Tulane University - Jambalaya Yearbook (New Orleans, LA)

 - Class of 1981

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Page 468 text:

Credits Writers LouAnn Atlas p258. 259 Spring Arts Festival Jennifer Bradley p270 Black Arts Festival Steve Clark pi 78 End of an Era Laurie Dollin p65 James Rogers: Teaching Academic Administration Fran Dubrow p39 Ronald Filson: Upgrading Architectural Education p44 Dean Wittig: Preserving The Newcomb Identity p45 Dean Wayne Woody: Overhauling The University College p48 Frank Birtel: Team Effort is His Secret p54 Dr. Robert Tompkins: Teaching Research Techniques p56 Dr. Joe Poe: Encouraging Ancient History p60 Dean Thompson: Striving For Number One Joshua Katz p256, 257 Rock-N-Roll; New Orleans Style Michcle Kralj p248 Womens Forum Gary Kwawer Dr Hamlin: Still a Family Doctor Lance LaBauve pl76 Finesse is O J ' s Game pl79 Impossible Dream Eludes Wave Terry Levine p50 Col. Berridge: Keeping the Tulane Campus Safe p53 Norman Boothby: Stresses Creative Photography p71 Edward Morse: Optimistic About the Future Dale Levy p52 Elizabeth Watts: Searching For Man ' s Past p55 Dr. John Jacobus: Organic Chemist p66 Michael Zimmerman: Asking p62 Dr. Michael Kreyling: Specializing and Studying Southern Literary Style p68 Dr. George Rosensteel: Phiosophical Physics David Dunn pp246. 247 Surviving the Game of Pre- Med p286 Culinary and Bibulous Delights p289 The Central Business District p290 The French Quarter p301 The Jazz and Heritage Festival Brian Geiger p40 Dean Gordon p49 Frederick Starr: Developing a First Rate Faculty p57 Archie Grefer: Computer Wiz Bill Gould pp256, 257 John McGlaughlin Ted Jones pp268, 269 The University Center: The University ' s Hidden Delights pp280, " 281 Robert Sharp Hall: The Ultimate in Freshman Living Questions on Life Photographers Bob Kottler 4a. 6a. 10b, 12b,c, 14b, 16a,b, 26a,b, 28a,b,c, 29a, 30a, 33a, 38b, 41a, b,46a, 47a,b,c,d, 67c,d, 80c,d, 81a,b,c, 86a, 88b, 90b,c, 9Ia,c,d,e,f, 92b.e, 96a, 98a, 102a,b. 103a.b, 105a,b, 106a,b, 107a, 108a, 110a. 112b, 114a, 115a,b, 117a. 119b. !20a, I21a,b, 122b. 123a,b, 124b. 125a,b. 126b, 134b, 138a, 139a, b. 140a, 144a, 147a,b, 151a, 153b, 156d.e, 157a,b,c, 158b, 159a, 161a,b,c, 162d, 164a,d,e, 166a. 167a, 168b, 169b,c, 170a, 175c, 179a, 192a, 194a,b, I95a,b, 197a, 224c, 231a,b,c,d, 244a, b, 248a,b, 249a, 250b, 256a,b,c, 257a, 258a.b,c, 259a, 264a,b, 267a, 269a,b, 270a, 280a,b,c, 281a, 284a, 285a, 286a,c. 287a, 294a, 304a,b, 305a,b,c, 306a,b,c, 308a, 309a,c, 310a,b, 311a,b.c, 315a, 319b, 335b, 339c,d, 340b, 341b, 343a, 358a, 359a, 366a, 380a,b,c, 383a,386a, 387a, 395a, 401a, 404a, 415a, 436a, b,c, 437a,b,c. 438a,b,c,d, 440a, 441c, 447a Eric Olaes 6b, 7a, 8a,b, 10a,c,d, 1 la,b,c,d,e,f,g, 13a, 14a, 15a, 16c,d, 17a, 18a, b, 19a,b, 20a, 21b, 22a, 23a,b,c, 24a, 25a, 27a, 31a, 32a,b, 36a, 37a. 38a, 42b,c, 44a, 45a,b, 48a, 49a,b, 51a, 53b. 60a,b, 74a, 82a,b,c, 83a,b, 84a, 85a, 86b,c, 87a,c, 88a, 89a.b, 90a,d.e,f, 92a,c,d,f, 93c,d.f, 95b, 96a, 108a, 109a, 136a,b, 137c, 154a, 158d, 162b, 163a, 165a,c, 167b,e, 177a,b,c, 180b, 181a, 202a,b, 203a,c, 220a,b,c, 221a,b,c, 225a, 228a,b,c, 229a, b,c, 230a, b,c, 232a, b,c, 233a,b,c,d,234a,b,c,d, 235a,b, 236a,b, 238a,b, 239a,b 240a, 24Ia,b,c, 242a, 243a,b,c, 252a,c, 253a, 254a, 255a, 270b, 271a, 275a,b 279a, 284a,b, 285a,b, 288c, 289a, 292a, 293a,b, 295b, 296a, 297b,c, 298a,b,c, 299a,b, 300a,b, 312a, 317a, 322a, 324a, 326a, 328a, 330b, 331b, 335b, 346a, 354a Lance LaBauve 9a,b, 98b, I56a,b,c, 160c, 162a,c,e, 163b,c, I64b,c, 167c, 168a,c, 169a, 170b, 171b, 172a, b,c, 173a,b,c, I74a,b, I75a,b, 176a, b,c, 178a, 180a,c,d, 182a,b, 183a,b,c, 184a,b,c,d, 185a, 186a.b,c,d, 187a, 188a,b,c,d, 189a, I90a,b, !91a,b. I93a,b, 194a, 196a,b, 197b,c. 198a, 199a,b, 200a,b,c, 201a,b, 203b, 204a,b, 205a,b,c, 206a, 207a,b, 208a,b,c, 209a,b,c,d,210a, 21 la,b,c, 212a,b, 213a, 214a,b, 215a,b. 218a. 222a,b,c,d, 223a,b,c, 224a, 225a, 240c, 249b,c 251a,b,265a,b, 268a,b, 272a, 276a,b, 286b, 287b, 290a, 291a, 296b, 331a. 353a, 360a, 435a,c, 441a, b, 443a,444a,b, 445a, 446a, 456a Terry Levine 34a, 39a.b,c, 40a, 42a, 43a, b, 46b,c, 50a.b, 52a,b,c, 54b,c, 55a,c, 56a,b, 57b,c, 58a,b,c, 59a,b,c,d, 61a,d, 62a,b, 63a,b,c,d, 64b,c, 65b,c, 67a, 68b,c, 69a,b,c,d, 70c,d,e,f, 71a,b,c,d, 72b,c. 73b,c,d, 87b, 91b, 93b,e. 104a, 112a, 1 13a, 1 16a.b. 127b. 142a, 144b, 145a,b, 148a,b,c, I49a,b, 150a,b,c, 224d, 240b, 241d, 246a, b, 247a,b,c, 248c, 260a,b,c, 261a,b,c, 262a,b,c,d, 263a, 273a,b,c,d, 277a,b,c, 278a, 279a, 288b, 291b,c, 297a, 301a, 330a, 341b, 365a, 369a, 370a. 378a, 379a, 385a, 398a, 407a, 410a, 433a, 434c, 435b, 440b,c,d Dale Levy 66a,b,c,d, 67b, 68a, 109b, 250a, 307b, 308b, 309b, 314a, 316a, 3 1 8a, 320d, 331a. 336a, 340a, 342a, 344a, 348a,b, 349a,b,c, 352a, 356a John Foley 25b,c, 85b, 117b,c, 119a, 130a, 132b, 158c, 159b,c,d, 165b,d, 167d, I7!a,c, 225c,d, 237a, 252b, 283a, 288a, 290b, 307c, 350a,b, 351a,b, 377a Gary Kwawer 76a, " 78a, 79a,b, 94a. 99a, 1 18a,b, 127a, 134a, 141a,b, 146a,b, 314b Ozgur Karaosmanoglu a, 70a, 122a, 128a. b. 129a,b,c, 130b, 131b, 266a,b, 271a, 328b Veronica Trau 99b, !33a,b. 158a, 160b, Andrea Silver 12a, 13b,c, 2!a Byron Lohman 57a, 61b,c Kenny Sadowsky 53a, 64a Aeron Stevenson 30b, 301b Stephanie Klein 73a Norman Boothby 53c Lynn Maddox p306 Sorority Rush p307 Screech Night Mindy McNichols p244, 245 College Bowl: The Varsity Sport of the Mind p46, 47 Don Moore: Student Service is Our Job Joe Messina pi 57 Short Changed Again pi 58 The Connection Clicks pi 59 Wave Outlasts Rebels pl60 Homecoming is Spoiled pl61 Commodores Humiliated pi 62 The Force Tamed 28-7 pl63 Ground Attack Rolls pl64 Tulane Averts Upset pi 65 The Wave Takes Five pi 67 Tigers Swamp Tulane pi 69 Off Night Under the Limelight Gary Roberts pp320, 321 Beginning of the Year Staci Rosenberg p42 Paul Verkuil: A Winning Case Ira Rosenzweig p37 Eamon Kelly: Shaping Tulane ' s Future p38 John Phillips: Predicting a Bright Future Ahead For Tulane p226, 227 Conservative Tide Sweeps Country Jacki San Miguel pl98 Sailing Tacks Way Into Top Five Rhonda Schwartzman p63 Dr. George Cummins; Stressing Soviet Communications Mike Schement p266 Archibald Cox: Looking Beyond the 80 ' s Elections p268 Frank Abagnale Andrea Silver pp4-33 In Retrospect p36 President Hackney: The Spirit of Tulane p41 Jeffrey Barach: Helping Stu- dents Develop p64 Bruce Raeburn: A Musical Historian p255 Pat Metheny p265 G. Gordon Liddy pp433-441 Seniors: One Last Look Joel Silvershein p67 Hindman Wall: Stressing Academics and Athletics pi 77 Paul Plays Lead Role Martha Steele p73 Edward Rogge: Keeps in Touch With The Students pp88-93 Direction Michael Yanuck p264 JefT Greenfield: Politics in the Age of the Mass Media H HUNTER PUBLISHING COMPANY WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA 27103 464

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