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llili iiiiilH iiiiiilliaill . " m ' ti ' 1 " i . -4 ' ' ■ i 56(55. GRITS + biSC nS ■ " ' ■ tT TWO E€SS AHf JTYLE SOWEP VffTW H K3T ([sQutTs at Ti »sTj firnoc " Mc.i M ■■- ESGs eaJEDia- , 2.9s:. ft;v:hed Eoes ON HoajWO!WSK i«c»«« JJ j BACON TOFfEP WitM HCLt ra £se iUi E(j65 SARDOU V 525 " ; ■ MflCH TOfTK " WITH fWCHEP EBSS.AW npitfse, 5CJCVEP wirw vKK TQ Sr at »5Qurr5 :er-,5 CCEOLE 2.95- EP CfF wftM n ' QUAKTECKOlt ? UC£: OML£ne 1.T5 .OMLilTTEWimHOLUNmi OKCEBDlffatK 2.2S ' ' ML€TTE WITH HAM OECHEeSE . Z.- . TOKEC K6 OMLGTTE W(TH TO»sr c« , ■ pf5Q,u(T5, SUITEK ANf J»« T-aREAD ITST NGWaltL£WJSSrVlXFK£MCHTtlH£r - , B4-,- SEKVEP WITH owe SrttVFT.MAPLC 5VKUP,- . OK CMK cwN (p ' Ea3MMew«P PWuJMc skLtce " SUADESAND6R1TS (NfeHw E«»wcNPE»J 5l50 -■■■ WUTEEP yFAL N A RfcHt.V j«ASOWep ■ BROWN tJXOLE ifi-UiCE UMKauE TC " STCIPSTtAK .750 BAKCP POTATO Oft etf fTS AHf ' B«QUn OR TOAST -«f- StDCQgQERS- uNtfwusftse TOO j " IQftST.SMTTEf JAM 10 11 , ? ,Vi ' ' % JS--1 « J t t - = -w... ■■ ik. ' i :MSi K(i -- .g w 13 14 15 iw ! - 1 ' ' ' " ■ ' ' W,M iiy ' tifrffrSltii « 16 TH L I Published annually by the Students of Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana Volume 84 n Mike Mannis, Editor Graham Anthony, Photography Editor V T iDj o coNTE „ CNA? ]f FE TIVAU A n ALAY V ACAP£ C OKeAKl ATlON CLA t 2 71 87 A t- - w t r( AV c; PAT PA IXIE. K. -iKIK X ' ?T.. .: campus 25 I 28 campus campus 29 30 campus campus 31 32 campus campus 33 |li__jii_L iii " " ' ' " ■■ ' ' " " " 34 campus campus 35 36 campus fi i campus 37 38 campus iwc.m M campus 39 40 campus campus 41 . ■ f- ' SS= ' : ' ?%tt " " Cl 42 campus campus 43 44 campus campus 45 at 46 campus r ' 48 campus campus 49 campus 51 52 campus campus 53 54 campus campus 55 I -I . - ' W ' ■ ' - ' .■! .- itfe .-,... .. J . .. vV_. . ' ' « !■» ' ■■ Jt mPHB II T T f - ' - 3P» ., ' ■ 58 campus L ' MM qr flfcj 1 I Mi ii f i 9 % 1 J ft 1 . r :.,4f ■ ' ■ - ' i . ii 4 flS :f -■ ' l ii iii campus 59 60 campus 62 campus Plf UN0L6 (iH AINeTOt ' ME ONETIME DAT PA M VFlf 1 5TA KIPN VP N£lA 6 Mg. 6C)|[, ' 7 f ire OFP VA a w an ' forcs ' em, IT W( KE£T AN ' A .L- f jy ' tick: to ' CAUSE DBr GOT %«y tf : friends T h »w- — , k ■wn III m m H " |9 m K m . 1 p f 1 b| 1 " ' ' [ ■i EA|f ] Si j tt kw ■■. if P y H F ! r t w fa i. L ._i i A O T i;H Pte Klp COMe ff£ AN ' PEY AIN ' T NEVUH e H C H f ' rA fO ' 5 Y. A PAMM fYAMic. B(;r ptY CATCH ON PA5 ' r... 72 campus life The U.C campus life 73 ROTC 74 campus life Umbrella campus life 75 76 campus life Off Campus Attractions campus life 77 78 campus life ' 1 t J to • ■ - 4 « ' ' v! .Jpt ' 1 a Off Campus Attractions Molly ' s Irish Pub mmu campus life 79 ■ mmmEinT- MUHAMMAD ALI vs LEON SPINKS SEPTEMBER 15, 1978 80 campus life Music at Midday Symphony in the Stadium campus life 81 Homecoming — Superfest 82 campus life 1978 Homecoming Court Ginja Mexic, Queen Kimberly Kronzer Melissa Ogden Pam Lewis Elizabeth Cook Lauren Friedman Jennifer Jericho campus life 83 •■■ ■ .J. ' ; y t JsX ' «i V--: aa ' =- ' -J ' ' .. ■ ■■ - .1. (- • . ■ »•-.■ g g , :s M . « • ' ■ . ■Wi J .4 l»» r f-». u - - " r ' .« i,» ' i f Beaux Arts Ball ..t • J-; %tr ' ■ ' iP ' k ' o- . I .J ,:l ' f) i Performances The Tulanians 86 campus life Campus Night- Pippin F v B - H H M E ! ixl l L9 campus life 87 W- ' ■ f) -kAw-C j ■ ' w fSTJ iWi ■ 1 HJS-. : ■ ' ' ■■ ■■■»i ' ' V, ,-- ' ■ Phoebe Snow ••• ' .7?- -., .- •■■•iJ - " - 5r.— • .■- ■ -v ' " -• _ - L ' .- V . o :v r .),•; ' .-Ai iS- The Comedy Store i- iS ' " i .:;f-.V ■ s i ' v: : 4 Jerry Jeff Walker m ;: ' fc,• - ! = ms - V - , v ' HHIlHi .. ' Wet Willie .•.., i:r ; ,aM 90 campus life WTUL Marathon featuring Asleep at the Wheel m campus life 91 ' t ; m m »? :Ti " 7 ' m m 3v ; }s J 1 ' ' j Sea Level The Nighthawks Li . ' iiLiii " ' •1. i-i ' iLS ' rHi- h k f , t_ Ik 1 H E- ' ' ' . H; 1- 1 K ' ' ' ' ' H .«i " j itt B B . ' i ' i 5»;,!tVf ' ii i Chuck Mangione H . H ■ r ' - ' ?r v ' 7 f4v :Jj ..r-f A- •.. ' ' ' ' .■i;i. ' Andrew Young Simon Weisenthal Chris IVIiller 94 campus life ' ! ' j ' . Nikki Giovanni William Styron IP! campus life 95 J,. V- rj -x- I Mr ' fl . 5 i Carlos Montoya ' ■ ■ ' if. ' ' . Jack Anderson DIRECTION 79 Perceptions of a Changing America D RECWN m In its twelvth year, DIRECTION continued its tradition of providing a provocative forum for the exchange of information and ideas. This years theme, " Perceptions of A Changing America " provided the means for DIRECTION 79 to take a look at the United States current role in the world arena. DIRECTION attempted to shed light on how the United States is perceived by the rest of the world through examining multinational corporations, the military, America ' s trend to the Right, The Third World and the New Individualism. By discussing these topics, DIRECTION hoped to offer an insightful overview of the sociopolitical status of 1979 America and its relation to the rest of the world. iiim m r ' ' J ' 98 99 The first night of DIRECTION 79 focused on Multinational Corporations. Moderated by PBS celebrity Robert MacNeil, the panel consisted of academicians Richard Barnet and Raymond Vernon, consumer advocate Ralph Nader, and corporate supporter Malcolm Forbes, Jr. During the course of the evening, Barnet and Vernon provided intellectual rallying on subjects such as multinational ' s roles as political tools of influence by their home governments, the effects on governments, the growing autonomous power of multinationals and the future of multinationals in third world nations. Nader and Forbes offered a spirited, personal dialogue that centered on multinationals ' responsibilities in underdeveloped third world countries. Nader maintained that they take advantage of third world nations, citing Nestle Corporation ' s knowledgeable sale of poisonous baby formulas . Forbes disagreed, insisting that underdeveloped countries desire multinationals to move in. He cited Chinese people ' s delight in seeing clouds of smoke rising from their new factories, as they perceive this as a sign of significant social progress. Sv; vi Richard J. Barnet 100 Robert MacNeil Malcolm Forbes, Jr. Raymond Vernon " . . . you ' ve got to keep the opposition off balance. Once you get them tumbling, you can ' t let up . . . That ' s the only way to get results . . . " - Ralph Nader 101 The second night of DIRECTION investigated " The Military. " The panel consisted of Georgia Senator Sam Nunn, Wisconsin Representative Les Aspin, former head of the Joint Chief of Staff, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt and Martin Halperin. The panel was moderated by Tulane graduate, Howard K. Smith. This evening proved to be full of lively debate and eloquent appeals as the panel bantered back and forth on topics including national defense spending, reinstatement of the draft and America ' s status of power in military defense. Opinion varied from Zumwalt ' s view that United States defense was weaker than it had ever been to Aspin ' s plea to cut future defense budgets. Zumwalt, Nunn, Aspin and Smith were marvelous speakers, presenting their opinions with flare and enthusiasm. 102 " . . . if the U.S. does not increase defense spending now, it will he more costly to the nation in later years due to product price control by other countries . . . " — Elmo Zumwalt, Jr. Morton Halperin ' • " ' . ' , ' -?; Howard K. Smith ' ' . . . for a superpower to allow a small island ninety miles off our shore to basically become a deter- mining factor in the entire third world because we are too impotent to figure out a way to deal with it is intolerable . . . " - Sen. Sam Nunn Ix-s A spin 103 The third night of DIRECTION was a classic debate between a conservative and a liberal as Patrick Buchanan and Nicholas Von Hoffman discussed " America ' s Trend to the Right: Issue or Illusion. " Buchanon and Von Hoffman began the debate by agreeing that America is becoming more conservative than in the past in politics as well as personal life-styles. On individual subjects their opinions were less harmonic as each speaker ' s political views came to the forefront. Regarding the issue of the draft, Buchanon criticized the volunteer army and urged the reinstatement of the draft to improve personnel. Von Hoffman agreed that the army was inadequate at present, but opted for raising salaries to make the army a more desirable occupation as solution to the problem. 104 Patrick Buchanan " . . . (A conservative) has a skepti- cism toward Russia, wants to increase expenditures on weapons, is in favor of reinstating the draft, and supports the death penalty. " — Patrick Buchanan " . . .a liberal has a great concern for social issues, has no belief in free marketism, and is in favor of decen- tralization of government. " - Nicholas von Hoffman Nicholas Von Hoffman 105 The fourth night of DIRECTION featured the President of the Inter- American Development Bank Antonio Ortiz Mena, academician Walt Rostow, syndicated columnist Joseph Kraft, and Indian Ambassador Nani Ardestin Palkhivala on a panel devoted to the Third World Moderated by CBS newsman Ed Bradley. The panel discussed third world nations perception of the United States. Palkivala gave a touching speech, saying that his country equated political liberty, economic equality and human dignity with the ideals of America. All the panelists agreed that the United States should pursue relations with the Third World with those thoughts pre-eminent. Joseph Kraft 106 " . . . the task of your generation is going to he to face up to this array of critical supply problems which is going to dominate the next quarter century. If you deal with these prob- lems of population, food, and pollu- tion, you will be able to improve the quality of life in our society -but you must never stop dealing with such problems . . . " - Walt Rostow Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala Ed Bradley S K MMk Haut flr P K ' l ' u ' lil HB ' 7 l l S8 Kfl V BS tf ' - v jfl t BM m Antonio Ortiz Mcn.i 107 DIRECTION 79 concluded with an examination of the " New Individualism. " Included in this panel were radical poet of the 60 ' s, Allen Ginsberg, author and sociologist Philip Slater, demographer Ben Wattenberg, Renaissance Man of this era, Ashley Montagu and as moderator, CBS ' s Morley Safer. The panel had great difficulty in defining " individualism " as each of their perceptions of the world came from a different plane of thought. Discussion ranged from Wattenberg ' s assertion that the war in Vietnam was " not at all immoral " , to Ginsberg ' s claim that everybody in the audience was a " miniature Buddha. " Although the discussion was at times disjointed, it was also entertaining, stimulated by Montagu ' s beautiful orations, Ginsberg ' s cosmic interjections and Safer ' s brash commentary . 108 Philip Slater Morley Safer ' ' . . .our need is to recog- nize our own aggression, our own passion, our own ignorance . . . " -Allen Ginsberg Ashley Montegu Ben Wattenber ! 109 110 The Early Days of Direction THE HISTORY OF DIRECTION The organization of the DIRECTION sym- posium was occasioned twelve years ago by a group of Tulane students concerned about the lack of opportunity in their community and university for personal confrontation with na- tional socio-political kaders. The result was DIRECTION ' 68, which stressed personal confrontation with national figures, not only by members of the Tulane community, but also by citizens of the DIRECTION programs that followed. In essence, the DIRECTION pro- gram consists of an annual series of lectures, seminars, and workshops conducted over a four-or-five day period during the spring semes- ter. Public affairs leaders, students, faculty and interested citizens are the participants . Each year ' s program is organized so that it might relate to several current national issues. DIRECTION ' 68 was concerned with " The Future of American Politics " and posted a ros- ter of participants ivhich included Con- gressman Gerald Ford, Columnist Rowland Evans, Senator Albert Gore of Tennessee, Ju- lian Bond, Aaron Henry of the Mississippi NAACP, and Sander Vanocur. The response to the four day program was more than just favorable. Columnist Rotvland Evans termed It " one of the most stimulating university symposiums I ever had the honor of par- ticipating in. " The average audience num- bered 700, with students comprising about 80% of this number. The theme of DIRECTION ' 69 ivas " The American Domestic Crisis " and focused on " Urban Ills and Problems " and " The Di- lemma of Youthful Dissent. " The program featured such prominent men as Congressman Allard K. Lowenstein, Senator Abraham Ribicoff, William F. Buckley, Jr., Whitney M. Young, Jr. of the National Urban League. Charles Evers, Dr. James Q. Wilson, Edwin 0. Guthman (national editor of the Los Angeles Times), and Dr. Herbert Gans, a Columbia sociologist and urban planner. The response to the ' 69 symposium was even more enthusiastic that the ' 68 program. Kurt Schwartz, 79 Chairtnan 111 AN YON e O0B9 TO f 5Tll Au AN ' n m ' ' ' 5 : ? t. u£ Krewe of Tulane Rolls 114 festivals It was one of the finest Tulane efforts in years. After partying at the levee with the Krewe of Oar, five hundred students piled into about one hundred and fifty cars and started the first parade of the " Krewe of Tulane. " While the original destination was the Quarter, no one really minded when the friendly and courteous state police turned the Krewe around when they reached Washington Street. The people of the Gar- den District and Uptown enjoyed the parade as this would be their only chance in 1979 to catch Mardi Gras beads and trin- kets without traveling to the suburbs, the JAMBALAYA applauds the " Krewe of Tulane " for continuing the spirit of Mardi Gras in the face of adversity. festivals 115 116 festivals festivals 117 Things were definitely differ- ent during Mardi Gras this year but nothing could be further fronn the truth than to say that it had been " canceled. " Marc i Gras is as much a state of mind as a physical reality and the shifting of the parades from Canal Street did not dampen the spirits of those who came to party. The Quarter was less crowded this year than most but that didn ' t mean that it was empty. While the parades were in the suburbs, it was still Mardi Gras in the Quarter. L 118 festivals DH-UnMEKTAL I )EI ' iLljc imc -Picaiiimc It Sl NEW OEUAKS. WESHtSDAY HORNDia mRUABT II, 1979 Captains Cancel Mardi Gras festivals 119 120 festivals festivals 121 122 festivals NEW ORLEANS JAZZ A HERITACE FESTim festivals 1 23 124 festivals festivals 125 festivals 127 ANNIVERSARY ' LEANS HERITAGE SfflVAL Used by permission of The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. 1979 ProlCreatlons MIB L YA omstam mvon f(t x . 130 jambalaya ■3 ,1 1 jambalaya 131 National - World News Three Mile Island nuclear accident Jonestown tragedy Israel-Egypt peace treaty Shah of Iran and Samoza overthrown Salt II negotiations end Carter popularity drops Kennedy denies he will run in 1980 Patty Hearst released from prison Ali wins title for third time THE YEAR Prices Beer — 6 pack $2.00 Loaf of bread .50 Gasoline .80 gallon Movie 3.00 Pay phone .10 Records 5.50 Can of Coke .30 Cigarettes .75 Newspapers .10 Movies Heaven Can W Animal House Eyes of Laura Magic Superman Up in Smoke Alien Rocky II The Deerhunte China Syndron ait Mars r ne 134 jambalaya Music Rolling Stones The Grateful Dead The Doobie Brothers Supertramp The Cars Foreigner Dire Straits Cheap Trick Donna Summer The Who Teddy Pendergrass 1 978-79 Campus and Local News Bruff Stuff opens University area shootings Johnston goes Co-ed Dr. Antippas resigns Police strike through Mardi Gras Moon Landrieu appointed to HUD Deaths Pope Paul Pope John Paul I Gene Tunney Nelson Rockefeller John Wayne Ray Bolger Thurman Munson Arthur Fiedler Lowell George Keith Moon jambalaya 135 m - v- ' -y? e pt i ' ' f ' ' ' ' - ■•:» ' . ■. «»■ « t f t : r 138 jannbalaya The Neville Brothers ROCKIN ' PNEUMONIA New Orleans is one of the music ceniers of the world. Some of the greais in the recording industry have their roots planted firmly in the New Orleans music scene. A walk down Bouroon Street on a Saturday night well il- lustrates the diversity of music that the city has to of- fer. If one staris at the far end of the Quarier, the first " must " is Preservation Hall. This famous music spot is nothing more than a dusty old room with a few broken bencnes. The piciures on the wall, which are faced and crooKed, add to the atmos- phere of a room tnat has seen better days. Then you notice the musicians — old black men whose wrinkles show their age and troubles. Their instruments are worn and tired, but when the music starts, you can see the fire in their eyes. They play pure, unadulterated Dixie- land jazz. They are the origi- nals and represent what makes New Orleans the home of jazz. And when the music is at its height, you realize why this dusty old room is so appropriate for the music that is played there. You are visiting another era, another age, and there is only one place you can go to see it — Pre- servation Hall. As you walk up Bourbon Street, you can go from aoorway to doorway and hear every variation of jazz around. Since there are no cars on Bouroon Street, folks just start dancin ' in the street. It is this atmosphere which permeates the French Quarter and keeps people commg back. The Dream Palace is a fairly new addition to the New Orleans night club scene. Located on the other side of the Quarter, it looks like just another bar from the outside. But on the inside, you notice the ceiling intri- cately painted with stars in the form of the Milky Way Galaxy. The atmosphere is aided by some of the best bands in the city that regu- larly play here. Tipitina ' s is the godfather of night clubs in the Cres- cent City. It successfully combines the flavor and at- mosphere of a New Orleans bar with some of the finest talent in the city. It is also larger than most of the other night spots, which results in a more consistently rowdy crowd. Since achieving its success, " Tip ' s " has made improvements, such as buy- ing one of the best sound systems in t he city and acoustically reinforcing the stage area. The musicians jambalaya 139 appreciate these high stan- dards; the quality acts come back time and time again. In the Carrolton area, there are two bars which dominate the music scene: Jimmy ' s and Jed ' s. Jimmy ' s Bar on Willow is the latest addition to the night life. The noteworthy flair of this bar is the owner himself, Jimmy Anselmo. His style of busi- ness is very open, which exp- lains why WTUL, Tulane ' s FM radio station, chose to have one of their fund- raisers here. While offering the proven talent, he also is one of the few bar owners who will help the new bands that are struggling to get on the music circuit. When a new band plays at Jimmy ' s, the owners of the other bars often show up to check them out. Right down the street from Jimmy ' s is Jed ' s. There is a stiff competition between the two bars; several bands that play Jimmy ' s on a Friday night often play Jed ' s on Saturday and vice versa. This keeps Jed Palmer on his toes and forces him to maintain high standards in order to keep his share of customers. In the past few years, stu- Little Queenie and the Percolators 140 jambalaya dents have been able to see David Bromberg, Tom Waits, Taj Mahal, Asleep at the Wheel, Elvis Costello, and many others on Jed ' s stage. There is another bar that must be mentioned, even though it is designed in a dif- ferent style than the other New Orleans bars. Tyler ' s is an establishment tucked away on Magazine Street which features ten cent oys- ters and some of the finest progressive jazz in the city. This creates an atomosphere which has members of the Neville Brothers, Li ' l Queenie, the Meters, and other top bands stopping by just to sit in. It is the norm rather than the exception when these artists come by. They come because they ' re in the mood to play, not be- cause of a band contract. This spontaneous, relaxed environment creates mo- ments which cannot be planned or rehearsed. It is very special to watch Charles Neville and Leigh Harris play a jazz tune that they have never done together. The Meters For many years, the foun- tainhead of New Orleans street funk, the Meters con- tributed such hits as the Cissy Strut, They All Asked For You, and Be My Lady and have five tasty available albums to their credit. Since the departure of keyboard man and vocalist Art Neville, the band has coalesced around the wild interplay be- tween guitarists George Por- ter, Leo Nocentelli and drummer Ziggy Modeliste. After a temporary tour of duty with the Stones offshoot, the New Barba- rians, Ziggy has returned and is working for a solo and group album as are Nocen- tilli and Porter. The Neville Brothers The Neville Brothers are a legend of their own. Art and Cyril started with the Meters, but then left to form their own group with their brothers, Charles and Aaron. If a friend came into town who wanted to hear hard- For the past four years, Tulane Students have en- joyed having one of the finest night clubs in the country located near them. Rosy ' s bar on Tchoupitoulas has gained the reputation of simply the best music in the nicest atmosphere. Rosy Wilson had taken an old warehouse and transformed it into a musical paradise. Acoustically perfect, the vel- our and furnishings were plush and elegant. Deep A MUSICAL PARADISE woodgrained tables with mirror inlays and crystal chandeliers reflected the money it cost to see a band there. Let there be no doubt that seeing Ray Charles or Ella Fitzgerald in a room with only a hundred and ninety other people is expensive and Rosy ' s was expensive. Unfortunately, it didn ' t work. After selling the business to two New Orleans investors who tried to turn it into a Spyro Gyro profit making venture, it fi- nally collapsed and Rosy ' s had to declare bankruptcy. People just weren ' t willing to pay the money it cost to go there. Hopefully someone will figure out a way to har- ness the potential that is sit- ting down on Tchoupitoulas Street into something the average student can afford. jambalaya 141 Chuck Mangione studio to record. West Coast producer Jack Nitzsche made an album full of lush string arrangements that was hardly representative of the Brother ' s live sound. Li ' l Queenie and the Percolators A favorite of many, this group features a small young red-head named Leigh Har- ris whose voice will knock you off your feet. She has core New Orleans music, you would take them to hear ei- ther the Nevilles or the Met- ers. Both have successfully combined the soul of the city with good old fashioned funk. The Nevilles have been more consistent in their songwriting quality recently, but the Meters have attained several hits that have reached the national charts. The Nevilles had an unfortu- nate set-back, however, when they went into the teamed up with John Magnie — the piano player — to form a strong performing and song writing team. The rest of the band consists of highly talented musicians whose quality is referred to as the " musician ' s musi- cian. " The Percolators are hoping to record their first album in the summer of ' 79 and, if it ' s done right, they could be on their way to the top. The Radiators The Radiators are an offshoot of two bands. Road Apple and the old Rhap- sodisers. Their leader is John Malone, who is married to the singer, Becky. They were the core of Road Apple and are now leading the Radiators to success. Known for their tight rhythm section and rockin ' songwriting, they also have a keyboard player who studied with Dr. John, adding a New Orleans spice to their music. The best place to see them is at the Dream Palace, where they fit right in with the at- mosphere of the bar. In the past year, several bands h ave emerged from the Tulane student body, the most notable being Pentail Flat and Sunshiny Daze. Pentail Flat started off as a group of friends who played around down at Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Gradually, as the music started to de- velop, they played a few par- ties and night clubs, and dis- covered that many people were looking for an alterna- tive to the same old music of the city. Even though the music wasn ' t of the calibre that you would expect of the top bands in the city, Pentail Flat developed a large fol- lowing. The music was a dis- tinct blend of Grateful Dead jams and country and jazz roots of several of its mem- bers. The result was a food rock n ' roll band that gave a nice party atmosphere to any gathering of people. Sun- shiny Daze was an offshoot of a bluegrass band called Hop-a-long Casually. They created a blend of country and bluegrass music which quickly earned them a repu- tation for good foot stompin ' music. They first started playing at private parties but soon found themselves in demand at the local bars. While New Orleans has above average local talent, it has difficulty in attracting major tours. The reason this city often doesn ' t get the Pentail Flat 142 jambalaya superstars is because neighboring Baton Rouge, has better facilities to offer. New Orleans has nothing in between the five thousand seats of the Warehouse and the one-hundred-thousand seats of the Superdome, ex- cept for the acousticly disas- terous Municipal Auditori- um, where Eric Clapton re- cently performed. It looked like a Tulane function with so many students there. Uni- versity of New Orleans has a large arena in the making, and hopefully this will end the days of major tours going to Baton Rouge in- stead of New Orleans. The lAvtw. jambalaya 143 PAT WA ' CK WHEAJ CHAI G Ve.OFLJE Five 3i;cX TA L-AWhl " %cA y K - :- TheUps and Downs 146 sports of being a Wave -- Mi • sports 147 148 sports .a sports 149 150 sports sports 151 152 sports ' iL. sports 153 1978 FOOTBALL TEAM Alton Alexis Chris Doyle Rob Indicott Chuck Pitcock John L. Ammerman Ricky Dunaway Leo Janson Jim Price Marcus Anderson Joe Dunphy Tony January Nick Ray Steve Athas Carl Duvigneaud Al Jones Donny Rice Bob Becnel Steve Ewanouski Clayton Jones Charles K. Robb James Becnel Chip Forte Clifton Jones Andre Robert Mark Benedetto Jeff Forte Jeff Jones Alton Roberts Larry Bizzotto Nolan Franz Mike Jones Frank Robinson Owen Brennan Nolan Gallo Dale Karrh James Sanders Gary Brown Donald Garrett John Knowlton Gerry Sheridan Willard Browner Jeff Gates Thaddeus Lee Joe Silipo Larry Burke George Geishauser Bill Lichtenstein Wilfred Simon Jeff Carnes Ricky Goff Greg Liggett Alfred Simons Douglas Carter Darrel Griffin Donald Louviere Mike Sims Tom Cheviot Nickie Hall Matt McAllister Ricky Smith Marv Christian Terry Harris Sylvester McGrew Rory Stone Kevin Cole Fred Hicks Dee Methvin Gregg Stopher Richard Conte Tommy Hightower Percy Millet Tim Tharp Terry Daffin David Hilton Mark Montini Phil Townsend Darryl Dawkins Dwain Holland Scott Morrell Dave Wallace Tony DeLaughter Rodney Holman Robert Moses Mike Wasieleski Arnie Diaz Roch Hontas Paul Mudrich Marty Wetzel Nat Dorsey Steve Hubbell Edward Murray Frank Wills Brian Douglas Michael Hunter Dave Paliscak Larry Smith, Head Coach 154 sports FOOTBALL The 1978 Tulane football team showed signs of better things to come as they rallied from an 0-4 start to post a 4-7 record for the season. The Green Wave opened the season with four consecutive games against bowl-bound teams, meeting three of them on their own home turf. As could be expected, Tulane dropped all four deci- sions, but showed good effort. Tulane opened the season against a talented Maryland team, which handed the Greenies their biggest loss of the entire season, 31-7. The follow- ing week, Tulane returned home to face the Pittsburgh Panthers, in a game the Panthers won, 24-6. In that contest, Pittsburgh scored a touchdown on the last play of the first half to break open a 10-6 game. The next two weekends, the Wave dropped two close decisions on the road, 17-14 to Stanford, and 27-17 to Georgia Tech. The Wave led in the fourth quarter of both games, only to have victory to slip away. The Stanford game turned out to be a repeat of the 1977 game, with the Cardinals scoring two fourth quarter touchdowns to capture the victory. The Wave finally got into the win column the fol- lowing week, registering a 38-3 victory over the Vanderbilt Commodores. This victory was the beginning of a streak that would find Tulane win- ning four of their next five games. Tulane rode a stingy defense and the leg of kicker Ed Murray to a 9-3 win over Boston College in the Superdome. The following weekend, in the annual Homecoming game, a last minute touchdown that would have spelled victory for Tulane was called back because of a penalty, giving TCU a 13-7 victory over the Greenies. The Wave returned to form the very next game, however, running up their biggest point total of the season, 41-24 over the Memphis State Tigers. Tulane then capped off their home season with a 20-16 thriller over the Miami Hurricanes, as the Wave defense put up two fourth quarter goal line stands to preserve the victory. The Wave ' s hopes for a winning season were dashed in the next to last game of the season when a tough Ole Miss defense sparked the Rebels to a 10-3 victory in Oxford. The 1978 season came to a close in Baton Rouge in the annual intra-state rivalry with LSU. The Tigers defeated the Green Wave, 40-21, in a battle that saw Tulane fight back from a 27-7 halftime deficit to close to 27-21, before falling. The 1978 Tulane team turned in many Tulane records, mostly by juniors Ed Murray and Roch Hon- tas. Murray set individual game, season, and career records for most field goals made, with 3 in a game against Boston College, 12 in a season, tying his 1977 record, and 34 in a career, which still has one season remaining. Hontas ' record for most touchdown passes in a season (11) places him in a tie for the most passes in a career. Hontas has thrown 18 career passing records, including most pass attempts, most com- pletions, and most yards. Marvin Christian led the Green Wave in rushing with 879 yards, followed by Willard Browner with 448 and Terry Harris with 208. Alton Alexis led all receivers with 28 receptions, including 4 touchdowns. The 1 979 season looks to be even more promising for the Green Wave. In addition to returning the majority of their starters, they also play a more favorable schedule, having replaced Pittsburgh, Maryland and Miami with more reasonable oppo- nents Southern Mississippi, Rice, and SMU. sports 155 sports 157 158 sports BASKETBALL ■ k - l [ The 1978-79 Tulane oasketball team, starting only one senior and having two freshmen as starters, took the floor in an attempt to improve on the disastrous 5-22 record of a year ago. After starting quickly, w inning seven of their first four- teen and taking the early conference lead, the team went on the drop all but one of their remaining thirteen games, finishing the season with a disappointing 8-19 record. During this streak of losing, however, the Wave was in every game, battling from start to finish and not giving up. Tulane dropped two games to Memphis State in overtime, and lost games on shots at the buzzer to St. Louis and Mercer, as well as losing in overtime to Southern Mississippi. These five games marked the dif- ference between a winning season and the one the Wave actually achieved. The Wave had many bright spots during the 1978-79 season, however, the biggest being the play of fresh- men Joe Holston and Micah Blunt. These two freshmen started almost the entire season for the Wave, with Blunt edging out transfer Bobby Jones for the team re- bounding leadership, in addition to being the team ' s second leading scorer. The scoring leader for Tulane was transfer Bobby Jones, who hit at a 12.0 clip. The team showed great balance in scoring, with Jones being followed by Blunt at 10.6 ppg., Holston with 10.4, and Carlos Zuniga with a 10.3 scoring average. The best display of the potential of the Green Wave came in a game in the Superdome against the then fifth-ranked Louisville Cardinals. The Wave fought and scrapped the entire way before succumbing to the more talented Cardinals, 77-66. r 162 sports In that game, however, Blunt showed his true poten- tial, holding Louisville ' s highly touted freshman center Scooter McCray to only 7 points and 5 rebounds, while scoring 23 points and grabbing 11 boards himself. The future looks bright for the Wave, as they are los- ing only one starter, senior Marc Fletcher, and only two other players from this season ' s team. Returning for head coach Roy Danforth ' s squad next year are juniors Bobby Jones, Carlos Zuniga, Clarence James, Eric Dozier, and Gary Lorio, sophomores, Craig Harris, and Jim Hurd, along with freshmen Blunt, Holston, and Reggie Duke. •• " ' " " • " ffliiil |?fl«§ 1978-79 Basketball Micah Blunt Mike Danforth Eric Dozier Reggie Dul e Jacl Fletcher Marc Fletcher Craig Harris Joe Holston Keith Houston Jim Hurd Clarence James Bobby Jones George Kloak Gary Lorio Carlos Zuniga Roy Danforth, Coach C? sports 165 iCl r iffll r irri I BASEBALL 166 sports w ws 168 sports WAVE ADVANCES TO NCAA TOURNAMENT The 1979 Tulane Baseball Season was a record- setting one in many ways. Not only did the Wave record their most victories ever in a single season, but they won four straight games to capture the Metro Conference championship and earned the first-ever bid to the NCAA Southern Regionals in Starksville, Miss. The Wave final record of 35-13 eclipsed by three wins the record of the 1977 team, which posted a 32-10 record. In addition to the 35 wins, Tulane set four other school season records, for most runs scored (298), most hits (414) most doubles (58) and most RBI ' s (268). Senior Chuck Melito led the Wave in almost every category all season long as he paced the Greenies offensive attack. Besides setting an individual record with a .379 batting average, Melito set records for most runs (43), most hits (61) and most doubles (13), while tying the records for most home runs, with 11, and most RBI ' s with 45. Junior Ken Francingues led the pitching staff with a 13-2 record, and a sparkling 1.95 ERA. In 12 starts, Francingues registered 11 complete games, and chalked up 104 strikeouts in 1 15 1 3 innings of pitch- ing. The 13-2 record included 11 consecutive vic- tories, with two against UNO, two in the Air Force Tournament, and two in the Metro Conference Tournament. Other pitchers for the Wave who showed good results were senior Joe Tkac, 5-2, 3.94 ERA, and freshmen Billy Kampen, 3-1, 1.43 ERA and Joe Pur- sell, 4-3, 4.01 ERA. Offensively besides Melito, home run power was supplied by the likes of senior Brian Butera (8), ju- nior David Stokes (9), senior Larry Cabeceiras (4) and junior Kenny Retif (4). One of the brightest spots for Tulane this past season was the play of sophomore shortstop Billy Vogt, who batted a solid .289, while leading the team in game winning RBI ' s with eight. Freshman catcher Joe Morse wrestled the starting job from Sam Dozier in midseason and responded with a .316 average and an excellent performance behind the plate. Billy Hrapmann hit .372 and drove in 10 runs for the Wave in the less than half a season he played before going down with a knee injury. Other Green Wave players who hit well for Tulane, besides Milito and Hrapmann were Butera with a .335 average, Stokes with a .303 average and right fielder Karl Sheuermann, who hit at a .297 clip. Kenny Retif held the designated hitter spot for the Wave and performed well, hitting .296, while driving in 19 runs. The Wave had seniors Melito, Butera, and Tkac all drafted by the major leagues in the annual June draft this year. Melito and Butera are headed for Cleveland, while Tkac was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jay organization. The Wave will also be without the services of their ace pitcher Kenny Francingues and third baseman David Stokes. Both signed to play for the Minnesota Twins, passing up their final year of eligibility. The Twins drafted heavily from the New Orleans area this year, taking University of New Orleans shortstop Manny Coletti and relief pitcher Bill Lamkey in addi- tion to Francingues and Stokes. sports 169 iilttgiHMhiisiai - 1 -k sfA ilSUS 170 sports ■ 1979 Baseball Jose Abadin Bill Babin Bobby Bickham Brian Butera Larry Cabeceiras Donald Caire Pascal Calogera Greg Delaune Sann Dozier Bobby Fiedler Kenny Francinques Billy Gaudet Billy Hrapmann Billy Kampen Drew Lukinovich Chuck Mellto Joe Morse Joe Pursell Nick Ray Kenny Retif Mike Riley Mike Rowe Karl Scheuermann Paul Spansel David Stokes Joe Tkac Billy Vogt Frank Wills Darrell Lennox, Manager Don Flowers, Asst. Coach Joe Brockhoff, Coach sports 171 V kf ' " ' tdf- . m 4 S8SSj«te i;tl Kevin Sayre Chris Rosenberg Gary Aprague Glen Garden Ralph Kinder Jeff Huesman Rick Samuels Margarite Koch Don Butler Tom Oerthing Ben Michaelson Keith Crum John Greening Guy Brierre Jens Hookinson Jenny Gandy sports 173 Rich Bates Steve Bryan Sabrina Cameron Dan Core Scott Cowand Randy Espensheid Eric Guenther Mike Hogg Ben Joel Bill Johnson Dan Jung Kathi Karageorges Jim Meyer Pat McCarthy Mike Pearce Palmer Peet Marc Sarnow George Scanlon Mark Schremmer Lucy Thabes Ron Wainwright John Watson Dawn Urbanek Cheryl Youtsey Diana Leng 174 sports SWIMMING sports 175 LACROSSE 176 sports Nick Martine Steve Shea John Asher Paul Cronvitch Dan Daddario Jeff Statler Omar O ' Meara Joel Champlin Jody Haddow Bob Marx Peter Hitt Don Peters Phil Niddrie Steve Jordan Jake Aldred Jamie Louzan Henry Spicer Duncan Davis Nick Bisca Dave Sanzo Chris Brogan Rich Shakespear Dave Berger Peter Spann Steve Napoli Mike Row e Falvey Fox Peter Taylor Paul Marco Steve Lovette Ken Cook Rusty Mathis Steve Janick Phil Ordoyne John Garcelon Phil Schwaber Mark Moore Bill Marko Mike Jones John Green Ken Lowtz John Mackintosh Marty Wells Paul Durham Wayne Sharer Steve Rice Ray Schmidt sports 177 Rick Garey Allan Young Lewis Baumgardner Gary Rudick Bill Schwartz Jaime Garza Gene Trotter Roger Timperlake Raleigh Whitehurst Randy Wykoff Spencer Shames Tad Daniels Mike Garey Greg Buchert Bob MacDonald Fran Thompson Courtney Geiser John Reier Rick Roselli John Dedic Shane Carew John Jolin Rich Sabalot Ned Herchebach Jeff Talagheny Eddie Chauvin Kevin O ' Donovan Dwayne Allen Sean O ' Donovan Pat McDavid Bob Barber Louis Arauz Bill Jazz Mike Tost Louis Nel Peter Davis C.B. Nations Coaches: Andre Pelsner Dr. Richard Garey Capt. Dick Shell Hammer 178 sports sports 179 z z UJ I- ' d- Women ' s Tennis Karen Ayers Eva Branisa Donna Burns Jana Dunn Judy Leand Meg Meurer Sarah Richey Trudee Ropos Sandra Smokier Jennifer Tuero Lynn Kobylenski — Coach 180 sports ■Ba WOMEN ' S SOCCER sports 181 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Martha Byrd Patti Nierman Sherri Fuqua Megan Reilly Sharon Hill Melisa Smith Terry Johnson Phoebe Smith Barbara Klingman Patricia Toujouse Brenda LeBlanc Marysue Vossen Jerrye Modenbach Tami Wells Karen Womack — Coach 182 sports sports 183 1978-79 Swimming Opponent Vanderbilt Kentucky Florida State Georgia Tech Georgia Auburn Alabama Louisiana State Rice (Counts as 5 dual Houston Metro Tournament W L L W L L L L W meet Wins) L 41 3rd place TU 61 39 45 69 44 50 39 43 Won 8 Lost 7 Sailing MAJOR REGATTAS Baldwin Wood Sugar Bowl Windjammer Denmark Admire ' s Cup Seisa Dinghy Champs Kennedy Cup Seisa Sloop Championships Seisa Team Championship Seisa Women ' s Championship 0pp. 52 74 68 30 64 62 85 70 72 1st 1st 1st 4th 6th 2nd 3rd 2nd 2nd 2nd Opponent Maryland Pittsburgh Ga. Tech. Stanford Vanderbilt Boston College TCU Memphis St. Miami (Fla.) Ole Miss LSU Football L L L L W W L W W L L TU 7 6 17 14 38 9 7 41 20 3 21 OPP 31 24 27 17 3 3 13 24 16 13 40 Won 4 Lost 7 Lacrosse Opponent TU 0pp. San Antonio W 11 7 Lone Star W 13 7 Dallas W 13 9 S.M.U. W 17 13 U. of Michigan W 14 10 San Antonio W 13 9 Houston W 19 8 Texas A M W 12 7 U. of Houston W 26 3 Texas Tech W 20 15 Dallas W 17 16 Houston L(0T)11 12 Pensacola W Forfeit Lone Star W 12 6 Won 13 Lost 1 5 --i- ' - ' . 4 i% «tefe ' ' M 184 sports SPORTS Women ' s Basketball Opponent Northwestern La. U. New Orleans Wm. Carey Northeast La. Georgia St. Florida St. Mary Crest Xavier Southwestern La. Xavier Nicholls St. Wm. Carey Southwestern La. So. Alabama Nicholls St. Spring Hill So. Alabama U. New Orleans Spring Hill Belhaven Northeast La. Northwest La. U. of Houston W W W L W W w L L W W L W W w w L w w w L L L TU 66 65 79 59 62 78 86 67 62 75 76 59 52 73 65 79 55 64 69 75 57 61 57 Won 15 Lost 8 0pp. 59 63 73 76 56 67 56 80 77 54 53 65 33 62 63 43 58 62 50 63 68 66 62 Basketball Opponent Roosevelt SMU Illinois LSU Penn LSU Penn St. Dayton Colgate NCSt. Duke Florida St. Cincinnati UNO Mercer Memphis St. UNO Florida St. Memphis St. Louisville St. Louis Southern Miss Cincinnati St. Louis Southern Miss Louisville Florida St. ' ' Metro W W L L L L W L W L L W w w L L L L L L L W L L L L L TU 109 80 60 85 59 88 54 67 85 58 64 74 80 55 67 81 72 84 82 66 69 75 66 65 80 71 92 Tournament Won 8 Lost 19 0pp. 84 64 65 109 76 98 50 85 75 104 74 60 75 54 68 87 80 89 89 77 71 74 88 79 94 95 101 Basebal Opponent USL USL Oklahoma Northeast La. Northeast La. Northeast La. Northeast La. Louisiana College Louisiana College Louisiana College Westchester State Florida State Florida State Westchester State Illinois State SLU Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin Wisconsin North Park North Park LSU Stetson Stetson MacMurray LSU UNO LSU Southern Miss Southern Miss UNO Delta State Delta State Northern Colorado Air Force Denver Air Force Memphis State Memphis State UNO Louisville Virginia Tech ' Florida State Florida State " Murray State Mississippi State Metro Conference NCAA South Regi W L L W W W w w w w w L L W W w w w L W W W W L W L W W W W W L W W W W L W W L L W W W W W L L TU 5 1 6 6 4 8 1 7 2 13 3 3 2 13 6 5 5 3 3 5 5 7 10 7 12 6 11 2 12 4 1 10 15 5 10 9 15 8 1 2 3 11 4 10 5 3 4 Tournament onal Tournament Won 35 Lost 13 0pp. 1 2 8 2 1 1 1 1 2 7 9 1 3 1 4 2 9 4 5 10 2 8 6 1 7 3 2 3 4 2 5 15 1 5 5 5 1 4 3 5 2 5 12 sports 185 Ll fEM-lF I WAD ' N AWKeppY iM Ph AlVlAWiVtA ' p[V iH S(ZNE2,.I ' D JOB YA GIT PAID TA HOW YOUNCr Go L ffOU; B iLLmr YA A ?E, ANTHROPOLOGY Arden R. King Harvey M. Bricker Munro S. Edmondson John L. Fishcer Robert Wauchope E. Wyllys Andrews V Victoria R. Bricker Elizabeth S. Watts Dave D. Davis Dan T. Healan Bertrand M. Masquelier Thomas C. Smith-Stark 188 academics academics 189 ART Norman B. Boothby Jessie J. Poesch Donald Robertson James L. Steg Julius Struppeck Pat Trivigno J. Franklin Adams, Jr. Harold E. Carney Caecilia W. Davis Arthur E. Kern Gene H. Koss Richard J. Tuttle Elizabeth L. Langhorne 190 academics E. Peter Voipe Stuart S. Bamforth John T. Barber Joan W. Bennett Steven P. Darwin Claudia V. deGruy Harold Dundee Erik G. Ellgaard Milton Fingerman David W. Fredericksen Gerald E. Gunning Richard D. Lumsden Merle Mizell Clayton R. Page, III Alfred E. Smalley Royal D. Suttkus Leonard B. Thien Robert Tompkins Arthur E. Welden BIOLOGY academics 191 ' w The Howard — Tilton Library academics 193 Thomas F. Fagley Charles J. Fritchie, Jr. William L. Alworth Donald J. Darensbourg Marcetta Y. Darensbourg Jan Hamer Joel T. 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Ri;6-BY ArK ' ACf o e.w revffl 218 i Mike Mannis, Editor 219 As any student of Shakespeare would know, much of the source for the Bard ' s history plays came from Raphael Holinshed ' s chronicles. Luckily, I too have a source for my history of WTUL, our very own Alan Smason. I could not possibly present our not-too-illustrious history with the intimacy " Smace " did two years ago, but I can take up where that story left off. For the benefit of those who were not lucky enough to read Alan ' s article in the ' 77 Jambalaya, I will recap the major highlights in our 19 year exis- tance. Tulane got its radio station in 1961 as an AM carrier current (dorms only) broadcaster under the call letters WAVE. It was later changed to WTUL when informed that some- one else was already operating as WAVE; the station slowly grew to ten-watts on the FM dial, and finally on Sept. 4, 1976, WTUL went city- wide, broadcasting in 1500 watts of stereo. That is where Mr. Smason left us. Now let ' s see what ' s happened since. Technically, the station has made impressive improvement. In 1977, WTUL purchased new equipment for Studio " A " (our primary broad- cast studio). A new broadcast board, with ac- companying turntables, was installed after first used in an emergency for the 1977 Marathon. Installation required a new set-up in the studio so as to be able to accommodate WTUL ' s rapidly expanding library. In addition to the new studio equipment, WTUL became a Dolby @ radio station, a prestegious achievement for any station, the more so for a non-commercial, college station. In programming, there has been growth, too. WTUL now operates on a full, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week schedule. Our World of Jazz be- came a daily event almost two years ago and continues to be one of the highlights of pro- gramming for the entire city. Our classical 220 organizations shows have been expanded to weekday morn- ings from 6-8 a.m. and have found a welcome home there. Other additions include the highly successful New Orleans Rhythm and Blues Show, where every other week our Music Direc- tor, Sheppard Samuels, interviews local artists who have maintained and continued the fine traditions of New Orleans music, in a format that often includes never-before-heard live tapes. The series started with Professor Lon- ghair and has featured other New Orleans clas- sics such as Irma Thomas, Huey Smith, Earl Ring and the first radio interview with Alan Toussaint. Another important new dimension to our programming is our live, remote broadcasts with various artists from around the city. These " remotes " are done through the highest quality broadcast lines that allow better-than-live sound quality. This year we were pleased to present one of New Orleans hottest new acts, Lir Queenie and the Percolators, as well as two groups from out of town, The Nighthawks, and Asleep at the Wheel. We hope that this will continue to be a vital part of our programming and keep us apart from the dull, daily routines of commercial radio. The broadcast of Asleep at the Wheel was part of the Ninth Annual WTUL Rock-On Survi- val Marathon, the most suc- cessful fund-raiser and the largest party Tulane has ever seen. As three d.j. ' s spun records for 24 hours apiece, our listeners showed their sup- port by contributing in excess of $5000 so that we may con- tinue operations. The success of the Marathon is a reflection on the success of the product we put out over the air. Now we are up to date on " further developments in the history of WTUL " , but there is a lot more to a radio station than equipment and music. WTUL would be nothing without the dedicated men and women who put in seemingly endless hours in capacities our audience doesn ' t even know exists. The amount of time involved in producing any taped product for air-play is un- imaginable to the average listener. It is the final product that we are concerned with and we are working to make it as fine as technically possi- ble. One never knows what to expect of WTUL. It is the most Bizzarre % mixture of people in any single organization. There is constant activity and it is a shame that the public can ' t hear so much of what comes out of our production studio ' B " , but I don ' t think the F.C.C. would let us play much of it without a raised eye- brow. Nevertheless, WTUL is a conglomeration of the most creative people I have ever worked with. We never all agree, but we are working to put out the best programming in the city. And so far, we are proud of what we have done. Even Alan Smason would approve. — Michael Reinert organizations 221 SATURDAY NIGHT AT TWO A.M. GREEN SOUND- 222 organizations Ruth Presslaff, General Manager organizations 223 TUL 4NE IHULL IB LOO University Center New Orleans, La 701 16 865-6217 NEW Ofl L£ANS, UlUISIANA TELEPHONE: 8SS62I7 ;TUL 4NE IHULL 4B 4LOO -VOLUME LXXtX, HO. 23- - MARCH 30. 1979 - Hackney Shuffles Administrative Posts; Starr Named V.P. For Academic Affairs Noted Historian Takes Over Top Academic Post By RICK LERNER No led scholar, author, Jttminii tratfir, historian, and clohnctist S. Frcdenck Starr has accepted on offer to become Tulane ' s first Vice-Presideni for Academic [n on cxcluiivc HuUDbiloo telephone inlerview yejlerdiy, ' the new vice-pies den I seemed eager and enlhuQutic about the job he will anuinc next January " Tulane u unJvcrally conceived ai an inUitulton an the way up,imongiI miny on the way down, " daimcd the 39-year [Sly environment g five yean old ing his decison t( tetumini; to the Llililute Tor Ruuian Studies in Washington. He picviouily taught in the Hiitory depsnmBni Bt Princeton Unlverdty as u ittv tppoialcd to the top colleague of Sheldon Hackney. " My first few months will be tpeni under ound. learning about Tulane. " explained Stan. He Hrencd his belief that ' Tulane is a school coming into its own. TTie challenge for me Is lo UK every opportunity lo strengthen the academic spine of Biriel Lawrence Awarded Permanent Provost Position By BRAD STEITZ md RICK LERNER In a roajor rcoi anization of the top administrative posts at Tulane. President Hackney announced yesterday the nqw appointments o( S. Frederick Starr as vice-president tor academic affairs, Frank Bine) as provost and dean of the grmtluale school, and Francis Lawrence as assistant vice-president for academic affair and deputy provost. Hackney dcacribed the newly appointed administrators as the " strongest team of academic leaders in the country, or close to it. " He further stated that Starr ' s appointment met with " overwhelming approval " from the President ' s Advisory Committee, wbich conducted the nation mde According to Hackney, country ' s majoi centers for Stan will serve as Tulane ' s advanced study. " uid Hiekney. Both Bi tcl and Lawrence will icspoiulble to . and woric closely with Starr . with Blrtel chief academic officer overall responsibility for ■academic programming on , „- the uptown campus. He will " 8 •pcciai responsibUilte work do«.ly »«lh faculty L " ' ™! ?? ' ,„ ' ' H " . :heui rsiiy. " students (development of Starr explained that most of his efforts will focus upon accompUshing this objective, and oa refining the " real mmon " of il univciBly. He looks foiwaid o healthy relalionihlp with the a-ul y, Provost Birtel, and hts assistant, Francii Lawrence. 1 s an ununiolly poslivc and a dia group of people among the acuity and ad mi nisi rati on. " he noted. " One gets the mpresiJon of them working mely well together as a plans and new program! managemcni. In addilioi ' " " duties as provoll, he will ig-range afficially assume the poiiUc graduate school dean, after Starr, whose ippoinimenl will serving as acting deaoni cl978. The Hackney cn hoiiEd llBt he wi " eitraoidinuUy pleased that Elirtel wiQ emain in a senior lie for Advanced leadfiship position where he is As assslanl vice-presidenl of academic affairs and deputy thai Frederick provost, Lawrence will work directly under Starr and Birtel. " Stair, Birtel. and Lawrence are committed to academic result -of Lperiences, they " I ' m dellghti Starr is coming lo Tulane. Hackney said in commenting on the new vice -president al a conferenca yesterday raomlng. eiceUeni " He is a brilli poativc relationship heavily " in Starr ' s (See STARR, page IS) Under his direction, the Kennin students, " Hackney uid. lostilule has hecoajf pne of txa " Everybody New Faces Victorious in Recent Senate Races .By nV HARBAN An unheard-of 40 percent voter turnout highlighted the 1979-80 elections held Usi Tuesday in which eight new faces to student government positions. Miles Graviet Ud the A S Senate winners with 228 volci. and Sandy Dolgin came in second with 227. Only one incumbent candidate won le-election, jimioi Taylor Biyonl. a member of the Horizon ticket. Pal FTagg look the poation of Seruor class president for 1979-80, defeating Mike Cohn for the spot, and Cleiin Elallcngcr ran unoppoKd for Senior das vice- president. elected to nine A S Senate Glenn Goedeckc narrowly won the job of Junior class pRiidenl by defcaluig Qork Pager. Anti-Apathy ticket member Rob Steinberg won the spot of vice-president with 86 " 1 ttunk the big turnout was due primutly lo the lirjc number of candidates we had running, " said David Young. (See ELECTIONS, pigc 2) nely enthusiaiUc. " added the President. " I have pertonally enioyed working with Frank Birtel and Fnn Lawrence, Il hat ■Iwaya been -■ productive rtlaiio ihlp. " Hsdcoey dttmbacd any rumors ciirubllag amoogsl the faculty thai a " kind of cionyism " was Involved In tht Stan ■ppoinlmcnt. since both weit members of Princ on ' i history department In the early 19701. " IT you look at the pcnon and his achievements, 1 don ' t see hoir that thoLght could be considered, " Hackney remarked. " I ' w been templed to pomi out (hat I consider Frank Birtel l crony of mine also, " he adde± In addition to the Stair-Bincl (See SHUFFLE. pa IS) Brad Steitz, Editor 2 24 organizations ' ' . --! Xri--A HULLABALOO SECnOM D SEPTE.MBER 29, 1978 VOLUME L X!X NO. 5 organizations 225 X HI c Ul X I Striving for Justice in the Soviet Union o -■ Q (0 bl D H K bl (D 3 Z U D -J o By David Oppliger Last summer the marriage of Greek millionairess Christina Onnasis and Soviet shipping official Sergei Kauzov made international headlines. Although the marriage itself merits the attention it received, there is a more fundamental under- lying significance to the union. Simply put, Soviet citizens, although still severely res- tricted, are winning more and more basic freedoms than ever before. Until recently, for example, Soviet law would have prohibited the marriage for fear of ideological contamination. A Tulane specialist on Soviet law maintains that the freedom of Soviet citizens to marry without State approval represents only part of a more extensive liberalization of the Soviet legal system that has been in progress since the death of Stalin. He terms it a quiet revolution that isn ' t found in the New York Times orontheCBS Evening News . Christopher Osakwe, Director of the Tulane Law School ' s Institute of Compar- ative Law, calls the shift a series of " quiet, but effective reforms. ' ' Osakwe, who received a Bachelor of Law, a Masters of Law, and a Ph. D. in Law from the Moscow State University Law School, spends hours closely moni- toring the new legislation passed by the Supreme Soviet (The Soviet Parliament) trying to detect changes in Soviet laws and the judicial system. He is one of the few non-Soviet lawyers permitted to try cases in the USSR. Tulane, along with three other American universities — Harvard, Yale, and Col- umbia — receives weekly buUetins published by the Supreme Soviet and the Soviet Supreme Court which contain new legis- lation and the most recent Soviet Court decisions. Because of this research, Tulane has become a major center for the study of Soviet law in the United States. According to Osakwe, the more liberal statutes passed by the Supreme Soviet and approved by the Communist party, as well as the more lenient interpretation by the Supreme Court are being issued for a num- ber of reasons. President Carter ' s human rights campaign is not one of them. If anything, it has been suggested, that the President has hampered Soviet liberali- zation policies. " 1 do not doubt the President ' s sincerity when he says ' let the people go, ' Osakwe explains, " but he cannot press the issue the same way he might press the issue as a preacher in Plains. He shouldn ' t use the White House as a pulpit. " Lev Kopolev, a writer who spent a decade in Stalin ' s prison camps and a contemporary spokesman for human rights Christopher Osakwe in Russia concurs with Osakwe saying, " Carter is too straightforward , too direct. He doesn ' t understand the special nature of our society, not Communist or Marxist traditions, but Byzantine, Oriental con- ceptions of prestige. If I were to advise Carter how to help us I would say, " Be firm in your convictions but at the same time offer some golden bridges. Make it so that our side can come to you without losing prestige. " Osakwe, too, suggests more subtle, less offensive diplomacy. " If you can convince the Soviets of the benefi aloto just EuroF " Al more rights only wf ii e iL Lii e Lui i i i iiuiii!.! fa r iy ixK iiiti country is ready for it. It ' s just a question of convincing them that it will not topple the state. " Frank Brill, Editor Osakwe asserts that reforms within the Soviet legal system happen the way many things happen in the Soviet Union . . . without a great deal of publicity. " The changes are not amplified, they ' re not publicizea in the pages of the New York Times. They are just very quiet and effec- tive reforms. " " When the party believes it is time to change the law, " Osakwe states, " they ' ll change it. " He explains that Soviet officials reject our human rights policies because, based on the doctrines of Marx, Lenin, and Engels, alien concept. Soviet solute power because e that society will be ed into a confiictless rights and negative :d by the Western aemocracies tma tneir roots in the Judeo- Christian ethic which Soviet ideologists Continued on Page 5 Once Upon a Time or How Did You Get That Nanne Once upon a time, in the booming state of Colorado, a voung man dev- eloped a new innovative method for extracting shale oil from the mountains. At this time, with the state booming indusfria ly. two railroads existed in Colorado One was the established rail- road giant in the country, which had let its rails deteriorate in that region . The second was an old milk line that res- ponded to the boom fay expanding so that it became competitive with the existing railroad The established railroad was run by a brother and a sister who reacted to the competition in diametrically opposed manners. Her attitude was: we respond to the competition by getting better; there is enough business for both of US- The brother however, pulled political strings to get the Rail- road Owners Federation to pass a binding ordinance decreeing that on y one railroad could exist in any one area of the countrfj. and the oldest railroad would have priority The oilman, named Wi att. objecied strongly; to this arbitrary; restriction of competition and imposition of mono- poly; He set his oil wells on fire and disappeared. The government decided to put out the fires and continue running the oil wells. But it had trouble extinguishing the fires and failed to understand W jatt ' s method for extracting the oil. After three months of tricing, the government gave up on tricing to extinguish the last of the oil fires. This sat ai the top of a mountain and was known as W att ' s Torch It is in this spirit of competition, taken from Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand that the Tulane Torch derives it ' s name. 226 organizations tuvac Paluel Flagg, General Manager organizations 227 228 organization DIRECTION Tulane University . . i Kurt Schwartz, Chairman organization 229 THE CONCERT CHOIR and CHAMBER SINGERS 230 organization TULANE BAND organization 231 Pre-Med Society 232 organizations iiln organizations 233 MOMD 1Y-MIT€ - COIYKS in der Rat, everij Mondaij; thru " Jl Sh Video-programming. Q54 BG€RJOO! HOMECOMING 1978 IVY KENDALL CRAM BUCKWHEAT LOWER U.C. YOUR FATHER S MOUSTACHE der RAT LITTLE OUEENIE « ' « PERCOLATORS SATURDAY OCT. 21 10=30 UNTIL ?? 234 organizations win a ' outv owiv.... inivlniiw ™ bTUCPCOSM0P0Ur DI« OHTOBERreST miT £ii i oom-p ui BAND UND OTH£fl FUN! IN m m OCT. 2 , 8:30 Deborah Lamensdorf, President Ken Aguado, Cinema Mona Singleton, Cinema Prod. Terry Shovlain, Cosmopolitan Bill McConneli, Fine Arts Susan Bruce, Hospitality Bruce Blayiock, Lagniappe Holly Harmuth, Lyceum Glenn Ballenger, Recreation Dave Shaughnessy, Spotlighters Clemency Knox, Video TUCP FWE ARTS Pr«erti America ' s Most Unlikely Hero. " Cosmic Cowboy Oeny 1 Oeff WALKER AND THE LO ' .t ' -f I ' - ' J- AN EVENING WITH CHUCK MANGIONE AND THE CHUCK MANGIONE QUARTET organizations 235 UHiVeRsiTV 236 organizations 3 LAveRS 2 ? organizations 237 238 organizations STUDENT FOUNDATION Richard Frapart, President organizations 239 ConnmunitLj Pction Council Chris Austin, Cliairman 240 organizations r Tu ane, Uni ' uorsitLj Students organizations 241 n i«i iP««(i4i(f 242 organizations organizations 243 NEWCOMB SENATE Lolly Friedman, President 244 organization Mmmmtd moxQ Tulane University Roger Timperlake, President Randy Wykoff, Vice-President Hank Brothers, Vice-President Bruce Waldman, Vice-President organizations 245 1 ' 246 organizations A S COUNCIL Brian Cousins, President organizations 247 WOT PO FKATUf?NITlt V07 peY PRINK. e.€£ A-ND |C££P yZ t t-rM 250 greeks ■ w w " " V , :,: i - -A ALPHA TAU OMEGA Ronald Adamo Michael Ault Harlan Beck Michael Bell Jeffrey Bentley David Bland David Bovi er Guy Brierre Thomas Brovi n III Stephen Bruno James Burks IV Rodrigo Bustamante William Cahill Edward Casal Frank Clark Timothy Cotter Louis Crews Michael Dean Luis Del Valle I Eurgin Dossett II Mark Drapanas Perry Eisner James Fedoroff Richard Garvey Carter Guice Jr. John Hadden James Hardy Allen Hayward Thomas Heausler Erik Herbst Daniel Housey William Hughs II Thomas Kornegay Jr. Donald Kuebel Rob ert Lacroix Christopher Lawrence Thomas Leach Paul Lecorgne Matthew Lucky Peter Martin David Mayer John Mayer Stephen Metzinger Stanton Middleton William Nevlus II Thomas Nice Henry Pfeffer Jr. Kevin Piper Jon Podret Taylor Poole John Reier Joseph Rodribuez Robert Ryan Jr. William Ryan David Schell Benjamin Shein Paul Sterboow John Thurber Gary Toribio William Turner Robert Verville Neil Wasserstrom Donald Whitside Stewart Yee 252 greeks BETA THETA PI Philip Allen Graham Anthony Tracy Baker Robert Barber Kevin Beamish Brian Block Robert Bunn Jay Burstein Derrick Charbonnet Michael Cohn Danial Dalton James Docket Glenn Eisenberg John Farmer Thomas Frank Lawrence Gandelman Jeffrey Goldberg Arden Grover James Harrison Louis Hildreth Michael Hurwitz Gene Kucinkas Kenneth Ogara Michael Owens Rodney Poling Mark Reed David Reinmuth Robert Rientjes Jr. Kevin Richardson David Roepnack Mack Sigman John St. Germain Joseph Stamps Jeffrey Stanton Kenneth Taylor Mark Taylor Gary Todd Miguel Tost David Voorhees Paul Watson Mark Wilde John Wilson greeks 253 DELTA TAU DELTA Thomas Alexander Steven Babbitt Samuel Barber James Biava Benjamin Bohlmann Alan Brackett James Carnley Keith Chrisitie Bryant Cohen Bardley Curtis Daniel Dadario Keith Christie Bryant Cohen Bardley Curtis Daniel Daddario Seller Earnest III Bruce Ficken James Ford Lee Forland Hueston Fortner Russell Friedman Michael Goodman John Greening John Greeven Howard Grody Robert Gutentag Daniel Hazekamp John Hill Richard Jofko Joseph John III Chris Jordan James Kunau Michael Lanier Randall Lewis Charles Marsala Jerry Mayo Paul McMahon Mark Nelson Richard Neyrey Gregory ODonnell Charles Peterson Michael Pfister Andrew Place William Prather Dean Sider Gary Sprague Daniel Stuart Clark Warden 254 greeks Kevin Anello Christopher Ball Waiter Bering James Berney David Binder Carl Bonham John Bretz Henry Brothers William Brumby Edgar Chauvin Michael Cleary Walter Collins William Condon James Davis Peter Davis John Estes III Stephen Fingerman Brent Finley John Garel Michael Garey Brian Gildea Timothy Hurley Samuel Hyde Troy Ingram William Ireland Robert Kaiser Albert Kattine Charles Kilpatrick Dan Kinds! IV Mark Kline Donald Lagarde Gregory Manion William Masters Jesse McClendon Steven McGinity Steven Moore Paul Morphy III Frederic Newburger Peter Nikonovich Eric Oneill John Robinson John Rowland Theodore Shepard Joshua Shipley Harry Shulman Thomas Stockmeyer Thomas Stuart Dean Taleghany Jeffrey Taleghany William Thalheim Henry Trotter John Turner Mark Upperco Daniel Vliet Charles Young Jeffrey Zabludoff KAPPA ALPHA ORDER w ■ IT greeks 255 KAPPA SIGMA A l » ,- ,-««, » i " wBi.«x as 5 " ?»» «» " ' ' «-» T ' mM Thomas Ashy David Foreman Stephen Beimdiek Stephen Hall Steven Bissell Brad Hastings Gary Brown Thomas Hightower John Christman David Howard Preston Cloyd Arthur Huguley Pierre Conner Charles Jacques Daniel Conway Robert Jarrett Michael Dalton Burling Jeter Glenn Darden Timm Johnson Edwin Davis Robert Kotoski Joseph Daw Francis Kriz II Michael Dean Daniel Ladd Laurence Debuys Keith Loughlin Alexander Doyle Benjamin Mlllrood Joseph Fischer Ira Morgan III Lenhard Fontaine Scott Morrell William Mullen John Parnon Michael Pearce Thomas Polites Lawrence Pugh III Stephen Renshaw William Ross Bertra Schweigaard-Olsen Marc Siegel James Speed Andrew Spielberger Glenn Sullivan Thomas Swanson Palmer Texada Michael Vandyck 256 greeks Ronald Belsome Barry Bentley Bruce Blaylock Michael Cummings Alan Curley Selden Dickinson Gene Dongieux John Furman Frederick Goldman Michael Heffernan Grant Irvin Robert Johnson Kevin Karl Donald Lassiter Walter Latimer Peter Lietch Hugh Lesh Jeffrey Lyon David McGough Dan Moriarty Frederick Nixon Coleman Odonoghue Louis Owen Thomas Ratcliff Charles Reagin Curtis Rudbart Todd Rudber Jonathan Simpson Alb ert Small Forrest Turkish Thomas Vincent Buckley Wineholt Gregory Wolf Dennison Wolfe Francis Young PHI KAPPA SIGMA greeks 257 PI KAPPA ALPHA Wilson Andrews Bruce Ballai Herbert Barad David Barton Richard Bates Desmond Bell Jr. James Benitez John Bernat John Bryer Michael Chavin Richard Cohen Kevin Connell Robert Couric Tucker Davis Thomas Davison James Evans Stephen Ferraro Wayne Frei Angus Garfield Jeffrey Garon William Gates Douglas Gilbert Steven Greenbaum Bruce Hartzmark Randolph Hayes Richard Hyams Benjamin Joel Kevin Killian Lawrence Kopf Mark Lehner Ghent Lummis Richard Marvin Randall McDaniel Randal McKey David Meyer Paul Morris Neil Ogden Gary Oseroff Steven Pecar Mitchell Pivor Jean-Michel Rault Russell Rice John Scruggs Jon Seibert Barney Timmins Stephen Turner Willard Walker James Weinberg Steven Yates Robert Youngblood Daniel Zimmerman ■ ■.-k:..:V ;i ' ■ m MS MmMMMm M i m mmm 258 1 greeks SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Jon Amberson George Blackwell Robert BIythe John Boswell David Brandon John Burke Jeffrey Carter Thomas Cashel Joel Champlin Quintard Courtney III John Courtney Louis Cox David Danly James Forbes II Brendan Geraghty Michael Goodrich Donald Gott Thomas Ham Andre Hawkins John Huck Paul Huck William Hunter John Jeremiah Kenneth Lanyon Robert Levy Jerry Light Eric Nelson Jonathan Newman John Noel William Oshaughnessey Andre Perron Donald Peterson Charles Reyner Francis Roche II John Shallcross Steven Shea William Smythe Robert Stephenson John Taylor III Matthias Timberlake Henry Watkins Charles Wilder Jr. Stephen Wilhoit John Wilson William Wolfe IV greeks 259 SIGMA ALPHA MU Neil Bercow David Bernstein Howard Feldman Lawrence Halperin IVIichael Hotz James Mason Edward Merians Jerrold Schermer Stuart Simon Jolin Sottile Denis Vogel 260 greeks David Aboud Bernard Alley Daniel Baker Bradford Barr Timothy Ben Christian Bernegger Reber Boult Sean Bowen Terrell Brewster Frank Coe John Connally Thomas Copper Jeffrey Crevoiserat Raymond Delphenis James Dezell Drew Eckert Ronald Eickhoff Steven Fader Tom Farkas Steven Federle Timothy Fulton Andrew Garver Lee Golden Kevin Gottlieb Joe Grazer Brian Hechinger Christopher Johnston William Klein Brian Kunst Scott Levenson Jeffrey Lipe Robert Maine Bruce Margolin Michael Martin Paul McDowell Shawn McKinney Joseph Messina Christopher Morris Clint Moylan Paul Murphey John Neuman Sean Otoole Timothy Otoole Peter Phelan Earl Ponceti Steven Reisig Phil Schaefer John Shea Peter Skaliy Joseph Smith Gary Stein Kirk Sterling Philip Stire Brian Storz Gregory Sunkel Michael Tavel Fred Taylor Mark Thieme Steven Tisdale Steven Weinschreider Lawrence Witt Alan Yacoubian Mark Zappala SIGMA CHI greeks 261 Marc Alexander Charles Anderson Philip Artz John Babcock Sean Bailey Thomas Barnett Michael Bennett Eugene Bogucki James Bolch Joseph Brown Ted Burnett Patrick Bush Laurence Carmichael Mark Connell Stanley Day Edward Deutsch Elton Duncan Durell Evans Joseph Faccone Jeffrey Fendler Gregory Pierian Mark Fontenot Scott Greiner Ries Hansen Charles Hartmen William Jasionowski Bruce Kennedy Paul King Jr. William Kirkikis Bruce Kirst Steven Knapp Kurt Koehn Paul Kregling Scott Lanham Steve Lichliter Steven Lux George Lyie II Richard MacDonald Jr. James Mayer Jr. James McGee Carl Milam James Moore IV Bowden Moorer Anthony Newman Christopher Olson Tillman Pearce II Laurence Reid Michael Rhea James Riley Matthew Robinson William Schmid William Sheldon Mark Skerkoske Gregg Skinner WIexis Smislova Lawrence Sodokoff Ronald Steffens Michael Svoboda Matthew Tagett Ross Taubman Thomas Troitino Michael Vanpetten David Wallace Charles Williams Damon Wise John Young III SIGMA NU 262 greeks Colin Adendorff Gary Barth Peter Benn Michael Blaich Roy Brod Michael Century Andrew Cohen Jeffrey Cole John Daniels Steven Fefferman Richard Fischer Marc Fisher Martin Fleischer John Foley Jacob Frenkel Bryan Gary Michael Gold Paul Graller Greg Green berg Scott Greenstein Randall Haberman Henry Harteveldt III Eric i-lirsch Howard Israel Yul Knighten Alan Karmer Leonard Lubitz Luis Martonrell Abraham Medvin Alan Millhauser David Pogrund Jeffrey Pollock Scott Portnoy Michael Protzuk Albert Quental John Salinas Geoffrey Scheinbach Steven Schenker Jordan Sensibar Nathaniel Sklaroff Ronald Small Francis Symonds ill Glenn Trommer David Wheeler Gary Wheeler Jeffrey Wiener Timothy Wilkinson Jay Williams John Wilson Steven Zane Marc Zive TAU EPSiLON PHI greeks 263 Andrew Abroms William Adier Douglas Alterman Bruce Altman Allan Bashinsl i Harry Bass Mark Berg Michael Bergner David Berzon Gregory Bloom Adrian Blotner Andrew Bolwin Lee Bressler Richard Bressler Steven Brown Eric Burman Jay Burstein William Burstein Andrew Bursten Michael Case Gary Casper Craig Cavalier Richard Chanon Mark Chesen Glenn Chudacoff Mark Chudacoff Lawrence Cines Brian Cohen Edward Cohen Gary Cohen Sanford Dolgin Bruce Eisenberg Steven El rod Daniel Epstein Seth Eskind Steven Faigen Gregory Fox Steven Frank Richard Frapart Bernard Friedman Jeffrey Friedman Kenneth Gad James Gansman Steven Gelber Steven Gidwitz Arthur Gilberg Craig Click Edward Goldberg Miles Graivier Joel Green David Greenberg Richard Greenberg Howard Greenfield Andrew Greenspan Robert Grien Kent Gushner Jeffrey Hahn Mark Harris Randy Held Stephen Helfman Kenneth Herskowitz Michael Hirsch Richard Hirschinger Eric Horwitch Philip Horwitz William Intrater Gary Josephs Michael Kahn Jeffrey Kane Ian Kaplan Douglas Katz Michael Kaufman David Keyes Robert Kiem Ronald Konig Jeff Kootman Richard Kootman Colman Kraff Michael Kroll Philip Larman Peter Legum Steven Levin Dennis Levine Terry Levine James Levinson Clayton Levy Haran Levy Theodore Loiben David Lomita Lance Lourie George Luck Paul Lux Robert Maitin Michael Mannis Bradley Marcus James Meyer Harold Minsk William Miranda Edward Mitchell Mark Nachbar Michael Nadlman Rick Nathan Keith Pack Douglas Parker David Perellis James Perlick Stuart Posnock Alan Raphael Stephen Reich Eric Rosenblatt Arnold Rubens Mark Rubin Simon Safer Neal Schofel Mark Schwartz Scott Segal I Michael Sesan Jeffrey Shapiro Mitchell Sherman Mark Shifke Howard Siegel ZETA BETA TAU Stephen Siegel Charles Silverman Kenneth Silverstein Philip Spain Frank Sterneck Eric Stillman William Strauss Jonathan Suder William Susman Donald Toce Craig Tockman Jonathan Tunis Martin Weiner Mark Weinerman Kenneth Weisman Russell Weisman Bryan Weiss Martin Wells Howard Wetsman Thomas Wien Robert Wilensky Kenneth Yanow David Young Bennett Zellinger Craig Zimmett Lloyd Zinberg 264 greeks Jeffrey Allyn Christopher Babycos Wesley Bennett Rock Blanco Patrick Borgen William Buzzett Andrew Cohan John Denning Carl Dunn Kevin Foley Joseph Gibaldi Gary Gittelson Craig Glidden Michael Hogg Michael Jaklitsch Gilo Kawasaki Daniel Karkower Robert Lazzara David Litchfield Dale McDaniel Michael McGovern Joseph Montgomery Robert Moore Donald Peters John Rooney Frederick Schouest Philip Schwaeber Charles Stubbers Brian Zollett ZETA PSI greeks 265 DERBY DAY 266 greeks greeks 267 Ruth Adier Parry Adierman Linda Bachman Eleanor Balloff Betsy Bernard Lori Bernat Alana Bloom Ann Blumberg Leslie Cohn Nancy Collat Cindy Cowan Kathryn Denson Hallie Dworkin Leslie Friedman Lolly Friedman Gigi Gartner Limor Golan Joanne Gold Barbara Goldberg Debby Goldstein Karen Goldring Melanie Goodman Susan Goodman Julie Greener Margot Gruman Marlene Habit Valerie Habit Pam Hess Betsy Horn Jane Horwitz Marcie Jacobs Sally Jatte Susie Josephs Janice Kanter Deborah Kaplan Lynn Kaplan Noni Katten Cindy Katz Pam Kellerman Judy Kent March Klein Dana Lees Lauren Levin Pam Lewis Penny Lichtman Susan Liroff JoAnne Lowenstein Shelly Magids Shelly Maizlish Susan Mandell Dianne Maslia Jennifer Matz Marion Mayer Karen Meister Babette Merwin Michelle Miller Carolyn Mintz Marci Mitchel Jo Anne Mooney Lori Munkeboe Julie Optican Patti Parelskin Leslie Pick Dana Raticoff Lisa Rinzler Alii Bobbins Lisa Rosenstein Wendy Rosner Amy Schatzberg Katie Schulman Leslie Schwartz Linda Schwartzman Cindy Shapiro Lori Shapiro Dana Shappro Kathy Sherman Andrea Siegel Darcee Siegel BZ Simmons Sara Speer Hillary Spiro Leslie Stein Susan Stolper Nancy Thorn Melany Turner Debbie Weinstein Carol Weintraub Susie Wilenzik Ellyn Wulfe Laura Zipperman ALPHA EPSILON PHI 268 greeks Mimi Aiklen Allison Atkins Lou Ann Atlas Leslie Austin Debra Baehr Sue Barelli Alex Barney Jill Baum Margaret Beltz Anne Bleakley Susan Bruce Ann Bruder Janet Buesinger Deborah Bynum Maria Elena Camps Katy Caraway Anne Delery Comarda Cele Crabb Diane Davis Ysoude de la Vergue Mary Anne Di Santi Ann Draper Carolyn Earl Kathy Eckerlein Kathy Elliot Denise Emerson Ellen Epstein Beth Ferguson Tracy Fishrupp Barrie Freeman Anne Gaievvie Jennifer Gillian Cindy Grenrood Leslie Higgins Hanneke Humphrey Amy Jackson Jo Lynn Jones Bridgette Kelly Lee Kinman OMEGA Lori Klauber Virginia Kramer Susie Kunzman Audi Laborde Deborah Lamensdorf Deedi Littleton Andrea Mayhew Harriet McClain Elizabeth McGee Kathleen McKee Susan McWhorter Julie Meckstroth Margee Mayer Martha Morgan Shelly Moxon Laura Napier Sophia Perry Sue Ragde Alex Redfearn Marilee Redman Rebbie Renshaw Cathy Reynolds Margaret Riess Gina Rinella Deane Rome Jan Robinson Liz Salzer Mossy Sartor Ann Schneider Nancy Seig Paula Shields Courtney Shore Suzy Smith Vicki Smith Cynthia Stephenson Margaret Stewart Kathleen Stone Jami Summersgill Shawn Summersgill Allison Trotter Becky Watson Eleanor Welch Deborah Welch Jane Wheeler Anne Wolfe Katherine Wooten greeks 269 Phyllis Andrews Linda Azelrod Linda Byron Ann Chirinko Lisa Eatman Sally Eckert Lisa Eisenberg Sharyn Essman Beverly Finkel Amy Goldsmith Lynn Greenebaum GIna Guastella Dianne Joos Mariane Kern Alexandra Kleiman Mindy Kort Carol Levin Donna Loshusan Peri Mashburn Michelle Mouch Angelique Murphy Penny Pearson Lori Perlman Amy Phillips Mary Kay Provenzano Kimberly Schaab Nancy Seelig Ruth Singer Laura Storch Ellen Redler Suzanne Webb Susan Worthington Susan Yoffee 270 greeks KAPPA ALPHA THETA Laurel Allen Kathy Andrews Cathy Arcaro Diana Aspiaza Anne Badgett Celia Baker Elas Batista Ashley Belleau Jeanne Bonner Sharon Booth Dierdre Brown Julie Brown Susan Buonocore Erin Burks Milly Carl Karen Catching Elizabeth Chinn Shawn Cook Margaret David Colleen Dienes Diedre DiGiglia Cathy Douglas Sally Dubugue Marina Elliot Janie Entrekin Susan Epstein Eugenia Etheridge Mandy Friedmann Barbara Gadiihe Maryann Gaherin Lindsay Gertz Kate Herman Anne Holmes Karen Horan Sissy Jackson Melanie Justice Marty Kampf Kim Keller Michelle Kralj Cathy Landry Pat Lee Beth Macer Barbee Majors Leslie Miles Kimberly Morris Martha Mullins Phyllis Nachman Jenny Niesen Anne Nutten Dody O ' Connor Melissa Ogden Debbie Otto Carol Penninger Karen Quigley Doris Regulski Alicia Riggle Penny Rock Caria Ross Debbie Server Jennifer Shaw Liz Slater Lizanne Smith Peggy Smith Lucy Thabes Charlotte Throop Judy Tildon Pat Van Buskirk Tina Wagner Mimi W asson Meg White Liz Williams Liza Winter greeks 271 Beth Alford Missy Beck Nancy Beck Benny Bell Debbie Bolln Laurie Brewer Louise Brown Maureen Burke Laurie Buntain Paris Carlin Elvlge Cassard Beth Clonlnger Mary Anne Coley Elizabeth Cordes Dolly da Ponte Ann Dietze Kaki Dietze Nancy Edwards Louise Favrot Leslie Fleming Jane Frank Betsy Friett Beth Ganser Beth Gellatly Shari Goldfarb Val Grace Allison Graham Jennifer Hall Elisa Hammack Lisa Harlan Cathy Hever Leigh Hobler Diane Howard Ruth Howard Becky Jackson Jennifer Jericho Caroline Jones Wendy Kennedy Vicki Kling Marguerite Koch Betsy Kunz Melissa Lamkin Shirley Landen Sheryl Larson Linda MacCarthy Kathy Margolin Lisa Mason Anne McFarlane Caroline McNeilly Alison Miller Kathy Miller Pam Montgomery Muffin Moran Frances O ' Cherony Pam Parsons Maureen Ransom Renee Rayford Michele Raynoir Sarah Richey Anne Saer Liz St. Paul Pud Sanders Mary Abbay Sayle Kit Sharp Bradford Simmons Cam Smith Susan Story Sue Taylor Anne Marie Texada Margaret Texada Lorna Tiemann Kristi Tietz Jennifer Tuero Amanda Tuttle Penny Van Hoose Dana Vitt Barb Voss Woo Welch Jessalyn Wilscam Susan Winn Marietta Wynne Pat Zaiduando KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 272 greeks PHI MU Jennifer Alley Andrea Arons Sarah Atkinson Avery Bassich Julie Biaiek Elizabeth Bierrie Jenni Blank Susan Browne Michele Browning Eve Cahill Hope Caldwell Cookie Calicchio Sabrina Cameron Mary Carlson Cindy Carson Ann Cathrall Janet Chaney Lynn Clarey Carolyn Claycomb Barb Coffey Joy Cohen Caron Conway Beth Cook Debbie Cooper Debbie Cunningham Amy Currin NInfa Davis Susan Decker Mary Dietrich Dierdre Eaton Leslie Ellinger Sharyn Fox Claire Frey Riva Funderburk Megan Furey Susan Fessell Merrie Graham Patricia Granum Kathie Greenwood Pam Gup Susan Harrison Pam Hava Christy Hayden Jo Ann Hegre Cynthia Hillman Laura Hogge Nanette Holden Betsy Houser Sara Huebner Sonja Johnson Peggy Keeran Irene Kelly Mary Fran Kelly Melissa Kirkikis Karen Kleinpeter Jennifer Kohler Jill Lassen Andrea Lawrence Beth Lewis Cynthia Luckie Yvonne Manber Nora McHale Jennie McNeill Ginja Mexic Alison Miester Nadalyn Miller Edie Milligan Lisa Muller Antigoni Papas Gaye Pappas Danielle Pilie Mary Pope Caroline Prevatt Hally Handle Sallie Roark Helen Roberts Trudee Ropos Caron Rosof Sugar Savin Binnie Schmid Cynthia Senter Jean Simmons Julie Sinor Sally Sisson Jennifer Six Lesley Snelling Kathy Steeneck Lisa Stevens Claire Sturkie Cynthia Taggart Sylvia Taggart Stacy Tyre Winn Venable Emily Verges Holly Ward Laurie Weiss Adair White Peggy Wood Martha Wyatt Melanie Young greeks 273 PI BETA PHI Susan Abbott Greta Acomb Stacy Alver Mary Aton Bonnie Baine Susie Bartlett Carol Becker Jennifer Belote Julie Bethell Briana Bianca Julie Biggar Cathy Buhike Susai Boland Bobbie Boyd Carolyn Brown Beth Bryant Claire Surge Paula Childress Dolly Chisholm Maria Ciatti Beth Clark Flo Clarke Cathy Cobb Karen Cochran Kaye Courington Liz Cranston Andrea Derks Shelley Davlin Denise Downing Elizabeth Duff Laurie Ellis Lindsay Ellis Marian Enochs Eileen Eshleman Madeleine Faust Julie Federico Nancy Fellman Betsy Field JoAnn Goble Linda Granfield Christy Gregath Lisa Hall Lucy Helm Connie Hobson Sally Huger Lacy Jamison Shannon Johnson Leigh Keegan Eleanore Kuhn Mitzi Kuroda Kayne Lanahan Emily Laux Mary Sue Leblanc Christi Long Carolyn Loria Carie Low Bonnie McClain Stacy McCrocklin Susan McGrael Kethy Mcllyar Susan Martin Suzanne Medearis Laura Melancon Melanie Milam Elizabeth Miller Paula Mitchel Lynn Moll Bridget Molony Caria Oden Ann Patteson Zane Probasco Margot Rapier Susan Rapier Melissa Roddy Helen M. Rodgers Ellen Rodgers Susan Rutledge Jodee Sanditz Mary Schutts Margie Schwegmann Holly Sharp Sarah Sharp Annfaye Sternberg Bitsy Stewart Todd Taylor Lili Tebo Leigh Thalhimer Julie Tinsley Bowman Turlington Ann Van Denburgh Margaret Wabnig Cissie Whelan Elizabeth Wynne Ann Yuronka Amelia Zuras 274 greeks Lynn Abeshouse Ellen Alexander Cindy Beerman Carol Beerman Bar! Berger Caroline Bier Elizabeth Black Susan Bloom Bari Boshes Marge Carey Wendy Chuckerman Beth Cohen Julie Dann Diane Desberg Michelle Dick Lisa Elkis Audrey EIrod Ellen Farber Nancy Feldman Barbara Fielding Elaine Fisher Malorie Fisher Jacki Finger Pam Fleischer Stacy Fogel Susie Frank Julie Freund Debbie Ginsberg Linda Gitter Joan Glover Lynn Goldblum Linda Goldstein Terri Goodman Stacey Greenfield Gail Hahn Joanne Hershkowitz Rosemary Hirsch Martha Hornstein Joni Hyman Mona Issenberg Arlene Jacobs Lauri Jacobs Nancy Kahn Susan Kalishman Bonnie Kaplan Kathy Kaplan Nancy Kaplan Andrea Karns Bonnie Karpay Lorin Kazdin Diane Kramer Peggy Kriger Nancy Lapidus Leslie Leiken Jan Leone Shelly Levetown Alise Levy Susan Lewis Kathy Lieber Leslie Lieberman Judy Mannis Debby Meyer Rona Miller Merrie Morris Stacy Morris Melissa Nachman Nancy Wertheimer Carol Nordenchild Paula Nowalsky Judy Nowalsky Michele Oper Julie Parleman Linda Pargh Judy Rosenau Donna Rosenstone Kathy Roth Cathy Scharps Barbara Schonwetter Sue Schnitt Susan G. Seidler Lisa Saymour Cindy Sigman Judy Silverman Elisa Slater Donna Smith Nina Solod Diane Sontag Lauri Sussman Amy Wagner Debbie Webman Jami Weisner Jackie Wolff Marianne Wolff Ellen Zuckerman SIGMA DELTA TAU greeks 275 276 greeks greeks 277 HONOR OMiCRON DELTA KAPPA Henry Brothers Steve El rod Andy Greenspan Steve Reich Andy Schiffman Rober Timperlake Donald Vinci Michelle Metzcus Alice Oppenheim Bowman Turlington Richard Deichmann Nikki Davis James Cochrane Kenneth Basch Chris Austin Edward Cohen Robert Palmer Bruce Spizer Sherie Baer Ruth McCarthy Elaine Tomlinson ORDER OF THE COIF Max Nathan, Jr. Jeanne L.P. Breckinridge Charlotte L. Bynum Darrell K. Cherry Michael M. Christovich George R. Collier, Jr. Brian G. Corgan Alan H. Katz James P. Lazar Leonard W. Martin Ellis B. Murov Eric C. Okerson Kathleen M. Overcash Allen C. Peters Victoria A. Reggie J. Clifford Rogillio Peter A. Schlesinger Ann R. Troitino Annabelle H. Walker Guy E. Wall KAPPA DELTA PHI Craig Cavalier Eric Dubelier Roch Hontas Christopher Johnston Peter C. King Stephen Reich Roger Timperlake Leonard Verges James Wright Professor Bennett Wall 278 honoraries ARIES PHI BETA KAPPA Spring, 1979 Steven G. Ackerman David B. Keyes Mary T. Amato George A. Keyes Sherie M. Baer Clifford R. Larsen Jeffrey G. Breaux Lisa A. Lerner Roy D. Brod Annette C. Lubar David B. Brunstetter Virginia M. Levert Timothy G. Burns Dennis J. LeVine Michael S. Carifio Robert L. Palmer Roberto Casanova Carol A. Parnell Alicia M. Castilla Joseph L. Powell III Louis M. Ching Pedro A. Rabionet Daniel W. Conway Thomas G. Reale Daniel P. Dalton Laurie L. Rosen Diane V. Davidson Donald E. Rothman Ann H. Durant David C. Ryan Marion B. Enochs Roseanne Sacks Colleen B. Farrell Steven Scaico Carlos A. Fonts Nancy S. Schoenberg Arthur M. Freedman Ira A. Schwartz Lauren G. Friedman Robert J. Sciortino Cynthia L. Goddard John T. Scott Edward J. Goldberg Douglas A. Sheena Gary 1. Goldsman Christopher P. Steidle Steven B. Goodman Carey Stiss Eileen M. Healy Salil C. Tiwari Karen R. Hirschberg Leslie A. Wade Jennifer Jericho Jill K. Weinstein Christopher D. Johnson Carlos Wolf Marc S. Kanchuger Juan L. Romero-Basso Fall, 1978 Susan P. Field Charlotte L. Moloney Julie M. Federico Eleanor Montague John R. Hill Richard J. Reed, Jr. Ann G. Johnson Lynn M. Shockley Karen C. Jones Joseph A. Ticheli Monica E. Kupfer Ann Thorpe Mary Kay Modenbach honoraries 279 TULAKe rUPEHTf ' COME. f CPK NfOO OOl Be, WHICH i ONE l H PA A Of ' ' kOTTIEA OeY A U . " ' X G RADL ATE. AK U r k -TL. David Abrahamson James Adelman MarJa Alamo Dan Albert David Aldrich Marc Alexander Khaled Almualla Eloisa Alvarez Brian Alworth Jeff Anderson Phyllis Andrews John Anzalone Andrea Arons Harry Asmussen Lou Ann Atlas Michael Ault Andy Austin Ingrid Bachmann Lloyd Bailey Dori Barenholtz Judy Baris Scott Barnard Bradford Barr Peggy Basic Aline Bass Harry Bass Robert P. Beatty Carol Beerman Desmond Bell Amy Berman Jeanne Bertin Elizabeth Black Sara Blanche Benjamm Bohlmann Beth Boston John Boswell Karen Botnick John Bottaro Ann Bowman Joan Boyenton Alan Bracket! Paul Bradley Mark Brinker Margert Broom Joseph Brown Steven Brown Katherine Brucker John Buetl Richard Burdette Harriett Burns David Burt Aldo Buselli Linda Byron John Caffrey Andrew Callahan Sabnna Cameron Troy Campione Jim Carnley Anthony Carter Mike Century A.M. Cevallos David Chin Richard Chm Tso Chou Mark Clayton Alex Cobo Andy Cohen Bryant Cohen Mauri Cohen Richard Cohen Gerard Collins Christopher Comfort Kevin Connell Paul Corgne Barbara Cortinez Robert Couric Kurt Cox Monica Crespo Carey Dalton Diane Davis Thomas Davis 282 classes Jose De La Fuente Joanellen Delaney Ray Delphenis Sarah Derr Ben Doochin Michael Doran Burgin Dossett Fran Dubrow Carolyn Earl DeJrdre Eaton Abdullah EJsa Leslie Ellinger Audrey EIrod David Engles Elise EpIan Ellen Epstein James Evans Allison Exby Jane Faia Mark Feldman Steve Ferraro Bruce Ficken Jodi Field Alison Fishman David Fixe! George Fletcher Paul Franklin Bruce Frazier Wayne Frei Mike Friedman John Foley Lee Forland Teresa Fuller Kenneth Gad Tracy Gallagher Cathy Garber Jeffrey Garon Bryan Gary David Geldbart Suzanne Gerber Deborah Ginsburg Linda Goldstein Michael Goldstein Lee Goldin Steven Goldwin Amy Goldsmith Francisco Gonzalez Cheryl Goodfnend Terri Gotthelf Elizabeth Graves Martin Greenblatt Susan Greenspan Christie Grizaffi Howard Grody Gina Guastella John Harrington Randy Hayes Brian Hechinger Mary Helow Danella Hero Michael Herman Joan Horz Carolyn Higgs Charlene l-fill Cynthia Hillman Mike Hirsch Rick Hirschhaut Richard Hirstius Gary Hoffman Anna Holley classes 283 Carolyn Hoover Patrick Hunt Michael Jaklitsch Diane Joos Susan Kalishman Gordon Kamisar Ian Kaplan Chris Katavolos Jeffrey Katz f elissa Kaye Richard Keck Ellen Keiser Susan Kemp fvlichael Kelly Debra Kesler Nancy Kessler Betty Keyes Tracy Kill Eunice Kim William Kirkikis Howard Kirshenberg Kevin Klein William Klein Stevens Koziol Alan Kramer Rene LaBruyere Donald Lagarde Stewart Lane Scott Lanham James Lanier Andrea Lawrence Mark Lee Ken Leggio Richard Leson Robin Lesser Steven Levin Andrew Levine John Levine Larry Levick Mike Levitt Dale Levy Rhonda Lewis Susan Lewis Christopher Lischewski Sophie Little Susan Low William Lob John Lovretich Jane Macke Lynn Maddox Andrew Mann Judy Mannis Glenn Markenson Charles Marsala Michael Martin Nicholas Martine Elise Maslia Peri Mashburn Eugene May David McCord Anne McVay Tim Mearig Dan Meyer John Meyer Maki Miguel Marguerite Miller Paul Miller Rona Miller Sheryl Miller Jack Milne 284 classes Edward Mitchell Lisa Moore Michael Moore Bruce Morel Susan Morgan Margo Morrison Charles Mulligan Anne Muth Michael Nadlman Daniel Napolitano L, Mark Nelson Wilredo Nieves Suzanne Nochumson Joseph Nystrom Elizabeth O ' Brien Angela O ' Byrne Thomas O ' Connor Eric O ' Neill Joan Optician Gary Oseroff Paul Osteen Ronald Ostrolenk Cassandra Paige Antigoni Pappas Hilda Penn Lori Perlman Tim Peterson Hien Pham Amy Phillips Cathleen Piazza Joe Pitts Jeffrey Pollock Jody Potter Carl Powe Marian Presberg Mar y Provenzano Lisa Quarls Marta Quinonez Ellen Raney Andrew Rees Elizabeth Reynolds Robert Ritter Sallie Roark John Roberts Mary Rodgers Mark Rosenbloom Ira Rosenzweig Charles Roser Faye Rosing Stephen Rosoff Neil Ross Julie Rosser lone Rubenstein Andrea Rubin David Rubin Laurie Rozansky John St, Germain Ang(3lica Salvador John Salvagglo Robert Sanders Laura SantuccI Marc Sarnow - —4; classes 285 James Scaico Kimberly Schaab Scott Scher Evan Schiller Bonnie Schmid David Schneider Cindee Schreiber Nathan Schwam John Scruggs Donald Sendecke Robert Sethre Susanna Seto Mark Shadowens Kenneth Silverstein Christian Sinding Peter Sisson Jennifer Six Ken Slossberg Janet Smith Sandra Smith Suzanne Smith Melanie Smythe Ivy Sokol Steve Sparacio Ulrich Starke Kathryn Steeneck Gary Stein Lyie Stone Manfred Sternberg Margaret Stewart Nancy Strauss Claire Sturkie William Susman Greg Swift Georgia Talbot Gustavo Tavares Cherie Thomas Craig Tockman James Townsend Lynn Traband Eric Trattner John Turner Liliana Ugaz Eligio Vasquez Mercedes Vendrell Daniel Vliet Martha Waggaman Judy Wallen James Weinberg John Wemmann Steven Weinschreider Bryan Weiss Gail Weiss Eleanor Welch William Welch Martin Wells Deborah Wendel Nancy Wertheimer Bridget Whelan David Whiddon Walter Whitehurst Kevin Williams Jean Williams Margaret Wilson Anne Wolfe Gordon Wood Mark Woodward Steve Yates Susan Yoffee John Young Mark Young Robert Youngblood Monica Zakrzewski Donald Zerivitz Danny Zimmerman Elizabeth Zolfoghary 236 classes Alan Adier ■ Patty Adlerman Tom Alexander Beth Alford Bernard Alley Andy Alward Kathleen Anderson John Aste Alison Atkins Alan Atkisson Tracy Baker Herb Barad Lucie Barbee Chenlyn Barnes Allan Bashinski Robert Baudoum Jennifer Belote Timothy Ben James Benitez Peter Benn Joseph Benson Ban Berger Guy Bergeret Dwayne Bernard Bnana L. Bianca Michael Blaich Jennifer Blank SOPHOMORES William Bohm Gary Boillotat Gary T. Bonie Lori Botnick Abby Boxenbaum Jennifer Bradley Lee Bressler James Brocato David Bruneau Laurie E. Buntain Pamela T, Bush Agustm Cajigas Katy Caraway Mary Caraway George Carhart Pans Carlin David J. Carmichael Brion S. Caster Jim Catallo Janet Chaney Susan Chapin Robert Clifton Joy Cohen Stanley J. Cohn Nancy Collat Dana Colucci John Connally Caron A. Conway John Cook Shawn Cook Courtney Cooper Tom Copper Louis H. Cox C ele Crabb Charles C. Cropp, Jr. Marlene Cyhel Julie Dalia Cris Damianos Thomas Dandar Barry Dauphin Michael W, Davila Mark Davis Ela Debekeme Karin De Francis John F. Denning Marc Derrickson Warren Domangue, Jr. Robin Dorian S;iiidra Doss Stuvo Downey Ann Doylo Zachary Dropkin Karon E Drozda Wtmdy B. Dubit classes 287 Sarah C. Dubuque Kathleen Dunbar David Dunn Lisa Eisenberg Richard Elias Christopher M. Eskra Sharyn Essman Jill M. Eumont Alan Ezkovich Nancy Fink Joan Finley Paul Fisher Pat Flanagan Kevin Foley Hueston Fortner David A. Fox Thomas Frank Ronald Frantz Barrie Freeman Jacob S. Frenkel Jane Frey Eric Froimson Riva Funderburk Barbara Gadiihe Gigi Gartner William Gates John A. Gibson Gary Gittelson Linda Gitter Leslie Glassburn Glenn Goedecke Michael Gold Meryl Golden Lauri Goldman Jordan Goldson Valerie Grace Jay Grant Damien Gray Jon Grazer John F. Greco Todd A. Groszer Robbie Guinn Pam Gup Steven Hadfield Anna Hardesty Jonathan Harris Henry H. Harteveldt, III Bruce Hartzmark Edward Herchenbach Pamela Hess Franz R. Hill Irene Horn Michael A. Hotz William J. Hrapmann, Jr. Brian Hughes Rusty Hunt Jaye ingerman Howard A. Israel Arlene Jacobs Joseph John, III Sharon Johnson Theodore I. Jones Steve Jordon Mike Kahn Robert Kaiser Kathy Kaplan Mary Keegan Irene Kelly Melissa Kirkikis Christi L. Kleinpeter Vicki Kling Vicki Kling Yul Knighten Clemency Knox Jacqueline Konig 288 classes Lawrence Kopf Daniel S, Krakower Virginia Kramer Lynn Kraus Peggy Kriger James Kunau Mitzi Kuroda Fred Landry Nancy S- Lapidus Emily Laux Susie Lavin Elizabeth Lawrence Gerald LeCarpentier Jennifer Lee Joseph Levert Lauren Levin Terry Levine Debbie Levrant Stephen Levy Jeffrey N. Lewis Sharleen Licciardi Leisie Lieberman Jerry Light Susan Liroff William Loftin Donna Loshusan Lmda MacCarthy Susan Mandell Nick Marianos Luis Martorell Richard Marvin Pablo Mateu Wayne fvlathe Anne Mathews Allen McCool David McCracken Stacy McCrocklin Thomas McCullough Dale McDaniel Patrick McDavid David McGough John Meisler Sergio Mejia Richard Mena Hector Mendez Bruce Meraviglia Babette Merwin Joseph Messina David Meyer Debra Meyer James Meyer Alisnn Minster Hdl ' lcn Mill.ir H.ifdid Minsk HiihctI Moore P;nil Morphy Micluillo Mouch Lynotlo Moxon Leah Mueller Angolique Murphy classes 289 Bart Nason Judith Nowalsky James O ' DonneM Eric Olaes Milton Orgeron Sean O ' Toole Mary Otts Robin Payton Penny Pearson Steven Pecar Carol Penninger Victor Perea Elizabeth Pickett Bari Phillips Thomas Polites Earl Ponceti Jim Pond William Prather Lisa Ptasyski Doris Regulski George Restrepo Lionel Richard Sarah Richey Lisa Rinzler Roberto Rivas Kenneth Robichaux Ana Rodriguez John Roheim Ken Roseboom Gayle Rothslein Andrew Rothweiler Howard Russell William Ryan Lori Sachs Tracy St, Julien Jose Salinas Madeleine Salmon Mary Sayle Jackie Scharff Jay Scheiner Jerrold Schermer Neal Schofel Kathy Schroeder Nancy Seig Samuel Seto Benjamin Shapiro Jamie Shapiro Wayne Sharer Sarah Sharp John Shea Sara Shearer Kathy Sherman David Shuey Dean Sider Darcee Siegel Mack Sigman Andrea Silver Lori Silver Jan Sims Ruth Singer Mona Singleton Sally Sisson Greg Smith Joseph Smith Melinda Smith 290 classes Leslie Snyder Richard Sondheimer Diane Sontag Mark Seencer Douglas Stehney Rob Steinberg Adrienne Stewart Karin Stoett Michael Svoboda Tim Sweeney Michael Tavey Fred Taylor Charlotte Throop John Thurber Janice Tirpack Hannah Title Thomas Tone Miguel Tost Barbara Travis Dorothy Venable Lee Vermillion Pancho Villa Michael Vitenas Connie Volny Sandra Vujnovich Ronald Wainwright David Wenner Erica Westteldt Jane Wheeler Charles Wilder Francine Wilkins Susie Willenzik Jay Williams George Williamson David Willis Lawrence Witt Gregory Wolf David Young Francis Young Melanie Young Ann Yuronka Craig Zimmett classes 291 Ronald Carl Adamo Bob Adams Greg Aicklen Jeff Allyn Carlotta M. Amos John Anderson Robert Anderson Shirley M. Arnold Geroginna Asensio Bill Atkins Allison Averill Ofilio P. Balladares Otis Barnes, III Susan Bartlett Kenneth Basch Carol Bayersdorfer William Beam, Jr, Mark Beatty Carol Becker Ashley Belleau Emiiio Benitez Wesley Bennett Tamara Bickford Elizabeth A. Black John J. Bober John Boquet Andrew Botwm Catherme Bougeois Wanda Bowman Christopher Boyd Latunde Braimah David Brandon Walter Brewer Lucille T Brinz Bruce Brown Frank Brown Thomas Moore Brown Ben Buckwald Janet Buesmger Felix G. Buitrago Dana Buntrock John Burke Brad Burlmgsham Ted Burnett Murray Bush Patrick Bush William A. Buzzett Melin da Cady Donald M, Caire Donald B. Cangelost Jose Cangelosi Susan M. Cangelosi Nina Cantor Marco Carballo Deborah Carman Ralph Castellucci Susan Chernoff Leonard Chiriboga Kevin Chun Ceha Clarke Florence Clarke Anthony C. Classen Cameron Clement Mary Clement Preston Cloyd Andrew R. Cohan Tom Cohen Michael Cohn Francisco Colon Elizabeth Cook Deborah Cooper David Cosgrove Philip Cossich, Jr. Brian J, Cousins Jeff Crevoiserat Eileen Dalio Tucker Davis Thomas Davison Alejandro De Avila Dee DeMontluzin Kathleen Dillon JUNIORS 292 classes Jim Docker Susan Dray Marjorie Dreistadt Lisa Eatman Thomas Echols Robert Edelstein Jane E. Entrekin Nona Epstein Beth Estes Cheryl Evans Leslie Feldman Beverly Finkel Marc Fisher Elizabeth Fitzgerald Paluel Flagg Martin Fleischer Richard R. Frapart Charles Fuller Timothy Fulton Ross Futerfas Nancy M. Gowalski K Keith Gee Bruce Giaimo John W. Giardina, Jr. Pamela Gilbert Mark Glass Craig B. Glidden JoAnn Goble Jeffrey M. Goldberg Norman Gollub Michael Goodman Steven Greenbaum Andrew Greenspan Kathie A. Greenwood Lawrence R. Gros Carlos Grullon Paul Guichet Gail M. Hahn Tom Hamburg Raymond C, Harrelson Susan Harrison Andre Hawkins Christiane Hayden Joseph P, Helow Daniel Himelman Ellen Hirschhorn Michael Hartmann Hogg Henry Hueck Tim Hurley Samuel C. Hyde Sally Jaffe Benjamin Joel Knul Johnson Sonja R. Johnson Crislopher Johnson Alynn Kaplan Deborah Kaplan Kathi Karageorges Robert Karp Geoflrey Kasher Noni Katten Douglas Katz James Kinberger Paul Scott King, Jr. Peter Klebanow Anna Rhea Knight JofI H, Kootman Diano Kramer Susie Kunzmann Michael Lanier Marf:y l.;in«ing ChUnr-l I ,if,fMi Mull. I I , MicluFd r, Laudun classes 293 Juan Antonio Law Patrice Legeai Durel A. Legendre Mark Lehner Carol Sue Levrn Clayton Van Levy Charles Lincoln Dave Litchfield Connie Lockv ood Ted Loiben Nelson Longenecker JoAnne Lowenstein Cynthia L Luckie Matthevif Craig Lucky Andrew Lukinovich Ernest P. Lynch Beth Macer Tracy Mandel Michael Mannis Stephen Marban Andrea Marks Deborah A. Martin Nickie Martin Richard J. Martin Juan Mejia Nadalyn E. Miller George Montgomery Joseph Montgomery Memecheri Mordjana Jaime Morgan Christopher R. Morris Lisa Anne Muller Paul Murphey Ronnie Nadbornik Timothy D. Nadison Doug Nadian Joe Nance Debbie Navy David A. Nelson John Neuman Jacqueline Newmark Stewart P. Newman Jill Nitzberg Paddy O ' Connor Abdulaziz Okaiel Jane Olds Tim O ' Toole Christopher Pabycos Adrienne Palmer Connie E. Parks Michele Parness Manuel Perez Sandra Platter Pedro Ponce Michael Puente Leslie Rainbolt Susan Ready Ellen Redler Mark A. Reed Susan Regan L. Byron Reid Steven Reisig Charles S. Reyner Silvia M Riera Lisa R. Roark Janis Robinson Remy Rock Maurice Roe William A. Rogers Jerry H, Rosenberg Martha S, Rosenberg Donna Rosenstone Robert Rothenstein Giselle Ruiz 294 classes Jaime Salom Carol Salot Mossy Sartor Phill G. D, Schaefer William Schaefer Sue Schnitt Stuart Schonberger Leslie Schwartz Lisbeth Scott Joel Serafin Jenny Shackelford Amir Shahkarami Jack Sharpe Katherine Sharp D avid Shaughnessy Nancy Sherman Erny G. Simmons Quentin Simms Susan Sims Daniel W. Skelton James Smith Jamie Smith Lizanne Smith Phoebe K Smith Joseph Smyth Patti Souchak Linda Southerland Bruce Spain Jeffrey Spruill Robert W. Stern Lisa Stevens Eric Stillman Philip Stire Maurice D. Stouse Charles Stubbers Kyra Styblo James T, Tebbe Jorge Tefel Annmarie Texada Thangavelo Thayalan Lorna Tiemann Colleen Tierney Kristin Tietz Holland Timmins Kathy L. Toca Jorge Torres Anh-Thu Tran Van-Ha Tran Jaime Treuting Martha J Tucker William Turner Carlos Valdano Juan Carlos Valdano Robert Verville Kate Von Wahlde Willard Walker, Jr. Bob Wallace John A. Walters Diana Wardell John Washington Louis M. Washington Eric H, Weimers David Weinstein Debra Weinstein Steven L Weinstein Carol Jan Weintraub Kathleen Weisfeld Katherine G. Welch Michael Werling E, Russell Wetzel Susan White Dale Wilborn H. Williams W. Hamilton Williams, II David Williamson John G,R, Wilson Kirk A. Witt Stephen Wolborsky Jacquelino Wolff Richnrd Wong P,i()i)v J.inc Wood D.ivKl Wfu|hl MilImuI Ydigoras Marsha Young Tim G, Young Juan Zunlga classes 295 Mark Babunovic U.K- Holly Baggett U.K. Claudia Baker U.K. David Bargetzi France James Barker U.K. Cathy Bedell France Steve Beiser U.K. Mark Benfield U.K. Greg Berk U.K. Karen Bogden U.K. Michael Bolster U.K. Laurie Brewer France Desmond Brown U.K. Bobette Burhans U.K. Laura Carr France Cassandra Claman U.K. Kim Cook U.K. Richard Demir U.K. Robin Doak U.K. Jack Dveirin U.K. Ellen Eagan U.K. Sallie Eckert U.K. Nicole Etchart France Edgar Feinberg U.K. Doug Gilbert U.K. Jose Figueroa U.K. Gary Granfteld France Linda Granfield France Jeff Grant U.K. Pam Hirsch Spain Robert Hitchcock U.K. Susan Hobart U.K. Jane Jira U.K. Marc Jonas U.K. Kathy Karn U.K. Bruce King U.K. Alex Kleinman France Lisa Koch France Amy Landsman U.K. Betsy Lawrence France Julie Ann Leonard Spain Ann Lewis Spain John Marshal U.K. Tim Mitchell Spain Becky Mariwether France Francesca Monachino Germany Jennie Mulvihill U.K. Paul Newmeyer U.K. Margaret Nicol Italy Andrew Oksner U.K. Susan Parke Maggie Polito Lori Pristo U.K. Rhonda Redwine Duke Reiter U.K. Bruce Riger U.K. Mark Scheland Germany Marc Seltman U .K. Larry Sibley U.K. Karen Slovenko U.K. Roy Smith U.K. Doug Smith Clay Stobaugh France Michael Sullivan U.K. Ginny Threefoot U.K. Tammie Viosca U.K. Howard Walker U.K. Sara Washburn France Steve Weill Sue Wilson U.K. Barbara Wertheimer Spain Doug Wittnebel U.K. Thomas Worrall France Steve Morton U.K. ■iJtk M 296 classes Carios Alonso Isia Verde. PU Michael Alsher Elkins Park, PA Wilson Andrews Richmond. VA Cindy Ashkins Fairfield. CT SENIORS Chris Aubert Scarsdale. NY Leslie Austin Metairie. LA Wilbur Babin New Orleans, LA Anthony Badalamenti New Orleans. LA Sheri Baer Nashville. TN Jessica Bagg New York, NY Gregory Bloom Clarksdale, MS classes 297 Ann Blumberg Atlanta, GA Richard Bobo Clarksdale, MS Walter Bohm Cramford. NJ Susie Boland Cincinnatti, OH Gail Bonner Cornwels Heights. PA Julie Bonnette New Orleans. LA Mark Brunault Haverhill, MA Craig Burkert New Orleans. LA Monique Buttram Chattanooga, TN William Cammack Nashville, TN Sally Campbell New Orleans. LA Eunice Garden Shelby, AL Davrd Brain Kansas City, MO Richard Bressler New Orleans, LA Frank Brill Bethesda, MD Henry Brothers Slidell. LA Susan Bruce Kingsport. TN Diane Carolan Cranford, NJ 298 classes Stephen Coffpng Albuquerque. NM Daniel Conley Fori Lauderdale. FL Thoma Crrrt( y Amonv GA Cynthia Cohen New Orleans, LA Edward Cohen Jefferson City, LA Thomas Coleman New Orleans, LA Matthew Colnon Wilmette, IL Matthew Colosino Kenner, LA Daniel Conway Terre Haute. IN Everett Cooper Cocoa Beach, FL Lynne Cooper Pass Christian, MS Betsy Coulourie Cinnaminson, NJ Lisa Cristal St. Louis. MO Bructf Curran Vienna. VA David Cuehman Sewanoo, TN Rivot Dalgro Metalrlo, LA Carol Damuron St, Potorsburg, FL Michael Chavin Chicago, IL Charles Chopak Pittsburgh, PA Linda Clark Cocoa, FL Candace Clement Slidell, LA Greg Crittenden Birmingham, AL John Daniels Flossmoor. IL classes 299 Dierdre Di Giglia Lake Charles. LA Michael Edwards Jacksonville. FL Susan Finkelstein Remsenburg, NY Nancy Freeman Harahan, LA Louis Dischler New Orleans, LA John Donahue Elizabeth. NJ Bruce Eisenberg Miami, FL Kathy Elliott New Orleans. LA Matt Finnel! Springfield. IL Harvey Fitzpatrick New Orleans, LA Michael Dean New Orleans, LA Mary Dougherty Louisville, KY Laurie Ellis New Orleans, LA Miguel Alvarez-Febles San Juan. PR Marc Fletcher Collinsville, IL Julie Freund San Salvador. ES Micnaei FncKe Pearlington. MS Ricnard Fndiey Pensacola. FL Comarda Delery New Orleans. LA Mark Drapanas New Orleans, LA Steven Elrod Lincolnwood, IL Nancy Fellman Harrington Park. NJ Stacy Fogel St. Petersburg, FL Lolly Friedman Birmingham, AL Susan Deutsch White Plains, NY V.L. Fellom New Orleans, LA Carlos Fonts Fort Lauderdale, FL Arthur Freedman Uniondale, NY Mindy Fnedman Yard ley. PA Madeleine Diab Milburn, NJ Mark Eckerle Huntington Bay Hills, NY Marian Enochs McComb, MS Tim Ford Woldingham Surrey, England Charles Freeland New Orleans, LA 300 classes Louis Giesel Edward Gill Ron Gimbel Hilary Ginsberg Michael Glennon Randall Glidden Edward Goldberg Louisville. KY Waldwick, NJ Mexico Roslyn. NY New Orleans, LA Westmoreland Hills, PA Highland Park, IL Samuel Goldenberg Cheltenham, PA David GokJhagen Coral Gables. FL Fred Goldman Kiltdeer. IL P?!!l )i »ne Goi ' J ' fi-ici Honh Mtami B acti. FL ' ;-, " ;in ' • lA Victor Oon aloz San Juan, PR Arnold Goodman Fort Laudordalo, FL Born Goodman Longmoadow. MA Stove Goodman Glonvlew, IL Kenneth Gordon New Orleans, LA classes 301 William Gordon Potomac. MD Lisa Gradman Jacksonville, FL James Grady New Orleans. LA Kenneth Gray Spring Valley, NY Elizabeth Gruder Covington. LA Michael Haar MetairJe, LA Michael Haas Metairie. LA Heidi Haddock New Orleans, LA Joseph Hagman P?i ;ranoiilah MS Charles Halcomb Sewickley, PA Hampden Han Austin, TX Susan Harberg Hnustnn TX Harry Gutfreund New Orleans, LA Janice Haliet Columbus, OH Terry Harmon Overbrook Hills, PA David Gutterman Greensboro, NC Todd Hammer New York. NY Sherry HansI New Orleans, LA James Hardy f New Orleans. LA ;■ Holly Harmuth Greenwich, CT Desiree Hayes New Orleans, LA Eileen Healy St. Petersburg. FL Robert Heaton Houston. TX Darren Hebert Bossier City, LA William Herklots Danielson. CT Amy Hertzberg Sayonne, NJ Barry Hickman Metairie, LA John Hill San Marcos. TX 302 classes Thomas Hilton New Orleans. LA Karen HirschDerg Hollywood, FL Anne Holmes Owings Mills. MD Eric Horwitch Beverly Hills. CA Jane Honwitz St. Louis, MO Daniel Housey New Orleans, LA i t - - ' 1 v«w c i ' - Keith Houston Mornsville, PA Jennifer Jericho Dallas. TX Orane Jesurun Netherlands. A New Orleans, LA Chnslopher Joblon Weslfield. NJ Robert Johnson Woodbury, CT Katherine Johnstone St. Louis. MO Andrea Jones Boxlord, MA M t ine, LA Jan Jumonvillo Abila Springs. LA Oann Jun Sheboygan Falls. Wl Molanib Jubticti Nashville, TN Kathy Kahn Baton Rouge, LA Marc Kanchugor Monsey. NY ' iS - Christopher Kane Clarendon Hills, IL classes 303 Bonnie Kaplan Warren. NJ Kevin Karl Chatham, NJ Elizabeth Katz Garnerville, NY Gilo Kawasaki Slidell, LA Kandy Kazes Danielson. CT Mark Kinder Cape Giradeau. MO Liane King Kensington, MD Marjory Knapp Stony Brook. NY Richard Kohnke New Orleans. LA Richard Kootman Creve Coeur, MO KImberlee Kronzer Houston. TX Christopher Kuhn New Orleans. LA Deborah Lamensdorf Gary, MS Ronald Lampard New Orleans, LA Margaret Lanahan Sulphur Springs, WV Andy Lasseigne St. Martinsville, LA Walter Latimer New Orleans, LA William Lazarus Cincinnatti. OH Ruben Leano Venezuela Alan LeBato Lake Charles, LA Suzanne Keddie River Ridge, LA iT George Keyes New Orleans, LA Mindy Kort Louisville. KY Leslie Landry Metairie, LA Peter Leg urn Norfolk. VA James Keegan ' . Beverly Farms. MA Inoue Kimio New Orleans. LA Denise Kraft Wilmington, DE John Lennox New Orleans, LA 304 classes Louis Lightner New Orleans, LA Donald Lindauer Oklahoma City. OK Constance Littke San Juan, PR Denise Littleton Theodore, AL Aian Loeb Uttle Rock. AR Temple, PA Annette Lubar Satellite Beach. PL Richard Lutri Poughkeepsie. NY John Lively Charleston, WV Paul Lux Lafayette. LA David Lloyd Ocean Springs, MS Ignatius Lococo New Orleans, LA Eric MacDonald Portsmouth. OH Laurence Mack Woodmere. NY Richaro Macpr efVjn Alt uqi «rqu«. NM Khalid Madani Now Orleans, LA Woi Ma Khoo Houston, TX Peter Makulac Shaker Heights. OH Gregory Manion Now Orleans, LA classes 305 Susan Marks Miami, FL Guy Matelli K;j3 ' ,i L ' l puv Malay Jose Mauncio Metairie, LA Patricia Mavromates Lauderhill. FL Lenn Mayo Jacksoriville. FL 306 classes r Bonnie McCIain Dallas. TX Bernard McShert7 Centerport. NY Rrchard Mire Melairie. LA Liaa Morrison Savannah. GA Cornelia McDonald Nashville. TN Steve McFeeters Wichita. KS ' 4 Jutia Meckstroth New Orleans, LA German Melero New Orleans. LA Luis Mencia Coral Gables, FL Richard Menendez New York, NY Alan Meserow Highland Park. IL Carole Meyers Camden. NY Stanton Middleton Leslie Miles Alison Miller Charles Miller Percy Mlllelt John Milto William Miranda New Orleans. LA Miami, FL Wayne, IL New Orleans, LA Lutcher. LA El Paso, TX Surfside. FL Susan Mitchell Flint, Ml Helmut Moeller Hammersbach. Germany Lynette Montero Donaldonville, LA Mildred Morgan New Orleans. LA Amy Moskowitz Prairie Village. KS Bradford Moss West Palm Beach. FL Mark Nachbar Highland Park, IL Thomaa Nolan Motaino. LA Ann Norflo ' jl Now Orloana, LA Stacy Morns Wallingford, PA classes 307 Robert Palmer Long Beach, MS ip Jorge Patino Rio Piedras, PR Jamie Pawlak Calabasas Park, CA Patricia Paxton Miami, FL Marc Pearl Miami. FL Eva Percal Miami Beach, FL Cynthia Perrone Oakviiie, CT Henry Pfetfer New Orleans, LA Stephen Pierce Metairie, LA Rodney Poling Witchita. KS Conway Paternostro Metairie, LA Guillermo Pesant I Coral Gables, FL j Liliana Posada New Orleans, LA Joseph Powel Thtbodaux, l_A Thomas Quinn Boca Raton, FL Laurence Quirk Pittsfield, MA 308 classes classes 309 Morris Silberman Miami Beach, FL Stuart Simon Macon. GA David Simon New Orleans. LA Albert Small Bethesda. MD 310 classes Ross TauDman Northridge. CA Maryann Teachnor WesterviUe. OH TallahaftMe. FL Margaret Texada Alexandria, LA SaNI Tiwan Fayelto, MS John Thorndike Dover, ME Edward Throop Gulfport, MS Deborah Thurston Largo, FL Nancy Thurston Largo, FL Slovo Tobm Villanova, PA Radi Todorov Now Orleans, LA classes 311 Juan Torruella Isia Verde, PR Larry Tortortch Metairie, LA Christopher Upton Libertyville. IL Laurie Weiss Miami, FL Ken Wollrodt Yasmin Usmani New Orleans, LA Louise Welch Louisville. KY Charles Williams Tulsa. OK Timothy Trant Oaklawn. IL Dale Vallee New Orleans. LA Margaret White Santa Barbara, CA Ellen Williams Waterloo, lA Andrew Troyer Metairie. LA Jennifer Tuero Metairie, LA Anne Turlington Sewance, TN Adam Vane Charleston, SC J. Benjamin Vargas Baldrich Hatorey, PR Emily Verges Baton Rouge, LA Bruce Waldman Easton, PA Lisa Waldman Lafayette Hill, PA Zarus Watson New Orleans, LA Teresa White Daytona Beach, FL Robert Wilensky Miami, FL Sarah Willard Golden Rod, FL Moses Williams New Orleans, LA Oran Williams New Orleans, LA Pat Williams New Orleans, LA Pamela Yurasek Jersey City, NJ Adesimbo Yusef New Orleans, LA Patricia Zaiduondo Miami. FL Don Zaunbrecher Abbeville, LA Lisa Zingaro College Station, TX Rachelle Zoller New Orleans, LA Stephen Turner Fort Smith, AR Peter Verlander Metairie, LA Barry Weinstein Houston, TX Walter Willard New Orleans. LA Mary Wolf Charlottesville, VA Brian Zollett Springfield, MA 312 classes Scbool of lav; i ▼ a A - - 1 i r 1 f M i : A -- r " - . - _ ■ m j . „, TIf 1 , y — ' y . - ■ iii» _ ■ ' H? ■ !RB ::a t --SI— | B|tf| fi ftB BI KZ____£;;. ? | ' v,v 5 ; ' , J . | iffill ffP iH5tj ;■■•; !5- JB|fe»!u.,; -..«« , ; Sr . B H M««i .. j H -■ ., rr ' ' -% law 313 314 law In the Pursuit off W@(Q){ Fobdr Assimilating the Old Medi cal College of Louisiana into a new " quadripartite " university, the Louisiana Legislature chartered the University of Louisiana in 1947. Departments of Law , Letters, and Natural Science predominated. The University ' s Department of Law, thus created, was one of only twelve in the United States. Richard Wilde, Henry Adams Bullard, Judge T. Monroe, Randell Hunt and Judge T.H. McCaleb served as a part-time volunteer faculty. Their first lectures on comparative law were issued on the evening of December 6, 1847 in the Federal Court Room of the Old Customs House. Under the guidance of Henry Bullard, the School ' s first dean, this faculty of four initiated an impressive, broad curriculum which included Admiralty, Inter- national Law, Constitutional Law, Property and Common Civil Law distinctions. Numerous difficul- ties confronted the law school at its inception. Class size was very small due to yellow fever epidemics and the deversion of local interest towards more lucrative professions in a striving New Orleans, Ap- prenticeship was still the primary and accepted mode for learning law throughout the United States. The School of Law struggled, but persevered, with- out any funds, library or building of its own. Comparative Law is the historical backbone of Tulane University ' s School of Law. In fact, the Uni- versity of Louisiana, as Tulane was then known, was the first University in the United States to teach Civil Law. Civil Law, as practiced in Louisiana, has its roots in the Roman, French and Spanish law digests and Codes of the Emperors Justinian and Napoleon. It is an " expressed, " " positive " law promulgated in written form as the solemn expression of the legisla- tive will. The Louisiana Civil Code orders, permits and forbids; it announces rewards and punishments while generally relating to shat passes in the ordi- nary course of affairs. In all civil matters, where there is no " expressed " law, the judge is bound to proceed and decide according to equity predicated on natural law, reason and received usages. The Louisiana Civil Code is divided into three books; Of Persons, Of The Different Modes of Ownership and Of The Different Modes of Acquiring Ownership of Things. Common Law is that body of law and juristic theory which was originated in England. It is distin- guished from the civil legislative law in that it com- prises the body of those principles and rules of ac- tion relating to the government and security of per- sons and property which derive their authority sol- ely from usages and custom or from judgments and decrees. Thus, Common Law is the unwritten law, Civil Law is the codified law. From 1861 to 1865, the Law School was closed as interests were deverted to maintaining Southern in- dependence. Upon reopening, the Law School con- veniently relocated in the Medical Building on the corner of Common and Baronne Streets near the State Library. A proposal to incorporate the Univer- sity of Louisiana into the Louisiana State University System was offered in 1878. Fortunately, this prop- osal was abandoned when Paul Tulane, a wealthy merchant, offered to endow the University of Louisiana provided it evolve into a private institution of higher learning. Under its new name, Tulane Uni- versity purchased land in Uptown New Orleans to develop a central campus. However, the Law School remained in the hub of downtown New Orleans re- locating, again, in the Mechanical Institute Building. Traditionally, law lectures were recited in the evening to better accommodate the part-time fac- ulty and student body of the school. Instruction was provided six months out of the year, with oral exam- inations required at the end of each term. The sole admission prerequisite for Law School consisted of law 315 showing of good character. Major developments occured in the first decade of the 20th century. In 1906 the Law School cleaned house, asking all of its professors to resign, while it prepared to move to the Uptown Campus. Two pro- fessors were rehired and the first full-time faculty members were employed. Admission standards were strengthe led to require a high school degree as a prerequisite. Within a year the curriculum was completely revised and expanded to include three years of law study during eight and one-half month terms. Classes were rescheduled to be held during the day and, despite ardent protests, oral examina- tions were abandoned in favor of written ones. By the end of the first decade of the 20th Century, Tulane ' s School of Law had matured in prestige, af- filiating itself with the Association of American Law Schools. Tulane was one of only two law schools in the entire South to be accredited by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the only law school in Louisiana approved by the American Bar Association. Rufus C. Harris was appointed the first full-time dean of Tulane ' s School of Law in 1927. He was complemented by a full-time faculty of five plus six practicing attorneys. A full-time librarian was hired and admission into Law School required two full years of undergraduate study. Tulane ' s School of Law occupked its first exclu- sive home, Tilton Hall on St. Charles Avenue, in 1941. Interest in the study of law exploded in the 1950 ' s and an effort began in 1959 to find a new, larger building for study and expansion. Eleven years later the old University library on Freret be- came Joseph Merrick Jones Hall. Mr. Jones was Chairman of the Tulane Board of Administrators from 1950 until his death in 1963. He was also co- founder of the largest law firm in Louisiana today. His law partners and friends contributed $1.1 million to remodeling a building which originally only cost $100,000 to build. Within Jones Hall is a Moot Court 316 law Room with judges ' chambers and a seating capacity of one hundred. The M. Lehman Library lies within the heart of the building encompassing more than half of the square footage of the building. There are seven levels of open stacks filled with more than 150,000 volumes for study and research. The com- bined total of volumes in the Louisiana Supreme Court Library and the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Ap- peals only amounts to 140,000 volumes. A profes- sional full-time librarian is assisted by a staff larger than the Law School ' s first faculty. The present finds Tulane ' s School of Law with twenty-five full-time and fifteen part-time faculty members. Alumni reside in all fifty states, two ter- ritories and over forty-six foreign countries. The student body approximates six hundred fifty and currently represents forty-one states and fourteen foreign countries. Admission considerations in- clude undergraduate study, grade point average, competitive testing (LSAT) and character. Over eighty-five different courses are offered ranging from Socialist to Environmental Law. Lec- tures are presented five days a week from 8:00 o ' clock a.m. to 9:00 o ' clock p.m. beginning in Au- gust and ending in May. In July 1978 Tulane greeted its twenty-first Dean of the School of Law in 132 years. Paul R. Verkuil, a forty-year old native of New York, replaced Robert Force as acting dean. While at the University of Vir- ginia Law School, Dean Verkuil served as Law Re- view Editor and graduated Order of the Coif. Prior to accepting a position at Tulane Dean VerKuil pur- sued a masters and doctorate in law. served as a practicing attorney and was a Professor of Law at the University of North Carolina. Another milestone was reached in 1978. Fer- dinand F. Stone, W.R. Irby Professor of Law, was named Scholar in Resident at Tulane University. Professor Stone is the foremost authority on the Comparative Law of Torts in the United States. Next year Professor Stone will be sorely missed by the student body when he devotes two semesters of lec- tures to the British Isles. Upon his return. Professor Stone will continue his research and association with the student body. A.N. Yiannopoulos, formerly a Professor of Law at L.S.U., will become the W.R. Irby Professor of Law. Professor Yiannopoulos holds advanced law degrees in the United States and Europe. He is the authority on Civil Law prop- erty and is presently collecting materials towards the publication of a casebook in the admiralty field. — Grady S. Hurley . The Senior Class 1979 Graduates Robert B. Acomb III Jerald S. Enclein John P. McAlonan Cecil G. Starling. Jr. Chester T. Alpaugh III Patricia A. Fennelly Thomas A. McGaw Luther J. Strange III Shauna E. Altwegg Matthew J. Finnetl Marcia McKenzie Maureen 0. Sullivan Mary Jo Arflack Victor V.O. Fitzpatrick Mark D. Miller Charles A. Swanson William T. Babin Lester Forest, Jr. Michael R. Miller Marjorte Taylor Jose L. Banos, Jr. Charles E. Fowler. Jr. Luz M. Molina Phillip D. Telford Pamela E. Barger Alan N. Frandsen Ronald L. Mora Michael Terrell Robert 1. Barrar Stuart A. Fredman Bryant B, Morrison Jeffrey B. Thomas Vince A, Bartholomew Elizabeth J, Freedgood Jeanne M. Mullenhoff Virginia R. Thompson Suzette T. Becker Stephen A. Fritch Ellis B. Murov John C. Tollefson William P. Benjamin Michael J. Furman Thomas P, Nash Jilt D. Touby Frank N. Bilisoly Esmond P. Gay Due Nguyen Ann R. Troitino Alexander N. Breckinridge IV Randi E. Gordon Charles J, Nunez Paul N. Vance Jeanne P- Breckinridge Lawrence W. Greenberg Thomas G. O ' Brien Louise B. Van Meter Jeffrey A. Brelt Arthur G. Grimsal Eric C. Okerson Ina 1. Vatvars Richard H. Breit Lucy D. Hackney Kathleen M. Overcash Clifton A. Vaughn John F Breyer, Jr. Adrea D. Heebe Scott S. Partridge Nelson W. Wager 111 Thomas K. Brocato William P. Herklots William J. Perkins. Jr, Lura L. Waggoner Gilbert R. Buras, Jr, Scott A. Herlands Allen C. Peters Annabelle H. Walker Marilyn H. Burgess Henry W. Hicks Dennis J. Phayer Derek A. Walker James M, Burlingame Margaret D. Hobson David T. Pick Guy E. Wall Charlotte L. Bynum Daniel P. Hodin Gary B. Pitts Michael P. Walsh William R. Bampbell, Jr. James R. Holmes Kerry L.F. Plutte Rita K. Ward Darrell K. Cherry Grady S. Hurley Alma L- Payne William W. Waring Michael M. Christovtch Jeffrey M. Ignatuk Winston W. Purvis Thomas L. Watson James E. Churchill. Jr. Michael R. Jackson Thomas J. Quinn James C. Webering Miles P. Clements Oliver Johnson Maria E. Rakos Ronald M, Weiner Laurence K. Coleman Patrick Johnson. Jr. Lee Rand Mark L. Weinstein George R. Collier, Jr. David K- Joyce Victoria A. Reggie Norman F. Weiss James G. Collins Leah S. Kaplan James A. Raynolds, Jr. Nina S. White James P. Constantino Richard E, Kapian William F. Rtdlon 11 Charles L. Whited, Jr. Brian G. Corgan Robert A. Karn Douglas B. Riley Jean E. Williams Scott H. Crawford Alan H. Katz Virginia N. Roddy Richard C, Wingate Robert J, Cropp Peter C. King Mary Ann A, Rodriquez-Camilloni Diane Wingo Robert P. Cuccia Nina C. Koltun Clifford Rogillio Peter S. Wiswell Barry Cymerman Arthur W. Landry Avis M. Russell Mary Jo Workman Michael R. Daigle James P. Lazar Sharon L Russell James G. Wyhck Barrett B. Daly Robert P. LeCorgne Bruce E. St. John Dean R. Yellin Charles W. Davis James B. Letten William K. Self. Jr. Christopher 0. Davis Alice M. Lewis Craig B, Shaffer Brian D. DeGailler Linda A. Liljedahl Nancy R. Sharpe Claiborne P. Deming James M. Lockwood David B. Shelfer Stanhope B.J. Denegre Alan P. Loeb Robert H. Shulman Johnson K. Duncan Joseph J, Lowenthal, Jr. Charles D, Simmons Richard L. Duncan Abbey A. Mack Michael M. Simpson Michael L. Eckstein Leonard W. Martin Richard W. Sroges 318 law law 319 320 law lULANE MEDICAL SCHOOL April, New Orleans Tonight the air is warm, humid and touches bodies softly. The richness of summer is surely nearer now. I hear boats on the River - their sound comes easily through the damp air. The Smell of warm earth, moist bricks, and growing plants lays more of summer ' s textures on my senses. It ' s good to be alive and feel the softly moving air. I look forward to the sun. - J. Arrowsmith 321 PRINCESS FALLING STAR Princess Falling Star, your long hair was a skeleton for our dreams and longing How could we forget those beautiful nude photographs with the tattered edges? The naked Indian princess on the green sofa, your eyes were like little brown animals. Your knees were as bruised as a child ' s. Princess Falling Star, we loved you the way a soldier loves his wound. Falling into the world so fast, even the birds were startled. Who could blame you for not watching where you were going? Hiding like such a little girl in such big cars: " Are we there yet. Daddy? " " No, my child, not yet. " In a search ending years ago, we sent up the last Mickey Mouse balloons and returned home to our lives. You fell so fast, Princess Falling Star: but we never forgot, watching from the back of the empty movie house the reruns of oblivion up on that big screen, the missing person who never quite disappears. The lights go out across the playing fields of America. Shivering, a handful of survivors huddle beneath the vast night sky and make you their last broken dream. - Will Gladney Susan E. Abdalian Thomas C. Abshire Thomas N. Bernard, Jr. Kathryn L. Bushart Stephen A. Carlson Dennis N. Carter Nancy O. Carter Robert P. Cassingham Franklin M. Chu Michael G. Clard William D. Coco Barbara L. Cohn 322 medicine White Moon Her tresses touch the night, A zephyr cloth, Lace and breeze. Cream and pearls sparkle. Rooftops and treebuds, Milky irridescence From the ethers of a Inarch sky. - John Hudnall Haiku by B.K. Rubin A sigh, fingers lock brown and blond flow into the river of sleep Jams D Carolyn B. John L Pierre A, Harry H. Cool«y Daul Oupro Eapenan, Jr. Ferran, Jr Oerard Harry Manning Michael J. Bernard H. John J. Coulon Curtit Larry P. Dana William 0. Davit. Ill Oupuy Eichoid, II Nathan R. Elson Forroll Claud C. Marie A. Joaoph R. Philip fl. Craighaad, III Dolcambre Durham Farris Richard J. Field, ill Ralph W, Fitz Stanley E. Foutz Elaine Francis Paul N, Fuller Robert H. Funl o Gregory Grant Dale C, Grantham medicine 323 As the dove flutters in the breeze Dawn ' s first light strikes the shore The roads to sky and earth meet at twilight; Ambition sleeps and freedom rides the winds . . . Goeffrey Cooper Horion Johnson, M,D. — renaissance pathologist, professor, and chairperson Thomas S Guillot, Jr. Wallace E. Dickie Dana G. Jeanfreau. Jr. Kay Ketchum Diane M. Ray F Ronald H Irvine Keate Killen Adrian J. Doris LeBlanc James Johnson Kevin T. Edward C. Kalikow Keith, Jr. 324 medicine 1. tonight I have written letters that say I love you and these days my poems die under my hand Signing my name, I wonder what sentences lie coiled in that black thread from which these came, and why we pay out lines like this knowing there is not going back. - M.J. Barnett M. Robert Vaupel. Ph.D. — looker at slices tiny of lite while enjoying much more Charles E. Moas Thomas E, NIeson medicine 325 Memories come to visit Wlien minds leave a door ajar Tliey slip in quietly While eyes grow mist And ears iiear only yesterday sounds. If someone comes to stare Focusing on something which is not there Take not to snap a finger, arresting the trance A memory goes there - Susan Weiner Jesse P Penico C. Christopher Smith Gary A. Solomon Robert A. Sterner William G. Stevenson William L. Striegel Daniel G. Stroud Scott K. Swanson 326 medicine MIDWINTER NIGHTS DREAM The moon upon the snow Stars fade, dazzled by her light. I think I see a face, now shadowed, Now in bas-relief, flickering in the corners of my eyes. The world is silent, bright and calm: a warm point in this cold space, I feel so clean and well defined. Alive among these tiny crystals. My spirit is done in white and blue, I am of my world. You, face in mind, whoever you are Right now with silver breath, I think of you. - J. Arrowsmith MaKR. Syfcn Chartia J. Talbtn Judilh J Tampio Clifton R Tanniicn, Jr. Tibbiiis Bob Meng-Wu T»ou JoMph E. TuM Paula M. VorroMo Gregory R. VorhoK William 0. Walker, Jr. Kevin K. Wall Martha Walton Paula Washington William C, Weidorman Gary N, Margan S. Wilson Woiss Charral J, Sandra J, Westorman Wicks Mark E. Gary M, Wilchinsky Wiltz Brandon M Wool James F, Wright William A, Young Paul Young-Hyman medicine 327 We are the medical students. We work and wander our ways into admission. MEDICAL SCHOOL Four years of knowing cadavers; Biochemical circles and arrows Dogs, mice; Slides of this and that; Four years of knowing the smells, the feels, the sounds of humans. Four years of learning the reasons why or why not, of how death comes, of how life starts. Four years of learning that knowing all of it is impossible and knowing too little is not good enough. Four years of what we learn-what we are taught-becomes our language, our dream material, the eye through which we see, and, nearly, the mind which we are. But we are the medical students. we are also writers, painters, poets, dental hygienists, speech therapists, surfers, TM masters, construction company vice-presidents and mortgage and loan investors. We play pinball, plan at Wim Bx don, climb rocks, play music. We are husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, straight and gay. We are black, white, cuban, Chinese Hawaiian. We are crazy, sane mormon and born again. We are bron again as medical students from whatever we were before; we ' re born into medicine. Here we are. 328 medicine ( Ae oM o iS7S 329 c OLLi EGE OF AR1 SCIENCES S AND BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Joseph P. Aiello William S. Halliday Robert N. Ryan, Jr. Miguel F. Alvarez-Fables Glenn W. Harris Joseph E. Samocha Wilson P. Andrews, Jr. Harold M. Henderson Eric M. Samuels Arthur M. Aronson Curtis C. Herzwurm Bradley J. Sandler Alexander Baglione Enrique Irizarry Andrew L. Schiffman Brian C. Ball Keith B. Isaacson Ira A. Schwartz James M. Becnel David F. Jee Mark S. Scott Julian R. Belisle II Christopher D. Johnson Matthew M. Segal Michael E. Bennett Dann J. Jung Jon Senkowsky Richard H. Bobo Marc S. Kanchuger Daniel A. Shapiro Jeffrey G. Breaux Christopher J. Kane Douglas A. Sheena Roy D. Brod Harry C. Kappler William D. Sheldon Thomas W. Brown III David B. Keyes Stuart J. Simon David B. Brunstetter George A. Keyes Gerald N. Sims, Jr. Michael S. Carifio Mark H. Kinder Peter M. Skaliy Roberto Casanova Richard M. Kootman William F. Smith Louis M. Ching Albert G. Lang, Jr. Barry M. Snyder Charles J. Chopak Walter G. Latimer Robert A. Sprentall Frank C. Clark Peter H. Legum Armand B. St. Raymond Stephen C. Clement Louis J. Leo Christopher P. Steidle Stephen A. Coffing Richard J. Lutri Francis C. Symonds Gary M. Cohen Paul S. Lux Roger W. Timperlake Miguel A. Colon Jeffrey E. Lyon Steven R. Tobin Daniel J. Conley Laurence F. Mack Larry J. Tortorich Everett C. Cooper III Hugh L. McLaurin Douglas P. Triebel Gregory N.J. Crittenden Richard J. Menendez Peter C. Verlander Daniel P. Dalton John D. Milto David L. Vinci Gabriel F. Daroca III William J. Miranda Terence D. Vinson Kenneth 0. Devaney Daniel D. Moore II Jeffrey L. Visotsky Gene L. Dangieux, Jr. Mark D. Overman Foster E. Voelker William H. Edwards Richard L. Pang George L.H. Ward Bruce N. Eisenberg Jorge A. Patino-Guardiola Barry P. Weinstein Christopher S. Ewin Edward L. Patterson III Robert C. Williams III Teodoro E. Figueroa Howard K. Perl man Kenneth E. Willrodt Donald A. Floyd Guillermo P. Pesant James Michael Wilson Carlos A. Fonts Kevin C. Piper Carlos Wolf Arthur M. Freedman Mitchell Pivor Steven P. Yaroch Kevin P. Gannon Robert L. Pollock Kevin R. Campbell Brian R.A. George Jeffrey S. Posta Daniel J. Covington Geoffrey D. George Pedro A. Rabionet Marc A. Gomez Edward J. Goldberg James V. Ralston Daniel D. Kane Samuel F. Goldenberg George S. Ramseur, Jr. Paul R. Kenul Frederick D. Goldman Stephen G. Reich MacRae F. Linton Cary 1. Goldsman Louis J. Reynolds, Jr. Eric P. MacDonald Arnold L. Goodman Orlando A. Ricalde James D. Metzger Bern E. Goodman Paul C. Rodgers, Jr. Raoul Pajares III Steven B. Goodman Francis R. Rodwig, Jr. Juan L. Romero Basso Kenneth R. Gray Stephen D. Rubin James P. Stoyanoff David L. Gutterman David C. Ryan Gary S. Zwicky Charles R. Halcomb Mark D. Ryan BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Harvey L. E 3ilisoly Kevin E. Longenecker George M. Esparza Mark P. Shapiro Joseph J. uzzolino jnpi feE di If ' S ii mS m m md S JiJm ' tA Kt f jSB Ij M n ' Hi 4i ||WW|p||||HH B bL uIH H P Jv l HbH M Q l l ' ' ' ' ol l COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES BACHELOR OF ARTS Steven G. Ackerman Michael Alsher Michael D. Ansani Graham H. Anthony II Salvatore K. Astuto Christopher J. Aubert Daniel P. Baker William A. Barkan Brian J. Barry Harlan D. Beck Brian C. Beckwith Walter M. Bering Blase T. Bickett Steven T. Bissell Bruce A. Blaylock Jeffry S. Bodley Walter C. Bohm Timothy M. Bond Paul E. Bonin Edward H. Braman Guy P. Brierre Frank P. Brill Robert L. Brooks Lance G. Broussard Mark A. Brunault Thomas M. Patrick Burke Timothy G. Burns George B. Busada David J. Calogero William H. Cammack, Jr. Stephen J. Caswell Craig H. Cavalier Joseph L. Chow Edward A. Cohen Jeffrey C. Collins Matthew L. Colnon William J. Condon, Jr. Mark S. Cone Daniel W. Conway Michael W. Cotton Scott K. Cowand William D. Cox III Charles F. Currier II David K.L. Cushman John L. Daniels Glenn M. Darden Michael H. Dean Reynold T. Decou, Sr. John K. Donahue, Jr. Mark T. Drapanas Hughes D. Drumm, Jr. Leslie D. Duke, Jr. Gary S. Dunay Gregory A. Dupuy Jeffrey L. Dyer Brett J. Ellis Steven M. EIrod Brett J Ellis Steven M. EIrod John N . Estes III Joseph F. Faccone III Steven H. Faiqen Jeffrey S. Fendler EricD, Fleisher Marc Fletcher James A. Ford Glenn P. Frank Jeffrey W. Frantz Richard E. Fridley Mark T Fryauf Jerry P. Fulton John P. Furman Antonio L. Garcia Pedro J. Garcia Donald W. Gibbs Arthur E. Gilberg Edward C. Gill Grant D. Gillham David M. Goldhagen Victor J. Gonzalez Donald F. Gott James D. Grady John F. Greene Scott P. Greiner Gregory D. Guth Todd A. Hammer Stephen J. Helfman Goeffrey C. Hennessey Javier H. Villegas Eric D. Horwitch Robert S. Hough Warren A. Hutton Richard B. Hyams Jeffrey M. Ignatuk Christopher O. Joblon James F. Keegan Richard V. Kohnke Nicholas T. LaCour Roland J. Lambert Ronald E. Lampard John F. Lange III Thomas H. Leach III Jerry D. Lee David J. Levin Gary M. Levin Dennis J. LeVine Jeffrey A. LeVine Carl S. Lieberman Donald R. Lindauer II Keith M. Loughlin Steven F. Lux Gregory J. Manion William B. Masters John W. McConnell III Steven E. McFeeters Randall R. McKey David L. McKissock, Jr. Barnard P. McSherry, Jr. David M. Menotti Alan L. Meserow DeWitt T. Methvin III Alexander M. Minno, Jr. Brian K. Moloney Paul S. Mudrich John K. Naland Nicolas Nevinczenko-Schieck Jorge R. Nowalski David E. Oppliger Robert L. Palmer Douglas A. Parker John M. Parnon James W. Pawlak Tillman E. Pearce III Quentin M. Phillips Joseph L. Powell III Raul Pujol-Meneses Morey Raiskin Alan S. Raphael Joseph H. Raybuck Stephen G. Reich Michael L. Reinert Michael D. Rhea James A. Rice James W. Riley III Richard C. Roberts Andrew J. Robinson Roy J. Rodney, Jr. Joseph J. Rodriguez III James 8. Rolfes Donald E. Rothman Arnold E. Rubens I. Mark Rubin Scott D. Salkin Joseph F. Sander Geoffrey J. Scheinbach John D. Schemel Kurt M. Schwartz James R. Schwarzbach John T. Scott Mitchell J. Scrivener Steven J. Sensibar Jeffrey P. Shapiro Harry G. Shulman II John A. Silberman Morris Silberman Stuart J. Simon Truman D. Sims Albert H. Small, Jr. Markham H. Smith Thomas P. Smith John H. Smylie Isaac H. Soileau, Jr. James B. Speed III Lawrence V. Spurlock Carey A. Stiss Thomas J. Stuart Richard J. Tanker John A. Thorndike Edward N. Throop, Jr. Joseph C. Tkac, Jr. Radi S. Todorov Timothy J. Trant Henry E. Trotter, Jr. Stephen P. Turner Leslie A. Wade Bruce A. Waldman David L. Walsh Zarus E.P. Watson Clayton C.C. Wheat Walter I. Willard Robert K. MacGregor Stephen J. Windhorst William E. Woeltjen Hugh V. Blanchard John S. Bransford III Wallace N. Dunaway Thomas H. Emerson Martin E. Fitch Charles L. Freeland Avery S. Fullerton, Jr. Stewart T. Gilbert John R. Hill Mark A. Lerner Lynn A. Party, Jr. Kevin P. Rafferty Ferd A. Rosenthal William H. Shell William H. Terry NEWCOMB COLLEGE BACHELOR OF ARTS Jan M. Ahlberg Mary V. Alford Mary T. Amato Catherine M. Arcaro Cindy D. Aslikins Leslie C. Austin Sherie M. Baer Jessica Bagg Celia E. Baker Brenda J. Barnett Elizabeth L. Barrett Harriet B. Bell Julie M. Bernstein Susan H. Black Nan P. Blackman Mary A. Blalock Anne R. Bleakley Susan L. Boland Leslie A. Brennan Susan M. Bruce Sherryl L. Buring Leslie A. Buttram Caroline R.E. Calicchio Nancy L. Campbell Sally P. Campbell Diane F. Carolan Alicia M. Castilla Lauren A. Cavallo Wendy L. Chambers Jane M. Cheeseman Cynthia G. Cohen Lynne W. Cooper Jennifer J. Corcoran Patricia L. Corcoran List E. Cristal Caron D. Crowell Diane Cutler Diane V. Davidson Anne H. Delery Shelley L. Devlin Madeleine L. Diab Barbara C. Dirr Mary C. Dougherty Moira M. Dutton Hallie G. Dworkin Ann M. Edmonson Laurie P. Ellis Marian B. Enochs Julia C. Etheridge Karen R. Evon Linda S. Fantus Colleen B. Farrell Louise Favrot Nancy J. Fellman Vivian L. Fellom Beth A. Gerguson Sandra Finkelstein Stacy J. Fogel Andrea Fortunoff Julie V. Freund Lauren G. Friedman Mindy E. Friedmann Maryann Gaherin Anne C. Gaiennie Debra L. Gaitz Irma G. de Paredes Constance H. Garrison Maria H. Georges Rebecca A. Gibson Hilary C. Ginsberg Cynthis L. Goddard Kathy E. Goldstein Debbie F. Goossens Elizabeth Gordon Lisa D. Gradman Cynthia D. Grenrood Elizabeth A. Gruder Susan L. Harberg Emily B. Harding Holly A. Harmuth Nancy J. Harris Desiree C. Hayes Eileen M. Healy Amy S. Hertzberg Julie I. Hoag Karen M. Horan Francine M. Horwich Jane E. Horwitz Diane T. Howard Sara L. Huebner Marlon H. Hutcheson Elizabeth S. Jackson Shannon E. Johnson Melanie D. Justice Cynthia A. Katz Kandy K. Kazes Susan L. Kellman Nancy E. Kelly Paula J. Kelly Wendy A. Kennedy Marjory L. Knapp Mindy Kort Denlse S. Kraft Kimberlee Kronzer Eleanore H. Kuhn Deborah S. Lamensdorf Margaret K. Lanahan Sheryl D. Larson Caitlin A. Lee Jane F. LeMon Lisa A. Lerner Virginia M. Levert Rochelle I. LevetovL n Lori E. Lewis Kathy J. Lifson Constance L. LIttke Denise I. Littleton Wei Wei Ma Khoo Lisa J. Markowltz Debra L. Marks Susan B. Marks Jennifer A. Matz Patricia A. Mavromates Bonnie McClain Cornelia McDonald Maureen A. McLeese Julia C. Meckstroth Leslie L. Miles Alison L. Miller Terri S. Millstone Paula A. Mitchel Lynn E. Moll Bridget M. Molony Maurle D. Moore Kathryn P. Moran Joanna-Carole J. Morris Amy L. Moskowitz Martha A. Mueller Martha O. Mulllns Charlynn A. Mumphrey Merrick P. Murdock Marjorle R. Myers Jennifer M. Niesen Iraida N. Rivera Paula G. Nowalsky Nancy A. Nungesser Melissa L. Ogden Patricia M. Oglesby Donna L. Olson Laurie A. Orkin Ann E. Patteson Patricia J. Paxton Dorothy C. Peeler Cynthia M. Perrone Judy E. Plotka Susan L. Ragde Charlotte M. Reeves Michele T. Reynoir Lael B. Richter Reglna A. RInella Eva M. Rodriguez Lourdes M. Rodriguez Laurie L. Rosen Madeline S. Sable Roseanne S. Sacks Nicole R. Salomon Alison L. Sanders Josephine D. Sandltz Sally A. Savic Jean A. Schmidlapp Nancy S. Schoenberg Lyanne K. Schuster Mary L. Schutts Julie H. Schweig Audrey J. Scislowicz Kathryn E. Segnar Anne E. Segrest Sarah Shields Courtney Q. Shore Theresa M. Shovlain Ellen Singer MIndi S. Singer Elizabeth A. Smith Saranne Speer Linda A. Spier Holly M. Steele Barbara J. Stein Cynthia Stephenson Pamela A. Sweeney Cynthia A. Taggart Babette S. Tanenbaum Susan L. Taylor Mariann W. Teachnor Lora E. TInney Julia N. Tinsley Jennifer L. Tuero Anne B. Turlington Yasmin Usmani Eugenie D. Vasser Marysue E. Vossen Elizabeth H. Ward Debra E. Weinfleld Laurie E. Weiss Louise S. Welch Margaret S. White Teresa E. White Joanne 8. Whitley Ellen J. Williams Elizabeth D. Willis Ma7 L. Wolf Marietta B. Wynne Jennifer A. Yount Julie A. Yuspeh Christina M. Zagst Doree J. Zessin Lisa L. Zingaro Sylvia E. Bargas Kimerle P. Bernard Celeste M. BertuccI Betsey B. Clegg Cynthia H. Coren France M. Delgado Maurer L. Doskey Ann H. Durant Julie M. Federico Lynn E. Greenebaum Janet E. Hall Melinda Hoder Sally P. Huger Gall S. Israelson Maxine S. Kaplan Carole L. Kenin Paula A. Menard Frances R. Parker Anne A. Quigley Marcie L. Schott Josephine L. Sevely Sandra J. Stern l JlD,-«T .?.WaT-J .J,g NEWCOMB COLLEGE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Leticia Alejandro Lydia F. Arriaga Mary E. Barbee Patrice M. Barron Melanie A. Blaum Eunice Garden Olivia D. Carter Elizabeth A. Cathrall Linda J. Clark Candace M. Clement Mary E. Couturle Norma K. Decker DIerdre R. DiGlglla Linda K. Dunn PattI A. Fisher Rita J. Flowers Catherine A. Frederic Nancy L. Gajewski Heidi L. Haddock Karen R. HIrschberg Beatrice D. Idrls Linda J. Infantine Jennifer H. Jericho Kathy C. Kahn Bonnie S. Kaplan Elizabeth J. Katz Marta A. Kindschuh Jan A. L eone Phaik M. Leong Pamela G. Lewis Annette C. Lubar Marcy L. McAdoo Carole M. Meyers Lauren B. Midlarsky Carolyn A. Miller Stacy J. Morris Lisa A. Oberlander Carolyn N. Odell Carol A. Parnell Mary C. Reynolds Connie M. Richardson Deborah L. Server Marcia C. Smith Julie A. Stephens Deborah E. Thurston Ophelia M. Trujillo Katherine I. Vincent Mary E. Watkins Jill K. Weinstein Mary H. Wilson Patricia W. Wright Patricia B. Batterson Mary J. Coulehan Judith T. Harmon BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS Sarah Blanchard Laine B. Harper Kathryn E. Kennedy Antonia B. KIrkland Eva Percal Alice D. Seeburg Leslie B. Stein Pamela R. Yurasek Kim Gernsbacher There are a few people who have gone " the second mile " in helping me complete this book. While the mere mention of their names can not even begin to reflect my thanks and respect, it is a start. Robin Dorian Tammy Dennis Nicki Davis Andy Antippas The following people are not listed in the credits but do deserve some for the help they have given. The Dean of Students office; Sports Information Dept.; Purchasing; All of the folks at Hunter Publishing Company, especially Rod Hunter, Mary Howland and J.B. Edwards; Lance Labauve, (who came out of nowhere), and the other 17 people who know who they are. ■jiamwiti- ' aubmrnmim The divider pages are pencil drawings by Bunny Matthews. His comic series, " F ' sure — actual dialog heard on the streets of our met- ropolis " appears weekly in the Figaro. His ten drawings for the Jambalaya are his idea of a New Orleans resident ' s view of Tulane Univer- sity. Bunny has two books to his credit. As a clock moves continuously, so do our lives; we grow and mature through time with- out always perceiving it. It is only when we stop and check do we notice how things have changed. We see it in ourselves, our friends, and we remember how things " used to be " . Each time you look at these pages the world is more changed than before. This book is de- signed to help you think back on the school year 1978 — 1979; to trigger your own memory of what you were doing that year by recount- ing — a few of the events, the people you pas- sed each day walking to class, the teachers who tried to excite you. While the book is most definitely a reflection of each photographer ' s perception and a record of his activities, we can all relate tnese Images to our own experi- ences. Think of this book as a catalyst for the chemical reaction for memory in your brain, not as the end or final word. If the guy who said " a picture tells a thousand words " was right, it should take a long time to read this book. The 1979 Jambalaya Editor: Mike Mannis Photo Editor: Graham Anthony Business Manager: Ken Yanow Associate Editors: Robin Dorian Sergio Bakas Staff Photographers: Graham Anthony Robin Dorian Lance Labauve Terry Levine Mike Mannis Tony Zucker Administration: Christina Warner Judy Mannis Dede Sturgill Copy Staff: Grady Hurley Jan Arrowsmith Craig Jacobs Bruce Blaylock Jon Poche Shepard Samuels Michael Reinert Bob Moldaner Contributors: Katie Brucker Stacy Tyre Sara Huebner 334 We wish to thank the following contributors to the 1979 EDITORS ' FUND. The fund was inaugurated as a way for past editors of The Jambalaya to continue their support of the yearbook. John Frenkel Hans Jonassen Melvin Mathis John W. Sims John Thistlethwaite GRAHAM ANTH0NY:4abc, 5d, 9b, 14ab, 18a, 27a, 30b, 41a, 54ab. 56a, 59a, 61bd, 62b, 66a, 67b, 74ab, 80bc, 81a, 82abcd, 83a, 84bc, 85c, 88b, 92cd, 93ac, 116abcd, 117abcde, 122df, 124abd, 125bc, 126f, 127acd, 130bc, 131a, 135a, 136acd, 137a, 140c, 141a, 146c, 147a, 151a, 152acd, 154a, 156a, 157abc, 158b, 160d, 161ab, 163abcef, 165bde, 166abc, 167ab, 168a, 169a, 170ac, 177ac, 181abc, 185a, 188a, 190a, 192a, 193abd, 195a, 198b, 204a, 210a, 215a, 216a, 231abcd, 234a, 240a, 242a, 250a, 253a, 254a, 255b, 259b, 261b, 266ac, 267a, 268b, 272a, 273b, 276a, 277b, 283a, 285a, 289a, 303a, 311a ROBIN DORIAN: la, 3a, 4d, 5t, 6a, 8d, 9ac, lOe, 11b, 13a, 15a, 16a, 17ab, 18b, 19a, 36b, 50a, 68b, 72a, 73bc, 75c, 76abd, 77ac, 78ac, 79c, 89a, 94d, 141abc, 143ab, 155a, 174a, 178b, 202a, 208ab, 218a, 237b, 262b, 277a, 299a, 305a, 306a, 309a, 333ab Specifications The 979 Jambalaya was printed by offset lithography by Hunter Publishing Company of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It is printed on Hunter Dull Enamel 80 weight paper. Body copy is set in Helvetica with bold and italic. Color was reproduced from prints and slides with processing by Talton Color Labs, Winston-Salem, North Carolina; The Color Place, Dallas, Texas; and Daspit Photo Service, New Orleans, Louisiana. The cover material is Kingston Natural Finish Book Cloth. Portraits by Stevens Studio, Bangor, Maine. Additional specifications upon request. Photography MIKE MANNIS: Dust Jacket-Front Back, Sabcde, 7abc, 8abc, lOabcd, llacd, 12a, 13bcd, 14c, 15bc, 17c, 25a, 26a, 27b, 28abcd. 29ab, 30a, 31ab, 34a, 35ab, 36a, 37bcd, 38abc, 39a, 40ab, 4lbcd, 42abc, 43ab, 45a. 46abc, 47a, 49a, 51ab, 52abcd, 53a. 55abcd, 58c. 59b, eOabcd, 61ac, 62ac, 63bc, 64a, 66b, 67a, 68a, 69abc, 72c, 75b, 77b, 79ab. 80a, 84ad. 85ab, 88a, 90a, 91bc, 92ab. 93b, 94abc, 95b, 96bcd. 99bc, lOOab, lOlbc, 102ab, 103abcde, 104a, 105ab, 107c, 108ab, 109abc, 110b, 114a, 115a, 118abc, 119ab, 122abc, 123a, 124cef, I25ad. 126de. 127b. 130a, ISIabcd. 132a, 133a, 138ab, 140ab, 142ab, 146abd. 147bc, 148abc, 149ab, 150abc, 151b, 152be, 155b, 156bc, 157e, 158ac, 160abc, 162ab, 164a, 165c, 172a, 173abc, 174a, 175abc, 189a. 197a, 198a, 200a, 205a. 210c, 211a, 212a, 214a, 218b, 219abcd, 220ab. 221 ab, 222abc, 223ab, 224ab, 225b, 229a, 230a, 233a, 239a, 245a, 246abc, 247a, 251a, 252a, 253a, 254b, 255a, 256ab, 257a, 258ab, 259a, 260b, 261a, 262a. 263b. 264ab, 265ab. 268a, 269a, 270ab, 271 ab, 272b. 273a. 274ab. 275ab, 284a, 290a, 291a. 293a, 298a, 304a, 307a, 308a. 313a. 314abc, 315a, 316a, 317ab, 318a, 319abc, 320a, 329a, 330a, 335bcd TERRY LEVINE: 34b, 35c, 37a, 39b, 44a. 45bc, 72b, 76c, 86abcd, 95a, 98b, 99a, 101a, llOacd, 111a, 189cd, 191a, 193ce, 194a, 197bcde, 198a, 210bd, 238a, 241ac, 250b, 251b, 260a, 263a, 266b, 276abc, 286a, 301a LANCE LABAUVE: 81b, 87ab, 91a, 98a, 106a, 107abd, 157b, 163d, 167c, 168b, 169a, 170bde, 171b, 176a, 177b, 178a, 180a, 182abcd, 183abcde, 184ab, 244a TONYZUCKER: 58ab, 63a, 69c, 73ad, 75a, 87c, 88cd, 90b, 96a, 122e, 196a, 198b, 203a, 206a, 207a, 215a, 136a, 238b, 240a, 241b, 2 ' 9b, 302a STEVE MORTON: 136a,b,c,d,e,f,g 137a,b,c,d,e,f SERGIO BAKAS: 209a PIERRE A. ESPENAN, JR.: 321a BOB KOTTLER: a179a, 180b, 83b STACY MORRIS: 250a ERICOLAES: 176b, 225a DUDLEY SHARP: 210a DAVE VESEL: 156d, 189b ERIC WEIMERS: 229a FRANK YOUNG: 257b 335 (qOT OOTTA OUK UDY 5TAri ( H PA - A SLOHMeNTRY AN ' DAT ' t PA TR(yTH ib iiM ■ii ■■i ..idS ' w wuimi»™M«uiraiifflntnii™»BimHfflimffliiiittii(

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