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Larry Block Jambalaya ' 86 Volume 91 Tulane University University Center New Orleans, Louisiana 70118 1986 Jambalaya Kynce 3n Jr cLifetlme BLAZE STEVENS Editor in Chief LARRY BLOCK Photography Editor TOM RESNICK Business Manager SUSAN C. SUMMERS Director of Media Services JAMES W. HIKINS Faculty Adviser DARREN S. LYN Student Adviser 2 masthead Bruce Stewart Table of Contents OPENING SPORTS 154 ACADEMICS 14 STUDENT LIFE 34 PORTFOLIO 84 ORGANIZATIONS . . 102 GREEKS CLASSES ADS .... 220 268 310 CLOSING 346 table of contents 3 Gavin Gassen Gavin Gassen Green Wave . . . T.G.LF. . . . First Day of 4 opening Tulane .D. Witt We arrive at Tulane as young, timid freshman and we leave Tulane as mature, outgoing seniors. We were anxious to make friends, enjoy campus events, explore the city, and be pushed to our limits. When we leave Tulane, the memo- ries will follow and we will continue to be challenged. The friendships that we found, the lessons that we learned, the experiences that we had prepares us for what lies ahead. Tulane has seen many changes over the years but none so great as this year. Tulane has a new business school, a new football coach and athletic director, and new football and baseball fields. The University Center as well as the dorms have been renovated and revamped. The incoming fresh- man have higher academic standards and the outgoing se- niors have a diploma that is worth more than ever before. Ltiny Bloi ' k ID. W,tt Class . . . TL L Marathon . . . the U.C. opening 5 ruce Stewart j.D. Witt 6 opening J.D. Witt opening 7 New Orleans The city of New Orleans, the crescent city. New Orleans has been referred to in songs, movies, books and television. But you don ' t understand or get a feel of New Orelans until you live here, experience Mardi Gras, or get lost in the Quarters. You need to experience the romance and mys- tique, it ' s splendor and revelry. The casualness and relaxed attitudes of the people give the city its uniqueness. New Orleans is rich in culture and in pride. New Orleans offers much more than the Quarters, Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest. There is the Dome, the lakefront, and St. Charles Avenue. If there isn ' t a parade on a weekend, there is a festival some where near-by Crayfish, oysters, shrimp, crabs, jambalaya and gumbo are cooking everywhere. The city and the peo- ple of the city never sleep. They carry the attitude of " le bon temps roulex. " Gavin Gassen Chris Miller French Quarter . . . Jazz . . . lagniappe . . . 8 opening red beans and rice . . . Mardi Gras . . . CBD . . . opening 9 r ;;:i ' mm. 1 .V ■ ' ■■■T SO BBB ■ISji l NO LEFT TURN ON RED ft ' ■ ■■m: ■. % Larry Block Rhonda Reap Larry Block 10 opening Avt Burk- jane Oppenhewier Rhonda Reap opening 11 »ir P IV, I 12 academics academics 13 .Ni fv% File photo Academics is a thorough investment. It seems obvious that the largest investment made is by the students: money, time and energy are entrusingly put forth and expended in order to obtain a most prized possession — a degree. To achieve this, students find they have to abound with energy to survive the academic demands. There never seems to be enough time. Attempting to read all the as- signed chapters . . . denying hours of sleep to squeeze in some early morning study hours . . . extracurricular activi- ties deleting free time . . . fighting nods during endless lectures . . . running on a wild goose chase through the library trying to find that last book to complete a research project . . . attempting to be jovial after a sleepless night of study. It all appears quite costly, even for an education. But do not let this arouse the martyr in you. Other invest- ments are provided on behalf of your education too. Faculty and staff are chosen for the unique insights they can offer in their respective fields. To be a faculty member, one is required to engage in research. Often new leads and break- throughs are made in such areas as medicine, engineering and science. Not only does this aid in solving world-wide problems but it also upgrades the reputation of our school as well as the regard of our graduates. This is only achieved through the continuously painstaking and enterprising work of our faculty. The staff, including those who work in the president ' s office to the employees at Bruff, has chosen Tulane as their working establishment. Just as the students ' incentive is their diploma, the staff also has incentives which compel them to uphold the high ideals which have been tradition- ally set before them. As we look around and observe the outcome, we can see that the accumulated interest from the investments is ex- ceedingly profitable. — Marcey Dolgoff r w Larni Bhclc 4 ' . uuiimui.li. ! I nij,m.imuu»„.» Paul Barrclson 14 academics Academics . . . An Investment with Interest The faculty of the Newcomb physical education depart- ment encourages all students to become involved in the many activities offered — a diverse variety ranging from exercise and conditioning classes to a dance company. The department ' s goals include serving students and teaching skills, techniques and knowledge which will offer lifetime enjoyment and physical fitness. Such facilities as a gym, pool, weight room and dance studio are available for use by Newcomb and Tulane students. Elizabeth Delery, chairwo- man of the department, wo rks to sustain the high standard of physical fitness desirable in the RE. classrooms. Pictured at bottom from left to right are Richard Frick, Tom Brudeau, Linda Franke, Denise Jacobson, Evane Charles, and Tim Meant. The environment that dorm life provides is attributable to these people, the residence life staff. They insure your enjoyment as well as safety while experiencing the distinctively original living in residence halls. V K .-.- The Murphy Institute The Murphy Institute exists to help students and faculty understand political and economic problen s we all face and think about as citizens. More importantly it exists to help us see why and how these problems have come to be so closely interrelated. The unprecedented economic changes of our time, to- gether with our deeply troubled political history, make us ask how economic activities and institutions have interact- ed with political forces to shape people ' s lives. Some of the questions that concern us are high on the current public agenda. What is the proper role of government in economic affairs? How has the growth of largescale private business enterprise affected the workings of democratic societies? Can we create public orders that are both politically just and economically efficient? Other issues not so high on policy makers ' agenda, yet equally important: the role of cultural values in shaping the interaction of political and economic processes, the morality of market socieites, the effect of legal institutions in determining the division of economic resources, the character and impact of national- ism. Many of these problems are not new. The close interrela- tionship of politics and economics was recognized by the first self-avowed " political economists " of the eighteenth century, including Adam Smith. In recent decades, howev- er, the complexities of these quesitons have prompted the . development of new fields of research and new modes of analysis. All of this calls for giving teachers and students alike new perspectives in their study of politics and eco- nomics. The Murphy Institute was established in 1980 to help meet these needs. It supports an interdisciplinary under- graduate program in political economy which brings to- gether economists, political scientists, historians, philos- ophers, and sociologists, all committed to transcending the traditional boundaries of their disciplines in a common search for new insights and new ways of studying the interrelations of politics and economics. To enrich Tulane ' s undergraduate program in political economy, the Murphy Institute hosts lectures and seminars by prominent visiting scholars and public figures. It also brings to Tulane for one semester each year the Murphy Institute Distinguished Visiting Professor, whose work is of common interest to students and faculty in the under- graduate program. The ultimate goal of the Murphy Institute and its various programs is to serve as forum where Tulane faculty and students will be free to question dogma and to develop the novel ways of thinking crucial to understanding the politi- cal and economic realities of our time. — The Institute Larry Block Professor Richard Teichgraeber, the Director of Murphy Institute, sits pensively at his desk con- templating our economic future. 16 the institute Communication Department Larry Block Larry Block Professor John Patton (pictured at left) is quite proud of the new Communications Department of which he is chair- man. Just recently the Communications Department ex- panded to offer courses directed tow3rd those interested in Public Relations in addition to those previously offered which mostly focused on the area of Public Speaking. Above, communications professors confer at a depart- mental meeting. Education Department Dr. Diane Manning, the Chairwoman of the Education Department, manages to maintain order and a high level of excellence in her department. She also is currently in- volved in two research projects sponsored by the Louisiana Board of Regents: " Program to Strengthen Skills and Certi- fy Earth Science and Computer Science Teachers " and " Pro- gram to Strengthen Skills and Certify Mathmatics and Computer Science Teachers. " communications-education 17 Newcomb Admissions Office Larry Block Being under the realm of the Tulane community, it is often the case when a Newcomb department gets over- looked and maybe lost somewhere in the shuffle. The New- comb Admissions Department is alive and doing very well as shown here by the staff who are busy making computer entries, anxiously trying to find that one piece of paper that was " just here " , and doing the tedious filing that accompa- nies the everyday transactions of a flourishing office. Lurry Block April 19, 198 the iRicrMi and Mpfwrt » " • . ' • ' Gavin Gossen Philip Leinbach is the Director of the Howard-Tilton Library. It ' s quite a duty to be in charge of the workings of an entire library — making sure books are checked out and reshelved properly as well as being able to maintain the order- ly atmosphere needed for a learning and studying environment. Gavin Cassen Howard Tilton Library 20 art art 21 Music (Savin Gassen The Music Department, of which Dr. Reed Hoyt is director, besides offerir g various classes also entertains. Pictured at the right is a scene from the Mardi Gras musical. Above, Lynne Holt, an MBA student, practices her musical tal- ents at the piano. The Music Department resides in Dix- on Hall, a monument in itself. The de- partment also offers interdivisional classes with the History Department and the Jewish Studies department to encompass such topics as the history of music. 22 music department Covin Gassen Languages A three semester requirement of any foreign language offered in the curriculum must be filled by all Tulane stu- dents. During these three semesters, a greal deal of time is spent at the language labs. Many different languages are taught. They include Eng- lish as a Second Language, French, German, Greek, He- brew, Irish-Galic, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, San- skrit, Slavic, and Spanish. ZJneat eater Ron Gural, at left, is Head of the The- ater Department. Tulane is very proud of its theatrical endeavors and the courses it offers for both majors and non-majors. Interests in the department do not strict- ly heed to only acting but opportunities avail for work on scenery, production, and management as well. Gavin Gassen languages Sc theater 23 Below, Dean Meyer Felberg and staff members represent the business school. On the right, Dr Johnette Hassell teaches a class in computer science. file photo To the right, students Jerry Cohen and Sean McDonald experiment in Dr. Jacobus ' Organic Chemistry Lab. Gavm Gassen 24 academic departments Physics Dr. Robert Purrington, Head of Physics Gavin Gassen History Department m Dean of Newcomb Acting Dean Mary McGuire . D. Witt Jillinda Jonker, Head . D. Witt Tulane Admissions 26 admissions newcomb dean Engineering Departments D. H. Vliet (Electrical), M. M. Stephens (Petroleum), R. V. Bailey (Chemical), H. H. Sogin (Mechanical), C. Walker (rep. Biomedical), H. A. Thompson (Dean), Career Planning c Placement Center Director Rick Newcomb at center with office staff. engineering career placeinent 27 Office of the Provost Unwersit]f Relations Seated: Ashley Scott (coordinator of institutional surveys), Christine Haska (assistant provost), Helen Jones (adminis- trative assistant II), Larry Pedroza (special research assis- tant), and Nancy McDuff (assistant provost). Standing: Francis L. Lawrence (academic vice-president and provost), Clara Dawes (assistant to the provost), and Danna Teicheira (assistant to the provost). Missing: Trudy Waguespack (bud- get assistant). 28 provost HighlightsResearchHighlightsResearchHighli . D. Witt Tulane psychologist Jeff Lockman spends much of his time studying how infants react to toys. Lockman, along with graduate students Laurie Heffer- nan and James McHale, is among many researchers who are finding out that children appropriately relate their actions to objects at a much earlier age than previously thought. " The question is when do infant actions become non- random and appropriate for the objects, " Lockman said. Appropriate action would be shaking a toy that rattles or squeezing a soft toy. We ' re finding that even at six months of age infants ' play is appro priate to the object they are exploring. " Until recently, psychologists thought it was between nine and 12 months before children learned that hard ob- lects are to be banged and soft ones touched more gently. Lockman ' s findings, as well as those by many other psy- :hologists, will be included in Action in Social Context: Perspectives on Early Development, a book he is co-edit- ng with University of Texas professor Nancy Hazen. Lockman is also exploring how mothers help their in- ants discover objects and what actions mothers use when slaying with the infants. Video tapes show that in playing vith their babies, mothers would " direct the babies " fin- ;ers across a soft object and actually take their hands and lelp them bang (a hard toy). " Lockman tapes children for ibout six minutes, then goes over the tape in slow motion ind codes each of the child ' s actions. Code categories he vatches for are banging, squeezing, mouthing, touching md whether the child used one hand or two. One reason for studying this is to estimate the develop- -Tiental milestones for infants. With this as a guide, physi- cians and psychologists can better diagnose when a child is not developing properly. At the end of this study, Lockman is hoping to have some practical information to pass on to parents about how chil- dren develop and how to play with their babies, especially their handicapped babies. From watching the tapes, Lockman has already conclud- ed that parental involvement is critical and is trying to show that babies are a lot more competent than people have giv en them credit for in the past. — Inside Tulane, S.W. In an effort to make the faculty section more interesting, we wanted to introduce you to a few of the outstanding members who have recently been recognized for their work. It is a necessary requirement for professors to en- deavor in research in their respective field sometime dur- ing their employment at Tulane. This gives the faculty an opportunity to pursue dreams, to search for answers, to prove hypotheses — all with the aid of Tulane facilities. Funding is also available through several agencies for those projects which require greater amounts of money for extensive travel or equipment. Tulane ' s office of sponsored projects is a department solely dedicated to the purpose of finding funds so the faculty can concentrate on their re- search rather than dealing with technicalities such as ap- proval, financing, etc. We at the Jambalaya feel that you should be informed of these extra endeavors made by your professors. Won ' t you be surprised when your engineering professor creates a new satellite or your psychology professor makes a major breakthrough in treating the mentally ill, or . . . This research increases not only the respect fpr Tulane as a learning institution but also the value of your degree as a Tulane graduate. — Marcey Dolgoff (egeneration Reserach The idea of growing back severed limbs and restoring their function is a fascinating concept. But for some Tulane scientists, human regeneration may become a reality. Assistant Professor of Biology Charles Ide, PhD., has been studying the process by which the retinas in embryo frogs can regenerate. Ide said he hopes his results will provide a meaningful look into human applications as well as aid in cancer research. The main focus in the project so far, has been to get at the cell biology and the principles of retinal regeneration. The two major events that occur in this regeneration are wound healing and the physical growth that restores the size of the retina. Ide said that examining the early stages of wound heal- ing is crucial in understanding the cell make-up of regen- eration. In successful wound healing, the retinal tissue rounds up and the original patterning scheme in the cells are re- tained. Normal vision is restored. In some situations, the retinal cells move around and pick up new neighboring cells which in turn divide to form regeneration growth. Because the positional informa- tion needed to trigger nerve pulses is sometimes lost, nor- mal vision is not always realized. It is the cell movement, however, that allows Ide to study closely how the cell patterning process works, how the differences in lost tissue are reconciled, and how the phys- ical growth occurs. According to Ide, an embryonic frog can regenerate a full retina, starting with only one-sixth of its original size, in two to three weeks. At this point in the research, Ide and his colleagues know which regions in the retina regenerate and also the role cell division plays in the patterning process. By further study- ing the molecular aspects of retinal regenerations, they hope to draw a parallel between the cell biology of regen- eration and that of cancer. The researchers plan to distinguish the genes that are active in regeneration from those that cause cancerous growth. Hopefully, they will also be able to turn these genes " on " or " off " depending on their connection to the molecules. Ide and fellow Tulane researcher, Robert Tompkins, have been working on their project for a year and a half with a three year grant of 219,000 dollars from the National Sci- ence Foundation. Ide said he hopes the N.S.F. grant will be renewed so he can probe further into the molecular code of the regenera- tion process. — Stephen Powell Hullabaloo A Hopeful Outlook Larr Block Larry Block 30 academic highlights Hackney Teaching Award Winner This year ' s winner of the Sheldon Hackney Award fur Excellence in Teaching doesn ' t even consider himself the best teacher in his own department. The universitv ' v top teaching award, named in honor of Tulane ' s twelfth president, was presented to Lawrence Powell, professor of history, during an August welcoming convocation for 1300 freshmen. In addition to his teaching load, Powell chaired the Com- mittee on Fellowships and Scholarships for the past two years. During that time, Tulane graduates won three Rhodes Scholarships and a host of other prestigious awards. As their mentor, Powell deserves much of the cred- it. Powell, who won the Tulane Associated Student Body Award for Teaching Excellence in 1981, says his strength " is probably as a lecturer I put a lot of time into it and never go into class unprepared. Powell was Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Maryland and received a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship to continue his studies. His postgraduate degrees are from Yale University where he was a lecturer and associate editor of the Freder- ick Douglass Papers. Powell came to Tulane in 1978 as an assistant professor, becoming an associate professor in 1980. He was John Si- mon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellow in 1982- 1983 and won the Yale University Press Governor ' s Award in 1982 for his book New Masters: Northern Planters Dur- ing the Civil War and Reconstruction. He was named by President Eamon Kelly last spring to head the Select Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics and Academics and has put off a planned sabbatical until after the end of the year, when the committee is slated to submit its recommendations on the role of athletics within the university. Powell is the fifth Tulane faculty member to win the Hackney Teaching Award. — Richard Dennery, Inside Tulane The President ' s You have been fortunate to experience Tulane at a time of unprecedented academic and financial strength. This year the University continued to attract highly qualified students from the nation to all of its schools and colleges. The quality of our students can perhaps best be illustrated by Tulane ' s having its fourth Rhodes Scholar in three years, placing the University in the company of only three other private universities in the nation which can boast four or more Rhodes Scholars in three consecutive selections. The importance and vari- ety of sponsored research conducted by our faculty ranks Tulane among the top 30 private universities in the Unit- ed States in research and development funding. An important element of academic excellence is the presence of renowned visiting professors, artists, and statesmen, which stimulates intellectual and cultural ac- tivity among students and faculty alike, and this year we enjoyed appearances by Alison Lurie, Vernon Walters, File Photo Robert McFarlane, and Jonathan Miller Physical developments on campus are changing the Tulane landscape. The new Business School is rising swiftly, and the student apartment complex will be ready for occupancy in the fall of 1986. The University Center has had a thorough renovation, and ground breaking for the new Engineering School will take place before the end of 1986. Although the Campaign for Tulane reached, indeed exceeded, its goal of $150 million in 1985, fund raising momentum continued unabated this year, while the en- dowment continued to grow, and we completed our sev- enth year of operating in the black. We take pride in the University ' s advancements, and you may share in our satisfaction, for as Tulane ' s stature is heightened, so is the currency of your degree. — Eamon Kelly 32 president ' s message This crossword puzzle symbolizes the departments of Tulane which have contributed to making your years here a special time in your life. A ONCE IN A LIFETIME experi- ence. Although a crossword is far and away not a once in a lifetime thing it does have similar characteristics to college life. Frustration is one. The feeling you just have to get that last four letter word down to get the last six letter word across. This is much akin to — in your opinion — unsolva- ble calculus problems, nonsensical philosophy theorems. and drawing a blue print then realizing when you ' re fin- ished that the carbon was upside down. The challenge. It is — practically — humanly impossible to pass up the chance to start (and finish) a crossword puz- zle. Often, if not all the time, classes and professors present a challenge. There is the ever present challenge of getting the much craved " A " or just a good grade. Reading assign- ments on time and simply keeping up with the studying. With both, an unequaled satisfying sense of accomplish- ment pervades when either is completed or accomplished. — Marcey Dolgoff H H s R z S lb S r 3 1 k s s k . N nN s 3 k k •♦ 5 r7 s N» s N S n s b k , s 7 k W " n l k kN s s s S 1 II " N k k k s s N V) N k k V 10 s s H %!L k " N n N k ta. k k s I) s r+ k k S s " lb N fs- K S s sV j xk k S k k ACROSS 1 Department for drawing, painting, and sculptures 2 Do, Ra, Me, Fa, So, La, Te, Do Department 3 Science; you slip it disks 4 M. McGuire is the of Newcomb 5 Languages are studied phonetically here 6 It ' s what we are here for 7 Female school division (first 7 letters); exercise dept. (last 2 letters; abbr.) 8 Phil Leinbach is Head 9 Office of Resident 10 Political Science (abbr.) 11 The Murphy 12 Movement of all body parts possible at one time 13 Child researcher Jeff 14 Beth Willinger is Director of the Women ' s 15 Eamon Kelly 16 " It ' s none of your DOWN 1 Section Title 10 " Chief Officer " ; Lawrence 16 Languages are a type 17 " Confessions " Department 18 Chemistry (abbr.) 19 " The Past " Department 20 A cinema ' s counterpart 21 Engineering (abbr) 22 the frog researcher 23 Sheldon Hackney Award Winner crossword puzzle 33 . D. Witt 34 student life student Life student life 35 Like No Other City Ava Burks 36 new Orleans Ava Burks new Orleans 37 New Orleans The heat, the cold. The mod, the old. The sun, the hurri- canes. We have it all year-round in New Orleans — a city of contrasts. The equestrian stands proudly in Jackson Square, the bag lady peruses the gutter- filled streets of the CBD and of course there is the excitenient that transcends through Mardi Gras — it ' s all quite vile, it ' s all quite elegant. Indeed, this is a city of contrasts. One professor in our own sociology department once referred to our town as a " third world city " — how preten- tious, but oh so true. Those of us with cars cry as we make our way down Maple Street . . . time for new shocks, new tires, new Rabbit — or Porsche, as the case may be. But this is one fun-filled city nonetheless. The bars (di- verse in every way), the food, the Dome — it ' s all here. And afterall, where else could you have this much freedom at the mere and tender age of 18? — Darren S. Lyn Peter Weinberger % " .- ' .■«iy(f ; _ , ' %SSW, Larry Block 38 new Orleans City of Contrasts new orleans 39 Larry Block 40 concerts Larry Block concerts 41 Gavin Gassen Larry Block kngione Larry Block concerts 43 0- ' I v ;i;; ' r 3i. V ' j ' . ' .v r Campus Nite Campus Nite presented a " once a year play " in their spectacular rendition of the 1954 Richard Adler and Jerry Ross musical The Pajama Game. The cast of this boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, play experienced the usual ups and downs of producing a live musical. The search for costumes, the hours of planning, the multiple attempts at learning the lyrics and choreography for " Once a Year Day " — it ' s all in The Pajama Game. The cast of over 20 had their lines down, their blocking memorized, and their choreography planned. But just one night before dress rehearsal, plans of obtaining costumes fell through. They had a problem. But like all great Tulane minds, the cast found a way. With the aid of the theatre and music departments and their personal wardrobes, the cast members were able to dress themselves in 50 ' s garb. The benefits from Campus Nite were present. Lighting and special effects artist Larry Politi partially fulfilled the requirements towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in theatre through his work as lighting and technical director of the show. The cast was special this year. Not only was it composed of different students from the entire Tulane community but homecoming queen Lisa Truley and Associated Student Body (ASB) president Rob Schultz graced the stage with their talents. Also the cast provided a community service. They spent a Saturday singing showtunes for the elderly at Chateau Notre Dame, made possible by Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (CACTUS). The cast worked hard together to produce an excellent show with many talented actors and technical members. They solved problems with uncanny professionalism. They benefited both academically as well as spiritually from this year ' s Campus Nite ' s production of The Pajama Game. — Darren S. Lyn " Don ' t get down in ' em woods, " screams Stephanie Brusso who tries to escape the grasp of a horny Prez, the president of the workers ' union. The girls at the pajama factory try to convince Babe (Lisa Davis) that she has fallen for Mr. Sorokin — her response; " I ' m not at all in love. " Photos: Larry Block 46 campus nite Prez, played by Daren Howard, makes his move on Gladys, played by Lisa Truley, in their rendition of " Her Is. " The Pajama Game is in full swing but the staff picnic gets off to a slow start. The president of the pajama factory makes his speech but his workers show mixed emotions — some are even falling in love. campus nite 47 HOMECOMING Gavin Gassen Forgetting about the game, Kyle O ' Conner, Adam Lewis, Margie Berman and Mike Rothman have a blast at the homecoming dance held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Partying the night away are Arinn Zacks, Dan Tar- man and Lisa Whitlock. Gavin Gassen 48 homecoming Larry Block At the October 5th homecoming game against Vanderbilt, we got off to a rough start with a half- time score of 0-17. Despite a phenomenal come- back, the Commodores won the game, 24-17. During the halftime ceremonies, ASB President Ed Heffernan, escorts our homecoming queen, Lisa Truley, across the field. =■• 49 Dorm Life What do you do when your Resident Advisor has disap- peared from the face of the earth and the custodial staff forgot to stock your dorm with a fresh supply of toilet paper? Okay, it ' s unlikely, but, nevertheless, it ' s a chance you take when living on campus. On the other hand, however, the convenience of never having to clean your bathroom is simply heavenly. No- where else can you have a shaving cream fight in the bath- room without the chore of cleaning up. Nowhere else can you scream across McAlister at some, like, friendly, like, Newcomb-ite in Butler. And the latest ingenious idea that has surfaced (at least in the minds of the students) is the thought of making most of our dorms co-ed. The tale of Tulane resort will further unravel as time goes by. In the mean time, some of us can continue to enjoy the weekly 4 a.m. fire drills and cold showers. J.D. Wilt When Super Cuts just won ' t " cut it " , a friend is always a good bet . . . usually. It was so difficult getting this elevator that I just hate to give it up, even in a fire. " 50 dorm life I .D. Witt Balconies provide students with an alternative place of study from their rooms or the library. " Of course I v ant to talk to you, honey, it ' s just that I don ' t care vi ' here we go tonight. " dorm life 51 Is It Worth It? Dishes pile up quickly. Sinks, bathtubs and toilets actual- ly do need cleaning. These are a few lessons that many students often learn after their first or second year at col- lege. It ' s called Apartment Life 101. And if you didn ' t miss Mom last year, you are sure to miss her after the first two days in a new apartment. So, I present this question, is it actually worth it? Put it this way: there are no more RA ' s or SA ' s (not that we have anything against them) and often times land lords live a safe 20 miles away. Mr. Physical Plant is no longer around to decide when and for how long you may use your a c or heat, though sometimes bills can be somewhat of a strain — in some cases, that is. Basically, it boils down to indepen- dence. Is it worth it? You figure it out. — Darren S. Lyn Rhonda Reap J. D. Witt 52 apartment life apartment life 53 Mike Sobel prepares himself a bowl of chocolate ice-cream after an eight-course meal at Bruff. A popular item this year was " Rat pizza " — the convenience of room service was even offered for the first time this year Joseph W. Camac III is quick to join the " Rat pizza " craze. Photos: ]. D. Witt 54 on-campus dining Food, Glorious Food Tulane Changes Its Eating Habits This year marked a milestone in food service history at Tulane when Professional Food Management (PFM) was replaced by the Marriott Corporation as the provider of contract meals at the campus dining facilities. With Marriott came several much-needed improve- ments. Gone were the old, punched-out " Bruff cards. " In- stead, computerized cards monitored each student ' s weekly meal consumption at either Bruff, the Parlour or the strik- ingly modern UC Marketplace. Students could also choose to put money into a Tulane Express account and purchase meals and snacks at der Rat and the Drawing Board in the architecture building as well as at other campus dining venues. " Rat pizza " was even delivered to dorm rooms of Express Card holders. As always, Arby ' s and Dr. Banana ' s remained popular spots for quick meals and snacks, and many a student could be seen sneaking into the UC to satisfy a late night Tofutti craving. — Jayme LaCour Marriott brought a new way of life to Tulane this year as food on campus was greatly improved. Jamie Connelly, better known as Dr. Banana, serves up a cup of his delicious frozen tofutti. on-campus dining 55 Construction Construction Construe- Larrif Block D. Witt Larry Block Remodeling abounded on campus this year from the total renovation of the Josephine Louis dormitory to the construction of on-campus apartments, which will be known as Stadium Place, and the new building which will house the A. B. Freeman School of Business. And, unbelievably, there is more yet to come. It seems that three additional dorms are to be remodeled over the summer and available for occupancy by the beginning of the 1986-87 year. Stage by stage, campus regulars wit- nessed the progress of the Goldring-Woldenberg Build- ing constructed for the business school. file photo 56 construction As a result of a fire, the Bookstore as well as " surface features " of the er tire UC were remodeled. The student on-campus apartment complex is seen above, first dur- ing the groundwork stages and then at near completion. Further remodeling and supplemental construction are planned for the future in areas all over campus. Joseph Nunan Joseph Nunan Gavm Gasseii Renovation Renovation Renovation renovation 57 I. D. Witt The campus shuttle has alleviated many cross-campus transportation problems. The shuttle makes a stop in front of the UC, among many others. Many students have found the St. Charles streetcar hne a most reliable way of getting downtown. , D, Wilt S8 transportation Drive, Ride or Walk But Don ' t Tiy to Park It would seem to many that getting from place to place on a campus only 10 blocks long and three blocks wide was no problem — except at Tulane, The one-way streets and bi- zarre parking situation create quite a hassle for those trying to get to school early enough to make it to that class on third floor Gibson. Parking is limited to Willow lot, a barren, oyster shell wasteland located in the far reaches of campus. Finding a space in the lot is one matter, but getting to class is another. Bicycles, be they Peugot or Huffy, are still the most popu- lar modes, but skateboards and their accompanying Thrasher image and, yes, even the occasional roller skater can be seen cruising down the slope under Percival Stern. And there ' s the prototypical freshman, running from Sharp with an overstuffed backpack, red in the face, puff- ing along in fear of being less than 10 minutes early for his class in the engineering building. — Jayme LaCour It seems that the best solution to the campus park- ing problem is to ride a bicycle. Every day, scores of students make their way up McAlister Drive to class. Another unfortunate soul become a victim of a Tulane parking violation. . D. Witt transportation 59 No Classes! These were the words every student awaited as they watched their TV ' s for the final word. Finally, it was defin- iate ... no clalsses were to be held on the following day because of threatening hurricane Elena. Elena was one of three hurricanes to threaten the New Orleans area this year. Classes were cancelled twice because of hurricane warn- ings. Ironically, these days turned out to be the nicest of the semester. Apart from those from southern coastal areas, a hurricane is an unfamiliar phenomena. Many people hurried to Winn-Dixie to stock up on canned food and bottled water. A few students decided to cover their windows with tape. Fortunately, all efforts were in vain, for each storm altered its course away from New Orleans. With luck, future storms will do the same, or not threaten the city at all. SteVLfi kolbert ' 1 ItT t ,»il J I 11,1 . 1 , HURRICANE MKE-UPTGIF NOV. 8 Kiji., ..--.-- T i p.ri. W ' „., i ' iiUt ' ' »•- TGIF SlSr TGIF J " " 1 ■ -» HURRTCANE make-up TGIF |V Gavin Gassen 60 weather . D. Witt . m ii, Steven Kolbert ' ■ " ' MtHf,. weather 61 Furry Friends Although pets, aside from tropical fish, are forbidden within the dorms, many students do own one or two. Whether these people live off-campus or they don ' t mind the risk of a fine, cats, dogs and other animals are common- place in the Tulane community. Ever TGIF, a number of " quad-puppies " gather on the UC quad for an afternoon of playing and drinking left-over beer. Once in a while a cat or feret may appear in someone ' s arms, but this is unusual and often attracts a curious audi- ence. There will apparently never be a shortage of pets on this campus. Fact is, nothing will ever deter students from sneaking in a furry critter or two. — Steven Kolbert . D. Witt Larry Block . D. Witt Larry Block ]. D. Witt pets 63 Campus Citings ■■■■■■■HHUBHi ! P U i; 64 campus citings . D. Witt campus kings 65 ' itiimi Bobby Gold leads a game of Simon Says before the Radiators take the stage in the Cram Room. Contestants in the Dating Game were required to reveal some often embarassing truths about them- The Grafitti Wall on Iht ' UC mez aniiie provided entertainment for anv bathroom artist. Blackjack was one of the many different games at the All-Nighter Casino. Here, Tom Resnick gets Scoff Pardell 68 I candids 69 WTUL MARATHON The 16th annual WTUL Rock-on Survival Marathon was the most successful fundraising event in the station ' s histo- ry. Three disc jockeys went on the air for a 24 hour mara- thon shift each to solicit pledges for $10.00 per song to raise money for progressive radio. With pledges and concession sales on the quad during the accompanying 3 day live music festival, WTUL ' s staff grossed upwards of $30,000. Disc jockey Peter Ward began the first 24 hour shift of Friday at noon as music on the quad started that afternoon with Dancing Cat A M recording artist, Shad Weatherby and Uncle Stan and Auntie Vera. Two club showcases that evening featured the area ' s finest young rock and new mu- sic bands at Jimmy ' s club and an immensly successful reg- gae at Tipatina ' s featuring Ashanti Roy and the Congos. Saturday afternoon found Peter exhausted and program director Kim Gele taking the helm for her 24 hour shift. Live music on the squad continued with the Rafael Cruz Quintet and King Nino and the Slave Girls, both featuring WTUL music director Ivan Bodley on bass. Also adding to the festivities that day were the likes of the Retries, Brian Lee and the Jumpstreet 5, Gina Forsythe, and George Por- ter ' s Funksters. A hard core show at the Boot followed that night. Larry Block Gavin Gassen 70 WTUL marathon Larry Block w, ■--.;f ' - Lflrry B ocA: Sunday noon gave Kim her relief as the quad enjoyed music by Ellis Marsalis, Woodenhead, Ramsey McLean, The Pfister Sisters, with the Radiators capping off the day. Ev- eryone went home tired and sunburned except Ivan Bodley who braved the elements in the remote disc jockey booth high atop the UC until noon Monday, still playing requests. Never before has this event been so successful. And few are Tulane events of any caliber with community response of this magnitude. It was all due to an incredibly hard working executive staff under the guidance of media advi- sor Susan Summers; all of which were officially commend- ed for their performance in a letter from Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs Gary Fretwell. WTUL marthon 71 .v. IP ill-- ' " ■ ■ ■ ' ' " Icons and Idols KiV I Beaux 1 Ball r . - i ' ■ . • ' Nk l w o h|i P %J B B 1 ' M - ' J H Vw f JMJI ppp . ' tp S M Photos: Gavin Gassen 72 beaux arts hall beaux arts ball 73 74 mardi gras Ava Burks mardi gras 75 76 maKii gras maidi gras 77 DIRECTION ' 86 The New Tycoons An exploration of today ' s business world and that of tomorrow. Chris Andersen, managing director of Drexel-Burnhan Irwin L. Jacobs, popular entrepreneur Barbara Proctor, founder of Proctor and Gardner Advertising, Inc. Lester Thurow, author of The Zero-Sum Solution: building a World-Class Econo- my HEROES Views from Abroad A discussion of how the United States is seen through the eyes of foreign nations. The Reel Thing Francisco Campbell, official of the Sandin- A program based on heroism in Hollywooa istra regime Abboud Hassan, military diplomatic advi- Robert Culp, actor sor of Jordan Molly Haskell, film critic James Schlesinger, former Secretary of De- Annette Insdorf, professor of film histor fense and former CIA director and criticism Larry Block 78 direction Larrn Block Abboud Hassan, Jordanian diplomat, gives the Middle Eastern view. With protesters outside, Francisco Campbell ex- presses the views of the Sandinista regime. Molly Haskell, Robert Culp, and Annette Insdorf (opposite page) discuss the Hollywood hero. Larry Block direction 79 Howard Tilton: Our Studying Remedy Studying is what supposedly occupies our time when we are not busy going to class or eating or performing other vital functions. To most, however, studying only occurs during exam times. The library remains the most popular study spot and is, in itself, a study in social stratification. The third floor reading room and its spirited green and blue couc hes pro- vide cozy conversation areas on this most social of library floors. The music library in the basement is for hardcore studiers only, with the fourth and second floors assuming a generic identity. The first floor continues to rival the UC benches as a meeting place, with the Xero.x machines and card catalog as rendevous points for non-bookish library goers. Exam times are peak seasons at Howard-Tilton, with ex- tended hours, crowded study areas and much hubbub in the basement snack ban Studying at home or in the dt rm can be more productive, but going to the library is the way to study for most. — lavme LaCour WHERE DO YOU STUDY? S!i: sieve Ih-reziii ■ i:m Many students find themselves contemplating the wonders of the universe in a desperate attempt to avoid actually studying. Studying in a dorm room can be hazardous for natually fastidious individuals. : D. Witt studying 81 Campus Citings campus citings 83 . D. VViff Gavin Gassen 84 portfolio Gavin Gassen ! D Witt Portfolio portfolio 85 86 portfoU( IPf. ' " I Gnuin Gnsscii « jaK J ir .h V WtRnay-rpanci - ' 1979 ' ■■• ».. ' Gavin Gtfssen »w w i , D. wm Larry Block 88 portfolio IIM portfolio 89 JJHHfM ' ' ' .: ' m.. ' V J At Ava Burks Ava Burks portfolio 91 s m : J ■ .• iS| j yJ HM 4 f Bn ' fi i i.x 1.1 Jttt. i ltf ' :- iU ' Q l 4JHH y i« Larrif Block m ? 5v " portfolio 93 ' 5S»«« -. ■ S-_J X .»Sjt_ »r . Wf im ' ' S :z i iMi v portfolio 95 Rhonda Reap • Ava Burks 98 99 5 n ii - , v , . 1 - ' ' X --S. ♦ ! i - ,. : I -. lOO portfolio 102 organizations ; ' iLi(os by ].D. Witt Organizations organizations 103 Row 1: Winfred Bryant, Lonnie Martz, Jacenfha Buggs, Michelle Diaz, Nette Conley, Marcia LoBrano, Lauren Small, Dedrick Williams, Os- car Tiglar; Row 2: Michael Carey, Eric Dickerson, Stephen Lowe, Daphen Terry, Sheryl Bozeman, Linda Swin- ney, Rodney Nathan, Mervin Jack- son; Row 3: Tony Davis, Mark Kin- ney, Claudette Ashford, Dana Kiel, Michelle Ward, Alandis Dobbins, Alisa Terrell, Georgia B., Larry Route; Row 4: Marvin Allen, Ethel Luns- ford, Joseph Brooks, Angela Hill, Terri Hoskins, Lorna Glover, Shawn Ned; Row 5: Johnathan Edwards, Gwen Thompkins, Patrick Harris, Kevin Brown, Dalvin Benn, Robert Brown, Jerome Mcintosh, Kevin Tate, Tony Hannah. - . iHe,- 4} K " Il.I- iu-Aii, Row 1: Peter Weinberger, Lisa Hutt, Ann Hippensteel, Brenda Thrower Tubbs, Nancy Pollack, Alison Ka- plan, Mike Marchitelli. ' }i ' T ' . • ' ■ ' , V fi 104 act-adgroup Row 1: Flora McConnell (sallel re- porter), Staci Sischer (secretary). Row 2: David Islam (treasurer), Jeff Alexander (vice president), Ron Goodstien (president), Richard Ca- piola (historian). Row 1: Eric Roy, Jay Manouchehri, Hung Nguyen, Chris Ward, Steve Harris; Row 2: Ben Meneley, Dan O ' Meara, Linda Giltrow, Lori Free- man, James Garner, Yamira Rivera, Jose Gonzales, Angela Gambrelli, Ja- son Johnston; Row 3: Nguyen Nguyen, Bill Glenn, Tuhin Roy, Mark Doriski, Amjad Khan, Al Camentz, Mike McMillan, aed-alcht ' 105 Row 1: Dan Heimlich, Steve Schaum- berg, Ernest Sneed, (president). Bill Eth- eredge, Andrew Levy, David J. Motter; Row 2: Scott Frank, Mike Selig son, Shawn Sabherwal, George Parks, Daniel Labow, Steve Dry, Daniel S. Slotchiver, Brad Levin, Ernest Kinchen. Row 1: Vince Smith, Chris Kethan, Jesse Fisher; Row 2: Chris Coleman, Erick Cuchman, Daniel T. Plunkett, K, Wet- more, Robert Bordelon, Colin McKelroy; Row 3: Walter Lundin, Kathryn Stuart, Susan Mitchell, Elizabeth Herig, Rebec- ca Johnson, Elisabeth Severs, April Da- vis, D.S. Wisniewski. ]06 ci cs senate-anchor and cnain Row 1: Eileen Hammarstrom, (secre- tary treasurer), Chris Cobb (president), Katharine Spinnenweber (ASB repre- sentative), Raymond Silverstein (vice- president), Peggy Rubens (representa- tive). Row 1: Susie Collat, Heather Pelofsky, Laura Kelley; Row 2: Ed Heffernan (president). Brad Levin, Saul Levine, Margaret Bords, Adam Friedman; Row 3: Jeannie, Renee Hebert, Priscilla Sie- gal. Ken Turkell; Row 4: Bill Etheridge, Danny Lebow, Jill Ehrlich, Scott Frank, Dave Goodman, Chris Cobb, Claire Schultz. arch, student council-asb 107 Row 1: John Agan, Rick Knauth (president), Jeanne JanJ owsky (vice- president), Jane Carriere (secretary), Dave Medo (treasurer); Row 2: Ste- phen Jones, Justine, Belizaire, Mark Smallness, Casar Castellano, Craig Werenskjold, AI Lacsaman, Holly Surcouf, Nancy Rubin, Kelly La- mare, Christine Solis, Ashlyn Brous- sard, Kevin Hooper, Dr. Tarik-Aadj- Hamon (faculty advisor); Row 3: Nat Baggott, Mike McRee, Tracy Grunt, Glen Lupo, Matt Bronski, Sam Mo- gollon, Sandra McDonald, Alan Winchester Thomas, III, Sad Quere- shi, David Rodler, Leo Hellested, Ed Scheurman, Paul Kirsh, Wampum Jose-Lahoz. Row 1: Cheryl Davis, Jenifer Shes- tak, Lauri Flink, Scott Drucker, Katie Wooldridge; Row 2: David Alex- ander, Reuban Rodriguez, Stan Co- hen, Eric Goldstein, Steve Feldman Rabbi Levy, Rita Margolis, Stephen Meltzer. 108 asce-b ' nai brith Larry Block Row 1: Dave Goodman, Bevie Kar- pay, Todd Turney, Barb Hachenburg, Adam Lewis, Robyn Kohn, Nan AUt- mont, Ann Morrel, Ken Turkell. Row 1: Karen Sihorski, Doug Mef- fert, Susannah Parrish, Randy Roig, Jude Maghirang; Row 2: Henry Pavy, Padma Krothapalli, William Moore, Sabrina Martucci, Tomas Marrero; Row 3: Mark Perry, Dr. KJ Bundy, Nancy Henry, Barrie Ragsdale, Chris Fritton, Roland Spedale. bma bme 109 Row 1: Margaret Verlander, Emily Daniel, Connie Morrill, Brian Skin- ner, Tim Murphy, Alan Buchalter, Douglas Benning, Steve Dickens, John Golterman, Alex Martin, and Dennis Assaf (Director). Row 2: Beth Newman, Cindy Kane, Michelle Sadlier, Margot Nassau, and Gary Edwards, Row 3: Yesim Nuri, Johan- na Prather, Rebecca Nice, Mickie An- drePont, Kitty Cleveland, Myrna Rasmussen, Russ Juneau, and Jeff Lattoste. Row 4: Julie Esthus, Chris- tine Shank, Heidi McCarty, Adam Newman, and Ed Sherry. J.D. Witt Row 1: Carmela DeCandia, John Ryan, Pam Shaheen, Rob Martin, Todd Olson, Keith Dougherty, Me- lanie Harris, Menge Crawford, Mar- garet Bonds (president); Row 2: Peter Marcus, Martin Rambusch, Brett Dennis, Hart Langan, Bert Coltman, George Liblick, Bill Basco, Jeff Mar- getten, Scott Macleod, Kathy Oakes, Michael Moss, Aaron Hoopes, Trish Breen, Allison Salke, Barbara Schwarz, Bob Jaugstetter (advisor). liO choir-cIub sports Row 1: Scott Brown, Mona Redling Shaffer, Kenny, Jean Gilbertson, Jane Sherman, Nancy Rubin, Rochelle Meaux, Gloria Trujillo, David Clori- feine. eng. student council-direction 111 Can,pus me Board: (1 Cox, M] April Lisa Truley, Jeff Mar torell. 112 campus nite During the rehearsal of The Pajama Game, the actors and musicians give it their all. Frank Fairbanks (opposite page, lower left) strums along practicing the theme song. Lisa Truley and Daren Howard (opposite page, right) perform in perfection showing their talents. Lisa Da- vis and Tom Burgraff (upper left) clown around during an- other humorous moment in the play. Lisa Davis (left) sings in the factory while Stephanie Brussu, Gale Conklin, Leslie Holzamrk, Amy Goldstein, and Marsha Strauss listen intently. campus nite 113 Row 1: Wendy Burke, Lisa Solzman, Jeanne Rosner, Phyllis Kwatinetz, Wendy Vierstandig, Amy Weinstein, Linda Giitrow, Sam Lorio; Row 2: Jill Marsh, Mark Parkulo, Mark Beebe, Flora McConnel, Jill Purdy, Lizzie Horschow, April Lufkin, Saeed Ha- mid, Angela Guilbry, n4 cactus photof by j.D. Wilt Sam Lorio solicits two more students to become needed and well-used peer tutors. Lizzie Horschow explains the bene- fits and advantages of working with children to a volunteer. Row 1: Toral Daftary, Don Miester, Erik Hedagor, Ed Anderson, John Walker; Not Pictured: Erik Magnosion, Andy Lee, Lee Estinguy, Paul Thacker, Jay Walker. 116 honor board-glendy burke debating society The decision is a tough one — " I don ' t know guys. He would probably be more of an asset to our score if we didn ' t walce him up, " exclaimed College Bowl mem- ber Mark Bourgeois (2nd from the right). college howl 117 0 Wilt Tulane Hullabaloo Row 1: Steven Kol- bert, Deanna Harris, Donna Harris, Richard Perez-Feria; Row 2: Larry Block, Gavin Gassen, Arnie Tannenbaum, Alli- son Lewis, Sanford Panitch, Jessica Bern, Todd Lefurge; Row 3: Jayme La- cour, Stephen Darker, Jeremy Kaplan, Mark Bourgeois; Row 4: Gregory J, Pryzby, Steven May, Robin Cowan; Not Pictured: Brian Foster, Alice Landry, Darren S. Lyn, Tom Panzer, Pam Park, Will Sinda, Peter O. Ward lU, nS hullabaloo staff hullabaloo 119 120 hullabaloo .D. Witt Jambalaya Row 1: J.D. Witt: Blaze Stevens, (editor-in-chief); Joe Camac; Larry Bloc!;; Row 2: Stacy Cooper; Andrea Rosen; Marcy Dolgoff; Gavin Gassen; Row 3: Tom Resnik; Anne Noble; Steve Kolbert; Scott Drucker; Aua Burks; Not Pictured: Holly Edgerton; S. Scott Pardell; Greg Calejo; Karren Baker, jambalaya saff 121 How avante-garde and tres chic to wine and dine witli the afiuent like Steve Kol- bert, student life editor. Joe Camac, sports editor, closely inspects slides from which he has just found the perfect one. Greg Calejo (front), greeks editor, and Darren S. Lyn, student adviser, are work- ing hard writing copy and cropping pic- tures. photos; J.D. Witt 122 124 lasa Media Board Row 1: Butch Wilson (chairman); Row 2: Jim Hickey, Kim Gele, Jessica Bern, Geoffrey Baldwin, Ivan Bodley; Row 3: Leland Lou, Polly Watts, Richard Perez-Feria, Blaze Ste- .D, Wilt Newcotnb Senate Row 1: Una Barzdu- kas, Claire Shultz, Lorien Smith, Amy Weinstein, Priscilla Siegel, Tracy Balber, Susie Collat; Row 2: Rosalina Valcarcel, Jane Stephens, Lisa Pomerantz, Lisa Kelloway, Heather Delofsky, Heidi Wag- man, Debra Levi; Row 3: Karen Roth, Miche Moreau, Vicki Wells, Stenfani Sil- berberg. Ana Maria Rodriguez; Row 4: Sarah Muliins, Ginger Durham, Lindy Sullivan, Tesha Dawn, Strobele, Ann Le- vin, Moria Morris, Renee Hebert, Caro- lyn Moore. S Scott Pardell media board — newcomb senate 125 Unit Staff: Gunnery Sergeant Standfast, Captain Reagan, Major Hart, Lieutenant Zietser, Bobbie Stevens, Lieutenant Greico, Lauri Burmaster, Chief Geidel, Chief Kibler, PO 1 Pearson, Not Pic- tured: Commanding Officer Captain Werenskjoid i Sail Company First Semester 126 navy rote Alpha Company First Semester navv rote 127 128 residence council residence council 1 29 (L to R) Gregg Orifice, Hector Ca- brera and Gwen Thompkins of the Russian Club, sing " We are happy, we are lucky " during the production of Evgeniy Shvarts ' play An Ordinary Miracle, directed by Natasha Gguy Ramer. 11 Gavin Gassen TBPI: Row 1: George H. Prueger, Lynn Javorsky, Roy Keith Smith, Su- san Littlefield; Row 2: Orhan Oge, Ajay Avastih, Glenn Angel, Roger Stewart, Kim Bergstedt, Marianne Low, Mark Blegler; Row 3: Tuhin K. Roy, Morgan Heller, Carol Jupiter, Ja- son Johnston, Juan J. Goni, Sheren Anisl, Mario A. Svirsky, Chi Traer w ' . • ' i r A | H Jf .■v_ - 1 - ' r .D. Witt 130 TEMS: Row 1: Yolanda Tai, Wade Contney; Row 2: Anthony Piazza, Diane Coniglio, Ellen Kruger, Su- zanne Boyko, Fred Lexow: Row 3: Jim Ferraro, Jim Elmasry, Ronnie Sheena, Jason Krellenstein,, Amir Wind, Helene Dickson, Barry Levet Wendy Stillman; Row 4: Ed Harring- ton, Ron Goodstein, Mark Parkulo, Manuel Niebla, Jolan Perez, Ken Hurwitz; Not Pictured: Elisabeth Noelke, Fred Sales, Tony Muniz, Jeff Toney, Henry Johnson, Wes Shafto. j.D. Witt The Mardi Gras Coalition people were hard at work during the cold days of February helping those peo- ple in the Quarters who were in- jured. 131 Row 1: Suzanne Spink, Mei Ng, Lou Ross (advi- sor), Carmen Chandler; Row 2: Eric Zohn, Andy Wirtz, Paul Strauss, C. Michelle Elvy, Jim Downey, Adam Friedman, Laureen Conlon, Chrisse Lemme. Ava Burks 132 tucp tucp 133 (1 to r) David Kaplan, Rick Koch, Sandy Mclntyre, Derek Toten, Leland Lou, McMahon, Geoff Baldwin. Watch Out, Tulane ' s Candid Camera might catch you at the wrong moment. 134 tuvac J.D. Witt On the set of Point of View, Geoff Baldwin, general manager, moderates the evening ' s controversial topic. Derek Totem edits the tapes from the recently taped Point of View show, produced at Tulane and broadcasted on Cox Cable, Channel 2. .D. Witt tuvac-p.o.v. 135 ' kJ ci V 4 A ' ■ : ?- ' -4 " ' The WTUL radio station airstaff for the 1985-86 year are as follows: Erik Barr, Amy Berger, Matt Bissanti, Jim Blanchard, Jim Blesius, Ivan Bodiey, Deborah Bommer, Steve Brown, Saint Bryan, Ricky Buenaventura, Drew Clarke, Tom Clifford, Jean Dal- ton, Dolly daPonte, Jeff Darden, Cas- sie Dean, Errol Demesme, Bill Ed- wards, Lisa Jo Epstein, Caroline Fer- guson, Jeff Forlenza, Gina Forsyth, Brian Franey, Alfred Freudenberger, Dave Garrard, Debra Gassel, Kim Gele, Steve Golden, Ira Guttenberg, Joe Hajjar, Robin Halter, Jennifer Harmon, Bobby Hathaway, Michael Heller, Jim Hickey, Dennis Hoskins, Jeremy Kaplan, Ashley Kohn, Cyril Lagvanec, Mike Lancaster, Dave Landry, Josh Levine, Chris Lidy, James Lien, Steven Lindermann, Robin McCartt-Morris, Jay Main, Clay Markham, Adrian Mills, Paige Osborne, Todd Pierce, Michael Pin- ney, Doug Pitkin, Dan Pol, Jon Price, Greg Pryzby, Phil Radecker, Deb Ramsey, Ken Rayes, Larry Richmond, Jeff Rizika, Shepard Samuels, Scott Schiller, Stefan Schoellmann, Mike Seligson, Jon Siegel, David and Duchess Simon, Will Sinda, Mike Spitz, Tripper Sproles, Paul Thacker, Gwen Thompkins, Mark Townsend, Steve Tucker, Richard Veith, Jay Walker, John Thomas Wallace, Peter Ward, Polly Watts, Brian Wayson, Jeff Weinstein, Keith Wille, and Steve Wilson. Gtrvin Gas$en 136 wtul Peter Ward, disc jockey and co-host of the ever popular hardcore show, serenades ' TUL listeners during the Survival Marathon. The notorious staple of the under- ground, Ivan Bodley, shows his towering presence over the UC riu r LaS ' lic r 138 lagniappe J3i jii r m f ii r iVpp!, uV lagniappe 139 Best Traditional New Orleans Jazz Preservational Hall Best Mixed Drink Selection Nick ' s Bar Best Famous New Orleans Bar Pat O ' Brien ' s Best Omlettes and Freezes Can elia Grill Best Lemon Crepes Commander ' s Palace Best Name for a Cemetery Odd Fellows Rest Cemetery Best St. Patrick ' s Day Bash Parasol ' s Best Sunsets Augie ' s Delago Best Bartender Ms. Mae, Ms. Mae ' s Place Best Beer Selection Cooter Brown ' s Best New Orleans Candy The Roman Candy Wagon Best Sno Balls Tie: Hanson ' s, Plum Street Sno Ball Stand Best Street Vendors Lucky Dogs Best Grilled Redfish K-Pauls Kitchen Best Live Music Bar Tipitina ' s Best Tree Suicide Oak Best Pair of Trees Dueling Oaks Best Gin and Tonics Frank and Johnny ' s Best Ice Cream Brown ' s Velvet Ice Cream Best Nose Al Scramuzza Best Charge Account Maison Blanche Goudchaux Best Night View of the Mississippi International Trade Mart Building Best Bizarre Bar The Dungeon Compiled from Best of New Orleans poster, printed by Crown-Sterling International, Inc., and distributed by FPF Graphics Inc. HO lagniappe The John Stibbs Award Yolanda Joyce Tai The Rusty Collier Memorial Award in Studio Art Mona Michelle Shiber The German Government Prize for Excellence in German Suzanne Bornschein-Church, Laura Lise Winstead The Joan Spaulding Memorial Award m journalism Elizabeth Margaret Baptist Vacuity Member Honored by Newcomb 1986 Charles Ide, Biology The Watson Award Pamela Dillard Kelly Dokos Lisa Fisher Nicole LeBlanc Arts and Science Henry Clay Stier Award Gregory Walter Gross Merek Index Award Michael Robert McGowan Pi Sigma Alpha Award Doron Gorshein President ' s Cup Award Kenneth Michael Hurwitz Murphy Institute Prize Scott Schiller Donald R. Moore Leadership Award Darren S. Lyn John H. Stibbs Memorial Award Ernest Joseph Sneed, Jr. Mellon Fellowship in the Humanities Eric Paul Lormand Faculty Member Honored by A S 1986 Academic Adviser, Robert Strong, Political Science; Student Senate Excellence in Teaching, Kenneth Harl, History department lagniappe 141 _1_ 142 lagniappe J.D. Witt lagniappe 143 The Tulane A Year Kahane Banned from Speaking Dorm Crime Wave causes stir The controversy involving the invitation by TUCP of the radical Rabbi Meir Kahane to speak on campus generated a furor within the university governmental structure and gained for Tulane national media attention. The events began on October 15, 1985, when Vice Presi- dent for Student Affairs Martha Sullivan asked that the Rabbi ' s invitation, which required her signature, be dis- cussed at the next meeting of the Student Affairs Commit- tee of the University Senate, Tulane ' s internal governing body. The committee voted to allow Kahane to speak in a debate format and approved additional security measures. One week later, the full Senate, after a heated and pas- sionate argument, voted to ban Kahane from speaking, cit- ing the Rabbi ' s controversial views. The ASB and TUCP then lodged a formal protest to President Kelly and the Board of Administrators. Kelly then called a special meet- ing of the University Senate to reconsider the matter On November 19, the ASB, in an unprecedented move led by ASB President Ed Heffernan, voted to remove TUCP ' s invitation. The move came as a shock, as the ASB had conducted a poll two days before which determined that students favored Kahane ' s appearance. Speculation as to Heffernan ' s motives included his ties to the U.S. State Department and pressure from the administration. Heffer- nan, however, denied the allegations. The next day, the University Senate overturned its pre- vious decision. The issue was moot, however, as the ASB ' s decision to ban Kahane was upheld by its Committee of Constitutional Interpretation. Heffernan declined to sub- stantiate his motives. Kahane is a Zionist extremist who advocates the creation of a pure Jewish state in Israel. His characterization of Arabs as " dogs " along with other harsh stands has earned for him the disapproval of most. Students realized this year that Tulane is not an oasis of calm in New Orleans, a city famed for its high crime rate. Three incidents involving dorm residents brought this issue to light. On October 15, an intruder entered Butler Hall and assaulted a freshman female resident in the bath- room. The victim was not harmed and her assailant freed her from the bathroom and then fled the building. To allay the fears of the Butler residents. President Kelly paid a visit that evening, clad in formal attire, as he was attending a function at the time. The incident resulted in stepped-up security measures in Butler, Sharp and JL dorms. The second incident occurred in a room in Sharp Hall and involved a Physical Plant employee who has since been dismissed. The female occupant of the room returned from the shower on September 18 to find a black male crawling on the floor of her room. She ordered the man out and later discovered cash and jewelry missing. One month later, a resident of the same hall spotted the man who fit the description given to her by the victim. The two freshmen then inspected their rooms and alerted their hallmates to do the same. Cash and a watch were found to be missing from two rooms. The freshmen then notified security, and the suspect was apprehended in Sharp Hall. He was found to be in posses- sion of the missing watch and an unspecified amount of cash. He was booked on one count of theft. In February, yet another Sharp resident was victimized. On February 20, a male resident was held at gunpoint in a friend ' s room by a black male wearing a ski mask. Holding the gun to the resident ' s head, the assailant demanded money. The victim responded that he had no money on him or in the room. The assailant then left the room. Although no suspects have been apprehended in the two cases of assault, security in all freshman dorms has been increased significantly. Incidents such as these was one factor which prompted the change from single-sex to co-ed freshman dorms for 1986-87. 144 lagniappe HULLABALOO in Review Fires Damage 2 buildings Schultz Wins ASB election Fire ravaged part of the 25-year-old University Center on July 19, 1985. The blaze demanded the attention of 15 fire- fighters using 14 engines. The fire department character- ized the inferno as " a particularly smoky fire. " There were no major accidents. The fire broke out in the basement of the bookstore and burned out of control for two and one half hours. The basement area was heavily damaged, with the bookstore being gutted and the Hullabaloo and WTUL sustaining approximately $100,000 worth of damage. In all, the fire caused $1.5 million worth of damage to the UC, which was undergoing renovations at the time. As the fire was found to have started in three different places, officials cited arson as the probable cause. On January 24, another fire broke out, this time in the Richardson Memorial building, home of the School of Ar- chitecture. Students attending a slide show in the build- ing ' s amphitheatre noticed smoke and the building was evacuated before flames consumed the center portion of the building. Officials blamed faulty wiring in the am- phitheatre as the cause. Although several classrooms sustained water and smoke damage, the estimated cost of the blaze was not very high. Plans to renovate the venerable old stone structure were moved up on the overall campus renovation schedule. In the meantime, architecture faculty and students are having to work with the inconvenience of lost classroom space. Robert Schultz, an Arts and Sciences junior majoring in political science, was elected ASB President in February over his sole opponent, Steve Schaumberg. Although Schaumberg had the more impressive record and was supported by the Hullabaloo, Schultz ' s outgoing personality and aggressive campaigning won for him more support. The thrust of Schultz ' s campaign centered around revitalizing school spirit and student activity. Only one candidate qualified in each of the four remain- ing elected positions and each won by default. The first major accomplishment of the Schultz adminis- tration was the conduction of a referendum concerning a student recreation center. The referendum passed in April, with students voting to fund a recreation center with in- creased student activity fees over the next several years. The center is to be constructed on the present site of Favrot Field House and the tennis courts. lagniappe 145 Tulane ' 86 A new breed, better than the rest Blaze Stevens 146 lagniappe Iagniappe 147 148 lagniappe Blaze Stevens Robin Cowan lagniappe 149 150 lagniappe Lisa Davis Gavin Gasseti lagniappe 151 NEW ORLEANS: " The city care forgot Ava Burks j. D. Witt 152 lagniappe 4 n Ava Burks Bruce Stewart lagniappe 153 D. Witt 154 sports Sports sports 155 v x y sy 156 Members of the Tulane Cross-Country team com- pete for an opening on the starting line. L to R: Bill Hammarstrom, Steve Reider, Pablo Labadie, John Ecuyer, Kyle Rankin, John Scott, Francis Holland, Mark Moore. Captains John Scott and Bill Hammarstrom pace each other at a Cross-Country meet. File Photo File photo 158 runntng TULANE ' S " HAMMAR-LOCK " At first glance, Bill Hammarstrom looks like an average college student, relaxing on the quad with a beer But this 6 foot, 145 pound grad student de- serves a closer look. Hammarstrom was chosen the Tulane Athlete of the Year for his contributions to the Cross Country and Track teams. He is also the last Tu- lane Metro Conference Champion in any sport. Bill has been running for the past nine years. His best events are the 800 meters and the 1500 meters. His reason for running? " I like to keep physically fit " . Modesty is a word to accurately de- scribe Bill Hammarstrom. He shrugs off the decision to name him Athlete of the Year; " They just picked me — a lot of people do more than I do " . He is also very supportive of team members and Coach Danny Theil. Hammarstrom de- scribes Theil as being " Super! He em- phasizes academics, first, always before athletics " . Hammarstrom says the biggest achievement he has gained through running is discipline. He says, " It ' s all relative to your pain threshold " . Ham- marstrom understands pain. One of his lungs collapsed in May of his junior year at Tulane, requiring minor surgery. The same lung collapsed again, this time needing major surgery. His only com- ment on the situation; " I never felt like quitting — I only worried if 1 could run again " . Presently, he is recovering from more surgery, and the doctors say that he will never run competitively again. Tu- lane athletics and the world of running will sorely miss this fine competitor. — Holly Edgerton Bill Hammarstrom, Athlete of the Year, in mid- stride. running 159 Women earn respect in first year 160 women ' s track In the fall of 1985 the NCAA an- nounced the beginning of a women ' s varsity cross-country and track team at Tulane University. With this announce- ment, nine women from the student body came out for the cross-country sea- son. In the early part of the season, the team encountered schools who were in a similar situation — they too were trying to develop a new program. This gave the runners who had never tasted competi- tion a chance to experience it without being overwhelmed. The newly formed team won their first meet over South- eastern Louisiana. As the season progressed, the compe- tition became tough. This was especially true at the Azalea Invitational at South Alabama and the LSU Invitational in Ba- nie photos ton Rouge. Many of the runners from these schools are on track scholarships and provided a different level of compe- tition. However, a very talented runner from Tulane was prepared to challenge this high level of competition. Ernie Messenger placed first in the Azalea meet with a course record time of 17:51 and placed fifth out of 65 runners at LSU. Strong efforts and a great deal of hard work and dedication came forth from all the women who participated in Tulane ' s first cross-country season. It was these members — Allison Markesbury, Funda Akdamar, Ernie Messenger, Renee Schnare, Susan Elby, Monica Dove, Ellen Rosenstock, Monica Omey, and Lisa Hutto who comprised this first team. ' V 161 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS " What motivates me to cheer? It ' s my sport, it ' s what I do. " So says captain Roger Hayes. Cheering started for him and for the rest of the cheerleaders July 31, 1985, the day they came back to New Orleans and began practice. The squad travelled to Dallas for a week long cheerleading camp led by the National Cheerleaders Association long before any other students had returned to school. The squad usually practices six hours a week to prepare new material for each game. " This is one of the most talented squads we ' ve had yet at Tulane. " They put that talent into a three minute rou- tine to submit to the National Cheer- leaders Associaton national competi- tion. The routine combines all aspects of cheerleading; cheers, chants, pyramids, stunts and dance. The cheerleaders are pleased with the recognition they have received this year from Mack Brown and the Athletic De- partment. Brown attends each pep-rally, usually with a busload of football play- ers. " We ' ve even been on the Mack Brown Show. . . He has really supported us a lot " says Hayes. As a group, they are disappointed in not having a men ' s basketball team to cheer for. " In the arena, you cheer and see results; the crowd cheers with you. You don ' t see those results with football games. " This year ' s Varsity Cheerleading squad includes: freshman Erol Akdamar, sophomores Robyn Cohen and Karen Hanken (Gumby), juniors Roger Hayes, Leilani Tamura, Catherine Nielson, Rick Ward, Lawence Twill, Allison Phillips, seniors Andy Worth, Pauline Termini, Shelly Schakelford and Bob Gerlach. Melody Mitchell is the advisor. — Holly Edgerton Larry Block 162 cheerleaders Gumby gets high over the first Tulane victory. U I i Larry Block During time-outs, the cheerleaders build a variety of pyramids designed to spark audien ce enthusi- : The cheerleaders show their versatility by chant- " ' ing in formation. ym fM " T- wm . j fiwrjtt i»i 5piH rry Block cheerleaders 163 Nationally ranked Wave Swings into the NCAA ' s Coach Joe Brockoff led his baseball team to the best season in Tulane ' s histo- ry, racking up an impressive 46-13 regu- lar season record and reaching the South Regional Final before losing to archrival LSU. In reaching the regional final, Tu- lane was one of only 16 teams to ad- vance that far. Of those 16, eight go on to Omaha, Nebraska for the College World Series. Unfortunately, Tulane was one game short of that final destination. The season started off in grand style celebrating the opening of Phase I, part of the new $1 million Tulane diamond. Pr esident Eamon Kelly threw out the first ball as Tulane went on to beat Spring Hill College in their new home. Phase II calls for a permanent 3000 seat concrete covered grandstand to be com- pleted next year. Tulane rolled off nine quick wins in- cluding victories over nationally- ranked Arkansas and Houston, and won the Louisiana Classic baseball tourna- ment at USL before losing their first game in Baton Rouge to LSU. Chris Rivette led the early season surge by batting a cool. 583 with the help from Gary Desjardins (.368) and first baseman John Reich (.357). Freshman Glen Leveau and senior Mike Borgatti led the then undefeated pitching staff. The Green Wave continued to roll through the middle of their schedule winning 14 of 15 games at one point and winning the California-Riverside tour- nament, which included such top-notch teams as BYU and Notre Dame. The team was now boasting a 28-5 record and ranked 13th in the nation. After an 8-2 victory over University of West Florida, Coach Brockoff reached yet another milestone, picking up his 400th career victory. At this point, Dan Wagner was leading the surging Green Wave attack with 8 homeruns, 42 RBIs, and a .402 batting average. Tommy Little and Mike Borgatti led the pitching staff. Little ran his record to 6-1 with a team- leading 2.23 earned run average. Bor- gatti raised his record to a perfect 6-0. Tulane finished the season strongly, once again claiming the Pelican Cup from UNO. The Wave, however, did suf- fer a couple of tough losses to 2nd ranked Florida State in Tallahassee and a heart wrenching loss to 1 ranked LSU at home, 6-5. The regular season ended on a sour note with a pair of losses to Southern Mississippi. However, a record of 46-13 was good enough to get the Wave an at- large bid to the South Regional at LSU. The Wave started the double-elimina- tion regional on shaky grounds, losing their opening game 7-5 to Louisiana Tech. However, the team quickly turned things around and went on to post victo- ries over Eastern Kentucky, Oklahoma, and Louisiana Tech to reach the finals against nemesis LSU. The final game, marred by rain delays, was taken by the Tigers 7-6. The team performed admirably and many felt without the momentum slowing rain delays, Tulane would have won the game. However, for now that will have to be the goal of next year ' s team. The Wave should be proud of themselves for a job well-done. We certainly are. — Joseph Camac i i ' ' VM , ' ■- ' ■ ».■ ■M. otos: Avu Burks Freshman ace Glen Leveau shows his stuff on the pitcher ' s mound. Tookie Spann makes the close play to get the run- ner by half a step. baseball 165 Tulane ' s Shiny New Diamond I • . • 4 166 baseball Hundreds of ballons are released from behind the center field fence to commerate the new playing field. i ., " -o5. »r»- President Eamon Kelly officially inaugurates the Wave ' s season in their new home. |f jA Team members watch the action from their profes- sionally styled dugout. Photos: Larry Block baseball 167 168 Third baseman Tookie Spann, looks on in disgust after a called strike. Tookie Spann is almost caught leaning too far to- wards second, but gets back under an attempted LSU tag. Catcher Lou Deiley, prepares to put a tag on an approaching LSU Tiger. Coach Brockoff and cohorts surround the mound for a little baseball talk. A pick-off at second base. Is he safe or out? Look at his face and you make the call. Photos; ].D. Witt baseball 169 Hustling down the line can make all the differ ence in the world, in a bang-bang play. A perfectly executed drag bunt down the first base line. Photos: ].D. Witt 170 baseball Catcher Gary Desjardins waits for the oncoming pitch on a perfect New Orleans day. baseball 171 Down, but not out In a 1-10 season, one would think there are not very many bright spots to highlight however, this is not always the case. True the Wave ' s record left little to be desired, but rather than dwell on a game by game description of losses, lets look at some of the outstanding individual performances of the past season. The word defense is spelled by Mack Brown B-U-R-N-E-L-L D-E-N-T. The Green Bay Packer bound Dent shattered the all-time Tulane tackle record by reg- istering an unprecedented 492 tackles in his four year stint at Tulane. Dent was the ultimate defensive player and many feel he will go on to bigger and better things in the NFL. Burnell was also vot- ed to the 1st team All-South Indepen- dent and an Associated Press Honorable Mention Ail-American. Mack Brown ' s substitute word for re- ception was Z-E-N-O. Marc Zeno set sin- gle-season reception records in catches and yardage, with 73 receptions for 1137 yards. Zeno also set the single game rec- ord with 13 catches for 208 yards against LSU. Zeno was constantly ranked in the top 10 in the country in catches-per- game and a 2nd team All-South Inde- pendent as well as an Associated Press Honorable Mention All-American. Senior quarterback, Kenny Karcher, moved into second place among Tu- lane ' s passing records for yardage gained. Karcher, who was a Denver Bronco draft choice, along with stand- out freshman Terrance Jones, led a po- tent Green Wave passing attack. Jones became the first freshman in Tulane his- tory to total over a 1000 yards in total offense. Another talented freshman, place- kicker Wayne Clements, was a bright spot in a rather bleak season. Many were looking for Clements to become another Eddie Muarry of Detroit Lion fame, however, Clements is leaving Tulane to search for fame and fortune in his home state of Texas. His leg will be sorely missed in Tulane ' s lineup next year. So, as you can see, a 1-10 season does not have to be so bad. Look for Mack Brown to turn things around quickly Coach Brown is still one of the best things to happen to Tulane athletics. Don ' t be surprised if this team ends up in a bowl game in the next two years. At least, lets hope so. — Joseph Camac Gavin Gas: All time leading tackier, Burnell Dent, gladly i ceives a plaque and game ball with his parents halftime of the LSU game. Athletic director and head coach Mack Brown, talks about his football philosophy. The Wave ' s secondary gang tackles an Ole Miss wide receiver. Larry Block Scott Pardell footbaU 173 A Year Mull hialc}ilcd rir liiiicii JSiSKaaSf -- i I r .•? ♦ y- - . ■ t t , ■ j t-r,v ' 1 ??fj •%. - " ■ !i Freshman all-star Terrance Jones is a top running back, receiver and quarterback. Wayne Clements, second team All-American freshman punter, shows his form against the Ra- gin Cajuns. Clements, a first team All-American freshman place-kicker also, makes Tulane ' s football future look bright. » V- I A J A A strong offensive showing by the Green Wiive tested one of the nations best defenses. The Green Wave ' s defense, suspect at times, played their hearts out in front of a large vocal Superdome crowd. » ♦ -iV " " -s A L t " . ' ?v?v ' ;;ii ( .s: in, Zoli, Green Wave No Easy Pushover for LSU football 175 RUN OR . . . Larry Bk Freshman tailback Rodney Hunter sweeps right against Florida State with a textbook block from tight end Larry Route. Quarterback tailback Terrance Jones, top rusher for the Green Wave, celebrates as he sees a hole to the end zone. The Ole Miss Rebels put the freeze on the Wave ground game. S Scott Pardell S. Scott Paril S. ScoK Pardell Blue-Grey All-Star participant Ken Karcher leads a potent Tulane passing attack. Marc Zeno, one of the nation ' s leading pass receiv- ers, prepares to make another one of his patented receptions. PASS football 177 All- Americans shine Men and Women shatter records Ava Bur. All-American Brian Zielinski, a transfer from Flor- ida, shows his winning form. 178 swimming . D. Witt Hours of practice, chlorine drenched hair, blood shot eyes, and still more practice is what it takes and more to be- come a member of the Tulane swim team. All of these long hours of practice paid off for both the men ' s and women ' s team. The men ' s team, ranked in the top 40 in the country, compiled a record of 9- 5 and broke 14 Tulane records. The wom- en ' s team had 7 wins, their most ever, and erased 19 Tulane records. The women ' s 400 Free Relay team placed 29th at the U.S. Nationals. The team included swimmers Laura Lebeau, Ann Carter (team captain), Tia Kaiser, and Andrea Kriek. Awards for the women ' s team this year included: Star swimmer — Perry Loop, Hardest Worker — Kathy Thomas, and Most Improved — Tia Kaiser. The men ' s team placed 5th at the NIC championship, only 2 points behind 4th. This year ' s captains were Mike Baele, Greg Lamb, and Rob Clark. Tico Calzada, Brian Zielinski, Mike Baele, and Tom Bartsch received Ail- American honors for placing 16th at the NCAA championships. These 4 swim- mers were the first Ail-Americans for Tulane in almost twenty years. Outstanding freshman, Dave Bryan, broke three Tulane men ' s records includ- ing: 500 Freestyle, 1000 Freestyle, and 1650 Freestyle. With loss of only one senior, both teams are expected to be just as strong, if not stronger, in the coming year. — Joseph Camac . D. W,tl Form is most important when swimming the toughest of all strokes; the butterfly. Mike Baele, besides being an Ail-American swim- mer, provides the team with timely comic relief. swimming 179 Bill Young reaches for a victory in the Nebraska meet. Diver Brad Hubbell gets last minute advice from his coach. mi ■- ;-M:-Wi 180 swimming DIVING " It doesn ' t matter what the score is. It is if you feel good about it — that ' s the thrill. " So says Brad Hubbel, spokesper- son for the Varsity Diving Team. The team is comprised of six members: Brad Hubbel, Mike Irish, Kurt Oakley Sheila Lloyd, Karen Brechtel and Nani Owens. Hubbel sees the team as an extension of the Tulane swimming team. All the var- ious swimmers travel together to com- petitions and encourage one another., Hubbel says of Diving coach Grace Gainer, " She ' s spunky She helps out in any way she can " . Her style at practices is one of reinforcement and repetition. The team clocks in six to ten hours a week from early September until March. The season starts in November, and the team travels to an average of three meets per month. In diving competitions, there is a scor- ing scale of 1 to 10, with ten being the best. There are three judges, whose scores are added. The total is then multi- plied by the DD (degree of difficulty) of the dive. To get the final team score, all individual scores are added, and the highest score wins. Hubbel, always optimistic by his own admission, is not one to look at disap- pointments often. He calls diving " a fas- cinating sport — there are so many branches you can explore. As long as you keep at it, there ' s nothing you can ' t do. " — Holly Edgerton Mil e Irish concentrates on his rotation as mem- bers of the swim team watch. Sheila Lloyd practices her form from the one me- ter board. File photo Rhonda Reap 182 diving VOLLEYBALL Lady Wave Spikes Way Into Record Books Now that women ' s sports is on the up- swing at Tulane, the Lady Green Wave Volleyball team has become an integral part of the athletic program. The Lady Wave has many proud ac hievements to boast during the 1985 season, including a first place finish at the Jacksonville University tournament and two second place finishes at the Sam Houston tournament and the South Florida tournament, respectively. With an increased number of practice hours, toughened strength training pro- gram and improved coaching tech- niques, the Lady Green Wave showed their colors by tying the Tulane ' s women volleyball won-loss record. Thus, the team ended their season with a record of 28-9, with only one home loss. The outstanding season can be cred- ited to the stability and all-around play- ing ability of the team members. The use of a strong offense, varied with fast, middle attacks and outside power-hit- ters, was aided by the skills of a great setter and improved defense, consisting of high blocks and precision passing. A major factor that led to the Lady Wave ' s success this season was the abili- ty of all players, which could be seen by the ease of replacing players in different game situations. Their athletic abilities attracted record crowds with the help from loyal fans and the Booster Club. With only one senior and five juniors, the winning squad of women looks for- ward to another winning season next fall. Member of the 1985 Lady Wave vol- leyball team are Judy Amerson, Me- laney Amos, Dee Dee Dornan, Rene Douglas, Sivi Elsonsohn, Amy Gerna- huser, Laura Grazulis, Patricia Hotard, Kim Howard, Kristen Ohland, Trisha Plumb, and Carolyn Richardson. — Kim Howard Larry Block Lady Wave ' s blocking abilities has Lady Cajuns flying. volleyball 183 - back to the BASICS Photos: Larry Block Judy Amerson is ready to dig the ball after an attempted block. Amy Gernhauser sets the ball high for Rene Doug- las. Serving is one of the basic fundamentals of the game. Carolyn Richardson spikes home another point for the Lady Wave. volleyball 1 85 New all-time leading scorer for the Lady Wave, Stacey Gaudet, takes the ball down the lane for an easy two points against LSU. Junior Missy Palrang shows good form as she gets ready to shoot a baseline set shot. Hustle spelt victory for the Lady Wave this year Diving after a loose ball was considered just part of the game. 186 basketball Record Breaking Performances Sara Shlagman, one of four seniors and new career rebounding leader for the Lady Wave, takes the bail up strongly inside for two. Team spirit, hard work and new coach Joline Mat- sunami led this group of women to a record tying 16 wins. Photos: Gavin Gassen New coach, old faces spell win The 1985-86 women ' s basketball team played what many believed to be the best single season in the school ' s history. Under the direction of first year Head Coach Juline Matsunami, the Lady Wave compiled a fine 16-11 record, equaling the 1979-80 team ' s all-time record for most wins in a season. Matsunami came to Tulane from the University of Washington, where she helped the Lady Huskies to a 26-2 mark, a Nor-Pac Conference title and a nation- al ranking of 11th in both AP and UPI polls. With ten players returning to this year ' s squad, Matsunami was confident she could make a winning team out of the 6-22 Lady Wave of last season. And that is exactly what she did. In addition to tying the reco rds for most wins in a season, the Lady Wave saw new individual marks set for most career rebounds and for most career points scored. Senior center Sara Shlagman broke the career rebound record of 594 held by 1981 graduate Terry Johnson. Shlagman pulled down 15 boards in the season fi- nale against NichoUs State giving her 606 career rebounds and the school rec- ord. Earlier in the season. Lady Wave guard Stacey Gaudet shattered the ca- reer scoring mark of 1,363 points held by 1984 graduate Daryl Kimche. Gaudet, just a junior this year, also tied the school record for most points in a single game, scoring 34 points on two different occa- sions. Gaudet and six other lettermen will return next year to try for a second straight winning season under Matsun- ami. Graduating along with Shlagman are guards Paula Brown and Missy Palman and forward Sharon Duclos. In the final game of the season, Mat- sunami started all four of her seniors along with Gaudet against Nicholls State. " If we were going to win or lose it was going to be with my seniors, " Matsun- ami said, " And they came through — they had an opportunity to let the lead slip away and instead they built it up. " Coach Matsunami and her Lady Wave should be proud of this season ' s accom- plishments. Gavin Gassen 188 basketball Junior Stacey Gaudet, point scorer extraordinare, brings the ball up court against LSU. Late Season Surge The men ' s team finished the 1986 sea- son with a respectable 13-13 record, be- hind the leadership of team captain Rick Bogard and steady number two seed Chris Walker The team came on very strong to- wards the end of the year, especially the play of senior Scott Eversole. The team lost several close matches that could have gone either way. The highlight of the year was the great exhibition match set-up to raise money for the team. This exhibition in- cluded a match between Tulane and LSU ' s number one doubles team, a 3 game doubles set with Jimmy Connors and Aaron Krickstein taking on local personalities, and a best of 3 sets singles match between Connors and Krickstein in the Tulane Arena. Overall, it was an exciting year for the men ' s tennis team, and even more and better things are expected next year. D. Witt Chris Walker uses his size to his advantage, as he lunges for an oncoming ball. Many hours of practice volleying the ball at the net make for a good doubles player. . D. Witt Renee Krickstein, number one seed, shows her winning forehand form. Randi Ross works hard on her serve so she can be at the top of her game. Connors, Krickstein Aaron Krickstein ' s concentratit j ng dfttern tion make him one of the world ' s best tennis pfay- ers. 190 tennis •hotos: ]. D. Witt Match benefits all Winning ways Volley, drop-shot, slice, knees bent, head-up these are a few of things one can hear head coach Peter Curtis telling his Lady Wave tennis team. This year ' s team compiled a fine record of 19-9, be- hind the steady play of senior captain Grace Fowler. The team was very well balanced this year, however, coach Cur- tis felt that doubles play could have been a bit better. Renee Krickstein, sister of the world renowned tennis pro Aaron Krickstein, was a steady performer in the 1 spot again this year. She has a 47-13 record in three years at Tulane and is among the top 50 intercollegiate players in the United States. At one point in the season, the wom- en ' s match record was an impressive 110- 33 for an outstanding percentage of .769. Coach Curtis can only expect better things in the future from his solid team of women. V Jk m m 1 m ' M H OOTjOCO V |: ' ' p ' y ' viB Team captain, Grace Fowler, led the Lady Wave to another winning season. Eiizann Carroll concentrates on the ball as she hits another backhand winner ' ' r ■ - ( - - tennis 191 Senior Jim Kasser makes another patented volley for a win. Co-captain Rick Bogard, the number one single ' s player on the squad, shows his backhand form. Lefty, Robert Dove, looks to pass an opponent at the net with a strong forehand. Photos: ].D. Witt 192 tennis ConBPRration lind s le are an importan Chris Walker ' s servicSgame. q :S5 S5 vS C . " . ) vV § X x . i (i -■«s ' i- y Q v ' S? ' .:? " ' g ' Q . Q . Jk 5X o . o. % q o . q. Q ' ' j. Q. Q p J Co O _ Crv O O K€ O - O ' o o SAILING ■y Photos: J. D. Witt w % Fencing T— r ffi c Gymnastics ' i f iM Paul Stein gets the kick away before a USL player can block it. Definitely a shoe string tackle! - ' .iX X RUGBY FEVER Wing Kevin Whimbley advances the ball down the field. Both teams gang up in a formation called a scrum. Martial Arts Robert Lecker jason Coupal i ►-?- V ' -- ' ROWING — - ' - - ' ,J f yi ■ ,-..- Photos: Gavin Gassen rowing 205 Soc 206 soccer er soccer 207 SKYDIVING Gavin Gassen Sjsj V h j) - y. f ScotI Pardell Ijeav of SpoA IflllemoneS Avn Burks S. Scott Pardell 212 Iagniappe lagniappe 213 214 sports portfolio Cavm Gassen sports portfolio 215 sports portfolio 219 photos by ,D, Wiff 220 greeks .- i j.D. Wttt J.D. Witl arry Block Larry Block Greeks greeks 221 GREEKS: The Way They Are From serious students to serious partiers, run the gamut at Tulane University It is uncanny, really. Though a whoopping fifty-five percent of Tulane wom- en and another forty percent of the men are active members of the university ' s Greek System those outside of this closed society are usually more than a little suspicious, if not in- timidated, by Tulane Greeks. Why is that? Many have argued it is because the greeks are indeed different from their non-greek peers. The un- equaled experience of a close brotherhood or sisterhood that begins with pledgeship is an unusual one, for it is something that never ends. Once a Greek, truly then, al- ways a Greek. Of course, greeks and non-greeks intermingle academi- cally, extracurricularly, and socially. Greeks are not eliteist in and of themselves. But, they are drawn to people who have had similar experiences, particularly the intense pledge period. Thus, the perceived clique is formed. And why not? Greeks, like all Tulane students, are spe- cial. Perhaps their difference is that they are " special " to- gether, so loud and so close. — Richard Perez-Feria •fi Wr s .v- ■5 ID. Wilt Members of PiBetaPhi sorority take their white dress, bra, blouse, and underwear meeting seri- ously. Brothers of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity show broth- er Rob Kraus that revenge is the best way to get even. 222 greeks opening ill leffier greeks opening 223 ONE MORE TIME Greeks welcome Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Alpha Mu back to Tulane Brian Hughes Tulane University welcomed back to its G reek system two of the oldest (and strongest) organizations nationally. Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Alpha Mu ( " Sammy " ) frater- nity. AOPi was initially founded at Newcomb College in 1898, only one year after the sorority ' s national founding at Bar- nard College of Columbia University. The group, which disbanded in 1976, came back in full force with nearly 40 members who actively participated in panhellenic activi- ties. SAM was founded at Tulane in 1920 and stayed strong until the early 1970 ' s. After some determination, SAM re- joined Tulane ' s fraternities with over twenty members in- volved in intramurals, service functions and the Inter-Fra- ternity Council (IPC). The two latest additions to Tulane ' s Greek system join a thriving and cohesive body always willing to accept new (or in this case returning) organizations so long as they enhance the long, strong tradition that is the Greek system. In which case, AOPi and SAM should have no trouble fitting right in. — Richard Perez-Feria 224 welcome Learning Outside and inside the classroom greeks often turned to professors. kotos: Greg Calejo Much to the surprise and delight of Tulane ' s faculty, Greeks on campus consider themselves (and indeed are) students first. In light of this, Tulane Greeks hold faculty and their mutual understanding of the fraternity and soror- ity system on campus as being paramount in maintaining the good relations they have enjoyed through the years. Open sorority lunches for the faculty and the popular annual Delta Tau Delta fraternity ' s faculty Bar-B-Que truly illustrate the greeks commitment to keeping their favor- able relationship w ith Tulane ' s faculty. Since so many of the current school ' s faculty are them- selves greek, it only follows that those faculty members support the Greek System. Non-greek faculty is the chal- lenge Tulane ' s organizations strive to win over Fighting long-held beliefs and misconceptions is never easy, but Tulane ' s Greeks are confident — with the supportive facul- ty leading the way — that the other faculty members will see the other side to Tulane ' s greek organizations. — Richard Perez-Feria Associate Dean of the School of Architecture Ste- phen Jacobs gives Chris Gryder some suggestions for his final project. Senior Teffie McLaughlin and sociology professor Ed Morse discuss her future plans upon gradu- ation. Interfratemity Council Panhel Row 1: Hans Leutkemier, Brad Levin, Ted Isaacs, Peter Knight, Lewis Frazer, Terry Magid, Brett Harris, Jeff Moore; Row 2: Brian Zucker, Mike Brown, Charlie Bolton, Rich Kirikian, Doug Hollander, Ted Slap, Jon Zins, Tucker Magid, Dr. Riess; Row 3: John Papandon, David Schwartz, Lee Rankin, Neil Shipley, Peter Amory, David Korn, Rusty Baker, Janie Berger, Bill Schmitz, Jeff Taft. Panhellenic Council: Row 1: Dawn Beighy, Rikke Burke, Karren Baker, Nan AUtmont, Joanna Popadakos; Row 2: Melanie Saltzman, Cindy Harlin, Laurie Homan, Amanda Trisman, Terri Wyatt; Row 3: Jennifer Reichenbach, Amanda Kalb, Karen Roth, Ally Kaplan; Not Pictured: Lindy Sullivan, Maria Greenberg, Jackie Aregood, Stacia Bank, Nicole Schafer, Marilyn Marks, Tammy Panovka. ;.D. Will D. Wilt l ' AEn • AOn • AIO • ATQ • XQ • BOH • ATA • KAB • KA • OFA • KKT 226 ifc— panhel J.D. Will Alpha Epsilon Phi Lisa Aaron Karen Danick Lisa Hutt Jaymi Mittler Lori Sobel Judith Abroamson Cheryl Davis Ally Kaplan Tara Meyers Susan Soloman Paige Alexander Lolly Decker Jennifer Karp Lisa Newman Lori Speilberger Nan AUtmont Heidi Edelstein Ilene Kastz Susie Noddle Catherine Springer Jenny Asch Betsy Fader Renee Katz Lisa Peyton Julie Steele Helen Asher Debbie Fanburg Andrea Kirstein Karen Ronnel Dana Stern Laurie Bairn Jodj Feldman Robyn Kohn Nancy Rosenberg Terri Strusand Tracy Balber Julie Furman Mindy Koplan Lisa Rothberg Lulu Swedroe Sandi Becker Betsy Gilbert Wendy Kosberg Lisa Rudoph Jill Tivin Jaynee Berkman Carolyn Gillman Stephanie Kroslin Susie Rudolph Meryl Thaler Nancy Bronstein Paige Goldberg Rena Landau Francis Saphier Sharon Thumb Jennifer Bomze Vicki Golden Jan Laupheimer Bonnie Schain Stephanie Unter Ellen Cantor Robyn Goldstein Tracy Lawrence Julie Schiller Amy Weinberger Jukie Cantor Penny Gorden Laura Lederman Amy Seigal Amy Weinstein Barbara Capp Kim Gray Amy Losin Joy Shapiro Vicki Wells Johnine Cavaliers Karen Greenberg Lisa Malmud Dana Sherrins Jill Williams Debbie dayman Maria Greenberg Susan Malman Ricki Shoss Lisa Winner Loryn Cohen Alyssa Gusman Heidi Marcus Shelly Shulman Arinn Zacks Maura Cohen Maureen Heideman Stephanie Maslia Linda Siegel Rachel Zakarin Sue Ann Cohen Alicia Heintz Tama Meadows Stefanie Silverberg Bobbie Zalesky Susie CoUat Karen Hellman Kim Mensh Lisa Smith Karen Coomer Lisa Herron Carrie Meyers Missy Smith Barri Chase Audrey Hirsh Lisa Mittler Bonny Snyder I • nBO • HKA • lAT • lAE • AEO • lAM • AOn • IX • X • XN • KAB AEO 227 WHAT A RUSH Beginning every school year, greeks anticipate the competitive search for new members. Oh, my! What a wonderful time to be a freshman at Tulane. Before you know it. Rush Week descends upon freshmen with a WHAM, WALLOP (and usually) a THUMP. For the eager, cocky and yes, nervous 18 and 19 year old men, RUSH starts the difficuU and selective process which typifies the Greek System. The sororities are all pomp, circumstance and tea as they welcome the expectant young women full of dreams of becoming the newest Pi Phis, AEPhis, Kappas or any of the five other sororities on campus. This past fall, the fraternities " endured " a semi-dry Rush (alcohol could only be served on weekends); but still en- joyed a healthy, competitive battle for the best men Tulane had to offer. The anticipation of " bid day " is perhaps unmatched for a campus co-ed as they find out the options left open to them in the Tulane greek world. But, despite the anxiety Rush represents all that is good about Greek life on campus. —Richard Perez-Feria 228 ru3h Phi Mus welcome prospective rushees during the first series of sorority parties. Chi Omegas celebrate together on the final day of rush with their new pledges. Delt Robert Van Wynan expresses his opinion after a successful rush party. . D. Witt rush 229 Alpha Epsilon Pi }D Wilt Kv ' n brams Bennett Alpert ken Askenabe Ev -in Bard Ko " Baron Stott Bnt;htman Bret Caller ]. tl Chip lonathan Cohan bcott Cohen ndv Carduver Larry Feinman leSfery Fnedler Car Fubchsman Daaay Gafber stephan Garden R inme Garner - labon Gates David Gittetnnan Grant Gladwin Marc GUckman Brian Coldenberg David Goodman Jeffrey Gould Kevin Green David Hochberg Noah Jaffee Corey labsem Hovsard Kades Brett Kaplin Jon Katcher Peter Katz Greg Kat7 Jordan Katz Peter ' tught It itfev Kr|nsdort Howard libhniLk Rji-hardCeLhtman i -i? Eichard Le in Andrew Lenme Greg Levme Dave Levy David Lhota Lawrence Manshel Steven Marmalstein Bruce Marx Sluirf MeKelvej Stephen Meltzer Liet MeKcn rjiilip Michelbon Andrew Nachin in Jeffrey Namshin Matthew Okin Lartv Plant Jon Ploscowj Scott Pa Brad : HarrilTKiWiaTd t Bill Richmond Ron Richmond Mike Rodick IvlctaTd Roskm David Ross Jonathan Rothamn Victpr Roubbo Roliert Rubinstein Eric Sand Jeffrey Schwartz Lee -gghwartz Richard Selikoft Lee Sheri c aa Michael Strauss Jeff Tamib Evan Lich VfeiSb Mitchell Wertlieb Gregg Wtsatskv Lenny Wolf Bruce Wolfowjtz Allan WoUson Robert iudell Gordon Ze ■ M Bon • Al 230 AEn ;.D. win Alpha Omicron Pi Jackie Aregood Diana Deems Cynthia Kane Marcella Monlagna Deborah Tenenauser Stacia Bank Mellissa Ellenby Carolyn Kilpatrick Carol Montgomery Robin Wasser Sharon Bryant Lauren Freeman Sharon Klar Margqerite Muldowny Fradell Weinstein Carla Butler Jacqueline Garcia Deborah Draut Mei Ching Ng Gail Wilson Sonia Cardenas Sherri Gill Ann Levin Virginia Ryker Hillary Winkel Kim Colquitt Holli Goldberg April Lufkin Michelle Sadlier Amy Woods Susannah Coolidge Amanda Goodwin Evelyn Mencos Cindy Scherer Katherine Cordova Alyssa Huberman Sarah Miller Charlotte Stemmans Kym Crawford Lisa Jackson Leslie Madden Karen Stern AG • KA • OrA • KKT • OKX • OM • HBO • HKA • lAT • lAE • AEO AOn 231 Greek Games Intramurals, the ideal arena for friendly competition between fraternities and sororities On the 4th down, the Sigma Nu ' s go for the long bomb against Sigma Chi. Witt intrainurals 233 Alpha Sigma Phi — Larry Block Jay Bagget David Harris Jude LaBarca Rob Mooney Gary Teetsel Jonathan Benoit Tim Harris Matt LaFlamme David Moore Ken Vaughn Art Borja Bruce Harrison Kenny Lamry Rodney Nathan Rich Wheeler Gene Boyle Mark Jacobson Rob Margetts Bill Schmitz Jon Zins Jerry Cohen Stephen Jones Sean McDonald James Smith n • SX • X • IN • KAB • TEO • KKT • ZBT • OM • Z • AEO • AED 234 AZ D ■WIHMSW l Alpha Tau Omega Guthrie Allen Ray Arnold Ron Artigues ' Sport Baldwin Alan BeHin Joe Bienvenu Brent Bourque Tommy Butler Chuck Carey Ti-ey Cefalu Omar del Rio John Dimos Robert Frost John Gallagher Jim Garvey Jacques Guillot Jim Hamlet Ed Keusenfcofhen Patrick Kingsmill Rich Kirikian Tim Kirfcpatrick Jim Korndojffer Ken Kundis Andy Lee Randy Logan Peter Lund Edward Moise Bennet Montgomery Robert Mothershed Chris Nickless Todd Olson Wes Pectol Paul Reggie McKenna Richards Pargen Robinson Erin Rose Gibson Smith Jimmy Tichenor Jim Ulrey Wesley Walk Ralph Wall Harrison Wenzel Rodney Wild : ! • ATQ ■ XQ • BenM TAll • KA • OTA • KKT ' KI. - U - m ATa 235 Let ' s Party During the week, studying was a must, but on the weekend, no one played like the Greeks. . D. Witt Bill Leffler, Julie Mirshak, Michelle Block, Greg Calejo, Bonnie Lipman, Paul Davidson, Alyssa Gusman and Jeff Bey know better than to drink and drive. Girls just want to have fun ... at SSIP. 236 Kappa Fina Johnson finds her own party with a bottle of Jagermeister. Bill Leffler The Thetas and Sigma Chis wind up for the Sigma Chi formal during their pre-formal party. Leffler iric Fredrick shows he ' s ready for a good time luring the Delt semi-formal semi-nude party. 237 Beta Theta Pi .D. Wiit Jay Bagget Jim Jones Todd Recht Pat Boyd Neil Kelly Jason Sacet Mark Bradly Peter Keller Chris Schaffer Will Calahan Ray Koloski Bill Seay Chris Cathcart Ed Kronsburg John Seigal David Chase Al Levine Dave Sigmund Colby Child Steve Miller Rick Silverstein Phil Dietz Rabbi Moore Chip Sosa Rene Garza Ryder Nicholas Birk Stathers Paul Geek Jim O ' Halloran Paul Wolfert Dan Green John Papandon John Yarbrough Kevin Hooper Mike Park A • SAT • SAE • AEO • lAM • AOD • IX • XQ • IN • KAB • TEO • ZBT • OM 238 Ben photos: }.D Witt Melany Amos Kim Andrews Dorothy Armstrong Anna Bains Holly Baker Karren Baker Sanda Brach Susanne Berry Crickett Borgman Kathl n Borgman Leslie Bouer Victoria Brooks Lisa Browman Bently Burari Rikke Burke Carolyn Canto Jeanne Christiansen Laura Cikut Lisa Cikut Sarah Cookston Blaire Cudd Millibeth Currie AlUson Danico Chi Omega isa Davis Helen Deas Erin Desiatte Gail Douglas Christina Duncan Hollv Edgarton Eloise Engman " Jennifer Ferrel " " ManLi Firey Leigh H Karen Rebecca Robin Lisa Han Kim Hinksl Mpg H iwthorrre Cm -lemmgu n Lesli rlillard - Elizabeth HorecK Lois Hornug Missy- Morton Trid;a vMotard Kim Howard Hayden Hughes Hotly Hughes Jennifer Hughes Rebecca JosUn Tia Kaiser Tohy Kasper Alhson Koch Chnst} Kochen Colleen Kuehn Lauren tandry Sossie Lazenby lison Lewis Elaine Lewis Susan Littlefield Elizabeth Mayfield Allison McErney Sharon McGuire Liz Memfield - j., Nancy Mever Ann Mitchell ulie Montgomery- Ann Morrell EO • AEn • Aon Cindy Murphy Keelin Murphy Jennifer Nisbet Ashley Nor red Maureen OUinger Jennifer Ostrow Thea Pagel Susannah Parish Carolyn Parker Caryn Perry Amy Porter Jill Powdermaker Chris Pruski Jull Purdy Harper Ray ■ Diane Richardson Kate Rivinus Molly Robinson Missy Rudd Lynda Ryan Karen Sconiers Leslie Seabright Julie Segall Andria Shever Shannon Simmons Marie-Claire Stahl Virginia Sullivan Sarah Swan Samantha Temple Jenny Timmeney Tracy Tobin Amanda Trisman Laura Troy Vee Troy Anne Vallkonrat Daria Vanosdale Karen Wallace Susan Wallace Lulu Welborn Ann White Betsy Williams Lauren Wilson Laura Wmstead Karen Wyche en • ATA • KAB • KA • OFA • KKT Xii 239 Delta Tau Delta Hugh Asher Dale Miller Mark Beebe Alex Morey Jeff Bey Fred Muruane Larry Blough Kevin Netting Richard Bouchner Ray O ' Neal Mike Brown David Paarz Laird Burnett Alex Pardo Gregory Ceiejo Adrian Pernick Robert Carter. Greg Prosser Knox Clark IHMHHK Anthony Revilla ■ " Steve Schlackma Mike Corsaniti n Paul Davidson Doug Schultz Dean Defreitas David Sharff Anthony Delucia Jeff Silverman David DeSilva Jeff Simpson Peter Doncaster Mark Smallwooc 1 Steve Eisner - , Gabe Smith lack Epstein Bm |g|||K, Tim Smith j Jeff Pagan M He Joe Sweeney 1 Bill Fitzpatric Dan Tarman " Eric Fredrick Jon Goldstein Chris Cryder Jason Valentzas Robert Van Wynaj Robert Vertes | Frank Hahn Greg Wald -a Jamie Hailer Steve Ward -, Robert Kraus Mike Weaver :.i Bill Leffler Fred Whalen 1 Hans Leutkemeir David White ,„ Dan Maginn Dana Wimmer .J Jason McCarroll David Wright 3 Billy McDade Peter Zvejnieks 1 X iM XAE • AEO lAM • AOH • 1% • XQ • XN • KAO Kappa Alpha Chas Akers Brian Kaye Brendon Arthur Andrew Kelly Chris Atwell William J. Kelly III Mark Biegler Steve Kline Tom Bolen Ricky Keubal K. C. Brewington II Chris Lagarde Kenny Brown Chris Lapyrewse Frank J. Calagaz Sprague Marvin Lincoln Case John MarzuUo )im Cooke Mike MarzuUo Tom Cowin Jay McDaniel Michael L. Cashing David Mitchele Greg Dadourian Rob Nelson Justin Dekeyser John Ohle Mike Donahue Charles Pick Crawford Downs Kevin Pomet Steve Dubbs Adam Slater Matt Duett Craig Stamm Bill Evans Harris Tessler Doug Freret Jeff Theiler Matt Fries Gordon Thompson David Groome Mike Toso Brett Harris John Turner Art Hidalgo Roger Turner Paul Hilbert Dave Willis Tim Hoy Gordon Wood George Ingrish Steve Wood Tracy Johnson T • ZBT • OM • Z • AEO • AEH • AOn • AIO • ATQ • XQ • BOn • AT KA 241 Kappa Alpha Theta photos: j.D. Wm Witney Anderson Wendy Baiick Dawn Beighy Lisa Bertman Elizabeth Btatow Cynthia Bibb Anne Birdsong Lindsley Brannan Elizabeth Burhler Niance Carron Sue Clemons Magaret Cohen Kristy Coleman Jane Conway Veronica Correa ill Coulson Kathleen Cram Debbie Culver Donna Dierman Samantha Elme; Anna Ethridge P. Samantha Huber Judith Evans -,: : - Kim Jacobson Caryn Fine DanifUe Kane;,:,, Emilv Fink Lisa Kaplan ' | Julie Finklestein Rylla Karst Vicki Forbes iflerri Katz Lynn Fortunado -■ ' S»Cindy Keilbdch Suzanne Fowl , Robin Kelley Barb F nd-i Carey Friedler Kita Kochansky ' llollie Larson ; Pam Geller Liz Laskey ne Goldman J di Goodsitt Janine Lazar ' Julie Lesch diedre Grogah Dottie Ligon Jill Hack % V Debbie Lombard Beth Harrison Monice Lu Michelle Hatzis Susan Mack Amy Hayner Leslie Holzmark p t iz Malman Melissa Manley Mamie Horwich Maria Martin AO • KA • OrA • KKT • OKI: • OM • HBO • HKA • lAT • lAE • AEO • 242 KAe %:k ' , ., J. ' -r-. ,.. fkm J P i A. mm ' m m w y V [ ' 1 « ,i«i %i ' -▼ , B i " , ' ? § I S ' Kappa Kappa Gamma Sherri Acenn Susan Eby Janet Holiday Ann Marie McDaniel Carolyn Shelton Julie Albanio Holly Ellis Leslie Howeth Beth McDougal Caroline Shook Suzanne AUgair Nicole Epstein Sara Hoyt Teffie McLaughlin Karlyn Shuman Helen Allison Ellen Ferguson Suzanne Hurley Alice Metzinger Kate Smith Ashley Bacquie Laurie Fields Elena Jabbour Courtney Miles Stephanie Smith Jessica Ball Alyssa Forman Fina Johnson Melissa Miles Samantha Sohn Karen Barlow Lee Gardner Lori Johnson Barbara Milnamow Susan Spence Susan Beatty Amy Geller Margaret Jones Carolyn Moore Lydia Spencer Gina Borkenhagen Liles George Charisse Kaplan Jeanette Morcin Wendy Spitler Laura Bowen Nancy Gex Anisa Kelly Delia Morgan Nana Staub Garland Brown Mimi Goodyear Laura Kelly Diana Myers Ann Stewart Jordan Bruns Betsy Gordon Jouce Kirkpatrick Karen Neistein Weasie Stewart Carla Burch Nena Groome Kathleen Knox Kyle O ' Connor Kathleen Stone Stacia Burton Cecelia Guittertez Alice Landry Christine Ogden Tina Tanberk Lavanda Caldwell Vicki Gunn Lisa Lassaigne Dana Paul Michele Toler Karen Casey Buffy Hamilton Eve Lawler D ' Ann Fletcher Meg Walker Laura Coles Eileen Hammerstrom Diane Le Cornu Jennifer Riechenbach Croline Way Leslie Curran Cindy Harlin Ridgely Limbocker Leigh Ann Reino K.K. Weeks Isabel del Valle Melanie Harris Siobhan Loughran Christine Rineman Katie Wenzler Victoria Delisle Renee Hebert Allison Markesbury Karen Roskind Susan Wise Evelyn Dietz Fran Heller Mamie Marra Lara Sachs Annie Young Tamara Dossett Julia Hickman Liz Martin Susan Saper Jiggs Zuber Karen Dupleix EUie Hobson Betsy McCiellan Scottie Settle IX • XQ • IN • KAB • TEO • KKT • ZBT • OM • Z • AEO • AEH • AC KJCr 243 Sunday Monday HANGIN ' OUT Like everyone else, greeks have places they ' d like to call their own On Sundays and Mondays Kappas Caroline Moore and little sister Fran Heller are permanant fixtures in the music library. f.D. Wilt Sunday business school library 2nd and 3rd floor library architecture studio Audubon Park Camelia Grill Bruff Stuff i i f V T 1 J L Monday 2nd and 3rd floor main library business school library architecture studio PJ ' s The Boot 244 greek week Tuesday Wednesday Tuesday Cooter Browns 2nd and 3rd floor main library The Boot Bill Leffler and Ms. Mae have a quick drink before the crowds arrive at her bar for the two-tor-one special. It ' s Tuesday at Cooter Brown ' s and Greeks are sure to be found. Wednesday Ms. Mae ' s Place Que Sera AT IT ' S The Mayfair Madigan ' s The Metro Hofbrau ' s ,D. Witt ' ii i JSL. Gregory Calejo greek week 245 Thursday Friday Thursday Cafe Banquette Audubon Tavern II Cooter ' s Nick ' s F M ' s Madigan ' s The Mayfair Hofbrau ' s Fat Harry ' s KA president Craig Stam stays busy behind the bar Thursday thru Satruday. It ' s back to work for Lisa Schilds on Sunday even- ing. I.D. mu 246 greek week Saturday Sunday regorif Calejo The weekend puts a smile on Anthony Delucia ' s, Dan Tarman ' s, Ray O ' Neal ' s and his girlfriend ' s face. Friday and Saturday AT IFs The Boot Fat Harry ' s Madigan ' s The Sitting Duck The Mayfair F M ' s Hofbrau ' s Nicks Cooter ' s Pat O ' Briens Ms. Mae ' s Charity ' s Port-of-Call Cafe Banquette Carrolton Station ' ason Valentzas On Saturday ' s Billy McDade is sure to be soliciting a party. greek week 247 Phi Gamma Delta J.D. Witt Jim Blanchard Greg Hackenburg Scott Mashkuri John Schiff Martin Valdespino Dave Clorfeine Barry Hammond Phil McMann Steve Schramm Howard Vinokur Pat Colpoys Jimmy Hyland Don Miester Dan Segal Scott Wells Rob Fitzgerald Gareth Joyce Charlie Oakman Javeed Siddiqui Jim White Myles Fleischer Kraig Kessel Pete Owens Jeff Smith Philip Zeigler Marshall Ford Ted Kiviat Mark Perry Andy Tiktin Jose Zeno Marshall Freiman Raj Krishnan Paul Prather Tony Tocco Mike Gee Tom Lofton Evan Reisman George Toland Steve Grizzanti Alex Martin Warren Roberts Tommy Torres AXO) AT • XQ • Ben • ATA • KAB • KA • OFA • KKT • OKX • OM • ID 248 l KA appa Mark Axney Pater Amory Michael Benton Charles Brainard John, Buchanan Drew Clarke Alex Corcoran David Dallal Geoffrey Daniels Luke Dawson Phdip Eschallier Frank Falkenburg Jeff Forlenza Peter Gluck Steven Golden Luis Gonzales ' Brad Greenfield Keith Hallmark Charles Harrison Robert Holt Andy Hunter Walker Jones Brett Katz Steve Kyser Lewis Ledyard Peter Leuhusen Dave Ligon Philip Maniatty Ke in O ' Brien David O ' Connell And Plotnick Lort n Pope Todd Reed W. Todd Roderiquez John Rosenberg Bob Salter Milton Shattuck Casey Shaw John Shires Murray Stewart Roli Thienemann Rob White Walter Wickersham Peter Wilson Thomas Wright Smith Yewell Adam Zion S» nKA • lAT • XAE • AEO • XAM • AOH • SX • XQ • ZN • KAO • TEO • ZBT • O eKX 249 PhiMu ID. Witt Allison Aquino Robin Baber Bri Baker Katie Brach Lorraine Benavides Missy Beverly Terry Blankford Laurie Block Suzanne Boyko Lisa Brunner Regina Burkhart Elizabeth Butler Scottie Claiborne Jennifer Clements Kitty Cleveland Nydia Corzantes Jeanette Dalton Lisa Davis Cassie Dean Nicole Dewing Georgia Dunn Dolly Duplantier Diana Earling Laurie Elliott Rebecca Farris Denise Rerrier Mary Fischer Lori Fischer Missy Glaser Sandra Glass Susan Goldberg Cheryl Gunning Sharon Hackett Jennifer Hanley Kim Heffley Dottie Holleman Laurie Homan Michelle Hornack Maryann Hoskins Jennifer Howe Ann Hughes Meade Jones Tanya Jones Sally Klingenstein Lisa Liberati Chickie Lindquist Sabrina Luza Susan Marcus Tracey McHugh Melissa Miller Julie Mirshak Liz Misch Ann Moore Elysabeth Muscat Cheyl Paraguya Mary Lynn Parker Melissa Patterson Dana Pingel Suzanne Purvis Alma Quiroz Peggy Rive Michele Robins Rosanne Rogers Sandra Rohde Karen Roth Carolyn Rowlands Meredith Sater Beth Scandaliato Nicole Schafer Marcie Schilling Barbara Schwarz Clare Sokolowski Jane Stephens Elaine Trimble Susan Vajs Julie Van Dervort Debra Walker Geri Wartell Patti Weiner Milinda Wettles Page Weigel Ruth Zarron AEO • AEn • AOn • AZO • ATQ • XQ • BOn • ATA • KAO • KA • OFA • KKT 250 M J.D. Witt Julie Abercrombie Emii ' Alsobrook Micheiine AvengtTo FcK)he Axelrod Hillary Bach man Eleanor Ballard tn Barham ria Bartush Stephanie Bauchuber Kacey Bay Lela Bellows Lisette Benton Laura Berger 14.3ry Blackman Kris Blair Liz Blankenship Sophia Blanks Catherine Boyer Michelle Bragg Evelyn Brine Minni Broadwell Polly Brodie Susie Brophy Alex Brown Lilla Butler Debbie Cada Ann Carey Amv Carter Evelyn Chumo Celia Cirone Alev C Thomasene Clayton Robvn Cohen Pam Corbett Cathleen Cotter Brooke Cruder Lilynn Gulfer Alexaridra fie HoU Lisa; ' ©emeglio Stephanie Dittman Holly Drennan Ginger Durham Celia Edwards Valerie Edwards jill Ehrlicl Anna Ferch Robin Fildernianv- . Kim Fisher ' Shannon Gaffney Kerry Gibson Kristy Gillman Nancy Goldstein Amanda Gossett edith Grider • " %. TV d Bebe Hammond - Susan Hannon Edie Harreil Erica Herndon Emilv Hilgarther Lizzxe Horchow Stephanie Hurav Mary luge Amanda Kalb ;;, Sarah Kienk ■ ■. ' ijk jane Kobak ■ ' ■■ Emily Kohimeyer Meli ' a Lewis Allison Lindsay Shelly Logan Dana Luby Margee Marie Hiedi McCai , Came McGraw Cici Michaelis- ' Gentry Miller Sarah Muliins , Juhe Mussafer Shern Musi-ater Julie Nachmajl Cind Nash (Mi Audrey Nuttik Mana Oden Cassie O ' Neill Kittv On- Muffy Pederson Nanc} ' Pollack Stephanie Pov eU Juiie Rabiricavitz Dma Revell Bettina Richards Lisa Sanders Kiki Shore Liz Shands Megan Shemwell Julie Shoemaker Stacy Skillern Ellen Taliey Emily Timblerlake Denise Tripp Liza Ward Nancy White Ashley Willcott Evelyn Wilson Bess Yarborough Perri Zipper i:. %0 ' Vr " IIJMI l ' ' " [ • HBO • nKA • XAT • lAt • AEO • SAM • AOn • EX • OQ • SN • KAO Larry Block nBO 251 Pi Kappa Alpha j.D. Witt Greg Albers Greg Gaele Richard Juge Jon McMuilen Mike Stauffacher Doug Allen Keith Garte Guss Juneau Scotty Nicholson Mike Steinberg Artie Baran Howard Glynn Troy Kenyon John Nolan Barry Stinson James Berger Dean Goldberg Peter Klein Eric Payson Jon StoUer John Blatchford Bob Goldberg Jamie Klingsberg Charlie Polsen Jonathan Teplow Paul Campagna Jay Goldstein Dave Korn Eddie Polsen Steve Tillbrook Cameron Cardozo Jeffery Gordon Tomas Kurz Jeffery Posner Russ Verona Scott Chambers Tony Greene Preston Law Jonathan Price Rod Walkey Mark Champa Doug Greve Edward Lee Steve Re iter Mike Westheimer Tray Cockerell William Groene Mel Leveque Randy Rubin Ken Wilson Barry Cohen Tony Guardia Greg Liebermann Garry Rusell John Withers George Corbett Hassan Haidar Steven Lindemann Rob Schulte Andrew Worth Tony Demolina Danny Heimlich Chris Livingston Robert Schultz Peter Diamond Craig Hembree Al Loehr Karl Schwartz Drew Dougherty Michael Hidalgo Louis Lustenberger V Steve Shapiro Robert Fennell Wayne Hodes Dan McGrory David Solomon KKT • ZBT • OM • Z • AEO • AEH • AOn • ASO • ATQ • XQ • BOn • AT 252 OKA Sigma Alpha Epsilon Grant Adams A. A. Color John Barringer Jerry Davis David Bass Preston Di on Mart Beasley Lee Eliott Greg Blatz Tom Evans Charles Bolton Steve Gerwirt Bill Boyer ■— ' - w r Jack Gierhart Vince Brocato Jim Gold te Mac Brunton Pat GormaflH Phillip Barnett , OayGrubS Trey Christensen Leigh Guyer Nile Chumney John Hallam Scott Coffee Jim Ham Les Cole Jeff Hardin Lewis Harrison Robert Nachman Neil Sh pley Charlie Hill Alex Navarro Tyson S loftsohl Jonathan Hough Drew Patty Mickey Smith Evan Hughes Jay Plotkin Whitnej Smith Jonathan Jones „ __ . Joseph Price Lee Staf ford Eric Lardner.J HE Pickett Reese Si Therlot Lon Magness " Chris Makk l, ■ HBi Gordon Rose Graves Jfof HBM ' J f Rowe Geoff Tolodorr " ' " Steve Makk . , JWP 1 | H§; Jim Ryan Richard Whitson Frank McCrystal " ' Bill Sargent Jimmy Williamsoti V iil Mclntyre Walter Sartor Barr - Wilson R. J. Meurer Lee Schaefer Kenny Wimberly David Moffet Wes Shafto ,. . Ud Shemwell Paul Wu ' " " ' ' ' Mi David Moore . J v: ' ir- . ' KAB • KA • OrA • KKT • OKX • OM • HBO • DKA • EAT AEO IAE 253 A LENDING HAND During the year Greeks make community service their business. It is sometimes easy to forget, really. If forced to think fast and describe Greeks at Tulane, most of us could mention the parties, their togetherness, the parties, the third floor of the library, and of course, more of those parties. It is indeed easy to forget or overlook the tremendous amount of service Tulane ' s social fraternities and sororities donate to the school and to the New Orleans community at large. Philanthropy, happily, is alive and well in the Greek system. Delta Tau Delta won the coveted CACTUS Cup, which is given to the fraternity with the most community service for the academic year All fraternity pledges join forces in early fall and spring for the annual can shake to raise thousands of dollars for the leukemia foundation. From campus blood drives to helping battered women, Greeks at Tulane put their best foot forward and lend a needed helping hand. — Richard Perez-Feria Gny Calcjo After an exciting kickball game, Jason Valentzas relaxes for lunch with his team members. 254 Lflrri Block Not a car gets by without giving a donation to the ZBT brothers for the Leukemia Foundation. Kappa Laura Bowen makes a new friend during a service project for under-priviledged children at Audubon Zoo. Sigma Alpha Mu .D. Witt Stan Cohen Larry Opinsky David Friedman Barry Pasikov Robert Gittess Lee Raikin Eric Goldstein Neil Rosenblum Henry Green Aaron Sainer Max Kary David Schwartz Alan Kaye James Thriffiley III Mark Loev John Webber Kelly Luthringshausen Rich Weisberg David Lutz Joell Wolens Adam Margolis Andy Zerkle Mike McMuUen 0n • EX • XQ • SN • KAB • TEO • KKT • ZBT • OM • Z • AEO • AEH 256 ZAM photos: ].D. Witt w i Mike Aloe Je£f Anderson Larry Anderson Ken Arvin • Phil Bainbndge _, " Bey Baker Larry Benway Patrick Beranek Joe BUlig David BirkKahrt Doug Brenneckel Mark Brunner Pete Brumbaugh Tom Buescher Henry Burnett Eric Busto Oliver Cleary Robert Crews Chris Culver Steve Daiker Bill Dick Greg Doody Mike Ecuyer Sigma Chi w Lenny Edelman Neil Elenzweig Steve EUic . BilF lli j Pat Fitzg al Fleischer ' Mike Elorenz John Glazer Adam Glickfield Jon Goldberg Stu Ck)Idstein Neid ordon John Gorup Todd Grant Jerry Haggerty , Bob Harris j Ed Heffernan-jf Tom Heffernan ' Mark He I man Rick Helman Bob Hytnes Richard Irb Ajndy JameSb Jore Jdifeston ., Mark Jones GareflK Joyce Stephen Xraus Jeff Krieger Mark Lake Jay Lobrano Tom Lofton Jeff Lewis Adam Lewis Kevin Mahoney Charles Maroney John Marrino Paul Mastrapa Alex Mata James McDevitt Fritz McGough Andy Messina Ernest Mestre Neal Moody Steve Moody Jeff Moore David Morel Charles Jeff Morrison " ' Tom Mullick Alan Offenberg Mark Qgden Tim O ' Keefe Matt Olson Tom Paradise Jamie Parker Robert Pasnau _ , Ben Pelli ni V . ank Perlihan: Marty Potter John Price John Reilly Peter Ricca Brooks Kobinson- Brad Rohr X- Mike Rothman ' Ed Sarmiento . Jon Schwartz Mike Seligson Shawn Sentilles o Kirk Stackhouse f ' Mark Smith Nelson Smith Dirk Smits Mart S suowitz Alex StiUpass Scott Sullivan ' Marty Sumichrast Jeff Taft Allan Topfer Eric Toweil Mike Twomey- Bumper Vezo Mike Voor Gregg Weinberg Bob Wieczorek Don Weller Stephan Willimann Kevin Winkler Ken Yager David Yarbrough .r -. (i t ' ATQ • XQ • Ben • ATA • KAB • KA • OFA • KKT • OKX • OM • IIBO 1X1257 Sigma Delta Tau f.D. Witt Lisa Allen Stephanie Antin Robin Atlas Amy Averbuch Paige Axelrod Liz Balsam Cindy Barad Bonnie Benatar Margie Berman Amanda Bern Heather Biller Jennifer Brafman Lauren Bruder Jacquiline Brustein Jennifer Chados Stephanie Colon Tamar Duffner Elizabeth Epstein Toni Fields Laurie Finger Ellen Fleischer Jill Fradin Bari Freidman Shira Friedman Stacey Friedman Amy Gadon Sharon Garfinkle Cindy Oilman Wendy Gold Beth Goldberg Caren Goldberg Michelle Goodman Lisa Gottlieb Missy Green Stacy Grissen Karen Gross Suzanne Haenel Holly Helfond Maria Hollander Stephanie Jacobson Loz Jaffe Lauren Karp Meryl Katz Michelle Katz Jamie Kimmelman Kimberly Klein Pam Kraus Wendy Lehrer Linda Levinson Wendy Lipskin Melissa Lusky Lesli Marcus Cindy Marks Marilyn Marks Lisa Matanky Thalia Meron Lanie Padzensky Tamniy Panovka Heather Pelofsky Helene Peltz Sharyn Pocek Lisa Pomeranz Meryl Poster Stacy Primis Robin Robinson Debra Rosencrantz Jill Rosenthal Dana Roth Jill Saffron Gina Schaffer Marcie Schein Shari Schinman Lisa Schlesinger Beth Schnitzer Jody Segal Kim Siegel Judith Smith Robin Smith Randy Sokol Dana Soloman Carol Spiro Amy Steingard Julie Stiefel Felicia Stoler Vicki Swartz Felice Tucker Jessica Wachs Heidi Wagman Pam Weseley Caren Wigdor Julie Yarrin Tammy Zelmar nKA • XAT • SAE • AEO • XAM • AOn IX XQ 258 ZAT IN • KAB • TEO • ZBT • OM Sigma m Greg Archer Adam Baitel pGary Band Bjorn Earner Greg Baumeyer Chris Beirise Bob Bertino Forster Blair Harvey Braverman Tom Burcham Scott Cecil Rob Church Chris Creedon Sean Curran John Delery Oscar Dilegge Bill Etheridge Scott Eversole Guy Feuer Brett Freirfield Buzz Gavel Mike Gay Frank Germack Greg Gelding Frank Goldman Dan Guirl Mort Hanlon Warren Harris Sam Huffman Mat ' irisii M;n Irving fared Jorral ' Rich Kane Dave Kaslow Ross Kearney Kevin Kennedy Martin Kerckhoff Todd Klumok Tico Lacerda Hart Langan Mark Lasky !5Tat lee Fred Lexow Mark Livingston Chris MacDonald Terry Mag id Tucker Magid Howard Margolis Laine Mashburn Don McMully Johnny Meyer j David Motter i Rick Neusteini John O ' Donnfeli Jon Perchik Steve Pittman Andy Platou EO • AEn • AOn • AXO • ATQ • XQ Ben • ATA • KAO • KA • OFA . KKT • IN 259 ... FRIENDSHIP Very Important to all Greeks are the lifelong friends gained inside and outside the community. (L to R): Chi-O Holly Edgerton and Phi Mus Julie Mirshak and Dianna Earling are together once again at Ms.. Mae ' s Place. Two pairs of best friends get together at another TGIE (L to R): Michelle Block, Jason McCarrol, Franny Carrera and Bianca Oakes. i Gregory Calejo 260 friendship Wasn ' t it awkward? It probably started on the Riverboat party as you spilled your drink on that shy New Yorker who lived on your hall in Sharp, Butler, or J.L. Awkward at first, but, thank God the ice was broken. Arguably, the one thing that we will remember long after Finite Math problems, the flaws of both Marxism and Cap- italism or even ' the ' winning Market Strategy is, of course, our beautiful, worried, hysterical, messy and problem- filled friends we have met. You know who they are. The ones who wake you up at four in the morning to tell you about his girlfriend prob- lems (needless to say, he does not apologize). The one who borrows money the day after your parents ' check comes in. The ones who walk in your room without knocking. You know, the ones you ' re going to miss like hell itself. A special note must be added for the pledge brothers and sisters. This (by all accounts) singularly unique Greek expe- rience develops a band of common survival that stays with you, quite literally, forever. The only explanation for this trio is brotherhood. (L to R): Delts Jason Valentzas, Fred Murname and David Rodgers. ZBT, Joel Epstein, is always willing to carry a friend in need. Larry Block Nothing beats a hug from a friend. Not Friisen Gladje ice cream. Not a sale at Bloomingdales. Not even TGIF. Noth- friendship 261 Tau Epsilon Phi .D. Witt Pedro Amador Malcolm Ford Marc Ross Joel Beck Shawn Garbette Matt Schiff Ted Bradpiece Robert Greenwald Ted Slap Ian Brenner Bruce Hartman Jeff Smith Eric Bretschneider Anthony Hoffman Tony Stark Alan Buchalter Douglas Hollander Marc Von Canal Peter Coppola Erik Magnusson Al Wagner Jason Coupal Adam Mandel Howard Weissman Bob Diem Biff McCulley John Holmes Yundt Stephen Duffer S Scott Pardell Max Fleischer Steven Poverman OM • nBO • nKA • SAT • lAE • AEO • XAM • AOH • IX - XQ • XN • KAO 262 TE I.D. Will Zeta Beta Tau •% air im Ader Jon Agm Guy Allen leff Altman Enc Ansel Jonathan Arkm Robert Ashe David Baiin teve Ball Burt Benoliel Steve Berezin Tom Berger ,arry Block - an Bloom Michael Bober Stu Bogos Brett Bresler Saul Brown Jeff Brown ,Adam Cahn J John Cavaliere Mike Char Gary Cherlin Mark Cherlin Mike Cherry Dave Cline Adam Cohen Andrew Cohen Jeff Cohen Lee Cohen Steve Cohen John Coleman Ben Colonomos Eric Cott Loren Datlot Jay Davidson Steve Diamond Dean Draper , Steve Dry Scott Dunn Hugh Dus .a Dan " Fist-n Juei Epbtien Mike Epstein Armond Estroff Mike Fallick Mike Fenton Scott Frank Eric Franklin Mark F re id man Mark Friedfertig Sid Friedman Guy Fronstin Sean Gelb , Chuck Gitkin Doug Gladstone Ross Gladstone Jon GHck Michael Goldman David Gray Randy Gruber Steve Hason Ian Hirsh Buddy Hurw|l Al Hyman t? Steve Irgang Ted Isaacs Joel Isreai Mark Isreai Steve Jackson Rich Jacobson Charles J.ilenak i -Jim Kalii-hman am Kaplan Scott Kaplan Stu Kaplan Mike Kass Gary Kay John Kempparnen Sam Kersun Harry Kiausner Rex Knofsky Randy Knopf Harlan Krickman Howard Labkow Dan Labow Bradley Ladden Jesse Lapietra Randy Leiberman Jeff Levi en Brad Levin Todd Levine Josh I.t ' vine Stevf Levinson Andy Levy Rick Levy Jon Lt ' u in Brucf LiUg n . Gary Lipkin Jamie Loeb Wili Lunn David Massin Brad Meltzer Scott Meltzer Adam Merzon Jack Miller Mark Moyer Lou Novick Sanford Panitich Andy Peretz J Jon Polokoff Mark Puree 1 Rob Rabin Mark Richter Joe Rocco Scott Romick Mark Rubin Ken Sacks Kenny Saltzman Greg Sammuels Craig Sandres Scott Satin Mark Scheer Allen Schwartrstein Bill Scutch Jeff Segal Robert Shaffer ' Rob Shapiro Jonathon Silver Rich Sioane Paul Slotchiver Dan slotchiver Grant Smith iSteve Spodek Jeff Steinberg Russ Stern Arnie Tannenbaunm Sanford Tassel Steve Temes David Urbach Jon Wagreich Joey Waldman Craig Weinstein Dave Wernick Greg Winter Mark Wright Andy Zwig KT • ZBT • OM • ZW ' AEO • AEH • AOH • ASO • ATQ • X • BSU • ATA Zeta Psi J.D. Witl John Bauer Matt Blank Chip Coons Doug Meffert Dan Muskat Jon Perrin Scott Peterson Frank Ravitch Kevin Robitaille Tom Rosenberg Ron Schoenbaum Skipper Smith Matthew Spark Albert Tien Chuck Voss Randy Wheeler Brian Zucker Brandon Zupancic KAe • KA • OrA • KKT • OKX • OM • HBO • RKA • lAT • lAE • AEO • 2 264 ZT GREEKS BE) FAREWELL After Years of Hard Work and Dedication, Dr. Karlem Riess Retires from his Position as Advisor to Fraternities photo courtesy of Dr. Riess The inevitable has happened to Tulane ' s greatest champi- on of Greek organizations, Karlem Riess. Dr Riess, Tulane ' s advisor to fraternities for an unprecedented 37 years, has retired from that position. Needless to say, his contribution and dedication to Tulane ' s fraternities is still felt and appre- ciated. Simply, Dr Riess was a fraternity man ' s friend, con- fident and, when needed, an advisor as well. Riess, a Tulane ' 35 and Brown University ' 43 graduate, returned to his alma mater to become a physics professor, upon receiving his Ph. d. from the latter institution. As for the Greeks at Tulane, Riess believes they are " very healthy. " He said that Greeks " are building back " from a slow period (1970s) and should continue to grow " into the 1990s. Though Riess will continue in his capacity as advisor to honor societies, it will not be the same for Greek men. Dr. Riess, a fraternity man himself (Phi Kappa Sigma), will be sorely missed by the thousands of young men whose life he has invariably touched and influenced. Goodbye and good luck to Tulane ' s greatest fraternity man. The Greek System is forever indebted to one, Karlem Riess. — Richard Perez-Feria good-bye, dr. riess 265 Jeff Lewis looks for a phone booth on his way to the Beaux Arts Ball. --.,-■-----.-. ■•—-.. .. ■ ■ 1 jj " w- m tt 1 A fMjm 1 TliJ m Leffler Forever misunderstood, forever social . . . FOREVER GREEKS 266 closing After a busy week, a few sorority girls discuss plans for the weekend during a TGIF. Una Barzdukas Jeff Bey takes a well needed drink after an intra- mural game. closing 267 ].D. Witt Larry Block 268 seniors Gavin Gassen Ava Burks Larry Block Seniors seniors 269 Karen Abel Peter Abide Steven Adler Lina Agrawal Susie Albright Michael Algero Michael Aloe Bennett Alpert Lee Altschuler Robin Aluisio Abigail Amols Gibbv Andrv Frank Anselmo Mary Jane April Yordy Arana Lizabeth Arauz Robin Atlas Teresa Attoinese Micheline Avegno Smhan Awass 70 ' senior! P " — ■ 1 7 ' V Laura Bairn Karen Bairie William Baker Greg Ball Adrienne Balsam Karen Bantuveris Paul Barielle Karen Barlow Juan Barona-Caicedo Erik Barr Kathleen Basso Jamie Batterman K. Robert Bauke Elisa Baum John Bauman Sanda Beach Jonathan Benoit Mark Benzio Amy Berger Thomas Berger seniors 271 Jessica Bern Portia Berrey Susanne Berry Jeffrey Bey George Biancardi Scott Bibo Kelly Bishop Edwin Blair II f " " " e 1 i f M Michele Block Mithell Blume Ivan Bodley Richard Bograd Elise Bolasny Allison Bolen T.G. Bolen Margaret Bonds Vincent Booth Kimberlee Borge S. Bornschein-Church Martha Borrero 272 seniors Margret Bower Joseph Bowers William Boyer Sharon Brennan Brett Bressler Scott Brightman Galo Brito Joseph Brockhoff Benjamin Bronston Ashlyn Broussard Daniel Brown seniors 273 Debra Brown wF Steven Brown R. Buenaventura p-- J Bentley Buran 9 ii: Uk M Carla Burch Cynthia Burnstein Jodi Burwick Katherine Caillouet Gregory Calejo Peter Callais Albert Camentz Stephen Campagna Robert Carnesi Jr. Guillermo Carranza Jane Carriere Christopher Cathcart : j t i ' A- ' Chris Campbell i ' c • ' Stefan Canas - Richard Capiola ■ ■ Ann Carey i M 274 seniors John Cavaliere Alberto Cavdelle Gul Celebi William Chabot Beverly Chaignaud Kenneth Charters Jesse Chen Andrew Chin Carrie Christiano Frank Ciopabi Lauri Clare Jeanne Clark Christopher Clifford Jonathan Cohan Nissim Cohen Sean Cohen ' I9] ' jjtti Susan Cohn .. v , ir il John Coleman V Susan Collat J " ■•■ ■ ■ Benjamin Colonomos seniors 275 Gale Conklin Antoinette Conley Lance Connor Wade Contnev Lisa Convissar Elizabeth Conway Frederick Coons Frank Cordero Joseph Corteguera Aline Cortese A. Cosculluela Francisco Cotilla Robin Cowan Elizabeth Cox Georgia Cox Mark Cox Christopher Creedon A. Brooke Cruger Jim Cullona Andrea Curtis 2 1 ' seniors Lilynn Cutrer Arlyn Danielson Elizabeth Darr Paul Davidson ;.D. Witt Cheryl Davis Dawn Davis Lisa Davis Lawrence Dear seniors 277 Helen Deas Mary Deinlein Manuel Delcharco John Delery Genee Delott Marie Delvalle Lana Dematteo Tony Demolina Steven Diamond Lillian Diaz Pamela Dillard Reina Donahue Carolyn Donohoe Tamara Dossett Robert Dove James Downing Joseph Doze Christopher Dresser Maria Dubuc Douglas Duerson «i 1 1 V ' - . mk . t- 1 v-i 278 seniors Jason Dunaway David Dunn Dolly Duplantier Michael Eckert Leonard Edelman Holly Edgerton Valerie Edwards Ellen Eisen Steven Eisner Laurie Elliott Emily Euster Bridget Everitt Scott Eversole Cynthia Ewing Ricardo Fernandez Caryn Fine Pamela Fink Mary Fischer Staci Fischer Jennifer Fishman seniors 279 Laurie Fitzgerald Matthew Fitzgerald James Fitzmaurice William Fitzpatrick Mark Fleming P iSO seniors Marshall Ford Alberto Fournier Grace Fowler Blake Franklin - c) yJ OPl Louis Freeman Jr semors 281 M. Friedfertig Adam Friedman Barri Friedman Paul Friedrichs M. Giambelluca Jean Gilbertson Cindy Gilman Alexandre Giraud i s Sherri Gabaeff A r . m k Orlando Galindez M ■ Angela Gambrell m 1 ' ' - m ■ F. Garcia-Penna 1 w m IP PlPl WT B S James Garner m cr|| i Hector Garza V ' r Vincent Gauthier Frank Gavel ritt IQH John Gedney CTcH Gregory Geismann Sean Gelb Mitchell Gervis P ' f 282 seniors Jennifer Giunta Ross Gladstone Melissa Glaser J. Gleason IV Beth Goldberg Jodi Goldberg Sharon Goldmacher Jay Goldstein Jose Gonzalez David Goodman Alex Goodson Ron Goodstein Cynthia Goodwin Ellen Goodwin Mary Goodyear Howard Gopin Elizabeth Gordon Jeffrey Gordon Michele Gordon Lisa Gottlieb seniors 283 Anne Gould Irene Gracia John Gravitt Shalimar Green i I E B v.- i t HH S Kmc ' HK M« - SL. . 1 K « nnfikB B. - KK Vi ' , : I bu. .... • «: €f. ' 4 ' ...... .D. Will Douglas Greve William Groene Gregory Gross Michael Gross 284 seniors Alyssa Gusman Marcia Gutierrez Ira Guttenberg Jennifer Haas Barbara Hachenburg Lyle Hall Robin Hall Greg Hanby L.J. Hannibal III Scott Hardey Jennifer Harmon David Harris Deanna Harris Stella Harris Stephen Harsham Mary Hartmann William Harwood Steven Hason Danny Hebert Edmund Heffernan seniors 285 Edward Heffernan Janet Heller Leo Hellested Claire Hemingway Antonius Hermawan B. Hershkowitz S. Hershkowitz Darlene Hill Leslie Hillard Robert Hirschfeld Karen Holland Lizzie Horchow Michelle Hornak Casey Howard Daren Howard Carla Howerton Anne Hughes Albert Hulett Adrienne Hunley Anne Hunt 286 seniors Lee Hunter Kenneth Hurwitz Michael Irish Alan Irwin Stuart Israel Laura Jacobson Richard Jacobson Andree Jacques Jeanine Jankowski Lynn Javorsky Marcelo Javurek Gerald Johnson Tom Johnson Jason Johnston Tresonne Joseph Stuart Kaplan Ken Karcher Beverly Karpay John Karrmann Nancy Kasoff seniore 287 Sheila Katz John Kehoe Merrie Keller Christopher Kelly Donna Kelly Patrick Kelly Martin Kerckhoff Letitia Kerry Peter Kettler Amjad Khan Neal Kirsch 288 seniors ! ' » Karen Kirst Anne Klaus Cheryl Klein James Klein Kerrick Knauth Angela Knight Rex Knofsky Richard Koch Robyn Kohn Louis Kong Steven Koreman J. Korndorffer Jr Wendy Kosberg Phil Kramer Joan Kreca Louis Kuhlmann Damian Kulas Susheel Kumar Alexander Lacsamana Pedro Lahoz seniors 289 Richard Lambert 1 ' -J 1 John Lancaster If :,n1 M Alice Landry 1 k el H Lislie Lanier Jli 1 1 m M § m i Christopher Lapeyrouse Michelle Lapuyade Colleen Larson Francis Larvie Jeffry Latloste Jan Laupheimer Janine Lazar Dawn Lazaroff Chris Lazarou Nicole Leblanc Sharon Lebowitz Lewis Ledyard Michael Lee Bill Leffler Wendy Lehrer Jeffrey Leider ■ 290 seniors Marcel Leveque, Jr. Barry Levet Rana Levine Linda Levinson Adam Levy Donna Levy Richard Levy Jose Levy, Jr. Jon Lewin Adam Lewis Cecil Lewis Fred Lexow Mark Liapis J. Lichtenfeld Gregory Lieberman Bonnie Lipman S. Littlefield Alan Loehr Sherri Longo Darren Lorent seniors 291 Mimi Lorson Lauren Love Leslie Lumsden L. Lustenberger David Lynch Jill Lynne Nusa Maal Kevin Mahne Joseph Mahoney Liz Malman Hope Manasek Frank Mangano J. Manouchehri Holly Mansur Carmina Marcial Rita Margolis Tomas Marrero Albert Martin Laura Martin Gerardo Martinez 292 seniors Melissa Martinez Lisa Matanky Pamela Mathis Karl Matsumoto Nancy Mayer Heather McArn Flora McConnell Sandra McDonald Sean McDonald Michael McGowan Susan McKnight James McMahon E.R. McMullan III Scotty McPherson seniors 293 Michael McRee Timothy Meche Nicole Mellor Scott Meltzer Stephen Meltzer Ernamarie Messenger Callie Metzinger Christopher Miller Jill Miller Barbara Milnamow Leslie Mine John Miotke Robert Mipro Susan Mitchell Maria Monzillo Carolyn Moore Jefferson Moore Patrick Moore Kelly Morais Ann Moran 294 seniors Maria Morris Michael Moss Steven Muir Antonio Muniz Thomas Murphy Elysabeth Muscat Sherry Mussafer Paul Neat Lynn Neils Eric Nelson Jennifer Nelson Kenric Nelson Valeri Nelson MoUie Neuman Mark Newburger Nancy Newmark Hung Nguyen Nicos Nicolaou John Nolan Louis Novick seniors 295 Rogers Nunnery Bianca Oakes Katherine Oakes Peter O ' Brien Kyle O ' Connor Orhan Oge Daniel O ' Meara J. Oppenheimer Gregg Orifice Robert Orlin Alina Orozco Maria Isabel Ospina Ira Padnos Ilayne Padzensky John Paolini A. Papatheodorou Kerry Paras George Parks Mark Parkulo Melissa Patterson 296 seniors Henry Pavy Leslie Payson Victor Pena Robert Penniman Beth Pennington Hillary Percy Lea Percy Ana Perez Noel Perram Christian Pettersen Lisa Peyton Daniel Picard Marialana Picchio Bess Pierce Susan Pilla Joseph Pineda Carol Plantamura Patricia Plumb Martha Poe Lawrence Politi seniors 297 Jennifer Pollack Jeffrey Posner Meryl Poster Stephen Powell Jeffrey Powers Leena Prasad Amanda Preble Steven Press Mark Promislo Hillard Quint Jill Raff Yolanda Ramirez Deborah Ramsey Myrna Rasmussen 298 seniors Karen Rathmell David Rawitscher Susan Reardon Paul Reggie Bryan Reilly William Reily Maria Reyes S. Riccardelli James Rich Marc Rich Ron Richmond Henry Ritchie Vilma Rivera Jeff Rizika L. Robins Robert Robins Ricardo Roca Mark Rogers Leonar Rolfes, Jr. Deborah Romeo seniors 299 Karen Ronnel Nancy Rosenberg Thomas Rosenberg David Rosenthal Maria Rosin Jeanne Rosner Karl Rothermel Michael Rothman Laura Rowley Tuhin Roy Peggy Rubens Jeffrey Ruberti Lynda Ryan Karen Ryder Fernando Saenz Susan Saper Nancy Rubin IVHH Robert Rubinstein MH(i» " jj l Jim Runsforf Yvette Rusca ' ii 300 seniors Amy Saulnier Bryna Savage E. Scandaliato Kathy Schieres Scott Schiller Shari Schinan L. Schlesinger Renee Schnare Steven Schultz Jonathan Schwartz Karen Sconiers John Scott Christopher Scroger Leslie Seabright Michael Seaner Amy Seigal Noah Shapiro Joy Shapiro Hovkfard Shatsky Steven Sheasby seniors 301 Steven Sheinkopf Z. Ping Shen Jane Sherman S. Shwartzsten ;.D, Witt 302 seniors Linda Siegal Karen Sikorski Todd Silvera R. Silverstein Alexandra Simon Brad Sissom Damian Skelton James Skiba Richard Sloane Gregory Smith Kent Smith Mark Smith Roy Smith John Smyles Ernest Sneed Jr. Barry Soicher Kathryn Soike Randy Sokel Gabriel Soler Patricia Solomon seniors 303 Susan Solomon Susan Solomon Lisa Solzman Lance Spencer Dawn Speranza L. Spielberger Ralph Spindola Suzanne Spink Carol Spiro Peggy Stafford M. Stauffacher Paul Stein Leslie Steinitz Randi Stempel Michelle Stern Russell Stern Thomas Stern Jason Sternfield Rachel Sterns Blaze Stevens 304 seniors 3H BPS :;:-■ " ' ' ■ ' V L : 11 V i, Neil Stevenson Murray Stewart Roger Stewart Julie Stiefel Orietta Stockstill David Stone Jonathan Straagas Kathryn Suarez Tracy Suslow Jeffrey Swearengin Patrick Sweeney Yolanda Tai Jose Tamayo Jeffrey Tamis Amy Tanenhaus Stephen Temes Beth Teplitz Pauline Termini Merryl Thaler Rolf Thienemann seniors 305 John Thomas P.H. Gordon Thompson C. Thompson Jr. Emily Timberlake Jennifer Timmeney Pinky Tiwari Tracy Tobin C. Suzanne Tocho John Tompkins Celine Tone Charles Toth Dung Tran Elaine Trimble Denise Tripp Maria Tritsch Paula Trohn Lisa Truley Timothy Tucker Kenneth Turkel " r Jsm d JK 1 H •H B- " ]H 1 1 V, .. j " 1 :jt. P ' . i r ' H L ■ • ' 1 i ' , . MiiM -.J 306 seniors Lisa Davis Wade Turnbuli !w;? _ p -f .jdH S I .-■ jHI H « ™ V - m -SJiF ' -i, " 1% V ' - Edgar Ulloa Heidi Uris Bethany Urschel David Vanoni seniors 307 Rosalina Valcarcel Steven Vanghan Kenneth Vobach John Voorhes Jonathan Waechter Heidi Wagman Dana Waldman W. Wallerstein Nancy Walsh Scott Ward Russ Watsky Robert Weaver Micah Wechsler Andrew Wehby Jill Weinfeld Jill Weinstein Emily Weissman Jeff Wenhold C. Werenskjold Melinda Wettels 308 seniors Jennifer Weutz Robert White Lisa Whitlock Wendy Whitman Caren Wigdor Laurianne Wild Leslie Williams Ford Willoughby Susan Winchester Laura Winstead Susan Wise Dean Wolcott Andrew Worth John Yarbrough Julie Yarvin Kathleen Yeh Ellen Zaglin Ann Zemenak Rebecca Ziskind Harold Zuflacht seniors 309 The Finer the occasion, the more it deserves RQYAL ORLD N5 AN Omni Classic Hotel The elegant Royal Orleans, New Orleans ' finest catering facility, whether you ' re hosting 10 or 800. Dinner Dances Cocktail Receptions Weddings Bar Mitzvahs Kosher Catering Off Premises Catering Meetings 529-5333 Weekend and evening appointments available 621 St. Louis Street in the French Quarter Congratulations CLASS OF 1985-86 FAIRMONT HOTEL UNIVERSITY PLACE New Orleans, La (504) 529-7111 Best Wishes for the Future From ED SMITH ' S STENCIL WORKS, INC. 326 CAMP STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA. 525-2128 HELM PAINT SUPPLY INC. " Let Us Steer You In The Right Direction " RONALD " BUNKY " HELM - PRES Complete Urw BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS - STAINS • VARNISHES WALL COVERINSS • CARPET - VINYL FLOOR COVERINGS CUSTOM DRAPERIES - BEDSPREADS - LEVOLOR BUNDS - FABRICS • ACCESS. LARGE SELECTION OF FABULOUS WALLPAPER ■ ■ ATA M IN STOCK N ' O UtK AT ALL 3 STORES RENTAL OF PRESSURE WASHERS, SPRAY GUNS jj . ' -j l AND WALLPAPER REMOVER (STEAMER) SERVING THE N.O. AREA FOR OVER 25 YRS WALLCOVERINGS COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL • INDUSTRIAL LET US RECOMMEND A RELIABLE CONTRACTOR ' y THE " BUNKY III " BRING YOUR FAVORITE COLOR SAMPLE TO HELM PAINTTO CHALLENGE THE SOUTHS RRST COMPUTER COLOR MATCHING SYSTEM - BY BENJAMIN MOORE CAMPBtLL (M)HAL ' SFEID v«n HELMCHARGE 158 WALL BLVD GRETNA MAIN OFFICE 8130 EARHART BLVD. N.O. 861-8179 CARROLLTON AREA 9511 CHEF MENTEUR HWY. N.O. EAST 245-1297 310 Ads Maria and Sal SeajfOod S Staluui A FAMILY rf .i RESTAURANT i TRUE ITALIAN STYLE SPAGHETTI (504) 866-9313 7839 SI. Charles Ave. (near Carrollton) — New Orleans, La. 1121 St. Mary Street New Orleans, LA 70130 Mon. - Fri. II - 2 6 - 10 Sat. 5 - 10 525-1701 T th ung PERSONNEL SERVICES OF METRO NEW ORLEANS •J 3101 W NAPOLEON SUITE 101 O H PO BOX 8450 |t METAIRIE LOUISIANA 70010 Doug Singer CPC President r7L i!s =«. 901 MANHATTAN HARVEY, LOUISIANA 70058 Don Carter ' s All-Star Lanes 361-7991 Free Shoes with Tulane I. E . ROY WEISS SHARON WEISS o£ THE 18th HOLE Golf Equipment Sportswear for Men and Women 3030 Severn Avenue Metairie, Louisiana 70002 Telephone 455-GOLF JACK (YU-CHIAO) LO, P.E. DRAGON LTD., INC. General Contracting Civil Structural Engineering Services 2714 Independence St. Metairie, LA 70006 Office Tel.: 455-6031 Home Tel.: 887-5936 Congratulations -■■ £2 5 - T H E L O N G N E C K L I V E S I N L O U I s I A N A Tulane Class Of 1986 Ads 311 (Eamdlia (Srill. 9nc. 626 SOUTH CARROLLTON AVENUE NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA 70118 MICHAEL SCHWARTZ OWNER 866 9573 861 9311 X, STEPHEN MARTIN Restaurant Oyster Bar 1613 Milan St. New Orleans, La. 7 PONTCHARTRAINJ TRAVEL Professional service and arrangements for the vacation and business traveler. ' 7037 Canal Blvd., Suite 204 New Orleans, Louisiana 70124 (504) 288-7667 63e FRANKLIN STREET GR ETN A, LO U I S I AN A 70053 For Reservations 362-4914 8211 Oak Street New Orleans, La. 70118 866-6559 • 866-6196 THE CHART HOUSE Steak— Seafood— Prime Rib CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 86 801 Charlres Street New Orleans, LA 70H6 i. ' )n4i .52:i.2ni.i RICHARD FOSTER GENERAL MANAGER OVER 5 MILLION YARDS OF EXPERIENCE ' ORTHOPEDIC BRACES — ARTIFICIAL LIMBS — CORRECTIVE SHOES WHEELCHAIRS — BREAST PROSTHESIS Jim Owens Carpet e JeUoH ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES, INC. JAY SUNSERI ORTHOTIST JAMES E OWENS. JR. COMMERCIAL SALES MANAGER 1012 HARIMAW CT EAST METAIRIE, LA 70001 15041 832-0711 4413 N. CLEARVIEW PKWY. METAIRIE. LA 700O6 PHONE 8B8-0213 9930 LAKE FOREST BLVD. NEW ORLEANS. LjO. 70127 PHONE 241-6482 (504) 837-7272 (504)833-1964 (8(X)) 824-7671 McCANN ELECTRONICS SALES— SERVICE— DESIGN American OFF-ICB MACHINES, INC. SALES • SERVICE • RENTALS • SUPPLIES 10% Discount to TULANE STUDENTS 100 DIVISION STREET (CORNER AIRLINE HIGHWAY) METAIRIE, LA 70001 2609 Ridgelake Dr. Established since 1970 Metairie, LA 70002 etwTias q fstawxmt • reoCe 525-8134 (504) 522-6440 817 St. Louis Street New Orleans, La. 70112 TPAOt MARK RUDOLPH J. HOLZER, JR. PRESIDENT HoLZER Sheet Metal Works. Inc. 317 Burgundy Street 2310 North 21st St. new orleans. la. 70130 baton rouge. l_a . 312 Ads RAMADA INN 1 18 ROOMS 10 LUXURIOUS SUITES 4 BANQUET MEETING ROOMS SWIMMING POOL COURTYARD JEEEERSON RESTAURANT COCKTAIL LOUNGE COURTESY AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION SPECIAL WEEKEND PACKAGES Centnilly located in Mclairieat l-lll and Causeway Blvd. Ten minutes lo International Airport, dountoun Neu Orleans. French Quarter and New Orleans Convention Center. Honeymoon Suite w sunken tub. Group Tour Specialists, Rates 37.00 up. Tel. (5U4) 835-4141 Kamada Inn Kor loll Free Resenadons 2713 North C ause«a Blvd. Call: (800) 2-RAMAD.A Metairle. Louisiana 70002 naliiier -■- PAPER COMPANY 500 NORTH CORTEZ ST • NEW ORLEANS LA 70150 • 15041486-6691 Baton Rouge • 1504)927-9730 Toll Free • 1-800-452-7013 24 HOUR SERVICE (504)271-5379 Ove O vatot boeciauAl HOLLINGSWORTH ELEVATOR SERVICE, INC. Over 50 Years Experience P.O. BOX 3623 N.0.,LA70177 866-2762 DAN USNER AUTO CARE " COMPLETE AUTO DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR " 6201 S. Claiborne Ave. New Orleans, La. 70125 WARREN USNER General Mgr. When it comes to quality imports... DIAMOND ' S THE PRQ fe Diamond Automobile Company, the import dealership dedicated to customer satisfaction and service after the sale, will put you in the ultimate Nissan or Volvo of your dreams. Come, let us show you how. Ads 313 .. . .., - - - ' ' m ...:x.... r . ' . ' .i. !, . . . . .v. ' 4,.4V.) THE OFFICE EQUIPMENT PROFESSIONALS SALES • SERVICE ■ LEASING ■ SUPPLIES • DUPLICATORS • COPIERS • ENGINEERING PRODUCTS • COMPUTERS • MEMORYWRITERS • TELECOPIERS • WORD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES AND SERVICE FOR MOST PRODUCTS XEROX. SERVICE 831-1558 210 NARCISSUS METAIRIE Mid-City Located on World Famous Canal Street OPEM TUESDAY THRU SUNDAY 1 1 A.M. TIL — YALL COME 4139 CANAL STREET Phone 488-2878 AJt Maior Credit Car s Accented Elsie and Larry D ' Antoni invile all Tulane Greenies to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine with your lunch or Dinner A Southern Regional VAN LINES ACROSS THE STREET, ACROSS THE NATION " SINCE 1971 " LOCAL . LONG DISTANCE CAREFUL MOVING STARTS WITH CAREFUL DIALING 833-6324 FREE ESTIMATES CALL 24 HOURS RATES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST " ONE OF THE LARGEST PIANO MOVERS IN THE SOUTH- IOC MC-1 60891 -PSC 5033A 300 JEFFERSON HWY. JEFFERSON tx (Ultmtxs nh " auntrrg, nt I309 MUSIC STREET NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA 70117 For your Tulane pick-up Warren Hall 945-1492 945-1496 John David Flowers " WE COVER THE ENTIRE NEW ORLEANS AREA ' —AS CLOSE AS YOUR PHONE— " ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED BY PHONE " • WEDDINGS • FUNERALS • CUT FLOWERS • PLANTS • HOSPITALS • BALLOONS • SILK • FRESH — AND AT A PRICE YOU CAN AFFORD — " QUALITY QUANTITY YOU ' RE GONNA LOVE " 866-0444 443-3557 367-1150 361-0120 1t1M PLE ]ai7 tWILLIAMS 9 03 O EN 0 A ULL E 2S00LAPALCO NO. KENNER ALQIERS NARVEY Congratulations! Tulane Class of 1986 Best wishes From Boh Bros. Construction Co. Inc. 314 Ads EXPERIENCE A RADISSON Q mbre Let the Radisson Suite Hotel New Orleans treat you to a wonderful adventure in tiospitality! Enjoy your beautiful two room suite including a mini-refrigerator and wet bar, sofa -sleeper, two color televisions, and a lovely balcony -all for tlie adventuresome price of $75.00 ' single or double. Children under 18 stay free in same room. Let your next adventure begin at the Radisson Suite Hotel! (w Radisson Suite Hotel New Orleans 315 Julia St New Orleans LA 70130 For reservations call (504)525-1993 or 1-800-228-9822 ■based upon availability does not include 11%tax HIBERNIA National Bank Members FDIC The Difference is Results Best Wishes,Class of " 86 " From your neighbor THE " NEW " WARWICK HOTEL NEW ORLEANS THE DOWNTOWN HOWARD JOHNSON ' S uiaruirK (ri]e 335arfoirk Motel eto ®rlcanB 1315 Gravier Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70112 504-586-0100 Ads 315 DID YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR ASB DOES FOR YOU? Have you ever wondered who pays for TGIF? All the free movies at McAlister? The Dry-Run Shuttle? The Hullabalool WTUL? The inex- pensive concerts, speakers, and plays on campus? That ' s right, you do! These are very few of the many things for which your Student Acitivity Fee is used. Below is a chart showing how the Student Activity Fee is divided among all student groups which, by the way, are all managed, organized, and lead by students: 21% Student ( jovemments 40% Programming i I 16% 1 Media 1 6% Special U% __ — — V — Interest V Club Groups V Sports PROGRAMMING STUDENT GOV ' T MEDIA TUCP Arch. Student Body Hullabaloo Beux Arts ASB Jambalaya Campus Nite A S Senate Media Board Cheerleaders Business Mgmt. Assoc. Literary Magazine Direction Engr. Student Body TUVAC Tulanians Newcomb Senate WTUL TULAP All Graduate Schools SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS A.C.T. I.E.E.E. S.P.E. Ad Club Lambda Delta Congress Russian Club A.I.Ch.E. L.A.S.A. T.C.S. A.S.C.E. N.S.B.E. T.E.S. A.S.M.E. Pre-Law Society T.-N.A.S.A. B.M.E. Pre-Med Society T.A.S.A. Glendy Burke Residence Council CLUB SPORTS SERVICE ORGAN. All Club Sports CACTUS Club Sports Council Your Student Activity Fee — Hard at work for you! 316 Ads Compliments of Tulane University Bookstore Blood. Blood. IOILC€ID,. Blood. BLOOD, Blood. Blood. BUd. BLOOD Blood. Bleed. Blood. BLOOD. Donate your type at the next blood drive. I ( . ' MM M H BLOOD CENTER ' ¥ Marriott At Tulane Ads 317 evince 1g 6 ( 041 23-4521 Compliments to... The Class of " 86 " St. Bernard Health Services, Inc Margaret A. Daguimol Administrator 709 West Genie Street 277-7247 Chalmette, LA 70043 277-7253 THE CHOICE OF THOSE WHO KNOW H la Wostt -r MOTOR HO IHL (504)581-1200 Home Of Chez Helene IN THE FRENCH QUARTER Best Wishes from G. H. Tieideiiheiiiiei ' Ha Ring Co., Ltd. 1501 Simon Bolivar Ave. 523 4931 Robert J. Wliann III, President FARRELT. CO., Inc. INSURANCE Locations: New Orleans-3941 Bienville (504) 482-7894 Metairie-3941 Veterans (504) 454-7894 Baton Rouge-11712 Florida Blvd. (504) 272-1460 Lafayette-101 Camellia Blvd. (318 984-5840 318 Ads CLASS OF from Wm.B.Reily Co.jnc. makers of Luzianne Blue Plate Foods Ads 319 wtandt Restaurant Since 1918 (It eJiriali Stuu oj J iUM Ja Lunch 11:30-2:30 M-F Dinner 6:00-10:00 Seven days a week Sunday 10:00-2:30 813 Rue Bienville New, Orleans, Louisiana 70112 (504) 523-5433 WASTE SERVICES OF LA, INC. 1 78 BOYCE ROAD f ■« PO BOX 10661, JEFFERSON, Lft.i| PHONE (504) 733-6121 PETER C. LOOP PRESIDENT W7 (504) 361-4970 Skantkezc Set vice a, One. ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS 1 743 STUMPF BLVD. SUITE 201 GRETNA. LOUISIANA 70056 For those times when things get HOT!! REMEMBER AIR CONDITIONING ELECTRICAL CONTR., INC. RESIDENTIAL OR COMMERCIAL Kurt Coates (504) 733-3569 Sales Cut cooling cost! BUY LENNOX equipment. Carolyn Poland McCormack Open24Hrs. 523-5101 611 Canal St. N.O. LA. 70130 Drinks and Sandwiches bounty RESTAURANT AT THE HKEFRONT • OUR SPECIALTY • Ofi C Ot S SEAFOOD 4 STEAKS 1926 West End Park • New Orleans, LA 70124 282-9333 MEMBERSHIP PRIVILEGES 25 " DISCOUNT ON DRAFT BEER 50- DISCOUNT ON BAR BRANDS Super Transportation Bus. Co., Inc. 127 N. Dorgenols • Suite 300 New Orleans, Louisiana Phone (504) 822-4341 Finest Seafood And Steaks In Town Live Entertainment with the TOPCATS Appearing Every Wednesday, Thursday And Sunday Friday and Saturday • Free Late Night Snacks Redeem this ad for one FREE Cocktail Limit One Per Customer 320 Ads 1 LI 11 COMMUNICATIONS. INC ,® Congratulations! to the 1986 Senior Graduating Class of Tulane University from The Nation ' s Largest Independent Tele-Communications Supplier STADIUM PLAGE On behalf of Stadium Place We would like to Congratulate the Graduates of 1986 Sourh SAviNqs ANd Loan assocjatjon Salutes the Educational Excellence of Tulane University Rent Quality Furniture Slidell 643-1300 New Orleans 588-9377 A Celebfution in itself! A hotel youH remember In the city that care forgot. The cxdting Sheraton New Orleans, the city ' s most celebrated hotel, combines elegant surroundings with the utmost In fine dining and entertainment. From the exquisite culsinc of SafTron to the standing ovations In our spectacular showroom. Rhythms. With I2CW guest rooms, an exclusive Ttwers section, outdoor pool and more -overiooWng the fabulous French Ouarttr-ln the heart of downtown Slicraton Neu ' Orleans Hotel Tb ri i • Affordable rates and flexible lease terms • Wide selection of brand name furniture • Prompt delivery • Helpful professional personnel • Purcfiase or exchange options available Conveniently Located Showrooms Coast to Coast Weiner CORT 733-8381 JEFFERSON: 5035 Bloomfield NEW ORLEANS: 4640 S Carrollton Ave GRETNA: 605 La Paico Blvd Furniture Rental Ads 321 r " Fashion, value, courtesy and interest-free regular accounts Goudchaux maison blanche BAT 1N nOm. ' .f Nt ' " T-ii F ANS Sf M The RiverView is a smartly elegant restaurant perched 41 floors above the Mississippi. There, beautifully set tables sparkle libe the stars outside a wall of windows. Plentiful dishes of New Orleans sea- food and continental cuisine are prepared with great flourish And served with the utmost care. to a cozy seating of very pampered dinner guests. You don t need a special occasion. But you may need a reservation. We ' re open nightly from 5 30 p m Sundays for jazz and champagne brunch from 10 a m With free parking available. Call 5811000 W w Rj 3 cw - . — » In the New Orleans Marriott Canal St and Chartres where the French Quarter begins. RIVA8 BUSINESS FORMS, INC. 316 HECTOR AVENUE PO BOX 463 GRETNA, LA 70053 (504) 362-2666 WATS (800) 536-4060 LA WATS (800) 227-6977 RESTAURANT " a must when in New Orleans " Ek i;cint iitniosphcre. historic aiid traditional classic Creole dishes, seafoorl and steaks M-F ll:30ani- 1:00am ' til 2;00 am Fri. and Sat. Reservations accepted 821-0600 MC Visa AE • 2301 Orleans Ave.. New Orleans. LA natchitoches ■ansn p. o. lospitai BOX 2038 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA 71457 LANE HOLMES PRESIDENT OFFICE 947-4150 DISPATCH; 947-3362 332 Ads ALLIED CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 443-4000 Doctors available 24 Hours-7 Days A Week ACCIDENT . INJURY • PAIN SPORTS INJURIES WORKERS COMPENSATION VETERANS W HO AUTO ACCIDENTS □ a ALL INSURANCE POLICIES ACCEPTED □ZAYRE W ESPLANADE § LABELLA ' S ALLIED CUNIC ARMANDOS ALLIED CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC FREE EXAMINATION FREE X-RAY IF INDICATED wrm THIS COUPON N 3227 WILLIAMS BLVD KENNER LA 70065 IDR. STEVEN B. TENCER MEMBER, INTERNATIONAL CHIROPRACTIC HONOR SOCIETY COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY ROUTES 8024 PALM STREET .NEW ORLEANS, LA. 70125 Salutes... Tulane University 1985 - 1986 Master CardAaSA As You Like It Sterling Flatware At Reasonable Prices Congratulations, Seniors! £ ymotMcne ' (STey. eytiicce (504) 897-6915 3929 Magazine Sl New Orleans. LA 701 15 Proms. • Weddings • Night on the Town " Elegance you can afford " 5 2 2- ' 565 PSP »KTf:HAirTltAIK STATK KAKK • MAIN OFFICE - 8923 VETERANS MEMORIAL BLVD., METAIRIE LA • HARAHAN BRANCH - 8225 JEFFERSON HIGHWAY • HARAHAN BRANCH - 1855 DOCK AT DICKORY • GRETNA BRANCH - 120 TERRY PARKWAY DRIVE-UP HOURS LOBBY HOURS 8AM-8PM MON-SAT 467-8923 9AM-3PM-MON-THURS 9AM-6PM- FRIDAY 9AM- 1PM -SATURDAY NUMBER FDIC Jack C. Benjamin, Atty. Thomas M. Irwin, Jr., M.D. Reuben I. Friedman, Atty. Vincent J. Derbes, M. D. Hilbert ' s Ferrand and Danigole Body Works Southern Electric Keller Supply Carruth Bros. Lumber Co. George W. Hoffman, M. D. STANDARD SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC. 2917 Lime St Metairie, La 70006 (504) 885-0600 1-800-821-1196 524-7493 j axLi ' lPLce Pioducs Co., One. WHOLESALE FRUIT. PRODUCE AND VEGETABLES 67 - 81 FRENCH MARKET PLACE NEW ORLEANS. LA. 701 16 CALL 522-61 18 ANSWER SERVICE AFTER 3:00 P.M. SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS ELLIOTT FASSBENDER. JR. Ads 333 Jim Baird, owner cafe 2600 Chartrss Str««t New Orleans, LA 70117 (504) 945-2222 lALOUISIi VNe 1-sldblisluJ 1«HI Sammy Marcello 523-4664 725 Rue Iberville New Orleans, La. 70130 TERRY B. BLAUM UlMdWN ' S Mil I IN(. I ' l A( I Nl) 1 3445 PRYTANIA STREET NEW ORLEANS, LA 70115 (504) 891-2227 DIXIE TRAVEL OF NEW ORLEANS LTD. Suite 4224 One Shell Square New Orleans, Louisiana 70139-4292 (504) 525-0097 HANK HAMMATT PRESIDENT BE HABLA ESPANOL INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EQUIPMENT BROKERS. INC. IMEB 2601B LEXINGTON KENNEfl. LA 70062 USA (5041 468-2081 TELEX 58354 SHOWROOM HOURS BY APPOINTMENT RICCOBONO ' S }ert 3524 Severn • Metairie, La. 70002 • 455-2266 PAIGE COMMUNICATIONS CORPORATION OF LOUISIANA 2121 N CAUSEWAY BLVD SUITE 251 METAIRE, J 70001 504-831-1900 CALIFORNIA 714-730-7979 DON C. RICHARDSON BUSINESS TELEPHONE SYSTEMS Vtw rr coot d LOW PRICES MENA ' S Restaurant Bar 622 IBERVILLE ST. NEW ORLEANS. LA. 525-0217 BREAKFAST - HOT LUNCHES ■ -. -■., ,.,■.- OPEN 6:30A.M. MIKE LEO WL DLLIVLII TO 7 P M OWNERS l-5D4-522-9n2B 3. (E. Hcn d ona, 3nc. jmamtfacturera RepreBentatiuE iEnginEercb 5roi urtB 1229 Annunciation t. 3. CHlinton licn?El III Nem (grleang. Sa. 7D13D liK f reBibenl - »aleB 6535 River Road»West Bank (504)436-1277 324 Ads Linbeck The Builders Tulane Student Apartment Team Building Value Together with Tulane University MPC and Associates Gruen Associates Lyons Hudson, Arch,, Ltd. Coke is it! Coke is it! Cokeis it! Coke is it! Louisiana Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Ltd. 1050 S. Jefferson Davis Parkway New Orleans, LA 70125 822-2400 General Offices 826-7294 Youth Market Division Ads 325 to the Class of 1986 Compliments of the Department of Housing Food Service vyongraiiilai ions to the 1986 sponsored in part by Tulane University Health Service Division of Student Affairs Class of 1986 from the Career Planning and Placement Center 326 Ads The members of Tulane University Campus Programming would like to take this opportunity to thank Lou Ross, whose dedication and enthusiasm will forever be an inspiration. Tulane University Campus Programming Ads 327 Compliments of... Tulane Engineering Class of 1936 Compliments to Graduates 1986 From the Friends of The Mississippi Queen ) CAMERA CENTER AVENUE C CLINIC DRS VILLEMARETTE, BAGNETTO. FITZGERALD. BROWN A MEDICAL CORPORATION 880 AVENUE C WESTWEGO, LOUISIANA 70094 341-9555 3640 GEN. DeGAULLE DRIVE NEW ORLEANS, LA. 70114 PHONE: 361-1843 5725 Bundy Road New Orleans, La. 70127 TEACHER ' S HELPERS INC. Educational Materials - School Office Supplies Ear, Not and Throat I M BLATT, M D F AC S Obttelrict and Gynecology M CORTEZ, M D General Surgery CHARLES SILVER. U D Inlemil Medicine and Pulmonary Dlaaaiei John W. Hill, M.D. Family Practice H H VILLEMARETTE M D WM BAGNETTO. MD 1929 1983 J L FITZGERALD. M D Internal Medldne Gailroenlerology S TUURI, M D Internal Medldne C W RICHARD. MD Aida Blasini, M.D. Urology R S SWARTZ. M DEBBIE AL ARMSTRONG (504) 241-6214 Open 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. Monday thru Saturday Pay One Price ... Eat and Drink ALL YOU WANT! 361-4061 Hadskey ' s Office Supplies John Gerr - Has-d-KfNs To All Your Office Needs 0 ners Jofin Hadskes c;err ' Hadske ' 8:30 - 6:00 Mon. - Fri. 10:00 - 6:00 Sat. 245-7878 oil Read Bl d.. SLiile K. New Orleans. La. 7t)l27 No. 3 Westside Shopping Center Gretna. La. 70053 RAYMOND GIARDINA President 328 Ads PUT US TO THE TEST! LSAT-GMAT-GRE MCAT-OAT GRE PSYCH GRE BIO MAT-PCAT-OCAT VATTOEFl-SSAT PSAT-SAT ACHIEVEMENTS-ACT • PenrnnciH Centeti oiien diys. evtnlnfs. wcetendj • Complel«nSTNT»PE- iKlllllei • SkMled Imtniclon and dedlcaled. hill time ititt • Homestudy maltflils conslantty spdated by Research Eiperts • lowHovriyCosl. Tnnsler prlvlletei lo over miocallons NATIONAL MED BOARDS MSKPFMGEM8 FIEXNDBNPB NCBNCIEXRN CGFNSCPA SPEED READING ESL INTENSIVE REVIEW INTRODUCTION TO LAW SCHOOL CLASSES FOnMNO NOWl 3839UlloaStrett New Orleans. LA 70119 I KAPl IN CALL DAYS. EVENINGS «WEEKENOS: EOUCATtONAL CENTER LTD. TesiPf«p»n iio«sptcuu.iSTSs«CE i9m • (5041486 7273 Qn % om AND BAR ® ]N ' mdsor Court Hotel 300 Gravier Street New Orleans, LA For reservations and information call 522-1992 or 522-1994 Chaiies Health Care Center 1539 Delachaise Street I Telephone! I New Orleans. U 70115 504 895-3953 Skilled Nursing Facility Gayle Barnes Director Of Admissions BRIGGS STRATTON Screen Printing - Athletic Goods burban thlete ATHLETIC GOODS The power in power equipment. DON MANALLA (504) 279-4741 1620 E JUDGE PEREZ DR. CHALMETTE LA 70043 XEROX. PRINTING ¥1X11 MOW I KOKliriK J. CAMBRE CO.. INC. OFFICE SUPPLIES • STATIONERY • FURNITURE PRINTING • RUBBER STAMPS 4057 Tulane Avenue New Orleans, LA 701 19 Brenda Du ' rene 125 HUEY P LONG AVE GRETNA LA 70053 366 7221 TKLIPHONE B43-2S80 ' on £. CarU., W.2). A MEDICAL CORPORATION FAMILY Clinic Office hours MON.. TUES-. WED.. ThuRS. A.M TO SP M. SAT . 9 AM TO 3 P.M. 20 1 7 CAFFIN AVENUE NEW ORLEANS. LA. 701 17 1-5D4-522-302B Manufacturetfi fiepresentatiue Engineered j roductB 1229 Annuntiation t. 3ol]n GI. fflcnjel. 3r. Nem (©rleana, Ca. 7D13D Preeiftcnt Ads 329 GENERAL CONTRACTORS DALTON L. VA X-VEFTTON, President JOSEPH J. LAFRANCA JR., Vice-President JOHN J. MELLO, Vice-President CHARLES ALLEMAN, Vice-President 2001 Ridgelake Drive Metairie, Louisiana 70001 [504] 834-3080 merlcan Bank Trust Co. KULKARNI CONSULTANTS A PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 7809 Airline Hwy Melairie , Louisiana 70003 (504) 738 - 3100 Pascal ' s Manale, 1838 Napoleon Home of the Original Barbequed Shrimp - Specializing In Italian and Seafood Dishes Open 7 Days a Week For Reservations: 95A 78 Frances R. DeFelice, Owner " P0-B0V5 ■ Our Speciaiilv PO-BOYS ALMOST 2 FT. LONG Qfe Sacjuet Hoi Lunches Catering Jreaklasi (ill n 00 am ' Fresh m-Season SealooO TRADITIONAL NEW ORLEANS CREOLE SPECIALITIES Open Mon-Fn 6 AM - 2 PW Salurday 7 30 - 1 30 822-1376 3925 WASHINGTON AV LyONS HUDSON Architects, Ltd. Citizens Homestead Bldg. 810 Union St. Suite 400 New Orleans, La. 70112 330 Ads EVEN STRAIGHT AS CAN ' T HELP IF YOU FLUNK TUITION. Today, the toughest thing about going to college IS findir the money to pay tor it- But Army ROTC can help — two ways! First, you can apply for an Armv ROTC scholarship. It covers tuinon. books, and supplies, and pays you up to S 1 .000 each school year it s in effect- But even if you re not a •scholarship reaplent. ROTC can still help ' with finanaal assis- tance— up to Sl.OOO a year for your - last two years in ( H the program. vJ For more information, contaa your Professor of 4ilitarv■ Saence ARMY ROTC KAU.VOOCANBL " You ' ll sleep like a baby " 2721 N. CAUSEWAY BLVD. 225 W. BANK EXPRESSWAY METAIRIE, LA 70002 GRETNA, LA 70053 831-99M 368-8307 HAPPY TIMES DAY NURSERY otienng Preschool Education School Age Traditional and Before and After School Care Montessori Summer Camp 6:30 - 6 00 P M 1602 S. CARROLLTON AVENUE PHONE 866-5909 MIKE SERIO ' S AM) DGU 1515 TULANE AVENUE • NEW ORLEANS, LA • 701 12 524-8686 MIKESERIO ' OWNER ARTEK SERVICES DIVISION OF CALMAR CORPORATION MITCH RICHARD PRESIDENT HUrlui J laurakr (Euttai; 2547 CANAL STREET NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA 701 19 PO BOX 24065 NEW ORLEANS. LA 70184 1406 S WHITE 504 865-1649 504 464-6242 INSULATION 5 minutes from all hotels, motels the Superdome The linest New Orleans food al the lowest once Breakfast all day long 2547 Canal StrMi • 622-2630 5:30 ■.m. to 3:00 p.m. STATE FARM r NSUR ANCE STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES HOME OFFICES - BLOOMINGTON. ILLINOIS Steve Barrios Agent 559 Holmes Blvd. Suite 103 Gretna. Louisiana 70056 Otf Phone: 504 362-3538 Res Phone- 504 340-0880 The Cleanemma, Inc. 3639 So. Carrollton Ave. LOOK YOUR BEST IN FRESHL Y CLEANED CLOTHES Shirt Blue Jean Service - Alterations We Handle Wool Silk Garments 486-3376 TRY US AND COMPARE OUR SERVICES Ads 331 Fashion, value, courtesy and interest-free regular accounts Sf ' W Goudchaux maison blanche NL A J Kl At b RIVAS BUSINESS FORMS, INC. 316 HECTOR AVENUE PO BOX 463 GRETNA, LA 70053 (504) 362 2666 WATS (800) 536-4060 LA, WATS (800) 227 6977 The RiverView is a smartly elegant restaurant percheci 41 floors above the Mississippi There, beautifully set tables sparkle libe the stars outside a wall of windows. Plentiful dishes of New Orleans sea food and continental cuisine are prepared with great flourish And served with the utmost care, to a cozy seating of very pampered dinner guests. You don t need a special occasion- But you may need a reservation We ' re open nightly from 530 p m Sundays for jazz and champagne brunch from 10 a m With free parking available. Call 581-1000 R; cw — — in the New Orleans Marriott Canal St andChartres, where the French Quarter begins ■ na natchJtoches ansn. lospuai p. O BOX 2038 NATCHITOCHES, LOUISIANA 71457 RESTAURANT " a must when in New Orleans " Ek-i;ant atmosphere, historic and traditional classic Creole dishes, seafood and steal s M F I 1:30am 1:00am ' til 2:00 am Fri, and Sat, Reser ' ations accepted 821-0600 MC Visa AE • 2301 Orleans Ave,. New Orleans, LA LANE HOLMES PRESIDENT OFFICE: 947-4150 DISPATCH: 947-3362 332 Ads ALLIED CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 443-4000 Doctors available 24 Hours-7 Days A Week ACCIDENT • INJURY • PAIN s SPORTS INJURIES VETCFIANS WORKERS COMPENSATION HO AUTO ACCIDENTS □ a □ ZAYRE ALL INSURANCE POLICIES ACCEPTED W, ESPLANADE § LABELLA ' S ALUED CUNIC ARMANDOS COIN OPERATED LAUNDRY ROUTES 8021 PALM STREET • NEW ORLEANS, LA. 70125 ALLIED CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC FREE EXAMINATION FREE X-RAY IFlNDiCATED V WITH THIS COUPON N 3227 WILLIAMS BLVD KENNER LA 70065 |DR. STEVEN B. TENCER MEMBER, INTERNATIONAL CHIROPRACTIC HONOR SOCIETY Salutes... Tulane University 1985 - 1986 Master CardAaSA Congratulations, Seniors! As You Like It Sterling Flatware At Reasonable Prices (0 ( a o ;:C Z7noaAc-ne- @7e-i eA iM-oC ' (504) 897-6915 3929 Magazine St New Orleans. LA 701 15 Proms. • Weddings • Night on the Town " Elegance you can c ord " 522-7565 l OKTi:HAI(TirAIX STATH IKA ' i: MAIN OFFICE - 8923 VETERANS MEMORIAL BLVD., METAIRIE LA HARAHAN BRANCH - 8225 JEFFERSON HIGHWAY HARAHAN BRANCH - 1855 DOCK AT DICKORY GRETNA BRANCH - 120 TERRY PARKWAY DRIVE-UP HOURS LOBBY HOURS 8AM-8PM MON-SAT 9AM-3PM- MON THURS 9AM-6PM- FRIDAY 467-8923 9AM- 1PM -SATURDAY NUMBER FDIC STANDARD SURGICAL SUPPLY, INC. 2917 Lime Sl Metairie, La 70006 (504) 885-0600 1-800-821-1196 Jack C. Benjamin, Atty. Thomas M. Irwin, Jr., M.D. Reuben L Friedman, Atty. Vincent J. Derbes, M. D. Hilbert ' s Ferrand and Danigole Body Works Southern Electric Keller Supply Carruth Bros. Lumber Co. George W. Hoffman, M. D. 524-7493 azlz t LacE U- zoducE Co., Line. WHOLESALE FRUIT, PRODUCE AND VEGETABLES 67 - 81 FRENCH MARKET PLACE NEW ORLEANS. LA. 701 16 CALL 522-61 18 ANSWER SERVICE AFTER 3:00 P-M, SUNDAYS AND HOLIDAYS ELLIOTT FASSBENDER, JR. Ads 333 A Aaron, Lisa Faye 227 Abel, Karen G. 270 Abercrombie, Julie 251 Abide, Peter 270 Abrams, Kenneth 230 Abramson, Judith 226 Acenn, Sherri L. 243 Adair, Douglas Scott 263 Adams, Grant 253 Ader, Adam Howard 263 Adler, Steven Matthew 270 Agan, John 108 Agin, Jon 263 Agrawal, Lina 270 Atello, Jamie Renee Akdamar, Funda Suzan 160 Akers, Charles Wesley 241 Albano, Julie Anne 243 Albers, Gregory Michael 252 Albright, Susie L. 270 Alexander, David 108 Alexander, Paige Eve 227 Algero, Michael 270 Allen, Douglas 252 Allen, Guy 263 Allen, Lisa Beth 258 Allen, Marvin 104 AUgair, Suzanne 243 Allison, Helen Williamson 243 AUtmont, Nan 226, 227, 109 Aide, Michael Thomas 257, 270 Alpert, Bennett Mark 270, 230 Alpha Epsilon Phi 227 Alpha Omicron Pi 231 Alpha Sigma Phi 234 Alpha Tau Omega 235 Alsobrook, Emily 251 Altman, Jeffrey Alan 263 Altschuler, Lee David 270 Aluisio, Robin 270 Alvarez, Rene Darren Amador, Pedro 262 Amerson, Judith Marie 184 Amey, Mark Preston 249 Amols, Abigail Allison 270 Amory, Peter 226, 249 Amos, Melaney 239 Anderson, Flo 116 Anderson, Jeffrey Robert 259 Anderson, Larry 257 Anderson, Whitney 242 Andrepont, Micki 110 Andrews, Kimberly 239 Andry, Gilbert V. 270 Ansell, Eric Gregg 263 Anselmo, Frank A. 270 Antin, Stephanie Carol 258 April, Maryjane 270, 112 Aquino, Alison 250 Arana, Yordy 270 Arauz, Lizbeth 270 Archer, Gregory 259 Aregood, Jacqueline 226, 231 Arkin, Jonathan 263 Armstrong, Dorothy 239 Arnold, Raymond 235 Arthur, Brendon 241 Artigues, Michael 235 Arvin, Kenneth Ira 257 Asch, Jennifer Lynn 227 Ashe, Robert 263 Asher, Helen 227 Asher, Hugh 240 Ashford, Claudette 104 Askenase, Kenneth 250 Assaf, Dennis 110 Atlas, Robin 258, 270 Attoinese, Teresa 270, 111 Atwell, Chris 241 Avegno, Micheline 270 Avengero, Micheline 251 Averbuch, Amy Lynne 258 Awass, Swhan 270 Axelrod, Lesley 251 Axelrod, Paige Axelrod, Paige 258 B Babatsikos, Georgia 104 Baber, Robin E. 250 Bachmann, Hillary 251 Baele, Michael 179 Baggett, Jay 234, 238 Baggott, Nat 108 Bairn, Laurie 271, 227, 263 Bainbridge, Philip 257 Bains, Anna 239 Bairie, Karen 271 Baitel, Adam 259 Baker, Briana Jean 250 Baker, Karren 226, 239 Baker, Russell 226 Baker, Troy 257 Baker, William C. 271 Balber, Tracy 227, 125 Baldwin, Geoffrey 125, 134, 135 Baldwin, Scott 235 Balick, Wendie R. 242 Ball, Gregory J. 271 BaU, Jessica 243 Ball, Steven 263 Ballard, Eleanore 251 Balog, Andrew Balsam, Adrienne 271 Balsam, Lisbeth 258 Band, Gary 259 Bank, Stacia 226, 231 Bantuveris, Karen 271 Baquie, Ashley L. 243 Barad, Cindy 258 Baran, Artie 253 Bard, Evan 230 Barham, Lynn 251 Barielle, Paul L. 271 Barlow, Karen Mary 243, 271 Barner, Bjorn 259 Barnett, Mac 253 Baron, Ross 230 Barona, Juan M. 271 Barr, Erik 271, 136 Barringer, John 252 Bartush, Maria 251 Barzdukas, Lina 125 Bass, Clay 129 Bass, David 253 Basso, Kathleen 271 Batterman, Jamie 271 Bauchuber, Stephanie 251 Bauer, John 111, 264 Bauke, K. Robert 271 Baum, Elis a A. 271 Bauman, John 271 Baumeyer, John 259 Bay, Kathryn 251 Beach, Katharine 250 Beach, Sanda 271, 239 Beasley Mart 253 Beatty Susan 243 Beck, Joel 262 Becker, Sandra 227 Beebe, Mark 240, 141 Beighey Dawn 226, 242 Beirise, Christopher 259 Belizaire, Justine 108 Bellows, Lela Mallory 251 Benatar,Bonnie 258 Benavides, Lorraine 250 Benning, Douglass 110 Benoit, Jonathan 271, 234 Benoliel, Burton T. 263 Benton, Lisette 251 Benton, Michael 249 Benway, Larry 256 Benzio, Mark 271 Beranek, Patrick 256 Berezin, Stephen 263 Berger, Amy 271, 136 Berger, David 129 Berger, James 226, 252 Berger, Laura 251 Berger, Tom 263, 271 Berkman, Jaynee 227 Berman, Marjorie 258, 48 Bern, Amanda 258 Bern, Jessica 272, 118, 125 Berrey Portia 272 Berry, Susanne 239, 272 Bertin, Alan D. 235 Bertino, Bob 259 Bertman, Lisa J. 242 Beta Theta Phi 238 Beverly, Erin Michelle 250 Bey Jeffrey 236, 272, 240, 266 Bialow, Elizabeth 242 Biancardi, George 272 Bibb, Cynthia 242 Bibo, Scott 272 Biegler, Mark 241 Bienvenu, Joseph 235 Biller, Heather 258 Billig, Joseph 256 Birdsong, Anne 242 Birkhahn, David 256 Bishop, Kelly 272 Bissanti, Matthew 136 Blackmon, Mary 251 Blair, Edwin L 272 Blair, Foster 259 Blair, Kristen 251 Blanchard, James 136, 248 Blank, Matthew 264 Blankenship, Liz 251 Blankfard, Teresa 250 Blanks, Sophia 251 Blatchford, John 252 Blatz, Greg 253 Block, Laurie 250 Block, Larry 116, 119, 123, 263 Block, Michele 272, 236, 260 Block, Natalie 128 Bloom, Daniel 263 Blough, Larry 240 Blume, Mitchell 272 Bober, Michael 263 Bodley, Ivan 272, 125, 134, 136, 171 Bogos, Stu 263 Bograd, Richard 272, 192 Bograd, Richard 272, 192 Bolasny, Elise 272 Bolen, Allison 272 Bolen, Tom 241, 272 Bolton, Charles 226, 253 Bommer, Deb 136 Bomze, Jennifer 227 Bonds, Margaret 272 Booth, Vincent 272 Bordelon, Robert 106 Bords, Margaret 107 Borge, Kimberlee 272 Borgman, Crickett 239 Borgman, Kathleen 239 Borja, Arthur 234 Borkenhagen, Gina 243 Bornschein-Church, Suzanne 272 Borrero, Martha 272 Bouchner, Richard 240 Bourgeois, Mark 117, 118 Bourque, Brent J. 235 Bowen, Laura 243 Bower, Margret 273 Bowers, Joseph M. 273 Boyd, Patrick 238 Boyer, Catherine G. 251 Boyer, Leslie 239 Boyer, William R. 253, 273 111 Boyko, Suzanne 131, 250 Boyle, Eugene 234 Bozeman, Sheryl 104 Bradley Mark 238 Bradpiece, Theodore 262 Brafman, Jennifer 258 Bragg, Michelle 251 Brainard, Charles 249 Brannan, Lindsley 242 Braverman, Harvey 259 Bremmer, Ian Arthur 262 Brennan, Sharon 273 Brennecke, Douglas 256 Bressler, Brett M. 263, 273 Bretschneider, Eric 262 Brideau, Tom 129 Brightman, Scott 273, 230 Brine, Eveline 251 Brito, Galo Jose 273 Broad well, Marjorie 251 Brocato, Vincent 253 Brockhoff, Joseph 273 Brodie, Pauline 251 Bronski, Matthew 108 Bronstein, Nancy 227 Bronston, Benjamin 273 Brooks, Joseph 104 Brooks, Victoria 239 Brophy Susan 251 Broussard, Ashlyn 273, 108 Browman, Lisa 239 Brown, Alexandra 251 Brown, Daniel 273 Brown, Debra 274 Brown, Jeffrey 263 Brown, Michael 226, 241, 266 Brown, Kevin 104 Brown, Garland 243 Brown, Mike 240 Brown, Robert 104 Brown, Saul 263 Brown, Steven 274, 136 Bruder, Lauren 258 Brumbaugh, Peter 256 Brunner, Lisa 250 Brunner, Mark 256 Bruns, Milliard 243 Brusso, Stephanie 113, 46 Brustein, Jacqueline 258 Bruton, Edmund 253 Bryan, David 136 Bryant, Sharon 231 Bryant, Winfred 104 Buchalter, Alan 110, 262 Buchanan, John 249 Buenaventura, Ricardo 274, 134 Buescher ' Thomas 256 Buggs, Jacentha 104 Buran, EUyn S. 239, 274 Burch, Carla 243, 274 Burcham, Tom 259 Burggraf, Tom 113 Burke, Rikke 226, 239 Burke, Wendy 114 Burkhart, Regina 250 Burkes, Ava 121 Burnett, Henry 257 Burnett, Laird 240 Burnstein, Cynthia 274 Burton, Stacia L. 243 Burwick, Jodi 274 Busto, Erie 257 Butler, Carla 231 Butler, LiUa 251 Butler, Elizabeth 242, 250 Butler, Thomas 235 c Cabrera, Hector 130 Cada, Debra 251 Cahn, Adam 263 Caillouet, Katherine 274 Calagaz, Frank 241 Calahan, Will 238 Caldwell, Lavanda 243 Calejo, Gregory 274, 122, 236, 240 Callais, Peter 274 Caller, Bret 230 Camac, Joseph 121, 122, 54 Camentz, Albert 274, 105 Campagna, Paul 252 Campagna, Stephen 274 Campbell, Christopher 274 Canas, Stefan 274 Canto, Carolyn 239 Cantor, Ellen 227 Cantor, Julie 227 Capiola, Richard 274, 105, 116, 128, 129 Capp, Barbara 227 Cardenas, Sonia 231 Cardover, Andy 230 Cardozo, Cameron 252 Carey Ann 251, 274 Carey, Charles 235 Carey, Michael 104 Carnesi, Robert 274 Carranza, Guillermo 274 Carrera-Justiz, Francisco 260 Carriera, Jane 108, 274 Carroll, Elizann 191 Carron, Nance 242 Carruth, Marc Ronald Carter, Amy 251 Carter, Robert 240 Case, Lincoln 241 Casey, Karen 243 Castellano, Cesar 108 Cathcart, Christopher 238, 274 Cavaliere, Johnine 275, 227, 263 Cavdelle, Alberto 275 Cazenavette, Joseph Cecil, Scott 259 Cefalu, Thomas 235 Celebi, Gul 275 Chabot, William 275 Chados, Jennifer 258 Chaignaud, Beverly 275 Chambers, Scott 252 Champa, Mark 129, 252 Chandler, Carmen 132 Char, Michael 263 Charters, Kenneth 275 Chase, Barri 227 Chase, David 238 Chen, Jessie 275 Cherlin, Gary 263 Cherlin, Mark 263 Cherry Michael 263 Child, Colby 238 Chin, Andrew 275 Chi Omega 229, 233, 239 Chip, Jeffrey 230 Christianson, Jeanne 239 Christensen, Trey 253 Christiano, Carrie 275 Chumney, Niles 253 Chumo, Margaret 251 Church, Robert 259 Cikut, Lisa 239 Ciopabi, Frank 275 Cirone, Cecelia 251 Claiborne, Mary 250 Clare, Lauri 275 Clark, Knox 240 Clark, Jeanne 275 Clarke, Drew 136, 249 Clay Alex 251 dayman, Deborah 227 Clayton, Thomasene 251 Cleary Oliver 257 Clements, Jennifer 250 Clements, Wayne 174 demons, Susan 242 Cleveland, Kitty 110, 250 Clifford, Christopher 275 Clifford, Tom 136 Cline, David A. 263 Clorfeine, David 248 Cobb, Christian 107 Cockerell, Tray 252 Coffee, Scott 253 Cohan, Jonathan 275, 230 Cohen, Adam 263 Cohen, Andrew 263 Cohen, Barry 252 Cohen, Jeffrey 263 Cohen, Jerome 234 Cohen, Lee 263 Cohen, Loryn 227 Cohen, Margaret 242 Cohen, Maura 227 Cohen, Nissim 275 Cohen, Robyn 251 Cohen, Scott 230 Cohen, Sean 275 Cohen, Stanley 256, 108 Cohen, Steven 263 Cohen, Sue-Ann G. 227 Cohn, Susan 275 Cole, Les 253 Coleman, Christopher 106 Coleman, John 263, 275 Col eman, Kristen 242 Coleman, Lauri Colen, Stephanie 258 Coles, Laura 243 Collat, Susan 275, 227, 107, 125 Colon, Albert 253 Colonomos, Benjamin 263, 275 Colpoys, Patrick 248 Colquitt, Kimberly 231 Coniglio, Diane 131 Conklin, Gale R. 276, 113 Conley, Antoinet 276, 104 Conlon, Laureen 132 Conneley, Jamie 55 Connor, Lance 276 Contney, Wade 276, 131 Convissar, Lisa 276 Conway, Elizabeth A. 276 Conway, Jane 242 Cooke, James 240 Cookston, Sarah 239 Coolidge, Susannah 231 Coomer, Karen 227 Coons, Chip 264 Coons, Frederick 276 Coppola, Peter 262 Corbett, George Andrew 252 Corbett, Pamela Lynn 251 Corcoran, Alex 249 Cordero, Francisco 276 Cordova, Katherine 231 Correa, Veronica 242 Corsaniti, Mike 240 Corteguera, Joseph 276 Cortese, Aline 276 Corzantes, Nydia 250 Cosculluela, Alex E. 276 Cotilla, Francisco 276 Cott, Eric 263 Cotter, Cathleen 251 Coulson, Jill 242 Coupal, Jason 262 Cowan, Robin 276, 118, 120 Cowin, Thomas 241 Cox, Elizabeth 276 Cox, Georgia 276 Cox, Mark 276, 112 Cram, Kathleen 242 Crawford, Kimberley 231 Creedon, Christopher 276, 259 Crews, Robert 257 Cruger, A. Brooke 251, 276 Cudd, Blaire 239 Cullom, Jim M. 276 Culver, Christopher 257 Culver, Debbie 242 Curran, Leslie 243 Curran, Sean 259 Currie, Millie 239 Curtis, Andrea 276 Gushing, Michael 241 Cushman, Erick 106 Cutrer, Lilynn 251, 277 D Dadourian, Greg 241 Daftary, Toral 116 Daiker, Stephen 118, 257 Dallal, David 249 Dalton, Jean 136, 250 Danick, Karen 227 Danico, Allison 239 Daniel, Emily 110 Daniels, Geoffrey 249 Danielson, Arlyn 277 daPonte, Dolly 136 Darden, Jeffry 136 Darr, Elizabeth 277 Datlof, Loren 263 Davidson, Jay 263 Davidson, Paul 236, 277, 240 Davis, April 106 Davis, Cheryl 277, 227, 108 Davis, Dawn 277 Davis, Jerry 253 Davis, Lisa 113, 146 Davis, Lisa 239, 277, 250 Davis, Tony 104 Dawson, Luke 249 Dean, Cassie 136, 250 Dear, Lawrence A. 277 Deas, Helen 239, 278 Decker, Lauren 227 Deems, Diana 231 De Freitas, Dean 240 DehoU, Alexandra 251 Deiley, Louis E 169 Deinlein, Mary 278 Dekeyzer, Justin 241 Delcharco, Manuel 278 Delery, John 259, 278 Delisle, Victoria 243 Delofsky, Heather 125 Delott, Genee 278 Delrio, Omar 235 Delta Tau Delta 222, 240 Delucia, Anthony 240, 245 Del Valle, Isabel 243 Delvalle, Marie 278 Dematteo, Lana 278 Demeglio, Lisa 251 Demesme, Errol 136 Demolina, Anthony 252, 278 Dent, Burnell 172 De Silva, David 240 Desjardins, Gary 171 Deslatte, Erin 239 Dewing, Nicole 250 Diamond, Peter 252 Diamond, Steven 263, 278 Diaz, Lillian 278 Dick, William 257 Dickens, Steve 110 Dickerson, Eric 104 Dickson, Helene 131 Diem, Robert 262 Diermann, Donna 242 Dietz, Philip 238 Dietze, Evelyn 243 Dilegge, Oscar 259 Dillard, Pamela 278 Dimos, John 235 Dittman, Stephanie 251 Dixon, Preston 253 Dobbins, Alandas 104 Dolgoff, Marcey 121 Donahue, Michael 241 Donahue, Reina 278 Doncaster, Peter 240 Donohoe, Carolyn 278 Doddy, Gregory 257 Doddy, John Doriski, Mark 105 Dossett, Tamara 243, 278 Dougherty, Drew 252 Douglass, Gail 239 Dove, Monica 160 Dove, Robert 192, 278 Downey, James Jim 132 Downing, James 278 Downs, Crawford 241 Doze, Joseph 278 Draper, Dean 263 Drennan, Holly, 251 Dresser, Christopher 278 Drucker, Scott 108, 121 Dry, Steven 106, 263 Dubbs, Steven 241 Dubuc, Maria 278 Duerson, Douglas 278 Duett, Matthew 241 Duffer, Stephen 262 Duff ner, Tamar 258 Dunaway, Jason 279 Duncan, Christin 239 Dunn, David B. 279 Dunn, Georgia 250 Dunn, Scot E. 263 Duplantier, Dorothy 250, 279 Dupleix, Karen 243 Durham, Virginia Ginger 125, 251 Dusza, Hugh 263 E Earling, Diana 250 Eby, Susan 243 Eckert, Michael 279 Ecuyer, John 158 Ecuyer, Michael 257 Edelman, Leonard 257, 279 Edelstein, Heidi 227 Edgerton, Holly 279, 123, 239, 260 Edwards, Cecilia 251 Edwards, Gary 110 Edwards, John 104 Edwards, Valerie 279 Edwards, Bill 136 Ehrlich, Jill 107, 251 Eisen, Dan 263 Eisen, Ellen 279 Eisner, Steven A. 240, 279 Elby, Susan 160 Elenzweig, Neil 257 EUenby, Melissa 231 Elliott, Laurie 250, 279 Elliott, Lee 253 Elliott, Stephen 257 Ellis, Holly 243 Ellis, William 257 Elmasry, Jim 131 Elmer, Samantha 242 Engman, Eloise 239 Epstein, Elizabeth 258 Epstein, Jack 240 Epstein, Joel 263 Epstein, Lisajo 136 Epstein, Michael 263 Epstein, Nicole 243 Eschallier, Philip 249 Esthus, Julie 110 Estingoy, Lee 116 EstToff, Armand 263 Etheredge, William 106, 107, 259 Etheridge, Anna 242 Euster, Emily 279 Evans, Judith 242 Evans, Thomas 253 Evans, William 241 Everitt, Bridget 279 Eversole, Scott 259, 279 Ewing, Cynthia 279 F Fader, Betsy A. 227 Pagan, Jeff 240 Fairbanks, Frank 113 Falick, Michael 263 Falkenburg, Frank 249 Fanburg, Debbie 227 Fariss, Rebecca 250 Feinman, Lawrence 230 Feldman, Jodi 227 Feldman, Steven 108 Fennell, Robert 252 Fenton, Michael S. 263 Ferch, Anna 251 Ferguson, Caroline 136 Ferguson, Ellen 243 Fernandez, Richard 279 Ferraro, James 131 Ferrel, Jennifer 239 Ferrier, Denise 250 Feuer, Guy 259 Fields, Lauri 243 Fields, Toni 258 Filderman, Robin 251 Fine, Caryn 279, 242 Finger, Laurie 258 Fink, Emily 242 Fink, Fam 279 Finkelstein, Julie 242 Firey, Nancy 239 Fischer, Mary E. 250, 279 Fischer, Staci 279 Fisher, Jesse 106 Fisher, Kimberly 251 Fisher, Lori Beth 250 Fishman, Jennifer 279 Fitzgerald, Laurie 280 Fitzgerald, Matthew 280 Fitzgerald, Patrick 257 Fitzgerald, Robert 248 Fitzmaurice, James 280 Fitzpatrick, Bill 240, 280 Fleicher, Ellen 258 Fleischer, Max 262 Fleischer, Myles 248 Fleming, Mary 280 Flexner, Leigh 239 Flink, Lauri 108 Florez, Michael 257 Forbes, Victoria 242 Ford, Malcolm 262 Ford, Marshall 281, 248 Forlenza, Jeffry 136, 249 Forman, Alyssa Durrell 243 Forsythe, Gina 136 Fortunato, Lynn 242 Fournier, Alberto 281 Fowler, Grace 281, 242, 191 Fradin, Jill 258 Franey, Brian 136 Frank, Scott 106, 107, 263 Franklin, Blake 281 Franklin, Eric 263 Frazer, Lewis 226 Frederick, Erik 237, 240 Freeman, Laura 231 Freeman, Lori 105 Freeman, Louis 281 Freifeld, Brett 259 Freret, Douglass 241 Freund, Barbara 242 Freudenberger, Alfred 136 Friedfertig, Marc 263, 282 Friedler, Caroline 242 Friedman, Adam 282, 107, 132 Friedman, Barri 282, 258 Friedman, David 256 Friedman, Mark 263 Friedman, Shira 258 Friedman, Sid 263 Friedman, Stacey 258 Friedrichs, Paul 282 Frieman, Marshall 248 Fries, Matthew 241 Fritton, Christopher 109 Fronstin, Guy 263 Frost, Mark 128 Frost, Robert 235 Fuchsman, Gary 230 Furman, Julie 227 G Gabaeff, Sherri 282 Gadon, Amy 258 Gaehle, Gregory 252 Gaffney, Shannon 251 Galindez, Orlando 282 Gallagher, John 235 Gambrell, Angela 282, 105 Garber, Daniel 230 Garbett, Shawn 262 Garcia, Jacqueline 231 Garcia-Penna, E 282 Garden, Stephen 230 Gardner, Lee A. 243 Garfinkel, Sharon 258 Garner, James 282, 105 Garner, Ronnie 230 Garrard, David 136 Garte, Keith 252 Garvey, Jim 235 Garvis, Diana Garza, Hector 282 Garza, Rena 238 Gassel, Debra 136 Gassen, Gavin 118,, 121 Gates, E. Jason 230 Gaudet, Stacey 186, 187 Gauthier, Vincent 282 Gavel, Frank 282, 259 Gay Michael 259 Geek, Paul 238 Gedney J. 282 Gee, Karen 239 Gee, Michael 248 Geismann, Greg 282 Gelb, Sean 263, 282 Gele, Kim 125, 136, 137, 70 Geller, Amy 243 Geller, Pamela 242 George, Liles 243 Germack, Frank 259 Gernh auser, Amy 185 Gervis, Mitchell 282 Gewirz, Steven 253 Gex, Nancy 243 Giambelluca, Michael 282 Gibson, Kerry 251 Gierhart, Jack 253 Gilbert, Elizabeth 227 Gilbertson, Jean 282 Giles, Rebecca 239 Giles, Thomas Gill, Sherri 231 Gillam, Kristen 251 Gillman, Carolyn 227 Gilman, Cindy 258, 282 Giltrow, Linda 105, 115 Giraud, Alexandro 282 Gitkin, Charles 263 Gittelman, David 230 Gittess, Robert 256 Giunta, Jennifer 283 Gladstone, Douglas 263 Gladstone, Ross 263, 283 Gladwin, Grant 230 Glaser, Melissa 250, 283 Glass, Sandra 250 Glazer, John 257 Gleason, James 283 Glenn, William 105 Click, Jonathan 263 Glickfield, Adam 257 Glickman, Marc 230 Glover, Lorna 104 Gluck, Peter 249 Glynn, Howard 252 Gold, Bobby 253 Gold, Wendy Lee 258 Goldberg, Paige 227 Goldberg, Beth 258, 283 Goldberg, Bob 252 Goldberg, Caren 258 Goldberg, Dean 252 Goldberg, Holli 231 Goldberg, Jodi 283 Goldberg, Jon 257 Goldberg, Susan 250 Golden, Steven 136, 249 Golden, Victoria 227 Goldenberg, Brian 230 Golding, Gregory 259 Goldmacher, Sharon 283 Goldman, Ann 242 Goldman, Frank Jay 259 Goldman, Michael 263 Goldstein, Jay 252 Goldstein, Eric 108, 256 Goldstein, John 240 Goldstein, Nancy 251 Goldstein, Robyn 227 Goldstein, Ron 283 Goldstein, Stuart 257 Golterman, John 110 Gonzalez, Jose 105 Gonzalez, Jose 283 Gonzalez, Luis 249 Goodman, David 283, 230, 107, 109 Goodman, Michelle 258 Goodsitt, Jodi 242 Goodson, Alex 283 Goodstein, Ron 283, 105, 131 Goodwin, Amanda 231 Goodwin, Cynthia 283 Goodwin, Ellen 283 Goodyear, Mary 243, 283 Guttenberg, Ira 285, 136 Guyer, Leigh 253 rl Gopin, Howard 283 Gordon, Edward 257 Gordon, Elizabeth 283, 243 Gordon, Jeff 252, 283 Gordon, Michele 283 Gordon, Penny 227 Gorman, Patrick 253 Gorup, John 257 Gossett, Margaret 251 Gotlieb, Jill 258 Gottlieb, Lisa 283 Gould, Anne 284 Gould, Jeffrey 230 Gracia, Irene 284 Grant, Todd 257 Gravitt, John 284 Gray David 263 Gray Kimberly 227 Green, Daniel 238 Green, Henry 256 Green, Kevin 230 Green, Melissa 258 Green, Shalimar 284 Greenberg, Karen 227 Greenberg, Maria 226, 227 Greene, Anthony 252 Greenfield, Bradley 249 Greenwald, Jeffrey 262 Greve, Douglas 252, 284 Grey, Lisa Grider, Meredith 251 Grissen, Stacy 258 Grizzanti, Steven 248 Groene, William 252, 284 Grogan, Deidre 242 Groome, David 241 Gross, Gregory 284 Gross, Karen 258 Gross, Michael 284 Grubb, Clay 253 Gruber, Randy 263 Grunt, Tracy 108 Gryder, Chris 240 Guardia, Anthony 252 Guilbry Angela 114 Guillot, Jacques Louis 235 Haas, Jennifer 285 Hachenburg, Barbara 285, 109 Hack, Jill 242 Hackenberg, Gregory 248 Haenel, Suzanne 258 Haggerty Gerald 257 Hahn, A. Franklin 240 Haidar, Hassan 252 Hailer, James 240 Hajjar, Joseph 136 Hall, Lyle 285 Hall, Robin 239, 285 Hallam, John 253 Hallmark, Keith 249 Halter, Robin 136 Ham, James 253 Hamer, Anne Hamid, Saeed 114 Hamilton-Smith, Denyse 243 Hamlett, James 235 Hammarstrom, Bill 158 Hammarstrom, Eileen 107, 243 Hammond, Barry 248 Hammond, Elizabeth 251 Hanby, Gregory 285 Hankins, Lisa 239 Hanks, Kimberly 239 Hanley, Jennifer 250 Hanlon, Morton 259 Hannah, Antonio 104 Hannibal, Louis 285 Hannon, Susan 251 Hardey, Scott 285 Hardin, Jeff 253 Harlin, Cynthia 226, 243 Harmon, Jennifer 285, 136 Harrel, Edith 251 Harrington, Ed 131 Harris, David 234, 285 Harris, Deanna 285, 118 Harris, Donna 118 Harris, Melanie 243 Harris, Patrick 104 Harris, Robert 257 Harrison, Charles 249 Harrison, Beth 242 Harrison, Lewis 253 Harsham, Stephen 285 Hartman, Bruce 262 Hartmann, Mary 285 Harwood, William 285 Hason, Steven 263, 285 Hathaway, Bobby 136 Hatzis, Michelle 242 Hawthorne, Meg 239 Hay, Jessica Hayner, Amy 242 Healey, Rebecca 239 Hebert, Danny 285 Hebert, Renee 107, 125, 243 Hedegor, Erik 116 Heffernan, Edward 257, 286, 107, 49 Heffernan, Thomas 257 Heffley Kim 250 Heidman, Maureen 227 Heimlich, Daniel 252 Heintz, Alicia 227 Helfand, Holly 258 Heller, Frances 243, 244 Heller, Janet 286 Heller, Michael 136 Hellested, Leo 286, 108 Hellman, Karen 227 Helman, Mark 257 Heimlich, Dan 105 Hembree, Craig 252 Hemingway, Claire 239, 286 Henry, Nancy 109 Herig, Elizabeth 106 Hermawan, Antonius 286 Herndon, Erica 251 Herrell, Suzanne Herron, Lisa 227 Hershkowitz, B. 286 Hershkowitz, S. 286 Hickey Jim 125, 136 Hickham, Julia 243 Hidalgo, Art 241 Hidalgo, Michael 252 Hilbert, Paul 241 Hilgarther, Emily 251 Hill, Angelia 107 Hill, Charles 253 Hill, Darlene 286 HiUard, Leslie 239, 286 Hoffman, Anthony 262 Holiday Janet 243 Holland, Francis 158 Holland, Karen 286 Hollander, Douglas 226, 262 Hollander, Maria 258 Holleman, Dottie 250 Holt, Robert 249 Holzmark, LesHe 113, 242 Homan, Laura 226, 250 Hooper, Kevin 108, 238 Horchow, Elizabeth 286 Horecky Elizabeth 239 Horn, Michael Hornak, Michelle 250, 286 Hornung, Lois 239 Horrow, Mark Horschow, Lizzie 114, 115, 251 Horton, Missy 239 Horwich, Jamie 242 Hoskins, Dennis 136 Hoskins, Maryann 250 Hoskins, Terri 104 Hotard, Patricia 239 Hough, Jonathan 253 Howard, Casey 286 Howard, Daren 286, 113 Howard, Kim 239 Howe, Jennifer 250 Howell, Robert Howerton, Carla 286 Howeth, Leslie 243 Hoy Timothy 241 Hoyt, Sara 243 Hubbell, Brad 180 Huber, Samantha 242 Huberman, Alyssa 231 Huffman, Samuel 259 Hughes, Anne 250, 286 Hughes, Evan 253 Hughes, Hayden 239 Hughes, Holly 239 Hughes, Jennifer 239 Hulett, Albert 286 Hunley, Adrienne 286 Hunt, Anne 286 Hunter, Andrew 249 Hunter, Lee 287 Guirl, Daniel 259 Harris, Stella 285 Hippensteel, Louise 104 Hunter, Rodney 176 Gunn, Victoria 243 Harris, Stephen 105 Hirsch, Ian 263 Huray, Stephanie 251 Gunning, Cheryl 250 Harris, Terence Hirschfeld, Robert 286 Hurley, Suzanne 243 Gusman, Alyssa 236, 285, Harris, Tim 234 Hirsh, Audrey 227 Hurwit, Barry 263 227 Harris, Brett 226, 241 Hobson, Elinor 243 Hurwitz, Ken 287, 131 Gutierrez, Cecilia 243 Harris, Warren 259 Hochberg, David 230 Hutt, Lisa 104, 227 Gutierrez, Marcia 285 Harrison, Bruce 234 Hodes, Wayne 252 Hutto, Lisa 160 338 index H Hyland, James 248 Hyman, Albert 263 Hymes, Robert 257 I Inge, Mary Clark 251 Ingrish, George 241 Irby, Richard 257 Irang, Steven 263 Irish, Michael 259, 287, 182 Irving, Kenneth 259 Irwin, Alan 287 Isaacs, Ted 226, 263 Islam, David 105 Israel, Joel 263 Israel, Mark 263 Israel, Stuart 287 J Jabbour, Elena 243 Jackson, Lisa 231 Jackson, Mervin 104 Jackson, Steven 263 Jacobson, Kimberly 242 Jacobson, Laura 287 Jacobson, Mark 234 Jacobson, Richard 111, 263 Jacobson, Stephanie 258 Jacques, Andree 287 Jaffe, Liz 258 Jaffee, Noah 230 Jalenak, Charles 263 James, Andrew 257 Jankowski, Jeanine 287, 108 Jassem, Corey 230 Javorsky, Lynn 287 Javurek, Marcelo 287 Johnson, Lori 243 Johnson, Fina 237, 243 Johnson, Gerald 287 Johnson, Rebecca 106 Johnson, Tom 287 Johnson, Tracy 240 Johnston, Jason 287, 105 Johnston, Jock 257 Jonas, Jared E. 259 Jones, Margaret 243 Jones, James 238 Jones, Jon 253 Jones, Mark 257 Jones, Matthew Jones, Meade 250 Jones, Stephen 234, 108, 128 Jones, Terrance 174, 176 Jones, Walker 249 Joseph, Tresonne 287 Joslin, Rebecca 239 Joyce, Gareth 248,257 Juge, Richard 252 Juneau, Russ 110, 252 K Kades, Howard 230 Kaiser, Tia 239 Kalb, Amanda 226, 251 Kalishman, James 263 Kane, Cindy 231, 110 Kane, Danielle 242 Kane, Richard 259 Kaplan, Alison 104, 227 Kaplan, Brett 230 Kaplan, Charrisse 243 Kaplan, David 134 Kaplan, Jeremy 136 Kaplan, Lise 242 Kaplan, Samuel 287 Kaplan, Scott 263 Kappa Alpha 241 Kappa Alpha Theta 232, 242 Kappa Kappa Gamma 243 Kappa Sigma 233 Karcher, Kenneth 177, 287 Karp, Jennifer 227 Karp, Lauren 258 Karpay Beverly 287, 109 Karrmann, John 287 Karst, Rylla 242 Karyo, Maximilien 256 Kaslow, David 259 Kasoff, Nancy 287 Kasper, Antonia 239 Kass, Michael 263 Katcher, Jonathan 230 Katz, Brett 249 Katz, Gregory 230 Katz, Ilene 227 Katz, Jordan 230 Katz, Meryl 258 Katz, Michele 258 Katz, Peter 230 Katz, Renee 227 Katz, Sheila 288 Katz, Terri 242 Kay, Gary 263 Kaye, Brian 241 Kearney, Ross 259 Kehoe, John 288 Keilbach, Cynthia 242 Keller, Merrie 288 Kelly Laura 107 Kelley Robin 242 Kelloway, Lisa 125 Kelly, Andrew 241 Kelly Anisa 243 Kelly Christopher 288 Kelly Donna 288 Kelly, John Kelly Laura 243 Kelly Neil 238 Kelly Patrick 288 Kelly, President Eamon 167, 32 Kelly William 241 Kempparnen, John 263 Kennedy, Kevin 259 Kenyon, Troy 252 Kerckhoff, Martin 259, 288 Kerry Letitia 288 Kersun, Samuel 263 Kessel, Kraig 248 Kethan, Christopher 106 Kettler, Peter 288, 238 Keusenkothen, Edward 235 Khan, Amjad 288, 105 Kiel, Danna 104 Kilpatrick, Carolyn 231 Kimmelman, Jamie 258 Kinchen, Ernest 106 Kingsmill, Patrick 235 Kinney, Mark 104 Kirikian, Richard 226, 235 Kirkpatrick, Joyce 243 Kirkpatrick, Timothy 235 Kirsch, Neal 288 Kirsch, Paul 108 Kirst, Karen 289 Kirstein, Andrea 227 Kiviat, Theodore 248 Klar, Sharon 231 Klaus, Anne 289 Klausner, Harry 263 Klein, Cheryl 289 Klein, James 289 Klein, Kimberly 258 Klein, Peter 252 Klenk, Sarah 251 Kline, Steven 241 Klingenstein, Sarah 250 Klingsberg, Jamie 252 Klingsberg, Ross 116 Klok, Rhett 129 Klumok, Todd 259 Knauth, Kerrick 289, 108 Knight, Angela 289 Knight, Peter 226, 230 Knofsky Rex 263, 289 Knopf, Albert 263 Knox, Kathleen 243 Kobak, Jane 251 Koch, Allison 239 Koch, Richard 289, 134 Kochan, Christy 239 Kochansky, Katherine 242 Kohlmeyer, Eleanor 251 Kohn, Ashley 136 Kohn, Robyn 227, 109 Kolbert, Steven 118, 121, 122 Koloski, Raymond 238 Kong, Louis 289 Koplon, Mindy 227 Koreman, Steven 289 Korn, David 226, 252 Korndorffer, Jim 289, 235 Kosberg, Wendy 289, 227 Kramer, Phil 289 Kransford, Jeff 230 Kraus, Pamela 258 Kraus, Robert 222, 240 Kraus, Stephen 257 Kraut, Deborah 231 Kreca, Joan 289 Krellenstein, Jason 131 Krichman, Harlan 263 Krickstei, Renee 190 Krieger, Jeffrey 257 Krishnan, Raj 248 Kronsberg, Ed 238 Kroskin, Stephanie 227 Krothapalli, Padmavathi 109 Krubel, Ricky 241 Kruger, Ellen 131 Kuehn, Coleen Patricia 239 Kuhlmann, Louis 289 Kulas, Damian 289 Kumar, Susheel 289 Kundis, Kenneth 235 Kurz, Thomas 252 Kushnick, Howard 230 Kwatinetz, Phyllis 114 Kyser, Steven 249 L Labadie, Pablo 158 Labarca, Joseph 234 Labkon, Howard 263 Labow, Daniel 106, 263 Lacerda, Robert 259 Lacour, Jay me 118, 120 Lacsamana, Alexander 289, 108 Ladden, Bradley 263 Laflamme, Mark 234 Lagvanec, Cyril 136 Lahoz, Pedro 289, 108 Lake, Mark 257 Lamare, Kelly 108 Lambert, Richard 290 Lamry, Kenny 234 Lancaster, John 290 Lancaster, Michael 136 Landau, Rena 227 Landry, Alice 243, 290 Landry, Dave 136 Landry, Dennis Landry, Lauren 239 Langan, Richard 259 Langarde, Chris 241 Lanier, Leslie 290 Lapeyrouse, Christopher 290 Lapietra, Jesse 263 Lapyrewse, Chris 241 Lardner, Eric 253 Larsen, Holiie 242 Larson, Colleen 290 Larvie, Francis 290 Laskey, Elizabeth 242 Lasky, Marc 259 Lasky, Paula Lasseigne, Lisa 243 Latloste, Jeffry 290, 110 Laupheimer, Jan 290, 227 Law, Preston 252 Lawler, Eve 243 Lawrence, Tracy 227 Lazar, Janine 242, 290 Lazaroff, Cary 290 Lazarou, Chris 290 Lazenby, Susan 239 Lee, Michael 290 Lee, Patrick 259 Leffler, William 236, 290, 240, 245 Lefurge, Todd 118 Lehrer, Wendy 258, 290 Leiberman, Randy 263 Leider, Jeff 290 Lemme, Chrisse 132 Lesch, Julianna 242 Leutkemier, Hans 226, 240 Leuhusen, Peter 249 Leveau, Glen 165 Leveque, Marcel 252, 291 Levet, Barry 291, 131 Levi, Debra 125 Levien, Jeffrey 263 Levin, Ann 231, 125 Levin, Bradley 106, 226, 107, 263 Levin, Richard 230 Levine, Al 238 Levine, Andrew 230 Levine, Gregory 230 Levine, Josh 136, 263 Levine, Rana 291 Levine, Saul 107 Levine, Todd 263 Levinson, Linda 258, 291 Levinson, Stephen 263 Levy, Andrew 106, 263 Levy, David 230 Levy, Donna 291 Levy, Jose 291 Levy, Rabbi 108 Levy, Richard 263, 291 Lewin, Jon 263, 291 Lewis, Adam 48, 291, 109, 257 Lewis, Allison 118, 239 Lewis, Cecil 291 Lewis, Elaine 239 Lewis, Jeffrey 257, 266 Lewis, Melissa 251 Lexow, Frederic 259, 291, 131 Lhota, David 230 Liapis, Mark 291 Liberati, Lisa 250 Lichtenfeld, Joseph 291 Lindsey, Allison 251 Lipkin, Gary 263 Lipman, Bonnie 236, 291 Lipskin, Wendy 258 Littlefield, Susan 239, 291 Livingston, Chris 129, 252 Livingston, Mark 259 Lloyd, Sheila 182 Lobrano, Jay 257 Lobrano, Marcia 104 Loeb, James 263 Loehr, Alan 252, 291 Loev, Marc 256 Lofton, Thomas 248, 257 Logan, Shelly 251 Logan, William 235 Lombard, Debra 242 Longo, Michele 291 Lorent, Darren 291 Lorio, Sam 114, 115 Lorson, Mimi 292 Losin, Amy 227 Lou, Leland 125, 134 Loughran, Siobhan 243 Love, Lauren-Leigh 292 Lowe, Stephen 104 Lu, Monica 242 Luby, Dana 251 Lufkin, April 231, 114 Lumsden, Leslie 292 Lund, Peter 235 Lundin, Walter 106 Lunn, William 263 Lunsford, Ethel 104 Lupo, Glenn 108 Lusky, Melissa 258 Lustenberger, Louis 252, 292 Luthringshausen, Kelly 256 Lutz, David 256 Luza, Sabrina 250 Lyn, Darren 122 Lynch, David 292 Lynne, Jill 292 M Maal, Nusa 292 Mahne, Kevin 292 Mahoney, Joseph 292 Mahoney, Kevin 257 Maimone, Sara Main, Jay 136 Makk, Christopher 253 Makk, Stephen 253 Malman, Liz 292, 242 Malman, Susan 227 Malmud, Lisa 227 Manasek, Hope 292 Mandel, Adam 262 Mangano, Frank 292 Maniatty, Philip 249 Manley, Melissa 242 Manouchehrie, J. 292 Manshel, Laurence 230 Mansur, Holly 292 Marchitelli, Michael 104 Marcial, Carmina 292 Marcus, Heidi 227 Marcus, Lesli 258 Marcus, Susan 250 Margetts, Robert 234 Margolis, Adam 256 Margolis, Howard 259 Margolis, Rita 292, 108 Marie, Margee 251 Markesbery, Allison 243, 160 Markham, Clay 136 Marks, Cindy 258 Marks, Marilyn 258, 226 Marmalstein, Steven 230 Maroney, Charles 257 Marra, Jamie 243 Marrero, Tomas 292, 109 Marrino, John 257 Marsh, Jill 114 Martin, Alex 292, 110, 248 Martin, Liz 243 Martin, Laura 292 Martin, Marja 242 Martinez, Gerardo 292 Martinez, Melissa 292 MartoreU, Luis 112 Marts, Lonnie 104 Leblanc, Nicole 290 Lidy, Chris 136 Macdonald, Christopher Martucci, Sabrina 109 Lebow, Danny 115 Lieberman, Greg 252, 291 259 Marvin, Sprague 241 Lebowitz, Sharon 290 Lien, James 136 Mack, Susan 242 Marx, Bruce 230 Lechtman, Richard 230 Lifton, Gary 263 Madden, Leslie 231 Marzullo, John 116, 241 Le Cornu, Diane 243 Ligon, David 249 Maghirang, Jude 109 Marzullo, Michael 241 Lederman, Laura 227 Ligon, Dorothy 242 Magid, Terren 226, 259 Mashburn, Laine 259 Ledet, Theresa Limbocker, Ridgely 243 Magid, Tucker 226, 259 Mashkuri, Scott 116, 248 Ledyard, Lewis 249, 290 Lindemann, Steven 136, Maginn, Dan 240 Maslia, Stephanie 227 Lee, Andrew 235, 116 253 Magness, Lon 253 Massin, David 263 Lee, Edward 252 Lindquist, Mary 250 Magnusson, Erik 262 Mastrapa, Paul 257 Mata, Alejandro 257 Matanky, Lisa 258, 293 Mathis, Pamela 293 Matsumoto, Karl 293 May, Steven 118 Mayer, Nancy 293 Mayfield, Elizabeth 239 Mcarn, Heather 293 McCallister, Anne 242 McCarroll, Jason 240, 260 McCarty, Heidi 110, 251 McCarthy, Robin 136 McClellan, Elizabeth 243 McConnell, Flora 293, 105 McColley, Biff 262 McDade, William 240, 245 McDaniel, Ann 243 McDaniel, Huey McDaniel, Jay 241 McDevitt, James 257 McDonald, Sandra 293, 108 McDonald, Sean 293, 234 McDougall, Kathleen 243 McGough, Frederick 257 McGowan, Michael 293 McGrath, Siobhan McGraw, Carrie 251 McGrory, Daniel 252 McHugh, Tracey 250 Mcintosh, Jerome 104 Mclntyre, Cassandra 134 Mclntyre, William 253 McKelroy, Colin 106 McKelvey, Stuart 230 McKnight, Susan 293 McLaughlin, Stephanie 243, 266 McMahon, James 293, 134 McMann, Philip 248 McManus, Chris 129 McMillan, Michael 105 McMuUan, Michael 256 McMullen, Edwin 293 McMullen, Jon 252 McMully, Don 259 McPherson, Scotty 293 McRee, Michael 294, 108 McReynolds, Stacey 242 Meadow, Tamara 227 Meche, Timothy 294 Medo, David 108 Meffert, Douglas 109, 264 Mellor, Nicole 294 Meltzer, Brad 263 Meltzer, Scott 263, 294 Meltzer, Stephen 230, 108 Mencos, Evelyn 231 Meneley, Warren 105 Mensh, Kimberly 227 Meron, Thalia 258 Merzon, Adam 263 Messenger, Erna 294, 160 Messina, Andrew 257 Mestre, Ernest 257 Metsch, Leif 230 Metzinger, Alison 243 Metzinger, Callie 294 Meurer, RJ 253 Meyer, John 259 Meyer, Nancy 239 Meyers, Carrie 227 Meyers, Tara 227 Michaelis, Cecilia 251 Michelson, Philip 230 Middleton, Willis 242 Miester, Donald 116, 248 Miles, Courtenay 243 Miles, Melissa 243 Miller, Christopher 294 Miller, Dale 240, 266 Miller, Gentry 251 Miller, Jack 263 Miller, Jill 294 Miller, Melissa 250 Miller, Sarah 231 Miller, Stephen 238 Mills, Adrian 136 Milnamow, Barbara 243, 294 Mine, Leslie 294 Midtke, Julianne 294 Mipro, Robert 294 Mirshak, Julie 236, 250, 260 Misch, Elizabeth 250 Misner, Traci 242 Mitchell, Anne 239 Mitchell, David 241 Mitchell, Susan 294, 106 Mittler, Jaymi-Ann 227 Mittler, Lisa 227 Moffett, David 253 MogoUon, Samuel 108 Moise, Edward 235 Montagna, Marcella 231 Montgomery, Carol 231 Montgomery, Julie 239 Montgomery, Bennet 235 Monzillo, Maria 294 Moody, Neal 257 Moody, Stephen 257 Mooney, Robert 234 Moore, Ann 250 Moore, Carolyn 243, 294, 125, 244 Moore, David 253 Moore, David 234 Moore, Jeff 226 Moore, Mark 158 Moore, Patrick 294 Moore, Rabbi 238 Moore, William 109 Morals, Kelly 294 Moran, Ann 294 Moreau, Michel 125 Morel, David 257 Morey, Alex 240 Morgan, Charles 257 Morgan, Delia 243 Morgan, Laura 242 Morrell, Ann 109, 239 Morrill, Connie 110, 242 Morris, Maria 295, 125, 242 Morrison, Jeffrey 257 Moss, Michael 295 Mothershed, Robert 235 Motter, David 106, 259 Moyer, Mark 263 Muir, Steven 295 Muldowney, Marguerite 231 MuUick, Tom 257 Mullins, Rhoda 251 Mullins, Sarah 125 Muniz, Antonio 295 Murnane, Fred 240 Murphy, Cynthia 239 Murphy Kellin 239 Murphy, Timothy 110 Murphy, Thomas 295 Muscat, Elysabeth 250, 295 Muskat, Daniel 264 Mussafer, Julie 295 Mussafer, Sherry 251 Myers, Dianna 243 N Nachman, Robert 253 Nachman, Andrew 230 Nachman, Julie 251 Namshun, Jeff 230 Nash, Cynthia 251 Nassau, Margot 110 Nathan, Rodney 234, 104 Navarro, Alexander 253 Neat, Paul 295 Ned, Shawn 104 Ned, Townie Neideffer, Kimberly 242 Neils, Lynn 295 Neistein, Karon 243 Nelson, Eric 295 Nelson, Jennifer 295 Nelson, Kenric 295 Nelson, Robert 241 Nelson, Valerie 295 Netting, Kevin 240 Neuman, MoUie 295 Neustein, Rick 259 Newburger, Mark 295 Newman, Adam 110 Newman, Beth 110 Newman, Lisa 227 Newmark, Nancy 242, 295 Ng, Mei 231, 132 Nguyen, Hung 295, 105 Nguyen, Nguyen 105 Nguyen, Thi Nicie, Rebecca 110 Nicholas, Ryder 238 Nicholson, Scott 252 Nickless, James 235 Nicolaou, Nicos 295 Niebla, Manuel 131 Nisbet, Jennifer 239 Noble, Anne 121 Noddle, Susie 227 Nolan, John 252, 295 Norred, Ashley 239 Novick, Louis 263, 295 Nunnery, Rogers 296 Nuri, Yesim 110 Nutik, Audrey 251 o Oakes, Bianca 260, 296 Oakes, Katherine 296 Oakman, Charles 248 O ' Brien, Kevin 249 O ' Brien, Peter 296 O ' Connell, David 249 O ' Connor, Kyle 243, 296, 48 Oden, Maria 251 O ' Donnell, John 259 Offenberg, Alan 257 Ogden, Christina 243 Ogden, Mark 257 Oge, Orhan 296 O ' Halloran, James 238 Ohle, John 241 O ' Keefe, Timothy 257 Okin, Matthew 230 Ollinger, Maureen 239 Olson, Gary 242 Olson, Matthew 257 Olson, Todd 235 Omeara, Daniel 296, 105 Omey, Monica 160 O ' Neal, Ray 240, 245 O ' Neill, Catherine 251 Opinsky, Larry 256 Oppenheimer, Jane 296 Orifice, Greg 296, 130 Orlin, Robert 296 Orozco, Alina 296 Orr, Kitty 251 Osborn, Paige 136 Ospina, Maria 296 Ostrow, Jennifer 239 Owens, Peter 248 Paarz, David 240 Padnos, Ira 296 Padzensky Ilayne 258, 296 Pagel, Thea 239 Palrang, Missy 186 Panitch, Sanford 118, 263 Panovka, Tamar 226, 258 Padlini, John 296 Papandon, John 226, 238 Papatheodorou, Andreas 296 Paradise, Thomas 257 Paraguya, Cheryl 250 Paras, Kerry 296 Pardell, Scott S. 262 Pardo, Alexander 240 Park, Mike 238 Parker, Carolyn 239 Parker, James 257 Parker, Mary 250 Parks, George 296, 106 Parkulo, Mark 296, 114, 131 Parrish, Susannah 109, 129, 239 Pasikov, Barry 256 Pasnau, Robert 257 Patterson, Melissa 250, 296 Patty Drew 253 Paul, Dana 243 Pavy Henry 297, 109 Payson, Eric 252 Payson, Leslie 297 Pectol, Wes 235 Pederson, Muffy 251 Pellegrini, Ben 257 Pelofsky Heather 107, 258 Peltz, Helene 258 Pena, Victor 297 Penniman, Robert 29 7 Perchik, Jon 259 Percy Lea 297 Peretz, Andrew 263 Perez, Ana 297 Perez, Jolan 131 Perez, Marta 242 Perez-Feria, Richard 118, 120, 123, 125 Perlman, Hank 257 Pernick, Adrian 240 Perram, Noel 297 Perrin, Jon 264 Perry Caryn 239, 242 Perry Mark 109, 248 Peters, Stacy 242 Peterson, Scott 264 Pettersen, Christian 297 Peyton, Lisa 297, 227 Phi Gamma Delta 248 Phi Kappa Sigma 249 Phi Mu 229, 250 Phillips, Victoria 111 Piazza, Anthony 131 Pi Beta Phi 222, 251 Picard, Daniel 297 Picchio, Marialana 297 Pick, Charles 241 Pierce, Bess 297 Pierce, Todd 136 Pi Kappa Alpha 252 Pilla, Susan 297 Pineda, Joseph 297 Pingel, Dana 250 Pinney Michael 136 Piper, Kim 242 Pitkin, Douglas 1367 Pittman, Stephen 259 Plant, Lawrence 230 Plantamura, Carol 297 Platou, Andrew 259 Pletcher, D ' Ann 243 Ploscowe, Jon 230 Plotkin, Jay 353 Plotnick, Andrew 249 Plumb, Patricia 297 Plunkett, Daniel 106 Pocek, Sharyn 258 Podvin, Scott 230 Poe, Martha 297 Pol, Daniel 136 Polakoff, Jonathan 263 Politt, Lawrence 297 Pollack, Nancy 104, 251 Pollack, Jennifer 298 Polsen, Charles 252 Pomeranz, Lisa 125, 258 Pomet, Kevin 241 Pomprowitz, Krina 242 Popadakos, Joanna 226 Pope, Loren 249 Porter, Amy 329 Posin, Brad 230 Posner, Jeffrey 298 Poster, Meryl 258, 298, 111 Potter, Martin 257 Poverman, Steven 262 Powderman, Jill 239 . Powell, Stephanie 251 Powell, Stephen 298 Powers, Jeffrey 298 Prasad, Leena 298 Prather, Johanna 110 Prather, Paul 248 Preble, Amanda 298 Press, Steven 298, 230 Price, John 257 Price, Jon 136, 252 Price, Joseph 253 Primis, Stacy 258 Promislo, Mark 298 Prosser, Greg 240 Pruski, Christine 239 Pryzby Gregory 118, 120, 136 Purcel, Mark 263 Purdy Jill 114, 239 Purvis, Donna 250 Q Quereshi, Sad 108 Quint, Hillard 298 Quiroz, Alma 250 R Rabin, Robert 263 Rabinowitz, Julie 251 Radecker, Phil 136 Raff, Jill 298 Raff, Paul 230 Ragsdalie, Barbie 109 Raiken, Lee 226, 256 Ramano, Randi 242 Ramirez, Yolanda 298 Ramsey Deborah 298, 136 Rankin, Kyle 158 Rasmussen, Myrna 298, 110 Rathmell, Karen 299 Ravitch, Frank 264 Rawitscher, David 299 Ray Harper 239 Rayes, Ken 136 Reardon, Susan 299 Rechler, Mark 230 Recht, Todd 238 Redlingshafer, Ramona 242 Reece, Kim 242 Reed, Todd 249 Reese, Pickett 253 Reggie, Paul 235, 299 Reichenbach, Jennifer 243, 226 Reider, Steve 158 Reilly Bryan 299 Reilly John 257 Reily William 299 Reinhardt, Harris 230 Reino, Leigh 243 Reisman, Evan 248 Reiss, Jeff 259 Reiter, Stephen 252 Resnick, Tom 121, 67 Revell, Dina 251 Revilla, Antonio 240 Reyes, Maria 299 Ricca, Peter 257 Riccardelli, Steven 299 Rich, James 299 Rich, Marc 299 Richards, Bettina 251 Richards, McKenna 235 Richardson, Carolyn 185 Richardson, Diane 239 Richardson, Julie 242 Richardson, Melanie 242 Richmond, Larry 136 Richmond, Ron 230, 299 Richmond, William 230 Richter, Mark 263 Rinaman, Christine 243 Ritchie, Henry 259, 299 Rive, Margaret 250 Rivera, Vilma 299 Rivinus, Katherine 239 Rizika, Jeff 136, 299 Roberts, Warren 248 Robins, Michelle 250 Robins, Robert 299 Robinson, Brooke 257 Robinson, Diane 239 Robinson, Pargen 235 Robinson, Robin 258 Robitaille, Kevin 264 Roca, Ricardo 299 Rocco, Joseph 263 Rodack, Michael 230 Rodler, David 108 Rodriguez, Ana 125 Ryder, Karen 300 Ryker, Virginia 231 Rodriguez, Reubam 108 Rodriguez, Todd 249 Rogers, Mark 299 Rogers, Roseanne 250 Rohde, Sandra 250 Rohr, Brad 257 Roig, Randy 109 Rolfes, Leonard 299 Romeo, Deborah 299 Romick, Scott 263 Ronnel, Karen 300, 227 Rose, Gordon 253 Rosen, Andrea 121 Rosenberg, John 249 Rosenberg, Nancy 300, 227 Rosenberg, Tom 264, 111 Rosenblum, Neil 256 Rosenkrantz, Debra 258 Rosenstock, Ellen 160 Rosenthal, David 300 Rosenthal, Jill 258 Rosin, Maria 300 Roskin, Richard 230 Roskino, Karen 243 Rosner, Jeanne 300, 114 Ross, David 230 Ross, Erin 235 Ross, Marc 262 Ross, Randi 190 Roth, Dana 258 Roth, Karen 226, 125, 250 Rothberg, Lisa 227 Rothman, Jonathan 230 Rothman, Michael 257, 300, 48 Rousso, Victor 230 Route, Larry 104 Rowe, Jeffrey 253 Rowlands, Carolyn 250 Rowley, Laura 300 Roy, Eric 105 Roy Tuhin 300, 105 Rubens, Peggy 300, 107 Ruberti, Jeffrey 300 Rubin, Mark 263 Rubin, Nancy 300, 108 Rubin, Randall 252 Rubinstein, Robert 300, 230 Rudd, Margaret 239 Rudolph, Lisa 227 Rudolph, Susan 227 Runsdorf, Jim 300 Rusca, Yvette 300 Russell, Gary 252 Ryan, James 253 Ryan, Jeff 259 Ryan, Lynda 239, 300 s Sabharwal, Shawn 106 Sacet, Jason 238 Sachs, Lara 243 Sacks, Kenneth 263 Sadlier, Michelle 231, 110 Saenz, Fernando 300 Safran, Jill 258 Sainer, Aaron 256 Salter, Robert 249 Saltzman, Kenneth 263 Saltzman, Melanie 226, 242 Salvitti, Ronald 259 Samuels, Gregory 263 Samuels, Shepard 136 Sand, Eric 230 Sanders, Craig 263 Sanders, Lisa 251 Saper,, Susan 243, 300 Saphier, Frances 227 Sargent, William 253 Sarmiento, Edward 257 Sartor, Walter 253 Sater, Meredith 250 Satin, Scott 263 Saulnier, Amy 301 Savage, Bryna 301 Scandaliato, Elizabeth 250, 301 Schaefer, Lee 253 Schafer, Nicole 226, 250 Schaffer, Chris 238 Schaffer, Gina 258 Schain, Bonnie 227 Schaumberg, Steven lOO, 259 Schear, Lauren 242 Scheer, Mark 263 Schein, Marcie 258 Scherer, Cindy 231 Scheuermann, Edward 108 Schieres, Kathy 301 Schiff, John 248 Schiff, Matthew 262 Schild, Lisa 245 Schiller, Jolie 227 Schiller, Scott 301, 136 Schilling, Marcellaine 250 Schinman, Shari 258, 301 Schlackman, Steven 240 Schlesinger, Lisa 258, 301 Schmitz, William 226, 234 Schnare, Renee 160, 301 Schnitzer, Beth 258 Schoellmann, Stefan 136 Schoenbaum, Ronald 264 Schramm, Stephen 248 Schroeder, Michael 259 Schulte, Robert 252 Schultz, Claire 107, 125 Schultz, Doug 240 Schultz, Robert 252 Schultz, Steve 301 Schwartz, David 226, 256 Schwartz, Jeffrey 230 Schwartz, Jon 257, 301 Schwartz, Karl 252 Schwartz, Lee 230 Schwartzstein, Allen 263 Schwarz, Barbara 250 Sconiers, Karen 239, 301 Scott, John 158, 301 Scroger, Chris 301 Scutch, Bill 263 Seabright, Leslie 239, 301 Seaner, Michael 301 Seay, Tom 129 Seay William 238 Segal, Daniel 248 Segal, Jeff 263 Segal, Jody 258 Segal, Julie 239 Seigal, Amy 301, 227 Seigal, Scott 259 Seigal, John 238 Seligson, Michael 106, 136, 257 Selikoff, Richard 230 Sentilles, Shawn 257 Settle, Scott 243 Severs, Elizabeth 106 Shafer, Robert 263 Shafto, Wesley 253 Shands, Elizabeth 251 Shank, Christine 110 Shapira, Noah 301 Shapiro, Joy 301, 227 Shapiro, Robert 263 Shapiro, Stephen 252 Sharff, David 240 Shatsky Howard 301 Shattuck, Milton 249 Shaw, Casey 249 Sheasby, Steven 301 Sheena, Ronnie 131 Sheinkopf, Steven 302 Shelton, Carolyn 243, 264 Shemwell, Mary 251 Shemwell, Robert 253 Shen, J. Pung 302 Sherman, Jane 302 Sherman, Lee 230 Sherry Ed 110 Sherrins, Dana 227 Shestack, Jennifer 108 Shever, Andria 239 Shipley Neil 226, 253 Shires, John 249 Shkymba, Joseph 257 Shlagman, Sara 187 Shoemaker, Julie 251 Shofstahl, Tyson 253 Shook, Caroline 243 Shore, Kiki 251 Shoss, Ricki 227 Shulman, Shelly 227 Shuman, Karlyn 243 Shwartzstein, Allan 302 Siddiqui, Javeed 248 Siegal, Linda 303, 227 Siegel, Jon 136 Siegei, Kimberly 258 Stegel, Priscilla ' l07, 125 Siddigui, Jarreno 116 Sigma Alpha Mu 256 Sigma Chi 232 Sigma Delta Tau 258 Sigma Nu 232, 259 Sigmund, David 238 Sihorsri, Karen 109 Sikorski, Karen 303 Silver, Jonathan 263 Silvera, Todd 303 Silverberg, Stefani 227, 125 Silverman, Jeff 240 Silverstein, Ray 303, 107 Silverstein, Rick 238 Simms, Shannon 239 Simon, Alexandra 303 Simon, David Duchess 136 Simpson, Jeff 240 Sinda, Will 136 Sischer, Staci 105 Sissom, Bradley 303 Skelton, Damian 303 Skiba, James 303 Skillern, Stacy 251 Skinner, Brian 110 Slap, Edv ard 226, 262 Slater, Adam 241 Sloane, Richard 263, 303 Slotchiver, Daniel 106, 263 Slotchiver, Paul 263 Small, Lauren 104 Smallness, Mark 108 Smallwood, Mark 240 Smith, Gabe 240 Smith, Gibson 235 Smith, Grant 263 Smith, Gregory 303 Smith, James 234 Smith, Jeff 262 Smith, Jeff 248 Smith, Judith 258 Smith, Kate 243 Smith, Kent 303 Smith, Lorien 125, 242 Smith, Mark 257, 303 Smith, Melissa 227 Smith, Michael 253 Smith, Nelson 257 Smith, Robin 258 Smith, Roy 303 Smith, Skipper 264 Smith, Stephanie 243 Smith, Tim 240 Smith, Vince 106 Smith, Whitney 253 Smits, Dirk 257 Smyles, John ;303 Sneed, Ernest 303, 106 Snyder, Bonnie 227 Snyder, Jane 242 Sobel, Loren 227 Sobel, Michael 54 Sohn, Samantha 243 Soicher, Barry 303 Soike, Kathryn 303 Sokol, Randy G. 258, 303 Sokolowski, Clare 250 Soler, Gabriel 303 Soils, Kristine 100 Solomon, Dana 258 Solomon, David 252 Solomon, Lisa 114 Solomon, Patricia 303 Solomon, Susan 304, 227 Solomon, Susan 304 Solzman, Elizabeth 304 Sosa, Ana 242 Sosa, Chip 238 Sosnowitz, Marc 257 Spann, Tookie 165, 168 Spink, Suzanne 304, 132 Spinnenweber, Catherine 107 Spiridellis, Trent 259 Spiro, Carol 258, 304 Spitler, Wendy 243 Spitz, Michael 136 Spodek, Stephen 263 Springer, Cathrin 227 Sproles, Tripper 136 Stackhouse, Kirk 257 Stafford, Lee 253 Stafford, Peggy 242, 304 Stahel, Marie 239 Stamm, Craig 241, 245 Standfast, John 126 Starbuck, Samantha 242 Stark, Anthony 262 Stathers, Birk 238 Staub, Nana 243 Stauffacher, Michael 252, 304 Steele, Julie 227 Stein, Paul 200, 304 Steinberg, Jeffrey 263 Steinberg, Michael 252 Steingard, Amy 258 Steinitz, Leslie 304 Stemmans, Charlotte 231 Stempel, Randi 304 Stephens, Jane 125, 250 Stern, Dana 227 Stern, Karen 231 Stern, Michael 304 Stern, Russ 263, 304 Stern, Thomas 304 Sternfield, Jason 304 Sterns, Rachel 304 Stevens, Blaze 304, 121, 123, 125 Stevenson, Neil 305 Stewrart, Ann 242, 243 Stewart, Murray 249, 305 Stiefel, Julie 258, 305 Stiegal, Cindy 242 Stillman, Wendy 131 Stillpass, Alexander 257 Stinson, Barry 252 Stockstill, Orietta 305 Stoler, Felicia 258 StoUer, John 252 Stone, David 305 Stone, Kathleen 243 Sullivan, Lindy 226, 125 Sullivan, Scott 257 Sullivan, Virginia 239 Sulzer, Gerald Sumichrast, Martin 257 Surcouf, Holly 108 Suslow, Tracy 305 Sutton, Michael 259 Suzman, Andrew 116 Swan, Sarah 239 Swartz, Vicki 258 Swearengin, Jeffrey 305 Swedroe, Laurie 227 Sweeney, Joe 240 Sweeney, Patrick 305 Swinney, Linda 104 T Taft, Jeffrey 226, 257 Tai, Yolanda 305, 131 Talley, MoUie 251 Tamayo, Jose 305 Tamis, Jeffrey 230, 305 Tanberk, Tina 243 Tanenhaus, Amy 305 Tannenbaum, Arnie 118, 263 Tarman, Daniel 240, 245, 48 Tassel, Sanford 263 Tate, Kevin 104 Tau Epsilon Phi 262 Taub, Ira 230 Teetsel, Gary 234 Teich, Craig 259 Temes, Stephen 263, 305 Temple, Samantha 239 Tenenduser, Deborah 231 Teplitz, Beth 305 Teplow, Jonathan 252 Termini, Pauline 305 Terrazas, Michael Terrell, Alisa 104 Terry, Daphne 104 Tessler, Harris 241 Teuscher, Frederick 116 Thacker, Paul 116, 136 Thaler, Merryl 305, 227 Theiler, Jeff 241 Theriot, Simon 253 Thienemann, Rolf 249, 305 Tien, Albert 264 Tigler, Oscar 104 Tiktin, Andrew 248 Tilbrook, Stephen 252 Timberlake, Emily 251, 306 Timmeney, Jennifer 239, 306 Tivin, Jill 227 Tiwart, Pinky 306 Tobin, Teressa 239, 306 Tocho, Suzanne 306 Toland, George 248 Toler, Michelle 243 Tolsdorf, Geoffrey 253 Tompkins, John 306 Tone, Celine 306 Topfer, Alan 257 Torres, Thomas 248 Toso, Michael 241 Toten, Derek 134, 135 Toth, Carolina 242 Toth, Charles 306 Towell, Eric 257 Townsend, Mark 136 Trainello, Edward 259 Tran, Dung 306 Trimble, Elaine 250, 306 Tripp, Denise 251, 306 Trismen, Amanda 226, 239 Tritsch, Maria 306 Trohn, Paula 306 Troy, Laura 239 Troy, Vera 239 Truley Lisa 49, 306, 112, 113 230, 306 Tubbs, Brenda 104 Tucker, Felice 258 Tucker, Steve 136 Tucker, Tim 306 Turkel, Kenneth 230, 306, 107 TurnbuU, Wade 307 Turner, John 241 Turney Randall 109 Twomev, Michael 257 u Spark, Matthew 264 Strachan, Susan 242 Thomas, John 306 Spedale, Roland 109 Straggas, Jon 305, 129 Thompkins, Gwen 104, Ulloa, Edgar 307 Spence, Susan 243 Strauss, Marsha 113 130, 136 Ulrey James 235 Spencer, Lance 304 Strauss, Michael 230 Thompson, Charles 306 Unger, Scott 259 Spencer, Lydia 243 Streeter, Stefan 242 Thompson, Peter 306, 241 Unter, Stephanie 227 Speranza, Dawn 304 Strobele, Tesla 125, 242 Thriffiley, James 256 Urbach, David 263 Spielberger, Lori 304, 227 Stuart, Kathryn 106 Thum, Sharon 227 Uris, Heidi 307 Spindola, Raphael 304 Suarez, Kathryn 305 Tichenor, James 235 Urschel, Bethany 307 V Vajs, Susan 250 Valcarcel, Rosalina 308, 125 Valdespino, Martin 248 Valentzas, Jason 240 Vallhonrat, Anne 239 Van Dervort, Julie 250 Vanoni, David 307 Vanosdale, Daria 239 Van Wynen, Robert 229, 240 Vaughan, Steven 308 Vaughn, Kenneth 234 Veith, Richard 136 Verlander, Margaret 110 Verona, Russell 252 Vertes, Robert 240 Vezo, William 257 Vierstanding, Wendy 114 Vinokur, Howard 248 Vobach, Kenneth 308 Von Cana, Marc 262 Voor, Michael 257 Voorhes, John 308 Voss, Charles 264 w Wachs, Jessica 258 Waechter, Jonathan 259, 308 Wagman, Heidi 308, 125, 258 Wagner, Albert 262 Wagreich, Jon 263 Wald, Greg 240 Waldman, Dana 308 Waldman, Joseph 263 Walk, Wesley 235 Walker, Chris 189, 192 Walker, David 230 Walker, Debra 250 Walker, Jay 116, 136 Walker, John 116 Walker, Meg 243 Walkey Rod 252 Wallace, Karen 239 Wallace, John Thomas 136 Wallace, Susan 239 Wallerstein, William 308 Walsh, Nancy 308 Ward, David 105 Ward, Eliza 251 Ward, Michele 104 Ward, Peter 136, 137, 70 Ward, Scott 308 Wartell, Geri 250 Wasser, Robin 231 Wasserman, Lawrence 230 Watts, Polly 125, 136 Way, Caroline 243 Wayson, Brian 136 Weaver, Michael 240 Weaver, Robert 308 Webber, John 256 Wechsler, Micah 308 Weeks, Mary 243 Wehby Andrew 308 Weinberg, Gregg 257 Weinberger, Amy 227 Weinberger, Peter 104 Weiner, Jeffrey 230 Weiner, Patricia 250 Weinfeld, Jill 308 Weinstein, Amy 227, 114, 125 Weinstein, Craig 263 Weinstein, Fradell 231 Weinstein, Jeff 136 Weinstein, Jill 308 Weisberg, Richard 256 Weiss, Evan 230 Weiss, Richard 230 Weissman, Emily 308 Weissman, Howard 262 Welborn, Lulu 239 Weller, Donald 257 Wells, Scott 245 Wells, Sarah 242 Wells, Victoria 227, 125 Wenhold, Jeffrey 308 Wen zel, Harrison 235 Wenzler, Kate 243 Werenskjold, Craig 308, 108 Werner, Jacob 259 Wernick, David 263 Wertlieb, Mitchell 250 Weseley Pamela 258 Westheimer, Michael 252 Wetmore, Kevin 106 Wettels, Melinda 250, 308 Wentz, Jennifer 309 Waalen, Fred 240 Wheeler, Randy 264 Wheeler, Richard 234 White, Anne 239 White, David 240 White, Elizabeth 240 White, James 248 White, Nancy 251 White, Robert 309 White, Robert 249 Whitlock, Lisa 48, 309 Whitman, Wendy 309 Whitson, Richard 253 Wickersham, Walter 249 Wickett, James 259 Wieczorek, Robert 257 Wiegel, Paige 250 Wigdor, Caren 258, 309 Wilcott, Ashley 251 Wild, Laurianne 309 Wild, Rodney 235 Wilder, Lawson 259 Wille, Keith 136 Williams, Betsy 239 Williams, Dedrick 104 Williams, Jill 227 Williams, Leslie 309 Williamson, Jimmy 253 Willimann, Stephan 257 Willis, David 241 Willoughby Ford 309 Wilson, Barry 253 Wilson, Butch 125 Wilson, Carol 242 Wilson, Evelyn 251 Wilson, Gail 231 Wilson, Ken 252 Wilson, Lauren 239 Wilson, Peter 249 Wilson, Sheri 242 Wilson, Steve 136 Wimberly Ken 111, 253 Wimbley Kevin 201 Wimmer, Dana 240 Winchester, Alan 108 Winchester, Susan 309 Wind, Amir 131 Winkel, Hilary 231 Winkler, Kevin 257 Winner, Lisa 227 Winstead, Laura 239, 309 Winter, Gregg 263 Wise, Susan 243, 309 Wisniewski, Daniel 106 Wisotsky, Gregg 230 Withers, John 252 Witt, Jonathan 121 Wolcott, Dean 309 Wolens, Jeoffrey 256 Wolf, Leonard 230 Wolfert, Paul 238 Wolfowitz, Bruce 230 Wolfson, Allan 230 Wood, Gordon 241 Wood, Stephen 241 Woods, Amy 231 V ooldridge, Katie 108 Worth, Andrew 252, 309 Wright, David 240 Wright, Mark 263 Wright, Thomas 249 Wuthrich, Paul 253 Wyatt, Theresa 226, 242 Wyche, Karen 239 Wyka, John 116 Y Yager, Kenneth 257 Yarbrough, David 257 Yarbrough, Bess 251 Yarbrough, John 238, 309 Yarvin, Jul ie 258, 309 Yasenchak, Moira 129 Yeh, Kathleen 309 Yewell, Edward 249 Young, Annie 243 Young, William 181 Yudell, Robert 230 Yundt, John 262 z Zachar, John 259 Zachs, Arinn 48, 227 Zaglin, Ellen 309 Zakarin, Rachel 227 Zalesky, Barbara 227 Zarren, Ruth 250 Zedd, Gordon 230 Zeigler, Phillip 248 Zelman, Tammy 258 Zemenak, Ann 309 Zeno, Jose 248 Zeno, Marc 177 Zerkle, Andrew 256 Zervigon, Luis Zeta Beta Tau 263 Zeta Psi 264 Zielinski, Brian 178 Zins, Jonathan 226, 234 Zion, Adam 249 Zipes, Jeffrey 230 Zipper, Peri 251 Ziskind, Rebecca 309 Zohn, Eric 132 Zuber, Elizabeth 243 Zuccarelli, Susan 129 Zucker, Brian 226, 264 Zuflacht, Harold 309 Zupancic, Brandon 264 Zveunieks, Peter 240 Zwig, Andrew 263 New Orleans . W mi A- Lany Block A Mardi Gras parade goer bundles up a little one while waiting for Rex to pass and throw them somethin ' , A Jefferson City Buzzard celebrates Mardi Gras as every marching club does, with kisses and flow- ers. During those hot months in New Orleans, noth- ing tastes better than a cold sno ball. Bruce Stewart 346 closing A city of festivals, fun, frolicking While the Radiators entertain at the Jazz Fest, the crowd sings and sways along. 347 Weekends were made for Tulane The Delts (top pic) are just one group of students who know how to enjoy the weekend. The Coconut Man knows how to make weekends exotic. 348 closing ■. » Jm Bruce Steivart ' ' i Whether at a football game or at a Mardi Gras party, Tulane students always know how to have a good time. closing 349 Lisa Davis ■■ - ♦ vj IV. D lVi ( Best of Times 350 ciosing 7T XT) Gavin Gassen Friends make those bad days into good days and wherever there ' s a friend, smiles are soon to ap- pear. . D. Witt Best of Friends ciosing 351 352 closing " Like I ' ve told you a million times there is always something to do in New Orleans. " Graduation 354; graduation Smiles, Laughter and Tears Graduation. That moment in time that marks a miles milestone in a student ' s life. Seniors wonder how their four years have gone so quickly, though there were times that studying seemed endless. All of the all-nighters and no- doze nights are finished. Deciding whether to join your friends in the French Quarter or to study more for Spanish is a thing of the past. As seniors worry about their future in " the real world " there is a sense of gratification and great achievement. There is a sigh of relief. Seniors don ' t have to pre-register for fall classes. The thought of finally finishing the last class and the last final. A cap, gown and diploma awaits the graduating senior. Along with the relief and exuberation of graduating comes the fears and anxiousness about being part of the working world. There is saying good-bye to those friends who have seen you struggle for four years as have you seen them. You have shared many fantastic times and have learned from them. But those things that you ' ve learned both inside and outside the classroom will help you after you leave. So with a smile on your face and a diploma in hand, the graduate is off to find fame and fortune, or reach another goal, but the memories of Tulane will remain as will the lessons learned. Photos; Gavin Gassen Gavin Gassen graduation 357 In a city of concrete, glass and industry . 358 closing Larry Block 359 Nature and beauty still exist at Audubon Zoo Photos: Gavin Gassen » -. v Jl H t: 4 ' ._ " ;;, ■ ' ■;■■, •■;,•:; ' V. - % pfe- ■- -- v ' l ' " • ' " ' t l feilfa i B 360 clo5ing closing 361 Larry Block Blaze Stevens Blaze Stevens Jambalaya ' 86 Editor-in-Chief Blaze Stevens Photo Editor Larry Block Business Manager Tom Resnick Asst. Business Andrea Rosen Media Adviser Stacey Cooper Susan Summers Student Adviser Darren S. Lyn 362 staff Larry Block Section Editors Opening Blaze Stevens Academics Marcey Dolgoff Student Life Steve Kolbert Portfolio Larry Block Organizations Anne Noble Asst. Organizations Marcey Dolgoff Sports Joe Camac Asst. Sports Holly Edgerton S Scott Pardell Greeks Greg Calejo Asst. Greeks Larry Block Classes Marcey Dolgoff Index Cheryl Fine Blaze Stevens Closing Blaze Stevens staff 363 Photographers Larry Block Lori Hylton Ava Burks Steve Kolbert David Crean Joseph Nunan Lisa Davis S Scott Pardell Gavin Gassen Rhonda Reap Anthony Green Bruce Stewart J- D. Witt 364 staff Phoios: J. D. Witt . D. Witt Writers Contributors Ivan Bodley Steve Kolbert Joseph Camac Jayme LaCour Marcey Dolgoff Darren S. Lyn Cheryl Fine Jerry Lodriguss Brian Foster John Martinez Brian Hughes Richard Perez-Feria 1 Jim Tweedy . D. Witt Larry Block I. D. Witt staff 365 Colophon iu Volume 91 of the Tulane Jambalaya was print- ed by the Delmar Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. Paper stock is 80 pound enamel. Cover material is 78335 green Sturdite. The Tulane Uni- versity crest was custom designed and embossed. Shoe grain is used on the cover. Gold metalay was applied to all copy on the cover. The title of the book, Jambalaya ' 86 is in Park Avenue type style. The endsheet is parch blue 138. On the front endsheet is the theme " Once in a Lifetime " which is blind embossed. The theme was decided and agreed upon by the entire editorial board. Body copy is set in 10 point Palantino with a two point leading. Captions are in 8 point, photo credits in 7 point, italic, and folios in 7 point Palantino. Headlines vary frorh 24, 36, or 54 point Palantino. Additional type used include Times Roman Bold Italic, Century Schoolbook Bold, Coronet, and Benguiat Book Italic. Photographs were taken by staff photogra- phers except the last page. John Martinez and Jerry Lodriguss of Folsum, Louisiana shot the photo of Haley ' s comet. All black and white pho- tos were processed and printed by the staff in the media darkroom. Color slides were processed by Colorpix, Inc. in New Orleans, Louisiana. Indi- vidual school portraits were taken by Varden Stu- dios of Rochester, New York. The advertisements were collected and layed out by Collegiate Con- cepts of Gretna, Louisiana. The Delmar Company printed 1700 copies of the Jambalaya. Individual copies were sold for $26. 366 colophon I finally made it here. The pages are completed and I can relax. But I wouldn ' t have made it this far without the help and support from many people. The list may seem endless but y ' all de- serve to be recognized. First and foremost — to my two sets of parents who were always there for me during my trials and tribulations with constant guidance and a hug. I will al- ways love you Dr. Mrs. Walton Stevens and Ms. Mae and Mr. C (Papa) Brigham. Second but as important — my staff. We did it. For all those days and nights we struggled in the basement or having fun doing labels, I thank you for memo- ries that are burned in my brain. We can all be proud of this book and the hard work and dedication it took to create. Thanks. To Marcey and Larry — you managed to stay in the same room as me while I panicked about deadlines. You made me laugh when I needed it the most. But are we having fun yet? To Tom — Without you to handle that part of the yearbook, I would be too lost to save. The moral support system net- work will still be there in years to come. To Joe — Whenever you want to take a trip to North Carolina, just call. I might feel the need to run through an airport again. To Steve, Anne and S Scott — Y ' all added to the book more than by work- ing on it. Your hard work and dedication made it fun this year To Greg and Holly — I couldn ' t have asked for better friends to work on the yearbook with. We made it through four years here and those good times will come again. Get the champagne out. To Jessica and Richard — Many great times have been spent in the basement. Thanks to y ' all, I realized I ' m not made for dusting and filing. Third — to my family at Mae ' s: Terry, Louise, Pat, Billy E. H., Bobby Bert, Gary, Karen and the rest of the clan, thanks isn ' t enough. Y ' all gave me en- couragement and more love than any one person could ask for or deserve. Those late nights or rather early morn- ings will never be forgotten. Y ' all let a displaced Northerner into your warm Southern lives. Those times and your hugs will be sorely missed. To Susan — you were always there when I needed a sounding board, and I appreciate it greatly. You are more than an adviser to me and for the entire base- ment. To Darren S. — What is left to say, but " now I know what you went through last year. " Good luck next year in getting that well deserved Pacemaker. Not to forget those people who made my life easier — Frank Myers and Sher- ry Breneman of Delmar and Joel Siegel of Varden Studios, you always had the right answer to calm me down. Y ' all made this job less terrifying. To those people who 1 have forgotten (you know I need a social secretary) but who have helped me, I send a special thank you. My four years at Tulane and in New Orleans have challenged me and given me confidence to accept or face any new adventure. Greet each day with a smile and be greatful to experi- ence it, because each day is a " once in a lifetime " happening. — Blazer editor ' s note 367 ■ ' Anothe r year has come to ass. The .• , ' •, events on. 1985-86 at Tulane have ' en ' ded. " With the cOming Of ] aley ' s Comet, ■ something that happens " Otilce in a Life- time " histftry v as made. ' 60 Isng ,my ' friend, for good-bye sfeems too pefma- , .: , A ' ent. And if our»paths are destined tcj I ' • ' -..meet agair may we grefit each ' ' d,ther with a smile and know that we, are still - j friends. Until then keep riding your • rainbow, ' looking for tl at pot g ' gold. Live, to Love, ' , • ' . Love to Enjoy, ' , • ' " Enjoy to Live. , : ;. , • ' • . . —Blazer . 1 My. ' ' i ' m fF!r? l " - I. ' NSr. ,,-, V i ' t !€M f If

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