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wmm 18941930 M» BIV i BHK bl IVH Kir w 1906-I9S6 INTER iC 1930- T-WAVE 1983 TULANE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA VOLUME 2 Staff Michael Puyau, Editor-in-Chief Robin Stedman, Co-Editor and Business Manager Christine Chang David Campen Elizabeth Ey Douglas Koltun Mary McElaney Michael Meksin Verba Moore Jama Ray Wen Shen Kimberly Yamanouchi Photographers David Campen David Ellis Douglas Koltun Michael Puyau Charles Sang James Sayre S I. Special Thanks: To Dr. Floyd Domer, our Faculty Advi- sor. To the Tulane Medical School Depart- ment of Anatomy, the Tulane Medi- cal Archives, and Tulane Medical Center Relations for providing the rare old prints and sketches depict- ed in this book. To Alan Dufour and Ruth Bunch for all those week-ends spent developing and printing our photos. To Dave Kline and Ellen Waldman for their literary contributions. To Bill Hopkins of Josten ' s Publishing Co. for his expertise and patient counsel. To our generous sponsors and to the companies and organizations who advertised in this publication. And finally to Harley Ginsberg, who conceived the T-Wave, for setting us on our way. Table Of Contents Faculty and Administration First Year Second Year Third Year Fourth Year Thanks for the Memories ... The Sports Pages Underclassmen Organizations Advertisements Where Do We Go From Here? The Oath of Hippocrates Til LANE UNIVERSITY 14 iO t uiant- Ai . I.- Orlt ' ons. Louf-iana 01i: Telephone 588-5187 I take great year medical in August of to take your c 1 n us. pleasure in informing you of your appointment to the first- class at the Tulane University School of Medicine, to enter IQ79. I sincerely hope that you will accept our invitation nedical ' training at Tulane, and look forward to having you In. order to reserve your place in the class, we must -receive, w-ithin the next two weeks, written notification of your intent to accept our invitation, along v.-ith a check for $100 payable to the Tulane Educational Fund. This deposit will be credited to your tuition account for the first semester of ac ' ader.ic year 1979-80. I am sure you vjill understand that your appointment is contingent upon successful cor.pletion of all required premiedical courses, completion of the academic program in which you are currently enrolled and maintenance of the level of academdc perform.ance that was part of the basis for your acceptance. A final transcript of your grades must be forwarded to this cffice as scon as your school closes in June, If you anticipate need for financial assistance during your first year in m.edical school, please correspond directly, and as soon as possible, with: Financial Aid Coordinator Office of the Dean Tulane University School of Medicine 2ii ' 3Q Tulane Avenue . ' . ' ew Orleans, LA 70112 1; . vA d-J. ' at ion a most e n t r. u s — a 2 - ■ Icome to -ulane. i-e to call ucon r.e , ;e of service to ycu in any way. mcere nrd .evnnan , Fh.D cciate Dean and Chairm.an rjr.ittee on Admissions 4 r ' tt ' 1 k- JfeT M g ■ m P BaEwf t ! jgipr 1 " W i M 1 I V )HRf B H Np SbUjLJBb WW € w 3 it HIH w ' €. .7 B jir g jR B i ' w )m ■ M " ' 1 1 ■m H Efamn ai Eamon M. Kelly. PhD. President, Tulane University James T. Hamlin III. M.D. Dean, Tulane School of Medicine John J. Walsh. M.D. Chancellor. Tulane Medical Center David E. Smith. M.D. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Wallace K. Tomlinson, M.D. Assistant Dean for Student Affairs W. Clifford Newman, PhD. Associate Dean and Director of Admissions Elaine Mmafiat, Carol Gaudet, Myrna Romain, Sheila Harris Gayle Sayas, Kathy Muller, Kathy Patchana, Roslyn Marshall ANATOMY Robert D. Yates, Ph.D., Chairman |s™»!p sp»!r m! ' ' " = WW Left to right Standing: C. Knox, J. Mascorro, M. Anderson, G. Kirby, J. Jeter, I. Chen, Sitting: E. Peebles, R. Yates, L. Wall er, M.R. Vaupel BIOCHEMISTRY Rune L Stjernholm, Ph.D., Chairman Left to righl: Standing: W. Cohen. R. Stjernholm. R. Steele, J. Muldrey, Sitting: W. Baricos, M. Stanfield. G. Adrouny. Y. Li PHYSIOLOGY Nicholas R. DiLuzio, Ph.D., Chairman Left to right: Standing: J. Lymangrover, R. Lowe. L. Feigen. N. Kreisman. Sitting: M. Evanich. N. Di Luzio, L. Wade. Not pictured: W. Newman. J. Pisano MICROBIOLOGY and IMMUNOLOGY A. Arthur Gottlieb, M.D., Chairman Left to right: J. Domer, E. Johnson. M. Johnson, G. Domingue, A.A. Gottlieb, W. Pierce, P. Mayeux (Front), K. Anderson, C. Cohen PARASITOLOGY J. H. Esslinger R. G. Yaeger 10 PHARMACOLOGY James W. Fisher, Ph.D., Chairman ji ll mLk " W- K Jk ■ Left to right: First row: P. Kadowitz, A. Hyman. A. Segaloff. J. Fisher. P. Guth, F. Domer, Second row: W. George, K. Agrawal, L. ignarro, D. McNa- mara, J. Lertora. V. Krishnamurty, M.K. Carter, Third row: M. Spirtes, C. Norris, M. Belagu, D. Belagu, C. Gruetter, D. Gruetter, B. Beckman, E. Spannhake, Fourth row; (Fourth from left) Steve Pincus PATHOLOGY Horton A. Johnson, M.D., Chairman Left to right: Standing: D. Smith, H., Johnson, C. Dunlap, J. Harkin. W. Sternberg, Sitting: P. Daroca, P. Walker, M. Varela, H.N. Dhurandhar, I. Overby 12 NEUROLOGY and PSYCHIATRY Joseph B. Green, M.D., Chairman Neurology, (left to right): A. Epstein, V. Purvin, M. Wi- iensliy. S. Trufant, J. Green, D. Dunn, L. Wersberg, M. Wall. Not pic tured: R. Heath, G. Kader, P. Sarala, A. Stazio. Psychiatry: (left to right): First row: C. Legg, S. Danahay, A. Price. Second row: J. Green, G. Cohen. L. Robinson, D. Gallant. Third row: C. Scrignar, D. Winstead, D. Mallot, J. Greer, D. Mieike, P. Griffin, J. Goethe. Not pictured: R. Heath, G. Daul, L. Pardue, W. Tomlinson. A. Cox, R. Garey, J. Powell. H. Witworth. J. Fetzer, T. Bennett, H. Miles. OPHTHALMOLOGY D. Ray Caldwell M.D., Chairman IC - " ' y Ophthalmology: (left to right): M. Insler, J. Diamond. R. Gordon, D. Caldwell. m MEDICINE C Thorpe Ray, M.D., Chairman Cardiology: Front: A. Quiroz. J. Phillips . R. Mautner. Back: T. Levy. R. Koepke. Absent: S. Ahmad. G. Burch. R. Dhurandhar. R. Dillenkoffer. T. Giles, W. Hill. B. Iteld. F. G. McMahon. F. A. Puyau. C. Thorpe Ray. Endocrinology: Seated: K. Rives, A. Kastin. Standing: W. Banks. A. Comaru-Schally. P. Prosser. C. Bowers ' . Absent: A. Schally. C. Ruiz. M. Lueg. J. Frentz. Immunology (Right) Front: J. Salvaggio . Nordburg. J. Morgan, N.J. Doll. Back: R. deShazo. B. Bozelka. B. Butcher. Emminent Faculty Not Pictured: R. E. Burch. F. Chirino. A. C. Epps. J. Hamlin, J. Ryan. S. Threefoot. J. Walsh. J. Lertora. C. Haddad. Note: ( ) indicates Section Chief. Rheumatology: N. J. Doll. O. Gum , R. de Shazo. 14 Infectious Diseases-. W. Mogabgab . F. B. Lutz, Absent: B. Hanna. Pulmonary: D. Hendrick, R. Jones. H. Weill . D. Ellithorpe, D. Banks. E. Sayegh. H.W. Barkman. Absent: S. Herbert. C. Ramirez. W-- I Gastroenterology: K. Akdamar (seated). N. Agrawal, T. Ertan. Nephrology: Seated, S.V. Shah. J. Wallin . W. O ' Neil. Standing: G. Bailey. E. Carvajal, Absent: E. Rodriguez. Hematology: Front: G. Beltran, A. Hendricks. Back: W.J. Stuckey. L. Thomas, W. A. Andes. Dermatology (Left) W. Galen, L. Millikan . L. Gately. 15 SURGERY Watts R. Webb, M.D. Chairman r?J ' ' r M " ' , ' ' A ' I " ° ' % - ' ' " ' ' - ■ W bb. M. Litwin, R. Ryan. N. McSwain, R. Hussey, Second Row, Hardin Talucci C Sutherland. Hendel. M. Kerstem. W. Browder, Schlecter. Gionis. M. Adinolfi. Third Row, Godfrey Markowitz Truesdale M ifir F »M M , .,- Stoddinger. Cornell, Bra.ton, Penya Fourth Row, Berger. Vercimack. Tibbs. Kalifa. Carey. Lir.z an Gi Zl Pope Be i ' no H ' uT d ' R " Brunswick, D. Carter. J. Jones, P. Moynihan. R. O ' Connell. D. Rush ficiurea. K. ORTHOPEDICS ANESTHESIOLOGY Ray J. Haddad, Jr., M.D., Chairman Alan W. Grogano, M.D., Chairman First Row: D. Hicks. G. Miller, G. Pino, J. Fontenot. O. Mitchell. R. Haddad. A Penix. Second Row, D. Huang. M. Brunet, M. Parnell, O. Edmunds. T. Whitecloud. J. Trettin. R. Rodrigues. T. Bernard. C. Pribyl. R. Seago. Third Row J. Bax, I. Floyd. R. Lea. J. Beskin. B. Razza. J. Butler, D. Miller, Not Pictured- S Burke, J. Wickstrom Left to right, J. Weng, J. Youngberg, A. Grogano. C. Subaya. D. Smith. Not Pictured, G. Graybar. D. Hutchings 16 PEDIATRICS John E. Lewy, M.D., Chairman Left to right; Front row: H. Anand, L. Guarisco, J. Lewy. W. Waring, R. Hopkins. Second row; K. Ohene-Frempong. S. Hirschfeld. K. Knight, H. Doucet. M. Smith, E. Shapira, F. Boineau. Third row: I. Cohen. B. Bachus- Keith, J. Robinson. G. Johnston, E. Stevenson, C. Trujillo, R. deShazo. N. Waring. Fourth row: K. Perrin, C. Poree, C. Pagan, L. Doughty-White, E. Martinez, E. Kelly, D. Timm, R. Beckerman, C. Craft. Fifth row: J. Frentz, G. Rabalais. M. Bhende, R. Daum, D. Africk, R. Russell, J. Reynolds. M. Sutton. Sixth row: R. Kumar. M. Portilla. N. Henly. D. Ghiya, S. Sharma. D. Ketchum. 17 OBSTETRICS and GYNECOLOGY Martin L Pernolh M.D.« Chairman Left to Right: Standing: M. Biswas, B.C. Mabie, M. Moorehead, H.W.K. Batson. Sitting: M.L. Pernoll, P. Moore. C. Weinberg. Not Pictured: A.G. O ' Quinn, J.B. Witty. A. Clemetson, S. Degefu. RADIOLOGY Charles M. Nice, M.D., Chairman Left to Right: Standing: C. Simon, R. Campeau, J. Smith, J. Keating, F. Puyau, A. Frost. Sitting: K. Adams, C. Nice, J. Stangie, W. Plauche. 18 ;a A ; g Haw vftt ft aa ; S -:3!KKfc? i ;tg z r 1 ' ' ' - r? ' T, m WE ARE HERE! We came with dreams, our knowl- edge too limited to prepare us for the onslaught, but our eagerness too vivid to be tempered with self-doubt. Medi- cal School was finally a reality, the end of the road, the other side of the rain- bow. We are here! But wait . . . where are the brass bands, the red carpet, the adoring crowds, the cheering throngs? Have we not conquered?! Lab A What awaited us was, in essence, a year of coming back to earth. We would soon learn that this was but the beginning. Doctorhood reverted to the ethereal goal it had been in college, no nearer now that it had seemed then. Putting our visions of medicine aside for the moment, we struggled with the more mundane tasks of learning to recognize " health. " D.A.K. Lab B (above) and Lab C (below) 20 Lab E Lab D Lab F 21 :i f:i V f ' " 1? T ' IT ' ! T Creative Grading I ' m finally gonna be a doctor! ' mii ' ' - ' ' ' m You ' ll never guess what I saw in therel 1 know you ' re out there. am ■ ' :mmt 22 What is the origin of splenius capitus? Hey, Maaikel Cadavers are my best audience. 23 Ah ' s On Break! THE FRFSHMEM CLAiS OF HINaTEEhl HUWOREE ANO FlfiHTy THREB CORDMLLV INVIT£S you TO ATTEND THE CADAVER BALL ON THf TWENTY SIXTH DAY OF JANUARY IN THE yf »R OF Twe Mo K,EY NiMertei HUNDRED AWD EI HTV. THE EVENT WILL TAKF PLACE i iJ THE KfNDALL CRAM ROOM W THE WNIVER- Stry CENTER ON THE UPTOV N CAMPUS. SKITS WILL BEGIN AT EISHT O ' CLOCK SM.j AMD THE BAND WILL PLAy FROM NINE O ' CLOCK PM. UNTIL AM. owe O ' CLOCK ATTIRE W LL BE SEWI FORMAL j BRIN6 youR uavDR ; and aiixers witu BE PROVIDED. Let me tell you ' bout ma fren, Cyprien . . I wonder what she sees in him? Habibagram 24 C ' mon Steve. That doesn ' t look like a reference from Lancet. I will not fall asleep in class. I will not fall asleee He ' ll never get that loan. Nice skirt, Moniquel Aw Geeee, BevI I wish they ' d keep it down back there. 25 Spectator Sports 1 ' I - ; OO-O-Oklahomal How ya doin ' , big boy? w]ti ■ ' f 1 f w M ' W v M r ' C_S ' ' n, nflHfS IHv econ Pathological Pieces David E. Smith, M.D., Associate Dean of Curricular and Academic Affairs Today ' s Man in the Pan And now for the lightening rods Another dermoid cyst buffet. oaittintaw iiii ' i. - 28 He ' s making me so neurotici Excedrin headache 63-TB of the scrotum Where ' s the eye release button? 29 Eat mel Class of 1983 and 2005. But Aaaandyl- the flash didn ' t go off. 30 Dance of the Broken Butterflies. That ' s the latest honky dance?! Sophomores Go Ape At Primate Center Microbial Matters Vee haff vays off makink you study. Quickl I ' m coming downl The Micro Rhythm Section 32 And to think 1 trusted you. Fast-fingered Eddie 1 still think you made it too easy. ' ! , ' Champagne tickles my ear. I know for a fact he didn ' t get her into bed. 33 LUB-DUB f . •t ..- ■- -x .- f, ' Who all thinks I should go on a diet? The Young Doctors And it doubles as a portable cystoscope 1 see curls in your future. I believe this student is dead. Metamorphosis My new Sony Sit-Man. I pledge allegiance Hey man. I can see the surf at Waikikil 35 Too bad you pipetted the Giardia, Wen. Largest living arthropod found in Hawthorne Hall. I hope there ' s some stool left for us. WORMS 37 Night Life In The City 38 Back To The Pharm 39 jA Z6H£P rAr.F FEST VAL Mardi Gras Madness It ' s just going to be a nice, quiet evening at home Samurai Honey Bee Rumpapagus Whar ' s thet Mint Julep Ah ordered? 42 I ' m saving the big one for dessert. " ■■-mfm GRH. f2ft-r ' " y K ' Ai ' G £d. " .v ' :, QyEfAJ ■ ■ -.? Xos i of ' " ' f - W ji j- VOT ' ' ■■ .■ ■-■ - 1 K.r .. . ; _.6«£w, Where ' s my baby? • «s; MUDBUGSI 44 » i . V. • • » I ! •». It ■ « « « s » _ ■ • » ■ It y • ■ » ■ I , III " » 5 I R I I fiiij s i I Mi I I % i I I III i i i U: I ■ ■■: S I ,» .»• lESi ' BrrdJTiTjio (7 ' ' (n- OB-GYN It started just last August when our coats were pressed and white each pocket filled beyond its peak with scopes and pens and lights. Our instruments still virginal, just peer exams they ' d seen. What would this new adventure hold? What would the next year bring? It seems appropriate to begin as some of us did that Fall with the department of OB-GYN chaired by M.L. " Bud " Pernoll. To Pineville, Houma, Lailie Kemp and Charity we went to learn when they yelled " Delivery! " it wasn ' t Pizza that they meant. Abruptio Placentae Reviewing Anatomy for OB Pineville Delivery Team 46 PEDIATRICS Next comes Pediatrics where they kept us rather busy. We rounded so many times a day it almost made us dizzy. But even so, despite ail that, as teachers none surpass Dr. Lewy ' s sterling faculty and the Charity housestaff. The number one peds rotation was the time spent in closed care where we learned the Microbiology we should have learned last year. Charity wards and TMC, they too received good ratings. This department ' s goal is teaching us, of that there ' s no debating. 47 N EURO PSYCH The time has come to talk about the course they call Neurology where Dr. Weisberg teaches of the brain and its biology. We learned the finer points of neurological exam and became proficient escorting patients to and from CAT scan. And Dr. Gallant, at that point. Professor of Psychiatry, taught us, oh yes, one more time the benefits of sobriety. He took us all to Mandeville through wind and sleet and raini now there ' s hardly a student left here who will touch the stuff again. 48 I ' ll be out in 10 minutes. SURGERY V But I am standing! Alarm clocks set for Sam to make rounds by 5:30. We learned the art of dressing change) don ' t let those wounds get dirty. Professor ' s rounds each Thursday got a great evaluation) Drs. Kerstein and Bill Browder deserve a big ovation. And as each Saturday grew near and Bullpen time came closer, the chosen students wondered then would Dr. Peacock be their roasterl 49 MEDICINE We truly were quite lucky being taught by Dr. Ray. This year he leaves the chairmanship) we really wish he ' d stay. On the wards at Charity Each Saturday he showed us both the scientific basis and the art of diagnosis. E.B.W. Really. Sir, You ' ll like our nurses. You are now entering the twilight zone. I can feel murmurs you can ' t even hear. View from the Presidential Suite, Hotel Charity. Etcetera, Etcetera- Mr. Meksin is quite undecided as to whether he wants to be a surgeon, intern- ist, radiologist, pediatrician, anesthesiol- ogist, or the head of the Microbiology department. He does know that he defi- nitely wants to live in Des Moines. So he chooses the C-16 program with an option for a flexible-transitional. If his categori- cal preliminary doesn ' t come through on the l-IO or 1-12 in Phase II, then he reverts back to two " S " programs in order to phase-out completely and go for an M.B.A. What are you doing in the closet. Bill? Reviewing his options. 52 VI ; Mary M. Abell Chester, South Carolina Joseph P. Aiello Phoenix, Arizona David J. Alley Boca Raton, Florida Daphne W. Anderson Jennings, Louisiana Lynn A. Anderson Neosho, Missouri Mark D. Anderson Neosho, Missouri Alan J. Appley Alhambra, California Dewey D. Archer, Jr. Lake Charles, Louisiana Arthur M. Aronson New Orleans, Louisiana 54 Martin J. Arron Cranston, Rhode Island Thomas M. Ball West Caldwell, New Jersey Sara S. Banks Darien, Connecticut Carlos M. Barrera Miami, Florida Joseph E. Bavaria Cincinnati, Ohio 55 Charles K. Bertel Fargo, North Dakota Courtney A. Bethel Chicago, Illinois Kathryn A. Blackstock Bristow, Oklahoma Richard H. Bobo Clarksdale, Mississippi 56 Gail G. Bonner Bensalem, Pennsylvania Ann G. Boozer Conyers, Georgia Jeffrey G. Breaux Jeanerette, Louisiana Greg S. Buchert Lawrenceburg, Indiana Daniel Buckley Merced, California Sylvia J. Burson Dothan, Alabama David H. Campen San Jose, California Christine Y. Chang Concord, California IJ , Kim Cheung Baton Rouge, Louisiana 57 Philip N. Chironis St. James, New York James C. Chou Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Candace C. Collins Slidell, Louisiana Mark S. Daunis New Orleans, Louisiana Glenton W. Davis Baltimore, Maryland Alice C. deSaavedra Pataskala, Ohio 58 Kenneth O. Devaney Arlington, Virginia Marlon J. Doucet Sunset, Louisiana Nancy S. Durst Lawrence, Kansas David A. Ellis Tullahoma, Tennessee 59 9 ..-.Si ' 1 Christine M. Eng Jamaica, New York Elizabeth H. Ey New Orleans, Louisiana Ernesto T. Figueroa Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico John M. Fornarotto New Milford, New Jersey Deborah 1. Friedman Miami, Florida Deborah J. Galen St. Louis, Missouri Paul T. Geibel Seabrook, Texas Richard A. Geisman St. Louis, Missouri Patrice A. Gendel Topeka, Kansas 60 Alan A. Godofsky Mctairie, Louisiana Gary I. Goldsman Livingston, New Jersey Roberta Gollin-Schwarzbach Lincolnwood, Illinois Steven S. Greenbaum Rydal, Pennsylvania Michael C. Grieb Green Bay, Wisconsin 61 Craig C. Griffing Picayune, Mississippi Elysia C. Griswold Coscob, Connecticut Bryan J. Hawl ins New Orleans, Louisiana Ronald C. Hill Riverton, Utah 62 Nathan S. Honda Honaunau, Hawaii Perry H. Howard, Jr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Franklin I. Izuta Honolulu, Hawaii Joseph L. Johnson Redlands, California Daniel S. Jorgenson Janesville, Wisconsin John S. Kelley Jefferson, Louisiana David A. Kline Las Vegas, Nevada Richard J. Knight York, Pennsylvania Douglas M. Koltun New Orleans, Louisiana 63 Roberta L. Krueger Albuquerque, New Mexico Markus S. Kryger Deadwood, South Dakota Edmund G. LaCour New Orleans, Louisiana Roselyn D. Lampkins Shreveport, Louisiana Richard D. Landers Encino, California Richard L. Levine Wakefield, Massachusetts Andrew I. Light Lauderhill, Florida Robert B. Link New Orleans, Louisiana Charles B. Looney Lake Charles, Louisiana 64 Michael S. Lundy West Point, Mississippi Paul S. Lux St. Louis, Missouri Jeffrey E. Lyon Stillwater, Minnesota Mary A. McElaney Hingham, Massachusetts 65 Monique F. Mabey Metairie, Louisiana Katharine J. Meal Cambridge, Massachusetts Michael L. Meksin East Hills, New York Joseph O. Mennen Tujunga, California Claude B. Minor, Jr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Glenn B. Mizrach Miami, Florida Verba A. Moore Biloxi, Mississippi 66 7 J M Karen V. Morgan Iowa, Louisiana Carl B. Myers, Jr. Mundeleon, Illinois Barbara L. Newman Berkeley, California Cornelius J. O ' Connor Williamsville, New York Beverly W. Ogden New Orleans, Louisiana Richard L. Pang Honolulu, Hawaii Steven M. Pincus Miami, Florida 67 Mitchell Pivor East Meadow, New York James C. Pramberg Newburyport, Massachusetts Timothy J. Pratt Pearl River, Louisiana Neal A. Priest South Pasadena, California Michael K. Puyau New Orleans, Louisiana Pedro A. Rabionet Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico Jan Rakinic Detroit, Michigan Jama L. Ray St. Joseph, Missouri Stephen G. Reich Overland Park, Kansas 68 Mark S. Reynolds Miami Beach, Florida Robert M. RIchey Ferriday, Louisiana Robert S. Rosenson Rockford, Illinois Joseph B. Rusinko Orange Park, Florida James R. Sackett Dallas, Texas 69 John B. Saer Denver, Colorado Deborah A. Sanders Jackson. Mississippi William E. Sandusky Seattle, Washington Charlie J. Sang, Jr. Rosedale, Mississippi Richard M. Saroyan Palos Verdes Est., California 70 James R. Sayre San Francisco, California Sarah C. Schlater Brentwood, Tennessee James K. Schroeder Grand Junction, Colorado Elizabeth C. Schwarz New Orleans, Louisiana Gregory R. Scott Tullahoma, Tennessee Wen Shen Ewing Township, New Jersey Leila V. Siukola Westmont, New Jersey Carol S. Spies Encino, California Robin B. Stedman Wilbraham, Massachusetts 71 Glenn R. Stewart Lafayette, Louisiana John H. Stuckey New Orleans, Louisiana Fumi L. Suzuki Berkeley, California Laura K. Tenner Glendale, California Rodney D. Terasaki Downey, California Alexis A. Thompson Los Angeles, California 72 Jacqueline S. Turner Wichita, Kansas Henry D. Linger Norwalk, Connecticut Terry M. Unruh Waynaka, Oklahoma 71 Mark W. Valentine Idabel, Oklahoma Jeffrey A. Van Lier Ribbink Camarillo, California Ellen B. Waldman Swampscott, Massachusetts William C. Warner Jackson, Mississippi Michael Q. Watson Hammond, Louisiana Sally A. Webb Ravenna, Ohio Vicki L. Weiss Littleton, Colorado Lori J. West . Orlando, Florida John A. White Baton Rouge, Louisiana 74 Christopher W. Wulff Los Angeles, California Kimberly J. Yamanouchi Scottsdale, Arizona Robert A. Zimmerman Tenafly, New Jersey 75 Thanks For The Memories For Lisa, Kuuipo, Mary Beth, Kathie, Fornaragilo, NAP, Garbane, my parents ' and Billy Joel. All those special people who gave me love and support through It all. — Pete Aiello Many thanks to my family, friends, Popeye ' s and Dixie Beer for helping me through these 4 years. —Tom Ball " Just a couple of country girlsl " — Ann Boozer and Jama Ray Thanks to the family, friends, professors, teaching assistants, administrators, secretaries, security personnel, mainten- ance personnel, cafeteria workers, and the folks in the mail room. — Greg Buchert Many thanks to E.G. Burson, Jr., M.D. ( Tulane ' 43) and Jean G. Burson, my parents and best friends. — Sylvia Jane Burson Thanks to Mom, Dad, family and friends who gave me all the support and encouragement. — Marlon J. Doucet To my most wonderful family, to my faithful friends, and to the people who cared to teach — love and thanks. Patrice A. Gendel Jimmie — Thanks for all of your love, support and the confidence you have in me. You made it all so much easierl Love, — Bobbi Thanks to Bettsie, Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa for your loving support. — Steve Greenbaum To my classmates — Here ' s looking at you, kids! —David A. Kline Mom, Dad, and Lori — Thanks for all the love and support; it ' s been the best gift of all. Vicki — Thanks for all your love and for putting up with me. Meksin — " What a long, strange trip it ' s been. " — Andy Light All my love to Susan, for seeing me through four years of Medical School plus yearbook plus .... And special thanks to my parents, for just being near. — Michael Puyau Dedicated to the memory of my father. — Gregory Scott For your unwavering support, sage advises, selfless sacrifices and love, no words of gratitude could ever suffice. Thank you. Mom and Dad. — Wen Shen To KHW, my friend, benefactor, and wife, whom I owe for much inspiration and support. — John I want to thank my parents and my wife for supporting me through the rough times and sharing the celebration of victories. I look forward to having time for travel and getting treats for my boys. — R. Zimmerman 76 n The Sports Pages ■■ :. ' .;.»« . 0- ' c; l i — .-,ir The Volleyball Team voLLe eF Lu 2! 00 PRiB Y ; CO fie 5eH Rick pan a ' 6vfi rs - ' r??- J u N I O R ABAJIAN AGNEW AHMED ALLYN ANDERSSON ARGENBRIGHT AYRES BARGAS BARRETT BARRILLEAU) BORCHARDT BOUCREE BREWER BROWN, L BROWN, T CAHILL CANDELORA CHICOLA CLARK DORCHAK,JD DORMAN DUNN ENGELHARDT EPSTEIN EWIN FA5SLER GUNDIAN M ' A t ' W Ft?, Itl HAAS HARP HENZL HERRING HIRSCH HODIN ii4jl KELLY KNUCKLES KOBAYASHI m KOLESZAR KRAMER KROGSTAD KULIK MCINTIRE ,J MANNINO MARAGOS MEYERS NITZBERG Qlulattp Mniu rtjool of H (ElaBB of NUTTLI ODONNELL PEASLEE PENDLETON PENN PICKENS PIELET RIOGWAY ROSE SALZMAN ki I TUCKl TUCKER UTZ VINCENT WARDEN WARING WATTS WEINTRAUB WELLING ' WHATLEY BARTON BECKETT BENEFIELD BENFIELD BENSON ,2 BENTON BONK M %. i CRAIGO CRANE DABBS DALE.M DALE, P DANS DATO DAVIS DORCHAK.JM FIELDS FISHER FRIEDMAN FRIESENDORF GOLODNER GRADY GRIGGS KUSAKA LAUFER LEARY LEHMAN LE NOIR LIEURANCE LITTLEWOOD MOORE MORTENSON MOSS dm i ' MULLEN NAOUIN NASSIFF NISHIMORI %i ' i ' -; POLLACK POOLE PRATS PUENTE RAMOS REDFiELD REESE RICHTER fM} a i ' k m J SIMPSON SPANJERS STILLMAN STONE STORRS STROTT SWANNACK TAGUE Wli 1 lAMS r. Wli t JAMS .1 Wl YOUNG ZIVAI ICH 7nRN c L A S s CC- Roaches on the liver. How ' s the reception now? Laxative of choice, prn. They believed her! HonestI Medical students do change bedpans here. 84 Potential Radiologist. li v Should I tell them I have a Call Room Key? Too cute! i 85 s o p H O M O R E 7 PE 4 H I ABRAHAM ALLYN ARIMURA BARRETT BASNIGHT BATLLE BEALS BENSON BINDER I COBB COHEN COHEN, J, E COHEN, S J. COOPER COX CRABTREE CUNEO DAVIS r m. % ifA- ,1 4 ) EGSERT ELIE ELLIOT EPSTEIN FARASH FISHER . ' ' i , la, i GRANDPRE ' GULESSERIAN GUNTER HAMPTON HARRISON HAYNES HEARD - r ( ca f .4 mm ikt JACKMAN JACOBS JOHNSON KAHLER KAMPMAN KAWASAKI KAY .% " i 111 m . 1 ill MACHEERS MAMIKUNIAN MARTINEZ MELTON MILES MILLER MINER f ' ' ■Si ' - - ' 7 O ' DONNELL O ' SHEA TORKINSON PARSONS PEREZ PONTECORVO PORTNOY PRECHTER PROCTOR RIDENgUJ m f it 1 4. js 1 ■V- S « 4- x ilLLIMAN SIMONEAUX SMALLWOOD SMULIAN STEFFENSEN STRICAT SUTTON SWAN TAILLAC 4 f)f1 O F A ;FR WF RR WFMn WHi ' TI FR Win mm ' %:. i ii! " ' «. 5. JS J.2 M I F ■ 1 ■ C rir MSTEIN BOH BRAUD BROWN BROWNE BRUM CAREY CHERRY CHING 1 1 CAYETTE DEGNAN DEUTSCH DIAZ DICKINSON DILDY DONATH DONOGHUE DRAKE c L A S s IBINSON.A. ROBINSON ROHEIM ROSS SCHAEFER SCHERMER SCHULTIS SHENSON SHERRY m ' H A wSm. ► ' f% f ' l ' ■,1 ■ ■ ji ai iic i ' TAMAI TAYLER TOWNSEND TREY TSUCHIYA TUCKER TUNIS UTZ VITAN2A ;«rs % I t ,1?i m i ttfe JU " " " " Come on, guys! They put their pants on the same way you do! cu Ifs a nice gesture but they ' re still getting a quiz tomorrow. And they said youd never see the sun as a med student. T. U. M. M. S. 88 Love ' dem ersters! 1 need one more volunteer for a neurosurgery study. Survivors of a Toxicology experiment. Foist ya pincli da tails an den ya suck da headsl 89 F R E S H M A N A-iitM ' I tfri if I ill d ADAMS AHOERSON ANSPACH APPLEYARD BA8YCDS BACKUS BADAHE BAILEY BAILEY T ' fll IPI P BRYIAWSKI BUNCE BURCH BURKS CAPALBI CHERRY COHEN COLE i ETTKER EUBANK FAULKNER FIELD ml I Pik yf FINE FISCHER FLYNN t l-LD GIANOLI I J« f4i raJJi ' ISEN8ERG JARHAN jqe JDHNSTDN JOHNS JUNEAU KEEGSN KRAUS MCDANIEL MAKRIS MARKENSON MARTIN MAYER MEAOE MELAMED HILLS MITCHELL TULANE U MEDICAL FRESHM 1982 11 " ■ MMk J. OWINSS K. OWINGS PANG PAUIY PEAIRS PEARCE PELLETIER PERKINS PERTOWSKI I f M if I ROBERSDN ROBERTS ROCA HOJAS ROSS SANDLER SANKAR SCHACK 1 SCHMIEG - !•■ f t STARER STEINBERG STEWART TIIRFN TOWLINSUN TUCKER I CURBAH CUTCBIK VERSITY CHOOL I CLASS 1983 IBi GQDIN .Ml DALEY DJNIELSON ill GOSWITZ I- LAN6LEY LARSEN ' % m ' ia mi M GUARNIERI GUINEE I-- LAVIUE C- LAWRENCE m r A- ' i HASKIKS 1» S. lAWDENCE HOSLEY NAGEB NOIL KONWEILER PIPER fUlS PUYAU , " -■3 i f t- i ' OUiNcy I, SCHOEILMANN SCBOENDORF V SCHUMAKB SBEBBY SIEW i i JU. W MMim 1 rt r t V DimZIO DOWNING ' 4- t LOBMAND C2 SKALLEY SLOAN V-;f HENBY BUNTER ill i ii LUCIANO LUSNER BEDELFS BBOOEMAN RIGGLE SLOAHE SMITB Q « rt «1i iil c L A S s wmrt HHiTNEY uam. T-WAVE STAFF Center: Mikey P.O. Counterclockwise: Nimberly Wench Both Eyes Mexikan Rug Jama, Vol. II Bobbin Werbal Not pictured: C.C. D.C. PHOTOGRAPHERS Left to right: Mike Dave Charlie Not pictured: Dave Ellis Jim Sayre Doug Koltun 92 Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society wVomlinson, D. Carter, R. Geisman, E. Peebles. D. Ellithorpe, M. Arron, R. Stedman. E. Waldman. C. Bertel, W.C. Newman, M. McElaney, C. Wulff. Not pictured: , ,. .. id M Abell. D. Anderson. A. Appley, A. Aronson, K. Cheung. M. Doucet, D. Jorgenson, D. Kline, C. Myers. Jr., B. Ogden, D. Sanders. C. Spies. G. Stewart, R. Terasaki, T. Unruh, W. Warner, S. Webb, A. Wild. The Owl Club i ? ' Left to right: Standing: C. Minor, D. Campen. Sitting: K. Yamanouchi, R. Timberlake. Not pictured: M. Abeli, L. Anderson, R. Levinc, A. Thompson, E. Waldman. 93 Officers Of The Student Body Front: President Karen Morgan. Middle: Arlene Jacobs. ASB Senator. Seth Cohen, ASB Senator, Scott Morrell, Secretary. Bacl ; Jerry Abajian, Treasurer! Mil e Puyau, Vice-President. Absent: Peter Simoneaux, ASB Senator. Student Advisory Board Left to right: Eric Hirsch, Co-chairman of Housingi Iggy Prats. Chairman of GreetingSi Mike Puyau, Chairmani Mary Utz. Chairwoman of Tours. Not Pictured: Dan Ferguson. Chairman of Pre-Med Activities, Donna Chester, Co-Chairwoman of Housing. Senior Class Officers Seated: Joe Bavaria, President! Marlon Doucet, Vice-President. Standing: Laura Tenner, Secretary! Jama Ray. Treasurer. 94 Guest speakers Mayor Morial above, Dick Gregory below. Student National Medical Association Front: Steve Barnes (Pres. ' 80- ' 8l), Miguel Elie. Back: Sheryl Sutton, Phillip Proctor, Greg Gex (Pres. ' 82 - ' 83), Michael Boucree (Pres. ■8l- ' 82). American Medical Student Association Kneeling: Chris Chang, Fumi Suzuki, Bob Link (Pres. ' 80- ' 8l). Patrice Gendel. Standing: Stan Drake (Pres. ' 82- ' 83), Ben Epstein, Nan Heard, Kirsti Weng, Mike Whistler, Donna Cuneo, Mark Townsend, Ben Mills (Pres. ' 8l- ' 82). Doug Shenson. Not Pictured: Jose Marquez. 95 Women In Medicine Left to right Standing: G. Knuckles, B. Newman. J. Turner. Sitting: E. Griswold. P. Craigo. C. Meyers. R. Krueger (President). J. Perlstein. History Of Medicine Society Full Circle Left to right S. Morrell, S. Reich (President). J. Martinez. Not Pictured: D. Koitun (Pres. ' 8l- ' 82), C. Pollack. W. Shen (Chief Editor) Not pictured: C. Chicola, J. Martinez. 96 Dedications Dr. and Mrs. D. D. Archer in honor of D. Dale Archer, Jr. Dr. Thomas MacLeod Ball in honor of My Mom and Dad Dr. and Mrs. Elkanah G. Burson, Jr. in honor of Sylvia B. Burson Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Alden B. Campen Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Luke T. Chang Mr. and Mrs. Pei Chi Chou for James Lt. (Ret.) and Mrs. Marion Doucet in honor of Marion J. Doucet Dr. and Mrs. Jose J. Figueroa in honor of T. Ernesto Figueroa Mr. and Mrs. Carmine P. Fornarotto in honor of John M. Fornarotto Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Greenbaum Bettsie, Lynne and Robert in honor of Steven S. Greenbaum Dr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Griffing in honor of Craig C. Griffing Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hill, Sr. for Kenneth Hill, Jr. In honor of Dr. Horton A. Johnson Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Allen B. Koltun Best of Luck to the Graduating Class of 1983 In honor of Paul Sherman Lux Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Meksin in honor of Michael Meksin Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Morgan in honor of Karen Morgan In honor of Dr. Ronald L. Nichols Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Priest in honor of Neal A. Priest Congratulations, Michael Dr. and Mrs. Frank Puyau In honor of Dr. Armando Ruizheiro Mr. and Mrs. Fredric D. Schwarz in honor of Elizabeth Dorian Schwarz Dr. Pearl R. Gollin in honor of Bobbi Gollin-Schwarzbach Mr. and Mrs. Alex T. K. Shen in honor of Wen Shen Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bonsall in honor of Robin and Peter Stedman Dr. and Mrs. Shigeo Terasaki in honor of Rodney Terasaki Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Unger in honor of Henry David Unger Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Unruh in honor of Terry M. Unruh Dr. and Mr. Robert V. Webb in honor of Dr. Sally Ann Webb Anita Warwick-Wulff in honor of Christopher Wulff Sponsorships Mr. and Mrs. Ralph B. Buchert Mr. and Mrs. George H. Efird Dr. and Mrs. Lowell A. Johnson Cornelius J. O ' Connor, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Sayre 97 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1983 FROM THE TULANE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SERVING THE STUDENT THE ALUMNUS THE MEDICAL CENTER THROUGH STUDENT SUMMER JOB PROGRAM ALUMNI NEWS PUBLICATIONS ANNUAL STUDENT PARTY HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES CLASS REUNIONS NATION-WIDE ALUMNI FUNCTIONS STUDENT RECOGNITION AWARDS SENIOR ' MATCH ' PARTY ALUMNI LOCATING SERVICE 98 m [f , . ' c., kri. I... ; " V :,. -■ ■uacBWHMaiMwag i¥r-iiiii».::s WMMW ! Compliments Of TULANE MEDICAL CENTER AUXILIARY Owens Minor, Inc. Southern Hospital Division 624 A Wholesaler ' s Parkway Harahan, Louisiana 70123 733-3622 Ifotttselt In a dozen different ways • Withdraw cash from checking • Withdraw cash from savings • Withdraw cash from your BNO Visa account • Make a deposit to checking • Make a deposit to savings • Check your checking account balance • Check your savings account balance • Transfer money from check- ing or savings • Transfer money from savings to checking • Make payment from checking or savings to your Visa account • Make payment from checking or savings on your safe deposit rental • Make payment from checking or sav- ings on your installment loan. BN® Sharing New Ideas in Banking Ihe Bank of Ne v Orleans and Trust Company member rd i c 1010 Common St New Orleans, LA 701 12 (504) 561-7266 100 Congratulations To The School Of Medicine Class Of I9S3 From The Staff And Administration Tulane Medical Center Hospital And Clinic 1415 Tulane Avenue New Orleans, LA 70112 L J 101 Congratulations Class Of I98B UPPLltSjlNC. 2 . (504iJ85-(! We have examining room furniture on display featuring Midmark United Metal Fabricators, Burdick EKG Welch Allyn Diagnostic Sets. 102 American Medical Association Louisiana State Medical Society Orleans Parish Medical Society A medical degree is the first step in becoming a doctor. . . Association with your new peers is the second step. L Call Gary Kuhlmann for information. . .523-2474. LS 103 r " a Drs. Treuting, Simpson Associates Practicing As THE PATHOLOGY LABORATORY A Professional Medical Corporation METAIRIE: 4640 l-IO Service Road Metairie, LA. 70001 Ph: (504) 889-2307 WATS (800) 452-7669 BATON ROUGE: 8126 One Calais Place Suite 2B Baton Rouge, LA. 70809 Ph. (504) 766-4489 TWX Numbers 810-951-5343 810-951-6169 L Congratulations Class Of 1983 104 B909 Bienville New Orleans, LA 70119 Phone: 486: 5956 Medical Nursing Books Serving New Orleans Since 1909 Congratulations Class Of I9S3 From The TULANE MEDICAL SCHOOL CAFETERIA A f? i f f 1 TELEPHONE 897-6248 LAMBERT ' S ORTHOTICS ■ PROSTHETICS PATIENT AIDS 4321 St. Charles at Napoleon New Orleans, La. 70115 105 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Hilane University School of Medicine G121SS of 1983 from your colleagues and friends at the Ochsner Medical Institutions Ji 106 r " a Congratulations To The CLASS OF 1983 From Jo Ellen Smith Memorial Hospital 4444 General Meyer Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana 70114 Phone (504) 363-7011 We congratulate and extend best wishes to the Class of 1983 TULANE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE lOBST INSTITUTE, INC. • TOLEDO, OHIO NATIONAL MEDICAL BDS VQE ECFMG TLEX DENTAL BDS PODIATRY BDS NURSING BDS • Voluminous home study notes on all areas of basic science. • Teaching tests accompanied by com- prehensive teaching tapes to be used at any of our tape centers. • Materials constantly updated - Over 40 years of • experience and " S success in the field of test preparation. . bk EDUCATIONAL CENTER d IIIKJ 1 486-7373 iS39 Ulloa Si. New Orleans, lA 70(19 J 107 THE PHYSICIAN OWNED INSURANCE COMPANY FOR YOUR PROTECTION LOUISIANA MEDICAL MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY (LAMMICO) TODAY INSURES MORE PHYSICIANS IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA FOR PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY THAN ANY OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY. IT IS A COMPANY OWNED BY YOU, THE PHYSICIAN AND RUN BY PROFESSIONAL AD- MINISTRATORS UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF PHYSICIAN DIRECTORS. FOR INFORMATION ABOUT RATES AND COVERAGES CALL OR WRITE: Louisiana Medical Mutual Insurance Company (LAMMICO) 433 Metairie Road — Suite 600 Metairie, Louisiana 70005 (504) 831-3756 1 (800) 452-2120 50% DISCOUNT ON FIRST YEAR PREMIUM FOR NEW PHYSICIANS 108 For complete information on our re- cruiting or placement services, cal or send your complete CV. P.O. BOX 10621 NEW ORLEANS, LA 70181 504 733-1847 Outside LA 800 535-7698 THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY We are based here in New Orleans but we have hospitals in communities all over the country. Call me about a private practice opportunity in a Qualicare community. Mazie Blanks Director of Physician Recruitment Qualicare 938 Lafayette Street New Orleans, LA 70113-1097 (504) 522-7070 J 109 Where Do We Go Name Specialty Location 110 From Here? Name Specialty Location m i r y ..»- " J r ■AiUP r f 1 dp solemnly swear by whatever jghi most sa " that I will be loyal to the professli and just and generous to its members. That I will lead my life and practicej uprightness and honor. That into whatsoever home I shall enter f pall be for the good of the sick and the well to thevpost of my power, and that I will hold myself Wfoi from wrong and from corruption and from the4Pmpting of others to vice. ,,, That I will exercise i Art. solely for the cure of my patients and the prevention of disease and will give no drugs and perform no operation for a crimi- nal purpose and far less suggest such thing. That whatsoever I shall see or hear of the lives of men which is not fitting to be spoken, I will keep inviolably secret. These things I do promise and in proportion as I am faithful to this oath, may happiness and good repute be ever mine, the opposite if I shall be for- sworn. 1894-1930 1906-1956 OENTER iC 1930 '

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