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Pt 1981 f Xfff 4 ; !.i..,iw,.,. ;,.-. a:;;;,-;;;s;!n ; ?iliia!I!!8S!«!;a;!i:::: a:| P , " B» ' ' ) r T-WAVE • 1982 TULANE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE NEW ORLEANS • LOUISIANA Volume 1 Yearbook Staff Editor-In-Chief Harley Ginsberg Associate Editors Shawn Bajo Bob Gold Marie Mann Shelly Picard Karen Theriot Business Managers Bob Gold Kathy Newman Photographers Roy Brooks Art Chin Harley Ginsberg Dave Kutob Paul Mele Ivan Murray Rob Roth Acknowledgments Professional Photographers Al Dufour Rene Bunch Cover Design Joe Newsom Caricatures John Keating EKGs Provided by Dawne Orgeron Table Of Contents H --•b ' --:i ? t Med School Hx 4 Administration 10 Faculty 16 i b?,;; ii«V »» « I ' Nii ym Underclassmen 26 Class of 1982 34 Freshman Year 36 X j . A xv X mwmmmmf ta f» ' WMft BM ' ■ A fis jtffifltf V , ' l ' Sophomore Year 46 Junior Year 58 Senior Year 68 1 ' ' " ' s « J 1 v - r f ' 1 ' V " 11 Ap_ .-Hr Sports 92 Organizations 96 Sponsors 100 In Memoriam KATHY ELLEN NEWMAN 1955-1981 ' It ' s the laughter we will remember, w henever we remember, the way we were. ' Kathy Newman was 25 years old. She graduated from Newcomb College with a degree in Psychology. Her dream was to be a pediatri- cian, to help children cope with the stresses of growing up. Kathy will be remem- bered for her compassion, ju- bilant spirit, desire to alle- viate pain and suffering, and a true and genuine love for all children. She was a dedi- cated student and a well re- spected classmate. Kathy will be missed by all of us. It is in Kathy ' s memory that we dedicate the 1982 f- WAVE. Hx Of Tulane Medical School " On Monday, September 29, 1834, the Bee announced in its editorial columns: ' We are highly gratified to notice the establishment in this city of a medical college. The gentlemen who fill the chairs of the professorship are men of skill and experience. ' Thus formal medical training in Louisiana was begun. The founding of the New Orleans School of Medicine in 1856 introduced another group of physicians and surgeons to the community. It is certain that Charity Hospital, itself a vast clinical laboratory, was an important factor in the development of medical education in New Orleans. " " An important step forward was taken by Charity Hospital in 1885 when an ambulance service was begun. The first ambulance went into operation on February 2nd and was described as a ' commondious vehicle, weighing 1600 pounds and requires a double team. Although wagon-built to be durable, it has a carriage finish and is mounted on heavy springs . .. ' . According to an undocumented story, it took so long to answer the first call that the patient had recovered and already left the scene. The driver and intern not wishing to return empty-handed, picked up an unsuspecting Negro boy who was not ill and returned triumphantly to the hospital. " The Civil War brought a halt to all for- mal medical training in 1862. The Medi- cal College of Louisiana was fortunate to find financial security. A wealthy New Orleans merchant, Paul Tulane, be- queathed $1,250,000 to provide for a new university. In 1884 the various depart- ments of the University of Louisiana were placed under the jurisdiction of the new institution, Tulane University. Tuition fees were costly. In addition to the $150 for tu- ition, there was a matricula- tion fee of $5, and $10 anato- my fee, and a $20 lecture se- ries assessment. The student would also be responsible for his room and board which was $25 per month. In anatomy lab, dissection was a coat and tie affair. Right: In 1902 a Mr. Alexander Hutchinson bequeathed $800,000 to Tulane University in memory of his wife Josephine. This led to further ex- pansion of the medical facilities. Left: The Richardson Memorial Building on -1 3} the uptown campus housed the School of Medicine in the early 1900 ' s. It was named in honor of Dr. T.G. Richardson, the first and only Louisianian to be president of the American Medical Association. A sketch of Charity Hospital as envisioned by the architects in the late 1930 ' s. _5- J In 1910, Abraham Flexner published his report on the ranking and classification of medical schools, with Tulane ranked as one of the top three Southern institutions. At that time, Tulane ' s medical faculty included such prominent physicians as Dr. Rudolph Matas, a vascular surgeon, and Dr. Isadore Dyer, a well noted dermatologist, who was instrumental in the development of the leprosarium in Carville, Louisiana. The modern day history of The Tulane University School of Medicine continues to be one of expansion and growth, not only of its physical facilities, but also of its research and training programs. Few medical schools can equal the excellent clinical training experience afforded by Charity Hospital, Tulane Medical Center, and the private institutions in the city. Paul Tulane would certainly be proud of the many medical students who have graduated from the university bearing his name. l-in- uh ' jh ' j t i tki»k Reference: The Rudolph Matas History of ytedicine in Louisiana, by John Duffy. Volume II. LSI " Press, 1962. Pp. 237. 247. 506. OFFICE 4F ADMISSIONS I. w. eyFPtR©«Mwiii ASSOCIATE r Administration .:= . I " ' T r: i V i,iiiiA 3. l;!rtr::i, liiii Hi Ai Eamon Kelly, Ph. D. President of Tulane University John J. Walsh, M.D. Chancellor of Tulane Medical School 12 s i James T. Hamlin III, M.D. Dean of the School of Medicine David E. Smith, M.D. Associate Dean of Curricular and Academic Affairs 13 STUDENT AFFAIRS Wallace K. Tomlinson, M.D. Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Secretaries Standing: L to R: Carol Gaudet Elaine Mmahat Sitting: Myrna Romain J 14 ADMISSIONS W. Clifford Newman, Jr., Ph.D. Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs Secretaries Standing: L to R: Karen Martinez Carroll Wilson Kathy Muller Jaynene Reid Sitting: Pat Luman 15 Facultyi 14 ANATOMY Standing L to R: C. Knox J. Mascorro M. Anderson G. Kirby J. Jeter I. Chen Sitting L to R: E. Peebles R. Yates L. Walker M. Vaupel Department Chairman ♦ I 18 PHYSIOLOGY Faculty Standing L to R: J. Lymangrover R. Lowe L. Feigen N. Kreisman Sitting L to R: M. Evanich N. Di Luzio L. Wade Not Pictured: W. Newman J. Pisano BIOCHEMISTRY Faculty : Standing L to R: W. Cohen. R. Stjernholni . R. Steel, J. Muldrey. Sitting L to R: W. Baricos, M. Stanfield, G. Adrouny, Y. Li. 19 PATHOLOGY Standing: L to R: P. Walker, H. Johnson , C. Dunlap, N. Schor, J. Harkin. Sitting: L to R: H. Dhurandhar, P. Daroca, M. Varela. MICROBIOLOGY Standing: L. to R: L. Friedman, M. Johnson, J. Domer, C. Cohen, W. Pierce, P. Mayeux. Sitting: L to R: E. Johnson, A. Gottlieb, C. Springate. 20 PHARMACOLOGY ' ' Standing: L to R: P. Kadowitz, W. George, L. Tgnarro, P. Guth, E. Spannhake. Sitting: L to R: K. Carter, J. Fisher , F. Donier, K. Agrawal. 21 MEDICINE Chairman: C. Thorpe Ray f Cardiology: Front L to R: B. Iteld, J. Phillips , A. Quiroz. Back L to R: T. Giles, R. Mautner, R. Koepke, R. Dillenkoffer. Endocrinology: Front L to R: K. Rives, C. Bowers , A. Ruiz. Back L to R: P. Prosser, R. Schally, P. Banks. Gastroenterology: K. Akdamar (seated), N. Agrawal, T. Ertan. Hematology Oncology: Seated L to R: A. Hendrick, W. Stuckey . Standing: L. Thomas, G. Beltran. Immunology: Front L to R: B. Butcher, N. Doll, N. Waring. Back: S. Lehrer, M. Anorve, B. Bozelka, J. Salvaggio , R. DeShazo. Pulmonary Medicine: H. Weill (seated), C. Ramirez, D. Hendrick, D. Ellithorpe, W. Barkman. Nephrology: Seated L to R: V. Shah, J. Wallin , W. O ' Neill, Standing: L to R: G. Bailey, E. Carvajal. 22 SURGERY Chairman: Watts R. Webb First Row: L to R: E. Peacock, E. Krementz, W. Webb , M. Litwin, R. Ryan. Second Row: R. Brunswick, A. Kitahama, P. Moynihan, J. Jones, N. McSwain, C. Sutherland . and friends. 23 PEDIATRICS ■C — Bf IIIII..IIM Left to right: Front row: W. Waring, M. Smith, J. Lewy , A. Bartlee, H. Woody, N. Woody Second row: N. Waring, R. deShazo, N. Halsey, D. Burgess, H. Doucet, K. Ohene-Frempong, J. Boyer Third row: W. Christy, R. Beckerman, J. Reynolds, G. Bisset, H. Anand, J. Frentz, C. Craft, K. Williams Fourth row: J. Griffith, R. Lambert, C. Daul, M. Bhende, W. Scott, S. Sharma, T. Vu, D. Ghiya, L. White Fifth row: S. Schwartz, J. Gavin, K. Thaly, J. Awotwi, S. Ratanaprakarn, J. Kanga, N. Rahman, S. Levine, C. Trujillo, H. McNeeley, B. Rubin, S. Paraguya Not pictured: F. Boineau, R. Brunstetter, R. Brunswick, S. Burke, J. Carter, L Cohen, R. Daum, D. Dunn, B. Evans, W. Galen, R. Gordon, K. Knight, P. Moynihan, J. Nadell, A. Pacheco, F. Puyau, K. Reardon, L. Robinson, J. Roheim, G. Schuftan, E. Shipira, J. Smith, J. Zusman 24 OBSTETRICS GYNECOLOGY Standing: L to R: S. Degefu C. Lacey B. Mabie M. Moorehead Sitting: L to R: P. Moore M. Pernoll M. Pupkin J. Naponick NEUROLOGY PSYCHIATRY Standing: L to R: J. Goethe. M. Wilensky, J. Fetzer, V. Tomlinson. P. Criffin. D. Winstead, H. Miles, S. Trufant, A. Epstein. A. Cox. D. Miclke, I). Dunn. Sitting: L to R: J. Roheim, L. Robinson, G. Kader, P. Sarala, S. Danahay. D. Shraberg. 25 Underclassmen rflf 1 ; ™t i: Ml 1 •m 1 __ - ■ 1 ■ ■ : ■ s •J ■ ■wS i « r f f , m - ■ ' U- ' ■ " : T ' ' -C " -1 : di- ■£ li£;; OUCR ' ON Ol- pO|QO OQ Od OO OO OO OO CNd 1 ' , ' __ ■ rt ki ■ " , OOIOOOOIOOOOOO po po po po po oo po po popo ' oooooc i oaoopooopo II ' ll 1 o [ iRAJHAM ALLYN ARiMURA BARRETT BASNIGHT BATLLE SEALS BENSON BINDER El fst .f ii! COBB COHEN COHEN. J. E. COHEN, S.J. COOPER COX CRABTREE CUNEO DAVIS k}?i- t % t x GGERT ELIE ELLIOTT E ' .E, EPSTEIN FARASH FISHER ==eedman M ■fe " - yl M 1 ill JRANDPRE ' GULESSERIAN GUNTER HAMPTON HARRISON HAYNES HEARD mi% ti yPt lACKMAN JACOBS JOHNSON KAHLER KAMPMAN KAWASAKI KAY C -s) 1 11 ii i l ill I 1 MACHEERS MAMIKUNIAN MARTINEZ MELTON MILES MILLER MINER i- iii 3 ' OONNELL O ' SHEA PARKINSON PARSONS PEREZ PONTECORVO PORTNOY PRECHTER PROCTOR RIDEr m 1 A . §» . ■z LLIMAN SIMONEAUX SMALLWOOD SMULIAN STEFFENSEN STRICAT SUTTON SWAN TAILLAC WALKER WASSERMAN WATERS WATSON WEAVER WEBB WENG WHISTLER WICKER i il ,, ' ji ri P " -i ' ];■ ' M STEIN BOH BRAUD BROWN BROWNE BRUM CAREY CHERRY CHING ■♦• . 1. t :ayette degnan deutsch diaz Dickinson dildy donat- ill ' JOIMSON GALLI GAfiOAflENGOOCA GARDNER GEISSLER GEX GIESEL GOLDENBERG GOLDSMITH muprattg 111 1985 f«. i £ 111 HENDRICKS HINES HINTON HOLADAY HOPPER HUNGERFORD IVY :- fv t, n KERSHAW KILPATRICK LEVINE LIGHT LINOSEY ' LOGRECO LORANT rkfih Aa iti 4 1 i MORRELL MOSS MUHIUDEEN MURPHY NOBER NORRIS NORWOOD i fO i » i- jpk o t| ROBINSON, A. ROBINSON ROHEIM ROSS SCHAEFER SCHERMER SCHULTIS SHENSON SHERRY r O fn 1 r A t ' A , TAMAI TAYLER TOWNSEND TREY TSUCHIYA TUCKER TUNIS UTZ VITANZA O A :■ ' o (f% ! !« - f ,-.- i r- 4«li 4 1 iui ▲ A A :. fe 4tk WlirF " VVM I ARfl WILLIAMS wllliAM ' OM A .,MFR WOLc AONC- rOROA;Tr 29 CLASS OF 1984 K-j seC . Wi .« n M ' f ' a ' M " As. . -■ ,. t- ■ 30 -Siuffii- Til 1 - 31 CLASS OF 1983 32 L. to R.: R. Pang, J. Mennen, C. Griffing, C. Goldman, J. van Lier Ribbink 33 " i IB Do N t Class Of 1982 ANATOMY LABORATORY NO ADMinANCE Freshman Year m :m ttrir flt: ? ' ■ ■ : " : 5 ri: 4+ h4+- ■■ :; -jlL- |:; r " : A ( " A A I j- m V! ' r ' sy J I " ■ (i iMijI ■ ! t i ,; ; ; : VMNL. P LI 1 ;NA;5.ak A 5 Nv The first ear is always the hardest. 38 ' e i ■ Dawlin ' , quit snappin dem pixures an git me da mustid! First of all, you wouldn ' t find me here on a Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa. Demand will be incredible so order now! 39 The Doctor is in. Now, this is what I call the greater tuberosity ! Tell me Bob, what do you know about this girl Valerie? FLAMINGOS CAFE ■v» X ot 40 All yours for $100.00 each. 41 I got it from Irving ' s cadaver. Who ordered the pizza with pepperoni? Give ' em an inch and they take a foot. 42 £ HS ,J We finally threw it up to higher mag. What he really needs is a thermometer because my blood is boiling! 43 If our parents could see how hard we really worked this year. Should we tell him the plug is out? I have a few announcements to make after I figure out who tied my shoelaces together. 44 That ' s the last time I trust that bookie! Darn these computer dates! They ' re always breaking down. HERPES II 45 Sophomore Year fT ; .-- Do you have any good veins in the other arm? He ' s eating the practical exam! Lub-dub, zub-dub, zub-zub, z-z-z-z-z 48 Trust me. Hair loss is directly related to virility. Very funny. Now tell that big guy in the Santa suit that he just failed the course. 49 When you ' re as tall as I am, portable oxygen comes in handy. Hey Deichmann, that kid keeps pointing to you and saying daddy. 50 VHHU K H win You want me to do what? Dress up like a what? Sing and dance like a what? Oh look fellas. Why me, huh? If you look at me closely you ' ll notice. An adonis I ' m not meant to be, In this costume you see. They will all roar with glee. Why me? Why me? Why me? 51 You probably don ' t know me but I hate unknowns. I hate unknowns. ,11 I hate unknowns. I hate unknowns. 52 Mice are actually bats without wings! " ♦a 53 But everything else was tuberculosis! Don ' t worry Jim, I was in your shoes once. 54 Emperor Ming receives word that Flash Gordon is dead. Yea, we bad! What do you mean everything ' s filled? 55 It ' s either an epithelioid-mesenchymal dysgerminoma or rich Corinthian leather. Flash Gordon is examined. Would you please stop singing! 5fa FT Twenty. Do I hear twenty-five? Sam, I really would like a second opinion. My head is not a basketball! 57 .NESTHESIA DEPT. ELGADO O.R. .N.T. O.R. YSTO O.R. EYE O.R. MILES O.R. O.R. SUPERVISOR COORDINATOR OF SURGICAL SERVICE! SCHOOL OF O.R. TECHNICIANS Junior Year - ' - " " " : : r psr " ' N- ' t [ f r - • ' T . h s [A r , T J— Ji f ' , , ? ■ : . 58 L! . ■ iN i . . , . A » i„ L_ _ _ _Li » _J A_JL_4a ?I,vv ' i . ' fjrZi 2V5V:l 5[5Z ' N.7 rfr t s ' TH A " " i J. 59 I ' m not leaving until you give me back my balloon. Worth learning, yea. Worth waking up for, nah. Do you think anyone suspects? 60 Local Watering Hole Placenta Ed 61 An instrument that pays . (tuition). THE T-3 RETRACTOR I never thought of myself as a ; lame duck, t 62 F If you trade for Radiology this month, it will force Larry to take Touro Medicine. 1 A Is all this really necessary to eat at Charity? 63 iSilH He ' s so cute Consult endocrine STAT. 64 f Progress note: Tap performed without complications. 12 oz. Straw colored fluid aspirated. f 6S Junior Year Final Exam Part I Directions: Match The Pictured Disease States With Their Dx Below B f D E Answers 1. Clubbing 2. Empty Sella Syndrome 3. Cafe au lait spots 4. Melanoma 5. PCP Intoxication e-a ' s-a ' t-d ' z-a Vv - yi 66 Junior Year Final Exam Part II Directions: Match The Following Chief Complaints With Their English Translation. 1. Bad blood a. Spinal Meningitis 2. Cadillacs of the eyes b. Gonorrhea 3. Chickenpops c. Vericose veins 4. Contrapsion in my utricus d. Cataracts 5. Fireballs in my Virginia e. Sickle Cell Anemia 6. Fractured vertables f. Fibroids 7. Running rains Gleet g. Syphilis 8. High blood h. Chickenpox 9. Roaches on the liver i. Diabetes Mellitus 10. Romantic heart disease J. Cirrhosis 11. Sick as hell anemia k. Thrush 12. Smiling Almighty Jesus 1. High blood pressure 13. Sugar diabetes m Rheumatic Heart Disease 14. Trash in the throat n. Contractions of the uterus 15. Very close veins o. Fractured vertebrae ■o-qi -n-M •i-ei -v-zi ■ ' -U " ' " -OI T-G " 1-8 " q- . ' " " S ' i ' ' " -« " ' ' ' P ' - " ' l ' 67 Alan Alda December 17, 198 Dear Class of ' 82, I wish I could be there in person to let you hear it from my own mouth but let me say anyway, that I admire you all for the work you ' ve chosen to devote your lives to. The willingness to take on so much hard work , so many long hours and the responsibility for the lives of so many other people is something that always amazes me . I congratulate each and every one of you. Sincerely, Senior Year 7 w ' 1 -TT-T r . n — : F 1 n;: H:; - 1 - : ' . ml-y ' ' . :5 P? ::) » ■ " Jtl. f t: r : .:— ' " -. ' -. .:._ .. " . ,ri 1 — ) . i i t ! ■ ■ --- -t:7 nu i i T 1 -i-li } rr: :- - -..:.i-L rJAMA l iscascs,,r(hil(lttii 1111 1 ) K ' • ' PI DlAl l K )..uin.i .l Ui u.nc MN R €» Mark F. Abel West Hartford, Connecticut Samuel T. Adams New Orleans, Louisiana David Alster Glencoe, Illinois Robert E. Anderson Greeley, Colorado Malcolm E. Andry, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana Allyson Ann Askew New Orleans, Louisiana Robert C. Baird, III Mobile, Alabama Shawn Cook Bajo Lake Charles, Louisiana 70 -- -- »,- Evelyn Barraza Balboa, Canal Zone John Michael Barraza Monroe, Louisiana Eugene J. Basiliere Areubo, Puerto Rico Shelly Picard Baumann Shreveport, Louisiana Gloria Mary Bertucci New Orleans, Louisiana Robert R. Beskin Baton Rouge, Louisiana Warren R. Bourgeois III New Orleans, Louisiana Roy M. Brooks Hillsdale, New Jersey 71 Donald P. Buhrer, Jr. Arnold, Maryland David R. Byrd Jacksonville, Florida Vera Eloise Carter El Paso, Texas Jean L. Chabo San Diego, California Hank Chambers Aurora, Colorado Tom Chappell Fair Haven, New Jersey Arthur S. Chin San Francisco, California Mark Clanton New Orleans, Louisiana 72 W4 ' ... r Robert B. Cloar, Jr. Lexington, Kentucky Kismet Renee Collins Fullerton, California Seth Joel Corey Orlando, Florida ■■: . Suzanne Spencer Crater Mountain Lakes, New Jersey Marshall H. Crenshaw Shr eveport, Louisiana kt -r .i jtf Frank Culicchia New Orleans, Louisiana Deborah Ann Daniels Columbus, Georgia Chris T. Davies Orange County, California 73 Rodney Davis Malvern, Arkansas Richard E. Deichmann, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana Renee Dupont Torrance, California Amy Armstrong Ernst New Orleans, Louisiana Michael Charles Fajgenbaum New Orleans, Louisiana Gerald Farmer Tampa, Florida Patti Farris Aurora, Illinois Daniel Lloyd Ferguson New Orleans, Louisiana 74 Paul T. Finger New York City, New York Larry Gandle Fair Lawn, New Jersey Royal Gerow Priest Lake, Idaho James Kiefer Gerstley Wyncote, Pennsylvania Thomas Giddings Hinsdale, Illinois Harley Glen Ginsberg Hollywood, Florida Larry Givens New Orleans, Louisiana George S. Goding, Jr. St. Louis, Missouri 75 Robert Stuart Gold Ardmore, Pennsylvania Scott Goldman Skokie, Illinois Vic Gonzalez New Orleans, Louisiana Timothy S. Graham Pennsauken, New Jersey Gregory K. Gum New Orleans, Louisiana Watson Mark Gutowski Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Zirka M. Halibey South Orange, New Jersey Andy Hallberg Mystic, Connecticut 76 Michael N. Harlan New Orleans, Louisiana Bobbi Jo Hawk Portales, New Mexico .imz t .ist .-■ m Mark E. Healy San Francisco, California Gregory Thomas Hebrank Greensburg, Pennsylvania Madelaine Turegano Hedgpeth New Orleans, Louisiana Bruce Warren Hershatter Branford, Connecticut Adele M. Hieshima Whittier, California Janet Grove Hoagland i Cut Off, Louisiana m. 77 Jim Hogan Kingsport, Tennessee John Hollenberg Redlands, California John Cooper Howard Atlanta, Georgia John F. Irving Milford, Connecticut Scott Taylor Jackson Salt Lake City, Utah Valerie P. Jameson New Orleans, Louisiana W. Dean Jameson Camden, Arkansas Randy Phillip Johnson Redondo Beach, California 78 Mary Kathleen Jones San Francisco, California Laurence Bruce Kandel Jericho, New York Michael F. Kelly Fargo, North Dakota Peter A. Kelt Lake Ronkonkoma, New York Brian Maltbie Kinney Baton Rouge, Louisiana ; David W. Kutob Phoenix, Arizona John D. Leimert Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Bernard Ira Leman Pacific Palisades, California 79 Steven Harry Lesser Santa Cruz, California George Dalton Long Atlanta, Georgia % ' Mike Luckett El Paso, Texas Gregory E. Lyman Atlanta, Louisiana James Edward Lynch Decatur, Georgia Paul Henry McClain Bellevue, Nebraska Stephen Mason McCollam New Orleans, Louisiana L. Kathleen McDonald New Orleans, Louisiana 80 John Duncan McEwen Durham, North Carolina Kristi Jo Mclntyre Baton Rouge, Louisiana Patricia C. McKeever Los Angeles, California Bruce R. Maddern Cheshire, Connecticut Seth D. Madell Patchogue, New York Robert Maietta Winchester, Massachuetts Marie Mann New Orleans, Louisiana Cecile L. Many New Orleans, Louisiana 81 Clifford G. Martin Butte, Montana Gilbert Rutledge Mason, Jr. Biloxi, Mississippi Jan £. Mathisen Poughkeepsie, New York Gregory K. Mayer Phoenix, Arizona Paul F. Mele Schenectady, New York Richard L. Meyer, Jr. Meridian, Mississippi J. Kim Meyers San Francisco, California Jesse Edwin Morriss III Headland, Alabama J 82 Ivan George Anthoney Murray Miami, Florida Kathy Newman Hollywood, Florida - ■•- ' ■■ " ■ " Joseph K. Newsom, Jr. Cheraw, South Carolina Brent Carl Norman Hollywood, California Erin Theresa O ' Sullivan New Orleans, Louisiana Stephen E. Parey Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Jim Peacock New Orleans, Louisiana John Charles Pearce Austin, Texas 83 Carol Rust Peebles New Orleans, Louisiana Judy Perlstein Woodmere, New York Edward Rolando Peron Miami, Florida , John Hunter Phillips III New Orleans, Louisiana Reid Guyton Pierce Pine Bluff, Arkansas Jack A. Pines Southfield, Michigan Robert Martin Pinner New Orleans, Louisiana Richard J. Pisani Bethesda, Maryland 84 I Anita E. Pitot Madison, Wisconsin Diane Pittman Charlotte, Vermont R. Scott Poppen Provo, Utah Dewey John Preston New Orleans, Louisiana Elias Rilloraza Quintos Fort Salonga, New York Steven J. Reiss St. Louis, Missouri Melissa Lemoyne Reynolds Vacaville, California Eugene A. Rivera Miami Shores, Florida 85 Richard Roettger St. Louis, Missouri Robert Barry Roth Metuchen, New Jersey Bradley Berlin Rowberry Overland Park, Kansas Clyde R. Roy II Marietta, Georgia James F. Ruiz Baton Rouge, Louisiana Albert Saltiel Highland Park, New Jersey Oliver Sartor Shreveport, Louisiana Robert D. Scheirer Kutztown, Pennsylvania 86 • »ftv- B. Robert Schwartz Cincinnati, Ohio Richard Graham Sellers Gulf Breeze, Florida l_ John Sentell Baton Rouge, Louisiana Marlene J. Severson Minot, North Dakota Joel Sheiner Southfield, Mic higan Hoke Shirley Lakeland, Florida Thomas P arle Sholes Johnson City, Tennessee Richard J. Simmons Denver, Colorado 87 James Aaron Slobard Ridgewood, New Jersey Robert G. Sugar Redwood City, California John Swan Massillon, Ohio Karen Dawn Theriot Battle Creek, Michigan Peter Brian Tillotson Fargo, North Dakota Povilas Vitenas, Jr. New Orleans, Louisiana James L. Tucker III Abilene, Texas 88 Guy Voeller Memphis, Tennessee Susan Patrice Weiner Houston, Texas • i v. Gary Windier Glen Cove, New York Barbara Toby Wizer New Orleans, Louisiana Blane A. Woodfin Columbus, Georgia Clyde W. Yancy. Jr. Baton Rouge, Louisiana Josie Zanders Atlanta, Georgia 89 Thanks For The Memories Mark Abel — Thanks to my friends and my dedicated teachers who helped make these fulfilling years. I hope we meet again. Gloria Bertucci — Special thanks to my parents for unending encouragement and support. Paul Buhrer — Thanks Mom and Dad. Vera Carter — Thank you for those long talks ($100 phone bills) and your support. " The family that hangs together " — Mom, Dad, Joseph, James and William. Deborah Daniels — With our minds, we can change our worlds. Chris Davies — My thanks to all who have had the patience to endure my endless questions, both the simple and the esoteric. Harley Ginsberg — Mom and Dad, your love and inspiration were gifts I shall treasure forever. Wish you were here to share this moment with me. To Kathy, my little sis, it will never be the same without you. Robert Gold — To my wife Gail: " Stay just the way you are. " To my parents: Thanks for all your love guidance, and support. And to Kathy: We will always miss you. Jim Hogan — i Salud, Amor, y Pesetas y bastante tiempo para disfrutarlas! Kathy Jones — " Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation ... " — with love and deep appreciation for my family and friends. David Kutob — Thanks to those who made pleasant memories of strenuous times. George Long — Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for everything. Love, George. Mike Luckett — To Jim Hogan, cowboy of cowboys — " ain ' t it great to be a cowboy! " Greg Lyman — Many thanks to the Pharmacology Department for " Moonlight in Vermont " . Stephen McCollam — To the Class of 82: I will always remember our unique experience with nothing but the fondest of memories. I wish us all the best of luck. Seth Madell — " Slow down, you crazy child You ' re so ambitious for a juvenile ... " — Billy Joel. Good luck and easy going to all. Paul Mele — Dedicated to the late Dr. Dorothy LeBlanc - never would have made it without you. Wish you were here. Kim Meyers — To Gay, Joh, and Louise. Ivan Murray — " The tree without root is now in full bloom, thanks to faithful believers. Stephen Parey — To my wife, Sis, without whose support and encouragement this would not have been possible. John Pearce — I would like to thank " Doc " , my father, for his love and encouragement in reaching this goal of my life. Edward Peron — To Mom and Dad who supported me, to Lourdes who counseled me, to Salv, Grandmother and Uncles who inspired me, and, to my God who stood by me. Diane Pittman — Thanks to my family and friends for their encouragement and moral support. Best of luck to my classmates — Viva ' 82! Elias Quintos — My sincere and everlasting thanks to my family, relatives, friends, and teachers for the best years of my life. Eugene Rivera — Thank you Virginia, Cristina, Rolando, Rita, Arturo, and Adria, and the rest of the family for your love and support. Povilas Vitenas — In appreciation of my family, friends, and Jan whose love and support has made this possible. Guy Voeller — All my thanks to Peggy and my parents — the most generous, wonderful, and understanding people in the world. Love, Guy. 90 91 Sports 92 rsiSst ■rr 1 :;: 1; 93 W ' ls " Only a memory now. 94 95 ORGANIZATIONS AOA Left to Right: Standing: Richard Campeau, M.D., Larry Millikan, M.D., Clyde Yancy, Royal Gerow, Stephen Parey, Eugene Rivera. Second row: Wesley Galen, M.D., Dean EUithorpe, M.D., David Byrd, William O ' Neill, M.D. First row: Joseph Newsom, Roberta Hawk, Chris Davies, Brent Norman. Not pictured: Mark Abel, Shelly P. Baumann, Frank Culicchia, George Goding, Timothy Graham, John Hallberg, John Hollenberg, John Irving, John Leimert, Bernard Leman, Michael Luckett, Judy Perlstein, Diane Pittman, Oliver Sartor, Bernard Schwartz, Peter Tillotson, Guy Voeller. 96 M. History Of Medicine Full Circle Standing (L to R): Charles Pollack, Steve Reich, Doug Koltun. Sitting: Seth Corey, Josie Zanders. (L to R): Susan Weiner, Seth Corey, Duncan McEwen, Wen Shen. Student Advisory Board Standing (L to R): Scott Jackson, Eugene Rivera, Clyde Yancy, Melissa Reynolds, Bernard Leman, Kathy McDonald. Sitting: Robert Maietta, Robert Baird, Paul Vitenas. 97 98 Z Z J Editor-in-Chief: Harley Ginsberg Associate Editors: Shawn Bajo Bob Gold Marie Mann Shelly Picard Karen Theriot ij Class Photographers (L to R): David Kutob Ivan Murray Art Chin Rob Roth Not Pictured: Roy Brooks Paul Mele Harley Ginsberg J OWL CLUB Our link to the faculty. (L to R) Clyde Yancy, Hoke Shirley, Allyson Askew, Oliver Sartor, Shep Coding, Cele Many, Stephen McCollam, Tom Chappell, Bruce Maddern, Erin O ' Sullivan, Jack Irving. w CLASS OFFICERS Our link to each other. Top row (L to R): Marshall Crenshaw, Gene Rivera, Steve Reiss. Bottom row: Jack Irving, Patti Farris, Frank Culicchia, Jim Hogan, Bob Gold, Hank Chambers, Shelly Picard. 99 SPONSORS A special thanks to all the parents and friends who contributed to this first edition of the T-WAVE. Rosemary T. Andry Mr. Mrs. John F. Chappell Mr. Mrs. J. W. Leimert Dr. Mrs. Gilbert Mason, Sr. Dr. Mrs. Joseph Pisani The Sheiners Dr. Robert S. Picard Dr. Verre Simpson Picard In Honor Of Robert Roth In Honor Of Guy R. Voeller Mr. Mrs. Henry Askew, Jr. In Honor Of AUyson Ann Askew Rizalina R. Batenga, M.D. Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Eng. Mrs. Severo B. Castro Congratulations To Elias R. Quintos Dr. Mrs. Rosalino Figueras Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Elizabeth M. Hogan Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Mr. Mrs. Kiefer N. Gerstley In Honor Of James K. Gerstley Mr. Mrs. A. E. Giddings In Honor Of Thomas Giddings Dr. Mrs. Jerome A. Gold In Honor Of Robert Gold Mr. Mrs. Robert W. Graham In Honor Of Dr. Timothy S. Graham Marty Ewing-Hawk " Boys " In Honor Of Bobbi Jo Hawk Mary Jane and Dick In Honor Of Bruce W. Hershatter Mr. Mrs. H. Jex In Honor Of Ivan Murray Mrs. Mary J. Jones In Honor Of Kathy Jones Dr. Mrs. Angelo L. Maietta In Honor Of Robert Maietta Aurora R. Quintos, M.D. Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Dr. Mrs. Rolando J. Rivera In Honor Of Dr. Eugene A. Rivera Mr. Mrs. Francisco Rilloraza Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Mr. Mrs. Clyde R. Roy In Honor Of Clyde R. Roy, II Mrs. Ramonita Salgado In Honor Of Eugene J. Basiliere Mr. Mrs. Charles E. Scheirer In Honor Of Robert D. Scheirer Atty. Mrs. Tito Tagarao Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Drs. Peter Joan Tillotson In Honor Of Peter Brian Tillotson Merilee Irving Weiner In Honor of Dr. Susan Weiner Att. Mrs. Francisco Rilloraza, Jr. Congratulations to Elias R. Quintos Dr. Mrs. Dillard M. Sholes, Jr. In Honor Of Thomas E. Sholes and William M. Sholes Mrs. Nancy Crater Jandl and Henry A. Jandl In Honor Of Suzanne Crater 100 J ADVERTISEMENTS 40 LAMBERT ' S ORTHOTICS PROSTHETICS HOURS WEEKDAYS- e AM TO 5 PM THURSDAY — 6 AM TO 7 P M 4321 ST. CHARLES AVE, NEW ORLEANS. LA 70115 PHONE 5M 897-6248 ARTIFICIAL LIM8S BRACES WHEEL CHAIRS - SUPPORTS • CRUTCHES - HOSPITAL BEOS - SHOES Congratulations Class Of 1982 UPPLllSj INC. We have examining room furniture on display featuring Midmark United Metal Fabricators, Burdick EKG Machines Welch Allyn Diagnostic Sets. 101 Congratulations To The School Of Medicine Class Of 1982 From The Staff And Administration Tulane Medical Center Hospital And Clinic 1415 Tulane Avenue New Orleans, LA 70112 102 J American Medical Association Louisiana State Medical Society Orleans Parish Medical Society A medical degree is the first step in becoming a doctor. . . Association with your new peers is the second step. Call Gary Kuhlmann for information. . .523-2474. 103 MSP MERCK SHARF DOHME niiere Research Excellence Service is a is the is the tradition standard policy and TULANE MEDICAL BOOKSTORE CONGRATULATES CLASS OF 1982 104 THE TULANE MEDICAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SERVING THE STUDENT THE ALUMNUS THE MEDICAL CENTER THROUGH STUDENT SUMMER JOB PROGRAM ALUMNI NEWS PUBLICATIONS ANNUAL STUDENT PARTY HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES CLASS REUNIONS NATION-WIDE ALUMNI FUNCTIONS STUDENT RECOGNITION AWARDS ALUMNI LOCATING SERVICE 105 THE MANAGEMENT COMPANY We are based here in New Orleans but we have hospitals in communities all over the country. Call me about a private practice opportunity in a Qualicare community. Mazie Blanks Director of Physician Recruiting Qualicare P. O. Box 24189 New Orleans, LA 70184 837-6456 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1982 FROM THE STAFF AND PERSONNEL OF THE MEDICAL SCHOOL CAFETERIA 106 The men and women of RodiGfbne commend the student body and distinguished alumni of TULANE MEDICAL SCHOOL o RodiGfbne . . . The Beeper People 3100 FIFTH STREET METAIRIE. LA 70002 837-BEEP 107 CONGRATULATIONS PHYSICIANS Join The Graduates Who Have Joined Us, Army Medicine: Where the physician runs the system. Army medicine is the largest system of health care in America. The system is directed at every level by physicians. Therefore, Army Medicine requires the finest physicians in America. So it has designed the programs to produce them. Each Army training hospital is affiliated with a leading medical school. The range of cases is impossible to duplicate. And you are free of insurance forms, malpractice premiums, and cash flow worries. All so you can be the Hnest physician. Positions in General Medicine and most specialties available in the United States And Overseas. ARMY MEDICINE: The practice that s practically all medicine. Phone: 504-589-2373 for Louisiana and Mississippi or Washington, D.C. 202-693-5123 An Equal Opportunity Employer 108 -HB4LTH RESOURCES CORPORATION! WHAT ' S NEXT? When ;ou complete ;our medical education and training, WHAT ' S NEXT? Our Physician Placement Service can help you find the ideal practice. Physicians of all specialties have taken advantage of our no cost service. Located in New Orleans, we can serve you better. Call us at 733-3353 for more information. 201 Evans Road • Suite 414 • New Orleans, LA 70123 SERVING: PHYSICIAN GROUPS CLINICS HOSPITALS Courtesy Of Alumni Julian Hallman Sims, M.D. And Edward Lee Soil, M.D, Majors Scientific Books 8909 Bienville Street New Orleans, La. 70119 486-5956 109 Where We Will Be Name Specialty Hospital 110 Name Specialty Hospital m AFTERWORD So here it is. What began as nothing more than a picture-taking venture has blossomed into what you have before you. For The Tulane University School of Medicine, this yearbook is the first of its kind, and there will be many to follow. When I undertook the responsibility of being the editor of our yearbook, I thought a signature was something found in the lower right-hand portion of a check and that copy was something you did not get caught doing on a test. But with the expertise of Shawn Bajo, Shelly Picard, Karen Theriot, and Marie Mann, my inexperience was short-lived. They painstakingly brought me along to a point where I became capable of directing the construction of a yearbook. I learned that pages did not magically form themselves, but instead involved commitments of many hours of tedious work. The T-WAVE represents the sifting through of over 1100 photographs taken mainly by Roy Brooks, Art Chin, David Kutob, myself, and many others. To help in placing the captions, we engaged the ingenuity of Shep Coding, Rick Pisani, Gene Rivera, Rich Roettger, and Bob Scheirer. The yearbook finally seemed to be well on its way when suddenly we lost a classmate, my best friend — Kathy Newman. As most of you know, Kathy managed the business segment of the T- WAVE until her untimely death. When problems arose or decisions needed to be made, her assistance was invaluable. The yearbook was just as much her personal project as it was mine and therefore it is only fitting that this first edition be dedicated in the memory of Kathy Ellen Newman. We, her classmates, and the children she would have helped, will certainly miss her smiling face and warm touch. Bob Gold stepped in to help complete the job that Kathy had begun and filled in superbly as the new business manager. His levelheadedness certainly aided in maintaining a continuum in the T- WAVE office. In fact, months of diligent work by the entire staff began paying off as sections were completed and the yearbook began to tell its own story. The premise on which the T-WAVE was founded was to depict our progress through medical school. I sincerely hope that we have accomplished this goal in a fashion that not only pleases the class as a whole, but also entertains you. If this book serves its purpose, it will be a pleasant and at times solemn reminder of what has transpired over these past four years. Let us hope that we, as physicians, can put all these experiences to use, and have them culminate in a thorough, compassionate undertanding for our patients. Harley Ginsberg 112 Ji s!i-Mnpii riijisi-J33sxai:i ii ' : ' www,st!ia ' !

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