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S!"'E3nwf'7VflL1 'wflfilz' " 55" 1 Q. f . -uf 4' f -f'f,-,1-,,f- L. '3-lg? "tiff: . Twenty-Fifth Annual Argus I Official 1955 publication of Tulare Union High School. Sponsored by the Senior Class. Foreword The activities of a school year are embodied not only in the various groups We usually consider, but in the four seasons of the year as vvell. In bringing you this issue of the ARGUS We have tried to classify these activities according to seasons, that you may follovv the year chronologically as you peruse these pages. If in this book We have been able to bind together all the joys, friendships and achievements that you have experienced during fall, Winter, spring and sum- mer, then our Work has been successful. Your acceptance and appreciation Will be our reward. J . . ,isxqiggt My X V Q Y D 'Wgbfgz 4 T? ilg7 'il A saw L,-L99 JV' f i An Appreciation L To Mr. Jimmie Jones Who has so willingly and cheer- fully submitted his services in the successful publication of this Argusg We, the members of the 1935 Argus Staff, Wish to extend our sincere thanks to him, ii- s fr new Table of Contents Forward Appreciations V Seasons FALL WINTER Football Faculty Sophornores Clubs and Organizations I Music JHYHOPS Basketball SPRING SUMMER Seniors Debate Class History Freshmen prophesy Track, Baseball and Tennis Class W111 i I "Leave It To Psmith Girls' Hockey Argus Staff Girls' Basketball Snaps . . . gexiigg, Sv iv gk ' vena f - I I - I wlllwl Q 'iv P ,K Sill!! -s Q Appreciations I The Argus staif Wishes to express its appreciation to the following for their part in making this book a success: Miss Margaret Harper, Miss Dorothy Crose and Miss Emily Collins of the high school art depart- ment, Tulare Times and Advance-Register, Los An- geles Engraving Company, Gainsborough Studio and Babcock Cover Company of Los Angeles. a :gn H a ' iw! fu , X ' W 5 52156 X. J O -Q-. gi J..0' .Hg ,., ,: S Q :k,' I X 'X Y' if Q R+ fig! I' g Nw ,N School ...,.,,,,,......h,.,., "3 K Y K ,E 'AA . Ji, Views Q 'F - E :M "5 ,g 1 ti. 'V f"X W - -A r W-A ' ui' " ,...--W-W M H Q b nv . ,f 1-v ml 1 TX Q 3 X was in I , 4 J ' ',s " ,A-' f ' Q - M ixuf 4 ,, 1-1 -l--.1 sf - 1 3 . ,, A Q QL f X - , Q. -J.. 1 . lla Q , dll 2 .,,' N K 2 Q '54, " .wlvv 'S M-A ,mv -x M lk U w W F . .. fn? ., 1: A w. 1' ' 'tak,i.::, 4:f.-- Hf"w."- Aww W' 'E 4 4-lim 'R V ' 'W ,Mi ,. A , f-:sr-1 lv ,am 1' - - 9-wr. -p , . , WI K M: E Q "w 2532? '2..-'wwigg"': ,.,1,f,gx.:'x. kgg.gr v. ' .,Ly3',w- ' ' L ' I - - I ,gs-ff,-,,.,mf4-tl' -1 'f jf'-V' v ' J rw- . ,Q . ,rv Q- 4 11... -- A5 .. -1- . .4 A . Q , VT? ' 1 ,I ',Lir.s,: , 'f "41- M ff-W 4 ,2. 2 ':':A, z rp. , 1 . , fi., .Q A .' ', vi. fx '-nf" 1 1 -A. .4 NL," , gym' . -k..,'f' '.'. , . ,XF . N, 145, 5 A ,. ,, .Aw . ,-4 'fb ' Q 1 ,iv , M X, wwf - If 2: , ,.3,, ,KI , G. In '- Vs, Q X ,A. x . ,.., , .. ., ,-... A Jeff- W, . , f- .CA 1 f., - :,..f H. L- -fe UJUEDWU 1954-1955 33 333 335 With the approach of the close of another year at Tulare High School comes the natural reminiscence of the happenings and highlights of 1934-35. The regular subjects of the curriculum are little var- ied from those of previous years and this issue of the Argus is not devoted to them but to the permanent im- provements around the school, the extra-curricular ac- tivities in the school, the students and teachers who have taken part in these activities, and as a lasting summarization of the activities of the class of 1935. Two major additions, one a matter of necessity, have been made this year: First, the official opening of the new athletic field, one of the best in the valley, and second, our 12-bungalow court, which has housed a large part of our classes since the condemnation of our main building and gymnasium. Activities of the school have been spread over the entire town, with the Tulare Theatre, Central School auditorium, Tulare County Fairgrounds, and the Wo- man's clubhouse being the scenes of student assem- blies, basketball games and social events. The year 1934-35 has not been a banner year, yet it can well be said that it is far above the average. In football our teams were victorious in the majority of their games. In basketball both varsity and B class teams made strong bids for county honors. The var- sity lost by a scant three points, losing one crucial game by one point and another by two points. Baseball, revived after five years, started the sea- son with a bang, but had its championship chances hurt by a defeat in mid-season. Track, as yet unfinished, promises to bring many honors to Tulare. Space here limits a review of the year's activities, but in the following pages have been gathered, accord- ing to seasons, the most interesting and outstanding events of the year. 'i ff.- xiii 'f' Q. N N. CQ! L t ti if? his wig N. xv-1 1 V 1 Y vu Ns t .Mg 1 V X. A 1' 1 n' Y "v .f v J.. 1, ,., ,VJ J v l -I ' .lv jd! J if J JJ vt! J-3,7 J WV 'J' ,Q 5 , .gf , J 1 Y sl Y Football Varsity Football Eight veterans, helping to make up the heaviest team in the history of Tulare High, were the nucleus of this year's varsity football team. Under the direction of the new coach, Hilton Bell, a hard-driving team was quickly whipped into shape. The first practice game was with Corcoran in Cor- coran. Tulare played good football, the majority of the game being played in Corcoran's end of the field. Powell sliced oi tackle to score, Nowell blocked a punt, and Broome fell on the ball for safety, to give Tulare a victory, the score being Tulare 8, Corcoran 0. The most heart-breaking defeat was the first league game with Exeter, held the day of the dedication of the new athletic field. Tulare scored early in the game with power plays, and threatened on several other oc- casions. They failed to convert and held the lead until the final half minute of play when Exeter completed a pass to score a touchdown and another pass for the extra point and victory, The losing of the first league game must have dis- couraged the mighty Redskins, for they likewise lost the second league game to Hanford, the score being 13-6. The game showed the teams even on first downs. Lopez ran through 68 yards for the first Hanford score, and Abbott caught a pass for the Tulare score. A cost- ly Tulare fumble paved the way for Hanford's winning points. However, there was much spirit among the boys and they had plenty of fight left for the rest of the season. lWith this fight the boys made a beautiful play to win the third league game from Lindsay. Friend ran around right end for the only score of the day. Tulare also won their game with Delano, Barrier scoring on a power play. The game proved to be an interesting one. This was the ninth year for the Strathmore jinx, thus being one of the most exciting games of the sea- Vll1'N'ifIj Foofhall l"li0N'l' RUXY-'l'efl lirown, Pat Nown-ll, limi llrmmw, Flair Rus- lvy, l'lz1rvm'e- .Inns-S, Huy lCM'i4'l9S' ton, Lowell Mulvzihy, SIGUOND ROXV-Hollis Friend. lf'i'nnk lflzirrier, l'h:1i'les Abbott, H1-vurixe Turner. 'l'Ul' RUXV-llnnzilfl lirnwli, ller- YNILYI lluiz, Nf?Y'lTlllll lTz1vis4 Rus- si-ll Asziy, RZIXIIIUIHI Azvvvdo. Nnrviii Powl-ll, llunzilrl Pros-Pe, liill l"2lY'l'1ll', liolwrt 'l'1'eml1lf1y. l':lul liuiz. Willard Huxley, .luck Clark, Huh Svhultz, Elmer C0- 1l:1y, l'um'li llillun Hell. ll Foofbull I4'RUN'I' ROW - lid liliymsui, Drexel Stewart, Elmo lfuller, lmlmlil lloffrmlu, lluli Grihi, Al- frvcl Valli-nzuolzi, Furl lim-iierrl. SICUUNI1 R1m'iJolin Sturpreoii, Sum lizlgaiii, 4h-nrggo I"llNK'll'I', Al- lan 'Fwzulrlli-. llAl'lx RUXX -liuy Iwrstrm, Cmil-ll .ll-ssv llm-xlwr',:', liflclie- Martin. lin-nny lmlwzlzliilzl. llzlrlzin llemlrfl, liill XVhitfg Imnailcl Smith, .lzlvk Hyun. John Veringg Manuel Cur- vnllm, Fri-d Smith, Ilrmln-rt Mills, Amlryw gxlllllllllilll, Ruymuml Alsirtmvz. lflixge-:lv Hill'llLlYll, Ar- kzlule- 3lJll'E.l'llSlZlll, Va-lwlu tire-g'u1'y. lllll Smith, Fuuflmll Captains and Corlchvs t'Lu:u-li lmle- Glivk, assistant V2ll'- sily 1-uzwlig 'IR-rl liruwn, Varsity 1-aiptzlinz l'mu'l1 llillun lik-ll, var- Slly mmvlil Allan 'l'wurlrlle, B vluss vzmtriing Vuzwli Ji-ssv Hfix- l'f'l'i4', li vlziss 1-mivli. Football if .1 f, .1 'Viv yr M' ' 1 1 lift? , 39, lv l J 6 , 'J Football son. Tulare fought an uphill battle all day but Strath- more scored on a pass, converted, and scored a safety to win by a score of Strathmore 9, Tulare 0. Visalia's game was forfeited to us as some of the Visalia players were ineligible, The score was 2-0. In the game, played Armistice Day, the Visalians won 14-0. The last league game of the season was played in the rain against Porterville. Nevertheless a large crowd turned out to see a very exciting game from start to iinish. The teams were evenly matched and neither team could score, the final score being 0-0. The season saw some good football even though the boys did get a bad start. Due to Coach Bell's hard training, Tulare High saw some good clean playing and some Redskins that deserve a lot of credit for their good work. The first string line-up was as follows: Left End--Ronald Brown, Herman Ruiz Left Tackle-Pat Nowell Left Guard-Don Broome Center-Clair Busby Right Guard--Willard Baxley Right Tackle-Raymond Eggleston, Norman Davis Right End-Clarence Jones Quarterback-Ted Brown, George Turner Right Halfback-Rollis Friend, Bill Farrar Left Halfback--Charles Abbott, Norvin Powell Fullback-Frank Barrier, Robert Asay Post-season honors were bestowed on Clair Busby and Frank Barrier when they were chosen members of the All-County Team. Ted Brown, captain, was given honorable mention. Visalia and Porterville both chose an All-Opponent team and Busby was chosen Center on both teams. Ted Brown was chosen as a member of the Visalia All-Opponent team. Football Lightweight Football Although they did not win the championship the Tulare lightweights were considered the best team in the county this year having but two touchdowns scored against them in league competition, they had fewer points scored against them than any other team in the county. They also scored more points than any other lightweight team. Ten lettermen were back from last year's B class team and with Coach Hexberg introducing the Notre Dame shift Tulare was one of the most formidable and scrappiest teams in the valley. Early season injuries, however, wrecked a champ- ionship when the first league game was lost to Exeter 6-0. Fuller and Twaddle, mainstays on the team, were out of the game. The Papooses also lost the second league game to Hanford 6-0. The two injured players were back, but the team just didn't have the right scoring combination although the locals looked by far the stronger team. The third league game with Lindsay featured the long runs of Twaddle, the blocked kicks of Valenzuela, and the catching of passes by Rhyman. The game proved to be an exciting one, the score being 13-0 with Tulare on the long end of the count. The Delano game was a walk-away. Twaddle, again being the outstanding player, ran wild. The game also featured the hard running of Ragan and Sturgeon. Score: Tulare 20, Delano 0. The battle of the lines of both teams was interest- ing to watch in the Strathmore game. Strathmore put 1' I RY 'J .fy I l' V ,Y " ' J "4 Ju 'IJ 7 r .YJ". '1i1'Z1Z.r . 'fix' "-5' ,X . J ., . 5 r' 4' flvvj ' J J Football up a stubborn defense that Tulare was able to pene- trate but once. The game ended in Tulare's favor 7-0. The -Papooses were surely glad to hear the final gun in the game with Visalia, which was a grueling battle from start to finish. Hoffman was sterling on defense and Rhyman and Fowler made several sparkling plays. The final score was Tulare 7, Visalia 0. The Porterville game was the battle in the rain. Porterville was nicely lodged in first place until a roaring, fighting, maddened Tulare team, playing as a team, eked out a victory that broke the Porterville jinx of seven long years, and gave Tulare undisputed hold of second place in the league. There was only one touchdown, making the score 6-0. The line-up consisted of : Left End-Carl Henerd Left Tackle-Valenzuela Left Guard-Don Hoffman Center-Elmo Fuller Right Guard-Drexel Stewart, Fred Smith Right Tackle-Ed Rhyman Right End-Bob Gribi Quarterback-George Fowler Right Halfback-John Sturgeon Left Halfback-Sam Ragan Fullback-Allan Twaddle This was one of the most successful seasons for the Tulare lightweights in several years. If Fuller and Twaddle had been in shape to play the first game, Tu- lare might have sailed through to a title. Several of these boys will make excellent material for the varsity next year, but Coach Hexberg is looking forward to a strong lightweight outfit. 335 BILL JONES In th Elle TOP Hilton Student Council The Student Council, the executive heads of Tulare High School's student body, began the school year with the issuing of a new type of student body card. The card sold for 551.50 and was worth its face value, sums spent being punched out much in the same man- ner as one would a meal ticket. On October 5, Tulare High School staged one of its biggest school events in the dedication of the new foot- ball turf. Besides enjoying a specially prepared pro- gram, the large crowd that had gathered witnessed a football game between the Redskins and Exeter foot- ball teams. Several very successful dances were held at the Fairgrounds, one of the first being a Thanksgiving dance, held in a real atmosphere of the season among corn stalks, pumpkins, and autumn leaves. A live tur- key was given to the holder of a lucky ticket. One of the big treats of the year was a Christmas program at the Tulare Theatre. The dramatic classes under Miss Lois Thompson's direction put on two Christmas skits. Something entirely new and quite original to Tu- lare High School students was the Backwards Dance. No clothes were worn backwards or anything like thatg it was the dating system that took a turn, girls asked for dates and paid for tickets. Furthermore, at the dance girls asked for dances. The whole affair was very successful and brought out a large crowd. Taking everything into consideration, the student council has seen that the students have had a very suc- cessful social year. ald Hill- E 1 N ws. Xvk V- Q, V" " X. ' Q, ly K. tkcll 4' A ff, 1441 7 fffft' 4 f. 1 . ,. 1- 1+ iff -f 'P 4:-1 ' C I h rd .3 lf. -', 'rig' 'f ' fish: qt Mr. W. Yi if ,-z fu .rv J fy' .' .4 . ,ii VJ., Vi J 'M "'- , Jai' ,lj-'zwji 'fa' '--ff PK4 J' ..,, J Q ,l 51' . if . i YJ! f 'V I 5 4. wif' Societies and Clubs Clubs as a means of social contact, have meant more to the students of Tulare high school this year than ever before in the history of their organization. This year, due to the condemning of the schoo1's audi- torium, it has been impossible to hold associated stu- dent assemblies, and for this reason the clubs have taken an important part in school life. Girl Reserves The Valley Girl Reserve conference held in Bakers- field proved to be the popular event of the season in which the local Girl Reserves participated. Leaving Tulare on Friday, March 1, eighteen Ginl Reserves journeyed by auto for three days of pleasure among approximately 350 girls from all parts of the valley. The girls gathered for the purpose of improving them- selves as Girl Reserves and to learn ways and means of improving their clubs. This conference is an annual affair looked forward to by all members of the club. Margaret Harper, president of the local club, was elected vice-president of the Valley Girl Reserves at the conference in Bakersfield. This is the second con- secutive time that a Tulare girl has held a valley office, Ladene Cottle having held the position of secretary of the valley for 1934. Mrs. Reeta Vincent is club adviser. Automotive Club One of the oldest and most active clubs of the school is the Automotive club, which had a member- ship this year of approximately 35 members. Elmer Coday was chosen leader of the club at its election early in the year and conducted the activities under the title of Pilot. Paul Spani held the title of Co-Pilot or vice president and George Boyd was Navi- gator or Secretary. The main activity of the year was the annual auto show staged by the club on March 22-23 and which was attended by approximately 5000 persons. I Girl Reserzirx FRONT ROW'-Dorothy 'Kemble-, Ladvne Cottle. Dorothy Chis- holm, Vrsula YVatrous, Kathryn Wallace, Margaret llarpvr Anna Mitchf-ll, Esther Peterson, Orpha Rosso ,llilizaln-tli Herd. SICCUNIJ RUW--lit-1'I1i4'o l'vdn-r- lind, Maxine Losey, lie-tty Berg- man, Pauline Smith, .In-an Hoults. Rosie Flalnmang, Merle Jayne-s, Mildred Chambers, .loan Herd. THIRD ROW 4 Patty Sullivan, Flora Smith, Nelda Fisk. Fran- vvs llohlbaurxh, Goldie 'l'liraSh1'r. Kathryn Shields, lfllizahe-th Low- son, Odessa Findley. , TOP RUXV-Helen Billing, livr- trude Van Houtvn. Emma .lt-an Farrell, Rose-mary Parlier, Lois tlallister, Ruth Chamlu-rs. Has- rnilr Stepanian, Mrs. its-1-ta Vin- 1-ont fadvisorl, Grace Morgan, A1l.ton4,ofiue Club FIIONT RUYV-MY. F. l', Suits-1' tadviserl, Ted XVoolt-y, John l'lH'0l2lll, Sfrrerino Borzi, Sam Ra- 1.:'an, Paul Spani- lilmer Uoday, th-orpqe Boyd, XValtvr Kola-rtson. Glo-nn Lh'i1:.':4s, Mr. Clayton Shevs- Ivy. SICVUND RUVV-llc-ll rxlltdll, Pvtv llolfo, Antrinic' Marnishian. l'lit'- ford Adsit, .lolin Lasnino. l'Iarl Radf-r, Joi- Bono, Louie Vlarot, Eugene Strong, Willard Haxlvy. Richard Smith, Warre-n liaxley. 'l'llIlil1 RUSS' - Frank Imrda, Javk llamron, Manuel t'arfloza, lilowollyn 'I'hayvr, .lan-k Vlark. llvorugo Fowl:-r, Frank Harrivr, Norman Ilavis, XValla1'm- t'l0m0nl, Frvddiv Valvnzue-la, Buell lirownl 'l'0l' RUXV--Ilonalfl Loomis. Mar- vin llairpzlu-i'g', Allis-rt Turns-r, L60 RtDL1i0l'S, livrt Lathnrp, flvnrxrv llisinxr, Nils l4llllli.L'l't"ll. liaymonrl Vosslc-r, XValt0r Kir- kvr, Hrlanfl NVaight, Poli- Zui- slvrwiir. Latin Club FRHNT RUM' - Mrs, fit'l'll'llllt' la-onard fadvisi-rl. Harold 'Proin- hlvy, lfllmo Zumwalt. Rivhard lie-sw, Johnny Drake, Hlvan llowvs, l!0l1Sr'hultz. Charles Fra- Zivr, file-ll Hamilton, Roy 1.4-wis. SICUUNIJ ROW-Milflla-rl XViles, Virginia F. Martin, Franc-es Sturm-on, Rosemary l'arlie-r, Eli- zalwth Lowson, Ann PCSU-filll. Ge-in-vim'v Mulcahy, Franklin llawthorm-, Harold Smith, Bill Vogt, Huhf-rt Rae, THIRD RUXV - lie-tty NVilhur, Anna Mitvhe-ll, Hill l'ivke-ring- lflsthe-r l,6'lL'l'SlPll, Douglas NVein- kauf, Sarah-v Zumwalt, Helen llanivlson. Bvtly XVarrefn, laicillv Swanson, .ivan Nows-ll, Rosie Flammanpx, liivhard Sl2lll5.llllt'l', Ftlllli'l'll ROW--Hola 'l'r4-mlmlm-5, Vat Nowr-ll, lborthva Shvrman. Uathvrine Harris. lie-na Pedron- 4-Q-Ili, Nlarxiars-t l. Harris, Grace- Moruan, Mildred Harris. Lorna XVilliams. Martha Murdovk, Sa- daka Izumi, liuthMorp.gan, Louisi- Vail. 'PHI' RUXV--llllsse-ll llvnry, Ash- ln-y Urr, Harm-y I,oonn-r, will-l't'llt' llavitlson. Raymond l'l,u'ulr-stun, Flair Busby, Marvin Hillman, Eddie- Martin, lid Q'l'U0liSll2lIlliS Don Howard. Societies and Clubs l,l,,ll?l?l'l til lllll l lil-l llgflllllll lil ll , W . ..f ,,.. N -u HS 1, :xi ff e 'M' wi Q fe ' 6 Q, R' V 574' WP' Maw -vwvqgf-Q 1 Q. x- , , .,s. r -Y v 1- 1 x U. I 53 ,ty f -. . Xl ...a. ,, s 1- ffi 4 iq Y. .A 3444 i, .1 gil N-Q JJ -' WJ yt! i Jai' J .W J I ','f .5 V vi! 5, J Z3 r J ' ' A Societies and Clubs The Latin Club With an enrollment of 62 members, "Inter Nos," the Latin Club, completed one of its most successful years under the able leadership of its president, Roy Lewis. The club, which was organized more than twelve years ago, began this year's activities with an initia- tion party held at a country home. The gay group gathered around a huge bonfire, eating Spanish ta- males and enjoying many games. Their second big event of the season-a snow party -took place February 23, when 25 of the club mem- bers motored to Lodge Pole in the Sequoia National Forest to enjoy skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, and other popular winter sports. The most outstanding occasion of the season, how- ever, was the annual Roman banquet which was staged at the Masonic Temple and followed by a successful dance. Mrs. Gertrude Leonard is club adviser. The Honor Society The Honor Society boasts a gain in membership this year with '25 members the first semester and 18 members the second semester. Headed by Esther Peterson as president for the first half of the year, the club held regular biweekly meetings. The second semester was used in discussing the var- ious colleges and universities, their requirements, scholarships, and special courses. An interesting talk on U. C. was given by Ted Brown after returning from a week-end spent on the campus of the University. After completing the requirements for life mem- bership in the CSF, Lois Callister is now eligible for the CSF award. Mr, Tanner is the adviser of the club. B Class Lettermen A new club was organized this year by the B class lettermen. They hope to follow in the footsteps of the Golden T and make their club one of the most' active in the school. Carl Henerd, president, was known to the mem- Honor Socivfy l"llUN'l' RUXV -f Hula 'l'ug'g'z11't, llzirulcl 'l'i'vmlilvy, Bairrlen Finch, lillmu Zumwzllt, Rex Sweet. .lsmie-s l.HHll2ll'1l, llumilcl Hillman, 'l'4-ll lirnwn, Yprmulin l4's-rrizmdez. SIGUUNIJ RUW-llzlzel Fhristeii- si-ii, Ruth Alivruinii, Putty Sulli- vsun, Al2ll'LZ'1ll'l'l ll. llurris, Esther l'vlm'suri, liusvnizwy Purlier, lllli- zulwth l,uwsnn, l':Sllll'I' lflllintt. Luis Usillisln-rj .lf-:iii Suults, Alive Finley. 'l'Ul' IUIW-Mr, 'l'2l4Ilflt"I' lzulvi- sm-rl, Kzithryn Wzillzivv. lilizubetli ll:-rd, lfrxiiwi-s lfinley, llctizizl ltrnrzi, Maury Aliclrmiiiaili, Miyo Izu- mi, Szllmyi- Kzitsuki. Sow-rino Hurli. 12 L1'ffvrn1nr1 Club l+'llUN'l' li1lW-l4'1'vclrliv Vzilvnzu- vlzu- Furl lll4llt'l'fl, l'Ilmu lfullf-r, Sum liz1,L:':1ii, llulr Grilzi, 1lvor'::e l1'uwl4-i', .lulin Sllli'g.:'vmi, ,Xllzui 'l'w:ulcllv, , SIGVUNIJ liUXV+ll:ll'ol1l llairner. .lulm 4':irilnz:n, l+'i'e-fl Smith, lmii- :illl lllllil-lllilll, Hill Vogt. XV:llIzlc'a' t'ln-mm-nl, Holi Shultz. 'l'lll' lillll'-l'm1c'li .Il-Saw llvx- ln-rpr, Antrinim- Mnmisliiun, Dun- :llrl l'i'e-Q-1-1-, Furl Kilim. llre-xvl Sli-wziri, liuymmul Martinez, Vmivli t'li:ii'le-s liussm-ll, fiulrlvn T Club lflit rN'l' lit PNY - lfrunk llzi1'l'l1-it llll-we-llyn 'l'li:lye-V. Hill l"zlrr'ul'. 'l'm-11 lirown. l'l:li'4-iii-v Juni-s, Rus- se-ll Asziy, Willurcl liuxlvy, Owen linp:4'i'S. SIGVUNIT IIUXY - Clair llusliy. 4'li:li'li-s.Xl1butt, l'zllNuwr-ll, llzly- nwml l'I,:g'leslnn, lmwvll Mul- wihy, Nnrvil. Puwcll, lle-rmalii Ruiz, Hill Slaulfllenialil. 'l'Hl' IIUXV-l'u:ic'l1 Fliairles Rus- svll, t'u:i:'l1 llule- Glick. Pom-li lliltmi lie-ll, llulm S:nl'zu'jizln, Hui'- ul4l Vllllllt'l'LZl'll'l, limi llroonivl lllzinuvl 4':ii'doz:l. V 1' -'lf f 'v YV , f , N., 'J ,f,.' Jil .IJ JJ .1 W V My J ' Jvfv iw? J' " il Y J . ,il 3 "ffl A 5 v ' VI 1' 'J v J . .vii , J 1 rv VJ' .W jf A Societies and Clubs bers as quarter back. Allan Twaddle and George Fow- ler were the club's half backs, Donald Hoffman acted as full back. The members wear maroon slip-over sweaters with five-inch chenille letters. Mr. Hexberg is adviser. iii-il Golden T Club - In the hopes of making a banquet their annual af- fair, the Golden T Club, an organization of all A class lettermen, held such an event during March. The ban- quet which proved a huge success was followed by a dance. The officers for this year were: President, Ted Browng Secretary, Clair Busby, and Treasurer, Don Broome. Coaches Bell and Russell are advisers. ,i1 l The Future Farmers . The Future Farmers started this year's activities of the club, by entering several exhibits at the Tulare County Fair, and carrying off a number of prizes. Sev- eral individual projects by the boys were also entered. In the fall the Future Farmers donated a large tur- key to the Student Body, which was raffled off at the Christmas Dance. They also helped in decorating for the Annual Auto Show held this spring. Several of the Future Farmers entered exhibits in the State Fair, and entries were also made at the South San Francisco Fair this spring. The club boasts twenty-one members, and has two advisers-Mr. McMillan and Mr, Smith. .. 1T1 The Radio Club With fifteen members, ten of whom had licenses before the end of the year to own and operate amateur transmitting stations, the radio club has had a busy year. Two of the ten are girls. The new experimental work this year was the es- tablishment of a network of low-power radiophone stations on 56 megacycles for handy portable use. Dur- ing March, the club members gave talks on radio com- 319 E333 35 F7Lfil1'l? FU7"lIl,l'i'S FRONT ROW-Leo Rogers, Bob Knight, George Turner, Charles Thompson, Alfred Knapp. SECOND ROXV-Raphael Throne- bory, Heorgre Clark. Louie Clarot, Edward Dudo, Pete Rolfo, 'l'Ol' ROW-Ed Shoenauer, John Mansfield. Mr. J. G. McMillan, Alfonso Booker. Radio Club l"liON'I' ROXV - Evelyn Edfre- 1-omb, James Allen, Pat Murphyl Ted XVOoley, Mr, A. E. Tklhllkl' Hxdviserl. SIGCOND RONV - Esther Edge- 4-omb, Ivor Stubbs, Severino liorzi. Bill Bailey, ll-eorge Thrzmsher. 'POI' ROW - George Collins, Uhzirles Thompson, Bill Smith, G. S. L. ClLb'f1lt'f i"IlON'l' ROW - Ellen Louise Mitvhm-ll, Jean Suults, Mrs, Floral XVilder fndviserj, Esther Peter- son. Lois Callister. TOP ROW-Virpginlia Jennings, Billie Nelson, Ludeno Cottle, Eli- zabeth Herd, -4, J CW Jill , N U J v An. - ,t A. I-.fd J uf," J ". yy, f 7 -,J J I Football munication, and a demonstration of 5 meter transmit- ters, to the General Science classes. The club took a portable station to Fresno, when the radio convention was held there last November 10 and 11. The club also operates the 60 Watt radio sta- tion WGYBK on 160 and 75 meters. Mr. Tanner and the club members have built up a good quality public address system, which is operated at most of the Student Body meetings, track meets, football games, dances, and at commencement, Sev- eral radio and musical programs Were broadcast over this system on the campus during noon hours. Girls' Student League The Girl's Student League, an organization Whose membership takes in every girl in school, this year sponsored one of the biggest play days the girls of the high school have ever enjoyed. Taking the place of the usual Freshmen party, the play day was held early in the fall, when over 300 girls were taken in busses to Mooney Grove, Where games of all kinds Were played. Spanish baked beans, buns, and cake were served for refreshments. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays a clothing and food drive was carried on by the Cabi- net. Two needy families were suppiled with Christ- mas boxes at Christmas time. The Cabinet sold candy and ice cream at the an- nual Auto Shovv held in March. Ladene Cottle, served as president during the year. Mrs. Flora Wilder, dean of girls, is sponsor of the or- ganization. Home Economics Club Under the leadership of their president, Louise Williams, the Home Economics Club has completed a successful year of service to the school. Interesting activities such as several all-day con- ference trips to other towns were attended by the mem- bers. One of the most interesting of these trips Was the Societies and Clubs one to Bakersiield. Here after a morning of workshop sessions, the girls enjoyed wild flower picking. The club, which was organized in the fall of 1927, is open to all students taking home-making courses. Miss Gladys Prunty is the adviser, assisted by Miss Johnson. 1133 533 35 -1 War Whoop Staff The War-Whoop staff, a journalistic organization in itself, began this year by electing Lowell Mulcahy editor-in-chief of the paper. The War-Whoop has been the project of the jour- nalism class for three years and each issue is eagerly looked forward to by the students of Tulare High. Besides taking an interest in their own publication, the journalism students have shown interest in the pa- pers of other schools in the state. The class was repre- sented at both the Fresno State J ournalistic Conven- tion and the Press Convention held in Berkeley. Mr. Jimmie Jones is journalism teacher. i. A I Home Economics Club . l4'ltUN'l' ROXV-Elvira Cfurti, Le- tizia liorzi, Freida, Iiaviscioni, lie-tty Rhoades, Armie Arkalian, Mary Andonian, Kathryn Shields, Mary Jane Garber, Meriam Le- vin, Rosie Flammang, Virginia Murphy, Telza Levin, Miss Gladys Prunty fadviserj. SIGUUND RUW - Mary Anna Speak, Maxine Losey, Evelyn Morlderman, lglalmira Pereira, All?-flillllii. Ferasci. Dorthea Sher- man, Marpraret lNIonty:omery, Ruth Cederlind, Rosie Marszos- ian, Eva Bette-ncourt, Miss Vio- let Johnson fadviserj, THIRD RUXV - Mae lvliinago. Sakaye Katsuki, Mary Mock, lila Matlock, Alive Brown, Lorraine Rolfi, Marjorie Billiarxli. Pearl- ino Puprh, Kathryn Urabtree, EI- vira llontarls-lli. Angelina Noia. 'FUI' RUNV-llvlen Napsata, Leah Rivers, Lorraine Costa, Blanche lh-vi-l, Mc-lvina Tonkins, Alive Arlialian, llenriella Hernandez. 'Holly lliisoiig. Hazel Christen- sen, Louise XViIliams, Nadine l'lai'0, War Whoop Siaff lflUiN'I' RUXV-llarolrl Garner, Hallo Valuano, lilmo lfuller, Low i-ll Mulcahy, Howard Russell, Ygnai-io Fi-rnandez, Owen Rog- 1'!'S, SICVONIJ ROW-Jack NVynn. lill- vira Curti, Kathryn Shields, Dorothy hong, Dorothy Elster, Nerna lWfc'Millan, Alice XVicks, Allan Twaddle. THIRD ROXV - Ladene Cottle, Billie Nelson, Erma Mclduen, llvlvn Bailey. Mary Silviera, XVinifred Clark, Marjorie Biliar- di, Nellie Fowler, Helen Daniel- son. 'POI' ROXV - 'lid llird, Kathryn Alle-nh Hollis Friend, Charles Abbott, Hasmig' Stepanian, Rich- ard M.ontg'omery, Mr. Jimmie Jones fadviserj. L bv' Q V ,aa YROIIEIEIIEICNV-Elizabeth Herd, Bob Gribi, Erma Mcliuen, Elmo BOB GRIBI SECOND ROW-Miss Irene Conley, Saral Zumwalt, Jean President Soults. 1' ui, J., - V J J' .' .' .JJ V. J 'I "F ps . Q' 'JJ JU .' JVWJ ' . J yi! .f-3,7 u , ,vv . 3 J '. 1' ,J . ,f Y f . v VJ! v 'V v J " 4. J I U i A Junior Class Starting the year by electing Bob Gribi as presi- dent, the Juniors got an early start in playing the role as upperclassmen. Other members of the council Were: Erma McEuen, Secretary, Jean Soults, Treas- urer, Elizabeth Herd, Elmo Fuller, Saralee Zumwalt, and Gerry Nagel, Yell Leader. Throughout, the year, the Juniors have been active in many school activities and will be remembered as one of the snappiest and most energetic Junior Classes that has gone through T. U. H. S. After discussion upon the subject, Blue and White Were chosen as the class colors. "Charm," a three act farce was presented at the Grammar School Auditorium, for two nights, and proved to be a success from a financial standpoint, as Well as being Well received by the audiences. On Friday, May 31, the annual Junior-Reception, Will be held. The Juniors will act as hosts to the Sen- iors in the last social event of the year. The theme to be carried out this year is Japanese, with appropriate decorations and program. Jean Soults Was chosen as head chairman, and Miss Conley, class adviser is assisting. The committees Working under Jean Soults are headed by: Invitations and Place Cards, Margaret Harper, Decorating, Elizabeth Herd, Table Decora- tions, Miriam Levin, Nut Cups, Virginia F. Martin, Programs, Helen Bailey, Entertainment, Velma Moore, Waiters and Dance, Hazel Christensen, Dance, Ashley Orr, Toast and Menu, Helen Danielson. 533 A 3 s Juniors, 1935 1532 '7 V11 f-7' . an cn E KJ L-1 .Q C 3 1 4 -'41 N ,S .gi 24 .-1 s NW A 2 4 - ,WK ' QT 5 X .ST H X. 0 I Rex Sweet, Arthur Barlow, Laura Carkeek, Edward Crookshanks, Ashley Orr, Kathryn l-7 1 .-' V "v .ay J Y' 1,-J .1 ' .J ff 1 JJ 'lil 'J J J JJ? i J 'LV V. M! J J i' 5' , .1 i5 fviiy WVallaCe, Mary Russell, Carl Henerd, Gladys Rose, Ellen Louise Mitchell, George Babcock, Isobel Cameron, Dick Montgomery. UChannn In presenting its farce this year, the Junior Class chose a three act comedy, "Charm," written by John Kirkpatrick. The play was put on in the Central Grammar School Auditorium two nights, December 13 and 14, 1935. If favorable comment and financial success are indicative of success, "Charm" should have fully sat- isfied those responsible for its production. The play pictured a young boy, diligently studying the book of "Charm" in order to win the affection of the Hone" girl. Many obstacles are in his way, but like a true hero, he overcomes them all. Much credit is due to Miss Thompson, who direct- ed the play. Also, credit is due to the technical staff, whose work, although backstage, was just as import- ant. The cast was as follows: Mrs. Wilson, Laura Car- keek, Mrs. Harper, Isobelle Cameron, Mr. Harper, Rex Sweet, Joe Pona, Edward Crookshanks, Ida May Harper, Kathryn Wallace , Mr. Lester, Ashley Orr, Rudolph Klein, Richard Montgomery, Dr, Garfield, Arthur Barlow, Mrs. Paxton, Ellen Louise Mitchell, Mr. Paxton, George Babcock, Miss Mildred, Eliza- beth Herd, Babe, Gladys Rose, Violet, Mary Russell, Claude, Carl Henerd. j IN IVXEIVXORIAM I F 'Q l eo, f ggi ' Gin fi Q3 MRS. MINA L. SIJLUMUN X' xi Q " N' fy In memory of the many years that she spent helping Tulare to go forward, gaining a Warm wwf" " spot in the hearts of all Who knew her, and N1 Q above all, being a real friend to everybody. wx? C1 V ly., A 4.-sz?-A 'Aw W, ,, ., , fi?-A I' as 4 wvumuzeuzg 1 X S w, B..IiNOKEY Mns, FLORA WILDER Principal Vice-Principal Principals Message Spring days are with us again. Witness the group of Editors, Compilors, Solicitors and what have you busily engaged in gathering the necessary pictures and personalities that mark success of Argus 1935. Witness your Class and Departmental Editors over- turning every stone in an effort to show the prowess of their groups over any that have gone before or may follow after. Witness your teachers who have struggled valiant- ly under trying conditions resulting from forces over -which they had no control and yet accomplished the well nigh impossible in bringing this eventful year to a successful close. Witness the Class of 1935. Not just another Senior class but one that will long be remembered for the ability to bring forth new ideas and traditions when old loved ones were dropped due to conditions under which we were forced to operate this year. We congratulate the members of this class for the fine spirit they have shown in the four years now clos- ing. You can look with pride at the new Athletic field that you were privileged to christen in your senior year, somewhat reimbursing you for the loss of other valued treasures and pleasures. We shall look forward to a showing of this same spirit of usefulness and cooperation as you go forth to meet the successes and failures in your journey through life. W. B. KNOKEY, Principal. x N Xl S . Q Q. Q x M 1 1 Q. Nxx eh rf' tx u ' X, Lyvl, LMNRIJX :RM atb X, v gp, ty ' V' Ki:7'i"ww f x. .' -R: . . v K. N, MSE wt MX, 4 ' v w A v ln 1 1' if "v f'V v ' J J 'J ,gi .VJ J 'SQ J' JYJ JW J v , W, V ' IJ J of I v W 1 ? ,C j k Facuhy Pictured on the opposite page are the members of the faculty that have directed the activities of the school during the present year. One of the major suc- cesses of this year has been the close cooperation be- tween students and faculty in the various activities pictured in this book. A Five new faces appeared when school opened in the fall to bring the list of faculty members up to 30. These new members were: Miss Mae Ramelli, Span- ish, Miss Aillene Fisk, P. E. and Foods, Mr. Hilton D. Bell, Counsellor of Boys, English, Coaching, Mr. Dale I. Glick, Mathematics, Coaching, and Mr. Howard Brown, Bookkeeping, Typing, Coaching. The only major change within the faculty was the appointment of Mrs. Wilder to the office of Vice Prin- cipa . Five outstanding changes or events in the course of the year have been significant to the members of the faculty: First, the construction of 12 bungalows which have served as classroomsg second, opening of the new athletic fieldg third, the recent purchase of the Gavotta property adjacent to the present athletic field which will allow for expansion, fourth, plans being under way for the construction of a cafeteria building for next year, and fifth, the probability that the gymna- sium will soon be repaired and opened. These highlights indicate that this year has been one of readjustment and changes and that the trend now is upward to better conditions which in turn mean a better organized, smoother working school. 'IL 93 35 SU IIILTON Il, BIGLL -- Eiiglish, Iloys'CuLmsolor, Frm-sllmcn Ad- viser, Uouvh Varsity Football, Iiusketlwzlll. MISS GLAIHYS I'RI'NTY-CIoth- iiux, Iixplorlltory, Freshmen Aflvisvr. MISS IGMILY FOLLINS - Art, Iilxpluruiury, Home Arts. .IAMIIIS XV. JONIGS - Mathema- tics, Jourmilisni, I-'uhlications Advisor, Sophomori- Adviser. IJALIC GLIFK - Mntliematics, Imselmll Von:-h. MISS AILIGNIC FISK F- Foods, Physical Iddum-ation, Coach Ilovkoy, Tennis. MISS IRICNIC l'0NLl'ZY-English, III-Imtv I'o:1c'h, Junior Adviser. JICSSIG IIICXHIGRG - Chvmistry, th-in-ral Science, Umm-h I5 Class Ifnotlmll, Iixisketlmll, N. IC. OLSON-Business Train- invi, History. MISS ZIGLLA I'ARKICR--Typing, Business English. M RS, ALTA RI'SSIfZLL-Foods. UIIARLICS RIISSICLL-I'hysiQz1I Iiduvzition, Track Couch, IIICRALIJ IC.IiXV1N-Vovnl Music, Uuzich TOIIIIIS, Iizlsketball. M HS, IlI+1Ii'I'Rl'IJIC LEONARD- Laitin, linglish. MISS GLAIJYS IIIGAIP-Iflriprlish. If. l'. SI?ITIGIi-Autoriievluixiics. .I. Il. SMl'I'I'I-Ag.:'i'i1'11Iturv, MISS I.I't'Y I'RUUIJIf'UU'l'-I"I1y- sivul Iflilllvutirm. MISS LUIS 'I'IIUMl'SfIN-IGm.?- Iish, lJ1'flrnz1tic-S, Si-mor Advi- si-r. A, IC, 'FANNICIi41'hysic'H, Shop Math, Iiluglish. .IHIIN If I'AL'I'IiIIJCIIC-IIisim'y. MRS. IiI+II'I'I'A VINt'ICNT-Gvner- :il S1'It-'IIf't', Iiiolopry, Explora- terry, MISS VIUl.I'I'l"I'IC JOHNSON --- 1'I0lI'lIllI.l', ICxpIrn':iIory, IIUNVARIJ IEIIOWN - Iicmlclieolw- imzg, 'I'y11ini.:'. I'I,.XY'I'HN SIIICICSI'II,Y - XYo0:I- work, Auto Mechiiiiivs. MISS MAIC RAMI4ILI,I-Siizmish. .I. G, Mm'MILL.-XN -- AH,'I'If'UitI.II'l?, I':XDIOI'Qlf.0I'Y. UYIIIL WHI'I'IG - Instrumental Music, MISS IllI'I'II .IIlNI'IS-Iii-gistraw. JOHN J, SICAVI'IIlS--'I'r1-zlsurelt MRS. JULIA I1l'RRUXVS-Bork l I I Room, ' N ' . . F X' f .silf FRONT ROW-Bob Schultz, Ruth Chambers, Kenneth Kuney, KENNETH KUNEY Esther Peteison, Barney Loomer. President SECOND RUXV-Mr, Jimmie Jones, Russell Henry, Miss Mac Ramell tty Sulliva , Ray on. fl ji f f ffm v 1' -1-'J fy! J J .1 YW? U39 vt! IQJJEJV J .W J 7 U J J f f W' A Sophomore Class At the beginning of the year the Sophomore class elected, after some fiery campaigns: President, Ken- neth Kuneyg Vice President, Barney Loomer, Secre- tary, Ester Peterson, Treasurer, Bob Schultz, Coun- cilors, Patty Sullivan, Ray Poston, and Russell Henry. Advisers are Mr. Jimmie Jones and Miss Mae Ramelli. The year was started of by the Sophomores avow- ing that they were to be the livliest Sophomore class in the history of Tulare High. All the year the class con- tributed many representatives in basketball, football, and track. The girls also shone in the Stanford-U. C. game and the Hockey Tournament. As a token of their generosity and as a sign of their school spirit the Sophomores volunteered to build a booth for the Student Body. Members of the class spent considerable time and money on this booth, but hereafter it will stand, a remembrance of the class of '37 Russell Henry and Barney Loomer bestowed upon the sophomore class probably its greatest honor. These two sophomores constituted the county championship negative debating team. Throughout the year four meetings were held. These were snappy and interesting due to the eiorts of Garna Kelley, Bob Purtle, Don Preece, and Flora Smith, who were selected yell leaders, '74, 9 n Sophomores, 19155 I lunx... ...A, E Z - an an E U U E5 E O .CI . Q. w I- - o w.. . . . V7 lv. 4 , ' Vg V V K. X 'Kjg ' 438 -'wxfvn 4 A,-.ini xv? , Wi' 'WNWN' -I Mud Q , wa vg I -hu M ' ' 4 .WW QE" WWI -2379 Q 1 , . N J m ,"' N1 . Wa' Ywxg W , xx iQ?'f.a1,. K X E"e'..-fi -Y . . ' ',1y,,,,u! N NZ -1 '!w'1?'ii1agfuh, 1 . Ame.. ,A ' 4 1 1' nv 'fu .fy . ,J iq 'Y J 'JQ ,fra 'X J jfxfr JJNI L! bw Jay! 1 J vw ' . V x - Wu ' V? ' 1 :V . Y 1 1 A Music The orchestra and band, under the direction of Mr. Cyril White, have done excellent work this year. The orchestra played for both the Junior and Sen- ior plays and will furnish music for Drama Night, May 24. Just before spring vacation, the orchestra went to the grammar school and gave a concert, which was very well received. The orchestra has also played at various church programs during the year. A Mother's Day concert for the Elks will be given on May 12. The advanced orchestra has a membership of 55, and is one of the largest orchestras in the county. This year the band has concentrated on marching because of the lack of a place to give programs. Con- sequently, the band, as a marching unit, is one of the best in the valley, and hopes to again take awards in the Hanford Homecoming Day parade and the Visalia Rodeo parade. On May 26, the band will give its annual band con- rcert at the Fairgrounds. Members of the band have composed a brass Guar- tet and sextet. A part of the band traveled to San Fran- cisco to attend the band contest on May 3 and 4. ' This musical organization boasts a membership of 75, all of whom are uniformed. New uniforms were bought this year with the help of the Chamber of Com- merce, the 20-30 Club, and the Elks. The band also gave programs to raise the money. The vocal department under the direction of Mr. Gerald Erwin has advanced rapidly. Mr. Erwin has three classes: Beginning chorus, mixed chorus, and Girls' glee. Christmas programs were given at the Central Grammar School, Rotary Club, and the theatre. The mixed chorus has taken part in two programs besides the Easter program given at the Methodist Church. On April 29 the chorus assisted the Grammar School band in giving a program, presented a concert at the Woman's Club early in the spring, and will fur- nish music for Baccalaureate and Commencement. 31.9 V:-QE 35 l"ll0N'I' RUNS' - IC, Zumwallt, li. Nixon, D. XV1-iukauf, R. Purtlc, Il, I+Ig'g'li-swim, U. Busby, li, Fish- vr, IG. lmwson, l'. XVaLruus, I' l'im'k1-rini.:', IC. Davidson, G, liab- rouk, II. Cassidy. , SIGUUNIJ ROW - li. Snider, .I. NVilli:ims, R, Kuoks-y, If. lie-ss:-, J, lbzunrrm, Il. Iluiz, IJ. Slnclu-r. M. f'I1l'ISfI1l?lS, R, lizilu-r, N, l'Iz1c1-, l'. Nzurvl, N. l.infli.:'l'mi, li Nownll ll. In-wis, 12. Iii-vs-I, I', Ruiz, I I'rQ-4-vu, 'l'llIIllr lluwfli. 'Vremlili-y, R NIrmt,u'on1vry, II. Svntl. F. llrakv, ll, Rush, Ii, Finvh, II. .lnhnsrni, l'. lietlii-rfo1'd, M, Vuriuelli, R Iluuirlus, IC, Smith, V. Kuokvy, R Slnughtvr, II. Furln-S. l+'0lfR'I'II RUN' - G Fnriler li Vinkvrtnn, A. VVhitv,'Il. Ilzlmrou, K. liunoy, A. Mitvholl, Ii. lioar M, lmsoy, E. lferrvll, ll. II?ll'l'2lI'i I', Sullivan, ll, Svhultz. l', Sunni. lf'llf"l'll HUXV-ll. Plummer. I Mills, il. Ilzimiltmi, XV. llolwrl- sou, I". Slime-, II. Rue. ll, Iirumnn- A, Asuy, G. Milos. li. Hribi, J llrukv, fJI'ClIl?Sfl'll l4'lUIN'l' HHH' i M, lim-lm, M llurris. M. Sp0i'1.:'ox', li. Ile-rd, lil l'c-tm-maori, li. Caillisti-r, A. Find- lf-y, Il, Ili-i'iiz1ndz-z, li, Mabry, I" Stlll'H'1'4lll, SICUUNIJ RUXV 3 li, Ulzirot, IJ. Iiivhzlrrls, IC, Huy, W, liube-rtsou, l'. I"l'2lSUI', M. Gurln-r, ll, llarrah. J. .Ii-ffrivs, li, Ile-ss:-. ll. llillmuu, ll, 'l're-nihlvy, li. Szifurjiau, C. 1 lluslvy, R. Swvut, XV, 'lurk. 'l'lllRl5 RHXV-Mr. V. XVhitv Klu- struvlnrl. J, Suults, .I. Nuwell, Il. Vhishnlm, Ii. I'zirIie-r, l'Z. Lowsmi. U. Iiessv. Il, l'urtlf-. M. Ilzirris, II. l":irrzu', IC. Fury, A, Mitvholl, IG. Ilziwvs, IJ, llruoiuc-. 'FUI' RUNV -- .l, Uaiitwe-Il, J. lvralu-, K. Klum-y, ll. lim-. IJ. lluward, .I, Williams, M. Ilzirrial, 11. Luihorp. Mixed Chorus l4'IllrN'l' IUIXV - f', Alla-u. K. llruss, J, Birkhm-:uI, ll. Svrziuluu, M. Ilowvs, II. Kirksey, J, Voss- I1-r, IC, lialme-r, Ii. lmse-y, G. liar- liug, IC, Crisp, ll, Scott. Il. Arlin- przist, K, Shia-Ifls, V, Murphy, A. XVI-st. ll, Name-l. SIGFUNIJ RUNV - S, Hul'f'i:i, M. Sm-i'g'1'r, IC. Sc-itz, Ii, VVill'X'6'Il, IS. lil-rpgiiiuii, N. Fowler, J. UNE-il, R, ll'usnm.:', S. Aldrifliqv, I", Find- lvy, F, HOI1IIHllllJ,'I1, ll, Roberts, ll. Vlurk, M, f'h:1mlne-rs, M. Mc-- Millzin. Il. Shvrmau, V. Man- ilrillf-, M, Vtter, 'I'. Alexuiidvr, M. l'airter. 'I'IllRlJ IIUXV-Nlr, 12. Iflrwiu fin- st.ruc-torj, M, llnwurfi, S. Zum- wult, A. Glzulm-y. M. Fisher, U. lfiudlvy. V. llziwvichorst, J, RM-il, V, Snidvr, V. Gilw, IF, liulrerts, Ii. Vlisimlwrs. I", Smith. Ib. Vrnsv, Il. lmng, A. Brown, , l+'0l'li'l'lI ROW - XV, May, I.. Kennedy. ll, Szifnrjiun, I.. Harm-s, ll, Ilnwurrl, A. AIZILFIIIIS- sou, R, Asny. IG, Barnum, J. Mc- Vullister. 'FUI' ROW-R. Mairtinvz. .. 12' - In-rl, Ii, Hansvn, V, Gregory, D. f'00lH'F. IW. llziwtlmrm-, TJ. Du- lmisc-, Ii, 1'humli-fy, S. llzlrris, J, l,:inr'aster, P. Murphy, Il. lmumis, U, Jones. 1. Music Ti? - 5 , 4 .311 ,, 4 ,. Y 1,51 E r' '- Q ., J., it. ,X ff I i I PM fx ' 4 .J ' V' ig .wa I, .- -2.9, 'sim I X . ,ia I, 1. I- -1' , U .4 .U X ' M, -J' .,' -, i,-H7761 NI i N wi ' 'W Fr . . ? if' kv ...I . fl 'tg ij Y :gf 2, 'EQ .,- i J 1' .f Irv 'fv ,cv I V gf v Y n ' 'I V .l'.' J .my .V J JV 'JJ J J lvl M J JJ sf K, Jjv' 1 v' .iv r J v, 'vffvvy v W yi ft jf. Y fr A Basketball Tulare should have finished first in the county this year, but due to a few slip-ups in team work, they lost two games. One of the games was lost by one point and the other was lost by two points, Thus, the varsity Red- skins gave Tulare High one of the most thrilling sea- sons of basketball ever witnessed. Coach Hilton Bell started his boys with long and furious practicing early in the game. With no gym the boys were destined to play at the fairgrounds, but this handicap didn't seem to bother their good playing in the least. The first string line-up for most of the season was: Howard Russell playing center, Ted Brown and Bob Safarjian playing guards g Bill Stadleman, Clair Busby and Harold Vandergrift playing forwards. Tulare opened the season against Corcoran and came through with the score Tulare 19, Corcoran 11. The second practice game was with Reedley, one of the strongest teams in the valley, which Reedley won, 16-10. Reedley later won the valley championship. The first league game was with Orosi. Due to ex- cellentteamwork and fighting spirit, as well as good individual playing, the Redskins won their first game, 19-16. Starting the season out right we also won the sec- ond league game with Exeter. However it was by a smafl margin, for the final score was Tulare 13, Exe- ter 2. Lindsay had to forfeit their game to us as they had sorgeouneligible players, the official score being listed at - . The first defeat of the season was at the hands of Porterville which Tulwe dropped 26-28. The second defeat of the season was at Dinuba. Tulare was leading during the entire game, but at the very last Dinuba scored and defeated us by one point. There was a big turnout for the game. This didn't discourage our boys for in the next league game with Hanford they really hit their stride alldz with everyone playing outstanding ball, they won 5 - 3. Varsity Basketball FRONT ROXV-l Jrexc-l Sif'W1l"t- Norman Davis, Bill Stadleman, Iivb Saf'1r'i'1n Harold Vander- ' - J- . arrift., Arthur Swanson. TOP ROW'-Coavh Gerald Erwin, Flair Busby, Howard Russell 'red Brown, Elmer Coday, clifi ford Adsit, Coach Hilton Bell. B Buslclffbfnll FRONT ROVK'-Erl Riondu, Bob llrlhi, Donald Hillman. Antrinic' Mamishian. Vi-re Vandergrift, Ed Rhyman, Joe Silva. BACK ROW - Allan Twaddle, Elmo Fuller, Donald Smith, Carl Henerd. Harold Garner. Donald Hoffman. Coax-h Jvsse Hexhe-rg. C und D Class Basketball l"RON'l' llflvv-llllllilld Fory, Roh Prahtren. Arkie Margosian. Dirk Hesse, John Arkalian, Daniel .Te-ns-mon, Andy Andonian, Poarh Howard Brown, 'POI' ROW - Harlan Henerd, Kc-nneth Smith, Melio Teglia. George- Miles. Verdo Gregory, Mike Nalhanian, Bud XVilliamS. l':ll'I'lC'l' Maddox. Basketball Flvuvk . 04, QI i V' 'y N a N . N. N Vf' , vt ' X. ll Il L31 X mx' xkl , V l"7'l" w MM , v N' R N Jw V . W ,jx i W 1- K9 iff? uf IIZLJ JJQIJ y' . J YJ WJ v O J , ix Wt ':f , .1 I r Z. ,iv r lf " Basketball The league game with Visalia was another close contest, but Tulare went out to win, 13-12. Visalia la- ter won the county, so Tulare was quite proud that they were the only team in the county to beat them. In this game Safarjian and Stadleman played very good bas- ketball and a lot of the credit goes to them. Just before the last league game, which was with Delano, Howard Russell was elected honorary cap- tain. We won the game 22-18, and Russell was high point man as well as being the outstanding player of the evening. Seven boys on the team took a trip to Redlands to play the Redlands Frosh. The boys were victorious, winning the game 21-11, This proved to be a grand outing for the Redskins as well as a grand game. Even though Tulare didn't finish first in the county, they didn't miss it far, and Tulare will long remember the season of '35, ....l l B Class Basketball As in football the Tulare lightweights showed up very well in basketball. They had more fighting spirit than any other team in the school, Coach Hexberg has coached many successful years of basketball, but this was one of his most successful. The line-up Was: Donald Smith, center, Alan Twaddle, and Elmo Fuller, forwards, and Carl Henerd and Don Hoffman, guards. There were three practice games before the league, with Reedley, Strathmore, and Maricopa. The B's won at Reedley 20-10, won from Strathmore 19-2, but lost to Maricopa by one point, 19-20. Nevertheless, with two successful practice games to their credit, the Pa- pooses started the season with high hopes. The first league game with Orosi proved to be a successful one. We won 17-12. All the players dis- played much skill and good teamwork. The Papooses lost their second league game to Exeter 19-14. However, in the third game with Lindsay Tulare again came in the limelight by summoning their spirit and won 22-15. Everyone played exceptionally well throughout the game, Basketball B Class Basketball In the Porterville league game, Fuller was high point man and he displayed some excellent playing. Tulare won the game by two points, the score being 23-21. T'his was one of the most exciting games of the season, and the boys showed plenty of spirit. Perhaps the most disheartening defeat of the year was by one point to Dinuba. We lost 13-14. Hoffman played a good game of basketball and was high point man. This loss failed to discourage the lightweights and they showed this by walking away with Hanford 32-25. At Visalia the Papooses met their third league de- feat. The final score was 17-11. Even though they lost the game they showed much skill in their playing. The Delano game proved to be another close affair with Tulare again winning by one point, 22-21, Hen- erd played his best game, being high point man. C and D Basketball Although the C class started at the beginning of the season by Winning from the strong Maricopa team 20-14, the boys failed to click and won only one more game the whole season. The first string line-up consisted of Forwards, Wil- liams and Purtleg Guards, Teglia CCaptainl and Hen- erdg and Center, Maddox. The most valuable player on the team was Teglia. His shooting was excellent, his passing was quick, and his dribbling was clever. Williams showed much improvement during the year. The D class basketball team really went to town. They only lost two games out of the eight games they played with grammar school teams. They won over Buena Vista in the play-off, thus entitling them to tie for first in the league. They started out very slow, but ended as the best and fastest team in the league, The line-up was: Forwards, Andonian QCaptainJ, and Margosian, Guards, Arkelian and Miles, and Cen- ter, Cory. Andonian, captain, was by far the most val- uable man on the team, as he was an all around floor man. Andonian, Margosian and Cory will all make excellent material for the lightweight team next year. Mr. Howard Brown coached the C's and D's. H f w X QE' i. Lyris' l-.",YPl0,' Xl Www N 5 v '- 1 1 NNN ' vu ill ix m K '.n.- ,,,, nv .-. , ., . ,f,,. Q ,f ,:- ,'.v4'.h s . ' - Lf, uf.-.zu '1' ,,,. r .f I., ,, -. N , , , W xfw - . . W, .,,.. . 1 A-: fx 4 ',- ., 1, ,, -1 4, - , 1 ,,,.g ' , . -.,f :,:1.-x. ., 5--5 QQ !! fZ!'!15'l'?2'f'!!tJ""1 A5 .I 5 Eg 5' q ,Q -an ,f " , fa ' . ,, . ...4 4- ' 1" J , f,.f 1 1.1, A ' . . .A , ,, wif. , f f, . K, ..,. , .. Av. . Gm 1 . . ,-Q: Q ' ' 'Q i., . EPlRD N Gbf ei? 335 VVoodrow Kinman, Pat Nowell, Miss Irene Conley, Coach Debating Team . Tulare High School Student Body is very proud of its debate team which so successfully took the all coun- ty championship in the final debate, making it the sec- ond consecutive year that Tulare has held this honor, The question handled by the debaters was, Re- solved: That the Federal Government should adopt the policy of equalizing educational opportunities throughout the nation by means of annual grants to the several states for public, elementary, and second- ary education. Those upholding the affirmative were: Pat Nowell and Woodrow Kinman. Those upholding the negative were: Russell Henry and Barney Loomer. Both Rus- sell Henry and Woodrow Kinman were members of last year's winning team. The debate schedule was as follows: On March 1-Dinuba vs. Hanford. Tulare vs. Strathmore. On March 8-Dinuba vs. Tulare, Hanford vs. Strathmore. On March 15 a final debate was held between Tu- lare and Hanford with Tulare receiving all six deci- sions which entitled them to the county championship and a silver cup. 5 Vernon Loomer. 'i f ,, s 5 yt x N tx Qi' K. NN M RX vf tt 'MV' kgyvss' jfffm,g.xu Q, W Wg All . XE ' X" Ax .1 ku v. . 1 Ns Q ww y vwuk f X. A UW ' . 'x' .p f 'I ' x BQJLMXAU ,I i fl-M1 F 9 .1 , AJ' ,--sy, M, E352iG6?eeT'L"'M"J' ' ' SECOND ROVV-Frances Finley, Geraldine Eyer, Hazel Body, Betty Warren, Margarie 0 ha, Ann Ragan, Genevieve Mulcahy, Mr, Hilton Bell, THIRD ROVV-Miss Gladys u ty B d Finnh J Leonard, Bill Picke g L C t ll Freshman Class One of the largest Freshmen classes, numbering nearly 300, entered Tulare High this year. The class, although most of its members were small, started out mightily. A council was elected lmmediately and the following officers were chosen: President-Donald Hillman. i Vice President-Murl Couchman. ,ii Secretary-Ann Ragan. af :fy Treasurer-Walter Cottle. Y, .1 " "Y :'J.a:!J J IQJ :JJ ' Jifv W J I Jv :f YV J fi' ' Y A News Reporter-Betty Warren. Yell Leader-Eddie Martin, After initiation the Freshmen buckled down to business, and their first project was filling the Christ- mas barrel. in this they showed up the rest of the school by filling their barrel to the very top. m'The Frosh also decorated the fairgrounds for all the home basketball games, and this was done in quite an artistic manner. In all school activities the Freshmen were well represented. The lighter athletic teams were made up mainly of Freshmen boys, and three Freshmen girls were on the Stanford-U. C. teams. Several Freshmen who went out for debating show promise of good fu- ture material. E39 533 Wig? E Freshmen, 1955 1 JV J - ff 'fr t, 'fu J " "JJ J 1 1 4 1 ' av J fd .VJ J J-19 'vo J., wiv 7X il Y J ,..f ' v ' 1 V U J W 1 , 5 K? if r v A Hockey 911. 39 533 A Hockey season started with a bang. Such a large turn-out of girls necessitated the dividing of the group into two divisions-each division going out for prac- tice two nights each week. One division was so large that it was divided into four teams. Two Chanutes, and two Wolasis. The other division had one Chanute team and one Wolasi team. The captains of these teams were as follows: . Wolasi Captains-Lois Callister, Charlotte Leland, and Sakaye Katsuki. Chanute Captains-Hazel Body, Laverna White and Goldie Thrasher. The Chanute team led by Laverna White of the first division emerged victorious from the preliminary games, while the Wolasis headed by Lois Callister were winners of the other section. The final game be- tween these two teams was a tie, After the big game a feed was held in the gym followed by a program and toasts from the captains. Miss Fisk coached the teams. V Jig F571 U3 W7 X " l M: 1 ,LJ PLT, pg:':'I, L'-'QQX 2 CI l f PM LQ' 'ii tTQjl,,j Lip! 5 :if-A x,.. -3 'w .-.L..f SH1'11fo1'rl Hockey IPIUINT ROW' - llorothy Chis- holm, lls-le-n Souza, Mary Rus- sr-ll, Virginia Jennimrs, Lois I'a,llisti-r, Ann Hagan, Rosie Mai',u'osian, Genevieve .Mulcahy l+'1'eida Small, Rose YYHIIHE. SIGUUNIJ RUXV-Ellen Noguchi, Sakayi- Katsuki, ldmmalee Sou za, Milrlrerl Harris. ldarlda Birch- fleralrliiie Myer, Gladys Lathorpz llolrertiim Keithli-y, Anna Mitvh- J i-ll, Frances llohllvaugh Helen . X Billing, Maxine Fassidy. Q 'FOI' ROW'-May Ivhinapza. Mai'- joriv Roc-ha, Dorothy XVatkins, Maxine Lost-y, Leah Rivers, Flora Smith, Uharlotta Leland, Alim- Brown, Evelyn Modder- man, Ri-na l'edromAelli- Margaret Harris, llrflvn Hailey. 17. C. Hockey l4'llUN'l' ROW - Lorraine Rolfe, l'i-arline Pugh, Billie Nelson, Er ma Mr'l'Iui-ii, Laverna YVhite. th-rtruclv Van Houten, Hazel limly, Nelda Fisk, SIGUUNIJ ROW-Goldie Thrasher, Maruari-t I.. llari-is, Te-lza lie-vin. llzismig' Sta-Iranian, Rosemary l'ai'Iie1', Ale-riam Levin, Rosie f"l2llllYll1lll2', Mary Anclonian. 'l'0l' ROW E Saralee Zumwalt, lilve-lyn XVatkins, th-ne Hartman, fl0Y'fl'llIlv Smith, lletty XVilbur. Me-rlv .layni-s. Ruth lmsey, Kath- ryn Harris- Ilorothy Davis, lInc'!.'1'y Crlpfrziws and Coach Holcliv 'l'hi'ashei', Haze-l Body, t'harlottv Imlaml, l'0ar'h Aillene Fisk, Lavvrna XVliit9, Lois Cal- l istf-V. Sa kayv Katsuki, KN, . vi , ,. , I Ffr fit . Y , ,, 1 ' I . 1 pup, VWNYDIVEYI Uvvi, soy' 'af if ,. gy ."w, FY? A QW 1 ' I LY Track, Baseball, Tennis Track One of the biggest turnouts in years paved the way for Tulare to have one of its best track teams of the past decade. Approximately 50 boys answered the call of the cinder path and comprised the team for 1935. The season officially opened when the local boys traveled to Bakersfield to capture varsity honors in the annual Bakersfield relays. The relay quartet of Rollis Friend, Bill Stadleman, George Boyd and Owen Rog- ers, set up a new record in the meet of 44.2 in the 440- yard event. In the 20-30 relays, held in Tulare, the boys again went into the record column when the same quartet rang up a new mark of 44.1 in the same event. In the 880-yard relay they also bettered the original mark by nearly a second only to be disqualified, Friend ran a sensational 220 to take the measure of the strong Taft boys, but to no avail. The race was one of the most exciting of the meet, which attracted 625 athletes to Tulare. In a dual meet with Hanford and Visalia on April 27, Tulare played an outstanding part with Boyd tak- ing both hurdles, Friend capturing the sprints and Pat Nowell showing up well in the football throw. In the county meet held at Tulare on May 4, Coach Charlie Russell's men came through to score an over- whelming victory in the varsity division. Friend set up new marks in the sprints of 10 seconds flat in the 100 yard dash and 21.8 seconds in the 220. Nowell tossed the football to a new mark of 196 feet 915 inches, while Vossler won the high jump, Boyd cap- tured both hurdles and Nowell, Eggleston, Jones, Brown, Mendias, Cardoza, Rogers, Stadleman, all came in for extra points. The relay team also set a new mark in that event. Friend's sensational time in the sprints make him a strong contender in valley and state meets. Vossler, Brown, Jones, Nowell, Eggleston, Farrar, Stadleman, Rogers, Boyd and Mulcahy were the nucleus of the team this year. Truck lf'lt0N'l' RUXV-Joe Strong, John Arkolian, Carl Vogt, Raymond Martinez, George Poole, Dale Hillman, Arkie Margosian, John flardoza. Raymond Vossler, Paul Ruiz, SIGCONIJ ROSV-George Fowler, Alfonso Booker, Loren Elliott, Roy Lewis, Lowell Mulcahy, llewett Clement, Jack WVynn, George lloyd, Louie Costa, Eph- riam Mendias, Marvin Hillman, Don Howard, Ray Voston. 'FOI' ROW'-Coach Charles Rus- sell, Henry Pool, Barlow Sarki- siznn, Don Hoffman, Manuel Car- doza, Charles Abbott, Pat Now- ell, Raymond Eggleston, Rollis Friend, Bill Vogt, Owen Rogers, Hill Stadleman. Baseball l+'ll0N'l' ROW-Donald Preece, George Turner, Donald Hoffman, Norman Davis, Alfred Valenzue- la, Carl Henerd, Albert Turner, Porwin Drake. SICUOND ROXV - Coach Dale Glick, Harlan Henerd, Gerald Ileix-:ery Herman Ruiz. John Stur- geon, Elmo Fuller, Ed Bionda, Louie Ularot. 'POI' ROW-George Miles, Her- svliel Forbes, Elmer Coday, Leo Row-rs, llelhf-rt Rising, Nils llin,dt-i'l'1-n, Aubrey Bowen, Clair liuslvy, lioh Sohultz. Tennis Ten na l+'llUN'l' ROXV - Voavh Aillene Fisk, lsolvel Cameron, Mvriam L4-vin, Gladys Rose, AliveRrown. SIGUOND ROXV - Uoaoh Gerald lllrwin, Genevieve Mulcahy, Ann Rilllllll, 'Fed llrown, Harold 'Frm-nilnley. 'POI' ROVVfll:1t Nowell, Charles Knokvy, Flair Busby, Clifford Adsit. Track, Baseball, Tennis 1 I . N fx, pl ff vvjffuufq u A' .l 1 1 I., 'fu uv J t f Y fx' H, -f v . J l J 4 ' J J jg J V US' I K' u JY if 'ffl r i V 'J .1 S4 J .1 ,X .1 Y rQ.,i A Track, Baseball, Tennis Baseball Baseball, known as the great American game, was restored as a major sport in Tulare high school this year after an absence of five years. Despite this lack of experience on the part of the players, the local boys went through the season to date with a credible record, winning about 50 per cent of their games. Ruiz was the outstanding man on the mound and turned in some good performances, the best of the year being against Visalia when he pitched eight and a half innings without a hit, and allowed only one safe bin- gle in the entire game. The lineup for the year consisted of: Pitchers ................ Ruiz and Forbes Catchers .............. H. Henerd, Busby First Base .................. Davis, Turner Second Base .............. Geiger, Fuller Third Base ........ ....... M iles, Preece Shortstop ........... ........ G . Turner Left Field .......................... Hoffman Center Field ................ Carl Henerd Right Field ....l........... Bionda, Busby Substitutes: Drake, Sturgeon and Bowen, Team Manager .......... Elmer Coday Coach Dale Glick, who piloted the boys through the season is optimistic about the prospects for next year as only two of his first string outfit are lost by graduation. The league games and scores were as follows: Tulare 2, Porterville 8 Tulare 2, Lindsay 5 Tulare 6, Exeter 9 Tulare 8, Dinuba 14 Tulare 10, Corcoran 6 Tulare 4, Visalia 1 The practice schedule included the following scores: Tulare 7, Taft 11 Tulare 14, Delano 9 Tulare 7, Bakersfield 6 Track, Baseball, Tennis y Tennis Tennis is steadily climbing up to a higher rank in the list of sports of Tulare Hi. A large turnout this spring aforded a lot of opposition for all the players before being placed on the team. This year there were eight practice matches held with the various towns of the county. Our Tulare teams were victorious in seven of them being defeated only in their last match, which was with Hanford. A diH'erent plan was inaugurated this year with the changing of the players on the team each week. This was done to enable all the players to become ac- customed to playing in real matches, and also to afford the coaches a chance to see the players in action. The best players in the practice matches were placed in the County Tennis Tournament. On Saturday, April 27, the County Tennis Tourna- ment was held in Hanford, with every town in the ten- nis league entering a strong team. Tulare was well represented by the following list: Ted Brown and Clair Busby .............. Boys' Doubles Meriam Levin and Isobel Cameron .... Girls' Doubles Alice Brown and Charles Knokey ...... Mixed Doubles Pat N owell .............................................. Boys' Singles Ted Brown and Clair Busby advanced to the semi- finals, but were finally ousted by the duo from Han- ford. They did fine playing throughout their matches. Pat Nowell, Jr. defeated the Porterville represen- tative on April 27. On May 1 Pat played the Orosi player for County Championship. After dropping the first two games he came through with a blaze of glory, ending up 6-3, 6-3. Winning the county entitles Pat to enter the semi-finals of the valley which take place at Bakersfield on May 4. A lot of credit for the success of the 1935 tennis team is due the two coaches, Miss Aileen Fisk and Mr. Gerald Erwin. F ln ix lyk V' ' tx Lyv 'W xl: L L X, v vf' tL ' Q'- IiS'X"w Q -A . ' ' .x kt' vv A ' N v 1 V N! X! , Y L Y ffl J 'MJF It .' JvZJ :J T rf w M '. rw 1 flea V aft: 1 W ,J vxrv V A Basketball p Girls' Basketball This year has been a most successful one in girls' athletics. There have been more sports and more girls out than ever before. On the evening of March 15, two very evenly matched teams were met by the applause of a large and excited crowd. A streak of blue, and a flash of red, yells, suspense, and at last the fourth quarter-first one team and then the other was ahead-the gun was fired, leaving U. C. the victors. This game has gone on record as the fastest, most exciting, and perhaps best played game the girls have ever put on. " Lois Callister led the Stanford team, and placed her team as follows: Virginia Jennings, jumping center, Myrtle Au- born, running center, Dorothy Chisholm, guard, Mary Russell, guard, Freida Small, forward, Lois Callister, forward. Substitutes: Ann Ragan, Genevieve Mulcahy, Charlotte Leland, Rose Margosian, Kathryn Wallace, Helen Souza, and Gerry Nagel. Esther Elliott, captain of the U. C. team, placed the team as follows: LaVerna White, jumping center, Esther Elliott, running center, Billie Nelson, forward, Isobel Cam- eron, forward, Lita Price, guard, Mary Andonian, guard. Substitutes: Telza Levin, Meriam Levin, Laura Carkeek, Bernice Cederlind, Bonnie Vogt, Saralee Zumwalt, Velma Moore, and Erma McEuen. This year the girls worked under a handicap, as the gym could not be used. The first two weeks of practice were spent on the outdoor courts. The other three weeks the girls went to the fairgrounds four nights each week and put in some practicing. Considering the short time available for practic- ing, the game was a well played one. The girls all feel a lot of credit for the success of their basketball sea- son should go to their coach, Miss Lucy Proudfoot. U. C. Girls' Basketball FRONT ROW-Bonnie Vogt, Iso- ln-l Cameron, Esther Elliott, La- vqrnzt XVhite, Mary ,indonian Billie Nelson, v TOP ROW - Bernive Cederlind, Telqzt Levin, Goldie Thrasher, Meriam Levin, Erma ,Mcliuen Sztralee Zumwult, y Stanford Gio-ls' Basketball FRONT ROW - Mary Russell, Virginia Jennings, Lois Callister. Ann Ragan, Rosie Margosian. SECOND ROXV - Helen Charlotte Leland, Jerry Genevieve Mulcahy, 'POP ROXV-Flora Smith small, Dorothy Chisholm: Arhorn, Helen Bailey. Souza, Nagel, Freidzt Myrtle Girls' Basketball Captains and Coach Lglvernu, VVhite, U. C. assistant captain: Esther Elliott , L, C. vuptuing Miss Lucy Proudfooty Coavhg Lois C'z1llister,.Stanf0rd 4-ziptaing Virginia Jenn1nEES. HS' Histatnt Stanford captain. Basketball I W at Q- T UJIWMHEHL, 'U . lflqfilwx flfzxilc 3193 Q53 35 I TED BROVVN FIRST ROWV-Bob Trembley, Rollis Friend, Ted Brown, Pat President Nowell. SECOND ROWfFrank'Barrier, Billie Nelson, Miss Lois Thomp- son, Vlrgllllil Je Senior Council In a spirited election the following Senior officers were chosen early in the year: President ------ - - Ted Brown Vice President ------ Rollis Friend Secretary -------- Billie Nelson Treasurer ------ Virginia Jennings Council Members: Pat N owell, Bob Trembley and Frank Barrier. The Senior Class made an early start on their acti- vities when they took an active part in the dedication of our new turf, which was a huge success. One of the biggest tasks of the year was tackled next-that of initiating the Freshmen. Needless to say, they were treated with skill, and much enjoyment was shown by everyone, including the Frosh. The class undertook to break some of Tulare High's old traditions as the year went on. Instead of blossom- ing out in Blue and Silver-gray sweaters, rings were proudly displayed by most of the Seniors. In November, just before Thanksgiving, the Sen- iors sponsored a dance given at the Fairgrounds. Dec- orated with turkeys and pumpkins, the fairgrounds had a lot of holiday spirit, and the dance Was a great success even though the turkey disappeared for most of the evening. The Annual Christmas play, sponsored by the Sen- iors, was held at the Tulare Theater, the day before vacation, and was attended by the whole Student Body. In the middle of January the Seniors enjoyed a snow party in Giant Forest. The party was a hilarious adair and the Seniors all came home tired but happy. i . RN 5 yy.: '. Q, vs - , , .5 ir'-V Q N. ' xffl Qc . WW, 0' 1' aff! 0446 C . I, 4 4 .4 . , 4 - . X4 gf. .fy Z2 1 lag: K '49 K 1' 6 ' K X Senior Class, 1955 E . iw? I , 1 ' BUELL LEROY BROVVN-Automotive 34, 35: Football 333 Radio Club 32. DONALD C, BROOME-Football 33, 34, 355 Golden T Club 34, 353 Road Show 34, Tumbling Club 345 Latin Club 32: All County Band 34. GEORGE E. BOYD-Class Council 32, 33, 343 "'Lea.ve It To Psmith" 35: Class Vice President 343 Basketball 33, 349 Track 33, 34, 35, Auto Mech- aniics Club Treas. 35. SEVERINO BOB BORZI-Radio Club 33, 34, 35: Future Farmers 329 Auto- motive C'lub 35: Honor Society 34, 35. HELEN M. BILLING-Home mics 323 Girl Reserves 33, Econo- 34, 35: Hockey Team 359 Volley Ball 34, 35: May Fete 314, 35. VVILLARD BAXLEY-Football 32, 343 Automotive Club 33. 34: Track 313 Golden T Club 34, 35. FRANCIS FRANKLIN BARRIER- Football 33, 34, 35g Automotive Club 34, 355 Class Council 3'4, 35: Tumb- ling 34, B --M Fete VERA 'TINE BAKER-Home Eco- nomic 32, 33, 3'5. BILL BAILEY-Radio Club 32, 33, 34. 35, RUSSELL A. ASAY-Football 30, 31, 32, 349 Basketball 30, 31, 325 Future Farmers 30, 31, 325 Golden T Club 35: Glee Club 35: Amateur Boxing 34, 35, ALLAN ASAY-Basketball 32, 33, 345 Football 33, 345 Latin Club 34, Vice President 353 Band 34, 35: Algebra Club Sec. 32. 171715 iklrfffsflifv ANN E ARKELIAN-Girl Reserves 325 Home Econiomics Club 34, 35. ALICE ARKELIAN-H me Economics Club 2 ,3 9 Gle Club 32: U. C. Bas 'l am 3 ' Volley Ball 34. CLI t ub 33, 34, 355 Ba ba 55' nis 34, 35. KATHRYN E. ALLEN-Home Econo- mics Club 32: War Whoop Staff 34. HELEN A. ABERNATHY-G irl Re- serves 33, 345 May Fete 32, 33, 34, 355 U. C. Hockey Team 353 U. C. Basket- ball Team 33g Dramatics 35, "Leave It To P,Smith" 35, CHARLES DAVID ABBOTT--Football 32 35' Track 32 33. 34, 35: Golden 'r'c1u1d 32, 33, 34,'35. Latin, Club 32. ICIJXVIN WATSON RROXVN - Class Pres. 32, 35, Vive Pres. Student Body 34, "Mary's Ankle" 34, "Leave It To Psmith" 35, Football 32, 33, 34, 355 Basketball 32, 33, 34, 35, Track 32. 33, 34, 35. KENNETH CLAIR BUSBY-Football 34. 35: Basketball 34, 35: Golden T Club 34, 35: Band 32, 34, 35: Orches- tra 33, 35, All County 33, 353 Tennis 33, 34, 35, County Champion 34, MIKE CARINICLLI - Lemoore High School 343 Tulare High School 35. LOIS ROWENIC CALLISTER-Edith - in-Chief of Argus 35: ails u 32, 33, 34, Stanford Bask b 32 , 34, 35: Honor Society 32, , , 1 G S l Vice Pres. 35, Sta , capri 35. MANUEL RAYMOND CARDOZA -- Track 32, 33, 34, 35: Golden 'F Club 35: Automotive Club 35, Algebra Club 32, Ten Mile Relay 32, 33, 34, 35. MARY MERCEDES CARRIERO-Glee Club 32, Algebra Club 32' Home Eco- nomics 34. JACK CLARK-'l'raek 3', 'ootball 355 Automotive Club 34, 3 aseball 35. XVINI ID NI F -O hes- trz ' flu Re- se .' 3 ay Fete 35. l.Ol'Il'I AROII'-F Farm , 33. 3 5- , 1 af Ont- bal , b ount Y Ur, estra 35, Sophomore Council l'Il,MlCR CODAY-Automotive Club 34, 35, Basketball 34, 35, Football 353 Baseball 35. GIJCN SAVVYICR PORIJICR-RadioClub 32, 33: Alf.:'4-bra Club 32: Road Show 34, Band 32, 33, 34, 35, I.AlDl+INlG IJUA 'li T .IC-G, S. L. Pres, 35 La , 5 . 33, etary 33, Girl ' ab. 34, , ec- rvtary .5, lonor So i , ennis 'l'c-am 3 , 35K Freslumk ay 32, 1' A ' l H30 HX ' IPR CJ CR ' A N r- I l l ' . gjfll .e es 32 a te 4, . 5 a' atics 35. l'1I,VlllA CVRT1 - Home Economics Club 32, 33, 34, 353 Interclass Bas- ketball 33: XVar-Whoop Staff 35: May Pete 32, 33, 343 Valley Ball Team 33. CURXVIN ID, DRAKE-liaseball Team 34, 353 Algebra Club 32: Band 32, 33, 34, 35. lCS'l'lll4Il: MARY MlJGl+ICOMl5-- Home hlvononiivs Club 32, 33: Girl Reserves 34, Latin Club 315 Radio Club 35. RAYMOND LICVVIS EGGLESTON - Football 33, 343 Latin Club 32, 33, 34, 35, Golden T Club 34, 353 Track 351 "heave lt To l'smith" 35. JOHN EGUIAN-Automotive Club 343 Football 33, 7 g Mr. Senior Class, 1955 1 X 1 Q x. al. A.. .n.. .'X .,1 'R XSL J S7 3337, Senior Class, i955 "1 l.lJl.U'j1k ,fv R ELLIOTT-Sec1'eta1'y Student 353 Asst. Yell Leader 32. 34: "s Ankle" 34, "Leave It T0 h" 353' Hon. SOG. 34, 351 ll, C. tball 32, 33, 34, 35, G. S. L, Cab- 4. HY ELSTER-Home lic-onom ics 33: Glee Club 32, 331 Mixed s 3143 Tennis 321 May Fete 34, 2 Honor Society 34 33 Alge IO B, FERNANDEZ -rSpanish 3 1 V' . : - N ,lub 323 Dramatics 35: VVar- p Staff 35. NA R SC e 632 33 M AMOS FARRAR Footblll , 3 35 Btsketball 32 33. 4 ack 32, 33, 34, .Jag Sax Band 32, , 35g Golden T Club 353 Busi- I FER' A I-Hom Econo- Club 32, 33. 34, 35, Treas. 35: ?et , , 34, t 1 2 4. : 1 ' , " 3 . V or ' f N 1 . .lanager "Mary's Ankle" 34. BIE INLEY-Algebra Club es r ' 33, 34, 355 Honor . , . Basketball Team BELLE FISHER - Girl Re- s Club 323 Health Contest 32: 33, Orchestra 34, 355 May Fete 2 33 34 30 Home Lconomlcs og Girl Reserves 303 Hockey 35. LEWIS FRIEND-Football 32, 35' Automotive Club 34' Track 3AGNES FnAM.MANGw- Latin V. ,. , . , H E, 334, 35, student coudeii 34, Vice Pres. 35: Golden T Club 34, 35. JANE HAIIIAOXVELL- EDYTI-IE HARRAH - Home , - f . . ' :J mics Club 32, 33, Band 3.3, 4, lee 32, 33. FCI? RITTH HAIlRAl'l-Urvhes- 'lo Home Lconomits Club 4 2 33 I L Basketball Team rchestra .32, .433 Spanish Llub 3 Basketball 32, 33, 34. lA AGNES HARTICR - Latin 3 . 3 T. 3. ' .' ' ' , . ., - -V 'LIN ARCHIBALD HAXVTHORN in Club 34, 35: Glee Club 32, 33, 5 Road Show 32, 34: Basketball County Chorus 32, 33, 34, 359 Play 32. ETTA HICRNANDEZ - Orches- E, 34, 353 Glee 32, 331 Home Eco- :s Club 355 May Fete 33. N HILLMAN-Track 34, 353 La- Play 32 BELL HOSKINIS Latin Club 32 Girl Reserves 33 34' Stan. ztball Team 335 Hockey Team ll County Orchestra 32, 333 De- 'lub 35: Spanish Club 33, 343 E ' 32, 33 lx s. 32. r Argus 30 Class Vice Pres 32 35 Council 32 34 35 Honor IIA RAE :IENNINGS-Assistant ty 33, 345 "Mary's Ankle" 34, 7 e It To Psmith" 35, G. S, L. et 34, Sec. 359 Stan. Basketball , 34, 35. f. , l . l ' Y V, MA A U ,M RI ' -rdi lligh St- i ,I ' '. Minni, 33: "Marys An I , "Leave I n Psmith" 35: "Ga irxetiesn 34, 1 CLA ENCE XVILLIALN JONES - l'o1'- terville High Sf-hoo 32, 33g Student Body Treas, 35, Class Treas. 32: Class Pres, 33: Football 33, 34, 35, Golden T Club 34, 35, XVILIAIAM DEVVIGHT JONES-Student Rody l'res. 35: Asst, Editor Argus 34: Class Pres. 33, Class Counvil 32, 33, 345 War Whoop Staff 333 Pub, Mgr. "Mary's Ankle-" 34. XVIDLIAM VVOODROVV KINMAN-De- hating' Team 33, 34, 315: Latin Clu 333 Honor Society 33I DOROTHY GLADYS KEMBLE-Alge- bra Club 32: Girl Reserves 349 Cabi- net 35. CARL LEONARD KING-Class Coun- cil 32: Basketball 32, 33, 34, 35: B Class Lettermen Club 353 Interclass Track Meet 33, 34. , JOHN JOSEPH SPINA- utom ive Club 33, 34, 35, onc Roll 33. BERT E. LATHORP - Automotive Club 355 Radio Club 32. Clfl.-XRLOTTE LELAND-Home Econo- mies Club 32, Spanish Club 34, Hoc- key Team 35, Basketball 35. FRANK 1.I'lRDA-- ROY IJCIC IAICXVIS-:xI,Ll'k'lIl'il, Club 32' F v Rand 34, 33, Latin Club 34, Pres. 35: Baseball 34, 35: Class Council 33, 34. NILS RUB ERT LINDG REN-Aut0m0- tive Club 34, 35: Saxophone- Club 323 Future Farmers 33: Band 33, 34, 35. XVILMA LUAR-Girl Reserves 323 Home Economics 33, 34, IIORUUIIY lCLIZABl'1'l'H LONG-Latin Cl I 32, 3' ir .rves 34: Glee Cl . , , , . 35. RERCHLYN FRANCES M RRY-012 chestra 32, 33, 34, 35: All County Or- vhestra 33: Spanish Club 32, 335 lTl'amztti4's 35. . ' ' 1 '- A . C - U. AN Ah .'l-Mafig-Alitmnotive 33, ' askethzlll 32- 33, 34, . : Cla ay 32. ROSE MARGUSIAN-Home Economics Club 353 Basketball 33, 34. 353 Class Play 32: Girl Reserves 32, 33. VIRGINIA INFZZ MARTIN-Girl Re- serves 32, 33, 345 Glee Club 31, 32: May Fete 31. LAWRENCE ALDON KENNEDY - Football 32, 33, 34: Basketball 33. Senior Class, 1955 6' U53 "' .Viv l N D f 1 - UM! P VY W7 5 I' .3313 i X 5. 3 5 Q N X J Y. x J - 'J v ,' Senior Class, 1955 U lj 4 V v NURVIN E'I'l'lAN I'0lVlG'l.l...lll,-Foob ball 32, 33, 34, 353 Track 33, 35: lilac Club 33, 34, All County 34: Golden T Club 34, 353 Ten Mile Relay 34, 35. CLARA FOREIGN POOLE - Visalia High School 32, 333 Sim.: Sing Club, Visalia 33. J.-XMICS WOUDROIV PERRY - Track 34, 35: Football 33, Ten Mile lic- lay 32, 33. 345 Algvbra Club 32, ln- tervlass Track Meet 33, 34, 35. BALMIRA li, l'ICRICIRA--Spanish Club 343 Glee Club' 32, 333 Home Economic Club 34, MARY ODDICNBAUGH-Lompoc lfnion High School 32, 33, 34. PATTERSON DANA NOVVICLL-Ifoob b 2, 33, 34, 35, Tennis 32, 33, 34, .- rack 34, 353 Latin Club 32, 33, . 5: Golden T Club 34, 35, Class ,ouncil 32, 35, .-XNGICLINA NOIA - Homo lflcononiivs Cljlub 32, 33, 34, S012 35: Stanford Zzisketball 345 May Fete 345 Glce Club 32. IIIIILIE G, NELSON-Class Secretary 32, 35, Comm, of Girls' Activities 343 U. C. Basketball 32, 33, 34, 35, "Mary's Ankle" 34, "Leave It To l'smith" 35: Cabinet 34, 359 NVar- Wlioop Staff 35, KIHACIG IGLNOR NAHICI,-Ilonie Eco- nomics Club 32, 33, 34. JEWEL ROLAND 1811-NUTT-Future Farmer Club 32, 33. 34, MYRNA McMILLlN-Home liconomics Club 32, 343 Class Council 33: Glee Club 325 Mixed Chorus 33, 35. VIRGINIA MURPHY 7 Home Econo- mics Club 33, 34, 35, War-XVhoop Staff 343 Latin Club 33: "Le-ave It To l'smith" 35: Christmas Program 35, Hockey Team 35. LOX TLI, J. l' ACI otball 32, 3 , 34, V, 353 Editor VVar- h . , Tel e ROI y 33. 34. 351 f . C ul 5 Golden T Club 34, RFTH F INE IxTf3Rf:AN-C!ll'C0l'?lll High S bool, 32, 33, Spanish Club 321 Latin Club 34, 35. IGTHEL IXIARGARICT MONTGOMERY -Home Iflconomirs Club 33, 34, Ur- chestra 34, 35. VIRGINIA li, MIIJLS-Home Econo- mics 32, 335 Spanish Club 345 Glee- Club 32, 33, BELLE MICDEROS - Cosmopolitan Club 325 llramatics 355 Ilaskctball 33. DONNA VFIRLINE MICDARIS-Spanish Club 32, May Fete 35: Hockey 35: Dramatics 35, JAMIGS W S'I'l NI t111t1.f11 H1 I1 Sc-hool, I sno lv 00111101 '34 '55 I Rody 31 Marys Xnkle 34 Rolf Show, 3 34 IIASMIG MARI XRITI STI IANIANI IVar-XX hump Staff I G1rl Reserves 24, 353 losmopolltln Plub 92 H01 key 35. AIJIURA 11111K C' J Home I ITIUYIIIIS L uh 1-'nAN1'1':s 1111 Ibl 39 3" ..., U, County ILOSAILII4 nomies l'1l'Gl'INIC JZ. LII oo ll 1110 Cz1lif,3-I 'lruk 5 KATIIR Y I S It mics CI 1 353 H00 11 y l10l!0'l'HI I0 SHI RN C. Baske b1ll Of 1c1.-11 Hume I COIIOITIIC'-1 Klub Xell Ielder JH, 35: L1 e um 'W .SI I4 I I 1 tm Klub ' - a County KhU1uS IIAROIAI 11 Llulr 2 33: SIHIIIISI1 I up lv v I III CARI Sill lfl I+':1rn1e1's 325: A1141 I I1I IVIIIMA I I Hon I':I'UIIOIlIIi x I 4 351 Vol Roald Show .1, -1, HHH C. SAI XRJI N Q b "4 'VI' I PII 'I fluh I-I hlll 'H P V 1 --I Club 33. IIUIVARII RI SSI I I I' JIII: Iinske Id H Alge Irl t'l11I1 32: I1 I'l4I'l'I'I ROI I O- UW I! R RUBY RUICINSUIN SIIIIISI1 I llb .25- IIIGRAIJIIINI I IJ Al1.,ebm 1 82: TIIHIIJIIIIL. 1 I 1 Cluh 524, e SAM RAI? 'IIN xg Comm. Bo WILFYS Ankle" 34 eax QP0 Psmlth 35 Ifonthzmll Ii1QIuth'1lI 34, 3 '11 v r Senior Class, 1955 E., x at li., xx 'U fx 1, Y- ' . f . ' 1 1 4 a -0 r ,J . Q -'ral ' 1 - A. f 1 i-. 1. v. 4 ' 'f . f 3 1 , 4 1 . 2-.il if DU fy ,. , . mls F5 f .., ,- sf 1' -1, 4,1 ,ga ,23 N. suv' IGIJNA IRICNIG XVtlOSl.l'1Y-llfwliuy 35: Home liconomivs 32, 335 Girl 110- svrvels 34, IIEIJCN LOUISE YVILLIIAMS - Home 1Cf-onomics Club Pres, 34, Vive Pros. 35, May Feta 32, 33, 34. 353 Strollers 32, 33. 34, Pres. 35: Class Sec, 343 Latin Club 32, 33, Road Show 32, 33. MII.DR'lGD ELLEN VVILES-Latin Club 33, 34, 35. Al.l1'l4Z LOUISE XYICKS-Senior Tumb- lers 32, 34, 355 Algebra Club 323 Homo lflvonomics Club 333 Il, C. Foam 32, 33, May Fcte 32, 33, 31. -15, , ARTHFR CLAIRE XVHITIC - Radio Club 325 Baud 33, 34, 35, UIQLAXIJ NVAIGHT-Algobrzi Club 32: 'Frack 32, 33: Automotive Club 31, 353 Class Council 33. IIAHOIAD VANDERQIRIFT-Iizlsketbull 33, 34, 35. OLIVE VAIJIM-Home Vlconomics Club 34, Spanish Club 343 Cosmopolitan Club 32. LOVISE EUNAYVAIL-Latin Club 34, 35: Algebra Club 323 Glce Club 32, 34, GIGUIU 1' IVI. TUR -F00 im 51 l4'11t1b.Jg1Q2Qe1's 3' . -1 , ase- ball .5. BILL TUGGLE- HOBICR LAVVRlCNi'l'1 'I'RlCMl4l,lCY-- Senio .Council 35: Latin Club 32, 33, 34 3 Road Show 34: Light Tcvhni- c' nl' 'Mary's Ankle" 34. Q LL . V111 ,LYN "IIA 'ICR-Auvtmnotivc' Club ' . TAI I- t ' ub 33. 3 - F' 0 fl 2. l"lI "Y LOUISIC SU'l'HlCRl.AND-Al- . , . .. gvbra Club 323 Home I'Ic'onornu's Club 33, 34. l'1l'l1lCNl'Z STIUPNG--Autuniutivo Vlub 34, 353 Trark VIRGINIA AIJRIICNNFI HAVVVICHURST-Glue Club 32, Ill. 353 Road Show 3-4, May Fe-te 32, 33. 34, 35, Class Play 32, liUIilCR'l' l'Al"L KNIGHT-T Squurx- , Club 333 Radio Club 33g Hi Y 34, 353 i Future Farmers 34, 35, l l , ture Farmers Club 32, 33, 34, 1 i C Class Basketball 33, 34, C Class Football 34, GICORGIC CHARLES THOMl'SON-l4'u- ec 35 Senior History deer paw, we waz sorta grene whin us fresh men begun to skool on siptembur-1931 but we shoor shoed the uther kids in skool that we were prity hot. fresh men inish- eashun was prity badd but we waz good sponts thru it awl and we cume out pewr tulare redskins. A lotta us kids went out for sports and we waz all purty good too. we had a fresh men council that waz shure good. ted brown was president and virginia jennings waz the vise prezedent and Eula Purtle waz secritary and esth- er Elliott waz the yell leader and our advizor waz miss gunther. we gave a fresh men play for the student body and they awl sade it waz good. the smart kids waz put on the oner roll, and the kids that waz nawty was sent to mr knokey. we had a swel time awl yeer and so I'll rite agin nex year. Your kid Willie P. X. Hows all the pigs and old Betsy. Gee, I wish you'd send me about four bits so i could bye that wild west magazine you said i cud have if i staid in skule. 1- Tulare union high School Dear Pop, I think we learned more in school this year, pop, but we still are pretty dumb. The sophomores and freshmen had their tug of war and we won. Aren't we smart? Boy we sure had a heck of a lot of guys out for athe- letics. They didn't sit on the bench either. The girls were good in sports, too. A few of them got on the Stanford-U. C. team. They will sure be good in a cou- ple of years, eh pop? We had a good council this year, too. Our officers were President, Bill Jones, Vice Pres., Eula Purtle, Sec- reta xqois Callister, Yell Leader, Esther Elliott and adv ry, Miss Gunther, More Sophomores got on the Honor Roll and there were lots of us in the HonQr.Society. We stuck up for the 'Seniors all through the year, QI i 'Q N' x Ns Q.-. V 1 . lv xl wk M f Lvl. x, lr NX is. fm NV X. M., VQ V tg i V M A as if ll lx M W ', .r 1- . 'Y 'fu , . V ,vt . I v, 1 v N f' i Jw I EJ ff if . W 1 5 J, I v X Jr.. i Senior History and they were mighty glad. I aint got anymore to say, pop, so I guess I'll close. Your boy, Bill P. S. Some of the guys wanted me to go to a shindig the other nite, but I was sorta scared and besides I only had four bits. The girls are shure purty, but I don't think I'm old enough to go out. Anyway, I think I'd rather save my dough until I get 5 bucks so I can buy a Ford Jim is going to sell me. He figgers the two of us can make it run after a little work. Tulare Union High School June 1, 1934 Dear Dad, This was surely an active year for our class. First, was the election of oiicers who were: President, Jim Stone 3 Vice President, George Boyd 5 Sec.-Treas., Louise Williamsg and advisor, Miss Conley. Blue and silver gray were chosen as our class colors. A farce, Mary's Ankle" was a grand success under the direction of Miss Thompson. We gave a big dance just before the play to advertise it. It was one of the biggest social successes during the year. We broke all class traditions and had an exclusive Junior party in the gym instead of the Junior Kid Day. WC? evenihad the privilege of ditching school for half a ay. On Friday nite, May 25, the annual Jr.-Sr. Recep- tion was held. The Dutch motif predominated, It was said to be the most effective reception ever held, I hope we have as successful a year when we are Seniors. Your son, William P. S. Say, Dad, could you possibly send me five bucks to go to the annual prom? I have a swell date and I'd like to make a good impression. Thanks a lot. Senior History Tulare Union High School June 1, 1935 Mr. W. D. Smith Tulare, Calif. Dear Father: The class of '35 is now closing its four successful years of study at Tulare High. Our officers are: President, Ted Brown, Vice Pres- ident, Rollis Friend, Secretary, Billie Nelson, Treas- urer, Virginia Jennings 5 Yell Leader, Esther Elliott, advisor, Miss Thompson. We were unusually well represented in athletics. Clair Busby made the all county football team. The varsity teams were made up of mostly Seniors. We held a Thanksgiving Dance which was un- doubtedly successful. The Senior play, "Leave It To Psmith," a three-act comedy was Very successful. Ted Brown, president of th? class, and Helen Abernathy, were in the leading ro es. Instead of having Senior sweaters we had rings, which carried out the Redskin theme quite artistically. Senior Ditch Day was done away with this year and the class has been trying to find something to take its place for the past few weeks. We are sure the Jr.-Sr. Reception will be a huge success and we are eagerly looking forward to it. Miss Thompson has worked untiringly with us and for us, and we sincerely appreciate her. We are ready to graduate as Seniors of '35, and hope the incoming Seniors have as prosperous a year as we had. Your affectionate son, William D. Smith, Jr. P. S. Wish you would send by return mail a check for 82500. There are a few little matters of business I'd like to get straightened out with the school before the end of the year. fl, s 9-X Nvl. V. ' lc' r N C5 lux x.N:.X,l lgiwiw Q . ll. N." " kind. i he Q .SS ' " M L .S LE 5 'C R B 50 1' N J 'T' Jul V ' ' "V 'jfs-fl yi! ' Jaw E lrqbivx Y 5 Yfmia' MIA. ,lxzi J .',' ' J 1' ,J I J Y I 'yi 7, J J v 3 J. 5 P 5" 1 U o .CI va +2 o .S-' G3 as .Q o B 'U 0 u E ..- lu D. 0 .Q O Q-I 4-v O S 9. .- 0 P -.- u .- U2 O D-1 .bd E LE O H E4 O CQ CQ 4 w BJ A BG 4 I U 'ce s D3 .:: 31' 3 Be I'Il da Fanny Wicks Oh, U2 M U H E Q O 5 4 chord To find the Lost Pa 4-v -v U FQ .C O A I-1 Q9 .C +-v NJ Ci an za z as O m H B 4 m Z l-1 .J M Z 4 D1 In To act big everything and Hg Anythi Iilike E .A ra z an as 4 U an M E rn .- be N D-c C ..- m sz: rn :- be heard Q .G aa m 'a as To hing that's funny ,.. E :x an GJ E Q VJ EV9I'yt +4 I C6 B y Sam Nois E vw 5 Fic ga Ho: wi-1 lvl Ea 44 HV! a stage dancer be T0 ui uz O CD vi 2 D. .E Q V2 2 4 5 Q H 3 Q U1 r-1 D O IJ engineer a constructive Be Well, feature that! y. there! ER He 5. 5 rl O U2 r-4 3 Be a business woman quit it. Sammy AW SS Sourpu si F 2 A A ra E5 m E- U2 H to be bashful Ot N w E -a cv an 5 o P-f aa .- .- .- 5' 4 U2 U Z u-1 Z Z Ei F1 4 h-0 Z r-1 U C2 r-4 P 5. a hearts of Professor E E 4 .- - .- CQ w 51 Z O v-i 2 4 P4 0 O UD circus wild women Strong man in wa '4- D C 8 In Ta guilty Ot N Big Jerry! print t0 She's mine 4 nice 'S Z andsome H .2 eu Tarzan FRANK BARRIER GEORGE BOYD ROY LEWIS L1 o aa CJ III o "1 o UJ cu o -U no To graduate about a ride? OW H alf-pint H OMPSON TH CHARLES To draw be wanted surprised be To You'd you heard? DOI y Have Sill biz go OE vi ,Az SE as .E nm maid Nurse V boys el' EXGI h, those O OH D IS MEDAR DONNA Broome o 3 OJ H o '4-4 2. ZVG H dear Home Bob! Yes, Oh. WSQZG Helen V BILLINGS LOUISE HELEN .-J P-I 4 A farmerette Tee, hee S8 Ro ROSIE FLAMMANG C0l1I1tel' y behind the ad L u ..- O 'G .- T' r-1 N in 0 P I-4 P' Di D O 4 Di P-4 P A ffl Ol' a radio operat Be me Dear Esther Just on 2 o o ra cs Q an DS E11 I 53 FYI les Travel in the jun bf .- .- O B0 .E O .C N in CS III .J A Q 3 o A A 4 E1 U1 4 D3 4 va :- vu P. cd S' violin pl rn 5 O E N u-4 N as FD .E .s: B an an U cd -sa 4-' 2 D1 N B1 CJ Z 4 Z Di Q IL' 4 H E4 Bl !'l DS Z Ei Z1 a congressman ying trapeze Be shucks Oh the fl 011 an The m 00000 ell w H Woodro b NMAN , KI o DQ Pi m E Z M ME Que Om Oo Bn: 3 o 2 .5 BD O 3 +- .C IL' 3 0 E O .Ci :E as 3 0 4-v 5 .E E E3 rf. fo GJ s: s: Q M P+ Q Q Z Z C11 M BJ U Z H Di B 4 .sa inspector teacher car basketball good Own a Ford hatta, W leader Boll-Weavil ra. II Coach Band US Algeb Ile S pink U19 I- Q9 -Q N GJ I ell, strike W gracio My Hey, wait do si E .5 an 'P4 I'm kie 'U C! rtie Fran John I0 S 0 : rl Z Be JOHN LASPINA BERT LATHORP CHARLOT FRANK LE NILS LIND Cl Z 4 .-J E11 A 45 Q35 El Champion typist know Nobody seems to Rose MARGOSIAN ROSIE Be Spanish prof. U? E .C hi : .-C3 ai cd 5-a U GJ .-1 .- GJ PQ U2 O D'-1 H Q Ill 2 E BI CQ executive Big quiet Be el' Ging I LLS AM VIRGINI Bull fighter your algebra? Where's King c E M Q on 4 O To grow taller Isn't he darling? Virgee MARTIN A RGINI VI over G-0-S-S-I-P roadcasting B 'S 8 is .5 O w GJ O c GJ GJ cs I-I W as o m O 3-1 b B 4 m 4 P4 z P4 IJ FZ l-4 b Giclliiwffli MQW 118 no Just guess? To look .cz E :1 'cf got in't A Yeah - - .... GQ vi m was Pi?" ie bernast 0 ..- .-4 aa- O 4Q o F-U E as E-l 45.5, ZFDD QGAZ img vi Ima: ze-z moe .sms soo moo: Get married hand mY Quit holdin' renchy F GE ALDR ID P' H A an vs U V1 1 93 35 Ambition d SW alle Name C SU U2 5 as .- O 5,5 25 :sm SE: o gong SP N293 ohzzi sg .cggv 'ao Hnsxxwsum 9:0-:H w In "-'0"'o oo' vE '1E:E -5.2 ,500 of-H u om-Deed cool' a ,whoa Ivooovvwag QQHPQQUDQSNVJ -5 E 3 5 33 A-E 'L' 2 5 2 2 -5 H Qc 53,5 .2 sage het: Bd, no ea U ,:3'U S a :noon iw? mm 5 vga: 348333 fir! gigs' 1: . -' 5152?-3 5: GO--5,-1 'Jung Uoufcswogo 0 HFHHUIQWUHE o has E 3555552 ai Qmmommammm 7 N 6 Q ,.J- fl wld ZA? 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Se What oi El RLAND SUTHE BI W v-4 E .: ba 5 2 3 .nu 5 2 B Q E 'cs rn .Cl H 2 Qc E ,Q I: -fm 0 55, Q 'QESE I 'U O G '- v:,:59a:2 .S mimagu as -1 HU-pq Q ,Q Q IS -I 'nom md amwwwggcsggs Q-Ig:D.E0gl-nN.:o5,5' "Sas.'9.baE2'gS"i" :uso SEQQQSSBZSBS Nl : w b E m .S a 31' ii iii? o E is 53522: wiuiLx.:3gB5 Eogaoghha an .M .w:525'2' 235556535555 va 3 0 N tag aw B' .QB .... S 2MSggiE::EE2 Md5m EMEEQE5 P4 5 WWE m WZE m Q N I 41 gg E FII E x w M E1 ,.,Z p 4 HHHQQ M pq E44 PHCE2 EMA D4 043559 W gggigmhdwsz m o -- Sr:- II cn "1 CD G0 cu cn 13 co Weet ng' S0-000 S Si don't say 011 Y SJ o Q U Z O Q Moo san W 5E4EgE5Sm8EEE 4OoA:4QAHmoQQBoo4A4mQ ogg EoSEgE38ESg52EEg mIwommmoBwAA2OmmEwmmogQ4Hj4mmmQoBBAMBENEQQ horsesb Equestrian fride Yeah? Bobby ERMAN DOROTHEA SH 'S Q N ax Q' X .M , vi K. MMM v N Y v 1 bel 'Gm Wq'2 QW' E2'g1WX. XY, up 't' QW. . sq w w ' kg X 1 Y J", "v vv v 1 . J 5' , f "fl VJ j 'Jr J JVJ JY Q yJ" . JJJJS' "Pig 'Jw Qxt JJ 'I , Q, Q "' . V . ' 'J .f ev JIU V bition Am ed Say all Name C 0 6 0 III o '1 0 Ui cu o U GS Q 8 0 -1 0. 0 aa --1 8 C y I' 'C 8 I' 6 S P 8 8 6 -1 .- ..- 6 H RTHA HARTER Martha Don't kid me Apiarlst Chee tenderj LDRED WILES Mil ie Well, you see . . . Evangelist GARET MONTGOMERY Peggy Here it comes Waiting for her street car CE NAGEL Grace Yes, dear Settle down ELINA NOIA Angie Any day now To get lm r oth r ring TI ODDENBAUGH Mattie I can do part of it Translate shorthand MIRA PEREIRA Balmira, Let's get hot Do the Hula Hula VIN POWELL Powell Hell you lucky people Join the Mills Brothers Y ROBINSON Just Ruby Only 60 mor days, dearie Matron at the counmty jail SCHOENAUER Eddie Wana buy a duck? Raise pigs ENE SHORE Gene Wana buy a brush? Fuller brush man ENE STRONG Gene Oh, you kiddo Another Fuller brush man L SPANI Gorgeous Hyah. Babe Trombone player WELLYN THAYER Wyn Quiet, please Be the noise off stage RGE TURNER ' Turner C me up and shimmie, sometime Traveling sal man VE VALIME Olive Ooooooooo, George! Do Rumba with George Raft AND WAIGHT Wai How'm I doin? Folsom No. 99,999 A WOOSLEY Edna I tank I g hom Have a lot of boy friends NIE ARAKELIAN Al ce Look out, it's burning Be a. cook CE ARAKELIAN Annie Ditto Be another cook ELL ASAY Russ Dear little Freda Ride around in a Packard BAKER Vera Here I am Dress designer EL CARDOZA Cardoza Hadog! Get married EDES CARRIE-RO D se H re's m shorthand Se retary to th President CLARK Jack Ah me Hen peeked husband LINE FERASCI Angie Gee whiz Be a, dressmaker LDINE REED Jerry Oh deah Be Mrs, Nord RYN SHIELDS Katie Ohhh don't Be a. public speake G STEPANIAN T ach r's pet Always making som wise rack Vamp NIC MAMISHIAN Antrinic Barlow's algebra is wrong Be a math shark RT TREMBLEY Bob Alla-fa-doodle Be official pest A SAUNDERS Wi lie Unknown Find more excuses RYN ALLEN , Kate No, please Telephon operato A LOAR TV ll e Oh, sur Be a. gardener RA SOUTH Dora She won't tell She doesn't know yet Y BALLARD Betty My butcher boy Butcher' Wife HARRAH Ditto Here it is Own a circus N HARIRAH Ditto IL There it is Own a better circus ABELLE HOSKINS Laura Oh Lord! ' President of W, C. T. U. RED CLARK Winney Ha! Ha! Teach shorthand MA M1 MAR GRA ANG MAT BAL NOR RUB ED EUG EUG PAU LLE GEO ora oRL EDN AN ALI Russ VERA MANU MERC JACK ANGE GERA KATH HAsM1 ANTR1 ROBE WHLM KATH WILM ALDO BETT RUTH HELE LAUR WHNH' m va ar L. 4-a 0 od m D 0 E cd In .:: S Q9 Q .rf as an Q E CD w E m S 2 4 n-4 Z r-1 U O3 v-4 P GIEIMMJJ UQ market fish 3, 0 W .- O s: as 4-I 40 O ... cd GJ .: 5 E Own a A Z B? oe-- sf- me -C-' E 3 3 .I vO .2 od as u ZS 4m 53 Um ia E: P141 Class Will We, the class of '35, believing to be in our right minds, make the following bequests: To the school, we leave the faculty. To the faculty, we leave them to regret over our departure. Don't take it too hard. To the Juniors We bestow the well-molded gum un- der our seats in the new bungalows, our dramatic abil- ity, and the advice to follow closely the numerous pre- cedents set by the Class of '35. To the poor insignificant Sophomores we leave our strenuously prepared note-books, knowing that they will bring them more A's and save them from the per- secutions we have suffered. To the Freshmen, we will our unlimited nerve-it will be helpful in time of need. Lastly, we leave our most cherished possessions as follows: I, Charles Abbott, leave my gal to nobody-I'm go- ing to keep her. I, Helen Abernathy, leave my gum everywhere. I, Clifford Adsit, leave avec plaisir fwith pleasurel. I, Kathryn Allen, leave another Allen in Tulare Hi. I, Allan Asay, leave, hoping to get sleeping sick- ness. Vffe, Annie and Alice Arkelian, leave together, as usua . I, Russell Asay, leave with a wife and fifty bucks. I I, Bill Bailey, leave to take pictures some where e se. I, Vera Baker, leave all I've got to my sister Rita. I, Betty Ballard, leave because I don't want to stay. I, Frank Barrier, leave my Herculean power to Lyle Barnes. I, Willard Baxley, leave to box kangaroos in Africa. I, Helen Billing, leave forthe broomes. I Severino Borzi, leave my A's to Letizia. I, George Boyd, leave my fondness to talking to the girls, to Kenneth Kuney. I, Donald Broome, leave my razors to Barden Finch. I, Buell Brown, leave with hopes as high as ever. I, Ted Brown, leave it to "Psmith." I, Clair Busby, leave right away quick. L ' N. V "1 lf vit. 'Q N wg Ex Nw at -F Ly Rza, vb L Q4 Q . F N tv- 1 M v u iii, v in w Ns Q N N N w Q ' A Y ini, rf' .JJ ,v' 'ff vJ3ilJ f 1,535 Jv .1 , J , 5 3 fd-f NV, ,J Class Will 9 I, Mike Carinelli, leave enigmatically. I, Lois Callister, leave my lexicography to Esther Peterson. I, Manuel Cardoza, leave my ability to run the mile to Russell Henry. I, Mercedes Carriero, leave now or never. I, Jack Clark, leave my classes to get some sleep and rest. I, Winifred Clark, leave my sister behind me. I, Louie Clarot, leave the rest of the school, you poor people. I, Elmer Coday, leave for the old farm in Missouri. I, Glen Corder, leave to explore unknown regions. I, Ladene Cottle, leave a little of my quiet, angelic nature to Madeline Fisher. I, Dorothy Crose, leave on June 3. I, Elvira Curti, leave studying behind me. I, Corwin Drake, leave, feeling sorry for the women. I, Esther Edgecomb, leave for the radio. I, Raymond Eggleston, leave my girl to anyone that can find her. I, John Egoian, don't leave. I, Esther Elliott, leave with my ducksy-wucksy. I, Dorothy Elster, leave my curly locks to Gene- vieve Mulcahy. ' I, Bill Farrar, leave because I know more than the teachers. I, Ygnacio Fernandez, leave to go some place to be appreciated. I, Angelina Ferrasci, leave my lisp to Orpha Besse. I, Alice Finley, leave, but I'm taking my red hair with me. I Lethabelle Fisher, leave with my memorable nickname, "Fish" ' I, Rosie Flamming, leave my place as only girl in Trig., to whomever is lucky enough to get it. I, Rollis Fri?er'id6 leave for bigger and better things I, Sarah Hallowell, leave my shyness to Helen Bailey. We, Helen Harrah and Ruth Harrah, leave for the wide open spaces, together, Class Will I, Martha Harter, leave Mr. Brown with regrets. I, Franklin Hawthorne, leave 'cause everyone else is. I, Virginia Hawvichorst, leave to follow in the steps of my sister. I, Henrietta Hernandez, leave, hoping that some- one remembers me. I, Marvin Hillman, leave my way with the women to Donald Preece. I, Laurabelle Hoskins, leave my girlish figure to Freida Raviscioni. I, Virginia Jennings, leave my sweet disposition and heavenly smile to Annie Ragan. I, Malcolm Jobin, leave my unconcerned manner to Ashley Orr. I, Bill Jones, leave my horse in the pasture. I, Clarence Jones, leave for the Alkali Flats. I, Woodrow Kinman, leave my indifference to the ladies to Babe Cabano. ' I, Dorothy Kemble, leave to get my man. I, Carl King, leave my mathematics teacher, re- joicing. I, Bob Knight, leave for Tipton before they decide not to let me graduate. I, John Laspina, leave to make the world spell- bound with my accordian. I, Bert Lathorpe, leave my Ford to anyone who can crank it. I, Charlotte Leland, leave my chemistry ability to Mr. Hexberg. 1 I, Frank Lerda, leave for a better place to eat and s eep. I, Roy Lewis, leave Mr. Knokey in a good mood. I, Nils Lindgren, leave my place in band to who- ever can fill it. I, Wilma Loar, leave my position in front of the mirror to Julia Linebarger. I, Dorothy Long, leave to sew in somebody else's class than Mr. J ones'. I, Berchlyn Mabry, leave to-Cwell, what do you think?J I, Antrinic Mamishian, leave my Algebra II for something better, I hope. p 'Q 5 Y. ,Qs we w N N - lf MH- X. x, xl, l Wal X' NV' W, I X. I iii N3 lc K' Y N I , ll I .f fx! .r r ,vv , I v' v J X I2 fa J J fi J J 'V J J JJ? . l U J . ' I J 1 3 4 , Z W fa I V Juv' Class Will I, Rose Margosian, leave a brother. I, Virginia Martin, leave my tooth in Visalia, I couldn't find it. I, Donna Medaris, leave my sister to take my place Qif she canj. I, Belle Mederos, leave, happily. I, Virginia Mills, leave, like all other good people. I, Margaret Montgomery, leave for him. I, Ruth Morgan, leave pleasant thoughts with Mr. Jones. I, Lowell Mulcahy, leave satisfied. I, Virginia Murphy, leave my ability to catch mumps to anyone who Wants it. I, Merna McMillan, leave quietly. I, Roland McNutt, leave my pepsodent smile to Elmer Rae. I, Grace Nagel, leave to get-, ? ? I, Billie Nelson, leave my baby talk for good. I, Angelina Noia, leave with my many rings. I, Pat Nowell, leave nothing to nobody. I, Mattie Odenbaugh, leave my shorthand, two classes behind me, I, Balmira Pereira, leave with great hopes for the future. I, Woodrow Perry, leave by the skin of my teeth. I, Clara Poole, just leave, that's enough. I, Norvin Powell, leave my way with the women to another lucky person. I, Sam Ragan, think that since I have lent my pres- ence to the joy of the school for four years, that I have done enough. I, Geraldine Reed, leave with Malcolm. I, Ruby Robinson, leave to get a job. I, Owen Rogers, leave my fleetness of foot to Jack Wynn. I, Pete Rolfo, leave my quiet ways to Bob Gribi. I, Howard Russell, leave my misogyny to Charles Knokey. I, Robert Safarjian, leave with a desire to study? ? I, Wilma Sanders, leave before I get put out. I, Ed Schoenauer, leave to take care of my pigs, Class Will I, Harold Seavers, leave my giggle to Douglas Weinkauf. I, Dorthea Sherman, leave with leaps of joy. I, Kathryn Shields, leave, still looking angelic. I, Eugene Shore, leave 'cause I can't stay any longer. I, Rosalie Silva, leave to get my man. I, Frances Smith, leave my bluffing Ways to every- one. I, Aldora South, leave school sorrowfully. I, Hasmig Stepanian, leave to explore the great big cruel World. I, Jim Stone, leave Ellen Louise to Whoever thinks he can take my place. I, Eugene Strong, leave no regrets behind me. I, Eloise Sutherland, leave my shorthand ability to Erma McEuen. I, Paul Spani, leave my common sense to Russell Henry. I, Llewellyn Thayer, leave all my abilities to the teachers. I, Robert Trembley, leave my numerous cars to anyone capable of driving them. I, William Tuggle, leave my ability to withstand the impetuous advance of all femininity to Bill Pick- ering. I, George Turner, leave to join the Big Leagues. I, Louise Vail, leave Bob, but not for long. I, Olive V alim, leave, rather than stay any longer. I, Harold Vandergrift, leave to build a lot of buildings. I, Orland Waight, leave my good looks to Barney Loomer. I, Arthur White, leave my good grades for office reference. B J, Alice Wicks McKelvey, leave to keep house for u . I, Mildred Wiles, leave my ability to charm the boys to Ardys West. I, Louise Williams, leave my dancing ability to Ellen Crisp, I, Edna Woosley, leave my bangs to Patsy Rosson. 5 yn Y 4. vu' N. Q lstl. xxx, WL X' N'- -3 If Y x Mx .. x'N, xx I N s vo , - .ra I' 'l Y A nan ez, r, hipsteadg Virginia Murphy, Esthelberta Fitzwigging Robe Ignacio Fer d M C y Chris opher Walderwick' Loi Callister Agatha Crof'011' Clair Busby Bax V ' ' ' Ph ll' J k E.th "Leave It to Psmithw Tremble , t , S , L , . , ter: George Boyd, Freddie Boshamg irglnia Jennings, y is ac song s Elliott, Miss Peaveyg Helen Abernathy, Eve Hallidayg Sam Ragga C t Malcol ttl thi M Jobin, Mr. Middlewickg Billie Nelson, Mrs. Middlewick, I d, C Cy, Toddg Russell Asay, Ralston MoT0ddg Raymond Eggl t B ll fr 1 L, , v' , ,,, av- g - ,-rv, "Leave lt To Psmith", by P. G. Wodehouse was the entertaining comedy the class of '35 chose for their annual senior class play. The plot revolved around the famous Dulworthy diamonds belonging to a well- known book collector. The play had many thrilling, breath-holding moments, and both the audience and cast joined in the spirit of the play. The cast, many of whom starred in "Mary's Ankle," last year's successful Junior Play, was said to be one of the best amateur groups seen on the stage for some time. All the characters portrayed their parts exceed- ingly well and with much ease. The cast, including seventeen popular seniors, consisted of: The Earl of Middlewick - - Malcolm Jobin gt Q-.24 Mrs, Middlewick ----- Billie Nelson n x,3v,' ,f-f,vV' Freddie Bosham ---- T George Boyd nf' p ' Phyllis Jackson ---- Virginia Jennings J.. V, Ronald Eustace Psmith - - - Ted Brown Q J' . Eve Halliday ----- Helen Abernathy N' ' Aileen Peavey ------ Esther Elliott nfl Eddie Cootes - ----- Sam Ragan fgi . Bellows ------ Raymond Eggleston it Rupert Baxter - - ---- Clair Busby f -'P Cynthia McTodd - - - - Ladene Cottle Ralston McTodd - - - - - Russell Asay Y' Agatha Crofton ----- Lois Callister A Christopher Walderwick - Bob Trembley Viscount Chipstead - - Ygnacio Fernandez Ethelberta Fitzwiggin - - Virginia Murphy The Lift Man ------- Buell Brown ."J',fQ- 0 VIRGINIA .IENNINGS LUIS CALLISTEII LADICNIC COTTI1 Assistant Editor Editor-in-Chief Associate Iildito ROLLIS FRIEND MR, JIMMIE JONES PAT NOW'1fII.L X tant Business Manager Publications Adviser Business Manag L Senior Play, Continued B111 Jones headed the Business Department as gen- eral manager, Ladene Cottle and Hasmig Stepanian were Advertising and Publicity managers, and Sam Ragan was Sales manager. In the technical division Bob T1 embley Was light technician, Frank Barrier, El- mer Coday, and Clifford Adsit were stage managers, and Beichlyn Mabrey, Dorothy Crose, and Frances Smith were property managers. The play was held at the Tulare Theatre on the evening of April 11. Much credit was due Miss Lois Thompson, who untiringly gave so much of her time to the directing of the play. Mr. White and his orches- tra presented five very fine selections, which were duly appreciated. "Leave It To Psmith" was a financial success as well as a Well acted performance. Snaps nv-1:-w-....... -vs. ii 'X .1 5 e W T253 3 5 I, A5524 1 W 1 ,N Q 1 J,,. r ,,,-,, F' 'XM' , at hx Q '24 5 5 A 1 an 95 ff. sew f 1 ""'7 ,. j ,M W if 2 Q, T D . s . 2,2355 ' Ti 'Gi ig? Q. ,,Q,:w- ws V +15 '.S W . ,,,,. In V 1 , 4 W' ag- '- i , 5 W 'W X, I " if Oi' B31 . I H miQs A af H 1 2 J K., f ' - f v , 7 f . . .X . u , x,,- HJ . V! . .f ,f X ,fig -w N x 4 rw: ,5 J K -A V-A! .,,, H- ,..-I:- ziwif '-...,,. 1 at Lx S Snaps CM:-VL, I 1 WW vw "few gm a S Wmywf jc-Sail f!AwfjMZw 1 ,53 ' fff !,4.ff,Zi4b - 5 ' ' ' fu- . .. ' f U 5 wif-wwf ' IYSMJL M35 V UQMWW J' 9. 05 ii? Vibfhf ' "f ADA' , W -1 , P Q7 .-ff? WML ,, f W . J 7 by J " ' J L54 W ' K n M 7 ,gif gm!! ff' ,' .A A 5 KQCVM L. ,, ,Q ' I f 237 W' ' 5 37 j Q Autographs 3 'iff' - -Q L. G--Zzi. Will OU 435 W W Ny 5 I W'5gffQff,yff,fQ?'??f1ff QMQQQW HffW',,.f .. PM Wfwywmidjf' I -sf! t 1 ff QM fw Hs? lgfffwdjffgg mf! 4 Wff"2"ff"'ff'f fw' ,ff ff ff? X ?7fQ5'f?ff551'f'5ff' Lf? Q gwjfafmig Aggie 'WKMWK f.,ff', Theatre Building I Production of this issue of the Argus hai been made possible through support by the following business houses and i Q i i A I." . . . . . . , M' 157' V ' Z - ws J . TULARE THEATRE PATTERSON Sr ROSE Clarence Wasserman-Manager Men's Wear KARMELKQRN SHQP TULARE FOOD COMPANY Groceries-Household Ware CENTRAL DRESSED CORNER DRUG STORE George C. Ferch ABBOTT FINANCE CO. Auto Loans BEEBE DRUG STORE Cecil Beebe-Prop. EMERY WHILTON Hotel Tulare FULTON 8: ABERCROMBIE BEEF CO. Groceries-Meats J. P. ALVERSON Jeweler HAMILTON'S CAFE "Sign of Pure Food" C. G. MCFARLAND Real Estate-Insurance TULARE BAKERY Peerless Pumps Pastries CURLEY'S FLOWER ,SHOP STEBBINS MOTOR CO. Flowers and Gifts E Plymouth--De Soto MCCOURT BROTHERS MURDOCK AUTO ELECTRIC Men's Apparel North L Street E. A. SWEET R. E. ROUNSAVILLE Dependable Druggist Heating-Plumbing J. W. MURPHY MILLER DEPARTMENT Jewelry-Music CASSIDY'S BROWN-BILT SHOE STORE A1 Holland-Mgr. GAINSBOROEGH STUDIO Photo ervice ELSIE CORDAY BROWN Beauty Salon STORE Ladies' Shoes Our Specialty AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO., Inc. Parts For All Cars STURGEON 8: BECK Oldsmobile-Pontiac-Buick HARRY CROWE Hardware 8: Electrical Works Chinese and American PICKERING Sz RUSSELL M, 85 Office and Gem Barber Shops Sheet Met21W0fkS JoHN H. CALLQISTER KERN STREET MARKET Insurance Stanley Smith SCHOENEMANN St FINLAYSON ELECTRIC ZUMWALT Electrical Appliances Mens' Outfitters AL'S LUNCH F. E. ANDERSON R Sz R A. J. Bearce, Prop. "Style Centerh News Stand H. METZLER ART SAFARJIAN S. T. LOCKE Optometrist 2 LINDER S Groceries-Hardware SWEET SHOP J. S. Curtis-Prop. JACK FARRAR Jeweler LEGGETT'S "Popular Because Reliable" Tailor ' Chief of Police CHINA CAFE JACK ROGERS Chinese Dishes Sporting Goods J. E. WARREN BUCHANAN'S Real Estate Stationery FRED H. SMITH WHEELER'S Police Judge Furniture E. A. COYNER S. K. SMITH CO. Shoes and Shoe Repairing "Molley Made" Covers 'AJM fr" If 4 'Sa Q5 W' iyff? My Jw 331:-bf Q, , ffm 5606? 13655 ' Pggp O70-Q-QL,..,, HWWwffMQ W TM 44ZdW 'if' ,W ' 'ZW f 4 . 'iff' Q mmvfff , f f ax ' ' - ,7,,v-Clfbfkuja. 54-f 4"-'VV' y,1 9,1ff WXJ af' QWWKTKZYW wwgfgfwif WW Jifyw QM mvyx ,f f5g22fffs S,9ffQ A,jf Wg M W Rf JW bygify -KY 55, 2 I, Wfw R Q2 ,AV

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Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Tulare Union High School - Argus Yearbook (Tulare, CA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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