Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1982

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Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 403 of 408
Page 403 of 408

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Page 403 text:

John V(iiiii(: : " i. :m I ' ctcr Youny 30. Kohiit ■ollllg 46 Scynioui luiiig 266 KohiTl iMiiiyhloiKl 277 .lctlic iiiiiiyni.m J 4 Sus.m ' urni;in 2X0 l.aurn.- .ihcliu . 19 Rohcrl ccc.i M)} Panu-hi .ihkr 74. 2(il ScDll all Id 2M Monica Zakr cwskl .VSU Dana Zaic 2X0 Dcyna Zarago a 350 Ixigli Zarcm 350 Roberta Zarkowski 261 Robin ZcilbcrgL-r 2S0 Claudia Zcldcn 3 03 Ann ZaniL-nak 286 H-irhara Zcnisky 85. 303 Donald ZcriMl 260. 350 Krcdric Zcr t s 79 .Ian Zcul clH■l 350 .1 urate Zibas 136 Lisa Zicr 261 Thomas Zilahi 260 Michael Zimmerman 34 Sheril Zimmerman 261 Randi Zinbcrg 261 l.inda Zoblolsky 303 f-rcd Zuckcr 48 James Zullo 1 16. 263 Karen Zucig 311 Editor ' s Note Tulane has had another great year, con- tinuing to demonstrate both its desire and its ability to rank among the nation ' s top schools. New academic programs and stan- dards, extensive renovations of the campus, and winning athletic teams are only a few of the most obvious indications of our upward movement. I hope that this yearbook pre- sents a fairly complete picture of these trends and occurrences. I want to thank my entire staff who helped complete all 400 pages of this book, basically on time. Special thanks go to Bob Kottler, our resident editor emeritus, who was always around when I needed to know the answer to a question or the solution to a seemingly impossible chore — he was even around when I didn ' t need him. My special thanks also go to Ed Esposito, the only per- son at Tulane who actually " wanted " to edit the classes section of the yearbook. Little did he know that anyone who was foolish enough to seek that position would also be foolish enough to seek the Editor-in-Chief ' s position. Good luck with ne.xt year ' s book. Ozgur also deserves special recognition for his willingness to round up photographs only three days before a major deadline, while simultaneously maintaining his un- ending interest in females. Ira, our other editor emeritus, brought us invaluable an- swers to our university-related questions, and was willing to provide 24-hour copy editing service to our sometimes " ailing " stories. The award for des ign ability (with no pre- vious yearbook experience) goes to both El- eanor and Amy. Eleanor ' s added willing- ness to type, made deadlines a little more possible to meet. Bill, our staff nice guy, made my job a whole lot nicer because it was always nice to know that someone on the staff would not only listen to me, but would follow through on our discussions. Sarah made everyone ' s job a little easier by always helping with whatever had to be done, and Larry was always willing to write or rewrite a story on short, short notice. To the myriad of people w ho helped us do small tasks over the course of the year, whether it was stuffing envelopes or index- ing hundreds of names, thank you! c real- ly couldn ' t have made it without you — especially the die-hards who stuck around until the last page was turned in. Mindy. good luck in your future law ca- reer and thank you for your help and sup- port over the year. To the endless string of university admin- istrators and faculty who helped us in what- ever way they could, thank you. Diana Pinckley deserves an award for willingncis to help us way above and beyond the call of duty. Frank Myers and Sherry Smith at the Delmar Company were always patient with me and my million questions about small technical details. Most importantly, 1 would like to thank (and finally get to know) my husband, Da- vid, for his amazing tolerance with me and all of the time spent putting the book to- gether. Not too many marriages start o(T with the couple together only after 10:00 p.m. " Thank you " also go to my parents w hose support has never ended and was es- pecially strong this year. LZfyrtyOAJ Ak Orryyu Index 399

Page 402 text:

Stacy Tyre 285 u Robert Udolf 259, 269, 319 Liliana Ugaz 76, 82, 83, 285, 349 Lawrence Uhde 31 1 Edgar Ulloa 79, 302 Lisa Underwood 302 Mark Unverzagt 302 Gregory Upton 349 Dawn Urbanek 86 E. Peter Urbanowicz 82, 268 Juan Urrea 349 Tracy Ury 349 Kent Utsey 349 V Alberto Valcarcel 302 Valinda Valdez 349 Gregory Valladad 281 Donna Van Cott 93, 349 Archer Vandenburgh 267, 349 Marietta Van Der Meer 274 Dean Vandiver 262 Koenraad Van Ginkel 79, 302 Micheal Vanpetten 281 Camille Van Sant 276 Anthony Van Vliet 281 Steven Van Zandt 271 Thomas Varner 278 Allison Vaughan 302, 349 Lisa Vaughan 93 Steven Vaughn 61, 174 Alberto Vasquez 38 Alberto Vega 302 Pedro Veiguela 262 Patrick Veters 319 Marie Vickers 286, 302 Lori V idal311 Andrea Vidrine 302 David Vigh 349 Plauche Villere 81 Bam Viloria 85 Robert Vince 77 Burton Vincent 273 David Vining 82, 264, 319 Louise Vinueza 349 Philip Viola 120 Junesse Viril 80, 81,311 Xavier Viteri 78, 82, 311 Albert Vitter 26 Rafael Vizcarrondo 3 1 1 Daniel Vliet 28, 348 Matthew Voelkel 282 Maureen Vontz 302 w Edward Wachtel 116, 349 John Waddell 278 Micheal Wadler 269, 289, 319 A.J Waechter 21 Daniel Wagner 137, 287 Eric Wagner 262 Trudy Wagespack 286, 349 Michele Wahlder 280 Damon Waitt 319 Michele Walalden 302 Thomas Wald 282 Lee Waldman 78, 9 1 , 26 1 , 302 Melanie Waldman 285, 311 E. Wade Walk 349 Cedric Walker 28 Dana Walker 85 Douglas Walker 302 Leigh Wall 286, 319 Shannon Wall 285, 311 Curtis Wallace 122 Glen Wallace 278 Tony Wallace 122 Will Wallerstein 302 Lisa Walsey 280 Kathleen Walsh 302 Kimberlv Walsh 353 Steve Walsh 93 Thomas Walsh 302 David Walter 77. 349 Ivan Walters 302 Judith Walters 353 Robin Walton 31 1 Mark Wanthal 319 Pauline Warriner 285 Robert Wartelle 284 William Washburn 302, 349 Joy Washington 302 Lionel Washington 97, 112 Liisa Wastrom 349 Jessica Waters 286 Henry Watkins 278 John Watkins 302 Mark Watson 321 Paul Watson 282 Gordon Watt 278 Brenda Watts 311 Elizabeth Watts 38, 272, 349 Robert Watts 28 Kimberly Wayne 302 Micheal Weaver 349 Cameron Weber 282 Laura Weber 91 Elton Webster 122 Mason Webster 42 Patricia Weeks 274 Catherine Weil 83, 285. 311 Kenneth Weil 91, 93.269. 319 Linda Weil 302 Thomas Weil 160, 282 James Weinberg 269, 277 Sanford Weinberg 260, 321 Lori Weiner 280 Micheal Weinman 284 John Weinmann 21 , 267, 349 Ellen Weinstein 280 Erik Weinstock 266 Beth Weintraub 272 HtTschel Weisfeld 260 Kenneth Weisman 269 Paul Weisman 260 Randi Weisman 280 Barry Weiss 260 Bryan Weiss 269, 350 Gregory Weiss 282 Elizabeth Wilson 93, 350 Gordon Wilson 303 Jonas Wilson 350 Pam Wilson 141 Tara Wilson 85 Kevin Wimbley 303 Erinn Winchester 303 Susan Winchester 80, 303 Carey Winder 267 Derek Winebrenner 268 Ronald Winger 76, 85 Marcia Wink 303 Thomas Winn 282, 311 Todd Winters 311 Gregory Wisdom 281 Susan Witt 319 William Witz 140, 311 Mike Witzel 34 Jeffrey Wolf 260 Stephen Wolf 266 William Wolf 277 Anne Wolfe 80, 157 Anne M. Wolfe 272, 286, 350 Charles Wolfe 120, 319 STeven Wolfe 258 Uura Wolff 93, 274, 350 Rebecca Wolff 311 James Wolfson 269 Steven Wolis 260, 350 Ronald Wonder 350 Peter Wong 319 Jorge Wong-Chen 353 Anthonv Wood 97 David Wood 282 Gordon Wood 93, 350 Elizabeth Woods 272 William Woodworth 268 Arthur Woolverton 282, 303 Gregory Woolverton 303 Margaret Woolverton 286, 311 Gary Wortham 116 James Wrathall 79 Kimberly Wright 286 Timothy Wright 262 Michelle Wvckoff 319 Mark Wynne 283 Lawrence Weiss 283 Rhett Weiss 268 David Weissman 302 Marion Welborn 286, 319 William Welch 282. 350 William Wellons 260 Deborah Wells 350 Deborah L. Wells 350 George Wells 269 Martin Wells 43. 116. 269. 350 Jeffrey Wenhold 97 Kenn Wenn 135 Jeffrev Wenzel 97. 112 John Wenzel 97 Andrew Werth 2. 55. 78, 82, 264, 319 Miles Wertheimer 350 Nancy Wertheimer 350 Jonathan Weseley 302 Carla Westcott 63, 93 Carl Westerhold 350 Andrew Wetstone 268 Evan Wetzler 262, 350 Philip Wetzler 302 Elizabeth Whalen 350 Thomas Wharton 278, 319 Terry Whatley 302 Gary Wheeler 350 Randal Wheeler 270 Richard Wheeler 302 David Whiddon 139, 350 Alora White 272, 302 Debbie White 303 Hugh White 281,285 Margaret White 276 Walter Whitehurst 271, 350 Elizabeth Whitmore 81, 271, 311 Jason Whitten 97 Robert Whittomore 34 Martin Wiarda 350 Mary Weiland 286, 303 Susan Weiner 261 Brent Weise 311 Micheal Wilensky 281 William Wilensky 269 Bert Wilkins 28 George Wilkins 38 Timothy Wilkinson 283 Sarah Willard 79 Theresa Willen 60, 79, 303 Joseph Willey 303 Bernadette Williams 128 Clayton Williams 281, 303 Elizabeth Williams 286, 350 EUzabeth A. Williams 276 George Williams 140 Jav Williams 283 John Williams 122. 127. 319 Kevin Williams 76, 78, 82, 84, 350 Mary Williams 84 Micheal Williams 76, 85 Peggy Williams 42 Robert Williams 273 Travell Williams 76-, 80 Ann Williamson 31 1 Edward Williamson 28 Wendy Willis 72, 73 Ford Willoughby Y Alan Yacoubian 350 Leonard Yamada 82 Majid Yamin 350 Michael Yanuch 93, 319 Edith Yarborough 274, 303 Lawrence Yarborough 266, 311 Rix Yard 43,81, 82 Steven Yates 277, 350 Mary Yazgi 303 Jonathan Yellin 281 Tony Yelovich 97 Maria Yiannopoulos 286, 303 Elizabeth Yonge 93 Margaret Yonge 276, 350 Thomas York 281, 303 Anne Young 286 David Young 267. 274 398 . dex

Page 404 text:

Credits nters Julie Brackenridge pl93 ...They All Axed for You Danny Broh-Kahn p28 Engintfring p40 Computeii ation Heidi Davis p22X TEMS Provides Emergency Care for the Student in Need David Dunn pl42 Soccer Third in City League Bill Could p64 TUCP Tunes in Tulane Gretchen Harper p7() CAC1 US Lends a Helping Hand John Herring p2M) Now Comes Laundry Li me Jeff Kahn p8 Entertainment Susan Kalishman p4 Student ln oi ement Joshua Katz p200 Jackson Square Offers Many Diversions p202 A Hurricane is a Killer Larry Korn p22 Deans p I 1 6 Lacrosse Rallies in Championship Win pi 18 Ruggers defeat LSU in Fall Season pl34 Golf Team Sinks Last Put pi 36 Club Sports pl62 The PhoneOnly Hums ' Cause it Doesn ' t Know the Words p236 Greeks Don ' t Want no Freaks p242 Dirtv Deeds p244 Greek Week p246 A Brother ' s Best Friend p24X Living Dirt Cheap p254 Let the Good Times Roll p258 IPC Ted Kruckel p2IX Tulanians Hit the Road in Mass p226 Quality Inn Blue Dale Levy p62 Progressi e Rock Thrives at WTLIL Daryl Moreau p6 Competition Darin Portnoy p36 Athletics Michelle Rooney piy4 Canal Place Brings Fine Stores to New Orleans !ra Rosenzweig p24 Research p54 Controvery Dominates the ASB plOH Batters Reach Regionals pi iO Metro Champions! Steve Rosoff p58 Choir Travels to London Susan Strauss p68 Student Foundation Works for 1 ulanc Caria Sylvester p72 Female Cadet Reaches for the Stars Peter I ' rbanowicz p74 Who Cares? Lisa Vaughn p46 Dexelopment Linda Weil p52 Emotions in Motion at the Newcomb Dance Club Michael Yanuch p4S Admissions Sarah Schmidt p30 Architecture p32 Public Policy p34 Classics p246 A Brother ' s Best Friend p259 Panhellenic Joel Silvershein p96 Riding the Crest of a Winning Season pi 04 Cheerleaders Urge Wave to Victory p 1 6 Lady Wave Drowns Opponents pi 12 Scholarship. Surprise Bolster Track Team pi 14 Sailors VVa e Competition pl20 Six Named All American pl22 Wa e Swamps LSU in Post Season Photographers Ozgur Karaosmanoglu 4a. 4b, 4c, 12b, 14a. 14b, 18a, 20a, 22b, 32c, 42a, 43b, 45a, 45b, 48c, 49a, 50a, 52a, 54a. 55a, 56a, 56b. 57b. 62a. 63a, 63b. 66a. 68a, 69a, 69b, 70b, 76a, 78c. 79c. 80a. 80b. 81b. 81c. 82c. 83b. 84b, 85b, 87b. 87c. 90b. 90c. 91b. 92a, 93a, 93b, 94a, 154a, 158a, 160a, 162a, 164a, 172a, 182a. 184b, 185a. 188a, 189a. 189b, I9la, 196c. 198b. 208a. 209a, 210a. 21 la. 214a, 218a, 223a, 226a, 234a, 236a. 236a. 238a, 239a, 239b, 240a, 240b, 241a, 242a. 246a, 248b. 248c. 257a. 259a, 259b, 269a, 271a. 273a, 275a. 276a. 278a, 281a, 284a, 285a, 287a, 287b, 288a, 289a. 290a. 353a, 363a. Mazin Abu-Ghazalah la, 2b, 6c, I Ob, 24c, 30a, 34b, 34c, 38d, 43a, 46a, 46b, 48a, 77c, 83a, 92c, 107b, 1 14a, I 14b, 1 15a. 1 18a. 1 19a, 119b, 120a, I3la, 132a, 133a, 134a, 134b, 136a. 136b. 136d. 138c. 139a. 166a. 166b. 171a, 173a, 180a, 190a, I9lb, 192b. 194a, 195a. 195c, 201a, 202a, 203a, 204b, 221a, 221b, 223b, 232a. 233b, 286a, 303a. 31 la, 322a, 326a, 329a, 336a. 348a. EBob Kottler 2c. 16a, 17a. 23a. 23b. tf i 33a. 35b. 37b. 81a. 96a. 98a, lOla, iPH g 102a, 104a, I04b, 107a. 108a. llOa. 1H| Ilia, I 13a, 116a, 1 16b, 120b, 122a. " " - ' 22 ' - ' ■ - ' " ' ' ' - ' ■ ' ' ' - ' ' ' ' = JhH 128b, 129a, 130a, 135a, 137c, I40b, ■f h I40d. 142a, 142b, 143a, 143b, 182b, . M 183a. 222b. 240c. 250a. 351a, 357a, 361a, 364a, 364b, 365a, 366a, 367a, 368a. Byron Lehman 6a. 6b, lOa, 20b, 21a, 22L 25a, 27b, 28b, 28c, 28d. 29a. 29b, 30b. 31a. 35b, 37a, 40a, 41a, 60b, 61a, 68a, 72a, 73a, 86a, 89a, 138a. 139b, I39d. 140a, 177a, 195b. 196b. 202b. 203b. 217b, 219a, 220a, 228a, 231a, 254a, 260a, 26.3a. 267a. 272a, 282a, 288b, 295a. John Foley 12a, 13a. 16b, 53a, 78b, 82a, 84c, 97a, 99a. 100a, 159a, 165b. 167a. 167b. 167c, 169a, 178a, 183b, 196a, 199a, 205a, 224a, 225a, 248a, 261a, 270a, 274a, 280a, 283a, 362a, 362b, 363b, 366b, 368b. Seth Strauss 22d, 26c, 27a, 30c, 35a, 40d, 42b, 44a, 47b, 136c, 137a, 137b. 141b. 170a. 204a. 207b, 2l2a,2l2b.215a,2l5b, 237a, 251a, 253a, 256b, 258a, 258b, 292a, 330a, 340a, 342a, 345a. Greg Kinskey 22e, 26b, 30d, 32b, 32d, 34a, 38a, 38b, 40b, 42d, 44b, 156a, 160b, 186a, 186b, 186c, 187a, 197c, 232b, 232c. Dale Levy 24b. 25b, 32a, 36a, 36b, 41b, 42c, 57c, 63c, 64a. 65a, 76c, 77a, 88b, 141a, 216a, 217a, 227a, 287c. Suzanne Saussy 2a, 1 5a, 22h, 24a, 33a, 39b, 6 1 b, 9 1 a, 138b, 177b, 2I3a, 243a, 252a, 256a, 262a, 264a, 296a, 308a, 315a. Carl Lineberry 60a, 76a, 78a, 79a, 87a, 88a, 90a, 1 68a, 174a. Joel Silvershein 24d, 28a, 34d, 38c, 70c, 71a, 188b, 356c. 357b, 357c. Mark Unverzagt 48b, 67a, I57b, 192a, 193a, 279a, 299a, 318a, 332a. Fran Dubrow 22g. 3 1 b. 77b. 80c. 84b, 85a, 86b, 89b, 89c, 91a. Pamela Keller 40c, 74a, 99b, 165a, 176a, 198a, 198c, 199b Liz Cravens 49b, 200b, 201a, 250b, 253b. Jenny Dunn 175a, 206a. 218b, 222a, 304a. Andy Pellar 26a. 70a, 182c, 192b, 200a. Peter Sacopulos 79b, 161a, 180a, 254b, 325a. Armand Berlin 22a, 47a, 358a, 358b. Katie Brucker 58a. 320a, 321a. Brad Nirenblatt 158b. 158c. 159b. Tom Weil 22c. 180a, 184a. Lance LaBauve 83c, 124a. Sigal Shapira 89b, 89c. Dan Thiel 112a. 112b. G. Andrew Boyd The Times- Picayune, The Slates Item 1 03a. Victor Rodriguez23lb. r-

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