Alilvhcll, Uory, tlilbe-rt, ii son lViIlw-, HlllI"lllH'I'y, Mitt-lit-ll, Moran. 'l'ulare's High School Hand has scored another series of victories for the 1937-38 season. The organization this year has stepped out with a snappy drill unit, more membership, new stunts, and marching precision that brought much applause from the side lines. The activi- ties of the band include concert at County Fair, pep numbers at football and basketball games and rallies, parade at Delano Harvest Festival, parade for Post- master Farley and dedication oi' new post office, concert at the Tulare County Institute, stunt marching at the Annual Tulare-Visalia Armistice football game, parade at Tulare Golden Jubilee. The spring concert was one of the highlights of the year's activities. The band gave a demonstration program for the All-Western Music tTonl'erence. Soloists, duets, trios and small ensembles performed at clubs. churches, and public gatherings. A ..... ...... Arg us l938 0zcAe.4fm r am-me ' x irst: Seavers, Hillman,Garla11d. Cooper, Wallace-, Harris. Dooley, West eid I Hawes. Nm-oml: Sayre, lililwzlrmls, l'z1llisll-r, lllscoovr, l'1V-cle, l':u-Z, Yilll4'y, fllsr. lhiisl l'imh Povbn lxlllxrl M hunt XX I Nl Nlllnn Mlm llri I1 llrown ,, 'g,""1-, 1-' "I, 'Q-s,.l'.iz, ' 'S -', 'PSIIIIL Aluls Ilufi ourthi 'Uzlllistely l,zn'l'l1o1'1w, Nixon, l.coua1'4l, l'I4lwa1'1ls, XVe-sl, llamron, lllllllll L 1 well, Sept-ralc, Mr. WVhitc. With the completion of the new auditorium, the orchestra this year has been able to lend itself to many programs that have been sponsored by the various departments of the high school. Program music has been played for the annual Junior and Senior plays, Drama Night, and Fashion Show, also an hour variety program was played for the Auto Show. The orchestra was presented in one of the first broadcasts over Station KTKC and had the student body as its audience, Perhaps the highlight of the year's activities was the presentation of 'tCounty Fair," a colorful stage review, presented before a capacity house during the Adult Week-End Session. Before the year is over the group will also have played for the annual Baccalaureate and Commencement exercises. Many soloists and ensemble groups have been sent from the orchestra to perform for lodge, radio, church, service club, school, and community occasions. Several members have distinguished themselves in music circles by being accepted by the All-Valley Orchestra. Argus l938 f-lU1i0'C dl1I! irst: Mzultlox, l':ipp:xs, lI:nhvo-fit, Willis, Ilouvk, Ilililvlll. tlodinho, Iiil'ltlit-ml, Morris. Malt'- llllllo, Wootlsertl, A A 41-mul: .l1'ps4'i., .Xloyle-, Xzmslliinflt-r, Ilor-laxrtl, fxlort-s, Kurtz, ilirlon, Imvis, Nlvliols. Ililrel: Inomnr., Vmiy..XI:ll'l.i1,S'om-l', liirton, SUHZEI, Simmons, Costas, Lulu-, Ilnrris, .lolinsoni lourth: Ilzuniltoli. I,-iptix, Ilit-lutts, tiiulln, Phillips. Vhoboiziii, Mooney. Itrooks. Poison, tollins. Mr. XX hits-. 'l'Iie ground work for the success of the Tulare high st-hool buncl and orc-hestrzi is built in the .lunior band, which is t-omposecl of the beginning students in music from the second and fifth periods. Although they make no public appearances the members of this group get their big moments near the end of the your in 21 contest held for positions in the zirlvztlivefl buncl and orchestra for the coming year. Much of the music of the advanced group is played in the Junior band while individual instruction is given the students ot' the beginning band. The I"reshnn:n student usuully spends at year in the beginners, then 21 year in the ,Junior band before trying out for the aiclvuiic-ed bzincl positions. J .i,i, .ti,, Arg us I i I938 Qzffj Cm First: Fender, Glover, Pitts, Anderson, McGuire, Tuton, Rising, Crabtree, Latrell, Arnold Second: Hatter, Borha, Mendez, Chacon, Albriten, Hawes, Martin, Casey, Casey, Crabtree Tomlinson. Third: Goethe, Mondont-ia, Avila, Morrison, Borges, Cardoza, Gomes, XVomaL'k, Poison Penny, Rink, lizly. .l4'0lll'lllI Got-ilu-, link:-, Illyvr, llllllillllllf, llullvr, Aslill, llzlmron, Uwm-ns, tlmlinlmo, Vila! lit-tlenrourt, Payne, Mr. Erwin. Eighty-five percent of the fifty-six members of the Girls' Giee Club are freshmen. There is one upper class- man, and the rest are Sophomores. The Club has been active during the year, furnish- ing entertainment for several school and civic functions. A picked group sang in a radio program and at week- end school, which was held during the second semester of the year. These girls are also members of the "Home Room Chorus." A trio was picked from the group to sing over the radio later. Singing a number for gradua- tion is the final examination for the class. There is a possibility that most of the members of the club will be in the Advanced Chorus next year. Mr. Gerald Erwin is in charge of the vocal music. 8- Argus I938 rlll aaa! CAM, l ' ,. N1 . . A , , , irsl: Minldlm-Ion, llipyu-1-, lbulvosc, Mills, Luck, Gregory, Anllonizin. t""'IH'l', llooli, l'Jlll4'lll'l N-cond: Smith, llllgilll, Castle, Slew-iisoii, 1'I'illlll't'1', lu-aursoii, llnrls, lrcl lil-, Cory, Chnl- lmun llfnl-N lhirnl' llonzihue. lluller, .Melina l'u:4h, l.o:1r1l, lmmroll, Uxvells, tlorlinho, Ualrrlozn, l'l:il'li, lirow n. lourth: Sonlts, 'l'z1ck--tl, XYiclis, Luton, llaire, l,low:l!'1l, l'2ll'l'l'll'U, NNN-lm-li, Jones, llnrris, Al V. I-Irwin During the term, Mr. Gerald Erwin has presented his Mixed Chorus at frequent city and school programs. The Chorus participated in a VVomen's Club afternoon program and the All-County Chorus which sang at thc Teachers' Institute: eight of this group were chosen to sing in the All-County a capella choir. One evening during the Christmas holidays, the group rode in a school bus and sang carols for the residents of Tulare. The latest undertaking was that of giving numbers for the weekly radio broadcasts. Helen Soults, Maida Howard, Virginia XVicks. Mary Tackett, Verdo Gregory, Yvayne Luck. Donald Cooper and Andy Andonian were mem- bers of the double quartet which was used at these broadcasts: while solos were given by Helen Soults and Donald Cooper. Numbers were given at the Adult Week-End School and other Collegmfs Alumni dinners. To close a success- ful year of novel and classical music the Chorus will take part in the llaccalaureate program. A ..... ..l. Arg us l938 if ,yy Qtr Czar First: Aloylv, llubost-, Jenkins. lhipple, Rini-v, lleraiuntz lloul ll . V Secoml: Clllllfl-'l'lUll, Kelley. Atkins, Con. Purns. XY:rlker, Smi 'llhirdz Middleton. Ilalrris, lluvk. lil't'g'!ll'j', Ifzllwliv-1', Yrique, Ml lrx All but three of the twenty members of the Boys Glee Club are lower classmen, just starting their music education work. Some of the members of the club have been active during the year, furnishing entertainment for several school functions, These individuals have sung in quartets, as chorus members on the radio, in the series of programs given by Tulare High School by remote control over station KTKC, and at the Alumni Dinner at the Teachers' In stitute at Christmas. A few solos have been sung Some members will sing with the Advanced Chorus at Baccal HLIFQQILG. This year is the first in at least five yeais that there has been a lloys' Glee Club in Tulare Union High School. A possible group will be in the Advanced Chorus next year. Argus l938 C min jill? I 7 e"' . , . . 'f , flf loy' - Q 1 ,,1..' ' ' X. .3-K. . 7: nv '17.'s 'Q I 4 , fl,-,,., ' U, .. 'L ,N-if H" N Q ? L li L LL.. lcv T - :mul l . l ul ol' Ilxiili lfim-li, Slurun-on, Woosll-y, Sznilqi:--vii. l'urry, II1-rd. Moss, Nixon, llllllllllll. Iuix ll'l'lIlll ron lj II:ill,t'l1:ls1-, Iharv l'il'lu-ring, lllilll-illn-re, Allll4'illlX. - ,,', -..,, 1-1-onfl llonl: llrozirlvrs. XYeii1li:ll1l', I.:i'I'l1orp, XYllson, Slilllilllvlf 'l'r1-mlalvy. livnl l I ull XX :ann I l fu ill Xlniilol lliillln ll llllS ll4llllll 1: r. . . , Zo:--, ', mir: .. ' 1-4, " ' LL. 1 A-v 2 '. With one ol' the largesi casts used in a Tulare ,High Seliool play. the seniors put on "Ladies of the .luryfl popular three-am-1 eoniedy, on Friday night. May 123. 'l'lie play was used in movies a few years ago and was verv popular. Menilmers of' the east: Mrs. Livingston lflaldwin Vrane. Genevieve Mulcahy: Lily Pratt. Martha Murdock: Alayine Mixter. lfloy Dare: Cynthia Tate, Frances XX'ilsong Mrs. Dare. Gladys I,a'l'horp: Mrs. Maguire. Rita Chase: .lay .l. Pressley. llalden llroadersg Spencer ll, Ilazey. Har' I old 'l'reinI1ley: Tom Clarclem-r. Hill Pickering: Steve Dronnn. .lar-li llallj Andrew lvlarliay. Doug Weinkaufi Alonzo lleal, Diek Slaughter: .ludge Fisk. ,lames Leon- x ard: Yan Slye. liud Zuniwallg Rutlierforcl Dale. Erwin Rode: llr, Quincy Adams Jaines, lr., .lolin Sturgeon: Art Dolmlms. llarden l+'inc'li: Mrs. Gordon, llelle Warren3 Eve- lvn Snow. llarleen i'ui-ruvg Susanna. lfluniee Woosleyg elerkr 'l'onnnx llrillin g: str-iiogl'a1aliei', lllildred llarris. llolwr-rl Si-ax'e1's was lmusiness nianager. Sl-vi-lily-S1-u-xl L. A Argus I938 unwt I II I ll hlg' I.ippim-oil, Walla:-1-..Iloyt, Munucr .loor-, 4L'Il2ll'4lS, XX'his I X t lil stint Inst, ltngzxn, llarper, lV1m,'ks, Worley, Wilson, Smith. The first Junior Play to he presented in the new auditorium was given December 10. The three-act farce, 'tYour Money or Your Xvifej' was presented for one night only because of the huge seating capacity of thc auditorium. The play, centering around dill pickles, a dill pickle king, his daughter, her wedding, and a hilarious detec- tive, had a punch in evcry line. Although the groom was Hamilton Cabot Ill, played hy Keith Munger, the romantic leads were Doris Jones, Anita XVhistler: and Ned Graham, Bill Rumley. The rest of the cast was as follows: Pickett, the butler, Dick Smith: Dudley Jones, the pickle king, Thiel Lippen- cott: Mrs. Jones, Dorothy Wallace: Daisy Dix, .lune Moore: Mrs. Hamilton Cabot, Jr.. Kathryn Hoyt: Chris- topher Fogg, Don Richards: Millicent Gray, Madeline Worley: Charlie, Murray Wilson: The Reverend Ent- whistle, Wendell Kagan. The bridesmaids were Vir- ginia XYic-ks, Frances Harper. lllary Christmas and .Ian- MTO Gisi. Ar us I938 ,..., . .. liflff ?7Aetzfec S e Student Directors llette Warren Marguerite Warren Reginald Neely Genevieve Mulcahy "The Two Lunatics" Ilroaders and Murdock With the facilities of the little theatre available this year an ac- tive season of dramatic performances was furnished. The year opened with two one-act plays being given as an open- ing performance for the little theatre, 'lToo Many Women," and "Lost -A Collar Button." Annual Drama Night on March 25th featured three one-act plays, "The Opening of the Door," "He Ain't Done Right by Nell" and "Small Town Girl." For Adult Week-End School the Dramatics class presented, "The Pampered Darling." Each member of the class learned monologues and these were presented to class and club programs and before several out of school organizations. Student directors of the plays were: Bette Warren, Regina Nee- ley, Genevieve Mulcahy and Marguerite Warren. The Drama Night plays were put on by Mr. ldliceclie and the rest of the drama work was handled by Miss Thompson, J Araus lQ38 fluff jimfw S1 4 mv 1' ,X X L Arous IQ38 "Too Many Women" Left to Rightwxvkll' ren, LuTho1'p, Chase Pickering, Curry, XViI liums, Mulcahy. "The Pampered Darling" Left to Right--Wil- liums, Woosley, Wur- ren, Bradley, Hrozlcl- ers. Slaughter, Picker- ing. Jones. Combs, Chase. "Lost-A Collar Button" Loft to Right - Drake, Rosson Slaughter, . lones, Woosley, Murdock. .Miulll x "He Ain't Done Right By Nell" Left to Right -- Wil liams, Pickering, Curry Jones, Wooslcy. Mur- flock. "Small Town Girl" Loft, to liighl-llosson Slaughter, Drake. Hen- ley, lirudlcy, Combs. "Opening of the Door" Left to lligl1t--Wu1'- ren, Jones, lirouclcrs, 1,1 Thorp, Mulcahy, Chase. I I-Iiglxly-HI fzffff QAclzfzc vo J Argus IQ38 ll lCLllllOll.4 my Crabtree, Rode, Jones To the students of Tulare High School three publi- cations are made possible during the yearg the Student Handbook, the school paper, called the t'Redskin War- Whoopf' and the annual known as the HArgus." The first of the year each student is first given the Student Handbook, a small, pocket-size handbook of general information about the school. The book includes such items asathletic schedules, school songs and yells, :lass schedules, graduation requirements and club and class organizations. Every Friday the school presents to the students events and current happenings of the school, prepared by the Journalism class, through the Redskin XVar- Whoop, a four-page. four-column Weekly newspaper. lGi'x-vin Rode. cditoreinschicf, has a seat on the student council. The "Argus" is presented at the end of the year with a suinmarization of the activities, and serves a memoir to each student. Through the cooperation of the mer- chants of Tulare, clubs and classes, the production of this annual is niade possible. .lack Crabtree is editor- in-chief. Arg us I938 1 titt erm. 5-fqblbf Bernice Loar A ssistant Editor. Robert Seavers Advertising Manager. Anita Whistler Assistant Editor. William Preston Asst Advertising Bernice Cederlind Sales Manager. james Leonard Ass't. Advertising Geraldine Eyer Associate Editor. Douglas Weinkauf Assistant lflditor. Mgr. , r M all 4 Q llliullly-'l'lil'1'1' TEM J Arqus l938 - A... 5.55 urns, .l1vmAs, liusrmil. ll--hllrml, Mzirlilif-Z. Nr-toni! NlIl1l'1lilj', Swanson, l-tain-r, liolt-s, liioumlai, 'Wooslt-y, Willizuns lliild Wir Jones, Rode, Martin, Cederlind, Hillman, Eyer, Drake. The process of the publication of the XVar-XVhoop is interesting. The Journalism class started the year by electing Erwin Rode as editor-in-chief, with a managing editor serving for four weeks, and an issue editor elected each Week. On Monday and Tuesday assignments are written and Thursday and Friday assignments for the coming week are made by the editor, managing editor, and issue editor. The XVar-XVhoop includes news and gossip concern- ing students and student activities. The staff published a special eight-page Christmas edition, and a six-page Dedskin Vtfar-Groan which consisted only of nonsense, and will publish a large senior edition. Financially the War-Whoop has been very success- f'ul this year. Holders of student body cards were given the paper for three cents per issue While non-holders were charged five cents per copy. Various coiitests were held during the year, such as grid guess, middle names contest. and a weekly drawing for a dollar in trade with some merchant. Arqus . IQ38. i ,-Q Cjiz! !l2e,5czvc.4 , 5:3- ..,,.V 1 Non. Niels'-n. 2-lmillu, Milli-V, Souza, Sampson, Irrillinyr. tond lltllowt-ll, XYilson, lflllis, lltitte-nl-vrgz, l.arimer, liirltliead, llolrinvt, lliiid Il IIIIS, Grant, ljollcs, l:l'llXX'Il, t'arrt-iro, Snider, Williams, lznlni. Mrs. This year the customary rule of having the Girl Re- serves divided into the Junior and Senior group was broken. Since the club was smaller, they were able to hold dinner parties which each member could attend. Leading the group as President was lilva Miller, with Gertrude Smith as Vice-President, Marion Nielson as Secretary, and Emily Souza as Treasurer. Other members on the council were: Program chairman, Elea- nor Dodsong reporter, Mildred Larimerg social chairman, Margaret Sampson: service chairman, Mary Brown: song leader, .lean Drilling. During the year the club had doughnut sales after school. At Christmas time the club took care of several needy families with the money collected from these sales. The purpose ot' the club is mainly social and fur- nishes the opportunity for the girls to get acquainted with and create better feeling and understanding among themselves. This year the club was sponsored by Mrs, Vincent. 4 , XVilkt-ns. Vim-ont. A ..i... Argus l938 C21 fu ze Q azmcw , ..- R. . , K ' First: Iiowlallcl, l'raw1or4l, Santos, Svhloh, Reed, Iizlggf-tt, Vhozxle. Second: Aledlen. Ramos. Slaylon, Ayers, Kennedy, Mhrtin, Kiley. .lolinsoir 'l'hirfl: Smith, Nazgrt-1. Slim-phord, 'l'hmn:ns, Malin, M1-1':1llistm-V, lmmv-on, M4-Ki NV:lll1'1llv:1l'5:er. Herbert Schloh headed the Future Farmers this year and served very ably in that capacity. Other officers were: Jerry Riley, vice presidentg Kenneth McCallister, secretaryg Russell Holland, treasurer, and Glen McKinny, reporter and watch dog. Mr. J. G. McMillan and Mr. Ernst Wattenbarger were cluh sponsors. A meeting was held every other week at school and a night social meeting once a month. The cluh cooperated with the Tulare County Fish and Game Association in the extermination of predatory animals. It also carried on special work at the school farm as part of this year's project. The cluh was in charge of an agricultural exhibit during open house, and entered a float in Tulare Golden .luhilee Celebration parade. The Future Farmers is a national organization. Q- Argus I938 ,... Qzeff Glfifffif t7l.tWz..1fz0,, M . W, --Y M sa 1 - . A , K ,, - A -T, L, 17 V. K , My ow , M I list Nl: s Fisk, Uziiitwl-ll, Wicks, Souza, Smith. tom ixton, Miss Vroutlfool, Hosson, llarper, Whistler, The Girls' Athletic Association, composed of all girls who have gone out for some after school sport, including basketball, hockey, tennis, speedball, baseball, and tum- bling, is completing its third successful year. Each cabinet member elected from the members of the oianization. is responsible for one certain sport and it is the duty of each to take full charge of all activities and plans of that sport. This year's cabinet members are as follows: Presi- dent, Rosamond Fullerg vice president, Genevieve lVlul- cahy: secretary. Ann Ragang treasurer. Francis Harper: basketball manager. Gertrude Smith: hockey manager, Dorothy Wallace: tennis manager, Anita Whistler: speed- ball manager, Marie Slayton: volleyball manager, Vir- ginia VVicks: dance manager, Patsy Rossong song leader, .Iune Moore: advisers. Miss Proudfoot and Miss Fisk. 'I'hc aim ol' the Cl. A. A. is to develop physical cifi- ciency and interest in athletic activities. 'l'he duty ol' the G. A. A. is to take care of all girls' sports. J YFIIIQ lQ38 I K C enwt time C,conomLc.4 lfirsl: Rnvisvioni, Souza, Arm-mls, Noiai, Kennedy, llolflia, Miss l'1'un1y. Svc-ond: Nf'2ll'?A'2lS, Altal'I'ur, Aremls, Ilarris, Allen, Ray, Se-verson. 'l'hi1'd: Pacheco, Garcia, Mendoza, Royal, Revel. Rose-, Rossotti, Lum-io. 1+'ourth: Slayton, Davis, Matlack, Bcrtch, Losey, lligdon, Iloolu-r, Hurts. Being hosts to the entire San Joaquin Valley Asso- ciation of Home Economics clubs was the highlight of the activities of the Senior Home Economics club this year. Officers who served during the year were as follows: Marjorie Rocha, presidentg Gladys Kennedy, vice presi- dentg Emma Mae Robinson, secretaryg Frieda Raviscioni, treasurerg Fern Arends, historiang Mary Souza, reporter, and Birdie Mae Higdon, pianist. Many different types of activities were held during the year. including serving at various banquets, main- taining a check booth at affairs at the lvlemorial Hall and during Adult NVeek-End School. The honor of being hosts to the valley group Was upheld with a delightful program held early in March. There were 150 girls present for the convention. Many activities for the club, planned for the closing Weeks of school, include a lVlother's Day tea, held jointly with the .lunior club and a skating party and taffy pull. Miss Prunty is club adviser. rnnc IQQR , Z- f . Qogfgkf Lt! Kumar V unit tw: First: xi1ll.l1If'li, NVelsh, G2ll'X'ilST, ltoehzi, llzzrris. Su-cond: Dooley, xV0Olli1l'1l, Lalmpe, lladdork, Moles. , Third: Iugh, Edwards, Gzinse, llaiicoi-li, Mitchell, Miss Johnson. The Hostess Club. formerly the Junior Economics Club, had a very successful series of events throughout the year. With their aim, to develop efficiency, leader- ship, and responsibility and to be active leaders in home and community life, they have turned out a very suc- cessful club. Popularity is shown through the fact that ten new girls enrolled the second semester. Activities are as follows: The Mother's Day Tea with the Senior group, waitresses at banquets, and various other social affairs. March 19 the Valley con- ference was held here at Tulare High School. Mary Gavras, who is president of the club, served as an officer. There are six officers of the club, as follows: Presi- dent, Mary Gavrasg vice president, Virginia Hansen, secretary, Ada Pugh: treasurer, Juanita Rocha, newss paper reporter, Alice Dulyg and chairman of the point system, Myrtle Harris. The Hostess Club is a member of a national organi- zation. A point t-7-VSl.Clll is used and national pin is given for service points. These points are given for the va- rious activities of the club. Argus i938 f" 01.1 llomoffve CIM! First: llliddlf-ton, 'l'ills, llniiivlson, I+'oi'b+-s, Mzirtim-x, lIil':1f-V, Irvin, tlilison. Se-comic .Xmlvrsoii, Morirm-, I-ioyei, Kalslilti. .loin-H, Alorrison, Simmons, Allin 'l'llird: lNLcl':lllister'. Marlin, Nlllhlqil, Vincent, xVilllilllS, Martinez, liurns, Mendel Fourth: Mr. Suiter, l'4'hita, lirogail, Douglass, Vhildvrs, Tait, Gibson, Rossolti Slwusley. The Automotive Club, one of the oldest clubs in Tu- lare High School, centers its activities around the Annual Auto Show which is held each year in the gym. The club meets every other Wednesday during Home Room period and usually once a month outside of class, Where refreshments are served and the club enjoys some entertainment. The officers for this year are: Herschel Forbes, presi- dent Cpilotl: Emerson Hifner, vice president Cco-pilotly and Ray Martinez, secretary-treasurer Cnavigatorl. The club is sponsored by Mr. Suiter and Mr. Sheesley. The purpose of the club is to get the boys acquainted with other shop work besides auto-mechanics. Some of the vocations they study are electricity, aviation, air- conditioning, and Diesel. The club usually has three main projects they do each year which include the annual Auto Show, a trip to San Luis Obispo to study the shop work in the college there, and some of the members make a trip to San Francisco to an automobile assembly plant there. Argus I Ninety c-1,110 SAM With lllUI'4' 1111111 s,4lill,ll0l1 W1ll'lil ul' CClllilJllll'lll 1111 rlispluy the 'l'Clli,il Alllllllli Auto Show of 'I'ulz11'e High School wus held on Deceniher 10, ll, with several lil0llSilllIl perseiis zittenrling, More than lflll boys took part in this years show, clf1i11g ull el' the exhihiiing and QXlJi2lillillg the 153538 model a11,1to11111l1iles to the visitors. Several speciz1lfeuLLl1'es were put into this y6?i1l"S slww. such us cut-clown models of cars, moving pictures of 1-111' lllllllLliLlCilll'Q und cle111:111sL1'zxt,io11 and exhibits of z1ccessm11'ies. Music for the uffuir was furnished hy the lTlQ11liJC1'S ul' the high sc-liool c11'cl1est1'u and granimur school music gruiuns. The project is the only one of its kind i11 the state where the show is entirely put on hy the boys of the AuIc1111ef'l1a111ics CiClli1l'lIllOlll. Ml: Suiter and lXl1'. Sl1eesle-y were clireclurs of the silc1W. A A ,1,, , ,,11 Argus I938 ffatzo CIM! I ,. . . , , , ,V , .. limrsl: LllllHlll'lPlI, lu-ck, ll'llllZl, lmgrli-y, iollvv. Second: Mr. 'l'1ll1llL'l', Chz1Lle1'ton, l'e1111elzalxor, S:nr1nci1l, Lilly, lmvis. Thiel Lippincott served as President for the Radio Club this year, with Cecil Chatterton as the Secretary- Treasurer and Ray Keck as Business Manager. The purpose of the club is to help the boys interested in radio and electricity to do advanced Work in the va- rious fields. The club was very sorry to lose their organizer and adviser, Mr. E. A. Tanner, who left at mid-term to accept a position in the south. Mr. Tanner was replaced by Mr. Nelson XVitte, school electrician. Several interesting meetings were spent studying radio waves by means of an oscillograph. Many of the members have built new transmitters and receivers or remodeled their old equipment. The club furnished the student body with loud speaker equipment for football games. dances and stu- dent body assemblies. L Arg u 5 . y I938. 01105 CLLL l L ss, J. .'. , 5,2 l.,l.'Z'.. ..., v-- nrsli llodt-, llullf-nb:-rg, I,t-onawl, Nixon, llist-outer. Vimllt-y, 'Vinglf-y. eomlz Slztyton, lfisher, Imdson, Nielsen. lflrown, lfinley, llillman, Mr. 'lktnntt lll'1l2 Nthalev, tllst, Wlnistler, Wlialf-y, Suiter, Alulealiy, Ilesse, Faniplu-ll. lourth- Sc-avers, Howard, Faillistf-i', NY:ull:tm-, Hoyt, XVorl1-y, lfullt-r, Zuma' Htglmty-I"olll' 'l'he Honor Society again enjoyed a successful year. The club chose James Leonard as president for the year, with the office of vice president being held by .Iimmie 'Fingley the first semester, and Alan Huttenberg the second, Madeline XVorley was secretary and Erwin Rode treasurer. Mr. Tanner was club adviser until the second semes- ter. At that time Mr. Tanner resigned from the faculty and Miss Beers was appointed in charge. A committee appeared before the Faculty Advisory Committee and requested a number of privileges which would increase the interest in membership in the Honor Society, Two privileges were obtainedg that each mem- ber shall be privileged to omit final tests in any subject if he or she so desires and that the members shall be en- titled to a half-holiday on a school day once a year. A basketball rally, given as a parody on the .lack llenny program, was presented by the group. Argus l938 effmm CIM! First: Tait, Martin, Anrlonian, YVhite, IVayberry, Hillman, Mar'5t'osian. Second: Lopez, Martin, Katsulqi, Donahue, lirillinfr, Hillman, Smith, Cooper, Third: Mr. Hexberg, Harris, Lombaldi, Lopez, Kaisuki, Hesse, Fraiilq. Despite the fact that the club was not organized until late in the first semester the B Lettermen again had a successful and active year. Mr. Hexberg acted club sponsor. Officers of the club Were: Andy Andonian, president, and Dick Hesse, secretary-treasurer. Each year the combined organization of the Golden T and B Lettermen clubs sponsor a Lette-rman's Ball and Banquet. Both the dance and the banquet were a success this year. Initiation was held after football season to initiate the new members. An unusually large number were tak- en in. Cornelius HDutch" Warnierdain, Olympic Team Pole Vaulter. was the speaker at the banquet and speeches were given by the coaches and some seniors. W'inners of B class letters in major athletics are eligible for membership in the club. L Argus I938 ,a Qozty, Q Q1 z I dm-rson. ll. llenzurwl, Stiirgcon. llusscll. ll. .Xn4lerson. Raman. llllllill In ll'lllil'. Alsirtincz, Gionto. Zuinwall, llillman, 'l'1'v1nbIcy, Mr. Glick. The Golden T members started the year by electing .lohn Sturgeon, president: Vernon Dearing. vice-presi- dent: and Don Hillman. secretary-treasurer. Mr. Glick again served as sponsor. New members were initiated into the club following the close of the football season with another initiation planned late in the year. The club is only for the boys who made a varsity letter and is to help the sports pro- gram throughout the year. The annual banquet of the A and B class letterlnen was held on April 13th in the Little Theatre. The banquet was followed by the annual dance. Music was furnished by Johnny Seavers' orchestra. Spe- cial dccorations, bat dances, door prizes and prize dances made the affair one of the biggest social events of the school year. :ond II ill. lillllA'l'. I'r4-sion, llroanlers, 'I'l1omas. KIcl'allisler, .l. Monrm-. illllll N Xls mrov. lil4'lllll'li'4, llllllllt'X. l.i1-pilicolt, li. Ile-hard, Alilclu-ll. .lum1s, .Xl'1lli2llllll ...., ,.i. Argus l938 SCJ! KU. First: XVhite,'Hesse, lfrank, U. Hillman. llrilling. llillnian, Zumwalt. Second: lJe:1l'ing', Rode, Katsnki, Hiittenberg, Preston, Watts, D. Hillman, Jones. 'fliililrlil Mr, l3n-iden, Hall, Knopf, Cl'ELlIl,l'tf1:5, l'f'hit:1, Sturgeon, liichzirfls, Jensen, Mr. Mal s a . VVith Mr. Beiden and Mr. Marshall as sponsors, the Scalpers Club has gone through its second year of ac- tivities as a service club. Officers of the club were: Hilton Frank. president, and Alan Huttenberg, secretary-treasurer. The club met on Monday nights in the gym and one of its activities was athletic, having a basketball team that played several out-of-town teams. The main project of the club was a "smoker" on "Athletic Night" on January 25. The program featured boxing and wrestling bouts and a basketball game with refreshments being served as a finale. During the regular meetings outside speakers were brought in to talk on different topics such as athletics, conservation, travel and hobbies. N Argus I938 I E sn ,1 la k 5 5 5 EW-vi-it i'sM1mA- ' ' " '-Hx ' 'uf '.4zBvqh""f?f 1 '- 124 EFUWHM E f. , a-V. - ' , :iv-.D.fJv?LS6'x'0viv . "'i?"Y'1:,'r.6r-R51 'fkfirlha--'::g':3'44.'Y'L.:l L 'i.J':'Qfui:ca!'f:ImL5i-li'iw'u.nt ' ' I I S I N if 3 Q? QQ. ang, min jlazplmf As president ol' this class I extend congratulations to you as a class for the fine spirit and cooperation you have shown through the four years we have been together. We have come up through hard times and poor buildings with flying colors to reap the glories which are duly ours. Soon our numerals will be along with those of the classes that have gone before us. We, as a class, will be just a memoir. but in that memory we as Seniors will leave a record that will stand and be the envy of many Classes to come. We have looked forward to our graduation with eager anticipation and joy, but now that we have reached that goal. the climax all our sorrows, glories, companionship with teachers and friends We stop and wonder Whalfs ahead. A cruel and heartless World? Not altogether, but a place of new friends, new jobs, trials and responsibility. Not altogether different from what we have had but a place where there is an endless struggle of humanity for the endearments of life. The easy part of life will be gone, but I feel you have the ability to stay right in there. JOHNNY STURGEON J Arg us l938 Zlfli0'C f0LUlCZ First: Drilling, Hillman, Sturgeon, Trembley. Second: Myer, Loar, Roddy, Reardon, Finch, Third: Broaders, Seavers, Martin, Kroupa, Mr. Glick. ' .th representation on every championship team. foo.oall, basketball and debating, the seniors upheld the honors of the outstanding class during the year. Regular class activities included programs held once each month, and the annual senior Christmas dance. Sweaters, in blue and white, were purchased early in the year by a large majority of the class. Officers who served during the entire year, being elected each semester were: President, John Sturgeonl vice president, Harold Trembleyg secretary, llernice Loar: treasurer, Robert Seavers. Council members during the year were: Virginia Lee Murray, Tommy Drilling. John Sturgeon, Harold Trembley, Robert Seavers, Joyce Reardon, Gerry llyer. Harden Finch. Halden Ilroaders, Hazel Roddy. Dale Hill- man, llernice Loar, Eddie lVlart,in. llill Pickering and Hugh Kroupa. The class presented the Clever, "Ladies of the Jury," for its play early in May. 5- Argus I938 Alexander. Thelma HOMEMAKING-May Fete '35, '36, Hockey '36, Economics '38 Allnut, James INDUSTRIAI, f Automotive Club '37, '38. Allen, Carolyn HOMEMAKING-May lfete '35, '36, Home Economics '35, '38, Girl Re- serves '36, '37. Altaffer, Carol HOMEMAKING-May lfete '35, '36, Basketball '37, '38: Volleyball '36, Girl Reserves '37 Andonian, Andrew Footlmull '35, '36, '37, '38, Ilusliethull '35 '36 '37 "58"l'1'zlck'35 '36 '37 '38' ' ' Y ' W ' V ' v 1 7 y V li Letlermen '36, '37, '38, Home Room . , ,. - ,., Lhorus 31' Arakelian, John INDUSTRIAI,-lfootllmll '36, '37, '38, I5 lmltermen '37, Basketball, '35, '36, "ST 'I'r'1ck '36 '37 Arends, Letitia IIOMIGMAKING--May Fete '35, '36, Home Economics '35, '38, Girl Ree serves '36, '37, Dance Recital '38. Ni CT CIIIOTA Girl Reserves '37, Home J ArguS l938 Clll0'CJe Bailey, Lorene HOMEMAKING A Girl Reserves '35, May Fete '35g Basketball '37, Baker, Thelma Whoop Staff '38, Beck, Kenneth GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Band '35, '36, Spanish Club '36, Hi Y '36, Bertch, Earlda COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, May Fete '35, '36, Hockey '35, '36, '37g Speedball '35, Bionda, Frances SECRETARTAL - Camera Club '35, '36, '37, Volley Ball '36, Basketball '37, Hockey '35, '36g War-Whoop Staff '38. Bixler, Doris SECRETARIAL-Hockey '36g Girl Reserves '36, '37, Tennis '36. Boddy, Hazel HOMEMAKING - Philharmonic Club '36, '37g Band '35, '36, '37g All County Band '36, '37, Class Council '35, '38, Vice Pres. Girls Student League '38, N Argus, , I938, COLLEGE PREPARATORY - War- C: c11f0'CJ Boles, Estelle SECRETARIAL-Girl Reserves '35, '3G: War-Whoop Staff '38, Boyer, Frank INDUSTRIAllv-Footllall '36, '37, Bradley, Geneva COLLEGE PREPARATORY- Bramer, Audrey GICNICRAI. COMlVlERClAL-Basket ball '38, Specdball '3Sg Dance Recital 35. Broaders, Halden COl.l,l'IGl+I l'lll'll'AliA'l'OliY - Jun- F im' Play '37g Basketball '30, '37, Sen- ior Council '38, Track '3Gg Scalpcrs '37. Cederlind, Bernice L,OI.l,lfZGlC l'Rl+ll'ARA'l'OliY - Ar- gus Staff '383 War-Whoop Staff '38, Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Camera Clulm '37: Hockey '35, '37. Chase, Rita Helen COl,l,l'lGlC l'RlGl'AllATOl1Y - Hec- key '3fi: Speecllmall '36, '37, '381 Junlor Play '373 Spanish Club '37, Girl Re- serves '3G. J .,,,., a.,, , f ,,,,, Argus l938 QI Ulll0'C.5 Chatterton, Cecil INDUSTRIAL - Radio Club '38, Track '38g Automotive Club '38. Childers, Harold INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Club ,38Q Tumbling '38, Baseball Manager '38. Chumley, Bill GENERAL COMMERCIAL- Cooper, Donald COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Fresh men Council '35, Track '37, 385 Home Room Chorus '36, '37, '38. Cory, Donald COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Bas- ketball '35, '36, Camera Club '35, Iiand '37, Track '38. Crabtree, jack COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Bas- ketball '35g Class Council '35, '36g Scalpers Club '37. Crisp, Ellen HOMEMAKING-May Fete '35, '36, Tumbling Club '35, Camera Club '37. S Argus l938 , ,.,. I C cufcw Curry, Darleen COl,l,lCGE l'REPARA'l'ORY - De- bating '35, Glee Club '36, Girl Re- serves '36, Dramatics Dare, Floy SICCIKETARIAI, -- Junior Play '37, Basketball '37, '38, Hockey '36, May Fore '35. Davis, Dorothy SECRETARIAL-llancl '36, '37, '38, Speecllmall '36, '37, Hockey '36, '37g May Fone '35, '36, '37. Dearing, Vernon , AGRlCUI,'l'URAl, - 'l'1'z1ck '37, '38g Golden 'I' '37, '38, Student Council '38, Junior Play '37, Class Council '35, '36 '37. Douglass, Richard lNlJllS'l'RlAl,-Automotive Cluli '3T. Drake, Johnny COI,l.,l+lGE PRICPAHA'I'ORY - Has- ketlmall '37: War-Whoop Staff '38, La- tin Club '35, '30, Hoys' Fecleratioix Council '38: Dl'2llTlllLlCS '38, Drilling, Tommy C'UI,l,EGlC I'IiI+Il'AR.-N'l'OllY - Has- kctlmall '35, '36, '3T. '38: Football 735. '30, '37. 38: lloys' l'1CilCl'2ltl0ll Council '33: II llcltormcn 'ISSJ Scalpers '38, A Um! llumlrwl 'I'l1x'1-1- Argus l938 QI CIIIOTJ Ernst, Joy SECRPlTARlAL4lVlz1y Fetc '36, Has- ketball '38, Speeflhall '33 Eyer, Geraldine SECRETARIAL - Class Council '35, '36, '37, '383 Class Secretary '37, '38, Girl Reserves '35, '36, 'I-37: Wur- Whoop Staff '38, Associate Editor of Argus '38. Fancher, Bob INDUSTRIAL - Boys' Federation '383 Chorus '38, Carpentry '383 Auto Show '36. Finch, Barden COLLEGE PREPARATORY - .lun- ior Play '37: Class Council '35, '382 Band '35, 36: Orchestra '37, '38, Hon- or Sociely '35. Finley, Frances SECRETARIAL-Class Council '35, '36, '37, Honor Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Girl Reserve '37, Hockey '36. Fisher, Juanita SECRETARIAL- Forbes, Herschal INDUSTRIAL-Football '36, '373 Au- tomotive Club '37, '38, Band '35, '36, Auto Show '36, '37, '38. .L 1 Arg us I938 C cufow Frank, Hilton COLLEG E PREPA RATORY - Foot- ball '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '35, '37: Sculpers '37, '38g H Letterman '383 Tumbling '38. Fraser, Ruby GPINERAL COlVlMlfIliClAl,- Garcia, Sarah GENERAL COMMERCIAL - May Fote '35, '363 Volleyball '371 Speedbull '36, '37: Home Economics '38, Spun- ish Club '35. Garcia, Sophia Sl'X'lll+1'l'ARIAI,-May Foto '36, Au- to Show '3fig Volleyball '37: Cliorug '35, Gibson, Lloyd lNDUS'l'lllAI, -- Tumbling '3G. '37: l!uncl.'3!S. '37, '38, Orclwcstra '3fi: Au- tomotive Club '36, '37. '38: Auto Show '30, YET. Gilbert, John AGlilCUl,'I'UIlAl.G-flluml '35, '36, '37, '33 Giotto, Nick GICNEHAI, l'OlVlMlfIllClAl,ff'Hoyas' Ferleration '38, Football '36, Basket' bull '37I Golden T '38. 4 Om- lllllllll'Q,'Il Fim- Argus I938 CI CIILOTJ Haggberg, Hazel Ann COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Girl Reserves '36, Tennis '35, Hockey '35, May Fete '35, '38. Hall, jack Golden T '37, '38, Band '37, '38, Foot- ball '38, Tennis '37, '38, Scalpers '38, Harris, Mildred COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Orch estra '35, '36, '37, '38, Latin '35, Cam- era Club '36, Hockey '35, '37, '382 Speedball '37, '38. Harris, Catherine GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, Treasurer '36, Vice-President '37, Hartman, jean SECRETARIAL - Basketball '36, Hockey '35, '36, G. A. A. '36, '37, '38, Girl Reserves '35, '36, War-Whoop Staff '38. Hawes, Modema GENERAL COMMERCIAL - May Fele '35, '36, Spanish Club '35, Girl Reserves '36, '37, Home Room Chorus '37, Girls Glee Club '36. Henard, Harlen INDUSTRIAL-Golden T '35, '36, '37, '38, Football '35, '36, '37, Baseball '35, '36, '38, War-Whoop Staff '38, 5. Argus I938 CIIIOTJ Herd, joan COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Girl Reserves '35, '36, Latin Club '37: Chorus '35, '363 Honor Society '37Z lluncl '37, '38, Hesse, Richard COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Stu- dent Hody Treasurer '383 Scalpers '36, '37, '38, Football '36, '37, '382 Ruse ketball '35, '36, li Lettermen '37, '38, Hifner, Emerson lNDUSTR1Al.fTrack '35, '36, '37. '38: Automotive Club '36, '37, '33, Golden 'I' '37, '38: Carpentry '38: Tulnbling '38, Higdon, Byrdie May SlCClll'I'I'ARlAl,--Spanish '35, Girl llc-serves '36, '37: Home ICQ-onoinivs TSN: Many Vote '35, '36: Orc-hcstru '36. Hillman, Dale C01 ,l ,ICG IC l'ltl'1l'A RA'l'OllY-Truck '35, '36, '37, '38: Hi Y '35, '363 Sculpcrs '36, '37, '38, H Lettermcn '37, '38, Senior Council '38, Hillman, Donald COLLEGE PHIGPA llA'l'OllY - Clusfs President '35, '37: Track '35, '36, '37, '38g Honor Society '35, '36, '37, '38, llebating '36, '37, '38, Howard, Maida COLLICG IC l'ltEI'ARA'l'ORY- Chorus '3J: A Capella Choir '37: Hon- or Soclety '35, '36, '37, Latin Club '35, '36, '37: Home Room Chorus '35, '36, TIT, 'Z1N. J Arg us I938 I .-1 1 x, LlllO'CJ V- . 4 'Gia ' QQ!! ,ie Hunt, Eileen SECRETARIAL-May Fete '36: Girl Reserves '37. Huttenberg, Catherine SECRETARIAL-May Fele '35, '36, Girl Reserves '36, '37, Orchestra '36: Basketball '38, Hockey '35, '36, '37, '38, Huttenberg, Alan COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Stu- dent Council '38, Class Council '35, '371 Honor Society '36, '38, Band '37, '38, Scalpers '36, '37, '38. Irvin, Leon lNDUSTRlAL - Basketball '37, '38, Automotive Club '37, '38 Izumi, Sadako COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Latin Club '36, War-Whoop Staff '37, Girl Reserves '37, '38, May Fete '36. Jensen, Daniel '37, '38, Track '35, '36, '37, '38 Captain '37, B Letterrnen Club '37, '38, Scalpe ers '38, Joaquin, Arlene HOMEMAKING-May Fete '35, '36. L Argus l938 L l-l1l 11-1 INDUSTRIAL - Basketball '35, '36, c: mia w joh jon : 5 nson, Harold GICNICRAI, COlVIMl'IRClAl, - llzmrl '35, '36, '37, '38g Yell I1CLlflCl' '371 Cum- eru Club '3fi. es, Palul C'Ol,l,EGE I'REPARA'l'0RY-l"ool- bull '36, '37, '383 Baseball '37, '38g Golden 'I' '38g Truck '3fig llasketbull '3ti. jones, George INIDUSTHIAI, -Y Automotive Club 38. Katsuki, Henry lNllllS'l'lil1Xl, --f- llzlslivllxlll '36, 'SETI I Autmnolivc Club '383 ll Lcttormon T381 Sczllpcrs '36, '37, '38, Kelly, Clifford lNDUSTRIAl.-lluskmbull '35: Cum- oru Club '37. Kennedy, Gladys Kin l'Ol,l,ICGlC l'Hl+1l'AIiA'l'0RY - May Foto '35, '361 Speerlbzlll '37: Clase: Uoullcil '37: Spzmish Club '371 Home l'lCOllOll1lCS '38. Vice Preslclcnt. g, Charles lNDUSTRIAl,--Football '383 lluskct- bzlll '3S. F'R3 QW- Hm- Hlllllll'4'1l Nim- Argus F l938 i 6111023.13 Kroupa, Hugh INDUSTRIAL-Senior Council '38, Archery Club '38, Baseball '38, Track '38, Boys' Federation '38 Lathorp, Gladys COLLEGE PREPARATORY -- Ten- nis '35, Hockey '35, '36, Camera Club '36, Philharmonic Club '37, Orchestra '35, '36, '37, '38, Leonard, James COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Honor Society '35, '37, '38, Camera Club '36, '37, Band '36, '37, Argus Staff '38, Snap Editor, Class Council '35, Lewis, W. K. INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Cluo '38, Loar, Bernice Q 5 SECRETARIAL-Girl Reserves '35, ,X '36, Band '35, '36, '37, '38, Class Coun- C 5 'Q cil '38, Secretary '38, Argus Staff '38, X - Assistant Editor, All County Band ,f '36, '37. X Losey, Ruth SECRETARIAL - Hockey '35, Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Room Chorus '36, May Fete '36, Home Eco- nomics Club '38. Louder, Kathryn HOMEMAKING-May Fete '35, '36, Girl Reserves '36, L Argus , , I938 t ,l1.l Ht ..1liA eu Zo 1.4 Lucio, Mary HOlVllf.lVlAKlNG --f Nluv lfete '36I Home Economies '37, '38, Luton, Bill GICNERAI. COMMICRCIAI, - Foot- ball '36, '37, '381 I3 Lettermen '36, Golden T '37, '38, Mandrille, Virginia GENERAL COMMERCIAL -- Girl Reserves '36, '37, May Fete '35, '36, Glee Club '35, '36, Margosian, Arkie lNDUSTRIAI.-Football '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '35, '36, '37, '33, 'l'1'aelx '35, '36, '37, '383 ll Lettermen '36, '37. '38, Martin, Edwin lNDUS'I'RlAL 3 Automotive Club '37, '38, Martin, Eddie COLLEGE l'REl'ARA'l'ORY f Class Council '35, Latin Club '35: H Lotter- men '37, '381 Football '35, '36, '37, '38, NVHI'-Vl'hoop Staff '38, Martinez, Ray INDUSTRIAI,-Football '35, '36, '37, T383 Basketball '37, '38: Baseball '37, '38: Automotive '36, '37, '38g Golden 'I' '37, '38, J Um- Ilumlw-fl l'Il1-xw-ll Argus lQ38 E L1 fo 'CJ Matlack, Vera IIOMEMAK ING - Hcme Economics '35, '38, '37, US. Medlin, Harlan GENERAL COMMERCIAL- Mendes, Louie INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Club Mendoza, Pearl IlOMElVIAKlNG-May Fefe '35, '36, Hockey '36, Speedball '37, Home Eco- nomics '38. Miller, Elva SECRETARIAL-Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, Treasurer '37, President '38, Hockey '35, '33, '37, May Festival '35, '36, Dance Recital '38. Morrison, Harold L. INDUSTRIAL-Auto Mcchzmics '36, '37, '38, Auto Show '36, '37, '38, Moss, Mattie Lue 1,2 ,,Z 7' COLLEGE PREPARATORY V- May , o F f ,ff Pete 2361 Girl Reserves '32 t ' I .l Hockey '37, Speedball '37, '38, Base- , ' .-.r ' ' WN , mu '37, 7 L A u S l 8 Ullc Hundred Twelve l L'lli0'C.4 Mulcahy, Genevieve COLLEGE PHEPAl-iA'l'ORY-Secre' tary of Student Body '38: Commis- sioner Girls Activities '37: Basketball '35, '36. '37, '38. Capt. '36, '37. '38: G. A. A. Council '36, '37. '38, President '37: Junior Play '37: War-Whoop Staff '38. Murdock, Martha COLLEGE Ie'REl'ARA'l'ORY-l,atin Club '35: Junior Play '37g Class Coun- cil '37: G. S. L. Cabinet '38, Drama tics '38 Murray, Virginia SECRETARIAl.fSenior Council '38: Dance Recital '38, McCal1ister, jerry INDUSTRIAL-Auto Mechanics '36, '37, '38: Auto Show '36, '37, '38, Foot- ball '38: Camera Club '35. McRee, Lillie GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Has- ket-ball '38, Nixon, Roger C0l.l,EGE l'REl'AIiA'l'ORY W llaml '35. '36, '37. '381 Orchestra '37 ll-38, Philharmonic Club '37, '38: .unio" Play '37: Honor Society '36, '11, j Pacheco, Mary i HOMEMAKING - May l Home Economics '38 A 1 ..... ..., ... .. ....,. . .... . A rgus I938 mio -5.4 Pickering, Bill COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Class Council '35, '38, Junior Play '37, La- tin Club '35, '36, Dramatics '38, Band '35, '36, '37. Pitts, Lawrence GENERAL COMMERCIAL - Foot- ball '38, Basketball '38, Automotive Cgub '38, Auto Show '38, Baseball 79 0 Rae, jean ' HOMEMAKING - 'Tumbling '35, Home Economics '36, '38, Girl Re- serves '37, May Fete '35, '36, Auto Show '37. Raviscioni. Frieda HOMEMAKING - Home Economics '35, '36, '37, '38, Vice President '37, Treasurer '38, Volley Ball '37, '38. Ragan, Ann COLLEGE PREPARATORY-G. S. L. Council '38, President '38, G. A. A. Council '35, '36, '37, '38, Secretary '38, Class Council '35, '36, Secretary '35, Tennis '35, '36, '37, '38, Basket- ball '35, '36, '37, '38. Randall, Wm. A. INDUSTRIAL-Camera Club '35, '36, Basketball '37, Tennis '38. Reardon. Joyce COLLEGE PREPARATORY-Latin Club '36, Spanish Club '37, May Fete '36, Class Council '38, All County Chorus '37, '38, JNF' L ! u S I 8 Une Humlred lfourteeu CIIIOTJ Revel, Blanche IIOMEMAKING-May Fete 735. 'illil llasketball '3fS. '37: Hockey '37, '3SZ Home lllconomics '35, '36, '37, '38. Revel, George lNlJllS'I'IilAl, - Automotive Club '37, '38, Track '37, '38: Hand '35, Auto Show '36, '37, '38, Camera Club '35. Roberts, Crystal GIGNICRAI, COMMILRCIAI, W May Fete '35, '3li: Dance Recital '38. Robinson, Emma Mae lIOMl'1lNlAKlNG- Al'C'llCl'.V '38g llocltcy '38, Rocha, Tony lNlJlYS'l'lilAl, if llaml '36, '37, '38, Philharmonic Club '37g Automotive Club '37, '33, 'l'1'ack '37, Auto Show '36, '37, 'SSH Rocha, Marjorie SICCRl4I'l'AItIALfllaskctball '37, '38, Spccclball '37, '3S: Hockey '35, '36, '37, '38, Home Economics '37, '38, Treas- urer '37, Presiclcnt '38, Dance Recital '38, Rode, Erwin t'Ol,l,lCGl+Z l'lll+Il'AltA'l'OltY - XVar Whoop Staff '3S: Student Council '38: Honor Society '35. '36, '37, '38Z Golden 'I' '38: Sc-alpcrs '37, '33 has V? ' , v Q F . lA 'C-lx 9 AVN 5-M' 3 J Huw llllmllw-rl l"ll'lm-vll Argus l938 ,l I C: CIILOTJ Rosson, Patsy ish Club '3'i, '37, G. S. L. Council '36, '37, C. A. A, Council '37, '38. Rossotti, Augustine INDUSTRIAL-Auto Club '37, '38, Auto Show '36, '37, '38, Boys' Federa- tion '37, '38. Rossotti, Bob INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Club '36, '37, Auto Show '35, '36, '37, Boys' Federation '38. Ruffa, Arnold INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Club '36, Future Farmers '35, Auto Show '36I Boys' Federation '38, Tractor Show '35. Rush, Dorothy SECRETARIAL-Band '36, '37, '38, May Fete '35, '36, Speedball '37, '38, Girl Reserves Club '35, '36, '37, Vol- leyball '37, Russell, Jack INDUSTRIAL - Class Council '35, Football '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball 35, '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '3SZ Golden T Club '37, '38, ' Sampson, Margaret COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, Basketball '37: Glee '36, '37, Home Room Chorus '36, '37, All County Chorus '36, '37, G. A. A. '36, '37, '38, i M Argus I938 t..., . ....l, ,... . COLLEGE PREPARA TO RY-Spalr i CllZ0'C.4 eww Saylor, Clarence COLLEG E 1'RE1'A1iA'l'ORY- I Seavers, Bob SECRETARIAI,--Class Council '30, '37, '38, Camera Club '36, '37g Honor Society '35, '36, '37, '38, President '37, All County Orchestra '37 Schloh, Herbert AG RICULTURA1,-Future lf'a1'mc1's '36, '37, '383 Boys' l"cfle1'ut,ion TES. Schoenhair, Howard Scott, Sebourn INDUSTRIAL- Simoes, Elsie HOMEMAKINCI-lNia1y Foto '35, 'ISM Home Economics '37. Simoes, Tony INDUSTHIAli-O1'cl1cst,1'u 'SSKSQ Hoy! lf'edeI'z1tlon '37, Auto Show '36, 'RTL 1"z11'm Mechanics Show '35 J Om- l'1llll4ll't'1l Svxw-lllw'l1 A I J C: L'lIl0'CJ Simmons, Kenneth INDUSTRIAL - Automotive Club '36, '37. '38, Tumbling '36, Spanlsli Club '35. S'aughter, Dick COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Band '35. '36, '37, Track '36, Dramatics '38, Latin Club '35, '36, Chess Club '37. Slayton, Marie COLLEGE PRFJPARATORY - Hon- or Society '38, Hockey '38, Basketball '36, '37, Speedball '38, Home Econo- mics Club '38, Smith, Gertrude SECRETARIAL-Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Capt. '37, '38, Hockey '35, '36, '37, '38, G. A. A. '37, Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, Home Economics '36, Soiuth, Violet EICQMEMAKING-May Festival '35, I 1 . Souza, Emma Lee SECRETARIAL-G. A. A. Councii, Girl Reserves '36, '37, '38, Yell Lead- er '37, '38, Basketball '35, '36, '37, '38, Hockey '35, '36, '37, '38, Souza, Mary HOMEMAKING-May Fete '35, '36, Home Economics '37, '38, Volleyball '37, Dance Recital '38. L Argus. . ,I938 ,... allow Sturgeon, john l'Ol,l,lGlllC l'lilCl'AllA'l'0liY - Slu- clvnt Count-il '36, '37, '38, lfcmtlmull '35, '36, '37, '38: llusclxull '35, '36, '37, '36, Class llrcsirlcnt. '36, '38g Golden T '37, '38, Swanson, Lucille COl,I,EGl1I l'Rl+ll'ARA'l'OHY - Hus- 7 SS I mn Club '35 '36 '37' kQtlm'1ll'I".'3 'Z ' ' Specillmulll '37, Xlsux'-Wlloop' stuffy May Foto '35, '36. Severson, Ramona IIOIXll+lM.'XlilNGflIomc lic-cmnmnics '35, '36, '37, '38, Thomas, Jim .,,,f a INIlllS'l'IilAI, - - lulllllllllll 33, .ll C'ul'pv11l1'y '37. '38, Clolclon 'l' '33 Tonkens, Melvena ll0Nll41lVlAKlNG-WMz1y l"c1,c '35, '36: llumu lllc-fmmnic-s '35, '361 Girl Ru- scrvcs '37, Trembly, Lloyd l'0I,I,I'IGlC l'lil'1l'AliA'l'OllY-Clwss C'l11l1 '37, Trembley, Harold i'Ol,l,l'XlI'I l'lil'll'.-'XliA'l'OllY--Class Cuunc-ll '35, '36. '37, '33, Golden 'l' '37 "'3' lumen' Flu' ' ""' 'til 1 , 411, 1 ,L , Clulm '35, '361 Chess 5 Play 31. Lu 1' Club '37, J llxlv llllllullwwl NlIll'll'1'll Arg us IQB8 L'Ill0'C.1 Uchita, Hidakichi COLLEGE PREPARA'l'ORY-Auto- motive Club '38, '38, Track '35, '36, '37, '38, Auto Show '36, '38, Basket- ball '37, Scalpers Club '37, '38, Vargas, Rosie Margaret HOMEMAKING-May Fete '35, '36, Egsketball '38, Home Economics '37. Walker, Harold INDUSTRIAL-Art Club '35, Walker, Frieda GENERAL COMlVlERClAL- Warren, Betty COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Class Council '35, Latin Club '35, '36, County Chorus '36, '37, G. S. L. Coun- cil '37, '38, Junior Play '37. Warren, Marguerite GENERAL COMMERCIAL-Dl'aIn:r tics '38. Watkins, Evelyn COLLEGE PREPARATORY- Hockey '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball 38: Speedball '37, May Fete '35, '30, Camera Club '36, '37. t A u S I 8 Une Humlreil Twenty Q'Z CIIIOTJ Webb, Dolly Sl'If'l'llC'l'ARlAl. - lVlL1'V lfeie 'flfii llzmee Rec-itul '38. Weinkauf, Douglas COl,l.I'IGlC l'Rl+ll'AliA'l'OliY-4l,utm Club '35, '36, All County llzmcl '35, '36, '37: Tennis '36g Junior Play '372 Yell lleurlel' '38, West, Delphine HOMEMAKING-Orchestra '36, '37: Philhzirmonie Club '363 Girls Student League '33 White, Gordon C'0l,l,I'IGlC I'Rl'II'ARA'l'OllY-Foot- bull '37, '3Sg llusketbull '36, '37, '38, 'I'l'uek '36, '37, Presiclent lioys' Fed- eration 'm5QSf'21illCl'S Club 36. 37, 38. White, Bill lNlJUS'l'IilAI,fI"ootbull '35, '36, '37, '38: ll l,ette1'men '36, '37, '383 Automo- tive Club '36, '373 Auto Show '36, '37, '38, Golden 'l' '38, White, Imogene Sl+X'Rl'l'I'ARlAllfflirl Reserves '37Z Home lik-onrmiic-s '363 lvlziy lfele '36, White, Elsie HOIVIEMAKING - lvluy l+'ete '36, llome Economies '36, '37. J Hn-f illlll4,il'4'li 'I'uw-mi Un Arg us lQ38 CIIZOTJ Williams, Don AGRICULTURAL-Track '38, Boys' Federation '38g Hi Y '35. Wilson, Frances GENERAL COMMERCIAL -- May Fete '35, '36, Class Council '37, Girl Reserves '37, Woosley, Eunice COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Bas- ketball '35, '38, '37, '38, Hockey '35, '37, '38, Dramatics '38, W'a1'- Whoop Staff '38. Yancy, Edgar INDUSTRIAL- Zumwalt, Elmo COLLEGE PREPARATORY - Stu- dent Body Council '38, Vice Presi- dent: Football '35, '37, '38, Debating '36, '37, '38, Honor Society '35, '36, '37, '38, Track '36, '37, '38, Pedroncille, Adell - SECRETARIAL-Basketball '37, '38g Girl Reserves '35, '36, '37, May Fete '35, f3G: Hockey '36, '37, Home Eco- nomics '38, X Argus I938 H ,,d,,, gal Cl1l0'C.4 ,if MLA alll i Ul1l0'CJ Q., l1llll'0ll '1'wv11ly-Fc 1 fi ' , A El . ei 'Y , u' 5 1 51 . 1 , 1 , 53 ' ,4 1. 4 4 1 -5 10. ' . wwf- .,--f lf'-V 1 ,.Zfl1'5'H,ff4J.hf-Ez' ' ,!1'f-.4-191 , f.,, Www-M "" li , .,..' - y my ,. a FX fx ' r, -2 U.", wg ,-'-...:- 'Q .ix , fn ' Ti, , gg-'pig . . in A fag' -. lj. , Li: ' .jug fr Vi w , . QB' x lflll for z:e.4f enlf Lai V " One behalf of the .lunior Class, may l say to the seniors: Congratulations on your splendid work this year and regrets that you will not be with us next year. Our only hope is to meet the high standards of achievement that you, the class of '38, set up. To the Junior Class: Thanks for your splendid support and cooperation. l feel that as a class we have gone through with more than average spirit and en- thusiasm and a more than average year of accomplish- ments. To the cast of "Your Money or Your XVife": Con- gratulations for making the play a success hoth from thc entertainment and financial standpoint. To Miss Conley, our adviser: The biggest of thanks for your splendid cooperation, support and guidance. --NEAL HILLMAN. A e Hundred 'l'wcnty-Five I u S . I 8 I IfllflL0'C 0DlIflCL . 1 The .Iunior Class, under the guidance of Neal Hill- man, president, has played an active and important part in all phases of school life this year. Outstanding among its successes was the Junior Play t'Your Money or Your Wife," which was the first Junior Play to be presented in the new auditorium. Under the skillful guidance of Miss Thompson, the play was highly praised by a'large audience. The Junior Class was exceptionally 'well represented in athletics. Bill Preston, Don Richards, Thiel Lippin- cott and Charles Anderson were Juniors on the County Champion heavyweight football team, While on the Champion lightweight team were: Bill Rurnley, Arthur Tait, Vvendell Hagan, Kenneth Henard, Dan Cooper, Lloyd Martin, and President Neal Hillman. On the County Champion ll basketball team were Hcnard, high point man. and Bill Rumley. 'On the A Basketball team were Choboian, Mills, and McAllister. ln tennis Frances Harper, Charlotte Mitchell, Anita Whistler, and Wendell Ragan. In baseball Juniors were: Rumley, K. Henard, McAllister. ln track: D. Smith. Preston, Curry, Ricketts, Mills, Tait, Pappas, NVatts, An- derson. and Crawford. The class officers were: President, Neal Hillman: Vice President, Keith Mungerg Secretary, Ora Ylfhalevz Treasurer, Charlotte Mitchell, first semester, and Bill McAllister, second semester. Argus I938 litt ..7JCfiVU Ill1L0'C.i Um- Illllllll I l I x ,gii,Qr 1 First: l'h0lPUi2lI1, iiiscom-r, 1'uupei', Iirugaii, Iiensiiwi, Hillman, Iflllllif, Mills, Michipqirm Sm-mul: lizaliuwm-ll. Huimi, .lulmsmm, Hurts, Itimwnx. ifurlw, ltmmlqeig lim-lc, IQ-Iwi, ll2ll'Ih'l' Iiussuili, Alnxilzzliu, 'l'i1i1'1l: l':1sli--, Vililali-1's, i7A1l't', l!l11'i1:ll'4i, idllis, l:L'l'l4'll, !"fvg:1l, XYullivl'imil. Vussiily, liuwm-ia lllllfu, Mullin lfuurllu: Iiim-Iwtts, Guest, f'z111Lwell, .Xlh-11, Bunk, Smith, ,XS-1llilUl'2l, Iiiu-kle-y, Amlersorx iturmlr, Hfwliax, XVivks. l"iI'th: Air. ilzlycmvk, Hzlrris. Aye-rs, Avilal, Iiorlm. l'2ll'l1'1', l,rvx'1-lzuly, llzxrris. A11-lids, fll'2lll1 tlmliiilm, l'1xl'ol. Alwfmml, Miss tfulllvy. , I w Q5 K KN .W W K N A 7 A .dxf A ' f First: NVhiIv, H2ll'l'iS. Vsnymzls. llnyul, 'l'i1lglvj,', XV1-sl, Ilivke-Its. XYQIIIS. Sw'-,init XYilI4-4-, WR-lrlr, Mviliiin-, VIVIIIIIYIUSUII, Noiu, lfzly. Ilzly, WI'0Sl1'X, l'hill'1lS. 'IIiirrl: 'I':ril, l'l'llilIl, IH-rl':1s4-I, VHILWIII, S4-1'iv1-11, Nilgillil. Xllvrillml, 'I'11nlu-rms, Poison, 'I'l'iSlElIP. 1-'fvuilhz XYIIHI1-y, Wliisllwly Wliulm-5, M:u:4.lii1::is, liulnwls, iI1hI'2l?4ll0X', Zuidl-1'w+-gr, XVo1'iy, YV2llI:u'v, NYliil4'. Um' ilunsliw-41 '1'xx'v11ly-iiigllt 1 mf? y JH' X irst: lmnivlson, 5.Iv.Xllish-V. Mklns, Flllyhillll, Ilunt. f4Hl'l'Y, Smith, IM'iHiup:', 4'uffy, .4. tlilvsnn. I I mul' l'il'lnll Kirlf-1' lf'.1l'i'x IH'--:II KH-1l11'Ii':4I. 1':'r-uluxv, Il1Il'l'IS, lfulll-l', lilsl, Iivzllls, 1 . X . , H l'1u-llln lhiu-fl: Mn. 41nnun1nN4.I.uIm45, Hhyl. 1.1nl1.l-1 Imlls, I.nmh1u, 4.11 SHIKI, llllll- IHHIK-I , . , .. , . .-x.. ,. 9. .rf ,Az 5 Il Ill: x. Iullrlh liwuslm, ll--U-If. Anlmn, Ilmm-5, 11iI'lm1, l'1-x, 'I'l1m'm-, 1'llI'l'y. K4-vli, Uillli-lill. ,vfmu ..,4yv,w,ww,, --vw. .. . K . - -'irst XIIIHSPV, 1!:1u:l11, Mi1c'h1-H, Mauylxm-rry, I':--uhm. lgh-luzwmls, Smith, I,JllI4'1lftl'l'. I N4-nmllrli MV, AIm'3lill:'n. lXlIlI'lill. IH-1Ix'ullvrlIi, i'lll'lI, Alilwlnlli, .Xl:l1lwIl:u. Alzlrtln, hxxw---lwy. 51'l'2ll'i!1. Jhxrfl' 1.1 l'l'iliIlL', Miss 1lU1I1l2lll. Um- Illlmlxw-fl 'Vu --1115 -Nim- 'vmh-y, l,ippim-ull, .Xlimlmlh-lull, 4'l'2lXYl'lll'll, Wzallxins, ,XIzn1'ti111-z, Phillips, liilltjilill, PJM X jlfffw lllllJ'CJ ." s . ufls N M xx' s X 1 in Q4 Hundred Thi: go AOVMOZK WCHA! 6141! Goodbye, Seniors! We extend to you our sincere and best wishes and hope that each and all of you will be sueeessful in whatever you undertake. We also would like to congratulate the student body and thank the members for a wonderful year. XVe're proud to be a part of that splendid body and hope that we have contributed somewhat to its success. Then, too, we must not forget to mention the fine support and guidance of the faculty, without whom our affairs of state might net have gone so smoothly. It has been a case of "all for one and one for all" with that all being the Tulare Union High School. Individually I wish to thank my classmates who have c-ooperatefl in making the Sophomore class a real part of Tulare High School. And finally. on behalf of the Sophomores, I wish to say. Auf Weidersehn,--Ytill we meet again. GLENN MORAN, JR. J c Ilundrwl 'l'lii1'ty-U11 i938 50 A0l4fl.0'ZZ6 0flflllCl First: Santos, Johnson, Moran, tl-vn'l1':irl. Flieplierrl. Second: Heck, Ray, t'liurc-hwt-ll, llosv, Suiter. Third: Mr. Jones, Dodson. Sunlcel, Long, Aiifle-lson The Sophomore class started off a successful year in the traditional Freshmen initiation, with the Sophomore tug o'war and water fight teams thoroughly initiating the Freshmen. Roberta Suiter, Sophomore treasurer, was on the County Championship debating team this year. Many Sophomores participated in sports. On the County Champion heavyweight football team were: Richard Anderson, .lay Mitchell, Scott, and .Iohn Monroe, While Francis Donahue played on the Champion lightweight football team. ln basketball, the Champion H team, the sole Sophofnore was Francis Donahue. On the A team were: Jolnison. Smith. McCarthy. ln baseball: .loe Lopez, Dubose, Hergantz. ln track: Perkins. Jensen, Garland, Perry, Moranda, Moss, lchinaga, Donahue, Cano, Jennings. Maxine Sunkel and Ralph Cole were Sophomores in tennis this year. The Sophomore off't-ers were: Glenn Moran, presi- dent: Dick Anderson and Hob Johnson, vice presidents: Catherine Long, secretary, and Marjorie Rose and Roberta Suiter, treasurers. K Argus I938 H1 lilfii NU F' I ilffilfd lllrl ill I Ill 0J7AOM40T8J First: t'h11i'c'hw+ilI, Wulf' Morzih l'h0iNli'lll iflliftbll XV rx Sh ' , . . , , , .14 , 4-piwnl, lllley. Siwolifl: VIIIOINZIS. IG1lir'iflg'v, ii1ll'Ill1SHY'l, tlorvlizini, flniiww, i+'1'11lurvxz1, idrzxlh. Gross, lmmrrixl Thiril: ifoslvr, lilliriflgrv, I'ux1i-41, fl2l!'1'i2l, Uwe-iis, 4'1'z1htl'e1-, lmlmsv, t'u1'ry, Ifimllvy, Gum! ii1zi11,,Xlh1'ilm1. i"Hlll'lilZ s2lIllHS,s2lI1i0S, Ifimilwy, Vory, Hollis, Hzili, l'Iwslzi1'1I. Szilzis, Hrziht, Hmiinlm Fiiidlvy. Fifth: 31.12 Join-s, t'zi1'l'+-iru. Smith. Ramos. If:-1'2izi11rii-Z, Iimir'i:'11e-X, llillvy, Stull, Sliwiu ML-Cullistor, Mn-Kiliney, Mr. XYatt.e11ba1'g,'er. I i -X 1 Q11-V-gi.-W wfkulf.. wg. x.V,, V .W 6559, Q P - .. ' ,-W A First: Pano, XVA-lvh, Yriqucl, NVnff-rs, 'l'm1, Dmismi NVMIINP7, Muyli, Ayvrs, Ayelrs. Svrwmd: Smith, Tiullvr, Aslixi. Iiizh-imlxiy Pugh, 1'gi1iwi'm1, lmrls-m, Nh-lm-ix, Pills, Ai0I'l'i7445Il Iiuuzlov. Third: Hum-, IH-rliiigs, Num-S, i'4+Yi'l'I, Ihxyiiv, Ali-4':xi'ihx. XX'zilln-r. IR-l'1'y, l'zu'x, llalrlzxnii IH-11114-lv:iiu'i', Mr, 'Vuilm-i'. l4'ulll'Ih: .li1hii,4nIl. Irmizililu-, Vzlmii-!'ui'il'I, iil'UXXII. lTi':ny, Mlllwlfwlq, l'u,4tw11. lwvlsuii, Tra- mziiii, Wiizllli-y, i5Uli01lt'lllll'l, Yilzll. 4XliI'e-fi. Fifth: Miss Ilzxmeflli, lkliiul. 'I'u1'11m'1', Wulsoii, 1'n1iw-, Ibzlvis, I'url1'u11m-lli, Alimss, Ilouvlc lfzivimlsmi, lmvis. 'hw liunflrf-ci 'I'hii'ly-ifimtll' C 1 -1 1 , A.,. Illrlj .11-11s4-11. M111-111-11, Al11111'11+-, A1111-111111, .11-111c111s, 1.11111-x, A1I11111111x. A1111-14. I,..v11'l!11l'1'. 1-111141: 1.11111-. Kzulsuki, Ilomnn, Xl'XY11l'UllL',ll. 111-1'11:11111f-v,, M1111-11 II:1xx'+'f', 1x1111111'11, .1111111 stun, IIz11'1'is, Iiz111:11'1z111. Kz1z:11'iz111. I11i1'41: .XI2ll'fll1L'Z, l'm':11's1111. H.111s1'11, Il:1wIl1111'111-. lilS111!, '1'11l1111. .Xl:1l1.11'11. Hu-1's1:1l1 Aliltnn. II:111f'411'1c4 M111-11iu'11w11i1z1. Miss .Xl111'i:11'ily, Al11r11'4-. I.m11'1l. 111111lI1: 11'11111:1p::1. .l1111vs, 11f1ua111, Iluyvs, M:11'11ig::1s11i1'z1, 31111111, 1.111'1-11m-. 11:11111'1111. ,UI1111 .X1r11111, 11111111-lsmu. 1,1-115. lx:-115. 11t'111: -1l11Il'S, SIl!'I11Q'l1I. 11z11'1'is. 11:11't111:111, ll1'I11'j'. A111 1.1m1111-1g A1:11'l1z11111. .1111-111111w, i1:1111X H1-s'l41-, 'lzwlu-ll, Suulls, 1,11'1L1, .Xlz1111is111:111, llnxxm-N. 111'NI: XY11111, 1l11111v11, I3y1'11, S:1111us. H:11'l1w1't', 1'z11'dr1z:1. 111111111-. 12111111-1-, 151-1'g41111x. S1111-.mx 811141111 11. N94-'Hllllj 511-1111. .XlI1t'lIi12l1!, Se-111-1-111-1 llux. Smith, .Xll1fl'l'5l111, A111111, ,X11--11. 1"1:1111111:111u. 1111111 'I31'I11i112. l3!'1ll11i1. S1411-1w1'. 11111111 1l11s11. 1'::1'1'1111 1111-1-, K1'YQ'151,l'El1'l'tl1I'l1, .X111'11. Hall--111.111. 111111111-53 511111111 S1111K11 v., . . .1- '. .N l..15.1..111111-1. I.1x11,,A1111111. 1111111113 llilll4'1', 1.v11'1-11z:1. S:111111s, '1'1111111:1w, 'IRM-i1'11, S111'1w'1s, S1111-111-1', Sll'1'i1II1, 111151-. S11- su11,'1'vx1-i1':1, 1:l'j'2lI1I, Sismm, 111-I 121-, Iifvlllf S111ilI1. .Xl1'. 121-i111-11. 2411111-1'. 1':11111'--11, S1111'uw111, 111151113 S11i1'11, 511.111, Slmll, 5111 Sllfw-11f1111, I:i51Il4, S1111-a, A113 511111-S11-y, 11110 1I1111111'1-11 'l'11i1'l 5'-1-'ix'-1 56.4 lflfldlfl Medi flflf A strange combination, you say? Well, perhaps to one who doesn't know the circumstances it would sound strange, but to the Freshman class of '37-38 it has meant a lot. We frankly feel that our good luck in going into high school with this fine bunch of seniors has been an unsurpassed stroke of good fortune. Of course at the time of initiation we wondered if we might not spend a rather wild year here. But, after being tossed about in the throes of the mob the excite- ment subsided and We found that there were friendly people left in the world and even some in the senior class. As time Went on we began to discover more friendly people until now it is one of our ambitions that when we are seniors that the freshmen can say of us as we now say to you, "Good-b'e, 'ood luck, and it's been swell knowinff 23 you." -CHARLES CAMPBELL. I x U S I I 8! Une Hundred Thirty SIX 'ZQZZEJ lfllcill fOlflllCl i ..- ,Y i ldxhibitiiig a fine quality oi' sportsmanship, the l+'i'eshinen accepted with good grace the pains of the tra- ditional initiation given t.hem by the upper elassmen. Ably led by Charles Campbell, President, they en- tered into school activities with spirit and enthusiasm and Frosh attendance at football and basketball games. plays, concerts and other activities was highly Commend- able. They did their part admirably at the home football and basketball games, having complete charge of eandy and hot-dog sales. In December they presented to the Student llocly a highly enjoyable Christmas program. Later on, in Feb- ruary, they held a party in honor of their parents, which proved to be a highly enjoyable affair. A large number of Freshmen turned out for sports this year. On the County Championship lightweight football team were the following: Martinez, Lopez Ste- wart, Harris, Katsuki, and Lombardi. In basketball. .lack Kelly was the sole freshman on the A team. and .lambs Mc-t'allistei' on the B team. Jaynes. Hunt. Milem. and Moyle all showed great i-roinise in tennis this year. In baseball: l.aMarr, K. llroaders. ln traelat Silva, Ayres. Aclains, Henley. lX"Ic'Neal, Pappas. Ayers, llanos, Gholston. Stevenson, Kelly, Qllar- ris, Hesse. A Arg us l938 rf.. ZQZZQJAIMLZII C, LJJJ ,.. . , . . . K ,.., ,W f .Nm il V. First: Stmwzxllizzll, Phillips, Silvan, llirtfm. Smith, Nwlsmm, Stewuri, Ilurus. l'ixw-s, Sunmnlel' ville, Num-I, Lung, Nm-l. Se-vmulz ,Xlk'f:L,lll'l', All-ye-1'.:, .Xlk'AIlll2lll, Suukvl, Slwrnwzln, Sln-"111:l11. Swvzlrillglnn, Alt'l':il' l'rnwe-ll, livllltly, Vzllms-r. Ms-.Xllislvly Hoyle-, Sllirkl In,u'rz1l11, Str-plmu. Thilflj Siswv. XY0lT12lI'li, l'2ll'li1'l',.Xll1l'l'lS, Ste-wart, M1'l'zutm'y, Nulalv. l'hilrlf-Vs, Sluyloll SYYYIHV, l'+-vk. .Xlc'lil1il'lJ, Sllj'flxl'. llimler, 'l'n-ixvllwi, Slrmnez: 1"0lIl'tllI ,l:lll'lillt'I', Pulls-la, ilmlriqllf-z, IHFIYZIN, f'h2ll'Hl1, Nzlllmznnizul, UI Fislu-V, l'l1illips, I'ulnw1', 'l'2lj'lUI', Mllrplu, Lilly. lillNll. lwmolv, Mc-Nvil. lfifth: Mrs. Vinw-nl, l!.1c'lqle-jf, l'a1woll. Mullin. Szull, Slzlvlfm, Smtun, Simmons, Smilli Luvlc, Stl-ve-llsull, Silva, lfhlgiu, Mmmtzllln, Mare-s, ,Y,2l1'll2iflU, l'zrxIu11, Yzlnvy, M11 Huxsl-ll. iver. lI1'eu11, 1,103 cl First: Vuuulm, l'ux, XYNISUII. Xlfillizlmry, lil-llwv, .Xlll-'1. lizlguvlt, Nivhfwli, T-fvllf-V. lwlzly. .XlllL'l'1', lilzlvli. Sswullll: l'zux1:l-, ,Xlillm .xmllwnrlv-, .X1':1lcz1li:1n. llzriti, ltwvznm-1',N, lil-1111+-tl, Arllcins, lirmswrwllx, lizllwmwli, limwll. 'l'l1il'fl: 'l'umli11s++l1, Ywllllx. l1:,Iu-1, .Xlll-lx. Yx'ils'11ll, l'l'I'I'f', 'l'1:ll-mln, XYilsm1, XY:11'4l, XVL-lwlr, l:ll'lillt'1lll. .Xx'1l.:. Alvmll-5. l's-ril-l'.l, liwmlxs. l"uuI'Ll1: NYilli:ams, llfmlxl-V, XX'l1il1-, Arlmlll. lZ.1l:a::m. Ywsl 'l'l'.'!1I2llll4 Wilsml, W4-sl, llruwlx. Mull--S, liurgl-S, liurluzl, Flux. XYilss l4'ii'll1g Alias lfkk. l'1x1i:gl-ww. liuiu, lif-ul. l:l'llSll'4lIll, lil-ev:-s. lil-xels, liivliels, XYOHII, We-lull, .ll-lmsrm, lllKll'llHlll', liurm-1'lx, MV. Ill-llzlml, C3116 I lllUlll'0fl Th i rty-Ei prhf ,-., ..... .fw- M-,--W......M-fy-,-.1--Nw-,-WV W. , ,- . , I+'i1-wt: l,omh:1rzli, StAflIh'iI'2l, Costa, llullzlnfl, 14h2lVUZ. Fanlyolln. Flwzxle-, St'l'IlfiN. llurris l'nl'4lvi1'u 4':1I1lwwll. SPVIIIIIIQ IA'l'll2l. Stvvwrus. Vlurk, 1'z1r'mloz:l, .Im-psmm, Vase-y, Ulmlmiull. Vhumln-y, f'I'2llPlI'l'l y Ilvnrv Uhr sly, l,:1nvvu1'u11vx. Ilirfms, I I 'A " Nh-1' 1':1r4l11z:n 4':11'4lnzn. SZIYVK-', l'1l'1'PlllElIl, Nivhuls, Lzlmlllluhzlll lhlrnl' f"lIlIXXtll lllll S. NX'mmK1l:ll',1l, lhrl?llll'I, lil-llurl'm'rl, l2lI'l-lt'l'. lflvt4'hmr. V 1.111 rlnllm lfmulh In ak, llixzmzlu, Kurtz, llmlvlix-Ia, l':u'lisl4-, liunl. Hum-, Rnv4lI'lQ'll11Z, .lnlmsum Lzxmlu ,l1l5mb. Hmwllzl. .l4vl111sIm1. Ulm-n, Smith, l"iI'Ih. I.1m1u'x, .Inns-s. I,m'k:1l'fl, Vlzlrk. Vzuxllnln-II. f"PHlN'l', JIIIIIIS, Hunt, llluxw-I', f:lllY1'l', Lin'- Ivzll tl Xlxzuwl, 11+-sm-, Jan-imo, Kvum-dy, JIIIIIISUII. ni 1i'91Qfli:2,E1? s 5 gxfz X 'J QB' Vi J K X A . . A - WM-W.-vw. N ' f' ' '3"'i l"ixQl' Iulu 'Npumlln 1.11m11 Iuls fll ', U : ' ' M. ' ' , C: ":wfm'd, llolnillullvz, Smut, R1-ml, lhnlnlwzls, Vam -' - X'1Iml1-tm1 Xl'xVlwl'1'x' 1Izlh1mll14n. .l l ,. .. h. ' mul I ilw. lllll. H1-iml. Ifirtwznmwls, l'1':1wl'm'rl. Iwi In-, lfI1lxx':1rrls4 tllmlslw-11, Ifimllm-y, Hum am- - ' Iflllwtmx, I-rrillinnx 1l.xnsv. lnmlvp. Ih'x1l V1 nu, Swift. Wilkins. lflyer, Luton, Iflvzens, Mabry, Slum-, .Xlwlm-ns, llzullm-r, livyl l7l'l'Y'4"I' IZ1-lpn-IL 1'z'sf-y. lflllllillfvil, xlllIIIl'iI'li. I1'u1l1'lh- Sx XSIIIV, IP:1m1'4+ll. .XI.lll1'1l1m-. Klfvrrls, Iwkizzl. 4..xlx.lr-, II4-vin, Xlulllx. !.lm.lW. 4.4m X!.l!lIIx. .XI :Ilan I uml-S I llllnl ll lmlu hm IMI: lvl l"lllI1 XI lin Xlwin XIIHNYXKHII Xl'lllQ I'1mlwn'I Vmmrf' Xlllwln-Il lbw Xl'x1'l11l lrllx 1, ll.llx1xl11u, :XlI.ll'Ill,'IIll4l1lIH'l,, l'1'::lnl1'n-1-, ,Xll'IlliKlIl1'2l, IJ-ulsull, Miss Al4'fl4rx'vln. lim- Hlllltllnwl 'l'hi1'ly -Nin- fx ylciive CLA , f' f 51-j VV One Hundred Forty + fig ja ...fi WV f 1 A n ll Z7 f . of C, Lffzzaifwzfy IQF' di' First: Howard. Patterson. VVallace. Second: Zumwalt, Longan. After years of planning. the Hoard of lidut-ation has finally seen its hopes materialize and the group of fine new buildings put into use. Mr. D. O. Howard, President of the Board. has served as a member for fifteen years, serving long and faith- fully to the best interests of the school. Mr. Arthur Patterson, clerk, has recently taken the office of Supervisor, forming an active representation of the schools in leading civic affairs. Dr. Elmo Zumwalt, a member of both high and ele- mentary school boards, and has proved the Value of hav- ing a man coordinating the two systems. lVlr. Hart Longan has for many years been a resi- dent of this community, taking an active interest in its affairs. He is an able Worker and a mainstay of the board. Mr. Ray Wallace has served on the board for six years, lighting always for the betterment ol' the high school. J . .... . ....,, ..... ..,..,.t , ..., , Argus IQB8 amz 4 CW Km,-A.. l t'Time Marches On'l and with it the close of another school year. A year marked by the completion of many cherished dreams, the fulfillment of longed-for improve- ments, and the closer knitting together of our beloved school and community. Community-The Best-Giving support whenever and wherever needed, always wide awake to needed changes and improvements. Board of Trustees-Men of worth who are always ready to give of their time and energy to further the cause of education. Faculty-None better, cooperative and willing to give of their all for school and community. Student Body-A Superintendentls dream in support and good sportsmanship. Ever alert and cooperative. With a background like this we do not wonder that the year has been outstanding athletieally, scholastically and cooperatively. My heartfelt thanks to all for the support that has made possible the many and varied accomplishments and successes so marked in the year 1938. NV. B. KNOKEY. Argus IQ38 Omffl Mrs. Flora G. Wilder Vice-Principal, Dean of Girls, Com- mercfiall. Mr. Hilton D. Bell Vice-Principal. Demi of lloys. Fresh- man Adviser, Exploratory, Orienta- tion. Miss Cora Lee Beers Liln1'z11'ia11, Latin, Honor Society. Miss Irene Conley Junior Aclvis-grr, Iflmglizslm. Debzltc. Mr. john F. Cummins U. History, Aulilericfs. Mr. Gerald W. Erwin Vocal Music, Atlileiics. Mrs. Florence Faull Typing. ,J ! One liulxmlrcd l"o1'ly-'I"l1l'0Q I u S I J 3 8 eymff Miss Aileen Fisk Girls' Physical Education, Girls' Ath letic Association. Mr. Dale I. Glick en T Club, Senior Adviser. K Mr. R. Garn Haycock Bookkeeping, Salesmanship. Mr. L. M. Helland English. Mr. Jesse Hexberg Chemistry, General Science, B Let- termen Club, Athletics. Miss Mary Holman Art. so , Miss Violette johnson 1' ' , Home Making, Clothing, Junior .. V A ..l Home Economics. ' A 312 22 : iii G l.... t A u S I 8 One .Hundred Forty-Four Social Science, World History, Gold- if dfllflll' v Mr. james W. jones Mutliclnzitics. .iOll1'll2lilSlll, llookkeop- ing, Pullliczitions, Sophomore Aclvia ser. Mr. Charles N. Marshall lloys' Pliysic-ul lflclucution, Sculpors Clulm. Miss Margaret Moriarity Ilonio Making, Foods, Clothing. Miss Vivienne MacGovern English. Mr. J. G. McMillan Ag1'ic'ulLu1'c, i'xLlllll'C i"Lll'lllCI'S. W Miss Grace Olson Home Milking, Foods. Mr. N. E. Olson llusincss 'l'1'ui11ing, Allilolimfs. Mr. A. L. Loomer llloc-liunir-ul Drawing, Cu1'ponL1'y. J Argus Y lQ38 ZEJCAEZJ Mr. J. C. Paltridge Study Hall. Miss Gwenmar Powell Shorthand, Business English, Com mercial, Miss Lucy S. Proudfoot Girls' Physical Education, Girls' Ath letic Association. Miss Gladys Prunty Home Making, Exploratory, Fresh man Adviser, Senior Home Econo 1n1cs. Miss Mae Ramelli Spanish, French, Sophomore Advi SGP, C. J. Russell General Science. Mr. C. W. Sheesley Woodwork, Auto Mechanics, Auto motive Club. L A U S I Une llumlreml Forty-Six Cllmlf Mr. R. Smith General Shop. Agricultural Meehan ics. Archery Club. Mr. F. C. Suiter Auto Mechanics, Automotive Club. Mr. A. E. Tanner Physics, Algebra. Geometry, Honor Society, Radio Club. Miss Lois Thompson English, Druinzities, Senior Adviser. Mrs. Reeta Vincent Biology, English, Girl Reserves. Mr. Ernest Wattenbarger Agriculture, Future Farmers. Mr. Cyril L. White llzmml, Orchestra, I'hilhz1rmonie Club. Mrs. Edna M. Long School Nurse. 4 . Mr. Peter J. Beiden lloys' Physical Eclueatiou, Seulpers. J . ..... .. ..,..,...... ....,... . Arg us lQ38 Clank Mrs. julia Burrows Librarian. Miss Ruth H. Jones Secretary. Mr. Thomas McKeighan Attendance Mr. john J. Seavers Financial Secretary. .S Q Hi Q35 1 'R 6- U S I One Hundret Forty-l-Iigh 2 E ll n 'i mikililzi-ibivl 1-ff,2.fi":F Kuff., T ., f '. k M22 'fu M.: ,3 ' 0 'C 't 6. w--. L'sV.!1ffi '5'riL.V.. 1432. 'I' 1-11414 .. '- A ' . . H 71,-":.. f .1 'Z :' , f'-1l'h4,Z, ' 59' 1: :' 'f I r ' wily' - 7 xA4:'Q,i'+.v1:"' W2 4. ,- , 4 , ., ,. wa ' i ' 'Mui' Mya: 5 , 2-'f' ngilv 3 ,ll VZ .'., Y' ' .QJ uw 'rrp . q.,,..L 4 hd-- 515 ' . , Hx 1950 54. "1"i'9" " . rn-,QQ w1,1.,..f.-' 'xr' -"J . . .- . , ' , .I f . . 1 '-Fix f w 4 'E V , 1. x 'L fd .. 5 - -K , .A -PM L 1 A 'f . . 1-5L'M xx-. ,. v V 1 vu 4 EY' M. Lniiggz, V. fy . P, im?-44 pfi-aff' ,M - , , -4- 1 -.. . W, , -..,',.4,,w5. 1 Tfnw ' gf Q - Vi I- ,v y , Q, ,Hs .- X ,...4,. , ,...-,WA -,-xpi., :,'1- if ,e , .2 .- . . V A, U' nf: ex f x JL 535-74 5 .:.,.Q:h ,. 4:6 I ,JZ 3.x::1.L, Q 4, .H-qv , 1-':5m'.,a. -sy f'.:.n, W, . -- 4w.1"'f'f WH' ,U J-: -- ,fr -5 A 4.,n.Eg,Q?A?f: gg: yu . V ?f+,,!,1E3,'?Zi?EEg:2gL ,iff it ' , .9 ,.,lNi iisisfaisgfkiae 1.33 K -- 5245- ,, ,LJ , r Jil, LG... -.- 51.1. ' .. L K . 1 J, A, , -1-'Ha'-.Y ' . ' 3,1 .4-,wig .,1.f 4'.':.-:-' 'Rf J'If'V Q J 'f ' Y1vJ'11vr:tR'?i' ' . ,1 w wi 3 ,HJ Hi: 532 Hi .-5 .fe 1'-'Light' tw , f,,y rc Q'1ls,,a.y5sf:-55. L -,-g3 :f.41.1a3 ' V , 1A ' . -,"Q.I 1:1 ' 'WW' J sfzafLiaif3'.gwLL . V ,-53 x .riff-'f5'5 ' 9252-'I 1'f3Q'ff-Lvfiff'33 A -- -J , , ., .gf Q, ,I 1, 3-:Z-'.,x' f1 f.i. u . . ,-1,- ,z.- -vu wa,-,g. ' in X NC- ,Q-.,-4-A'-x, aff' 1 u - X5-.f..1, iz-.Lg ',',..-.Ll,g1' ,-V '. .,' ": 1 '-,iM'n-H V: A-, : -.1....: . ' ' V " , .J 7, 'g,,. V 3'i,',t..- 1 ,IA 1: . 1.4 ,. Ig' .- ':- ,W-.,w1'.g: ' ily'-, ,r V. .r, ff ' ', ' .I .HDL , N, . -t .H K- Y., A"' f , 5. 1- rs' '.,f. .L I . . , . , Y I , 1 1. Hy,-.4 ', gi-,K , . I- -uf - 1 ,f 'F ' w A , - .,... 3 : W ' N4 L ' if , ' -1.,.,f:w r ' fr-. ,, 3, , A w- 4 ' -' MQW 'J-f' ig 5 :fx Wfx- '-"3 ii' ITN? 2-7. 7 ' -' 1 '-iw f A .1. , w gif, -jv T. Q' H 515 1' 'flfgivx -A N ,A H'iWgf:,fH , 'f , , -v 45 gg,R13Q',:I-ll? ,' ,1 313. My " 'F ,Q5'7"' 1' ' K 51 7, 1 Quiz: fi 1' ' ali? if? -GxP7'7' ' V313 -9 'QF - L- , " ' w.:f..w-, "Jr-1 UL , 1 152531 vf-7-.,,'g,-,ix-11" . Ig s 4 fQ1F'd-" ' ' 42-L-P fs: - I-I 'fee '- JQ'm,' ' ," 'I-..':.',ff'p1iI'Af:'4 'IG-f J L1 K' ,lg A 44- ..-f ,-f:'Er'f55' " ,I :W jhuvgj 5724 'pf ,Q S f w -W, ..- M. gm. km :" .' ,- ' " -' 3. '1..f 1 '4'ff5"113J-'+V wwf' l .lk WL uS3,2f,5:9?g,.' -N-by-1. Hg U 'Y' .- ,IM ,5!,, 35, gf.,- 'Y' QQ., f 4. V .Q v- -, ymllif ,-'Nl 'ir ' ' 1.-Qf'Qf'?v.l, F . 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II I llll Il GG' vi' SCAN! fzfe Ulla' lllIHIll't'll Fifty-lfuux' vlllullllllllllIIllvIll0IIIllllnluullllllllllllllululllullllllllulllllllllllIIllIIInIIllIIllIIInIIllIIllIIIllIIllIIllIIUIIllllllulllllllllllllllIllIlnIInIIllIIllIIllIIllIIIllIIllIllllImIlllllllllllllllllllllll HAMILTON PEERS FUNERAL SERVICE DEPUTY CORONER Q - Telephone 540 148 South H Street Tulare, California 2 SHOE REPAIRING EOR BUCHANAN'S EVERYBODY 119 East TLlIltl'C Struct E. A. Coyner "A SMILE WITH 'Fhorogood Shoes for Men and Boys s EVERY PURCHASE" Tm ARE CAI IF z Help Build financial i 01" Community .-blc1'epenrlen e WE LOAN ON HOMES S .. - W -YOU SAVE- , eee . f A X, ' 1 5 First Federal Savings 8: Loan Association of Tulare County SRIINGS 4 ORGANIZED 1889 if 'NVEUMIN1 Q Dr. F. L. Smith, Prvsidc-nt D. T. Frymil-0, Svc"y-'l'l'vus. if F Kc-nnvth Doctor, Asst. Sv:-rvtury-'I'11'usl1rvr L 2 Q ll' TO g . , 1 V V X 1 X 0 Oiooo, QF 141 Nmth It bl. 'I l IIARM, KAIIII4. lhol Zi 4"fTrH"S mlmllllllnullllllnllllullnlnnlln mlnlumln lmlunlnlll ulllllllllll-llllllll mlllulllllll l Q Argus 041938 0 IIIIlIIlllllullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllulumlllulllnlunlmnnIIInIIllIIIlIIllIIllIInIIllIIllIIllIIllIIllIIllIIllullmlIIllIllmnlulllmlmmllllllnn TULARE SCHOOLS ARE EQUIPPED WITH PRODUCTS OF The STANDARD ELECTRIC TIME CO. Springfield, Mass. The children always know when SENIQRS there's company downstairs-they can hear mother laughing at fath- er's jokes. Best Wishes --Q Have you ever h'Xar.l about the from I Scotchman who hafl appoplexy? He was throwing pennies to the children and the string broke. CASSlDY'S I wi- SHOE STORE Cow flooking into silohr I won- der if my fodder is in there. I "Leggett7s Storesw Congratulate You COMPLETE OUTFITTERS for MEN - WOMEN - CHILDREN llulunlnllllllml unlllullllmlmlllllulllulunnuln ullnlmnnn.lnmlllllllllullllllulllllmll 0 Argus 0 I938 0 I IllllIulullnllllllllllllllllllllll llllnlllllllllllillllll Plan ow to attend the TUL RE-KINGS COUNTY F IR at Tulare SEPTEMBER 20th to 24th, Inclusive FIVE BIG DAYS AND NIGHTS OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR ALL 24th District Agricultural Association QTULARE-KINGS COUNTY FAIRQ QA!! Tulare . . is proud of its fine High School plant and of the high scholastic and ath- letic record of Tulare Union High School. We are pleased to extend congratulations to its students. Tulare Chamber of Commerce uunlmunluummnuIunnulmInunnnmnunuIuununuInInnnlllnlllllnnmlnnnnlunlmlulllllIIIllIIllIIlllllullllllmllmlll I 0 Argus 0 l938 I IlllIIIIIlllllIlIIllllllImllllllllllIIIlIIllIIllIIllIIllIIIIIIllIIllIIllIIllIIllIIllIillllIlIIIIIIIIllIIllIIllIIllllllIIllIllIlIllIIllIIllIInIIllIIIIllllIllllIllIullllllllllllllllllllllulu FULTON 8z ABERCROMBIE, INC. E TULARE PORTERVILLE E 124 N. HJ" Street Phone 792 202 W. Olive Street Phone 336 E DISTRIBUTORS FOR: Victor Welding Equipment - Victor Kimball-Krogh Pumps E Massey-Harris Farm Equipment General Electric Welding Apparatus iNsTALLAT1oN AND REPAIR snnvicm i Me leave she raging, PHONE 35 At the door, - 5 Me wish she wasn't Q l Quite so sore. E J. P. Me go to kiss her 5 But my, oh dear, 5 i Her move she head, ' Me bit she ear. Jeweler l When there's a will thereys a rel- 2 ative. 5 122 South K St. Tulare, California i "That's a hot number," said the g l steer as the glowing iron was press- p ed against his tender flank. , BEST WISHES c. PENNEY COMPANY CANBY'S ELECTROLUX-THE SILENT GAS REFRIGERATION All Types of Household and Electric Appliances : MODERN HEATING AND PLUMBING Telephone 81 122 North J - Tulare 5- ' U 0 V I 8 ' Olle Hundred I ifty-Eight PHO E 52 . , A w- ...,,,.....t ' N t' VALETOP. 3 l0Il3 BBIIBTS - Wlfliits kE-- -!-fi' ffroiz BETTER CLEANING" "l wish to complain," said the hride haughtily, "about the flour you sold me. It was tough." "Tough, madam'?" asked the groc- er. "Yes, tough, l made a pic with il, and 1ny husband could hardly cut, it." Angler-You've been watching me for three hours. Why don't you try fishing yourself?" Onlooker-I ain't got the pa, tienccf' lt's Real Economy to buy Good 5 Shoes, then keep them Properly Q Repaired. 5 Electric Shoe Shop 124 No. K St., Tulare RALPH M. TROST, Proprietor Cat's Paw Soles and Heels, Polishcs. Laces, Insoles, Dance Taps I THE CAR THAT IS CGMPLETE O l C VROL T A. I-I. SCI-IULTZ Sales and Service 250 EAST TULARE STREET Across from the Tulare Theatre Phone 490 ll I Ill I Ill um- Ilundn-d l1'il'Iy-'Nizlv Argus H938 p BASH'S C Eastside I Westside 343 SOUTH o . Phone 32 6i31'?1cYh,eIg?JO - Chas. Failing Shirley Luk F. H. Rumley Home Furnishing l Company The House of Service E Telephone 103-228 East Tula1'e S TULARE, CALIFORNIA STUDENTS Office Barber Shop Next lo XV1mIWol'lll's For Better Barber Work PICKERING YSL RUSSELL 2 Telephone 29 "Light or dark, sir?" the boot- black asked the absent-minded pro- fessor. Absent-minded professor: 'Tm not particular, but please don't give me the neck." Diminutive Jack Horner, Seated himself in a retired place, Masticating his Yule tartg He thrust in his short, thick digit, Drew out a drupe of the genus Prunus, And enunciated, 'WVhat a socially agreeable male child am I." One-Day Cleaning and Phone 16 Delivery Service Seaman 8z Seaman Cleaning 0 Pressing SINCE 1918 218 South K St. Tulare, Calif. Opposite Tulare Theater R. E. ROUNSAVILLE THE NEW 1933 SERVEL ELECTROLUX The Gas Refrigerator Sold Only on Proof S Argus l938 One Hundred Sixty o PLUMBING Q SHEET METAL o GAS APPLIANCES Q DAIRY EQUIPMENT BROTT'S 120 East Kern Telephone 21 Nl'XllIl4lC'l' RUINS BEAUTY- NOT THE YEARS Theatre Sweet Ye Best Shop Beauty Shoppe SWeet's Drug Store ' 'AUNLHES 1238 South K Street . CANDIES On Mezzanine Floor Q FOUNTAIN Ruth Hepburn Dugan Y 5 Phono Illfi Tulare, California . MAG-MINM E .,..., CONGRATULATIONS 1938 GRADUATES Visit our store and see the nice selection of gifts We have for the 1938 Graduates. We are sure you will enjoy looking at them. JACK FARRAR Jeweler 209 East Tulare Street Tulare, California Telephone 403 fi 0 Argus 0 l938 O IIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIllIIllllllllululllllllllll ItIllIIlllIllIlvlIllIIIlIIllIIIllIIllIIlIIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllll FLOOR COVERINGS FULLER PAINTS FURNITURE NELSON'S E tSuccessor to VVheeler'sJ 121 NORTH K Our Covers Are MOLLOY MADE thru SAM BABCOCK 411 East 91st St. Los Angeles PHONE 139 Hlzzy, Vere iss my glasses?" "On your nose, fodder." "Vy must you always be so in definite, Izzy?" "What do you think would go well with my new purple and green golf sox?" "Hip boots." Confuscious-He who sits on needle in haystack may not see point at first but will get it in the end. LOONEY 8: TAGGARD NVest Inyo KL J Streets Phone: 1054 TULARE, CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATED GASOLINE, OILS AND GREASES Congratulations to the Graduates from BURNETT LUMBER CO. N 0 Argus 0 I938 0 UHddSll L 8z L APPLIANCE STORE lllllllllllllvlllllll In llll lllullmnllmlmllmlllllllullvlllllll l'llll.C0 Iiilflios MOLA Washing Mac'hine+ IIRAY HAR Washing Machine NORGE Oil Heaters 123 East Tulare Street KELVINATOR REFRlGERA'I'lON Household and Commercial KIGLVINATOR ELECTRIC RANGES and Hot Water Heaters KELVINATOR NVASHING MACHINES and MANGLES Telephone 627 SERVICE ON ALI, MAKES OI" RADIOS Realtor: "Now here's a beauti- ful home overlooking the lake." Buyer: 'twhereis the lake?" Realtor: 'AThat's W hat wc're overlooking." A man went wearily into a barher's shop and slumped down into a chair. "Give me a shave," he said. The harber told him that he was too far dowii in the chair for a shave. HAH rightf, said the customer. wearilyf' give me a hair cut." Sprouse-Reitz Company, Inc. l SCHOOL NECESSITIES OF ALL KINDS "Nothing Over 49c" PATTERSO ROSE NEW STORE FEATURING NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LINES FOR MEN AND YOUNG MEN Tulare At K Street tml- llumlrod Sixty-'l'l11'eH Argus i938 JOHN H. CALLISTER E TVVO HUNDRED EIGHTEEN AND ONE-HALF SOUTH K STREET General Insurance 0 Real Estate 0 Building and Loan s. sl z. ARE SAYING: l 5 Greyhound Lunch E Ed V. Price Suits are best. 5 ' Stetson Hats are best. l E Arrow Shirts are best. ' E Holeproof Sox are best. Y 5 Levi Strauss Overalls are best. 0 224 E. Tulare sn. Schoenemann 8: : Zumwalt Bus Depot Phone 122 TULARE, CAL- WALTER N. FRANK gem! of Czlmeum NATIONAL TRUST AND SAVINGS ASSOCIATION TULARE BRANCH CAN MEET YOUR FUTURE NEEDS o Argus 0 I938 o To the Class of 1938 Congratulations 's Gainsborough Studio 215 EAST TULARE STREET lllllllllullll J I Argus 0 I938 I glIIlllIllIllllllllIllIIlllIlllIll!IINIlllIllllllIIllIIllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIllllIllllllllIllIInIlmIllIllllllllIllIIllIIllIIllIllIIUIIllIIllIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll W' e LVM: to Tbanle the graduates of1938 E FOR THEIR PATRONAGE IN THE PAST. MAY WE CONTINUE THAT FRIENDSHIP in the years to come. WI N f QLBBQil'il1.!lElBf Porterville Tulare A Corcoran 5 Customer: HCould I try on that E gain, suit in the window?" E Clerk: UWe'd much rather you E Inf use the dressing roomf' ,li .: H-.. L.,- INSUHANCE Lady: 'fSo you are on a sub- 5 Fil-Q marine? Tell me, what do you do?" 5 Sailor: 4'Oh, I run forward and C. G. McFARLAND 2312 when to E Phone 28 H'-'- Science is resourceful: it couldn't open the pullman Window so it g Real Estate ? 1251 East Kern SL. Tulare, Calif. air-conditioned the train. We Wzslv You . . HEAPS 0 SUCCESS Montgomery Ward TULARE M 0 Argus 4 1938 0 ECONOMY DRUG CO. ' Prescription Specialists ..... CUT RATE DRUGS, COSMETICS, SUNDRIES Next to l'enney's Free Delivery Phone 675 E MODERN DEFINITIONS Sloop-First course in a dinner. ' Expanse-Cost. - 1 Sue-Place where wild animals I to the Graduatlng C1335 are kept, on display. of 1938 Niece-Joints of the leg. Pasture-A preacher. Del-luxe We weep in pity- for the poor guly Barber who went to Florida Lo drown his RALEIGH DYE Prop sorrow, only to have a life guard ' ' save her. AIR CONDITIONED --L--1 OUTSIDE SHINE STAND The average coed thinks a tlat 206 SO. K Street, Next to 202 Cafe 3 Lire is all right if he has the jaek. We Wish to Congratulate the Class of 1938 ON ITS GRADUATION I ADOI-IR MILK FARMS, INC. Tulare Division Tulare, California A is.i.i a.i., Arg us l938 IIIllIIIlllIllIIIIIIlllIlllIIIIIlIIllIIIIllIIIIllIIIIllIIIlllIIIIllIIllIllIIllIllllIllllullllIIIllIllIIllIIllIluIllIIIlllIIIIIllIIIIIlIIIllII1lullIlllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '38 is clue from us our Best Wishes and Congratulations 2 Remember as you go thru life you will he able to go your best in u BUICK - OLDSMOBILE - or PONTIAC from HI hear your friend Wilson has a E 9 job." E A S H W O R T H S UYeah, Ain't it a shame what 5 some folks will do for money?" STATIONERX 'ADO you mind if I Sit down here - 4 by the piano?" E MAGAZINES ' "No. Do you mind if We ail E . laugh?" SUPPLIES ' . . I must apologize for my danc- ing. I'm a little stiff from Bud- CARDS minton. My dear man, I don't care where I you came from. MONTY'S ICE CREAM and DAIRY PRODUCTS at your dealer or , PHONE 855 229 East King Street Tulare TULARE ELECTRIC HATCHERY BEST BABY CHIX, FEED AND POULTRY SUPPLIES Prices Right 420 N01-th J Street Telephone 334 nllnllulull O Argus 0 I938 O U ullllllllllllulllullulmllulllllll IIIIlIII1IIIuIInlIInIIllllllllllllrlulllmln FRANK W. GOBLE 144 South L Street Phone 53 Tulare, California Kern Street Market Charles E' Hooks . . t e lD',' -' TUlLll'ClS Original Homo40wnocl Authmmel lstubutor Cash Food Store with Standard Stations, Inc. - NO. 914 A. D. Groceries and Fine Meats '345 E Tulare Tula e Calt N fo lOtOtfC Ph 1011 J. D. I-IEISKELL CG. Incorporated GRAIN U COTTON INSURANCE Y PHoNE si TULARE lllllrlllllnlllmuIlllllmllllllulllulnIummIlunuuuvnumnmun nlllmnnunnIInIIInIIInrInlIlllIInInl1InIIllullllllnllmllluln? N I Argus 0 I938 I WE EXTEND OUR CONGRATULATIONS to the graduating class of 1938 SUPERIOR BAKERY l Seven stages of women: Safety pins. Whippins. Hairpins. Fraternity pins. IFIOWQYS Diamond pins. THEATRE Clothes pins. BUILDING Rolling pins. 2 ' You wou1dn't knock 2 Let Flowers, such as ours, express The jokes we use 5 your sincere thoughts If YOU C0Uld S99 Those We refuse. l GLEN LEWIS A ' . . Congratulations l .. DIAMONDS, WATCHES I Musical Instruments and SUPPLIES ASK ABOUT OUR i EAsY PAYMENT PLAN I Remember: I E "lt's ldusy to Pay the Lewis Wuyi' To the Graduates of 1,938 Corder's Grocery 2 155 so. K ST. TULARE NKJl'tII K su-ect BEST WISHES to the GRADUATING CLASS I TULARE THEATRE IInlullullIIllullIulIIllIIllIllllullIllllIllvlllnllnlllllllllm ulllllllllllll L InIluIInIllIlu.IllIIllIIIlIInImlIIllIInmlllllllllllllllllllll 0 Argus 6 I938 I 0 IIIIS t I CABINET WORK for the new house Can be made to fit your ideas as Well as your spaee, TULARE PLANING MILL ' H. C. EVANS, Owner The doctor answered the phone. 3 M I K E 7 S Turning to his wife, he said, "Quick E -get me my Satchel. The man says E 1 11 E ' ' T he cant live Without me! Service Statlon i "Just a minute," said his wife E 3 who had picked up the receiver. 5 GAS- -OILS 'That call is for Mary." : L11bl'iC8'Cl0I'1, Accessories Unaware-Garments worn next 2 and Tires 3 to the body. : Sh' -A l-b " ' l. GET YOUR CAR LUBRICATED Mf? . ZOO eillnialnllga on WHILE AT THE THEATRE dlgmi V129 0 pe .3 3 Vane ment as XVe re Margin Through E Opposite Theatre Phone 1090 G901'8iH-H 5 Knapsack-A sleeping bag. C0 GRATULATION S E E FROM GROCERIES HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS FURNITURE E FEED RADIOS mnmuum- J Um- llumlrwl SL'Yt'lllX'fHlC ' I I ' gllllllllllllllllllll IIllIIllIIllIlIllIllIIllIIlllIllIIllIIllIIllIllIIIIIIIlIIllIllIIillIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIllIIIlIIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllll 3 TULARE ICE CCMPANY : ICE - ROCK - SAND - FUEL AIR CoND1T1oNED REFRIGERATORS "The Refrigerator that does more than just keep your foods cold." 420 South K Telephone 59 r I once had a classmate named l - I E Guesser f D e a n S n 0 W 7 S Whose knowledge grew lesser l 2 and lesser At last it grew so small HA Neighborhood Service" He knew nothing at all And now he's a college professor. . I The funniest thing we read all year was Groucho Marx's comment on somebody or other's new book. GROCERIES ' H .aid' 'Tr m the mi ut I e s . o n e 5 picked it up until I put it down E GAS, OIL AND GREASING again I was hysterical with laugh- s ter. Someday I hope to read it." ZCCLASS OF '3 Good luck on your road to success p v MCDEL'S ICE CREAM SHOP L 0 Argus Q IQ38 I IIIllIIlIIllIIIllIIIlIIllIIlllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllll Complifnents of TAGUS RANCH TULARE, CALIFORNIA 7, ooo cv4cres of .Qaality Cprodutlion ' H. C. MERRITT, JR. MANAGER meIlmnuluulnuulllnnInlInlIInIIluIIllIIllIImIIllIIllIlmIlllluullmlIullllmulualluulIluIIllIIllII.UIIInIIllIIIlIIlilIIlullmllullIllnnlmlllxllullllll J 0 Argus 0 I938 O llIllIIIllIllIIIIIIIllIIllIllllIIlIIllIIllIIllIllllIllIllIIllIIllIIllIllllIIlIIllIIIIIIllIIllIlllIllIIIlllIlIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIlllllllllllllllllllll MODEL STEAM LAUNDRY "THE APPROVED LAUNDRY" E. B. Campbell Telephone 65 32 East Kern Street - 1 'fl don't allow college boys to go E '1'G1ev110H0 155 l out with my daughter." E 'tBut I ain't a college boy, I work E over to Kelley's pool hall." E R. C. 'AI beg your pardon, sir, mv E daughter will be ready in a Real Estate and Insurance moment." - Notary Public 5 Adolf Hitler, we read, says there E l have been times when starvation 3 1 was staring him in the face. E 151 SO'-ith K Sl- Tulilfe, Clllif- Cou1dn't have been very pleasant E for either of them. I. Case Farm Machinery CENTRAL CALIFORNIA IMPLEMENT COMPANY TELEPHONE 896 320 East Tulare Street Tulare, Calif. CONGRATULATIONS from TYLER MOTOR CO. STUDEBAKER SALES AND sERv1oE 140 south J street Telephone 181 lllllllInlInlIllllIllIulIulIulIIIllIIllIIllIlllllilllllllllllllllill IIllIllIIlllIIllllllIlllIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 8- 0 Argus 0 l938 I 1 llllllll ll IlllllllllllIvllIIllIIIII1llIInIIIllIIllIIllIlllllullllllllllllll DESOTO - PLYMOUTH 'ffx fvN'!Df"n!1 E Sales-Service DATES MOTOR CO. : Phone 316 242 South J street, Tulare, California Miller's Department I-'amPe Lumber CO- 5 Store "Materials That Satisfy" E Phone 545 Specializing in 3 Cghlilgigia WOMEN,S Highevrfzly 99 S NOVELTY SHOES refgnggglig ivtfile Shoes forthe Whole Family 1' Hospital , OSCAR LAMPE BILL WATSON E M 1' QM My f O Mi we ev Q me-IAMS COMPAN ., o Arqus 0 1938 0 Compliments LONGAN GARAGE COMPANY , 362 South K Street Geo, P. Longan Telephone 191 Tulare, California Tulare Electric Company C. H. VVhistler O Phone 117 FINE APPLIANCES EXPERT VVIRING O Next To Old Post Office Safarjin 8z Son I TAILOR 0 High Quality Suits, Furnishings and Shoes EAST 'l'UI ,A RIG ST. Customer: "Didn't I get rny last haircut in this shop?" Barber: "I think not, sir. We've only been in business two years." Frosh: 'tTrunsfer, please? Conductor: "Where to?" Frosh: HCan't tell you. It's a sux prise party." C0-ed: 'fVVhere is Elsie?" House Mother: HI don't knowg she went to the library." Abshire's Grocery 8: Feed Store We Carry Everything Pertaining to an Up-to-Date Grocery Store We Give S SL H Green Stamps CORNER .I AND KERN STREETS HAMILTON'S CAFE "Sign of Pure Food" WE SPECIALIZE IN AFTER SHOW AND DINNER PARTIES E SERVICE NVITH QUALITY E 1134 South K " nnulunnnunmnmmlmnnuu 24 Hour Service lllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllll 0 Argus Q 1938 0 JIM INGLE COMPANY 9' ' . Oliver Farm Equipment Blacksmithing C South I and Elm Street A motorist was helping his ex- Phone S1815 P. O. Box 732 tremely fat victim to rise. "Couldn't you have gone around me?" growl- ed the victim. t'Sorry," said the motorist, sadly. 'AI wasn't sure whether I had enough gasoline." Norwalk Agency ------ A Scotchrnan was leaving on a business trip, and he called back he was leaving: "Goodbye all, and dinna forget to take Donald's orwalk 70 Octane Gasoline B. F. Stone, Distributor 801 Sonora Street Tulare, Calif. glasges Off when he isnit looking at anything." I Q 07'lgTdl'1fl df107'l5 . . from The Cox Lumber Company PAINT -- HARDWARE -.- ALL TYPES OF BUILDING MATERIALS l L 'II, IIII I I"Ivvvv11II-I1 5 vuvlv gm uit lulluvovvlluun:--:vu-:uIuuuuuluuuuuouuluuuuuveuu I-I vv:u1vn:-u::nlllennlvvlnnvulllllnullvullllnflllvfl..vulvvlvllllnlll.IIIIllvfl...,.........,................II.............................. . I ly' I QQQGRIICITULATIO S TO THE CRADUATINC CLASS - 1 f 6 , Hx ' e pfarrya oril that best quality Drilg Store Merchandise i 111 If I at the lowest prices ,: fi A ' , UP! f CQIRNER RUG STORE E I ' , l if 1" , y L REXALL X 'Gforge lfxjtfh. LVN . . X ri E - v X! X,-7 i' - - K 1 M E A if U I gasg nigiht I clield a litttle hand, S I o I I o am an so nea , Y E T Ch.lldl3en,S I thlouglf my heart would Surely E ' I F63 . E ' 143 East Tulare St, So wildly did it beat. S I No other hand e'er held So tight 2 Could greater gladness bring, E CHILDRENPS The little hand I held last night, 5 APPAREL It was-four aces and a king. UCRADLE TO COLLEGE" Hewitt-You don't Seem to think - I much of him. 5 1 I J ewett-If he had his conscience 5 Mrs. Jack Farrar Mrs. Geo. Ferch I taken out it would be 3 minor Op. 5 ' eration. CORDAY BEAUTY SALON THEATRE BUILDING Telephone 477 LIGHTING FIXTURES ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES REPAIRS AND INSTALLATICNS FINLAYSON ELECTRIC 2 145 NORTH K STREET E Phone 756 Tulare, California llllllllllllll lllllll llllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllll KINDER RADIO SERVICE CORNER J gl KING STREETS - TELEPHONE 205 ARVIN CAR RADIOS - ARVIN HOME RADIOS We have the most complete stock of repair parts and tubes in town. We Specialize in Auto Radio Service ' Me love has flew I , Her done me dirt 7 0 Me did not know S Furnlture Her was a flirt To they in love Let I forbid, Lest they be doed Like I been did. ac aa ' 5 On 99 Hlghway T Traveller: "Can I get anything to E i eat in this dump?" 2 , , , Negro Waiter: "Yas, san, you E So. City Limits Phone 842 kin." 2 Traveller: HSueh as what?" Waiter: "Such as it is." REFRIGERATION and AIR CONDITIONING "Where Your SS Has More C" i For The School For The Tavern The Home The Service Station The Dairy The Office The Restaurant The Church, etc. WE ARE l"AC'l'OliY AGENTS FOR THE Frigidaire Line Fairbanks-Morse Sz Co. Moline and Twin City Tractors and Implements We solicit your business with correct engineering, first class material, at right prices. ASK AIEOUT OUR CONVERTIBLE TURBINE HEAD MANY IN USE NOW HARRY CROWE EFSXWORKS "VVe Know the Pumping Plant I-Business" Q Phone my Tulare, California E unumunuuuuuuunm nunnmmumummulmmununununnlnu A Ulln' litlllclrvll SL'YL'IliX-Nlliz' ' I 33 8 JIM'S CI-IOP SUEY CAFE Tulare Food Co. 0 Groceries O Fresh and Cured Meats 0Vegetables : 0Fruits 0 Seeds O Household Goods Telephone ss 128 South J st. : TULARE, CALIF. Worldly-How long has you been shaving now? Frosh-Four years now. Worldly-G'wan! Frosh-Yes sir. Cut myself both times. After looking over a moose at the zoo, it seems to us that a man shot by mistake for one of them might as well be dead anyhow. Junior, say Mah" so the doctor can get his fist out of your mouth. WINTROATH F IGGINS PUMPS, Ltd. Deep Well Irrigation and Domestic Pumping Plants Machine and Electrical Work E SOUTH L AND OWENS STREETS TELEPHONE 231 TULARE, CALIFORNIA PLYMOUTH DODGE T O M S P E A R DISTRIBUTOR 213 North K Street, Tulare, California DODGE A PLYMOUTH Argus I938 One Hundred Eighty lnllllllllun IIlllulllllmllllllllllllllllnlllIlllullllllllnlllllllllllllllulllll E. A. SWEET DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST 1238 South K Street Tulare, California NEW AND SECOND-HAND CAMERAS SOLD AND EXCHANGED Bring your picture taking problems to us 5 Tramp: "Could you give a fellow g ff Z1 bite to eat?" 5 DRIXAEJN Housewife: 'AI don't bite myself 5 but I'll call my dog." 5 C. R. Figgins Market ----- A man went to the dentist the 5 -l"OR- other day and sut down on a long E needle which had become lodged 2 Q in the seat. He roared, "If the 5 . QUALITY MEATS nerve's that deep don't pull it out!" E 0 FRESH VEGETABLES It's raining cats and dogs out- E side. 400 SOUTH K STREET Yes, I know, I just stepped in u poodle. "THE CREAM OF THE VALLEY" "Drink Plenty of Milk for Health and Beauty" I Visit the Peacock Drive-lnn ICE CREAM MILK PRODUCTS Drive-In Fountain Service SOUTH K HIGHWAY 99 mmmnvumun:nmlmumunlnn nnIIulIInIIllIIiaIIInIIllIIInIIluIInIlllulmlmlmllllll. ., 0 Argus 0 I938 O My I ff ' XF' a J' Magma lllllllltl .. . .. . . up WMM Y - - All A I gffffftfifffplgf 1939 if Inf? 'I once you have learned thel esso I1O ' J JJ. co-oPERATloN Al PN ' you have taken a vital step toward A TRUE success! J - In athletics you can it HTEAMWORKH, NJ In class-Work you call it "SQUARE SHOOTING", rs.. 5 E In the game of life, you call it HTEAMWORKH! Co-operation among producers, co-operation between employee and em l e of the communit ' ployer, between merchant and consumer, among mem J rs - y. 1,5 is responsible for the progress our Country has made. The Closer the co- operation, the greater the progress! X DAIRYMAN'S CO-OPERATIVE, It ' z CREAMERY ASSOCIATION? ' CHALLENGE BUTTERMILK QB 5 J ml ' 5 II Manufacturers of 2 ' CHALLENGE COTTAGE CHEESE, ' , I -IIN X E III 1 , E K is CHALLENGE BUTTER SY ' ' Il I I 4 E . Aa I XXX - 'P E 1' file- . QXTER ' W 5 N. E ' xi-NGEYI f XI We X, X 1 r Q JC' A Q N RI 5 g 0 ' ag-.3 A ,f f I I y - sf 33? XXL E E I ' , 7:5-EI? "I" - , ' C '1Z'53.'f2Fj :-'1f- '-" ' Assn. ' Challenge I Sutter tmnmilla- 1,97-lmwl ovnhak 10 IIIsleLtIiIIs Symbol THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER InnnunnnIInullInuullnull!mllnlullInuullmlummIIllIlnlulmlIInIInulIullIllmznlllIllllllllllllllllllmlllll ' 0 I 8 ' rvll e Hundred L ghty-Two xx I AUTOGRAPHS 0 X' fp WJ- 1 f ,,f,,,,:M12" Wwaw M W WWW wwwww WWTWHJJW' fymfwmw fwffffww 661, Aoomi 4, AVL m3gx5QfffZ5z4A MW? f W4 5, Qg,,Ij11L-,4- ., .-1 b4lwyMff'ffff'Vfxg'7. I WJMMLAAJA 'WM7ff4f?14f5yf-'A f f52,,,1,,,k JjC!L,1,,,,mgs.i4Q,zaf,.x,w.,,,,wa,far AKA-'ex 4,4444fVeAXa70"'k.,w'fL-vf'f"lw 7,471 :5444 ,.,,.:,,14 Spin 'LT-.!f,aM'JYS4fl2fv-5fQff179'-4' 1+cMfo6.L-,M,4..:Q,,MA,c,4g may Www GZ 3 A I Argus Q I938 O Iwpgiy T?'Gyf'M5 ff if izlilffiffyff MM fa? ff! iffy ggi. Q WJWEW svf fw ffm? Q iiffmw wffgf MQW o 38 I9 Argus Q , A Y 'fa if ff' iii fggfw fggyiwfwfjg f4'fJ"' Q5 Y' C, 'OU MQ ,, :, ,WYE W -f'fifJg,2L f' w if W? 5q M M A ,,, MM, 0. . W ,W f'fJ35f5s5?W QW ggi' ' xg? Egisiiiiik bg? M A W' -- -"Y if-Qabiigx gmmmw q w5R?Qjl?W5f5f ?5i535?g5'w59Hm iyiifij fg' wwf xy WMM if Qsffffff QQ 3, W gsiggw i?33EEgQ5 SWG? j g WWW? ff W 553 Y f Ta E H Qx Mi A Ep Ag' I Flwxixbg, wx JW! Q fig, M!!! MM ig F 5 Q X? ME kjpfiifgjf A W EENNQQSQ liflg f Q W fm xii 33552-fe XM N6 AQ 6 f M

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