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" W " M iMrtlMWfc lilt ' — . 1 - 1 .1111.. ..I ,rfy «. .■■: ' ; " ' ---: i ■V X - ;- - " ?». ifeW " i Tulane New Orleans, Louisiana 1983,. Volume 88 1983 Jambalaya Edward M. Esposito Editor-in-Chief Susan Corgiat Media Advisor Susan Poovey Publishing Representative Suzanne Saussy Business Editor AAAAAAA AAAAYA! - isw. KHAtOSLB Byron Lohman Photography Editor Victor Rodriguez Photography Editor Amy Pepper Layout Editor Mary Brett Copy Editor Opening Academics L ' I. Graduate Schoo 46 Organizations Sports Student Life 72 92 126 Greeks 174 Seniors 226 Honoraries 240 C asses 256 Tulane A University with Tradition Tulane University comprises 11 academic divisions with over 6,500 undergraduates and 3,800 graduate students. The College of Arts and Sciences and Newcomb College are liberal arts colleges for men and women, respectively. Schools of Architecture, Business and Engineering offer both undergraduate and graduate programs. Other divisions include the Graduate School and Schools of Law, IVledicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Social Work and University Colle ge. All divisions except the medical complex, which includes a teaching hospital and clinics, are located on Tulane ' s 110-acre campus in uptown New Orleans. Tulane has a long tradition of leadership in higher education, both regionally and nationally. It was founded in 1834 as the Medical College of Louisiana, the Deep South ' s first medical school. In 1847, when the Medical College merged with the public University of Louisiana in New Orleans, it added law studies, establishing the twelfth oldest law school in the nation, and an academic department for men that today is the College of Arts and Sciences. The Civil War caused the University to close temporarily in the early 1860 ' s, and the war ' s aftermath brought about a series of financial problems. In 1882, a permanent solution was found. Paul Tulane, a New Orleans merchant, set up the Tulane Educational Fund to be administered by a self-perpetuating board. In 1884 the state legislature turned over the property and control of the University of Louisiana to the board and the University, now a private institution, was named The Tulane University of Louisiana in honor of its benefactor. In 1886 Newcomb College was established as a degree-granting women ' s college within Tulane University — the first women ' s college of its l ind in the nation. In 1894 the University moved to its new campus on St. Charles Avenue, five miles from its former site in downtown New Orleans. In the following decades Tulane established several professional schools, including the Deep South ' s first schools of architecture (1907) and social work (1927). The Middle V -rvki- American Research Institute, founded at Tulane in 1924, became a pioneer in Central American archaeology and anthropology, excavating and restoring the Mayan village of Dzibilchaltun in the Yucatan. In 1942 Tulane founded University College to provide continuing education for adults in New Orleans. Since World War II Tulane has emphasized the development of graduate studies and research in the Graduate School and in several of the professional schools. The emphasis has both strengthened the undergraduate divisions, which share faculty with the Graduate School, and produced important new knowledge. In 1977, for example. Dr. Andrew Schally of the School of Medicine received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research on the endocrine system. The University ' s nine librahes, which hold over 1 .3 million volumes and 12,000 penodicals, include the mam Howard-Tilton Memorial Library with branch collections in architecture and natural history, and separately administered libraries of law, medicine, business, mathematics and primate research. Special collections include the William Ransom Hogan Jazz Archive, the Maxwell Music Library, the Southeastern Architectural Archive, the Latin American Library and the Louisiana Collection of historical materials. The juxtapostion of so many disciplines on one campus creates a lively academic atmosphere. Tulane ' s speaker program ' s, film sehes, stage productions, art shows and music programs make the University a major cultural center. At the same time, the relatively small size of the individual schools and colleges preserves an identity and intimacy for their students that is more typical of a small college than a large university. New Orleans New Orleans is a truly unique city with blend of mint julep and magnolia, French and Spanish colonial, Old South and bustling contemporary America, It is a sensual city — where aromas of spicy Creole food waft in the air. It is a historical city, founded as a small French colony by Jean Baptiste Lemoyne, Sieur de Bienville and named in honor of the regent Louis XV, due d ' Orleans, The onginal colony comprised the area known as the Vieux Carre, the French Quarter, New Orleans ' most famous and popular tourist attraction. The Quarter today still boasts narrow, cobblestoned streets; building of brick and plaster with balconies of ornate filigreed wrought iron; lovely, lush tropical patios hidden away behind shuttered porticos; numerous antique shops and art galleries; and some of the world ' s finest restaurants. Throughout the 18th century the A Vintage City French Quarter was the domain of the Creoles, the descendants of the early French and Spanish settlers. In 1803, New Orleans was ceded to the United States as a part of the Louisiana Purchase, and Americans began pouring into the city. So different were the Americans in manner and customs from the Creoles that a great animosity and competitive spirit developed between the two. The Americans settled on the up-river side of Canal Street ( " Uptown " ) and the wealthiest of those built their spacious homes in the Garden District, about 20 blocks from Canal Street. Here you will find a great variety of architectural styles — Creole, Neo-Classical, West Indiana, Italianate, Greek Revival, Victorian and several indigenous styles such as the " shotgun " and " camelback. " Farther up St. Charles Avenue is the University section with two private universities and a small women ' s college, stately homes, shops, restaurants and Audubon Park. Within Audubon Park ' s 280 acres are a zoo, golf course, bicycle and bridle trails, and large open spaces ideal for throwing footballs and frisbees. From the levee at the southern end of the park, there is a first-rate view of the Mississippi River where one can sit and watch the ships pass. And northwest of the Quarter is the Lakefront area with its seafood restaurants and view of Lake Pontchartrain. While each area of the city has its own distinctive qualities, anywhere in New Orleans you are still in — New Orleans. Whether you ' re visiting for the summer or live here year long, remember that many of New Orleans ' most vivid features cannot be appreciated by sight alone. You must hear, feel, smell and taste the character of the city. 10 11 12 . : ■ ' ' ' ■ ' ' ' i ' .- — - . • ■ -•■!-43si2x In ' " " V ' Cil i ■tS . SS t " l S ' JH • sv " j H -9 ' _: l BH ' mmJ -j r l " W i i AltT gV- " . ' J! B 14 «i ( «WM " - •- Faculty 15 Eamon Michael Kelly President of Tulane University 16 Tulane A Growing Community Board of Administrators Chairman: John G. Phillips Vice Chairmen: John W. Doming W. Boatner Roily III Front LR; Lanier Simmons, John W Deming, John G. Phillips. W, Boatner Reily III. Sybil M Favrot Back LR; A, J. Waechter Jr., Harry B. Kelleher. W. Kennon IVlcWilliams Jr , Harry J. Blumenthal, Erik F Johnson, Henry E Braden III, John G, Weinmann, Peter A Aron, G Shelby Friedrichs. 17 18 19 ' v DEANS Joseph E. Gordon Dean of the College of Arts Sciences Raymond A. Esthus Acting Dean of Newcomb College Louis E. Barrilleaux Dean of University College Director of thte Summer Scfnool Anthropology — Back L to R; Dr J.L Fischer. Dr DM Healan, E,W, Andrews, M.S. Edmonson Front L to R; W,M. Norman, A.R. King, D,D Davis, B,M Masquelier, H.M. Bricker. ■•■- rr. ' lt a? Biology — L to R; Charles F, Ide, Milton Fiugerman chairman, Leonard B. Thien, Michael M. Kane, Gerald E. Gunning, Erik G, Ellgaard, Robert Tompkins. John T. Barber, Merle Mizell. A, Ross Kiester, 22 Art Department — Back Left to R; Hal Carney, Donald Robertson, James Steg, John Clemmer (chairman). Gene Koss, Richard Tuttle, Arthur Kern. Front Left to R; Jessie Poesck, Pat Tsisrgno, Caecilia Davis, Dennis Costanza, Chemistry — Back Left to R; P. Gebert, M. Herman, H. Ensley, J. Jacobes. W. Schriner, J. Homer. M. Sulkes Front Left to R; J. Mague, W Alworth, M, Levy, Missing; R Averbach, L. Byers, 0. Fritchie, G, McPherson, R Sohmehl, H. Jonascen. 23 I Classics — Back Left to R; Dr. Stanford G. Etheridge, Dr. Dennis P Kehoe, Dr Alan J Avery-Peck, Dr R M. Frazer, Dr. Kenneth W Hare, Front Left to R; Dr James J Buctiannan, Jim Docker, Dr. Cetin M Smithi, Dr. Joe Park Poe (chairman). Economics — Front Left to R; Jonathon Hamilton, Carroll Smith, Alice Slutsky (dog), Ann Kocher, 2nd Row; Janet Furman, Patricia Warren, Bob Brlto, 3rd Row; Harold Fried, Betty Daniel, George French, 4th Row; Adele Wick, Mary Thomas, John Newman, Yves Balcer, Radu Filimon, Steven Slutsky. Ernest Tanner. Back Left to R; John Boschen, Herman Freudenberger, Clark Nardinelli, William Oakland, Missing; Rodney Ralvey. Rodney Gretlein, Yutaka Horiba, Frank Keller, Sanford Morton. Eytan Sheshinski, Dana Campbell. 24 Education — Right Row; Dr. Robert Wimpelberg, Dr Marguerite Bougere, Ms, Carol Catardi, Dr John King Left Row; Dr Nancy Nystrom, Dr Rita Zerr, Dr Diane Manning (chairperson), Dr. Samuel Stnngfield. English — From Bottom Left to R; M Stewart, M Young, J. Cohen, J. Catano, M. Boardman, B. Ahearn, P Boyette, T. Toulouse, J.L. Simmons. M. Kreyling, G. Mulderig. 25 Geology — Left to R; R, Horodyski, R. Parsley, G. Flowers, L. Metelman, S. Nelson, E Vokes, M. Seale. J. McDowell Missing; H. Skinner History — Left to R; W, Burlie Brown, Nels M Bailkey, Charles H, Carter, Gertrude M Yeager, Raymond A, Esttius, Ralph Lee Woodward, George L, Berstein, Sylvia R. Frey, Kenneth W, Harl. Colin M. MacLachlan, Samuel C, Ramer, Patrick J. Maney, Bill C. Malone, James N, Hood, Charles T. Davis, F. Robert Hunter, Clarence L, Mohr, Lawrence N. Powell, Dino Cinel, D. Blake Louthstone. 26 French — Seated Left to R; Catharine S Brosman Elizabeth W Poe, Linda L Carroll, Candance D Lang Standing Lett to R; Harry Redman. George Rosa. Hope Glidden. Weber D. Donaldson (chairman). ' Sfc-yPJ I HM BP Vt l sn - .- ■ ' ■■ f: ■, ' W! ' im :: V 1 y- " — ' — ■-m ■--«• German and Russian — Left to R; Bode Gotzkowsky. Jessica Diaz. Ann R. Arthur. Birgit E. Berger. William C. Brumfield. Karlheinz Hasselbach. Spanish and Portuguese — Front Left to R; Margaret Stock. Dulce Maria Garcia. Lydia Meledreras. Steven Boldy. Patricia Bany. Back Left to R; Paloma Tejero. Thomas Montgomery. Daniel L. Heiple. James F, Brown. Norman C. Miller. Otto Olivera. Almir Brunet. Gilbert Paolini. 27 Math — Seated Left to R; Jackie Boling, Susan Lan, Meredith Mickel, Jerry Goldstein, Hester Paternostro Standing Left to R; Bob Gardner, Tapas Mazumdar, Terry Lawson, Thomas Love, Steve Rosencrans, Michael Mislove. Edward Conway, Jim Rogers, John Liujjonen, Laszio Fuchs, Ross Urwin, Al Vitter, Ronald Knill, Bill Nico, Bob Miller, Frank Tipler, Gary Sod, Frank Quigley, Chong Han, Hossein Mansouri, John Dauns Behind the Glass Far Back; Ronald A. Fintushel, Philosophy — Front Left to R; Graeme Forbes, Louise Roberts. Ronna Burger, R.C. Whittemore, Bacl« Left to R; Donald Lea, John D. Glenn, Michael Zimmerman, Andrew Reck, Radu Bregdov. 28 Physical Education — Physics — Front Left to R; Durham, Fran Delfeld, Jules Mollere, Morris, Rosenteel, Perdew Back Left to R; Deck, Riess, M Norman, Kyame. Top; Purrington (chairman). Political Science — Left to R; Henry L. Mason, Jean Danielson, Robert Strong, Douglas Rose, William B. Gwyn, Paul Stekler, Robert Robins, James Davidson. 29 m Psychology — Back Lett to R; Peter Clark, William Dunlop, Jefferson Sulzer, Terry Cfiristenson, Lawrence Dacfiawski, Ctirisman Wilson, J, Hanscfie, Edgar O ' Neal, Halsey Matteson Front Left to R; Barbara Moely, Cfiizucko Izawa, Krista Stewart, Pat Scfiindler, Davis Cfiambliss, Jams Dunlop, Jeffrey Lockman. Seated Left to R; Lee Hoffman, Ina Bilodeau, Tina l larshall. Public Policy — Left to R; Mark Ivlcbride, Don England, Stepfien Under, Guy Peters. 30 Sociology — Front Left to R; Paul Roman, Richard Tardanico, Shelley Coverman, Paul Benson Back Left to R; Frederick Koenig, Edward Morse, Joel Devine, Terry Blum, Dwayne Smith. Theater — Kneeling Left to R; Gregory Etter, Linda Conway. Front Left to R; Gary Bailard, Theresa O ' Shea, George Hendwickson, Ellen Ryba, Ron Gural. Buzz Podewell Back Left to R; John Rouse. 31 Architecture Ronald C. Filson Dean of the School of Architecture 32 Architecture — Seated Left to R; Susan Ubbelohde, Georgia Bizios, James Lamantia, Karen Kingsley. Back Left to R; Franklin Adams, William Turner, John Rock, Robert Helmer, Ron Filson, Robert Schenker, Gareth Jones, Mark Denton, Malcolm Heard, Bruce Goodwin, Leo Oppentieimer, H T,C Davis, Bernard Lemann 33 Engineering Hugh A. Thompson Dean of the School of Engineering 34 Biomedical Engineering — Left to R; van Buskirk, J B Paik, Cednc Walker, DA Rice, SC Cowin, RR Ashman, Civil Engineering — Lett to R; Dr S C Das, Dr John L Niklaus, Dr Robert N Bruce, Dr T J McGhee, Dr Frank J, Dalia, Walter C, Sherman 35 Chemical Engineering — Left to R; Kyriakos Papadopoulos,- Raymond V Bailey, Samuel L Sullivan, Richard W Freedman, Danny McCarthy, Henry Luttrell. Computer Science — Left to R; M. Bernard, F Retry, L. Reeker. L, Becker, J Hassell, A, DeChampeaux, B. Dailo, T, Revesz, V, Law. 36 Electrical Engineering — Left to R; Faik Eken, C J. Sperry, Paul Duvoisin, S T Hsieh, Robert L Drake. Daniel H Vliet (Department Head), Edward Williamson, Charles Beck, George Drouant Mechanical Engineering Left to R; Harold Sogin, Paul M Lynch. Robert G Watts, Morteza M Mehrabadi, Anna M Sullivan, Chester A Peyronnin, DeWitt C. Hamilton, Louis Orth. 37 Alumni Fund — Front Left to R; Charlotte Colomb, Aida Sanford, Betty Milliard, Dolly Chisholm, Back Left to R; Terry Jones, Lydianne Barousse, Stan Retif, Melinda Sanchez. Missing; Jody Fretwell, David Calacci. Counseling and Testing — Left to R; Ann Rehage, Jerry Phillippi, Dorothy Perkowski, Janet Limouze, Janet Hansche, Jeffrey Powell, Janie Beers. Housing Department — Left to R; Mela Dutka, Linda Franke, Debbie Henry, Elizabeth Eichner, Jackie Treadway, Brian Hughes, Tim Meaut, Harold Schott, Jefferson Sturkey, Alan B. Davis, Richard Melancon. Missing; Euane Charles. 38 Legal Aid — Left to R; Jeff Bock, Fred King, Suzanne Prevot. Library Executives — Left to R; Wilbur Menercy, Dorothy Hagedorn, Pfiilip Leinbacfi, Liselotte Anderson, Norma Sievert, Jane Stevens, Curt Jerde, Agnes Metzler, William Cullison, Thomas Niehaus, Marie Morgan, Robert Bledsoe, 39 Newcomb Admissions — Front Left to R; Lydia McCray, Joan Ferro, Carolyn Meyer. Susan Chapin (counselor). Back Left to R; Laurie Lagonegro, Myra Hudgens. Beth Stanley I lissingi Lois Conrad (Director of Admissions), Monica Boguski (counselor). Vivian Caruthers PFM — Front Left to R; Ptiiilimene Collins. Kathy Courtney, Carol Ankney Back Left to R; Dennis lessen. Jim Stajdal. Kelly Ennis. Greg McRae, Gary Ankney. Bobby Sherrod. 40 Security — Front Left to R; Officer Powell, Sargent IVIutter, Officer Riley, Detective Ivlagee, Sargent Van Buren, Back Left to R; Officer Lloyd, Officer IVIcKenzie, Corporal IVIcWilliam Security — Front Left to R; Officer Jessemy, Officer Gosper, Officer Lawson, Carol Dafilem (crime prevention officer), Officer Calegan, Officer Miller, Officer Terrell Back Left to R; Officer Derry, Corporal Roberts, Officer Roberts. 41 Department Of Physical Plant — Front Left to R; Lavern Hughes, Walter Schleh, Richard Phillips, Cynthia Swan, Nga Nguyen, Alanson Arnold, Mike White, Mary Walker, Ken Symonette Back Left to R; Mike Artus, Archie Berger, Tom Armitage, Mike Crago, Mike Jester, John Bendler, Lynne Alexander, Karen Kersting, Geneva Peck, George Wright, Lorraine Palmer, Edna Love, Henry Fry 42 Student Activities Right to L.; Gordon Wood, Leiand Bennet, Mike Thompson, Roy Lee, Melode Mitchell, Lew Ross, Regina Adams, Jane Rushing, Susan Corgiat, Gerald Rhodes, Charles Patin. University Relations — Back Left to R; Clair Kuswa, Lee Odom, Christine Kreyling, Armand Berlin. Diana Pincl ley, Nancy Courtney, Barbara Williams, Kattiy Cain Front Left to R; Josepti Chaillot, Dawn Podolnick, Kera Tarbell. Women ' s Center — Left to R; Beth Willmger, Linda Weil, Mimi Miller. Missing; Priscilla Morton, Barbara Hayne. 43 Junior Year Abroa( % Marcelle Saussy Director of JYA Junior Year Abroad is an lionors program wliicli offers qualified third year Tulane students ttie opportunity to spend a full academic year in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy or Spain. 45 V ¥■ ?! - ,1 f I m i ' rit 6801 ' M%i 46 M.B.A. Law 47 Meyer Feldberg D ean of the School of Business Meyer Feldberg, the new dean of Tulane ' s School of Business, received his MBA Dean ' s Honors at Columbia University and his Ph.D at the University of Cape Town. A native of South Africa, Dr. Feldberg has been a visiting professor at the Cranfield School of Management in England and at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was dean of the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business for seven years, and since 1979, has been an associate dean and director of executive education at the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. The author of many articles and books. Dr. Feldberg is an instructor of international repute, regularly lecturing at universities and for corporations and associations in many countries. His main areas of interest include corporate strategy, international and multinational business. 48 Business School Faculty 49 School of Business Founded 1914 220 undergraduate students 408 graduate students Faculty: 27 full-time 12 other Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Management Master of Business Administration In the School of Business, undergraduates combine a liberal arts and business education. Students initially enroll in a liberal arts division of Tulane, then apply to transfer in the junior year to the School of Business for two years of concentrated study in business management courses. A five-year program leading to an undergraduate degree from other Tulane colleges and a MBA from the School of Business is available. And graduate students pursue MBA ' s in the fields of accounting, administration, finance, international business, management science, marketing and organizational behavior. 50 52 Executive M.B.A. Program set for success, With Tulane ' s BSM and MBA programs already in place, Dean Meyer Feldberg named as a top priority for the School of Business the creation of a master ' s degree program in business administration geared specifically for business executives. And by early April, just six months after Feldberg arrived at Tulane, the School ' s new Executive MBA (EMBA) Program had been designed and announced to the public. The Executive MBA Program will begin in January 1983, enabling middle and upper-level managers to receive an MBA in 17 months without interrupting their careers, Feldberg explained to the press at a recent luncheon held at the Plimsoll Club. The program is for businessmen and women who may be managers, professionals, engineers or entrepreneurs with eight to ten years of management experience. Reaction from the business community has been excellent, according to Paul Forbes, assistant director of the program. Calls have already been pouring in as a result of newspaper articles and other media coverage of the luncheon. Some of New Orleans ' larger corporations have expressed an interest and chances are that others from the region will follow, says Forbes, who is not surphsed at the program ' s early success He points out that the program is potentially valuable to business people from many different backgrounds. In fact, he adds, the more variety the better. Accordingly, guidelines have been established to ensure that ' no company sponsors more than three candidates in a single class. Participants will attend weekly seminars on alternate Fridays and Saturdays for two years in order to earn a master ' s degree in business administration. And ideally, their pursuit of higher education will be sponsored by their companies. " The commitment would be on both sides, " Feldberg explained. " The company would give up two days a month of its employee ' s time and the employee would give up two days of his own time. " Marketing Professor and Program Director William Mindak spent last summer completing a feasibility study for the program. " The market made it clear that a curriculum as rigorous and challenging as that offered full-time MBA students was needed, yet it has to be fine-tuned to the issues and problems encountered by modern business organizations in a dynamic environment, " Mindak pointed out. " It wanted a curriculum and faculty with a practical dimension that would reflect the more mature and experienced students ' backgrounds. " He also emphasizes that the EMBA Program is not a shortcut to a master ' s degree, but a program especially designed for experienced executives. (Update 1982-83) 53 The School of Business, Firmly committed to a rigorous program The Tulane School of Business is firmly committed to a rigorous inter-disciplinary program for management education. With a long tradition of excellence and leadership in this endeavor, it is one of eleven charter members of the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business. Both the Bachelor of Science in Management (BSM) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs are professionally accredited by the AACSB. Originally the College of Commerce, the school was founded in 1914 under Dean Morton A. Aldrich, a pioneer in college-level business education. A Master of Business Administration program was begun in 1940, and until 1962 both the Bachelor of Business Administration and the MBA were offered. Because of the increased demand for graduate education, the BBA was discontinued in 1964, but an undergraduate program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Management was reinstated in 1976. This very successful BSM program allows undergraduates the opportunity to combine a liberal arts and sciences education with education in business administration and management. The school ' s goal is to educate graduates who possess a strong theoretical, practical and experiential foundation in the basic business disciplines and who appreciate their interrelationships within the business world. The curriculum is designed to provide the necessary entry-level job skills needed for advancement to upper-level management. Graduates are expected to use their knowledge to analyze business problems, to propose workable solutions to these problems and to calculate in advance the risks involved in their proposed solutions. To ensure that Tulane provides the best possible business education, the school carefully maintains its small size; this Allows for extensive interaction between students and faculty. A low student-to-professor ratio and a well-planned distribution of the faculty ' s teaching and research activities guarantee that students with different educational backgrounds, goals, and interests receive individual attention. In addition to the classroom situation, students work and play hard together in a vahety of academic and social activities. The school phdes itself on having a cohesive community of dedicated faculty and students and on providing rigorous challenges within a relaxed, informal environment. The Tulane International Business Entrepreneurs is devoted to developing the sl ills of Tulane students interested in international business. The group had a busy year participating in the Commtex International Exposition at the Superdome as well as attending a career contact program, which allowed members to make contacts in the world of international business. The club also had an executive briefing and tour of the Port of New Orleans. The highlight of the year was the Tulane International Business Week. Held in March, this week long event featured a forum on Japanese Trading Companies. 55 M.B.A Jose R. Armstrong Theodore R. Barkerding, Jr. Bunny A. Bernhard James Joseph Bertrand Reynaldo Bruzual Laureen Kristie Carlson Joseph L. Carrere Alberto Cevallos Jade S. Chow Jaquetta Bliss demons William B. Collier Danica Ann Cordell-Reeh Robert H. Cox Colette Allison de la Burde Patricia M. de los Heros Daniel Antonio Del Rio 56 Nanci M. Easterling Andrew Feinman Eugenio R. Garza William Anderson Glenn Eugene IMIchaei Golizio Sophie Anne Goy Richard David l-iachenburg Thomas D. Ham Clare I. Hickham John OIlie Humphreys, III Ricardo Hutt Melissa Anne Hyatt Grant McLatchey Irvin Karl E. Keller Sheryl D. Larson Louis V. Lauricella Pamela A. IMahler Victoria IVI. Martin Robert P. MatteuccI Alan Oean Mayer 57 Anne R. Owens Susan M. Pankey Mary Perez Pablo Ramiro Perez Shelley Thomas Picon William Charles Potts William B. Provosty Eric L. Reiner 58 Timothy P. Rice Terry Brown Richardson Felix L. Rivera Neston A. Rivera Robert G. Riviere Beejay Rosman Donald J. Shope J. Elton Smith, Jr. Linda Ann Southerland James Marie Spiro Peter N. Strelt Sergio J. Tamez VIpIn K. Thukral Daniel Hendrlcl s Vilet, IV Bobble Edward Ward Susan B. Weinberg TonI IVIonlque White Robert Lewis Wolf Nordin Yahaya 59 Paul R. Verkuil Dean of Tulane Law School 60 Law School Faculty 1st Row: Proffessors William Lovett, Cynthia Samuel, Robert Peroni, Suman Naresh, Joseph M. Sweeney, Dean Paul Verkuil 2nd Row: Professors Paul Barron, Thomas Andre, Hoffman Fuller, Richard Pierce, David Combe, Billups Percy, Vernon Palmer, Luther McDougal Tulane Law School: the name bnngs to mind hours of study in the Joseph Merrick Jones Library, pohng over volumes of national, state and local statutes, as well as writing interminable briefs and giving nerve-wracking oral examinations. All these tasks do, however, culminate in ultimately satisfying and rewarding things, such as respected careers and, in Tulane ' s case, the honors received in the National Moot Court Competition, 61 The Law School Founded 1847, the twelfth oldest law school in the nation. Tulane Law School is the only United States school of law to offer complete training in both civil law, which is practiced in Louisiana, and common law, which governs all other states. ti Dreadflies " lead to national law title A " dreadfly " infestation, witin tine feared insects crossing the border separating two small countries and bringing along a swarm of legal problems, is a compli- cated piece of make-believe tfiat has led six Tulane law students to a coveted na- tional championship. In April, Cathy Anderson, Marjory Appel, Patrick Baynham, Jon Brooks, James Jones, and student coach Stephen Ott combined talents to win the National Division of the Philip C, Jessup International Law Moot Court Competi- tion held in Washington, D.C. They are the first national champions ever produced by Tulane in that competi- tion, although past teams have come close — finishing third as recently as 1980. This year ' s was destined for greatness early on, smashing competition in the re- gional level by scores of 9-0, 9-0 and 7-2 in preparation for humiliating the Univer- sity of Texas 9-0 in the final regional play- off in March. En route to the national title, Tulane displaced teams from Vanderbilt, Georgia, Northwestern and Loyola of Los Angeles. In Moot Court competition, a possible score of nine points is based on oral and written arguments. The Tulane team re- ceived the award for the best written legal brief in both the regional and national competitions, giving it a two- or three- point lead at the outset. Oral arguments count for the either six points awarded, and team members Brooks, Appel and Baynham were cited for outstanding oral- ist awards after the competition ended. Perhaps the real story of their victory has more to do with what happened be- fore head-to-head competition even be- gan. Four of the five team members were chosen last spring. One slot was left open — just in case an incoming freshman was good enough to be added. As it turned out, first year student Patrick Baynham did join the others last fall. But by then second year, students Appel, Anderson and Brooks had already been notified of the hypothetical court case chosen for the competition. And third year student James Jones — selected the team ' s brief writer — was busy collecting relevant materials involving the same issues of in- ternational law that the make-believe case contained. Summed up briefly, the case involved two countries that bordered on each other, much like Louisiana and Arkansas 64 do. One country was on the coast and the other landlocked. The landlocked coun- try paid millions of dollars to the coastal country for the use of a major highway to the coast so goods could be exported and imported. But when the news of a " dreadfly " in- festation in a neighboring country broke, the coastal state suspended the use of the highway to the landlocked country, fearing fruit transported through their land might spread the insect. This led to all sorts of reprisals by the landlocked country and counter-reprisals until finally the two governments decided to seek justice in an international court. This was the challenge to the 125 law school teams entered in the competition: conventions and treaties, customs and past cases to some extent. But there are no legally binding precedents in interna- tional law per se, " she lamented. Jon Brooks commented on the long hours spent poring over cases even when everyone else had gone home for the holidays. " On Christmas Eve it was me, the law librarian and Santa Claus in the library, " said the native of Manhasset, New York. The oral part of the preparation started in late January. " We practiced on almost a daily basis, said Appel. " What we ' d do is line up pro- fessors and attorneys to sit as judges while we rehearsed our arguments. Then we ' d respond to their questions. We con- how might you most effectively argue all the points of international law that apply to the best advantage of each country? The teams had to be ready to argue on either side. Their position was deter- mined by a coin toss just prior to the actual competition, giving team mem- bers only 90 minutes to prepare a list of arguments after looking over the oppos- ing law school ' s brief. " It was sort of a combination of the California medfly and the freezing of Ira- nian assets with the Cuban boycott thrown in, " explained Baynham. So, all last fall, the team members re- searched the issues in international law. It was no easy matter, as team member Marjory Appel pointed out. " There is no code of international law to go by. Many different sources are con- sidered when cases are heard, including stantly practiced this process of making our presentation and then answering questions thrown at us. " The job of the cooperating attorneys as to pick apart the students ' reasoning in much the same way future opponents were likely to do. The team revised weak arguments and bolstered strong ones further. Gradually they sharpened their argumentative skills. And then, all of a sudden, their faculty advisor and their coach were yanked away, having been called upon to help organize the regional competitions. That ' s when a Tulane Law School alum stepped in to help prepare the group. " We got an extraordinary amount of help and cooperation from Judge Morey Sear, " noted Jon Brooks. Sear is a Feder- al District Judge and team members said they regarded him as their professional coach and guardian angel. Patrick Baynham echoed the feeling, describing a fortuitous coincidence: " Judge Sear ' s involvement really helped us in more ways than one because at the regional finals we had two federal judges scoring the round; we won that round unanimously against the University of Texas. Their coach remarked to me after it was all over that we seemed unusually calm before those federal judges, like we ' d argued before federal judges be- fore. Well we had! There ' s no doubt that kind of practice helped immensely in the final round. " But the student ' s quickly learned that any particular judge ' s reaction to them was a hard thing to predict. " I got a few comments from some of the chauvinist judges about my voice, " re- membered Appel, who always followed the more deeply pitched male voices. Teammate Jon Brooks thinks he knows why she drew such kidding. " When those judges saw somebody as lovely as Marjory get up, they expected to hear this very dainty little petite voice, and Marjory is an excellent advocate with a strong voice. They didn ' t expect that at all, so they were taken aback. " But Brooks was also served up a con- trary judge. " In Washington one of my judges took up five minutes of my alloted time asking me a question. He )ust rolled for five minutes. And I couldn ' t interrupt him! This individual just seemed to enjoy the sound of his own voice, " Another judge broke into Brooks ' open- ing presentation with only four of the scheduled twenty minutes elapsed. He had a technical question on international law. He asked if Brooks was prepared to discuss the point right then. Brooks politely answered yes, he was (though in fact he was unsure). Later Brooks found out the judge had marked down a high score for Brooks because of the manner in which the interruption was handled. " They try to ask you a question you can ' t answer. Even if you have a re- sponse at first, which we all did pretty much, they come back at you again, wanting a different answer, grilling you over and over, " said Appel. Baynham quickly added " Just be- cause a judge is giving you a hard time, however, doesn ' t mean he ' s giving you a bad score. Often it ' s just the opposite. He ' s judging your ability to handle that hard time. " In fact the team members vividly recall one round when they were losing because they were sure being picked apart and peppered mercilessly by the judges, while the other team didn ' t get the same treatment at all. " We won the round, " noted Baynham. The psychology of handling the judges may have played a major role in one par- ticular contest at the national finals. The team had received brief biographies of the judges prior to the arguments. They noticed that one of the judges was a Unit- ed Nations Legal Counsel. Marjory Appel knew immediately what to do. " We researched a lot of U.N. stuff that we threw at our opponents because there was that one particular kind of judge we knew we could sway with those kinds of arguments. We showed a thorough understanding of the effects of U.N. res- olutions. Our opponents kept getting their U.N. facts messed up. " All else being equal, it was obvious to the students that their cohesiveness may have been the deciding factor In their success. On their trip to Washington they indulged each other with many small acts of caring such as leaving notes and mak- ing check-up calls to be sure all members of the team were feeling ok, getting to bed on time, and not drinking too much. Each morning they clamored back and forth through their adjoining rooms, sharing coffee and shouting their speeches at each other to get their voices going. Jon Brooks summed up the situation. " A team member from another school pulled me aside after one round and asked me if we were all still talking to one another. Many teams, after being thrown together over an extended period of time where they see each other on a daily basis, develop internal conflicts. The competition puts you in an anxiety-ridden situation under incredible pressure. I suppose it ' s an unusual occurrence for team members to develop raw nerves. I think it really spoke well for us as a team that we had the ability to get along. We managed to stay one big happy family. Joseph Chaliot Inside Tulane June 1983 Standing Left-R,; Pat Baynham, Cathy Anderson Front L.-R.; Marjory Appel, James Jones, Jon Brooks. 65 David Abraham Karen Adams Alkhallea Ahmad Salfh Al-oufi Lori April Maria Arosemena Chris Aubert Jessica Bagg Franic Baiiey Katherlne Bailey Richard Bari er Brian Becitwith Stephen Belser Ashley Belieau Roland Belsome Cheryle Bernard 66 David Bernberg Peter Bolvlg Jose Bonau Allen Borne Alan Bracken William Bryson Thomas BrzezenskI Deborah Carman Darrell Cartwrlght John Cesario Loretta Cleutat Richard Cllne Michelle Comlskey John Coogan Thomas Crane Marlene Cyhel Patricia Davis Stevan Dittman Anthony Dunbar Elton Duncan 67 Charlie Farley Christina Fay Juan Flol Joseph Flaglello Timothy Francis Anne Galennle Patrick Gallavgher Gilbert Ganucheau Melanee Gaudin Ronald Gee Samuel Gee William Gee John Gessner Robert Gist Stephan Godchaux Anthony Goldsmith Deana Greengus Audrey Hamer Susan Hamlll Alfred Hansen 68 Jonathan Harbuck Ben Henschel Jeanne Hepher Peter Hess Stephan Howe Christopher leyoub Hashem Jaber Rolf Johnsen Noel Johnson Sharl Kaufman David Kettel Alan Kohler Robert Kopacz Edward Landry Louis Laurlcella Wayne Levlne Lance Lisle Said Mahmoud James Mansoul Michael Mark 69 Benjamin Marshall DIanne Marshall Mohamed Mattar Eric Mayer Patrick Mclntlre Scott Mexic MIyukI MIyazakI Janice Oakes Peter O ' Reilly Norlando Pelyhe Mark PIvach Gregg Porter Christopher Price Janelle Rachal Musa Rahman Alicia Reggie Joseph Rome John Ruskin Kallste Saloom Massimo Sangulnetl 70 Hank Savage Michelle Schmidt Glenn Schrelber Barry Scott T. Gregory Serwich Edward Shapack Raymond SIman Cathy Smith Susan Snyder Joseph Splllman Jack Tobias Mike Torian Joseph Treuting Gregory Upton Betty Washington Deborah Welsler Deborah Wendel Stephen Wheells Maria Wyatt Wolfgang Wyreli 71 M J£ b 72 Organizations 73 Afro-American Congress of Tulane: Kneeling: Antoinette Conley, Paul Burns. Second Row: Tina Balthazar, Maria Newton, Maureen Joseph, Letitia Cagnoletti, Jackie Smiley. Bacl Row: Gerald Legarde, Andre Jones, Cindy August, Charles Bacot, Wendell Chambliss, Karl Doss. A S Senate: Front Row Left to R: Richard Langan, Paul Peyronnin, Bill Donohue, Martin Kerckhoff. Bacic Row Left to R: Mark Sallinger, Mike Irish, David Mignatti, Dr. David Heins (faculty Advisor). 74 Circle K: Back Row: Adam Friedman, Dan Roussel, David Frank, Keith Landry, Nick IVIuniz, Carlos Lima, Kelly IVIihm, Elisa Granados, Reinol Gonzalez, Terry Hine, Aline Bettancourt, Eddie Gomez, Jackie Gallart, Denise Gray, Rosa Corzantes, Madeleine Lopez, Tony Muniz, Larry Pivornik, Gary McNamara, Randi Glorsky. Front Row: Neil Beals, Nettie Conley, IVlike Rodriguez, George Rodriguez, Joe Skeens. Club Sports Council: Riglit to L: Kevin Wimbley (Vice-Pres. — Skydiving Club) Brian Alworth (Orienteering) Diane Bloomberg (Pres. — Barracuda Club) Dan Mahoney (Ice Hockey) John Christensen (Skeet Trap Club) Michael Landy (Scuba Club) Harold Etherington (Scuba Soccer) Christopher Connelly (Pres. — Soccer Club) Christopher Festa (Pres. — Rugby) Jon Ablemann (Pres. Scuba, Skeet, Trap Clubs, New Pres. — Club Sports Council 75 Concerned Students Association: Left to Right: Pat Blackwell, Alan Goodman, Susan Stileo, Wendy Ring, Lynn Sargent, Bill Rose, Bicky Gorman, Emily Sailers, Tom Frank, John Stanton, Ben Colbert, Debbie Shaw, Jenny Salpeter, David Lawson, Michael Zimmerman, Bruce Solomon, Eric Martin, Brad Peterson, Max Mailman. Direction ' 83: Front Row Left to R: Mona Friedman, Lynda Bohannon, Lori Little, Lauren Gotlieb, Kathryn Zuckerman, Garrie Haydel, Ken Degot. Bacit Row Left to R: Jeff Siegel, Bruce Hamilton, Dave Horrigan, Malcolm Davidow. Missing; Andy Grieff, Kenny Weil, Jimmy Horowitz, Dave Reynolds. 76 Engineering Student Council: Kevin Callermae, Kathy Walsh, Judy Bernstein, Xavier Viteri, Pam Blowen, Franl Rosinia, David Gereighity, Laura Weber. Finance Board: Left to Right: Pete Simoneaux, Regina Adams, Mil e Thompson, C.W. McGowan, Eric Weinstein, Melodye Mitchell, Louis Ross, Leiand Bennett, Karen Kravtin, Margaret Williams, Lisa Shoham, Charles Patin, Brad Schur. 77 Hullabaloo: Front Row: Deanna Harris, Howard Legator, Julie Hartig, Richard Parisi, Andy Pellar. Back Row: Peter Ward, Mark Harris, Amiee Allen, Patricl Sweeney, George Schleh, Arthur Triche, Pete Rodgers, Susan Corgiat, Casey Davidson, Jodi Glick, Larry Stern. 1 I L.A.S.A.: Front Row: Maria Isabel Casas, Michele Reid, Christian Merendez, Patricia de los Heros, Etienne Mejia, Luis Ferrer. Back Row: Pablo Mateu, Jose Francisco Nater, Osvaldo Fajardo, Beatriz Blanco, Pablo Ontareda, Ana Morandeira 78 Media Board: Left to Right: Bart Merkle, Carl Lindberry, Russell Shaddox, Ozgur Karaosmanoglu, Edward Esposito, Jerry Richy, Billy Witz, Margaret Williams, Maurice Rosenbaum, Susan Corgiat (Media Advisor), Glenn Schulmann. ' M: 0? f5 r) m ; i l h ! a A Company: Kneeling: P. Polydores, J. Waecheter, G. Schank, K. Keese, R. Greighton, P. Huff, C. Lowe, R. Hanneman. Standing: M. Fitzgerald, L. Bertolino, L. Stark, A. Hietala, J. Navarette, S. Sloan, E. Wacchessoni, H. Thornhill, D. Ellis, E. Diamond, M. Jackson, M. Hallal, Gonti, R. Perry, S. Schultz, S. McPherson, S. Fee, G. Harris, J. Scott, U. Tokach, P. Stanely, Dwyer, K. Nelson, B. Howell, R. Berkowitz. 79 B Company: Kneeling: C. Abbot, P. Patrick, M. Salle, M. Silvestrl, T. Mannix, K. Wood, B. Martin. Standing: B. Donovan, R. Donn, T. Anderson, M. Cain, H. Rivera, R. Fahy, C. Kinney, B. Bie, S. Mitchell, T. Durst, M. Hamilton, S. Meade, K. Rothermel, M. Korndorffer, R. Amend, A. Broussard, D. Whiddon, T. Eriandson, G. Cole, T. Hanna, M. McRee, K. Johnson. fifeijfi .---j __ 80 H.Q. Company: Kneeling: M. DeQuay, T. Paco, T. Kotouch, S. Lawrence, J. Ranee, A. Reybick, M. Jones, S. Klearman, C. Holton, B. Johnson, B. Fitzgerald, Z. Herig. Second Row: P. Hoskins, P. Ryder, J. Hatch, K. Mahne, S. Moeller, V. Malone, M. Malarky, T. Dorsey, W. York, B. Beeson, R. Hymes, P. Deckert, L. Dumas, S. Whalen, C. May, B. Yarrington, A. Mosely, J. Bremer. Third Row: K. Lewis, J. Coscia, J. Fahsbender, B. Dickinson, M. Gibson, S. Borey, P. Silton, A. Slaughter, B. Morgan, J. Rich, J. Modisette, C. Swallow, M. McGowan, C. Doskey, P. Fennell, D. Wilton. Army R.O.T.C: Front Row: Chris Jayne, Anne Schiele, Jim Goff, Lee Smithson, Rob Harding, Pat Klotz, Dave Lawson, Mike Barrett, Andy McCray, Greg Smith, Anthony Haywood, Fran Chancey, Back Row: Cliff Smart, John Larvie, Alan Schomaker, Martin Kerckoff, John Fagan, Jon Jones, Dave Scott, Dave Davis, John Seed, Andy Mueller, Dave Skinner, Ken Hurwitz, Victor Torano, Iris Ruiz, Geri Bruckner, Chris Homebrink, April McConnell. Drum and Bugle Corps: Kneeling left to r: K. Lewis, B. Dickenson, M. Malaky, T. Dorsey, T. Kotourch. Second Row: J. Hatch, K. Mahne, T. Paco, S. Moeller, S. Lawrence, M. DeQuay, E. Herig, J. Fahsbender, J. Coscia, B. Yarrington, J. Bremer. Third Row: M. McGowan, C. Swallow, C. May, B. Johnson, V. Malone, A. Mosely, C. Doskey. 81 staff: First Row: T. Nolan, M. Hochswender, R. Snyder, G. Worthon. Second Row: L. Cross, B. Marston, B. Paris, S. SImerlein. Tate House: Front Row: Brad Burlingham, Jean-Francois Poupeau, Dave Lawson, Suzi Thomas. Second Row: Jim Clark, Brian Alworth, John Decell. Back Row: Paul, Aida Rivera, Damon DiMauro, Dave, Vincent Andrews, Ted, Lauren, Sonia. 82 Tulane International Student Organization: Back Row: Muhamed Ifdehkar, George Nesbitt, Bari Ibrahim. Front Row: Michele Reid, Nihal Amer. Tulane Student Foundation: Left To Right: Martha Tester, Chris Borah, Lea Mary Smith, Jeanne Faulla, Maridel Roth, Cheryl Cunningham, Eva Kistler, Susie Sullivan, Ann McCallum, Ashley Stone, Missy Cohen, Amy Pepper, Dolly Chisholm, Julie Brackenridge, Heidi Pohl. 83 T.U.V.A.C: Left to r: Gary Hurwitz, Dave Price, Edward Hall, Julie Sipos, Rick Cheadle, Paul Strauss, Mark Rogers, Pete Flagg. 84 W.T.U.L. Staff: Peter Lewman, Davie Margulies, Wendy Edelstein, Nina Camacho, Chief, Bethyonge, Kevin Plottner, Jay Main, Kate Oschlager, Katy Caraway, Clay Markham, Nancy Anfanger, Joe Provno, Ian Karr, Bart laia, John Howell, Maggie Towne, Christoensing, Rich Searle, Stu Svenson, Neil Kwatinez, Lisa Brown, Chris Abbot, Kathleen Zuckerman, Joseph Schlaferman, Andrew Lambert, Steve Walsh, Carolyn Blaine, Leslie Plaskom, Loren Solomon, Mike Lasky, Mark Andrews, Errol Demense, Jeanne, Michelle Magill, Ivan Bodley, Rob Pastein, Rick Cheadle, John Pollock, Lisa George, David Simon, The Duchess, Mr. Bill, Ken Reyes, The Jock of New Orleans, Doug Grills, Jim Thorpe, Stuart Lob, Bruce Murray. A.S.B. Officers: President: Andrew Werth, V.P. Administration: Pete Edwards, V.P. University Affairs; Amy Pinsker, V.P. Finance — C.W. McGowan, V.P. Academic Affairs: Michelle Burkett, A.S.B. Trustee: Scott Radnick. C.A.C.T.U.S.: Chairperson: Lisa Shoham, Vice Chair Campus: Tracy Mizell, Vice Chair Community: Wendy Schneier, Vice Chair Children and Schools: Jennie Heller. 85 Air Force R.O.T.C. Commodores: Officers; Amanda Wood, Ellen Lyons, Eileen Brown, Cheri Osgood. 86 T.U.C.P.: Officers: Brad Schur, Herb Scher, Derek Schwenke, Lisa Tawil, Peter Silton, Garrick Prejean, Bill Gould, Ann Starer, t lark Rubenstein, Howard Wolofsky, Steve Simerlein, Tom Zilahi, Billy Rippner, Philip Lozman, Andy Pine, Louis Ross. TULANE CHOIR 87 Society of Petroleum Engineers: Officers: Josepfi E. Vidal III, Palmer Stevens, Susan Kron. Society of Blacit Engineers: Officers: Lisa Perez, Eli Brown, Theron Foley. 88 Tulane Engineering Society: Officers: Laurie Zabelny, David Gereighty, Tommy Meehan, Jamshid Manoucfiehrie-Naini. Pre-Med Society: Officers: Anna Lou, Paul LeCat, Jay D ' Lugin, Rob Talbot, Maurice Rosenbaum. 89 Newcomb-Tulane Art Association: Officers: Wendy Krivitzky, Marge Ward, Steve Cristo. Newcomb Senate: Officers: Fonda Magids, Robin Reagler, Mary Spilker, Kathy Flech. 90 91 • ■■.. »•. ' J ' f ' tw-i -: ' M...m i W: " ' • ' -- - ' ' ■ ;--,i»«K. , -x. ..iie-ry :.„-.. ' .yw.- . — ..-r - - ' jna 92 Hi H Sports 93 MONK SIMONS JF RTHLETIC BUILDING lA «- J v. 94 NO. PLAYER 25 Eddie Dowell 53 Randy Saffy 1 Wade Elmore 26 Randy Hubbell 54 Harvey Cox 2 Tony Wood 27 Curt Baham 55 John Angelo 3 Wayne Smith 29 Jeff Wenhold 56 Bob Hirschfeld 4 Mark Massey 30 Ricky Goff 58 Frank Roberts 5 Ronald Parker 31 Ronald Davis 59 Kirk Robb 6 Reggie Butts 32 Toddy Francis 60 Terrence MacCracken 7 Bubba Brister 33 Reggie Reginelli 61 Mark Benzio 8 Lionel Washington 34 Earl Jenkins 62 Max Mitchell 9 Joey Gagliardi 35 Kelvin Robinson 63 Tommy Rose 10 Larry Copeland 36 Melvin Cormier 64 Bob Clendenning 11 Tyrone Smith 38 Elton Veals 66 John Hein 12 Mike McKay 39 Gene Harris 67 Shawn Lee 13 Gerald Broussard 40 Benny Burst 68 Ken Mackey 14 Treg Songy 41 David Jackson 69 Vic Perez 15 Vince Manalla 42 Mike Jones 70 Lindsey Cooper 16 Jim Barkey 43 Burnell Dent 72 Mike Burnett 17 Cassey Howard 44 Laraun Ambrose 73 Raoul Rodriguez 18 Jason Whitten 45 Timmy McCray 74 Bill Lichtenstein 19 Reggie LeBray 47 Tim McConnell 75 Jeff Wenzel 20 Carl Ambrose 48 Harold McGrew 76 Don Maggs 21 Rodney Cooke 49 Mike Landry 77 Jim Boyle 22 Donald Ray Thomas 50 Deno Jeter 78 Kevin Young 23 Greg Liggett 51 Charlie Dunn 79 Jerry Baker 24 James Alexis 52 David Paliscak 80 Clint Wenzel Tulane Football ' i f ' V J 81 Craig Harrison 91 Artie De Laneuville 82 Jay Rhodes 92 Zack Dixon 83 Robert Griffin 93 James Still 84 Larry Roufe 94 Lester Lavalais 85 Greg Stopher 95 Mike Popko 86 Mike Feduccia 96 James Sanders 87 Jeff Davis 97 Chris Cannon 88 Kevin Tate 98 Darryl Tipton 89 Mark Savini 99 Eddie Neal 90 Ricfiard Williams 1982 Season Results Miss, St. 30, Tulane 21 S.M.U. 51, Tulane 7 Tulane 30, Rice 6 Vanderbilt 24, Tulane 21 Ga. Tech 19, Tulane 13 Southern Miss. 22, Tulane 10 Tulane 17, Memphis St. 10 Tulane 30, Baylor 15 Ole Miss 45, Tulane 14 Florida 21, Tulane 7 Tulane 31, L.S.U. 28 Tulane alumni show support for their alma mater. 95 Gibson Resigns in Wake of Tulane Victory An underdog Tulane team traveled to Baton Rouge to defeat the L.S.U. Tigers on Saturday, Nov. 27, a victory that briefly squelched the rumors that Gibson ' s job was in jeopardy after an unimpressive 4-7 season. But the following Tuesday, Athletic Director Hindman Wall announced that Gibson was resigning. Ironically, UPI had just named Gibson coach of the week for his victory over L.S.U., which Gibson called " the finest win I have ever been associated with anywhere. " The former coach, whose three-year stay at Tulane garnered an overall record of 17-17, noted in his resignation letter that he had requested an extension of his contract, which had only one year remaining, in order to have " an opportunity for a successful recruiting year. " That request was denied. " Taking both the type of year and disapproval of the extension of my contract into consideration, I feel it is in the best interest of the University and football program if I resign, " he wrote. Gibson fires last minute instructions to ttie team. Viewing from the sidelines, Coacti Gibson surveys the action on the field. 96 Jenkins jumps in an attempt to block the competition Bubba Brister successfully evades the opposition ' s attack to prevent a touchdown. Tigers Drown in Second Green Wave Flood The end of the Green Wave football season this fall was anything but dull, with the Green Wave ' s resounding victory over Orange Bowl bound L.S.U. It was red tide for the Tigers on their home turf Saturday, November 27, when the Tulane Wave rolled past them to a 31-28 victory, the Greenies ' second win in a row over rival L.S.U. Safety Tyrone Smith ' s eleventh-hour interception — only Tulane ' s fourth of the season — insured the miracle during the game ' s final crush. Fullback Reggie Reginelli caught a 31 -yard pass to tally up a winning score. m ,. t ■ v ' i : An excited Coach Gibson rides atop Tulane players as they share the excitement of Tulane ' s second straight victory over LSU. Tulane gives the victory sign as the Wave clenches the win over LSU ' Elton Veals breaks through the LSU line to run the ball for a touchdown. 99 Above — Standing: Cheryl Nickerson (co-capt.), Lil Little (co-capt.), Sharon Israel, Erika Poleschner, Kim Holak, Jessica Waters, Janet Morgan, Kneeling: Jeffery Poritsky, Barry Munkasy Right — The Tulane spirit is examplified by a young fan. Opposite — Lee Bressler and Kim Hoiak revei in the excitement of Tulane ' s second consecutive win over LSU. 100 %, ■ H ' -- . % V .fV Who is this man who gets up before the chickens and who pays painstaking attention to the most minute detail of everything around him? Or perhaps more importantly for a team that has seen Jim Pittmans and Larry Smiths find success and then move on, how dedicated is he to staying at Tulane? He ' s the guy who put the fine edge on the passing games of all those quarterbacks represented on his wall. He ' s the guy who gave up $52,000 in playoff money and a possible Super Bowl ring to leave the Miami Dolphins to come to Tulane. He ' s Wally English and he ' s Tulane ' s 31st head football coach. " I ' ve got commitments from the athletic director and the president of Tulane University, " English says. " And I ' ve made commitments to building a very successful program here. That ' s it. Now, if I came in here and said ' I ' m going to do this and I ' m going to do that ' , well that wouldn ' t be too intelligent. I simply haven ' t been here long enough to know about all the personnel. And, even if I had been nobody can predict what ' s going to happen in the future. But I can say that we ' re going to play exciting football simply because that ' s the type of football I coach. I also know I ' m as ready as I ' ll ever be. I ' ve coached the line, the offense, quarterbacks. But now it ' s everything. I ' m responsible for the whole thing and I just feel like I ' m ready for this challenge. " The challenge, English says, is one he eagerly accepts, but it is not likely to be all-consuming and burn him out the way it did the Philadalphia Eagles ' head coach Dick Vermeil whose 16-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, 52-weeks-a-year pace reduced him to a teary-eyed man who bowed out while at the peak of his game. Wally English can shut football out of his life when he has to. But then again, when he ' s talking football, he ' s talking about his life. The Englishes have five sons. The four not in diapers are all in football. Even the neighborhood the Englishes live in was determined by football. Son Thomas wanted to play football at Jesuit High School. But the uptown home the Englishes were eyeing was not in the Jesuit district. So Wally packed up the family and moved them several miles farther from campus to meet eligibility requirements for Thomas at Jesuit. Peggy English? With a football coach for a husband, four sons who play the game and a toddler who insists he " wants to be an athletic director, " probably no other woman in America has had as many passes thrown to her or at her, near her or by her. She ' s taken all of that and those twenty uprootings in stride. " It ' s been a great life, " she says. " We ' ve been to Japan and Hawaii and all because of football. There isn ' t a job in the world where we could have done all the things we ' ve done. It certainly wouldn ' t be any fun having a 9-to-5 job. " Sure, there are times, especially during the season, when we all wish we could see more of Wally. That ' s kind of why I wished we could have found a home near to the campus . . . so he could come by and see us now and then. He even went down Audubon Boulevard one day going from door to door looking for a house. " It would have been nice too because when some of the recruits would come in to visit the campus we could have them into our home. They could go back and say, ' Hey, we were in a real old New Orleans home. ' That ' s what we want to do, take them out and show them the town . . . show them we care. Show their parents we care. I know when one of my sons is away in another city at school I ' d want him treated that way. " You ' d think that as much football as is played around this house and as close as I ' ve been to the game I ' d really be an expert, " she says. " I really know very little about the game. I listen to what others say at games and later when Wally asks me what I thought of this play or that one, I repeat what I heard. " Says wife Peggy, " I love it here in New Orleans. I want to spend the rest of my life here. Wally says all we have to do is win and keep on winning and we ' ll stay here. He says that should be no problem. " 103 Left: Elton Webster attempts a basket during ttie Nictiolls State game- 10 Daryl Moreau 1 1 Kevin Saulny 12 Ralph Davis 14 Danny Gauttiier 20 Shai Sharf 22 Gary Delph 24 Bobby Thompson 30 Tony Wallace 32 Howard Jenkins 34 Paul Thompson 40 Elton Webster 44 Clyde Eads 50 Curtis Wallace 52 Farley Gates 54 John Williams Tulane Basketball 105 Top: Elton Webster going for a layup stiot in the Wave ' s game against San Antonio. pS. Bottom: Tulane fans and team watch the action I from the sidelines, r Opposite: John Williams watches a precarious rim shot in the San Antonio game. ' : irs V %1» V ' A ' M V y 107 Tulanes ' All Time Top Scorer Drafted by Cleveland Paul Thompson, a four year Tulane letterman who holds the all time Tulane scoring record with 1851 points, made an immediate and lasting impact on Tulane basketball history. Thompson ' s Tulane career which began with the 1979-80 season saw him lead the team in both scoring and rebounding. He was also named Metro Conference Freshmen Player of the Year. In addition, he was named to Basketball Weekly ' s Second Team Freshmen All America. As a sophomore, Thompson again lead the Green Wave in scoring and rebounding. He was voted First Team All Metro and the Sporting News named him as Honorable Mention All America. During his Junior year, Thompson again led the team in rebounding and combined with teammate John Wilkins to lead the Green Wave to a 19-09 season and the N.I.T. — the first post season bid for Tulane in the school ' s history. He was also named to the second team All Metro. The 1982-83 season, Thompson ' s last for the Wave, saw him lead the team in both scoring and rebounding. He also led the team to a 19-12 season and another spot in the N.I.T. He was named First Team All Metro and was selected to U.S.B.W.A. All District 6 Team. The N.B.A. Draft saw Tulane ' s dynamo selected as a third round pick by Cleveland, a tad bittersweet for Thompson who many thought would be a late first round or early second round choice. " I think I might have to prove something to some people. The only reason I ' m saying this because I went in the third round. If I had gone in the first round, I don ' t think there would have been any doubt about my ability or talent. I ' m not going to do anything unusual or different than what I ' ve been doing. I ' m just going to try harder, " said Thompson. Thompson fends off a San Antonio competitor as he strives for a basket. 108 m 110 TULANE BASEBALL T " lc } T.uL )n i! No. Name 1 J.B. Mahoney 2 Glen Fourmaux 3 David Turner 5 John Zelenka 6 Chris Rivette 7 Mike Borgatti 8 Scott Barbier Gregg Barrios Brian Migliore Scott Murphy Lenny Edelman Danny Wagner Joe Scheuermann Tim Cox Reggie Reginelli Kevin Burdine John Reich Kevin Mmahat Eric Lane Tommy Mathews Steve Riley Brian Shearman Jack Catanese Tommy Little Marc Desjardins Head Coach: Joe Brockhoff Assistant Coaches; Mickey Retif Kenny Francingues Manager: Joey Brockhoff Manager: Jim Sexton Trainer: Mike Hall Tommy Matthews keeps a watchful eye on the ball. 111 % , V ) i V % Mi Intense concentration is displayed by Brian Migliore in preparation for tliis pitch. Tulane players listen intently to pregame instructions. 113 ■mmt Women ' s Basketball: striving for a Winning Season H No. Name 10 Missy Paulman 12 Sue Owens 13 Sharons Duclos 14 Sharon Towry 20 DayrI Kimche 22 Sara Schlagman 25 Paula Brown 30 Ellen Tupper 31 Sarah Heider 32 Bernardette Williams 34 Teresa Heike 35 Beth Lebsack 11 IJP ' Ist J Wlu Men ' s Swim Team Back Row; L. to R. Kevin Switzer (capt.), Reed Dunne, Robert Killeen, Jody Moore, Jimmy Flowers (capt.). 3rd. Row; Scooter Aselton, Wayne Viola, Bill Bond, Morty Berger, Keitti Mason, 2nd Row; Scott Hammond (coach), Jon Schwartz, Chris Snyder, Perry Keating, Mark Fleming, Tom Paulin (asst. coach). Front Row; Tom Gordon (trainer), Danny Callen, Jerry Watson. 115 116 TENNIS Mark Wales swings diligently to return thie ball during a grueling match Sandy Sacks practices her backhand for an upcoming match Dickey IVIcDonald prepares to slam the ball for a point. 117 Tulane Track 118 119 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Manda Kapp stretches to return the ball at the women ' s competition. Members of the volleyball team display their enthusiasm as the ball is slammed from team to team. Roster: Back Row: Todd DeMezza, Manager. Kathy Trosclair, Tia Newsom, Melina Gerfers, Elizabeth Kinsley, Terri Harvey, Charlotte Cunliffe, Patti Boerner, Ann Bruder, Patricia Toulouse. Front Row: Kathy Birdwell, Patricia Plumb, Veda Ferdinand, Marda Kapp, Karia Seals, Darlene Cooke. 120 lA- ' i ' ' «;««■ LACROSSE: Southwest Champs Again With a quick start and a quick end, the Tulane Lacrosse Team finished its 1983 season with a record of 9-0 in the collegiate division and 1-3 in the club division. For the third year in a row, the Green Wave captured the Southwest collegiate crown. Highlights of the season were early victones over Texas A M (16-4) and Sam Houston State (15-8). The Wave ' s defense and midfield play pulled out important wins late in the season to capture the Southwest championship outright. Left: Members of the Lacrosse team ham it up in front of the camera after a grueling match. nr 122 Left-right: Mickey Graff, Claude Madere, Joseph McCarthiy, Coachi Abadie, Gary Mehrtens, Earl Adorno, Adrienne A, Theriot, Secretary. Right: A member of Tulane ' s skydiving performs an exhiibiti on jump for interested spectators. 123 Skeet and Trap Club The Skeet Trap Club is comprised of 22 members who enjoy practicing shooting sl ills and participating in championship and inter-collegiate matches. Throughout the year the members planned matches with such schools as Yale, University of Illinois and Oklahoma State. The group is coached by Jon Abelman and Jon Christensen, Officers include Jon Abelman, president; Jon Christensen, vice-president; and Lenny Sorges, secretary. Kneeling Left to R; Scott Brown, Jon Abelmann, Stefan Schirler, Chris Jayne. Standing Left to R; Bret Pahs, John Christensen. Gabriel Saavedra. 124 Tulane Scuba Seated Left to R; Harold Etherington, Bruce Gasarch; Middle Row Left to R; Jon Abelman (president), Michael Landy, Dan Muskat; Back Row Lef t to R; John Eynon, Michael McRee, Mike Hilton, John Broman, Jeff Sturkey, Kris Salzer, Dirk Angeuine. 125 -s? i " • - K 481 126 student Life 127 A 128 129 The Quad - •:.:i .A . ' imd . r » jT FcocoKn 7i :s? Missy Cohen enjoyed a cold beer and good con- versation during a TGIF Volleyball l ept many students entertained on Resi- dence Hall Day. Capacity crowds stretched ttie quad for WTUL ' s Marattion weekend. TULANE UNIVERSITY THEATRE IMP L yj William Gregory Etter and David Miller in Coming Attractions. Directed by Michael Price. !H . . . r I,. « ; ' » -. V f ;v Af ... i .«« . . _• . , " l: : ' ' , K r " ' ' ' j aA. ( - ' ' " ' y t ' A ' . ' 1 iv ' . V- 4- ' V-J-H ( t ■ ' . ■ « ' • ■ ' ' S ' ■ • i- Y ' ' ,■ ' •tf £ f ,H . ' .i j; wt,..: U ' l: V-v O. -0kSm : Steven Sutherland and Elizabetti Hewlett in Crucifer of Blood, directed by Ron Gun 134 Above: Two actors in a scene from American Buffalo, a University Players production. Below: Freda Norman and Rico Peterson appear in ttie Tony Award winning play Children of a Lesser God. 135 MAMBO ' S WORD E.M. Esposito Dear Mambo, I am a college student about to move into an apartment with two other guys. It is a mid-size three bedroom, one bath apartment several blocks from campus. They are real close friends, however, I am just an acquaintance of the two. Is thiis a good home, and what about a maid ' ' Apartment Alarmed in New Orleans Dear A. A., An apartment is a student ' s dream! Oh to get out of his parent ' s house and one of those 10X10 square cell blocks you are squeezed into freshman year with a weirdo roommate you never met before. But life isn ' t a bowl of cherries, so to speak; you tend to hit a pit now and then. Well, here are some suggestion to survive apartment life .... Above all, don ' t take a basement apartment! If you haven ' t signed the lease yet, get out of it. It isn ' t the best way to spend the school year going to bed with an umbrella and galoshes half the time while your furniture spends its time on cement blocks. Arrive at the apartment first. You want to get first choice of bedrooms. The one furthest from the bathroom is the best, so you don ' t have to hear a roommate all night after he drank too much. Don ' t shop at uptown garage sales. The array of items scattered about those old mansions are just over-priced remnants of furniture, etc., left after an uptown child smashed it during a temper tantrum — it is sure to fall apart. Promise all your friends some apartment-cooked meals of real food (not that institutional food they serve on campus) and they are sure to help you move in. This is very important if moving to the third floor. Install a work schedule. Otherwise you ' ll 136 be scrubbing that nasty soap-scum around the tub while your loving roomies are pushing the button on the dishwasher. Buy many plants. Although it is very difficult to keep them alive (I think you need to water them or something . .?) they will detract from the surrounding disaster that exists in most college apartments. Need a house device? If ever you are at a loss as to where to get an item for your apartment, )ust go to the real world; yes, the shopping malls of Metarie. Never have the parents over with a full refrigerator. Only let them visit when the place is semi-messy and the fridge is empty. By sundown the fndge is sure to be full and they won ' t hesitate to send money the next time you need it. Always shop at Schwegmann ' s. For real good prices on food for the budget minded, it is the place to hit, especially to stock for those late-night binges. Besides, think of all the friends you could make. Meet your neighborhood bartenders. It helps towards the end of the month and during finals when you really need to suck down a few G.T. ' s and your cash flow was sucked down the first half of the month. Don ' t ever give a key to a friend! Your keys are the pathway to freedom; once they get that your phvacy walks out the door. Never-ever walk into a room without knocking first. Always knock before entering another person ' s room or one with the door closed. You never really want to know what goes on behind closed doors, it may not be all talk and no action! Don ' t complain to your parents or any friends too much. Complaining turns everyone off and will have your parents pushing you back into the dorm cell blocks. When in need, go into a closet, scream, then proceed to lie down in bed sucking your thumb for a few hours — it does wonders! Don ' t let anyone borrow your car. One night they may come back without it and not tell you for days what happened. Hungry for a po-boy ' r ' Eat at Domilisie ' s or make your own and save your stomach from mayo that sat out all day or is flavored by Anna-May ' s and Rose-Mary ' s fingers. Be prepared for roaches. New Orleans is the birthplace of billions of those oversized insects. They enjoy everything from down home soul food to the best French delicacies. Just name them, call them your kids and be happy; DEAL WITH IT! Tell your dad Mom wants and needs a new microwave. Be ready to catch the old one when it gets thrown out the door because you can ' t afford such luxuries yet. Then teach all your guests to use it while you watch T.V. Never look a puppy in the eye. Otherwise, you ' ll fall in love and want to take it to your first home of your own. Puppies and New Orleans apartments just don ' t go very well together. Adopt a roach and train it to bark at strangers. Girls, now it is time to learn to make something for Sunday dinner besides reservations! Make an adventure out of it and discover pots. Be thankful every day that you don ' t have hall meetings, a community bathroom of forty persons, that you have your own kitchen (be it ever so messy) and that your meals (though not always recognizable) are not institutionally prepared. You can reclaim some privacy and you can enjoy the wonders of independency . . . and bills! 137 CO 00 o Tulane ' s Direction Program aims at bringing together leaders in tlie national and international political, scientific, and media-based disciplines. Ttiis year Direction was proud to present sucti prominent figures as ex-Soviet Ambassador and advisor to Andrei Gromyko, Arkady Stievctienko (top). Also present were ttie Wasfiington Editor of ttie " National Review " Jofin McLaugtilin (bottom) and Zbigniew Brzezinski, President Carter ' s Assistant for National Security Affairs (qpposite). 138 140 Opposite page: Top: John McLaughlin Bottom Left: Dick Clark, former Senator Bottom right: Pentagon papers author Daniel Ellsberg This page: Top: Kurt Waldheim Bottom: Adm. Eugene Carroll and William Rusher, publisher of the National Review 141 4- The Louis Faico Dance Company dazzled stu- dents with their unique brand of modern dance. TUCP Dazzles Tulane with Fine Arts Last year, culture came to Tulane in the form of TUCP ' s Fine Arts Series. Students had the chance to experience panto- mime, dancing, classical piano and dra- ma performed by some of the world ' s best. In this, the second year of the series, TUCP has established the series as a lasting, welcome addition to their annual programming. Kicking off this year ' s season was Miss Margarida ' s Way, an experiment in audi- ence participation. Estelle Parsons ' fine acting ability made this one-woman show much more than a spectator event. In the second show of the series, legendary jazz great Dizzy Gillespie wowed the audience with his music. No Maps on My Taps combined film and actual performances to present an interesting documentation of the evolu- tion of tap dancing. Second Semester provided patrons with modern dance from the Louis Faico Dance Company. Rel nowned for his choreography in Fame, Louis FaIco gave the Tulane audience a memorable and dynamic performance. The last show and series highlight was the Tony award-winning play Children of a Lesser God. It was an intense perfor- mance dealing with the problems deaf people face in a hearing world, and one woman ' s struggle for independence. Children of a Lesser God brought us deaf people learning to cope in a hearing world. 143 Dizzy Gillespie entertained the audience witti tiis legendary jazz stylings. 144 ! V Estelle Parsons skillfully took the audience back to grade school in Miss Margarida ' s Way. Tap dancing highlighted the show No Maps on My Taps, 145 cc BEAUX 147 ing Homecoming Homecoming Horn 148 149 150 The Jazz Fest is among the array of festivals celebrated each year throughout Louisiana. The musical mix of Gospel singers to Pop Rock to Broadway tunes entertains hoardes of visitors as they browse by the booths of home crafts and Cajun cuisine. m- , ' ' j:.!: ' Y S f ' ,l4. ■-. ! ' % ■5 - M Le 15 Avril 1834 (Honore Daumier lithograph) TULANE STUDENTS GET CULTURED! As Tulane University is a Member of the New Orleans Museum of Art, all Tulane students are admitted to NOMA free of charge. During the past year, Tulane students were offered many exciting exhibitions and special events. In November, the Museum presented three special exhibitions, Honore Daumier 1808-1879, from the Armand Hammer Collection, Contemporary American Political and Social Cartoonists and Photographs by Mother St. Croix. The latter was of particular interest since Mother St, Croix (1845-1940), a Roman Catholic nun, belonged to the Ursuline order in New Orleans. Mother St. Croix bequeathed to the community a picture nt. no longer in existence, preserving an ira that would otherwise have been lost forever. In February, The Modern Masters came to NOMA in a special exhibition entitled 20th Century Paintings from the Collection of The Museum of = Modern Art, New York. This exhibition included 50 paintings by such Modern Masters as Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Braque and Klee, and concentrated on three major art movements from 1907-1959 — Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism 20th Century Paintings offered a rare opportunity to see the growth of modern art since the early 1900s through masterpieces from that period and an opportunity to understand an era that created such important movements as Cubism, Expressionism and Surrealism. In the Spring, the Museum presented " the exhibition you love to hate, " the 1983 New Orleans Triennial, the nation ' s oldest continuing survey of regional contemporary art. As always, this exhibition stimulated a bit of controversary, as well as presented some important new works. Also, during the Triennial exhibition, the Museum presented Etchings by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Piranesi (1720-1778) was the most inventive and powerful designer among 18th century printmakers. This exhibition presented 50 prints by the Italian artist. During these special exhibitions, the Museum presented several film series and lectures to complement the exhibitions, all free to Tulane students as a benefit of University Membership at NOMA. In addition to special exhibitions and events, the New Orleans Museum of Art acquired some very important works of art and opened two new galleries. Last year NOMA received 100 contemporary Haitian paintings and sculptures from the Perry EH. Smith Collection. Formed during a four-year residence in Haiti, this collection includes important works by Haitian artists from the founding generation of young artists. Additionally. NOMA was among a group of 13 American museums selected by the bequest of Edward Steichen, one of America ' s foremost 20th century photographers. The museums were selected on the basis of their commitment to photography On March 11. the Museum opened the Rosemonde E. and Emile Kuntz Rooms. These two period rooms exhibit choice examples of Americas fine and NE¥ ORLEANSHMUSELMCFAKT decorative arts heritage and add another dimension to the Museum ' s already highly regarded Arts of the Americas Collection, Finally, on May 15, the New Orleans Museum of Art proudly opened a special gallery of the imperial Treasures by Peter Carl Faberge from the Matilda Geddings Gray Foundation Collection. With three Imperial Easter Eggs and eighteen magnificent floral creations, including Feberge ' s floral masterpiece, the Imperial Basket of Lillies of the Valley, the Gray Foundation Collection is one of the three most important Faberge collections in America (the Forbes Magazine Collection and the Pratt Collection at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts being the other two). These incredibly beautiful creations were made by Faberge for the last Czars of Russia, In addition to being an important cultural institution, the New Orleans Museum of Art is a vital educational resource, including NOMA ' S Felix J, Dreyfous Library, This resource library is opened to all Tulane University Students during general public hours, and many Tulane students took advantage of the library during the past B[ ■■ jB 8 ' ■ ■ m ' : :ii) .t: cf¥ - 1 Uwi fc- SHOOT YOURSELF 154 155 156 159 itch, bitch, bitch by Anne Morton Sure, everyone knows about the college years being the best years of ones life, insists Uncle Fred, Aunt Sue, et al. Your older friends present you with a vision of Tulane nothing short of Paradise: continuous partying, little work, road trips on weekends, the Quarter. But who was it who neglected to mention the other things, the nagging irritations that taken by themselves are nothing, but when piled up threaten to drive the sanest student to the counseling center? No one, to my knowledge, has ever sung the praises of such wonders as quarter-gulping washing machines, cold dryers, walking up eight or twelve flights of stairs when the elevators have died or wasting slowly away on cafeteria food. The time has come to recognize these vital ingredients of college life, without which our education would be sorely incomplete. Take cars, for example. How many of you out there who are vehicleless have drooled over the black MG parked in front of Irby? Or even over the 1971 Dodge hidden away in the farthest corner of the Willow Street lot? Take heart, friends, for the climate of New Orleans and the drainage system of McAlister Drive give those fortunate enough to posess a car no end of hassles. After the periodic floods, imagine waking up and discovering that your car is no longer in front of Sharp, but is in fact rapidly floating towards Favrot Field House. Or, even worse, finding out that it is your Camero which is blocking McAlister and causing high blood pressure in all those infuriated motorists behind it. To continue on with the rain for a bit longer, since it is such an integral part of New Orleans. You ' ve heard of the scifi movie " The Incredible Shrinking Man " ? What about Tulane ' s version: " The Incredible Sinking Ouad " ? Those students brave enough to tackle the boggy mud flats after three days of rain are legends in their own times if they manage to appear on the other side alive. If someone ' s roomate has disappeared after a rainstorm, well, it can ' t be helped, they ' ve tried to walk through swampland . . . Those who do reappear are greeted with furious outbursts as they track gallons of mud all over their roomie ' s pale yellow carpet. To move on, quarters. No, not the drinking game, but those valuable pieces of currency so quickly used up in vending machines, Pac-Man, and last but not least, washer and dryers. A word of advice to those attempting to do laundry: ASK a knowledgeable person which machines work. Otherwise you may be faced with Levis soaking in dirty water, soggy clothes that have been in the dryer for an hour, and that most frustrating occurence: machines which greedily gulp your money and then refuse to even fill with water or spin around. Some of you may be persuaded to violence, but beware: a sheetmetal washing machine is more durable than your foot. Next comes the food. Sure, we knew that when we signed up for the meal plan that it would not be mom and her Joy of Cooking preparing our cuisine. But who would have expected such delicacies as mystery meat or powdered eggs? Everyone says that you put on a few extra pounds at college but after this we wonder how that is, until we discover the chocolate bars and ice cream which are vital to our existence and well-being. Finally, the miracle of that time and wind-saving invention; the elevator. Though only a minority of the school suffers with these so-called " conveniences " , the frustration endured by these students certainly deserves recognition. For those residents fortunate to live on the first floors of these halls, the inconvenience is minimal. However, how many of you penthouse dwellers have been faced with the prospect of climbing eight or twelve flights of stairs after a hard day because the elevators were taking the day off? Less annoying, but no less unattractive, is the unique experience you may face in the morning; that of keeping company with the garbage on the way down. Unappealing at any time, this hde is certain to kill your appetite for breakfast. Don ' t let all these things fool you, people; college life does have its fun times. Remember, you must pay some price for no parents, no curfew, and the Quarter. Besides, if there weren ' t for any of these occurences, what would you discuss with your friends during Economics? 161 4 ' - ' - ' ' ■ " fL!}i l.Ml « 1 (0 (0 5 (C 164 165 1. it! 168 George Thurogood 169 THE TULANIANS Trombone player Ric Coons Tulanians Cast: Adrienne Petite, Lee Waldman, Eddie Levine, Carrie Robinson, Cliristine Slianl , Jay D ' Lugin, Cassie Stecl , Brian Batt, Julie Emig, Doug Schiffer, Wendy Levy, Ric Coons, Mil e Kelly, Bob Czachara, Scott Greene, Ricky Howe, Mike McGo- wan, Rich Rhodes, Joel Livingston, Timothy Beach, Steve Brown, Kenny Weil, Brad Beeson, Jim McDernnott, Stan Terry, Lisa Josvai, B.J. Perez. Director: Jane Rushing. Instrumental Director: B.J. Perez. 170 171 172 173 t . . - ,L S r 1 .IS: ,r. v W 0 ' 1 V f IX ' i IB • .o 174 Greeks 175 " Because everyone who is anyone is . . . " " I don ' t l now. I did not realize until I woke up that I had joined. " " I ' m into goats. " " It seenned like a good way to meet people, and get involved in campus life. " " For the food. " " To expand my horizons. " " I liked the guys. " " I knew I would make fhends for life. " " Connections. " " For the cable TV. " " I have no idea. " Members of the Tulane Greek System What is the mystique of the Greek system? What drives a freshman to endure hell week ' ! ' What drives actives to participate in the long hours involved? What drives alumnae to spend long hours supporting — long after their college years? It is the rare opportunity to join a group of people united by certain convictions. It is the fel- lowship. Just as a family may be divided into smaller groups, each with their own characteristics, so too may a Greek system be divided. Once classi- fied into the structure of fraternities and sororities, personalities develop, and each group hence be- comes a unique entity. A member may then expe- nence both the system and the individual group, doubling the opportunity to develop mentally, physically and socially. It is this diversity yet uni- fication that makes a Greek system appealing, and it IS these qualities that make the Tulane Uni- versity Greek System strong. 176 The Greeks of TU are a unique mix of people with a myriad of social values and attitudes. They come from all over the country with varying goals, dreams and expectations. They each join the sys- tem and each contribute something to their group. Such diversity could be crippling, but the existence of compromise and cooperation based upon mutual respect has salvaged and streng- thened it. While the students deal with the added advan- tages and disadvantages of New Orleans, they bond together to form a cohesive unit, indi- vidualistic yet unified. The attitudes and actions of the system have proven to have a profound and positive impact on the involvement of Tulane ' s student life. It is the traditions coupled with the uninhibited creativity that attracts students. It is the chance to belong to a nationwide family and the unique Tulane system that holds them for life. Fraternity rush provides a sharp contrast to the formality of sorority rush. Gone are the sun- dresses and iced tea; instead, madras blazers and beer form the mainstay of fret rush. Through rush week, the rushees are invited to numerous parties ranging from casual beer band bashes to more formal alumni cocktail parties. In be- tween, the brothers use every form of persua- sion they can, to encourage rushees to pledge. Little sisters, campus activities, " brotherly " talks with the rushees and sometimes strippers urge the rushees to pledge XYZ fraternity. At the end of the week, the fraternities issue bids to the rushees they wish to pledge. While many (unsuspecting) rushees see pledging as the end of rush, upperclassmen know better. The fun has just begun!!! 179 9 : ; . . O O : September 1 Dear Mom, Rush starts tomorrow, and I ' m scared to death! I only know one sorority girl, my orien- tation coordinator, and I can ' t remember which sorority she ' s in! And I just know my dress won ' t get back from the cleaners in time for me to wear it. Please check with Mrs. VanNorman and make sure she sent in my recommendations! Love, Suzy September 2 Dear Mom, I made it through the first series parties, but I am sure I ' m going to be cut. I had absolutely nothing to say so I just giggled like an idiot at anything the actives had to say. I spilled an entire pitcher of water at one of the houses. Now the whole world will think I ' m a klutz! What am I going to do? Miserably, Suzy mi 12. ' JBHv } ' :• .-■■■ - ' . ..».-.t!J«M; - .- __ mi " VkW ' - Mr .- " _ iiB ' - . Y ' - " ■ ir - i Tl i A }■ % " -•L, - liil i R 1 Ik i 1 1 :■ vV 180 September 3 Dear Mom, Well, at least I got asked back to some of the houses, although not the one where I tnpped down the front steps. My roommate says I should get my hair cut before tomorrow, but I can ' t find any place open that early. I guess I ' ll just have to go through second series looking like a sheep- dog! Please send my brown sandals before Fn- day so I can have something to wear with that new sundress. Desperately, Suzy September 4 MOTHER, I told you I had to have those shoes before tomorrow. Now I have nothing to wear so I ' ll just have to go shopping. Don ' t complain to me about the VISA bill that you get, it ' s your fault anyway. Third series parties are tomorrow. I think I ' ll slit my wrists. Unhappily, Suzy 181 September 5 Dear Mom, Well, I ' ve signed my preference card, but we won ' t know if we got the bids until tomorrow. I don ' t think I ' ll live until then so I have eaten four pepperoni pizzas to pass the time. My roommate dropped quiche on the carpet at one of the houses, and it had just been redecorated. She hasn ' t stopped crying since she got back. I ' m glad I didn ' t do anything that dumb. Anxiously, Suzy September 6 Dearest Mother, I GOT I N ! ! ! It was the one I wanted and every- thing. My roommate got in too (apparently they got the quiche out of the carpet). I ' ve never been so happy in all my life! Now, I ' ve got to go shop- ping so I ' ll have something to wear on Screech Night. All my love, Suzy 182 183 K 184 This year, Sigma Chi fraternity resumed their tradition of hosting an inter-sorority pledge com- petition. Known as Derby Weel , the competition resembles a small scale Greek Week. The soror- ities compete to earn money for philanthropies, to entertain the Sigma Chi ' s and to find the most derbies in a scavenger hunt and to show the most spirit. The week gives pledges a chance to work closely with their respective pledge classes on a project of their own — their chance to show the actives that pledges are an important part of the sorority. The actives, in turn, offer support and lots of spirit during the week. The week ends with a day of games on New- comb quad. Each pledge class along with its Sigma Chi coaches, competes in such activities as beer chugs and balloon pops. When the games end, the Sigma Chi officials tally the total points for the week and announce the winner of Derby Week. The 1 983 winner was Kappa Kappa Gamma, for their spirit and enthusiasm in all events. 185 ie . 186 1.. 187 9 i 0 Newcomb Panhellenic had a very successful and productive year. Eight sororities pledged 389 women. Several new faces appeared on the scene this year. First, Nancy Olinde became the new advisor. Also, the colonization of Delta Phi Epsi- lon began in August. They proved to be a strong chapter and received their charter in March. Many programs were offered during the year. These included receptions, speakers, study breaks and the annual progressive dinner, which is always a good excuse for adding a few extra pounds. Also, Greek Week and Derby Week events enjoyed by soronty members. Games, dances and other social events rounded out the year. One program that Panhellenic is proud of is Operation I.D. Sororities worked with the Tulane security department to allow students to have valuable items engraved for identification. Finally, a new branch of Panhellenic was cre- ated. Junior Panhellenic, made up of pledge representatives, encourages inter-sorority events for pledge classes. 188 This year for the Tulane Interfraternity Council was marl ed by an evaluation of both the univer- sity and the fraternity system by the National Interfraternity Committee. The evaluation was directed at improving the relationship between the university and its fraternities as well as focusing on objective approaches to enhance the fraternity system at Tulane. The final report will aid the fraternities in their ongoing efforts to become a fully integrated entity at Tulane and in the surround- ing neighborhoods. 189 190 Greek sports in the ' 82- ' 83 season were very competitive. Tine race for tine Inter-Fraternity Council trophy was as close as possible. Sever- al fraternities were in the race all the way. Kappa Sig ' s late month probation took them out of con- tention forthe trophy, SigmaNu, looking fortheir fifth stright IFC crown, won two of the three major sports, Sigma Chi won softball in exciting fashion to finish up inter-fraternity competition with a bang. Alpha Epsilon Pi had led the best of five series, two games to none, and Sigma Chi came back to win the next three games to take the Softball title, AEPi had great hitting from Joel Cohen and Scott Lazarus, but it was not enough to stop the power of ' Greg Barr Co, ' of Sigma Chi. In football, SigmaNu, underthe leadership of quarterback Marty Bolton, beat AEPi to take the the title. The football season was a great one for AEPi — they were undefeated going into the finals, thanks to their receiver Paul Weissman. In the finals, however, it was Sigma Nu ' s de- fense led by the rushing of Steve Kenney and the coverage of Ken Davidov, Bernie Hoppen- feld and Kent Strubble which proved to be the difference in the 7-0 Sigma Nu win. Sigma Nu also won the basketball title by beating Kappa Sigma in overtime. For Sigma Nu, Ken Davidov and Jeff Jonas led the way with accurate shooting and great defense. Kap- pa Sig ' s E.J. and Dave Miller led their offensive surge at the end of the game to put the game into overtime. Sigma Nu scored eight points in the overtime while holding Kappa Sig to a mere one basket. The " little sports " (pool, bowling, ping pong) were dominated by Kappa Sigma, Track and Field was won by Sigma Nu, Sigma Chi won wrestling. At year ' s end with all points except grade point average, Sigma Nu was in first place and Sigma Chi needed first or sec- ond place in that category to beat the apparent five time champions — Sigma Nu, ?z ' __. Kv 192 ■ 1 Hmb bbBBHBBBW I B 9 mli ' ' !- H| |V p Hpv ' - ' VvmPr-r ..-,-7-- ' - gj B V aJ ' " ' ' ' ' " ' l k i 193 Alpha Epsilon Phi Robin Adier Amy Arno Laurie Baim Linda Baylinson Lynne Bernstein Rebecca Bernstein Nancy Byck Dianne Colnen Maria Colien Maura Cohen Susie Collat Maxine Coppersmitii Clieryl Davis Laurie Dollin Sherne Edelman Mindy Elser Debbie Fanburg Melissa Feldman Leslie Finkelstein Susan Frank Monica Fried Mona Friedman Andrea Golden Ellen Goldfarb Jill Goldman Fonda Goldstein Lauren Goldware Lauren Gotlieb Nancy Graboyes Jill Greenberg Beth Harris Lori Hecht Melanie Heintz Amy Herta Barbara Hodin Judith Isdaner Jill Jacoves Nancy Kaplan Andrea Katz Merrie Keller Donna Kelly Elaine Koby Joan Kohn Robyn Kohn Wendy Kosberg Amy Kovler Karen Kravtin Maria Krupman Jan Laupheimer Beth Levine Jill Leving Wendy Levy Shari Lipschutz Jody Lischkoff Patricia Loeb Caroline Lux Laura Magaziner Fonda Magids Susie Mannis Sherri Marblestone Debbie Mesirow Sheryl Mesirow Toni Miller Nancy Mills Sally Mintz Lisa Mittler Carl Nathanson Toby Pallet Shari Penner Lynette Perlman Lisa Peyton Amy Pinsker Brenda Rayel Karen Ronnel Debbie Roos Edith Rosen Gail Rosenbaum Nancy Rosenberg Peggy Rubens Michelle Sainer Patti Sandberg Deena Schencker Tammy Schiff Lynda Schwalb Amy Seigal Tami Seltman Joy Shapiro Ellen Shayman Bonnie Sheitelman Shari Sheitelman Lisa Sherins Linda Siegal Suzanne Smith Loren Soloman Patty Soloman Susan Soloman Lynn Spector Lon Spielberger Clanssa Star Laurie Stein Dana Stern Debbie Stern Merryl Thaler Pam Tizer Randi Tompkins Amy Trubowitz Lee Waldman Susan Wiener Pam Zahler Shara Zakarin Roberta Zarkowski Lisa Zier Sheril Zimmerman Randi Zinberg 194 Alpha Epsilon Pi Louie Abramson David Albert Bennet Alpert Edward Bases Howard Bendell Stephen Bilkis Robert Belchman Eric Blumenfel Douglas Bowling Mark Bradley David Brenner Howard Brenner Scott Brightman Ross Brown Alan Bulbin Jonathan Cohan Joel Cohen William Crooks Lawrence Dear Richard Dinnerstein Jeffrey Epstein Richard Feibus Paul Feinberg Stephen Felton Leonard Fischer Bruce Forrest Richard Galkin Mitchell Gervis Jonathan Ginsberg Lawrence Gladstone Jeffrey Gold Richard Golden Bruce Goldfarb Kyle Green Ira Guttentag William Scott Harris Noah Heftier Mark Heller Michael Heller Edward Henkin Bruce Herman Daren Howard Stuart Israel George Johnson Eric Kono Russell Krakow Jonathan Kramer Gary Kranz Steven Kranz Andrew Kurland Richard Lambert Eric Lazarus Scott Lazarus Albert LeBoyer Richard Mandel Lanny Marks Marc Mauser David McDowell Stephen Meltzer Adam Menkes Leif Metsch Philip Michelson Jeffrey Miller Andrew Mills Laurence Moser Andrew Mueller Mark Olensky Robert Orlin Adam Persky Scott Pestcoe Michael Polo Steve Press Barry Resnik Ron Richmond Braig Roberts Mathew Rosengart Andrew Rosenzweig Neil Ross David Rothenberg Robert Rubinstein Jonathan Sawyer Matthew Schilowitz David Schwartz David F, Schwartz Russell Schwartz Lee Sherman Steven Shore Jonathan Siegler Howard Singer Robert Slatoff Jack Soloff David Speizman Mark Spirer Steven Steiner Lawrence Stempel Warren Struhl Jeffrey Tamis Jeffrey Tannenbaum Kenneth Turkel Mark Tusk David Weil Sanford Weinberg Herschel Weisfeld Paul Weisman Barry Weiss Richard Weiss Scott Weiss Jeffrey Wolf Howard Wolofsky Thomas Zilahi 195 Alpha Sigma Phi Michael Caruso Stephen Jones Mike Bissau! Ian Kerr Andrew Donnelly Steven Koreman Marc Greenberg Christopher Kuruvella Gary Helfman Keith Luber James Henderson Sean McDonald Howard Herman Kenneth Price Jason Johnston Jeff Williams 196 Alpha Tau Omega Michael Armltage John Bolton Brent Bourque Volney Campbell Anton Cangelosi Charles Carr James Day Burgin Dossett Kent Dussom Robert Frost John Gallagher Keith Goodfellow John Hatch Howard Henriques Kirk Heumann Thomas Hughes Michael Kelly Leonard Killeen Patricl Kingsmill James Korndorffer Walter Lebreton Bret Levy Michael Litvack Cyril Lowe Peter Lund Gary McNamara Edward Moise Robert Morton Kent Nicaud Rene Paysse Shepard Perrin Mark Pilie David Quinn Hugh Randolph Paul Reggie Raymond Reggie Russell Rhea Rex Roberts John Rodney Kent Ryan Mark Sigler Eugene Simon John Truett Robert Truett James Ulrey Daniel Wagner Wesley Walk James Wilson Gregory Woolverton Robert Yates 197 Beta Theta Pi Norman Beck Jack Biggs Mitchell Blumenthal Robert Bocock Tim Bouchard Marco Brunicelli John Eynon Laurence Fox Christopher French Robert Garvey Chris Greanias Kevin Hooper Andrew Hurwitz Howard Jacobs Michael Judd Peter Kettler Raymond Koloski Chris Lazarou Jeromw McCarthy Terence Nolan Michael Park John Papandon Stephen Propper Frederick Schuler Chris Scroger Steven Sloan Philip Stevenson Marco St. John Edgar Ulloa Kurt Weinstock Adam Williams Stephen Wolf James Wrathall Lawrence Yarborough Yvan Zorrealba 198 Delta Kappa Epsilon Bryan Batt Jonathan Bean John Bendernagel Thomas Beron Charles Bethell Joseph Brewer Christian Brown Brodie Cobb Craig Colombes Gary Culbertson Ana De La Fuente Herce Williann Dossett George Francisco Louis Freeman Robert Gallagher Charles Gamburg John Georges Paul Glass Alex Goodson Jesse Henley Crawford Hindermann Chris Johnson William Kearney Thomas Kilby Daniel Killeen John Kostmayer Wesley Lambert Marc Lauricella Bruce Levy Edwin McMullen Charles Morse Jonathan Mulkin William Naff Nal Neitzschman Michael Owens Kevin Pomet Raoul Rodnguez Ricardo Rodnguez Gerard Ruth Parks Shackelford Billy Shepard William Slatten Gerard Sonnier Douglas Sprunt Jeffrey Streich Michael Tubbs Randall Turney Norris Williamson llOfil 199 Delta Phi Epsilon Eve Alman Judy Bressler Lisa Chaiklin Lisa Cinapin Lauri Clare Susan Cohn Rebecca Cotler Ellen Eisen Cheryl Gildenhorn Sherri Hecktman Debbie Schechter Beth Schick Tracy Swedlow Lisa Weil Jill Weinstein Lauren Wunsh Ellen Zaglin 200 Delta Tau Delta Barry Adams John Argenti Steven Ballinger Bradley Barnhiil David Bell Michael Berry Jeffrey Bey John Bonerba Scott Brook Laird Burnett Frederick Burns Gregory Calejo Clay Christianson Clair Davis Kenneth Degot Thomas Diaz Mont Echols William Eckert Steven Eisner Mark Felger William Fitzpatnck Russell Forbis Andrew Gardner Revi Goodenow David Gordon Jeffrey Gum Jack Gutman Bruce Hamilton Tod Hanna Kent Heck Jeffrey Hood Stephen Julien George Koclanes Francis Larvie William Leffler Michael Low enthal John McKenzie Paul Melblom John Nicosia Michael Nictakis David Paarz Michael Paton Peter Riccobene Timothy Rood Michael Rosenberg Arturo Salow Vincent Santomassimo Steven Shaffer Raymond Silverstein Stephen Simion Mark Smallwood James Smith Barry Soicher Brion Stanford Daniel Sullivan Allen Tafel Chnstopher Tobe John Tompkins Peter Urbanowicz Rhett Weiss David Weissman Andrew Wetstone Derek Winebrenner ELTA TAU rrj r! ATA 201 Kappa Alpha Brad Adams David Adelman William Akers James Baus John Bellan Emest Bie Tom Bolen John Carwie Lincoln Case Salvador Casente James Churchill William Colomb Thomas Colvi in John Cox Guy Curry John Daly Douglas Dillon Brent Finley Brian Fitzpatrick Vincent Gauthier Charles Hamilton Andrew Hillary Francis Holland Christopher Holton Bay Ingram Jeffrey Irle Barry Kern Steve Kline Robert Killeen Omer Kuebel Honore Lartigue Robert Lil)eberg Charles Livaudis J.B. Mahoney Richard McGinity Paul McKee Ian Miller Michael Miller Michael Moorehead Christopher Muckerman Donald Nalty Frederic Newburger Jeffrey Oustalet Stephen Pelleriti David Pixberg Jonathan Pollock Kevin Pomet Marc Quiroz Felix Rabito Neil Rapmund Jeffrey Small Lawrence Smithson Lee Smithson Miguel Solen Edward Stauss David Sussman Victor Teumer Peter Thompson Michael Toso David Turner John Turner Steven Van Zandt Thomas Wallace Hugh White John Young 202 203 Kappa Alpha Theta Carolyn Agresti Sara Agresti Teresa Barnes Anne Barrett Denise Bartizal Tricia Benoit Portia Berrey Lisette Betancourt Patricia Bowers Suzy Brundage Caroline Burton Katherine Coleman Elizbeth Cravens Judy Dalton Heidi Davis Bndgett Everitt Sharon Fenno Caryn Fine Amy Giordano Mary Page Gready Katherine Heatherw ick Christine Hoffman Elizabeth Huddleston Lizzie Hudson Polly Johnson Sharon Jones V. Jannette Jones Danielle Kane Rylla Karst Teri Katz Caren Knochenhauer Alma Kombari Laura Leitch Suzanne Lemay Theresa Lippert Anna-Marie Litwin Elizabeth Malman Margaret McCullough Suzanne McGlone Joanne McHugh Marcia Miller Laura Miskovsky Chnstine Mitchell Anne Morris Maria Morris Lisa Myers Nancy Newmark Tia Newsom Robin O ' Bannon Lea Percy Marta Perez Adrienne Petite Regina Reed Mah-Ofe Rodriguez Yvette Rusca Lynne Sargent Jamie Saucer Amy Saulnier Amy Shafer Jean Simion Peggy Stafford Lesley Stanford Ruth Stecher Nancy Sternberg Susan Strachan Margie Strauss Elizabeth Sullivan Andrea Vilmos Robin Walton Lizzie Weintraub Alora White Anne-Marie Wolfe Callaway Woods 204 Kappa Sigma Peter Albert Jonathan Anastos Richard Baker Robert Ball Christopher Belaire Christopher Bellone Richard Cameron Done Capsis Bradley Chase Andrew Citrin James Cohen Michael Conley David Connelly Mark Connolly Abner Cornwell Joseph Corteguera John Cottingham Walter Davis Rhett Debuys Richard Delrio George Dimitri Robley Dupleix Mark Duvoisin Daniel Eckstein Joseph Fischer James Fitzmaurice Arthur Fullerton Harry Geismar Joseph Gilliland Robert Grainger James Hillhouse Alec Hirsch Gregory Holcombe John Jacobson Warner Janof Daniel Johnson Wayne Johnson Gregory Jung Richard Jurisich Chris Kelly Walter Kenrich Carter Kolba Edward Krampe Steven Kushnick Thomas Lachman James Ladd Roger Landry Craig Lax Michael Levitz Douglas Lister Roland Livney James Marks Charles McGowan Christopher Miller David Miller Michael Mollow David Monahan Ben Mortman Michael Munck Guy Neilson David O ' Flynn Eric Phifer Ed Pilot Daniel Pohl Mark Potter Thomas Rebman Robert Regent Kenneth Reidbord John Renda Ray Rhymes John Rogan Karl Rothermel Jim Runsdorf David Sanker Scott Schiller Frank Scroggins Todd Seltzer Jay Selznik Theodore Shafer Steven Sheinkopf David Shepard Clayton Smith Rodrick Soars Ross Spector Gregory Stadtlander Lawrence Stern John Strasburger Charles Thompson Francis Trombetta Wade Turnbull Steven Vaughan Burton Vincent Robert White Robert Williams 205 Kappa Kappa Gamma Jane Alexander Shawn Allkis Karen Andrus Alike Antonatos Leiand Baldwin Karen Barlow Genie Barnard Alice Barnes J. Barr Suzy Bettinger Allison Bole n Ruthie Bolvig Martha Boone Alyson Boothe Gina Brasher Tracey Brice Jordan Bruns Ruthie Calhoun Tenley Carp Gilley Chamberlain Holley Chant Catherine Clark Maggie Cleary Colleen Costello Elizabeth Dana Dawn Davis Lauren Dessommes Lynne Eagan Dana Galler Stephanie Gambino Berb Gibbons Lisa Gillis Diana Gonzalez Mimi Goodyear Betsy Gordon Jeannie Grelier Lorie Groton Mary Gruenebaum Laura Harriss Rene Hedges Brooke Howell Joanne Jacobs Lori Johnson Nancy King Michelle Kingsley Libby Kermentz Alice Landry Kris Langdon Cindy Langston Lisa Lasseigne Jill Levy Carrie Lewis Elise Livaudis Sarah Lowman Dede Lyman Kathy Martin Liz Masters Teffie McLaughlin Leslie McNair Shelley McNaIr Diana Merkel Callie Metzinger Bridget Meyer Rennie Miles Mimi Miller Barbara Milnamow Carolyn Moore Kyle O ' Connor Betsy Padwee Dana Paul Marilyn Pelias Carolyn Peterson Beth Pinkerton Melissa Rainey Varin Rushton Susan Saper Suzanne Saussy Sarah Sawin Jody Schunng Sara Schwedland Scottie Settle Julie Sherman Carline Shook Brenda Sibille Elizabeth Sigety Sharon Spence Mary Spilker Shirley Stahman Caroline Stevens Stacey Sutton Shirley Tokheim Ann Tomkins Mariette VanderMeer Sarah Waters Katie Wenzler Susan Wise Edie Yarborough Annie Young Melissa Zuber 206 207 Phi Kappa Sigma Charles Allard William Bermingt-iam George Biancardi Stephen Blum William Caldwell Peter Callais Michael Clanton Geoffrey Daniels Daniel Fisher Joseph Friedman Rodd Garfinkel Adam Greene Paul Gregoli Michael Heffernan John Hodges Benjamin Hopkins Timothy Hunt Geoffrey Isles Warren Jones Lewis Ledyard Peter Leuhusen Philip Maniatty Robert Mason Edward McShane Craig Menker John Mobley Charles Moore B. Paul Morrison Robert Morns Dean Morrow Stephen O ' Neil Stanley Perelman Thomas Rand Gerry Scheirman Joh n Schenken James Shearman Andrew Shenken Richard Shepard Jonathan Small John Stewart Murray Stewart Rolf Theineman Jeffrey Thornton Forrest Turkish Robert Wartelle Jeffrey Youngman 208 Phi Gamma Delta Daniel Babineau Pedro Biccheri William Bowers Daniel Bucholitz Kevin Carroll Patrick Colpoys Todd Durand Timothy Durst Todd Eriandson Richard Feller Marshall Ford Ned Gohl Seth Grant Steven Grizzanti Adam Gutman Barry Hammond Scott Hayward James H. Hyland James M. Hyland Mark Jasen Kraig Kessel Raj Krishnan " Kevin Limp Richard Lustig Daniel Mahoney Alex Martin Scott Mashkin Clarence McGowan Rick Mejia David Miller Charles Oakman James Odza Mark Perry Mark Sallinger Steven Sandler Paul Schulman Keith Schw aner Howard Tee George Toland David Vining Andrew Werth 209 Phi Mu Jody Baldwin Tahnya Ballard Angela Bartholomew Becky Belford Shari Berke Stacey Bialkin Elizabeth Black Pat Boulet Margaret Brown Joyce Budowsky Michelle Burkett Lynn Carley Eleanor Comer Susan Cone Melissa Corcoran Jennifer Cowin Elizabeth Cox Wendy Crandall Rachel Dacey Lisette Darmstadter Patricia Dayton Ann Druffner Dolly Duplantier Sarah Eddy Laurie Elliot Mary Eriings Mary Fischer Grace Fowler Jane Foy Mary Freret Dawn George Teri Gioia Missy Glaser Melissa Gordon Hale Gork Denise Gray Jill Griffin Karen Gruesen Jan Hawley Bonnie Hogue Michelle Hornack Anne Hughes Karen Ibach Sandra Jansa Kathryn Johnson Laura Kittok Nancy Klevan Lisa Landis Patncia Lanier Hedda Lauten Schlager Lisa Leach Michael Lederman Mary Lindquist Mindy Loff Diane Machell Bea Maldonado Heather McArn Debbie McManus Leslie Mine Stacey Mitchell Katherine Moore Cynthia Neder Valerie Nelson Tammy Newell Jeanne Pappas Melissa Patterson April Peppe Virginia Phillips Stephanie Pipkin Vicki Pollock Donna Prados Ann Prevatt Laura Punghorst Ellen Riccobene Michelle Rooney Pat Ryder Sandy Sachs Holly Schymik Jane Seymour Lisa Solzman Barbara Steen Cheri Tobin Elaine Trimble Lisa Twill Valerie Vanderlick Shannon Wall Pauline Warriner Catherine Weil Melinda Wettels Debbie White Elizabeth Whitemore Paige Wiegel Kathy Wilkinson Mandy Wood 210 Pi Beta Phi Berit Amiie Chris Arthur Deborah Atkins Micheline Avegno Stepharnie Bachhuber Karen Baker Susan Banks Lynn Barham Gina Barron Leigh Ann Blackwell Carolyn Blaine Elizabeth Boh Geri Bosworth Eveline Brine Krista Camden Ann Carey Shannon Casey Suzanne Church Celia Cironne Marilyn Clements Brooke Cruger Priestley Cummings Lilynn Cutrer Wendy Dehan Joyce Delery Lea Dobbs Janet Drago Kris Dreisker Gretchen Edell Valerie Edwards Cathy Emmanuelson Elizabeth Erdreich Adrienne Fetkowitz Heidi Flynn Christy Fugate Paige Garner Reecee Garner Renee George Gina Gibson Kerry Gibson Page Giddings Katharine Gilly Sarah Grider Halfleigh Hall Pam Hensen Edie Harrell Suzanne Harris Nancy Harrison Connie Hartson Beth Haynes Monique Hocking Lizzie Horchow Loren Hurst Kathleen Jordan Catherine Kehoe Lori Lane Leslie Lanier Lynne Levy Julie Litvak Karen Markham Claudia Marozas Elizabeth McCarron Flora McConnell Rachel McHale Laura Morris Page Morris Kelly Morsman Sherry Mussafer Margaret O ' Keefe Peggy O ' Malley Gwen Osborne Barbara Pearlman Jenny Pharr Joby Ranier Marianne Rapier Liz Reidy Christy Riggs Renee Sanditz Kristen Schattagen Dina Schefler Becky Schoel Gail Schultz Leslie Schwarz Ashley Scott Madeleine Sheahan Megan Shamwell Susan Shiver Catherine Shoup Shelley Skiles Lea Mary Smith Susie Sommer Elena Soto Mollie Talley Emily Timberlake Camille Van Sant Margaret White Margaret Winston Louisa Wittmann Marguerite Young 211 Pi Kappa Alpha James Albrecht Lee Altschuler Scott Bibo Lee Brauer Kenneth Bubes Christopher Cahill Christopher Campbell Anthony Demolina Anthony Dunaif Len Edelman Joe Eggleston Steven Emerson Steven Fradkin Alan Gahagan Victor Galliano Marc Golden Jay Goldstein Robert Gotfried Philip Greenfeld Scott Groene Douglas Hart Paul Hegener Michael Herman David Hertz Stephen Johnson Daniel Katzner Jonathan Kaufman Troy Kenyon Thomas Kern Mark Kombert Leon Lants Joseph Leavitt Charles Lederman Marcel Leveque Gregory Lieberman Elliot Liss Alan Loehr Louis Lustenberger Napoleon Maminta Mark Manuel Enc McWhirter Steven Muir Andrew Murphy Alan Nachman David Nachman John Nolan William O ' Mara William Pappas Gary Podell Hillard Quint Stephen Ravosa Bradford Ray Geoffrey Regg David Reynolds Barry Rogers Steve Ross Lang Ryder Richard Schreiber Alan Schwerer Robert Silverberg Richard Smith Patrick Staves Barry Howard Edward Strobel Charles Thomas Theodore Tsatsas David Viens Dana Waldman Douglas Walker Ivan Waters John Withers William Wolf Andrew Worth Kurt Yap 212 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stephen Armstrong John Baay John Bailey John Batt William Beasley George Blackwell Robert Bland Edel Blanks Greg Blatz William Boyer George Burnett John Chilton Timothy Cruger Moss Davis Michael Dawahare Richard Diehl James Dillard Dennis Dorsey James Dyer Eugene Ely Robert Feidelson Monty Glorioso James Gold Arthur Gorling David Gray Thomas Hardy Bruce Harrison Cecil Herrington Thomas Jackson Leslie Jacobs Harris Jones Kyle Keese George Kelly Todd Kelly Garland Knight John Lancaster Kenan Loomis Richard Mackie Thomas Mackie Matthew Maloney Fred Martin John McHale Stuart McLaughlin Peter Michaelis James Morgan Alexander Navarro Jeffrey Parkinson Thomas Potter Alfred Rufty David Russell James Ryan Patrick Senne Wesley Shafto Andrev Shoup Clifton Smart Douglass Smith Theodore Snider Andrew Sperling Robert Sprain James Swanson Geoffrey Tolsdorf Mark Unverzagt John Waddell Andrew Wehby Thomas Wharton Kenneth Wimberly 213 Sigma Delta Tau Jennie Altman Laura Applebaum Marci Arnheim Robin Altas Toby Baldinger Adrienne Balsam Jodi Bell Betsy Bimbaum Lisa Brazel Stephanie Brown Lilias Butterman Brenda Chocs Bonnie Cohn Judi Darrow Mindy Dimenstien Kim Feigin Debbie Fine Pamela Fink Con Foreman Pam Forrest Kyle Foster Jayne Fnedland Allison Friedman Barri Friedman Lisa Frydman Melanie Fuss Sherri Gabaeff Jodi Geduld Dana Gerbie Dana Gerbis Cindy Gilman Nancy Ginsberg Pamela Ginsberg Cindy Glaser Valerie Goldman Lisa Gottlieb Cindy Greenberg Karen Greenberg Nancy Guller Jennifer Haas Karen Haft Jill Henkin Bonnie Hershkowitz Julie Hoffman Cheryl Hollander Jean-Ann Horowitz Sheila Katz Kathy Kernoff Michelle Klapman Stephanie Klein Cheryl Kraus Suellen Krieger Karen Landsberg Wendy Lehrer Sally Levin Lonna Levy Robin Loff Terri Lustig Michelle Mann Lise Matanky Gariann Morguelan Denise Nathanson Karen Novick Arlene Nussdorf Caren Osten Lanie Padzensky Sharon Poritsky Beth Portnoy Susan Pusar Shari Ravner Jodie Recht Jan Rineberg Julie Rochman Alison Rosenberg Jeannie Rosner Debbie Ross Kim Ross Randi Ross Micheline Roth Michele Saloman Elise Sand Shari Schimnan Lisa Schlesinger Carol Schwab Mindy Schwartz Tina Segall Karen Segar Tina Sharkey Holly Shore Beth Silver Elina Silverstein Leslie Singer Jill Smiley Jan Sokol Randy Sokol Lisa Soloway Carol Spiro Stacie Steppa Julie Stiefel Rickie Streisand Debbie Tannenbaum Beth Teplitz Sue Touff Rachael Turnoff Heidi Wagman Michele Wahlde Linda Weil Lori Weiner Ellen Weinstein Randi Weisman Emily Weissman Caren Wigdor Julie Yarvin Susan Yurman Dana Zaie Robin Zeilberger 214 Sigma Nu Scott Andres Darryn Band Jeffrey Befir Nathan Bennett Edwin Blair William Blair Albert Bolton Jerald Bowman George Clifford Thiomas Clifford Harold Cohien Christopfier Creedon Andrew Crowder Kenneth Davidov William Davies Frederick Day John Delery Gregory Fleming Julius Gasparre Frank Gavel John Gonzalez Campebell Griffin Samuel Grissom Van James Grundmann Peter Hamilton Morton Hanlon Christopher Harbuck Reid Harrell Stephen Heese Michael Hillman Jay Hirsch Frederick Hoffman Joseph Holcomb Bernard Hoppenfeld Keith Home James Hurson Glenn Hurwitz Saul Hyatt Michael Insh William Jasionowski Thomas Johns Jeffrey Jonas Gregory Jordan Allan Kamensky Roy Kenney Martin Kerckhoff William Kirkikis Michael Kirkpatrick Steven Kline Todd Klumok Chns Kostanecki David Kovacik Kenneth Krawcheck Richard Lane Richard Langan James Ledbetter Frederic Lexow David Liebowitz Joel Livingston Timothy Lux Colvin Matheson Dudley McCalla Matthew McCormick Robert McMurrey Tracy McNamara Gary Meyers David Mignatti William Morris David Mulmat Peter Mulmat David Mussafer Joseph Nolan Kyle Morris George Parks Steve Porter Dean Rainey Michael Ray Steven Riccardelli Henry Ritchie John Roberts Bradley Rossway Kenneth Sadowsky Ronald Salvitti Craig Scott Noel Segal Alexis Smislova Randolph Speight Joe Steen Stephen Straughan Kent Stuble Charles Sullivan Philip Tingle Scott Linger Gregory Valladao Anthony Van Vliet Enc West Michael Wilensky Gregory Wisdom Jonathan Yellin Will York 215 Sigma Chi Michael Aloe Michael Baricev Gregory Barr Matthew Bartlett Martin Berger Aleck Berlin Harry Bernstein William Black Kenneth Botwin Scott Brown Jeffrey Bryer Jeffrey Bush Thomas Buescher Rodney Crevoiserat David Davis Don Deford Kirk DeLeon James Dwyer Peter Flagg Craig Freedman David Friedman Ignacio Iribarren Joseph Saenz John Fuchs Andrew James David Sharpe Carlos Gavilondo Charles Joffe Bruce Smith Gregory Gelderman John Johnston Robert Starbird Samuel Giberga Konrad Kennedy Christopher Straka Thomas Glaser Robert Lachapelle Michael Tierney David Goettler Andrew Lazarus John Tillotson Keith Goldman Robert Lazarus Matthew Voelkel William Goldstein Adam Lewis Thomas Wald Winston Griffin Jeffrey Lewis Scott Ward Randolph Gumenick Gerald Haggerty Robert Harris Edward Heffernan Thomas Heffernan Timothy Heffernan Eric Helman Stephen Heun Daniel Hunt Rubert Hymes Thomas Mason Steven Master Paul Mastragna Richard Mitchell Mark Morel David Ostrau James Rankin Nelson Reed Daniel Rees William Rippner Paul Watson Thomas Weil Gregory Weiss Jonathan Wesley Stephen Whalen Nathaniel Wheelwright Thomas Winn David Wood Arthur Woolverton 216 Tau Epsilon Phi Douglas Armstrong Nevin Ashe Steven Ashe Stuart Chirls Robert Cooper Michael Criscito Robert Deal Richard Eisenberg Steve Ferrando Michael Fine Keith Finger Daniel Forman Peter Franl Andrew Fredman Marc Frenl el Jeffrey Godsick Bruce Hartman Michael Hayt Robert Heller Mark Hellman Michael Hellman Brian Krakower Louis Kraselsky Jeffrey Kroft Damian Kulas Kenneth Lane Jon Leader Paul Lemcke Geoffrey Less Barry Levine David Lynch James McDermott John Miller Samuel Nemroff Steve Patrinick Stephen Pearl Kenneth Pierce Steven Poverman Daniel Ravner Spencer Rose Maurice Rosenbaum Herbert Schumann Bradley Sensibar David Shaw Mark Smith Nicholas Smith Anthony Stark Robert Talbot Stanford Terry Michael Todoro Albert Wagner Lawrence Weiss Dave Dadukian Denove Gorsheim 217 Chi Omega Margaret Adams Laura Adelman Libby Amdur Karen Andressen Liz Argus Mary Martha Armstrong Dora Atwater Beth Baptist Sanda Beach Beth Benhoff Susanne Berry Lynda Bohannon Debra Brown Michelle Brown Ellyn Buran Andrea Cabell Donna Cahill Alane Carlson Gale Conklin Aline Cortese Shannon Crystal Cheryl Cunningham Debbie Curry Corre Curtice Ragnhild Daasvand Marline Davis Helen Deas Holly Edgerton Elizabeth Engman Gretchen Everett Sarah Fasterling Jennifer Field Leslie Fine Jerianne Fitzgerald Kathy Fleck Lisa Fleck Pam Giesler Irene Gonzales Irene Gracia Lisa Gutman Lori Hahn Robin Hall Leslie Hilliard Kerri Holdsworth Susan Hughes Tara Kattine Michel! Lausen Tracey Lazarus Lori Little Susan Littlefield Mary Livaudis Kelley Lozes Nancy Marra Nancy Mayer Muffet McCauley Nancy McCornack Janie McKinney Christie Metcalf Melissa Mock Julie Moise Julie Montgomery Mary Mouton Maureen Murphy Catherine Negrotto Ketti Neil Shari Norman Pam Park Mary Patterson Anne Perron Jennifer Price Beth Rodgers Rosemary Roosa Kelly Ryan Lynda Ryan Linda Saul Wendy Schubert Karen Sconiers Leslie Seabright Karen Simmons Kathleen Simon Julie Sloan Mary Jane Smart Karen Smith Jeanne Smits Marion Speigel Cassie Steck Ashley Stone Lil Story Susie Sullivan Jenny Timmeney Tracy Tobin Laura Troy Nancy Turkel Julie Tyson Marie Vickers Tanya de la Vargne Trudy Waguespack Leigh Ann Wall Valerie Wall Jessica Waters Marion Welborn Anita Wieland Betsy Williams Shannon Williams Laura Wimberly Laura Winstead Kit Woolverton Maria Yiannopoulos Anne Young Ann Zemanak 218 Zeta Beta Tau Michael Abt Douglas Adair Scott Agran Michael Angerman Frederick Axelrod David Balm Morton Berger Tom Berger Michael Berkowitz Bradley Berman Daniel Bernstein Brett Bressler David Briller Mort Brous Gregory Burke Marc Carney Mark Cherlin Arthur Cholodofsky Lee Cohen Stewart Cohn Randal Colen William Croft Malcolm Davidow Richard DeLuca Lloyd Desatnick Steven Diamond William Donohoe Michael Dubow David Eder Robert Egerman Michael Eisenberg Steven Epstein Armand Estroff Robert Fefferman Samuel Feldman Jeffrey Fine Robert Fink John Fisher Andrew Fox Marc Friedfertig Stephen Friedman Sean Gelb Mark Getelman Henry Gillman Lawrence Gladstone Ross Gladstone Daniel Flick Michael Gold John Goldberg Michael Goldberg Todd Goldberg Peter Goldstein Robert Goldstein Clifford Greenbaum Michael Greenfield Andrew Greiff Eric Gruman James Haber David Hellman Scott Henkle Gary Herskowitz Stewart Homier James Horowitz Mark Israel Thomas Jacobs Richard Jacobson Philip Jaffa Robert Johnson Jonathon Kadis Hugh Kaplan Stuart Kaplan Marc Karetsky William Karp Jonathan Katz Scott Kazdan Michael Keyes David Kleiman Andrew Kligerman Rex Knofsky Louis Korman Paul Korones Jerome Lamensdorf Bryan Levey Richard Levy Jon Lewin Steven Lieberman Gary Lifton David Lonner Philip Lozman Jeffrey Mankoff Robert Mann Scott Meltzer Bruce Miller Evan Miller Steven Morris Suart Morns Brian Moyer Todd Nathan Steven Neuman Bradley Nirenblatt Louis Novick Leon Nowalsky Scott Offerman Steven Pearl Stuart Peskin Mark Pindsky Samuel Pinsky Lawrence Preiser Mark Purcel James Quicksilver Douglas Raboy Jonathan Rachlin Scott Ratchick David Rawitscher Matthew Reich Bruce Reiter Ronald Resnick Marc Rich Gary Robinson David Robinson Alan Rous Richard Rosenberg Jeffrey Rosenthal Mark Rothenberg Mark Rubenstein Peter Russin Ronald Sachs Gregory Samuels Andrew Saslawsky Jay Scharf Edward Scheldt Mark Schild Marc Schweitzer Steven Shakno Robert Shankerman Jeffrey Shear Howard Shifke David Shumeli Allan Schwartzstein Jeffrey Siegel Anthony Sigel James Sigman Gregg Silverman Richard Sloane Zachary Solomon Michael Sosnow Stuart Speer Andrew Starr Marlon Starr Paul Stein David Stone Jeffrey Strauss Arnie Tannenbaum Sanford Tassel Stephen Temes Gregory Tendrich Brian Thum Seth Toporek David Tucker Robert Udolf David Urbach Michael Wadler Bruce Weil Kenneth Weil James Weinberg William Wellons George Wells 219 Zeta Psi John Bauer Robert Borah Mark Bryan Andrew Chary Richard Cheney Kevin Donahoe Brian Doyle Paul Fleck Brian Geiger Stephen Halperin John Hess Dave Horrigan James Hughes Mark Jackson Stephen Joost Ozgur Karaosmanoglu Ronald Levy Daniel Mallin Anthony McCormick Terry McCormick Mark McCullough Dana Mcllw ain Daniel Muskat Bret Paris Edward Parrot Gavin Ray Tom Rosenberg Ramon Roux Francisco Sanmiguel Michael Schement James Shaffer Michael Sheehan Paul Speyerer Louis St. Calbre Randall Wheeler 220 N FAMILY It is generally supposed that upon enter- ing college, you leave your fannily behind and start a new life on your own. Well, that ' s only partly true. You certainly leave behind the family you grew up with, but you enter a new sort of family at school, the Greek family. It ' s really quite simple. You pledge a fraternity sorority. You get a big sister or big brother who is one of the actives. As a fraternity little sister, you get a big brother from among the actives and a little brother or two from among the pledges. In your sorority fraternity, you get a little brother or sister from among the new pledge class, although you still keep your big brother or sister. Now, your little sister brother has you as a big sister brother as well as your big sister brother. But in your fraternity affil- iation, you also get big and little sisters. Now that you have enough brothers and sisters to fill your own cast of Eight is Enough, perhaps you understand why it ' s not quite accurate to say you leave your family and strike it out on your own. You don ' t lose your parents, you gam brothers and sisters who are there for you when your parents can ' t be. 221 222 224 225 n P ' mmiq V s f m, W%v s - f! ' ■ ■ t I 226 Wm •A ' f w ] ;- V. Seniors . S-4 ? f - 227 mmmm. h Karlem Riess A decade of leading the commencement parade ' 1 ■ i When Law School commencement ceremonies were over this year, University Marshal Karlem Riess had walked about 1,600 students down the aisle in the course of three days to receive graduate and undergraduate degrees. Most of them he knew. He called one " freshman " or another " tubby " , he had a tug on the ear or a poke in the stomach or a hand on the shoulder for others. But no one minded, in fact they would have felt left out, if they weren ' t subject to joking, pokes and nicknames. It ' s what they expected . . . and love. Although he ' s loathe to do it. Dr. John Karlem Riess celebrates a lot of anniversaries this year. It is his own fiftieth anniversary of graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences, his fortieth year as professor of physics and going on his thirty-fifth year as advisor to Tulane fraternities. To a man who hates anniversaries, or sentimentalities, or limelight or trying to guess the number of people he ' s walked down the aisles in McAlister, perhaps it ' s the worst year in a while. It ' s business as usual nonetheless. There ' s little usual about a man with Karlem Riess ' s attributes. He is not just Dr. Riess the physics professor. He is Dr. Riess, member of several honorary societies and the winner of countless awards for distinguished service. Leading people down the processionary aisles is how Riess has spent one long weekend in May every year for the last ten years. He attends each of nine commencements. He makes sure all the degree candidates and platform party members are in the right place. He does a once over on academic attire for top university administration, seeing that hoods hang just so and mortar boards are at the proper angle. And the university marshal worries. It ' s his job to keep commencement ceremonies from straying off schedule. He looks at his watch and worries whether university president Eamon Kelly will make it from the last commencement on time. He worries that some speaker may talk too long. And he worries that the hundreds of faculty and degree candidates may take too much time getting lined up properly. But the job as university marshal doesn ' t mean putting on regalia and marching around. There are also the tremendous, sometimes tedious amounts of logistics involved in planning, coordinating and contracting. University marshal since 1972, Riess came as no stranger to those requirements. He has served on the Committee on Academic Ceremonies since he returned to Tulane in 1943. He has supervised the conferring of hundreds of degrees, special ceremonies like inaugurations (Riess has three under his belt now — Herbert Longenecker in 1960, F. Sheldon Hackney in 1975 and Eamon Kelly in 1981). Already Riess ' s years of service have surpassed the combined tenures of his predecessors, but he thinks that it ' s chance that he stayed so long. " When you take a job you don ' t know how long you ' ll stay. I didn ' t think back then I ' d stay so long. " Riess is not a sentimentalist. He dislikes having to assume the role as the retrospective university historian. When he acquiesces to the inevitable " overview " question that one is always subjected to on an golden anniversary of any kind, Riess has this to say, " Well, of course the university has grown in size and the scholastic standards have been raised. But you know something — there really isn ' t much difference in the student body of today and that of thirty years ago. If there is a problem that I could see it would be that faculty and students don ' t have the same kind of close contact that they did thirty years ago. 231 m 232 233 236 237 238 HONORARIES Arts and Science Bachelor of Arts Johnathan S. Agri Brian T. Alworth Vincent M. Andrews Dirk L. Angeuine Ivan D. Assael Steven R. Ballinger Michael J. Benson Edwin W. Berry III Lawrence G. Bertolino Richard D. Bertram Williams O. Bilden Keith J. Billedeaux Martin T. Boles Jonathan M. Botter Mark A. Bradley J. Robert Bratman Christopher J. Brown Josheph A. Buda Frederick W. Burns Peter J. A. Campfield Roger E. Cassidy Dilip C. Chitani Donald R. Chaney III John A. Christensen III Andrew T. Citrin James L. Clark George E. Clifford 111 Alan J. Cohen James D. Cohen James Elliot Cooper Edward P. Coming 111 Dimetry B. Cossich Christopher E. Croly Guy C. Curry Michael W. Davila Douglas B. Davis Michael M. Dawahare Lloyd B. Desatnick Stephen D ' Esposito 111 Wiliam W. R. Donohoe Isaac D. Minski Karl A, Doss Wiilaim K. Dossett Christopher G. Dover Richard C, Drennan Kenneth R. Dunlap Kennedy R. Eckerd Wiilaim H. Eckert Peter E. Edwards Richard A. Eisenberg Robert L. FarrUl, Jr. Patrick T. Fennell David E. Finch Michael J. Fine Donald L. Fleischer Peter R, Frank Seth M, Friedman Ariel E. Furst Alan 1. Gainsburgh Robert E. Garvey, 111 Gregory A. Gelderman, Frederick E. Gerson David L. Glancy. Jr Charles T. Glaws Jeflery R. Godsick Frederick B. Goldsmith Robert P. Goldstein, Jr. David M. Goldstone Gregorio G. Forestal Seth E. Grant Phillip R. Greenberg Andrew S. Greilf Eric Gruman Jack N. Gutman John F. Hardie, Jr, Craig A. Harley Stanley M. Harris Timothy E. Heffernan Jonathan M. Heller Edwadr R. Henkin Jay F. Hirsch Keith J. Home Sanford 1. Horowitz Samuel H. Howell T.J. Semmes Hughs Scot ' G. Intagliatia Geoffrey J. Isles Spencer D. Jackson Daniel K. Johnson Jelfery W. Johnson William A. Jordan Allan E. Kamensky Marc I. Karetsky Joshua M. Katz Jonathan H. Kaufman George W. Kelly Richard L. Keyser Victor E. Killory Clennon L. King David M. Kleiman Jonathan S. Klorfein Keith J.Lanhold Brett D. Lafving Michael P. Landy Kenneth G. Lane David R. Lawson Jon M. Leader Brian F. Lee Kenan G. Loomis James A. Louzan Michael I. Lowenthal Peter J. Malcolmson Jeffery W. Mankoff Robert P. Marston Edward B. Mauri John F. Mazza Jerome E. McCarthy Matthew B. McCormick David B. McDowell Jonathan McHugh Paul K. McNeely Spence J. Mehl Daniel C. Meyer Peter W. Michaelis Howard N. Milgram David A. Miller Frank G. Miller Jeffery A. Miller Jonathan P. Mulkin Peter A. Mulmat Michael P. Nictakis Terence E. Nolan Leon L. Nowalsky Didier S. D. Opotoswky Marshall J. Osofsky David G. Paliscak Bret Van G. Paris Jay L. Parker William L.W.C.Parker Thomas W. Parks Rene S. Paysse, Jr. Michael H. Pelias Stephen J. Pelleriti Paul L. Peyronnin Paul B. Pizzeck Jonathan A. Rachlin Robert E. Ratelle.Jr. Daniel H. Ravner Robert P. Regent Bruce J. Reiter David M. Reynolds Richard M. Rhodes Gary Lee Roberts Cary Robinson Kenneth B. Ross, Jr. Bradley W. Rossway Norman L. Roulet, III D. Craig Russell, II Gerald A. Ruth Scott A. Salisbury Steven K. Savage Jonathan A. Sawyer Nathan A. Schwam David F. Schwartz Marc E. Schweitzer Parks D. Shackelford David Shaw Howard J. Shifke Joseph Shlaferman Jelfery M. Siegel James N. Sigman Joel M. Sil vershein Steven E. Sloan Richard J. Smith.ll Ross A. Spector Andrew M. Sperling Robert H. Sprain, Jr. Edward F. Stauss,lll Brian J. Thibodaux Kieran J.Thompson Paul S.Thompson James E. Thorp John H. Truett.Jr Jeffery A. Vanderpol Vincent S. Verdiramo Patrick J. Veters Philip W.Viola Thomas R. Wald Mark Andrew Watson Andrew D. Werth Thomas R. Wharton David D. Whiddon David C. Whitmore Trauell R. Williams Gary Kevin Wortham Jeffery R. Youngman James Matthew Zullo (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) James G. Borowski Leon E. Brisbin, I! W. Keith Crum Todd J. Dowd James D. Fedoroff William T. Gould Kevin W. Grogan Steven R. Grue Ives A. Kent Juan R. Lopez Stephen M. Parish Albert A. Pepi, Jr. Ronald B. Small Paul M. Sterbcow Thomas J. Troitino Robert L. Woodard Thomas P.Zilhahi Bachelor of Science Kenneth M. Abrams Abelardo L. Acebo Jorge M. Aguilar Ramin Ahmadi Peter W. Aldoretta Efrain A. Alton Brian T. Alworth Steven Ashe Harold S. Bartholomew Jr. Mitchell D. Beatus John A, Bellan III Stuart A. Blitzer Howard I, Brenner Scott R. Burger Paul A. Burns William M. Caldwell Patrick J. Calecas Michael M. Carter Joseph V. Cerami Craig J. Coenson Cyrus Colbert Dimetry Cossich David W, Craft Jacob T, Cross Jr. Bradley D, Crown George R. Dimitri Kevin P. Donahoe Brian F. Dowling James W. Dyer Jr. Michael W. Early Carlos M Esteve Osvaldo C. Fajardo Alexander K. Fedoroff Robert S. Feferman Samuel L. Feldman Stephen F. Felton Thomas W. Frank Michael R. Frankel Joseph Freudenberger Ariel E. Furst Bruce D. Gasarch Jerry Brooksher Gee II Steven Lloyd Gershon Jeffery Markus Gieseler Jared Y. Gilmore III Louis E. Girling Jr. John M. Goldberg Richard M. Golden Brian H. Goldman Keith G. Goodfellow Kevin R. Gottlieb Jon M. Grazer Clifford H. Greenbaum Oscar R. Guerra Ira J. Guttentag Bruce A. Hamilton Alan H. Hand Robert M, Harford Bruce N. Herman Koji Hidaka Alec A. Hirsch Michael M. Hobby J. Michael Hochschwender John G, Jackson Karl F. Kalbacher Robert B, Karp Christos Katavolos Jr. David Kern Ira G- Keselman Randall S. King Richard W. Knight Lee S. Koster Brian M. Krakower Alejandro J. Kuprian Steven D. Kushnick William S. Little Charles J. Lorio Alexander D. Lynch Daniel T. Mallin Richard A. Mandel Martin S. Mayer Catrell J. McCulloch Thomas J. McLaughin Gary M. Meyers Winston R. Ortiz Sean M. O ' Toole Wiliam A. Pappas Ernst B. Peebles Paul C. Pflueger William Pforzheimer Rodger W. Pielet Jeffrey Howard Poritzky Michael H. Pottinger Thomas Matthew Rebman Gordon Aaron Rosenthal Neil A. Safran Garry S. Salvaggio Herbert E. Scher Robert M. Schneider David B. Schwartz Evan R. Shapiro Jeffrey P. Sheffel Leonard A. Sorge Richard A. Stefanic Steven J. Steiner Michael W. Sylvester David J. Tate Jr. Glenn A. Teplitz Victor A. Torano Jonathan D. Tunis Raul Valcarcel David O. Watts Jr. Eric S, Weinstein Lawrence S. Weiss William D. Wellons Peter J. Wong Michael D Yanuck Peter Davis Gordon B. Meacham John M. Miller Kevin D. Molony Henry J. Plock III Robert J. Sciortino Bachelor of Fine Arts Richard S. Dobrow Anthony G. Gallo Kenneth Nahan Jr School of Engineering Bachelor of Science in Engineering Biomedical Engineering Mary Carolyn Abell Michael I. Angerman Charles Jude Armato Neil Bradley Beals Jerald Andrew Bowman, Jr. Carla Jo Conaway Jennifer Marie Cowin Robert Scott Egerman David James Ferguson William Tyrone Fontenot Eduardo Gomez Reinol Antonio Gonzalez, Jr. David Henry Kohn Gregg Samuel Lambert Michael Annette Lederman Keith Bryan Lescale Sharon Lee Livingston Michel Sidney Mailhes David Kishor Mehta Hector Adrian Murra Giacoman Donald Anthony Noe Wilbert Bernardo Pino Steven Kent Pownall Robert William Reinhardt Philip Mark Rickman Chandra Lynn Robinson Francis Anthony Rosinia Patricia Marie Sandborn Joseph Leslie Skeens Philip Franics Stanley Lois Evelyn Stark Alan Joseph Stone David Joseph Vining Edward Fitzgerald Wachtel Kurt Erik Weinstock Chemical Engineering rSobert Joseph Amend II Robert Denis Caire John David Fisher Jane Emerson Foy Robert Francis Gargiulo Brion Patrick Heaney Michael Charles herman Lisette Maria Jinenez Undine Elizabeth Johnson Michael Alan Kelly Felix Fong-Fui Lee George Miller Lyon Jean Elizabeth Mather Andrews Alon Victor McCormick Thomas Patrick Meehan Kathryn Helen Mistretta Jeffrey Blake Moore Agnes Denise Ocasio Lisa Theresa Perez Shepard Francis Perrin, III Joseph M. Saenz Ralph Edward Scholtz Gilbert Gordon Stock, Jr. Han Nguyen Va. ,ce James Harris Weinberg Lauirie Jean Zabelny William George Fletcher, Jr. Civil Engineering Civil Engineering Burt Arthur Adams Miles Brawner Bingham Kwasi Dua Boateng Stephen Michael Bontempo Robert Allen Bouchon Robert Jeffrey Kiem Luis Alberto Olivares Ravelo Cathleen Elizabeth Dye Roger Frank Gonzalez Barbara Sue Graboyes John Carlyle Hess Claudia Montero Glen John Pappas Loenard Charles Quick Jonathan Trimble Ricketts Keith Michael Schwaner Gary Noell Stephenson Wu Lai Zem (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Kimberlie Jean Birdwell Gerhard Leon Humbert, Jr. Michael Calhoun Jackman Michele Renee ' Laccheo Anne Carolyn Lauderdale Delmar Ray Caldwell, Jr. Timothy Eugene Durst Computer Science Edwin Pierre Fricke, Jr. James Matthew Milne Abbe Lynn Shiller Electrical Engineering Sompoon Akomsoontorn Catherine Anne Boquet David Scott Bubar Thomas Avery Cochran III Larry Dean Cross Mark Robert Diamond Frank Wall Elliott, Jr. Darryl Thomas Failla Thomas Allen Gray Douglas Scott Hale John Borbes Harling Jeffrey Dale Hood Emile Paul lanni Scott lawrence Lampert Michele Marie Manzo Jose ' Francisco Masso ' Torrellas Wayne Edward Mitchell Steven David Moffo Sean Samuiel Butler Moore Juan Carlos Pere ' Gumma ' David Andrew Price Renee Louise Punzi William Patrick Reed, Jr. Philip Jay Satz John Brand Schneider Kevin Philip Schott Timothy Scott Schremmer Pamela Snyder Erath Kevin Gerard Switzer Kenneth Konrad Tonnesen Carmen Antonieta Ugaz John Swithin Williamson, III Charles Edward Wolfe, III (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Bruce Middleton Bathurst Manh Sung Iran Engineering Terri Lynn Margolin Tracy Lunn Truppman {Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Derard Joseph Bianoli Charles Bachelor McGowan, III Mechanical Engineering Maximo Aparicio Barrios Daniel John Brueckner Guillermo Genjamin Cedno David Charles Code Robert William Grosser Carolyn Elizabeth Daigre Therron Anthony Foley David Dennis Gereighty Tracy Anne Gilliom Paul Glenn Green Rebecca DeKoven Jardine Janos Camilo Kalozdi Zauscher Susan Mary Kron Siwon Ray Lee Gary Stephen Lindemann Paul Robert McKee Benjamion Rush Milam Guy Edward Nielsen Joseph Raoul Olivier Josefina Pelaez Marc Alan Pizzeck Maridel West roth Gerry Alan Scheirman Michael Louis Shapiro Daniel Aaron Sogin Peter Bowman Routh Suthon Victor John Tokach Joseph Edward Vidal, III- Laura Ann Weber Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Asma Sabrina Ahmed Mark Christian Anderson Blake Nicholas Brocato Kevin Joseph Chesnut Anthony Lawrence Daniel Cesned Anne Davis Alain de Delva Kim Marguerite Entwistle Irwin mark Haas Jean-Marc Levy Wendell George Pferrer Michael James Schement Mark Strugo Schwartz Stephen Francis Simion Steven Lyle Youtsey Masters of Engineering Master of Engineering Robert Dordon Bearden Maite Beotegui Stacy Eugen Duke Stephen Grancis Dryden Lisa Lippincott Eldredge Edem Efiom Eyamba Blaine Stephen Fury Robert James Uiraud Eileen Egan Hollander Faheem Manzar Kazimi Raymond Riad Khoury Guillermo Manuel Munoz Peter Lee Randall Felix L. Rivera Arroyo Elizabeth Ann Salvatore Carlos Alviar Sanchez Richard Ian Scopp Kearney Bouanchaud Shaw Luis Oscar Sierra Jeffrey John Siewert John Phillip Suitts Mohsen Veiseh Ranee Roy Wall (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Doanld Martin Alette Jose ' Antonio Alicea Hussein Khalil Basma Tahar Abdulgader Bensueid Troy John Campione William Javier Castro Aristagueta Elizabth Jeanne Clarquist George Edwin Colwart Peter Allan Dassey Huu Due Dinh Patrick Okpes Ehiarinmwian Ramon R. Escriba Luengo Donald Colquitt Howard Ernest Joseph Hurel, III Ricardo Hutt Donald Everett Jolissaint, Jr. Clayton VanVoorhies Levy Charles Joseph Marsman Jesse Alan Morris Julio Cesar Oliveros Navarro Stephen Michael Pumilia The I I.Sophie Newcomb Memorial Coll Bge Bachelor of Arts Jamila Sedeh Abdelghani Julie Anne Goldstone Elizabeth Holly O ' Brien Eileen Kathleen Allen Elizabeth Jo Graff Jeanne 0. Pappas Karen Lee Andressen Mary PAge Gready Pamela E. Pellar Margaret Elizabeth Arky Jane Perry Gross Virginia Minta Phillips Cynthia Alyce Bacher Nancy Grossman Beth Fay Portney Melissa Gail Badger Lora Langsdale Groton Karen Beth Post Cheryl Lyn Bairn Madeleine M. Grynsztejn Julie Frances Procell Tahnya Elissa Ballard Suzanne Lee Harris Mishthi Grace Ratnesar Alice Euart Barnes Amy Lynne Harrison Elizabeth Marie Reidy Anne Tupper Barrett Juliana Hartig Lisa Darlene Teresa Rice Suzanne Kristen Bensko Edana Heller Ana Margarita Rios Carina Mandy Betts Kristin Elizabeth Hendricks Aida Luz Rivera Kathy Lynn Birdwell Eliane Stephanie Herring Marina Ofelia Rodriguez Carolyn Michele Blaine Katherine Louise Hetherwick Michelle Elaine Rooney Meg Aileen Blum Pamela Susan Hochberg Jill Dana Rosen Linda Elaine Bohannon Monique Beate Hocking Patricia Ann Rosenau Kristin Ruth Bolvig Barbara Eve Hodin Sandra Lois Rosenberg Mary Elaine Borgen Katherine Louise Horan Micheline Beth Roth Corinne Amaker Boswell Karen Anne Ibach Nancy Louise Rowland Stacey Amelia Boutte Jhalima Monserrat Ibrahim Patricia Gail Ryder Alice Alysworth Britten Laura Marie Irizarry-Huertas Sandra Lynn Sachs Ellen Margaret Brupbacher Sheryl Robin Israel Renee Laura Sanditz Beth Honore Bunten Joanne Joyce Jacobs Julie Anne Scheib Attarah Blackwood Burke Mary Susan Johnson Janine Leigh Scheiner Michelle Marie Burkett Ellen Nancy Joseph Tammy Hope Schiff Andrea Elaine Cabell Leslie Anne Katz Sarah Lizbeth Schmidt Jacquelyn Ann Caldwell Laura Marie Kittock ■ Wendy Lynn Schneier Ruth Blanks Calhoun Stephanie Ann Klein Deborah Lynn Schueler Rachel Ann Camber Catherine Marie Kozol Laura Leavell Schwartz Rita Ann Clark Wendy Anne Krivitzky Lauren Alys Sedler Jeri Lisa Cohen Gina Inez Lang Karen Ann Segar Melissa Cohen Naomi Lawrence Susan Carol Shanus Susan Jean Cohen Khuong Mai Le Ellen Lynn Shayman Madeline Ellen Cominos Martha O ' Neal Leggett Susan Anne Shiver Bernice I. Corman Laura St. Clair Leitch Jill Ann Shopneck Joyce Margaret Cossich Michele Conover LeMaistre Catherine Cowles Shoup Colleen Mae Costello Martha Freda Leshine Janet D. Silber Veronica Faye Cox Beth Anne Levine Lisa Ellen Silbiger Wendy Jane Crandall Terri Faye Levy Elisa Ann Silverstein Jeanne Priestly Cummings Mayra Isabel Leyva Kathleen Ellen Simon Henrietta Sholars Currier Theresa Lynn Lippert Susan Ann Skinner Donna Terry Davidson Julia Ann Litvak Sharon Suzanne Spence Marjorie Frances Dermer Norma Katherine Lombard Lesley Elizabeth Stanford Judith Ann Dodd Julie Clare Lyie Clarissa Aranka Star Margaret Clayton Downing Beatriz Eugenia Maldonado Amy Beth Steinfeld Jennifer Juge Dunn Stacy Lee Mandel Beth Isadora Stern Patricia Dwyer Rosamond Susan Mandell Elizaeth Fenn Sullivan Catherine Davis Emanuelson Karen Tucker Markham Carla Berry Sulzer RAchel Leah Epstein Barbara Jill Markley Laurie Joan Swoff Erika Esquivel Nancy Marra Carla Suzanne Sylvester Jennifer Vernon Farrell Maria Pilar Martinez Deborah Susan Tanenbaum Kathy Ellen Fleck Michele Sarah McNair Andrea Lynn Taxman Elizabeth Parry Fohrman Marilyn Ann Medved Susannah Joan Thomas Kyle B. Foster Deborah Lynn Mesirow Pamela Susan Tizer Linn Louise Foster Bridget Kathleen Meyer Randi Sherryl Tompkins Monica Lee Fried Laura Ann Miskovsky Susan Laurie Touff Mona Joy Friedman Lori Beth Mitchell Rebecca Lee Tunis Dana Beth Galler Stacey Janet Mitchell Margaret Ellen Tupper Paige Anne Garner Emily McKenna Mockler Bam Marie Viloria Pamela Warren Gauld Frances Elizabeth Montgomery Anita Byrd Walker Margaret Ann Gavel Nicky Damaris Moore Leigh Anne Wall Dana Lynne Gerbie Michele Ruth Mouch Randi Weisman Elizabeth Melina Gerfers Mary Elizabeth Mouton Ronda Lee Weissman Kathy Michelle Gerla Amy Frances Nash Eleanor Louise Welch Mary Ellen Gerone Cynthia Lee Neder Deborah Lynn Wells Lori Jean Gitow Heather Gray Nordlinger Catherine Christine Wilkinson Debra Ann Goldberg Karen Lori Novick Margaret Anne Williams 1 " M H RHi i HIHIH Hi H Jili Tara Wolf Marva Jo Wyatt Christine Youngberg Anne Marie Wolfe Michele Ballard Wyckoff Pamela Gregg Zahler Laura Lynn Woodward Anne Marie Young (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Kathryn Elizabeth Zuckerman Dara Altshuler Jennifer Zola Knight Susan Bloom Halperin Kathleen Mary Coman Monique Michele Lapeyre Madelyn Langley Hannan Cheryl Ann Dempsey Tammy Lee McQuilkin Pamela Walker Hensel Nanci Myke Easterling Elizabeth Burns Robertson June Faraldo Hobby Nancy Elizabeth Feldman Dorie Lynn Ruvinstein Cathy Louise Jensen Bertlida Elizabeth Garcia Escalona Cynthia Kathleen Senter Bachelor of Science Laurel Jean Kahan Carolyn Joyce Agresti Marilyn Ann Medved Nancy Gayle Hahn Janet Mary Ahem Laura Lisa Michaelis Maria Elena Hayes Lisette Marie Bettancourt Lavinia Kay Moulton Amy Lorraine Hertz Beatriz Blanco Suarez Letitia Hanna Neal Chandra Germaine Higginbotham Diane Bloomberg Cheryl Anne Nusl Adrienne Ann Houseman Mary Laura Bradham Cheryl Anna Osgood Claire Saenger Huson Stephanie Ruth Brown Heidi Marie Petersen Zoe Amanda Johnstone Mary Caroline Burton Emily Florence Ratner Tara Ann Kattine Megan Marie Byrd Jodie Lynn Recht Jennifer Ann Kent Alane Ruth Carlson Edith Louise Rosen Elizabeth Ann Kinsley Bernadette Marie Chiasson Martha Jeannette Sampson Caren Noelle Knochenhauer Elizabeth Ann Davies Lynda Adelaide Saul April Lee Kossar Tanya Ducros de la Vergne Leslie Ann Schwarz Catherine Marie Kozol Mindy Eve Dimenstein Shari Sheitelman Karen Beth Landsberg Mary-Lynne Eagan Laurie Alice Shirman Arien Marie Langs Cheryl Susan Eickoff Nancy Susan Simkin Ana Nereida Lopez Alyssa Lu Frank Amy Sue Sloane Anna Lou Elizabeth Kendall Furr Lourdes Soto Moreno KeUey Jeanne Lozes Cynthia Lynne Gee Ruth Margaret Stecher Fonda Cay Magids Kathryn Anne George Erica Jean Streisand Laura Ann Martin Beverly Laura Gibson Anna Isabel Torres-Martin Laura Jeanne Martin Pamela Beth Ginsberg Joann Jean Toy Linda Fay Matthews Randi Lynne Glorsky Tracy Lynn Truppman Ann Stinnette McCallum Hale Turkan Gork Bernadette Rene Williams Carolyn Logan McConnell Bachelor of Fine Arts Dorothea Anna Atwater Michele Carey Egan Elizabeth Lynn Davis MacDonald Judith Alison Bard Laurette Catherine Galano Suzanne Marion Smith Gwendolyn Marie Eberts Anna-Marie Litwin Dayna Leigh Vieira Charlotte Marie Gordon j g Hermansdorfer Vayuada Scho Ol oi %rcnii.ec;i.ur«5 Bachelor of Architecture Morris Adjmi Julie Kay Coulter Terral Albrecht Harvey Peter Malcolm Archer Claudia Michelle Cowser Michael John Heffernan Adrienne Atwell Patricia Gail Cox George Alfred Hero IV Carlos Barbosa Dwight George Davis Anna Louise Holley Scott Stephen Barnard Peter Andrew Demb Christopher Walter Jammal Sara Maria Blanche William Denton IH David Joseph Krom John Joseph Bottaro Burgin Estel Dossett III Brett David Lafving Kyle Rene ' Brooks David Lawrence Ehrlicher Thomas Charies Lehman, Jr. David James Burt Howard Wayne Gordon Sophie Elizabeth Little Christopher Kelly Cooney Paul Michael Hamel Deborah Jane Lloyd 1 James David Lowenstein Robert Eugene Ratelle, Jr. Alva Benjamin See 111 Weith Stanley Mazurek William Burns Robein Alexis Smislova, Jr. Janis Lynn McCoy Jack Clark robertson Vicki Jane Smith Michael Joseph Mcintosh, Jr. Christopher Milson Reeling Melanie Smythe Susan Jennifer McWhorter Marison Roman Joseph Odom Stamps Timothy Corrington Mearig James Blauvelt Rounds Lyle Martin Stone Florence Elizabeth Bacher Myers lone Ceil Rubenstein Wayne Joseph Troyer Angela O ' Byrne Matthew John Ruffing Thomas Eugen Turri Vasiliki Paraskevopoulou Margarita San Miguel Maria Auxiliadora Viteri Richard Joseph Piroli Laura Ann Janice Santucci Randall Doyle Waddill Rui Augusto Ponte Cindy Jeanne Ross Schoenberger David Alan Walter Lisa Katherine Quarls Michael Julian Scott Peter Doran Walton School of Business Bachelor of Science in Management Elizabeth Mae Amdur Matthew R. Greenberg Pablo Antonio Ontaneda David Victor Anderson Charles John Hebert Richard Eric Parisi Nevin Ashe Stephen Frederick Heese Gregg William Parmenter Denise Maria Barkas Robert James Heller, Jr. Andrew Scott Pellar Virginia Lee Barron Sharon Kay Hess Lynette Perlman Michael J. Berkowitz Bernard Louis Hoppenfeld Robert A. Polishook Kenneth Alan Bigg Amy Jill Hyman James Birke Quicksilver Elizabeth Anne Boh Quentin Stuart Johnson David Bernard Quinn Deborah Cheryl Bunker Robert Jerome LaChapelle Scott Michael Ratchick Patrick Thomas Carberry Eric Rogan Lane Richard Barton Ray John Lawrence Chilton Walter Joseph LeBreton, Jr. Anthony ReginelH, Jr. Brenda Maria Choos Benjamin Henry Levy Matthew Ean Reich Anthony Ciervo Sara Ines Licha Elliot Avrum Reinfeld Stewart Ian Cohn Jeffery Alan Lichterman Leah Anne Rose Abner Milton Cornwell HI Steven Alan Lieberman Linda Jean Rose Timothy William Crooks Sharon Anne Linnick krtlllUI V l tl l J-J ' Andrew Evan Rosenzweig Paul Sterling Crow Lori Elizabeth Little Robin Cindy Rynski Albert Bruce Crutcher III Roland Nicholas Livney Meryl Ruth Sachs Gregory Clement Dandridge CAril Gros Lowe, Jr. Siraone Ann Schwob Kenneth Andrew Davidov Michael John Makary Tina Sue Segall William deAth Davies III Gary Howard Mandelblatt Andrea Joy Shapiro Marianna Diaz James Spencer Marks Wendy Hope Shoham Darin Kane Drake Lanny Keith Marks Richard Paul Snyder Julie Beth DuBois Fred Montgomery Martin Deborah Susan Stratford Gretchen Perrin EdeO Michael Temerson Masur Stanford F. Terry Marcy Beth Elish Robert Waugh McCuUoch Martha Frances Tester Richard Scott Enfield Janice Ann McKirgan Robert David Udolf Michael Gregory Feduccia Sherri Anne Miller Trudy Anne Waguespack John Dennis Georges Andrew J. Mills Steven Waldman Benjamin David Gershowitz Daryl Joseph Moreau Herschel Alan Weisfeld Dana Lauren Gervis William Ross Morris III Barry David Weiss Barbara Marie Gibbons Craig William Norris Kevin Mark Wheeler William Louis Goldstein Frederick Daniels Oltarsh Susan Jane Witt Herbert Michael Goodman Martin Gerard O ' Malley David Alan Wood Michael Lewis Gray (Degree conferred December 3 1 1982) Peggy Basic Kevin Clancy Richard Joseph Goff Stephen Nathaniel Chesnut Stephen Herbert Duncan Jean Marie Grelier Juan Jose Armando Rodriguez Linda Jane Saron Daniel Ray Stuart Master of Business Administration Cathy Gail Abrams Dennis George Bautsch Paul John Catanese, Jr. John Tharyan Alexander John Robert Beckman Martin Bosco Chamorro Walter Karl Alfred James Joseph Bertrand John Robert Collins Marlene Jane Alonzo William Marcus Brakefield Danica Ann Cordell-Reeh James Mark Andrews Lisa Ann Brandau Kathleen Noel Crighton Jose Raul Armstrong Felicie Field Brown Denise Susan Dussom Lynne Carol Atwood John Eric Buckwalter John Pence Barling Florence Marie Baldwin Samuel Douglas Cannady Kenneth Hayes East Robert Blair Barbero Laureen Kristie Carlson Adam David Epstein Harold Warner Barel Michael David Carlton Sarah Shelton Fine ._. Jonathan Neal Fink Elizabeth Putnam Flint Dauid Jerome Francis Lewis Scott Frank James Alfred Frick Caria Amy Gale Beth Lois Gandler William Russell Gardner Pamela Marie Garrison Eugenic Rafael Garza Herrera William Anderson Glenn Robert Dawson Glover Eugene Michael Golizio Genaro Gomez III Sophie Anne Goy Linda Marie Perez Grimes Oscar McDuffie Gwin III Eric Paul Halter Thomas Dudney Ham Tony Harold Hart Mary Helen Gilbert Hawn Carol Ann Heintz Bernhard Huwiler Melissa Anne Hyatt Grant McLatchey Irvin Robin Suzanne Isham Kerry Ann Krisher Marisa Ann Kuber Elizabeth Clara Lauricella Louis Valker Lauricella Kay Elizabeth Levy Lynda Anne Levy Susan Lipkowitz Glynice Colette Lurie Laurie Ann McDonald Carol Wood MacKenzie William Hartwell Macon, Jr. Thomas Joseph Marshella Stephen Ray McClanahan Betsy Lee McKinley Joseph Jamie Melnick Carlos Gerardo Montemayor David Arthur Neibart Mark Warren Newman Suzanne Claire Oliver Michele Arden Oper Thomas Edward Orr Robert Emmett Oswald, Jr. Nancy Kimiko Ota-Tomelden Mark Benjamin Panza Jennifer Blank Parnon Christopher Craigie Peterson Jeffrey William Popp Aluaro Ramos Rechnitz John Clifton Rand John David Reier Terry Brown Richardson Michael Robert Carson Riess Nestor Angel Rivera Paul Clayton Rodgers Beejay Barbara Sue Rosman Nancy McDuff Ross James Stephen Savage Paul Andrew Savage David Young Schroeder Mary Ann Schumacher Jeffrey Bryant Scruggs Charles Milton Silverman Margaret Silver Spencer Frank Martin Sterneck Peter Norbert Streit Sergio Javier Tamez Martinez Terru Lynn Terens John Forbes Thomas Michael David Van Pctten William Matthew Welch Charles Pettigrew Williams David Aron Wrubel David Eric Wyatt Kevin John Wyrick Nordin Yahaya Rodney Steven Yanker Amelia Dea Zuras (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Gabriel Antonio Alvarez Richard Arthur Carpenter David Chester Comstock John Lawrence Connolly Maureen Ann Dunne Robert Edmund Fry, Jr. Elisabeth Grafstrom Gibert William Keller Glass Christine Ellen Gleason Romulo Hernandez Rasmyun Elvin Burt Hyatt Carlos Ernesto Maduro Gallardo Elisabeth Marshall Maxwell Jose Manuel Melendez-Siegrist Nelson Ignacio Mier Schmidt Veronica Ann Olivito Robert Richard Reents Francis Robert Rodwig Patricia Gerardo Sanchez Cirilo Keri Burgess Walker Walter Emmett Wehmann School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Master of Public Health Gail Bopp Agrawal Amr Hashem Al Wediany Gererdette Eaglin Bennett Courtney Ann Bethel Barbara Johnson Boas Arthur Harry Brownstein Judith Brunton Burckel Ann Hershey Byerly Christine Yuanchen Chang Robert Clark de Wolfe Lorelei Beleta Dickey Hosea Joseph Coucet III Arthur Charles Ellison Wijitr Fungladda Beth Lois Gandler Carmen Mirtha Garcia Joe Carroll Garrett Patrice Ann Gendel Elysia Chambers Griswold Paula Elizabeth Harty Kenneth George Heise U Than Htut - Eyamba Albert Itoumbou Joseph Stanley Jablecki Joseph Lowell Johnson Berkeley Marvin Keck, Jr. Oi-Chun Katherine Lee Margo Cecile Limmer Edward Patrick McManmon II Monique Ford Mabey Josephine Nancy Poblacion M Timothy Grant Manchester Agustin Vincente Cevallos Mi- David Hasting Mwandu Barbara Lynn Newman Jay Kevin Olexa Michele Ai-den Oper Thomas Edward Orr Sharada Pandey Somsak Pinyotanmakorn Julie marie Redman Guglielmo Riva James Thomas Sawyer Sarah Cheairs Schlater James Craig Setzer Peggy Walker Snare Gayatri Suryaningsih Fumi Louise Suzuki Janice Marie Tirpack Stephen Harry Weiss Kimberly Jean Yamanouchi Amelia Dea Zuras Diane Louise Barnes Julia L. DeClerque David Arthur Fitts Madeleine Mary Flear Linda Helen Foster Jarunee Hadhai David Carlton Hiel Mohammed Saad Hiraib (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Susan Mary Igras Said Isaac Jacob Maurice Leonard Lagarde 11. Gloria Sigl Maisano Gwendolyn Michel Marian Louise Mitchell Magdy Mohamed Bayou rn: ' • Mohamed Nasr El Dine Mor Beth Nivin Sawsan Mahmoud Salah Raa Lisa Gwinnette Richards Francis Robert Rodwig, Jr. Lloyd Kenneth Swasey, Jr. Gerard Timothy Shy Tangyik Moira Sanvila Uskokovic Jane Parker Woofter HounYee Houn Essat Itrahim El Sayid Mowoti, Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Nader Nairoz Antonios Luis Roberto Cetina Florence. Tsuneo Kato Micahel Akinfenwa Kuyinu Young Ung Lee Ludwig Alexander Lettau Philip Lee McDaniel Kronthong Thimasarn Richard Craig Tobey (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Gloria Ines Falma Alaurez Slamet Boedisantoso Pedro Alexis Navarro i-eila Gasparini jeorge John Komba Kono Master of Science in Public Health Paul a Yvette Eleazar Monica Patricia Gates Mansour Saleh Karhan Rufaida Hussin Khashoggi Mohammad Maji Soliman Kordy Stephen Eric Metzinger Charles Burchinal Miller III Idalia Esf)eranza Osorio Quillie Nathaniel Parker, Jr. Roy Joseph Rando Paul David Siegel U Kan Tun (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Lisa Cecilia Westenberger Barry Glenn Campbell Robert Ronald Polit Janardan Raj Lamichhane Oluyomi Tuamokumo Wilcox Fen-Yu Mimi Tsai )octor of Public Health Hizabeth Terrell Hobgood Fontham iviunn bann Lye (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) James Burks Vinai Vuttivirojana School of Law Juris Doctor Leon Ware Abadie Francis Philip Accardo Gail Bopp Agrawal Marl Edward Andrews Jessica Bagg Claudia Debra Baker Joseph Robert Ballard Glenn Joseph Ballenger David Perez Banowetz, Jr. Kethleen Weisfeld Barrilleau x Christopher William Bawn Elizabeth Ann Beauchamp Joel Richard Bellush Michael Jay Bergner David Howard Bernstein Brian Phillip Berson James Augustus Blalock III Murff Franklin Bledsoe Jeffrey Bruce Bock Jose Antonio Bonau Virginia Boulet David Alexander Bowling Christopher Brizzolara Robert John Bruno John Eric Buckwalter Rank Tucker Burge Robert Wilburn Burijon, Jr. Timothy Gerard Burns April Ann Cain Melvin Joseph Caldwell, Jr. Christopher Edwin Carey Deborah Ann Carman John Richard Cesario Kathleen Krail Charvet Jeffery Shiu Chow Carol Craig Christoff Philip Charles Ciaccio, Jr. Peter Arthur Clarkin Richard Hrold Cline Michael Allen Cohen Steven Dale Cohen Katherine Conklin Elizabeth Skelly Cordes Julie Marie Core Philip Francis Cossich, Jr. Gleen William Cox Thomas Joseph Crane Bruce A. Cranner Leland David Cromwell Michael Edward Crowley Matthew William Cullen margaret Suib Culp Deborah Dee Cunningham Lisa Rae Curtis Andrew Steven Cutliff Ingrid Anne Dave Paul Markahm Davenport, Jr. Lee Burce David Jeffrey M. Davis Marc Oneal Dedman George Denegre, Jr. F. Otway Denny HI Janelle Caire Devillier Debra Ann Dixon mark Thomas Drapanas Keith Scott Dubanevich Michael Gerald Dwyer, Jr. Kathryn Anne Eckerlein John Drury Adgcomb John Francis Emmett Alan Daivd Ezkovich Joseph Mario Fabiano Deborah Lou Faust Christina Papastavros Fay John Francis Fay, Jr. Rena Fazio Maria Elena Fernandezz Jose Joaquin Figueroa Villafane Glen Filippone Amos Issaac Fogleman Lewis Scott Frank Gregory Marcus Friedlander Christoffer Carter Friend J. Keith Friley Anne Clark Gaioennie Debra Frances Gambrill Gilbert Francis Banucheau, Jr. Catherine Noonan Garvey Mark Carl Gassan Melanee Anne Gaudin Ronald Keith Gee Kenneth Blake Givens Jill Paige Glosser Ilene Helen Goldman Steven Marc Greenbaum Katherine Ann Greenwood Lawrence Keith Griffith Michael Eric Guillory Stephen Kenneth Hall Marian Marcell Hamilton Alfred Lee Hansen Meredith Lynn Hathorn William Hazlaris Patricia Ann Head Benjamin Louis Henschel Daniel Jon Himelman Katherine Ann Hoffman Michael Eugene Holoway William Andrew Hooper Thomas Denton Horan Nathan Pies Horner, Jr. William Martin Hudson III Susan Scott Hunt Timothy Patrick Hurley Joseph Ferrigno luzzolino Steven Eliot Jacob Jeffrey Clark Jester James A. Jones Lisa F. Keegan kerry Ann Kissel Paul William Knoth Alan Craig Kohler Patricai Ann Krebs Jenny Brown LaCour LeRoy Lambert III Edward Paul Landry Louis Valker Lauricelta Thomas Howard Leach III George Francis Leary Wayne Mitchell Levine Thomas Walker Lewis Lance Mathew Lisle Ma rc M. Livaudais Rachel Thompson Lockwood Ted Louis Luquette William Michael Lutz Kathleen Crowe Marksbury Dianne Jones Marshall Earl Arthur Maxwell Carol Drumm Mazorol Scott William McQuaig James Franlin Mears, Jr. Scott Blake Mexic Michele Gae Miles Steven Lynn Miller Timothy Fitzpatrick Mines Caren Marjorie Morgan Edward Michael Morris Rockne Locke Moseley Mark Mullen Jacob John Munch Kim Wilmoth Munch Larry Logan Murray Douglas Maury Madjari Craig Philip Miedenthal Gary Mussbaum Mary Patricia Nyiri Stephen Joseph Oats Stephen Kenneth Ott Laura Roy Ouverson John Michael Pellecchia John Henry Pelzer Una Lee Penninger David Benjamin Pogrund Margaret Ryan Polito Henry St. Paul Provosty John Clifton Rand Wade Dillard Rankin Elizabeth Robin Reder James Lowry Rice III Michael Robert Carson Riess Jean Sanders Robertson Wesley Kent Rob ertson Diane Marie Rollo Robert Gary Rubin Charles Morris Rush Lance Read Rydberg Barbara J. St. Clair Jeffrey Hilton Sands Clara Moss Sartor Paul Andrew Savage Jill Toledano Schneider Michael Raymond Schneider Emmet Jay Schwartzman Richard John Sciortino William Charter Sevier Rodney Allen Seydel, Jr. Eve Shaftel Loretta Mary Shahade Barry Fred Shanks Julie Lynn Sirera Jarnes Edward Slatten III Gregory Maurice Smith Walter Landry Smith Russell Allen Solomon Gerard Joseph Sonier Taryn Southon Susan Lois Stagg John Simms Stiff Douglas Scott Stone Maurice de la Ronde Stouse James Allan Stuckey Michael Patrick Sullivan Warrene Hayn Suthon Michael Lee Swain Dorothy Elizabeth Bragdon Terrell Marita Leslie Phillips Tessier Paula Thibodeaux Peter Michael Thomson Avis Topps Dirk van Ausdail Joseph Leslie von Rosenberg III Joan Helen Wachna Mary Ann Waddell Constance Merrill Walker Cristina Walker James Madison Walker Betty Lois Washington Mark Lawrence Watson Sallye Goodwin Webb Barbara Ann Weeks Leopold Weill Deborah Ulrich Weisler Jane Marc Wells Thomas Gerard Wilkinson Nolan Sanford Winn Judith Claire Wyllie Benjamin Zeltner Jeanne — Marie Zeringue (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Johnston Lyon Allums Thomas Balzas Constantine Cindy Morris Harris Gerolyn Petit Roussel Denise O ' Connor Saporito Dan Brian Zimmerman Master of Laws in Admirality Master of Laws in Admiralty Gisela del Carmen Agurto Ayala Yousuf Hamad Al-Rushoud Bruno Justin Appert, Maitrise en Droit David William Bernberg Michael Dudley Bewers Luke Bissell Ana Isael Brin Gabrega Jose Fernando Cabaleiro Alvarez Byron J. Casey III Kuo-I Chen Shu-jen Chen Aurelio E. Dernandez Concheso Gloria Estela Conte Thomas Merle DeRose Heather Ashman Dolins Isabelle Dutreuil Luo-Lan Fan Bruce Steven Gallo E. Paul Gibson Shang-Huei Hou Jayaraman K. Enrique Antonio Jimenez Amy Sue Katzman Joseph Edward Lamendola Cheau Yun Lei Chung-Hung Liou Elonis Lopez Curra Frederick Arthur Lovejoy Fen-mei Olive Rodrigo Molina Ortega Eduardo Antonio Moline John Austin Moran Jose Raul Mulino Q. Vincent Maduagwu Okwichime, Jr. Robert Patrick Owens Morlando Laslo Pelyhe Lleras William Holt Penninger, Jr. Pablo Ramiro Perez III John Christopher Person Jonathon Stuart Pratt Musa Rahman Julio Rafael Ramirez Ricord David Nathan Rogers Marco Antonio Saavedra Catala Micahel Constantinos Triarhou Yu-Ping Edward Tsai Bradford Henry Walker Chien-Hua Wang Paul Alan Winick (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Rick Gordon Bannon Blanca Ivonne Brana Robert Alexander Craven David Gilmore Fassnacht Richard David Faulkner Eric Brady Singleton Master of Law Rashid Hamad Al-Anezi Ahmad Abdulrazzaq Al-Khalifa Mutlaq M. Al-Mutlaq Hamdan Al-Otaibi Saleh Abdullah Al-Oufi Salaiman A. Al-Tuwaijri Jose Julian Alvarez Maldonado Mario Arroyo Davila Swang Boonchalermvipast Richard Julius Fernandez Dr. Martin Frank Yahya Jasem Homammad Ghuloum Yih-Feng Huang Byong-Joon Kim Mahin Kraivixien Malati Kraivixien Lung-Fei Liu Mohamed Hehia Mattar Galal Wafaa Mohamedien Tetsuro Nobata Charles Ame Nunmaker Vickie Ogugua Onochie Sergio Raul Portela Gasch Myrone Don Reichman Andreas Respondek Charonchai Salyapong Massimo Sanguineti Yuan-Kho Sheu Veronica Wiwiek Sulistyo Chian Tang (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Mohamed Abdusalem El Bouisi Berta Maria Chaves Gloria Nixon Irvine Sinturug Saovana Charnvit Yodmanee University College Bachelor of Arts Timothy G . Brewster Julie E. Cambas Eunice M. Fleischer Kathleen Jordan Dorothy M. Leitz Terrence W. O ' Malley Virginia Van Wart Thelma K. Wallin (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Barbara E. Adams Khaled R, Al-Mualla Rosanne M. Jarrell Eugene Johnson Yul A. Knighten Lorraine R. Kolstad Frederick C. Lazaroe David H. Rowe Bachelor of Science Roy L. Lapeyronnie Jr. Wayne J. Munsch Lisa M. Naut William M. Wetzel Jr. (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) George A. Craven Carol H. Gros Mahmoud Khayat Bachelor of Business Studies Michael J. Boudreaux Raymond J. Gilson Barbara A. Rhode Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Patricia A. Boerner Reginald L. Butts John E. Davis James R. Rowers Terri L. Harvey Joseph Holston Vincent M. Manalla Scott H. Murphy Susan B. Owens Ann E. Prevatt Tyrone Smith Sharon A. Towry Amy L. Trubowitz Lionel Washington John K. Zelenka (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Gregory A. Liggett Charles K. Robb Bachelor of General Studies Ellen L. Bland Paul W. Fitch Elizabeth J. Padwee Deena E. Schencker Arthur Triche Jr. Tatiana T. Tuman The Graduate School Master of Arts in Teaching Julieta de San Miguel Marian Enochs Gay Master of Education Afaf Salah Hamdi Hassan Alyaw Mildred Glankler Bott Clara Hermes Dokos Mary Lee Hadwiger Christine B. Johnson Jacqualine Gail Maiman Claudia Harold Menge Diane Phillips Nico Lynn Alexandra Redfearn (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Molly Bates Bentsen Maura Carmouch Mize Mary Reed Perdigao Bleen Rodi Russo Master of Fine Arts Steven Basil Christo Ludendorffo Decenteceo Debra Faith Howell Catalin Mateescu-Bogdan Kay Dawes Mattel Mark Rosenbaum Marge Rauch Ward Laura Cadien Young (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Brett Alan Batterson Anthony Edward Krysinsky Master of Science Remi Adeyemi Adebamowo Farag Saeed AlHazmi Abdullah Mohammed Almahdi Reynold Uan Broussard Brian Anthony Dalio Younes Mahfud Gaddafi Jean Carole Linn Josephine Carmichael Maddox Oscar Perez III Oscar Antonio Salamanca James Edward Warren Dan Grubb Wheeler Margaret Reed Wright (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) Mohammed Saeed Al-Ahmadi Martha Milagros Aleman Talal Sadaka Al-Harabi Ronald Clarence Anderson Guillermo Alfredo Comach-Perez Michelle Creel Crane Bradley Michael Braun Jose ' Raul Feliciano Michael Robert Gehman Pamela Hooper Moomau Jeff Phillips Davies Steven Barnett Dolins Frederick Steven Georgette Roy David Greenberg Md. Ehteshamul Hayder Mary Theresa Kirby Gary Wood Knight Master of Arts Gordon Atkinson Leitch Luc Philippe Noiset Enrique Tomas Olarte Brian Mark Perry Marc Lamoreaux ChongJeh Lo Owaish Harbi M. Mobarek Michael Steven Morse Christopher Phillipe Somogyi Luis Francisco Sosa Nathan Stan Poole David Allen Skevinton Jody Nan Snyder Peter An Yuan Wang Youglak Ahn Man-In Baek Patricia A. Commerford (Degree conferred December 31, 1982) William Christopher Elliott Cristobal Martin Marian Louise Mitchell Diane Alvey Montllor Joseph Foster Newell r - norary Societies Phi Beta Kappa Peter W. Aldoretta Brian T. Alworth Richard D. Bertram Craig J. Coenson Cyrus Colbert David W. Craft Lawrence E. Davidow MarVi J. Doherty Paul H. Feiriberg Mitchell C. Gallant Louis Edwin Girling Jr. John M. Goldberg Ira J. Guttentag Robert M. Harford Steven D. Kushnick Bradley S. Peterson Paul C. Pflueger Rodger W. Pielet Brendan S. Ross Clifton M. Smart III Richard A. Stefanic William K. Watanabe Ronald M. Wohl Tau Sigma Delta Carlos Barbosa Scott Stephen Barnard John Soesph Bottaro David James Burt Julie Kay Coulter David Lawrence Ehrlicher Anna Louise Holley Florence Elizabeth Bacher Myers Angela O ' Byrne William Burns Robein Marisol Roman Matthew John Ruffing Margarita San Miguel David Alan Walter Gail Bopp Agrawal Virginia Boulet Carl Craig Christoff Katherine Conklin Leland David Cromwell George Denegre, Jr. John Drury Edgcomb Catherine Noonan Garvey Order of the Coif Stephen Porter Hall James A. Jones Patricia Ann Krebs Jenny Brown LaCour Rachel Thompson Lockwood John Henry Pelzer James Lowry Rice III Michael Raymond Schneider James Edward Slatten III Walter Landry Smith Susan Lois Stagg James Allan Stuckey Dorothy Elizabeth Bragdon Terrell Dirk van Ausdall Joan Helen Wachna Sir Ian Percival O micron Deha Kappa Scott Burger Jennifer Dunn Robert Egerman Pamela Hochberg Anna Lou Beatriz Maldonado Marc Mauser Ronald Sachs Robert Taggart, Jr. Gregory Upton Eric Weinstein Kappa Delta Phi Joseph Bavaria Kenneth Bubes Kevin Carroll Robert Egerman Evan Fogelman Michael Nictakis Bradford Schur Derek Schwenke Jon Straggas Terry Jones Beta Alpha Si Bachelor of Science in Management Leslie Lorraine Allen Kenneth Alan Bigg Elizabeth Anne Boh Leigh Boston Deborah Cheryl Bunker Brenda Maria Choos Margaret Susan Cleary William Timothy Crooks Albert Bruce Crutcher Richard Scott Enfield Jeanne Marie FaruUa Charles Everet Gamer Matthew R. Greenberg Douglas Mark Grills Deanne Marie Guichard Stephen Frederick Heese Michael Steven Heller Cheryl Dawn Hollander Gary Howard Mandelblatt Janice Ann McKirgan Faith Ostrow Kenneth Scott Perlman Lynette Perlman Richard Mark Rosenberg Tina Sue Segall Patrick Stewart Smith Rhett Louis Weiss Jeffrey Alan Wolf Master of Business Administration Lynne Carol Atwood Robert Blair Barbero James Joseph Bertrand Lisa Ann Brandau Joseph Lykes Carrere Teresa Chan Robert Harold Cox, Jr. Mark Clayton Douglas Jennifer Juge Dunn Kenneth Hayes East Andrew Howard Feinnam Daniel Lee Fink Jonathan Neal Fink Elizabeth Putnam Flint James Alfred Frick Geralyn Maria Frick Gustavo Alberto Gaeta Carla Amy Gale Willaim Anderson Glenn Ellen Sue Greenblatt Tom Dudney Ham Mary Helen Gilbert Hawn Bill Lolus Hughes Bernard Huwiler Karl Eric KeUer Shery! Diane, Clara Lauricellar Willaim Hartwell Macon, Jr. Laurie Ann McDonald Stephen Ray McClanahan Mary Celeste O ' Neill Nancy Kimiko Ota-Tomeldon Jennifer Blank Parnon Christopher Craigie Peter son Lendy Wayne Pridgen Maya Jacqueline Rath John David Reier Terry Brown Richardson Paul Thomas Rieder,IlI Robert, Gerard Riviere Paul Clayton Rodgers David Young Schroeder Mary Ann Schumacher Margaret Silver Spencer Frank Martin Sterneck Peter Norbert Streit Terry Lynn Terens Lucy Elizabeth Thabes Joni B. Tomlinson Miawling Tsai Kwok-Wan Victor Tse Laura Diane Tumperi Julie Ann Tyger Michael David Van Petten Ludwig Christina von Gohren Marianne Wafer Mary Pat Waterhouse Margaret Liebenow Weber Elizabeth Gatewood Wellborn Peter VanErde Wiley Beta Gamma Sigma Bachelor of Science in Mangement Virginal Lee Barron Kenneth Alan Bigg Elizabeth Anne Boh Deborah Cheryl Bunker William Timothy Crooks Jean Marie Grelier ' Garv Howard Mandelblatt Michael Temerson Masur Janice Ann McKirgan Lynette Perlman Rhett Louis Weiss Master of Business Administration Cathy Gail Abrams Lynne Carol Atwood Wayne Robert Barcelo Lisa Ann Brandau David Chester Comstock Maureen Ann Dunne Kenneth Hayes East Elizabeth Putnam Flint James Alfred Frick Williams Anderson Glenn Robert Dawson Glover Linda Marie Perez Grimes Mary Helen Gilbert Hawn Elizabeth Clara Lauricella Lynda Anne Levy Carlos Ernesto Maduro Stephen Ray McClanahan Suzanne Claire Oliver Jennifer Blank Parnon Sandra Faye Paternostro Christopher Craigie Peterson Robert Richard Reents John David Reier Beejay Barbara Sue Rosman Nancy McDuff Ross David Young Schroeder Margaret Silver Sp encer Peter Norbert Streit Michael David Van Petten Summa Cum Laude Arts and Science Peter W. Aldoretta Craig J. Coenson Cyrus Colbert Louis E. Girling Jr. John M. Goldberg Ira J. Guttentag Bradley S. Peterson Paul C. Pfluegar Clifton M. Smart III Richard A. Stefanie Engineering Robert Scott Egerman Gerard Joseph Gianoli Brion Patrick Haney Jean-Marc Levy Alon Victor McCormick Dean Harold Pahl Juan Carlos Pere ' Gumma ' Lisa Theresa Perez Philip Mark Rickman John Brand Schneider -P ' i%»5i« i Newcomb Linda K. Allen Kathryn A. George Naomi Lawrence Lisette M. Betancourt Cynthia D. Hernandez Khuong M. Le Stephanie R. Brown Eliane S. Herring Nicky D. Moore Elizabeth A. Davis Pamela S. Hochberg Magna Cum Laude Arts and Science Richard D. Bertram Steven D. Kushnick William K. Watanabe Mark J. Doherty Rodger W. Relet Sanford A. Weinberg Osualdo C. Fajardo Edward J. Rivera Engineering Michael D. Yanuck Burt Arthur Adams Lisette Maria Jimenez Stephen Kent Pownall Asma Sabrina Ahmed David Henry Kohn David Andrew Price Miles Brawner Bingham Susan Mary Kron Juan Jose Armando Rodriquez Jennifer Marie Cowin Gary Stephen Lindemann Kevin Philip Schott Frank Wall Elliott, Jr. Kathryn Helen Mistretta Joseph Leslie Skeens Edwin Pierre Fricke, Jr. Jeffrey Blake Moore Gilbert Gordon Stock, Jr. Emile Paul lanni Hector Adrian Murra Giacoman David Joseph Vining Michael Calhoun Jackman Shepard Francis Perrin III Wendell George Pfeffer Newcomb Edward Fitzgerald Wachtel Dara Altshuler Debra A. Goldberg Cynthia L. Neder Jeanne P. Cummings Madeleine M. Grynsztejn Diane M. Peterson Henrietta S. Currier Althea L. Harlin Ana M. Rios Judith A. Dodd Leslie A. Katz Emily F. Ratner Rachel L. Epstein Jennifer A. Kent Ellen L. Shayman Elizabeth P. Fohrman Beatriz E. Maldonado Laurie J. Swoff Laurette C. Galano Barbara J. Markley Tracy L. Truppman Pamela W. Gauld Laura A. Martin Marva J. Wyatt Randi L. Glorsky Deborah L. Mesirow Cum Laude Arts and Science Stuart A. Blitzer Michael L. Cohen William P. Klotz Jr. Joseph L. Brewer David W. Craft Steven L. Kyman Scott R. Burger Lawrence E. Davidow Martin S. Mayer Owen B. Cooper Damon C. DiMauro Kehneth Nathan Jr. Jacob T. Cross Jr. Thomas D. Dimitry 11 Garrick C. Prejean Gardner M. Duvall Brian F. Dowling James E. Reinsch Joseph Freudenberger Paul H. Feinberg Peter E. Riccobene Jerry B. Gee II Antonio R. Franco Gordon A. Rosenthal Johnathan C. Ginsberg Mitchell C. Gallant Mark L. Schiller Alan H. Hand Jeffrey S. Gold Robert J. Sciortino Steven J. Simerlein Brain H. Goldman Evan R. Shapiro Glenn A. Teplitz Edward A. Hall Jonathan D. Tunis Raul Valcarcel Robert M. Harford Mark G.Wales Brian T. Alworth Alec A. Hirsch Paul D. Ware Jr. Edel F. Blanks Michael M. Hobby Eric S. Weinstein Howard I. Brenner James M. Horowitz Ronald M. Wohl William M. Cauldwell Javier I. de la Huerta James J. Wolfson Robert T. Clegg Jr. Andrew P. Hurwitz Peter J. Wong 1 1 BI I I HHHI IH H sj ———• ■ ■-1 1 Engineering Mark Christian Anderson David Charles Code David Kishor Mehta Kwasi Dua Boateng John David Fisher James Matthew Milne Stephen Michael Bontempo Tracy Anne Gilliom Joseph M. Saenz Robert Allen Bouchon Barbara Sue Braboyes Alan Joseph Stone Robert Denis Caire Janos Camilo Kalozdi Zauscher Peter Bowman Routh Suthon Kevin Joseph Chesnut Jose ' Francisco Masso ' Torrellas Newcomb Tracy Lunn Truppman Jamila S. Abdelghani Barbara L. Gatti Julie A. Scheib Carolyn J. Agresti Nancy L. Graboyes Janine L. Scheiner Margaret E. Arky Amy L. Hertz Wendy L. Schneier Cynthia A. Bacher Karen A. Ibach Linda M. Schultz Diane Bloomberg Laura M. Irizarry-Huertas Laura L. Schwartz Corinne A. Boswell Sheryl R. Israel Susan A. Shiver Mary L. Bradham Joanne J. Jacobs Janet D. Silber Alice A. Brittin April L. Kossar Suzanne M. Smith Beth H. Bunten Anna Lou Erica J. Streisand Mary C. Burton Fonda C. Magids Caria S. Sylvester Jeri L. Cohen Rosamond S. Mandell Susannah J. Thomas Melissa Cohen Mary E. Mouton Pamela S. Tizer Susan J. Cohen Heather G. Nordlinger Anna I. Torres-Martin Jennifer J. Dunn Elizabeth H. O ' Brien Jane H. Vayvada Gwendolyn M. Eberts Mishthi G. Ratnesar Randi Weisman Alyssa L. Frank Elizabeth B. Robertson Cum Laude Michele B. Wyckoff (with departmental honors) Arts and Science Kenneth M. Abrams Philip R. Greenberg Brett D. Lafving Roger E. Cassidy Oscar R. Guerra Paul K. McNeely Ariel E. Furst Joseph W. Hauth Jeffrey A. Miller Jared Y. Gilmore III William A. Jordan INewcomb Mindy E. Dimenstien Linn L. Foster Leslie A. Schwarz Jennifer V. Farrell Elizabeth A. Kinsley Bridget K. Meyer Laurie A, Shirman 1 256 Classes 257 Freshmen Laura Adelman Janet Albarado Gregory Albers Michael Algen Anthony Altino David Anderson Franl Anselmo Lee Archer Robin Atlas Cindy August Michael Ault Micheline Avegno Juan Barona Bradley Bartholomew Kathleen Basso Timothy Beach Elizabeth Belmont Michael Berman Charlton Bivins Ivan Bodley Elise Bolasny Allison Bolen Martha Borrero Brent Borque Joseph Bowers William Boyer Joe Brilliante Ashlyn Broussard Steven Brown Mark Bryan Bentley Buran Ricardo Buenaventura Katherine Cailiouet Stefan Canas Richard Capiola Thomas Carls Christopher Carras Jane Carriere Alberto Cardelle Lloyd Champagne Andrew Chin Maurice Coleman 258 Antoinette Conley Rosa Corzantes Mark Cox Ctieryl Davis Pamela Dillard Deiadria Dissen Francisco Dominguez Reina Donahue Maria Dubuc Stiaron Duclos Charmaine Dumas Tambi Dyerson Michael Eckert Holly Edgerton Ellen Eisen Steven Eisner Laurie Eiserloh Mindy Elser Bridget Everitt John Pagan Mary Pischer Michael Porsythe Lori Preeman Orlando Galindez Elena Garcia James Garner Lisa Gillis Mary Goodyear Lisa Gottlieb Anne Gould Douglas Greve Greg Gross Alyssa Gusman Ira Guttenberg Hassan Haidar Mary Hall Deanna Harris Caria How erton Anne Hughes Jeanine Jankoviiski Lynn Javorsky Mark Javorek Andre Jones Stephen Jones Rylla Karst Sheila Katz Lelitia Kerry Anne Klaus Timothy Kooney 259 msB-mmm: Steven Koreman Rusty Krakow Susheel Kumar Elmo Laborde Jeffrey LaHoste Pedro Lahoz Honore Lartigue Randye Levi Yi-Cheng Liu Sherry Longo l losa Maal Rita Margolis Juan tvlartinelli Gerardo Martinez Lisa Matanl y tvlictiael McGow an Susan tyicKnight Stepfianie tvlcLaughtin Robert Mipro Kelly Morals Anne Morton Antonio Muniz Mary Murnane Daniel Muskat Sherry Mussafer Mollie Neuman Maria Nevirton llayne Padzensky George Pappas Kerry Paras Melissa Patterson Gregory Pellar Lea Percy Marta Perez Christiaan Petterssen Christopher Pettersen Katherine Polakoff Terry Ramsey Myrna Rasmussen Paul Reggie Bryan Reilly Maria Reyes Rodney Ricard Ron Richmond Vilma Rivera David Rodler Arnesto Rodriguez Ricardo Rodriguez Mark Rogers 260 iri pi?- ' !S s s?- ' f- - -L , iBr i=y; sa i L5Sa5S i-P. ' ifrKoiJS£S? SS iiv: Spencer Rose Jeffrey Rosenthal Maria Rosin Susanne Rossler Daniel Roussel Laura Rowley Yvette Rusca Kathy Schieres Renee Schnare Ellen Schwartz David Scott Lorenzo Serafin Steven Sheasby Jane Sherman Robert Silverberg Maria Sivestri Sharon Skinner Ernest Sneed Kathryn Soike Suzanna Spink Robert Stasi Karl Steinkamp Stacie Steppa Dana Stern Rachel Sterns Roger Stewart Julie Stietel John Strasburger Barbara Strebel Jocelyn Thomas Suzanne Tocho George Toland Charles Toth Timothy Tucker Rhonda Turpie Heidi Uris Valerie Vanderlick Cameron Walker Scott Ward Sandra Weidner Debra Weiss 261 Sophomores Krista Adams Shawn Allis Karen Andrus Sequau Armstrong Amy Arno Chnstlne Arthur Amy Bader Joe Barone Mary Belford David Bell Georganne Seller Morty Berger Patricia Blanco Robert Bland Andrew Blankenau Thomas Blute Laurie Bloch John Bonds Patricia Boulet Charles Bowie Mary Brett Bernice Bright Duane Bruce St. George Bryan Daniel Bucholtz Anthony Buras Ken Caldwell Chris Campbell Barry Cantin Maria Casas Salvador Casente Lisa Chaiklin Kenneth Charters Kaye Christopher Christopher Clifford Steven Coletti Rebecca Cotler Carl Counts Andrew Crowder Elizabeth Davis John Decell Lourdes De La Garza 262 William Dillingham William Drake Lorena Dumas Michele Engnath Steven Epstein Steptien Folsom Ctiristine Fugate Rudy Garcia Jotin Gidelman Henry Gillman Nancy Ginsberg Lisa Glade Lawrence Gladstone Terri Goldman Kattiryn Graddy Ivtadeleine Gratiam Elisa Granados tvlary Gruenebaum Karen Gruesen Mark Gunning Lauri Jacket! William Hanberry Carol Hand Howard Herman Warren Herron Julie Hoffman Harry Hollub Daviv Horrigan James Hyland Denovian Jeter Suzanne Kane Ian Karr Dawn Kelly Missie Kelly 263 Christopher Kesterton Peter Kettler Thomas Kilby Nalty Killeen Michael Kirl patricl Michelle Klapman Andrew Kligerman Mary Knill Adam Kooper Karen Kutach Lisa Land Jean Lanzarotta Alan Lassman Hedda Lautenschlager Susan Lauterbach Nicole LeBlanc Robert LeBoyer Andrew Lee Kellie LeLeux Linda Little Mindy Loff Terri Lustig Radomir Luza Victor Malone Rolando Martinelli Beth McArdle Forre McCauley Maria McConnie Karen McLaughlin Gary McNamara Miguel Medina Susan Meinert Rick Mejia Ann Meneley Christina Metcalf Julie Moise Katherine Moore Alea Morelock George Nesbitt Elisabeth Noeike Andrew Normand Robin Nuschler Phillip Odom Mary Oehlschlaeger David O ' Flynn Margaret O ' Keefe Toby Pallet Nancy Patterson Lorraine Pivornik 264 Timothy Ponseti James Pratt Suzanne Pratt David Price Nellie Quiroz Minerva Ramos Donald Rayner Steve Ravosa Michele Reid Bryan Reuter Carrie Robinson Alex Roca Raoul Rodriguez Karl Rothermel Mark Rubenstein Mark Sallinger Steven Sandler Dora Santiago Elizabetti Schreier Russell Shaddox David Shepard Robert Slatotf Brian Smith Donnalyn Smith Shirley Stahmann Jaque Starr Joyce Stein Debbie Stern Susan Stern Christopher Straka Paul Strauss Su Studley Tracy Swedlow Patrick Sweeney Rolf Thienemann Vinnie Tortorich Albert Valcarcel Lee Waldman Mark Waus Ivan Walters Linda Weil Lisa Weil Mary Wieland Philip Wetzler Aiora White Sidney Wike Kevin Wimbley Amanda Wood Gregory Woolverton 265 Juniors Jon H Abelmann Ruth Abrahams Suvil Agrawal Mark Agresti Mark Anzalone Noreen Barbella Gregory Barr Foustina Barthazar Christina Basso John Bauer Kurt Bauke Daniel Baumann Laura Bennett Judith Bernstein Pamela Blowen Olga Bobadilla Stephen Bordes Frederick Bourgeois Julie Breackenridge Lisa Brazel James Brocato Daniel Broh-Kahn Eli Brown Elizabeth Brown Lydia Butler James Caffarel Susanne Cambre Kevin Carroll Cyprian Casadaban Jorge Cashllo Kimberly Chewning Stuart Chris Kenneth Clark Robert Clarke Glay Collier Eleanor Comer Susan Cone Robin Conklin Salie Cotton Leah Curtis Casey Davidson NinaMaria Camacho 266 Bradley Davis James Day II Claro Diaz John Donoian Jean Dovel Robley Dupleix Adam Elyachar Sam Emory Arlene Etzig John Fahsbender Sarah Fasterling Luis Ferrer Leslie Fine Victoria Finke Pam Forrest Andrew Fredman Audry Friedman Bart Geraci Jennifer Gilliam Karl Gingrich Diana Gonzalez Thomas Gordan R Scott Graham Steven Greenfeld Douglas Grills Stephen Halperin Mark Hanks Angela Hardage Cheryl Cunningham Newcomb Junior Socioiogy lUlajor Chi Omega Fraternity President Newcomb Panhellenic ASB Newcomb Senate Student Foundation Newcomb Big Sister " Excitement, opportunities and friendsliips — these are just a few of the words which come to mind when I think of Tuland. There are always new places to go, new people to meet. From day one, a Freshmen is encouraged — yet not pushed — to explore, experience and discover the vast experiences Tulane has to offer. " 267 WS v ST " Robert Harding Carrie Haydei Scott Hayward Lori Hectit Mictiaei Heiiman Jorge Hidalgo James Hughes Susan Hughs Anne Hunt Glenn Hurwitz Jeffrey Irle Sharon Israel Ann James Steven Jaume Charles Joffe Paul Jones, Jr. Jonathan Kadis Nancy Kaplan Ozgur Karaosmanoglu David Kay R. Steven Kenney Lynn Kummert Neil Kw atinetz Gary Kwavifer Winston Lacayu Patricia Lastiri Charles Latour Jeanne Lazarre Susan Lechtner Kim Lehto Lisa Leydon Igntius Liberto Joel Livingston Byron J. Lohman Andrew Loverud Richard Lustig Nancy Maio Laszio Makk N elanie Marchand Christopher May James Mayonado Etienne Mejia JoAnn Mendel Michael Miles Tracy Mizell Patrick Monlero Tony Morales Janet Morann John Morris 268 ' 7 aVimUi tliJa Dean Morrow Laurence Moser Nicolas Muniz Margaret Murry Jose Nater Karen Nuschler Michael O ' Dea James Odza Faith Ostrow Jeff Parkinson Anne Pautler Marilyn Pelias Adam Persky Amy Pinsker Jonathan Pollock David Post Mark Potter Blaine Rabe Hugh Randolph Kenneth Reab Robin Reagler David Reed Mark Ricard Daniel Richard Peter Rogers Jill Rosen Debra Ross Keith Rovira Sheri Rozansky Alberto Rubio Kent Ryan Ronald Sachs Kenneth Sadowsky Joseph Saladino Jenny Salpeter Patti Sahaberg Douglas Schitfer Paul Schulman Mindy Schwartz John Scorsone Margaret Scott Sara Shocket Eugene Simon, Jr. Terence Sinclair Jill Smiley Stephanie Smith Paul Speyeder Andrew Stein Karen Stein 269 Michael Sternberg Mariorie Strauss Seth Strauss Nancy Sturnn Kim Sutl er Pamela Sutton Alan Ttiomas Michael Tierney John Tillotson Rhoda Tishler Loris Toranto David Trettin Nancy Turkel Lisa Twill Lawrence Uhde, III Vasan Venkataraman James Vincent Marlane Warren Kayla Wechsler Marion Welborn Randal Wheeler 270 m Elizabeth Whitmore Brent Wiese Eileen Williams Ann Williamson Todd Winters Robert Yarrington Eugenio Yuen 271 Seniors Mary C. Abell Kenneth Abrums Abelardo Acebo Carolyn J. Agresti Janet Mary Ahern Asma Sabrina Ahmed Sompoon Akomsoontorn Peter Aldoretta Eileen Wllshire Allan Efrain Albert Alton Dara Altshuler Brian Thomas Alworth Elizabeth Mae Amdur Robert Joseph Amend II David Victor Anderson Mark Christian Anderson Karen Lee Andressen Vincent M. Andrews Dirk L. Angevine Ronald C. Archibold 272 Margaret Elizabeth Arky Charles J. Armato Dorthea Anna Atwater Melissa G. Badger Cheryl L. Bairn Jerry Eugene Baker Denise M. Barkas Virginia Lee Barron Harold Stewart Bartholomew Matthew Clark Bartlett Peggy Basic Jonathan Mark Batter Neil B. Beals Elizabeth Benhoff Michael J. Berkowitz Edwin L. Berry Richard David Bertram Lisette M. Betancourt Kenneth Alan Bigg Miles Bingham Kathy Lynn Birdwell Carolyn Michele Blaine Beatriz Blanco Stuart A. Blitzer Diane Bloomberg Meg Alleen Blum Kwasi Dua Boateng Patricia Audrey Boener Lynda Elaine Bohannon Martin Travis Boles 273 Cathrine Anne Boquet Robert Christopher Borah Aldo Borges Jan E. Born John J. Bottaro M. Laura Bradham Mark Alan Bradley Alice A. Brittin Blake Nicholas Brocato Stephanie R. Brown Daniel John Brueckner David Scott Bubar Joseph A. Buda Deborah C. Bunker Scott Robert Burger Attarah B. Burke Frederick W. Burns Paul A. Burns 274 CACTUS, Israel Action Committee, Junior Year Abroad, Direction, Intramural Sports " Take a perfect blend of fine academics, extracurricular opportunities and an excellent social environment and you get Tulane University. I ' ve learned and expenenced more than I ever thougfnt possible from how to pick-up a mardi gras doubloon without losing a hand to my Junior year abroad which has opened my eyes to even more exciting horizons, I can honestly say, my years at Tulane have been nothing short of the best of my life. " David James Burt Megan Marie Byrd Andrea Elaine Cabell Robert D. Caire Jacquelyn Ann Caldwell Ruth Blanks Calhoun Peter J. A. Campfeild Joseph Vincent Cerami Kevin Joseph Chestnut Bernadette Marie Chlasson John L. Chilton Brenda M. Choos John Andrew Christensen I Anthony Ciervo Andrew Ted Citrin Kevin Clancy James Lee Clark Jr. Andrew Forster Clemetson Thomas Avery Cochran III Craig J. Coenson James Dickson Cohen Jeri Lisa Cohen Maria Cohen Melissa Cohen Susan Jean Cohen Cyrus Colbert Michael Joseph Compagnc Caria Jo Conaway James Elliott Cooper Owen B. Cooper 275 Ricky Gorman Edward P, Corning Abner Milton Cornwell Jose R. Corteguera Joyce Margaret Cossicti Colleen Mae Costello Wendy J. Crandall Christopher Croly Jacob Thomas Cross, Jr Paul S, Crow Bradley D, Crown Jeanne Priestley Cummings Henrietta S Currier Amy Buchanan Currin Guy Christopher Curry Carolyn Elizabeth Daigre Donna Ann Damico Gregory Clement Dandndge Ken Davidov Lawrence E Davidrow Donna Terry Davidson 276 Michael W Davila John Eric Davis Alain De Delua Marjorie F, Dermer Lloyd B Desatnick Mark Robert Diamond Marianna Diaz Damon Carl DiMavro Mindy Eve Dimenstien George Ronnie Dimitri Kevin P Donahoe Isaac Donskoy Burgin E. Dossett Christopher Gerard Dover Darin K. Drake Richard C, Drennan Julie Beth DuBois William J. Duncan Jennifer J Dunn Timothy Eugene Durst Michael W. Early Edmond R. Eberle Gw endolyn Marie Eberts Cretchen Edell Peter Elliot Edwards Michele Carey Egan Cheryl Susan Eickhoff Richard Scott Enfield Kim Marguerite Entwistle Edward Mark Esposito 277 Osvaldo C- Faja rdo Jennifer Vernon Farrell Kenneth E Farrell Michael G Feduccia Robert Scott Feferman Paul Harris Feinberg Sannuel L. Feldman Patrick Thomas Fennell David E Finch Donald Louis Fleischer Scott Saunders Fleming James R, Flowers Elizabeth P Fohrman Therron Anthony Foley Nadia Folic Linn L Foster Jane Emerson Foy David J Francis 278 Antonio R Franco Thomas W. Frank Michael Ross Frankel Edwin Pierre Fricke, Jr. Monica Lee Fried Mona Joy Friedman Seth M. Friedman Elizabeth K, Furr Ariel Eric Furst Laurette Catherine Galano Dana B Galler Anthony G. Gallo Paige Garner Robert Emmett Garvey III Bruce Douglas Gasarch Barbara L Gatti Cynthia Lynne Gee Jerry Brooksher Gee Gregory Anthony Gelderman III Kathryn George Dana L. Gerbie Kathy Michelle Geria David D, Gereighm Elizabeth Melina Gerfers Ben A. Gershowitz Frederick E Gerson Dana Lauren Gerris Beverly Laura Gibson Jeffrey Markus Gieseler Jonathan C. Ginsberg 279 Pamela Beth Ginsberg Lori Jean Gitow Charles Taylor Glaws Randi Lynne Glorsky Jeffrey R. Godsick Debra Ann Goldberg John Miles Goldberg llene H Goldman David Michael Goldstone Julie Anne Goldstone Eduarrdo Gomez Gregono Gomez Reinol Antonio Gonzalez Charlotte M Gordon Kevin Ross Gottlieb Barbara Sue Graboyes Nancy L Graboyes Seth Eric Grant Thomas Allen Gray Mary Page Gready Philip Ross Greenberg 280 Jane P, Gross Eric S. Gruman Madeleine M Grynsztejn Oscar Rafael Guerra Jeffrey B. Gum Ira Jay Guttentag Lori Gayle Hahn Douglas Scott Hale Edward A Hall Bruce Alan Hamilton Steven T. Hanford Robert Michael Harford Craig A Harley Jofin Forbes Harling Stanley Mark Harris Amy Lynne Harrison Juli Hartia Terri Lynn Harvey Brion Patrick Heaney Cfiarles John Hebert Teresa Gay Heike Edana Heller Jonathan Matthew Heller Robert Heller Kristin Elizabeth Hendricks Michael C, Herman George A. Hero Elaine Stephanie Herring Amy Hertz Sharon K. Hess 281 Chandra Germaine Higginbotham Pamela Susan Hochberg Michael J Hochschwender Robert David Udolf Business Senior Business Management Tulane Undergraduate Business School, Vice-president Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, Rush Chairman Inter-fraternity council " One of the greatest qualities of Tulane is the diversity of students that attend the university. I have thoroughly enjoyed my four years at Tulane and have many great friendships and fond memories that will last forever, " Anna Louise Holley James Matthew Horowitz Sandy Ira Horowitz Adrienne Houseman Richard Allan Howe Semmes Hughs Andrew Paul Hunwitz Amy Jill Hyman Karen Anne Ibach Jhalima Monserrat Ibrahim Scott G Intagliata Laura Maria Irizarry Geoffrey John Isles Sheryl Robin Israel John Guider Jackson 282 Evan Allan Jacobs Lisette Maria Jimenez Jeffrey William Johnson Quentin Stuart Jotinson Zoe A. Jofinstone William Archibald Jordan Ellen Nancy Joseph Israel Joseph III Karl Francis Kalbacher Yanos Camico Kalozdi Leslie A Katz Debbie E, Katzner Linda Robin Keller Jennifer Ann Kent David Kern Ira G Keselman Richard L, Keyser Shannon Killilea Victor E, Killory Randall Scott King Elizabeth Ann Kinsley Laura M. Kittock Bridget A, Klein Stephanie A, Klein Jonathan Scott Klorfein Caren Noelle Knochenhauer April Lee Kossar Lee Steven Koster Catherine Ivlarie Kozol Brian tvlark Krakower 283 David Joseph Krom Susan Mary Kron Alejandro R, Kuprian Steven David Kushnicl Steven L, Kyman Michele Renee Laccheo Gregg Samuel Lambert Scott L. Lamport Karen B. Landsberg Michael Paul Landy Eric Rogan Lane Kenneth Gary Lane Gina I Lang Arlen Marie Langs Andrew Warren Lambert David Lavtfson Jon Leader Walter J, LeBreton Michael Ann Lederman Felix F. Lee Siwon Ray Lee 284 Keith Bryan Lescale Martha Frada Leshine Beth Anne Levine Jean-Marc Levy Sara I Licha Steven Alan Lieberman Gary Stephen Lindemann Lori Elizabeth Little William Sherman Little Laurie Suzanne Lobel Norma Katherine Lombard Ana N. Lopez Raul Miguel Lopez Charles Joseph Lorio Anna Lou Richard A. MacDonald, Jr. Fonda C. Magids Daniel T. Mallin Richard A, Mandel Gary H, Mandelblatt Lanny Keith Marks Robert Price Marston Fred M. Martin Jose F. Masso Carlos Luis Mata Edw ard Barbaro Mauri Keith S- Mazurek Ann McCallum Carolyn Logan McConnell Robert W. McCulloch 285 David B. McDowell Linda McEvoy Clarence WInslow McGowen, Jr. Jon A. McHugh Mike D. McKay Paul Robert McKee Janice Ann McKlrgan Marilyn A. Medved Thomas P. Meehan Debbie Meslrow Bridget Kathleen Meyer Daniel C. Meyer Gary Marshall Meyers Laura Lisa MIchaeils Benjamin Rush Milam Howard N. Mllgram David A. Miller Jeffrey Adam Miller 286 SherrI Anne Miller Andy J. Mills James Matthew Milne Wayne Edward Mitchell Steven David Moffo Claudia M. Montero Frances Elizabeth Montgomery Nicky Damaris Moore Sean Butler Moore William R. Morris III Michelle Ruth Mouch Mary E. Mouton Scott H. Murphy Hector Adrian lUlurra Cynthia L. Neder Frederic Kirby Newburger Cheryl Anne Nickerson Terence Ellas Nolan Heather G. Nordiinger Craig W. Norris Karen Novick Alice Marie NusI Elizabeth Holly O ' Brien Angela O ' Byrne Agnes D. Ocaslo Frederic D. Oltarsh Martin G. O ' Malley Pablo A. Ontaneda DIdler Sol Duhamel Opotowsky Cheryl Anne Osgood 287 Marshall Joel Osofsky Michael David Pachino Glen J. Pappas Gregg William Parmenter Bret Paris Richard Eric Paris! Thomas William Parks Charles Ross Patton Rene Sylv ain Paysse Andrew Scott Pellar Juan-Carlos Pere Lisa Theresa Perez Lynette Perlman Shepard Francis Perrin III Heidi Marie Petersen Bradley Scott Peterson Elizabeth Gall Peterson Paul L. Peyronnin Wendell G. Pfeffer Paul Christian Pflueger Rodger Wade Pielet 288 Alice M. NusI House Council. Newcomb Senior Resident Advisor Biology CACTUS Being a student at Tulane has become a way of life. Througfi my involvement, I have learned many things that have helped me grow. From how to deal with people to classes which have expanded my knowledge, I have greatly enriched myself. " Wllbert B. Pino Marc A. PIzzeck Paul B. PIzzeck Robert Allan Pollshook Bruce Edward Pommer Rul A. Ponte Jeffrey Howard Porltzky Beth F. Portnoy Karen Beth Post Jean-Francois Louis Poupeau Steven Kent Pownall Garrick Christopher Prejean David Andrew Price Renee L. Punzl James B. Quicksilver Jonathan A. Rachlln Scott Michael Ratchick Robert Eugene Ratelle, Jr. Emily F. Ralner Kate Ellen Ravin Daniel H. Ravner Richard Barton Ray Jodie Lynn Recht William P. Reed, Jr. Elizabeth Marie Reidy Elliot A. Reinfeld James Edward Reinsch David M. Reynolds Lisa Rice Philip Mark Rickman 289 Carol Ann Riewe Ana M. Rios Edward John Rivera Pedro Axel Rivera Rex Merritt Roberts Gary Lee Roberts Chandra L. Robinson Mari-Ofe Rodriguez Michelle Elaine Rooney Edie L. Rosen Gordon A. Rosethal Andrew Evan Rosenzweig Maridel W. Roth IMIchellne Beth Roth lone C. Rubenstein Dorle Lynn Rubinstein Patricia Gail Ryder Joseph Saenz 290 Marlssa Anne Salle Martha J. Sampson Patricia Marie Sandborn Laura Ann Santucci Linda J. Saron Philip J. Satz Steven K. Savage Jonathan A. Sawyer Deena Schncker Herbert Edward Scher Tammy Hope Schlft Mark Lawrence Schiller Ralph E. Scholtz Timothy Scott Schremmer Deborah Lynn Schueler Linda M. Schultz Nathan A. Schwam Keith Michael Schwaner David Barry Schwartz Laura Schwartz Leslie Ann Schwarz Marc Evans Schweitzer Michael Julian Scott Richard C. Searle Lauren Sedier Tina Sue Segall Karen A. Segar Andrea Joy Shapiro Evan Robert Shapiro David Shaw 291 Ellen Lynn Shayman Jeffrey P Sheffel Shari Sheitelman Abbe Lynn Shiller Laurie A, Shirman Wendy H, Sfioham Jeffrey Marc Siege James Neil Sigman Lisa Ellen Silbiger Joel Micfiael Silversfiein Steven J Simerlein Nancy Susan Simkin Susan Ann Skinner Steven Edward Sloan Clifton M, Smart Maryjane Smart Richard Joyce Smitfi II Tycone Smith Lawrence Gray Smithson Richard Paul Snyder Leonard Angelo Sorge 292 Lourdes Soto Andrew M Sperling Robert Henry Sprain Lesley E, Stanford Clarissa A Star Lois Evelyn Stark Ruth Margaret Stecher Gary Noelt Stephenson Beth Isidora Stern Gilbert Gordon Stock, Jr Alison Stone Deborah S. Stratford Erica Jean Streisand Kevin gerard Switzer Laurie Joan Swoff Caria S, Sylvester Debbie Susan Tanenbaum David Jefferson Tate, Jr, Andrea Lynn Taxman Glenn Alan Teplitz Stanford F. Terry Donald Ray Thomas Susannah Joan Thomas Kieran J. Thompson James E Thorp Pam S Tizer Victor J Tokcah Randi S. Tompkins Ana Torres Sharon A, Towry 293 Arthur Triche, Jr. Amy Loeb Trubowitz Rebecca L. Tunis M. Ellen Tuppek Melissa Kay Turner Carmen A. Ugaz Anna-Marie Utwin Raul Valcarcel Bam Marie Viloria David J. Vining Philip Wayne Viola Trudy Anne Waguespack Thomas R. Wald Mark GavinLee Wales Leigh Anne Wall Mark Allen Wanthal Peter A. Waring Paul D. Watkins Mark A. Watson Laura A. Weber James Harris Weinberg Eric Steven Weinstein Herschel A. Weisfeld Randi Weisman Barry D. Weiss Lawrence Steven Weiss Rhett L. Weiss Ronda Lee Weissman Andrew Dean Werth William Wetzel 294 Thomas Rhodes Wharton Bernadette Rene Williams Christopher B. Williams Travell Williams John S. Williamson III s . fcc oia::.V ' f " tlW Susan Jane Witt Jill Tara Wolf Charles Edward Wolfe Peter Wong Gary K. Wortham Lai Zem Wu Michael D. Yanuck Jeffrey Roy Youngman Laurie Jean Zabelny Pamela G. Zahler 295 Donna Alexander Paris, France Rani Alexander Cambridge, England Scott Andres Glasgow, Scotland Tanya Aramburo Nottingham, England Susan Arnold Reading, England Debbie Aronoff Canterbury, England Jeffrey Balser Southampton, England Merraine Berger Paris. France Scott Berman Newcastle, England Karen Blankenbaker Bristol, England Diana Coupard Newcastle, England Sharon Dion Paris, France Wayne T. Engel Madnd, Spain Jan Esthus Berkshire, England Suzanne Etcheverry Canterbury, England Logan Faust Bristol, England Joe Fernandez Aberdeen, Scotland IMarjorie Forbes Paris. France Alfred Freudenberger London, England Andy Friedman Palmer, England Elise Gery Hamburg, W, Germany Susan GIbney Madrid, Spam Daniel Goodman Newcastle, England Keith Green Fontenay, France Monica Grosz Hamburg, W. Germany Greg Henderson Falmer, England Sherry Hoffman Madrid, Spain Christopher Juge Fontenay, France Stephanie Kalmans Reading, England Brian Kavanagh London, England Alan Kessel Madrid. Spam Kelley Kirldin Oxford, England Charles Kitzmiller London. England Kelly Kloesel Coventry. England Martha Lavin Southampton. England Michael Levin Paris. France 296 Carol Delahunty Bassett, England Frances Durcan Kent, England David Friedman Newcastle, England JMIchael Saclts London, England Jeffrey Tannenbaum London, England William Lewin Coventry, England Sabrina Little Paris, France Cathleen Mang Surrey, England Amy Marmer Reading, England Colie Matheson Madrid, Spam Gerald Martin IMoeller Manchester, England Robert Ostrov Canterbury, England Ted Perry Aberdeen, Scotland Kim Priebe London, England Daniel Rovira Glasgow, Scotland Tim Scandurro Glasgow, Scotland Ilka Schoellmann Paris, France Andy Schroth Canterbury, England Deborah Siegel Paris, France Sari Slivniclc Reading, England Cecelia Smith Palmer, England Hallie Smith Paris, France Reed Smith Hamburg, W. Germany Peter Sobel Palmer. England Pamela Staab Bristol, England Martha Steele Paris, France Rachel Wendt Paris, France 297 YOU ' RE OFF! Good Luck, Seniors, from the Tulane Media! Be a part of building a future for Tulane Student Athletes. THE GREEN WAVE CLUB Monk Simons Athletic Center Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118 298 ii Here ' s to You, Class of ' 83! " from Professional Food Management BRUFF THE RATSKELLER U.C. CAFETERIA GRADUATING SENIORS!! Wc wish you luck and thank you for your patronage. Tulane Book Stores Tulane University Center 299 lagels eggs Shampoo cold cereal tf- a fish taco mix Chow Mein candy ice cream soups importr mix frozen food cakes cookies drinks cheeses dips milk pre hamburger meat detergent hi drink mix cr eggs sha cream food cheeses dips meat deter crackers F lat shampoo cold cer cream soups impi foods cakes cookk cheeses dips milk meat detergent h crackers Pop Tan s Pop T feminine needs pancake nt frozen vegetables soft ip eteak sauce Tobasco bleach powdered anned meat bagels how Mein candy ice ncake mix frozen ibles soft drinks basco hamburger ' ' - 5rink mix agels eggs ein candy ice :e mix frozen i soft drinks CO hamburger wdered drink mix .■ned meat bagels eggs shampoo cold cereal tuna tish taco mix Chow Mein candy ice cream soups imported beer feminine needs pancake mix frozen We ' re making Tulane a better place to live! Tulane Department of Housing Division of Sludenl Services 300 301 Editor ' s Note The thought of writing a closing note to the school was one of the hardest acts I had to perform for the yearbook. Most editors search through what seems to be hundreds of previous closings looking for a place to begin. A good majority of these closings seem to praise the writer ' s editorship and thank the world. It is often difficult to choose these words; for they convey those final thoughts one feels as their editorship comes to a close. My editorship for the most part, was an experience with its good moments as well as its bad. However, I didn ' t realize the amount of personal and academic time needed to produce a high quality yearbook. I hope all future editors can better prepare themselves for such a position and I wish them all good luck. Undoubtedly this was a product of many individuals who tried to work together, even though at times it was hard. Appreciation must go to many individuals who helped produce our book. Although a yearbook is a product of many individuals, there are always a select few who produce work above and beyond that expected. Highest recognition should go to Mary Brett, Susan Corgiat, Anne Morton, Suzanne Saussy and Steven Vaughan for the hours of work and moral support. Many thanks must go to Hunter Publishing and Sue Poovey for their hours of work and extreme patience in the production of the 1983 yearbook. Finally, I personally would like to thank my closest friends and my parents for putting up with me and my moods during these trying times. Edward M. Esposito Editor-in-Chief 1983 Staff Mary Brett Margaret Carr Susan Corgiat Bill Dillingham Ed Esposito Diana Gonzalez Lista Hank Patricia Lanier Bob Kottler Anne Morton Bryan Mmahat Amy Pepper Larry Percy Becky Retz Suzanne Saussy Steven Vaughan Photographers Seth Strauss; 15a, 16a, 18ac, 21 ac, 29c, 34a, 35ab, 36ab, 37ab, 38ab, 39b, 40a, 51a, 52a, 54a, 55ab, 62a, 63ab, 64a, 72a, 75a, 76a, 77b, 83, 84ab, 88ab, 89ab, 90b, 91a, 100b, 104b, 105b, 107a, 109a, 125b, 146a, 147abc, 148ab, 149abc, 150a, 151ab, 164b, 167c, 173b, 174a, 175bc, 176b, 177b, 1 89ab, 194a, 196a, 197a, 198ab, 200a, 202a, 204a, 208a, 213a, 214b, 216a, 219a, 220a, 221a, 222a, 223b, 225b, 226a, 228a, 229a, 230a, 231a, 232a, 233ab, 237ab, 276a, 278a, 280a. Victor Rodriguez; 4bc, 5abc, 6a, 7a, 8ac, 20a, 21b, 22b, 23ab, 25ab, 26ab, 27bc, 28ab, 29ab, 30b, 31b, 33a, 38c, 39a, 40b, 43b, 46a, 61a, 74a, 75b, 76b, 77a, 78b, 79b, 80ab, 82ab, 83b, 87b, 90a, 118a, 123a, 124a, 125a, 155abcd, 156ab, 157a, 158ab, 159a, 186abc, 234abc, 256a, 282a, 297a. Andy Pellar; 6b, lOab, 11a, 12a, 13b, 19c, 22a, 30a, 31a, 41 ab, 44a, 45abc, 48a, 74b, 78a, 116a, 117a, 134a, 138ab, 139a, 140bc, 141ab, 165a, 168ab, 169a, 173a, 178a, 179ab, 182a, 224b, 225a, 292a. Suzanne Saussy; la, 2a, 4a, 8b, 9a, 13b, 14a, 15a, 33b, 42b, 43a, 48b, 162b, 163a, 166a, 167abc, 172b, 187a, 210a, 204a, 208a, 222b, 224ac, 265a, 284a, 290a. Byron Lohman; 98a, 121a, 162a, 163c, 173c, 177a, 180a, 181a, 183a, 207b, 225bc. Kenny Sedowsky; 121c, 184ab, 185ab, 190a, 191ab, 192abc, 193ab, 221c, 223c. Bob Kottler; 99ab, 100a, 101a, 105a, 120a. Robley Dupleix; 104a, 106ab, 112b, 117b. Ozgur Karaosmanoglu; 24a, 86b. Joel Silvershein; 49a, 50a Anne Morton; 172ac Story Credits " Tulane Students Get Cultured. " Pg. 152-153 Lance Uhde Sports Copy — Business and Law School Copy — Furnished by University Relations, from publications of the Tulanian Magazine, Update and Inside Tulane. H • Winslon-Salem HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY •North Carolina 1 '

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