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1966 iJAMBALAYA ?- • ' !FlIL li It gives me a great deal of pleasure to wel- come you to the 1966 JAMBALAYA, the yearbook of Tulane University. It is the wish of the editor that this edition of the JAMBA- LAY A will be remembered for many years to come. Hopefidly, there is a little bit of every- thing in the book, so that even the most critical will be somewhat appeased. If anyone is not fully satisfied 1 bear the full responsibility and apolo- gize here and now. Tulane is growing before our very eyes and is becoming quite modern. Therefore, the mood of the JAMBALAYA is one of modern in de- sign and subject matter but still rich in memories and tradition. The JAMBALAYA captures the life at Tulane from the unwelcome winds of Hurricane Betsy through the final exams in May. The 1966 JAMBALAYA is dedicated to the students, faculty, and administration of Tulane University who make this pictorial sur- vey possible. Thank you. The Editor i- % . ' i n A- ■ S " is it?. T!! : ' ir- ivWv.,-. 1:-; CONTENTS Introduction — .6 Administration 34 Organizations 58 Features 124 Athletics 162 Greeks 204 Classes 266 € ! ; L ' VI iA 4- ■.•9!S- i».. , - ' ' ■il-ii ■■ " ? ' -iW ► 0 - : ' . ? .i :; i ' ' -. it-t X ; :» , iTJ; c- -IS- . iT ' ' , . ' The college experience is indeed a very personal one. The task of portraying life at Tulane pictorially would not only be impossible but ridiculous, for it exists only in the minds and memories of student, faculty, and administration. In the coming years, perhaps a few of these pictures may spark and rekindle thoughts of Tulane as you have experienced it. • • t x r m . S4 M . 4t r i [p a£. $ ► f , ' a. • jr. ' M , ,v ' ' t H 1 fif ■£— I ! » i- i p v,. .■- - - ' s m = -. fc Mfe r ' 5=«ft-. M Sd iMKffia " ' ' " w ■i. rr J - t g lJji kfillpl Self SiRvici BoorStof I ;.i -I. ■ ' ' ' There is more to operating a good uni- versity than merely classroom instruction. Although the classroom is the basic part of Tulane, the rules by which the class- rooms function, the buildings in which the classrooms are housed, and the students who partake of the classroom instruction are all the responsibility of the adminis- tration. Providing direction for our uni- versity is probably the hardest task of the administrati(m; however, with such proj ects as the Tulane Forward Fund, the di- rection of our university is moving for- ward — with all deliberate speed. DR. HERBERT E. LONGENECKER, President, Tulane University 36 Dt. Longenecker talks with Newcomb Freshman Class President Nan Cohen at tea for new students. In hand is the 1966 Jambalaya: record, album, col- lege of a busy year. It graphically reflects a tradition, captures the exuberance of a youthful community, and suggests a future. Its pages dramatize not an institution so much as a multifaceted people, creating for themselves an even better, ever more meaningful collegiate life. Candid cameras provide us with a store of events, ranging from heaven to earth, sense to nonsense. Asi es la vida. Axiomatically, the whole equals its parts; {Ktetically. nothing is so constituted. This book can show us parts — greeks, classes, sports, features, administration — which equal the whole year mathematically. The poet in each Tulanian must add the integrative dimension to those pages. Again, a competent and dedicated staff have given us a book which is truly representative of this university ' s finest aspirations. Sincere appreciation is in order. Herbert E. Longenecker President Dr. Longenecker talks with victims of Hurricane " Betsy " in Tulane ' s gym. 37 Board of Administration Mr- v m ■ V. W BP i d First Row: Mr. Darwin S. Fenner, President; Mr. Gerald L. Andrus; Mr. Clifford F. Favrot. Second Row: Mr. Richard W. Freeman; Mr. Leon Irwin, Jr.; Mr. Sam Israel, Jr. Third Row: Mr. Arthur L. Jung, Jr.; Mr. Harry B. Kelleher; Mr. Jacob S. Landry. Fourth Row: Mr. Lester J. Lautenschlaegner; Mr. Joseph McCloskey; Mr. Joseph W. Montgomery, Fifth Row: Mr. Isidore Newman, II; Mr. Ashton Phelps; Mrs. George M. Snellings. Sixth Row: Mr. Edgar B. Stern, Jr.; Mr. George A. Wilson. liiimt .jn.- ' iitff ' .-i-i. v— jfiw to- Officers of Administration First Row: Mr. Endicott Batchelder, Director, Student Records and Registration. Dr. Fred Cagle, Vice-President and Coordinator of University Research. Dr. David Deener, Act- ing Dean, Newcomb College. Dr. Thomas Earle, Director, Summer School. Miss Bea- trice Field, Director. Alumni Activities. Dr. Maxwell Lapham, Provost of the University. Second Row: Dr. Gaither McConnell, Direc- tor, Center for Teacher Education. Mr. Jesse Morgan, Business Manager. Dr. Joseph Mor- ris, Vice-President. Mr. Horace Renegar, Assistant to the President. Dr. Arthur J. Riopelle, Director, Delta Regional Primate Center. Dr. Edward Rogge, Director of Ad- missions. Third Row: Dr. Clarence Scheps, Vice-President and Comptroller. Dr. James Sweeney, Director, Computer Center. Mr. Robert Talmadge, Director, Howard Tilton Memorial Library. Dr. Paul Trickett, Direc- tor, University Health Service. Dr. Robert Wauchope, Director, Middle American Re- search Institute. Dr. Rix Yard. Director of Athletics. ' .T ftl A M Division of Student Life For many a new and old Tulanian the complexities of campus life are unwoven by the Division of Student Life. Through its departments, this branch of Administration aids the individual development of each student with guidance, information, activity, and advice. This Division has only one purpose in serving Tulane, which is to make each year enjoyable in every phase of college life by providing social and cultural activities supple- menting academic study and an opportunity to develop tal- ents and interests. The Orientation program which helps to integrate the student into college life is a project of this Division which tries to make the student at home at Tulane. The University Center becomes the living room of that home providing him with intellectual and recreational activities. Because every aspect of college life is linked to this Division, it is an integral part of Tulane. Dorothy Ricciuti. Newcomb Counselor to Women. John H. Stibbs, Dean of Students at Tulane, confers with his secretary Mrs. Georgia Wliite. k " First Row: Mr. Herschel Abbott, Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Students. Mrs. Mildred Barkley, Reservations Of- ficer. Mr. Louis Berndt, Assistant Director of University Center. Mr. H. Carter. Adviser to Publications. Second Row: Miss Kathy Damon, Program Coordinator. Graduate Residents. Rev. G. Hopper, Coordinator of Religious Activities, Acting Di- rector of International Office. Mrs. Penny Hulse, Program Sec- retary of University Center. Third Row: Mrs. Edilia Kolb. Secretary for the International Office. Mr. Claude Mason. As- sistant to the Dean of Students for Athletic Clubs. Miss Agatha Newitt. Cultural Director of University Center. Fourth Row: Mr. E. Pedersen, Director of University Center. Dr. K. Riess. Adviser to Fraternities. Fifth Row: Colonel Robert Scruton. Director of Security Police. Mr. Bruce Story. Assistant to the Dean of Students (Men ' s Residence Halls). Mr. J. Mason Webster, Director of Placement. 41 Deans of the Schools DR. JOHN DYER Dean, University College DR. JOHN HUBBARD Dean, Newcomb College DR. JOSEPH E. GORDON Dean. College of Arts and Sciences MR. CHARLES GRAYSON, JR. Dean, School of Business Administration DR. LEE JOHNSON Dean, School of Engineering 41 DR. WALTER KINDLESPERGER Dean, School of Social Work DR. JOHN L. SNELL Dean, Graduate School MR. CECIL MORGAN Dean, Law School MR. JOHN LAWRENCE Dean. School of Architecture DR. CHARLES SPRAGUE Dean, School of Medicine 43 TULANE FORWARD FUND GOALS □new buildings A— University Library B— Life Sciences Building " C— Physical Sciences Building D— Community Health Resources Building (connected to Medical School, Charity Hospital) CONVERSIONS E— Newcomb Hall . F— Present Library School G— Tilton Hall ... I Humanities . for Law Mathematics H— Dinwiddle Hall . . . Geology J— Richardson Hall . . . Science classrooms, laboratories □ decade GOALS 1— Chapel, Religious Activities 2— Completion of Science Center 3— Humanities-Social Sciences Center 4— Women ' s Dormitory 5— Food Service Building 6— University Center expansion 7— Men ' s Dormitory 8— Married Student Apartments Main Campus Tulane Accepts Challenge 44 TULANE TODAY . . AND TOMORROW Tulane University today faces the greatest opportunity in its history — an opportunity to move forward as a great independent university essential for the South. To seize this opportunity, Tulane has accepted the greatest challenge since its founding in 1834 — a drive for funds of unprecedented magnitude. The first step has been taken. After extensive analysis of the University ' s needs and plans for the next decade, an immediate goal of $24.4 million from private sources Jby 1967 has been established. This Tulane Forward Fund goal is substantial. So, too, is the record of Tulane ' s past and present achievement. A powerful incentive is a milHon grant offered Tulane by the Ford Foundation, pro- vided that $12 million is received in cash, securities or real property from other private sources by March 31, 1967. The opportunity is clear. The challenge is large. Meeting the challenge will require the concerted effort and carefully considered investment in the University by all persons interested in the future of Tulane and the South. ' Tulane Forward Fund meeting held in New York City. ' Miss Beatrice M. Field, Director of the Tulane Alumni Asso- ciation; president of the Tulane Alumni Association. Dr. Mortimer Silvey crowns Queen Susan Clark at Home- coming game. Tulane Alumni Association The Tulane Alumni Association, incorporated in 1898, is dedicated to the broad principles of loyalty and service to the University and its alumni. During the past sixty-eight years it has grown into a world-wide organization of 39,000 members living in the fifty states and in sixty foreign countries. The Alumni Fund, now in its twentieth year, has been of great significance to the University. Currently alumni are actively involved in the Tulane Forward Fund drive. The Association ' s contributions to higher education have been equally important. Alumni are active in assisting in admissions. The annual Tulane Conferences, presented by the Association and Alumni Clubs, bring to many cities throughout the nation programs in the specialized fields of science, the humanities, law, medicine, engineering, social work and many others. Other regular activities include Homecoming, reunions, and the principal publication for the alumni, THE TU- LANIAN, a magazine sent to all alumni without charge. Each year at Homecoming about 35 classes celebrate their re- unions. Above is the Medical Class of 1920. President Longenecker presenting certificate of merit to Dr. David Deener, acting dean of Newcomb College. Also in picture are Mrs. Louis G. Davis (Carolyn Robbert) representing the National Newcomb Alumnae Association; Geor- gia Seago Fischer, Executive Secretary, and Newcomb Stu dent Body President, Florence DeFroscia. Newcomb Alumnae Association Executive Committee Newcomb Alumnae Association. Georgia Seago Fischer, Executive Secretary of the Newcomb Alumnae Association. The Newcomb Alumnae Association is composed of all students who have attended Newcomb College whether or not they graduated from the school. The Association has grown to over 9,800 members scattered throughout the United States. The alumnae office, in the Tulane Alumni House, keeps up-to-date files on the addresses of all former students. The Association holds two annual meetings, one at Home- coming in the fall, and the other at Commencement in the spring. The Alumnae Association Clubs are located in vari- ous major cities across the country and promote interest in Newcomb College. The growth of the Newcomb Alumnae Association has paralleled the expansion of the College itself and now coordinates its various activities vvith other Universitv-wide organizations such as the Student Council and the Tulane Alumni Association. 47 Committee Chairmen for Student Council. First Row, Left to Right: Ed Myrick, Financial Sec; Prissy Hess, Publicity; Mary Riser, Academic Affairs; Jack Alltmont. Publicity. Second Row: Lee Fritchie, Alumni Relations; Susan Marland, Com- munity Relations; Hope Harwood. Elections; Mike Goodrich. Alumni Relations. Third Row: Lee Kantrow, Academic Affairs; Berty Seyfarth, Special Projects. Tulane University Student Council Standing: John Fulliluve. piesident; Sandy MeiJow, secretary, Hayes Fush, representative-at-large. Sitting: Janet Moore, vice- president; Margaret Noble, president of the UC Board. 48 The Student Council not only serves as a representative body that governs for Tulane and Newcomb but also as a liason between the students, the administration, and the community. The Council is headed by President John Fulli- love. The other members are Janet Moore, Vice President; Sandra Mellow, Secretary; Hayes Fush, Representative-at- Large; and Margaret Noble, President of the University Center Board. As for the Council committees. Academic Affairs is headed by Lee Kantrow, Alumni Relations by Mike Goodrich, Community Relations by Susan Marland and LaFon Pease, Elections by Hope Harwood, Publicity bj Prissy Hess, and Special Projects by Bert Seyfarth. The six committees of the Council play an important role in the functioning of the Council. This year the Council has intensified its effort to increase beneficial ofl-campus activities that involve the community. The Community Re- lations Committee sponsors literature programs for children, and Project Opportunity for junior high students, which introduces them to cultural events in New Orleans. The Special Projects Committee is in charge of Outlook, a tutoring program for children in the neighborhood. The Government Reforms Committee is concerned with improv- ing the structure of the present council and studies other systems through the New Orleans Intercollegiate Exchange and the National Student Association. The Publicity Com- mittee is new this year and its purpose is to magnify the position of the Council. On campus, the Council has spon- sored the construction of the Rathskeller, a student enter- tainment center in the University Center. Student Council First Row: Carol Welch. Newc; Prissy Hess. Newc. ; Mary Riser, Newc.; Lee Fritchie. Eng. Second Row: Alan Levan, Arts and Science; Tom Sawyer. Arts and Science: John Musser, Arts and Science: Ron Kurston. Arts and Science. Third Row: Susan Dreyfus. Newc; Bill Weinburg. Law; Bill Mouton. Law; Al Hecker. Law. Student Council First Row: Tom Hughes, Soc.-Work.; Stan Salus. Bus.; Jim McGill. Bus.; Foster Walker, Bus.; Don Cobb. Bus. Second Row: Gary Anderson. Eng.; Luke O ' Kelly, Eng.: Franz Vogt. Eng.; Richard Lee. Eng.; Betty Reed. U.C: Darlene Bierhorst. U.C. Third Row: Ronnie Haag. U.C; Richard Antolek. U.C; Mike Kantrow. Bus.; Dick Spero. Arts and Science: Ray Can- non. Grad.; John Berglund. Grad. 49 Standing, left to right: Luke Ehrensing, Paul Ramoni, Caro- lyn Gifford. Jim Yawn, Janie Mo;er, Lynne-Donna Rocker, Norris Lupo, Mike Friedberg, Eugene Watson, Lenn Knapp, University Center Board Hank Harnage, Mike Ojrley. Seated, left to right: Jerry Lahman. Margaret Noble. Suzie Ring, Neil Levine. Standing ON floor: GRIS-GRIS. OFFICERS MARGARET NOBLE President SUZIE RING Vice-President: Administration JERRY LAHMAN Vice-President: Finance NEIL LEVINE Vice-President: Scheduling Miss Noble avidly holds the attention oj the U. C. Board at its weekly meeting. Cosmopolitan 11} If Carf)lyn Gifford, chairman The Cosmopolitan Committee is the Univer- sity Center contact p roup with the International Students. Through its various functions ranging in scoj e from the swimming parties. Christmas fiance, and International Days to the Travelogue Series of slides from foreign countries, the Committee attempts to acquaint the foreign students with the American way of life and to familiarize the American .students with the vari- ous aspects of international life. Fine Arts Regina Brody, chairman Events which add a cultural flavor to the University Center program in the fields of film, literature, and the arts are presented by the Fine Arts Committee. Throughout the year it sponsors events such as the Fine Arts Film Series which features films from comedy to ballet. The committee also brings varied art displays to the campus which are shown on the mezzanine of the University Center. Hospitality Janie Moser. chairman To the Hospitality Committee belongs the responsibility of making the students and visi- tors on campus feel at ease and welcome. The members, who are the student hosts and hos- tesses, try to accomplish this by pro ' iding receptions and tours of the University for the visitors. For all members of the University family. Hospitalitv sponsors ' " Caffeine Capers, ' a weekly coffee with informal entertainment. Before each holiday they put up a travel map to help students obtain either rides or riders home. Another service of Hospitality is usher- ing for events sponsored bv the other commit- tees within the program. " University Ccnlrr ihrnus an open house for the inrominf ' freshmen. " Lagniappes ' l!™ Tff TTli Henry Harnage, chairman LAGNIAPPES is a Creole word meaning " a little extra. " The purpose of the Lagniappes Committee is to offer this " little extra " to the student in the form of dances and spirit rallies. They sjx nsor the Orientation dance at the be- ginning of the year, the Lyceum Mike Corley, chairman The Lyceum Committee ' s function is to pro- vide Tulane and Newcomb students with " big name " speakers on current issues, present out- standing faculty lecturers, and to act as a sounding board for the expression of student opinion on the topics of the day. In the past the committee has sponsored forums on Uni- versity and world problems as well as small discussion groups on controversial, philosophi- cal, and generally challenging subjects. This year soap box forums on the above subjects have been held by this committee. Music r ynne-Donna Rocker, chairman The Music Committee Schedules all major musical events sponsored by the University Center. Such events as concerts hy the Nifios Cantores de Monterey, Jan Pierce, Itzhak Perl- man and Andres Segovia have heen presented hy the Music Committee. Another primary function of the committee is the planning and control of the two music listening rooms on the University Center mezzanine. Committee mem- bers instruct students in the use and care of those stereo and monaural machines. TTiis year a series of hootenanies with student participa- tion has been co-sponsored by WTUL radio and the music committee. t ■ " Padohad Eugenie Watson, chairman The function of the PADOHAD Committee was originally a two-fold one: that of the Preservation and Development of Hobbies and Decorations. However, through the years this committee has come to concentrate all i ts ac- tivities in the field of decorations. The artistic committee members decorate the University Center for the different school seasons — Orien- tation, Football, Christmas, Dead Week. Mardi Gras, etc. PADOHAD also works closely with the other committees to plan and construct decorations for events sponsored by these groups. Personel and Evaluations Mickey Friedberg, chairman The Personnel and Evaluation Committee maintains the personnel records of all members in the University Center Program. The bulk of this committee ' s duties lies in working to- ward unification of the various committees, the recognizing of outstanding persons in the program, and the elimination of inactive com- mittee personnel. In addition to this phase of the committee ' s acti nty. evaluation of Program sponsored events and subsequent recommenda- tions to the University Center Board are handled through this Committee. " Eliot Lev in talks it up at VC open house. " " Margaret Ward and Louis Berndt compare notes at one of the weekly UC Board meetings. " Publicity Lenn Knapp, chairman No program, however well-planned or ex- ecuted, can be a success unless students and faculty are fully informed. It is the function of the Publicity Committee to publicize University Center activities. The committee uses all possi- ble forms of publicity, including newspaper articles for campus and city papers, posters, banners, leaflets, and fliers. Representatives from Publicity are appointed to other Univer- sity Center groups to cover the publicity for their events during the year. From suggestions made by the sponsoring committee, the Pub- licity Committee plans and helps execute the publicity campaign for the event. Public Relations Jim Yawn, chairman The Public Relations Committee is the image- building group in the University Center Pro- gram. Among the functions of this committee is the maintenance of the University Center Scrapbook, the promotion of better relations with other schools and universities throughout the country, and the establishment of contacts with the hometown newspapers of students outstanding in the University Center Program. Recreation Lucas Ehrensing, chairman The Recreation Committee, as its name im- plies, has as its primary function to provide all types of recreational activities for Tulane stu- dents. This committee handles annual tourna- ments in billiards, bowling, tennis, chess, bridge, and other sports. The sponsoring of vacation trips and tours is a further function of this committee. In addition to its activities on the Tulane campus, this committee sponsors delegates to the Regional Association of Col- lege Unions tournaments and contests. f C r f Spotlighters Norris Lupo, chairman The main function of Sjxitlighters is to search for student, faculty, and big name talent and bring it to the attention of the Tulane student body. Spotlighters is active in the presentation of various entertainment events such as fresh- man talent show, campus-wide talent show, the orientation week style show, and outstanding entertainment in the non-musical field such as the Smothers Brothers and Bob Hope. " One of the m jny opportunities open to the freshmen by the Universitv Center. " " Freshmen students are shown around the UC during their orientation tieek. " Tulaiie Honor Board Front Row: Janet Moore, chairman Tulane; Susan Clark, Newc. Back Row: Tom Sawyer. Arts and Science; Jack Fenwick, Arch.; Woody Stewart, Law; Franz Vogt. Eng. First Row. Left to Right: Martha Walters, Patty Seastrunk, Susan Clark. Sylvia Staples. Laurie Kyle. Second Row: Nat Allison. Louise Goldman, Suzanne Dupuy, Ann Mc Mackin, Nan Cohen. Peggy Wyatt. Sally Viner. Peggy Frishe. Marsha Dumas, Debby Shapiro, Marge Schwartzbek. Newcomb Honor Board 56 Tulane Inter-House Council Left to Right: Paul Petty. John Devlin. Henry Koch, Dan Mc- Carthy. Malcolm Meyer. Watson Arnold. President. Larry Fullerton. Ernest Finney. Joel Myerson. Jeff Yudin. Secretary, Dave Eldridge, Andy Schwartz. First Row: Angelo Delong. Jeanne Barnett. Lynn McDowelL Connie Cole. Second Row: Peggy Wyatt. President; Dianne Bucy, Nina Murray, Millie Eby. Barb Stuckey. Mary Crilly, Secretary. Third Row: Janice Levy, Sue Todd, Ann Timberlake. Mina Coleman, Mary Riser, Ann McMackin. Nervcomh Inter-House CouikU 57 Activity with a purpose is the motto of Tulane ' s organizations. At our university one does not find overactivity or inactivity; however, one does find activity. The proj- ects of the organizations provide the in- dividual with a useful outlet for his particular interests during his college ca- reer. The facilities and events that are of- fered to the individuals by Tulane organi- zations greatly increase the university experience. GEORGE BARLOW, Publications Editor CHRIS IRWIN, Mihtary Editor LOIS GULLER, Music and Drama RACHELLE GALANTI, Spirit RALPH WAFER, Clubs AL CHILDS. Religious WOODY NORWOOD, Honoraries 4 ' • ly 1 1 E f 1 Publications 6o Jim Saalfield. Editor The Jambalaya enjoyed another profitable year while Benson Printing Company sat on edge until the last bit of copy was submitted. The whole mess came out of the lower left hand corner basement office of the U.C. The main insti- gator of the annual and the person to blame is Jim Saalfield, who wore the dubious title of editor. Further down the chain of command was Gray (Mr. Loveable) Plosser who edited the opening part of the book. The other assistant editor was Tom Jones who in addition to editing the fraternity section pitched in whenever and wher- ever he could. Erick Albert, assisted by Diane Dallas, did an excellent job on the administration section. Sylvia Dreyfus was in charge of the classes section and for the first time in many years the classes section was in ahead of the final deadline. Assisting Sylvia was Suzanne Dupuy, Meg Burns, Len Blackshear, Susan Dees, and Sandy Durst. Bill " All American " Zimmerman did an outstanding job on the sports section, that is, whenever he was not busy selling insurance. Martha Bond took care of the society portion of the Jamba- laya and headed up the features section, she also took care of Mr. Walker. Elaine Cuellar took the task of editing the sorority section along with Chuck Robilio. Chris Irwin edited the military section with great pains while George Barlow undertook publications. Woody Nor- wood took care of the honoraries after Dr. Riess gave his final check. Ralph Wafer was responsible for the clubs and Al Childs did a marvelous job on the religious section. Pretty Rachelle Galanti was the first to have a section in, which was spirit. Lois GuUer took care of the music and drama section. Special thanks go to Mary Brown and Mar- garet Noble who took care of the art work and general advice in time of need down here in the lower left hand corner basement office of the U.C. Jambalaya Gray Plosser. Assistant Editor Tim Jones, Assistant Editor. 6i Erick Albert, editor of administration, and his ever-present assistant. Lois Guller and Rachelle Galanti prepare to have it out in a good old southern camellia fight. Jambalaya Staff Whenever a curious staffer couldn ' t figure out how to make a negative positive, he took it to John Elude. Al Childs, Ralph IFafer, and JVoody Norwood per- formed as " The Brothers, " specializing in page splits, picture juggling, and other feats of publishing acro- batics. G-i. Bill Zimmerman, All-SEC sports editor Q Self-portrait of a film-winding, print-making, dark-dwelling shooter. His name is Fred Backland and he can be found in the pool room to sign in the space provided. More of Uncle Jim ' s elves: Susan Dees, Len Black- shear, and Sandy Durst. Sylvia Dreyfus, undisputed Queen of all the Bayous, Lord High Protector of the Only Key to the Jamb Room, and a princess in her own write, surveys the quad. Jambalaya ' s paint-speckled sneakers: artists Margaret Noble, Larry Wilson and Mary Brown. Martha Bond discovers an ancient Mayan sacrificial block, an interesting feature of their culture. Sneakingly submitted by that little old interloper, black-market photo-jock Ron Scott. Elaine Cuellar took to the trees when asked if her section was complete. ' - ' f L Chris Irwin could catch a nap anywhere. Diane Dallas, Meg Burns and Suzanne Dupuy worked their fingers to the bone for the book and what did they get for it? Bony fingers. Jambalaya Staff A peck of work it is to produce a really fine index, and ive have two fine index editors to thank. On the right is George Barloic, for all it ' s ivorth. Terri Rosenbaum Alan Wexler Stan Linnick Tulane Publications Business Staff Wendy Fosner Larry Rosenblum Curt Tatar and Yale Marc Student Directory The Student Directory staff this year strove to put vitality into a previously empty publication. A dual chef;king system using both dormitory lists and registration cards kept errors to a minimum. The purpose of the directory is to provide a listing of each student ' s many addresses. Phone numbers are gratis. This year ' s book emphasized the GREEN SEC- TION, including a calendar of major events and V. I. P. telly ciphers. Placed suspiciously in the back of the book were the departmental and faculty numbers. Double checking placed quality over mass produced, sloppily designed media. Under the direction of Dick Alderman, editor, and Curtis Tatar, business manager, the Student Directory into a recognized, well-developed student publication. Curtis Tatar and Dick Alderman, kingpins. First Row: Wertkin. Tatar. Rothfarb. Alderman. Second Row: Marc. Agress, Grabner. Schwartz. Galanti. Zimmerman. Shelby. Third Row: Gulbas, Lichtenstein, Tannenbaum, Lubin. Weil. L te ' -. Wk [ _i ' " ' ' ipr f I9 m ' Iww ' fj r 1 Mt I 1 •M f [ H e e K- ■ ' try A m » 1 1 9 B, ' mm k B If .1; V ' vy B k K 9 fi H J CI 1 r HR m 57 Adolph the printer and Rowley make last minute page correc- tions. Andrea Vogel takes time out from her singing to size up a real newspaper. Hullabaloo Laboring under a cross of newsprint, Clark Rowley at- tempted to bring the Hullabaloo up to acceptable newspaper standards. Taking out after fraternities, " the warlike Rowdy " shot at anything that moved for the rest of the year. Things could have gotten a lot worse but for the moderating in- fluences of Erica Metz, Viet Nam editor, and Barbara Edin, who insisted that news wasn ' t really news. " It might be just an exception, not news, " she protested. Meanwhile, Andrea Vogel with the musical laugh insisted on humming and sing- ing through thick and thin, and Vagn Hansen couldn ' t seem to convince anybody that Editorship without Portfolio was a legit position. Nevertheless, he shared the title with a bagful of reprobates. Taking care of the features depart- ment, Carol Sowell had her staff rewriting News Service copy. Ron Balson kept the local radio stations oft balance, and the football team enjoyed his wholehearted support, if nobody else ' s. The culture department under Telise Johnsen was accused of being anti-symphony. Ronald Scott, who knows everything, suffered a mild case of schizophrenia with loyalties split between WTUL and the picture-clogged Hulla- baloo. Charles Klaveness and Mark Renshaw eked out a liv- ing writing columns when columns were in surplus. Joe Wilhelm, John Fitch, John Lankford, and a medley of others comprising the Staff Writers chased down a variety of stories under the command of the editor, and scads of fresh- man stringers scoured the campus picking up the pieces. The upshot was a read newspaper, and sometimes a stolen newspaper, if not a well-liked one. Erica Metz does a little writing of her own. 6S Photographers Ron Scott, Jack Payton, and Bishop Cormvell filled Hulla pages with pictures, and in general turned up everywhere with popping flashbulbs. Rodolfo Pastor, Barbara Edin, Nora Cooke, and Bill Rushton didn ' t actually spend all their time looking at walls. Forbiddingly barring entrance to Hulla ' s sanctum sanctorum are Mark Renshaw, Paul Schulman, John Lankford, Ted Arnold, Arnold Shelby and John Fitch. Henry Bernstein and Joe Wilhelm make sure that readers take only one copy at a time. Steve Fox and Ron Balsom tried their best to make Tulane sports-minded and sue- Jeff Howie and Telise Johnsen soak up a little of the ceeded, sort of. culture that they peddle every Thursday. A few glances at the bound copies of years past convince Karen King, Leonard Horowitz, Jim Porter, Carol Sowell, and Gary Janko of the ' 66 model ' s superiority. Hullabaloo Corky Avner, Vagn Hansen, and Melinda McKinnon are enraptured by Charlie Klaveness and friend ' s typewriter duet. 7° The clown princes oj radioland; Nelson Brown, Bill Klinkenstein, Mike Midnight, Dick Spero, Jeff John- son, and Ralph W halen: WTVL ' s executive staff. WTUL Corky Avner and technical facilitiess the new publica- tions teletype. WTUL celebrated its banner year in 1965, beginning its sixth year of radio broadcasting at Tulane. An increased budget allowed the addition of new technical facilities and WTUL covered virtually all the dormitories with twenty- four hour broadcasting and its best AM signal in history. A boxful of politicking resulted in a second studio and two new offices in the University Center. Ejithusiasm overflowed on such occasions as the Studio A painting party, broadcast live and in living color, Spanish ochre and green snake paint highlighting the day-long celebration. The sixty mem- ber stafF included a host of WTUL disc- jockey personalities such as The Mighty Spirit, Captain Midnight, Daddy-0, The Wolf Man. and J. Thaddeus Toad. Special features were the broadcast of tapes from the Newcomb Hall language lab, Student Council meetings, lectures from McAlister audi- torium, and remote shows from each dormitory lounge. Sports specials, taped highlights of Tulane football victories, and broadcast of away roundball games kept the jockophiles smiling. 71 WTUL " The World of the Paperback, " a weekly series of pro- grams analyzing current paperbound books, and " Latin Sunset. " broadcast entirely in Spanish, premiered on WTXJL. The nightly " Concert Hall " featuring classical music retained its number one position, with the Sunday night Folk Festival pulling a close second. Other regular programs included popular music, jazz, and Broadway music backed up by Sam Seeburg, WTUL ' s silent disc jockey from two til eight in the morning. Captain Midnight ' s rock-us show from mid- night to two won the Most-Number-of-Phone-Calls Award and his infamous black cape and mask were guarded almost as carefully as WTUL ' s brand new olive and green banner. The Wolf Man ' s ominous wolf call, the " gunk-gunks " of the Toad, and the running humor of Bill Klink kept WTUL spirits at a high pitch all year as the station looks to the future with hopes of increased expansion, with the exception of Mr. Klink, who still eats too much. W ' TV L-sponsored Folk-fest gave the button-downs their chance to be Tope-sandled heroes; chief protest was Bruff. Captain Midnight was the essence of professionalism in his public appearances, and rumor had it that the masked avenger was just as thrilling in private. Jeff Michael goes under the rack to see where the resistance is hid- ing. Sometimes Dennis Kahane ' s newscasts of the escalation of the war in Viet Nam were not as refreshing as Coke, but things do go better, anyhow, in a manner of speaking. Whenever things go wrong W ' TUL calls in Jeff Johnson, who can always flux things up. Dick Spero repeatedly asked Klink to stop eating the paint because it would make him sick. Gail Brogan and Captain Weesner frugged until Studio A and Klink were both bright green. 73 Drama Renew The Tulane Drama Review is the largest and most re- spected theatre magazine in the English language. It has subscribers in fifty states and forty-two foreign countries. This year TDR received a three year grant of fifty-seven thousand dollars from the Rockefeller Foundation, the larg- est grant ever awarded to a magazine. The grant will enable the Drama Review to encourage research in every aspect of theatre, to offer nationwide play reviews, and to have more foreign plays translated. Herbert Blau, director of the Lin- coln Center Repertory Theatre, stated that " Before TDR there was not a substantial word to be heard about the theatre anywhere in the country. " The Tulane Drama Re- view, with articles ranging from Greek tragedy to Happen- ings, provides an outstanding body of writing for anyone interested in theatre. STAFF DR. RICHARD SCHECHNER, editor of TDR. Lyn Churchill Gilette Elvgren Richard Hornby Wm. Kelly Morris Erika Munk Judy Reed Donna Salingre Dr. Richard Schechner James Strahs Marsha Wishney The staff looks in to see what Judy ' s doing. " The Tulane Drama Review . . . interested in theatre. " 74 ( Hl La ) 3.1 1-, " I ' - m wtr M- .:.Ji itti .; . , _ » _ , nMHTV, First Row: Buettner. Tarver, Wogan, Barcelo, Naquin, Cla- verie, Magnuson. Second Row: Abbott, Scandurro, Cabes, Hyndman, Boles, Vaudry. Third Row: Doyle, Unkauf, Gold- stein, Preaus, Groves, Dauzat, Martin, Wyatt, Hagan, Leininger. Fourth Row: Farnsworth, Andre, Douglas, Cleveland, Nieset, Treeby. Tulane Law Review The Tulane Law Review, a professional legal journal, is published quarterly by students and faculty members of the School of Law. The review is the oldest of its kind in Louisiana and boasts an international circulation. It is devoted to the study of comparative law and the civil law. The review publishes articles submitted by prominent mem- bers of the legal profession. The student section, written by members of the Student Board of Editors, deals with cur- rent legal problems. Honor students in the school of law comprise the Student Board of Editors, vT i Jack Barcelo serving as editor in chief this year. John James Barcelo. Ill and Ronald Lloyd Naquin. headmen. 75 Military 76 Colonel Grady F. Rials, United States Army. Professor of Mili- tary Science and Tactics. Four of the Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps programs are offered to qualified students on the Tulane University campus: Air Force, Army, and the Navy which includes the Marine Corps in its department. The purpose of ROTC is to familiarize the cadet with military life, to make him aware of its importance in civilian ' life, and to develop in him certain traits necessary for efficient military officer-ship. Full completion of the four-year course results in the commissioning of the candidate as Second Lieutenant or its equivalent in the Reserve Corps of either the Air Force, Army, Navy, or Marines. Colonel Robert W. Bross, United States Marine Corps. Professor of Naval Science. Lt. Col. W. E. Reid, United States Air Force. Professor ,of Aerospace Studies. T7 Arnold Air Society Named after General H. H. Arnold, the Arnold Air Society is an honorary organization for outstanding Air Force ROTC cadets. Since its establishment in 1947, the Society has undertaken the responsibility of uniting Air Force ca- dets and of promoting better relations between military and civilian personnel. Today, more than one hundred sixty colleges and universities have Arnold Air Societies. The squadron located at Tulane University is the Alvin Callender Squadron. First Row: Pratchett. T; Holier, E.. Serrill, J., Heath, F.. Cur- ran. J.. Dugas. L. Second Row: League. H., Bollinger. R.. King. A., Herpich, C. Third Row: Crumley. J., Breen, D.. Fretag, M.. Leonard J.. Birmingham, R. Fourth Row: Boasso, H.. Anderson. K., Porte, M., Garrets, T., Wicks, C. Fifth Row: Brown, P., Birkhead, D., Pontius, U., Pope. M. Left to Right: Lt. Ambos, Ludwig, Simoneaux, Flude. Luca, Long, Pelletier. Johnson. Cosgrove. Rains. Pacenza, Keedy, Blackburn, Freeswick, Pettis. The Anchor and Chain Society of the Naval ROTC is an honorary organization composed of twenty-four Mid- shipmen. New members are selected each year from the Freshman class on the basis of their interest in the Naval Service and leadership potential. The 1965-66 officers were: President, David Pettis; Vice-President, Bruce Ludwig; Secretary, Ross Bonny; and Treasurer, Dennis Pelletier. The Anchor and Chain Society Pershing Rifles Pershing Rifles is a National Society dedicated to carry- ing on the ideals of miHtary proficiency and leadership. Company K, 6th Regiment is organized among the cadets of Army ROTC. Pershing Riflemen represent the University and the Cadet Brigade annually in Mardi Gras parades, drill meets and shows, and by providing honor guards for visiting officials. First Row: Pelletier. R.. France. T.. Birkhead. D.. Arsuaga. M. Second Row : Pelzman. J., Stanton. W.. Wicks. C. Kuchler. Klenz. W.. Bollinger. R.. Beasley. M.. Haas. Thather. P., Her- pich. C. Hanson. V.. Potts. T.. Maj. Bucknian. Third Row: Owens. G.. Myers. J.. Simoneaux. D.. Grade. Sawyer. T.. Powell. Spalding. J.. Bowers. J.. White. T.. Blake. Lt. Commander Miller, Capt. Danley. Ur. Riess. Scabbard and Blade The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is comprised of elected members of the Air Force. Army, and Na -y ROTC departments. These members become eligible for election through their outstanding dedication, participation, and proficiency in all phases of the military program. The purpose of the Societv is to correlate the three de- partments on the campus and to exemplify and demonstrate military excellence. Tulane ' s E Company, 8th Regiment, also attempts to present to the campus military information pertinent to the welfare of all students. 1 . HJto tS? A ' - Army Cadet Col. Pelzman and his sta The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps Program was established at Tulane University in the fall of 1947. Since that time it has commissioned more than five hundred and eighty second lieutenants in the United States Army. This year saw the cadet corps grow over previous years to over two hundred and seventy cadets. Under the leadership of the Professor of Military Science and his staff, the Army ROTC program offers a four year course of instruction culminating upon graduation in the commissioning as a second lieutenant. Academics plays a large part in preparing the cadets to assume their leadership role. Leadership Laboratory gives a chance for practical application of troop leading skills. But, The Color Guard and Guidons present the colors. in addition, the program offers more in extra-curricular activities ranging from professional organizations to hon- oraries such as the Association of the United States Army and the National Society of Pershing Rifles. Athletic par- ticipation is carried on an interscholastic basis by the Army ROTC Rifle Team and on an intramural basis in the sports of the university intramural program. For cadets musically inclined, the Army Band offers a chance to exercise their particular talents. Each activity has its own special social functions, but every cadet is also invited to the two big military balls each year. The Army offers a program designed to accommodate the interests of its cadet corps. Army ROTC cadets undergoing inspection. 5 m The Army Drum and Bugle Corps. Hippity-Hop, PLATOON, STOP! iil v. Presentation of the Colors. The Mark I Navy Drill Team. Navy The mission of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Unit is to provide highly qualified officers for the Navy and the Marine Corps. Since its establishment in 1936, a tradition of excellence has been maintained and refurbished, and this year the esprit de corps of the 1965-66 Midshipman Battalion reflected not only that great tradition but a recog- nition of the demands of naval officership in widespread areas of the world. In addition to academic and drill schedules, the midship- men find time for extra-curricular activities such as the annual Welcome Aboard pary, the " Bayou Bash, " and the touch football game with the newly-formed Commodores. Later a festive Christmas party in the Navy Drill Hall, the " Tri-Military Ball " on the S. S. President, and finally the " Farewell Ball " in the Spring provide high spots. Trips off campus during the school year were made to Camp Le- jeune. N. C. and Pascagoula. Mississippi for orientation on Marines and submarines and to the Southern Invitational Drill Meet at Baton Rouge. Throughout the year the Battalion excelled not only on the drill field but in intercollegiate rifle competition, intra- mural sports, campus leadership, and civic service. Of spe- cial note was the Rifle Team which continued its fine shoot- ing which has led them to win the 8th Naval District Trophy six years in a row and to place in the top ten among NROTC Units throughout the country. Midshipman Commander Kit Corcoran and his staff. The Navy Drum and Bugle Corps. The Commodores — the Navy ' s sponsor group. :wssSMsssss s.ssss imsmt Navy seniors help promote the Corps. Air Force Detachment 320 exists for the purpose of training future officers for leadership positions in the United States Air Force ' s combined aerospace team. To accomplish this ob- jective cadets go through a program of combined drill, classwork. and practical preparation. The program lasts four years. It utilizes the skills of the regular officers to the utmost degree, and channels the enthusiasm of the basic cadets into the experience of the upperclassmen. The Basic Course during the freshman and sophomore years consists mainly of introduction, indoctrination, achiev- ing drill proficiency and developing leadership potential. At the same time academic courses concerning the history of the USAF. career fields, and the principles of warfare are taken. The Advanced Course, composed of academically and physically qualified cadets, provides for more intense aca- demic instruction and the opportunity of exercising com- mand positions on the Drill Field and within the Detach- ment itself. Summer training at an Air Base provides for an actual taste of military life, and the Flight Instruction Program enables the cadets in the pilot category to obtain their private flying licenses. As a final view, at the end of four years the program has become more than a mere " course. " It is a way of life. The new officers are not only fully qualified to defend their country, they have more perfect understanding of it, and the organization which helps to defend it. This is the mis- sion of the detachment, and one in which it is succeeding well. Cadet James Curran and the Air Force Cadet Staff. The Sabre Jets Drill Team. The Air Force Group Sponsors. ' sr »»• The Cadet Group on the line. The Hellcats — Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps. Col. Reid reviews a problem with his staff. First Row: Nolan, M., Dupuy, S., Rush, J., Alexander, L., Bishop, S. Second Row: Marland, S., Gold, S., Burgess, B., Dreyfus. S., Dickey, C, Blauche. D., Viner. S., Hansen, G. Third Row: Killick, K., Salassi, G., Hemdon, C., Crilly, M., Smith, P., Staples, S., Neiset, A., Baugh, A. Angel Flight The Angel Flight is a national honorary service organi- zation for university women sponsored by the Arnold Air Society of the Air Force ROTC. Founded originally at the University of Omaha, the idea of the FHght has quickly spread, and in 1959, during the 8th Annual Conclave of the Arnold Air Society, the Angel Flight became a national organization. The Tulane Angel Flight was organized in 1962. " Angels " are Newcomb College and Tulane University women who serve as representatives of the AFROTC in the University community, as official hostesses, and participate in AFROTC and Uiiiversity functions and projects. First Row: Killick. K.. Marland. S.. Baugh. A.. Staples, S. Miss Susan Drey f us, National Honorary " Little Gefwral " of Arnold Air Society ' s Angels Miss Susan Dreyfus, a senior at Sophie Newcbmb College, was elected by the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps Arnold Air Society 1965 delegates to the National Con- vention. She will serve as the national " Little General " until late spring of 1%6. Susan was Commander of the Tulane University AFROTC " Angel Flight " sponsor organization in 1964. She repre- sented Tulane ' s AFROTC at the area competition where she was elected the " Little Colonel " for the schools with AFROTC in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and part of Tennessee. She then went to Washington, D.C. to the Na- tional and won the election in competition with " Angels " selected by similar competitive elimination in each of the other ROTC areas of the United States. Susan Drpyjus takes lime oiil to smile find wave to the croivd. " Susan is presented her trophy as Little General. " ' The Honorable Eugene Zuckert, former Secretary of the Air Force, talks ivith Susan. " Music and Drama 88 » « -w - i .»y The Tulane University Concert Band performs at the Christmas Concert. Tu lane Band— Tu lane Orchestra If- r Under the leadership of director-composer John J. Mor- rissey the Tulane University Band is considered to be one of the best concert bands in the South. The fifty band mem- bers provide entertainment for students and townspeople through several appearances during the year in which a wide variety of mu ic is played. The highlights of the year are the Christmas and Spring Concerts. The three-year old Tulane Orchestra, conducted by Ted DeMuth, boasts a membership of forty students and faculty members. The Orchestra also participated in " Christmas Night at Tulane " in addition to its annual Spring Concert on March 20. John Morrissev leads hand rehearsal in preparation for Spring Concert. 89 1 : iii Ted DeMuth conducts the Tulane University Orchestra. The A Cappella Choir members are. First Row: Ginger Guma, Eugenie Watson, Midge McLeod. Molly Mullins, Teresa Gallardo. Marily Humphreys. Eleanor Sloan. Marilyn Thomas. Susan Patrick. Alice Lynn Farnum, Mary Ann Bulla, Mary Ann Riopelle. Ann McNeil. Susan Fitch. Second Row: Barbara Bridges, Nona Grabien. Sudie Upton. Suzanne Cusick, Rosalie Ricker, Martha Swanson. Mary Faith Rossiter. Robbie Hoffman. Carol Tiirnbull. Barbara Zinker, Barbara Backus. Davida Mirman. Third Row: John Thompson. Rex Harris, Don Summers. Bruce Smith. Ralph Hoffston, Bruce Sherill. Fourth Row: Curtis Caine. Joe Wells. John Joyce. Johnny Nadash, Sherman Carroll. David Wright. Henry Cowell. George Bohmfalk. Bob Griz- zard. John Woodward. Ralph Basile. A Cappella Choir A Carnegie Hall appearance with the New Orleans Phil- harmonic Symphony Orchestra highlighted the A Cappella Choir ' s year. Under the leadership of director John Kuypers and choir president David Wright, the fifty choir members completed a successful tour which was arranged and man- aged by Miss Agatha Newitt. The choir also perforftied at Homecoming, at the two H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial Services, at " Christmas Night at Tulane, " and at Baccalaureate Services. The versatility of the choir was enhanced by appearances by the Chamber Choir, a Madrigal group composed of choir members. President David Wright receives final tour instructions from chaperone Dr. Riehl. Choir director Prof. John Kuypers. Prof. Kuypers leads choir rehearsal in preparation for Cornegie Hall appearance. S ' ' 1 ' ♦ r 1 a ' ' - ' -?5! ' A H 1 - " ifer. , " ' ga ■ F H i n f 4. i%1 r Tulanians lead the campus carolers at " Christ- mas Night at Tulane. " Director Louis Berndt adds his musical tal- ents to caroling Tulanians. Tulanians The Tulanians are a group of twenty-one versatile young singer? whose voices combine to produce an entertaining array of selections from diversified fields of music. The group boasts members from the schools of Medicine, Archi- tecture, and Law, as well as from Newcomb and the College of Arts and Sciences of Tulane. Led by director Louis Berndt and president Gray Plosser, the Tulanians participated in Orientation functions, enter- tained the Alumni at Homecoming, sang at " Christmas Night at Tulane, " and presented " Caffeine Capers " monthly. The group also represented the University off campus at a per- formance for the Charity Hospital student nurses and for the Orleans Club. The annual Spring Concert was the climax of their busy year. Informality prevails at Tulanian rehearsals. The Tulanians are. First Row: Gay Yellen, Charlotte Dorfman. Susan Nagle, Margie Longenecker. i Iar Tvill Dent. Anna Claire Morrison. Becky Hendricks. Second Row: Hank Harnage. David Tomanek. Pat Hanne- man. Jim Long. Ron Farlow. Jim Davis. Roger Green. Gray Plosser. John Barrett, and John Delfs. Absent from picture are Stan Kahn. Molly Mullins, and Edi Winters. I nrj r-5»»i-- Urarua grips the jury and the audience in the arena pei fonnance of Twelve An ry Men. TUT Officers are (Left to Right): Rick Hurst, V.P.; Janet Hockert, Sec; Harold Aarons, Treas.; and Mary Cay Harwell, Pres. Paul Verrall (Pope Freeman) and Billie Dawn (Jackie Levy) investigate the possibilities of romance in Born Yesterday. Tulane University Theatre An avid interest in the theatre, coupled with technical assistance and dramatic participation in theatre productions, characterizes the membership of Tulane University Theatre. National Collegiate Players, Tulane ' s national theatrical fra- ternity, recognizes students and faculty who have continually demonstrated excellence in their contribution to Tulane ' s theatre. At the annual spring Banquet, awards are presented for the best student actor and actress, for outstanding work in technical production and for sers ' ice to the theatre; at this banquet, new members of TUT and NCP are announced. Four major dramas were presented this year in the arena or in the playhouse. In addition to the major shows, each directed by a faculty member, two student-directed one-act plays were produced. Born Yesterday, Garson Kanin ' s popu- lar comedy-commentary on American business morality and the meaning of democracy, opened the season. The Novem- ber production of Reginald Rose ' s Emmy Award winning Twelve Angry Men followed. Jean Giraudoux ' s fantasy of man ' s wavering between the ideal and the real. Ondine, was presented in December. March featured The Rivals. " This classic 18th century comedy by Sheridan served to reestab- lish British wit in the theatre and gave the stage one of its most memorable characters in Mrs. Malaprop. " Woyzeck, an early " anti-romantic and starkly realistic tragedy with expressionistic overtones, " by Gerog Biichner, was presented in April. The season ended with Eugene O ' Niell ' s shattering and magnificent autobiographical drama. Long Day ' s Journey Into Night. Ondine i Jeanne-Nell Gement ) whimsically mourns the death of Hans (James Lee) while the Old One (Michael Wheeler ) remains austerely quiet in the final moments of Ondine. A question oj values leads to mutual accusations by Ed Devery ( Al Salzer ) and Harry Brock (Don Ma- rine). Ondine makes hei debut in a tem- poral world. Paul and. Harry cooperate in a plot to educate Billie. The final ballot oj " Not guilty is verbally cast, end- ing the tense con- flict between jur- ors Paul Glaser and Paul Hostel- ler. Campm Nile Presents ' ' A Funny Thing . . ' Instead of using an original script as in past years, the members of Campus Nite again presented a rollicking Broad- way musical. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. All aspects of the production were handled by the students. A Funny Thing tells the story of the slave Pseudolus (Jack Grapes) who can gain his freedom from his master Hero (John Barret) by inducing the virgin Philia (Gay Yellen) to leave the house of Marcus Lycus (Marty Wertkin) and to marry Hero instead of the Roman captain, Miles Gloriosos (Dick Grede), who bought her. Mistaken identity leads to hilarious subplots that further complicate Pseudolus ' plight. When the plot is finally unraveled, Pseudolus is free, and Hero and Philia are together. Constant hard work by the entire Campus Nite organiza- tion overcame the numerous problems attached to the pro- duction of a Broadway Musical. The overwhelming success of the show was due to the efforts of Al Salzer, director; Mary Helen Young, accompanist; Denny Blodget, technical direc- tor; Susie Schwarz, stage manager; Jack Payne, choreog- rapher. Louis Berndt, musical director; Mrs. Reba Herman and Mr. Einar Pedersen. advisors, and the executive officers of Campus Nite ' 66: Neil Levine, Milt Overman, Claire Op- penheimer, and Diane Andrews. spirit 8,6 " Cheerleaders Deming and Tucker proudly stand with the football team ' s banners. " Greenbackers As the only official spirit organization on campus, the purpose of Greenbackers is to instill spirit in every phase of student activity. The members have done this most successfully this year. Under the excellent and spirited leadership of president Chip Gatto, the two hundred mem- bers of Greenbackers started the year off by selling Greenie Beanies and Newcomb pins to all freshmen. The money they made on this project went to provide funds for the spirit dances and bonfires. The club really has reason to be proud of its two bonfires, one during homecoming, and the other before the LSU game. Last year Greenbackers chose the final emblem for Tulane — the Green Wave, which is seen all over our campus. Among their behind the scenes football activities included decorating goal posts for games, working closely with the team, and sponsoring the Player of the Week award. Not letting basketball go by without enthusi- astic support, the group supplied half-time entertainment at all games. Greenbackers can readily be spotted by their bright green and blue uniforms which they often wear. 98 Pep Band The Pep Band is known for its liveliness and everpresent spirit. The twelve members, led by Dave Ehrhart, are the official musical group for all Tulane spirit functions. They play at football and basketball games and pep rallies and bonfires. Perhaps they are best appreciated for boosting morale, for they never seem to lose enthusiasm. They work along with Greenbackers. One of the highlights of our Pep Rallies this year was when Emile of Pat O ' Briens sang along with the Pep Band in " Roll On, Green Wave. ' ' " Like they say practice makes perfect? ' " M-I-C-KE-Y M-0-U-S-E. " 99 " Tulane cheerladers lead the football team onto the field for the start of another game. " " Smile, your on candid camera. " " Coach O ' Boyle shakes hand of Mississippi States head coach after a hard fought Tulane victory. " Yes, Mecca is in this direction. " ' Dejected Tulane Fan leaves the stands. " " Football hero Dick Steigerivald intently watches the action of the Green Machine. " lol Cluh lOl J., ■ - I y. J— , The student branch of the Institute of Electrical anrl Electronic Engineers at Tulane serves to create for the Electrical Engineering student a realistic view of what the engineering profession is and what its functions are. The aim is to help all the members further understand all £ispects of the profession in both theory and practice. Meetings are held monthly and the organization is governed by elected student members. Presentations at meetings are a technical nature and are oriented toward the further development of the student ' s understanding of engineering. Alpha Phi Omega 104 Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity which brings together in its nearly 400 chapters college men form- erly connected with Scouting in a program of leadership, fellowship, and service. Men of all races, religions, and creeds participate through APO in service to their schools, communities, and country. Gamma Upsilon ' s many projects include an information booth at registration, Campus Carnival, and a Christmas project for underprivileged children. It also senes as cam- pus representative for the Red Cross, and is always a willing helper at various campus and community activities. Arab Club The Arab Cltib at Tulane is an organization whose aim is to create and promote better understanding between American and Arab students. The members of the club represent serveral different Arab countries although mem- bership is not restricted to just them, but is open to anyone who is interested. In February, the club holds an annual exhibition of Arab industries, art, and culture. During the year, activities include lectures, discussions, travelogues, and social events, the high point coming in the Spring at annual Spring Banquet. Barracuda Club Sissy Sharpe Mrs. J. Micheles President Advisor The primary interest of the Barracudas is the promotion of aquatic art. Tryouts are held every fall, and membership is based on skill in performing basic strokes and special stunts. The new members are known as " Baby Barracudas " until I hey have participated in the annual spring water show. The Barracuda Club presents this show in the Monk Simons Memorial Pool in the University Center. An annual intra- mural swim meet held at the Sophie Newcomb College pool is also under the club ' s sponsorship. Circle K at Tulane is one of many such organizations situated on college campuses throughout the nation. Circle K is affiliated with Kiwanis and serves as a service organiza- tion on the campus. Membership in Circle K provides the student with an opportunity to take an active part in service to the University. An example of their service. at Tulane is the single sheet directory of dorm students that the club publishes every year. Circle K Bruce Ludwig Lt. John C. Crawford President Advisor o rs The Tulane Sailing Club is one of the largest and most successful clubs on campus. The club is affiliated with the Southern Yacht Club of New Orleans and is a member of the Inter-Collegiate Yacht Racing Association of North America. The club provides thorough training for its novice members and many opportunities for the skippers to enter regattas, in which the club has been quite consistent in its success for the past several years. The club also sponsors many social events throughout the year which are noted on campus for their success. Sailing Club 105 Moot Court Presiding Judge W. Woodrow Stewart Advisor Prof. Leonard Oppenheim The Moot Court at Tulane offers the qualified law student a chance to prepare and argue cases under actual courtroom conditions. The Moot Court was designed and established on the basis of competition between its members. Justices of the Court are selected from the members of the junior and senior class of the law school, the basis of selection being scholarship. The Chief Justice and Recorder are elected from the group of justices. The high point of Moot Court competition occurs in the third year when the two teams surviving the elimination rounds are allowed to argue a case before the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana. S! 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Newcomb Athletic Council The Newcomb Athletic Council is comprised of repre- sentatives from each sorority and independent group at Newcomb. The Council ' s main function is being in charge of planning ail intramural sports events at Newcomb. The Council awards the Athletic Trophy to the group that ac- cumulates the highest number of points during the year ' s competition. Some of the sports are volleyball, badminton, basketball, and swimming. Awards are also given to the seven girls who have ammassed the most individual points during the year. The Council also plans the annual student- faculty volleyball and softball competition. La Tertulia, founded in 1939, is the Spanish honor club at Newcomb. Its purpose is to maintain an act ive interest among its members in the customs and cultures of Latin America. The meetings, which are held monthly, offer varied subjects of interest to the club members, ' featuring guest speakers, films, and slides. During the year the club marks the commemoration of such days as Columbus Day, Pan- american Day. and Cervantes Day. The club also holds an annual Christmas Party and a banquet at the end of the year. La Tertulia ■E ft«»j ■ 1 Ff ' P R L P ' fcjf a H Mt ii JHB Wf vVHP H fP 1 H H . flr vrii E S H K ' J fcy ■ 1 m BF ' ' ' ' ' ' ' WHVC H s Pk. JH R i " ? i KuLJil ffii - 1 Mk Nj 107 Pre-Medical Society Stanley Lennick The aim of the Tulane Pre-Medical Society is to introduce its members to the many different fields of medicine and to each field ' s respective problems. The Society is made up of President young men and women who are planning careers in medi- cine. The Society serves to present current medical trends to its members about which the undergraduate pre-medical student might otherwise be unaware. This is done by way of lectures by New Orleans and Tulane Medical School doctors, films pertaining to current medical problems, and field trips to New Orleans area medical centers. The Tulane Batman Club The secret eye of Batman . . . or the ever present Robin. " Religious no n First Row, seated: Anna Clare Morrison, Lucille Cius, treas- urer; N. Bud Simmons, vice-president; Max Van Gilder, presi- dent; Janet McDonald, corresponding secretary; Jean Rickert, recording secretary; Heather Moreland. Second Row, stand- ing: George Hopper, Barbara Edin, Joseph Kuchler, Edward F. Haas, Jr., Sarah Beaumont, Grady Williams, John Wood, Hardy Martell Parkman, Rabbi T. M. Krause. Inter-Faith Council Serving as the official channel of communication between the recognized religious organizations and the University, the Inter-Faith Council holds monthly meetings designed to carry out certain functions for the benefit of these groups and the University. It is composed of two representatives from each of the organizations, and the presidents and chaplains from the groups. The council also co-sponsored several interesting and informative lectures, such as Dr. Victor Frankl, who spoke on Existentialism, and Dr. Bharati. an Indian philosopher. Dr. Victor Frankl delivering his speech on Existentialism. Ill Honoraries 112. Phi Beta Kappa Founded in 1776 at the College of William and Mary. Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest college honor society. The Vlpha of Louisiana Chapter at Tulane was established in 1909, and recognizes superior attainments in scholarship by stu- dents in the College of Arts and Sciences and in Newcomb College. OFFICERS Dr. David Deener Dr. Andrew Reck Miss Fannie Rayne Russ Dr. Karlem Riess Dr. Philip Griffith, Dr. Clarence Morrow President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Executive Committee MEMBERS Monnie F. Anderson Edward Arthur Jane A. Benton Dorothy Bergquist Douglas Birkhead Susan Blackford Steven L. Blake Ralph R. Bollinger Thomas W. B ounds Howard S. Bragg III Frederick W. Brazda William Brumfield Frank A. Brotherton John F. Calleja Hyacinth L. Carter Dando Cellini Robert L. Connor Janice C. Donaldson Susan A. Dreyfus Ernest L. Edwards Barbara D. Epstein Sudie H. Eustis Mary S. Fitch John P. Fullilove Elsa Freiman Gary Gaflney Carolyn A. Gray Sandra D. Hamilton Vagn Hansen Janet S. Hendrick Marshall Hershberg Alice I. Hopkins Elizabeth E. Johnson Louis A. Kapicak Charles Klaveness Ruth A. Kloepfer Marjorie S. Longenecker Terrill L. Mallory Robert G. Meny John P. Michaels Francis Nicholson, Jr. Sheila R. O ' Donnell Arthur Reif III Laura J. Rhodes Sheila A. Richardson Linda B. Rochkind Judith E. Skeldon Richard Spero Lorrie I. Stuart Donald Summers Sandra J. Tanenhaus James S. Tillman Barnie A. Wallace, Jr. Billie R. Walters (Mrs.) David F. Wright David S. Zorub Tau Beta Pi Founded in 1885, Tau Beta Pi w as established at Tulane in 1936 to recognize the highest accomplishments of junior and senior students in the School of Engineering. Considered in the selection of members are outstanding scholarship, high character and breadth of interest. The society also fosters a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. OFFICERS Richard Henry Lee J. Stuart Wood James Marsalis Lawrence Avrunin Michael KatzefF Michael Greco Kent Sutherlin President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Cataloguer Pledge Trainer George Miles Clark. Jr. Julius Peter Neumeyer John Philip Whitman Joseph George Cocchiara. Jr Donald Charles O ' Connor Wylmer Crenshaw Pool MEMBERS Bruce Allen Wismar Perry Marvin Bagalman Timothy Champreux White Jon Alfred Bertucci Glenn Michael Garte Marvin Ernest Beasley FACULTY ADVISERS Professor Edward J. Harris Dr. Robert L. Drake Dr. Charles H. Barron Professor John K. Mayer Kappa Delta Phi The oldest honorary leadership fraternity on campus, Kappa Delta Phi, confers membership each year upon no more than ten students from the junior and senior classes, and upon one member of the faculty, for outstanding service and unselfish loyalty to Tulane. Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Gamma Sigma Fraternity rewards and encourages scholarship and accomplishments in all phases of business among students and graduates of the School of Business Administration, and fosters principles of honesty and integ- rity in business practices. The Alpha Chapter in Louisiana was established at Tulane in 1926. .Juniors and seniors are selected by the faculty on the basis of high scholarship and promise of marked ability. Alpha Omega Alpha AQA j Election into Alpha Omega Alpha recognizes not only present accomplishments, but also the promise of future leadership in some phase of medicine. Membership is based upon superior scholarship, initiative and independence in thinking and research. The Tulane chapter, founded in 1914, includes in its activities annual lectures by prominent men in various fields of medicine, clinical discussions and an annual banquet. Order of the Coif frf - -|»», . 3 i The national legal honor society. Order of the Coif, rec- ognizes senior law students for exceptional ability and per- formance in the School of law and in law. Also considered in the election of new members are scholastic achievement and leadership, and service to the school and community. Each year a Louisiana lawyer who has rendered outstanding service to law and to the public is initiated as an honorary member of the chapter. OFFICERS James M. Long III Charles Klaveness R. Timothy France Dr. Karlem Riess President Vice President Secretary Faculty dvisor Herschel I.ec Ahliott Michaei Qiiinn Eagan John Pope Fullilove Howard Irving Hurtig Neil Ronald Levine MEMBERS Lee Terrell Nesbitt, Jr. George Gray Plosser Richard William Stephens Kent Kelly Sutherlin David Farnsworth Wright Honorary: Jesse B. Morgan OFFICERS Professor Stephen A. ZefF Professor Bernard J. Capella Professor Arthur D. Karlin MEMBERS President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Michael Quinn Eagan. Jr. Clyde Elmore Deaux. Jr. Lawrence Jerry Restall Donald Sanborn Tribe Gerard Edwin Watzke. Jr. John Winter Woolfolk 111 Joseph Leslie Balintfy Sam Israel, Jr. OFFICERS Charles C. Grumpier Stephen R. Zenzian Walter A. Derrick Dr. Walter Unglaub Dr. Jack Wickstrom President First Vice President Second Vice President Secretary Counselor MEMBERS J. B. Brayton Andrew Don J. W. Jones Z. F. Pollard D. Y. W. Young J. R. Akin D. N. Davis H. I. Hurtig J. P. Jarrell R. N. Jones E. W. Nelson MEMBERS OEFICERS Professor William H. Beck, Prof. Billups P. Percy Jr. President Secretary John James Barcelo III Robert Arthur Buettner Philip de Villiers Claverie Carl Woodward Cleveland John Duncan Wogan Ronald Lee Groves Ronald Lloyd Naquin Dominick Scandurro, Jr. William Da •id Treebv HONORARY Frank W. Summers Associate Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana. Tau Sigma Delta The national honor society for architecture students, Tau Sigma Delta, selects its members for outstanding scholar- ship, leadership, character and creative ability. Nominees undergo a pledge period during which the winning sketch in the traditional Gargoyle competition is selected. Alpha Sigma hamhda Alpha Sigma Lambda, national honorary scholarship fra- ternity of university evening colleges, selects its members for distinguished scholarship and leadership. In addition, the members must carry at least fifteen semester hours in subjects outside his major field. Theta Chapter, organized at Tulane in 1954. revised its original constitution in 1957 to comply with the provisions of the national convention. Sigma Xi Founded at Cornell University in 1896, and established at Tulane in 1934, the Society of the Sigma Xi recognizes out- standing achievement in scientific research, proficiency and promise in various fields of science. Eligible for membership are undergraduates, graduate students, members of the fac- ulty and research workers. The society sponsors a series of public lectures and awards prizes for research papers. OFFICERS Dr. Alan G. C. White Dr. Ralph Rotty Dr. Karlem Riess Dr. Peter Volpe. Dr. Arthur Irion President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Executive Committee Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma, national honor society for freshmen, was established at Tulane in 1954. A 3.5 average or better for the first semester or for the freshman year is the require- ment for membership. OFFICERS William R. Cullison Jack B. Fenwick, Jr. Chapter Master Scribe Lee Askew MEMBERS Donald Reefe OFFICERS MEMBERS William Rivera David L. Robertson. Jr. Beulah Deitch Betty Jo Reed Enola Fee President Vice-President Treasurer Historian Secretary Everett Brugier Ronald E. Haag Raymond J. Heyd Alvin E. Jones Gene L. Landrum Emily Lawson George N. McAlister William H. Michon Armando Papi Clare Vega Trahan Vincent Viso John Wust Harriet G. Aguiar (Mrs.) William L. Alworth Joseph C. Armstrong Dr. Ernesto Barbosa Michael R. Cohen Eleanor Elder (Mrs.) El-Sayed Hegab Robert C. Hoy J. Douglas Hutchison Ludmilla G. Jollie (Mrs.) James W. Jones Dr. David Judge Roger 0. Lambson FULL MEMBERS Virginia McConnell (Mrs. Dr. Brian McCracken Larry K. Martin William C. Mobberly Achilles J. Pappano Ronald G. Peacock Philip H. Petra David S. Phelps H. N. Ramaswamy Ronald C. Reitz Dr. Bernard Rice Miles E. Richardson Taichi Sato Thomas F. Schorr Kenneth C. Spatz, Jr. Jefferson Sulzer Nagendran S. Thampi Leo A. Thomas Daniel A. Veith George vonBodungen Ingeborg L. Ward (Mrs.) 0. Byron Ward T. K. Wiewiorowski James Zischke ASSOCIATE MEMBERS William Andruchow Stanley Benton Richard L. Berry Wesley D. Bonds Thomas W. Bounds Janis L. Bush Robert Dana Weleed El-Hashimi Lydia Fontenelle Francisco Gonzalez Shelton Hendricks Paul Heidger James L. Howard Glenn H. Hughes Ulrich P. Kalkofen Chirasak Khamboonruang Mary E. Maggie Terrill Mallory Donald Norris Jack H. McLean P. S. Pargaonkar Sharon G. Salhi Robert Schlottmann Normand Ste. Marie Rosemarv ' Seidler Elsa L. Winsor Charles Klaveness David Zorub Theodore Arnold Larry G. Wilson Edward Odachowski David Wright Dr. KarlemRiess OFFICERS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Senior Advisor Faculty Advisor James P. Bodenheimer Lois C. Brashier Henry P. Bruckner James A. Burton Harold A. Chapman Charles K. Clark John E. Connolley Michael J. Cowley John R. Delfs Arnold L. Feinstein Arniel K. Fischer Bertram M. Froehly. Jr. William E. Gifford III Gary Glass Richard J. Gonzalez MEMBERS Nonnan D. Guthrie Jerry D. Hill Leonard N. Horowitz Gar - S. Janko Charles A. Langhoff Michael E. Leippman David M. Lifshutz Danny G. Kilpatrick Richard T. McMahon. Jr. Howard A. Moore David Lee Rackow Ashton J. Ryan, Jr. Mark W. Stephens Kenneth M. Tesler Thomas T. Vining John C. Woodward Honorary: Dr. Joseph Cohen Alpha Epsilon Delta The Louisiana Delta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a national honor society for pre-medical students, was officially installed at Tulane in ] 958. The purpose of the society is to encourage excellence in pre-medical scholarship : to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of pre-medical education in the study of medi- cine; to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and pre-medical students and educators in developing an adequate program of pre-medical education; and to bind together similarly interested students. OFFICERS Ralph B. Pfeiffer Bruner Bosio Sandra Hamilton James Saalfield Kenneth Paddie Joanne Selikoff Dr. Merle Mizell President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Historian Scalpel Reporter Faculty Advisor NEW MEMBERS Sayers Brenner Fay Boozraan William Browder Timothy Coughlin Johnny Dalton Michael Finn Harold Galena Richard Gelbspan Douglas Kahn Ivri Kumin David Jarrott Michele Levine Charles Lilly Robert Lipson Craig Maumus Richard May Michael Plotkin Raymon Wilensky Alan C. Swann Ben A. Guider Jan Fuerst Stots Reele Sigma Pi Sigma The honor society for students majoring in physics, Sigma Pi Sigma, was founded at Davidson College in 1921. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students are eligible for membership. The Tulane chapter was established in 1950. OFFICERS Kenneth Hardy Barnie Wallace David Russell John Daley Dr. S. G. Buccino President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Advisor MEMBERS Jean Cass Robert Cicchinelli John Daley Timothy France Darrell Galde Nolan Guillot Kenneth Hardy Robert E. Hill Robert Lynd Roger Maunz Don L. Morel Donald McNutt Joseph Nelson Michael O ' Connor B. D. Papaioannou Richard Peacock Ronald Peacock David Russell Robert Sullivan Barnie Wallace Earl Warden Herbert Williams William Shepard Dr. S. G. Buccino Dr. Ronald Deck Charles B. Henriques John U. Hidalgo Dr. Joseph Kyame Dr. Ronald Laing Dr. J. C. Morris Dr. Charles L. Peacock Dr. Karleni Riess Dr. Raymond Wilenzick Scholars and Fellows The Tulane Scholars and Fellows program was inaugur- ated in 1962 for superior students in the College of Arts and Sciences and in Newcomb College. The Program arranges special academic counselUng to assist the student in coordi- nating his schedule to adapt the University offerings for superior students to his own abilities, objectives and needs. Basically, participation in the program provides an oppor- tunity for academic advancement and recognition through a carefully planned program of honors courses, independent studies, and other special instructional possibiliti ' js not normally available to other students. Farmlty Advisor: Dr. Joseph Cohen Ffcslimati College of Arts and Sciences Alden, Stephen Michael Arnold, Walter Van Benson, Craig Thomas Bodenheimer, James Patrick Boggs, Derrell H. Brashier. Louis Colbert Burton. James Augustus Butka, Norman K., Jr. Colby, Tliomas V. Collier, John Tom, Jr. Connolley. John Edward Cougle, Allan Garique Dawson, William B. deLaureai, Stephen Philip Delfs. John Robert Drevich, Henry I. Everard, Wayne Michael Fischer, Arneil King Flowers, Alan Paul Forrester. Joe Edward Francis, Steven Friedman, Jan Marshall Garrett, William Floyd, Jr. Gavigan, Arthur John Glass, Gary Granovetter, Bruce A. Grizzard, Robert Harold, H Harman, George Victor H. Horowitz, Leonard Norman Janko, Gary Steven Kimbrell, Thomas W. Knight, John Ross Langhoff. Charles A. Lee, Cayce Redding Levin. David Robert Lubin. David jack Massey, Jon Grant Mcintosh. Lee Chapman Miller, Paul Woodrow Mince, Darrell Lee Moore. Robert Lloyd Mullins, Stephen Elliot Noonan, Gregory Robert Norwood. Colvin Gamble. Jr. Ochs. Richard Hagedorn Rackow. David Lee Reddoch. Samuel E. Reed, Grant 0. Richardson. Lee D. Robbins. Jay Arnold Roberts. James Patrick, Jr. Ryan. Ashton. Jr. Salter, Charles A. Schwartz, Harvey David Slaughter. Howel William. Jr. Stahl. Glenn Michael Stephens, Mark Edwin Stewart. Charles Allen Strauss, Mark Alvin Thompson, Walter C. Jr. Trickett. Robert Vinton Vining, Thomas Truelsen Wachtel, Andrew Stephen. Jr, Weymann, Gregory C. Newcomb College Avn er. Claudia Gail Bailey. Melissa Grace Barnes, Jo Beth Chambless, Dianne Lynn Coleman, Rebecca Ann Conroy, Alice Patton Daspit. Caroline Davis. Kathleen Ann Dees, Susan Derrig, Sandra Lee Dufour, Marie Jeanne Fearon, Martha Ruth Gougis. Ijirna Gail Gresham, Mary Gore Hall, Anna Inez Hargrave, Mary Karen Harris, Sharyn Kay James, Barbara Ruth Johnson, Isabel Glenn Johnson, Isis Lorraine Jumonville, Michelle L, Keeling, Connie Mary Lowinger, Margaret Louise Martin. Diane Mary Martin. Mary Frances McGinnis, Eileen Brightmore Motes, Frances Anne Ness. Mary Kathryn Parker, Janice Noble Passman. Ellen Sandler Pylc. Barbara Elizabeth Ricker, Hazel Rosalie Runberg. Connie Lou Sachen. Linda Mary Schwartz, Ariana Monica Shelley, Barbara Lynne Smithloff. Linda Kay Sombcrg. Lebra Lynne Stanford, Jacqueline Jill Storey, Suzanne Tomasek. Virginia Frances Veta, Ann Lorraine Vonk. Idalee Claire Wright, Linda Frances Sophomores College of Arts anil Sciences AUtmont, Jack Marks Arehart, David Wilson Baguley. Bruce Binford , Charles Alfred Bonny. Ross Fredrick, Jr. Boozman, Fay W.. Ill Brenner. Saycrs Robert Brown, George Barremore Brown. Ronald Jeffrey Carson. Stanley David Ciborowski. Crayton Edwin Cyrus, Richard John Dalton, Johnny Howard Deming. John Winton, Jr. Devlin. John M. Domning, Daryl Paul Fitch. John Michael Friedberg. Michael Robert Friedman. Reuben Isidore Goldstein. Michael Corl Gow. Charles Edward Harnage. Henry H. Herz. Thomas M. Jarrott. David Michael Kahn. Douglas Gerald Kravitz. Jay D. Kumin. Ivri Matthew Levin, Jonathan Evan Lipson. Robert Alan Loeffler. David Harold. Jr. Long. James Robert McCabill. Thomas Winfield Mullins. Joseph Allen Pederson. Michael Marton Penney. Richard Cole Ranier. Drew A. Reele. Stots B. Rhoades. William Patrick Sanders, Jerry Scott Schneider. Bruce Stanley Sinclair. Lawrence Michael Smith, Bruce Ray Steven. Lyle Merle. Jr. Swann. Alan Craig Taylor. Buford Franklin Trus. Benes Louis Wertkin. Martin Gary Wilson. Larry Gordon Witmeyer, John Jacob, III Yeager, William Martin, Jr. Yudin. Jeffrey John Newcomb College Abercrombie, Elizabeth Jane Aronson. Reevyn leta Bivens, Mar ' Ann Blye, Jacalyn Irene Brody, Frances Regina Burgess, Barbara Cantella. Dianne Clark. Elizabeth Diane Cooke. Nora Campbell Cooper. Jean Saralee Crawford. Linda Ann Crews. Catherine Yancey Derbes, Elizabeth Marie Epstein. Elaine May Ford. Anna Elizabeth Freedman, Bemadette Garrison, Linda Nell Geddes, Ann Dunbar Goldberger, Clem Goldman, Louise Elaine Greene. Patricia Ann Harold. Claudia Louise Hermann. Carol Jean Hoch, .ludith Ro.sc Hockert. Janet Louise Hopkins, Mary Catherine Hull, Sharon R. Johnsen, Tclise, E. M. Kantor, Marcia Kazer. Alivia loan Levine. Bonny Gale Lurk, Mary Margaret Morris. Susan Winslow Patrick, Susan Bess Pcrwin. Cynthia Leslie Price, Ricki Sue Ravinett, Andrea L. Robinson. Christine Ann Rogers, Regina Josepa Shiff, Anne Louise Thompson. Nancy Jeanne Todd, Sue Maruin Torrence, Linda R. Viner, Sally Rae Wasserman. Stephanie Joyce Wilhite, Rita Margaret Womack. Deona June Yellen, Gay Claire Juniors College of Arts and Scienci-s Bowers, James Fredrick. Jr. Brazda, Frederick Wicks Br.own, Gordon Burgess, Robert Stephefi Clark, John Colfry, Alfred John Davis, Roger Lewis DeCuir, Lloyd Joseph. Jr. Freeman, John Leon, Jr. Goodman. Alan Harry Grabbe. John Christian, IV Gribbin. Daniel Vernon Kanlrow, Lee C. Kitcbin. William Irwin Lauland. Elwood Lloyd Lores, Edward Frank Marshall. Rudolph James. Ill McFarling. David Allan O ' Connor. Michael Christopher Peterson. Jack Noel Roybal, Robert Edward Tabor, Samuel Lynn Williams. Robert John Axtell Wrgiht, Jeffrey Lionel Newcomb College Agress, Ellen Ann Airov, Carol Ilene Aronoff, Sarabess Blownstein, Ellen Mary Bordeau. Louise Chasez, Alma Linda Connell, Dorothy Veronica Henderson, Rebecca C. Herndon, Carol EvelyTi Kelly, Leontina Esther Liedeker, Phyllis Doughty Manley. Sharon Louise Mclntyre. Sarah Elizabeth McMackin, Ann Elizabeth Metz, Erica Christine MofRtt. Marilyn Gail Paisley, Mary Sanders Rocker. Lynne-Donna Saxe. Marolyn Jean Schwartzbek, Marjorie Jean Shapiro. Deborah Shreve, Winifred Jean Staples, Sylvia Norman Villemez. Virginia Claire Juniors (JYA) Collegi ' of Arts and Sciences Avner. Roger Painter University of Sussex Bogdanow . William James University College London Cline, Jennings Evans University of Sheffield Cooney, Stephen Lebeda. Jr. London School of Economics and Political Science Cox. Joseph Louis, Jr. King ' s College University of London Diinkelbcrger, Peter Kent University of Heidelberg Evangelauf, George, Jr. University of Madrid Foster. Delbert Ray University of Bristol Golden, Kenneth Miles University of Birmingham Gutin, Philip Howard University College London Hanemann, Michael Stephen University of Reading Kcnney, Leonard Allen University of York Kinman, Richard Del Peterhouse College University of Cambridge Kulka, Richard Allen London .School of Economics and Political Science Mays, Joseph Barber, Jr. University of Manchester Myers. Charles Raymond University of St. Andrews Saltzman, Stephen James University of Edinburgh Seid, Arnold Steven University of Paris Smith, Greenleaf Haugaard University of Freiberg Stapp, William Francis University of Hamburg Talley, Cecil Wilton London School of Economics and Political Science Whitfield, Ronald Morris University of Newcastle Yoshioka. Paul Masa University of St. Andrews Newcomb College Graduate Students Adrouny, Salpi University of Paris Barclay, Anne Raymi University of Paris Buchalter, Carol Sue University of Paris Crenshaw, Martha Amanda University of Paris Edelman, Marsha Kaye Bedford College University of London Eustis, Linda Nell Queen ' s University Belfast Hartley. Marilee University of Paris Lagiglia, Lorita Elaine University of Leeds LaRoe. Mary Lois Free University of Berlin Losse, Barbara Elyse University of Hamburg Macmanus, Virginia Wood University of Paris O ' Boyle. Susan Elizabeth Westfteld College L niversity of London Prusoff. Linda Lee University of Leeds Rogan. Alicia Moody University of Paris Selikoff. Joanne University of Madrid Waltman, Linda Sue King ' s College London Weinberg, Beatrix Beryl UnivcrRity of GU tgow James, Robert Logan University of Manchester Portnoy. Kenn ' rth Steven University of .ShefTield Mel.Kon. Diane Lynn University of .South Wale» Seniors Cvflrgr of Arts ami Sciences Arthur. Edward Dana Hirkhcad. Herbert Douglas Blake, Steven Lee Bollinger, Ralph Randal Bragg, Howard Starr, III Brown, Cecil Hooper. Jr. Brumfield. William Craft Calleja, John Francis Conner, Anthony Hogt Eguidin, David Feldman, Stanley Cecil Fullilove, John Pope, III Gaffney, Gary Gregory Gingold. Edward Gerald Hansen. Vagn Keith Hershberg. Slarshall Amnon Hurwitz, Kenneth A, Kapan, Charles David Klaveness, Charles Armistead Loeb. Henry Paul Mallory, Terrill Lee Meny, Robert George Michaels. John Patrick, Jr, Nicholson. Francis, Jr. Spero. Richard Henry Summers, Donald Bruce Tillman. James Shannon. Jr. Todd. Norman Wendell. Jr. Wallace. Barnie Alvin, Jr. Wolf. Robert Martin Wright, David Farnsworth Zorrb, David Sbakir Second Semester participant Benton. Jane Anderson Bergquist. Dorothy Lee Blackford. Susan Kathryn Cole. Constance M. Connell. Georgia Elizabeth Donaldson. Janice Qaire English, Jane Karen Epstein, Barbara Devorah Eustie, Sudie Hellwege Freiman. Elsa Churchill. Ethelyn R. CMrs.) Gillespie. Susan Debard Gray. Caroh-n Arm Hendrick. Janet Sue Hershberg, Eleanor Ruth Goldman Hopkins. Alice Inez Johnson, Elizabeth Eschelle Kloepfer. Ruth Ann Leffert. Judith Shelby Longenecker. Marjorie Segar McGraw. LeeAnn Moss. Sue Anna O ' Donnell. Sheila Rose Richardson. Sheila A. Rocbkind, Linda Beth Saks. Judith-Ann Skeldon. Judith Elaine Skypek. Genevieve Sternberg. Deborah Jane Stuart. Lorrie I- Treon. Mary Elaine Willis. Elizabeth June Baker. Harold Nordean Bean. Can. " Maxwell Daley. Matthew Patrick Guillory. Daniel Louis MacDonald. Andrew Fergus Simmons. Thomas Warner Tate. Chester Neal Wall. James Harmon Cosgrove. Susan Gayle Daley. Elizabeth Monk (Mrs.t Hesse. Mary Margaret Culpepper Kamp. Katherine Marland Manry, Ann Elizabeth O ' Brien. Roberta Gail Schmit. Patricia Brady (Mrs.) Stuermer. Susan Rae Mortar Board Mortar Board is a national senior honorary society for women. Alpha Sigma Sigma Chapter was installed at New- comh in 1958. Mortar Board handles the planning, organiz- ing and supervising of the Freshman Orientation program, the directing of the Freshman government, participating in the Advisory System, and serving as hostesses at University functions. Members are elected on the basis of superior scholarship, outstanding participation in student activities, and unselfish service to the school. Assets At the last Newcomb Student Body meeting of the year, freshman girls who are outstanding in leadership, service, scholarship and school spirit are tapped for Assets, honorary sophomore organization. The new members are elected each year by the outgoing members. The Assets wear white dre ' ses to act as ushers during the year at numerous functions including the May Day Festivi- ties. During fall orientation they are Big Sisters to incoming freshmen. Chi Beta Chi Beta, the freshman honorary scholastic society of Newcomb College, was established in 1963. Students achiev- ing a 3.5 average during either semester of the freshman year are entitled to membership. OFFICERS Susan Dreyfus Ellen Mintz Stetzer Lynn Borochoff Marjorie Longenecker Margaret F. Wyatt President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian MEMBERS Sue Moss Janice Levy Sudie H. Eustis Faculty Advisors: Dr. F. Koenig Miss Fannie Rayne Russ MEMBERS OFFICERS Regina Brody Louise Goldman Clem Goldberger President Diane Bucy Margie Nolan Mrs. Dorothy Ricciuti Advisor Linda Crawford Sylvia Dreyfus Suzanne Dupuy Jane Rush Barbara Stuckey OFFICERS Carol Herman Mary Margaret Luck Bernadette Freedman President Vice President Treasurer Jacalyn Blye Gazel Bond Barbara Burgess Diane Cantella Diane Clark Nora Cooke Clem Goldberger Louise Goldman Frances Hays Janet Hockert MEMBERS Cynthia Perwin Ricki Price Beverly Robert Chris Robinson Regina Rogers Phyllis Smith Carol Sowell Barbara Stuckey Dee Womack Faculty Advisor: Miss Fannie Russ Omicron Delta Kappa Om icron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for men, recognizes and honors those students, members of the laculty and others who have demonstrated leadership in extra-curricular activities and service to Tulane Univer- sity. .Student members must have attained at least junior standing, possess a high standard of character, and have achieved noteworthy recognition in two or more of the following fields: scholarship; athletics; social and religious affairs; publications; speech, music and other arts. Who ' s WJm The students recognized in Who ' s Who each year are nominated from approximately 600 colleges and universities. Campus nominating committees are instructed, in making decisions, to consider the student ' s scholarship, his coopera- tion and leadership in academic and extracurricular activi- ties; his service and citizenship to the school; and his promise of future usefulness. Recognition by Who ' s WTio means that the student was officially recommended from the university or college he attends and then accepted by the organization. York I ' Vilf l. jr. jolin Kdllilove Cliaiji ' s Klaveness Jay Krachmer jeioine Lahman Jacob D. Landry James M. Long III James MoGilJ Lee T. Nesbitt Eugene Preaus Thomas Regan George Riser, Jr. Stacy Roback Robert T. France Louis A. Kapicak Rieharfi W. .Stephens James G. .SaalfieliJ Thomas A. .Sawyer W. Foster Walker HI Donald J. Cobb Conrad Meyer fV Michael Q. Eagan Philip D. Claverie Glen G. Magnuson M. Franz Vogt HONORARY: Dr. Charles C. Sprague Edward Arthur Ralph Bollinger Warren Goldstein Lee Kantrow Richard Lee Dean John Dyer Dr. Joseph E. Gordon Spring, 1966 Ronald Naquin Julius Neumeyer Ralph PfeifFer Richard Spare Alan Wexler Honorary Professor Mitchell Franklin OFFICERS Kent K. Sutherlin Laurin W. Warren Dr. Karlem Riess Dr. Leonard Oppenheini President Vice-President Faculty .Secretary Faculty Advisor MEMBERS Herschel Abbott John J. Barcelo III Robert Buettner Carl Cleveland Tucker Couvillon Matthew Daley Edwin Edgerton 111 Andrew G. Edmonson Martin Rothberg Daniel J. Schwartz William Shapiro Norman Silber Kent .Sutherlin Thomas Tucker Laurin W. Warren James W. Watts III MEMBERS Watson Arnold Mike Corley Al King Charles Klaveness Vagn Hansen Lou Kapicak Conrad Meyer Janet Moore Bill Goss Ralph Pfeiffer Mike Eagan Jim Saalfield Tom Sawyer Larry Silverstein Kent Sutherlin Franz Vogt Foster Walker James Brown Jerry Lahman Norris Lupo Jim McGill John Fullilove Hayes Fush Alvin Jones Al Hecker Benjamin Peters Ronald Haag Richard Lee Dick Spero Woodrow .Stewart i ■ 1 ;l yVliss j- ats j i mitlt MISS PAULINE TULANE Photograph by Ronald Scott Photograph by Rouald Scott i V iw WiL ' - %ym i M fev « 4 i ' : - 3!«t ' r A tV •f-i j a:2 n " • MBS ■% - . . ' t m • ' dl i ' L fi. cmM f ?: " vw J jg 1 g|B|| |St j g BpHi ■ kli ifc. " " ' Z Photograph by Ronald Scott W- • % fms. ! mr T Til - MAID OF HONOR VLiss 4 i4sayi , larh Photograph by Ronald Scott Vllss anet oh en Vliss ji air ice J Lc arrison ■ mmr i k Photograph by Ronald Scott m oa-immiic imm.-am .P- . i -,, Photogrwph hy Rono-ld Scott ■« Photograph by Ronald Scott is. Janet JH, core JHiss Julia %ii Pan-Helleiiic Formal Miss Pauline Tulane and her court were presented at the annual Panhellenic Formal held at the Jung Hotel. The fraternity members and their dates crowded around with excitement as the girls in their long white dresses were escorted to the front of the ballroom. The masters-of-ceremonies first announced the five members of the court, the maid of honor, and finally that Miss Pauline Tulane was Patsy Smith, a " sophomore from Dallas, Texas. Equally thrilled were Pam Dykes, maid of honor, and the other members of the court, Susan Clark, Janet Cohen, Patrice Harrison, Janet Moore, and Julia Yuill. Roses were presented to the girls by the Jambalaya Editor, Jim Saalfield, and a spotlight dance brought the ceremonies to a close. Queen Patsy Smith gets last minute instructions from Dick Stephens and Chuck Rohilio. The 1966 Pauline Tidane Court: Standing. Julia Yuill, Pam Dykes, Janet Cohen, Susan Clark ; Seated, Patsy Smith, Patrice Harrison, and Janet Moore. Shake your money maker. . . . Enjoying a break during the dance are Jim Saal field, Anne Riley, George (Birth) Plosser, Chuck Robilio, and Elaine Cuellar. " Its been a hard days night and I ' ve been working? flH-PEACE FINAaV REI6N5 ON THJE TULANE CflWPUS: SO ' cUXk CuRFEWS, MARTIflL L »W ON WEEKENDS, PflRKlMC METERS ON ALL STREETS AMD PARKING LOTS, NlOflTS AROtlND Tttf GIRL ' S PORMS, AND ALL ENFORCED BV A HARP CORE OF AUXILARY POLICE ScHOOtEP N ENU OttTCN EP ' BRUr lLITY IT5 FROM fl MAP AliiMNUS, HU6H BETCHUM. ' HE ' 5 HIDPEN AN ATOM BOMB IN HIS PETAU-lGATOR SOMeWHEREON CAMPUS Hf " S GO»MG TO BIjOW UP THE SCHOOL UNJ.ESS TULANE BE TS JLSp IN A REMATCH TOPAV. ' HE M JST BE MAP BLAND, THERE ' S A RflPIOflCriVE AU-IOATOR ON CA WPiJ ' 5. ' N ' OU MUg,T FINP HIM r- — [HOUi UJIU X REC06NIZE Hl T?| L TRACK HIM POWN WITH MY 6ATORO0iJNTEf r aha! it POINTS TO THE .C V JH£ ' RE X U ILL POUBTL E ' 3 FIND THAT SCALY, GREEN • " — COMPJLECrEP CREATiJRE " ■ HOW was] • " n cAr P?_p SUSAN SPOTLE SS . ' m CHi .oVE j H£H V ' ALL MALCO - W INNA PlJ V A Cfl ' E OF Si LWSH ? ttOkHS dome, e Kfi ,■ i JUE ' LL 170 L HELP NDR E- ' MVMthe plfl6N0S s WRIST iS BROKEN. ' SoNMV. ' JLFT ' s HE 3AVS HE BROKE HIS WRIST, POcTf I AH,yE3. ' UIE I PRESCRIB E A FRQNTflL| LOBOTOMY. ' f.- L- I ■ n r ' I AND PERHAPS A LITTLE. J 1 ) ' " ' " i SP NflL TAP. ' HOW flaSZJT f CEASER AN SECTION ANP FINflUV- OUR HEALTH SERVICE CURE-ALU ' . f MflSS VE DOSE OF fl ' SPIRIN, VBKEDHEHE, — 1 AND rl-K»1 ' 3 r — THE i»Sr PER50H WE CURED QOT 5TEREP HORMEL REGl! BY HO aJ PO VOU FEEL MOW, MflLCOM fT I FEEL LIKE fit DRI LET ' S GO TO PRUNO 7 WE ' RE IN WITH THE IN CROWD ' " J 3 OU CANT ETWfllT£C ' ON HERE UMLESS you KNOW THE BflRTENDE ? | BY HIS FIRST NAME. ' OH MlCkcy WITHOUT ANCTHEK TEAM ON THE FIELD WE MIGHT SCORE WE MI6HT EVEN WIN f- Bi-ANDf COME AND PATROL THF STADIU- . ' THE G ME HAS BEGUN. ' TxT-v ' OH MICKEY " ' LETS HAVE THE CHE:cK -) rrr V ( xl 1 Fj( f i ., - r Isy 1 {6mK HAV E VCU SEEN THE X DtlMNO-WHAT DOES IT Look LIKE " ? BLAMP. ' WE ' RF L05IN AGRtN . ' YOAjV W, I RIGHT CHIEF Fur CANT GOT TO FINP THAT iUJGAToR BEFORE I WE MAKE ATVPlCAi- TtllANE ITS -mo LftTE r— I PEAL WITH BETcHUK) ' ■ — - M r ' k ? fe° RflH.iff )H. ' f l T CANT «;TANP THIS ANY LONGER I M GOIN6 Tc PETOMATE THE BOMB j ' _ At Large " Noiv lithen sweetie. Excuse me, but. 141 The metrecal bunch for lunch . . . I doubt it! Hell ' s Angels neivest and best pledge! " Law students leading the charge to Tulane Stadium on Homecoming morning. " " Tulane ' s cheerleaders get free ride before taking up their duties during jire-game festivities. " Homecoming Weekend Excitement ran high during the days preceding Tulane ' s 1965 Homecoming. Preparations for dec- orations, plans for parties, the announcement that Susan Clark would reign as Homecoming Queen, and anticipation of the game with Vanderbilt all contributed to the high spirits before the weekend began. The returning alumni were first welcomed at the Alumni Dance Friday night at which the Queen and her court were presented. Also on Friday night the Law School held their annual Barrister ' s Ball, celebrating homecoming week in their usual spirit. Saturday morning students and graduates alike took particular pride as they viewed the decora tions constructed by the fraternities, sororities, and dormitories. The excitement of the game and the pageantry of the half-time ceremony set the mood for fun at the annual Homecoming Pance held at the Jung Hotel. Queen Susan presided over these final festivities as the most anticipated fall weekend drew to a close. ' ' Quarterback Duhon under fire during Homecoming game with Vanderbilt. " I4X ' r- - ' v.vi;} ;:«Ji!l ;■• -_.c■y•■V ; •. " ■■.■ ' i.-, ' ,- " • ■ ' " Law student plays taps after the game. " i - • - ■■ ,« ' .t.,3J: ' , , :«-; . ... ■ ' -jly ,,. ' •.,.1 ' ■•■- - ' ,:,_ -• ;is ,-J;,i; A ' - - " ■,. . ■ , - ' ' . ' ■ ..; - ■ - ■ V - . - " % ' -:■■ ' " ' . ;rK ' .•- , ■ " ' ■■ -.:v». ;;vv ;.-;,. ■ ' ; ' - ! • ■■. ' ( :i L. • .., --. " Queen Susan Clark and escort, John Fullilove, enjoy dance during the annual Homecoming Dance. " The Homecoming Court: Standing left to right, Susan Marland, Mary Helen Young. Mary Bioun, Helen Childress, and Anna Baugh. Seated, left. Maid of Honor Janet Moore and right, is Susan Clark, Homecoming Queen. 143 " Part of the sober student body attending Homecoming Dance. " " Hullabaloo ah ' Queen Susan tries her crown on for size. ' " One of the many excellent displays built by the fraternities and sororities. " 144 ' WtSvH fr«B ■ ' ™ ' ' ' ' l m ' 1 IB Bl k . .-jJ H K m ' r:7 ' V ' ■ 1 r J[Iiss Susan Clark HOMECOMING QUEEN Miss Janet Moore Miss Susan Marland Miss Anna Baugh MAID OF HONOR 146 Miss Mary Brown Miss Hekn Childress Miss Mary Helen Young 147 Artists Series Itzak Perlman, violinist. Six performers, representing the fields of acting and music were presented during the 1965-1966 Tulane Artists Series held in McAlister Auditorium on the Tulane campus. The thirty-five singing boys of Monterrey, who have endeared themselves to their large audiences during previous appearances at Tulane, returned to open this year ' s series. Felipe Jesus Ledesma directed the boys in a program of sacred and secular music in Latin, French, German, Russian, Spanish and English. New Orleans ' own Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, with its brilliant young musical director Werner Torkanow- sky conducting, made its annual appearance on campus. Pianist Sylvia Zaremba was the featured solist. Currently celebrating the 37th anniversary of his first appearance in the United States, Andres Segovia, world- famous master of the Spanish guitar, gave his first perform- ance on the Tulane campus. Itzhak Perlman is the teen-age Israeli violinist whose remarkable musicality and command of his instrument have brought him in a very short time to the forefront of the younger musicians. One of the most beloved artists of our time, tenor Jan Peerce is that extraordinarily rare performer who commands both the highest respect and admiration from fellow mu- sicians and critics and an unswerving adoration from the public at large. Werner Torkanowsky, conductor of the New Orleans Philhar- monic Orchestra. 148 Andres Segovia, master of the Spanish guitar. Sylvia Zaremba, featured soloist. ' yw FY " ' " r i ¥ i : Los Niiios Cantores De Monterrey. Jane Peerce, tenor. 149 ' ' JBFF ' o o o e THe A0m»A)lSTftATlO» ALVWAV5 GOT THIRST CHOICE )9 o o« eeoeoo e o e o « 9 JFeRe m§ TBe... siuneNr " POIMT OF PERSONMU PRlVl LeO E W V Bt EKtUSED? " TwAf lECjeJ) m LYiS -00 y : V BUTj t ' M WOT " THAT J " BROW U I t THEY EVjeCTED HO ??? mvfa HE K»PT SrepPiNfe ON ' HER FEET NobOOY WEW VMHERe THF BATHROOM WAS WTUL fiMWTPD THEIR STUDIO... C?) OME P£OPL£ »V D6 roiSTAKES. N R 9 ' l V M iy Hall of Fame John. p. Fullilove Kent K. Sutherlin Margaret E. Noble Janet L. Moore William 1.. Go! 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 5 3 3 3 8 3 3 3 3 5 Walter H. Fush Richard H. bpero Clark D. Rowley Hall of Fame Susan A. Dreyfus Louis A. Kapicak ' «? ' Sandra L. Mello Hall of Fame Alan B. Levan Marv E. Brown Jerunie E. Lahmaii Charles A. Klaveness Susan V. Clark Thomas H. Jones Richard W. Stephens Hall of Fame Florence E. DeFroscia BILL - ' ZIP " ZIMMERMAN, Sports Editor 4 Director of Athktia Tulane University, a charter ineinber of the Southeastern Conference, will begin a new era in its sports history in the fall of 1966. It will be the first time since the formation of the S.E.C. thirty-three years ago that the Green Wave will not compete as a member of the conference. Tulane teams won conference championships in tennis twenty times, foot- hall three times 1 two ties 1 . and golf once. Dropping out of the S.E.C. will enable the Green Wave teams, under the direction of Athletic Director Dr. Rix N. Yard and the various team coaches, to schedule teams on a national basis. Thus, creating many new and exciting inter- sectional rivals. Dr. Rix N. Yard, Director of Athletics. Cheerleaders display the avid spirit of the student body on eve of Mississippi State game. " Co-captains Goss and Verriere lead the team onto the field. " Bubba Porche, Head Trainer for the Tulane Athletic Department. Mr. Harvey Jessup, Assistant Athletic Director. 165 Left to right: Trainer Bubba Porche, assistant coaches, Joe Clark, Dub Lesperman, Mike Calamari, Howard Tippett, Jeff Bratton. John lolzik. Jack O ' Leary. Kneeling: Head Coach Tommy O ' Boyle. Football Staff Head Football Coach Tommy O ' Boyle. i66 The 1965 Green Wave labored through what many experts thought to be the toughest schedule in the nation. Five of Tulane ' s opponents wound up in post season bowl games — Alabama, Orange — L.S.U., Cotton — Florida, Sugar — Geor- gia Tech, Gator — and Ole Miss, Liberty. After being whitewashed by Texas and Alabama, Tulane played fine football against their next four foes. They scored victories over Miami and Miss. State and played hard-nosed football against Ga. Tech and Ole Miss. The early season injuries and disappointments began to take their toll and the Green Wave was run over by its last four opponents. After losing convincingly to Vandy, Stanford, and Florida, Tulane was humiliated by L.S.U. 62-0, in the last game of the season. As a result of the disappointing 2-8 season coach O ' Boyle resigned and University of Texas chief assistant Jim Pitt- man was announced as the new head coach. With a new coach, the loss of only seven seniors, a much lighter schedule, and a new enthusiasm, the returning mem- bers of the Tulane football squad should have a fine team and a bright future. Front Row, left to right: Manager Larry Bernstein, Joe Melancon, Dave East, Bob Duhon. Jim Jancik, Bob Dawson, John Gibbons, Pete Johns, Carl Crowder. Lou Campomenosi, Turk Evans, Butch Coco, Pari Arnold, Jim Hutchison, Gayle Owens, Weldon Russell, Dennis Krauss, Tim Coughjin, Billy Roberts, Lee Haynes, Lloyd Pye, Bruce Guidry, Jim Damley, Mike Findley, and ass ' t coach Howard Tippett. .Skcond Row: Head Coach Tommy O ' Boyle, David VanTresca, Mike Sontag. Don Johnson, Bob Picou, Mike Cullen, Dick .Steigerwald. Bill Goss, Jim Spring, Herschel Richard, Gene Goode. Richard Brue, Uwe Pontius, Mike Cammarata. Bill Bailey, Bruce Young, Vic Eumont, Don Smith. El Donaldson. Larry Merrigan, ass ' t coaches Dub Lesperman, Tommy O ' Boyle, Jr., and John lolzik. Third Row: Leon Verriere. Bill Zimmermann. Conrad Meyer. Steve Hartnett, Dan Dembinski. Nat Toulon, Bobby Gamble, Bill Brown, Fred Carpenter, Glen Legnon, Bob Rue, Jim Wright, Stu Martin, Jerry Colquette, Lanis ' O ' Steen, Mike Fitzpatrick, Schott Mumme, Mike Steeves, Skip Hukill, Don Capretz, Briice DeBartalo. I •♦.- ■ ! ' « ? 167 The Greeii Machine Quarterback Duhon gains valuable yardage for the Green Ma- chine against Miami. ft a A Paul Arnold Mike Cammarata Butch Coco Jerry Colquette Carl Crowder Mike Cullen James Darnley j an Dembinski El Donaldson Bobby Duhon Dave East 1 Vic Eumont Mike Fitzpatrick James Hutchison Don Johnson Joe Melancon Conrad Meyer Lanis O ' Steen Herschel Richard George Smith lim Spring The Green Machine nuddled up. Mike Sleeves Nat Toulon m Bill Bailey Bill Brown Don Capretz Tim Coughlin fj I OUB Mike Findley Bill Goss Bruce Guidry StSve Hartnett Jim Janick Pete Johns Dennis Krause Schott Mumme Bob Picou Don Smith Dick Steigerwald Dand VanTresca Members of the Posse close in on Ole Miss ball carrier. Leon Verriere Jim Wright Bill Zimmermann In what was to have been the home opener for Tulane, the home-standing Texas Longhorns worked the Posse to death and scooped up seven Wave fumbles en route to an easy 31-0 victory. Stadium damage caused by Hurricane Betsy shifted the contest to Austin. The Tulane defensive unit managed to hold down the score in the first half, but a relentless Longhorn ground game, coupled with several costly Green Wave errors, allowed Texas to pull away in the second half. Meanwhile, Wave quarterback Dave East was repeatedly dropped by the Steer line, although he did manage to hit on 13 of 25 tosses for 141 yards. Tulane ' s running attack was nil. totaling only 18 yards net. Fullback George Smith was the leading rusher for the Wave with 38 yards. In the first period, after an unsuccessful field goal try by Texas the Longhorns moved to the Wave 21 and scored a 3-pointer on Dave Conway ' s 29-yard boot. Later in the second quarter the Steers hit paydirt after recovering a fumble at the Tulane five. Quarterback Marv Kristynik ran for the TD and Conway ' s conversion made it 10-0 at the half. Two third-period scores, on short runs by Tommy Stockton and Linus Baer, put the game out of reach, and a 17-yard TD pass from Baer to Derrick in the fourth period capped the scoring. Players take quick breather during the Texas game. TULANE TEXAS 3l TULANE TEXAS First downs 11 Rushing ydge. 18 Passing ydge. 141 Passes 13-15 19 241 102 6-23 Passes intercepted by 1 Punts 7-37.6 Fumbles lost 7 Yds. penalized 29 2 3-33.7 1 90 Smith runs into host of LSU defensive players. k. A ti_i «r ' t ■ ' - -. Tiilane hin again through ihc an against Georgia Tech. Darnley gets ready to snag aerial from Diihon. Tulane. faced again with one of the nation ' s top football teams — the eventual national champion, in fact — went down to a decisive 27-0 defeat at the hands of Alabama ' s Crimson Tide. The Wave defensive unit played poorly, showing the effects of the Texas ordeal, but Wave fans sat up and took notice of a new quarterback, sophomore flash Bobby Duhon. Starting his first game against a giant of college football, Duhon came through exceptionally well, completing 7 of 15 passes for 97 yards and scrambling through the Tide de- fenses for 58 more. End Jerry Colquette. Duhon ' s favorite target, grabbed four passes for 77 yards, and George Smith added 34 yards to the Green Wave rushing total. But for all Duhon ' s heroics, the Crimson Tide were never in trouble as they methodically ground out 216 yards rushing and 123 passing and racked up 21 first downs. Sloan ' s second- quarter TD pass of 17 yards to Tommy Fulleson plus the 10 points scored in the first-quarter made it 17 to at the end of the first half. Sloan again found the range in the third-quarter with a 15 vard payoff pitch to Dickie Thomp- son. Ray ' s 25 yard field goal in the fourth period put the frosting on Bear Bryant ' " s cake. TULANE ALABAMA 27 71 TULANE ALA. First downs 12 21 Rushing ydge 96 216 Passing ydge. 97 123 Passes 7-20 10-20 Passes interce pted bv o ' 2 Punts 5-32 5-40 Fumble lost 1 Yards penalized 15 48 Duhon sweeps Miami ' s end for valuable yardage. O ' Steen grabs 71-yard aerial for game winning touchdown. TULANE 26 MIAMI 16 TULANE MIAMI First downs 12 18 Rushing ydge. 115 129 Passing ydge. 133 136 Passes 6-12 10-19 Passes intercepted by 2 1 Punts 4-33.2 1-48 Fumbles lost 2 Yds. penalized 78 70 Bobby Duhon, proving his Alabama performance no fluke, led Tulane out of the football doldrums with an in- spired performance as the Green Wave scored a come-from- behind, heart-stopping 24-16 upset over the Miami Hurri- canes. The soph sensation amassed 175 yards in total offense, with 133 coming via 6 pass completions in 11 attmepts. The play that spelled victory for the Wave was a spectacular 71-yard Duhon-to-0 ' Steen aerial in the fourth quarter. Early in the game, however, Tulane seemed headed for disaster. A gift safety on a wild center pass and a 63-yard TD drive, with Fred Cassidy going over from the one, put the Hurri- canes on top 9-0 as the second period opened. But Tulane, with Duhon running and passing beautifully and Carl Crow- der picking up important short yardage, moved 83 yards for a touchdown, the payoff coming on a 20-yard Duhon pass to Mike Fitzpatrick. Uwe Pontius ' PAT made it 9-7. A quick fumble recovery at the Miami 16 enabled the Wave to forge ahead, as Duhon found Jerry Colquette in the end zone with a 12-yarder. Pontius converted, and Tulane left the field with a 14-9 advantage. But a third-period drive of 57 yards, led by passer Bob Biletnikoff, who scored the TD from 6 yards out, put the Hurricances back on top 16- 14. After unsuccessful field goal attempts by both teams, Duhon put the Wave ahead to stay in the last quarter with his mammoth heave to O ' Steen. Pontius, who converted again, later gave the Wave breathing room with a 37-yard field goal, securing Tulane ' s first victory of 1965. 172 The rejuvenated Tulane Green Wave nearly played Geor- gia Tech ' s Yellow Jackets to a standstill, but a field goal by Tech ' s Bunky Henry with 6:40 left in the game beat the Wave by a 13-10 margin. Bobby Duhon, although generally bottled up on the ground, came through again with a fine passing performance, completing 12 of 25 tosses for 141 yards. But Tech sophomore signal-called Kim King more than make up for Duhon ' s efforts with deadly passing and timely running, piling up 190 yards in total offense. In the early going, Tulane appeared to he headed for its second victory of the year. A 58-yard punt return by Carl Crowder set up a TD after a scoreless first quarter. Tlie Wave drove 15 yards in 6 plays, with Duhon driving over from the one. A 31-yard boot by Henry cut the Wave ' s halftime lead to 7-3. Tulane had a second down from the Tech 16 with 31 seconds to go in the half, but a field goal by Pontius missed the mark. Pontius was on target, however, with a 36-yarder in the third quarter, stretching the Wave ' s lead to 10-3. But Georgia Tech came back strong knotting the score on an 80-yard drive, climaxed by Tom Carlisle ' s one-yard plunge on the first play of the final quarter. Tulane, largely on Duhon ' s passing, moved to the Tech 27, but the drive stalled and a field goal attempt from the 43 was no good. Then the Yellow Jackets, despite a gallant goal-line stahd by the Posse, capped a long drive with the game winning field goal by Henry. Tulane .H Bill IJruuii iiitn i:s in to tackle Kim King. TULANE 10 GEORGIA TECH 13 GEORGIA TULANE TECH First downs 13 13 Rushing yardage 113 148 Passing yardage 141 143 Passes 12-2.5 14-24 Passes intercepted by | 1 Punts 5-41.6 5-39.4 Fumbles lost 1 1 Yards penahzed 26 10 Greenies attempt to block Georgia Tech field goal. The Green Wave, hoping for an upset over the Ole Miss Rebels in the last meeting between the two teams, failed to match their two previous performances and suffered a 24-7 setback. A devastating Rebel ground game wore down the Posse, and the Wave offense, particularly the rushing attack, was below par. Tulane started strong, lighting up the score- board when Jerry Colquette make a fantastic reception of a 14-yard Bobby Duhon pas5 in the end zone. Uwe Pontius kicked the PAT for a 7-0 lead but the aroused Rebels tied the score on a 62-vard drive. Mike Dennis scored the first of his two TD ' s from the one and Jimmy Keyes converted. A 38-yard field goal by Keyes put Mississippi ahead to stay in the second period. But it was not until the last period that two quick scores clinched the win for the Rebels. Dennis scored the first from 2 yards out, and Doug Cunningham caught a last minute 7-yard pass from Jimmy Heidel for the other. Duhon passed for 97 yards and Dave East for 32, and George Smith ran for 47 yards, but it was the Rebel backs, Dennis, Heidel, and Wade who dominated the game. Crowder sweeps Ole Miss end for 10 yards. George Smith leads the inter ference for Bobby Duhon against Ole Miss. TULANE 7 MISSISSIPPI 24 OLE TULANE MISS First downs 8 16 Rushing yardage 21 215 Passing ydge. 134 84 Passes 13-27 9-16 Passes intercepted by 1 Punts 9-40 7-33 Fumbles lost 1 1 Yards penalized 30 41 174 N " u y Goss and Mumme combine to down Miss. State ball carrier. Bobby Duhon ' s passing and a brilliant defensive pei " - formance by the Posse carried the Green Wave to an excit- ing 17-15 upset of Mississippi State. The high scoring Bull- dogs, nationally ranked just two weeks prior to the Tulane encounter, ran up against a stone wall, and but for a few bad breaks and critical errors, the margin of victory could have been much bigger. Duhon wrecked the State secondary with 12 completions in 28 attempts for 157 yards and two touchdowns. Jerry Colquette, Mike Fitzpatrick, and Lanis O ' Steen were on the receiving end of most of Duhon ' s aerials. Carl Crowder was the running star for Tulane with 48 yards, while Duhon and Paul Arnold pitched in with 29 and 28 yards, respectively. After a scoreless first period, the Wave found itself in a hole when shifty State halfback Marcus Rhoden took a Dave East punt and rambled 70 yards for a score. James Neill ' s PAT put State on top 7-0. But the passes of Duhon quickly put the Wave back in the game. From the State 36, the sophomore flinger found O ' Steen at the goal line. The Wave terminal took the football out of a defender ' s hands for the score, and Uwe Pontius ' kick made it a new ball game. After a Bulldog drive ended on an un- successful field goal attempt — Neill ' s third of the half — Tulane took over, was forced to kick, and then Bill Goss pounced on a fumble at the State 26 with just 34 seconds left in the half. Duhon, rushed hard, spotted Fitzpatrick in the end zone and fired to him for the touchdown. Pontius MISSISSIPPI TULANE STATE First downs 16 13 Rushir ig ydge. 110 113 Passing ydge. 157 110 Passes 12-28 11-24 Passes intercept ed by 1 1 Punts 7-41 7-39 Yards penalized 81 140 Miss. State hits on fiat pass against the Posse. TUI.AJVE 17 MISS. STATE 15 split the uprights and Tulane left the field with a 14-7 ad- vantage. Defensive heroics dominated the third quarter, but Duhon began to find the range again in the last quarter. Aided by an interference call. Tulane picked up a first do sTi at the Bulldog three, then had to settle for a 15-yard field goal by Pontius. It proved to be the margin of Wctory as Mississippi State managed to intercept a Duhon pass and go in for the TD and the two point conversion. U5 Darnley awaits aerial from Duhon. Smith bucks into Vandy defense for first down. Tulane, enjoying the role of favorite for the first time, turned in a lackluster performance and succumbed to the defense-minded Vanderbilt Commodores, 13-0, in the annual homecoming game. The Posse, despite fine individual efforts by Bill Goss, Leon Verriere, and Bill Brown, was unequal to the task of stifling Vandy ' s running attack, and the Wave offense, while impressive in spots, could not maintain a scoring drive. Dave East punted well as usual, but for the first time since the Texas game, he also limbered up his passing arm and outgained Bobby Duhon 81 yards to 60. Jerry Colquette snagged 5 passes for 66 yards, while Duhon and Carl Crowder headed the rushing totals with 52 and 39 yards respectively. But collectively, the Green Wave could never get going, and Vandy ' s two second-quarter scores de- cided the contest. Four Commodore interceptions further increased the Wave ' s woes. Vandy ' s Steve Bevil, aided by perfect blocking, pranced 67 yards with a Wave punt to open the scoring. Later in the second period Jim Whiteside capped a Commodore drive with a 3 yard scoring jaunt, and Toby Wilt ' s conversion gave Vanderbilt a 13-0 halftime lead, which they never lost. The Posse tightened up in crucial situations in the second half to prevent further scoring, and East led an exciting if futile drive in the waning minutes, but it was simply not Tulane ' s day. TULANE VANDERBILT 13 176 VANDER- TULANE BILT First downs 12 18 Rushing ydge. 94 233 Passing ydge. 141 79 Passes 13-32 5-10 Passes intercepted by 4 Punts 7-43 8-31.3 Fumbles lost 1 1 Yards penalized 28 15 In a completely inept performance, Tulane ran up against a surprising band of Stanford Indians and went down to a 16-0 defeat. Stanford smothered the Green Wave offense, holding it to 7 first downs and 77 yards total offense. Mean- while, the Indians, sparked by quarterback Dave Lewis, racked up 25 first dowTis and 455 yards of Tulane Stadium turf. While the Wave offense played dead, Stanford got things started with a first-quarter field goal by Terry De- sylvia from 37 yards out. Two second period scores gave Stanford its final margin of victory. Ray Handley climaxed a 62-yard march with an 11-yard end run. Desylvia ' s PAT made it 10-0, and Lewis stretched the Indian ' s lead to 16-0 TULANE STANFORD 16 with a scoring run cA 5 yards late in the second quarter. Dave East punted 10 times for a . ' 39.2 average to prevent further damage, but the listless Green Wave offense was too much to overcome. Duhon managed only 4 completions in 12 attempts, while his counterpart, Lewis, hit on 8 of 11 for 129 yards. Four members of the Posse take short breather during Stanford game. Quarterback East releases pass before being hit by hardcharging Indian line. TULANE STANFORD First downs 7 25 Rushing yardage Rushing yds. 25 280 Passing yds. 52 175 Passes 4-16 11-17 Passes intercepted by | 1 Punts 10-39 7-29 Fumbles lost Yards penalized 18 90 77 The bowl-minded Florida Gators, with fabulous Steve Spurrier at the controls, coasted to an effortless 51-13 rout of the Green Wave. Tulane, perhaps looking forward to L.S.U.. showed occasional spurts of life, due primarily to Dave East ' s fine passing effort, but the Wave ' ground attack was non-existant. and the potent Gator offense hit paydirt from all over the field. Spurrier threw for three scores, all to different receivers, and a reserve passer connected on a 72- yard bomb in the last quarter. Tulane ' s scores both came on East-to-Jim Darnley passes, the first for 22 yards in the second period, making the score 28-7, and the second for 9 yards in the third quarter, cutting Florida ' s margin to 35- 13. But the Gators scored and scored again, grounding out 25 first downs and 486 yards in total offense. Spurrier, be- sides leading the Florida ground attack with 66 yards, con- nected on 15 of 32 passes for 196 yards. His brilliant re- ceiver, Charlie Casey, caught 7 for 76 yards and a TD. East, back in the starting quarterback slot, was successful on 15 of 37 aerials, good for 142 yards, but four of his tosses were picked off. Jerry Colquette led the Wave receivers with four catches. Tulane ' s net rushing total was minus one yard. Mumme gets ready to tackle Florida ball carrier. TULANE FLORIDA TULANE FLORIDA First downs 12 25 Rushing ydge. -1 218 Passing ydg. 157 268 Passes 16-42 16-37 Passes intercepted by | 3 4 Punts 9-37 6-33 Fumbles lost 5 Yards penalized 30 51 178 Crowder drives hard against Cotton Bowl bound Tigers. Louisiana State, anxous to recapture its pre-season pres- tige and remembering its narrow victory over Tulane in 1964, lowered the boom on the outclassed Green Wave and romped to a 62-0 victory in the season ' s finale. The Tigers made the yard-gaining offenses of Stanford and Florida seem weak by comparison, as they rolled up 29 first downs and 497 yards, 332 of them on the ground. Five L.S.U. backs ran for 45 yards or more, but the chief engineer of the slaughter was quarterback Pat Screen, who, in addition to his outstanding ball-handling, completed 8 of 10 passes for 136 yards and two touchdowns, and started the fire- works by scoring himself. The outcome was never in doubt, as the Bengals struck for four tallies in the first period and left the field at halftime leading 34-0. Billy Masters led the TD parade with three scores and was also L.S.U. ' s top ground-gainer. Tulane managed 180 yards in total offense, mainly on the running and passing of Bobby Duhon. But the Green Wave never threatened seriously, and Tulane bid farewell to S.E.C. football on a somewhat sour note. TULANE L.S.U. 62 TULANE L.S.U. First downs 11 29 Rushing yardage 87 322 Passing yardage 93 165 Passes 9-31 10-16 Passes intercepted by 4 Punts 6-44 4-42 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 34 Posse stops L.S.U. ball carrier after short gain. 179 " Look at those silly boys crying. " " Emotions ran high at the L.S.U. game. " e - . W-- -ffe J m ' Giifss who jumbled tt jj or ' Uwe and crew check on the wind conditions. " " Salad party at the Ole Miss goal line. " " Do the dog. Bill. " " Th ' sf pre-game warmups really are getting rough. ' Front Row, left to right: Terry Theriault, Mike Parsons, War- ren Bankeston, John Snell, Howard Moore, Ernie Parker, John Anderson. Bruce Turner, Bob Capan. Second Row: Chuck Laftin, Roger Green, Larry Kennedy, Jon Marks, Jim Trahan, Jim Wallace, Tom Barrows, Larry Mickal, Mike Reed. Third Row: Asst, Coach Russell Galiano, Pat SnufiFer, Doran Elkouri, Vaun Gorde, Jeff Miles, Dean Smith, Jeff Spencer, Frank Camp, Dwight Howell. Asst. Coach Elmer Smith, and Head Freshman Coach Jack O ' Leary. Back Row: Craig Greenwood, Frank Mc- Coy, Don Morris, Nick Pissalotta, Hugh Morton, Tom Wright, Blake Hamilton, Ronnie Hof, Leonard Zimmerman, Nark Webster, Freshman Football Tulane ' s 1965 freshman football team finished the season with a 1-3 overall record. However, they successfully fulfilled their task of familiarizing the varsity with the opposition ' s oifensive and defensive alignment s. They lost to strong LSU, Alabama, and Southern Mississippi freshman teams. The team took a long road trip to Mexico City where they ripped Mexico Poly Tech and gained over 500 yards rushing alone! It will indeed be hard to evaluate the freshman players until they are forced to compete for positions with the already proven members of the varsity. All in all the freshman should add strength and depth to next years varsity under the new head football coach Jim Pittman. Freshman Coaching Staff: Top to Bottom, Head Freshman Coach Jack O ' Leary, Asst, Coaches Russell Galliano, and Elmer Smith. i8i For this we get a scholarship Why isn ' t this man smiling? No more lip service, please! What again, is the first name Miss Galore? BIHP D E a ■ Hj t " Bi BrS ?1 " 1 ;J » W k M H V n tJk fr t wuM | i f i|i m vK|MH| 4 ■ 1 i H H A fti? 1 A 1 p oSiiJ ' i Vvi H B " ' ' W- " i- ' qH III r Kj 1 B p ' : ' • ' .-»... t . 1 W K l ' K mJ .,_., ' shHK t BsSI E V.- ' i ' - ' ' ' ' - ' • ■ " S Ems [ V fc V " j B P Horny anyone? I haven ' t got on my what. 183 Varsity Basketball The 1965-66 basketball season was one of definite im- provement over those of the past few years. Head Coach Ralph Pedersen got the Greenies off to a good start with wins over Southwestern at Memphis and Florida Southern. One high point in the season was the mid-season victory over chief rival Louisiana State. The varsity cagers also beat them in the second encounter. With good material the team had several players averag- ing in the double figures. Big gun for the Greenies was guard Al Andrews. Al scored over 370 points with an average of 19.3 points per game. He also holds the record for the most points scored in a single game. Dan Moeser and Craig Spitzer were also big men for the " netters. " Each scored over 200 points during the season and both had averages in the double figures. Forward John Schweers and Mitch Urbanski were also outstanding players who participated in all of the Greenie games. Other starters for the team were 0. J. LaCour, Jim Thiel, and Mike Mucklin. Overall the Greenies had an erratic season with a com- posite record of 9-16 and a final SEC record of 5-11. How- ever, next year looks quite different with help from this year ' s freshman squad which went undefeated. Head Basketball Coach Ralph Pedersen. Standing, left to right: Head Coach Ralph Pedersen, Dave Fisher. Dan Moeser. Bob Benjamin. Mitch Urbanski, Craig Spitzer. Mike Mucklin, Jim Howes, Jim Thiel. Charles Brandt, Ass ' t Coach Tom NisFalke. Kneeling, left to right: Kenny Hicks, Al Andrews, John Schweers. Jim Bob Laughlin, 0. J. LaCour, Alan Goodman. Sitting: Managr, Bob Paasch. 184 Coach Pedersen gives his charges valuable information during timeout. SCORES I ' nIuiu- 87 Southwestern (Memphis) 74 I ' lilane 72 Florida Southern 68 Tulane M SMU 78 Tulane 48 Northwestern 61 Tulane 61 Michigan State 80 Tulane 56 New Mexico 78 Tulane 82 TCU 80 I ' ulune 46 Tennessee 64 Tulane M Vanderbilt 9) Tulane 81 Mississippi State 71 Tulane 58 Auhurn 92 Tulane 69 Georgia 81 Tulane 63 U. of Chicago 5] Tulane 82 LSU 68 Tulane 67 Alabama 77 Tulane 63 Mississippi State 65 Tulane 70 Tennessee 90 Tulane 83 Mississippi 70 Tulane 85 Georgia Tech 99 Tulane 73 Alabama 72 Tulane 70 Mississippi 91 Tulane 59 Florida 76 Tulane 70 Vanderbilt 92 Tulane 86 LSU 78 Tulane 74 Kentucky 103 Dan Moeser Al Andrews John Schweers 0. J. LaCour ■■ HHj KB SsSmsS, i ul IRSh. h Jim Bob Laughlin Craig Spitzer Jim Thiel Hey, gel off of my cloud. Craig Spitzer demonstrates his prowess in snagging another rebound for the Green If ' ave. i88 Urbanski ana spirzer rise over SMU defenders for sure two points. Mucklin executes perfect block against the Mustang shooter. q }, ij g hall stupid. Freshman Basketball Frosh Go Undefeated One of the most inspiring things to enter the basketball picture at Tulane is this year ' s freshman team. This young team has gone the entire season undefeated running every opponent into the ground The freshmen have averaged over 100 points per game and are rated second only to UCLA by many of the paper polls through out the nation. The team has worked hard together, showing great team spirit. Six players have averages in the double figures, they are — Johnny Arthurs, Terry Habig, Bob Spurk, Joel Miller, Billy Fitzgerald, and Rick Carlson. These talented players have added much to the overall sport enthusiasm on campus and should provide quite a core for the varsity next year. Head Freshman Coach, Tom Nissalke Standing: Freshman Coach. Tom Nissalke, B. Fitzgerald, T. Roniger. R. Carlson. D. Simmons. R. Ascott, B. Spurck, J. Miller, Head Coach Ralph Pedersen. Kneeling: J. Arthurs, N. Kohnke. M. Radick. T. Habig. D. Sutton, Mgr., B. B. Paasch. 190 First Row: Don Barras, Don LaGronne, Skip Dew, Bob Jourden, Mike Goldstein. Second Row: Allan Denchfield, John Rouquette, Dave Bercuson, Paul Hebert, Niel Banner, Tom Calhoun. Third Row: Larry Curran, Rick Bauer, Gus McLauren, Don Keams, Bob Jumonville. Swimming team coach, Lowell B. Damonte Members of the team practice their starts in order to improve their over- all times. Smmming The 1965-66 Tulane swiunmers have seen a successful season in comparison to previous ones. Coach Lowell Da- monte ' s swum team is rapidly improving due to the recruit ing done in the past two years. Freestyle aces Bob Jourdan and Larry Curran stacked up wins against most opponents. Curran, last years most valu- able swummer, is again in the top position on the team. Curran holds school records in the 50 and lOO yard free- style, and is a top contender for titles in those events in the S. E. C. championships. Jourdan, also an excellent sprinter, leads the teams distance freestylers. Other junior aids to the young team are Wayne Kehm, who specializes in the breaststroke, and Gwinn Murray in the butterfly. The main strength of the team lies in last years freshmen. Paul Hebert led the sophomores, placing highly in the in- dividual medley and backstroke. Don Kearns, the sophomore spring ace, is pushing Curran in both the 50 and 100. Tu- lane ' s butterflyers are led by Neil Benner who holds the school record. Tulane can look forward to more years of winning when this years freshmen come of age. Standing: Mike Anderson. Richard Carter. Bill Banta. and Lee Kantrow. Kneeling: Bud Brown. Frank Lamothe, and Richard Peters. Head tennis coach Emmett Pare. : ' ■J . ' " 1 Tennis The Tulane tennis team, runner-up for the Southeastern Conference Championship in 1%5, faced a challenging schedule this year. The Greenie netmen met Vanderbilt, Oklahoma, St. Louis University, Georgia Tech, and New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club, and journeyed away to meet Rice, Texas, Alabama, and Louisiana State. Competing in its final year in the SEC, the team ho[)ed to capture its Twenty-first conference championship in twenty-seven years at the conference tournament held in Athens, Georgia. Returning to the squad were four lettermen : Lee Kantrow, SEC singles and doubles runner-up at the number one position in 1%5; Frank Lamothe, number two player in 1965 and a former SEC champ at number two; Richard Carter, SEC doubles runner-up at number one in 1965 and holder of a nine-four record; and Richard Peters, SEC champion at number six in 1965. The team received help from veteran Bill Banta and much improved sophomore Mike " Sache " Anderson. The Wave fielded a fine freshman team composed of Turner Horward, Prince Kelley, and Phil Adams. I9 1 11 I , W I J Lee Kantrow Frank Lamothe Richard Peters Mike Anderson and Coach Pare ' 93 Track The Tulane cindermen vi not have the depth to compete for meet championships with the stronger institutions, but their individual talent will enable them to run with any team in a particular event. Our tracksters demonstrated this last season by constantly winning or placing high in the mile relav. the sprint medley, and the 880-yard relay. With the graduation of Bill Shaporo and James Conner, Tulane loses two of the men most successful in these relays and will try to make the switch to concentration on the longer relays. The team has the material to provide stiff competition for anv rival in these longer events. The prominent individ- uals manning these relays will be Dave Crais, Jim McAleer, Bob Brown. Dave Barr. Don Cobb, and Malcolm Meyer. These boys have all done well in fall cross-country competi- tion. For the shorter relays and individual events coach John Oelkers will make ready use of Pete Johns, Lou Kapicak, and John Kenney. In the field events Tulane shotputters Barry Wax and Larrv Duncan, discuss man Erick Albert, and broad jumpers Mike Arsuaga and Webb Jay. These boys should provide plenty of competition for anyone. Coach Oelkers has two prize frosh in Mike Arsuaga and Bobby Groft. Dave Crais, Coach John Oelkers, and Lou Kapicak. First Row: Coach John Oelkers. Don Cobb, Lou Kapicak, Bob Brown. Pete Johns. Jim McAleer, Tom Olivier. Second Row: Dick Rogers, Stormy Boudreaux, Dave Bar, Bill Shapiro, Mike Arsuaga, Malcolm Meyer, Rubin Pijas. Third Row: Dave Bar, Steve Mims, Erick Albert, Larry Duncan, Bob Meister. Fourth Row: Tim White, Lanny Bryant, Dickie Rogers, Paul Arsuaga, Gary Groft, and Frank Kahle. 194 Dick Rodgers, and Paul Arsuaga. Relay team composed of Jim McAleer, Dave Crais, Lou Kapicak, and Malcolm Meyer. Tulane trackman Dave Bar. John Kenney taking break during track ivorkout. ' 95 The pitchers for the 1965-66 Greenie Baseball tarn are. First Row: Skip Booker. Joe Born. Edwin Lewis, Robert Darrah. Second Row: Mike Teague Richie Schmidt, John Olaques, and George Ditta. Jim Crumley prepares to deliver one of the fine pitches that has earned him a position on the team.. Baseball Awaiting a pitch is Mike Ward. With the loss of five top pitchers, the Tulane baseball team will have to rely on a sophomore dominated staff. The success or failure of these newcomers will determine if Coach Ben Abadie can repeat his 15-10 record of last year. Abadie feels that his is a rebuilding year and would be happy if his team finishes at the 500 level. The Tulane baseball team will not be lacking in stars. In pitcher John Olaques Tulane has the best professional pros- pect in the S.E.C. John led the entire country last year in strikeouts. The 6 ' 3 " 210 pounder is only a junior this year and should provide Abadie and Tulane with many victories. Also. Dave Flettrich the flashy infielder was high in the national rankings in the batting average department last year. Th e sophomores are led by Ronnie Scoot, Robert Darhah, and George Ditta. These three led a fine group of freshmen last year in compiling a 14-1 season. The team ' s strength lies in its defense. Tulane ' s major weaknesses last year at SS and outfield have been repaired. " If we are to falter, said Abadie, it will be in the pitching department. When a team loses pitchers like Blanda, Steven- son, Adams, and Weaver, it is in trouble. We have six games in four days in one stretch in April. That is where we will either have a good season or fade into mediocrity. It will be decided upon whether these sophomores can mature quick enough. " The team has worked very hard. Abadie has been moving his players from late September. Although he is anything but optimistic, he is pleased with the boys performances up to date. " Right now. he says our goal s is to win half our games. But if things go right, you can never tell. " 196 The members of the 1965-66 team are. First Row: R. Scott, F. Metzinger, M. Roos. M. Ward, J. Born, J. Devilin, J. Dalton, S. Costa, L. Drake. Second Row: D. Flettrich, L. Schneider, S. Fox, S. Martin. V. BonnaiTee. R. Turner. J. Crumley. E. Lewis. Fourth Row: B. Duhan, G. Booker, M. Teague, R. Schmidt, T. Walcott, G. Ditta. B. Darrah, J. Olagues. l- ' laying in the outfield are: Mike Rooi. Steve Martin. Jim Crumley. Steve Costa, and Mike Ward. 197 Walter Blessey shous fine form in blasting out of a sand trap. Golf Coach Miller shows Dick Rudolph his mistakes in putting form. This year ' s Green Wave linksmen are expected to perform better than those of past years. Ably coached by Audubon golf pro, Innes Millar, the team has five returning lettermen. Last year the team participated in ten tournaments, compiling a 3-7 record for the season. The Greenies finished fifth in the Spring Hill Buckhaults Tournaments. Some of. the highlights of last years season were the vic- tories over Washington University 26-1, Mississippi State 18-9, and Southeast Louisiana 19-2. Great things are expected from this years co-captains, Walter Blessey and Ray Fontenot. The team is backed up by Steve Abrams, Steve Bellaire, Jim Thiel, Richard Rudolph, and Frank Wells. The members of the 1965-66 Greenie golf team are. First Row: Walter Blessey. Dick Ru- dolph, and Ray Fontenot. Second Row: Fred Bradley. Frank Wells. Steve Bellaire. and Coach Isaac Miltar. Sailing Team The Tulane University Sailing Team has established it- self as one of the finest intercollegiate sailing teams in the country. Tulane has lead the Southeastern Intercollegiate Sailing Association three times in the four years that Tulane has been a member club. In addition to dominating the Southeastern I.S.A., Tulane has placed extremely well in national competition. In 1964 Tulane placed 8th in the annual Intercollegiate North American Championships held at Vancouver, British Columbia. In last year ' s North Ameri- cans the Tulane Sailing Team placed fourth among a field of colleges representing the best sailing teams in the U.S. and Canada. Tulane was also given the honor of representing the Southeastern district in the inaugural of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Cup sailed at Annapolis, Maryland in 44 ' yawls supplied by the Naval Academy. Although the team had little practice in large boats, Tulane ' s 7-man team placed fourth in this event only 4 points behind the leaders. Because of this fine showing, the Tulane team has been invited back again this year. This year the sailing team has already compiled a fine racing record. Tulane won the Triangular regatta over LSU and LSUNO for the 6th consecutive time. Tulane has never been beaten by LSU or LSUNO in this event. Tulane also won the Panama City Invitational and the Baldwin Wood Memorial Regatta. The team placed second in the SEISA Sloop Champs, Keelboat Champs, and was second to South- ern Cal in the Sugar Bowl Regatta held in New Orleans with some of the finest teams in the country competing. Again in 1%6, the sailing team looks like a sure bet to qualify for the North American Championships at Kings Point, N.Y. Arthur Seaver and Pete Ware, who sailed for Tulane last year, are both back this year and will be trying to better their fourth place finish in the 1965 Championships at Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Ware won the Southeastern Art Seaver with crew, Frank Smith, leading the way for the Green Wave. Art Seaver in 1128 prepares to cross the starting line as the gun goes off in the Sugar Bowl Regatta. u Individual Overall Championship as a freshman in 1962-63. He skippered on the 1964 and 65 North American Dinghy teams. In his four years at Tulane he has collected 13 gold medals in SEISA competition. Art Seaver. while only a soph- omore, was the leading skipper on the Tulane team this fall. He was Junior Champion at Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans for several years and was Luder-16 fleet champion in 1%4. Art has distinguished himself in large boat sailing as well as dinghy and monotii ' pe sailing. He and Ware will spearhead Tulane ' s yawl team in the Ken- nedy Cup this April. The sailing team has developed some fine reserve talent also. Vicki Milliken, a Newcomb sophomore, lead Tulane to victory in the Triangular Regatta and Baldwin Wood Me- morial. Bill Wark has also shoivn himself to be a more than adequate alternate. Bill sailed for Tulane in the Panama City Invitational and SEISA Sloop Championships. Every- thing considered, the outlook for 1966 and the years to come is very bright for the Tulane Sailing Team. Back Row: Scott Meyer. Claude Blanc, Buz Fozouni, Tony Verdoni, Randy Miller, Santiago Vilela, Walter Sablinsky, Chris Green, Kamel Zakhary. Front Row : Slain Lavasseu, Franco Masciandaro, Keith Yorston, Pedro Haegler, captain, and Jeno Kalozd. Not Pictured are Kelly Moody and Marco Rivera. Soccer Although soccer has drawn much interest at Tulane at intermittent intervals in the past, it is now firmly implanted and achieving the highest successes. Over the pas t two years, the Green Wave kickers competed in a ten-team local league, composed primarily of first-rate Central American players. Despite the very good overall record that Tulane main- tained in this league, the hooters have recently formed a separate collegiate league in conjunction with L.S.U., U.S.L., Mississippi Southern, and Delgado, thanks largely to the dedicated services of the advisor, coach, and player, Walter Sablinsky. Several other Southern Universities have ex- pressed interest in joining the field, and in years to come, Tulane ' s excellent squad will certainly be drawing thousands of spectators to the Sugar Bowl stands. Soccer is unquestionably the most broadly-based activity on campus. Team members hail from Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Virgin Islands, Guatemala, Algeria, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Iran, Russia and the United States. Claude Blanc gets set to steal the ball in game action. aoo (fc i wkip - Intramural soccer action beyond the stadium. Intramurals m-JJ -i ■: ..: t 1 1 ■■ k X H BEe Kw B J 1 1 k Fred Backlond practices for the pool tournament. The intramural sports program at Tulane is one of the finest found anywhere in the South. The program is directed by head baseball coach Ben Abadie and offers competition in many sports ranging from football and basketball to pool and ping-pong. Any student can participate in any of the intramural sports events except a sport in which a person competes in at the varsity level. There are three intramural leagues at Tulane. They are the Panhellenic League, The Dorm League, and the University League. The Panhellenic Lekgue is made up of teams from each of the fraternities and is the league in which the highest caliber competition is found, participants quite ofter having been former high- school stars. This provides for quite spirited battle among the fraternities for the Panhellenic trophy which is awarded annually to the fraternity compiling the highest number of points in overall competition. The Dormitory League is made up of teams from each of the houses in the dorms and the University League, whose teams come from the different schools in the university and the ROTC units are the other leagues active in the intra- mural program. This year the Sacchrin Bowl, an intramural tackle football game, held annually in the late fall for many years was cancelled. This game was a highlight of the fall intramural activity, but was not held this year due t o the poor conditioning and chance injury among the participants. Overall the intramural program offers everyone an ex- cellent chance to take part in any sport they dsh and also provides a basis for competition among the fraternities and residence halls. Jubilant is the word for this intramural swimming victor. iOI Hand-ball is part of the intramural program at Tulane. Action shot of the University League during highly contested basketball game. Intramurah The gregarious nature of young people in college is an accepted element in our society. It is only natural for students to seek each other ' s companionship, friend- ship, and loyalty, for associations formed on campus are valuable additions to one ' s university experience. Greek-letter organi- zations — specifically fraternities and sorori- ties — are a means to these associations. No devoted fraternity man will contend that his group and its associations are everything is his life, but he knows that the inclusion of a solid fraternal experience has made his life at Tulane more meaning- ful and more educational. Tulane Pan-Hellenic The Tulane Panhellenic Council is the general co-ordinat- ing and governing body for the eighteen national fraternities and one local on the Tulane campus. The Council is com- posed of two representatives from each member fraternity. The Council is governed by a Judicial Committee composed of the four major officers and two representatives-at-large. This committee executes the policies of the Council and serves as arbitrator in case of disputes. The competitive activities of the fraternities are supervised by the Director of Interfratemity Activities and the Athletic Committee. These activities range from large sports such as football and basketball to such small sports as tennis and golf and other activities such as homecoming decorations, campus carnival, and scholarship. The newest addition to this list of activities is Panhellenic Sing. The highlights of the fraternity year are the September Rush, culminated by pledging and a welcoming banquet for all new pledges, and Greek Week, which consists of a com- munity " Help Day, " pledge and officers discussion groups, a banquet with a distinguished fraternity man as speaker, and the Panhellenic Formal featuring a big name band. The activities of the Council this year have included such projects as a large contribution to the Hurricane Betsy Fimd, a clean-up day in Audubon Park, and a food drive for South Vietnam in .which $7,089.37 was collected. FACULTY ADVISOR: Dr. Karlem Riess Panhell Officers: Seated, Kent Sutherlin, chairman; Richard Stephens, secretary. Standing, Mike Eagan, Judicial Committee; Mark Kalish, Judicial Committee; Eric Pratt, activities director. ■2.06 Front Row: J. Hevron, W. Guillory, S. Carson, B. Riggs, J. Martin, C. Tye, A. Seaver, R. Guth. Second Row: J. Northington, M. Kalish, E. Pratt, K. Suther- lin, R. Stephens, M. Eagan, D. Bryan. Third Row: K. Brody, Dr. Riess, B. Hardy, M. Crowson. P. O ' Gara, N. Callihan, D. Desmon, A. Wexler, D. Aronson, T. Sawyer. D. Shaver, J. Feingold, L. Wilson. Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Mark Kalish Alan Wexler Paul O ' Gara Martin Crowson Mike Eagan Donald Ellis Ned Callihan Barry Riggs Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Bert Seyfarth John Freeman Marvin Beasley William Tally Richard Stephens Larry Wilson Dennis Aronson Richard Robin Delta Kappa Epsilon John Hevron Hughes Walmsley Sigma Chi William Guillory Charles Raid Delta Tau Delta Luke O ' Kelley Tom Sawyer Sigma Nu John Martin Eric Pratt Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Arthur Seaver Kent Sutherlin Stanley Carson Robin Gibbs Sigma Pi Tau Epsilon Pi Dennis Bryan David Shaver David Desmon Jeff Feingold Phi Delta Theta Richard Guth Edward Weidlich Zeta Beta Tau Kent Brody Gary Tye 2.07 mh iM First Row: D. Alderman, R. Balson, L. Berkowitz, B. Herman, B. Cohn, R. Feldman, L. Fisher. Second Row: B. Fishman, M. Friedberg, T. Green, D. Helfet, M. Ho£F, M. Kalish, S. Katz. Third Row: M. Krieger. R. Kurstin, E. Lazarus, S. Leiber, H. Levin, M. Levin, K. Lichenstein. Fourth Row: S. Linnick, D. Lubin, Y. Marc, M. Mark, H. Miller, W. Myers, A. Nussbaum. ' Typical Saturday afternoon at the AEPi house. " " Ape and date display the latest. . . . " ao8 AEn Alan Levan President Stan Salus Vice-President Leonard Bentch Secretary Alan Wexler Treasurer FOUNDED: New York University, 1913 Established at Tulane: 1951 AEPi again won lop honors during rush Week by selecting 36 of Tulane ' s finest Freshman. Its pledge class, instilled by the brotherhood with spirit and unity, successfully elected one of its members President of the Freshman Class. At the annual Pan-Hellenic Banquet, AEPi was presented with the scholarship trophy — first place on campus. On the social side, Al| ha EpsiK n Pi reveled with its weekly TGIF parties, its annual jailbird hayride, mid-year Mama Lou ' s bash, George Washington Cherry Party, toga party, and finally, the an- nual Sweetheart Formal at the Jung Hotel. Athleticly, AEPi has taken first place trophies in Bf wling, Golf and Bridge, and has placed in Pool, Volley Ball, Handball, and Ping Pong. With three months of fraternity competition still ahead, AEPi has a good chance of taking the overall Panhellenic trophy. In campus activities, AEPi excelled. AEPi ' s are President of the College of Arts and Sciences, President of the A S Honor Bfjard, Business Manager of the Jambalaya, Hullabaloo, WTUL, and Stu- dent Directory, Sports Editor for the Hullabaloo, Chairman on the University Center Board, Vice President of the Senior Class, Presi- dent of the Junior Class, and President of the Freshman Qass. It was a great year for Alpha Epsilon Pi. The year to come will be even better. First Row: R. Pasch, S. Perin, L. Perlstein, J. Rosenblum. R. Rothberg, M. Pinstein. Second Row: M. Schneider, A. Schwartz. A. Shelby. A. Siegel. M. Slosberg, D. Spero. Third Row: H. Schwartz, C. Tatar. D. Trossman. J. Waldman. R. Walzer, W. Weil. Fourth Row: K. Wein, M. Weinstein, H. Wexler, J. Willen. k i 4 ili mk 2,09 AS$ After successfully hazarding the perils of Betsy and a hectic rush week Alpha Sigma Phi emerged with eighteen new pledges with which to begin the new year. However. Betsy had created more than a hectic week at Tulane, and extra activities in the subsequent weeks included two missions under the direction of the Red Cross to the disaster-struck Chalmette area. This was followed several weeks later by participation in the Interfraternity Council ' s Food for Viet Nam Drive. However the Alpha Sigs also found time to capture second place in the Panhellenic pool tournament, in addition to finishing fifth in the contest for all-fraternity academic average laurels. Important events in a busy social calendar included the Black and White Formal on March 19. and the annual end of school Hawaiian party. . - d,M Jeffrey Meyers President Paul O ' Gara Vice-President Michael Redington Secretary John Weathington Treasurer First Row: A. Ashy, R. Basile, S. Bazan, P. Bourgeois, K. Breaux, J. Byrne. Second Row: T. Brown. S. Carver, B. Crouch, M. Crowson, D. DeEulis, S. Deutschle. Third Row: B. Font, D. Frederick, J. Gardner, B. GifFord. M. Greco, B. Grizzard. MiMmi Jiik First Row: R. Hargrove, B. Hassel, S. Heffner, C. Herpich, J. Hode, B. Kuhlman. R. Miller. Second Row: B. Moore. B. Schwan, R. Serold, R. Sontheimer, B. Sussky, B. Thomas, J. Unkauf Third Row: G. Van Nostrand, M. Ward, J. Watts, J. White, J. Wilds, H. Yardley, R. Zwanziger. ' ■ ' A real Where Yea At. " ' ' Shake, rattle and . . ill First Row: J. Allen, J. Bell, R. Bisso, D. Blake, G. Booker, B. Bosio, C. Boswell, R. Bourge- ois. Second Row: L. Bouzon, M. Braatz, J. Brewer, J. Cartwright, L. Cashio, T. Colby, A. Colfry, J. Dalton. Third Row: J. DeWoody, E. Eagan, L. Ehrensing, D. Ellis, C. Elraes, E. Eustis, C Gatto, W. Geny. Fourth Row: L. Gilbert, P. Gootee, R. Habans, S. Hkll, C. Hamilton, P. Hanamann. J. Hein, R. Johnson. " Members proudly display trophies. " " The annual Viking Party at the ATfl house. ' Ill ATfi Walter H. Fush President Michael Flynn Vice-President Living up to our proud reputation at Tulane for being outstand- ing in athletic competition, the licla f psilon chapter once again captured the hi ' hly (irized Panljcllenic U ' tphy presented to the most outstanding fraternity on campus for the year. Rush week proved to be a great success, and our membership was enriched by the addition of thirty exceptional young men as pledges for the first semester. Maintaining a social schedule that tfjpped even last year ' s party events, our traditional Christmas Party, Spring Formal, and Viking Party — which were interspersed with many a lively week-end party — combined to produce a fully successful year for the ATO ' s. Brothers active in varsity athletics include: Bill Zimmerman and Larry Merrigan, football; Skip Booker, Richie Schmidt, Larry Schneider, Ralph Turner, and John Dalton, baseball; Scott Sanders and Tom Staples, track; Frank Lamothe, tennis. In campus honoraries are: Bill Watts. O.D.K., Who ' s Who, Tau Beta Pi; Mike Eagan, O.D.K., Phi Eta Sigma. Honor Board, Judicial officers of Panhellenic Council, Secretary of Intramural Council, Who ' s Who Bruner Bosio, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Al Colfry, Phi Eta Sigma; Don Ellis, Phi Eta Sigma; Hayes Fush. Who ' s Who. Skipper Hebert Secretary Michael Eagan Treasurer First Row: P. Kane, F. Lamonthe, J. Maselli, D. Mathes, R. Maxwell, J. Merrigan. R. Miller. Second Row: J. Millet, W. Modenbach, J. Morrill, D. Morris, C. Orr, C. Parker, A. Plauche. Third Row: F. Richardson, S. Sanders, J. Saporito, R. Schmidt. L. Schneider, J. Schupp, R. Shrieves. Fourth Row: R. Shuey, T. Staples, R. Turner. H. Vorhaben, W. Ward, W. Ziircher. iiiii M Jim — — — ■ BBH ' ■ " ■ ■ — —— — - — ■■ " " --— , ii3 B0n FOUNDED: Miami of Ohio. 1889 Established at Tulane: 1908 Since the establishment of the Beta Xi Chapter, the fraternity ' s members have assumed roles of leadership and responsibility in all facets of university life. Bill Goss. Al Hecker. Conrad Meyer, and Watt Arnold were recognized by Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Conrad Meyer was elected to Omicron Deha Kappa, national leadership honor society; Watt Arnold served as President of the Inter-House Council of Men ' s Residence Halls; and Tom Jones was Assistant Editor of the Jambalaya. Outstanding in sports were Bill Goss and Conrad Mayer in varsity football, Andy Hamilton in varsity baseball, and Mack Miller and Frank Wells in varsity golf. Billy Wells was International Inter- collegiate Pocket Billiards champion of 1965. Bill Goss and Conrad Meyer made the all SEC academic team. The Brothers of Beta Xi feel that during the past year they car- ried on the tradition of the fraternity in every way and are looking forward to a promising future during the forthcoming banner year. BdUy Wells President Richard Logan Vice-President Chris Theis Secretary Louis Jeansonne Treasurer First Row: B. Abbott, W. Arnold, P. Beaumont. S. Blake. Second Row: N. Callihan, E. Carelton, M. Charbonnet, P. Coleman. Third Row: M. Cosgrove, R. Dozier, K. Hecker, T. Jones. 2.14 First Row; T. Kinney. P. Livandais, M. Lundy, W. Marshall. Second Row: C. Meyer, M. Meyer, M. Murray, B. Riggs. Third Row: P. J. Stakelum, B. Stinson W. Wallingford J. Wegmann. F. Wells. The subject of today ' s lecture is " leadership. " Five year eligibility? - ' -v " " S Mk£ iUMtm iiM First Row: S. Cobb. S. Collenburg, T. Collins. S. Dillon, G. Fowler. Second Row: J. Grant, .1. Hevron. M. Jones. K. Livingston. R. Mahony. Third Row: H. Marquez, W. McLain, P. Nass. H. O ' Connor. B. Penetta. ' Dekes repaint Henry Clay Ave. landmark. " " The Mystic Krewe of Debutramp. ' AKE Pike Howard President J. O ' Connor Vice-President Delta Kappa Epsiloii was founded at Yale in i i44 as a protest against the injustice of the society system then existing at that uni- versity. Known today as the oldest national fraternity of New England origin, Deke h«;ani(; the first fraternity to estajjlish Southern chap- ters, among them Tau Lambda at Tulane. Dekes have always achieved national and local re ;ognition for their parties. Continuing in this tradition, the brothers enjoyed the usual full social agenda; including the Bayou I icnic. Viking Party, and the notorious Debutramp VmW (the latter an annual satire aim( at fraternity formals, Mardi (iras balls, and debutante parties) . Innovations included the NASCAR Auto Demolishment Derby and the weekly Neighbor Relations Improvement parties. The Second Annual Hurricane Relief Party with Kappa Kappa Gamma provided the Red Cross with old clothes. As usual, Deke was active in the areas of scholarship, athletics, and school activities: fifteen members in Law School, including Carl Cleveland (ODK) and John Wogan on the Law Review; Dick Baum- bach, Fullbright Scholar, Tim Roniger, freshman basketball; to mention a few. After two years of freedom from social pro, the Dekes feel that they have, with a few narrow escapes, carried on the fraternity ' s traditions and look forward to a promising future. Robert Fisher Secretary Robert Flowerree Treasurer First Row: R. Peirce, M. Pitts, T. Roniger, J. Rudolph, E. Snellings. Second Row: M. Smithies, B. Thompson, R. Trickett, C. Vallee, G. Vath. Third Row: C. Waldorf. H. Walker. dfMii XIJ ATA Under the leadership of Rush Chairman Don Cobb, Delta Tau Delta opened its seventy-seventh year at Tulane by pledging thirty- eight outstanding Delt prospects. Among the pledges are freshman officers in the School of Architecture, College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of Engineering. The Delts showed their school spirit immediately by winning first place in Homecoming Decorations, with the theme " Sink the Ship that Vandy Built. " Beginning with the " Suppressed Desire " costume party, the high points on the social calendar included the Christmas Party, South Sea Island Party, and the annual Rainbow Formal. The Delts are well-represented in campus leadership with Tom Sawyer, Vice President of Arts and Sciences, chairman of the Honor Board, and a member of ODK; Luke O ' Kelley. Representative-at- Large of the Engineering School. Other class officers include Mike Russel, Mead Miller. John Scurry, and Skip Miller. Terry Hardy is the Commander of the Pershing Rifles this year. Under the super- vision of scholarship Chairman Dan Gribbin, Delta Tau Delta was among the leaders in scholarship. The Delts provided varsity ath- letics in football, baseball, swimming, and track. We greatly regret the loss of career man T. J. HofI, who has spent seven years at the Delt House. Luke O ' Kelly President David Herold Vice-President Daniel Gribbon Secretary John Spalding Treasurer First Row: P. Arsuaga. R. Balderston. S. Bechtel. R. Bergemann. N. Butka, J. Calvin, J. Canavaggio. Second Row: R. Cobb, D. Crowley, J. Curran. M. Delemos, R. Dinkle, R. Barlow. M. Fowler. Third Row: D. Freeswick, L. Fullerton, R. Geddes, E- Gibbons, L. Gray, R. Gregory, R. Gunter. Fourth Row: C. Hall, V. Hamilton, D. Hannon, H. Hutchin- son, J. Jackson, R. Johnson, R. Jourdan. Fifth Row: W. Kehm, C. Keith, M. Lanciault, R. LeBoeuf, R. Lonsdale, G. Marcus, C. Martin. 2,18 MA A Ji M. iA ' THr ' Tsr BJ ' ? First Row: W. McBride, D. McFarling, T. Mierhoff, W. Milcarek, H. Miller, M. Miller, A. Moeller. Second Row: G- Murray, E. Odachowski. A. Offner, C. O ' Leary, F. Pacenza, W. Powell, R. Rosemont. Third Row: M. Russell, R. Russell, P. Saitta, T. Sawyer, J. Scurry, W. Shirley, J. Sigman. Fourth Row: H. Slaughter, W. Spurge, G. Telep, K. Tribby, P. Ufholz, J. Urrate, R. Van Buskirk. Fifth Row: R. Viles, D. Womack, J. Wood. A. Wright. L. Wright. ' Delts take first place in Homecoming with this display. " " Having a typical coffee break. " 2,19 mk dM i First Row: P. Acree, P. Adams, P. W. Bane, R. Barnett, T. Barr, W. E. Blessey. Second Row: L. Bourgeois. C. W. Brierre. W. V. Brierre. R. E. Brown. H. E. Cherry. W. F. Everett. Third Row: G. F. Ferris, A. S.. Flettrich, L. A. Fritchie. R. E. Gurtler, M. Guiza, R. Harris. Fourth Row: P. M. Hebert, J. R. Jumonville, E. Koerner. R. S. Le Gardeur, J. R. Long. S. M. Long. ' We shall rise again. " " Our group had 33% fewer drunks. " ' o KA Zeb Mayhew President Henry Corder Vice-President . Ed Lores Secretary Gary Anderson Treasurer FOUNDED: Washington and Lee, 1865 Established at Tulane: 1885 Kappa Alpha Order was founded in an atmosphere of idealism by four young men who sought to develop academic excellence, gentle- manly conduct, and high moral standards aJnong themselves and their fellow students, based on a concept of Christian fellowship. General Lee, exemplifying the highest traits of manliness, became the inspiration for the life and conduct of the group and thus earned a place of reverence in the hearts and lives of all KA ' s as the Spiritual Founder of Kappa Alpha Order. Psi Chapter enjoyed a splendid rush week, pledging 19 outstanding men, giving the chapter great potential for a strong sophomore class in ' 66- ' 67. Not to be outdone, Psi " the friendly chapter, " undertook the tra- ditional parties, including: the . " hifazer ' s, Bushman ' s, and Old South Balls, plus an occasional house party at the plantation home of Brother Fagomel. Brothers active in intercollegiate sports are: Butch Coco, Mike Fitzpatrick. and Paul Arnold — football; Bob Brown — track; Robert Jumonville and Paul Hebert — swimming; Jim Long — basketball; Jim McGill — baseball. First Row: T. W. Lovell. P. Lynskey, P. C. McCloskey, J. W. McGill, G. C. Nesbitt, D. N. Pierson. Second Row: T. B. Robinson, T. C. Saunders, G. A. Seaver, B. K. Smith, R. Starr, W. B. Stuart. Third Row: J. L. Swoop, D. E. Tlieriot, D. M. Trousdale. B. Van Benthut- sen, F. Vogt, P. F. Whitington. Fourth Row: G. P. Wiedeman. W C% . i fc tfl |j(k 2,2,1 KS Kappa Sigma " s New World founding took place at the University of Virginia in 1869. Twenty years later, Sigma Chapter was char- tered at Tulane University. As a prominent fraternity on campus, Kappa Sigma boasts mem- bership in such honoraries as Phi Eta Sigma. Omicron Delta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi. Alpha Chi Sigma. Tri Beta, Phi Beta Kappa, and Who ' s Who. Other campus organizations in which Kappa Sigmas are active include the University Center Board, the Honor Board, and the Jambalaya staff. In evidence of the Fraternity ' s interest in campus politics and its efforts to improve class leadership. Kappa Sigmas hold the offices of President of Freshman Architecture, Vice- President of Sophomore A S. and Secretary of Junior A S. The high spots of the Kappa Sigma social calendar are the Pirate ' s Party, Parents " Day Party, the Kappa Sigma-Pi Phi Orphan Party, the Shifazzers Ball, and the annually lavish Winter and Spring Formals. Other memorable soirees include T.G.I. F. parties, victory celebrations in honor of the all-spaz team, parties after the home football games, and Friday night levee bachanals. Each year Kappa Sigma fields teams in all Panhellenic sports. Last year these teams placed second in tennis, third in track, and fifth in basketball, football, and softball. Kappa Sigmas Stuart Martin. Bobby Duhon, Nat Tulon, Lee Haynes, and Glen Legnon are well-known to Green Wave gridiron fans, as are Jim Bob Laughlin and Toby Walcott to Tulane ' s basket- ball and baseball followers. Sigma, along with the other one hundred thirty-four Kappa Sigma Chapters, has developed a Scholarship-Leadership Awards program which is backed by a two million dollar endowment fund and which is second to none in the fraternity world. Sigma Chapter is proud of its part in upholding the fine traditions of Kappa Sigma and in helping to maintain the Fraternity ' s high national standing. Tim Darrah President Barry Samuels Vice-President James Leonard Secretary Thomas Shields Treasurer MM -A First Row: A. H. Anthony, T. D. Appelquist. J. F. Blackwell, J. P. Bodenheimer, B. J. Bourg, L. C. Brashier. Second Row: H. E. Breaux, J. A. Buxton, S. D. Carson, G. A. Choest, P. A. Clark, J. G. Cleland. Third Row: E. M. Doulhat, T. L. Durivan, R. S. Fertitta, J. F. Griffin. W. P. Griffin. T. W. Hardin. Fourth Row: K. D. Hassin, L. A. Haynes, R. R. Hop- kins, M. M. Howell, J. P. Jackson, R. L. Jones. CT f i« f O Kk mMmM MiiA. I First Row: T. H. Johnston, S. C. Kimbrough, J. M. Laborde, H. T. Larzelere, J. R. Laugh- lin, J. M. Lemon. Second Row: J. M. Maxwell, C. D. Morse, J. A. Mullins, D. A. Murphy, I. D. F. Nelson, E. C. P. Nifenecker. Third Row: S. J. Philp, J. D. Range, C. R. Skinner, D. B. Todd, C. E. Weith. B. R. West. Fourth Row: C Wilcox, J. C. Wyrick. " Hey that tickles Santa Claus. " " Kappa Sigs try to compete with those in the quarter. " ■ ■H F m 1 W h . ft. u M 1 i i 1 ! ' LI.: First Row: L. Bashinsky, N. Benner, J. Berry, R. Birmingham. P. Christakos. Second Row: P. Cook. J. Crosland. R. Cunliffe. C. Farrar, T. Herd. Third Row: C. Holt, W. Karmgard, R. Kidwell. V. La Manna. F. Lane. A few of the sporty members take to the park for a quick The chapter preparing their homecoming display? game of football. 2.14 I a Ae Ed Weidlich President David Miester Vice-President Louisiana Alpha of I ' hi iJulla I hcla began its 75th year at Tulane with an im| roin|)tii tiurricane party necessitated by " Betsy. " After a successful rush week, our Chapter started another traditional year of academic and social (;rdightenm ;nt. Before settling down to the rigors of Tulane ' s Sf;holastic demands, the Phi Delts enjoyed a party in loving memory of A. Turner with music by Floyd Reggin. A committee of twenty pledges was chosen to de ;orate for Home- coming festivities. I ' he deflorations were as admirable, if not more so, as the showing of the Green Wave. A few social events on the Phi schedule for later in the year in- clude the River-boat formal, a hit two years ago; a " fix-the-pool- table-party " ; and the pledges ' " Inquisition " party. The Chapter played a large part in giving aid to disaster of " Betsy " during the first semester. The Phi Delts also helped the collection of Red Cross contributions. Richard Guth Treasurer First Row: E. Lewis, D. Maker. G. Moorhead, J. Northington, W. Novak. Second Row: G. Nungester, J. Parker, K. Putnam, E. Ramsey, J. Rogers. Third Row: J. Scott, F. Simp- son, J. Taroo, R. Westbrook. 2,15 $Ki: This year began for Phi Kappa Sigma with a successful Rush Week: thirty-one boys were pledged. Highlights of the year ' s activities included cocktail parties. Hay Rides, Saturday night parties, sorority exchanges, pre-game open houses. T.G.I. F. ' s and the Spring Formal. Phi Kaps have many men in top positions on campus. There are Phi Kaps in all areas of student government, on U. C. coinmittees, varsity sports. Who ' s Who. Tulane Scholars and Fellows, and the Honor Board. Offices held are: Charles Klavene s. Vice-President KA and President of HS: Chuck Foto, President of the senior class in Business Administration: Paul Lamb. Junior class Vice- President A. S. ; Steve Welsh, Secretary-Treasurer of the sophomore class in engineering. The Phi Kaps are looking forward to another successful year on campus. John M. Jones President -•ruj - " " Rod Lawrence Secretary M Dick Elliott Vice-President %-- - ' Am. dM Gilford Adams Rush Chairman First Row: J. R. Atos, H. L Barclay, G. J. Barlow. C. A. Bays, J. A. Bohnsack, F. P. Brink- man, B. N. Burbank. Second Row: J. J. Busey, R. T. Campbell, H. A. Chapman, R. V. Cheney. J. E. Churchill. J. Cicciarelle. P. C. Cofield. Third Row: H. S. Cowell. M. J. Cowley, J. V. Crowder, J. M. Devlin, D. Dickey, P. Diffley, A. S. Flowelling. Fourth Row: A. W. Foster, C. A. Gray. W. L. Guice, R. M. Hardy, H. P. Harris, R. J. Hockert. A. C. House. idl ik: v r i XIC ii First Row: J. K. Hurd, N. M. Johnson, D. J. Kilpatrick, J. R. Knight, P. L. Lamb, G. H. Laudwig, C. L. Lord, M. H. Luca, E. C. McCormick. Second Row: W. M. McNutt, R. W. J. Macaluse, K. A. Miller, S. S. Mims, R. L. Moore. E. D: Myrick, J. P. Neumeyer, T. B. Nichols, G. A. Owens. Third Row: D. C. Perry, D. G. Preston, C. G. Ramsey, R. J. Robin- son, C. F. Rolf. R. B. Seyfarth, S. K. Shuhaiber. A. A. Simkus. K. J. Sparler. Fourth Row- R. R. Smith, R. Stafford, D. W. Stastny, W. W. Tumbull, T. T. Vining, W H. Wallace J S. Welsh, R. V. WeUs. ' ' Say what kind of clause do you guys have? " " That ' s right, the Hell ' s Angels. " 12,7 mMHskii iim Ji i First Row: H. A. Andrews. M. E. Beasley. J. Blain. R. Boese, G. D. Bohmfalk. T. Booher, G. B. Brown. R. Capitelli. Second Row: R. Catanzaro. L. H. Cloud. J. E. Connolley. M. R. Craven, W. Cross. D. D. Drell. L. Edwards. B. Elias. Third Row: J. Elliott. P. Folk. W. A. Foret. S. G. Francis, R. J. Gonzalez. L. Gruntz. N. D. Guthrie, J. R. Kubec. Fourth Row: L. J. Le Blanc. G. Lincoln. R. D. Martin. V. C. McCaghren. M. Mcllain. J. F. MlcLaren, R. D. McNab. R. J. Milunas. " A fetv of the brothers laugh it up while their dates. " A few of the brothers closely following a Panhell football game. " 2,18 nKA iMmM David Garner President Joe Monast Vice-President David Smith Secretary Joseph Cocchiara Rush Chairman Pi Kajjjja Aij ha: University of Virginia, i{ 6f! Elstabli -hed at Tulane: 1«7« The Pikes enjoyed an cxcelii-nt rush wi;ck, |jl(;dging thirty-three outstanding men. The year was highligiited on April 1. when the Pikes moved into their " new " house. At an expen.se of ajtproximately .SIOO,00(J. the old Pike house underwent an extensive renovation and was completely refurnished. Special features of the house include terrazzo floors, air conditioning, the most modein kitchen facilities, and the largest party room on campus. On campus the Pikes were again extremely active. Brother Jarr)es Yawn served on the University Center Board as Chairman of the Public Relations Committee. Pike class presidents included Marvin Beasley. junior class. School of Engineering; and Richie Gonzales, freshman class, School of Engineering. Brother Toby Kolstad served as secretary-treasurer of the junior class, School of Engineer- ing, and as secretary-treasurer of the Society of Mechanical Engi- neers. In the School of Law, Brother O ' Haver edited the Student Bar Journal; Brother Shaw edited the Student Bar Newsletter. Major events on the social calendar were the Christmas Party, the Fais Do-Do, the Founders ' Day Banquet, and the Dream Girl Formal. The Founders ' Day Banquet featured as guest speakers Louisiana ' s Senator Allen J. EUender and Eta ' s faculty advisor Dr. E. Lee Hoffman, Tulane ' s Director of Financial Aid. First Row: G. A. Monroe. P. Montelepre. S. Musser, P. Newsome, D. L. Parenton, E. J. Peterson, C. G. Pflaun. Second Row: T. Pratchett. E. A. Stolz, B. Sulzner, G. Sunderland, D. M. Tamburo, R. G. Theiling. M. H. Hhiriot. Third Row: J. B. Tyra. D. P. Velasquey, P. J. Williamson, J. G. Wilson. R. Wolf. J. Yawn. R. G. Young. Fourth Row: S. Zimmer. 119 SAE FOUNDED: University of Alabama, 1856 Established at Tulane: 1897 Sigma Alpha Epsilon. founded before the Civil war at the Uni- versity of Alabama, was the first Southern fraternity. Since that time, the fraternity has grown, until todav when it is the largest national fraternity with 152 chapters in 46 states. Louisiana Tau-Upsilon Chapter of SAE emphasizes all areas of student life. The chapter is well-respected on campus for its leader- ship and emphasis in scholarship and Panhellenic activities. The chapter ' s accomplishments in these areas have an unsurpassed history. Socially. SAE highlights the year with such parties as the Pledge Party, the Spring Formal, and the Cane-Cutters Brawl. In campus activities, 2AE is represented by leaders in all areas of student gov- ernment and student life, by varsity athletics in all Tulane sports, and by its members in ODK. Phi Eta Sigma, AED, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, KA$, Who ' s Who, and Tulane Scholars and Fellows Program. The 2AE chapter climaxed one of its best rush weeks with the pledging of 40 outstanding men and now looks forward to another successful year. L Rip Pfeiffer President Lou Kapicak Vice-President •; ■l x ' p: Mike Goodrich Secretary Dick Stephens Treasurer First Row: N. E. Albert, H. A. Allen. R. W. Baine, W. W. Banta. R. A. Bell, J. Y. Bordelon, H. S. Bragg, S. R. Brenner. Second Row: R. S. Brown, W. K. Brown, F. Rw, Buciianan, R. G. Carter, R. S. Charlesworth, P. Chiarello, S. J. Childs, W. A. Childs. Third Row: T. J. Christy, J. W. Glower, C. R. Coneway, C. A. Dawkins. S. M. Dearholt, J. W. Dennis, C. F. Dryer, E. B. Dubisson. Fourth Row: R. E. Dilworth. R. M. Elliot, T. M. Ferrell, G. A. Fertitta, D. Fontes, G. Freisem, J. P. Fullilove, J. T. Ginn. Fifth Row: P. J. Glynn, J. Grabbe, L. W. Greer, T. A. Greer, D. S. Hall, J. D. Hartline, H. M. Hamage, J. B. Harris. m !f • c-1 2-3° Bl 1! r First Row: J. T. Haskins, J. Henderson, W. E. Hill. G. T. Howard, R. C. Irwin, B. Jabour, R. D. Johnson, J, R. Jones, B. Joseph, D. J. Kenney. Second Row: A. King, L K. Knapp, H. J. Koch. K. Kyle. J. Lanoux. R. K. Lindholm. A. Lopez, L. B. McDonald. T. C. McClure. K. S. Moody. Third Row: R. P. Muller, C. G. Morwood, G. G. Plosser. J. J. Porter D A Runier, W. M. Reed. M. Richard. C. J. Robilio. C. B. Roundtree. J. G. Saalfield. Fourth Row: J. Schweers. J. Scott. R. L. Skelding. F. B. Smith. J. M. Smith. R. Spurck, M. Teague, J. B. Tebbetts, E. O. Templeton. R. E. Wafer. Fifth Row: D R. Walker W F Walker M. P. Watson. H. Webb. L. E. Whaley, D. R. Wilson. L. G. Wilson The chapter serenading the girls of the newly pinned brothers. Coach Kapicak gives team valuable information during halftime of Panhell game. 31 First Row: S. Baron, J. Barron, S. Danker, S. Danneman, C. Dombeck, R. Eisenberg. Second Row: S. Gardner, S. Ginsberg, E. Goldberg, G. A. Goldbard. S. Golder. L. Green. Third Row: H. Hammer, S. Harris. F. Kaye. J. Korotkin. J. Kravitz. B. Kutash. Fourth Row: J. Laden, N. Levine, S. Levy. D. Littoff. D. A. Lubell, K. Marcus. " Sammies take time out to have their picture taken. " " SAM took third place honors with this homecoming display. " SAM Jerry Lahman President Mark Weiss Vice-President FOUNDED: College of the City of New York Established at Tulane: 1920 Since Sigma Aljiha Mu began here at Tulane forty-five years ago, the brothers in our house have made SAM one of the top houses on campus. The Sammies went all-out during Rush Week and pledged twenty-five very fine boys. As usual, the fir t semester ' s social activities began with a party after the first home football game and the year ' s first costume party. A big semester socially was planned for the Sammies: however, plans were curtailed because of circumstances beyond our control. During second semester we had our Orchid Formal, Obnoxious Party, Pajama Party, and Hawaiian Hangover. In Panhellenic activities the Sammies are once again near the top: third place in this year ' s homecoming display and a top slot in football are among our honors. The fraternity also is active in campus activities, and has several participants on the Student Activities Board, Honor Board, Elef:- tions Committee, Uniersity Center Board, and the .Student Council. Finally, in Varsity sports the Sammies are represented on the Baseball and Track teams. Richard Green Secretary Richard Weiss Treasurer First Row: H. Maziar, R. Moses, M. Paris, L. Pichulick, J. Polster, T. Prager. Second Row: S. Rachelson, R. Robin. A. Rosenthal, J. R. Rosnick. E. Rothberg, R. J. Rudolph. Third Row: R. Segal, J. Shalleck, S. Sotkin, G. Stem, K. Tesler, B. Wax. Fourth Row: B. White- hall. V. G. Weinstein, S. Zilbert. 4ifei k c?? iiiiikik i 33 2X After climaxing an excellent rush week by pledging twenty-five outstanding men. Sigma Chi began enthusiastic observance of time- honored social traditions: Mad Mad World Party. Greek Revival Partv. pledge-Active Buzzard ' s Hall fiasco, Hugh F. Burnett Me- morial Raincoat Party, and Derby Day, where Newcomb sororities compete for Panhell points. These are all secondary, of course, to the incomparable Sigma Chi Sweetheart Formal which was success- fully enlarged to Sigma Chi Weekend this year. Sigma Chi is represented in Tulane athletics by Mike Sleeves and Pro-Consul Carl Crowder who is a candidate for the national all-Sig squad. Consul Ray Fontenot completes his third straight year as golf team captain and is accompanied by Sig teammates Steve Bellaire and Fred Bradley. Pierce Kelley. outstanding SEC tennis prospect; Don LaCrone. Swimming: and Frank McCoy, Football, are Sigma Chi freshman athletes. Innovations this year included painting the house, remodeling the chapter room, and the unique addition of a P.O.E.T.S. Club Library which was used extensively on Friday af ternoons. Sigma Chi is represented in all phases of campus life and can remember this year for advances in leadership, scholarship, and brotherhood. Roy Fontenot President .Joseph Grace Secretary Harry Harwood Pledge Trainer First Row: S. G. Abshire, G. A. Akers, L. H. Askew, C. A. Binford, R. E. Boynton, F. W. Bradley. Second Row: A. E. Burns, G. M. Clark, M. Colcock, 0. L. Davidson, K. R. Davisi, L. R. Davis. Third Row: R. S. Fish, A. P. Flowers, S. E. Gano, M. E. Goodbread, R. B. Griswold, W. C. Guillory. Fourth Row: J. G. Guthrie, W. D. Hanks, W. G. Hocking, C. M. Hood. B. M. Hotchkin, W. C. Hunter. L34 First Row: H. G. Hutchinson, F. B. Joiner, R. P. Kelly, D. H. La Grone, J. L. Lalor, R. L. Lobrano. Second Row: W. D. McClure, W. A. Mebane, W. H. Munyon, D. G. Perlis, C. W. Reid, R. E. Rogers. Third Row: T. H. Rydberg, D. P. Schutte, M. B. Seligman, M. D. Shouse, H. D. Smith, L. A. Stepp. Fourth Row: C. Towns, S. A. Trufant, J. M. Walley. R. F. Wilson. ' Sigma Chi annual Derby Day carnival. " " There ' s more than one way to scramble eggs ' 35 §kmM First Row: J. Adkins, S. Alden. W. Arnold, E. Arthur. D. Carter, M. Collier, D. Cullen, Darrah. Second Row: B. Guider. R. Haeuser, S. Isom. D. Jones, W. Klam, B. Larsen, Lindquist, J. Maynard. Third Row: J. McConnell, P. Miller, M. Millican, C. Mills, Morgan, F. Nicholson. J. C. Nicholson, A. Panio. B. H. F. ' A snake coiled to strike (out). " " A homely scene at a typical House Party. " 1 6 ZN John Martin President Don Luebke Vice-President Jim Morock Secretary Philip Jones Treasurer Sigma Nu is one of the largest national fraternities with 140 active chapters and over JiO KK) living alumni. Beta Phi chapter began another successful year hy oldaining 21 select pledges during Rush Week. The social year was the best, starting with the .screaming Wombat Party, continuing with Cocktail parties, Saturday night casuals, hayrides, the Sigma Nu-ADPi Christmas Drphan Party, and climax- ing with the elegant White Rose Formal. Brothers were active in many area.; of college life. Academically, brothers were tapped for Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Alpha Chi Sigma, and Tulane Scholars and Fellows. Sig Nus served as Director of Interfraternity Activities and were members of U. C. committees, Greenbackers, Sailing Club and the Tulane Band. Included in the military echelons was the Commander of Arnold Air Society and the NROTC Battalion Executive Officer along with Scabbard and Blade members. Athletically, the chapter was again expected to field strong Panhell teams, as exemplified by last year ' s second place basketball and softball teams. Finally, Beta Phi was represented by brothers on the varsity football, baseball and track teams along with the freshman baseball and swimming teams. The chapter was most thankful to the guidance of the house- mother, Mrs. T. 0. Hotard Jr., and looked forward to another rewarding year. First Row: D. Pettis. J. Popham, E. Pratt, J. Robbins, D. Rogers, J. Serrill. Second Row: C. Sheely, B. Shope. H. Sims, J. Sullivan, J. Sutton, H. Teare. Third Row: C. Walker, D. Ward, B. West, D. Whitcomb, S. Wilson, B. Works. 37 sn September. 1965. marked another milestone for Sigma Pi: we moved into a " new " house located at 7103 Freret Street. It is far larger than our old house; consequently it affords us more than adequate dining facilities, a good deal of party space, and comfort- able accommodations for fifteen men. This past Rush Week Sigma Pi again gathered an outstanding pledge class. We are extremely proud of our pledges for they have done much to promote Sigma Pi on the Tulane campus. Our Social Calendar has never been better. Besides our weekly parties, we have numerous special activities. We go all out at Home- coming, our Founders " Day Banquet on the 26th of February, our Annual Orchid Formal — this year Irma Thomas will help us cele- brate — and the Children ' s Christmas Party for underprivileged cliildren. On all campuses where there is a Chapter of the Sigma Pi Fra- ternity, there are Sigma Pi ' s in leadership positions. And, the Tulane Sigma Pi ' s are no different. We have men in Tau Beta Phi Honorary Engineering Fraternity, Pi Mu Epsilon Honorary Mathematics Fra- ternity, and Circle K. Gary Schneider President Bruce Ludwig Vice-President lili Dennis Bryan Secretary Maurice Spranley Treasurer First Row: R. D. Bouvier. A. T. Bowen. S. F. Davis, D. L. Dinkel. E. T. Fischer. Second Row: D. L. Flotte, S. Frazier. R. J. Freedman, L. A. Hill, R. M. Lamed. Third Row:: R. W. Marks, W. H. Mallon. W. C. Monnin, J. W. Morrison, B. E. Mullen. 38 First Row: M. F. Murphey, H. R. Nichols, D. M. Packard, G. K. Radlinski, H. M. Richey. Second Row: T. R. Schumann, M. C. Seifert, D. V. Shaver. W. B. Stayer, R. H. Vincent. Third Row: R. D. Walker, J. H. Ziegler. " The brothers of Sigma Pi help victims of Hurricane Betsy. " " Typical Sigma Pi party. " 39 First Row: P. Atkins, B. Austin. S. Holson. E. Garnet. B. Chait. D. Desmon. B. Dubin. Sec- ond Row: M. Dworsky. J. Feingold. G. Feldman. M. Feldman. R. Fischer, J. Friedman, H. Galena. Third Row: J. Garth. K. Goldberg. M. Goldstein, A. Heifetz, T. Herz. D. Kahn.M. Kaldor. " TEPS skinning it back in preparation for the Homecoming display. " " The local Saturday night get together at the TEP house. ' 140 TE$ Marvin Frankel President Lawrence Avrunin Vice-President dM i M Martin Wertkin Secretary James Sabin Treasurer FOUNDED: Columbia University, 1910 Established at Tulane: ]%6 Epsilon Kappa Chapter of Tau E] si)(jn Phi began its ninth year on the Tulane campus by accepting eighteen outstanding pledges. Together with the brothers, these pledges have already become in- volved in campus affairs. TP2P.S are active in such organizations as Music Committee, Tulane University Theater, radio station WTUL, and the Pre-Med Society. TFlPs are also prominent in such honorary organizations as Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, Scholars and Fellows, Tau Beta Pi, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. Socially, TEP ]jlans to continue the tradition of holding " cham- pagne parties " in honor of various sororities and Newcomb girls in general, as well as the usual Saturday parties. The highlight of the social season will be the annual Sweetheart Formal, to be held at the Jung Hotel this spring. At that time, the new sweetheart and officers will be named. In the community, TEPs were active in aiding with the Hurricane Betsy clean-up, and plan to participate in various campus and com- munity charitable projects. Panhell sports were tackled vigorously by the brotherhood, as TEP displayed a top effort in all that was tried. First Row: M. Katzeff. B. Klinkenstein, L. D. Knight, R. Klein, A. Myers, S. Myers. Second Row: G. Pfeffer. J. Picker, M. Plotkin. J. Reynolds. J. Robbins, S. Rose. Third Row: R. Schlanger. H VV -is-. H. Wolfe. 241 ZBT 1965-66 at ZBT began with a very successful rush week which appears to be the beginning of another great year for the house. As three times past winners of the National Fraternity Rushing trophy, the brotherhood carried on a rush highlighted by Arthur Alexander, the Lakewood all dav picnic, and consumated by the pledging of 32 top men. Our social calendar features memorable functions such as the First and Second Semi-Annual Zant Ball, the Shiffarzer ' s Ball, the Winter Formal, and the Orgy. Top billing socially will again this year be the Spring Formal at the Royal Orleans with Smokey Robin- son and the Miracles providing entertainment. The entire campus anxiously awaits to see if last years fantastic show by Jackie Wilson can possibly be duplicated. Last years athletic season found Zeta Beta Tau placing second on campus in total inter-fraternity competition. With such fine results behind us the Zebes again have begun to prepare for the challenge. Our first football victory of 32-13 gives evidence of another fine effort bv our men. and we most definitely expect to live up to our former efforts. Our social service program again is headed by our annual Christ- mas party for local orphanages and our periodical help days at Willo- wood Home for the Aged. Combining this aspect of our fraternity life with a continuation of a fine political image, we the membership of Sigma Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau project a great year for a tra- ditionally high ranking chapter and the Tulane fraternity system. Larry Silverstein President James Schendle Vice-President John Freund Secretary Charles Horn Treasurer First Row: J. Alltmont, L. Auton. P. Aron. R. Aron. J. Aronon, D. Bear, P. Boas. K. Brody. Second Row: F. Brownstein. R. Berlin. R. Burnstein. H. Ceitland. S. Cohen, H. Ecker, L. Ellman. M. Entner. Third Row: L. Fein. A. Feinstein. J. Foreman, B. Fox. J. Frank, L. Freudberg. R. Geronemus, M. Glazer. Fourth Row: P. Goldman, S. Goodkin, A. Goodman, S. Gorelik. R. Gordon. C. Gottlieb. B. Granovetter. J. Green. Fifth Row: J. Guttman, S. Harlan, M. Herman, R. Jambs. H. Kantor. L. Kantrow. M. Kantrow. F. Katz. % cs la " IPl , ■ cT f m mM mMm M A ■2. X ' ■ ,; f First Row: P. Katz, R. Katz, S. Kermish, D. Kernstein, T. Kloth, D. Levin, R. Levin, K. Levingston, A. Levy, B. Levy. Second Row: L. Levy, B. Linder, J. Livingston, B. Lowenstein, R. Lukask, A. Metz, H. Miller, J. S. Mutnick, D. Myers, M. Myers. Third Row: D. Oestroicher, R. Piha, A. Pollack, J. Roberts. R. Robins, L. Rosenblum. S. Salomon, C. Schwartz, S. Schmidt, N. Segall. Fourth Row: J. Selber, K. Shwartz, ' B. Silverberg, S. Sond- heim, L. Stern, B. Sternberg, M. Strauss, J. Sutton, M. Trager, A. Trivers. Fifth Row: C. Tye, D. Velkoff, D. Wadler, S. Wainger, S. Webman, K. Weill, M. WeiskofE, M. Yukon. ' fFe really are nice to the rushees! " " Its a bird, its a plane, its . . . BATMAN. " X43 " TEPs turn to baseball and Panhell points in the " The gods never had it so good. " spring of the year. " 1 1 .taaua ia ' i H » «» ' H 1 " " " ' ., 1 Hii li s I 1 Br l HjjH r Kj HB H Sbi l B yU H H ' AEPi talks it over during time out of Panhell football game. " " Arlene Howell, Miss USA, pays surprise visit to Sigma Pi. " a44 " SAEs (ants) enjoy rush function in th(t jail oj the year. " " Brian Kutash prepares to snag pass jor Sammies in tough Pan- hell jootball game. " " Can anyone heat my Pillow? " -S i f5 Back row: J. Yuill, S. Clark, A. Fishman, S. Stillman, S. O ' Meallie. K. Deener. L. McDowell. A. McMackin, M. Crilly. Middle row: M. Wadler, S. Lassen. C. Turnbull. J. Farwell, C. Kornegay, S. O ' Donnell, M. Eden. Front row: P. Wyatt. S. Manley, J. Racivitch, S. Simpson, J. Barnett, S. Zeidman. Left, Mrs. Elizabeth B. Delery, faculty advisor; right, Mrs. Thomas A. Abelo, alumnae advisor. 46 Newcomb Panhellenic Newcomb Panhellenic, a member of the National Pan- hellenic Conference, is composed of the three letter officers, the president of each of the sororities, and a representative of each sorority. The Panhellenic Council compiles the rules which govern rushing, pledging, and initiation. The Council awards the Newcomb Panhellenic Trophy each year to the group which has accumulated the most number of points for participation in campus activities and scholastic en- deavors. Each year the Council presents the City Panhellenic Trophy to the sorority with the highest scholastic rating. Throughout the year the Council strives to promote a better relationship between the member groups and between the sororities and the University. Seated: Carolyn Crusel, President. Standing: Kitty Wynne, Secretary, Martha Eshleman, Treasurer. ' ■47 First Row: Susan Anderson, Eileen Arey, Linda Barton, Angel Basile, Ellen Blownstine, Suzanne Boudreaux. Second Row: Ann Bucaro, Alma Chasez, Linda DeShaw, Mary Ann Fedric. Jolna Field, Mory Oinie Ford. Third Row: Pat Giglio, Carolyn Gray, Mary Ann Green, Gay Harmann, Ashley Harris, Frances Hays. Fourth Row: Barbara Holyfield, Suz- anne Kenner, Dianne Kreeger, Janet Kolwe, Cynthia Lambert, Joan Lisso. ADPi ' s placed first with this display at the bonfire pep rally. What do ya mean too young? a48 AAn Success marked another year for Alpha Delta Pi. Witii three girls JYA, a large percentage of the chapter on the Dean ' s List, and members serving as officers of Chi Beta. ADPi made her mark in the academic sphere of college life. Socially, the most prominent events of the year were the Christmas Buffet and Champagne Party, and, of course, the Spring Formal. In addition to these events were several exchange parties, one of which was a Christmas party given with Sigma Nu for the children of Magnolia School. ADPi boasts several military .sponsors plus members of Angel Flight and Commodores. Linda Barton reigned as " Sweetheart " of Alpha Sigma Phi and many others were on the courts of various fraternities. Special honors went to Erica Metz, a finalist for the Homecoming Court, and to Ann Bucaro, " First-Maid " in the Sugar Bowl Court. Having started the year by winning first pla ce in the pregame bonfire, ADPi not only maintained the high spirit evidenced there, but continued and is continuing to develop it even more. Front TOW left to right: Dianne Cox, treasurer. Erica Metz, president; Patty Stanger, recording secretary. Standing: Susan Anderson, vice-president. First Row: Alice Leicher, Sharon Manley, Erica Metz, Mebane Millender, Marsha Miller, Molly Mullins. Second Row: Judy Racivitch, Lucille Schonacher, Sue Simpson, Elaine Smith, Betty Ann Storer, Bonnie Viosca. Third Row: Barbara Zinker, Cheryl Gregosatti, Nancy Ham, Dawn Jones, Michele Jumonville. Judy Mackarian. Fourth Row: Madeline Mayoral, Bonner Miller, Kathy Sniitli. 49 AE$ Who ' s the pretty girl in green and white? She ' s one of many AEPhi ' s who participates and excels in all phases of campus life. SANDY MELLOW is Secretary of the Tulane Student Council, and LYNN BOROCHOFF was tapped by Mortar Board; both are listed in Who ' s Who. SALLY VINER is President of the Junior class; LOUISE GOLD- MAN serves as President of the Sophomore class and PHYLLIS HINCHIN is Sophomore class Secretary. Mem- bers of Assets include CLEM GOLDBERGER, President, and LOUISE GOLDMAN. CLEM, LOUISE, and PHYLLIS SMITH are members of Chi Beta. NAT ALLISON is a mem- ber of the Honor Board and SUSAN STAUB is Secretary of the Athletic Council. ELLEN AGRESS is the Sweetheart of AEPi fraternity and CAROLYN JAFFEE was selected as a member of the Freshman Beauty Court. SUSAN GOLD and ANDIE RAVINETT were elected cheerleaders; SUSAN serves as Head Cheerleader. Members of Angel Flight and Commodores complete AEPhi ' s outstanding roster. Kneeling: Lynn Borochoff, treasurer; sitting: Leslie Glosserman, corresponding secretary. Sandy Stillman, president; Standing: Barbara Engel, recording secre- tary. (HI rt T • • k N v : n f ' ) " p»wr f r ' n ' ' " ' n r ' V „ o n Ti n fl f ( ' ■ r r v - n ri r P f ) First Row: Adele Abramson, Ellen Agress, Carol Airov, Nat Allison, Susan Bishop, Lynn Borochoff, Janet Cohen, Jane Cohn. Second Row: Jean Cooper, Barbara Engel, Elaine Ep- stein, Nancy Friedlander, Diane Gachman, Terri Glasserman, Susan Gold, Clem Goldberger. Third Row: Gayle Goldman, Louise Goldman, Sandi Goldstein, Ruth Grossman, Rita Herold, Phyllis Hinchin, Robbie Hoffman, Nancy Ipp. Fourth Row: Carolyn Jaffe, Marcia Kantor, Barbara Katzenberg, Jane Kohlmeyer, Peggy Kottwitz, Susan Leftwich, Sandra Mellow, Melanie Mintz. Fifth Row: Jane Mundt, Claire Oppenheimer, Terry Pavian, Babs Pollard, Andi Ravinett, Cynthia Roosth, Roberta Sills, Phyllis Smith. 2.50 First Row: Susan Staub, Sandy Stillman, Laurie Stuart, Ann Webman, Jocelyn Weinberg, Susan Weinstock, Sally Viner. Second Row: Susie Barman, Nan Cohen, Madelon David. Carol Furman, Robin Graubarth, Annette Grossman, Bonny Harwood. Third Row: Arlene Hechter, Myrna Fleischer, Joyce Krohn, Augusta Kamien, Nancye Lewis, Ellen Levin, Terry Levin. Fourth Row: Mary Ness, Joyce RoyaL Susan Rosinthal, Diane Roosth, Beth Sampson, Linda Smithoff, Dale Spizer, Joni Steinberg. Fifth Row: Joanne Sundheim, Marlene Swartz, Ann Veta, Nancy Wolf. For our next trick. Sure wish there were some boys here. 2-51 First Row: Mary Armstrong, Sally Balch, Barbara Burgess, Kiane Clark, Linda Crawford, Suzanne Danilson, Caroline Dickey, Nancy Easton. Second Row: Barbara Edin, Karen Gleye, Jane Hardy, Marily Humphreys, Dolly Hurtig, Mary Edith Larson, Sally Mclntyre, Jeannine Mollere. Third Row: Marie Monnot, Betsy Monroe, Margaret Noble, Judy Pea- body, Helen Schneidau, Nancy Silverblatt, Linda Hamm, Deanie Smith. The annual AOPi Spring Formal. " Cheese. " ■ 5 Aon " r- Standing: Mary Edith Larson, treasurer, Mary K. Spier, vice-president; Sitting: Jinks Farwell, presi- dent, Marily Humphreys, recording secretary. We the sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi, being of sound mind, do hereby present the following report. In the area of stu- dent government Marily Humphreys served as Junior Class treasurer and Linda Crawford as Sophomore Class .Secre- tary. Eight AOPi ' s served on House Council. In the area of Foreign relations, Karen Oser, Marily Hartley and Linda Eustis are setting Europe ablaze while participating in the JYA Program. Our brilliant social functions have included The Spring Formal, Senior Banquet, our First Annual Beer Blast in the fall and the Founders Day Banquet. Luncheons have made Thursdays a little nicer including the Mother Daughter Christmas Luncheon. In campus activities Margaret Noble is President of the University Center Board and other AOPi ' s serve on various committees. Several girls partici- pated in the Big Sister Program. Barbara Burgess and Carolina Dickey are marching with Angel Flight and Mary Edith Larson, Sally Blach, Jinks Farwell and Mary Snfjd- grass are swimming with Barracudas, Marily Humphreys and Carol got a trip to Carnegie Hall with the Tulane Choir. Dolly Hurtig and Margaret Noble represented us beautifully as finalists for The Homecoming Court. We once again joined with Phi Kappa Sigma for our Christmas Orphan Party. On that note we end this our annual report and look forward to another great year. First Row: Mary K. Spier, Martha A. Trickey, Dee Umlauf, Billie Venturatos, Dale Alee, Hutch Bader, Second Row: Darlene Bedle. Mary Chip Enzor, Connie Keeling, Christie Mortensen, Andrea Rudlick, Barbara West, Third Row: Kaye Westerfield, Linda Yuois. 53 Xfi Even Hurricane Betsy couldn ' t stop Chi Omegas who gathered at the house in September to begin another great year. Highlights included lunches, dessert parties, supper meetings, banquets, Founders ' Day tea, dinner dance, and, of course, the spring formal. Third place in homecoming also added to the year. Chi Omega continued its tradition of campus leadership with Anna Baugh. commander of Angel Flight and member of the Homecoming Court; Peggy Wyatt, resident president and Mortar Board historian: Barbara Stuckey, J. L. House president and member of Assets; Gail Gourgott and Twinkie Flovd. Orientation chairmen; Anne Gates and Mary Cole- man, senior class officers; Sylvia Staples, Honor Board member; Mary Cay Harwell, president of T. U. T.; and Vicki Elsas, vice-president of Barracudas. Nan Byorum, Sue Todd, and Suzanne Walter are members of Commo- dores; and Gretchen Hansen and Mary Sumner are new members of Angel Flight. Tulane Student Council members are Prissy Hess and Mary Riser. New members of Who ' s Who include Mary Cay Harwell, Prissy Hess, and Peggy Wyatt. Chi Beta members are Bev Robert and Barbara Stuckey. All in all. another fine year for Chi Omega! Top row: Mary Ann Hyde, treasurer. Janet Hendrick, vice-president; Bottom row: Anne Gates, secretary, Karen Deener, president. First Row: Betty Abercrombia, Ann Aifolter, Anna Baugh, Ki Benton, Dade Bethell, Carol Brown, Nan Byorum, Betty Campbell. Second Row: Nell Campbell, Alice Caroll, Mary Coleman, Suzy Davis, Karen Deener, Angelo Delony. Mary Beth Depue, Mady Dobbins. Third Row: Vicky Elsas, Anne Gates, Gail Gourgott, Elizabeth Hanckes, Susan Hanckes, Gretchen Hansen, Mary Kartell, Mary Cay Harwell. Fourth Row: Janet Hendrick, Mary Henshaw, Prissy Hess, Mary Kay Hinchey, Mary Ann Hyde, Mary Lynn Hyde, Karen Janssen, Janis Jones. Fifth Row: Karen Keohane, Jenny Leibman, Evelyn Lloyd, Anice McGown, Midge MacLeod, Laura Lucia Massie, Mary Miller, Mary Moffitt. f a - First Row: Kim Molloy, Anne Morris, Anne Niesit, Sue O ' Meallie, Sherry Parker, Mary Riser, Bev Robert, Sylvia Staples. Second Row: Anne Stephens, Dana Stinson. Barbara Stuckey, Mary Sumner, Sue Todd, Lyn Verlander, Suzanne Walter. Mary Weed. Third Row; Marianne Weinhold, Carolyn Whitley, GeGe Winton. Peggy Wyatt. Linda Bek. Kathy Burdin, Meg Bums, Cynthia Cartall. Fourth Row: Mary Alice Cearley. Marietta Del Favaro, Debbie Edwards, Alice Lynn Famum, Becky Hendrick, Judy Jenkins. Laylor Manson, Laurie Meek. Fifth Row: Carmen Treigle. Ann Wakefield. Parsy Wilkinson, Connie Yard. Hey, I have a dress just like that. " Wonder how much we will make tonight. " m 1— rft Ul J J .| ' .l i ' ff H lij m ' - 9 ' S r VHHH H R ' sag mif W- F " " " ■ w W, y- iim m s d h -. K m ■ Iw m n ' 3 -: f -J 1 ■f ■ J O Ki ■ ■ 55 First Row: Jeanne Barnett. Alison Becker, Mary Ann Bivens, Celeste Bradham, Cheree Briggs, Barbara Brigham. Diane Bucy. Carol Carter. Second Row: Mary Crilly, Gay Crowell, Millie Eby, Martina Ellis. Eileen Rehr. Anne Geddes, Pi George, Linda Gibson. Third Row: Kyle Henn, Ann Herndon, Carol Herndon, Sandy Holnian, Charlotte Lachiotte, Linda Lane, Nancy Lawley, Marcia McCord. Fourth Row: Janet McDonald, Ann McMackin. Anna Clare Morrison. Sue Anna Moss, Jo Anne Mullins, Nina Murray, Susan Nagle, Sonnie Oswald. tP ' ell she was just standing here shaving and Every Thursday is lunch at the Theta house. ,..■ AAA 1156 KAG The Theta traditiod on outstanding leadership in all facets on campus life was carried on again this year hy Ann McMackin and Marge Schwartzbek on Honor Board; Pam Waits, treasurer of the Senior Class; Cathy Twist, Mortar Board: Diane Bucy, Assets; and Eugenie Watson, chairman of Padohad. Thetas were presidents of three of the dorms — Diane Bucy, Warren House; Nina Murray, Butler; Millie Eby, Doris Mary Crilly was resident secretary. The chapter included three returning JYA ' ers, while four Thetas are presently JYA in Germany, Paris, and Cardiff, Wales. Taking time out from campus activities including Angel Flight. Tulanians, House Council, and Scholars and Fellows) the Thetas ' social whirl included lunches at the house, a fall party, pledge exchanges, and the Soring Formal. Left to right: Millie Eby, vice-president. Marge Schwartzbek. treasurer, Jeanne Harnett, president, Pam Waits, corresponding secretary. First Row: Jane Rush. Marge Schwartzbek. Debbie Strange, Karin Verdon. Pam Waits, Eugenie Watson. Judi Wolf. Second Row: Judy Zimmerman, Gere Allison. Penny Chittim, Becky Coleman, Chotsie Collier, Diane Dallas. Marie Dufour. Third Row: Marion Garrard, Julie Hackney, Sherry Heiden, Susan Hewitt, Sam Hurley, Pam Kerley, Jo Aa KrCeger. Fourth Row: Cathy McHugh, Lea Mcintosh, Cindy Smith, Martha Sorrels, Jill Stevens, Judy Wiebmer. - 57 KKr Back row: Laurie Kyle, recording secretary, Sudie Eustis. treasurer; front ' row: Maxine Green, vice- president, Susan Clark, president. The year began for Kappa with the September Open House during Orientation. A Foreign Students ' Tea and the annual Boatride Party were among the events of the fall. The year drew to a seasonal close with the Christmas Party at the KA House for some underprivileged children. After semester break the Kappas joined in toasting at Bruno ' s their spectacular February pledge class. Spring came with the Art Show, the formal, the Founders ' Day Banquet, and the highlighted initiation of the Kappa pledges. On campus this year were many active Kappas: Florence deFroscia. President of the Newcomb Student Body; Susan Clark. President of Honor Board ; Carolyn Crusel, President of Women ' s Panhel; Laurie Kyle. President of the Senior Class; Suzanne Dupuy and Marsha Dumas, Honor Board members: Susan Andry. Sophomore Orientation Chairman; Janie Moser. Hospitality Committee Chairman; La Fon Pease. Project Opportunity . Chairman; Maggie Moore, Greenbackers ' Secretary; Elaine Cuellar. Cheerleader; Sudie Eustis and Margie Longenecker, Mortar Board members; Suzanne Dupuy, an Asset; Susan Clark. Laurie Kyle, Florence deFroscia, Carolyn Crusel, and Margie Longe- necker. members of Who ' s Who; Susan Clark, Homecoming Queen; and Helen Childress, a member of the court. With these Kappa leaders and with enthusiastic chapter spirit, the year was a successful one for Kappa Kappa Gamma. First Row: Emily Anderson, Susan Andry, Reid Barkerding, Bonnie Bamett, Laura Bayon, Martha Bond, Helen Childress. Second Row: Susan Clark, Mina Coleman, Carolyn Crusel, Elaine Cuellar. Florence DeFroscia, Elyse Derbes, Keith Dockery. Third Row: Marsh Dunias, Suzanne Dupuy, Jean Gallico, Maxine Green, Bev Hammond, Patricia Harrison, Judy Hull. Fourth Row: Liz Jaquet, Suzanne Kamrath, Laurie Kyle, Margie Longenecker, Maggie Moore. Jane Moser. Madeline Murphy. Fifth Row: Anne McHhenny, Mary Lynn Peterson, Mucy Reardon, Beverly Rees, Charli Schanzer. Jo Gwin Shelby, Susan Shelton. .58 First Row: Suzanne Sheppard, Ami Smith, Lesley Smith, Pam Sporl, Nancy Gay Stewart Sally Stocker, Susan Wadick. Second Row: Delia Wimberly, Barby Winter, Julia Yuill Mary Ellen Benton, Mary Brownfield. Tink Caffery, Kitty Claiborne. Third Row: Emih Clark, Bronson Clayton, Malin Davis, Mary Gresham, Sandy Heaberlin, Glenn Johnson Christy King. Fourth Row: Aimee Locke, Mary Prosser, Susan Read, Jane Shelton, Susar Shipman, Alice Simkins, Missy Smith. Fifth Row: Grende Smith, Janet Wessler, Amelit Wogan. Miss Cuellar and Miss Hull entertain foreign students at tea given by the Kappas. President Susan Clark displays Kappa hospitality at foreign students tea. 59 First Row: Judy Agster, Jill Alberstadt, Ann Armitage, Susan Blackford, Hyacinth Carter, Dorothy Connell, Nora Cooke. Jamie Covell. Second Row: Margaret Eden, Carolyn Gifford, Trisha Glatthaar, Cathy Halsey, Helen Haskins, Carol Hermann, Sarah Johnson, Susan Kampen. Third Row: Kathleen Kizzare, Cathy Kornegay. Norris Lupo, Michaelyn O ' Don- nell, Shelia O ' Donnell, Jan Parker, Sarah Pilgrim, Bette Prescott. Phi Mu ' s have their rendition of " Queen for a day? " Wait till we tell the Rushees! I.S0 4 M Back row: Sarah Pilgrim, treasurer, Michaelyn O ' Don- nell, secretary; front row: Cathy Kornegay, president, Carolyn Gifford, vice-president. Delta chapter began another successful year with an industrious and fun-filled houseparty on the Gulf Coast. As a group, the chapter enthusiastically participated in many campus and Panhellenic activities which included decorating for Homecoming, Campus Carnival, and Derby Day. The busy social calendar was highlighted by weekly luncheons, a swinging Christmas party, the Founder ' s Day Banquet, the Senior Banquet, and the annual Spring Formal. As philan- thropic projects, the chapter gave a Halloween party for the patients at the Crippled Children ' s Hospital and gener- ously contributed to the Christmas Toy-Cart. In addition, the Phi Mu ' s participated in their annual Hope Day cele- bration and the Philomathean Hour. Phi Mu is also proud of its individual members who are active as leaders of campus life. Their achievements include elected campus positions and honorary and social awards. Among these outstanding members are: Carolyn Gifford. Cosmopolitan Committee Chairman, Athletic Council Presi- dent, member of who ' s who, and Pi Kappa Alpha Dream Girl Court; Carol Herman, Chi Beta President, and winner of the Chi Omega Freshman Award ; Norris Lupo, Sf ot- lighters Committee Chairman, Business School Honor Board, who ' s who; Dee Dee Connell, Oreades President; Celeste St. Martin; Pi Mu Epsilon President; Darlene Bierhorst, Uni- versity College Representative-at-Large; Dee Dee Blache, Angel Flight Secretary; Gladys Salassi, member of Ange! Flight; Jan Parker and Mufi Eden, maids of Sigma Pi Sweetheart Court. First Row: Chris Robinson, Gladys Salassi, Pam Wild, Pamela Yager, Lynne Young. Milissa Bailey. Second Row: Ann Calfee, Suzanne Delker, Eileen Gleason. Karen Khngman, Charmaine Lanoix. Sue Lindsley. Third Row: Cheryl Sims, Pam Smiley Patricia Talb ot, Edith Thomas. lOI nB$ Pi Phi started the year off right by winning the Pan- hellenic trophy for 1964-65. Homecoming was another ex- citing time for Pi Phi, for in addition to winning first place in the displays, the chapter was well represented on the Homecoming Court by Mary Brown, Susan Marland. and Mary Helen Young. Pi Phi contributed leadership to the campus, again this year with Mary Brown, vice president of Newcomb; Margie Nolan, recording secretary of Newcomb; Susan Dreyfus, president of Mortar Board. Sissy Sharpe. Junior class vice president:. Ginger Villemez, Junior class secretary; Sylvia Dreyfus. Sophomore class vice president; Edi Winter and Mary Helen Young, Tulanians: Margie Nolan and Sylvia Drev us, Assets. The Tulane Student Activities Board in- cluded Sylvia Dreyfus, Duane Eagan, Claudia Harold, and Margie Nolan. Susan Dreyfus and Carol Welch served as representatives to the Tulane Student Council. Mary Brown. Susan Dreyfus, and Mary Helen Young were among those selected for Who ' s Who. Parties this year included the Kappa Sig-Pi Phi Orphan Christmas party, a tea for International Students, and all- sorority-fraternity Christmas party, and lunches at the house. Back row: Mary Helen Young, vice-president. Pair Dykes, recording secretary; front row: Kathy Sale, treasurer, Mary Brown, president. First Row : Diane Andrews, Dorothy Bergquist. Bunny Bourgeois, Kam Boyle. Mary Brown, Pam Buchanan, Ceci Bush. Connie Cole. Second Row: Kit Crews, Kathy Davis, Lisette Derbes, Susan Dreyfus, Sylvia Dreyfus, Sally Dupuy, Pam Dykes, Duane Eagan. Third Row: Martha Eshleman, Marilee Eaves, Jane Eustis, Judy French, Cynthia Gagnet, Kris Gehrkin, Brenda Gooch, Vicky Hammond. Fourth Row: Flora Harkey, Claudia Harold, Mary Harrington, Ann Hinkle, Ann Kerr, Karen Killick, Suzanne Kuhn, Lynn Mc- Dowell. Fifth Row: Mary Lynn McMillan, Ann Mackie. Suzanne Maginnis. Kathy Maun- sell, Susan Marland, Dale Marlin, Tudie Mears, Camilla Meyerson. i6i First Row: Margie Nolan, Myrtle Pope, Nancy Railing, Callie Rees, Gabriella Rossi- Espagnet, Kathy Sale, Sissy Sharpe, Nina Shaw. Second Row: Claudette Stewart, Susan Summers, Jackie Tarleton, Ann Timberlake, Ginger Villemez, Carol Welch, Mary Helen Young, Merle Ashley. Third Row: Barbara Backus, Francie Brewer, Marilyn Coplin, Ann Flowerree, Ann Hall, Susan Heatherly, Sally Lawrence, Jeanne Long. Fourth Row: Jamie Mallory, Monica Mason, Palmour Mclntire, Fran Moore, Pat Perkins, Barbara Pyle, Anne Riley, Sue Sterne. Fifth Row: Martha Walters, Jackie Wolfe, Paula Wood. Hey let ' s pledge him. Don ' t tell me there is not a Santa Claus. 163 First Row: Marilyn Ailadeff, Roonie Altraan, Faye Angel, Mara Berman, Barbara Bienn, Susan Black. Jackie Blye. Second Row: Regina Brody, Cheryl Brownstein, Sally Cohen. Linda Davis, Herma Sue Ellman, Jane English, Sherry Frawley. Third Row: Nancy Galeg, Barbara Greenwald, Sandi Herman, Livvy Kazer. Linda Kriger. Micki Kronsberg, Lynda Lane. Fourth Row : Linda Lerner, Renee Leon, Janice Levy, Myrna Padawer, Diane Pearl- man. Linda Phillips, Ricki Price. Fifth Row: Laura Rhodes, Lynn Donna Rocker, Terri Rosenbaum, Ruth Rosenblatt, Becky Rosenfeld, Ellen Salzman, Ruth Sang. The SDT flapper club. . . Your all heart? ■2.6j Back row: Ricki ' Price, recording secretary, Renee Leon, vice-president; front row: Marian Wadler, president, Sharon Turboff, pledge-trainer. ZAT SIGMA DFLTA TAU started off the new year by return- ing to school to find not only " Betsy " but a beautifully remodeled house as well. The activities of the first semester were highlighted by the Sig Delt ' s party at the Playboy Club. Other activities included a Halloween party for the crippled children ' s hospital, .Sunday morning brunches, a winter retreat, and a cultural lecture series. Second semester was filled with the excitement of a new pledge class and was topped off by a beautiful Spring Formal. SDT is very proud of its members who excell in campus activities. Debby Shapiro is corresponding secretary of the Student Body; Regina Brody, U. C. Fine Arts Chairman; Lynn Donna Rocker, U. C. Music Chairman; Janice Levy and Ellen Stetzer are members of Mortar Board ; and Richi Price and Jackie Blye are members of Chi Beta. First Row: Marilyn Saxe, Debbie Shapiro, Mimi Shetzen, Sandi Tanenhaus, Sharon Turboff, Marion Wadler, Stephanie Wasserman. Second Row: Devra Weinstein, Jackie Alfandari, Susie Birenbaum, Debbie Brown, Robyn Ehindee, Sydney Fleischer, Rachelle Galanti. Third Row: Cyrelle Gerson, Sandy Gerth, Cathy Goldstein, Sharon ' Graber, Marilyn Herman, Cheryl Josephs, Jean Kemp. Fourth Row: Lorraine Lake, Susan Lebow. Linda Lewis, Caro- lyn Macow, Ellen Passman, Kay Seligman, Debbie Somberg. Fifth Row: Jenifer Smith, Phyllis Wolfson, Marilyn Zwick. 7.6 Architecture Seniors FIRST ROW: LEE HEWLETT ASKEW. III. Memphis, Term.; .Scal.hard and Blade; Greenbackers; Sigma Clii. JAMES B. CARDWELL. Shreveport, La.; President, Senior Class of Architecture; A. I. A.; Sailing Ciiih; Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. SECOND ROW: JERRY STEPHEN SUTTON, Nacogdoches, Tex.; A.LA.; Sigma Nu. ROBERT RAYMOND WILSON. Tampa, Fla.; Vice-President, Senior Class of Architecture, W ' c.tt ' f what? " Hey you stupid fruit. . . Undergraduates TMfj rmj- imvi ' ' i -f FIRST ROW RICHARD BALDERSTON. Glen Mills. Pa. : freshman. RICHARD RAWLS BARNETT. Plant Citv. Fla. : fourth year. RICHARD JAMES BAUMANN. Cranford. N.J.: sophomore. GEORGE MARVIN BLACKBURN. Gretna. La.: 4th year. KENNETH TERRELL BROWN, Ocala, Fla.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: HOWARD EDWARD CALLIHAN. JR.. Cincinnati. 0.: junior. ROBERT THOMAS CAMPBELL. New Orleans. La.: freshman. MICHAEL JOSEPH CARBONI. New Orleans. La.: freshman. BENJAMIN PAUL CHAIT. Miami, Fla.: freshman, RICHARD JOHN CHARLESWORTH, Pittsburgh. Pa.: fresh- THIRD ROW: PERRY CECEL COFIELD. JR.. Jacksonville. Fla.: freshman. MANUEL ANTONIO DE LEMOS. Santurce. P.R.: freshman. E. MARSH DOUTHAT. Shawnee Mission. Kan.: freshman WILLIAM FREEMAN EVERETT. JR., Montgomery. Ala. sophomore. DUDLEY LOUIS FLOTTE. Metairie. La.: junior. 169 Architecture Undergraduates o " 7 iciilh didn ' t nieiin to siiiu in uront. FIRST ROW: JEFFREY MICHAEL GARTH. Hicksville. N.Y.; freshman. JAY I. GREEN. New Orleans. La.; junior. THOMAS ANDREW GREER. Dallas. Tex. : sophomore. RONNIE RAY GREGORY. Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. HARRY A. HARWOOD. Bloomington. 111. : sophomore. SECOND ROW: KELEAL STEPHEN HASSIN. Yazoo City. Miss.: junior. HERMAN KARL HOCHSCHWENDER. Greenwich, Conn.; freshman. RICHARD JAMES HOCKERT. Indianapolis. Ind.; freshman. STEPHEN ROBERT ISOM. LaGrange Park. 111. ; junior. THOMAS HOWARD JOHNSTON, Shawnee Mission, Kan.; freshman. THIRD ROW: FLEETWOOD B. JOINER. JR.. New Orleans. La. ; 4th year. MICHAEL FREDERICK LANCIAULT. Zulia, Venezuela; sophomore. ROBERT MILLARD EARNED. IV, Northfield, N.J.; freshman. RICHARD ALAN LE BOEUF. Scotia. N.Y.: freshman. BERNARD JOSEPH LEBLANC, JR.. Abheville, La.; fresh- man. FOURTH ROW: ALLAN MICHAEL LEVY. Memphis. Tenn.; junior. CHARLES L. LORD. St. Petersburg, Fla.; 4th year. YALE MARC. Miami Beach. Fla.; sophomore. ROBERT EDWARD MAYER. JR.. Toms River, N.J. ; junior. RICHARD CHARLES MAXWELL. New Orleans. La.; sopho- more. FIFTH ROW: GERALD S. PFEFFER. Englewood. N.J.; sophomore. GEORGE GRAY PLOSSER. JR.. Birmingham. Ala.; junior. JEF FREY MARL ROSENBLUM, Hempstead, N.Y.; 4th year. WILLIAM FAULKNER RUSHTON, Lake Charles, La.; fresh- man. JOHN CHARLES SAUNDERS, New Orleans, La. ; freshman. SIXTH ROW: JOHN A. SCHOPP, JR.. Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. JOHN JACKSON SCURRY, Dallas, Tex.; freshman. ROBERT B. SEYFARTH. Mason. Mich.. 4th year. SUHAIL KHALIL SHUHAIBER, Kuwait City. Kuwait; junior. B. FRANK SMITH, Quincy. Fla.; 4th year. SEVENTH ROW: BRUCE EDWARD STERNBERG. Hollywood. Fla.; sophomore. JAMES LELAND SWOOP. New Orleans. La.; junior. CHRISTOPHER COSTON THEIS. Kansas City, Mo.; junior. ANDREW JAMES TRIVERS, Chattanooga, Tenn.; sophomore. JEFFREY BRIAN TYRA, Anchorage, Alaska; freshman. EIGHTH ROW: RALPH EGLIN WAFER, Shreveport, La.; freshman. l ii . i Aid li 1 dk 170 Arts and Sciences 1.JX FIRST ROW: KENNETH CARL ANDERSON. New Orleans, La.; Secretary, Alpha Chi Sigma: Scabbard Blade. WATSON CAUFIELD ARNOLD. JR.. Waco. Tex.; President, Inner House Council: Chairman. Student Judicial Committee; Finance Board: Beta Theta Pi. ROBERT ARON, New York, N.Y.: Zeta Beta Tau. SECOND ROW: EDWARD DANA ARTHUR. Dothan. Ala.: Alpha Phi Omega; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epilon Delta; Scholars Fellows: Sigma Nu. RODNEY WILLIAM BAINE, Memphis. Tenn.: Golf team; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RONALD H. BALSON. Chicago. 111.; Sports Editor. HULLA- BALOO; WTUL; Alpha Epsilon Pi. THIRD ROW: WILLIAM WARREN BANTA, Houston. Tex.; Tennis team: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PETER WHITNEY BEAUMONT, New Orleans La.; Beta Theta Pi. TRAVIS ALBERT BECK. JR.. Mt. Pleasant. Tex. FOURTH ROW: KIM FRANCIS BERTUCCI, Metaire. La. DALE CLYDE BIGGERS. Metaire. La. STEVEN LEE BLAKE. Ft. Sam Houston, Tex.; Treasurer. JYA; Scabbard Blade FIFTH ROW: RALPH RANDAL BOLLINGER, Houston, T ex.; Alpha Phi Omega; Pre-medical Society; Scholar Fellows; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Arnold Air Society; Scabbard Blade. THOMAS HENRY BOOHER, JR., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Judiciary Council; Pi Kappa Alpha. GEORGE E. BOOKER. JR.. Mobile. Ala.; Varsity Baseball; Beta Beta Beta; Alpha Tau Omega. 1 kk4ik Ref, it ' s about those kners. Arts and Science Seniors FIRST ROW: THOMAS WILLIAM BOUNDS, Ft. Smiih, Ark.; Tiilane Scholar. HERBERT BALL BOWERS, III, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Alpha Order. MATTHEW P. BRAATZ, Rye, N.Y.; Alpha Tau Omega. SECOND ROW: HOWARD STARR BRAGG, III, Arlington, Tenn.; Tiilane Fel- low, JYA; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KENNETH EDWARD BREAUX. Por-au-Prince. Haiti; Alpha Sigma Phi. DON M. BREEN, New Orleans, La.; Arnold Air Society. THIRD ROW: MICHAEL ALTON BRITT, New Orleans. La. EDWARD HERCULES CARLETON, JR.. Shererville, Ind.; Beta Theta Pi. DANDO BELMONDO CELLINI, New Orleans, La.; Scholas Fellows; Student Bar Association. lk4ik FIRST ROW: PETER DEE COLEMAN. New Orleans. La.; Beta Theta Pi. KERMIT C. CORCORAN. Alexandria. La. HENRY ROBERT (ORDER, JR., Metairie, La. Golf team; Kappa Alpha Ord r SECOND ROW: MICHAEL HARDING C ' ORLEY. Clarksdale, Miss.; Chairman. Lyceum Committee; Alph i Phi Omega: Who ' s Who; Project Opportunity; Collegiate Council of U.N.; Canterbury Associa- tion. THOMAS LARRY COTTON. Winnsboro. S.C; Scabbard Blade; Anchor and Chain. DAVID EMILE CRAIS, Atlanta. Ga.; track team. THIRD ROW: WILLIAM STUART CROSS. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: Student Bar A sociation; SBA Newsletter; House Council; Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM HUGH CROUCH. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Alpha Sigma Phi. JOHN VESTER CROWDER. JR.. Bethpage. N.Y.; Alpha Ep- silon Delta; Pre-medicai Society; Phi Kappa Sigma. FOURTH ROW: TIMOTHY STOTT DARRAH. Winter Park. Fla.: Project Opportunity; President, Kappa Sigma. LOUIS ROBBERT DAVIS, New Orleans. La.; Sigma Qii. ROBERT EARLE DILWORTH, Shreveport. La.: Sigma - lpha Epsilon. V3 •!PiBI LirT FIRST ROW: ROBERT BURNS FISHER. JR.. St. Francisville, La.; Secre- tary; Delta Kappa Epsilon. PATRICK ALLEN FOLK. Findlay. 0. ; Pi Kappa Alpha. WILLIAM FRANCIS FONT. JR.. Luling. La.; Alpha Sigma Phi. SECOND ROW: ALAN WAYNE FOSTER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Phi Kappa Sigma. ROBERT TIMOTHY FRANCE. Whittier, Calif.: Sigma Pi Sigma; Kappa Delta Phi; President, Scabbard Blade; Com- mander, NROTC Drum Bugle Corps; Interfaith Council; Westminster Fellowship. LEE FREUDBERG, Memphis, Tenn.; Zeta Beta Tau. THIRD ROW: MICHAEL R. FRIEDBERG, Wilmette, 111.; Chairman. Per- sonnel and Evaluations Committee; Honor Board; Tulane Scholar. JOHN POPE FULLILOVE, III, Shreveport, La.; Phi Eta Sig- ma; ODK; Who ' s Who; President, Tulane Student Body; Assoc. Editor, Jambalaya; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES B. GARDNER. Shreveport, La.; Alpha Sigma Phi. FOURTH ROW: CHIP ERNEST GATTO, New Orleans, La.; Pre-medical So- ciety; Honor Board (1, 2); Vice-President. Freshman Class; President, Greenbackers; Student Activities Board: Recreation Committee (1, 2) ; Sailing Club (1) ; Alpha Tau Omega. RICHARD JEFF GERONEMUS, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; Zeta Beta Tau. PETER D. GOLDMAN, Chicago, 111.; Sailing Club; Zeta Beta Tau. FIRST ROW: EMILIO L. DIAZ, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico; Cosmopolitan Committee, GEORGE EDWARD DOPSON. Miami, Fla. JOHN ALFRED DUNLAP, New Orleans, La. SECOND ROW: AUBRY EDWIN DUPUY, New Orleans, La. HOWARD LYLE ECKER, Chicago, 111.; Zeta Beta Tau. FRNF.ST LANIER EDWARDS. Bossier City. La.; Phi Eta Sig- ma; Scholars Fellows; Circle K; Student Bar Association; Asst. Editor. SBA Newsletter; House Council; Intramural Council; Pi Kappa Alpha. THIRD ROW: JOE C. ELLIOTT, Houston. Tex.; Pi Kappa Alpha. STANLEY CECIL FELDMAN. Shreveport, La.; Scholars Fellows; TIRESIAN. EUGENE THOMAS FISCHER. New Orleans, La.: Sigma Pi. H HHJI B H l An A A V4 j Ari i ifc B FIRST ROW: STUART A. GORELIK, Chicago, III.; Zeia Beta Tau. CHARLES MORTON COTTLICH, Dallas, Tex.; Alpha Ep- fsilon Delta; .Scholars Fellows; JYA; Zeta Beta Tau. .lOSEPH PATRICK GRACE, Canton, Mi.ss.; .Scabbard Blade; .Secretary, Sigma Chi. SECOND ROW: ANTHONY .JOHN GRIPPA, Malverne, N.Y.; Hou.se Council. CHARLES E. HAMILTON, IIL New Orlean.s, La.; Alpha Tau Omega. VAGN KEITH HAN.SEN, Jackson, Miss.; .Scabbard Blade; Editor without portfolio, HULLABALOO; Who ' s Who; Vice- President. Tulane Band; Ass ' t Director, Pep Band; Orchestra; Baptist .Student Union. THIRD ROW: THOMAS W. HARDIN, Ml. Pleasant, Tenn.; Kappa .Sigma. HUNTER PITTENGER HARRIS, Houston. Tex.; Phi Kappa Sigma. SAM GEORGE HARRISON, JR., Houston, Texas.; Alpha Phi Omega. FOURTH ROW: MARK BRIAN HERMAN, New Orleans, La.; Zeta Beta Tau. DAVID A. HEROLD, Chyenne. Wyom.; Varsity Swimming Team: Alpha Chi Sigma: Arnold Air .Society; Vice-President. Delta Tau Delta. ALVIN PIKE HOWARD, New Orleans, La.; President, Delta Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM C. HUNTER, New Orleans. La.; Sigma Chi. KENNETH ALAN HURWITZ. Port Arthur, Tex.; Phi Eta Sigma; Pi Mu Epsilon; Scholars Fellows. HOMER GRAY HUTCHINSON, III, Honolulu, Hawaii; Fly- ing Club; Padohad Committee: Secretary. Sigma Chi. Croquet anyone? Arts and Science Seniors te ; FIRST ROW: ROBERT CHRISTOPHER IRWIN. Atlanta. Ga.: Inter-house Council; Jambalaya; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BARRY THORNTON JENNINGS. Phoenix. Ariz.: Alpha Phi Omega. RONALD ADAMS .lOHNSON, New Orleans. La.; Alpha Tau Oniesra. SECOND ROW: MARTIN L. JONES. New Orleans. La.; Pre-medical Society; Delta Kappa Epsilon. ROBERT LEON JONES. Tulsa. Oklahoma; Kappa Sigma. THOMAS HOWARD JONES. Dallas. Tex.; Jambalaya; Al- pha Epsilon Delta; Beta Theta Pi. THIRD ROW: JOHN MARCUS JONES. Houston. Tex.; Pre-medical Society; Greenbackers; Phi Kappa Sigma. GREGORY W. KAHN, Metairie, La. MARK DAVID KALISH. S. Maimi. Fla.; Pre-medical Society; Judicial Council; Student Directory; Alpha Epsilon Pi. FOURTH ROW: LOUIS A. KAPICAK, Belleview. Fla.; Varsity Track team; ODK; Who ' s Who; Vice-President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT ALEXANDER KATZ. New Orleans. La.; Zeta Beta Tail. FRED STEPHEN KAYE. Miami Beach, Fla.; Cosmopolitan Committee; Sigma Alpha Mu. FIFTH ROW: JOHN DAVID KENNEY. Katy. Tex.; Varsity Track; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JEFFREY LAWREN CE KERMAN. Roslyn, N.Y.; Pre-medical Society. KENNETH GEORGE KNEIPP. New Orleans. La.; Alpha Chi Sigma. " Spanish ivhat? " Arts and Science Seniors FIRST ROW: ROBERT J. KUHLMAN, Richmond, Iiul.; Aljilia Sigma Phi. JEROME EDWARD LAHMAN, Atlanta, Ga.; Eta Sigma Phi; Vice-President for Finance, University Center Board; Who ' s Who; ODK; President, Sigma Alpha Mu. FRANK EUGENE LAMOTHE, III, New Orleans, l,a.; Varsity Tennis; Alpha Tan Omega. SECOND ROW: MITCHELL ALLAN LEVIN, Washington, D.C.; HULLABA- LOO; Hillel Foundation; Interfaith Council; Alpha Epsilon Pi. EDWIN R. LEWIS, Lake Forest, 111.; Varsity Baseball; Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT KENNETH LINDHOLM, Washington, D.C.; Inner- house Council; Recreation Committee; Greenbackers; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THIRD ROW: STANLEY H. LINNICK, Mobile, Ala.; President, Pre-medieal Society; Ass ' t Business Manager, Student Directory; Circula- tion Manager, HULLABALOO; WTUL; Per.shing Rifles; Inter- house Council; Lyceum Committee; Hillel Foundation; Alpha Epsilon Pi. JOHN CHARLES MARTIN, Merced, Calif.; Conservative Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Sigma Nu. ROGER A. MAUNZ, Corpus Christi, Tex.; Sigma Pi Sigma. tfiii ikjiiill iifc t fc i FIRST ROW: ZEB MAYHEW, JR., Greenwich, Conn.; President, Kappa Alpha Order. VAUGHN CRAIG McCAGHREN. West Palm Beach. Fla.: Public Relations Committee; Cosmopolitan Committee; Pi Kappa Alpha. CONRAD MEYER, IV. New Orleans, La.; Eta Sigma Phi: ODK; Who ' s Who; Varsity Football; Beta Theta Pi. SECOND ROW: JOHN HERR MUSSER. IV. Jackson. Miss.: President. Senior Class; Honor Board; Vice-President. Alpha Phi Omega: Circle K; Greenbackers; Chairman. Campus Carnival; Elec- tions Committee; Special Projects Committee; Project Op- portunity; President, Kappa Phi. JEFFREY LEE MYERS. Deltona. Fla.: Alpha Sigma Phi. EDWARD D. MYRICK. Lake Charles. La.; Finance Board; Honor Board; Phi Kappa Sigma. THIRD ROW: HUDSON R. NICHOLS. New Orleans. La.; SaiUng Club: Sig- ma Pi. FRANCIS NICHOLSON, Jasper. Ala.; Sigma Nu. EUGENE NIFENECKER. New York City. N.Y.: House Coun- cil (I); Swimming team (1, 2); Soccer team (1, 2); Kappa Sigma. FOURTH ROW: JON C. OGG, New Orleans. La. : JYA. ALEX MAGNO PANIO. JR.. Chicago Heights. 111.: Pre- medical Society; Inner-house Council; Tulane Forward Fund: Si ma Nu. JACK RALPH PAYTON. IVIiami Sprinas. Fla.: HULLABA- LOO. 77 - ?]r -| FIRST ROW: TERRY ALAN PRATCHETT. Rodman Naval Station. Panama Canal Zone: Arnold Air Society; Creighton Advisor; Pi Kappa Alpha. PAUL EUGENE RAMONI. JR.. Reno, Nev.; University Center Board: House Council; Who " s Who; Young Republicans; oung Conservatives; Canterbury Forum. ARTHUR HERMAN REIF, New Orleans, Lu. SECOND ROW: JAMES STEELE ROBBINS, IH, Mayfield, Ky.; Scabbard Blade; Sigma Nu. RICHARD BREWER, ROGERS. Demopolis, Ala.; Varsity Track; Sigma Nu. CLARK DEWITT, ROWLEY. Newtown. Conn.; Editor. HULL- ABALOO. THIRD ROW: JAMES MARVIN SCHENDLE. Bastrop. La.; Vice-President. Zieta Beta Tau. RICHARD MARK SCHLANGER. Woodmere, N.Y.; Tau Ep- silon Phi. GARY A. SCHNEIDER. New Orleans. La.: Public Relations Committee; Sigma Pi. FOURTH ROW: MYRON PHILLIP SCHNEIDER, New Orleans, La.; Pre- medical Society; Alpha Epsilon Pi. KENNY PAUL SCHWARTZBERG, Houston. Tex.; JYA. JAMES D. SERRILL, Huntsville. Ala.; Arnold Air Society; Sigma Nu. FIRST ROW: DENNIS RICHARD PELLETIER, Wayland, Mass.; Scabbard Blade; Anchor Chain. GERALD FRANKLIN PELZMANN, Skokie, 111.; Scabbard Blade. CORBETT LEE PENTON. Corcoran. Calif.; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Scabbard Blade; Pershing Riflles. SECOND ROW: DAVID WILSON PETTIS. JR.. Montgomery, Ala.; President. Anchor Chain; Major, Drum and Bugle Corps; Sigma Nu. PAUL EDWARD PETTY, England. Ark.; Inner-house council; Young Republicans: Lyceum Committee. RALPH BURTON PFEIFFER. JR.. Birmingham, Ala.; Presi- dent, Alpha Epsilon Delta; Treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Delta; Who ' s Who; Vice-President. Junior Class; Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class; Honor Board; President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. THIRD ROW: WALTER JAMES PHILBIN, JR., New Orleans, La.; Phi Eta Sigma; Eta Sigma Phi; JYA JOEL ALAN PICKER. Great Neck. N.Y.; Tulane Band; Tulane Forward Fund captain; Tau Epsilon Phi. MAORGA HARROD PICKENS, HI, Chalmette, La.; Alpha Sigma Phi. 1.78 t M Mmk FIRST ROW: DONALD J. SIEGEL, New Orl ;ans, La.; Phi Sigma Delta. LARRY LOULS SILVERSTEIN. HrownvilJe, Tenn.; Vice-Presi- dent, Sophomore Class; j- ' residenl. Junior Class; Honor Board: President, Zeta Beta Tau. DAVID MEANS SMILL, Metairie, La. SECOND ROW: STEPHAN E. SOTKIN, Hopicon. N..L; .Sigma Alplia Nu. RICHARD WILLIAM STEPHEN.S, Atlanta. Ga.; Varsity Ba.se- liall; .Secretary, Tiilane Panlipllf-iric; ODK: Treasurer, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. KENNETH .lAY SPARLER, York. Fa.: I hi Kappa .Sigma. THIRD ROW; RICHARD HENRY SPERO, Glencoe. III.; .Scholars Fellows- General Manager, WTUL; Alpha Epsilon Pi. MAURICE .SHERIDAN SPRANLEY. New Orleans. La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Sigma Pi. WILLIAM H. STANTON, Metairie. La.; Scabbard Blade. FOURTH ROW: DONALD BRUCE SUMMERS, Amarillo, Tex.; Phi Eta Sigma: Scholars Fellows; Alpha Epsilon Delta; Pre-medical Society: A Cappella Choir. PETER DIXON THACHER, Jensen Beach, Fla. DONALD EDWARD THERIOT. New Orleans, La.: Kappa Alpha Order. FIFTH ROW: JAMES WILLIAM THOMPSON. Tulsa. Okla.: President. Al- pha Phi Omega; Wesley Foundation; Kappa Phi. FRANK J. VACCARELLA, New Orleans, La. LEON LINUS VERRIERE, New Orleans. La.: arsitv Foot- ball. But why not go upstairs? Arts and Science Seniors FIRST ROW: ROBERT PAUL VIGNES. New Orleans. La.: Harvard Sum- mer Fellowship (3). ROBERT PRENTISS VILES. Baytown. Tex.: Delta Tau Delta. PAUL H. WALD.MAN, Hillside. N.J.: Alpha Epsilon Pi. SECOND ROW: BARNIE ALVIN WALLACE. JR.. Darlington. S.C; Phi Eta Sigma: Scholars Fellows: Sigma Pi Sigma; Baptist Student Union. CHARLES WILLIAM WALLDORF. Chattanooga. Tenn.: Con- servative Club; " ioung Republicans: Delta Kappa Epsilon. JOHN MICHAEL WARD. Pensacola. Fla.; Alpha Sigma Phi. THIRD ROW: H. EDWARD WEIDLICH. Fairfield. Conn.; Young Republi- cans; Tulane Panhellenic; President, Phi Delta Theta. VICTOR JEROME WEINSTEIN. Miami. Fla.; Scholars Fellows; Alpha Epsilon Deha; JYA: Sigma Alpha Mu. MARK S. WEISS, Little Rock. Ark.; Sigma Alpha Mu. ihdi ittk y yfe FIRST ROW: HAROLD DAVID WEXLER, New Orleans, La.; Pre-medical Society; Alpha Epsilon Pi. LAWRENCE E. WHALEY, Dallas, Tex.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN SPICER WIL DS, New Orleans, La.; Sailing Club; Alpha Epsilon Pi. SECOND ROW: WILLIAM LEE WILLIAMS. White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.; Sailing Club; Pre-law Club. PENN JEMISON WILLIAMSON, Birmingham. Ala.; Pi Kappa Alpha. ROBERT DUNN WINSTON, JR., New Orleans, La. THIRD ROW: RICHARD WILLIAM WOLF, San Antonio, Tex.; Pi Kappa Alpha. FRANK WOODARD, HI. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. DAVID F. WRIGHT, Woodland Hills, Calif.; Phi Eta Sigma; Scholars Fellows; A Cappella Choir. FOURTH ROW; JOHN CALHOUN WYRICK, III, Texarkana, Tex.; Kappa Sigma. JAMES LUCKETT YAWN, HI, Coral Gables, Fla.; Chairman, Publicity Committee; University Center Board; Pershing Rifles; CCUN; Cosmopolitan Committee; Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha. RAYNAL BRENT YOUNG, Bossier City, La.; Pi Kappa Alpha. DAVID S. ZOREB, Hot Springs, Ark.; Phi Eta Sigma; Scholars Fellows; Alpha Epsilon Delta. 7.»o Arts and Science Undergraduates 4 i)i r ? Rather fight than switch! FIRST ROW: WILLIAM THOMAS ABBOTT. New Orleans. La.: junior. STEPHEN GARNER ABSHIRE. Kaplan. La.: sophomore. PAGE W. AGREE, Baton Rouge. La.: sophomore. ISAAG ADAMS, JR., New Orleans, La.; sophomore. PHILIP REED ADAMS, New Orleans. La.: freshman. SECOND ROW: S. JAMES ADKINS. JR., Gainesville. Fla.; junior. GLENN ALAN AKERS. New Orleans. La.: freshman. NORMAN ERICK ALBERT. Johnston City. 111.: junior. STEPHEN MICHAEL ALDEN. Atlanta. Ga.: freshman. RICHARD MARK ALDERMAN, Pittsford. N.Y.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: HENRY AUGUSTUS ALLEN, Little Rock. Ark.; freshman. JOE EBERT ALLEN. Bay St. Louis. Miss,: junior. JACK MARKS ALLTMONT. Reserve. La,: sophomore. JOHN CHARLES ANDERSON, Homer, La,; freshman, JOHN WAYNE ANDERSON, Metairie, La,; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: HUGH ANTHONY ANDREWS, New Orleans, La,: junior, AUBRA HAYES ANTHONY, JR.. El Dorado. Ark.: sophomore. ROBERT DIVERS ANTHONY. Memphis. Tenn.: sophomore. LARRY H. ANTON. Ft. Worth. Tex.: sophomore. THEODORE DAVID APPELQUIST. Pensacola. Fla.: fresh- FIFTH ROW: DAVID WILSON AREHART. Cozad. Neb.: sophomore. WALTER VAN ARNOLD, Crockett. Tex.: freshman. PETER ARTHUR ARON. New York Citv. N.Y.: freshman. JAKE FRANK ARONOV. Montgomerv. Ala.: sophomore. ALEXANDER R. ASHY. Eunice. La.: sophomore. SIXTH ROW: JOHN ROBERT ATES. New Orleans. La.: junior. PETER C. ATKINS. Jamaica. N.Y. : sophomore. WILLIAM K. AUSTIN. W. Englewood, N,J,: sophomore. M, FREDERICK BACKLOND, New Orleans. La,: junior. WARREN STEPHEN BANKSTON. Hammond. La.: freshman. SEVENTH ROW: HENRY INGRAM BARCLAY. Ill, Birmingham, Ala.; sopho- more. GEORGE JONES BARLOW. Ft. Worth. Tex.: junior. STEVE MARK BARON. Atlanta. Ga,: sophomore, JONATHAN DAVID BARRON, New Orleans, La,: sophomore. LEO MAX BASHINSKY. Birmingham, Ala, ; sophomore. 8I Arts and Science UnderQnidiiates l li ' !}il( t III ihr gras FIRST ROW: RALPH RUTLEDGE BASILE. Glencoe. Ill: junior. MICHAEL DE VAULT BAST. Kissimmee. Fla.: sophomore. CLAUD ALLEN BAYS, Lexington. Ky.: freshman. SANTIAGO ERNESTO BAZAN. Colon, Panama; freshman. STEVEN ROSS BECHTEL. Orlando. Fla.: junior. SECOND ROW: JOHN DAVIS BELL. Tuxedo. N.C.; sophomore. RONALD ALLEN BELL. Baton Rouge. La.; freshman. NEIL KOESTEL BENNER. Louisville. Ky.; sophomore. LEONARD H. BENTCH. Pasadena. Tex. ; sophomore. DAVID BERCUSON. N. Miami. Fla.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: ROBERT BERLIN, Columbus. 0.: sophomore. BEN ALAN BERMAN. Auburn. Ala. ; freshman. JOHN MAXWELL BERRY. Kansas City. Mo. : freshman. CHARLES ALFRED BINFORD, Jacksonville, Fla.; sophomore. RUSSELL T. BIRMINGHAM, Nashville, Tenn.; junior. FOURTH ROW: GEORGE NARCISSE BISCHOF, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. JOHN F. BLACKWELL. Mar Rouge. La.; junior. LAURENCE VOCE BLADER. Winnetka. Ill; freshman. JAMES NELSON BLAIN. Metairie. La. ; sophomore. DAVID GORDON BLAKE, Villanova, Pa.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: STEPHEN ROBERT BLAKE. Shawnee Mission. Kans.; soph- more. MARK BLANK. Jenkintown, Pa.; sophomore. ROY FITCH BLONDEAU, JR., Baton Rouge. La.; freshman. PAUL DAVID BOAS. Shaker Heights. 0.; freshman. JAMES PATRICK BODENHEIMER, Shreveport. La.; fresh- man. SIXTH ROW: ROBERT LAMAR BOESE, Alexandria. La.; freshman. GEORGE LEE BOHMFALK. Weslaco. Tex.: freshman. JIM ANTHONY BOHNSACK. Coral Gables. Fla.; freshman. .STEVEN RICHARD BOLSON. Teaneck, N. J.; sophomore. JOSEPH Y. BORDELON, Opelousas, La.; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: TOMMY JOSEPH BORRELL. Tampa, Fla.; sophomore. BRUNER BENEDICT BOSIO. JR.. New Orleans, La.; junior. CHANDLER GANTT BOSWELL. New Orleans. La. ; freshman. LIONEL J. BOURGEOIS, Coral Gables, Fla.; sophomore. ST. PAUL BOURGEOIS, IV, Jeanerette, La.; freshman. -n - - -msm pBs« i m m iimi i !«■■■■■ mMi l»i FIRST ROW: RICHARD JOHN BOUTALL. Metairie. La.; sophomore. LEONARD NICHOLAS BOUZON, Metairie. La.; sophomore. JAMES FREDERICK BOWERS. Dalia.s, Tex.; junior. JOHN CLARK BOYCE. New Orleans. La.; junior. ROGER EDWARDS BOYNTON. Ahl)eviile, La.; freshman. SECOND ROW: FREDERICK WILLIAM BRADLEY, Wilhnnic. 111.: soplio more. LOUIS COLBERT BRA.SHIER. Houston, Tex.; freshman. HARRY EDWARD BREAUX. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. SAYERS ROBERT BRENNER, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. JACK RAY BREWER, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: sophomore. THIRD ROW: CREED WALKER BRTERRE. New Orleans. La.; sophomoe. WILLIAM VREDENBURGH BRIERRE, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. FRANK PETER BRINKMAN, Tyler, Tex.; freshman. JOHN JACOBS BRODERS, New Orleans. La.; freshman. KENT R. BRODY, Skokie, 111.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: ARNOLD ANTHONY BROUSSARD. New Orleans, La.; fresh- man. GEORGE B. BROWN, Gainesville, Fla. ; sophomore. RICHARD STERLING BROWN, Dallas. Tex.; freshman. ROBERT EDWARD BROWN. Coral Gables. Fla. ; sophomore. WILLIAM KEMP BROWN, Shreveport, La.; junior FIFTH ROW: FRED X. BROWNSTEIN. JR.. Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. WILLIAM PIGUTT BRUMFIELD. Baton Rouge. La.; fresh- man. SKYLER DEAN BRYAN. Trion. Ga.; freshman. FRANK RANDALL BUCHANAN, Little Rock, Ark.; freshman. N. KERIC BUCKNER, Lutcher. La. ; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: ALBERT E. BURNS. Bethesda. Md.; junior. ROBERT JAY BURNSTEIN. Jackson. Miss.; sophomore. JAMES AUGUSTUS BURTON. New Orleans, La. ; freshman. JOHN JAY BUSEY. Houston, Tex.; freshman. NORMAN WILLIAM BUTKA, Northvale, N.J.; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: JOHN ARMSTRONG BUXTON. Providence. R.I.; sophomore. JOHN HULL BYRNE. West Chester. Pa.; junior. FRANK ARCHIE CAMP. Denton. Tex.; freshman. EUGENE LOUIS CAMPAGNOLO. Beverly Farms. Mass.; sophomore. JOHN GUY CANAVAGGIO, Panama. R.P. ; freshman. EIGHTH ROW: ROBERT GEORGE CAPAN. Warren. 0.; freshman. EDWARD JOSEPH CARNOT, San Diego, Calif. ; freshman. SHERMAN LOUIS CARROLL. Columbia, La.: junior. STANLEY D. CARSON, Miami, Okla. ; sophomore. DAVID C. CARTER, Jacksonville, Fla.; sophomore. NINTH ROW: CLAREMONT FR ANKLIN CARTER, Miami, Fla.; junior. RICHARD GIPSON CARTER, Baton Rouge, La.; junior. JAMES MILLS CARTWRIGHT, Rocky River, 0.: freshman. SAM W. CARVER, Houston. Tex. ; sophomore. L. THOMAS CASHIO, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. TENTH ROW: ROBERT JOSEPH CATANZARO, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; soph- more, HAROLD LEE CEITLIN, Birmingham. Ala.; freshman. HAROLD ALOYSIUS CHAPMAN. New Orleans, La.; fresh- man. ELLIS J. CHASE, S. Orange, N.J.; freshman. ROGER VENNARD CHENEY, Manchester, Conn.; junior. ii jji iiiJtiiii mk ikA ff ) f ' «f - 83 i Hj FIRST ROW: HUGH ERSKINE CHERRY. Anderson. Ind.: sophomore PAUL MICHAEL CHL-VRELLO. .facksonville. Fla.: freshman. STACY JAY CHILDS. Abilene. Tex.; sophomore. WILLL M ALVIN CHILDS. JR.. Shreveport, La.: freshman (-.ERARD ANTHONY CHOUE.ST. Cutoff. La.; freshman. SECOND ROW: PAUL CHRISTOPHER CHRISTAKOS. Maplewood. N. J.; freshman. THOMAS JOSEPH CHRISTY, Milwaukee. Wise; freshman. JAMES E. CHURCHILL. Cazenovia. N.Y.: junior. JAMES CICCIARELLL Peoria, III.; freshman. CHARLES KENLEY CLARK, Dallas, Tex.; frerhman. THIRD ROW: PHILIP ALSTON CLARK. JR.. Bobo. Miss.; junior. D. MICHAEL CLASEN. Santa Ana. Calif.; junior. LOUIS HOLT CLOUD. Birmingham. La.: freshman. JAMES WESLEY CLOWER. Davtona Beach. Fla.; sophomore. ALEXANDER BAIN COBB. Fort Smith. Ark.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: FRANK REILLY COBB, Houston, Tex.; freshman. STANLEY JAY COHEN. Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. BENNETT STEVEN COHN. Hollywood. Fla.; freshman. THOMAS V. COLBY, Amherst, Mass.; freshman. ALFRED JOHN COLFRY. New Orleans. La.; junior. FIFTH ROW: STEWART NEALE COLLENBERG, JR., New Orleans, La.; junior. THOMAS WHARTON COLLENS. JR.. Baton Rouge. La.; freshman. MICHAEL COLLIER, Houston, Tex.; freshman. CHARLES RICHARD CONEWAY. JR.. Hous:on. Tex.; soph- more. JOHN EDWARD CONNOLLEY, Galve.non, Tex.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: PHILIP GARTH COOK. Lynn, Mass.; freshman. DENNIS CHARLES COOPER, St. Louis, Mo.; iui or. ALLAN GARIGUE COUGLE. Fallon. Nev.; freshman. HENRY SLAYMAKER CO WELL. III. Charlotte, N.C.; fresh- man. MICHAEL JOSEPH COWLEY, Mobile. Ala. ; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: MARK ROBERT CRAVEN, Moss Point. Miss.; sophomore. DAVID ALEXANDER CROWLEY, Mobile, Ala.; freshman. MARTIN ROBERT CROWSON, Amite. La. ; sophomore. JAMES PERRY CRUMLEY. Alexandria. Va.; junior FREDERICK CULIFFE, III, Shaker Heights, 0.; sophomore. EIGHTH ROW: WILLIAM V. DALFERES. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. JOHN H. DALTON, Ft. Worth, Tex.; sophomore. .SCOTT ALLEN DANKNER, Clayton. Mo.; sophomore. STEPHEN N. DANNEMAN. Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. ROBERT WILLIAM DARRAH, Galesburg, 111.; sophomore. NINTH ROW: ALAN BRUCE DAVIDSON, Pittsburgh. Pa.; freshman. ORIN LEONARD DAVIDSON. Germantown, Tenn.; sopho- more. KENT R. DAVIS, New Orleans, La.; freshman. CRAIG ALLEN DAWKINS. Leesburg. Fla.; freshman. ROBERT KENT DAWSON. Scottsboro. Ala.; sophomore. TENTH ROW: STEPHEN MACKEY DEARHOLT. Milwaukee, Wise.; fresh- man. STEPHEN PHILIP DELAUREAL. Norfolk, Va.; freshman. JOHN ROBERT DELFS, Amarillo, Tex.; freshman. DANIEL JOHN DEMBINSKL Chicago, 111.; sophomore. JOHN WINTON DEMING, Alexandria, La.; sophomore. 184 Arts and Science Undergraduates bl Ail l ii ItftMA J,+ lis about those rlhows. FIRST ROW: lOHN MICHAEL DEVLIN, Houston, Tex.: sophomore. ROBERT J. DEW, III, Tampa, Fla.; freshman. JAMES CARLTON DE WOODY. Texarkana. Tex.: junior. PETER DIFFLEY. Pensacola. Fla.; sophomore. JACK STEVEN DILLENBERG, Forest Hills, N..J.; junior. SECOND ROW: SPENCER WILLIAM DILLON. Omaha. Neb.; junior. RICHARD KAMMER DIMITRY, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. RICHARD DINKLE. Spotswood. N.J.: junior. BARRY G. DOLGIN. St. Louis. Mo. ; freshman. CHARLES ALLEN DOMBECK, White Lake, N.J. ; freshman. THIRD ROW: DARYL P. DOMNING. Biloxi. Miss.; sophomore. ELVIS SMITH DONALDSON. Bowling Green, Ky.: junior. G. PAUL DORSEY. New Orleans. La. ; sophomore. ALFRED ROSS DOZIER. New Orleans. La.: freshman. DEE DODSON DRELL, New Orleans, La.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: HENRY I. DREVITCH. Miami, Fla.; freshman. CHARLES F. DREYER. Houston. Tex.: sophomore. STEPHEN EDWARD DRISCOLL. Midland. Tex.: junior. WILLIAM SYDNEY DUBIN. Perth Ambov. N.J.: freshman. EDWARD BENJAMIN DUBUISSON. Opelousas. La.: fresh- FIFTH ROW: CHARLES B. DUDLEY. Elsa. Tex.: junior. RUSSELL WARREN DUKE. Dallas. Tex.: sophomore. THOMAS LEWIS DURIV AN. Waterford. Conn. ; freshman. AUBERT CLEVELAND DYKES. Crockett. Tex.: freshman. EWELL TIMOTHY EAGAN, New OHeans, La.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: ROBERT BRILL EISENBERG. Champaign. 111.: sophomore. DAVID ALLAN ELDRIDGE. Dallas. Tex.: sophomore. MICHAEL THOMAS ELIAS. Laurel. Miss.: sophomore. DORAN. RANDAL ELKOURI. Corpus Cliristi. Tex.: freshman. RICHARD HALL ELLIOTT. Dallas. Tex.: freshman. SEVENTH ROW: RICHARD YOUNGMAN ELLIOTT, Pompano Beach. Fla.: junior. MAYER LAWRENCE ELL_MAN. Ft. T orth. Tex.: sophomore. CHARLES F. ELMES, JR.. Albany. Ga.: sophomore. MICHAEL BRUCE ENTNER. Chestnut Hill, Mass.; junior. CLOYD LEE EZELL, Ocean Springs, Miss.; junior. i85 Arts and Science Undergraduates I really try to brush after every meal! FIRST ROW: PAUL FAJGENBAUM. Trinidad. W.I.: freshman. IRL RONALD FARLOW. McLeansboro. Ill: freshman. LES FEIN. Little Rock, Ark.: sophomore. JEFFREY FEINGOLD. East Meadow. N.Y.: junior. ARNOLD LESTER FEINSTEIN. Meridian. Miss.; freshman. SECOND ROW: MARK ROBERT FELDMAN. University City. Mo.: sophomore. RICHARD JAY FELDMAN. Navesink. N.J.; sophomore. DENNIS MERRILL FERRARA. New Orleans. La.; freshman. GREY FLOWERS FERRIS. Vicksburg. Miss. ; freshman. THOMAS MICHAEL TERRELL. El Paso. Tex.: junior. THIRD ROW: GEORGE ANTHONY FERTITTA. Woodmere. N.Y.; sophomre. RANDALL SAMUEL FERTITTA. Beaumont. Tex.; sophomore. ARNEIL K. FISCHER. Denver. Colo. ; freshman. RONALD MARK FISCHER. Great Neck. N.Y.: freshman. RONALD STEWART FISH, Knoxville, Tenn.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: LARRY STUART FISHER, Denver. Colo.; junior. L. WILLIAM FISHMAN. Louisville. Ky. ; freshman. ROBERT EDMOND FLOWERREE. Portland. Ore.; junior. ALAN PAUL FLOWERS, Orlando. Fla. ; freshman. ROY LAWRENCE FLUKINGER. Houston. Tex.; freshman. FIFTH ROW; MICHAEL DAVID FLYNN. Davenport. Iowa; junior. DONALD FRANCIS FONTES. Alexandria. Va.; freshman. JULIAN BRIAN FOREMAN. Rayne. La.; junior. GUY HUNDLEY FOWLER. Riverside, Conn. ; sophomore. MICHAEL DU LANY FOWLER. Cocoa. Fla.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: STEVEN GEORGE FRANCIS, Littleton. Colo., freshman. MARVIN FRANKEL. Brooklvn. N.Y.; junior. HERSCHEL ASA FRANKS. Maplewood. La.; freshman. DONALD RICHARD FREDERICK, Glenview. 111.; freshman. HOWARD J. FREEDMAN. Shaker Heights. 0.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: ROBIN JOHN FREEDMAN. Alexandria, Va.; freshman. GEORGE HAMILTON FREISEM, Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. RICHARD JOHN FRENCH. JR., St. Petersburg, Fla.; sopho- more. AARON JACOB FRIEDMAN, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. JAN M. FRIEDMAN, Alton, 111.; freshman. iA.- ■ " -rs i Ailj -r? u J it.M iljo iJ 6 FIRST ROW: REUBEN ISIDORE FRIEDMAN, New Orleans, (.a.; soiilio- more. BERTRAM MARTIN FROEHLY. .IK., Vandulia. III.: fr.-sli man. DAVID EDWARD FULFORD, II, Bradenton, Fla.; freslmian. LAWRENCE SCHWENK FULLERTON, St. PeterslMirs, Fla.: sophomore. DAVID MAX FURCHOOTT. Charleston. S.C; freshman. SECOND ROW: COLIN GAINES. New York, N.Y.; freshman. HAROLD JOEL GALENA, Worcester, Ma,ss.; sophomore. STEPHEN ERIK GANO, Laplace, La.; junior. STUART JAY GARDNER, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; freshman. WILLIAM FLOYD GARRETT, Miami Springs, Fla.; freshman THIRD ROW: PHIL COTSWORTH GASTRELL, Pensacola, Fla.; sophomore. ARTHUR JOHN GAVIGAN. Gulfport. Miss.; freshman. ELMER GRANT GIBBONS, Albuquerque, N.M.; junior. WILLIAM ERNEST GIFFORD. Morganton. N.C.; freshman. JONATHAN TRUMBULL GINN, Easton, Md.; junior. FOURTH ROW: STEVEN IRA GINSBERG, Tyler, Tex.; sophomore. GARY GLASS, San Antonio. Tex.; freshman. MARK LOUIS GLAZER, Monroe. La. ; freshman. PATRICK JOHN GLYNN, Memphis. Tenn.; freshman. ELLIOT BRUCE GOLDBERG, Miam Beach, Fla. ; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: KENNETH GOLDBERG. Levittown, Pa.; freshman. GARY ALAN GOLDBARD. Riverdale, N.Y.; freshman. STUART ALBERT COLDER. Cincinnati, 0.; freshman. MICHAEL CARL GOLDSTEIN. Maitland, Fla.; sophomore. MICHAEL GERALD GOLDSTEIN. Ballwin, Mo.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: MICHAEL EUGENE GOODBREAD. Jack.sonville, Fla.; junior. •STANLEY JAY GOODKIN, Fort Smith, Ark.; freshman. ALAN HARRY GOODMAN. New Orleans, La. ; junior. RICHARD DAVID GORDON, Daytona Beach, Fla.; sophomore. JOHN CHRISTIAN GRABBE, Atlanta, Ga.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: MICHAEL FRED GRAHAM. Miami, Fla.; junior. BRUCE GRANOVETTER, Jersey City, N.J.; freshman. JOE BAILEY GRANT, Monroe. La.; freshman. CRAIG ALBERT GRAY, Ferndale, Md.; sophomore. LARRY E. GRAY, Alden, Kans.; junior. EIGHTH ROW: RICHARD EDWARD GREDE. Elm Grove, Wise; junior. LAWRENCE BRUCE GREEN. New Orleans, La.; freshman. RICHARD ALLEN GREEN, Miami Beach, Fla.; sophomore. TODD RANDAL GREEN, St. Louis, Mo.; freshman. LAWRENCE WATKINS GREER, Birmingham, Ala.; junior. NINTH ROW: WILLIAM BRIAN GRENEWALD. Amarillo. Tex.; sophomore. DANIEL VERNON GRIBBIN. Orlando, Fla.; junior. JEFFREY F. GRIFFIN. Ft. Worth. Tex.; freshman. WALTER PIERCE GRIFFIN, Flint, Mich.; junior. RAYMOND BRUCE GRISWOLD, Maplewood, La. ; freshman. TENTH ROW: ROBERT HAROLD GRIZZARD, II. Lakeland. Fla. ; freshman. GARY HENRY GROFF. New Orleans, La.; freshman. ROBERT IVIN GROSSMAN, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; freshman. WILLIAM LEE GUICE. Biloxi, Miss.; freshman. BEN ALFRED GUIDER, Vicksburg, Miss.; sophomore. Lj JrrsBI ' " ! J ffmmm- Til! iy iifei i 187 i C3 5- , f 4ii r i MJa FIRST ROW: WILLIAM C. GUILLORY. JR.. Pineville. La.; sophomore. RANDOLPH EDWARD GUNTER. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.: sopho- more. RONALD EARLE GURTLER. Buenos Aires. Argentina; soph- omore. RICHARD R. GUTH. St. Louis. Mo.; junior. NORMAN DAVID GUTHRIE. Newport News. Va.; freshman. SECOND ROW: JACK ALAN GUTTMAN. Charleroi. Pa.: freshman. ARTHUR LEE GUY. HI. Metairie. La.; freshman. RAYMOND LOUIS HAEUSER. New Orleans. La.; freshman. CHARLES ROGER HALL. Weston, Mo.; sophomore. DONALD STREET. HALL, Vicksburg. Miss.; freshman. THIRD ROW: SIDNEY HOWELL HALL, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; junior. VINCENT DOWNS HAMILTON. Yuba Citv, Calif.; sophomore. HOWARD B. HAMMER, Columbia. S.C; junior. PATRICK LEONARD HANEMANN, New Orleans, La.; soph- omore. WADE DOUGLAS HANKS, Kaplan, La. ; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: ROBERT DOUGLAS HANNON, Rumson, N.J.; freshman. ROBERT MAHAN HARDY. Houston, Tex.; sophomore. RICHARD MORGAN HARGROVE. Houston, Tex.; junior. STEVE H. HARLAN, Dayton, 0.; sophomore. GEORGE VICTOR HARMAN, Levittown. Pa.: freshman. FIFTH ROW: HANK HARNAGE, St. Petersburg. Fla.; sophomore. JAMES BRADY HARRIS. Shreveport. La.; freshman. REX CANAN HARRIS, Bronte. Tex.; sophomore. STEVEN HARRIS, New Orleans. La. ; freshman. JOHN DONALD HARTLINE. JR.. Paducah. Ky.; junior. SIXTH ROW: JOHN T. HASKINS, Durant, Okla.; sophomore. WILLIAM ORR HASSEL, Kenilworth, 111.: freshman. LEE ALLEN HAYNES. Clinton, La.; sophomore. EMILE LOUIS HEBERT. III. New Orleans. La.; junior. PAUL MACARIUS HEBERT, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: JOHN KEEFE HECKER. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. AARON H. HEIFETZ, San Antonio. Tex.; sophomore. JONATHAN JAQUES HEIN. Alexandria. La.; freshman. DAVID LEONARD HELFET. New York. N. Y.; freshman. JOHN EDWARD HENDERSHOT, JR., Pearsall. Tex.; junior. EIGHTH ROW: JOHN HEALTH HENDERSON, Mexico. D.F.; freshman. THOMAS CARROLL HERD, Mansfield, La.: sophomore. CHARLES R. HERPICH, JR., Midland. Tex.: junior. TOM M, HERZ. Coral Gables, Fla.; sophomore. JOHN ELLIS HEVRON. New Orleans. La.; junior. NINTH ROW: MICHAEL HICE. Carlsbad. N.M.; sophomore. WILLIAM EDWARD HILL. III. Houston, Tex.; freshman. BILL GRAY HOCKING, Kaneohe, Hawaii; freshman. JAMES PHILIP HODE. South River, N.J.: freshman. MICHAEL HOFF, Palm Beach, Fla. ; freshman. TENTH ROW: CLARENCE LAWRENCE HOLT, Minneapolis, Minn.; fresh- man. CLARK MAYO HOOD, Wheeling. W.Va.; freshman. ROYDEN R. HOPKINS. Roswell N.M.; freshman. CHARLES F. HORN, Alexandria. La.; junior. LEONARD NORMAN HOROWITZ, N. Miami Beach, Fla.; freshman. 288 Arts and Science Undergraduates [ - " - " T f. I ' l.JKl 0 . ' ; __ l The nciv rccniit. P IRST ROW: ALLEN CLIFTON HOUSE, FarmJngton, Conn.; sophomore. GEORGE TURNER HOWARD, HL Knoxville, Tenn.; fre.sh- man. H. DWIGHT HOWELL, Houma, La.; freshman. MONROE M. HOWELL. Canton, Miss.; junior. .JOHN KENNETH HURD, Washington, D.C.; freshman. SECOND ROW: JAMES HUTCHISON, Milwaukee, Wise; junior. WILLIAM JABOUR, II. Montgomery. Ala.; freshman. lAMES PRESLEY JACKSON, Little Rock, Ark.; sophomore. JOSEPH JORDAN JACKSON, Dallas. Tex.; sophomore. RICHARD DOUGLAS JACOBS, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: ALBERT E. JAMES, JR.. New Orleans. La.; junior. JIM JANCIK, Caldwell, Tex.; sophomore. GARY STEVEN JANKO. Miami. Fla.: freshman. LOUIS OLIVER JEANSONNE. HI. Baton Rouge. La.; junior. MICHAEL LEE JEPSEN, Lawton. Okla.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: PETER MURRAY JOHNS. Cleveland. O.: junior. NIELS MERCER JOHNSEN. Rumson. N.J.: junior. CHARLES MICHAEL JOHNSON. Elgin. 111. ; freshman. DAVID R. JOHNSON. Bartlesville. Okla.: sophomore. RICHARD E. JOHNSON. Tampa. Fla.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: ROBERT DAVID JOHNSON. Pittsburgh. Tex. : freshman. ROBERT STEPHEN JOHNSON. Tampa. Fla.: sophomore. DAVID JAMES JONES. Daytona Beach. Fla.: freshman. J. RABUN JONES, Greenville. Miss. : freshman. PHILIP REEVE JONES, Charleston Air Force Base, S.C: freshman. SIXTH ROW: BRENT ANGLE JOSEPH. Baton Rouge. La.: fresliman. JOHN ROBERT JUMONVILLE. New Orleans. La.: sophomore. DENNIS SPENCER K. HANE. New York. N.Y.: freshman. DOUGLAS GERARD KAHN. Miami Beach. Fla.: sophomore. HARRY DANTE KAHN, JR.. Pensacola. Fla.: sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: MICHAEL KALDOR. Hollis Hills. N.Y.: junior. LEE C. KANTROW. Baton Rouge. La.: junior. WAYNE A. KARMGARD. Tampa. Fla.: junior. ERIC JEROME KATZ. Gulfport. Miss.: freshman. PAUL RICHARD KATZ. Kansas Citv. Mo. : freshman. 189. Arts and Science Undergraduates o Meanwhile, back at the bench . . . FIRST ROW: STEPHEN J. KATZ. Alton. 111. : freshman. WAYNE HUNT KEHM. St. Petersburg. Fla.; junior. STEPHEN CHARLES KEITH. New Orleans. La.: freshman. PIERCE KELLEY, North Bay Village, Fla. ; freshman. LARRY DON KENNEDY. Houston. Tex. ; freshman. SECOND ROW: STEPHEN ANTHONY KERMISH, Montgomery, Ala. fresh- DAMD ARTHUR KERSTEIN. Eunice, La.; freshman. RICHARD DUVALL KIDWELL. Ft. Pierce. Fla.; freshman. THOMAS WILLIAM KIMBRELL. Morgan City. La.; freshman. STEPHEN CLAIR KIMBROUGH, Lafayette, La.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: ALVIN BARDINE KING. Lake Charles. La.; junior. HENRY WALSWORTH KINNEY, New Orleans. La.: freshman. WARREN PETER KLAM. Monroe. La.; sophomore. RONALD ALLEN KLEIN. Miami. Fla.; freshman. FREDERICK FRANKLIN KLEINMAN, Riverdale. N.Y.; fresh- FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM L. KLINKENSTEIN, Miami. Fla.; sophomore. THEODORE IRA KLOTH. Miami Beach. Fla.; freshman. LEONARD KENNEDY KNAPP, JR.. Lake Charles. La.; junior. JOHN ROSS KNIGHT, Houston. Tex.; freshman. LEE DAVIS KNIGHT, Los Angeles. Calif.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: P. RANDALL KNOWLES. Kenilworth, 111.; freshman. EARL LOUIS KOERNER, JR.. New Orleans. La.; junior. HENRY J. KOCH. Demopolis. Ala.; sophomore. MICHAEL DUGUE KOPACZ, New Orleans. La. ; freshman. JEFFREY KOROTKIN, Scarsdale, N.Y.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: JAY DAVID KRAVITZ. Cleveland. 0.; sophomore. GUSTAVE MAURICE KREH. New OHeans. La. ; freshman MARTIN PHILIP KRIEGER. Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. RONALD DALE KURSTIN. Washington, D.C.; junior. JAMES MONROE LABORDE. New Orleans. La.; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: JEFFREY SCOTT LADEN, New York. N.Y.; freshman. DON HARTWELL LA GRONE. Tulsa. Okla.; freshman. LANCE LALOR. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. VINCENT JOSEPH LAMANNA. Bradford. Pa.; freshman. PAUL L. LAMB, St. James, N.Y.; junior. 4i xgc FIRST ROW: FRANK THATCHER LANE, Killingworth. Conn.; freshman. JERRY WILLIAM LANOUX. Yazoo City, Mis s.; junior. BRUCE LAURITZ LARSEN. Daytona Beach. Fla.: freshman. GUY LAUDIG. Morris Plains, N..I.; freshman. JIM B. LAUGHLIN, Morehead. Ky.; junior. SECOND ROW: CRAIG PAUL LAURENCE. Waveland, Miss.; freshman. CRAIG STEVAN LAWRY, St. Petersburg. Fla.; sophomore. EDWARD JAY LAZARUS, New Orleans. La.; freshman. LARRY JOSEPH LEBLANC. Harvev, La.; freshman. STEPHEN CARVER LEBLANC, Donaldson, La.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: RICHARD STEPHEN LEGARDEUR. New Orleans La.; fresh- STEPHEN DOUGLAS LEIBER, Philadelphia, Pa.; frediman. JAMES MORSE LEMON. Ft. Worth, Tex.; freshman. ROBERT JAY LENDER. Brookline, Mass.; freshman. JAMES RICHARD LEONARD, Redlands, Calif.; junior. FOURTH ROW: DAVID MICHAEL LEOPOLD, Miami. Fla.; freshman. JON MICHAEL LETSCHER, Bronxville. N.Y.; freshman. RICHARD CHARLES LEVIN, Diamond Head, Oahu, Hawaii: junior. DAVID ROBERT LEVIN. Washington, D.C.; freshman. JONATHAN EVAN LEVIN, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: GEORGE HARRY LEVIN, Miami Beach. Fla.; freshman. MARSHAL LEVINE, Miami, Fla.; junior. NEIL RONALD LEVINE. Englewood, N.J.; junior. JEFFREY ALAN LEVINGSTON, Cleveland, Miss.; freshman. KENNETH OSCAR LEVINGSTON, Ruleville. Miss.; junior. SIXTH ROW: LOUIS JOSEPH LEVY, Ft. Worth. Tex. ; sophomore. ROBERT LEVY. Shreveport, La. ; freshman. KENNETH ALLEN LICHTENSTEIN. Denver. Colo.; freshman. JOSEPH M. LIEBMAN. Frankfort. Ky.; freshman. GENE LINCOLN, Wilmington. Dela.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: HOWARD GORDON LINDQUIST. Evanston. 111.; freshman. . DONALD HARRY LITOFF, Kensington. Md.; freshman. ROBERT A. LOGAN, Highland. 111.: freshman. JAMES ROBERT LONG, Memphis, Tenn.; sophomore. STEWART McCLENDON LONG. Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. EIGHTH ROW: ROBERT DOUGLAS LONSDALE, Sarasota. Fla.; sophomoie. EDWARD FRANK LORES. Coral Gables. Fla. ; junior. THOMAS WOOD LOVELL. Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. S. L. LOWENSTEIN, JR., Nashville. Tenn.; sophomore. PETER ARNOLD LUBELL. Flushing. N.Y.; sophomore. NINTH ROW: DAVID JACK LUBIN. Hollywood. Fla.; freshman. BRUCE B. LUDWIG, Houston. Tex.; junior. DONALD CLIFTON LUEBKE. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. FREDERICK NEIL LUKASH, Rockville Center. N.Y.; fresh- man. McKINLEY SNIPES LUNDY. Marks. Miss.; freshman. TENTH ROW: FREDERICK ANSON LYNN. Detroit. Mich.; sophomore. PAUL COLEMAN LYNSKEY, Miami. Fla.; sophomore. RICHARD WILLIAM MACALUSO. Hasbrouck Heights, N.J.; sophomore. ROBERT MURRAY MAHONY. Chappaqua. N.Y.; sophomore. DANIEL ALLEN MAKER, Bridgeville, Pa.; sophomore. Mkiik 191 P Jtfitfi Bfli -i Ai f £ i y dM FIRST ROW: WILLIAM H. MALLON. Williamsville. N.Y.: freshman. LEO LUKE MARCELI.O. DeRidder. La.; junior. c;ARY WAYNE MARCUS. Dallas. Tex.: freshman. RICHARD M. MARCUS. Winnetka. 111.; junior. MICHAEL HOWARD MARK, Miami Beach. Fla.; freshman. SECOND ROW: ROBERT WILLIAM MARKS. New Orleans. La. : junior. LEE MARTIN. Miami. Fla. ; sophomore. DAVID MICHAEL MATHES. Orlando. Fla.: sophomore. .lAMES DAVID MARKEL. Poplar Bluff. Mo.; freshman MARCUS FRANCIS MARKS. Tampa. Fla.; freshman. THIRD ROW: HUDSON BOSLEY MARQUEZ, New Orleans, La.; freshman. RUDOLPH JAMES MARSHALL, III, New Orleans, La.; jun ior. WILLIAM S. MARSHALL, New Orleans, La.; junior. RALPH DRURY MARTIN, Joplin. Mo,; freshman. .lOSEPH MASELLI, JR., New Orleans, La.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: JON GRANT MASSEY, Elgin. 111. ; freshman. RONALD MORGAN MASSEY. Macon, Ga.: sophomore. CRAIG W. MAUMUS. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. JON MICHAEL MAXWELL, Searcy, Ark. : freshman. HOWARD MICHAEL MAZIAR, Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: DOUGLAS COE MEADOWCROFT. Metairie, La.; freshman. WILLIAM ANTHONY MEBANE. Metairie. La.; sophomore. THOMAS KARL MEHRHOFF. Ft. Madison. Iowa; junior. LAWRENCE JOSEPH MERRIGAN, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. JOSEPH ALLAN METZ, Dallas, Tex.; junior. SIXTH ROW: MALCOLM ANDREW MEYER, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. DAVID RANDALL MIESTER, New Orleans, La.; junior. WILLIAM FRANCIS MILCAREK. Sterling. 111.; freshman. ARTHUR KENNETH MILLER, Arlington Heights, HI; junior. HAL E. MILLER, Glencoe, III; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: HOWARD MILLER, Washington, D.C.; junior. JOEL ERNEST MILLER. Middlebury. Ind.; freshman. MEAD PICKENS MILLER, Washington, D.C.; freshman. PAUL WOODROW MILLER, N. Little Rock, Ark.; freshman. RANDOLPH KENT MILLER, Caracas, Venezuela; sophomore. EIGHTH ROW: ROBERT HAROLD MILLER. Metairie. La.; freshman. J. RALPH MILLET, JR., Metairie, La.; sophomore. MICHAEL RICHARDS MILLICAN, Houston, Tex.; sopho- more. CHARLES ALAN MILLS, St. Louis, Mo.; freshman. ROBERT JOSEPH MILUNAHS, Decatur, Ga.; freshman. NINTH ROW: STEPHEN MIMS. Houston. Tex.; freshman. ARMIN JOHN MOELLER, New Orleans. La.; freshman. JOSEPH HORACE MONAST. Ill, Natchez. Miss.; sophomoie. GARY ALAN MONROE, Midland, Tex.; freshman. S. ROBINSON MONTAGUE. Kansas City, Mo.; sophomore. TENTH ROW: PHILIP MONTELEPRE, New Orleans, La. ; freshman. GARY MONTSDEOCA, Moore Haven, Fla.; junior. KELLY STARK MOODY, Waco, Tex.; freshman. CHARLES ROBERT MOORE, Little Rock, Ark.; sophomore. ROBERT LLOYD MOORE, Lakeland. Fla.; freshman. zg: Arts and Science Undergraduates f - | , I i Ai . J " « iA4m J 4i Here Tommy Tommy. FIRST ROW: GENE WINFRED MOORHEAD, New York. N.Y.; frs hman. FREDERICK DANIEL MORGAN, Stone Mountain. Ga.; soph- omore. JAMES ANDREW MOHOCK. Alexandria. La.: junior. JAMES AGRIPPA MORRILL, Newburyport. .Mass.; freshman. DEWITT LIONEL MORRLS, JR., New Orleans, La.: freshman. SECOND ROW: DONALD R. MORRIS. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. JOHN WILLARD MORRLSON. Metairie. La.; sophomore. CARTER DOUGLAS MORSE. Naples. N.Y.; sophomore. HUGH WILSON MORTON. Shawmut. Ala.; freshman. RANDY LEE MOSES, Lubbock. Tex.; freshman. THIRD ROW: JOSEPH ALLEN MULLINS. West Monroe. La.: sophomore RONALD PHILIP .MULLER. Ft. Worth. Tex.; freshman. WILLIAM HARRY MUNYON. Gamboa. Canal Zone: junior DAVID ALEXANDER MURPHY. Ft. Worth. Tex.: sophomore. MICHAEL FRANCIS MURPHY. Marrero. La.; junior. FOURTH ROW: GWINN MURRAY. Jacksonville. Fla.; junior. WILLIAM MICHAEL MURRAY. San Antonio. Tex.: freshman. WILLIAM SMITH MUSSER. JR.. Staunton. Va.: freshman. JEFFREY STEVEN MUTNICK. New Orleans. La.: freshman DOUGLAS S. MYERS, Norfolk, Va.; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: ALAN MICHAEL MYERS. Los Angeles. Calif.: freshman MICHAEL ALBERT MYERS. Springfield. Ill: junior MICHAEL WAYNE MYERS. Tallahassee. Fla.: freshman STEPHEN ALAN MYERS. Elkins Park. Pa.: freshman. JAMES ALBERT McALEER, Pittsburgh. Pa.; junior. SIXTH ROW: J. MICHAEL McCAUSLAND. New Orleans. La.: sophomore EDWARD JOSEPH McCLOSKEY. New Orleans. La.; sopho- more. WILLIAM DECKER McCLURE. JR.. Tulsa. Okla.; sophomore. JOHN DAVID McCONNELL. Dallas. Tex.: junior ERNEST COOPER McCORMICK. Boca Raton. Fla.: freshman. SEVENTH ROW: DAVID ALLAN McFARLING. Meosho. .Mo.: junior. ALBERT MICHAEL McILW.AIN. Jackson. Miss.: sophomore WILLIAM GORDON McLAIN. McComb. Miss.: sophomore JOHN FRE DRIC .McLAREN. .Midland. Tex.: fresliman THOMAS CARLYLE McLURE. Alexandria. La.; sophomore 5 5 AM WTUL 5 5 Getting ready to try out a neu- disk. FIRST ROW: RICHARD THOMAS McMAHON. Lake Charles. La.: fresh- man. ROBERT DANIEL McNAB. New Orleans. La.: freshman. PETER A. NASS. Sarasota. Fla.; junior. ILLIA.M FRANK NEFSKY. Lincoln. Neh.; freshman. JONATHAN DAVID NELSON. Miami. Fla.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: GREGG GAMMON NESBITT. Shreveport. La.: freshman. PHILIP NEWSOM. Little Rock. Ark.; iunior. JOHN CLOPTON NICHOLSON. Jasper. Ala.; freshman. JAMES WRIGHT NORTHINGTON. Florence, Ala.; junior. COLVIN GAMBLE NORWOOD. JR.. Franklin. La.; freshman. THIRD ROW: WALTER BRACKIN NOVAK. Ozark. Ala. ; freshman. GARRY H. NUNGESTER. Decatui, Ala.: freshman. ALAN JOSEPH NUSSBAUM. Dermott. Ark.; junior. ROBERT DAVID O ' BRIEN. Ft. Worth. Tex.; junior. EDWARD JOHN ODACHOWSKI. JR.. McClellan. Ala. ; s oph- FOURTH ROW: DAVID OESTREICHER. Salisbury. N.C.; junior. ALAN LOUIS OFFNER, Metairie. La.; freshman. PAUL MARTIN O ' GARA. Trenton. N.J.; junior. COTTY PATRICK O ' LEARY. Houma. La.; freshman. JOHN LOCKERBY OWEN. Corpus Christi. Tex.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: GAYLE AINSLEY OWENS. Beaumont. Tex.: junior. FRANK J. PACENZA, Rome. N.Y.; junior. DAVID M. PACKARD, New Orleans La.; sophomore. KENNETH CHARLES PAILET. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. BERNARD JOSEPH PANETTA. Silver Springs, Md.; sopho- more. SIXTH ROW: PASCHAL JOSEPH PANIO. Chicago Heights. Ill; freshman. MARC DAVID PARLS. Cleveland Heights. 0.; freshman. CHESTER H. PARKER. Orlando. Fla.; sophomore. JOHN H. PARKER. Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. JAMES THOMAS PARRINO. Call. Colombia; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: JOSEPH PARRINO, Tampa, Fla.; freshman. ROBERT ALLEN PASCH. Madison. Wise; sophomore RODOLFO ROBERTO PASTOR. San Pedro Sula, Honduras C.A.; freshman. LANCE PEARL, University City, Mo.; freshman. RICK PEIRCE, Boca Raton, Fla.; freshman. Arts and Science Undergraduates l " !l| ' l!llj||J|pilll|ii ' ' I idiifeiil j ji 94 FIRST ROW: JAMES ALAN PELISH. Lagrange Park, IIL; freshman. ROCCU LOUIS PELOSL Galveston, Tex.; sophomore. WILLIAM DOMINIC PEPITONE, Queens Village, N..I.; soph- omore. LAURENCE PERLSTEIN. Louisville, Ky.; junior. DANIEL C. PERRL Ft. Walton, Fla.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: EDWARD JAMES PETERSON, JR., Birmingham. Ala,; fresh- man. CHRISTOPHER CHARLES PFLAUM, New Hyde Park. N.Y.; freshman. JOHNNIE LATHELL PHILLIPS, Darbun, Miss.; sophomore SAMUEL JACKSON PHILP. Tulsa. Okla.; fre hman. LOUIS PICHULIK, Atlanta. Ga.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: DAVID NORMAN PIERSON, New OHeans, La.; freshman. RUBIN MORRIS PIHA, Montgomery, La.; sophomore. MARTIN LEE PINSTEIN, Senatobia, Miss.; freshman. HULAND MARTIN PITTS. Nashville, Tenn.; junior. ANDREW LANE PLAUCHE, Lake Charles. La.: freshman. FOURTH ROW: MICHAEL DAVID PLOTKIN, Miami Beach, Fla.; sopliomc.rr. GARY BRENT POLING, Van Wert, 0. ; freshman. ALAN W. POLLAK. Wilmette, 111.; freshman. SAMUEL E. PONS. New Orleans. La.; freshman. JAMES JUDE POPHAM, Monroe, La.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: JAMES JOHN PORTER, Las Vegas, Nev.; freshman. THOMAS C. PRAGER. Indianapolis, Ind.; sophomore. DAVID GARNER PRESTON, New Orleans, La.; junior. KENT ROSS PUTNAM. Sarasota, Fla.; freshman. MARC ALAN RACHOFSKY. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: MICHAEL LOUIS RADICK. Milwaukee, Wise.; freshman. GREGORY KEITH RADLINSKI, Portland, Ore.; junior. ERSKJNE RAMSAY, II. Birmingham, Ala.; sophomore. CLAYTON GETHIN RAMSEY, Monticello, Ga.; sophomore. JAMES DAVIS RANGE. Johnson City. Tenn.: sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: DREW AVERILL RANIER. Lake Charles, La.; sophomore. EDWARD FRANK REBENNACK, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. GRANT OLIVER REED. E. St. Louis. 111.; freshman. WILLIAM HENRY REED. II. Kingsporl, Tenn.; freshman. RICHARD ALLEN REES, Houston, Tex.; freshman. EIGHTH ROW: BENSON RICE. Baltimore. Md.: freshman. HERSCHEL ERSKINE RICHARD, JR., Pascagoula, Miss.; junior. LEE DAVID RICHARDSON, Louisville, Ky.; freshman LEO FRANCIS RICHARDSON. II, New Orleans, La.; junior. HARVEY MAC RICHEY, HI, Waco, Tex.; freshman. NINTH ROW: DAVID MARK RICHLIN. S. Orange. N.J.; freshman. JAY ARNOLD ROBBINS, Roslyn Heights, N.Y.; freshman. JEFFREY BERGER ROBERTS. Detroit, Mich.; freshman. RICHARD C. ROBIN, Evanston. 111.; junior. RONNIE ALAN ROBINS, Houston. Tex.; sophomore. TENTH ROW: RON J. ROBINSON, Houston. Tex.; junior. BURWELL ROBINSON. JR.. Richmond, Va.; junior. MARCELINO S. RODRIGUEZ. JR., Laredo. Tex.; freshman. JAMES GORDON ROGERS, JR.. Memphis. Tenn.; junior. RICHARD EUGENE ROGERS, Metairie, La.; freshman. IP r f f ' iftiiJ4il .. iki in 2-95 NB» , - -, r -y FIRST ROW: CHARLES FRANCIS ROLF. Caracas. Veneiiuela: sophomore. ROLAND TED RONDEAU. JR.. .Jacksonville. Fla.; freshman. TIMOTHY TANEY RONIGER. New Orleans, La.; freshman. MICHAEL YANCEY ROOS. Memphis, Tenn.: junior ROBERT N. ROSEMONT, Hollywood, Calif.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: LARRY ROSENBLUM, Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. ALAN STEVEN ROSENTHAL. North Miami. Fla.; freshman. .lEFFREY RONALD ROSNICK. Miami. Fla.; freshman. GIANFRANCO ROSSI-ESPAGNET. New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. EDWIN ROTHBERG, Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: RONALD JOSEPH ROTHBERG, Sacramento. Calif.; sopho- more. CARL EARTH ROUNTREE. Luhhock. Tex.; junior. JOHN F. ROLIQUETTE. Santa Clara. Calif.; freshman. ALAN LOREN RUDER, New Orleans, La.; freshman. RICHARD JAMES RUDOLPH, Miami Beach, Fla.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: JOHN BARRATT RUDULPH, Birmingham. Ala.; sophomore. ROBERT WELDON RUSSELL, III, Amite, La.; sophomore. CRAIG RUTTEN. Houston. Tex.; freshman. THOMAS RYDBERG. Omaha, Neb.; freshman. JAMES G. SAALFIELD. Toledo. O.; junior. FIFTH ROW: JAMES STEPHEN SARIN, Indianola, Miss.; sophomore. PHILIP WALES SAITTA, III. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. ALAN PAUL SALOMON. Memphis. Tenn.; freshman. EDWIN SALE. Haynesville. La.; freshman. ROBERT RAMOS SALZER. New Orleans. La.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: JERRY ELLIOT SAMUELS, Memphis, Tenn.; freshman. JERRY SCOTT SANDERS. Kirkwood, Mo.; sophomore. JAMES WILLIAM SANDERSON, JR., New Orleans, La.; sophomore. JERRY LEONARD SAPORITO, New Orleans, La.; freshman. TOM ALLEN SAWYER. Wichita, Kans.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: JAMES MICHAEL SCHEFFLER. Lompol. Calif.; sophomore. STEPHEN GEORGE SCHMIDT, Dallas, Tex.; sophomore. LARRY JOSEPH SCHNEIDER, Metairie, La.; junior. TERRY R. SCHUMANN, Mundelein. Ill; sophomore. DAVID PETER SCHUTTE, Dallas, Tex.; sophomore. EIGHTH ROW: CHARLES MARCUS SCHWARTZ, McKeesport, Pa.; fresh- man. HARVEY DAVID SCHWARTZ. Hollywood, Fla.; freshman. STEPHEN ANDREW SCHWARTZ, Coral Gables, Fla.; sopho- more. JOHN RAY SCHWEERS. Madi,=on, Wise; junior. JOHN WYETH SCOTT. Alexandria, La.; freshman. NINTH ROW: RICHARD A. SEGAL, Coral Gables. Fla.; sophomore. NATHAN SEGALL, Montgomery, Ala.; freshman. JACK I. SELBER, Shreveport. La.; junior. JAMES SELBY. New Orleans. La.; freshman. MOISE BENJAMIN SELIGMAN, Little Rock, Ark.; sopho- more. TENTH ROW: CHARLES TOM SEMOS. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. ROSS WILLIAM SEROLD. Vernon, Tex.; freshman. JAMES FRANKLIN SHALLECK, New York, N.Y.; junior. JON CRAIG SHEELY, Gainesville. Fla.; freshman. MYRON WOLFFE SHEEN, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. 7,( 6 Arts and Science Undergraduates l ' wS ■pHi 1 P T fl " S k ii Miii4ii : nj Bpi f 4a i . JilHl Lee, you ' re loo miirli Hell! FIRST ROW: ARNOLD JAY SHELBY. Houston, Tex.; fre-hman. WILLIAM WRIGHT SHIRLEY. Fayetteville. Ark.: freshman. WILLIAM CHARLES SHOPE. Altoona. Pa.: freshman. MARCUS D. SHOUSE. Knoxville. Tenn.: freshman RICHARD WARREN SHUEY. Dallas, Tex.; freshman. SECOND ROW: KAL SHWARTS. Phoenix. Ariz.; freshman. ALAN W. SIEGEL, Miami Beach. Fla.: sophomore. JOE ALEXANDER SIGMAN. Dyersburg. Tenn.; sophomore. LEONARD DOUGLAS SIM.MONS. JR.. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. ALBERT ANDREW SIMKUS, Bradenton. Fla.: sophomore. THIRD ROW: HAYTT DESHA SIMS, Rayville. La.: freshman RONALD LEE SINGER. New Orleans. La.; junior. HOWEL WILLIAM SLAUGHTER. JR.. Mobile. Ala.; fresh- man. RODERICK LONG SKELDING. Clearwater. Fla.: freshman CHRISTOPHER BARTLETT SKINNER. San Antonio. Tex.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: BARRY MARK SLOSBERG. Brookline. Mass.: freshman BROMLEY KEABLES SMITH. JR.. Washington. D.C.: sopho- more. BRUCE RAY SMITH. Jackson. Miss.; sophomore. DAVID BARRY SMITH. Gainesville. Fla.: sophomore DEAN THOMAS SMITH, Dickinson, Tex.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: HOLLIS DOYLE S.MITH. Atlanta. Ga.: freshman JOHN MARVIN SMITH. III. San Antonio. Tex.: fre-=hman REXFORD RAYMOND SMITH. Havelock. N.C.: fre=hman MICHAEL ALBERT SMITHIES. New York. N.Y.: sophomore JOHN ROBERT SNELL. Groves, Tex.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: ELLIOT GEORGE SNELLINGS. New Orleans. La.: freshman PATRICK DANIEL SNUFFER. Houston. Tex.: freshman RICHARD D. SONTHEIMER. Houston. Tex.: sophomore ' JOHN LANCASTER SPALDING. Glenview. 111.; junior ' JAMES L. SPRING, Denham Springs. La.: junior. SEVENTH ROW: ROBERT WELLS SPURCK. JR.. Ft. Worth. Tex.- fre hman RICHARD SCOTT STAFFORD. New Orleans. La.: sophomore PIERCY JOSEPH STAKELUM, III. New Orleans. La.: fresh- man. BARRY WESLEY STANFILL. Memphis. Tenn.: fre«hman THOMAS CRAFT STAPLES, Pensacola, Fla. ; sophomore. ' 2-97 Slop, it ticlilci. . . . FIRST ROW: RICHARD M. STARR. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. DALE WILLIAM STASTNY. Bay Village. 0.; sophomore. iMARK EDWIN STEPHENS. Lutcher. La.; freshman. MITCHELL JOEL STERNBERG. Hollywood. Fla.; freshman. BRUCE SCHOENDORF STINSON. Baton Rouge, La.; fresh- man. SECOND ROW: JAMES ROBERT STOCK. Hollywood, Fla.; sophomore. HENRY DONALD STORCH. Jacksonville, Fla.; junior. MARK A. STRAUSS. Little Rock. Ark.; freshman. WALTER BYNUM STUART. IV, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. JON LEE STUNTZ, Metairie. La.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: BRUCE ELLIOTT SULZNER. Miami. Fla.; sophomore. GERARD PRESTON SUNDERLAND, Baltimore. Md.; sopho- more. WILLIAM C. SUSSKY. Metairie. La. ; junior. DENNIS DUANE SUTTON. Waterloo, Ind.; freshman. JOSEPH M. SUTTON, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: ALAN C. SWANN. Bedford. Tex. ; sophomore. RUSSELL E. SWANN, Dallas. Tex.; freshman. BOB J. SWEENEY, Eldorado. Ark.; freshman. WILLIAM HENRY SYLL. JR.. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. DOMINICK MICHAEL TAMBURO. New Orleans. La. ; fresh- FIFTH ROW: CURTIS E. TATAR. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. RICHARD MAY TATUM. Homer. La.; sophomore. BUFORD FRANKLIN TAYLOR. Phoenix. Ariz.; sophomore. MICHAEL A. TEAGUE. Bossier City. La.; junior. HARRY BRADLEY TEARE. Daytona Beach. Fla.; junior. SIXTH ROW: JOHN B. TEBBETTS. Marshall. Tex.; sophomore. GERALD NANSON TELEP, Casa Grande, Ariz.; freshman. EMMETT O ' NEAL TEMPLETON. Birmingham. Ala.; sopho- more. KENNETH M. TESLER. Atlanta, Ga.; freshman. RICHARD CARL THEILING. Coral Gables. Fla.; sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: FORREST BENJAMIN THOMAS. III. Houston. Tex.; fresh- man. BRUCE HENRY THOMPSON, New Orleans. La.; freshman. BILL THOMPSON. Ada. Okla.: sophomore. DAVID BROOKS TODD. Houston. Tex.; freshman. DAVID WILLIAM TOMANEK, Dallas. Tex.; freshman. Arts and Science Undergraduates ' mm MEDim X98 FIRST ROW: WILLIAM JOSEPH TOUPS. Cutoff, La.; freshman. JOHN CHRISTOPHER TOWNS, Memphis, Tenn.; freshman. MITCHELL LEON TRACER, Jacksonville, Fla.; sophomore. JAMES ALLEN TRAHAN, Houma, La.; freshman. KENNETH WILLIAM TRIBBY, Memphis, Tenn.; frrshnuui. SECOND ROW: ROBERT VINTON TRICKETT. New Orlean.s. La.; freshman. DON C. TROSSMAN, Clencoe. 111.; sophomore. DAVID MANCHAM TROUSDALE, Monroe, La.; sophomore SAMUEL ADAMS TRUFANT. Cincinnati, O.; freshman. BENES LOUIS TRUS, Overon, Tex.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: BILL TURNBULL. Houston. Tex.; .sophomore. JOHN TURNER. HI. Providence. R.I.; freshman. RALPH TRACY TURNER. McLean, IIL; sophomore. CARY STEVEN TYE, Miami Beach. Fla.; junior. PHILIP JOHN UFHOLZ, Fairview, N.J.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: JOHN CAMERON UNKAUF, New OHeans. La.; junior. JIMMY URRATE, Metairie. La.; freshman. ALBERT E. VACEK. JR., Houston, Tex.; freshman. BALDWIN VAN BENTHUYSEN, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. RICHARD MORTON VAN BUSKIRK, Shawnee Mission, Kans. ; freshman. FIFTH ROW: MAX F. VAN GILD2R, Paris. Ill; junior. GARY KENNETH VAN NOSTRAND, North Miami, Fla.; junior. GREG GERARD VATH. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. DANIEL P. VELASQUEZ, El Paso, Tex.; freshman. DAVID F. VELKOFF, Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM OGDEN VENNARD, JR., Baton Rouge, La.; fresh- man. JEFFREY HAYWARD VICTOR, Waycro.ss, Ga.; freshman. THOMAS T. VINING, Decatur, Ga.; freshman. HARRY SOLAND VORHABEN. JR., New Orleans, La.; fresh- man. DAVID M. WADLER, Bellaire. Tex.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: STEPHEN WAINGER, Norfolk, Va.; junior. ALEXANDER CHRISTOPHER, WALKER, Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; freshman. DOUGLAS RANDOLPH WALKER. Rock Island. 111.; fresh- man. ROGER DAVID WALKER, Schenectady, N.Y.; freshman. CHARLES EUGENE WALLACE, New Orleans, La. ; junior. EIGHTH ROW: JIM WALLACE, Bowling Green, Ky.; freshman. WILLIAM HARMON WALLACE, Jackson. Miss.; sophomore. GEORGE WALTER WALLINGFORD, Olathe. Kans.; sopho- more. ROY WALZER. Waterbury. Conn.; freshman. CHARLES DAVID WARD, Aurora, III. ; freshman. NINTH ROW: WILLIAM WYNNSTON WARD. Gretna, La.; freshman. DAVID RADAK WARREN. Balboa, Canal Zone; freshman. DUANE HERTMAN WATSON, Garland, Tex.; freshman. MAX POWELL WATSON. JR., Shreveport. La.: junior. JURAL ROBERT WATTS, Bowdon, Ga.; freshman. TENTH ROW: JOHN WEATHINGTON, Carson City, Nev.; sophomore. HERBERT MITCHELL WEBB. Ocala, Fla.; freshman. JAY WEBB. HI. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. STEVEN LEONARD WEBMAN. Orlando. Fla.; freshman. JOSEPH FRANCIS WEGMAN, New Orleans. La.; freshman. HC3I El ii ikikik S ' M LM ii 4ii Hi ifti. i iiM. 199 l 5W l P H v H B X f H " k J V W " M 1 Klk m rl i 111 Hf il iHi Itr 1 L V K IHWU 11 m Hiii w ■ RaJ Vil know that you need a new coach, but really. . FIRST ROW: KARL SOLOMON WEILL. JR.. Abbeville. La.; junior. PAUL KENNETH WEINER. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. MARK BERTON WEINSTEIN. Wichita Falls. Tex. ; junior. HOWARD I. WEISS. St. Louis. Mo.; freshman. MICHAEL PETER WEISSKOPF. Chicago. HI.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: GENE C. WEITH. Wheaton. III.; freshman. EDWARD GRAY WELLS. IIL Wallace. N.C.; freshman. ROBERT V. WELLS. Kansas Citv. Kans.; sophomore. MARTIN GARY WERTKIN, Great Neck, N.Y.; sophomore. BRITT R. WEST. Ft. Worth. Tex.; freshman. THIRD ROW: ROBERT WILLIAM WEST. Little Rock. Ark.; junior. RAYMOND WESTBROOK. Birmingham. Ala.; junior. ALAN LEE WEXLER. Galveston. Tex.; junior. DANA EUGENE WHITCOMB, South Hadley Falls, Mass.; freshman. JAMES EDWARD WHITE. Baker, La.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: ROBERT STUART WHITEHILL. Pittsburgh. Pa.; sophomore. PETER FRANK WHITINGTON. Memphis. Tenn.; freshman. GEOFFREY PAUL WIEDEMAN. JR.. Gunter Air Force Base, Ala.; Ireshman. ROBERT REID WIER, Ft. Worth. Tex.; freshman. JAMES GARNETT WILBOURN, Meridian, Miss.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: CHARLES H. WILCOX. Ft. Worth, Tex.; freshman. RAYMON JOEL WILENSKY. Huntsville. Ala.; junior. JOSEPH ANTHONY WILHELM, New Orleans, La.; junior. JACPUES DAVIS WILKINSON. Longview. Tex. ; freshman. JON F. WILLEN. Canton. 0.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: ARTHUR GRADY WILLIAMS. Valparaiso. Fla.; freshman. MERRIL KENNEDY WILLIAMS, Russellville, Ala.; freshma n. DALE HARRY WILSON. Fort Smith. Ark.; .sophomore. DEAN RICHARD WILSON, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. JAMES CHARLES WILSON, JR.. Birmingham, Ala.; fresh- SEVENTH ROW: LARRY G. WILSON, Little Rock, Ark.; sophomore. RONALD F. WILSON. Atlanta. Ga.; junior. SHELBY AUGUSTUS WILSON. II. Winter Park. Fla., fresh- man. HARRY PAUL WOLFE, Cleveland, 0.; sophomore. CHARLES ERWJN WOMACK, Oklahoma City, Okla.; sopho- Arts and Science UnderQradiiates o " flCTv S ?!S, ' ! 0 4 fT f ' ( ?oo FIRST ROW: DAVID L. WOMACK, Gretna, La.; sophomore. DENNIS EDWARD WOOD, Roclieporl, Mo.; junior. JOHN G. WOOD. Tulsa, Okla.; sophomore. ROBERT BYNUM WORKS. .JR.. Houston, Tex.; freshman. ARTHUR .lAMES WRIGHT, Dallas. Tex.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: LAWRENCE GEORGE WRIGHT. Dallas, Tex.; freshman. HAROLD BLACKLEDGE YARDLEY. Ft. Peehes. Tex.; fresh- man. RONALD C. YOUNG, Lansdale. Pa.; freshman. JEFFREY JOHN YUDIN. Ode-sa. Tex.; sophomore. MARTIN BARRETT YUKON, Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: SHELDON ROBERT ZILBERT, Miami Beach. Fla.; sopho- more. STEPHEN ROBERT ZIMMER. San Salvador. El Salvador; junior. STEVEN GEORGE ZITOWSKY, Chicago. HI.; junior. RICHARD GEORGE ZWANZIGER. Titusville, N.J.; freshman. Put a tiger in your tank! «% ' =%•■ ' " • ' " . ' . T5;t« , " ' ; 5»?»™,: ' 3?PiR ' »f ' :RK: JOI Business Adm in i stmt ion 301 FIRST ROW: JORGE ANTONIO BALDIOCEDA, San Jose, P.R.; Newman Club. RUSSELL C. BAUER. University City. Mo.; Swimming li ' am; T-Club. LAWRENCE BRUCE BERNSTEIN, Dallas, Tex,; Varsity foot- ball manager, fonr years. SECOND ROW: ALFRED TAYLOR BOWEN, Metairie, La.; Army Rifle Team; Newman Club; Sigma Pi. KENNETH ROBERT BURNS, New Cumberland. Pa. ELYSE M. DERBES, Metairie, La.; Athletic Council: Kappa Kappa Gamma. THIRD ROW: DAVID HAROLD DESMON, Buffalo, N,Y.; Panhellenic Repre- sentative; Interfaith Activities Committee; Tau Epsilon Phi. CHARLES O. FARRAR. JR., Harrisburg, 111,; Phi Delta Theta. GERALD ALAN FELDMAN, Newton, Mass.; Army Band Leader; Army Flight School; Tau Epsilon Phi. FOURTH ROW: CHARLES ANTHONY FOTO, San Diego, Calif.; President, Senior Class; Honor Board; Sailing Club; Phi Kappa Sigma. CHANNING FREDERICK HAYDEN. New Orleans, La. MICHAEL JAY KANTROW. Baton Rouge. La.; Business School Student Council; Vice-President. Sophomore Class; Golf Team; Zeta Beta Tau. FIFTH ROW: BRIAN MICHAEL KUTASH. Shaker Heights. 0.; Sigma Al- pha Mu. HARRY M. LEAGUE, JR., Merion, Pa.; Secretary-Treasurer, School of Business; Honor Board. Secretary (2), Vice-Chairman (3), Chairman (4); President, Sophomore Class; Executive Officer, Air Force Drum and Bugle Corps; Scabbard and Blade; Arnold Air Society. JAMES WILBERNE McGILL, Slidell, La.; Student Council; Beta Gamma Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; ODK; Vice-President, Business School; T-Club; Varsity Baseball; Scabbard Blade; Newman Club; Greenbackers; Kappa Alpha Order. 4k , i 4 No, I actually think that this is a 10-441-242. section 23. Business Seniors SIXTH ROW: JANET L-iNN MOORE. Key West. Fla.: Vice-President. Tu- lane Student Council: Phi Chi Theta: La Tertulia: Homecoming Maid of Honor. JAMES JOSEPH O ' CONNOR. New Orleans. La.; Honor Board; Vice-President, Delta Kappa Epsilon. SARAH ALICE PILGRIM. Mississippi City, Miss.: Phi Chi Theta; Vice-President, Honor Board; Phi Mu. SEVENTH ROW: ERIC RICHARD PRATT. Pleasant HilL Calif.; Panhellenic Council; Director. Iiiterfraternity Activities; Sigma Nu. SAUL LEWIS RACHELSON. Tampa, Fla.; Sigma Alpha Mu. MICHAEL PATRICK REDINGTON. North Highland, Calif.: Treasurer. Alpha Sigma Phi. EIGHTH ROW: CHARLES JOSEPH ROBILIO. Memphis. Tenn.: Vice-Presi- dent, Senior Class: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. STANLEY M. SALUS, Washington, D.C.; Representative-at- Large, School of Business; Vice-President, Alpha Epsilon Pi. JOHN BORDEN TOY. JR.. Englewood, Colo.; Treasurer, Sigma Chi. NINTH ROW: WILLIAM FOSTER WALKER. III. Alexandria. La.; President. School of Business; President. Junior Class; Vice-President, Beta Alpha Psi; Scabbard Blade; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JOHN LOUIS WILLOZ, New Orleans, La. ' Whee, lets . mm Business Seniors 3,04 Business Undergraduates l.T f lima (It llw Homi-dimiiifi Dance. FIRST ROW: DONALD BEAR. Pensacoia. Fla.: Junior. LAWRENCE B. BERKOWITZ. Maplewood. N..J.: junior. STEPHEN FRANKLIN DAVIS. Peoria. 111.; Junior. DANIEL RAYMOND DE EULIS, Rochester. Mich.: Junior. 4D0LF STEPHEN DEUTSCHLE. Coral Gables. Fla.; Junior. SECOND ROW: QLIIXIN MICHAEL EAGAN. New Orleans. La.; Junior. L EWIS ERNEST EUSTIS. III. Piedmont. Calif.: Junior. JOHN MIKE FINDLEY, Memphis. Tenn.: Junior. JAMES WILLIAM FRANK. Pittsburgh. Pa.: Junior. JOHN EDISON FREUND. St. Louis. Mo.: Junior. THIRD ROW: GARY L. HANDEMAN, St. Louis. Mo.: Junior. PHILLIP RAY JONES, Tyler. Tex.: Junior. HALPERIN KANTOR, Memphis. Tenn.; Junior. NORRIS SMITH LUPO. New Orleans. La.; Junior. DALE A. MARLIN, Arlington. Va.: Junior. FOURTH ROW: MATHEWS JAMES MAYNARD. Bronxville, N.Y.: Junior. STANLEY A. MOTTA. Panama; Junior. MICHAELYN ANN O ' DONNELL. New Orleans. La.; Junior. STEPHEN ELLIOTT ROSE. Woodmere. N.Y.: Junior. BARRY N. SAMUEL. New Orleans. La.: Junior. FIFTH ROW: THEODORA LUCILLE SCHONACHER. New Orleans, La. Junior. THOMAS L. SHIELDS. Ft. Worth. Tex.: Junior. ROBERT PAUL SILVERBERG. Wilm. Del.: Junior. A. MICHAEL SLOSBERG. Westerly. R.I.; Junior. GARY M. STERN. Chicago. 111.; Junior. SIXTH ROW: BARRY A. WAX. St. Peter Beach. Fla. ; Junior. RICHARD ALAN WEISS, Shaker Heights, 0.; Junior. 305 Enoiiieerino o o 306 FIRST ROW: IRA LAWRENCE AVRUNIN. Washington, D.C.; Phi Eta Sigma; Corresponding Secretary. Tan fieta Pi; I.E.E.E.; Vice- President, Tan Epsilon Phi. WALTER EMANUEL BLESSEY, ,)R., Metairie, La.; Coll Team ; Kappa Alpha Order. BEN JOSEPH CLAASSEN, New Orleans. La. SECOND ROW: GEORGE MILES CLARK, .JR., New Orleans, La.; I.E.E.E.; Tau Beta Pi. .lOSEPH LEE DALFERES, New Orleans, La.; A.I.Cli.E. ROBERT BRUCE EDWARDS, Houston, Tex.; A.I.Cli.E.; Navy Drum and Bugle Corps. THIRD ROW: ALVIN SCHAAF FLETTRICH. JR.. Metairie, La.; Vice-Presi- dent, ASCE; Intramural Council. JOHN WILLIAM FLUDE. Houston. Tex.; Anchor and Chain; Jambalaya. WALTER HAYES FUSH, New Orleans. La.; Student Council. Representative-at-Large; I.E.E.E.; President. Alpha Tau Omega. FOURTH ROW: FRANK CHARLES GAGLIANO, New Orleans, La.; ASCE. DAVID JOHN GARLAND. New Orleans, La.; Vice-President, Senior Class of Engineering; ASME; Intramural Council; track. MICHAEL JOHN GRECO, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; A.I.Ch.E.; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. FIFTH ROW: JAMES GRAYSON GUTHRIE. Monroe, La.; Sigma ChL DARREL RA.MOND HOTARD. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Presi- dent, I.E.E.E.; Scabhard Blade. MICHAEL DAVID KATZEFF, San Bernadino, Calif.; Treas- urer, Tau Beta Pi; Vice-President, Alpha Chi Sigma; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard Blade: Tau Epsilon Phi. Mr. AH American. Engiiieering Seniors FIRST ROW: RICHARD HENRY LEE. Harvey. La.: Vice-President. School of Engineering: Vice-President. I.E.E.E.: President. Tau Beta Pi. AUGUST ANTHONY MANGIARACINA. JR.. New Orleans. La.: ASME. JULIUS PETER NEUMEYER. New Orleans. La.: President. Senior Class of Engineering: President, A.I.Ch.E.: Phi Kappa Sigma. SECOND ROW: CH ARLES LOUIS NIEMEYER. HI. New Orleans. La.; I.E.E.E.: Arnold Air Society. LUCIEN DEBUYS O ' KELLEY. New Orleans. La.; Represen- tative-at-Large. School of Engineering; Treasurer, Panhellenic Council: President. Delta Tau Delta. RICHARD KRAMER SCHMIDT. Metairie, La.; ASCE; Vars- ity Baseball: Alpha Tau Omega. THIRD ROW: JAMES F. SCOTT. JR.. New Orleans. La.; ASCE. RUDOLPH SULLIVAN ST. GERMAIN. Arabi. La.; Vice- President. ASME. KENT KELLY SUTHERLIN. New Orleans. La.; President. ODK; President. Tulane Panhellenic: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Who ' s Who; Vice-President. Freshman Class of Eng. ; President. Sophomore Class of Eng.; Scabbard Blade; Fi- nance Board; AFROTC Communications and Electronics Award: AFROTC Detachment Commendation Award; Treas- urer, Kappa Alpha Order. FOURTH ROW: MARTIN FRANZ VOGT. New Orleans. La.; A.I.Ch.E.; Presi- dent. School of Engineering. J. STUART WOOD, New Orleans. La.; ASME; Vice-President, Tau Beta Pi; President, Intramural Council; Alpha Chi Sigma; Secretary. School of Engineering; Arnold Air Society; Scab- bard and Blade; Sigma Pi. Engiiieering Undergraduates ksM FIRST ROW: FRANK GILFORD ADAMS. New Orleans. La.; Sophomore. GARY KEITH ANDERSON. Colombia. S.A.; Junior. DENNIS ARONSON, Miami. Fla.: Sophomore. PAUL ALFONSO ARSUAGA. Metairie. La.; Freshman. PURVIS WILLIAM BANE. JR.. Batesburg. S.C; Sophomore. SECOND ROW: THOMAS BARR. New Orleans. La.: Junior. MARVIN ERNEST BEASLEY, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Junior. ROY ROE BEESON. New Orleans. La.; Sophomore. ROBERT WILLIAM BERGEMANN. Islington, Ont.; Fresh- man. REGEL LOUIS BISSO, New Orleans, La.; Junior. THIRD ROW: ALAN BART BOOKMAN, New Orleans. La.; Freshman. BRIAN JAMES BOURG, Westwego, La.; Freshman. RONNIE GUY BOURGEOIS. New Orleans, La.: Junior. RONALD DEANE BOUVIER. New Orleans. La.; Junior. L. DENNIS BRYAN, Palos Heights, 111. ; Junior. 308 Engineering Undergraduates C ' M AMgiktm 4A«i IV hat else does she do ' FIRST ROW: REX JAMES BUNKER. Caju.i. F.R.: Freshman. BRETT N. BURBANK. Cincinnati. 0.; Freshman. .JOHN WESLEY CALVIN. Hollvwyood. Fla.: .Junior. RALPH VICTOR CAPITELLI. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. MICHAEL DEAN CHARBONNET. New Orleans. La.: Sopho- SECOND ROW: JOHN GREGORY CLELAND. Knoxville. Tenn.: .Sophomore. JOSEPH GEORGE COCCHIARA. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Junior. MARSHALL GLEASON COLCOCK. New Orleans. La.; Fresh- man. KENNETH E. CORNWALL. Lockbourne AFB. 0.: Freshman. R. MICHAEL COSGROVE, New Orleans. La.: .Sophomore. THIRD ROW: BRUCE PAUL CREIGHTON. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. JOSEPH LARRY CURRAN. Metairie. La.: Junior. BRIAN RICHARD DEACON. Fayetteville. N.Y.: Junior. STEPHANIE LOUISE DEE. Houston. Tex.: Freshman. DUVAL FREDERICK DICKEY, JR., New Orleans. La.; Soph- FOURTH ROW: MICHAEL DAVID DWORSKY. Ithaca. N.Y.: .Sophomore. LUCAS HENRY EHRENSING. New Orleans. La.: Junior. DONALD GREHAN ELLIS. New Orleans. La.: Sophomore. ANDREW JOSEPH ENGLANDE. JR.. Arabi. La.: Junior. JAMES GERARD FIASCONARO. New Orleans. La.: Sopho- FIFTH ROW: JOHN PHILIP FINNEGAX. Houston. Tex.: Freshman. ARTHUR SAMUEL FLEWELLING. Accokeek. Md.: Fresh- man. WILLIAM AUGUSTIN FORET. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. BARRY IVAN FOX, New Orleans. La.; Freshman. STEVAN PAUL FRAZIER. New Orleans, La.: Freshman. SIXTH ROW: DOUGLAS JOHN FREESWICK. Highland Park. X.J.: Junior. MICHAEL EDWARD FREITAG. New Orleans. La.: Junior. LEE AUSTIN FRITCHIE. Slidell. La.: Junior RICHARD LINDSEY GEDDES. Houston. Tex.: Freshman WILLIAM OSCAR GENY. Nashville. Tenn.: Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: LAWRENCE WILLIAM GILBERT. New Orleans. La.; Fresh- man. RICHARD JOSEPH GONZALEZ. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. THOMAS MICHAEL GOODRICH. Birmingham. Ala.: Junior. PATRICK LEWIS GOOTEE. New Orleans. La.: Freshman LOUIS GERARD GRUNTZ. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Freshman 309 giitiM iiMiM V- ilk Flh ' ST ROW: MICHAEL D. GUIZA, New Orleans. La.; Freshman. ROBERT N. HABANS, JR.. New Orleans. La.: Sophomore. TERRY LEE HABIG. Auhurn. Ind.: Freshman. BL KE EDWARD HAMILTON. Kingsville. Tex.: Freshman. STEPHEN RALPH HEFFNER. Plantation. Fla.; Sophomore. SECOND ROW: .JERRY DAVID HILL, New Orleans. La.; Freshman. LEO ARNOLD HILL. Lewiston. N.Y.: Freshman. TOM W. HOLDEN. Monroe. La. ; Freshman. ,|OHN WILIAM HOLTGREVE. New Orleans. La.; Freshman. HAL EDWARD HUTCHISON. Sarasota. Fla.; Junior. THIRD ROW: ROBERT PATON JOURDAN. Miami Springs. Fla.: Junior. PATRICK KELLY KANE. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Freshman. DANNY GENE KILPATRICK. Lexington. Ky.: Freshman. KATHERINEKRIEDLEKAMP. Jacksonville. Fla.; Sophomore. JAMES RAY KUBEC, Wooster. 0.; Sophomore. FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM W. KYLE. Baton Rouge. La.: Sophomore. CHARLES E. LECHE, New Orleans, La.; Freshman. SAMUEL LESTER. LEVY. Denver. Colo.; Junior. EUGENE HUBERT LILLIS. JR.. New Orleans. La.; Freshman. PAUL FRANCIS LIVAUDAIS, Metairie. La.; Freshman. FIFTH ROW: ANTONIO LOPEZ. Orlando. Fla.: Freshman. MATTHEW HARMON LUCA. Spartanburg, S.C; Sophomore. WILLIAM JAMES McBRIDE. JR.. Bakersfield, Calif.; Junior. WILLIAM McCUE. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. LESLIE BENNETT McDONALD. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM MICHAEL McNUTT. Little Rock, Ark.; Freshman. JEROME FREDERICK MECHLER, New Orleans, La.; Fresh- man. MICHAEL HENRY MERENS. Highland Park. Ill; Sophomore. LARRY ERNEST MICKAL. New Orleans. La.; Freshman. JEFFREY LYNN MILES. Crowley. La.; Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: HAROLD M. MILLER. JR., Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; Junior. WILLIAM KEITH MODENBACH. New Orleans. La.; Sopho- more. JOSEPH JOHN MONJD. New Orleans. La.; Freshman. WILLIAM CHARLES MONNIN. Jeanerette. La.; Freshman. HOWARD AUSTIN MOORE. Dallas, Tex.; Freshman. EIGHTH ROW: HERMOGENES MORENO. Puerto San Jose, Guatemala; Junior. BRIAN EDWARD MULLEN, Woodbridge, N.J.; Freshman. ROLLAND ANTHONY MURA. New Orleans, La.; Freshman. THOMAS BRUCE NICHOLS. Canton. Miss.; Freshman. CHARLES RANDALL ORR. New Orleans, La.; Freshman. NINTH ROW: DAVID LOUIS PARENTON. New Orleans. La.; Freshman. PAUL KENNETH PARISI. Metairie. La.; Freshman. STEVEN PERIN. Pearl River, N.Y.; Freshman. I AMES POLSTER. Shaker Heights. Ohio: Freshman. WYLMER CRENSHAW POOL, New Orleans, La.; Junior. TENTH ROW: UWE R. PONTIUS. Bethanv. Okla.; Junior. WILLIAM WARREN POWELL. Gulf port. Miss.; Sophomore. NOEL lOSEPH RICORD. New Orleans. La.; Sophomore. WILLIAM CHARLES REID. Memphis, Tenn.; Junior. JAMES CURTIS REYNOLDS. Augusta, Maine; Freshman. 310 Engineering Undergraduates I 41 4 il iiiii in im iyi jU V y name is Smith, glad to know ya . . . FIRST ROW: BARRYMORE DUVAI, RIGGS. Ashton. Md.: Sophomore. .lEFFRY ANDREW ROUX. Luling. La.: .Sophomore. JOHN MICHAEL RUSSELL. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. .lOSEPH MICHAEL SCHMITZ. Oklahoma City. Okla.: Fresh- man. GERALD LLOYD SCHROEDER. JR.. New Orleans, La.: Freshman. SECOND ROW: BRUCE ALAN SCHWAN, Islip, N.Y.; Freshman. GEORGE ARTHUR SEAVER, III, New Orleans, La.: Sopho- more. MILES CARL SEIFERT, Charlottsville. Va.: Freshman. DAVID VERNON SHAVER. Valparaiso. Fla.; Junior. JOHN MICHAEL SHAY. JR.. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. THIRD ROW: FRANK THOMPSON SIMPSON. Chew Chase. Md.: Fresh- LOUIS OSCAR SMITH. JR.. Metairie. La.: Sophomore. ROBERT ANDREW SONGE, Morgan Citv. La.: Fre-shman. WARREN HUNTINGTON SPURGE. HI. Osprey. Fla.: Sopho- more. WILLIAM BECHTEL STAYER. Birmingham. La.: Freshman. FOURTH ROW: LEONARD A. STEPP. Cleveland. 0.: Freshman. LOUIS STERN, Lakeland. Fla. : Freshman. JERRY EUGENE SULLIVAN. Danville. 111.: Sophomore. GEORGE A. SWAN. Biloxi. Miss.: Freshman. JOSEPH JOHN TARDO. New Orleans. La.: Junior. FIFTH ROW: MICHAEL HUMPHREY THIRIOT. New Orleans. La. Fresh- ROGER HARVEY VINCENT. Red Bank. N.J.: Freshman. FRANK SIMMONS WELLS. New Orleans. La.: Sophomore. JOHN STEVEN WELSH. Spartanburg. S.C: Sophomore. JAMES MARVIN WALLEY. JR.. Metairie. La.: Freshman. SIXTH ROW: WILLIAM S. WEIL. III. Philadelphia. Pa.: Freshman. KEVIN MICHAEL WEIN. Brooklyn. N.Y.: Freshman. JOHN HENRY WIEDERECHT. New Orleans. La.: Freshman. BRUCE ALLAN WISMAR. New Orleans. La.: Junior. JEFFREY GERALD WOOD. Sarasota. Fla.: Freshman. SEVENTH ROW: JOHN CARRE WOODWARD. Metairie. La.: Freshman. JOSEPH HANK ZIEGLER. Pompano Beach. Fla.: Junior. LEONARD CHARLES ZIMMERMANN. New Orleans, La.; Freshman. Law 3I FIRST ROW: HERSCHEL lee ABBOTT, JR.. Monroe. Ea.; Eaw Review; ODK; Scabbard Blade; Canterbury Cliili; Yoiiiin Re|iiibli- cans; Phi Delta Phi. PATRICK .lOSEPH ARAGUEL. .|R., Metairie. La.; Phi 1). It.i Phi; Beta Theta Pi. JAMES R. BARROW, New Iberia, La.; Sludenl: Bar A.ssoc; Moot Court Judge; Delta Sigma Rho; ODK; Arnold Air So- ciety; Treasurer, Phi Alpha Delta. SECOND ROW: WILBERT 0. CRAIN, Shreveport, La.; Phi Delta Phi; Kappa Alpha Order. WILLIAM JOSEPH EVERHARDT, Metairie, La.; Phi Beta Kappa; Pi Sigma Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Delta Phi. ALLEN RAY FONTENOT. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Captain. Golf Team; Greenbackers; President, Sigma Chi. THIRD ROW: CORNELIUS ALFRED HECKER, III, New Orleans. La.; Rep- resentative. Student Bar As:ociation; Who ' s Who; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Theta Pi. WALLACE HAHNEMANN PALETOU. New Orleans. La.; Sailing Club; Phi Delta Phi. HARDY MARTELL PARKERSON. Crosby. Tex.; President, Young Democrats; President. Baptist Student Union; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta. FOURTH ROW: EDWARD H. STOLLEY, New Orleans. La.; Kappa Alpha Order; Phi Delta Phi. JOHN ASBURY SUTHERLIN. JR., New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Theta Pi. ANDREW MORRIS WEIR. New Orleans. La.; Phi Delta Phi; Pi Kappa Alpha. FIFTH ROW: LOUIS ALOYSIUS WILSON. JR.. New Orleans, La.; Eta Sigma Phi; Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Alpha Sigma Phi. JOHN DUNCAN WOGAN, New Orleans. La.; Tulane Law Re- view; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Kappa Epsilon. iU Law School celebrates Homecoming in its own special way. Law Seniors Law Undergraduates Rah, rah . . . I really give a Damn! FIRST ROW: ROBERT DANIEL ADAMS. Lafayette, La.; freshman. DAVID BERNARD CARNES. E. Gadsen. Ala.; junior. TAMES CROSLAND. Long Beach, Miss.; freshman. DOUGLAS ARMSTRONG CULLEN. Covington. La.; junior. FORD JONES DIETH, New Orleans. La.; freshman. SECOND ROW: DURO DUPLECHIN, Eunice. La.: junior. FRANK LEO FAUST, JR., New Orleans, La.; junior. MAYER. FINKELSTEIN. Metairie. La.; junior. WARREN ALLAN GOLDSTEIN. New Orleans. La.; junior. lOHN EDWARD GREENE. Albany, Ga.; freshman. THIRD ROW: HENRY TRIPLER LARZELERE, JR.. El Dorado. Ark.; fresh- man. ROBERT L. LIVINGSTON. JR.. New Orleans. La.; freshman. ROBERT LEO LOBRANO. Point-A-La-Hache, La.; junior. JAMES JOHN MEYERS, JR., New Orleans, La.; freshman. HENRY FRANCIS O ' CONNOR, New Orleans. La.; junior. FOURTH ROW: HELEN ELIZABETH ONEBANE, Lafayette. La.; freshman. DAVID G. PERLIS, New Orleans. La.; junior. MAX D. RAMIREZ DE ARELLANO. Rio Piedras. Puerto Rico; freshman WILLIAM LEE RUNYON. JR.. Charle:;ton. S.C; junior. GORDON BICKFORD SHAW, New Orleans. La.; junior. FIFTH ROW: STANLEY LEROY TAYLOR. JR.. Natchez. Miss.; junior. WATSON VAN BENTHUYSEN. JR.. New Orleans. La.: fres man. HENRY CLAY WALKER. IV, Shreveport. La.; junior. 314 Medicine ? - 5 FIRST ROW: ROBERT LEWIS Al ' PLEBAl ' M. Birmingham. Ala.: President, Phi Delta Epsilon. ROBERT OSCAR BEGTRUP. Los Angeles, Calif. ROBERT ELLIS BLAIS. Daytona Beach. Fla.: Nu Sigma Nu. SECOND ROW: JAMES BETHEL BRAYTON. Poultney, Vt.; Treasurer. Sen- ior Class: International Club: Newman Club. CHARLES HAL BRUNT. Marks. Miss.; Phi Chi. WALTER ANSELL DERRICK. Orlando, Fla.; Alpha Omega Alpha: Alpha Kappa Kappa. THIRD ROW: WILLIAM NORMAN FLOYD, JR., New Orleans, La.; Kappa Sigma. DAVIS FESSENDEN GATES. Coral Gables. Fla.: Phi Chi. LARRY A. HAUSKINS. Westlake, La.; Phi Chi. FOURTH ROW: CHARLES E. HEINBERG. Alexandria, La.; Phi Delta Epsilon. HOWARD I. HURTIG, Leland. Miss.; A.O.A.; President. Owl Club: Phi Delta Epsilon. PETER LEE KOCHMAN. Waco. Tex.: Alpha Epsilon Pi; Phi Delta Epsilon. " Sure glad that elephants don ' t fly! " ii iiiklk li h ik Medical Seniors 3116 FIRST ROW: KENNETH CHARLES LAFLEUR. Lawtell, La.; Alpha Kapjia Kappa. MILTON HENRY LEMAN, ,)R.. Nf.w Orleans. [,a.; Alpha Kappa Kappa. BRUCE ALEXANDER LIEF, Bala-Cynwy.l, Pa.; Phi Delia Epsilon. SECOND ROW: JAMES MALCOLM LONG, III, Cleveland, Miss.; Pre.sident, Kappa Delta Phi; ODK; Tulanians; Campus Nile; President, Nu Sigma Nu; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JAMES F. LYONS, New Orleans, La.; President, School of Medicine; President, Junior Class; President, Sophomore Class. A. KENT SEALE, Sulphur. La. ; Nu Sigma Nu. k 4£filfe «1 ' The Four Horsemen. . . .? ' ' 317 Medical Undergraduates FIRST ROW: DAVID ALAN DEPP. Metairie. I.a.: junior. STEPHEN ARTHUR FATTEL. North Belgen. N.J.: fre. hmen. LE IS FREDERICK MERRELL. Shreveport. La.: freshman. JAMES CHESTER MOHLE. San Antonio. Tex.; freshman. GERALD CLIFTON MORRIS, Hattiesburg, Miss.; freshman. SECOND ROW: MICHAEL HOWARD PARRINO. Cali. Colombia; sophomore. WILLIAM ANDREW SHAPIRO. Spartanburg. S.C; freshman. ROBERT EUGENE SNYDER. Canton. Minn.: junior. 318 University College, Social Work, Graduate School 319 FIRST ROW: RICHARD ANTHONY ANTOLIK. Nrw Orleans. La.: Univer- sity College: senior. ROBERT WOODWARD BARN ELL. III. Greenwood. Miss.: Graduate School. DARLENE ANN BIERHORST. New Orleans. La.; Univer ity College; innior. SECOND ROW: DEARDRA ELIZABETH BLACHE. New Orleans. La.: Uni- versity College: junior. RICHARD D MD BO ' WLING. New Orleans. La.: Graduate School. EDWARD OTIS BUFKIN. New Orleans. La.: Graduate School. THIRD ROW: DON LOUIS DINKEL, New Orleans. La.; University College; senior. EMILE JOSEPH FALLO. New Orleans. La.; Social Work: senior. SHEILA KATHERINE FULMER. Melbourne. Fla.; University College; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: ALTON EUGENE HADLEY, New Orleans, La.; Social Work. THOMAS EARL HENDRICKS, New Orleans. La.; Graduate School. DAVID PITTMAN JOHNSON. Montgomery, Ala.; Graduate School. THOMAS E. JOINER. Tifton. Ga.: Social Work. ALVIN EDWARD JONES. New Orleans. La.; University Col- lege. GUY LOUIS LEEFE. III. New Orleans. La.; Graduate School. d aduates ' ' IT hen they said grant-in-aid I had no idea of this. " ■iti . fi ' ■- iip- - ' - ' " Graduates FIRST ROW: FREDERICK ELIOT LYNN, Memphis, Tenn.; (;radiiat School. LARRY MADDOX. Jackson. Miss.; Social Work. ELIZABETH ETHEL MORAN, North Fort Meyers. Fla.; Graduate School. SECOND ROW: CAROL R, ODELL. New Orleans, La.; Graduate .School. ETHELYN G. ORSO, New Orleans, La.; Graduate School. DAVID JIMMIE POTTER. Texarkana. Ark.; Graduate .School THIRD ROW: JACK H. RAU, New Orleans. La.: Graduate School. THOMAS M. REGAN, New Orleans, La.; Graduate School. FRANCIS JOSEPH RICHARDSON, HI, New Orleans, La.; Graduate School. mMk. FIRST ROW: DONALD ROBERT SCHLATER, New Orleans, La.; Graduate School. MYRA L. SCHNEIDER. New Orleans, La.; Univer.sity College; senior. JAMES MATTHEW SCOTT, Pittsburgh, Pa.; Graduate School. SECOND ROW: RONALD EDWARD SHRIEVES, Newport News, Va.; Graduate School. RICHARD HUGH STETZER. New Orleans, La.; Graduate School. SHIRLEY A. STEWART, Peterstown. W. Va.; Graduate School. THIRD ROW: EARL ANTHONY STOLZ. New Orleans, La.; Graduate SchooL JULIAN MARK TOUPS. Metairie, La.; Graduate School. JAMES ALFRED TURNER, New Orleans, La.; Graduate School. FOURTH ROW: R. COLLINS VALLEE, New Orleans. La.; University CoUege; junior. DELIA ANN VARN, Fort Meade. Fla.; University College; sophomore. GEORGE A. VON BODUNGEN, New Orleans. La.: Graduate School. ROBERT CLYDE WILLIAMS, JR., New Orleans. La.; Grad- uate School. ?2.I Newcomb tai FIRST ROW: ADELLE ABRAMSON, Shreveport, La.; Alpha Epsilon I ' lii. LORRAINE LEE ALEXANDER, Dallas. Tex.; Presideni, Beia Beta Beta; Newman Club; Sailing Club. MARILYN ALHADEFF, Atlanta, Ca.; Sigma Delta Tau. SECOND ROW: EMILY, ANDERSON, Atlanta. Ga.; Scholars Fellows; J.Y. A.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FAY YVETTE ANGEL, Miami. Fla.; J.Y.A.; La Tertulia; Sigma Delta Tau. EILEEN BELL AREY, New Orleans. La.; A Cappella Choir; President. Alpha Delta Pi. THIRD ROW: MARY ELIZABETH ARMSTRONG, Montgomery, Ala. MARY NELLE ARMSTRONG, Seattle, Wash.; Cosmopolitan Committee; Alpha Omicron Pi. JEANNE MARIE BARNETT, Texarkana, Tex.; House Coun- cil; Angel Flight; President, Kappa Alpha Theta. FOURTH ROW: LINDA ANNE BARTON, Talladega, Ala.; Alpha Delta Pi. JANE A. BENTON, Jackson, Tenn.; Scholars Fellows: Can- terbury Club; Greenbackers; Chi Omega. DOROTHY LEE BERGQUIST, Millbrook, Ala.; Scholars Fellows; J.Y.A.; Pi Beta PhL " Two cents . . . sold to the only bidder! " Newcomb Seniors 3 3 FIRST ROW: MARA SELENA BERMAN. New York City. N.Y.: J.Y.A.; Sigma Delta Tau. BARBARA BAILEY BIENN. New Orleans. La.; Sigma Delta Tau. SUSAN KATHRYN BLACKFORD. St. Petersburg. Fla.; Treas- urer, Beta Beta Beta; Eta Sigma Phi: Oreades; Spotlighters; Greenbackers: Phi Mu. SECOND ROW: MONIKA I. BOLLINGER. Union. N.J. MARTHA HOPE BOND. St. Petersburg, Fla.; Jambalaya; Vice-President. Kappa Kappa Gamma. GLYNN DEE BOROCHOFF. Atlanta. Ga.; Secretary. Mortar Board: Assets; Jambalaya; Campus Nite; Dance Club; Spot- lighters: Treasurer. Alpha Epsilon Phi. THIRD ROW: MARJORIE ANNE BOWLING. New Orleans, La. HAZELL ANN BOYCE. New Orleans. La.; Chi Omega. CHEREE CARLISLE BRIGGS, Blytheville, Ark.; Secretary, CCUN; Fine Arts Committee; Kappa Alpha Theta. FOURTH ROW: MARY ELIZABETH BROWN, Greenville, S.C; Vice-President, Newcomb Student Body, Chairman, Newcomb Student-Faculty Committee; Assets; President, Pi Beta Phi. CAROL JEAN CAHN, Monroe, La.; J.Y.A.; Dean ' s List; CCUN; Liberals Club; Sailing Club; Sigma Delta Tau. GLENNA EMILY CANTERBURY, Jackson, Miss.; Art Club; Canterbury Club; Padohad Committee; Alpha Delta Pi. FIFTH ROW: HYACINTH LOWE CARTER, Jackson, Miss.; J.Y.A.; Wesley Foundation; Phi Mu. HELEN C. CHILDRESS. New Orleans, La.; Homecoming Court (4) ; Greenbackers; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUSAN VIRGINIA CLARK. Clarksdale, Miss.; President, Newcomb Honor Board; 1965 Homecoming Queen; President, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Doc, its about that food(?) at the cafeteria! D m : r . ' - I h Newcomb Seniors : -■■s ' ' FIRST ROW: CONSTANCE MARGARET COLE, Nashville, Tenn.; Inner House Council; Kappa Delta Pi; Scholars Fellows; I ' i Bela Phi. LUCIE DIANE COLE, New York City, N.Y.; Greenbackers. MARY EMILY COLEMAN, Lake Charles, La.; Secretary, Senior Class; Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: CAROLYN STAUFFER CRUSEL, New Orleans. La.; Presi- dent, Newcomb; Panhellenic; Who ' s Who; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SUZANNE ELYSE DAVIS. Tampa. Fla.; Art Club; Chi Omega. KAREN LEE DEENER, New Orleans, La.; Newcomb Pan- hellenic Council; Preddent. Chi Omega. THIRD ROW: FLORENCE ELINORE DE FROSCIA, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; President, Newcomb, Student Council; Tulane Publications Board; Tulane Finance Board; Who ' s Who; 1964 Homecoming Queen; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LINDA L. DE SHAW, DeLand, Fla.; Art Club; Alpha Delta Pi. MARY KEITH DOCKERY, Cleveland, Miss.; Project Oppor- tunity; Kappa Kappa Gamma. FIRST ROW: JANICE CLAIRE DONALDSON, New Orleans, La.; Scholars Fellows; J.Y.A.; Cosmopolitan Committee. SUSAN ANNE DREYFUS, Fort Worth. Tex.; President. Mortar Board; Assets; Kappa Delta Pi; Newcomb Representative to Tulane Student Council; Little General. National Angel Flight: Pi Beta Phi. DEIDRE ANN DUMAS, New Orleans, La.: Beta Beta Beta. SECOND ROW: MARSHA DUMAS, Mobile, Ala.; Newcomb Honor Board; Kappa Kappa Gamma. PAMELA RUTH DYKES. Crockett. Tex.: Newcomb Food Service Committee: Skipper. Commodores: Hospitality Com- mittee; Recording Secretary. Pi Beta Phi. MARILEE EUSTIS EAVES. New Orleans, La.: Pi Beta Phi. THIRD ROW: MILDRED FRANCES EBY. Tulsa. Okla.; Inner House Coun- cil; Vice-President. Kappa Alpha Theta. MARGARET ANN EDEN. Chalmette. La.; Teacher Education Association; Cosmopolitan Committee; Phi Mu. CAROL EDWARDS. Dallas. Tex.; Project Opportunity: Hos- pitality Committee; Cosmopolitan Committee. FOURTH ROW: VICTORIA LYN ELSAS, New York City. X.Y.: Vice-President. Barracudas; Chi Omega. JANE KAREN ENGLISH. Miami Beach. Fla.: Pi Sigma Al- pha; J.Y .A.; Russian Club: Project Opportunity: Fine Arts Committee; Sigma Delta Tau. BARBARA DEVORAH EPSTEIN. Atlanta. Ga.: Scholars Fellows; J.Y.A. 3 5 FIRST ROW: JOLNA FIELD. Houston. Tex.: Greenbackers; Treasurer. Al- pha Delta Pi. IDA FINKELSTEIN. .Morgan City. La.; Beta Beta Beta. MARY ELLEN FITZPATRICK. New Orleans. La. SECOND ROW: JANICE STONE FLOYD. New Orleans. La.; Beta Beta Beta; House Council; Assets; Kappa Alpha Theta. MARY ONIE FORD. Ft. Pierce. Fla.: Alpha Deha Pi. NANCY KATHARINE FOWLER. Paducah. Ky.; President, La Tertulia: Corresponding Secretary. Pi Beta Phi. THIRD ROW: ELSA FREIMAN. Pineville. La.; Scholars Fellows; J.Y.A.; Pi Mu Epsilon; Newconib College Bowl Team. MARGARET LOUISE FRISHE. Winter Haven. Fla. DIANE ELAINE GACHMAN. Fort Worth, Tex.; Lagniappes Committee: Alpha Epsilon Phi. FOURTH ROW: JEAN ELIZABETH GALLICO, Ridgewood, N.J.; Newman Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. ANNE GREGORY GATES, Columbia, Tenn.; Vice-President. Senior Class; Chapel Chairman; Secretary. Chi Omega. ALICE ROSE GEORGE. Monticello, Alpha Theta. Miss.; J.Y.A.; Kappa FIFTH ROW: CAROLYN ANN GIFFORD, Mexico. D.F.; La Tertulia; Presi- dent, Newcomb Athletic Association: Newcomb Student- Fac- ulty Committee; Chairman. Cosmopolitan Committee; Green- backers; Vice-President. Phi Mu. DE BARD GILLESPIE. Vicksburg, Miss.; Newcomb College Bowl Team. KAREN DEANE GLEYE. San Antonio. Tex.; Cosmopolitan Committee; Alpha Omicron Pi. House Council: " IT ' hat. me worrv. Newcomb Seniors FIRST ROW: GAYLE JOYCE GOLDMAN, Fort Worth, Tex.; l i Sigma Al pha; La Tertulia; Tulanians; Alpha Epsilon I ' hi. GAIL MARIE GOURGOTT, New Orleans. La.; Hospiialily Committee; Chi Omega. CAROLYN GRAY, Little Rock, Ark.; ,|.Y.A.; Alpha Delta Pi. SECOND ROW: MAXINE MAYO GREEN, New Orleans, La.; Vice-President, Kappa Kappa Gamma. JACQUELINE ANNE GROSE. Miami. Fla.; Music Commit- tee; Barracudas. LINDA LEE HAMM. Mt. Pulaski. Ill; Alpha Delta Phi; .Sail- ing Chih; Alpha Omicron Pi. THIRD ROW: SUSAN KAY HANKES, New Orleans, La.; Chi Omega. GAY LYNN HARMANN, New Orleans, La.; Gamma Delta: Tulane Band; Alpha Delta Pi. ROSMARY VERA HARTEL, New Orleans, La.; TUT; New- man Club. FIRST ROW: MARY CATHERINE HARWELL, Memphis. Tenn.; Eta Sigma Phi; National Collegiate Players; 196.5 Milton Latter Theatre Award; President. TUT; WTUL; Oreades secretary; Angel Flight; AFROTC sponsor; Chairman, Hospitality Committee; Chi Omega. JANET SUE HENDRICK, Jackson, Miss.; Chi Omega. MARY MANNING HENSHAW. Lake Charles. La.; Art Club: Chi Omega. SECOND ROW: ELIZABETH LEE HEROLD, Natchez. Miss.; Sailing Club: Lagniappes Committee. PRISSY HESS. Houston, Tex.; Chairman. Publicity Com- mittee of Tulane Student Council; Chi Omega. BERTHA FABIOLA HIDALGO. Rionbamba. Ecuador. THIRD ROW: BARBARA ANN HOLYFIELD. New Orleans. La.; La Ter- tulia; Alpha Delta Pi. MARY ANN HYDE. New Orleans. La. : Assistant Editor, 1964 J. MBALAYA; Treasurer, Chi Omega. MARY LYNN HYDE, New Orleans. La.; Treasurer, Newcomb Athletic Council; Secretary, Tulane Sailing Club; Chi Omega. FOURTH ROW: NANCY H. IPP. Youngstown. Ohio: Alpha Epsilon Phi. KAREN MARY JANSSEN. New Orleans. La.: La Tertulia; Sailing Club; Chi Omega. LEONTINA ESTHER KELLY. Houma. La.: Scholars Fel lows; WTUL: A Cappella Choir: Young Republicans. 3x7 FIRST ROW: CHARLOTTE DOUGLAS LACHICOTTE, Watertown, S.D.; Music Committee; Kappa Alplia Theta. RENEE LEON. New Orleans. La.; La Tertulia; Young Demo- crats; Hillel Foundations; Vice-President. Sigma Delta Tau. JANICE MERYL LEVY. Birmingham. Ala.: Vice-President, La Tertulia; President, J.Y.A.; Inner House Council; Dean ' s List; Mortar Board; As=ets; Newcomb Student Council; Who ' s Who; Hillel Foundation; Secretary. Greenbackers; Hospitality Committee; Cosmopolitan Committee; Sigma Delta Tau. SECOND ROW: JENNY CLARE LIEBMAN, New Orleans. La.; Oreades; Chi Omega. EVELYN CLAIRE LLOYD, Lake Charles. La.; Kappa Delta Pi; Hospitality Committee; Chi Omega. MEL F. LOCKER, Maitland, Fla. THIRD ROW: MARJORIE S. LONGENECKER, New Orleans, La.; Scholars Fellows; Project Opportunity; Tulanians; Mortar Board; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LY " NN BAYNON McDOWELL, Sarasota, Fla.; Pi Beta Phi. MARY LYNN McMILLAN, New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. FOURTH ROW: SANDRA LEE MELLOW, Dallas, Tex. ; Secretary, Tulane Stu- dent Council; Inner House Council; 1964 Homecoming Court; Secretary, Alpha Epsilon Phi. FIRST ROW: SUZANNE ELIZABETH KENNER. Kensington. Md.; Project Opportunity; Barracudas: AFROC sponsor; Padohad Com- mittee; Panhellenic Council: Aliiha Delta Pi. ANN DARNELL KERR. New Orleans. La.; Pi Beta Phi. RUTH ANN KLOEPFER. New Orleans, La.; Project Oppor- Innity: Outlook; Scholars Fellows; Treasurer, Liberals ' Club. SECOND ROW: JANE LOUISE KOHLMEYER. Metairie. La.; Alpha Epsilon Phi. KATHERINE VILLERE KOHNKE, New Orleans. La.; New- man Club; Art Club; Kappa Kappa Gamma. JANET MARY KOWLE, New Orleans, La.; AFROTC spon- sor; Alpha Delta Pi. THIRD ROW: MARGARET CATHLEEN KORNEGAY. Patterson. La.; La Tertulia; President, Service Club; Hospitality Committee; Cos- mopolitan Committee; Greenbackers; President, Phi Mu. SHARI LEE KUSCHE, Oshkosh. Wi:c. LAURIE H. KYLE, Baton Rouge, La.; President, Senior Class; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CAMILLA CHIPLEY MEYERSON. Atlanta. Ga. ; oil; Pi Beta Phi. HELEN VIRGINIA MICHEL, New Orleans, La. House Coun- 3 8 FIKST HOW: DOROTHY VTEBANE MII.LENDEH. Asheville. N.C.; Alpha Delia I ' i. MAHSHA HELEN MH.LEIt. LoihJom W.I Relations Commitlee; Alpha Delta I ' i. MARY ELIZABETH MILLER .lAMiiAr. ' VYA; Chi Omega. T: irii|j.i. I ' la. Erifrland: |- ' ij|)li ; : House Council; SECOND ROW: ANNA SUE MO.S.S, Shreveporl. La.: S liolar- Fellows; J.Y.A.; Mortar Board; Kappa Alpha Theta. SANDRA G. NEWMAN, Fort Worth, Tex. MARGARET ELIZABETH NOBLE, Houston. Tex.; Project Opporlunity; President, University Center Board: Finance Board; Chairman, Padohad (S) ; Who ' s Who; Student Activi- ties Key; Campus Nite; (ireenhaekers; Alpha Omirron Pi. THIRD ROW: SHEILA ROSE O ' DONNELL. New Orleans. La.; .Scholars Fellows; Pi Mu Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Newman Club; Pan- hellenic Representative, Phi Mu. SUE RYAN O ' MEALLIE. New Orieans. La.: Scholars and Fellows; J.Y.A.; Art Club. CON.STANCE R. O.SWALD. Memphis Theta. Tenn.: Kappa Alpha FOURTH ROW: LAURA FRANCES PENICK, Metairie, La. PAT H. PENN, Lexington. Ken. : Alpha Omicron Pi. DIANE LYNN PERLMAN. Houston. Texas; Newcomb Stu- dent Council; Chairman — Newcomb Food Committee: Fine Arts Committee; Newcomb Service Club: Greenbackers; Senior Advisor ; Sigma Delta Tau. FIFTH ROW: MERCEDES ELIZABETH PLAUCHE. Lake Charles. La.: Chi Omega. MYRTLE BENNETT POPE. Bunkie. La.: Tulane Education Association: Pi Beta Phi. HELEN ELIZABETH RAKE. Evansville. Ind.: Newcomb Art Club; Symphonies. Newcomb Seniors ' Hi there girls. ' FIRST ROW: PATRICIA ANN SEASTRUNK, Panama City. Fla.; President of Art School; Student Council; Honor Board; Who ' s Who; Student Faculty Committee; President. Art Club; Secretary to University Center Program. BILLIE GAY SELMAN. Decatur. Ga.; Project Opportunity; Hospitality Committee; Greenbackers. MIMI SHETZEN. Atlanta. Ga.; Sigma Delta Tan. SECOND ROW: AMI GILDER SMITH, Birmingham, Ala.; Project Opportunity; Kappa Kappa Gamma. SHARRON SMITH, Farmerville, La. MARY KATHERINE SPIER. Bastrop, La.; Wesley Founda- tion; Hospitalitv Committee: Vice-President, Alpha Omicron Pi. THIRD ROW: MYRTLE MARY SPORL, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. CELESTE PATTEN ST. MARTIN, New Orleans, La.; Pi Mu Epsilon. President; Oreades; Phi Mu. ELLYN MINTZ STETZER. New Orleans. La.; Vice-President, Mortar Board; Kappa Delta Pi; Sigma Delta Tau. FOURTH ROW: DANA ALISON STINSON, Bossier City, La. ; Chi Omega. SALLY ALYCE STOCKER, New Orleans, La.; Kappa Kappa Gamma. LORRIE IVA STUART, Dallas. Tex.; Scholar ' s and Fellows; J.Y.A. ; Dean ' s List; Padohad Committee; Alpha Epsilon Phi. FIRST ROW: LUCY CLAIRE REARDON, Northbrook, 111; Corresponding Secretary — Kappa Kappa Gamma. LAURA JANE RHODE.S. Hollywood, Fla.; Oreades: Pre-Law Society; Lyceum Committee; Sigma Delta Tau. SHEILA ANNE RICHARDSON. New Orleans. La.; Scholars and Fellows: Dean ' s List: Oreades. SECOND ROW: LINDA BETH ROCHKIND. Miami. Fla.; Scholars and Fel- lows; J.Y.A. ; La Tertulia. BILL IE JEAN RUMBELOW. Metarie. La.; J.Y.A. JUDY SAKS, Houston, Tex.; Tiresian. THIRD ROW: KATHRYN S. SALE, Haymesville, La.; Newcomb Student Council; Hospitality Committee; Treasurer. Pi Beta Phi. MAROLYN JEAN SAXE. Tulsa. Oklahoma: Chi Beta; Dean ' s List; Hillel Foundation; Sigma Delta Tau. CHARLES WATERS SCHANZER. New Orleans, La.; Pi Sigma Alpha: Kappa Kappa Gamma. 33° Newcomb Seniors ,? " - FIRST ROW: SANDRA JAME TANENHAUS. Louisville, Ky.; Scholars and Fellows; J.Y.A. ; Newcomb Food Committee; Lyceum Commit- tee; Sigma Delta Tau. JACQUELINE ANN TARLETON. New Orleans, La.; Pi Beta Phi. MARY ELAINE TREON, New Orleans. La.; Eta .Sigma Phi; J.Y.A. ; Oreades; Cosmopolitan Committee; Alpha Omicron Pi. SECOND ROW: KARIN ANN VERDON, Kalamazoo. Mich.; President. Kappa Alpha Theta. MARIAN WADLER, Bellaire. Tex.; Univer.sity Center Board; Music Chairman; Greenbackers; Hillel Cultural Activities Board; Personnel and Evaluations Committee; Sigma Delta Tau — President. DAPHNE FELICIA WAHL. New Orleans. La.: Beta Beta Beta. Historian; Wesley Foundation. THIRD ROW: PAMELA KAY WAITS, Springfield. 111.: Senior Class Officer; House Council; Wesley Foundation; Corresponding Secretary, Kappa Alpha Theta. CAROLYN DEGELOS WANEK. New Orleans. La.; Kappa Al- pha Theta. ANNE WEBMAN, Orlando, Fla.: Alpha Epsilon Phi. FOURTH ROW: CAROLYN LOUISE WHITLEY. New Orleans. La.; Art Club; Chi Omega. BARBY WINTER. Ft. Worth. Tex.; Angel Flight; .Alumni Relations Committee; Homecoming Court 1964; Greenbackers; Kappa Kappa Gamma. MARGARET FLEMING WYATT. Jackson, Tenn.: Mortar Board, Historian; Resident President; Inner Council; Newcomb Student Council; Newcomb Honor Board; Panhellenic Repre- sentative, Chi Omega. FIFTH ROW: ELEANOR CLAY YEAGER. Savannah. Ga.: Pi Mu Epsilon; Chi Omega. MARY HELEN YOUNG. Campti. La.; Pi Sigma Alpha; Ju- lians; Homecoming Court: C.C.U.N., President; Commodores; Vice-President, Pi Beta Phi. 33 Newcomb Undergraduates m i u ' They rcd-shirlcil me for four years. FIRST ROW: ELIZABETH JANE ABERCROMBIE. Baton Rouge. La. ; soph- omore. SONIA ADROUNY. New Orleans. La.: freshman. ANNE KATHERINE AFFOLTER. Baton Rouge, La.; sopho- more. ELLEN ANN AGRESS, Miami. Fla.; junior. JUDITH DEE AGSTER. Tampa. Fla.: sophomore. SECOND ROW: CAROL ILENE AIROV. Atlanta. Ga.; junior. JILL BETH ALBERSTADT. New Orleans. La.; iunior. LINDA LEE ALEXANDER. Dallas. Tex.: sophomore. JACQUELINE E. ALFANDARI. Manhasset. N.Y.; freshman. DALE MURPHY ALLEE. New Orleans. La.; freshman. THIRD ROW: GERE LYNN ALLISON. Nashville. Tenn.: freshman. NAT MARY ALLISON. New Orleans. La.: sophomore. ANGELA ALTMAN. Thomasville. Ga.; junior. SUSAN LAURETTA ANDERSON. Montgomery. Ala.; junior. DIANE LYNN ANDREWS. Dallas. Tex.: junior. FOURTH ROW: SUSAN ANDRY. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. .ANN ROLLINS ARMITAGE. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. SUSAN SMITH ARNIM. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. REEVYN I. ARONSON, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. MERLE JOAN ASHLEY. New Orleans. La. ; freshman. FIFTH ROW: KAREN MARIE AZAR. Baton Rouge. La.: freshman. BARBARA ANN BACKUS. Paducah. Kv.: freshman. MARY HUTCHESON BADER. Lookout Mountain. Tenn.; freshman. MELISSA GRACE BAILEY. Demopolis, Ala.; freshman. SALLY RUTH BALCH. Chanute, Kan.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: MARTHA BARRY BARKER. OTallon. 111.; junior. FRANCES REID BARKERDING. New Orleans. La.; sopho- more. BONNIE C. BARNETT. Huntsville, Ala.; junior. REBECCA BARNETT, Dallas, Tex.; freshman. ANGELA RUTH BASILE, New Orleans, La.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: ANNA ALETA BAUGH, West Memphis. Ark.; junior. LAURA BUTLER BAYON. Natchez. Miss.; sophomore. ALISON BECKER. St. Louis. Mo.; sophomore. DARLENE ELISE BEDLE. Matawan. N.J.; freshman. LINDA ELIZABETH BEK, Cocoa Beach, Fla.; freshman. 33 ' FIRST ROW: MARY ELLEN BENTON, Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. MARY JO BERANEK. Madison, Wise; freshman. ARLENE JULIET BERGEY. New Orleans. La.; freshman. SUZANNE ELAINE BERMAN. Coral Gables, Fla.; freshman. DEDE BETHELL, Fort Smith, Ark.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: SUSIE BIRNBAUM, San Antonio. Tex.; freshman. SUSAN BISHOP, Youngslown. Ohio; sophomore. MARY ANN BIVENS, San Angelo, Tex.; .sophomore. SUSAN D. BLACK, McPherson, Kans.; sophomore. LEN BLACKSHEAR, Montgomery, Ala.; freshman. THIRD ROW: VICKI KAY BLANCHARD. South Pasadena. Calif.; freshman. ELLEN MARY BLOWNSTINE. Ft. Myers, Fla.; iunior. JACALYN IRENE BLYE, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. MICHELLE ANDREE BOISSEAU, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.; jun- ior. SHEILA FRANCES BOSWORTH, New Orleans, La.; frcsh- FOURTH ROW: SUZANNE MARIE BOUDREAUX. Abbeville, La.; junior. MARIE ADELE BOURGEOIS, Thibodaux, La.; sophomore. KAMMER BOYLE, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. CELESTE H. BRADHAM, Conroe, Tex.; junior. FRANCES SHELBY BREWER, Charleston, Mo. ; freshman. FIFTH ROW: MARY ELIZABETH BRIDGES, Hinsdale, 111. : freshman. BARBARA RAMSAY BRIGHAM. Carbondale. III.; junior. REGINA BRODY, Chattanooga, Tenn.; sophomore. CAROL HOWE BROWN, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. DEBORAH JUDITH BROWN, Greenville, S.C; freshman. SIXTH ROW: MARY BROWNFIELD, Ft. Worth, Tex.; freshman. CHERYL ANN BROWN STEIN, Clarksdale, Miss.; sophomore. ANN MARGARET BUCARO. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. PAMELA BUCHANAN. Metairie, La.; junior. DIANE BUCY, Lubbock, Tex.; sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: KATHRYN ANN BURDIN, Lafayette, La.; freshman. BARBARA BURGESS, Arlington, Va.: sophomore. MEG BURNS, Bellaire. Tex. ; freshman. BEVERLY JANE BURRILL, Jonesville. La. ; sophomore. MARY KINLOCH BUSH. New Orleans. La.; junior. EIGHTH ROW: NAN BYORUM, Shawnee Mission. Kans.. sophomore. LORRAINE GORDON CAFFERY, Franklin, La.; sophomore, ANN HUBBELL CALFEE. St. Louis. Mo.; freshman. TANI LYNN CALLAN. New York, N.Y.; freshman. MARCIA MARY GALLERY. New Orleans. La.; junior. NINTH ROW: CINDY CAMBIAS, New Orleans, La.: sophomore. BETTY JEAN CAMPBELL. Columbus. Tex.; junior. NELL TURNER CAMPBELL. Lake Charles. La.; sophomore. BARBARA DIANNE CANTELLA. Beaumont. Tex.; sophomore. ANN LYNN CARPENTER, Metairie. La.; freshman. TENTH ROW: BARBARA LOUISE CARPENTER, Austin, Tex.; freshman. ALICE CARTER CARROLL. Hattiesburg. Miss.; sophomore. MICK CARTALL, Del Rio, Tex.; freshman. CAROL RAE CARTER, Tulsa, Okla.; sophomore. HARRIET VANESSA CARTER, Miami, Fla.; freshman. p tt ft L j -iUt 333 f i f 4:: (3 FIRST ROW: -MARY ALICE CEARLEY. Helena. Ark.: freshman. ALMA LINDA CHASEZ. New Orleans. La.; junior. PENNY LUBBOCK CHITTIM. Eagle Pass. Tex.: freshman. KAREN FRANCES CHRISTIAN. Albertville. Ala.; freshman. LUCILLE ANN CIUS, North Miami Beach. Fla.: junior. SECOND ROW: CATHERINE LOUISE CLAIBORNE. New Orleans. La.; fresh- man. ELIZABETH DIANNE CLARK. San ford. Fla,: sophomore. EMILY CLARK. Clarksdale. Miss.: freshman. SUSAN CAMPBELL CLARK. New Orleans. La.; freshman. BRONSON ELIABETH CLAYTON. Tupelo. Miss.: freshman. THIRD ROW: JANET ELAINE COHEN. Savannah. Ga.: junior. NAN ELIZABETH COHEN. Longview. Tex.; freshman. SALLY FRANCES COHEN, Albuquerque. N.M.; sophomore. .lANE ELIZABETH COHN. West Point. Ga.; sophomore. MINA GENEVIEVE COLEMAN. Lake Providence. La.: sopho- FOURTH ROW: REBECCA ANN COLEMAN. New Orleans. La.; freshman. CHARLOTTE KAY COLLIER. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. BETTINA GLORIA CONDOS. Dallas. Tex.; junior. DOROTHY VERONICA CONNELL, New OHeans, La.; junior. NORA COOKE. Monterrey. Max.; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: ,IEAN SARALEE COOPER. Huntington. N.Y.; sophomore. MARILYN SUE COPLIN, Amherst. Mass.; freshman. JAMIE LEE COVELL, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. DIANN COX. Houston, Tex.; junior. JUDITH SHIRLINE CRAWFORD, Baytown. Tex.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: LINDA ANN CRAWFORD, Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. CATHERINE YANCEY CREWS. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. MARY NELSON CRILLY, Belleville. 111.; junior. CAROL GAY CROWELL. Dallas. Tex.; sophomore. SARA LANA CUBA. Atlanta. Ga.: junior. SEVENTH ROW: ELAINE CUELLAR, Dallas. Tex. ; junior. ELAINE CUNNINGHAM. New Orleans, La.; freshman. SUZANNE G. CUSICK, New York. N.Y.; freshman. DIANE CONSTANCE DALLAS. Denver. Colo.; freshman. SUZANNE LAURA DANILSON, New Orleans, La.; junior. EIGHTH ROW: NANCY JANE DANUSER, Mountain Home, Ark.; freshman. MADELON BETH DAVID. Dallas. Tex. ; freshman. LINDA CHERYL DAVIS. Memphis, Tenn.; junior. CAROLYN HIMEL DAVIS, New Orlans, La.; freshman. KATHLEEN A. DAVIS, Akron. Ohio; sophomore. NINTH ROW: MALIN PAGE DAVIS, Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. ST. CLAIRE BYRNE DAVIS. Houston, Tex.; freshman. KATHERINE ELIZABETH DAY, Baton Rouge, La.; sopho- more. MARIA CATERINA DEL FAVERO, Nashville. Tenn.; fresh- man. SUZANNE CAMOIS DELKER, Henderson. Ky.; freshman. TENTH ROW: MARY ANGELO DE LONY, Florence, Ala.; junior. MARYWILL DENT. Louisville, Ky. ; junior. MARY ELIZABETH DEPUE. Clinton. Iowa; junior. ELIZABETH MARIE DERBES. New Orleans, La.; sophomore SANDRA LEE DERRIG. New Orleans, La.; freshman. 334 Newcomb Undergraduates ' He just look it in ikr car. FIRST ROW: DIANE M. DESMOND, Manhasset. N.Y.; freshman. CAROLINE PAGE DICKEY, Ft. Worth, Tex.; junior. KATHERINE I. DIEHL, Memphis, Tenn.; sophomore. CAROL ANN DIODENE, Gretna, La.; .sophomore. MADY DOBBINS, San Antonio, Tex.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: PATRICIA ALINE DORAN. Phoenix. Ariz.; freshman. CHARLOTTE DORFMAN, Houston. Tex.; junior. SYLVIA DREYFUS, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. MARIE JEANNE DUFOUR. New Orleans, La.: freshman. ROBYN SHERYL DUNDEE, Tulsa, Okla.; freshman. THIRD ROW: SUSAN WARD DUNN, Hammond. La.; sophomore. SALLY DABNEY DUPUY, New Iberia. La.; junior. SUZANNE CHAREST DUPUY. New Orleans. La. : sophomore. SANDRA DURST. Baytown. Tex.; freshman. DUANE DOLORES EAGAN, New Orleans. La.: sophomore. FOURTH ROW: NANCY ELIZABETH EASTON. Peoria. Ill: junior. BARBARA EDIN. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. DEBORAH ANN EDWARDS. Bavtown. Tex.: freshman. MARY CAROLYN ELLIS. Vicksburg, Miss.: junior. MARTINA ELLIS, Amite, La.; junior. FIFTH ROW: HERMA SUE ELLMAN. Fort Worth, Tex.: junior. BARBARA ENGEL. Great Neck. N.Y.: junior. MARY CHIPLEY ENZOR. Crestview, Fla.: freshman. ELAINE MAY EPSTEIN. Bangor. Me.: sophomore. MARTHA AUGUSTA ESHLEMAN, New Orleans. La.: junior. SIXTH ROW: JANE TREVOR EUSTIS. New Orleans. La. : sophomore. SUSAN JEAN EVANS, Needham. Mass.; freshman. EUGENE ANNE EVERETT. New Orleans. La.: freshman. ANN EWERT, Pauls Valley. Okla.; junior. ALICE LYNN FARNHAM, Memphis. Tenn.: freshman. SEVENTH ROW: MARY ANNE FEDRIC. Glendora, Miss.: sophomore. EILEEN JOAN FEHR, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. KATHY FERGUSON, New Orleans. La.: sophomore. MARION BURNAM FERGUSON, Richmond. Kv.; freshman. MYRNA FLEISCHER, Youngstown, 0.; freshman. 335 Newcomh Undergraduates He s getting a new lease on life. FIRST ROW: SYDNEY ANN FLEISCHER. Richmond. Va. : freshman. ANN DICKS FLOWERREE. Portland. Ore.: freshman. BETSY FORD. New Orleans. La.; junior. WENDY CAROL FOSNER. Westhury. N.Y.; freshman. SHERRY RONA FRAWLEY. New York City. N.Y. ; sophomore. SECOND ROW: JUDITH CLAIRE FRENCH. Orlando. Fla.; sophomore. NANCY LOUISE FRIEDLANDER, Houston. Tex. : sophomore. SUSAN JANE FRIEDLANDER. Memphis. Tenn. ; sophomore. TESSIE FRUGE. Crowley. La.; freshman. KERRY ELLEN FUGE. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. THIRD ROW: JOAN FURCHGOTT. Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. CAROLE NANCY FURMAN. Miami. Fla.; freshman. CYNTHIA ANN GAGNET. New Orleans. La. ; sophomore. RACHELLE ANN GALANTI. Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. NANCY LESLIE GALEF, White Plains. N.Y.; junior. FOURTH ROW: TERESA GALLARDO, La Ceiba, Honduras; freshman MARION MOSELEY GARBARD. Indianola. Miss.; sophomore. DIANA LYNN GARCIA. New Orleans, La.; junior. AMELIE HELENE GARRISON. New Orleans. La.; sophomore CYNTHIA GRACE GARRISON. New Orleans. La.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: ANN DUNBAR GEDDES, Natchez, Miss.; sophomore. KRISTEN ELIZABETH GEHRKIN. New Orleans. La. ; sopho- more. CYRELLE KAY GERSON. Shreveport. La.; freshman. SANDRA KAY GERTH, Shaker Heights. 0.; freshman LINDA DEAN GIBSON, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: PATRICIA ANN GIGLIO, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. TRISHA CORLISS GLATTHAAR. Quebec, Canada: sopho- more. EILEEN GLEASON. Forest Hills. Pa.: sophomore. TERRY KAY GLOSSERMAN. San Antonio, Tex.; sophomore .SUSAN GOLD, Alexandria, La.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: CLEM GOLDBERGER, Baton Rouge. La. ; sophomore LOUISE GOLDMAN, New Orleans. La.; sophomore CATHY FA YE GOLDSTEIN. Louisville. Kv.; freshman SANDI GOLSTEIN. Montgomery, Ala.; sophomore. BRENDA BARR GOOCH, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. 336 FIRST ROW: LORNA GAIL GOUGIS, New Orleans, La.; freshman. SHARON JEAN GRABER, Galveston, Tex.; freshman. ROBIN PAULA GRAUBARTH, Dayton, 0.; freshman. MARY ANN GREEN, New Orleans, La.; junior. BARBARA .10 GREENWALD, New Orleans, La.; scphoirioro. SECOND ROW: CHERYL LEE GREGORATTI. New Orleans, La.; freshmuji. MARY GORE GRESHAM, Maveys. Ga.; freshman. TICIA GRONER, Corpus Christi, Tex.; sophomore. LAURA DEE GROSSFIELD, Park Forest, III.; freshman. ANNETTE L. GROSSMAN, Corpus Christi, Tex.; freshman. THIRD ROW: RUTHY GROSSMAN. Corpus Christi. Tex.; sophomore. BETSY GROVER, Montgomery, Ala.; junior. ELSA GRUEN, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. LOIS M. GULLER. Charlotte, N.C.; sophomore. SUSAN ARLENE GURIAN. New Orleans, La. ; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: ANN GURLEY, Kansas City, Mo.; junior. SUSAN GILLIS GURLEY. Del Rio, Tex.; freshman. JULIE INGRAHAM HACKNEY, Hampton, Va.; freshman. ANN HALL. Houston, Tex.; freshman. CATHARINE GREEN HALSEY, Old Greenwich, Conn.; soph- omore. FIFTH ROW: NANCY SUE HAM, Shalimar, Fla.; freshman. BEVERLY EUNICE HAMMOND. Columbus. Ga.; junior. VICTORIA HAMMOND. New Orleans, La.; junior. ELIZABETH MARY HANCKES. New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. GRETCHEN HANSEN, Covington, La.; rophomore. SIXTH ROW: lANE ELLEN HARDY, Louisville, Ky.; sophomore. MARY KAREN HARGRAVE, Tyler, Tex.; freshman. FLORA LEWIS HARKEY, New Orleans, La.; junior. CLAUDIA LOUISE HAROLD, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. MARY ALICE HARRINGTON, Milwaukee, Wise.; sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: ASHLEY HARRIS, Mobile. Ala.; junior. SHARYN KAY HARRIS, San Antonio, Tex.; freshman. PATRICE HARRISON. Coral Gables. Fla.: sophomore. MARY NIX HARTEL. New Orleans. La.; junior. BONNY SHERYL HARWOOD. Houston, Tex.; freshman. EIGHTH ROW: HELEN HOWER HASKINS. Irvington. Ala.; sophomore. EUGENIA HAUBER, Cincinnati, 0.; sophomore. FRANCES REAMS HAYS. Apalachicola, Fla.; sophomore. SANDRA JOANN HEABERLIN, Dallas, Tex.; freshman. SUSAN DIANNE HEATHERLY, Baton Rouge, La.; freshman. NINTH ROW: DAWN JOYCE HEATON. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; sophomore. ARLENE SUZANNE HECHTER. Miami Beach, Fla.; fresh- man. SHERRY HEIDEN, Park Ridge. 111.; freshman. CAROL SUE HENDERSON, Birmingham. Ala.; sophomore. REBECCA CHRISTINE HENDERSON, Hope Hull, Ala.; junior. TENTH ROW: BECKY HENDRICK. Jackson. Miss.: freshman. MARY KYLE HENN, Little Rock. Ark.: sophomore. MARILYN SUE HERMAN, Memphis. Tenn.; freshman. SANDRA JEAN HERMAN, Chevy Chase, Md.; junior. CAROL JEAN HERMANN. Baton Rouge, La.; sophomore. 4 . ' Ll« .Jt 337 FIRST ROW: ANN HERNDON, Dallas. Tex.: junior. CAROL HERNDON, Dallas. Tex.; junior. RITA HEROLD. Shreveport. La.; sophomore. SUSAN HEWITT. Lubbock. Tex.; freshman. MARY KATHRYN HINCHEY. San Antonio. Tex.; junior. SECOND ROW: PHYLLIS ANN HINCHIN. Alexandria. La.; sophomore. ANN VIRGINIA HINKLE. Midland. Tex.; junior. .lANET LOUISE HOCKERT. Indianapolis. Ind.; sophomore. ROBBIE HOFFMAN. Mobile. Ala.; sophomore. SANDRA DENISE HOLMAN, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; sopho- more. THIRD ROW: MOLLY HOPKINS. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. LINDA LOU HOWELL, Springdale. Ark.; junior. .lUDITH ELLEN HULL. Washington, D.C.; junior. SHARON RUTH HULL. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. MARILYN HUMPHREYS. Arlington. Tenn.; junior. FOURTH ROW: .SAM HURLEY. Milwaukee. Wise; freshman. DOLLIANN MARGARET HURTIG. New Orleans. La.; junior. MARIE JACQUELINE HYMAN. New Orleans, La.; freshman CAROLYN JAFFE. Dallas, Tex.; sophomore. BARBARA RUTH JAMES. Falls City, Neb.; freshman. FIFTH ROW: ELIZABETH ANN JAQUET. Mexico, D.F.; junior. JUDITH ELIZABETH JENKINS, Metairie, La.; freshman. TELISE ELIZABETH JOHNSEN, San Antonio. Tex.; sopho- more. GLENN JOHNSON. Metairie, La.; freshman. SARAH JOHNSON, Tampa, Fla.; junior. SIXTH ROW: JANIS JONES, Fayetteville, Ark.; junior. KAREN DAWN JONES, Springville. Ala.; freshman. CHERYL SUZANNE JOSEPHS. Pompano Beach, Fla.; fresh- man. MICHELLE LOUISE JUMONVILLE, Washington, D.C.; fresh- man. LAURA AUGUSTA KAMIEN, Cleveland, Miss.; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: SUSAN HELEN KAMPEN. Middleton, Wise; sophomore. SUZANNE KAMRATH. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. MARCIA KANTOR, Greenwood, Miss.; sophomore. INA ANN KAPLAN, Dallas. Tex.; freshman. WALDA MAYER KATZ, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. EIGHTH ROW: BARBARA KATZENBERG. Baltimore, Md.; junior. PAM KAUFMAN, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. ALIVIA JOAN KAZER, Miami. Fla.; sophomore. CONNIE MARY KEELING. Littlefield. Tex.; freshman. MARGARET JEAN KEMP. Anniston, Ala.; freshman. NINTH ROW: KAREN KEOHANE, Tifton. Ga.; sophomore. LOUISE STEWART KEPPER, New Orleans, La.; junior. PAMELA SUE KERLEY, Paducah, Ky.; freshman. KAREN KILLICK, Corpus Christi. Tex.; junior. CHRISTY CARLOCK KING, Atlanta, Ga.; freshman. TENTH ROW; KAREN PENDERGRASS KING, Whitehaven, Tenn.; freshman. PAULA MARIE KING, Shaker Heights, Ohio; junior. KAREN LYNNE KLINGMAN, New Orleans, La.; freshman. MARY KATHLEEN KIZZIRE, Gulfport, Miss.; sophomore. PEGGY ANN KOTTWITZ, Houston, Tex.; junior. 338 Newcomb Undergraduates ikiM:ih All nil. FIRST ROW: JOAN KATHLEEN KREEGER. Metairie, La.; freshman. DIANNE PATRICIA KREEGER. Metairie, La.; sophomore. LINDA BETH KRIGER. Memphis. Tenn.: junior. JOYCE KROHN. Columbus, Ga.; freshman. MIRIAM CAROLE KRONSBERG, Charl eston, S.C: junior. SECOND ROW: SUZANNE MARIE KUHN. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. CAROLYN ALICE KUTCHER. Dallas, Tex.; freshman. LYNN MARIE LACHIN, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. LORRAINE LAKE, New Orleans, La.; freshman. LAFAYE LAMB, College Park, Ga.; freshman. THIRD ROW: CYNTHIA ANN LAMBERT, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. LINDA LANE, Bronxville, N.Y.; junior. LYNDA SUE LANE. Cincinnati. 0.; junior. CHARMAINE EMILY LANOIX. New Orleans. La.: freshman. MARY EDITH LARSON, New Orleans. La.; junior. FOURTH ROW: SUSAN LATHAM. Dallas, Tex.; freshman. ANNE STANTON LAVIGNE. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. NANCY LAWLEY. Paducah. Ky.; junior. SALLY LAWRENCE, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; freshman. HESTER LOUISE LEATHERBURY. Ft. Worth. Tex.: fresh- FIFTH ROW: ILENE SUSAN LEBOW, Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; freshman. BRENDA LEDER. Whiteville. N.C. ; sophomore. SUZY LEFTWICH. Nashville. Tenn.; junior. ALICE ANN LEICHER. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. MARY ANN LEMLEY " , Metairie, La.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: LINDA LERNER. Memphis. Tenn. : sophomore. MARLENE LEVENSON. Lubbock. Tex.; freshman. ELLEN ANN LEVIN. Dallas. Tex. : freshman. TERRY BETH LEVIN. Munster, Ind.: freshman. RONNIE GAIL LEWIN, N. Miami Beach. Fla.: junior. SEVENTH ROW: LINDA SUE LEWIS. Margate. N.J.; freshman. NANCYE ELYSE LEWIS. Oklahoma Citv. Okla.: freshman. SUE BETH LINDSLEY. Dallas. Tex.: freshman. JOAN MARIE LISSO. New Orleans. La.: sophomore. PAULA GAYLE LOBUE, Hammond. La. : freshman. 339 Newcomh Undergraduates -Q-Boxle over Here: FIRST ROW: AIMEE MARIE LOCKE. Dallas. Tex. ; freshman. JEAN ' x E LONG. Houston. Tex. : freshman. ALIX JE N LOVITZ. Clearwater. Fla.: freshman. MARGARET LOUISE LOWINGER. Highland Park, III; fresh- man. MYRNA LYNCH. Memphis. Tenn.; freshman. SECOND ROW: GAYLE KATHRYN MacDONALD. Billings. Mont.; sophomore. ANN KATHERINE MACKIE. New Orleans. La.; junior. .MEREDITH ANN MacLEOD. New Orleans. La.; sophomore CAROLYN MACOW. Houston. Tex. ; freshman. SUZANNE MARIE MAGINNIS. New Orleans. La.; junior. THIRD ROW: BETTE MAKOVER. Atlanta. Ga.: freshman. JAIMIE ELIZABETH MALLORY, New Orleans, La.; fresh- man. SHARON LOUISE MANLEY, Midwest City. Okla.: junior ELLEN TAYLOR MANSON. Lookout Mountain. Tenn. : fresh- man. JUDITH ARMISTEAD MARKARIAN, Englewood. N.J.; fresh- man. FOURTH ROW: SUSAN LEE MARLAND. Jackson. Miss.; junior. DIANE MARY MARTIN. New Orlean.s. La.; freshman MONICA MASON. New Orleans. La. ; freshman. LAURA LUCIA MASSIF. Abbeville. La.; junior. GAYLE PHYLLIS MAXWELL. Miami. Fla.; junior. FIFTH ROW: CATHERINE JANE MAUNSELL. New Orleans, La.; junior. MADELINE ANN MAYORAL. New Orleans, La.; junior PAULA VAUGHAN MAZURSKY. Barnwell. S.C; freshman. MARCIA McCORD, Princeton, N.J.; sophomore. JANET ELAINE McDONALD, Logansport, Ind.; junior. SIXTH ROW: ALICE LEE McGOWN. Memphis, Tenn.; sophomore KATHLEEN MILDRED McHUGH. New Orleans. La man. ANNE BRANDON McILHENNY, New Orleans. La. more. PALMOUR HOLMES McINTIRE. Atlanta. Ga.; freshman LEA CHAPMAN MelNTOSH. Metairie. La.; freshman. SEVENTH ROW: SALLY ELIZABETH McINTYRE, Valdosta. Ga. ; junior. MELINDA McKINNON. New Orleans, La.; freshman ANN ELIZABETH McMACKIN. Salem. 111.; junior MARY FRANCES MEARS. New Orleans, La.; junior LAURA .McLAURIN MEEK, Tulsa, Okla.; freshman. fresh- soplio- 34° FIRST ROW: ERICA CHRISTINE METZ, New Orleans, La.; jiinicr. BONNER MILLER, Jennings, La.; sophomore. CONNIE LEE MILLER, Cleveland, 0.; junior. MARTHA MILLER, Scranton, Pa.; freshman. VICTORIA ANN MILLIKEN, Wilmington, Dela.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: DANA LYN MINDLIN, Kansas Cily, Mo.; junior. MELANIE MINTZ. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. LILLIAN MARLENE MIRKS, Dallas. Tex.; junior. MARY MOFFITT, New Orleans, La.; junior. JEANNINE M. MOLLERE. Metairie. La.; junior. THIRD ROW: KIM MOLLOY. Lawrenceburg. Tenn.; sophomore. SUSAN KAY MONAGHAN. Overton. La.; freshman. MARIE LOUISE MONNOT. Norco. La.; junior. FRANCES ELIZABETH MONROE. New Orleans, La.; junior. FRANN A. MOORE, Phoenix. Ariz. ; freshman. FOURTH ROW: MAGGIE MOORE, Marietta. Okla.; junior. ANNE HOOD MORRIS. Barrington, III.; junior. JAN LARUE MORRIS, Louisiana. Mo. ; freshman. SUSAN WINSLOW MORRIS, Galveston, Tex.; sophomore. ANNA CLARE MORRISON, Pineville, La.; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: CHRISTI MORTENSON. Mobile. Ala. ; freshman. MADELAINE JANE MOSER. De Kail Tex.; junior. FRANCES ANNE MOTES. Houston, Tex.; freshman. SHARON KAY MUENCHOW. Houston, Tex.; freshman. JOANN MULLENS, Prairie Village, Kan.; sophomore. SIXTH ROW: MOLLY AVERY MULLINS. W. Palm Beach, Fla.; junior. JANE LESLEY MUNDT, New Orleans. La. ; sophomore. MADELINE PORTILLA MURPHY, Victoria, Tex.; sophomore. NINA RAECHEL MURRY. Edgerton, Wise; junior. CONSTANCE SUSAN NAGLE. Dallas, Tex.; junior. SEVENTH ROW: BETTY ROSE NELSON, Vicksburg. Miss.; sophomore. MARY KATHRYN NESS. Bradford, Pa. ; freshman. ANNE MARIE NIESET, New Orleans. La.; junior. MARJClRIE FRANCES NOLAN. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. SUSIE ELIZABETH NOLAND. Fairhope, Ala.; freshman. EIGHTH ROW: MARGARET HELEN NORMAN, New Orleans. La. ; junior. CHRISTINA T. O ' DONIEL, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. CLAIRE LYNN OPPENHEIMER, San Antonio. Tex.; sopho- more. PAMELA MARIE ORTEGO, New Orleans, La.; freshman. TIRA JANE OVERSTREET, Houston, Tex.; freshman. NINTH ROW: MYRNA ANGEL PADAWER, Memphis, Tenn.; junior. KAREN SUE PADEK. Tulsa. Okla.; freshman. MANEZO JUMOLITA PAIGE, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. JANICE NOBLE PARKER, New OHeans, La.; sophomore. SHERYL H. PARKER, Manning. S.C; junior. TENTH ROW: ELLEN SANDLER PASSMAN, Kansas City. Mo.: fre.shman. SUSAN BESS PATRICK. New Orleans. La.: sophomore. TERRI GAIL PAVIAN, Chicago. III.; sophomore. JUDITH ELLEN PEABODY. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; junior. ELISABETH LEONE PEARSON, Chattanooga, Tenn.: fresh- 7T puTTV 341 111 PJIfl if M FIRST ROW: SUSAN MENEFREE PENNINGTON. Galveston. Tex.; fresh- man. ALOHA LINDA PEREZ. Maracaibo. Venezuela: junior. ELIZABETH ELAINE PERKINS, Gonzales, Tex.; freshman. PATRICIA ANN PERKINS. Brunswick. Ga.; freshman. .MARY LYNN PETERSON. Ft. Worth. Tex.; sophomore. SECOND ROW: LINDA JEAN PHILLIPS. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. KAREN JO PILLOW. Morattico. Va.: junior. RUTH BABETTE POLLARD. Chattanooga. Tenn.: junior. RENA MERILYN POWELL, New Orleans. La.; freshman. BETTE PRESCOTT, New Orleans, La.; junior. THIRD ROW: RICKI SUE PRICE. Tulsa. Okla.; sophomore. RETTA JOYCE PROPHET. Wichita. Kan.: sophomore. MARY MALAIN PROSSER. Baton Rouge. La.: freshman. BARBARA ELIZABETH PYLE, Pauls Valley, Okla.; freshman. JUDY MARY RACIVITCH. New Orleans, La.; junior. FOURTH ROW: SUE RADER, St. Louis, Mo.; freshman. NANCY RAILING. Dallas. Tex.; junior. ANDREA LYNN RAVINETT. Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. SALLIE KATE READ. St. Stephen. S.C; freshman. SUSAN LOUISE READ, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. FIFTH ROW: ANITA MARIE REES, Baton Rouge, La.; freshman. CAROLYN WADE REES. New Orleans. La.; junior. BEVERLY ANNE REESE. New Orleans, La.; junior. CAROL JEAN RICE. Ft. Lauderdale. Fla.; freshman. ROSALIE RICKER. Hot Springs. Ark.; freshman. SIXTH ROW: GINGER RIGGS. Mobile, Ala.; sophomore. ANNE DEAN RILEY, Corpus Christi, Tex.; freshman. MAUREEN ELLEN RILEY. Roselle Park. N.J.; sophomore. MARY ELIZABETH RISER, Laplace. La.; junior. ROSLYN BEVERLY ROBERT. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: BRENDA MARLENE ROBINSON, Savannah, Ga.; ' sophomore. CHRISTINE ANN ROBINSON. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. LYNNE-DONNA ROCKER. Dallas. Tex.; junior. REGINA JOSEPHA ROGERS, Beaumont, Tex.; sophomore. CYNTHIA ANN ROOSTH. Tyler. Tex. ; sophomore. EIGHTH ROW: LOUISE ROSEN. Atlanta. Ga.; sophomore. TERRI ROSENBAUM. Dallas. Tex.; sophomore. RUTH ROSENBLAT. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. SUSAN JOYCE ROSENTHAL. Little Rock, Ark.; freshman. GABRIELLA ROSSI-ESPAGNET, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. NINTH ROW: REBECCA ROSENFELD. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. JOYCE BARNETT ROYAL. Birmingham. Ala.; freshman. ANDREA RUDICK. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. CONNIE RUNBERG. Houston. Tex.; freshman. JANE EVELIONE RUSH. San Antonio. Tex.; sophomore. TENTH ROW: GLADYS ADELE SALASSI, Baton Rouge, La.; sophomore. BETTY JO SALERNO, Houston. Tex.; junior. ELLEN SALZMAN, Corpus Christi. Tex.; sophomore. BETH LYNN SAMPSON. Milwaukee, Wise; freshman. RUTH ELLEN SANG. Highland Park. Ilk; junior. 34 Newcomb Undergraduates ' ' My stars! ' FIRST ROW: JAYNE LINDSAY SCHLOSSER. New Orleans. La.; freshman. HELEN LOUISE SCHNEIDAU. New Orlean.s. La.; junior. SUSIE SCHOOLFIELD. San Anlonio. Tex.; sophomore. ARIANA MONICA SCHWARTZ. Miami. Fla.; freshman. MARJORIE JEAN SCHWARTZBEK. Clearwater. Fla.; junior. SECOND ROW: SUSAN EVE SCHWARZ. New Orleans. La.; . ' ophomore. KAY SELIGMAN, Bastrop, La.; freshman. ANNE SHAPIRO. Alexandria. La.; junior. D EBBY SHAPIRO, Shreveport. La.; junior. SUZANNE ELIZABETH SHARP, River Forest, 111.: freshman. THIRD ROW: SISSY SHARPE, Texarkana. Ark.; junior. NINA SHAW, New Orleans. La.; junior. JO GWIN SHELBY, Shelby. Miss.; sophomore. JANE MILLER SHELTON. Dallas. Tex. ; freshman. SUSAN B. SHELTON, Ft. Worth. Tex.; sophomore. FOURTH ROW: SUZANNE SHEPARD, Dallas. Tex.; sophomore. SUSAN KATHLEEN SHIPMAN, Houston, Tex. ; sophomore. ROBERTA SILLS, Oceanside, N.Y.; sophomore. NANCY LEE SILVER, Augusta. Ga.; freshman. NANCY SUE SILVERBLATT, Coral Gables, Fla.; junior. FIFTH ROW: ALICE CYNTHIA SIMKINS. Dallas, Tex.; sophomore. CICILY JUMEL SIMMS, Austin, Tex.; freshman. SUE MORROW SIMPSON, Gainesville. Tex.; sophomore. CHERYL MARIE SIMS, New Orleans. La.; sophomore. ELEANOR SYLVIA SLOAN, New Orleans. La.: sophomore. SIXTH ROW: P 4MELA VOGT SMILEY. Birmingham. Ala. ; freshman. CATHY ANN SMITH. Rock Hill. S.C: freshman. CYNTHIA ELISA SMITH. New Orleans. La.; freshman. ELAINE SMITH. Houston. Tex.; sophomore. JANE SMITH. Houston. Tex.: sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: JENIFER SMITH. Dallas. Tex.: freshman. KATHLEEN AGNES SMITH. San Lorenza- Calif.: freshman. CHARLOTTE LESLEY SMITH. New Orleans. La.: junior. MIGNON LYON SMITH. Birmingham. Ala. : freshman. PHYLLIS GAIL SMITH. Oak Park, 111.; sophomore. 343 Nen comb Undergraduates " II he ' d only use dial! " FTRST ROW: SARAH SUNDERLAND SMITH. Germantown. Tenn.; sopho- more. LINDA SMITHLOFF. Atlanta. Ga.; freshman. DEBRA LYNNE SOMBERG. Lima. Peru ; freshman. MARTHA SORRELLS, Dallas. Tex.; sophomore. DEANIE SOUTH. Houma. La.: sophomore. SECOND ROW: CAROL ANN SOWELL. Menqihis. Tenn.; sophomore. LOUISE SPERO. Miami Beach. Fla.; sophomore. DALE ANN SPIZER. New Orleans. La.: freshman. .JACQUELINE JILL STANFORD, Prairie Village, Kan.; fresh- man. SYLVIA NORMA STAPLE.S. Alexandria. La.; junior. THIRD ROW: SUSAN INGRID STAUB. Dallas. Tex.; junior. JONI SUSAN STEINBERG. Miami. Fla.: freshman. ANN ELIZABETH STEPHENS, Atlanta. Ga.; junior. SUE HERRINGTON STERNE, Atlanta. Ga.: freshman. LAURA JILL STEVENS, Sand Springs, Okla.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: LINDA SUE STEVENS. Washington. D.C; freshman. CLAUDETTE STEWART. Picayune. Miss.; sophomore. MARION HATHAWAY STEWART, Ft. Worth, Tex.; fresh- man. NANCY GAY STEWART, Conroe. Tex.: junior. SANDRA RAE STILLMAN, Denver. Colo.; junior. FIFTH ROW: BETTY ANN STORER, Middleton. 0.; soohomore. SUZANNE STOREY. Little Rock, Ark.; freshman. DEBORAH JOANNE STRANGE, San Francisco. Calif.; sopho- more. ELAINE STRICKLAND, Chattanooga, Tenn.; freshman. BARBARA GAIL STUCKEY, Houston, Tex.; sophomore. 344 FIRST ROW: SUSAN PRISCILLA SUMMERS, New Orleans, La.; so|,Iio- more. MARY NOBLES SUMNER. HalliesLurs. Miss.; junior. .JOANNE KAY SUNDHEIM. Elkins i ark. Pa.; fresiiman. MARLENE LINDA SWARTZ, Dallas. Tex.; fresiiman. PATRICIA ANN TALBOT. Metairie, La.; freshman. SECOND ROW: PAULA ANN TELES. New Orleans, La.; sophomore. EDITH LOWE THOMAS, Brevard, N.C.; freshman. MARILYN ELIZABETH THOMAS. New Orleans, La.; .sof.lio more. NANCY .JEANNE THOMPSON, CharloUe. N.C.; sophomore. ANN SHERWOOD TIMBERLAKE, Columbia, S.C; .sopho- more. THIRD ROW: SUE MARVIN TODD, Bloomfield, N..I.; sophomore. VIRGINIA FRANCES TOMASEK, Palatine, 111.; freshman. CARMEN JANE TREIGLE. New Orleans, La.; fre.shman. MARTHA A. TRICKEY, Ft. Worth, Tex.; junior. SHARON LEE TURBOFF, Houston, Tex.; junior. FOURTH ROW: DIANA LEE UMLAUF. Mexico, D.F.; junior. BILLIE STELLA VENTURATOS, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. ETHELYN EVERETT VERLANDER, New Orleans, La.; sopho- more. ANN LORRAINE VET A. Cheyenne. Wyom.; freshman. VIRGINIA CLAIRE V ' LLEMEZ, Kaplan, La.; junior. FIFTH ROW: SUZANNE V0LLERT5EN, Memphis. Tenn.; sophomore. SALLY R. VINER, San Antonio, Tex.; junior. BONNIE ANN VIOSCA. New Orleans, La.; junior. ANDREA MARGOT VOGEL, New Orleans, La.; junior. IDALEE CLAIRE VONK. New Orleans. La.; fre.shman. SIXTH ROW: SUSAN ANN WADICK, New Orlean.s. La.; junior. ANN WAKEFIELD, New Orleans, La.; freshman. SUSAN JANE WALLINS. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. JANET WALSH, Tulsa. Okla. ; sophomore. SUZANNE WALTER, Winnsboro. La.; sophomore. SEVENTH ROW: MARTHA VIOLA WALTERS. Dade City, Fla.; freshman. STEPHANIE WASSERMAN. Corpus Christi. Tex. ; sophomore. EUGENIE CHOPIN WATSON. Natchitoches. La.; sophomore. M. SUZANNE WEBER. Alexandria, La.; freshman. MARY PERCY WEED, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. EIGHTH ROW: JOCELYN WEINBERG, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. JUDITH ELIZABETH WEINBERG, Boonton, N.J.; junior. MARIANNE WEINHOLD. Carrollton, Mo.; sophomore. DEVRA ELLYCE WEINSTEIN, Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. SUSAN WEINSTOCK, Louisville, Ky.; sophomore. NINTH ROW: SUSAN LEE WEINSTOCK, St. Louis, Mo.; freshman. CAROL ELIZABETH WELCH, Houston, Tex.; junior. ADRIENNE JANET WESSLER, Gulfport, Miss.; freshman. BARBARA FRANCES WEST. Dallas. Tex.; freshman. KAYE WESTERFIELD, Memphis, Tenn.; freshman. TENTH ROW: GEORGIA PENN WHITE, New Orleans, La. ; freshman. JUDITH LYNN WIEBMER. Alton, 111.; freshman. TEDI WIEDERHOLD, St. Petersburg, Fla.: junior. GLORIA ANN WILBERT, New Orleans, La.; junior. MARY PAMELA WILD, New Orleans, La.; sophomore. 345 FIRST ROW: MARY EUGENIA WINTON. Coral Gables. Fla.; junior. RITA MARGARET WHITE. New Orleans. La.; freshman. CATHERINE LOUISE WILKINSON. New Orleans. La.; fresh- man. PATSY WILKINSON, .Jackson. Miss.; freshman. TANYA EUSTIS WILLIAMS. New Orleans. La.: junior. SECOND ROW: DELIA SUE WTMBERLY. Gulfport. Miss.: sophomore. JEAN E. WITT. Ramsey. N.J.; freshman. AMELIE LEVINGSTON WOGAN. New Orleans, La.; fresh- man. JUDI ANN WOLF, Robins A.F.B.. Ga.; sophomore. NANCY ELLEN WOLF. Falls Church, Va. ; freshman. THIRD ROW; JACQUELINE MILLER WOLFE. New Orleans, La.; freshman. JESSY LILLY WOLFE. New Orleans. La.; sophomore. PHYLLIS LESLIE WOLFSON. Beaumont, Tex.; freshman. DEONA JUNE WOMACK. Dallas, Tex.; sophomore. PAULA GILHAM WOOD. Boca Raton. Fla.; freshman. FOURTH ROW: PAMELA ANN YAGER. Atlanta, Ga.; sophomore. CONNIE YARD. Metairie, La.; freshman. LYNNE MARIE YOUNG. Gretna. La.; sophomore. LINDA LOUISE YUCIS. Hinsdale. 111.; freshman. JULIA GAY YUILL, Washington. D.C.; junior. FIFTH ROW: CATHERINE LOUISE ZEHNER. Ft. Meyers, Fla.; freshman. JUDITH ANNE ZIMMERMAN. Thibodaux. La.; junior. BARBARA ANNE ZINKER. Rochester, N.Y.: sophomore. MARILYN PAT ZWICK. Herrin. 111.: freshman. 346 A dveriisetnenis Knowledge is the wing The wing wherewith we rise above our difficulties, above the past. Knowledge is a lifetime asset that no man can diminish. Treasure it, and it will give you a wider, warmer world. Your years at Tulane will bring it new scope, deeper meaning. Use it well, in peace and in prosperity, through all the years ahead. NATIONAL BANK OF NEW ORLEANS MEMBER F.D.I.C. READY WHEN NEEDED SINCE 1883 FOUR COMPLETE FASHION STORES For Young People and People Who Stay Young LABICHE ' S 301 BARONNE STREET, CARROLLTON SHOPPING CENTER, GENTILLY WOODS SHOPPING CENTER, AND WESTSIDE SHOPPING CENTER, GRETNA L= n GET THAT CHALMETTE TOUCHl Chalmette EXPERT CLEANING is THE BEST for your family! Backed by 80 years of professional experience, Chaltnetfe offers you tlie CHALMETTE TOUCH , . . these unsurpassed advantages: TOP QUALITY deaniag Laundering COMPLETE NhMJern Facilities Pefsoiuiuzed CARE Sotisfacfi GUARANTEED ttAHu 2S0t ' ■ " d. i ur,, ' y ' • " ter -!I6I For free pick-up delivery, Call HUn+er 2-2 161. Cash Carry ' SOUTH ' S FINEST SPECIALTY SHOP FOR WOMEN " Hours 10 A.M.— 7 P.M. 622 ST. PETER STREET Telephone 525-8336 NEW ORLEANS 16, LA. In the Heart of Old New Orleans French Quarter NABORHUD WASHWOMAN 4825 PRYTANIA 1500 CALHOUN TWinbrook 1-8730 TWinbrook 9-6811 6215 CLARA UNiversity 1-2022 800 FERN 2045 BROADWAY UNiversity 1-4051 UNiversity 6-7375 m BARNETT OPTICAL CO. WM. J. HAGSTEHE, SR. GUILD PRESCRIPTIONS OPTICIANS CONTACT LENS SERVICE BY PRESCRIPTION 833 Common Street JAckson 5-4711— 7414 Fere Marquette Arcade NEW ORLEANS, LA. COMPLIMENTS OF TULANE MEDICAL STORE TULANE BOOK STORE UNIVERSITY CENTER BARBER SHOP To offer immediate service We now have 5 barbers to serve you CLOSED MONDAY TUESDAY-FRIDAY— 8 A.M.-6 P.M. SATURDAY— 8 A.M.-4 P.M. BASEMENT— UNIVERSITY CENTER TABASCO The Seasoning Supreme As every student knows, an imitation makes a poor substitute!! Always insist on genuine " TABASCO " brand pepper sauce when eating at your favorite restaurant, whether it be the Toodle House or Salatoire ' s. Compliments of PERRILLIAT- RICKEY In the coming years may you gaze at these words bring back fond memories of your college years. . . Maple Hill The Raven Bennett ' s 320 BARONNE STREET (Opp. Public Service B!dg.) 522-051 I UNIVERSITY CENTER LANES BOWLING— BILLIARDS— TABLE TENNIS PARTY RESERVATIONS HOURS N-londay through Thursday 10 A.M.-II P.M. Friday and Saturday 10 A.M.-I2 P.M. Sunday 2 P.M.-IO P.M. Basement — University Center For Your Best Deal in Appliances COME TO CARROLLTON REFRIGERATION 7624 MAPLE STREET FULL LINE OF APPLIANCES REASONABLE PRICES 6% Bank Financing AIR-CONDITIONERS Rented for as Little as $10 per month Compliments of Continental Trailways BUS SERVICE TO ALL AMERICA Charter a Bus for Group Travel American Express Trave ' ers Checks and Money Orders 1314 TULANE AVE. Leaders in Photography Since 1905 RAPPOPORT STUDIOS, INC. Official Photographers, 1966 Jambalaya 489 Fifth Avenue MUrray Hill 2-8880 New York, N. Y. 10017 Compliments of TULANE UNIVERSITY FOOD SERVICES BRUFF COMMONS UNIVERSITY CENTER MEDICAL CAFETERIA Your Own -accident-sickness-hospital GROUP INSURANCE PLAN Designed and Approved by TULANE and NEWCOMB STUDENT COUNCIL CONTINENTAL CASUALTY CO.— (Chicago) EMERY KAUFMAN LTD. ;,:: „-L NEW ORLEANS JA 2-7221 AGENTS LEICA MINOK BOLEX ROLLIEFLEX POLAROID BELL HOWELL HOUR KODACHROME PROCESSINe BY EASTMAN KODAK INCORPORATED 229 ST. CHARLES JA 2-0712 ZEISS KODAK NIKON LINHOF HASSELBLAD VOIGHTLANDER THE NATURAL SUIT Here ' s the most natural way how comfortable fashion can be. Choose the new natural-shoulder clothes from our distinguished collection. Definitely ' 1n " i Ji Almuui Corner Carondelef and Gravier l e Ol4e Ccllefe Jfhh SINCE 1933 3016 S. CARROLLTON AVE. For Good Food Visit Our Dining Room Or Drive-ln for Service ARNAUD ' S " The House of Hospitality and Friends " 801-29 BIENVILLE STREET OPEN FROM II A. M. to I2;30 A.M. (AFTER MIDNIGHT) GERMAINE CAZENAVE WELLS Ow.Tier of Arnaud ' s Restaurant, daughter of the late Count Arnaud, founder of the restaurant thai bears his name, as well as creator of many famous Creole and French dishes famed throughout the world. W ' tHKI t fcttaZ BIH [ HHK .v |n|Bfc|i y p? ' - ' " B m pv-v H % m, -,iirf«rv!l..— .. auran t ARNAUD ' S— Selected the best restaurant of the South for the 2000th anniversary of the founding of the City of Paris. Few are the people who set foot on the sidewalk of New Orleans who do not seek o learn the location of Ar- naud ' s and forthwith journey there to enjoy this famous cuisine. After partaking of a notable meal, guests fre- quently ask the derivation of a particular dish: " Is it French? " " Is it Spanish? " The answer is that it is a combination of the wizardry of the French with the rt of Spanish to make Arnaud ' s masterpieces. rnaucl AIR CONDITIONED COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT SULPHUR CO. NEW ORLEANS PORT SULPHUR " Where Quality Begins " Cusimano Products Co., Inc. Fancy Fruits and Vegetables Phones JAckson 5-0739-0730 1455 Souih Peters Street NEW ORLEANS 12, LOUISIANA SERVING GOOD FOOD IN NEW ORLEANS SINCE 1917 STILL OWNED AND OPERATED BY SIGNORA TERESA TURCI OPEN 11:30 A.M. TO 9:30 P.M. DAILY EXCEPT FRIDAYS 914 POYDRAS STREET JA. 5-2934 " SOUTH ' S FINEST SPECIALTY SHOP FOR MEN " Hours I I A.M.— 8 P.M. 730 ROYAL STREET Telephone 525-2639 NEW ORLEANS 16, LA. in the Heart of Old New Orleans French Quarter AMERICAN PRINTING COMPANY, LTD. 424 Camp Street New Orleans, Louisiana ( omulimentd ipi 4 A Friend A WORD TO College seniors a-nd gradixate students You are on the threshold of one of the most exciting and important phases of your life . . . your career. Your reward for many hours of study will be a good position in your chosen field of endeavor. In other words, your future is unlimited. Why not protect it NOW? PACE, Pan -American ' s College Estate plan, was designed just for you seniors and graduate students, to provide a fair amount of life insurance protection at an age when you benefit from lower rates. This is protection that will grow w ith you. And, we can guar- antee that in future years w e will sell you additional coverage regardless of health or occupational hazards. Yes, we know you don ' t have funds enough to buy life insurance vi hile in school. Most of us at Pan- American Life remeraber our undergraduate days when money was a scarce item. That ' s vv hy w e have built into the PACE plan a special deferred payment arrangement. It allows you to purchase a nominal amount of life insurance with the premium payment coming due after graduation, when you are located in that first big job. There ' s a Pan-American agent near you. Why not give him a call, or write to our Special Plans Depart- ment in New Orleans for complete details of our unique PACE plan. A MUTUAL COMPANY 0 ' NEW ORLEANS, U. S. A. ( ( ue catcninoi . . Art Letterpress Engraving Lithographic Plates Color Process Plates ALL PLATES IN THE JAMBALAYA WERE PRODUCED BY GULBENK ENGRAVING COMPANY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE FORTY-FOUR YEARS OF SERVICE TO PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS A. 3Mettuat €Bble Year • Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty o( the Tulane University for completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. • The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give )ou a superb book and one which portrays the high- lights of memorable activities. • Neither time, effort nor expense have been spared to provide )ou with a pemianent record, attractively presented and complete in eveiy detail. • To preserve the photography and literary efforts of the Staff, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. • We are proud that the 1966 Staff elected us to help design, print and bind the 1966 Jambalaya. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BENSOIV PRIXTIl G COMPAXY (complete vDooh I flanulfactuifers NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE

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